The Strongest Gene Chapter 851-860

Chapter 851: Outer Space

In the boundless darkness that was outer space, several faint silhouettes appeared. This was precisely Chen Feng’s group.

Chen Yuan had a faint smile as he asked, “Are you truly so cold blooded?”
News of what Luo Yuan had done recently had spread everywhere.

Chen Feng glanced over. “What is the point of being bothered by that?” In this final battle, if he emerged victorious, the entire world would be changed. Everything could be reversed. Whether those people died or not, it did not matter. And if he was the loser, everyone would die anyway. If so, did it matter whether they died sooner or later? Chen Feng was one who cared deeply about those close to him. However, he was also extremely calm.

“Luo  Yuan  will  notice  this  very  soon,”   Chen  Yuan  said emotionlessly. He was the only one who knew how terrifying Luo Yuan could be when he was serious. The speed at which he processed his thoughts far surpassed ordinary people. A scheme like this was something he could easily see through. Since he was aware that Chen Feng was still alive, he would definitely be able to deduce Chen Feng’s real goal soon enough.

With a cold gaze, Chen Feng said, “Therefore, we are relying on the time gap. Before he arrives, settle everything.”
There in outer space, nothing could be seen. However, they were clear that a huge concealed region had been constructed here. This was Luo Yuan’s territory, also where Wang Yao was imprisoned.

“Here it comes!” Chen Yuan said.

He waved his hand. A faint radiance flashed out. Next, some rays of light appeared, and everything became clearer and clearer. Ultimately, an immense space emerged before them. 
The ice-cold radiance shone brightly. Here in outer space was actually an immense palace.

“Ah.” Chen Feng looked around. “Luo Yuan, you sure love your palaces.”
This was, in fact, a space station that had been constructed in the shape of a palace. As the founder of the Stormtech Company, Luo Yuan was very well versed in science and technology. Naturally, from its appearance, this was just a crude palace. It was huge and imposing. If they followed the road in front of them, they would be able to easily enter the palace. At the entrance was a restriction that seemed particularly powerful.

Chen Feng looked at Chen Yuan. “Can you remove the restriction?”
“No way.” Chen Yuan shook his head as, in a low voice, he said,  “This  restriction  is  bait.  Near  the  restriction,  many 
Chen Feng: “…”
Had this been created through the combination of technology and godly power? What in the world? Luo Yuan was so powerful, yet he was still using such cheap tricks?
“After all, sensors are relatively unknown and are hard to detect. They also won’t release any energy fluctuations. As such, it is actually the best choice here.” In a low voice, Chen Yuan continued, “In any case, he does not intend for these security measures to stop intruders. He only needs to be notified that an intruder has appeared. That alone is sufficient.”
“Mm.” Chen Feng nodded in understanding. Clearly, if he wanted to avoid detection, he had to first prevent his body temperature from leaking.

“The surroundings of this palace seem similar to that of a planet.”  Chen Feng had a pensive look when he noticed this. vegetation. Evidently, the ecology within the palace was normal. They could even see rabbits wondering about. As such, this was definitely a place one could breathe normally.

“Indeed.”  Chen Yuan paused before adding, “However, I do not recommend breathing in the air here.”
“Oh?” Chen Feng was once again amazed. There were sensors here as well?

“Yes. The quality and proportion of the air components here have a constant value. The moment you breathe in the air here, the value will change. And then… the palace will self destruct. Moreover, Luo Yuan will probably arrive shortly after as well.”
Chen Feng: “…”
He glanced over at the distant restriction, his body sweating profusely. What in the world? Normally, when people discovered ruins or a dungeon, wouldn’t they then enter by breaking the restrictions one by one? Luo Yuan was truly were merely bait. These seemingly useless sensors were the actual trap.

“What else is there? Just tell me all at once,” Chen Feng said with a sigh.

“Sensors.” Chen Yuan pondered and continued, “Within the palace, sensors are everywhere. It is impossible for Luo Yuan to focus on the sensors at all times. As such, back then, he put in place some fixed rules. For example, the moment a mobile life- form is detected, regardless of size, the alarm is triggered. Another example is the rabbits. If any of the rabbits die, the alarm will be triggered. In this sensory net established by Luo Yuan, these rabbits are the only beings capable of moving freely. Therefore, they have to stay alive.”
Chen Feng listened on in silence. This was obviously a place that no normal person could find. In other words, apart from Luo Yuan himself, nobody else should ever come here. Even so, he had such strict security measures installed? Why? “To be safe. He is used to preparing for everything. Moreover, the security measures here are not just installed as a precaution against outsiders. They are here to keep Wang Yao in check as well,” Chen Yuan explained.

Chen Feng finally understood. “Oh. In short, these rabbits are only here to prove that one can breathe normally in place. This will lure others over so that they can be killed?”
Chen Yuan shook his head. “No. The rabbits are part of the sensory network as well. They are all fake rabbits, and their bodies laden with sensors.”
Chen Feng: “…”
What a trap. Luo Yuan was a god, right? He possessed supreme godly power! Could he not set up some powerful restrictions or something like that instead? Sensors? Monitoring? How cheap. Chen Feng wanted to curse at Luo Yuan. Alas, it was precisely these cheap methods of Luo Yuan’s that were rendering Chen Feng helpless now. He had no way of dealing with them except for breaking in with force. He looked at Chen Yuan. “Do you have any ideas?”
“Nope.”  Chen  Yuan  spread  his  hands.  “Even  in  the  past, when I or Luo Yuan came, we entered while the alarms blazed nonstop around us.”
Chen Feng: “…Let me give it some thought.”
His head ached. At present, so long as he took a single step in, Luo Yuan would notice him. Naturally, it was only a matter of time. However, Chen Feng was still intending to make use of the time difference. Since becoming a true god, he hadn’t done anything. The first thing he had done was rush here. All this was to make use of the time he had before Luo Yuan realized what his real plan was. Alas, the sensors here were truly quite troublesome.

Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “What if everything is frozen?”
If all the sensors were frozen, perhaps… “You  won’t  be  able  to  freeze  them.”  Chen  Yuan  pointed ahead. “Apart from the sensors, this place is also laden with godly power, which Luo Yuan personally granted this palace during its construction.”
“Fine.” Chen Feng had indeed forgotten about this. However, there did not seem to be any other alternatives? He focused his gaze.  Suddenly,  he  thought  of  something.  “Chen  Yuan. Although you are completely separated from Luo Yuan now, at the very least, these sensors here won’t be able to differentiate between the two of you, right? If so, can you intercept the transmission of information to Luo Yuan? After all, it isn’t possible for two real Luo Yuans to exist. If this were before, the moment you received the transmission, Luo Yuan would have received it as well. You two were synced together, after all. Therefore, Luo Yuan shouldn’t have set this up in a way that multiple transmissions would be sent, right? In other words, you can be the one to receive all the transmissions here.”
When Chen Yuan heard this, his eyes brightened.

Chapter 852: Luo Yuan’s Realization

At this time, in the enormous Kingdom of Luo Yuan, Luo Yuan had finally awakened. He was way too used to be high and mighty and unequaled. When the strongest of others had not even amounted to one percent of his strength, he had become totally fearless and hadn’t cared about anyone else.
Because of this, he had become egotistical and arrogant. The only thing he had cared about was controlling the world. Everything else had been irrelevant. Qin Hai? Wang Chun? He had not cared about them. If not for the destruction of his clone, Luo Yuan wouldn’t even have cared about the alien worlds. After all, the alien worlds could never truly descend to this world. As such, he had not needed to care.

Despite that, controlling the world wasn’t an easy feat. He hadn’t been able to shake the feeling that he was being extremely passive. However, he hadn’t been able to find the source of this feeling no matter what and had only been able to give up on trying to figure it out. Now, when he once again had the same guess, he confirmed it with his Luck Aura immediately. “Is Chen Feng still alive?”
After a long time, Luck Aura gave him the correct answer. Chen Feng was still alive. That’s right, he had confirmed Chen Feng’s status many times, yet this time, he received a completely different answer. Luo Yuan laughed. So it is indeed you!

At this moment, his line of thought became unprecedentedly clear. The appearance of the mysterious person, the disappearance of his clone, Wang Chun’s alien world, the connection with Ming Yue, the existence of Xiao Ying… At this instant, all of his information overlapped to give him the full picture.

A cruel smile formed on Luo Yuan’s face. So it turned out the crux of him obtaining control over this world was still with Chen Feng. He did not do anything rash when he realized this, nor did he rage about. After all, the anger he should vent had been vented a long time ago. When he found that Chen Feng was still alive, Luo Yuan entered his highest state of vigilance, the vigilance he used to have. Also returning to him was also the supreme intelligence he had relied on all those years ago. “You have been hiding for me just so you can become a true god.”
Slowly, Luo Yuan joined all the clues together, and in a short few minutes, Chen Feng’s goals were thoroughly analyzed by him.

