The Strongest Gene Chapter 801-810

Chapter 801: The Era of Chen Feng

Beneath the night sky, Chen Feng took a step forward. At this instant, endless power of faith surged out. It was also at this instant that the various gods finally realized that all of the missing human believers were under Chen Feng’s control. On their faces, a sense of helplessness could be seen. It was no wonder they had failed to find the culprit. After all, the main culprit was the first person they had kicked out. Worthy of being Lord Chen Feng indeed.

Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng continued stepping forth one step at a time. The endless power of faith surged out. This faith was from his very own believers, the believers of the dead major gods, and the believers of those gods that had tried to follow the Forest Goddess earlier. At this point, Chen Feng alone monopolized 80% of humanity’s belief.

This was quite a terrifying amount. It was a great shock to the various gods watching on. This many believers… Swish!

A black flash streaked past. A certain god had suddenly erupted with power.

“Careful,”  everyone cried out in alarm. However, it became clear that the god’s target was Chen Feng, as he had already reached Chen Feng.

“It’s him.”
The various gods were alarmed. The Night God, a peak journeyman god only a step away from the major god stage. He had tried breaking through numerous times in the past, yet he failed every time. However, due to his numerous attempts, his strength was rather frightening. He was the closest to being a major god here and the strongest person below the major god stage.

“Hmph.” With this sneak attack at night, he declared his provocation. Major god? As far as he was concerned, it was but a joke. Even though he wasn’t a major god, with his present strength, he could even kill major gods with a sneak attack. As such, he did not fear any god. Ye had been the only exception.

He would still have had to restrain if Ye was around. Now that Ye was dead, Chen Feng actually dreamed of assuming control over everyone? How ridiculous. And the Night God had been waiting, waiting for a single opportunity. Chen Feng’s huge quantity of believers was a source of envy for him. So many believers… If he had even half that amount, he would have broken through long ago, right?

What if…
He was tempted. And thus, he moved against Chen Feng without hesitation.

Swish! The dark streak directly pierced through space to reach Chen Feng.

“Not good.”
“Something is about to happen.”
“Damn it. Lord Chen Feng is a newly broken-through major god.”
“How hateful.”
Quite a few of the gods there felt anxious. These were mostly the gods that had selected Chen Feng’s camp since the beginning, those believing in the potential of Chen Feng and his nature as a person. Unexpectedly, not long had passed before something like this happened. In addition to these gods, there was an even larger number of gods merely watching on coldly and indifferently. “If it is the Night God, he might succeed.”
“True, he is already infinitely close to being a major god. If he erupts with a sneak attack, his attack strength will be amplified by several times. With Chen Feng having only recently broken through to the major god stage… Hehe.”
A lot of gods merely watched on. Some wanted to help but couldn’t make it in time. Some could help Chen Feng but did not want to. And thus, before many pairs of eyes, the Night God streaked straight toward Chen Feng with a horrifying and overwhelming momentum.

And yet, beyond all their expectations, Chen Feng was still expressionless. He looked at the dark streak coldly. At this instant, his eyes began to radiate with a suffocating radiance. Next, from one of his eyes, a bright and powerful major god’s godly power surged out, profound and enigmatic. From his other eye, a black and surging major god’s godly power surged out, dark and sinister.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone, one bright and the other dark. The streak that was the Night God neared Chen Feng, yet it was precisely under this high-speed movement that an expression of utter terror appeared on his face as his entire body transformed into ash and scattered in the air. The ashes waffled about around Chen Feng. The Night God was nowhere to be seen.

All the gods’ hearts jolted. Some had already guessed that the Night God might not be Chen Feng’s opponent. However, none of them had expected this to be the result of their collision. Chen Feng’s eyes, and the power he had unleashed… The various gods gulped. So this was Chen Feng’s actual strength?

“Any other challengers?” Chen Feng asked indifferently. The hearts of the various gods chilled. Not a single one dared to answer him.

“Very good. Let us stop here then.” He stood up, surrounded by a boundless power of faith. All the gods waited deferentially upon Chen Feng as he departed. They were all clear that with this, no more gods would dare challenge Chen Feng. There were no longer any gods capable of stopping Chen Feng. With such a massive number of believers, Chen Feng would grow at an incredibly horrifying speed. As of this moment, Chen Feng’s position was unshakable. He, Chen Feng, was now the new god-king.
This wondrous land had experienced the era of the Creation God, a chaotic era, and the era of Ye. Now, the era of Chen Feng had arrived. The next day, the details of the incident spread all over the world. All of humanity celebrated, and Chen Feng’s believer count grew sharply once again. With the fusion of the human world and this unique era, this new era had the largest population.

Chen Feng was the controller of this world, and the gods under him controlled their respective domains. Naturally, the bountiful humans were a slice of cake that no god dared mess with. And thus, the world returned to order in a short while and entered a prosperous era. In addition to Chen Feng, the various gods’ believers increased sharply as well. All the gods were growing.

It was rumored that even though only a few days had passed, some journeyman gods had already broken through to the major god stage. Even so, none of them dared to challenge Chen Feng. In all honesty, they were clear that even with their new strength, they could not have survived the Night God’s sneak attack.

As for Chen Feng, that attack was completely worthless before him. Even now, the two completely different powers that had erupted from his eyes caused the gods to suffocate whenever they thought about them. Moreover, they also faced a certain truth: if even they, with only their small number of believers, were able to grow so rapidly, what about Chen Feng, who had a huge number of believers?

They did not even dare to think about that. As such, not a single god was idiotic enough to try to challenge Chen Feng. This was the era of Chen Feng. His position was unshakable. Interestingly, due to Chen Feng’s existence, the humans became something of a unique existence. Everyone now knew that the humans had a noble identity, and numerous life-forms opted to assimilate into human society.

This included even some of the gods. And thus, human society became an enriched and colorful society. Because of this, even Stormtech Company joined in, creating numerous wristband devices that could accommodate the various life- forms and even the gods. These creations brought those country bumpkins quite the shock.
Evidently, they had never expected that even without using godly power, information and data could be transmitted and their strength could be managed. As of this moment, the entire world had entered a phase of rapid growth. Everyone’s strength was increasing rapidly. If this continued on, Chen Feng would be able to become as strong as Ye one day.

However, would he have sufficient time to grow? In the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was reading the latest report with a calm expression.

Even though he was already a god and the Sin God’s incredibly awesome-looking palace was available to him, Chen Feng preferred staying in the human world.

Chen  Feng  sighed.  “Is  there  still  no  news  about  that silhouette?” “Mhm.” Qin Hai shrugged. “He went missing after his battle with Ye. You can’t find him even with your godly power of luck?”
“Nope.” Chen Feng’s head ached. That fellow was too strong, to the point that even the godly power of luck didn’t work. However, he wasn’t exactly immune to the godly power of luck. Rather, he had used some method to put up a barrier to block it out. Chen Feng was completely incapable of locating him. Who exactly was that fellow?

Chen Feng was doubtful. “Was there such god during the Primordial Era?”
Qin Hai shrugged. “What we know is that the Forest Goddess does not know him.”
“The Misfortune Goddess has never heard of him either.” Chen Feng had a solemn expression. A mysterious existence known by no one even during the Primordial Era. Who exactly was this person? He had no idea. Could that person truly be a seed left behind by the Creation God? Chen Feng hoped that this wouldn’t be the case. He had no desire to see another one of his lies turn into reality.

Suddenly, Qin Hai asked, “Oh, right. Did you not say that you seemed to have forgotten about something? Might that be related to that fellow?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Most definitely. Previously, I was too weak and failed to notice. Now that I have my own godly power, I can sense the existence of that power. Now, if he tries to once again erase some of my memories, I will most definitely notice it.”
Chen Feng was confident.

“Mhm.” Qin Hai was in agreement. With Chen Feng’s present identity and his incredible number of believers, the growth of his strength was shocking. At present, Chen Feng himself was already a major god. If that person tried to do something to him now, he would definitely be noticed. “Get them to hasten the speed,”  Chen Feng said after some thought. “We must locate him as soon as possible.”
“Is there a need to find him this fast?” Qin Hai was curious. One ought to remember that the silhouette was truly quite strong. Back then, even the seriously injured Ye had been able to erupt with such terrifying strength. How about that person? In fact, finding him would not necessarily be a good thing. So what if they couldn’t find him?

He had merely hidden to lick his wounds. With the speed of Chen Feng’s growth, by the time the silhouette was done recovering, perhaps Chen Feng would already be as strong as Ye? At that time, the victor of their clash would no longer be a sure thing.

“Time is advantageous for us.” Qin Hai was sure of this. After all, that silhouette was not one they could afford to look down on.

“I know. However, I also know how terrifying he is.”  Chen Feng had a solemn expression. “If we find him now, if I can assure mutual destruction… even my death is a price I am willing to pay. But he has completely vanished… He is not stupid. If he truly didn’t have any backup plans, he would have appeared after I defeated Ye, since I was at my weakest then. Yet he did not appear then. Even if he didn’t receive the news on the day of Ye’s death, he must have received the news the
day after. However, he has not appeared. Day after day, I keep growing, yet he has completely vanished. What exactly is that fellow doing? What exactly is he planning? I don’t know. Nobody knows.”
As Qin Hai heard all this, his expression became solemn.
True… What exactly was that fellow doing?

Chapter 802: Awaiting Your Godhood

In outer space, that massive throne was still there, faintly discernible. Seated on the throne was the silhouette. He was presently in deep thought. Since his return from that incident, he had maintained this same expression, thinking about something unknown. This expression had lasted since the moment Ye died.

