The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41

“These spirit grasses are materials for the master to refine pills. Take good care of it.” The teenager’s voice was quiet and held no emotion.

Qin Mo stood before the spirit grasses and gave a soft “en,” but his eyes unconsciously rested on the bright red spirit grass in the corner.

Following his line of sight, the young man spotted the red spirit grass. His eyes darkened, and his mouth twitched. A mocking smile rose on his face. “Do you know why this spirit grass has a bright red color?”

Qin Mo’s expression remained unchanged, and he stared at the spirit grass quietly. During his time with this teenager, he understood the other’s personality. What he was about to say wouldn’t be good.

Even without an answer, the teen didn’t mind. He dawdled to the side of the spirit grass and reached out to touch its leaves. Intoxicated, he praised, “This color is beautiful, similar to the color of blood…”

His face became more intoxicated, but there was a darkness in his eyes.
“This color was dyed with blood!”

When he finished, he extended his food, kicked the brown soil around the spirit grass, and said, “Do you know? Underneath lay many cultivator corpses. Won’t be long before we lie there just like them, making the grass even more beautiful.”

Looking at the crazy teenager in front of him, Qin Mo’s eyes glimmered with a cold light. This Liu Zhongchi was too cruel. To do so many crazy things to refine pills.

His fingers twisted, and a clear ** appeared, slowly falling on the grass in front of him. Sunlight shone on these droplets and reflected a beautiful rainbow. Qin Mo looked at the gorgeous color, knowing that he had to take action as soon as possible.

During this period, he had to take a lot of red medicine pills that made him suffer then later turned into spirit power, flowing directly into his body. Now his strength had reached the sixth layer of Foundation Building. Plus the little fox had some strength saved, even if it hadn’t recovered from its injuries. He had a certain confidence in dealing with Liu Zhongchi.

“Little slave, come right now!” Liu Zhongchi’s aggressive voice came from inside the house. Both the teen and Qin Mo paused, stopped their actions, and walked toward the house.

Liu Zhongchi stood beside the pill furnace. Both hands punched incantation gestures to control the fire under the pill furnace. When he heard footsteps, he threw a dagger in their direction without lifting his heads. His eyes looked at the pill furnace in front of him and said, “Put a bowl of blood out!”

Qin Mo was stunned and immediately understood Liu Zhongchi’s meaning. His eyes flashed, and he picked up the dagger, but he held his right hand slightly in the air, wanting to summon Thunderbolt.

“Pa!” A clear, crisp sound rang, and the dagger in his hand fell to the ground. The young man next to him bent and picked it up. His eyes were dull, and not the slightest emotion could be seen. He said with disdain, “Your blood isn’t fit for the pill Master is refining, use mine instead.”

Liu Zhongchi casually glanced at them and focused his attention on the furnace. He didn’t care about their discussion. For him, refining a pill was most important.

The young man closed his eyes and sliced the dagger against his wrist, skillfully. It was as if the dagger was stuck in midair, and there was no pain in his arm. He opened his eyes in astonishment and saw a purple glow wrap around the knife.

Qin Mo, standing quietly beside him, grasped his long sword and swung it in Liu Zhongchi’s direction.

Lightning surrounded the long sword, and heavy thunder could be heard crackling along it. The momentum was terrifying and with only one swung, Liu Zhongchi, who in the teen’s eyes was invincible, threw out a mouthful of blood.

Liu Zhongchi’s mind was always concentrated on refining pills. In his heart, Qin Mo and the little slave played small roles. He didn’t expect they would attack him, not to mention that the little slave’s spirit power had been sealed when he was caught, and Qin Mo purchased from the auction house was fed a precious spirit condense pill. But unexpectedly, the lightning fire in Qin Mo’s body was the biggest mishap.

“Humph! How bold!” Liu Zhongchi’s face was ugly as he looked at Qin Mo, and murderous intent glittered in his eyes.

A moment later, noticing that Qin Mo’s face appeared unaffected, Liu Zhongchi’s eyes flashed with strange surprise. The spirit condense pill was a secret medicine pill. The power had always been powerful, and few people could break its medicinal properties. His heart turned solemn. Staring into Qin Mo’s complicated eyes, he realized this person he purchased wasn’t as simple as he thought.

Liu Zhongchi gazed at Qin Mo and intoned, “It’s no wonder you dare sneak-attack me. I didn’t expect that in such a short time, you have already broken the spirit condense pill’s control, and your strength reached the sixth layer of Foundation Building.”

The young man standing behind Qin Mo looked at him in surprise. Unexpectedly, not only did he not lose his vitality, but he also increased his strength. The teen’s eyes flashed, and a burning light appeared in his dead eyes. Does this mean he has hope of escaping from here again? He came here with great ambition, thinking he could venture out into the world with his own strength. He didn’t expect to be caught by the wicked Liu Zhongchi and brought here as a drug slave. Those who were caught with him had already died one by one, leaving him alone. He thought if it weren’t for the unwillingness in the deepest part of his heart, he would have died long ago.

Liu Zhongchi’s eyes were like a venomous snake fixated on Qin Mo. Then a grim smile appeared on his face, he sighed and said, “But that isn’t enough.”

He quickly formed a complex hand-seal. A huge fist streaked in silver appeared in the air. When his hands moved, the giant fist flew towards Qin Mo as if conquering every obstacle manner.

“Boom!” The fist’s momentum created a burst of wind.

Qin Mo’s eyes were tight. He could feel the destructive power in this fist, but he shifted and tightened his grip on his sword. He quickly performed his sword ability with his left hand and said, “Scattered Sky Sword!” In an instant, bright purple light appeared around him. Qin Mo didn’t hesitate and swung his sword towards the giant fist.

“Crack!” the sword and the light collided, and the violent fluctuation exploded from the collision.

“He he, this isn’t bad. I really want to use your body to refine medicine, the effect will definitely be better!” As his attack was blocked, Liu Zhongchi laughed without anger, but his expression became more and more infiltrating.

He leaned forward, and his right hand rose upward. He drew a strange mark in the air.

“Watch out, he is using the Immortal Dragon Art!” The teenager’s pupils shrank at the movement and screamed. Qin Mo also wore a stern face. He too recognized this move as the trick Liu Zhongchi used on the woman outside the city. He moved his left hand, and the spirit energy around him swirled, again, in his direction.

A low voice came from his throat, “First style of Scattered Sky Sword – Hurricane Slash!” The sword in his hand converged all its brilliance and became ordinary. He stood in the same place and guided his fingers. The top of the sword chopped at the dragon above Liu Zhongchi.

This sword looked simple and straightforward, but it had a terrible aura that could shake the world. The style of the Scatter Sky Sword, Hurricane Slash, could cut the clouds from above and break the wind below. If Qin Mo’s strength was stronger, this one hit could kill Liu Zhongchi.

“Crack!” Before the golden dragon was fully formed, it was cut in half.

Liu Zhongchi’s attack was destroyed, and his face paled. He spouted another mouthful of blood, and a droplet of blood fell on the pill furnace without them noticing. The fire suddenly flared.

“You brat, die!” His eyes reddened. If before he wanted to capture Qin Mo alive, now he moved with true murderous intent, attacking Qin Mo with both hands.

Right at this moment, a huge figure suddenly appeared in the room with a loud cry, “You are the one that’s dead!”

Following the last cry of the little fox, a white tail smashed into Liu Zhongchi, and he flew like a broken string kite, landing in the pill furnace.

The furnace could not withstand such a heavy blow and shattered, leaving only the fire that still burned.

“Ke ke!” Liu Zhongchi coughed twice and fell to the ground. Glancing over at Qin Mo and the little fox, he burst into laughter, “Ha ha, really act as if I, Liu Zhongchi, am someone so easily bullied, I…” Before he could finish, his eyes protruded strangely, a terrifying look appeared on his face, and his body trembled violently.

A flame appeared before Qin Mo and the other teenager. It ignited behind Liu Zhongchi until, finally, it wrapped around his whole body.

“Ah!” He shouted, and his miserable cries echoed throughout the house. No matter how hard he struggled, the flames only continued to grow stronger and stronger.

In a short time, the fearful Liu Zhongchi burned into a pile of black ash. Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark, Empress, Bet

Chapter 42

Liu Zhongchi became a mess of black ash and vanished, leaving only a flame in the center of the room. As they watched, the fire burned weaker and smaller until it finally burned in the shape of a small lotus.

It took only a moment for the flame to end Liu Zhongchi’s life. Even though it was small, Qin Mo didn’t dare underestimate it at all.

“It’s a Red-Lotus fire!” The little fox’s voice carried deep regret.

At the doubt in Qin Mo’s eyes, it paused and said, “Red-Lotus fire is a heaven and earth spirit fire. Unlike the powerful lightning fire in your body, it’s the best fire for refining pills in the Cultivation World. Only relying on the strength of the maker’s own flame, it helps the cultivator refine high-quality medicine pills. As a heaven and earth spirit fire, we cannot underestimate its power. Despite being such a small part of Red- Lotus fire, it was enough to end Liu Zhongchi’s life.”

“A small part?” Surprise flashed across Qin Mo’s face.

“Haha, it’s only a small bit. Not to mention Red-Lotus fire itself is very rare. If this were the real thing, Liu Zhongchi would have turned to ashes the moment he came in contact with it. It might have been only a small part of the flame, but he could use it. Liu Zhongchi didn’t yield its power, and he died because of the fire.”

The flame of Red-Lotus fire flared brighter for a moment and suddenly disappeared. Qin Mo’s grip on the sword tightened, and he leaned forward.

The little fox smiled at Qin Mo’s caution. “The part of the Red-Lotus fire without a master will return to Liu Zhongchi’s Lotus fire.”

The little fox disappeared, leaving behind a faint echo in the air. “You can solve the rest yourself, this fox lord will rest!”

Before Qin Mo could speak, the astonished teen said. “He died like this, just like this….”

Qin Mo saw the teenager’s eyes were red and his hands were clenched into fists as he stepped on the pile of black ash. As if confirming Liu Zhongchi’s death, the young man knelt on the ground and laughed. “Yes! Great! Yes!”

The teenager looked at Qin Mo beside him. His eyes no longer carried the color of death. Instead, they shone as if stars glittered from within. He looked at Qin Mo and solemnly said, “Thank you so much!”

