The Strongest Gene Chapter 751-760

Chapter 751: Fake Nascent Soul

Within the forest, Chen Feng was still trying to figure out the source of his increased strength. He did not believe that he his strength would increase for no apparent reason, even more so when the prowess he displayed did not conform to the level he was actually at. There seemed to be a problem somewhere.


He punched out. A huge tree immediately collapsed. As the huge monkey watched on from a distance, his heart trembled in fear. This tree was no normal tree; its roots were several dozen meters in length, and it had faint godly power. As such, this tree was incomparably firm, yet this very tree had been crushed by Chen Feng with a single punch.

“Twenty-five times…”  he muttered inwardly. So long as he fully exerted himself, he could unleash a power around 25 times that of a level 1 awakened.

This strength… He was still analyzing this newfound strength of his. There were 10 levels in the awakened realm. While in the resonance realm, one would begin to have access to godly power, also similarly split to ten levels. Interestingly, though, by virtue of godly power alone, a mere level 1 resonator would be around a hundred times stronger than a level 1 awakened.

In a situation where neither the disparity in talent nor the type of godly power was taken into consideration, the pure, raw power of a level 1 resonator would be a hundred times greater than that of a level 1 awakened. This was proof of how powerful godly power was.

This was also why all resonators looked down on awakened ones. Without godly power, awakened ones were nothing but bugs. The maximum limit of the awakened realm was only level 10. Even the more talented ones would only be somewhat stronger. They would still be too far from a level 1 awakened. Yet here was Chen Feng, whose punch had unleashed a might equivalent to level 25 awakened.

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled something. “The last time I tested it, my punch unleashed a might of a level 9 awakened.” Back in the Genetic Union, he had once tested his combat prowess and had nearly destroyed the replacement equipment the Genetic Union had prepared for him. At that time, he had still been a level 3 awakened.

Hold on… If as a level 3 awakened he could unleash the might of a level 9, and at level 5 he could unleash the might of a level 25… This seemed to be something that could be solved with math? To the power of two? Chen Feng found this inconceivable. So it turned out that his attacks would unleash a might equal to the square of whatever level he was? Why was that?

Once again, Chen Feng punched out. At this moment, he could seemingly see the miniature person within him performing the same action. When he punched out, the miniature person punched out as well.


Yet another tree collapsed. “Is it because of you?”  Finally, Chen Feng understood. His unique prowess was due to this miniature person within him. This was in fact another him, a Chen Feng that had been conceived by Luck Aura. If this miniature person could truly allow his attack to be amplified like so…
Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed as he thought of something. If, at level 5 awakened, he could unleash the might of a level 25 awakened, what if he was a level 10 awakened? Would he be able to defeat the level 1 resonators even without godly power? Would he be able to surmount the limit placed by godly power?

He was overwhelmed with emotions as he realized this. Even in this era, gods were still very rare. One look at the herculean apes and their lack of a god even after so long was enough to ascertain this fact. Naturally, due to Chen Feng’s unique identity, he was someone that would not be able to resonate with any gods.

Therefore, he could only rely on himself. As for ascending to godhood, such a thing was still rather far away from him at present. From what the huge monkey had said, if one wanted to become a god, one would have to traverse numerous dangerous places to obtain the seed of a god. To achieve that, one would require extraordinary strength.

Therefore, this was not part of Chen Feng’s considerations for now. At present, it would be more reliable to first increase his strength.

Power of two…
Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly, eager to test out his theory.

“Are you truly not a god?”  the huge monkey asked as tree after tree went down.

“Nope,” Chen Feng answered.

The huge monkey smiled bitterly. “Fine.” Truthfully, the idea of a mortal displaying such a performance was much scarier than the idea of an unrecovered god doing the same. “Do you guys have anything one can use to increase one’s strength?”  Chen Feng paused slightly before continuing, “For example, drugs or medicine or anything like that? Since you guys are all awakened ones, you should have something like that, right?”
“Yes, we do,” the huge monkey said. However, after a slight pause, he added, “We used to.”
Chen Feng raised his brow.”Oh?”
“In this forest, there is a region inhabited by a certain species of fruit trees. The fruits of these trees were all nourished by godly power, and after consuming one, one’s strength will increase. It is also a fruit all of us need to take at a certain point in our lives. However, this year, that territory was conquered by the Grasshorde Tribe. In fact, they are weaker than us. However, after becoming the believers of a god, they obtained godly power. As such…”
The mere thought of this caused the huge monkey to gnash his teeth in anger. “Is there any way to solve this?”
The huge monkey looked at Chen Feng with anticipation. “Fight  them!”  In  his  opinion,  with  Chen  Feng’s  formidable prowess, he was capable enough to lead them and regain the lost territory.

“Mhm…” Chen Feng pondered shortly before saying, “I can’t beat them.”
The huge monkey: “…”
Chen Feng shrugged. “I am truly not their match.” From what this huge monkey had said, the enemy seemed to have been a weakling in the past, with their top combat power being at around level 10 awakened. Naturally, with this monkey’s battle prowess being equivalent to level 20 awakened, they had been too weak. However, now that they had entered the resonance realm, this monkey was no longer their opponent. So long as one had godly power, even a level 1 resonator would be a hundred times stronger than a level 1 awakened. How could he hope to defeat such an opponent? Chen Feng shook his head. “I might be able to defeat them sometime in the future, but not now. I have yet to fully recover my strength. For now, I still need to verify some things.”
“Is that why you require something capable of increasing your  strength?”   Finally,  the  huge  monkey  understood  the reason for Chen Feng’s question.

“If  it’s  only  an  increase  in  strength…”  The  huge  monkey pondered before saying, “Will a temporary increase work? I know of something capable of providing a temporary boost in strength.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Yes, that will do.”
“All right. Please wait a moment.” As he finished his words, the monkey left. Shortly after, he returned with a blue medicinal herb in his hand.

“This is something that received the nourishment of godly power. After consuming it, one can obtain a temporary boost in strength,” the monkey explained. “Excellent.”
After checking and confirming that this herb was fine, Chen Feng immediately took it.


A powerful force erupted within him.

Bang! Bang!

A surging warm current provoked his body, causing his body to unleash an even stronger strength, pushing Chen Feng from level 5 awakened to level 6.

Bang! Bang!

The medicine was still in effect, pushing Chen Feng’s strength onward. Alas, just as it was about to reach level 7, the medicinal effect started to weaken before slowly vanishing. At this moment, Chen Feng’s strength started decreasing as well. If this continued, he would most probably revert back to level 5 awakened before long. This “temporary”  was much shorter than he had imagined.

If so, he would have to test it now. Without hesitation, he unleashed all the strength available to him and punched out.


A mighty force blasted out. Chen Feng could clearly feel that, in a mysterious manner, the power both he and the miniature person were unleashing had somehow converged together, forming a perfect circle.


His energy blasted out, destroying a row of trees before him. The huge monkey watched on in horror. He could feel that at present, Chen Feng was much stronger than he had been before, completely unlike the increase of one mere level. This… was equivalent to level 36 awakened! Chen Feng was completely enthralled, as he had also confirmed that his conjecture was correct.

Chapter 752: Revisiting the Old Profession

It was now confirmed that his strength was really the square of his awakened level. He only needed to urge the miniature person within him to perform the same action as him and he would be able to unleash power surpassing his imagination. But then, what exactly was this?

Chen Feng himself was unclear. He had once conducted a study of other awakened ones and had concluded that this was not something all awakened ones possess. However, what he was sure of was the fact that this miniature person was not an external power like luck or misfortune. Rather, this power was uniquely his.

He was overwhelmed by emotions at this realization. He would have to think of how to increase his strength. As of now, his strength had already decreased from the temporary boost. What   that   huge   monkey   called   “temporary”    was   truly excessively temporary, as it had only lasted three seconds. A true man, mused Chen Feng at the idea of three seconds being “temporary.”
By the side, the monkey was somewhat dumbstruck. He looked at the sole remaining herb in his hand before looking at the row of destroyed trees. Since when was this herb so powerful? He seemed to recall that this herb would only provide an increase of a single level?

Why did it feel like this Chen Feng had obtained an increase of around 10 levels? He could not make sense of what he was looking at. This was like someone eating garlic chives in the hope of providing some nourishment to one’s body, yet they obtained the effect of Viagra.

Chen Feng: “…”
The gaze with which the monkey was staring at him caused him to be somewhat dumbstruck.

“This thing only lasts three seconds?” he asked as he grabbed the other herb from the monkey’s hand. “Mhm.” The monkey contemplated shortly before gloomily saying, “If it was something good, it would have been taken by the Grasshorde Tribe as well…”
Chen Feng chuckled. True. By now, he had a somewhat rough understanding of these two tribes. Both tribes were essentially monkeys, and they were always engaged in a struggle for resources due to their close proximity to each other. It was natural for them to be mortal enemies.

“If you want to increase your strength, you have to destroy the  Grasshorde  Tribe.”  The  monkey  confidently  continued, “The resources they have plundered from us will be sufficient for you to gain three levels.”
Three levels…
Chen Feng’s eyes burned as he heard this. Three levels… would allow him to reach level 8 awakened. Eight to the power of two… Mhm… Chen Feng licked his lips in anticipation. Alas, before that, they would have to first deal with the chief of the Grasshorde Tribe, the level 1 resonator. Chen Feng cooled his head shortly after remembering this. The future was indeed beautiful. However, this all required that he first keep a low profile and grow.

Chen Feng glanced over at the huge monkey. “Don’t keep urging me on. If I can defeat them, I will most certainly attack. However, you yourself are also clear on the strength of a level 1 resonator. That is a level that is even stronger than me.”
“Yeah,” the huge monkey answered sadly. It seemed like this Chen Feng’s strength was truly not sufficient to achieve that. Resonator… Godly power… Were they truly hopeless against one?

