The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother Chapter 71-80

Chapter 71

“Today should be that fellow’s sacrifice!”

“To bring in that guy, even Lord Yan sacrificed himself.”

“Hehe, but after today, not only the Dark Tomb but the entire spirit boundaries outside will belong to the Tomb Palace.”

“Unfortunately, the sacrifice should have started now, but we can’t leave here yet.”

Listening to the conversation outside, Qin Mo’s fingers went rigid, and the medicine he was refining liquefied into a pool of black water before him. However, he ignored it and wrinkled his brows together. Focusing on the herbs in his hands, he asked, “What’s the sacrifice?”

One of them paused and sized Qin Mo up and down. He yelled with very little patience, “Old Man Wen, you’re getting too old. I explained this to you a few days ago.”

But the man was obviously in a good mood. He only complained once, then smiled, his eyes shining with excitement, “The sacrifice is presented on the altar with their blood and life as an offering to release a seal. It’s to set free the immortal spirit that lies dormant within.”

When he mentioned this “immortal spirit”, his face showed a kind of fanatical worship, and he glanced at the unresponsive Qin Mo, “The offering this time is the kid that Lord Yan captured the other day. That’s right, the kid who has been living next to you all this time. How glorious it must be to be offered as sacrifice. That kid should be grateful.”

In front of Qin Mo, the iron plate used to refine medicine turned into ashes in his hands. He clenched them tightly in his hands. He lowered his head, and his ink hair covered his current expression as he murmured emotionlessly, “Where’s the sacrifice taking place?”

“Of course it’s in the Black Cavern. By now, everyone in the Tomb Palace should be there.” The man’s tone was perfunctory, sounding dissatisfied that he couldn’t attend the event.

“Alright.” Qin Mo said after a moment of silence.

“What did you say?” The man had little tolerance and turned to Qin Mo, seeing “Old Man Wen” with dark eyes. No state of mind appeared in the pupils, some long white hair spread behind him, and they moved with no breeze.

When he looked at Qin Mo, he lost his ability to speak, and could only watch as a long sword suddenly appeared in Qin Mo’s hands, which slashed it down fiercely against him.

The man’s pupils shrunk and his nascent spirit energy flared up forming an invisible barrier around him.

Sword energy burst out at sharp speed and pummeled directly on the nascent spirit power barrier. A crisp noise sounded as the barrier in front of the man instantly got crushed.

After the barrier shattered, the sword energy weakened one bit. Instead, it suddenly grew bigger, tore the surrounding air, and cut toward the man’s head.

Faced with such intense sword energy, the man’s body stiffened in place, and he could only watch as it split him in half. “You seek death!” The other man witnessed his companion being cut down by Qin Mo’s sword in an instant. He gave a loud cry and stepped forward. His figure turned into a light shadow and rushed toward Qin Mo.

Qin Mo’s glare was slightly cold. He tightened his grip and strike toward the man.

When the two figures collided, Qin Mo broke through the man’s attack with his sword and stabbed directly into the man’s chest.

The man’s movements stiffened in place. A mouthful of blood sprays out from his mouth. His body trembled, and he fell slowly to the ground.

Looking at the two corpses on the ground as he released a sigh of relief. The Tomb Palace didn’t put Old Man Wen’s strength in their eyes. These two men are much weaker than Su Dong from before.

Thinking of the old man, his glare sharpened. He finally knows why the old man’s earlier attitude was unusual, turns out Old Man Wen is ready to die for him.

When turned his feet, preparing to leave here. When passing through the two corpses, he noticed the special marks on their outer robes and paused his steps. He took off one of their clothes and put them on. He went outside the Tomb Palace with a flash of movement.

The entire Tomb Palace was silent. Along the way, he only spotted some cleaning servants. His gaze was grim. It seemed as if the two men said, the Tomb Palace greatly value this sacrifice.

Swept over them in indifference without stopping his footsteps. His figure turned into a ray of light and disappeared from here.

In the middle of the Black Cavern, the rubble caused by the earlier volcano collapse has been cleared away, revealing the ancient altar.

Even though it had been crushed by boulders from before, the altar remained intact. Four stone pillars around it survived, and the stone tablets in the middle stood in place. Even the huge cap created by Qin Mo had healed, leaving no trace of destruction.

Before the altar knelt a crowd. They looked solemnly and respectfully as if they were waiting for something.

In the crowd’s front stood the mysterious man Qin Mo once saw in the Tomb Palace’s stone chamber. Now wearing a black overcoat, and a huge hat covered his head, only a faint red light could be seen from under the hat.

Kneeling on the ground, he murmured something in a low voice. After a long time, he stood up and looked at the stone tablet in the center of the altar. A sly light flashed through his sight, and a rough and frightful voice leaked out from within his throat, “Bring the person up.”

A low reply came from the side, “Yes, Housemaster.” As soon as the voice fell, a dark shadow flashed quickly by him.

“Clash.” A loud noise slowly dispersed in the air, and a white figure was pulled out. His hands and feet locked by chains, and a long chain was wrapped around his neck which held in the hands of people in front of him.

Looking at this scene, Lin Zizheng’s nascent spirit power keeps boiling and seems too rushed out of his body in the next instant. If it hadn’t been for the attention of people around him so concentrated on “Qin Mo” above, his anomaly would have been discovered long ago.

“Wait a bit longer, they are almost here.” Elder Jinbi held Lin Zizheng’s hand unwavering, but he hesitantly looked at “Qin Mo” before him. Isn’t his reincarnation’s blood that could only break that seal? Thinking of this, he glanced at Lin Zizheng beside him.

Looking at the somewhat awkward white figure, the Housemaster smiled and then burst out laughing with his unusual hoarse voice, but everyone could hear his smugness.

“Ha ha ha, finally, I had waited for so long!” Before his last word, the Housemaster stepped out with a flash of light in his hand, and a sharp knife appeared in it. He held the knife and cut across his palm without hesitating.

Red blood slowly overflowed his palm, and the corner of his lips curved upward, then he ruthlessly imprinted his bloody palm on the altar.

The moment the blood landed on the altar, the quiet magma beside it suddenly boiled and spread out from the bottom, forming a long bridge in the air toward the top of the altar.

“Rumble… rumble…” All the red lava poured over the altar, covering the surface of the altar, and formed a surface of red magma.

“Go up.” Looking at the magma, the man’s tone was exciting. His fingers tumbled, unable to control his current state of mind.

“Qin Mo” on the other side became stiffened. He stared out of his empty eyes. When he heard the Housemaster’s command, he unexpectedly raised his foot and stepped out towards the magma.

Seeing this scene, a heavy pressure exploded around Lin Zizheng. He directly broke free from the elder’s shackles. In a flash of a moment, he rushed toward the altar before him.

Looking at Lin Zizheng’s freed hands, Elder Jinbi’s eyes brightened, and he murmured. “The inheritance you accepted earlier, it has already awakened?”

Wen Qing knelt quietly on the side and his gaze flashed when he heard the elder’s words.

“Bang.” Just then, the sound of impact echoed, and an invisible wall of light appeared in front of “Qin Mo”. The strength from the light pushed him away from the altar.

“Who is it?” The Housemaster’s expression changed and looked gloomily forward.

Along with the sound of the cutting wind, a figure appeared beside “Qin Mo”. He wore dirty and shabby clothes, a face filled with wrinkles. It was Qin Mo who exchanged appearance with Old Man Wen.

Without answering House Master’s question, Qin Mo bent over and supported the old man up from the ground. His eyebrows wrinkled tightly. He inspected the old man’s sorry figure, and asked in a low voice, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Upon being lifted by Qin Mo, Old Man Wen still has empty eyes with no spirit within them. He didn’t respond to Qin Mo’s inquiry.

“It is of no use.” The Housemaster laughed with rage and gave a cold hum as he flings his sleeve. In his eyes, Qin Mo is an ant that could be ignored. The red light flashed through his glare as he shouted, “Go!”

Old Man Wen moved along with the man’s command. He pressed his palm and against Qin Mo’s chest and pushed fiercely, knocking down the unprepared Qin Mo, and stubbornly stood up and went on to the altar.

“Da Shixiong.” Lin Zizheng’s eyes were red, and his figure turned into a light shadow. He came directly beside Old Man Wen and blocked his path.

“Humph! Another one.” Looking at Lin Zizheng, who had completely blocked Old Man Wen. Housemaster sneered and moved his fingertips. A black and red light quietly cut through the air and attacked Lin Zizheng.

Seeing the light, Qin Mo’s complexion hardened and his voice blurted out, “Lin Zizheng.” As he cried out, his attention focused, and a sword formed in his hand, splitting into the two rays of black and red lights.

“Snap.” The sound of breaking spread around the altar and the sword in Qin Mo’s hands lost all its light and dissipated into the air in an instant. The two rays of lights continued their attack in Lin Zizheng’s direction.

Hearing Qin Mo’s voice and feeling the familiar energy fluctuation in his hand, Lin Zizheng’s preventive movement paused and glanced over at the Qin Mo beside him. At the same time, a figure flashed pass toward the side, and a long staff appeared in his hand. Unlike before, the staff was shining with a golden right, and its energies fluctuate more strongly.

With a wave of his hand, the staff collided with the two lights. The muffled sound slowly dispersed, and the long staff disappeared into the air along with the lights.

The moment Lin Zizheng loosened his hand, Old Man Wen stepped up and went straight towards the altar.

The instant the old man stopped on the altar, the pillars around the altar suddenly emitted a dazzling light. An array slowly emerged on the surface of the magma, and a huge transparent boundary emerged from the sky, covering the entire altar within.

Qin Mo’s pupils shrank and his face became pale. His voice was unstable, “Old Man Wen!” A figure flew by and the sword in the figure’s hand hit against the boundary.

The boundary was undamaged from the single hit. It continued to cover the altar and kept everyone out.

The Housemaster and other people in the Tomb Palace all focused their attention on Old Man Wen at the altar, their faces filled with a feverish expression. After all, the most important thing for them all was breaking the seal.

Qin Mo’s eyes were dark. He looked at the old man’s feet, which had been burned by the magma. His expression became more ice-cold. He grasped the sword in his hand and shouted, “Shattered Sky Sword.”

“Boom!” Under this powerful attack, the whole boundary was shaking, and a faint red light on it, but it perseveres firmly in place.

Feeling the shock wave and the boundary vibration, the Housemaster, whose focus was on Old Man Wen, moved toward Qin Mo. He observed at his plain appearance and snorted coldly. “It seems I underestimated you.” As the powerful nascent spirit energy spread around the Housemaster, the surrounding people lowered their heads slightly, showing a frightened expression on their faces.

The Housemaster slowly said, “If the grasshoppers always jump around, it is better to smack them dead.”

He slowly extended his right hand, and light within it flickered. An unusual strong pressure floating in it. He raised his right hand, and smack downward toward Qin Mo’s direction.

The light gathered into a huge palm in the air. Like a huge mountain, it pressed down on Qin Mo’s head.

Qin Mo’s figure quickly retreated. His eyes flashed sharply, he crossed his sword in front of his chest, and the surrounding air began to boil up. His gaze locked at the huge palm of light, and said in a solemn tone, “Hurricane Slash.”

As the air around Qin Mo contracted, Lin Zizheng’s figure appeared beside Qin Mo and stood side by side with him.

Flashes of light all around him and the golden light surged toward the long staff in his hand. With his action, the staff suddenly grew bigger as if it could pierce the sky. One of Lin Zizheng’s hands exerted forward, and his staff whiz out.

In the air, Qin Mo’s sword light and golden light on Lin Zizheng’s long staff work alongside each other, which seems to be fused vaguely.

The sword light, the large staff, and a palm of light collided fiercely. Outside of the collusion was silence, without making a single noise as other thought. The next moment, the air there contracted slightly, and a small black hole appeared in mid-air.

