The Strongest Gene Chapter 741-750

Chapter 741: This Is Not True!


Year 109 after the fall of the primordial, snowstorm.

I seem to have discovered some clues that seem rather useless. I have always been curious as to why the Sin God challenged the entire world. After my subsequent research, I found that the Sin God might have obtained an ability capable of creating a new world.

He very well could have intended to destroy this world and create his own world. Perhaps… that new world is the very one he slumbers in? Naturally, this is merely an assumption on my part.

—- The secret of the Sin God seems to have something to do with rebirth. Master once said that the Sin God will constantly absorb the power of faith to undergo endless rebirth. One can only truly destroy him by eliminating his seed and severing his roots prior to his full awakening.

However, how can one find him? How can one destroy him? I have zero clues, and I am already an old man. I have dedicated my entire life to seeking the secret of the Sin God, yet I have still failed to discover anything. I am indeed not master’s match. As for my disciples, they have long given up on this quest.

I’m afraid the ancestors’ teachings will end here. Just today, a few of my disciples started killing each other over the position of sect master. I am truly disheartened to see this and truly wish to continue the teachings of our ancestors. I don’t know if it will…
—- Sect Master Huang was here.


Year 150 after the fall of the primordial, rainy.

What is the point of writing all this?


Year 200 after the fall of the primordial, snowstorm.

Fine, even I am an old man now. Before my death, I suddenly remembered this slab. And thus I came. Although I have no interest whatsoever in the Sin God, this slab seems capable of surviving history itself? Haha, I have no intention of having lived for nothing. Let me give it some thought. Oh, right, I heard that the godly power left behind by the Sin God can be absorbed. This is what a horned fellow told me before his death. I don’t quite believe his words, though. Yeah, there’s more. I heard that in their alien world, that god is being worshipped.


Yes, I have more.

I heard that someone found the will of the Creation God. In the will, the Creation God mentioned that he had left behind some things to encourage the future generations to truly eliminate the Sin God. Anyone who succeeded in eliminating the Sin God would be instantly promoted to godhood. Unfortunately, I don’t have the coordinates of that damnable world. Otherwise I could just bring someone over to eliminate that annoying Sin God. With that, wouldn’t I be a god as well?

Tsk tsk tsk… Naturally, the main reason I have not attempted anything is that I don’t believe any of this. In any case, I have never seen a god. I reckon the so-called gods are nothing but superstition. If the gods are truly so amazing, why did they die?


All right, great Sect Leader Huang will leave now…
I reckon nobody will continue writing on these slabs in the future. None of the youngsters nowadays care about the gods. After all, those matters are too far back in the past.

That was the end.

After this final message, no further messages were left. This was a chronicle left behind by a certain expert of a certain race after he had traveled the entire world in search of the gods. Ultimately, that person had discovered the secret of the Sin God.

As the gods read this, they all chilled. Was the Sin God truly still alive? They dared not believe this.

Some gods started voicing their doubt. “These slabs…”
A different god sighed. “They have already been inspected. The inspection verified that all the slabs matched the dates written on them. Everything was from that era.”
All the gods sank into silence. Something like this was impossible to fake, not when there were so many gods here. Therefore, regardless of how much they doubted the content of the slabs, they could not doubt the existence of the slab, the old man, or the sect he had established.

Divine Sect… The eyes of a certain god started shining. Countless figures started flashing before his eyes.


Divine Sect.

Established on year xxx, ended on year xxx.

Sect leader: …
Descendents: …
Goals: …
—- With his own eyes, he pierced time itself and witnessed the birth and ruin of that sect. He did not forget to play all he had witnessed in the form of holograms so all the gods could see it.


Everyone sank into silence. They were well aware of this god.’s ability In short… the Sin God…
A certain flustered god started voicing his doubts. “No. This can only prove that these people truly believed what they wrote. However, with their level, what if they were wrong?”
“That is possible.”
“Twin horns, alien world… Haha. How is it possible for an alien world to exist?”
Some other gods started agreeing. “That’s right.” “We are all gods here. If there is indeed an alien world, how could we not know of it? Even if that alien world is located in a different dimension, causing us all to be unable to sense it, the Spatial God would be able to sense it.”
“The Spatial God is already dead.”
“During the chaotic war back then, he was the first god to die. Have you forgotten?”

“From the slab, this alien world was created by the Sin God himself. In order to prevent the other gods from going there, he most certainly placed the world far away from this world. With regular methods, we will not be able to get there.”
“I doubt it.” The gods started arguing. In fact, due to this matter pertaining to the Sin God, these gods had created some a divine network of sorts that worked like the internet. Within this network, all the gods could see the projections of the other gods. One could say that this was, in a way, a virtual reality unique to these gods.

A figure that was obviously much more imposing than the others appeared, causing all the gods to sink into silence. “What is the point of arguing about all this? Regardless of whether it’s true or not, won’t we find out after conducting an investigation? For now, we have to first confirm whether such an alien world truly exists. Then we have to confirm if the twin-horns race truly exists.”
“All right.”
A certain god started investigating right away. As for the other gods, they could only smile bitterly. Would an alien world be so easy to find? However, the god in charge of the investigation did not take long to return with an extremely flustered expression, “Alien… alien world… still exists…” “What?”
The gods’ hearts jolted. It still existed? Now?

That  figure  smiled  bitterly.  “Yes.  They  have  attempted  to invade the human world several times. According to my investigation, it was all for the sake of faith. Moreover, the humans even captured a twin horn.”
The gods trembled as they heard this. Damn it, could this truly be the Sin God?

One of the figures expressed his doubt. “Did you not ask the humans about this?”
That figure smiled bitterly. “There is no need for that. As it so happens… the twin-horns members have appeared once again. Moreover, I even saw a teleportation portal that twin- horns members were flowing out of without stop. The aura they carry… does not seem like an aura native to this world.”

At this, all the gods were alarmed. Twin horns… Alien world… All the puzzles seemed to be solved at this instant. So it turned out that an alien world indeed existed. If one thought about it, apart from the Creation God, which other god was capable of creating a world? The Sin God was the only one, since he had been powerful enough to provoke all the gods in existence at the same time.

This was also the same conclusion the slab writer had reached. The Sin God had challenged the Creation God in order to obtain his world-creating power so as to perfect his own world. With that, the Sin God would be able to increase in strength as well. As of this moment, all their questions had been answered!

Chapter 742: Kill!

“Damn it.”
The gods trembled in fear. It would have been fine if they hadn’t discovered this. But now…
“In short, the Sin God is truly still alive.”
Everyone sank into silence. The facts were already there. They could not deny it and had no choice but to face this dreadful fact, that the damnable Sin God was still alive and slumbering in an alien world. To verify this, they had gathered nearly all the gods that had awakened. All the slabs had been gathered and all the clues had been investigated. They had even found the twin-horns members that had arrived in this world.

The gods all looked at each other. This was something they had to face.

“What should we do?” “Why don’t we kill our way there?” a certain god proposed.

Another god was indignant. “Hehe, we have only recently awakened. Going over there now to give our lives away? I feel like it would be better to go after we have all recovered our godly powers and combat powers. That way, we will be more likely to succeed.”
The other god sneered. “I have only one question.”
“Say it.”
“Who do you think will recover faster? You or the Sin God?” he asked coldly.


At this question, all the gods sank into silence. This was a question that caused them to all dwell in grief. “What can we do, then?” a certain god asked meekly.

“Immediately contact all the gods that have awakened and prepare to set off. Before the Sin God can recover, kill him. Let me remind you all of something else that was also recorded on the slabs: the Sin God also left behind his own godly power and inheritance. In other words, if we kill him, we will be able to obtain his godly power. Or perhaps we can even obtain some of the Creation God’s leftover godly power.”

The gods were all enticed by this proposition. Indeed. They recalled the contents of the slabs. If what was written there was true…
At this moment, even the gods that had been wavering earlier were enticed. Who knew how long it would take for them to fully recover? Yet if they could absorb the inheritance of that Sin God… At this point, all the gods were eager to give it a try. “Very  good.  Let  us  prepare  to  set  off.  We  shall  discuss everything else after killing the Sin God.”
“With so many different godly powers between us, we are definitely stronger than the current Sin God. By the way, Luck Goddess, don’t forget to assist us all.”
“She’s not here.”
“Has  she  not  awakened?”  a  certain  god  questioned.  That should not be the case. After all, that unique rain earlier should have awakened all the gods.

