The Strongest Gene Chapter 91-100

Chapter 91: Lava Giant

Lava Giant!

Chen Feng suddenly recalled the legend surrounding this 3- star secret art.

This was a secret art that could be formed by a combination of genes from the categories of flame absorption, fire, and petrification. During its initial creation, it was only a 2-star secret art where only two genetic abilities were required for it.

It was also a forbidden secret art.

The reason for that was simple.

In order to use it, only fire- and petrification-related abilities, a sufficient skill level and sufficient control of one’s spiritual energy were required. This meant that one only needed to be E-class to transform into a lava giant to display an astonishing power, which was more than enough for a genetic warrior to skip levels to battle someone of a higher class than them. However, those who learnt this ability had all died within a short period of time.

The reason was equally simple.

Self harm!

Lava would not only harm others, the harm it dealt the user was even bigger.

Hence, this secret art was subsequently classified as a forbidden ability and remained so until someone modified it into a 3-star secret art. Matching it with an additional genetic ability related to flame absorption, it was able to counteract the self harm effect, and with that, this ability once again surfaced in the real world, upgraded from a 2-star secret art into a 3-star secret art.

Although the skill was now harder to learn since an additional genetic ability was required, making it a skill only accessible to those in D class, due to the strength that a D class possessed, the lava giant had also become even more powerful compared to the previous version.

And when Xie Kangzhong used this skill…
Xie Kangzhong’s body was enveloped by boundless flames.

“Regardless of how strong it is, lava is still lava in the end!”
Chen Feng clenched his teeth.

Icy mist Wind Blade!

Without hesitation, Chen Feng started shooting out icy mists once again. “Whoosh!”
One after another, icy cold Wind Blades shot out.



The chain of icy mists smashed into the lava loudly. A small chunk of the boiling lava froze. However, in an instant, some lava flowed through it and the frozen area started burning once again as the lava recovered. Due to all the lava that was flowing around, a perfect circulation had actually formed on the lava boulders.

Icy mist no longer had any effect! The only way it would work was if it was able to erase all the lava in a single instant!

“Let’s give it a try, then.”
Chen Feng looked at his remaining luck value.

It was more than enough.

A huge amount of icy mist Wind Blades were instantly unleashed.

However, just as Chen Feng started his attack, Xie Kangzhong roared and shot a fiery dragon out of his hand, easily countering Chen Feng’s Wind Blades. This was the very moment Chen Feng started having an ominous feeling.

The lava was no longer the same as the earlier immobile lava that he was able to extinguish easily.

What he faced currently was a mobile lava giant. Furthermore, it was even capable of shooting out flames—a monster with a formidable counter-attacking ability.

What should he do now?

Chen Feng was anxious.

Xie Kangzhong was too strong!

He was already a D-class warrior. After improving himself, he had now reached a terrifying level of strength! Chen Feng guessed that his main attribute would be at least 2,000 points. As for Chen Feng? Only 200!

They were totally not in the same league!

Shen Wei?

Chen Feng looked at the pale face of the young lady and could only shake his head. Similar to him, Wang Chun was also someone who had only entered E class recently. Regardless of how powerful Shen Wei was, she was still in E class.

This was simply a hopeless situation!

“Damn it.”
Wang Chun had an unsightly expression on his face. “If I was given more time, a mere D class…”
He was indignant as well. Both he and Chen Feng were extremely powerful existences among those in the same class as them. Strong enough to be able to be arrogant!

However, their current opponent was actually a D-class genetic warrior possessing a 3-star secret art. This already exceeded the scope of what they could handle.

Even if they could skip levels to battle someone of a higher class…they would still not be able to shorten their gap with their current opponent.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “Am I going to die now?”
Chen Feng was also making his final attempt.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade!

“Whoosh!” The strongest Wind Blades he could muster were once again unleashed.

If there was such possibility, even if it was an odd of one in a billion, as long as an ability capable of erasing Xie Kangzhong’s ability existed, it would definitely appear now!


When Chen Feng unleashed his Wind Blades, what appeared was still those icy mists.

This meant that, among the several tens of thousands of types of genes contained in illusionary snakes, those genes that Chen Feng was able to activate currently did not include an ability capable of killing Xie Kangzhong! Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “Is it due to me being too weak?”
He was certain that hidden within the genes of an illusionary snake, there were definitely a number of powerful genetic abilities. However, it seemed like due to him being too weak, he was unable to activate these genes at all. Those several tens of thousands of genes seemed to be closely linked with his spiritual energy. Only when he increased his spirit attribute would he be able to activate those genes.

“Let’s end this,” Xie Kangzhong said malevolently.

He punched the ground.

“Bang!” The earth cracked and started spreading as lava bubled out of it. A terrifying power was clearly displayed at this instant. Chen Feng and the rest could not even react to the changes in time before the intense heat reached their feet.

Chen Feng felt a tinge of sweetness in his throat.

Damn it!

They could perhaps try to resist Xie Kangzhong’s attack. However, out of their expectations, Xie Kangzhong had never intended to attack with a common method. Instead, he chose to attack through the ground underneath them by planting his flame energy into the ground and exploding it upward! Unless they were not standing on the ground at all, they would not be able to guard against this!

Chen Feng turned around and saw that Wang Chun and the rest were injured as well. This time, it was getting truly dangerous.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “Damn it.”
He had sent a distress signal over to the Wang family a long time ago. However, it was akin to throwing a stone into the sea. He wasn’t even sure if anyone had even received his distress signal. Seemed like he was going to die for real this time.

“Sorry to have involved you in this,” Wang Chun said to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shook his head.

Involve? It was probably the very fact that the both of them were here together that had attracted Wang Yue to make this move.

He was the one who made the mistake this time.

Previously, he had given the aurora reagent to Qin Jie to play safe. That move of him had achieved good results. Granted, he was surprised by Shadow’s appearance and him killing Qin Jie. However, even then, Chen Feng was still not particularly worried. He had guessed that Shadow would activate that aurora reagent on him due to him thinking that this was a reagent able to display the power of a peak D-class attack!

As long as Shadow used it against Chen Feng, trying to trigger an explosion using it, Chen Feng would be able to immediately retrieve it back. However, he did not expect that Shadow would actually escape.

He had escaped with the aurora reagent. When he saw that things were getting bad, he would rather give up on An Te instead of using the “earthdragon gene reagent”  he perceived as  something  “priceless.”   This  far  exceeded  Chen  Feng’s expectations.

Where was the basic trust between fellow humans?

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “If I knew this, I would have produced more of it.”
This was his mistake.

Howl— Am I going to die now?

Chen Feng clenched his teeth as he looked at the large amount of luck value he had left. This was the biggest result of his one month’s worth of preparation. He refuse to believe that with this much luck value remaining he couldn’t even survive this.

Xie Kangzhong started raging again.



Everywhere he passed, the temperature rose greatly. Unable to resist!

Unable to block!

Unable to defeat!

The current Xie Kangzhong was akin to an unrivaled war god. He did not even need to get near Chen Feng as he only needed to spam his flame attacks on the ground.

Chen Feng and the rest could not resist his attacks at all.



The weakest Shen Yi died. “Shen Yi!”
Shen Wei raged. “Unlimited slash!”
She erupted once again with a terrifying power and slashed toward Xie Kangzhong. However, facing the current Xie Kangzhong that was akin to a giant, her attacks were useless.

With a punch, Shen Wei died.

“Only this much?” Xie Kangzhong said.

The current him was akin to a demon from hell. Scalding lava flowed around him. Every single clump of lava represented the unending and formidable power he had.

Icy mist Wind Blade? Useless!

Even if Chen Feng used up all his luck value, he would probably still fail to kill Xie Kangzhong!

Once again, Xie Kangzhong started smashing the ground.

Wang Chun started spurting blood.

His gaze blurred as he struggled to stay conscious.

Chen Feng felt a tinge of sweetness in his throat; however, he forcefully held the blood in. Xie Kangzhong’s attack was truly too powerful. Chen Feng had to stop his attacks, or else all that would be left for them was death! What to do?

Chen Feng’s brain started working furiously.

Icy mist?

Wind Blade?

None work!

To face his attack directly was even more unreliable!

He could only win through trickery.

Although Luck Aura was able to choose the strongest ability or the ability that suppressed fire abilities, this was as much as it could accomplish. It was like an intelligent computer that would always make the optimal choice for the situation. However, the optimal choice might not be the most fitting choice.

At times, a human touch was still required.

Let me think.

Chen Feng’s eyes flickered.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade…
Lava giant…
All the information he had pertaining the lava giant flashed through his mind. Formidable, unrivaled, still powerful even among the D-class warriors. However, was it truly something without weak points? There were weak points!

For example—
The huge exhaustion of energy.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Huge exhaustion was true when compared to those among the same class. However, when facing someone at Chen Feng’s class? Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was only a fraction of his opponent’s! Furthermore, after this skill was upgraded into a 3-star secret art from a 2- star secret art, with the existence of the flame absorption ability, its weak point of having a high exhaustion rate had probably been fixed as well.

From 2 stars to 3 stars?

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up abruptly. He was not certain if he had any flame absorption genes within him. However, he was certain that within him, there were fire-type genes and petrification-type genes.

If that was the case…
Could he use the lava giant ability as well?

He had not learned this ability. However, could Luck Aura activate it?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


Luck Aura fully activated!

“Hum—” A ray of light blossomed within his hand.

A fiery red colored Wind Blade and a yellow colored Wind Blade collided midair, fused, and changed into a small and exquisite mini version of lava giant.

It appeared!

Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

Only one extra point of luck value was consumed on top of the original consumption.

Evidently, the creation of this mini lava giant had once again increased Chen Feng’s luck value consumption. However, currently, luck value exhaustion was simply the least of his concerns!

He had saved it all up for one whole month, all of it for this moment! “Go then!”
Chen Feng was stirred.

Chapter 92: Let’s Create Midgets Together

Xie Kangzhong had a stupefied expression on his face. His huge body with a height of three meters stood there, totally stupefied. He blankly stared at this one-inch-high mini lava giant and thought, This thing here, how did it appear?

“What on earth is this?”
Wang Chun was startled awake as well.

His first thought upon seeing that mini lava giant was to think that Xie Kangzhong had even brought a mini lava giant here as well before subsequently seeing that, when Chen Feng casually waved his hand, two Wind Blades shot out and transformed into a midget.

??? Wang Chun was stupefied as well. What on earth was going on here?

At this moment, Chen Feng was still creating midgets in a serious manner.

A succession of Wind Blades shot out.

With his Luck Aura fully activated, Chen Feng focused on choosing the ability to be affected by Luck Aura.

One after another, lava midgets appeared. Shortly after, in front of Chen Feng, there were already 40 to 50 lava midgets that looked exactly the same. “Go!”
Chen Feng pointed.


