The Strongest Gene Chapter 831-840

Chapter 831: Look At the Size

“Is there truly no other ways?” Chen Feng rubbed his head. Everything had been progressing too smoothly for him recently. It had reached a point where he believed he would be able to easily eliminate Luo Yuan. Unexpectedly, the greatest trap of all was waiting for him. If he dared to become a true god, there would only be a slight window of opportunity before Luo Yuan obtained total control over the world.

In his original plan, Chen Feng had hoped that, after becoming a true god, even if he was immediately discovered, he would still be able to survive and grow some more, eventually becoming strong enough to prevail over Luo Yuan. But now? Forget about surviving, he would definitely be discovered by Luo Yuan. And Chen Feng himself would have to be the one to start the fight. Otherwise, the moment Luo Yuan discovered the godhood of misfortune, he would gain total control over the world.

Even with Chen Feng being the one to start the fight, things would only work out if the godhood of misfortune chose to reappear at a later date. Otherwise, if the godhood of misfortune reappeared somewhere immediately after he became a true god, it would all be over. “Luck?”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He believed that he his luck would not be too bad. After all, the power of luck was fused within his godly power. Sadly, the same was true for Luo Yuan. How lamentable. Luck would not work when dealing with Luo Yuan.

“Is this purely a matter of luck?”
Chen Feng was unwilling to accept this. This involved the fate of the entire world, yet it had to depend on luck? Chen Feng could not accept that. Furthermore, even if Chen Feng broke through into the true-god stage, would he truly be able to defeat Luo Yuan? Unlikely. As such, he needed more time. Otherwise, even if the first issue, that of the godhood of misfortune, was resolved, he could still be killed by Luo Yuan at any time. Facing an enemy at such a level, Chen Feng couldn’t rely on luck alone, despite him having some confidence in his luck.

“Let me give it some thought.” He sank into contemplation. Time… True god… The world… Chen Feng’s thoughts spun rapidly. Suddenly, he looked at the innocent Xiao Ying in his sea of consciousness. Perhaps there was a solution to this!

At present, in the territories ruled by Luo Yuan, the furious Luo Yuan received a report that the mysterious person had vanished. That’s right, he had vanished.
After challenging all the gods, that fellow had decisively vanished. This caused Luo Yuan to be incomparably furious. He had even begun to doubt the long-dead Chen Feng. Unfortunately, even after using Luck Aura, he received the same answer as always: Chen Feng was dead. As such, he could only give up on the thought that this was Chen Feng’s conspiracy.

Luo Yuan raged. “Don’t you guys know to stop him?” The  underling  spoke  cautiously.  “Respected  god-king,  you told us to accommodate him in everything he does.”

Luo Yuan’s expression darkened. It seemed like this was indeed what he had said. He rubbed his aching head. That mysterious person had gone missing. Perhaps that fellow had gone to challenge a godhood after challenging all the gods? That was quite possible. As Luo Yuan thought of this possibility, he became somewhat excited.

“Immediately watch all locations attentively. The moment someone succeeds in a godhood trial, report it immediately. I have to know the locations of the challengers and the godhoods they obtain,” Luo Yuan said solemnly.

“Yes,”  the various gods answered. With their godly powers, especially those that were good at deducing, it would be quite easy to locate a challenger whenever one appeared. “Good.” Luo Yuan heaved a breath of relief. He had to obtain that mysterious person. However, he felt like he was getting somewhat easily irritated. This did not fit his character. A vague sense of crisis kept enveloping him. Was he thinking too much? Luo Yuan frowned as he wondered.

He had planned in secret for so many years and had never been so worried. And now, after dominating the world for 30 years, there no longer existed an opponent for him. And yet he was still busy constantly scheming, trying to gain total control over this world. Why did he feel all jittery? Was it because success was now so near?

Luo Yuan shut his eyes. He felt like he had to adjust his mindset to calm himself. Chen Feng was already dead. He could not allow himself to keep being influenced by Chen Feng like this. That damnable one percent chance of failure had already been dealt with. One percent… Right. Soon, Luo Yuan realized something. Shortly after, he began to deduce once again.

This time, he arranged his entire plan once again and used Luck Aura to deduce his success rate. On top of that, several hundred analyzation and deduction abilities were used as support. Ultimately, he obtained a result: 100% success rate.

Now, nobody in this world could stop him. He was the core of half the world. As for the other half, they could only struggle while standing at death’s door. Even the strongest of them was merely a major god. Among them, a true god could never appear, let alone one that could withstand him.

With Chen Feng’s death, nobody remained that could threaten him. As for the future? Unfortunately, the moment he obtained full control over the world and rewound time, there would no longer be a future.

Luo Yuan spoke steadily. “Let’s just proceed according to the plan.”
Finally, he regained his calm. However, he never could have imagined that his deduction had a small issue. Indeed, in this world, nobody could stop him. But what about a different world? ***

A clear sky, blue seawater, and a golden sandy shore. It had been a very long time since Chen Feng had seen such a view. Naturally, one could not forget about the refreshing girls on the beach. They were all filled with vitality, especially the jiggling clumps of meat whenever they moved. Looking at them having fun, smacking volleyballs around, an incomparably comfortable feeling emerged within Chen Feng.

So big, so fair. Tsk tsk… This is life… Chen Feng lamented.

“Hehe.”  A gloomy voice resounded beside him. “Don’t you think that you owe me an explanation?”
“Calm down, calm down,” said Chen Feng. “What is there to explain? Look… Luo Yuan is going to control the world. As such, I can only hide here. In any case, your Crystal Palace is located on an alien world. Isn’t it perfect how you and Xiao Ying can summon each other to your own worlds? I am only here to hide; I will leave not long after,” Chen Feng said with a smile. The one that had appeared and was talking to him was precisely Ming Yue. That’s right, this was The Crystal Palace of the great male lead, the stallion, the owner of a harem, Wang Chun. When everyone had ascended to godhood, Wang Chun had naturally done the same. After experiencing countless arduous hardships and numerous tribulations, he had finally ascended. As for the godly power he had gained, it was one that ultimately transformed the world of The Crystal Palace into a true alien world. Naturally, he alone could enter this world—as well as the Xiao Ying, who had a contract with Ming Yue.

As for Chen Feng, he could only enter thanks to the synonymous spiritual energy he had with Xiao Ying. Back then, this was precisely how Ming Yue had gotten the wrong target to sign the contract.

“Is  that  even  what  I  am  talking  about?”  Ming  Yue  was furious, so furious that her majestic breasts jiggled. “What! I! Am!  Saying!”   She  pointed  at  Xiao  Ying  to  the  side  and continued, “Why! Is! He! A! She!”
Bastard! What she had signed was a marriage contract. Had Chen Feng not mentioned that Xiao Ying was his bro? Why was his bro a female? “Oh…” Chen Feng sank into silence. True. Even though Xiao Ying had not been able to assume a humanoid form back then, she had still been “usable.” She could have been long or short, soft or hard. Yet now, with her new humanoid appearance, it was indeed somewhat unfavorable for Ming Yue. Mhm…
Suddenly,  Chen  Feng  waved  his  hand.  “Come.  Xiao  Ying, turn into a dragon. Let your wife take a good look at the size of a dragon.”
Ming Yue: “???”

Chapter 832: Who Will Be the One?

In the world of The Crystal Palace, Wang Chun and the Shen Wei sisters were watching from far away. They always maintained a certain distance from Ming Yue. After all, in this world, she was the demon king. If not because Chen Feng had requested to see him, Wang Chun would not have dared to even approach Ming Yue.

In his memories, when he did a certain underling of Ming Yue’s that one time, he had almost ended up being hung up and beaten by Ming Yue. He would have literally been hung on the city gate and received 30 days of whipping.

Thus, he hoped that Chen Feng could deal with Ming Yue. Only then would he have the opportunity to truly rule the entirety of The Crystal Palace and turn this place into a true harem. As for the real world, Wang Chun had forgotten about it. Even though the real world was wider and more beautiful, for Wang Chun, the world of The Crystal Palace, which was the size of a city, was enough for him. After all, the real world contained the likes of Chen Feng and Luo Yuan. He had no intention of going out there and courting death. The smitten Shen Yi stared at Chen Feng. “Elder Brother Chen Feng has become even more handsome now.”
Shen Wei approved of this judgment. “Not bad at all.”
Wang Chun: “…”
This was precisely the reason he did not want to be in the same world as Chen Feng. That fellow absorbed all the attention. Wang Chun had always been of the opinion that Chen Feng was not a good friend, merely an ordinary one.

Suddenly, Wang Chun asked, “What do you two think about Kong Bai?”
Shen Yi frowned. “Huh? Why are you suddenly asking such a disgusting question?”
Look at this! Wang Chun was very satisfied. If he had a choice in who to befriend, he much preferred Kong Bai. He had always believed that even though Kong Bai was destined to never be with a partner because of his looks, he would nevertheless have a huge number of friends of the same gender.

Suddenly, a crisp sound could be heard.


A crack appeared in the world. Wang Chun looked up at the sky of The Crystal Palace with a solemn expression. A crack had appeared there. Chen Feng was too strong, so strong that this world could not sustain the weight of his existence.

