The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother Chapter 91-100

Chapter 91

Being called “trash” by the little fox and also so disregarded by them, Elder Heigu who became clear minded from the pain once again fell back to his chaotic state. The voice that spoke in his ears earlier sounded again slowly, “Kill him, kill him…”

Elder Heigu gave a loud roar and stood back up again from the ground with black gas surrounding his entire body. His original appearance can no longer be recognized. He staggered toward Qin Mo while mumbling, “Kill you!”

The little fox snorted, raising his long tail in the air and slamming it at the elder. As he was hit again, he fell down to his stomach, trembled for a moment and stopped moving.

The attack looked very casual, but it carried an enormous impact. This stroke not only sent the elder flying but also killed many demonic cultivators around him. Their badly mangled bodies on the ground, dying extremely miserably.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. It seems that the little fox’s cultivation base has improved a lot. He could tell how much more powerful it is from the smudge of its divine sense.

Witnessing this scene, the three elites from the middle region could no longer be locked down. The one deem leader gave a low snort, his eyes full of bloodthirsty and murderous intent, looking at the fox’s figure from a distance and said, “Kill.” A red light visible to the naked eyes slowly emerges from his body, and the demonic cultivators present suddenly stiffened. Even Xing Xue and three other palace masters’ pupils shrink slightly, squinting with some enjoyment. Light of the demonic blood is not something that could be enjoyed all the time.

The red light became more and more prosperous, and finally became a dazzling blood red color, which surrounded the whole demonic cultivators within. The extremely dense red color, giving a fearful external appearance.

After that split second of distraction, the demonic cultivators all gave long roars as they swayed with their body, rushing toward the little fox.

The little fox’s gaze turned chilling as it protected Qin Mo by stopping the howling demonic cultivators from all directions with a flash of its body.

The righteous cultivators were not idle either. They performed their array again, and instantly turned into a sharp spirit sword, cutting from above the demonic cultivators’ heads.

Lin Zizheng felt a sense of relief once he saw Qin Mo was no longer in danger and turned his attention back to Qing Feng, Qing Yeng, and others around him. His body jolted without the slightest tenderness for his female opponent, and the ribbons wrapped around him snapped to inches of sections.

When her magic treasure suffered the damage, Qing Feng’s face pale, and she spit out a mouthful of blood. The ribbon is rooted to a portion of her life. She clenched the broken ribbon tightly, but did not have the intention to back away. Her sight fell on Lin Zizheng and did not move away for half a minute. She enclosed her empty hand and a long sword appeared from the middle of her palm.

There was a flash of light glittered in her eyes. This person should not be like this. The little fox’s front foot and tails continuously beat back the surrounding demonic cultivators, using no ability, a single hit would cause an enormous pile of mangled bodies and blood puddles. While Qin Mo on the side swirled his long sword in the air, carried out countless florid sword dances, and cut down the surrounding opponents one by one.

With the powerful little fox beside him, even if his foes have buff from demonic blood light, the advantage in the field gradually inclines to the righteous cultivators’ side.

Knowing that Qin Mo will not be in any danger under the little fox’s protection, a faint resentment filled Lin Zizheng’s heart. But he couldn’t do anything about this. Although he stayed here to gain experience, it doesn’t matter if the demonic cultivators lose because the safety of his Da Shixiong is top priority.

He slowed down his movement and whirled in a circle with the surrounding people. Even as he wielded his spear as if he was dancing, his line of sight were focused around Qin Mo in search, searching for Wen Qing.

At first he disregarded this person, not putting Wen Qing in his eyes. Later, he started paying more attention to him because of Old Men Wen. But he did not expect this man to harbour such evil. What is his purpose for being at Da Shixiong’s side?

Found him. His eyes brightened up when he spotted Wen Qing half lying in the corner, scheming something with downcast eyes. The monk he fought earlier stood on the side.

Standing in the distance, the monk calmly watched the rather bloody scene with a leisurely appearance, while his eyes were fixed on Qin Mo.

As if feeling Lin Zizheng’s eyes, the monk suddenly turned his head and smiled. Different from the previous peaceful expression, his smile at the moment carried a degree of evil.

Lin Zizheng’s heart skipped a beat; the monk looks just like his master. Before Lin Zizheng could think of something, the monk held out his slender jade like a hand that even glittered faintly under the sunlight. He raised an eyebrow and gave it a swat in Qin Mo’s direction.

Qin Mo shifted his wrist and slashed off the neck of the man before him, Qin Mo breathed out a heavy breath. Then in this moment, he suddenly felt a chill in the back of his neck, and a powerful sense of murder intent sprang out from his back.

He turned around to see the monk with his hand raised. His eyes widened. When facing Elder Heigu, he was only paralyzed in the same spot. But facing this monk, he lost even his strength to resist.

“Be careful!” Suddenly, the little fox gave a sharp cry as its four tails swung rapidly, turning the demonic cultivators around them into meat pastes. At the same time, a brilliant light came from its body as its size has enlarged very quickly, and protected Qin Mo with its body.

“You are only a young nine-tailed fox.” The monk snorted coldly. The smile on his face remained the same, but somehow, it became more and more sinister.

His palm was still in the air, and there was a distance between him and the little fox. After a moment of deadlock, the hand fell down quickly.

The little fox’s already fading shape became even more mist like. It opened its mouth wide and a white light came out of its mouth. The light rushed toward the monk at a quick speed and slammed at him.

Being hit but the monk’s smile quivered a bit, but he soon regained his composure and put more force into his hand. Under this pressure, the little fox’s body scattered into pieces, turning into numerous fluorescent lights with Qin Mo in the center.

As his nascent divine spirit was broken, a large white fox suddenly opened its eyes in the distant demonic beast world. It raised its head, eyes glimmering in obscurity, as if it could see the distance through the sky. It uttered a sign, “Qin Mo…” Qin Mo’s action was quick. When he saw the little fox’s nascent divine spirit was destroyed in front of his eyes, he waved his long sword, carrying the fierce sword Qi. The negative emotions in his heart disappeared in a moment.

The fearless in his heart is genuinely fearless, and the direction of his heart is how he used his sword. At this moment, Qin Mo’s eyes are extremely firm.

“Nice spirit, that’s too bad.” The monk looked at Qin Mo in the opposite direction. Carrying a fierce momentum around him, just like the spirit sword out of its sheath with threatening chilly air. Especially that pair of eyes flowing darkly bright, shining with thousands of lights.

The monk only sighed and did not stop his hand movement.

At the same time, the long spear in Lin Zizheng’s hand erupted into a powerful force. The silver light on the tip flickered as it broke Qing Feng’s long sword and stabbed her in the shoulder. Lin Zizheng revolved his weapon and sent Qing Feng flying.

Then he turned around and rushed toward Qin Mo.

Everything happens in a flash. After the monk retreated his hand, he found that Lin Zizheng was holding Qin Mo as they both fell to the ground.

The monk frowned as he glanced at Lin Zizheng, displeasure and impatience flashed through his eyes. As expected, this Qin Mo cannot be kept alive. As long as he is alive, Lin Zizheng would not mature.

The monk moved his hand hiding in his sleeve, but as he was about to move, he heard Lin Zizheng’s trembling voice, “Da Shixiong…” Then he took back his hand. That’s right, his attack landed on Qin Mo, there is no way he can stay alive.

Lin Zizheng sat up straight. Qin Mo is the only one in his eyes. After his fingers trembled for a moment, he put them on Qin Mo’s chest. His expression changed, and he felt the disorder breathing under him, quickly pass his spirit power into Qin Mo.

Da Shixiong obediently lay in his arms, just like the scene where he once wanted to see in his dreams, but now it gave a painful ache in his heart.

Before Lin Zizheng rushed to Qin Mo by pushing out the crowd of people trying to stop him, wanting to block that deadly attack. He knew in his heart that the monk is his master, who would not kill him. But he didn’t expect Qin Mo to turn while holding him in his arms and took that attack himself.

Qin Mo is pale. He could clearly feel his life flowing out like a current. He blinked a few times when a drop of warm liquid fell beside his lips. He lifted his head and saw Lin Zizheng staring down at him, expressionless and lifeless eyes. A few drops of bright tears slipping down his eyes.

Qin Mo moved his lips, but in the end said nothing. His eyes drifted and fell on the clouds in the sky. There is no such clear sky in his own world. So unfortunately he can never return.

Seeing Qin Mo’s eyes slowly lost their light, he held his hands tightly, and a smile suddenly appeared on his face. Which seems strange at this time. He bent down by Qin Mo’s ears, bit the ear, gave it a lick before whispering, “Da Shixiong, even in death you do not want to owe me anything, do you?”

Without waiting for an answer, Lin Zizheng said as if to himself, “But I want you to owe me, remember me all your life.” His tone is gentle, but also extremely domineering as well.

Qin Mo’s consciousness is a bit fuzzy, but he instinctively trembled when he heard Lin Zizheng’s words.

“Da Shixiong, do you know how the twin flowers got its name?”

Chapter 92

Lin Zizheng embraced Qin Mo and continued to send his spirit power to Qin Mo as he whispered.

“The reason the twin flowers got its name is that the couples who planted the flowers can share life force, of course, that is not the only benefit.”

He dropped a gentle kiss on Qin Mo’s lips, his voice vanished between their lips, “The couple could also exchange their lives.”

Separating Qin Mo’s lips with his tongue, Lin Zizheng’s tongue sweeps through Qin Mo’s mouth. At the same time, he formed hand seals with his left hand and put his right hand on Qin Mo’s chest.

A layer of green light covered Lin Zizheng’s body. At first, it was a faint green light, but with the passage of time, it became brighter and brighter, just like a crystal clear emerald, illuminating the entire space.

His face turned pale, but his hands remained on Qin Mo’s chest.

Seeing the green light, the monk’s eyebrows and heart jumped, and his face could no longer maintain that profound mystery expression. Anger filled his tone, “The twin flowers.” He took a step forward and waved his hand in Qin Mo’s direction.

The green light swayed, and a strong vine suddenly emerged from the green light, blocking the monk’s attack. It blocked the monk’s palm with a loud bang. He frowned tightly and murmured, “Such governing power.”

After defending against the monk, the vine returned to Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng’s side. The green vines suddenly shook and circled around them. It grew larger and more luxuriant. At last, they formed a close wall that tightly surrounded them.

Lying on the ground, Qin Mo felt a burning pain behind him, as if something was trying to come out. The severe pain turned his face pale, and a cold sweat dripped down from his forehead.

