The Strongest Gene Chapter 781-790

Chapter 781: You Already Tried Your Best

“What are you waiting for? Put your clothes back on,” the god’s descendant spat.

“Yes.”  Xiao Rong hurriedly put her clothes back on. Alas, a huge portion of her clothes had been torn. She had no choice but to form a new set of clothes with her godly power. Even now, she was still stupefied. During the process of the deed, she had not even been able to react. If not for the disgusting fluid on her, the lingering smell in the air, and the searing ache she was feeling, she wouldn’t even know what had happened.

That fast guy… As she thought of what had happened, she was filled with regret. Why had she decided to use her charm on him? What had happened here had been witnessed by a huge number of people. At present, they all had odd expressions, especially the other gods’ descendants. Almost immediately after, they told their female followers to conceal themselves.

What kind of joke was this? That was too excessive. There was actually such speed in this world? However, after this incident, they had truly recognized the severity of such a thing. That fast guy was approaching the end extremely quickly speed.

“That fellow must be stopped.”
“He is too scary.”
“At this speed, he will most certainly be the first to arrive.”
“He entered this world later than us, yet he is already at the very front of the race. Apart from some of the gods’ descendants and their followers that are still ahead of him, there is no longer anyone capable of stopping him.”
“Will this divine seat be given to him just like this?”
This was making all the apostles uncomfortable. They had to stop that fast guy, yet how were they supposed to stop him? This was quite the thorny issue. There were a few gods’ descendants with female followers who were gifted with charm or similar abilities. However, after the previous example, not a single one of them would be willing to do so even if they were beaten to death. How about control-related abilities? It was rather unfortunate that none of them could get near enough to use such abilities on the fast guy.

The apostles were all concerned.

“What to do?”
A youth who appeared to be 14 years old stepped out. “How about I give it a try?” He looked scarily young, yet he was without a doubt a level 15 apostle.

The eyes of the other apostles shone as they heard what he said. “You have a way to deal with him?”
With a smile, the young apostle said, “I do have some ideas. However, I will have to try to know if they will work. Carve out some words for me.” “Huh?”
The other apostles were curious. What was the point of carving out words?

“You all will know soon enough,”  the young apostle said in an enigmatic manner.

The other apostles started to help him. Naturally, the so- called “word carving” was not carving in a regular sense. Rather, this was the act of carving immense words on the mountains, guaranteeing that the fast guy would be able to see the words being carved.

“What are you planning?”
Everyone was still filled with doubt. Not a single one knew what his plan was. As all this was happening, the fast guy, who had already traveled far ahead, was feeling extremely refreshed and comfortable.

Earlier, when he had been charmed, he had believed that that would be the end of him. That was why he had decided to throw caution to the wind and go “enjoy”  himself with the lady. Unexpectedly, he had been met with a pleasant surprise.

“So it turns out the power of charm fills the target with the flame of desire. Mhm… Therefore, so long as the desire is satisfied, one will return to normal.” The fast guy was overjoyed at this discovery. He had never expected to solve the riddle of countering charm abilities by complete accident. One ought to know that, as the fastest apostle, what he feared most was falling under another’s control. Therefore, he normally did his best to avoid everyone. Now, though…
“Well, in the future, I can be considered to be somewhat immune to charm abilities. Whoever has galls to charm me, I will do her.”
He was joyfully satisfied. As for whether what he had done was an act of provocation toward those gods’ descendants, he had no fear. So long as he could ascend to godhood in this trial, with the rule put in place by the Sin God that forbade gods killing each other, they would not be able to do anything to him. At most, they would only be able to restrict the amount of faith he obtained.

Even so, so what? Even the lowest of gods was better off than an apostle.


With a flash, he vanished. His target was still the same: the end of this world. However, after only a short while, he saw numerous words being carved on the huge mountain range before him. Even with the speed he was traveling at, he could not ignore the words, as they were directed at him.

The cold words could be seen clearly: “Do you think you are truly immune to the power of charm?”
“Mhm?” The fast guy’s heart trembled as he saw these words. So some other people were trying to intercept him? Moreover, it seemed like they were going to use the power of charm on him? Hmph. What was there to fear? With his speed…
The fast guy laughed with a perverted expression on his face. “Since you guys insist on inviting the wolf into the group of lambs, do not blame me for what I am about to do.” The pleasure he had enjoyed during that half-second deed was still fresh in his memory. However, after a step forward, he saw another row of words. “Do you think that only pretty ladies can use the power of charm?”

The fast guy’s heart thumped violently as he saw these words. All pretty ladies? Evidently, that was not the case. In fact, there were quite a few believers of charm-related godly powers that possessed rather ordinary looks, and there were some that were quite ugly as well.

The fast guy clenched his teeth. “It does not matter.” In any case, after the power of charm took effect on him, whoever he saw, that person would appear unprecedentedly beautiful. This was the essence of the power of charm, a power that would bring one into the land of fantasy uncontrollably. So what if the user of the power was an ugly person? With a clench of his teeth, it would already be over.

However, when he reached the next mountain range, he hissed in horror. That was because the words carved here were thus: “Do you think only females will use the power of charm?”
Instantly, the fast guy was horrified. It couldn’t be, right? No, no way. Among the apostles that were participating in this trial, those equipped with the power of charm should all be female. Furthermore, it was said that the god that presided over the domain of charm was extremely strict when accepting believers. The physical appearance, voice, and body shape of the believers had to be of top quality to be accepted.

Therefore, that god would most certainly not select ugly and scary-looking fellows as believers. This had to be the case. Whoever had carved these words, that person had to be trying to deceive him… “No, no way. Absolutely impossible.”

As he reached the next mountain range, yet another row of words appeared: “Do you think that only those of a single race can use the power of charm?”

The fast guy’s expression changed drastically. Race? True. Not all races had resembled the gods. Even though the large majority of the apostles resembled gods, some races were rather different. For instance, the giant-elephant race, or the spirit-snake race. What if the charm user happened to be from one of these races?

“No, no way.” Horror was plastered on the fast guy’s face. On the next mountain range, a figure could be seen floating in the air. An oddly shaped figure could be vaguely seen, seemingly waiting for his approach. So long as he approached, he would most definitely be charmed by this figure. However, this was the
only path forward.

That figure… The fast guy was extremely alarmed. At this point, he was already clear on what exactly it was that was waiting for him. This was most certainly an odd-looking, ugly male apostle of an unknown race with a terrifying body. And this person was also a user of the power of charm.

The fast guy did not even have the courage to imagine what would happen if he advanced forth. But… he was already so near to godhood. Did he truly have to stop here?

As the fast guy approached, the figure’s appearance became clearer and clearer. He could already picture how scary this person was. He had already started imagining how terrible his fate would be upon his arrival. However… “I can do it.” He clenched his teeth and decided to continue charging forth. “I will just close my eyes. It will be over in the blink of an eye.”

He streaked forth. Indeed, as soon as he entered the effective range, he started to lose consciousness. He could feel the boundless godly power of charm engulfing him. This was exactly as he had guessed. As for the person before him, it was most certainly an extremely ugly one.

“Darling, here you are.”
Before the fast guy could even focus, an immense force could be felt pulling him into an embrace. After half a second, after the fast guy had “left his seed,” he fled in horror. Only after he was free of the power of charm was he able to see clearly what exactly he had encountered earlier. That body… and that ugliness… nearly caused him to vomit up everything he had eaten from his birth until now. This feeling was especially pronounced when he recalled the sight of that person lying on the ground with a satisfied expression. “Urghhh…”
The fast guy sped forth while he vomited. Far away, the observing apostles were completely stunned. Instinctively, they all looked at the young apostle. At this moment, that young apostle had a stupefied expression as well.

“I thought that… he would stop.”
As the other apostles heard this, they focused and took a good look at the charm user. The moment they got a good look, they all started to vomit as well. The fast guy… would even do it with this fellow?

The young apostle sighed. “I have underestimated his desire for godhood.”
At present, he held the deepest respect for the fast guy. After all, that person was willing to do that deed even with such a person. The other apostles had a similar feeling as well. “This old man has never admired anyone, yet this time, I truly can’t stop myself from admiring that fast guy.”
“Same here.”
“Indeed, nothing is impossible in life.”
Someone even patted the young apostle’s shoulder and said, “You tried your best.”
The young apostle: “…”

Chapter 782: Mind Numbingly Speechless

At this moment, everyone stopped what they were doing. Regardless of their opinions of the fast guy, regardless of how much they looked down on him, when he could endure doing it with even such a life-form, they had to feel heartfelt admiration toward him. With one look, everyone knew that this was a person with great perseverance.

“Looks like the winner of this divine seat has already been determined.”
“There’s  nothing  to  be  done  about  it.  His  willpower  is incredibly firm. Nobody can contend against him in terms of willpower.”
“I can do it as well.” “Are you sure?”
“Why not? Isn’t it just sleeping with a male of a certain race? What… Ughhh… No, don’t show me the video. Why is he so disgusting?”
“Why else would everyone admire him?”
Swish! Swish!

Almost everyone had already stopped advancing. They looked toward the end of the world, at that distant place where the divine seat sat. They watched on as the streak of light that was the fast guy pierced through space and headed toward that place. If the fast guy was truly going to be the one to obtain this divine seat, it would be pointless for them to continue fighting.