Qin Mo’s pupils diminished, pulling Lin Zizheng beside him to retreat quickly. The Housemaster’s expression shifted to opposite of them, and he suddenly retreated his figure. “Dong!” A huge muffled sound burst out in the middle, and the dazzling black light suddenly emitted out.

Shined by this light, several people closest turned pale and spit out a mouthful of blood.

As the light slowly dispersed, revealing the figure within it. The Housemaster’s head under the black hat was uncovered during the fight, exposing his face which had never seen the sun for years.

There was a strange white glow on his face, and his gaze was scarlet. His lower jaw protrudes, forming a strange arc, strongly resemble an evil spirit.

He first glanced at the altar and saw that it was intact. Old Man Wen was still walking towards the stone tablet in the center. With a faint sigh of relief, he then looked ahead at Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng and said in a sinister tone, “Do both of you thought of how you will die?”

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Chapter 72

A horrifying killing aura slowly rose in those scarlet eyes. The Housemaster’s lips curled into a mocking smirk as a huge black disk emerged behind him.

With a sneer and a finger movement, the black disk launched straight toward Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng. Looking at the insignificant men, the Housemaster said coldly, “It should satisfy both of you having the chance to die under the Demonic Disk.”

The huge disk soared toward the sky and hovered above Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng.

Covered by the Demonic Disk, a dark light shone on them making their faces pale.

They looked at each other. Under the attack’s pressure, they found that neither of them could move a single inch.

Qin Mo nodded to Lin Zizheng, and grasped his sword, summoning light from the blade to interweave with the golden light around Lin Zizheng. In the two lights’ center, an inexhaustible energy flared.

A thin palm suddenly extended from behind them, one left and one right pressing onto Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng’s shoulders.

“Neither of you are his opponents yet.” The Elder Jinbi’s hoarse voice came slowly from behind. A great force appeared on their shoulders following that. Under this force, they turned and broke away from the Housemaster’s control.

Qin Mo saw the elder’s thin figure appearing unhurriedly. Strong energy emitted from his wizened body. He looked up at the Demonic Disk overhead and slightly narrowed his eyes. Then, with a shake of his sleeve robe, a brush materialized in his hand.

As the elder stepped forward, he raised the brush and golden light poured out from the tip of it.


A loud crash sounded as the brush flew out in a golden light, slamming against the disk in the sky. When touched by the golden light, the darkness around the disk suddenly faded. Under the golden brush’s fierce attack, the Demonic Disk gradually scattered in the air.

“Damned old man Jinbi, you’re still alive?” Glaring coldly at the elder, the Housemaster recalled the black smoke in the air and retracted his original casual expression. He moved his hands behind him and clenched them tightly.

“Hong Min, if someone as damned inhuman as you is still alive, why shouldn’t I be alive?” Elder Jinbi gave a leisurely smile, but his eyes revealed a restrained fear.

Hundred of years ago, he had dealt with Hong Min before he was a Housemaster. Although Hong Min’s strength was not as good as hers, it was not much different.

Now, he had seamlessly defended Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng, and swept obscurely through the Tomb Palance’s people below. He felt powerful fluctuations of nascent spiritual power from them and frowned tightly.

The Elder’s gaze fell on the altar behind Hong Min. His fingers trembled violently, and he could no longer suppress his rage. As he stepped out, he placed pressure down on Hong Min’s body, while shouting, “Hong Min, I didn’t expect you to be this obsessed that you still want to release those evil spirits.”

Hong Min’s gloomy face slowly folded up. He lifted his lips lightly with disdain on his face, “How can we small fry predict the ambitions of the great? Ordinary people like you can’t understand my grand ideal.”

Hong Min’s gaze shifted to Old Man Wen on the altar. He murmured with burning eyes. “This moment has come at last.”

The old man had already moved to the center of the stone tablet, staring at it with dead eyes. During this scene, the whole space was silent, and everyone’s attention was fixed on the altar.

Suddenly, he knelt, and the boiling magma bubbled out from beneath him, and soon overflowed his knees. Where the lava passed, red blood dripped down from him.

As if he could not feel the pain, he only trembled. Old Man Wen raised his head and smacked it into the stone tablet. In an instant, blood splashed all over the tablet, dyeing the entire thing red.

The stone buzzed and trembled violently, as a soft hum came slowly from it. In the middle of the altar, faint black smoke broke out from beneath. A ghost’s penetrating voice rang out from the center of the altar.

Qin Mo’s fists were clenched tight as he hastily extended his hands, attacking the boundary outside the altar with all of his strength. The bright light flickered between his hands, and extremely dangerous energy emanated from them as he struck the boundary head-on.

The boundary swayed with no change.

“Hahaha, success, success!” Listening to the piercing voice, Hong Min’s squinted eyes were filled with enjoyment. He raised both his arms up high as he faced upward, saying a few words in silence with his trembling lips. At that moment, a golden light suddenly appeared and spread out from the center of the tablet. As the golden light swept through the place, the blood on the tablet dripped off quickly, and it rapidly restored its originally simple and unadorned state.


The stone tablet suddenly jolted and emitted a loud ringing bell sound. A domineering momentum came from above the stone tablet and struck straight onto the black smoke below.

The smoke seemed to encounter something so frightening that it retreated at a faster rate. The altar restored its former silence, and the only sound heard was the blood flowing from Old Man Wen.

A light flashed through before him, and Qin Mo found that the boundary seemed thinner than before. With his hands raised, he struck the boundary once more.


It fragmented as smoke ascended from the altar. Under his attack, the boundary shattered. The moment it broke, the magma on the altar returned to the bottom of the volcano.

Without thinking, he raced to the altar with the tips of his feet, and arrived beside the old man shortly.

Old Man Wen weakly leaned on the stone tablet. He had a large wound on his forehead, and the blood wouldn’t stop flowing out.

Seeing Qin Mo, the old man’s dim eyes gradually lit up. He had been controlled by the Tomb Palace earlier, losing his consciousness. But now, he was seriously injured and finally returned to his senses.

He managed to move his lips, trying to show a smile, but there was sharp pain from his body, making the muscles twitch on his face. His expression suddenly became stiff. His lips trembled, and it took him a long time to call out, “Qin Mo.”

Qin Mo’s hands trembled slightly as he quickly took out a bottle of medicinal liquid from his Qiankun bag and poured it into Old Man Wen’s mouth. The liquid rolled out from the corners and landed on his robe.

“Don’t bother.” Watching Qin Mo’s mad-like movement, the old man stretched out and stopped him. The flesh and blood had disappeared from his withered fingers, leaving behind only five white bones.

Old Man Wen finally squeezed out a smile on his face, and his voice was hoarse, “Before being controlled by the Tomb Palace, my nascent spiritual power had all vanquished, even my divine spirit is on the edge of disappearing too. Even if these injuries get healed, it would be useless.”

Qin Mo’s movement paused, his whole body frozen in place. He dropped his sight to the blood on the ground and there was a moment of absolute silence.

“That’s all right, this old man has lived long enough. It’s a good thing to see Qing-er’s mother now.” The old man’s eyes were blurred, and a girl in a pink dress appeared in front of him. She stood in the distance and showed him a very sweet smile.

“I have only one wish, that is… cough, cough…” The old man clutched Qin Mo’s hand with all of his strength. His breathing was a little short, “Can you call me Shifu?”

The breeze blew Qin Mo’s long hair on his forehead, revealing his dark eyes. He waited and looked at Old Man Wen, who had an expectant expression. He steadily lowered his head, knelt on the ground, and bowed down respectfully. He spoke with no emotion in his tone, “Shifu.”

Qin Mo knelt on the ground and didn’t hear any reply. After a long time, he gradually stood up from the ground.

When he walked before the old man, his gaze fell on his gentle smile. He reached out, brushed over his eyes and whispered, “Don’t worry.” “It’s impossible. This cannot be, the stone tablet responds to his nascent spiritual power. How could his blood not break the seal?” Hong Min, who has been stagnant since the boundary’s destruction, shouted out.

Then his glare turned to Qin Mo beside the stone tablet, the scarlet color in them flashing wildly. “It must be because you broke the boundary; you stopped our sacrificial ceremony. It cannot continue now.”

As he finished, he stepped out and floated in mid-air. He shook his index finger in Qin Mo’s direction, and a huge light pillar appeared in the sky, falling down on him.

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Chapter 73

Under the scorching sun, the volcano grew hotter and hotter.

A huge column of light rose to the sky, bringing endless pressure on Qin Mo.

Elder Jinbi stood shocked on the spot. He didn’t expect Hong Min to sneak attack Qin Mo. When he reacted, it was already too late.


The pillar of light with a faint darkness collided with the light wall, creating a loud sound. The light wall swayed, blocking Hong Min’s attack.

Watching this scene, Hong Min snorted, and a crazy expression flashed through his eyes. Because of that insignificant ant, his plan was all ruined. Focusing on that thought, he slammed his hands on the ground, boosting the light column’s strength.

The deep black spiral hovered around the light pillar as if a fierce ghost had appeared in the center of the column. The ghost made threatening gestures, increasing the pillar’s power. Under the heavy blow, the light wall turned to ashes in an instant.

Having defeated the obstacle in front of it, the light pillar continued to press down on Qin Mo.

Qin Mo’s heart leaped, pushing the nascent spiritual power within his body to the extreme. A sword light appeared from his body and it enclosed him within it, shooting towards the pillar. At the same time, a golden eagle flew from the side and faced the attack— it was Lin Zizheng.

Even if Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng had genius-like talents, against Hong Min who was an ancient monster that had lived for many years, how could they block his single strike?

In the moment of collision, the sword light and the eagle only lasted for a split second, before they broke into particles one after the other.

Lin Zizheng moved to attack Hong Min head-on. Since the light pillar was under his control, the attack would naturally no longer exist without its user.

His expression changed slightly and he became gloomier. He looked at Lin Zizheng and remembered the man from that year. He also had a long staff in his right hand and a divine eagle flying around him. He appeared so brave as he killed many of their saint clan.

Narrowing his eyes, a murderous aura shined within them, and he waved his hand.

Under his action, several people sprung out of the crowd. The first one was tall and pale, with a cold smile on his face. He went straight for Lin Zizheng and stopped in front of him.

He laughed, stuck out his tongue and licked his lower lip, “Ha ha, not bad little guy. I will be your opponent. My name is Lei Shan, remember it well.”

And the rest went straight to the elder. They tangled with Elder Jinbi, making him unable to disengage.

Hong Min’s sight once again shifted to Qin Mo.

The light pillar continued to fall, already inches away from Qin Mo’s hair. He tightly pursed his lips and held his sword with both hands. Under such pressure, his sleeves ripped inch by inch, The fierce killing aura locked Qin Mo down, and blood started pouring out of his body, dropping on the nearby stone tablet. His appearance changed back to its original form.

When Qin Mo took the hit, his vision blurred, but he still fixed his glare on Hong Min. The sword glowing in his hand suddenly grew darker. Was he going to die like this? Die in such a place?

No! His eyes widened, now ignited with fire. A crisp click sound echoed out as if something in his body broke.

He saw the man again. He was wearing a purple robe, expression indifferent and watching him casually.

The long sword in the man’s hand trembled slightly as he raised the tip toward the sky and made a hand seal. For a while, the weather between heaven and earth changed color. Purple thunder struck the long sword, and it absorbed its power. The large sword was engulfed in light and shadows flew forward. The entire world seemed to be quiet, and only the man’s voice could be heard, “Shattered Sky Sword second style – Heaven’s Execution.”

The figure of the man disappeared before Qin Mo as if he’d never appeared at all. No one around saw the man.

Qin Mo raised his head toward the oncoming attack. His whole body was covered by light and shadow, and only Lin Zizheng’s mournful cries could be heard.

The golden light on Lin Zizheng’s staff flashed as he waved Lei Shan out of his path, and rushed toward Qin Mo’s side.