When Qin Mo heard him, his face was indifferent, and he uncomfortably touched Thunderbolt in his right hand, and said faintly, “I didn’t kill him. Besides, I only did this for myself.”

The teen pouted but didn’t take it seriously. As if he thought of something, he said, “Follow me!”

He went straight to the innermost wall and slowly explored it.

With a “click,” the original wall slowly divided into two halves. Revealing a passage, he nodded in Qin Mo’s direction, indicating he should follow and entered.

Qin Mo paused, grip tightening on his long sword, and followed.

Inside the passage, there were many night pearls in the walls, illuminating the dark space. After walking a little, Qin Mo felt his field of vision broadened as the two arrived in another room. Qin Mo’s eyes showed a trace of amazement.

As if aware of the amazement expression, the teen pointed to the wooden frame filled with jade bottles. For the first time, he showed a relaxed smile and said, “These are all medicine pills made by Liu Zhongchi, although he was a vicious person, he was a Black Level pharmacist with genius goods at fair prices. Most of the medicine pills here are also Black Level.”

The jade bottles were neatly on the wooden shelf. Even though they were in different jade bottles, Qin Mo seemed to be able to smell the fragrance of medicine pills in them.

Qin Mo’s hand sank low, and a black Qiankun bag appeared in his palm. Immediately, he said to the young man, “This is Liu Zhongchi’s Qiankun bag, there should be something good inside. Because he didn’t fully grasp the Red-Lotus fire and was afraid his Qiankun bag would be destroyed. He didn’t dare carry it with him, but now it’s convenient for you!”

Holding the Qiankun bag and looking at the rare, relaxed look on the teen’s face. Qin Mo nodded and intoned, “It’s very convenient for us.”

It stunned the teenager. After a moment, the corners of his mouth rose as he laughed, and the happy laughter spread to every corner of the room.

Qin Mo’s eyebrows wrinkled, not understanding the laughter.

As if he had laughed enough, the teen stood beside the wooden shelf. With a faint glow in his eyes, he whispered, “It is very convenient for us!”

Then he met Qin Mo’s eyes and said, “My name is Ling Yun.”

Not knowing the young man’s psychology at all, Qin Mo still nodded his head and said, “Qin Mo.” As he finished, he opened the Qiankun bag.

Ling Yun was not upset. He only smiled, stood to the side, and watched Qin Mo. Qin Mo pushed his divine sense into Liu Zhongchi’s Qiankun bag and discovered many things inside. There were piles of spirit stones, and beside the spirit stones, there were jade slips, a few pill furnaces, and other odds and ends.

Qin Mo ignored those spirit stones and took out the jade slips. He showed them to Ling Yun for him to check. Ling Yun was stunned but picked up the slips.

Qin Mo sent his divine sense into one of the jade, and a green field appeared in his divine sense, followed by handwriting that appeared in his mind.

Since ancient times, there were many boundaries with different levels. There were more resources in higher ones than lower ones. The spirit energy was richer and thicker, and the Cultivation Base were also more advanced.

Without knowing when it began, various large Sects from the higher boundaries named an unmannered area they inadvertently found as the boundary of guardian sea and used it as a selection trial. Many young, talented disciples from the lower boundaries entered this trial. At the end, the large Sects would select the most outstanding disciples and admit them into their Sect.

This selection trial was the best way for disciples from a lower boundary to make a name for themselves. In the lower boundary, there were different superiorities and inferiorities. Behind Liu Zhongchi was a forbidden mountain, and the strength was incredible here in the lower boundary.

Tens of thousands of years ago, the teleportation arrays inside Huangtian’s secret territory were used to teleport disciples from boundary of the blue sky to the boundary guardian sea. But for some unknown reason, no one in the boundary of the blue sky knew the role of this teleportation array. He came here by mistake due to a strange combination of circumstances. He didn’t know if he was lucky or not. Just when he was growing perturbed, Ling Yun patted him on the shoulder. As he turned, Ling Yun raised a jade slip and said with an excited smile on his face, “The Immortal Dragon Art is recorded in here.”

Qin Mo’s eyes shone when he heard the Immortal Dragon Art. He had witnessed the power of this art, now he had the chance to get it. It thrills him, so he quickly took out a jade slip from his Qiankun bag and imprinted a copy.

In a remote ancient tomb, a man in blue clothes suddenly opened his eyes. The depths of his eyes were cold. “Liu Zhongchi is dead!”

Just as he finished, a shrill voice sounded next to him. “How is it possible, isn’t Liu Zhongchi in the north? There are very few Spirit Solitude cultivators there, who could have killed him…”

Before he finished, he felt the cold eyes of the blue-clothed man. His words came to a halt. “Shixiong, I don’t doubt your words.”

The other man gave him a cold look and said, “Someone moved his Immortal Dragon Art jade slip.”

The surrounding people all quieted down. Only the owner could open the Immortal Dragon Art jade slip. If someone else opened the jade slip. In theory, the original owner died.

An angry voice roared. “Damn it, somebody dared kill someone from our forbidden mountain!”

The man in blue closed his eyes again and said faintly, “Don’t worry. I will help him get revenge!”

At the same time, Qin Mo and Ling Yun divided the spirit stones and medicine pills. After confirming Ling Yun safety, Qin Mo also started seclusion.

Looking at the black ash in the pill furnace, his usually cold face changed a bit, and he sighed. There was a jade slip in Liu Zhongchi’s Qiankun bag about refining pills. During his seclusion, he refined.

Unlike successful cultivating the Immortal Dragon Art, his seclusion continued for months. To this day, he could not refine even the simplest, yellow-grade pill. He followed the steps, not even one was wrong, and he had started to doubt if the method recorded was correct or not.

After changing into a clean robe, he walked outside. Perhaps for psychological reasons, he preferred to change than use the faster Body Cleansing Art.

Just after exiting the inner room, he saw a new pill furnace where Liu Zhongchi refined pills. And Ling Yun stood in front of it refining a pill.

Seeing Qin Mo, Ling Yun stopped and asked with a smile. “Qin Mo, you came out?”

After Liu Zhongchi died, Ling Yun no longer wore a dead-like expression, he became cheerful and loved to laugh. He took out a jade bottle and handed it to Qin Mo. “We ate all the inedia pills here, so I refined some myself. I didn’t expect to succeed the first time.”

Qin Mo held the jade bottle tightly when he heard this, success on first try.

“Ha ha ha, Qin Mo, admit it, you don’t have refining talent!” The little fox’s arrogant voice rang in Qin Mo’s ears. It used telepathy, making it impossible for Ling Yun to hear.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Mo’s cold look puzzled Ling Yun.

“Nothing, thank you!” Without waiting for Ling Yin’s response, he took the black cloak that Liu Zhongchi used and draped it over himself. He turned and stood on his flying sword. “I am heading out for a bit!”

Although his body was bound, he remembered the route they took to get here, so he got to the previous town smoothly. Looking at the large inscription of Wuzhou City on the wall, Qin Mo pulled aside the black cloak on his body and walked over.

Unlike when they left the city, one had to pay a spirit stone to enter the city. Qin Mo looked at the long line ahead and stood quietly without saying much.

When it was Qin Mo’s turn, he directly laid down ten pieces of low-grade spirit stones and walked toward the city. But before he could leave, he was stopped.

The man leaned back as he looked up and down at Qin Mo and said,
“For an unidentified person, it’s twenty pieces of low-grade spirit stones.”

Qin Mo glanced around, but he was the only one who covered his face with a cloak. He had a lot of spirit stones from Liu Zhongchi, so he didn’t hesitate to take out ten more pieces of low-grade spirit stones and hand it to the man.

At Qin Mo’s straightforward movement, the man’s eyes shone greedily. This black man was so obedient, his strength must not be high. When he thought of this, he raised his eyebrows and held out his hand to stop Qin Mo again. “Did I say you could go in? Hand over another twenty pieces of low-grade spirit stone!”

Qin Mo paused and understood this man was trying to extort him. His eyes were cold and had no intention of paying attention to this person. He knocked down the man’s arm and quickly walked inside.

“You dare!” His face sank when he saw Qin Mo’s action. He quickly stood up and sliced in Qin Mo’s direction with a long saber.

Sensing the attack, Qin Mo frowned and waved his right hand. A powerful spirit power surged out of his hand and flew in the man’s direction.

“Bang!” The long saber in the man’s hand fell to the ground. His body was also pushed back by the blow. The man stood up in awkwardness as he stared at Qin Mo. His long saber lay across his chest, and he shouted, “Smug, you dare to commit a crime in Wuzhou City!”

As soon as he finished, everyone outside the city gate saw some shadowy figures, and suddenly Qin Mo was surrounded.

The previous man wiped the blood on his lips and snorted. He stared at Qin Mo. “You hesitate to pay until I forced you! Go take him out!”

Just as he finished, there was a murderous intense emitted from those people. The long sabers in their hands reflected the chilling sunlight, and the originally noisy city gate became quiet. People silently watched the confrontation.

“What’s going on?”

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark, Empress, Bet

Chapter 43

“What happened?” A familiar female voice broke the atmosphere.

A woman dressed in red stepped forward. She was the woman who clashed with Liu Zhongchi at the auction.

Seeing this woman, the man with murderous intent took back his long saber and spoke with a flattering smile, “Wan Xiang Fairy, only a small incident. This person was unable to tell good from bad, he dared disdain Wuzhou City and didn’t put the city owner in his eyes…”

The more the man said, the more outrageous it became. He pointed and slandered Qin Mo, until Qin Mo’s face became chilly, and he aimed a powerful force in the man’s direction.

The man continued to talk ceaselessly, and when the surrounding air shook violently, he dodged but could not avoid it. The man was thrown to the ground.

When he got up again, the crowd sucked in a cold breath. The man’s cheek was swollen, a palm print on it.

In fact, the man’s cultivation base wasn’t high. What people fear wasn’t the man but the Wuzhou City behind him. It was unexpected to have someone commit violence at the front gate.

The Wuzhou City was in the northern part of the boundary. Compared with other places, it had fewer resources. Therefore, cultivators with high cultivation base were less willing to come here, but there were many Foundation Building cultivators here. They occupied the town, which showed the city owner’s strength.

“You bastard, how dare you hit me!” The cruelty on the man’s face could no longer be concealed. He pulled out his saber and looked at the people beside him, planning to rush forward.

Qin Mo moved his hidden hands. Although they had the advantage of numbers, he was unafraid thanks to his current strength.