But the spot where Lin Zizheng touched became warmer, and his scattered spirit power slowly condensed in his body. His weak divine sense also gradually woken up, but his limbs are still weak. He can’t move up from the ground at all, and can only stare at Lin Zizheng before him.

Lin Zizheng’s face became ashen, and slight fatigue filled his eyes. However, he continued to smile as he whispered, “I love you, Da Shixiong.”

At that moment, the green light on Lin Zizheng’s body reached the peak, and a blood-red flower blossomed rapidly on the vine. The energy that had been slowly transferring became turbulent and rushed into Qin Mo’s chest.

His long black hair turned white inch by inch from the root.

Qin Mo’s eyes widened, and his body trembled. He struggled to get away from Lin Zizheng’s right hand. Lin Zizheng continued to smile as he pressed Qin Mo harder to the ground.

The dense vines tightly wrapped around the two of them, blocking the sight of outsiders. No one knew what happened inside; even the monk with unpredictable strength.

Rain fell, the originally bright sky suddenly became extremely gloomy, and the black clouds were gathering above everyone’s head. Both sides unconsciously stopped their actions as the weather made everyone have a feeling of suffocation.

The monk’s eyebrows jumped when an unpleasant feeling emerged from his heart. When he reached his current cultivation base, he could feel the judgement of heaven and earth. His expression remained the same, but his nerves tightened.

As the bloody petals withered, the dark green vines dried out as well.
When they turned to ashes, everyone could clearly see the hidden scene.

Qin Mo, who was on the verge of death, has recovered his normal complexion. He sat cross-legged on the ground with Lin Zizheng’s head rested on his leg, and his entire body in his arms.

Lin Zizheng’s spirit power had dried up, and even the Golden Core inside had shattered. Obviously, he can’t stay alive for long.

He leaned in Qin Mo’s arms in a trace, vaguely remembering the time when his Da Shixiong protected him like this, but how in the world did they end up like this?

Lin Zizheng sighed, no longer trying to come up with an answer. He no longer has a chance..

He reached out and tried to touch Qin Mo’s face, but he couldn’t even reach it half way. A cold hand suddenly held on to his hand. It was Qin Mo’s cold hand. At this moment, the unhappiness and resentment in his heart slowly disappeared. Lin Zizheng smiled at the corner of his mouth and whispered, “Da Shixiong… I am sorry…”

Qin Mo held Lin Zizheng’s hand and trembled. His gaze fell on Lin Zizheng’s pale cheek, then the left hand with a light yellow talisman within it. It was the teleportation talisman that Lin Zizheng gave him. He asked, “Was it worth it?”

But no one can answer his question now. The entire sky was completely dark. Within this pitch blackness, a loud rumbling sound echoed. A thunder appeared in the sky, this thunder clearly reflected the cold meaning in Qin Mo’s eyes and Lin Zizheng’s closed eyes.

“The sky is falling!” A shrill cry sounded in the crowd. When the crowd could understand the content of the cry, all of their expressions changed.

When they look up, they can see an enormous crack in the sky. A gigantic hole in the sky with rain pouring down out from the hole, hitting the whole earth. From a distance, the sky really looked like it had collapsed.

“The ground is also cracking!” Under the impact of the rain curtain, the whole earth shook, and cracks emerged from the ground. No matter if one is a righteous cultivator or demonic cultivator, if they are even the slightest careless, the cracks would swallow them up, leaving no corpse behind.

The crowd was in panic; they had no way to escape as the heavens collapsed and the earth shattered.

Qin Mo continued to sit in the same spot, staring emptily at Lin Zizheng in his arms, unconsciously brushing his fingers over his close eyes. His heart in chaos.

He toned out all the surrounding chaos. This world exists because of Lin Zizheng. Now he is gone, naturally, the world would collapse.

If Lin Zizheng knew that the entire world would be buried with him, would he be excited? Qin Mo gave a mocking smile in his heart, thinking of this. As expected, he has been with Lin Zizheng for a long time, naturally he would have such abnormal ideas.

The monk’s eyes narrowed in the distance. He clearly felt the suppression on the lower demon region, making it smaller and smaller. He believed it would not be long before his strength would be imprisoned.

The heavens and earth are in a scramble. At the edge of the black cave, a strange fluctuation is constantly created. It seems that the three boundaries of the cultivation world are merging.

It’s not wise to continue to stay here. The monk turned to leave as he threw away his dark red kasaya, but his sight focused on Qin Mo.

He paused and smiled coldly as his eyes turned sharp. Now that his apprentice is dead, let’s bury him with his most beloved. His apprentice should be very grateful to him.

He opened his hand wide, and five bloody red lights came out of his fingertips that quickly shot toward Qin Mo.

Hearing the breaking wind, Qin Mo looked up and saw the five red lights like long snakes coming to his face. Looking at the monk after the light, Qin Mo’s eyes became icy. He carefully lowered Lin Zizheng on the ground and stood up.

Powerful gale and downpour rainstorm all around, but Qin Mo did not set up any barrier, letting the rain fall on him and wet his hair and clothes.

He put his hands at chest level and quickly formed hand seals.
Thunderbolt made an inaudible rumbling sound and floated behind him.

The monk found that Qin Mo’s aura was constantly rising. From the completion phase of Soul Solitude to Core Formation, then Core Formation first layer, second layer, third layer…

Lin Zizheng not only gave his life to Qin Mo but also his cultivation base.

A loud clash made by lightning.

Thunderbolt suddenly radiates brightly. When the sound of thunder, it absorbed all their energies.

Qin Mo stared at the monk, eyes glistening with chilly light. When his thin lips moved, his crisp voice spread to the monk’s ears among all the chaos, “Heaven’s Execution.” The energy between heaven and earth has always been bottomless. Especially now with them in a scramble, making the lightning’s power immeasurable.

Thunderbolt stood in midair, with many lights emerging around it. The next moment, the long sword swings violently, as if it can really split the sky.

The monk’s pupil shrank, and he said in amazement, “Shattered Sky Sword.” In his deepest memory, there once was a man who, with one sword, killed thousands of cultivators.

“There are some similarities.” The monk whispered as he watched the attack getting closer and closer. At the moment, he was completely free from the oppression of the lower demon region, and his strength was back to its peak. Even if Qin Mo could easily kill a Nascent Soul cultivator, he was not afraid.

“I didn’t think you are his heir.” The monk stated with complicated emotion in his eyes. He retreated away from his previous killing moves and formed a barrier which blocked Qin Mo’s attack.

When the monk and Qin Mo were so focused on each other, neither noticed Wen Qing sneaking up to Lin Zizheng.

Looking at the motionless Lin Zizheng lying on the ground. Wen Qing smiled, and on his face was inexpressible sarcasm, “I didn’t expect that you would end up like this, but it just makes everything easier for me.”

As soon as he said that, a black gas emerged from Wen Qing’s body and entered Lin Zizheng.

Heaven and earth became more and more in a difficult state.

“Aren’t you dead? Why is your divine spirit still here?” A moment later, a shrill cry came from Lin Zizheng’s body.

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Chapter 93

Laying on the ground, Lin Zizheng has lost his vitality, but strangely, black and gold glows interweaved around his body. Beside him is Wen Qing with his eyes closed and motionless.

In a moment, Wen Qing, who was frozen in place, moved. His entire body trembled, and his facial complex was no better than that of Lin Zizheng lying on the ground.

Supporting his forehead with his hands, Wen Qing’s eyebrows wrinkled tightly. He seemed in extreme pain, but a joyful smile appeared on his face, “Haha, no matter how arrogant you were, you were still reduced to only fragments of scattered soul.”

In the distance, the monk looked at Qin Mo with a kind of indescribable complexity in his eyes. Thunderbolt floats behind Qin Mo, whose eyes were cold. The person before him killed Lin Zizheng.

The earth trembled again, but this time the movement was much stronger and bigger than before. As if the entire world is crumbling into pieces.

The spirit energy in the air becomes thinner and thinner. Qin Mo’s heart quivered. Something seems to have happened. Turning around, he saw Wen Qing with a strange curved saber in his hand, swinging it toward Lin Zizheng. As if he wants to separate Lin Zizheng’s corpse.

Qin Mo’s pupil shrank, disregarding the monk in front of him, he turned quickly and rushed toward the other two’s side. Wen Qing’s saber stabbed Lin Zizheng, and at the same time that the blood flowed out from the wound, a dazzling white light rose from him.

That light became more and more dazzling, brighter than the sun, so piercing it made people unable to open their eyes. When it envelops everyone, they only feel their mind suddenly become distracted, then become unconscious.

Qin Mo clearly saw Lin Zizheng’s body turned into ashes in the light. He tried very hard to keep his eyes open, but whether be the dazzling light or the water flowing out of his eyes. He held out his hand toward Lin Zizheng and grasped only a crystal ball that emits light.

The crystal ball is a piece separated from Lin Zizheng. He clenched his hand tightly, firmly grasping on the fragment.

Qingming Island is an island with an immense land mass, on which there are many mountains, green grass and pleasant scenery. Qin Mo stood on the island and looked in the distance.

He has lived on this island for five years. Since he woke up and appeared here. Obviously, this is not the demon world, and he does not understand how he appeared here.

His hand unconsciously touched the round ball hanging on his chest. It felt warm to his touch; it was the last piece he clenched onto.

Lin Zizheng died just like that? He doesn’t believe it, since this world continues to exist, which must mean Lin Zizheng is still alive in some corner.

However, during every dead of night, what he thought most was the scene when Lin Zizheng’s body turned into flying ashes. He has some awful premonition in his heart, but he was always reluctant to believe it.

“Come here, Qin Mo boy, the boat is leaving.” When Qin Mo was in a daze, a cry came from behind. Qin Mo raised his eyebrows when he heard the voice, and his face became gentler. He replied, “Uncle Cang.” As he replied, he turned to the edge of the island where a boat halted on top of the mellowed sea surface. In the boat’s prow stood a person. The person was wearing an ordinary hemp outfit, which is the Uncle Cang he called out.

After he woke up, his spirit power was completely empty, and even the vines within his body ruptured too. Fortunately, he met Uncle Cang who could cure his injuries, and his strength also was further improved.

Most of the people on this island are ordinary people, but Uncle Cang was obviously different. He was a pill alchemist, and a high grade one at that.

As soon as he stepped on the boat, it vibrated slightly, and then made a loud noise. Uncle Cang at the front of the boat waved his hand, making the boat shake too.

“Qin Mo boy, do you really want to leave here?” Uncle Cang raised an eyebrow while he glanced at Qin Mo. There was no emotion in his tone, as if asking a simple causal question.

