The Strongest Gene Chapter 871-880 (End)

Chapter 871: Luo Yuan: I Win

Luo Yuan had all the abilities Chen Feng had, including Luck Aura. None of Chen Feng’s abilities could be utilized effectively against Luo Yuan. Therefore, Luo Yuan had kept his Luck Aura in defensive mode, as he was clear that Chen Feng’s Luck Aura was somewhat stronger than his.

Fortunately, Chen Feng wasn’t using his Luck Aura to fight. The two were tangled in a frantic battle, yet Chen Feng was being suppressed the whole time. He was being suppressed in terms of godly power, abilities, and so on. Even with Chen Feng’s formidable strength, he was still unable to display his might before Luo Yuan.

“Damn it!”
Chen Feng had an unsightly expression. A single mistake had caused his entire plan to collapse. Having missed the Nirvana Rebirth ability in his plans, he had now fallen into a bitter situation. Would he truly be defeated this time? Luo Yuan laughed happily as he saw Chen Feng’s unsightly expression. “Are you scared now?” Naturally, his actions would not be affected whatsoever by Chen Feng’s expression. He still maintained the highest level of vigilance, paying full attention to every single action of Chen Feng’s. He knew that a person
like Chen Feng would most certainly have other trump cards up his sleeve. Therefore, he had to be on guard. So long as he survived the wave of trump cards, so long as he survived this battle, Luo Yuan would be able to truly control the world.

“Come!” howled Luo Yuan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He attacked relentlessly, suppressed relentlessly, and pressured Chen Feng relentlessly. He wanted to force Chen Feng’s trump cards out, force Chen Feng to use his final move. After that, everything would end. As for Chen Feng, he wasn’t able to do anything but hold on with great difficulty.

One day, two days, three days, ten days. The length of their battle far surpassed an ordinary battle. Since the two had nearly the same set of abilities, Luo Yuan was relying purely on his higher realm to suppress Chen Feng. Alas, this higher tier was what caused Chen Feng to have no hope of victory. However, due to the both of them having nearly the same abilities, it was extremely hard for Luo Yuan to kill Chen Feng.
They knew each other too well. As such, they both knew how to evade every possible coming attack from the other party. Luo Yuan was someone who possessed all godly powers. The same was also true for Chen Feng, who had obtained them when he’d assumed the identity of the mysterious person back then.

This resulted in Luo Yuan being forced to consider what attacks to use before he did anything. He also had to consider what abilities Chen Feng would use against whichever attack he was going to use. Each time, he selected an ability that could only be stopped by a few abilities or methods. At the same time, he had to hope that Chen Feng would not use the most suitable method or ability to deal with whatever attack he decided to use.

Unfortunately for Luo Yuan, every single time, Chen Feng chose to use the ability or method Luo Yuan most hoped Chen Feng wouldn’t use. This battle was almost equivalent to a game of poker. The moment Luo Yuan moved, Chen Feng knew what he was going to do. Then, Chen Feng would use the most appropriate defensive measure.

Therefore, the battle between them was in fact one laden with annoyances. The damage of each of Luo Yuan’s attack was mitigated to the limit by Chen Feng. Although Luo Yuan was able to suppress Chen Feng on every level, the damage he could deal to Chen Feng was minimal. The damage he was dealing was even lower than what he had been able to deal to Xu Fei earlier. Therefore, although Chen Feng’s defeat was certain, it wouldn’t be an easy defeat.

Luo Yuan sneered. “It doesn’t matter. I can afford to wait.” He had already waited so many years. What was a few more days? Bring it on!

Bang! Bang!

He once again started attacking. Time passed. One day, two days, 10 days, 100 days… Slowly, Chen Feng’s body was became less able to endure. After all, he was but a high-tier true god. Even though he could mitigate Luo Yuan’s attacks to the limit, the accumulating damage he was receiving had reached a terrifying level after so many days. Finally, his face became exceptionally unsightly, and his aura became extremely feeble.

Bang! Bang!

Luo Yuan continued his cruel attacks. One day, two days, 10 days, 100 days…

Chen Feng coughed up blood for the very first day since the start of their battle. Luo Yuan was overjoyed. He knew that Chen Feng wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

“Still not willing to use it? Still trying to save your trump card? Haha. Qin Hai and the rest are already dead, yet you are still hiding your trump card? If you continue hiding it, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to use it. Do you intend to be exhausted to death by me just like this? Haha.”
Luo Yuan howled with laughter. His terrifying strength poured out in an absolutely unrestrained manner. Chen Feng’s face was ashen as he looked at Luo Yuan and suddenly sighed. “So it has finally reached this point…”
“Mhm?” Luo Yuan’s mind jolted. Here it was! He knew that Chen Feng’s trump card was going to arrive. He had been waiting so many days just for this moment. So long as he survived this trump card, everything would end. What could be Chen Feng’s trump card? Luo Yuan’s mind worked overtime, taking in various possibilities before narrowing it down to a single ability. He was clear that this was certainly Chen Feng’s trump card. This was Chen Feng’s only possible trump card. This was the most terrifying ability Chen Feng had had back then: God Punisher!

God Punisher was an ability capable of unleashing every ability the user had ever used all at once. For abilities that had been used more than once, the strongest version of that ability would be selected. This was Chen Feng’s strongest trump card. When he had still been weak back then, it hadn’t been that scary an ability. But now…
This was probably the reason Chen Feng had endured in this battle for several hundred days. During this period, apart from defending himself, Chen Feng had also been spamming numerous abilities without stop. Ultimately, he would most likely use God Punisher to unleash them all. Granted, individually, these abilities were weak and incapable of dealing major damage to Luo Yuan. However, when tens of thousands of abilities at the level of high-tier true god were unleashed all at once, it might be able to kill even a peak true god like him. At this moment, Chen Feng finally raised his hand, forming that familiar gesture with his hand.

“Indeed…”   Luo  Yuan  inhaled  deeply.  Come  then,  the legendary God Punisher!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Every ability Chen Feng had and every defensive ability that Luo Yuan possessed surfaced in Luo Yuan’s mind. Was this ability of Chen Feng’s powerful? Yes. Alas, it had been revealed too far in advance.

Therefore, a long time ago, when Luo Yuan had learned that his enemy would be Chen Feng, he had prepared appropriately to deal with God Punisher. An ability most suitable for this task had been prepared. This was an extremely powerful defensive ability.

“Come!” howled Luo Yuan.

At this time, Chen Feng, his expression solemn, pointed his finger at Luo Yuan. “Go.”

God Punisher: unleashed!

Everything was as Luo Yuan had guessed. Chen Feng had unleashed God Punisher, which was exactly as powerful as he’d predicted.


He was engulfed by God Punisher.


He stood up, using his flesh to take the God Punisher on.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Blood splashed everywhere. However, Luo Yuan was instead howling with laughter. He could clearly feel the might of God Punisher, and he could also clearly feel God Punisher’s amplification after each attack. He knew that this ability would be at its strongest in the final second. Luo Yuan’s body was stuck in a cycle of constant destruction and regeneration. He was taking on Chen Feng’s God Punisher forcefully, taking on that nearly never-ending bombardment, that terrifying power that was nearly impossible to resist.

Even so, God Punisher was still increasing in strength. The speed of the attacks was increasing as well. Faster… and faster! God Punisher, which had originally been a slow attack, had long become an extremely terrifying ability after the numerous modifications it had gone through. Now, even though the amount of abilities it contained had increased, it only required a short three seconds to fully unleash everything in its arsenal.

During the first two seconds, Luo Yuan took on the attacks with his own flesh. He was now drenched with blood. With his teeth clenched, he survived. Now, the final second had arrived.


The torrential attacks unleashed by God Punisher suddenly became terrifying and horrifying. Despite this, Luo Yuan laughed. He laughed an extremely happy laugh. Gently, he unleashed the nice surprised he had prepared for Chen Feng: Absolute Defense! For a period of one second after activating this ability, the user would be completely invincible! In its final second, God Punisher was rendered ineffective. Although Chen Feng had noticed that something wasn’t right with his keen senses and had adjusted his God Punisher in order to somewhat lengthen the release period, it was too late. By the time the Absolute Defense was activated, God Punisher’s attacks had already started pouring out. Therefore, God Punisher’s attacks finally pierced through Luo Yuan. Yet amid the splattering blood, Luo Yuan howled with laughter. He knew that victory was now in his hands.

Chapter 872: The Horrifying Truth

“I knew you would lengthen the firing phase of your God Punisher. However, you can only lengthen it slightly, not a lot. Moreover, this will also result in a drop in power. Therefore, it does not matter even if the attack manages to land.”

Luo Yuan spat out a mouthful of blood and laughed heartily. “Haha. God Punisher? Hahaha! Powerful indeed.”

His body started healing at a rapid pace. Despite the huge energy intake required for this and the heavy injury he had sustained, he still burned energy without hesitation to fully heal his body. At the same time, his most powerful attack was shot at Chen Feng. Based on his understanding, Chen Feng was now at his weakest.

Pu! The beam of light he shot out pierced through Chen Feng, immediately skewering him right where he stood. Chen Feng’s heart was pierced through. He was left so weak that perhaps even a blade of grass would be sufficient to kill him.

