The Strongest Gene Chapter 811-820

Chapter 811: Same Ability

When that shadow appeared at the foot of the mountain, everyone was shocked. This was especially true when the shadow neared them, allowing them a clear look at the shadow’s appearance, which was exactly the same as the other shadow, apart from their color. This shadow’s entire body was shrouded in light. Even the imprint on his forehead was exactly the same.

“The bright silhouette has actually appeared.”
“Apart from color, he is nearly a mirror image of the dark shadow.”
“So are these two the bright silhouette and the dark shadow left behind by the Creation God?”
All the gods exclaimed in admiration. They had once believed that Luo Yuan was the bright silhouette. Now that they looked at it, the true silhouette had appeared.

“Luo Yuan is probably in danger.”
“The  shadow  alone  is  already  this  strong.  If  both  the silhouette and shadow work together…”
The gods trembled at the mere thought of the prowess of their combination.


Light swirled around as that silhouette slowly approached. When he finally reached Luo Yuan, when everyone was of the opinion that he was going to deal with Luo Yuan, he walked past Luo Yuan and continued on toward the shadow. “What is he doing?”
“Is he not here to kill Luo Yuan?”
“Why do I feel like his target is the shadow?”
The various gods were stupefied. Didn’t the silhouette originate from the same source as the shadow? Was that a lie? Or perhaps… they had seen wrongly? They rubbed their eyes and looked over again.


What they saw was the silhouette attacking immediately after nearing the shadow. A terrifying energy engulfed the entire world. Just as everyone had guessed, this silhouette was so powerful that it was suffocating. Hmph!

Wu Hui snorted. The shadow held nothing back and attacked as well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The shadow and silhouette started fighting each other. Numerous powerful auras pulsed out as they fought. The various gods trembled in fear and could only step back silently. However…
The greater their fear, the stronger those two became.


The earth trembled. Wu Hui clenched his teeth. “What exactly is that fellow?” He knew how his shadow had appeared. However, what about that silhouette? He could not understand.

“Kong Bai?” Chen Feng asked.

Kong Bai shook his head “I can’t investigate the source. His past and future are completely blank.”
Was this truly something left behind by the Creation God? Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. If this had truly been left behind by the Creation God, why would he fight for Luo Yuan? And why would it look exactly the same as the shadow? Or perhaps… he had intentionally assumed this appearance?

Chen Feng was somewhat confused. However, it did not matter. They just had to keep pummeling him until his true appearance was revealed.

Bang! Bang! The battle between the silhouette and shadow escalated in intensity without stop. Shocking everyone, the two’s strength increased without stop. At first, they were equivalent to a peak major god; now, they were at the same level as Luo Yuan. Even so, their strength was still growing, to the point they had surpassed Luo Yuan. There was a particularly odd point. The two seemed to mirror each other’s strength. Regardless of how much one increased, the other was always the same.

“Their strength is completely the same.”
“Truly worthy of being the left and right hands of the Creation God. However, it is pointless for them to fight each other.”
“If they continue, this will only end with both sides suffering.” They sighed. Indeed, shortly after, the intensity escalated to its highest level when the two finally unleashed their respective trump cards upon each other’s bodies. At the same time, the two crumbled apart and transformed into nothingness. Instantly, the world lapsed into silence. The two had indeed perished together.

Wu Hui was indignant. He could not accept the fact that his strongest ability had failed in this way. When he recalled the things that had appeared after the death of shadow, he came up with a new idea.


From the foot of the mountain, a bunch of figures of different colors appeared. Once again, the RGB figures made an appearance. “It’s these fellows again!”
“They  seem  to  be  somewhat  weaker  than  the  shadow. However, there are a lot of them, and they all possess terrifying strength.”
The various gods were alarmed. However, it was at this moment that, from the foot of the other mountain, a bunch of figures of differing colors appeared.

Wu Hui and the rest were thoroughly alarmed this time. Yet again? What the hell?

“Something seems off.” Qin Hai had a pensive look. “When you create a shadow, the opponent creates a silhouette. When you create multicolored figures, the opponent creates the same thing. This does not seem like the work of the Creation God. Rather, this is some sort of mirror-image ability. Is this one of Luo Yuan’s ability?” Qin Hai asked with a grim expression. “That’s not it.” Kong Bai shook his head. “If it were a mirror- image ability, the figures would be exactly the same, as opposed to the different colors they have.”
“True.”    Qin   Hai   frowned   and   continued   observing, wondering what exactly this was.

Shua! Shua!

The various figures entered the battlefield and a huge battle erupted once again. Ultimately, they all perished together. Both sides seemed to be forever equally matched. At present, even the various gods seemed to have realized something. Those figures did not seem related to the Creation God. They seemed to be created by Luo Yuan?

“Don’t worry. Let me give it a try.” Qin Hai took in a deep breath. “Wu Hui, support me.”
Wu Hui nodded. “Okay.” Shua!

Qin Hai moved. In fact, with Chen Feng’s assistance, they had long ascended to godhood. After all, during that period of time when Chen Feng ruled, their respective strength had grown dramatically. Naturally, even with that, they were still mere minor gods. However, with Wu Hui’s assistance, they would still be able to erupt with astonishing power. Moreover, Luo Yuan had yet to fully recover from his injuries.


A sword light sliced the sky apart. Finally, Qin Hai’s attack arrived.

“Sword God – God Terminator!”
A terrifying aura instantly engulfed the world. As the various gods saw this scene, their hearts leaped furiously. That was because the aura of this sword far surpassed the shadow from earlier. This terrifying attack had them all trembling in fear.

“Holy sh*t.”
“What power is this?”
“I don’t know, but it feels scary.”
“I suppose this is yet another attack at the level of Ye?”
“Heavens,  why  are  so  many  experts  appearing  out  of  the blue?”
The various gods were in fear. They were truly shocked. And next, that astonishing sword of Qin Hai’s pierced straight at Luo Yuan. In fact, this sword attack was rather weak. It only appeared incredibly powerful. Its potential damage was in fact at the level of a minor god: pitifully weak. But with Wu Hui’s assistance, this sword gained an entirely different level of strength than before.

At the very least, the strength had reached the limit of the various gods’ imaginations. Mhm… After all, those daring to participate in this battle should all be terrifying existences, right? And thus, the impressive-looking but weak attack originally unleashed by Qin Hai erupted with an astonishing power as it sliced the entire sky apart, heading straight toward Luo Yuan.

“Ah…” Luo Yuan laughed. “You guys… are truly looking down on me.”

He raised his hand. This single motion shocked everyone, as from Luo Yuan’s hand, the exact same sword light materialized. Everything, including the aura and might of this sword, was exactly the same as Qin Hai’s sword. Swish!

The terrifying sword light bloomed from his hand.

“Heavens, yet another identical thing.”
“Could it be that Luo Yuan has some mirror-image ability mastered?”
“No idea.”
They were all alarmed. With their eyes wide open, they fixed their gaze on the battlefield.

Bang! The two swords collided, releasing a dazzling explosion. And next, both swords vanished. Luo Yuan’s gaze was fixed on the foot of the mountain. As he looked at the foot of the mountain where no new figures or shadows were appearing, a sneer formed on his face.

Mirror image? Chen Feng was not bothered by the sneer. He was focusing on analyzing Luo Yuan’s strength. He could clearly sense that this was not a mirror image. Moreover, for Luo Yuan to have reached his present height, he ought to have a unique ability. He was a mere human, and a crippled one at that.

And yet he had been able to slowly reach this height, surpassing the likes of Ye. If it was pure growth in strength with conventional methods, how could he have reached this level? If so, what exactly was Luo Yuan’s power? Chen Feng stood up. He had decided to personally make a move.

Chapter 812: Luo Yuan’s True Power

“This again.”
“What exactly is Luo Yuan’s power?”
“Nobody knows.”
Some people were analyzing the fight. Luo Yuan’s condition was quite unique. He was about as strong as Ye had been when seriously injured, on the verge of death. Naturally, this would probably be the only opportunity they had to defeat Luo Yuan. As such, everyone was watching.

However, from the beginning, this battle had been quite bizarre. Different from the Sin God, whose trump cards had been exhausted without stop before he was killed by Chen Feng, Luo Yuan hadn’t even wasted much his godly power or sustained any injuries. Every single time, he was capable of creating something identical to face the incoming attack. The shadow, the multicolored figures, and even this sword, he was able to do the same. Qin  Hai  sighed.  “He  can  imitate  even  this?”   After  his strongest sword received Wu Hui’s buff, the might it displayed was equivalent to a peak major god. Yet even against this, the opponent had been able to create a mirror image? What else could he do? It would seem like this opponent was capable of copying even complicated abilities, rather than a single type of abilities. This was Qin Hai’s conclusion.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Wu Hui. Create another shadow.”
Wu Hui nodded. “All right.” He was capable of creating a basic shadow. He only needed to let the masses see the shadow, and they would be filled with imagination and expectation. With this, the shadow would regain the strength it had displayed earlier.


