The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother Chapter 81-90

Chapter 81

The lotus in the pool emitted a kind of fresh fragrance. When Qin Mo smelled the sense, his consciousness became dazed, as if he hadn’t slept for a long time.

Cultivators could restore to their full strength just by regulating their breathing. Ever since arriving in the cultivation world, he would spend his night cultivating. If it was not for Lin Zizheng, he would not have rested tonight.

As Qin Mo was about to enter the dream world, a warm body fit snugly from the side and hugged him tightly in his arms. Qin Mo woke up immediately.

It was Lin Zizheng who had been sleeping beside him.

Frozen on the spot, he never liked close contact with people. Just when he wanted to break away, he found the embrace became tighter. Lin Zizheng’s arms were powerful, he felt no matter what, he could not escape from these arms.

Lin Zizheng’s grievance voice came from above, “Da Shixiong, I am cold.”

Qin Mo reached out and lowered his hand on Lin Zizheng’s chest. Lin Zizheng’s body temperature is much lower than his own. Because it is winter, the temperature is lower and being cold is normal. He hesitated as he took back his hand and let Lin Zizheng hold him. After all, he watched Lin Zizheng grow up so he shouldn’t continue to argue. But one thing escaped his mind; cultivators do not fear the cold or the heat, to sustain their body temperature within a tolerable range, they only need to circulate the spirit power in their body.

Feeling Qin Mo’s gentle touch, Lin Zizheng’s body trembled slightly.
That night, he hugged Qin Mo with bright eyes and a satisfied smile.

In the dark cave, they remained in each other’s embrace. A kind of unspeakable warmth between them.

Maybe the hug was too warm, or the atmosphere was too good. Lin Zizheng suddenly buried his head in Qin Mo’s neck, his hot breath puffed on Qin Mo. His voice a little fluffy, “Da Shixiong, please don’t leave me again, alright?”

Leaning against on Lin Zizheng’s chest, listening to the steady heartbeat as hot breath sounded behind his ears. Qin Mo did not feel sleepy for a period.

Lin Zizheng’s voice carried a hint of his rare, vulnerable side. Qin Mo’s eyes were closed, hiding the emotions in them. After a long time, did his reply echoed in the dark cave, “En.”

Lin Zizheng contentedly embraced Qin Mo and closed his eyes. In the whole space, only the sound of running water in the pool could be heard. In this atmosphere, the two gradually fell asleep.

The next morning, Qin Mo opened his eyes and spotted Lin Zizheng sleeping soundly beside him. His face is right against Lin Zizheng’s chest, and Lin Zizheng’s chin is pressing on his shoulder. This posture made him feel at a disadvantage.

Lin Zizheng immediately opened his eyes when his keen sense noticed the change in the breathing of the person in his arms. Qin Mo is not comfortable locking his gaze with Lin Zizheng’s dark eyes. He broke away from Lin Zizheng’s arms and supported himself up with his right hand, wanting to sit up from the stone bed.

He stretched out his right hand and touched a hot object. It moved slightly when he touched it. His whole body stiffened as he lowered his head slowly to see a bulge spot reside at Lin Zizheng’s lower garment.

He quickly released his hand and glanced around somewhat uneasy. His cheeks turned red with a speed visible to the naked eye. Before, he rarely makes contact with his own, now, this was the first time he touched someone else.

His long eyelashes trembled ceaselessly, his lips were tight, and his ice frost face carried a hint of blush, just like the melting of winter and snow, and the blooming of spring, giving a sense of unimaginable beauty.

Lin Zizheng stared at Qin Mo, and the bulge spot below became more obvious. Under his thin inner garment, the movement could be seen clearly.

Qin Mo coughed softly, pretending to stand up calmly, and put on his robe. He knew that every man would be like this in the morning, even if the cultivators cultivate their bodies, they will not lose this function, so he stopped thinking and left in a hurry.

Looking at Qin Mo’s departing shadow, Lin Zizheng lowered his gaze and fell on his garment below. Sighed softly, he slowly stretched upward. Imaging the wonderful touch with slightly narrowed eyes, and whispered, “Wait a little longer, now is not the time.”

Leaving out of the cave, Qin Mo felt the cold wind as his expression gradually recovered back to the usual.

Several disciples of the demonic sect hurried past him with people carried on their shoulders. With a glance, he could tell those that were carried had lost their lives, all of them die under the sword, similar to those of yesterday. His brows wrinkled, not understanding the situation within the demon’s boundary. There is always a feeling of shadows cast by incoming events.

When Qin Mo observed them, those demonic cultivators obviously spotted Qin Mo at the same time.

When they saw Qin Mo, their faces suddenly sank. One of them immediately threw the corpse to the demonic cultivator behind him and rushed toward with chilly air, shouting, “Damned righteous cultivator.”

This cultivator’s cultivation base is similar to Qin Mo, both in the late period of Soul Solitude. But with his sudden burst of rage, his power could not be underestimated.

Qin Mo’s expression remained unchanged. He stepped backward while quickly forming hand seals. A thunderbolt slowly formed behind him, and it roared out, striking toward the incoming person.

He developed this move after he reached Spirit Solitude, relying on his mutated lightning spirit root.

The power of lightning is fierce, it could conquer the evil demonic. As soon as it touched the demonic cultivator, it produced a huge whirlpool that enveloped the demonic cultivator within it. Frightened by this power, the rest of them looked at each other and quickly retreated.

After the energy scattered, the green demonic cultivator stood at the same spot, unable to move, and blackened by the lightning.

Qin Mo curled his fingers and swept his gaze over several people in front of him. Should he make an example of others? Otherwise, some inexplicable people would want to kill him, which is not a good thing. But if he killed them, it would be more troublesome.

His light in his iris flickered, and he hesitated for a while.

As he pondered over this, the air beside him fluctuated, and Qing Shi’s figure appeared. He first looked at Qin Mo, and then on the body of several demonic cultivators. His eyebrows were tightly wrinkled. He waved his sleeves in their direction and a strong wind attack that landed on them.

Under his attack, those people trembled and fell down one after another. The prior green demonic cultivator who was blackened by the lightning, bleed every more all over his body.

Qing Shi glared coldly and shouted, “Scram!”

Those people only snorted and did not dare to resist. They secretly glared at Qin Mo, picked up the corpses that they dropped up again, and left quickly.

Once they disappeared from Qing Shi’s sight, he shifted his gaze back on Qin Mo with his still water like eyes. He said without a hint of emotion, “The Imperial Lord wants to see senior Lin, where is he?”

As soon as Qin Mo was about to reply, he felt a hand suddenly reached out from behind him and rested on his shoulder. At the same time, a body carrying some moisture stopped beside him.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Zizheng asked casually, leaning on Qin Mo’s side.

“There is something important that the Imperial Lord wants to discuss it over with senior Lin.” Qing Shi’s attitude towards Lin Zizheng is very respectful. After all, respecting and fearing the stronger individual is an unvarying truth in the demon’s boundary.

“Oh?” Lin Zizheng’s tone was unclear, so he stood up and pulled Qin Mo forward.

Watching Lin Zizheng taking Qin Mo, Qing Shi’s sight turned slightly, wanting to say something but swallowing it down. He could only follow them silently. Entering the North Palace’s main hall, there was a loud noise. The large hall was filled with disciples of demonic cultivators. In the center of the main hall, many corpses were being exhibited, while the four Imperial Lords were sitting ahead with gloomy faces.

As soon as Qin Mo entered, he felt the malicious eyes from the surrounding demonic cultivators. They obviously do not welcome Qin Mo, but dare not to act rashly with Lin Zizheng around.

“In the past two days, a sword killed many more disciples, among them were two Core Formation demonic cultivators.” Qing Xue intoned while frowning with a tired tone.

“Was it a righteous cultivator?” Lin Zizheng raised his eyebrows and glanced at the bodies in the middle.

When Qin Mo heard this, small amount of joy filled his heart. If those righteous cultivators come, they could save Ling Yun and others.

The hand that held Qin Mo’s hand suddenly tightened. He looked at Lin Zizheng with some doubts, to discover Lin Zizheng’s expression stayed the same, so he continued his thoughts regarding Ling Yun and others.

Lin Zizheng’s expression became colder and colder as he held Qin Mo’s hand in an extremely tight manner with a dark light in his eyes.

“Not possible, cultivators from high-level boundary will have their suppressed after entering a low-level boundary except for the boundary of guard sea. Even middle demon demonic cultivators’ strength would weaken when they move from middle demon region to lower demon region. No matter how high their previous cultivation base is, their strength can’t break through the boundary between the Deep Stone Mountain.” Qing Xue sat on the top, saying it with certainty.

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Chapter 82

“Imperial Lord, bad news.” Cried a nervous demon with horns as he rushed in from outside in panic.

“Calm down.” Qing Xue frowned and clapped his hand on the table beside him. He glanced over at the other three Imperial Lords who were drinking tea. This disciple was so flustered, making the north palace look bad and lose faces.

Seeing Qing Xue like this, the demon stopped and put away his panic expression. He looked calm standing still, only his hands trembling. He said word by word, “Imperial Lord, those righteous cultivators left Deep Stone Mountain, and now they are preparing to break through the array.”

“How is it possible?” Qing Xue’s eyebrows wrinkled tighter. Those righteous cultivators finally abandon their reputation and attack the demon’s boundary. Could it be that they have given up on those cultivators from the boundary of guard sea?

He knows that is not possible. Those righteous cultivators value their faces the most. They will never do such provoking and denouncing things. What is their reason for coming?

Even if his head was full of thoughts, nothing showed on his profound expression. He looked at the three beside him and said, “What’s all this panicking? Follow me.” With these words, he left the hall as he flung back his sleeve. Lin Zizheng looked at the somewhat flustered demons with a smile, and laughed lowly, “This is becoming more and more interesting. Why don’t we also have a look?”

Qin Mo nodded. It’s better to know the situation on the demon’s boundary now being in it.

A long time ago, the demonic and righteous cultivators lived on the same boundary. They were not separated. Ten thousand years ago, there was a notorious demonic cultivator that appeared in a high-level boundary. He was so powerful that he killed everyone within a single boundary just to advance himself.

After this incident, the whole cultivation world was shaken, and all the righteous cultivators united to force the demonic cultivators to the demon’s boundary. Deep Stone Mountain is just a mountain left by the righteous cultivators to suppress the demon’s boundary. As long as this mountain exists, it will be very difficult for demonic cultivators in the demon’s boundary to enter the cultivation world.

This doesn’t work in both ways. The cultivators in the cultivation world could travel to the demon’s boundary freely. After the separation between the two, there would be high-ranking cultivators to enter the demon’s boundary again and again. Although their strength is suppressed, it is still very easy to kill the demonic cultivators in the lower demon region.

This situation lasted for a long time until there was a demonic cultivator who was very knowledgeable in arrays in the demon’s array. He set an array before the Deep Stone Mountain, which prevents the righteous cultivators from entering freely. The array blocked similar to a boundary, but it is a brilliant array. It will adapt to any incoming attack from outside, which gave it the name of “Thousand Alteration Array” name.

When Qin Mo arrived in the array’s vicinity, to see many righteous cultivators attacking the Thousand Alteration Array, but the array stood strong, unmoved. Seeing the arrival of Qing Xue and others, the color of rage immediately filled the eyes of the righteous cultivators on the opposite side, and one of them shouted while pointing to his nose, “Damn demonic cultivators return my Shixiong’s life!”