“Yes, I want to look for two people.” The sea breeze blows on his face, a faint salty sense within. Qin Mo reached out and touched the crystal on his chest. His gaze shifted to the sea surface.

Hearing his reply, Uncle Cang gave no opinion. He smiled and went straight into the cabin, leaving Qin Mo alone on the deck. Looking at the broad sea, Qin Mo sighed.

It takes ten days to travel to Wanshan Town, the nearest town from Qingming Island. Now it’s the fifth day, the boat is halfway there.

Qin Mo sat in the cabin and took a sip of tea. Then placed the earthly grey cup on the table. At the bottom of the cup, some dark green tea leaves are slowly descending.

The residents of Qingming Island dried the tea. Thinking of them made him smile. With a sudden shake of the table, the cup standing on it shook violently, splashing the tea all over. He frowned slightly and heard a commotion outside.

“The weather is changing!”

When Qin Mo stepped out of the cabin, he saw that the bright sky had darkened, and the wind was strong on the calm sea. The boat under his feet was like a lonely boat, floating on the sea.

“Hold on!” Uncle Cang stood at the boat’s prow, commanded unhurriedly as he raised his arms. He was not afraid of the storm.

Seeing him like this, the panicked and flustered people gradually calmed down. This ship is not an ordinary ship, but a spirit boat created by cultivators. Waves like these don’t faze it, so they have nothing to worry about.

There is a layer of barrier around the spirit boat. Even when the wind is strong, the sea water does not fall on anyone on the boat.

Qin Mo walked quickly by Uncle Cang’s side and looked around the sea. The original blue sea water turned into a deep black, giving a strange feeling. He frowned, using his divine sense to explore the body of water.

Now Qin Mo’s cultivation base has reached Nascent Soul, making his divine sense more powerful. As soon as his divine sense entered the sea, he sensed the abnormal sport. A black shadow hidden under the spirit boat, and it followed forward along with the boat.

As the black object moved, he saw a pair of enormous eyes, which are full of endless greed and bloody ferocity.

His expression suddenly changed as he yelled out, “Be careful.” Thunderbolt appeared in his palm as his divine sense in the water condensed into a thin sword and stabbed it into the black object’s eye. When his divine sense made a move, the underwater monster realized it. Its body was immense, but it was very flexible. In a moment, it dodged toward the distance. But his strength is not the same now. Even if it moved quickly, Qin Mo’s sword landed on its right eye mercilessly.

There was a shrill wail that came out from the monster’s mouth, and its body trembled, then it jumped out of the water. Under its action, the spirit boat shook even more and fiercer.

However, people on the boat did not notice the shaking under their feet. Instead, their eyes are all focused on the enormous monster before the boat.

“What is that?”

“It’s a corrupted sea serpent.” Uncle Cang said in a surprise. Then he swung his sleeves and a white light glowed. A white powder came out of his sleeves and fell on everyone. He ordered, “There is poison around the corrupted sea serpent, this powder can keep the poison away. Everyone be careful.”

After that, Uncle Cang looked at the corrupted sea serpent’s head, and murmured in a puzzled voice, “Isn’t sea serpent living in the beast world? How did it appear near Qingming Island?”

Qin Mo stopped when he heard those two words. Beast world.

“Roar!” The corrupted sea serpent rose out of the sea and slashed the surface of the sea. It was originally intended to sneak attack and swallow the people along with the ship together. Unexpectedly, it was hit in the right eye by Qin Mo’s sword, probably blinding it.

It was in an unbearable pain that it swung its tail in the boat’s direction.

The people on the boat are all residents of Qingming Island, or ordinary people. When they witnessed the might of the sea serpent, their faces turned pale. However, they did not panic too much, but carefully hid behind Uncle Cang. Uncle Cang’s origin is unknown, and his strength is immeasurable. He appeared on Qingming Island ten years ago. People on the island saw him kill a ferocious demonic beast snake. They all believed in his strength.

But Uncle Cang raised his eyebrows and looked at Qin Mo, “Although it’s a corrupted sea serpent, its strength is only at Nascent Soul, why don’t you go practice against it.”

Qin Mo infused his spirit power into Thunderbolt. The blade trembled and made a buzzing sound, as if excited for action. Qin Mo nodded faintly, tiptoed and jumped out of the boat.

The long sword hovered before him, and he pointed to its giant tail ahead and whispered, “Go!” The purple light on Thunderbolt twinkled, carrying a faint fiery light, and it directly penetrated the serpent’s tail.

The corrupted sea serpent made a continuous wailing with its mouth. As it opened its mouth wide, a long black tongue sprung out and wrapped around Qin Mo. At the same time, the four giant claws glided in the air, and several gold lights aimed toward Qin Mo’s head.

His face remained calm as he quickly formed hand seals, and Thunderbolt was floating in the air again, stabbing toward the sea serpent continuously. During this time, he also flipped his palm and a bamboo flute appeared in his hand.

As he put the flute toward his mouth, he narrowed his eyes slightly, and the melodious flute sounded slowly out from the flute.

Although The people on the boat wondered why Qin Mo played the flute at this time, they were still immersed in the flute sound. The corrupted sea serpent on the opposite side appeared to be in extreme pain.

This flute¹ is the one Qin Mo got from the demon world. It has little effect on ordinary cultivators, but it can attack or control demonic beasts.

Seeing that the corrupted sea serpent has lost the ability to resist, Qin Mo lifted his hand and Thunderbolt aimed toward the serpent’s head. “Ding!” A single Buddha bead appeared out of the sky and hit Qin Mo’s long sword. The blade trembled and fell down from the sky. At the same time, a voice came from a distance.

“Heaven has life-loving virtue², hope this fellow daoist friend spares this sea serpent’s life.”

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Chapter 94

After striking the Thunderbolt out from the air, the Buddha bead made one circle and returned to a flat palm.

Following that hand, four people stood in the space in front of them, all dressed in dark gray robes commonly worn by monks.

The one spoke was the person leading. He had long hair different from the other three monks with shaved heads. He wore a layer of golden thread engraved in his dark gray robe, and a soft smile on his face.

Aware that everyone’s attention was on him, he smiled and said, “This one is called Lin Yuan.”

Qin Mo’s eyes narrowed. Not knowing if his imagination or not, but at a glance, a layer of golden light exuded faintly from Lin Yuan’s entire body. Moreover, he spotted a hint of surprise in his eyes.

Does this man know him? Doubts filled his heart. But he doesn’t think much more about it. Since that incident, he has had a negative opinion on monks.

He flicked his index finger, and Thunderbolt trembled as it aimed at the corrupted sea serpent again.

Seeing Qin Mo’s action, Lin Yuan furrowed his eyebrows slightly as disapproval flashed through his eyes. The Buddha bead in his hand whirled rapidly, and it went after Thunderbolt again. As the bead was inches from striking Thunderbolt, a purple flame suddenly appeared on the blade, forming a wide barrier to keep the bead out. The sword continued toward the struggling sea serpent without losing its momentum, but it throw itself upward and dived deep into the ocean

Thunderbolt buzzed twice and returned to Qin Mo’s hand. After stroking the blade, he flicked his sleeves and walked back beside Uncle Cang.

It need not be said, but Lin Yuan has a really good temper. Qin Mo tried to kill the corrupted sea serpent before him. Any ordinary person would have flipped their faces long ago, but he just frowned and shook his head, “The sea serpent’s crime does not call for death, this daoist friend is too arbitrary.” There was no displeasure in his tone.

Although Qin Mo’s expression remained the same, Uncle Cang, who had been with him for five years, saw his unhappiness under the indifferent expression at a glance. He is interested that Qin Mo’s usual ice cold expression had changed.

Thinking of this Uncle Cang pointed to the gray Qi that had been brimming slowly in the air and said, “Those are the grieving souls of the ones that were killed by the corrupted sea serpent.”

“Everyone has a good heart, and demonic beasts are no exception…” Lin Yuan put his hands together, revealing a compassionate feeling around him.

Uncle Cang curled his lips and did not reply. He glanced over at the other three monks behind Lin Yuan with a helpless expression. Gave Qin Mo a look and said, “Where are you four heading to? If you guys don’t mind, you can come with us.”

Hearing this, Lin Yuan’s eyebrows relaxed, and nodded to Uncle Cang.
Gave a thank you and turned around to say something to the three.

Those three men nodded, gave a quick turn and landed on top of the spirit boat. While Lin Yuan went forward two steps, came before those souls, and started reciting reincarnation incantation. The golden light rises from his body. With each incantation, a big golden word came out of his mouth and revolved around those grieving souls. Under the gold character, the gray Qi dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Looking at the figure surrounded by golden light, Uncle Cang’s eyes glittered with pure light, “This kid is very young, and really not simple.”

When the gray Qi were gone, Lin Yuan took a breath of relief and walked toward the boat.

Uncle Cang checked the people on the spirit boat and saw that no one was injured, even the spirit boat is undamaged. So he swung his sleeves, and the boat moved again.

The rest of the journey was peaceful. Qin Mo stood at the prow of the boat. His original anxious mood gradually calmed down as the gentle cool sea breeze blew at him. However, when he looked at Lin Yuan beside him, his eyebrows frowned slightly.

“In Buddhist’s view, saving one life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda…” Aware of Qin Mo’s sight, Lin Yuan thought to move him with his words. Smiled wider, he recited even quicker.

Uncle Cang is standing not too far from them. Seeing this situation, he kept his serious expression even though he had already laughed in his heart. Unexpectedly, Lin Yuan is a loquacious person, one that loves to talk Buddhist scripture. It is rare to see this expression on Qin Mo’s face. It was worth asking those four to stay on the boat.

Uncle Cang signed internally when he thought of that. He doesn’t know what Qin Mo had experienced. Such an old mentality at this young age. Like an old well without a ripple, as if nothing around him could affect him.

It was noon when the spirit boat arrived at Wenshan Town. The sun was at its fiercest, a street full of people. Everything was very livid. This is where the people of Qingming Island buy goods. Uncle Cang’s responsible is not only transporting the spirit boat but also buying some spirit grass back. After all, although Qingming Island has a good environment, the materials needed for alchemy are not enough.

Standing in the noisy street, his light landed on Qin Mo. After a long time, he sighed and patted Qin Mo’s head, and walked toward the noisy market.

His voice drifted in the air, “Return to Qingming Island once you are tired…”

When sunlight falls on Uncle Cang, it leaves behind a silhouette on the ground. Qin Mo smiled, eyes brightened.

In this strange cultivation world, there are many bloody battles, but there are always some people who will make others feel warmth at the bottom of their heart, such as Old Man Wen or Uncle Cang. Qin Mo felt that it was a good thing to stay here, even if he could not go back to his own world.