“You destroyed my clone to stop him from syncing with me. Otherwise, the instant you attempted to ascend to the true-god stage, I would know.

“So this is your real goal. You can’t destroy my clone yourself. Therefore, you tricked me into forming a new clone so as to collapse him. I see.”
A smile crept onto Luo Yuan’s face. He had fallen for this trick. However, it was still not too late, as he had still ultimately discovered Chen Feng’s secret. At the same time, he had also discovered the true reason for his failure to obtain full control over the world even after so many years. In fact, he felt somewhat relieved now that he had realized this. The unknown was the only thing that could give him the jitters. Now, he was clear that so long as Chen Feng was killed, this would end.

“Crystal Palace! He is hiding there!”
Luo Yuan was sure. His instinctive reaction was to charge into that world. However, this thought only lasted momentarily, as he had suddenly recalled another familiar person: Ye. Back then, had Ye fallen to that alien world by himself, or had he been banished there? Since Ye had prepared to rebel back then, his strength had to have reached a sufficient level. Perhaps he had even reached a level capable of contending against the Creation God.

However, he had still suffered defeat. Why was that? Had Ye been stupid? Clearly not. With the years he had spent in preparation, the preparation had to have been completed by the time he decided to act. If so, why had he suffered defeat? Based on Luo Yuan’s guess, Ye might have chased after some enemy to the Twin-Horns World only to have the enemy destroy all the connections between the two worlds. And thus, Ye had suffered the fate of an eternal banishment. Slowly, Ye’s strength had dropped. Without the power of faith, he’d had no choice but to sink into slumber. This had lasted until a new life-form came into being on that world. Thus, Luo Yuan was sure that if he dared to enter The world of The Crystal Palace, the same fate would befall him. Chen Feng would first sever all connections. Next, he would ensure they both suffered mutual annihilation. Based on Luo Yuan’s understanding of Chen Feng, Chen Feng was indeed someone both willing and capable enough to do something like that.

Luo  Yuan  sighed.  “What  a  righteous  main  character.”  At times, these righteous characters were truly annoying. Chen Feng would truly choose to perish together with Luo Yuan for the sake of humanity. However, such righteous characters also had a fatal weakness. Hehe. Luo Yuan stood up with a cold gaze.

“Capture everyone from the Genetic Union, Gene Production Association, and Research Agency,” Luo Yuan commanded.

“Yes.” His command was carried out speedily. As far as these people were concerned, humankind was but one of the various races in existence. And thus, members of those three organizations, numbering in the several hundred thousands, were captured and brought to the public square in the Kingdom of Luo Yuan. These were all people that once had some sort of connection with Chen Feng.

“Tell  them  that  Chen  Feng  is  still  alive,”  Luo  Yuan  said cruelly. “If they want to stay alive, pray to Chen Feng to return. Force him to fight a battle with me. After all, he is already a true god, right?”
Luo Yuan was very happy. If Chen Feng were not yet a true god, this method wouldn’t work. However, he was already a true god. Therefore, he had to come. At the very least, for these normal life-forms, the battle between Chen Feng and Luo Yuan would be one between two true gods.

“Righteousness  kills,  right?”  Luo  Yuan  said  with  a  faint smile. Chen Feng, how long can you keep hiding, with these people that were once close to you dying for your sake? Hehe. There were several hundred thousand of them… Within were figures such as the president, the deputy president, and Chen Feng’s friends from the Gene Production Association, as well as his seniors and various other humans he was so familiar with. Could he endure this?

Luo Yuan knew Chen Feng all too well. If Chen Feng were not a true god, he would have no choice but to endure this so he could avenge them in the future. Now, though, since Chen Feng was already a true god… hehe. How long could he endure? The smile never left Luo Yuan’s face. He was sure that Chen Feng would definitely come.

“Prepare for battle,”  he commanded his underlings. He was going to prepare everything to face this so-called true god. He was going to return to Chen Feng the grief he had suffered for more than 30 years!

“Chen Feng. I will let you know that even between true gods, there   are   still   differences.”    Luo   Yuan   was   filled   with confidence. After all, he was one only a step away from becoming a world controller. How could Chen Feng compare to him? Thereupon, in the Kingdom of Luo Yuan, everything was prepared. He stood on standby, waiting for Chen Feng’s arrival. Alas, after one who day, Chen Feng had yet to appear.

“Hmph.” Luo Yuan sneered. “Kill some of them.”

Over ten thousand people were cut down like they were grass. The next day, Chen Feng was still nowhere to be seen.

“Continue  killing,”   Luo  Yuan  commanded  coldly.  Alas, shocking him, after continuous deaths, Chen Feng was still missing. The seemingly righteous Chen Feng had suddenly become cold blooded. Kill! Kill! Kill! Luo Yuan started killing everyone. Rivers of blood flowed on the public square, and yet Chen Feng was still nowhere to be seen.

This gave Luo Yuan an ominous feeling. Could it be that he had made an error in judgment? Had he reached this conclusion due to yet another one of the many misconceptions his enemy had thrown his way? No, that wasn’t possible! He had been wrong for over 30 years. This time, there was no way he was wrong. Chen Feng was definitely still alive. Luo Yuan was very confident in his gut.

But then, why had Chen Feng not appeared? Luo Yuan’s thoughts moved rapidly. In his state of high vigilance, his mind spun at a speed surpassing his previous self. With “Chen Feng still alive”  as the foundation, he started deducing. Why had Chen Feng not come? Did he not care about those people? Unless… their deaths were not real deaths? But they had obviously died for real!

Under what circumstance would their deaths be fake? Suddenly, Luo Yuan realized something. Time! At this very instant, he gazed toward the sky. There, his final roots were planted. A thought flashed through his mind. Like thunder, his mind roared. Instantly, Luo Yuan’s mind cleared. So it turned out Chen Feng was trying to get his hands on the power of time! He was looking for Wang Yao! Even though Luo Yuan had not received an intruder alert from his palace, he was able to confirm with his formidable deduction capabilities that Chen Feng’s next goal was outer space!

Chapter 853: You Must Be Joking

It was time to put in place some preparations. Although he had yet to meet Chen Feng, once Luo Yuan began to pay attention to him, all his plans seemed to be unable to hide. After all, the two knew each other all too well. Therefore, Luo Yuan was able to see through nearly all of Chen Feng’s plans. Since Chen Feng had not appeared here, he had definitely gone to outer space.

Based on Luo Yuan’s understanding of Chen Feng, he would hide his identity, then head to outer space to rescue Wang Yao. Unfortunately, an inescapable net had been set there long ago.

“This time, I will not allow you to flee from me.”
Luo Yuan had a firm gaze. There were way too many detection traps planted in outer space. Moreover, within his space station, there was a huge number of fatal traps. Of course, Luo Yuan did not believe that these traps could actually kill Chen Feng. Chen Feng was still Chen Feng. The traps would only be able to trap him there. Ultimately, Luo Yuan would still need to personally make a move to end Chen Feng. In any case, only by moving himself would he be able to ensure Chen Feng’s death. Luo Yuan knew that if he didn’t personally witness Chen Feng’s death, he would spend his entire life wondering whether Chen Feng was truly dead. As such, he had to personally ensure Chen Feng’s death.

“I haven’t received any alerts from the space station yet. Mhm… It seems Chen Feng isn’t there yet,” Luo Yuan muttered himself. He had to time his arrival nicely. If he arrived too early, Chen Feng would flee before reaching. In any case, his sensors there weren’t something any ordinary person could detect. Therefore, when Chen Feng broke through the restrictions there, when he began to slowly enter the palace… that would be the perfect time for Luo Yuan to arrive.

Nevertheless, until that moment, he had to prepare. Regardless of how much he looked down on Chen Feng, a true god was still a true god. Chen Feng was no longer the same person as before. To eliminate a true god, the proper measures needed to be taken. Otherwise, if Chen Feng escaped, he wouldn’t be so easy to catch in the future. “I need to prepare some methods.”
He scanned the numerous abilities he possessed before finally stopping on his recently emptied book ability.

Perhaps he should form a new alien world from a different book? Neither Godly Model Creator nor The Crystal Palace would do. If so… what about a book regarding cultivation? He found a book called Heaven Slaughtering Diagram. In this world, there were 3,000 grand daos as well as a process for gathering godly power. It shared some resemblance to his cultivation system.

“The  author  of  this  book  is  astonishingly  intelligent  and highly popular. Moreover, the cultivation system they have fits me nicely, and there are countless experts in this world. I might even be able to catch a glimpse of the process of world creation from this book.”
Luo Yuan was very satisfied with his choice. Thus, a new alien world was formed based on this book, and Luo Yuan entered happily. Alas, three days later, he left with a pale expression. There was no other reason than that the author of this book was way too capable of writing filler. In the later parts of the book, when godhood was near, the author wrote never-ending filler. Luo Yuan followed along with the filler until he couldn’t stand it anymore. If he continued with this story, he probably wouldn’t be able to reach the end and
witness the main character’s ascension even after Chen Feng had taken his space station apart.