Like a fuse source, the other cultivators who were originally focused on attacking the array stopped their actions one after another. Losing their previous demeanor and shouted toward the direction of the demonic cultivators.

“What’s the matter?” Said the only female Imperial Lord. When she heard the righteous cultivators’ word, her eyes slowly swept over the crowd.

Seeing that all the demonic cultivators have a bewitched expression, the cultivators on the other side became angrier. A young man in a gray robe made a hand gesture to the people in the back, and then shouted, “Demonic cultivator, see what this is.”

After a moment, they saw several bodies carried out from the rear. The corpses die in an extremely miserable way. The space between their eyebrows was pitch-black, bodies dried out, and a layer of dry skin covered up their bones.

“They were drained of their blood.” Seeing their horrible death, Qing Xue’s expression remained unchanged, and murmured in a low voice. Then his eyes fell on Qing Shi beside him, whose face was obscure, “Qing Shi, did you do this?”

Qing Shi has a special way to cultivate, it requires absorbing human beings’ blood, and he is the only one in the lower demon region who specialized in this.

Qing Shi bowed toward Qing Shi, buried under the man’s shadow, and said, “No.”

He said this one word very clearly. Not only could Qing Xue hear it, but also the cultivators on the other side. “Don’t you dare start quibbling, who else would do these vicious tastes beside you all?” The man who spoke first heard Qing Shi’s reply and scoff. With a look of disapproval, eyes filled with nothing but deep hatred, after all, his sister is also lying on the ground.

“We are not hypocrites like you, when we the demonic cultivators said one, one is one, never two.”

Separated by the large array, both sides started quarreling. Both said to have a mutual exchange, one sentence per person, extremely noisy, the scene became very disorder. If it wasn’t for the array between them, the two sides would have gone to war against each other.

“Shut up, Qing Yang Shixiong is trying to break through the array.” It was a woman who spoke. Her voice was very pleasant but cold. Like the biting cold in winter, which cools down the surrounding air.

Once they heard this, those cultivators’ expressions changed, and they stopped talking. It may be assumed that the identity of this woman or the Shixiong she mentioned is special.

Seeing this situation, when the mocking demonic cultivators on the other side heard the woman’s statements, they stopped making a sound.

Following the crowd’s line of sight, Qin Mo immediately understood the reason for the silence.

In the center of the righteous cultivators stood a woman in a white dress. Her gorgeous appearance surpassed every woman he met. The most interesting is, a pure chilling air surrounded her, like the snow lotus flower in the snow mountain, carrying an inviolable nobility.

Qin Mo took two glances, then he turned his gaze to the man beside the woman.

The man sat on the ground, wearing an ordinary linen robe, and his facial appearance was extremely outstanding. In the earlier chaotic environment, the man continued to sit calmly in place and focused on the situation before him. He moved his hands quickly, apparently trying to decipher ways to break the array.

Qin Mo noticed that the man’s expression was focused, but his pupil was very lifeless with a hint of gray. The man is blind.

Standing beside Qin Mo, Lin Zizheng’s hands gradually clenched tighter.
How could Da Shixiong be enchanted by a woman? This is unforgivable.

His glare landed on the woman and felt restless all the way to his fingertip. This feeling is really uncomfortable.

The woman felt cold all over her body and looked up to look at Lin Zizheng outside of the crowd.

When their eyes met, he licked his lips and said silently, “Die.”

Looking at Lin Zizheng’s scarlet glare, the calm woman’s heart suddenly sped up, as if something suddenly fell at the bottom of her heart.

Qin Mo’s attention was still focused on the man; he did not notice the interaction between Lin Zizheng and the woman. Even if he did, he would not think much about it.

After all, he forgot that in the original novel, the woman in white is very famous. Named Qing Feng Fairy. She fell in love with Lin Zizheng at first sight. Among all of Lin Zizheng’s harem, she has the most beautiful appearance and the highest achievement. Lin Zizheng loved her the most.

The four Imperial Lords had stepped back when the crowd started making a raucous. They stood leisurely, it seems that they did not put any of the righteous cultivators in their eyes, but their sights unconsciously fell on the cultivator at the very end.

There are three people there. Their expressions were pale, sat on a low couch with their eyes closed, as if they were resting.

The four Imperial Lords were not at all careless, because they could clearly feel a heavy pressure from them, which belongs to the peak of Nascent Soul, maybe even stronger than the peak of Nascent Soul.

They knew in their hearts that the three men must be top experts in the cultivation world. Even if their strength was suppressed by the Nascent Soul, even the four Imperial Lords’ joint efforts would not necessarily be their opponents. However, the Thousand Alteration Array can’t be broken by brute force. This array is extremely superior, created by an expert senior in the past. No one can break it for many years. Naturally, the kid in the center definitely couldn’t as well.

“Imperial Lord, not good, the Thousand Alteration Array already changed seven times.” Just as Qing Xue and others’ emotions were settled and determined, the disciple in charge of looking after the heart of the array, came forward in a hurriedly and said in a harsh voice. While talking, he also looked around nervously for fear of being heard by the righteous cultivators.

“What?” When Qing Xue’s expression changed, his voice became louder. He felt the hidden sight around him and calmed his emotions down.

The wonder of Thousand Alteration Array is that every time the array is cracked, it will change automatically. Although the array is called “Thousand Alterations”, under no one’s control, the array could only change actively nine times a day. Once it is cracked for the ninth time, the array would truly be broken.

If there is a master of array manipulation during this time, Qing Xue would not be this worried. However, the resources of the lower demon region are scarce. It is very difficult to find a demonic cultivator who knows even a little on an array, let alone find a master who can compete against the expert on the other side. The man could crack the array seven times, he was obviously proficient in the array.

Watching the demonic cultivator lowered his head, Qing Xue gave him a kick and said in an extremely cold tone, “Useless trash.”

Another flash of light on the Thousand Alteration Array, indicating it changed again. The expressions of the four Imperial Lords looked hideous. This is the eighth time.

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Chapter 83

Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng stood very close to each other. Even if they whispered to each other, they could hear each other clearly. Although Qin Mo didn’t know that the Thousand Alteration Array could only change nine times, he could guess based on their tense expressions.

The light in Lin Zizheng’s gaze flickered as he glanced over the three righteous cultivators behind the demonic cultivators. He didn’t know when the middle demon region would arrive. It would be very troublesome if they break this array; especially if they take Da Shixiong away from him.

Having that in mind, Lin Zizheng’s expression became colder and murderous aura filled his pupils. He walked forward to Qing Xue and said, “Let’s go.”

It stunned Qing Xue at first, then thrilled. Lin Zizheng has a special status. It is not impossible for him to be good at arrays. Despite Elder Heigu’s protests, he brought Lin Zizheng to the eye of the array.

Elder Heigu snorted once. Even if he was displeased outside, inside he really believed other than Lin Zizheng, there is no other way.

Looking at their desperate attempt, among the three righteous cultivator experts, the middle-aged man on the left suddenly came out of his resting, and carried a faint grin with unspeakable mockery.

Qing Yang did not look at things lightly, but had outstanding talent, especially in array, the skill that could only be obtained by heaven’s blessing. He hardly has an opponent in the whole boundary of illusion. Do they think anything could be lightly compared with him?

Qin Mo being always close to Lin Zizheng’s side, now seeing Lin Zizheng sitting in the array’s heart, he stepped back.

As soon as he moved back, a large group of demonic cultivators swarmed around Lin Zizheng. The closest one behind Qing Hua that had not been seen for a long time.

Her smile had an unspeakable charm as she stood beside Lin Zizheng, said with concern, “Zizheng Gege, thank you for the hard work.” Her eyes swept over to Qing Feng Fairy, and a stone sense of hostility in her eyes. This woman made her feel very dangerous.

Her gorgeous side view, only enchants her natural beauty, making her look elegant. But Lin Zizheng didn’t think so. He looked at Qin Mo being squeezed out of the crowd with a black face. Wanting to say something, but he saw Qin Mo shaking his head at him.

His eyes darken as he figured out Qin Mo’s meaning. Da Shixiong didn’t want to be near here.

The array flashed once more; it changed again. Lin Zizheng snorted coldly and quickly formed hand seals, at the same time, he divided part of his divine sense onto Qin Mo.

Outside the group, seeing the continuous flow of incoming demonic cultivators, Qin Mo’s gaze shifted. Most of the demonic cultivators in the north palace had gathered here. The palace must be in chaos.

He glanced back at Lin Zizheng again, seeing that Lin Zizheng’s attention was not on him. He quickly left.

Noticing Qin Mo’s leaving here, Lin Zizheng who’s attention had always been on Qin Mo, his movement became rigid, which the Thousand Alteration Array immediately quivered. He started forming hand seals again. His lips moved faintly, and a shadow invisible to the naked eyes followed behind Qin Mo.

Qin Mo moved quickly and encountered many palace disciples. However, with his powerful divine sense, he bypassed them. He has a much more important task, so he shouldn’t be too entangled.

He went straight to the study room he had found with his divine sense. In recent days, he had explored the entire north palace with his far superior divine sense, which leaves this place the only suspect.

The demonic cultivators that were originally concealed inside had disappeared, leaving only one cultivator in front of the gate. He guessed that they must have gone to the vicinity of the Thousand Alteration Array, leaving behind only one Core Formation cultivator guarding the gate.

Looking at the cultivator standing before the study room, his eyes locked on his target as he slowed down his steps. He released his divine sense, forming an invisible boundary with his nascent spirit power, which isolated them from outside, so that outside would not perceive any movement in here.

He curved his palm, and Thunderbolt appeared in his hand. Because he didn’t cover his aura, when his sword appeared, he was discovered.

Spotting Qin Mo, the cultivator’s expression changed. He sensed a thick murderous and serious intent from Qin Mo.

“Seeking death.” His brows jumped, and a fury light flashed through his eyes. He shouted, and an invisible fluctuation of spirit power slowly emanated from him.

His name is Bai Ye Core Formation as a cultivation base with a decent status within the north palace. When he was sent here, he was very displeased. Now seeing Qin Mo coming to challenge him, made his anger even worse. A fast moving sword appeared before him before his last word ended. It was fierce, fast as a dragon, which made his heart jump slightly faster.

Bai Ye quickly raised his right hand, and a burst of black energy raised from his sleeve, summoning an enormous group of black vipers which emerged from his sleeve. Those vipers flickered their tongues out as they rushed toward Qin Mo.

Those are demonic beasts cultivated by Bai Ye for many years. They are all at Spirit Solitude. Faced against them, Qin Mo’s action slowed, but his sword dance did not become stiff.

The sword shadow flashed by, and a long-thin silk thread appeared on the vipers’ black scales. They kept their forward movement toward Qin Mo, but they split in half midway.

Bai Ye’s eyes narrowed, obviously did not expect Qin Mo to be able to cope with his attack. He stepped forward and said, “Interesting.” He lifted his sleeve, and a black powder fell on those vipers, and their body grew in size.

From these vipers, Qin Mo felt a heavier pressure. With the increase of size, their strength also increased.

“Hisssss.” The black viper swam on the ground, like a thick black carpet, making people’s blood run cold. They continued to move forward, and when several of them were about to hit Qin Mo, their body stiffened, as if something had controlled and stopped them. Bai Ye started gaspingly, surprise flashed through his eyes as he felt a burst of pressure just a moment ago.