“No, she is dead.”
All the gods turned pale with fright. “Killed by the Sin God?” “No, I am the one who killed her.”  That voice continued coldly,  “She  attempted  to  absorb  my  godly  power.  After  I awakened, I killed her. If any of you have any doubts, you can look for me. I am the Forest Goddess.”
The divine network sank into silence. Luck Goddess… absorbing godly power…
True, true, that indeed seemed like something that b*tch would do. Surprisingly, though, this time, she had truly angered the Forest Goddess. The only thing they doubted was that the Forest Goddess could defeat the Luck Goddess. However, after giving it some thought, they found it acceptable. This was a unique era where all the gods had recently awakened, an era where everything was possible.

“Without her, things will be somewhat troublesome.
However, we have no choice but to put caution to the wind.”
“Let us first go to the portal.” Shua!

Numerous figures dashed out. Shortly after, all the gods appeared near the portal. At present, the twin-horns members were still wandering about in confusion. That was because, a short while ago, everyone they had killed or touched had transformed into figures of light and vanished, as if everything had been nothing but an illusion.

“What’s going on?”
“Is this another of the humans’ tricks?”
The elder was furious. “Damn it. These bugs are good for nothing but such trickeries. Go, let us kill our way over and show them our true strength.”
“Howl!” The twin-horns members howled as their blood boiled with battle intent. Each time they had faced the humans, the results had left a bad taste on their mouth. The time had finally come for their revenge.

Everyone howled. And thus, they started advancing. Just as they were preparing to teach the puny humans a lesson, suddenly, the sky above was enveloped in darkness. Numerous figures appeared, each incomparably powerful. At the sight of this, all of the twin-horns members trembled. These guys… why was it that each and every one of these figures gave off the same feeling their lord gave off?

“Fear not! This must be another of the humans’ tricks!” the elder howled. “Do not give these bastards any chances. Kill them all.” As they heard this, the twin-horns members all seemed to be enlightened. The damnable humans had already tricked them earlier. Now the humans were thinking of tricking them again? This was too excessive!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

With boiling blood, the twin-horns members charged at the sky. Each of the gods that had appeared was as dazzling as the sun itself. It was precisely because they seemed so powerful that the twin-horns members were of the opinion that this was a trick.

Illusion! This must be an illusion!


They all charged at the sky only to transform into a rain of blood. Only a single one of the gods had needed to casually wave his hand to freeze all these twin-horns members in place before transforming them into nothingness. Bugs… were still bugs, after all. Only the twin-horns elder was left alive. Hum—
A certain god pointed at the elder’s forehead.

“Tell me everything pertaining to your god.”

Radiance swirled about, and next, all the information pertaining to the god was extracted. Some were real, while some was merely propaganda. In the eyes of the twin-horns members, their god was an omnipotent existence.

“This fits the description on the slabs.”
“Sin God, eh?”
“The world he created was too small, resulting in a lack of faith. This is the reason they keep invading the human 
“Yes, everything seems to click.”
All the gods exchanged glances, each of them in a heavy mood. They had all given thought to how this world should be ruled moving forward after their awakening. They had also contemplated ways to grow their believers. However, none of them had expected that the first incident they would partake in after awakening was doing battle with the Sin God.

“Looks like we have no choice but to take a trip over there.”
The gods all looked at the portal. Twin-horns members were still flowing out of the portal without stop. However, all of them were cleanly killed off by the gods.

“Let’s go. It is time we say hi to an old friend.” 
The formidable gods all descended from the sky and immediately entered the portal. The initial anxiousness and fear was nowhere to be seen, replaced by excitement. The Sin God… hehe. That was a boundless amount of godly power waiting for them there. For a lot of these gods, the godly power of the Sin God would be sufficient to help them break through, becoming even stronger.

Shua! Shua!

Numerous gods flashed forward. At this time, near the portal, a black shadow noiselessly appeared. He regarded the portal and the surroundings that were now empty, a grin forming on his face.

Chapter 743: Trick and Kill

On the alien world, the moment the gods appeared, all the living beings present there reduced to nothingness. Regardless of how strong they were, it was pointless before these gods. In horror, the twin horns members fled before being frozen and subsequently killed.


Their minds were extracted and read by the gods.

“They are trying to expand the faith of their god.”
“Has anyone found that fellow?”
“Found him. However, it seems somewhat weird. From our progress thus far and what we have seen of their god from their memories, this god does not seem too strong.”
“An unknown minor god?”
“Mhm… His aura is somewhat weak, and his appearance does not resemble the Sin God.”
“Is it a disguise? Perhaps he wanted to hide his appearance from these mortals. After all, there is no need for a god to reveal their true appearance to mortals.”
The gods all sank into silence. Everything they had seen thus far had been extracted from the memories of these twin horns: the image of a god that had been exaggerated with some special effects to spice it up. This was definitely different from how the god normally looked. “It doesn’t matter. Regardless of whether that is his true appearance, won’t we know after taking a look?”
“That makes sense.”
“As  for  these  twin-horns  members,  just  kill  them  while leaving their consciousnesses behind. In any case, we still need to find a way to return after we are done here.”
Shua! Shua!

Numerous lights swirled around. The twin-horns members that were charging at the gods were no different than moths flying into a flame. After dying, they all transformed into numerous clumps of consciousness. One only needed to approach the clumps to extract all their memories. Due to the information contained in their heads, even in death, they could not obtain a complete death. That the twin-horns race had been able to invade the human world multiple times proved that they had complete knowledge of how to teleport to the human world. As such, the gods were not worried about the matter of returning to their home planet. Everything seemed to be under control.

“Found him,” a god said with shining eyes.

All the gods charged over. The Sin God… had the time come for battle? They were all filled with anticipation. After joining hands to kill this Sin God, all of them would be able to increase their strength. However, some of the gods were still doubtful, as they felt that something did not seem right, as if they had missed something. Was the god here truly the Sin God?

In the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was silently studying the screen in front of him. All the statistics from the awakening of the gods until their recent departure were gathered on this screen he was looking at. And now…

The portal was shown on that screen. Just earlier, he had with his own eyes watched on as all the gods had stepped through the portal, leaving this planet.

Naturally, the gods were in no way stupid. Some of them had placed some firm barriers around to lock the entire portal down, not allowing any regular life-forms near it.

“None  of  those  gods  noticed  you  monitoring  them?”  The deputy president was amazed.

“Satellite monitoring,”  Chen Feng replied expressionlessly. These primordial gods probably had no idea that, high up in the sky, there was a thing capable of seeing them, monitoring all their actions. No godly power was required, nor was there a need to lock on to any of the gods. The monitoring could progress noiselessly, undetected. “It’s almost time,” Chen Feng muttered.


A black radiance flashed. Near the portal, a pitch-black figure appeared. For the first time, the appearance of this figure was revealed: he was Qin Hai.

“How is it?” Chen Feng asked.

“No problems encountered,” Qin Hai said calmly. “Based on the coordinates you provided, I went over and killed all the twin-horns members that knew about teleportation and the coordinates. All the materials and data that could be used has been destroyed as well. As of now, that twin-horns world will not be able to teleport to this world.”
Chen Feng smiled. “Very good.”  In other words, they only had to destroy this portal and the connection would be completely severed. “It has been hard on you and Kong Bai,” Chen Feng said in a soft voice. That’s right. All this was the handiwork of Chen Feng, Qin Hai, and Kong Bai. Kong Bai did not dare transmigrate to the Primordial Era. However, what of the subsequent eras? Those were godless eras, eras Kong Bai could visit as he wished. With the assistance of Chen Feng’s Luck Aura, Kong Bai had been to easily visit the different eras so as to leave behind numerous legends pertaining to the so-called Divine Sect, as well as the slabs the gods had discovered.

These were what the gods had uncovered. The only reason for all this had been in order to lure all the gods to the alien world. Chen Feng remembered that in their previous battle with the twin-horns race, they had discovered that there was also a god there on the twin-horns world. Regardless of how much the twin-horns race had bragged about their god, it seemed like this was in fact a minor god. They had reached this conclusion after noticing how slow this god’s recovery rate was.

In any case, it did not matter if this god was powerful or not. So long as there were trails of this god’s existence, Chen Feng would be able to disguise this god as the legendary Sin God, Ye. Next, all the awakened gods would head over. And finally… Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Qin Hai.”
The black diamond on Qin Hai’s forehead started gleaming.

In Chen Feng’s hands, luck and misfortune pulsed and landed on the barriers protecting the portal. Instantly, the barriers collapsed, allowing Qin Hai free passage.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous loud booms resounded. Instantly, the huge portal collapsed, transforming into nothingness.