When he thought of that, he shook his head. What he needs to do now is to find Lin Zizheng and the little fox. He owed them everything.

Lin Yuan and others have been standing beside Qin Mo. They only came forward after seeing Uncle Cang leave.

“Friend Qin Mo, where are you heading?”

“Out of here.” Hearing Lin Yuan’s question, Qin Mo answered casually, but he increased his walking unconsciously.

The light in Lin Yuan’s eyes flickered. As if thinking of something before he intoned, “I was instructed by my master to go to the boundary under the blue sky. Are you interested in going with us?”

As soon as his question came out, the expression of the three behind Lin Yuan changed, trying to stop him from saying any more. However, Lin Yuan ignored the three people behind him, and stood stubbornly in the same place as he continued, “The boundary under the blue sky has been invaded by demonic cultivators at a large scale. My sect has assigned us to support them.”

Qin Mo stopped and turned around to look at Lin Yuan. Under the sunlight, Lin Yuan dressed in his monk robe and laughed happily.

Both his eyebrows jumped up. This man really knew him. When he mentioned “boundary under the blue sky”, he said them with emphasis.

Boundary under the blue sky, he hasn’t heard this name for a very long time.

He thought for a long time. If not found Lin Zizheng in this boundless sea of people, not to mention the three thousand boundaries in this cultivation world. Maybe it is better to go back. There might be a clue related to Lin Zizheng there. Also, he hasn’t seen some people there for a long time.

However, he seized Lin Yuan up and down, “As far as I know, unless one’s cultivation base is at or above Calamity Extent¹, it is not possible to freely travel between the boundaries.”

“This daoist friend might not have heard. But five years ago, there was a war between righteous cultivators and demonic cultivators. Because of this battle, for some unknown reasons, the gap between the cultivation world’s three thousand boundaries was broken. As long as a cultivator reached Foundation Building, they could freely travel between boundaries.”

Lin Yuan’s tone was smoothing as he explained to Qin Mo.

Five years ago, Qin Mo’s eyes dazed as he touched the crystal by his chest.

“Friend Qin Mo… Qin Mo?”  Seeing Qin Mo distracted, Lin Yuan patted Qin Mo’s arm. Qin Mo was in a trance. Being touched by Lin Yuan, he slapped him reflexively. But once he reacted, hints of embarrassment appeared on his face. He looked down and not at Lin Yuan’s hurt expression as he agreed to the proposal with an en. The moment they turned to leave here, he threw Lin Yuan a jade bottle and jade strip.

“I will be living in Wenshan Town’s inn for a few days. This is a transmission jade strip.”

He left quickly once he said this. Although he didn’t know what Lin Yuan’s purpose was, he is not afraid.

Lin Yuan stood in the same spot, playing with the jade bottle in his hand, and suddenly made a “puff” laugh. He shook his head and exclaimed, “He is really not the same.”

Then he nodded to the three people behind him and walked toward Qin Mo.

The three monks looked at each other. Although they were dissatisfied, they did not show it. Lin Yuan is sect head’s most beloved disciple, even if their strength is equal to his, but his status is incomparable to theirs.

During the night, where the sky is pitch black, Qin Mo stood by the window looking at the street in the distance. The prosperity differs completely from the day. Not one pedestrian on the street, and the blue slate floors exuded a quiet light.

Qin Mo touched his sleeve robe. Since Lin Zizheng planted the twin flowers on him, as long as someone touches him, there will be a burning tingling feeling from his back. But when Lin Yuan touched him today, there was no such pain. What kind of person is Lin Yuan?

“Drip drip…” Suddenly it began to rain outside. The round of rain was crisp and clear, splashing all over the floor like water flowers.

Qin Mo’s eyelid randomly jumped. An ominous premonition in his heart.
Wenshan Town was too quiet. Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

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Chapter 95

The rain outside was so heavy that raindrops were the only thing he could hear. The whole world is flooded with a strange silence.

Qin Mo stood in front of the windows. Suddenly, the transmission jade strip lit up and Lin Yuan’s voice came out from it, “Friend Qin Mo, there is something strange about the town.”

Qin Mo’s expression changed slightly and dashed outside of the house.

The moment he stepped on the blue slate floors, the entire world changed. The originally open and quiet street became noisy instantly. On the floor, lights were bright, people came and went, making this bustling night market livid from afar. Even the prior rain storm stopped.

He stopped. The surrounding environment is weird. He released his divine sense and probed forward slowly.

There was no light ahead, but there were many people within that darkness. They traded goods and chatted without pause. There were even several people in conflict. This market would be a lively scene in the day, but appeared beyond creepy at night.

Wenshan Town differs from Qingming Island. Most of the people in the town are cultivators. He even saw a few Nascent Soul cultivators earlier.

After thinking it over, Qin Mo left the inn and stepped on the busy main street. When the cultivators selling inside of their stalls by the street spotted him, every face tried to sell things to him with a smile on their faces. Qin Mo shook his head and left quickly.

Not long after he left, he met a Nascent Soul cultivator. In Wenshan Town, cultivators at this stage have a superior status here. The middle-aged man looked up while putting both his hands behind him. He looked arrogant. When he saw Qin Mo’s cultivation base, he nodded in Qin Mo’s direction with great reserve.

Qin Mo took a pause. What happened to Wenshan Town? There is not a slightest stiff movement from the town’s people, and there seems to be no issue. If it was not for the current strange environment, he would have found nothing unusual in Wenshan Town.

At this moment, he stood before a garret, facing the door. In the dark, a light radiated from his plain white robe. This robe was given to him by Uncle Cang. It is a high rank defense magic tool.

In the garret, an old man looked at him from inside. The old man’s eyes shined. At one glance, he could see that the man’s clothes were made with the finest jade and silk. A piece of it is worth three hundred high-grade spirit stones. This man definitely is a moneymaker.

In conclusion, the old man stroked his beard and walked toward Qin Mo’s side with a smile on his face, “This young man, you seem like a new face, have you been here before? I am Qiu Ji, the manager of Shangshan Workshop, why don’t you come in and have a look?”

Qin Mo shook his head and walked to the other direction.

“This little friend may not know, but the things in our Shangshan Workshop are not only numerous but also very precious…” Seeing Qin Mo leaving, Qiu Ji’s figure flashed and blocked his way, cheerfully advised.

Seeing Qiu Ji laughed like a fox before him, Qin Mo stopped. When he walked past other stalls beside the road, the sellers stopped pestering him and continued to greet other customers after he refused them. Now he thinks about it, the action of people is as if they were set like that, they all followed a fixed pattern.

But this Qiu Ji person is obviously different.

Qin Mo stood in the same spot as he studied over Qiu Ji. Then his eyes landed on the workshop behind him. Inside, there are many magic treasures shining brightly. His eyes narrowed and asked, “What do you have?”

When Qin Mo questioned, Qiu Ji’s face brightened. When his eyebrows wrinkled, he appeared even more like a fox. When he flickered his sleeve, a little gray black mouse appeared in his palm. Its size is similar to his palm. The mouse waiting in his palm in a well-behaved manner.

As if seeing Qin Mo’s doubts, he said, “This is a tracking mouse. As long as it smells the person’s sense, it can locate the person no matter which boundary they are in.”

Qin Mo’s breathing became uneven as he touched the crystal unconsciously. A tracking mouse?

Seeing the change in Qin Mo, Qiu Ji stretched out his left hand and spread out his palm, making a gesture of five. He said with a bewitched tone, “As long as you have five hundred top-grade spirit stones, the tracking mouse is yours.”

Qin Mo’s fingers trembled and headed close to his Qiankun bag.

Qiu Ji has a smile on his mouth, but his gaze couldn’t conceal his excitement when they are fixed on Qin Mo’s fingers, on the five hundred top-grade spirit stones.

When Lin Yuan arrived and saw this scene, he stopped forward quickly and stopped Qin Mo’s movement. Seeing Qiu Ji’s displeased look and Qin Mo’s puzzled expression, he said with a clear and bright smile, “Sorry, we actually don’t have spirit stone on us.”
 At the same time, Lin Yuan’s voice rang beside Qin Mo’s ears, “Don’t buy it, everything is fake.”

Qin Mo did not take out spirit stone from his Qiankun bag, only nodded in agreement with what Lin Yuan said.

Seeing this like this, Qiu Ji’s smile slowly became colder. With a cold snort, he swung his sleeves and walked back into Shangshan Workshop.

Lin Yuan, with a rare serious expression, watched Qiu Ji leave. Then he intoned, “The whole town is covered by an array, and we are standing in the array’s center. What we see is illusory.”

Seeing Qin Mo’s eyes sweeping over the surrounding crowd, Lin Yuan said with a tone filled with pity, “Those people are all dead. Now they are all walking corpses.”

He gave a brief pause, and the lights in his eyes glittered as he looked at the workshop before him, “If you had completed the transaction with him, you would have become one of them.”

Qin Mo’s breathing became stagnated, and he said with a hint of dryness,
“Qingming Island…”

“Don’t worry, they didn’t trade with the people from Shangshan Workshop today. They have left safely.”

This put Qin Mo at ease, then shifted his attention toward the workshop.
What is this Shangshan Workshop like?

Lin Yuan raised his sleeve robe, “Shangshan Workshop is the eye of this array.”

Seeing doubts in Qin Mo’s eyes, the monk that was standing quietly behind Lin Yuan explained, “Lin Yuan Shishu is a famous array master.” There was no lack of pride in his tone.

Qin Mo nodded, and Thunderbolt appeared in his hand. Purple light flashed under the dark night, illuminating the surroundings. His eyes focused as he tightened his sword, then he suddenly leaped up and raised the blade in his hand. Since this is the eye, then he will destroy it.

The blade quivered slightly as he drew a dazzling arc, which is particularly scorching in the cold moonlight.

With one hit, Shangshan Workshop was split from the middle.

With the collapse of the workshop, a visible ripple spread from its center.
The array over Wenshan Town has been broken.

The noise around dissipated as if it was a farce. In a blink of an eye, the bustling town disappeared, replaced with a vast pit.

The pit is extremely large, occupying almost half of the town. The bottom of the pit is covered with white bones, and the edge of the pit is stained red by blood.

On the edge of the pit stood many human bodies. They were without life and with colorless faces. Their fleshless and bloodless bodies shivering. As if something controlled them constantly wandering in place.

“I did not expect such a change would take place in this town, making the people here lose their lives for no reason.” Lin Yuan sighed and continued, “It’s a pity that I arrived too late, I would have been able to save some lives.”