He was clear that this time, with the resources plundered from them, those weaklings at the Grasshorde Tribe would be able to develop rapidly. As for them, their growth would be stunted. Slowly but surely, they would no longer be able to contend against the Grasshorde Tribe. Moreover, there was even a possibility that, after some time, they would be totally slaughtered by the Grasshorde Tribe.

As he thought of this, the huge monkey clenched his fists in indignation. By the side, Chen Feng was not bothered. Even if the herculean apes were in a bad position, he could not afford to listen to the huge monkey and go throw his life away. He had to first guarantee that he had sufficient strength before he could proceed.

Chen Feng looked at the herb in his hand, deep in thought. In this era, a lot of things had obtained the nourishment of godly power. As such, they all contained unique power. This was why the awakened ones of this era were able to continue growing. The reason for this reaction of Chen Feng’s wasn’t the power of this herb. Rather, it was because this herb was extremely familiar.

Chen Feng fixed his gaze on this herb. Even if it was glowing and pulsing with faint godly power, if these “special effects” were removed, wasn’t this the blue-leafed grass? This was an herb Chen Feng had once used when he had first become a gene producer. In fact, this herb had been the main ingredient of a certain gene reagent capable of providing a small boost in one’s strength, an herb that would be normally used by the weaker ones when they were still at their starting point. And now… Chen Feng’s eyes went wide as he realized something. Level 1 awakened was in fact a rather unique realm. However, there was no doubt that, in this era of gods, the awakened realm was the starting point for everyone. As for this herb? It was evidently also a comparatively weaker herb in
this era.

Chen Feng’s heart started pounding. If, during the genetic era, this herb had been used to produce gene reagents that increased beginners’ strength, what if this current herb, nourished by godly power, was used to produce a gene reagent? At this realization, Chen Feng’s lips went dry in excitement. Blue-leafed grass! Gene production! At this moment, everything seemed to have become clear.

Back then, the growth of gene production had been stunted the moment humanity had reached the awakened realm. It was through great effort that Chen Feng had opened up a new path to enable gene producers to keep growing. But what if the stunt had not been due to gene production in itself? What if the problem had in fact been the materials?

What if those materials had all received the nourishment of godly power? Would they now prove useful for awakened ones? Chen Feng was extremely agitated. Gene production had always been his career. Even though he hadn’t been involved much in the development of the subsequent new gene production breakthroughs, prior to that, he had mastered nearly all the formulas in existence. Even without Luck Aura,
he was still an undisputed grandmaster producer!

“If so… bring it on!”
Chen Feng was filled with expectation. The blue-leafed grass could be used with several supporting materials to produce a low-tier gene reagent. This gene reagent, known as the allida reagent, was capable of providing a temporary boost in combat strength to the user.

As for the reagent’s odd name, Chen Feng reasoned that perhaps the creator of this formula had initially set off to create a different formula and had ended up with a battle-type reagent instead.

“Hopefully you won’t disappoint.” Chen Feng’s gaze became sharp. Next, he got the monkeys to gather all the herbs in the vicinity. Ultimately, he found sufficient herbs to serve as substitutes for the lacking herbs in the original formula. Moreover, using these materials, the produced reagent could be even better than the original version.

Chen Feng started gene production. Unexpectedly, though, he had only just gotten started, yet the surging power contained within the herbs had already caused him to despair. A huge amount of time had to be spent before he could finally suppress that terrifying power.

“These materials…”
Chen Feng took in a deep breath in shock. It was at this moment that he gained a clearer understanding of this era.

Even if he was a grandmaster producer, he still had to exercise caution. This was not due to any mistakes he might commit during the production process. Rather, he had to maintain control over these materials. Fortunately, the allida reagent was ultimately a rather weak reagent. Shortly after, Chen Feng was done with his production.

The produced reagent was a glowing light-blue liquid that was presently cupped within a leaf. At this point, Chen Feng faced a new problem. This place did not seem like a place with any reagent bottles. As such, he could not even store the reagent he had produced.

Chen Feng sighed. “Only leaves?”
“Mhm,” the monkey answered. “These are also the leaves we use to wipe our butts.”
Chen Feng was rendered speechless. “It has been hard on you guys.”
Forget it. He would first test the effects of the reagent. Without a reagent bottle, this reagent could not be preserved anyway. He might as well take it immediately. Gulp.

Next, a blazing source of power seemed to pour into his body.


Instantly, a terrifying aura erupted. Awe-inspiring power erupted from Chen Feng. The berserk aura caused even the herculean apes around him to repeatedly fall back in alarm. And then… nothing. The eruption suddenly stopped.

“A fake drug?”
Everyone was somewhat dumbfounded. No, that was not the case. The huge monkey studied Chen Feng and noted that although that berserk aura was gone, Chen Feng’s strength was higher than before, even if not by much. Chen Feng stretched his hand out and immersed himself in his newfound strength: level 10 awakened. That’s right. In a split second, the allida reagent had granted him an increase of five levels. For those in the awakened realm, this reagent would enable the user to crush all opponents.

Naturally, the effect might not be as pronounced for those that were already strong to begin with, such as the huge monkey. After all, he already had the combat power of a level 25 awakened. A five-level increase was but a quarter of his total strength. Yet for Chen Feng, his strength had been directly doubled. No, to be precise, his level had doubled. As for his actual combat power…

His eyes gleamed coldly.

Bang! Formidable power surged out. Within him, the miniature person did the same. Instantly, the power blasted out.


A terrifying power swept out, causing all the trees in front of him to shake violently. Around him, all the monkeys were startled. In all their life, they had never seen these sturdy trees shake…
Shua! Shua!

The trees shook violently. Shortly after, the shaking stopped.

The huge monkey scratched his head in confusion. That was because, despite the violent shaking, the trees had not been destroyed. This… What was going on? All the other monkeys were similarly puzzled. One ought to know that, initially, Chen Feng had been able to blast a tree apart with a single punch. Yet now, after consuming that weird liquid, he had merely massaged the trees instead of destroying them?

As such, this liquid’s function was to make one’s attack look way cooler while reducing the might? This was the conclusion all the monkeys reached. Right at this moment, though, a cool breeze swept past the forest. Almost instantly, all the trees were reduced to ashes that dispersed in the air and waffled away along with that breeze.

All the monkeys hissed in shock. As for the huge monkey, his eyes went wide. He was unable to believe what he was seeing.

Chapter 753: The Battle for Resources

How powerful! The herculean apes were all startled by this display of power. This liquid was actually capable of providing such a huge boost in strength? They all focused on the remaining blue liquid, their gazes burning. At this time, Chen Feng was inhaling deeply and immersing himself in the earlier feeling of strength. Level 1 resonance!

That’s right. The attack he had unleashed had reached level 1 resonance. However, the resonance realm was a realm for those with access to godly power. For Chen Feng, it would be more apt to say that his attack had reached level 100 awakened. With the allida reagent, he had unleashed power equivalent to a level 100 awakened. How powerful!

The huge monkey’s gaze started to burn. “This thing…  Let me give it a try.” He gulped down the remaining liquid.


Within him, a surge of power erupted, causing his blood to boil with excitement. He proceeded to deliver a punch to a random tree around him. The tree proceeded to shake for quite a while before finally falling down. Everyone was speechless when they saw this.

“Only… this little?” The huge monkey was dumbstruck. This was not logical. Why had Chen Feng received such a huge boost while he had received such a little boost? Was he so weak that even that liquid could not prop him up? By the side, Chen Feng was maintaining his calm, as he was still immersed in the feeling of power within him, silently counting the time.

One second…
Two seconds…
Three seconds…
Still active! Chen Feng kept waiting. Five seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute… Only at the third minute mark did his strength start to gradually decrease. “Three minutes!”
Chen Feng was completed shocked by this discovery. The huge monkey had also realized the same thing. Consuming the blue-leafed grass directly would only yield an active duration of three seconds. Yet after being transformed into this blue liquid by Chen Feng, the duration had increased to three minutes. It was better and lasted longer now.

This was too inconceivable. Something like this… was supposed to be a feat only accomplishable by the gods, right? This Chen Feng fellow had been claiming that he was not a god, yet here he was, doing things that only gods could do! Everyone stared at Chen Feng with burning gazes.

“Don’t worry.”
Chen Feng observed the huge monkey and waited until the huge monkey’s active duration ended as well before concluding the details of this reagent.

—- Name: Allida reagent.

Function: Temporarily increase the user’s strength by five awakened levels.

Duration: Three minutes.


Chen Feng was filled with excitement.

The success of the allida reagent had provided Chen Feng with a pleasant surprise. Gene production was indeed still a feasible route in this era, even if his test had only been verified with a low-tier reagent. As he recalled his experience when producing the gene reagent earlier, he concluded that so long as he controlled the medicinal effect so that it did not explode, he would be able to produce any gene reagents he wished. One ought to remember that Chen Feng was a grandmaster producer, one who had mastered all production techniques and formulas of that level. Three minutes. In fact, this duration had a deeper meaning to it. That was because, if the duration was only three seconds, it would probably end at the beginning of the fight. As for a duration of three minutes, it could last the
entirety of a battle. If one was fierce enough, three minutes
would be more than enough time to deal with an enemy. This was a chance for them to deal with the Grasshorde Tribe.

“What do you think?” Without realizing it, the huge monkey was becoming more and more deferential when talking to Chen Feng.

“Start gathering the same herbs for me. I will be producing,” Chen Feng said.