Although Qin Mo was confused, he seized the opportunity to counter quickly. The roaring lightning fire came out of his hands and landed on those black-long vipers. Even though the snakes were many in number, under the burning of lightning fire, they all turned into ashes.

After releasing the lightning fire, Qin Mo formed hand seals and a huge thunder appeared out of the sky and struck Bai Ye. Thunderbolt hovered before him, purple light flickered on the blade, made a loud buzzing noise and flowed toward Bai Ye.

A large centipede suddenly appeared around Bai Ye, protecting him from the thunder. But the strength of the thunder was unexpectedly strong as it contained the power of lightning fire. As it landed on the centipede, it burned right into coal, and soon lost its life.

Some lightning fire touched Bai Ye, and in an instant, it burned a hole through the protection magic treasure on his body.

Bai Ye felt pain ached in his heart. The resources in the demon’s boundary are deficient, he spent a lot of time and energy to find this centipede and his magic treasure, now it is destroyed just like that.

Now isn’t the time for him to grieve, as Qin Mo’s sword is coming toward him. Looking at the fierce sword, a furious thought entered his mind. He could not compete with this Spirit Solitude brat as Core Formation.

He held out his pitch black palm and raised it high in Qin Mo’s direction. Then, a strange sense of danger came to his heart, and his body quivered slightly. This chilling feeling rushed into his body from behind, and his veins kept swimming.

Under this strange attack, Bai Ye’s breathing ceased, and a few drops of blood spilled from his mouth. The incoming sword, light with great momentum, broke through his protection treasure and pierced his chest.

The blackened blood slowly flowed out of his chest, and Bai Ye could clearly feel his life escaping. He did not expect to die in the hand of this youngster. However, even if he died, he could not let this kid go.

His fingers trembled, and a jade card glowing in blue light appeared in his hand. Just as he was about to shatter the jade card, a weak shadow flashed beside him and snatched it from his hand. Seeing this shadow, Bai Ye’s pupil shrank. His chest wound shook violently for a moment, and he finally closed his eyes, reluctantly.

It was only after the glow of thunder disappeared could Qin Mo see the result clearly. Bai Ye on the ground, lifelessly. Once he is dead, all the vipers on the ground also lose their lives.

Qin Mo’s eyes glowed. He did not expect the second style to be this strong and able to end a Core Formation cultivator’s life in one hit.

Using the tip of his sword to pick a viper from the ground and threw it on Bai Ye. Seeing no reaction he stepped forward two steps and felt a powerful sense of murderous intends around him. His brows wrinkled. He must not have missed a kill.

As soon as he circulates his spirit power, a cluster of lightning fire gushes out of his Dantian, shallowing Bai Ye and his vipers.

Qin Mo stood outside of the fire and watched the light flicker in the center.

At the Thousand Alteration Array, Lin Zizheng’s expression changed slightly, and some sweat dripped from his forehead. Qing Hua immediately came up to him and asked in concern, “Zizheng Gege, are you tried?”

The light in his gaze sank. Without glancing at her, he sped up his hands’ movement. For a while, only flashes of his hands could be seen.

At the other end of the array, Qing Yang gave an inaudible hum and his face became pale. Qing Feng frowned slightly, but her gaze landed on Lin Zizheng unconsciously.

Bai Ye’s corpse soon burned to ashes. Just as Qin Mo could leave, he found something on the ground.

It’s a long flute and a Qiankun bag. He doesn’t know what material the bag is made from, but it feels extremely smooth. It actually remained intact under lightning fire. The flute is even more peculiar. Made from what seems to be normal bamboo, with some brown spots on it.

As soon as he raised his hand, he took the bag and bamboo flute and walked towards the house.

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Chapter 84

This is a very common study room, but such study room in the demon’s boundary itself is an unusual thing.

Looking around the rooms’ surrounding, he focused on the only painting on the wall. This is a painting of a person, with empty facial features, but the eyes could be seen very clearly.

When Qin Mo’s sight met the painting’s, and the painting’s eyes suddenly blinked strangely. His surroundings changed, and his side became empty.

Then a strong wind blew by, the wind carried a peculiar smell. His robes fluttered around under the wind, and he retreated a few steps back.

He held his breath, and a burst of pressure exploded out from him. His spirit power wrapped around him, quickly stabled his body.

The innumerable fire lights suddenly appeared out of the sky and quickly surrounded him. The flame is very strange, rising and burning with the wind. It filled the entire space in just a moment.

Qin Mo stood in the black flame, only felt the pain on his body, and the spirit power in his body was pouring into the flame, the black flame devoured his spirit power.

In this world, only the death flame has the power to swallow his flame, and it is thick of dead energy. However, what he is seeing is not the body of the death flame, but a minor part that was separated from the death flame. It was similar to the lotus fire he encountered prior, but its power is weaker than the lotus fire. Otherwise, there would be no trace of him left inside of this fire.

The flame in front of Qin Mo continued to burn. It rushed toward his face, making him nervous. He released his divine sense, blocking the flame before him. The black energy surrounding the fire flared up, beating his barrier, burning his divine sense. His hands trembled, and a sharp pain in his mind.

However, his movement did not stop. He continued to circulate his spirit power, and a layer of lighting fire substituted his divine sense, appearing in front of him. Even if lightning fire is very powerful, it should be higher than the death flame, especially if it’s not the actual death flame.

As soon as lightning fire came out, the surrounding death flame shrank and retreated quickly, but it did not extinguish out. Even if the lightning fire’s power was strong, he could only use a small portion of it, which could not be compared to a room full of death flame.

The black flame leaned forward and enclosed the lightning fire, as if trying to absorb it.

His eyebrows were wrinkled slightly. He disregarded the sharp pain in his head as he separated part of his divine sense that was controlling his lightning fire, and he formed a barrier to isolate most of the death flame.

Within the carrier, the lightning fire and death flame intertwined, and the powerful lightning fire gradually took the upper hand. Also, after a moment of deadlock, the lightning fire actually absorbs the death flame.

Lightning fire can devour impure objects. Dead energy fills the death flame. In the confrontation, it stimulates lightning fire’s nature and leads it to be swallowed up.

Sensing the power from his lightning fire, even if there is a splitting pain in his head, he smiled. Without changing his expression, enduring the pain, he continued to control the lightning fire and absorbed all the death flames in front of him.

After absorbing them, he found that the color of lightning fire had changed a little. From the original clear lavender to violet, and even some faint blackness.

He didn’t think about it much and retreated, the mutated lightning fire into his body. Then he took out a nascent stone from his Qiankun bag and sent his divine sense into it, as he adjusted his breathing. This stone was given by Elder Jinbi, the perfect item for his damaged divine sense.

Before the lightning fire completely absorbed the death flame, it sent a part from his energy back to him. Under the energy’s effect, his cultivation base advanced to the Soul Solitude completion phase, one step away from Core Formation.

When he opened his eyes again, he found that his surroundings had changed.

After the death flame disappeared, a narrow and dark corridor appeared. Only a few night pearls were inlaid on the wall, emitting faint lights. He walked through the corridor, which gave him a gloomy feeling.

He quickened his face as he continued forward. It was so peaceful that he did not meet any danger.

At the end of the corridor is a black room. An enormous stone gate stood before a room, and Two Soul Solitude demonic cultivators guarding the gate. He was not discovered as he was covered by a layer of nascent divine power.

The gate is wide open and he could see the inside clearly standing in the distance.

The room is particularly empty. There is only a huge pond, this is no ordinary pond, it is filled with blood. This pond also has people inside of it. Among these people, he saw Ling Yun and Wu Suo’s pale faces at a glance. The surface of the blood pond waved nonstop, from which faint black claws could be seen emerging out from the center toward the grasping people in the pond. With each claw, the faces of those people turned paler.

This blood pond is a famous device called the demonic cultivating pond in the demon’s region. In this pond, if a cultivator’s strength is not high enough, they could only watch their blood essence absorbed by the blood pond as they slowly lose their lives. If one is powerful enough, they can absorb strength from the blond pond which greatly increases their cultivation base.

Standing outside, his eyes were locked on the scene inside the room. A murderous aura formed around him as he summoned Thunderbolt to his hand.

Killing intent filled Qin Mo’s expression as he released a sword light to the demonic cultivator guarding the left door. The sword light killed them from left to right, as if a rainbow appeared.

After killing this man, he turned and slashed down the demonic cultivator on the right without hesitation. The demonic cultivator fell to the ground before he realized what had happened.

Gripping his long sword, he walked into the room, carrying a chilling aura.

On the other side, Lin Zizheng’s face darkened, and the surrounding aura changed. He flipped his fingers and slammed his palm on the array’s eyes.

The entire array glowed brightly, and Qing Yang’s breathing became sluggish. Then he fell down.

Watching Qing Yang fall to the ground, the righteous cultivators immediately fell into an uproar. Even the three senior experts in the back opened their eyes as their expressions turned ugly.

While the demonic cultivators gave them a mocking smile. They wanted to say something to Lin Zizheng, but seeing his gloomy face as he stood up, a dark air filled with anger swirled around him. They were all silenced for a while.

“The other side’s array master lost consciousness. This array will not be broken for the time being. I will return to rest and readjust my breathing for a while.” Lin Zizheng said while he kept walking forward.

When he came to the four Imperial Lords, he suddenly stopped. A dark light flashed through his eyes as he intoned, “But this array is still unstable. To prevent them from forcefully taking down the array, all of you should stay here.”

Qing Xue and others nodded, deep in thought, the light on the jade slips around their waists as flashing constantly and the rest of the north palace demonic cultivators also rushed to this place.
While Lin Zizheng left this place quickly with a fling of his sleeve. Entering the room, Qin Mo ran to the edge of the blood pond; straight to
Ling Yun’s side. He stretched out his hands and pulled Ling Yun out of the pond.

Seeing Qin Mo, Ling Yun’s eyes suddenly brightened. He opened his mouth, trying to say something, but he was too weak to make any sound.

When Qin Mo’s sleeve brushed the blood pond, the blood inside boiled more fiercely. Many black claws came out of the pool and grabbed him.

He held onto Ling Yun with his left hand and waved his sword with his right hand, straight at those black claws.

“Wuwuwu…” Qin Mo cut off the black claws, and a whimper choked from the blood pond continuously.

He waved a sword light at the pond void of people, and the sobbing stopped immediately. The surface of the pond calmed down too, even the claws disappeared without a trace. He pulled Ling Yun up with a powerful pull, and after he pulled out Ling Yun, he stretched his hands toward Wu Sou and pulled him up.

Wu Suo’s face is also pale, but his cultivation base is higher than Ling Yun so his condition is naturally better than Ling Yun. He grinned and said, “Thank you so much.” With that, he coughed uncontrollably.

Seeing this situation, other people in the pond climbed out of the blood pond one after another, regardless of how weak they were.

“Qin Mo…” Ling Yun’s weak voice sounded, then he continued after a long pause, “Let’s leave here together.”

Qin Mo’s body stiffened and suddenly thought of the night when Lin Zizheng held him and asked him not to leave. He became absent-minded.

Seeing him like this, Ling Yun only thought he agreed tacitly, and swallowed the medicine pill Qin Mo gave him.

Behind Qin Mo, in a corner no one can see, a faint shadow trembled.

Outside, Lin Zizheng stopped and covered his face with his hands, blocking his expression and eyes. A moment later, he burst out laughing, “Ha ha, Da Shixiong, you still want to leave me…” The cold air around his entire body could not be covered.