When Lin Yuan sighed, Qin Mo’s Dantian suddenly trembled. The shrunken stone tablet in his Dantian suddenly vibrated.

He got the stone tablet in his time in the Dark Tomb. It’s related to the evil spirit clan. Could they be the ones behind this? But aren’t they sealed?

The stone tablet’s movement became stronger and stronger, which emitted a golden light in his Dantian. A cool air suddenly rose from their feet, making Qin Mo’s pupil dilated.

He quickly input his spirit power into Thunderbolt and released a fierce sword Qi downward while retreating at the same time. He warned, “Be careful.”

Lin Yuan and the other three monks have rich experience from fighting, and they have been aware of the changes. They retreated abruptly. Although the movement is a little hasty, it was very calm with no panic.

A large stream of blood gushed out from the bottom of the bit. The blood was bright red, carrying warmth, as if left by the living. The wind blowing out from the bottom of the pit carried the bloody sense.

A black monster stood up from the bottom of the pit. He has an enormous figure with vaguely visible black scales and scarlet eyes with strong vicious currents. When he spotted the five of them, he stretched out his snake-like long tongue and licked his lower lip, greed and hunger filled his obvious gaze.

It shocked Qin Mo. This is…

“Evil spirit!” Lin Yuan’s voice was cold and hard, this is the first time his voice sounded this cold.

Looking at Lin Yuan, Qin Mo is even more suspicious. The evil spirits have been sealed in the Dark Tomb in the boundary of spirit origin. How does he know?

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Chapter 96

Dark energy filled the entire sky of Wenshan Town, no hint of its original blue color could be seen. The atmosphere around is depressing.

The blue slate floors shake slightly. As time goes on, the shaking becomes more and more noticeable, as if the whole earth followed.

The dark energy in the atmosphere is like a huge black hole, constantly expanding. Qin Mo and others expressions became more and more ugly, because they found that with the expanding black Qi, the surrounding spirit energy is also becoming thinner and thinner.

A strange laugh emitted from the evil spirit’s throat, and the dark energy around his hand gathered and turned into a large black claw. The sharp light on the claw flickered as he rushed towards them, carrying an endless might.

When the evil spirit stepped on the ground, an enormous amount of blood suddenly surged up from the bottom of the vast pit. The blood in the pit mixed with countless of white bones, becoming a large axe in an instant. The axe has this overbearing bloody sense and gloomy power, as it flew down to behead them.

This axe came downward like a rainbow, carrying fierce strength. Qin Mo’s eyes turned sharp as he stepped backward. Thunderbolt in his hand gave out a dazzling light, but it can only block the blood axe. As blood splashed all over his robe, leaving several holes in it.

Qin Mo groaned coldly, as his spirit power rushed into Thunderbolt, a cluster of lightning fire igniting from within him to Thunderbolt. When touched by lightning fire, a puddle of blood falls from the axe. Under the might of lightning fire, the blood axe slowly dissolve.

Lin Yuan stepped into the air and a string of Buddha beads on his wrist spread out in an instant, floating around him in a circle. He moved his lips open slightly, murmuring something. Along as his voice grew louder, all the beads gave off a dazzling golden light, then sped toward the direction of the evil spirit.

Shined by the golden light, the original thick dark energy trembled for a moment, and immediately darkened more.

The three monks behind him looked solemn. The oldest one, Jing Kong, took out a wooden fish¹ and started tapping. The rest, Jing Yuan and Jing Xu, formed hand seals and blocked the sharp claws with a surging light.

The fierce light in the evil spirit’s eyes flickered and surged as it slammed toward them. Suddenly, dark energy arises and more blood axes flew out of the fit.

The Buddha beads around Lin Yuan suddenly trembled and flew to the sky. They rapidly enlarged until the twelve beads covered almost the entire sky.

Under this light, the entire town brightened up like morning. With the light, the blood that had spread close to Qin Mo’s feet quickly retreated. There was a blue smoke released from the evil spirit’s body, and his limbs were shaking badly. The power of the light obviously did extensive damage to him.

He opened his scarlet eyes and deadlocked onto Qin Mo and others. His clan has been imprisoned for thousands of years, he does not accept this. No matter what, he wants revenge and lets the whole world kneel at their feet.

“Roar!” A shrill howl came out of his mouth, and dark energy and bloody light was constantly interwoven. He quickly climbed out from the bottom of the pit, and a smack at the Buddha beads above, and another toward Lin Yuan’s head. “Watch out.” Qin Mo held his sword in his hand and shifted its direction, releasing a multitude of sword shadows at the evil spirit. While he quickly formed head seals with his left hand, a thunderbolt came out from behind him and landed directly into the vast pit.

The purple light was so bright as miserable cries echoed from the pit.

Lin Yuan looked back and his heart skipped a beat. Under the Buddha beads, Qin Mo’s face was dyed with a layer of golden light, adding a bit of holy feeling. The man in front of him is totally from the Da Shixiong in his memory.

Before he could think deeper, the evil spirit’s attack had almost reached him. He frowned as he was very unhappy. For someone who always had a good temper, even when fighting with others he would give some leeway, but he is only focused on one thing right now, that is to kill this evil spirit.

It is not because of the old grudge between him and the evil spirit, but also because of unclear factors that can’t be explained.

Lin Yuan stepped back as his original hand seal quickly changed. The golden light in his eyes flashed. When he closed his hands together, the light in his palm surged and slammed toward the evil spirit.

With a loud bang, the evil spirit’s giant body fell backward and landed heavily into the pit, splashing bottomless blood. He struggled twice, but could not get back up.

Qin Mo slowly breathed out a breath and released another powerful thunderbolt into the pit before taking his sword back.

On the other hand, Lin Yuan walked quickly toward Qin Mo with a smile on his face and exclaimed excitedly, “Friend Qin Mo’s ability is outstanding.”

Qin Mo’s hands trembled and looked at Lin Yuan’s face, at a loss. Although Lin Yuan was boasting about him, his bright eyes were full of “boast about me, I am also very powerful” meaning. Qin Mo finally said with a bit of dryness in his throat, “You were great too.”

Hearing this, Lin Yuan’s eyebrows immediately laughed, the joy on his face could not be concealed.

Jing Kong, Jing Yuan, and Jing Xu turned their heads silently. They never realized how… how stupid their Shishu really is.

Qin Mo turned around uneasily, glancing around at the townspeople of Wenshan Town. His eyes hardened and sighed internally, “It’s best if we quickly help these souls to be at peace, after all…”

Lin Yuan immediately understood what he meant before he finished. He retreated his smile and looked a little compassionate. These were all people who died innocently. If they are not put to peace soon, they would easily turn into fierce ghosts.

Twisting the Buddha beads in his hand, acting as if he wanted to say something before a loud roar came from the bottom of the pit.

His pupil immediately dilated. That evil spirit is actually still alive.

The original calm blood flared up again with a “splash” sound. It soared up from the bottom of the pit like a giant tiger, pressing toward Qin Mo and others.

At the same time, the corpses movements around stiffened under the roar as strange dark energy came out of them. Their once dull eyes turned bloody the next moment, and then they rushed toward the group from the back. Their movements were very neat, as if an invisible giant hand controlled them.

The five of them suddenly are trapped in the center by two sudden dangers. After only a moment’s hesitation, before they quickly perform the ceremonies to calm the souls. Thunderbolt shined brightly as it clashed with the incoming blood wall.
While Lin Yuan’s beads flew out once again.

It seems that the evil spirit at the bottom went mad. Under his control, the blood wall and thousands of corpses became an extremely mighty force. They couldn’t counter for a while. Under these crazy frenzies, the five of them gradually become more at a disadvantage.

The golden light flickered in the dark night. It was very feeble against the countless corpses, and it seems that it will be extinguished at any moment. The corpses’ energies gathered together like a long arrow and shot toward the group. As if this will take their lives in the next moment.

Qin Mo’s focus drifted toward the pitch black above him. This sky seemed a bit strange.

The evil spirit lying at the bottom of the pit slowly spread his body out, and a strange smile seemed to appear on his formless face. His kind is not that easy to deal with. But just a moment later, his expression suddenly froze.

A person could be spotted from above the group holding a long sword in hand. The blade crossed the dark sky with great momentum.

A ray of light came in from the sky above them, breaking the darkness like the sun. As the light grew brighter and brighter, the dark energy around slowly receded, revealing its original state.

The moment the sunlight hit him, Qin Mo’s shadow became very tall. He took back his sword and withdrew beside Lin Yuan’s side. When he was wielding his sword, there was someone who was attacking outside of dark energy.

When they were touched by the sunlight, the monstrous corpses turned into ashes and disappeared into the air. Even the fierce blood wall fell down, spattered blackened blood all over the ground. The evil spirit at the bottom opened his eyes wide. He swallowed his last breath unwillingly, and then his body turned into dark energy and disappeared into the air.

Under the bright sunlight, everything here is clearly visible. Blood all over the ground and corpses around the pit.

Above the town is a flying boat.

“Disgusting.” A fourteen-year-old young lady leaned her head out of the boat and looked at the wreck below.

As her gaze shifted, she saw Lin Yuan below. Her eyes shone as she asked disrespectfully in a pout, “Stinky monk, why are you here?”

Hearing this, an intolerable smile appeared on Lin Yuan’s face, but said in an obvious tolerance tone, “My master ordered me to travel to the boundary under the blue sky. While passing here, I didn’t expect to encounter this misfortune in Wenshan Town…”

Then he made a bow to the people on the boat and said, “Thank you all for your help.”

At the critical moment, it was the people on the boat and Qin Mo who broke the array and saved them. He didn’t expect that there were two arrays in Wenshan Town. The array inside was to hide from people’s eyes while the one outside is the real killer.
The girls said proudly, “As long as you know that, if it wasn’t for us…” “Xiao Shu!” A serious tone came from beside her. The girl stuck out her
tongue and stopped talking.

The middle-aged man’s frown slowly loosened when seeing Xiao Shu no longer talking. He smiled at Lin Yuan and said, “It’s nothing but a very slight effort, that’s all, in the light of Xianshan Sect and Hongyin Temple’s relation. There is no need for thank, it is what we should have done.” As he waved his hand, landing the boat on the ground.

Lin Yuan arched his hand slightly and smiled, “It’s natural to act what’s must, Guang He Shixiong.”

He smiled brightly at the moment, giving a kind of unspeakable charm. Even Xiao Shu looked at him in a daze. When she regained her senses, she gave a cold humph, turning around with a slight blush on her cheeks.

While Lin Yuan’s heart skipped a beat as he turned to look at Qin Mo beside him. When he saw Qin Mo, his brow wrinkled.

