The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother Chapter 101-105 (End)

Chapter 101

Entering the hall, the sound of the chain became clearer. Qin Mo saw what was laid in the center.

A fiery red fox, with its eyes closed and its large tail hanging behind it. It was very peaceful.

This is a nine-tailed spirit fox, the same as the little fox.

Qin Mo walked forward two steps again, only to find the fox chained, unable to move at all. The chains were attached to its nine tails and four limbs. This is not an ordinary chain, it was woven from the red thread on the ground. Layer upon layer, stacking on top of one another.

The chain vibrated for a while, sending out a clear sound, and the light on it flickered. The light seemed to release an attack at him like a sharp blade.

He furrowed his eyebrows and stepped back quickly. At the same time, he found that the red thread under his feet was acting strangely. A row of spikes suddenly appeared from the original flat ground, with a sharp tip and chilling light flashing, trapping him in the middle.

Thin silk threads came out from the tip of the spike and drifted around his body as if finding the chance to lock him here.

Without flustering, Thunderbolt flew out of his Qiankun bag. The blade trembled for a bit, making a low buzz as if cutting towards the red line. Its glow flickered, carrying cold aura as it swung and cutting off several red lines. After the red lines, there was no sign of dispiritedness from them. He leaped up from the ground, floating in midair as he looked at the red thread coming toward him from below. He quickly circulates his spirit power to use his skill.

A purple light gushed out from the tip of his sword and flew toward the threats on the ground. The light was dazzling, illuminating the whole hall.

Shattered Sky Sword

Suddenly, the earth moves and the mountain shakes as the purple and the red light crashes.

He took a step back as he formed a hand seal with his left hand, summoning lightning at the ground. Clenching his right hand as the lightning fire in his Dantian quickly rushed out and followed the summoned lightning.

The whole place quiets down. The entire hall looked as if it restored its original appearance. The red threads spread on the ground, layer upon layer, overlap to form a net as if they never changed.

A faint light emitted from Thunderbolt. Flash after flash, a low buzzing sound echoed from the blade. He held the sword in his hand and dared not relax.

The red threads’ power is very strong. If it did not just abruptly return to the ground, he would never have escaped from them.

He focused again at the fennekin in the middle. This time, his pupil suddenly dilated when he spotted the person next to the fox.

Graceful body in a red gauze skirt that moved in this windless environment. It was the woman they saw near Wanshan Town earlier.

When she looked at him, there was an indescribable complexity in her gaze. His body quivered, and then he stepped back quietly, back facing the main hall’s gate.

The woman signed, reached out and stroked the fox beside her as she whispered, “After so many years, I did not expect there would be a day that his successor would come.”

Seeing his unchanged expression, with no hint of surprise, the woman’s lips twitched, “That’s why I hate your character the most. No matter what happened, it is the same expression. You are like this, and he is also like this…” Her voice became lower and lower as she continued. Her gaze became dazed as if she thought of something.

“Since you are here, take me away from here. It’s enough after these many years.” The woman suddenly smiled with dazzling eyes, as if she was looking at someone through him.

He stood in place, taking no action, traces of doubt in his eyes.

Feeling the doubt, the woman jumped up from the ground and fell on the fox. The next moment, her entire body disappeared, and the fox slowly opened her eyes.

It stretched her neck and signed, “My own body is still the most comfortable.”

His fingers that clenched down on Thunderbolt stiffened. Then he leaped out of the door.

Behind him, the fennekin’s eyes narrowed slightly before she raised her claws towards the main gate.

His heart skipped a beat and stopped where he stood. A fire light came out from the front of the gate, blocking his way. Even without being in contact with it, he could feel the tremendous power in the fire light.

“Although I am sealed here…” The fox intoned, “Do you think you can escape from my paw?” He did not have much fear of being trapped here. He knew clearly that the fox before him had a request for him, so she did not want his life.

He turned back facing the fox, said after a moment of thinking, “My cultivation base is only at Nascent Soul, I don’t have the power to take you away from here.”

“No, you can.” The fennekin wanted to sway her tails, but she found that her tails were fixed, locked down. She could only give up on that idea and said, “Since you have learned Shattered Sky Sword, you are his successor. As long as you wield your sword on the stone tablet outside, you can break the seal here.”

Even saying this, there was some doubt in her heart. What was he thinking on that day? Sealing her here and leaving his inheritance here. DIdn’t he know that she could take every opportunity to break the seal and leave here?

Listening to the fox, a figure emerged before his eyes. A man with a sword, even if just standing there he is filled with prestige.

“Of course, if you save me, I can do one thing for you.” The fiery fox smiled and said, “For example, let the remnants of the soul hanging around your neck come back to life.”

He raised his head abruptly, touched the bead on his chest with his right hand, and felt the warmness from it. He said shocked, “Remnants of a soul?”

“Oh, you didn’t know? What’s hanging around your neck is half of a soul.” The fox’s voice was gentle, saying with a smile, “While the other half is being slowly nurtured in another person’s body.”

Hearing this, his eyelids twitched when he thought of Lin Yuan at this moment, but before he could open his mouth. He saw the fiery fox suddenly raise her head and looked out of the door, “He is coming.” A figure hurriedly entered from the gate. His eyes suddenly brightened up when he spotted Qin Mo as he quickly came to his side and asked anxiously, “Friend Qin Mo, are you alright?” Then his eyes swept over to the fox with vigilance.

He came to the inheritance hall before, but he has never seen this fox. What worried him even more is that he was trapped in a fog earlier and couldn’t catch up with Qin Mo until now.

Not caring about Lin Yuan’s attitude, the fox continued, “So, do you accept?” Voice carrying hints of bewitching.