“It’s over,” Luo Yuan said in a somewhat exhausted manner with the ease of someone that had been released of a burden. It had finally ended.


Luo Yuan was still coughing up blood, as he had similarly sustained grave injuries. However, this did not matter, as he could sense the rapid recovery his body was going through.

“You are very intelligent. You are very powerful as well. Unfortunately, you are too young, and you’re weaker than me.” Luo Yuan gazed into Chen Feng’s unwilling eyes. “If… if you were born slightly earlier than me, you would most certainly be stronger than me. What a pity… Nevertheless, do not worry. I promised Wang Yao that I would save you. Hehe. The Chen Feng of the past can continue to be together with Wang Yao. This is quite a good outcome, right?” Luo Yuan sat down beside Chen Feng. This scene of the two of them side by side appeared rather harmonious. Naturally, this was only true if that bright thorn piercing out of Chen Feng’s chest was ignored.

“You won,” Chen Feng said weakly.

“Of course.”  Luo Yuan put his hand on Chen Feng’s body. “Don’t worry. There will be no reversal from this. This thorn is capable of sealing all rebirth and recovery abilities. This is why I didn’t allowed you to kill me before I used my Nirvana Rebirth earlier; after all, if you played a trick, it could have been possible to render the rebirth invalid.” Luo Yuan smiled cruelly. “Therefore, go in peace.”
Luo Yuan pushed the torn deeper into Chen Feng’s body. Once again, Chen Feng was pierced through by the thorn. Almost instantly, Chen Feng’s aura became insubstantial, seemingly on the brink of destruction.

“You…” Chen Feng looked at Luo Yuan, filled with indignation. “Have…  you not considered that I might still be able to be reborn?” Luo Yuan sneered. “Reborn? Not possible.”
“Fine.”  Chen Feng’s gaze was going blank. “Did you know that I still have a trump card capable of rebirth?”
“It  is  useless.”  Luo  Yuan  curled  his  lips.  “I  told  you.  All methods of rebirth have been sealed.”
Chen  Feng:  “…Are  you  sure  about  that?”  Suddenly,  Chen Feng laughed. “True, it is indeed unrealistic to expect you to keep falling for my tricks.”
“Mhm?” Why were the words this fellow was saying so weird? It was reasonable to assume that Chen Feng was on the verge of death and that he was presently uttering his final words. However, why was Luo Yuan still getting such an uncomfortable feeling? Rebirth should not be possible. That thorn was capable of sealing even his Nirvana Rebirth. As such, it would definitely not allow Chen Feng any avenue of rebirth. And yet why did he feel a chill deep in his heart, listening to Chen Feng? He had no answer to that. “It’s a pity. You are so firm in your belief that I will die. Otherwise, I would most definitely be reborn anew…”  Chen Feng appeared incredibly regretful.

“???” Luo Yuan was somewhat dumbfounded. What did his belief have to do with Chen Feng’s rebirth?
“Hehe.” Chen Feng laughed. Despite his dissipating aura, he laughed.  “Dear  Luo  Yuan…   have  you  not  noticed  that everything you planned progressed too smoothly? To the point where even the final fatal attack you dealt to Chen Feng was exactly as had imagined and believed would happen?”  Chen Feng’s aura was getting more and more feeble. “What a… wonderful plan…”

And thus, Chen Feng slumped down powerlessly. Dead. Chen Feng was dead. And yet the words he had uttered before his death caused a chill to rise within Luo Yuan’s heart. What did he mean? Everything was as Luo Yuan had planned? Was this some sort of illusion? No, that was unlikely. Why had that fellow uttered those words, then? Suddenly, Luo Yuan recalled how, in the past, he had also firmly believed in Chen Feng’s fake death and had been tricked for several decades. However, it was different this time. Chen Feng had truly died in front of him, killed by him personally. Therefore, he was absolutely certain that Chen Feng was dead.
If so, what did those words mean?

For an unfathomable reason, Luo Yuan felt a sense of horror. Was this some sort of seed Chen Feng had planted in him just so he could never have peace of mind? Or was it for some other bizarre reason? Luo Yuan was clueless. What was the meaning of those words? Luo Yuan was utterly dumbstruck. He had a feeling that he had entered some sort of odd condition. So this Chen Feng guy was trying to force him to his insanity even after death?

Shortly after, Luo Yuan recollected his mind. He knew that he couldn’t dwell on this any longer. He had to stabilize his will. Regardless of what Chen Feng had been scheming, Luo Yuan would face it with force. After all, all Chen Feng had left was merely his bunch of ragtag friends.

At present, nobody was capable of stopping Luo Yuan. Even in this alien world, Luo Yuan was the sole master. Hehe… His next step was to return to the outside world, to unify the world under his rule. Indeed, he was still the true main character of this world. With renewed belief, he left. However, before leaving, he instinctively glanced over at Chen Feng’s corpse.

Immediately, unprecedented horror washed over him. There, Chen Feng’s corpse… had changed.

Luo Yuan trembled. “How is this possible?” He charged over franticly. He lifted Chen Feng’s corpse up and fixed his gaze on the corpse. His entire body chilled at what he saw. The corpse was here. However, this corpse here, this person he had personally killed, was not Chen Feng. Rather… it was Wu Hui, Chen Feng’s disciple.


A resounding boom erupted in Luo Yuan’s mind. At this moment, he finally understood all those things he had found odd earlier. Why had “Qin Hai” suddenly started killing? Because Wu Hui had appeared. He had pretended to be Qin Hai, feeding upon the fear and imagination of the various gods and killing everyone that believed they would be killed by Qin Hai.

Why had Kong Bai killed even after the correct answer was given? It was for the same reason. The gods were too terrified and were of the belief that Kong Bai would kill them. This belief had been too strong, causing Wu Hui to make their belief a reality.

Even he himself had fallen victim to this. He suddenly understood the reason “Chen Feng”  had told him what the plan was. “Chen Feng” had also told Luo Yuan that his strength was now that of a high-tier true god, said that they now shared the same abilities, and so on. All that had been to feed Luo Yuan’s imagination, which Wu Hui would in turn feed on.

It was no wonder that “Chen Feng”  had been so hard to defeat. It was no wonder that every single ability Luo Yuan had been scared of seeing had been unleashed correctly by “Chen Feng.”  It was no wonder that even the final result of their battle was exactly what he’d believed it would be. True, everything had progressed way too smoothly. So it turned out he had been fighting his own imagination all this while? Hahahahaha!

In his anger, Luo Yuan howled with laughter, tears dripping down his face. How lamentable. So after exhausting all his trump cards, he had merely killed a figment of his own imagination? Just some Wu Hui? A disciple of Chen Feng?

Chapter 873: Decisive Battle (2)


Suddenly, Luo Yuan’s laughter paused. He had suddenly thought of another question. If Wu Hui was here, where was Chen Feng?


A sudden boom reverberated across the sky. At a certain location in this world, a figure was walking out of a place of secluded cultivation. With a single glance, Luo Yuan’s body chilled. That person was precisely Chen Feng. Chen Feng was now a high-tier true god. At this moment, Luo Yuan finally understood everything. All along, Chen Feng had not been messing around in this alien world. From the moment this world had started to collapse, he had been in cultivation. When Luo Yuan had been fighting all those people, Chen Feng had still been in cultivation. Even during the several hundred days that Luo Yuan was fighting Wu Hui, Chen Feng had still been cultivating. All this while, Chen Feng had been cultivating in the region where the flow of time was the fastest.
Luo Yuan’s heart trembled, and he felt somewhat plaintive. This was a familiar greeting in a completely unfamiliar scenario. This time, he was at an absolute disadvantage. He was suffering from grave injuries and could display less than 10% of his peak strength. All his trump cards had been exhausted, and he was greatly weakened. Standing before him was Chen Feng, who was fresh out of his cultivation. In such situation, how was he supposed to face Chen Feng?

Chen Feng looked at him. “You have been the main character for over 30 years. Now it is time to give up on your position as main character.”

He moved toward Luo Yuan one step at a time. Each step he took was accompanied by a boundless radiance. Luo Yuan wanted to say something to drag this out. Unfortunately for him, Chen Feng was evidently not planning to give him more time. At this moment, everyone knew what would come next. 
Chen Feng lifted his hand. This was a familiar action, done with a familiar posture.

“God Punisher!”

Boundless power bloomed. A terrifying power erupted, instantly submerging Luo Yuan. In truth, this power wasn’t particularly powerful. It was even weaker than the attack that Luo Yuan had imagined. After all, the Chen Feng he had imagined had been capable of engaging in battle with Luo Yuan for several hundred days before severely injuring him. It was clear that the Chen Feng before him did not have such combat power.

If Luo Yuan were at his peak, he would be able to easily block this attack. Unfortunately, he was not at his peak. Presently, he was seriously injured. 
The terrifying power of God Punisher pierced Luo Yuan’s body. Chen Feng knew too well that Luo Yuan was trying to buy time so as to allow his Absolute Defense to recover. Obviously, Chen Feng would not give him the time to do so.


God Punisher was still attacking. Chen Feng’s expression was ice cold. He had waited far too long for this moment. He had been in hiding for several decades all for today. Qin Hai, Kong Bai, Xu Fei, and Wu Hui were dead. There were also others. Too many had been sacrificed just to reach this step. Chen Feng hoped to end this as soon as possible.