Shen Yi was somewhat anxious. “Master.”
“No worries.”  Wang Chun smiled and clenched his teeth as he said, “I can still hold on. They are all fighting. I… have to do my part as well.” “Let us help you.”  The Shen Yi sisters began to help Wang Chun mending the crack in this world.

Slowly, the crack vanished.

“What exactly do you want?” Ming Yue asked with a gloomy expression. After finding out that Xiao Ying was female, her mood was very unstable.

“To break through,” Chen Feng said solemnly. He had to break through, and this was the only place he could select to do so. This was the only place that Luo Yuan couldn’t discover. This was also the only place he could hide from Luo Yuan and continue growing until the point he could contend against Luo Yuan. As for Luo Yuan, he would have to continue with his game of loot boxes for now. In any case, he would never be able to draw the loot he desired. Ming Yue shook her head. “Not possible. Even if you break through here, the godhood of misfortune will still go away.”
After becoming a true god, all his divine seats would go away, regardless of the world he broke through in. As such, so long as Chen Feng became a true god, the godhood of misfortune would become vacant. There was no doubt about that. At that time, Luo Yuan would obtain control over the world. It was pointless for Chen Feng to break through here.

“I know,” Chen Feng said solemnly. “As such, I hope that you can separate Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess from me. Transform them into their true selves.”

They raised their heads abruptly. Turning into their true selves? Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess had been residing in Chen Feng’s body for a long time. Due to what the Luck Goddess did back then, even though Spirit had managed to regain the godhood, she now existed in the form of a consciousness and could only exist within Chen Feng’s consciousness. As for the Misfortune Goddess, she hadn’t even awakened in the truest sense. She had been in this state ever since she regained her consciousness.

“You  are  the  Nether  Goddess,”  Chen  Feng  said  solemnly. “You might not be able to display your true power in our world, but here, you are the strongest god!”
He had once learned from Wang Chun that in this world, there were two almighty opposing existences. These two had unique capabilities. If they were to join hands, this would definitely be doable.

Ming Yue rejected this without the slightest hesitation. “Not possible.”  Join hands with that slut? What kind of joke was that? At present, this world was divided into two realms. That slut was in charge of the Divine Realm and Ming Yue was in charge of the Nether Realm. Ming Yue was happy with this arrangement and had no intention of seeing that slut even once. She was certain that the slut shared the sentiment. Since that was the case, why bother even trying to ask her? “The two of you are the only two gods of this world…” Chen Feng said with a bitter smile.

Ming Yue sneered. “We are also archenemies.”
Chen Feng: “…”
To truly enable Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess to obtain new lives, he needed the joint effort of these two gods. After all, in this world, only when the two of them joined hands would this world’s full power be displayed. This was the basic requirement to unleash the world’s power. Even though this was merely a miniature world, it wouldn’t differ much from a world that existed in reality and should be governed by the same set of rules.

Suddenly, Ming Yue said, “Their godly powers are already almost fully fused with you, right? If they leave you now, they can only take with them a small amount of godly power. They will have to start their cultivation from scratch…” Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” Both Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess had indeed sacrificed a lot for him.

Ming Yue curled her lips. “They are fine with this?”  They occupied such important divine seats, those of misfortune and luck, yet they would only be at the level of a minor god. They would likely be challenged for their godhood the moment they appeared. They could very well die soon after.

“Yes,  they  are.”  Chen  Feng  shrugged.  “Before  killing  Luo Yuan, I will have them stay here.”
“…” Ming Yue glared at Chen Feng. So this fellow was already treating this place as his own home?

“In this world, Wang Chun is the true main character,” Ming Yue reminded Chen Feng.

“Huh?” Chen Feng stared into the distance. As Wang Yue met his gaze, he trembled and instantly fled with the Shen Yi sisters, no longer even daring to look at them. 
What useless trash.

“Look, he seems to have no objections,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Ming Yue snorted. “In that case, you can start considering a real issue. If I join my godly power with that fellow’s, who will direct this process?”
“Mhm?” Chen Feng was somewhat confused. Direct? What did that mean?

“Are  you  stupid?”   Ming  Yue  calmly  explained,  “You  are aware that after obtaining all the powers, Luo Yuan will obtain control over the entire world. In this world with only two gods, the same is true. Since our godly powers have to join to grant new life to the two goddesses, someone must direct this newly joined godly power. Who do you think is more fitting to take on this role? How are you sure that after I hand over my godly maybe she’ll kill me and then kill all of you?”
As Chen Feng heard these words, he sank into silence.

Chapter 833: The Damnable Setting

“Naturally, you should be the one to take on the directing role,”  Chen Feng said without the slightest hesitation. Due to the relationship between Xiao Ying and Ming Yue, he trusted Ming Yue more.

Ming Yue laughed heartily. “And you think that the other person will agree to this?”
Naturally, the other party would arrive at the same conclusion as Ming Yue.

“If I had boundless godly power, I would probably kill that person before helping you resurrect the two goddesses,” Ming Yue said without the slightest hesitation.

Chen Feng: “…”
Only now did he realize the crux of the issue. These girls’ relationships were way more complicated than he had imagined. Ai, this trashy Wang Chun couldn’t even manage his harem properly. This should have been simple…
“Your grudges…” Chen Feng could only try to tackle the issue from this angle.

“Hehehehehe.” Ming Yue sneered as she looked at Chen Feng. “This is a grudge that has accumulated for ages. It would be better for you to be smarter. I remember a certain saying from your world: do not force a kind husband like me to do a bad thing, and do not force that slut to become a good wife.”
Chen Feng was dazed for a long time. “Such a saying exists?”
“I will give you her address,” Ming Yue said politely. “If you can persuade her, I will agree to your request.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “For real?” “Of course.”  Ming Yue looked over at the naive, cute, and obedient Xiao Ying to the side before sighing. “After all, my life is already tied to this fellow…”
“All right,” Chen Feng agreed. Wasn’t it merely persuading a different big shot of The Crystal Palace? That shouldn’t be too hard. This was a very unique world, a world with only women. Moreover, this world was based on The Crystal Palace. As such, the other party was most definitely a beautiful young lady as well.

Chen Feng seemed to remember that, in the story of The Crystal Palace, no one true villain existed. Thus, Chen Feng followed the address and found the so-called Divine King. In fact, she was truly the Divine King, as she was the ruler of the Shen faction, the faction the Shen Yi sisters were in. Her name was Shen Wang.

Beautiful, young, and bright. This was the Shen Wang that Chen Feng saw. She was a beautiful young lady that caused one’s heart to flutter. She appeared to be quite amicable. “Hello.” Chen Feng went forth and greeted her, then told her his request. The beautiful young lady agreed cheerfully. Her sole condition was that Ming Yue accompanied her for one night.

Chen Feng thought he had heard incorrectly. Did she mean to have Ming Yue play with her for a bit?

“No, you heard correctly. I want her to accompany me for one night,” the beautiful Shen Wang said, a big smile on her face. In her eyes was an expression that Chen Feng was extremely familiar with. This… He breathed in a mouthful of cold air. In short, this beautiful Shen Wang was a girl lover?

Chen Feng’s heart leaped. In his memories, Ming Yue seemed to have a rather normal sexual orientation? It was no wonder she had been so angry when she found out that Xiao Ying was female. Hold on, did this not mean that their relationship was in fact not as he had imagined? He immediately went to Wang Chun to find out more. Instantly, he was horrified by what he learned. In the past, the two had been best friends. This had lasted until the day the beautiful Shen Wang went over to Ming Yue in her sleep and did something improper to her. Chen Feng was quite curious about the improper thing she did.

In any case, Ming Yue was utterly disgusted by that act and defected from the Divine Palace immediately. Bringing along a bunch of her underlings, she went to the other side of the world and ultimately conquered half this world for herself.

“What  damnable  plot  is  this?”  Chen  Feng  was  somewhat stupefied. This stupid plot, even Qidian wouldn’t dare to write something like this, right? In his memories, this didn’t seem to be the plot of the original The Crystal Palace.

“Well, the plot my world is based on is not the original plot,” Wang Chun said meekly. “My world is based on some fan fiction I read somewhere…”
Chen Feng: “…” In short, to fulfill his dream of having a harem, this bastard Wang Chun visited some NSFW fanfiction websites just so he could have a different version of The Crystal Palace? Holy sh*t. What useless nerd.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “In short… the essence of this world…”
“That’s right,”  Wang Chun said meekly. “It’s a world of fan service.”
Chen Feng: “…”
What in the world?

Wang Chun coughed somewhat awkwardly. “That is why the girls of this world are so easy to conquer. If this were the original world… I think I would have been torn apart by them long ago.” …

At least Wang Chun was not entirely stupid. Chen Feng glared at Wang Chun. Fine. This was a piece of fan fiction. No wonder the plot had developed so weirdly. When he thought back, he seemed to recall that the gaze Shen Yi looked at him with was indeed somewhat odd.

Hold on. If this was a world of fan service, who did they service? Wasn’t this a female-only world? Chen Feng was filled with doubt.