The group of lava midgets swarmed Xie Kangzhong.

The group of midgets climbed up Xie Kangzhong’s body. Some of them were hugging his arms, some hugging his thighs, and some were seated on his head, while the rest were sprawled all over his body.

“Scram!” Xie Kangzhong raged.

He lashed his arms around furiously. Unfortunately, it had no effect. Those midgets that looked the same had wound around him unwaveringly. Regardless of how much he lashed around, he was not able to throw them off.

Terrifying flames flared up on his body.

These midgets did not have any flame absorption abilities. Hence, they were badly damaged when hit by the flame. However, since they were not formed of a human body with flesh and blood, they did not fear the damage dealt by the flame.

Instead, after getting burned, these midgets appeared even more terrifying. “Damn it!”
Xie Kangzhong was getting jittery.

“You are the one controlling them.”
He reacted quickly and sneered as he said, “It doesn’t matter. I can’t hurt them. However, I can hurt you. As long as I kill you, they will naturally dissipate by themselves.”
Xie Kangzhong condensed the power of flame in his hands.


At this moment, a group of midgets climbed onto his clenched fist and sucked in the power of flame on his hand. Xie Kangzhong’s right fist that was originally filled with flame energy became an empty shelf.

He punched the ground.

The ground crumbled.

The ground below Xie Kangzhong’s foot shook, and then…
“Ka cha!”
His right arm snapped.

Without the protection of flame energy, this skill of his was not able to display any power at all. Wang Chun and Chen Feng in the distance were not affected at all. A Xie Kangzhong without his flame energy was akin to a tiger without fangs.

Xie Kangzhong’s killing intent rose.

On his body, those midgets had sucked off too much flame energy from him and now appeared somewhat drunk as they swayed around, appearing extremely intoxicated. However, even now, they were still unwaveringly hanging onto his body, not willing to let go.

Xie Kangzhong started grabbing toward the midgets on his body. At that, the drunk midgets started crawling to different parts of his body while swaying around. They moved around Xie Kangzhong’s body nimbly, some having even climbed to his inner thigh.

“Damn it!”
Xie Kangzhong was furious. However, he couldn’t do anything to them.

He couldn’t understand this. He was very strong, far stronger than Chen Feng and Wang Chun. However, why did a normal battle developed into the current situation?



After continuously shaking his body a few times, he gave up. If I can’t shake them off, I will stop shaking! Even without the flame energy, I can still kill Chen Feng!

By now, he had realized that the one who posed the most threat to him, the one capable of hurting him, was only Chen Feng! This ex-student of his!


With large strides, he walked toward Chen Feng.

“These  midgets  of  yours  are  truly  somewhat  powerful. However, they are totally unable to hurt me,”  Xie Kangzhong said coldly. “A huge amount of spiritual energy is required to control a lava giant. I’m curious, a beginner E-class warrior like you, how long can you sustain the activation of this skill?”
Chen Feng sneered. “Definitely longer than you.”
“Bang!” Xie Kangzhong punched toward Chen Feng.

Losing his flame energy, what he could do now was only pure physical attacks.

Although his main attribute was not the strength attribute, his strength, physique and agility attributes were still comparatively high, and Chen Feng was totally not his match.

Another punch.

Chen Feng was almost sent flying by that punch.

This won’t do!

Chen Feng clenched his teeth. The current Xie Kangzhong had lost his flame energy due to the midgets and was using his pure physical strength to force him and Wang Chun to death. What was depressing was that, even now, in his weakened state, Chen Feng still couldn’t defeat him.

The gap between them was too large!


They totally had no idea how long Xie Kangzhong could maintain this ability!

What to do, then?

Chen Feng’s brain started working rapidly.

Lava midgets … This fusion process was, in actuality, totally different than the formation of the lava giant. After all, it was a combination of pure energy alone. If that was the case, were there other combinations for this?

For example, icy mist and petrification?

Other abilities?

I don’t care anymore!

Chen Feng clenched his teeth.

He would found out if there really existed other combinations once he tried. Since he had the idea in his mind, he activated his Luck Aura and started trying out different combinations unceasingly. “Whoosh! Whoosh!”
Wind Blades shot out once again.

Luck value dropped rapidly.

Icy mist, petrification?

No effect!

Thunder, earth?

No effect!

Icy mist, water crystal?

“Hum—” In front of Chen Feng, an azure colored midget with ice crystals all over its body appeared. Apart from having a different color and ability, it appeared the same as a lava midget.

Chen Feng was immediately excited.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”
A huge volume of Wind Blades were once again spammed out.

A succession of different energy combinations started appearing in a disorderly manner.

Soon, one after another, midgets with bizarre colors climbed up Xie Kangzhong’s body. Icefrost midget, formed from ice and frost mist, possessing extremely powerful temperature reduction and freezing abilities. Thunder midget, formed from seawater and thunder, possessing paralyzing abilities and an extremely powerful ability to conduct electricity. Armored midget, formed from stone and earth, possessing extremely powerful blocking and defensive abilities.

Blue colored…
White colored…
Yellow colored…
An alarmed expression appeared on Xie Kangzhong’s face.


All the midgets swarmed him. “What damnable things are these?”
Xie Kangzhong was panicking.

Xie Kangzhong started shaking his body frantically.

However, the lava giant was too big!

Naturally, being big had its benefits. At least, when he faced Chen Feng and Wang Chun, he held the absolute superiority, able to easily catch up to them to deliver a world of hurt upon them. However, it has it disadvantages as well. All those holes on his body had became incomparably big as well, just nice enough for those midgets to crawl into. The thunder midgets crawled into his ears.

The icefrost midgets crawled into his nostrils.

The exploding midgets crawled into that specific hole at his lower body.

Xie Kangzhong was horrified and started screaming.

“Bang!” He started raining punches on his own body.

He howled crazily.

“Fiery Dragon!”
“Raging flames!”
An endless amount of flame started rising up on his body.

He wanted to destroy all the midgets.

“Explode,” Chen Feng spat out coldly. “Bang!”
All the midgets exploded at the same instant.

A terrifying force instantly erupted. At this instant, the secret arts formed by two different abilities displayed their terrifying power. A terrifying power engulfed the area.

Xie Kangzhong’s body became bright like fireworks being set off.

All sorts of colors blossomed from his body, his body hidden within the radiance of the lights.

“Bang!” A terrifying force engulfed the area.

Chen Feng and Wang Chun were directly flung away from the explosion.

The ground shook.

Countless mutated beasts in the vicinity were shocked by the explosion and started fleeing frantically.

The extremely powerful energy contained within Xie Kangzhong’s body, combined with the power from the explosion of the countless midgets, had give birth to a shocking power.

After a long time.

When the radiance gradually faded, Chen Feng raised his head and looked at the spot where Xie Kangzhong was at. He was still standing there!

He was no longer a lava giant. Instead, he had now returned to his original appearance. However, his body was already heavily damaged. All sorts of bizarre marks were left on his body.

Icefrost, flame, poison…
His eyes were wide opened as he stared at Chen Feng.

“Why…” he asked with his somewhat hoarse voice.


With a resounding bang, he fell on the ground.

Chapter 93: Really Dare to Act?

Xie Kangzhong was dead.

Wang Chun blanked as his mouth was left hanging, not recovering from his shock after even a long time. Xie Kangzhong might have been a normal D-class warrior, but a D- class warrior was still a D-class warrior! Furthermore, Xie Kangzhong’s strength was increased by at least onefold while he was transformed into a lava giant, totally not something someone at their level was supposed to be able to deal with.

However, he still ended up dying.

Dying by Chen Feng’s hands.

As a lava giant, he was killed by a group of lava midgets. Instinctively, Wang Chun looked at Xie Kangzhong’s corpse and the leftovers from all sorts of ability on his body, especially that chrysanthemum that was blasted apart…
He trembled subconsciously.

Too vicious!

As a genius, Wang Chun believed that, in the future, he would become an expert as well. However, what he was more certain about was that, no matter what, he would not fight Chen Feng in the future.

This guy was simply an abominable existence.

Killing a D-class warrior right after he fused with his E-class gene. Now, when Chen Feng saw the collapse of Xie Kangzhong, he finally let out a breath of relief. Finally, it had ended. This had been too difficult on him.

This was the strongest opponent he had ever faced.

This person was even his class teacher.

Chen Feng looked at the data on his screen. Only 50 points of luck value were left from the initial 500 points. The luck value he had saved for one whole month were nearly used up during this trip.

This battle alone wasted 240 points of luck value!

This was not some normal battle. Xie Kangzhong’s death was not undue. In actuality, this was simply a battle where he got spammed to death by luck values. At this rate, no matter how much luck value he has, it wouldn’t be enough.

“I’m still too weak,”  he mumbled. If he was stronger, he wouldn’t have been so passive in this battle, and would not have needed to use such peculiar methods to obtain victory.

However, he had also gotten a clear understanding of his current strength.

Within E class, he was not afraid of anyone.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade alone was sufficient for him to totally defeat a majority of people in this class.

As for D class?

That would depend on fate and luck value. “Are you alright?”
Wang Chun walked over to him.

“I’m fine.”
Chen Feng stretched his aching body.

“Let’s  go  back  first,”   Wang  Chun  said  softly.  “It’s  too dangerous here.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly.

The two of them did not dare to stay here for long and left immediately. However, when they had just started moving, a flash of light could be seen in the air as a silhouette streaked over to them from a distance. Chen Feng was immediately on alert. “Who?”
“It’s someone from Wang family.” Wang Chun finally left out a breath of relief. “This should be someone who received my distress signal and came over to help.”
Chen Feng was somewhat relieved. “That’s good, then.”
If another Xie Kangzhong came… he really couldn’t do anything anymore.

Not far from them, that silhouette stopped and hovered midair.

Wang Chun was filled with expectations. However, when he saw that person, he became ashen-faced. “Why is it you? Where is second uncle?”
Chen Feng, with his acute senses, felt an ominous feeling. “Who is this?” “My sixth uncle, Wang Tianhao,” Wang Chun said coldly. “Wang Yue’s father.”
Chen Feng’s pupils constricted. “What?”
Wang Yue’s father?

“Your second uncle is too old and has gone to rest.”  Wang Tianhao wiped the bloodstains on his hands and smiled. “I’m here to bring you back.”
“You killed him!”  Wang Chun’s body trembled as his eyes gleamed with killing intent. “You, father and son duo, finally decided to eliminate the dissidents?”
“Hehe, how is that possible?”  Wang Tianhao smiled as he said, “You, kid, are too impetuous. Come, just follow sixth uncle and go back home.” “Sigh, this kid.” The smile on Wang Tianhao’s face vanished. “Why can’t you be more obedient?”
Wang Chun maintained his silence.

