The Strongest Gene Chapter 731-740

Chapter 731: The Somewhat Awkward God-Slaying Process

Spirit had returned. In a way, this version of the Luck Goddess was incomplete. However, it did not matter. As far as Chen Feng was concerned, this was the true Luck Goddess, since she was Spirit. This alone was sufficient for him.

“Will she still return?” Chen Feng asked softly.

“Mmm…” Spirit gave it some thought. “I guess so?”
No matter what, the Luck Goddess was the Luck Goddess. Just as the Misfortune Goddess had mentioned, even if it would take a very long time, a day would arrive where she once again descended upon this world.

Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Spirit had only remained because the Luck Goddess had thoroughly separated and sealed the emotions belonging to Spirit. If, the next time the Luck Goddess returned, she fused with Spirit, any death would probably result in Spirit’s death as well. That was because the two of them were essentially one.

“Let me think about it.” Chen Feng regarded the Spirit before him as he vowed to think of a solution for this. He had no intention of keeping a time bomb by his side at all times. It would be way too dangerous for his liking. Mhm… Perhaps he could use a simple method capable of solving everything, such as… making a bunch of babies?

This method was incredibly attractive. However, Chen Feng was sure that the moment the Luck Goddess returned and found out, considering how ruthless she was, she would do everything in her power to kill Chen Feng. Therefore, he needed to focus on suppressing her return.

“Let me think. If your consciousnesses were essentially one to begin with…”
Chen Feng had a pensive look as he contemplated. Spirit and the Luck Goddess were unlike those clones. The two of them were essentially one, and therefore, so long as Spirit was alive, the Luck Goddess could return at any time. This was the most terrifying aspect.

This signified that… the Luck Goddess was in fact contained within Spirit? Or perhaps… Chen Feng sank into yet another round of contemplation.

Spirit opened her eyes wide and regarded Chen Feng. “Little master?”
“Yes, I have an idea.” Chen Feng had thought of an extremely simple solution: filling her up! Essentially, if the Luck Goddess was a consciousness that had transformed into countless particles after being destroyed and was hidden within Spirit’s consciousness, what if Spirit’s consciousness was all filled up? In his previous world, this had been one of the methods that could be used to prevent the recovery of deleted data.

In his previous world, anything deleted from a phone or computer could be easily retrieved. This had also been the source of all those leaked xx videos. Those tech noobs hadn’t known that the so-called deletion of data was in fact not true deletion, even after emptying the recycle bin. This was similar to the eventual recovery of Luck Goddess.

However, if, after deleting the data, one filled the storage with lots of dummy data… depending on the circumstances, the previous data could be truly irrecoverable. This could similarly apply to the Luck Goddess. His intention was to stuff Spirit full so as to thoroughly erase the consciousness of the Luck Goddess.

“Let me transmit some data to you,”  Chen Feng muttered. “However,  do  not  try  reading  or  understanding  it.  Within, there will be lots of repeating data. Just ignore it all. And don’t delete it either. Let it fill your mind for now.”
“All right,” Spirit agreed blankly.

“Only start deleting data when it gets to the point that you can no longer hold any additional data,” Chen Feng said.

Spirit nodded. “All right.” “Well then…”  Chen Feng pointed at her forehead. “Let us begin.”

A huge volume of data surged into her mind. All of Chen Feng’s experiences, everything he had seen and read, all the movies he had seen, numerous truths, imaginations, and illusions—everything was stuffed into Spirit’s mind. Within was also a huge amount of repeating data. Instantly, everything was unleashed into Spirit.

“Ah—” Spirit clasped her head, an expression of pain on her face. However, a goddess was still a goddess, after all. She was still able to resist the pain. Chen Feng had pushed his spiritual energy to the maximum and duplicated all the data a thousand times, yet Spirit was still able to endure and did not seem to have reached her limit.

Chen Feng: “…” So strong? He had initially imagined that Spirit would not be able to take in all this. Surprisingly, he had instead failed to fill her up. Exactly how strong was the consciousness of a god?

“In that case…” Chen Feng took in a deep breath. Earlier, he had transmitted only half of his life to Spirit. After all, there was still a huge amount of data that he felt was unsuitable for Spirit’s eyes. However, it no longer mattered now. At a time like this, he had to give it everything he could.


