The Strongest Gene Chapter 821-830

Chapter 821: The Only Way

“Therefore, I am his target.”
Chen Feng wore a solemn expression. All those godly powers had been copied by Luo Yuan, and Luo Yuan’s next goal would surely be Chen Feng. He would try to get the power of misfortune through force, or perhaps he would think of a way to make Chen Feng put on the wristband. The moment he succeeded… the world would rewind.

Chen Feng, Kong Bai, Qin Hai, all these people would cease to exist. Everything would be gone.

“This   is   getting   troublesome,”    Chen   Feng   muttered. However, he soon thought of something. Was it truly possible for one to rewind this world after obtaining full control? After all, Chen Feng remembered that, among the 3,000 core powers, time was not included.

“No. Controlling the world is exactly what it says, controlling the world. Everything can be controlled apart from time itself. After all, even the world itself exists in the river of time. As such, even the world itself cannot control time. Unless… the Time God!”
Duma was certain. After all, he himself had once touched upon the power of time. Naturally, the power of time he had touched upon was an incredibly low-level one.

“I once obtained a small amount of the power of time by fluke. I am able to recover a short duration of time. My daughter is capable of the same. However, there is a price for that. My life span is the price…” Duma lamented. Life span?

“Yet  you  still  dare  to  use  it?”   Kong  Bai  exclaimed  in admiration.

“Oh, my life span is 90 million years…” Duma stated calmly.

Everyone: “…” “Yeah, I almost forgot you’re a turtle,”  Kong Bai lamented. Suddenly, Duma gaze, filled with killing intent, landed on him. “Oh, a majestic turtle,” Kong Bai added hastily.

“Hmph.” Duma snorted before continuing, “The law of time is mysterious. However, others have stumbled upon some extensions of the law of time before, such as my recovery of time or Kong Bai’s transmigration. However, making use of such low-level time powers requires a cost for each use. My ability requires payment in the form of my life span. As for your transmigration…
“You should rejoice in the fact that you have never messed with the past. Although your time travel involves true body moving through time, transmigration is actually a projection into a different point in time, a projection that is in incomplete disharmony with the entire world. Your aura when you transmigrate is like a bright shining lamp, easily detectable,” Duma said with a sneer.

Kong Bai was dumbfounded. It was no wonder that they could transmigrate easily without receiving many effects. Hold on, this did not seem right either. Kong Bai suddenly recalled something. “But Qin Hai clearly…”
Duma rolled his eyes. “Why else would I have accepted him as a disciple? I sensed an intense power of time from him. That was why I forcefully kept him with me so I could study him. To accomplish that, I exhausted 5,000 years of my life span. And thus, the Qin Hai you people see now came into being.”
Qin Hai’s eyes widened. “I thought you accepted me because of my astonishing talent…”
Duma coughed awkwardly and added, “Yes, that was one of the reasons.”
Qin Hai: “…”
So this was the actual reason he had been kept behind in the past? Chen Feng brought them back to the main topic. “Therefore… If Luo Yuan wants to rewind time, he has to first control this power of time, which is independent from the 3,000 core powers.”
“That’s right.” Duma was sure. “Such a power is something that one can only gain understanding of through transmigration and reincarnation.”
Suddenly, Chen Feng realized something. Wang Yao! So the reason Luo Yuan had taken Wang Yao was so he could train her into the Time God! So… that was why. Hold on. If that was the case, why had he suddenly transmigrated after his death back then? Even with Luck Aura… could that be the work of Luo Yuan as well? After all, Luo Yuan, who wanted to control all 3,000 core powers, would not allow the godly power of luck to be left on an alien world. If so, had that been the work of Luo Yuan? There was also Wang Yao’s reincarnation… When Chen Feng recalled Luo Yuan’s capability to erase one’s memories imperceptibly, this was quite possible. Now that Chen Feng thought about it, was reincarnation something a mere organization could accomplish? Perhaps even that organization had been assisted by Luo Yuan! Everything seemed to click together. That experiment… had in fact been Luo Yuan’s tool for filtering possible candidates for the position of Time God.

Countless people were allowed to reincarnate. Only the one who was able to return alive would be entitled to receive his assistance to ascend to the position of Time God. This was the only logical explanation for that experiment. In Luo Yuan’s search, numerous talented boys and girls had died just like that. Their only goal had been to return alive because the act of reincarnation contained the complexities of time as well.

Chen Feng and the others had believed that destruction of the experimentation ground would be the end of it all. Never had they expected that the destruction of the experimentation ground was but the beginning. Perhaps that was also the moment that those eyes from outer space started paying attention to Wang Yao. They were all incomparably shocked. So it turned out that everything was the work of that Luo Yuan. So it turned out that the final keys deciding the fate of this world were in the hands of Chen Feng and Wang Yao. Suddenly, Chen Feng laughed. “In short, Wang Yao is safe for now?”
“Yes.”  Duma was certain. Since she needed to be made the Time Goddess, she was most definitely concentrating on cultivation. Luo Yuan would not dare to interrupt her cultivation. Naturally, regardless of whether she could successfully comprehend the power of time, she would remain imprisoned in outer space, being forced to contemplate the power of time.

“What if she fails?”  Kong Bai asked suddenly. If Wang Yao failed, wouldn’t Luo Yuan have done all this for nothing?

“Not possible.” Duma shook his head. “Since Wang Yao has already obtained the seed of time, it is only a matter of time before she obtains full comprehension. Even if she doesn’t want to obtain comprehension, the passing of time will drill the comprehension into her being.” So that was the case. Chen Feng finally understood. As far as Luo Yuan was concerned, Wang Yao was nothing but a time machine. After he obtained full control over the world, he would return to outer space to retrieve his time machine. Then he would rewind time, returning to the era he longed for.

As such, for the sake of this world and for Wang Yao, Chen Feng had to survive this. He could not allow Luo Yuan to obtain the power of misfortune as well.

“Have you thought of what to do?” Duma asked softly.

Based on their understanding, Luo Yuan would probably arrive soon.

After losing the faith of the various life-forms, this fellow with terrifying strength had decided to forget everything and focus purely on gathering the 3,000 core powers, then rewind time. They were completely incapable of defeating this fellow who presently had 2,999 core godly powers under his control. Chen Feng would not be able to, nor would any of them. They were aware that Luo Yuan was strong. However, they had never imagined that he was this strong. Back then, if Luo Yuan hadn’t been willing to give up on his believers, consisting of all life-forms, he would have been killed by misfortune alone. That had been their one and only chance to defeat him.
Unfortunately, Luo Yuan had indeed been willing to let go of his faith. Luo Yuan was now even more terrifying, to the point they had no hope of contending against him.

“Is there no other way?” Chen Feng looked at them.

Everyone maintained their silence.

“Luo Yuan has an undying body.”
“Apart from the 2,999 core godly powers, he also has the unique abilities of the various life-forms under his control, including the genetic abilities of humans and the unique bloodline abilities of some other races.”
Chen Feng was sure that there was no chance he could defeat Luo Yuan in a direct confrontation. And the moment Luo Yuan arrived and got ahold of him would be the end for this world. Everything would come to an end.

Suddenly, Chen Feng raised his head.

Chapter 822: Mental Collapse

In outer space, Wang Yao, who was focused on cultivation, suddenly felt her heart throb.


Suddenly, she looked toward that planet. At this moment, she felt an intense pain in her heart as an indescribable sadness surged within her. This feeling… She knew that something had happened to Chen Feng! She shut her eyes in pain. Luo Yuan… Had he finally succeeded?

Chen Feng…
Suddenly, Wang Yao recalled the words Luo Yuan had said before he left. He had said that Chen Feng would definitely die. Regardless of whether his plan succeeded, he would give her a choice. She was aware of what he wanted. As such, she should be able to make the correct choice. If they returned to that era, she would be the Time Goddess of that era and Luo Yuan’s successor. She would be the one true god. At that time, how hard would it be for her to resurrect Chen Feng? So long as he could return to that era, Luo Yuan would not mind.

Wang Yao sighed. “So it turns out this is also part of your plan.”
She knew that each step had progressed as Luo Yuan planned. Despite the small mishap, everything had ultimately progressed as he wished. Wang Yao shook her head, no longer thinking about this. This was out of her control anyway. The only thing she could do was cultivate the power of time. She only had two options: passively comprehending time or manually cultivating time, the latter of which would hasten the comprehension process. No matter what, she would revive Chen Feng, even if the price was the destruction of this world.

Different from Chen Feng, Wang Yao was not someone who would consider her friends, family, or anything like that, since she did not have any of those. The only person she cared about was Chen Feng alone. I will definitely revive you!