“So long, gods,”  Chen Feng said with a burning gaze. The Spatial God was long dead. A huge number of gods had awakened this time, yet not a single one of them possessed a teleportation ability. This was the core of Chen Feng’s plan. Now that all those gods had been sent to the alien world, they had any way of returning.

With this, the humans would be safe. Or perhaps one could say that the Genetic Era would regain its peace. This was Chen Feng’s plan, his scheme against all the gods. From the legends of the Sin God to the slabs planted by Kong Bai, followed by the assassinations conducted by Qin Hai, each section was closely linked together, finally resulting in the full departure of all the gods that did not belong to this Genetic Era.

Everyone gazed at the sky. Behind the haze, a sunny and cloudless sky seemed to be coming out. Was everything finally over? At this time, on the alien world, the gods that were heading toward the Sin God heard the loud explosion. Next, they saw the portal collapse.

“Who did it?”
Some of the gods already had a bad premonition. “We seem to have neglected something.”
A certain god that was known for his wits vigilantly said, “Quick, start up a brand new portal.”
Shua! Shua!

From the innumerable consciousnesses of the dead twin- horns members, they started searching for information pertaining to the teleportation portal. Alarmingly, all the information pertaining to the portal seemed to have vanished. No coordinates could be found, nor could any no know-how regarding portals. On top of that, even all the recorded data had vanished.

The gods were alarmed. 
Finally, some of the gods realized it.”This is a trap…”
“Someone used the destruction of the Primordial Era as bait to lure all the gods away.”
“That is not possible!”
“How is that not possible? Think properly. Is the god here even the Sin God? Even now, you guys are still doubtful, right?”
The gods all sank into silence. True, was the god here even the Sin God? After pondering the matter from this perspective, they discovered something dreadful. If this was truly the Sin God’s world, how could it be so weak? Moreover, from the memories they had extracted, the god here had only moved once to stop a mere comet, and his figure had immediately gone translucent afterward. That was simply too weak. As such, there was no Sin God here. Here… only a minor unknown god could be found. As for all the other gods, they had been tricked into this world.

Chapter 744: God-Slaughtering Trap

“Who did this?”
Some of the gods found this unbelievable. Them, the gods revered by countless beings, had actually been scammed?

The Forest Goddess spoke. “I know of a person. The strongest human, Chen Feng.”

Next, she projected everything Chen Feng had done into the air. After the other gods saw it, they understood thoroughly. Everyone sank into silence. Such a character, and those familiar methods…
A certain god raged. “A mere human. When I return, I will eliminate all nine generations of his family.” “Well, it seems like we can no longer return.”
Some of the gods appeared bitter and astringent.


They all sank into silence. Anger? What was the point of getting angry now? They were no commoners; they were all able to instantly suppress their anger. However, as they looked at the twin-horns world before them, this desolate world, they wondered if they truly had to remain trapped here.

A certain god suddenly said, “This is not possible! I feel like there are some issues with this analysis. If this operation was truly problematic to begin with, how could it have gone unnoticed by the several thousand of us? Moreover, the method of returning… Granted, some gods are quite clumsy in nature. However, there are some who are extremely cautious as well. Therefore, there had to be some gods who immediately figured out a way to return the moment they arrived here. Those gods should have extracted memories pertaining to how to return the moment they arrived here. Perhaps that portal’s collapse had nothing whatsoever to do with Chen Feng. Rather, it was the work of some gods that wished to trap us all?” this god concluded, providing a new angle to consider this from.

“That is quite possible.”
Everyone sank into contemplation, finding this analysis to be more probable. True, how was it possible for several thousand gods here to all think of the same thing? How was it possible that not a single one of them had even bothered thinking about their return? Therefore, it was quite probable that there was a traitor in their midst! How could a mere mortal like Chen Feng be able to trick them, trick the gods?

Suddenly, a god spoke. “Blackmount God. I recall noticing you doing something earlier.”
The Blackmount God did not deny that as he coldly said, “Yes. The first thing I did after entering was kill a certain elder. After that, I tried searching his memories to look for information pertaining to the teleportation. However, nothing was found. Therefore, I assumed that perhaps the other gods had extracted the information pertaining to teleportation before me.” Everyone had a pensive look. “Indeed. Who else did the same thing immediately after arriving?”
Something like this could not be hidden from all the gods here. Therefore, it did not take long for some gods to start standing out. However, horrifying all of them, all the gods said the same thing. None of them had obtained any information pertaining to teleportation. Several thousand gods had searched for the information, yet not a single one of them had obtained it?

“Are you all kidding me?” the Slaughter God asked furiously.

“They are not lying,” said the Deceit God. “I can’t feel any lies from these fellows, nor any godly power fluctuations.”

All the gods sank into silence. Was this clue a dead end as well? Suddenly, the truth of things became fuzzy. Was this the work of Chen Feng, or was it some traitor? Or perhaps… A certain god spoke suddenly. “I have an idea. Regardless of who the culprit is, Chen Feng or a traitor, we only need to focus on returning. Thus, does the local god here have any teleportation or spatial abilities? I feel like our only hope lies in him.”

Everyone realized that this was indeed the truth. So long as they found that god, everything would be solved.

They exchanged glances before once again heading toward that god.

At this time, Chen Feng was chatting up Kong Bai and the rest at the Genetic Union.

“What do you think those gods will do?” “What  else?”   Qin  Hai  said  expressionlessly.  “They  will probably go looking for the local god. That is their only hope. Naturally, the result for that will only serve to bring them into further despair.”
Since they had decided to act, they had certainly acted thoroughly.

The things Qin Hai had done when he had entered the twin- horns world previously had severed all possibilities of further teleportation. With the assistance of luck, all possibilities had been easily destroyed. Not a single god would be able to return to this world. They would struggle and fight each other until, finally, the leftover gods started competing over the little amount of faith that world contained.

Everyone was there. At this time, as Chen Feng guessed, the gods there had finally reached their destination. There, a god slumbered. They did not need to even awaken that god. From the first moment their gazes land on that god, their hearts chilled. That was because the aura of this god was so weak that it was almost negligible. This was clearly a low-tier god, a minor and new god that was not even qualified to have a title attached to his name. “Try asking him.”
They forced the god awake.

The god looked around at his tiny world blankly. For so many gods that were more powerful than him to have suddenly appeared here, he nearly collapsed emotionally. “You… who are you guys?”
“Do you have any information about teleportation?”  asked one of the strongest gods there while he was radiating a faint aura capable of causing one’s heart to flutter.

“Yes, yes I have,” the minor god answered in fear. However, before they could even feel any joy from his answer, the god started giving off several names. These were all the elders of the twin-horns race. “These people, all of them know about teleportation.” “…”

“They are all dead. The data pertaining to teleportation has vanished as well.”
All the gods were speechless.

“If so, there is no longer any information pertaining to teleportation here. All I have ever done here is sleep. Everything was handed over to them.”
The minor god was collapsing emotionally.

All the other gods: “…”
As of this moment, they all realized with great sorrow that they had truly been trapped here. All these illustrious gods had to be trapped on such a tiny world? “I know of a certain person who knows about teleportation,” the minor god said after giving it some thought. “Based on what the elders reported to me previously, Chen Feng once arrived on this world. He is also the only human who has successfully left this world. Perhaps you guys can…”

The gods were so angered that they started coughing up blood. Chen Feng! Again! How could they still not understand? All this was a trap set by that damnable human, Chen Feng!

“Chen Feng!”
Their grievances surged to the sky. Never had they hated a single mortal so much.

“We… can no longer return?” After giving it some thought, their fear intensified. They could no longer return! This was the scariest of all!

The gods here had recently awakened and had little godly power at their disposal. The only reason they had even come here was in order to kill the Sin God and obtain his godly power to aid their own recovery. Who could have expected that they would end up trapped here? The moment their godly power dried up, they would probably…
No! I don’t want to fall into slumber yet again!

A certain god pointed at the minor local god and asked, “Hey, come. How many people do you have on this world?”
“Not much,”  the minor god said in horror. “Some of them have already been killed by you guys. At this moment, there are around a hundred thousand of them. Please don’t kill me. If you guys need faith, I can convert it all to you guys.”
“Oh?” The gods’ eyes shone. Among the gods trapped here, some were still filled with remorse, while some had yet to recover from their shock. There were also some who had already started setting their sights on the inhabitants here. If they couldn’t return, they had no choice but to fight over the twin- horns members.