He had hoped that Kong Bai would be successful in defeating Luo Yuan. Alas, Kong Bai had been killed. He had also hoped that Qin Hai would be successful. Unfortunately, Qin Hai had been killed as well. It was the same for Xu Fei and Wu Hui. Each step taken had been arduous. It had been too hard, the sacrifices too great. Now, only Chen Feng was left. Therefore, bring everyone back.


The final second of God Punisher’s firing phase arrived. That terrifying beam submerged Luo Yuan, and that terrifying power pierced through Luo Yuan. At this moment, Luo Yuan’s consciousness was already turning hazy. He could not understand this. He stared ahead blankly. The decisive battle he had waited so long for had actually come to this.

So it turned out that when he finally met Chen Feng, he could only receive a beating without being able to even strike back? How lamentable. How sad. How unwilling!

“I am unwilling to accept this!”  howled Luo Yuan. He was Luo Yuan! The almighty god-king! How could he be defeated by Chen Feng? A weakling like this? He was unwilling.

“If  I  have  to  die,  you  will  come  with  me,”   he  howled inwardly. He would not allow his final battle to be one where he was completely on the receiving end. He would not permit this. He wanted to destroy everything. Luo Yuan was an extremely intelligent person. As such, all his preparations had long been put in place. The trump card for the perfect rebirth was one
such preparation. The destruction of the world was another.

He was Luo Yuan, the person who controlled everyone. Because of that, he had once thought of an interesting idea. What would happen if all his abilities exploded at the same time? He was quite curious. However, he had never dared to attempt this, as even he might be killed as a result. Now, though…
“Hehe. Chen Feng, don’t you want to kill me?” A cruel smile appeared on Luo Yuan’s face. “Come at me then!”

Luo Yuan held his head high and puffed his chest out. Even though he was already laden with holes, his back was still straight. He  howled  with  laughter.  “Let  this  world  perish  together with me!”

All of his abilities were set alight. Instantly, a terrifying power engulfed the whole world. He wanted the entire world to perish together with him. He wanted Chen Feng to perish together with him. This was the only conclusion he was willing to accept. This was a conclusion befitting of him. If he had to suffer defeat, the defeat would be a magnificent one.

Alas, at this moment, Chen Feng’s voice resounded by his ear. “Luo Yuan, don’t you remember why you used the power of time to strengthen this world?”
Huh? Why? Instinctively, Luo Yuan answered that he had done that because he’d feared Chen Feng would drag him down so that they’d die together. As Luo Yuan’s thoughts reached this point, he was instantly startled awake. Die together? Yes, this world had already been strengthened. It was now hard to destroy. He was in a trap he had planted himself! “Damn it!”  Luo Yuan’s face became unsightly. Despite that, he was still howling amid the boundless radiance. “That only applies to you. My millions and millions of abilities are sufficient to destroy everything!” howled Luo Yuan.

“Yes,”   Chen  Feng  replied,  “you  are  indeed  capable  of destroying this world. However, your speed will still be affected.”
Luo Yuan’s eyes opened wide. Amid the boundless radiance engulfing this world, he could see Chen Feng leaving this collapsing world slowly while carrying the huge palace that Wang Yao was in. The collapse of this world was obviously too slow to catch up to Chen Feng.

“No!” howled Luo Yuan.


The world exploded, yet Chen Feng had already departed. With his eyes open wide, Luo Yuan stared blankly as Chen Feng left, as his figure vanished into the distance. “No! How can this happen!”  Slowly, Luo Yuan’s body was reduced to nothingness. The eruption of all of his abilities was indeed sufficient to destroy him. At this moment, the world of The Crystal Palace was destroyed as well and turned into nothingness. At the final moment before everything turned dark, in Luo Yuan’s hazy vision, he seemed to sense a sweet- scented wind blowing past him. He could see the vague image of that flower-like young lady.

“Hey… I… missed you.”

With a boundless blast, the world of The Crystal Palace was reduced to nothingness, leaving nothing behind.

Chapter 874: The Ambition of the Backup Plan

Somewhere within the Kingdom of Luo Yuan, a streak of light tore through the sky. A crack was ripped in space, and from that tiny crack, a huge figure appeared.

Ka! Ka!

The huge figure squeezed out of the crack and finally made it outside, and the crack collapsed. What had appeared from the crack was actually a huge palace. Below the palace was Chen Feng, who had been carrying it along all the while with his teeth clenched.


The palace landed on the ground loudly. Chen Feng’s figure floated down. Behind him, that huge crack began to slowly close up. Chen Feng had returned! “Haha, come, I saw something.”
“This might be some treasure from some alien realms.”
“I saw a huge palace.”
Some excited voices could be heard as a bunch of bizarre life- forms appeared. The first thing they did was surround this place. “Eh? Someone is already here.”
“Heh, kid. Go away,” said one of the life-forms. “This is not something you can touch.”
Chen Feng merely gave him an indifferent glance.

A faint radiance pulsed out. Instantly, that life-form, who was as powerful as a major god, turned to ash and scattered in the air.

The remaining life-forms were instantly alarmed. Instantly killing a major god with such ease? Who was this fellow? This strength… A true god? Their expressions shifted as they immediately planned to retreat. Alas, a faint ripple swept past them instantly, reducing them all to dust.

“Why did you opt to appear when I am in a bad mood?” Chen Feng said with an indifferent expression as the dust scattered around.

“Have I… finally won?”
Chen Feng was feeling somewhat melancholy. Indeed, he had won. This battle had been too hard, and the casualties too high. Qin Hai, Kong Bai, Xu Fei… everyone was dead! For this victory, they had given everything. However, it was still not the end. They had helped him with the first half of the plan. The second half of the plan was all in the hands of Chen Feng. Chen Feng had a resolute gaze. That’s right, this was not the end. Although Luo Yuan was dead…
“Will you die just like that?”
Chen Feng’s gaze was cold. Everything had progressed too smoothly. Luo Yuan had died too easily. Although he had already used many of his trump cards, this had still progressed too smoothly. Chen Feng hadn’t felt any struggle coming from Luo Yuan. Nor had he felt Luo Yuan’s despair. Years of his hard work had gone down the drain just like that. Was he truly willing to accept this fate?

Why had Luo Yuan not felt despair in the face of defeat? The answer was quite simple: he had still had hope. Even if the hope was small, Chen Feng was able to figure out what Luo Yuan’s hope was, from what he had learned from Chen Yuan.

A clone! Luo Yuan’s clone was still out here in the outside world. Since Chen Yuan had been able to survive independently after severing his ties with Luo Yuan in the alien world, the same would have been true of the clone here when the real body arrived on the alien world. Therefore, though the real Luo Yuan was already dead, in the outside world, there was still a clone. This clone wasn’t as strong as the real body. Based on what Chen Yuan had said, regardless of how strong a clone was, even with the help of the real body, the clone could only reach high-tier true god. This
level was still too far from what the real body was capable of.

Therefore, the clone here would at most be a high-tier true god. Moreover, he would be forever stuck at that level. After all, a clone was still a clone. As such, based on their guesses, the clone Luo Yuan had left behind would never be used to face Chen Feng. After all, if Chen Feng could even defeat the real body, what could a mere clone do?

That was why the clone would not be used for battle. He would only appear at a certain moment, a certain crucial moment. What would that crucial moment be? Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

Somewhere amid the wilderness was an immense pitch-black coffin. The coffin was covered in seals and nailed securely to the ground by numerous nails as it lay dormant within this place of boundless darkness. It appeared so very sinister. Suddenly, the coffin began to tremble violently. The nails began to vibrate until, ultimately, it all burst apart.


With a loud boom, the coffin burst apart.

A figure slowly crawled out of the collapsed coffin. His body was extremely stiff, and he had an overcast expression on his face. Evidently, he had been slumbering here for an extended period of time.

“The real body has died.” This was his first sentence. Slowly, he walked out. His appearance was precisely that of Luo Yuan!

“Before leaving, the real body formed me, the clone. Next, he placed me in eternal slumber, isolating me from him. However, I was linked directly to the alien world he controlled. The moment that alien world was destroyed, I woke up. The moment I woke up, some things that originally belonged to only the real body were transferred over to me. At that moment, I became the true Luo Yuan.”
He arranged his thoughts.

“Now… the destruction of the alien world signifies that the battle has ended. However… since the real body is nowhere to be seen, that proves that the battle ended with Chen Feng’s victory.”
He sighed. His memories began recovering as he fused with the memories that used to belong only to the real body. As of this moment, he was the real body. Everything Luo Yuan had left behind before leaving was for the awakening of this clone here at this place. In fact, this was a trick he had learned from Chen Feng.

Since Chen Feng could trick his clone into cutting ties with him, could he not apply the same concept in creating a new clone? This was what he had considered. This was what he had done. Slowly, this new Luo Yuan’s strength grew. As the memories washed over him, he recovered completely. This Luo Yuan was nearly equivalent to the real Luo Yuan prior to his departure to the alien world.

Naturally, he did not have any memory of the events that had transpired on the alien world. After all, this clone had been formed before Luo Yuan left for the alien world.