“You lose.”  The young lady poured a cup of coffee for him with a smile on her face.

“Is  that  so?”  He  sighed  softly.  When  his  gaze  once  again landed on that blue planet, Ye’s aura was already nowhere to be seen. In place was a bizarre aura that was spreading throughout the planet at a terrifying speed. That aura was unique to Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng…” the silhouette muttered. In his original plan, Chen Feng should already be dead. He had planned for so long just so he could fight it out with Ye. Unexpectedly, Ye had done something unexpected; the one to ascend had been that damnable Chen Feng. Since then, his plan had not progressed as he wished. Subsequently, he’d had a decisive battle with Ye. Based on his plan, he should have been able to kill Ye, gaining a dramatic increase in strength, at which point he would subjugate the entire world.

However, for some reason, both he and Ye had been mutually wounded instead. That this had happened was quite odd, as Ye, whose strength had dropped greatly due to the loss of his divine seat, should not have been that powerful.

“Did I underestimate Ye?”
He could not understand why he had failed to kill Ye in that battle. Nevertheless, it no longer mattered.
“Although some mishaps happened… Although this is completely different from my plan… However…” Suddenly, he laughed. “The general direction is still correct. Ye is dead and humanity is saved. Both of these are in accordance with my plan. Even if Chen Feng is still alive…”  He looked at his own body. “Even if I am a little injured…” To the side, the young lady merely glanced at him and smiled.

A little? Not quite. The injuries he had sustained from his battle with Ye were incredibly horrible.

Suddenly, the silhouette solemnly declared, “Regardless, my plan will not be affected by all this.”
He was extremely serious in this declaration, extremely firm in his belief.


To the side, the young lady continued smiling. She knew what his plan was. Here, she had a full view of each part of his plan. She also had knowledge of each of his abilities… His originally flawless plan had deviated thoroughly. He was merely unwilling to admit to that. He looked at the young lady. “I know what you want to say.
However, that is not how the success rate is calculated.”

He waved his hand. Countless streaks of light flashed past.

His present strength, Chen Feng’s present strength, the young lady beside him, that planet’s gods, the human believers, and his plan… everything…
Shua! Shua!

Light flickered as everything operated as he willed. One time, two times, three times, ten times, a hundred times, on and on this continued. Ultimately, 99% hovered before him. In the past, regardless of how he had deduced his success rate, it had remained 100%. No matter what he had done, his plan would have concluded flawlessly. The sole reason for that was his strength. Yet now, everything seemed to have changed, even though the difference was a mere 1%. So long as this probability existed, it was something that might happen. This was something he could not tolerate. As such, he had to kill Chen Feng.

“I refuse to believe this.”
He stood up.


He started deducing once again. This time, a new ability was used on top of his deduction.

A certain radiance spread out. Coldly, he said, “Luck Aura, activate!”

The powerful godly power of luck started operating, influencing every facet of his plan.

“This time, the success rate should be 100%, right…?”  he softly said. Alas, before he could even finish his sentence, the success rate appeared: 99%.

Still the same rate!

He frowned. “How is this possible?”
That damnable 1% was still there. Even his seemingly omnipotent godly power of luck had failed to erase that 1%.

“Why?” He had no idea. However, after giving it some deep thought, he laughed. At this moment, he suddenly recalled how, when he had first threaded his cultivation path, he had dared attempt even plans with a 30% success rate. With his boundless confidence and perseverance, he had succeeded in matters with only a 30% success rate.

This was his confidence. And now? The success rate was 99%. One could say that this was no different than 100%. Yet he was now lacking confidence? Why was that? Perhaps it was because it had been a while since he had last seen a success rate that was not 100%? It had been way too long since he had seen a different number. Therefore, he had panicked.

In truth, his success rate was still overwhelming even though he was presently weakened. That was because Chen Feng was too weak, as Chen Feng was nothing but a common god. Naturally, the basis for his success was him acting when the timing is right.

He was clear on the speed of Chen Feng’s growth. To be precise, he was all too clear on the workings of the human world. The faith the humans could provide was hard to even imagine. Therefore, between his recovery and Chen Feng’s growth, a balance had to be sought. This balancing point would precisely be the time for him to finally make his move. As such, even as the entire world entered a phase of rapid growth, he merely transmitted some orders to the faction under him on that planet. That was all he did thus far.

“Just  you  see.  I  will  succeed.”   Finally,  he  regained  his confidence as he looked at the young lady and declared, “And you… shall be my spokesperson! You will be my emissary! Naturally, for that you must first ascend to godhood.”
His original plan had been to have this young lady ascend to godhood. With the young lady’s ascension, she would serve him. With the young lady’s support, he would be a truly unparalleled existence. However, the speed of Chen Feng’s growth was too fast. As such, he had to first shelve this part of his plan, as there wasn’t enough time for that.

He spoke solemnly. “Your body came into shape from the superposition of time. You have the potential to ascend to godhood. Moreover, your potential is a godhood that has yet to appear thus far: the Time God! Do you know that in my heart, your potential surpasses even that of the Creation God and the Sin God? Even myself? Therefore, I want you to ascend.” “Is there enough time?” The young lady looked at the planet. “Chen Feng’s strength is improving rapidly. Can you even wait until my ascension is completed?”
In the original plan, the moment the young lady ascended would also have been the moment he assumed control of the entire world. However, they were still a ways off from that. There was nothing they could do about this. To become the Time God, the young lady had to contemplate time itself. This was something that could not be avoided. As far as he was concerned, waiting wasn’t much. He had been waiting for so many years. Two extra years of waiting was truly nothing.

That was because even if the young lady were not willing to ascend, her body would naturally contemplate time as time passed. But now, they seemed to be somewhat hard pressed for time. Would it be fine if he waited for a year or two until the young lady finally ascended to godhood? How strong would Chen Feng be at that time? None of them knew the answer to that question.

Even after 12 years, the Sin God had been unable to assume full control over humans. As for Chen Feng, he truly enjoyed the faith of all of humanity. That amount of faith was an absolutely terrifying amount. Therefore, this silhouette could not afford to wait. As time passed, the success rate would probably decrease further from the present 99%. And thus he had to make a move.

“A change in the plan. I will first kill Chen Feng and ascend, then I will wait for you to ascend.”

He stood up, seeming so very calm.

Chapter 803: The Missing Memory

In the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was quietly listening to a report.

“At present, the general situation is under control. With the assistance of gods and apostles, the unique power of this era of gods has been stabilized. With the assistance of the Stormtech Company, nearly all life-forms, including gods, are now equipped with a communicator wristband. All life-forms are now under our monitoring, guaranteeing a safe society and reliable members… Of course, some gods protested this monitoring. However, we used your name to shut them up. Please take a look at this.”

A shiny map appeared. On the map, the entire planet and all of the planet’s the life-forms were shown. All the gods were labeled with unique symbols. Whether they were minor gods or major gods, all details, including their numerous apostles, resonators, and so on, were labeled on this map. This map displayed the strength level of all life-forms. Perhaps the Genetic Union currently lacked formidable fighting prowess. However, they were sufficient to monitor the situation perfectly.

“This project was jointly launched by us—the Genetic Union, the Research Agency, and the Stormtech Company. We are indeed incapable of contending against the gods. However, we still need to know if they are safe for humanity or not. Naturally, to make this more acceptable for them, a higher level of authorization has been granted to the wristbands they are using, helping with numerous activities such as communication, the internet, and so on. This is it for now.” The Monitoring Department head finished his report.

“The next agenda is… the growth of strength.”
At this time, the representative from the Gene Production Association started speaking. “With the assistance of this era’s unique herbs and the gods proficient with vegetation, we have made a breakthrough in our research. Gene reagent production has improved greatly. The reagents are now useful for all non- god life-forms, even including apostles. Naturally, the reagents are presently ineffective on gods. However, we are certain that along with the growth of our gene research, a day will come when we can even increase the strength of gods through reagents.”
“Talk less nonsense,” someone interrupted him.

“Fine.”     The   representative   of   the   Gene   Production Association shrugged. “I shall stop talking about what we dream of accomplishing for now. At present, the average strength of humanity has fully entered the resonance realm. With Chen Feng’s return, humanity, which had previously averaged level 1 resonance, grew rapidly. With the assistance of gene reagents, humanity was able to speedily stabilize their strength in and charge toward a higher realm. At present, there are even some who have entered the apostle realm.

“Naturally, there are only a few who have managed to enter the apostle realm. However, based on the data, in perhaps half a month, humanity will enter a phase of rapid growth. At that time, humanity as a whole will be infinitely close to the peak of the resonance realm. If any gods help, humanity will be able to easily enter the apostle realm.” The representative of the Gene Production Association got excited as he talked about this. After all, the apostle realm was so near to godhood. Humanity had used 12 years to grow their average strength from A class to the peak of the awakened realm. Even the Sin God hadn’t had a way of increasing this
speed. Yet with Chen Feng’s guidance, humanity had been able
to grow at an ultra-high speed.

From the peak awakened realm to the apostle realm, only two or three months had been required. The mere thought of this was sufficient to drive one crazy. After all, the human world was in the Genetic Era, and as far as all the gods were concerned, this was excellent news. Every single apostle signified growth to the gods. As for the sheer quantity of humans, the mere thought of their population caused the gods to tremble in excitement.

Even though 80% of humans were believers of Chen Feng, the remaining 20% was sufficient to drive the gods crazy with joy. This was the truth.

