The Strongest Gene Chapter 861-870

Chapter 861: Time Kill

After a millennium, Qin Hai’s gaze radiated the vicissitudes of life. Only after personally stepping into this area did he realize how fast the flow of time was. Even his consciousness, which had undergone a transformation, couldn’t leave this place. Duma was extremely familiar with the laws of time. Therefore, Duma had once altered Qin Hai’s consciousness, allowing him to survive from ancient times until the present era, becoming the leader of the Mysterious Organization.

Qin Hai had a certain amount of immunity to the power of time. That was why the reversed time flow hadn’t erased him from existence. After his time was reversed many years into the past, his change had ultimately stopped at the child stage. At moment, Qin Hai had come up with his very own unique plan.

He wanted to cultivate, to cultivate using this region of flowing time. Only this would allow him to tread a path unique to him alone. He was someone who had once been crippled. This had always remained his biggest regret. Even though he had gone back in time and used a unique method to eventually become an expert, it hadn’t been the perfect solution to his problem. Due to him being crippled, his potential had become extremely poor. Therefore, he had slowly been overtaken by Chen Feng.
He, too, had once been one of the chosen, a proud son pampered by the heavens. Yet now, Chen Feng had far surpassed him, to the point that he wasn’t even qualified to look up to Chen Feng anymore. This was a pain he had been hiding in the depths of his heart. He had a love for swords, yet due to the circumstances surrounding his body, he could not walk the path of the sword.

Now, he was given a new start. Bringing him back to his youth, the reversed time flow had granted him the perfect opportunity. The little degree of time immunity he possessed had preserved his sense of self. The only change aspect of him that time had been able to alter was his physical body. A body brimming with potential was returned to him.

Therefore, Qin Hai had taken the initiative to enter the terrifying region of flowing time. Equipped with a sword in his hand and a cultivation manual in his heart, he had begun to walk forward, one step at a time. From a child, he reached old age. Eventually, his body began to wither, yet his sword was still as resplendent as ever. He was holding the sword up. With his life, the sword was held up.

“Chen Feng. I will not allow you to leave me behind. I, Qin Hai, am not willing to keep being baggage.”
His crooked body was host to a pair of resolute eyes. Finally, he walked out of the region of flowing time.

After a millennium, even his body, which was somewhat immune to the power of time, appeared to be on the verge of collapse. His body was extremely withered, yet his eyes were shining resplendently. Sword in hand, he strode forth one step at a time. At this time, the gods were still watching. This result had somewhat surpassed their expectations. After all, the flow of time in that region was obviously somewhat abnormal. Why had the flowing time not erased Qin Hai? With such fast- flowing time, Qin Hai was still alive? That was inconceivable.

“I thought the humans only had a life span of several hundred years?” “That is correct.”
“But… since he is still alive, are we going to let him go just like that?”
They looked at their leader. Let Qin Hai go? That was not possible. There were so many of them here, so how could they allow a mere mortal to leave just like this? This was especially true since they had encountered a mere child, and even now, their target was but an old man.

“If Qin Hai can survive that region, the same should apply to us. Kill him!” the leader said, a cold gleam in his eyes.


With a flash, a certain god took the lead and stepped into the region of flowing time. However, the instant he entered, his face fell. The speed time was flowing at here was…

The same expression appeared on the other gods’ faces. Time was flowing so fast here that it was terrifying.

The various gods were horrified.

“What’s going on?”
“If it was truly this speed, how did Qin Hai survive?”
“The time flow is definitely different across this region,”  a god concluded. “If even a mortal like Qin Hai can survive this place, what is there to fear for us? Look at the swirling radiance in this region. Each radiance is different. Therefore, the flow of time should be different as well. Don’t hesitate here. As we continue forward, the speed time is flowing at will surely decrease.” At this time, a certain god stepped forward. Instantly, an expression of joy appeared on his face. “Time is indeed flowing more slowly here.”
“Sure enough.”
The various gods exchanged glances. In this region, time was indeed flowing at varying speeds.

Since that was the case, they no longer needed to be anxious.

They exchanged glances and made up their minds.

“Charge forth and capture Qin Hai.”
“That’s right.”
Shua! The gods charged forth, each of them transforming into a streak. They moved as fast as lightning. They were all gods, after all; how fast could they move? Unimaginably fast. Alas, as they moved like lightning, the instant they reached the deepest part of the region, horror appeared on their faces. The flow of
time here… After charging forth, the flow of time only
decreased slightly before intensifying many times over.

The flow of time here was ten times greater than in the starting area. Their strength grew multiple times over. Alas, the same expression of horror was still on their faces.

“This is bad!”
“This godly power…”
“Damn it. The flow is too fast.”
“Retreat?” “Are you trying to die? If we retreat now, the flow of time will be further amplified. Our only option is to continue charging forth. Since Qin Hai could survive this, it means that forward, time will flow backward.”
“Yes, that must be the case.”
They were filled with anticipation. As such, they could only continue on, since they had no other option anyway. Retreating would only result in their death. They had to continue forward, just like Qin Hai. After all, even Qin Hai, the mortal, had survived this, so what about them, the gods?

Shua! Shua!

Numerous figures streaked toward Qin Hai. However, what happened was completely different from what they’d expected. The flow of time was still intensifying. It became stronger and stronger, and the speed they were moving at become faster and faster. This rate of growth was so great that they despaired. Their speed was still increasing. With the increase in their strength, this increased speed was out of their control. They could only stare blankly as they neared Qin Hai as their physical bodies continued to age without stop. Finally, their bodies began to wither.

Ultimately, they transformed into nothingness. Each of the rapid streaks of light transformed into nothingness just as they were about to leave this region of flowing time. They all died of old age.

Before his death, a certain god indignantly howled, “Not possible! I am a god! I have a life span of 7,500 years!”
He truly couldn’t believe that he was to die here.

“I have a life span of 9,000 years,” a different god said with his eyes shut. Indeed, he managed to advance 10 meters more than the other god. These 10 meters were equivalent to 1,500 years. The various streaks transformed into nothingness right as they were about to reach Qin Hai. Each of them was a god. They transformed into countless light particles before dissipating, truly dying, each blooming like fireworks in their moment of death.

Qin Hai’s mouth curled up into a smile. “How… beautiful.”
The fireworks of gods. Tsk tsk. What a sight to behold. He smiled. His figure appeared even more crooked now. With some difficulty, he stepped forth. The sword in his hand was still shining brightly. Slowly, he walked away.

Chapter 862: Hunting Ground

The Crystal Palace.

In this bizarre world of time, there were two core areas that hadn’t experienced any changes. Qin Hai was not the only one who was making use of time to cultivate. There were two people who were even better at exploiting time than Qin Hai. These two were Luo Yuan and Chen Feng. With the passing of time in this world, these two were the only ones here capable of utilizing time to perfection.

Why was that? That was due to the power of luck they both possessed. Although their respective powers of luck counteracted each other, they could still use those powers on themselves. Therefore, they were able to avoid stepping into the time zones capable of killing them. As for Chen Feng, even though he had lost Luck Aura when Spirit separated from him, his new godly power had fused with the power of luck and misfortune. Therefore, he was still able to compete against Luo Yuan’s Luck Aura.

These two were the only ones who were cultivating madly. Luo Yuan’s goal was extremely simple. One of his reasons for destroying and resetting this world was so he could make use of the laws of time to cultivate, to become even stronger. Naturally, his other reason was to sever Chen Feng’s escape route.

That’s right, the moment this world had been transformed, it had become a path of no return. The world of The Crystal Palace could no longer be destroyed using regular methods. Therefore, Luo Yuan no longer needed to worry that he would be eternally banished from his original world through the destruction of this world.

He had had enough of the days of Chen Feng plotting against him in the dark, of the days where Chen Feng kept hiding from him. This time, he had forced Chen Feng to the foreground. Now, the two of them were on a fair battlefield. Chen Feng no longer had the advantage of having the world of The Crystal Palace as his backup plan.

This was a battle that would end with either complete victory or complete defeat. This was Luo Yuan’s death sentence for Chen Feng. This was their decisive final battle. What about Chen Feng? He was also cultivating. The destruction of this world had indeed surpassed his expectations. However, since it was already done, he might as well make use of it to cultivate, to grow stronger. As for the others? He had no time to be bothered with them. This was the only chance he had at destroying Luo Yuan.

If he succeeded, everything would return to normal. If he was defeated, everything would end.

“The final victory shall be mine.”  Luo Yuan had a resolute gaze. Although this seemed like a stupid action on his part, after studying the method Luck Aura had come up with, he had further perfected it. The 1,000 gods he had brought were precisely his trump card.

