The Strongest Gene Chapter 771-780

Chapter 771: Legend

Chen Feng’s current strength was rather bizarre. He was around level 10 resonance, right at the peak of resonance. After the amplification effect, his combat power was equivalent to a level 1 apostle. Yet he had discovered something astonishing: he was not able to improve beyond his current level, since he was incapable of resonating with a god.

Even his current level 10 resonance had been achieved with great difficulty with the help of this god. It was a realm he would not be able to reach through his own comprehension.

Under normal circumstances, the god would merely act as a bridge and help one enter the realm of resonance. As for the rest, one would have to rely on one’s own comprehension. As for Chen Feng, he had received preferential treatment from the god and been fed a huge amount of godly power. Even so, he had only been able to reach level 10 resonance.

Even if the god wanted to push him into the resonance realm, the god couldn’t. What about Chen Feng comprehending the godly power by himself and improving naturally? That was nearly impossible. As such, Chen Feng was seemingly stuck, no longer able to improve. Just like the god had guessed, it was very possible that Chen Feng might be forever stuck at this stage.

“Resonance,   huh?”    Chen   Feng   sighed.   The   realm   of resonance was where one started comprehending their god’s godly power. Regretfully, his comprehension was nearly nonexistent.

“How  can  this  be?”  Chen  Feng  scratched  his  head.  Why couldn’t he resonate? Once again, he tried comprehending godly power, but as usual, there was no reaction whatsoever.

“Sure enough.”
He no longer had any hope of comprehension. If so, there was only one method left for him to increase his strength. He had to rely on this fake nascent soul of his. He had discovered earlier that, upon absorbing godly power, this fellow would improve. With that, the amplification effect would become smoother, better, and even stronger. It was quite hard to put into words. For instance, if the previous amplification value had been 10 times 10, now, it had seemingly changed to 10 times 10 times 1. This was a rather odd change, as the final value was essentially the same. No, to be more accurate, after the improvement of his miniature person that one time, it had seemingly changed to 10 times 10 times
1.001. Naturally, this was the new amplification rate for his resonance realm, which was somewhat different than the amplification in the awakened realm, since this realm was greater.

The improvement was extremely minute. However, did this not signify that a new avenue for increasing his strength had been discovered? Chen Feng’s body was still incapable of surpassing level 10 resonance. However, what if the amplification effect improved without stop? What if that “1” at the back continued to increase? Would it become a 2, a 3, or perhaps something even bigger? Perhaps it might even reach 10?

This would give Chen Feng even greater combat power, reaching that of a level 1,000 resonator and would be quite an astonishing improvement. Naturally, this required his fake nascent soul to be able to absorb sufficient godly power to ultimately further enhance his amplification effect. Should he get the god to provide him with some sort of sponsor? Instinctively, Chen Feng looked over at the god only to see a pale and weakened appearance. Ultimately, he was too embarrassed to ask for more from this god. Forget it. This god was already pitiful enough due to them. There was no need for him to further harm the god. Naturally, more important was the fact that, given the god’s appearance, it was obvious that he
had yet to recover from the excessive exhaustion when he had
tried to increase Chen Feng’s realm. As such, he would not be able to help even if he wanted to.

“Looks like I have to look for other gods.”
Chen Feng set his sights on the recruitment project of the several major cities, and he was extremely tempted.

Chen Feng laughed. “A cold war?”

At this time, the struggle over believers had slowly unfolded. Every single day, news spread about so-and-so genius getting recruited by so-and-so city, or about so-and-so city providing generous compensation and being worth joining. Whatever the case, Mountcarve City was the weakest party in this conflict. There was only one reason for this: their lack of foundation.

Having lost the 1,000-plus tribes around them, their surroundings were now empty. Even when other geniuses were willing to come, they had to migrate their families and start from scratch here. Even for geniuses, this brought about much pressure. Therefore, despite Mountcarve City’s more generous compensation, they still managed to obtain the fewest recruits. Of course, this was only taking into consideration the geniuses. As for the common and weak tribes, Mountcarve City had gained the most.

“Yet another common tribe?”
“How many have we obtained?”
“Over 300 tribes.” “I am asking about those with the potential to become apostles…”
“Oh, not one so far.”

Even with more than 300 tribes recruited, not a single one had the potential to become apostles. This was their present crisis. If this progressed, they would have no choice but to place their hope in the future of these tribes rather than the present them. Nevertheless, this was still some sort of hope.

“It’s  fine.  Even  if  our  present  apostles  will  be  lower  in amount, so long as the future of Mountcarve City is guaranteed, everything will be fine.”
“Understood.” They continued recruiting, but with little hope of anyone with the potential to become an apostle joining them. Surprisingly, recently, a piece of news had been spreading, news that alarmed even the gods of Mountcarve City. An extraordinary genius called Chen Feng was heading toward Mountcarve City.

“Chen Feng?”
The gods of Mountcarve City were somewhat stupefied. Why had they never heard of this genius?

“It is said that he is a recently emerged genius,” the apostle explained. “He is only at the resonance realm, yet his strength is extremely terrifying. He can even contend against veteran apostles. It is said that a certain minor god personally tried to recruit him but was rejected. This person possessed extraordinary talent.” As the gods of Mountcarve City heard this, their hearts burned with desire. There was such a person?

“Why did you guys not present a report about him in the past?” Prison asked in a sonorous voice.

The underling smiled bitterly. “Erm… Everyone is clear on the situation we are in. None of us expected that this person would actually head over here…”
Prison took in a deep breath. “It doesn’t matter. It’s good that he is willing to come. When he arrives, I shall personally receive him.”
The underling’s heart trembled. “Ah? You are going personally?”
Heavens, Lord Prison was a major god with several dozen apostles. Yet he was willing to personally welcome the arrival of a single apostle? “In  unique  circumstances,  we  must  take  unique  actions.” Prison smiled. “Furthermore, I have never seen anyone in the resonance realm capable of contending against an apostle. I shall go expand my knowledge. And if this person is here representing a tribe, perhaps… What we stand to gain is more than a single apostle!” Prison said profoundly.
The  underling  nodded.  “Understood.”   Soon,  this  news spread throughout Mountcarve City. Everyone knew that a resonator would arrive and that Lord Prison would personally receive him. This caused all the apostles to feel envy and hatred, lamenting the fact that this fellow had arrived at such an opportune time. Apart from a time like this, could a mere resonator ever receive such treatment?

Early the next day, numerous experts focused their gaze on the entrance to Mountcarve City. There, Prison and several apostles were waiting. Not far away, a figure gradually appeared.

Everyone’s heart trembled. “He’s here.” Prison looked at the youth in front of him, doubt in his eyes. “You are Chen Feng?”
Chen Feng bowed slightly. “Yes. Lord God.”
“Are you willing to be my apostle?” Prison asked with a deep voice.

As far as Prison was concerned, since this Chen Feng had traveled so far to reach here, his intention had to be becoming the apostle of a major god. In Mountcarve City, Prison was the strongest major god.

“That depends on whether you are qualified, esteemed one,” Chen Feng said, polite as ever. Alas, these words of his were like a bomb that triggered the fury of all the life-forms present.

“Do you know who you are talking to?” “How egotistical.”
Countless life-forms were furious. Even though Mountcarve City was in a crisis, that did not mean that anyone could view them with such contempt. Perhaps Mountcarve City’s strength would drop slightly in the future. However, right now, they were still undeniably a powerhouse. As for Prison, he was the strongest god in the city.

Now, a mere resonator dared provoke their god? He was courting death! The eyes of all the apostles and gods were now filled with killing intent.

Prison laughed. “Qualified?”
“Yes.” Calm as ever, Chen Feng explained, “In fact, I am fine with being the apostle of any god. Perhaps you have heard some rumors about me. Alas, those rumors are erroneous.”
Prison’s interest was piqued. “Oh?”

Chapter 772: The Search

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “I did not reject that god. On the contrary, I was extremely willing to be that god’s apostle. Regretfully, the apostle’s contract failed to be established.”
“Failed?”  Prison was astonished. This was the first time he had ever heard of something like this.

Chen  Feng  nodded.  “That’s  right.  That  god  said  that  my growth during the resonance realm was too excessive. As such, regular gods will be unable to establish a contract with me. For the contract to be successfully established, an even stronger god, one of a higher level, will be required.”
As everyone heard this, they took in a deep breath in shock. There was such a thing? How strong was this fellow to be repelling gods? This was too astonishing.

“I see.”  Deep curiosity appeared in Prison’s eyes. There was actually such a thing. If he could make this youth his apostle, perhaps he would be able to attract even more experts. “Come,  let  us  go  establish  the  contract,”   Prison  said  in excitement.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “Let’s do it here. After that god, I found two other gods to try it out as well. All failed without exception. Therefore, let us establish the contract here so that when it fails, I can immediately go look for the next god.”
Prison: “…”
This was the very first time he had received such a cold shoulder.