“Splendid.” Chen Feng was very satisfied with the present growth of this world. However, most of his attention was focused on a certain unique department. This was the Outer Space Department, a department formed by Chen Feng himself to search outer space for any trails or clues.

The head of the Outer Space Department smiled bitterly. “Sorry. We have gathered nothing.”
What needed to be reported had long since been reported. In this period of time, no new information had been obtained.

“We have been searching all the news related to outer space; no abnormalities have been found. We even sent some spaceships out, yet nothing out of place has been found. Everything seems to be consistent with the reported data.”
The Outer Space Department was ashamed of their lack of progress. Everyone else seemed to be reporting good news. Only his department had nothing to report.

“Okay.” Chen Feng wasn’t surprised. After all, outer space was the domain of that silhouette…
In any case, that fellow had influenced even a part of his memory. How was it possible for these humans to have not received something similar? Mhm… Suddenly, Chen Feng paused as he thought of this. Memory? His memory had indeed been influenced. However, after his growth in strength, that effect had seemingly weakened and he had even subsequently gotten rid of it completely. His memory of what had happened was supposed to be complete now. And after getting rid of the influence on his memory, spaceships were still being sent to outer space without stop. So…
“Send me all of the various space companies’  data,”  Chen Feng said.

“All right.” The Outer Space Department did as they’d been told.

Shua! A screen flashed, and Chen Feng instantly looked over. Those he clearly remembered having entered outer space were left out of this report. Not only had they vanished from the data, but they had even gone missing from the memories of these people. Why? Had all their memories been erased one by one?
That did not seem likely.

In this era, news spread at a terrifying speed. If one wanted to erase these memories one by one, it would be impossible even for a god. Therefore, there was only one possibility: the memory erasure was not used on individual memories. Rather, the erasure worked on events as a whole.

For example, the A48 Company, which Chen Feng remembered was the final company to have sent a spaceship out. A48 had been an entertainment company, and the boss of this company had gone to outer space in excitement with 48 girls. As for what he had been planning to do once he reached outer space, it was no longer important, as this company had vanished from everyone’s memories. Even their families forgot about the existence of this missing company.

The wiped memories did not pertain to only those individuals. The entirety of that company had been erased. “In short, this is how the companies that went to outer space went missing?” Chen Feng guessed. They had encountered that fellow after reaching outer space and been directly eliminated. This elimination was not a physical one, as all traces of their existence were completely eliminated as well. If that was truly the case, things were explainable.

However… Chen Feng frowned, as he kept feeling that something was wrong somewhere, though he couldn’t figure out what it was.

He had even tried searching with his Luck Aura, yet he had found nothing. This was truly quite weird. One ought to know that his Luck Aura had worked even against Ye. How could it have no effect now? Something seemed wrong. Chen Feng sank into deep contemplation.

Tap. Tap.

His fingers tapped on the conference table slowly. The higher-ups around the table did not dare make the slightest noise while Chen Feng was deep in thought. With his brows furrowed, Chen Feng contemplated. Suddenly, he loosened his brows as he finally thought of a crucial point: influence.
Indeed, that existence had erased all the companies. The members of those company, everything that had happened in them, all of the companies’ influence on the world, and all the memories regarding them had vanished, not leaving any traces behind. However, had this company existed? Yes. Before that existence erased them, they had indeed existed.

Even though this company had completely vanished from everyone’s memories, interestingly, the company had indeed existed once. For example, if that existence had done his magic at 12 o’clock on a certain day, prior to that, the company had indeed existed. This fact would remain even if, one second after 12 o’clock, everything became nonexistent.

“I see.”
Finally, Chen Feng understood. This new discovery was of utmost importance. That was because if one was truly erased, the truth would never be found. However, if this was the way their existences were being erased…

Chapter 804: Investigating


Chen Feng vanished just like that, leaving behind a bunch of confused humans. On a certain mountain range, Chen Feng reappeared. The moment he appeared, he saw an odd-looking person howling at a certain mirror. “Am I handsome!? You dare claim that I am not handsome?”
This fellow…
Chen Feng grabbed Kong Bai.

Chen Feng sighed. “Why do you fight with a mirror every day?”
Kong Bai sneered. “Hmph. The moment this fellow gained consciousness, he started going online. After spending some time online, he became good at arguing, and he argues with me every single day. A day will come when I destroy him.” Chen Feng: “…”
“What are you doing here?” Kong Bai was curious. “Are you here because you missed me?”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “Piss off. I need your help with something.”
“My power has been sealed,” Kong Bai said seriously. He had truly been sealed. The reason for that was the many hurdles this world had gone through to finally reaching this peaceful era. If he were to continue transmigrating through time and ended up changing history, it might result in an effect that might transform this era or even resurrect Ye. That would be quite a disaster.

That might very well happen. The time traveler did not even need to meet Ye face to face. A thought or an aura or Ye sensing the existence of that time traveler might result in a butterfly effect that changed the future, replacing the current timeline with a new one. This was something Kong Bai was extremely clear about. He even wondered if everything he had done was what had caused everything that had happened. Perhaps if he hadn’t been transmigrating through time, everything that had happened wouldn’t have happened. For example, if they hadn’t reached the Twin Horns World in the first place, they might not have the coordinates of that world even now. As such, the subsequent incident involving Ye might never have happened.

This was quite a fragile situation. Since the Creation God had planned everything, if Kong Bai altered history even the slightest bit, something major might result, to the extent that perhaps humans might never have come into existence in the first place.

Kong Bai was truly rejoicing the fact that he hadn’t done much when he had transmigrated through time. Else, nobody could guess what the world would have been like they returned.

“I can’t transmigrate anymore,” Kong Bai said with a sigh. He couldn’t do it anymore, even with the assistance of luck. “I can feel that with each transmigration, the price will grow heavier. As for the price, this world will be the one to bear it. It would still be fine if my transmigration only involved the genetic era, as that era was comparatively weaker. But if it involves this new era…”
Kong Bai smiled bitterly. In this unique era where gods and genes were combined, a single transmigration could result in a huge price. And if he accidentally changed the timeline or if he wanted to amend it… the mere thought of the price that would need to be paid caused him to tremble. This did not only apply to matters pertaining to Ye. Any part of history that was altered would be a price none of them could bear.

“In the previous Genetic Era, we were able to transmigrate freely because the people of that era were too weak. Then the primordial descended, making transmigration difficult. Now, in this brand new Gods Era, any part of the transmigration process might get detected at any time. Perhaps Ye will be the one to detect it, or that existence will be the one. Or perhaps… a certain god will capture or charm me, forcing me to work for them. What would happen then? What if I am forced to transmigrate through time to change history or rescue some forbidden item or existence? I would be completely helpless against such a thing. Therefore, I sealed off my power,” Kong Bai said solemnly. He knew what he was doing. This was a cost he had to pay. He was not the Time God, nor was he the Space God. His very act of transmigration was just a unique genetic ability in the Genetic Era. With such an ability, if he dared transmigrate in this era filled with gods, it would be no different than dancing
on the edge of a sword. And thus, he had made the correct

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “Do you regret it?”
“No.” This was the very first time Kong Bai was so serious.

“What if you only use your ability to go and take a look?” Chen Feng said with a smile. “Your ability is too valuable. Since it is so powerful, it induces fear among others. What if you weaken the effect? Perhaps just use it to see the past and future?”
“But my transmigration is random,” Kong Bai said with a blank expression. “With me here, it will not be random.” With a smile, Chen Feng continued, “Remove part of the transmigration ability to ensure that whatever is seen with this ability remains irreversible, getting rid of your ability to meddle in past or future events. Perhaps this is the true essence of your ability.”
As Kong Bai heard this, his heart thumped. True. If he only observed rather than partook in events…

His eyes started radiating an intense light.


Instantly, a certain ability within him was destroyed before coming together again to form a brand new ability. With this, his transmigration ability was officially gone. Chen Feng grumbled. “So it turns out you only sealed it. You were still secretly keeping the ability?”
“It was a moment of indecisiveness,”  Kong Bai said with a laugh. After all, this ability had been with him for too long. He had naturally been reluctant to part with it just like that. This was also why he had been rather moody the past two days. He had been incapable of making a decision. Now that Chen Feng had given him an even better option, he naturally gave up on the transmigration ability. This new ability was only a portion of what the transmigration was capable of. As such, one could say that he had effectively castrated his transmigration ability.

“So what do you want to see?”  Kong Bai could guess Chen Feng’s motive here.

“Look at the past,”  Chen Feng said with a smile. “Look at something interesting.”
Kong Bai nodded. “Okay.”
Shua! Instantly, the two entered the void of transmigration. The ability was activated. Different from the past, this time, shrouding the world they had transmigrated to was a certain dusky layer that ensured they could only observe and would not be able to meddle with the world’s affairs, nor could their
physical bodies truly arrive in this world. Naturally, this act of
observing would not attract the attention of the various gods.

If this were a regular transmigration… Mhm… Chen Feng was sure that the instant they arrived, Ye or that silhouette would have detected them immediately. Regardless of the past Ye or the present silhouette, both were capable of this.

“What do we need to see?” Kong Bai asked.

“Myself.”  Chen Feng smiled. “I am getting old. Therefore, I keep feeling nostalgic, wanting to revisit my past.”
“…” Kong Bai rolled his eyes. To hell with getting old. How old was this Chen Feng? He was only in his twenties, yet had already reached this height. Getting old? Come on, he did not even have a wife yet… Huh?