As such, all the apostles stopped and only watched on silently as that dazzling streak issued a challenge to the divine seat. “His strength is very weak.”
“He  has  been  speeding  through  the  entire  time  and  has exhausted too much godly power.”
“Why not stop and take a rest?”
“I suppose he is afraid of being overtaken. After paying such a heavy price, he has to ascend in this trial. However, it does not matter even if he is exhausted. After all, this is a low-tier trial.”
Swish! Swish!

The streak shone dazzlingly.

“His speed is even faster now.” “I originally thought that he would only be slightly faster than us. Surprisingly, his speed has already reached this level. Nobody is even capable of catching up to his shadow.”
“He’s there.”
Everyone’s mood became solemn at this moment.


That white clump charged toward the divine seat.

He had to emerge victorious in this trial. And thus, with his superb speed, he charged at the divine seat, which had seemingly boundless godly power. He was taking on the trial’s final challenge.

“The mirror image is going to appear from the divine seat.” “I wonder how strong the mirror image will be.”
“It does not matter, as it will only exhibit 1% of the original god’s strength…”
“This is simply free for the taking.”
All the apostles started to lament this.


The entire world trembled as the white streak charged onto the divine seat like a meteor. However, neither the expected fight over the divine seat nor the mirror image of the original god appeared. The only thing they could see was the fast guy mustering all his godly power and colliding with the divine seat. And then… he died from the impact of the collision. Clang!

The loud clang and the splattering of blood that followed stunned everyone.


The entire world lapsed into silence. The apostles were all stupefied. Even the observing gods were stupefied. Everyone was stupefied. Dead… from the collision? That’s right. Their eyes had not failed them. Even if that divine seat was so far away, at the other end of the world, they were still able to capture this terrifying sight with their senses. The fast guy had died by way of collision.

“He beat himself to death?”
“What in the world is this?” “This fast bro here is so fast that he killed himself with his speed?”
All the apostles blanked for a long time before erupting into a clamor. What was going on here? Dying from a collision?

“Has  anyone  here  challenged  a  divine  seat  before?”  they asked doubtfully.

“Me,” a certain apostle answered, yet his voice was filled with doubt as well. “For a divine seat challenge, normally, one only needs to reach the vicinity of the divine seat and issue a challenge. The mirror image will then appear. The so-called ‘issuing a challenge’ is a simple act of transmitting one’s thoughts to the divine seat. After all, mirror images are created for the sake of being challenged. So long as it senses hostility, it will appear to accept the challenge. What happens next depends on the strength of the challenger.

“The few divine seat trials I have encountered all progressed similarly. There were some who directly attacked the seat in the past. However, generally, the mirror image appears automatically to receive the attack. After all, the act of attacking is similar to the act of challenging. But this situation… I can’t make sense of it. The mirror image was supposed to come out when the fast guy charged at the seat. But now…”
That apostle appeared utterly confused. The other apostles chilled as they heard this. Could it be that this was a different type of trial?

A certain apostle spoke meekly. “Do you guys feel that… there is a possibility? Perhaps the fast guy moved so fast that the mirror image couldn’t even react to it before he was already dead…”

The entire world lapsed into silence. The apostles looked at each other. After thinking about it, when they recalled the two deeds the fast guy had performed on his way to the divine seat, they felt like this was probably what had happened. Since a mirror image was a challenge for the apostles, it signified that a mirror image’s strength would be between the realm of a god and an apostle, not something an apostle could never defeat. And this time, the mirror image would most definitely be incredibly weak, since Chen Feng was the one who had unlocked this trial.

With such a weak mirror image, it was quite likely that it had indeed failed to react to the fast guy’s approach in time. As the apostles thought of this possibility, they did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“This is truly…”
Dying by collision… This could actually happen. What more could they say? Within the divine seat, Ye, who had been about to make a move, was also stupefied. That’s right. Ye had already prepared to make a move. Even though he had no intention of revealing himself before that culprit and that silhouette revealed themselves, he had no intention of letting these apostles off. That was why he had been prepared to make a move against the fast guy.

Alas, he had not seen this coming. It wasn’t that he hadn’t been able to react in time. Rather, he had been planning to kill that fast guy after he broke the divine seat. Unexpectedly, the illustrious apostle had actually killed himself with the collision. Perhaps this was because of the exhaustion of his godly power, or perhaps it was because of the individual’s direct personality. Nevertheless, this truly caused him to be speechless.

Ye sighed deeply. “Is this what the apostles that my era has created are like?”
One ought to know that back then, in the era of the Creation God, the world had been filled with geniuses. In this trial, he had initially been scared that too many apostles would die, affecting his plan. Now that he looked at it, he had truly been overthinking it.

“A bunch of idiots.”
Ye inhaled deeply.

… “Haha!”
“This bro here just killed himself trying to show off.”
“In short, the divine seat is still up for grabs…”
Suddenly, the gazes of all the apostles burned with passion.

Even though that bro’s death had been rather tragic, thanks to that, the divine seat was still there, waving its hand at them. With this, this alien world, which had calmed down, bustled yet again.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Numerous figures started heading toward the divine seat. However, their speeds were not even one-tenth of the fast guy’s speed. Therefore, battles between apostles erupted yet again. All the apostles were charging crazily at the end of the world. Some  of  the  god’s  descendants  sneered.  “Hehe.”   These pathetic apostles had yet to realize where they stood. No matter how weak this god’s mirror image was, it was not something they could hope to lay their hands on. They were ultimately nothing but cannon fodder. Naturally, not even these god’s descendants realized that, all along, the Sin God’s gaze had been focused on the slowly approaching silhouette. This trap that had been activated with Chen Feng as the bait… Who exactly was this silhouette?

Chapter 783: The God’s Descendant Makes His Move

Within the alien world, the silhouette was still unhurriedly approaching the divine seat. As he was trying to preserve his strength, he was moving slowly. Or perhaps his subconscious mind did not want to arrive too quickly, preferring to move slowly. If he moved slowly, other apostles would overtake him and challenge the divine seat before him.

He wanted the others to exhaust Ye’s strength. It would be even better if Ye was defeated. It did not matter to him who ascended to godhood here. That was because he only had one goal: pulling Ye down from the high and above position he currently occupied.

He traversed slowly, yet when the other apostles saw him, not a single person dared to make a move against him. After all, the aura he was emanating was too powerful. That coupled with the slow speed at which he moved made him an undesirable target. They might as well use the energy to charge forth rather than waste it tangling with him. Evidently, this silhouette was not the only person thinking this way. In a certain location, a certain figure was also moving forth unhurriedly. His speed was even slower than the silhouette’s, and he did not emanate a flashy or terrifying aura. Just like that, he slowly advanced in a subdued manner.

Without a doubt, this person was Chen Feng. He was also the only person here that knew the truth, apart from the silhouette. He knew who the actual enemy was, and he was aware who the god being challenged in this trial was. As such, he was not in a hurry.

“With this being the divine seat of Ye, nobody will be able to succeed,”  Chen Feng mused. After all, this was the Sin God. Apart from that silhouette, who was already prepared to face Ye, Chen Feng had zero confidence in anyone. However, the others were still good for one thing: exhausting Ye’s strength.

Ye’s mirror image here only had 1% of Ye’s godly power. Regardless of how powerful this mirror image was, there would still be a limit to his godly power. If these apostles challenged him without stop… Chen Feng stood a chance to profit from this. The only person he needed to pay attention to was that silhouette, the person representing the culprit that had caused the activation of this trial. Since he had dared to come, his strength was most definitely not any weaker than the Sin God’s mirror image.

Of course, Chen Feng was also paying attention to other apostles with unique abilities like the fast guy from earlier. That fast guy’s appearance had been some unexpected. However, if too many of these unexpected people appeared, something unexpected would truly happen.

“I suppose there won’t be too many such apostles?”  Chen Feng guessed. After all, apostles did not use their own godly power. Rather, they used the power of whatever god they believed in. This was completely unlike the genetic abilities of the Genetic Era. Therefore, there shouldn’t be many of those surprising abilities, right?

Nevertheless, the incident where the fast guy had encountered the ugly male earlier was still fresh in his mind. If he were the one to encounter such a person… Chen Feng gasped in horror. That fast guy had had the courage a true man should have. Unfortunately, Chen Feng was sure that he would not have such courage. In his memories, a person this ugly had probably reached Kong Bai’s level of ugliness.

Within the alien world, a certain white streak was traveling. After the fast guy, yet another guy with terrifying speed had appeared. Learning from the fast guy’s example, he moved in a low-profile manner, not trying to be the first to arrive. He was sure that he would not commit a mistake as idiotic as the fast guy’s. However, he had still been noticed by a lot of people.

Some of the apostles frowned.

“Yet another one?”
Someone sneered. “This person is fast. However, he is far slower than the fast guy.” “If he arrives before everyone else…”
“Hmph. Since when have godhood trials become mere competitions of speed? I remember that even if an apostle succeeds in the challenge, the other apostles can still challenge him. Whoever succeeds in the challenge is able to become a god.”
“How is it that easy? The moment one succeeds in the challenge, they will receive a burst of power from the divine seat. This mirror image is extremely weak at only 1% strength. Therefore, it is possible for us to succeed in the challenge. However, if the mirror image is replaced with an apostle who has succeeded in the challenge, coupled with the burst of power he gains… Hehe, do you have any idea how difficult the challenge will be then?”
Some of the apostles smiled bitterly as they thought about this. In fact, this was quite simple to understand. If a challenger was able to succeed, the challenger was definitely a powerful individual. For instance, if the combat power of the mirror image was rated at 100, a challenger had to have combat power surpassing 100 to succeed in the challenge. After his success, he would receive a burst of power, increasing his godly power greatly. As such, what the next challenger would have to face could very well be a combat power of 200. And if the divine seat was successfully occupied by a second challenger, the difficulty would further increase, as
the second challenger was evidently much stronger.