Prison inhaled deeply. “Fine, this is also acceptable.”  Under everyone’s gaze, he started to establish the apostle’s contract.

A flickering imprint appeared. This was an apostle’s imprint. The contract started descending and landed on Chen Feng’s forehead. Terrifying godly power surged out and poured into his forehead.

Chen  Feng’s  mood  became  solemn.  “Here  it  comes.”  He assumed the proper pose and calmed himself, seemingly trying to endure the infusion of godly power.

Bang! Bang!

Godly power far stronger than that of the minor god poured into his body.

Chen Feng was shocked. “So this is the strength of a major god?” Without a doubt, Prison’s godly power was much greater than that minor god’s. Whether in terms of quantity or quality, he surpassed that god by far. So strong was the godly power that Chen Feng even started to wait expectantly for the moment that he finally became an apostle. Perhaps he could truly become an apostle here? And yet, shortly afterward, reality showed Chen Feng that he was being too wishful.

The miniature person was still as calm as ever, absorbing all the godly power that arrived, not leaving anything behind. Regardless of the quality or quantity of the godly power, everything was cleaned up.
“Huh?” Prison was astonished. He had poured quite a huge amount of godly power in, yet there was still no reaction? This person called Chen Feng was indeed rather special. Since this was the case, he might as well increase the amount of godly power and see what happened. He refused to believe that a mere resonator could resist him.


An even more terrifying amount of godly power poured in. Initially, Chen Feng had still had a tiny amount of hope in his heart that he would be able to become an apostle. Alas, that little amount of hope was crushed as the miniature person absorbed all the godly power without stop. Toward the end, Chen Feng merely watched on in boredom as this unfolded. 
Not a single bit of godly power was left for him. All was absorbed by this miniature person. A nascent soul indeed.

Prison began to frown. “Mhm?” At this time, he finally realized how thorny this issue was. However, Chen Feng’s words from earlier had put on something of a spot. As such, he had no choice but to continue increasing the intensity of his godly power with a frown on his face, hoping that this fellow would quickly become his apostle.

One minute…
Two minutes…
Five minutes… was like a bottomless pit with no end. Regardless of the amount of godly power that entered, it was still insufficient to turn him into an apostle. Could it be that… even he, Prison, was not qualified to become this fellow’s god?

“Damn it.” Prison finally stopped gloomily. The entirety of Mountcarve City lapsed into silence. As for the apostles and the others that were watching on happily, their hearts jolted furiously at this moment. Evidently, they had never expected that Lord Prison would truly fail.

“Indeed…”  Chen Feng’s expression dimmed, seemingly not surprised by this at all.

“Are you not surprised?” a god asked.

“What is there to be surprised about?” Chen Feng sighed. “Among the gods I encountered previously, one of them was a major god as well. Even he failed.” 
“However,  that  lord  did  tell  me  of  a  way  out  of  this predicament. He said that I am too strong. If I want to be an apostle, there are only two methods. The first is to find a god with sufficient godly power to satisfy the requirement for transforming me into an apostle. With an absolute amount of godly power, such a god could change me. At that time, I might become the strongest apostle in existence.”
Slowly, Chen Feng continued, “The second method is to look for a god that is completely compatible with me. The moment our resonance reaches a certain level, the apostle’s contract will naturally be successfully established.”
Compatibility… Everyone sank into silence. The probability of finding such a god… How low was it?

“That is why I came.” Chen Feng gazed into the distance and continued, “My goal is to traverse the world in search of my true god. At that time, I will give my heart and soul to him!” to obtain your loyalty, then.” Everyone could clearly see Chen Feng’s potential. For him to be able to contend against an apostle at the resonance realm, how strong would he be in the future? The moment he became an apostle, his strength would skyrocket. At that time, what height would he reach? For an expert like this to not be under me… Suddenly, killing intent emerged in Prison’s heart.

However, as he saw the countless gazes watching him, he ultimately eliminated such thoughts. Finally, he understood the reason Chen Feng had insisted on establishing the contract here.

Chen Feng looked at the other gods. “Are there any lords here interested in giving it a try?” Earlier, when Prison had been attempting to establish the contract, the other gods had arrived. As they heard his question, they all instinctively looked over at Prison.

“You guys give it a try as well,”  Prison said after giving it some thought. Even though he couldn’t keep Chen Feng for himself, it would still be good if Chen Feng could be kept in this city. “All right,” the other gods answered. And thus, a new round of contract establishment began.

Shua! Shua!

Godly power started surging out. With Prison as the example, they all poured out their godly power at full power from the very start, hoping to establish the contract in a single push.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Boundless godly power surged into Chen Feng. Alas, regardless of the amount, not a single one of them succeeded. Once again, Chen Feng’s path to comprehending godly power was cut short as the nascent soul reaped all the benefits. Ultimately, only a bunch of pale gods were left behind. Their godly power had all been squeezed clean, yet none of them had met the requirements for making Chen Feng an apostle.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “Looks like I will have to continue roaming about.” The gods could only keep their silence. What could they say? This fellow had only arrived so he could become an apostle. Now that he had failed to become an apostle, he had no choice but to leave. Prison truly wanted to keep Chen Feng here. Unfortunately, he could not do so. He was sure that the moment he tried to force Chen Feng to stay, people would stop coming to Mountcarve City willingly. Moreover, even the existing apostles of Mountcarve City would object to this. A such, he could only watch on as Chen Feng left.

“This fellow…”  Prison stared into the distance. As a major god, even after exhausting all his power, he had still failed to meet Chen Feng’s requirements. If so, who could be Chen Feng’s true god? An even higher-level god? Or perhaps Chen Feng would truly be able to meet a god he was compatible?

Prison had no idea. However, here and now, with Chen Feng’s departure, a new legend began to spread in these lands. A legend about Chen Feng, his strength, and his true god.

Chapter 773: Plan Seen Through

“Hey, have you heard? A rather popular resonator appeared recently…”
“Ah, yes, I have heard of him. He’s called Chen Feng, right? I heard that, because he is too strong, even his god was unable to satisfy the requirement for turning him into an apostle. That is why he has to travel the lands in search of the strongest god.”
“Yeah, I heard that only the strongest of the gods will be able to turn him into an apostle.”
“Is that for real?”
“I’m not sure. However, it is said that a lot of gods are looking for him now…”
“Ah? What for?” “To prove themselves, I suppose? A lot of major gods have failed. Therefore, a huge number of gods are hoping that they will be the strongest god, the one that succeeds in subduing this Chen Feng. In any case, there aren’t any losses even if they fail in their attempts. But if they succeed, their gain will be enormous. Whichever god succeeds will be able to attract an even larger number of resonators to his side, am I right?”
“Moreover, the moment a god succeeds… Hehe, he’s already capable of contending against an apostle while in the resonance realm. How powerful will he be after becoming an apostle?”

Similar discussions were being repeated everywhere. Just like this, the legend surrounding Chen Feng began to spread. Interestingly, in addition to the major gods, those weak minor gods were looking for him as well. These gods didn’t think they were stronger than the major gods. Rather, they were trying their luck to see if they were the compatible one. With so many gods in existence, there ought to be one that was compatible with Chen Feng. What if they themselves happened to be the one? As such, the major gods wanted to prove their prowess, and the minor gods wanted to try their luck and see if they were the compatible one. And thus, without Chen Feng personally seeking them out, the gods appeared before him one after another. Right outside Mountcarve City, a long line had formed, a line of gods waiting to establish a contract with Chen Feng. This sight stunned all life-forms.

“Something like this has actually happened?”
“Too strong.”
“For him to reach this level as a mere resonator, he is truly the first in history…”
“Won’t a god make a move against him in anger?”
“Heh, with so many major gods watching on attentively, who would dare?” “True.”

At this time, unknown to anyone, beyond the blue dome of heaven, on a certain summit where a shrine that all gods looked up to was located, a certain god had also heard of this.
“The strongest apostle? Chen Feng?” Ye was astonished. He had never expected that this new world he had created would have such an expert. The entire human world had been used away by him to serve as his supply of believers. As such, his power of faith was something no god could compare with, since humanity’s billions were monopolized by him alone.

And thus he had never bothered much about this new world he had created. Yet now… He was filled with a little anticipation.

One ought to know that this brand-new world was not the world that had been created by the Creation God. Rather, this world had been personally created by the Sin God. And now, finally, a true expert had been birthed in his world. This filled him with gratification.

“Chen Feng…” he mumbled in silence.

Suddenly, he said, “Zero.”
A figure appeared with a flash. “Here.”
“Go and take a look,” Ye said with an amused expression. “I want to see clearly exactly how strong this so-called strongest apostle is.” “Chen Feng…”  Ye muttered. This name gave him a rather odd feeling. Was this feeling due to this Chen Feng being the first such existence to have ever appeared on his created world? Hopefully that was truly the case. At this time, in Mountcarve City, Chen Feng was being showered by the godly powers of the various gods. One could even say that this was a baptism of sorts.