As Kong Bai’s thoughts reached this point…
The scene before them changed. Next, a certain scene appeared before them. It was a scene of Chen Feng taking a stroll hand in hand with a certain girl. On his face was a faint smile, a hint of shyness, and a hint of joy.

“Huh? You actually have a girlfriend?” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. “Awesome. When are you going to get me one?”
“Yeah.”   Chen  Feng  watched  on,  all  smiles.  “I  am  truly curious about this as well…”
Kong Bai’s eyes went wide with shock. “What?” Chen Feng was curious about this girl as well? He looked at Chen Feng’s indifferent expression. Suddenly, his heart leaped. In short… Chen Feng had forgotten about this girl? Even scarier was the fact that Kong Bai himself had no recollection of this girl! “Interesting, isn’t it?” The smile never left Chen Feng’s face. “A certain influence noiselessly vanished. However, it does not matter. At present, it is slowly unfolding before our eyes. A certain thing is about to reveal itself.”

Chapter 805: The Terrifying Truth

Within the scene, the events between Chen Feng and the young lady played one after another. From when they first met to when they finally fell in love with each other, slowly but surely, this young lady was imprinted upon Chen Feng’s heart.

“Wang Yao…”
Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Why did the memories about you suddenly go missing? Why did you suddenly go missing? Could it be…

The feeling known as fear suddenly surfaced. Those companies had all died, all traces of their existence vanishing with them. What of Wang Yao?

Kong Bai seemed to have realized something as well. “Chen Feng?” Chen   Feng   maintained   a   calm   expression.   “Continue watching.”
Kong Bai nodded. “All right.”

The scene continued. The story of Chen Feng and Wang Yao continued. Both of them had their respective missions and goals. They were both sufficiently powerful, and thus, no problems ever emerged. This continued until one day when some companies vanished. These were the companies that had dispatched spaceships to outer space.

It was also at that moment that the memories of the masses were influenced. Nobody else seemed to really remember the missing companies. The only exception was Wang Yao, who remembered everything clearly.

One, two… and slowly, more and more companies vanished. In everyone’s memories, only a couple companies had gone missing. However, Wang Yao knew that several dozen companies had actually gone missing. At one point, the missing companies surpassed a hundred. And thus, she decided to investigate this abnormality.

“It is too dangerous for you to go.”
“I know.”
“Let me go with you.”
“No, you are still needed here. Going to outer space will take too much time.”
“Then get someone else to go.”
“I can’t. They will lose their memories as well.”
“…Fine, how about this.” Chen Feng decided to compromise. “Let me open a case with the Genetic Union and deploy the strongest genetic warriors to go together with you. With all of you going together, I won’t worry as much.”
“Okay.” Wang Yao agreed with his proposal even though she herself was the strongest. Finally, she departed with the squad. She had to go, as she was the only one capable of keeping her memories intact. Thus, the squad was led by Wang Yao. Chen Feng had absolute faith in her.

He was clear that his memories regarding these events were getting blurry as well. As such, he knew that this was something that had to be investigated. However, he had never expected that after Wang Yao’s departure, his memories regarding this would gradually vanish as well. Slowly, he even forgot about Wang Yao’s existence.

Chen Feng watched on silently, somewhat spellbound. Kong Bai wanted to comfort him but did not know what to say.

Shua! His Luck Aura operated and told Chen Feng the truth: Wang Yao was still alive. Due to that existence, his Luck Aura was incapable of determining Wang Yao’s location or obtaining any specific information about her. However, Luck Aura indeed confirmed that Wang Yao was still alive. So long as she was alive, everything was fine.

Chen Feng’s gaze intensified. So long as she was still alive, there was still hope.

Outer space?

His gaze shone with murderous intent as he thought of this. Everything he had, he had obtained from nothing, ultimately killing even the Sin God. Would he be afraid of this fellow? What he needed to find out now was that fellow’s identity.


Once again, he focused his gaze on the scene. “Continue playing. I want to know everything,”  Chen Feng said with a cold gaze.

Kong Bai was as shocked as Chen Feng by what they saw next. So it turned out that the mysterious existence had even learned to make use of the companies and organizations of the human world to serve as his very own faction? He was too intelligent and scary. When facing the primordial existences, who would have guessed that the companies created by humanity would become this fellow’s tools? Unfortunately, they were unable to see much.

Kong Bai shook his head. “There’s nothing else to see.” What they saw could only prove that the disappearance of the various companies might be related to that existence. How were they related was unknown.

Chen  Feng  discovered  an  abnormality.  “Something  seems odd.” Kong Bai frowned. “I feel the same.” Everything seemed to be progressing too smoothly. After Wang Yao led a team to investigate, something happened. In short, this was the progression: Initially, they were of the opinion that accidents were the cause of all the disappearances. As such, they went
ahead to investigate. Unexpectedly, they encountered an extremely powerful existence surpassing all beings. And thus, they all perished. This seemed to be a logical progression. However, they couldn’t shake off the feeling that something wasn’t right.

Suddenly,  Chen  Feng  asked,  “The  entire  team  similarly vanished abruptly, right?”
“Yes.” Kong Bai was sure of this.

“If so… they must have used the communicator prior to disappearing, right? They would have been maintaining contact with the people of the Genetic Union as well, right? Even though everyone’s memories regarding them slowly vanished after they went missing, prior to that, they were absolutely communicating with the Genetic Union, right?” Slowly, Chen Feng’s line of thought became clearer and clearer.

“That’s  right,”  Kong  Bai  confirmed.  Outer  space  was  too dangerous, after all. As such, they had maintained communication at all times with those on the planet. For this expedition, the Stormtech Company had even opened up a special communication channel for them. They had been able to broadcast their entire journey without stop. Everything should have been recorded.

Chen Feng was extremely satisfied with this answer. “Very good. I want all that data, all of it.”
“Understood.” Kong Bai understood clearly. That’s right. All those people had vanished, as had all the memories about them had vanished. However, whatever had happened prior to their disappearance should still be preserved in the form of data. By investigating the data, they could very well find out what exactly Wang Yao’s team had encountered before their disappearance. Perhaps they could get a glimpse of the culprit as well. Shua!

The scene moved again. Rapidly, it rewound to the time before their disappearance at the Genetic Union.

“Has Wang Yao’s team departed?”
“Has the real-time connection been established?”
With the assistance of the Stormtech Company, a perfect connection had been established that would guarantee a flawless connection at all times. However, the instant Wang Yao’s team left the atmosphere, the communication equipment and screens vanished. “What’s going on?”
“No idea. Seems like everything has been influenced by something…”
“Damn it.”
“Tell them to return immediately. The connection can’t be maintained anymore.”
“We can’t contact them anymore.”
Everyone was going crazy. Just as they were about to send someone to bring Wang Yao’s team back by force, suddenly, a boom resounded within all their minds. And then they forgot everything.

“We…” A blank expression was plastered on all their faces.

Their communicators buzzed, updating them of a certain catastrophic event happening somewhere that required their support.

“Quick, something happened.”
“Let’s go.”
And just like that, they busied themselves with the emergency request. As for Wang Yao and her companions, they were cleanly forgotten.

… Chen Feng and Kong Bai watched on silently. Everything seemed to be progressing logically, yet they still had an odd feeling, as if something wasn’t right.

“Since   everything   vanished   the   instant   they   left   the atmosphere, replay the scene from Wang Yao’s side.”

Kong Bai began operating his ability.

Kong Bai frowned. “Wang Yao was influenced by some unique ability. I am unable to detect her.”
In fact, each time he had found Wang Yao previously, it had been through the memories of Chen Feng or others. As Wang Yao was alive, a unique power shielded her from his detection.

“In that case, detect Wang Yao’s team members,” Chen Feng said after giving it some thought. “All right.” Kong Bai tried to detect them. Alas… he failed. Some unique power seemed to be influencing those people, to the point that his powerful new ability and Chen Feng’s Luck Aura failed to detect even Wang Yao’s team members. They both exchanged glances, immediately realizing what the
problem was. Those team members had been specifically shielded as well.

“Are they all still alive?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “Dead.”
“If they are already dead, why are they still being shielded? The only way this scenario can happen is if the culprit is intentionally deploying the shield,” Kong Bai said with a sneer.

“How about their communicators?”  Chen Feng asked. As a human of the Genetic Era, it was impossible for there to be no data pertaining to those people.

“Let me take a look.” Kong Bai started investigating.


The scene jumped around. The data they were searching for finally appeared. Alas, it was completely blank. Before and after, everything was gone.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “I don’t enjoy this feeling. I feel like whatever we do, the opponent is always ahead of us.”
“I have the same feeling as well,” Kong Bai agreed.

Suddenly,  Chen  Feng  smiled.  “Unfortunately  for  him, everything is too flawless.”
Kong  Bai  smiled  as  well.  “Yeah.  He  cleaned  up  too thoroughly.” What if…
If they hadn’t come back into the past to investigate this, hadn’t found out about Wang Yao and her team members, hadn’t found their memories, hadn’t found any news or data about them, they wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong. The only thing they would have felt was fear toward this unknown enemy, fear toward his prowess, which left them with no chances.

However, this was the past, and they had arrived here via Kong Bai’s ability. And yet in the past, at a point in time even before Wang Yao’s team disappeared, their data was already no more. Why? What was the single inconsistency here? The answer was very simple. Someone had deleted everything about them.