With a flash, Chen Feng appeared.

The hearts of the various gods jolted. “Look. The shadow has appeared again.”
“He is indeed still alive. This is what happened back then as well.”

The newly reappeared shadow did not say anything. It charged straight at Luo Yuan.


On the other side, a silhouette indeed appeared. With this, a huge battle erupted again.

“Is this a battle of endurance now?” “I don’t know.”
Everyone watched on in bewilderment. Such attacks were completely useless. If so, why were they still wasting their time?

Far away, Chen Feng pointed. “Condense!”

His Luck Aura activated.

Chen Feng unleashed all his power on the shadow. With that, something unseen unfurled noiselessly, the core being the godly power of luck. So the shadow and silhouette were evenly matched? Indeed. So was it a mirror image? What if the godly power of luck were to silently affect this battle, then? What would happen in an evenly matched battle when one side received a terrifying boost of luck? When all the motions and attacks were executed perfectly… what would the silhouette rely on to obtain victory? This was what they all thought. Alas… surprising everyone, as time passed, this battle was still evenly matched. How was this even possible? Chen Feng frowned. He could feel his godly power of luck activating. This proved that the godly power of luck was indeed working. How could it be ineffective then?

“It  indeed  worked,”  Wu  Hui  confirmed.  He  could  clearly sense that the shadow now moved somewhat differently. And yet… “The silhouette seems to be moving somewhat differently as well,” Wu Hui continued.

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. The silhouette… had evolved as well? Why? Was this a true mirror image? The silhouette could increase in strength accordingly as well? Mhm… Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

“Wu Hui, destroy the shadow.”
Bang! Suddenly, the shadow detonated. Suddenly, the silhouette stopped doing anything. It merely returned to Luo Yuan’s side and gazed toward Chen Feng’s direction with a sneer.

Their hearts leaped. The silhouette was still there!

“This is definitely not a mirror image!” Chen Feng realized. First, the appearance and strength were not a complete imitation of their shadow, which proved that this was not a true mirror image. Second, when Chen Feng had used his godly power of luck, the opponent received the same boost as well. This instead proved that this was some sort of continuous copying effect. And third, the silhouette still existed despite the destruction of the shadow. Thus, it was impossible for this to be a mirror-image ability.

However, if this was not a mirror image, what was it? This was especially true when even the godly power of luck was used. That shouldn’t be a power one could copy. Unless… the opponent did not even need a mirror image ability to copy abilities? Suddenly, a terrifying thought surfaced in Chen Feng’s mind. Apart from this battle, the times they had crossed swords, as well as the missing memories, seemed to be hinting at something. Back then, Chen Feng had yet to discover the truth. As such, he hadn’t put much thought into it. But now…
He stood up. “Let me give it a try.”

A terrifying radiance began to converge within his eyes. Coldly, he gazed at the distant Luo Yuan. Suddenly, the sky darkened. A terrifying phenomenon appeared, covering the entire world. An intense sense of crisis appeared in the heart of every single life-form on this world.

They raised their heads. “What’s happening?”
“I don’t know.” “This is so scary. I can sense the smell of death.”

The sky seemed to be ripped apart at this instant. Beyond it, a faraway star suddenly trembled before charging straight at them. The terrifying aura of this incoming star caused everyone to shudder in fear.

Bang! Bang!

The aura of death enveloped everyone. As for Chen Feng, he stood there with his eyes shining brightly, appearing incredibly terrifying. What was he trying to do? His action shocked even Kong Bai and the rest. Destroy the planet? However, after thinking about it, they decided to maintain their full trust in Chen Feng.

Swish! A terrifying star pierced through space and traveled straight toward this planet. This star was terrifying, much larger than even the planet itself. They could see this star as a tiny dot in the sky all the time. Yet now, they all realized how terrifying it was. The entire sky seemed to be covered by that star. Nothing else was visible. Before them, there was only endless darkness. Different than the previous meteor, this was true destruction, even though the star was still rather far from the planet.

“Still not stopping?”  Kong Bai and the rest trembled. They knew that this star was being led here by Chen Feng. However, what if… what if he lost control over it?


Suddenly, a loud boom resounded in the sky.

The huge tear in the sky suddenly vanished. With this, that approaching star vanished as well. Everyone raised their heads and looked at the returned starry sky. That star… was still in its original location. “Hiss—”
Everyone was deeply startled. What had happened?

“You locked space?”  Qin Hai asked. Earlier, Chen Feng had ripped space apart, creating a rift right above them that coincidentally connected directly to the orbiting path of that distant star. That was the source of the aura of destruction. However, so long as one locked space down, everything would return to normal. This spatial tear that could only be created with a fluke generated by Luck Aura wasn’t something a regular ability could shut.

Chen Feng shook his head and gave a shocking answer. “Not me. Luo Yuan is the one who did it.”
Kong Bai was somewhat stupefied. “That is not possible.
Didn’t you say that only the power of luck can…”
Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Yeah. What if he has the godly power of luck as well?” What?

Everyone’s heart jolted. Luo Yuan… had the godly power of luck as well?

“Not only that.” A terrifying radiance flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes. “I seem to have figured out his power.”
“Could it be…”  Qin Hai had a vague guess as well. He was rather shocked by this guess of his.

“Correct,”   Chen  Feng  said  self-mockingly,  revealing  an astonishing truth.

“Your ability, Wu Hui’s ability, Kong Bai’s transmigration, everyone’s abilities are owned by him as well. That is the only way he could have reached this height, the only way he could have ascended to the throne.”

Chapter 813: Copy

Finally, every question seemed to have been answered. Why he had been hiding in outer space not doing anything and why he had been able to surpass gods with the body of a human, everything had been answered. If the wristband communicators he had created were capable of duplicating all abilities for his own use, Luo Yuan was able to copy everyone’s abilities, including the gods’.

When Wu Hui had created the shadow, he had created it slowly. Only after leaving a deep impression in everyone’s heart did the shadow become exceptionally powerful. How about Luo Yuan? He had not needed to slowly build it up; he had only needed to create an identical silhouette and everyone would imagine a similar level of strength based on the impressions Wu Hui had carved in their hearts.

Ah, this is the silhouette. Ah, this fellow’s strength should be similar to the shadow’s strength.

And thus, they had failed. The same applied to Qin Hai’s swordplay. Luo Yuan had reaped his hard work, unleashing an identical sword. However, this so-called “identical”  wasn’t a pure duplication of the sword. What Luo Yuan had copied was in fact the very ability that generated the sword. This signified that… When Chen Feng thought of this, he had a bad premonition.

He instantly retreated with the others.

Ka! Ka!

Suddenly, swirling radiance appeared around them. Next, a huge cube appeared out of thin air, locking them within.

“Found  you  guys…”  Luo  Yuan  laughed  lightly.  “Did  you believe that I would be so childish as to play along with completely identical abilities? You guys are mistaken. I was merely delaying while looking for your position…” Since Luck Aura was ineffective against Chen Feng, he’d had no choice but to manually search for them. Fortunately, he had succeeded in finding them.

Shua! Shua!

The faint radiance condensed, completely sealing Chen Feng’s group within.

“That is…”
“Chen Feng?”
“He  is  actually  there.  Hold  on,  he  seems  to  have  been trapped?”
“Luo Yuan is actually this powerful?”
The gods all exclaimed in admiration. They had initially believed that this would be a battle where any side could win. Unexpectedly, the fight had just started, yet Chen Feng’s group had been utterly defeated. Luo Yuan was truly too powerful, so powerful that it was suffocating.

“You guys have no way out now,” Luo Yuan said coldly. Finally, everything was over. That damnable 1% had been giving him a feeling of discomfort. Now that he had finally trapped Chen Feng’s group, he would not allow Chen Feng any chance of victory.

“Don’t bother trying to escape. This trap has been laid with no less than 12 of the strongest sealing godly powers,”  Luo Yuan said with a sneer.

Chen Feng: “…”
He tried breaking the seal. Indeed, nothing worked. Using 12 types of sealing godly powers for this… All Chen Feng could say was that this man was indeed worthy of being Luo Yuan. His power was indeed exactly as he had guessed. Chen Feng sighed. “So such a terrifying power actually exists in this world?” An ability capable of copying all abilities was truly too powerful.

