The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31

Qin Mo looked at Fang Yue with indifference. He said nothing and turned his attention to Lin Zizheng.

Fang Yue saw Lin Zizheng stand in front of the third praying mat, staring at Qin Mo with a burning gaze.

When Qin Mo didn’t pay attention to her, she snorted and pulled out her Red Heaven Silk. Once again, she attacked Lin Zizheng. She knew the last praying mat was most important, she had no time to argue with Qin Mo.

Qin Mo’s fingers shifted, and the spirit sword returned to his hand when he saw Fang Yue’s movements. He turned his wrist and stopped her again.

“Da-Shixiong!” Qin Mo turned his head and saw Lin Zizheng shaking his head, He retracted his sword, understanding that Lin Zizheng wanted to fight for the last praying mat himself.

Qin Mo pursed his lips and put the sword away.

Kong Xiao witnessed this, mouth curving into an unclear smile, and said, “This kid has quite a backbone, but I don’t know if he can defeat Fang Yue. After all, she is a foundation building cultivator!”

No sooner had he spoken than Fang Yue’s long red ribbon wrapped tight around Lin Zizheng.

Lin Zizheng was unable to move, and a smile appeared on Fang Yue’s face. She could not handle a spirit solitude cultivator. Could it be that she couldn’t deal with this small qi refining cultivator? Before she could feel too happy, her smile stiffened. Lin Zizheng turned in the Red Heaven Silk’s binding and broke free.

He lifted his right hand, and a long, black spear appeared. He grasped it and jumped. In mid-air, he thrust the spear at Fang Yue.

The tip of the spear flashed, and an echo of wind howled.

Faced with this fierce spear, Fang Yue’s pupils shrank in fright. Then disdain flashed in her eyes, and she spun her Red Heaven Silk to counter it. The Red Heaven Silk was a high-level magic weapon. There was no way this small long spear would beat it.

The two weapons collided, and both attacks stilled. But a moment later, the long spear in Lin Zizheng’s hand penetrated the Red Heaven Silk, and in an instant, it was torn in half.

Fang Yue started at the damaged Red Heaven Silk in her hands, eyes red, and her expression became ferocious. No longer noble and beautiful, she fiercely turned in Lin Zizheng’s direction and shouted, “You dare destroy my magic treasure! I won’t let you get away with this!”

She shot a water arrow in Lin Zizheng’s direction and rushed towards him.

Lin Zizheng spun the spear and blocked the water arrow. Hand on the spear, he circulated his spirit power and retaliated.

Lin Zizheng and Fang Yue’s attack met in the middle, and both retreated. However, Lin Zizheng backed two to three steps, while Fang Yue was forced back to the end of the wall.

In a state of uproar, everyone could see Lin Zizheng, at qi refining, was winning against Feng Yue, who was in foundation building.

Fang Yue’s hand covered her chest, and she coughed, both eyes looking at Lin Zizheng in horror. If she hadn’t built a large water wall in front of her, she would have been seriously injured. “Shijie!” Several women who had followed Fang Yue stepped forward to support her.

“I am sorry. You let me win.” Lin Zizheng’s face bore a gentle smile, which only hurt Fang Yue’s resentful heart.

Fang Yue groaned and no longer looked him in the eyes. She sat down with the help of Yunyin Sect’s female disciples and slowly adjusted her breathing.

Lin Zizheng showed a helplessness expression at her reaction then smiled at the crowd and said, “Then, the last praying mat will return to this humble one.”

The crowd remained silent. The spirit solitude cultivator had already passed the age of one hundred, so naturally, he would not compete, and the rest weren’t at foundation building. After seeing Lin Zizheng’s tyrannical strength, they wouldn’t dare say anything.

Once Lin Zizheng sat on the last praying mat, Kong Xiao’s eyes flashed, and he said to Qin Mo with a raised eyebrow, “This kid isn’t bad!”

Qin Mo didn’t pay attention to him. He lowered his gaze and concentrated on the long sword in his hand, but Kong Xiao saw his mouth rising at the corner.

It didn’t take long for the praying mats to change. A pale yellow light glowed around the three praying mats and wrapped around the three people.

Qin Mo’s vision turned black, and within, a tremendous change affected his entire body.

The empty hall disappeared without a trace, and now he sat in a confined, black space where he couldn’t see anything.

Without knowing how much time had passed, silvery spots appeared in this darkness. Qin Mo narrowed his eyes and found these spots formed a picture. A man in purple robes stood in mid-air with a starry sky behind him. He raised a long sword and murmured, “Shattered Sky Sword!”

The wind and clouds shifted in the sky, and the spirit aura around the man concentrated on the long sword. Even the stars behind the man dimmed a little, and with a gentle wave from the man, the long sword shone in a brilliant light. That power could cut through the sky.

Qin Mo fixed his gaze at the scene in front of him, and his eyes flashed with astonishment. He had never seen such a powerful sword ability, one that could break open the sky and cut through the universe.

The man suddenly turned, and his eyes looked straight at Qin Mo. Qin Mo’s heart jumped slightly, he couldn’t tell whether he was nervous or excited.

The man’s eyes were bright as if light glittered from within. As they stared at each other, a silver light shone out of the man’s eyes and entered Qin Mo’s.

This shocked Qin Mo and he closed his eyes, but that light burst against his head and three silver characters appeared in his mind. He looked at the words and found them to be the words the man spoke: “Shattered Sky Sword.”

Silence reigned in the hall. Everyone’s eyes were on the three men sitting on the praying mats. There was a golden light around them.

Eventually, Kong Xiao, sitting in the middle, opened his eyes. His face filled with joy, and he glanced at Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng on either side of him. He stood and walked in the direction of Zhengyang Sect’s disciples. From his expression, he must have gained a lot.

Not long after, Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng opened their eyes together.

Kong Xiao didn’t expect that through this inheritance, Lin Zizheng’s strength would reach ten layers of qi refining. And the atmosphere around Qin Mo continued to rise. Now he couldn’t see Qin Mo’s specific cultivation practice.

He smiled, turned the folding fan in his hand, and said, “Qin Mo-xiong, congratulations!”

Qin Mo looked up and glanced at Kong Xiao. With a light tone, he said,
“The same to you.”

Kong Xiao’s words died. Qin Mo was already surrounded by several disciples from Yueqing Sect, and his indifferent expression seemed somewhat softened. He felt a little indignant.

He walked over to Qin Moand lightly tapped his shoulder with his folding fan. Kong Xiao raised his chin and said, “This young master will leave here, what are you doing next?”

Qin Mo had the impulse to laugh, but his face remained indifferent. He nodded, “I will leave too.”

He still looked the same. Kong Xiao coldly snorted and turned to leave with the people from Zhengyang Sect.

Qin Mo’s lips moved, but he didn’t speak. After chatting with several disciples of Yueqing Sect, they also left the hall.

When they exited the main entrance, Qin Mo stood in a vast plain, and there was indeed an ancient stone tablet, recorded with what Kong Xiao explained to him before.

This flat ground was similar to Zhengyang Sect’s training ground, but it was several times larger. The most peculiar thing was, in the center of the plane, the engraving of a huge teleportation array. The array looked ancient, and the spirit stones around it were dull as if having lost the spirit power within.

There was no content regarding the teleportation array on the stone tablet, and no one had tried it. After all, there were many dangers in the secret territory, and no one knew whether the teleportation array would send people to treasures or into a monster pile.

Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng were in the sword tomb and forced by the heavy rain of swords. With no other choice, they chose the teleportation array to an unknown destination, and fortunately, their luck was excellent.

Qin Mo briefly looked at the teleportation array then looked away. He left with Lin Zizheng in tow.

Huangtian’s secret territory was vast, and Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng found a cave nearby without much effort. Their strength improved tremendously after going through the inheritance, but if they didn’t cultivate in seclusion for some time, their foundation would be unstable.

Qin Mo also intended to take advantage of the time and get the sword to recognize him as its master. He was interested in the Shattered Sky Sword’s ability.

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Chapter 32


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Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother

Lin Zizheng sat on one side, an incessant tensity griping his heart. It turned out that the immortals really could fly. He stared at the three people in front of him, his gaze finally coming to rest on the figure clothed in white; Qin Mo. Despite the fact that Qin Mo had yet to speak a single word to him, he’d already become aware that there was something distinct about him. Although he’d only ever been taught by his mother from a small book and though he did not know much, he was still certain that he knew that that person just standing there alone, possessed great beauty. If all immortals bore this manner, he thought, then even if he had to undergo a thousand hardships, he would become an immortal.

Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother 3 King of Classical Music
After hearing this, Zheng Wei Qiao paced. “You. . . Did you eat something weird lately? Qi Mu ate another piece of toast, thought a bit then said rhetorically:
“Marijuana?” “. . .”
Well, he really did eat something weird. But this thing. . .
It was an excellent bad thing to eat! King of Classical Music 2
Everyday I Get up to See the Villain Stealing the Show

Pa! The judge slammed his hand onto the table angrily. Bitter and hateful, he said: “Lord An Yuan was walking on the right path. He did not provoke or anger you. Why did you kick him down the cliff and obstruct his fate?! A month after he would have gone to find the mysterious old man who would be able to pass on internal power to him. The turning point of his fate was soon to arrive–” The more he spoke, the more ardent he felt. Suddenly he took a deep breath and pointed at Han Changsheng’s nose, spitting. “You! Speak, why did you kick Lord An Yuan off a cliff to his death!”

—— Demonic Head Han Changsheng had committed the first mistake in the ways of acting as a villain: Getting rid of the protagonist before he could become powerful.