Qin Mo’s fingertips touching the bead trembled slightly. He took a glance at Lin Yuan beside him, then dropped his gaze to cover his complicated expression, hiding from others’ view on his true thought.

After a while, his cold voice echoed clearly in the open hall, “Deal.”

The fiery fox smiled slowly. After so many years, she can finally leave.

Since he agreed to her, Qin Mo did not hesitate to turn around and walked toward the stone tablet.

Lin Yuan could only stand aside and watch Qin Mo walk out. The fox shifted her line of sight and nodded toward Lin Yuan.
“You already knew that there is a soul remnant inside of your body.”
Lin Yuan’s entire body stiffened.

“I will get the soul out once I am free.” The fennekin’s eyes presented an indescribable interest, “That is my deal with him.”

Lin Yuan stood in place in a daze. For a while, he did not react. It seems that Qin Mo cares about the soul in his body, will he leave after it takes the soul out?

A sharp pain came from his forehand, and Lin Yuan covered it with his hands. He could only feel the disorder as pictures of all kinds appeared, which were the memories of the soul.

“Boom!” The hall vibrated suddenly, not caring for Lin Yuan beside, her excited eyes fixed toward the outside.

A flash of light came from the door. Under this light, the red thread was broken inch by inch. At the same time, the chain around the fox turned into ashes.

The fox shook her body, and she made a chirp.

The dazzling light disappeared as Qin Mo, with his sword in his hand, walked back inside of the main hall.

When the fiery fox became a normal fox size, which not until now could Qin Mo see her full appearance. Apart from her color and the number of tails behind her, she looked the same as the little fox.

Qin Mo hesitated for a moment before asking, “Are all nine tails spirit fox the same?”

“Don’t be ridiculous?” The fox sneered, “Are all you humans the same?”

Her body trembled, and in an instant, she turned back to the beautiful woman. She smiled, “My name is Hong Yu.”

Qin Mo was in a daze for a moment, before asking, “When can you… Return him?”

Her lips twitched and looked scornful, “You think reviving him would be such an easy task?” Seeing a shift in Qin Mo’s expression, she said with a faint smile, “Don’t worry, I will complete it since I promised you. Just put his two souls together and nurture them for a while, and then help him find a suitable body…”

Just then, a voice suddenly came from the side, “Da Shixiong.” Qin Mo raised his head abruptly to see Lin Yuan walking toward him with his hands on his forehead. His eyes were dark as if there were thousands of stars shining in it.

His lips trembled as he asked slowly, “Lin Zizheng?” “It’s me.” Lin Yuan nodded and walked closer to Qin Mo.
“Friend Qin Mo?” In the middle of walking, Lin Yuan laid down his hand and looked around his surroundings. Face puzzled, obviously, he didn’t understand what just happened.

Qin Mo took in a breath and looked at Hong Yu.

She had a moment of confusion before she examined Lin Yuan more carefully. Then her lips curved and explained, “The other half of the soul has been nurturing for a long time, and it seems to have recovered some consciousness.”

She paused and continued, “You can put your half into his body. After all, he won’t mind.” Tone carrying an indescribable meaning.

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Chapter 102

Lin Yuan’s head hurt, but this did not prevent him from hearing Hong Yu. At first, he was in a daze, then nodded with approval. He approved this not only because of his soft heart, but most importantly also because of Lin Zizheng from this world, the other him.

But Qin Mo hesitated for a moment. Although he would not judge others based on a high baseline of evil intention, after living in the cultivation world for this long, he did not believe that someone would help other people without taking into account the rewards afterward.

Lin Yuan stood very close to Qin Mo. He could see the hesitation in Qin Mo’s expression. For some reason, light bitterness filled his heart. After a brief pause, he puts his hands on his face.

His original smooth face shook and became uneven. A transparent mask fell off of his face the next moment.

Under the moonlight, Lin Yuan’s face was very clear. He faced Qin Mo and said word by word, “I am also Lin Zizheng.” Helplessness showed in his expression, “But I am not this world’s Lin Zizheng, and I also don’t know how I appeared here.”

When he first came to this world, righteous cultivators hunted him down. So he changed his name and wore a mask. Now gaining this world’s memory, did he know why he was being hunted down. He did not expect that he would be a demonic cultivator in this world. Watching Lin Yuan’s face, it stunned Qin Mo for a period of time before he remembered that this wasn’t the one who he grew up with, but the original protagonist of the novel. Five years ago, the moment heavenly law collapsed, it pulled Lin Zizheng from the peaceful world to this one so that this world could continue to exist.

That’s why right now he doesn’t have much doubt that Lin Yuan would nurse the soul inside his sea of consciousness. After all, he has a holy father nature.

However, he felt a little sad and guilty when he met this kind of Lin Yuan. If he didn’t transmigrate, Lin Zizheng in this world would be alive, living under the sunlight. He would be the apprentice of the strongest cultivator with every person chasing after him from his popularity. But no one admired him and ended in this kind of state.

He touched the round crystal on his neck, took it off, and placed it in his palm. It gave off a faint light. The closer it is to Lin Yuan, the brighter it glows.

“It’s a rare sight to see him retaining such plentiful power in this kind of state…” Studying the crystal bead, it surprised Hong Yu. She glanced at Qin Mo and suddenly remembered that in the past, she was this persistent as well. Even though she was sealed in this boundary by him, she did not give up. She relied on her nascent divine spirit to barely wander around the three thousand boundaries, only to be able to find him again, but unfortunately…

Suddenly, she forced down her interest and shifted her fingers. The crystal bead in Qin Mo’s palm moved and flew towards Lin Yuan. The next moment, the light flashed, and it disappeared.