When he lowered his hands down, his expression didn’t change much. A smile remained on his face, but his eyes were dark and filled with unknown madness.

“Senior Lu…” When Qin Mo was absent-minded, a familiar female voice sounded from afar. He looked up and saw Wan Xiang, who he has not seen for a long time. She looked at him with a smile. She lay on the ground, breathing weakly, but her eyes were dazzling. She murmured, “It is you… Or maybe I should call you Qin Mo…”

As she said that, she climbed to Qin Mo’s side with her weak body, trying to get closer to him. Besides the auction, she had not really seen his face.

There is a hero in every woman’s heart. Qin Mo is the hero in Wan Xiang’s heart. When she was in the boundary of the guard sea, because Qin Mo’s over strength made her develop a hidden affection. Being at the lowest point of her life, Qin Mo also appeared and saved her.

Even if the beauty is in a sorry state, a beauty is a beauty. When Wan Xiang carried herself like this, crawling on the ground, her entire body still had a unique charm.

It stunned Qin Mo. He remembered this woman. She showed great kindness to him when he first arrived at the boundary of the guard sea. Seeing her crawling in this state, Qin Mo couldn’t bear it and walked towards her side and put a medicine pill into her mouth.

One of the pills entered her mouth and dissolved into a warm current which warmed her entire body up. She raised her head and gave him a bright smile, then she kissed his cold thin lips with her red lips.

It stupefied Qin Mo in place. He did not expect her to do this. For a while, the entire space is silent.

“Bang!” A loud noise broke the silence, and Qin Mo immediately pushed Wan Xiang away to see a huge stone gate crocked open. And Lin Zizheng’s figure appeared in the room.

He suddenly smiled and said, “Da Shixiong, what are both of you doing?”

Qin Mo doesn’t know why, but he felt cold.

Lin Zizheng’s fragile little mental state snapped again. He is going to go mad again. Poor Da Shixiong, of course, you will be feeling cold [light candle]

Recently, the wind is too strong. I wonder if I can write something that everyone likes [tragedy] Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

Chapter 85

⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄x⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ Semi non-con up ahead

Lin Zizheng came closer to Qin Mo step by step with a smile on his face. His hair moved when there was no wind, it drifted behind him, giving a strange gloomy feeling.

His steps are light, but every step is like stomping Qin Mo’s heart. He stood up straight, but he unconsciously stepped back.

The smile on Lin Zizheng’s face became even more intense. With a shaking movement, he appeared beside Qin Mo. Locked Qin Mo in his long arm as he lowered his head and looked Qin Mo in the eyes.

The tip of their noses almost touching. Every breath is full of Qin Mo’s scent. He stretched out his free right hand and caressed Qin Mo’s thin lips. He inquired, “Da Shixiong, are you afraid?”

Without waiting for an answer, he sneered. He deliberately prolonged his low tone, “But, Da Shixiong, what are you afraid of?”

While talking, he rubbed Qin Mo’s lips with his hands, and the thin lips gradually reddened, even exuded a few smudges of blood.

Lin Zizheng smiled with satisfaction; he lowered his head and slowly locked the blood.

Qin Mo, who has been static since locked in Lin Zizheng’s arm, starred widely at Lin Zizheng’s action. Moving his hands as he tried to push Lin Zizheng away. Lin Zizheng did not cease his action as he put more violent force in his left hand.

With a clean snap sound, Qin Mo’s arms fell powerlessly down and he was easily tied behind by Lin Zizheng. A strange dark power entered from his palm into Qin Mo’s body. Qin Mo’s spirit power in his body became lifeless and blocked within his Dantian by the dark power.

There was a sharp pain in his arms, but his expression remained the same. He slightly opened his lips and bit hard on the other’s upper lips.

This one bite was hard enough to make a deep wound on Lin Zizheng’s lips. The blood flowed out from the wound and stained the two touched lips.

As if Lin Zizheng felt no pain. Once he licked clean the last blood smudge, the tip of his tongue drifted away from Qin Mo’s lips as he raised his head.

Looking up, Lin Zizheng licked the wound on his lips and said while laughing lowly, “Very sweet.”

Qin Mo wrinkled his brow. After a while, he squeezes a somewhat hoarse voice out of his throat, “Lin Zizheng, what’s wrong with you?”

“Haha, what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me…” Hearing Qin Mo’s voice, Lin Zizheng’s expression suddenly changed, and raised a sarcastic arc on the corner of his lips, as he laughed loudly.

He pointed to Wan Xiang, pressed down on the ground by the power around Lin Zizheng’s entire body, and said grudgingly, “What gave this woman the right to touch you?”

As his voice fell, he retreated his ferocious expression and smiled gently again, “Da Shixiong, could it be that you don’t know that I like you…”

Like you… I like you… These few words were like a magic curse, echoing in Qin Mo’s ears. Disregarding Qin Mo’s shocked expression, Lin Zizheng continued to smile, as if he remembered a beautiful memory, “Da Shixiong, I like you, so that’s why I did all of those things in Huangtian’s secret territory. How could I betray my Da Shixiong? I just want to let Da Shixiong know that only I will stand behind you, unconditionally, forever. I was right, none of them believe you, only me, only I did…”

Saying these, Lin Zizheng’s eyes slowly glow red, filled with terrible fierce-looking murderous intent.

His fingertips brushed slowly on Qin Mo’s delicate face. His words were gentle, but they were full of ruthlessness, “Anyone who will make Da Shixiong leave me, should die.”

Stating this, with a wave of his sleeve, he opened his right hand to palm as he smack toward the top of Wan Xiang’s head.

Qin Mo is still a little static, but when seeing Lin Zizheng’s movement, his face suddenly changed as he shouted, “Stop.”

Hearing Qin Mo’s word, Lin Zizheng stopped immediately. He grinned,
“I really shouldn’t kill her.”

Qin Mo’s expression was relieved. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he saw Lin Zizheng clenched his hands tightly. Lin Zizheng smiled, yes the expression doesn’t look like a smile, “I should make her wish for death.”

Lin Zizheng stomped his foot, and a black line slowly spread from his feet to the surrounding area. As soon as the black line appeared in the air, it magnified rapidly and formed a huge black wall.

The black wall pushed the people back into the blood pond again.

Lin Zizheng went beside the blood pond holding Qin Mo, cut his palm and dropped his blood into the pond. Fed by his blood, the calm pond was creating waves again, and a black smoke rose. Enormous claw sprang out from the bottom of the pond, one after another. Lin Zizheng smiled in satisfaction and left with Qin Mo in his arms. Trapped in Lin Zizheng’s arms, Qin Mo could only watch the people in the pond bleed out fresh blood, suffering but unable to move at all.

Lin Zizheng was quick. Once out of the room, he went directly to the underground stone chamber.

With a wave, an array appeared on the stone chamber’s periphery. The array emitted a flash of light and covered the whole chamber in it.

Placing Qin Mo on the stone bed, looking at him with cold eyes. Lin Zizheng suddenly laughed, “Da Shixiong, what we do next, is best not to be seen by others.”

His tone was extremely soft as he said these sweet words into Qin Mo’s ears, but his hand movements were particularly aggressive. When he turned his wrist, he held down both Qin Mo’s hands above his head.

Able to guess indistinctly the meaning of Lin Zizheng’s words, Qin Mo’s face became hideous. Of course, he won’t just resign to this fate. Even if his spirit power inside is locked, or the powerless hands are tightly overpowered. He raised his right foot and kicked Lin Zizheng’s abdomen.

“Da Shixiong is really naughty.” Lin Zizheng bent his body into an incredible arc, avoiding his kick. At the same time, Lin Zizheng’s body trembled, and four black chains suddenly sprang out from behind him. As if those chains have a mind of their own, they quickly tied Qin Mo’s arms and legs like a long snake.

Restraining Qin Mo with all his limbs spread out, unable to move at all. Looking at these chains, the light in his eyes flickered, and the lightning fire in his Dantian surged forward. Lightning fire is extremely special, it could be used even when his spirit power is blocked.

The lightning fire wandered out of his Dantian, slowly devouring the dark powers Lin Zizheng put in his body. His spirit power trembled and could circulate again. But before he could do anything, a strange wave emitted from the chain and pushed down his power again. His eyebrows wrinkled tightly, these chains….

Several threads of lightning fire sprang out and wound up along the chain, but to his surprise, as soon as it touched the chains, the lightning fire went out.

Seeing the perplexity meaning in his eyes, Lin Zizheng reached out his hand and slowly fixed the chains. Crazy excitement appeared in his eyes as he intoned, “These chains were specially made for Da Shixiong.”

“Let go.” Seeing that lightning fire had no effect, Qin Mo said in a gold voice. Even if all his limbs were bound, and he was laying on the bed like under Lin Zizheng’s mercy, Qin Mo still acted coldly, as if nothing could break his bride.

This is the first time Lin Zizheng ignored Qin Mo’s command. His fingers caressed along the chain to Qin Mo’s body. Where his fingers touched, the clothes on Qin Mo turned to ashes. With only a moment, no layer remains left on Qin Mo.

Qin Mo’s body is very pale, not a sick pale, but a kind of faint fluorescent white jade. His limbs were strong and full of strength. Against the black chain, there is a strange beauty.

“Da Shixiong, you are so beautiful.” A crazy love filled Lin Zizheng’s sight, as he slowly slid over Qin Mo’s body with his fingertips. Qin Mo’s body quivered a bit, making the chains rattle.

A light kiss fell on Qin Mo’s forehead like a person on a journey.

With his spirit power sealed, Qin Mo could not shut down his five senses, and could only close his eyes. Although he could no longer see, his sense of touch became more sensitive, making him extra aware of a slightly warm touch from his forehead to the tip of his nose, and finally drifted over his lips.

Lin Zizheng stared at Qin Mo, begrudgingly to blink. This is his Da Shixiong, his. The tip of his tongue swept over Qin Mo’s tight lips. Took a turn at last, as he kissed more aggressively, trying to pray over the lips with his tongue.

Qin Mo’s teeth are closely tightly, stopping Lin Zizheng’s tongue outside.

The tip of his tongue hovered outside the teeth, Lin Zizheng stopped and raised his head. Seeing Qin Mo’s resisting expression with his eyes shut tightly. Lin Zizheng’s gaze grew darker and darker, but a smile still remained on his face.

With a quick movement, Lin Zizheng turned over and leaped onto the stone bed, landing between Qin Mo’s legs. His body bent forward, and his entire body covered Qin Mo’s. Glancing at Qin Mo below, Lin Zizheng has a kind of haughty feeling.

Qin Mo lied on the stone bed with a stiff body. Nothing was covering him. His smooth skin touched Lin Zizheng’s slightly rough clothes, which made his entire body tremble. At the moment, Lin Zizheng is extremely indignant and dares to humiliate him.

He suddenly opened his eyes and glared at Lin Zizheng. The once cold eyes were inflamed as he said each word, “Lin Zizheng, you dare.”

“Da Shixiong… What is stopping me right now?” Lin Zizheng sighed in a low voice, and blew a breath on Qin Mo’s face. The black air attached to Qin Mo’s face, relaxing Qin Mo’s clenched teeth.

Lin Zizheng’s long tongue entered the gap between Qin Mo’s lips. At the same time, a black ribbon formed by black energy with a wave of his left hand, and it covered Qin Mo’s eyes. Then his hands ceaselessly feel Qin Mo’s body.

Tyrannically kissed everywhere in Qin Mo’s mouth until he faintly tasted the favor of blood did he leave. Looking at Qin Mo’s red swollen lips, he licked the corner of his lips.