“Me.”  Wang Chun raised his head and puffed his chest out proudly. “I am the main character.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Finally, he knew exactly what world this was. So it turned out that this wasn’t just an all-female world. This was a world where all the females were extraordinarily beautiful and had zero concept of the relationship between different genders, allowing Wang Chun to roam free and brainwash them as he wished. In short, this so-called The Crystals Palace was the true harem of Wang Chun.

“Fine.”    Chen   Feng   rubbed   his   aching   head.   Mhm… Subsequently, his lips curled up into a smile. He looked at Wang Chun sinisterly. “What if I try my hand on Shen Yi and the others…”
Wang Chun’s hands trembled. “Bro, please don’t mess around.”
He was truly terrified now. He had been brainwashing these girls here because there were no restrictions regarding contact between different genders. He had been absolutely unrestrained because he used to be the only man in this world. If Chen Feng messed around in this world… Shen Yi and the rest would probably accept his advances without any hesitation. How terrifying. Of course, that wasn’t true of Ming Yue. Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “Bro, it’s my bad.” He had constructed this harem with utmost care. He did not want to have a competitor. He did not wish for the plot to develop with him wearing the green hat.

“Don’t worry. I don’t have the time for that,” Chen Feng said grudgingly. So it turned out this fellow was aware of exactly what he had done. Truly…
Forget it. After all, this was his private matter.

Chen Feng had a sudden melancholic feeling. “Do you have any way of helping them reconcile with each other? Or just reach a temporary compromise?”
Wang Chun shrugged. “No.”
Chen Feng glanced at him. “Aren’t you the male lead?” “Oh. Erm…” Wang Chun appeared to be somewhat at a loss. “In the original plot, these two were supposed to be the final bosses. If I try to make advances on them, it will have to be at the very end.

“In the setting of this world, the two of them have independent thoughts and aren’t susceptible to brainwashing. As such, my protagonist aura has no effect on them. Moreover, based on the original setting, the story will end after the conquest of the final bosses. I don’t even know if this world will continue on after that.” Wang Chun shrugged. “As such, I have never intended to conquer the both of them.”
This was why he had never bothered with those two. In any case, those two were existences he couldn’t hope to touch.

“What should I do, then?” Chen Feng’s head ached. He had never expected this to happen. He had to now think of a way to persuade to female lead of a piece of fan fiction. Fan fiction that was supposed to be fan service. What were the characteristics of this female lead? What were the differences between her and the original work? He had no idea. At present, Shen Wang was an unknown factor. Nobody knew how this fan edition of Shen Wang would behave. What a scam!

Chapter 834: Dear, Select Your World Carefully

“This is quite troublesome.”
Chen Feng sank into a short silence before suddenly recalling that perhaps one person would know the answer.

“Who?” Wang Chun asked as his eyes shone.

Chen Feng pointed at this world. “The author.”
Wang Chun’s mouth drop. “Isn’t this fan fiction?”
“Look for the author of this fan fiction then,”  Chen Feng replied calmly.

Wang  Chun  smiled  bitterly.  “How  is  that  possible?”  Fan- fiction authors were the hardest to find. The reason for that was rather simple: the army of censors would regularly sweep through the internet for indecent content, and these were the greatest threat to the authors of adult fan fiction. As such, the authors of such works were normally scattered everywhere. It was extremely normal for them to regularly change their online handles or the place they posted. As such, it was
extremely hard to locate these authors even in times of peace, let alone times of chaos like this

After all, adult fan fiction was generally written by the supernerds on the lowest rungs of society, which had possibly been the ones most likely to perish in the Genetic Era. After experiencing the descent of the primordial, the descent of the gods, Ye’s Sin Era, Chen Feng’s Glorious Era, Luo Yuan’s Control Era, and the chaotic era that followed after Luo Yuan’s wristbands were broken by Chen Feng, as mere ordinary people, could these authors have even survived this long?

Wang Chun did not have an answer. Perhaps the author was long dead.

“How will we know without trying?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. “Fortunately, I am very good at locating people.” Shua!

Light swirled about as Luck Aura activated.

Wang Chun was astonished to see this. “I thought you couldn’t use that ability?” Due to Luo Yuan, it had been a very long time since Chen Feng had dared to use this ability.

“I can still lightly use it when I’m in a different world.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


Light swirled around. A succession of coordinates appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes. This was the limit of what he could obtain. He didn’t dare to further use his luck power. Even though they were in two different worlds and he was screening himself with godly power, Chen Feng was still unsure of whether he would attract Luo Yuan’s attention if he used the power of luck excessively.

“With these coordinates, we can return and look for him,” Chen Feng said.

“Fine,” Wang Chun agreed with a sigh.

They had no choice but to leave this place and head toward the coordinates. Fortunately, they ultimately found the address and arrived before a shabby yet still somewhat luxurious house.

There is hope.

Chen Feng was hopeful. Wang Chun went and knocked on the door.

A gloomy voice sounded from within. “Who is it?” “Delivery,” Wang Chun answered with a low voice.

“Leave the delivery at the door.”
“Oh, the delivery has already been put down. We have also received notification that your water meter is broken…”
“The delivery guys also repair water meters nowadays?”
“We are operating a business with a PO Box.”
“That’s probably a false report. I am taking a shower. My water supply is fine.”
“…We detected that your electricity might be…”
“I am watching a video.” “…There might be a gas leakage here. We need to do an inspection…”
“No, it’s working fine. I am cooking here.”

Wang Chun was instantly speechless. He had never expected that would be seen through before saying much.

Chen Feng was speechless as he saw this. “Seems like I am still not smart enough.”

He proceeded to kick open the door. The two of them were instantly startled at what they saw. Inside the building was a chubby middle-aged man wearing messy clothes. In the living room was a huge bathtub. The middle-aged man was submerged within the bathtub, seemingly trying to save half the water by submerging himself in the bathtub to raise the water level. And the TV in the living room was indeed playing a movie. Mhm… This was an adult movie. An ancient gas stove was boiling water, and some silicone toys were visible within the water.

The loud sound of the door being kicked down alarmed the fatty. He blanked shortly before suddenly saying, “Did I forget to close the door? Oh, well, just leave the delivery there. When I am free, I will give you a good rating…”
Instantly, Chen Feng and Wang Chun sank into silence.

“Frolicking Night Wind?” Chen Feng asked with a sigh.

The fatty was horrified. “Huh? How do you know this pen name of mine?” “It’s indeed him,” Wang Chun confirmed with a bitter smile.


They directly knocked him unconscious and took him away. They couldn’t even stay a second longer at a place like this. In all honesty, for him to be living such a life in this era, he was quite talented. To be safe, they carried the fatty to a certain cave. After a long time, the fatty woke up.

“Bro, I was wrong. I will no longer steal silicone toys. I truly have no idea who they belonged to before. I merely picked them up to boil and disinfect them so I can use them as well. If I knew that they were yours, I definitely wouldn’t have touched them!” the fatty screamed miserably.

Chen Feng: “…” Wang Chun was rather shocked as well. “How about the gas stove…”
“I picked that up from a garbage heap.”  The fatty cried a tearless cry. “The monitored and controlled world is too scary. Therefore, I escaped from the monitored part of the world. However, the nonmonitored part of the world is now living a primitive life. As such, I had no choice but to use such a method to maintain some quality of life.”
Chen  Feng:  “…Fine.”   He  rubbed  his  head.  “I  am  not interested in all this. Now, tell me. Do you still remember the things you wrote with the pen name ‘Frolicking Night Wind’?”
“Yes.” The fatty nodded frantically as he realized something. “I wrote a lot. That pen name was one I used to write about The Crystal Palace, with emphasis on adult fan fiction. For instance, the story about the Shen Yi sisters—”
Wang Chun interrupted him. “Shut up.”
“Ah?” The fatty was frightened by the shout. “I don’t need to know about the adult fan fiction.” Wang Chun gnashed his teeth and continued, “You only need to tell me about a certain fan fiction you wrote, the one that was even drawn as a comic. Do you understand me?”
“Oh.” Fatty appeared rather disappointed. “That work is not explosive enough. It was supposed to be adult fan fiction as well. However, in order to publish it as a comic, I was forced to delete a lot of indecent scenes…”
“Yes, that is precisely the version I am asking about,” Wang Chun said with a fierce expression. “If you dare to mention anything else, I will instantly kill you.”
“Oh.”   The  fatty  trembled  in  fear.  “Let  me  give  it  some thought… Which ones did I delete back then? It has been too long, I can’t remember them anymore. However, I have numerous original copies here with me. Do you want to take a look at these instead?”
The fatty passed over his wristband while trembling. Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Wristband?”
“Don’t worry,” the fatty explained, “you don’t need to put this one on to use it. No internet connection is required either. It was modified by me into a single edition and can be used like a personal computer. Look.”

He  turned  the  screen  on.  Next,  a  folder  named  “studies” appeared. Within were numerous folders with names such as physics, chemistry, biology, and so on. A particular folder named biology was opened, and a world of porn appeared before them.

“That is only natural, right?” the fatty said awkwardly. Within this folder were the numerous pieces of adult fan fiction he had written in the past, and the vast majority of them were focused on The Crystal Palace. There were nearly 20 works featuring the Shen Yi siblings as the main characters. When Wang Chun saw this, his complexion became ashen. One could only imagine his expression when he actually began searching through them. “Do you want me to help you with this?”  Chen Feng asked when he saw Wang Chun’s unsightly expression.