They believed that so long as they survived, they would be able to last long enough, until the day came where the twin- horns race once again found passage back to their home world. Since they had been able to discover the methods of teleporting once, they would most certainly be able to do it once again after some time. They only needed to survive until that day arrived. And before the arrival of that day, they would require a never-ending supply of faith and godly power.


Their gazes landed on the living beings of this planet. When they once again looked at each other, hostility was apparent in their eyes.

Chapter 745: Who Are You?

“Don’t  act  recklessly,”   a  rather  prestigious  god  warned, causing all the gods to calm their heads. “First, try to think if there are other solutions. As for you, don’t mess around.”
“All right.” The minor god was absolutely horrified. He felt like he was the saddest of them all. He had been slowly and steadily recovering here in this world. Who could have guessed that he would encounter so many powerful gods when he woke up today? No matter what these gods said, he had to listen. Right now, everyone was looking for a way to leave.

Alas, nothing was found. One day passed, then three days, seven days, one month, and even more. As time passed, the gods finally started collapsing emotionally, as they no longer had much godly power left.

“We can’t keep waiting like this.”
“Yeah, those major gods are surely trying to exhaust us to death so they can monopolize this planet’s faith.” “That is certain.”
Finally, a number of gods started resisting. Due to their low amount of godly power, they had no choice but to resist. And thus the war of the gods erupted. Countless gods started fighting each other so they could obtain the pitiful hundred thousand believers of the twin-horns race. None of them had expected that so soon after awakening from the true war of the gods during the Primordial Era, a new war would erupt here. One could say that this war was in fact even more desperate than the previous war had been.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The twin-horns world shook without stop. Everyone was fighting while that minor local god could do nothing but pitifully defend the world from destruction. Since he was the most familiar with this world, this task had landed on him. Nobody bothered doing anything to him, as everyone was clear that regardless of who the final victor was, this world had to survive. Otherwise, they would all be trapped in space, lonely and desolate as they waited for their eventual deaths. Bang! Bang!

The war continued. Suddenly, the entire sky sank into silence as a bloody glow bloomed. Finally, the first god had been killed. The entire world sank into momentary silence. However, almost immediately afterward, the battle resumed. Everyone was fighting for survival.

Slumbering? None of them were willing to fall into slumber. If this was the human world, they would still be able to awaken from the slumber. But here, slumbering in this damnable world? No, they were not willing!

The moment they fell into slumber here, with the pitiful amount of godly power this world could supply, the slumber could very well be eternal. That was scarier than death itself. As such, they might as well throw caution to the wind and fight it out.

Bang! Bang! The battle continued. Boundless godly powers with numerous colors flickered without stop, driving this world to destruction. Amid all this, the Forest Goddess had stayed her hand. That was because she had noticed something familiar: coincidences, inner conflict… weren’t these things that luck bitch had been good at? But wasn’t she dead? Could this truly be a coincidence?


Hands pulsing with godly power, she helped that minor god protect this world. The other gods had already descended into madness, causing this world to be on the verge of collapsing from their fights.

The minor god was grateful. “Th-thank you.”
The Forest Goddess ignored him. As she had been awakened earlier, she had quite a healthy amount of godly power. As such, she did not need to fight. Unfortunately, this minor god here would probably not last much longer. The moment this battle ended would also be this god’s moment of death. Those gods would not allow a god all the inhabitants here believed in to live, as that would be too dangerous. Therefore, this god would most certainly die.


With blooming blood, yet another god was killed. The almighty and majestic gods had become nothing but cannon fodder here due to them being too weak. The other gods all blanked momentarily before regaining their senses and resuming the battle. This was a war between gods. Therefore, there would definitely be more deaths.

Pu! Pu!

With the continuous death of gods, everyone soon became accustomed to it. The ground was dyed red by blood, and the sky was tinged by various colors, each representing a different god. Godly powers bloomed everywhere, dying gods screamed everywhere, and numerous colors interwove together. From this group of several thousand gods, a huge number died off. Ultimately, amid the blood-red world, only around 100 gods persevered, fighting on with great difficulty.


Yet another god died off. With this, the surviving gods numbered less than a hundred.

Among the surviving gods, some could no longer stand properly, while some were covered in wounds. Everyone was glaring at each other, waiting for the final fatal attack.

The Forest Goddess sighed. “Can you all stop? This is enough. With the number of twin-horns members, even if they are split among you guys, the godly power will be sufficient for you all to recover.”
Only at this did the gods awaken from their madness. True, this was already sufficient. This was a war where there were no winners. Their only goal was to survive, that was all. They looked around, looking at the multicolored and ruined world. It was only at this moment that they realized how bitter this war had been and how many gods had perished.

Several thousands of them had perished. Each of the survivors was the strongest of gods, or to be more accurate, these gods used to be the strongest. As for those so-called low- tier and mid-tier gods, they had all perished in this war.

“Is it over?” a certain god muttered.

“I guess so.”
For now, none of them had any desire to do battle.

“If… if I can return to the human world, I will most certainly kill that damnable fellow.”
Their eyes blazed with hatred. Chen Feng! That damnable human! When had they ever been tricked so badly by a mere mortal? After all, several thousand gods had been tricked. God slaying was an incredibly terrifying term, as even in the Primordial Era, anyone that showed any potential god-slaying capability was instantly killed off by the gods.

That was because none of the gods wished to be the one to perish. And yet this Chen Feng had caused several thousand gods to die. With the persuasion of the Forest Goddess, the gods here had finally stopped fighting. Regardless of how bitter the battle had been, regardless of how many gods had perished, now that the believers of the twin-horns race were sufficient to support them all, there was no longer a need to fight.

However, this would only stay true temporarily. And now they had one final question left. How were they supposed to convert these believers?

“I… I can transfer them all to you guys,” the minor god said in horror.

A god sneered. “There is no need for that. They believe in you. Thus, the godly power will be supplied to you. Even if you are willing to convert their faith to godly power and transfer the godly power to us, that is too much of a waste. Moreover, this will result in all of us relying on you alone. We definitely cannot agree to this. As such, I have an even better solution,” he said coldly.

“What solution is that?” the trembling minor god asked.

That god laughed nastily. “Killing you. Next, we can divide the believers of this world.”

The moment his words left his mouth, he moved.

The other gods merely watched on silently. Even the Forest Goddess could only shake her head. From the beginning, they had been aware that this was the only acceptable ending. For any of them to start gathering believers, this minor god had to first die. The Forest Goddess sighed regretfully. Compared to these gods, this minor god here was probably the most innocent of them all. Unfortunately, there was truly no helping it. They only had themselves for blame for invading the human world.


Terrifying godly power descended. This was a true top-tier godly power. Despite the low amount, it was still something a minor god could never hope to contend against.


The terrifying godly power swept forth.


The familiar sound of flesh being pierced echoed. And yet when all the gods there got a clear look, their hearts thumped wildly, as what they saw was truly too horrifying. That minor god had used a single hand to easily block the attack from the other god.

So easily, so terrifyingly. He lightly grabbed at the clump of godly power in his hand. Just like that, the top-tier god’s godly power could no longer advance.

The top-tier god was horrified. “How is this possible?”
The minor god chuckled. “Ah. Collapse!”
With that, the godly power collapsed and that god was flung back, coughing blood wildly.

The other gods were all shaken.

“You… who exactly are you?” “Me?”  The minor god grinned. “Who do you guys think I am?”

Suddenly, the corpses of the gods sprawled everywhere, the godly powers lingering in the air, and the blood of the gods that had been spilled earlier were absorbed by the world. The minor god stood up, pulsing with a seemingly boundless godly power. Everything that the world had absorbed transformed into a huge whirlpool before entering his eyes and transforming into numerous clumps of flame that seemed capable of blazing on forever, akin to a sin that could never be extinguished.

Chapter 746: Phenomenon in the Sky

“It’s you!”
All the surviving gods trembled, watching on incredulously. The Sin God… Ye… It was actually him for real! How was this possible? How could it be him? Had this not been a scam on the part of Chen Feng? Was this not a lie told by Chen Feng? This guy… This guy… They all trembled.

“How is it possible…”
They did not dare believe that the Sin God was actually still alive and was actually this powerful.