Lin Yuan’s face turned pale and body shaking. It seemed that he would fall to the ground at any time. Qin Mo quickly stepped forward to support him.

It took a long time for Lin Yuan to return to normal, but his face was still pale. Turning to Qin Mo, the lights in his eyes flickered as he abruptly leaned over and kissed Qin Mo’s thin lips.

When their lips touched, Qin Mo could feel the warm breath before he quickly pushed Lin Yuan away.

Lin Yuan stumbled a few steps back before stabilizing himself. He licked his lips and looked straight at Qin Mo, “Da Shixiong, you are still the same as before, how very nice.”

Qin Mo clenched and loosened his hands. Going back and forth, until he finally let out a sigh. Thinking about what this man had done for him, he couldn’t harden his heart on him.

Before he could speak out his thought, he noticed Lin Yuan blinked a few times. The deep meaning in them cleared as he murmured, “Friend Qin Mo, just now…”

Not able to release that breath in his heart, Qin Mo simply turned around, no longer giving his attention to him.

Lin Yuan’s lips opened, then closed, no longer talking. He knew that had just happened, but what puzzled him was whether it was him or the other Lin Zizheng that was in charge when they kissed.

According to Hong Yu, Lin Zizheng’s soul is damaged, so only remnants survived. It couldn’t be reborn through normal means, only transferring the used soul into a body that just lost its life by some means. As for comparison, the demonic cultivation needs to be higher than righteous cultivation.

So Qin Mo and Hong Yu would need to travel to the demonic beast world, and Lin Yuan will go with them.

Thinking of Lin Yuan, Qin Mo furrowed his brows. Since yesterday, Lin Yuan has become a bit unusual.

As his line of sight landed on Lin Yuan in a moderate distance, who, at this moment, was staring at Qin Mo in a daze. When their eyes met, he quickly shifted them, turning away in a hurry.

Qin Mo sighed, seeing him like this. He couldn’t understand his thoughts. Since the day is not too late, he’s better to go to the demonic beast world as soon as possible.

On this trip to the demon world, he not only wanted to help Lin Zizheng rebuild his body but also to find his little fox. He knew that his strength was far less than the mysterious man who took the little fox away, but he believed that Hong Yu would be willing to help someone of her clan.

Without further delay, he and Lin Yuan went out of Huang Tian’s secret territory, with Hong Yu following behind them.

Qian Shan and his party are still in the same spot, discussing with the people under the boundary of the blue sky. Hearing the news that Lin Yuan and the others were leaving, it only surprised them for a moment, but did not object. Their business here has basically ended. The demonic cultivators that caused trouble are not something they couldn’t solve themselves. So whether Lin Yuan and Qin Mo stay here or not has nothing to do with each other.

However, Jin Ling-er looked at Qin Mo with her wide-wet eyes. But Qin Mo paid no attention to her. She wanted to say something but was stopped by Kong Xiao, who was watching silently.

Looking at Qin Mo, who was even colder than before, Kong Xiao sighed internally. Their relationship could never be restored.

Qin Mo didn’t know Hong Yu’s true strength, but she suppressed several of them with just her nascent divine spirit, so he knew it was something that was too deep for him to measure.

She stood not too far away, but no one noticed her. Standing quietly, with a smaller appearance and figure than people present. Her eyes drift, hiding what she is thinking. After Qin Mo and Lin Yuan finished their arrangement, Hong Yu raised her hand and took them to the demonic beast world.

Upon entering, Qin Mo saw a towering tree in the center. The crown of the tree was expanded fur and wide, with lush leaves covering the land for thousands of miles.

Spotting the surprise on the two men’s faces, a simple smile showed on Hong Yu’s face, “That is our demonic beast world’s ancient tree. The tree has been standing in my world since its existence.”

There was a loss in her eyes as she murmured, “I haven’t laid eyes on it for many years.” Then her expression suddenly changed and her eyes sharply looked in the tree’s direction, “Someone actually dared to make trouble toward my fox clan!”

After glancing at the two men, a red cloud drifted below their feet and carried them toward the tree’s direction.

Qin Mo has no worry about Hong Yu betraying them. After understanding each other for several days, he knows that her nature’s so there are no arguments between them, since she reacted and fraught them because they trespassed her territory.

Now that she promised to help rebuild Lin Zizheng, she will not break her promise. So he could stay at her side peacefully. He could also get news on the little fox once they arrive at the fox clan.

At the same time, on the fox clan’s territory, a man in white stood on a high platform made of corpses. His white-soft hair fluttered in the wind, eyes locked forward obscurely. Beside him stood Wen Qing, dressed in blue.

“Don’t worry, fox king, this will succeed.” The smile on Wen Qing’s face is as gentle as ever, while he gently caressed the withered bones beside him. “We hope so…” The voice of Quan Rong, the fox king, is low and almost inaudible.

The fox clan has always respected the nine-tailed heavenly fox. As a natural six tailed spirit fox, if it wasn’t for princess Hong Yu’s disappearance without reason years ago, he would have no reason to take the title of king in the fox clan. But he didn’t expect that after the birth of Hong Yu, there would actually be a birth of a nine-tailed heavenly fox.

The cape behind Quan Rong waved in the wind, making a rustling sound as his icy gaze fixed forward.

In the array drawn behind him, imprisoned a five-tailed fox. Different from the ordinary fox clan, the nine-tailed heavenly fox would grow a new tail with the continuous improvement of its cultivation.

Quan Rong narrowed his eyes, covering the cold light within. Since he couldn’t kill him, let that power be used by him.

“Began!” He shouted as he raised his hand.