Wang Chun hastily stopped him. “There is no need for that.” It was better for Chen Feng to not see the contents of these. Thus, he clenched his teeth and did the work personally. He read every single adult fan fiction pertaining to The Crystal Palace in here before finally locating what he was searching for. Naturally, having read everything, he did not appear well.

“Erm, which character did you want to know about?” When the fatty saw what Wang Chun was pointing at, he continued, “Oh, I remember now. This is the special edition I wrote after deleting a whole bunch of adult content and adding yuri content to get published back then. What do you guys want to ask about?”
“Shen Wang. What is the setting for her character?”  Chen Feng asked.

“Her?” Fatty gave it some thought before saying, “I gave her a tragic childhood, allowing her nature to undergo a great change, changing even her sexual orientation so as to keep her consistent with the worldview of the characters in this book. In the future, she and Ming Yue will love and hate each other, and after numerous fights, their misunderstandings will be solved and they will ultimately get together. Unfortunately, this book was dropped by the publishers before I could even
finish it. They cited the indecent yuri content as ‘immoral’ or something. What the hell, right? Back then, they were the ones hinting at me to write yuri content.”
The fatty became furious as he thought about this.

Chen Feng: “…”
So it turned out the two of them were in fact a couple?

“I understand now. Do you still have the script for the latter parts of the novel?” Chen Feng asked.

“Nope. However, their misunderstanding is the core of the book. The two have known each other since they were young yet do not understand each other, resulting in their separation, and so on. I can still roughly remember the storyline,” the fatty said.

“Excellent. Write it down and I will let you go,”  Chen Feng said.

Fatty was getting excited. He had initially thought that he would die today. Surprisingly, these kidnappers were actually fans of his past work. What a good feeling this was.

Suddenly, Wang Chun thought of something. “Hold on. So you have never forgotten the setting for the character Shen Wang?”
Fatty nodded. “Uh huh.”
Wang Chun gnashed his teeth. “In other words, even if I hadn’t read all this, you could still have told me about her?” “Yes.” The fatty began to cry a tearless cry. “But earlier… you only said that you were looking for that book. I was assuming that you were merely looking to download a full copy of the story. That’s why I directed you to the folder…”
“Hehehehe.”  Wang Chun was so infuriated that he started trembling. Earlier, he personally read nearly 20 books depicting Shen Yi being subjected to numerous experiences. Wang Chun was totally infuriated as he recalled what he had read. After one hour, Chen Feng and Wang Chun left smoothly. When they returned to the harem world, Chen Feng already had an idea for the future development of the two gods of this world. It wouldn’t be long before the yuri arc began.

Naturally, Wang Chun still had an unsightly expression on his face. In fact, his head looked rather green at the moment.

“How pitiful,” Chen Feng lamented. “This is what you get for cultivating the world of an adult fan fiction as your ability.”

Chapter 835: Luo Yuan’s Suspicions

“Wang Chun. Let the world progress as dictated by the author. Allow Ming Yue and Shen Wang to discover each other’s identity and realize the misunderstanding. So long as they discover this naturally, the setting of this world will take into effect,” Chen Feng said.

Wang Chun nodded. “All right.” With this, the conflict between the two would soon end. That would be the time for Chen Feng to enter the true-god stage.

In Luo Yuan’s territory, countless apostles were prostrating on the ground. A dignified gaze would sweep past them occasionally, causing them to tremble all over. This was Luo Yuan’s will, a will of utmost majesty.

At present, a bunch of new gods were before him.
Unfortunately, misfortune was not part of this group either. He sighed. “Where are you?”
Misfortune was now his biggest hurdle to obtaining full control over the world. The possibility obviously existed, and the godhood had obviously been made vacant. Why was it refusing to appear? He nurtured batch of gods after batch of gods like vegetation. Thirty years had passed, yet misfortune hadn’t appeared even once, causing him to collapse mentally.
There was also that mysterious person. Luo Yuan sank into silence. The escape of that mysterious person angered him somewhat as well. However, this also caused Luo Yuan to finally start seriously considering whether he had missed something. Why had he failed to locate that mysterious person?

That shouldn’t be possible. Even without knowing that person’s name and appearance, with Luck Aura, nobody could hide. Was it because his version of Luck Aura was too weak? Luo Yuan frowned. However, he had only been using Luck Aura for searching. As such, the fact that his Luck Aura was a lower-level one shouldn’t matter too much. If so, what exactly was the problem? Luo Yuan raised his head and looked at the world before him. He recalled that, a long time ago, he had hidden from the detection of other gods by hiding in outer space. But both this planet and outer space were under his control. Nobody should be able to escape to outer space. In fact, if that mysterious person had escaped to outer space, Luo Yuan would have long ago discovered him. After all, the Stormtech Company’s monitoring system was not
something to be looked down on. Or perhaps this person was
like Ye, who had hidden on the Twin Horns World?

That was the best location to hide. Unfortunately, the Twin Horns World had already been assimilated into this world; it no longer existed as an independent world. If so, where else could someone hide? Luo Yuan frowned. He had an odd feeling. This odd feeling was a hunch originating from his various perception and intuition pertaining, as well as numerous passive abilities that he had copied. Although he did not know exactly what was going on, he still felt that something was wrong.

That mysterious person was definitely an important clue to this. Furthermore, the fact that he was totally invisible to the Luck Aura’s detection amplified the importance. World… Hiding… Vanishing…Luo Yuan shut his eyes and suddenly recalled something. Hum—
He flipped his hand and a hovering book appeared above his palm. That’s right, this was Wang Chun’s ability, an ability to turn a world within a book into an alien world. However, this book of Luo Yuan’s was unique and was different than the book Wang Chun had selected. Back then, when Luo Yuan discovered this ability, he had acknowledged that this was an extremely unique ability among the various abilities in existence.

As such, Luo Yuan had paid close attention to this ability. Unlike Wang Chun, Luo Yuan had not selected The Crystal Palace. As far as he was concerned, this ability was similar to his Copy ability, an ability filled with potential. As such, why would he select a trash fan fiction like The Crystal Palace to be his constructed world?

After all, he already had a woman that he loved. As such, his interest in other women was quite lacking. Therefore, he had selected a book that was more suitable for him. This was a rather established book from a certain established website: Godly Model Creator. From that book, he had learned the world-constructing ability of the main character. This was also how he had become so powerful. Naturally, he was too busy to truly grow that world. As such, in that world, he was still a minor character. However, that did not affect his act of learning from that book.
In fact, he had benefited greatly from that. Initially, this secret had belonged to him alone. After all, he was the only one able to push this ability to such great heights. That fan fiction of The Crystal Palace was nothing but a place for one to fulfill one’s wishes. How could he place much importance on Wang Chun?

But now… he was finally regarding that world of The Crystal Palace seriously. Chen Feng was dead. However, his friends were still alive. As such, the mysterious person could very well be Wang Chun, Kong Bai, or the others. For example…
Luo Yuan’s brain spun rapidly.

That beloved disciple of Chen Feng’s, Wu Hui. If he was the one putting on a disguise and challenging all the gods, it was quite possible that he would indeed be victorious in all the challenges. Because he was Wu Hui. Because of that unique ability of his.

“Interesting.”  Luo  Yuan’s  mouth  curled  up  into  a  smile. “Since he is the disciple of Chen Feng, he might inherit the godhood of misfortune as well?”
Luo Yuan was feeling expectant. Perhaps that mysterious person had indeed gone missing to try ascending to godhood.

“I will give you the time for it. However…” Luo Yuan’s gaze became cold. “The moment of your ascension will also be the moment of my appearance.”
As for this book… He lowered his head to look at the hovering book. The strength of the world within this book was much weaker than he had imagined. That Sun Yaotian fellow, his first summon, was an existence that could be easily killed.

As such, he had allowed the book to develop naturally just to wait for the final scene of the book. Perhaps when the book reached its end, he wouldn’t even need the godhood of misfortune anymore to obtain full control of this world.

Luo Yuan smiled coldly. “You people are not the only ones with an alien world on your side.”

At this time, within the world of The Crystal Palace, Chen Feng’s group was making their preparations as well. To ensure that they could reach their grand goal, to allow the two gods of this world to reconcile, they were pushing forward the plot of this world. The two gods had hidden yuri tendencies. This was confirmed by the fact that Ming Yue did not seem to reject Xiao Ying’s identity as a female too strongly. What they needed was time.

With Wang Chun’s urge, time passed rapidly. Chen Feng and the rest carefully pushed along the events of this world according to the author’s original plot. Ultimately, the drama between the two gods reached the peak, and their yuri tendencies were completely unlocked. Wang Chun was filled with melancholy. “So is this the ending of this book?”
All the foreshadowing had been done for this book. As such, when the truth had ultimately been revealed, this world’s plot had naturally developed accordingly. Moreover, this was an all- female yuri world. As such, the predetermined ending wasn’t too out of place, and Ming Yue naturally accepted her fate.