The gods he had brought would also become extremely powerful. Even without being directly hit by the power of time, those gods would surely take this opportunity to cultivate. After all, they all had life spans in the thousands of years. Naturally, they would be better suited than normal humans in this world of time. Those gods would end up extremely powerful and would serve as his trump card. What about Chen Feng? Hehe. In this situation, with the original inhabitants of this world sealed in the void, with the small number of people Chen Feng had on his side, they wouldn’t be able to do much. They were nothing
but cannon fodder. This was Luo Yuan’s belief.

At a certain location, after the initial chaos, the gods reacted quickly to the changes of this world. They all discovered one advantage they held over others: their life spans. As gods, they possess longer life spans. They could absolutely make use of the power of time to grow to their utmost limit.

And thus, the gods began to enter a region of flowing time one after another. Some of them were able to reach the major- god stage, and some even reached the peak of the major-god stage. Each of the initially weak gods was now extremely powerful. Just as Luo Yuan had guessed, they all thirsted for strength as well. “Haha. Turns out even I am capable of becoming a major god. Unfortunately, this is my limit. Entering the true-god stage depends on one’s comprehension and numerous factors. The passage of time alone will not help in this.”
“Same here.”
Some of them that had reached the peak major-god stage began to leave the region of flowing time. Naturally, there were also some whose progress stopped after reaching the journeyman-god stage. Even after exhausting 1,000 years of their life span, they were still the weaklings they had been before. Time passed. When the gods left the region of flowing time, it was as brand new versions of themselves.

“Haha. Where are the damnable humans?”
“Come, let us do battle!”
The gods were brimming with confidence. And thus, at a certain place with a body of water, they found Xu Fei. “Look, a human.”
“Haha, finally, we found this damnable prey.”
They charged forth in excitement.


Xu Fei hurled a simple fist out. Instantly, a major god was pierced through by that punch. As the other gods excitedly charging forth saw this, they immediately stopped. With horror on their faces, they stole a glance at Xu Fei before they trembling all over. Immediately, they turned around and began to flee.

“Damn it. What damnable strength is that?”
“Why is this Xu Fei fellow so scary?” They were filled with fear. Alas, none of them knew the answer. When Xu Fei came charging at them, only a small number of them were able to flee alive. In a different location, a group of gods had encountered Kong Bai.

The group of major gods provoked Kong Bai arrogantly. “Hey, ugly.”
“Oh?” Kong Bai’s head turned around, revealing his aged face to them. Within his eyes was boundless red. After a short while, the aged figure that was Kong Bai left, leaving behind an area drenched in blood. On the ground were numerous corpses with countless holes in them.

“How is this possible…”
The few gods who had been able to escape were filled with fear. Kong Bai! That elderly Kong Bai had been so powerful as well! And thus, the various gods gathered together. The joy from their breakthroughs was now gone. Xu Fei had become a true god. Kong Bai had seemingly reached the true-god stage as well. This was the only explanation for their ability to crush two entire groups of major gods. Right at this time, yet another group returned. Different from them, this group was still intact.

“You guys…”
“We encountered Qin Hai, the elderly Qin Hai.” That group of gods was ashamed. “He held a sword in his hand. He never even attacked. Merely his act of picking up the sword was sufficient to give us a feeling of death. He is too terrifying. Therefore, we left and returned here.”
They were all ashamed of themselves, as they hadn’t had the courage to even fight. In short, they had been scared off.

“Oh. It’s not that we were scared of him. However, we are of the opinion that Qin Hai is quite strong now. We decided that it is  better  to  return  with  more  reinforcements,”   they  said awkwardly. After that, they looked at the other gods and asked, “Hey, why are there so few of you guys here?” The other gods all sank into silence. In short, running away was actually the correct choice?

The other gods sighed when they saw this still-intact group. “You did the right thing. It looks like even Qin Hai has reached the level of a true god. These people are no longer existences we can deal with.”
They had unsightly expressions. Those feeble humans were actually better than them at exploiting this world? They could not accept this.

“What should we do, then?” they asked with a blank look.

“Try to hide from the humans to the best of our ability. If anyone is unlucky enough to meet one, just run with everything you have,” the leader said with a bitter smile.

“…” The other gods trembled. This was the only thing they could do. It turned out that they had transformed from hunters to prey. The almighty gods were now the prey of some humans! How sad!

A certain god was unwilling to accept this. “I won’t run!” This was too shameful.

Suddenly, a voice drifted over. “Are you sure?”
“Of course,”  that god answered confidently. “I am a major god! I—” Suddenly, he noticed that all the gods around him had horrified expressions on their faces. Only now did he realize that the voice that had asked him that question earlier… did not seem… right? He raised his head abruptly. With horror, he found that Xu Fei was there!

“You…  How  is  it  possible  for  you  to  be  here?”  Fear  was plastered all over his face.

Xu Fei had a wide smile on his face. “Why else did I allow you all to escape? Naturally, it was for the sake of dealing with you all in one swoop after you all gathered.”
“Damn it!”
The faces of the gods fell. Flee! With a roar, the gods scattered everywhere.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Streaks of light flashed about, followed by miserable screams from the various gods. As of this moment, the gods were but prey.

Chapter 863: Random Swordplay

The gods were all shocked. The few gods that had escaped had learned of Xu Fei and the others’ strength. Now, the gods could only hide from them. After all, they were now facing three people at the level of true gods. With this, the eight major gods began to flee everywhere, looking quite sorry. Gradually, they managed to understand the characteristics of those three.

They found out that the fellow called Xu Fei enjoyed going to places with bodies of water so as to gaze at his own body. Therefore, so long as they avoided areas with water, they wouldn’t encounter him. Thus, the gods running around aimlessly were no longer willing to approach areas with water. Everyone headed deeper into the continent.

They also found out that the fellow called Kong Bai wandered around randomly. The moment he saw someone, he would ask those he met who the most handsome man was. At that time, the person in question would have to give the correct answer: “Kong Bai is the most handsome man.” That guy seemed to have forgotten his own name, yet he still held stubbornly to this belief he used to have. Therefore, so long as they provided the correct answer, they would normally be able to survive any encounters with Kong Bai’s. Naturally, this did not apply to gods that were too handsome. There was a case where a certain handsome god was sneered at and killed immediately after that god told Kong Bai that he, Kong Bai, was the most handsome. Afterward, when any handsome gods were unlucky enough to meet Kong Bai, the first thing they did was disfigure themselves. Moreover, they
had to do it for real, as they wouldn’t be able to trick Kong Bai
otherwise. This was the only way to preserve their lives.

“I am the ugliest! Kong Bai is the most handsome!”
These were the words those gods normally used. Hearing this, the elderly Kong Bai would leave, satisfied. As for the handsome god that had just disfigured himself, his heart ached so badly that it was suffocating. Having to do this just to survive was the ultimate shame for him. However, what could he do about it?

After Kong Bai’s departure, a god came over to help the disfigured god. “Are you fine?”
That god sighed. “Yes. However, I don’t think my face will ever recover.” “There was no need for that anyway,”  the other god said. “After all, your looks were quite average at best.”
The disfigured god sighed. “How could I be sure, though? Previously, a god with rather average looks was killed by Kong Bai. That was the moment I realized that even us with average looks are much better looking than Kong Bai. Therefore, disfiguring ourselves is the only solution,” he said painfully.

As the other god heard this, he was instantly horrified. So it had reached this point? The god heaved a sigh of relief. “Luckily, he did not notice me.” He prepared to leave with the disfigured god. The moment he turned around, he saw a lone figure standing there.

“Hey… Who is the most handsome man in this world?”

That god began to drip wet with sweat. He had actually encountered this fellow for real! It was over! …

Compared to Xu Fei and Kong Bai, Qin Hai should be the safest one to encounter. He seemed to still be busy cultivating. So long as one didn’t disturb him, he wouldn’t kill them. After all, it was quite clear for everyone to see that boundless might had gathered in that sword of his. That was a result of a lifetime of cultivation. Therefore, nobody dared to give his sword a try.

After all, when holding that sword in hand, Qin Hai’s aura alone was sufficient to kill. That was too terrifying, too alarming. They knew that Qin Hai’s strength must definitely be above the other two. He was the scariest person here, yet as far as they were concerned, Qin Hai was the also safest person to encounter.