Due to the huge number of gods that had gathered here, Prison had provided a venue for them to try their hand at the contract, so as to not waste any time. After all, he still wished for these gods to leave as soon as possible instead of dallying around here.

And thus, within the provided venue, Chen Feng could be seen assuming various poses as he received the various gods’ “sponsorships.” That posture of his…
“Tsk tsk.” The huge monkey was endlessly amazed. “Will this truly be fine?”
He had never seen anyone that could still stay fine after receiving so much godly power. “I guess so?”  By his side, that minor god was filled with anxiousness as well. This was the very first time he had seen so many gods in one place. Naturally, the only reason he even dared to appear here was due to the excessively huge number of gods that had gathered here.

Shua! Shua!

Godly power surged out without stop. After one god was done, the next god would step forth immediately. Alas, regardless of whether it was a major or minor god, not a single one of them was able to cause any sort of change in Chen Feng. Every single time, the same disappointed expression could be seen on Chen Feng’s face. Disappointment, regret, expectation toward the next god, and a small amount of indifference after the excessive number of failures.

Suddenly, Chen Feng had a feeling that with this performance of his, if he was to return to his previous life, he could probably obtain an Oscars Award or something. Naturally, his present focus was the growth of the miniature person. Thanks to the enthusiastic gods, his rate of growth had been incredibly rapid, so rapid that he himself dared not believe it. The initially doll-like miniature person was now completely lifelike. Each motion or expression of Chen Feng’s could now be perfectly synced with this miniature person, and Chen Feng and the miniature person were resembling each other more and more. Similarly, Chen Feng’s combat prowess was rocketing as well. The initial multiplier of 1.001 had started increasing thanks to the nourishment from the various gods. From 1.002 to 1.008 to 1.02 to 1.05 to 1.1… until, ultimately, when a huge majority of the gods here had tried their hands, this multiplier reached a terrifying number: 10!

This signified that Chen Feng’s strength had reached a brand-new height. The amplification of his resonance realm was now 10 times 10 times 10.

Suddenly, the world before his eyes appeared even clearer. With every move, he could keenly sense the vitality filling this world. Now he did not even need to spare any of his attention to sync with the miniature person within him. The miniature person was now able to automatically sync with him at all times. As for him, he had reached a certain apex. Chen Feng’s heart trembled. “Is this the peak of this fake nascent  soul?”  He  could  feel  that  he  was  now  in  a  rather wondrous state. In the past, every time he had wanted to display the amplification effect of the miniature person, he’d had to focus on it. Now that was no longer required.

“I am still a level 10 resonator. As for my combat power, it is around level 1,000 resonance. As for a so-called level 1 apostle, their combat power is in fact equivalent to level 100 resonance. Therefore, I am now capable of crushing all apostles.”
He was overwhelmed by emotion. Where in the past he could have defeated only level 1 apostles, now he could ignore a huge number of the apostles in existence. At present, as Chen Feng sank into contemplation, the area surrounding him lapsed into silence.

Evidently, nobody had expected that the numerous gods that had arrived would fail to bring Chen Feng a breakthrough. Not a single one of them had succeeded.

“How has this happened?” “Is he too strong for these gods?”
Suddenly, a certain apostle thought of something. “It is also possible that his talent is truly too poor.”
It was at this point that, for the very first time, everyone started to pursue this line of thought.

After all, gods were too powerful. As such, generally, they would be able to push one into the apostle realm no matter what. The only exception was when one’s talent was too poor.

A certain god had a pensive look. “In short, you mean to say that…”
“That’s right.” The apostle sneered. “It might not have been odd if only one god failed, but several hundred gods have failed… This caused me to think of an entirely different possibility for all these failures. Could it be that… his talent is too poor, resulting in him being incapable of becoming an apostle? That is why he came out with such a scheme to trick all the gods into helping him enter the apostle realm.”
Instantly, all the gods seemed to realize something. None of them were idiots. When the so-called legend shrouding Chen Feng was peeled apart, when they started analyzing this matter at the source, they found that this might truly be the case. This person called Chen Feng…

Everyone looked over at Chen Feng, killing intent pervading the air.

“Gulp.” The minor god that had previously been watching on for fun was suddenly nervous. It was over. Their scheme had been seen through. That’s right. This was in fact what Chen Feng had planned, or to be more accurate, this was what Chen Feng had told this minor god. He had planned to use this method to
become an apostle. At that time, all the resonators of the herculean apes would belong solely to this minor god. Moreover, a god capable of pushing Chen Feng into the apostle realm would most certainly be a major god. At that time, this minor god would be able to establish a connection with a major god with the help of Chen Feng.

This would be a good thing for him, so he had agreed to Chen Feng’s plan. Alas, he had never expected that even with so many gods, they would all fail. Ultimately, at the last moment, this farce of Chen Feng’s had been seen through. This time, things would be getting troublesome.

Chapter 774: Nothing Special

“Who are you? And who is your god?” that apostle asked in a cold tone. “With this method, you are trying to make a fool out of all the gods in existence? Hehe…”  Only the apostles could analyze this with a clear mind. The minds of all the gods here had  already  been  muddled  by  the  “number  1  resonator,” “future strongest apostle,” and “strongest god” that Chen Feng had been harping about. Only the apostles were still able to see clearly and analyze this matter. All along, this farce had been nothing but a joke.


Killing intent surged out and pervaded the air. The killing intent emanated by the more than 100 gods here caused even the gods of Mountcarve City to be afraid that this city would accidentally get destroyed by these furious gods.

At this moment, all attention was focused on Chen Feng. Regardless of the apostles or gods, they all required an explanation. Due to Chen Feng, more than 100 gods and around 300 to 400 apostles had gathered here. As for the number of resonators, it was countless. They all needed an explanation.


Terrifying pressure descended. Such an oppressive mood was sufficient to cause even a minor god to collapse. And yet Chen Feng remained calm. He had already entered an extremely unique state with his completed fake nascent soul. The gods’ so-called oppressive auras were nothing more special to him than regular auras.

Chen Feng looked at that apostle. “Who are you?”
“Shi Yong, apostle of the Chill Wind God,” he proudly said, evidently pleased with his accomplishment of identifying this farce before all the gods and apostles here. He hoped that with the reputation he had brought his god, perhaps his god would obtain even more believers in the future.

“What is your strength?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. “Level 9 apostle,” Shi Ying said confidently. After all, his god wasn’t one of those newly ascended minor gods. Rather, his god was a true major god. As for him, he was a formidable existence that had existed since the Primordial Era back then. He had only reached this realm after several millennia of cultivation.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “In short, you are an existence incomparably close to a god?”
“Hmph.” Shi Ying started radiating arrogance. Even though there was still a large gap between one at the peak of the apostle realm and a god, it would still be correct to consider such an apostle as an existence closest to a god. And in the future, after reaching level 10 apostle, he might even be able to try ascending into godhood to become a subsidiary god of the Chill Wind God. This was the greatest accomplishment for an apostle.

“Very  good.”  Chen  Feng  was  extremely  satisfied  with  his answer. “Well then…”  He stood up and fixed his gaze on Shi Yong. “Do battle with me!” “What?” Shi Yong thought he had heard wrong. As for the observers around them, their eyes went wide as well. Challenge? What joke was this? Shi Yong was a level 9 apostle!

As the apostle of a major god, as a formidable existence that had cultivated for so many years, even among apostles, this Shi Yong was comparably powerful. As for Chen Feng, he was nevertheless still a mere resonator.

“Don’t you doubt me?” Chen Feng chuckled. “All your doubts are based on the assumption that I am stuck at this realm due to my poor talent, that I am exploiting these gods to help me break through. However… I am sorry. I do not require such help. The only reason I want to enter the apostle realm is so that I can become stronger. Nevertheless, even without breaking through, I, Chen Feng, am still the strongest of believers, still a legend, even though I am a mere resonator. I am still the strongest existence below gods. Poor talent?”  A look of disdain appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Come have a taste of my strength.”

Formidable godly power surged out as his aura intensified.

“He is serious in the challenge!”
All of the observers around then were shocked. One ought to know that even though Chen Feng was a legend, his achievement of defeating apostles as a resonator had merely come about from him defeating the weakest of apostles, those novice apostles. He had been able to make his name with that feat due to the huge gap between a resonator and an apostle. Yet now he was challenging the powerful Shi Yong.

Shi Yong’s eyes flashed with killing intent. “You are courting death.”  He was truly furious at being challenged by a weak resonator. 
“Why not?” Shi Yong was furious. If he were to shrink from such a challenge, he would be too embarrassed to continue living.

“Come  at  me  then,”  Chen  Feng  said  without  a  trace  of politeness.


Abruptly, his body soared.

Shi Yong sneered. “Hmph.” Next, terrifying godly power surged out of him. At their level, there was no need to exchange numerous moves to decide on the victor. Generally, a single full-power exchange would be sufficient. With a single exchange, the weak and the strong would be clear.