The woman’s pupil shrank and shouted. “Wait!”

She appeared before Qin Mo, blocking the vicious eyes of several people. She glanced at the angry man, raised her eyebrows, and shouted, “Ding Dong, how could you offend your senior!”

Even though her tone was full of disdain, her eyes were still full of charm. The man’s moment stopped and looked at her enchanting face.

The woman smiled satisfactorily and said respectfully, “Senior, we met again.”

Qin Mo glanced at the woman, she seemed to treat himself as Liu Zhongchi. This black cloak, once a cultivator wore it, others could neither see anything under it nor could they distinguish the cultivation base of the wearer.

How did this woman determine that the person before her was Liu Zhongchi? He quietly said under his breath, “How did you know it’s me?” Through the function of the cloak, his originally cold voice became hoarse and low.

The woman’s expression stiffened, thinking the senior from the forbidden mountain was angry, but nothing showed on her face. She looked straight at Qin Mo’s neckline and smiled. “Senior, there is an imprint on your cloak.”

After she said this, he moved his line of sight down and spotted the small embroidered “Liu”. He paused and slowly said, “My surname is Liu.”

Her face turned joyful. “Senior Liu, this young woman is Wan Xiang.”
Then she asked, “Senior, did you come to buy something?”

He gave a single “En.”

The smile on the woman’s face became wider, every move carrying a hint of charm. “Then let this young woman accompany senior!”

He wasn’t familiar with Wuzhou City, so he nodded and walked towards the city with the woman.

Looking at the proud Wan Xiang Fairy treating Qin Mo respectfully, there was regret in the hearts of several people who had drawn sabers toward him. Even Ding Dong, who had been clamoring, turned white-faced and said nothing more.

When they walked beside Ding Dong, Qin Mo stopped.

Wan Xiang couldn’t see his expression. Vaguely guessing his thoughts, she said, “Senior Liu, a great man rarely harbors grievance for past wrongs, please forgive Ding Dong. He’s still needed to guard Wuzhou City’s front gate.”

A cold hum came from the cloak. Everyone felt the surrounding spirit energy twist violently. Ding Dong, who stood respectfully to one side, was swung away by Qin Mo. A similar palm print appeared on the left cheek.

This situation stunned Wan Xiang then she put on a smile. As if nothing had happened, she said, “Let’s go!” But from Qin Mo’s blind spot, she once again glanced at Ding Dong.

Ding Dong fell and felt the surrounding mockery. It took him a long time to get up and saw her warning eyes. His eyes were red, but he only clenched his fists tightly.

When the figures disappeared, he spat on the ground with a gloomy face. He scolded in a low voice, “Bitch, what kind of fairy is that, only because you can rely on Wu Shixiong liking you.”

His face suddenly brightened as he muttered, “Hehe, wait until Wu Shixiong learns his woman was stolen. When that happens…” He ordered the people beside him and quickly left.

Somewhere on the street walked two people. One wore a black robe that covered himself, and the other a gorgeous red dress.

People’s eyes couldn’t help but focus on the woman. Within Wuzhou City, this woman was famous, not only because of her strength but also because she had Wu Yongde behind her.

As all cultivators living in the city knew, Wu Yongde was the younger brother of the city’s owner. He was crazily in love with Wan Xiang, but her attitude had always been detached confusing people.

Because of this, even if Wan Xiang had a stunning figure, no one dared to go forward. It was rare to see someone that dared to walk beside her.

Without paying attention to the many eyes, she clamored in Qin Mo’s direction, “Senior Liu, Wuzhou City is a good place, and City Master Wu is not simple, winning against many formidable opponents.”

Qin Mo’s gaze swept around. There were many stalls here, even more lively than the Yueqing Sect’s square market. It was a decent place for being in this boundary.

Without hearing his reply, she thought he had disdain towards City Master Wu and said, “If you and a few seniors from the forbidden mountain come again, then Wuzhou City will be yours.”

The strength of the woman approached the completion of Foundation Building, but when she spoke about the boundary of forbidden mountain, her face was full of awe. Qin Mo’s footsteps paused but soon after he continued. As if she felt Qin Mo wasn’t interested, she smiled and changed the topic. Although there were some doubt in her mind, “Senior Liu, I wonder if you want to participate in the city defense in a few days?”

“City defense?”

Seeing that he didn’t understand, it somewhat confused her. Then she immediately thought Senior Liu might have come only a few times and didn’t understand the situation. She patiently explained, “On the fifteenth day of every month, many demonic beasts will attack the city. During that time, the city owner will call on all cultivators in the city to kill the beasts and guard the city. After defending the city, the city owner will reward many spirit stones according to each person’s contribution.”

“En.” Although he was surprised at the phenomenon of beasts attacking the city, he didn’t want to join in. He was not short on spirit stones.

Seemingly aware of the indifference in his tone, she continued, “The most precious thing in the city defense isn’t spirit stones, but the demonic core within the beasts. Demonic beast can only form its demonic core when it reaches Core Formation, but the boundary of the guard sea is very special. As long as the beast is above Foundation Building, it will have a demonic core. Cultivators below Core Formation can use those demonic cores to improve their cultivation base.” Finishing here, her eyes glittered, apparently full of expectations for those demonic beasts.

“Oh?” Qin Mo was also interested, and he also wanted to quickly improve his cultivation base. After thinking for a while, Qin Mo brought Ling Yun along on the 15th day. He looked at her expectant eyes and nodded his head in agreement.

A huge pool of blood stretched across a dark space. The blood rolled constantly and several large bubbles appeared on the surface from time to time. “Crash!” A figure emerged from the blood pool and wanted to rush out. A huge palm suddenly appeared in the sky above and with a gentle wave, he fell back.

A voice whispered in the air, “Lin Zizheng, you’d better stay obediently:”

“Let me go, I will find Da Shixiong!” Allowing the blood to flow down his long hair, he stood in the middle of the pool, staring coldly at the front. Qin Mo’s last icy eyes constantly flashed in his mind.

“Kid, I am doing this for you. If it wasn’t for your Da Shixiong, how could you have fallen so low?” The voice was filled with a sense of helplessness.

“I will find Da Shixiong!” he said firmly as if he could not feel the pain at all, letting the horrible creatures in the pool continue to gnaw at his body.

“Well, well, kid, since you are so ignorant of good and bad, I will show you how your beloved Da Shixiong has harmed you!”

A bronze mirror appeared in midair, illuminating the entire dark room.

“This is a divine grade magic treasure, Reincarnation Mirror. It’s able to see through life itself. Now have a good look at the life you and your Da Shixiong should have had!”

The surface of the bronze mirror changed. Lin Zizheng saw the familiar Lin Family Village above, and Qin Mo’s figure. He knew the bronze mirror showed exactly what had happened to him.

Unlike reality though, Qin Mo wasn’t injured when they were attacked by Mingshan Laogui. From the very beginning, Lin Zizheng himself walked Dengtian Road. Because of his perseverance, even if his talent was weak, he earned everyone’s love. He even replaced Da Shixiong’s position and married Xiao Shimei, becoming the most talented disciple of Yueqing Sect. It could be said that the life shown on the bronze mirror differed entirely from his own.

“What do you think? You’ve fallen to this level, it’s all thanks to your Da Shixiong!” The voice sounded again, and the tone was smug. From his point of view, knowing this, the kid before him would surely stay and obediently train then seek revenge on his Da Shixiong.

“Haha! Haha!” Lin Zizheng’s somewhat crazed laughter interrupted his fantasy.

Bright red blood fell from Lin Zizheng’s lips, making him look ghostly. He faintly said, “But what’s the use of that? I still don’t have Da Shixiong beside me.”

Everything became quiet. After a while, a cold voice cried, “Such an impenetrably thick-headed person, you better obediently train! Don’t you dare think of leaving even a step!”

Once the speaker’s very breath had left, Lin Zizheng took out an ordinary jade bottle from his Qiankun bag and touched it like a treasure. The corner of his mouth raised a little, and he gently crooned, “Da Shixiong, wait for me.”

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark, Empress, Bet

Chapter 44

The earthquake struck with a loud noise. Qin Mo opened his eyes and gazed outward with great solicitude.

Wuzhou City seemed to tremble. Qin Mo knew the monthly siege was about to begin. He nodded to Ling Yun beside him, and with a single movement, appeared on the wall with the others.

There was a vast open field between the city and the surrounding forest. This field was full of beasts. Suddenly, a violent roar filled the sky, and the entire city seemed to shake.

Everyone sucked in a deep breath. Even though this attack occurred every month, now everyone saw something magnificent. Though they did not panic, their faces grew tense.

“Sha. . .” the wind alerted to the arrival of a red figure behind Qin Mo. She glanced toward Ling Yun, who was dressed as a servant, and said to him with a smile, “Senior Liu, these are the beasts that attack first. Their strength is around Qi Refining and Foundation Building.”

“Everyone, don’t panic.” Just as Wan Xiang opened her mouth, a roar came from the middle of the wall. The noisy crowd quieted.

“Everyone here is strong. So long as we work together, we’ll drive these beasts out of our territory!” The man who spoke wore a golden robe and stood atop a flying sword, looking down at the crowd with burning eyes. This was Wu Yongxing, the city’s owner. Although his words were simple, they were inspiring. The owner was great at making the public believe what he wanted.

When Qin Mo glanced at the man behind the owner, his brow wrinkled. He could clearly see intense hostility in the man’s gaze, but he had never seen this person before.

Then he understood. Qin Mo looked at Wan Xiang beside him, the target of the man’s burning stare. He sighed. The beautiful woman was a disaster.

Wan Xiang was transparent. She saw through Wu Yongde’s thoughts at a glance and said with a smile, “The man in green is Wu Yongde, the city master’s younger brother. He and I. . . have some history.”

Qin Mo responded with a single “En” and didn’t ask much about it. He turned to look at the beasts head

Wan Xiang gritted her teeth She had tried her best to attract the attention of this Senior Liu over the past few days, but he didn’t have even a lick of interest in her.

Wu Yongde saw the grief on Wan Xiang’s face and thought of what he wanted but couldn’t get yet was abandoned by someone else. His face became even uglier, and he angrily said, “He really doesn’t know what’s good.”

His brother’s expression remained unchanged despite hearing his words. His eyes dropped, and he whispered, “The one treated so well by that shrewd Wan Xiang shouldn’t be simple, be careful.”