Luo Yuan raged. “These damnable filler-writing authors! I will kill you guys sooner or later! At this rate, how long would I need to wait for the main character to ascend?”
He gave up on this book. He had finally learned that alien worlds were truly unreliable. Many times, the books were only written due to sudden flashes of inspiration from the authors. It was truly fortunate that Luo Yuan had selected a book that was actually finished. If the book had been dropped, it would have been even worse.

“Well, I still gained something from this trip.”
When he had been in that world, he had been able to gain some comprehension when observing the great dao. This had allowed his strength to grow again. It wouldn’t be long before he was able to become a world controller. Perhaps… he wouldn’t even need the godhood of misfortune. Regardless, that damnable Chen Feng still had to die.

Luo Yuan gazed at the sky. “By now, you should be reaching the space station, right?”
Suddenly, his wristband began beeping like crazy.

This was the sound of alerts originating from outer space.

A smile crept onto Luo Yuan’s face. “You have finally arrived.” Since he had received the alert, it was time for him to set off. …

At this time, in outer space, a huge mess had been created at the entrance of the originally imposing palace. The outer part of this palace had been nearly taken apart. Half the palace had crumbled apart. That’s right, Chen Feng had long since entered the palace. With Chen Yuan here intercepting the alert transmissions, he’d had nothing to fear.

As such, he had broken in through brute force. Over two days, nearly the entire palace had been taken apart. Despite this, he had still failed to enter the core area. Unfortunately, that was where Wang Yao was located.

Before him, an immense palace was floating. Countless crushed blocks hovered around, orbiting the palace. Only the hall in the middle of everything still shone with a magnificent radiance, the very hall that was untouchable.

“This place is untouchable,” Chen Yuan said as he narrowed his gaze. “In fear of some accidents or Wang Yao’s escape, this place has been set in a way such that nobody can open it. Not even Luo Yuan. Only when Wang Yao finished her cultivation would this place be automatically opened.”
“I know,” Chen Feng replied calmly.

What is the point of coming here if you already know this? Chen Yuan could not understand Chen Feng’s motivation. Wasn’t he here to rescue Wang Yao? If they couldn’t do that, then wasn’t this trip pointless?

Chen Feng merely laughed. “Hehe.”  Next, his body floated forward and slowly neared that huge palace.


A deafening boom resounded. One could see Chen Feng utilizing all his might to lift the entire palace.

Chen Yuan’s eyes went wide. This… Was he sick? He was planning to carry the entire palace away? Clang! Clang!

Accompanied by various clanging sounds and the blazing alarms, the huge palace actually began moving. Next, it slowly accelerated.

“You are really planning to carry it away?” Chen Yuan was shaken. This fellow had gone crazy.

Although Chen Feng was only carrying the core part of the space station, he was still carrying a huge, intact palace. Wasn’t he aware of how big that thing was? Compared to that palace, Chen Feng was akin to an ant.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Of course. Since I can’t bring Wang Yao away, I will just take everything away. With this, there won’t be any danger when she wakes up.”
Chen Yuan: “…” Chen Feng’s thought process was quite simple. However, when Chen Yuan pondered it, what Chen Feng was doing was in fact quite logical.

“Fine…”  Chen Yuan could only accept this. In any case, he was only here to help Chen Feng in the first place. In outer space, the void was ripped apart. Chen Feng contacted Wang Chun to have him establish a tunnel using this tear in the void, and before Chen Yuan’s speechless gaze, he stuffed the huge palace into the alien world.

Clang! Clang!

The friction between the huge palace and the crack leading to the alien world created a loud sound.

Ka! Ka!

Once again, countless cracks appeared in the alien world. If Ming Yue and Shen Wang hadn’t appeared to stabilize the alien world, it might have collapsed for real this time. Ultimately, the entire palace was successfully stuffed inside. “Done.” Chen Feng had a pleased expression.

Chen Yuan: “…”
He had never expected this to be the result of their trip here.

He had initially believed that Chen Feng was planning to leave traps around the space station and wait for Luo Yuan’s arrival. Then the two would fight a decisive battle. Unexpectedly, what had happened instead was the palace being carried away. What in the world? Chen Yuan was still stupefied.

“All right, time to notify Luo Yuan,” Chen Feng said.

“Ah?” Chen Yuan blanked. “Notify him?”
“Yeah.” Chen Feng glanced at Chen Yuan. “The entire palace has been stolen. The moment we leave, he will find out. Therefore, it does not matter if we notify him first. Don’t ever look down on his intelligence. We only succeeded because he is not aware of your existence.”

After a long while, Luo Yuan arrived with an imposing aura. Instantly, he was stunned. What he was looking at… did not seem to be what he had pictured? There was no Chen Feng. There were no enemies either. In fact… even his palace was no more. Here, all that remained was some ruins.

Luo Yuan stared blankly for a long time. Finally, he reached a verdict. That bastard had stolen his entire hideout while he was absent! What Chen Feng had been able to destroy had been destroyed. What Chen Feng hadn’t been able to destroy had been stolen. However, with this, Luo Yuan’s guess was confirmed. Chen Feng was indeed still alive. Damn it, only Chen Feng would do something like steal an entire hideout. Was he a madman or something?

Chapter 854: Luo Yuan’s Decision

“Will… Will this work?” Chen Yuan was still feeling anxious. After all, he had never seen something like this be done and thus had little confidence. His lack of confidence was especially pronounced when facing Luo Yuan, who he had once been one with.

“Don’t worry. I have plenty of experience doing things like this,” Chen Feng comforted him.

Chen Yuan: “…”
What do you mean?

“I have a question,” Chen Feng asked as he glanced sideways at Chen Yuan. “Are there traps in this palace? Alarms or self- destruct systems?”
“No,” Chen Yuan replied calmly. Chen Feng continued his line of questioning. “Are there any sensors? Detectors? Monitoring systems?”
Chen Yuan shook his head. “No.”
Chen Feng glared at him. “Then what are you afraid of? Like I said, this is how I normally do things. There is nothing to be surprised about. Since the palace is safe, carrying it away in its entirety will be fine.”
Chen Yuan smiled bitterly. “I am only… scared of infuriating him.”
Chen Feng looked at him like he was looking at an idiot. “Aren’t we already enemies?”  Since Luo Yuan was already an enemy, wasn’t it even better to infuriate him?

Chen Yuan still had the same bitter smile. “No, it’s not the same.”  Yes, yes, Chen Feng probably wouldn’t care. However, Chen Yuan was worried about himself. After all, he was the reason this had actually happened in the first place. Why had Luo Yuan suffered such a big loss? Simple. As far as Luo Yuan was concerned, this clone was already dead. He had no idea that this clone, which was as ambitious as him, had actually been subverted.

That wasn’t supposed to be possible. After all, the clone was also him. Luo Yuan was very clear that he was someone who wouldn’t be subverted no matter what. Therefore, his excessive confidence had caused him to neglect the fact that a clone was still a clone. Even though they possessed the same intelligence, they could take entirely different positions. And when the clone was just a clone, he was much easier to persuade.

This was the actual reason he had lost his palace. Chen Yuan had played an important role. Naturally, carrying the entire palace wasn’t something Chen Yuan had expected. However, what he was most worried about was Luo Yuan figuring out that he was still alive.

Luo Yuan was very intelligent. He would not remain blind forever. Why had he not received any alerts even when his palace was being taken apart? It wouldn’t take long for Luo Yuan to think of this clone of his. He would reach the conclusion that this clone was still alive. At that time, Chen Yuan would probably become the target of the furious Luo Yuan.

Now that the two of them were completely separated, even Chen Yuan himself did not know what the real body could actually do to him.

“Well, then just stay in the alien world for now,” Chen Feng said after giving it some thought. After all, the alien world was still a restricted area for Luo Yuan.

“Fine.”  Chen  Yuan  did  not  bother  arguing.  However,  his heart was still brimming with anxiousness. Luo Yuan… and himself… Under normal circumstances, when Luo Yuan was in his normal state, he had no worries. He understood Luo Yuan all too well and would be able to scheme against him. What about when Luo Yuan was furious, then? This Luo Yuan that would no longer care about gains and losses. This Luo Yuan would be unpredictable.

*** In outer space, Luo Yuan was still silently staring at the mess before him. This was his palace, the place where everything had started. Before coming, he had made numerous plans in mind and been prepared for various possibilities. For instance, what if Chen Feng didn’t enter the palace and instead hid
nearby to ambush him? That was quite possible. As such, Luo
Yuan had had some measures in place to deal with that.

Alas, this situation here… was the only situation he had not prepared for. This had completely surpassed his expectations. The alarms… After a short silence, Luo Yuan finally understood. It was his clone. Chen Feng had actually subverted his clone. Just as Chen Yuan had said, a small clue was all Luo Yuan had required to reach this conclusion.