“Let me think about it. Based on the memories, I managed to figure out about the existence of Chen Feng. To prevent my plans from being seen through, I used an extremely idiotic method to deal with him. I decided to attack the alien world. I would collapse the flow of time there before killing Chen Feng. It seems like that plan failed.”
Luo Yuan sighed. He had no idea how the defeat had happened, though.

However, based on the memories left behind, during his moment of defeat, he should have destroyed the entire alien world. That was how this clone would wake up. The real body had indeed done that. The alien world had been destroyed. What about Chen Feng? Was he still alive? Or had he perished together with the real body? For some reason, Luo Yuan wished that both Chen Feng and the real body had perished together. That would be the perfect conclusion. After all, he knew all too well how terrifying Chen Feng was. No matter how one looked at it, in the battle between the real body and Chen Feng, the real body was absolutely superior. Yet Luo Yuan had still suffered defeat. This was quite horrifying. How strong was Chen Feng?

He was a clone of Luo Yuan. To be precise, he was a duplicate of Luo Yuan. Despite that, there were still minute differences between them. As an example, their strength. The real body had possessed heaven-defying strength at the level of peak true god. As for this clone here, he was merely a high-tier true god. Therefore, despite sharing the same memories and thought process as the real body, the way they dealt with things would be different.

“If Chen Feng can defeat even the real body, I am not his opponent.”  Luo Yuan knew himself well. If Chen Feng, that fellow who had defeated the real body, was still alive, he was definitely not an opponent this clone could contend against. Luo Yuan racked his brain and was shortly able to think of something. Perhaps this was also a gift left behind by the real body. After all, the two were one and thus shared similar thought processes. Luo Yuan calmly analyzed the situation. “Now, Chen Feng is out there in the open while I am here in hiding. My advantage is Chen Feng not knowing that I am still alive.”
Back then, Chen Feng had tricked him for over 30 years by faking his death. Now, it was his turn to return the favor. He would hide, waiting for the perfect moment to make a fatal strike toward Chen Feng. He was Luo Yuan! Even though he was a mere clone, he still desired to control the world. The little flame Luo Yuan had left in this clone was presently burning brightly.

Chapter 875: Vestiges of Time

Time passed quietly. Chen Feng had returned to the outside world carrying the palace. Silently, he waited for Wang Yao to awaken. He knew that the moment she awoke would be the end of everything. As such, he was waiting. At the same time, he was operating his powerful strength. Slowly, all the powers he had absorbed were fused. With his new godly power, all the other godly powers could only submit. This was easier now after his battle with Luo Yuan, as he’d harvested all of Luo Yuan’s godly powers.

During this period of time while Chen Feng was waiting, his strength was still growing without stop. The task Luo Yuan had failed even after several decades was completed by him: becoming the world controller. Chen Feng was now a peak true god in the truest sense. He had now reached a height even higher than the previous Luo Yuan. He was even stronger than Luo Yuan had been at his peak. In addition to controlling all godly powers, he had also fully fused the powers. Now, all that was left was waiting for Wang Yao’s awakening.

… “Is  everything  progressing  smoothly?”  Duma  asked  Chen Feng, who was near the palace. Chen Feng had been back for quite a while, yet all this while, he had never left this palace. Reaching this point had been way too hard. He did not wish to see any mistakes. After all, Luo Yuan’s clone was still out there. Even though this clone was incredibly weak next to Chen Feng, he still did not wish to see anything unexpected happening.

“I guess,” he answered after feeling out the aura within the palace. The power of time was converging again. It wouldn’t be that long before Wang Yao finally broke through.
Duma heaved a breath of relief. “That’s good.” After hearing about the things that had happened on the alien world, he had indeed been deeply shocked. Even Miss Xiao Yue had not seen that coming. Likewise, none of them had ever expected that Chen Feng would actually emerge victorious. This was a total victory.

Naturally, Duma was not aware that he had also played an important role in this battle. He had been used as a lie against Luo Yuan. Nevertheless, Duma couldn’t help but wonder if Chen Feng was truly fine. After all, in that huge world of The Crystal Palace, Chen Feng was the only survivor. Chen Feng smiled. “Don’t worry. The fight has just begun.
How can I give up so easily?”
“Begun?” Duma blanked. Wasn’t it over?

“The fight with Luo Yuan is indeed over,”  Chen Feng said calmly. “However, this is merely the beginning of my fight.”
That’s right, his fight. He would not allow Qin Hai and the rest to have died in vain. Since everyone had placed their trust in him, handing over their lives, Chen Feng absolutely had to fulfill his promise to resurrect them. He would definitely accomplish this.

Chen Feng’s gaze was resolute. He turned around and looked at the palace Wang Yao was in. “I have defeated even Luo Yuan. You…”
Hum— Hum—
Faintly, the power of time continued swirling around. Chen Feng could sense that Wang Yao would be able to break through at any moment, entering the true god stage.

Suddenly, Duma said, “The wind is blowing.” He could feel a gentle breeze brushing past them.

A  smile  formed  on  Chen  Feng’s  face.  “Yeah,  the  wind  is blowing.” The wind was here. What should have appeared would now appear. He stood up and placed his palm on the palace. “Senior Duma.”
Duma nodded. “Understood.” He knew that his turn to make a move had arrived.

Bang! A wave of the power of time pulsed out. In Duma’s hand was a faint clump of the power of time. This power passed through the palace directly and reached the hall within. The power of time was the only power capable of exerting any sort of influence on the palace, since it was the same kind of power: the power of time. The power that Duma could control was extremely weak. It was so weak that it couldn’t do anything to Wang Yao. However, his task was not to assist Wang Yao’s cultivation. Rather…
Shua! Shua!

Faintly, the power of time poured in. Right at this moment, the young lady within the palace, who had stayed unmoving for a long time, suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes flashed brilliantly the moment she opened them.

This was a power she was familiar with. She knew that this was the power of that old turtle.

Her emotionless eyes shone brightly. “Are you making your move?”  Was Duma trying to awaken her? This signified that Luo Yuan had yet to obtain victory, right? A certain memory surfaced. She could remember that the last message she received had been from Luo Yuan. He had told her that Chen Feng was already dead. She had been forced to accept this fact and wait for the moment she finally became a true god. She had her own plans. The moment Chen Feng had died, she had
already decided. But now… Duma was trying to awaken her?

“Are you guys still capable of resisting Luo Yuan?” Wang Yao wondered if Duma was the one fighting Luo Yuan now. Shortly afterward, she rejected this notion. She suddenly recalled Duma’s power. It was the power of time. Rather, it was a weak version of the power of time; nevertheless, it was still the power of time. If Duma was together with Chen Feng… right. Wang Yao suddenly thought of another person: Miss Xiao Yue. If she was around as well…
Suddenly, Wang Yao’s heart throbbed. Perhaps Chen Feng was still alive?


The moment this thought appeared, her calm demeanor broke. The power that had stayed calm within her for so long instantly erupted, incapable of being held back. These years, she had been suppressing her power. She had been accumulating power without stop. Firstly, she did not intend to let Luo Yuan borrow her power. Secondly, only by suppressing and accumulating power would she be able to truly transform during the moment of her breakthrough.

All along, she had never intended to merely be Luo Yuan’s tool. She was Wang Yao, a person who had been reborn. She had not returned just to be cannon fodder. If she had continued her accumulation, during the moment of her breakthrough, Luo Yuan’s victory would become uncertain. But now… there was no longer any need for that.


A terrifying power of time roiled out. The berserk power blasted the palace apart. The moment this power left the palace, the entire world trembled. This was the power of time, a power even the Creation God had not controlled. This was a power that was not supposed to exist.

Bang! Bang! Boundless power pulsed out. Amid the terrifying storm of time, Wang Yao walked out with a calm expression. When she saw that familiar figure standing before the palace, a smile formed on her face. So he was still alive. How good this was. Wang Yao was intelligent. When she saw that they were no
longer in outer space, when she saw that only a portion of the palace remained here, she instantly understood what had happened. This fellow had actually gone to outer space to carry the palace back. What a guy.

A sweet feeling surfaced in Wang Yao’s heart.

She knew that Chen Feng, who had once been weaker than her, who had once required her protection, had, at her moment of danger, stepped on a cloud of seven colors and rescued her like a prince charming. This was quite cliché, but it was still touching.


She drifted forth on the current of time to directly reach Chen Feng. “You have gotten fat.” Chen Feng was in an emotional state of mind. What had remained mere memories for a long time, at this moment, had become tangible again. He felt extremely guilty for letting Wang Yao remain locked up for so long. He was extremely sad, as he had actually forgotten about her at
one point. Throughout the years, she had been locked in the room. She had been forced to cultivate day and night, living a hopeless life. What had her life been like?

The thought of what she had gone through caused Chen Feng’s heart to ache. Fortunately, everything was over now. Wang Yao still appeared as pleasant as ever. The vestiges of time couldn’t be seen on her. This was the truth. After all, with a cursory glance at Wang Yao, Chen Feng found that her height was the same, as were the two clumps on her chest.

Wang Yao: “???”

Chapter 876: Decisive Battle (3)

“I am not small,” Wang Yao grumbled.