“All right.”
All the herculean apes were overjoyed to hear this. They started searching the forest frantically, and soon, a huge amount of blue-leafed grass and the subsidiary materials were delivered to Chen Feng. Chen Feng frowned. “There is still one issue: how to store the reagents. How do you guys normally store liquids?”
“Stone jar,” the huge monkey said as he brought Chen Feng to a certain basement. There, a huge stone jar was located. In it was stored their wine.

Chen Feng: “…”
He required something easy to carry around, not something this huge. They couldn’t carry a huge stone jar around when fighting the Grasshorde Tribe, right? That would be too ridiculous.

Carry along…
Suddenly, Chen Feng’s gaze landed on the collapsed trees from earlier. At the point of incision of the trees, he could see the texture of the woods. They were glossy and sleek. He tried pouring some liquid within and found that not a single drop seeped out. Indeed, this was a tree that had grown under the nourishment of godly power. “Well, this is it, then,”  Chen Feng said with a slap to his thigh. Even during the Genetic Era, quite a number of wooden products had been manufactured. And thus the entire herculean apes started working busily. Chen Feng was in charge of producing gene reagents while all the monkeys
formally entered the industrial era, starting to manufacture wooden products. To be precise, they were producing wooden bottles.

The bottles produced were all square-shaped, could not store much, and appeared rather stupid. However, each bottle was sufficient to store a portion of liquid sufficient for consumption by a single person. This would be enough for now.

After three days, a great number of gene reagents finished production and were sealed in the bottles. Each of the monkeys had a gene reagent hung on their waist. They were all incomparably excited, as they knew that with this, they were now equipped to challenge the Grasshorde Tribe!

“Do you guys know what we are going to do today?” Chen Feng asked. “Yes!”  All  the  herculean  apes  were  excited.  “We  will  be taking our resources back!”
“Excellent.   Remember,   within   three   minutes,   finish everything,” Chen Feng said coldly.

All the monkeys were getting agitated. “Yes!”
“Let us set off!” The huge monkey was in high spirits. “Chant our slogan as we march.”
“Plunder their resources! Beat their woman! Sleep with the young!” the herculean apes yelled at the top of their lungs.

Chen Feng was somewhat dumbfounded. Something… seemed wrong with this slogan? He had heard similar slogans in the past. At times, these slogans seemed rather villainous, yet they served well to boost morale. However, the contents of this particular slogan seemed somewhat off? “Don’t worry.” The huge monkey looked at Chen Feng in reverence.  “The  prettiest  of  them will  be  reserved  for  you, exalted one.”
Chen Feng: “???”
Sleep, your ass! Regardless of how beautiful they are, they are still monkeys, right? Moreover…
“I thought it should be ‘sleep with the wives and beat the young’?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

The huge monkey blanked at this suggestion. “Nope. Why would we want to sleep with their wives? Even if they are our archenemy, we cannot do such a thing! Exalted one, you…” He stole a cautious glance at Chen Feng. “So it turns out that you have such a fetish?”
Chen Feng: “…” Fetish, my ass! What the hell are you monkeys thinking about?

“It is right to sleep with the young, then?” Chen Feng asked with a dark expression.

“That is only natural,” the huge monkey answered happily. “Those young ones have yet to obtain a significant other. The Grasshorde Tribe has a higher female population, while our tribe has a higher male population. We are simply a perfect match. Therefore, even if the unmarried ones are still not fully grown into adulthood yet, we can still bring them back to raise them into brides when they grow up.”
Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. I see.

“But… it is truly immoral to sleep with the wife of another.” The huge monkey glanced at Chen Feng cautiously. “If you truly have such a fetish, I know of two beautiful women who are now widows. I wonder if you are interested…” Chen Feng’s expression darkened. “Scram!” What was going on in this fellow’s brain?

Soon, they reached the orchard. This had once been the territory of the herculean apes. As such, this place was nearer to their place. When they arrived, they saw that this orchard was presently guarded by a huge number of half-evolved monkeys. Chen Feng noted that, apart from the different fur color, these monkeys were in fact exactly the same as the herculean apes.

“This is the Grasshorde Tribe,”  the huge monkey said in a low voice.

Chen Feng gazed over from a distant mountain summit. There were not many people in the orchard. There were about five or six level 5 awakened ones patrolling about. The defense seemed rather lacking, but Chen Feng could sense an austere aura in the air. With the orchard as the center, a whirlpool of austere aura was formed. Nevertheless, it did not matter, as their purpose here was to fight a battle of force. “Go!” Chen Feng ordered without hesitation.


The herculean apes charged into the orchard.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, numerous huge figures appeared nearby. At the sight of these newcomers that looked completely different than the members of the Grasshorde Tribe, the huge monkey’s face fell. “You guys have actually joined hands with a different tribe?”

Chapter 754: Seize

The huge monkey was truly furious with this development. They and the Grasshorde Tribe were enemies and had fur of different colors, yet they were still of the same race. Unexpectedly, they had actually joined hands with a different tribe. Did they not have godly power already? Did they not have a guardian god already? Why was there still a need to join hands with a foreign race? He truly could not understand this.

Chen Feng merely glanced over and did not say anything. In fact, something like this was extremely normal. This was similar to a civil war where one of the sides suddenly called in help from a different country. In Chen Feng’s memories, something like this was quite common. For instance, in his previous life, there had been foreigners in the national teams of certain sports, which had truly felt quite odd to him.

A huge green-haired monkey sneered. “Haven’t you found one as well?”
“Him?” The huge monkey glanced over at Chen Feng and snorted. “Hmph, he is merely a monkey who shaved all his fur due to a skin disease. That’s all.” Chen Feng: “…” What the f*ck? Is this how you monkey folks usually communicate with each other?

He had never expected that even though he had been staying silent, he would still get unjustly ridiculed like this. At this time, as they approached each other, the surrounding monkeys could finally be seen clearly. The Grasshorde Tribe. The reason for them being called this was due to the green hair on their heads, which greatly resembled grass. That was the origin of their name. Furthermore, the piles of grass on their heads seemed to directly correlate with their strength and size.

The stronger they were, the bigger they would be, and the lusher the grass on their head would be. Mhm… For instance, this huge green monkey’s head was like a giant bush.

The green monkey coldly said, “I knew you guys would not be able to take this lying down. Therefore, I have been waiting for you guys all along. Today will be the day that everything ends. The herculean apes shall forever disappear from this world.”
Shua! The figures started closing in on them. These newcomers had huge bodies and fierce faces, appearing rather vicious.

“This is the Steelback Tribe,” the huge monkey said to Chen Feng.

The Steelback Tribe was a rather powerful tribe that was nearby. They had rough skin, thick flesh, and formidable strength. Their skin was covered in scales, and the strength of the average person in their tribe was level 6 awakened. This tribe was much stronger than the herculean apes, who only averaged level 3. Similarly, the Grasshorde Tribe averaged level 3 as well.

“You are courting death,” the huge monkey said with a cold gleam in his eyes. The one and only advantage the Grasshorde Tribe had over them was their resonator chief. As such, their tribe wasn’t particularly powerful as a whole. However, their act of asking for help from the Steelback Tribe was no different than courting death. If the huge monkey’s memory served right, this Steelback Tribe also had their own guardian god. Were these fellows stupid or something? “Hehe.”  The green monkey arrogantly said, “That won’t be the case. We both believe in the same god.”
The same god!

The huge monkey’s heart thumped as he heard this.

“Therefore, you can die in peace now.”
At the green monkey’s command, the Steelback Tribe and the Grasshorde Tribe moved out at the same time. The huge monkey looked at Chen Feng, seeking his opinion.

“Finish this within three minutes,” Chen Feng said coldly. On average, the strength of a level 6 awakened? So what?

Shua! All the herculean apes opened their bottle at the same time and gulped the reagents down.


They erupted with a powerful aura. The herculean apes were rather weak, their tribe averaging level 3 awakened. However, with the allida reagent, they obtained a five-level increase, pushing their strength to a level one could not imagine.

Bang! Bang!

The herculean apes erupted in strength. Instantly, numerous monkeys were blasted away. Even the Steelback Tribe was not a match. As the grasshorde monkeys saw this, they were stupefied. What was going on? The bush on the green monkey’s head stood up as he stared in shock at what was unfolding before him. Since when had these herculean apes been so strong?

“Damn it.” He knew that he had to personally make a move now.

“Even if you guys have become stronger by sheer luck…” His eyes gleamed coldly as he finished, “You guys are still not a match for godly power.”

His godly power poured out. The instant the godly power appeared, his body increased in size as he stepped onto the battlefield.


The earth trembled with each step he took. Slowly but surely, the power of a resonator bloomed.

“Die!” He punched at the huge monkey. Right at this instant, though, a comparatively tiny figure appeared before him and punched out at his fist.


A powerful surge of strength slammed into him.

Even with his godly power, he was still pushed several meters backward. He raised his head and looked on in astonishment at the monkey with a skin disease, who was slowly retracting his hand. This fellow… The green monkey’s face fell. A resonator? His expression became unsightly as he realized that this huge monkey had actually found an outside resonator to help. However, if this was indeed a resonator, why could he not feel any godly power?

Was this a unique technique? Or perhaps… it was due to the blue liquid they had consumed earlier? Again! The green monkey attacked again, the bush on his head blooming as the intensity of his strength increased. Bang!

Another punch, and once again, he was pushed back. Chen Feng’s eruption to level 10 awakened had given him strength equivalent to a level 100 awakened, giving him the confidence to contend against a level 1 resonator. With pure strength, he faced godly power. In fact, one of the reasons Chen Feng had participated in this battle was so that he could verify his combat power.

Bang! Bang!