What was left was to extract the two godhoods from Chen Feng. His gaze became firm. All along, he had never intended to allow Luo Yuan to get his hands on these godhoods. After all, the godhood of misfortune was too important, the key for Luo Yuan to control this world.

This would be an extremely dangerous step. Even if the probability of Luo Yuan obtaining it was merely one in ten thousand, Chen Feng would still not take the risk. As such, he had to extract the godhoods from himself. As for Luo Yuan? Hehe. Regardless of whether he was waiting for misfortune’s appearance or the mysterious person’s breakthrough, it would all be for naught, as he was waiting for something that didn’t exist. In the world of The Crystal Palace, Ming Yue and Shen Wang, having reconciled, were presently converging their unparalleled godly powers.

A resplendent radiance enveloped Chen Feng. The godhood extraction had begun!

Chapter 836: World Creation!

At present, within a different world, Luo Yuan was following behind the footsteps of a certain someone. One step. Two steps. Before him was a boundless radiance, seemingly unfolding the story of a legend. Luo Yuan’s eyes widened, and he watched on as everything unfolded before him. His heart was filled with shock. So this was what it meant to create a world?

Before his eyes, that youth was standing in the void, hovering above a destroyed planet.

“Origin, the God that created Heaven and Earth.”
An incorporeal power began to bubble. The fragments, the planet, and the comets around began to revolve according to the law of that power. Everything was seemingly under that youth’s control.

The youth spoke his second sentence indifferently. “Earth, the hollow primordial chaos.”
Stars began to converge. The planet exploded into various fragments, yet with the utterance of this sentence, the fragments all converged together again to assume the form of a sphere. The fragmented stars converged together as well, coming together to form a brand new planet, a planet that was so very bright and resplendent.

The youth spoke his third sentence. “The darkness of the depths.”
The sphere began to transform, and indentations started to appear on it, giving birth to abysses, canyons, edges, corners, and marks. Slowly but surely, it became a planet with life.

The  youth  spoke  his  fourth  sentence.  “God’s  spirituality traverses the water’s surface.” Splash—
Water appeared on the planet, filling the valleys and gorges, giving birth to oceans and rivers. The entire planet became complete, and the youth stepped on the sea surface casually.

“God says, let there be light.”
Light appeared, as if the everlasting sun had been there since time immemorial. And yet the light that had appeared wasn’t the light of the sun. The youth pointed at the void. There, the moon, which had long since been destroyed, appeared yet again. Just like that, it appeared slowly, hovering where it used to hover. And thus this planet came to possess a moon.

“By my name, revolve!”
Hum— The final power burst out of his hand. The entire planet became flawless as the atmosphere appeared. Everything that had been lost returned, returning this planet to the perfect state it had been in during its creation.

Luo Yuan watched on silently, extremely shaken. This was his very first time witnessing the creation of a world at such a close distance. He had never experienced the era of the Creation God. As such, he was aware of what his flaw was. This was also why he had selected this book as his alien world.

This book had a complete world-creation process. This book had settings that were somewhat similar to the Genetic Era. That was why he had selected this book. Different from the lustful Wang Chun, Luo Yuan had had a clear purpose in selecting this book. The only difference was that he had very little time to stay in this world, as this world required utmost care from its creator for it to develop.

As for Luo Yuan, he had millions upon millions of abilities, each of them needing a certain amount of growth. Some of them could be developed through the wristband alone, but there were some that were unique, such as this book’s ability, which he had to care for personally. As such, Luo Yuan had decided to let this book develop naturally.

After all, this Godly Model Creator’s main character had a copying ability as well. It detailed the story of someone who ultimately changed the world through great effort in cultivation. Mhm… The early parts of this book contained the growth of this youth. Those had not helped Luo Yuan much. What he had truly wanted from this book was this final scene, the creation of the world.

Now he had seen what he had wanted to see. With his very own eyes, he had witnessed all the steps of the creation of a world. Hidden in the void, he had witnessed everything. So this was true world creation? Luo Yuan had gained great understanding from this scene. He had a feeling that perhaps he did not even need the godhood of misfortune anymore to become a world-controlling god. Or perhaps, if he could copy the ability of this main character…
Luo Yuan was tempted. Based on the plot of this book, next would be the arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven. That was the moment where the illusory world and reality combined. Just as Luo Yuan was preparing to make a move, the youth suddenly stopped.

“So it turns out that you are trying to witness the process of a true ascension?” the youth said, a faint smile on his face.
Luo Yuan blanked. Who was this youth talking to? When he raised his head, he saw the youth’s gaze piercing through the void, looking at him. Instantly, his body chilled. He had been discovered? Hold on, how had this youth figured out his line of thought? Instantly, Luo Yuan realized something. This youth had read his mind earlier. It was also at this moment that Luo Yuan suddenly realized a terrifying truth. With this book ability, the world became a true existence. Since Ming Yue could make a move for real, the same naturally applied to this youth.

Furthermore, different from Ming Yue, the person before possessed truly terrifying strength. Luo Yuan had always been looking down on the strength of this world. However, he had forgotten one important point. The youth before him had reached the realm of world creation, a realm far above his own. The youth spoke calmly. “Sorry. In my world, I am the actual main character.’
“Not good!” Luo Yuan had an ominous feeling. Flee! This was his instinctive reaction. Alas, it was too late. The youth lifted his hand.

A terrifying radiance swept past the void and landed on Luo Yuan. Even though he had immediately tried to leave, he could still sense that terrifying strength.


He coughed up a mouthful of blood before his consciousness returned to the real world. The clone he had created had actually been instantly destroyed by that youth.

“How scary.” A trace of fear surfaced in Luo Yuan’s eyes. So this was what strength comparable to the Creation God’s looked like? Damn it. He had initially planned to make use of this book to gain comprehension of world creation, becoming a true god of creation. Unexpectedly, he had ended up nearly being killed by the book’s main character instead.

How hateful. Luo Yuan’s eyes gleamed coldly as he vowed that, one day, he would destroy that person as well. However, it was precisely at this moment that he watched with horror as the azure book floating above his palm transformed into countless light particles and dissipated.

That world had vanished. In a daze, Luo Yuan looked in the direction those particles were headed, totally dumbfounded. How… was that possible? That youth was so strong that he could use his own alien world to affect this world? So had the main character overthrown him and obtained full control over that world?

No, that wasn’t right. The moment that youth had created a world, he had already been an existence on the level of the Creation God. As for Luo Yuan, because he had tried to take a peek at a power that surpassed his realm, he was suffering the backlash.

Luo Yuan sank into a long silence. He had once tried doing what Wang Chun had, summoning the characters of the book. It was rather unfortunate that he had only managed to summon that Sun Something guy, who was just a mere villain in the book. Moreover, he was an extremely weak villain.

This was why Luo Yuan had always regarded the world within the book as weak. He had never expected that the moment that youth reached the realm of world creation, he would become so powerful.

“I have been careless.”
Luo Yuan knew the reason behind this. If he had done as Wang Chun had and accompanied the main character in his growth, fighting together with him, he might perhaps have become good friends with that main character. However, he had not done that. He had allowed the book to progress naturally until the finale before going there to harvest his fruits. He had forgotten that the main character had grown to such a terrifying level. As such, his plan had backfired.

“I still underestimated him. So this is the strength of a god of creation? After becoming the controller of the world… will I be stronger?”
Luo Yuan was filled with expectation. He knew that the shortcut he had tried to take had been completely sealed. Moreover, he had even lost the entire book. As for where had the book gone, only that youth knew. Luo Yuan no longer had anything to do with that world.

Regardless, this did not mean that Luo Yuan could not advance his plan. After all, he was Luo Yuan. Perhaps… Luo Yuan’s eyes shone as he thought of something.

Shua! Luck Aura activated. His body flitted and instantly appeared in a different corner of the world. There, amid a bunch of trash, a pile of discarded books could be found. One look at the pile and one would know that these books had been printed during the era of peace. Luo Yuan flipped the trash over easily. Next, he walked to the pile of books, then found a familiar book.

“You then!”

Chapter 837: Kill!

In the world of The Crystal Palace, a faint radiance converged. In the middle of it was Chen Feng, and at his sides were Ming Yue and Shen Wang. Their energies met and interweaved in midair before assuming the form of one big heart.

Chen Feng was dumbstruck as he saw this.

“Two missies, can you two stop with the excessive public display of affection?” Chen Feng was speechless. Indeed, they had reconciled, as per the original plot. However, this was too much, right? They could even show off their affection while fusing their energy?

“Hehe.”   Ming  Yue  glanced  at  him.  “Isn’t  this  what  you wanted?”
Chen Feng: “…Don’t mess around.” He rolled his eyes. “Don’t forget that we are still bound by the contract. If you continue to mess around, I will summon you randomly in the future, and I’ll pick times when you two are getting intimate to do so…”
Ming Yue: “…”
Fine. She stopped messing around.


The energy converged, and finally, the two were done fusing their energy.