After engaging with Lin Zizheng, Lei Shan’s pale skin showed a little ruddy color, and the light in his eyes was brighter. He didn’t expect this boy to trade blows with him to such an extent.

He shifted his attention to the boy and sneered, disdain in his eyes. He slightly bent his fingers and released a giant black claw heading straight for Lin Zizheng.

The attack struck Lin Zizheng on the back. His figure trembled, but he paid no attention to it. He only swung backward once and continued to run.

With a deep breath, Qin Mo’s sword gave off a brilliant light. It was as bright as a star, illuminating his face.

Witnessing Qin Mo’s figure being completely shrouded in black light, and the light pillar coming toward him from above. Lin Zizheng’s figure suddenly stopped in place. Black, red, and golden lights interwove on his body. He murmured, “Da Shixiong…”

The earth shook, the ground started trembling, and a wave of visible energy slowly spread out from under Lin Zizheng’s foot. Wherever the waves passed, people’s bodies suddenly quivered, and some weaker ones spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Lei Shan, who was throwing another attack at Lin Zizheng, shuddered.
He suddenly felt weak, unable to use his strength anymore.

Hong Min’s body was also shaking uncontrollably. He looked back at Lin Zizheng, and an astonished look crept over his face. Then a sense of killing aura shot out of his eyes. This boy could not be kept alive. He was absolutely an obstacle to his revival of the saint clan.

At this moment, the originally clear sky darkened and a black whirlpool formed in the center. Purple lightning formed in the sky and severely struck down on Qin Mo’s sword.


A loud sound rang out, and dozens of light roared out of the shadows. Ten shining long swords soared out of the air, with their tips pointing toward the sky. The energy contained within them was frightening.

These ten swords went against the light pillar, eliciting a burst of thunder. Under this fierce force, a figure slowly appeared before the crowd after the light was gone. His face was pale, but there was a rare smile on the corner of his mouth. It was Qin Mo.

Seeing him, Lin Zizheng’s expression relaxed, and the frightening aura around his body stopped completely. He quickly came to Qin Mo’s side.

Hong Min’s face was extremely ugly, not only did Qin Mo scatter his attack but his original appearance was now revealed. Looking at Old Man Wen’s corpse lying on the ground, he felt deeply fooled.

“He he, he he, are the younger generations braver now?” Hong Min laughed angrily and snapped his hands. His expression was beyond furious.

Pressured by Hong Min’s imposing manner, Qin Mo’s body trembled, and his face grew paler. The red blood flowing from his hands fell on the stone tablet.

No one noticed that the tablet quivered slightly.

“In that case, we can finish the sacrifice with your blood.” Hong Min sighed deeply, and the original fanaticism filled his sight again. He stretched out his hand and held it tightly, conjuring a black cage in the air, and it aimed toward Qin Mo.


A fine sound came from the bottom of the stone tablet, and the strange black smoke rose again.

Different from the previous ones, the stone tablet stayed in place quietly and did nothing to stop it, letting the black smoke fill the space.

As soon as it appeared, it coiled around the black cages and wrapped it completely. In the next moment, the cage disappeared and was completely absorbed by the smoke.

Qin Mo’s pupil shrank, recognizing that this was the black smoke he encountered before, and what Hong Min and others wanted to release. Fearful alertness rang in his heart. His figure flashed and left the altar together with Lin Zizheng.

At the moment, Hong Min didn’t care about their actions, his gaze fixed on the black smoke.

It gradually gathered together and became an evil spirit. Its face was ferocious with red eyes, just like the pattern Qin Mo had seen.

“Kekeke, I am finally out…” A shrill voice came out of the evil spirit’s mouth. His scarlet eyes stared at the people before him, and the crowd started shaking uncontrollably.

“Welcome back, Lord Wu.” Hong Min knelt on the ground, afraid to look directly at this face.

“That person is an expert in forcing his way through. Be vigilant and always be on guard.” The figure of Elder Jinbi appeared beside Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng. Coldness filled his gaze when he focused on the evil spirit. Unexpectedly, this person came out after so many years.

Fortunately, there was not much blood flowing from Qin Mo, and only one of them was unsealed. Thinking of this, the elder’s eyes shifted to Qin Mo, revealing a complicated expression. Why could his blood break the seal?

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Chapter 74

Hearing Elder Jinbi’s voice, the evil spirit turned around abruptly and looked at the three of them.

“Gegege, I know you.” His eyes narrowed faintly, watching red flashed through the elder’s iris.

Hong Min turned around, his sight landed on Qin Mo. He pointed at Qin Mo and said respectfully in a low voice, “Master, that man is the one who broke the seal. It was his blood that released you.”

“Gegege, then… Get him.” The evil spirit pointed at Qin Mo with his long, thin fingers. The laughter he produced became more terrifying. After his last chuckle, his arm grew rapidly, and he grabbed toward Qin Mo.

A beam of light shot out from one side and touched the evil spirit’s black arm. Where the beam touched, the arm was torn and fell to the ground.

Retracting his injured arm, the spirit glared scarlet at a group of newcomers.

There are about one hundred of them, even if it is considered a small number. A strong wave of nascent spirit power could be detected from these people, especially the old man leading, whose power pressure could rival or even overpower Elder Jinbi’s.

Seeing the group appear, the elder jumped to the front of the leader. He smiled while scolding, “Chen Xiao, if you didn’t come sooner, you would have arrived to see my corpse.” The elderly man named Chen Xiao glanced vaguely at Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng. He paused on Lin Zizheng and said, “How did this monster come out?”

Not putting the evil spirit in his eyes as he asked in a casual tone.

The evil spirit touched his severed arm with a cryptic expression. From being suppressed for so many years, his current strength is not at his peak level. He looked at the stone tablet behind him. Even if he is the only released, the person kneeling plus everyone behind him is far from their opponents.

However, it would be a completely different story if the seal is broken, as his sight shifted to Qin Mo behind the crowd.

Focusing on that, the black gas around him suddenly flared up and wrapped Hong Min on the ground.

Surrounded by the black gas, Hong Min felt the intense pain in his head. His eyes turned around, and the evil spirit’s ferocious voice rang next to his ears, “Offer me your body.”

Hong Min’s hand tightened as he nodded and slowly closed his eyes. When he opened them again, his aura had completely changed. He stood up straight, waved to the people of Tomb Palace below and shouted, “Go.”

As soon as he gave out the order, Hong Min’s body moved as fast as lightning; his figure changed into a flash of light shadow, and he rushed into the crowd with an endless murderous aura.

His action was like turning on a switch; people of Tomb Palace stood up from the ground and assaulted him.

Witnessing this situation, Chen Xiao and Jinbi’s face turned solemn. Although there is only one evil spirit on the field, they can’t forget how their clan fearlessly rampant in the past. If it wasn’t for that person led them, the clan of evil spirits would be the one living in the boundary of spirit origin. Hong Min outstretched all his fingers, a strange black light radiated on his sharp fingernails, which he hurtled them mercilessly towards Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao bent his waist and slid backward to avoid the attack. The moment he retreated, some powerful people came out from his side and protected him firmly in the center. The same thing happened to Elder Jinbi.

“He deceived us.” Chen Xiao’s eyebrows furrowed, and he looked to the elder. His movement became more intense; he wanted to deal with the trouble before him quickly, but the target wasn’t them.

When Hong Min made a sharp turn, he grabbed Qin Mo beside them. No one could catch his swifted shadow.

Qin Mo felt a sense of unease earlier and tried to retreat quickly. Before he could swing his sword, Hong Min caught him.

“Gegege, got you.” Hong Min’s excited laughter spread through the air as he fell back with Qin Mo in his grasp.

Expecting Hong Min’s motive, Lin Zizheng immediately slapped his way out from the crowd and looked at Hong Min with a grim expression, closely following him.

Hong Min leaped out from the group and came to the side of the tablet.
Lifted Qin Mo and ready to smash him against the tablet.

As the stone tablet’s size increasing before his eyes, Qin Mo abruptly bent his waist, which was held by Hong Min, and his upper body tilts back in an arc while he stretched his palm forward. A dark light hit the stone tablet, preventing them from approaching closer.

Hong Min’s eyebrows jumped and raised his hand, preparing to give Qin Mo a hard slap.

“You dare!” Lin Zizheng yelled and the stone tablet reacted to his voice as it vibrates violently. Suddenly, a golden light sweeps out from its; the light converged into a cluster of golden threads and landed on Lin Zizheng.

Under the golden threads’ illumination, his skin looked as if plated with a layer of gold, and strong energy emitted from his whole body.

A flash of gold light through Lin Zizheng’s eyes as he glares at Hong Min. He raised his right hand, and the long staff became more dazzling as he struck toward Hong Min’s arm.

Hong Min paused and stopped his attack at Qin Mo. He felt a familiar aura from this long staff, similar to that man’s aura. Just like the man who sealed his clan of evil spirits on that year; the same staff and eagle.

He sneered from his thought, that person has been long gone. From here on out, the entire world belongs to his clan of evil spirits. His thin palm stretched out slowly and gripped tightly on the long staff. A rich black light suddenly burst out of his body.

“Shatter!” The black light flashed as his low shrill scream rang. Hong Min’s eyes were shrouded, and his voice was cold.

The arm and the long staff collided in mid-air, a strong wind blows from the middle, and the atmosphere between them twisted. Their powers were even.

Hong Min’s lips curved and a murderous smile appeared on his face as a strange laugh came from his lips. He bent his five fingers, and the long staff trembled under the sharp claws as if it would be crushed in the next instant.

Lin Zizheng’s arms shiver slightly as he watched the caged Qin Mo within Hong Min’s arm, and the light in his iris flickered. As if the stone felt Lin Zizheng’s unstable state of mind, it vibrates more violently, and the originally stagnated golden light once again poured onto Lin Zizheng’s body.

With this golden light, a strong energy wave spreads behind Lin Zizheng.
A tall shadow slowly takes shape from this enormous power. The figure’s features couldn’t be seen, but at the moment it materialized, almost everyone recognized his identity,

Both Chen Xiao and Elder Jinbi stopped their movements and looked at the vague shadow with some astonishment. Their lips moved, but no words came out.

“Ling Yuan.” Those two words came out between Hong Min’s gritted teeth with fuming rage. A powerful hatred filled his scowl, even the black gas around him was boiling, but his feet took a few unintentional steps back, he even released Qin Mo unconsciously.

Lin Zizheng raised his arm and pointed Hong Min with the long staff in his hand. The hazy shadow behind him imitated him and held out its staff. Following Lin Zizheng’s right hand, the long staff in the shadow’s hand also waved towards Hong Min.

“Die.” A low and hoarse voice came out from Lin Zizheng’s mouth.

The golden light that filled the whole sky rushed madly in Hong Min’s direction. Under the golden light, the whole sky darkened.

Supporting himself with the stone tablet, Qin Mo quietly backed away from the battle zone. Just as he stood up, the tablet under his hand suddenly moved, and a golden square object entered straight into his Dantian.

His expression changed and shifted his sight at the ancient tablet that stood quietly in place. He tightened his fingers, and when he finally released them, he left the altar without stopping again.

Watching the golden staff coming toward him, Hong Min’s pupils contracted, and the scarlet color within them flashes rapidly. Then he grinned and said, “It’s just his residual energy.”

As he said that, his figure suddenly dispersed into a cluster of black gas. Below the gas, a pool of black water suddenly emerged out from thin air. Where the black liquid passed, except for the stone tablet, everything else perishes completely. The moment the golden staff struck the water, a dazzling light suddenly spread out in the middle as a sound of an explosion was created. During this moment, no one can open their eyes.

When they could see clearly again, the black liquid on the altar had disappeared.

“Is he dead?” Elder Jinbi muttered as he looked at the bare altar.

“Well… No, he isn’t.” Chen Xiao’s face became solemn. The moment he voiced ended, a shadow slowly appeared in front of them.

The figure is Hong Min. Blood covered his whole body. His face is extremely pale, and his voice uneven. However, he lives.