This was quite an interesting clue. Because the opponent had cleaned things up too thoroughly, he had instead revealed quite a number of things. And thus, Kong Bai was able to keep investigating until they reach the origin of all this. Truthfully, investigating the truth by going back in time was extremely simple. So simple that they did not even dare to believe the truth they uncovered. And when they found out the truth, all their questions were answered.

So it is actually you?

What primordial powerhouse? What god from antiquity? No, it was none of those. The mastermind, the culprit behind everything, the one plotting everything to reach this step was actually a mere human, a human everyone knew!

Chapter 806: The Return of a King

The Genetic Union.

This era was rather unique. At the very least, that was the case for the majority of the people of this era. What made this era unique was the birth of a youth with astonishing talent. He was merely 14 years old yet was already being lauded as a rising star. He was the future of humanity.

However, no one considered that this responsibility might be too heavy for the shoulders of a youth. He was only 14 years old, his prime age. He was infatuated with the young missy that sold flowers. Her smile looked exceptionally good, like that of a fairy that had descended upon the mortal realm. This beautiful smile was carved deeply in the dreamlike part of the youth’s memories.

On a certain day, the youth finally gathered enough courage to go to the little missy. “Missy, I want a flower.”
The young missy smiled an extremely captivating smile. “Little Yuan is here? Tell me, which little girl do you fancy?” She naturally knew who this youth was. He was the proud chosen of the Genetic Union, which was just opposite where she sold her flowers. He was the pride of humanity, a child well liked.

“I…  I want a flower,”  Little Yuan repeated, his face flushed red.

“Okay, okay.” The young missy picked the prettiest of the flowers she had. “Here, you can have it for free.”
Little Yuan shook his head. “No, that won’t do. I must pay for this.”
He settled the bill solemnly, as if they were complete strangers.

“Oh.” The young missy appeared somewhat disappointed. “Ten yuan.” “Mhm.” Little Yuan paid. Next, after a slight pause, he passed the flower to the young missy with his face flushed red. “I… My gift to you.”
The young missy blanked as she looked at the blushing youth with a serious expression before her. Suddenly, she laughed. This was a very happy laugh, as if this was the finest moment of her entire life. Next, things seemed to progress smoothly, the way such things should.

Every single day, Little Yuan visited the young missy. He became stronger and stronger, his confidence growing by the day, and his looks improved as well. On the various news channels, his news would not stop being reported. He was given numerous titles, such as Rising Star, Future’s Seed, Legendary King, and so on. In fact, he had long become numb to all these.

From his birth, nobody had been capable of competing against him. Everyone else was too weak, or he was too strong. He had seemingly entered the elitist circle of humanity with a single step. As for those about as strong as him, they were all of the senior generation, much older than even his father.
As such, he was confident that there was nothing he couldn’t do. Naturally, he was also extremely intelligent. He was aware that the source of everything he possessed was his strength. As such, he was extremely serious; he never stopped cultivating. Even though he spent time going out on dates with the young missy every single day, he never neglected his cultivation.

In fact, this young missy had served as motivation, making him even stronger. He knew that in order to protect this young missy, he would have to forever remain at the top. He could not allow anyone to surpass him.
Years passed, and he was now a legend. Even those seniors 20 or 30 years older than him were officially defeated by him, making him the undisputed number one youth of this era. At that time, he was only 16 years old. At that moment, he faithfully believed that nothing was impossible for him. This faith lasted until a certain day. On that day, his family suddenly told him that it was time for him to get engaged. His bride-to- be was a person with a similarly powerful background. She was the young lady of a certain family. Only this would allow the youth to reach even higher heights.

“Why?” He could not accept such an arranged marriage.

“You are the future of humanity…” his father calmly explained. “You have enjoyed a huge amount of the resources humanity has to offer. It is only natural that there will be a price for that. In the past, you were still young. As such, we did not get involved in your relationships. But now that you have grown, you should start taking note of your relationships.”
He knew what his father was getting at. That young missy… He probably wouldn’t be able to see her much in the future.

“Why?” He still couldn’t accept this.

“You are extremely talented. However, I am sorry to say that our family is too weak.”  His father sighed. “As such, if you want to be the master of humanity, if you want to be the president of the Genetic Union, you have to establish an alliance with that family. Only with their assistance will you have any hope of achieving all this. Otherwise, you might be suppressed by those at the top.”
“I don’t care!”  The youth was filled with confidence. “Give me 10 years. I will surpass every living human in existence.”
His father sighed. “You won’t have those 10 years. This is not an easy path. Don’t you enjoy watching TV series with ancient settings? Do you not feel like this path is quite similar to the fights over the emperor’s throne depicted in those TV series?”
These words resounded heavily in the youth’s mind. Fight over the throne… True. This was the Genetic Union they were talking about. This organization surpassed all companies, organizations, factions, and families. Would the presidency of such an organization be something nobody would covet? Would everyone give way and allow him to step on the throne just because of his talent?

Evidently, that would not happen. This path would be drenched in blood. From the day the youth first exhibited his talent to the world, he no longer a way out of this fight. “I know you like that young missy. It doesn’t matter. In fact, we have always known of your relationship with her. None of us will stop you. You will be too strong in the future. As such, nobody is willing to offend you just for this. However, we hope you can somewhat control yourself. Two years will be
sufficient. In the future, when you finally become the master of the Genetic Union, you can take her as your wife if you wish to. Nobody will be able to stop you. At that time, you will finally be able to protect her properly. Otherwise, do you think that your opponents on this bloody path will let her off easily?”
His father spoke earnestly. That night, his father told him many things. About women, about maturity, about the future, and about responsibility. Ultimately, the youth compromised. He accepted the best choice his father had made for him. He also told the young missy this. They broke up.

With an exceptionally calm expression, the young missy walked away. The youth told her that the day would come when he married her. He would most definitely reach a higher height, a height such that nobody could stop what he wanted to do. After reaching that height, he would return to take her as his wife. The young missy merely smiled in response, not saying anything. This one smile caused panic to surface in the youth’s heart. On the next day, the youth received a certain piece of news. That young missy, who had always seemed to have a smile on her face, had committed suicide in her own house.
The youth went crazy when he heard this.

He tried to rush out of his house like a madman. However, he was stopped by his family members. This resulted in him failing to even see her one last time. Subsequently, she was cremated. The young missy, akin to a blooming flower, had now turned to dust. The youth realized that he had made the wrong choice. He had no interest in becoming the president. He had no interest in surpassing all of humanity. He only wanted to see her.

“You can’t go. You are the legend of humanity. You are the future of our family. Everyone is paying attention to you, waiting for you to do something wrong. By going to her, you will ruin your own future. Therefore, you can’t go.”
Everyone tried to stop him. Everyone wanted the best for him. And thus, he did something that shocked everyone: he crippled himself. That’s right. He crippled all his power. This alarmed everyone. And thus, he left his house. Nobody bothered to stop him now, there was no longer any need to do so. Staggering along, he ran over to her. The only thing he could see was a grave, and on the gravestone was a crude black-and-white
photograph of the young missy with her signature sweet smile.


He knelt in front of the grave for a very long time. Nobody cared about him. Nobody bothered him. Even his rivals stopped disturbing him, as he was no longer worth their time. He was now nothing but a cripple.

Near the grave, he erected a hut. He resided there, accompanied by wind and rain. He had every intention to spend his remaining life there. This life lasted until a certain day when he heard of something. Something he wasn’t supposed to know about.

Perhaps this was something his ex-rivals intentionally leaked to him. Or perhaps it had been leaked to him for some other reason. This thing he should never have known about was regarding the death of that young missy. Her death might have been related to some people.
They had not harmed her in any way. They had merely sought her out and talked to her. The content of their conversation was unknown. However, after the conversation, the young missy committed suicide. This was obviously something that his family members, who had always been monitoring that young missy, should have noticed. And yet… why hadn’t they done anything about it?

The youth laughed suddenly. He knew that even though his family had always disliked that young missy, they nevertheless would not have done anything to her. However, if an enemy was making a move on her, there wouldn’t have been any need for them to rescue her, right?

So… this was the truth. His family, the alliance, and his rivals…
Those big shots, those important figures, had forced an innocent young lady to her death. Oh, right, he was partly responsible for her death as well. That night, the youth laughed alone for a long time. He also cried alone for a long time. Finally, he left the hut.

“All right, this is where the story ends,” an old man told the children before him.”
“What happened next?” a young girl asked, tears welling in her eyes.

“Next?”  The old man’s gaze became filled with reverence. “He started his path of cultivation once again. However, since he had once crippled himself, he was extremely weak. His strength was weak, as were his fused abilities were weak. However, none of it mattered. A genius is still a genius. He ultimately established the greatest company in this world. Even though he is not the Genetic Union president, he is still an extremely grand existence.”
“Wow.” “The greatest company? Have we heard of this company?” the girls asked in excitement.

“Of course.”  The old man pointed at the devices on their wrists. “Turn it around.”
The girls turned their wristbands over curiously. With astonishment, they found that no matter what edition of the wristband they wore, several metallic words were carved there: Stormtech – Luo Yuan.

“So he is actually…”
The young girls were all alarmed. Luo Yuan! So that legendary youth was actually Luo Yuan?

“How… about that young missy? Is this over for her just like that?” someone asked, somewhat unwilling to accept the young missy’s fate. Even the Luo Family had benefited from the rise of Luo Yuan in the end. That young missy had been the only sacrifice. Was this even right?