Wu Yongde said nothing else but stared at Qin Mo with strong killing intent. He hated Qin Mo to the extreme.

“Ao!” The horde of beasts below rushed in the city’s direction.

The figures on the wall rushed forward to intercept the rioting horde. In the blink of an eye, the beasts and cultivators clashed. Qin Mo gathered power in his palm as the beasts approached and cut one down. He could feel the spirit fluctuation leave its body as it died.

He took a breath, and a spherical object appeared in his hand. He could feel its energy and presumed it to be the demonic core Wan Xiang mentioned.

The little fox voiced in his ear, “Qin Mo, use your lightning to refine the demonic core, you can directly absorb it.”

Qin Mo’s eyes brightened. He discovered, on touch, that the core had mixed spirit bower. He could absorb it, but it would take a lot of effort.

The light in his palm flashed, and a cluster of purple flames wrapped around the demonic core. Under the burning lightning fire, it gradually became transparent and flowed into his body.

His eyes narrowed. He could clearly feel the slight increase in his inner strength.

Qin Mo rushed into the horde below. The hands under his sleeves continued forming seals, and brilliant purple fire bloomed around him. It instantly destroyed the beasts in Qi Refining and Foundation Building as it touched them.

Everyone stared at Qin Mo’s bravery in amazement. They didn’t expect this mysterious man wearing a cloak to have such strength. No wonder he dared to steal Wu Yongde’s woman openly. Ling Yun clenched his fists and joined Qin Mo in battle.

Wu Yongde stared at Qin Mo from atop the wall and snorted, “Only just that.” But his cold pupils were steeped in fear and jealousy. This black- cloaked man was not simple.

Although the beasts’ numbers were high, the cultivators in the city could not be underestimated. Soon the crowd blocked the offensive horde. Just when everyone’s faces seemed to relax, Wu Yongxing’s expression shuddered, and he whispered, “They’re here.” His sword shifted, and he appeared above the crowd, staring dead ahead.

Wu Yongde and the other two followed close behind, watching with vigilance.

Five oppressive figures emerged from the depths of the forest. They were huge and ran straight for the city, followed by powerful beasts.

“There are five beasts at Spirit Solitude!” Wu Yongxing’s face flashed with a hint of horror. Unexpectedly, these beasts were stronger than any before.

Wu Yongxing grasped his weapon and pushed forward on his flying sword, rushing straight for the giant eagle, the strongest of the five. He yelled, “I’ll handle this one, the rest of you handle the others.”

Behind him, the three looked at each other and rushed towards the beasts.

Qin Mo also took on a Spirit Solitude beast. With his current strength, it was easy to deal with, and he needed the Spirit Solitude beast to improve his base.

Dark intent flashed in Wu Yongde’s eyes, and he slowly approached Qin Mo.

Brushing past, he poured a colorless powder from a jade bottle onto Qin Mo.

He turned and quickly left, staring at Qin Mo coldly. “You can enjoy this beast attracting powder.”

The beasts burst into a rampage, and the shocked cultivators amped up the intensity of their attacks.

The ones they couldn’t stop rushed for Qin Mo, and even the Spirit Solitude fighting Wu Yongde rushed for him. With two Spirit Solitude beasts, many other monsters joined their attack, increasing the pressure Qin Mo glanced at Wu Yongde, who had escaped to a distance, and realized what he had done. At the moment, he didn’t care.

Strong, rich energy lingered around him. He extended his right hand, and a long silver chain appeared in it. This was the chain Liu Zhongchi used to tie Qin Mo up, and it was a magical treasure that had fallen to his hands.

Qin Mo flew past one of the Spirit Solitude beasts, chain in one hand, and formed seals with the other. Thunder flashed, forcing the weaker monsters to retreat, and the silver chain tied up his target.

Ling Yun appeared beside Qin Mo. He blocked the Foundation Building and below beasts with a long sword and whispered, “I’ll handle these, you concentrate on the Spirit Solitude beasts.”

Qin Mo nodded and tightened his grasp on the chain, causing it to tighten around the beast as well. The powerful beast uttered a cry but could not break free from the shackles.

The chain wound tighter and tighter. Then beast exploded, leaving behind only a slippery demonic core in Qin Mo’s hand.

The chain in Qin Mo’s hand swerved and wrapped around the other Spirit Solitude beast. Like this, he gained another demonic core.

Using his lightning fire to burn the cores, Qin Mo absorbed the enormous power into his body. Worthy of Spirit Solitude beasts, the process improved his strength to the Ninth Layer of Foundation Building.

Wu Yongde watched Qin Mo deal with the beasts so easily, and his face turned blue. He stared at the silver chain with greed in his eyes. “I didn’t expect him to have a magic treasure.”

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Chapter 45

Wu Yongde’s gaze was too fierce. Even from such a distance, Qin Mo felt it and met it coldly.

Qin Mo’s stare stunned Wu Yongde, but he smirked. His lips parted and mouthed a sentence.

Qin Mo could read those silent words: “Just you wait.”

His eyes glimmered, but before he could do anything, a violent earthquake shook the earth. A powerful demonic beast appeared from the deepest part of the forest. It looked like an enormous tiger, emitting bloodlust.

The beast’s large eyes turned strangely, sweeping through the crowd as if looking for something, and focused on Qin Mo. It’s huge body quivered, and it bolted toward Qin Mo.

“A beast at the end of Soul Solitude!” Everyone’s faces filled with horror. Other than Ling Yun, everyone standing near Qin Mo retreated. Even Wu Yongxing wore an expression of doubt. This was the first time a beast at the completion phase of Soul Solitude appeared in the siege.

Qin Mo stood in the same spot, and his long sword appeared in hand. He stood with the sword, and despite no one being able to see his face, he exuded a kind of imposing atmosphere.

He uttered incantations under his breath, the sword flew from his hand into the sky. It emitted a brilliant purple light, shivered, and struck in the beast’s direction, the air crackling around it.

“Bang!” The sword collided brutally with the demonic tiger. The beast’s yellow fur seemed soft but was tough. Thunderbolt’s single strike did nothing.

Holding the recalled sword, Qin Mo took several steps back from the attack. His eyes blazed with fierce fighting spirit, not the slightest hint of retreat in them. He now knew that to truly cultivate, one had to sail against the current. If there were no difficulties, there was no improvement.

“I don’t even need to take action.” Wu Yongde coldly laughed at Qin mo’s difficult position, eyes flashing with disdain.

Wan Xiang, who had silently watched, wrinkled her brow. Although the beast was at the end of Soul Solitude, it shouldn’t be a problem for Senior Liu from the boundary of the forbidden mountain. Yet he was still at a disadvantage. Then her brows relaxed. Senior Liu probably hadn’t gotten serious yet.

Both eyes fixed on the beast ahead, Qin Mo’s feet shifted. The sword in his hand slanted across his chest. His eyes burned with meaning. He said, quietly, “Shattered Sky Sword!”

The spirit energy around him gathered at his side. Thunderbolt was pointed directly into the sky and fell upon the beast, drawing several fresh wounds on its hard body.

The beast’s mouth opened in an angered roar of pain, sharp and piercing. Some listless beasts raised once more and attacked the cultivators around them.

The demonic beast shook itself once. Its soft fur hardened into fine, long needles and shot in Qin Mo’s direction.

Faced with this dense rain of needles, Qin Mo wore a dignified expression as he toe-stepped out of the way. In the blink of an eye, he vanished to stand behind the giant tiger. His eyes were brighter than torches, and he picked up his sword again without hesitation.

Though the cultivators fought the beasts, they couldn’t help but pay attention to Qin Mo. When Qin Mo’s attacks forced the tiger to retreat, it shocked everyone.

After the amount of time it took to drink a cup of tea, the fierce tiger gradually slowed its attacks under Qin Mo’s continuous assault. Its yellow fur was dyed red with blood.

It opened its eyes which were scarlet. It looked at him unwillingly and raised its head to the heavens. It roared, and the attacking beasts stopped, retreating into the forest like a tidal wave. The tiger retreated with them.

Watching the escaping beast, a sharp light flashed through Qin Mo’s eyes, and he said under his breath, “Shattered Sky Sword – Hurricane Slash.”

His sword was so sharp it almost seemed to cut through the sky. It stabbed into the tiger with awe-inspiring force. It staggered and fell. Its blood-red eyes stared at him.

Everyone looked at this scene dumbstruck. The fierce strike seemed to split their hearts. They would never forget this powerful blow.

Ignoring the crowd, Qin Mo raised his sword to give the tiger a final blow.

Something tore through the air behind Qin Mo before he could land the blow. The tiger’s skull cracked, the beast stiffened, and it died.

“I didn’t think I could behead this completion phase Soul Solitude beast.” Laughter came from behind, and a figure appeared beside Qin Mo.

The laughing figure glanced at Qin Mo from the corner of his eye, right hand raised. The sword on the beast returned to his hand, and he strolled toward it as if intending to take its core. It still shocked Wu Yongde that Qin Mo so easily defeated the beast. Even if he was motivated by jealousy, he didn’t want Qin Mo to take this advantage, so he acted after the last attack and stole the prey.

He wasn’t afraid of Qin Mo. Even his older brother Wu Yongxing could kill something of this level with his strength. Let alone the city’s many skilled masters waiting for dispatch.

A harsh light entered Qin Mo’s gaze on Wu Yongde’s leisure back. This man was deceiving himself too much. He said nothing, but both hands formed a seal in the air.

Others only felt there was a chant in the air, then a huge golden dragon appeared above Qin Mo.

“Stop!” Wu Yongxing, who had watched until then, suddenly shouted when he saw the dragon. He appeared before Wu Yongde in a flash. Power surged to his hands, and a huge palm appeared before them to block the dragon. The two collided.


Wu Yongxing’s pupils shrank. The palm he’d created could only block the dragon for a single moment. It disintegrated under the dragon’s one attack.

His heart tightened as he watched the scattered palm, and his long sleeves danced in the wind. A fluorescent light flashed from his hands, and walls of light appeared before him one after the other.

The onlookers could only see a dense golden light in the trees the three figures stood in, so it was impossible to see everything clearly.

“Who is this man that he dares fight the Wuzhou City owner?”

“He dared to make a move. He even easily dealt with the Soul Solitude demonic beast. What is he afraid of?”