The entire world trembled. When Ming Yue and Shen Wang combined their energies, they accomplished what Luo Yuan had always wanted: combining all the godly powers of the world. Now, the two were the controllers of this world. Borrowing the unique power of The Crystal Palace, slowly, the consciousnesses of Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess drifted out before slowly entering the two bodies that had been prepared for them. Finally, their consciousnesses returned to the outside world. Not only that, with their departure, both of their godhoods were slowly shifting out of Chen Feng.

Godhood shifting! Chen Feng’s eyes shone when he noticed this. So long as the shift was a success, he would no longer have to worry that Luo Yuan would obtain them. He would then be able to break through as he wished.


A beam of light descended and slowly condensed. Alas, right at this instant, the world began to tremble, alarming everyone. Next, they saw a person they were all familiar with appear in midair. That person was precisely Luo Yuan.

Bang! Chen Feng’s heart jolted. “Luo Yuan?” Why had he appeared here?


The world trembled as that person truly descended upon this world.

Wang  Chun’s  expression  changed  greatly.  “Stop  him!”  He joined hands with Shen Yi, Shen Wei, and the others to try to stop Luo Yuan. However, Luo Yuan’s mere aura was sufficient to knock them all away.


Wang Chun and the rest coughed up blood as they were flung away. Luo Yuan was too powerful. That person landed resoundingly.

Luo Yuan’s gaze merely landed on Wang Chun for a split second before he noticed a distant figure that caused him to doubt his eyes. That was… Chen Feng?

“Chen Feng!” Luo Yuan was in shock. “You are actually still alive?”
He found this totally inconceivable. He had confirmed Chen Feng’s death more than 1,000 times. Each time, the result had been the same: confirmation of Chen Feng’s death. Moreover, he had even obtained the scene of Chen Feng’s death from his deductions. How could Chen Feng still be alive?

And how could Luck Aura have failed to detect this fellow, who used the same power? How was it possible? How was it possible for this fellow to have been able to hide from him? Luo Yuan was ashen faced. It was no wonder that, even after several decades, he hadn’t been able to find the godhood of misfortune. Since Chen Feng was still alive, how could the godhood of misfortune have appeared? No, that did not seem right. He had obviously confirmed that the godhood of misfortune was vacant when he had confirmed Chen Feng’s death. Damn it! Luo Yuan had an unsightly expression. But then again, it no longer mattered.

“Since you have been discovered by me, you can no longer hide,” Luo Yuan said with an ice-cold expression. Instantly, his senses locked down on Chen Feng.

“How   did   you   appear   here?”    Chen   Feng   asked.   He remembered that Luo Yuan had not selected the same world as Wang Chun.

“Indeed, I selected a different world. However…”  Luo Yuan smiled self-mockingly. “That main character called Su Hao was too strong and easily defeated me, then broke free of my control. As such, I was able to construct a new world. This time, I selected The Crystal Palace. Interesting, right?” Luo Yuan asked with a faint smile.

Chen Feng sneered. “Seems like he failed to kill you.” “Prior to entering that world, I thought for a long time before finally deciding to send my clone. If I had entered personally, I would be dead. Being lucky is a good thing after all, right?” Luo Yuan said calmly. Although Su Hao was the main character of that world, Luo Yuan was sure that out here, he was the true main character. On top of that, he was also this world’s sole tyrant.

“Although I haven’t spent much time developing the new world I constructed, it is, after all, exactly the same as this one. As such, a link of sorts was established. And thus, I have arrived here,” Luo Yuan finished with a smile.

Suddenly, Ming Yue’s eyes gleamed coldly. “You killed them.” Since Luo Yuan could be here, that signified that the world he had constructed was already fully under his control. Yet that world had surely only been constructed recently. How could he have obtained control over it so fast?

It was very simple. He killed both Ming Yue and Shen Wang, and he even copied both their godly powers. As such, Luo Yuan had been able to swallow that world for himself. Luo Yuan shook his head as he lamented, “This is why I was never willing to select this world. This world is too weak. With ease, everyone in that world was exterminated. Next, that world was destroyed and used as a springboard to reach this world. Well, it does not matter. That world no longer exists.
However, this world is still here, right?”
As Luo Yuan finished his words somewhat casually, everyone was utterly shocked. He had indeed destroyed an entire world. Even though it was a fictional world, the moment it had been constructed with the ability, those people had become true living beings. Yet Luo Yuan had directly killed them all, the entirety of The Crystal Palace!

“The moment I entered The Crystal Palace, I knew that I had to come here, as a very ominous aura could be sensed. However, I never imagined that it was actually you, Chen Feng!”  Luo Yuan’s killing intent surged. The 30 years he had wasted had caused him to develop an extremely deep hatred for Chen Feng. This was a person he had to kill no matter what.

Chen Feng remained silent. Not far away, the shifting process was on the verge of completion. “You are trying to buy more time, right?” Luo Yuan smiled sinisterly. “However, do you know why I have allowed you this time? Because the cruelest way to deal with someone is to destroy all their hope during the imminent moment of success. You have allowed me to experience an entire 30 years of such cruelty. Now I shall repay this favor.”

A powerful radiance streaked through the air. This was the power that Luo Yuan had duplicated from the other world’s Ming Yue.


That power pierced through the air and forcefully insert itself between the powers of Ming Yue and Shen Wang. With this, their powers, which had previously been in harmony, were instantly out of sync. The godhood shifting failed!

“Failed!” Luo Yuan said, a menacing expression on his face. However, he was somewhat astonished to find that Chen Feng hadn’t tried to stop him. Rather, Chen Feng had merely watched on coldly as Luo Yuan foiled the godhood shift.

“Wang Chun. Lock down the world,” Chen Feng said coldly.

“All right.”
Wang Chun resisted the pain he was feeling and speedily left with Shen Wei and the rest.

They actually departed this world and returned to reality before locking down this world.

Luo Yuan frowned. “Mhm?”
Chen Feng rubbed his fists. “Before this, you were nearly killed by Su Hao. As such, with your cautious nature, you would most certainly use only your clone to come to this Crystal Palace world, right? Therefore, you are merely a clone. “Therefore, there was no point in stopping you. I just have to kill you and then restart the process. In any case, I am also quite curious. After this world is locked down, severing your connection with the outside world, will the real you outside receive any news from here after I destroy this clone of yours?
Can he even find out that I am actually still alive?” Chen Feng asked with a sharp gaze, his killing intent surging. Scheming? Chen Feng had never feared anyone in terms of scheming. The moment Luo Yuan had entered this world, Chen Feng had already seen through him.

Luo Yuan nodded. “You are very smart.”  He was indeed a clone. After experiencing that incident with Su Hao, he no longer dared to use his real body to visit locations that might pose him any danger. The Creation God of an alien world could very well threaten him.

As such, he had opted to use a clone. Chen Feng’s plan was completely correct. Alas…
“You are not my opponent,” Luo Yuan said with an ice cold gaze. “Regardless of how smart your brain is, strength is what matters.”

Chapter 838: Helpless

In the world of The Crystal Palace, an earth-shattering battle had erupted. As for Wang Chun and everyone else, they were locking down the world, ensuring that the aura here couldn’t leak outside. Otherwise, if the true Luo Yuan were to appear here, it would be over for them.

Ka! Ka!

Cracks appeared in the sky without stop. Wang Chun could only smile bitterly. Could this world truly last any longer?

Shen Yi was anxious. “Will this truly work?”
“We have to make it work.” Wang Chun clenched his teeth. “Don’t worry. Ming Yue and Shen Wang will not watch on as the world is destroyed.” “Gather  all  the  sisters  of  the  Divine  Shrine.  Also,  gather those of the Nether Realm.”

Light swirled about as they continued transmitting their powers to the world. Fortunately, the people of the Divine Shrine and the Nether Realm had reconciled their differences. At this moment, everyone in this world was transmitting their powers to the world.

They were doing this to stabilize this world. In the past, they had cultivated without stop, absorbing the power of the world to gain strength. Now they were returning their power to the world, increasing the world’s stability. Hum—
The cracks in the world began to heal.

Wang Chun clenched his teeth. “Hopefully we can hold on.”
In truth, based on their past experience with the Twin Horns World, at this moment, releasing the lockdown on this world to allow this world to sync with the real world would be the proper choice of action. After all, this world was currently akin to an overfilled balloon. So long as an exit was created so that the excess gas could be vented, stability would be regained.

Alas, that wouldn’t help their present situation. Luo Yuan’s clone had to be locked in this world. Chen Feng’s plan was very clear. Chen Feng wanted to lock this clone here so he couldn’t escape. This was the first action they had taken upon Luo Yuan’s arrival. This was the only way to ensure that the real Luo Yuan would not notice what was going on.

“We should be able to hold on for some time,”  Wang Chun said as he gazed at the sky. Chen Feng, everything’s relying on you now.


With a deafening boom, Chen Feng’s new godly power, the product of fusion, erupted. For the very first time, that formidable power collided with Luo Yuan’s clone, creating a terrifying shockwave in midair.

Alarmingly, even against power at such a level, Luo Yuan’s clone did not dissipate.