There was a flash of dazzling light on the teleportation array, with the little fox trapped firmly within. A deep red color flashed in the little fox’s eyes as it clawed the array on the ground.

“It’s no use.” Wen Qing sighed, with a smile still remained on his face,
“This is a unique array from the evil spirit clan.”

Quan Rong felt the power of the nine-tailed heavenly fox pouring into his body. Fire ignited in his eyes as he raised his head slightly and looked in the distance, “The power of nine-tailed heavenly foxes is indeed limitless.”

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Chapter 103

“Fox king, what you promised me…”

“Don’t worry, this fox king’s words are worth nine sacred tripods, unsworn testimony. When the power of nine-tails is transferred, his body will be yours.” A faint displeasure in Quan Rong’s eyes as he stated this.

Quan Rong’s tone did not anger Wen Qing, after all, he is only a little fox in his eyes. After being sealed for countless years, he had no choice but to occupy Wen Qing’s body. Unfortunately, this body’s qualities are too low and weak, making it difficult to improve his strength.

As long as he has the little fox’s body, he will have enough strength to lead the evil spirits to rise again. In fact, what he wanted the most was Lin Zizheng’s body, but he failed.

Thinking of Lin Zizheng, he thought of Qin Mo. During his time with him, he was very undeniably happy. He had this indescribably good feeling on Qin Mo. But as king of the evil spirit clan, his clan’s future outweighed his positive feeling for Qin Mo.

He has a moment of loss. It seems that they are destined to be enemies. However, looking at the little fox before him and thinking about his clan’s bright future, he was excited again. He waited too long for this moment.

“Quan Rong, no time no see. Your nerve is really getting bigger and bolder.” The entire platform was silent. In this silence, a female voice suddenly sounded, “How dare you lay a hand against a nine-tails heavenly fox.” The voice was arrogant, completely putting no regard to Quan Rong, the king of the fox clan.

Quan Rong’s body was frozen in place. He turned around slowly and spotted Hong Yu standing behind him. His pupils dilated. After licking his dry lips he intoned, “I trust you have been very well since we last met, princess Hong Yu.”

While he completely ignored Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng, who were behind Hong Yu.

“Qin Mo, and… Jie jie.” The little fox felt a familiar aura and opened his eyes wide. His bright-black eyes were surveying Hong Yu. He always knew that he had an elder sister, but he had never met her before. The moment he saw her, the blood in his body boiled. Having a blood connection is really a magical thing.

At the same time, unpleasantness filled his heart. How can he let jie jie see his embarrassing side? And there is Qin Mo, who has only reached Nascent Soul in this many years. Without this fox lord’s assistant, he cultivated in very slow progress.

He groaned in his mouth, and the feeling of suffocation in his heart disappeared. He could no longer feel his body’s pain. Feeling proud of himself, he swung his big fluffy tail behind him and smashed the array on the ground. Sure enough, this fox lord was the most important one.

Qin Mo didn’t expect to meet the little fox just after entering the demonic beast world. He was so happy that he rushed toward the little fox after taking a quick glance at the fox king behind restrained by Hong Yu, with Lin Yuan followed closely behind.

Confronted by Hong Yu, Quan Rong put no regard to Qin Mo’s movement. He only glanced back at Wen Qing, then turned his focus back on Hong Yu.

The little fox struggled very hard, making Wen Qing sit back on the edge of the array with his hands on it, pouring the power from the evil spirit clan into the array. Black light emitted from the array, enveloping the high platform’s center. The surrounding spirit stone shined in a dazzling light.

Seeing Qin Mo, Wen Qing’s eyes narrowed, and performed hand seals with his empty left hand.

Wen Qing’s cultivation base is only at Core Formation, but his strength is far more than that. After all, the king of the evil spirit clan is in Wen Qing’s body.

Strong wind flowing in all four corners, and the white bones on the high platform made a whine. At this time, it was noon with the sun being at its highest, and the people below struggled to keep their eyes open. In the heat, several huge fireballs flew toward Qin Mo and Lin Yuan.

Before the fireball could reach them, it exploded with a poof sound and sent sparks everywhere. Fortunately, their movements were very fast, faster than the sparks.

The scattered sparks did not disappear. Instead, they became a firebird with sharp claws. It surrounded Qin Mo and Lin Yuan, clawing toward them without stopping.

Qin Mo turned and waved Thunderbolt toward the firebird. Behind him, Lin Yuan also turned forward with the beads in his hand.

As those three fought, the confrontation between Hong Yu and Quan Rong also reached a high state of tension. Hong Yu saw the trapped little fox with stern emotion flashed through her eyes, and said in an unkind tone, “Could it be that in the years that I have been gone, you forgot that some people you shouldn’t offend?”

Saying this, she smiled, “Oh well, since you forgot, I will make you remember.”

Quan Rong’s face was ugly, the hands hiding in his sleeves were clenched tightly. She has always been like this, insufferably arrogant. Even if he is a little older than her, she does not put him in her eyes because of her nine tails heavenly fox’s status.

“Princess Hong Yu, I am the current king of the fox clan.” The little fox’s strength is constantly flowing into his body. His glare became sharp, and he fought back on the pressure on his body. Just a little longer, then he can step all of them under his paw.

Her expression is like a smile, yet not. She paid zero attention to his pressure. Standing in mid-air as her silk skirt droops in the air. When her skirt below suddenly shakes abruptly, it turned into two swimming snakes that flew toward Quan Rong.

When Hong Yu used her ability, Quan Rong’s expression became gloomy. He dared not to react carelessly, even if his strength has greatly increased in recent years. Nine-tails heavenly fox has always been gifted with a unique talent. He swung his wrists, and golden light flashed behind him and it crashed with her attack.