The Grasshorde Tribe and the Steelback Tribe were utterly defeated. After all, the green ape had only recently gained godly power. As such, his usage of godly power was still rather crude. How could he compare against Chen Feng? Their strength seemed to be equal, yet he suffered defeat after defeat. Chen Feng did not even need three minutes to defeat him. A minute and a half into the fight, the green monkey was already thoroughly defeated.

“I will definitely return!” The green monkey could feel that things were getting bad. With a miserable scream, he turned around and started fleeing immediately. As for his underlings, they started fleeing as well upon receiving his command. This decisiveness with which they fled truly caused Chen Feng and the huge monkey to be somewhat dumbfounded. This was especially true for the way those fellows fled. They all dispersed in different directions, some even directly tunneling underground. What in the world?

“Should we give chase?” the huge monkey asked.

Chen Feng shook his head. “There is no need for that.”  By now, the duration of three minutes had ended. If they gave chase, that would be no different than suicide. If the green monkeys discovered their secret, they might be the ones to suffer defeat in the end.

“Okay.” The huge monkey understood. For now, this orchard was the only thing that mattered.

Chen Feng took a look around the orchard. To bait the herculean apes into attacking, the green monkeys hadn’t plundered much from this orchard. Most of the fruits were still hanging on the trees.

“Let me pick one for you, exalted one,” the huge monkey said emotionally.

“Is this a fruit one can only eat once?” Chen Feng asked with a pensive look.

“Not  quite.”   The  huge  monkey  nodded  and  explained, “However, only with the first consumption will the effect be more pronounced. With each subsequent consumptions, the effect will slowly decrease by half. In any case, even after eating a bunch of them, one can only obtain a boost of two levels.

Chen Feng looked at him. “I thought you said three levels earlier?”
“Hehe.” The monkey scratched his head in an honest manner and said, “I was afraid that you wouldn’t agree to come if I did not exaggerate the number.” Chen Feng: “…”
Therefore, Chen Feng had to now focus on increasing the effectiveness of this fruit during the first consumption. In fact, the method of doing so was relatively simple. It could be accomplished with something Chen Feng was extremely skilled in: gene production.

After all, during the Genetic Era, such one-time-use materials had been rather common. As such, Chen Feng was able to easily find some suitable formulas that were immediately ready to use after some minor adjustments. For Chen Feng, this wasn’t hard. And next… what was left was to test the formula.

Chapter 755: Level 100 Awakened

Producing and failing. These two were the most basic steps involved in gene production. After ten-odd failures, Chen Feng finally succeeded in producing a bright-red liquid. From the look of it, this liquid seemed like it would have a better effect than consuming the fruit raw.

“What is this fruit’s name?”
“Aphrodisiac fruit,” the huge monkey said proudly. “I am the one who named this fruit.”
Chen Feng’s face darkened. Aphrodisiac? How weak was this monkey, exactly, for him to be able to relate everything to libido? Chen Feng gave the monkey a dubious look.

“I naturally do not need help in that department.” The huge monkey slapped his chest and continued, “But this fruit really does have such an effect to it as well.” “…” Chen Feng understood after pondering the matter. Since this fruit was capable of boosting one’s overall strength, naturally, everything about a person would be boosted, including their libido. That was only natural. However, the name…
Chen Feng shook his head. “Forget it. Do you want to give this liquid a try?” he asked while pointing at the liquid.

“I have already consumed the fruit in the past.” The monkey appeared regretful.

“How  many  did  you  consume?”  Chen  Feng  asked.  If  the monkey hadn’t consumed too many, perhaps he could still figure out the potency of this liquid through deduction.

“Around 20 of them…”  the huge monkey said after some thought.

Chen Feng laughed coldly upon hearing this. “Hehe.” Was it not said that each of the herculean apes was only allowed to consume two or three of them? It seemed like this huge monkey had been one to abuse his position in the past.

“Do you have anyone that has only consumed it twice?” Chen Feng asked as he waved his hand. Soon, a rather sturdy-looking herculean ape arrived.

Chen Feng gave him a one-person portion of the liquid. “Here, give it a try.”
“All right.”
That herculean ape swallowed it down in a single gulp. Based on the effect of the fruit, on the forth consumption, one should only obtain around a quarter of the first consumption’s effects.


The liquid erupted with power within the monkey. Next, his body inflated like a balloon shortly before deflating. As this happened, formidable power started emanating from his body. As of this moment, he had reached level 5 awakened from his initial level 4 awakened.

The huge monkey’s eyes went wide.

This fellow had clearly consumed the fruit in the past and had obtained an advancement of one and a half levels. And now his level had increased yet again?

“Me… I want to try it out as well.”
The huge monkey gulped down the remaining liquid in excitement. Similarly, his body inflated as well. Everyone’s eyes went wide as they saw this. This worked as well? One ought to know that this huge monkey had, in the past, abused his power to eat the aphrodisiac fruit like it was candy, to the point that the fruit now had no effect on him. Yet even so, this liquid was working for him? Chen Feng had a pensive look as he watched on.

“Here it comes.” The huge monkey looked at his inflated belly in excitement. A certain clump of gas seemed to be fermenting within him, a clump that seemingly contained boundless power. He knew that this was the sign of advancement. It had been quite a while since he had last had any advancement. Suddenly…

With a loud sound, that clump of gas vanished. Behind him, an old tree that was sturdier than average was instantly blown apart…

Instantly, everyone sank into silence. The group of monkeys hurriedly looked in a different direction while the huge monkey’s face flushed red in embarrassment.

“…” Chen Feng watched on in silence. Mhm… This had to be something that would happen if the effect was weakened to the point that it could no longer provide any sort of advancement to the user. After all, the huge monkey had consumed too many of this fruit in the past. Even with the enhancement
provided by this liquid, the effect was still not sufficient to bring about any change in the huge monkey’s body, and the resulting power had no choice but to make an exit through the chrysanthemum.

That should be the case. Chen Feng explained all this with a serious expression. As the huge monkey heard this, his face darkened.

“Gather  several  sets  of  the  same  materials,”   Chen  Feng commanded. Next, the group of herculean apes dispersed to work.

The huge monkey opened his mouth wide, not knowing what to say. “I…” Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry. Whose life is without an embarrassing moment or two? In fact, for this fruit to behave in such a manner after being consumed by you, from a scientific angle, this is nothing surprising.”
The huge monkey looked better after hearing this.

“However, you should rejoice that you didn’t eat anything before this,” Chen Feng said with a faint smile on his face.


As the huge monkey thought about it, his face greened from shock. If he had eaten before that, the earlier implosion…
He inhaled deeply in shock, suddenly feeling like everything was meaningless.

Chen Feng ignored him. After the monkeys returned from gathering materials, he started producing once again. After several tests, he was able to once again increase the average strength of the herculean apes. The average had now been pushed from level 3 to level 5. Monkeys who had never consumed the fruit before obtained a direct advancement of three levels. This was only from a single consumption. If they consumed it several more times…
The herculean apes were in a celebratory mood. Even those who had consumed the fruit in the past had advanced a single level. In the entire tribe, only the huge monkey was sitting by the side, sighing in sorrow. Abusing power wasn’t something fun, after all…
“Nearly there now.”
Chen Feng was very satisfied with the effect of this reagent.


He gulped it down. Instantly, his strength rocketed up. From level 5 awakened, he advanced straight to level 8. Just as he had guessed, this reagent was capable of providing a boost of three levels. And thus, Chen Feng formally entered level 8 awakened.

However, this is still not enough, Chen Feng thought with a cold look in his eyes. What he wanted was not this much.


He consumed yet another gene reagent.


The medicinal power surged, once again pushing Chen Feng’s strength forward. Just like the fruit, the effect of the second consumption was weakened. Even so, Chen Feng obtained an increase of a level and a half. With this, he reached mid–level 9 awakened.

“Still not enough,” he said after taking in a deep breath. Gulp.

He consumed yet another gene reagent.


The medicinal power erupted. With three reagents, the respective increases would be 3, 1.5, and, finally, 0.75, for a total increase of 5.25 levels. This was what Chen Feng wanted, to advance five levels through this reagent.

Bang! Bang!

His body was filled with power. When the effect of the reagent ended, Chen Feng was already at level 10 awakened. For a mortal, this would already be the peak of life. Chen Feng clenched his fists and immersed himself in the power contained within his body. In fact, this was a strength he had tasted earlier when he had used the temporary booster reagent. But this time, this effect was permanent. He was now so powerful that one couldn’t easily measure his strength. With the miniature person within him, he would be able to unleash a might equivalent to a level 100 awakened. Thus, he would be able to contend against a level 1 resonator. This was what he would use as his foothold in this new era.

“I want to become stronger. Even if I can’t resonate, with my miniature person, I can still become stronger, strong enough to contend against resonators… or even stronger existences!”
His gaze was sharp. He realized that so long as he continued becoming stronger, a day would come when he ascended into godhood himself. At that time, he would retrieve all he had lost.

He inhaled deeply and covered up his aura of a level 100 awakened. He was sure that even if he could unleash the combat power of a level 100, his actual level was still 10, quite far away from level 20. This was quite a unique era. With the nourishment of godly power, all the herbs had transformed, especially those capable of increasing one’s strength. If all of these herbs were produced into gene reagents…

Chapter 756: Hehehe

“Are there any other herbs around here that can increase one’s strength?” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course.” The huge monkey grinned. “However, those do not belong to the herculean apes.”
Chen Feng smiled. “They don’t now, but they might in the future.”
“Yes, yes.” The huge monkey had a wide smile on his face as he heard this. He had not been able to participate in this strength increase and was somewhat sad. As such, the moment he heard that Chen Feng was looking for other resources, he laughed in joy.