The other half of his life was duplicated a thousand times, then dumped into Spirit.


It entered Spirit like a storm. Apart from the pain, there was also an odd expression on Spirit’s face. That was because, this time, there was a lot of messy data being transmitted to her, including a huge amount of data with “unique labels.” Fortunately, after this trump card of Chen Feng’s, Spirit’s consciousness was finally stuffed full. Endless data filled every corner of Spirit’s mind in a chaotic manner, not leaving any empty space.

With this, the data—or perhaps imprint—of the Luck Goddess that was hidden within Spirit’s consciousness was finally erased by the huge amount of data Chen Feng had flooded Spirit with. And thus, the Luck Goddess was officially dead.

“Very good.”  Chen Feng was extremely pleased. “Done,”  he told Spirit.

“Mhm…” She covered her pained expression and said, “Deleting repeating data.” Out of the thousand copies, 999 were deleted. Instantly, a huge portion of Spirit’s mind and consciousness were cleared, freeing her from the pain.

“Repeats?”  Chen Feng had a bad premonition. “Hey, Spirit, delete everything.”
Spirit pouted. “No way. Hmph, now, let me take a look at what you sent me earlier…”
Chen Feng tried stopping her. “No, don’t look!”
“Huh?” Spirit’s eyes went wide as she saw the special labels Chen Feng had sent her earlier. Mhm… Western, Japanese, Korean…??? What… Chen Feng had actually sent her this ?

Spirit was infuriated when she saw all this. “You…”
“Cough, cough.” Chen Feng had an awkward expression. “I had no choice. I didn’t expect a god’s consciousness to be so powerful.”
“Even so, why do these occupy half of all the data you have?” Spirit asked with her eyes wide open wide, glaring at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng coughed. “I’m a man. A hot-blooded male youth will always have numerous fantasies…”
Spirit snorted.”Hmph.”
In fact, Chen Feng hadn’t just sent the videos he had actually seen. In order to truly erase the Luck Goddess, Chen Feng had also included the scenes he himself had imagined and dreamed up. Mhm… For example, back when he had seen the prettiest girl in his school, numerous fantasies had cropped up in his mind. He had acted as a director, producing numerous lovely scenes, from romance to “action,” all played out in his mind alone. On top of that, there were numerous cuts from various point of views as well. This was what he was most embarrassed about. Compared to these, his Western, Japanese, and Korean collections were nothing. Mhm… As Spirit explored the collection, she found numerous imagined scenes with Wang Yao… Huh? Why… was even Ming Yue in there??? Spirit found this unbelievable.

“Erm… that… was only there due to my adoration toward beauty,” Chen Feng explained. “Yes, that’s why.”
Spirit continued browsing, and next, she saw it: herself! From their first encounter, when she had been naked, until their final moments in the dark room. Mhm… Numerous scenes were available. Although Chen Feng had always maintained a dignified and calm expression during the training sessions in the dark room, the truth was that he was, after all, still a hot-blooded youth. As such, during that period, he had also self-directed numerous “scenes” in his mind.

Chen Feng: “…” Spirit: “…”
The Misfortune Goddess: “…”

The world seemed to have sunk into silence. The mood had become extremely awkward.

Chapter 732: East-Coast Incident

“You are truly…” By this point, Spirit was already thoroughly speechless. It seemed like she had still underestimated this little master of hers.

Good gracious, what exactly goes on within that head of his? Look at all these messy thoughts of his! How I longed… No, how embarrassing!

“Therefore, I suggest you delete all those,”  Chen Feng said with a sigh.

“Fine.” Spirit rolled her eyes and deleted all the data. As for what she had already seen, she could do nothing about it, since they were already part of her memory now.

“Good.”  Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. “As for you and the Misfortune Goddess…”
“Hold on!” Spirit was halfway through the deletion when she recalled something. “You wouldn’t have… with the Misfortune Goddess as well…”
Chen Feng: “…”
The Misfortune Goddess: “…”
“Erm.” With a sigh, Chen Feng said, “I am not a stallion.
Besides, I do not even know what she looks like.”
“Oh.” Spirit hesitantly accepted this explanation.