“The  power  of  a  true  god?”   Luo  Yuan  had  a  look  of contemplation. “No, still somewhat lacking. If this were the power of a true god, I would already be dead. But I am still able to heal from this.” His body, which had nearly been destroyed, was instantly restored. That’s right, this was Luo Yuan’s power, shared even to his clone: unlimited healing. Having copied a huge number of restorative abilities, Luo Yuan possessed an astonishing ability to heal. The only way to deal with him was complete

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng erupted and began beating Luo Yuan up. A rain of fists landed on Luo Yuan’s body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Luo Yuan was punched into the ground itself, to the point his entire body was nothing but a pile of mangled flesh. The clear sound of flesh being beaten resounded in the air as blood splattered about without stop. This was no different than a living flesh blender. Alas, even facing such a beating, Luo Yuan’s clone was still alive. His body was suffused with a faint radiance as he healed without stop. He could not be destroyed, nor could he be killed. This was the moment that the most terrifying aspect of Luo Yuan was made apparent. Even a clone that only possessed a portion of his strength was capable of this. What about his real body? The mere thought caused them all to sweat profusely.

Ming Yue had an odd feeling. “This clone is very unique.”
“Mhm.” Chen Feng nodded. “Luo Yuan’s clone was directly propagated from his real body. It inherited the strength of the real body and is somewhat different from regular clones. This is also why he has so few clones but each clone is incredibly powerful. However, the disadvantage of using such clones is the reduction of his strength if a clone is destroyed.”
“Very well then.” Ming Yue stood up. Eliminating this clone would affect the real body’s strength as well? Splendid. Let’s destroy this clone first, then.

Shua! Light swirled around as Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess’s godhoods were temporarily set aside. With Luo Yuan here, the separation would never succeed. Rather than try to complete the separation while Chen Feng fought Luo Yuan, they might as well work together to destroy this clone.

One could never forget that this was their world.


Ming Yue and Shen Wang instantly stepped into the battlefield.

Luo Yuan was alarmed by their arrival. “Mhm?”
Bang! Bang!

Ming Yue erupted with her strongest might. At the same time, Shen Wang’s power, which was of a completely opposite attribute, blasted at Luo Yuan as well. Yin and Yang, two completely different powers, erupted within Luo Yuan’s body. Instantly, his body was ripped apart as the terrifying power fluctuations engulfed his entire body before exploding.


A boundless radiance shone from the center of the explosion.

Is it over? everyone wondered as they looked over. Alas, right at this moment, the badly mangled clump of flesh on the ground began wiggling and reforming together. Luo Yuan was still alive!

“What damnable ability is this?”
Everyone was horrified. Was this a worm or lizard bloodline? They had no idea. What they were sure of was that Luo Yuan didn’t just have a huge number of healing abilities at his disposal. He had also gathered a huge number of regenerative bloodlines as well. This fellow was too terrifying! Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “The abilities of millions of life- forms…”  Indeed,  after  using  the  wristbands  to  control  the world for so many years, Luo Yuan’s strength was this terrifying. His strength was not something that could be measured with logic. His choice to fake his death back then had indeed been the correct choice. The complete Luo Yuan was much scarier than he had imagined.

Ming Yue looked at Chen Feng. “What do we do now?” This fellow was too strong. Even after insta-killing him, he could still heal. How were they supposed to fight such an opponent?

Chen Feng looked at Ming Yue instinctively. “Time?”  Since Ming Yue and Shen Wang were both world controllers now, they could simply freeze Luo Yuan’s time, then kill him. With that, wouldn’t all his abilities stop working?

Ming  Yue  shook  her  head.  “Not  possible.”   That  wasn’t possible. Even as a world controller, there were still certain things that were out of their control. Time was one of those.

After all, the world itself was established in the river of time. How could the world be able to control time as it wished? Apart from some minor branches of abilities in the time domain, there was no way one could control time, not even if someone was the world itself.

Luo Yuan sneered. “How idiotic.” Thinking of sealing him up with time? How naive. One ought to know that even in the outside world, amid the many abilities, very few touched upon the domain of time. As such, how could such a tiny world have anything related to the domain of time?

Shen Wang frowned. “Then what can we do?”
They had never expected that this would be the result. They couldn’t kill him at all.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They tried numerous methods, such as attacking both individually and together, with energy of numerous attributes. Alas, Luo Yuan never stopped healing. His healing ability was truly alarmingly powerful. But what if they continued with the godhood separation? Bang!

Luo Yuan started shooting everywhere like he was some madman. After all, he did not fear death, nor could they kill him. With him creating disturbances, the separation couldn’t be completed. After all, Luo Yuan also possessed formidable combat power. At present, they were completely helpless against Luo Yuan’s clone.

Chapter 839: Impossible to Unravel

“What if we restrict his power?” Chen Feng looked at Ming Yue and Shen Wang. “After becoming world controllers, the two of you should be able to regulate the laws of this world, right?”
Ming Yue shook her head. “That won’t work. His power does not originate from this world.”
Chen Feng: “…”
He had almost forgotten that. This was like how, when Ming Yue had arrived in the outside world. She had not been subject to the laws of the world outside. For the same reason, Luo Yuan’s power wasn’t restricted by the laws of this world. In short, the power they gained as world controllers was completely useless against Luo Yuan? So world controllers were this weak? Chen Feng did not dare believe that.

“Since he is incompatible with this world, his power won’t be restricted by this world’s limitations. Similarly, he will be rejected by the world. His body will suffer immense damage from each attack. He would have been reduced to ashes long ago if not for his restorative power…”
Ming Yue was feeling very helpless. What could they do against a person with an undying body? At present, as they stopped attacking, Luo Yuan was given a chance to catch a break.

He howled with laughter. “Hahahaha!” He was aware of the reason they had stopped attacking him.

“Isn’t this surprising? Isn’t this exciting?” Luo Yuan laughed like a madman. “You bunch of idiots. You guys actually believed that you could destroy me with such a method? How naive. Now, have you guys realized how strong I truly am? Haha.”
Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng started raining punches down on Luo Yuan again.
Alas, it was pointless. “Just this much? With this speed?” Luo Yuan kept sneering. “You can’t even defeat my clone, yet you dream of defeating my main body?”
Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly as he punched down furiously. His punches, which were suffused with his new godly power, were incomparably terrifying. This power… Luo Yuan’s heart throbbed, as he seemed to sense something. This new godly power of Chen Feng’s seemed to contain misfortune? After numerous punches, he seemingly understood something. What if this power was copied? Perhaps he would be able to obtain partial control over the world? After all, this power contained misfortune!

If this godly power could be copied, he would obtain a partial power of misfortune. This would definitely work! Luo Yuan was tempted. Moreover, it seemed like Chen Feng had yet to realize this? Luo Yuan smiled at this realization.

Luo Yuan continued to provoke Chen Feng. “Come at me, Chen Feng! Are you this weak?” “Hmph!” Chen Feng did not answer.

Bang! Bang!

He continued transforming his new godly power.

Chen Feng seemed to be testing out the usage methods of his new godly power with Luo Yuan as the punching bag. He was trying to see which combination would be the effective one to defeat Luo Yuan. This was quite a sensible choice for their present situation. As for Luo Yuan, he did not mind at all. After all, this was a brand new godly power he was experiencing firsthand.

Each time the new godly power hit his body, a shockwave was unleashed within his body and he absorbing a tiny amount. Each punch of Chen Feng’s supplied a small portion of the new godly power to him. With this, he also gained a small amount of the power of misfortune with each punch. Luo Yuan focused on extracting the traces of the power of misfortune before slowly converging them together. He was sure that the moment he compiled enough to form the complete power of misfortune, he would become a world controller as well. Haha, what a blockhead. Chen Feng was delivering to him precisely what he wanted.

Luo Yuan had a crazy look on his face as he said, “Come at me!”
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Luo Yuan was attempting to anger Chen Feng. “Come! Kill me and Wang Yao will return to you! Kill me!”
Indeed. With his provocations, Chen Feng began to fight him in close quarters. They were drenched in blood from their bitter battle. The strength of each punch was capable of shaking one to the core.

“Chen Feng…”  Ming Yue felt like Chen Feng was in a bad condition and wanted to advise him. However, she ultimately 
Shen Wang sighed. “We only need to focus on guarding this world.” She could feel that the world was getting unstable. If the three of them continued working together against Luo Yuan, this world might collapse for real. With Wang Chun and the rest’s strength, they had no way of stabilizing this world. As such, the two of them could only focus on protecting this world.

This was the only way to stabilize this world’s existence. As for Chen Feng, he was fighting Luo Yuan one on one. The two were completely drenched in blood, the ground trembling nonstop as shocking fluctuations spreading everywhere without stop.

“Faster! Hit harder! Come! Don’t stop! Ah!”

Ming Yue: “…” 
Shen Wang was still anxious. “Is this really fine?”
Ming Yue shook her head. “Don’t worry. It is enough for us to focus on stabilizing the world. This clone of Luo Yuan’s is already completely cut off from the outside world. Without knowing the real situation here, Luo Yuan’s real body will not dare to come hastily. Moreover, he doesn’t know that Chen Feng is here. Therefore, our best chance is to exhaust this clone to death. So long as he can’t contact the real body, it will be fine. We can focus on godhood separation after that,” Ming Yue said coldly.