“Be careful. So long as we hide, it will be fine.”
The gods were all cautious. “So only those three are left among all of Chen Feng’s people?”
“I think so.”
“But based on the information we had, there are more than three on Chen Feng’s side, right?”
“I’m not sure either. Perhaps some of them were unlucky and were directly killed by time.”
They nodded. In their memories, the youngest of Chen Feng’s group was a person called Wu Hui. If he had been unlucky enough to encounter a reversed time flow for several decades, and if he didn’t have any kind of immunity toward time, he might very well have died from that. “I guess there’s really only the three of them left. Be careful. At the very least, we have to last until Lord Luo Yuan emerges from his cultivation.”
“Yeah, so long as Lord Luo Yuan emerges, we will be able to survive this.”
Their hearts were already filled with fear by this point. Right at this instant, a figure appeared in the distance. Their faces fell.

“Someone is coming.”
“Damn it. Run!”
“We can’t run. The faster you move, the faster that bastard Xu Fei’s pursuit will be. I heard that he inherited bloodlines from a turtle and a dragon. Damn it, this is the first time I have seen a turtle run so fast.” “…”

A certain god suddenly said seriously, “Turtles can truly run fast.”
Everyone was rendered speechless. However, at this time, nobody bothered to spare any effort to respond to him. After gulping, everyone stared vigilantly at the distant figure and prayed in their hearts that this person was Qin Hai. They would only survive if this was Qin Hai. After all, they would have to disfigure themselves if they encountered Kong Bai. If they encountered Xu Fei, death would be certain. Qin Hai was the only one they could survive.

Please be Qin Hai! the gods prayed. When they finally got a good look at that figure, they heaved sighs of relief. There they could see the elderly figure of Qin Hai. He still looked as solemn as ever, and a sword was still held in his hand. Step by step, he walked in a certain direction.

“Excellent!”  The gods were all secretly delighted. They had managed to avoid disaster. “Fast, move out of the way. Do not obstruct Qin Hai’s way,” a god said. Nobody was willing to be the cannon fodder that was killed by Qin Hai.

Suddenly, a god asked, “Is Qin Hai really that strong? Is it possible that he only looks scary?”
After all, they had been tricked way too many times by the humans. Therefore, they began to suspect whether this Qin Hai only looked scared. After all, if he was truly that strong, why hadn’t he begun killing them?

“Shut up,” a different god said. “If you have a death wish, don’t drag the others down with you. Have you forgotten about Kong Bai and Xu Fei? Hehe. Qin Hai is even more intelligent than them and has better innate talent. Moreover, he has always been stronger than them. Now that all three of them have neared the limits of their cultivation, do you truly think that he is a weak person?” that god said coldly.

Instantly, the other gods lapsed into silence. True, this was Qin Hai. Carefully, everyone moved out of the way and awaited Qin Hai’s departure. Alas, right at this moment, an indistinct voice suddenly waffled out from Qin Hai.

Qin Hai’s mouth wasn’t even open, yet his voice somehow managed to travel out. “Almost there… The Divine Sword has been forged. Now, I will have to baptize the sword in blood.”

These simple words sounded like thunder in the ears of the nearby gods. Damn it! They couldn’t be this unlucky, right? Killing? Baptize the sword in blood? These words were acutely heard by them. They exchanged glances. If Qin Hai decided to start killing to give his sword a baptism in blood right here and now…
Flee! They didn’t hesitate. The gods immediately turned around and began to flee. Right this at moment, they could seemingly see Qin Hai waving the sword he held in his hand.

The gods’ hearts chilled. “It’s over.” Pu!

A single slash swept past. The majority of the gods there were directly cleaved in two. That terrifying power actually instantly killed a group of major gods. Heavens, that was only a single slash.

“Damn it!”
The few lucky survivors frantically continued to flee. They failed to even notice that a faint smile had formed on Qin Hai’s face. With this, all the gods now knew of the horror known as Qin Hai. He was the strongest of the three! Soon, other gods began to encounter Qin Hai as well. They were so shocked they ran everywhere in disarray. However, Qin Hai seemed too lazy to even be bothered with them. He was still immersed in that sword of his. However, there were some unlucky gods that encountered Qin Hai when he required a baptism of blood for his sword. And thus, the gods came to a realization: Qin Hai’s decision to kill or not to kill was completely random.

Chapter 864: Decisive Battle (1)

Qin Hai seemed to be studying a certain sword art. The moment he figured something out, he would have to kill and baptize his sword in blood. When he was in his studying phase, the gods who encountered him would be the lucky ones. At the thought of this, the hearts of the various gods ached. It seemed like now, Qin Hai was the scariest one of the three. Random acts of killing? What the hell?

They couldn’t wrap their heads around this. The only thing they knew for sure was that their lives in this world had suddenly become difficult. They only knew that now, the number of encounters with Kong Bai, Xu Fei, and Qin Hai had suddenly increased. It was quite a dramatic increase. It was said that Xu Fei, the water lover, had even appeared in the inner lands, where there were few bodies of water.

This rumor remained unconfirmed, as those who had seen him had all died. Only a certain god survived, a god who had been very far away from Xu Fei at that time. As for Kong Bai, it was said that he had become even weirder. At times, even if the gods disfigured themselves before claiming that Kong Bai was the most handsome one, he would still kill them. Nobody knew why this was. Nobody knew what he was thinking. However, the gods were helpless. They weren’t his match at all. Suddenly, these three humans had become subjects of mystery. Their actions were truly too weird. Didn’t Xu Fei only kill where there was water? Didn’t Kong Bai only kill based on looks? Wasn’t Qin Hai focused on cultivation? As of this moment, the three had become unfathomable.

The only thing the various gods knew was that this world was now a terrifying place. At present, they were nothing like the almighty gods they had once been. They were more like brats longing for their mother’s milk, whining left and right and waiting for Luo Yuan’s reappearance.
After all, this world was presently too scary for them. For some reason, there were times when two different groups of people returned from two completely different directions and claimed to have both encountered Qin Hai. This further intensified the fear everyone was feeling. The gods that were supposed to be hunters were now trembling in fear. Like this, time passed slowly.

… At a certain location that was the core of the time flow.

Luo Yuan, who had been cultivating for an unknown period of time, suddenly opened his eyes. At this instant, a terrifying power seethed within his body. His strength had returned to its peak. The grave injuries he had sustained all those years ago and had failed to heal had finally been healed. Moreover, his strength had increased, reaching a new height. This strength could surpass anybody, apart from the Creation God, including Ye.

He stood up. “Hehe. I am back.”  A terrifying might pulsed out of his body. He was the only one who knew exactly how strong he was when he was at his peak. Everything had progressed as he’d planned. He had first destroyed this world before casting this world’s time into chaos. Then he had used the power of time to cultivate, to heal, and to reach the peak of his strength. However, he was aware that Chen Feng had done the same thing. If his guess was correct, Chen Feng should currently be…
Countless abilities began to operate within him. Soon, Chen Feng’s present strength was deduced: mid-tier true god. Indeed, Chen Feng had similarly moved up a stage. However, he was still too weak.

A disdainful smile formed on Luo Yuan’s face. “Time to end this.”  This farce that had lasted several decades should end now.


He no longer hesitated. He stood up and prepared to charge toward Chen Feng.


The border he’d set around him for his cultivation dissolved. The moment he did that, he was alarmed. Around him were several dozen trembling gods. At present, they looked like beggars, each donning an incredibly sorry look. Luo Yuan blanked. What was going on with these gods? In his plan, shouldn’t they be killing those from Chen Feng’s side? Oh, they should have finished that mission long ago. But their appearance…
The gods were overjoyed when they saw Luo Yuan. “Lord, you have finally returned.”  They resembled beggars that had finally had their first full meal after years of hunger.

Luo Yuan calmed himself. “Yes. Where are the others?”
“Dead,” the gods lamented, “all dead.”
“Those damnable friends of Chen Feng’s are too scary.”
“Heavens, those three are as scary as the devil…”
“Even with several dozen major gods joining hands, we still couldn’t defeat them…” The group of gods complained endlessly. Their words were disorderly, but Luo Yuan was able to capture the main point. Qin Hai’s group had all became true gods. Not only had they survived, but they had even emerged as true gods! Among Chen Feng’s friends, only that Wu Hui had died. He had accidentally died when encountering a time wave. As for the other three, they had all survived, become true gods, and slaughtered these gods.

Luo Yuan sank into silence. True gods! Three true gods! Since when were true gods so common? Even though he was already a peak true god, far surpassing them in strength, this stage was an extremely terrifying stage. Why had the three of them obtained strength matching that of a true god? Luo Yuan couldn’t wrap his head around this.

However, he knew why his subordinates had failed to become true gods. They were all gods he had rapidly produced out of a mold. They were no different than manufactured gods. It was already very good for them to have been able to become major gods. To become true gods? That was nigh impossible. Luo Yuan looked around at the world of time. “Is it because of the new environment in this world?” This was the best environment for him to heal and grow, to truly reach the peak of the true-god stage. However, this environment had also given his enemies the chance to grow, creating three enemies at the true-god stage. Of course, Luo Yuan was still of the opinion that those three were useless weaklings. He stood up.