“Of course not.”  The old man smiled. “He told me that the day will come that he returns.”
A girl sighed. “Returns? It is already the era of the gods. Even if he returns, will he amount to anything?”
“Yes, he will.”  The old man gazed up at the sky. There, a meteor seemed to be streaking past.

“He  will  return.  After  all…  he  is  a  legend,”  the  old  man muttered. Suddenly, the wristbands buzzed.

Everyone looked at their wristbands. Even those not wearing their wristbands rushed to put their wristbands on, curious to know what was going on. On the screen, only a short sentence could be seen. “I am back – Luo Yuan.”
What did this mean? Everyone blanked. And yet, right at this instant, everyone’s wrist started to hurt.


A certain power seemed to have instantly permeated into all the wearer’s bodies. With this, the wristbands that one could take off at any time were locked to the wearers’ bodies. Nobody could take their wristbands off. Now, the wristband was part of their body.


In the sky, that shiny meteor suddenly intensified and became clear for all to see. It turned out to be a silhouette. A silhouette that those of the elder generation were incomparably familiar with. It was him. Countless people were alarmed. They thought of something and wanted to stand up. Alas, it was at this instant that an immense power surged out of their wrists. At this instant, the numerous life-forms all knelt down at the same time, as if they were welcoming his return  with  reverence.  In  the  sky,  that  “meteor”  appeared incomparably resplendent.

“You have returned,”  the old man said, fanatical devotion clear in his eyes. He was clear that this was the moment, the return of a king.

Chapter 807: What Exactly Are You Trying to Do?

In the human world, the various gods were looking up at the sky. When that streak first flashed past, they merely looked over purely due to curiosity. Only when they felt the pain coming from their wrists did they become aware of what was going on.

“Damn it.”
“What’s happening?”
“I can’t move my hand anymore.”
“This communicator seems to have buried itself in my hand.”
The gods were alarmed. With shock, they found that even gods could not avoid this. Something had entered their bodies from the communicator and was spreading toward the internals of their body, controlling them. Plop.

The spread continued until, ultimately, all of them were kneeling on the ground, welcoming the arrival of that streak.

“Something is off about this communicator…”
“We are all under control now.”
The gods were furious. They had merely been curious about the communicators and thus had used them. Unexpectedly, the communicators were now their greatest weakness.


Some were extremely decisive, chopping their limbs off without hesitation before that power could spread. They would rather expend some energy to reconstruct their body than be controlled.

Shua! Shua!

Quite a number of gods did the same thing. Some of them hesitated somewhat, but during that short moment of hesitation, their bodies completely fell under the devices’ control. When they finally decided to chop their limbs off, they couldn’t do it anymore. A certain power was seemingly preventing them from doing so. This power had originated from the communicators.

“Ah ah ah ah…”
“What exactly is this thing?”
“I don’t know.”
“Damn it. Such a power actually exists?” They were all fearful and angry at the same time. Nobody was sure if such a controlling power existed for real. Even if it existed, it should be filled with weaknesses. The stronger the controlling power, the greater the limitations should be. Unfortunately, they had voluntarily delivered themselves to
the devices.

“How could we have been so stupid?”
They looked at the wristbands they were wearing and could only smile bitterly. If they had known this earlier, they would never touch the humans’ communicators. However, who could have guessed that this would happen?

Not only the almighty gods. The ancients and various other races with intelligence were using variations of the wristband communicator as well.

These wristbands were all custom-made for them by the Stormtech Company. After Ye’s death, the entire world had entered a period of peace. As such, nearly all life-forms were now equipped with their own communicator wristbands. And now, nearly all of the life-forms here were kneeling down. This was kneeling in the truest sense, the type of kneel signifying the greatest submission. One could kneel down voluntarily or one could be forced by the communicator to kneel. Either way, it no longer mattered. Unlike the various life-forms that were all fearful, most of the humans were more confused than afraid. What exactly was going on?

Stormtech Company was a name nearly every human knew. Whenever there was a disaster, this company would be the first to appear to provide aid. As such, this was the company with the greatest reputation among humans. This was also the undisputed number-one technology company in the world.

And thus, the Genetic Union had accorded them the highest authority, and the Research Agency had supplied them with the greatest amount of resources. They had agreed tacitly that the Stormtech Company would be the next greatest faction of this world after them.

This company that had always been low profile, that had always treated everyone with sincerity, was liked by all. The communicator wristbands created by them had also benefited all of humanity. And yet the wristbands were in fact a trap? How was this possible? When they had felt the pain coming from their wrists, a vast majority of humans had assumed that it was merely some bug. They had merely thought that they should get a replacement from Stormtech Co.

This had lasted until they saw everyone else around them kneeling on the ground as well. Only then did they realized that something had happened. This was especially true when they   received   the   “I   have   returned”    message   on   their wristbands. Luo Yuan? Some humans who recalled what had happened in the past were now filled with fear. Could it be that he had not yet forgotten that incident?


The radiance surrounding the silhouette intensified. Every life-form raised their head, awaiting the arrival of that silhouette.

At this moment, when that immense silhouette entered the atmosphere and started his descent, his figure became clear. He was precisely Luo Yuan. “I am back,” he faintly said. With the communicator, this sentence was spread worldwide. Everyone’s heart throbbed. It was him, truly him!

“It’s actually him.”
The gods were all alarmed. They all recognized this person. It wasn’t that they recognized Luo Yuan. Rather, the aura of the silhouette from before was exactly the same as the aura this person was radiating. This was the aura of the person who had fought Ye to the point that both were gravely injured, the guy that had supposedly been left behind by the Creation God?

“Who exactly are you?”
“You are not the bright silhouette. The Creation God would not allow his subordinate to do something like this.”
The various gods were fearful. “Haha.” Luo Yuan laughed heartily. “Gods? Mere jokes.”

He raised his hand. Instantly, the few gods that had questioned him crumbled apart. A force of immense power seemed to have emerged from within their bodies, instantly enveloping the entirety of their bodies and destroying them. For a moment, every life-form was in a daze.

What he had just killed so easily with a casual wave of his hand were gods. How was that possible? The various gods were utterly shocked. It was at this moment that they realized how scary the wristbands stuck on them were. At the thought of this, their hearts felt heavy, filled with regret. If they had known this earlier, they would have severed their limbs and fled without hesitation.

Alas, it was too late. The gods were forced to submit. As for the various races, they were forced to submit as well. If even gods had submitted, what option did they have? And yet, it was at this moment that a roar sounded. An angry howl sounded from afar. “Luo Yuan!”
Luo Yuan looked over.

At this time, those that dared to howl at him would only be humans.

“What exactly are you trying to do?” This was what the Genetic Union president asked.

“Have you gone mad?” This was Research Agency chairman’s question.

“Do you want me to kneel as well?”  This was Luo Yuan’s father.

“I once told you.” The Genetic Union president looked at Luo Yuan and said, “I am not interested in the presidency. If you want it, you can have it at any time. You rejected my offer, yet now you come and do something like this. What exactly are you trying to do?”
He truly could not understand. Revenge? How? Destroying all of humanity? The president truly could not understand. Rather interestingly, back then in the old era, when the Genetic Era was still the strongest organization, he had obtained his position as the president for free. The various geniuses such as Luo Yuan and others had fought each other for it. Ultimately, some had died, some had been injured, and some had withdrawn. And just like that, this president had obtained the seat for no apparent reason. In fact, he had never had any interest whatsoever in the seat.

Chapter 808: Your Worldview Is Too Narrow

The  Research  Agency  chairman  sighed.  “The  things  that happened back then are already in the past. Those who erred have received their punishment. As for that person, he is long dead. What else do you want to do?” What happened back then was the tragedy of the era. A lot of people had erred. Subsequently, those people had paid a disastrous price. Luo Yuan had not even needed to do anything himself. Once he grew to an alarming height, the respective families of those culprits took the initiative to seize those people and drag them to Luo Yuan, forcing them to kneel before him and ask for forgiveness. They had declared that they would deal with those people.

Most of them were crippled, truly crippled. Since the young missy was dead and Luo Yuan had been crippled once, if they wanted to stay alive, they at the very least had to cripple everything they were capable of. And thus, that incident had come to an end with the elders forcing those people to cripple themselves.

Luo Yuan had agreed to that, and with a gentle smile on his face, he had watched on as those people crippled themselves. With that, the incident had been considered over and done with. Alas, nobody had expected Luo Yuan to actually have such ambition. In the wristbands he had created, he had left behind something terrifying. When the time was finally ripe, that thing had erupted and controlled everyone, including the

Why? What exactly was he trying to do? Nobody knew the answer. Was he making everyone kneel before him just for revenge?

Luo Yuan’s father looked at Luo Yuan coldly. “Do you want me to kneel to you as well?”
It was natural that his wristband hadn’t forced him to kneel. He did not care if all of humanity was threatened by Luo Yuan. He did not care if the gods were threatened by Luo Yuan. What angered him was the fact that something had appeared from his wristband and entered his body as well. His son was trying to gain control over his body as well?

This was not something he could put up with. His son was trying to control even him! The newcomers all rebuked Luo Yuan in anger.

The higher-ups of humanity were filled with anger. Evidently, they had never expected that after surviving the descent of the primordial and the awakening of the gods, they would now suffer under the hands of a fellow human. How lamentable. How hateful.

“Luo Yuan, give me an explanation.”
“What exactly do you want?”
“Do you truly feel so happy to have the world revolve around you?”
Numerous questions were being pushed forth. Luo Yuan maintained his silence. As for the various gods witnessing this scene, they were incomparably alarmed. Heavens, these humans dared to talk to him in such a manner? One ought to know that this person had been able to fight Ye to a standstill. The various gods remained kneeling, not daring to stand up. They could clearly feel a sense of anger bubbling up within Luo Yuan’s body. That terrifying aura was now on the verge of exploding.