Luo Yuan laughed. “You actually succeeded in subverting him.” That was his clone, a clone that shared his ambitions! What a fine Chen Feng indeed!

“Isn’t subverting him the same as subverting me, in a sense?” Luo Yuan exclaimed in admiration. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration toward Chen Feng. However, it was time for this to stop. Luo Yuan stared into the distance. He had suffered defeat after defeat along the way, the initiative always in Chen Feng’s hands. Now, he had even lost his key to the power of time. However… Luo Yuan shook his head.

“All missing information has been obtained now,” he muttered.

At first, due to not knowing that Chen Feng was still alive, he had suffered loss after loss. Next, the matter pertaining to The Crystal Palace. And finally, his clone… Due to his lack of information, he had erred time after time. Now, that would cease. He had finally obtained all the information he had been lacking. Chen Feng had lost the only advantage he’d had.

“You are making use of the clone to make a move against me, right?”
Luo Yuan’s gaze was cold. The clone was himself. As such, everything about the clone, including its thought process, was identical to Luo Yuan himself. Therefore, it was the correct choice to make use of his clone against him. If so, Luo Yuan would have to change his thought process from now onward. Change it himself? No. Anything he could think of, his clone would be able to think of as well. It would still be exploited by Chen Feng. That wouldn’t work.

If so… the only solution was to change his character according to the situation. This was his only choice. Suddenly, Luo Yuan laughed.

Luck Aura flashed. Templates for countless different characteristics appeared for his choosing. Next, among these templates, a rule was set so that a random template would be chosen with each encounter. He would act according to the templates from now on. His goal was a simple one: to not give Chen Feng any chance to exploit his line of thought.

As for Luck Aura, the only reason it existed was to neutralize Chen Feng’s interference. He had to ensure that his choice of action was truly random, to the point that even he himself did not know what he would do next. With that, Chen Feng would not be able to anticipate his next step either. Perhaps it was because the opponent this time was Chen Feng. Luo Yuan was presently much calmer than Chen Yuan had imagined. If so, how should he deal with Chen Feng stealing his palace? He had thought of countless methods for revenge. However, he absolutely could not do any of those, as Chen Feng would have prepared for those as well. Chen Feng was an extremely intelligent person. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible
for him to trick Luo Yuan for over 30 years. Therefore,
anything he could think of was something Chen Feng and his clone could think of.

The table of templates within him flashed.

“I will be relying on you, then.”

Soon, a random template was chosen. With this selection, Luo Yuan’s mental state changed accordingly. Based on this template, he should…
Shua! Shua! He calculated rapidly.

Each template had its own unique method of dealing with things. This was something Luo Yuan himself couldn’t change. According to his plan, no matter which template was chosen, he would act according to the characteristics of the template. But this…
Luo Yuan’s expression became unsightly. The template was just a shell; at the core of it all was still Luo Yuan himself. Therefore, he could decide if he wanted to act according to the template or not. The method of this selected template, in all honesty… wasn’t one he would use normally. After all, this was too idiotic. But… if even he himself hadn’t seen this coming, perhaps it would work against Chen Feng? Of course, it could be a totally stupid decision too.

“What should I do?”
Should he follow his own reasoning or should he follow this template? Luo Yuan hesitated for a long time. This impetuous character and hot-headed way of making decisions… Shua!

He finally decided.

“I will do it this way then.”
Finally, Luo Yuan decided to give it a try.

Chapter 855: The Final Battle Arrived Suddenly

In the world of The Crystal Palace, Chen Feng was preparing for what was to come. Since the secret was already out, he had to face what was to come.

“We have already finished our preparations,” said Ming Yue. “At the very least, they won’t be able to enter this world through other channels.”
This alien world had been completely sealed off. When Ming Yue and Shen Wang joined hands, their strength had increased greatly. Even Xiao Ying, who shared a contract of life and death with her, had benefited from this, greatly growing in strength as well. Working together, Ming Yue and Shen Wang had thoroughly sealed this world off. At the very least, they could now ensure that a clone like Chen Yuan would not be able to enter. This was the sole advantage Chen Feng had left.

“Luo Yuan’s goal is to be the world controller. Having stopped him from obtaining misfortune and time, his next step will most definitely be me.”  Chen Feng was certain of this. “Therefore, we sealed this alien world up, stopping his clone from entering. Naturally, if it’s his real body…”
They exchanged glances. If it was the real body, they truly wouldn’t be able to do anything. After all, Luo Yuan’s real body was too powerful. The seal placed on this world would not be able to stop his advance. Regardless, if he came with his real body, they would have no choice but to engage in a decisive battle with him here. If that happened, the result would either be their side’s victory or mutual annihilation.

If required, Chen Feng would not mind destroying the entire alien world and dying together with Luo Yuan. This was also why Luo Yuan had never dared to enter personally. There was a chance that he would die together with Chen Feng. If this alien world was destroyed while he was inside, it would be the end of him.

“Therefore, he will definitely not come personally. However, he will probably try other methods. Perhaps he will send some unique clones that are stronger, or clones that possess the same strength as him, or something else that is similarly unique.” This was the conclusion Chen Feng had reached. This was also the most likely thing to happen.

Chen Yuan nodded in agreement. “That should be the case.”
All other possibilities they could think of had been rejected. Continue to look for comprehension of world creation from an alien world? Luo Yuan did not have such a world. Therefore, his goal would most certainly be Chen Feng. With Luo Yuan’s nature, after discovering Chen Feng, he would likely try to do something he wouldn’t normally do. Therefore, this would be yet another bitter struggle.

“Chen Yuan, list all your guesses of what he might do. Do not miss a single one,” Chen Feng said.

“Understood.”  Chen Yuan had a solemn expression. Since this pertained to his life, he had to take this seriously. And thus, Chen Feng, Chen Yuan, Ming Yue, and even Wang Chun started discussing Luo Yuan’s possible choices. Also discussed was Chen Feng’s rapid growth. It was quite possible that the next battle would also be the final one. At least, this was what they thought would happen.

“I think…”
“That’s right. However, you have to increase your strength as rapidly as possible as well.”
“What about…”
Everyone voiced their opinions. Every single possibility, every single idea, every single possible conclusion was discussed. With this alien world as the center, a game of chess was played. In this game, they tried to encircle Luo Yuan, to checkmate him in every possible way. Even the assistance of Qin Hai and the rest was taken into consideration in their planning.

Because of that, everyone was gathered in this world. To do this, Wang Chun had to make a huge sacrifice. Several lively girls had to sign contracts of life and death with these fellows to enable them to enter this world. The mere thought of this caused incomparable pain in Wang Chun’s heart. He felt like his head would be eternally green now. After all, this world was supposed to be his harem!

Granted, Kong Bai’s appearance here taught the girls that Wang Chun was actually quite dashing, but one should not forget that Qin Hai and Xu Fei also entered this world.

Wang Chun gnashed his teeth. “What are you guys looking at?”
Xu Fei laughed dryly. “Hehe.” This place was simply heaven.
Tsk tsk. Why couldn’t he have this ability as well?

“I am not looking,” Qin Hai said solemnly. He pointed at the surrounding girls. “They are the one looking at me.”
Wang Chun: “…”
What could he say to this? Just as they were discussing their plans, suddenly, the air cracked. A deafening sound echoed from the sky above them.

Ming Yue blanked. This sound…
Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound grew louder.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s vigilance rose. “Prepare for war!”
Ming Yue and Shen Wang began reinforcing this world’s defenses. Even if Luo Yuan once again tried to send his clone in through a world of The Crystal Palace he created, the clone wouldn’t be able to get here. If so, what exactly was this sound? Everyone’s vigilance rose. Perhaps this was, as they’d guessed, a strengthened version of Luo Yuan’s clone?

Ka! Ka! Cracks appeared in the sky. Energy converged in the hands of Chen Feng and everyone else as they entered a battle-ready state.


Accompanied by a loud boom, the sky was ripped apart. There, a familiar figure appeared. Luo Yuan had truly arrived! However, when they saw him, they were all stunned, as they realized that rather than a clone, Luo Yuan was descending personally. That’s right, he had actually come with his real body. It was no wonder that he could enter so easily.

With his real body… Was he here to die? Everyone was filled with doubt. After all, with Luo Yuan’s real body coming personally, victory was no longer possible for him. There could only be two results. The first was Chen Feng’s victory. The second was him defeating Chen Feng, but before death, Chen Feng would destroy this world, banishing Luo Yuan from reality forever. There were no other possible results.

As such, they had never expected Luo Yuan to come personally. Had this fellow gone crazy? Even Chen Yuan was staring at Luo Yuan with a disbelieving gaze. Could it be that beyond just being Luo Yuan’s clone, Chen Yuan had also possessed some of Luo Yuan’s intelligence? Thus, after he left, Luo Yuan’s intelligence had dropped? He truly couldn’t make sense of this. However, at this time, there was no point in trying to understand anything.