“Hehe.”  Luo Yuan smiled. “What’s so powerful about this ability? At first, this ability was weak it was pathetic, to the point that the Genetic Union didn’t even bother registering it in their list. You have no idea the path I threaded to reach this point. You will never know… what I have experienced.”

Name: Copy

Class: F

Function: Copy an ability, making it the user’s own ability.

Requirements: 1. The copying process takes more than three days.

2. During the copying process, this ability needs to be constantly touching the copy target.

3. During the copying process, the copy target needs to be constantly using the ability to provide comprehension. After successful comprehension, the copy will immediately succeed.


1. Unable to upgrade.

2. Only one ability can be copied per month.

3. After a successful copy, the user will only obtain the target ability’s initial form. The user need to cultivate and practice the ability himself to make it strong. 4. After fusing with this genetic ability, the user will not be able to fuse with any other genes.


Copy, an ability proven to be complete trash immediately after its discovery. The so-called “three days”  was in fact the minimum requirement. If the target did not use the copied ability with great frequency, much more time would be required.

It could only copy once per month, and it could only copy the basic version of the ability, and this ability could not be upgraded. This, in turn, caused this ability to be labeled as trash. It was said that someone had once tried using this ability. That person had tried to copy the ability of a senior of his. Subsequently, that senior had gone out on a hunting mission and continuously used the target ability for half a month before Copy finally succeeded. That was the proof that three days was indeed the minimum requirement. Half a month? One was better off buying some gene reagents they could directly use. After all, that had been in the Genetic Era. Moreover, that test had been done on an ability of a similar class. What if it was used to copy an ability of a higher class? Mhm… More time was required. It was said
that it might even take more than a year.

So what was the point of obtaining this ability? Even scarier was the fact that after fusing with that genetic ability, one could not fuse with any other genetic abilities. This damnable ability had too great a rejection toward other genes. This signified that the moment one fused with this ability, one would never have any other abilities.

All additional abilities could only be gained via copying. F- class abilities weren’t too bad, but E, D, C, or abilities of an even higher class? Hehe, in any case, all those that had tried doing that had died. And thus, ultimately, this ability had become known as an ability that was good for nothing within the Genetic Union.

This had lasted until Luo Yuan obtained this ability. For Luo Yuan, who was starting anew after crippling himself, his success rate when fusing with other genes was already incredibly low. And thus, he selected this unique gene. With one attempt, he succeeded. Next, he started his journey of gene copying.

Originally, this should have been to be a slow and arduous journey. However, on a certain day, Luo Yuan managed to copy an ability called Evolution. This ability granted his Copy a weak growth in strength. With that discovery, he started focusing on the more unique F-class abilities.

Every ability capable of a weak enhancement or growth was copied by him. Ultimately, after many years, his Copy completely transformed from its original state, all its limitations reducing. With that, the Copy ability started gaining momentum. From that day onward, E class, D class, C class… While growing himself, he evolved his Copy ability without stop. All those abilities that were proclaimed to be incapable of coexisting with other abilities were copied by him.

With this, his Copy ability became an extremely terrifying ability. Slowly but surely, Luo Yuan’s strength became terrifying. With his newfound strength, he destroyed all the records the Genetic Union had on this ability. With his copied abilities, he altered everyone’s memories, erasing the memories related to this ability.

And thus, the Copy ability became unique to him alone. He went on to found the Stormtech Company, with his gaze set on the entire world. Nobody knew that he could copy abilities through the wristband. Nobody knew that each time they used their ability was equivalent to an increase in comprehension, which was subsequently transmitted to Luo Yuan through the wristband.

Moreover, after the evolution of Copy, the newly copied abilities were no longer weaker than the original versions. Interestingly, on a certain day, Luo Yuan managed to copy a unique ability: Transmigration.

Mhm… The source of this ability was Kong Bai. At that time, Luo Yuan was overwhelmed with joy. The combination of transmigration and luck was simply perfect. With excitement, he transmigrated to the past and once again saw that flower- like young lady. He was so happy that he forgot himself. He decided to stay there, to relive his life. Alas, he made the wrong choice.

Chapter 814: Goal: Return

He discovered that he did not belong in that era and had no way of fitting in. First of all, the woman he loved did not even care about him due to the different aura surrounding him. Second, the him of the past was already in that era. What could he do? Should he kill his past self? No, killing his past self would result in his own death.

Thus, Luo Yuan was greatly depressed to find that his only option was to continue loving that woman while protecting his past self. If he did that, what would happen to the future? He did not know. He had to ensure that his past self picked the same options. But if he provided any assistance to his past self, wouldn’t his memories be altered? Wouldn’t history be altered?

Without his help, his past self would still be reduced into a cripple and lose that young missy. And thus, everything was extremely chaotic. Luo Yuan indeed tried to tamper with history several times, causing the entire world to descend into chaos. The only thing he could do was continue transmigrating into the past to amend history. Finally, he managed to save the timeline. Tampering with time was way too complicated. Everything involving time had great implications, to the point that the implications were outside his control. This was the moment he realized how useless this ability was. Everything he did might very well change the future or even result in the destruction of this world.

Ultimately, Luo Yuan gave up. He decided to seek the power of time, a power far surpassing his ability of transmigration. Only with this ability would he be able to truly return to the past. Alas, he had never imagined that when he had just set forth on this path, something that shouldn’t be provoked was provoked into existence.

That was Ye, the Sin God. Indeed, the first person to encounter Ye was actually Luo Yuan. Due to his various travels through time, perhaps due to the effect of a foreign aura or some other unique effect, Ye, who had been dead, awakened from eternal darkness.

And thus, suddenly, the Twin Horns World came into existence, a world that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. Luo Yuan clearly remembered that this world had not existed before. Subsequently, even bigger events happened. The primordial descended upon this world for no apparent reason, and Ye returned for no apparent reason as well.
The things that shouldn’t have appeared, the loose ends tied up by the Creation God prior to his departure, were let loose yet again by Luo Yuan messing with time. After all, how could a great existence like the Creation God commit such an amateurish mistake by leaving such a loophole for Ye and the primordial to return?

Prior to his departure, the various gods had already been properly sealed. The Sin God had been thoroughly sealed away as well. Moreover, the power of time had been made a forbidden power. He had never expected that someone had been using the unique power of transmigration to achieve the effect of time travel, altering time and space, altering the properly sealed timeline.

Ultimately, the proper timeline was completely messed up by Luo Yuan. Just like that, those sealed existences came into being again. In fact, Luo Yuan noticed the coming of the primordial way before it happened. However, he was instead very excited. Did that not mean that he would be able to obtain even more abilities? The primordial abilities… and even the abilities of the various gods!

And thus, he hid, becoming the puppet master behind the scenes. The invasion of the Twin Horns World… The transmission of this world’s coordinates to them… Each of these previously unsolved puzzles was his work.

He controlled everything behind the scenes just so he could obtain more strength. He wanted to absorb every ability that existed, to search for his goal. Fortunately, he was finally done. And that terrifying Ye had also been eliminated. The mortals of the human world and the various gods were under his wristband’s control.

This was simply a perfect conclusion for him. And now, he only needed to deal with these flies before him, these fellows that should have died long ago, and everything would be over. This would be especially true after the death of Chen Feng, the so-called creator of miracles.

After all, the only thing Chen Feng relied on was his Luck Aura, right? He had copied ability immediately after noticing it. For him to have reached this height, Luck Aura had played quite a role. Granted, Chen Feng had subsequently stopped using the wristband, causing Ye’s comprehension of this ability to stop increasing. However, it no longer mattered.

With his sheer strength, his version of Luck Aura ought to be stronger than Chen Feng’s. At most, they would only counteract each other’s luck. Against him, Chen Feng’s luck would be ineffective. Therefore, escape would be impossible for Chen Feng.

He, Luo Yuan, was the true controller of this world.

He wanted to truly control this world in the truest sense before rewinding time itself. That’s right, what he wanted to truly rewind time, rewinding everything. After all, transmigration and time travel were useless to him. Or to be more precise, he no longer dared to tamper with anything involving transmigration or time travel.

Time traveling had too great an implication. It could potentially cause someone like Ye, who had obviously died, to come back. If he caused Ye to come back once again, what could he do? What if the one to come back was the Creation God? The mere thought was sufficient to plant endless fear in Luo Yuan’s heart.

If the Creation God truly returned, it would truly be over for Luo Yuan. There was no question about that. As such, Luo Yuan would not give such a thing any chance to happen. In any case, the world of the past was not one he wanted. Furthermore, even if he truly went back in time, if others continued time traveling and messing with the timeline as they wished, things would be very troublesome.