Wang Yao’s gaze became resolute.

Faintly, the power of time flowed around her.

At this time, when Luo Yuan arrived within the deep mountain range, he was welcomed by an absolutely empty mountain range. Chen Feng was no longer here. Luo Yuan used Luck Aura to search for Chen Feng, but he was unable to find anything. This shouldn’t be the case, as even though he couldn’t use Luck Aura directly on Chen Feng, he could still find Chen Feng through others who were not immune to luck. Therefore, he was looking for Chen Feng using the process of elimination. If he located everyone, then the sole location he couldn’t see would be Chen Feng’s. After all, Luo Yuan was strong enough to scan the entire world. Now, the entire world was laid bare to him. Every corner of the world was in his view, yet no trace of Chen Feng could be found. How was this possible? Luo Yuan dared not believe it. Transmigration? Past? Future? Not possible. All channels had been sealed by him. Even he himself could not travel through time now. So where was this fellow hiding?

Or perhaps he had committed suicide? As Luo Yuan thought of this, his heart leaped violently. That should not be the case, right? Suicide would return the godly power to the origin of all things. This also signified that after being given up by Chen Feng, the power of misfortune would return to the world and lay dormant until the day came when a new god gained comprehension over the power of misfortune. This would be an extremely rare occurrence.

That shouldn’t be the case, right? Luo Yuan’s heart was all twitchy now. He had been waiting far too long for this day. He had finally been able to ascertain with Luck Aura that all of the 3,000 core powers were active in this world. This was why he had decided to return now. In his plan, the time of his return had been fixed, as this was precisely the time where all the core powers appeared. Initially, he had indeed planned to kill Chen Feng. However, after finding out that Chen Feng had control over the power of misfortune, his only thought had been to first capture that fellow before forcing him to put on a wristband. In fact, his initial plan hadn’t been wrong. At that time, Luo Yuan had still been without a divine seat. If he killed Chen Feng, he might even have inherited Chen Feng’s misfortune godhood.

That might be why his Luck Aura had proposed killing Chen Feng when the plan was still being drawn. However, he had failed to emerge victorious in that divine-seat trial. That idiotic Ye had gifted the divine seat to Chen Feng just so he could destroy Luo Yuan’s clone.

From that moment on, everything had changed. His only choice had been to wait until he captured Chen Feng alive. Unfortunately, the day had not come. And now… that fellow had committed suicide. Damn it! Luo Yuan was furious. This single action of Chen Feng’s had halted his entire plan. After all, with the death of Chen Feng, he would have no choice but to patiently and carefully search for and capture all the fleeing believers. Next, he would have to start slowly cultivating gods, waiting for the various apostles to finally qualify to take on divine-seat trials. Updated b.y b o x n o v e l. com And lastly, he had to wait until a person with talent in the domain of misfortune appeared, ascended to godhood, and became the Misfortune God. Only then would Luo Yuan be able to copy and obtain this power, obtaining full control over this world. Even so, the appearances of divine seats were completely random. It might be a misfortune divine seat or a divine seat belonging to another godhood.

If it was any other godhood, he would be able to use his Luck Aura to alter the chance of its appearance. Unfortunately, misfortune was a domain that totally ignored his power of luck. If he dared to use Luck Aura on it, perhaps the divine seat of misfortune would hide forever and ever.
What if he let the divine seats appear naturally, then? Well, there were more than a hundred thousand of them. The mere thought of this made Luo Yuan furious. The probability of getting his desired divine seat to appear was likely lower than the chance of getting his desired card in one of the loot boxes of the card games he played when he was young, right? He had been scheming for so many years and had finally reached this step with great difficulty, yet now he had to start gathering believers and cultivating gods, then wait for RNG to smile upon him? “Chen Feng! Screw you!” Luo Yuan’s furious voice resounded through the sky. He had truly never imagined that a day would come when a single suicide would cause him such a big trouble. Perhaps Chen Feng hadn’t committed suicide? No one would do something like that, right? However, when Luo Yuan recalled Chen Feng’s history and sacrifices for humanity, he had no choice but to accept the fact that this was indeed a possibility.

Chen Feng… are you truly dead?

Never in the past had Luo Yuan so wished for Chen Feng to be alive. Alas, no traces of Chen Feng were found. One day, then two days, then seven days… Time passed. Chen Feng never appeared. He had truly vanished. One might say that he had truly died. After one month, Luo Yuan finally gave up in despair.

He finally confirmed that Chen Feng had indeed committed suicide for a so-called righteous reason. Moreover, he even thought of a way to confirm Chen Feng’s death. It was quite simple. Why was Chen Feng immune to the power of luck? Because he had been alive. If he was dead, he should no longer be immune to luck. Therefore… Shua!

Luo Yuan activated his Luck Aura.

“Is Chen Feng dead or alive?” he asked.


For the very first time, Luck Aura answered a question about Chen Feng: Dead.

An ice-cold thought surfaced as Luo Yuan’s eyes went wide.
He was finally sure that Chen Feng was truly dead.

Luo Yuan was still unwilling to accept this. “How did he die?”
Luck Aura started deducing. It only answered after a long time: Suicide. Luo Yuan: “…”
He stayed silent for a long while before smiling bitterly. So Chen Feng had truly committed suicide. He would not be able to obtain more details, since Chen Feng had possessed the power of luck while alive. As such, Luo Yuan would not be able to obtain more information. The nearest he could get was confirmation of Chen Feng’s death.

What could Luo Yuan say? How brave of him?

“You won.”
Luo Yuan was furious. He was obviously the one laughing at the end, so why was he feeling so uncomfortable now? What the hell was this sort of victory?

Chapter 823: Mental Collapse (Part 2)

Chen Feng had died, and Luo Yuan was deep in despair. Helpless, he had no choice but to bring this world under his control yet again. Those people had escaped to the numerous wastelands and corners of the world, and Luo Yuan had to bring them back. Not only that, he couldn’t even kill casually. Otherwise, those people would choose to die rather than obey him. Perhaps this was due to his bad track record.

Thus, Luo Yuan’s journey to regain his believers was a long one. For some reason, his plan to rewind time had been leaked. Now, almost everyone knew that he wanted to destroy the world as they knew it. As such, nobody was willing to follow him.

Ultimately, Luo Yuan had no choice but to conquer them by force and erase their memories. As the strongest existence in the world, he began his journey to gather believers. In this period of time, only two believers had broken through into the apostle realm. This rate was quite pathetic, in all honesty.

After all, he had far too few believers. If this were before, when he had controlled everyone, there would be someone would entering the apostle realm every minute. One month, then two months, then three months… time passed. Each day, Luo Yuan visited the numerous corners of the world, looking for the people that were trying their best to hide. After a long time, Luo Yuan finally reached three million believers.
That’s right, he had only gathered three million believers in three months. A lot of races would rather accept death than follow Luo Yuan. Luo Yuan had no choice but to patiently explain things to these people. If this were before, one would not dare to imagine that a person as powerful as Luo Yuan would bother explaining his actions to some bugs. Yet now he had no choice but to do just that.

“I am indeed planning to reorganize this world. However, my followers   will   not   be   reorganized!”    he   said.   A   simple explanation. Yet some actually bought it and followed him. Since this world was destined to be destroyed, it was better to follow someone like him than to die, right? And thus, a large number of people submitted.

Half a year later, finally, one of Luo Yuan’s apostles ascended to godhood for the first time. However, somewhat regretfully, the divine seat that fellow ascended to was that of a certain god… was it the Culinary God? Or the Gourmet God? Luo Yuan wasn’t quite clear. In any case, it was a useless god as far as he was concerned. It did not matter, though. Luo Yuan was still optimistic that the future would be beautiful.

Following the first one, more of his apostles would definitely ascend. Indeed, as the number of his believers increased, coupled with the great effort he put into rearing them, during the second half year, 10 of his believers ascended to godhood. Naturally, all of them failed to ascend to the godhood he wanted. Instead, a bunch of odd gods appeared.

No, this was not enough. And thus, Luo Yuan started gathering even more believers. Naturally, Luo Yuan used his trump card for this: “I am planning to reorganize the world. This new world will require new gods to manage. I will not make you guys wear wristbands anymore. Those willing to submit to me will have a chance to become gods. As for the rest… All shall be erased.”
And thus, he gained even more believers. They became resonators and apostles, and they trained without stop to ultimately become gods. During the third half year, 12 apostles tried to ascend. During the fourth half year, 50 apostles tried to ascend. During the fifth half year, 100 apostles tried to ascend. During the sixth half year, 1,000 apostles tried to ascend.