“You are Chen Feng?”  Wang Tianhao looked at Chen Feng and indifferently said, “I did not expect that you could actually kill Xie Kangzhong. It seems like eliminating the both of you is the correct choice.”
“In  Gold  City,  someone  so  great  is  not  allowed  to  exist,” Wang Tianhao said slowly.

Chen Feng did not respond. Instead, he was constantly scanning their surroundings with the corners of his eyes.

The woods… Since they were now out of the Desolate Rocky Grounds, they might have an opportunity to leave here!

Chen Feng was constantly looking for it.

“You can stop looking.”  Wang Tianhao smiled. “Since I can appear here, I have definitely cleared our surroundings sufficiently. The both of you are really not bad. Unfortunately, you were both born at the wrong time.”
“In this era, ultimately, only one man’s name is allowed to shine brightly.”
“Goodbye, then.” “Bang!”
A terrifying radiance started gushing out of his hand.

“This is…”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted ferociously. This was actually the Death Ray!

It was over.

Chen Feng’s heart felt cold.

This was an extremely powerful ray-type attack. This peculiar light ray possessed an energy concentration that was far denser than a laser, able to unleash an extremely shocking power in an instant.

“Bang!” All his eyes could see was an expanse of white light.

Endless light descended, submerging Chen Feng and Wang Chun within it.

“Wind Blade!”
Chen Feng instinctively counter attacked.

However, the twenty Wind Blades he shot off evaporated before the ray of death and failed to affect it whatsoever. Wang Tianhao was far stronger than Xie Kangzhong.

They stood no chance before him.

Above C-class?

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He did not expect that, after killing Xie Kangzhong, this guy would appear instead. What was interesting was the fact that it was Wang Chun who had sent the distress signal. This was truly…
Chen Feng sighed.

Distress signal?

He had sent a distress signal as well. However…
Will you really act?

Chen Feng closed his eyes.

Endless rays of light submerged everything. The whole world turned white.

Calmly, Wang Tianhao finished unleashing his attack and retracted his hand. Two E-class kids would pose no threat to him. However, he stopped his steps and stared unbelievably in front of him.

Where the ray of light had attacked, a graceful silhouette had appeared suddenly. Quietly, she stood in front of Chen Feng, blocking off the entirety of the attack. The ray of light was split apart, shooting through both sides of the spot she stood on.

Death Ray had missed.

The two mountains behind them were hit by the Death Ray, leaving huge holes in them.

This was the power of Death Ray! Incredibly frightening. However, Wang Tianhao’s expression became extremely serious as he looked at that silhouette among the smoke and dust. Someone capable of blocking his attack was definitely not someone simple.

“Who is your distinguished self?”  Wang Tianhao solemnly said, “This is the Wang family’s personal affair. I hope you won’t interfere with this.”
Currently, the aftershock of the attack ended while the smoke and dust gradually settled. An extremely familiar silhouette appeared in front of him. In front of her, that huge flaming sword was radiating with a bizarre glow.

This was the sword that had severed the Death Ray earlier.

Wang Tianhao’s expression changed greatly. “Yao Er!”
No matter what, he had never expected that the one who spoiled his plan and saved Chen Feng and Wang Chun was his own daughter, Wang Yao! She was here.

Chen Feng raised his head.

Before his eyes, Wang Yao was standing there silently, a sense of detachment on her delicate face. The huge flaming sword started hovering while the tiny skirt she was wearing fluttered around with the wind, leaking off a certain sense of unprecedented beauty.

“You want to spoil my plan?”
Wang Tianhao was angry. He could maintain his calm against everyone else. Except this daughter! He had no idea how had he ever provoked this daughter of his!

This lunatic!

Wang Tianhao held his fury. “I won’t get involved with your affairs. Hence, you won’t get involved in my affairs as well. Is that fine?”
“Scram,” Wang Yao said calmly.

“Wang Yao!” Wang Tianhao angrily said, “Don’t think that I won’t dare to touch you just because you are my daughter! Don’t be too excessive! There must be a limit to your wanton mischief! If you continue messing around, don’t blame me for not holding my hand…”
The air trembled.

The flaming sword that was hovering in front Wang Yao suddenly erupted.

“You dare to act?” Wang Tianhao laughed despite his anger. “You are the same as your mom. A thankless wretch that can’t be tamed. Alright then, since that’s the case, don’t blame me for not holding back—”
Blood splattered.

Wang Tianhao stopped midway through his sentence.

He stared at his daughter with an unbelievable expression on his face. Inadvertently, he looked into that pair of eyes that seemed capable of seeing through one’s heart, and for the first time, he felt alarmed.

And also—
Bone piercing coldness.

Chrysanthemum = butthole

Chapter 94: Favor of Words

Time seemed to freeze.

Blood splattered.

Wang Tianhao stood there blankly, looking at his daughter with an unbelievable expression. In the sky, an arm soared up before falling down somewhere in the distance.

How could this…
He did not dare to believe that Wang Yao truly dared to make a move against him!

One more thing he couldn’t understand was how Wang Yao’s strength had become so terrifying. Although this daughter of his had always acted mysteriously and had always been extremely strong, according to his estimation, at the very most, she should have only gotten into C class recently. But now… One move!

He had actually failed to even resist one move from Wang Yao!

How was this possible!

He almost collapsed.

He couldn’t accept the fact that Wang Yao dared to act against him. However, what he couldn’t accept even more was the fact that Wang Yao’s strength was so much higher than his, high enough to utterly crush him!

Currently, Chen Feng and Wang Chun were also dazed, and remained so for a long time.

This… Had them seen wrongly?

Wang Yao?

Slashed Wang Tianhao?

Wang Chun slapped himself ferociously. The burning pain on his face assured him that what he saw was not a dream! Wang Yao had truly slashed Wang Tianhao!


Wang Chun had a stupefied expression on his face.

He looked at Chen Feng before looking at Wang Yao, could it be…
In his brain, a melodramatic romance story that far exceeded the harem in his crystal comic had appeared. However, our fellow student Chen Feng was just as confused as he was.

This script seemed to be developing in the wrong direction, right?

In actuality, he was still somewhat anxious.

He had asked for help the moment he saw Xie Kangzhong, at almost the exact same time that Wang Chun sent the distress signal. However, Wang Yao had never appeared. Hence, he was very worried. Afterward, when Wang Tianhao appeared, he had directly given up on his hope.

What a joke.

Although Wang Yao had agreed to grant him three favors, he couldn’t really expect her to slash her biological father, right?

Hence— He had almost given up.

However, he did not expect that Wang Yao had really come and decisively and straightforwardly slashed Wang Tianhao. Truthfully, if it wasn’t due to Wang Tianhao’s reaction time being fast, his head would have changed its resting place by now.

What damnable situation was this?

Chen Feng suddenly recalled what Wang Yao had told him previously. At the time, he had thought it was merely something Wang Yao said to pacify his heart in order to get her hands on the seadragon blood essence. However, now that he thought of it, she actually meant what she said.

Wang Yao…
Surrounding her was indeed a huge secret! Chen Feng looked at that petite silhouette standing in front of him. Suddenly, his heart ached somewhat. Having such a bad relationship with her family, what kind of past did she have?

Chen Feng concentrated his gaze.

The huge flaming sword flew back.

Wang Yao coldly raised her head and looked at Wang Tianhao. “Final warning, scram!”
Wang Tianhao was angered to the point that he was shuddering all over. However, as he noticed the killing intent in Wang Yao’s eyes, he felt like he had fallen into an ice cave. Wang Yao had looked at him this way many times previously. He had thought that Wang Yao merely disliked him. He had never guessed that she would truly dare to kill him! The words of anger that he almost spurted out were forcefully swallowed back by him.

He did not dare to say those words.

He was afraid that he would really die here. That would truly be a joke.

After clenching his teeth, he looked toward the arm in the distance. He did not dare to pick it up. Instead, he turned around and escaped.

Cutting a sorry figure.

Wang Chun: “…” A C-class warrior could be considered an absolute expert in a place like Gold City.

However, this expert here had been beaten like a dog with a single move. Wang Chun had known how cold this sister of his was. However, he had never guessed that her strength was so valiant!

Frighteningly strong!

Wang Yao looked at Chen Feng. “Two more times.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. “All right.”
Wang Yao picked them up, one in each of her hands, and landed on a cloud. Hu.

The cloud drifted.

Shortly after, Wang Yao had sent them both to the camp.

“Contact me if there’s anything,”  Wang Yao said to Chen Feng before turning around and leaving.

“Wait,” Chen Feng said suddenly.

“You don’t need to pointlessly take pity on me.”  Wang Yao raised her head. Those big eyes of hers appeared capable of seeing through one’s inner thoughts. Chen Feng did not get the chance to ask what he wanted ask, and he no longer dared to continue asking.

Wang Yao… What have you actually experienced?

Chen Feng sighed inwardly.

“I only wanted to ask.” Chen Feng reorganized his words and said seriously, “Mhm… Wang Yue, do you plan to get involved in affairs regarding him?”
Wang Chun’s ears moved slightly.

Wang Yue!

They were talking about a serious topic now!

“I have returned the favor of his words.”  Wang Yao was as cold  as  usual.  “The  path  he  is  currently  threading  is  in actuality a dead end anyway. If you are interested in taking him away at an earlier date, I wouldn’t mind.” The favor of his words?

In actuality a dead end?

Chen Feng’s heart jolted ferociously. What did this mean?

He looked at Wang Chun. Wang Chun looked confused as well. The both of them looked at each other, unable to understand what Wang Yao meant when she said these words.

But there was one specific point from Wang Yao that they had understood clearly. Wang Yao would no longer get involved in any affairs pertaining to Wang Yue!

Even if—
He was killed! Chen Feng and Wang Chun exchanged glances, eager to give it a try.

That fellow Wang Yue had over and over again tried to dispose of them. Was he really thinking that they were pushovers? It was still all right in the past with Wang Yao protecting him. Now…

Wang family?

Could the Wang family protect you?

Chen Feng sneered. He looked at Wang Yao. This astonishingly beautiful young lady was as cold as always.

“Since you no longer care about Wang Yue…”  Chen Feng thought about it. “Then my second favor would be to kill him while you’re at it?” Whoosh.

A sluggish expression slightly appeared on Wang Yao’s face. She turned around and looked at that teasing smile on Chen Feng’s face before furiously glaring at him, snorting coldly, and disappearing before them.


Chen Feng beamed as he looked at her departing figure.

“You are the awesome one.”
“I won’t even admire an elderly   lady, only admiring you!” Wang  Chun  praised  Chen  Feng.  “Able  to  steal  Wang  Yao, causing her to fight her father and kill her brother. This melodramatic plot is something that I can usually only see on soap operas.”
Chen Feng: “…” This praise doesn’t seem quite right?

“It’s merely a transaction,” Chen Feng explained.

