The Strongest Gene Chapter 81-90

Chapter 81: Shen Yi’s Death

In the Desolate Rocky Grounds, the sky gradually darkened.

The sandstorm appeared even scarier in the dark. The occasional appearance of illusionary snakes further compounded the scariness of the place. Chen Feng’s group was calmly venturing forth within the sandstorm.

“It’s right ahead,” Qin Jie softly said.

Wang Chun nodded lightly.

However, at this instant, the sandstorm around them became violent. Behind them, right where they had just travelled past, a countless amount of sandstorms started bubbling up!

That guy… was making his move again! “Ignore him,”  An Te said coldly. “He’s probably worrying now that we are getting near the cave. Let’s enter the cave as soon as possible. When we reach the cave, only death awaits him.”
“All right,” everyone answered.

“Qin Jie, you lead the way. Wang Chun and the rest can stay in the middle. I will guard the rear.”  An Te was filled with killing intent. “I refuse to believe that he can assassinate me.”
In regards to pure combat power alone, he was definitely the strongest here. The reason that mysterious person kept hiding from them was probably due to him being afraid of An Te, deterring him from making a direct move against them.

“All right,” Qin Jie answered coldly.

“Whoosh!” A ripple spread noiselessly.

“Follow me.”
Qin Jie led everyone as they quickly moved forward.

The sandstorm behind was becoming scarier as time passed.

“Faster!” An Te urged.

Chen Feng and the rest in the middle were following closely behind Qin Jie as they move forward quickly. In Chen Feng’s hand, the thundersnake gene reagent had already been quietly taken out. If they were to meet with any dangers…
“We’re here!”
A happy expression appeared on Qin Jie’s face. The cave was now within reach.

The sandstorm in front was shaken apart by Qin Jie.

Taking the lead, he rushed into the cave. Chen Feng and the rest followed closely behind. However, at that instant, the sandstorm behind them suddenly started sweeping toward them.

They were engulfed by endless sands.

“Be careful!”
Chen Feng’s vigilance rose greatly. However, surprisingly, even when the danger seemed so near, he did not feel any sense of crisis. The enemy’s target this time was still not him!

“Is it An Te?”
Chen Feng frowned.

An Te was someone at the peak of E-class. If even he met with mishap…
Qin Jie split the sandstorm apart.

“Come in, fast!”
Qin Jie bellowed as everyone instinctively followed him and entered the cave. The instant they entered, the all-enveloping sandstorm seemed to disappear. Behind them, An Te also entered the cave.

“Is everyone…”
Before finishing his sentence, Wang Chun stopped.


Chen Feng sighed.

Qin Jie and Wang Chun exchanged glances before shutting their eyes with great difficulty.

One of them was missing once again.

“How is that possible…” Wang Chun shuddered. “How could things be this way?!” Shen Yi had disappeared.

At the final moment, when they were about to step into the cave, a large amount of sandstorms started sweeping toward them. That incredibly beautiful girl had also been engulfed by the sandstorm, never to be seen again.

Out of their group of eight, only four remained.

“I tried my best.” An Te sighed. “I was still protecting you all. However, the huge amount of sandstorms during the final moment disturbed me. By the time I shook the sandstorm off me…”
Everyone kept silent.

Seemingly feeling somewhat sorry, An Te had always volunteered to guard the rear. He had placed himself at the most dangerous spot. However, that mysterious person had ignored him all along and kept acting against others instead.

Couldn’t guard against him no matter what!

“His ability should be something related to sandstorms,” Qin Jie said hoarsely.

Wang Chun: “…”
His looked extremely down.

Who would have guessed that a single mission would end up this way?

Blaming An Te?

The losses he suffered were even worse. “Wang Yue…”
Wang Chun clenched his fists, filled with killing intent.

“You and I, I vow that the both of us won’t be alive under the same piece of sky!” he bellowed loudly.

After a long time, the cave returned to its original tranquility.

An Te stood up and turned a lamp on, illuminating the entire cave with a gentle light.

He walked toward the cave entrance and looked at the endless sandstorm outside and the darkened sky. He used the crushed rocks beside him to temporarily cover half the entrance.

The sandstorm was blocked outside the cave. The whistling sound of wind was blocked as well, and silence fell upon the cave.

“You all should take a rest.”
“I guess that guy won’t dare to come in anyway. I want to see how long they can continue blocking the signals. If they continue with the signal blocking for too long, they will attract the Genetic Union’s attention.”
An Te looked at them. “Just go to sleep. Maybe everything will be fine by tomorrow.”
Chen Feng looked at him. “How about you?”
“Qin Jie and I will take turns keeping watch,” An Te said softly. “We have always been battling it out in the wilderness all year round. It wouldn’t be an issue for us to stay awake for even several days and nights. You are a producer, while Wang Chun is a young master. Its better if you both take a rest.” “Many thanks,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng opened the outdoor equipment prepared by Wang Chun. Within were all sort of compressed foods and equipment. Chen Feng opened a compressed spherical tent and built a tent for Wang Chun.

Since he was in a bad condition currently, Chen Feng tried to help him as much as possible.

Next, Chen Feng built another tent to the side.

He looked at An Te and Qin Jie that was guarding the entrance. “Do both of you need any?”
Both of them shook their head. For people like them, who were in the wilderness all year long, something like a tent that limited their field of vision would affect their alertness.

Chen Feng shrugged. However, just as he was prepared to get into the tent, Wang Chun’s voice traveled over.

“Chen Feng,” Wang Chun said softly.

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“Can you come over and accompany me?” Wang Chun’s voice was like someone on the verge of crying. “I’m afraid when I’m alone.”
Chen Feng: “…”
An Te and Qin Jie: “…”
What on earth was this? Chen Feng could only smile bitterly.

Shen Yi had just died. Wang Chun was currently extremely unstable. Chen Feng could understand his current feelings. Wang Chun had treated him kindly before. Everything he knew about the illusionary snake was taught by Wang Chun as well. At times like these, he couldn’t abandon Wang Chun.

“All right.”
Chen Feng entered Wang Chun’s tent.

However, the moment he lifted the curtain at the tent entrance, Chen Feng’s pupils constricted suddenly. He paused momentarily before entering like nothing had happened.

That thick curtain fell down quietly.

“Sigh.” An Te and Qin Jie saw this and could only sigh.

They were still too young, after all. It was normal to be afraid.

After the initial panic, they had regained their calmness. Something like death, wasn’t it something they had seen a lot?

Life and death, they were already used to it.

“An Te.”
Qin Jie’s voice was somewhat soft.

He had been in countless arguments with An Te previously due to the captain position and recruitment issues of their squad. Now, all of that seemed pointless. “If I die, bring my ashes back to my hometown,” Qin Jie said softly.

“What nonsense are you saying?” An Te glared at him. “How would you die?”
“Who knows?” Qin Jie muttered.

Through the cracks between the crushed rocks, he looked out of the cave. The starry sky was covered by an endless sandstorm. For reasons unknown, he felt that the nights here at the Desolate Rocky Grounds were especially cold.

An Te looked at him, an indescribable light flickering in his eyes.

Currently, within the tent, a strange expression on his face, Chen Feng was looking at the smiling Wang Chun and the beautiful girl who was standing nonchalantly beside him.

That’s right, the girl was Shen Yi.

This girl was still alive?

Chen Feng had a speechless expression on his face.

Couldn’t fall asleep?

Accompany me?

Accompany your sister!

This bastard clearly had something he wanted to say and wanted Chen Feng to enter the tent. It was only that Qin Jie was outside… “Don’t worry,” Wang Chun said softly. “With Shen Yi here, they won’t be able to sense anything.”
“That’s good then.” Chen Feng was relieved and subsequently started feeling doubtful. “When did Miss Shen Yi return?”
“Not  return.”   Wang  Chun’s  smiling  expression  became somewhat cold. “She was killed.”
Chen Feng stirred. “What?”
“Killed.”  Shen Yi wrinkled her delicate tiny nose and said indignantly,  “When  I  was  coming  here  with  you  all,  the sandstorm behind us engulfed me, and then I was killed. Luckily, I’m not someone of this world. Or else I would really be dead! Wow, the people in your world are truly too scary.”
Chen Feng: “…”
What did she meant by ‘not someone of this world’? Wang Chun smiled calmly. “Look at this first.”
Wang Chun raised his hand.

A semi-illusionary book appeared midair and started rotating as it hovered. Along with the flickering glow surrounding the book, Shen Yi’s silhouette gradually disappeared before gradually reappearing in the same tempo as the flickering glow. On that semi-illusionary book, a portrait of a beautiful girl could be seen. As Shen Yi appeared, the portrait disappeared. As Shen Yi disappeared, the portrait appeared!

This is… Chen Feng was suddenly alarmed. “Concretization?!”
Wang Chun smiled calmly. “That’s right.” When he had obtained this gene in the past, he was given a choice to choose a book to be concretized. Without the slightest hesitation, he chose the comic he loved the most:

“The Fantastic Journey of the Crystal Palace.”
Shen Yi!

Was one of the main female characters in the book!

Chen Feng could only exclaim in admiration.

A damnable nerd that could even summon a female main character to life. What else could he say?

Wait. If that was the case…
“You saw that mysterious guy?”
Chen Feng was suddenly alarmed.

Chapter 82: The Real Mysterious Person

“Yes,” Shen Yi said with her gentle voice.

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. “Who?”
As long as they found out their opponent’s ability and name, it would be much easier to deal with him. The reason this guy was able to run rampant here was due to him being a total unknown factor, not unlike the mutated thundersnake gene. Before the gene became well known, who would have guessed that a gene reagent that even F-class warriors could use would possess the might of a peak E-class warrior?

As soon as the ability of that mysterious man was exposed, they would absolutely not fear him anymore!

“This is also the reason I called you into the tent,”  Wang Chun smiled bitterly.

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. “Mhm?” “That person,” Shen Yi paused, “is An Te.”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted ferociously.

An Te?

How was that…

The scenes of what had happened previously flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes. From the first death to every single command given by An Te, all this flashed past Chen Feng, after which he was abruptly alarmed.

A lot of the questions suddenly became clear. No wonder they always failed to find the mysterious person!

No wonder every time that mysterious person appeared, he would appear at the position that they had been at earlier!

No wonder every single time they rushed over, they failed to see any enemies!

Apparently, before An Te made his move, he would leave something similar to a time bomb to create some abnormalities in the sandstorm to attract everyone’s attention before assassinating in the dark.


Breakout chip?

All this was probably An Te’s “performance”! But why?

Wang Chun inhaled deeply. “This is only my initial guess.”
“Me hiring them was noticed by Wang Yue. Subsequently, he bribed An Te, getting him to look for an opportunity to deal with us. Subsequently, An Te got tempted to begin his own plans as well.”
“Do you still remember the content of Qin Jie and An Te’s argument from before?”
“I guess they have some internal strife.”
Wang Chun sneered. “Qin Jie grouped up with others in their squad in order to control An Te. An Te, on the other hand, directly made use of the opportunity of this trip to get rid of all of them!”
“With this…” “Mhm, the reward I paid to hire him and the reward Wang Chun paid to hire him, everything would belong to him alone! Next, he can simply go somewhere new and start fresh,” Wang Chun finished indifferently.