“The move just now, it looked like the Secret Dragon Art. . .” “What, the Secret Dragon Art? The boundary of the forbidden mountain’s Secret Dragon Art?”

A burst of arguments broke out in the crowd. No one could conceal the awe in their eyes at the three words “Secret Dragon art.” Before they entered the boundary of the guard sea, the sect elders and the family’s senior informed them of the basics regarding the different boundaries, including the boundary of forbidden mountain.

Wan Xiang had doubted Qin Mo’s identity before, but now that she had seen the dragon, she was convinced. She had experienced the power of the Secret Dragon Art before, and it was deserving of its name. She wasn’t sure if Wu Yongxing could hangle this move. She looked at the dragon with burning eyes. She had to learn this move, even if she sacrificed everything.

The light dispersed, and the three people appeared once more.

Qin Mo was calm, making it impossible to guess his emotions. But Wu Yongxing and Wu Yongde’s clothes were damaged, and the younger brother’s face was weak.

“This Daoist friend, this one’s younger brother has wronged you. The demonic core belongs to you.” Wu said somewhat dryly, supporting his brother with an ugly smile on his face.

Qin Mo didn’t reply, but Thunderbolt floated in the air. Flashes of lightning glittered along its sharp edge, and the tip pointed at Wu Yongde behind the elder brother.

Wu Yongde paled. He’d witnessed Qin Mo’s power and dared not look directly at him.

The elder brother’s smile stiffened, and the blue veins on his forehead protruded. However, when he considered the background of this person, he could only suppress his killing intent. “Daoist friend, I don’t think you want to have a bad relationship with Wuzhou City. I’m not its only Soul Solitude cultivator.” Several dark shadows appeared around him. From the fluctuations in their bodies, Qin Mo knew their strength had to have reached Soul Solitude.

“In a few days, the Spirit Moonflower in the north will bloom. If you want to join the battle for it, you’ll need the backing of the city.” The elder brother continued, glancing at the long sword overhead.

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Chapter 46

Although he didn’t know what the Spirit Moonflower was, seeing the changes in the people’s appearances, Qin Mo guessed it must be a rare and precious spirit flower.

The little fox’s voice rang in his ears, “Accept his offer, Qin Mo.” His murderous intent slowly converged, but still looked coldly at Wu Yongde.

Even in the spirit animal bag, the little fox could feel the chilling air. It laughed twice and said again, “This fox lord won’t deceive you. This spirit moonflower is a good item; It can help you cultivate from Foundation Building to Soul Solitude without encountering a bottleneck.”

He stood in place and didn’t immediately respond. The scene quieted down, and the atmosphere became a little tense. Everyone knew Wuzhou City and the boundary of the forbidden mountain were both not easy to offend.

On the other side, Wan Xiang smiled enchantingly as she moved forward, and her figure appeared beside him. She looked at Wu Yongxing and him, smiling, “Senior Liu, only Hidden Moon Domain, further north of boundary of the guard sea, has a Spirit Moonflower and the cultivators in the vicinity can only enter under the leadership of the Wuzhou City. Even if you don’t need the Spirit Moonflower, there will be people around you who do, such as the young man behind you.”

Her wandering eyes turned to Ling Yun at the side. She had already seen the relationship between the teen and Qin Mo was good. It was not like a general master and servant relationship. Qin Mo’s clenched fists slowly loosened, and the long sword in midair returned to his hand. It relieved Wu Yongxing. He was not afraid of Qin Mo, but of the boundary of the forbidden mountain behind Qin Mo. As they all knew, people of the boundary of the forbidden mountain always defended each other even if they were in the wrong, to offend one would provoke the entire group.

Wu Yongde, who hid behind his older brother, gradually receded his panicked expression. Even though this man was from the boundary of the forbidden mountain. In Wuzhou City, wasn’t it necessary to look at their faces?

Thinking of this, his face became red again. He raised the corner of his mouth and said sarcastically, “Only knows how to bluff.”

Qin Mo held his long sword in hand and seeing this was the only way to solve it, he felt a little dissatisfied. He prepared to leave, but at Wu Yongde’s words, he halted.

Although Wan Xiang was still laughing. Wu Yongxing’s face stiffened. In his heart, he scolded his younger brother as a fool. Was Senior Liu so easily offended?

With a twist of Qin Mo’s wrist, the lightning fire in his body quickly flew over the sword. He waved once in Wu Yongde’s direction. The sword flashed, and sword light whistled towards Wu Yongde. It was fierce. Even if Wu Yongxing blocked it, the attack would fall on Wu Yongde’s face.

Wu Yongde only felt pain on his face, and blood slowly dripped down his cheek. The injury wasn’t serious, but Qin Mo’s action was like beating him in the face in front of everyone. His eyes were red as he stared at Qin Mo.

Qin Mo would eradicate this trouble after he entered the Hidden Moon Domain. After experiencing the event named Liu Qingzhou, he knew this disaster couldn’t be left behind. Otherwise, there would be no end of trouble in the future. Ignoring the chaotic situation, Qin Mo turned and left as soon as he swung his sleeve.

There were several pills in the refine rooms in Qingfeng House. The ground fire led into all the rooms, making the whole room abundant with fire spirit energy, which was an excellent environment for pharmacists.

Qin Mo and Ling Yun had been staying in one room these days. Ling Yun refined medicine pills while Qin Mo cultivated. His spirit root had mutated from a fire spirit root into a thunder spirit root. Under the abundant fire spirit energy circumstances, cultivating as even more effective.

After returning from the city, Qin Mo went to refine again. He sat on the ground and closed his eyes, adjusting his breathing. The siege had consumed a lot of his energy.

After about half an hour, Qin Mo slowly opened his eyes. This pill- refining room was a good place, which didn’t waste the five pieces of low- grade spirit stone he spent every hour.

When his body returned to the best state, he gripped his right hand, and the brilliant, translucent demonic core from the Soul Solitude demonic beast appeared. He circulated his spirit power, and a purple flame emerged from his palm.

The moment the lightning fire emerged, the temperature of the fire in the room dropped. Under the burning lightning fire, the demonic core slowly turned into liquid and merged into his body.

He sat on the ground with the white light flashing over his body from time to time. These lights wrapped him in it and made him glow warmly.

The little fox left the spirit animal bag at some point and stood beside him, circling around him. It squinted happily. It really recovered faster when following him. No wonder it followed him so diligently even when he lost his spirit sense. The refining room was on the bottom floor. The sun didn’t shine through even when Qin Mo opened his eyes, and so a day passed.

The little fox lazily leaned aside and looked up and down at him. “Not bad, already reached the complete phase of Foundation Building. Although it’s still weak for this fox lord.”

Qin Mo glanced at it and smiled a little. With a raise of his long fingers, he grabbed the piece of soft meat at the neck of it and lifted it gently, putting the little fox on his shoulder.

“Qin Mo, how could you treat this fox lord like this? This fox lord is not a low-level spirit pet.” Being treated like this by him, it jumped on his shoulder.

He turned a deaf ear to its complaints and left the refining room.

It grabbed his shoulder sullenly. Seeing cultivators walking around outside, it automatically closed its mouth.

Passing through the first and second floors of auction floors, he slowed down with a bit of unhappiness in his heart. He was sold here.

Qin Mo stood in front of the auction floor, and the supervisor who stayed on the auction floor immediately came forward. He saluted Qin Mo with a smile, “This Daoist friend, there is no auction today, the auction floor will not be open.”

Noticing the chill emanating from Qin Mo, the supervisor continued, “But there may be something you need on the upper floors of Qingfeng House. Why don’t I take you up?”

Qin Mo immediately stopped his movements to leave. He nodded slightly and followed the supervisor up.

Qingfeng House’s third floor sold some spirit grasses and medicine pills. The level here wasn’t high, and even inferior to that made by Liu Zhongchi. He wasn’t interested. However, there were some rare spirit grasses, so he brought some.

On the fourth floor, there were some magic treasures and refining materials. Qin Mo already had Thunderbolt, so he wasn’t interested in these powerful, offensive treasures. Instead, the defensive ones attracted his attention.

Perhaps Liu Zhongchi was overconfident in his strength. There were no defensive treasures in his Qiankun bag.

Qin Mo played with a jade color turtle shell in his hand. He really needed a defensive magic treasure.

The supervisor, who had been following Qin Mo, saw the turtle shell. A glimmer of light flashed through his eyes. He smiled at Qin Mo and said, “This Daoist friend, this is a treasure made from a millennium spirit turtle. The best quality with excellent defensive ability…”

Listening to the supervisor talking in Qin Mo’s ears, his hand tightened on the tortoise shell. Why didn’t he notice how annoying this man was? His fingers tapped on the table, and he said impatiently, “How much?”

A bright smile appeared on the supervisor’s face, and the servant on the side replied with a smile, “One high-grade spirit stone.”

One high-grade spirit stone was already very high. Even if the turtle shell was really a bottom-tier magic treasure, it wasn’t worth that much. But Qin Mo didn’t know the price of the treasure. Even if he did, he wouldn’t go through the trouble of bargaining with them.

He took out a piece of high-grade spirit stone from Qiankun bag and threw it on the table. He turned and walked towards the fifth floor. At Qin Mo’s exit, the supervisor immediately followed.

Qin Mo stopped and turned his head. He said coldly, “Don’t follow me anymore.” He was just trying to find a familiar person to lead the way, but he didn’t expect this person to be so noisy. The supervisor’s face stiffened and remained in the same spot, watching Qin Mo leaving.

Once he left the public’s eyes, the little fox pouted its lips and said disdainfully, “What’s so good about that turtle shell, this fox lord can crush it with one palm.”

When Qin Mo ignored it, it continued to say smugly, “This bottom-tier magic treasure to this fox lord is an item that cannot withstand even a single blow.”

Qin Mo’s footsteps paused, and he looked suspiciously at the little fox.
No emotion can be heard from his tone. “Try it later?”

Its eyes flashed and said stiffly, “This fox lord is currently injured, wait until the fox lord regained its strength, and it will be effortless!”

Ignoring its clamor, he stepped into Qingfeng House’s fifth floor.

The moment they entered the fifth floor, a burst of noise came before them, and he narrowed his eyes.

The fifth floor had a different pattern from the lower levels. It may be the array’s function, making the interior much more open.

Similar to the auction house, the whole fifth floor presented a concave pattern. It dipped in the middle, and a raised surface surrounded the concave. The raised part was surrounded by wooden railings that formed a passage behind it.