“You don’t have to explain.” Wang Chun patted his shoulder. “An awesome lifestyle needs not any explanations.”
He did not even feel like saying anything anymore.

Gene producer?

At the junior production level, Chen Feng was already able to insta-produce an illusionary snake’s scale!

Genetic warrior?

Right after he entered E class, Chen Feng was already able to kill off a D-class warrior like Xie Kangzhong! 
When Chen Feng was framed, the deputy president of the Gene Production Association proved his innocence for him! That was not the end of it! Chen Feng had just stolen a Wang Yao that possessed a terrifying strength from the Wang family. For him, she would even slash her own father and renounce her own brother. These two backers were sufficient for Chen Feng to do whatever he wished!

Now, even if someone were to tell him that Chen Feng was actually some lost prince of some ancient country, he would believe it!

“You aren’t actually a descendant of some ancient country, right?”
Wang Chun had an expression of doubt on his face.

“Descendant your ass.” Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “You who owned the whole harem of the crystal comic should be the actual descendant, right?” 
The both of them rolled their eyes toward each other.

However, quickly, Chen Feng thought of something and looked at Wang Chun. “What do you plan to do in the future?”
“Walk  my  own  path,”    Wang  Chun  said  indifferently. “Leaving the Wang family was my original plan. Now that Wang Yue is clearing off dissidents in the family, it’s also a good thing for me to leave this way. In the future, when I get the chance, I will cause Wang Yue some serious trouble.”
“You must be careful when alone.”  Chen Feng gave it some thought. “If there’s anything, you can contact me.”
“Don’t    worry.”     Wang    Chun    solemnly    said,    “After experiencing all this, I will be even more careful. For Shen Yi and Shen Wei and their sisters, I will definitely become stronger!” 
Chen Feng sighed. “Why am I saying all this to the owner of The Crystal Palace like you?”
Seemed like he was the actual lone ranger, right?

“See you.”
Chen Feng waved his hand as he turned around and left.

He took the Ironcloud and returned to Gold City. Only when he saw the familiar lighting of the city did he feel like he had returned home. These two days felt like forever.

Time to return to the urban district!

Chen Feng raised his head and looked at the monitored area in the distance. “Hum—”
His wristband buzzed.

Chen Feng opened it and saw that it was actually a message from Xu Fei.

“I broke through.”
Xu Fei had a refreshing expression on his face. “Have you settled that illusionary snake matter of yours? If not, I can go over and give you a help.”
Broke through?

D class?

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. “I settled it.” Chen Feng smiled. “However, coincidentally, I have a mission for you. If you dare to accept it, of course.”
“What mission?”
Xu Fei was astonished. A mission they did not dare to accept existed?

Chen Feng sneered. “Sniping Wang Yue!”
Wang Yao is Wang Chun’s cousin to be precise. However, the raw says sister as Chinese tend to refer to cousins as sister or brother at times.

A Chinese netspeak, usually goes like “I won’t even admire [insert random characters], only admiring you.” Basically it meant someone exclaiming his heartfelt admiration toward someone.

Chapter 95: Failure

Xu Fei’s pupils constricted abruptly.

Wang Yue?

That guy from the Wang family?

The most influential family in Gold City, the Wang family!

Outsiders might not be clear about this, but the locals of Gold City would have heard of something regarding this family. They were the descendants of a powerful genetic warrior in the past. Although the family was now in decline, a thin camel was still bigger than a horse. The Wang family’s power within Gold City was still extremely powerful.

As for Wang Yue? He seemed to be the recently appointed heir of the Wang family.

Chen Feng beamed as he looked at Xu Fei.

“How is that possible?”
Xu Fei sneered. Shortly after, however, somewhat embarrassed, he said, “However, that little girl…”
“I already told her about it,” Chen Feng said indifferently.

Xu Fei eyes abruptly widened. “Shit!”
Told her about it? Dude, you are trying to kill her younger brother! Is it possible that this guy managed to get into a relationship with that girl? Xu Fei could only admire Chen Feng.

“Three million as the fee for your hardships.”  Chen Feng beamed as he looked at Xu Fei. “You can claim the remaining expenses from me as well.”
“I accept it!”
Xu Fei’s eyes lit up. What a generous offer.

“Start  by  investigating  his  whereabouts  first,”  Chen  Feng said, “and then… look for an opportunity to make a move on him.”
Xu Fei left in excitement to prepare for this. Chen Feng smiled calmly.

He was now rich and imposing. Even if he did not have any money, he could simply produce some gene reagents to make up for it. Since Wang Yue wanted to play the game of assassination with him, then he would play a nice game with Wang Yue.

Let’s see who would be the one getting assassinated this time.

After arriving home, Chen Feng rested for a whole night.

At the Desolate Rocky Grounds, in order to maintain his vigilance and protect Qin Jie from getting killed by An Te, Chen Feng had never rested and had accompanied Qin Jie for one whole night. Subsequently, there was also the appearance of Shadow and his battle with Xie Kangzhong. Danger was lurking on every side, he almost couldn’t hold on anymore.

Thump. Chen Feng slumped onto his bed and entered a deep slumber.

Early next morning, Chen Feng had recovered to his peak condition.

“I’m home.”
Chen Feng was relaxed and happy.

His current condition where he was full of vigor was truly comfortable. Especially now that his spirit attribute had reached 200 points. Every single bit of spiritual energy he had gave him a feeling that the world was more distinct.

After having his breakfast, Chen Feng started concluding his results from this mission.

First of all, he learned two formulas: illusionary snake’s scale and aurora. Out of these two, the illusionary snake’s scale formula was approaching saturation after countless counts of production and practice. This signified that if Chen Feng were to produce it a few more times, he would soon master this formula despite this formula being useless for him. As for aurora, it was something that enabled Chen Feng to possess an extremely powerful trump card.

Next, Chen Feng had fully stepped into E-class. The perfect combination of Myriad Illusions and Wind Blades had also caused Chen Feng’s combat power to increase greatly.

These were the gains that Chen Feng was satisfied with. Next, he started concluding the things he was unsatisfied with.

For example—
The aurora reagent being taken away by Shadow.

This was the largest mistake Chen Feng made during this mission. Although the aurora reagent being presented as “earthdragon  gene  reagent”  had  scared  his  enemies  several times with great effect, after it was taken away, Chen Feng’s combat power was greatly affected. Or else, it wouldn’t have been so hard for him to face Xie Kangzhong.

“This is my mistake,” Chen Feng muttered to himself. “Next time, I must carry at least two aurora reagents on me.”
Naturally, he couldn’t help but maliciously think that, if Shadow  really  used  this  “earthdragon  gene  reagent”  as  his trump card, when he used it, would he notice this unexpected “surprise”?

His wristband buzzed.

“It’s me.” 
“The Wang family has been in turmoil recently.”
“Seems like it was because the old man of the Wang family was dying.”
“As for Wang Yue…”
Xu Fei looked at the investigation results. “Recently, he has been increasing his strength furiously and is advancing rapidly. Not only that. The whole Wang family is helping him gather materials. Every single day, he will only produce genes and seclude himself in training. It is said that he is preparing for an event called ‘rookie competition’.”
“Gene Rookie Competition?” 
That Wang Yue fellow was also planning to join this event!

He had always been stepped on by Chen Feng. However, now that he had obtained the support of the whole Wang family to rapidly improve, naturally, he was able to progress at a flying speed, especially in regards to gene production…
Chen Feng frowned suddenly. “He plans to keep staying in Wang family?”
“No.” Xu Fei shook his head. “According to our investigations, Wang Yue has already mastered many basic formulas. Now, he seems to have changed his direction and started improving in regards to the production of rare formulas. Among these formulas is one that needs to be produced on the spot. We have gotten detailed information and are certain of the time and venue for that.”
“Three  days  later,  Purplewoods  Continent,”   Xu  Fei  said calmly. 
Chen Feng contemplated.

Purplewoods Continent was a place where beginner E-class mutated beasts were active in. Many different types of mutated beasts could be found there, forming a perfect ecosystem.

Chen Feng was certain that Wang Yue would not go alone. “Around how many people will be going?”
Xu Fei smiled bitterly. “51.”
“How many?” Chen Feng thought he had heard wrongly.

“Among them, 47 of them are E-class genetic warriors. There are also three beginner D-class genetic warriors and Wang Yue 
Chen Feng: “…”


The f*ck. Why don’t you fly up into the skies while you’re at it.

Which freaking family will bring 50 people along when going out to temper oneself?

He must be crazy.

“I suppose he must have sent too many assassins on others.
Hence, he’s now on guard,” Xu Fei speculated. “Hmmph.”
A cold glint flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes.

On guard? Regardless of how on guard you are, I will still kill you this time!

“How many of them can your team deal with?” Chen Feng asked solemnly.

“Either 3 D-class warriors or 30 E-class warriors.” Xu Fei had no  hesitation.  “D-class  warriors  might  sound  terrifying. However, those E-class warriors might be even more troublesome to deal with. Mainly, it’s due to their amount being too high and them having too many different abilities. No one truly knows what abilities they actually have. If they were scattered, it wouldn’t be a problem to deal with all of them. However, when they are all gathered together, it is extremely dangerous.”
When quantity reached a certain amount, it might have a qualitative effect. Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “That’s enough.”
“Your team only needed to deal with those three D-class warriors.”  Chen Feng thought about it. “Let me think of the ways to deal with those E-class warriors.”
“All right.”
Xu Fei did not say anything unnecessary.

The assassination plan against Wang Yue began quietly.

“Forty-seven E-class warriors…”
Chen Feng entered deep contemplation.

Forty-seven E-class warriors. This combination’s strength is far above those D-class warriors. Furthermore, if they were allowed to freely unleash all their power, they might be able to display an unimaginable power!

Hence, they must either be separated or controlled!

Looking for outsiders?

Chen Feng shook his head.

Different from the Wang family, he was a lone ranger and was not able to get someone he was familiar with to do such things. He might even get counter-assassinated instead. As such, he had to be cautious when handling this.

The perfect example was Wang Chun. Chen Feng did not plan to court disaster upon himself.

“Doing it myself?” Chen Feng frowned.

Using what?

Lava midgets?

The strongest power he had displayed so far was what he displayed against Xie Kangzhong. However, the so-called lava midgets were simply something he formed by casually combining two different abilities. In essence, those were still something he controlled with his spiritual energy. Both its might and strength were not sufficient! Furthermore, this skill consumed way too much luck value. In order to resist Xie Kangzhong, he had wasted 100 points of luck value.

A crazy amount of luck value!

Furthermore—such a usage was a one-off thing. Frankly, Xie Kangzhong had not been killed by him. Instead, he was spammed to death by luck values that were saved over a whole month. This type of victory was not something that could be duplicated.