The firebird’s strength is not high. It took Qin Mo and Lin Yuan a short time to defeat it together.

Wen Qing’s eyebrows were locked tightly. He realized the difficulty of fighting Qin Mo and Lin Yuan. Watching the struggling little fox in the array, he hesitated for a moment before biting down on his tongue and spitting a mouthful of blood toward the edge of the array.

Suddenly, a green smoke rose to the sky, and the entire array became brighter.

Then he stood up quickly and blocked the two men’s advance. He carefully observed Qin Mo with his ever so gentle expression, “It’s really been a long time, Qin Mo.”

In the beginning, Qin Mo tolerated Wen Qing because of the remorse he harbored in his heart for Old Man Wen. However, in his heart, Wen Qing can not compete with Lin Zizheng and the little fox. Looking at the faint black aura around Wen Qing, Qin Mo pointed his sword toward Wen Qing with a solemn expression, “I will personally arrange a spot for you beside Old Man Wen.”

“He he, such a cruel heart.” Hearing this, Wen Qing smiled at himself. At the next moment, his face suddenly became ferocious, “Actually, I am not Wen Qing. I have nothing to do with the old man. I am only borrowing this body, that’s all. Now I think about it, Wen Qing’s soul was really tasty, very sweet!” He said as he licked his lips, a murderous light in his eyes.
Thunderbolt in Qin Mo’s hand quivered, obviously, he did not guess this. Wen Qing smiled and laughed at himself twice, continued,
“Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to take over Lin Zizheng’s body. I wonder how he would taste like…”

Before he finished, a fierce sword of light flew toward his face.

Wen Qing smiled, and a strange blood mist appeared behind him. In the blood mist, a dozen long black vines sprang out toward Qin Mo. Following Wen Qing’s movement, those long-black vines became thicker and thicker, with powerful strength in them.

Qin Mo’s expression went cold, and a cluster of lightning fire appeared in his palm, which he threw at the vines. When Lin Yuan behind him wanted to assist him, he stopped Lin Yuan and said coldly, “Leave him to me.”

Qin Mo will always remember what Wen Qing did to Lin Zizheng on that day. If it wasn’t for him, Lin Zizheng’s soul wouldn’t have flown and scattered away.

Lin Yuan his movement. After receiving Lin Zizheng’s memory, Lin Yuan understood Qin Mo’s mood and turned toward the array. His mind clear and naturally saw the trapped fox has different meanings toward Qin Mo and Hong Yu. With a sneer, Qin Mo stopped Wen Qing’s path and couldn’t stop Lin Yuan. But he firmly believed that no one can break his array. However, he didn’t know that there is a type of people that is named heavenly’s favorite child, and that is the type of person Lin Yuan is.

Surrounded and burned by Qin Mo’s lightning fire, the vines withered. Then the blood mist immediately rushed around him. Then the next moment, the vines around him came back to life. A large mouth even appeared and opened at the tip of the vines as it bolted toward Qin Mo.

Qin Mo tightened his palm and gathered his spirit power in it. Then he formed them into small sword lights and stabbed them at the vines. At the same time, his long sword summoned out a multitude of sword shadows and fired toward Wen Qing.

Wen Qing’s expression finally changed. He knew that Qin Mo was hard to deal with, but he didn’t expect to be this hard. Wen Qing’s physical strength also played a large role as he couldn’t exert all of his strength.

He took a glance at the little fox trapped in the array, and his gaze became firm. Whatever, it doesn’t matter if this body is destroyed. After all, there is a better body waiting for him.

Wen Qing hardened his heart to the point of ruthlessness and slowly released his soul’s power. The evil spirit has no substance but contains a large divine immortal soul. As soon as he released a small portion, his body couldn’t hold up as blood busted out, dying his long shirt red. As if he would collapse completely at any moment.

He bit his teeth and stopped. At this moment, he couldn’t destroy his body. Although the evil spirit’s divine immortal soul is very powerful, there are limitations. Such as it is necessary to rely on an actual physical body to exert his power.

He grinned, his expression became more ferocious. He raised his right hand high up and waved toward Qin Mo. The powerful black energy went toward Qin Mo, landed on him, making his body tremble.

Qin Mo does not back down, even faced against Wen Qing with increased power. He clenched the long sword in his hand, and a dazzling light burst out from the sword as he aimed an attack at Wen Qing.

Blood constantly flows out from Wen Qing. His power has stretched his body to the extreme, but he acted like he felt no pain. He quickly dodged Qin Mo’s attack, at the same time, the blood from his body condensed into countless sharp swords and shot at Qin Mo.

Qin Mo imputed his spirit power into his sword. He curved his sword in an arc and smashed it downward at Wen Qing.

At the same time, at the edge of the array, Lin Yuan’s hands movements became faster to the point that they became after image.

Suddenly, he breathed out a deep breath and smiled widely. He defeated this array.

The array’s light dimmed, and the barriers that trapped the little fox also disappeared. With a loud bang, the entire platform collapsed.

During the confrontation with Qin Mo, Wen Qing fought in the downwind. The moment he felt the array crack, a mouthful of blood gushed out from an opening from his chest.

Qin Mo’s eyes were bright, and the purple light emitted from his sword flashed. Suddenly, he broke out in surprising momentum. He stood on his toes, jumped forward, and wielded a sword light. The fierce sword light landed on Wen Qing.

A white shadow came from behind Wen Qing; it clawed at him and slapped him straight toward the edge of the mountain wall. Wen Qing had already been at the end of his tether. After a slight shake, he stopped moving. A wisp of black gas released out of Wen Qing’s body, which is the evil spirit king’s soul, ready to escape. The little fox reached for it, and with a firm grip, it dissipated in his paws.