As such, he had decided on a single plan: to rewind time! Turning the flower-like young lady from a person of the past into a person of the present. There would be no past or present. There would only be that era when he was young. If time was equivalent to a thread and the acts of transmigration and time travel were the act of jumping to different points on this thread, what Luo Yuan wanted to accomplish was to cut off the front and back of the thread, returning everything to that point in time, turning his young self into the center of the thread, the center of the timeline. If one traveled through time, only the traveling person would return in time; the world would remain. As for rewinding time, the entire world would be reversed and he would be unchanging. His past self would vanish—or to be more precise, replaced by him—without affecting the timeline. He would still remain himself. This was what he wanted. The era with that young lady within, an era where he could fight as he wished, not needing to worry that he would accidentally erase his future self with his tampering.

Naturally, the requirements for doing this were frighteningly high. He had to first assume control over the entire world, reaching a height even Ye had failed to reach. First he would fully control the world, then he would rewind the entire world. At that time, he would truly return to the past. As for everything in the present timeline? Heh.

When his plan was completed, everything would rewind with time, thoroughly vanishing. Different from time travel, rewinding time would thoroughly erase everything from the future. Apart from him, everything from the present would be gone. Primordial? Gods? They would all go poof. Luo Yuan sighed. “Time to put this to an end.”  The past started playing in his mind. A melancholic feeling surfaced as he recalled the many years he had walked alone in the darkness. It had truly been hard for him. Now, he was finally on the verge of success.

Wait for me, he muttered inwardly, seemingly already seeing that young lady waiting for his return. But before that, he had something to finish with Chen Feng, whom he had yet to kill.


He tossed over a wristband to Chen Feng.

“Put that on,” Luo Yuan said grimly.

Chapter 815: Are You Sure?

“You should already have the Luck Aura ability, right?” asked Chen Feng.

Luo  Yuan  smiled.  “Yes.  However,  your  comprehension  of Luck Aura is above mine.”  He narrowed his eyes. “Moreover, there are other powers hidden within you, some extremely weird existences.”
Chen Feng smiled. “So that is why you haven’t killed me yet?” It was no wonder that Luo Yuan had kept him alive and had been talking nonstop. So it turned out Luo Yuan had his eyes set on what Chen Feng had? Mhm…
“Do you know that villains tend to end up dead?” Chen Feng asked.

Luo Yuan shrugged. “Yeah. However, from my point of view, you are the villain. Am I wrong?”
Shua! They exchanged glances, their eyes gleaming.

“I understand now.” Chen Feng understood. Since an unknown point in time, Luo Yuan had fully seen himself as the main character. With Luck Aura, he had given himself everything a main character should have. And thus, as time had passed, he had come to believe this as well. After all, this was also what Chen Feng had believed in the past. Ultimately, the cruelness of reality had awoken him from this delusion. Luck Aura was nevertheless still Luck Aura, not some main character’s aura.

Luo Yuan’s expression became cold. “Put this on.”
“All right.” Chen Feng sighed. “Are you sure you want me to wear it? Perhaps, after putting it on, something bad will happen,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“Put it on!” Luo Yuan no longer had the patience to continue talking. “Fine.” Chen Feng picked up the wristband. “Ah, it has been a while since I last used one of these,”  he lamented. It had indeed been a long time since he had used a wristband.


Luck Aura activated noiselessly.

“It’s useless,”  Luo Yuan’s cold voice sounded. “I told you, even though your Luck Aura is somewhat more advanced than mine, the nature of the godly power of luck is still similar. As such, your Luck Aura will never work on me. If we both use it at the same time, the most they can achieve is counteracting each other.”

Radiance started swirling around him. At this instant, he activated his Luck Aura as well. “I know,” Chen Feng said indifferently. “I only activated Luck Aura to counteract yours.”
“Mhm?” Luo Yuan had a sudden ominous feeling. This feeling intensified greatly when he saw Chen Feng put the wristband on, to the point that he nearly instinctively tried to stop Chen Feng from doing so.

Luo Yuan’s heart leaped madly. “No!” Alas, it was already too late.


The moment Chen Feng put the wristband on, his ability was officially linked with Luo Yuan’s ability. The entire world, which was under the control of Luo Yuan’s wristbands, became incomparably distinct to him. The entire world, the millions upon millions of life-forms and wristbands, everything became like a bright shining star to him.

In the sky, Luo Yuan was like an almighty star that was absorbing everyone’s faith and energy. A faint string seemed to be connecting all the wristbands. So this was how he had been copying abilities? At first, the wristbands had merely copied the wearers’ abilities. Subsequently, though, the wristbands had started absorbing the wearers’ comprehensions as well. This was indeed quite scary. All the abilities copied by Luo Yuan were improving without stop.

“I   see.”    Chen   Feng   finally   understood.   This   differed somewhat from what he had initially pictured. He had believed that this would be Luo Yuan’s weakness. So what if he had so many abilities? He was only one person and could only truly learn a few of the truly powerful abilities. As such, he would probably select a few abilities to focus on. The others would be left in their primary forms.

However, it seemed like that wasn’t the case. With the wristbands linking him and everyone else, all his abilities could improve without stop. This was indeed incredibly terrifying. Luo Yuan truly possessed all the abilities of this world, and those abilities were all similarly being pushed to the pinnacle. So this was where his confidence originated from?

Chen Feng finally understood. However, had Luo Yuan ever imagined that… 

Suddenly, a faint power began to operate.

Luo Yuan and an extremely bad feeling, and his instinctive reaction was to snatch the wristband away from Chen Feng. After all, he had a passive perception toward danger. Therefore, he was clear that this crisis existed for real, as was the coming danger. He had to take the wristband off Chen Feng immediately.

Unfortunately, the 12 seals he had personally placed were now hindering him. These 12 seals, which were supposed to be sealing Chen Feng, would take a tiny amount of even his own time to remove. And this little bit of time was sufficient for that power Chen Feng was unleashing to pulse out. 
That power started pouring into the wristband.

“Go,” Chen Feng said, his emotions surging.

The way Luo Yuan controlled all the wristbands was by having a huge network similar to the internet. Each port was linked to a single person. What if a virus was dumped into this network? Mhm… It was quite simple. Luo Yuan was absorbing the comprehension of the numerous life-forms at all times, maintaining a synchronous connection with all these life- forms.

What if, suddenly, these people encountered some power that would perhaps mutate or even demote their abilities? Individually, such a mutation or ability demotion was a mere setback and wasn’t particularly serious. However, what if this happened to everyone at the same time, and Luo Yuan, who was maintaining a synchronous connection with them all, received the same effect as well? This would be quite interesting, would it not? 
That power started spreading noiselessly. Moving along Luo Yuan’s network, that power seeped into every single person wearing a wristband. No physical contact or direct connection was required. This power only needed to be aimed at the various wristbands to start taking effect. This power was precisely the power of misfortune. This was a power only Chen Feng had control over, a power Luo Yuan hadn’t gotten hold of.


The terrifying power engulfed everyone.

At this time, somewhere extremely far away, a certain powerful genetic warrior was in the midst of cultivation as usual. Suddenly, a black aura shrouded his body, though he himself did not realize it. He merely felt his heart throb slightly as he suddenly recalled the thing he feared most. During this crucial moment of his cultivation, his attention swayed. Next, he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He didn’t just fail to achieve a breakthrough; his strength was also reduced. His body had suffered a rather grave injury. intense battle with a mutated beast.

Suddenly, his ability failed to work. Before he could even understand what was going on, he was injured heavily by that mutated beast. He had no choice but to destroy his own ability to obtain the final burst of energy he required to flee this place.

At yet another different location, a certain person had been relying on a certain unique ability, one capable of granting the body incomparable flexibility, to dominate the nightlife industry here. For some reason, this ability suddenly failed, nearly crippling this person due to extreme exhaustion.

Like a virus, that faint black aura infected everyone. Nearly everyone wearing a wristband suffered a setback, though the intensity varied. With the synchronous connection, all these setbacks were instantly directly shared with Luo Yuan.

Pu! Luo Yuan had only managed to take a single step forward toward Chen Feng before he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.


The intense pain that he suddenly felt caused him to halfway kneel on the ground. This power…

Yet another mouthful of blood was coughed up. He felt like a pair of unseen black palms were grabbing at his heart, squeezing tightly. He felt like they could crush his heart at any time. Damn it! What power was this? He raised his head. Before his eyes, that previously unremarkable guy called Chen Feng suddenly seemed so very terrifying.

Chapter 816: Pummeling Madly

Ability syncing was an effect the Copy ability had received after numerous evolutions. This was what had ensured that Luo Yuan could surpass all living beings, maintaining all the abilities he gained from everyone at peak proficiency rather than them all being stuck at the primary level. Now, it was his greatest weakness. The setbacks that all of the life-forms were experiencing were being shared with him, causing his entire body to ache in pain, and he had lost control over his body as well.