“Lord.” The gods looked at him, trembling all the time.

“Hehe.”  Luo Yuan merely laughed lightly. Next, he spun a certain button on his wristband.


Suddenly, all the gods began coughing up blood. They stared at Luo Yuan, unbelieving look on their faces. Finally, they all fell to the ground, their wristbands blood red. Luo Yuan had killed everyone.

“When you people can’t even finish your mission, there is no longer any point to your continued existence,”  Luo Yuan said emotionlessly. After all, he had way too many of these manufactured gods. Out of 1,000 of them, only several dozen were left. What was the point of keeping these pieces of trash?
They wouldn’t be able to participate in the coming battle anyway; they would only drag him down. Moreover, they might even be manipulated by Chen Feng. Therefore, Luo Yuan had decided to clean them up. Now, his target was clear. There were only four enemies remaining. Chen Feng, Qin Hai, Kong Bai, and Xu Fei. Killing them would end everything. Now, these four were the only ones in the way of him becoming a world controller.

His eyes shone. “Time to end this.”  He was sure that these four had gotten in touch with each other. Although their movements seemed completely random and they seemed to appear at completely different locations, this was, after all, a small world. With their strength, it wouldn’t be hard for them to communicate through thought transmissions.

Therefore, these four were most certainly preparing for the final battle as well. This battle would be against a mid-tier true god, Chen Feng, and three beginner-tier true gods. How pitifully weak. Luo Yuan smiled. “Let’s end this.” He stepped into the void, charging directly toward Chen Feng. Since, compared to him, all four of them were weaklings, he had decided to first end the weakling with the largest effect on him. This was certainly the correct choice.


Suddenly, space trembled as a terrifying power swept past. Luo Yuan’s charge toward Chen Feng was forcefully intercepted. Right in the middle of the shockwave, a frail figure stepped out. He looked at Luo Yuan before flashing a grin.

“Excuse me. Who is the most handsome man?”

Chapter 865: Why Don’t You Guys Ever Answer Correctly?

Luo Yuan frowned. “It’s you.”  With the gaze one would use when looking at an idiot, he looked at Kong Bai. He truly did not understand from where this fellow had gathered the courage to confront him. He knew who this fellow was. This was Kong Bai, a very ugly person who had a hobby of asking others who the most handsome person was. Luo Yuan even knew which abilities Kong Bai had, and he had also copied those abilities.

He had copied that Demonic Mirror ability from Kong Bai. Naturally, this was also one of the abilities that needed to be nurtured to grow. As such, since Kong Bai had stopped using the wristband, Luo Yuan’s version of the Demonic Mirror had stopped growing.

However, so what? Luo Yuan knew all too well the essence of this ability. He needed to first ask the mirror who the most handsome was, then use the mirror to unleash a terrifying attack. The only reason he had even noticed this ability in the first place was due to the unstoppable attack the mirror was capable of unleashing. It had a defense-ignoring effect, one that normally only existed in games. Unfortunately, this mirror only worked against those uglier than the user. As such, the mirror was as good as crippled in the hands of Kong Bai. It seemed like this mirror of Kong Bai’s had upgraded somewhat this time. From his dead subordinates, Luo Yuan had been able to gain a clear
understanding of Kong Bai’s present strength.

He was now a true god. Perhaps his luck had been good and he had been carried to the realm of a true god by the power of time, granting him a brand new ability. To be precise, though, this wasn’t a new ability, since it was essentially identical to that mirror’s attack.

“You have devoured the Demonic Mirror.” Luo Yuan was able to see through this with a single look. “The mirror is too weak for you, since you are too ugly. Therefore, you decided to use this method to improve the mirror’s attack. Before you were hit by the tidal wave of time, you sensed danger. As such, you fused with the mirror. The tidal wave of time was supposed to directly turn you into ash. Thanks to the support of that mirror’s never-ending energy, you survived. After spending a millennium in a time flow, your body eventually fully fused with the mirror. Since then, you and the mirror have been one. You… have also entered the true-god stage because of this.” What his subordinate gods had failed to understand no matter what was thoroughly seen through by Luo Yuan with a single look.

“Therefore, your method of attack has changed as well. In the past, you could only attack those uglier than you. Now, you can attack as you wish. The question of who is handsome or not is just an excuse you use to attack.” Luo Yuan sneered. “You were bored and decided to do this purely for entertainment.” After fusing with the Demonic Mirror, Kong Bai had gained control of all of the mirror’s abilities. What was the point of asking the question? This question was nothing but a form of entertainment for him.

“If you had hidden in some corner and played with mud, I would have ignored you. After all, you are nothing but a clown to me. However, you actually dare to stand in my way?” Luo Yuan’s voice went cold. “Then I shall destroy you in passing.”

The terrifying aura of a true god rippled out. Just as he had said, as a peak true god, this brand new true god here was nothing but a clown.

“Hehe. Wrong answer,” Kong Bai replied seriously. Evidently, he was still stuck on the question of who was the most handsome.

Luo Yuan shook his head. “How pointless.” Kong Bai, since I have already seen through your ruse, why are you continuing with this pointless act? How… boring.


Luo Yuan attacked. Instantly, a powerful attack poured out. Even though Kong Bai was a weakling, Luo Yuan did not intend to hold back. Therefore, the moment he attacked, he used his full power. A powerful force shot straight at Kong Bai.

Blood Slaughter! This was one of Luo Yuan’s true-god abilities. It was an extremely terrifying attack. Alas, just as the attack reached Kong Bai, a crystalline radiance emanated out from Kong Bai’s body with a hum. Luo Yuan’s attack was reflected and shot back at Luo Yuan. “Damn it!” His face fell. He was too clear on the strength of this attack.


He unleashed a terrifying might.

A new powerful attack was formed to neutralize the reflected attack. However, in this short instant when he was focused on dealing with the reflected attack, he saw Kong Bai’s elderly eyes aiming straight at him.


A shocking beam of light shot out from Kong Bai’s eyes, straight at Luo Yuan. This was the punishment that Kong Bai subjected upon anyone who answered his question incorrectly.

“Defend!”   Luo  Yuan  hastily  erected  a  defense.  With  his present strength, even a high-tier true god wouldn’t be able to harm…

Blood splattered everywhere before Luo Yuan could even finish his thought. The expression on his face went taut. With a blank look, he rubbed his cheek. Blood? He had actually been injured? He was somewhat dumbstruck. He was now a peak true god, yet he had actually been injured by a little beginner true god? He found this hard to believe. Was this due to his moment of weakness after defending against the reflected attack earlier? No, that was unlikely. After all, he had still successfully erected his defense.

Suddenly, Luo Yuan recalled something. Defense-ignoring attack! That was the mirror’s attack! It ignored defenses! After fusing with Kong Bai, this ability had gone toward Kong Bai’s eyes. Now, this damnable titanium beam that Kong Bai shot out was in fact the mirror’s attack, one that ignored all defenses.

Luo Yuan cursed in anger. “Damn it!” Was this guy truly of the opinion that he could punish Luo Yuan? Once again, that aged voice drifted over. “Excuse me. Who’s the most handsome man?”
Luo Yuan sneered. “Hehe.”  This damnable fellow dared to provoke him? If Luo Yuan actually answered, Kong Bai would probably say something like “Correct. But I still have to attack you. Haha, what an idiot.”
Something that idiotic was indeed something Kong Bai was capable of.
Since Kong Bai had fused with the mirror, he surely had full control over this ability. Why did he insist on asking this pointless question? This was truly infuriating. Luo Yuan was truly angered by this provocation. He wiped the blood from his face. To the present him, a small injury like this was nothing. He turned around and immediately sent another attack toward Kong Bai. The mirror could reflect energy attacks, but what about physical attacks?

The elderly Kong Bai sighed. “Wrong answer. Why don’t any of you ever know the answer?” Bang!

With a single punch, the elderly Kong Bai punched into the ground. He started coughing up blood from the attack, yet in his eyes, that brilliant radiance was forming as usual.


The beam shot out, nearly penetrating Luo Yuan’s fist. The attack this time was even stronger than before. Evidently, when used on the same person, the damage this attack could deal would increase continuously. Despite this, Luo Yuan did not care.

Bang! Bang!

He continued raining punches down upon Kong Bai.

Chapter 866: Kong Bai Is the Most Handsome

Bang! Bang!

Luo Yuan attacked madly. His penetrated fist was healing rapidly. His powerful fists rained down, as he intended to punch Kong Bai to death. The difference in strength between them was too great. Even though these were merely physical attacks, the amount of energy within Luo Yuan was not something Kong Bai could compare to. After all, this was the difference between one at the peak and a beginner. This was a difference even quantity could not hope to match.