Therefore, the easiest challenge was normally the first challenge. As for this trial activated by Chen Feng, it was a rather scary one. Due to the trial’s mirror image being too weak, the mirror image probably only had a combat power of
10. Therefore, the first person to arrive would have a significant advantage over the others. They would be the most likely to ascend in this trial. This was what resulted in this unique situation where this trial had transformed into a competition of speed.

“This won’t do.”
Some of the gods’ descendants started frowning. They would not allow a godhood trial to turn into nothing but a race. Some of them couldn’t hold back any longer and started taking action.


Terrifying godly power engulfed the entire alien world, instantly slowing down the speed of that person. For a moment, flight was completely prohibited in this world. He had now been suppressed due to his speed being too fast.

“Hmph. Because the fast guy was the first to use speed, we were caught by surprise. Now someone is actually trying to imitate him?”
Some of the gods’ descendants sneered. Naturally, there were some words left unspoken by them. What remained unspoken was that the fast guy had truly been too fast, to the point that they hadn’t even been able to react in time. However, how could they allow others to do the same?

“Scram!” Numerous astonishing restrictions descended upon this world, causing all who tried to get ahead through speed to be forcefully stopped.

A certain god’s descendant looked at an apostle beside him as he asked, “Can you keep this up?” The person who had done all this was a follower of his. For him to forbid flight and speed, his exhaustion of godly power was certainly rather high.

That apostle smiled. “No harm. In any case, I am not going to participate in the challenge anyway.”
The god’s descendant nodded slightly. “It has been hard on you.”
Suddenly, in a low voice, the apostle said, “They are already there. If you wish to…”
“Mhm.” The god’s descendant nodded without a change in expression. The followers he had brought this time were all rather mature. None of them were focused on pure combat roles. All of them were here with support roles so as to help him be the first to challenge the divine seat. The fast guy from earlier had been an accident. Now it would be his turn to issue a challenge.

Swish! Swish!

Within the dusky world, with the restrictions put in place, nobody was able to travel via spatial abilities. However, nobody realized that, on the ground, in a place no one could see, a certain rat was moving on at an astonishing speed, undetected by anyone.

In fact, this rat had been the first to enter this world. Even when the fast guy had appeared, this rat had never stopped moving. At present, it had finally reached the divine seat. Suddenly, the rat squeaked.

A bizarre fluctuation rippled out, alarming countless people. “This…”
All the apostles looked in the direction the fluctuation was coming from.

Instantly, the rat vanished amid the dazzling radiance it had emitted. Next, a familiar figure appeared. This was precisely the very god’s descendant that had restricted everyone’s speed a short while ago.

“Damn it!”
“That rat exchanged position with him!”
“It is actually the godly power of shift.”
“I seem to recall that all the followers he brought along this time specialize in such abilities.” Everyone’s expression sank. One ought to know that most of the followers of the gods’ descendants were only here to help the gods’ descendants obtain the divine seat. As such, they all possessed rather respectable combat power. Unexpectedly, this god’s descendant had followed in the footsteps of the fast guy,
relying on speed to arrive before the others.

“I am here to issue a challenge.”

The instant the god’s descendant arrived, he attacked the divine seat. A terrifying power bloomed, the power of a level 20 apostle.

Chapter 784: Horrifying Sight

“How hateful.”
“Someone got ahead of me yet again.”
Everyone felt regretful. It hadn’t been that long since the fast-guy incident, yet the divine seat was once again being challenged. It seemed like this divine seat would not have anything to do with them, the common apostles.

“It is actually this fellow…”
Some of the gods’ descendants recognized this person. Among the gods’ descendants, this person was a comparatively weaker one. Unexpectedly, he had actually gotten ahead of everyone using such a unique method.

That gods’ descendant howled with wild laughter. “Hahaha, daddy is here!” Bang!

A loud boom erupted from the divine seat that was attacked. For the first time, a mirror image appeared from the divine seat.

“It’s starting.”
“The mirror image has finally appeared…”
“Tsk tsk, wouldn’t it have been nice if this guy had died from running into the divine seat like the fast guy?”

As the others heard this, they rolled their eyes. How was that even possible? Apart from the fast guy, who could be so idiotic?

Bang! The god’s descendant shone resplendently as he unleashed his greatest might. As everyone saw this, they sighed, as it seemed like this divine seat would temporarily fall under the control of this person. Alas, when that radiance faded, the entire world suddenly lapsed into silence. When the gods’ descendant attacked with formidable godly power, the mirror image merely waved his hand, and the gods’ descendant instantly froze and was suspended in midair.

“What’s going on?”
“Holy shit, this…”
Everyone’s eyes went wide. The mirror image had actually blocked the attack? No, that was not just blocking. From the looks of it…

Before anyone had recovered from their shock, the mirror image waved his hand a second time. Pu!

Blood splattered everywhere. Just like that, the powerful god’s descendant was ripped apart.


Everyone’s scalp went numb. Dead? Just like that? In such a manner? That mirror image had only waved his hand, right? As they thought about this, they couldn’t help but shudder in fear. All the apostles that were rushing over at top speed immediately stopped.


The entire world lapsed into silence, a terrifying silence. Everyone was greatly alarmed at what they had seen. How could this… Didn’t this a mirror image only have 1% of the original god’s strength?

Was this not the mirror image of a deceased god? Why was this mirror image so strong? And why was this mirror image so ruthless? What exactly was going on here? Nobody could provide an answer. Even the apostles that had rich experience in godhood trials were dripping wet with cold sweat, as this was their very first time seeing such a horrifying scene.

What, exactly, was going on here? At the distant end of the world, the mirror image could be seen returning into the divine seat. He had merely come out to wave his hand about before returning. Nobody had any idea what was going on. That mirror image seemed rather familiar, yet when they tried paying close attention to him, he seemed so unfamiliar.

“How can this…”  someone asked with a hoarse voice, yet nobody bothered to answer.

“Interesting.”  Despite  what  had  happened,  the  silhouette instead laughed. Worthy of being the Sin God indeed. He only needed to use such a method once to scare and warn everyone else. This would be sufficient to cause the other participants to lose their confidence. With the number of challengers reduced, he wouldn’t have to exhaust as much godly power.
With this, would these apostles start to give up? It was as expected. At this moment, a huge number of apostles started to lose their confidence. What kind of joke was that? A huge number of them were aware that their chance of actually ascending to godhood was incredibly low. Most of them were only here to join in on the fun, to have a chance to approach a divine seat or somewhat increase their strength. That was all they wished for.

Moreover, most of them were also here to try their luck. What if they just happened to be lucky enough to be the one to ascend? Yet now, when failure equaled death, they no longer had any motivation to even give the challenge a try.

Moreover, they even started retreating backward. The mirror image being able to kill a level 20 apostle with a wave of his hand was truly outside of their expectations.

Two particular gods’ descendants directly gave up. “This god is too strong. I forfeit.”
The silhouette wasn’t the least surprised by this. It seemed like he had to make a move personally after all. If possible, he truly wished to keep his identity concealed. Just as he decided that he had no choice but to make a move, a voice suddenly rang out. “I seem to recall that there is a limitation to the amount of godly power a mirror image can have, right?”
At this sentence, everyone seemed to awake from their reverie at the same time. True, the godly power was limited. Regardless of how powerful the mirror image was, so long as the godly power was exhausted…
“Do not forget. This trial was activated for Chen Feng. Regardless of how strong the mirror image is, only 1% of the god’s godly power is available to him,” that apostle said unhurriedly. Finally, everyone recovered from their shock. True. However strong it was, there had to be a limit. With so many apostles here, what was there to fear? If one wouldn’t do, they would use 10 or even 100! So long as this mirror image’s godly power was exhausted, wouldn’t he be completely helpless?

“Well then, who shall be the first to go?”
Everyone looked at each other. Not a single one of them was willing to answer this question. The first to make their move would inevitably be the first to die. Regardless of how weak this mirror image was, it would probably be able to last more than 10 rounds against the barrage of apostles. At that time, luck would play a role in deciding who survived. At the very least, this was what the apostles here believed.

That apostle spoke calmly. “It is quite simple. Who says that the first to make a move has to be in danger? I know that a lot of the apostles here have no intention of actually ascending into godhood. In that case, how about allowing these apostles to go first? Around 100 of them will be sufficient. Moreover, if this mirror image is truly too weak, one of the weaker apostles might have the good fortune of ascending to godhood. What do you guys think of this plan?” Everyone’s eyes shone. That was indeed true. Under normal circumstances, these weak apostles would have no hope of succeeding in such a trial. If this plan was followed, though…
“Therefore,  those  willing  to  be  part  of  the  first  wave  of attackers, please step out. As for the rest, I will assume that you are declaring that you are interested in competing for this godhood. These people will be classified as the enemies of those vying for this particular godhood…” That apostle smiled toyingly  as  he  finished  his  sentence.  The  word  “enemies” seemingly had a profound meaning attached to it.