Everyday I Get up to See the Villain Stealing the Show 1 Gentle Beast
Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu touched his ears and paws, and they were both very warm. He was already seriously injured yesterday and had spent the entire night in the wild. It was only to be expected that he was feverish.

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu rummaged through the medicine kit to find a thermometer. A cat’s mouth could not hold the thermometer. ly, Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu had gauged their temperature by pushing it into the anus.

She took the thermometer and laid the leopard flat on her legs, preparing to follow through.

The thermometer only just touched its sphincter when the leopard cub probably guessed what she was going to do. She did not know where he found the strength to violently struggle in her arms. His fore paw suddenly swung down, and his blue eyes glared ferociously at her, glimmering with anger.

Gentle Beast 2

Chapter 33

Standing in the same spot, Qin Mo felt that the whole secret territory was shrouded in a large membrane. After a flash of light, he was once again outside of the secret territory with Lin Zizheng beside him. Others seemed to be back at the same time.

As soon as he looked up, he saw Jin Linfeng in front of him. Beside him stood numerous Yueqing Sect disciples. Jin Linfeng looked gloomy, his eyes different from the past.

Qin Mo didn’t think much about it as he moved towards Jin Linfeng.

A loud shout echoed from the far corner, “Qin Mo, for a demonic cultivator, you still dare to come back!”

The atmosphere outside the secret territory fell to silence as everyone looked at Qin Mo.

Qin Mo paused. Turning in the direction of the voice, he saw Liu Qingzhou standing in the corner, looking back at him with a bitter expression. Liu Qingzhou’s face wasn’t as bright as it used to be and his clothes were damaged and covered with blood. It made him look extremely desolate.

He looked at Qin Mo and he remembered his cruel methods. His body unconsciously trembled.

“Demonic cultivator?” Small doubt flashed through Qin Mo’s eyes. For a moment, he couldn’t understand what Liu Qingzhou meant. Was he trying to frame him?

“Qin Mo, don’t think about quibbling, you are a demonic cultivator. I saw with my own eyes when you absorbed Attendant Meng and He’s souls.” Seeing that Qin Mo didn’t want to admit his crime, Liu Qingzhou grew anxious. As he looked at the people present, he shouted out again, “All the sect heads know the truth, and you can’t pretend anymore.”

Hearing this, Qin Mo’s expression shifted. The sect heads already knew?
Did this mean his shifu also believed Liu Qingzhou’s lies?

Qin Mo’s attention went back to Jin Linfeng again. As if feeling Qin Mo’s gaze, his head turned slightly, no longer meeting his eyes. He could only tightly clutch his hands. He didn’t want to believe that his sensible disciple would be a demonic cultivator, but the soul lamp’s display made him have no choice.

Seeing Jin Linfeng’s action, Qin Mo’s expression was stiff. His eyes flashed with disbelief. Shifu….

“Impossible, how could Da-Shixiong be a demonic cultivator!” A sharp female voice rang, breaking the silence.

Everyone felt a flash of yellow light. Jin Ling-er, dressed in a long yellow dress, appeared beside Jin Linfeng. She grasped his hand tightly, saying “Father, say something!”

His face showing a trace of intolerance, Kong Fan turned back and coldly snorted, “Jin Sect Head, even now, you still insist on protecting this traitorous disciple! It couldn’t be that you no longer want the tens of thousands of foundations that Yueqing Sect have?”

Jin Linfeng trembled. The hesitant color on his face hidden by a scowl, he fiercely reached out to hit Jin Ling-er’s neck. Before Jin Ling-er had time to say anything, her eyes turned over and she fainted.

Jin Linfeng waved a hand at a disciple and said, “Bring Ling-er back to the sect.” After listening to Jin Linfeng’s command, they looked at Qin Mo with some hesitation, then left with Jin Lin-er on their back.

Kong Xiao wanted to step forward, but he paused. His expression growing colder the longer he looked at Qin Mo, he unconsciously tightened his grip on the folding fan.

The scene was silent, only Lin Zizheng raised his lips as he walked slowly forward and grasped Qin Mo’s hand.

Feeling the warm touch on his hand, Qin Mo was shocked. He turned around to see Lin Zizheng standing beside him. Only Lin Zizheng would stand beside him.

Spotting Qin Mo’s rare soft expression, Lin Zizheng held his hand tighter. Da-Shixiong, now you know that everyone in this world can betray you, but I will always stand by your side.

His gaze swept through the murderous crowd, a glint of darkness in his eyes. Da-Shixing, no matter what, I will protect you.

“Qin Mo, you die today!” The desire in Liu Qingzhou’s heart almost fulfilled, he flashed a self-satisfied smile in Qin Mo’s direction.

Hearing his voice, Qin Mo stiffened. He slowly released Lin Zizheng’s hand, looking coldly at Liu Qingzhou. Liu Qingzhou chewed on the words and groaned coldly from his heart. Qin Mo was not a soft persimmon.

Even feeling the chill in Qin Mo’s eyes, Liu Qingzhou’s face still carried a mocking smile. There were several core formation cultivators here and he didn’t believe Qin Mo could harm them.

But then, his smile froze on his face because Qin Mo slowly drew a spirit sword and rushed towards him. He felt pain spreading from his shoulder, and in the next instant saw his left arm fall to the ground.

“Ah!” Liu Qingzhou screamed. Seeing the blood pouring from his wound, Qin Mo’s hand trembled. He tightened his grasp on the sword’s handle. His eyes cold, he said, “This is payback.”

Liu Qingzhou’s face turned white. He remembered the time Attendant Meng’s spear stabbed Qin Mo’s left shoulder in the Huangtian’s secret territory.

“… Since you always wanted my life, you can use your life to offset it.” Qin Mo raised the sword in his hand and swung again in Liu Qingzhou’s direction.

“Kid, you dare!” Liu Yun reacted once she saw Qin Mo’s movement, her face filled with anger. She didn’t expect he would really act in front of so many masters. So, she carelessly let him cut Liu Qingzhou’s arm, but he still wanted to take his life in front of her. This was simply delusional.

She quickly covered Liu Qingzhou. With a wave of her hand, an earth wall appeared between them, blocking Qin Mo’s attack.

Qin Mo’s sharp sword slammed against the earth wall but did not shake it. Qin Mo’s brows furrowed when he saw this kind of scene, the core formation cultivator’s defense unusual.

However, he looked at Liu Qingzhou hiding behind the earth wall and his heart grew cold. Today, he had to take his life.

Turning, he laid the longsword across his chest. Tightly holding his sword, Qin Mo commanded, “Sky-scattered sword.”

Watching the surrounding spirit energy gather in Qin Mo’s direction, the audience stared. They didn’t expect Qin Mo to have such powerful trick.

Liu Yun’s face flashed a trace of surprise, then hinted at mockery. Even if the move was more powerful, there was an insurmountable gap between core formation and foundation building. The longsword in Qin Mo’s hand erupted a purple light as he grasped the handle and slammed it against the earth wall.

The moment the sword touched the earth wall, it swayed violently.

Liu Yun’s face shifted as she watched. Her hands moved to once again send spirit power to the earth wall.

The longsword deadlocked with the earth wall. Qin Mo stared at it and continued to command the sky-scattered sword ability.

For a while, the spirit energy of the whole place started to move. The thick energy actually formed a visible spirit belt around him.

Not enough, still not enough. Feeling the thick spirit energy, he wasn’t satisfied. Stubbornly, his left hand kept moving.

The land at Qin Mo’s feet dried up. It seemed that all the essences were lost, the soil became sand and the plants withered in an instant.

The light emitting from the sword reached its peak and the dazzling blade seemed to cover up even the glory of the sun behind him. The ordinary sword formed a huge light and shadow in the air, each of them also forming together into an enormous sword.

“Ha!” He exhaled a breath, and the huge sword followed his movement and slammed toward Liu Qingzhou.

Liu Qingzhou watched the earth wall collapse before his eyes. The last scene he saw in his life was the giant sword that seemed to be able to break the sky.

Watching Liu Qingzhou falling in a pool of blood, Liu Yun’s face was stunned. She couldn’t maintain her high posture anymore, her face grew fierce. This Qin Mo was too intolerable, he dared to cut down her son before her face.

Raising her right hand, a golden loop appeared in her palm. She didn’t care that Qin Mo was only a foundation building junior and rushed towards him.

Seeing her fierce appearance, Qin Mo’s sword shifted, directly crashing against the golden ring in her hand.

“Peng!” A loud sound rang out and the whole space seemed visibly shaken. Numerous sparks flew at the junction between the sword and the golden ring, the blow making Qin Mo an equal match for Liu Yun. At the same time, the range of sand below his feet expanded once more.

Noticing the withered plants beside Qin Mo, Kong Fan flashed an unashamed expression and scolded, “He really is a demonic cultivator! He can absorb the lifeforce of other species!” After he finished, he ran towards Qin Mo. He wanted to take him down as soon as possible.

At the same time, a shadow passed by quickly, ready to help Liu Yun.

It wasn’t known whether their purpose was to take down the demonic cultivator Qin Mo, or to obtain the purification spirit fruit taking Qin Mo’s form.

Before they can reach Liu Yun, a young boy appeared in front of them and blocked their path.

The tip of a longspear in the boy’s hand was pointed straight at them. Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): DarkSapphire, Empress

Chapter 34

Three people stood before Lin Zizheng. One of them was a Core Formation cultivator, and the other two had reached Spirit Solitude, but his face was solemn as he held tightly onto the long spear. Even though his cultivation was far superior to a general Qi Refining cultivator, it was difficult for him to defect these people.