The number increased greatly. Alas, not a single one of them was able to stumble upon the godhood of misfortune, not a one. Was he so unlucky? Luo Yuan was unwilling to accept this. Could it be that Chen Feng had actually… Suddenly, Luo Yuan recalled that Chen Feng had been missing for a very long time.

“Is Chen Feng alive or dead?”
The answer given by Luck Aura was still as concise as ever. It was either a yes or no. There might be things Luck Aura did not know, but Luck Aura never gave a false answer. Thus, was this just bad luck on his part? “Godhood of misfortune, where are you?”
Luo Yuan sighed. He knew the probability of stumbling upon the godhood of misfortune was low. However, he had never imagined it to be this low. He shook his head and once again continued working hard on his believers. This was incredibly similar to the grind one had to go through in games when one wanted to obtain legendary equipment.

Two thousand…
Three thousand…
Four thousand…

The number of gods increased. With Luo Yuan’s hard work over these few years, now half the world had submitted to him. At this point, Luo Yuan stopped going out to look for more believers, as it was pointless. At present, he already had millions upon millions of life-forms under him. That was half the population of this world.

The other half were still hiding in various locations, and looking for them would be too much work. After all, this world was too huge and those people were spread everywhere like ants. Moreover, they were hiding with the blessings of gods. As such, it would be quite time consuming to look for them. However, it did not matter. What Luo Yuan needed to focus on was helping his believers break through without stop until they became gods.

And thus, gods appeared without stop. Ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand…

There had never been an era with so many gods. Even the era of the Creation God had had less than a hundred thousand gods. Yet now, under Luo Yuan’s effort, after 20 years, the number of gods reached a hundred thousand. This number was quite terrifying. And yet Luo Yuan was not satisfied. Among the hundred thousand gods, not a single one of them had obtained the godhood of misfortune. Trash! You’re all trash! Luo Yuan was furious. If this was some loot-box card game, he would have dropped the game long ago.

He had originally believed himself to be the final victor. However, who would have expected that he would fail to gain full control over the world even so long after Chen Feng’s death? Luo Yuan could imagine how, even in death, Chen Feng was still sneering at him.

Luo Yuan raged. “Damn it!” It had been 20 years! It was this very day that, suddenly, someone claimed that Chen Feng’s belongings had been found.

“Bring them over.” Luo Yuan became spirited. Soon, a small piece of paper was brought over. On top of it were some fading words.

“Do you think that your victory is assured with my death? With all my power, I have hidden the power of misfortune amid the radiance of a different godhood. You will never be able to find it. Perhaps the power of misfortune already resides within one of your subsidiary gods. I shall be waiting… waiting for the day he overthrows you!”

Luo Yuan destroyed the piece of paper, not leaving even ashes behind. It was no wonder that he had been failing to find misfortune! That bastard had actually hidden the power of misfortune in a different godhood? So among those damnable fellows, one of them could very well have the power of misfortune?

“Very good. If so…”
Luo Yuan’s eyes gleamed coldly. On the next day, he commanded all the gods to put on wristbands. This gave rise to a huge panic among the gods.

“Lord, you promised that we would not have to wear the wristbands.” “Yeah.”
“You clearly promised us that.”
“Lord, you are the supreme god-king. You can’t go back on your word.”
The gods were all alarmed. They knew what wearing the wristband signified. They also knew that putting on the wristband signified true fear and helplessness. Once they put the wristbands on, they wouldn’t even be able to die anymore.

Chapter 824: Mental Collapse (Part 3)

“Put it on.” Luo Luan decided to rule with an iron fist. After all, he now controlled half the world; he wasn’t the lonely commander from all those years ago. And yet, some would rather die than obey this command.

“I am not your opponent, nor have I ever thought of rebelling. I was the first to follow you, yet I never imagined that you would go back on your word… As an illustrious god- king…”

He erupted his godly power, committing suicide then and there.

Luo Yuan was alarmed. Damn it! There actually existed someone who would rather commit suicide than put the wristband on? Truthfully, Luo Yuan was not afraid of the chaos that might arise from this suicide. Rather, he was worried about the possibility of the holder of the power of misfortune committing suicide… There shouldn’t be such a coincidence, right? Damn it! He could not allow any other gods to commit suicide. Luo Yuan was truly given quite a fright by that suicide. He activated his unparalleled godly power as he decided to use force to make those gods put wristbands on. Alas, this action alarmed even
more gods.

Not allowing suicide and forcing them to put on the wristbands? In other words… Luo Yuan was afraid that they would commit suicide? Heavens… What exactly was he planning to have everyone do? As they thought about this, their fear intensified. Some of them decisively committed suicide. These were the people that had experienced that era. As such, they were clear that the wristbands would turn them into nothing but puppets. As for the ones who did not commit suicide, they decided to rebel.

A certain god noticed something. “He does not dare to kill us!”
More and more gods realized this and started shouting. “As a god-king, it seems like if he kills us, he might be adversely affected as well.” “That is why he is trying to use this method to exert control over us!”
“We are gods!”
“He doesn’t dare to wantonly kill gods. This might be related to the laws left behind by the Creation God.”
Some gods started shouting. Next, the gods that had been hesitating to kill themselves vigorously rebelled. They could all see Luo Yuan’s hesitation and fear. Believing that they had discovered the truth, they rebelled.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Various godly powers surged out as the various gods erected their defenses. “You all…”
Luo Yuan’s killing intent surged. To hell with “the god-king can’t kill gods” and “the laws left behind by the Creation God.” Such things did not exist. The sole reason he did not dare to kill wantonly was his fear of accidentally killing someone hiding the misfortune power, returning that power to the world.

That was his only misgiving, and that did not signify he truly didn’t dare to kill any of them. Unfortunately, to the various gods, his hesitation seemed to be due to a limitation left by the Creation God. Thus, the gods rebelled. Among the 100,000 gods, at least 80,000 rebelled.

These were all gods that Luo Yuan had personally nurtured. He did not even get the chance to say anything before he was engulfed by a huge number of godly powers. Being attacked by gods he had personally nurtured… caused an intense anger to burn within him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Boundless godly power spread everywhere. What would a battle between 100,000 gods look like? Now, this scene was here for everyone to see. The astonishing number of godly powers alarmed the entire world. Shortly after, the escaped gods began to spread the truth. Those who had yet to submit to Luo Yuan laughed heartily as they heard this. It seemed like their decision back then had been correct after all.

What would a farmer do when the plants they had planted reached maturity? Why, harvest them all, of course. This was precisely what they saw Luo Yuan doing. He was harvesting the results of his hard work. The so-called “not needing to wear wristbands,”  the so-called “nurturing gods,”  those had been lies. His final target had always been having everyone wear a wristband.

And thus, a great war erupted. Everyone was waiting for the end of this war. Could the 100,000 gods obtain the final victory? Perhaps… Luo Yuan would truly be killed by the gods he had personally nurtured? The mere thought of this cause one’s heart to pound in excitement.

Alas, three days later, the battle ended. From the battlefield, only a single person walked out, his body soaked in blood, radiating a terrifyingly cruel atmosphere around him. That person was precisely Luo Yuan.
At this instant, the entire world lapsed into silence. Luo Yuan had obtained victory. On the battlefield, 100,000 corpses were left. It was said that Luo Yuan had initially had some misgivings but had erupted in anger after being injured by the continuous attacks. As such, he had ignored everything and slaughtered all the gods there. At this instant, the entire world trembled in fear. The ground itself was dyed red with blood. From this day onward, none of his subordinates dared to resist him.

“Put  on  the  wristbands,”  he  commanded  coldly.  He  had decided to kill the 100,000 gods so he could awe everyone. After the first kill, he had decided to no longer hesitate and kill them off as a warning to others. At the very least, from today onward, everyone would obediently listen to his commands. As for the other half of the world, the half that was still not under his control? Not much thought was needed.

With his history of slaughter, the members of the other half of the world would never be willing to submit to him. As such, Luo Yuan had no intention of wasting his energy trying in vain to recruit them. He would rather spend his energy and time nurturing more gods. In any case, the moment he obtained full control over this world, everything else would be meaningless.

For now, he had to focus on nurturing more gods. This time, everyone had to wear a wristband. This time, not a single person dared to disobey him. This time, if the power of misfortune was indeed hiding among his subordinates, he would be the first to detect it.

Soon, under Luo Yuan’s iron-fisted rule, a new round of breakthroughs began. During the first year, 3,000 gods appeared. During the second year, 5,000 gods appeared.