Chen Feng couldn’t help himself and rolled his eyes. What the heck was this?

However, luckily, they had some internal strife. If what they faced this time was a united squad instead, he and Wang Chun would have probably gotten themselves killed off by now.

As for the reason he chose to kill his own squad members first?
That was because Chen Feng and Wang Chun truly appeared harmless. Furthermore, if something were to happen to the both of them, the mission would directly end and the squad members would split the money and go their own ways. Hence, An Te had to get rid of them first before making his move against Chen Feng and Wang Chun! “Hence…” Chen Feng analyzed their current situation. “Qin Jie is not aware of the truth.”
“It seems like An Te never told them anything.”
Wang Chun nodded.

“Like this, things will get interesting then,” Chen Feng said with a toying expression on his face.

The An Te that wanted to get rid of everyone.

The Qin Jie that knew absolutely nothing.

And there was also he and Wang Chun, who appeared to know nothing yet were already aware of the truth. The two who were, respectively, a producer with ordinary combat strength and a young master.


There was also Shen Yi who was supposed to be out of the equation.

Chen Feng looked at Wang Chun. “What do you plan to do?”
“What else?” Wang Chun sneered. “Since they have received my reward, my mission must be completed! Our next target will be to kill an illusionary snake leader!”
“Killing an illusionary snake leader…”
Chen Feng pondered.

Feasible! Killing an illusionary snake leader would accomplish the goals of both Chen Feng and Wang Chun!

Wang Chun was not aware of this, but Chen Feng knew that the moment he fused with an illusionary snake gene reagent, his combat power would increase greatly!

An Te?

Chen Feng was truly not afraid of him!

Illusionary snake leader—he had to kill it!

“Shen Yi will look for an illusionary snake leader secretly and draw it over here.”
A cold glint flickered in Wang Chun’s eyes. “At that time, we can put on a play, getting rid of the snake leader and finishing our mission, before thinking of a way to get rid of An Te!” Chen Feng looked at Wang Chun. “Can we defeat him?”
“Not now.” Wang Chun shook his head. “However, when the illusionary snake’s scale is successfully refined, my power will be greatly increased. Hehe, at that time…”
Both of them looked at each other, filled with expectation.

Being in an inferior position?

Only for now!

As long as an illusionary snake leader was killed, both their combat power would increase exponentially!

Naturally, before that, they need to settle An Te down.

An Te… Qin Jie…
Chen Feng suddenly thought of something, “If Qin Jie is the only threat left, there’s no need for An Te to be afraid of exposing himself, right? In other words, as long as Qin Jie reduces his vigilance, An Te will make his move soon!”
“Not good.”
Wang Chun’s expression changed greatly.

If Qin Jie was killed, then things would truly be troublesome for them.

Wang Chun wanted to go out instinctively; however, he was held back by Chen Feng.

“Don’t worry. Qin Jie’s detection ability is powerful. He hasn’t made his move now and should be still waiting for an opportunity. If you were to go out now, then everything will truly be finished,” Chen Feng said in a low voice.

“I was too worried.”
Wang Chun calmed himself down.

“Just leave the rest to me.”
Chen Feng’s lips curled up into a smile.


Who doesn’t know how to do that?

At this moment. At the entrance of the cave, Qin Jie focused his attention outside, constantly increasing his vigilance. However, unconsciously, he had handed his back to An Te.

Good opportunity!

A cold glint flickered in An Te’s eyes.

Quietly, his genetic ability condensed in his hands. Just as he was about to kill Qin Jie with a single move, he heard some sound behind him.

An Te rapidly calmed himself down.

Qin Jie instinctively turned his head around. “Chen Feng?
Why are you out here?”
“Nothing much.” Chen Feng sighed. “He has fallen asleep.” Qin Jie started talking with him. “You are not sleeping?”
“I’m not used to sleeping with males,”  Chen Feng replied casually.

Qin Jie: “…”
This was truly a reason one couldn’t refute.

Chen Feng looked at An Te. “That fellow has not shown himself?”
No trace of emotion could be seen on An Te’s face.

“Hmph!” Chen Feng sneered. “That guy even dared to kill Miss Shen Yi. If he really shows himself, I will make sure that he stays here forever!”
Qin Jie and An Te laughed. They did not took these words seriously and simply took it as Chen Feng venting his frustrations.

“I’m serious.”
Chen Feng shrugged. “You know what my profession is. You should have heard of the thundersnake gene, right?”
Qin Jie nodded slightly.

Earlier, before Chen Feng had arrived, Wang Chun had bragged in front of them about how awesome Chen Feng was. “Take a look.”
Chen Feng lifted his jacket.

Qin Jie and An Te abruptly widened their eyes.

Three mutated thundersnake gene reagents were actually strapped onto his body. Beside that, there’s also an unknown gene there!

“Three  F-class  mutated  thundersnake  gene  reagent.  Every single one of them is equivalent to the strongest strike of a peak E-class warrior.”
An innocent smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face as he pointed at the aurora gene reagent and said earnestly, “There’s also this E-class mutated earthdragon gene reagent. When it’s totally activated, it will be equivalent to the strongest strike of a peak D-class warrior.” “Hiss—”
Qin Jie and An Te inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Strongest strike of a peak D-class warrior?


Such a gene reagent existed?

“Naturally, there was no such gene in the past.”
“However,  now,  there  is,”   Chen  Feng  indifferently  said. “Previously, when I could only produce F-class genes, I had produced a mutated thundersnake gene possessing the might of a peak E-class warrior. Now that I’m in E class, naturally, I will be able to produce the strongest E-class gene! Otherwise, why would a producer like me dare to step foot into a place like this?” Qin Jie could only exclaim in admiration.

A person worthy of the deputy president’s praise indeed!
This Chen Feng was truly not ordinary!

However, An Te, on the other hand, was currently extremely alarmed.

Earlier, he was still considering getting rid of both Qin Jie and Chen Feng together. A single Chen Feng couldn’t accomplish much anyway. But now…
He only felt a burst of lingering fear!

Peak D class?

Are you f*cking kidding me? He wanted to say that this was fake. However, Chen Feng’s identity was clear for all to see. Furthermore, there was no need for Chen Feng to lie to them! Besides that, within that unknown gene, he had truly felt an inconceivable power from it!

Things were getting tricky now.

Now, An Te no longer dared to make his move.

Killing Chen Feng?

What joke was that!

Having an item with such power strapped onto his body. If he were to kill Chen Feng, he would die together with him!

Seemed like… He could only take his time to look for a solution.

An Te contemplated.

If he was unaware of Chen Feng’s trump card, then there would be nothing he could do. However, now that he knew about it, he would definitely be able to deal with it!

He should look for an opportunity to first kill Qin Jie, and he would subsequently disappear, faking his death. Next, he would lure a bunch of illusionary snakes over to attack the both of them, baiting Chen Feng to use up all his trump cards before reappearing in front of them!

Mhm—perfect plan.

An Te finished his planning and regained his calm.

However, even after the whole night passed, he had yet to get any opportunity to act. That was because Chen Feng did not go to sleep at all. Instead, he was chatting with Qin Jie for the whole night, listening to Qin Jie as he talked about their past experiences during their explorations at various locations.

The night passed quietly.

Chapter 83: Are You Scared of Marquee?

“Wow. Awesome,” Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

Qin Jie and his squad indeed had colorful stories about their previous explorations. Every step they took were like a thread on the edge of death. A lot of the time, they were put under extremely dangerous situations. There were even situations that were much more dangerous than their current situation.

It’s no wonder they were so calm currently.

“It’s all in the past.”
Qin Jie sighed. Being praised by a producer with good prospects like Chen Feng, he felt somewhat honored.

“No worries. After this is over, you can come look for me,” Chen Feng said calmly. “I will prepare a mutated earthdragon gene reagent for you as your trump card.” “Haha, thanks in advance then.”
Qin Jie was stirred.

Mutated earthdragon gene reagent?

That was something as strong as a peak D-class attack.

No wonder so many people tried to get close to producers. This person known as Chen Feng would absolutely be a grandmaster producer in the future! Qin Jie decided that, this time, he had to protect Chen Feng nicely, not letting any mishaps befall him.

Naturally, he was not aware that this so called mutated earthdragon gene reagent was something made up by Chen Feng or that Chen Feng’s reason for coming out of the tent was in order to protect him. However, it was also due to this little plan in Qin Jie’s mind that he was now inseparable from Chen Feng. This caused immense pain to An Te, who had been waiting for an opportunity to sneak attack him.

Seemed like he wouldn’t get a chance to act any time soon.

Well, he still had a lot of time anyway…
An Te sneered inwardly.

At this time, Wang Chun came out of his tent as well. After a night’s rest, his complexion was much better. At the very least, he wasn’t as pale as he was yesterday.

“What should we do now?”
Wang Chun had a “blank” expression on his face. An Te sighed. “Wait. The compressed food we prepared is still enough to last us several days. Regardless of how powerful that mysterious person is, I reckon he wouldn’t dare to come in! Although there’s not much human activity at this Desolate Rocky Grounds, there’s bound to be someone here eventually.
As long as someone noticed the signal blockade, attracting the attention of the Genetic Union…”
“We will be victorious!”
An Te said solemnly, “Don’t worry. Since I accepted your mission, I will definitely bring you out of here!”
Chen Feng: “…”
If he hadn’t been aware of the actual truth in advance, he would have actually believed this lie! If Chen Feng and Wang Chun guessed correctly, this blockade was actually something that only affected a radius centered around An Te. The signal blockade would only exist around him!

As long as one was far from An Te, one would still be able to keep in touch with the rest of the world!


They would not notice anything at all.

Wang Chun had previously attempted to let Shen Yi go get some help. However, since Shen Yi was something he summoned, she wasn’t able to get too far away from him. Even after she reached the maximum length she could leave Wang Chun, she still couldn’t get a signal. He would keep these people here in this cave for several days. As long as they dropped their vigilance, he would definitely get rid of Qin Jie and proceed with his plan.

As for Chen Feng?

Chen Feng and Wang Chun were also waiting. Waiting for Shen Yi to lure an illusionary snake leader over!

Chen Feng had thought of activating his Luck Aura to attract the snake leader. However, after thinking about it for a long time, he still did not dare to try that. The reason was simple— unknown consumption of luck value!

As soon as Luck Aura started affecting reality, the consumption of luck value would be immense! If his luck value was fully exhausted, only death would await Chen Feng. Now…
Now, they could only see who would get an opportunity to act first.

Chen Feng muttered inwardly.

During the day, everyone was waiting.

Wang Chun was still staring ahead blankly like a soulless person. When he was tired of that, he would go into the tent to sleep. An Te would be guarding the entrance calmly, his gaze landing on Qin Jie every now and then.

As for Qin Jie?

He and Chen Feng were like they had met their significant half, talking about everything under the sun. Occasionally, Chen Feng would enter the tent as well.