But he wasn’t worried. After all, he relies not only on his cultivation but also in some secret cards.

Lin Zizheng moved his lips, and he cried one word from his heart, “Qing Yunzi.” A shadow figure appeared beside him, the same one that had appeared in the secret territory. However, he was no longer a thick, cloudy energy, he was dressed in a blue robe with the demeanor of a transcendent being.

As soon as he appeared, he subconsciously looked in Qin Mo’s direction.

Many spirit energies in the air continue to rush to Qin Mo, significantly increasing his Shattered Sky Sword’s strength. For a moment, Liu Yun had no other way.

She looked hatefully at the shining sword beside Qin Mo, her shaded gaze fixed on him. She slowly said, “Qin Mo, your sword ability is indeed powerful, but don’t forget that you are currently a Foundation Building cultivator. There must be a time limit for using this ability. With so many people present, you are no threat to us. . .” Her words were full of contempt, though she couldn’t win against Qin Mo during this short period. Qin Mo’s strength wasn’t worth mentioning in front of her. Her intention was clear, even if Qin Mo held the upper hand for a moment, it was still a breeze for them to get rid of him.

“So, now you have to think very carefully, whether you take the initiative to break up or whether you want me to do it for you.” Her voice carried an intense pressure, and it fell directly on Qin Mo’s body.

After she finished her words, the audience quieted down. One by one, their eyes fell on Qin Mo. They knew it wouldn’t end well for Qin Mo, but it never occurred to anyone that once brilliant Da-Shixiong would have fallen to this level.

Jin Linfeng, silent until then, also looked at Qin Mo. He slowly whispered, “Xiao Mo. . .”

Qin Mo’s sharp hearing caught this voice, he looked at Jin Linfeng and firmly said, “I am not a Demonic cultivator.”

Jin Linfeng’s eyes flashed, but he could only sigh and stop speaking.

Qin Mo’s body stiffened as his eyes turned cold. He looked back at Liu Yun. The corner of his mouth raised in a mocking arc, “Impossible!”

Liu Yun’s expression changed dramatically, her face turning green and white. Since she entered Core Formation, very few people could shift her mood so suddenly. Qin Mo was too presumptuous.

The expression on her face was somewhat distorted, her eyes sweeping over the large purple sword of lightning. She held her hands and fiercely spit out a breath. With a gloomy tone, she said, “Qin Mo, I hope you will still have a courageous spirit in a moment.”

She glanced at the restless people who wanted to rush forward with her to deal with Qin Mo, her eyes flashing a stern color. She called out to them, “Don’t come, I want to kill him myself!” Listening to her words, they stopped in their tracks. Even the enraged Kong Fan stood aside. Although he was a Core Formation cultivator like Liu Yun, he didn’t have to obey her order, but he always respected a woman’s wishes.

The shadow’s gaze swept through the long sword with surprise in his eyes. Qin Mo wasn’t a bad seedling.

As the three before Lin Zizheng stared at the shadow, they felt their expressions shifting. The Core Formation cultivator didn’t cover up his own dumbfounded thoughts and was surprised to hear himself say, “An actual Nascent Soul!”

When a cultivator’s strength reached Emerging Aperture, they can condense nascent spirits. As long as they can successfully condense the spirit, even if they are physically destroyed but not extinguished in battle, they would become a Nascent Soul. After they become a Nascent Soul, they had the chance of rebirth.

As the dark shadow stood before them, his lowest possible cultivation level was Emerging Aperture. Witnessing him, they all took a cold breath.

But then, the Core Formation cultivator’s expression calmed. His eyes swept over the somewhat transparent body and coldly snorted, “He is just a dead man, what’s so scary about him?”

He waved to the two behind him and said, “Both of you, take care of him.”

He stared at Lin Zizheng in a somewhat sly manner. However, Lin Zizheng stood both leisurely and comfortably. This Foundation Building kid would dare to challenge him? This time, he would let the kid experience the strength of his power.

Hearing the Core Formation cultivator, they relaxed and quickly circulated their spirit power to rush towards the shadow for an attack. Looking at the two Spirit Solitude cultivators’ attack, neither Lin Zizheng nor Qing Yunzi’s expressions changed. Qing Yunzi’s eyes flashed a trace of contempt, and his face was calm as he stretched out his right hand, waving in their direction.

“Pu pu!” Two muffled sounds rang in the entire space, and everyone’s surprised eyes fell on the cultivators. The two men rushing to attack without pause were being patted down by Qing Yunzi. Spitting out a mouthful of blood as their bodies collapsed to the ground.

The Core Formation cultivator’s face stiffened and with a solemn tone, he said, “An actual nascent spirit attack.” Although he had never seen a cultivator higher than Emerging Aperture, he had read about it in an ancient book. Emerging Aperture cultivators all have a powerful attack, a nascent spirit attack. It was powerful, and he finally had the chance to witness it.

His expression grew more dignified. He knew that if he doesn’t take this seriously, he would end up like the two men on the ground.

Crouching, as he started to mobilize all the spirit power in his body, his eyes flashed. Curling his right hand into a fist, it glowed a deep red color and the air around his fist was deformed as he prepared an attack with his full strength.

A core formation cultivator attack at full strength was devastating. The spirit power around him stirred up violently.

Though his face didn’t show it, Qing Yunzi’s heart was tight. As the Core Formation cultivator had said, even though he was strong before his death, he was only at Nascent Soul now.

His nascent spirit power quickly began to circulate, as he raised his right hand a large palm appeared in the air. He waved his hand, and the large palm mimicked the movement, slamming brutally in the Core Formation cultivator’s direction.

Their attacks collided into each other, the surrounding spirit power boiling up. Qing Yunzi’s single strike caused an earthquake, making the Core Formation cultivator retreat a few steps. Gloomily, he looked at his bloody hand, and his eyes flashed with rays of anger, but he had to retreat back to the crowd. He didn’t dare confront anymore.

Though his appearance didn’t show it, he knew he was seriously injured.
Between his face or his life, he certainly would cherish his life more.

Qing Yunzi moved his hand, aiming to destroy the Core Formation cultivator. No matter what his opponent did, he would never leave behind a loose end.

A sneer came from the side. They only heard, Liu Yun asking, “Qin Mo, now what are you going to do?”

Lin Zizheng and Qing Yunzi were shocked as they turned to face Qin Mo.

They saw that the large sword of spirit power and lightning had disappeared. The spirit power around Qin Mo no longer rushed toward him, he could no longer defend by using the powerful skill.

Liu Yun gave a mocking smile, she looked at Qin Mo as if he were already dead. Although she never liked Liu Qingzhou, Qin Mo shouldn’t have killed and beheaded him before her, let alone the two Spirit Solitude attendants from her sect.

A light flashed in her hand, the Golden Ring. With a sharp gaze, Liu Yun threw the golden ring fiercely towards Qin Mo. The golden ring grew larger in mid-air, casting powerful shadows. A tiger’s roar and dragon cry burst out from the ring, terrifying the crowd.

Faced with the fierce attack of her Golden Ring, Qin Mo transferred his spirit power to Thunderbolt. His hand moved, and Thunderbolt flew into the air. The sword’s body vibrated and a purple light emanating from its length. Violently, Thunderbolt and the Golden Ring collided.

“Boom!” The whole earth seemed to shake. The Golden Ring quickly went back to Liu Yun, and Thunderbolt also fell back into Qin Mo’s hand.

Liu Yun tightly held her Golden Ring with an ugly expression, not anticipating that he could block her attack. Her eyes swept over the sword in his hand. Qin Mo was a rare genius under the boundary of the blue sky. If he was only at Foundation Building and had skills like this, then how outstanding would he be once he forms his core?

Her eyes became gloomier thinking of that. She tightened her grip on the Golden Ring and aimed a shadow attack at Qin Mo.

His face was pale, but again, he drove the sword in his hand.

As soon as they engaged, Lin Zizheng didn’t have a chance to do anything before the engagement was already over. When he saw Liu Yun’s fierce attack, his pupils shrank, and he shouted to Qing Yunzi, “Quickly!”

Qing Yunzi turned when he heard the shout, then walked towards them without hesitation.

At the same time, a white shadow flew out of Qin Mo’s spirit animal bag. It grew in size and landed on the ground. Reaching the size of a small hill, it shielded Qin Mo and stopped Liu Yun’s attack completely.

Liu Yun felt her attack hit the small hill. Slowing her movements, she walked straight backward for a few steps.

When her footsteps stopped, she could see an enormous white fox between her and Qin Mo. The fox stood there alone but gave off a heavy pressure. Amidst the distraction, Qing Yunzi reached Qin Mo’s side.

Tightening her grip on Golden Ring, her sight fell on Qin Mo. Sarcastically, she said, “Qin Mo, you deserve to be called a Demonic cultivator, to have such a fox demon beside you!”

Qin Mo’s eyes showed a hint of surprise when he looked at the fox before him. At first glance, he recognized it as the little fox but didn’t expect it to grow to such proportions, and before he could say anything, a voice rang out.

“Demonic cultivator?” His eyes opened wide as he realized the voice came from the little fox in front of him.

Everyone else was also surprised. Only monsters that reached Core Formation were able to speak, and only able to transform into humans once they reached Nascent Soul. Could it be the fox had already reached Core Formation?

Seeing that no one in the room answered his question, the little fox’s eyes flashed a trace of displeasure. Its dark pupils turned blood red, and he looked in Liu Yun’s direction.

She felt her whole body turn stiff and her mind unconsciously started to flash through this situation’s entire process of development, even including the display shown on the soul lamps. After a moment, she regained her freedom. Her eyes moved towards the fox, pinning him with a stare. The fox was indeed strange.