The reason being that Qin Mo’s eyes were focused on the young lady behind Guang He.

She was dressed in white with a cold aura around her eyes and eyebrows.
Xianshan Sect’s fairy, Qing Feng².

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

Chapter 97

Guang He took the lead to step down from the boat, followed by four people. Xiao Shu, the young lady who spoke earlier, was among them, and beside her stood a quiet man. The remaining two are Qing Feng and Qing Yang, who appeared in the demonic world.

Seeing those two shocked Qin Mo. He did not expect to meet these two again in just five years.

Qing Feng also spotted Qin Mo. Light flashed through her eyes, and her frozen-calm heart trembled slightly. She remembered Qin Mo, Lin Zizheng died in this man’s arms. Thinking of Lin Zizheng, her heart ached a little and the aura around her once again became gloomy.

They exchanged greetings for a moment. Then Lin Yuan, Jing Kong, and four others recited Rebirth in Pure Land Dharani¹ several times, helping the concentrated resentment spirits find peace.

Lin Yuan and the three men came to Wenshan Town to meet up with disciples of other sects; the plan is to travel to the boundary under the blue sky together. However, it is clear that Wenshan Town can no longer be inhabitable. After Guang He sent a message to others, they mounted the flying boat and left the town.

They did not travel too far, staying within the wilderness near Wenshan Town.

By the time they settled down, it was already dark. When the autumn breeze blows away the leaves on the ground. The group sat on the wild grassland, not talking. After the unfortunate event of Wenshan Town, their hearts were heavy.

Lin Yuan sat on the ground and glanced at Qin Mo, not too far away. Qin Mo’s eyes are closed as if in meditation. This reminds him of the scenes from five years ago.

Five years ago, he was fighting with Da Shixiong who fell into the demonic cultivation way. But a black hold appeared out of the sky the next moment; it was this black hole that brought him to this strange world.

Lin Yuan’s gaze hangs low as he sighs internally. This world differs totally from the one he is familiar with, even Da Shixiong seems to have changed dramatically.

It’s undeniable being fully alert when he saw Qin Mo like this, but also a degree of unspeakable and unclear joy. When Da Shixiong fell into the demonic cultivation way because of him, he felt guilty then and now.

See now the quiet atmosphere is strange, Xiao Shu frowns and raises her hand. A palm-sized mansion appeared in her hand. After she strokes it, she flips over her hand and tosses it into the air.

The mansion expanded in the wind until it became normal size. Her eyes curved upward and laughed, “This the mansion my father refined for me, two people can live in it.”

Then she went forward and pulled Qing Feng, said with a smile, “Qing Feng Jiejie come rest inside with me and leave these stinky men here to do the nightwatch.”

Qing Feng did not refuse as Xiao Shu pulled her away. She subconsciously glanced at Lin Yuan; she knows she herself is not a half- hearted person, but when she thought about Lin Zizheng, her eyes always fell on Lin Yuan unconsciously. She pursed her lips and walked quickly with Xiao Shu to the mansion. Other presents were men with thick and solid nerves. Naturally, no one noticed her abnormality.

Cultivators don’t require sleeping, but other than seclusion or intensive escalation by hardship cultivating, general sect disciples are very comfortable at night. The living environment is not too bad.

When the only two women entered the mansion, the night became quieter.

Sound of cracking fire. Maybe the firewood here is a bit wet, but when the flame burns, it makes a crisp crackling sound. In the quiet night, the sound became more and more distinct, but the people here could no longer hear it because they all fell asleep.

A thin mist slowly spread over the open wilderness. As the fog became thicker and thicker, the fire was completely covered by it. A fine rustling sound came from afar.

At this time, Lin Yuan suddenly opened his eyes. Different from his usual self, his pupils were dark. The moment when he opened his eyes, his hair turned white, like a layer of silver frost.

First, he looked at the surrounding environment. The dark eyes were beyond pitch black, as if frightened by those gazes. The moving shadow in the dark trembled, and the rustling sound disappeared.

He stood up and walked quickly to Qin Mo’s direction. When he was beside Qin Mo, he suddenly stopped and looked at the closed eyes of Qin Mo in a daze.

Qin Mo is dreaming, a very complicated dream.

A ten years old Lin Zizheng stood beside him with a bright smile, a shallow dimple on his right cheek. He said firmly, “I like Da Shixiong the best.” As time flies, a fifteen-year-old Lin Zizheng stood in the distance, being surrounded and besieged by the righteous cultivators. His lips hooked upward, “Da Shixiong, why don’t you understand? I am the only one in the world who would stand beside you unconditionally.”

As soon as the view shifted, he was pressed down on the stone bed by Lin Zizheng. Lin Zizheng landed a kiss on his lips and murmured, “Da Shixiong, I love you.”

At the end of the scene, blood red filled the entire place. It was Lin Zizheng’s blood. He was lying on the ground, dying slowly but with a satisfied smile on his face. He whispered, “Da Shixiong, I’m sorry.”

Qin Mo took a rough breath and opened his eyes wide. Lin Yuan was squatting before him, looking at him cautiously.

Looking at the pair of familiar phoenix eyes on Lin Yuan’s face, Qin Mo’s pupil dilated as he held Lin Yuan’s arm, calling out, “Lin Zizheng.”

This shocked Lin Yuan for a moment, his hearts and mind wandered through thousands of thoughts, but nothing showed on his face other than his usual smile, “Friend Qin Mo, did you mistook me for someone?”

Looking at the smile on Lin Yuan’s face, he released his hand slowly. This man is not Lin Zizheng. If he was, he would not do this to him. Qin Mo also noticed clearly even before the vigilant in Lin Yuan’s eyes when they first met.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo looked in a daze. Even if Lin Zizheng did that to him, he would believe him in the bottom of his heart.

When Qin Mo loosened his hands, Lin Yuan’s eyes twinkled and frowned slightly. He hesitated and said, “Friend Qin Mo, you seem to have an internal demon.”

Internal demon, Qin Mo slowly chews these two words in his heart. He has an internal demon. He knew it very well. During his time at Qingming Island, an internal demon appeared once. If it wasn’t for Uncle Cang being around, many he won’t be here now.

Qin Mo’s long fingers clenched tightly. Maybe it was Lin Zizheng’s tragic death that breeds this internal demon.

Seeing Qin Mo’s expression did not change, still the usual ice cold appearance, Lin Yuan’s heart became anxious. It’s just like the time when Da Shixiong lost to him in the martial arts competition, nourishing an internal demon. Later, he walked the demonic cultivation away from the further stimulation of Xiao Shimei’s affairs.

Lin Yuan did not care. He reached out and pulled on Qin Mo’s hand, saying firmly, “Don’t be afraid, I will help you.” He doesn’t know if he imagined this. But the moment he held Qin Mo’s hand, he felt a sharp pain in his sea of consciousness.

Spots of moonlight fell on Lin Yuan, which made him as bright as jade. If he was a woman, perhaps the heart was already lost at an earlier time.

Qin Mo frowned slightly. He wondered if he said what he was afraid of a moment ago. Without the intention to break Lin Yuan’s shackles, Qin Mo gave a soft “en” and looked around.

The fog around is getting thicker.

“Ding… Ding…” A crisp bell ring, being in this environment, it appeared extremely creepy.

Qin Mo and Lin Yuan’s body jolted at the same time as they looked forward warily.

A black pup came out from the fog. It had a bronze bell around its neck, which is the source of the previous noise. It blinked its bright eyes at them.

They did not relax their alertness just because of its adorable appearance. There is not such a thing as cute and not dangerous animals in the cultivation world. “It’s a nightmare.” Qin Mo turned around to see Qing Yang coming from the side. Even in this thick fog, his movements are still unhurry.

Aware of Qin Mo’s gaze, he smiled and explained, “Recorded in bestiary, nightmares are shapeless. But they will always appear in the form of dogs. When they appear, there will be thick fog.”

He paused and continued, “Because of my eyes… My other senses are extremely sharp. I noticed the abnormality as soon as the mist appeared. But, I didn’t expect it to be a nightmare.”

“Now what? Catch that nightmare?” Lin Yuan looked back at several people behind. Their faces are peaceful and pleasant, obviously they are having a sweet dream.

“There is no method. Nightmares are shapeless, so uncatchable. The only hope for Guang He Shishu and others are for them to wake up by themselves.” Qing Yang shook his head lightly.

The fog became thicker and thicker, everything further than their arm was not visible. In this white space, only the nightmare’s black-bright eyes could be seen, making the atmosphere eerie and quiet.

Qin Mo gripped his sleeves and looked at the two anxious people around him. He released his divine sense slowly to probe around the nightmare. When he reached behind it, he formed his divine sense into a thin sword and slashed toward it. A nightmare is formless, but divine sense is also formless. Maybe he can hurt it with divine sense.

In the dense fog, a faint shift in the air and then a shrill cry came out from the nightmare’s mouth.

He loosened his grip on his sleeves. It seemed he succeeded.

But then his face turned white and his fingers trembled. Someone attacked his divine sense. He looked in the nightmare’s direction and warned, “There is someone there.” Upon hearing this, both Lin Yuan and Qing Yang were startled. Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark
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Chapter 98

In this thick fog, the three men stood in the pitch-black wilderness, holding their magic treasures and looking frontward vigilantly.

After a while, they suddenly heard a woman’s laughter within the thick fog ahead. The voice was melodious. Although her figure can’t be seen, the voice painted a beautiful face in people’s minds.

The fog around the nightmare slowly dispersed, and the woman’s graceful figure appeared before them. She smiled at them softly, with an indescribable charm.

Seeing the woman, the three men were in a split second of trance. When they regained their senses, their eyebrows furrowed even more alert. She used charming art.

A layer of red muslin shrouded her entire body, and she walked step by step toward the three of them. Although she is barefooted, her feet are half a foot above the ground, giving a sense of floating.

As she walked, the surrounding fog gradually dispersed and gathered at her feet to form a water surface. It was motionless, just like a clear mirror that shined under the dim moonlight.

The woman halted and looked at the reflection in the water and slightly raised her lips.

“Were you looking for me?” The woman’s eyebrows lifted and said with a smile. Qin Mo’s face darkened, and Thunderbolt in his hand emitted a faint purple light, illuminating the surrounding environment.

Lin Yuan and Qing Yang stood beside Qin Mo, staring at her, but did not dare to make any moves. They are all at the Nascent Soul cultivation base, but they dare not take action in front of this woman because her cultivation base is enigmatic and impossible to predict.