“Shen Yi still hasn’t found anything?”
Chen Feng was somewhat anxious. “If this drags on longer, An Te will definitely start feeling suspicious.”
Wang Chun’s eyes were flickering. “As long as she finds an illusionary snake leader, she will definitely have a way to lure it here.”
Chen Feng frowned. “There’s a problem with An Te.”
“What’s  the  matter?”  Wang  Chun  was  alarmed.  “Has  he found out?” “Nope.”  Chen Feng shook his head. “However…  I see him occasionally checking his screen before sighing that there’s still no signal…”
“That’s normal.” Wang Chun thought about it. “I suppose he is putting up a play for us to see.”
“Or he might be trying to contact others.”
Chen Feng’s expression was solemn.

A cold glint flickered in Wang Chun’s eyes. Even a single An Te was so problematic to deal with. If he were to contact someone else and get extra help…
Wang Chun inhaled deeply. “I will urge Shen Yi.”
“Make it as fast as possible.” Chen Feng left the tent.

Time flowed.

In the afternoon, when Chen Feng thought that another day would pass just like that, suddenly, an object radiating with white light shot into the cave.

Qin Jie was abruptly alarmed. “What is it?”
A dazzling white radiance rushed over.

An Te lifted a rock and smashed down on it. “Bang!”
That huge rock was actually smashed apart by the white radiance, while the white radiance rushed past the entrance and landed within the cave, revealing its true appearance.

“This is…”
Qin Jie and the rest were alarmed.

Chen Feng glanced at it and his heart immediately jolted.

Snake egg!

This was actually a snake egg!

An Te was bewildered. “How can this thing appear here?” “It  must  be  that  damnable  mysterious  person,”   Qin  Jie bellowed. “He doesn’t dare to enter, so he’s doing this to lure some illusionary snakes over.”
An Te: “…”
The heck with the mysterious person! I am the actual mysterious person, all right? When the heck did I get my hands on this snake egg? Or is this a coincidence?

Chen Feng looked at Wang Chun.

Wang Chun nodded slightly.


Chen Feng was immediately relieved.

Was this something done by Shen Yi? Since the snake egg had appeared…
A terrifying hiss.

A huge snake radiating silvery light appeared within the sandstorm. Its huge eyes were filled with killing intent as it stared at that snake egg before its gaze landed on the people in the cave.

“Throw this egg out to it!” An Te urged.

“It’s useless.”  Wang Chun paled. “Since this snake has seen us, how could it let us off? Quick, finish it off. Only by finishing it off will we be able to survive this!”
“Damn it.” An Te cursed, wondering how something unforeseen like this had happened.

“Let’s  act  together.”  Qin  Jie  sneered.  “A  mere  illusionary snake leader. That fellow really believes that it’s enough to get rid of us? An Te, increase our vigilance. As soon as that mysterious person appears, kill him immediately.”
“Work hard.”
Chen Feng encouraged. “My gene reagents are all ready as well. That mysterious person must be observing us in the dark. As soon as he shows himself, I will shower him with my reagents!”
“All right!”
Qin Jie laughed heartily.

“Come then!” “Bang!”
He took the lead and rushed toward that huge snake.

An Te was ashen faced.

Assassinating Qin Jie?

The current Qin Jie was at his highest state of vigilance. There was also that Chen Feng with the constantly flickering reagents in his hands, causing quite a fear in An Te’s heart.

An Te inhaled deeply. “Seems like I can only get rid of this huge snake first.”
He followed behind Qin Jie. Chen Feng and Wang Chun exchanged glances, a tinge of a smile in their eyes.

Initial plan success!

They could now concentrate on killing this huge snake.

The huge silvery snake rushed toward them crazily.

If all the members of An Te squad were here, this huge peak E-class snake wouldn’t be a problem. However, since there was only An Te and Qin Jie here, it became somewhat troublesome to deal with.

“Bang!” A flash of electricity.

A crack suddenly appeared on the ground.

“Not good.”
Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly as he pulled Wang Chun and evaded it quickly.

The ground ruptured.

Half the cave crumbled in a split second.

“It’s Landslide.” Wang Chun’s expression was unsightly. “A high level secret art, I did not expect this illusionary snake leader to be able to demonstrate this skill. If it’s like this, I’m afraid…”
A sharp hiss resounded.

That huge snake started raging as it failed to catch An Te and Qin Jie even after trying for a long time.

The silver glow on the illusionary snake leader suddenly shone brightly before quickly turning into red color. Next, the dazzling red light flickered before the illusionary snake leader changed into a blue color.

Purple… Yellow…
Every single color change was extremely dazzling.

“What ability is this?”
Everyone stirred.

With every change of color, they could also keenly feel a different concealed ability within the color that could be unleashed at any moment!

Chen Feng had a ridiculous expression on his face.

What the heck is this? An electric snake with marquee installed on it?

As everyone was bewildered, the illusionary snake leader glowed with a final white radiance and subsequently disappeared right in front of everyone!

Disappearing without a trace!

It had actually disappeared.

Chapter 84: First Fusion Reagent

Everyone’s expression changed greatly.

A terrifying force engulfed the area and the rocks around them started shaking. An Te tried attacking a few times but failed to land his attacks. Instead, he was nearly smashed away by that huge snake. How was one supposed to fight an enemy one couldn’t see?

“Qin Jie!” An Te bellowed.

“Understood.” Qin Jie’s eyes started glowing and his ears trembled unceasingly.


2-star secret art – Sky Symphony!

Qin Jie activated a special skill unique to him. Both his eyes were sharp as, one after another, rays of light interweaved before his eyes and countless ripples started interweaving around his ear.

The whole world was seemingly laid bare before Qin Jie’s eyes. In the air.

A trace of abnormality flashed through the sandstorm. This was something a normal person would not be able to notice. However, its appearance could not escape Qin Jie’s notice.

Qin Jie pointed toward a certain spot.

An Te immediately unleashed his attack. A bizarre thunder streaked toward it. Subsequently, accompanied by a sharp hiss, a huge body smashed onto the ground.

The huge snake had shown itself.

“Next, leave it to me.” An Te had a malevolent expression on his face.

At this moment, his powerful combat power was fully displayed.

Both Qin Jie’s pupils swirled around as he constantly pointed out the weak point of the huge snake to An Te. Before Qin Jie, that initially unfathomably huge snake had nowhere to hide!

One after another, scars were left on the huge snake’s body.

“Hiss—” A sorrowful hiss.

The huge snake noticed what the issue was and started attacking Qin Jie. However, Qin Jie merely sneered at that. He might not have too great an attacking power, but his agility and speed?

None here could compare to him!

“It’s attacking Qin Jie…”
An Te slightly paused his attacks.

This was a good opportunity. Qin Jie’s vigilance was too high. If he were to get rid of Qin Jie when Qin Jie was busy dodging that huge snake’s attacks… however, just as this thought surfaced, An Te gave up on it after seeing that Chen Feng had suddenly taken out his earthdragon gene reagent, eyeing the current battle that was in progress. This was not a suitable time for him to make his move!

An Te inhaled deeply.

He bellowed.

He instantly erupted with his maximum combat power!

2-star secret art!

A terrifying attack was emitted from his hands.

The illusionary snake leader that was staring at Qin Jie was momentarily careless and got itself pierced through by An Te and firmly stabbed onto the ground. It started lashing its body around frantically.

The huge body was lashing around franticly.

The mountainous area around it started crumbling bit by bit. However, the illusionary snake leader still failed to break free. Its blood flowed unceasingly until it finally stopped moving.

The illusionary snake leader was dead.

It was extremely strong. However, it still couldn’t contend against a genetic squad that was much powerful than it. As for those bizarre abilities possessed by the normal illusionary snakes they encountered the day before? Those were ultimately something that only had a small probability of appearing!

“It’s dead!”
Chen Feng’s heart was ablaze.

This was the best material for the illusionary snake reagent!

“Enter my tent to start the production.”
Wang Chun’s complexion also recovered somewhat, regaining its original healthy color.

Chen Feng nodded. Only half the cave remained after it had crumbled. An Te and Qin Jie blasted a small entrance from rubble. Next, Chen Feng and Wang Chun hid into the newly created cave, which was much safer than the previous cave.

Qin Jie and An Te also entered the cave.

“You two guard here,” Wang Chun said.

“Don’t worry,” An Te said solemnly.

Now, he couldn’t sit tight anymore. Chen Feng and Wang Chun were both going inside to study the illusionary snake’s scale?

This was a good opportunity!

He only needed to look for an opportunity to get rid of Qin Jie. Next, he could pretend that he himself was missing as well before proceeding to lure other illusionary snakes over to waste Chen Feng’s trump card. And as long as both Wang Chun and Chen Feng were dealt with, he could go and get Wang Yue’s reward!

After that—
Leaving far away!

An Te was excited.

However, at this moment, Chen Feng suddenly exited the tent.

“I can’t get distracted during gene production,” Chen Feng said solemnly. “Hence, we will be depending on the protection of the both of you. It’s very probable for that mysterious person to appear now. Qin Jie, since your detection ability is the strongest, you can hold on to this thing first…” Chen Feng passed the aurora reagent to Qin Jie, “As soon as that mysterious person appears, toss this earthdragon gene reagent at him! I assure you that he will definitely be damaged to the extent that even his mother wouldn’t recognize his face anymore.”
“All right.”
Qin Jie was excited.

This was the terrifying reagent with the power of a peak D- class warrior?

With this…
“Our safety will be in your hands, then.”
Chen Feng patted his shoulder before entering the tent. Qin Jie’s eyes were resolute. “Don’t worry.”
Both his eyes were as sharp.

He proceeded to fully activate his detection ability, not giving the mysterious person any chances to ambush them. That earthdragon gene reagent was clasped tightly in his hands, ready to be used at any time.

Beside him stood An Te with a ridiculous expression on his face.


Why would things be this way? How good an opportunity was this! He clearly could have easily gotten rid of Qin Jie. Why the heck did this Chen Feng deliver such a powerful trump card into Qin Jie’s hands at this time?

Was he sick?

This was the wilderness!

After giving the item to Qin Jie, wasn’t he scared that Qin Jie would fall out with him instead and end up getting rid of them?

He couldn’t understand this at all.

As far as he was concerned, this action of passing one’s strongest trump card to others was something that was done by one who was mentally retarded and had suffered brain damage on top of it. Furthermore, with this, Chen Feng had also spoiled his plan. Killing Qin Jie?

How was he supposed to kill Qin Jie now?

Qin Jie’s vigilance was too high. As soon as he felt something abnormal and used that earthdragon reagent, he and An Te would die together.

“Damn it.”
An Te was feeling hateful.

As he thought of how Chen Feng kept spoiling his plans, he even started to suspect that Chen Feng had actually seen through him. However, when he thought that the opponent was merely a producer…
“It’s about time for me to alter my plan.” An Te inhaled deeply.

He looked at Qin Jie before shaking his head and quietly sent out a message.

Currently, within the tent, Chen Feng and Wang Chun were communicating through their screen.

“Where’s Shen Yi?” Chen Feng asked.

“Dead.”  Wang Chun shook his head. “In order to lure that illusionary snake leader here, she used some extreme methods. Ultimately, she failed to avoid the danger.”
“When can she appear again?” Chen Feng asked.