“They are truly doing it!” 
“How am I supposed to know?”
Everyone was filled with doubt.

What kind of courage did a resonator need to have to dare challenge a level 9 apostle? The gap between them wasn’t merely a gap of realms. Between them, an absolute suppression in terms of godly power existed. The godly powers used by them were at completely different levels due to their difference in realm. With such a difference, how was the fight supposed to proceed?

“Apostles generally use a higher-tiered godly power…”
“True. Furthermore, this is the godly power of a major god. I seem to recall Chen Feng’s god being an unknown minor god that is pitifully weak…” 
“How is he supposed to win then?”
“Perhaps he is indeed incapable of victory. However, putting forth a stunning fight to his death is, after all, better than being killed by the gods due to his trickeries.”
“I guess so.”
Everyone sighed. If Chen Feng were to die in combat in such manner, his fame would surely spread far and wide. As their thoughts reached this point, everyone focused their attention on the sky. There, Chen Feng’s attack was descending. Even though his attack looked rather extraordinary, it was nevertheless still the power of a level 10 resonator.

As for Shi Yong’s attack, it truly looked overwhelming. Instantly, the power of a major god bloomed. With an astonishing aura, he collided with Chen Feng. Bang!

The collision resulted in a terrifying explosion, and a bright red radiance engulfed the entire world.

An alarmed cry sounded. “Huh?”
Everyone found with astonishment that the expected scene of Shi Ying instantly killing Chen Feng did not appear. Rather, the opposite happened. Chen Feng’s terrifying aura had instantly crushed the entirety of Shi Yong’s attack.


A mouthful of blood was coughed up. Immediately, the godly power surrounding Shi Yong collapsed. That terrifying attack of Chen Feng’s seemed capable of piercing through the heavens and earth, and it destroyed everything Shi Yong had unleashed before heading toward his forehead. Just like that, the faint red radiance that was Chen Feng’s attack halted and hovered right before Shi Yong’s forehead. As of this moment, the entire world seemed to have lapsed into silence. Chen  Feng’s  cold  voice  echoed  about.  “Level  9  apostle?
Nothing special.”
“You…” Shi Yong stared at Chen Feng, his face unbelieving. Cold sweat poured out of his body without stop. He had never expected that this fellow before him was actually this strong. All the apostles were overwhelmed with shock. Even the gods that had initially been furious were stunned.

A resonator… could be so powerful? Plan? Poor talent? Making use of the gods? What a joke. When one was this strong, what was the point of talking about so-called talent? He had not needed to explain himself. He had not needed to argue the accusation. He had only needed to challenge Shi Yong, and all accusations collapsed with the result of his fight. Just like Chen Feng had said, he was a legend.

Chapter 775: Supreme Glory

“I  only  wish  to  be  stronger…”  Chen  Feng’s  words  slowly turned into a sigh. As the others around heard this, they felt somewhat ashamed. True, he only wanted to become stronger. They shouldn’t have assumed that he had poor talent just because they had failed to push him into the apostle realm. How could his heaven-defying talent be considered poor?

At this time, the minor god who was looking on from a distance was also thoroughly stupefied. He had known that Chen Feng was rather strong. However, he had never expected that Chen Feng was so strong that he could even defeat a veteran apostle with a single punch. This Chen Feng… The minor god’s heart trembled as he thought about this. He knew that after this battle, Chen Feng’s name would be known far and wide.

“How strong.”
This was what all the apostles there were thinking. Even Shi Yong, a veteran apostle, had failed to receive a single attack from Chen Feng. This fellow was much more terrifying than they had initially imagined. “However,”  a  certain  apostle  suddenly  said,  “if  you  can’t break through even with this, then there is no hope for you to break through, right?”

Suddenly, everyone was startled from their reverie. True, if even this many gods couldn’t help him break through, what hope did he have? Was Chen Feng strong? Yes. However, this was already his limit. As for apostles… The apostle realm was a unique stage, as it was the strongest realm below godhood. Theoretically, an apostle could increase his strength without limit. So long as the apostle was strong enough, there would be no limit to their growth. The apostle could continue pressing on toward the realm of the gods, pushing on without limit until, one day, they became a god.

This was the ultimate dream of nearly every apostle. As for a resonator? This would be impossible. Level 10 resonance was the peak of the realm, their limit. Apart from that, only their talent could grant them some extra strength beyond this limit. However, to continuously improve in this manner would be too difficult. This was probably the furthest Chen Feng would ever reach. At this thought, for reasons unknown, the apostles present all heaved a sigh of relief. The future strongest apostle? The number one existence below the gods? No, that would not happen. It was quite probable that there weren’t any gods capable of helping him break through.

Today, more than a hundred major gods had come here. This was a gathering of nearly all of the comparatively powerful gods in existence. However, not a single one had succeeded. How could this Chen Feng have any sort of future?

“What a pity.”
This was the thought of a lot of the gods there. If so powerful a resonator were to become an apostle… The gods sighed inwardly.

Right at this moment, a cold voice resounded. “Can I give it a try?”
Instinctively, everyone turned around. When they saw the owner of the voice, their expressions changed greatly. “Lord Zero?”  they all cried out in alarm. Zero was a major god with formidable strength. Furthermore, he was a subsidiary god of the Sin God. For him to have appeared here… Could it be that this Chen Feng had even attracted the attention of the Sin God? The mere thought caused them all to be incomparably shocked.

Chen Feng nodded. “Fine.”
Zero tried inserting his godly power into Chen Feng. However, it only persisted shortly. After sensing his godly power vanishing, he stopped.

“Your power is very weird.”  Zero gave it some thought and said, “I’m afraid that no gods are capable of helping you break through.”
Hua— Everyone clamored as they heard this. Not a single god could help him? As a representative of the Sin God, these words were no different than the death penalty.

“Hmph, so what if you are strong?”
Shi Yong appeared elated. Even though Chen Feng was stronger, he had no future. He would be forever stuck at this stage. Eventually, he would die of old age.

Some apostles took joy in this. Toward this excessively stunning counterpart, a lot of them held no small amount of envy.

“This is how it should be.”
“Looks like the heavens are still fair. At the same time he was granted his freakish talent, his future was also severed, haha.” “Isn’t that right?”
These were the thoughts of many of the people there.

“I know,” Chen Feng replied after taking in a deep breath. With this fake nascent soul, it was impossible for him to become an apostle. Moreover, the nascent soul had seemingly reached its limit. Earlier, when he had been absorbing Zero’s godly power, he had been able to clearly sense that the miniature person within him no longer was no longer improving in any way. He had already reached his limit. Physically, he was at the peak of the resonance realm, and inwardly, his fake nascent soul had already reached the great- circle stage.

Chen Feng found that he was indeed stuck at some sort of limit. As such, he had no choice but to ascertain whether he could still improve. He was not willing to stop here. How, exactly, was he supposed to continue improving?

Chen Feng sighed inwardly. “My plans have crashed with the reality after all.” His initial plan had been to trick the gods into supplying him with godly power. Yet now, having reached the limit of the godly power he could absorb, his lies had transformed into reality. He had indeed become as strong as the strongest of apostles. This was initially a lie he had spread. Yet now, he was truly stuck at this level.

“Is this my retribution for all my lies?” His heart ached. Had he tricked way too many gods, to the point that his fate was now tricking him as well? Without Misfortune and Luck by his side, his future was unclear. He could only try progressing with his own effort. However, this was predicated on his path forward not being a dead end.

“He will be stuck here,” the apostles around him said in low voice. After being sure of this, their gazes when looking at Chen Feng were filled with sympathy. All the jealousy and competitiveness vanished like puffs of smoke. What purpose was there in competing against a person without a future?

Some prepared to leave. “Let us disperse.”
“Let’s go.” The gods also prepared to leave. Since Chen Feng’s future was already fixed, there was no point in staying behind. However, just as they were about to leave, Zero suddenly said, “With your present strength, are you interested in taking on the trial of godhood ascension?”

This sentence was like the loudest of peals of thunder as it rumbled in the minds of all the gods here. Trial… Godhood ascension? This little fella? This…
“How is this possible?” the apostles cried out in alarm.

One ought to know that only the strongest of apostles, those widely known, those experts with reputations reaching far and wide were qualified to take on the trial of godhood ascension, to try to become a supreme god. Regardless of success or failure, the act of participating in a trial of godhood ascension was in itself the greatest glory an apostle could ever have. And now Chen Feng would be participating in such a trial? The apostles collapsed emotionally as they thought of this. A short while ago, they had still been looking down on Chen Feng due to his lack of a future. Never had they expected that this resonator that could not be an apostle would actually reach such height. Suddenly, they felt like they were the jokes rather than Chen Feng.