And thus, Kong Bai received grave injuries. Alas, it was right in the midst of all the punches that Luo Yuan heard that damnable question again.

“Excuse  me,  who’s  the  most  handsome  man?”  Kong  Bai asked with a hoarse voice unique to the elderly. He was still asking this question even though his face was already filled with blood. “Your mom!”  Luo Yuan was truly infuriated. Even at times like this, Kong Bai was still role-playing?

“Wrong answer,” the elderly Kong Bai replied.


Two golden beams flashed out of his eyes, instantly penetrating Luo Yuan’s body. To both the left and right of his heart were two huge holes, nearly choking Luo Yuan. This damnable ability! He thought that this effect might be related to the Demonic Mirror. In his memories, if the same person kept giving the wrong answer, the damage the mirror could inflict would increase. If the person continued to give the wrong answer, the mirror’s attacks would become extremely scary due to the amplification effect.

Naturally, this was only applicable to the Demonic Mirror of the past. Now that the attacks could be unleashed personally by Kong Bai, so long as Kong Bai decided to attack the same person without stop, the damage inflicted would only continue to increase. Therefore, Luo Yuan could not afford to allow Kong Bai to continue attacking. After all, at this point, this attack was already sufficient to injure Luo Yuan.

After making up his mind, Luo Yuan’s attacks intensified. The might of a peak true god was fired right into Kong Bai’s body with each punch. As of this moment, Kong Bai did not even look like a human anymore. His body had nearly been destroyed by Luo Yuan. And it was precisely under such a circumstance, when even Luo Yuan thought that it was time to stop, that that damnable question was asked once again.

“Excuse  me,  who’s  the  most  handsome  man?”  asked  that elderly voice.

Luo Yuan was utterly dumbstruck. Still asking? Was Kong Bai stupid or what? He looked at Kong Bai. Right now, Kong Bai’s consciousness was hazy, and his physical body was already crippled. So why was he still asking this stupid question?

Luo Yuan was infuriated. “Who tells you to keep asking this question?” He sent a punch to Kong Bai’s head before digging Kong Bai’s eyes out. “Hehe. Come, ask me again,”  Luo Yuan said with a fierce gaze. Chen Feng had played him for several decades. And now, even Kong Bai dared to play around with him? How ridiculous!


His final punch scattered Kong Bai’s final breath. It was finally over! Luo Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. Alas, right at this instant, he heard that horrifying voice waffle out from Kong Bai’s body again. “Wrong answer.”
Luo Yuan’s eyes went wide. How was this possible? Kong Bai was already completely dead; not even his corpse was intact anymore. How could he still ask a question? Hold on, if that was the case, how about his attack?

Radiance began gathering. Perhaps due to the beating delivered by Luo Yuan, his time, Luo Yuan was able to clearly see the whole process of the energy gathering for this attack. Kong Bai’s eyeballs, which had been crushed by Luo Yuan, transformed into countless light fragments, which were presently hovering in midair. Every single fragment was gathering a resplendent radiance around it.

All around Luo Yuan, the fragments were shining brightly.

Luo Yuan was alarmed. Even after being crushed, his eyeballs could still gather that radiance? Moreover, from the scope of the radiance that was gathering this time… Luo Yuan’s face fell.

“No! This is not a power Kong Bai should be capable of! Kong Bai…   Demonic  Mirror…   Question…”   Suddenly,  Luo  Yuan understood. Kong Bai? No, there was no Kong Bai. This so- called elder here was in fact the incarnation of the Demonic Mirror. Luo Yuan’s initial guesses had been correct, as Kong Bai had indeed devoured the Demonic Mirror. However, the final aspects of his guesses were wrong. After the fusion, Kong Bai and the mirror hadn’t become one. Rather, the mirror had taken the lead in this fusion. This elderly Kong Bai was essentially the Demonic Mirror! That damnable Kong Bai had actually given up his own consciousness and handed everything over to the damnable mirror! Was it purely because the mirror was stronger? As Luo Yuan’s thoughts reached this point, his heart chilled. He knew that this was a result of his neglect. He had assumed that
common sense would apply here.

After all, in normal circumstances, nobody would sacrifice themselves for the sake of their ability. To be precise, this sacrifice was for the sake of a piece of equipment. This was not something anyone would do. Definitely not Luo Yuan. Yet Kong Bai had done precisely that. Without hesitation, he had sacrificed himself, only leaving behind some memories for the Demonic Mirror, the memories saying that Kong Bai was the most handsome, before passing away.

In short, the question he kept asking was in fact necessary! So it turned out that if one answered that Kong Bai was the most handsome, one would truly survive. After all, this was the Demonic Mirror’s obligation. Those who answered correctly would be spared. But then, some gods had clearly been forced to disfigure themselves before being allowed to survive. Why was that? Some of the gods that hadn’t opted to disfigure themselves had been killed. How had they died then? Hadn’t their answers been correct? Those gods were the main reason Luo Yuan had been sure that Kong Bai had fused with the mirror. But now that he looked at it, that was probably just an unfounded rumor.

Luo Yuan clenched his fists tightly. “I have been misled by those damnable fellows.” The gods he had brought along were truly useless. Not only had they failed in their hunt, but they had even brought him false intelligence. This had resulted in his lapse in judgment. Those gods had indeed deserved death.

Of course, Luo Yuan’s main focus was not on those dead gods. Rather, he was focused on the flowing radiance around him. After transforming into particles, the power gathered by the eyes was becoming increasingly scary. Each of the fragments was capable of gathering power no weaker than what the entire eyeball had gathered previously. Now there were over 1,000 of these fragments here. Luo Yuan also finally got a clear look at these fragments. He found that these weren’t eyeball fragments. Rather, they were the fragments of the mirror! That elderly Kong Bai was indeed the incarnation of the mirror. Hum—
The fragments began to shine brightly. Luo Yuan’s body chilled as he sensed the killing intent taking form around him.

“Kong Bai! Kong Bai is the most handsome!” Luo Yuan yelled out hastily. Alas, he received no response. His answer was late. Too late. The moment the Demonic Mirror proclaimed that the wrong answer had been given, the attack had to be delivered. This shattered Demonic Mirror’s final attack was also the scariest one yet.

Chapter 867: How Powerful Is This Random Swordplay?

“Leave!”   Luo  Yuan  decided.  Since  he  couldn’t  stop  this attack, his instinctive reaction was to flee from it.


His figure flashed away and transformed into a streak that vanished into the distance. Alas, right at this moment, those fragments finally finished gathering energy. More than 1,000 fragments, each forming an attack that was three times stronger than what a single eyeball had unleashed, all erupted together.

Since Luo Yuan had already fled, all the beams were fired off in the same direction. They all met in midair, forming a thick beam of light and becoming an extremely terrifying current.

Bang! Where that current passed, space itself was shattered apart. The beam, which was as thick as a bucket, directly hit Luo Yuan’s body.

A miserable scream echoed. “No!”

His body was instantly penetrated.


A scorching whiteness rippled out. Nearly the entirety of the scorching whiteness was blasted directly into Luo Yuan’s body, cramming Luo Yuan’s peak true godhood to the brim before it started leaking out of numerous holes in his body.

“No, this won’t do!” Luo Yuan was horrified. Clone! Without hesitation, he utilized his strongest ability: Clone! Another Luo Yuan was immediately formed. This clone shared the same intelligence, consciousness, and thought processes as him. This was the only way for him to have the clone take on the attack on his behalf.


The clone appeared. Alas, after only absorbing a small part of the damage, the clone was destroyed.

“Clone!”  Luo Yuan howled, and formed another clone. He was planning to keep summoning clones to act as cannon fodder, to soak up the damage meant for him. And thus, one Luo Yuan after another appeared. One Luo Yuan after another was destroyed. Ultimately, this terrifying defense-ignoring attack was fully soaked up by Luo Yuan using this method. He had finally succeeded in blocking this attack. Luo Yuan was deathly pale, looking every bit like someone who was completely devoid of energy. Damn it!

Normally, the destruction of a single clone was already extremely costly for him. After all, the clones he created were no different than the real him. This time, more than 10 of them had been destroyed in a row. This had nearly killed him from exhaustion alone. He had indeed emerged victorious from this encounter with Kong Bai. Alas, it was a Pyrrhic victory.

“I  shouldn’t  have  crushed  you  into  pieces,”   Luo  Yuan muttered with a sigh. How could he have known that every single piece of the shattered Demonic Mirror would be capable of forming an attack as powerful as what an entire eyeball was capable of? With over 1,000 of them… That was equivalent to receiving over 1,000 attacks at once. Holy hell. If he had known this, he would most certainly have told Kong Bai that he was indeed the most handsome. Wouldn’t things have been over with that?