“Enough!” Luo Yuan bellowed.

Plop! Plop!

One by one, the people questioning him knelt down.

Some of them howled in anger.

“Luo Yuan, you dare?”
“How audacious!”
“I am your third uncle!” “Without me, could your Stormtech Company have reached this height?”
“We should have eliminated you back then. What a thankless wretch.”
“Piss off!” said Luo Yuan, his eyes gleaming coldly.


He clenched his right fist. A terrifying power bloomed suddenly, and the old men shouting at him were instantly decimated, turning into dust, dying in body and soul.


The entire world lapsed into silence. A lot of them still had their mouths opened, ready to shout at Luo Yuan. Yet now, all of them stopped, covered in cold sweat. Looking at the ashen- faced Luo Yuan, they had finally realized that at present, their lives were within Luo Yuan’s grasp. Those that resisted him would surely die.

A lot of people trembled, unable to find anything to say. Should they continue scolding him? They did not wish to die. Right now, Luo Yuan did not seem like he would listen to reason.

Suddenly, Luo Yuan spoke. “It’s still the same.” He laughed a rather sinister laugh. “Exactly the same as back then. Back then, when forcing me to give up on her, this is how you people behaved. For my well being, for the future, for humanity…”
Luo Yuan laughed. “You people always come up with numerous reasons to give me, yet none of you have ever mentioned that what you people truly care about, what you guys want me to do is precisely for your own well-being as well…” “Hasn’t that incident been put to an end already?” someone asked with a sighed.

“Has it ended?” Luo Yuan found this funny. He spoke coldly. “When Stormtech Company matured, you people finally came to apologize. You made my rivals back in the day cripple themselves. Did you guys seriously believe that this could be considered an apology?”
One of the old men could not understand. “You yourself chose to forgive them back then. If you hadn’t actually forgiven them, why didn’t you kill them back then?” Back then when they dragged those people to Luo Yuan, they had been prepared for those people to die. However, Luo Yuan had not killed anyone. He had merely forgiven everyone with a smile on his face. Yet now he had reneged on his words?

Luo Yuan stared straight at them. “That is precisely the most lamentable part. Do you people know what was I reminded of when I saw the unyielding gazes of those forced to apologize to me?”
Everyone maintained their silence, not daring to answer. “They reminded me of myself.” Luo Yuan gazed at the starry sky. “We… were geniuses. Even though they were weaker than me, they were nevertheless still geniuses. Alas, people like us, our lives could never belong to us. We were nothing but puppets, puppets controlled by you old bastards. This applied to me as well as them. In fact, in the incident back then, they were not truly guilty. After all, everything we young geniuses did was under the guidance of you old geezers. What kind of authority did any of us have at that time? Thus, I never hated
them. The ones I hate are you people… and the system of human society as a whole!”
At this point, his gaze was filled with killing intent. Those people all lapsed into silence. So it turned out that the ones he hated were actually them? They shut their eyes, wondering if what they had done was indeed wrong.

“Do what you need to do, then.” One of them looked straight at Luo Yuan and said, “Since the system is what you hate, do it. There are way too many families and clans that have grown over the ages to an immense size. Only by completely destroying everything will this system truly collapse.” He was already prepared to die. He was of the opinion that since Luo Yuan was still angry, it would be fine if they allowed him to vent his anger. However, to his surprise, Luo Yuan merely laughed.

“Did you know? The era has changed. If this were still the Genetic Era, I would truly do that. Unfortunately, this is now the Gods’ Era.” A bizarre radiance flashed in Luo Yuan’s eyes as he uttered these words.

This was the era of the gods, an era filled with numerous wonders and miracles. Impossible tasks were now possible. His initial plan had indeed been to collapse the entire system, turning the entire world upside down. However, when his understanding of the world grew, when he found out about the Primordial Era, when he gained understanding of the era of the gods, he had started studying the so-called miracles, even though these miracles had always remained legends.

As he studied, his plan had slowly changed. Now, his plan was on the verge of completion.

Chapter 809: The Era of Luo Yuan

“You  want  to  resurrect  her?”   Luo  Yuan’s  father  asked. Perhaps, as Luo Yuan’s father, he understood his son the most. There was a saying that one’s first love would always be their most beautiful memory. However, when one caused one’s first love to die, that was unforgettable. His son had always kept that event dearly in his heart.

Resurrect a human? The gods exchanged glances when they heard this. For gods, resurrection was extremely normal. They were too powerful, to the point they couldn’t be killed. At most, they would fall into a deep slumber and awaken—one could say “resurrect”—sometime in the future. As such, they were very familiar with resurrection.

As for humans? Resurrection did not seem too possible. If the human had died recently, perhaps they might be able to save her or something. But a human that had died way back then, before the descent of the primordial, during the early Genetic Era? That… was too far in the past. That human had long since thoroughly died. Even with their mighty godly power, they would not be able to resurrect her. Oh, yeah, some people had time-traveling abilities. Perhaps if one traveled back to the past to rescue that young missy…
However, if that truly happened, how would the future, the present timeline, be affected? If that young missy had been rescued, the Luo Yuan from back then probably wouldn’t have crippled himself. The Stormtech Company that he had subsequently created probably wouldn’t have come into being. Would that Luo Yuan still have the undying will he had displayed?

This was a question nobody could answer. What about Ye?
Returning to the past, back before Ye’s death…
At present, Ye was indeed thoroughly dead. However, if one dared to travel through time as one wished and Ye somehow discovered the truth… It was quite terrifying to think about what he would do. That fellow’s strength… If they met once again, perhaps even Luo Yuan himself would not have complete confidence in surviving his onslaught. And if one was unlucky enough to directly encounter the Ye of the past, they would probably directly die. As such, did he truly intend to rescue that young missy from the past? Everyone looked at Luo Yuan.

Luo Yuan shook his head calmly. “No. Why would there be a need to rescue her? She does not belong to this era. All paths to the past have been sealed by me. It is no longer possible. From today onward, in this world, transmigration and time travel are impossible,” Luo Yuan coldly concluded, “regardless of the past or the future.”
“Then what do you want?” Luo Yuan’s father asked in a daze. He was of the belief that he knew his son well. Over the years, Luo Yuan had constantly been woken up by nightmares. Hadn’t each of his nightmares been about that young missy?

Had he not always wanted to return to that era, to once again return to the side of that young missy and make a different choice? Why… would he lock down all paths of time travel?

“Your insight is too narrow,” Luo Yuan said calmly. How could these idiots ever hope to understand his plan? He, Luo Yuan, had fought his entire life. Could it be merely to relive history? To return to that era he both loved and hated? How ridiculous.

“I am Luo Yuan,” he muttered.


He stood up, surrounded by boundless power. He stared into the distance. There, a certain god was standing and observing the happenings here. Yes, he was standing there rather than kneeling. This was one of the gods that had avoided his control by severing his own limb. However, he hadn’t left. Rather, he had stayed behind hoping to know the truth. Only when Luo Yuan’s gaze landed on him did his entire body turn cold.

Luo Yuan smiled. “You should have left.”
Shua! That god’s face fell. He immediately turned around to flee.
Alas, it was too late.


Luo Yuan flickered and reappeared behind that god. Next, blood splattered everywhere. That god couldn’t even react before he died. Everyone went cold as they saw this scene. So was this Luo Yuan’s true strength?


After killing the god, Luo Yuan formally ascended to godhood. And thus, his already powerful strength went through another transformation.

Luo Yuan spoke softly. “Submit to me. You all, are after, my people.”  His faint voice was transmitted worldwide through the wristband communicators. Nearly every life-form heard his words. 
More people knelt down on the ground, including Luo Yuan’s father. That voice seemed to be filled with a certain sense of majesty, a certain sense of awe that left nobody daring enough to not submit. At the instant those people knelt down, a boundless power of faith surged out. Instantly, the numerous life-forms of the world became the believers of Luo Yuan and Luo Yuan alone.

Bang! Bang!

Boundless faith surged out. Under the control of the wristbands, these people did not have a choice.
Even the believers of the other gods switched their belief. However, those gods could only smile bitterly. They couldn’t say anything, as even they themselves had submitted to Luo Yuan. At this instant, numerous life-forms submitted to Luo Yuan. His majesty stretched out, enveloping the entire world. This newly awakened world had instantly entered the era of Luo Yuan after experiencing the eras of Ye and Chen Feng. 
Bang! Bang!

He enjoyed the surging faith. The god had he killed earlier had just been a minor god. However, in a short period of time, he reached the elementary stage, then the journeyman stage, and he was still growing. After all, the amount of faith he was gathering now was terrifying. He was gathering even more faith than Chen Feng had back then.

Luo Yuan’s father sighed. “I should have listened to him.”
“Yeah.” Some members of the senior generation shook their heads. “We made the wrong choice back then…  and now we are again making the wrong choice.”
“Do we even have a choice now?” a particularly powerful old man said with a bitter smile. now…”
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Astonishing everyone, the few people that had been conversing suddenly exploded, their blood splattering everywhere.

Everyone’s eyes widened. This… Luo Yuan was killing again! This was too excessive! Even scarier was the fact that even his father was among those killed.