Chen Feng punched out. Instantly, a powerful might erupted. Chen Feng’s power as a god went through the usual amplification and blasted at Luo Yuan’s body.


With a punch, Luo Yuan was beaten into the ground. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng did not stop attacking. He stepped forth as terrifying power converged in his hands. Each punch landed on Luo Yuan, blasting the power into his body. The attacks never stopped, not even when Luo Yuan was already sprawled on the ground, not even when he was already bloodied all over.


Everyone lapsed into silence. The various gods gulped, not daring to say anything. This… Chen Feng was actually wiping the ground with Luo Yuan? This truly surpassed even their wildest imaginings. This was too astonishing. After all, this was Luo Yuan, a person that possessed every ability. This…
Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of Luo Yuan being beaten up echoed without stop. Chen Feng’s attacks were truly landing, and a terrifying shockwave was spreading all over. Luo Yuan’s body was on the verge of collapse. “Still not giving up?” Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. This fellow… had much greater endurance than he had imagined. Was this due to the numerous unique abilities he had copied in the past? This fellow…

Once again, Chen Feng erupted with strength. As for Luo Yuan, he was already covered with injuries, and his consciousness was getting blurry, to the point that he couldn’t even see Chen Feng clearly anymore. Damn it. What power was this, exactly? He had no idea. He did not know how Chen Feng had obtained such a power.

In the past, Luo Yuan had been successful in all his endeavors thanks to Luck Aura. As such, as time passed, he had formed a strong reliance on Luck Aura. Everything had always progressed as he wished. Yet now that his Luck Aura had been neutralized by Chen Feng, with his luck even taking a bad turn, he was thoroughly dumbfounded. He didn’t know how to deal with this. In fact, this was something Chen Feng had experienced before. Therefore, Chen Feng knew exactly how Luo Yuan was feeling. This reliance on luck used to be Chen Feng’s greatest weakness as well. Because of this, he had nearly lost everything. When Luck Aura had been taken away from him, he had nearly given up on everything. Now he was letting Luo Yuan experience the same thing. He knew very well what Luo
Yuan would feel, since Luo Yuan was similarly reliant on Luck Aura. Luo Yuan was completely clueless when it came to how to deal with this sudden change.

Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng’s punches rained down. He could feel that Luo Yuan’s body was getting weaker and weaker. This body, which had been strengthened countless times, was now incomparably frail, mainly due to the excessive blood loss.


Luo Yuan coughed up another mouthful of blood, his face deadly pale. He was truly on the verge of collapse. The strength Chen Feng had erupted with far surpassed that of an ordinary god. One could say that his strength had surpassed even that of a major god. However, he was clearly an ordinary god. 
Luo Yuan was feeling extremely hateful. Did he have no options left? Luo Yuan clenched both his fists tightly. He had spent so many years arranging everything so as to reach this point. How could he allow his plan to fail now? However, he truly had no options.

Perhaps there was indeed a way out of this. Unfortunately, due to his reliance on Luck Aura, Luo Yuan hadn’t solved anything with his wits for a long time. As such, he was presently incapable of thinking of any way to deal with this sudden attack. He tried to think.


A punch landed on his now bun-like face. 
Yet another punch came, interrupting his thoughts. He truly couldn’t even think properly under pressure anymore…
Chen Feng would not give him a chance to think deeply. As for his body, under the relentless attacks, he wouldn’t be able to last any longer. Soon… If Luo Yuan couldn’t counterattack, he would probably be beaten to death just like this. Moreover, this would be a total defeat.


Yet another punch landed. It was at this moment that Luo Yuan lost control over his emotions.

He raged. “Chen Feng! I hate you!” could deal with this? Yes. Quite a simple way, in fact. How did one deal with a virus-infected computer network? Sever the connection! In this network of connections set up by Luo Yuan, when someone died or lost one’s ability, the connection would be severed. Luo Yuan would then be able to keep the abilities he had stolen from those people, even after they had died.

This was a precautionary method he had prepared long ago. However, to do this when it involved his entire network? He was still hesitating.

Bang! Bang!

A punch landed on his nose. Even with his constitution surpassing that of a god’s, he was still badly wounded.

No! I can’t give up just like this! There must be another way! he howled inwardly. He was unwilling to accept this. He would not give up. There had to be some other way. He possessed countless abilities and unimaginable strength. Moreover, all of the abilities he had copied were comparatively powerful. With so many abilities at his disposal, he was the strongest existence. Surely there was a way out of this.

Is this an invasion of my network? Is this a virus? Or something else? It does not matter how Chen Feng did it. There ought to be a solution… Let me think… I will definitely be able to think of something! If Luck Aura still worked, what would Luck Aura have me do?


Another punch landed.

What angle would Luck Aura tackle this problem from?


A kick landed on his crotch. Oh, this angle…

A powerful force seemed to be eroding his organs.

Luo Yuan’s thought process was interrupted without stop. With despair, he found that, without Luck Aura, he required much more time to process his thoughts. After all, it had been way too long since he had last used his brain. Chen Feng had no intention of giving him a chance to think. Time after time, Luo Yuan’s thoughts were interrupted. His body became weaker and weaker; he was now bordering death. Finally, Luo Yuan gave up trying to think of a different solution.

“Ah ah ah ah ahhhhh! Sever!” he howled. Under Chen Feng’s intense beating, he finally countered with an intense burst of fury.

Bang! Bang! Bang! All over the world, at this instant, all the wristbands in existence burst apart.


Finally, the connections to Luo Yuan were severed, and instantly, Luo Yuan’s body started recovering rapidly. Previously, he had been unable to heal as he had been simultaneously receiving all the damage that all the living beings in the world were suffering. And now… without the simultaneous damage, his body was healing at a speed fast enough to surpass Chen Feng’s damage.

However, there was no trace of joy on Luo Yuan’s face. That was because, for survival, he had given up on something incredibly important to him! The millions upon millions of life-forms and abilities! He had gained those things after many years of bitter planning. Everything was now gone.

“Chen Feng!”
Luo Yuan was filled with hatred.

Chapter 817: The Liberated World

At a certain location, a middle-aged person enduring the pain caused by the decrease in his strength suddenly found that his wristband was broken. An expression of utter joy appeared on his face as he realized that this wristband had actually broken down by itself. He had tried so many methods to get rid of it, yet it had seemed like the wristband had become a part of him and refused to be destroyed.

Each time he had tried to damage it, the damage had been redirected to him instead. Even worse was the fact that this wristband had occasionally controlled his body. This thing was like a demon, yet he had not been able to deal with it. He had given up on it, resigned to the fact that his and his children’s future would be under the control of their wristbands.

Unexpectedly, this thing had broken down on its own today. The middle-aged man stood up. After the feeling of pain vanished, he studied his wrist thoroughly. Apart from a red dot left by a needle, there was nothing on his wrist. The wristband had truly vanished. He howled with laughter. “Hahahahaha. I have regained freedom!”
At a different location, similar sounds of celebration could be heard.

“Haha, I am free as well.”
“Same here.”
A smile appeared on the middle-aged man’s face. It seemed like everyone had survived this. They were finally free from that damnable wristband.

“Hold on. That Luo Yuan fellow seems to have ascended to godhood as well?”
“Yeah.” “He seems incredibly powerful. Even without the wristband, if he decides to come and catch us…”
“Let’s go. Fast, bring our family with us as well.”
“No matter how strong he is, without the wristband, he won’t be able to locate us.”
And thus, a huge number of people left their homes. After experiencing the short era of Luo Yuan, they knew how terrifying it was to be under someone else’s control. With that wristband controlling them, even suicide had not been an option. That was truly a life without freedom.

“Hmph. Even if I have to die, I am not willing to be controlled again.” 
“Let’s  go.  In  this  unique  era,  the  world  is  particularly massive.”
Soon, a huge number of people left. The population in the numerous human territories dropped rapidly. This was merely what was happening to the humans.
The same was happening to the other races, such as the unique races, the beasts, the ancients, and all other life-forms. All of them moved into the dangerous regions. They would rather die in those desolate regions than be subjected to control. As for Chen Feng and Luo Yuan’s battlefield, those who received the greatest effect were the various gods.

They had merely been invaded by the power of misfortune. However, with the disappearance of Luo Yuan’s wristbands, they were no longer under control. 
They were still in a daze. The fight between Chen Feng and Luo Yuan had actually freed them from the wristbands’ control. How could they not be overjoyed by this?

Bang! Bang!

The battle was still going on for Chen Feng.