Truly… Luo Yuan smiled bitterly. He had underestimated the Demonic Mirror. Similarly, he had also underestimated Kong Bai.

“I will not give you guys any more chances.”
He stood up. After taking in a deep breath, his body’s injuries healed up. Healing from this cost him greatly. It was at this exact moment, after his recovery, that he felt a sense of crisis. Abruptly, his head turned around. There, a figure had appeared, an old man with a long sword. Qin Hai had arrived.

“It’s you.”  Luo Yuan was now fully alert. He had initially believed that Xu Fei would be the one to appear first. After all, Qin Hai was the one who posed the biggest threat to him here. This was especially true since Qin Hai had traveled to the ancient times. Qin Hai was someone that Luo Yuan was incapable of seeing through.

Thanks to his wristband, Luo Yuan was able to see through almost everyone. Even if he couldn’t, he had still witnessed the life experiences of all these people. As such, with the information he had, he could deduce whatever he needed to know. It couldn’t be easier. The only exception to this was Qin Hai.

His disposition? Heh, after staying in ancient times for so many years, he was already a changed person. His abilities? Heh, the abilities Luo Yuan had actually copied with his wristband had long been crippled. After all, back then, Qin Hai had left the tournament as a cripple. Therefore, this was a person that Luo Yuan did not understand at all. This sword… Luo Yuan’s gaze landed on the sword Qin Hai was holding. It was said that a lot of people had died to this sword. A single wave was all it required to instantly kill all opponents. It was an extremely terrifying sword, a
legendary sword called Random Swordplay.

Luo Yuan narrowed his eyes. “I have wanted to have a taste of this sword for a very long time.”
He hardened his entire body, pushing the prowess of his physical body. Terrifying energy converged in his hands. Without saying anything unnecessary, he attacked directly. He was sure that Qin Hai would most certainly unleash his Random Swordplay.

As such, Luo Yuan was thoroughly prepared to face this sword. As of this moment, he pushed himself to his limit, erecting all the defenses he was capable of erecting. This defense was at the level of a peak true god. Luo Yuan was certain that apart from a defense-ignoring attack like that of the Demonic Mirror, nobody could break through this defense. After all, he was much stronger than Qin Hai.

After his encounter with Kong Bai, Luo Yuan was much more vigilant. In addition to the strongest defense he was capable of erecting, he also unleashed his strongest attack, an attack even more powerful than what he had used on Kong Bai. Was Random Swordplay powerful? Bring it on!

Perhaps the defenses he had erected wouldn’t even come into play. The attack alone would be enough to destroy Qin Hai. The collision of their attacks would probably be sufficient to determine the result of this encounter. He would most likely be the victor.

In this attack, Luo Yuan was fully prepared to deal with anything that might come. At this thought, he looked over at Qin Hai as his attack was still heading over. Surprisingly, Qin Hai had not bothered to counterattack. That’s right, he hadn’t even bothered to hit back, seemingly allowing Luo Yuan’s attack to hit him freely. What was this fellow doing? Luo Yuan’s vigilance rose. Facing a fellow like this, who did not abide by common sense, his sense of vigilance flared up. Right at this moment, Qin Hai finally moved. Slowly, he lifted his sword up.


A dreadful aura roiled out.

“This is it!” Luo Yuan understood clearly. So this was that so- called Random Swordplay? Indeed, it was exactly as those gods had described it. Just the motion of holding the sword was already capable of unleashing a shocking power, power at the level of mid-tier true god!

Indeed, sword users were all good at fighting those stronger than them. However, this was the end of this. After all, it was impossible for someone who wasn’t a peak true god to defeat a peak true god. It was also at this moment that the sword Qin Hai was holding began to shine brightly. Just like that, Qin Hai slowly waved his sword, aiming straight at Luo Yuan. This wave caused Luo Yuan’s expression to change. He frowned tightly. This sword of Qin Hai’s actually avoided his attack and slashed toward Luo Yuan from a different trajectory. Qin Hai had never intended to collide against Luo Yuan’s attack.


Easily, Luo Yuan’s attack pierced through Qin Hai. Qin Hai’s already aged body appeared even weaker now. The attack of a peak true god was not something his current body could take. This was no different than suicide.


After seeing this, Luo Yuan’s vigilance intensified. Qin Hai had received his attack just like that so he could return a single slash to him. That ordinary-looking Random Swordplay! Everything was to return a single sword to him, one that did not even seem particularly fast. Defend! Defend! Defend! Luo Yuan did everything he could to reinforce his defenses. He would not look down on Qin Hai. After his encounter with Kong Bai, he no longer dared to look down on anyone. The sword sent by Qin Hai with his life would most definitely not be a simple one. Luo Yuan was clear
on this. Therefore, he defended with all his power, including
what he had initially reserved for dealing with Chen Feng.

Chapter 868: Liar! Everyone Is a Liar!


Numerous barriers were erected before Luo Yuan. It was pointless to run, since that attack had already locked on to him. He could only face it forcefully, face the attack unleashed by a mere beginner true god.

Luo Yuan had a resolute gaze. “Qin Hai. Let me take a good look at how strong this attack you have unleashed with your life with.”
Then, for the first time, Qin Hai’s sword touched Luo Yuan’s barrier. Instantly, the barrier, which was capable of defending against a peak true god, melted. That’s right, rather than shattering, the barrier melted. Everything this sword touched melted, like snow that encountered heat. Like a fireball slamming into a pile of snow, Qin Hai’s sword slammed into Luo Yuan’s barriers. All of them melted at a rapid speed.

Luo Yuan was alarmed. “Damn it. What’s going on?” This was that so-called Random Swordplay? No way! Such a sword shouldn’t exist! An attack of this caliber… Damn it! Luo Yuan started retreating speedily while erecting barrier after barrier. Alas, none of the barriers could stop the advance of this sword, nor were any of his attacks capable of counteracting this sword. All that happened was a never-ending process of
melting. What Random Swordplay? This was totally Melting Swordplay!


A single slash of this sword seemed capable of melting an entire world.

“Damn it! Damn it!” Luo Yuan’s scalp felt numb. This sword had most definitely reached the level of a peak true god. How was this even possible? Hadn’t Qin Hai only reached the true- god stage recently? It was impossible for him to be able to unleash such an attack. The gaps between gods in the true-god stage weren’t something that could be surpassed so easily.

Something was wrong with this sword. Luo Yuan’s brain began to spin rapidly. When an attack far surpassing logic like this appeared, there were only a few possibilities, such as illusions, projections, and so on. These possibilities were nothing but false appearances. Something so illogically powerful was not supposed to exist. There had to be something governing this single sword. If so, why was this sword so powerful?

Right at this instant, when Luo Yuan’s gaze landed on Qin Hai, he found with horror that Qin Hai had transformed into ashes and was scattering with the wind.

Luo Yuan was stunned. He was sure that this was definitely not an effect of his attack. Although his attack earlier had been a powerful one, it was definitely not capable of bringing forth such an effect. If so, could Qin Hai’s death perhaps be related to the sword he had hurled out? Had Qin Hai hurled that sword out using his very life? That seemed unlikely.

If so, what about this sword? Luo Yuan looked at the sword, which had now lost its luster. At this moment, he activated his entire arsenal of deduction abilities together with Luck Aura. He finally discovered the truth, the reason this sword was so powerful.

Luo Yuan had a horrified expression. “It’s actually due to…” In that instant earlier, he had seen a terrifying truth. Qin Hai had actually nurtured that sword with his life. Returning to his childhood, he had restarted his cultivation. He had successfully cultivated for a millennium. In his old age, the year he was going to die of old age, the sword he held had been nurtured to its pinnacle.

Then, when facing Luo Yuan, he unleashed this sword with his life, this sword comparable to the attack of a peak true god. He had used his entire life, a millennium of nurturing this sword, just to wave it once. With his own life, with a millennium, this sword was unleashed, a sword capable of melting everything.

“Madman!  This  is  a  complete  madman!”   Luo  Yuan  was completely infuriated. Making him even angrier was the fact that, once again, he had suffered from those gods’ misinformation. In his entire life, Qin Hai had only been capable of sending this sword out once, only one time. Therefore, what on the earth had those gods been on about when they’d claimed that Qin Hai had been killing everyone with his Random Swordplay?

Random my ass!

Luo Yuan was furious. This was the second time he had suffered because of his own people. Naturally, with his intelligence, he also thought of the possibility that Chen Feng was creating the misconceptions. He might have not spent his time cultivating properly and instead wasted it manufacturing these rumors.