The Sin God smiled. “I have to thank you all for this. After absorbing the blood, bodies, and godly power of several thousand gods… Ahh… This is truly too perfect. I don’t know how much longer it would have taken me to recover without you guys.”
Bang! Their hearts all shuddered. Everything they had done had been taken advantage of by this fellow. If they had known earlier that the Sin God was here, they would have most certainly been able to kill him by joining hands. But now… But now… Their hearts trembled. Several thousand gods had killed each other until only a hundred remained. As for the several thousand gods that had died, they had served as fertilizer for the Sin God, transforming into his source of power. With the pitiful little power the surviving gods had, how could they
contend against him?

“No wonder,” the Forest Goddess muttered. Earlier, she had been curious about why a mere minor god had been able to keep this world stable even as all the other gods were battling it out. Unexpectedly, this guy was indeed the Sin God. Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle had clicked into place. The entire god- slaying operation had started with the Sin God, and now, it was ending with the Sin God. They had finally confirmed the existence of the Sin God, yet they were no longer capable of contending against him.

“No, this is not possible. How is it possible that you can absorb all their power? Their godly powers obviously dissipated amid the air. How is it possible that you could absorb them?”  one of them roared. How was it possible to absorb godly power that had dissipated? On top of that, there was also the blood of those gods.

They had clearly seen the blood seeping into the ground while the godly power dissipated and dispersed. How could the Sin God have absorbed it? This was not something the Sin God was supposed to be capable of doing.

“Hehe. Didn’t the legend you guys read tell you?”  The Sin God had a faint smile. “Because…  this is a world I created myself.” He raised his hand.


The entire world started spinning. At this instant, all the powers that had dispersed into nature, into the world itself, merged with the Sin God, becoming his. This, in turn, caused the hearts of all the gods present to jolt violently. They had finally recalled what they had read from the slabs… The Sin God had created his own world, and it was because of that that he had started fighting the Creation God. He wanted to gain comprehension on the true origin of a world, and he also wanted to gain comprehension on the methods to create a true world.

They all despaired.

“How could things have developed this way…”
The Sin God laughed toyingly. “Welcome to my world.”

Next, the godly power of sin swirled out, enveloping all the gods there.

At the same time, everyone in the Genetic Union was celebrating the disappearance of the gods. The primordial that had just descended had vanished yet again before it could even display its might. Humanity had once again returned to a godless era.

“Hahaha, the gods are all gone.”
“Without gods, those resonators will not be able to borrow the power of gods anymore.”
“Yeah,   now   the   resonators   are   nothing   but   stronger awakened ones. They are no longer as threatening.”
“This is great.”
Countless people were overjoyed. On this day, countless people celebrated. This was a day of celebration for all of humanity, not to forget the ancients. Nearly the entire world was in a wild celebration. The rain had stopped, while the haze was receding, with the sun finally shining through. The warm sunshine bathed the world, giving everyone a feeling of warmth. From now onwards, this would again be an era of humans. The deputy president patted Chen Feng’s shoulder. “Many thanks.” His face was rather flushed, a testament to how much liquor he had drunk in celebration.

Nobody knew more than him how difficult it had been for humanity, and he was the only one who knew how anxious the higher-ups of humanity had been. Fortunately, everything had ended.

Chen Feng nodded, but he did not partake in the celebration. He walked over to a nearby summit and gazed at the sunny sky, his brows frowning.

“Spirit, can you check for me if there are any problems?”
Spirit shook her head. “I checked. Nothing.” Chen Feng was filled with doubt. “Even you can’t see it?” Was it truly a misconception on his part? For reasons unknown, he had an uneasy feeling. He had already checked with Spirit and confirmed that among all his plans, no problems had cropped up and everything had been implemented perfectly. It was no longer possible for those gods to return. Moreover, they had even started fighting among themselves. Not many of them remained now. Chen Feng had confirmed all these things. Everything had progressed smoothly. So why was he still feeling so uneasy?

Kong Bai sat down beside Chen Feng and said, “I told you to not touch yourself that much. See, even your spirit is weakened now.”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes. This guy…
“Is it because you haven’t had anything progress so smoothly for a while now?” Kong Bai curled his lips. Is Chen Feng’s confidence truly so low?

“No.” Chen Feng shook his head and said with a solemn expression, “I am still anxious because the opponents are, after all, gods!”
God. This was no mere term or title. As a person with dual godly powers himself, he was clear how scary the gods were. Even with his present strength, when it came to pure combat strength, he would probably fail to defeat even the weakest of gods, let alone the several thousand gods that he had schemed against.

“The  so-called  gods  are  nothing  but  stronger  life-forms,” Kong Bai said in disdain.

Chen Feng shook his head. “You are talking about minor gods. Those minor gods are indeed nothing but life-forms with stronger combat prowess. However, those major gods possess way too many things we do not understand. Those things…”
Chen Feng gazed at the sky. Those were exactly what he was worried about. After all… those were gods!

“What is there to fear?”  muttered Kong Bai. “Regardless of how strong they are, they are all off of this planet now, right?” However, just as he finished his words…

A terrifying flash streaked past the sky, startling countless people.

This was now a godless world, yet that enormous bolt of lightning that had appeared was formed of godly power. A godly power that far surpassed anything they had felt thus far.

Everyone was alarmed.

“What happened?”
Bang! Bang!

Thunder roared as numerous enormous bolts of lightning descended and godly power enveloped the entire sky. “What is that?”
Kong Bai and the rest were shocked as well.

Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk. “That is…”

Amid the boundless lightning, a figure suddenly appeared. This figure resembled a giant, and with a single hand, he ripped the sky apart, like someone tearing apart a piece of cloth. Instantly, the sky was ripped into two parts, presenting an extremely sinister view to all the onlookers below. Half the sky was clear and boundless, while the other half was filled with crackling lightning. Just like this, amid this bizarre sight, that figure stepped out. With a single step, boundless godly power roiled out.

Chapter 747: A Real God

“What in the world is that?”
Everyone was alarmed. Even with the high frequency at which gods had awakened recently, they had never seen such an alarming sight. The action of ripping the sky itself apart had truly shocked everyone.

Bang! Bang!

Even as thunder roared, that huge figure walked out, revealing an appearance nobody had seen before. On that face, a pair of burning eyes flickered.

Hum— Suddenly, Chen Feng’s Misfortune Pen started trembling, seemingly in fear. A clear thought was transmitted over to Chen Feng, telling him the identity of this god…
“Sin God!”
The Misfortune Goddess made it extremely clear in her transmission. Instantly, Chen Feng’s eyes went wide.

Kong Bai’s mouth widened as well. “Holy shit.” The Sin God? It couldn’t be, right? They had just been making up stories about this god not too long ago. As such, they were naturally rather clear on this god. However, wasn’t this god rumored to be dead? Why was he alive now?

“How  strong.”  Spirit  stared  at  the  Sin  God  blankly.  That intense radiance and that cackling godly power around him was even greater than what the Luck Goddess had possessed.

Chen Feng’s scalp went numb. “How can such a god appear?” An intense sense of crisis could be felt. Not only had the Sin God appeared, it seemed like he had even recovered extremely well. A god at this level was not something humans could even hope to contend against. He had schemed hard to get all the gods away from this world. Never had he expected that a big guy like this would be overlooked.

“Spirit, can you send him over to that world as well?” Chen Feng asked. Based on the information Qin Hai had obtained, they would be able to open a portal toward to the twin-horns world.

“I can only try,” Spirit said with a conflicted expression. She truly had no confidence in being able to influence a person at this level.

“Give it a try.”
Chen Feng looked over at the solidifying figure. He knew that regardless of the success rate, he had to give it a try. And thus, Qin Hai started trying to create a portal to the twin-horns world based on the information he had gathered. However, he failed.
 Finally, Chen Feng noticed that things were getting worse for them. “What’s going on?”
Qin Hai blanked. “No idea. The information I had obtained is not wrong. However, I somehow feel that the entire twin- horns world has vanished?”
“Vanished?” Chen Feng’s heart thumped. How had the twin- horns world vanished? Had the world been destroyed because the battle of the gods there had been overly violent? Just as Chen Feng was filled with doubt, that god finally finished tearing the sky apart. His figure had also fully solidified. By his side, several familiar figures appeared. Among them was the Forest Goddess.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk. “Why is she here as well?”
Kong Bai and the rest exchanged glances in horror as well. The Forest Goddess had obviously been tricked over to the twin-horns world. Hold on… the other gods around her had also been tricked. Why were they here? Could it be… Bang!

A dreadful godly power cackled about in the sky. Chen Feng’s mind spun rapidly and finally reached a terrifying conclusion. The so-called minor god on the twin-horns world was in fact the Sin God. Their lies had turned into reality!