Indeed, Chen Feng could not be an apostle. However, it was never a fixed fact that only apostles could try their hand at godhood ascension. So long as one was sufficiently powerful, any life-form could try. Chen Feng had proved with his own hands that he was not lacking compared to any of the apostles. This signified that he was only one step away from godhood. He did not need to try to resonate with other gods. The moment he succeeded in his challenge, he would directly skip past the apostle realm and ascend to godhood!

Chapter 776: Cannon Fodder

Gods were existences beyond all realms. If one were to say that the gap between awakened ones and resonators was a gap of a hundred times, and that the gap between resonators and apostles was also a hundred times, between apostles and gods, the gap would be so large the word “astronomical”  would be apt to describe it.

A god was, after all, a god. Under normal circumstances, if an apostle wanted to try to ascend to godhood, they would have to increase one’s strength to level 10, 15, 20, or perhaps something even greater. Only this would make it possible.

Naturally, this would merely grant the apostle the qualification to attempt. One ought to know that even though the Sin God had indeed opened the channel of godhood ascension to all, the last apostle that had taken the trial had been a level 36 apostle, which was an extremely terrifying level. Ultimately, that apostle had successfully become a god, transcending the millions upon millions of life-forms.

Godhood ascension was the dream of all apostles. Nevertheless, this was an extremely long path. Therefore, it had never crossed their minds that Chen Feng would be qualified to take on this challenge as well. They had never expected that Chen Feng had already threaded upon the same path they were all threading, and had even reached the end.

“He has actually reached this height?”  The minor god was filled with a melancholic feeling. The ultimate destination of every outstanding apostle would definitely be the trial of godhood ascension. However, even if the apostle passed the trial, he would still be tied to his initial god, thus becoming a subsidiary god. The minor god had never expected to obtain such a subsidiary god, as he himself was a minor god, the lowest of gods. One could say that he wasn’t even qualified to be a subsidiary god himself, let alone gain one. When it came to apostles, he only had one.

A subsidiary god? He had never dared to dream of having one. Yet now… Things were about to become rather fascinating.

“After seven days, the godhood trial will be activated on the Bamboo Isles.” Finishing his words, Zero left. His words had instantly caused the atmosphere here, which had been rather still, to become filled with noise.

“Activating the godhood trial?”
“So yet another godhood position is going to be challenged?”
“A storm is about to start on the Bamboo Isles.”
“Lord Zero actually activated a trial specifically for Chen Feng. Good lord…”
“Hmph. Chen Feng is a mere resonator. Therefore, this trial will probably be different than in the past. After all, each trial has different difficulty levels. In that case, the number of participants…”
The mere thought was sufficient to plant fear in them. In fact, the activation of the godhood trial signified that anyone meeting the requirements would be able to participate in the trial. In the past, only the strongest of apostles had been able to join such a trial. Regular people had had no hope of getting involved.

Yet now… Chen Feng? A mere resonator? It was quite likely that a huge number of apostles would participate in this challenge. The number of participants this time would most definitely surpass all imaginations.

Chen Feng frowned. “Something seems off.”
Initially, he had been quite pleased that this major god had such high expectation for him. However, after gaining more understanding of the so-called godhood trial, his keen senses told him that this was definitely not as simple as it seemed. After all, it was as the others had said. Godhood trials were the supreme glory for all capable of participating in them, success or failure. However, that would also be equivalent to the final battle. The sole reason that this was the final battle was that, for any single person, that person could only attempt this trial once in his entire life. The moment one failed, they would forever be unable to become a god. Moreover, a godhood trial could, in a way, be understood as a tribulation of sorts, a tribulation that everyone else could partake in as well as the selected individual.

Anyone could join, yet only a single person would successfully ascend. Therefore, was this godhood trial one truly activated for his sake? Or perhaps…As Chen Feng looked at the excited apostles, he suddenly understood. He had unknowingly become a cannon fodder of a certain someone.

In a certain location, a certain petite figure was lying down on a bench. She smiled and patted the shoulder of a certain kneeling figure before her. “Your identity is rather unique. Therefore, it would be rather difficult to get a godhood trial activated for your sake. This trial being activated for Chen Feng will be the perfect opportunity for you. He is a mere resonator. Therefore, the difficulty of this trial will definitely be rather low. What you need to do is defeat all the apostles, then ascend to godhood,” she gently said.

“Yes!” the kneeling figure loudly answered.

In a different location, an old man was filled with doubt. “What does Zero’s mean by this?”
Zero had obviously rejected their request, yet he had activated a trial for Chen Feng. Why? Could it be that Zero had agreed to the others’ request? The old man’s gaze was filled with hope. The activation of a trial was too rare an occasion. Even the descendants of the gods would only have a single shot at ascension. In a way, it was their luck to be living in such a unique era where mortals could ascend to godhood. Everyone who was capable could
participate in the challenge.

That was why every single apostle capable of participating in a trial was incomparably precious to their respective gods. The truth was that the difficulty of each activated trial was directly related to the person taking the trial. This time, with Chen Feng, a mere resonator, being the person taking the trial… All the gods were wild with joy, since the difficulty level would most certainly be lower.

Chen Feng himself hadn’t the faintest idea just how far- reaching the effects of this trial would be.

“Chen Feng…”  The old man smiled. “Little Jie, this time, remember to give Chen Feng more care.” The  old  man  calmly  said,  “Since  we  are  snatching  his godhood from him, we have to show some sincerity, right? However, although the difficulty level will be lower this time, there are still a lot of things you have to pay attention to, especially that old witch’s lover.”

Not long after, the news of the trial spread everywhere. Countless gods started to get involved. There was nothing they could do about the trials that were activated for the stronger apostles. After all, their descendants might not be able to handle the challenges presented by trials at that level. However, a trial at this level, a trial based on Chen Feng’s level? Some gods analyzed that Chen Feng’s present strength should be equivalent to a level 10 apostle, rather similar to a veteran apostle.

Reaching this height with his identity as a resonator was completely unheard of. However, there was still quite a gap from this level to the level of the strongest of apostles. “That is not for sure,” said a certain level 20 apostle that was not willing to fall behind. This was an incredibly rare chance, a chance that they were not willing to miss. As for that Chen Feng…
“What a pity. I suppose he has yet to realize that he has been made into cannon fodder, right?”
“What a pitiful little fella.”
“Even  if  he  can  unleash  power  equivalent  to  a  level  10 apostle, this will still be too difficult for him.”
“Spare his life in this challenge. That can be considered a way of repaying him for activating the trial for all of us.”
“Not a problem.”
The apostles all reached an agreement. Regardless of who it was that ascended in the end, they would spare Chen Feng’s life. They were the descendants of gods and were foreordained to become gods in the future. As far as they were concerned, it was only a matter of time before they were gods. Therefore, even if this was a competition between them, they still needed to maintain their connections with each other.

“This is roughly what’s going on.”
The minor god sighed after he explained all this to Chen Feng. When he had first found out that Chen Feng had activated a trial, he had been rather excited as well. However, when he found out the truth behind all this, he was thoroughly stunned. Those damnable gods’ descendants!

Chen Feng smiled happily. “What an interesting trial. Am I right?”
“You can still smile?”  The minor god’s head ached. “Those gods’ descendants are also apostles. However, their innate bloodlines have ensured that they are all incomparably powerful. All of them are already above level 20 apostles now. I should have thought of this earlier. Only the joint persuasion of those gods could have convinced Zero to activate the trial for you.”
The minor god was vexed.

“Isn’t this good?” Chen Feng was as calm as ever. “If I had to rely on myself, I don’t know how long it would have taken to actually become the strongest apostle and activate the godhood trial through the regular channel.”
“But those fellows…” The minor god was extremely anxious.
At this point, he was regretting helping Chen Feng.

“They do not matter.” Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “I seem to recall that gods are not allowed to kill each other, and if there are any conflicts, a ruling from the Sin God is to be requested, right?”
“Yes,” the minor good answered. This was something he was extremely clear on. Otherwise, the minor gods would have long died at the hands of those major gods.

“Very good.” Chen Feng gazed in the direction of the Bamboo Isles, seemingly exceptionally pleased. “I no longer have anything to worry about. Next, let us all take a good look at who, exactly, is actually cannon fodder here.”

Chapter 777: The Scary Divine Seat

“You’re really going?”  the minor god asked as he looked at Chen Feng.

“Yes,” Chen Feng answered without the slightest hesitation. He had to figure out for himself what exactly this so-called godhood ascension was. One could say that, for the resonance and apostle realms, the difference was the level of the godly power they could muster. Chen Feng was currently stuck and was not capable of advancing further. As such, he had to figure out what godhood meant.

After godhood, how would one’s strength continue to increase? And what exactly was it that determined whether one was a god or not? He had to figure that out.

The minor god spoke honestly. “In this battle, you might be nothing but cannon fodder.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “Nevertheless, I still have to try, right?” Suddenly, he recalled something and asked, “How did you ascend to godhood?” “Me?”  The minor god stayed silent for a long time before saying, “I can’t remember. It feels like… since the day my thoughts come into existence, I have been a god.”
Chen Feng: “…”
It was no wonder this god was this weak.