He moved his gaze downward as he lowered his hand. His lips and tongue went down along the well-formed muscles, from the neck to the well-defined collarbone, and finally hovered over the two reddish spots on his chest.

Qin Mo is a human being, not a corpse. Even if he acted cold and indifferent, he still has feelings and can sense things. The distinct numbness feeling spread from his chest to all parts of his body. He clenched his fists tightly, revealing no emotion, but his usually pale body slowly dyed to an intoxicating pink.

Seeing Qin Mo’s indifference expression, Lin Zizheng’s action became stiff then he bit down the right nub hard. A circle of coppery red tooth marks immediately appeared around it.

That place was very sensitive. When bitten, Qin Mo gave a muffled groan.

Lin Zizheng grinned when he heard Qin Mo’s voice and pressed down on the wound. He saw blood oozing out but did not stop. His dark eyelashes flickered, hiding his treacherous look.

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Chapter 86

⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄x⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ Very non-con upahead, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

“Da Shixiong, how could you like others when I like you so much?”

Lin Zizheng said gently as he caressed the wound on Qin Mo’s chest with his fingertip. Even with his eyes covered, Qin Mo could imagine Lin Zizheng’s current expression.

“Therefore Da Shixiong, you can only belong to me.” Lin Zizheng’s voice was distorted for a moment, and his hands, which had been hovering in front of Qin Mo’s chest, suddenly pinched down hard, leaving a blue and purple mark.

Being so close again to Lin Zizheng, Qin Mo could feel the quiver from the other’s body. He seems to be doing something as the surrounding air shifted slightly. Then he felt the long-black ribbon that had been blocking his sight disappeared.

Qin Mo blinked his somewhat pained eyes and saw Lin Zizheng kneeling between his legs with a silver long spear in his right hand. A chilling sensation emitted from the tip of the spear which was pointing straight at his chest.

When facing a death threat, Qin Mo usually would instinctively struggle. Unfortunately, being so tightly bound by chains, his four limbs could only shiver for a little while, unable to do anything else. Even his mystical lightning fire shrank quietly in his Dantian with no sign of movement. For a while, only the juggling sound from the shaking chain could be heard. Lin Zizheng suddenly pulled out a bright smile which was very strange on the ferocious face, and said soothingly, “Da Shixiong, don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt.”

As he said that, he stabbed toward Qin Mo’s chest with great ferocity.
Then stopped strangely when the spear was inches away from his target.

Lin Zizheng held his long spear and stared solemnly at Qin Mo. The silver tip of his spear slowly engraved on Qin Mo’s right chest.

First stroke, second stroke, third stroke… With each stroke, Qin Mo’s face became paler and paler. When Lin Zizheng withdrew his spear, Qin Mo’s face was close to pure white.

Lin Zizheng’s face showed a satisfied smile even as the bright red blood slowly flowed from Qin Mo’s chest. He wiped the fresh blood on the tip with his fingers, “Da Shixiong, look at how beautiful it is.”

Once his last words ended, a water mirror suddenly appeared above Qin Mo. In the water mirror was Qin Mo, without a stitch of clothing, bound tightly on the stone bed. His original smooth chest was covered with blood, and a “Zheng¹” character was clearly engraved on it.

Qin Mo’s pupil shrank, meeting Lin Zizheng’s gaze, which contained unspeakable meaning.

Licking the blood on his fingertips, Lin Zizheng frowned in dissatisfaction, and then lowered his head to run the soft tip of his tongue slowly across Qin Mo’s blood soaked chest. Then hesitantly lingered on the word.

Qin Mo was in great pain, but he clenched his teeth hard and did not make any noise. Seeing Lin Zizheng’s long dark hair spread on his skin, there were dark ripples in his eyes. Lin Zizheng, goddamned Lin Zizheng.

As if Lin Zizheng felt Qin Mo’s inner thoughts. He gave Qin Mo a satisfied smile, but with a smudge of blood at the corner of his lips, he looked extremely cruel and bloodthirsty.

Lin Zizheng’s palm landed on the top of the letter and felt the undulating chest below. He smiled, “Da Shixiong, you will never forget this imprint on your heart.”

His gaze moved from Qin Mo’s thin waist to the long legs below, and shifted his hand to the blood-dyed stomach, feeling the skin under his hand became more rigid.

His eyes darkened as he stroked the tender yet powerful muscle.

He took a deep breath as he circled his finger around Qin Mo’s navel. This is the first time he gets to be so close with his Da Shixiong. So instead of his finger, he should use his mouth on the smooth abdomen.

“Bastard.” Qin Mo couldn’t hold his swearing when he sensed a subtle feeling from time to time between the pain.

His body was stiff, and his sight landed on the lotus not far away. In a trace, he recalled the warmth of the night when they held each other. There were many unspeakable emotions in Qin Mo’s tone, “Lin Zizheng, I will never forgive you.”

Hearing Qin Mo’s words, Lin Zizheng stopped his fumbling hands on Qin Mo’s back and his wandering tongue. As he continued, he lowered his gaze to prevent the other from seeing his thoughts, then he said with a sigh, “Da Shixiong, it would be better if you don’t speak.”

Stretch out his free left hand and quickly inserted his long index finger into Qin Mo’s mouth, roaming over the gum, and tangled with the soft- moist tongue. The more the finger messaged, the more intensive it increased.

Qin Mo’s glare turned ice cold. He tried to bite down hard, but he could not close his mouth. “Da Shixiong, it is useless.” Lin Zizheng’s husky voice came from below, head buried in Qin Mo’s abdomen.

His sight was full of Qin Mo, no room for anything else. He tentatively licked something below with the tip of his tongue, something of Qin Mo that has not yet awakened.

Qin Mo’s entire body became stiff against Lin Zizheng’s treatment. His eyes were slightly red, his breath was a little short, and his bound hands trembled.

Lin Zizheng’s smiled wider when he saw Qin Mo’s current state. Feeling the encouragement, he opened his mouth and swallowed the entire thing.

His nimble tongue drifted around, as if savoring a delicate dish, being extremely careful. From the top to the bottom, leaving no spot untouched. At the same time, the movement of his index fingers inside of Qin Mo’s mouth increases its speed.

Qin Mo’s body draws tightly. Although he hated Lin Zizheng’s behavior with all his heart, being wrapped in a warm and moist mouth, being caressed by the soft tongue. What resides in them slowly rose and swelled up. An inexplicable feeling rushed up quickly, covering even the pain on his engraved chest.

Lin Zizheng’s eyebrows and eyes turned crescent, took out his index finger and held Qin Mo’s waist with both hands, and slowly put the entire thing into his mouth.

Laying on the stone bed, Qin Mo’s consciousness started becoming a little fuzzy. He looked at Lin Zizheng but said nothing.

Lin Zizheng nibbled suddenly and then vibrated his throat. Qin Mo took a deep breath and groaned lowly. He felt his waist turn weak when he was close to his peak. He clenched his hands into fists, while his body flashed in an uncontrollable pink. Qin Mo’s sudden release shocked Lin Zizheng. His mouth is filled with white, thick fluid. But he did not care, instead he swallowed, and stuck his tongue out to lick any fluid that escaped his mouth as his slight fell on Qin Mo’s face.

Qin Mo’s eyes are tightly shut, his cheeks glowed in an irresistible red, and his body is quivering uncontrollably. On top of that, his long black hair scattered against his ivory skin. His appearance immediately bewitched Lin Zizheng, who never saw his Da Shixiong in this state.

An upsurge of uncontainable heat rushed forth from below, creating a slight pain on the burning spot on Lin Zizheng’s lower body. He closed his eyes and could no longer restrain his desire to possess Qin Mo, his Da Shixiong.

His fingertips drove toward the spot between Qin Mo’s legs and quickly probed around the soft flesh. Qin Mo’s entire body stiffened, and he squeezed that spot tightly. Feeling Qin Mo’s resistance, Lin Zizheng smeared the white liquid on his hand on the soft flesh, and slowly softened his hand movement.

Qin Mo’s brow wrinkled tightly. And his previous felicity had died down. He lay on his back on the stone bed, biting down on his lower lip, and his eyes were obscure.

After a while, Lin Zizheng’s finger entered inside, and dug in something that created a warm feeling inside which made him breathe in one tight breath.

“Scram.” Qin Mo felt a cold shiver from his entire body when he felt other things were inserted into his body. His voice was hoarse and said clenched teeth as he started shaking and struggling with his bound limbs.

Lin Zizheng acted as if he heard nothing, gently hoisted up his sleeve and a bottle full of scented oil appeared in his hand. He poured out all the oil into the softened spot between Qin Mo’s legs and slowly explored it with his fingers. With the lubrication of the scented oil, Lin Zizheng’s movements gradually speed up a lot. From one finger, two fingers, to finally three, loosened and softened inside.

Qin Mo felt an enormous fire burning slowly between his legs, and the prior uncomfortable feeling had disappeared slowly. Now, he only felt an urgent need for something.

He opened his eyes widely, even if his head is fuzzy, he knew the oil Lin Zizheng used before was questionable. But now he could only try suppressing his urge to groan, but failed.

Hearing Qin Mo’s tone that could be from either pain or pleasure, Lin Zizheng held his unbearable heat and inserted it into Qin Mo’s entrance.

“Da Shixiong..” Lin Zizheng mumbled while he looked at Qin Mo below, whose divine sense became somewhat overwhelming.

Qin Mo’s body trembled as his vague work up from his fuzziness. Looking at their present state, a layer of ice covered his eyes. His gaze sharpened as he resisted the burning feeling in his body while trying to hold up his upper body.

The chains were so tight, but Qin Mo continued to use all his strength to lift his head toward Lin Zizheng’s shoulder. His glare flashed sub degree chill as he bit down.

This time, nothing stopped Qin Mo this time. His teeth were deeply embedded in the flesh and Lin Zizheng’s shoulder began to bleed.

Lin Zizheng’s expression remained the same, he even smiled brighter.
His body moved, and the hard object entered deeper.

“Da Shixiong, I love you.” Lin Zizheng said this with a tear coming out from the corner of his eyes. Da Shixiong, you have no idea how much I love you. With the intense pain from below, Qin Mo did not loosen his bite, instead he increased his force and bit harder. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, interwoven with his own blood.

It took a long time for him to open his mouth. But now, a chunk of flesh is missing on Lin Zizheng’s shoulder, which it’s filled with bloodstained and appears terrible.

Spitting out the chunk, Qin Mo suddenly smiled, but the smile was extremely cold. He fell back to the stone bed lifelessly, and said in a low laugh, “Lin Zizheng, I hate you.”

Two people close in distance, their breath touching, and able to see the deep emotion in the other’s eyes.

Lin Zizheng suddenly turned around, stopped exchanging looks with Qin Mo. Violent aura emitted from his entire body, as he sped up his movement, and thrust harder. One time, two, then three times… He continued without stopping, as if he can just forget the look Qin Mo gave him.

Qin Mo’s eyes blurred, and his powerless hands loosened. Only the two grasping sounds left in the whole chamber.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

I feel that Lin Zizheng is a little bit perverted. To say such sickening words while engraving such word.

Oh, Da Shixiong is going to flip his face. Poor xiao shidi, you asked for

Chapter 87

⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄x⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ non-con upahead, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

A warm wind blowing on his face, Qin Mo’s eyes quivered and slowly opened.