With this, the apostles that had been thinking of staying back to take advantage of the chaos had no choice but to stand out and offer themselves. With this, only the gods’ descendants and the comparatively powerful apostles were left behind. In this situation, if the weaker apostles dared to stay behind, they would truly die.

“Very good. What comes next will be extremely simple…”
“Those  in  the  first  wave,  we  shall  silently  approach  the divine seat together. Next, attack together. Naturally, remember to spread around so as to not get caught in a single attack. If you guys can kill that mirror image immediately, a god shall be born among you guys,”  that apostle said with a smile.

“That’s right.”
Nearly everyone expressed their approval. With this, the first wave attackers were given some hope and turned into cannon fodder.

“Remember. Enough of this mirror image’s godly power must be exhausted before he can actually be defeated. Therefore… do your best,” that apostle said with a smile.

Suddenly, one of the gods’ descendants looked at him and asked, “What is your name? If I am able to ascend here, I shall accept you as my follower.”
“Qin Hai,” that apostle answered with a smile. “I shall await your ascension.”

Chapter 785: Clearing with High Efficiency

Qin Hai had a very good plan. At the very least, it seemed like a really good plan, as it gave everyone some sort of hope at godhood ascension. Even the first wave of attackers, who were essentially cannon fodder, had a shot at ascension.

This was what Da Long believed. He was one of the 100 apostles in the first wave. Under normal circumstances, a normal apostle like him would have no hope of ascending, not even a one in ten thousand chance. Yet this time, he had a one in a hundred chance to succeed. Therefore, he had to give it a shot.

As the apostle of an unknown minor god, he had to rely on himself for his future. After all, his own god was already in a rather precarious position and would not be able to do much to help him. As such, he wanted to ascend.

He looked at the apostles around him and found that quite a few of them had similar thoughts. A 1% chance… This was the nearest they had ever been to godhood. As for what that would happen after ascending, the challenge that would come from the stronger apostles, they were all of the opinion that after ascending, with the boost in godly power they would receive, they would be able to hold on to their divine seat.

As such, this was an opportunity they had to fight for. As such, when attacking the divine seat, they unleashed all their might.

“Divine  seat,  here  comes  daddy!”  Da  Long  roared  as  he attacked the divine seat. At the same time, the other 100 apostles erupted. Numerous terrifying attacks surged toward the divine seat like a furious river. Instantly, the entire world was illuminated by a terrifying radiance.

Bang! Bang!

The earth shook as the dazzling radiance obstructed everyone’s vision.

“Has it opened?” Da Long was filled with expectation. They all knew their own strength. After all, there were a hundred of them here. Regardless of how strong they were or were not, the godly power unleashed by all 100 of them should be sufficient to defeat a mirror image. Therefore, the only thing they were paying attention to was who would obtain the divine seat.

They all wondered, who would be the person whose attack just happened to be the one to finish the divine seat off?


With their own eyes, they watched on as the divine seat failed to endure their attack and immediately collapsed.

All the apostles were overjoyed. From the divine seat, a mirror image appeared. It appeared so very frail. Hua—
Terrifying godly power swept out.

Just as everyone was waiting for the mirror image to be flooded by godly power, the mirror image lightly raised his hand. And then he lazily waved his hand, causing all the godly power heading toward him to immediately turn around.


At this instant, all the godly power sent forth was sent back at the 100 apostles.

“Not good.”
Their expressions fell. Alas, before they could flee, they were completely submerged in the wave of godly power. 
Blood splattered everywhere. The apostles were flung away, all of them suffering grave injuries.

“How is this possible…” Da Long gazed at the mirror image, full of disbelief. He could feel that the mirror image had indeed exhausted a huge amount of his power when their attacks had reached the divine seat earlier. When the mirror image had appeared in the open, he had appeared completely powerless. Yet that attack… What was it? Some sort of ability? How could a mere mirror image be so powerful?

Da Long was at a loss. One ought to know that this mirror image had only 1% of the original god’s strength. How could he… With this level of strength, if this mirror image was at its full power, wouldn’t he be as strong as the Sin God?

Hold on. Sin God? Da Long looked at the mirror image, feeling like it looked extremely familiar, like it greatly resembled a certain terrifying existence… Could it be… 
A mouthful of blood was coughed up as Da Long lost consciousness.


The world lapsed back into silence. A huge number of apostles were already unconscious. The mirror image, which had always been hidden within the divine seat, was finally exposed to everyone. His powerful godly power and skillful abilities surpassed everyone’s expectation.

Despite that, it was clear that this mirror image did not have much godly power left. Otherwise, why were the 100 bugs that had dared provoke him still alive? Because he was kind? That was evidently not the case. Rather, the amount of godly power he had was truly pitifully low.

Nobody bothered with the unconscious or dead apostles. At this moment, the gods’ descendants all looked at the mirror image with greed in their eyes. At this moment, that majestic- slaughter in their eyes. Look at how that mirror image was swaying about there. This was a mirror image that could die at any moment. What if…
They all believed that during the first wave, the participants had each had a 1% chance of succeeding. Now, they had a 10% chance at succeeding.

A certain god’s descendant howled with laughter and stepped out. “Let me do it.”

His godly power surged out as he charged at that mirror image. However, with a loud boom, his attack was blocked. Next, the mirror image’s hand glowed with a black radiance, and with a wave of his hand, he killed the god’s descendant.

“Dead?” The other gods’ descendants were alarmed at this sight.
Truly dead? Fear started seeping into their eyes.

Suddenly, Qin Hai said, “He won’t be able to hold on much longer. If he had only defeated the god’s descendant, it would not hold much significance. But his act of killing is obviously a warning to scare others off from attacking, proving how weak he currently is. Look properly, everyone. Look at the mirror image.”
After killing the god’s descendant, that mirror image indeed appeared even more translucent. He was indeed forcefully holding on. This mirror image was probably at his weakest point.

Qin Hai shook his head. “He will fall at any time. However, how much longer he can hold on still remains a question.”
The other gods’ descendants exchanged glances in hesitation. Should they charge forth? If they did, they might die. However, if they did not, they might miss this rare chance to become a god. None of them knew exactly when would this mirror image fall for real. Nevertheless, there was still risk associated with this. Therefore, the apostles that lacked ambition gave up, leaving only the ambitious ones greedily looking at the mirror image. Should they go? Everyone was hesitating.

Qin Hai smiled. “Why don’t we use the same method? Attack together. It is impossible for this fellow to be able to kill everyone. Look at the first wave of attackers. They merely suffered heavy injuries. For the powerful gods’ descendants, it will definitely be impossible for him to kill anyone if we force him to separate his godly power to deal with multiple attacks. With this, everyone will have a chance to succeed. As for who will be the final victor, that will have to depend on luck,” Qin Hai expressionlessly said.

Nearly all the gods’ descendants were tempted when they heard him. This indeed seemed like it could work. After all, without risk, there wouldn’t be any reward. They were all gods’ descendants. How could they be defeated like this?

And thus, Qin Hai’s proposal was immediately accepted. This time, the situation was different from the first wave. The first wave of attackers had been cannon fodder in the truest sense. These gods’ descendants were simply unable to restrain themselves from the temptation of godhood. Rather than use their lives as a gamble, they would rather reduce the success rate by attacking together, as this would guarantee their safety.

“Let’s do it.”
They gathered together and prepared to make their move. There were 10 of them in this group, each with a 10% chance to succeed.


Instantly, boundless godly power erupted. A dazzling radiance bloomed.

“Here it starts.”
Qin Hai focused his gaze and watched on silently. With this, you will no longer have any competition. With this, the godly power of this mirror image should be truly exhausted.

As for the possibility of this mirror image suffering defeat right here, Qin Hai was of the opinion that it was impossible. After all, this was Ye!

Chapter 786: Mere Idiotic Chess Pieces, Right?

What’s going on? When Chen Feng arrived, this bizarre sight was what he saw. Nearly all the apostles were down. The weaker apostles were unconscious, whereas the gods’ descendants were covered in injuries. Even the mirror image seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Oh, there was a dude looking at him.

“Qin Hai?” Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. Even though they hadn’t met for a long time, he could still recognize Qin Hai with a single look.

Qin Hai smiled. “It has been a while.”
“This…”  Chen Feng pointed around. He believed that this had something to do with Qin Hai. Could it be that this fellow was already so strong that he could defeat all the apostles and the mirror image all by himself?

Qin Hai smiled. “My present to you. As for what comes next, you will have to rely on yourself.” “All right.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply, and his gaze focused on the mirror image. Ye seemed like he couldn’t hold on much longer. Could he challenge this Ye? Chen Feng calmed his mind and started walking toward Ye, one step at a time.

“Now?” Qin Hai asked.

“Wait.” Chen Feng proceeded slowly. One step, two steps… Chen Feng was seemingly waiting for something. Only when that familiar aura grew nearer and a nervous expression appeared on the mirror image’s face did Chen Feng truly stand before the mirror image and issue a challenge.

“Hehe.” Ye did not find this surprising. However, at present, he truly couldn’t hold on much longer. Initially, he had planned to kill one to scare everyone off. Evidently, Ye himself had not expected that his act of killing to instead make these apostles go crazy and work together against him. Since when had the apostles been so united? He had no answer to that question.

