The Strongest Gene Chapter 841-850

Chapter 841: Collapse of the World

“As I said, I am thankful for your cooperation,”  Chen Feng said with a cold expression. He had required more powers to fuse into his brand new godly power. Despite the fact that this Luo Yuan was much weaker than the real Luo Yuan, this clone had the same exact powers as the original Luo Yuan. As such, a huge amount of powers were supplied to Chen Feng. Indeed, Luo Yuan had been scheming against Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng had been scheming against Luo Yuan as well.


Chen Feng rained punches down on Luo Yuan. Slowly, Luo Yuan’s body began to collapse. Chen Feng was too strong. After absorbing Luo Yuan’s numerous powers, Chen Feng’s new godly power had reached an astonishing level of strength, giving Chen Feng the feeling that even without breaking through, he was already comparable to a true god.

Bang! Yet another punch landed. Finally, Luo Yuan’s body collapsed, and with a bang, he transformed into a bloody mist. Chen Feng did nothing else, merely watching silently. Sure enough, Luo Yuan began regenerating once again. Rebirth… This was a certain passive resurrection ability Luo Yuan had copied.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Again!”
Bang! Bang! Bang!

He started beating Luo Yuan up once again. Shortly after, Luo Yuan resurrected himself with a different ability.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Once again, Luo Yuan was killed. This was followed by yet another resurrection. Chen Feng frowned. This was a different ability again. Back then, when copying the various abilities, Luo Yuan had copied at least several hundred resurrection abilities. To truly put an end to Luo Yuan, he had to be killed enough times that all of these abilities were completely exhausted.

However, with the huge number of resurrection abilities that Luo Yuan possessed, by the time he was killed enough to use all those abilities once, the abilities that he had initially used would probably be available again. The only solution was to completely exhaust Luo Yuan’s energy. After all, the act of resurrection required energy as well.

Alas, Chen Feng could only shake his head at this thought. Luo Yuan most certainly possessed numerous energy- restorative abilities like what Kong Bai had. As such, it would be impossible to exhaust Luo Yuan’s energy.

After numerous resurrections, Luo Yuan finally understood something. “Haha, you can’t kill me! Even though you have grown stronger, you still can’t kill me. Haha.” Luo Yuan was in ecstasy at this realization. This was his strongest aspect, his undying body.

He had initially believed that, after the transformation of Chen Feng’s godly power, Chen Feng would be able to instantly kill him. Now that he looked at it, he had been thinking too much. So long as Chen Feng did not advance into the true-god stage, Luo Yuan would be safe from him.

“Since that’s the case, I will break through first, then kill you,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Luo Yuan blanked. “What?”
Chen Feng proceeded to beat Luo Yuan until Luo Yuan was dying before tossing him into a specially created cage.

“I can’t kill you. However, I can lock you down,” Chen Feng said emotionlessly. “This cage is capable of sealing all abilities. Of course, it can’t seal your passive abilities. However… you can’t accomplish much with your passive abilities alone, right? Just stay there obediently as I break through. Then get killed by me,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.
Soon, Ming Yue and Shen Wang came over and helped separate the godhoods from him. This was the moment when Luo Yuan finally felt fear. He recalled what they had been trying to do earlier. They were trying to separate the two godhoods from Chen Feng. Once that was done, Chen Feng would be able to break through without any concerns. Damn it! Chen Feng had actually managed to reach this step.

“Don’t worry,” Chen Feng said gently, “when I become a true god, I will kill you.”
“Chen  Feng!”   Luo  Yuan  was  greatly  alarmed  by  this development. Damn it. What should he do? Chen Feng was going to become a true god, yet he seemed incapable of stopping this at all. This damnable fellow had been hiding here for so many years and had now reached this level. When Chen Feng appeared in the real world once again in the future, he would be able to threaten even Luo Yuan’s real body. So that damnable 1% failure rate was actually referring to this event? Could Luo Yuan’s real body even discover this secret? The clone greatly doubted it. If this were the Luo Yuan of the past, he would most certainly be maintaining the highest state of vigilance at all times. However, Luo Yuan had been the
master of the world for way too long.

Was he still as vigilant as he had been? Would he be able to notice all this? This clone was unsure. At the very least, this clone had fallen into such a predicament precisely because he hadn’t known anything.


A beam of light shot up. Luo Yuan’s clone’s eyes opened wide. Not far away, Chen Feng’s body was blooming with a resplendent radiance. The power that uniquely belonged to him was being split apart. From midair, a beam of light shot down and combined with the beam of light within Chen Feng’s body. Slowly, the beam was transformed into two bright beams that proceeded to enter two brand new bodies. After a long time, the two brand new bodies opened their eyes, revealing two sharp gazes.

“Done,”  one of them said in joy. This was the Misfortune Goddess. She had finally fully awakened in the outside world.

The other body appeared excited as well. “Too amazing.” This was Spirit. She finally had a body of her own. As a consciousness that had been destroyed once in the past, she was finally a person. To be precise, both she and the Misfortune Goddess were gods, gods with divine seats and godhoods. The Misfortune Goddess and the Luck Goddess.

“We still have our godhoods. However, we have too little godly power, and we’ll have to cultivate from scratch,” said the Misfortune Goddess. Back then, Chen Feng had extracted all their godly power to fuse into his new godly power. As such, these two were currently akin to empty shells and had to restart their cultivation.

Chen Feng was very pleased with this development. These two had finally separated from him and the misfortune godhood was finally not attached to him anymore. With this, so long as the Misfortune Goddess remained alive, Luo Yuan would not be able to become a world controller.
Luo Yuan would forever be one single godly power away from being able to be a world controller. Hehe. Could Luo Yuan have imagined that this might happen? Now, it was time for Chen Feng to focus on himself. He focused his gaze as he looked up at the sky. The cohesiveness of his new godly power had already reached a sufficient level. His initially weak godly power was now extremely terrifying after fusing with millions of powers. His breakthrough into the true god stage was imminent.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Come!”

Thunder roared in the sky. Chen Feng’s aura roiled out as his new godly power pierced straight toward the clouds. Heaven and earth alike shook as a terrifying power descended, seemingly trying to swallow Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang! In the sky, a huge pair of eyes had seemingly appeared. A pair of golden and resplendent eyes.

A suffocating power appeared in the sky. Chen Feng’s body suddenly felt heavy, as if a huge mountain range was loaded onto his body. Come! Chen Feng’s godly power surged. However, just as he was about to erupt at full power to break through, countless cracks suddenly appeared in the sky.


Chen Feng was dazed. These would appear when one broke through into the true-god stage? However, he was able to figure out what this was a split second later. Instantly, his face fell as he withdrew his aura. Only then did the cracks in the sky heal up.

“That is…” Chen Feng had a vague guess.

Ming Yue glared at him. “Traces of the world collapsing. This world is too small and is incapable of enduring your eruption. If you want to become a true god, you have to go to the outside world.”
Outside world? Chen Feng’s heart trembled. Damn it! That was the domain of Luo Yuan. He would have to break through right under Luo Yuan’s nose?

Chapter 842: There Is One Person Capable of Killing You

Was that even possible? Chen Feng felt helpless. Everything had progressed as he’d planned. Even if Luo Yuan sent another clone here, they could just imprison that clone as well, all with the actual Luo Yuan completely clueless about what was happening here.

Unfortunately, he had encountered another problem instead. This world was too small. After all, the world Wang Chun had selected back then was the world of The Crystal Palace. Here, the strongest existences were merely Ming Yue and Shen Wang. Just the fight between Chen Feng and Luo Yuan had been pushing this world to the brink of destruction. If he chose to become a true god here, this world would likely be reduced to nothingness.

At this time, Luo Yuan, who was trapped in the cage, horrified, finally understood what was going on. Instantly, he howled with laughter. “Hahaha, this is too funny. So it turns out that this world is completely incapable of enduring your breakthrough. If you have the guts, why don’t you return to the outside world? Do you want me to think of an idea for you? Hahaha. You don’t even need to leave this world. You only need to join this world with the outside world, like what happened with the Twin Horns World back then. With that, you will be able to break through, as the pressure will be shared across this world and the outside world. After you finish your breakthrough, you can once again sever the connection
between the two worlds. What do you think of my plan?” Luo Yuan asked while laughing heartily.

Chen  Feng  merely  sneered.  “Hehe.”   Indeed,  this  plan sounded wonderful. However, the moment he did that, this clone would be able to reestablish a connection with his real body. Instantly, the real Luo Yuan would figure out everything that had happened here. He would surely come here immediately to destroy Chen Feng and everyone in this world.

At that time, Chen Feng would probably die before he could even break through. This was the scariest thing. What had Chen Feng relied upon against Luo Yuan all these years? He had relied on the unknown, his faked death, and spreading fake news to Luo Yuan.