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Chapter 75

The dark light swept from the altar, filling the whole sky, which was full of thick yin energies, making the surrounding environment sinisterly.

Lin Zizheng could see a current of black gas flow from the bottom of the stone tablet to Hong Min in the center of the altar, which made his formerly weakened aura suddenly intensified.

A scarlet glow soared within Hong Min’s sight. He grinned in Lin Zizheng’s direction. His smile was full of wickedness and frightening meaning.

“The assembly of Millions of Ghosts.” The rough and terror voice produced slowly from Hong Min’s mouth. The sky suddenly turned dark. For a while, a strong wind went rampage, making people unable to open their eyes.

People could only hear a loud “poof” in their ears, and then Hong Min’s figure disappeared again from the altar. In his place, a cloud of gray-black smoke remained.

The gray and black smoke is extremely large, covering almost the entire sky. Dense dark energy within the smoke and the crowd could clearly see the ferocious faces. A huge chain spreads from them, making a loud rattling sound.

When the rattling noise stopped, those ghost faces intertwined with each other, and they leaped toward Lin Zizheng carrying their distorted expression. Watching those ghostly shadows coming toward him, Lin Zizheng frowned, and the golden light continued to pour out behind him. The hazy figure gradually became more solidified.

He gave a cold snort with his eyes fixed on those ghostly shadows. As his hands moved, the light shadow behind him turned into a golden light and confronted them.

The brilliant light burst out from the light shadow. When it touched the ghostly shadows, the light shadow suddenly stopped. He raised his illusory hand and clenched it gently.

The millions of ghostly shadow who were clamouring and flaring held their throats all at once. Their bodies are struggling, not able to move forward.

The hand clenched tighter and tighter, and the ghostly shadows started shrinking. The light shadow stretched out his free left hand. Even if his figure is blurred, one could imagine how long the pale jade hand was before.

Without warning, a strong golden light overflowed from the hand. In this light, the palm enlarges rapidly, and an immense pressure slowly releases into the air.

The right hand clenched, and the left hand fierce fan down toward ghostly shadows.

“Boom!” Waves of dazzling light rose from the altar, and the dusk smoke blocked everyone’s sight.

This force cracked not only the altar but also the volcanic rocks around the altar.

Feeling the violent energy waves, the people around were all in a state of silence and retreated one after another. When the energy gradually subsided, the surrounding dusk and smoke also dissipated, making people able to see the situation before them. The original damaged volcano has become more devastated. Apart from the stone tablet in the center that is still standing, even the altar lost its original appearance.

Neither the light shadow or Hong Min could be seen at the scene, only a faint golden light and lots of scattered black gas floating on the top of the altar.

Those golden light moved back into Lin Zizheng’s body, while those black gas trembled and fled quickly.

“Quick, don’t let him escape.” Seeing the black gas escaping, Chen Xiao’s expression changed and suddenly cried out.

Before Chen Xiao finished, Lin Zizheng’s figure moved, and he stepped forward while moving his hand. A golden net appeared, covering the black gas.

A mist rising above the black gas while they make a crackling sound, and a shrill cry came out from it. Lin Zizheng’s expression remained focused. He clenched both hands, and the black gas was completely wrapped within the golden net.

He tossed the golden net with the black gas on the stone tablet and quickly made a series of hand seals. Then he parted all five fingers and pressed them on top of the tablet. He murmured, “Seal.”

The light on the stone tablet flickers continuously, gradually forming a vortex, and swallows the golden net.

In the distance, Wen Qing moved a fingertip, and a cluster of black gas entered within his body before anyone noticed. He raised his head, his lips curved into a sinister arc, and a satisfied smile showed on his face.

Watching the black gas swallowed up by the tablet, the whole place became silent. People from Tomb House who were still fighting with their opponent witnessed this outcome, and their faces turned pale as their movements became flustered. Not long, they were completely taken down.

As time went by, the sun shined on the altar, and it restored again the former calm setting. The altar also returned to its original state. If it wasn’t for the golden light on the stone tablet, no one would tell the damages from before.

Qin Mo stood in the distance, looking at the young man frowning and waving away the surrounding people. He walked towards him without hesitation. The young man who went through the stone tablet’s rite of passage; the golden light seemed to have not been scattered. Qin Mo’s heartbeat sped up.

He heard the young man’s uneasy voice, “Da Shixiong.”

Qin Mo lowered his gaze and landed on the ground. After a long time, he raised his head and looked at the young man’s face that is no longer as young and tender as before. The cold expression gradually loosened, and he gave a gentle “en”.

Hearing Qin Mo’s reply, Lin Zizheng, who originally thought he would not receive any response, was shocked at first, then he looked ecstatic. Da Shixiong.. Forgave him?

He breathed deeply, and the corners of his mouth widened. He hesitated, grasped Qin Mo’s right hand and continued, “Let’s leave?”

Qin Mo’s eyes flashed a smile looking at Lin Zizheng’s expression, oh well, this way is fine too.

He showed his usual cold appearance, but he allowed Lin Zizheng to hold his hand. He strokes the Qiankun bag tied around his waist. ly, he was in a critical situation, now he retreated Old Man Wen into the bag, and time to bury him and put him at rest. His sight drifted and landed on Wen Qing. He mumbled, “Wen Qing, let’s go.”

The smile on Lin Zizheng’s face stiffened, but he didn’t intrude.

Qin Mo’s voice was not loud, but under the nascent spirit power, Wen Qing heard it clearly even at a distance.

He raised his head and looked at Qin Mo. A dark glow flashed through his eyes, then he nodded and walked unhurriedly to Qin Mo’s side.

Lin Zizheng’s body suddenly trembled. Then he fell to the ground.

Watching Lin Zizheng’s falling body, Qin Mo’s expression shifted slightly. He took Lin Zizheng’s hand and held him up horizontally, a look of panic revealed in his eyes. Not waiting for Wen Qing as he turned around to leave.

The light in Wen Qing’s iris flickered and followed closely behind Qin Mo.

“Wait.” Elder Jinbi’s voice sounded from their back.

Qin Mo kept on walking. He remembered the herbs at Old Man Wen’s yard. They should help Lin Zizheng.

“Young man, wait. Ling Yuan… Lin Zizheng just overused his power. He will be out for a while.” An arm stretched out toward the sky, blocking Qin Mo’s path forward while Chen Xiao’s voice came from the front.

Qin Mo held onto Lin Zizheng’s hand tightly and slowly loosened them. He nodded toward Chen Xiao, looked at Wen Qing behind him, then he went around Chen Xiao and continued forward.

Faced with Qin Mo’s cold attitude, Chen Xiao’s words stagnated, and then he immediately reacted as he blocked Qin Mo again. His gaze fell on Lin Zizheng as he said, “You can probably guess that Lin Zizheng is the reincarnation of Ling Yuan. He has received inherences two times, and there is a third and the final time that he has not undergone. Now he needs to accept this last inheritance with us.”

He reached out to Qin Mo’s arms and tried to grab for Lin Zizheng in his arms.

Qin Mo’s eyebrows furrowed. He turned his feet, breaking away from Chen Xiao’s movement. Watching Chen Xiao with a chilling light circulating in his glare, “This matter, it’s better to discuss after Lin Zizheng wakes up.”

As soon as Qin Mo said this, Chen Xiao’s expression became cold. He is powerful and very few people would disobey him, and Qin Mo’s attitude made him very discontent.

The surrounding air became slightly stagnant.

“Haha, haha.” The elder beside them laughed out twice and hurriedly came forward to hold Chen Xiao. Others may not know, but he understood how much Lin Zizheng cared for Qin Mo. He could not let Chen Xiao this grumpy old man to hurt Qin Mo.

He smiled at Qin Mo, “That’s right, what Qin Mo said is right. This is really best for Lin Zizheng to decide.”

“Elder, you…” Chen Xiao frowned, he turned, wanting to berate the elder’s comments.

The elder pulled his sleeve, then said to Qin Mo, “Let’s leave with you first, and then decide after Lin Zizheng wakes up.”

Qin Mo glanced at Lin Zizheng in his arms and nodded. This thing, only Lin Zizheng can make the decision himself.

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Chapter 76

Surrounded by a dark green herb farm field, an indistinct fresh and clean scent could be detected when a cool breeze blew by. The environment here differs from that of the Dark Tomb. Sunlight shone into the cold Dark Tomb, creating a relaxing moment.

Qin Mo stood before two small graves, lost in thought. Since he arrived in this world, he had two Shifu; one of them gave him up for various reasons, and the other gave up his life for him.

“Dad said, when he died, he wanted to be buried with mother in the herb field behind the house. This is where they first met.” Wen Qing’s detached voice came from the side. He stroked the writing on the tombstone with his eyes closed.

“Sorry.” Qin Mo’s voice reached Wen Qing’s ears.

“Don’t apologize. My father is perfectly content with his action, after all, you are his only disciple.” Wen Qing opened his eyes and fixed them on Qin Mo. His pupils were dark, lacking any emotion.

“En.” After a long time, Qin Mo replied, his voice dispersed in the air.

Qin Mo stood there with his clothes fluttered in the breeze. Even if he stopped talking, Wen Qing knows he has put Old Man Wen in his heart. In this short period of interaction was enough for him to understand Qin Mo’s character. He gave a faint smile. This temperament is easy to start with. If everyone is like Lin Zizheng. His eyebrows tightly wrinkled when he thought of Lin Zizheng.

“Qin Mo, Lin Zizheng is awake.” A voice shattered the quiet atmosphere. When a light flashed passed, Elder Jinbi’s figure appeared before Qin Mo.

As always, the elder has a smile on his face, but his brow is full of anxiety. He took Qin Mo’s arm and continued, “Qin Mo, follow me to see him.”

Qin Mo only had the time to nod at Wen Qing, and the elder pulled him away.

Looking at the departing two figures, Wen Qing’s face revealed a smile with unclear sense and followed them closely.

“Bang!” Before entering Old Man Wen’s courtyard, a loud noise came from it, and then a flash of golden light followed. The energy rose and wrapped the entire courtyard within it.

The three paused, and Elder Jinbi immediately waved his sleeve. A clearming of light flared forth between and within the energy, a small door appeared. The three went straight into the courtyard.

As soon as they entered, they spotted Lin Zizheng and Chen Xiao standing against each other.

Lin Zizheng held a long staff with a restless expression. He waved his staff hard toward Chen Xiao. Following his attack, a golden light lit up behind the staff, at the same time, a stream of heat rushed against Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao’s expression shifted slightly. He stepped back quickly while moving his hand. A blue light spread out from him. After two inheritances, even he dared not to be careless in the face of Lin Zizheng. The blue and gold light interweaved together. They emitted a faint sound. For a while, the light became dazzling, then finally slowly dissipated in the air.

Feeling the intense atmosphere of the two, the elder flashed quickly and intersected in the middle, “Let’s talk this out.” Then he looked at Lin Zizheng while pointing to Qin Mo’s direction, “Your Da Shixiong is here.”

Lin Zizheng’s momentum immediately stopped. The long staff in his hand dissipated slowly, and the golden light around him trembled, then returned to his body. He started walking toward Qin Mo and stood beside him.

“Awake?” Seizing up and down at Lin Zizheng, it relieved Qin Mo to see that he had recovered his energy.

With a gentle smile that differs totally from his prior ferocious appearance on the side, Chen Xiao’s expression became sluggish and said forcefully, “You must accompany us to accept the third inheritance.”

With his cold tone, it gave a cold sense of being commanded. Lin Zizheng snorted coldly and completely ignored Chen Xiao. Qin Mo’s eyebrows were also slightly wrinkled.

Chen Xiao’s expression darkened, and his hands trembled. As if he wants to teach Lin Zizheng a lesson.

“I know you two are not from this boundary.” The Elder said while he stopped Chen Xiao’s movement and looked at the other two.