“This orchard was ours in the first place but was taken away. The truth is that the Grasshorde Tribe has their own resources as well…” the huge monkey said with a smile. “Splendid.” Chen Feng rubbed his fist eagerly. Now that the average strength of the herculean apes had risen to level 5 from level 3, it was time for them to have some training in their newfound strength. Perhaps the grasshorde race would be of assistance? Hehe.


At a certain location, the steelback king was watching on gloomily as his tribesmen were being carried back. A few days ago, he had heard that the Grasshorde Tribe had set a trap for the herculean apes. They had believed that this would be a lucrative and easy job. Unexpectedly, they had been thoroughly defeated in the very first encounter.

The steelback king was furious. “So are these the so-called herculean apes that are so weak that they need to rely on aphrodisiac fruits?”
The green monkey was still somewhat stupefied. “I… I have no idea either. Before this, they were indeed quite weak. I reckon their night activities have never been easy. But for some reason, all of them seemed to go crazy today.” At this moment, the green monkey recalled the monkey with skin disease and the liquid they drank before the fight.

“Oh, right. They definitely requested outside help,” the green monkey said in anger. “That furless fellow!”
“Hmph!”    The   steelback   king   snorted   and   stood   up. Terrifying pressure emanated out from his body, making it difficult for the green monkey to even breathe. He was very clear about how terrifying the steelback king was. In the resonance realm, any sort of advancement was extremely hard.

Since the strength of a resonator was related to godly power, resonators had to comprehend godly power without stop. Apart from training themselves, they had to cultivate godly power as well. This was the reason for the high difficulty in advancement. As for the steelback king, he was a level 2 resonator, one who surpassed the green monkey in every aspect.

“Is  this  your  excuse  after  causing  the  deaths  of  my tribesmen?” the steelback king questioned. The green monkey felt like crying. “No, no.”
Suddenly, the steelback king said, “I heard your Grasshorde Tribe has a certain fruit under your control…” In this era, for a tribe to grow, resources were a necessity. Therefore, nearly every tribe relied on certain resources to sustain their growth. In fact, most of the tribes would only settle down on a location after discovering resources there. That had been the case for the herculean apes and the Grasshorde Tribe.

The green monkey’s eyes went wide. “No, no way. That is the symbol of our tribe and the sole resource under our control. We will definitely not give it away, even in death!” The green monkey clenched his teeth and continued, “If you insist… I will have no choice but to contact Lord God.”
Contacting Lord God… Suddenly, the steelback king narrowed his eyes. They were both resonators of a certain god. As such, it was only natural that they were able to contact the god. Of course, the premise for all this was the god being willing to respond to the call in the first place. After all, any single god would have countless resonators under their faith… Nevertheless, there was still a risk involved. The steelback king had no intention of provoking the anger of a god just because he was trying to extort some resources from the Grasshorde Tribe.

“Don’t worry,” the steelback king said after some thought, “How about we share it? To be precise, compensate for the deaths of my tribesmen by allowing their kin to go once. How about this?”
The green monkey had an unsightly expression. Compensation… to the dead… Since these people had all died for the Grasshorde Tribe, he truly couldn’t think of a reason to reject this request.

The green monkey clenched his teeth. “That is possible.
The steelback king waved his hand before the green monkey could even finish his words. “Haha, I knew you would agree to it, brother. Let’s go.” With that wave, numerous steelback tribesmen appeared and followed behind the king. From the looks of it, there seemed to be nearly a thousand of them. The steelback king had actually gotten the entirety of his tribe to join in on this. The green monkey was alarmed. “No, this won’t do. Only the kin of the dead can enter.”
The steelback king curled his lips. “These are all the kin of the dead. Introduce yourself.”
“Okay. I am his father,” a certain steelback tribesman said as he pointed at a corpse with a broken leg. His face gloomy, he asked, “Can I go?”
The green monkey nodded. “Yes.” Since the son was dead, it was natural to allow the father entry.

“I am his mother.”
“I am his uncle.”
“I am his second uncle.” “I am his third uncle.”

“I am the wife of his father’s younger brother.”
“I am the wife of his father’s second younger brother.”

“I am his eldest brother.”
“I am his second elder brother.”
“I am his third elder brother.”
… “I am his younger brother.”
“I am his second younger brother.”
“I am his third younger brother.”

“I am his eldest sister.”
“I am his second elder sister.”
“I am his third elder sister.”

“I am his younger sister.” “I am his second younger sister.”
“I am his third younger sister.”

The green monkey shivered as he listened on. Just when he believed that it was finally over, another steelback tribesman appeared. The moment that person opened her mouth, the green monkey started to emotionally collapse.

“I am his wife.”
The appearance of this wife signified another round of introductions with the uncles of the wife, aunts of the wife, parents of the wife, siblings of the wife. Yet another bunch of people had appeared. This family totaled around 100 people.

This… The green monkey was stupefied. So far, only the kin of a single dead had stood out. How could there be so many of them?

The steelback king sneered. “We of the steelback tribe have great reproductive capabilities. What? Do you have something to say about that?”
“No, nothing.” The green monkey’s face became unsightly, and the green fur on his head swayed around like seagrass.

Yet another person stood out. “I am his illegitimate son.”
The green monkey was dumbfounded. This works?

“I am his lover.”
“I am his illegitimate daughter.” “I am the lover of his wife.”
“I am the wife of his illegitimate son.”

Yet another bunch of people stood out. The green monkey was somewhat stupefied. This… were these still kin? Hold on… Something seemed wrong. He looked at the wife’s lover… What the hell, after screwing another’s wife, he still dared to join in?

“Scram!”  the green monkey barked. “You are trying to join with such a distant relationship? I can allow the illegitimate children to join. But what do you count as?”
“Fine.” That steelback tribesman left while muttering under his breath.

“So this means that you agree with the rest of them?”  The steelback king was rather pleased as he patted the green monkey’s shoulder. “Worthy of being the Grasshorde Tribe indeed. You are filled with benevolence and righteousness toward our brothers who have fallen in battle. Only this will ensure that there will be people willing to render your tribe assistance in times of need.”
“Ah?” The green monkey blanked before realizing that he had fallen for the steelback king’s trick.

“Come, continue the registration.”
And thus, the green monkey watched on with an unsightly expression as over 120 kin per dead stood out, all hoping to receive compensation.
The green monkey trembled at the sight of this. That was because, during that battle, over 20 steelback tribesmen had been sacrificed. On top of that, there were also those who had been crippled, who also required compensation. The green monkey looked at the huge group of steelback tribesmen before him and despaired. “Come, the next family.”
By the side, the steelback king continued the registration. Finally, after an hour, the registration was completed. Mhm… There were 21 dead, 12 with grave injuries, and 6 with light injuries.

When all was done, the steelback king had, in a rather generous, fashion excluded the kin of the six lightly wounded ones from receiving compensation. Ultimately, a total of 3,625 people were qualified to join. The green monkey trembled. How… could there be so many of them? He had no answer to this question. However, this number did sound familiar to him.

After pondering the matter, he recalled. Was this not the total population of the steelback tribe? In short, every last one of them had joined in?

“You all…”
The green monkey was furious. His fury was further compounded by the fact that the lover of the dead person’s wife earlier had also been included in the final list.

“On what basis have you obtained the qualification to join?” the green monkey asked.

“Him, the lad with a broken leg, is his lover,” the steelback king explained.

The green monkey glanced over and asked, “But they are both males…”
The steelback king sighed. “There’s no helping it. Nowadays, we have to be politically correct. Hence, we can’t discriminate against same-sex relationships.”

The green monkey trembled in fury. He knew that he had been thoroughly tricked. “What? Do you have something to say about that?” The huge steelback king stood behind him, and his huge hand landed on the green monkey’s shoulder. “Brother, compensating the dead is reasoning even Lord God will agree with.”
“…” The green monkey clenched his teeth, as he had no choice but to concede. “Only this one time.”
The steelback king flashed a wide smile. “That is only natural.” He believed that with his 3,000-plus tribesmen, they would be able to exhaust the supply the Grasshorde Tribe had accumulated over the years.

Chapter 757: Level 2 Resonance

In the forest, the Steelback Tribe had just reached the Grasshorde Tribe’s territory. In the orchard, they saw the sparkling and translucent fruits. Just as they were about to start plucking those fruits, a terrifying killing intent descended. Numerous familiar figures appeared.

“It’s you people again!”  The green monkey was furious at what he saw, his mortal enemies, the herculean apes.

“You guys dare attack us directly?”  He was beyond furious. His previous defeat had been due to their lack of preparation and the distance of that orchard, which was nearer to the herculean apes’ territory. Yet now, these fellows dared attack them in their own territory? Were they feeling suicidal or something? They were even attacking when both the Steelback Tribe and the Grasshorde Tribe were here.

The steelback king patted the green monkey’s shoulder. “Brother,  looks  like  you  are  going  to  owe  me  yet  another favor.” Instantly, the green monkey’s hands trembled. Could it be that… the Grasshorde Orchard would never be able to escape this fellow?

“Of course, we of the Steelback Tribe are loyal to our friends.” The steelback king waved his hand. “However, if you do not want us to interfere, I guarantee that we will definitely not get involved in this. We will leave directly after plucking the fruits and will not participate in the war between you monkeys.”

The green monkey sank into silence as he once again recalled that young furless monkey and the liquid they had used. Could he truly deal with them alone?

“Please  help,”  the  green  monkey  said  after  taking  a  deep breath. “I will allow you guys entry one more time next year.”
“Excellent.”  The steelback king was greatly pleased. Even if they were only allowed one entry per year, he was sure that this single entry would be sufficient for them to clean out an entire year’s worth of supply from the monkeys. In fact, even the green monkey was aware of this. However, he had no other choice. Rather than totally losing this Grasshorde Orchard, he would prefer to sacrifice a year’s worth of supplies and get rid of these herculean apes once and for all.