“What are you doing?”
Some were furious. They had compromised, so why was Luo Yuan still killing? Could it be that he wouldn’t let even those who had submitted to him off? If so, what was the point of submitting? And yet when they looked over at Luo Yuan, they saw that Luo Yuan was dumbstruck as well. He was drenched wet with blood, yet he stood there unmoving. He stared at the dead in a daze and suddenly lashed out in anger. “I already have control of you all, yet you are still capable of suicide? Who gave you guys the courage to commit suicide?”
He dared not believe this. Under the control of the wristbands, they shouldn’t even be able to control their own bodies. How did they commit suicide? This should only be possible if they had prepared well in advance. They had long guessed that this would happen. And thus, something had been done in their bodies. They had been waiting for this single opportunity to die.

However, how was that supposed to be possible? He had never allowed his plan to be leaked…
Hold on.

Suddenly, Luo Yuan realized something. He looked at the various gods, the various races, and finally the humans before asking, “Has anyone seen Chen Feng?” No response came. Not only Chen Feng, even Chen Feng’s companions had all suddenly gone missing as well.

Chapter 810: It’s Like You Are Joking with Me

So it’s you guys!

Luo Yuan’s killing intent surged. As of quite a while ago, his control over Chen Feng hadn’t existed. Since that certain day when Chen Feng’s wristband communicator broke down for no apparent reason, Chen Feng had stopped using a wristband communicator. Luo Yuan had once suspected that Chen Feng had found out about his plan, yet Chen Feng had obviously not figured anything out.

Luo Yuan was extremely certain of this. At that time, Chen Feng had yet to even notice his existence. Luo Yuan had spent quite a while observing Chen Feng and had confirmed with his Luck Aura that Chen Feng had indeed not noticed anything. Slowly, Luo Yuan had forgotten about this. Unexpectedly… it had now come back to haunt him.

“Chen  Feng…”   Luo  Yuan  muttered.  Suddenly,  his  heart throbbed as he thought of something. His senses instantly spread out, searching for some people. Not a single one of them could be found. Kong Bai, Qin Hai, Wu Hui, these people that should have existed within his network of senses had all vanished.

Luo Yuan’s eyes gleamed coldly. “They were all clearly within my  senses  in  the  past…”   Evidently,  the  moment  he  had descended from the sky, those people had removed their wristbands. This was what one would call a variable.

“So this is the so-called 1% chance of failure?”  Luo Yuan laughed. He had initially still been somewhat worried about this 1%. But now that he had figured out that the 1% was these fellows, he laughed. How ridiculous.

Chen Feng, if you think these fellows are sufficient to contend against me, you are gravely mistaken.

In a certain mountain range, Chen Feng’s group was watching as everything unfolded. “Indeed…”   Kong  Bai  said,  fear  still  lingering  within  his heart. After he and Chen Feng had been able to roughly guess the truth, they had immediately notified their friends. However, due to the problem being the wristbands themselves, they’d had to contact their friends manually. If they had still used the wristbands even after figuring out the truth, they would be true idiots.

Unfortunately, they had only been able to notify a small number of people before this happened. Luo Yuan had appeared too speedily.

“This moment he chose to appear is too convenient…” Chen Feng had an odd feeling. When he was using Luck Aura, he would also make his move at the most opportune moment. Now, it seemed like he wasn’t quite capable of choosing the most opportune moment anymore.

“I sensed a similar power in Luo Yuan,”  Spirit said. “That’s why your power and Luo Yuan’s power have counteracted each other.” “You are saying that Luo Yuan is also capable of calculating the most opportune moment to act?” Chen Feng said with a pensive look.

“Mhm.” Spirit was certain. “The only thing I don’t know is exactly what power he is using to do this.”
So that was the case. Chen Feng finally understood. He did not quite care that they counteracted each other. After all, in Luo Yuan’s plan, choosing an opportune moment was much more important for him than Chen Feng. With their powers counteracting each other, Luo Yuan probably wasn’t feeling very good now. Or perhaps he was of the impression that this was indeed the opportune moment?

If so… this would be quite the opportunity. Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. Without a doubt, Luo Yuan’s strength would grow dramatically very soon. Chen Feng, who had personally experienced the same thing, understood clearly that after gathering more believers than him, Luo Yuan’s speed of growth would be even scarier. And thus, this would be the most opportune moment to fight Luo Yuan. Luo Yuan had yet to fully recover from his fight with Ye. As for his godhood, it did not matter. After all, people like them were too powerful, to the extent that the power they gained shortly after godhood wasn’t much at all. As such, even after godhood, Luo Yuan wouldn’t benefit much. The best benefit of faith was the speed of growth rather than the immediate combat prowess.

“His growth will be scarier and scarier. Now is the moment when he is at his weakest,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“Understood.” Kong Bai focused his gaze. They all knew that if they wanted to defeat Luo Yuan, this would be their best shot.

“Let’s do it, then,” Qin Hai said without hesitation.

“Let’s go.”
They approached Luo Yuan’s location silently. At this time, Luo Yuan seemed to be calculating something. Suddenly, a faint shadow appeared from the foot of the mountain.

Luo Yuan was the first to notice it. “Mhm?”
“This familiar appearance…”
The various gods recognized this shadow the moment it appeared.

“Heavens, this is the dark shadow left behind by the Creation God.”
They had themselves witnessed the fight between this shadow and Ye. Although the shadow seemed to have died quickly, it was now clear that the shadow had been resurrected. “Although the shadow is weak, he seems capable of rebirth.”
“This is acceptable. There ought to be such a balance.”
“However,  the  bright  silhouette’s  identity,  which  we  had guessed about in the past…”
Many gods seemed to realize something. Earlier, they had guessed that Luo Yuan was precisely that bright silhouette. However, after Luo Yuan revealed his identity, they had concluded that Luo Yuan was not the silhouette at all. If so, who exactly was the silhouette left behind by the Creation God?

“What bullshit are you all talking about?”
Luo Yuan frowned. Creation God? Shadow? He had never seen them before. However, from the words of the various gods, he discovered that this shadow had once fought Ye and had even forced Ye to use his ultimate trump card. This was the shadow that had caused Ye to be completely helpless, to the point that even Chen Feng could kill him. Was this the truth? Luo Yuan frowned. Shadow… Luo Yuan looked at that seemingly nonexistent shadow. A powerful aura seemed to be building up within that shadow. The aura was so powerful that it was suffocating. That was an aura surpassing that of the gods.

Creation God? Luo Yuan finally understood something.


Slowly, that shadow revealed his full body. He did not have any bodily features, being purely comprised of a shadow. However, his strength was incredibly terrifying.

“It is indeed him.”
“He seems to have become even stronger.” “So this is the shadow of the Creation God?”
“He  is  indeed  similar  to  what  we  guessed,  a  faceless existence.”
The various gods exclaimed in admiration. Although the shadow had been instantly killed by Ye in his last appearance, he was still not an existence they could contend against. Furthermore, he had obviously been killed, but here he was, alive and well. How scary was that? Perhaps this shadow wasn’t any weaker than Ye. And perhaps he wasn’t lower than this person… Their gazes landed on Luo Yuan.

Step by step, the shadow strode forth. As he walked forward, his strength slowly grew. He seemed to have given all the gods sufficient time to talk and had thus continued to advance slowly while his strength slowly built up. His strength had now reached an extremely terrifying level.

“Why am I getting such a terrifying feeling from him?” “He is too scary.”
“Look at his forehead. There’s an imprint there. That does not look like the imprint of an ordinary god. There seems to be some unique power in that imprint. Perhaps this imprint was left behind by the Creation God?”
“That is quite possible.”
“The imprint of the Creation God?”
“Heavens. He did not have this thing when he last appeared.”
“Perhaps he didn’t have time to use the imprint last time? Now that he had the time to use the imprint, Luo Yuan is probably in deep trouble.”
The various gods exclaimed in admiration solely from the strength this shadow was emanating. With every step the shadow took, a different power seemingly manifested from him. That imprint on his forehead seemed to contain a completely different energy, one that was incomparably terrifying. When he had first appeared, everything had still seemed calm. Yet now, as he stepped forth,
his aura surpassed even Luo Yuan’s. This was the true strength of the shadow of the Creation God.

At this moment, killing intent pervaded the air. When the shadow got closer, the gods no longer dared to talk. They merely looked at the shadow and Luo Yuan, clear that a major battle was about to erupt. Silently, they distanced themselves from the coming battlefield.

“It is starting.” Chen Feng was filled with expectation.

“My godly power of the wish is already capable of manifesting the imaginations of an entire crowd,” Wu Hui proudly said. He did not even need to care if Luo Yuan would buy the lie or not. As long as the others believed the lie, it would be sufficient. This was the scariest aspect of his strength. “This shadow is already strong enough to kill Luo Yuan.” Wu Hui was certain. Those foolish gods, having seen the shadow once before, had become the shadow’s fuel. Their imaginations had fed the shadow with strength without stop until, finally, the shadow reached this level of strength.

Perhaps they could win this fight. Everyone was filled with expectation.


The shadow was about to attack. However, outside of everyone’s expectation, right at this moment, a different shadow walked out from the foot of a different mountain. This shadow greatly resembled the first, but there was something different about it.

Chen Feng looked over at Wu Hui instinctively. “???”
“Ah?” Wu Hui was dumbstruck as well. What was this? “Not your work?” Qin Hai was alarmed.

Wu Hui stared blankly. “Nope.”
Not good! Chen Feng’s heart thumped. Holy shit. This… can’t be… a lie turning into reality… right? Are you kidding me?
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