Chen Feng shook his head. “I don’t believe you. Hearing about it means nothing. Even when looking at it, it might be fake. Only by feeling it with my own hands…”
“Hmph!” Wang Yao gave him a furious glare, then suddenly laughed. This fellow… was truly still the same.

“Hehe.”  Duma  laughed  dryly  by  the  side.  This  display  of affection was somewhat overboard. Even Duma, who had lived for so many years, couldn’t take it anymore. As the displays of affection grew more intense, Duma’s face greened.

Fortunately, Chen Feng still knew what he should do. He told Wang Yao everything that had happened recently. Wang Yao understood what Chen Feng wanted to do as well. What he wanted was to be the world controller. However, this was understandable. She stood up and looked at the world around her. This world had been ravaged badly. Half the world had been destroyed by Luo Yuan, and countless life-forms had been enslaved by him. They lived a life no better than death itself. As for the other half of the world, they could only live on bitterly through constant struggle. This was the present state of the world, a world without any vitality. After all, to Luo Yuan, this world was merely a tool for his return to the past. Why would he treat this world well?

Therefore, Chen Feng had no choice but to continue Luo Yuan’s plan. He had to first control the world, then rewind time. However, he wouldn’t rewind to the era Luo Yuan had wanted. Rather, he wanted to return to the best era this world had ever experienced, the Genetic Era he knew of.

Wang Yao looked at Chen Feng solemnly. “Have you made up your mind?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” He had long since decided in his heart. “Controlling the world isn’t that hard.” Wang Yao took in a deep breath. “However, rewinding time is extremely difficult, especially when the rewind needs to stop at a specific point in time. Even though the power of time is at your disposal, it will still be very exhausting. Moreover, you might not be a true god anymore afterward, or maybe you’ll cease to exist,” Wang Yao sternly explained.

In this world, Chen Feng was a true god. He was extremely powerful. Since defeating Luo Yuan, he was unopposable. Without a doubt, he would be able to easily gain control over this world. After all, he still had luck and misfortune under his control.

Therefore, controlling the world wouldn’t be that hard for Chen Feng. He could easily mold this world as he wished, turning it back into a world filled with vitality, allowing this world to sail smoothly from now on.

In this new world, Chen Feng was the uncrowned king. Even if he wanted to crown himself, that would not be a problem. On the contrary, rewinding time would be way harder. To rewind the entire world’s time, in addition to the power of time, a huge amount of godly power would be required as well. This power would not appear out of thin air. If so, whose power would be exhausted? Without a doubt, that person would be Chen Feng.

With Chen Feng as the implementer, with the world as the material, with Wang Yao’s power of time as the catalyst, and with Chen Feng’s godly power as the fuel, the rewind would start. The end result could very well be Chen Feng losing all his godly power. The longer back in time they needed to rewind, the worse off Chen Feng would be. Was this truly what he wanted? Moreover…
“Luo Yuan and Ye,” said Wang Yao, reminding him of those two. Although those two were dead now, if they returned back to a period where the both of them were still alive… Back then, Luo Yuan had accidentally awakened Ye through his time travel. Now, if Chen Feng was careless, he might awaken both Luo Yuan and Ye.

At that time, how would the exhausted Chen Feng face them? He would die a miserable death. Therefore, they had to exercise extreme caution when carrying out this plan. Rewinding time was not something that allowed any room for mistakes. Chen Feng nodded. “I understand.”  He had thought of all these things.

Chen Feng’s gaze was resolute as he said, “I have no choice; I promised them that I will save them. Moreover, I have already thought through this whole matter. There won’t be any problems. In this world, nobody can stop me. Nobody can influence me either.”

Chen Feng was sure. With Luo Yuan’s death, he was now the strongest.

“Mhm.” Wang Yao nodded. Since Luo Yuan was already dead, she would not stop Chen Feng.

“Then let us begin,” Wang Yao said.

“All right.”  Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “The source of my power is nearly identical to Luo Yuan’s. Therefore, controlling the world will be very easy. The crucial part of the plan is rewinding time. I will need your help with this.” “Understood”, Wang Yao replied solemnly.


Faint godly power roiled out. Chen Feng began to shine with an intense radiance.


The godly power converged. In Chen Feng’s hands, power unique to the world slowly appeared. In Wang Yao’s hands, power unique to time gathered. Slowly, the two powers fused.


Finally, the two powers met. A terrifying shockwave swept out. Where the two of them stood, an alarming power erupted. A transparent whirlpool formed, a whirlpool containing the power of time, containing everything. Without a doubt, the moment that whirlpool covered the entirety of this world, time would start going backward.

This was rewinding time. This was how powerful time was. Alas, right at this instant, when they just started releasing their power to rewind time, a streak of light appeared. This streak of light appeared from a corner they could not see, hidden within the void. There, an illusory figure appeared.


That person appeared suddenly and charged at them directly.

“Luo Yuan!”  Wang Yao cried out in alarm. Her eyes went wide. Evidently, she had not expected that Luo Yuan would appear here. This was definitely the clone that Chen Feng had mentioned.

“You are courting death.”  Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. Since he had been aware that Luo Yuan’s clone was still out there, he had naturally prepared for his appearance. A clone? A high-tier true god? In the past, he might have feared such an existence. However, he was now the world controller. He was the peak of this world in the truest sense. Merely Luo Yuan? Chen Feng sneered. “I have been waiting a long time for you.”

Instantly, the power of a peak true god swept out. As a precaution against Luo Yuan, Chen Feng had reserved a portion of his power. This power now poured out and instantly pierced through Luo Yuan.

Perhaps Luo Yuan had once been formidable, but he was a mere clone now. A mere high-tier true-god clone like him was incapable of posing any threat to Chen Feng, let alone causing any trouble in Chen Feng’s plan. Surprisingly, even after being pierced through, the smile on Luo Yuan’s face still remained.

Luo Yuan laughed heartily. “Haha. I knew I wouldn’t be a match for you. However, who told you that I am here merely to cause a disturbance? After all, what you are doing is what I have been trying to do all this while. Hehe, why would I even try to stop you? I won’t stop you. Rather, I will help you!” Shua!

A bizarre power suddenly shot out of his hand. It entered the whirlpool of rewinding time. The moment it entered, Wang Yao was alarmed.


Wang Yao’s expression shifted. That’s right, the power Luo Yuan had shot into the whirlpool was the power of time. This power was feeble, but when it entered the whirlpool, which had only stabilized with great difficulty, the balance within the whirlpool immediately shifted.

“You all have seemingly forgotten that a long time ago, Duma used to wear a wristband as well. I copied his power too!” Luo Yuan howled with laughter. This decision of his had been correct after all.

Chapter 877: Decisive Battle (4)

Before the time whirlpool, Luo Yuan showed himself. He had always been hiding one fact: he had also copied Duma’s power. Luo Yuan had once thought of studying this power as well. Alas, Duma’s power of time was too weak, comparable to Kong Bai’s branch of transmigration. Therefore, Luo Yuan had only been able to give up on it. Nevertheless, he had still been able to fine-tune the power of time.
Chen Feng could die over and over again just to hide from Luo Yuan. Luo Yuan was also capable of such minor usages of time. Therefore, he had been killing himself and resurrecting himself at fixed intervals. This was what Chen Feng had used against Luo Yuan back then. Now, this method was being used against Chen Feng. This guaranteed that Chen Feng would never be able to locate him, assuring him that he would be able to stay hidden at all times.

Of course, he was but a mere clone. However, as far as Luo Yuan was concerned, only his physical flesh was that of a clone. After all, he now possessed the complete memories and thought process of the real body. On top of that, this minuscule power of time was something only this clone had. Luo Yuan had left this power behind before leaving for the world of The Crystal Palace back then so as to hide that he had this power from Chen Feng.
After all, this was a trump card, an incomparably powerful trump card. With this power of time, his thought process was getting infinitely identical to the real body’s thought process. As for this cloned body, it was now the real body. Apart from the absence of the memories of what had happened on the world of The Crystal Palace, he was no different from Luo Yuan himself.

Therefore, after his complete awakening, Luo Yuan had continued with the backup plan he had prepared back then. This plan involved him ambushing Chen Feng. Thus, he had appeared here after sensing the appearance of the power of time. He had been hiding and waiting. Now, what he had been waiting for had finally arrived. This was precisely what he had been waiting for.

He might be weak now, but he had the power to control the world. The only thing he lacked was the power of misfortune, which just so happened to be in Chen Feng’s hands. As far as he was concerned, Chen Feng was equivalent to a key, a key to start rewinding time. As such, it did not matter who started the rewinding process.

What was truly important was who controlled time after the key was used to start the process. Luo Yuan had decided to allow Chen Feng to be the one to start the process. Chen Feng succeeded. He won. Alas… he was but a key.


Mighty power poured out of Luo Yuan’s hand. Instantly, this power traversed the world and arrived within Chen Feng and Wang Yao’s whirlpool. This was the power to change everything. Chen Feng had used all his power to start this process. His aura and his godly power were fully being used to control the power of the world. As for Luo Yuan, the only thing he needed to do was place a timestamp on the process.