Luo Yuan’s eyes gleamed coldly. “You are courting death!” As his body had begun to recover, he was no longer fearful of Chen Feng’s attacks. Earlier, he had been dragged down by the numerous life-forms and been helplessly beaten up by Chen Feng. As for now… hehe.


Luo Yuan’s body recovered at a rapid pace. The speed at which Chen Feng could deal damage to him was even slower than his recovery.

Suddenly, the various gods awakened from their stupor.

“Help him!”
“Yeah, let us destroy Luo Yuan together!”
This was the best opportunity to gang up on Luo Yuan. Otherwise, if Luo Yuan was allowed to fully recover, they would have to live their lives under someone else’s control. As they thought of this, the various gods charged forth without hesitation.

Swish! Swish!

Various godly powers blasted toward Luo Yuan. “Damn it!” Luo Yuan had an unsightly expression. Although these godly powers couldn’t deal much damage to him, he was still of the opinion that he shouldn’t have given up control over these gods. Earlier, all the gods had been affected as well and had similarly been sharing their injuries with Luo Yuan. With several thousand of them, the accumulated damage had been sufficient to hurt Luo Yuan quite a lot.

As such, he had severed all his connections in a fit of anger. Now, when he thought about it, he was of the opinion that even if he could have not severed the connections with the various gods, the connections with the gods that were present here should have been maintained.

Earlier, under Chen Feng’s barrage and his great pain, he had been unable to think properly. This had resulted in him making an incorrect choice. Now that he thought about it, he was actually able to think of many solutions to deal with what Chen Feng had done to him. These were solutions that did not even require him to sever his connection with the wristbands. He would only have needed to use a combination of his abilities. So it turned out that he had indeed not been thinking clearly earlier. Luo Yuan sighed as he realized that overreliance was indeed rather terrifying. Luck Aura… Luo Yuan sighed sorrowfully. This ability had granted him smooth sailing all this while, but now it was the reason for his defeat. All his
effort had been ruined.


Another punch headed toward him. This time, Luo Yuan raised his hand and caught it.

“Did you think I would allow you to attack me as you wish?” Killing intent erupted from Luo Yuan’s eyes. Without all that damnable damage dragging him down, he had no fear of Chen Feng. Now it was time for this Chen Feng to die. Even if the entirety of his plan had been ruined and he now had to start afresh, nobody could stop him. So long as he killed this Chen Feng, he would be able to start his plan again. He would be able to once again gather those people up and subject them to his control.

Bang! Numerous terrifying forces blasted at Chen Feng. However, before those attacks could reach Chen Feng, they were intercepted by the various gods. Those damnable fellows were helping Chen Feng.

Luo Yuan’s killing intent intensified. “You all…”
“Let us do battle!” The gods all had sharp gazes. Never before had any of them believed in something this firmly. They would rather die than be controlled once more.

Luo Yuan howled, “Since you guys want to die, fine!”

His godly power surged out and the battle erupted.

Luo Yuan’s and the various gods’ godly powers collided and interweaved in midair. If this were before, they would not have the confidence to face someone like Luo Yuan. But today, Luo Yuan had been gravely injured, had lost all his believers, and had been once again seriously injured by Chen Feng.

Right now, Luo Yuan was as weak as he could be. And thus, the various journeyman gods attacked together.

Bang! Bang! bang!

Terrifying godly powers exploded everywhere. At this moment, Chen Feng instead stopped his attacks.

Qin Hai narrowed his eyes. “Will Luo Yuan truly die from this?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “I doubt it. These gods are too weak.”
All the major gods had died in their clash with the Sin God. Only these weak gods had been left behind. No matter how weak Luo Yuan was, he was not someone they could contend against. However, Chen Feng clenched his fists as he wondered if he himself would be capable of putting an end to Luo Yuan. After all, the first step of his plan had been to compel Luo Yuan to give up on everything. His second step was to put an end to Luo Yuan.


Chen Feng stepped forth. Just as he was about to attack, in the sky, the drifting clouds suddenly converged together and assumed the form of a picture. In that picture, only a single survivor was left standing, surrounded by numerous corpses sprawled all around. This picture was extremely indistinct, and it appeared rather bizarre, yet Chen Feng still had a strong feeling that the sole survivor in that picture was precisely… Luo Yuan.

Chapter 818: Ready to Fight Only to Stare Around Blankly

These clouds…
Chen Feng’s heart trembled. So the meaning of this was the final victor of this battle would still be Luo Yuan? These clouds… and these hints… Had that girl reached this level as well? Was Luo Yuan, even without the numerous life-forms under his control, still so powerful? Chen Feng had no answer to that.

He took in a deep breath. “In any case, I still have to give it a try, right?”

He condensed all his strength, and just as the various gods were duking it out with Luo Yuan, an incredibly mighty power shot out of Chen Feng’s hand. This was the strongest power Chen Feng could erupt with at present. This attack utilized both luck and misfortune and was amplified by his fake nascent soul. 
A terrifying power erupted, instantly piercing through Luo Yuan’s chest. Luo Yuan, who had still appeared so mighty earlier, appeared to have been directly killed by Chen Feng.


Suddenly, the entire world lapsed into silence. The various gods looked at Chen Feng in shock. Holy shit, a one-hit KO? They were all alarmed. This strength… As for Chen Feng, he frowned. That did not feel like an illusion. The impact had felt solid, proving that his attack had indeed hit Luo Yuan. Was he truly dead?

Suddenly, a heavy sound echoed.

Everyone’s hearts pounded together with this sound. What sound was this? Everyone instinctively looked in the direction this sound had come from. Astonishingly, the sound had originated from Luo Yuan’s body, which was sprawled helplessly on the ground. There, something seemed to be pounding.

Dong! Dong!

Akin to the throbs of a heart. Slowly, the frequency of the poundings became concentrated. As for Luo Yuan’s body, which had been utterly trashed earlier, it suddenly recovered and even appeared somewhat stronger than before. Boundless power seemed to be converging in his body.

This… —-

Name: Nine-Lives Cat

Class: A

Function: Protects the user’s heart when fatal damage is received. The power of the damage received will be converted into a recovery power to instantly heal the user. The user’s strength will be fully recovered and will even increase.

Limitation: Only usable nine times in a lifetime, with an interval of no less than one year between usages.


It was actually this ability! Chen Feng was alarmed. This was an extremely rare ability, yet it was also incredibly useless.  Why?  Because  this  was  an  A-class  ability.  “A  class” generally signified formidable battle prowess. As such, those that selected this ability would forever be weaker than their peers that selected a combat ability. A user of this ability would never be able to defeat those at the same level as them, since they would not have a combative A-class ability.

And thus, despite this ability’s astonishing survivability, it was rarely chosen. Moreover, Nine-Lives Cat was an incredibly rare gene in the first place. Chen Feng could remember that, according to the formula, one had to be sure that the selected nine-lives cat had never used this ability once in its life. Otherwise, the cat’s genes would not be usable. The number of times the cat had used this ability would be deducted from the person that had selected the genes of this particular cat. This was the saddest part of this ability.

And thus, those that coveted this ability had to first use a unique method to kill a cat with nine lives without giving it any chance to resurrect. This was also why very few people chose this ability. Yet this was an ability that Luo Yuan had. Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something extremely terrifying. This was merely one of the many abilities that granted resurrection. There were various other resurrection abilities in existence as well. Even though they were all extremely rare, they still existed. And since they existed, wouldn’t Luo Yuan have them as well?

Definitely. After all, Luo Yuan had the abilities of nearly every life-form in existence. If so, these resurrection abilities…
Chen Feng hissed in shock. He finally understood the meaning of those clouds. If they continued fighting on in this manner, they would totally be outlasted by Luo Yuan due to Luo Yuan’s collection of astonishing resurrection abilities. They would never be able to truly kill him. With hundreds or even thousands of resurrection abilities in his arsenal, could one truly kill Luo Yuan?

Moreover, all of these resurrection abilities were unique. Some might resurrect someone who died from curse abilities, or from the abilities of fleshly bodies, or even from spiritual abilities. Regardless of the method used to kill Luo Yuan, he would have a way of resurrecting himself. Killing him was fundamentally impossible. Dong! Dong!

Slowly but surely, Luo Yuan fully recovered.

His aura seemed to be even stronger now. As for the injuries he was still carrying from his battle with Ye, many of them had now healed. The Luo Yuan that was about to emerge from his resurrection seemed to be incredibly terrifying.

Chen Feng did not hesitate.



Bringing Qin Hai and the others with him, he speedily fled. After all, they had already accomplished their main goal here. Even though they had failed to kill Luo Yuan, they had still severed his foundation and his rapid growth. In the future, they could slowly look for an opportunity to kill him. After all, they could afford to wait now.