Lin Zizheng’s familiar face came into his version, making Qin Mo daze for a moment, not responding to his current situation. But as soon as he turned his body, a severe pain came from behind him that cleared his muddled consciousness.

“Da Shixiong…” Lin Zizheng covered Qin Mo’s entire body, his black eyes fixed at Qin Mo. The waves in those gazes are surging, not knowing from excitement or other things. When Qin Mo woke up, he lowered his head toward his ears and called out in a husky voice.

Yesterday’s scene came flying before his size, Qin Mo clenched his fists and his eyes darkened. Lin Zizheng… He moved his body while thinking the chains from the previous night were gone, but he still could not use his spirit power.

Looking at the face inches from his, Qin Mo tightly pressed his lips together, then he finally raised his right hand and gave Lin Zizheng a hard slap. If it wasn’t for his blocked spirit energy, he really wanted to kill Lin Zizheng right now.

Lin Zizheng did not dodge and let Qin Mo slap him in the face. The moment Qin Mo retrieved back his hand, Lin Zizheng grasped the hand and gave a light kiss on the fingertip. Looked softly at Qin Mo and asked, “Da Shixiong, are you tired?”

When Qin Mo moved, he felt a kind of dull pain coming from somewhere behind him. After he reached Foundation Building, it greatly enhanced his body strength. So able to feel the pain, he could imagine the intensity from yesterday.

Thinking of his appearance under Lin Zizheng, Qin Mo blushed deeply, unable to say whether he was angry or ashamed.

He pulled out his hands, eyes ice cold, “Lin Zizheng, you will never get what you want in your life.”

After rubbing his fingertips and listening to Qin Mo’s mocking, Lin Zizheng put his hand on Qin Mo’s shoulder and felt the body warmth. After a moment’s silence, he laughs loudly suddenly, a sense of loss could be heard from this laughter.

Because Lin Zizheng’s entire body covered Qin Mo’s, each laugh made their skins touch each other. Qin Mo could feel their skin make contact and wanted to push Lin Zizheng away, but it had no effect. He could only turn his head uneasily.

After laughing for a long time, Lin Zizheng stopped. He raised his head and smiled only at the corner, a dark meaning in his eyes. His fingers slipped across Qin Mo’s neck as he murmured softly, “Da Shixiong, you forced me to do this.”

Lin Zizheng lowered his head after his words, controlled Qin Mo at the back of his neck with his left hand, and probed his tongue into Qin Mo’s mouth, exploring around. He used the tip of his tongue and pushed an object into Qin Mo’s throat.

Qin Mo’s expression suddenly shifted when he felt an object enter his body. He pushed Lin Zizheng away from him hard. But Lin Zizheng moved and pressed him firmly under. Lin Zizheng’s entangled Qin Mo’s soft tongue with his, roaming inside for a while. At last, he licked Qin Mo’s shining lips and left reluctantly.

“What did you give me?” As soon as Lin Zizheng left, Qin Mo immediately examined his body, but could find nothing abnormal.

“What kind of things? Da Shixiong will learn soon enough.” A strange smile appeared on Lin Zizheng’s face. His eyes, as he grabbed Qin Mo’s arms and turned him over.

Qin Mo lies face down on the stone bed, feeling the coldness from the stone bed, and an unpleasant feeling gradually fills his heart.

His eyes wandered on Qin Mo’s smooth back, Lin Zizheng’s eyes swept over to the two stiffened tough pieces of pulp below, and his gaze slowly darkened.

Reaching out to the secret place between the two petals and looking at the redness and swelling place caused by overuse, Lin Zizheng’s pupil shrinks.

Feeling the movement behind him, Qin Mo clenched his hands into fists, but his body was not in his control, unable to move a single inch. He could only land a fist on the stone bed.

After last night, Lin Zizheng was very familiar with this matter, regardless of Qin Mo’s resistance. After some loosening, he entered directly into it.

At the moment Lin Zizheng entered Qin Mo, something started changing to Qin Mo’s pale back. A cluster of delicate vines slowly extended from Qin Mo’s waist. With each strike, the vines became more and more abundant, until they filled Qin Mo’s whole back.

From the moment the vines appeared, Qin Mo felt the heat on his back. What made him more embarrassed than the changes on his back, was that he was more sensitive than before. Lin Zizheng grinned as he brushed over the vines with his fingertips. When touched by Lin Zizheng, Qin Mo felt the heat on his back became more intense, and gave a low groan.

Lin Zizheng’s movement below is ceaseless. His hands supported Qin Mo’s side and lay his whole person on Qin Mo’s back. His hot breath blowing on the neck, and said in a voice with indescribable pride, “Da Shixiong, do you know the twin flowers?”

Qin Mo’s body trembled slightly, Lin Zizheng’s current position being so close to him, also caused that part to be deeper there, making the feeling much clearer. He clenched his teeth to stop making noises.

Lin Zizheng did not care if he got no response from Qin Mo, he gently caressed Qin Mo’s hair and said eyes shining, “Many years ago, twin flowers were very popular among cultivator couples in the cultivation world. When the couples used twin flowers in dual cultivating, they could improve their cultivation base, Do you know why they slowly disappear without a trace?”

The burning on his back became more and more obvious. Qin Mo’s face was red, but he didn’t say a single word.

Lin Zizheng’s eyes narrowed slightly. He sniffed the fresh sense from Qin Mo, “The partner that has twin flowers can’t touch other people except for their partner, for convenience. Once touched, they will suffer from this pain, as if a thousand blades stabbed them. And…”

Lin Zizheng thrusted particularly hard once, and continued, “Twin flowers are spirit flowers planted in the divine soul. Once planted, they cannot be eradicated. No matter the numbers of reincarnation, the couple who planted the twin flowers can’t get close to anyone other than their fated partner.”

He opened his eyes, black filled his entire eyes as he said in a firm tone,
“That’s why, Da Shixiong, you are destined to be mine.” As his last word ended, Lin Zizheng let out a low groan, and the hot liquid poured into Qin Mo’s body.

The moment it entered, the vines on Qin Mo’s back stretched to their boundary, and a bright red flower slowly bloomed in the center. A fresh flower sense could smell faintly. At the same time, a fierce image of a beast appeared on Lin Zizheng’s back.

Lin Zizheng stroked the flowers carefully and praised, “The twin flowers are worthy of its name.”

Qin Mo lies motionless on the stone bed, letting the blood-colored flowers burn and bloom on his back. He didn’t want to believe Lin Zizheng’s words, but at that moment, he could clearly feel in Lin Zizheng’s heart, that deep love… and a deep despair.

Since that day, he has never been out of the cave. Before the cave’s gate, Lin Zizheng set up an array that not only prevented intruders but also prevented Qin Mo from leaving.

Qin Mo sat on the stone bed, his gaze landed on his own wrist. The originally smooth wrist is not covered with faint traces of small vines.

Looking at them, Qin Mo’s gaze became more focused. These vines originally only grow on his back, it was Lin Zizheng’s continuous efforts that made the vines flourish. Qin Mo humph coldly, and his sleeve and robe shifted, covering the vines on his wrist sternly. What his eyes don’t see, his heart doesn’t grieve over.

He never thought that Lin Zizheng had such feelings for him before. He thought about Lin Zizheng’s betrayal for a long time, and even his jealousy was more reasonable than this.

He didn’t expect that Lin Zizheng would love him. Thinking back on Lin Zizheng’s mad appearance, Qin Mo sighed in his heart, then his expression became cold. Love is not a reason that Lin Zizheng could use to hurt him. Still sitting on the bed, he circulates the spirit energy in his body. His expression finally eases down. Although the twin flowers are very strange, it is great to advance his cultivation base. In just a few days, his cultivation has been firmly at lock at the peak of Soul Solitude, and once all the conditions are met, he can form a gold core and enter Core Formation.

Since his lightning fire devoured the dead fire, it’s function it’s even more miraculous. It even lifted the locked Lin Zizheng put on him.

His eyes narrowed. With his current, although he could not kill Lin Zizheng, it was possible for him to leave. He slammed his hand on the stone bed, and a crack appeared at the edge of the bed.

Although he hated Lin Zizheng in his heart and wanted to kill him, he understood that his current strength was not Lin Zizheng’s opponent. If he didn’t take this opportunity to leave, he might never have enough chance. He resigned in his heart.

The boundary trembled once, and he immediately changed from his meditation posture to his usual sitting position on the bed. However, his body tensed up unconsciously. Lin Zizheng is coming, and today is the day he put his plan in motion.

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Chapter 88

As soon as the man came inside from the front door, Qin Mo’s gaze sharpened and waved his long sword at them.

His exceptionally fierce attack did not allow the person anytime to react. The person quickly backed out with a flash of blue light in their hand; the person was able to avoid Qin Mo’s attack. Noticing Qin Mo’s wrist turned slightly to wave out a second strike, a somewhat anxious voice cried out, “Qin Mo, it’s me.”

Qin Mo stopped his attack when he heard the voice. He did not expect the intruder was Wen Qing.

Qin Mo once got a blue shuttle like object that was useless in the Dark Tomb. When he came to the demon’s boundary did he learn that this object could break arrays, which is what he used to get into the cave.

By the Thousand Alteration Array, Lin Zizheng’s eyes darkened. The array he left by the cave was broken. Who could it be? Pressing a finger in the center of the array, he no longer has the mood to repair the Thousand Alteration Array, and left where with a fling of his sleeve.

Behind him, Elder Heigu’s expression turned ugly, even Qing Xue and other’s expressions were also not pleased. Elder Heigu said in a negative tone, “The array has not been fixed, so why did Lin Zizheng leave?”

The righteous cultivators did not give up on their quest to break through this place. Once Qing Yang recovered his strength, he will continue to decipher the array. After Lin Zizheng left, Qing Yang on the opposite side was still sitting on the ground, and nothing could be seen through his vacant eyes. There was a light flashing through his fingertips and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Just now, he seemed to see through the entire array.

Knowing that everyone from the North Palace, including Lin Zizheng, was by the array, Qin Mo followed Wen Qing out of the stone chamber, and went straight to the direction of the blood pond. He could still remember the clear image of the people’s painful expressions as Lin Zizheng took him away.

Maybe because Qin Mo absorbed the dead fire when he first entered, but this time there was no obstacle at the entrance.

The blood pond flared more intensely when it tasted Lin Zizheng’s blood; the claws hidden in the blood were more ferocious. When they entered, Qin Mo saw that the blood and flesh of the people in the pond were constantly being devoured.

As if sensing their breathing, a huge wave of blood rushed toward Qin Mo with a huge black claw hidden in the wave, trying to draw Qin Mo into the center of the pond.

Qin Mo gripped his long sword. He turned his head slightly, and said to Wen Qing with a flash of cold light on his face, “Go and save them, I will deal with this.” His figure turned into a sharp awn, and faced against the blood wave.

Watching Qin Mo’s back, Wen Qing smiled and went beside the blood pond, pulling up the people inside one by one. No one noticed that the black claws in the blood pond had retreated when they touched Wen Qing, as if they touched something fearful and terrible.

The sharp sword light carrying a devastating power landed at the blood pond. Qin Mo stood at the peak of the blood wave, held Thunderbolt and suppressed the waves below. The sword light with boundless energy is like an ocean that engulfs all the forces in the blood wave. In just a moment, the wave has crumbled and fell back into the pond, losing the threatening displaces.

Wen Qing moved quickly. Before Qin Mo dealt with the blood wave, he had pulled everyone to the shore.