The only thing he changed was the stopping point, that was all. The timestamp Chen Feng had set in the Genetic Era was changed back to the era of Luo Yuan’s youth. This was his true goal. So Chen Feng believed that he had won? Indeed, he had emerged victorious from the battle. However, so what? With this as the end result, the one who ultimately lost was still Chen Feng.

Luo Yuan had needed to deal with two issues to accomplish his goal. The first was Chen Feng, who would never compromise with him. To defeat Chen Feng and take the power of misfortune would take a very long time.

His second issue was Wang Yao. Even though he had locked Wang Yao up and forced her to cultivate, she had only obeyed because he had been stronger. The moment Wang Yao became a true god, the moment she had terrifying power at her disposal, how could he force her to rewind time as he wished? This was a major issue.

Therefore, rewinding time was an extremely difficult process for Luo Yuan. However, what if Chen Feng was the one to do it? Everything would fall into place perfectly. And thus, Luo Yuan had died. Chen Feng would now personally do all this.

Wang Yao would most certainly agree to help. Therefore, Chen Feng would be able to flawlessly start the rewinding process. Yes, Luo Yuan was currently very weak. So what? All Chen Feng’s power had been used to start this process. Many factors needed to be controlled: the rewinding process, time, the timestamp, stability, and so on. Too many things required his focus. As for Luo Yuan, he only needed to exhaust the entirety of his power to alter the timestamp. That was all.

He had succeeded easily. In the end, this world was still his. Chen Feng? Haha. He would die from exhaustion during the rewinding process. He would be sucked dry by the power of time! Everyone would die. Only Luo Yuan would return to that era belonging to himself. Moreover, he would return with his current strength.

The time whirlpool revolved slowly. That faint power of time started influencing the world.

Wang Yao’s face fell. “This is bad. The timestamp has been locked.”   At  this  point,  she  could  no  longer  control  the rewinding perfectly. Under Luo Yuan’s influence, the rewinding was shifting toward a certain direction. The timestamp left by Luo Yuan was akin to a nail that could not be driven off. Silently, it changed the trajectory of the entire process.

Finally, Chen Feng understood. “So this is your actual goal.” At this point, how could he not understand? Perhaps this had been Luo Yuan’s plan all along? From his invasion of the alien world to his present intrusion into the rewinding process, had it all been part of his plan? Had he used his life as the price to ensure that Chen Feng would be the one to start this process? What a ruthless guy. To think that he still dared to do something like this even after the betrayal of his clone. He still dared to allow his clone to take over by sacrificing his real body. What a madman.

“Haha, you have only thought of it now? It is already too late.”  Luo Yuan howled with laughter. “I finally understand. When someone is too strong and nearly unequaled, they will always neglect some things. This applies to both the me before and the present you. Haha, although I suffered one defeat, I am the final victor. Sorry, Chen Feng.”
Luo Yuan lifted his hand, hastening the flow of time. 
The time whirlpool started revolving at a rapid speed and growing in size.
“No wonder…” Chen Feng finally understood everything. It was no wonder that Luo Yuan had died so easily. It turned out that he had intended to die all along. What a terrifying plan. He had expected that Luo Yuan might come himself, yet he had never expected that Luo Yuan to have control over the power of time.

The corner of Luo Yuan’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “A perfect plan, right?” This was his true plan. This was the final plan he had come up with after improvising on the plan Luck Aura had selected for him based on the hot-headed template.


The timestamp he had condensed was like a nail that was nailed tightly in the time rewind. Now, the entire world would 

Chapter 878: You Are Still Lacking


The whirlpool of time spun. The terrifying power of time started spreading toward the entire world. Under the effects of time, the world began to warp. Change was imminent. After pulling out all his tricks, Luo Yuan had finally reached this point. However, he was somewhat surprised by the fact that Chen Feng was merely watching on with a detached gaze. Not a tiny bit of helplessness could be felt from him.

Suddenly, Chen Feng laughed. “Compared to your real body, you are still somewhat lacking.”
“What?” Luo Yuan had a bad feeling.

“Timestamp…”  Chen Feng shook his head. “I truly never expected this. Is this the source of your confidence?”
Chen Feng looked at the center of the whirlpool. There, the timestamp glowed brightly. This was what Luo Yuan was relying on to change the flow of time.

“You won’t be able to change it.” Luo Yuan refused to believe that Chen Feng could do that. “As a third party, I saw clearly how all your power was exhausted. It is impossible for you to still have any reserves.”
That’s right. Chen Feng had no way of reserving any power. What reserves he’d had had already been squeezed out by Luo Yuan. Now, he had nothing to spare. After all, this was an undertaking involving the entire world. Even though Chen Feng was a peak true god, it was impossible for him to still have any power in reserve. It wouldn’t be that easy. If so, what exactly was the source of his confidence? Luo Yuan fixed his gaze on Chen Feng. He was of the opinion that Chen Feng was trying to lie again.

“I will not fall for your lies,” Luo Yuan said with a sharp gaze. During this final moment, his belief was unprecedentedly firm. “Indeed, I have fallen for your tricks many times in the past. Not this time.”
Hum— Time was flowing. The effect of the whirlpool had now reached the entire world.

Chen  Feng  spoke  calmly.  “The  timestamp  is  indeed  very powerful. This situation is similar to a loaded anti-aircraft gun whose trajectory was changed after the shell was fired. By using all your power here, I am indeed not capable of changing it. I won’t be able to do anything to this timestamp. However…” Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Why should I change it in the first place?”
Luo  Yuan  laughed  heartily.  “Because  you  will  die  if  it remains?”
Alas, his laugh did not last long before his face froze. That was because, at this precise instant, he saw a red flash streak past. Then… the timestamp vanished.

Luo Yuan’s face shifted. He turned around abruptly, looking in the direction the red flash had come from. There, a pure- looking young lady was carrying the timestamp in her arms. One bite at a time, she began to eat the timestamp. On her head were two protrusions that were quite identical to dragon horns.
Luo Yuan was alarmed. “Who are you?” The whirlpool had already begun operating. Apart from the few of them who were here at the source of this whirlpool, no other life-forms could hope to enter. That was because all other places should now be engulfed in the power of time. This was the only place that was still frozen in time. This young lady…
Hold on. Suddenly, Luo Yuan recalled who she was. He recalled that a long time ago, Chen Feng had had a little snake by his side. The snake had been called Xiao Ying. Even though Luo Yuan hadn’t been able to subject the snake to any monitoring, he still had a rough understanding of the snake through Chen Feng. This also included the contract of life and death that Xiao Ying had signed with Ming Yue. However… this Xiao Ying had been missing for a long time now. In fact, it had been many years since she had last appeared.

Since when had that tiny snake been capable of taking a humanoid form? Since when had that tiny snake been so powerful? The alien world had already been destroyed; how was she still alive? Chen Feng had a faint smile. “I have your real body to thank for this. The alien world completely collapsed with chaotic time currents everywhere. Even you, as a clone, were no longer able to stay connected to your real body in that situation. Therefore, how could it be possible for a mere contract of life
and death to continue binding Xiao Ying’s life with Ming Yue’s?”
I see. Luo Yuan clenched his fists. He was truly clueless about what had transpired over there.

Fine, he could accept the fact that this young lady here was powerful. However, what the hell was up with her chewing on the timestamp? Luo Yuan watched on with horror as that young lady chewed on that shiny timestamp one bite at a time before slowly swallowing it down.

“How… is this possible?” Luo Yuan was utterly dumbstruck. Eaten? The timestamp that even Chen Feng had been helpless against was eaten? What the hell? That was a timestamp formed of the power of time. Apart from Wang Yao, someone else could touch it? Even Luo Yuan did not dare to physically touch that thing. If he dared to swallow it, his personal flow of time would immediately increase by over 10,000 times. Regardless of how long of a life span he had, he would immediately die of old age.
When something like this that was supposed to alter the fate of an entire world was used on a single individual, it would be greatly amplified. How? He looked at that young lady. Apart from the horns on her head, which had grown somewhat, no changes could be seen. What the hell had that snake evolved into? He had no answer. However, would he have to accept defeat just like this?

“No! I can’t accept this!”  howled Luo Yuan. Once again, he tried forming a timestamp. “Timestamp, form!”
A sparkling radiance swirled around his hands. Once again, a timestamp was formed. Since Luo Yuan had control over Duma’s power, forming this timestamp wasn’t particularly difficult for him. Of course, this new timestamp was clearly weaker than the first. Swish!

Once again, Luo Yuan tossed the timestamp into the whirlpool.

“Ah ha!” Instantly, Xiao Ying’s eyes shone with excitement.


She charged over, grabbed the timestamp, and once again began eating it. Just like that, in less than two seconds, the newly formed timestamp was eaten.

Luo Yuan was stupefied. Exactly what life-form was Xiao Ying? She seemed to have been a snake in the past, right? What had she evolved into? Could it be that she had devoured the bloodline of some life-forms and evolved into a dog?

Swish! Luo Yuan tossed out a third timestamp. Once again, the young lady puffed and charged over before proceeding to eat it. This caused Chen Feng to feel somewhat embarrassed…
Bro, can you consider the dignity of a dragon before behaving like this?

Luo Yuan’s heart trembled as he thought of something. This might work?


He tossed a timestamp in a different direction. The young lady charged over immediately. Seeing this, Luo Yuan had a pensive look. Perhaps… there is a solution to this!