Hehe. Continue on with that, then. Using the most precious period to create rumors instead of cultivation would only weaken Chen Feng himself. However, this idiotic action was also capable of weakening Luo Yuan. It was also an action that Luo Yuan was most disgusted with.

“Can’t you fight me fair and square?”
Luo Yuan took in a deep breath. At present, he had no time to spare for all those thoughts. He had to use everything he had to stop this sword.

Pu! Pu!

That sword continued melting the numerous barriers. A myriad of thoughts flashed through Luo Yuan’s brain. Alas, he could not think of a single method capable of blocking this sword. This sword was too terrifying and powerful. Finally, the sword reached Luo Yuan. At this moment, Luo Yuan recalled the smile he had seen on Qin Hai’s face before his death.

Damn it! Luo Yuan clenched his teeth and decided to once again use the method he least wanted to use: Clone! That’s right, once again, he had to create numerous clones, clones that were exactly the same as him. With his teeth clenched, he watched on as clone after clone was melted. That’s right, that damnable sword was capable of melting even his clones. Fortunately, it seemed like melting his clones exhausted the sword greatly as well. After melting ten-odd clones in a row, that terrifying sword was finally not as terrifying anymore. Together with the final clone, the sword dissipated into nothingness. Finally… it was over. Luo Yuan heaved a sigh of relief, his heart thoroughly chilled. Just Kong Bai and Qin Hai had already exhausted a huge amount of his strength. Even though he had successfully killed them both, the strength he was left with… Luo Yuan clenched his teeth as he thought about this.

He decided to first rest and recover before facing Chen Feng. Unfortunately, just as this thought surfaced, a completely naked guy appeared in his vision. With a wide smile, that guy looked at him. “Hey, old chap. Did you think you would get the chance to recover?”
Luo Yuan sank into silence.

“Xu Fei!” He took in a deep breath. That’s right, this was Xu Fei. The only person running around naked in this world was Xu Fei. He was also the person Luo Yuan found the most annoying due to his energy immunity. Now that he was a true god, he should be immune to godly power as well, right?

Therefore, the only way to deal with him was to fight using his physical body alone. However, when Luo Yuan thought about how he had to have a brawl with this completely naked guy, he felt an extreme sense of unwillingness welling in his heart. An illustrious peak true god like him, one fated to become a world controller, had reached this point where he had to have a brawl with a naked guy? And in this situation, when he had just fought two exhausting battles in a row?

He felt like his mind had collapsed too many times on this day alone, far surpassing what he had ever experienced in the past. Before he could even meet Chen Feng, he was already being annoyed to death by these fellows. How infuriating!

“Come at me!” Xu Fei howled before charging at Luo Yuan.


Luo Yuan unleashed one of his abilities: Blood Slaughter. A terrifying bloody radiance engulfed Xu Fei. Alas, what caused Luo Yuan to despair was the fact that his guess was indeed correct. Xu Fei was completely immune to this ability capable of instantly killing true gods. This fellow was indeed immune to godly power now. Was it due to his bloodlines from a dragon and a turtle? Luo Yuan inhaled deeply. Since Xu Fei wanted a brawl, then a brawl it would be! Luo Yuan was someone who had fused with countless abilities. Among these abilities were also numerous passive and fleshly body abilities, numbering in the hundred thousands. Therefore, Luo Yuan was not a regular true god. Even his physical flesh had reached the realm of a true god.

Chapter 869: That old bastard

“Bring it on!”
A blood-red radiance ignited around Luo Yuan’s body. The two began to brawl. No energy was used, nor any godly power. Only pure physical power was used. This was the most primitive of fights. With a bang, a random hill collapsed. Occasionally, there were terrifying gasps and shouts resounding through the air as the voices and collisions began to sound even more intense. It was evident that this battle was nearing its climax.

Bang! Bang!

One mountain after another collapsed, destroying the few remaining mountains in this world. After a long time, the world regained its peace. After an even longer time, a figure slowly crawled out of a certain crater. This was Luo Yuan, and at present, he was wearing a rather sorry look. “Damn it… Urghhh..”
He started vomiting. He was aware that, to the likes of Xu Fei, fighting was extremely exciting and intense. However, no matter how exciting and intense it got, Xu Fei couldn’t have… hardened… right? After all, he had been fighting stark naked! Shouldn’t it have been a hand-to-hand brawl? Why had Xu Fei equipped his “weapon”? Could one imagine what it felt like to be slapped by that “iron rod” in the midst of a battle? Moreover, there were even a couple of times where that “iron rod” had slapped Luo Yuan’s face!

Even worst was the fact that this slap was actually extremely painful! This slap to the face by someone at the level of Xu Fei had nearly smashed Luo Yuan’s face into smithereens. This battle had truly been… too arduous… and bitter! He had also finally figured out why Xu Fei had appeared only now. If Xu Fei had appeared earlier, Luo Yuan would definitely have been able to easily kill him. Yet now… with Luo Yuan weakened from his previous fights…
Sigh. This battle had been way too hard. Luo Yuan had indeed won. Alas, it was a victory he had obtained by relying on his supreme clones. In fact, his fleshly body was at a similar level as Xu Fei’s: the true-god level. Therefore, to obtain victory, he had condensed a clone to fight Xu Fei two against one.

Naturally, the end result had been the destruction of more than 10 clones in a row. Luo Yuan’s heart ached at the thought. How many clones had he wasted thus far? He couldn’t even count anymore. What had happened to the absolute superiority he was supposed to have?

He could no longer remember. After going through three battles back to back, he only felt extremely exhausted. He was in a rather bad situation. However, he knew that this had not ended. Indeed, shortly after he crawled out of the crater, before he could even rest, on top of a certain ruined mountain, he saw a familiar figure. This was a figure he hated greatly. After all, he was sure that everything was the work of this fellow. The tricky fighting methods and the vile combat styles were something only this fellow could think of!

A familiar greeting sounded. “It has been a while.” “Are you the one who was running around killing people disguised as Qin Hai?” Luo Yuan asked with a sigh.

“That was me.” Slowly, that figure walked out of the ruined mountain. He was indeed Chen Feng.

“The one, disguised as Kong Bai, who killed those who didn’t disfigure themselves was you as well?”  Luo Yuan asked with another sigh.

“That was me,” Chen Feng answered with a wide smile.

“Indeed.”  Luo Yuan shut his eyes. All this was the work of Chen Feng! Due to Kong Bai’s act of killing those who did not disfigure themselves, he had neglected the truth about the Demonic Mirror. Due to Qin Hai killing people randomly, he had neglected the truth about the one and only swing of the sword Qin Hai was capable of. Step by step, Chen Feng had laid out the traps for him to walk through. This was truly quite excessive of him. Luo Yuan sighed. “Is there a need for this? You wasted so much energy setting me up, wasting the time you could have used to cultivate instead. This is the same as weakening both of us together. What is the point of this?”
Qin Hai, Kong Bai, and Xu Fei had indeed dragged Luo Yuan down to buy time for Chen Feng to cultivate. After all, in this unique world of time, every second could be the equivalent of several years. Therefore, this method was capable of weakening Luo Yuan and increasing Chen Feng’s strength at the same time.

At the same time, this also signified that Chen Feng had had quite a limited amount of time to cultivate. With this, Chen Feng’s growth hadn’t been as great as it could have been despite having weakened Luo Yuan. The only thing it accomplished was annoying Luo Yuan.

“It doesn’t matter,”  Chen Feng said with a smile. “In any case, I have already reached the high-tier true-god stage.”
Luo Yuan’s face fell. “What?” High-tier true god? How was this possible? Based on his deductions, Chen Feng should only have reached mid-tier true god at most. And with Chen Feng running around scheming, he should be even weaker, perhaps at the level of a beginner-tier true god. But now, after running around disguised as Qin Hai and Kong Bai to kill people, he had still managed to become a high-tier true god? How was that even possible?

Luo Yuan found this hard to believe. However, there was no point in lying to him. After all, this was the final battle. All lies were pointless at this point.

“Time.”   Chen  Feng  smiled  happily.  “Have  you  forgotten about a certain someone called Duma? He was capable of controlling time, even if his control was rather weak. Unfortunately for you, he was also here when this world descended into chaos,” said Chen Feng.

“Duma?  That  damnable  undying  old  turtle?”  Luo  Yuan’s heart jolted. That fellow had indeed arrived here as well!

“Correct,” Chen Feng said calmly. “Initially, he was only able to exert a weak control over time. However, did you forget about his particular race’s unique talent?”
“Unique talent of his race…”  Suddenly, Luo Yuan recalled something. That so-called unique talent was precisely that ability where they could trap their opponents in time and outlive them. This was the unique talent of the scarab race!