“It’s actually like this!” Even if it was just a furry fox face, everyone noticed a thick feeling from it.

Its head-turning, a pair of blood-red eyes looked straight at the Nascent Soul Qing Yunzi. At the same time, its eyes shifted. Having been looked at this way, Qing Yunzi had a bad feeling in his heart. Before he could do anything, like Liu Yun, he became rigid in the same spot.

“It’s really like this.” A slight sigh hung in the little fox’s voice as he spoke. Its gaze turned to Lin Zizheng in the distance and with its eyes flashing a trace of bloodlust, he stared at him. Inside the Huangtian’s secret territory, it felt that there was something wrong with Lin Zizeng, but it didn’t expect he would do such a thing.

Stared down by the little fox’s fire-red eyes, Lin Zizheng panicked, as if everything was about to change. “What is everyone being distracted for, let’s kill the Demonic cultivator Qin Mo and this demon fox!” Kong Fan said, impatient. Since the appearance of this fox, the scene had fallen into complete silence.

Everyone reacted after hearing his voice. Even if the fox was at Core Formation, it didn’t matter. They had the numbers, many CoreFormation cultivators were among them.

“Humph! Qin Mo is a Demonic cultivator? Truly a joke, now this fox lord will show you all what the truth is like!” Despise colored the little fox’s gaze when it looked at the rioting crowd before it. He gave a smirking glance at Lin Zizheng. Opening its mouth, a colorful ball of light soared out. Everyone heard its shout, “Allow me to give everyone a proper look, Let’s see who is the real Demonic cultivator!”

Qin Mo’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He was wronged, but he also wanted to know the truth.

Everyone immediately quieted, only Lin Zizheng stiffened. Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): DarkSapphire, Empress

Chapter 35

The colorful sphere kept dispersing in the air and then turned into a slightly transparent screen. The screen shook a bit, and a scene from inside of Huangtian’s secret territory appeared.

When everyone saw the misty figure turning into Qin Mo, their faces flashed with astonishment. They glanced at Lin Zizheng and Qing Yunzi. All of them knew the misty figure was Qing Yunzi without a doubt.

Unconsciously, Lin Zizheng gripped his fists as he looked at Qin Mo. Qin Mo’s head was lowered, and the little fox’s shadow shrouded him, making it impossible to see his expression.

As Lin Zizheng approached Qin Mo, his heart tightened, and he suddenly stopped and in a low voice said, “Da-Shixiong, it wasn’t like that…”

When Liu Yun witnessed this, her brow wrinkled as she swept her eyes towards Qin Mo and a haze flashed through her eyes. Seeing the “Qin Mo” that appeared in front of the three people, her eyes darkened, and the Golden Ring in her hand lit up as she violently threw it at the screen.

After the screen was hit by the Golden Ring, it turned into spots of light, and the figure on it slowly disappeared without a trace.

“Lies to delude everyone! Qin Mo, to clear your accusation, you would falsely frame the disciple who has always followed you. Really cruel and ruthless!” The solemn expression on Liu Yun’s face and the bitterness appearance on her face. As if she felt extremely shameless about Qin Mo’s action, only her twinkling eyes faintly revealed her mind. Cao Yong, who had been quiet all of these time, eyes lit up when he heard this and looked at Kong Fan with a stern expression flashing through his eyes. He came forward, and eyes swept over the crowd, then slowly opened his mouth and said, “Everyone, if what this fox demon said is true or false, it’s yet unknown. Even if it’s true, Qin Mo and his disciple brother are so close. He also might not be a good person, but if what it said is false…” When he ended, Cao Yong gave two chilled laughs and looked at Qin Mo coldly, “Then this Qin Mo is even more sinful!”

Watching everyone’s expression, Liu Yun’s mouth slightly raised as she said, “Moreover, Qin Mo did take away the purification fruit.”

Sure enough, after hearing the words “purification fruit,” their eyes lit up and instantly changed their expression.

“Qin Mo, no matter what, today we must clear up for Yunqing Sect!” As Liu Yun finished, a loud shout came from within the crowd. After hearing that, one by one also started to echo.

Watching the indignant people, Qin Mo’s face remained unchanged, but his heart turned cold, and it became clear. These people knew that he was wronged, but they are doing this to save their faces. After all, they had sworn that he was a Demonic cultivator. Furthermore, now his body has the effect of the purification fruit. His eyes swept through the crowd and saw the still silent Jin Linfeng, this made Qin Mo’s heart even colder.

Being looked by Qin Mo made everyone’s expression somewhat unnatural, and some even became angrier.

The Sect Heads Liu Yun and Kong Fan looked at each other, and they attacked in Qin Mo’s direction. One by one, the Core Formation cultivators behind them also attacked.

Seeing them like this made the little fox’s displeasure worsens. These people are really deceiving, they dared to bully the person he wants to protect as if this fox lord wasn’t there. The huge tail behind him rose high and smacked hard at those people’s bodies. After being smacked by the little fox, the sect members’ bodies trembled and they had to retreat a few steps.

Then they looked each other in the eyes, a fierce look flashed in their eyes, and they attacked Qin Mo again. The fox probably only has that in its current state, so it was only a matter of time to win against Qin Mo.

At the same time, Lin Zizheng and Qing Yunzi also moved slightly close to Qin Mo’s side to help him block people’s attacks.

When Qin Mo saw Lin Zizheng, his movement paused, and he coldly said, “Scram!” If Jin Linfeng’s impervious to his death made his heart cold, then Lin Zizheng’s action froze it.

He has no sense of belonging in this world. Only a few people are different in his heart, the feeling for Lin Jinfeng and Jin Ling-er are influenced by the sentiments of the original Da-Shixiong. But Lin Zizheng, to him, was the most real feeling, it’s ironic that Lin Zizheng would violently knife him in the back.

Before, he didn’t want to believe the facts given by the little fox. After all, in his heart, Lin Zizheng always had a holy father nature, but seeing Lin Zizheng’s expression made his heart sank instantly. He isn’t stupid, but his impression of Lin Zizheng is too preconceived. Nothing in this world remains unchanged. Da-Shixiong already changed, then why won’t Lin Zizheng change?

When Lin Zizheng heard Qin Mo, his body stiffened in the spot. Looking at Qin Mo’s cold eyes made his heart sank.


Qin Mo didn’t pay attention to Lin Zizheng, but he turned and stood next to the little fox. His gaze was heavy as he looked at the murderous people in front of him. It seems that it’ll be difficult to escape from here.

At this moment, the whole space suddenly trembled. It stunned everyone present. Even the few people who were attacking Qin Mo also ceased to move and looked at the sky.

The empty sky suddenly trembled, and a crack slowly appeared. As if someone tore open a huge mouth in the air.

The little fox stared at the sky with wide eyes and said in some surprise, “It’s a space rift!” Then its eyes turned and found that there was a small gap in the boundary of Huangtian’s secret territory behind them caused by the space rift.

After the shock, surprise expression flashed across its face. Although being within Huangtian’s secret territory was a bit dangerous. To them, it was a life-saving space. With that in mind, his huge tail raised again and smashed the gap in the boundary.

In a split second, the gap quickly became larger. The little fox’s tail flicked, and rolled Qin Mo up from the ground and plunged into the crack.

The little fox’s speed was fast. When everyone came to their senses, the boundary already returned to its original state.

Lin Zizheng, who had been stunned, saw the scene and quickly came to the boundary. Holding tightly onto the long spear in his hand and stabbed it fiercely in the direction of the crack, but the boundary remained perfectly intact. Qing Yunzi sighed once and said, “It’s useless.”

Lin Zizheng’s eyes were red. As he continued to attack the boundary with the long spear, fresh red blood continually dripped from his hand and on the boundary.

After a long time, Lin Zizheng stopped. Abruptly he turned his head and glanced over the crowd. And he slowly said, “If it weren’t for you, Da- Shixiong wouldn’t have abandoned me. So that’s why all of you are going to die!”

As soon as he finished, the figure of Qing Yunzi beside him moved into his body. Watching the black aura emit from Lin Zizheng’s eyes and the long spear in his hand that had been stained with blood, everyone stared.

Watching Qin Mo entering the secret territory with her own eyes, a wicked fire raised in Liu Yun’s heart. The secret territory only opened once every 50 years. During these 50 years, Qin Mo’s strength would rise dramatically, it will be more difficult to catch him. After seeing Lin Zizheng arrogant appearance, her expression changed, and she wanted to taunt a few remarks.

Before she could say anything, the crack in the sky burst open, and two people came out of it.

One of their bodies was fully pitch black and made people unable to see his face clearly, while the other was wearing a white robe with thick white fluffy fur around his neck and wrist. The white figure stood in the sky with his eyes sweeping underneath and moved his nose slightly. Frowned his brows and said coldly, “Not here, he ran again!”

When the black clothes man heard this, he laughed and with an extremely hoarse voice said, “Where could he run to? His current cultivation shouldn’t be core formation. You don’t have to worry too much.”

“But he…” the man in white frowned and seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t say it and filled his sleeves and said, “Let’s go!”

“Huh? Someone actually cultivates that old man’s practice?” The man in black glanced down and looked straight at Lin Zizheng.

As he finished, he extended his hand in Lin Zizheng’s direction. The hand was thin and withered, standing in the air at a distant, he pointed once and caught Lin Zizheng in his hand.

Then the black man nodded to the white man next to him, and they disappeared in the sky with the gap.