Ten years later, the number of gods under Luo Yuan reached 100,000 once again. This was an astonishing number. Alas, the power of misfortune was still nowhere to be found. The power of misfortune had totally vanished. He had no way of locating it. There were times he that even began to doubt Chen Feng’s death. However, Luck Aura confirmed time and again that Chen Feng was indeed dead. Moreover, Chen Feng had indeed vanished for thirty years. After all, Luo Yuan had more than one deduction ability. Each time he verified Chen Feng’s death, he did it with over three hundred abilities. All his abilities returned the same answer: dead.

As such, it was impossible for Chen Feng to have faked his death. He had no way of hiding from all of Luo Yuan’s abilities. However, where was the power of misfortune? Nobody knew the answer. This was the sole godly power immune to the power of luck, as they were archenemies.

“It has been thirty years…”
Luo Yuan stared into the distance. Was the probability of misfortune’s appearance truly so low? Or perhaps… there was something wrong in the way he was nurturing gods? Luo Yuan could not answer his own question. He had a feeling that he had been doing something wrong.

Thus, Luo Yuan resorted to superstition. Before the next batch of believers tried their hands on ascending, he told them to wash their hands more. For the next batch, he told them to wash their faces more. For the subsequent batch, he told them to wake up very early in the morning and break through at the same time.

Alas, it all seemed pointless. Perhaps he should try using Luck Aura? However, there was no point in that. The moment Luo Yuan tried to use the power of luck to search for misfortune, he could sense an intense feeling of disgust rising from the power of luck.

That’s right, disgust. This was not one-sided disgust. In fact, both luck and misfortune were disgusted by each other. Ultimately, Luo Yuan gave up on this.

Misfortune… Where exactly was the divine seat that held this power? What exactly had Chen Feng done before his death? Luo Yuan felt like his emotions were collapsing all over again.

Chapter 825: About the Corpse

It had been thirty years! Luo Yuan looked into space, anxiously waiting. The misfortune godhood…he was sure that this godhood still lacked an owner. If it had truly appeared, his power of luck would have pointed that person out in anger so he could eliminate that disgusting misfortune. And yet he had felt no such thing.

Misfortune was truly missing. As for luck… it definitely did not want misfortune to appear. As such, relying on luck to look for misfortune would be pointless. However, what Luo Yuan could not understand was… was he truly so unlucky?

Throughout the years, he had nurtured more than 200 or even 300 gods, accomplishing a feat even Ye had failed to accomplish. Yet were none of them the Misfortune God? He truly could not understand this. Where exactly was misfortune?

Year 30 of the Luo Yuan Calendar. The world had entered a long period of peace. To be precise, half of the world. That was because Luo Yuan only had half the world under his control; the other half was still filled with hatred for him. Nevertheless, this was still Luo Yuan’s era. These years, his focus had been on the godhoods, allowing the world to return to a peace of sorts.

After all, Luo Yuan’s goal was to rewind time. He would not waste his effort on managing or ruling a world that could vanish at any time. As such, he did not care much about this world. That was also why the remaining half of this world not under his control was able to obtain a temporary peace even though they were still hidden in various corners of the world.

As for Luo Yuan, he was the almighty true god, an existence all living beings could only look up to. Since time immemorial, only three existences had reached such a level. The Creation God, the Sin God, and finally… Luo Yuan.

The stages of godhood were separated thusly: minor god, elementary god, journeyman god, major god, and the final stage, one normally impossible to reach, true god. Chen Feng had once had the chance to reach this stage. If he had been able to continue growing with his numerous believers until he was a major god, followed by an accumulation of several decades, he would truly have had a chance of reaching this stage.

Unfortunately, he had merely become a major god before being defeated by Luo Yuan. A true god was a unique existence.

The Ye from back then had maintained a certain degree of combat power even after defeating over a hundred major gods all by himself. From this, the might of a true god was apparent. As for Luo Yuan, he seemed even stronger than Ye.
Luo Yuan had been silently accumulating strength and gathering abilities for so many years. How could he not be strong? Using such a unique method, he had grown and accumulated without stop until he had finally reached a unique realm, becoming a true god. Only true gods had the qualification to control the world.

And thus, before the next true god appeared, Luo Yuan was unstoppable. And if there was one thing one could learn from history, it was that a new true god would not appear for a long period of time. Not only that, at present, there weren’t even any major gods. How lamentable. As for the gods nurtured by Luo Yuan, regardless of their strength, they were still merely Luo Yuan’s dogs. At present, the only major god in existence was the Forest Goddess. She was the smartest goddess, the only one that had always maintained absolute neutrality. Ignoring whether she could
even reach the true god stage in the first place, even if she managed to reach that stage, she would probably still maintain her neutrality.

Given Luo Yuan’s intelligence, he would definitely not seek trouble with this neutral party for no apparent reason. Even back when he had gone looking for her, he had merely copied her power before leaving. Moreover, he had only acquired the most basic copy of her power. After all, his goal was to rewind time, not to defeat all gods.

“When will such a life end?”
“Well, at least there are no wars anymore.” “Hehe, have you forgotten how we used to live?”
“Yeah, that was a few decades ago during the era of Chen Feng. Sigh, that was totally the best era ever. Everyone lived a good life. There was sufficient food for everyone and all sorts of technological advancements for everyone to enjoy. The present era… is no different than the era of the barbarians, right? We have no entertainment whatsoever to speak of.”
“Entertainment? We are lucky to be alive.”
“Sigh. If we hadn’t tasted the previous era, it wouldn’t matter. However, it is easy for one to start partaking in the pleasures of life yet it is extremely hard to give up on them.”
A lot of life-forms shared this sentiment. After all, a huge majority of them had experienced that era. Unfortunately, none of them dared to say this to Luo Yuan’s face. As for the life-forms hiding in the various corners of the world, although they had maintained a certain level of technology, it was nevertheless still incomplete and crude. They were living rather primitive lives. These days, it was hard to even stay alive.

Unknown to anyone, at a certain location amid layers upon layers of clouds, a certain young lady was solemnly painting. Flowers bloomed all around her, painting an exquisite natural picture. The young lady was extremely serious, her head occasionally bobbing to the side as she smiled. Suddenly, she stopped painting.

“Time for you to die,” she softly said. Her voice was gentle, yet her words were alarming.

Behind her, a youth who was seated cross-legged stood up helplessly.


He fell to the ground, dead, with blood everywhere. Shortly after, his corpse grew cold. As for the young lady, she was still painting. She couldn’t be bothered with the corpse. After a long time, a faint energy swept past. This energy, containing an abstruse and enigmatic power, brushed past the youth’s body to confirm that he was indeed dead and then left.

After a while, the young lady shook the little bell she had on her hand.


The door to the room opened. Duma walked in helplessly and looked at the cold corpse.

“Dead again? Sigh…” 
Godly power converged in his hands as he resurrected the corpse.

“Is there a need for this?” Duma laughed bitterly. “You make me feel like some cheap resurrection machine bought from the mall.”
“Come  on,  I  am  the  one  suffering  here,”  the  resurrected youth grumbled. Without a doubt, this youth was precisely Chen Feng. It had been thirty years. Each time the young lady sensed that Luo Yuan was about to search for Chen Feng, she would tell Chen Feng. Then Chen Feng would have to die for real. This was the only way he could avoid Luo Yuan’s detection. He had to truly die.

Naturally, to avoid detection, all he had been doing for the past thirty years was cultivating, hiding, and sitting by the window and staring outside. The 100,000 corpses… tsk tsk. Truly violent. As for misfortune… hehehehe. He was still alive. As such, how could misfortune appear? life if this continued. They were playing a game of timing. They would first have Chen Feng die for real. Then Duma would resurrect him. There was no weak link whatsoever in this plan.

Of course, this method was only helpful when it came to hiding from Luo Yuan. If Chen Feng wanted to truly put an end to Luo Yuan, he had to first ensure that he was sufficiently powerful. Back then, he had utilized his huge amount of faith to advance all three of his godhoods to the major-god stage. As for his thirty years of cultivation, he had been trying his best to fuse all three godhoods.

That’s right, fusion, like creating a brand new color by mixing three different colors together. What would be the result of the fusion of misfortune, luck, and Chen Feng’s unknown godly power? What would appear from this fusion? Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

He had spent thirty full years on this. Finally, after thirty years of bitter cultivation, he was able to fuse all three godly powers slightly, producing a unique godly power, a power never seen before. Perhaps… this was a high-tier godly power?

Chapter 826: Origin of the Nascent Soul


Chen Feng raised his hand. In his hand hovered a flame-like power. It appeared very weak, as if any random breeze would extinguish it.

“You have actually succeeded in the fusion!” Duma exclaimed in admiration.

Back when Chen Feng had first said that he wanted to fuse his godly powers, Duma had merely looked at him like was an idiot. After all, not only was the fusion process exceedingly difficult, it also required time. Who would actually go and cultivate for thirty years right before the final boss battle?