Looking at the dying crowd and the strong iron smell at the tip of his nose, Qin Mo’s expression became colder and colder, and a large cluster of lightning fire suddenly appeared in his palm.

Gathering the lightning fire in one spot, his eyes twinkled when a fleeing thought entered his mind, destroying this place. Then he threw the purple flame with a hint of black into the center of the blood pond.

“Boom.” With a loud noise, the brilliant flame rose to the sky and dyed the entire room violet. In the middle of the flame, it gradually evaporated the scarlet blood into a blood mist, from which came a shrill scream.

Qin Mo stood before the crowd, staring at the blood pond in front of him in alertness. When the pond was completely destroyed, the whole room shook slightly, and the seal placed by Qing Xue here also gradually disappeared.

Looking at the constant flickering Thousand Alteration Array before him, Qing Xue’s expression turned hideous. Suddenly his heart stopped, and he turned his head to see a raging fire in the North Palace.

At a glance he knew that is the direction of the blood pond. His heart ache; it took him a lot of manpower and resource materials to build the demonic cultivating pond. It not only improves his cultivation base daily, but it also can heal wounds. It was such a rare treasure.

After hundreds of years of hard work, it was destroyed just like that. Losing his usual demeanor, his expression was ferocious, eyes red and turned his glare back at the righteous cultivators, itching to eat their flesh and taste their blood. He closed his eyes and exhaled a deep breath. When his face calmed down, he said, “Stay here, I…”

Before he could finish, he felt a strange wind coming from the back of his head. A golden light came toward him. He had no time to use a magic treasure. He bent and escaped the attack.

“The array is broken!” When a scream sounded, shock filled his heart. He looked up and saw the Thousand Alteration Array that was flickering ceaselessly, dimmed. On the other side, the righteous cultivator showed excited smiles and rushed toward them.

Qing Yang stood up straight. He cracked the Thousand Alteration Array but did not smile at all. He knew that if it wasn’t for the other side’s array master to leave suddenly, he could not decipher and break the array.

Although the blood pond was destroyed, the air was still full of strong blood smell. Qin Mo looked at the pale crowd on the ground, said frowning, “We should leave here as soon as possible.”

“Da Shixiong…” Lin Zizheng’s voice suddenly rings through the air. Qin Mo’s expression changed suddenly when he heard the voice. Then he moved without hesitation and chopped down behind him.

When he moved, the air behind him trembled. Lin Zizheng took down Qin Mo’s fury strike with one hand, and a golden flower basket pinned toward Qin Mo’s body.

Qin Mo did not stop his movement, he turned and draw back the long sword blocked by Lin Zizheng. When he shook his robe sleeve, a black cloth bag appeared out of the air. As soon as it appeared, a thick black air came out from it, enveloping the entire area in darkness.

This black cloth bag was found in Bai Ye’s Qiankun bag, the demonic cultivator that Qin Mo killed. Maybe it’s his cultivating method, but this black air can not only confuse the opponent’s eyes but also contain an enormous amount of poison. Lin Zizheng smiled and did not put the bag in his eyes at all. When his right hand was empty, he looked at Qin Mo with a brightly shining eye, and murmured, “Restrain.”

Qin Mo’s eyes became sharp, looking at the shrinking golden flower basket around him, the surrounding atmosphere turned cold. He waved Thunderbolt and formed a powerful wind that opened more space around Qin Mo. “Scattered-Sky Sword.” His voice whispered coldly.

At this moment, his blade suddenly radiated a light that reached toward the sky, piercing through it. Under this power attack, the golden flower basket slowly breaks into pieces.

When his magic treasure was destroyed, Lin Zizheng didn’t feel any anger at all. He looked at Qin Mo, who had light covered around him, and causally grabbed the basket’s fragment and said with admiration, “That’s my Da Shixiong.”

Then he suddenly clapped his arms and gave Qin Mo a gentle smile.

Qin Mo’s pupil shrank when he felt a strong burning sensation spread from the vines on his body that quickly swept through his entire body. He tried to stand up straight, clenching his fists, and uttered the two words after half a second, “Twin flower?”

Lin Zizheng grinned but did not speak, which obviously confirmed Qin Mo’s question. Then he took a few steps toward Qin Mo.

A blade of light suddenly came from one side. Which is ferocious, containing a heavy murderous aura. Lin Zizheng took a step back and summoned his long spear and collided against the attack. In a flash, the attack was blocked back.

Clenching his weapon, Lin Zizheng’s tone has an unclear ruminate, “Wen Qing?”

Wen Qing was the one that threw out the attack. He held a large saber in his hand. It was a gift from Qin Mo after he entered the cultivation world. Wen Qing did not answer Lin Zizheng’s question. He inserted his spirit power into the saber and cut toward Lin Zizheng’s face. The saber carried a kind of cold and haunting air.

The expression on Lin Zizheng’s face was a rather disdainful, small and insignificant kid in Foundation Building. However, even this brat is such an eyesore, he is Old Man Wen’s son, and for Old Man Wen, Lin Zizheng shifted his sight stealthily toward Qin Mo on the other side.

He retrieved his death blow and used much lighter strength. In doing so, he could not help laughing at himself. Even now, he still didn’t want his Da Shixiong to be angry.

Seeing through Lin Zizheng’s concerns, Wen Qing’s expression turned solemn suddenly, and a smile appeared on his face. He bent his wrist and faced the blade upward and aimed a cold light toward Lin Zizheng.

At the same time, he released his right hand into a palm, and a strange blackness appeared in the center. He slapped his own chest hard at an angle that was not a vision to others.

Lin Zizheng’s pupil shrank, being the only one who saw Wen Qing’s action.

The fight between the two men went by quickly. As soon as they made contact, Wen Qing’s body trembled and quickly retreated.

Qin Mo glanced coldly at Lin Zizheng, regardless of his pain, and rushed to Wen Qing.

The moment Wen Qing fell, a pair of slender hands stretched out from behind him and caught Wen Qing, with an exclamation, “This benefactor, your attack was rather too excessively ruthless wasn’t it.”

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Chapter 89

A monk came from the back. He wore a thin red kasaya, and with gentle eyes, he brushed his hand over Wen Qing’s body and ended at his chest. He frowned then looked at Lin Zizheng, shaking his head, “This cultivator’ had a profound cultivation base, why must you waste his cultivation base so soon? This is too cruel.”

When Qin Mo heard this, he put his hand on Wen Qing’s wrist and found that his spirit power had already scattered away. The air around Wen Qing became colder and colder. He had seen Lin Zizheng’s cruelty before. What else should he expect from me?

Wen Qing held on to Qin Mo’s wrist with his other hand, showing a gentle smile on his face.

Lin Zizheng saw Qin Mo lowered his head and did not respond to him. He also saw the monk defending the two behind his back with a protective meaning. He exposed a mocking smile unconsciously, “Mind your own business.”

The monk carried the same expression and made a namaste gesture, “Amitabha, this monk values compassion, and cannot continue to watch this benefactor from going down this wrong path.”

Lin Zizheng was furious and laughed, “You seek death.”

As his voice fell, a strange red light flashed on his long spear, and a thick aura of death rose from the blood pond beside him. Together with the pressure from Lin Zizheng, it pressed down against the monk in the opposite direction.

The monk’s expression finally changed. He could clearly feel Lin Zizheng’s murderous intent. Under the single attack from the silver spear, he was completely suppressed.

Watching the long spear aiming toward his forehead, the monk squinted slightly and formed head seals before his chest rapidly. A golden disc was formed before him and flew toward the oncoming attack.

The light on the golden disc flickered. At that moment, it seemed to completely block Lin Zizheng’s attack.

“The sea of bitterness has no bounds, turn your head to see the shore, this benefactor, you…” Before he could finish, he felt a huge shock around him. A powerful force shot out from the tip of the spear and aimed directly toward his body. His eyes flashed and violently stepped back two steps.

Then immediately, a huge sound suddenly appeared by the edge of the still blood pond. After breaking the array, some righteous cultivators stayed to fight with demonic cultivators, while some of them came here.

Seeing numerous cultivators lying on the ground, then looked at the bloody pit beside them. Although they didn’t see the blood pond’s true nature, they could guess the specific situation.

Those cultivators’ expressions were gloomy. They wished they could cut down the demonic cultivators into thousands of pieces. Seeing Lin Zizheng before them, the disciple in the front shouted, “You will pay with your life.”

The magic treasure in his hands sparkled, and it created a shadow in an instant, firing toward Lin Zizheng’s head. This cultivator is only a Soul Solitude, which is nothing in Lin Zizheng’s eyes. He dodged the attack easily.

At the same time, more and more people gathered here. Even the four palace masters were forced to the edge of the blood pond. Opposite them are the three elite cultivators.

All of their cultivation base is at the completion phase of Nascent Soul. With just the three combined forces, the four palace masters were suppressed, unable to counter. And when they witnessed the scene below, they understood some degree of what the demonic world’s blood pond is, having more years of experiences unlike those younger disciples.

Fei Chenzi raised an eyebrow while his face flashed in rage. ly, when his disciple broke the Thousand Alteration Array, proud filled his heart. But seeing this scene, he immediately yelled out, “Demonic cultivators are really cruel and despicable.” As his voice fell, he rushed towards them, followed by the other two cultivators.

It horrified Qing Xue and others, some of them resisted the attack in a sorry state. He wiped the blood on his lips. Faced with life and death crisis, he could not let his pride be his downfall and called to Lin Zizheng below, “Lin Zizheng, are you really going to watch our death?”

Lin Zizheng waved his hand at the righteous cultivators before him and fixed his eyes at Qin Mo, who had been surrounded and protected by them. He frowned tightly, hesitated for a moment, and finally went to Qing Xue’s side.

Fei Chenzi and his two components do not pay the slightest regard to Lin Zizheng. Even if their cultivation base is a completion phase of Nascent Soul, they are not afraid of a single demonic cultivator in Core Formation.

But after they exchanged moves, they knew they underestimated this Core Formation demonic cultivator, even with their endless magic treasures. Also, the art he used was so powerful that it suppressed them all.

Fei Chenzi and his two components, Luo Jin and Mo Shui, looked at each other, then they performed a more deadly attack, one after another. Their eyes are as sharp as knives, and the magic treasure in their hands shone brightly. Today, they will let these demonic cultivators know their strength. Fresh blood filled the entire battle zone, and the thick murderous aura was dispersing everywhere. Looking at the blood spraying everywhere, Qin Mo handed his medicine pills to the seriously injured cultivators.

Although there are more demonic cultivators, their strengths are all around Foundation Building. They can’t be compared with the righteous cultivators. Not long when the losing side could be seen clear below.

Qing Xue spewed out a mouthful of blood again. He looked at the falling demonic cultivators below with his blood rage eyes, and he felt as if blood was dripping out of his heart. These were people of his North Palace. Looking at his own opponent, he said at a loss, “What to do?”

What to do? This is the inner voice of every demonic cultivator.

With a twist of his wrist, he avoided Fei Chenzi’s attack. Lin Zizheng aimed his long spear at a very tricky angle, but several light emitted around Fei Chenzi that mustered in the blindspot and blocked the attack.

Lin Zizheng showed no frustration from not being able to hit Fei Chenzi.
He held his spear and shifted his gaze, “they are here.”

They are here, who is here? Several people around were distracted. An angry expression showed on Fei Chenzi’s face as he mocked, “We will not fall for your…” Before he can say “trick”, his expression stiffened.