Luo Yuan was simply unaware that Chen Feng was still alive. That was why he had been falling into Chen Feng’s traps without stop. However, the moment he discovered the truth, Chen Feng would not be able to survive his onslaught. Over these 30 years, Chen Feng had not been the only one to grow stronger; Luo Yuan had grown as well. As such, Chen Feng had to be careful.

Chen Feng fixed his gaze on the clone before him.

The solution provided by this clone was in fact quite good. Although it had the risk of revealing this world to Luo Yuan, so long as they controlled the connection properly, they might be able to stay concealed. He could continue hiding within this world while allowing the outside world to endure the pressure of his breakthrough.

With that, the only thing Luo Yuan could know was the fact that someone had broken through into the true-god stage. That was all he would know. Naturally, this plan couldn’t succeed unless they first ensured Luo Yuan could not reestablish his connection with this clone. At present, this clone was locked into this world and was incapable of linking his consciousness with the real Luo Yuan. However, the moment a connection was established between the two worlds, everything here would be transmitted straight to the real Luo Yuan. This was something they had to deal with. Chen Feng sank into a deep contemplation, his gaze resting on the clone before him.

“What are you thinking about now?”
The smile on the clone’s face froze. This bastard Chen Feng had been staring at him for more than 10 minutes now. This caused a sinister feeling to rise within his heart. It couldn’t be that, after figuring out that the clone couldn’t be killed, Chen Feng was thinking of doing something else to him, right? Holy sh*t. Luo Yuan had always been straight!

“Not  quite,”  Chen  Feng  answered  his  doubts.  “I  have  no interest in you. However, the plan you proposed earlier is indeed quite interesting.”
“Oh?” Luo Yuan laughed dryly. “Interesting?” He had merely been intending to shame Chen Feng by proposing an impossible plan. If Chen Feng actually tried to do what he had said, Chen Feng would die very shortly afterward. He had not believed that Chen Feng would be this stupid.

Chen Feng nodded seriously. “Mhm. Although I can’t do what you said, the general angle of your solution is correct. I only need to somewhat alter it and I will be able to proceed.”
Luo Yuan was curious. “Which part will you alter?”
Chen Feng looked at him emotionlessly. “I shall first kill you before attempting to break through. So long as you are dead, you will not be able to establish a link with him. Next, I can do what you suggested earlier. There will be no problems.”
“Kill me?” Luo Yuan was first stunned, and then he howled with laughter. “Hahahaha! Kill me? Hahahaha. Chen Feng, you are getting funnier. Oh my gosh, this is too funny. Hahaha.”
He truly found this funny. Kill him? If Chen Feng could truly kill him, would Chen Feng have wasted so much time talking to him here? In the first place, the very reason Chen Feng was trying to break through was to kill him.

Even though this was a mere clone, Chen Feng was still incapable of killing him. Only after becoming a true god would Chen Feng be equipped with the capability to truly kill him. In other words, to kill him, Chen Feng had to first become a true god. However, to become a true god, Chen Feng needed to first kill him.

Hahahaha. This was simply a dead end, was it not? An unsolvable puzzle. Chen Feng had told him this so seriously, yet Luo Yuan found this utterly funny. So that intelligent trickster Chen Feng had become so stupid now?

Luo  Yuan  looked  at  Chen  Feng  in  disdain.  “Regardless  of whether it’s this clone or my real body, you can’t kill me.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “No. I indeed said that you need to be killed. However, I never said that I will be the one doing the killing.” Luo Yuan was doubtful. Who would be the one to kill him then? Ming Yue? Shen Wang? Chen Feng was already the strongest person here. Who could replace him?

“There is still someone else capable of killing you,”  Chen Feng said with a smile.

Luo Yuan narrowed his gaze. “Who?”
Chen Feng smiled. “You. To be precise, the real Luo Yuan.”
Luo Yuan’s eyes went wide. What exactly… was this fellow talking about?

“You will know soon,”  Chen Feng muttered. Suddenly, he called Wang Chun over. “Watch this fellow properly. I need to take a trip back to the outside world.”
Outside world? The caged Luo Yuan’s heart throbbed as he heard this. Chen Feng was thinking of leaving? Hehe. So he was trying to seek an alternative in the outside world? Interesting. This was indeed a good idea. However, this world was presently locked down. If Chen Feng wanted to leave, they had to first establish a connection, right? That would be his chance!

Luo Yuan became excited as he thought about this. So these fellows thought that locking him in here would be sufficient? Hehe. They had no way of knowing that some abilities could not be blocked. As a clone, the connection between him and the real Luo Yuan was extremely strong.

Only a tiny crack was required for a connection to be established between the clone and the real body. At that time, wouldn’t things become interesting? Hehe. Luo Yuan was secretly delighted. Naturally, he still maintained his blank, expressionless face with as he stayed obediently in the cage.

“No  problem.”   Wang  Chun  glanced  over  at  Luo  Yuan, seemingly not worried at all. The clone was locked in a cage like a dog and had zero destructive capabilities. In any case, even if he could escape the cage, he would not be a match for Ming Yue and Shen Wang. After all, this was their world. Perhaps this clone had indeed eliminated the other world of The Crystal Palace. However, the Ming Yue and Shen Wang of that world had definitely still been hostile to each other and had fought independently. Here, though, they were a couple. From the result of the short clash they’d had earlier, Luo Yuan was simply not a match for the two of them. Therefore, Wang Chun had no worries about this world. He was only worried about Chen Feng.

Chapter 843: Luo Yuan’s Doubt

“Will he be fine in the outside world?”
Wang Chun was filled with anxiousness. He was not aware of Chen Feng’s plan. However, in the outside world, a certain terrifying true god’s attention was focused here. Chen Feng going out alone was truly too dangerous.

Chen Feng smiled. “Don’t worry too much. I know what to do.”
Wang Chun nodded “All right.”
“Even though Luo Yuan’s clone is locked down, making it easier to ensure he cannot establish a connection with his real self, we must still ensure that no connection whatsoever can be established between this world and the outside world,” Chen Feng said. “I will move in and out through the link between Xiao Ying and Ming Yue. Under no circumstances are you to open up the connection.” Wang Chun’s expression became solemn. “Understood.”

Tearing a portal in midair, Chen Feng vanished. As Luo Yuan saw this, he became incomparably excited. This was his chance, as a connection had been established with the outside world by Chen Feng himself. He had been watching on expressionlessly. The moment Chen Feng ripped space apart, he nearly revealed his excitement. So long as a connection was established, even if Chen Feng was the only one to go out…
Hehe. He would be able to instantly connect to his real self. This little cage was completely incapable of stopping him from connecting with himself. Luo Yuan was getting excited. Alas, surprising him, even though a connection had already been established with the outside world, he was still unable to connect with his true self.

What was going on? Sealed again? Not possible. Chen Feng was not a true god; how could he be capable of this? What exactly was going on, then? Instinctively, Luo Yuan looked over at the tear in midair left by Chen Feng, which was already closing up. Suddenly, an astonished expression appeared on his face. This crack…
Damn it! This portal opened by Chen Feng did not connect to the real world. Rather, it connected to a region of spatial currents. There just a huge and vast nothingness there. That was not the outside world. Chen Feng had actually stepped into the spatial currents by himself? However, this thought had merely flashed by before Luo Yuan understood what was going on. That damnable Chen Feng!

To ensure that he could not connect with his real self, Chen Feng had used a region of spatial currents as a springboard to move between the outside world and this world. That region was too chaotic and was capable of crushing all auras and energy. As such, Chen Feng had chosen to go out through there. As for the dangers posed by that region?

That place was dangerous to everyone, including true gods. That was a region of chaotic spatial currents. One could never know where it would lead. Chen Feng was an exception thanks to his godly power of luck. Even though he had already separated the godhood of luck from himself, his new godly power was incomparably powerful and had fused with a huge amount of the power of luck. As such, he could convert it to pure luck for his own usage as he wished.

In that kind of place, luck was the strongest of all powers. As such, it was impossible for a mishap to befall Chen Feng there.

Luo Yuan clenched his teeth. “A fine move, Chen Feng.”
He had never expected Chen Feng to have such a trick up his sleeves. It seemed like hoping for Chen Feng to reveal a weakness was an impossible dream. However, why had that fellow decided to go to the outside world? How would Luo Yuan kill his own clone? Hehe. What a joke.

Moreover, there was something Chen Feng did not know. Even if the real Luo Yuan wanted to kill the clone, he would not be able to accomplish that, as a connection couldn’t be established with this world. After all, without a connection, the self-destruct order could not be transmitted here. How naive. But what if Chen Feng reestablished a connection at that specific moment?
Things would become even more interesting, as the clone’s memories would be instantly shared with the real Luo Yuan. At that time, the real Luo Yuan would know everything that had happened here. He would know that the world of the Crystal Palace was in fact incomparably weak. His next course of action would be to destroy this world. He would also discover Chen Feng and proceed to put an end to him for real.