After taking care of Wen Qing, the little fox smiled, showing his teeth. Just as he was about to say something, he stopped and held his head up high as he asked proudly, “What’s that? Isn’t this fox lord powerful?”

Qin Mo smiled and said finally, “Very powerful.”

Hong Yu casually slapped Quan Rong flying and saw this scene when she turned around. She grinned and thought about how cute her little brother was.

When she looked straight at him, the little fox found that Hong Yu was not standing too far from him, he could even smell the faint fragrance on her. Nervousness filled his heart. Would his elder sister dislike him?

Looking at her noble and attractive appearance in her red dress. He flickered his tail and disappeared, replaced by a tall man.

This man’s appearance resembles Hong Yu to some degree. His long and narrow eyes are slightly narrowed, somewhat proudly. The only strange thing about him are the two pointing ears on his head, which quiver with each of his movements.

Seeing the surprise on Qin Mo’s face, the man raised his eyebrow and said, “What’s the matter? Can’t recognize the fox lord?”

Qin Mo did not reply, he just glanced toward the fluffy ears. The little fox blushed slightly, and took a peek at Hong Yu and cried out, “This fox lord was reckoned by the vile person only because he was merely distracted.”

That said, the little fox’s eyes shifted to the fallen Quan Rong and Wen Qing, with the latter’s life already extinguished. He walked toward Quan Rong and gave him a hard kick. Quan Rong groaned, but he already lost the ability to resist. The little fox snorted coly. When he was about to kick again, a slender jade hand extended from behind his head and stroked his white ear.

At the same time, Hong Yu’s voice came from behind him, “This guy is still useful, keep him alive first.”

The little fox blushed full red. He was super nervous and dare not to move. He allowed Hong Yu to caress his ears.

She chuckled, turned toward Qin Mo, and said while raising her chin,
“Don’t you need a body? He is perfect.”

Qin Mo observed Quan Rong, who at the moment was laying on the ground with a pale face, appeared in a sorry state. Qin Mo felt a slight disappointment.

“Don’t judge it. In the demonic beast world, his body is considered superior. Could it be that you wanted a nine tails heavenly fox’s body?” She sneered and asked in a rather disdainful tone.

Qin Mo hesitated for a moment and nodded. Lin Yuan beside smiled at him, but there was always a lingering hesitation in his smile.

Lin Zizheng’s soul hasn’t been restored yet and needed more time to be nursed. In this period, Qin Mo has been constantly wrecked by the little fox who felt Qin Mo failed to meet his expectations and wanted him to improve, with Hong Yu giving hints once in a while.

Although Qin Mo suffered through a lot, his strength has greatly improved.

Today’s sky was clear and cloudless, a rare nice day. Hong Yu brought a group of people under the ancient tree.

She touched the rough tree trunk and her eyes wrinkled, “There is plenty of spirit energy under the tree, we can perform here.” Qin Mo naturally has no objection to her statement. She sat mid-air, and her fingers waved quickly. Following her movement, a red light came out of her fingertips, twisting around Quan Rong and Lin Yuan.

With the passage of time, along the red line, a ray of light flows from Lin Yuan Quan Rong, the light is Lin Zizheng’s soul.

Quan Rong gave out a sharp roar, and under Hong Yu’s action, he slowly closed his eyes.

Qin Mo breathed slowly and clenched his hand. At the next moment, the silent Quan Rong opened his eyes again.

At the same time, Hong Yu stood up, exhaled, and said, “It’s done.”

Lin Zizheng’s soul took hold of Quan Rong’s body. At this moment, he is really reborn.

He looked at Qin Mo, the only person in his eyes, now and always.

The clarity of his gaze is the first time Qin Mo could see his deepest hidden feeling in his heart, so clearly from his eyes.

“Da Shixiong…”

Lin Zizheng smiled and stood up regardless of his weak body.

“Let’s start over…”

The scorching sun hung high, and only the sound of ruffling leaves could be heard. Everything around them became the background.

The little fox twisted his lips. He has always felt dissatisfied with Lin Zizheng but also doesn’t want to be an eyesore here. So he turned, pulled Lin Yuan, who is hiding his thoughts, away from here.”

Qin Mo looked at the stubborn man in front of him. He still remembered the quietness when he died for them, oh well… “I forgive you, but I… I won’t love you.” Qin Mo’s tone was soft but firm. But the redness on the tip of his ears revealed his restless heart.

“Alright.” Hearing this, Lin Zizheng’s eyes turned crescent. It doesn’t matter if there is no love. But one day, Da Shixiong will accept him.

As the wind blows, curling up the corners of their clothes, intertwining their clothes together, as if to foretell their inseparable future.

The author has something to say: This novel is done. Thank you all for the company along the way *bow*

I thought about the ending for a long time, and this was the most perfect ending in my mind. Qin Mo doesn’t admit that his heart was moved; Lin Zizheng has been through so much so he would never give up.

One last thing, it’s such a happy thing to have you guys not giving up on this story.

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

Teo: there are two more extra chapters.

Chapter 104 extra 1

“Sect head, major bad news!”

“What’s the panic?” Ling Yun frowned, but he did not stop his hand movements as he added spirit grass into the pill furnace unhurriedly. However, dissatisfaction filled his heart. Zhang Dong is becoming more and more unreliable. He barged in when he was refining pills.
“There is a conflict between outer disciples and Hong Yin Temple.” “Oh, nothing serious.” His expression remained unchanged as he
formed hand seals, making the blue flame under the furnace burn brighter,
“Let your Da Shixiong handle it.”

Zhang Dong cupped his hand and replied, “At that time, the elder and second elder were nearby and handled the issue.”