At the edge of the blood pond, a cloud boat moves closer and closer.
Even at a distance, a powerful pressure can be felt.

Lin Zizheng turned his long spear, said lightly as he looked at the cloud boat, “People from the middle region.”

The three elite cultivators’ expression turned ugly. Before they did not put people in the lower region in their eyes, so only three of them came here. But they did not expect people from the middle region would participate. Fei Chenzi took out a messaging talisman and quickly crushed it. He ran towards the direction of the boat. He commanded his long sword into thousands of sword shadows that fly to the boat.

While Mo Shui and Luo Jin were stopped by Qing Xue and others.

Attacked by Fei Chenzi’s flying swords, the cloud boat stopped in the air. Then immediately followed by many demonic cultivators rushing out of the boat.

Witnessing this scene, Fei Chenzi’s eyes were heavy, then in a flash of his figure, he landed into the crowd below. He made a gesture to Mo Shui and Luo Jin. When the two were standing beside him, he raised his eyebrows and said coldly, “set up the array!”

The righteous cultivators who had been fighting the demonic cultivators stopped and came behind him one after another. Each of them grasped the weapons in their hands and stood in a fixed position.

They also made some preparation before coming to the demon world.
This Ten Thousand Men array is one of them.

Looking at the powerful demonic cultivators on the opposite side, Fei Chenzi moved to the array in a flash, and the cultivators in the array’s momentum suddenly flared up with a wave of his hand. The magic treasures in their hands gathered into a dazzling light, which rushed toward the sky and went straight toward the demonic cultivators, trapping them within.

One by one, the righteous cultivators circulate their spirit energy which formed into a long sword that soars to the sky. The tip of the sword points toward the demonic cultivators before them.

At the same time, the three elite cultivators jumped toward their opponents. However, this time they ignored the lower region palace masters and rushed directly to the leaders of the middle region. Deterred by their array, the demonic cultivators’ movement became more and more difficult to perform. However, they are all experienced by countless bloody events during their time in the barren demon world. Although they suffered from the array’s effect, for a moment they could be in a deadlock with the righteous cultivators.

ly, the three elite consumed a great amount of energy fighting the four palace masters, so they did not participate in the fight, but stood behind the crowd and slowly adjusted their breathing.

Elder Heigu’s divine sense suddenly went into a trance. His eyes fell on Qin Mo in the distance. A bewitching voice sounded in his ear, “The Thousand Alteration Array was broken because of him…”

His eyes slowly turned red as he clenched the black large bone in his hand, a fire lit in his heart. That’s right. All because of him that the Thousand Alteration Array was broken. All because of him…

At the next moment, his figure flew out. He rose his weapon high in the aim and smashed toward Qin Mo’s head.

“Qin Mo, watch out.” Seeing this scene, Ling Yun who was adjusting his breathing suddenly shouted loudly.

Qin Mo’s white robe flew in a dancing manner as he waved his long sword across the air like a rainbow. During this, he gathered his nascent spirit power into hundreds of thin needles that sneak towards Elder Heigu. Under the pressure of the elder with Nascent Soul strength, Qin Mo struggled with countering.

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Chapter 90

A great pressure came from Elder Heigu while Qin Mo resisting the attack with his long sword across his chest, face became paler and paler.

“Elder Heigu!” Lin Zizheng shouted and glared intensely at the elder’s back. His breathing suddenly turned disordered as his long spear transformed into thousands of light shadows and went straight to their directions.

Lin Zizheng’s movement was quick but like a beacon for both fighting sides. The righteous cultivators noticed him just as he moved.

Although the previous battles were chaotic, many people took notice of Lin Zizheng during his fight against Fei Chenzi and others. As someone at Core Formation, his strength surprised everyone.

Thinking that Lin Zizheng is going to break the array, the righteous cultivators quickened their movement. Light surrounded them and the entire array changed. A huge light shadow formed on top of the array and smashed toward Lin Zizheng.

Blocked by the attack, Lin Zizheng paused. He waved his long swear gracefully and quickly took a few steps back, stabbing his long spear into the ground to stop. The blood in his body boiled, and the aura around him flared up crazier while his gaze locked on Qin Mo, the vicious currents around him bubbled

After they defended against Lin Zizheng, the righteous cultivators immediately shifted their attention back to the opposite side’s demonic cultivators.

Although the demonic cultivators were suppressed by the righteous cultivators’ array, they became more fierce with passing time. A thick and sinister black gas condensed above the demonic cultivators’ heads, shaping like a threatening monster. They took advantage of the weakness of Lin Zizheng’s earlier attack.

Lin Zizheng rose high again like a fierce falcon, with swift and violent movements.

Qing Feng looked at Lin Zizheng above and said as her white robe fluttered, “I will stop him.”

Beside her, Qing Yang’s ears twitched, “Let me assist you.” He replied as he unfolded his sleeves and tossed a dark disc toward Lin Zizheng’s direction.

Both of them are at Nascent Soul and not afraid to fight against Lin Zizheng.

The moment they trade moves, Elder Heigu’s glare was cold as a string of black gas released out from him, from which a tremendous force burst out. The long sword in Qin Mo’s hand glows brightly as it blocks Elder Heigu’s attack.

The spirit power in Qin Mo’s body circulated, and Thunderbolt in his hand radiated endless light. Elder Heigu’s entire body trembled under this light.

Elder Heigu’s expression changed as a dark fire surged up in his chest. He put all the force into his five fingers, and his black bone expanded several sizes. The strangest thing was the gray eye appeared on top of the elder.

The eye blinked and a dark light came out of it, shooting at Qin Mo’s face. Whatever the light touches, even the stones turn to ashes. No hint of a flustered show on Qin Mo’s face. He stepped back and used his strongest move, Scattered Sky Sword, the second style.

Bright sword light with dark purple flame among it. Carried the momentum of the thunder, it clashed with the gray light, cutting and scattering it as it slammed into Elder Heigu.

Not expecting Qin Mo to break through his attack, Elder Heigu’s spirit, and expression sink. He raised the black bone to block, but with a crisp crack sound, the black bone cracked under the attack.

The direction of Thunderbolt’s attack remained unchanged, and it hit straight on Elder Heigu. But after the previous strain, the power of this hit has been greatly reduced. But it still hurt Elder Heigu.

At the same time, Qin Mo quickly performed a series of head seals, and a dazzling lightning appeared, directly stuck down on Elder Heigu.

After wiping his face, Elder Heigu appeared in an extremely sorry state. Glared dimly at Qin Mo as he caressed the crack on the black bone. His eyes are blood red. Upon a closer look, one could find that his deep eyes have lost their sense.

Elder Heigu’s face gradually twisted to a figure of terror. He threw away the broken black bone in his hand and walked toward Qin Mo step by step. As he walked, his crooked form turned big in a flash.

Before he comes too close, Elder Heigu waved his hand hard at Qin Mo’s face. With his action, a powerful wind swept over Qin Mo’s face and hit him straight on.

A few cultivators rushed forward to support Qin Mo, but they flew out by the attack the moment they came near Elder Heigu. Some of them even lost their lives. While Elder Heigu did not stop walking toward Qin Mo.

Lin Zizheng was surrounded by the righteous cultivators led by Qing Feng. Although Qing Feng is blind, he could throw out a set of arrays accurately to restrain Lin Zizheng. Qing Feng took a colorful light ribbon that twisted around Lin Zizheng. The light ribbon seems weak, but it’s actually very powerful.

Lin Zizheng was unable to break out from it; he could only watch Qin Mo in the distance, fighting with Elder Heigu.

The righteous cultivators kept changing their positions, waving their magic treasures in their hand rhythmically. At this moment, their strength merged into one and expelled straight toward the demonic cultivators. With one single attack, many of the demonic cultivators in the crowd lost their lives.

The black gas around the demonic cultivators flared up ever more fiercely. It seems that there are thousands of demons sharpening their fangs behind them. Under this dark shadow, their imposing manner flourished as the fight between the two became stalemate again.

In Elder Heigu’s pure red eyes stood only Qin Mo. Killing Qin Mo is his only thought.

Qin Mo’s fingers were dancing. One lightning after another landed on Elder Heigu. However, as if Elder Heigu was not conscious of his pain, he continued to walk toward Qin Mo with his shaking body.

Qin Mo’s eyebrows wrinkled, and he gathered the spirit power and lightning fire in his Dantian into the Thunderbolt. As he waved his sword, a long fire dragon dragged behind the blade.

Elder Heigu reached out his five fingers and grasped onto Thunderbolt with his bare hand. The free right hand swings out and pats Qin Mo’s head.

Elder Heigu’s body has expanded greatly. Standing before Qin Mo like a giant. Even his palm increased tenfold. When he reached out his palm, the center appeared glowing in black, which covered Qin Mo’s entered head. Behind the giant palm, a ghostly figure appeared. Under the ghostly figure’s vision, Qin Mo seemed to be paralyzed in place, unable to move.

“Qin Mo!” “Da Shixiong!” Lin Zizheng’s eyes widened as his eyes fixed in Qin Mo’s direction. Qing Feng’s eyes lit up as Lin Zizheng’s movement slowed. She took this opportunity and trapped Lin Zizheng firmly within her rainbow ribbon. However, she did not hurt him.

The pressure of the palm made Qin Mo feel cold. The sword Qi from Thunderbolt crisscrossed, but it cannot match against Elder Heigu at Nascent Soul’s full strength. It soon dissipated.

A wall of fire rises to the sky, as in this moment of life and death, the lightning fire in Qin Mo’s body lit up again and protected him within it.

This did not stop the attack at all. Even though his right hand had been burned by lightning fire and released a pungent smell. He still continued his action to smack down Qin Mo’s head. He wants Qin Mo’s life.

However, a ray of light emerged from Qin Mo. As soon as the light appeared, it became several barely visible shadows and quickly stretched out in the air. A long-tail appeared from the shadow, and slapped Elder Heigu, sending him flying. He clashed against the righteous cultivators in the rear and finally landed into a crowd of demonic cultivators.

The elder fell heavily on the ground, which made a deep dent in the ground. His body was burnt black, clothes severely damaged, appeared particularly embarrassing.

“This Fox Lord’s person is not someone that the like of you could just casually touch.” An arrogant voice sounded through the air, making the noisy scene quiet.

Even Fei Chenzi, Luo Jin, and Mo Shui looked at the voice’s direction. Although there are many people from the Elder Heigu cluster, only three are the real elites. Because of the suppression for the boundary difference, the three elites’ strengths are all about the completion phase of Nascent Soul, which are the same level as them, creating a stalemate without victory.

Behind Qin Mo, a large fox stood proudly. It held its head up high as its eyes swept over everyone. Arrogant and proud shined in its eyes while it swung its four long tails.

“Little fox?” Qin Mo gasped for breath, glanced over the weak shadows behind him, asked hesitantly.

“It is me.” The little fox raised its head and said in a rather arrogant tone. But when it saw Qin Mo’s fingers running through his body, his two large ears twitched slightly, “This is just a smudge divine sense that I left…” Said as it avoided Qin Mo’s gaze.

Then its head rose high again, “I am just worried that you will lose this Fox Lord’s face. If it wasn’t for this lord’s foresight, you would have died in the hands of this trash.” It looked at the elder in the distance contemptuously.

“Oh.” Qin Mo said in a flat tone, but he has a faint smile as a warm feeling glided through his heart like a current.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark
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