The Misfortune Goddess: “…”
It was at this point that she vowed to never show Chen Feng her true appearance. The fantasies a human was capable of having were way too terrifying. It was said that not even gods could escape the wild fantasies of humanity.

“Let us first leave this place,” Chen Feng said. “All right.”
Instantly, Chen Feng vanished where he stood. This place had just experienced a huge battle. Despite the leftover traces of godly aura lingering here, this place would most certainly become one of the favorite locations for adventurers in the near future, especially for those that had not yet awakened. The leftover traces from the battle here and the imprints and carvings left behind from the battle could very well be a source of inspiration for those people, enabling them to grow stronger.


Chen Feng’s body flickered as he moved speedily. After reaching a safe place, he started reviewing his present condition, placing emphasis on the two goddesses he now had by his side. At present, only three deities had awakened, and he had a monopoly on two of them.

Although Spirit had returned, due to the destruction of her physical body, Spirit had ultimately returned to Chen Feng’s body, staying within the illusory world within him. As for the Misfortune Goddess, she was still staying within that pen, staying by Chen Feng’s side.

With a light wave, godly power rippled out. That was the godly power of luck.
Upon Spirit’s return, she had given full authority to Chen Feng over the power of the Luck Goddess. In a sense, Spirit was the new Luck Goddess, even if she was now incredibly weak, similar to the Misfortune Goddess. However, she had given Chen Feng the highest authority over her power, allowing him access to the highest level of the godly power of luck. This was a completely different power than luck value. It was much stronger and much more wondrous.

He waved his hand once again. This time, the godly power of misfortune rippled out. “I can now use both luck and misfortune.”
He was overjoyed. What were the limitations of the godly power of luck? Conversion to misfortune! To do this, the exhaustion rate would triple or even go up to ten times the original amount required. It almost wasn’t worth it. Despite such a great exhaustion rate, the might wasn’t necessarily excellent. There were certain unique circumstances that were even fundamentally unachievable by way of luck conversion, as proven by the Luck Goddess’s defeat when she had been using the misfortune power she had obtained through conversion.

If her misfortune power had been stronger or she had been able to reduce her exhaustion rate… perhaps she would have been the final survivor of that encounter. As for the godly power of misfortune, the same applied when it was converted into luck. These were two completely overlapping yet different powers. As such, achieving the opposite effect would only work occasionally.

Yet now… Chen Feng spread both his hands out. Next, a faint godly power started seething from both his hands. He had now obtained a power that nobody else, not even the gods, could obtain. In his left hand was luck, while in his right hand was misfortune. Mhm…   He pondered it for a while before
exchanging the positions, emanating misfortune from his left
hand and luck from his right hand.

“Chen Feng!” Spirit’s crisp voice sounded as she warned him, “Do not think of doing strange things with your right hand.”
Chen Feng: “…”
What the hell? He rolled his eyes.

He felt like the huge amount of data he had overloaded Spirit with had polluted her mind. Every single time she looked at him now, there was an odd gleam in her eyes… This had to be karma. Chen Feng shrugged helplessly. Right at this moment, he suddenly heard a roar. “Chen Feng! Chen, Chen, Chen, Chen, Chen, Chen… Feng… Feng!”
An intermittent roar could be heard.


Chen Feng slapped his head as he recalled that this was the manual long distance communicator of the ancients, one that relied on the user howling.

“Yes, I’m here,” he replied.

“Ao—Genetic    Union…     distress…     We…     East    Coast… discovered huge dragon… chasing after a lizard… All buildings destroyed… Please take care of this.”
“Enemy’s strength is unknown. The 10 awakened ones we sent were all eliminated… The residents there displaced… Please deal with it as soon as possible…” The message came intermittently. From the looks of it, this seemed to be a message sent by the deputy president. However, after listening to it, Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. Huge dragon? Lizard? It couldn’t be those two, right?

Chen Feng sighed. He had initially believed that after killing the lizard, the dragon would go back to rest. Surprisingly, that lizard was actually so tenacious, able to keep fleeing all the way to the East Coast. Holy shit, they had crossed half the planet! How amazing!