Luo Yuan sneered. “Chen Feng, is that what you want?”
He was a clone, but he was also real. As a true god, as a clone that was capable of maintaining an absolute connection with his real body, he was merely slightly weaker than the real body. The strength of their connection was something Chen Feng had no way of imagining.

Luo Yuan’s gaze was ice cold. “I am curious. How are you going to kill me?” …

At this time, in the outside world, Luo Yuan was still staring at the air. How long had it been? He calculated the time in silence. He seemed to have completely lost his connection with his clone.
He had chosen to construct The Crystal Palace as his alien world. This was the same book Wang Chun had chosen. Next, he had sent his clone over to gain understanding of that world. However, the understanding the clone had gained was merely of the book’s early period. Nearly every book would reach a situation where minor gods were more worthless than dogs while major gods were everywhere toward the end.

Therefore, to avoid this occurrence, he had used his clone to destroy the entire world. In his version of The Crystal Palace, Ming Yue and Shen Wang, everything and everyone had been eliminated by his clone. Even those two had merely caused his clone a slight inconvenience. They were still incredibly weak. The only thing he had left in that world was a connection he could use to hop into Wang Chun’s world. They should already have a full understanding of The Crystal Palace’s power system. As such, after the clone entered, he should have been able to kill everyone there and give him a report. Alas, no such thing had happened. After entering the world, his clone had gone missing. Why? What had happened?
Luo Yuan did not even dare try to pry into what was happening there.

After his previous experience with Su Hao, he did not dare to recklessly enter an alien world. Moreover, if even his clone had been instantly killed, him going there personally would be pointless. An existence capable of instantly killing his clone would most definitely be extremely terrifying, along the likes of that Su Hao. The mere thought of Su Hao caused Luo Yuan’s spine to chill. In short, something similar had happened in the world of The Crystal Palace?

Luo  Yuan  frowned.  “What  exactly  happened  there?”  The only difference between Wang Chun’s The Crystal Palace and his own was the time they had been established. His world had been in the early period of the book, whereas Wang Chun’s world had already reached the late period. As such, the power system of that world might have changed? Or perhaps, due to an energy transformation, an even more terrifying existence had appeared? Luo Yuan couldn’t know, as such things weren’t in the original book. Due to Wang Chun’s existence and his interference, that world might have developed in an entirely different way. After all, even the Genetic Era had gone through numerous transformations.

In the early period, A-class warriors had been the peak of the food chain. Next, it had become beyond A class, followed by S class, until it reached the present, where gods were everywhere. As such, his own version of The Crystal Palace might be similar to the early Genetic Era, where A-class warriors ruled, while Wang Chun’s The Crystal Palace might have reached the late period, where gods were everywhere?

Was that why something had occurred the instant his clone entered? His clone had gone completely missing. Even whether he was alive or dead remained unknown. What exactly had happened there?

Chapter 844: The Terrifying Truth

In the Kingdom of Luo Yuan, yet another batch of apostles ascended to godhood. Alas, not a single one of them obtained the misfortune godhood. Luo Yuan was already numb to this. The misfortune godhood seemed to have completely vanished. Although Luo Yuan did not know what was going on, with his intelligence, he was naturally able to deduce that this was due to something Chen Feng had done before dying.

Luo Yuan shut his eyes. Chen Feng…  Hehe. I can’t believe that even so many years after your death, you are still negatively influencing me. So it turned out that this opponent, who he had never looked highly upon, had decided to bring him endless trouble and provocation after death. Luo Yuan thought back to the affairs of back then. Chen Feng hadn’t even tried resisting him, instead directly committing suicide. Was that even possible?

That seemed unlikely. If Luo Yuan hadn’t confirmed Chen Feng’s death so many times, he wouldn’t believe that Chen Feng had killed himself just like that. What was the reason behind his suicide? With his characteristics, how could he even commit suicide? There was only one reason for his suicide; it definitely had something to do with misfortune. Chen Feng had been aware that he was not Luo Yuan’s match and had thus opted to use a unique method to prevent Luo Yuan from getting the misfortune godhood. For example, perhaps he damaged the misfortune godhood using an unknown method. With that, even though the misfortune
godhood was vacant, Luo Yuan would still fail to obtain it.

Perhaps that was the truth behind Chen Feng’s suicide. Since the misfortune godhood had been with him, it was quite likely that his suicide had been one of the necessary steps in his plan to prevent the misfortune godhood’s reappearance.

“Is that the truth?”
Luo Yuan finally understood. He was, after all, an intelligent person. If that was the case, all his questions could now be considered answered.

“In short, I have been working hard for nothing for these 30 years?”  Luo Yuan mocked himself. A fine Chen Feng. Indeed ruthless enough. Fortunately, 30 years wasn’t much to him. Regardless of what Chen Feng had done, he had ultimately died. As for Luo Yuan, he had plenty of time. “Since the misfortune godhood can no longer appear, I will have to think of an alternative.”
Luo Yuan sank deep into contemplation. If the misfortune godhood wouldn’t appear, his best shot at becoming a world controller was comprehending the laws of world creation on an alien world.

Unfortunately, he could no longer hope to touch the world of Godly Model Creator. As for the world of The Crystal Palace, his clone’s fate was still unknown. As such, that was not an alternative either. Would he have to find a brand new world? Luo Yuan gazed at the radiance shrouding his hand. With the huge number of abilities he had, it was quite a simple affair to reset an ability. However, if he did that while his clone was in the alien world, he could very well be the one to doom his clone to damnation. After all, his clone might be in a huge battle at the moment, with victory imminent.

“I will wait a bit longer.”
Luo Yuan decided to wait one more week. If there was still no news by then, he would have no choice but to erase his clone and the entire world of The Crystal Palace. However, on the third day, some people betrayed him with no warning whatsoever and established a new kingdom.

Luo Yuan was unable to make sense of it. Betrayal? Betraying him? Those people were his believers, right? And there were also those gods. What were they thinking about? Using his wristband, Luo Yuan tried to see the contents of their thoughts. Astonishingly, he found that the connection with the wristbands they were wearing had been severed.

“What’s going on?”
Luo Yuan’s vigilance rose. Even though there was no longer anyone that was his match in this world, he still had to maintain a certain level of vigilance. What surprised him most was the question of why these people had betrayed him, since nobody in this world was capable of contending against him. What was the reason? Had those people encountered an even stronger existence? This was indeed thought provoking.

“Send someone over,”  Luo Yuan decided. Soon, he found a certain expert near the newly established kingdom and sent him over to defect to the traitors. As for Luo Yuan himself, he monitored everything through that person’s wristband. Everything progressed smoothly. That expert did not take long to arrive in the new kingdom. Finally, Luo Yuan was able to get a good look at the kingdom’s so-called palace, which looked huge and imposing. However, a single glance was all one needed to see that it was freshly built.

“Who are you looking for?”
“I am here to seek shelter from the lord.”
“Ah,  come  with  me  then.”   A  person  led  him  forward. Through the wristband, Luo Yuan observed everything clearly. He found that everything here was brand new and freshly built. Who was it that had the ability to build such a huge palace in the span of two days?


Along the way, familiar believers could be seen walking everywhere. However, on their wrists was some odd mud. The unique aura of the mud was what was blocking the wristband’s connection. This thing… Luo Yuan frowned, as he found this thing familiar. However, Luo Yuan decided to not spare this much thought, as at this moment, that expert had finally entered the palace. The figure in the palace was about to reveal

However, the very instant that expert entered the palace, several figures flashed past the screen and the connection was severed. At that instant, someone had stepped forth and wiped something on the wristband. Immediately, the connection had been severed. This was within Luo Yuan’s expectation. However, what shocked him was the figures he had seen before the connection was terminated.

“Those figures…” Luo Yuan shut his eyes. Even though it had only been a single instant, he had still gotten an incomparably familiar feeling from that figure… Mhm. Right, there was also that mud they were using to sever his connection. During the final moments, Luo Yuan had finally gotten a clear look at what it was. That was the mud of an alien world. It was no wonder that the mud could sever his connection. Only something not native to this world could block his connection. This mud had been brought over from an alien world. Luo Yuan’s gaze burned. Who was it? He had seen several figures earlier. At this moment, his formidable brain began spinning, and shortly after, he was able to figure out who some of those figures were. Naturally, the identities of the other figures were still being deduced. However, several seconds later, Luo Yuan knew the truth. That was because, standing in the middle of all the figures… That specific figure that gave him an incomparably familiar feeling…
Shua! Shua!