“Have  to  wait  for  her  to  recover.”   Wang  Chun  sighed. “Although, theoretically, she can revive without limit, every time she dies she will be greatly affected. If possible, I truly do not wish such torment upon her.” Chen Feng nodded slightly.

“Then, let us begin.”
Wang Chun’s eyes were sharp as electric.

“All right.”
Chen Feng picked up a piece of scale.


Gene production, begin!

There were not many materials remaining. Initially, Wang Chun was still somewhat worried that Chen Feng would fail too many times. After all, Chen Feng had yet to successfully produce one so far. However, from the time Chen Feng picked the scale up till when he finally stopped, he only spent 30 seconds before passing the item to him.

An illusionary snake’s scale gene reagent, completed.

“Take it.”
Chen Feng passed it to Wang Chun.

Wang Chun was still maintaining a stupefied expression on his face as he blankly accepted the item Chen Feng handed to him. He looked at Chen Feng, an unbelievable expression on his face. Just like that, and it was completed? This production speed was too terrifying, right?

It wouldn’t be a fake, right? He consumed the illusionary snake’s scale reagent.

A gush of terrifying force instantly erupted within his body.

“It’s real!”
Wang Chun was stirred.

Not only was it real, it was even more powerful than what was described in the books!

Wang Chun started digesting the energy within his body quickly. “It’s starting.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

As far as he was concerned, Wang Chun’s gene reagent was only some practicing material for him. The reagent that was truly troublesome and time consuming was the illusionary snake fusion reagent that he was about to produce.

He took his incubator liquid out.

In accordance to the instructions in the books, Chen Feng blended the whole illusionary snake into the incubator liquid as he started the production process. Only after this could he truly get started with the production.

Gene reaction! Gene fusion!

Luck Aura, activate!

His luck value started dropping rapidly.

Chen Feng followed the instructions of the books and, with great care, started the fusion and reaction process. Despite being careful and following the instructions, he could still feel that extremely unstable energy.

He had a feeling that this gene reagent would explode at any moment.

“You must steady up.” Chen Feng fully activated his Luck Aura.

Without gene search, he skipped the first step. However, the second and third steps were even more complicated. Chen Feng inhaled before entering his hyper-dimensional mode.

Gene production, begin!

The lights before his eyes shattered as he entered his hyper- dimensional mode.

Brandishing both his hands, he started perfecting everything that could be improved.

Ten points…
Twenty points… Thirty points…
His luck value was dropping rapidly.

Finally, when 200 points of luck value had been used, the gene reaction and collision stopped and regained its tranquility. Gene production, complete!

“Have I succeeded?”
Chen Feng carefully looked at the liquid before his eyes.

Gene scan.

—- Mutated Illusionary Snake Gene

Gene Type: Fusion reagent

Fusion requirements: E class and 100 points of spirit

Core gene: 50 points of spirit, 50 points of agility, 50 points of physique, 50 points of strength

Gene ability: Myriad illusions. Triggering the illusionary snake gene within one’s body with spiritual energy, releasing attacks with illusionary snake gene as the core. The attacks contain uncertainty; hence, a fusion of other genetic abilities is required.


Chapter 85: Shen Wei

Chen Feng was stirred.

Mutated! It really mutated!

As per the data he had seen, a normal illusionary snake gene would increase spirit by 10 to 20 points, ability by 5 to 10 points, and physique by 5 to 10 points. However, now that it had mutated, everything changed! It was a straight flush of 50 points, greatly increasing all the basic attributes. Despite this, what Chen Feng placed utmost importance on was still the main ability of this gene, Myriad Illusions.

“Myriad Illusions…”
After reading it twice, Chen Feng blanked. This was because behind the description of myriad illusions, there was this particular sentence: a fusion of other genetic abilities is required. “What does this mean?”
Chen Feng did not understand.

However, what he felt regretful was the fact that no further details were provided in the data of this gene. Illusionary snake gene was already a rare gene in itself. Hence, a mutated version of this gene was something that was supposedly something almost impossible to appear. The gene scanner was not omnipotent. It could only be used as a source of reference, and the information provided from the scan was also somewhat vague in nature. To get a more detailed information, Chen Feng needed to go about it himself.

“Fusion with other abilities is required, eh…”
Chen Feng’s gaze flickered.

At the same time. “Ka!”
A soft sound could be heard.

Wang Chun completed his breakthrough!

A gush of powerful force congregated around Wang Chun.

Chen Feng could clearly feel that the current Wang Chun had became much powerful than previously.

Wang Chun exhaled a long breath and opened his eyes.

“You increased your power?” Chen Feng was somewhat amazed.

Illusionary snake’s scale was a very ordinary 2-star E-class reagent. The description of this gene was also extremely simple: Extracting a part of the illusionary snake gene. Initially, Chen Feng believed that Wang Chun was only using this illusionary snake’s scale to stabilize his current power; however, he never expected it to be able to increase one’s power!

“Mhm.” Wang Chun was overwhelmed with emotion. “It’s a huge improvement!”
“How’s that possible?”
Chen Feng was somewhat speechless.

“Hehe.” Wang Chun smiled before telling the truth. “The core of my ability originally involves concretizing everything in that book. Although I had broken through long ago, I did not have sufficient genes related to concretization. The illusionary snake has an all-embracing gene and, coincidentally, has that portion of concretization-related genes that I lacked.”
“So that’s the case.”
Chen Feng suddenly understood.

Wang Chun’s goal was actually concretization-related genes?

That book was clearly Wang Chun’s main gene!

As long as he continued upgrading his concretization-related genes, he would be able to summon everything in that book and grasp a more powerful strength in his hands!

This was the path Wang Chun walked. “Then…”
“It’s my turn to walk my path then.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He gulped the illusionary snake gene down.

A terrifying power started bubbling within Chen Feng’s body. Endless power dispersed from the fusion reagent and flooded every single nook of Chen Feng’s body, causing Chen Feng intense pain. However, for the Chen Feng that had experienced the gene strengthening process previously, this didn’t feel too terrible. Gene fusion began.

Opposite Chen Feng, Wang Chun had a stupefied expression on his face.

Gene fusion? Chen Feng was only starting his gene fusion now?

He had always believed that, since Chen Feng had long broken through into E-class, he would have fused with a powerful support-type gene ability long ago, granting him such powerful gene production capabilities.

However, he was only starting his fusion now?

Not only that. The gene fusion reagent that Chen Feng produced seemed to be something produced for himself!

Wang Chun blanked.

He felt like his logic was being harshly challenged.

Increasing gene attributes was much easier than gene production. Hence, a lot of people were still stuck at the junior production level even though they had already broken through to E class.

As for high-level producers?

Their spiritual energy was definitely extremely powerful.

If one’s spiritual energy was insufficient, one would not even meet the lowest requirement needed to start producing genes! Hence, he had never seen someone like Chen Feng who had a heaven-defying gene production capability. One who could even produce 4-star E-class genes before even fusing with an E- class genetic ability.

Producing one’s own gene-fusion reagent?

This was simply unbelievable!

Wang Chun rubbed his head and could only accept reality after a long time.

Currently, Chen Feng had also reached the final stage of his breakthrough. All the illusionary snake genes had perfectly combined with his body, becoming a part of him.

Gene fusion, complete. —-

Chen Feng: E-class genetic warrior

Spirit: 200

Genetic ability: Wind Blade, Myriad Illusion


“Finally, E class.”
Chen Feng was excited.

A wisp of spiritual energy drifted around his hands, seemingly existing yet seemingly non-existing. Chen Feng could distinctly feel the surging energy within his body that was on the verge of eruption. This was the true power of an E- class warrior. “Hum—”
Chen Feng flicked his wrist.


A small Wind Blade appeared in his hands.

As his spiritual energy had increased greatly, Chen Feng’s current control of his Wind Blades was extremely nimble as well. Even the speed of his continuous Wind Blade release was faster than in the past.

Previously, he could release 10 Wind Blades per second— would the amount be higher now?

He looked forward to it.

As for the Myriad Illusions… The energy in Chen Feng’s hands flickered; however, he ultimately did not dare to actually use this ability.

“If you really use that ability, my tent is a gone case,” Wang Chun said somewhat grudgingly.

Chen Feng scratched his head.

“Let’s go.”
“Now, it’s about time we have an honest talk with our squad leader An Te.”
Wang Chun’s eyes flickered with coldness. An Te dared to betray him, causing Shen Yi to die two times and enter deep sleep due to serious injury. He had to pay for this! “Yeah.”
Chen Feng smiled.

He also wanted to see exactly how powerful he was now that he had just broken through.


Both of them exited the tent.

Nearby, An Te and Qin Jie were still standing on guard.

“Production completed?”
Qin Jie was happy.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. “Mhm.” “Well  done.”   Qin  Jie  laughed  heartily.  “That  mysterious person did not dare to come out at all. We…”
A chilling cold glint flickered.

“Be careful.”
Chen Feng and Wang Chun’s expression changed greatly.

An Te?

No, it was not An Te at all.

Currently, An Te was around two or three meter away from Qin Jie. Hence, Chen Feng and Wang Chun were not worried that he would abruptly make his move. However, none expected that the one who had made a move was actually Qin Jie’s shadow!

That black shadow acted abruptly and pierced Qin Jie’s chest with its black hand.

The pitch black hand squashed Qin Jie’s heart.

A gloomy and cold laughter traveled over.

Qin Jie’s eyes widened unbelievably. He wanted to trigger the explosion of the gene reagent in his hands; however, the sneer of that shadow travelled to his ears, “Your spiritual energy has been blocked by me. What can you use to trigger the explosion?”
Qin Jie fell on the ground, indignant even in his death.

He was dead.

Chen Feng and Wang Chun stared at the shadow in front of them.

That shadow transformed into a youth with an evil aura on his face. “Tsk…”
“The genetic warriors nowadays are truly weak.”
The youth played with the gene reagent in his hands and smiled  faintly,  “This  is  that  so-called  earthdragon  gene reagent? Hehe, however good this gene reagent is, one needs to have a chance to actually use it right?”
“Who are you?” Chen Feng asked with a deep sound.

“Me? Just call me Shadow.”
The youth shrugged and looked at An Te as he smiled, “An Te, after not meeting for quite a while, you are now trashy to such an extent?”
“It has nothing to do with you.” An Te glanced at him coldly before looking at Wang Chun and Chen Feng. “Now, you can both die.”
No nonsense was spoken. Only an endless amount of coldness and detachment could be felt.

Since the one with the highest vigilance, Qin Jie, was dead, and furthermore, this idiotic Chen Feng had even handed over his strongest trump card, he could easily deal with these remaining two.

Chen Feng abruptly tossed out a bottle of mutated thundersnake gene reagent.

However, An Te dodged it easily.

The reason this mutated thundersnake gene reagent was worth 1 million was due to its usage requirements being so low. F class was sufficient to use it. In a circle where everyone was at F class with the occasional E class, a thundersnake gene with the power of peak E class was simply akin to a weapon of mass destruction.

However, facing An Te?

It was simply useless.

An Te charged forth.

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes. As he was about to unleash his new ability, suddenly, a terrifying silhouette rushed forth from behind him.

“Bang!” An explosion of bright light.

The ground crumbled as well.

A silhouette had blocked An Te’s attack with brute force.