Swish! Swish!

He tossed out several dozen timestamps in a row. The timestamps were scattered in all directions. Since this young lady loved the timestamps, he would allow her to eat as much as she wanted. It might seem like he had tossed out a lot of timestamps, but only one of them was suffused with power capable of influencing the rewinding of time. Therefore, so long as he was lucky and she did not happen to eat that
particular timestamp…

While Luo Yuan was still lost in thought, wondering which timestamp this young lady would choose, a red flash started streaking back and forth before him at a rapid speed. Instantly, all the timestamps he had tossed out vanished. With a stupefied expression, Luo Yuan looked at the young lady, who now had a pile of timestamps in her arms. She started chomping down on the timestamps while the corner of her eyes looked at Luo Yuan in disdain. Which to choose? Hehe. Only a kid would make a choice. As an adult, of course I will choose all of them!

Luo Yuan was thoroughly stupefied.

Chapter 879: Return

“I  told  you;  it’s  time  for  this  to  end.”   With  a  tranquil expression, Chen Feng watched as Xiao Ying messed around with Luo Yuan. “In truth, everything was over the moment the real Luo Yuan died. You are, after all, a mere clone. Even though you two share the same consciousness and thought process, you are just a mere clone.”
Luo Yuan began muttering to himself. “How can this…”

The time whirlpool started to seethe. Without the timestamp, the whirlpool was fully activated. The entire world began to rewind. Apart from where they stood, everything flowed backward like the water of a river. Time was now flowing backward.

Luo Yuan’s eyes were wide open. This was something he had been yearning for even in his dreams. For this moment, he had worked hard for so many years. Alas, though this was now actually happening, it no longer had anything to do with him. Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Time for you to go.”

With a red flash, Xiao Ying sent Luo Yuan flying away.

“No!” Luo Yuan’s face fell. The instant he was flung out of the area, he vanished amid the current of time. This Luo Yuan was just a clone. Therefore, the moment he touched the current of time, he vanished from existence.


The time whirlpool erupted with power, bringing them to all the points in time they had once lived in. First was the era of Luo Yuan. They watched as Luo Yuan dominated the world, becoming the sole king. Due to time being rewound, what they witnessed was quite amusing. They watched as Luo Yuan transformed from a peak god and the ruler of everything into someone who lost his kingdom. Next was the era of Chen Feng. In this era, the world had yet to be split in two. Chen Feng never gotten involved in the affairs of the world. Therefore, the world was able to develop in a positive direction.

Soon, the era of Ye arrived. The world changed. The human world turned into a single bead that appeared in Ye’s eyes. This was the era where humans suffered most.

Shua! Shua!

Slowly, time flowed backward. Right at this instant, a dazzling flash appeared. Just like that, the time whirlpool stopped, forced to a halt here.

Mhm? Chen Feng was startled. He could sense that the time whirlpool had seemingly gotten stuck on something. Chen Feng looked into the distance. There, Ye, who had always been changing along with the flow of time, stood firmly. His eyes shone brightly. His existence itself was like a nail that was firmly fixing the time whirlpool in place. “Has this moment finally arrived?” Ye’s mouth curled up into a smile. ” I know of your existence, Luo Yuan. I know what your goal is. Therefore, I have been waiting here for you. I might suffer defeat in the near future. I might die, allowing you the control over this world. However, since you are
rewinding time, let us do battle once again.” Ye’s gaze became sharp.  “Hehe.  I  have  been  waiting  a  long  time  for  this moment.”
This was actually the point in time shortly prior to Ye and Luo Yuan’s battle. Due to Luo Yuan, Chen Feng had received a huge gift from Ye. This was how he had stepped into the realm of godhood. Shortly after this, Ye had set off for outer space to battle Luo Yuan. In that battle, both of them had suffered greatly. It seemed like this was the backup plan Ye had left behind.

“Looks like you indeed emerged victorious from that battle.” Ye smiled lightly. “However, I will still be the final victor.”
Shua! His figure flickered. His entire body was bathed in a resplendent radiance. Like a nail, he fixed the time whirlpool in place. His body flashed forth and instantly reached the center of the time whirlpool.

“Based on what I know, after activating this whirlpool, you won’t have much power left in you. Here, I am the strongest. Thank you for rewinding time, allowing me…” Upon entering the whirlpool, he immediately blanked.

Ye looked at the three before him, stupefied. “Who are you?” Immediately afterward, he recalled. This fellow seemed to be that kid named Chen Feng?

Ye’s face shifted. “Why is it you? Where is Luo Yuan?” Could it be that Luo Yuan had allowed someone else to take charge of the time rewind? Was this a precaution Luo Yuan had prepared for Ye? Countless thoughts surfaced in Ye’s mind. As for Chen Feng, he could clearly see the shining fragment held by Ye. That fragment was emitting a familiar power, the power of time. Chen Feng sighed. “A timestamp.” Ye had actually discovered a certain powerful timestamp containing the power of time. Using that timestamp, he had waited until the time rewind reached this point before freezing it at this moment in time. If Luo Yuan were the one rewinding time, he would truly have
suffered defeat here. “Xiao Ying,” said Chen Feng.


Immediately, Xiao Ying flashed forth, knocking Ye away. At the same time, the timestamp he was holding was snatched by Xiao Ying.

Ye was somewhat dumbstruck. What was this? He knew who Chen Feng was—he was that weak mortal Ye had personally granted a divine seat, allowing him to reach godhood. How had he become strong enough to control this time whirlpool? And there was also that young lady. Why was her strength so terrifying? Ye was clueless. He found that he couldn’t see through the three before him at all.

Chen  Feng  merely  laughed.  “Hehe.”  Ye’s  plan  was  indeed flawless. Unfortunately, he had neglected Chen Feng’s existence. He had not known that in the future, after his own battle with Luo Yuan, Chen Feng had also engaged in a battle with Luo Yuan. Moreover, that battle had been extremely long. Luo Yuan’s and Chen Feng’s strength had grown considerably. Moreover, during the final moments, even those by their side had reached the realm of true god. Ye’s strength could have once been considered powerful. But against the present Chen Feng…
“You  are  too  weak,”   Chen  Feng  said  with  a  tranquil expression.


Instantly, Ye’s body was flung away.

I’m too weak?

Even after being flung away, Ye couldn’t react to this. This was a trap he had set prior to his departure for outer space. From his understanding, that Luo Yuan was nearly equivalent to him in strength. How was he too weak? Right at this instant, he saw the young lady who had snatched the timestamp from him. She shot him an inquisitive glance before chomping down on the timestamp.


Thus, time continued to flow.

“No!” Ye was alarmed. He knew that the moment time began flowing…

The moment the time whirlpool started revolving again, Ye vanished into nothingness. This powerful true god had finally vanished as time resumed flowing back to the era prior to the arrival of the gods. This was where the primordial descended. Time continued flowing. Ultimately, it returned to the era Chen Feng was most familiar with: Genetic Era. Bang!

Right at this moment, the time whirlpool stopped. The world, having been warped during the rewind process, returned to normal. Blue skies and jade-green waters appeared. The familiar skyscrapers and buildings appeared in their view. Cities brimming with vitality popped up.

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. We… have returned! He had finally returned to the era he was most familiar with. The ancient race had yet to be discovered. The primordial had yet to descend. The gods had yet to appear. This was still humanity’s golden era.

A  smile  appeared  on  Chen  Feng’s  face.  “I  like  this  era.” Naturally, returning to this point in time did not signify that he now had nothing to do. At the very least, he had to deal with all those that were supposed to appear in the future before they could grow in power. As an example…
Chen Feng picked up a wristband and softly whispered into it. “Luo Yuan. I am coming for you.”

Chapter 880: End

In outer space, on a huge throne, when Luo Yuan, who was monitoring all of humanity, heard this sentence, he was greatly frightened. Since he was monitoring all of humanity, it was natural that his name was one of the keywords that his filters would immediately catch. He could hear every conversation pertaining to him. He had heard people scold him. He had heard people wanting to get married to him. However, never before had anyone directly conversed with him. He tried to find out who that person was. Regretfully, apart from that single sentence, Luo Yuan failed to gather any additional information about that person.

Luo Yuan’s heart throbbed. “How is this possible?”  He was high and above all other humans. He was akin to a god, controlling all humanity. How could information he couldn’t find even exist?

Luo Yuan frowned. “Is it those fellows again?”  The truth was, he had discovered the existence of an extremely powerful race on this planet. On top of that, he had also discovered an alien world called the Twin Horns World. He controlled the flow of all information, yet that person who had just talked to him… Luo Yuan felt a chill in his heart. That person had used a newly bought wristband. Moreover, the wristband had only been used once to talk to him. Therefore, Luo Yuan had no way of obtaining any information about that person. This caused him to feel fear.

“Who exactly are you?” Luo Yuan asked in a low voice.

Right at this instant, a voice suddenly appeared by his ear. “Why don’t you take a guess?”

Luo Yuan’s heart jolted. He turned around abruptly. Instantly, his entire body chilled and all his hair stood on end. Unknowingly, a figure had appeared beside him and whispered into his ear.