Nobody would give him such a chance, especially not Luo Yuan. However, it was truly unexpected that Chen Feng had thought of faking his death. No, to be precise, he had truly died. And thus, Luo Yuan, who was on the verge of success, landed in an awkward situation. Instead, it was Chen Feng who was taking advantage of this situation to increase his strength without stop. If Luo Yuan knew the truth, he would probably be infuriated to death, right? That was very possible.

Duma sighed deeply. “Life is indeed filled with changes.”
Among the numerous life-forms that had come into being on this world, humans had unlimited potential. The genetic abilities created by humanity were extremely unique. In a sense, genetic abilities were precisely what strengthened humanity, the race with unlimited potential.

Luo Yuan was the perfect example of this. With a single genetic ability, he had slowly transformed until he had reached this height, becoming a true god. As for Lady Xiao Yue, she too had accomplished much relying on only a single genetic ability. If she faced Luo Yuan directly, she would not be able to take even a single casual attack from him. However, when it came to sensing and perception… she could easily outplay Luo Yuan. This was especially true since Luo Yuan’s power of luck did not seem too enthusiastic when it came to looking for misfortune.

“How strong are you now?” Duma was filled with expectation. Chen Feng, having fused three godly powers, should be extremely powerful, right?

Chen Feng shook his head. “I don’t know.” How strong was he now? He didn’t know. However, he should be at a level where killing a major god was extremely easy, right? He was unsure. After all, major gods hadn’t existed in quite a while.

“A true god?” Duma guessed.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. How was it so easy to reach the true-god stage?

Duma coughed awkwardly.

“Nevertheless…  this is a good start.”  Chen Feng was very satisfied.  “The  three  godly  powers  finally  began  to  fuse.  It won’t be long before all three become an entirely new godly power. At that time, I will truly transform. Even if I can’t become a true god, I will at least be a peak major god.” Chen Feng was sure about this, as he could clearly sense that he was quite formidable now. Truthfully, he had a very odd feeling. The so-called fusion was actually just the miniature person within him holding a godly power in each hand and forcefully mixing them together. That’s right, mixing them.
The amplification power originated from this fake nascent

When Chen Feng had tried fusing the godly powers of luck and misfortune, he had seen the miniature person within him grab at the two godly powers and forcefully mix them together, and thus a new godly power had been birthed. This wasn’t the fusion of three godly powers in the truest sense, as it was essentially the fusion of two godly powers, two powers that were innately hostile to each other.

What exactly was the power Chen Feng had gained after his godhood? He couldn’t make sense of it. Ignoring luck and misfortune, what exactly was this fake nascent soul? Chen Feng had a feeling that he had to figure this out first. In the past, he had been too weak to do so, and after he’d become a major god, he had been busy dealing with Luo Yuan. After all, studying this fake nascent soul was no easy feat. Now that he was free because he’d faked his death, apart from cultivating, he had nothing else to do. Thus, now was the perfect time to study that thing. What exactly was it?

Spirit was filled with suspicion. “Is this the byproduct of you and the ex-Luck Goddess?”
Chen Feng: “…” Sister, can you not be so melodramatic?

“This miniature person seems to like the godly powers of luck and misfortune a lot,” the Misfortune Goddess said. The consciousness of this miniature person was most definitely Chen Feng’s consciousness, since it synced itself with each motion of Chen Feng’s. What they were trying to figure out was the essence and origin of this miniature person.

So long as the power of luck and misfortune approached the miniature person, they would be fused together. The miniature person was behaving like some sort of unique converter. This effect was especially pronounced after the start of the fusion. The fake nascent soul had appeared to glow with splendor after that brand new godly power seemed to completely fuse with him. “Do you guys feel anything?” Chen Feng asked after thinking about it. “This thing seems like he has actually eaten both luck and misfortune?”
Spirit was instantly alarmed. The Misfortune Goddess was startled as well. After thinking about it, that appeared to be the case. To hell with the so-called “fusion of three.” In fact, this fellow was actually absorbing both luck and misfortune and transforming them into its very own power. The so-called “new godly power” was actually this fellow’s power.

“Excessive!” Spirit was furious. She had always believed that this new power was a result of the fusion.

The Misfortune Goddess was filled with doubt. “But why would you have something like this within you?”
“No   idea.”     Capable   of   absorbing   two   powers   and transforming them into his own? If this was truly the case… “Wait a bit.” Chen Feng left and dragged Duma, who had ascended not long ago, into the room. Next, he got Duma to carefully transmit godly power into Chen Feng’s body. Carefully, the godly power was manipulated so it would drift near the fake nascent soul.


As his godly power neared the fake nascent soul, it vanished completely.

It had truly vanished. Chen Feng remembered that a long time ago, something like this had happened a bunch of times. Subsequently, he had blamed it on Xiao Ying and had forgotten about it. Now that he looked at it…

Even as this was happening, Xiao Ying was taking a nap far away. At present, when that godly power vanished, only the fake nascent soul was around. What in the world? So it turned out that this fellow was capable of automatically absorbing godly power? Not only that, he would also gently transform the absorbed godly power into his own. Indeed, as Duma’s godly power vanished, Chen Feng discovered a brand new clump of power within him. This was quite a wondrous scene, and it left Chen Feng dazed for a long time.

“Great   Star-Sucking   Skill?”    Chen   Feng   exclaimed   in admiration.

Shortly after, he discovered that the power converted from Duma’s power was different from what he had. To be precise, this new godly power was even more powerful, as it possessed the characteristics of luck, misfortune, and Duma’s godly power. It felt extremely powerful. This fake nascent soul seemed to have devoured the properties of all three godly powers. Chen Feng proceeded to try to collide with Duma’s godly power.


Instantly, Duma’s godly power was destroyed. This was despite Chen Feng only exerting a small portion of his power. The property of this new godly power far surpassed everything and was able to easily eliminate Duma’s godly power, which was of a rather impressive quality.

“I seem to understand somewhat now,” Chen Feng said in amazement. First, this fake nascent soul was seemingly capable of absorbing spiritual energy to push his defense to the maximum. Second, this fake nascent soul was capable of stripping the properties of godly powers, allowing his own godly power to possess the properties of the stripped godly powers.

If so, one final question remained. How exactly had this thing come into being? Chen Feng was sure that this thing had not appeared for no reason. Moreover, the more he thought about it, the more familiar it seemed to be. This was quite an odd feeling.

Devour… Absorb… Numerous powers… Suddenly, Chen Feng’s gaze shifted and landed on the distant sleeping Xiao Ying. He instantly hissed in shock. That couldn’t be the case, right?

Chapter 827: A Fresh Sequel

Xiao Ying? Chen Feng was alarmed. This thing couldn’t have been created by Xiao Ying, right? Xiao Ying couldn’t have laid eggs in his consciousness, right? As Chen Feng thought of this, his line of thought seemed to immediately clear up. Even more terrifying was the fact that when this idea surfaced, he couldn’t get rid of it.

Answered! Everything had been answered! Since the fake nascent soul had appeared, Xiao Ying had constantly been in a deep sleep.

Chen Feng’s thoughts cleared up. Could it be… This was truly… He felt a sense of discomfort as he thought of this.

Suddenly, Spirit’s eyes shone. “Wow! So the fake nascent soul is your and Xiao Ying’s child? He actually used your consciousness to give birth to a child. Awesome!” The Misfortune Goddess was similarly awed. She always maintained a steady disposition, but now her eyes were glowing.
“Speculation! This is merely speculation!” Chen Feng wiped his sweat. This was even more terrifying than facing Luo Yuan himself. Although various intelligent life-forms of various shapes and marriage between races were normal in this era, Xiao Ying was, after all, his bro! He saw Xiao Ying as a bro, yet Xiao Ying had gone and made a baby for the both of them? How excessive!

Moreover, this wasn’t an ability Xiao Ying was supposed to have. Something was wrong somewhere. Chen Feng took in a deep breath. He glanced over at Xiao Ying. Since a random day, this fellow seemed to have been deep sleep all the time. Occasionally, he would wake up. However, he would always return to sleep shortly, forever sleepy. Chen Feng knew that Xiao Ying was in fact a snake. However, Xiao Ying had nevertheless still evolved numerous times. Why was he in constant hibernation? Something was definitely wrong.

Chen Feng took in a deep breath, then forcefully woke Xiao Ying up. “Xiao Ying.” Xiao Ying awoke in a daze. Ah?

“What is your present strength?”  Chen Feng asked. He had always known that Xiao Ying was growing in strength. There was no helping that. Xiao Ying was capable of absorbing even godly power and had long been no weaker than Chen Feng. If Xiao Ying hadn’t been deep asleep all the time, Chen Feng would have dragged him out to help out with things long ago.