Bang! Bang!

The entire world was enveloped in godly power.

Kong Bai gulped. “God damn it. Have we delivered several thousand gods to him like some delivery boy?”
For this Sin God to be so powerful, he had to have absorbed quite a number of gods.

Qin Hai had an unsightly expression. “I only want to know one thing. How is it possible for him to know a method of teleporting to this world? He is not the Spatial God. Moreover, he is even able to bring other gods along with him.”
“Perhaps…   he  once  absorbed  the  Spatial  God  as  well?” everyone guessed. Instantly, the world seemed to go silent. If that was truly the truth, this could very well be the end of humanity.

“Spirit, think of a solution for me,” Chen Feng said solemnly.


Luck Aura was fully activated. In such a circumstance, only Luck Aura could seek a lifeline amid the numerous proverbial threads of fatalities. However, as luck wove around, searching for a lifeline…
Bang! A godly power erupted as a terrifying godly power rippled out from above the sky. Instantly, all the threads were severed.

“Get all humans to retreat,” Chen Feng commanded without hesitation.

The truth was that the Genetic Union had some precautions in place. Their plan was to once again return to the past era, to hide humanity amid the regions enveloped in the aura of primal chaos. Chen Feng had once tested this plan out. Even Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess were unable to detect the goings-on within the region of primal chaos.

“All right,” the deputy president answered unwaveringly. This was the humanity’s final line of defense. He looked around at the flourishing world of humans. The humans would migrate from the world of light to temporarily hide within the unknown regions.

The deputy president sighed. “Hopefully… this crisis can be solved soon.” He turned around and departed. After the orders were passed down, humanity started their great migration. It was also at this time that the Sin God stood up, seemingly preparing to act.

“Safeguard humanity!”
Chen Feng activated his godly power without hesitation. At a time like this, he had no choice but to use both luck and misfortune together to protect the humans in their migration. However, surprising him, the Sin God did not bother to do anything to the humans. Moreover, he didn’t bother doing anything to anyone. His one and only target was the world itself.


A terrifying godly power cackled about. The Sin God’s huge figure stood loftily amid the blue dome of heaven. One of his hands waved in the air, sending a terrifying godly power rippling out. This godly power ripped the sky apart before finally blasting toward the ground below. Hum—
The ground trembled. The entire world seemed to be reducing in size beneath the lofty Sin God.

A boundless radiance swirled about. Chen Feng’s eyes widened as he witnessed everything. He could clearly see that the Sin God before him was growing in size. To be more precise, he appeared larger from their point of view, so huge that he seemed immovable, so large that they could not even see the end of him. With his godly power, Chen Feng could clearly perceive that the Sin God wasn’t the one changing. Rather, they were the ones reducing in size, again and again. Ultimately, the entire planet was transformed into a single bead. That’s right, a single bead.

The bead pulsed with faint godly power. Within, rivers and mountains could be seen, as could continents and oceans. Everything was still the same, preserved within this bead, appearing the same as if it was viewed from outer space.

Chen Feng was dumbstruck. Kong Bai was dumbstruck. Even the deputy president was dumbstruck. They had never seen something so terrifying. They knew why the gods required believers. It was to serve as a supply of godly power. As such, they had guessed that the Sin God would probably attack the humans to demonstrate his prowess. They had put numerous preparations in place for this.

And yet not a single one of their various preparations entailed dealing with the entire world being compressed. The Sin God was not bothered with humanity, nor was he bothered with any resistance. Battle? Nope. He only needed to lift his hand and wave it and the entire world would be reduced to a bead in his hand. Chen Feng and the others chilled as they witnessed this unfold. Was this the strength of a top-tier god? “Spirit, is there anything we can do?”
Chen Feng pushed his Luck Aura madly. Alas, no solutions could be found. The moment the planet had been reduced into a bead, humanity’s fate had been sealed, never to change. So this was Sin God? Even Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess had never imagined that the Ye before them was already this powerful, so powerful that they stood zero chance against him.

Chapter 748: Devouring Heaven and Earth

The Sin God chuckled lightly. Looking at the bead in his hand, he proceeded to start pushing the bead toward his eyes.

Chen Feng was shocked. “What are you trying to do?”
Spirit’s eyes went wide. “A world into an eye… He is trying to devour the entire human world! He is trying to use this method to transform the entirety of humanity into a resource that will provide him a steady and unending flow of godly power and faith!”
Hum— Boundless black godly power could be clearly seen seeping into the world. That was the power of the Sin God. With this, all of humanity’s greed, evil, and desire was evoked. The instant this godly power seeped into the world, chaos erupted.

Next, a huge amount of godly power started flowing out of the world.

“What is that?”
“The godly power of sin! The Sin God used a small amount of godly power to induce the entire population of this world to start committing sins. From this, a huge amount of the godly power of sin is being generated and supplied to him. The entire world has transformed into his slave.” Bang!

At the center of the human territory, a huge pitch-black sculpture descended. That was the sculpture of the Sin God, signifying the end of humanity.

The entire human world had actually transformed into a bead that had subsequently transformed into the Sin God’s eye. One could even clearly see the numerous landscapes within the Sin God’s eye.

The entire world started rotating, seemingly searching for the most fitting position to settle itself into the Sin God’s eye. Chen Feng chilled. Through his godly power, he could clearly sense the never-ending flow of godly power from this bead that was subsequently pouring into the Sin God. As of now, this world was like a seed pulsing with a never-ending supply of power for the Sin God.

The human world would not be destroyed, as the Sin God would not allow it. However, as Chen Feng looked at the world ridden with sin, he wondered if this was still the Genetic Era he knew. Humanity was finished, and he could only watch on helplessly. He couldn’t even put forth any sort of resistance, since he was too weak.

In this situation where the powers of luck and misfortune couldn’t achieve anything, it would be a joke to hope that Chen Feng’s own strength would be capable of contending against this Sin God.

“Spirit…” Chen Feng was hoping that his Luck Aura could still do something. Alas, Spirit could only shake her head. The Sin God’s excessive strength had reduced all probabilities into nothing but a joke.

Ka! Ka! The bead’s rotation was slowing down. The godly power of sin still poured out unceasingly. At this time, the entire world slowed down, as it seemed to have finally found a fitting position to settle itself in.

The godly power started consolidating as everything seemed to start calming down. The border at the edges of the world became distinct. Chen Feng knew that this was the prelude for the full integration of the human world into the Sin God. When the border fully solidified, this world would completely become part of the Sin God, becoming a world within his eye.

Suddenly, Kong Bai pulled at Chen Feng. “Go. We must leave.”
A battle at this level was not one they could get involved in. The only thing they could do was flee before the entire world was fully locked down. “This  world…   has  to  suffer  such  a  fate?”   Chen  Feng muttered.

“The world will not be destroyed. So long as the Sin God remains alive, he will not allow this world to be destroyed. However, to generate the godly power of sin for him, the entire world will be filled with slaughter and sin…” Qin Hai sighed. “Humanity shall enter the darkest of ages.”
“The darkest of ages?” Chen Feng muttered. He looked at the world before him, looking on as the humans, who had finally obtained peace after great difficulty, started killing each other again. Suddenly, he asked, “Spirit… do you trust me?”
“Huh?” Without hesitation, Spirit replied, “Yes!”
Chen Feng gazed at this world silently. “I will return again.”
“I will most definitely return! Before I return, I hope you can protect this world… At the very least, protect those you are capable of protecting. Allow those people a lifeline amid all this madness. That is all I ask of you.” As Chen Feng spoke, a stone hovered out of his hand, flickering with the glow of the Luck Goddess.

Spirit laughed bitterly. “I don’t know if I can do that.” She had zero confidence, as the opponent this time was the Sin God, and this was a world within his body.

“Therefore, allow her to assist you.” Chen Feng’s other hand stretched out, the Misfortune Pen hovering out of his hand.

“I hope you can assist Spirit…”
“She will help those that require help. As for you… Try your best to stop those damnable evildoers from bringing disaster to others, even if this is now a world of sin. My only hope is that when I return, this world will still exist. After all, in this world, there are still people with kindness in them.”
Spirit looked at Chen Feng solemnly. “I will be waiting for you.”
“Go!” Chen Feng shut his eyes slowly.

Noiselessly, the Fate Stone departed his body and the Misfortune Pen vanished. Two gods that had yet to fully recover slowly fused with the world. The faint radiance of their godly powers slowly dispersed, noiselessly influencing this world without being detected by the Sin God.