Qin Mo’s pupil shrank slightly. Looking at Elder Jinbi’s eyes in alertness, he didn’t expect that the elder knows their origin.

Watching the two’s reactions, the elder’s eyes curved slightly upward, which revealed a cunning sense, “There is a teleportation array in the boundary of spirit origin to the outside boundary. If you want to leave, you can use that teleportation array.” When he heard that he could go back, Qin Mo’s body stiffened. He didn’t forget that Ling Yun and others are still locked in the demon’s boundary. Lin Zizheng’s gaze also flickers slightly. Both of them looked at each other and saw the same idea.

The elder’s mouth hooked upward. At a glance, he could see that both of them are interested, and it was only a matter of time before they agreed.

“Alright.” As he expected, Lin Zizheng did not hesitate and agreed just a moment later.

Before leaving, Qin Mo went to pay a visit to Old Man Wen again. After he returned from collecting herbs with Lin Zizheng and Wen Qing, he looked at the messy courtyard behind him and left with Chen Xiao and others.

The Dark Tomb is located in the Boundary of Ling Yuan’s corner. Because of the evil spirits that were sealed a thousand years ago, it was almost completely abandoned by the whole boundary.

With passing time, few people know the reason for the original existence of the Dark Tomb, which is also regarded as an unknown place. People who cannot awaken their nascent spirit power would be abandoned there. Slowly, the Dark Tomb became what it is now, dark and cold.

The Tomb Palace stood on the edge of the Dark Tomb. The reason for its establishment is to let people in the group supervise the evil spirits’ seal. If any special circumstances happen, they can solve it at any time. But not knowing when it started, the original goal of Tomb Palace has completely changed.

Walking to the side of the Tomb House with the bright red wall, Chen Xiao’s eyebrows furrowed, and he sighed helplessly.

The evil spirits have been sealed for thousands of years. They already lowered their guard, completely forgot how the evil spirits caused havoc and harmed everyone’s life during that time. Hong Min is not in the clan of the evil spirit, but the clan member saved him. Since then, he has regarded the evil spirits as his gods. Even after the clan was sealed, he did not give up. He actually influenced and claimed the Tomb Palace and even the Dark Tomb into his own territory, continually planning to leave his gods.

This time, he almost succeeded. If the elder did not find the Ling Yuan’s reincarnation here, he would have not found their plot this soon.

Thinking of this, Chen Xiao glanced at Lin Zizheng behind him and sighed in his heart again. He did not, his reincarnation’s temperament would change.

He still remembered that thousands of years ago, to stop the evil spirits’ rampage, the man sealed off them and used his life to cut off the connection between this boundary with other boundaries, but now… After taking a second look at Lin Zizheng, he shakes his head. He shouldn’t persuade any longer.

And there is Qin Mo. Only Lin Zizheng, Ling Yuan’s reincarnation, has the blood to break the seal. How could his blood have the same effect?

Thousands of thoughts passed through his mind, but his expression remained the same. His bands are pressed down on the huge blue bull below, and he continuously inputs his nascent spirit power into it.

This blue bull is like Lin Zizheng’s giant eagle. It is a spirit beast condensed by nascent spirit power. He mastered his nascent spirit power, able to carry people and in a fast past.

After galloping through the Dark Tomb, it took only a few hours for them to leave here.

The part outside of the Dark Tomb is completely different. If the Dark Tomb is like a dead cemetery, then the boundary of spirit origin outside is a vibrant world. Along the way, Qin Mo found that this is very similar to the Cultivation World. Only difference is the use of nascent spirit power instead of spirit power.

Qin Mo shifted his gaze upward and looked at the young man that was on top of a transparent and formless flying sword sweep past them. Maybe this boundary was formerly one of the Cultivation World’s.

When he first read the novel, he read it in a hurry. Apart from knowing the protagonist’s holy father, stallion nature, he couldn’t remember anything else very well. He remembered that Da Shixiong, and he shared the same name.

However, according to the general law of stallion novels, this world should be under the protagonist’s influence.

Just as everyone’s thoughts were elsewhere, the blue bull carried them to Chen Xiao’s uninhabited residence.

Chen Xiao lives in a mountain forest, not only because the environment is hidden, but also because there is a divine tower. His task is to protect the power and wait for Ling Yuan’s reincarnation.

After arriving here, Lin Zizheng took a moment to slow down his breathing. He looked at Qin Mo and walked toward the ancient stone tower.

As soon as Lin Zizheng walked close to the tower, a burst of violent energy rose from the ground, and directly entered his body and raged along his veins. A bell could be heard from the distance.

Lin Zizheng’s expression changed slightly. This inheritance will not be simple.

Before the stone tower, Qin Mo saw the tower completely covered Lin Zizheng’s figure. He narrowed his eyes slightly, and an uncertain feeling filled his heart. Regardless of the outcome, Lin Zizheng will follow his path and continue to improve and grow. Then where is his path? Thinking of them, Qin Mo scoffed once in his heart. He has been in this place for too long, and his mind is not clear.

He would, of course, want to keep moving forward, striving to improve his own strength, and then tear space to return to his own real world.

Qin Mo turned around to leave. The sunlight fell on the corner of his robe, creating a sharp arc. But he never thought of whether he could really find his own world.

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Chapter 77

There are several brown cups on the simple stone table. Chen Xiao looked at Qin Mo’s face through the dense steam raised from the cup and said, “The situation is like this, Lin Zizheng has to accept the inheritance in the same spot where Ling Yuan died.”

Qin Mo lowered his head. His fine eyelashes quivered and gave a faint
“en” as he gazed at his reflection on the tea in the cup.

Then Chen Xiao’s brow picked up slightly as he faced Qin Mo on the opposite side, and asked quietly, “In fact, what I am more curious about is how your blood can break the stone tablet’s seal?”

He watched for any changes on Qin Mo’s expression as he said this. He paused then said, “When Ling Yuan fell, he once said that only his own blood or the blood of his reincarnation could break the stone tablet.”

Qin Mo held his cup tightly, then he quickly released it without Chen Xiao noticing. He said after a long silence, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I consumed Lin Zizheng’s blood before.”

Chen Xiao’s brow wrinkled. He obviously does not believe Qin Mo’s logic, but there is no other reasoning besides this one. The incident regarding Hong Min; he found many people, but their blood could not cause a response from the tablet, except for Qin Mo.

At last, Chen Xiao signed in a low voice. He turned around and left without touching the tea on the table and leaving Qin Mo alone on the stone bench. Qin Mo stared at the hot jade cup on the table and gave a pitiful sigh internally. The tea here is really good.

He pondered over Chen Xiao’s question for a long time and finally concluded. It wasn’t the logic that he gave Chen Xiao, but the fact that he himself is the abnormal factor.

Once the idea arises, Qin Mo cannot give it up. He does not belong to this world and took a completely different path from the original Da Shixiong. For this world, he is the large anomaly figure, and it is not impossible for his blood to break the seal. Although it is only a guess, he has already determined that this idea is right.

Raising the cup in his hand, he gently took a sip as his eyebrows relaxed slowly.

When Wen Qing arrived at this scene, he saw a white clothed young man sitting alone at the stone table, and drinking tea with a cold expression. Even his state of mind gradually calmed down.

He lowered his gaze and strolled toward Qin Mo’s side. He took the other cup and sipped the tea, tasting the faint tea flavor and exclaimed with a smile, “Excellent tea.”

Because of Old Man Wen, Qin Mo is a little more generous to Wen Qing, and when he heard Wen Qing’s complement, he immediately stepped out of his thoughts and looked at his cup with a small amount of green-colored tea remaining. He mumbled, “It is great.”

Wen Qing is a man who appeared cold at first, but he is actually a gentle and cultivated person when interacting with him for a long period. He has a peaceful mind, which makes people feel extremely comfortable.

At the beginning, Old Man Wen said that Wen Qing is like Qin Mo, but that’s wrong.

Although Qin Mo felt strange that Wen Qing lived in the Dark Tomb since he was a child, why would his knowledge be this broad? Even insight on the spirit power that everyone within the boundary of spirit origin knows so very little. But he cannot deny it is delighted to interact with Wen Qing.

After staying at the stone table for half a day, Qin Mo felt a sense of snatch peace from the daily chaos. When the sun was setting, he realized that another day had passed. This is the third day since Lin Zizheng entered the tower to receive the last inheritance.

Qin Mo’s eyebrows lightly knitted when thinking of this, he also doesn’t have the mood to stay here for too long. He said goodbye to Wen Qing and returned to his temporary residence.

After Qin Mo left, Wen Qing sat at the same spot and looked at Qin Mo’s cup. His eyes were obscure, unknown thoughts.

Chen Xiao lived in the mountain forest in a simple house, but he is someone who put great value in living. This can be seen from the layout of the house. Although Qin Mo lived in a simple room, the decoration is especially exquisite, even the bedding are woven from the precious heaven thread*.

*Direct translation: 天 day / sky / heaven, 絲 silk / thread / trace / (cuisine) shreds or julienne strips. I searched the word and Lyocell or Tencel came up a lot (Tencel is a company that branded Lyocell, which is more expensive than cotton)

Qin Mo sat in lotus position on the bed and used his divine senses to scan his body. Because there is no spirit energy in the environment, the spirit power in his veins are almost dried up, and only a faint purple light could be seen vaguely.

His divine sense bypassed the muscles and vines and entered his Dantian. Even without spirit power’s support, the cluster of lightning fire still burns vigorously within his Dantian. Floating next to the flame is a square gray object.

This thing is exactly the same object that flew out of the stone tablet when he was on the altar. On closer inspection, this object is a shrink down stone tablet, even the traces are exactly the same.

As soon as his divine sense touched the small tablet, a paragraph appeared in his mind.

Through this passage, he learned that the nascent spirit power from the boundary of spirit origin is the cultivation world’s divine sense power.

At first, the boundary of the spirit origin is just another common boundary among the thousands in the cultivation world. The only difference is the people in this boundary are extremely good at using divine sense. Later, to seal the clan of evil spirits, this boundary was completely sealed, and the outside world gradually lost the divine sense – the easier method.

Besides this information, there are only a few simple ways to use nascent spirit power, including how to condense weapons and spirit beast with this power.

It has been several days since he got the small stone tablet. He has observed it repeatedly several times, and those were the only information he received, no other discovery.

With a sigh, he could only give up and start studying nascent spirit power. At first, he condensed a weapon out from nascent spirit power by mistake, now has the systematic knowledge he must study hard.

In a blink of an eye, two days have passed. Qin Mo walked out and heard a loud “boom” in the distance. He looked up and saw the slowly collapsing stone tower standing in the far distance.

Lin Zizheng is still inside. Qin Mo’s stopped his movement and turned to the stone tower’s direction. When he arrived at the tower, Chen Xiao and Elder Jinbi were already standing there, as if they had been waiting for a long time.

“The divine tower actually fell.” Chen Xiao said with both hands behind his back, looking quietly at the tower. He showed an expression that could be at a loss and happy. There was a flash of golden light from under the ruins of the stone tower, which became more and more flourishing. Until it became a bright golden road and spread to the front of the three. Lin Zizheng’s figure emerged slowly in it. As soon as it appeared, he walked along the golden road.

Feeling the heavy pressure from him, both Chen Xiao and Elder Jinbi smiled happily and looked at each other. They saw the comfort in each other’s eyes. After so many years, Ling Yuan has finally come back.

Ignoring their sight, Lin Zizheng came to Qin Mo and said, “Da Shixiong, I have returned.”

When his eyes swept behind Qin Mo to Wen Qing standing in the distance below an ancient tree, his eyes suddenly darkened.

As if feeling Lin Zizheng’s cold glare, Wen Qing slowly gave him a large grin, a kind of unspeakable provocation with his expression.

Lin Zizheng’s gaze darkened furthered, then he smiled at Qin Mo and said in a relaxed tone, “Da Shixiong, when shall we go back?” His right hand’s cuff quivered slightly, and an invisible light shot straight at Wen Qing.