“Wu.” Xiao Ying transmitted a series of thought to Chen Feng. “Not sure.”
A clear thought was transmitted to Chen Feng. Xiao Ying’s life was a simple one. Eat and sleep. That was all there was to it.

“During this period of time, did you…” Chen Feng carefully probed, but he had no idea how he should pose his question. Holy sh*t. How was one supposed to even ask this question? Have you given a birth to a baby recently? As my bro, how can you take advantage of me? How was he supposed to ask this question? This was way too awkward. Furthermore, Xiao Ying was a snake!

“Xiao Ying, can you shift your form?”
To the side, Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess were brimming with excitement.

“Stop communicating with thought transmissions. Although it is the easiest method since this is the sea of consciousness…” Spirit shifted her wide eyes around and continued, “Since you are already a god, can you talk now? Can you shift your form? You should be capable of both, right? Why not demonstrate it?”
The Misfortune Goddess was also filled with expectation. This had so much potential for drama! If Xiao Ying’s shifted form was a handsome and smart youngster, this drama would be even more interesting than that TV series they had watched not long ago. “You two…” Chen Feng gazed at the sky helplessly. So it turned out that even gods could be yaoi lovers?

Xiao Ying transmitted a question mark to Chen Feng. After all, this was the easiest method to communicate in the sea of consciousness. Xiao Ying was inquiring if he should shift as requested.
Chen Feng sighed. “Do it.” He also wanted to see Xiao Ying’s current level. After all, this was his bro, someone who had followed him from the very beginning. He could still remember the early days when Xiao Ying had still been hiding within his sea of consciousness and secretly eating spiritual energy just to grow. Unexpectedly, after so many years, he had reached such a level.

Godhood… Perhaps.

A faint radiance swirled around. Xiao Ying began to transform within Chen Feng’s consciousness. Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess watched on with expectation. Even Chen Feng was feeling somewhat expectant. This feeling… was not unlike the feeling of a father hoping that his son could soar like a dragon. Xiao Ying had finally grown up.


The swirling radiance converged, ending the transformation.

Chen Feng was dumbfounded.

Spirit and Misfortune Goddess were dumbfounded as well.

This… was completely different from their expectations!

“You…” Spirit’s eyes widened as she stared at Xiao Ying, not knowing what to say. They had imagined countless time what Xiao Ying’s humanoid form would look like. However, this appearance, this form, was not one they had ever expected, not even in their wildest dreams. Xiao Ying had a height of 140 centimeters. That’s right. Xiao Ying’s was extremely short. Chen Feng had once imagined that this fellow would assume a form with a humanoid head and the body of a snake. After all, Xiao Ying was an illusory snake, right? And thus, he had
prepared himself to welcome whatever form Xiao Ying assumed.

Alas, this form he was staring at… Mhm… Xiao Ying wasn’t just short. On Xiao Ying’s forehead were two furry protrusions, resembling dragon horns as depicted in the legends. This was an evolution. The Xiao Ying from back then had evolved countless times and had absorbed a great amount of godly power. Finally, Xiao Ying had evolved to the strongest form, a draconic form!

Compared to Chen Feng, Xiao Ying had the strongest bloodline in the truest sense. Naturally, Xiao Ying being a dragon now wasn’t the main source of their shock. After all, although draconic evolution might seem weird, this was nevertheless an era of gods. Gods were everywhere; no specific race would be the subject of prejudice. The biggest source of their stupefaction was the fact that this shorty here had quite a stunning and incredibly beautiful appearance. Naturally, this wasn’t the most surprising thing. After all, pretty boys were quite popular and trendy nowadays. However, what was truly shocking was what came when their gazes  traveled  downward…  What’s the deal with those two
clumps on Xiao Ying’s chest?

As Chen Feng’s gaze reached this part, his gaze instinctively moved upward to note that… there was no Adam’s apple there…
“Ai, this might be a unique characteristic of his race,”  he comforted himself. After all, there were many races in this era. As the prince of snakes and having evolved into a dragon, it was nothing weird for Xiao Ying to have a somewhat larger chest. Next, Chen Feng’s gaze continued downward.

He sank into a long silence over what he saw. He heaved an extremely long sigh and sorrowfully said, “We promised each other to be bros for life. So where has that thing on your lower body gone to?”
Spirit glared at him ferociously. “Piss off!”  Next, both she and the Misfortune Goddess helped Xiao Ying put on some clothes. That’s right. Xiao Ying was a female as well.

“I… What’s  wrong  with  me?” Xiao  Ying  was  puzzled.
Evidently, she was clueless about what was going on.

Chen Feng maintained his silence. He recalled his feeling of wishing for his son to sour like a dragon earlier before looking at the clothed Xiao Ying before him that was stunningly beautiful. Finally, his gaze landed on the distant fake nascent soul. A thought suddenly surfaced: perhaps there would be a sequel to the Oni Chichi series soon?

Chapter 828: Astonishing Strength

Why was Xiao Ying female? Chen Feng could not understand this. Because of how naughty she had been when they first met, them always communicating through thought transmission, Xiao Ying signing the marriage contract with Ming Yue on his behalf, and the way Xiao Ying’s attitude conformed to his expectations, he had never seen Xiao Ying as a female.

Initially, he had merely seen Xiao Ying as a pet and had never considered her gender. Later, he had treated Xiao Ying as a bro and had thus stopped considering everything else. Now it seemed like he had been gravely mistaken… especially since that fake nascent soul’s attributes were nearly identical to Xiao Ying.

Suddenly, the sea of consciousness lapsed into silence. It would be pointless to ask Xiao Ying about this. After all, apart from sleeping and eating, this fellow was completely clueless about everything. Naturally, Chen Feng was somewhat excited after finding out that Xiao Ying was a loli as well. Mhm… No, he should not think such thoughts; Xiao Ying was a bro, even if this bro was a she! Chen Feng shook his head as he discarded those thoughts. He looked at the fake nascent soul and gently asked, “Xiao Ying, do you know what’s up with this thing?”
“…” Xiao Ying gave Chen Feng an odd glance. “My creation, of course.”
Chen Feng nearly vomited blood in shock. Even Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess were alarmed. Evidently, none of them had expected Xiao Ying to be so calm while saying such a thing. So this thing was truly Xiao Ying’s child?

“The child of you and Ming Yue?” asked Chen Feng.

“Nope. Yours,” Xiao Ying replied seriously.


Once again, the sea of consciousness lapsed into silence. Sigh. Spirit mourned for Wang Yao. Just look at this. She hadn’t been gone that long, yet Chen Feng already had a child. A resounding boom erupted in Chen Feng’s mind. “Mine?” Instantly, scenes from numerous melodramatic plots he had watched played before his eyes.

“Yeah.” Xiao Ying tipped her head to the side and continued, “After  my  draconic  evolution,  my  body  transformed.  My original form was a shell of consciousness that was subsequently shed during the evolution. I felt like it was quite a waste to just throw it away. As such, I allowed it to fuse with your consciousness to give birth to a body with no consciousness.”
Oh. So that was the case. Suddenly, Chen Feng understood.

Spirit sneered. “You seem quite disappointed, hearing that ?”
Chen Feng: “…” He coughed awkwardly.

Chen Feng summed it up. “In short, the fake nascent soul is the shell you left behind after your draconic evolution?” “Not quite.”  Xiao Ying gave it some thought and explained, “It would not have transformed with a mere shell. For this thing to come into being, part of your consciousness had to fuse with the shell.”
Chen Feng: “…”
In short, this thing was still the child of him and Xiao Ying. Fine. He could accept this setting. Ever since he found out that Xiao Ying was in fact a little dragon loli, his acceptance level for drama had increased. How much more dramatic could this get? He wasn’t scared anymore.

And thus, Chen Feng finally understood the origin of this fake nascent soul. Perhaps it was due to Xiao Ying’s terrifying attribute as an illusionary snake, or perhaps it was due to Chen Feng’s unique consciousness. When the two merged and with the unknown assistance of Luck Aura, a unique fake nascent soul was created, one capable of devouring godly power and making that godly power his.

If so… Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of a certain person. If Luo Yuan could copy everyone’s abilities, why couldn’t he do the same? If he could absorb all 3,000 core godly powers and assume control over time itself…
Oh, that did not seem like it would work. Chen Feng recalled that many of the so-called 3,000 core powers were now exclusive to Luo Yuan. Moreover, not all of them were offensive powers. As such, it wouldn’t even be possible to bait Luo Yuan into unleashing those powers. He had no choice but to give up on this idea.