Luo Yuan utilized his formidable power and operated a huge number of deduction abilities to fix that single scene in time. Finally, the appearance of that figure became clear.
However, the instant that figure’s face became clear, Luo Yuan trembled all over as his eyes went wide with disbelief. How? How was this possible? He stood up abruptly. He had thought of countless possibilities, yet he had never imagined that this particular person would be the one who had betrayed him. The Crystal Palace…
Alien world…

After a momentary silence, Luo Yuan suddenly erupted in laughter. True. If this was what had happened, then everything could be answered. Why had his clone vanished? Why had all connections been severed with that clone? And why had those people suddenly betrayed him? So it turned out that his ultimate enemy was actually himself!

That’s right. That familiar figure he had seen was in fact himself. If his guess was correct, this person was his clone, the clone sent to the alien world. When Luo Yuan’s gaze fell on the muddy protrusions on that figure’s body, he understood everything. These things were stuck to his body to prevent a connection from being established between the main body and the clone. In other words, his enemy this time was himself!

Chapter 845: Betrayal and Abandonment

Luo Yuan clenched his fists tightly. He understood now. This clone, which had always been synced with him, had accidentally encountered this mud on the alien world and had discovered that it was capable of blocking their connection. No, if that were all, it would not have escaped Luo Yuan’s notice. The clone had to have noticed that their connection had been severed for some reason after entering the alien world. Subsequently, he had begun to have thoughts of disloyalty.

In the past, regardless of whether it was the present world or an alien world, his clone would be always synced to him. As such, there had been no differences between the two. Now that their connection had been severed, a crack had appeared and the clone had decided to not return to Luo Yuan. After all, the clone was essentially himself, a person with wit and ambition.

If so, what was the clone’s goal? Suddenly, Luo Yuan’s vigilance rose. The clone’s goal should be the same as his own, obtaining control over the world, and his source of motivation should be the flower-like young lady as well.

Suddenly, Luo Yuan raged. “You are courting death.”
Not only had was clone being disloyal, he even dared to think of laying his hands on her. Luo Yuan was certain of the clone’s motives. After all, the clone was as intelligent as him and shared the same memories as him. As such, they would have the same dream and ambition. This clone was simply another Luo Yuan.


Luo Yuan laughed. His aura rose without stop, causing everyone in his kingdom to tremble.

Clone… you are courting death. Luo Yuan stood up. He had decided to make a move personally to take control of this traitor. Initially, he had planned to directly destroy this clone. However, this was quite a unique occurrence, and thus, he had to figure out the reason behind it. Otherwise, what would he do if his next clone
betrayed him as well?

This should not have happened. His cloning method was different than the regularly used methods, those comparatively trashy abilities that could create numerous clones with a shout or something. In fact. His clone was a truly independent and powerful body. It was simply a different Luo Yuan who possessed all his abilities. The clone had his consciousness, and when he and the clone acted, it was equivalent to two Luo Yuans moving together.

This was also why he had dispatched a clone to fight Ye back during the godhood trial. After all, this clone was sufficient to do a lot of things on his behalf. Moreover, Luo Yuan was also capable of switching his clone body and his real body as he wished. They would forever be synced with each other. This was the strongest aspect of the cloning ability he had used. But now, everything had been severed. During the battle with Su Hao, he had lost his clone and even his main body had received a grave injury. Therefore, he had exhausted his power to create a brand new clone while also maintaining the highest level of vigilance while dealing with the new alien world he had created.

Unexpectedly, the final result was the betrayal of his clone. Alien world… The Crystal Palace… What exactly was in that world? Luo Yuan had to figure that out. It was impossible for him to go there personally. The alien worlds were too scary and dangerous. After the two mishaps he had encountered on alien worlds, he would not deliver himself to his death on an alien world. As such, the best solution was to regain control over his clone.

Luo Yuan sneered. “So you think that some mud can block me?”
This clone was still too naive after all. Light swirled before Luo Yuan.


Luo Yuan stepped forth into empty air and directly appeared above that brand new kingdom. As for the sort of resistance this kingdom might pose, Luo Yuan did not care. This was how domineering he was.


A bright radiance descended. Above this brand new country, Luo Yuan’s huge figure appeared. He immediately locked his attention on the palace, on the unique clone right in the middle of the palace. That person, despite his covered face, still possessed a figure that was exactly the same as his own. Shua!

Numerous beams of light surged forth. Instantly, a thread was created, linking the both of them.

“Return,” Luo Yuan muttered.


A bright radiance spread. Luo Yuan sneered. The connection between them took priority over everything else. With such a short distance, nothing could block their connection.

Suddenly, Luo Yuan’s eyes went wide. What? Before him, that bright radiance faded after turning into various light particles. That distant figure appeared fine, and Luo Yuan himself was still not getting any information or feedback whatsoever from this clone. Moreover, he could even see a sneer at the corner of that clone’s mouth.

For the first time, that person opened his mouth. “Did you truly think I had no way of dealing with you?”
This voice… This was the voice of Luo Yuan.

That person proceeded to say something extremely astonishing: “Know this. What you know, I know as well. What I know, though… might not necessarily be what you know!”

The clone waved his hand. Instantly, the space surrounding Luo Yuan collapsed. After all, he had only forcefully sent his projection here from his kingdom. As such, the amount of power available to him wasn’t much. As such, facing such resistance, his projection immediately collapsed. “I will return for you!” Luo Yuan said with a cold gaze.

The clone merely laughed coldly. “Hehe.”

With a flash of light, everything returned to normal.


Luo Yuan was blasted back to his own kingdom. A deafening sound spread as Luo Yuan nearly destroyed his own palace in his fury. Luo Yuan raged. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! That damnable clone! How long had it been since Luo Yuan had last been so infuriated? It had been a very long time indeed. He had never expected a day to come where he suffered a loss due to his own clone’s scheming. As for the words that clone had uttered, they caused Luo Yuan’s heart to chill. “Know this. What you know, I know as well. What I know, though… might not necessarily be what you know!”

These words… Just thinking about them caused fear to rise in Luo Yuan’s heart. True, what the clone had experienced on the alien world was still completely unknown to Luo Yuan. What exactly had happened there? That clone was also certain that the real Luo Yuan would never dare personally step foot on that world. To be precise, that clone wasn’t at all afraid that Luo Yuan would enter that world in the flesh. Why was that? Because that alien world was stronger? Or perhaps the clone had been subdued by the people of that world?

Luo Yuan did not know. And the unknown was the scariest. Luo Yuan had remained undefeated for way too long. This matter with the alien world was causing him to be somewhat crazed. He was now sure of one thing: that alien world, that so- called ability capable of creating an alien world based on a book… was in fact a Pandora’s Box that should never have been opened! This applied to both Godly Model Creator and The Crystal Palace. If Luo Yuan were given a second chance, he would absolutely not touch them. Why had he even decided to copy that ability in the first place? Regardless, right now he had to focus on regaining control over this clone that had gone rogue.

Hopefully, the clone hadn’t leaked too much of his secrets.

Luo Yuan stood up. A faint shiny silhouette took form before him. Despite the fact that Luo Yuan’s cloning ability was powerful, it had a weakness. Only a single clone could remain active at a time. Under normal circumstances, when Luo Yuan formed a new clone, the previous clone would automatically dissipate into nothingness. As such, Luo Yuan was very curious about what would happen when a new one was formed.

Bang! Bang!

From within Luo Yuan’s body, countless abilities were drawn out. His godly power dropped rapidly as the abilities converged before him to form a faintly shining silhouette, becoming a brand new Luo Yuan. This was precisely his new clone. At present, in the distant world of The Crystal Palace, Luo Yuan’s clone was in the midst of fearlessly throwing insults toward Ming Yue and the others from his cage. Suddenly, an acute pain arose in his heart. The world before his eyes grew dark as his consciousness faded.

This feeling… He felt fear as he realized something. He had actually been abandoned by his real self? Chen Feng had actually succeeded? How many days had it been?

Chapter 846: Trampling on the New Kingdom

In the Kingdom of Luo Yuan, he had someone monitoring that clone of his at all times. Alas, he discovered that the clone did not die. Even after forming a new clone, the old clone was still not dead. That damnable clone was still staying in the so- called new kingdom.

Luo Yuan’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Is it because of the mud?” So it turned out that this thing from the alien world was capable of truly severing their connection. Since that was the case, the only option left was a battle.

“Prepare for a war,”  Luo Yuan said coldly. He was aware of how strong he was, just as he was aware of how terrifying he could be in the future. As such, he would not give this clone of his a chance to grow. He had to immediately kill the clone. He could not afford to let his clone stay alive for too long.

“Let’s go.” Luo Yuan walked out of his palace. The entire Kingdom of Luo Yuan began operating as per his wishes. All the gods gathered together and followed behind Luo Yuan as they headed forward to conquer the so-called new country. An all- out war was about to erupt. Once again, this planet, which had enjoyed many years of peace, was shrouded in the fogs of war. Naturally, the half of the world not under Luo Yuan’s control
watched on with excitement.

“Have you heard? There is an internal conflict in Luo Yuan’s country.”
“Is that for real?”
Some did not believe this. This kingdom was centered around Luo Yuan, after all. Who would dare mess around?