At present, he was just a badly damaged mirror image. This was his final stand. The him from yesterday that had still been so high and mighty could never have guessed that the rule he had set up would be used against him, that his divine seat would be used for the trial activated for Chen Feng. He wasn’t the least bit prepared for this. Thus, the only thing he could do to preserve his divine seat was descend upon this mirror image
and fight.

The moment he was defeated, his divine seat would be taken from him. Even though he was incomparably powerful in person and the divine seat only contributed a small portion of his actual strength, he still had to worry about the supply of faith.

If he lost his divine seat, he would lose control over the human world as well. This was what he feared most. At this thought, he looked into the distance. He could sense someone slowly walking toward him. It was the silhouette, the culprit that had used Chen Feng to turn this into a trial for his divine seat.

He had arrived. This opponent was quite thorny. This was the opponent that had made use of Chen Feng to activate the trial, somehow transforming the trial into one for Ye’s own divine seat. Next, he had managed to get all the apostles to work together to attack him and exhaust all his godly power, and now he had arrived to finish the job. Every single step had been thoroughly planned out, completely trapping the Sin God.

Who is this person? wondered Ye. He recognized all of the gods here, yet this silhouette was completely unfamiliar to him. The silhouette’s aura and body… Ye’s gaze penetrated the silhouette, directly reaching the void as he wondered who this person was. Even during the Primordial Era, there did not seem to have been such a person. Regardless of whether it was the era of the Creation God or the present era of the Sin God, such a person had never existed.

This aura was too unfamiliar. However, it no longer mattered. Ye stood up, shrouded by a formidable aura. He truly had very little godly power left in this mirror image. As such, it would be virtually impossible for him to be able to contend against this opponent, one who was no weaker than him and who had spent countless years preparing to trap him in this scheme.

Ye was sure that this silhouette possessed terrifying strength. Based on his estimation, even were this mirror image at its peak, he would only have a 50% chance of emerging victorious. Since this silhouette dared to come, it was certain that he had thoroughly prepared to deal with Ye. This time, Ye had truly fallen into a trap.
And what would come next after he lost his divine seat? What was the opponent’s goal? Ye had no idea. One ought to know that even without the divine seat, Ye was still incredibly powerful. He could retake his divine seat any time he wanted by initiating a trial. As such, the period where he was without a divine seat would definitely be short.

So what exactly was the opponent’s goal? Or perhaps the opponent did not intend for Ye to survive the period where he was without a divine seat? Ye pondered deeply, time seeming to have stopped moving.

After losing his divine seat, he would probably still be weakened by about 20% or 30%. As for his opponent? The moment this opponent obtained this divine seat, his strength would increase greatly. Perhaps it would also be boosted by 20% or 30%. With this, the strength difference between the two would be an incredibly scary one. If his opponent was somewhat weaker than him, after obtaining the divine seat, a huge gap would appear between their strength levels. Next, that fellow would probably make a move for real toward the Sin God. This opponent’s goal could very well be to kill the Sin God.

Ye was inherently an intelligent person. As such, he was able to get to the truth almost instantly. This was probably the opponent’s true goal. As for him, he had no way of stopping this and could only watch on helplessly as the opponent succeeded in his plan. What a terrifying enemy, to be in the planning phase for several decades just so he could ensure that Ye would step into this fatal trap.

However, even if he couldn’t stop this, he could at least reduce his losses, right? Suddenly, Ye laughed. At this time, not far away, a shiny silhouette was slowly approaching him. He had arrived, terrifying energy swirling around him, with a strength capable of eliminating everything.

It was just as Ye had guessed. Since this silhouette had decided to make a move, he had already prepared everything thoroughly. At present, this weakened Ye was simply a lamb waiting for the slaughter. The plan had progressed much smoother than he had expected, and Chen Feng was even more idiotic than he had guessed. As this silhouette looked at Ye and Chen Feng, a sudden lonesome feeling, that of those at the top, emerged in his heart.

So it turned out that these two were nothing special after all. Regardless of whether it was Ye or Chen Feng, both were weaker and more idiotic than he had imagined. Even though he had indeed caught them by surprise as an observer with his sudden appearance, the way these two had handled this had indeed disappointed him somewhat.

After all, he had indeed prepared all his trump cards, and his combat power was much greater than it appeared to be. The only reason he had prepared all this was to deal with anything unexpected that might crop up. Alas, everything had progressed smoothly.

All the apostles had been defeated, and Chen Feng had issued a challenge to Ye. These idiotic chess pieces had indeed fought among themselves. Their idiocy was without cure. The silhouette shook his head as he lamented. Shua! Shua!

He strode forth with steady steps. In a short while, he reached the vicinity of the mirror image. There, Chen Feng was issuing a challenge toward the mirror image. This was the first sight he saw upon his arrival here. What a perfect start. Even though he was confident, he was sure that it wouldn’t be easy to defeat Ye. As the Sin God, he most certainly had his own trump cards. As such, having this Chen Feng test the waters would be perfect.

Suddenly, he recalled what the young lady had told him before this. The plan would not succeed? Due to Chen Feng? What a joke.

Little girl, look. Everything has progressed flawlessly. Chen Feng? Nothing but a joke.

Before him, a radiance erupted. Chen Feng had already started attacking, and Ye, as the challenged god, was making his move. He had indeed erupted with a might nobody had expected, an incredibly shocking might. This might… was sufficient to cause apprehension even in the heart of the silhouette.

The silhouette mused that this might pose even him some sort of inconvenience. Worthy of being Ye, worthy of being the Sin God indeed. Fortunately, Chen Feng was taking this attack on his behalf.


Chen Feng’s and Ye’s attacks met. Somewhat surprisingly, their attacks merely brushed past each other and did not collide at all. The silhouette was somewhat surprised. No collision? Did they both miss their target? That should not be possible…
Oh, perhaps they are both ignoring the incoming attack so as to ensure that their attacks will hit each other? Indeed, they are already putting their lives on the line. How interesting; are you guys competing to see who will die first? The silhouette looked over and confirmed that Chen Feng’s attack had indeed hit the Sin God’s body. Instantly, the mirror image was near collapse. As for the Sin God’s final attack, it was heading toward Chen Feng as well.

“Tsk tsk…”
The silhouette watched on, amused. His amused feeling lasted until the moment when, suddenly, Ye’s attack brushed past Chen Feng’s body.

Chapter 787: Ye, Are You Sick?

Missed? The silhouette’s expression became stern.

Yet another miss? How is that possible? Oh, right, Chen Feng must have dodged the attack. How interesting.

The silhouette’s expression became solemn as he surprisingly found that this Chen Feng kid actually had a trump card hidden away. It seemed like this silhouette would have to challenge Chen Feng for the godhood soon. However, the silhouette immediately relaxed afterward, as Chen Feng was not a problem as far as he was concerned. This divine seat would still ultimately be his. This was the silhouette’s honest opinion.

Yet in the next moment, the silhouette’s face fell. That was because the Sin God’s final attack, which possessed incomparable might, suddenly sped up and, with shocking speed, went past Chen Feng and directly headed toward him.

The silhouette was stupefied. What in the world? Were you guys not engaged in a challenge? Why would Ye not attack Chen Feng and instead attack the silhouette with all his might? The silhouette was thoroughly stupefied. However, he was nevertheless a powerful existence. Despite the sudden attack, he was able to react in time. Instantly, he erected a defense. Alas, Ye’s attack was truly too fast. After all, this was a trump card that Ye’s mirror image had unleashed with all his might.

Therefore, how would the silhouette be able to defend himself in time when he had only realized that the attack was aimed at him at the last moment?


The terrifying attack exploded with a boundless divine luster that submerged the silhouette.

“Damn it!” The silhouette was furious. He had not expected this to happen. Nor had he expected that he would be defeated by Ye’s final attack before Ye’s mirror image perished. This… What the hell? Before the silhouette’s destruction, he instinctively looked over at the Sin God. What he saw was a profound smile. That damnable Sin God! Damnable Ye! How would the silhouette still not understand? That bastard Ye was aware that he would not survive. As such, he had decided to grant Chen Feng the divine seat instead.


The silhouette exploded. It was completely destroyed. In outer space, that man’s always-shut eyes suddenly opened. His killing intent surged.

“Damnable Ye!”  he howled in rage. The death of his clone had caused his strength to be somewhat weakened as well. Beside him, a young lady poured him a cup of tea, a smile on her face.

“Hmph.” He looked over at the young lady and snorted, as he knew that she was mocking him.

“I have underestimated Ye.”  He took in a deep breath and spoke. “The Sin God is still the Sin God. However, even though there has been a slight mishap in the plan, the general direction is still correct. The only change is the survival of Chen Feng. What a lucky guy,” he declared, his voice sonorous. He was truly surprised that Chen Feng was still so lucky even without the godly power of luck. Surprisingly, Chen Feng had benefited from the struggle between him and Ye. However, it did not matter. Chen Feng was ultimately a chess piece, an extremely weak chess piece.

At present, his actual opponent was still Ye, and a Ye without his divine seat at that. Even though he had not successfully obtained the divine seat and the faith of all of humanity, and his strength was declining due to his clone’s destruction, it did not put much of a dent in his plan. After all, Ye had been weakened even more than him.

He stood up and sneered. “Do you think you can avoid this disaster with this? Do you think that I can’t deal with you without ascending into godhood? Hehe. I will no longer look down on you.”
Evidently, he was prepared to make another move on Ye. By his side, the young lady merely smiled a rather enigmatic smile. Luck… Was it truly luck? At this time, within the alien world, after the death of the silhouette, Ye’s mirror image finally crumbled.