Chen Feng gave a signal. “Seal!”
He had truly made no preparations for this action of Luo Yuan’s. He hadn’t seen this coming at all. However, there was no need for any preparations. With a single thought, Ming Yue and Shen Wang placed this world on lockdown.

Shua! Shua!

Light swirled around as the entire alien world was locked down. In fact, a locked-down alien world could be opened through unique methods, such as what Luo Yuan had done with his clone before. But Luo Yuan entering personally was equivalent to locking himself within this world. Nobody would be able to open this lock. Now, this world was truly locked down. What exactly was going on in this fellow’s brain? Chen Feng and the rest exchanged glances, bewildered. They did not believe that Luo Yuan would do something as stupid as deliver himself into their trap.

Perhaps this was truly a special clone? Everyone instinctively looked at Chen Yuan.

He  shook  his  head  bitterly.  “This  is  the  real  body.”  Even though he was no longer linked to Luo Yuan, he was still sure that this was the real body.

Everyone sank into silence. In short, this might be the end of this long struggle? Slowly, Luo Yuan descended from the sky. The crack in the sky closed up, yet he did not seem to care. He merely gazed ahead, gazing at the figure that he had been thinking about for several decades. Indeed… Chen Feng was still alive. This was the first time he had seen Chen Feng in over 30 years.

“It has… truly been a while, Chen Feng,” Luo Yuan said with a faint smile. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. What exactly was Luo Yuan’s plan?

Chapter 856: His Intelligence Has Been Taken Away

Somewhere within The Crystal Palace, a small palace hovered. The unique aura here allowed this palace to hover in the air, a faint energy surrounding it.

“Help  it  maintain  the  null-gravity  state,”   Shen  Wei  said coldly.

The rest continued defending this place seriously.


Loud booms occasionally sounded in the distance. The earth itself shook as the immense might of the impacts caused the entire palace to lean sideways. However, through the efforts of Shen Wei and others, the palace was stabilized. “Pay more attention. No matter what, we can’t allow it to be hit,” Shen Wei said.

Shen Yi came over with a big smile on her face. “Let me help as well.” After all, here, only the two of them were truly aware of what this palace represented. In fact, the huge battle that was unfolding on the other side of this world was precisely for the sake of this palace.

“Young Lady Wang Yao… please wake up quickly,” Shen Yi prayed. That terrifying demon king seemed to have descended upon this world.

Chen Feng smiled. “It hasn’t been that long. We met not too long ago.”
“Ah.” Luo Yuan suddenly realized something. So that mysterious person had indeed been Chen Feng? How idiotic of him at the time.

Chen Feng looked at Luo Yuan indifferently. “Do you even realize what you’re doing?” Entering this alien world signified that the very best outcome Luo Yuan could hope for was mutual annihilation. With Luo Yuan’s intelligence, how could he do something so stupid?

Luo Yuan smiled. “Of course. This was indeed quite the stupid thing to do. You kidnapped my clone and had even subverted him. Therefore, I, being furious, lost my reason and came charging here. Isn’t that normal?”
Chen Feng: “…” To hell with this “lost my reason.” Did Luo Yuan look like someone who had lost his intellect at all? No, he didn’t.

Luo Yuan was all smiles. “What’s the rush? Come, sit down and have a chat?”
Chen Feng merely regarded Luo Yuan coldly.

“Look,  you  younglings  sure  are  impatient,”   Luo  Yuan lamented. His gaze became cold. “You’ve been tricking me for over 30 years. If even I am not in a rush to teach you a lesson, why are you in such a rush? Hehe, there are things that can’t be rushed. In fact, I am very curious. All these years of keeping me in the dark, do I appear silly to you? I fell for all your plans and traps. For what? For the misfortune godhood, which is as good as nonexistent?”
Luo Yuan sighed as he shook his head.

Misfortune… Chen Feng had a contemplative look. He glanced at the distant Wang Chun and signaled him. Instantly, Wang Chun understood. He immediately told Ming Yue to use the laws of this world to separate luck and misfortune. That’s right, forceful separation. With this, Luo Yuan would have no chance of getting into contact with both without first destroying this world. No matter what Luo Yuan’s true goal was, Chen Feng would never mind adding an extra layer of preparation.

“You are truly too impatient,”  Luo Yuan said with a smile. “Who told you that I’m here for the misfortune godhood?”
“Why are you here then?” Chen Feng asked calmly. “Are you only here for the sake of killing me?” “What do you think?”  Luo Yuan was all smiles. “After all, you subverted my clone. Every step I take will be anticipated by him. Therefore, my subsequent actions will all be within your expectations. To avoid this, I can only do something I wouldn’t normally do… by doing something you will never see coming. For instance, what I am doing now.”
Luo Yuan was very happy, seemingly feeling pleased with how his action had surpassed Chen Feng’s expectations.

Chen Feng sighed. “A dead end?”  After all, this path Luo Yuan had chosen was indeed a dead end. A dead end he could never return from even if he managed to emerge victorious from the battle.

“Naturally.” Luo Yuan approved of his choice greatly. “Only a dead end can surpass your expectations. Only by choosing a dead end will I be able to escape from your tricks. And only a dead end can…” Luo Yuan’s gaze suddenly intensified. “…allow one to be reborn from death!”
What? Chen Feng sank into a solemn mood. Bang!

Suddenly, Luo Yuan moved. Chen Feng had long been prepared for this. However, Luo Yuan’s attack was not directed toward Chen Feng, Kong Bai, or anyone else. Rather, this attack was headed toward his surroundings, toward the world restricting his strength.

Bang! Bang!

A terrifying shockwave spread out. Luo Yuan was pouring out his power to destroy this world.

Bang! Bang!

The Crystal Palace began shaking.

Chen Yuan cursed. “Have you gone crazy?”  Had Luo Yuan truly become stupid? Chen Yuan thought back to his previous self. With his intelligence, he should have progressed step by step and slowly push Chen Feng to his death. How could he do something so hot headed? Moreover, to attack this alien world? What a madman! After all, the result of this world’s destruction would be everyone’s death!

Was Luo Yuan truly here only to die together with them? As they thought of this, fear crept into their mind. Only Chen Feng became even calmer. Dying together… was in fact not the worst thing that might happen, right?

“Are you sure you want to die together with me?” asked Chen Feng. The world rocked as the earth trembled. The entire world began cracking all over. Even Ming Yue and Shen Wang couldn’t heal this world at this point. Luo Yuan’s real body was too powerful.

Luo Yuan laughed. “Of course not.”

He waved his hand, ripping space apart. Next, numerous people appeared from the tear. When Chen Feng looked over, he noticed that these were all subordinates of Luo Yuan, the gods Luo Yuan had accumulated throughout the years. There were several thousand of them here, each a formidable god in their own right. This world had been locked down. They shouldn’t have been able to appear here. Since they had… Luo
Yuan had to have kept them somewhere on his self when he
came here.

These people had to have been hidden somewhere on Luo Yuan. Perhaps they had shrunk, or perhaps they had latched on to him, or maybe they had used some other method. In any case, they had entered. However, what was the point of this? Even the strongest among these gods was merely a journeyman god, right? Chen Feng could probably kill a whole bunch of them with a casual wave of his hand. Why had Luo Yuan gathered them here?

“Are  you  curious?”  Luo  Yuan  was  all  smiles.  “I  am  very curious as well. After all, this method is so stupid that even I myself would never have thought of it. However, this is also precisely something you never prepared for, right?” Luo Yuan calmly said. Chen Feng had gained control over his clone, and Luo Yuan had been in at an absolute disadvantage. All his future actions would have been within their expectations. Therefore, he’d had to kill his way to a solution. Chen Feng’s heart sank. “This fellow…”  What exactly was this person intending to do?

“Almost time,” Luo Yuan muttered.


As the world was on the verge of destruction, Luo Yuan poured his strongest might into the world. If this attack actually landed, the entirety of this world would be instantly destroyed. At this moment, everyone’s gaze became focused.

Chapter 857: Destroying Everything


A terrifying power bloomed. Luo Yuan’s mighty power spread out and traveled through the void to directly appear above the palace wherein Wang Yao dwelled. This alarmed everyone here. He was actually attacking the palace! Was he trying to kill Wang Yao? No, that was not possible.

“He won’t be able to break through the palace’s defense.” Chen Yuan was sure. After all, the Luo Yuan had been the one to place the defense’s around this palace, and the defenses were capable of guarding against even Luo Yuan himself. The reason he had done this was to allow Wang Yao to focus on nothing but comprehending the power of time, undisturbed by anyone.


That mighty power collided with the top of the palace, creating a deafening sound. Clang!

The entire world seemed to shake. The palace wasn’t destroyed; it was just as Chen Yuan had said. This palace couldn’t be destroyed. However, because of Luo Yuan’s attack, the power surrounding the palace echoed out, forcefully scattering what power of time Wang Yao had comprehended thus far.