“Not reliable.”
Chen Feng vetoed this option immediately.

What if an aurora reagent was used?

Chen Feng pondered. Now that he was stronger and had fused with the illusionary snake gene, that was something worth trying.

Chen Feng decided decisively. “Let’s first produce one set of aurora reagent.”
Whoosh! Luck Aura activated!

Chen Feng began his production skillfully. However, beyond his expectations, at the very beginning of the production, Chen Feng already had a feeling that something was wrong.

Light swirled around as his digitized mode collapsed.

Production failed.

Chen Feng had a stupefied expression on his face.

Production failed? God knows how long it had been since he had tasted any failure.

Especially a failure when Luck Aura was fully activated. Chen Feng opened his data window and started studying it in detail. No luck value was used.

“Did I forget to activate it?”
Chen Feng felt suspicious.

Let’s try again.


Luck Aura activated!

Once again, Chen Feng started gene production. Before he could even finish the first stage, he felt his digitized mode rocking before once again, it collapsed!

Gene production, failed.

Chapter 96: A Mystical Ability

What’s the situation?

Chen Feng panicked.


What was going on?

Now, Chen Feng truly felt that something had happened.

“The luck values were not being used…”
Chen Feng pondered.

What circumstances would cause the luck values to not be used? It was when the luck values were unable to complete the assigned task.

When he had activated Luck Aura earlier, he was willing it to complete his production. However, if there was no possibility of the production being successful no matter what, the Luck Aura would not work.

In other words, his current success rate was 0%!

“Is there a problem with the materials?” Chen Feng guessed.

Only when there was some problem with the materials would the production be total failure.

After thinking for a bit, Chen Feng bought another set of materials from a different shop and started his production once again. However, he was speechless, as this time it still resulted in failure. “It’s not a problem with the materials…”
“First stage, gene search, failed…”
Chen Feng frowned.


Once again, he started production.

He had not mastered aurora reagent formula. Hence, he had to rely on his luck values. Therefore, he was unable to objectively judge his production process. This time, he decided to use a formula that he had mastered.

Thundersnake gene reagent!

Whoosh! Chen Feng started production.

This time, Chen Feng fully activated his spiritual energy. After entering the digitized mode, he was not in a hurry to start. Instead, he started patrolling the digitized world.

It did not seem like there were any abnormalities.

“Is it a misconception?” Chen Feng muttered.

Gene search, begin!



He had long ago familiarized himself with the materials for the thundersnake gene. Hence, he was able to easily search for the required genes in the digitized world. However, Chen Feng suddenly paused his gene search.

A familiar gene had disappeared.

That’s right.


“There is indeed a problem.”
A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

He forced the digitized world to reduce the speed it operated at. As the digitized world in itself was something formed by spiritual energy, he could exhaust his spiritual energy in order to affect the whole digitized world. The consumption rate when doing this was extremely high, though.

Onefold slower…
Twofold slower…
Threefold slower…

Chen Feng reduced the speed non-stop while his spiritual energy was being furiously exhausted. When his 200 points of spiritual energy was nearing the bottom, Chen Feng finally found an abnormality.

“Whoosh!” A white light streaked past and a gene vanished immediately.

“There’s something.”
Chen Feng’s heart was solemn.


The white light streaked past.

Chen Feng fully concentrated his spiritual energy and was finally able to see how the white light looked—it was actually a small snake formed by lightning. Its body traveled back and forth like a sharp arrow!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Lightning streaked past.

It traveled around the digitized world wantonly.

Currently, it did not even realize that Chen Feng had noticed it.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was looking at it with a dazed expression, only when his spiritual energy was fully exhausted and his digitized world collapsed did Chen Feng recover from his stupor with a stupefied expression on his face.

Tiny lightning snake?

What on earth was that! Chen Feng thought carefully. Although that tiny lighting snake was formed by light, having a good-looking appearance, however, it was essentially an illusionary snake with marquee installed on it!

That’s right!

Illusionary snake!

Exactly the same as the illusionary snake leader Chen Feng had met previously.

Could it be…
Chen Feng abruptly thought of something and immediately looked for the eggshell he took from the Desolate Rocky Grounds. With horror, he found that the eggshell had disappeared.

How could this have happened? Chen Feng suddenly thought of a possibility.

After that illusionary snake was born, it had never left. Instead, all along, it was hidden within the eggshell. When Chen Feng took the eggshell back, it had been brought back as well.

“Son of a b*tch.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

With that illusionary snake around, he was not able to produce any genes.

Now, he had to get things clarified.

Unable to wait for his spiritual energy to recover, Chen Feng directly bought several spirit recovering reagents. When his spiritual energy was recovered, he entered the digitized mode once again. This time, he directly reduced the speed and started observing it.

In the digitized world, lightning flickered around. That miniature snake traveled back and forth happily. When it met a gene, it would devour it with a single bite before a comfortable expression was shown on its face.

Chen Feng widened his eyes abruptly.

Eating genes?


He suddenly recalled the ancestors of illusionary snakes.
That damnable gluttonous snake!

That life-form seemed to be something that had genes as their food. When eating other life forms, their main purpose was to get the genes in the bodies of the other life forms. This specific characteristic of this species had gradually disappeared with time. However, now, it seemed to have reappeared.

Gene returned to its roots?


This was not merely a gene returning to its roots. Instead, this was simply an evolution!

This damnable tiny lighting snake had even stopped eating mutated beasts. Instead, it was now only eating genes! Only eating the genes that went through Chen Feng’s extraction process in the digitized world! Soaring high after Chen Feng constructed the digitized world!

In other words…
Chen Feng finally understood that… the genes he extracted from the blood essence using his spiritual energy and the gene world he formed using the digitized mode were all the food of this fellow?


Chen Feng cursed inwardly. No wonder he had failed all his productions!

“This can’t continue.”
A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes. This fellow had to be dealt with.

It was extremely difficult to catch the tiny lightning snake.

That was because, even when the digitized world was slowed to its limit, Chen Feng could only see it after great difficulty. In this state, if Chen Feng was to make his move, his speed would also be slowed to its limit, nearly not moving at all. Under normal circumstances, this fellow was uncatchable!

This was only applied to an ordinary person.

Chen Feng sneered.

Once again, he recovered his spiritual energy and entered the digitized world. However, this time, Chen Feng did not reduce the speed. Instead, he directly activated Luck Aura.


Light streaked past.

Chen Feng casually grabbed at the air with his right hand. “Hum—”
In the digitized world, it could be clearly seen that a tiny lightning snake was grabbed by a huge hand. It had an ominous feeling and started escaping quickly. However, it was obstructed by one gene after another that just happened to pass by the area. The boundless foods that used to fascinate it were now things that were obstructing its path of escape.


Chen Feng caught it easily.

The tiny lightning snake flickered unceasingly, like a “signal lost”  indication on a communication device. However, after trying a few times yet failing to get away, it could only give up. So this was the fellow?

Chen Feng carefully observed this tiny snake.

Couldn’t be seen clearly.

Different than ordinary illusionary snakes, this fellow seemed to be formed by light particles! It could even change its color and brightness at will.

A marquee indeed!

Chen Feng was too tired to even berate this thing.

No wonder it couldn’t be seen previously. When it hatched, this guy had assumed the same color as the eggshell, so it was not found at all. Or it might also be…
In reality, its body was also formed of light particles?

Chen Feng suddenly heard a whine.

When he looked carefully, it was actually the tiny snake in his hand begging for forgiveness from him.

It even had intelligence?

Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

“You can understand my words? Chen Feng asked. This perfectly straight string of light in his hand suddenly bent down several times.

Chen Feng: “…”
Was this the snake nodding?

“Your body in the real world is also the same?”  Chen Feng asked.

The string of light did not respond after a long time, probably unable to understand Chen Feng’s meaning.

“Can’t understand?”
Chen Feng was somewhat disappointed.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The light string shook its body unceasingly.

What does this mean?

Chen Feng was confused.

The string of light seemed to be anxious now. A layer of faint light flickered on his body. Instantly, the whole digitized world was engulfed by the light. Chen Feng’s digitized world collapsed instantly.

Not good.

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

This tiny lightning snake still had this move up its sleeve! At this moment of shock, Chen Feng had returned to the real world. However, the moment he lowered his head, he saw something that was totally unimaginable—
That tiny lightning snake was actually still in his hand!


The string of light slightly curved its body, nodding to Chen Feng, seemingly proud of its achievement.

Chen Feng was shocked.

Could it be…
He finally knew what the string of light meant.

Main body! This was in actuality its main body!

Different from Chen Feng that had constructed a digitized world and entered it using his spiritual body, the snake could enter the digitized world with its main body! It could actually travel between the spiritual world and real world with its main body!

Chapter 97: Blood Lesson

What damnable ability was that?

Chen Feng was shocked.

The illusionary snake was originally a life-form filled with mysteriousness. This gluttonous snake whose gene returned to its roots and had even gone through an evolution was simply an extremely inconceivable existence.

This guy was a newborn!

If it were to further develop like this…
Furthermore, this guy seemed to be able to change the color of its light as it wished?

If it was to become well-practiced with switching light colors and hiding itself in the surroundings, nobody could notice it! They might even treat it as a normal ray of light!

Who could notice it?

The more he thought of it, the more Chen Feng found this astonishing.

This fellow here was simply an extremely dreadful product.

How should he deal with it?

Chen Feng was somewhat unable to make up his mind.

Kill it?

He couldn’t bear to kill it. This was a mystical mutated beast that had never appeared in history. Furthermore, with its current form, whether it could be killed or not was a question in itself.

Release it?

Too troublesome.

Releasing something that could at any time mature into something no one could detect that was also an extremely threatening existence in and of itself to society? That was simply a disaster in the making!

Keeping it at his side?

Chen Feng looked at it and sighed.

He indeed wished to keep it with him. However, this guy… “Hum—”
Seemingly sensing Chen Feng’s thought, that tiny lighting snake submissively sprawled out on Chen Feng’s hand. An intense feeling of attachment was instantly transmitted into Chen Feng’s brain.

“This guy…”
Chen Feng was amazed.

Despite the fact that the tiny snake couldn’t speak, he was still able to clearly sense the mood of that tiny snake. This snake considered Chen Feng as its closet kin.

“Is  it  due  to  me  bringing  you  back  here?”   Chen  Feng muttered.

Oh well, since that’s the case, I might as well keep it by my side. Even if it does not have any combat power, it is still good as a mascot.

However, shortly after, Chen Feng was faced with an extremely headache-inducing problem.

Gene production!

Now, as soon as he started gene production, this tiny snake would go into his digitized world and start furiously devouring genes. If he did not let it eat, it would stay beside him, staring at him pitifully.

This greatly affected Chen Feng’s state of mind!