“Heh, you must not know of this yet. I heard that the rebel has already established his very own kingdom. Moreover, he possesses terrifying and unrivaled strength.”
“Stronger than Luo Yuan?” “No idea. However, it is said that the rebel resembles Luo Yuan greatly.”
“There’s a great resemblance in their voice and appearance.”
“Could it be…”
“Who knows? In any case, a great show is about to unfold,” that person narrated sneakily.

As for the others, everyone was filled with joy. It seemed like this war was a result of Luo Yuan’s mistake. Tsk tsk…
However, that was understandable. In this world, Luo Yuan was unrivaled. If there was an enemy, that enemy could only be himself.

“I wonder how it feels to fight oneself?” someone asked while sneering.

Someone laughed wildly. “Well, only our exalted Lord Luo Yuan will know this feeling. Hahahaha.”
They were looking forward to this war. Perhaps, Luo Yuan would perish together with his other self? That would be the perfect ending. This was what many people were thinking.

At this time, within the new kingdom, the Lord Clone was calculating his current combat power. Countless underlings of him were trembling in fear. The reason? They had simply blindly followed “Lord Luo Yuan” out to establish a new kingdom as he wished. They believed that this was just a new project of Lord Luo Yuan’s. Unexpectedly, they had followed a bogus Lord Luo Yuan. On that day, when Luo Yuan himself descended here, they had nearly collapsed from despair. So it turned out that they had followed a faker? And yet something scarier had happened. This lord here had actually blasted Lord Luo Yuan back whence he’d come. What did that signify? That signified
that this lord here wasn’t any weaker than Luo Yuan was.

Moreover, his appearance and voice… Everything was exactly the same as the other Luo Yuan. Confusion had started to arise about who the real Luo Yuan was. This confusion had lasted until rumors about the clone started spreading. Only then did they discover that this Lord Luo Yuan here was actually a clone. However, this was a terrifying clone that wasn’t any weaker than the real body. Moreover, what they cared most about was the fact that this new lord here had not subjected them to any sort of monitoring. Rather, he had granted them the freedom to do what they wanted.

That unique mud was capable of blocking the signals from the wristbands they wore. From that day onward, they had been free of the monitoring. They had become truly free.

“You guys can do what you want. Those willing to fight by my side, stay. Those unwilling, leave as soon as possible. In any case, if you guys hide in the various corners of the world, Luo Yuan will be too lazy to search you out one by one. Do take care if you select this option.”
These were the words of their new master. They who had been used to being unfeeling and obeying without question had actually been somewhat moved by these words.

However, their feelings being moved was an entirely different matter. Despite that, they were still likely to flee at any time. That’s right, this Lord Clone had been molded by the original Luo Yuan, possessing even the same memories. As such, even if he emerged victorious from this war, he might eventually make the same choices as the original Luo Yuan.

This was a battle between two Luo Yuans. If possible, they would not stay behind. And thus, news of something was spread. This clone was busy helping people flee and wasn’t the least bothered with whether these people stayed behind to help him or not. This resulted in more and more people fleeing here from the Kingdom of Luo Yuan. The clone easily liberated these refugees from Luo Yuan. After being moved by his actions, these refugees decided to leave quietly as well. And just like before, only the clone alone was left here. In the entirety of this new kingdom, there was only the clone himself.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration. “Why is he even doing this?”
“Why else? To weaken Luo Yuan?”
“Tsk tsk. Luo Yuan weakening Luo Yuan?”
“I suppose he has no choice. After all, nobody understands the real Luo Yuan better than him.”
“I will never cultivate cloning abilities in the future.”
“Same.” “This is truly way too scary.”
As time passed, more and more people headed toward the clone to seek their freedom. The original Luo Yuan was naturally aware of this. However, he could not do much about it. His injuries were rather grave. After losing two clones in succession and forcefully forming a third, the power he had left wasn’t much. As for the people that had defected to his clone, there were simply too many of them.

There were so many of them that killing them all was somewhat impossible. As such, he could only watch blankly as they defected. Those damnable gods that had clearly been nurtured by him also headed to the clone to seek for freedom. They were truly seeking death!

The number of people around Luo Yuan dropped without stop. Ultimately, by the time he finally reached the new kingdom, nearly 90% of his gods had defected. Those defectors had all been liberated by the clone.

Luo Yuan walked into this new kingdom. Everything appeared brand new in this country, yet it did not carry the aura of any living beings. In this huge country, only the clone himself remained. “What is the point of this?”
“Since you are also me, you should also know that it does not matter whether these gods live or die. The only one I care about is you. My only opponent is only you. After killing you, I can reinstate everything to how it was before,” Luo Yuan said emotionlessly. So long as this traitor was killed, he would still remain the almighty king.

“You are too idiotic. You are also too arrogant. Don’t bother thinking of escaping. Since I am already here, the surroundings have naturally been sealed off. Don’t bother thinking of killing me either. A new clone has already been formed. This time, I will not allow him to step foot on any alien worlds. I will make him stay here and kill you. Perhaps you have grown in strength somewhat, resulting in the misconception that you can actually contend against me. However, ultimately, I am still your master.”
Shua! With a flash, a shiny silhouette appeared beside Luo Yuan. This was precisely the clone Luo Yuan had recently formed. Moreover, the aura emanating from this clone wasn’t any weaker than Luo Yuan’s.

“Let’s end this. I shall retrieve you. Let me see clearly what kind of ideas have formed in that brain of yours.”

Luo Yuan stepped out. He wanted to retrieve this defective clone. Alas, when he grabbed forth, a blank piece of nothingness welcomed his hand. That defector had transformed into countless particles and dissipated into the air. The defector that Luo Yuan had been talking to, the one seated atop the throne, had in fact been a corpse formed of purely energy particles. That was why, when Luo Yuan had grabbed forth, he hadn’t been able to feel anything. So this clone had already been dead? Luo Yuan was stunned. What was going on now? He was truly at a loss now.

Chapter 847: Sink

After completing his plan, Chen Feng had returned to the world of The Crystal Palace.

Chen Feng smiled. “Luo Yuan should be rather stupefied, right?”
For the past few days, he had been using the identity of “Luo Yuan’s clone” to establish a brand new kingdom. Then, before the moment of the decisive battle, he had departed in secret. Luo Yuan was probably still stupefied even now.

Chen Feng had never intended to fight Luo Yuan. In any case, he couldn’t defeat Luo Yuan. So long as his plan was completed, it was fine for him to return. And now…
Chen Feng looked at around. His gaze stopped on a cage, the cage containing Luo Yuan. At this moment, this clone, who had been never stopped throwing insults at Chen Feng, appeared dazed, merely staring ahead blankly in the cage. His eyes appeared empty and blank. “How’s the situation?” Chen Feng asked.

“He’s been like this since yesterday,” Wang Chun said with a shrug.

Chen Feng understood immediately. “Oh, that’s when he was abandoned by the real body.”
When Luo Yuan heard this, he abruptly turned toward Chen Feng. “What did you do?” He couldn’t believe this. He and Luo Yuan were the same person, and yet Chen Feng had been able to put a division between them? Chen Feng had been able to so easily make the real body give up on him?

“Mhm…” Chen Feng gave it some thought before explaining. “I pretended to be you and established a brand new kingdom.”
The clone’s expression changed greatly. A new… kingdom? “No! How is that possible?”  The clone suddenly raged. “It’s impossible for you to pretend to be me. Even if you can assume my appearance and voice, the unique connection between me and him is something you can never feign.”
“Why  would  I  need  that  connection?”   Chen  Feng  was wearing a smile that was not at all smile-like. “In any case, the connection between you two has been severed, right?”
“No  synchronization…”  The  clone  blanked  shortly  before finally understanding everything. He was extremely intelligent person as well. With a single hint from Chen Feng, he was able to reach a terrifying conclusion. If this was indeed the truth… He slumped down weakly. It was no wonder that his real body had suddenly abandoned him.

If he were in the same position, if he’d been betrayed by his clone, what would he do? He wouldn’t just stop at that. He would create a new clone, reinforce his control over the clone. He was certain that, for the new clone, so long as the connection was severed for a fixed amount of time, the new clone would self-destruct. Luo Yuan was not someone who would permit betrayal. Naturally, Luo Yuan didn’t know that The Crystal Palace was a weak world. This world was so weak that they couldn’t even kill a captured clone.

Chen Feng had made use of Luo Yuan’s lack of understanding of The Crystal Palace. He had been especially assured after hearing from this clone what Luo Yuan had experienced in the world of Godly Model Creator. He was sure that Luo Yuan would not dare to come here. This was his biggest advantage against Luo Yuan.