Instantly, the terrifying power of time roiled out. Like a tidal wave, the power of time engulfed the entire world, covering every single corner of the world and everyone in it, including Luo Yuan himself.

Chen Yuan was horrified. “You are actually…” He finally understood what Luo Yuan intended to do. Time chaos! He was forcefully dissipating all of Wang Yao’s power of time, forcing it to spread around this world, which would become a chaotic time that would affect all the people present. The alien world was too small, to the point that when this power spread, it was sufficient to engulf the entire world. None of the people in this world could hide. Everyone would suffer the effects of time.

“You are throwing Wang Yao’s 30 years of work down the drain!” Chen Yuan howled.

Doing this was no different than suicide. That was because Luo Yuan was the only one who wished for Wang Yao to comprehend the power of time. Nobody else cared. By doing this, the progress of Wang Yao’s cultivation would be reduced greatly. This madman… after appearing this time, everything he was doing was crazy.

Luo Yuan sneered. “I know.” He had finally seen through what mattered. The power of time? It wasn’t important. Killing Chen Feng was the only thing that mattered. When Chen Feng finally died, he could take his time doing whatever he wanted. Although this action of his seemed somewhat hot headed, it was also his best chance to kill Chen Feng. Otherwise, if Chen Feng was allowed to keep hiding in this world and growing without a stop, Chen Feng would eventually surpass him. Therefore, he had to destroy Chen Feng. And now… hehe.

“Ahh, the power of time.”
Sensing the power of time washing over him, Luo Yuan suddenly laughed.

“Have you guys seen time chaos before?”
Chen Yuan’s expression sank. Could it be… Time chaos was an entirely different concept than spatial chaos. A lot of people had experienced spatial chaos. It was a region brimming with the power of space, a region capable of disintegration, a region filled with various spatial cracks. Anyone who entered accidentally would be ripped apart by the power of space. That was because in such a place, anything might collapse at any time. Space might shatter into spatial fragments, or the space one occupied might suddenly rip apart. They were extremely fatal places. Even people as strong as Luo Yuan and Chen Feng would not dare to carelessly enter such a location without Luck Aura. The few times Chen Feng had been able to avoid Luo Yuan’s detection were by relying on spatial chaos. As for time chaos…

Time chaos was a damnable place nobody wanted to experience. After all, the essence of spatial chaos was the same as the essence of time chaos: chaos! In other words, time chaos was a location where time itself was chaotic. Here, the flow of time was unstable. It might be fast or slow. Naturally, there was also the possibility that time would flow normally. This was a place where the direction time took was abnormal. It might go forward or backward.

Could one imagine what it would feel like when time moved everywhen mindlessly? Nobody would want to know that feeling. The scariest of all was frozen time. If one was unlucky enough to be in an area where time was frozen, well, one would be frozen there forever. The power of time was endless and boundless, and all these effects were unstoppable. One might be able to defend against the collapse of space caused by spatial chaos. However, the power of time permeated everything. It was unstoppable. What did Luo Yuan intend to do? He intended to destroy everything, to restart this world. No, to be precise, he intended to reset all the life-forms on this world.

“You have no idea what you are doing!”  Chen Yuan yelled. Unfortunately, as the power of time washed over him, his voice stopped and an expression of utter terror appeared on his face. In that one instant, time had flowed backward 10 years. He had unluckily been engulfed by the power of time. Perhaps, normally, time flowing backward 10 years might be a good thing. After all, it was 10 years worth of youth, right? Alas, Chen Yuan was an exception. Ten years ago, he had not existed!

His body was surrounded by a boundless radiance. Eventually, he transformed into countless light particles and dissipated into nothingness. This clone, the other Luo Yuan, under the effects of time, had transformed into nothingness. This sinister scene shocked everyone. Everyone retreated madly. Alas, it was pointless. The power of time had already engulfed the entire world. Nobody could hope to hide from it.


The power of time swept around. Some people aged immediately as the beautiful young ladies suddenly became old. There were even some who instantly died of old age. Time was the scariest of powers. Some became extremely young. Some grew younger by three years, some by five years, and some grew several decades younger instantly, transforming into nothingness.

Shua! Shua!

As the power of time rippled out, countless people vanished from existence. A terrifying change was taking place at a speed visible to the naked eyes.

The power of time swept over and engulfed Chen Feng, Qin Hai, Kong Bai, Luo Yuan himself, the numerous gods behind Luo Yuan, and all the others. Ultimately, that power shook the entire world. The alien world, which had already been on the verge of collapse, began to recover and became even stronger than before. The entire world was reinforcing. One time, ten times, a hundred times…Nobody knew what this world was experiencing. That was how profound the power of time was.

Even now, the rippling of the power of time had yet to stop. Even though the entire world had already been changed, the power of time was seemingly still changing something.

A faint radiance began to spread. After a long time, finally, that terrifying power stopped. At this time, in the entire world, only a single location hadn’t changed in the slightest. This was the deepest core of this world, the center of the power of time, that very palace. At this time, the palace was hovering in the sky. Within, in the very center of the palace, Wang Yao was seated cross-legged, looking very much like a true god.

She was still immersed in her cultivation, completely ignoring everything that was happening outside.

The power of time swirled around within the palace. Finally, it stopped overflowing outside and started gathering around Wang Yao. Here and now, Wang Yao appeared so very resplendent. As of this moment, this place was the core of this world.

Chapter 858: Reset the World

In the world of The Crystal Palace, the tidal wave of time had stopped. The entire world was filled with bizarre swirling lights as the entire world seemed to be radiating the power of time. Luo Yuan was resetting the entire world.

In a flash, before Chen Feng could do anything, the transformation began. Before his eyes was nothing but a boundless radiance. Every single inch of this world now had a luster like the surface of a mirror.

“Luo Yuan…” Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Luo Yuan deciding to do this had indeed surpassed everyone’s expectations, even Chen Feng’s. However, the rest of the world wasn’t necessarily advantageous to Luo Yuan. It might be possible for this to be an advantage for Chen Feng instead. Naturally, Luck Aura should be able to put an end to this. After all, a location of chaotic time was akin to Luck Aura’s home ground. Unfortunately, since both of them possessed Luck Aura, the two auras counteracted each other. As such, the development of this world happened freely, without any outside interference. “Everyone that was assembled here has been split up, moved to   random   locations.”    Chen   Feng   pondered.   Although everything was in chaos now, he was still trying to arrange his thoughts as soon as possible. Luo Yuan and the numerous gods he had brought had also been affected by the power of time. As for Chen Feng and those on his side, they had also been transformed by the power of time. Not a single person could escape time. These people might appear in any random part of this world now.

“My strength…”  Chen Feng tried calling upon his strength. Fortunately, although Luck Aura’s effect had been nullified, it had still worked within his body. As such, he hadn’t received much effect from the power of time. At the same time, this also meant that Luo Yuan had likely been able to maintain his strength.

Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed. “Luo Yuan. Was this your goal?” First, push this world to destruction, then reset it. Now, this world was no longer under Chen Feng’s control. With its transformation, this world had become even stronger and was now capable of enduring impacts from powerful gods. As for Luo Yuan, he was intending to kill each and every person on Chen Feng’s side. At a certain location within this world, a bolt of lightning flashed past. Illuminated by the radiance of this lightning was the nearby Luo Yuan.

“It has begun.”  Luo Yuan had a calm expression. Under his control, both Luck Auras had canceled each other out. Nevertheless, neither he nor Chen Feng had been affected much by the power of time. With this, he would have an easier time reaping his harvest. As for the 1,000-plus gods he had brought with him, regardless of their strength, they were fully under his control.

A certain huge person appeared. “Lord.” This was a minor god that had just broken through under Luo Yuan. He was so weak that it was pitiful. However, his unique ability set was a rather remarkable one. Now, affected by the power of time, he had successfully become a major god. Boundless godly power filled his body.

Luo Yuan was very satisfied with this development. “Excellent. Well then, time to start the hunt,”  Luo Yuan said sinisterly. He and his 1,000 gods would be the hunters. The  subordinate  was  somewhat  anxious.  “Those  of  The Crystal Palace…”
“Don’t worry.” Luo Yuan smiled. “With the power of time’s transformation, this world has been reset. At present, Ming Yue and Shen Wang… Everyone originally of this world is in the void. Due to the power of time, they might be reduced into nothingness at any time. Therefore, before this transformation completes, they will remain in the void to await their fate, unable to appear in this world. Just make sure to end the battle before that,” Luo Yuan said emotionlessly.

“Yes.” The gods obeyed. Before them, each inch of this world was shining. Even more astonishingly, silhouettes of familiar- looking people occasionally flit past.

“That silhouette… seems to be that person called Kong Bai?” a god guessed.