If so… he could only grow stronger. Luo Yuan had merely copied all abilities to help him become stronger. Now, he no longer had anything new to copy and had to rely on himself to continue growing. Chen Feng, with his fake nascent soul, was different. He could absorb everything in existence, devour everything and then make it his own. Thus, the more godly powers Chen Feng allowed the fake nascent soul to devour, the stronger he would become.

He did not need to think about the so-called core godly powers, nor did he have to consider whether the powers he absorbed were useful powers. He only needed to absorb them to increase the strength of his godly power. If so, what if he could absorb every godly power? At that time, with the assistance of the fake nascent soul, how powerful would he be? The mere thought caused Chen Feng to surge with emotion.
Perhaps the time had come for him to leave his hiding. He had initially believed that he would have to fake his death for a very long time before he was sufficiently powerful and wait until Luo Yuan was on the verge of a total mental collapse to eliminate him. That would take a very long time. Now, Xiao Ying had given him a new option.

Naturally, before leaving, Chen Feng tested Xiao Ying’s present strength. As a new dragon lady, Xiao Ying’s strength could only be described with the word “terrifying.” Back then, Xiao Ying had been capable of freely shifting her body between the illusory world and the real world. Now, Xiao Ying could do the same to attacks.


Chen Feng’s attack shot out. Just as it was about to land on Xiao Ying, she raised her hand. Instantly, Chen Feng’s attack transformed into an illusion. Just like that, that powerful attack phased through Xiao Ying’s body without doing any damage whatsoever. This was Xiao Ying’s present strength. It was incredibly shocking. One could say that she was second only to Luo Yuan.

“I can no longer devour.”  Xiao Ying slanted her head and regretfully said, “All my previous abilities have been given to him. The only ability I kept for myself is the state-shifting ability.”
The simpler an ability was, the stronger it could be. There was no need for accumulation or cultivation. This single ability was sufficient to make Xiao Ying comparable to a true god. Perhaps, one day, Xiao Ying would actually become a true god. After all, Xiao Ying, having evolved into a dragon, was not an existence a normal god could compare to.

However, at present, the scarier person was Chen Feng. Not only did he have the fake nascent soul at his disposal, but he also had both luck and misfortune at his side. In fact, Xiao Ying’s fake nascent soul wasn’t overpowered in any way. After all, the growth of this fake nascent soul was incredibly difficult and complicated. Fortunately, with luck and misfortune, this was not such a difficult feat. This was especially true since these two opposing powers were now working together.


The brand new godly power bloomed. Once again, Xiao Ying waved her hand as she tried shifting the attacking godly power into an illusory form. Shockingly, this new godly power shifted much more slowly than ordinary godly powers did. Evidently, this new godly power was somewhat immune to this shift.

This was merely a fusion of three godly powers. What if there were more? Perhaps… the resulting godly power would be completely immune to this shift? Chen Feng was filled with expectation. Shortly after, Chen Feng and Xiao Ying finished their preparations and set off. Their target? All the gods still not under Luo Yuan’s control. Chen Feng was sure that he wouldn’t even need long to gather all their powers.

Chapter 829: Challenge

Year 31 of Luo Yuan’s era.

The dusky sky continued to give off an oppressive feeling. Although only half of the world was under Luo Yuan’s control, this half of the world was the center of the planet, the largest continuous region in the world. The dense aura emanating from this civilization shone brightly upon various hidden life- forms.

“He seems to have gotten even stronger…”
“When the 100,000 gods rebelled, I thought his era would end.”
“Sigh. Who could have guessed this result?” Countless life-forms sighed. Luo Yuan was too powerful, to the point that everyone despaired at his strength. A lot of the life-forms lived in constant fear, even ones that weren’t living within the region ruled by Luo Yuan. Everyone was afraid that one day, this part of the world would be conquered by Luo
Yuan as well, subjecting them to lives worse than death.

They were all waiting for a powerful existence to rescue them. Alas, the hero they hoped to see never arrived. What did arrive was an odd and mysterious person. He was clothed fully in black, and his appearance couldn’t be seen clearly. He appeared in region after region, challenging various gods without stop.

“Challenging gods?”
“What is he planning to do?”
“Is he sick?”
“In the present world, everyone is bitterly cultivating to become stronger. Why is someone triggering internal strife?” 
They could not understand his purpose. However, they couldn’t reject his challenges. Once, a god rejected the challenge. As a result, the black-clothed man chased after him just to beat him up, putting him in an awkward conundrum.

Thus, they had no choice but to accept the challenges. Fortunately, that black-clothed man did not seem to have any intention of killing them. Even after challenging numerous gods, not a single one had been killed. From minor gods to journeyman gods, every god was challenged. After all, the gods in this part of the world were from the earlier era, and they were rather low in amount. After the black-clothed man finished here, he moved on to the part of the world ruled by Luo Yuan. This was the moment the various life-forms not under Luo Yuan’s rule were shocked.

“He actually went to Luo Yuan’s territory?”
“Forget about their strength; the main issue is their number. Moreover, Luo Yuan is there as well. If the black-clothed man ends up captured, things will be truly dangerous for him.”
At this instant, countless life-forms had their gazes focused on Luo Yuan’s empire. What exactly was that mysterious person trying to do? Soon, that mysterious person began to challenge the 100,000 gods there. Regardless of whether or not they accepted his challenge, he would charge forth and deliver the challenged party a beating, forcing them into a fight.

Such a brutish and idiotic method shocked the life-forms not under Luo Yuan’s rule.

“He is finished.”
“Has this guy gone crazy? Does he think that he is still in the other half of the world?” attention. At that time, I reckon he will die without even realizing how it happened.”
Countless people were alarmed. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before even Luo Yuan took notice of this person. His first impression was that this fellow was courting death. Luo Yuan did not care about the lives of the gods under him. However, he could not tolerate others messing about in his domain. His plan could not be messed up by some troublemaker.

He had spent thirty years bitterly nurturing gods and was already in a bad mood. As such, he would not allow anyone to create trouble. This lasted until he heard the slogan the mysterious person seemingly yelled all the time. In the course of the mysterious person’s challenges, these were the only words he said:

“I am not a god. My goal is to ascend to godhood. You are all gods with trashy godhoods. If I ascend, I will most definitely ascend to a higher-tier godhood. Thus, before that, I shall first defeat you trash gods as proof to myself and as a drive to make myself stronger.”
The moment these words spread, countless people were alarmed. So this fellow was not a god yet? Could it be that…
“Damn it!”
“If we had known that earlier, we would have kept him on our side.”
“Capable of challenging a god without being a god? After ascending, he will be at least a major god. If he receives specialized care, he will probably be able to challenge even Luo Yuan.”
“It’s over. How did we allow him to go over to Luo Yuan’s territory?” “Who knows? This fellow is quite an idiot. He kept silent while he was here. The moment he arrived on Luo Yuan’s side, he started yelling his slogan. How excessive!”
“Sigh, Luo Yuan will most certainly kill him.”
They were all deeply worried. They knew that they had probably missed their sole chance. However, surprising them all, Luo Yuan did not kill this person. On the contrary, he actually allowed his subordinate gods to accept the challenge one by one. He even issued an order saying that each of them had to accept the challenge at least once.

That’s right, this was Luo Yuan’s command.

“Higher-tier godhood?” Luo Yuan smiled. He knew that what he had been waiting thirty years for might have finally arrived. Perhaps he had been looking in the wrong direction all along. Only those that were powerful enough, such as this mysterious person or that Chen Feng, would be qualified to challenge the godhood of misfortune. Perhaps this was the way to go about it.

Since that fellow wanted to challenge gods, Luo Yuan would allow it. Moreover, in order to ensure that his Luck Aura would not interrupt the arrival of the godhood of misfortune, Luo Yuan made sure to not get involved in anything regarding that person. Naturally, he also had to ensure that the challenger stayed alive. Thus, with Luo Yuan’s secret protection, Chen Feng’s journey of challenges proceeded incredibly smoothly.

Nearly 100,000 gods were challenged by Chen Feng. This was incredibly smooth. It far surpassed even Chen Feng’s own imagination. In his original plan, he had expected Luo Yuan to not get involved after yelling those words. Unexpectedly, the anxious Luo Yuan had decided to help him in his growth. How perfect.

Indeed, his decision to die had been the correct one. If he had merely escaped or gone missing, with Luo Yuan’s character, the moment a mysterious challenger appeared, Luo Yuan would have been filled with suspicions. Only by truly dying for thirty years had Luo Yuan finally forgotten about him. Even when a mysterious person appeared, it never crossed Luo Yuan’s mind that this might be Chen Feng, merely the appearance of a talented person.