The corridor was circular and surrounded the concave in the middle. Behind the aisle on the far-left side, there was a separate room with a thin layer of gauze hanging, obscuring it from the outside, but inside one could still see everything outside.

On the far-right side of the corridor was a hall filled with sheets of wooden tables, separated by thin boards. At the moment, many people gathered there, and they leaned over the railings to look down. Their faces were red, and they seemed to argue about something.

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Chapter 47

Qin Mo looked down. A large platform stood in the center of the hall.
Two demonic beasts fought atop it.

One was white, had two long, sharp horns resembling an elk, and was coated in multicolored light. The other was a little strange. From a distance, it looked like deadwood.

The wooden shape suddenly moved, and many slender, green branches burst out of it, slamming fiercely into the opposing white deer.

Dragged forward by the long vines, the deer issued a long cry and kicked its heels at the ground. It lowered its head, pointing its horns at the wood, and charged forward.

It counterattacked. Long, dense vines surged in the deer’s direction as if to trap it. Colorful lights brightened around the deer as it noticed the vines, and the green vines whithered as they came into contact with the light.

The wood screeched and retracted its vines.

The deer rushed up to its opponent and rammed its antlers into the wood entity. It trembled, wanting to avoid the attack, but the deer was too fast. Before it could move, it was cruelly knocked back.

A loud “dong” sounded when the wood smashed into the transparent barrier around the platform. The fighting ring was enclosed in an enchanted boundary to keep the beasts from leaving the field during a fight and injuring the cultivators. The wood slid down the boundary.

The deer trotted over and kicked it to make sure it’d lost its ability to move. Then the deer raised its head proudly and snorted white smoke from its nostrils. It turned its head arrogantly, glancing at its surroundings.

“Deserving of its name as the Five Colored Magical Deer. It’s strong.”
Someone sighed in praise from one side.

“Ai, unlucky. I just gambled ten pieces of low-grade spirit stone on the wood beast. Now it’s all gone.”

Qi Mu focused on the multicolored dear at the center of the platform.

He was observing still when a cultivator dressed as a servant appeared beside him and respectfully inquired, “This Daoist friend, the next beast fight is about to begin. Do you want to lay a bet?”

“Beast fight?”

The servant noticed the doubt in his voice. He explained, smiling, “Beast fighting is out Qingfeng House’s specialty competition. Any cultivator can take part. You can compete your spirit beast against someone else’s. Like the Five Colored Magical Deer and the wood spirit beast.” He glanced at the fox on Qin Mo’s shoulder.

“If you don’t own a spirit beast, you can always buy one that’s been trained by our Qingfeng House. Or, if you don’t want to take part in the fight, you can bet on which you think is the most favorable.”

Qin Mo understood, after this explanation, that the fifth floor was a beast fighting colosseum. His gaze swept over the noisy crowd to the right, and he frowned a little. “Give me a separate room.”

The cultivator’s smile became more and more brilliant. He respectfully led the way. “This Daoist friend, please, follow me.”

Qin Mo was about to step inside when a cold snort interrupted him, “Liu Daoist friend, are you here to fight? It can’t be that you’re going to rely on that little fox that hasn’t even grown out of its hair yet?”

This taunting was familiar. Qin Mo stopped and looked over.

The curtain beside him was lifted violently, and a familiar face came into view. With a fierce wound on his cheek, his otherwise handsome features looked disgusting.

This was Wu Yongde, and the wound was the same one from Qin Mo’s sword. An ordinary wound could be restored to its original state without leaving traces, but Qin Mo added his lightning fire to the attack. That made it difficult to heal, and even once it healed, it would scar.

Wu Yongde touched the scar on his face and glared at Qin Mo, hateful enough he wanted to rend Qin Mo’s flesh from his bones.

Qin Mo’s expression was cold, but he said nothing in response. It wasn’t time to wipe the floor with him, so he continued into the room.

Wu Yongde launched and raised his voice abruptly. Under the influence of his spirit power, everyone in the room could hear. “Liu Daoist friend, are you scared? A coward is still a coward, even the boundary of the forbidden mountain can’t change your cowardly nature.”

The noisy stage quieted down. After yesterday’s siege, everyone knew there was an irreconcilable confrontation between them, but no one expected them to meet again only a day later.

Qin Mo stopped again. He looked at Wu Yongde with the gaze of looking at a dead man.

“What I said is right. You dare come to a beast fight with that mingled furry fox on your shoulder,” Wu Yongde laughed.

Qin Mo’s heart grew cold. His long sword appeared behind him and trembled. Even if he didn’t get moon spirit grass today, he would teach this fool a lesson. Suddenly, the burden on his shoulders grew heavier, and the little fox’s voice sounded in his ear, “Although this fox lord has always disdained bullying weakliness, he’s taken this fox lord as a mingled furry fox!”

Qin Mo’s mood relaxed. He asked, “Where’s your spirit beast?”

At first, Wu Yongde was surprised, then the corner of his mouth raised.
He pointed at the deer in the ring, “There.”

Qin Mo nodded. He turned to the servant beside him. “Can I compete directly against him?”

This caught the servant unprepared, but he nodded reflexively.


No sooner had he spoken than the little fox appeared in the arena in a flash of white light.

The colorful deer was huge, and the little fox was petite. This created an even stronger contrast between the two. Nothing was revealed on the crowd’s faces, but in their hearts, they believed the fox was doomed to lose.

Wu Yongde laughed and pointed to the little fox. He disdained, “Liu Daoist friend, you dare let a mingled furry fox onto the field.”

His eyes darkened. He ordered the deer, “Xiao Wu*, tear it to pieces.”

*Little Five; as in its five colors, not to be confused with Wu Yongde’s surname.

Everyone was focused on Wu Yongde and Qin Mo, so no one saw the deer, opposite the fox, tremble. Nor the fear flashing through its eyes.

The deer shivered at Wu Yongde’s command, but a spirit beast couldn’t disobey its master’s command. It could only rush toward the little fox despite the intense pressure around it. “Is that fox stupid?” Someone to the side said in a lowered voice when the fox remained motionless.

Others also showed expressions of agreeing. Those with kinder hearts turned their faces, not wanting to see the bloody scene.

Only once the deer reached the fox did it move. The little fox raised its front paw and patted in the deer’s direction.

“Hmph, laughable…” Wu Yongde’s face broke into a gleeful smile at the move, but before he could complete his thought, his eyes flew wide. He couldn’t believe it.

That gentle pat sent the white deer flying. It landed on the ground and couldn’t get back up.

The whole stage went silent.

Ignoring the fallen magical deer, the little fox leaped out of the arena and jumped towards Qin Mo. As it hopped onto the railing, it turned and swiped its claws toward Wu Yongde.

Not expecting the sudden attack, Wu Yongde jerked back. Fortunately, there was someone behind him so he didn’t fall down the aisle. Now, he was pale and badly injured.

Qin Mo’s gaze was cold. The sword behind him shone bright, wanting to give him another blow.

“Liu Daoist friend, think twice before you make that move.” A sudden cry from the side interrupted Qin Mo’s next move. He clenched his fists.

“Liu Daoist friend, you wouldn’t want this little friend to get hurt.” Nearby, a man in green robes had held onto Ling Yun. He had a claw- shaped instrument held at Ling Yun’s throat.

Ling Yun smiled, though, when he felt Qin Mo’s gaze, and said, “Kill him.” The man in green jerked when he heard this, and crimson flowed from Ling Yun’s neck.

Qin Mo slowly retracted his sword. Without gracing Wu Yongde with another look, he said plainly, “Let him go.”

The man trembled, and he glanced at the people behind Wu Yongde.
They quickly pulled Wu Yongde away.

He watched them leave and swallowed, looking at Qin Mo in horror. He deliberated, “Senior Liu, this was only a temporary measure, please don’t take it to heart.”

“Let him go.” As if he didn’t hear him at all, Qin Mo methodically placed the sword in his Qiankun bag and repeated.

The man immediately let go and fled.

Qin Mo glanced at Ling Yun and turned, leaving without a word.

Uncaring about his wound, Ling Yun followed Qin Mo and asked quietly,
“Why’d you let Wu Yongde go?”

“There will be other opportunities.” His flat voice billowed into the air, barely audible.

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Chapter 48

Thiry days flew by quickly, and now it was time to enter the Hidden Moon Domain. The sky was the marble white of dawn when Qin Mo and Ling Yun arrived at the place agreed upon with Wu Yongxing.

When Wu Yongxing spotted Qin Mo, his eyes darkened but a gentle smile appeared on his face. Even Wu Yongde, who hated Qin Mo, didn’t say much.

Qin Mo stood on his flying boat, and no one dared to stand beside him.
Only Ling Yun stood behind him.

Qin Mo’s eyes narrowed as he watched the distant sunrise. Since he had come to this world, he was always cultivating or fighting. His mind was tense, and he hadn’t been able to rest until now. His body and mind calmed, and his soul relaxed.

“Senior Liu,” this familiar voice came from behind him, and Wan Xiang appeared at his side.

“The other three cities in the north will also enter the Hidden Moon Domain for the spirit moonflower, but they should enter from another entrance,” she casually explained.

“Other three cities?” His eyes widened, doubtful.

“Senior Liu should know, even if people come to the boundary of the guard sea to take part in the selection trial, they aren’t welcomed by the large sects. Those who fail to enter have two choices. Either, they return to their original boundary or stay here. Most stay. Though it cannot be compared with the higher boundaries, it’s much better than the lower.” She looked as if she had thought of something, and her expression became difficult to look at.

She noticed he was listening carefully and smiled enchantingly, “There are four cities in the north. People who come for the trial occupy Wuzhou City. The other cities are owned by seniors who chose to stay. Their strength is high, but they rarely care about the younger generation. The people have lived here for a long time, however, and there are many outstanding juniors that were also eligible for the selection. The most famous being Wu Suo.”

“Wu Suo is the son of Weitan City’s owner. He’s strong and considered the first amongst the young disciples of the north. With his strength, he should have left the north to head south, but he stayed for his younger brother who is in Foundation Building. This time, he will enter the Hidden Moon Domain.” She reached out, straightening her hair, and tapped her lips as she narrated.

He glanced at her. With such detail in her words, she could only have a demand for him. It was undeniable that she spent a lot of time thinking about him.

A jade bottle appeared in his hand, and he casually tossed it into hers.
“Divine convene pills.”