His initial plan had not involved this dragon and this damnable lizard. As such, despite his mission being a success, two outside variables had come into existence. As such…
His head ached. “How should I deal with them?”
“Why  not  try  contacting  Duma?”   Spirit  proposed.  “He specializes in dealing with such matters, right?”
In her mind, Duma was like an undertaker… No no, he was like a caretaker, handling all sorts of affairs, with emphasis on 
“Let me try.”
Chen Feng tried contacting Duma.

Duma’s voice was as calm as ever, giving off a sense of reliability. “Yes?”
“I discovered something from the Primordial Era and am hoping that you can deal with it,” Chen Feng said.

“Sure thing,” Duma replied steadily. After all, he specialized in dealing with anything primordial. Since the descent of the primordial, he had in fact handled quite a number of things. “Time, venue, and species?” he asked briefly.

“The  time  is  today,  the  venue  is  East  Coast,  as  for  the species…”  Chen Feng paused before continuing, “Primordial dragon.” 
Suddenly, no sound could be heard from the other side. After a long time, a grudge-filled voice sounded, “Primordial dragon? Excuse me, are you referring to the primordial dragons that, during the Primordial Era, were able to easily kill resonators and were no weaker than even some gods?”
“I… guess so?” Chen Feng replied cautiously.

“…Bye.” Duma ended the call with no hesitation. What kind of joke was that? A primordial dragon? Up till now, all he had handled were those who had recently awakened. The strongest of them had been a mere level-one resonator. And now he was required to deal with a primordial dragon? A god slayer?

Chen Feng howled until his throat was sore. “Old Du? Old Du? Old turtle? Old bastard turtle?” Alas, no reply whatsoever came.

Chapter 733: Salvation and Damnation

“That old man…” Chen Feng curled his lips and said to Spirit, “Look, I knew he wouldn’t be willing to deal with this. After all, this is not as simple as cleaning up after someone’s mess like he has been doing.”
Just as he finished his words…

Duma’s voice sounded, “Chen Feng!”
Chen Feng was somewhat astonished. “Huh?”
Duma spoke calmly. “I truly can’t help you with this. While both the primordial dragons and I are considered primordial races, the dragons innately counter all other primordial life- forms. If I truly go over, I will almost certainly be turned into some sort of tonic for the dragon.” “Mhm…” Chen Feng sank into silence. He gave it some thought and agreed that turtles could indeed be a rather nutritious food.

“In short, I am not able to help you with this. However, I can give  you  some  advice  on  how  to  deal  with  this,”   Duma muttered.

“Please tell me,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“I sensed the rise of a god. Apart from the Luck Goddess, I think a different god has also reappeared. From the location and the scope of the aura, I reckon it is the Forest Goddess. If you can get her to help, perhaps that dragon can be dealt with,” Duma said.

Chen Feng rejected this notion without any hesitation. “Not possible.” What joke was this? After inserting the pen into her, now he had to go looking for help? Chen Feng was sure that he would die miserably if he did that. Moreover, he would probably get killed in an extremely creative manner. One ought to remember that this Forest Goddess had been fierce enough to be able to kill even the Luck Goddess. Him being the main culprit who had inserted something into her… Mhm… The mere thought caused Chen Feng to tremble in fear. Life was a beautiful thing. He still wished to continue living on.

“Fine.” Duma found this understandable. After all, gods were not beings one could easily meet. “Well, you’ll have to think of something else, then. Earlier, I asked the deputy president about this. Originally, there was a little town there on the East Coast. With the help of awakened ones, the residents there have already been relocated. Therefore, we can transform that place into a battlefield for the dragon to fight the lizard, so as to not cause any disturbances to the mainland.

“How  goes  the  battle?”   Chen  Feng  asked.  He  had  no communicator. As such, he could not check himself.