Chen Feng put on a blank expression. Clearly, he was completely at a loss.

Ye smiled lightly before his mirror image dissipated completely. Somewhere else, as Ye’s mirror image dissipated, his consciousness returned to his main body. Instantly, his shrine started to collapse, and at the same time, the human world within his eye came out and regained its freedom.

However, Ye did not pay any attention to this. He knew that without his divine seat, that fellow would be here soon. As for the human world? Well, he would let Chen Feng take care of it in his stead for now. After all, Chen Feng would most certainly take care of the humans properly so as to obtain more believers. When the time came that Ye returned, an even better version of the human world would be there waiting for him, a world with even more believers.

Naturally, all of this required that he defeat that damnable person. That silhouette… Ye’s expression became solemn as he thought about his opponent. He was aware that a bitter battle was about to come. That mysterious silhouette, that person he had never seen in any era…
“Who exactly are you? A seed left behind by the Creation God? I doubt it. You do not have his aura. Who can you be, then?”
Slowly, Ye’s gaze became cold.

In fact, he only needed to select a random god to challenge and he would ascend to godhood once again. However, he did not, as he was aware that he would not be given such a chance. The moment he issued a challenge, his opponent would most certainly appear. Therefore, before he went about regaining his godhood, he had to first deal with that fellow. “I will be waiting for you,” Ye said with a cold gaze. He was already prepared to have a decisive battle with that silhouette. He was sure that the silhouette had to be on its way here. Unknown to both Ye and that silhouette, when their consciousnesses left the alien world, Chen Feng’s expression changed from its previous blank state to a state of utmost calm. It seemed like his gamble had paid off.

“Ye indeed won’t allow his opponent to benefit from this,” Qin Hai said.

“True. If it’s me, I would do the same.”  Chen Feng smiled. “After all, compared to Chen Feng the foolish chess piece, that scheming silhouette is the actual enemy, right?”
As the sandpiper and the clam fought, the fisherman caught them both. This was quite a simple plan. In the eyes of that silhouette, the idiotic chess pieces would fight each other. That is, Chen Feng and Ye would tear each other apart. The silhouette had expected to be the fisherman reaping the profit. After all, he was the third party here, the one who had always remained an observer. Unfortunately, he seemed to have forgotten that from the moment he had entered this world, he had become a chess piece as well. And thus, without realizing it, he had been manipulated. In the first wave, the apostles had exhausted Ye’s godly power. In the second wave, the apostles had continued to
exhaust Ye’s godly power. All seemed to have been developing in a direction advantageous to the silhouette. The pride he had been feeling had caused him to forget himself.

Indeed, everything had progressed smoothly, to the point that the situation had seemed irreversible. Regardless of whether it was Chen Feng, Qin Hai, or any other person, none should have been able to reverse the situation. That was because the silhouette was way too powerful.

However, thanks to how smoothly the plan had progressed, thanks to how idiotic Chen Feng and the other chess pieces had been, Ye had been greatly triggered, resulting in that resolute counterattack. Ultimately, both Ye and the silhouette had perished together.

Chen Feng’s initial plan had been to think of something to ensure they both maintained similar levels of strength. With that, there would be a chance for Ye and the mirror image to die together. This was also what a lot of people had been wishing would happen. After all, only when the enemies were equally matched would they be able to fish in the murky water. However, after seeing Qin Hai, Chen Feng had immediately altered his plan and followed Qin Hai’s plan. Ultimately the plan was a success.

As they thought about this, Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances and laughed. At times, a look into someone’s eyes was sufficient to convey the required message. And now… Chen Feng stood up as a faint radiance started swirling around him.

This was the prelude to his ascension to godhood. He had initially thought that he would only ascend after many years. Unexpectedly, he had succeeded today. This unexpected incident with the Sin God had allowed Chen Feng to directly ascend. Moreover, he was ascending to the divine seat of the Sin God.

Bang! The swirling radiance became clearer and clearer as boundless godly power started to seep into him.

Chapter 788: Godhood Ascension

A dazzling radiance appeared from the distant horizon. Before Chen Feng’s eyes was nothing but boundless whiteness. The incident involving Ye and the silhouette had all been forgotten. At present, the only thing in Chen Feng’s mind was ascension.


Godly power surged out, blasting all the apostles away. As for the apostles that had lost consciousness, they woke up at this instant.

“Is it over?”
They looked at the sky. Within the alien world, only a beam of light could be seen.

“Yes, it’s over.” “Has one of us ascended?”
Some of the apostles appeared to still be at a loss. In their memories, after the final attack earlier, they had lost consciousness.

“No, it’s Chen Feng.”
Those apostles gasped in alarm. Chen Feng? It was actually him? Not far away, godly power surged and shone upon the entire alien world.

Bang! Bang!

The divine radiance descended. On Chen Feng’s forehead, divine radiance converged, seemingly trying to form a godly power unique to him. Ultimately, a faint imprint appeared on Chen Feng’s forehead. This godly imprint was unique to Chen Feng. From here on, this would be Chen Feng’s imprint.

The imprint flickered.

“So this is a godly imprint?”
Chen Feng did not think about it too much. His ascension would bring about too many changes. However, he did not have time to think about all the changes. The first thing he did was place his attention on the ex-believers of the Sin God.


With his very own eyes, he watched as the human world was slowly restored into the outside world. Humanity had returned. Chen Feng understood clearly. “The entirety of the human world used to be his believers. As such, he was able to deal with them as he wished. And now, he no longer has his divine seat and can no longer maintain a connection with the human world. As such, the human world has been restored.”
However, he was also sure that the Sin God would not lack a divine seat for long. The moment he challenged a random god and obtained a divine seat, he would once again be able to gather faith. At that time, the human world would once again be submerged in suffering.

As such, Chen Feng had to deal with this as soon as possible.
He stood up and gazed at the human world.

Faint godly power surged out and rained down on the human world.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Everything in the human world that had been transformed into a bead started overlapping with the real world. Slowly, the human world became real. Humanity had returned to this era for real.

Suddenly, at this moment, the human world, which had already grown used to the dusky sky, seemingly awakened.
These years, the sky had been shrouded by eternal darkness. The will of the Sin God had been continuously broadcast throughout the world. Even though the humans knew what kind of person the Sin God was, the act of sin had still spread without stop in this world, sinking the entire human world into chaos. After conquering the entire human world, the Sin God hadn’t had any intention of turning it into a utopia. Rather, his sole intention had been to turn the world into a never-ending supply of faith.

And what type of faith was required by the Sin God? The faith of sin. As such, the requirements of the Sin God were rather simple. First, the population of the world had to be sufficient. That was why the entire human world had been plunged into an eternally lustful state. Second, he required sin. Thus, the human world had become a lawless world.

This was the perfect world for the Sin God. Therefore, during this period, a lot of people lived lives worse than death. Moreover, this was even under the secret protection of the Misfortune Goddess and the Luck Goddess. Without their protection, the world would have long ago gone down a path of no return.

With these two goddesses, hope had been preserved among humanity. Hope toward the Genetic Era. Regardless of how long it had been since this era passed, regardless of how widespread sin had been, the miracles concerning Chen Feng were still being spread without stop, filling humanity with hope and expectation that he would return.

Year after year passed, until finally, today arrived. Just when humanity was about to give up hope, the darkness vanished and the shadow of the Sin God, the darkness representing his godly power, was instantly expelled. In the sky, only a majestic radiance was left. Immediately, the earth started trembling. The humans that had been living within the bead for quite a while were suddenly returned to the real world. The air and the energy of the world could be clearly sensed. This air was not filled with the godly power of sin. Rather, this was the true natural energy of the world. They had returned! As for that
resplendent silhouette of light in the sky above, he was incredibly familiar to the humans.

“Chen Feng!”
“Chen Feng!”
Numerous howls resounded as they vented the surging feeling within their hearts. Returned! They had finally returned! After 12 years, the human world had finally returned. These 12 years had been hard on humanity.

During these years, thanks to the special care of the Sin God, only his believers had been able to increase in strength. As such, nearly all the resonators were his fanatical believers. As for the Genetic Union, the strongest of them were merely awakened ones. In these 12 years, the Genetic Union, who had before held absolute authority, had slowly been beaten into submission by the believers of the Sin God.

Moreover, the believers of the Sin God were increasing in number without stop. This was what the Sin God had intended. Only with this would those people willingly submit, becoming his believers. If Chen Feng had been a bit slower, a large-scale conversion would have begun, and the moment the seed of sin was planted in them, it would no longer have been a matter of belief. At that time, the human world would truly have become a cradle of sin.

If Chen Feng had arrived after that, it would have been too late to save humanity. It had been extremely hard on the humans. Fortunately, Chen Feng had returned. When the Genetic Union was facing an imminent collapse, when the human world was about to fully fall, he appeared.

“This kid…”
The deputy president clenched his fists tightly. He had known that Chen Feng would not die. He had known that this kid would most certainly return. Indeed, Chen Feng had returned, and as an almighty god. At this moment, everyone gazed at the silhouette of Chen Feng in the sky, reverence in their eyes.

At this moment, numerous divine senses swept past.