“Let’s go.” They exchanged glances before trailing after Kong Bai. The so-called destruction of the world was in fact targeted at Chen Feng’s side. Before coming into this world, those on Luo Yuan’s side had naturally made some preparations so as to not be weakened by the time chaos. After all, this power of time had
merely rippled out randomly instead of being manually controlled by Wang Yao.

Therefore, they had been able to somewhat resist the effects of the time chaos. However, there was one caveat to this. If they encountered a time effect that was flowing forward, their resistance would be disabled. Only when time flowed backward would what they had prepared resisted the power of time, lessening the effects on them.

Naturally, there was a limit to this. A good example was a rather unlucky god that encountered a terrifying time flow that directly reversed 1,000 years worth of time. Despite his prepared resistance, that god had still been directly reduced to nothingness. After all, he had been directly reversed to a time prior even to his conception in his mother’s womb. In such a condition, how could he have been saved? However, that was an exception. The large majority of these gods still maintained their peak combat power. Their targets were Chen Feng and his friends. After killing them, Luo Yuan would gain control over the world, becoming a supreme existence.

“Huh, look over there.”
“There seems to be someone there.”
“He doesn’t look like one of us. In fact, he resembles that Xu Fei.”
“Let’s go.”
Yet another bunch of gods set forth. In numerous parts of this world, the instant they caught a glimpse of Chen Feng or his friends, they began cautiously trailing whomever they had seen. Their goal was the elimination of these people. “There’s someone there as well.”
“Could that be Chen Feng?”
“If it is Chen Feng, remember to report it. We are definitely not his match. Let our lord deal with him.”
“No, not Chen Feng. He looks like Qin Hai?”
“Follow him!”
One by one, Chen Feng’s friends were found.

“Look for a chance to make a move. Don’t leave anyone alive,” said an emotionless voice. “Understood.”

In the corner of a certain time barrier, a certain person was crouching and staring ahead blankly. He was evidently still shocked by this transformation. From what he was wearing, it was evident that this person was precisely Kong Bai.

“Is it him?”
“Yes,” a god confirmed.

This alien world wasn’t particularly big. Even though everyone had been scattered everywhere, more than 10 gods had ended up being washed into this region alone. After confirming their coordinates with their wristbands, they had begun their hunt. This time, their target was Kong Bai, whom they had discovered. “So what how strong are you guys now?” a god asked.

“I am at a journeyman god.”
“I’ve grown somewhat and am now a journeyman god as well.”
“I’ve become a major god,” a certain god announced proudly.

He was one of the lucky gods that had encountered a power of time that was flowing forward.

“Well, you will be the captain for this mission then.”
“All right.” Cautiously, they began to approach Kong Bai. Kong Bai had seemingly not noticed them. No, rather, he seemed to be ignoring everything. Since the moment he had appeared here, he had been in this blanked state. His back was against them as he blankly stared at something. They had no idea what was going on in his brain at the moment.

The major god sneered. “It doesn’t matter what he’s thinking about.” They knew of Kong Bai. He seemed to have been quite weak originally. Even if he had luckily encountered a power of time that was flowing forward, he still wouldn’t be that strong. After all, if the power of time he had encountered had been too powerful, the shockwave itself would have been sufficient to kill him. After all, 50 years and 500 years were two entirely different concepts.

The major god told the other gods to charge forth. “Go!”

Countless powerful attacks erupted. Although they didn’t think that Kong Bai could do anything against them, they still attacked with all their might, aiming to end this mission as soon as possible. Right at this instant, Kong Bai seemed to finally notice the godly power fluctuations behind him as he slowly turned his head around. The gods were immediately alarmed, as that face… wasn’t Kong Bai’s!

This face horrified all the gods present. Kong Bai, who had already been ugly, seemed to have experienced something unknown in the endless river of time. At present, his face was filled with wrinkles and creases. Moreover, on his skin were numerous dark spots that only the elderly had. Kong Bai’s current appearance successfully shocked even the gods, who had seen numerous life-forms.

So this was an aged Kong Bai! Even more terrifying were his eyes. His originally lively and bright eyes seemed to have been affected as well. Numerous brown spots could be seen in his eyes, giving off quite a horrifying look.

The major god was somewhat shocked. “This…”
A hoarse voice waffled out of Kong Bai’s mouth. “Can I ask you a question? Who’s the most handsome man?”

Chapter 859: Pursuit

The gods fired their godly power at Kong Bai. However, everything suddenly vanished. Only that question was left lingering in the air: “Who’s the most handsome man?” Curse it! The gods were all horrified. After all, this group was comprised of one major god and nine journeyman gods. Their combined strength was unimaginable. However, even with their strength, their combined attack had been erased by this single seemingly stupid question from Kong Bai?

Why? This fellow… Fear filled their eyes.

“Answer me. Who’s the most handsome man?” As he asked this question, a stiff smile took shape on Kong Bai’s face. He was seemingly trying to make himself look kinder, yet when the creases on his face piled together due to the forced smile, he instead looked even scarier.

One of the gods had an ominous feeling and wanted to retreat. “Go!”
Kong Bai’s expression became sinister. “Wrong answer.” Bang!

A beam of light shot out of his eyes, instantly disintegrating that god.

The other gods: “???”
What in the world was this? Titanium beams? Apart from some unique existences with powerful eyes, someone killing someone else with their eyes was extremely rare. How could this Kong Bai fellow…
“Answer me.” Kong Bai’s gaze rested on one of them. “Who’s the most handsome man?”
“You. It’s you,” the trembling god answered.

Shua! The entire world lapsed into silence. Even Kong Bai stopped talking. He didn’t attack either. Was that the correct answer? That god was overjoyed when he noticed this. Alas, before he could revel in his joy, a beam of light appeared and punched straight through him. Before his death, Kong Bai’s emotionless voice waffled into his ears.

“A lie.”
The other gods were all dumbstruck. What was this? Ignoring him would result in death. Answering him would still result in death, as he would assume it was a lie. What the hell? How were they supposed to answer this question, then?

Kong Bai’s gaze came to rest on yet another god. “Answer me.
Who’s the most handsome man?”
That god gulped. “Me…”  Since saying the most handsome man was Kong Bai wouldn’t work, he might as well try saying it was him.

Bang! With a flash, he was reduced to ash.

Kong Bai’s cold and hoarse voice drifted past. “Are you not ashamed of saying that, with that face of yours?”
Once again, the entire world lapsed into silence. The remaining gods began to sweat profusely. This Kong Bai… was truly very scary.

Kong Bai seemed to have been overexposed to time, to the point that his consciousness was now hazy. From the look of his face, he seemed to have experienced many years, to the point that his strength had become this terrifying. At this time, Kong Bai’s gaze landed on another god.

“Answer me. Who’s the most handsome man?”
The questioned god felt a chill go up his spine. Was he going to die now? How should he answer this? Heavens, a question like this… This did not seem like a question with a proper answer,   right?   Who   was   that   “most   handsome   man”? Suddenly, he thought of a possibility. “He is…”
He was just about to yell the name out. Alas, before he could answer, he was reduced to ash by yet another flash.

Kong Bai’s cold voice resounded. “Hesitating to answer such a question? Ignorant.”
The remaining gods were all dumbfounded. An… another death? Heavens! What exactly did this guy want? Perhaps, he merely intended to slowly torture and kill everyone here? No, that did not seem to be the case. His consciousness seemed to have truly gone hazy.

Kong Bai’s gaze landed on the weakest god in this group. “Answer me. Who’s the most handsome man?”
“…” That god paused slightly, then recalled the earlier god’s death. Immediately, he howled, “Kong Bai! Kong Bai is the most handsome man!”
This short sentence was yelled so loudly that even a deaf person could hear it. The nearby gods all felt their ears going deaf from the loud shout.
“…” Kong Bai regarded this god with his blank eyes. Just as everyone thought that this god was about to die as well, Kong Bai’s head nodded suddenly. An expression of approval appeared on his face. “Indeed. Kong Bai is the most handsome man. Hehe. Even if I have forgotten many things… I still remember that he is the most handsome man.”
This old Kong Bai seemed to be extremely satisfied. Thus, he nodded his head approvingly before turning around and leaving. The remaining gods were all sweating profusely. Their legs were limp from the fear. So they had survived? What they had just experienced was something… that could not be explained with words. At this time, some of them looked at the departing Kong Bai. His elderly figure was somewhat stooped. From his body, a familiar power could be felt. Right, it was precisely the power of that damnable mirror. “What happened to him?”
“No idea.”
“Why did that mirror fuse with him?”

Nobody knew what had happened to Kong Bai. However, it was at this moment that these gods had a feeling, like the hunt this time wouldn’t progress as smoothly as they had expected. Something like this had happened to Kong Bai. What about the other targets? The gods wondered, were they still the hunters? Why did they feel like the roles had been reversed?

“Contact our lord. This Kong Bai is not someone we can handle.”
“Understood.” …

At a different location, a group of gods was advancing cautiously. Suddenly, one of them stopped the others. “Halt.”
Why? The other gods looked at him questioningly.