Ka! Ka!

It was at this time that the rotation of the world became slower and slower. Gradually, the bead settled within the Sin God’s body. Slowly… slowly… 

At the instant of the loud boom, Kong Bai grabbed Qin Hai and Chen Feng. “Now!”

The three of them vanished. Instantly, the entire world trembled, and the Sin God’s eyes shone brightly. When he opened his eyes, what he saw was an unending supply of godly power from the human world. As for that particular human? Chen Feng? What did he count as? All along, the Sin God had never been bothered about him. Even several thousand gods were nothing but bugs for him, let alone a mere mortal.

For him, a single wave of his hand was sufficient to make the entire human world his. To be more precise, all the life-forms of the Genetic Era were now his. “…”

The Forest Goddess watched on silently. She wanted to ask about Chen Feng, as she was still worried about that fellow. However, as she looked at the radiant Sin God, suddenly, she had a feeling that inquiring about a weak mortal would in itself be an act of insult to the Sin God. Since everything was already a foregone conclusion, what was the point of asking about Chen Feng? He was but a mere mortal.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Numerous gods appeared behind the Sin God. These were the final 100 surviving gods from earlier. Ultimately, they had not had the courage to battle the Sin God and had opted to submit to him. This would be the era of the Sin God.

The Sin God waved his hand. “Go.” The humans and ancients would belong to him alone. As for those unintelligent animals and mutated beasts, they were given as believers to the gods that had submitted to him. “Yes.”
The gods saluted him deferentially before leaving. They started traversing the whole world, reining in their believers.

“Almost done,”  the Sin God said as he looked at the world below him.


He waved his hand. The ground started trembling. With the humans and the Genetic Era out of the way, this world now belonged to him alone. Within this world, too many gods were sealed, including those gods who had once battled for him.

“Awaken…” he muttered.

Bang! Countless divine beams surged out. Finally, this planet had once again returned to the Primordial Era, returning to the era of gods. As for the humans, ancients, and the other intelligent life-forms, they were all contained within the Sin God’s eyes. They were still within their respective cities, which had
seemingly not changed. They were killing each other, fighting constantly, generating an unending supply of the godly power of sin.

Chapter 749: New Era

Within a certain forest, numerous bizarre humanoid life- forms were wandering around. Just earlier, a black streak had descended from the sky and landed somewhere, destroying a huge amount of their food in the process.

“Be careful. We don’t know what species that is…”
The few humanoid creatures approached cautiously. They saw a figure lying on the ground. Around that figure was a crater, and the figure was pulsing with an extremely terrifying majestic aura.

The humanoid creatures trembled.

“This appearance… Is this a god?”
The other creatures exchanged glances. “This must be a god!”
“What should we do?”
If this was some ordinary species, they would directly tie it up to be eaten. But from the looks of this and the faint trace of godly power, they were being told that this was a god. Even if this was the weakest of gods, a god was still not something they could contend against.

“Br-bring him back.”
“In any case, we lack a guardian god.”
“What if he harbors evil designs?”
“Do we have any other options?” Everyone sank into silence at this question. This was an almighty god. Even if he was presently injured, the moment he woke up, he would definitely be able to figure out what had happened. If they did anything disrespectful, their entire tribe would have to suffer the wrath of a god.

Soon, the god was carried back carefully. Theirs was a rather weak tribe, with a population around one thousand. The god was placed in the largest building they had. Carefully, they attended to the god, awaiting his awakening.
Every single day, there were some life-forms kneeling down and praying to this god. They believed that this god would most definitely be able to feel their sincerity. This continued on for a long time. One month later, just as they were starting to believe that this god would forever remain in slumber, the god’s hand moved lightly.

“He woke up!”
“This is too good!” …

At this time, Chen Feng was waking up from a long darkness. His memories were still paused at the final moment when Kong Bai had taken both him and Qin Hai and transmigrated, with the Luck Goddess blessing their transmigration with the last of her godly power. Everything after that, he knew nothing about. As for Kong Bai and Qin Hai, they had been separated during the chaos. Their present locations were unknown. That last vestige of the Luck Goddess’s godly power had only been sufficient to assist them in a single transmigration.

Where is this? Chen Feng started kneading his aching head before his gaze landed on numerous horrified expressions.

The power within him instantly converged. If not for the lack of killing intent, he probably would have probably attacked directly. The years of tempering he had gone through had proven a great help in calming him down in such a situation. Shua! Shua!

He swept his gaze through these people. With great speed, he analyzed what he was seeing. A building… Monkeys… No, people wearing clothing made of tree leaves… Chen Feng had a pensive look as he analyzed his surroundings.

These creatures all knelt down in excitement when they saw him waking up.

“Exalted lord god, you are finally awake.”
Chen Feng had a pensive look. In short, these creatures thought he was a god and had thus rescued him? Why was that? Oh, right, because of the lingering trace of the Luck Goddess’s aura. Naturally, that aura had only been present during the transmigration. As for now, Chen Feng cast his senses inward and confirmed that the aura was no longer there. To protect the human world from destruction, Chen Feng had left the godly power of luck and misfortune there in hopes of leaving a lifeline. As of now, he was but a common mortal. Naturally, he could not let these people that had rescued him know this.

Although they all appeared kind, Chen Feng was sure that the moment they found him useless, they would turn on him without hesitation. These people he was facing… seemed like humans yet not like humans… They seemed like monkeys yet not like monkeys…
They seemed like a life-form that was half human and half monkey, that was capable of speech, that had knowledge of simple tools, that possessed great strength, and that had banded together, becoming a single tribe. They were an intelligent life-form… that had mistaken Chen Feng for a god. That was because of the trace of godly power he’d had on him when he had first arrived. They seemed to have an intense reverence toward gods and seemed incredibly receptive toward the idea of gods.

What did this prove? This proved that he had arrived on a world where plenty of gods were around. What was this place? Chen Feng was curious. He gazed at the sky. There, faint godly power could be sensed. The air of this world was pervaded with a familiar power.

Chen Feng raised his head, and as he saw the power pervading the air, he laughed, as there was no longer any need to guess. He could see for himself that in the sky was a huge shining figure: the figure of the Sin God, Ye. It turned out that he was still on a world ruled by Ye.

“I am still on the human world?”
Chen Feng’s heart was filled with doubt. No, the entire human world had obviously transformed into the Sin God’s eyeball. With the assistance of the Luck Goddess, they had definitely left the planet via transmigration. However, where had they transmigrated to? From the point in time when the Sin God had been birthed until the point in time when the entire world had been conquered by him, everything had been locked. Even Kong Bai had no hope of penetrating that timeline. If so… the only place he could have reached was the future. That was the only place they could have reached through transmigration.

“What year is this?”  Chen Feng asked calmly. This was a question he had come up with after confirming that it would not cast any suspicion on him.

“Year 12 of the Sin calendar,” one of the monkeys answered.

Year 12…
Chen Feng’s heart trembled. So he had transmigrated 12 years into the future? Since this place was using the Sin calendar, this era was definitely ruled by the Sin God. Indeed, the moment the Sin God had returned, he had conquered the entire world. Chen Feng had thoroughly been defeated. With his weak self, he had stood against the gods and had finally suffered complete defeat.

In truth, regardless of who the enemy had been, his plan had been correct. His idea of throwing all the gods away had been correct. The only reason he had been defeated was because he was too weak, so weak that the Sin God wasn’t even bothered to do anything specifically to him.

He smiled mockingly. “Should I rejoice in this?” He was sure that if the Sin God had paid any sort of attention to him, he would never have escaped. Even with Kong Bai’s transmigration ability, it would still have been impossible. Alas, the Sin God had not cared. Because he was too weak, the humans were damned. Yet because he was a weak human, he had also survived. How lamentable.

“Sin God…”
Chen Feng gazed at the sky. There, the will unique to the Sin God rained down, pervading the entirety of this world. This was still the same planet, yet this was also a world where all intelligent life-forms, including the humans and the planet itself, had been conquered by the Sin God, a world that had once again returned to the Primordial Era. One could say that this was a different kind of Primordial Era, an era where all life-forms had gained intelligence. During the era of the Sin God, they had all awakened their intelligence. Nearly everyone was a citizen of the Sin God, even if some believed in different gods. Here, the Sin God was no different than the Creation God. This was 12 years after the Sin God fully conquered this world.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Sin God, huh…” He had promised Spirit that he would most certainly return. The Luck Goddess and Misfortune Goddess were both propping up the entirety of that world in secret for him, leaving behind numerous lifelines. He had to return to that world as soon as possible.