“However, I have a condition,” the green monkey said coldly. “We must absolutely not allow them to escape.”
“Fear not,” the steelback king said with a vicious expression. “Do you think I will let them off when they have killed my tribesmen? Even if you wanted to let them off, I would still kill them all. Haha. After all… after killing them, their Aphrodisiac Orchard  will  be  mine.”   The  steelback  king  howled  with laughter.

Tricked again!

The green monkey realized that since the steelback king coveted the herculean apes’ Aphrodisiac Orchard, he was going to participate in this battle regardless. How could he have forgotten this? Once again, he had been tricked. Not far away, Chen Feng and the huge monkey merely watched on coldly as the herculean apes surrounded the area. The herculean apes were greater in number than either of the two tribes they were facing, as they had around 5,000 monkeys in their ranks. However, this amount was still lower than the total of the Grasshorde and Steelback Tribes.

“What gives you the nerve to thin out and surround us instead?”  the green monkey said gloomily. He was now of a mind to vent all his anger on these herculean apes.

The herculean apes had an average strength of level 3 awakened. Even in the previous battle, when they had consumed that mysterious liquid, their average strength had only reached level 8 awakened. However, they still lacked godly power. As such, in this confrontation, the only possible conclusion for them was death. That was because both he and the steelback king were both resonators.

That furless bastard’s strength was similar to his, merely slightly stronger. However, so what? Nobody else in their tribe was capable of facing a resonator. As for this steelback king, he was even stronger. “Steelback king…”  Even the huge monkey tensed up as he saw the steelback king here. He was aware of how terrifying this fellow was. All of the tribes in this area would normally scramble to get out of the way at the mere sight of this steelback king. This fellow had been in the resonance realm for
quite a while and was already a level 2 resonator. He was more than capable of delivering them a crushing defeat.

Chen Feng looked at the steelback king and said, “Let me deal with him. You guys deal with those green monkeys. Can you do it?”
Green monkeys…
The huge monkey smiled bitterly. He wanted to say that even the green monkeys had a resonator in their midst, so he was not confident he could win. After all, a level 1 resonator was equivalent to a level 100 awakened! How could he hope to defeat such an opponent? However, after remembering their plan, he took in a deep breath and decided to throw caution to the wind. The ground trembled as the huge steelback king stepped out.

The steelback king spoke coldly. “I heard you are the troublemaking furless monkey? For killing my tribesmen, you shall pay with your life.”

He erupted with strength. A huge fist pulsing with godly power descended. This was the fist of a level 2 resonator, equivalent to a level 200 awakened. This was a power the herculean apes could only look up to. They watched on as that terrifying strength descended upon Chen Feng. All of them trembled. Such strength…
Chen Feng consumed a gene reagent.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. Now!

He leaped up and swung his tiny fist toward the steelback king’s fist.


A loud boom resounded. Instantly, the huge steelback king was flung away and smashed into the ground, creating a huge crater. All the onlookers were dumbstruck.

This… this…
Dust filled the air. Amid the dust, the tiny figure of Chen Feng appeared so very awe inspiring. This was especially true since he had defeated an opponent so much bigger than him. How could this… 
The steelback king crawled out of the crater as all his scales started vibrating. He did not seemed to have sustained any injuries, but his expression when looking at Chen Feng became solemn. “I never expected that you were also a level 2 resonator.”
Chen Feng merely laughed. “Hehe.” A level 2 resonator… No, he instead was a level 200 awakened.

To be precise, he was presently a level 225 awakened. With the reagent, he had temporarily been boosted to level 15 awakened, and with the amplification effect of the miniature person within him, he reached level 225 awakened. This was his present strength. The allida reagent had indeed helped him display an astonishing level of strength.

“Holy shit!”
The huge monkey’s mouth went wide as he saw this. He had known that Chen Feng was strong. He also knew that this consumed the liquid, his strength was only boosted by around
5 levels. How could there be such a disparity? The huge monkey started doubting himself, doubting whether he was truly capable of absorbing any nutrients.


The steelback king attacked once again. Even if Chen Feng was stronger, the innate scales and the body the steelback king was blessed with allowed him a higher endurance. As such, the battle between the two of them would probably not end any time soon.

“Green monkey, you will have to deal with the rest,”  the steelback king said. He knew that victory was certain. He only needed to continue enduring the attacks of this furless monkey while the green monkey killed off all the herculean apes. At that time, the strength of this furless monkey would not matter anymore, since he would be all alone.

“Understood.”  The green monkey had a vicious look on his face. He had been waiting far too long for this moment. 
“Huge monkey,”  he called out with a sneer, “time to settle our differences.”
The huge monkey smiled. “You truly wish for this? Did you not notice what’s going on around you?”
The green monkey blanked. What? He turned around, and his entire body instantly chilled as he saw the herculean apes beating up both the grasshorde and steelback tribesmen. Moreover, this was a crushing victory, even with their lower numbers. The herculean apes only numbered around 5,000, whereas both their tribes together numbered around 7,000. Despite that…
Bang! Bang!

They continued suffering a huge number of casualties. The green monkey looked around and noticed that the Herculean Ape Tribe, which he had previously estimate to be only level 8 awakened at most, was now comprised of level 10 awakened That’s right. All 5,000 of the herculean apes were presently at level 10 awakened.

How was that even possible? The green monkey’s face greened in shock.

Both the steelback and grasshorde tribesmen were suffering heavy casualties.

“Make a guess. Before you kill me, will all your tribesmen die first?”   The  huge  monkey  laughed  viciously.  Although  his overall combat power was no match for this green monkey’s, he was confident in his endurance. Therefore, bring it on! He had no fear. Even as they conversed, some herculean apes had already finished with their respective opponents and were heading over to help him against the green monkey, greatly alarming the green monkey.

Was a level 1 resonator strong? Yes. However, when said resonator had to face over 1,000 level 10 awakened ones… could he still stand tall?

Chapter 758: Charge

More and more herculean apes charged over. The green monkey trembled all over. He was sure that he would be able to kill a lot of them. However, he was even more sure that he did not have sufficient godly power to kill all 5,000 of them, what with all of them being peak awakened ones.

“Come at me, bro, come!” the huge monkey said as he flipped his middle finger at the green monkey. The green monkey’s eyes greened from anger and his blood started to surge. He knew that the huge monkey was trying to provoke him into attacking. However, he was truly helpless against this provocation. He knew that if he continued fighting, he would surely die.

He was smart enough to realize that. The steelback king was evenly matched against the furless monkey, whereas he would still have a slight superiority even when fighting the huge monkey and this group of herculean apes. However, the other herculean apes were wiping the floor with the other steelback and grasshorde tribesmen. The moment they were done… The mere thought of what would happen caused him to shudder in fear. In a fight like this, the moment one party was put at a disadvantage, it could very well snowball into an eventual crushing defeat. Suddenly, the green monkey realized the reason for all this. “That thing they consumed…” He knew that they would only have a hope of victory if they had a way of dealing with that thing.

Suddenly, he told the steelback king, “Retreat!”

He started retreating rapidly with his fellow tribesmen.

“Trash!” the steelback king cursed. However, since the green monkeys could even abandon their own territory, what could he do? And thus, the Steelback Tribe also retreated rapidly. Just like that, this war ended with their retreat. Chen Feng and the huge monkey exchanged glances. This battle… seemed much easier than they had imagined? After all, prior to their arrival, they had been prepared for a fight to the death.

“Should we give chase?” the huge monkey asked. “What do you think?” grumbled Chen Feng.

“Fine.” The huge monkey understood what he meant. As he looked at the Grasshorde Orchard before him, his eyes went red from excitement. Finally… finally, they had obtained this place! At the same time, in the Steelback Tribe’s territory, the defeated army of the Steelback and Grasshorde Tribes appeared.

“Why did you retreat?” the steelback king asked coldly. They had obviously had a chance at victory.

“Don’t you feel that the liquid they consumed before the battle  is  rather  suspicious?”  the  green  monkey  said  after  a moment’s thought.

The steelback king’s curiosity was piqued. “Oh?”
“Based on my observation, the liquid they consumed was capable of increasing their strength by several levels. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to reach peak awakened realm. Don’t forget that before this, those trash merely averaged around level 3, near the bottom of the realm. Yet now they are all so powerful. There’s also that furless bastard…” The green monkey gnashed his teeth. “Even in the prior encounter, he was only slightly stronger than me.”
The steelback king had a pensive look. “An increase of several levels?”
“I am sure of that,” the green monkey said. “There surely is a limitation to such a powerful item. Do you remember the blue- leafed grass they used to use? Is that not something with a similar effect? It merely has a lower duration, just three seconds, and is not so powerful. This new liquid they obtained is most definitely much more powerful. Therefore, I believe that…” The green monkey licked his lip in greed and continued, “…So long as we figure out exactly what that thing is… Hehe…”
The steelback king was extremely satisfied with this news he had received. His heart ached at the deaths of his tribesmen. However, if he could easily defeat them…
… At this time, Chen Feng was still at the orchard and was unaware that the defeated enemies were conspiring against him. He and the huge monkey were gazing at the fruits here in greed.


Grasshorde Fruit

Function: Weak increase in strength.


This was what the Grasshorde Tribe had relied on for their survival. Different from the fruit of the herculean apes, this grasshorde fruit could only be used once. Moreover, the amount of improvement was based on the strength of whoever consumed it rather than a fixed amount. On average, though, a level 1 awakened would be able to reach level 3 by consuming this fruit. “Very good.”
Chen Feng started his tests immediately. He was sure that the green monkeys and the steelbacks would not take this lying down. Therefore, he had to increase his strength as soon as possible. Since they had so many grasshorde fruits here, he would be able to freely conduct his tests.