“This won’t do.”
Chen Feng did not know whether he should laugh or cry. When that intense feeling of being wronged was transmitted to him, Chen Feng almost failed his production then and there.

It was so even when Chen Feng was producing a formula that he had mastered. What about other formulas? This little guy was now effecting Chen Feng’s normal production!

As far as it was concerned, genes equaled food!

Especially the genes extracted by Chen Feng within his digitized world.

“Are they really so delicious?”
Chen Feng looked at the tiny snake before him as it transmitted a joyous feeling to him.

How about… feeding this guy until it was full first? Chen Feng gave it a try, only to find that this guy would not be full regardless of how much it was fed! It could eat crazily all day long without stop. The concept of “fullness”  was simply nonexistent for it.

Only later did Chen Feng recall that this guy’s ancestors were those gluttonous snakes!

Chen Feng felt his head aching.

Gene food…
Couldn’t be full…
Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone. If… “Come, come over here.”
Chen Feng suppressed his excitement.


Light flickered as the tiny snake hovered before Chen Feng.

Chen Feng entered the digitized world. “Don’t move first.”
Tiny snake nodded obediently.

Chen Feng pointed at the genes he needed. “This, you can’t eat. This also, you can’t eat. That can’t be eaten, that also can’t be eaten, mhm… no, this can’t be eaten either.”
Chen Feng consecutively pointed at tens of genes before saying “Get it?”
The tiny snake tilted its head.

Only after a long explanation from Chen Feng did it somewhat understood.

“Very good.”
Chen  Feng  was  extremely  satisfied.  “Apart  from  those  I pointed out, the rest are all yours! Everything else is all yours. Understand?”
Chen Feng was filled with expectation.

This was a sudden idea he had. How many genes were contained in a single blood essence?

Too many to be counted!

How many did Chen Feng need?

Just a very few of them!

Rather than prohibiting this guy to eat genes, might as well taught it which to eat and which to not eat. The leftovers were all what he required.

“Let’s try.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Whoosh! He entered digitized mode.

He used lumberbear gene for his first attempt. He did not restrict the tiny snake, allowing this string of light that couldn’t be seen to travel around the digitized world as it pleased. In a mere few seconds, the tiny snake was done.

The only things left in the whole digitized world were the genes Chen Feng required.

He did not even need to select the genes. Instead, he only had to directly collect all the remaining genes.

Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

When he looked at the tiny snake once again, he felt like he was looking at an invaluable treasure. This fellow…
Had actually helped Chen Feng skip the first production stage, gene search!

“With this, I can save a lot of luck value.”
Chen Feng was excited.

As he get stronger, the consumption rate of luck value was getting extremely high as well. Chen Feng felt like his luck values were getting insufficient. The appearance of the tiny snake could be considered as some sort of relief to this problem he was facing.


Light flickered. After enjoying itself with the meal, the tiny snake streaked around in excitement.

Chen Feng sighed emotionally.

This guy was indeed a luck bringer!

It was able to travel between the spiritual world and real world as it wished. After thinking about it, Chen Feng tried to build a small room in his spiritual world. Next, the tiny snake actually entered the room.

It could indeed travel between the illusionary and real world as it wished.

A terrifying ability!

Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration. However, this was fine too. Chen Feng did not need to prepare a spot for it to stay. As long as he used one point of spirit to maintain a small spiritual world, it could stay and sleep inside.

Naturally, every single time Chen Feng started gene production, it seemed to be able to wake up immediately to rush into the digitized world and feast on the genes.

“Simply the same as a cat that smelled food.”
Chen Feng found this funny.

“It’s about time I give you a name.”
Chen Feng looked at the tiny snake in front of him. Currently, it looked like a thick ray of light. Mhm, a red ray of light, flickering with a red glow.

“How about… I call you Little Red.” Whoosh.

The red light instantly turned green.

“Little Green?”

The green light turned black.

Chen Feng: “…”
I can’t call you Little Black, right?

“Since you are a silhouette of light… I will just call you Xiao Ying normally, this should be acceptable right?”  Chen Feng said seriously. The tiny snake finally agreed and excitedly streaked around the house.

Chen Feng laughed involuntarily.

Xiao Ying?

As he looked at the red light streaking around the house, it seemed like a nice name. Its speed was too fast. Under normal circumstances, it couldn’t be seen. Only a flash could be seen.

After dealing with Xiao Ying, Chen Feng once again started gene production.

This time, he was producing an aurora reagent.

With Xiao Ying’s assistance, he easily produced two sets. “This time, there shouldn’t be any mistakes, right?”  Chen Feng mumbled.

Even after the aurora reagent was prepared, Chen Feng was still not satisfied.

Would this be sufficient to contend against 47 E-class warriors?

He was unsure.

“It’s best if I get someone to help.”
Chen Feng contemplated and suddenly looked at a certain name in his contact list and smiled instantly.

“You  are  investigating  Wang  Yue?” Chen  Feng  asked suddenly. Wang Chun’s expression changed slightly. “Damn, how did you find out that I’m trying to set him up.”
“Hehe.” Chen Feng smiled, not saying anything.

What kind of person was Wang Chun? Now that this guy had suffered such losses, how could he not plot revenge? Even without guessing, Chen Feng could know that this Wang Chun guy was definitely secretly conducting his investigations.

Chen Feng beamed as he looked at Wang Chun. “Are you interested in doing something big?”
Wang Chun narrowed his eyes. “You are not scared of Wang family?

Chen Feng sneered. “As long as I remain in Gold City, he will not dare to lay his hands on me.” In the wilderness, you can do as you wish. However, in Gold City?
The current Chen Feng had a flourishing reputation in Gold City. If the Wang family dared to make a move on Chen Feng, the Gene Production Association would definitely deliver them death!

A cold glint flickered in Wang Chun’s eyes.

Initially, he had only planned to lay a vicious trap for Wang Yue. However, he did not expect that Chen Feng was actually planning something even more vicious. Although it was risky, if it was planned properly…
He would join in! Since even Chen Feng was not afraid, what should he be afraid of? Outside Gold City was a vast world. There were too many places he could go. What could the Wang family be counted as? No matter what, for this incident, Wang Yue had to be taught a lesson!

A bloody lesson!

Xiao here means “little” while ying here means “silhouette” or  “figure.”  Both  Little  Silhouette  and  Little  Figure  sound incredibly awkward, so I decided to keep the pinyin (Xiao Ying) as the name.

Chapter 98: Ambush

Purplewoods Continent.

This was an extremely beautiful place surrounded by oases.

Normally, this was also a place where mutated beasts rampaged. Now, though, all the mutated beasts seemed to have been killed at the same time, causing the place to reek of blood.

Under the shade of a tree was Wang Yue, wearing a solemn expression. Around him were flickering lights that swirled around him.

The materials before him floated as willed by his spiritual energy. One after another, materials disappeared as they were changed into a liquid form. Next, they fused with the recently produced blood essence, producing a brand new reagent.

“Done.” A gratified expression appeared on Wang Yue’s face.

After 36 attempts at production, he had finally succeeded once!

This rare formula was indeed worthy of being an E-class formula. Haha. Only by dealing with this formula would he be a true intermediate producer.

Chen Feng?

Wang Chun?

Merely clowns.

“Continue,” Wang Yue said coldly.

“Capture the mutated beast and bring it here,”  the middle aged man beside him said in a deep tone. Next, several E-class warriors carried a half-dead mutated beast to Wang Yue before killing it.

The mutated beast died.

Wang Yue extracted the blood essence in a well-practiced manner and started his production.
The genetic warriors before him left and started hunting mutated beasts again. Some of them were in charge of clearing the area and providing protection to Wang Yue, some were responsible for supplying spirit recovery to Wang Yue, some were responsible for making sure that their environment was comfortable so as to not affect Wang Yue’s production, and some were responsible for carrying materials around for Wang Yue.

Far away, as Chen Feng and his group saw this, they were speechless. This…
No wonder he needed 50 peoples.

Even spiritual energy recovery needed assistance?

At this point, Chen Feng no longer knew what to say.

“Your Wang family is indeed wealthy,” Chen Feng lamented. The only thing he could say was how the Wang family was rich and imposing, willing to part with these riches for Wang Yue.

“Screw that,” Wang Chun said in disdain. “Grandfather had retired from the leading position. Now that Wang Yue’s group is the one wielding the power in the family, every single one of them is like some newly rich guy. Sooner or later, the fortunes of the Wang family will be squandered off by them.” Hum—
Light swirled before Monkey’s eyes. Both his eyes were sharp as lighting, while the screen of light in front of him flickered unceasingly.

Suddenly, the image broke off.

“What happened?” Xu Fei asked in a low voice.

“We can’t continue watching,” Monkey replied. “Inside there are some fellows with extremely keen spiritual energy. If I continue monitoring them, there’s a large probability of getting discovered.”
“If so, let’s just trail after them,” Chen Feng said calmly.

Ambush was also a form of art. They needed to trail after Wang Yue’s group the whole time, avoid getting found out, and look for an opportunity to kill with a single strike! If they were to rashly charge up to Wang Yue’s group, it would only end with both sides suffering losses.

Now… was still not the time.

“How’s  the  preparation  over  there?”  Chen  Feng  suddenly asked.

“It’s ready.” Xu Fei laughed happily. “Zhou Ling and the rest should have finished their job.”
“Very good.”
Chen Feng’s gaze was as sharp.

“Then—” “Let’s begin.”
“All right.”
Several silhouettes quietly hid themselves within the woods.

The wind blew past.

Wang Yue failed the gene he was producing and was abruptly startled awake as he looked at his surroundings.

“What’s the matter?” his underlings asked.

“Nothing.” Doubt appeared in Wang Yue’s eyes before he shook his head. “Tell those few people in charge of scouting to be more careful. Don’t allow other mutated beasts to come here.” “Understood.”
His underlings relayed his command immediately.

Layers of spiritual energy enveloped their surroundings as the monitoring became stricter.

Only with this was Wang Yue relieved and once again started his production.

One time, two times…
After 30 times, he finally succeeded once again!

Wang Yue frowned. “Somewhat slow.”
With this speed, whether or not he could became an intermediate-level producer before the rookie competition was a big question. Right at this moment, the excited voices of several of his underlings traveled over.

“Young Master Wang, we found a beast leader.”
Wang Yue’s heart jolted.

If a leader was killed for his production, even if he failed the production, he would also have quite a large improvement! After all, the genes contained within a leader far exceed normal beasts.

The higher the difficulty, the higher the improvement!

“Bring it over here!”
Wang Yue was excited. Even if it was a leader, for this species, it would only be peak E class. Under the protection of three D-class genetic warriors, he did not fear it at all!

A D-class warrior easily killed that leader before bringing it back.

“This is a leader…”
Wang Yue was emotional.