It seems that she didn’t notice the current tense atmosphere. She continued to smile and held out her hand. The bell tied around the nightmare’s neck appeared in her palm. The bells rang as her fingers flickered it, but the crisp and pleasant noises dazed the three men for a while. Their scalp immediately felt numb as their eyes were fixed on her.

This sound also has the effect of confusing people.

She laughed, still not taking any action. Her gaze shifted and fell on Qin Mo, “Was it you who was dreaming earlier?”

Qin Mo’s lips were tight and did not answer.

“Nightmares with a soul calming bell can let people see the person they want to see the most, even if the person is hiding in the deepest part of their hearts.” She lifted her sleeves, making them flutter in the air and barely revealing her desiring figure under her muslin. She asked charmingly, “So, young man, who did you dream of?”

The woman’s voice slowly drifted away in the fog. The soft whisper carried a hint of temptation.

Qin Mo still did not respond, he only held Thunderbolt tighter. For some reason, Lin Yuan’s breath halted and then sneered in his heart. The person Qin Mo naturally saw has to be Xiao Shimei, who else could there be.

The woman gave an ambiguous smile and shook the bell in her hand again, “No matter who you dream of, stay here starting today! Man… There is not a single thing good about a man.” As the bell rang a noise different from the earlier sound, with a little more continuous meaning, which made their bodies unable to resist a shock. An upsurge urge rushed forth, making them have the impulse to rush besides the woman’s side regardless of everything.

Qin Mo bit down on the tip of his tongue hard to clear and wake up from his fuzzy consciousness. Thunderbolt buzzed and flew out to the air. Qin Mo twisted his wrist, creating many sword shadows, and aimed them at her.

Lin Yuan and Qing Yang also made their move at the same time. The three men attacked fiercely, all carrying a powerful momentum.
But the woman only narrowed her eyes and smiled lightly. Too weak, if she was not bored, she would have strangled them to death one-handed.

She took a small step back, not a big movement, but managed to leave their attack range. The bell sound became louder.

As if a raging lightning fire in their chests, burning their bodies. Their reason slowly disappeared. What Lin Yuan practiced is the internal Buddhism cultivation method, which he can still have self-control. But Qin Mo and Qing Yang’s expressions turned red.

Qin Mo in particular. He was worn down by an internal demon just a moment ago and suffering even more. In a trance, it seems that a person is standing close to his ears, feeling puffs of hot breath. Hearing the persistent cries repeatedly, “Da Shixiong… Da Shixiong…”

Qin Mo’s chilly expression slowly relaxes, carrying a hint of confusion.
He reached out his hand and called out low, “Lin Zizheng…”

Lin Yuan’s body trembled a bit when he heard Qin Mo’s voice and turned his head slowly.

The fog spread slowly, and the cold moonlight fell on the ground, covering the earth with a layer of light gauze. The breeze was blowing slowly, making Lin Yuan’s silver hair appear brighter and more dazzling in the moonlight.

Looking at Qin Mo, he glanced at the woman coldly. His eyes were fierce, and a chilly light flashed through them. The beads in his hands collected back into a ring and fired out at the woman’s face. The strangest thing was, the originally golden glow from the beads were plated with dark energy.

At the same time, he took a few steps forward. As the light flashed in his hand, a silver spear appeared and trembled. He turned his wrist and attacked the woman before anyone could take a breath.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

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Chapter 99

As soon as the woman raised her head, she saw Lin Yuan rushing towards him with a long spear in his hand. The thick fog around has not been cleared, so his figure is a bit hazy.

Feeling the unusual fluctuations from his body, the woman frowned. A giant eagle leaped out of the water below her with a wave of her hand, and it flew toward the Buddha bead, blocking the attack.

As the bell in her right hand suddenly grew larger, when she turned her wrist, a faint light emitted from the bell. When the light appeared, the entire space shook.

Lin Yuan’s body is glowing. Those are body protection, spirit energy. The spear in his hand released thousands of light shadows. Momentum like thunder, Lin Yuan rushed before the woman.

The woman smiled and lifted her jake-like hand lightly, catching Lin Yuan’s long spear. One single action made Lin Yuan unable to move.

She scanned through Lin Yuan and knitted her eyebrows. Her originally calm mood changed to an unexpected sadness.

When she suddenly moved, the bell disappeared. As her red muslin skirt fluttered in the wind, it circled in a charming and gentle arc. She raised her slender hand and strike across Lin Yuan’s head until it landed at the center of his eyebrows. Under her pressure, Lin Yuan still could not move at all. His eyes were dark and fierce, but unable to stop her movement.

“Remnants of a soul?” She sighed slowly. There was a strong sadness in her voice.

When she put her bell away, Qin Mo and Qing Yang returned to their senses, no longer under the soul calming bell’s control.

However, Qin Mo’s mind is still not clear. Under the influence of the bell, the internal demon suppressed in his body raged again.

A raging inferno engulfed his whole body. As soon as he looked up, he saw that Lin Zizheng was firmly contained under the woman’s hands, as if he would lose his life in the next moment.

His body suddenly erupted into an imposing manner. He ignored her powerful pressure. He drew his sword and dashed toward her. Continuously input his spirit power into Thunderbolt. When he thrust his sword, the light on the blade flickered, just like flying flowers as far as the eye can see.

Under Qin Mo’s attack, the dense fog around him vibrated like a barrier tightly surrounding him. The long sword twinkled with cold light, cutting the fog down, breaking it into a ribbon. Those ribbons broke his spirit energy barrier and burnt his skin.

Even then, Qin Mo continued forward with his sword.

Qing Yang on the side detected his movement and formed hand seals, summoning a large tiger behind him.

The tiger roared as he waved his hand. It locked on to the copper bells, opened its mouth, and rushed toward the woman.

“This feeling…” The woman stood still, her fingers between Lin Yuan’s eyebrows, but her eyes were looking at Qin Mo, letting his sword strike her.

A red light flashed by. Even if the woman did not attack, the protective spirit power around her still moved spontaneously. Her glassy muslin dances and slaps toward the incoming tiger and Qin Mo.

Repelled by it, Qin Mo retreated. He fell just on the tiger’s body.

From Qin Mo’s violent attack and moving slightly back only took a few seconds of effort. When Lin Yuan returned to his senses, he spotted Qin Mo’s sorry state, toppling on the tiger’s body.

His eyes slowly turned red, and the surrounding aura became unstable.

“Oh? Is it because of him that you, remnants of a soul, could stay here without scattering?” Feeling the change in Lin Yuan’s mood, the woman recovered from her earlier state and flicked her finger over Lin Yuan’s brow. She whispered, “Was it worth it?” Her voice was so low that Qin Mo and Qing Yang did not catch her question.

“However, it’s a pity…” She sighed as if she wanted to say something, but her expression suddenly changed before she looked up to the distance.

In the sky, there is a strong dark energy rising from the sky. In the dark energy, there is a faint pink.

“Ha ha, for the first time in many years, someone dares to make trouble for me here.” Although the woman is laughing, there is no hint of pleasure in her voice.

She released Lin Yuan and rose in the air. The nightmare beside her immediately followed.

She floated barefoot in the middle of the sky. Suddenly raised her hand toward Lin Yuan’s direction. A ball of light entered his body, and he heard her inaudible whisper, “I really want to see what outcome would you two have…”

She immediately turned and with a shake of her sleeve, the previously scattered fog once again became dense, wrapping everyone within it. Then she disappeared into the black shadow. Inside of the thick fog, the three of them are trapped in a trance and then slowly falling back to sleep.

The rising sun illuminated the earth and sky; the original fog has already dispersed. The wilderness looked just like yesterday, with nothing out of place. If they did not experience it firsthand, they wouldn’t have believed everything that had happened within such a brief night.

Several people sat in the wilderness, looking at each other. For a while, no one spoke. Even Xiao Shu, who was rarely quiet.

Fei He frowned, “The mysterious woman from yesterday was really that strong?”

Lin Yuan nodded solemnly and said, “That’s right her power… could be higher than my master’s.”

Except for Qin Mo, everyone else in the audience took a breath of cool air. Lin Yuan’s master is Hong Yin Temple’s grandmaster, a Buddhist monk named Wen Xin. His cultivation base is already at Sealed Aspect. If this woman’s cultivation base is higher than master Wen Xin, then..

The crowd’s faces suddenly turned ugly.

Fei He’s expression shifted several times in a short period, then he glanced at the surrounding environment. He bit down and said, “The disciples from other sects should arrive today. If they don’t arrive before sunset, we will depart first. Anything else could be decided later.”

In their small group, Fei He is the oldest in age and strength. So no one has any objection to what he had said and waited here.

The disciples of other sects arrive one after another. These people were divided into several groups according to different sects.

Besides the Hong Yin Temple where Lin Yuan is from and Xian Shan Sect for Fei He, there are several other sects. One wearing a blue robe is the Cang Qiong Sword Sect, Xian Yue Sect is composed of all women, Yun Dan Sect which has good alchemy mastery, and other smaller sects that are not as outstanding.

These disciples’ cultivation bases are not very high, most of them are around Nascent Soul, which is the highest being Emerging Aperture. Boundary of the vast ocean did not put high regard to the assistance of the boundary under the blue sky, thus they only sent a sect with disciples at Nascent Soul or lower, as if it was a trial for them.

In the boundary of the vast ocean, Nascent Soul is very common, but a rare existence in the boundary under the blue sky.

As the sun set toward the west mountain, Fei He looked at the nearby Lin Yuan and nodded.

“Now that everyone has arrived, we will depart.” The one who spoke softly is a cultivator at Emerging Aperture. His eyes passed over everyone, with Lin Yuan being last.

The boundary of the vast ocean has a high prestige on Hong Yin Temple. Although the monks in the temple usually ignore ordinary affairs, they are very powerful. However, Lin Yuan, the only member of the temple in hundreds of years that could devote himself to the practice while bearing hairs. His position in Hong Yin Temple must be very unusual.

Lin Yuan said with a smile, “What Qian Shan Shixiong is saying is very true.”

Other people naturally have no objection. They took the cloud boat and departed to the boundary under the blue sky.

After entering the boundary, Qin Mo found that the situation here was worse than they thought.

There was no one over the vast land. From time to time, dark awns emerged from the land. As soon as they enter the boundary, they can feel the thick-powerful yin energy. “There are spirit power fluctuations over there” Qian Shan frowned and pointed to the south.

Qin Mo looked around, then followed the direction where Qian Shan pointed. It was Huang Tian’s secret territory.