After the two disappeared, the people on the ground breathe out a sigh of relief. They looked at each other with trepidation, and their eyes flashed with horror. At that moment, when the two men appeared, they couldn’t move at all, and they felt like if they moved, they would immediately lose their lives.

Both Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng have disappeared, and the strength of the mysterious two men wasn’t worth mentioning. For a moment, there were no other thoughts in everyone’s mind, and they left there one after another.

Before Jin Linfeng left, he glanced at the Huangtian secret territory disappearing behind him and slightly sighed.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): DarkSapphire, Empress

Chapter 36

Streaking through the dense jungle, a white creature wrapped its fluffy tail around Qin Mo, who only vaguely comprehended his surroundings. When the wind whistling in his ears fell to silence, he found that they reached a familiar place. They were outside the hall where he received the prayer mat’s inheritance.

The little fox flicked its tail, setting Qin Mo on the ground. Stepping away, it shrunk back to its original size.

After entering Huangtian’s secret territory, it took Qin Mo all the way to the safe place. It glanced at the huge teleportation array, the look in its eyes shifting. It leaped, landing beside the strangely familiar teleportation array. After a moment, the fox started to examine it.

“Qin Mo, do you dare to leave here with the fox lord?” Standing beside a stone tablet with a blank expression as he heard the fox’s call, Qin Mo turned his head. Although his face still carried the usual icy appearance, it was unexpectedly lifeless.

“This fox lord is asking you. . .” The fox’s eyes shone as it pointed its paw in his direction, “Do you want to leave this boundary under the blue sky?”

“Leave here?” His fingers brushed against the stone tablet before him. His lips parting, his eyebrows furrowed. Leave, just like that? Although he was always indifferent, this incident made his heart unwilling. He was not a saint, able to requite evil with good. The fox’s eyes narrowed and fixed on him. After a long silence, it laughed and said, “You are planning to take revenge on those people?”

Seeing his glittering eyes, it knew that it was true. The mockery in its gaze deepened. “What can you do in merely 50 years? In this low-level boundary with a deficiency in spirit energy, I’m afraid you won’t even reach Core Formation. When the time comes, how will you deal with all of the cultivators under this boundary? Do you want to hide from them forever?”

Qin Mo’s expression remained unchanged, but his finger stiffened against the stone tablet. He had to admit that what the little fox said was true.

“I will show you a way!” Its paw moved and slapped against the teleportation array. “This teleportation array is extraordinary. It was made to teleport a cultivator from a lower boundary to a higher boundary. It hasn’t lost its effectiveness, it’s easy to teleport one or two people by inputting spirit power. When you reach a higher boundary, it will be filled with thick spirit energies. With your aptitude, to improve your cultivation base would be a very easy matter. It’s not too late to consider revenge.”

“Lower boundary?” Doubts flashed across his eyes, puzzled by the strange words.

“Ah! You don’t think there the boundary under the blue sky is the only place in this Cultivation World? How is that possible!” Mockery flashed through its eyes, showing its obvious disdainful toward the boundary under the blue sky. It patiently explained, “The Cultivation World contains many independent small boundaries, each boundary is one independent world. These boundaries are divided into three, six, and nine ranks, this boundary being the lowest one.”

After finishing, it quietly watched Qin Mo and waited for his decision.

The breeze blew through and swept up his pure white clothes. He looked like an immortal, above the common populace. “Alright.” He responded, his narrow eyes squinting further, “I’m curious what your motives with me are.”

The little fox knew so many secrets, its identity must not be simple. It helped him, it had to have a reason, not known by anyone. Maybe he didn’t think much about it before, but after the Demonic cultivator incident, he wanted to know. He understood the cruelty of this Cultivation World. Even Lin Zizheng betrayed him without the slightest hesitation. What else could he believe?

The fox’s eyes flashed, its body stiffening. He snorted coldly, as if nothing happened, then said, “This fox lord is different from those people. I value your talent. You should be content with being appreciated by this fox lord. Stop chatting astray like a woman!”

It flicked its tail and jumped into his spirit animal bag before continuing, “This fox lord is going to rest. You only need to input your spirit energy into the center of teleportation array to activate it.”

“Really?” His voice whispered to the air with a cold tone as he walked into the center of the array.

The little fox frowned. It forgot to tell Qin Mo that the teleportation array allowed one-way travel in a random destination. It waved its paws, thinking Qin Mo wouldn’t encounter any significant issues.

It was severely injured and hadn’t recovered yet. Rescuing Qin Mo consumed a lot of the fox’s stored energies, and it needed time to recuperate it. Closing its eyes, it stopped thinking about anything.

Qin Mo felt the spirit energy around him grow dense. Before he could do anything, he faintly heard the sound of sobbing.

Blinking a few times, he saw the environment clear. He was currently inside a confined stone chamber with only a tightly locked iron door. A dark pearl-like object was embedded in the wall of the stone chamber, illuminated part of it. There were ten other people in the stone chamber, eight women and two men. It was one of the eight women who was sobbing.

When Qin Mo appeared in the chamber, the ten people were shocked.
They stopped moving and turned to him.

“Who are you?” Qin Mo didn’t ask this question, he only frowned and observed his surroundings. He asked coldly, “Where is this?”

As soon as Qin Mo finished his question, a mocking voice responded, “Stop being arrogant. You’re from the same lower boundary as us. You could only be caught and sold as a human cauldron!”

The sobbing girl was the one that spoke, her reddened lips and white teeth delicate. Her eyes were swollen with a vicious light shining from them.

As soon as her words passed her lips, the whole chamber quieted. The rest of the faces revealed solitude and despair, they buried their bodies in the darkness one by one and stilled.

Qin Mo had a bad feeling from her words. After all, a human cauldron didn’t sound good. His eyes drooped, and he started to circulate the spirit energy around him. Surprise widening his eyes, he realized he couldn’t absorb the spirit energy. More importantly, the spirit power in his body couldn’t be used at all, as if locked by something.

The woman who spoke seemed to have guessed Qin Mo’s thoughts. Her red lips moved, shouting hysterically, “It’s useless. I don’t know whether you got caught or were sent here, but as long as you are within the scope of the auction house, your spirit power can’t be used at all…”

She seemed to have been imprisoned for a long time and was entirely crazy. The sense of resentment in her eyes was even stronger as she said, “Even if you can use spirit power, it’s useless. My humble self is layer three of Foundation Building, I can even pinch you to death. . . Ah! What are you doing?” Before she could finish, a spirit sword pointed straight at her neck. The flash of the sharp edge chilled her heart, and she looked at Qin Mo with trembling eyes. She didn’t think he could care less about the environment. She said she would take action, but her spirit power was locked. She was left with no weapon in hand. She had no advantage.

Darkness in his eyes, Qin Mo said coldly, “Shut up!”

As the woman retracted, she snorted and whispered, “You’ll still end with the same fate as us.”

He replaced his sword, and his gaze swept over the ten people present. He could feel their strength was almost the same as his own, all at Foundation Building base. The girl who just spoke reached the fifth floor of Foundation Building. These cultivators, who were already considered to be high-ranking cultivators under the boundary of the blue sky, all sat on the ground. They were depressed and jittery.

Qin Mo lips closed and he slowly walked over to the iron door. Reaching out, he touched it. His eyes sharpened, he raised his sword and slashed in its direction.

As soon as Thunderbolt made contact with the iron door, it flashed a blue light and blocked his every attack. The iron door remained motionless.

“Ha!” A giggling sneer came behind him, laughing at his incompetence. His grip on the longsword tightened, then a loud noise came from beyond the door.

He quickly replaced his longsword into his qiankun bag as he backed away and hid in the darkness with others.

“These human cauldrons will be sold in this next auction. Their quality is good! Several of them have yin physiques, and one of them is a woman with a pure yin body.” A man’s excited voice filtered inside.

Another man’s voice with no lack of joy followed, “That’s right, after this auction, we will be able to get a large number of spirit stone.” At the same time, a flash of green light took over the chamber, the iron door slowly opening. Two men, one tall and one short, walked in. They were wrapped in large black cloaks, their faces were covered.

“Huh? Why is there another person?” The short man’s eyes fixed on Qin Mo.

The tall man casually glanced at Qin Mo and said impatiently, “Maybe they caught it afterward, whatever, one more is one more. We can earn even more spirit stone. Take them up quickly.”

The short man nodded in agreement and said in a stern tone, “Come out quickly!”

The people trembled, terror on their faces. After a moment, they stood and walked out of the chamber.

Expressionless, Qin Mo followed them. He couldn’t use his spirit power to feel the two men’s cultivation base, it was better not to act rashly.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): DarkSapphire, Empress

Human Cauldrons are victims who are drained of their vital energies by a malicious person. This blog post explains it more in detail.

Chapter 37

Walking along the dark passage, no one spoke. Only the crowd’s heavy breathing filled the air.

As the narrow passage grew wider, a bright light shone before them. Standing under stone steps, Qin Mo and the others saw a young man standing on a high platform. He didn’t wear a black cloak like the other two. Instead, he was wearing an ordinary robe that casually covered his face.

With a hint of carelessness in his voice, he said, “Three pieces of medium-grade spirit stone, any challengers?” He glanced around and then said, “Then the pill medicine is owed by our friend, Dao!”

Seeming to notice them, he turned to the group at the entrance. His eyes lit up and nodded at the two men in black robes. Turning his head back with a smile, he said, “ comes the auction you’ve all been waiting for, the human cauldrons.”

Once he finished, everyone below seethed with excitement. It was common knowledge that using human cauldrons could quickly improve one’s cultivation, but it was not a glorious practice in the cultivation world. Few places would openly auction off human cauldrons.