“It is actually Chen Feng,”  one of the gods said in surprise. These gods had all heard of this so-called number one figure below the apostle realm. This was especially true, since subsequently, he had even upgraded to become the number one figure below the realm of the gods. All along, they had been viewing this Chen Feng as an apostle. As for this divine seat trial, it had, in fact, been activated at the urging of numerous gods. Chen Feng’s name had just been used as an excuse so that their descendants could ascend. Beyond all their expectations, Chen Feng had been the one to ascend. This was truly inconceivable.

A certain god laughed. “Looks like those gods’  descendants will be stamping their feet in anger at this result.”
“True.” “But then… this Chen Feng has just ascended, yet he already has numerous veteran gods as his enemies. The gains do not seem to make up for the losses, right?”
“Yeah. After all, even though he is now a god, he is just a minor god.”
“Do you guys think that those gods will take revenge on behalf of their descendants?”
“That is inevitable. Even though gods are not allowed to kill each other, he will not be able to avoid being taught a lesson. Even though Chen Feng is now a god, he will not have an easy time anytime soon.”
“Even so, that is still better than staying an apostle, right?”
“True. So long as he survives this period of suppression, he will ultimately still be a god, a being above so many life-forms.” The numerous gods were conversing. They weren’t particularly bothered about this new god called Chen Feng. After all, they were sure that this god was the weakest god in history. First, Chen Feng’s foundations were too weak, resulting in the tier of the divine seat he had activated being too low. Second, he would suffer the suppression of some powerful gods, resulting in a lack of believers.

One ought to know that even the minor god who had transformed Chen Feng into a resonator was but a pitiful god that could only gather a miserable amount of believers among the territories of the major gods. How could this Chen Feng, who had offended so many gods, do any better? And thus, they were sure that Chen Feng would not have any believers.

“With his circumstances, who would be willing to follow him?” a god said with a laugh. As for the backers of those gods’ descendants that had failed in the trial, they had all issued orders to block Chen Feng’s source of faith. It seemed like Chen Feng would temporarily be without any faith at all. He would be nothing but a lonely god.

“I will let you deal with him,” a certain god said to his child. This child was precisely one of the gods’ descendants that had lost consciousness during the trial.

“Since you guys suffered defeat at his hands, I shall let you be the one to deal with him. Without believers, his strength will not grow. He will be forever stuck at this level. When you guys ascend into godhood, you can go challenge him. Chen Feng is ultimately nothing but a stepping stone for you people,”  that god said unhurriedly.

“Yes.” The god’s descendant was filled with fighting spirit as he heard these words. True, what was a mere defeat? When he ascended, he would defeat Chen Feng! Most of the backers of the gods’ descendants had similar opinions. So what if he was now a god? Cannon fodder would forever be cannon fodder.

“These bastards.” The minor god was furious when he found out about all this. Back then, this was how he had struggled, slowly surviving until today.

Back then, a certain god’s descendant had tried to benefit from his perceived weakness and snatch his divine seat. Ultimately, he had defeated that god’s descendant and ascended. Alas, he had also offended that god’s descendant, resulting in him being suppressed, causing him to struggle badly even as a god.
Ultimately, when that god’s descendant had ascended, that person had returned to defeat him. Only after that had this minor god been let off. And he had only been let off was because gods were not allowed to kill each other. He could remember clearly how only after he had been defeated, only after his face had been slapped, had that person left. Only after that incident had he been able to gather a few believers.

As for Chen Feng, he was in the exact same situation as this minor god had been in the past. The only difference was that the minor god’s enemy back then had only been a single god’s descendant, yet this Chen Feng had offended more than 10 of them. Heavens, how was Chen Feng supposed to grow this way? For a god, a lack of believers signified a lack of prospects. This was something everyone realized.

Chapter 789: Wondrous World

“He is now a god.”  The guy on throne frowned. A minor change had occurred in his plan. However, his plan’s general direction remained unchanged. In his original plan, he would have been the one to ascend. He would have been the one to defeat all opposition and kill Ye, then release the human world, becoming a god like the Creation God of the past. Yet now, this position had been taken by Chen Feng instead.

Naturally, Chen Feng was too weak. With his strength, even after ascension, he would still be a weakling. He wouldn’t be able to do anything. At the very least, Chen Feng wouldn’t have much effect on the guy on the throne’s plan. As for the matter of believers, it would be quite simple to make those humans his believers.

The guy on throne pondered the matter but did not seem too bothered. “Well, I shall let you have fun for a few days. Even if Chen Feng is able to transform all of humanity, I still have a way to make them all my believers. Therefore…”
After thinking it through, he decided that his attention should still be focused on Ye. At present, his priority should be Ye, the one with frightening strength.

“Chen Feng has ascended.”
The Sin God had also sensed Chen Feng’s aura. Chen Feng’s ascension came as no surprise to him, as he was the one who had personally handed the divine seat to Chen Feng. After all, handing it to Chen Feng was much better than letting that culprit have it. In any case, he had indeed felt a threat of some sort from that culprit.

With Chen Feng’s ascension, his believers in the human world would naturally be affected. However, it shouldn’t be too major an effect. After all, the human population was extremely large. Moreover, the faith that these intelligent life-forms could provide was much greater in amount than that of the beasts. After a full 12 years of hard work, he had only been able to convert a small portion of humanity into his believers. As for Chen Feng? He would only have a few days worth of time to do as he wished with that world. Ye believed that he would only need to spend a day or two dealing with that culprit before he could retake the human world. With only a few days, Chen Feng would not be able to accomplish much. How many believers could he gain in such a short period? The population of the human world surpassed 100 million. The Sin God wasn’t
the least bit worried about what Chen Feng could do to a world
with such a huge population.

How many believers could Chen Feng gather in a few short days? It wouldn’t be many. Even if Chen Feng was allowed free rein, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish much. This was common sense among gods. As such, this was what both the guy on the throne and Ye thought.

Unknown to them, the instant Chen Feng appeared, the two godly powers that had been concealed within the human world became active. These two godly powers, which had been spread throughout the world, slowly returned, gradually flowing back into Chen Feng’s body.

These two were precisely Luck and Misfortune. Chen Feng’s mouth curled up into a smile. “You two have arrived.”
“Mhm.” Spirit’s bright, wide eyes were filled with joy. They had been waiting for this moment for far too long.

Spirit smiled gracefully. “I have accumulated quite a bit of godly power.”
“Same here.” Misfortune’s words were as concise as ever.

“Very good. Well then, let us begin.” Chen Feng stretched out both his hands.


Boundless godly power rippled out. This was his very own godly power, the godly power of Luck and of Misfortune. And thus the entire world started to transform. “I have returned. Humanity has returned. However, this is the era of the gods. The Sin God has yet to be defeated. There will be a day when he returns once again to challenge me, to make a move against you all. Therefore, I require your help,” Chen Feng said in a sonorous tone. “Together, before the Sin God returns, let us become stronger.”
His every word reverberated throughout the entire human world. The power of luck and misfortune rippled out noiselessly. Nearly everyone in the world heard his words. When they heard his words, seemingly under the effect of a certain power, they all happened to think of a certain issue, that this world indeed required an even stronger guardian.

Evidently, Chen Feng needed to be stronger as well. They, the believers, would be able to allow Chen Feng to become even stronger. At this thought, some of them even became excited.


Suddenly, numerous pillars of light shot into the sky. The radiance that was supposed to head toward the Sin God headed toward Chen Feng. Numerous weak powers of faith converged together, becoming a huge roaring ocean.

One hundred…
One thousand…
Ten thousand…
A hundred thousand…
A million…

Bang! Bang! Faith converged, forming a torrential river of faith. This river of faith belonged to Chen Feng alone. It was a link between him and his believers. Slowly, this channel reached an extremely terrifying level. The boundless godly power traveled without stop, and like a Milky Way that had descended from the sky, it all poured into Chen Feng’s forehead, entering the
imprint there.

His imprint shone with a resplendent radiance.

“How is this possible?”
All the apostles were stupefied. Chen Feng had just recently become a god. How could he posses this many believers?

Even the gods were stunned. 
That surging godly power had surpassed even a huge number of the major gods. It was so terrifying that it could cause one’s heart to flutter. With such godly power, Chen Feng was growing at a rapid speed.

The numerous life-forms were completely stunned. They had no idea where Chen Feng had obtained these believers. This lasted until some gods finally noticed the recently appeared world.

“This world seems to have just appeared?”
“What’s going on?”
“What world is this? This seems to be the source of Chen Feng’s faith. Since he can do it, we can get believers from this world as well.” 
“Count me in as well.”
And thus, countless gods entered the human world. Surprisingly, they were indeed able to obtain quite a large number of believers. After all, for the humans, these gods were true deities. So what if they believed in one?
With the arrival of these gods, apart from Chen Feng, the sinners that used to be the Sin God’s believers found new avenues of belief. And thus, more and more gods entered this world. As for Ye, he was busy preparing for his battle with that silhouette, completely oblivious to the fact that his believers were being split among the various gods.

All the gods exclaimed in admiration.

“All these life-forms are actually godless!” fast that it’s inconceivable.”
“What kind of world is this?”
This was but the beginning of what was to come. What surprised them more was the fact that the believers attracted to Chen Feng seemed to be those at the lower rungs of society. These were the comparatively weaker ones, the strongest of which were only awakened ones. Naturally, these awakened ones had now resonated with Chen Feng’s godly power and become resonators. Yet in this world, the original powerful resonators all seemed to have ignored Chen Feng.