“Yet you still failed to kill me for real, right?”  The clone merely looked at Chen Feng coldly. The situation now was somewhat different from the plan. One could say that he could understand what Chen Feng had done up to now; Chen Feng had needed to ensure that the main body would give up on the clone. Had Chen Feng’s goal not been to make the real body abandon the clone, resulting in the clone’s death so he could break through into the true god stage?

Why, then? Why had Chen Feng not transmitted the real body’s thought to this world so as to complete the destruction? The clone was unable to make sense of this. After all, he had been prepared to transmit all his information to the real body the moment a connection was established with the real world. With that, even if he’d had to die, he would have had no regrets.

Unfortunately, no such opportunity had come. Chen Feng had not bothered to try to establish a link between the two worlds. Nor had he allowed this clone to die completely.

“What are you planning to do?” the clone howled.

“You are Luo Yuan.” Chen Feng smiled. “Although you are just a clone, one somewhat weaker than the real body, you are still Luo Yuan. With Luo Yuan’s intelligence, how could you not have made any preparations to strike back at me? I believe that, during the moment of your destruction, you will be able to transmit everything that has happened here to him, right?” Chen Feng had a faint smile on his face.

The clone’s eyes went wide. How had he figured this out?

“I do not know what your plan is,”  Chen Feng continued calmly. “However, I will not take such a risk.” The clone sneered. “Therefore, you still can’t kill me.” This trip of Chen Feng’s had been for the sake of killing him. Since he was still alive, hadn’t Chen Feng done all that work for nothing?

“No.” Chen Feng had a grin on his face. “You are Luo Yuan! Are you truly willing to forever stay a mere clone? Are you willing to be imprisoned here forever? Hehe. If it was in the past, this would not matter. But now that you have been abandoned and a new clone has replaced you, even if you re- appear, you will be useless and will still be killed by him. Therefore… are you interested in working for me?” Chen Feng asked emotionlessly.

The clone nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood in his anger when he heard this. What in the world was this? Coaxing him to work for Chen Feng? He looked at Chen Feng with the same gaze he’d used when looking at that idiot from the neighboring village when he was young.

How was this possible? He was a clone of Luo Yuan. Even though he wasn’t a proper clone now, he still shared the same memories and intelligence as the real body. Submit to Chen Feng? No way! “Are you sure?” The grin was still on Chen Feng’s face. “You and Luo Yuan are now two different individuals. You two are no longer capable of syncing with each other. At most, you will only be able to transmit one-way information to him. Even that will depend on whether he is willing to accept your
information in the first place.”
The clone sneered. “So what?”
“You still don’t understand,”  Chen Feng said with a smile. “I’ve already heard your story. I even investigated it somewhat. Moreover, I have also withdrawn all the data from the gene bank to complete a rather amazing undertaking.”
The clone sneered. “Hehe. What does that have to do with me?”  He knew that this scammer Chen Feng was trying to scam him once again. He understood Chen Feng way too well. Therefore, he would not be coaxed by Chen Feng. Right at this instant, Chen Feng waved his hand in a certain direction.

“Come.” And from there, a lass walked over. She took graceful steps forward. That familiar appearance of hers was so very intoxicating. With a single glance, a deafening boom resounded in Luo Yuan’s head, and his heart started pounding madly. This was… that flower-like young lady!

Luo Yuan stood up abruptly. “You… how is this possible…”
No, this is fake! This is fake!

The clone was certain.

“Is he the one you mentioned? The lover from my previous life?”
The young lass curled her lips. Her eyes, which seemed capable of speaking, brimmed with satisfaction. “Why does he look so stupid?” That smile and that face caused Luo Yuan to sink into a state of infatuation. Both seemed completely the same as the woman he remembered.

“Think carefully,” Chen Feng suddenly muttered by his ear. “You are completely independent of the original Luo Yuan now. You are two different individuals now. If time is indeed reversed, will the flower-like young lass be yours or his? In the past, you were essentially one. As such, you never cared. What about now? He enjoys the joys of victory while you can only watch on helplessly as your loved one lies in his embrace? This young lass… is one you will think of even in your dreams…”

The clone’s heart pounded as he heard these words. True, even if the plan succeeded, what would it have to do with him? He knew that these devil-like whisperings of Chen Feng’s were meant to tempt him, yet he couldn’t help but fall for this temptation.

Chapter 848: His Very Own Love Story

“What is your name?”
“Lian Er.”
“How…  did you arrive here?”  Luo Yuan couldn’t help but ask.

“Naturally, it’s because of the life granted to me by Lord Ming Yue. She said that I have unfinished business from my past life and thus my soul was unable to enter the cycle of reincarnation. As such, she made an exception and allowed me to be reborn here,” she stated seriously. “Mhm… She also said that you are very powerful now and want to bring me back. But…  I never expected you to look this stupid.”  She laughed stealthily.

“Oh. Oh.” Luo Yuan merely stared at her blankly with a stupid expression on his face. He was aware that in this world, life was something that was granted. However, he had never expected Chen Feng to use such a method to deliver this young lady to him. “Do you still have your previous life’s memories?” Luo Yuan asked.

“A bit.” The young lady curled her lips. “About the Genetic Union or something. I still have a portion of the memories in my head. Unexpectedly, you were also quite stupid in my past life.”
“Oh.” Luo Yuan understood clearly. Chen Feng had inferred the matters from back then, then simulated those memories. That was why this young lady only had some of those memories. At the very least, she should have quite a number of memories pertaining to her and Luo Yuan. However, she was ultimately not the woman from his youth.

Suddenly, the young lady stood up. “Hmph. I am not her. Although I have those memories, as far as I am concerned, those seem more like memories planted in me. I have a clear recollection of them, yet I do not feel deeply about them. This is not what I want. I do not need anyone to grant me any memories. I am me. I am Lian. Even if I have to be together with you, I will only do it if I truly like you, rather than depending on some granted memories. Hmph. Even if I have to like you, I would much prefer to like the present you rather than some memories of the past.”
The young lady was brimming with brightness and youthfulness. She seemed somewhat different from that flower-like young lady. As for her words, they hit straight at Luo Yuan’s heart. Yes, if even this young lady could understand this, why couldn’t he understand it as well? It was precisely as she said.

Would she rather like the present him or some memories of the past? These words pierced straight into Luo Yuan’s soul, enlightening him immensely.

I am Luo Yuan! No, I am no longer the Luo Yuan of the past. Now, I am a new person. I was once a clone. Now, the connection has been severed and I am now a free-living being. I no longer need to be someone who only exists for the sake of someone else.

“Hee hee.” Suddenly, the young lady smiled brightly. “Now, why don’t you tell me something about yourself? Even if this is a marriage arranged by Lord Ming Yue, I still need to know you. Your hobbies and so on,” the young lady said seriously as she waved her fingers around. This motion of hers touched the deepest part of Luo Yuan’s heart for some indescribable reason. Her appearance… resembled the flower-like young lady of the past so very greatly.

“Me?”  Luo Yuan blankly said, “I am Luo Yuan…  No.”  He looked toward Chen Feng and suddenly added, “I am Chen Yuan! Mhm… Chen Yuan, the Yuan in my name means vigor. I traversed the entire world to come here, all in search of you!”
“Wow!” the young lady cheered. “Is that for real? Then you are surely very awesome.”
It seemed like this Chen Yuan had finally accepted his new identity. He was clear that the flower-like young lady in his memories belonged to Luo Yuan, not him. However, this young lady before him, who shared the same appearance and disposition as her, was someone that did not approve of past memories. Similar to him, she was also, in a way, a replica, a replica of that young lady. Despite that, she had her own memories. Together, they could create memories that were truly theirs. As for this young lady, she would only belong to him. As for the memories… Chen Yuan stared into the distance. Even though it was just memories, he was clear that the young lady from the memories
could only belong to Luo Yuan. Deep within his heart, he wished that she could forever remain in the past.

After all, she was someone he had once loved. This was the conclusion Chen Yuan reached. He’d made up his mind. The past was, after all, the past. He did not approve of Luo Yuan’s plan of going back in time to drag her out again. After losing his connection with the real body, Chen Yuan seemed to finally start possessing his own thoughts and his own ambitions. He wanted that flower-like young lady as well! However, what he wanted was her to stay a precious memory, something that remained in the past.

As for this moving young lady before him, he wanted her as well. She would be his future. This future would be exclusive to him and Lian Er!

Suddenly, the young lady looked at him doubtfully. “So how did you end up in a cage?” Chen Yuan had thoroughly immersed himself in his new identity. He smiled and said, “Because I am too powerful. This is the Nether Realm, the place where the process of reincarnation takes place. Me coming here for you violated the laws. Mhm… Therefore, I have to seal up my own strength.”
“Wow!”   the  young  lady  exclaimed  in  admiration.  How romantic! He had traversed through a different world just for her?