Suddenly, Luo Yuan’s heart started to palpitate. “Could it be…”
“That’s right.”  With a smile, Chen Feng continued, “That ability was used on me. And thus, with the amplification effect, combined with the chaotic time of this world, I was able to cultivate to my heart’s content, reaching the high-tier true-god stage.”
Luo Yuan shook his head. “No, something is not right. If that were the case, how did you leave the imprisonment? How could you have outlived Duma?” He remembered that within that prison of time, even suicide was not an option. “Of course I was unable to outlive him.” Chen Feng shrugged. “Therefore, he planted something within his body that would slowly kill him. Before entering the prison, we had already prepared everything. And thus… as time passed, he died, setting me free.”
Luo Yuan was speechless. Another miscalculation on his part. He had miscalculated everything! He had made a mistake when facing Kong Bai and the other two, and another when facing Chen Feng. That Duma had pushed Chen Feng to the high-tier true-god stage.

“It is quite a pity. Initially, I planned to reach peak true god directly.” Chen Feng appeared quite regretful. “However, that would have required too much time, and I have no confidence in that. I might truly have died of old age in there before I accomplished that. Therefore, I had to give up on it. However, being a high-tier true god is already sufficient to fight you. Am I right?” With a smile, Chen Feng continued, “A battle with the current you is definitely doable!”
Luo Yuan’s heart trembled. Indeed… Right now, he had been weakened so much that he was pretty much equivalent to a high-tier true god. What a fine Chen Feng! To advance gradually and entrench himself with every step he took, for his scheming to have been able to reach this far! Luo Yuan’s act of attacking this world had been completely unexpected. Chen Feng had obviously been unprepared for that. Yet Chen Feng had still been able to act accordingly, to begin laying out his
schemes to reach the present situation.

Chapter 870: Who Will Be Laughing at the End

Luo Yuan sighed. “I have underestimated you.” Chen Feng was much more formidable than he had imagined. Now, only the two of them were left in this alien world. Chen Feng had also successfully dragged Luo Yuan down to the same level as him for this final battle. In a way, this could already be considered a loss of sorts for Luo Yuan. After all, he had once been so very powerful. Toward this, Chen Feng merely smiled. It hadn’t been easy for him to reach this point.

“Our source of strength is rather similar,”  Chen Feng said calmly. “You possess a myriad of abilities. The same goes for me. You have luck on your side. The same is true for me. Moreover, even our methods of cultivation are the same. Therefore, the moment your strength drops to a level lower than mine, you will be absolutely suppressed. Due to our similar sources of strength, the oppression comes easier,” Chen Feng said coldly.

“Theoretically, that is correct.”  Suddenly, Luo Yuan smiled and changed the topic. “However, did you know that I am not the only one here who underestimated his opponent? You also underestimated me.” “What?” Chen Feng raised an eyebrow. He did not believe that Luo Yuan would say these words without a reason.

“Do you know how many abilities in total I possess? Do you know how many godly powers I possess? You don’t. At times, even I myself am unaware. However, what I remember are the few abilities that are comparatively powerful and unique. Among them, there is a certain terrifying ability that is still fresh in my memory. That ability is one I have upgraded greatly. It is an extremely hard ability to grow. Look at this. Kong Bai, Xu Fei, you… Everyone here has an ability unique to themself. As for me, apart from the Copy ability, are you not curious about what other ability I have nurtured?”  Luo Yuan asked with a faint smile.

Finally, Chen Feng’s expression began to change. True. What exactly was the ability that Luo Yuan had been growing?

Even an ability like Demonic Mirror had failed to attract Luo Yuan’s attention so much that he had decided not to grow it. The same went for the other abilities, such as transmigration and even Wang Chun’s book ability. If so, what ability was it that he had been nurturing all these years? What had he been doing? Focusing on the Copy ability? It was natural that he would focus on that ability. However, that ability only required upgrades, rather than proper cultivation.

As such, what exactly was the ability that Luo Yuan had been cultivating all this while? He was someone who possessed all abilities in existence. He was also someone who controlled nearly all the godly powers in existence. Therefore, he could most certainly select whichever one was the strongest and had the most potential to grow. What ability was that, then? As Chen Feng’s thoughts reached this point, his face fell.
“Did you know? I am someone who is afraid of death,” Luo Yuan said with a smile. “As such, the ability I have used my entire life to cultivate is related to death. Naturally, this ability has  a  very  pleasant  name.”  The  smile  on  Luo  Yuan’s  face became  a  sneer.  “The  name  of  this  ability  is…   Nirvana Rebirth!”
Chen Feng’s face fell. He had heard of this ability. As such, he was aware of how terrifying this ability was.

“I will not give you the chance to use it!” Chen Feng charged forth and attacked Luo Yuan directly. Luo Yuan howled with laughter. “Hahaha!”  He punched at his own heart. Instantly, the terrifying power of a peak true god permeated his body, destroying all his veins, killing himself instantly. Alas, this was merely the start. A clump of flame appeared out of nowhere and began burning Luo Yuan’s corpse. The corpse was enveloped in the flame as the intensity of the flame increased, bearing great resemblance to the flame of a phoenix.

Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk. “This…”
Suddenly, the flame rippled out. From amid the flame, a figure walked out. Luo Yuan had been perfectly recreated. This was no longer the Luo Yuan that was in a sorry state after numerous battles. This was no longer the weakened Luo Yuan that was exhausted. This was Luo Yuan at his peak.

However, he had a curious look on his face as he looked at Chen Feng, “Why didn’t you stop me?”
“How was I supposed to stop you?” Chen Feng asked, a look of doubt on his face. “Because the Chen Feng I remember would definitely try to put out the fire. Perhaps he would try using water, or perhaps another liquid or some other methods.”  Luo Yuan was filled with doubt. “I had a lot of preparations in place to deal with such things. And yet you didn’t do anything at all.”
Chen Feng: “…”
It turned out that Luo Yuan saw him as that kind of person?

“Nevertheless, it no longer matters.” Luo Yuan smiled. “I am back! Haha. Qin Hai? Kong Bai? Mere jokes!”  Luo Yuan said with a cheerful laugh. This hidden ability of his had successfully transformed everything they had done into jokes. He had indeed underestimated Chen Feng and the others. However, the same was true of them as well. He was the final victor.

Suddenly,  Chen  Feng  said,  “Well,  at  the  very  least,  your rebirth has now been exhausted, right?”
Finally, Luo Yuan’s face froze. “If this ability was truly so powerful, you would have used it long ago.” Chen Feng analyzed the situation. “But you did not. Even after so many dangerous situations you got yourself into, you never used it. Is that only for the sake of keeping this ability a secret? It is quite likely that it has a cooldown period, right? From the fact that you didnt opt to secretly use it when nobody was looking, it is likely that this cooldown is quite significant as well, right? For an ability at this level, the cooldown shouldn’t be shorter than one year. After all, there is be a balance to everything.”
As Chen Feng talked, Luo Yuan’s face became unsightly. Evidently, what Chen Feng was saying was the truth. However, Luo Yuan’s face recovered shortly after.

“What does that matter?” Luo Yuan smiled. “After I kill you, nobody will know of this. Apart from you, nobody else is my opponent. Today is the day everything comes to an end.”
He was Luo Yuan, a peak true god, one who controlled countless abilities. As for Chen Feng, he was a mere high-tier true god. The gap between them was clear for all to see. Chen Feng’s tricks and schemes had all been neutralized. Luo Yuan had even committed suicide to obtain rebirth rather than allow Chen Feng to kill him. All this was to avoid the endless schemes of Chen Feng. After all, if Chen Feng had in his possession some method capable of making him sleep instead, wouldn’t he be finished? Therefore, he had decisively committed suicide. And thus, this resulted in him once again
being stronger than Chen Feng.

“Come!” Luo Yuan moved. He wanted to see for himself what tricks Chen Feng still had up his sleeve.


The battle erupted. Luo Yuan was fearless in his attacks. Different than Qin Hai, Kong Bai, and Xu Fei, he was clear about Chen Feng’s strength. Luo Yuan knew extremely well every step Chen Feng had taken. Therefore, he had a deep understanding of what Chen Feng was capable of and all of Chen Feng’s abilities. The extent his strength would reach as a high-tier true god was also clear to Luo Yuan.

As a peak true god, he was capable of suppressing Chen Feng in all aspects. This signified that Chen Feng would forever be subjected to his suppression. “If your plan had succeeded, I might have truly been defeated. Unfortunately, the one to fail will be you now,” Luo Yuan said with confidence.
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