Chen Feng was filled with gratitude toward Luo Yuan. At present, the strength within him was off the charts. After all, he had over 100,000 godly powers contained within him. With the fusion of the fake nascent soul, a brand new power would be formed. At present, both luck and misfortune were working overtime, and the fake nascent soul was surrounded by various powers. Evidently, the digestion of these powers was still going on.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “I have a feeling. I am about to break through.”
Break through? Their hearts trembled. Chen Feng was already a major god. If he were to break through, he would be a true god! As they thought of this, their eyes shone. In other words, the moment Chen Feng was done fusing all the new godly powers he had gained, he could probably gain comprehension of the profoundness of a true god and truly become a true god.

That progress was quite logical. After all, he had absorbed more than 100,000 godly powers encompassing all aspects of life. Wouldn’t the combination of all these powers be equivalent to a true god?

Chen Feng frowned. “Still…  lacking something.”  He had an uncomfortable feeling, as if the path had been open but was now covered by a barrier. “Perhaps…  I should look for…”  he said.

Suddenly, Duma appeared. “Hold on. Xiao Yue sent me here to do something.”
Chen Feng sighed as he heard this. Xiao Yue would only look for him for one single reason.

Pu! Chen Feng committed suicide. After a long time, Duma resurrected once again him. However, this time around, the resurrection took a very long time. It nearly failing toward the end. Even after the resurrection, Chen Feng had a pale expression.

“I don’t think you can continue doing this.” Duma sighed. “A trace of a true god’s aura is already contained within you. When you are done with the fusion, I will no longer be able to resurrect you. At that time, any death will be a true death.”

Chapter 830: Controlling the World

“Perhaps   the   moment   you   become   a   true   god,   your concealment  will  be  exposed,”   Duma  said  with  a  solemn expression. He was no longer capable of keeping up with Chen Feng strengthwise. When Chen Feng broke through to the true god stage, they would not be able to hide the fluctuations from the breakthrough from Luo Yuan. A casual investigation would reveal the truth about Chen Feng. Next, the anger Luo Yuan had accumulated over several decades would most certainly result in a huge battle.

What would the odds be like in a battle between Chen Feng, as a new true god, and Luo Yuan, a veteran true god? Duma was unsure.

Chen Feng suddenly recalled what he had wanted to said before this suicide. “There is still one godly power I have yet to fuse with.”
“What?” Duma was clearly still stuck on the previous topic. The next day, Chen Feng brought them and visited a unique existence: the Forest Goddess. That’s right. It was precisely this Forest Goddess that had been completely neutral and hadn’t gotten involved in the affairs of the world at all. In Ye’s era, Chen Feng’s era, and the subsequent era of Luo Yuan, the Forest Goddess had never become anyone’s enemy and had never thought of getting involved with any party.

This was how she had stayed alive until today. In Chen Feng’s eyes, this person had always been an enigmatic existence. Naturally, he did not realize that as far as the Forest Goddess was concerned, he was the enigmatic one.

“You are actually still alive?” She didn’t dare to believe this. Given Luo Yuan’s strength, how could anyone hide the fact that they were still alive from him?

“Hehe. I have merely been maintaining a low profile,” Chen Feng said in a low voice.

The Forest Goddess shook her head and sighed. Indeed, none of these fellows were simple existences.

“What do you want?” She was aware that since Chen Feng had come, he definitely had something he needed from her. When Luo Yuan had visited, he had requested her godly power. She had given him what he wanted, as she had known the price she needed to pay if she wanted to remain free in this land.

“I need your godly power,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“The basic version?”  the Forest Goddess said with a faint smile. What Luo Yuan had wanted was merely her type of godly power as part of his collection. As such, she had given him the basic version of her godly power.

“That is fine.”  Chen Feng paused, then coughed and added, “Naturally, it would be even better if you could give me an updated portion of your godly power…”
An updated version of her godly power was in fact quite an excessive request. One ought to know that with this request, the Forest Goddess would have to duplicate a copy of the entirety of her present power. She shook her head. “Fine.”  After all, this was not the first time she had met Chen Feng, though their relationship had never been a harmonious one. However, compared to the era of Luo Yuan, she much preferred the era of Chen Feng.

She stretched out her hand. “Take it.”
Boundless godly power converged around Chen Feng. One after another, the power unique to the Forest Goddess appeared. This was the terrifying power of the only peak major god that had survived from the Primordial Era to the present era.


The surging power charged at Chen Feng. Chen Feng realized how strong the Forest Goddess was. He was made aware of how lucky he had been when he first crossed swords with her back then. Bang!

He was totally submerged in the godly power of the forest. Fortunately, Chen Feng was not the same as before. With 100,000 godly powers within him, he had quite a lot of endurance. As such, he was able to take on this intense godly power.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gradually, the godly power calmed down. At this instant, the power within Chen Feng finally reached a certain summit after undergoing numerous transformations. His next point of growth was the point where he would enter the true god realm.

“Can’t grow anymore.” His gaze was sharp. The only way he could grow further was by breaking through. After fusing with the godly power of forest, the barrier that seemed to have been obstructing him appeared to have blurred. Chen Feng had a feeling that so long as he wished so, he would be able to enter the true god stage anytime he wished. “Aren’t you neutral?”
Chen Feng couldn’t help but have a sense of respect toward this goddess. He had never expected that, during his crucial moment, it would be this Forest Goddess that provided him with this crucial aid. One ought to know that even when Luo Yuan came, she only gave him a small amount of a basic version of her godly power.

The  Forest  Goddess  chuckled.  “True  neutrality  does  not exist… So-called ‘neutrality’ is merely a position one assumes to gain better conditions, a position one assumes before discovering the proper person to put one’s weight behind. Now I  have  found  that  person.”  As  she  finished  her  words,  she looked at Chen Feng silently. Chen Feng instantly understood her motivation.

He expressed his gratitude earnestly. “Many thanks.”  Next, he left speedily. There was no helping that. Even though this senior Forest Goddess appeared so young, she was, in fact, incredibly old. Perhaps she had chosen Chen Feng due to his character. The gaze she had looked at Chen Feng with had been filled with kindness, greatly resembling the old granny that used to take care of him. What else he could do but run? However, shortly after leaving the Forest Goddess’s territory, a servant of hers came bearing a message. “I sensed the power of misfortune and luck in your body. I don’t know why you have three godhoods in you; however, be aware that the moment you become a true god, all these godhoods will vanish, leaving behind only a single godhood, the single divine seat of a true god.”

Everyone’s heart trembled. So these divine seats would all vanish? Suddenly, Chen Feng realized something. It would not matter if his or the Luck Goddess’s divine seat vanished. However, if the Misfortune Goddess’s divine seat vanished and returned to the world and was subsequently obtained by Luo Yuan, his strength would…
“How can this be so.” His head ached. In short, if he wanted to become a true god to face Luo Yuan, he had to take the risk of Luo Yuan being able to obtain full control over the world at any time? “What is the rate of ascension on Luo Yuan’s side?”  Chen Feng asked.

“A huge bunch of them ascend every single day.” Duma rubbed his head. “Based on the present speed, the moment the godhood of misfortune becomes available, it will reappear in no less than three days.”
“In short… I will only have three days.” Chen Feng sank into silence.

Duma shook his head. “Not quite. Three days is merely the maximum length of time you might have. It is also possible that the instant you break through, the godhood of misfortune will reappear, allowing Luo Yuan instant control over this world.”
Chen Feng: “…”
They seemed to have stumbled upon their biggest problem yet. “What will happen once he controls the entire world?” Chen Feng asked with a sigh.

“Things  will  get  very  dangerous.”  Duma  shook  his  head. “True  godhood  is  the  highest  stage  of  godhood.  World controller signifies an entirely different realm… It signifies the realm of an existence such as the Creation God. In that realm, all living beings are under one’s control. Every flower, every tree, every blade of grass, every single life-form, every inch of soil, every single god, and every single godly power. If one wishes to, the entire world can be destroyed with a mere thought.” Duma finished his explanation expressionlessly.

Chen Feng and the rest sank into silence. So a world controller was actually so scary?

“What about me if I have broken into the true-god stage?” Chen Feng asked.

Duma smiled bitterly. “…You will still be under his control.” So that was the case. Chen Feng sighed. It was no wonder that Luo Yuan was ignoring everything and focusing solely on gaining full control over the world. The so-called mysterious person and the Forest Goddess were existences he couldn’t care less about, because there was no need to care.

So long as the godhood of misfortune reappeared, he would become the world controller. Mysterious person? Enemy? True god? Mere jokes. Was Luo Yuan stupid? No, he had never been stupid.
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