These helped recover spirit power and could even quicken injury recovery. It was rarer than the spirit convene pills.

The bottle Qin Mo gave to Wan Xiang was the best yellow-grade. Rarer still, it functioned like that of a black-grade.

Holding this boddle, she stared at the cloaked figure, stunned, and complex emotion flashed in her eyes.

The sun rose to its peak, and a blue ocean spread before their eyes. A green island stood in the middle. As the flying boat approached, everyone could see the island’s shape.

From a distance, the island looked like a giant turtle. A turtle so large it accounted for almost a third of the sea. This island was surrounded in a yellow enchantment with a powerful deterrent.

A red teleportation array stood atop a road that laid before the island. Already, a group of people stood before the array. The leader had strong spirit pressure, and this should be one of the three cities mentioned by Wan Xiang.

Wu Yongde and the leader greeted each other. The group that arrived first stood in the array and activated it from outside. The dazzling red light flashed and wrapped the people in it, then the hundreds of people disappeared.

Once they had gone, Wu Yongde took out several spirit stones and placed them in the array. The dulled color once again became radiant.

Wu Yongde waved his hand, and everyone stood inside the array.

Red flashed and when Qin Mo felt earth beneath his feet again, the scene before him had transformed.

Though cultivators didn’t fear heat or cold, Qin Mo could still feel the constant heat radiating from under his feet.

He was in a desert. Only sand and no signs of life sprawled before him.

He looked up at the sun and his eyebrows wrinkled. Qin Mo glanced around the sandy terrain and selected a random direction.

He lifted a foot, and the ground trembled. A harsh “sha sha” came from behind.

He turned, and his expression shifted. Ten, huge, red scorpions stood behind him. These were called Sand Scorpions and were common demonic beasts of the desert. Most were at Foundation Building and were like fish in water in this desert environment.

He was confident in his strength, but his scalp still went numb at the sight of those abnormally huge pincers. He turned and fled. This was his first time in the Hidden Moon Domain, and he didn’t understand the situation. It was better to save his strength than conflict with the scorpions.

Qin Mo was fast, and he quickly left the scorpions behind. But before he could feel relieved, the same “sha sha” came from ahead.

He paused and found ten more crawling in front of him. By the time he recovered from the shock, the ones following him had caught up.

Surrounded by sand scorpions, Qin Mo’s eyes flashed and his expression grew fierce.

Light gathered in his empty right hand, and Thunderbolt appeared in his grasp. Since he couldn’t escape, he could only kill.

The longsword circulated energy and shone. Qin Mo could feel the boiling heat around the sword, and he felt enlightened. The sword wasn’t just a weapon, but at the same time, a weapon. He used it as a common sword, when even an ability like Shattered Sky Sword couldn’t exert its fullest power.

Thunderbolt hummed. The corner of his mouth raised a little, and his mind seemed connected to the sword.

The sword became illusory as if it had become a shadowy light and merged with Qin Mo. Momentum dispersed from within, and the energy struck the scorpions. It peeled their bodies inch by inch, and their blood scattered as they fell to the ground one after the other.

It was a one-sided slaughter. Each swing of Qin Mo’s sword felled another scorpion. Once all were dead, he stopped. He touched the smooth body of Thunderbolt and felt a strange joy in his chest. He had never felt it before, and it brought a smile to his face.

“Young Master, the master has a request.” The man in black stood outside the house, bowed deeply to the people in the room, and said respectfully.

It was a long time later he heard the creak of the door and a breeze blew past. He lowered his head even further when he saw the corner of red clothing on the ground.

This person was the young master these past few days. No one knew his origin or his strength, but thinking that he had climbed out of that horrid blood pool frightened everyone. Especially after he killed everyone disobedient with such bloody means, their fear only grew.


“Young master, please follow me.” The man stayed for a while, panic written on his face. He heard the cold hum and stooped even lower, quickly leading the way.

The dark doors suddenly opened, and sunlight shone into the large hall.

“Lin Zizheng.” The man dressed in red pushed the doors in, and an emotionless voice called from the deepest parts within.

Lin Zizheng stood in the backlight. In the short time, his young face had become angular and his features more distinct. The scarlet robes only added fierceness.

He snorted coldly without warmth in his eyes and asked impatiently,

The speaker was quiet for a moment, then he said unhurried, “A few guys want to head into a lower boundary to release their frustration. Do you want to go with them?”

“Not interested,” Lin Zizheng’s eyebrows wrinkled, and he turned to leave, “I want to cultivate.”

The man wasn’t angry. “You know, your current strength is too weak.
Even if I stand behind you, your position as young master is unstable.”

Lin Zizheng’s eyebrows climbed, and the corners of his mouth curled up in a wicked smile. His gaze collided with them. “Do you want me to win the hearts of the people?”

“No, I want them to witness your strength.”

Lin Zizheng remained silent for a moment. He turned away from the hall with a flick of his sleeves. “Where?”

Acknowledging that as agreement, the man’s voice also gained a hint of laughter, “Boundary of the guard sea.”

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Chapter 49

Just as Qin Mo put away the sand scorpion’s demonic cores, a loud noise came from a distance. Then, the yellow sand rose violently and spread everywhere.

Qin Mo’s expression changed as he looked.

The golden light rising out of the desert, was not a powerful monster like he had previously thought, but a person.

The newcomer wore a long golden robe outlined in several simple lines with gold wire. His five features were distinct. His slender eyes were slightly narrowed and sharp in color. He was like a dazzling mirage of tomorrow. Even in this hot desert, he was eye-catching.

His eyes swept over the sand scorpion next to him then looked at Qin Mo casually. He said somewhat proudly, “This Daoist friend, I hope you can give me those sand scorpion’s demonic cores. You don’t have to worry about suffering a loss. I can exchange them with spirit stones with you.”

Qin Mo’s eyebrows wrinkled at this person’s arrogant attitude. His eyes were dark, and he ignored the person’s intentions. He collected the scorpions on the ground; Despite its ugly appearance, the sand scorpion’s entire body was a treasure. Its blood could refine pills, and the body could be refined into weapons.

The golden-robed man’s expression changed, and he jerked forward, throwing his right first in Qin Mo’s direction. A force erupted from him, and dazzling light roared from above, heading directly for Qin Mo.

Qin Mo remained unphased even in the face of that fierce attack. He flipped the sword in his hand and pushed his spirit energy. The sword glinted, shining around him, and collided with the light.

“Boom!” In a centralized explosion, the sand soared into the air and hovered as a dust cloud around the two. The man’s golden aura broke through the sandy veil.

The sand settled, and the man saw Qin Mo still stood in the same place, unharmed. His attack did nothing at all.

“Interesting.” The man’s eyes flashed with interest at the sight of the safe and sound Qin Mo. Although he hadn’t used his full strength, it wasn’t easy to remain unscathed.

His eyebrows wrinkled, though, at Qin Mo’s black cloak, and he said disdainfully, “Hiding your head but showing your tail, a man should be open and honorable.”

The light in his eyes didn’t diminish at all. In fact, it grew even hotter. His hands emerged from his sleeves and formed a complicated seal. “Face my next move.”

The light surged out from behind him and condensed into a python. It burst toward Qin Mo.

Qin Mo’s face hardened, and his movements became solemn.

He and his longsword, once again, became one. Spirit energy rolled over them continuously, and the blade emitted a sharp light, rising to meet the python.

The python was cut to pieces, but the man’s expression wasn’t one of displeasure. His eyebrows had raised in excitement, and the look in his eyes intensified even further. “Not bad, not bad, really not bad. You’re so interesting, I won’t argue over your behavior.” The man’s tone was still arrogant but revealed a sense of approval.

He twitched and quickly formed a series of hand seals. Ten of the same pythons rose behind him.

They held still, suspended in the air, as pressure poured off of them. Then, under their breath, huge gullies formed in the sand below, and the sand scorpions were reduced to dust.

A heaving sigh came from the pythons’ mouths. With a swing of their tails, they darted forward to attack again.

Qin Mo maintained his lack of expression. He turned slightly and the long sword slanted across his chest. Excitement swelled in the depths of his gaze.

“Shattered sky sword,” the words fell with a chill, and a large shadow appeared in the heated energy around him. Compared to the visible but soulless Shattered Sky Sword, the power of this one increased tremendously and carried a killing intent that cut through the air.

“Bang!” The entire desert seemed to shake. The gold aura diffused in the air, and a fluctuation of energy surged from the impact point.

The man’s pupils shrank, slowly glowing a red-gold. His skin also gained this reddish-golden tint. Qin Mo’s flashed in shades of green as green enchantment swirled around him. It was the defensive treasure, that turtle he bought in Qingfeng House.

The fluctuations slowly called.

Both of their clothes were messy by the time it settled.

But ignoring the state of his body, the man laughed. Eyes glittering, still, he shouted, “Very good, come again!” Qin Mo’s expression was relaxed as he grasped his long sword and greeted the man’s hit.

For a time, the two white and gold figures danced in this silent desert, continuously somersaulting over each other.

Without knowing how much time had passed, the two figures separated. The man wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. “It’s been a long time since I was this happy.”

Qin Mo casually retreated the turtle shell which had several cracks. This had also been a thrill for him.

His opponent watched him strangely for a long time. He seemed to want to see Qin Mo’s face through his cloak. He intoned, “Wu Suo.”

Qin Mo’s mouth curled a little, answering without hesitation, “Qin Mo.”

The two hearts synchronized in sympathy.

As son of Weitian City’s owner, Wu Suo naturally had many advantages over Qin Mo. It wasn’t surprising he had a map of the desert. Being transported to such a dangerous place, Qin Mo’s luck was still as bad as ever.

Though Qin Mo and Wu Suo were strong, it still took a long time to get out of the desert. It eventually took over a dozen days.

When they finally saw several villages stretch out before them, Wu Suo’s eyebrows climbed. His gaze glowed again and he smiled, “Again?”

Qin Mo’s face remained fixed. Over their time together, he had learned Wu Suo’s personality well. While he was arrogant, he was also straightforward. Wu Suo wanted the sand scorpion cores because he had the same fire root as the scorpions. Their cores were useful for enhancing his strength.

He also knew Wu Suo had an unusual love for battle. Qin Mo agreed lightly, “Why not?” Through his constant exchanges with Wu Suo, Qin Mo could feel his cultivation stabilizing. He had been relying on pills and demonic cores to advance, and while there wasn’t any harm from it, it wasn’t very stable.