At the same time, the short man’s voice rang in Qin Mo’s ears, “Go, go quick!” He roughly pushed Qin Mo and others forwards.

Even more fear showed on their faces, but they didn’t say anything.
Trembling, they stepped along the stone steps to the high platform. As soon as they stepped out, Qin Mo felt the surrounding eyes constantly sweeping over his body. He lowered his head, scanning his surroundings. His spirit power was still locked, but his divine sense was still available. The cultivators present, though, their cultivation base was quite high. He didn’t dare act recklessly.

There were two floors in the entire hill. The upper level was filled with separate rooms, the doors of each tightly closed, concealing the scene. The lower floor was filled with cultivators, all wearing long black robes, unrecognizable.

“These are the human cauldrons to be auctioned, everyone please look!” The young man said, a long ruler appearing in his hand. He casually pulled a woman towards him and placed the ruler on her forehead.

Watching the shining light from the ruler, a satisfied smile appeared on the young cultivator’s face. He raised the ruler in his hand to the people and said, “Water-wood dual spirit roots, and a pure yin body!”

The audience grew louder after hearing that. A pure yin body was the most suitable human cauldron and was extremely rare, even rarer than the heaven spirit root.

The cultivator’s face flashed a trace of ecstasy as he slowly said,
“Starting price, three hundred medium-grade spirit stones!”

The atmosphere calmed, the noisy hill quieting. The high-grade spirit stone could be exchanged for 500 pieces of medium-grade spirit stones, and one medium-grade spirit stone could be exchanged for 500 lower-grade spirit stones. 300 pieces of medium-grade spirit stones was a large starting point. The young cultivator remained smiling at the crowd.

Someone held up a sign and called out, “Three hundred medium-grade plus one hundred lower-grade spirit stones.” Like flipping a switch, everyone in the room excitedly scrambled for the woman. At last, the woman with the pure yin body was sold for two high-grade spirit stones to a cultivator in a room on the second floor. Although, the next few people weren’t pure yin bodies, their spirit roots more or less carried some yin nature. Someone with a price of one high- grade spirit stone was eventually sold, even the two men were sold. The cultivator world has no shortage of desire for male homosexual cultivators.

Standing at the back of the crowd, he was ignored until he was the only one that remained on the platform. When the young cultivator placed the ruler closer to his forehead, his hands trembled, desperate to wield Thunderbolt. Despite it, he retracted his hands into his wide sleeves.

“Mutated thunder spirit root. . .” Looking at the result displayed on the ruler, the cultivator’s brows wrinkled. The person in front of him was qualified, but not for a human cauldron. Who caught him?

The people on the hill also noticed the problem. Bursts of laughter pealed out from below.

The young cultivator’s face turning red, in a somewhat wronged tone, he said, “Although he isn’t very suitable as a human cauldron, it’s possible when he’s properly raised. Two hundred medium-grade spirit stones. . .”

A charming voice called out from upstairs, “Ah! Just a waste from the early stage of Foundation Building would price at two hundred medium- grade spirit stones. After buying him, I would have to spend more spirit stones on raising him.” She paused, then continued, “50 medium-grade spirit stones, then I will buy him!”

The young cultivator felt awkward. He glared at Qin Mo and explained,
“It’s against the rule!”

“The rules are set by the people, do you sell or not?” Full of savagery, the woman’s voice was a little arrogant.

The cultivator’s face shifted, but he didn’t speak. Qin Mo stood on the stage, sending chilling glare to the audience.

“Two hundred and one medium-grade spirit stones,” A hoarse voice came from the first floor of the lobby. The sound was processed, making everyone unable to tell whether they were a man or a woman.

Seeing everyone’s eyes were focused on them, they repeated, “Two hundred and one medium-grade spirit stones.”

Filled with joy, the young cultivator said, “Alright, sold.”

“You dare!” The woman upstairs screamed when she caught sight of the mysterious person. Threat laced her tone.

“What don’t I dare?” Ignoring her tone, the mysterious person nodded to the young cultivator.

“One shouldn’t be too arrogant, or they might not be able to leave this auction.” The threat in their tone was even more serious. Everyone could hear it. The identity and the strength of those on the second floor weren’t simple.

“Humph, force isn’t allowed within the area of Qingfeng House!” Before the mysterious person spoke, the cultivator’s expression shifted. What this woman said, she really didn’t put their Qingfeng House in mind.

Seeing the cultivator open his mouth, the woman let out a low hmph and stopped speaking. Her heart knew that for the Qingfeng House to occupy this chaotic place, the forces behind it should not be underestimated. She dared to bargain with them because she didn’t touch the bottom line of Qingfend House until then. Her behavior was obviously irritating them, so she quieted.

After this episode, the auction carried on in an orderly manner. Qin Mo was taken from the hall.

Standing inside the room and looking at the two cultivators in front of the door, Qin Mo’s eyes glistened. According to the woman in the stone room, his spirit power was only imprisoned within the scope of the Qingfeng House. Once he left with the mysterious person, he could think of a way to escape. Qin Mo calmed at the thought. He stood in the same spot, waiting for his purchaser’s arrival.

“Friend Dao, it’s right here,” A voice whispered as two people entered the room. The first was dressed as a servant, the second was Qin Mo’s “Master.”

Feeling a chill down his spine, Qin Mo knew the person was sizing him up.

“Take it away directly?” The mysterious person’s voice was still hoarse.

“Yes, we the Qingfeng House already planted a lock array in his body. Even if leaving the scope of Qingfeng House, the spirit power in his body cannot be used. Friend Dao, you can take him away.” The servant said respectfully.

The mysterious person nodded, he knew about the lock array of the Qingfeng House. The effect was powerful. Without much to say, he left with Qin Mo.

Once they were out of the auction house, Qin Mo looked back. This Qingfeng House was an ancient building, with about nine floors. Everything he saw inside resided on the bottom two. A plaque hung above the wooden door in front of the building. On it, the words “Qingfeng House” were delicately but boldly written. The words felt pressured, making Qin Mo think the Qingfeng House wasn’t simple.

A bustling street resided in front of the Qingfeng House. Cultivators selling things all along it.

The mysterious person drew a flying sword and pulled Qin Mo to stand on it. They were ready to leave.

Standing behind the mysterious person, Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed. Free of the stone chamber, no lock array was cast over him. His spirit power was able to circulate properly. Looking at the mysterious person’s muscular back, he dismissed the thought of a sneak attack. He knew they were still on guard. He needed to wait before taking action.

They were in a town. When they flew over the outer wall, the flying sword came to a stop.

The mysterious person spoke in a husky voice, “Come out.”

As soon as he finished, a red light flashed over them, and a woman appeared. She wore a long red dress that revealed her perfect figure. Looking at them, she smiled, the spoke, “I still like this little brother, I wonder if you could give him to me?”

After she finished speaking, Qin Mo recognized her. She was the woman who wanted to buy him for 50 spirit stones in the Qingfeng House.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): DarkSapphire, Empress

Chapter 38

Three people stood in mid-air, an open meadow under their feet. A tall wall rested behind their backs, and endless forest stretched into the distance.

The smiling woman stood upon flying flower-shaped magic object. Her beautiful eyes swept over Qin Mo. Indifferent to her, the mysterious person in front of him spoke, his deep voice filling the air, “No matter who you are, you need to leave here immediately!”

His voice was hoarse and dry, carrying a vague hint of impatience, which made the woman’s face change. Her lips tilted downwards, her eyes flashing dangerous intent. “Before coming here, did your master not warn you that there are some people you cannot provoke?”

She raised her hand as she finished, a fiery red flute appearing in it as she smiled in their direction. Her lips brushing against it, she began to play.

The flute sounded melodious, blinding Qin Mo. A painting appeared around him. A small bridge over a flowing stream near a cottage. Unconsciously, people were intoxicated by the peace and quiet.

“Humph!” The stranger snorted, immediately tearing Qin Mo from the illusion. Qin Mo’s face was solemn, her own becoming grave. He didn’t expect that the flute would make him hallucinate.

“Nothing but an insignificant skill.” With the mysterious man’s cold voice, a brilliant spirit light appeared in his hand. A heavy pressure came from his palm until it finally turned into a sword of light. As soon as it appeared, he burst forwards, slashing an attack in her direction. His attack was lightning fast. The woman’s brows wrinkled in response as she turned aside. At the same time, a sharp short tone came from the flute. The once invisible sound wave condensed into a visible ripple violently slammed into the mysterious light sword.

A loud “bang” rang out. The spirit power exploded in the air, giving off a dazzling silver glow.

Standing behind the stranger, Qin Mo’s eyes narrowed as he watched the fierce battle between the two. He thought about it for a while but didn’t take any action. Neither of them were simple characters, both were very powerful. Although they were fighting ferociously, their state of mind was locked to him. As soon as he moved, they would notice the shift in his condition. His current strength was no match against the two before him.

The woman’s face sank while fighting, knowing they were perfectly balanced. A trace of surprise flickered through her eyes, not expecting the man in front of her to have the strength to confront her. It wasn’t enough, though. With that in mind, she started to play.

The flute didn’t make a sound. Only the motion of a wave spread through the air.

The buzzing of vibrations filled the air. The mysterious person and Qin Mo found themselves surrounded by a group of strange birds.

The woman’s eyes flashed as she moved the flute, and the birds went around Qin Mo to attack the stranger.

Leaning forward, he formed hand seals. A light appeared before him and shone over the birds, sealing them in a cage.

Watching the trapped demonic beasts, the woman glared, her eyes dark. Her fingers jerked on the flute, and a red glow passed from her fingertips to the birds.