Chen Feng instinctively asked, “What is the difference between a god and a normal life-form?”  If he could find an answer from this minor god, he would perhaps have more confidence.

The minor god shook his head. “I don’t know. Among the millions upon millions of life-forms, their energy makeup and flesh are different. I don’t have any understanding of that, and I have no basis from which to draw a conclusion. As for you…”
The minor god reached out with his hand, trying to cast his senses into Chen Feng’s sea of consciousness. Unsurprisingly, he was unable to sense anything. The minor god shrugged. “I still can’t sense anything.”
“Fine.”  Chen Feng could only smile bitterly at this. He did not know if having this fake nascent soul good or bad. This nascent soul had provided him with might far surpassing his imagination, enabling him to challenge those of a higher realm. However, at the same time, the nascent soul had also severed his route of advancement. He could no longer become an apostle, become stronger. Perhaps… only godhood ascension would change this.

The minor god paused. “Wait. I have some resources here. They were offerings from my past believers. I initially planned to use them on my apostle to increase his strength. Perhaps these resources can be of use to you.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Oh?”
The minor god handed the resources to Chen Feng.

The resources were comprised of numerous bizarre yet powerful fruits, medicinal herbs, and so on. After studying them for a bit, Chen Feng turned all of them into gene reagents. However, even though these items could be used by apostles, even after Chen Feng’s gene production, the improvement they provided him was rather feeble. From level 10 resonance, he rose to level 12 resonance. With so many gene
reagents, he had only obtained two levels.

“How pitiful.”
Chen Feng was disappointed. He knew that his advancement would be harder and harder. However, one piece of good news for him was thus: as his miniature person had entered the great-circle stage, even though it was no longer capable of improving, the amplification effect it brought now was the cube of whatever level he was at. For instance, his present amplification effect was 12 times 12 times 12.

“Therefore, after converting from resonance to apostle, I am roughly equivalent to a level 17 apostle?”
Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. He wasn’t particularly powerful. However, every single bit of growth, however weak it was, would have a qualitative change after the amplification effect. As such, each level he gained brought about a rather astonishing effect. If he could advance by maybe a level or two… Chen Feng’s heart trembled at the thought.

Naturally, the gene reagents he had produced had not purely consisted of strength-increasing reagents. Half of them were actually reagents with various buffing or explosive effects. This was a battle he had to emerge victorious from.

While all this was happening, all the apostles that were planning to participate in the trial were making their respective preparations. Naturally, not a single one of them saw Chen Feng as an opponent. Rather, their sights were set on those comparatively powerful apostles, those gods’ descendants. In all the past trials, the trials itself were the hardest part. This time, though, the trial would be the easiest; their competitors would be the actual problem.

“A trial activated by resonance will most definitely not be hard. Therefore, the difficulty of the trial itself can be neglected.” “Even though Chen Feng’s feat of challenging apostles as a resonator is rather astonishing, he is only capable of unleashing combat power equivalent to a level 10 apostle. He is negligible. Therefore, our opponents will be the other participants! Their strength… will most definitely not be simple…”
“Take this with you.”
“Ah? There is no need, right? This is but a single battle…”
“This time, you must ascend. I have a bad premonition, as if something is about to happen sometime soon. Therefore, before then, you must ascend as soon as possible.”
“All right.”
… All the participants were preparing themselves. After seven days, countless apostles descended upon the Bamboo Isles. Zero also appeared out of thin air. Before the shocked gaze of numerous beings, he used a single hand to rip the sky apart, forcefully ripping half of the world and revealing an astonishing alien world behind the sky.

“This time, this is where the trial will be held.”

The sky was ripped apart. Within the alien world that was revealed, a divine seat was faintly discernible. It flickered with a faint glow, showing clearly the tier of the seat being offered.

“Indeed, it is the lowest tier.”
Almost immediately, countless apostles charged forth. They were all filled with excitement and expectation. They could not wait to immediately take on the trial. With Chen Feng’s identity as a resonator, this trial activated for his sake would most definitely be the lowest rank of all. However, this would also be the easiest trial ever.

What were the so-called godhood trials? They were, in fact, challenges toward the origin strength of the god who had previously occupied the position. If it was a high tiered seat, the trial would employ around 20% of the original god’s strength. For apostles, this was extremely terrifying, an almost insurmountable trial. If it was a mid-tier seat, perhaps only around 10% of the original god’s strength would be employed. As for a low-tier seat, perhaps only around 5% of the original god’s strength would be employed. As for this seat before them, this was the lowest of the low, employing only around 1% of the original god’s strength.
In other words, the mirror image of the god they had to face in this trial would possess only 1% of the original god’s strength, an unspeakably weak amount. Therefore, nearly anyone could succeed in this trial. As such, they had to move as quickly as possible. As for their opponents, those would be the competitors around them, who were all aiming for the godhood.

Bang! Bang! Immediately after entering the alien world, the battle erupted.
The apostles started fighting each other, not allowing anyone to get ahead of them. They exhausted everything they had to stop others from advancing while they themselves advanced. From the start, the battle was an extremely bitter one. Not far away, at the entrance of the alien world, Chen Feng was staring ahead blankly, not entering.

The observers started talking about him.

“What’s wrong with him?”
“No idea. I suppose he is shocked at what he’s witnessing?”
“Well, that is understandable. After all, he probably never imagined that godhood trials would be so cruel, right?”
“Sigh, what a pity.” “That’s not necessarily a pity. If he gives up on this, he might be able to preserve his life.”
There was still some attention being focused on this unique trial-taker. However, unknown to all of them, Chen Feng was truly staring blankly because he was overly shocked. However, he was not shocked by the apostles. Rather, he was shocked by the alien world. Wasn’t this world the Twin Horns World, where the Sin God had previously resided?

In short… the so-called divine seat… Chen Feng’s gaze landed on the center of the alien world, landing on that faintly glowing divine seat. His heart chilled. If his guess was correct, this seat… was the seat for the position of the Sin God! That was because, from his memories, there was only one god in the Twin Horns World.

Wait, no. That did not seem quite right. Chen Feng was filled with doubt. A godhood trial should obviously be a trial for the godhood of a deceased god. Why would the divine seat of the Sin God be offered here? After all, he was the strongest god of this new era.

“What exactly have I misunderstood?”

Chapter 778: The Truth: Challenging Crazily

Ye! It really is him!

When Chen Feng finally saw the faint mirror image, his heart chilled. Even though the mirror image was somewhat blurry, Ye had left an extremely deep impression on Chen Feng from the one time Chen Feng had seen him. This was truly him. But how was this possible?

Theoretically, it was indeed possible to directly issue a challenge to the divine seat of an existing god. However, the premise for that was a lack of vacancies among the divine seats. Since nearly 80% of the divine seats were unoccupied, why would the Sin God’s divine seat appear here as a trial? This was especially questionable since the activation of this trial had been supervised by Zero himself.

Chen  Feng  was  alarmed.  “What  is  the  meaning  of  this?” Could it be that his identity had been exposed? As he thought about this, he no longer felt like entering this alien world. What exactly was going on? Unknown to Chen Feng, at the same time, beyond the sky, the Sin God was extremely alarmed as well.

The instant Zero had activated the trial, he had clearly felt an intense sense of thought traveling through the void and directly locking on to him. This was quite a wondrous feeling.

This is… divine seat trial? The Sin God was filled with astonishment. Why was the trial on him, especially since Zero was the one supervising the activation?

He looked at Zero. “What’s going on? Have you found any problems with this Chen Feng fellow?”
“Nope.” Zero had a blank expression. “The trial was indeed activated by me and has nothing to do with him. However, I did what I have always done: activate a random divine seat. It is not supposed to be your divine seat.”
This random activation was a system where priority was given to vacant divine seats. Only when there were no vacant seats would the trial fall on an existing god’s seat. However, no matter what, the Sin God’s divine seat should not have been selected.

Sin God shut both his eyes and sensed this unique aura.
Suddenly, he smiled.

“Looks like… some fellows are getting disobedient now,” he muttered to himself. He could sense some other power at work here. “Looks like someone is borrowing your hand and Chen Feng’s trial to provoke me.”
What? Zero’s heart trembled. To provoke Ye, had those fellows gone mad?

“What about this trial, then?” Zero asked.

This trial was quite unique, as due to Chen Feng’s level, the trial would only employ 1% of the original god’s strength. However, this was the seat of the Sin God!

“It is a pity about them,”  Ye said apathetically. Evidently, when he uttered these words, those people were as good as dead to him.

Zero understood what he meant. “Yes.”
“Who could it be?” The Sin God gazed at the sky. The entire world was under his control. Who exactly was it that was provoking him? And what kind of power was being used to be able to affect even this trial? “No matter who you are, you are courting death.”