“Why  is  your  name  Chen  Yuan,  then?”  The  young  lady pondered before continuing, “I recall this not being your name in the past.”
“Because I want to sever my connection with the past,” Chen Yuan said with a smile. “Just like you said, the past is nothing but memories. I remember them, and you might only remember some of them, but what does this matter? The moment I set eyes on you, I decided that I like the present you. Therefore, I am now Chen Yuan. Our past story is a tragedy. Let that tragedy be gone with the wind. I am not the youth in that story; I am the powerful Chen Yuan. Together with you, I am willing to create a new future,” Chen Yuan said confidently. As he looked straight at this young lady while uttering these words, he felt refreshed. So it turned out that uttering these words with his very own identity felt like this? It was truly… quite a different feeling.

The young lady stretched her hand out. “Fine. I shall try dating you for a bit then.”
Chen Yuan took her hand, his heart pounding. “Thank you.”

“As per the laws of the Nether Realm, to take her, a contract of life and death must be signed so as to confirm that you will share life and death with her.” Ming Yue looked at Chen Yuan. “Are you sure about this?”
Chen Yuan knew that this arrangement had to be the work of Chen Feng. However, so what? “Very good.”  Ming Yue nodded and personally helped them sign the contract. From today onward, Chen Yuan was officially bound together with this young lady, sharing life and death.

And thus, the two started dating. One day, one month, and one year later, the two grew closer to each other. Many locations within the world of The Crystal Palace had come to contain sweet memories for the two of them. Traces of love were left everywhere. Chen Yuan had truly become a part of the world of The Crystal Palace.

“In the future, I will take you to see an even bigger world.”
“Wow, for real?”
“Of course.” “How big is that world?”
“Much bigger than this world. So big that even in a lifetime, one can’t fully traverse the whole world.”
“Yeah, sure.”
“I still have something to do, though. Wait for me.”
“I will take you as my wife when I return.”
“All right.”

Chapter 849: That Damnable Friend!

Chen Feng did not get involved in the affairs of Chen Yuan and Lian Er. He merely watched on silently. He had been waiting for so long. It did not matter if he had to wait even longer. And thus, Chen Feng waited until Chen Yuan took the initiative to seek him out.

“So you’re done preparing?”  Chen Feng asked with a faint smile.

Chen Yuan nodded. “Yes.”  He had known for a long time that, since Chen Feng had tried to subdue him, there had to be something he needed to do. As such, he had been spending all his time with the young lady recently.

“We will succeed,”  Chen Feng said with a calm smile. The contract of life and death alone was insufficient to guarantee that everything would be fine. They first had to ensure that the feelings between Chen Yuan and Lian Er had developed enough before setting Chen Yuan free. As such, a year had passed in such a fashion. Chen Feng believed that Chen Yuan was also aware of this. Chen Feng smiled calmly as he asked, “You don’t have an issue with me?”
Chen Yuan was very calm. “Although you have restricted me with the life and death contract and some other methods, I don’t have any have an issue with this. After all, I witnessed half of your life through the wristband. So long as I don’t betray your cause, you will not harm me. This alone is sufficient for me.”
Chen Feng chuckled as he heard these words. It was quite unexpected that his prestige was useful even against a villain.

“What exactly are you planning to do?” Chen Yuan was curious. If Chen Feng could breakthrough into the true-god stage, he wouldn’t need Chen Yuan anymore, right? After all, he only needed to hide from Luo Yuan. Perhaps he was intending to have Chen Yuan protect him while he broke through?

“Becoming a true god is only the first step of my plan.” Chen Feng’s gaze became resolute. “Without you, Luo Yuan will never find out what happened here. The only thing he will know is that somewhere, someone is becoming a true god. That’s all.

“However, with Luo Yuan’s character, he will most certainly set forth to investigate. Therefore, The Crystal Palace must return to the alien world as soon as possible so as to not allow Luo Yuan to discover this world. Otherwise, things will get dangerous,” Chen Feng said.
Chen Yuan agreed with this. Now that he had family here, he had to take note of the safety of this place as well. The plan was made clear to him. The first step was to connect this world with the outside world. Chen Feng would then begin to break through. The second step was to sever the connection between this world and the outside world before Luo Yuan could arrive. He would most certainly set forth after sensing that someone was breaking through. And the third step was to reach outer space.

“Outer space?” Suddenly, Chen Yuan understood something. There in outer space, someone was waiting for Chen Feng. Wang Yao! Wang Yao was part of the crucial step of Luo Yuan’s plan to rewind time. Chen Yuan shook his head. “A huge trap has been set there by Luo Yuan.”
If Chen Feng could think of something, Luo Yuan had long considered it. As such, a trap had been set there. If Chen Feng dared to go to outer space, it would be no different than suicide. The type of trap that Luo Yuan had set there was something that might even kill Luo Yuan himself. He would not allow anyone to undo the trap, not even Wang Yao.

In Luo Yuan’s plan, only after he had gained full control over the world would he have the strength to undo this trap. Before that, even Luo Yuan himself would not be able to undo the trap. Therefore, this was a trap that would show no mercy even to the trapper. As for Chen Feng, he definitely wouldn’t be able to make it. Even after breaking through into the true-god stage, he still wouldn’t be able to do it.

“That is why I need you,” Chen Feng said with a bright gaze.

Me? Suddenly, Chen Yuan realized something. So this was the actual reason Chen Feng had wanted him to switch sides.

No matter what, that was a place that had been built by Luo Yuan himself. Even that trap had been personally produced by him. Therefore, he was clear on every single trap there. He knew every single energy in use there as well. Moreover, there were even some traps that he could deactivate. This would greatly reduce the difficulty of breaking into that place.

This was what Chen Feng wanted. Finally, Chen Yuan understood Chen Feng’s reasoning. Perhaps, the moment Chen Yuan stepped foot into this world, Chen Feng had already been thinking of recruiting him. Killing him was just an excuse Chen Feng had used to threaten him.

“Worthy of being Chen Feng indeed.”
He was somewhat filled with admiration. Now that they were no longer hostile to each other, his issues with Chen Feng had lessened. However, even with his help, that place was still laden with danger. Chen  Feng  inhaled  deeply.  “I  understand.”  He  had  been preparing for so long. Wasn’t it precisely for this?

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. Wang Yao… here I come! Instantly, he stood up and stepped into the void. His next step was to become a true god.

At this time, in the Kingdom of Luo Yuan, the internal disorder had long been dealt with. The so-called new kingdom was but a joke. It had appeared grand yet hadn’t been able to withstand even a single blow. Despite this, Luo Yuan still felt uneasy. Why? Because he couldn’t understand it. His clone was dead? Why? How? And what had happened on that alien world?

He had way too many questions. He kept feeling like he had overlooked something. Moreover, he felt like it was something extremely important. Due to him neglecting this something, he had fallen behind at every step. He felt like he was in an extremely passive situation now. This gave him an extremely uncomfortable feeling. 
Luo Yuan thought about it for a long time. Alas, even after a year of pondering, he was still lost. He did not know why he had lost his powerful deduction and inference ability. He did not know why his omnipotent Luck Aura had failed to see anything.

Why? He did not know. He clearly had no opponents anymore. However… what was up with that mysterious person? And what happened to his clone? Luo Yuan was getting twitchy. Ye had died. Chen Feng had died as well. And yet he was stuck on such trifling affairs. He raised his head. Beneath this sky, he was the strongest. However, something was still provoking him.

Luo Yuan tried using Luck Aura. “Luck Aura! Tell me, where is the source of this?”

Nothingness. That’s right. Luck Aura couldn’t see anything. 
Luo Yuan sighed. He had already tried investigating this numerous times, yet he had never gained anything. Therefore, the only answer was that his clone was the source of his discomfort. Why, though? Luo Yuan still couldn’t understand. Naturally, the main source was definitely that damnable Wang Chun. So long as he killed Wang Chun, the alien world would disappear.

“Where is Wang Chun?”  Luo Yuan asked. Nothingness was his answer.

Luo Yuan clenched his fists tightly. “So Wang Chun is also on the alien world?”
Those damnable clowns. So the source of all this was Wang Chun? Luo Yuan calmed his twitchy heart and focused all his hatred on Wang Chun. After all, Wang Chun was the only logical answer to all this. At the very least, this was a more reliable answer than continuing to guess blindly. He couldn’t believe that he had previously thought of something as ridiculous as Chen Feng’s resurrection. He had even used his Luck Aura to confirm once again that Chen Feng was indeed dead. Therefore, he could only reach the conclusion that despite being dead, Chen Feng continued to disgust him. Naturally, he might have been led into this line of thought by Wang Chun’s actions as well.