Luo Yuan reined his fear in. “Who are you?” He feigned a calm expression and stood up. He knew that a person capable of arriving his side without being detected was not someone he could hope to contend against. However, when he got a clear look at that person, he could no longer control his emotions. That was because he had discovered that this was Chen Feng!

This was a chess piece Luo Yuan had planted, a chess piece Luo Yuan had gotten from an alien world.

Luo Yuan was shaken. “Why is it you?” He had been monitoring Chen Feng all this while. As such, he had a clear understanding of Chen Feng. How was it possible for Chen Feng to have such strength? The aura he was emanating…
Chen Feng chuckled. This version of Luo Yuan was truly too adorable.

The gods had yet to appear. The primordial had yet to descend. Even the ancient race had yet to be discovered. Therefore, this Luo Yuan had copied too few abilities. At this moment, he was merely comparable to a minor god. Of course, this was a level far surpassing all the life-forms in this world at the moment. Unfortunately for him, Chen Feng was now a true god. “What do you think?” Chen Feng smiled. “I have completed your plan for you. Therefore, I have returned to destroy you, who would destroy the world in the future.”
“Plan…  Future…”  Luo  Yuan’s  mind  spun  as  he  suddenly realized something. Time rewind! Instantly, he understood everything. It was no wonder that this Chen Feng was so powerful, to the point that his aura alone was so fearful. So it turned out that he, Luo Yuan, had suffered defeat in the future? At the hands of Chen Feng?

“If  possible…”   Luo  Yuan  sighed.  “Can  you  erase  my memories and my power before sending my consciousness back to that era? Before death… I wish to… have one last look at her.”
“…” Chen Feng looked at him silently. After a long silence, he nodded. “All right.” Chen Feng destroyed Luo Yuan’s body, leaving behind a trace of his consciousness. Like the blinking light of a firefly amid the darkness, the consciousness hovered on the brink of destruction. Chen Feng grabbed the consciousness.

“Go.” Chen Feng pointed at midair. That clump of consciousness traversed through time and space, threading the river of time like a tiny fluttering butterfly. His wings flapped with great difficulty. Finally, he reached that era, returned to the place belonging to himself. There, he saw the entrance of the Genetic Union. He saw the young missy was selling flowers there. When she smiled, she looked exceptionally nice. Like a flower, she looked at him with joy.

“Tell me, which little girl do you fancy?”
His heart throbbed. He soaked himself in the realness of all this. He knew that this was real. He had truly returned to that era, even if he could only stay for a short instant. His body began to dissipate. He had known that this would happen. Chen Feng would not allow him to alter the past. The moment the past was altered, the future would change as well. Chen Feng would never do something that stupid.

However, he was content with this.

“Thank you, Chen Feng.”
Luo Yuan was filled with gratefulness. His consciousness scattered. Like a fluttering butterfly, he drifted around this young missy before slowly vanishing. The young missy had an odd feeling as her heart started pounding for no unknown reason. She lifted her head to gaze at the sky. There, a flickering butterfly could seemingly be seen. Further and further the butterfly flitted.

At this time, with Luo Yuan’s departure, Chen Feng destroyed the huge throne in outer space. This was ultimately the origin of all the conflicts, the origin of that terrifying existence that had conquered the entire world. He would not allow this world to change again. As for the wristbands… Those could be considered to be an excellent invention, discounting Luo Yuan’s control over them.

“One more thing,” Chen Feng said tranquilly.


He flashed forth, traversing the void and directly arriving on the Twin Horns World.

“Hey, bro, wake up,”  he said as he patted a certain burial mound. The ground trembled as the Sin God, Ye, awakened. He stared at Chen Feng furiously, totally confused about why this guy would dare provoke him. No matter how weak he was, he was still… Suddenly, Ye’s thought stopped. From Chen Feng’s body, a familiar aura could be felt: true god.

“Who are you?” he asked blankly. He could not remember such a god existing. “You don’t need to know that,” Chen Feng calmly answered. Different from Luo Yuan, Ye was not a human. He had been enslaving humans for far too long. One could say that during Ye’s era, humanity had suffered the most.

“You only need to know that I am a peak true god. I am here to destroy you, to complete my mission,”  Chen Feng calmly said.


He lifted his hand and suppressed Ye with ease.

Mission… Peak true god…

Ye had a bitter feeling. So that planet had already developed to this level? True gods were everywhere there, now? Heh, while he had been in his long slumber, the Creation God had actually… Pu!

With a flash, Ye vanished from existence. Even in death, he was still filled with unwillingness.

“Spend an eternity in your hatred,”  Chen Feng said calmly.
He glanced around at the Twin Horns World around him.


With a casual wave of his hand, the entire world was destroyed. Since Luo Yuan was already dead, it was pointless to keep this incomplete world around. The remaining matters would now be easy. Chen Feng returned. He knew that this would be a busy day for him. He went to meet Duma, Qin Hai, Kong Bai, and everyone that had fought by his side toward the end. Their memories up to the point of that battle were transmitted to them.

This was the only thing he could do. With different memories, they might not necessarily grow into the same people. And Chen Feng did not wish for them to change into different people. Naturally, to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, he had also gotten Wang Yao to lock down the past.

Now, no matter what happened in the past, the timeline would mend itself. It would no longer affect the future. Those who died would still die. The only changes allowed were minor, insignificant changes. Nobody would be allowed to travel through time into the past.

After a busy day, Chen Feng had done everything he could do. All threats had been eliminated, with extra care given to the slumbering gods. Chen Feng did not wish to kill them all. After all, these gods included those such as the Forest Goddess, the Luck Goddess, and the Misfortune Goddess, who had once stood by his side.

Therefore, after a long period of consideration, Chen Feng ultimately created an alien world similar to The Crystal Palace before sending all the gods there. That world would forever be separated from this world. After all, the gods were too powerful and deserved to have a world for themselves. That world was thus named the Kingdom of Heaven. As for the evil gods, Chen Feng did not give them any such opportunity. All of them were cleanly erase, ending all evil at the roots.

All this was done even though the gods had yet to awaken. After a busy day, everything was finally done by the time night arrived. At night, Chen Feng gazed at the starry sky. He did not participate in Qin Hai and the others’ gathering. After all, he still had an extremely important thing he needed to do. This was something he had always wanted to do. After a long time, Wang Yao walked into the room.

Xiao Ying giggled and left the room tactfully.

“You’re here?” Chen Feng asked in a low voice.

Wang Yao appeared nervous. “I’m here.”
Chen  Feng  comforted  her.  “Don’t  be  nervous.”   His  had trembled somewhat from his excitement. “I am not nervous.”  Wang Yao lowered her head, playing with the corner of her cloth.

“That’s good,” Chen Feng said dryly. “Let’s begin?”
Wang Yao inhaled deeply. “All right.” Chen Feng approached her carefully and slowly held her dainty hand in his own. The hand he held was like a spotlessly fair jade. The skin smooth was extremely pleasant to hold.

“I… I will begin,” Wang Yao said softly.

Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.”

Light swirled around and the two instantly vanished. On a certain mountain range, the earth trembled. This calm forest suddenly started shaking, startling countless life-forms within the forest. Within the forest, two figures could be seen. Gasps could be heard, but what they were doing was a complete mystery. The hoarse gasps of the male interweaved with the gentle gasps of the female. The earth trembled without stop. After a long time, everything returned to its previous tranquility.

Wang Yao’s gentle voice said, “Do you want to take a rest?”
Chen Feng clenched his teeth and said, “I am fine.” Despite that, he sounded weakened. “I don’t understand this. Only a few years have passed. Why has it gone so deep underground?”

With a shovel, he dug at the ground with all his strength.
The ground trembled, yet nothing could be found.

Wang Yao shook her head helplessly. “You are truly…” She was also holding a shovel. At present, she was dripping with sweat and gasping for breath. Evidently, this was quite the tiring task. “Is  this  part  of  your  plan?”   Wang  Yao  asked  helplessly. Things seemed to be developing in an entirely different manner.

“Nope.”   Chen  Feng  was  somewhat  awkward.  This  task, which should have been completed naturally, had ended up this way, forcing them to manually dig. Holy sh*t, this planet was too weak.

If he dared to use the power of a true god, the entire world would be destroyed. He feared that this mountain and what he was looking for would be directly destroyed. Thus, he could only dig like a normal person. Fortunately, at this moment, he finally sensed that familiar aura.

His eyes shone. “We’re there!”
“Wow!”  Wang  Yao  clenched  her  dainty  hands,  somewhat nervous. Had this moment finally arrived? Chen Feng was sprawled on the ground as he carefully pushed the soil aside. Ten meters deep underground, a huge ice coffin was dug out. This was an icy crystalline coffin. Within was a young couple. Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Carefully, he poured some godly power into the coffin. At the same time, he was carefully controlling his power so as to not cause this world any harm.

The ice coffin slowly melted. Gradually, the icy aura disappeared. Slowly, the young couple recovered to normal temperatures. After a long time, they opened their eyes. Blankly, they stared at their surroundings and the two standing before them.

“Come.” Chen Feng pulled over the nervous Wang Yao and, while looking at the young woman, said, “Greet Mom.”
“Mom,” Wang Yao called out bashfully.

The young couple: “???”
The end.
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