At this time, amid the boundless starry sky, that figure was still seated calmly on the throne. However, different from the past, an astonishingly beautiful young lady was by his side this time. She stood by his side, her gaze on that blue planet. “Finally, things are getting interesting.”
He was still spinning the ring on his finger, seemingly filled with expectation.

“Do you think Chen Feng can emerge victorious?” he asked the young lady by his side.

However, he received no response.

“Tsk. Still not willing to talk to me? Fine. Let me make a guess. In this trial, Chen Feng will die,” he said with a smile.


Suddenly, the young lady’s gaze focused on him.

“He will truly die, yo.”  Slowly, his expression became cold. “Chen Feng is but a seed, a seed raised by me. After completing his task, it will be time for him to die. Now is the time for that.”
He continued lightly spinning the ring. At this moment, the countless stars seemed to shift together as a bizarre power started to surge toward Chen Feng.
“A trial-taker can only take on the trial of a god of their era. Since Chen Feng is a person of the Genetic Era, he can only challenge the divine seat of a god that existed during the Genetic Era. All the other gods have been thoroughly killed by the Sin God; his divine seat is the only one from that era that remains. As such, the only trial Chen Feng can activate is the Sin God’s divine seat.”

He stood up. The huge throne started to glow as the radiance converged and started taking the form of a silhouette.

Hum— Behind the silhouette was a faint wing of light that ultimately transformed into a sword of light that was held in the silhouette’s hand.

“Now, it’s is my turn to make a move. Go,” he said softly.


Instantly, the silhouette vanished after flickering. When the silhouette appeared once again, it was already within the planet, on the Bamboo Isles. With a single step, he stepped into the alien world hosting the trial. This silhouette was actually intending to challenge the trial as well.

The young lady’s cold voice resounded. “Forming a clone to challenge the trial of the Sin God’s divine seat? So it turns out that this is your actual goal.”
“Naturally.”  He smiled calmly. “This trial will only employ 1% of the Sin God’s strength. I am truly quite looking forward to this. The moment he loses his divine seat will also be the moment of his death.” “Even   without   his   divine   seat,   his   strength   is   still unparalleled,” the young lady said coldly.

“I know. However, without his spirit seat, he will lose the faith of the millions upon millions of lives of the human world. His strength will drop to its lowest point. Regardless of how strong he is, without the nourishment of faith, I am capable of ensuring his death.” He smiled. “I am quite looking forward to the strength of the Sin God.”
“You will not succeed,” the young lady stated calmly.

He felt somewhat doubtful. “Oh? Because of the Sin God?”
“No.” The young lady shook her head and focused her gaze on the Bamboo Isles. There, the arrival of the silhouette had attracted everyone’s attention. The powerful aura the silhouette was radiating caused everyone to feel fear.

“Who is that?” “I have never seen him.”
“How powerful. He is no weaker than a level 40 apostle.”
“How are the others supposed to compete against this?”
“Good lord, as someone so strong, why is he even here competing against us?”
All the apostles howled in grief as they found that this silhouette was truly too powerful.

“Silhouette…”  Chen Feng stared at the silhouette that had suddenly appeared, and he gained some sort of understanding as to what was happening.

This so-called trial activation had transformed into the prelude to a war between gods. A certain powerful existence was making use of him to issue a challenge to the Sin God. He had transformed into a chess piece. However, Chen Feng was not quite bothered about this. This was because he knew that after this trial, the true war between gods would erupt.

The Sin God would never allow anyone to provoke him this way. At that time, a massive slaughter would begin. And since that unknown god had dared to start this, he would most certainly not allow the Sin God to easily escape from this trial.

Therefore, without a doubt, this trial was of extremely great importance.

This battle…
Suddenly, Chen Feng’s heart trembled. At present, he was still too far from the Sin God. Accumulate enough strength that he could pose some sort of challenge to the Sin God would take too long. However… what if he emerged victorious from this trial?

Would that not mean that the millions upon millions of the human world’s lives would temporarily belong to him? Granted, with his strength, even after ascension, he would not be able to protect humanity. Even with temporary ownership over the faith of humanity, he would still be thoroughly defeated by the Sin God. However, so long as he had control over the human world for even a single instant… Chen Feng’s heart started burning with passion.

Chapter 779: Challenge Start

During the past era, when there had been no vacant divine seats, what would have happened if someone succeeded in challenging a trial? The god who had originally occupied the divine seat would be temporarily displaced. After all, if an occupied divine seat was successfully challenged, it proved how weak the god was. And naturally, the god deprived of a divine seat would no longer enjoy the power of faith.

He would have to initiate a challenge of his own and succeed at the trial to retake the divine seat to once again enjoy the power of faith. This was how the divine seat trial used to work. However, Chen Feng’s trial was an incredibly special one. Due to the unique circumstances and the deliberate doings of certain people, what had appeared this time was the incredibly rare resonator’s divine seat trial. In this trial, only 1% of the original’s god strength would be exhibited.

Moreover, this trial had been approved by the original god himself, the Sin God. Therefore, the Sin God had completely fallen into this trap set for him. However, even 1% of the strength of this incomparably powerful Sin God was not something a regular person could ever hope to contend with, especially in this situation where, with the exception of Chen Feng, only apostles were taking part in the trial. “In short… that fellow is also displaying the strength of an apostle.” Chen Feng frowned. He could see that the newcomer was extremely powerful. However, the silhouette was still not necessarily more powerful than the Sin God. Moreover, Chen Feng also had a question. Who exactly was this fellow? Under the Sin God’s control, nearly all the gods and apostles were subservient to him. If so, who was this that had dared to challenge the Sin God? There was only one possibility. This challenger was not a person of this era, the era of Sin God.

Chen Feng thought of a possibility. “A god that awoke during the Genetic Era?” This situation was only possible if this god had awoken during the Genetic Era and had intelligently hidden his aura and not participated in any battles. However, after the Sin God had recovered, the entire world was transformed by him. As such, his senses should have swept past the entirety of the world. How had this fellow remained hidden from the Sin God?

The only answer to that was outer space. Chen Feng gasped in shock at this realization. Suddenly, he recalled how, back then, numerous spaceships had headed to outer space, yet all of them had vanished without a trace. Toward the end, the Genetic Union had indeed deployed some people to investigate this. Alas, they had still been waiting for results when the Sin God recovered and conquered the world. In short, this god had hidden in outer space?

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s heart started palpitating.

Suddenly, a terrifying power emerged, seemingly trying to erase something. However, after encountering the miniature person within him, the power was noiselessly erased.

“That power has appeared yet again.” Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. This time, he had been able to clearly sense the existence of the power. Outer space… So long as one thought about it, that power would emerge to erase that thought? Why? Because of that god? It seemed like he had indeed been made a chess piece. Indeed, he was a chess piece. However, from the moment that god had started involving himself in everything that was happening, which of them was not but a chess piece?

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Now, let us see who shall be laughing in the end…” Bang!

He strode forth into the alien world. Next, the entire alien world throbbed with godly power, signifying the official start of the trial.

Within the alien world, the moment the silhouette appeared, several apostles were killed in succession by him. This shocked the other apostles so badly that they all started getting out of his way.

“Who is that fellow?”
“No idea. Is he a newcomer like Chen Feng?”
“He is very strong. The apostles that have been killed were all level 15 apostles, yet not a single one of them was able to endure one of his moves.” “Damn it.”
All the apostles had unsightly expressions.

“He is heading directly toward the divine seat.”
“Seems like we are nothing to him.”
“Hehe. Those god’s descendants will not watch on as this divine seat is stolen right before them.”
“Let us go nearer as well.”
They followed along noiselessly. At this time, in the numerous crooks and corners of this alien world, something similar was happening. Even if the regular apostles had charged into this world the moment it opened, when the truly powerful apostles appeared, they were reduced to nothing but cannon fodder. Pu! Pu!

Blood splattered everywhere. One powerful apostle after another revealed themselves. There was a certain apostle with extraordinary strength. The moment he entered this world, he started slaughtering everyone he encountered. Every apostle that dared to provoke him was ripped apart, showcasing his dreadful strength.

“It’s him! I have seen him once before. He is the descendant of a major god,” a random apostle cried out in alarm.

At the same time, in a different part of the alien world, a certain apostle had just entered.

In his hand was a huge hatchet that was glowing with overflowing colors. A single wave was all it took to kill an apostle. Moreover, with a single wave, even a mountain was cut in two. His strength was evident.

Yet another apostle cried out in alarm. “I have seen that apostle as well.” “Good lord, he is the brother of a certain powerful god.”
“I always thought that he was already a god. Unexpectedly, he has yet to participate in a trial.”

Since the level of this trial was too low, all the apostles that had previously been unqualified to participate in such a trial were now here.