Chen Feng and the others instantly vanished. When the surrounding gods saw this, they all blanked. Left… just like that? Luo Yuan had resurrected. He appeared even stronger now. They had initially believed that Chen Feng would continue his barrage of attacks, allowing them to sneak some cheap shots at Luo Yuan as well. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had departed without any hesitation. They all exchanged glances in dismay.

Shortly after, they were all startled awake from their stupefaction. If even Chen Feng had fled, what were they doing, staying here? Waiting for death?


Instantly, the various gods fled as well. As the heartbeat’s frequency increased, Luo Yuan finally completed his 

He woke up from the darkness. A mighty power shrouded his body. His previously injured body was now fully healed. The Sin God had had various cards up his sleeve. As such, facing death, he had erupted with numerous trump cards capable of instantly killing major gods. As for Luo Yuan, he only had one trump card: his seeming immortality.

What he had put the most effort in, the only collection of abilities he had truly organized among his numerous abilities, was his collection of recovery and resurrection abilities. These abilities had been reorganized to create a complete recovery system for himself, with each of these abilities closely interlinked together. As such, he did not fear death. On the contrary, after being killed, he would come back even stronger. This was his ultimate trump card.

He  howled  with  laughter.  “Hehehehe.”  Amid  his  wanton laugher, his body continued its transformation. He had returned! 
A surging aura blasted out.

Chen Feng! Don’t you want to fight? And the damnable gods! Don’t you guys want to take advantage of the chaos? Damnable fellows, let me show you guys what true strength look like!


A terrifying aura converged around him. It was at this instant that Luo Yuan finally opened his eyes for the first time since his resurrection. His sharp eyes gleamed and numerous razor-sharp beams shot straight toward the distant horizon.

“Bring   it   on!”     he   shouted.   Next,   he   stood   there dumbfounded. His tsunami-like surging aura even paused awkwardly, not knowing where it should actually head. Where were the enemies? Luo Yuan had a stupefied expression on his face as he looked at the empty battleground around him. Chen Feng was not here. The various gods were not here either. One life-form.

You all…
You all…
Luo Yuan sensed the boundless power converging within his body, waiting for the right moment to erupt. His heart, which had previously been brimming with a heroic mood, went taut.

How can you guys be like this!

Chapter 819: You Guys Are Too Excessive

At a certain location, a young lady was carefully drawing a painting. Mhm… Chen Feng should have received her message already, right? After all, that was Chen Feng. If so, what should she do next? The young lady was softly drawing a painting when she suddenly chuckled as she saw what the painting was. So this was what was going to happen? In that case, this should end not far in the future.

However, who would be the one to survive till the end? The young lady frowned as she started reflecting on this question seriously.

At this time, Luo Yuan, who had just awakened from his resurrection, was searching for enemies crazily. Everyone seemed to have vanished. Luo Yuan, who was brimming with energy, had no way to release his pent-up energy and could only forcefully blast his accumulated energy at a nearby mountain.

Only now did Luo Yuan feel better. What followed next was a sneer.

“Do you guys think it will end if you flee? Hehe. Chen Feng, do you know that I am at my weakest presently? When my strength grows, what will you use to fight me? Escaping now was an idiotic choice.”
Luo Yuan was still furious. Those idiotic fellows believed that this would be the end? How naive. They must have believed that without the numerous life-forms supplying him faith, he would have no way of growing? Heh, he was Luo Yuan, the true number one person of this world. Even Chen Feng was not his opponent. Who could stop him? Since he was so powerful, he could once again regain what he had lost earlier by forcing those people to put the wristbands on again. The solution was indeed that simple. 
He departed. He remembered that there was a city of ancients nearby. This city had a population of three million. This would be his first stop, Luo Yuan decided. This might be somewhat troublesome. However, he did not mind personally visiting all the cities worldwide to once again make them his believers. What was there to fear?


He moved like the wind. Shortly after, he reached the city.


A terrifying attack was unleashed on the empty air above the city. The originally tranquil city was suddenly engulfed by a boundless radiance, a radiance as bright as the sun itself.

Bang! Bang! Bang! aura descended upon this city.

Luo Yuan was way too clear on what these so-called ancients and humans most lacked and feared. He was also clear on the most efficient method of completely forcing them to submission. It was precisely absolute strength.


A terrifying attack instantly blasted at the center of the city. Instantly, the place where the chief and the core figures of the city normally resided was disintegrated. A mushroom cloud soared as the bright explosion engulfed the entire city, a sight akin to the arrival of the apocalypse.

Naturally, despite the showy and excessive effect, this attack only destroyed the city center. So long as the so-called chief, who was adept at inciting the feelings of the population, was eliminated, the rest could be easily dealt with. These people would ultimately still submit before him. Done with the show he intended the residents to see, Luo Yuan slowly headed toward the ground. “Submit or die.”
His ice-cold voice resounded throughout the city. From the void, he walked down toward the ground. Each step and each footprint was extremely casual and slow, yet with each step he took, a shiny gold radiance was left below his feet. His divine aura roiled out, seemingly boundless.

This should do it. Luo Yuan had a tranquil expression. Under his divine pressure, not a single soul dared make a sound in the entirety of the city. Excellent. Luo Yuan’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. Finally, he landed. He had no choice but to land. After all, if he wanted them to wear his wristbands, he had to land so he could personally pass them the wristbands.

However, when he neared the ground, he felt that something was off. Was there some sort of plot here? Was this the work of Chen Feng again? Yet another ambush? Instantly, Luo Yuan’s vigilance rose. He forcefully stopped his descent.

This Chen Feng… He spread his senses around to confirm that there was no danger before slowly continuing his descent. When he finally landed, he understood the source of the earlier odd feeling. This city… was completely devoid of people! That’s right, the city was completely empty!

Luo Yuan was dumbfounded. Where were they? Where was the huge ancient race? In such a huge city, not a single one of those three million souls could be found?

What’s  going  on?  Luo  Yuan  was  thoroughly  stupefied. Something had to be wrong. Luo Yuan spread his senses around once again, and his heart chilled when he confirmed that this city indeed empty. What had happened? He was horrified. Could it be that Chen Feng had sensed his arrival and had killed everyone first?

No. Chen Feng was not such a determined person. Luo Yuan decided to take a look around. And thus, he roamed the city, targeting those items that the original owners had been unable to take away in time or that still had some warmth in them. Finally, he found the reason for all this. This city… and its people… hadn’t died. Rather, they had all left. The instant the wristbands had been destroyed, everyone had immediately packed up and moved. Littered on the ground everywhere were broken wristbands.


Luo Yuan clenched his fists tightly. All gone… all gone! Since this city was empty, what was the point of his showy appearance earlier? Luo Yuan looked to the city center. The ruins of the destroyed building seemed to assume the form of an emoji sneering at him. This caused an inexplicable anger to rise within Luo Yuan.


He attacked once again, destroying the ruins of the destroyed building.

You all… actually decided to leave this city? Luo Yuan was filled with anger. His eyes flashed as scene after scene played in his vision. A powerful deduction ability activated. He wanted to see exactly where those fellows had gone.

Shua! Shua!

Countless figures and scenes flashed past, unable to be joined together into a complete picture.


Luo Yuan snorted coldly. Such a scene signified that someone was trying to mess with his deduction ability. Only gods were capable of this. In short, those ancients had not only packed up and left in haste, but they had also immediately begun to believe in a new god. With the blessing of their new god, they had all departed. They deserved death! Killing intent surged in Luo Yuan’s heart.

Those damnable ancients would rather believe in some journeyman or elementary god than him, a true god surpassing even the major gods? How ridiculous.


Slowly, some scenes became clearer in his vision. This allowed Luo Yuan a better view of what had happened. At present, the three million ancients were traversing a certain dangerous forest. At any given time, someone was dying or unable to keep up with the main party. This was, in fact, an incomparably bitter journey. So this was the life they had decided upon?

Luo Yuan’s gaze burned. He couldn’t believe that these fellows would rather live such a life. One ought to know that under his control, they would be able to enjoy a life with the greatest technology humans had to offer. Wasn’t that better? How idiotic. He could hear the sounds of the scene he was seeing as well.

“Keep at it!”
“Don’t give up!” Some people were encouraging their companions. Unfortunately, the deaths did not stop, and some were no longer capable of keeping up.

“I can’t continue on anymore.”
“This is too tiring.”
“This is too dangerous.”
Some people were on the verge of collapse.

“Idiots.” Luo Yuan was merely evaluating their choice coldly. Just look at them. Regretting their choice now, eh? Serves them right!