The birds’ eyes turned red, and their bodies shook violently as they broke away from his shackles. They emitted strange lights all over their bodies. Spirit power boiled around them as they aimed their attack straight at him.

His body trembling, he swallowed back the blood in his mouth. The face hidden in the black cloak sank. A sneer on his lips, he started forming a very complex seal.

Spirit energies rose and converged around him. The woman again directed the birds to attack him. The atmosphere of the whole space felt rigid.

Qin Mo’s eyes glittered, Thunderbolt appeared in his palm. Inputting his spirit power into the sword, a purple light glowed around him. Holding the handle tightly, he aimed a surprise attack at the mysterious person’s back.

At the same time, the thick spirit energies that gathered above the stranger’s head formed a golden dragon. Just as it materialized, it released a powerful breath. At the sight of the dragon, the birds trembled and retreated.

“Go!” He screamed the command, and the huge dragon dived towards the woman. At that critical moment, Qin Mo’s heavy blow also landed.

The stranger didn’t look up, but he spat out a mouthful of blood. The dragon’s figure swayed, fading. Despite it, it still dove for the woman.

“The Immortal Dragon Art, you are from the boundary of the forbidden mountain!”

Looking at the golden dragon, her pupils shrank. Fright colored her face, but she greened her teeth and drew a golden bell from her qiankun bag. Growing larger and larger, the bell wrapped around her, shielding her.

The air tense, enough force emanated from the dragon to tear through space. Rushing forward, it slammed into the bell, the impact ringing through the air. When it rang, the whole space seemed to move.

After Qin Mo made his blow, he did not zealously continue fighting.
Instead, he stepped on the flying sword to leave. After the sneak attack from Qin Mo, the stranger gave out a cry, “Ah!” They convulsed, then slowly calmed. They glared in Qin Mo’s direction. Moving his hands, a long silver chain appeared.

“Go!” His eyes sharp, the chain flew towards Qin Mo.

“Crash!” Extremely fast, the chain rushed towards Qin Mo.

His heart tightening at the sound of breaking air, Qin Mo turned his body to avoid the chain’s blow. As if the long-chain had a spiritual sense, a burst of silvery light glistened along it, following his movements.

Qin Mo quickly moved his hands, circulating his spirit power within his Dantian. A large range of lightning fire appeared before him, blocking the chain.

“It’s useless!” The stranger sneered with disdain. As soon as he finished, the long chain flew free of the fire at a tricky angle and wrapped tightly around Qin Mo.

Trapped by the chain, Qin Mo struggled, trying to escape. No matter how much he struggled, he made no progress.

“This dear magic item is enough to deal with you?” The mysterious person’s tone was full of mockery. Clutching the end of the chain, it returned to their side. Reaching out, they pulled Qin Mo back to his place.

Their confrontation, the golden dragon dissipated. The woman once again revealed herself. The golden light that covered her faded into a huge golden bell. Numerous cracks appeared before it broke into fragments.

The red-clothed woman glanced over the pieces at her feet, reluctant to part with them. It was her best defensive standard magic item, but she dared not mention it. No longer looking arrogant, she turned her wrist in the stranger’s direction and said, “I didn’t know that this senior came from the boundary of the forbidden mountain, please forgive me for the offense.” The mysterious person motioned with their finger. They breathed heavily, swallowing back the blood in his throat before saying, “Scram!”

The woman stiffened, but she didn’t dare speak. Whoever the stranger was, she could not offend the people from the boundary of the forbidden mountain.

Showing him a flattering smile, she bit her lip and said, “I don’t know why this senior came here. . .”

Before she finished, the stranger interrupted her, “Scram!” Her face white, she seemed unwilling to leave, but the flowers under her feet moved, and she disappeared.

Once she was gone, the mysterious person faced Qin Mo. Though their face was covered, Qin Mo could feel the cruel expression in their eyes.

Raising their hand, a round medicine pill appeared. Shifting their palm, they forced it into Qin Mo’s mouth.

Stiffening, Qin Mo knew the pill wasn’t good. He thought of spitting it out, but before he could, the mysterious stranger abruptly pulled the chain. Qin Mo’s froze, the pill slipping down his throat.

“Stop trying to escape!” Pulling up their sleeves, the mysterious person directed the flying swords to depart.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): DarkSapphire, Empress

Chapter 39

As soon as the flying sword landed, a fearful voice called out, “Master!”

Throwing Qin Mo on the ground without so much as looking at him, the man turned to leave, saying coldly, “Little slave, this is a newcomer, teach him the rules!”

Feeling a sharp pain, Qin Mo humphed. A pair of tender hands lifted him up.

“Be careful!” The voice was somewhat dull, showing no emotion.

A thin fifteen or sixteen years old teenager stood in front of Qin Mo. He wore black robes, his face dark.   Even if he said thoughtful words, there was a silence in his eyes. He couldn’t see the vitality that a normal young man should have.

After straightening out his messy clothes, Qin Mo made a low sound and looked around.

At his feet stood a mountain with several sturdy thatched cottages. The huts stood are against a series of cliffs, a thick fog rose behind them. A small fence surrounded the cottages, wrapped them tightly within its grasp. Spirit grasses grew in the open spaces between the fences. In the middle of them, the mysterious man entered.

“Follow me.” Looking at Qin Mo’s appearance, the young man’s eyebrows wrinkled. He said, “Don’t even think about escaping. You won’t be able to. . .” After saying the last word, his voice sank to silence.

Qin Mo paused, then entered the house with the teenager.

The hut wasn’t very big, with only two wooden beds in it. Qin Mo looked around, his eyes drifting back to the teen.

He stood in the backlight, and his face was hidden in darkness. Though Qin Mo couldn’t see his expression, the kid was aware of his eyes. Laughing lifelessly, the teen said, “You will live here now. If master does not call for you, you had better not come out!”

“Master?” Qin Mo’s tone didn’t fluctuate, but the teen knew he was mulling over the word despite his indifferent voice.

The teenager’s eyes were heavy as he stepped forward. The death and silence in his eyes growing more intense, he said, “Remember, you will call him master from now on..”

As if he saw the disdain in Qin Mo’s eyes, the young man’s expression remained unchanged. He laughed and said, “You’re from a lower boundary, how else could be caught by him? You shouldn’t think about escaping. You need to know that not only is he strong, but he also has the powerful boundary of the forbidding mountain behind him.”

A faint scarlet color lit his eyes, his calm expression somewhat grim, “I used to be a genius, worshipped by many disciples and valued by my sect master. I came here to participate in a selective trial. Oh, but what I didn’t expect was, not long after I came, I was caught by him as drug slave. I couldn’t beg to live nor plead for death. . .”

As he spoke, his expression sank, his eyes returning to stagnant water. His gaze sweeping over Qin Mo without emotion, he said, “That’s why you best not think about escaping.”

He lost all his patience as he finished. No longer paying attention to Qin Mo, he turned to leave. For a very long time, Qin Mo stood in the same spot. Finally, he sighed and whispered, “This is a very troublesome situation. Drug slave. . . Selective trial. . .”

Qin Mo set up a soundproof array around himself. Although he knew that the soundproof array couldn’t prevent much, if anyone noticed it, he would know immediately.

“Little fox.” His tone cool but carrying a rare hint of anger, Qin Mo drew out his spirit animal bag. Reaching out, he patted it.

The bag remained motionless as if it were any ordinary qiankun bag.

Qin Mo’s lips curling, he said, “Little fox, if you don’t come out, do you believe that I will destroy this spirit animal bag?”

Just as he finished speaking, a flash of white light appeared. The little fox, who had been hiding inside the bag, appeared before him. It rolled its eyes and said in a flattering tone, “It’s not the fox lord’s fault. After all, the teleportation array is random.”

Seeing Qin Mo’s uneasy expression, the little fox stiffened. It dryly said, “When the fox lord’s strength recovers a bit, the fox lord will take you out of here.”

Ignoring the fox’s words, Qin Mo slender index finger touched the bed beside him. He said, “What is this place?”

The arrogant fox stagnated. Shaking its tail awkwardly, it looked away.
“This place. . . I am not sure either.”

Seeing the disappointment in Qin Mo’s eyes, it jumped from its spot.
“This isn’t a high-level boundary, or this fox lord would know.”

Doubts flashing in Qin Mo’s heart, the fox felt unreliable. Flattening his lips, he asked, “Do you know what kind of medicine pill I took?”

Listening to his question, its face was upright. It stretched out its forepaws, putting them on his arm. It carefully examined him. As if it was aware of the situation, its eyes were fixed. Its tone heavy, the fox said, “It’s a spirit congealing pill.”

Seeing the puzzled look on his face, the fox explained, “Spirit congealing pills are a sinister and vicious pill. It has the creator’s blood as an ingredient to enhance the efficacy of the dose. The person that takes the pill will obey the orders of the creator without control. Gradually, they’ll lose their consciousness until they finally became the creator’s puppet. But, this medicine pill has been lost for a very long time. How could it suddenly appear?”

It shook its head in doubt, then turned to see Qin Mo’s face darken. Baring its fangs, it said with some small amount of ease, “Don’t worry, you’ve eaten the purification spirit fruit inside of Huangtian’s secret territory, so you already have a spirit-root body. You also have lightning fire in your body. As long as you use lightning fire to burn your blood, the pill won’t have any effect on you.”

When it finished, it walked around him twice. Its eyes shining, it chirped,
“Ze ze, your chances are quite good.”