The herculean apes started gathering materials frantically for him. And next, the production began. Chen Feng was already extremely practiced in everything pertaining to gene production. Material gathering, production, failure, material gathering, production, failure, and so on. The herculean apes were split into several groups, all responsible for gathering materials for Chen Feng. As for Chen Feng, he focused on continuous production. After numerous failures, he finally succeeded.


Grasshorde Green Reagent Function: Increase the strength of an awakened one.

Limitation: Only usable once.


“Try it out?”
Chen Feng gave the eager huge monkey the privilege of being the first one to consume this reagent.


He consumed it without the slightest hesitation.


He started shining with an intense radiance. The body of the huge monkey, which had been stunted, for so long suddenly ignited with an intense aura. Both his eyes became bright red as a unique aura pulsed within his body. His strength, at level 20 awakened, started increasing, reaching level 21, then 22, and finally 23.


The huge monkey was overjoyed. Three levels of improvement! He had actually gained an increase of three levels! A regular grasshorde fruit would probably grant a level or two of increase. Only the extremely talented ones of the Grasshorde Tribe would be able to obtain an increase of three levels. Even within the inner circle of the Grasshorde Tribe, those capable of a three-level increase would be lauded as absolute geniuses. Yet he, an outsider, had reached this level!

This was truly inconceivable. In fact, he had not had much hope at the start and had merely been hoping for an increase of a single level. Yet now… Naturally, this huge improvement definitely had something to do with the reagent produced by Chen Feng. This fellow, even if he was not a god, he was surely an absolute genius. The huge monkey was sure of this. As the other monkeys saw this, they all started to consume their gene reagents as well. Initially, they were similar to the huge monkey—they had merely hoped for an increase of a level or two. Moreover, it wasn’t so long ago that they had all obtained an increase in strength. As such, they did not expect to have another major increase so soon.

Gulp! Gulp!

Surprising all of them, most of them were able to obtain an increase of two levels!

They started jumping around, howling in excitement. How long had it been since they had last had a major improvement in strength? So soon after, they had obtained yet another major improvement? The average strength of their tribe had, from the initial level 3, increased to level 5, and now they averaged level 7. That was an increase of four levels, surpassing even the Steelback Tribe.

Even scarier was the fact that each of them could clearly feel that this source of strength within them was extremely stable and powerful, leaving no backlash whatsoever, unlike some other strength-boosting items.

One ought to know that what people feared most when their strength increased drastically was the very foundations of their cultivation becoming unstable. Yet here, using the reagent produced by Chen Feng, this was nonexistent.

Chen Feng did not look surprised at all about this. What kind of joke was that? After all, the act of gene production was in fact an act of boosting the medicinal effect of herbs, as well as the stability of the newfound strength. The difference between gene production and the consumption of raw materials was as wide as the heavens and earth. Without a doubt, gene production was not unlike a super-advanced technology in this new era.

“My turn.” Chen Feng prepared to consume the gene reagent as well. Based on the effect on these monkeys, he already had a rough estimate of the amount of improvement he would obtain.

This reagent was indeed one whose effect depended on the one consuming it. Among the several thousand herculean apes, a vast majority of them had gained an increase of two levels, with only a few of them obtaining an increase of one level. These were mostly those who were either too weak or young.

As for the group of monkeys that had already been strong, they had all obtained an increase of three levels, not much different than the huge monkey. As such, this reagent had preserved the effects of the fruit itself, granting improvement in accordance to the one consuming it.

Perhaps he would only be able to obtain an increase of two levels. This was a conclusion he had reached after observing these monkeys. However, for Chen Feng, two levels would make an extremely huge difference. At present, he was at level 10 and was able to unleash the strength of a level 100. If he reached level 12, he would be able to unleash the strength of a level 144! The actual increase he would obtain was 44 levels.

However, he was still somewhat dissatisfied with this. After all, even that huge monkey had obtained an increase of three levels. Must he resign himself to only two levels? Hold on… the strength of the one consuming…
Chen Feng called a random monkey over. “You, come. Consume the allida reagent first before consuming the grasshorde reagent.”

Everyone’s eyes shone as they heard this. Yes, since the effect depended on one’s strength, what if…
Gulp. That monkey consumed the reagent without hesitation. His strength rocketed and his aura surged. The two reagents were seemingly working together, but ultimately, the monkey obtained an increase of two levels. The effect of the allida reagent was rather obvious. However, it ultimately failed to change the boost the grasshorde fruit provided. From this, it was obvious that temporary strength would not be taken into consideration.

“Seems like it won’t work,” Chen Feng muttered. Well, since the allida reagent wouldn’t help, it was time to…

The aura within him shook slightly. Next, he took out the reagent and gulped it down. Around him, the monkeys stared on, waiting to see the amount of improvement Chen Feng would obtain.

Chapter 759: What Kind of Strength Is This?

Bang! Bang!

Layers of aura rippled out. Without realizing it himself, the miniature person within Chen Feng synced with him. This was not a sync during an attack. Rather, this was a complete sync, even including this action of consuming the gene reagent. As of this moment, Chen Feng had a feeling that he was no longer the same. This was his very first time syncing with the miniature person out of battle.

Shua! Shua!

The energy level within Chen Feng’s body dropped at a rapid rate. Each sync with the miniature person exhausted him greatly. However, Chen Feng did not care about this as he continued to slowly guide the miniature person. As for his physical body, it started operating as well, slowly digesting the medicinal powder. After a long time, just as Chen Feng was about to be fully out of energy, forcing the miniature person to come to a halt, the medicinal power was finally fully digested.


The layers of aura vanished. As for the monkeys around him, all their eyes went wide, as just a moment ago, the aura surging out of Chen Feng had been at a level that caused them all to feel terrified, so formidable that it caused them to choke.

The huge monkey was filled with expectation. “How much have you improved?”
Chen Feng let out a long breath as his consciousness focused back on his physical body. At present, he was a level 15 awakened. That’s right. He had obtained an increase of five levels from the reagent. By fully syncing with the miniature person while digesting the medicinal power, his strength level had been maintained at level 100 awakened during the digestion. Ultimately, this had allowed him to surpass the huge monkey and gain five levels.

It seemed like this method of increasing one’s strength would grow harder as time went by. Chen Feng understood this clearly. Those at around level 6 would obtain an increase of two levels, those at around level 17, 18, or even 20 would obtain an increase of three levels. Yet he, despite holding steady at level 100 earlier, had only been able to gain five levels. The difficulty level for further improving the effect was totally ridiculous. Chen Feng shook his head at the thought of the possibility of obtaining a six levels increase.

The huge monkey was completely alarmed and started stuttering. “F-five levels? Holy shit.” He had known that Chen Feng was stronger than him. As such, he had expected Chen Feng to improve more than him, but five levels… How much stronger than him was this guy? And look at what this guy was doing, shaking his head in dissatisfaction?

The huge monkey was filled with grief as he compared himself to Chen Feng. Apart from him, the other herculean apes were incredibly shocked as well. Fortunately, they had all gotten used to Chen Feng’s prowess and weren’t too badly affected. Rather, all of them were happy for him. The stronger Chen Feng was, the stronger their tribe would be.

“Let us continue so the tribesmen that have yet to use the liquid can use it as well,” Chen Feng said.

The herculean apes continued gathering materials.

After familiarizing himself with this formula, Chen Feng decided to directly throw all the materials into a big cauldron and start a large-scale gene production. Otherwise, he would tire himself to death producing genes one by one for these monkeys.

In the ground, a huge crater could be seen. Contained within was a certain shiny and translucent liquid. By the side, Chen Feng was supervising the huge monkey as he stirred the liquid with a huge branch. As for Chen Feng himself, he focused on altering the genes of these materials in his digitized world. For the present him, this process was quite easy. Soon, the production was completed. And with that, the entirety of the herculean ape tribe obtained yet another boost in strength. Right about this time, something surprising happened. The Steelback and Grasshorde Tribes actually arrived. With great fanfare, they charged in, seemingly filled
with confidence.

The huge monkey was flabbergasted. “You guys actually have the gall to still come at us?”
The Steelback Tribe did not bother saying anything and immediately attacked with full power.
“They arrived just in time.”  Chen Feng sank into thought. Since they had just improved their strength, they needed to temper this new strength. The present average level of the herculean apes had already surpassed the average of the Steelback Tribe by a single level, even before using the allida reagent. “Don’t use the liquid for now. Fight with your existing strength.”

The fight began. However, before long, both of the attacking tribes retreated.

The huge monkey: “???”
What were they thinking? All of them were stupefied. This time, the herculean apes had not used any liquid to boost their combat power. As such, both sides had been quite evenly matched in the battle earlier. One could even say that the herculean apes had been at a slight disadvantaged. Yet even so, the two tribes had opted to retreat? Even Chen Feng could not make sense of this.

“Left just like that?” “Are they here for a walk?”
“Did they hit their heads or something?”

“Well, just stay on alert.” That was the only thing Chen Feng could say. However, after a few short minutes, the ground started trembling. Next, numerous steelback and grasshorde tribesmen appeared, and with great fanfare, they attacked yet again.

“Go!” the huge monkey shouted as he gnashed his teeth. And yet, three minutes into the fight, the Steelback Tribe retreated once again.

The huge monkey: “???”
They looked at the ground littered with the steelback and grasshorde tribesmen’s corpses. Had these fellows really hit their heads somewhere? One ought to know that despite the slight disadvantage they’d had during the battle, each of the herculean apes had a bottle of allida reagent on them. Whenever became dangerous, they would use those bottles. As such, the herculean apes had not suffered any losses from the
two skirmishes. Rather, the Steelback and Grasshorde Tribes were the ones who kept suffering casualties without stop. What exactly were they thinking?