Wen Qing gave a taunting smirk and blocked Lin Zizheng’s aggressive attack with a casual wave.

Wen Qing was behind Qin Mo and didn’t notice the dark turbulent between them. When he heard Lin Zizheng’s question, Qin Mo shifted his sight to Chen Xiao and Elder Jinbi. They were standing on the side without speaking, but their meaning was clear.

Their expressions changed. When Chen Xiao couldn’t contain his heat, he glared at Lin Zizheng and said through gritted teeth, “Didn’t you restore your memory?”

Lin Zizheng raised his eyebrows, Chen Xiao’s tone was disdainful. He glanced at Chen Xiao and said absent-mindedly, “It’s just a useless memory of the head. Remembering or not, it is still the same.” Chen Xiao’s face turned red. He snorted coldly and flung his sleeve as he left. Even the good temper elder’s expressions do not look good.

He collected his thoughts and put on a difficult smile, “Follow me, the teleportation array is inside.”

They turned, and Qin Mo saw Wen Qing under the tree in the distance as he followed the Elder Jinbi inward.

When they passed by Wen Qing, Qin Mo paused, and his gaze fell on him. After considering for a moment, he said, “Stay in the boundary of spirit origin, don’t go back to the Dark Tomb. I will ask Senior Chen Xiao to take care of you.”

Although Chen Xiao was furious with Lin Zizheng’s behavior, Qin Mo believed that he would be willing to help him take care of someone if he asked.

Wen Qing’s gaze shifted and collided with Lin Zizheng. He suddenly smiled gently and said, “Can I go to the cultivation world with you?”

Qin Mo stared blankly, then thought of what Old Man Wen said in the Dark Prison. He nodded softly after pausing and did not see Lin Zizheng’s extremely vile expression behind him.

Seeing Qin Mo and others disappeared on the teleportation array, Elder Jinbi signed slowly and said, “Alas, my dear old friend Chen Xiao, if you can’t bear to say it straight, need not put on a long face all day.”

“Humph.” Chen Xiao gave a cold groan as his figure slowly appeared. He looked at the empty array and said in an icy tone, “Who cares about that brat. It’s best if he never returns.”

The elder shook his head without disclosing Chen Xiao’s words not according to his heart. He could only frown and said with some doubts, “I don’t know why, but Wen Qing looks very familiar, and he gave me a terrible feeling.” “You are thinking too much, there is nothing wrong. Besides, the kid is still there.” A faint impatience surfaced on Chen Xiao’s face.

“That’s right.” The Elder Jinbi smiled and abandoned his last thought. Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

Chapter 78

When the three’s feet are firmly on the ground, their current location is Lin Zizheng’s stone chamber that he confined Qin Mo prior. Looking at the lotus blossoming in the pool, Qin Mo suddenly had a feeling that lifetime had passed.

The spirit energies in the space filled around him, and the spirit power within his body also flared up. He moved his palm gently and felt as if he was about to break through.

Glancing at the two beside him, sure enough, he saw the visible spirit energies hovering around them.

Sensing Qin Mo’s gaze, Lin Zizheng smiled, obviously guessing Qin Mo’s thoughts. Saying nothing, a cluster of light threads blinded Wen Qing, and he gave a cold snort as he pulled Wen Qing away.

Wen Qing only nodded to Qin Mo before being dragged out by Lin Zizheng, helplessly.

Qin Mo did not speak out seeing the rough treatment from Lin Zizheng. Since their first meeting, Lin Zizheng seems to be very unhappy with Wen Qing. With passing time, this feeling is even worse.

Qin Mo cleared his head and sat on the stone bed as he closed his eyes to cultivate.

When Qin Mo opened his eyes, it was months later. At this time, Qin Mo’s strength rose from Spirit Solitude early stage to the late stage, and he has reached ninth layer Spirit Solitude cultivation base, which is quite a sense of rapid progress.

Thinking through this, this progress is perfectly reasonable. During his time in Dark Tomb, after experiencing many battles of life and death, so of course his cultivation base would advance. But because there is no spirit energy in the boundary of spirit origin, his cultivation base has been suppressed unit now, and it flourished now he is back to the demon’s boundary. So this is what it’s like to have accumulated knowledge and be able to deliver it slowly.

His divine sense also increased by an insane amount. When he used it, he could view everything in the environment. No one could be seen above the stone chamber, even no trace of Lin Zizheng and Wen Qing. He stood up straight and prepared to have a look outside.

He paused when his fingertips touched the cool silver mask on the stone bed. Lin Zizheng previously provided this mask for him to cover his face with. Although their relationship has not been restored as before, the tension has eased a lot. It’s not a problem for him to leave this room, it’s just this mask…

After a moment’s hesitation, he put on the mask, straightened his clothes, and cast a dust removal ability on himself. Once he was presentable, he went out.

The moment he is out of the underground palace, his heart speeds up. He looked up at the palace where the palace master lived. He sensed several strong auras there, belonging to Nascent Soul cultivators.

He furrowed his brows. After he came back from the boundary of spirit origin, he has been in seclusion within the stone room. He did not know the situation outside.

He moved to that direction. He wrapped himself in a layer of nascent spirit power as he got closer and carefully covered up his aura. Since returning here, his nascent spirit power has been gathered in his sea of consciousness, which is more powerful and convenient when it merges with his divine sense.

After a period of intense cultivation, his divine sense advanced forward further than his cultivation base, and must be stronger than other cultivators at his level. For thousands of years, the cultivators in the cultivation world have gradually lost ways to fine-tune divine sense, leaving common probing and exploring as the most common use. He believed that even a cultivation at Nascent Soul will not sense his trace.

Standing behind the stone pillar, his sight fell on a group of people before him.

There are two groups of people in the open space in front of the palace, one of whom he is familiar with. He is from the north palace of the lower demon region; the north palace lord is standing with a smile.

The strangest thing is Lin Zizheng, who stood in the most central spot casually.

Feeling Qin Mo observing them, Lin Zizheng looked toward his direction and grinned. Letting him know that he was detected.

An old man in a grey robe stood in mid-air opposite from the north palace group. His eyes glanced scornfully at them, swept through Lin Zizheng in the center and immediately landed on the palace lord on the side with a hint of disdain. The bleak voice slowly spread out in the air, “Qing Xue, you damn old man. I haven’t seen you for many years. You are really living more and more cowardly, even let a brat ride on your own head.”

Palace Lord Qing Xue’s smile was stiff as anger filled his heart. He knew that Lin Zizheng was a disciple of an important man in the upper demon region, so he always treated him politely, but did not really put him in his eyes.

The demon’s boundary always values strength. Although there are few cultivators with Core Formation in the lower demon region, they are not without them. Someone insignificant like Lin Zizheng is not worth his time. But after Lin Zizheng disappeared for several days and reappeared, he could not fight back as Nascent Soul cultivator against Lin Zizheng who is at the end of his Core Formation.

He put on an unworry face and looked at the old man. Even his expression showed some unkind expressions. This old man in a grey robe is the south palace’s lord. He was called Elder Heigu. Qing Xue said without a trace of emotion, “Honoring a bet, nothing more to it.”

“Honoring a bet?” The old man laughed twice and chewed these words thoughtfully. Although he was always conceited and thought that his strength was better than the north palace lord. He only recognized the four palace lords in the whole lower demon region. Anyone else were ants. Thus when he didn’t believe the news that the north palace lord himself lost to a brat at the end of Core Formation,

He stepped forward, and the aura around his whole body flourished. In a flash, he appeared above Lin Zizheng with his right hand raised high, and a bundle of majestic charges fired toward him.

Witnessing the start of Elder Heigu’s attacks, Qing Xue took a step back and stood at one side leisurely. Smiling, yet not a smile, showing no meaning of assisting Lin Zizheng.

Seeing the north palace lord’s stance, the elder increased his aura and strength, continuing to attack.

Qin Mo frowned. Even though he knew Lin Zizheng’s strength would increase greatly, he felt somewhat worried.

Lin Zizheng’s expression remains unchanged. Even when the attack almost reached him, there was no sign of panic. He lightly flutters his sleeve, and a cluster of black lights emitted out from him. The lights attacked the elder dead on.

“Bang!” When the two collided, Lin Zizheng’s seemingly inconspicuous strike directly blocked the Elder Heigu’s fierce strike. The elder trembled and stepped backward.

When he could stand straight again, his expression became gloomier. He looked at the Qing Xue, who smiled at his stumble and clenched his fist tightly. This brat made him lose face in public, but he is unwilling to act rashly. With just one attack, he has an idea on Lin Zizheng’s strength.

“Hey, there is a little ant here.” Just as the atmosphere became rigid, a light laugh came from the side.

The crowd turned toward the sound to see two people standing in the corner. One dressed in black with expressions full of banter, giving everyone an aura similar to that of Elder Heigu. He was obviously a Nascent Soul cultivator.

The person opposite covered his face with a special mask, making no one able to see his features, but they could see through his cultivation base at a glance, at Spirit Solitude. That man is Qin Mo.

Elder Heigu gave a cold snort and fired an attack casually in Qin Mo’s direction. He felt very dejected and wanted to vent his anger. This person has the honor to die in this elder’s hand.

Qin Mo looked at the man dressed in black who suddenly appeared before him, but he was still on alert with his divine sense, aware of everyone around him. When Elder Heigu threw out a hit, he already noticed it.

Qin Mo retreated quickly and summoned his Thunderbolt to his hand from the Qiankun bag. The sword buzzed happily as soon as it appeared, having been on standby for a very long time.

Qin Mo’s eyes lit up when he stroked the blade. His whole body’s spirit power circulated, and he commanded a slash against the oncoming attack.

He has been using a sword since he transmigrated. Scattered Sky Sword has also cultivated the second style. He has a more thorough understanding of swordsmanship. This single-dazzling attack, seemingly simple and unadorned, but also hiddenly sharp and deadly.

As he wielded the single counterattack, he did not relax. He glanced at the people around the black-clad man in alertness. However, he couldn’t get an idea of their thoughts; they smiled and stepped back, not wanting to enter the fight against Qin Mo.

The sword light came from the sky, and directly collided and split the elder’s attack in half, landing straight at Elder Heigu.

There was a flash of light on Elder Heigu, interwoven with the sword light, then it slowly dispersed.

Looking at the hair falling from his forehead, rage filled Elder Heigu’s heart. At first he paid no mind to Qin Mo, and casually threw out an attack with little power, but enough to kill a Spirit Solitude cultivator. He did not expect this ant to not only destroy his attack, but also landed a hit close to him.

ly, when fighting with Lin Zizheng, he was at a disadvantage, which only made him feel dejected. After all, the North Palace Master also lost to Lin Zizheng.

But now, with a malicious smile, a gray light glittered in his hands and a long black bone appeared in his hand. He waved the bone across the air with a sharp murderous aura, forcing people around him to step back.

Elder Heigu’s expression was dark, and the spirit energies around him flared up as he poured them into his black bone. The long black bone trembled and slashed a dark colored hit, aiming at Qin Mo.

Qin Mo looked pale, but he held his long sword tightly. The word quivered and floated in mid-air as Qin Mo shouted in a crisp and clear voice, “Scattered Sky Sword.” At the same time, he formed a series of hand seals, and a golden dragon slowly emerged. He yelled in a low tone, “Secret Dragon Art.” When he said the last word, he expanded his divine sense, and the nascent spirit power within his sea of consciousness condensed into a slender light sword and flew around the back of Elder Heigu, and stabbed him without mercy.

Lin Zizheng, who had been sitting in the center of the group from the north palace, appeared beside Qin Mo.

The surrounding air contracted and bazed up spirit energy gathered toward Qin Mo and created in a large sword shadow. A trace of surprise showed on Elder Heigu’s face. He did not expect for Qin Mo to summon such a powerful move.