An Te suddenly looked over.

The smoke and dust settled.

Before Chen Feng appeared a tall young lady in a miniskirt that was perfectly showing off her beautiful spotless white legs.

In her hands was a broken saber with flame burning on it. “Master of the Flaming Crystal Palace: Shen Wei!” the young lady answered coldly.

The broken saber was pointed toward An Te.

“Was it you who killed my younger sister?”
The young lady looked at An Te coldly, radiating killing intent.

Chapter 86: The First Performance of Myriad Illusions

“Flaming Crystal Palace?”
An Te was totally confused.

Why had he never heard of this organization? And what was with this awkward name? Were they joking? However, from his opponent’s serious expression, they did not seem to be faking it.

Shen Wei…
Shen Yi’s elder sister?

An Te frowned. Seems like things are getting troublesome.

“Deal with him,” Wang Chun said indifferently. 
Shen Wei immediately unleashed her power.

A single slash of hers tore the ground apart.

A terrifying crack started extending along the ground.

“Peak E class!”
An Te’s expression changed greatly as he put his all into avoiding this ability.

“Damn it.”
His forehead was full of sweat. This young lady called Shen Wei actually possessed such powerful combat power. That extreme attack power was something he couldn’t defend against at all. 
Step by step, An Te was pushed back.

Continuous slash!

With the broken saber in her hands together with endless killing intent, each of Shen Wei’s attacks was fatal. An Te’s nerves were stretched to the limit, afraid that he would be killed in a single slash by Shen Wei the moment he got careless.

“Shadow, until when do you plan to continue watching the show?” An Te cursed.

“Aiyaya, are you talking to me?”  Shadow started digging in his ear. “Earlier, you said that I can only do one single thing and am not supposed to get involved in anything else. See, I am behaving myself over here.” 
Shadow spread his hands. “50%.”
“Impossible.”  A cold glint flickered in An Te’s eyes. “I have been working hard for so many days. You want me to work for free? You are only here to make up the numbers. 40%. Accept it or so be it.”
“All right.”
Beaming, Shadow accepted.

He knew that if he were to continue dragging this forth, he might get more. However, 40% was sufficient. An Te was the one who had planned all of this and worked hard until now. He only needed to participate in a single combat to get a share of 40%. That was simply too profitable.

“Bang!” With a flash of the broken saber, Shen Wei had pushed An Te back once again. However, she had still failed to kill him.

“Go,”  Wang  Chun  said  decisively.  “We  can’t  defeat  them both. There might still be a chance for us if we let Shen Wei take us and escape here.”
He could clearly see that this Shadow person was very strong. It would probably be too hard for Shen Yi alone to contend with both of them.

“There’s no need for that.” Chen Feng suddenly smiled as he said, “You can just deal with An Te. This guy, leave him to me.”
Wang Chun widened his eyes.

He knew that Chen Feng had increased his strength. However, he was someone who had only recently fused with his E-class gene, while his opponent was someone at the peak of E class. Furthermore, he was only a producer!

“Brother, don’t play around.” Wang Chun pulled Chen Feng. “Now is not the time to let emotions affect one’s decisions.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Did he look like someone so stupid?

At this moment, a dark shadow flickered into existence and started descending upon them with an intense killing intent.

“An Te, hold on first,” Shadow said calmly. “I will kill these two kids first to avoid anything unexpected happening.”
“All right.” An Te clenched his teeth. “You better be fast.” “Don’t worry.”  Shadow sneered. “Its only two beginner E- class kids.”
Shadow raised his hands.

A pitch black phantom appeared before Chen Feng. Shadow pointed at Chen Feng and the phantom turned into a black flash before rushing toward Chen Feng. This was a full power attack from a peak E-class warrior.

Shadow was calm as water.

However, at this very moment.

“Bang!” A dazzling radiance.

Twenty Wind Blades suddenly appeared around Chen Feng and surrounded him. Every single one of the ice-cold blades was filled to the brim with dense killing intent.

The twenty Wind Blades smashed toward the phantom, defeating it with mere quantity alone.

“What cursed ability is this?”
Shadow’s heart jolted.

Wind Blade? So many of them? I have never heard of such an ability!

However, was this Chen Feng’s trump card? If it was only this… Shadow waved his hands and thirty shadows that were exactly the same as him appeared. You can block one of them. How about 30 of them?

I refuse to believe that you can block all of them!

The shadows all charged at Chen Feng.

One shadow after another, each filled with killing intent.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, Chen Feng merely waved his hand at this.

An endless amount of Wind Blades were instantly unleashed.

Twenty… Forty…
Every single one of the shadows was flooded by Wind Blades.

Shadow’s mouth was wide open for a long time. What on earth is this?

Wang Chun, to the side, also had a stupefied expression on his face. Is Chen Feng really a gene producer?

“Very good.”
Shadow inhaled deeply.

He knew that this man called Chen Feng before him was definitely qualified to be an opponent of his. “Then…”
“Let us have a proper battle then.”
Shadow’s gaze was cold.




One after another, phantoms appeared again. This time, however, Shadow did not get them to charge at Chen Feng individually. Instead, he got the phantoms to overlap together before launching the attack toward Chen Feng.

Shadow attack! “Whoosh!”
An extremely strong power instantly erupted.

Chen Feng pointed at the air.

Twenty Wind Blades bombarded the shadow attack. However, there was no effect. The overlap of several tens of phantoms had unleashed a horrifying power. Chen Feng could clearly see that even the afterimages left behind by these phantoms were emitting a shocking power.

This attack was something the Wind Blades couldn’t block.

Chen Feng did not find this surprising. This shadow attack was obviously not some basic attacks. Instead, this was some high-level battle technique comprehended by his opponent. Normal Wind Blades would be useless against it, regardless of the amount.

If that was the case…
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. After truly entering E class, he’d had a lot of improvements. His spiritual energy had an all- around improvement, the speed he released his Wind Blades had increased by onefold, and the amount of Wind Blades that could be created with one point of luck value had increased from ten to twenty. However, the true improvement he gained was actually Myriad Illusions!

Myriad Illusions, activate!

Chen Feng instinctively activated it. However, there was no reaction whatsoever from it.

No reaction? How was this possible?!

Chen  Feng’s  heart  jolted.  You  can’t  be  holding  me  down during a crucial moment. Is it because my pose was wrong?

Chen Feng activated his luck value and tried once again, yet nothing happened this time as well.

Something wasn’t right.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted violently.

Currenly, the shadow attack had reached him.

Damn it.

What was the problem? Chen Feng forced himself to calm down and re-examine this Myriad Illusions ability. Myriad Illusions was definitely something similar to Wind Blade, where he only needed to activate it to use it. This was the information he had previously gotten online. However, it seemed like his Myriad Illusions was
a mutated version?

Indeed, mutated!

A vague idea formed in Chen Feng’s head.

A mutated Myriad Illusions was different from its ordinary version, as it needed to fuse with other genetic abilities.

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

Wind Blade? As he thought of this.

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng activated Wind Blade and Myriad Illusions at the same time.

An astonishing attack was unleashed in an instant.

The first Wind Blade appeared.

No, it couldn’t even be called a Wind Blade anymore. Although it still contained the power of wind within, this Wind Blade’s color had turned from blue to red. Furthermore, around it were dense flames!

This was a burning Wind Blade. “Bang!”
The burning Wind Blade collided with the shadow attack.

A terrifying energy erupted at the instant of the collision. That incomparably powerful shadow attack stopped instantly. It had been stopped forcefully by the power released by the burning Wind Blade.

An extremely strong power!

“2-star secret art?”
Shadow contemplated.

A combination of wind and fire into a 2-star wind and fire secret art. Mhm… truly powerful indeed. Unfortunately, Chen Feng’s level is still too low. Not sufficient to cause me any trouble.

The shadow attack erupted in power once again.

The appearance of the burning Wind Blade had merely caused it to pause momentarily. However, at this very moment, the second Wind Blade appeared.

This time—
It was yellow in color.

A yellow-colored Wind Blade was unleashed. The Wind Blade whistled forth while emitting a sandstorm from it. The originally blue Wind Blade had, for unknown reasons, become filled to the brim with a thick earth aura. The originally purely energy-type attack of Wind Blade had mysteriously become an unsophisticated physical attack that,
along with the dense sand and soil in it, ferociously smashed upon the shadow attack.

The Wind Blade instantly crumbled.

However, the shadow attack was once again stopped here.

This time, the shadow felt even more uncomfortable. The yellow-colored Wind Blade had erupted with a bizarre power, covering its whole body with sand and soil. The originally perfectly overlapped shadow felt incredibly uncomfortable now.

“???” Shadow was somewhat stupefied. What ability was this?

Another 2-star secret art?

Wind and earth?

This Chen Feng was only at E-class, so he could only have fused with two genes. At the very most, he could only have a single 2-star secret art. What on earth was happening here?

At this time, the third Wind Blade was unleashed.

This time—
It was a deep blue color.

“Whoosh!” A watery Wind Blade charged toward the shadow.

The Wind Blade descended.

A terrifying power blossomed from it, enveloping the shadow with a huge amount of water.

The shadow attack…
Was once again submerged.

He had yet to clear off the sand and soil earlier and was now submerged in water instead. The super powerful shadow attack formed through overlapping a countless amount of phantoms was now a mud man.

Moving… Became even harder.

The fourth Wind Blade was unleashed.

The color of this Wind Blade was even more bizarre. It was transparent!

Pa ji.

A bizarre sound resounded.

The Wind Blade collided with the shadow attack. Instead of shattering, it instead turned into a transparent liquid that stuck onto the body of the shadow. The shadow attack’s movement was now even more sluggish than before.

That feeling… Was like some weird mucus.

Shadow’s expression looked extremely unsightly at this point. However, this was just the beginning.



Green-colored Wind Blade…
Black-colored Wind Blade…
Wind Blades with all sorts of colors were spammed onto the shadow. Now, Shadow was already thoroughly stupefied. It was not like he had not experienced any bitter battles before. He had experienced many battles where he was threading the line of death. However, he was sure that the current battle was the most disgusting battle he had gotten himself into. Too disgusting!

Twenty attacks!

Water and fire appeared three times respectively. The remaining fourteen times were all random and ridiculous attacks. The shadow attack that was initially a high speed attack was now stuck on the same spot.

What f*cking ability was this?

Shadow had a dazed expression on his face.

Chapter 87: Blood Shadow

At the same time, the Chen Feng opposite him had an odd expression on his face as well.

What could he say?

Myriad Illusions, something that could only fuse with other abilities. This seemed like a bad thing, since this meant that the Myriad Illusions ability had lost its original function as a standalone ability. However, what amazed Chen Feng was that, after fusion, it could generate secret arts!

What did this entail?

Regardless of what gene it was, it would be able to be fused with Myriad Illusions! Regardless of what secret art it was, it would have a 1-star increase in its rating.

Worthy of being the illusionary snake leader!

Worthy of being a mutated gene!

Chen Feng was overwhelmed with emotions.

Too strong.

This gene that he had improved and mutated couldn’t be more suitable for him. His effort in painstakingly coming all the way here was not in vain.