Wu Suo’s face  brightened at  his reply, and  he laughed  boisterously,

Just as they were about to begin, a familiar voice came from an oblique direction, “Senior Liu?”

Qin Mo and Wu Suo halted at the same time. They turned and saw Wan Xiang looking at Qin Mo with a somewhat complicated expression.

Eyebrows wrinkled, she said slowly after a moment, “Senior… Liu, then the Hidden Moon Domain opened, disciples from the boundary of the forbidden mountain entered. Wu Yongde is with them right now.”

She paused; then continued: “They already know you killed the real Senior Liu. They’ve caught your servant. You’d better leave.”

Qin Mo’s expression shifted. He remained quiet for a moment then asked, “Where are they?”

Her gaze gained a tinge of anxiety, “You’d better leave now. You shouldn’t provoke people from the boundary of the forbidden mountain…”

The atmosphere darkened, and Wan Xiang stopped talking. She sighed.
He wouldn’t follow her advice. She could only give up their location.

He thanked her, nodded in Wu Suo’s direction, and turned his flying sword to leave. Golden light flashed, and Wu Suo stood at his side, smiling at Qin Mo, “I will also go and join in on the fun.”

This surprised Qin Mo, a complicated feeling rising in his heart, but he nodded and left.

As she watched Qin Mo leave, Wan Xiang sneered. She had been so kind. She not only hadn’t kicked the person while he was down and even tried to help him. Pity people couldn’t appreciate it.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark, Bet

Chapter 50

The Hidden Moon Domain is very large, with many mountains and jungles. As for Wu Yongde and others, they were at a very rare plain.

Qin Mo and Wu Suo stood in midair with their flying swords and looked straight down to see the situation.

For thousands of years, it has been an unwritten rule for cultivators to gather in this plain every time they enter the Hidden Moon Domain. Now more than half a month has passed, and most of the cultivators have already arrived here.

The cultivators, who were supposed to be exchanging goods and messages here, now stand scattered. They were looking strangely at the center, whispering something under their breath.

In the middle of them, there was a large area of cleared land. Their figures stood proudly, one of them was wearing a green robe with an excited smile on his face; it was Wu Yongde. Ling Yun was tied rightly with a blue rope and placed freely at their feet.

“If that man doesn’t show up soon, we will first slaughter this kid.” A man in yellow clothes standing beside Wu Yongde glanced coldly at Ling Yun and the murderous voice spread slowly from him.

Upon hearing this, Qin Mo’s eyes became dark above.

Wu Yongde turned his eyes and said to the man in yellow, “Yang Shao, since he is so ignorant, we might as well teach him a lesson first.” “Oh? What kind of lesson?” Hearing this, the yellow clothes man became interested; he asked and showed a touch of curiosity on his face.

Wu Yongde grinned coldly, and his face was tinged with cold color. “We can cut off the boy’s right hand first. If he still does not appear in another quarter of an hour, then cut off the boy’s left arm. Yang Shao, what do you think?”

The man in yellow paused and looked up and down at Wu Yongde for a moment, then laughed and said, “Wonderful, just do what you said.”

After Wu Yongde heard this, he grasped his right hand and a black dagger appeared in his hand. With a malicious smile on his face, he came before Ling Yun. As soon as he lifted his arm, ready to chop Ling Yun’s left hang with the dagger.

Ling Yun’s eyes flickered slightly, his hand tied behind him moved a bit, and a stream of light flashed between his fingers.

A crisp crash sounded, and Wu Yongde’s hands holding the dagger shook violently and fell to the ground with the spirit stone that suddenly appeared.

“You dare.” The indifferent voice came from the sky, carried no fluctuation, but people can feel a sense of displeasure from it.

Wu Yongde’s face was fierce. Ignored Ling Yun and stood up looking straight at Qin Mo. He grinded his teeth and said, “You are finally here!”

Qin Mo ignored his meaning as landed on the ground. Walked step by step toward the three men. The man in yellow clothes sweep his eyes and fell on the little “Liu” on Qin Mo’s cloak. He snorted coldly and said with some disdain, “It is very bold of you to pretend to be someone from the boundary of the forbidden mountain after killing one of its people.” Feeling the murderous aura from the man, Qin Mo paused his footsteps and stopped around ten footsteps from them. His eyes slightly swept over Ling Yun on the ground, and he said faintly, “Let him go.” “Oh, you think you can leave here safely today?” The man in yellow smiled and his face was full of mockeries. Then his smile dropped as he said sinisterly, “Brat, when you are born into your next life, remember that there are some people that can’t be provoked by such a small person as you.” He said this, but his eyes were more dignified. He knew in his heart that Liu Zhongchi’s strength was above him. If Qin Mo could kill Liu Zhongchi, his ability couldn’t be underestimated. Thinking of this, he looked at the man beside him who had not opened his mouth. The man saw him nodded his head, joy-filled the man’s face, and they rush toward Qin Mo’s direction for an attack in unison.

The strength of the two men from the boundary of the forbidden mountain is above Soul Solitude. When their bodies scuttled a strong spirit power fluctuated and slowly spreads out from their bodies.

The man in yellow eyes were wide open as he roared “Die!” And the two man’s spirit power rolled out, and it became a fierce lion behind them. They rushed straight to Qin Mo full of fierceness.

Seeing this scene, the cultivators around changed their expression and retreated from all sides. The space in the middle soon became larger. Their gaze on Qin Mo became more and more complicated. People who offended the people from the boundary of the forbidden mountain won’t have any good endings.

Qin Mo clenched Thunderbolt, and a faint light flashed within his hand. As if feeling Qin Mo’s mood, Thunderbolt trembled slightly and emitted a low humming sound. A sharp sense emanates from Qin Mo as he raised his sword and fought with the giant lion. Wu Suo’s eyebrows were wrinkled and his voice was full of disdain. “It is a small man’s way to bully the lesser.” As soon as his voice fell, he leaned forward and fingers kept moving. A golden python appeared in the air, following Qin Mo’s footsteps and collided with the giant lion. “Clash!” Under this powerful impact, the surrounding rocks turned into powder. The smoke and dust spread all over the sky.

“Still alive!” Some surprises in the yellow clothes man’s voice. After looking at Qin Mo, he moved his gaze to Wu Suo on the side. His eyebrows wrinkled and with disdain in his voice, he asked proudly, “Who are you? How dare you interfere in the affairs of the boundary of the forbidden mountain?” Wu Suo is usually a proud and accustomed person, but when he saw this man in yellow, he snorted once and said, “Wu Suo of Weitian City. People might be afraid of you all from the boundary of the forbidden mountain, but I am not.”

The yellow clothes man’s tone is stagnant, and his face is difficult to look at. Weitian City is the strongest city in the north; even the boundary of the forbidden mountain would be fearful of. He gave the other person a look. In a flash, their bodies rampaged again and quickly separated in the air. They rushed toward Qin Mo and Wu Suo separately.

The man in yellow directly collided with Qin Mo. Qin Mo held his long sword and crossed the tip of the sword in a dazzling arc, piercing towards the man with bitter cold.

The man knew that Qin Mo was powerful. He moved quickly and with a hand movement, a huge wolf’s-teeth club appeared in his hand. The handle of the stout weapon flashed silver and entangled with the dazzling sword tricks. “Don’t think about being rescued by that Wu Suo, my Shixiong’s strength is much stronger than mine. It is not a problem to fight Wu Suo, but you will die under my hand.” The man had a bloodthirsty light in his eyes, and the wolf’s-teeth club in his hand aimed fiercely at Qin Mo’s head.

Wu Yongde stood in the same spot, watching Qin Mo fighting with the man in yellow clothes. A dark tide surged in his eyes and a sword appeared in his right hand. Under the sunlight, the blade of the sword glittered with a terrible black light, which seemed strange and unusual. He raised the corner of his mouth and stabbed at Qin Mo’s back.

Seeing Wu Yongde’s movement, the tied-up Ling Yun’s face changed. Blood rushed in his eyes and a white light suddenly emitted from his body. The strange long rope that had been wrapped around him broke.

He stood up. A cold air lingering around him, making his robes float. He grasped his right hand and a huge blood-colored ax appeared in his hand. He snorted coldly once and with a cold gaze; he tossed the huge ax toward Wu Yongde full of ferocity. The speed of the ax was so fast it smacked Wu Yongde’s body before he could attack Qin Mo. “Ah!” Wu Yongde screamed, and the long sword in his hand instantly fell. The huge golden ax was deeply stuck in his shoulder. His body trembled and his left arm fell straight from his body.

“Humph!” Ling Yun snorted coldly once and quickly moved forward to Wu Yongde’s side. He picked up the ax and slammed it fiercely. Wu Yongde’s right arm also fell off.

“Ah! You… You… I will never let you go.” Wu Yongde’s eyes were red and his voice struggled to squeeze out a sentence.

Ling Yun’s mouth hooks upward, revealing a cold smile and saying, “I’ll be waiting.” But he didn’t hesitate to take out a black medicine pill and shove it into Wu Yongde’s mouth.

Watching Wu Yongde rolling painfully on the ground, Ling Yun’s face became more and more brilliant.

Qin Mo on the side noticed their situation. Seeing Ling Yun intact, he felt a little relieved. Moving his gaze back to the man in yellow, his expression turned serious. For a moment, his body seemed to turn into a purple light. A man and a sword were rightly merged. Then, the light flashed out, faintly turned into a long sword and tore the surrounding air. He attacked the man with endless fierceness. The little fox who had been quietly waiting in the spirit animal bag with a flashed of amazement in its dark eyes, it murmured, “This body reached the boundary where man and sword are one…”

Looking at the long sword surging with terrible aura, the man’s face also showed a frightening expression. Faced with such an attack, he could feel its strength. His face was stretched, both hands quickly formed in midair and shouted, “Secret Dragon Art.”

The giant golden dragon slowly formed in the air, with the overwhelming power, it ruthlessly crashed into the sword.

“Boom!” The golden light and purple light were constantly surging, and it discolors the sky in this area. Everyone presents couldn’t help but stop their actions and look straight at where the two forces meet.

At this moment, the entire Hidden Moon Domain trembled violently, and suddenly a black vortex appeared on the far left. The vortex grew bigger and bigger until finally, several people came out of it.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark, Bet
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