But then, with a cold look, he controlled the long black bone in his hand, and bombarded Qin Mo with a series of attacks. The boy’s strength was too weak, even if his moves were strong, he had no chance of winning.

After a long period of stalemate between the black light on the long bone and the sword shadow, the bone pierced the sword shadow and flew straight toward Qin Mo. Elder Heigu’s face showed a satisfied smile.

Just as he thought he could wipe out Qin Mo, he sensed danger in the back of his head.

As someone who always trusted his intuition, he formed a hand seal and created a protected boundary around him. The feeling of relief, then the sound of breaking, followed by an invisible sword stabbed straight into his head.

“Ah!” When the long sword stabbed into his brain, it created severe pain.
He cried out as he held his head tightly.

After the long delay, did the large divine dragon form successfully and hover above Elder Heigu. It glittered brightly in gold and took advantage as it swung its tail mercilessly at the elder.

Enduring the sharp pain, the elder waved his weapon towards the golden dragon, and bent his left hand into claws before grasping the dragon. The five claws were so sharp that they scattered the dragon’s body.

As the golden dragon slowly dispersed, Elder Heigu’s appeared in a somewhat sorry figure. He turned slowly while supporting his aching head. Both his eyes flashed in red. He was overconfident and carelessly made an avoidable mistake. Now he is serious and dismembered this brat’s body into thousands of pieces.

Witnessing Elder Heigu being injured, it surprised the man dressed in black. He did not expect this boy could hurt the elder.

As the long black bone’s attack arrived before him, and before Qin Mo could do anything, Lin Zizheng’s figure came out from the side. Qin Mo could only see a blood light flashed in Lin Zizheng’s left palm and collided with the incoming attack.

After that, Lin Zizheng stretched out his right arm and grasped Qin Mo’s waist, tightly clasped him into his arm and retreated with a single leap.

When the elder turned around, what he saw was his attack breaking up in pieces in Lin Zizheng’s red-blood light. He clenched his long black bone and stared at the two of them. However, he didn’t rush to fight against Lin Zizheng for fear of his strength. He asked through gritted teeth, “Boy, what are you doing?”

Hearing this, Lin Zizheng did not loosen his embrace. He only glanced at Elder Heigu and casually said, “Saving him.” He obviously did not put the elder in his eyes.

Being despised by Lin Zizheng in this manner, Elder Heigu’s face turned red, and the hand holding the weapon trembled in rage. He pointed toward Qin Mo and shouted, “Did you not feel the disgusting righteous air on him?”

Lin Zizheng responded by giving a bright smile and tightened his right arm to hold Qin Mo closer. Qin Mo frowned uncomfortably, but he knew Lin Zizheng was helping him and did not struggle.

Lin Zizheng’s eyes swept over the silver mask on Qin Mo’s face and finally fell on his right lips. His iris glittered as he suddenly lowered his head and gave Qin Mo a light kiss on the corner of his lips.

Then he quickly turned to look at Elder Heigu and said in a firm expression outside Qin Mo’s field of vision, “What does that have to do with it? He is mine.”

As soon as these words came out, the whole place quiet down. The crowd’s meaningful glance turned slightly strange. Although the demonic cultivators and demons in the demon’s boundary have always been fucked up, but man with man…

Qin Mo, who was in Lin Zizheng’s arms, stiffened. Then he struggled. The light in Lin Zizheng’s eyes dimmed slightly, and whispered to Qin Mo’s ears, “Da Shixiong, the current situation is complicated. Only this could ensure your safety.”

Qin Mo paused his movement and swept over the fierce group of people behind Elder Heigu. He stopped his struggle completely and stayed quiet in Lin Zizheng’s arm, with a faint red behind his ears.

Qin Mo has a habit of cleanliness. This is the first time he has such close contact with another. There was a small stir in his heart, and he was calm again in a flash.

“Yours? A righteous cultivator?” Elder Heigu was speechless, but he recovered his composure and glanced at the man dressed in black and North Palace Lord, who had been watching the bustling scene. He roared, “A righteous cultivator mixed in the demon’s boundary, what are your views?”

The man in black has crescent moon eyes. He smiled happily but did not say a single word and did not put the elder’s man in his heart. Qing Xue lowered his eyes, revealing nothing. After a long time, a smile appeared on his face and said to the elder, “It’s just a small boy toy…”

“Not a boy toy.” Before he could finish, he heard Lin Zizheng’s unhappy voice. His glare dark and cold at Qing Xue.

Lin Zizheng’s voice was full of disdain. Elder Heigu sneered, and Qing Xue’s smile stiffened but he continued as if nothing had happened, “The most important thing for us now is to discuss how to deal with righteous cultivators on the Deep Stone Mountain.”

The elder’s lips moved, but he snorted coldly, saying nothing, and waved to the disciples behind him to let them scatter. Then he walked inside the palace.

The young man said emotionless, “I didn’t expect that they really came.”

“Those righteous cultivators have always put on a good face, we created a loud ruckus in this matter and captured almost all the cultivators from the boundary of the guard sea. They will come out.” Qing Xue smiled.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

Chapter 79

Although Qin Mo has Lin Zizheng with him, he couldn’t attend the lower demon region’s important meeting with his identity. He didn’t care and walked out of the north palace.

As soon as he exited, he saw Wen Qing, who he hasn’t seen for many days. Now, Wen Qing stood in a flower garden, caressing a small-yellow daisy.

What surprise Qin Mo is in this short time, Wen Qing has reached Foundation Building.

Noticing Qin Mo’s arrival, Wen Qing smiled gently and walked towards him slowly. Outside of Qin Mo’s sight, the little daisy turned into flying ash.

Being a first timer, both of them are unfamiliar with the north palace’s grounds, and they could only walk around the huge palace.

The cultivation of lower demon region’s demonic cultivators and demons are not very high, they could be compared to those ordinary cultivators in the lower boundary. Qin Mo being Soul Solitude nine layer, apart from the four palace masters and their trusted aides, his cultivation base is top-notch and didn’t encounter any trouble along the way.

He chatted with Wen Qing and also released his divine senses secretly to carefully examine his surroundings. The entire lower demon region is into four palaces in four different directions. For convenience, Qing Xue named his dwelling place as the north palace. A large palace stood in the center where Qing Xue lives. Any big issue will also be discussed within the palace.

There are many residences of various kinds cluster closely around the palace. Qin Mo did not find the place where they used to imprison Ling Yun and others through his divine sense.

But he suddenly stopped when he discovered a strange house. The house is just an ordinary study room. There were three guards at the door, and many more demonic cultivators concealed inside, guarding the house.

This house seems to be the place, but he carefully explored the house once and did not find any weird spot. He furrowed his eyebrows, thinking there must be some mechanism hidden.

On the side, Wen Qing’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly extended his hand toward Qin Mo which Qin Mo reflexively turned his head to avoid the warm touch, only to hear Wen Qing’s gentle voice, “There is a leaf in your hair.”

Qin Mo ceased his movement and let Wen Qing take the fallen leaf out.

In the main hall, a quarrel started among the four palace masters on how to deal with the cultivators from the boundary of guard sea. Lin Zizheng couldn’t bear it; this matter could only be decided after the arrival of the people from the middle demon region, anything they debate on is useless. Restlessness filled his heart as he left the hall with a fling of his sleeves, ready to find Qin Mo.

Not shortly after, he spotted Wen Qing gently embracing Qin Mo not far away, and Qin Mo did not resist.

Lin Zizheng’s body froze in place, and his glare at them gloomily. That’s his Da Shixiong, his…. A dark light emitted behind him as he clenched his fists. He took a deep breath, pressed down on the anxiety in his heart, and walked toward them. His movement was extremely fast, but every step left a footprint. Around the footprints, the flowers and plants withered.

As he got closer, he found that Wen Qing was not holding Qin Mo, he only put his hand on top of Qin Mo’s black hair. But even if that is all he did, he could not be forgiven. Da Shixiong is Lin Zizheng’s. Every single inch belongs to him.

Feeling Lin Zizheng’s familiar aura, Qin Mo immediately turned to see the displeased Lin Zizheng. More than the other day. Although there is a smile on his face, the happy expression is well disguised which Qin Mo noticed the differences. He frowned and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Lin Zizheng was fascinated by Qin Mo expression. The dissatisfaction in his heart subsided.

He reached out and, as if in an accident, smacked Wen Qing’s hand away from Qin Mo’s hair. Then he grasped Qin Mo’s hands tightly as he left.

He said, “The North Palace made several dishes from the best spirit plants. Why don’t Da Shixiong try some, they will not produce impurities in the body.”

“Alright.” Gently joy revealed in Qin Mo’s eyes when he heard this.
Although he practices, his many years of habits were difficult to change.

Wen Qing looked at his red and swollen right hand behind the two, and felt the disarray of spirit energy in his body, sighed, “Such a particularly possessive kid.” His tone was gentle, loving even, but deep in his eyes is a layer of frost.

The environment in the demon’s boundary is very poor quality. The spirit energy in the air is scarce, and very few high quality spirit plants could be cultivated. So the three simple dishes with a soup in front of Qin Mo are very precious. Lin Zizheng sat on the opposite and watched the picky Qin Mo to single out the meat first as he put them in his bowl. After finishing the meat, he reluctantly selected a single green vegetable.

Lin Zizheng smiled in his gaze. He did not expect that his pure and cold Da Shixiong is a picky eater, only like meat. However, this is a side of Da Shixiong that no one has ever seen. This made Lin Zizheng a little happier.

But Da Shixiong still needs to be punished. After all, he let Wen Qing touch him so casually earlier.

Lin Zizheng’s long jade chopsticks moved and took more than half of vegetables on the plate into Qin Mo’s bowl. He said with concern, “Da Shixiong, these spirit plants are very beneficial to the spirit power within your body, good for cultivation. Eat more.”

Looking at the oily green vegetables in his bowl, Qin Mo lifted his head and looked at Lin Zizheng with a trace of disgust. But saw Lin Zizheng’s concern expression. He moved his lips but said nothing and slowly ate the vegetables.

Lin Zizheng took bits of vegetables from time to time, but his eyes locked on Qin Mo on the opposite site. Seeing his furrowed eyebrows; his struggle to swallow the vegetables. Lin Zizheng smiled, Da Shixiong remembered this lesson well and never let others get close.

It took Qin Mo an hour to finish the meal. He looked at his clean bowl in relief, then shifted his sight on Lin Zizheng opposite of him, who looked like he wanted to say something. Qin Mo stood up quickly, straightened out his clothes and said faintly, “I am done.”

There was a strange light flashed through his eyes. Just as Lin Zizheng was about to say something, a group of people rushed in from outside.

The leader is the bodyguard who has been staying close to the north palace lord, Qing Shi. When he came in, he glanced first at Qin Mo beside Lin Zizheng. Then he made a salute to Lin Zizheng and said, “Senior Lin, the palace lord wants to invite this young master to come.” His tone was very peaceful, but his attitude was very arrogant. When he finished speaking, he waved to a few people behind him and beckoned them to restrain Qin Mo.

Looking at the demons that surrounded him, Qin Mo gave a cold humph and waved his sleeve with a light flashed in his hand. The ray of light rushed toward the demons at a lightning speed. Followed by a bang, the demons all fell out in sorry states.

Qing Shi’s expression remained the same, but irritatedly glared at those demons. Trashes, these Soul Solitude demons couldn’t take on a weak, thin cultivator. He immediately moved forward with a nasty and muddy spirit power in his palm, and shot toward Qin Mo.

The air contracted, and a sound of cutting air came from the side. Qing Shi’s pupils shrank and retreated quickly. Unfortunately, it was too late. A jade light passed through his palm and landed at the wall beside him.

He turned around to see a jade chopstick stained with blood embedded deeply into the wall.

Qin Mo’s long sleeve shakes and silently took back the thin needle like objects in silver light in his hand. Those were condensed with his nascent spirit power. These fine needles could damage the opponent’s divine sense without them noticing; the same way that he injured Elder Heigu.