Just as Qin Mo started to speak, he heard footsteps from outside. His face shifting, he stuffed the fox back into the spirit animal bag. Dissatisfied with his treatment but understanding the situation, the fox didn’t say a word.

The teenager stepped inside, scarcely glancing at Qin Mo before saying,
“Master calls you, come with me!”

Qin Mo knew he had no choice, so he followed the young man without a word.

Looking at Qin Mo’s obedient appearance, the teen’s face flashed a trace of irony. Qin Mo was also a coward.

Once inside the middle cottage, Qin Mo felt like he was burning. The room had an array inside, the space growing to an enormous size. In the middle of the room stood a huge pill furnace, a red flame burning underneath it. Beside the furnace stood a figure. His eyes were focused as his hands formed complex seals.

“Ding!” A clear, crisp sound rang in the room. The man breathed deeply and looked into the furnace. When he saw nine blood-red medicine pills, a smile appeared on his face. A jade bottle appeared in his hand. When his other hand moved, the pills were carefully placed in the container.

After he finished, he raised his head to look at Qin Mo. His face cold, he ordered, “Come here!”

Wearing a robe similar to the teenager, his formerly covered face was revealed. He appeared to be around twenty years old. His brows were wrinkled, impatience showing on his face.

Before Qin Mo could move, the teenager pushed Qin Mo in front of him.

The man did not say anything, only took a pill from the jade bottle to place in Qin Mo’s mouth.

Seeing the strange red color of the pill, Qin Mo turned his head, avoiding the man’s advancement.

Seeing Qin Mo’s resistance, the man’s gaze darkened. He said coldly, “Do you still not understand your position? Could it be that the little slave didn’t explain it to you?”

He glared at the teenager. The boy’s face paled, his body trembling.
“Master, I already explained to him.”

“Since it has already been made clear, you should also know your place!” Reaching out, the man grabbed Qin Mo’s chin. His body stiffening, he was force-fed the pill.

“The drug slave is responsible for taste-testing medicine for his master. That is your role, don’t you understand?” Seeing Qin Mo take the pill, the man’s gave a satisfied smile, patting him on the shoulder. Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): DarkSapphire, Empress

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Chapter 40

A violent burn spread throughout Qin Mo’s body. It was as if the pill became a flame, setting his blood on fire.

Qin Mo stood frozen, fists clenched, and shivered. He stared at the man with red eyes.

The man stared back, watching Qin Mo’s face flush. An erratic smile flashed across his lips, and he lifted the jade bottle in his hand. “Haha, success! Just like that, your blood will burn and flow from your body. . .”

He paused, eyebrows creasing, and pulled Qin Mo’s arm. “Why is there no blood? This is impossible!”

He examined Qin Mo only to find his entire body was flushed red, but there were no signs of blood on his white clothing. The man waved his hands impatiently and pushed Qin Mo. He murmured nervously, “Failed again, how could it fail again?”

The heat in his blood crescendoed higher, becoming more and more vigorous. The pain and the forceful shove stunned him so much he fell to the ground.

As the man spoke, his expression shifted. He threw the jade bottle to the ground. The only sound in the room was the shattering bottle. Pills the color of fire rolled in circles on the ground, getting coated in dust. He paid no attention to the pills but grew even more upset after throwing the bottle. He called his “little slave” forward, kicked him, and shouted, “Scram!” The teenager trembled but dared not say anything as he rose from the ground. He glanced at Qin Mo’s terrible condition and hesitated. He eventually lifted Qin Mo and left.

Returning to the first hut, the teenager gently laid Qin Mo on the bed and sneered, “You’d better get used to it.” Without a backward glance, he left.

As soon as he disappeared, the fox reappeared. When it saw Qin Mo’s painfully flushed body, it stretched out its claws and patted his hot cheek. It solemnly cried, “Qin Mo, use your lightning fire to cleanse your blood!”

Qin Mo was unresponsive. The little fox’s eyes filled with anxiety. Its tone grew desperate. “Qin Mo!”

Qin Mo was in extreme pain. He couldn’t move, but his consciousness was all the sharper for it.

He listened to the little fox’s words. Enduring the severe pain, he forced himself to follow the fox’s instructions. The lightning fire in his Dantian burned, further igniting his blood.

The fire in him shrieked hotter as if it met the breath of lightning fire. The flame burned high and fiercely, taking the form a huge python. It raised its head, scarlet eyes staring straight at the lightning fire. Without warning, it and the lightning fire engaged in battle.

At the moment of confrontation, the brilliant flame faded. Lightning fire was the fiercest in the world. No matter how magical the medicine fire was, it was no match against the power of lightning fire.

As if aware of its critical situation, the red flame trembled, trying to follow his blood into the depths of his body.

The lightning fire glowed purple, wrapping around the flame. Just as the lightning fire extinguished the other fire, a black undercurrent emerged from its back. This undercurrent became a thin black line, trapping the lightning fire. This silky black strand was from the spirit condensing pills the mysterious man fed to him. It had been lurking in the depths of his blood and dealt a heavy blow to the lightning fire.

The three forces fought inside his body. For a time there was a stalemate. However, the power of lightning fire could not be underestimated. The three forces stalled, but with time, the lightning fire prevailed once again. The medicinal fire and black silk became a pale green thread, flowing into his veins.

As he absorbed the green thread, Qin Mo’s pain slowly eased.

The little fox stood beside him, watching the flashes of purple, red, and black dance along Qin Mo’s body. It grew anxious.

After a long time, a green light flashed over Qin Mo. His frown slowly relaxed, and his cheeks grew rosy again.

The little fox heaved a sigh of relief. Although it knew the lightning fire inside Qin Mo’s body could burn bright enough to scorch out evil, seeing his pain, it couldn’t help but worry.

Hearing footsteps, the little fox ducked into the spirit animal bag.

The teenager came to Qin Mo’s bedside. He noticed Qin Mo still had a reddish complexion and took out a bamboo tube from his pocket. Placing the opening to the corner of Qin Mo’s mouth, a clear liquid flowed from it.

As he watched Qin Mo unconsciously drink the liquid, the boy’s mouth turned up in a mocking smile. “It’s too cheap for you, but, unfortunately, this clear jade dew…”

After Qin Mo recovered his color, he returned the bamboo tube to his pocket and said, “I don’t want to save you, but you being alive is a good thing for me.”

Qin Mo didn’t know anything that happened outside. When the pale green thread melted into his blood, his consciousness was dragged into a confined space. He wasn’t in a hurry. After being in the cultivation world for so long, he already knew this was his divine sense space. A circle of lavender flame surrounded it.

Qin Mo gently touched the flame. It rubbed against his palm as if it had a spirit. Feeling its familiar heat, Qin Mo knew it was the lightning fire in his Dantian.

The lightning fire shifting, dispersing as a figure appeared.

Qin Mo glared, knowing this space belonged to him. It was his own. No one else should be there, so who stood before him?

The person’s long purple robe fell onto the lightning fire but didn’t burn.
The corner of the clothes piled over the flames in a flower pattern.

The man’s eyes cleared. He had black hair and eyes and stood alone with a sword in his hand. The arrogant posture was as if he trampled the entire world beneath his feet.

With a glance, Qin Mo recognized him. This man was the one he saw when he accepted the inheritance inside the Huangtian’s secret territory.

He looked at Qin Mo, raised the sword, and pointed the tip at Qin Mo. Waving it fiercely at him, he called, “The first style of Shattered Sky Sword – Hurricane Slash!”

Though his voice wasn’t clear, it rang in Qin Mo’s ears. He knew exactly what was said.

Even in the divine space, Qin Mo could feel turbulence from the sword.
He couldn’t move. All he could do was focus on the sword before him.

The sword’s light faded into air, whipping past like that shine never existed at all.

“Too weak.” The man sighed, dissipating into the flame. A longsword appeared in Qin Mo’s hand. The sword slashed forward, striking the man’s, in the first style of the Shattered Sky Sword. The man’s low voice drifted through the air, “Really, too weak.”

Qin Mo’s Shattered Sky Sword used only its initial power. It could gather the spirit energy of heaven and earth, increasing its power, but it couldn’t match the first style. This style’s name was Hurricane Slash, and it could release the gathered energies of heaven and earth.

In his divine space, Qin Mo couldn’t feel the passage of time. When his slash finally gained power, he put away his long sword.

He should wake up. Even if he was only in a state of spirit consciousness, Qin Mo felt that his cultivation base had increased. He humph-ed, wondering if this was a blessing from his past misfortune?

When Qin Mo opened his eyes, he saw the young man sitting on the other bed in the room. He was applying ointment to his wrist.

He had a long gash along his arm, caused by a blunt instrument. Even if he was a cultivator, the wound wouldn’t heal for a while. It could only be helped by medicine.

Qin Mo wrinkled his eyebrows and asked, “What happened to you?”

Perhaps it was because he was unconscious for a long time, but his voice sounded hoarse.

Shocked at Qin Mo’s voice, the teenager’s eyes widened as he looked up at him. Somewhat mystified, he asked, “You’re still alive?” When he noticed Qin Mo’s gaze on his hands, his pupils shrank. He snorted, “You don’t have to look at it, you’ll look like this soon!”

At the suspicion in Qin Mo’s eyes, he stood up, letting blood flow from the wound. It dyed his sleeve red. Laughing grimly, he said, “Oh, you think being Liu Zhongchi’s drug slave is easy. Not only do you have to taste-test his medicines, but you also have to constantly provide flesh and blood for him to refine his medicine!” Done with his speech, his dark eyes faded. He wrapped the wound on his wrist and didn’t look up at Qin Mo. He stood with an empty look in his eyes.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark, Empress, Bet
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