He clenched his fists as he vowed inwardly. Right at this instant, the ground trembled lightly. As the monkeys noticed this, an expression of delight appeared in their eyes.

Bang! Bang! The earth trembled. A huge monkey appeared from the forest. This monkey was five meters tall. Carrying his prey, he slowly came to the entrance of the village before suddenly stopping his steps.

“Mhm?” His pair of huge golden eyes landed on Chen Feng, filled with killing intent. “Who are you?”

Chapter 750: Godhood

“This is an unrecovered god,” one monkey said.

The huge monkey sneered. “God?” He was only at the peak of the awakened realm. However, he could still see that this weakling before him had absolutely no godly power about him.
As for his close resemblance to the gods…
“This must be an impersonator. Where is your godly power?” the huge monkey said with a sonorous voice.

“Huh? A few days ago, he still had godly power.”
A few monkeys scratched their heads in confusion.

The huge monkey snorted. “Hmph!”
Bang! A formidable power started converging in his hands. This was a tribe known as the herculean apes. Each of them had formidable strength. They had awakened their intelligence along with the rise of the Sin God. Unfortunately, they had yet to obtain their very own guardian god. Without their own god, they could not resonate. And so long as they could not resonate, their tribe would forever unable to enter the resonance realm.

As such, even though this huge monkey here was much stronger than other regular awakened ones, he was still stuck in the awakened realm. They of the herculean-apes bloodline had been searching for a god for a long time. Alas, in this era where too many gods were dead, they had failed to find a god willing to accept them. Even so, that did not signify that they were a tribe anyone could make a fool out of.

“This is already the third scammer we have encountered this month, right?” The huge monkey was furious.


His powerful attack started to descend. “Level 10 awakened!”
Chen Feng sank into a solemn mood as he saw this attack. No, this was not merely a level 10 awakened. This fellow’s strength had far surpassed a regular peak awakened one. He was several times more powerful than one, and with his terrifying strength, he was capable of delivering a crushing defeat to everyone in the awakened realm.

Chen Feng’s instinctive reaction was to unleash his ability.
However, he kept that on hold.

Peak… awakened realm?

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes started to dart around.


The peak-awakened attack slammed toward him. Lightly, Chen Feng held his hand out and pointed at the huge fist. Bang!

A dreadful power surged out. Instantly, that huge monkey was blasted somewhere 100 meters away, leaving behind a long mark on the ground from the drag. The sight was truly rather alarming.

The huge monkey dared not believe this. This weak monkey- like life-form before him had actually blocked his attack with a single finger? In truth, even Chen Feng himself was alarmed. This feeling… Something seemed wrong. Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed at a certain realization.

When the huge monkey’s attack had reached him, Chen Feng had been able to sense how powerful the attack was. That was why he had counterattacked without hesitation. Never had he expected… Chen Feng’s heart thumped rapidly. In the awakened realm, the maximum level was 10. So long as one reached level 10, one would be able to resonate with a godly power and enter the resonance realm. As for those without a god, like these monkeys here, they would be stuck in this realm forever. Even if this tribe of herculean apes had inborn godly power, they were still incapable of ascending into the resonance realm. Yet Chen Feng’s attack earlier had been equivalent to the attack of a level
25 awakened, if such a level existed.

“How is this possible?”
Chen Feng felt doubtful. He was clear on his own strength. In fact, he was only at level 5 awakened. This was his current level. Even after the multiple huge battles he had participated in, he had only reached level 5 awakened. He had been relying too much on his godly power, resulting in the negligence of his awakened level.

Even now, he had only unleashed his very own strength due to a lack of godly power. However, why had he unleashed an attack with the might of a level 25 awakened while he was still a level 5 awakened?

Chen Feng was confused. Apart from certain tribes with innate abilities, the strength of awakened ones was rather consistent in general. Level 10 awakened would generally be around 10 times stronger than level 1 awakened. Furthermore, this was the limit of the realm. The only reason this huge monkey was stronger than other level 10 awakened ones was because of the innate strength his tribe was born with. Thanks to that, he was able to unleash the might equivalent to a level 20 awakened. And yet, he had been instantly defeated by Chen Feng with a single finger.

“Are… you… a real god?”
The huge monkey was shaken. He had not sensed any godly power from the attack earlier. This showed that this life-form before him had merely used his own strength to casually point his finger and, with that finger, the huge monkey had nearly been killed. Such a feat was something even a resonator could not accomplish, since the only superiority a resonator had over an awakened one was the godly power they had at their disposal. This fellow before them… was a god!

“Nope.” Chen Feng turned around and started to leave. Since his strength had recovered, he had no intention of being the leader of a bunch of monkeys. What he wanted to do now was ascertain the reason he was so powerful, then think of a way to rescue humanity from the eyeball of the Sin God.


The herculean apes watched his departure with disappointment.

Suddenly, the huge monkey asked, “In that case… are you interested in ascending to godhood?”

At this question, Chen Feng’s heart shuddered. Godhood? He stopped his steps. From the huge monkey’s solemn expression, he did not seem to be kidding around.

Chen Feng concentrated his gaze as he asked, “You have a way to achieve that?” The huge monkey nodded resolutely. “Mhm.” Shortly after, he paused and spoke solemnly. “To be precise, all life-forms are capable of ascension. However, the difficulty level is too high. I once attempted to do so. However, I failed. But if you were the one to attempt it…” The huge monkey’s gaze burned.


Chen Feng’s curiosity was piqued. Thanks to the huge monkey’s explanation, he finally gained true understanding of this new era. This was the era of the Sin God alone. After imprisoning the humans as a supply of godly power for himself, he had no longer had any misgivings and had directly transformed the entire world.

The entire planet had been reverted back to the Primordial Era. Even the starry sky was no longer the same. This planet’s sky was forever shrouded by the godly power of sin. The entire sky was blotted with dots of light. These dots of light were not as dazzling as the stars that once spread across this sky. However, each of these dots of light was akin to a seed waiting to be unearthed. These were the seeds of godhood! This was the handiwork of the Sin God. All the dead gods were hung in the sky, allowing all life-forms to comprehend the power contained within. Anyone who gained godly power from the comprehension would be able to reach godhood immediately.

This was an era where anyone could become a god. During the Primordial Era, there had been numerous gods. The ones that had awakened during the Genetic Era were less than even 10 percent of the total gods that had once existed. This small amount of gods had subsequently been tricked by Chen Feng into entering the alien world.

Even with the Sin God waking gods up without stop, he had ultimately only managed to awaken a pitiful 3,000 gods. Moreover, these gods were the incredibly weak ones, those so weak that they had failed to awaken during the Genetic Era. As such, the comprehensive strength of this world was way too weak.

That was what had led to the Sin God changing the laws of the world, opening up the path of ascension. So long as one was strong enough, anyone could enter godhood, becoming a god. “Godhood…”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. He had a wondrous feeling. Even without the Luck Goddess helping him, everything had still progressed so smoothly. It was precisely due to him causing so many gods to fall with his scam that the Sin God had done this, as the gods had been weakened too greatly.

This guy…
Chen Feng had a pensive look.

In the past, the Sin God had wanted to conquer the entire world. After his defeat at the hands of the Creation God, he had opted to create his own twin-horns world instead. However, that world had been too weak. As such, he had ultimately set his sights on this world. Ultimately, the entire world had been annexed. The world that the Creation God had used his own life to improve had been nothing but a gift to the Sin God. Was the present Sin God imitating the Creation God in his quest to make this world stronger? Nope. The only reason he was even trying to awaken these gods or to create more gods was because he could not fully operate this world by himself.
In fact, this was quite simple. If the twin-horns world was a small company and the Sin God was the chairman, then the current Sin God was like someone who had suddenly been hired to be the chairman of a major international company. Was he truly qualified for this new task? Could he truly perform satisfactorily?

This was the problem the Sin God had encountered. His understanding of this world was far below the Creation God’s. That coupled with the fall of so many gods had caused the Sin God to only barely be able to keep this world operational. Three thousand gods was far too low an amount to assist him in operating this world.

As such, he required more gods. It would be even better if he could gather a hundred thousand gods, like the Creation God had done in the past. This would guarantee the perfect operation of his world. Only at that time would the Sin God be truly considered to have fully conquered this world. “Godhood, eh?”
Chen Feng lifted his head. Suddenly, he had a feeling that the sky up there was infinitely close to him.
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