Qing Shi covered his injured hand and looked at Lin Zizheng. He has been guarding against Lin Zizheng before he attacked, but he didn’t have such fast movement, able to easily hurt him; someone with the same cultivation base, the end of Core Formation.

“Who gave you the courage to take what is mine?” Lin Zizheng is leaning on the back of the chair behind him, playing with the other jade chopstick, and looking at Qing Shi with a smile.

Being glared by Lin Zizheng in this way, Qing Shi felt a tremor in his heart, which made him realize that he is standing in front of someone who is stronger than his palace lord. He lowered his head slightly and said respectfully, “There are several dead disciples outside. They were cut down by a fatal pure sword Qi.”

He glanced at Qin Mo and saw his calm expression without a sign of panic. He knew in his heart that this person is not a simple cultivator. Now the whole north palace knows that he is a righteous cultivator, only he can use pure sword Qi. Even if he has the powerful and unpredictable Lin Zizheng behind him, it might not be enough to protect him.

“Oh? Is that right?” Lin Zizheng’s tone is still casual. No emotion could be heard from his tone. He clenched the jade chopstick in his hand, said while looking at Qin Mo, “If that’s the case, let’s have a look.”

He slowly relaxed his hand, and the jade chopstick fell on the table.
Broken, inch by inch.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

Chapter 80

Those few dead people are ordinary demonic cultivators of the north palace. Their strengths are all around the early stage of Foundation Building.

Usually it is not a big deal if they kill a few lowly cultivators, but now the lower demon region is in chaos, partly because righteous cultivators have already arrived in the demon’s boundary.

Their corpses were found by other demonic cultivators on the edge of the north palace’s beast house, which is the place where the north palace keeps their demonic beasts, and many ferocious and cruel demonic beasts are raised within it.

When Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng arrived at the beast house, there were already full of people there. Because all four palace lords were present, they dare not get too close, only huddle themselves far away to discuss in whispers.

When they spotted Qin Mo, they all smiled with malicious intentions.

The demonic and righteous cultivators are always at odds, especially those who were forced to live in the barren demon’s boundary when they were young, making them hate the righteous cultivator even more. If it weren’t for them, they would have an easier time cultivating.

Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng walked side by side, followed by Qing Shi and others. They ignored the gloating look on the crowd’s faces and walked straight through them to the side of the bodies. The dead people carried a peaceful look, no hint of panic could be seen other than their constricted pupils. The sword injuries were all at their neck and all one fatal cut.

Qin Mo’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly. He could clearly feel a cold feeling from their wounds, and a feeling of pure and righteous sword Qi. But this always gave him a strange feeling.

“Qin Mo, we invited you to inquire your opinion on this matter.” Qing Xue spoke slowly when he saw the newcomer. Although he said this to Qin Mo, his focus was on Lin Zizheng.

“What is there to ask? He is the only righteous cultivator in the entire north palace; who could be the killer but him?” Elder Heigu said immediately after Qing Xue. Malicious filled his glare toward Qin Mo, which Qin Mo’s previous offense against him was to blame.

People behind him also chant in agreement, even some demons carried a hungry expression looking at Qin Mo. They know the delicious flesh and blood of righteous cultivators are not only demons’ favorite food, but it could also enhance their strength.

They encircled Qin Mo in the middle. As if a single command from the palace lord will make them tear Qin Mo in pieces.

Qing Xue continued to stare at Lin Zizheng and said nothing. Beside him stood a man and a woman. The man was the one dressed in black from before, while the woman wore a bored expression and didn’t seem to care about the situation.

“In my opinion, kill this kid, and throw the corpses of both his and the people in the prison in front of those righteous hypocritical cultivators’ faces, let them see…”

As Elder Heigu said this with an exciting expression, very pleased with this idea. But before he could finish, his body stiffened, as if a black air around him making him unable to move. Shock filled his heart. With this cultivation base, even other three palace lords could not contain him so easily. Who was it?

He raised his head and saw Lin Zizheng grinning straight at him.
Although he is smiling, a cold aura covers his entire body.

At first this stunned the elder, but he sneered internally. After this event, Lin Zizheng still thinks that he could protect Qin Mo? Even if he is this strong, he can’t achieve anything alone. He shifted his gaze to continue his speech, but he heard a long sword drawing out of its sheath.

Qin Mo standing close by holding a long sword. He performed a captivating move with a flick of his wrist; the blade glowed with a radiance light, creating a beautiful arc. Then his eyes fixed on the elder and waved a sword light in his direction.

“Kid, you dare!” Elder Heigu shouted as his expression changed. Restrained by Lin Zizheng, he could not move a single muscle, even with the protection of magical treasure. He believed Qin Mo’s attack couldn’t damage him with his strength, but the cold air hidden in the sword light still made him feel a little flustered.

Witnessing this scene, the other three palace lords just frowned slightly but did not interfere. They have extraordinary foresight and naturally concluded that Qin Mo’s attack will not kill Elder Heigu if it lands. Also, the four palace lords’ relationship seems peaceful, but in fact it was not good. Each of them are looking for an opportunity to devour others to enhance their strength.

Even the people behind Elder Heigu reacted after Qin Mo’s attack had reached the elder.

As the sword light arrived at his eyes, Elder Heigu closed his eyes and stopped struggling. He could only darkly mock them; good one Lin Zizheng, good one Qin Mo.

A breeze passed by his breads, and the crowd all saw Qin Mo’s flourished sword light turned strangely, bypassing the elder and landed on a demonic beast not far behind him.

The demonic beast is a bull, different from the spirit beast raised in the cultivation world. Most of the beasts raised by the special methods developed in a demon’s boundary are exceptionally abnormal.

Different from the cultivation world’s bull, its body is completely pitch- black. Covered by black pimples containing pus from horns to hoof, making it look weird but also unique.

The bull’s strength has reached Foundation Building, with its intelligence developed. It felt great danger from the sword light as it stomped on the ground. It swung its tail to meet the attack, while it quickly retreated.

The sword light split the bull’s tough long tail and landed on the bull like a ferocious dragon crashing into the river.

The bull had time to make a shrill scream before it fell to the ground with a bang.

Smoke flew everywhere. Qin Mo moved his right hand to stroke his Thunderbolt, then strolled to the side of the bull.

Elder Heigu opened his eyes when he heard the noise, to see a bull fallen on the ground with its blood flowing out without pause. His face darkened. Although the surrounding people showed no particulate expression, he knew they must be laughing at him.

He, a Nascent Soul elder, lost face in front of Qin Mo time and time again; where is his face now? Also, he glanced at the three lords nearby, and more anger filled his heart. If he wasn’t being restrained by Lin Zizheng, he would have rushed forward and killed that brat.

Thinking of this, he glared at Qin Mo and shouted, “Just a junior at Spirit Solitude, do you really think you can rampage in the lower demon region?” Ignoring the angry Elder Heigu, Qin Mo held the long sword in his hand and pointed to the fatal wound on the fallen bull, then he looked at the corpses in the distance, intoned, “This is what my sword Qi left behind.”

His voice is extremely cold, clear even in this noisy environment. As soon as he said these words, it stunned everyone, and they turned their eyes on the wound.

The fatal hit landed on the bull’s heart. Even at a distance, they could feel a pure sword Qi that made them uncomfortable.

The crowd knew both fatal hits were from a sword, but because everyone has a different understanding and perception, the meaning of the sword will not be the same. So the sword Qi remained from an individual would also be different.

The sword Qi left on the bull is similar to the other corpses, but they were obviously different. Qin Mo’s is colder and sharper, with faint lightning power.

Elder Heigu was speechless for a while. He is not willing to leave Qin Mo go this way. He glanced at Lin Zizheng and then looked at the expressionless Qing Xue and others. He spat out a hypocrisy in his heart and shifted his gaze to give a sign to the person behind him.

The man understood and immediately came forward, pointed at Qin Mo and yelled, “Is killing a person the same as killing an animal? You don’t fool us.”

His argument is far-fetched, but no one object. After all, this is the demon’s boundary, and no one would voluntarily help Qin Mo. The atmosphere was stagnant, only Lin Zizheng had a smile on his face. His relaxed attitude didn’t seem to put everything in front of him in mind.

“Really?” Qin Mo raised his head and looked at the man, only to say lightly in a cold tone, “Then let’s try it on you.” As soon as Qin Mo said this, he waved his sword toward the man. The stroke was much faster than the previous one. When people reacted, they saw the lavender light completely shrouded the man.

When the light dispersed, the scene revealed. The man who spoke stood in the same spot, intact, but his clothes scattered under Qin Mo’s sword. He was standing in place, naked.

The man’s face was pale. Under the cool breeze, with no clothing to cover him, the man could only feel cold hands and feet, all the way to the bottom of his heart. Just then, he thought he was dead.

The man looked at the delicate man with an extremely cold face, he put the sword away and asked casually, “What’s the matter?” But he was stiffened and could not say a single word.

“Ah, don’t look, or it will pollute Da Shixiong’s eyes.” Lin Zizheng moved suddenly, blocking Qin Mo’s view of the naked man, and said in a disgusted tone. With his right hand behind him, his fingertips quivered, and fired a red light into the man’s chest behind him.

“En.” Qin Mo blinked and answered softly.

Hit by Lin Zizheng, the man turned red and spat out a mouth full of blood. His body trembled, but he dare not voice anything out, and quickly left.

Others bowed their heads, pretending to not see the scene. After all, Lin Zizheng differed from Qin Mo. Even if he killed that man, no one would dare to oppose.

As soon as Lin Zizheng’s gaze shifted, he looked at the elder. Elder Heigu only felt a strong pressure come toward his face, and the constraints on him became more painful. He showed nothing on his face, but a sense of peril raised in his heart. Who is this Lin Zizheng, and where did he come from? Having such unpredictable strength. “I believe palace lord Qing Xue would look into this in more detail, so we will take our leave first.” Lin Zizheng smiled with satisfaction, said while glancing over at Qing Xue.

When he finished, he pulled Qin Mo’s arm and left the beast house under everyone’s eyes without the palace lord’s order. Under Lin Zizheng’s pressure, the surrounding demonic cultivators could only watch Qin Mo leave.

Qing Xue clenched his hands, hiding in his sleeves tightly, while mumbling with a slight smile, “Naturally.”

“Qing Xue, why do you worry about this brat? What if his strength is high? If all four of us fight, how could we not take him down?” Watching the two men leave, the still imprisoned Elder Heigu said with a tone full of discontent.

Qing Xue’s eyes narrowed slightly, he shifted his eyes to an empty space and said softly after a long pause, “His background…”

In the distance, Qin Mo moved his right hand, trying to break away from Lin Zizheng’s grip, but found Lin Zizheng tightly holding it and with no chance of escaping.

“Let go.” Looking at their hands, Qin Mo pursed his lips and said coldly.

“Da Shixiong, your hand is very warm.” Lin Zizheng grinned, with no intention of releasing Qin Mo’s hand, and held tighter instead. He knew that although Da Shixiong’s tone was very, he would soften his heart.

Qin Mo watched as Lin Zizheng stared at him with wide eyes, eyes that were dark, clear, and filled with his own reflection. Somehow, Qin Mo thought of Lin Zizheng’s kiss. The peck on the corner of his mouth from before. At this time, Lin Zizheng has the same expression.

Lin Zizheng’s eyes were arched, and there was a light flashed in his eyes, “Da Shixiong, that Elder Heigu was so fierce. I am afraid. Can I sleep with you tonight?” Hearing this, Qin Mo’s breathing became uneven, and he immediately turned his head away. He said nothing, but he walked at a faster pace.

Lin Zizheng beamed behind him.

In the crowd’s corner, hidden, stood Wen Qing against the wall. He carried a mocking smile, licked the corner of his lips and whispered, “Interesting.”

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