Nowadays, whatever he wanted to accomplish only needed a word from him and there would be someone carrying it out for him. He suddenly felt that, even without Wang Yao’s assistance, he would still be able to get stronger!

Wang Yue clenched his teeth as he thought inwardly, Sister, I am aware that you look down on me. However, in the future, I must have such high accomplishments that you can only look up to me!

After extracting the genes from the leader’s corpse, Wang Yue once again started his production.

Around him were a group of people standing guard.

At this moment, without anyone noticing, the nose of the mutated beasts in the vicinity wrinkled slightly before looking in their direction and as they became somewhat irritable all of a sudden.

Soon, a group of mutated beast started charging in their direction.

In the beginning, Wang Yue’s group was not bothered about this at all. If the mutated beasts were to charge toward them, they only needed to kill those beasts. However, as the amount of mutated beasts increased, causing several deaths of E-class genetic warriors, they finally noticed that something was wrong.

Waves of mutated beasts charged forth as if they were crazy.

“What’s the matter?”
Everyone’s expression changed slightly.

“No idea.”
Everyone was panicked.

Why were the mutated beasts around here suddenly raging? At this time, a genetic warrior with an ability related to smell found that something was wrong. The mutated beast leader they had killed earlier was emitting a familiar smell from its corpse.

“There’s some odd fragrance in its body!”
That guy reacted. “It must have been injected with a reagent that attracts mutated beasts!”
“Damn it.”
Everyone was startled awake.

After the mutated beast leader’s corpse was thrown away, the disturbance had indeed disappeared quickly. However, everyone’s expression was unsightly. Why would a mutated beast leader’s body be injected with such thing?

Wang Yue thought of An Te. Since he couldn’t contact An Te, could it be…
“Investigate those on our side,” Wang Yue said in a low voice. “Some of those in our ranks might be problematic.”
A cold glint flickered in the eyes of the few D-class warriors.

However, right at this moment, one after another, green and white rays of light streaked through the air, charging toward them from various directions. The few of them who possessed formidable strength were immediately startled awake.

“Enemy attack!”
A loud shout.

“Bang!” They reacted quickly.



The white rays of light streaking toward them were all erased.

Those white lights shattered and disappeared in the air. With this, the few of them let out breaths of relief.

“Prepare for battle.”
Everyone was on high alert.

However, right at this moment, the sky thundered. Everyone instinctively raised their head and their expression immediately changed greatly. They recalled a certain gene reagent that was extremely popular a short while ago, could it be…
Boundless lightning descended upon them.

Everyone paled and put up defenses in horror. So when the white lights disappeared earlier, it was actually these damnable mutated thundersnake gene reagents being activated.

The lightning bombarded them. The mutated thundersnake gene reagent was not considered a powerful reagent. However, its advantage was its surprise factor.

After the lightning flashed through, out of the 47 E-class warriors of Wang Yue, only 20 remained. The remaining 27 of them were all dead!

“Damn it.”
Wang Yue furiously called for help. However, the signal had long been blocked.

“These  things  are  mutated  thundersnake  gene  reagents.
After activation, they will disappear and attack from above.”
A cold glint flickered in Wang Yue’s eyes.

“Bang!” Once again, several bolts of lightning descended upon them.

Unfortunately, after being discovered by Wang Yue, his people started defending in an orderly manner. As such, the lightning was no longer effective against them.

“Chen Feng!”
Wang Yue’s face was shockingly cold.

The moment he saw the amount of mutated thundersnake gene that was so huge it covered the skies, he knew who the enemy was! However, he had never expected that Chen Feng actually dared to make a move on him.

How dare he?!

Chapter 99: Green Skeleton



As the few D-class genetic warriors surrounded them, Wang Yue felt like his heart had fallen into a deep abyss. He also found with astonishment that the last two ambushers to appear were Chen Feng and Wang Chun!

Wang Chun…
Wang Yue clenched his teeth.

It is indeed these two!

Both sides exchanged glances. They were able to feel the killing intent in their opponent’s gazes, which were sharp as blades. “Chen Feng, if you kill me, my sister will not let you off!” Wang Yue shouted.

Chen Feng merely sneered before nodding slightly toward Xu Fei’s group. “Kill!”
“Understood.” Xu Fei laughed malevolently.

The four-person squad once again made their move.

Their current opponents were the three D-class genetic warriors!

“Bang!” The battle began immediately.

Xu Fei and his squad had just entered D-class, so their strength was not particularly formidable. However, their opponents, who were beginner D-class warriors as well, had one less person compared to their four-man squad.

The three sank into a predicament immediately.

“Kill them all!” A E-class genetic warrior screeched.

The group of E-class warriors prepared to make their move. However, with a sneer from Wang Chun, the Shen Yi siblings charged out and forcefully intercepted all the E-class warriors.

Shen Wei sneered. “Who gave you all permission to get involved?” “Bang!”
More than half of the ground there crumbled while flames started raging around the area.

Against these masterminds that had caused her to die once and her sister to die twice, Shen Wei would not be courteous. Her terrifying unlimited slash was fully unleashed at this moment!



Endless sounds of miserable screams could be heard.

Shen Wei’s power was very peculiar. She was incapable of skipping class to challenge those in D class. However, due to her peculiar power and skills, she had an absolute reign at the peak of E class regardless of the amount of enemies she faced. Everyone from the Wang family’s camp sunk into a bitter struggle.

The ambush was a success on its first attempt.

Chen Feng sneered as he looked at Wang Yue.

Wang  Yue  gulped.  “Chen  Feng,  if  you  kill  me,  the  Wang family will not let you off!”
“Is that so?” Chen Feng merely smiled indifferently.

From the moment the body’s original owner was thrown into the sea to feed the sharks, everything was already set in stone. So far, nothing had happened due to Wang Yao’s appearance, which forced Chen Feng to bury his killing intent in the bottom of his heart.

Now, however, it was about time for this to be dealt with. “Hum—”
A Wind Blade appeared in Chen Feng’s hand.


The Wind Blade circled around before streaking toward Wang Yue.

“Don’t kill me.”
Wang Yue retreated in horror.

He did not want to die here. However, just as he was about to be hit by the Wind Blade, the middle-aged man beside him, who had always been responsible for replenishing his spiritual energy, raised his hand suddenly.

“Block.” Astonishingly, when the Wind Blade hit his hand, a crisp sound could be heard.

“What is that?”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

“You are Chen Feng?”
The middle-aged man looked at Chen Feng. “Wang Tianhao mentioned you to me. He said that a person like you would definitely not be willing to be insulted like that and would certainly plot revenge. Hence, he had me conceal myself at Wang Yue’s side to protect him. Mhm, I originally thought he was simply being too worried over his son. Now however, it seems like…”
“A person at a high position like him is able to see far indeed.” The middle-aged man smiled.

A terrifying power was emitted from his body.

He was actually D class!

“It’s you.”
As Xu Fei noticed the change happening, he took a glance before the expression on his face abruptly changed slightly. “Chen Feng, he is Jadebone Sun Jia. Possessing copper skin and iron bone, he is an extremely terrifying person. Attacks below D class are definitely incapable of injuring him!”
Copper skin and iron bone?

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “If we can’t do it, let’s retreat first,” Wang Chun said in a low voice.

The scariest thing during an ambush was for unforeseen circumstances to emerge!

Wang Yue’s assassination of Chen Feng had also failed due to various unexpected things happening. And now, when it was their turn to assasinate, Sun Jia’s unexpected appearance was giving them an ominous feeling.

Xu Fei’s squad was unable to lend a hand as they were busy dealing with the D-class warriors. Who could deal with Sun Jia?

“Let me give it a try.”
A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

His mission to kill Wang Yue today had to succeed! “You?”
Sun Jia laughed involuntarily.

A kid that had just entered E class? Truly…
However, before he even reacted, Chen Feng lashed out.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade!

The moment Chen Feng acted, he unleashed his strongest attack.


A succession of bizarre Wind Blades streaked toward Sun Jia. Those familiar movement-delaying abilities appeared once again. However, Sun Jia’s body merely flickered with a yellow light as all of Chen Feng’s attacked were blocked. “Ding ding dang dang!”
The Wind Blades that filled the skies smashed onto the iron- like skin.

Even when those blades of water and mucus landed on Sun Jia’s body, they merely slid down. His whole body was wrapped in a copper skin that was also slippery, as if some lubricant had been wiped on it.

All the Wind Blades were ineffective.

“This is your attack?”
Sun Jia laughed heartily.

Wind Blades with various properties? Interesting indeed. Unfortunately, they were ineffective against him.

He was a defensive genetic warrior. In a situation where the power of the attacks did not even reach the minimum intensity required to break him, the attacks would be totally incapable of breaking through his defense!

Chen Feng merely sneered.

So this is what it meant by copper skin and iron bone.


Things are much simpler. Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed with a cold glint as he once against unleashed his Wind Blades. Furthermore, all except one property of the Wind Blades were given up. A succession of green-colored Wind Blades were immediately spammed toward Sun Jia!

Pu! Pu!

The Wind Blades transformed into liquid.

“I told you, your attacks are ineffective against me.”
“You think this kind of…”
Sun Jia sneered before he suddenly felt a piercing pain. He lowered his head and took a look, only to have his expression changing greatly when he did. The green liquids were actually corroding his body. These were actually poisonous liquids!

Poison-type genes had a very strong corrosion effect with very specific uses. However, due to their unique nature and the difficulty to form a proper gene system using them, they had been rejected by society, causing the number of their users to be comparatively low. Hence, Sun Jia had never met an opponent using such genes!

Now, however, he’d met one.

This… was the gene that absolutely suppressed his genes!

“Damn it.”
Sun Jia furiously urged his ability, attempting to throw off the liquid on his body. However, a hole was still left on his abdomen. Metal?

Copper skin and iron bone?

Attacks below D class ineffective?

Sun Jia felt his strength weakening.

Damn it!

These poisons were, in actuality, very slow. He only needed to take note of it and he would no longer be hit by it. However, he had been careless. This was only a single instance of carelessness!

He believed that, as long as he threw off this damnable poisonous liquid, he would be able to kill Chen Feng! However, would Chen Feng give him this chance?

Chen Feng sneered.

Boundless Wind Blades circled around him.

An instant eruption of green Wind Blades!

Twenty Wind Blades!

Forty Wind Blades!

One hundred Wind Blades! The green-colored Wind Blades covered the skies as they engulfed Sun Jia. Since he found the chance to do so, he had to kill this Sun Jia immediately. Sun Jia was instantly flooded by the terrifying green-colored Wind Blades.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah—”
One after another, miserable ear-piercing screams resounded.

The sound of corroding flesh could be heard without stop.

Everyone else couldn’t help themselves but to look at this scene in horror. Even Xu Fei’s group, not far away, was also looking at Chen Feng with horror. What damnable ability was this?! A catalysis reaction had actually been triggered?