“The elder is out from his seclusion? I will go see him.” Ling Yun is overjoyed and stopped refining. He did not even care about refining those pills to top-grade tier.

Zhang Dong’s expression became a bit twisted and continued, “Hong Yin Temple’s sect head, Lin Yuan, is… he is fighting with the second elder again.”

Ling Yuan slowed down before continuing forward, “Hurry.”

The Wentian Sword Sect is a new sect, but no one expected in a short period of five hundred years. The sect rose rapidly and became one of the top five sects in the boundary of the vast ocean. Many outsiders always guess what kind of treasure, if there is one, helped the Wentian Sword Sect to develop so quickly. Some less righteous cultivators have been spying on them, but they failed without exception.

To this, Ling Yuan, the sect head of the sect, smirked. Have what kind of treasure? They only climbed out of the blood pond, nothing special. In the beginning, the sect’s members were the victims who survived the demon world’s blood pond. Although they suffered from that, their mental state and endurance fur surpassed the average.

Of course, the rise of the sect wouldn’t have happened without the help of elder Qin Mo. Thinking of him, Ling Yuan’s mood lifted, and smiled. Neglected the second elder, Lin Zizheng, who supplied numerous treasures to the sect.

When Ling Yun came to the fight, he saw a strange scene. Lin Zizheng and Lin Yuan fought in the center, with a transparent barrier around them. From the fluctuation, he could tell Qin Mo set it.

Outside of the barrier, people from Wentian Sword Sect and Hong Yin Temple were all watching. Also, someone set up a betting pool on the periphery on whether Lin Yuan or Lin Zizheng would prevail. They were so excited that they missed the dispute between the two men.

Ling Yuan curled his lips and walked to Qin Mo’s side.

Qin Mo nodded but his focus was still fixed on the two as he said lightly, “It will be over in about a quarter of an hour. You didn’t have to come here especially.”

His tone is so normal, obviously used to how those two greet each other.

After five hundred years of interacting with Qin Mo, Ling Yun had already heard the faint displeasure from Qin Mo’s plain tone. He looked at Lin Zizheng, whose battle spirit flared up in the field. Ling Yun grieved for him for a short while, before he shifted to rejoicing in his misfortune. Elder is the sect’s public property and must be punished for taking up Qin Mo’s time. However, his face still maintains the authority of sect head, with a smile on the corner of his lips, which is profound enough that no one can guess his thoughts.

Within the barrier, Lin Zizheng shook the hand holding the silver spear, glared fiercely at Lin Yuan, and shouted, “Stay away from Da Shixiong, he is mine.”

As soon as he yelled, the atmosphere turned even hotter. The disciples of Wentian Sword Sect and Hong Yin Temple were red in the face and looked at Qin Mo excitedly. There was gossip indeed.

Qin Mo rubbed his fingers together a bit as his eyes narrowed. He decided in his heart. Let Lin Zizheng go back to his own cave-dwelling by himself. After all, his stone bed is too small to accommodate two big men.

Lin Yuan blinked; his eyes clear. A faint golden light behind him as he formed hand seals and murmured, “This Daoist friend misunderstands, I was just chatting with friend Qin Mo about exchanging cultivation knowledge and experience.”

Saying the last two words, Lin Yuan’s tone became lower, hints of an obscure ambiguity. At the same time, the Buddha beads in his hand circled and flew toward Lin Zizheng’s head mercilessly.

His claim angered Lin Zizheng, and he put more strength in his hands.

In recent years, like the rise of the Wentian Sword Sect, the negative relationship between Lin Zizheng and Lin Yuan became an unsolved mystery in the boundary of the vast ocean. Each person has different views on this.

For example, the Xianyue Sect’s melancholy yet moody female cultivators believed that there must be some relationship between them that is unclear, such as a love-hate relationship, or unattainable desire.

While the rough men in Cangqiong Sword Sect think that there must be some deep hatred between the two, could be from blood, avenging a family member, or wife stealing.

In short, no matter what they think, Lin Zizheng and Lin Yuan have been fighting for hundreds of years. But what they couldn’t understand was that although there was little friction between the temple and the sword sect, the relationship between them was good otherwise.

At the end of the fight, both Lin Yuan and Lin Zizheng took a step back and observed the other. They could only give up helplessly. Their cores are the same. For so many years, their strength is very similar, unable to win against others.

When the barrier was released, Lin Zizheng hurried to Qin Mo, carrying his long spear. The murderous aura around him scared away the timid female cultivators. He said in a determination, “Da Shixiong, I will definitely surpass that stinky monk next time.”

Qin Mo flattened his lips, eyes with a hint of mockery, “Surpass what?
The number of women?”

Lin Yuan, walking behind Lin Zizheng, stopped. Did he really just get attacked unjustly publicly? He has been a monk for many years and has not touched women for a long time. Such an offense.

Hearing Qin Mo’s unhappy tone, Lin Zizheng was a little uneasy, then happy. Da Shixiong is… jealous?

Lin Zizheng held Qin Mo’s hand, his index finger slides a few times in the soft palm as he said with a smile, “I didn’t pay attention to the female cultivator when she expressed love yesterday. Da Shixiong, there is no need to be jealous.” As soon as he said this, his expression shifted, a bad feeling in his heart.

Sure enough, Qin Mo shook off his hands as his expression turned colder and colder. He turned and leaped on his flying sword, “Xiao Hui has been lonely for a while. Go accompany it tonight.” Xiao Hui is the spirit dog picked up by them in the mountain forest, with its cultivation base of Foundation Building. Recently awakened spirit wisdom, but still can’t transform into a human.

Lin Zizheng goes after Qin Mo with a bitter face.