Suddenly,  Luo  Yuan  understood.  “True.  That  must  be  it. They are trying to make me think that Chen Feng is still alive to plant fear in me. They are not aware that I can confirm Chen Feng’s death at any time. That is why they have done what they have done. They are trying to imitate the feeling Chen Feng usually gives off.”
With this, all his questions could be answered. Mhm. That had to be it. All this was their work. With his intelligence, Luo Yuan easily saw through their scheme. As he thought back, these schemes indeed gave off the similar feeling to Chen Feng’s schemes. Why? Well, because Wang Chun was trying to make him think that. No, hold on. Wang Chun was not capable of this. In Luo Yuan’s memories, the only person capable of this was a certain person, the one most familiar with Chen Feng: Qin Hai!

That damnable close friend of Chen Feng’s!

Chapter 850: Long Time No See

Yes, Qin Hai must be the one scheming in the dark.” From what Luo Yuan had observed of Chen Feng’s life, he knew that the one closest to Chen Feng was Qin Hai. It reached a point where Qin Hai might even understand Chen Feng more than Wang Yao. If Qin Hai was the one pretending to be Chen Feng…
Suddenly, Luo Yuan said, “Luck Aura. Lock on to Qin Hai’s coordinate.”

Light swirled around. Soon, coordinates appeared. Surprisingly, this was the same place Chen Feng had died back then. Qin Hai was actually there!

Luo  Yuan’s  eyes  gleamed  with  a  cold  radiance.”It  is  him indeed!” Luo Yuan sneered. “So… are you trying to avenge Chen Feng?”
The twitchy feeling vanished. As the strongest existence, only the unknown could cause him to feel twitchy. Now that he had confirmed that Qin Hai was the schemer, things were suddenly not as scary anymore.


The first thing he did was rush over to the coordinates.
Unfortunately, that place was now empty.

“Did he leave because he sensed my arrival?”
Luo Yuan wasn’t surprised. At present, the half of the world not under his control was the best at hiding from him. Since Qin Hai was planning to avenge Chen Feng, it was natural for him to be well versed in this. Luo Yuan sneered. “Nothing but a clown.” He was sure that regardless of how Qin Hai schemed, Qin Hai would not dare to face Luo Yuan openly, since he was way too weak.

“I will just ignore him.”
He sent his newest clone to continue to search for Qin Hai’s trail while he resumed his focus on his own affairs. After all, controlling the world was the most important matter for him. Godhoods were still appearing without stop. Luo Yuan didn’t even bother to look at these godhoods closely anymore. After all, the misfortune godhood would not be among them. His attention was focused on something else.

“The Crystal Palace… Since this is where the clone vanished, it is pointless to continue sending people there. I might as well destroy  the  world  directly,”  Luo  Yuan  muttered  to  himself. Although the alien world was scary, Wang Chun was not qualified to summon any truly terrifying existences into this world. This was something Luo Yuan was sure of. Even back when Wang Chun summoned Ming Yue, her strength had been pathetically weak. Therefore, even if Wang Chun truly did summon that world’s true god out here, that true god’s strength would be greatly limited by Wang Chun. Luo Yuan did not fear this.


With his very own hands, he destroyed the only entrance leading to the world of The Crystal Palace, which he currently held in his hands. This was the entrance he had obtained after his own world of The Crystal Palace was destroyed. Now, he had personally destroyed this entrance.

Once again, Luo Yuan’s alien world became vacant. That’s right, Luo Yuan’s book ability was once again reset. For Luo Yuan, who possessed countless abilities, resetting a single ability was a simple feat. If this were anyone else, abandoning their main ability and starting from scratch would be an extremely idiotic choice no matter how one looked at it. “Let me select a new alien world.”  Luo Yuan had a sharp gaze. “That shall be the world I break through in. This time, I will learn from my past mistakes. I will…”
A deafening boom resounded, and Luo Yuan’s body trembled.
This sound…

His gaze abruptly shifted in a certain direction. There, in a distant desolate land, a familiar beam of light was descending. Even from so far away, Luo Yuan could see that world-piercing beam clearly. This was… the radiance of someone ascending! Moreover, this was an ascension into the true-god stage, not some normal stage!


Luo Yuan shot upward. High above the air, he was able to get a clearer look. Indeed, this was the radiance of a true-god ascension! …

Within a certain cave, Qin Hai crawled out, looking extremely sorry. Crawling out together with him was Miss Xiao Yue.

“Must we do this?” Qin Hai asked with a bitter smile. Since Chen Feng’s departure, Xiao Yue was the most important person here. In her paintings, which depicted Chen Feng’s deaths, she herself had appeared as well. Throughout the years, Luo Yuan had used his Luck Aura to confirm Chen Feng’s death several hundred times. As for Qin Hai, Kong Bai, Xu Fei, Wu Hui, and some others, they were the closest to Chen Feng and had also been targeted by Luo Yuan.

Therefore, any time they received a warning from Miss Xiao Yue, they had no choice but to flee. Fortunately, after so many years, the half of the world that was hostile to Luo Yuan had also researched some concealment and escaping methods with respectable effectiveness. When used against Luo Yuan, they had proven effective. This was why they had been able to flee from Luo Yuan. “This won’t do.” Qin Hai spread his hands. “Sooner or later, Luo Yuan will discover the truth. The only reason he hasn’t realized the truth is because we are too weak to be worth his attention.” In Luo Yuan’s heart, Chen Feng’s friends were but jokes. After all, Chen Feng was already dead.

Xiao Yue ignored Qin Hai. Instead, she lowered her head and continued painting in silence. Shortly after, a brand new painting appeared. In it was only one person. Boundless radiance was on the back of this person.

Qin Hai blanked. “Huh?” What was this?

Right at this instant, he saw a smile on Xiao Yue’s face. Next, at a certain distant location, a resplendent radiance suddenly bloomed. This radiance greatly resembled the one in Xiao Yue’s painting.

“That is…”
Qin Hai was pleasantly surprised. Chen Feng had finally ascended! Qin Hai was not the only one shocked. When that beam of light appeared, the entire world was shocked.

“A divine aura has descended!”
“This is the sign of the appearance of a true god!”
“Haha, finally, another true god is going to appear?”
“But if I remember right, even the strongest among us is still a journeyman god… Who could this person be?”
“I don’t know.”
The various gods were discussing this. This true-god beam had appeared too suddenly, so suddenly they were completely clueless. As for those that were nearer to that beam of light, they noticed that, apart from that beam, a completely alien aura had descended as well. This alien aura was comparable to that of a true god! 
Terrifying booms resounded without stop. The boundless radiance shone brightly, as if two worlds were about to combine. Amid the boundless true-god radiance, a lone silhouette floated as he welcomed the radiance. Half of his body was out here in this world while the other half of his body was submerged in the boundless radiance, giving off an extremely odd appearance.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

“How strong!”
“So this is the aura of a true god?”
“This strength… He is definitely no weaker than Ye…”
Regardless of how near they were, they could only see a silhouette amid the radiance. That radiance was too terrifying, 
Suddenly, a certain god asked, “After this lord becomes a true god, will he fight Luo Yuan?”
Instantly, all the excited gods sank into silence. True. Even if a true god appeared, would this true god fight Luo Yuan? After all, this was Luo Yuan, someone who had been a true god since long ago. Would this new true god have the courage to fight him?


The various gods were anxious. Unknown to them, in the faraway Kingdom of Luo Yuan, Luo Yuan found this more unbelievable than all of them. “How  is  this  possible!”   Luo  Yuan  howled.  True  god… Someone had actually broken through? Who? The Forest Goddess? In Luo Yuan’s mind, she was the closest to the true- god stage. However, when his gaze swept around toward that familiar forest, he found that the Forest Goddess was still lazing around. It was not her. The only reason Luo Yuan had established his kingdom near the Forest Goddess’s forest was to make monitoring her easier.

Who could it be then? Qin Hai? No, not him. When he had been chasing after Qin Hai earlier, he had been able to sense a familiar power of clairvoyance. Although he had failed to catch Qin Hai, he could easily confirm that Qin Hai was still as weak as ever. Qin Hai had merely been relying on that clairvoyance to hide from Luo Yuan.

If so, then who could it be? Luo Yuan was completely clueless.

Luo Yuan had a solemn gaze as he came to a decision. “Looks like I have to pay that place a visit.”  He would not permit a brand new true god to appear. Although he was much stronger than a newfound true god, Luo Yuan would not permit someone else to grow to such an extent. Shua!

With a flash, Luo Yuan headed toward the location of that beam. Luo Yuan was able to cross an entire country in a flash. However, when he arrived, the boundless radiance had already silently vanished. The only thing he could see was a dim silhouette. Moreover, any traces of the true-god ascension had vanished cleanly as well.

Luo Yuan did not bother chasing after that retreating radiance. He merely watched on silently. Suddenly, he laughed. He laughed wildly.

“Too perfect. So perfect… I can’t find any loopholes. Breaking through and ascending, yet gone right before I arrived. Everything was calculated to perfection. And because of this, I have finally figured out who you are. In all these years of observing this world, I know that there is only one person capable of all this… Long time no see, Chen Feng!”
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