Chen Feng had a stupefied expression on his face as well.

Even he himself had not expected that, after Sun Jia’s body was turned into metal, it would react with poison, ultimately ending this way. One needed to know that these poisons would only corrode a small lump of meat even when it fell on a normal person’s body. After all, it only possessed E-class power.

From this, it could be seen that the suppressive effect provided by the chosen ability of Myriad Illusions was abnormal indeed.

Finally, when the poison fell to the ground, when the miserable screams stopped, everyone turned around. No one could avoid inhaling a mouthful of cold air after seeing it. At the place where Sun Jia once stood, what was left was only a green-colored skeleton.

On the ground were puddles of green-colored liquid, leaving only a green-colored skeleton there. That scene…
Was too horrifying!

Even those people that were fighting against Xu Fei’s group stopped and looked at Chen Feng in horror, afraid that Chen Feng would suddenly do the same thing to them.

Had it ended?

Chen Feng ignored them. Instead, he was silently examining that green-colored skeleton calmly.

A single coincidence, a single perfect suppressive effect, had taken away a D-class genetic warrior. That was reasonable and fair. However, a D-class genetic warrior only had this single gene? Just as Chen Feng was contemplating this, an even more terrifying scene appeared.

That skeleton… actually moved!

When one advances their class, they will fuse with a new gene, obtaining a new gene ability. Forming a proper gene system here refers to the act of choosing genes that will complement each other well by either choosing abilities that works well together or abilities that can form a secret art out of it.

Chapter 100: Murderous Intent Soaring the Skies

“What damnable thing is this?”
Everyone was alarmed.

Someone being alive with a severed hand or leg was understandable. Even a melodramatic scene where one whose chest  was  pierced  used  one’s  final  breath  to  shout  “the murderer is…” would be somewhat understandable. However, when one had freaking turned into a skeleton and was still able to move, this was now somewhat horrifying.



Crisp sounds traveled forth from the skeleton. Whoosh!

The green skeleton looked at Chen Feng. In the empty eye sockets were two clumps of burning green flames.

“Jadebone Sun Jia…”
Xu Fei inhaled a breath of cold air. “So this is what Jadebone means!”
The three genes Sun Jia had were jade, iron, and copper. With jade as the core, copper skin and iron bones were formed, giving him an extremely powerful combat strength! The weak spirit recovery skill he had used on Wang Yue should simply be some small function of the jade gene he had. The true usage of his genes was to give him an extremely powerful combat strength!

“Bang!” The green skeleton stomped on the burned ground.

The ground started crumbling.

Chen Feng and the rest staggered, nearly losing their footing from the shook.

“This thing…”
Chen Feng’s heart was overwhelmed with emotion.

“Chen Feng—”
An ice-cold voice could be heard. Chen Feng abruptly raised his head to see that the green skeleton was actually vibrating the air to simulate a voice for himself. The tone of this simulated voice was very ice-cold and bizarre, though. “You—need—to—die!”
Word by word, the green skeleton said this.

Evidently, the current him still required a considerable effort to use this skill.

“Mere tricks.”
A cold glint flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade!


Multicolored Wind Blades erupted forth instantly. However, the scene of all the Wind Blades smashing into the skeleton body was akin to an egg getting smashed onto rocks. They were totally ineffective, including the poisonous blades!

“I told you.”
“Your attacks are ineffective against me,” the green skeleton said with a deep tone.

His strongest core was his jade bone, using jade as the core to create copper and iron and to give him an extremely formidable combat power. He believed that, as he continued breaking through and fusing with different genes, he would be able to ultimately alter every single one of his body parts, including his flesh, and become a true expert!

However, he had yet to reach that point.

Now, his flesh was instead the weakest part of him. When his flesh was corroded by Chen Feng, the intense pain roared in his mind. He felt worse being alive than dead! Hence, he had to let Chen Feng experience something similar as well!

“I will devour you.”
“Eating you a single bite at a time, to make you feel worse alive than dead.”
With the faint green light and the two bizarre flaming eye sockets that were staring at Chen Feng, the ice-cold tone of the green skeleton caused everyone on the spot to feel horrified. What kind of hatred did he feel toward Chen Feng?

“Damn it.”
Xu Fei wanted to help Chen Feng; however, he was stopped by the subordinates of Wang Yue. The Shen Wei siblings couldn’t spare any help to him either. Currently, Chen Feng could only depend on himself! “Chen Feng, retreat!” Xu Fei bellowed.

The green skeleton sneered. “Hmph.”

Despite the extreme pain brought forth by the corrosion of his flesh, after losing his flesh, his body had became incomparably solid, while his speed had became incomparably fast and nimble. He had now surpassed Chen Feng in every aspect!

A flash of a green silhouette.

Nobody here could contend against him.

“Pu!” A green silhouette flashed past. Next, blood splattered out of Chen Feng’s arm.

Chen Feng’s eyes flickered.

Another flash of a green silhouette and Chen Feng spat out a mouthful of blood and was flung away.

The green silhouette flashed around without stop while bloody wounds were continuously left on Chen Feng’s body.

Wang Chun and the rest bellowed, “Chen Feng!” Damn it!

This was simply an act of torturing one to death!

This green skeleton actually wanted to torture Chen Feng to death!

A bizarre laughter resounded.

The green skeleton was excited.

“Are you suffering?”
“Can you feel the excitement?” He behaved like a deranged person as he looked at Chen Feng with excitement. However, he blanked suddenly. That was because when he looked at Chen Feng, what he saw was a pair of calm eyes.

There were no trace of fear in Chen Feng.

“You really think that I have no way to strike back against you?” With a sharp gaze, Chen Feng suddenly said, “No, I’m merely wondering something. Without flesh, how are you actually controlling yourself? Even if it’s a genetic ability…I was wondering what is the medium of connection between this genetic ability and your main body.”
“Now, I finally understand.”
Chen Feng smiled.

“Cheap trickeries.” The green skeleton sneered.

Chen Feng did not mind the sneer.

“Let’s end this.”
Chen Feng lightly raised his hand and aimed at the green skeleton.

Regardless of how strong the skeleton body was, regardless of how strong he would become in the future, at his current stage, what Sun Jia used to control the skeleton body could only be spiritual energy!

If so—
It would be easy to deal with. “Bang!”
A burst of undulation started appearing in the air in front of Chen Feng.

Endless transparent Wind Blades appeared instantly before him.

A succession of transparent Wind Blades erupted forth. Due to their speed being too fast, they instantly fused together, becoming a formidable gush of airflow.

Transparent Wind Blade, attribute: Spiritual energy.

Every single blade was a spiritual attack.

“Bang!” The green skeleton was instantly engulfed by a spiritual storm.

“Scram!” the green skeleton bellowed.

“Chen Feng, you think you can kill me with this?” He roared at Chen Feng, “This is indeed the weakness of my skeleton body. However, regardless of how weak my spiritual energy is, I am not one a mere E class like you can act against!”
“My spiritual energy is much higher than yours!” the green skeleton roared.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up in a smile. “Is that so?”
Once again, the green skeleton was engulfed by a spiritual storm. To compete in terms of spirit exhaustion rate? Regardless of how strong your spiritual energy is, under the endless Wind Blades, you still need to get on your knees!

If his opponent was a true D-class spirit-type warrior, Chen Feng would have turned around and fled immediately. However, he was simply someone using spiritual energy to maintain his consciousness’s connection with the green skeleton!

The green skeleton raged immediately. He wanted to control his body to go and kill Chen Feng.

Only by killing him would this spiritual storm stop.

“Whoosh!” However, he merely stepped forth once before stopping. Under the never-ending spiritual storm attack by Chen Feng, he could not spare any spiritual energy to control the skeleton to step forth. Instead, he could only use all his spiritual energy to resist against Chen Feng.

One wave of the storm…
Two waves of the storm…
A miserable scream.

Finally, when that endless storm stopped, the green skeleton was already lying on the ground, to never stand up again.

Sun Jia, dead. “You actually won?”
Wang Yue looked at Chen Feng with a blank expression on his face, forgetting that he should be scared.

He actually won? Defeating this terrifying green skeleton?
How is that possible?

Wang Yue couldn’t understand this. Chen Feng was one who did not have any resources or background. This guy who was a weakling destined to be stepped on by him after graduation, how had him become so strong?

“Next, it’s you?”
Chen Feng turned around and looked at Wang Yue, bubbling with killing intent. Whoosh!

Wang Yue quivered in fear before he was startled awake and recalled that Chen Feng wanted to kill him!

“Chen Feng!” Wang Yue was thinking quickly as he recalled all the actions of Chen Feng so far. “I will give you ten million. In the future, I will definitely not create any trouble for you. Our grudges shall end here. How about that?”

Chen Feng raised his hand.

It wasn’t enough?

Wang Yue became vicious and said with clenched teeth, “Chen Feng! We are both gene producers. I don’t know why your combat power is so strong. However, I am definitely better than you in regards of gene production! I will become an intermediate gene producer soon. You don’t want to compete against me during the gene rookie competition?”
Wang Yue remembered that this was something Chen Feng cared deeply about.

However, what he did not know was that the current Chen Feng was no longer the Chen Feng he knew in the past! Every single thing Wang Yue understood about Chen Feng was wrong!

A Wind Blade formed.

The Wind Blade on Chen Feng’s hand was ready to be fired.

“What do you actually want?” Wang Yue collapsed. Threats and bribe were not working. A challenge to compete was not working either. This Chen Feng was simply unmoved by force or persuasion. What would Chen Feng require in order to let him off?

“I  want  you  to  die.”   Chen  Feng  sneered.  This  guy  had brought trouble to him over and over again. Had he really believed that Chen Feng was someone easy to bully? The moment Chen Feng got ambushed at the Desolate Rocky Grounds, he knew that Wang Yue had to die!

Bright Wind Blades erupted instantly.

Chen Feng’s killing intent was bubbling.

Wang Yue trembled and almost peed his pants. I’m finished.

This was the only thought he currently had in his mind.

However, at this very moment, on his forehead, a plum blossom appeared and started rotating furiously. It flickered with a bizarre light and smashed the Wind Blades away.

“Young one, can you give me face and let him off?”
An old voice traveled out of the plum blossom, akin to a voice from across the horizon.

This ability…
The heart of Xu Fei and the rest jolted. This must be an extremely terrifying expert! They had never expected Wang Yue to have this kind of person looking after him!

Instinctively, everyone looked at Chen Feng only to see him sneering. He was evidently not bothered with that voice as once again, Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades started shooting out of his hand.

Wind Blades erupted.

Protecting Wang Yue? Screw you! I insist on killing him!

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

He wanted to see, since the owner of the voice that came out of the flower had acted like such an important person, was he truly able to protect Wang Yue?
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