Shen Wang frowned. “How long will this take?”
“In any case, we don’t lack time at all,” Ming Yue said unhurriedly. At present, with Chen Feng faking his death, the real Luo Yuan had no real competition. Whether it took one year or ten years, everything was worth it. As for Luo Yuan? Heh. After a powerful clone, one that was nigh undefeated, vanished in this world, would he dare to enter personally? conflicted about this. Unknown to them, Luo Yuan had experienced something very terrifying before this. He had already faced a certain terrifying youth. That youth had easily destroyed Luo Yuan’s clone. He hadn’t even taken Luo Yuan seriously, yet the destruction of Luo Yuan’s clone had been instantaneous.

Moreover, that youth hadn’t bothered severing the clone’s connection with the real world because he wanted to take the opportunity to come out into the real world to destroy that book, key to that youth’s world.
That youth called Su Hao was too terrifying, as was the strength of the world within Godly Model Creator. What about the world of The Crystal Palace? Luo Yuan’s initial assumption had been that this world was extremely weak. After all, Ming Yue had once appeared in this world and Luo Yuan had seen her through the wristband. However… Mhm…
Luo Yuan suddenly realized the flaw in his thoughts. Back when he had summoned Sun Yaotian from the world of Godly Model Creator, that fellow had been incredibly weak as well. However, the main character had still ended up being so terrifyingly powerful at the end of the book.
Therefore, the way in which he had judged their strength was definitely incorrect. In the world of The Crystal Palace, Ming Yue or Shen Wang could very well be much more terrifying than he had imagined. Perhaps his clone sent there had been instantaneously killed as well? The mere thought caused Luo Yuan to tremble in fear. Go there with his real body? No way. That was way too risky.

“What exactly is happening there?”
Luo Yuan narrowed his gaze as he stared into the distance, waiting for the result. Provided he could even receive a result.

Chapter 840: The Two Golden People

Within the world of The Crystal Palace, Chen Feng and Luo Yuan were still engaged in close combat.

“Will he be in danger?”  Shen Wang asked as she looked at Chen Feng. She could see that Chen Feng did not have much of an advantage. This was especially true since Luo Yuan was fighting like a madman who did not care about his life. Chen Feng had sustained quite a few injuries.

Ming Yue shook her head. “No worries. With Xiao Ying around, he will be fine.” If she was going to be worried about someone, it wouldn’t be Chen Feng. She had personally witnessed Xiao Ying’s strength, which was now one of Chen Feng’s powerful trump cards. If Chen Feng encountered any actual danger, Xiao Ying would come out.

Even in this situation, Chen Feng hadn’t called Xiao Ying out. It was apparent that Chen Feng still had some confidence. He was also keeping Xiao Ying hidden for any sudden trump cards of Luo Yuan’s. As such, there was no need for them to be worried about Chen Feng right now. That fellow was a deep schemer. Moreover, she doubted that Chen Feng would truly go crazy and lose his reason over Wang Yao.

So what exactly was Chen Feng thinking? Perhaps Chen Feng was of the same opinion as her and wanted to buy more time?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Terrifying energy fluctuations spread everywhere. The fight between Chen Feng and Luo Yuan became even more intense.

A little bit more! Luo Yuan was in ecstasy. He could clearly feel the power of misfortune from Chen Feng’s punches, which were suffused with the new godly power. As time went on, his comprehension of the power of misfortune was growing.

Haha. Thanks, Chen Feng. This idiot seems to have forgotten about the power of misfortune? Tsk tsk… Each punch of Chen Feng’s contained the power of misfortune. For Luo Yuan, with his Copy ability, this was extremely good news. Punch after punch, time after time. Luo Yuan wished he could simply lie on the ground and be beaten by Chen Feng so as to allow the power of misfortune to be sent
into his body. He was enjoying this greatly and had zero intention of resisting Chen Feng’s punches.

However, he was clear that if he actually stopped resisting, Chen Feng would grow suspicious. Thus, Luo Yuan had to resist. He had to resist earnestly, with all his might.

Moreover, he had to give Chen Feng the impression that they were evenly matched. Thus, he unleashed numerous attacks on Chen Feng as they engaged in this bitter struggle. Inwardly, Luo Yuan kept track of the progress: 98%… 98.1%… 98.2%…

Chen Feng punched without stop, and Luo Yuan forcefully suppressed his delight. During such a crucial moment, he could not allow Chen Feng any suspicions. He had to make sure Chen Feng kept beating him up. Bang!

Yet another punch landed.

Bang! Bang!

The progress continued: 99.93%… 99.98%…
Luo Yuan’s heart throbbed. “Here it comes!” One more punch was all it would take! So long as this punch landed, he would succeed and could proceed to become a world controller. The sound of that punch was already by his ear. Come! Come! Luo Yuan was extremely agitated.


He focused his senses on the coming terrifying power as he prepared to welcome Chen Feng’s final eruption and baptize himself in that attack. Unexpectedly, the sound of the coming fist suddenly vanished. Luo Yuan was somewhat dumbfounded. Stopped? He lifted his head and looked forward in a somewhat flabbergasted manner. Chen Feng had actually stopped his attack at such a crucial moment. Damn it! What in the world? Luo Yuan cursed inwardly. Was Chen Feng not a man?

“Hehe.”  Suddenly, Chen Feng smiled. “Being beaten up is very comfortable, isn’t it?”
“What are you talking about?” Luo Yuan said fiercely. He was still feigning his anger, not willing to reveal his true goal.

“Hehehehe.” Chen Feng smiled. “Has your absorption of the power of misfortune gone smoothly?”
Luo Yuan was instantly shocked. So Chen Feng had actually seen through him?

Nevertheless, Luo Yuan feigned ignorance. “What are you talking about?” Chen Feng shook his head. “Hehe. Since you enjoy being beaten up, let me lend you a hand.”

Chen Feng strode forth and instantly appeared before Luo Yuan.


A punch shot out. Instantly, a terrifying power bloomed.

The strength of that attack caused Luo Yuan’s heart to palpitate. Despite the strength of the attack, due to how much Luo Yuan was anticipating having the power of misfortune, he still decided not to erect any defenses.

Bang! The punch landed.


Luo Yuan coughed up a mouthful of blood. In his chest was a huge hole left behind by Chen Feng’s penetrating punch. Blood poured out without stop. As for Luo Yuan’s regenerative speed, it had actually greatly decreased.

Luo Yuan was alarmed. “How is this possible?”  Since when had Chen Feng been so powerful? He was clearly still not at the true-god stage. What Luo Yuan didn’t dare to believe was the fact that, in Chen Feng’s final punch, there had been no power of misfortune. That’s right, no misfortune had been contained within that punch, not even a tiny little bit. Chen Feng seemed to have completely removed the power of misfortune.

Was that even possible? The power of misfortune had already seeped into him, becoming a part of his godly power. Separating the power of misfortune from his godly power should not be possible. Unless… Luo Yuan thought of something. This would only be possible if the power of misfortune was neutralized using the power of luck. Chen Feng had to utilize even more luck to neutralize the unique property of misfortune. This was the only way to completely remove the power of misfortune from his attack.

“Damn it!” Luo Yuan was alarmed. It seemed like Chen Feng had indeed seen through him.

Chen Feng smiled faintly. “Quite simple, right?”
Luo Yuan’s killing intent surged. “Why did you play along if you had already realized this?”
So all this while, Chen Feng had merely been playing along with him?

“Naturally.” Chen Feng beamed as he looked at Luo Yuan. “What a perfect plan this was. How Could I not play along? It not only allowed you to partially obtain the power of misfortune, but it also allowed me to fuse with all your powers…” Shua!

Chen Feng’s true aura erupted. His aura was now much stronger than it had been before.

“Truly…  a flawless power,”  Chen Feng muttered. His fake nascent soul had devoured a huge number of powers. To allow Chen Feng to beat him up, Luo Yuan had opted to use different powers each time he collided with Chen Feng. This had allowed Chen Feng a chance to fuse with all of Luo Yuan’s powers. In this battle, Chen Feng was not the only person to have cooperated with his opponent’s plan. Luo Yuan had also been cooperating with Chen Feng’s plan. Both had similarly been putting on a play.

Chen Feng was extremely pleased. “If you were from the same era as me, you might even have been able to obtain something called an Oscar.”
Luo Yuan’s gaze was ice cold. This damnable Chen Feng! He was brimming with anger. He had never expected the plan he was so proud of and confident in to actually be seen through by Chen Feng. When he had assumed that his plan was progressing smoothly, he had in fact been cooperating with Chen Feng’s plan instead. This caused him an intense feeling of shame.

“You are courting death,” Luo Yuan spat coldly.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “These words are what I should be saying to you.”

Instantly, Chen Feng vanished. When he reappeared, he was already beside Luo Yuan.

Bang! Pu!

Luo Yuan’s body arched into the shape of a bow from the punch as he coughed up blood like mad. Half his body even started dissolving into particles. If Luo Yuan hadn’t forcefully activated his regenerative power, he would have died from that single attack. This strength… and this speed…
Finally, Luo Yuan was afraid. He had never expected that, despite how little time had passed, Chen Feng’s strength would grow to such an extent. This was way too powerful and way too astonishing.
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