“Pay more attention and be careful,” Chen Feng said.

“All right.” The huge monkey increased his vigilance. Shortly afterward, the enemies returned. Two times, three times, four times…
The huge monkey frowned. “I feel like something isn’t right.”
The sense of pressure brought by the attacking enemies was increasing, as the huge monkey believed that they would not come forward and throw their lives away for no apparent reason. There had to be a trick somewhere. “Then end the battle speedily.”  Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Let me deal with the two resonators.”
“Okay,” the huge monkey answered.

“This time… do not allow them to flee.”
This time, the herculean apes hid themselves. When the two enemy tribes arrived, the herculean apes immediately used their reagents. Instantly, their strength rocketed and the battle began.

The steelback king ordered a retreat without any hesitation. “Go!”
Chen Feng snorted. “Hmph.” He was now a level 15 awakened. With the boost provided by the allida reagent, he reached level 20 awakened. And with the amplification effect of his miniature person, he reached an astonishing level of 400! The strength he could erupt with had reached a brand new level.

“Can you even escape?” said Chen Feng, his face calm.


He flickered and immediately reappeared behind the steelback king. Next, he hurled his fist out.


A dreadful force burst out of his hand and landed on the thick scales of the steelback king. Then, a translucent wave rippled out of the scales, seemingly having counteracted all the force sent forth by Chen Feng’s fist.

The steelback king laughed. “Hahaha. How can this level of attack damage my scales…” Before he could even finish his sentence, he stopped talking. His eyes went wide as he stared at his chest, disbelieving. There, an immense force could be felt trying to break out of his chest.


Blood splattered everywhere. Chen Feng’s attack had actually pierced through his scales and gone through his body to directly reach the front of his body.

This… How is this possible?

The steelback king’s eyes opened wide. How was it possible for Chen Feng to be this strong?


And next, his body loudly crashed to the ground. As the others saw this, they tried to flee in fear. However, how could they succeed? The herculean apes had presently fully erupted in power, and the majority of them were level 12 awakened. This was an inconceivable realm.

“Come,”  Chen Feng said as he looked at the green monkey, who had already been captured. “Why are you guys attacking and retreating?”
“We…” The green monkey gulped, as he felt like crying. “We discovered that you guys have something capable of boosting your strength. We also noticed that there is an active duration to that boost. As such, we planned to force you guys to use it before retreating and returning when the duration was over…”
So this was their plan? Chen Feng exchanged glances with the huge monkey. It was without doubt that these enemies were quite intelligent. In fact, this plan could have worked. Unfortunately, they had come a tad bit too late, after the herculean apes had obtained yet another increase in strength.

In fact, the present herculean apes would not fear them even without the allida reagent. In short, the two tribes had been attacking and fleeing just so they could force the herculean apes to use their reagent. However, it was truly lamentable for them that after the herculean apes’ eruption, they had failed to even escape. The herculean apes that had fully erupted in power had delivered them a crushing defeat. Furthermore, the steelback king had even been defeated with a single punch.

The steelback king possessed defenses far surpassing his peers. Even so, he had been helpless against Chen Feng’s fist. How strong exactly was this person? One ought to remember that the steelback king was a resonator, as was the green monkey. However, against Chen Feng, an awakened, they were completely not a match.

How was this even possible? And those herculean apes, how had their strength improved so rapidly? The green monkey was thoroughly stupefied. He could no longer understand this world.

Chapter 760: Mountcarver

The Grasshorde Tribe was no more. The Steelback Tribe was no more either. In the territory of the Steelback Tribe, they found a fruit capable of increasing strength. However, due to the Steelback Tribe’s excessive consumption, it would probably take a year or so for the trees to bear fruit once again.

Regardless, this was still a new resource they had gained control of. Suddenly, Chen Feng felt like he had discovered a bright path toward greatness. Since all resources capable of increasing strength were already occupied, he only needed to keep conquering these tribes and he would most certainly be able to obtain control over numerous resources. He would then be able to advance without stop and reach level 100 awakened or, perhaps, even higher.

“Huge monkey, draw up a map detailing the surrounding tribes for me,” Chen Feng said in excitement.

The huge monkey nodded. “All right.” Even if the herculean apes specialized in brute strength, they were nevertheless monkeys. As such, they were rather nimble and were skilled at scouting out the enemies as well. Soon after, a detailed map was drawn.

Alas, the result differed somewhat from what Chen Feng had expected. He had originally expected that, with the herculean apes as the starting point, he would be able to fight his way through all these tribes while increasing his strength without stop. Ultimately, he would become undefeated.

And yet… here he was, looking at the map in distress. That was because, on the map, a circle about the size of a fingernail had been drawn to indicate the territory of the herculean apes. Next, two similarly sized circles were drawn, representing the territories of the destroyed Grasshorde Tribe and Steelback Tribe. And next, just as Chen Feng was waiting for more fingernail-sized circles to be drawn, suddenly, the huge monkey waved his hand and drew a circle with a diameter of two meters.

Chen Feng: “…?”
What was this? He looked at the huge monkey, stupefied. “This is the nearest tribe to us,” the huge monkey explained calmly.

Chen Feng: “???”
Why are you so calm? The ratio between the size of your tribes… Do you not notice the issue?

“This is about right.” The huge monkey studied the map and pondered deeply before nodding in confirmation. “Yes, this is about the size of their territory.”
Chen Feng: “…”
He raised his head and looked at that massive circle, stupefied. Hold on, this wasn’t right. If there was indeed such a large tribe nearby, why had the herculean apes not been destroyed already? Seeing Chen Feng’s confusion, the huge monkey explained, “This  tribe  is  known  as  the  Mountcarver  Tribe.  They established a huge city that welcomes all tribes, talking about something called civilization. So long as the tribes are willing to obey the rules, they are even willing to share the resources there. In any case, they are not interested in attacking us.

“What is the point of sharing resources? In any case, even if they are powerful, we feel that they are quite stupid. If we were that strong, we would have long destroyed all the tribes around us,” the huge monkey said confidently.
Chen Feng had a pensive look as he listened on. Civilization, huh… So it turned out that in this era, some more intelligent life-forms had indeed been born. As for what the huge monkey had said, he ignored it. What was the point of destroying all the surrounding tribes? This was an era of gods, an era where the gods needed believers to fuel them. If they killed everyone, gods might start coming out to deal with them.

“Why did you guys not join them?” Chen Feng was curious. Since the herculean apes had been bullied so badly recently, wouldn’t it have been better for them to join this city? “We  tried.  They  rejected  us.”   The  huge  monkey  was depressed. “They said that our average strength was too weak.”
“Oh?” Chen Feng was astonished. “What is the requirement?”
“For the tribe to average level 1 resonance,” the huge ape said with a sigh.

Chen Feng’s eyes went wide. To average level 1 resonance? Did that not mean that only a race with a god that had also been developing for quite a while would be able to join this tribe? If so, the strength of this tribe…
He inhaled a deep breath in shock. He did not need to think much to see that this was quite a terrifying tribe, a super powerhouse. It would also be apt to say that this was a huge alliance of tribes centered around a certain powerhouse tribe. With their present strength, they did not qualify to even touch this tribe. This was no mere striking a stone with an egg. Rather, this was more like striking a wall with sperm. Regardless of the number, it would still prove fruitless.


Suddenly, the world around him felt so much more silent. His heart, which burned with ambition, cooled down. How was he supposed to even defeat them? Even after the growth burst Chen Feng had provided, the herculean apes only averaged level 7 awakened. Even with the allida reagent, they would only average level 12. Even the strongest of them, the huge monkey, was a mere level 20-odd awakened.

They had no resonator, yet that tribe’s average was level 1 resonance. Without a doubt, the strength of this alliance of tribes was something that caused one’s heart to chill at the mere thought. In short, his great path of godhood had ended so soon after it had begun? However, soon after, Chen Feng started to frown. That was because he had still found an issue. If this alliance of tribes was represented by that huge circle on the map, why were there merely three small circles around them? It should not be possible that only the Herculean Ape Tribe, the Grasshorde Tribe, and the Steelback Tribe neighbored them.

What about the other tribes? Chen Feng looked at the huge monkey in question.

“Other   tribes?”    The   huge   monkey   waved   his   hand dismissively. “They are too weak. With our average awakened level of 12, we are already the strongest around here. All the tribes around are tribes that have been rejected by the Mountcarvers. As such, the average levels of these tribes are all below the resonance realm. It would be way too boring to fight them.”
The huge monkey surged with arrogance.


Chen Feng slapped him grudgingly. “What in the world are you feeling all proud for? Do you not want their resources? Without any resources, how can you even begin to start acting so smug here?” Chen Feng rolled his eyes. What the hell? This fellow’s intelligence was truly questionable.

With great hesitation, the huge monkey drew out the positions of the other tribes on the map.

And thus, numerous other circles began to litter the map around that huge circle in the center. In fact, there were more than one thousand such tribes.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “This is the kind of map I wanted.” These tribes, and their resources… Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Each of these circles represented a tribe and thus represented a resource node. Even if not all of the resources would be suitable for him, there would definitely be some that suited him, given the quantity. If all these resources were produced into reagents to increase his strength… The mere thought caused Chen Feng to be endlessly excited. Shua!

Waving his hand, he started drawing on the map. With their current position as the starting point, he drew a line through all those tribes before circling back to the same position. Mhm, he even drew an arrow pointing clockwise.

Chen Feng was extremely pleased. “This shall be our route.
Crush them and we shall enter a brand new realm.”
“All right.” Even the simple-minded huge monkey was able to understand the benefits of doing this.

“And now… Time to begin!”
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