“This place…”  That god looked at the region before them, which was filled with swirling light. He paused momentarily before looking at the god beside him. “I seem to recall that your flesh is capable of unlimited regeneration, right?”
That god nodded. “Yeah. Why—”

Instantly, his arm was severed from his body. This was followed by a miserable scream from him. Next, the other god tossed the cut arm into the region of swirling lights. At a speed visible to the naked eye, the arm instantly withered, began desiccating, and ultimately transformed into nothingness.

“Look. The flow of time here is a hundred times faster than normal. Entering might result in death,” that god said with a calm expression.

However, the god whose limb had been severed was currently extremely angry. “I don’t care. You are the scout. If you need something, say it and we will cooperate. Why did you cut my arm off?”
“Oh.” That god paused, then looking at them doubtfully. “Will you guys trust me if I say it out loud?”
“Of course. After all, you are a scout whose abilities specialize in detection,” the remaining gods answered doubtfully.

“Oh.” That god seemed to come to a sudden realization. “Sorry. I have never worked with other gods before. I only did that to increase my persuasiveness. Next time, I will take note of my actions.” The now one-armed god stared at him, stupefied.

“Shh!”  After taking a detour around that region, the scout suddenly told everyone to keep quiet. Distantly, the figure that they had been trailing had finally stopped moving. He seemed to be looking for something. He stood on the shore of a lake, his gaze stalled on the water below him. He was staring at the glittering water, seemingly hesitating about something. The gods behind him increased their vigilance. Suddenly, that figure stripped naked. He continued to intently stare at the water below him for a long time before suddenly proudly saying, “Indeed. It has grown larger.”
The gods behind him: “???”

Chapter 860: Perfect Body

“This beautiful body. Tsk tsk tsk.” In an extremely narcissist way, that person felt his own body while endlessly lamenting, “Look at this chest, look at these abdominal muscles, look at this waist, look at this…”
Was he crazy? The gods felt powerless when they saw this. So this fellow had walked this far just to find somewhere with water with which to worship his own body? Hehe.

“Has his identity been confirmed?”
“Yes.  He  is  Xu  Fei,  a  person  with  an  extremely  powerful fleshy body.”
“Hehe, can he be more powerful than a god?”
“True.” “Since his identity has already been confirmed, it is time to deal with him.”
They couldn’t stand watching that fellow’s narcissist actions. After exchanging glances, powerful godly power erupted as their attacks headed toward Xu Fei.

Before Xu Fei could even react, he was hit by the attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous godly power–induced explosions appeared. The terrifying power had blasted apart even the nearby lake. Xu Fei was completely submerged in the flood of attacks. Where he had stood, a huge crater, several dozen meters deep, had been created. Their attacks had transformed even the topography of this place. The various gods watched on coldly. Just as they were about to conclude that their mission was a success, a single hand suddenly reached out from the crater. As the gods saw this, their pupils shrank.

There, a frail-looking person slowly crawled out of the crater. “This fellow…”
They had an ominous feeling. That had not been enough to kill him? Let alone dead, he wasn’t hurt in the slightest. This fellow… had resisted the bombardment of a bunch of gods with his flesh alone.

“Go!”  howled the leader of this group of gods. Nobody was stupid enough to continue fighting in this situation. The earlier attack had already been extremely powerful, created by them joining hands. If even such intense godly power couldn’t harm Xu Fei, killing him was impossible.

Therefore, they decided to retreat without the slightest hesitation. Alas, it was too late.


With a red flash, a figure streaked past. Xu Fei erupted with extremely horrifying speed and streaked everywhere. Each time he was seen, a god died, blood splattering about. Bang!

Finally, the last god fell. An indignant look was left in his eyes, which were still wide open. He could not understand this. Xu Fei… How had that weakling become so powerful? After all, he was obviously a regular human, a person who was supposed to be incapable of breaking through…

The final god landed on the ground, dead.

“Weaklings.”  Xu Fei curled his lips. He began to sense the power he now had. In short, before, he had only been immune to energy, whereas at present, he was immune to even godly power? This feeling… His body felt weird now. His rise had been an odd one. Turtles, dragons, and all those weird things he had experienced. Now, with the baptism of time, his body had gained this odd constitution, which he himself couldn’t explain clearly. The power of time was extremely powerful. However, what they had experienced was merely a portion of what had leaked out of Wang Yao’s place. Moreover, this little amount of leaked power had been spread all over this world. Therefore, when it had landed on living beings’ bodies, the effects hadn’t been as powerful as the pure power of time would be.

Thanks to Xu Fei’s immunity, the effect of the power of time on him had been halved as well. Therefore, what should have been enough to directly cause Xu Fei to die of old age had been shortened. He had only experienced 10,000 years. This had allowed his odd flesh to go through a millennium’s worth of evolution.

That’s right, a millennium. This surpassed the life span of many life-forms. Yet for Xu Fei, who had inherited the bloodlines of a dragon and of a turtle, he had merely somewhat honed his flesh. After all, such as dragons, which possessed formidable flesh, had always been existences that grew strong with the passage of time.

Therefore, Xu Fei had reached completion in his cultivation just like that. Based on what the little turtle had told him previously, if the day came when his cultivation reached completion, his strength should be…

Xu Fei punched at the ground beneath him. The firm and substantial soil, which had become even stronger after this world’s transformation, couldn’t even take a single punch from Xu Fei. A huge crater was instantly created. A true god!

Xu Fei howled with laughter. “Hahahaha.” Luo Yuan, did you ever imagine that this would happen instead? I am now as strong as a true god! Luo Yuan, wash your rear and wait for me!

Xu Fei was immensely satisfied as he continued praising his still-naked body. Even when he was praising his little brother down there, his head was still held high and his chest was still puffed out. All his feelings were being wantonly let out.

“From now on, I will be the hunter.” 
At a different location, a certain god had just appeared.

An alarmed expression appeared on the 30-plus gods around him. None of them dared to get near him. That was because this god had become extremely powerful after being hit by the power of time. He was now comparable to a true god. After all, there had to be some lucky ones among Luo Yuan’s subordinates.

“You all, come with me,” he said. The gods in this area had discovered a target as well. He would now personally go to deal with that target.

The gods accepted his command. “Yes.”
“That fellow is called Qin Hai. It is said that he is Chen Feng’s best friend.” 
“Based on that minor god’s introduction, Qin Hai’s time was reversed after he was hit by the power of time. He is now a little child with nearly zero strength.”
The gods were very pleased when they heard this. With this, there would be no mistakes. After reaching the location, they could indeed see a child. This child appeared rather tender and unfamiliar. However, he did indeed resemble Qin Hai somewhat. This Qin Hai fellow, who was one of the stronger members of Chen Feng’s group of friends, had actually been transformed into a child!

“It is indeed him.”
The gods were delighted. “Kill him.” Shua!

They pressed forward toward that child. Alas, right at this instant, that child turned around and glanced at them. Suddenly, the child shook his head and stepped forward.

Just as the gods were about to chase after him, their leader stopped them. “Wait!”
“That  place…”  That  god  pointed  at  where  the  child  now stood. They could see that a faint radiance was flickering there. The flow of time seemed to be changing constantly.

“That is a region where the flow of time changes, an extremely dangerous place.”
The various gods were alarmed. Even though they were gods, they still wouldn’t dare to carelessly enter such an area.

Shua! After giving them one last glance, the child stepped deeper into that area. At a speed visible to the naked eye, his body began growing again.

One could vaguely see that a sword was held in the child’s hand. He seemed to be… doing something?

Suddenly, one god understood. “He is cultivating!”
This person called Qin Hai was actually making use of this region of flowing time to cultivate.

The gods dared not believe this. “Is he not afraid that this will be the cause of his death?”
That was an area that even they did not dare to enter. After all, that was a place where the flow of time would forever be unknown. Moreover, a situation might even arise where different parts of one’s body experienced the flow of time in different directions. Therefore, none of the gods dared to enter that area. That person called Qin Hai seemed to be gambling… “Focus on him. I refuse to believe that he can survive this.” Their leader did not believe that Qin Hai could survive this. After all, the flow of time in this area seemed to be extremely long. Could Qin Hai truly reach the end? At this rate, he would most certainly die of old age before he reached the end. This was the opinion of all the gods here. Thus, they all focused their attention on Qin Hai, who was within the region of flowing time. They watched as he walked forth one step at a time. With each step he took, he grew older. Soon, he was already a youth.

Middle age…
Old age…
With each step he took, he grew older by a year. Now, he had actually walked to his old age. His expression appeared much older now. His body was no longer tall and straight, instead stooping down at a speed visible to the naked eyes. Despite that, he still maintained the same posture and was still holding the sword. The sword had never moved either. Just like that, he walked through the region of flowing time, reaching the end of his life span. All the gods were shocked when they saw this.

“What exactly is this fellow trying to do?”
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