Complicated emotion flashed through his eyes, Huang Tian’s secret territory…

Five years ago, in the boundary under the blue sky, heaven and earth changed greatly. In this change, the boundary around the territory mystery disappeared. From then on, its heavenly materials and earthly treasure appeared in everyone’s sight, thus it became the most popular adventure ground for the experience.

But now, it has become their last shelter.

Jin Ling-er stood among the crowd and walked carefully forward. The outer part of the territory was shrouded in a strange gray energy, which limited the divine sense’s power. Jin Ling-er’s cultivation base is only at Foundation Building. Now, with her divine sense being limited, she could only see 10 meters around her.

With the gloomy yin energy, it made the atmosphere extremely creepy. With a crisp crack sound of breaking under her feet, she looked down to see a blackened human bone.

Her expression turned a few degrees paler but did not yell out like the first time. After all, she has been used to it after so long.

“Be careful.” A familiar voice said next to her. She turned back to see Kong Xiao’s serious face.

She nodded.

Kong Xiao’s cultivation base is not at Core Formation. He is no longer the young-noble son from the past. He developed somewhat of a steady comportment. The lights in her eyes flickered. Who won’t change during this time?

At this time, a strong wind suddenly blew. Under this wind, even the Core Formation cultivators could not keep their eyes open.

In this strong wind, an enormous amount of black energy rose from the ground. The people who were touched and infected by the energy immediately turned into ashes. Hearing the person’s painful scream, everyone’s expression changed. Their hearts beat with fear.

They have met this black fog many times, which almost destroyed the boundary under the blue sky. Unexpectedly, they were found by the black fog hiding inside of Huang Tian’s secret territory.

“Hehehe, hahaha…. So delicious…” The wailing was heard inside the black fog, and the crowd closed their eyes in despair.

Jin Ling-er leans toward Kong Xiao. She doesn’t want to die, but they have no other choices.

And then, a loud roar came over their head, “Damned demonic fiend, scram!”

With that roar, the whole territory’s ground shook, and the black fog was torn apart from the outside. A group of people appeared out from there.

With glowing magic treasures in their hand, they cleared the place of the black fog completely in a short moment.

There are many newcomers, but Jin Ling-er only has eyes for one.

He was dressed in a white robe, the cold aura around him could not be concealed.

“Da Shixiong.” Jin Ling-er murmured.

Jin Ling-er was dressed in a green robe. Face covered in dirt, but it didn’t affect her pretty face. She had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. Looking at Qin Mo and Jin Ling-er looking at each other, a slightly unhappy feeling and a strange killing urged filled Lin Yuan’s heart.

This shocked him and recited the mantra of heart cleansing several times. This world differs from his own. Jin Ling-er didn’t marry him, so he really shouldn’t kill Da Shixiong because of this.

But he did not know he was looking at Jin Ling-er with a hidden cold in his eyes.

The memory of Da Shixiong quickly revived in Qin Mo’s memory. He touched his Qiankun bag, then finally shook his head. His voice was cold, “I am not your Da Shixiong. I am Qin Mo.”

The corner of Lin Yuan’s mouth was almost upward. Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

Chapter 100

Qin Mo walked in the secret territory leisurely under the hook-shaped waning moon, his heart fidgeting.

According to Kong Xiao, there are other people scattered inside Huang Tian’s secret territory, and he followed into it with other Nascent Soul cultivators. His purpose is not to find the people from this boundary, but just to relax.

Lin Yuan and others practiced the internal Buddhism method, and they have the effect of calming people’s hearts. Therefore, they did not enter, resulting in Qin Mo being by himself.

But this doesn’t concern him. The originally dangerous secret territory doesn’t seem like a big deal now. Qin Shan and the others almost cleaned the chaotic monsters up.

He frowned and ambled forward.

Jin Ling-er’s words echoed in his ears. Jing Linfeng is dead. His former master died like this. He was shocked when he heard this. A strong sense of sadness surged in his heart.

He clearly knows that this feeling is not his own, but the original Da Shixiong. He signed thinking of this.

The secret territory was silent. He looked up and could vaguely post the faint black energy emerging from the sky. He stopped and leaned on an ancient tree’s side, staring at the building ahead. It was the hall of inheritance, and he did not expect to come here without meaning to. He could picture Lin Zizheng’s lively appearance clearly. He made a small smile, thinking of this.

This smile is very light, carrying a warm feeling. He felt the scorching heat from his blushed cheeks.

“Don’t you say that you won’t act against the Yunyin Sect?” The cold wind blows, carrying a strong fishy smell. When he heard this voice, his face darkened. The speaker is Liu Yun, the one who forced him out of the boundary of the blue sky.

He turned around and hid in the darkness, looking ahead.

The moonlight is bleak, and a slight red light dyed the tip of the curved moon, illuminating Liu Yun’s face below.

Her strength is at the completion phase of Core Formation, so she couldn’t pick up a single trace of him. At the moment, she said sharply with a red face to a black fog that could not be seen clearly.

“Hehe, you promised to cooperate with us in advancing to the Nascent Soul, now it is too late to regret…” A strange laugh emitted from the black fog, floating in the dark space and appearing extremely horrifying.

She tightened her fists and said through her clenched teeth, “Where is the nascent soul pill?”

“Hehe… We are demons, how could we have a nascent soul pill? Hehe…” The black fog swelled for a while. Even though Qin Mo could only see a cluster of scorched black, he could imagine the person’s arrogant expression.

Liu Yun’s expression shifted from pale back to red, and red to pale. Her anger has reached the extreme. Her body was frozen in place. After that moment’s rigidity, she suddenly summoned a sharp cold light in her hand and attacked the black energy. For that nascent soul pill, she betrayed everyone in the boundary of the blue sky without conscience. Now she knows that it was only a scam, how could she be reconciled.

As the strong wind blew, her expression became more ferocious.

Under her attack, the black energy shifted into a monster with the head of a bird and the body of a man. His entire body was tinged in red as if he had been dyed with blood.

The monster’s cultivation is only around Core Formation, but he obviously gives very little regard to Liu Yun. When he gave out a loud shout toward the sky, the red feathers on the top of his head fell off one after another and they exploded in the air, forming a mass of dark red slime that floated towards Liu Yun’s direction.

Being touched by these viscous slimes, red blisters formed on her skin. Those blisters burst out one after another, bathing Liu Yun in her own red blood.

Her gaze was red, giving a sense of insanity. Regardless of her current situation, she moved like a dark light and rushed toward the monster.

Qin Mo gave a cold laugh. Is this woman still Yunyin Sect’s sect head?
Thunderbolt appeared in his hand with a twist of his wrist.

He walked very slowly, and even if the steps were not powerful and almost soundless, like taking a relaxing walk. But the moment he appeared, both of them were stopped by him.

A strong murderous aura spread out from him. He did not make any sound, but Liu Yun could clearly feel the aura getting stronger and stronger.

Her entire body froze in place, heart beating wildly. She clenched her magic tool as she slowly turned to see Qin Mo’s face. When she saw him, her pupil suddenly dilated. Qin Mo stopped and stood not too far from Liu Yun. He says nothing for a long time. He remembered the scene that year of hers, claiming that he was a demonic cultivator. Unexpectedly, she has mingled with a demonic cultivator herself in the past few years.

A moment later, he raised the blade in his hand. It shined under the weak moonlight.

Liu Yun was shocked and looked at the monster beside her. The two who were originally fighting each other joined him to attack Qin Mo.

Qin Mo’s expression remained the same as he wielded his sword.

The two halted. Only a bang sound could be heard as the two fell to the ground together, both soundlessly.

Lin Yun’s eyes wide in anger, with extremely resentful filled in them. The last thought she had before she landed on the ground was that she shouldn’t have let him go.

Qin Mo breathed out a breath, putting away Thunderbolt and walking away without looking back at the two bodies on the ground. Instead, he focused on the hall behind him. If he heard it right, there is a noise coming from inside.

“Clank… Clank…” The sound was intermittent, but it continued.

He stood in the same spot for a moment before walking into the hall. In his memory, the hall is very empty, with only three inheritance futons. Where did the noise come from?

With the wind blowing, he went up the stairs in front of the main hall.
The atmosphere was silent.

After he left, Liu Yun, who was originally laid on the ground breathlessly, trembled and slowly raised her head. In the dark, her smile was gloomy. A pair of black boots appeared in her sight. Her smile froze. But when she saw the face of the person before her, she was relieved. It was not Qin Mo.

Looking at the dying Liu Yun on the ground, Lin Yuan’s heart softened.
A pill appeared in his palm with a move of his finger.

Lin Yuan said “excuse me” in a low voice as he bent over and picked up Liu Yun, and put the pill into her mouth whispering, “Spirit nourishment pill is good for healing…”

Wariness filled her heart. She escaped from Qin Mo’s hands with a skill she unintentionally obtained years ago. Now struggling to live, someone who she never met before appeared before her eyes. How could he be this kind-hearted?

But the pill was put into her mouth before she could struggle. Fortunately, as soon as the pill entered her mouth, it turned into a warm current that swam through her veins. Feeling joyful, she calmed her breathing. But resentment still lingered in her mind. Wait until she recovers from her wound, she will come up with a way to end Qin Mo’s life.

Lin Yuan’s fingers suddenly trembled, and the gentle expression on his face vanished.

Feeling Lin Yuan’s growing strength, she opened her eyes and asked doubtfully, “What’s the matter? You…”

Before she could finish, her voice stopped. A bloody hole appeared on her forehead from which red blood flowed out continuously. In a moment, her breathing stopped completely.

This time, Liu Yun is truly dead.

After Lin Yuan killed her, he didn’t take any other actions but stood straight in place. A moment later, he covered his forehead and groaned, then shook his head uneasily. When he saw her body on the ground, his face turned pale. He clearly wanted to save her. How did he end up killing her?

His expression is complicated. In these few days, he has been aware of his own abnormality. He always does something he usually won’t after his sense blanks out. Especially when it’s about Qin Mo. This phenomenon is particularly obvious. He examined carefully. He wasn’t being possessed.

His intuition told him that as long as he is around Qin Mo, he would find his answer. As someone who always believed in their intuition, he recited Rebirth in Pure Land Dharani two times and walked into the hall, following Qin Mo.

The teleportation array is paved on the square in front of the main hall, and the stone tablet still stands on the edge of the array.

But what’s different from last time is the long and thin red line around the tablet. The golden “seal” word is extremely striking under the red line. Black energy occasionally floats by and is swallowed up by the golden word in an instant.

The red thin line stretched from the stone tablet to the main hall. Paved a dense network over the place.

Qin Mo bypassed the thin lines on the ground and walked forward in the main hall.

“Clank… Clank…” The noise became clearer, it was the sound of chains.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark
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