However, just as Luo Yuan was thinking that they would finally give up, the leader of the group spoke. “You guys are giving up just like this? Have you guys forgotten your lives before? Do you guys not know that if you stop now, that demon king will come for you? Have you guys forgotten the fear of being controlled?”
As these words resounded, these seemingly helpless people actually started moving once again. This was quite the astonishing recovery. The mere mention of that demon king could actually bring forth such an effect! Finally, the scene vanished from Luo Yuan’s vision. He wanted to see clearly what was going on, but he couldn’t see any more.

“Hmph. Serves you right.”
He felt somewhat proud. Just look at those people. Due to their choice, they were now better off dead than alive. Forget about that casualty rate, they were even being hunted by some demon king? Hehehehe. But then, who exactly was the demon king they were speaking of?

Luo Yuan pondered this question for a long time. Suddenly, his complexion became extremely unsightly. He had suddenly thought of a possibility: could it be that this so-called demon king was actually him? What the f*ck!

Chapter 820: The Final Godly Power

The entire world was in chaos. Every life-form had escaped into the unexplored regions even though those regions were brimming with danger and were not a good place to live. The various life-forms sought shelter from the various gods, then completely vanished from Luo Yuan’s senses. Luo Yuan traversed nearly half the mainland and still failed to find a single person. Only the shells of the various flourishing cities were left.

Why had this happened? Luo Yuan’s heart swayed slightly. However, his heart became as firm as stone again shortly after. Let alone emptied cities, even if the cities were fully destroyed, so what? So long as he succeeded in his plan, the entire world would be restarted, as time would rewind. At that time, everything would return to the correct beginning.

“You people will not be able to defeat me.”  Luo Yuan stood up, his gaze firmer than ever. He was Luo Yuan, the strongest in the world. He had countless healing and resurrection abilities. Even with his serious injuries, he was recovering without stop. So what if he didn’t have any believers? He finally gave up on his stubborn desire to gather believers. It was a waste of time and energy. He had wanted to assemble all the power in the world to fight Chen Feng. This would give him the highest success rate in their clash. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had made use of what he had done to deal a blow to him. Hehe, how ridiculous. If he couldn’t make use of those believers, he wouldn’t bother anymore. After all, his final goal was different. Luo Yuan gathered his attention and looked into his own body. It wouldn’t be long before he achieved his final goal.

“Soon.” He took in a deep breath. As long as he finished this final step, he would be able to truly return to the past. At that time, everything in this version of the world would no longer have anything to do with him. Chen Feng? The various gods? Hehe. Continue hiding, then. They could continue hiding as they wished. After all, there wasn’t much time left for them anyway.


Luo Yuan vanished. This time, he wasn’t heading toward the various cities. Rather, he was heading toward his original target. He wanted to use the shortest time possible to rewind time. Nobody could hope to stop him. …

At a certain location amid a continuous mountain range, Chen Feng and the rest were watching on as everything unfolded silently. Before his eyes, radiances swirled about.

The humans, ancients, and various races had all followed different gods and headed toward the unexplored regions. If Luo Yuan wanted to manually look for them in the unexplored regions, he would probably be exhausted to death.

“Has everyone entered those regions?”
“Mhm. The majority of the various life-forms are now concealed.”
“Luo Yuan shouldn’t be able to find them now.”
“That’s good.” Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. In fact, Luo Yuan’s plan wasn’t wrong. After all, he was too strong. If he could locate those believers, he would be able to force them all to become his believers again. Chen Feng and the rest would be slowly pressured by him until they died.

Fortunately, Luo Yuan had finally given up on this. Since the numerous life-forms had scattered into hiding, the difficulty level of locating them was incredibly high. For Luo Yuan, this was not even worth his effort. Thus, he had opted to give up on doing so. If Chen Feng’s guess was correct, Luo Yuan’s next target would be his true goal, the goal he had ascended to godhood to achieve.

“What do you guys think this actual goal is?”  Chen Feng asked with a smile.

Qin Hai shrugged. “What else?”
In fact, Luo Yuan’s goal was very clear. Returning to the past, this was something everyone wanted. However, Luo Yuan would pay quite a bit more than an average person to achieve this. In fact, they did not even need to try to guess his next step. Soon, they began to receive updates. A certain god died at Luo Yuan’s hands. A certain god escaped from Luo Yuan with grave injuries. And so on. These gods were those that had never worn a wristband before.

Luo Yuan was gathering godly powers. The various abilities and godly powers he had were still not sufficient for him. To control the entire world, he had to first control all of this world’s core godly powers. Chen Feng’s group looked for the Forest Goddess to find out about the core godly powers of this world and were told that there were a total of 3,000 core godly powers.

So long as one was able to control all 3,000 core godly powers, one would be able to control the entire world in the truest sense. This was also why the Sin God had been trying to cultivate more gods in the past. That was because he had wished to truly control the world. This applied to both Luo Yuan and Ye.

Theoretically, there was no upper limit to the number of gods allowed to exist. However, the number of gods that could control core godly powers was capped at only 3,000. This was, in fact, quite simple to understand. It was similar to how there were many colors in existence, yet they were all made up of a few base colors. However, the gods cultivated by Ye, coupled with the gods that had existed since the Primordial Era, were still not sufficient to meet this requirement of 3,000 core godly powers.

So Luo Yuan only had two methods. The first choice was to cultivate those gods himself. The second choice was to obtain the power by force.

“He has obviously given up on self-cultivation.”
Chen Feng was sure. Controlling the world and gathering all the believers would be the easiest method to cultivate gods. This had been the optimal choice for Luo Yuan. Unfortunately, the plan had been completely ruined by Chen Feng. Now, he could only choose the second method. He had once controlled the entire world. As such, Luo Yuan already had control of the powers of those that had used the wristbands. At present, what he was seeking was precisely the gods that had never used a wristband. Suddenly, Kong Bai said, “How about the past?”  Since Luo Yuan had control over the transmigration and luck abilities, it would be quite simple for him to return to the past. Ye’s idea of controlling the world was a type of control through the various gods under him. What about Luo Yuan? He alone would be sufficient. That was the scariest part of all this. Moreover, he could even return to the past and duplicate those gods’ godly powers if he wished to.

“He  should  already  have  control  over  the  powers  he  can obtain that way. That is to say, the powers of the places and points in time that he has been to are probably all under his control now. The only thing he still lacks is the present and future.”
Chen Feng was sure.

Qin Hai frowned. “Can you not sense it with Luck Aura?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “No.” Their Luck Auras were counteracting each other. However, they suddenly thought of a certain someone, a young lady capable of painting the future. “Looks like we have to pay her a visit.”
“Hold on, look, what’s that?”
In the sky, the various clouds started converging together and assumed the form of a single digit: a three.
No, the three only appeared shortly before trembling and changing into a two. It was also at this exact moment that they received news from Duma that Luo Yuan had appeared somewhere yet again to destroy a certain god. With this, Chen Feng’s group understood what this number signified. There were only two core powers remaining before Luo Yuan had full control of the 3,000 core godly powers.

Chen Feng and the rest were shaken. So Luo Yuan had actually gathered so many of them? “I guess it should be harder for him toward the end, right?” Kong Bai inhaled deeply. “Three thousand godly powers that are the true essence of the powers needed by the world. The final two that he lacks will most definitely be the hardest to obtain.”
However, before he even finished speaking, the digit in the sky transformed into a one.


They all lapsed into silence. One? Their hearts trembled. It was also at this moment that the Forest Goddess told them that Luo Yuan had just paid her a visit. She had not resisted, allowing Luo Yuan to duplicate her power. Everyone sank into silence. So one of the final two had been the power of the Forest Goddess. That was acceptable. After all, how could the core essence of a world exclude the power of forests?

“If ‘forest’ is also one of them…” Chen Feng had a vague guess about this. Right at this instant, the second part of the Forest Goddess’s message arrived. If her guess was correct, the final core power should be misfortune.


Chen Feng’s heart trembled. So that was the case. Misfortune represented curses and disasters, and it was one of the essences of a world. If Luo Yuan wanted full control of the world, he would have to find Chen Feng. It was no wonder that he had not killed Chen Feng previously and had merely asked him to put on the wristband. So it turned out his actual goal was Chen Feng’s power of misfortune.

“How did he figure out that you hold the power of misfortune?”
Kong Bai could not understand. With Chen Feng’s Luck Aura, Luo Yuan’s Luck Aura shouldn’t have worked on him. So how could Luo Yuan deduce that the power of misfortune was under Chen Feng’s control? Toward this question, Chen Feng merely smiled bitterly. “Through the process of elimination?”
“…” Kong Bai was instantly speechless.
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