And the biggest surprise for him was the true combat power of Myriad Illusions!

For example— When it was fused with Wind Blades.

Every time a Wind Blade was used, one point of luck value was enough for him to continuously release Wind Blades for a full second. At his current level, he would be able to release twenty Wind Blades per second.

As for Myriad Illusions?

Chen Feng did not dare to try.

Although Wind Blade and Myriad Illusions could be used in tandem with Luck Aura, the consumption of luck value would also increase as a result. Hence, Chen Feng would prioritize using Luck Aura on Wind Blades.

The result of this test of his was extremely astonishing.

Furthermore, there was no need for the probability of Myriad Illusions to be triggered when he was using this method.

Mere regular activation of Myriad Illusions and Wind Blades were already sufficient to unleash an astonishing power. The succession of Wind Blades he released that caused Shadow to be vomiting blood in anger had only used up one luck value.

“This is too perfect…”
Chen Feng hadn’t had enough with this.

Too powerful!

At this time.

A loud sound. The rocky grounds around them started trembling.

Everyone instinctively looked toward the source of the loud sound and saw that An Te, who had still been showing off his prowess a moment ago, was currently in ragged clothing, cutting an extremely sorry figure as he looked at Shen Wei. In front of him was a 1 meter deep gorge.

Too terrifying.

An Te was horrified. “Shadow, are you f*cking done yet?”
“Soon,” Shadow said impatiently.


He had to finish this as soon as possible! Shadow’s heart palpitated. Shen Wei’s prowess was giving him an ominous feeling. He suddenly realized that his choice of coming here with An Te this time was quite a bad choice.

Since he was already here, he was unwilling to leave just like that.

Shadow waved his hand. “Scatter.”
That shadow attack that was beaten into submission by Chen Feng dissolved instantly.

“You   are   very   strong,”   Shadow   said,   word   by   word. “However, it’s about time this ends.”
“Bang!” A terrifying power started blossoming around Shadow, and it was at this moment that something astonishing happened.

Below Chen Feng’s foot, the shadow that had always been with him had suddenly moved. Chen Feng, who was already prepared for everything, retreated instantly. However, beyond his expectations, the shadow did not attack him. Instead, it rapidly separated itself from Chen Feng and moved to Shadow.

The same thing happened to Wang Chun, An Te, Shen Wei… every single shadow that one could see gathered beside Shadow.

Shadow’s expression was solemn.

He spat out a mouthful of blood. All shadows, including his own shadow, fused at this very moment.

The power of blood blossomed.

Five shadows instantly transformed into a blood shadow.

“I originally didn’t want to use this skill.”
Shadow’s voice became hoarse and his entire body shriveled. After going through the transformation, the blood shadow before him had turned into a blood-colored person that looked like him.

In the shadow’s hand was even a broken saber.

Whoosh. The blood shadow took a step forth as a terrifying power bubbled around him.

Chen Feng stirred.

This power…
Shadow pointed at Chen Feng and sneered. “It has fused with the power of every single one of you here. It is much more powerful than everyone here. The fused body it has is the body of a true expert.”
“Now, be devoured by my blood shadow…”
“Bang!” The blood shadow unleashed its power. At the same time, the broken saber within his hands was emitting a terrifying power as well.


Everyone’s power?

“Damn it.”
Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly.

Such a heaven-defying ability exists?


As he looked at the pale complexion of Shadow, Chen Feng knew that the energy exhaustion for the activation of this ability was huge. The stronger the blood shadow was, the more Shadow needed to exhaust. Furthermore, he was sure that Shadow would only be able to persevere for a few seconds at most. However, regretfully, a normal opponent would not be able to survive for more than a few seconds against this ability either.

What joke was this?

The blood shadow was something that had fused with everyone’s power, including Chen Feng’s!

“What’s happening exactly?”
Chen Feng stirred.

He was too clear on how powerful the Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade combination of both his skills was!

However, at this moment, Chen Feng suddenly had a weird expression on his face. Wind Blade…
He suddenly remembered that at its core, only a single Wind Blade would be released each time.

Myriad Illusions was something that would grow in strength in tandem with Wind Blade. The more powerful the Wind Blade was, the more powerful the Myriad Illusions would be. Only when the amount of Wind Blade was sufficiently high would Myriad Illusions be able to display its true power.

All of that was something that the blood shadow couldn’t accomplish, as it did not have luck value!

If that was the case…
Chen Feng suddenly laughed.

“Bang!” Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade was once again released from his hand as multi-colored Wind Blades started flooding the blood shadow and totally enveloping it, unleashing an astonishing power in the process.

“You think only you knows how to do this?”
Shadow’s voice was hoarse as he ordered the blood shadow to activate the same ability.

A chilling blue-colored Wind Blade shot out.


Shadow was totally confused.

That was it? How come that was all?

Once again, he activated the Wind Blade ability.

A fiery Wind Blade shot out.


Shadow was somewhat stupefied. Once again, that was it?

Chen Feng was able to unleash twenty Wind Blades per second. As for him? One per second! This kind of speed, they were totally not in the same league. “Damn it. Is it due to him being more well-practiced at this ability?”
Shadow’s expression was unsightly.

Blood shadow was not an omnipotent existence.

Despite it being able to possess the abilities of everyone here, becoming extremely powerful, it was only able to gain the opponent’s abilities, not their skills and experiences with those abilities.


When I reached D-class, I have to fuse with an ability capable of absorbing my opponent’s skills , Shadow vowed inwardly.

He believed that blood shadow would truly be undefeated at that time. Now, the blood shadow that was merely a 3-star secret art was way too weak. Pa Ji!

One again, this familiar sound resounded.

Shadow’s expression suddenly became unsightly.

He raised his head.

Indeed, without realizing, under the endless bizarre Wind Blades, the blood shadow that possessed terrifying combat power was stuck just like the previous shadow.

On its body was water, earth, and mucus.

F*ck this shit!

Shadow couldn’t help but curse. “Bang!”
The blood shadow started emitting a terrifying power around it.

That force of power shook unceasingly.

Possessing all the abilities of An Te and Shen Wei, it was much more powerful! However, now, it was stuck at the same spot, unable to move a step forward.

Truly sorrowful.

“Damn it.”
Shadow clenched both his fists.

He knew that as long as he could use an even stronger power to shake all the mucus, water, and earth off the blood shadow’s body, it would be sufficient. However, what caused him to feel depressed was the fact that the blood shadow itself was not a physical body in the first place.

If he were to shake off the mucus, water, and earth like that, the blood shadow would dissipate as well.

This… he couldn’t even fight against this.

This Chen Feng that appeared to be a mere initial E-class warrior, this junior producer, was totally a terrifying guy!

A sorrowful cry.

Shadow looked toward the cry and saw that under Shen Wei’s attack, An Te was running away, cutting a sorry figure. “Shadow, be faster!” An Te bellowed.

He was engaged in a battle with Shen Wei and couldn’t even take care of himself. Hence, he couldn’t split his attention to view other battles. As such, he did not understand the reason that Shadow had yet to deal with Wang Chun and Chen Feng.

“I will give you 50%. That should do it, right?” An Te was anxious. “Come faster!”
Shadow smiled bitterly. Could that 50% deal with this problem he was facing?

He looked at the blood shadow that was sluggishly raising its broken saber like a crippled person in front of Chen Feng. Then, he looked at the An Te that was being chased by Shen Wei. Shadow inhaled deeply. “Chen Feng, you forced me.”
Shadow waved his hand and dispersed the blood shadow.

Chen Feng was solemn.

“He still has another trump card?”
He had even used his 2-star secret art, trump card…
Could it be a virus?

Chen Feng concentrated his gaze.

The indistinct shadows around Shadow started flickering. The Wind Blade in Chen Feng’s hands were trigger ready. And then Shadow was engulfed by darkness and subsequently disappeared without a trace.

“The f*ck?”
Chen Feng’s mouth twitched.

This guy…

Chapter 88: I Won’t Fight Him

Shadow fleeing caused Chen Feng to not know whether to laugh or cry.

He never expected that this peak E-class genetic warrior would decisively flee when he saw that the battle was not looking favorable for him, directly abandoning An Te here.

An Te opened his eyes wide and shouted miserably, “Shadow!”
He never expected that Shadow would actually abandon him and flee.

“I saved your life before!” An Te bellowed.

However— There was no response whatsoever.

“Didn’t you have an extremely good relationship with Qin Jie and your squad members as well?”  Chen Feng sneered. “If it was Qin Jie and the rest, at least they wouldn’t abandon their teammates no matter what, even if they had some conflict with you.”
“This  is  the  choice  you  made  yourself,”  Chen  Feng  said coldly.

An Te was dazed.

The descent of Shen Wei’s attack had cut off any remaining hopes An Te had. Different from a genetic warrior’s ability, Shen Wei did not have any ability at all. All her attacks were extremely rough and simple. To slash, and slash, and slash without end.

An Te, who was at the peak of E-class, was simply slashed to death by Shen Wei.

From this, Shen Wei’s prowess was quite apparent.

“Even death is not enough to pay for your sins!”
Shen Wei arrogantly sheathed her broken saber, kicking off a small storm with her saber aura as she did this.

Due to this, the skirt she was wearing, which was already extremely short, rose slightly, appearing even shorter.

Chen Feng: “…” Suddenly, he was somewhat envious of Wang Chun.

However, student Wang Chun had yet to recover from his shock.

Chen Feng and Shadow’s battle ended just like that?

The f*ck, are you kidding me?

Shadow was extremely powerful. He was even slightly more powerful than An Te. Even with that, Chen Feng was still able to beat him until he ran within minutes. Instead, it was Shen Wei who had spent a longer time in battle.

Chen Feng was actually this strong?

Wang Chun was shocked.

He was too clear on how strong Shen Wei was. 
Genuinely at the peak!

One could say that there were very few people in E-class capable of defeating Shen Wei. However, Chen Feng, who had just stepped into E-class, seemed to have reached this stage. This…
He had really looked down upon this genius?

Wang Chun smiled bitterly.

He did not give up on the gene prepared to him by the Wang Family and picked this gene merely because he was a nerd. It was also due to the strength of the female characters in The Crystal Palace.

To be honest, deep inside, he was somewhat arrogant. 
All his arrogance crumbled before Chen Feng.

What was more vexing was the fact that Chen Feng was also a formidable gene producer. Having a profession that would require all of one’s energy yet still possessing such formidable combat power.

Or perhaps this was due to Chen Feng’s genetic ability coincidentally being the ability that had a suppressive effect against that shadow’s ability?

That was what Wang Chun thought.

“Shen Wei.”  Wang Chun looked at the young lady. “If you were to battle Chen Feng, how confident are you of obtaining a victory?”
“I won’t fight him,” Shen Wei said coldly. 
Shen Wei glared at him. “Too gross.”
Wang Chun: “…”
Chen Feng: “…”
Can’t they stop using this term?!

Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Who would have guessed that all these Wind Blades being unleashed together would cause such circumstances to appear? Even the illusionary snake leader probably wouldn’t have been able to guess that this would happen.

Chen Feng could only spread his hand as a response. 
A pleasantly surprised expression appeared on Wang Chun’s face.

In his hand, the semi-illusionary comic hovered midair.