“Tsk tsk, so this I what a divine seat trial is.”
“Is this your first time?”
“Of course. I am but a mere level 8 apostle. Haha, don’t worry. I will most definitely not enter deeply into the world and will only be staying in the outer region.” “Haha, let us bask in the light of these big shots as they ascend into godhood.”
“I suppose it is sufficient for us to enjoy the soup when the big shots are eating the meat.”
Such words started appearing from the mouths of some of the apostles. Evidently, a lot of them were only here to join in the fun.

A certain level 15 apostle frowned when he saw these apostles. “These people are clearly feeling suicidal.” It was fine for them to be weak. However, were they not worried that the mere fluctuations of the battles here would injure or even kill them? After all, they were truly too weak.

“It doesn’t matter. They can do whatever they want. And to fish in troubled water, is this not how the world has always been?” a friend of the level 15 apostle said.

“True.” He chuckled before lowering his voice, “Will you be participating in this trial as well?” “Me?”  The friend smiled bitterly. “I am but a mere level 12 apostle.”
“Heh, who are you trying to trick?” the other apostle said in a low voice. He started egging his friend on. “Your combat power is different than your actual level. I can remember clearly how, when you were a level 1 apostle, you were already capable of defeating a level 13 apostle. Now that you are already a level 12 apostle, this trial… there is no harm in trying, right? Perhaps you might even succeed?”
The  friend  shook  his  head.  “Nope,  there  is  absolutely  no chance of me succeeding.”
“Because  this  is  related  to  the  Sin  God?”   The  apostle appeared rather dispirited. There was nothing they could do about it. A trial like this was unprecedented, and some could already see that this was in some way related to the Sin God. However, they had yet to figure out what exactly was going on. Instinctively, they all believed that this was just a trial the Sin God had activated so that a certain person he had picked could ascend into godhood. “No. Rather, I am not joining because of the trial-taker this time.” He laughed and continued, “Chen Feng is not a person that will ever stay obedient.”
The other apostle was filled with doubt. Chen Feng? That cannon fodder? Could he truly exert any sort of influence on an event at this level? He could not understand this reasoning. However, as he saw his friend’s solemn expression, he instantly had a feeling that there was some profound mystery at work here. Perhaps this friend of his that had always been mysterious had once again obtained some secret information not known to anyone? It seemed like this trial would become interesting.

Chapter 780: The Most Speechless Incident Ever

The distorted and dusky sky within the alien world appeared exceptionally sinister. Even after entering this world, the sky of the outside world could still be seen through the tear in the sky. From this tear in the sky, they had entered this world. From here, they would have to travel to the other end of this world, going through numerous tribulations before finally arriving at the divine seat, where they could challenge the god’s mirror image.

And in this particular case, this mirror image had been activated by a trial-taker in the resonance realm. This mirror image could only display 1% of the original god’s strength. This was an extremely rare chance, even for the comparatively weak ones, even for mere level 10 apostles. So long as they were the first to reach the end of this world, to be the first to challenge the divine seat, they could end the trial and ascend to godhood.

This was what a lot of the apostles were thinking about, what a lot of them were trying to do. To charge forth without stop, even when all the other apostles were busy fighting. When a lot of the apostles were trying to reduce their godly power consumption so as to maintain their optimal combat strength, these people were pushing forth with all their might just so that they could be the first to arrive, to be the first to challenge the divine seat.

A certain apostle shrouded in blue laughed as he gazed at the crowd behind him. “Hehe. A bunch of idiots.” Were the god’s descendants powerful? Was that newcomer silhouette powerful? So what if they were powerful? Not a single one of these powerful ones could surpass him in terms of speed.

Swish! Swish!

He flashed forth, leaving countless afterimages behind. His speed was so fast that it seemed like he was piercing through space itself.

“How fast!”
“Heavens, it is actually him!” “You know him?”
“He is the fastest apostle. It is rumored that no matter what he does, he will always be the fastest, forever the fastest person.”
“Someone like that is not yet a god?”
“No. It is said that he is only a level 19 apostle. As such, he had been cultivating without stop. In regular circumstances, he will only need to continue cultivating until he surpasses level 30 apostle, and his ascension to godhood will be practically guaranteed.”
“A level 19 apostle with this speed…”
“Yeah. This speed is around four or five times faster than that level 36 apostle that managed to ascend last time.” Everyone’s heart trembled for one single reason: this person was too fast. They had never seen anyone capable of moving at such a speed.

“His speed has even surpassed that silhouette’s.”
“And there is not a single god’s descendant here capable of surpassing his speed.”
“My god.”
“In short, it is quite possible that he will be the one to ascend this time?”
“If this were a regular trial, the difficulty would be so high that even if he arrived first, it would be pointless. However, for this trial, since he will be the first to arrived, he will most certainly be the one to ascend.” Swish!

That white streak was so very dazzling in this dusky world. Almost everyone noticed that streaking white. He had seemingly pierced through the entirety of this world, to traverse directly from one end of this world to the other end. His speed was unimaginably fast. Naturally, this did not escape the notice of the silhouette.

However, he merely smiled coldly and continued pushing forth unhurriedly, replenishing his godly power as he used it. He knew who his true opponent would be, and he was aware of how powerful his true opponent was. As such, he had to maintain his optimal combat power.

Some of the god’s descendants noticed this as well. “That fast guy is here as well?”
A certain female apostle beside this god’s descendant said, “Should we intercept him?” As the descendants of gods, their innate talent was most definitely better than other regular apostles. These people who were destined to be gods in the future each had a huge group of followers.

“You go, then,” the god’s descendant said without an ounce of care. “If required, feel free to kill.”
Every single one of that female apostle’s action was exceedingly alluring. She was the apostle most doted on by this god’s descendant and the strongest among his apostle followers. After becoming the believer of a certain god, she had obtained the godly power of charm, becoming nigh undefeatable. So what if that guy was fast? That so-called fast guy was indeed fast. However, he was weak in all other aspects.

She smiled gently. “Don’t worry. With my charm alone, I will make  him  stop.”  And  thus,  a  group  of  them  stopped  here, waiting for that fast guy to arrive. They had entered this world before that fast guy and had been in here longer than him. As such, it was unacceptable that the fast guy could catch up to them so soon after entering. They had to intercept him.


A white streak could be seen approaching from the distance.

That female apostle laughed. “Hmph.”
Faint godly power rippled out.

Despite her godly power being aimed at that fast guy, the apostles around her could not avoid their hearts fluttering. Even the god’s descendant was somewhat affected.

“Xiao Rong has become stronger yet again,” the god’s descendant lamented. Xiao Rong smiled and said, “Regardless of how strong I get, I am yours. After all, you are destined to be a god.”
“Oh, you girl.” The god’s descendant felt someone proud when he heard this. Just look at how the most alluring of all apostles, this goddess of so many males, was his. A mere divine seat…
“He’s arriving.” Xiao Rong shifted her attention. “I will stop him. You guys will deal with everything else.”
“Understood,” answered the apostles around her.


Instantly, the white streak charged into the godly power.

Xiao  Rong’s  mood  became  solemn.  “Here  he  comes.” Suddenly, her calm godly power surged as godly power filled with a sense of enticement charged at the fast guy, completely engulfing him. Almost immediately, he stopped moving. Instinctively, his gaze was attracted toward the young lady before him as he felt that this young lady looked more and more beautiful, so beautiful that he felt like he was on cloud nine, a sudden urge to charge toward her overcoming him.

Everyone was overjoyed.

“He stopped.”
The god’s descendant nodded imposingly. Just as he was about to have someone capture that guy, something beyond his expectation suddenly happened. The fast guy, who had already stopped, indeed charged over toward them as he if had been charmed by Xiao Rong. However, he instantly pounced toward Xiao Rong. Before anyone else could do anything, with a white flash, he vanished.

Swish! The white flash streaked away. Shortly after, the fast guy was gone.

“What happened?”
Everyone was alarmed. That fast guy was so powerful that he could overcome Xiao Rong’s charm? One ought to know that even the descendants of gods could not escape the effect of her charm. Yet a mere fast guy… They instinctively looked over at Xiao Rong curiously, yet what they saw stupefied them all.

There, Xiao Rong’s clothing was torn apart. She looked extremely sorry, and a certain viscous fluid was all over her. Moreover, a certain fishy smell lingered in the air.

The god’s descendant was so furious that he did not know what to say. Only now did all the apostles awake from their reverie. After they collect their minds and started processing what had happened, they all hissed in shock. This… They all exchanged glances and were able to see the fear in each other’s eyes. In short, Lady Xiao Rong’s charm had indeed worked. That pitifully weak fast guy had indeed taken the bait. However, they had totally neglected a single fact…
That fast guy… was truly too fast, so fast that he had not even required half a second to take off his pants, do her, put his pants back on, and flee. Before anyone could even react, he had finished the deed and escaped.

“Damn it, damn it!”
The god’s descendant was bursting with rage. Just one second earlier, he had still been so proud of having her, the most alluring of all, as his woman. Yet in the next second, not only was he thoroughly defeated, he had even given away his women, and the deed had been done right in front of him.
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