Behind them, Lin Yuan stared at their backs and sighed.

Ling Yun was puzzled and turned to ask, “Why does Sect Head Lin sigh?”

Lin Yuan played with the Buddha beads in his hand, and the smile on his face disappeared. He lowered his gaze, covering his eyes, and said, “The most suffering thing in the world is not obtaining what you want; what Buddha said is right, I was not deceived.”

Ling Yun’s body trembled when he saw Lin Yuan’s strange gaze. Is what those Xianyue Sect’s cultivators said is true? Do they have… a love-hate relationship?

Translator(s): Teo Editor(s): Dark

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Chapter 105 extra 2

When the rustling sound outside disappeared, Qin Mo turned over. Half a quarter of an hour later, the sound continued again.

Qin Mo smiled and reached out his hand behind him, catching a fluffy object in his hand.

The black fox held in his hand blinked at him and licked his hands.

Qin Mo tightened his lips, stopping the urge to smile. He pretended to be indifferent and asked, “Why are you here?”

The light in those two dark pupils flickered, as Lin Zizheng said in a low tone, “Da Shixiong, I am cold.”

As he put his black paw on Qin Mo’s wrist and shook his long black tail before Qin Mo.

Qin Mo glanced at him for a second, before he turned his head uneasily,
“Then, you can stay here tonight.”

Acting so shamelessly cute.

Lin Zizheng immediately brightened. He quickly jumped out of Qin Mo’s hands and landed on the stone bed. In the next moment, a man appeared beside Qin Mo out of nowhere.

Qin Mo’s face turned cold, he asked word by word, “Lin Zizheng, where are your clothes.” Lin Zizheng lying on the stone bed and adjusting his posture to ensure that Qin Mo can see all of him. Although this body belongs to Quan Rong, the body’s appearance has completely changed because of the influence of Lin Zizheng’s soul. Now it’s almost identical to his original body, with more beauty to his facial features.

Normally, Lin Zizheng looked fierce that no one could spot his current expression. Thus, lying on the bed at this moment, looking Qin Mo seductively, and making his target’s heart rate speed up.

Qin Mo suddenly looked down, then laid his entire body on top of Lin Zizheng, watching him from above.

In the moment of disadvantage, Lin Zizheng continued to smile at Qin Mo, no shift in his expression.

Qin Mo moved his lips and bit down on Lin Zizheng’s Adam’s apple. Lin Zizheng groaned, could be in pleasure or pain.

Followed this momentum, Qin Mo’s hands slowly wandered on Lin Zizheng’s body. In contrast to his cold personality, his hands were hot, almost at a burning temperature. Where his hands touched, the skin instantly became hot.

When his hands landed on Lin Zizheng’s stiffened part, Lin Zizheng’s heart beat faster as he took faster and shorter breaths.

Feeling the burning temperature, Qin Mo smiled and rubbed it. He saw that it was still standing proudly, not releasing anytime soon. He frowned slightly and took a glance at the still calm and composed Lin Zizheng, with his right hand moving behind him.

“Da Shixiong, why are you always forgetting the lesson?” Lin Zizheng said with a slightly lamenting tone.

Qin Mo’s body stiffened as he felt the heat behind him. The head is not burning hot, like a small amber. Warm and moist, turning his entire body up a few degrees. “Twin flowers.” Qin Mo grinds out those two words between his teeth.

The green vines sprang out from behind him, extending outward. The next moment, his world shifted as their positions changed.

Qin Mo’s heart was a little gloomy, but the heat behind him became more and more prosperous, even heating the bottom of his heart. He raised his eyebrows. His reddened eyes made Lin Zizheng’s hands tremble.

Lin Zizheng pulled apart Qin Mo’s clothes. After a while, he couldn’t resist lowering his head and licked the pale skin. The thin clothes were wet in an instant. Then he deliberately bit the bulge in the middle. His voice was hoarse, “It’s best if we get rid of the clothes, they are too troublesome.”

Qin Mo’s eyes were a little watery. He stared at Lin Zizheng to find his clothes disappearing the moment Lin Zizheng’s eyes darkened.

Feeling the coolness of his body, and Lin Zizheng’s innocent expression. Qin Mo was really upset and stretched out his foot to kick toward Lin Zizheng.

Catching Qin Mo’s foot, Lin Zizheng smiled, “Don’t worry, Da Shixiong.” He slid his hands forward, hugged Qin Mo’s waist, leaned back, and pulled Qin Mo above him.

Qin Mo can clearly see the fire in Lin Zizheng’s eyes when they are facing each other. He shivered slightly as he sensed a bad feeling in his heart.

Lin Zizheng approached his ears, licked a few times before saying in a low voice, “Let’s change our position today.” Then directly pushed in with one forceful movement.

It can’t be denied that the twin flowers are really a necessity for cultivator partners. That part of the body would become moist with no lubrication. Qin Mo straightened his neck when he was suddenly entered. He covered his groans, and steady himself by holding on to Lin Zizheng before him. His voice trembles, “Lin Zizheng!”

“This is called Guanyin sitting lotus.” Lin Zizheng inches closer, leaving a fresh red mark on Qin Mo’s body, “Those Buddhism monks are hypocritical, just like Lin Yuan…”

Lin Zizheng’s lower part continued to assault while he caressed Qin Mo’s back.

Qin Mo felt as if he was inside of a stove as his consciousness became fuzzy. He groaned softly under his breath. He swore in his heart that he would never be soft to Lin Zizheng again.

But he forgot that he had thought about this many times, but never succeeded.

Lin Zizheng made a strong effort. For a while, the whole mansion’s only sounds were rough gasping and low groaning.

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