It flickered with a colorful glow.

A slim silhouette turned into light particles and shot out of the book, transforming back into her physical body while she was in midair and landed in Shen Wei’s embrace. “Sister!”
Shen Yi hugged Shen Wei.

A smiling expression appeared on Shen Wei’s face. “You recovered.”
“Of course.”
Shen Yi was excited. “Sister, you are finally out here. I have missed you to death.”
“If this rubbish master of ours was somewhat stronger, all our sisters would have been out a long time ago,” Shen Wei said coldly.

“Sisteeer!” Shen Yi purred. Wang Chun smiled bitterly. Could he be blamed for this?

“Brother, fortune and misfortune are truly interdependent of each other.”
Chen Feng patted Wang Chun’s shoulder, taking joy in his plight.

The battle was over.

Chen Feng looked around him. The whole cave had crumbled down, sandstorms were everywhere, the ground was in a mess with piles of crushed rocks everywhere, and a single shattered empty egg shell lay there…

Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. Empty egg shells? Chen Feng went over to take a look. Wasn’t this the snake egg used by Shen Yi to lure the huge snake here? He remembered that this egg was incomparably hard and couldn’t be broken no matter what.

Shen Yi noticed this as well. “Sigh, why is this thing broken?”
Shen Wei picked up a piece of the egg shell and slashed at it with her broken saber. That piece of egg shell was undamaged after being slashed. “This thing is extremely hard. I’m afraid it’s not an ordinary illusionary snake.”
“Judging from the way it cracked, this seemed to be something that happened naturally.”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

Naturally cracking? In other words, within this egg might be an even more powerful illusionary snake, despite it just being a newborn?

“We need to leave immediately,” Wang Chun said decisively.

How strong was Shen Wei? Yet she was unable to even break the fragment of the egg shell?

This unknown snake egg might have mutated and might be even more powerful! In other words, at the moment of its birth, it was already the king of this area.

“Leave quickly.” Wang Chun felt his lips go dry. “If it’s really the birth of a snake king, this place will be surrounded by all the illusionary snakes here. We will die regardless of how strong we are.”
Chen Feng instantly wised up as well. How many illusionary snakes were there in the Desolate Rocky Grounds?

Nobody knew!

The reason they barely encountered any illusionary snakes was because the snakes couldn’t be bothered to show themselves. If all the snakes were to come out, they would not be able to leave here alive at all.

They left quickly.

Naturally, before leaving, Chen Feng did not forget to pick up all the egg shells.

They were all treasures!

The area was still engulfed by sandstorms as usual. Despite the fact that the sky-covering sandstorms were even denser compared to when they came, without having to worry about getting assassinated, their speed was faster than before instead.

However, oddly, they did not meet a single illusionary snake on their way.

Not even one!

All the illusionary snakes of the Desolate Rocky Grounds seemed to have disappeared. Chen Feng and the rest were able to travel smoothly, leaving the cave and reaching the entrance of the Desolate Rocky Grounds without meeting a single snake.

“It seems like I guessed correctly,” Wang Chun said in a low voice. “All the illusionary snakes went to that cave. If we hadn’t escaped quickly, we would have probably gotten ourselves surrounded.”
“Mhm.” Chen Feng nodded slightly and looked behind him.

Snake king, eh?

Or is it one of those who went through an extremely powerful mutation?

With the appearance of this thing here, it seems like the Desolate Rocky Grounds will undergo a great change hereafter.

“Let’s go,” Chen Feng said.

They left quickly.

Despite leaving the Desolate Rocky Grounds, they still had to maintain their vigilance. Only after they reached the end of this 5 km journey and reached the Genetic Union’s camp would they be truly safe. However, when they had only traveled half the distance…
Shen Yi abruptly stopped everyone and cautiously looked in front of them. “There’s someone there.”
Everyone’s heart jolted.

The broken saber in Shen Wei’s hand ignited.

Not far away, a thin silhouette walked out from behind a rock. “Interesting, I was actually discovered?”
A familiar voice traveled to them. That person raised his head and showed a face full of scars. “Long time no see, my dear adorable students.”
“Xie Kangzhong!”
Chen Feng’s pupils constricted.

That’s right.

Xie Kangzhong!

Chen Feng had never expected the person to suddenly appear here would actually be the teacher in charge of the high school class he was in. The very Xie Kangzhong that had abandoned all his students and escaped during the Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident. He was actually alive!

A Chinese term that basically means that a good thing might lead to bad thing, while a bad thing might lead to a good thing. In the current context in this chapter, Chen Feng is talking about how lucky Wang Chun is to have all this beautiful comic book girls at his side, yet at the same time, it’s quite unlucky that Shen Wei is this cold.

Chapter 89: Comfortable

Wang family, Gold City.

Countless people were in a solemn silence.

The elders of the Wang family were all waiting there. At the center of them all was Wang Yue, who was kneeling with a respectful expression on his face. Before him was an old man with a faint smile on his face.

“Not bad.” The old man nodded slightly. “Quite a good innate talent with acceptable genes. You are qualified to accept my teachings.”
As he said that, he raised his forefinger and tapped Wang Yue’s forehead with it.

“Condense!” As that finger landed on Wang Yue’s forehead, it started glowing.

On Wang Yue’s head, between his eyebrows, a dot of light glowed abruptly. Akin to a white plum blossom, the glow started rotating unceasingly, radiating a terrifying power.

The seemingly endless radiance cracked.

Wang Yue felt like his spirit had been brightly lit up, while his mind felt unprecedentedly clear. A gush of formidable power was working within his body, constantly unlocking his hidden potential.

His spiritual energy grew at a crazy pace. After a long time, when the radiance finally shrunk back into a tiny white dot and their surroundings returned to normal, Wang Yue opened his eyes. Within his eyes, an additional grandeur that wasn’t there before could now be seen.

“Many thanks, senior.”
Wang Yue was grateful.

Wang Yue had spent a large amount of resources in order to invite this great master here in order to give him a stronger potential and a better future. From the moment he fused with that gene, he seemed to have soared up to the skies with a single leap.

In the not-too-distant future of the current era, Wang Yue would definitely occupy an important position.

“Senior, please.” The elders of Wang family invited the great master to get seated and started their discussion on proper business. On the other hand, Wang Yue followed his father into a room to talk.

“You are still having someone monitor Wang Chun?”
Wang Tianhao’s expression was solemn.

Wang  Yue  nodded  his  head.  “He  was  the  Wang  family’s previous choice. As long as he remains alive, they will not give me their heart and soul. They might still have a sliver of hope remaining that, if I were to be crippled in the future, they might still be able to continue supporting Wang Chun.”
“Hehe, only when he dies will those old fools of the Wang family give up on that hope.” “Only then will they know that their only choice is me. I am the only one capable of leading the Wang family out of Gold City and growing it to a new height,” Wang Yue said coldly.

“Do less of such things in the future.”
Wang Tianhao glared at him. “With your potential and future, you should be seeing the bigger picture. Someone from a place like Gold City is no longer qualified to have your attention. What you should do now is to concentrate on improving yourself and becoming stronger. To challenge the true experts of this world!”
“A human needs to look upward. Don’t keep paying attention to those who are destined to be stepped on below your feet. As for Wang Chun and Chen Feng…”
Wang Tianhao sneered. “Just leave them to me.”
He was aware that this son of his was good in every aspect. His only weakness was being too narrow-minded. If Wang Chun was not dealt with, he would not be able to rest or eat in peace. There was also that Chen Feng…
“Reach  D  class  as  soon  as  possible,  understand?”   Wang Tianhao said strictly.

Wang Yue nodded. “Understood.”
He believed that his father would be able to perfectly handle this thing for him.

Chen Feng…
Hehe, he had originally planned to personally defeat Chen Feng. Unfortunately, from the moment he fused with that gene, he knew that Chen Feng was no longer qualified to be his opponent.

He, Wang Yue, was destined to soar up to the skies with a single leap! After sneering, Wang Yue walked toward the training room.

The Wang family had prepared everything for him in advance. Everything else was unrelated to him. The only thing he needed to do was to transform the potential he had into actual strength, becoming a true expert!

“D class, here I come.”
Wang Yue was filled with expectations.

Currently, at the Desolate Rocky Grounds, Chen Feng and his group were cautiously looking at the Xie Kangzhong that had suddenly appeared. This guy who escaped previously had actually appeared now…
“What are you here for?” Chen Feng said coldly.

“To kill someone,” Xie Kangzhong said calmly. Wang Chun sneered. “The Wang family sent you here?”
“I am now a wanted person. They gave me a very good job.”
Xie Kangzhong had a malevolent expression on his face as he rubbed the scars on his face. “Hehe, it was truly hard to escape from Dragon’s Passing Mountain. However, I survived!”
“Both of you need to die!”
Xie Kangzhong was filled with killing intent.

Both of them had to die?

Wang Chun and Chen Feng instinctively looked at each other. Wang family indeed!

“Your family is so messy?” Chen Feng looked at Wang Chun.

“One just needs to get used to it.”
Wang Chun felt somewhat helpless as well.

All those positions, such as director of a large company, chairman of a large organization, heir of a large family… as long as it was a position with power, there would be a lot of people fighting over it. This was the cruel reality.

“Xie Kangzhong, D-class genetic warrior,” Chen Feng said in a low voice. “One of his genetic abilities is Fiery Dragon. The remaining two abilities are unknown.”
“D class, eh…”
Wang Chun was somewhat anxious. “Bang!”
A fireball lit up.

In Xie Kangzhong’s hand was a fireball that was ready for action after fully condensing. As he brandished his fingers, it turned into a huge fiery dragon that streaked toward them.

Shen Wei made her move.

The broken saber in her hands slashed downward.

Slashed into two pieces with a single slash. The fiery dragon was cut in two by Shen Wei. However, after passing through Shen Wei, the flame converged midair and turned back into its original appearance, unaffected by Shen Wei’s slash at all!

This was a flame possessing the power of a D-class warrior.

“Be careful.”
Wang Chun’s expression changed slightly.

“Flame, eh?”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

A train of multi-colored Wind Blades were unleashed and smashed into the flame. What followed was an explosion of light as all sorts of energy erupted and dispersed the Fiery Dragon forcefully.

The burning hot wind brushed past the both of them.

Too dangerous!

Wang Chun wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead. D class was indeed different.

“It has actually been blocked?”
Xie Kangzhong was very surprised.

He was very clear on Chen Feng’s strength. Even if he was E class now, he was still someone who was recently promoted. He never expected Chen Feng to be capable of blocking his attack.

“Did I judge wrongly in the past?”
Xie Kangzhong was astonished.

At this instant.

“Shen Wei!” Wang Chun screamed. “Freely attack!”
“All right.”
Shen Wei acted decisively.

Xie Kangzhong was too strong. They definitely couldn’t give him too many opportunities to attack. Chen Feng instantly erupted. Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades!

A succession of Wind Blades were let forth instantly. Chen Feng used the same method when he dealt with the blood shadow previously—to use the superior quantity of Wind Blades and to force Xie Kangzhong to remain on the same spot!



Every single burst of his Wind Blades was more violent than the previous. Water, earth, mucus, all of them erupted forth.