“Haha. These resonators have probably chosen not to believe in Chen Feng because he is too weak.”
“That is certain. After all, these resonators are all at around level 9 or 10. They are nearing their breakthrough. Almost every one of them is a future apostle. How could they select someone like Chen Feng?” 
“Mine too.”
The  gods  started  proudly  fighting  over  these  “strongest resonators.”
In fact, there were quite a lot of these powerful resonators in this world.

It seemed like these people had originally been with their respective gods; otherwise, they wouldn’t be resonators in the first place. However, after these gods entered the world, they found that these resonators were all currently godless.

“They are godless!”
“This is excellent!” All the gods were enraptured. In their world, even though the resonators of minor gods could be transferred to other gods, they still required the god in question’s agreement. As such, a culture of extortion had come into being. Yet here, these level 9 and 10 resonators, so near the apostle realm, were
godless. This was like a feast for the gods.

“Are their original gods dead?”
“Who cares?”
“Perhaps these life-forms are attached to the original god that occupied that divine seat? Since Chen Feng has obtained the seat, this world has thus reappeared…”
“Quite likely.”
“That must be the case.” “Sigh. If I had known this earlier, I would have gotten my son to give his best shot at obtaining this divine seat.”
“What’s the point of that? Look at how Chen Feng obtained the divine seat. Yet this world has still been opened for everyone to fight for. For all the gods, this world is filled with riches.”
The gods were all overjoyed as they gathered believers without stop, making the humans their believers. Naturally, they were unaware that the believers they had obtained were in fact a minority in this world. The largest portion was tightly under Chen Feng’s control.

Chapter 790: The Struggle over Believers

Godly power continued pouring into Chen Feng. Slowly, the imprint on Chen Feng’s forehead stabilized, and ultimately, the divine seat was fixed in place. Just as expected, this divine seat was fixed at a position normally occupied by the lowest tier of gods.


Instantly, the divine radiance that filled the sky vanished.

“Is it over?”
“I guess so.”
“Chen Feng’s divine seat seems to be the lowest tier…”
“Therefore, he is still a minor god.” “Yeah.   However,   that   terrifying   faith   is   still   rather astonishing. It seems to have originated from those life-forms that suddenly appeared. Nearly every god has gone there to gather more believers…”
“Is this good or bad?”
“No idea.”
The few gods that were conversing suddenly sank into silence. The sudden growth of Chen Feng’s believers had indeed shocked many gods. However, when they had found out the truth, they had all poured into the human world to get their own believers as well. If even this lowest-tier-god Chen Feng could get so many believers from that world, what about the other gods? Those major gods?

The number of life-forms in that newly appeared world was truly incredibly astonishing. Evidently, none of them were aware that these life-forms had been concealed by the Sin God or that these were the life-forms that had originally inhabited this world. The gods were all busy gathering new believers, hoping that the entire human population, numbering in the hundreds of millions, would become their believers. And thus, the minor gods arrived. The major gods arrived as well. A huge number of gods arrived, and all of them entered the human world.

Gather, gather, and gather. All of them were busy spreading their godly power, invading the human world. Many completely different godly powers began to pervade this world. A person would be able to see a random clump of godly power just by leaving their house. Or perhaps one could be having a meal and suddenly see a clump a godly power. Even when sleeping or having an intimate relationship, or whatever other activities, one could stumble upon some godly power.

Gods seemed to be everywhere. Oh, you can’t believe in this god? It doesn’t matter. There are numerous other gods available for the picking. Feel free to choose among the countless gods and countless godly powers. There ought to be one that fits.

And thus, humans compromised by selecting a god to believe in. At the very least, after believing in a god, the gods would stop bombarding them with never-ending invitations like the most malicious of advertisements. With this, the humans slowly started believing in their respective deities.

After the appearance of the humans, even the pitiful gods that used to only have a grand total of three or four believers now had hundreds or even thousands. For the gods, this was a grand occasion. Since there were truly too many humans around, there were virtually no fights between gods. There was no need for that. Rather than waste their effort fighting, they might as well use the effort to court more believers.

As far as these gods were concerned, the godless humans were like a huge pile of treasure. As such, for many days after, all of the gods were busily gathering believers.

“Father, that Chen Feng…” a certain god’s descendant asked cautiously.

“I will deal with him later,” the god answered half-heartedly, as he was busy searching for human believers. Chen Feng? Who had time to be bothered about him? “But…”
“Piss off. Why are there so many buts? We will allow him to run free for a few more days. The big picture is much more important. You, don’t go out and create trouble for me. Regardless of how weak Chen Feng is, he is still a god.”
“Fine.”  The god’s descendant could only accept this while feeling wronged. He truly wanted to go and get his revenge on Chen Feng. However, it was as his father said. Regardless of how weak Chen Feng was, a god was still a god. Without his father’s help, he wouldn’t be able to do much. He would probably die without even knowing how he had died if he dared to seek out Chen Feng alone.

The same thing was happening to all the gods’ descendants. And thus, this dangerous initial period of time after Chen Feng’s ascension transformed into a precious time of growth for him.

… In the human world, everyone was busy increasing their strength. They had been stuck at this level for way too long. In the past, due to the Creation God’s seal, humans had been unable to enter the awakened realm. Even more unfortunately, they had all been thrown into the bead world by the Sin God
shortly after the seal was lifted.

Thus, when they finally returned to the real world, the boundless energy pervading the air brought them endless joy. The ex-believers of the Sin God, who were now ex-resonators, were the first batch of humans to be cleanly split apart by the gods. That was because these humans all seemed rather powerful, causing the gods to believe that these were the most outstanding humans.

These gods were completely clueless as to what type of believers they had gathered. As for the rest of humanity, they were currently undergoing a breakthrough of the largest scale ever in human history. How were they doing it? Thanks to Chen Feng, thanks to gene reagents, and thanks to the beyond- A-class gene reagents.

During the past 12 years, the entirety of humanity had reached beyond A class. After all, they wouldn’t have been able to contend against the Sin God’s resonators with quantity alone. And now these people were starting to break through.

This time, not a single god was concerned about the exhaustion of their godly power when it came to creating contracts for their new believers. Similarly, not a single god would allow another god to use the contracts they had created, as the contract might never be returned.

After all, gods were not allowed to kill each other. In the past, if a minor god was disobedient, they would be punished by having their source of faith restricted. But now, with the many humans providing sufficient faith for every god, who would care?

Restriction of faith? Sure. It did not matter. There were way too many humans around for this to matter. The most one could do to these minor gods was beat them up, nothing more. And thus, at a time like this, not a single god delegated the task of establishing contracts with new believers to their subsidiary gods. With their own hands, they established a contract with every single new believer they obtained. With their very own hands, they transformed these new believers into resonators. The sky above the human world seemed to be eternally lit by the radiance of contracts.

Level 1 resonance, level 2 resonance, level 8 resonance, level
10 resonance, and so on. Every human at the peak of the awakened realm was growing crazily. The comparatively newer awakened ones tended to stop growing at level 1 resonance, whereas the veteran genetic warriors already at the peak of the awakened realm, those who had accumulated their strength for 12 years, were able to instantly reach level 10 resonance. The instant a contract was established, their comprehension of godly power immediately reached a certain peak.

Growth! Growth! And growth! All the humans were happy, and all the gods were incomparably excited. Everyone watched on as their believers grew in number at a terrifying rate. Almost all the gods had had their faith multiplied several times over. Among these humans, there were also some who were able to directly enter the apostle realm due to being sufficiently strong.

“Haha. This is awesome!” “The gain of this single day is comparable to what I gained over the past 10 years.”
“So this is the human world?”
“This is such a big world. How did it stay hidden in the past?”
The gods were all endlessly amazed. One ought to know that even with their formidable strength, they had never noticed the existence of this world.

Unknown to all of them, in a certain corner of the world, an extremely beautiful goddess stood. She appeared extremely delicate and was silently watching on as everything happened. If Chen Feng were here, he would most certainly recognize her as the Forest Goddess.

She had not bothered trying to stop the gods, nor had she bothered to approach them. Millions upon millions of life- forms for the taking? Hehe. “How idiotic…” she muttered.

Do you guys realize that you have obtained the believers of the Sin God? This is especially true for that first batch, the strongest resonators! Are you all aware that they were actually the apostle candidates Ye cultivated with the utmost care?

In order to totally transform all of humanity into his believers, the Sin God had selected a group of believers that excelled at beguilement. He had then cultivated them from the awakened realm all the way to the peak resonance realm. He had been on the verge of transforming them all into apostles.

In fact, he had already prepared the ceremony to transform them all to apostles at the same time. However, he had been waiting until he had more of them. At that time, when he unleashed several hundred thousand apostles, all of humanity would have been converted into his believers. This was quite a scary idea.

This was what Ye had originally been planning. Unfortunately, due to that trial, this plan had been put on hold. As for these gods, they had all taken Ye’s believers for themselves. Not only that, they had also transformed all these resonators into apostles, which was an irreversible act. The moment Ye returned…
She laughed lightly. A bunch of idiots. In her mind, the end of these fools was already fixed. After all, that was Ye, the Sin God! Regardless of how powerful that silhouette was, Ye would not die. Even the Creation God had failed to eliminate Ye back then, let alone this so-called silhouette. When Ye eventually returned, something interesting would most certainly happen.
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