Pa Ji! Xie Kangzhong’s body became sluggish.

“Unlimited slash!”
The flame on Shen Wei’s broken saber burned furiously.


From the broken saber, a chain of fiery slashes descended, layering onto each other before erupting at the same instance and, filled with endless killing intent, attacking toward Xie Kangzhong.

A terrifying explosion of flame.

Almost all of Shen Wei’s unlimited slashes landed on Xie Kangzhong. Was he hit?

Chen Feng couldn’t resist and looked toward the collision point.

The flame gradually disappeared.

When Chen Feng saw the situation there, he inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Xie Kangzhong was safe and sound.

Not only that, on his body was a yellow-colored scale armor that had automatically obstructed all of Chen Feng’s attack. Even Shen Wei’s attacks were blocked.

“Stone Scale?”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted furiously. It was actually this ability!

Stone Scale: A type of defensive ability that worked by petrifying one’s own body. It was extremely formidable. When used by a person with Xie Kangzhong’s current strength, any attack below D class was useless against it!

In other words—
Regardless of how many people you got, regardless of how many attacks you unleashed, as long as your attacks did not reach D class, it would all be pointless. In simpler terms, it was an unbreakable defense! This kind of ability wasn’t particularly powerful, as it was extremely weak against an opponent of the same class. However, when facing an opponent that was from a lower class, it was simply an existence akin to a bug!

Xie Kangzhong said with a voice that almost sounded like a moan. “Hu—”
All the fire around him started hovering. All the fire released by Shen Wei was actually being absorbed by him into his body to replenish his energy!

“This is…”
Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly.

“Flame  Absorption!  He  actually  fused  with  this  kind  of gene!”
Wang Chun had an unsightly expression on his face.

Due to the popularity of fire-type genes, fire-type defensive genes were also extremely popular.

Flame Absorption was one such gene. It was a type of defensive genetic ability. Its only function was to absorb fire!

Despite it only being able to absorb part of the flame and unable to fully absorb all flames or grant immunity to flames, however, all fire-type genetic abilities would be greatly weakened before this genetic ability!

Chen Feng suddenly looked at Xie Kangzhong’s face.

No wonder a D-class genetic warrior like him was so miserable at Dragon’s Passing Mountain. The power contained within the seadragon blood essence was seawater, something with a natural repressive effect on his abiliy.

First, fire-type gene, Fiery Dragon!

Second, general gene, Stone Scale! Third, defensive gene, Fire Absorption.

Naturally, such a gene setup was something that would only be picked by an ordinary genetic warrior without many resources, who could only make his choice after reaching each stage. Unfortunately, his ability was the perfect ability to suppress Wang Chun’s ability!

Chen Feng looked at the burning flame on Shen Wei’s broken saber.

This time, it was getting troublesome.

Chapter 90: 3-Star Secret Art

Once again, Shen Wei’s slash descended.

A comfortable expression appeared on Xie Kangzhong’s face.

No effect!

Every single one of Shen Wei’s attacks had no effect on him!

“Only this much?” Xie Kangzhong had a malevolent expression on his face. “Then you all can go and die now.”
“Hmph!” Shen Wei sneered. “My attack might have no effect on you. However, your Fiery Dragon might not necessarily have much effect either.” XIe Kangzhong sneered. “Is that so?”
Yellow stones started covering his right hand.

He started emitting flame.

When the stones on him were ignited, an astonishing thing happened. Every single piece of the stone started turning a bright red color at a scary speed. The red hot flame started boiling, while on Xie Kangzhong’s right hand, the stones separated from him, turning into lumps of boiling lava that rolled around.

The air around him became hot and warped. “Bang”
Xie Kangzhong punched.

The lava burst forth, heading toward Shen Wei.

Once again, Shen Wei unleashed her power. Her broken saber collided with the lava at midair.

With a single slash, the lava crumbled.

“Bang!” Despite defending with her saber, Shen Wei was still flung away. She retreated for several tens of steps and spat out a mouthful of blood before she finally stabilized herself. The hand that was holding the broken saber was trembling.

Due to the limitations of Wang Chun’s current strength, the power she could currently display was too little!

A D-class warrior was simply too powerful. With her strength at peak E class, it was already the limit for her to be able to block a 2-star secret art.

Xie Kangzhong looked at Chen Feng. “The next will be you.”
2- star secret art—Lava was once again unleashed.

The boiling lava that was a fusion product of flame and stone, the boiling lava boulder, pierced the air as it shot forth toward Chen Feng, akin to a meteorite on doomsday.

A whining sound could be heard as it shot forth.

The lava boulder this time was even larger than the previous attack.

“Die,” Xie Kangzhong said softly.

The lava boulder abruptly sped up. This 2-star secret art that was formed with D-class power burst forth once again. Chen Feng looked at it silently. “Hu—”
He inhaled deeply.

Indeed, it had come to this.

Xie Kangzhong was much stronger than Shadow. Normal obstruction methods were totally unable to slow him down. This lava boulder was also a thoroughly pure attack.

If one wanted to defeat him, one could only face him with brute force!

If that’s the case—

Come! He wanted to take a good look at how strong he really was now. He also wanted to take a good look at what kind of power could be displayed when the power of Myriad Illusions was fully unleashed.

Chen Feng raised his hand.

Luck Aura, activate!

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade was once again unleashed.

However, this time, there was not only unlimited Wind Blades. This was the first time that Chen Feng had used the Luck Aura on Myriad Illusions. This time, he decided to use Luck Aura on both Myriad Illusions and Wind Blades at the same time! His luck value started declining rapidly.

One point…
Two points…
Three points…
At the same time, Chen Feng felt a gush of intriguing power start flowing around in his body. At this instant, the unlimited Wind Blades in his hands started radiating with an astonishing power!

Was this really all right?

Chen Feng was not sure.

Xie Kangzhong was too strong. At least for Chen Feng, he was too strong. D class signified that his lowest attack would be at 1,000 units. The attack power of his 2-star secret art was definitely higher. As for Chen Feng? He only had 200 points of spiritual energy. He did not have anything to increase the attack power of his Wind Blades either. A normal Wind Blade only had 200 units of attack power! The only thing he could count on now was Myriad Illusions.

How powerful would Myriad Illusions be after getting fully supported by Luck Aura?

He did not know.

An azure-colored Wind Blade instantly shot out.

It was a clump of blue-colored mist. No, to be more accurate, it was a clump of bizarre icy mist. With an astonishing chillness, it charged toward the lava boulder. “Ci—”
A bizarre noise resounded.

A portion of the flame on the lava boulder actually disappeared.

One after another, Wind Blades shot forth.

Seven or eight icy mists enveloped the lava boulder. One after another, Wind Blades smashed onto the lava boulder, extinguishing the flame on it and turning it into an ice cube.

That’s right. That lava boulder that was still boiling a short while ago had now turned into a chunk of ice.

Another Wind Blade shot forth and smashed this chunk of ice apart.


The frozen lava boulder was smashed apart and blossomed into countless black powder midair.

Lava boulder, exterminated!

“How is that possible?”
Xie Kangzhong widened his eyes. This was a lava boulder with D-class power. How was it possible for it to be destroyed by a beginner E-class warrior like Chen Feng?

However, he did not have time to be shocked, as the remaining ten icy mists swept toward him. His expression changed immediately. At this point, it was already too late to form another lava boulder. Hence, he started shooting a series of Fiery Dragons out of his hand.

One after another, loud sounds of explosion.

The collusion of the Fiery Dragons and icy mists gave rise to an endless white mist that drifted around in midair, making the area appear like a scene out of paradise. Wang Chun had a dazed expression on his face.


What freaking ability was it this time?

However, as he looked at the shiny flame and icy mist, he suddenly felt like laughing, as the scene before him was akin to a fire-breathing dragon fighting it out with a large fire extinguisher.

Was there anything funnier than this?

The white mist finally disappeared. Chen Feng’s icy-mist Wind Blades stopped at this moment as well.

After calculating, he found that he would use around 5 points of luck value per second. The unlimited Wind Blades would only exhaust 1 point out of the 5, with the remaining being all exhausted by Myriad Illusions.

“Suppressive effect on his ability.”
Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

What was the crux of the lava boulder?

Its high temperature!

When its temperature decreased, its power would decrease greatly. This was also the reason why Chen Feng’s final Wind Blade was able to smash it apart. Under the effect of Luck Aura…
Regardless of what ability his opponent had, Myriad Illusions would be able to pick the suitable genes from the several tens of thousands type of genes contained within the illusionary snake gene set he had and use the chosen genes to suppress his opponent’s ability!

Ability suppression!

Under such circumstances, Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade would be able to display a much more astonishing power!

So this was the real power of Myriad Illusions!

Chen Feng was excited.

At this time, the white mist had gradually disappeared. Xie Kangzhong’s originally frail looking silhouette slowly appeared. On his face, a wound could be clearly seen. That was a wound left behind by a blue-colored Wind Blade earlier.

“Very good.”
Xie Kangzhong touched the wound on his face and laughed malevolently as he said, “I did not expect to get injured by my own student. Hehe. Interesting. You are challenging my bottom line.”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Bottom line…
This guy still had a trump card?

Xie Kangzhong only had three genes. Chen Feng guessed that he should have a two 2-star secret art at the very least. However, as for 3 stars? He was not sure if these three abilities of Xie Kangzhong would be able to be fused into a 3-star secret art.

Even if there was, could Xie Kangzhong afford to buy the formula for this secret art?

“Do  you  know  why  I  learnt  Flame  Absorption?”   Xie Kangzhong said suddenly. “Because, Flame Absorption, fire- type ability, petrification-type ability, these three abilities are able to form a 3-star secret art.”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted ferociously.

“I couldn’t afford it,” Xie Kangzhong muttered. “I haven’t improved myself for way too long due to this. Furthermore, that Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident destroyed everything I have! However, it’s fine. A short while ago, someone sent it to me, along with the request to kill the both of you!” Whoosh!

Chen Feng’s and Wang Chun’s expressions changed greatly.

Wang Yue!

It was indeed him!

Damn it!

Chen Feng’s expression was unsightly.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade was very strong. However, there was still a limit to its prowess. Chen Feng’s foundation was too low. Could he really defeat a Xie Kangzhong that possessed a 3-star secret art?

He had no idea. “Ka!”
Xie Kangzhong’s body started emitting cracking sounds.

One after another, clumps of flame burst out of his body. Akin to a boiling kettle, the flame couldn’t be restrained and started spurting out of every single hole on Xie Kangzhong’s body.

Ears… Mouth…
The temperature rose.

“What damnable ability is this?”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted violently and he pulled Wang Chun and the rest as they retreated.

Endless power bubbled out of Xie Kangzhong’s body. His whole body transformed into stone, and his size started growing. When his height reached 3 meters, the boiling flame fused with the stones on his body, turning into clumps of scalding lava. One after another, fiery red lava swirled around, joining all the lava boulders together.

“This is…”
Chen Feng and the rest inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

That was because, currently, not a trace of Xie Kangzhong’s original appearance could be seen. What stood before them was a three-meter-high lava monster.

A terrifying life form formed of red-hot lava.
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