“Rather intense.” Duma spoke calmly. “Although the lizard is already seriously wounded and is in a rather sorry state, the lizard is still capable of holding on. After all, his lizard bloodline is one of the primordial races, the descendant of the primordial dragons that abandoned all other draconic abilities, leaving behind only the restorative ability of the dragons. Moreover, the lizards even developed further in this aspect. As such, their present restorative ability has already exceeded the dragons’. Therefore, the more of a beating it takes, the stronger it will get. Perhaps we can give the lizard some assistance. So long as he can survive the attacks of the dragon, he will grow stronger as the fight goes on. Ultimately, the dragon might be the one defeated instead. This is also a good opportunity for us.”
“Mhm…” Chen Feng found this agreeable. Duma’s reasoning was very acceptable. However, Chen Feng had an odd feeling. “Even  with  such  great  restorative  ability,  can  a  lizard  even defeat a dragon?”
Duma explained, “Indeed, a regular lizard would not be able to do so. However, this particular lizard is rather unique. He has an extremely unique bloodline and absorbed way too many lizard-related genes during the Genetic Era, causing his primordial bloodline to undergo numerous transformations, making him sufficiently powerful to contend against a primordial dragon.”
Chen Feng gained understanding. “I see.”
“It’s good that you understand,” Duma said. Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “Understand my ass. Who do you think you are tricking?”
These words could be used to trick others. However, wasn’t it somewhat excessive to use them on Chen Feng as well? The hell with the so-called primordial bloodline. How big was the gap between a dragon and a lizard? It was so big that the moment Long Yue saw the dragon, he had fled without any hesitation. Yet now Duma was trying to tell him that after going through numerous transformations, the lizard was now similar in strength to the dragon? Was this supposed to be a joke?

“I am telling the truth. It’s just that Long Yue himself is not aware of this fact,” Duma said with a sigh.

Chen Feng sneered. “How did you find out, then?”
For Duma to be clearer than Long Yue himself on Long Yue’s strength? This was totally not believable. Duma let out a bitter smile. “I know this because… I am the one who modified Long Yue.”
“What?” Chen Feng’s eyes went wide. Holy shit!

Chen Feng had an incredulous look. “You modified him?”
“Ah.”  With  a  sigh,  Duma  said,  “The  Primordial  Era  had already ended, and a friend of mine from the Primordial Era had died. Right before his death, he gave me the essence of his life force, something he had created after years of painstaking research, something capable of allowing the lizards to fight primordial dragons. He had entrusted me with looking for someone with a dragon bloodline to pass this on to for him. And so, on that fateful day when I was out and about, I stumbled upon Long Yue…”

Chen Feng was speechless. In short, after his battle with Long Yue back then, Duma had come? And next… he had transformed the dead Long Yue into the current Long Yue? Chen Feng rubbed his head. “Fine. Even if it is as you say, that you gave Long Yue a sufficient amount of strength, how are you so sure that he will not come looking for either you or me for revenge?”
He recalled how Long Yue’s relationship with both of them wasn’t exactly harmonious.

“I left my own imprint within him.” Duma was filled with confidence. “Back then, in order to hasten his absorption and recovery speed, he not only absorbed the inheritance of the lizard. He also absorbed my blood… As such, his life is well under my control.”
Chen Feng nodded. “That’s good, then.”  Since the plan had been decided, it was now time to act on it. They would assist Long Yue in killing that damnable primordial dragon. However, before Chen Feng could even arrive, he could already see numerous streaks of light shooting toward the East Coast.

Swish! Swish! The auras emanating from these streaks proved the identities of these people. Each of them was a resonator.

Chen Feng frowned. “These people again.” He pondered the matter before asking, “Duma, I have a question I have always wanted to ask. How many resonators existed during the Primordial Era?”
“Resonators? Let me think about it. During the Primordial Era, there were a lot of gods around. Each of the gods had a huge number of resonators. In total…” Duma started thinking deeply, trying to figure out what the total number was. At this point, Chen Feng had already sunk into silence. In short, there were so many resonators around that being a resonator was in fact nothing special?

“Although the resonators are powerful, they are nothing in face of the myriad species existing during the Primordial Era. With such a huge population, it wasn’t odd for there to be a lot of resonators around as well, right?” Duma answered Chen Feng doubtfully. “No, not odd.” Chen Feng rubbed his head. True, he had nearly forgotten that during that era, any life-form could ascend… An example was Duma, an ascended turtle…
“There are a lot of resonators awake now. However, there are more of them still in slumber. With the awakening of the Forest Goddess and her godly aura reappearing in this world, I reckon a huge number of resonators will yet again awaken. The ones who are rushing over now are probably those who awakened recently, during the Forest Goddess’s awakening. These fellows are impatient to regain their strength. As such, they will most definitely get involved in this battle, trying to gain some benefits for themselves,” Duma said with a solemn expression.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Is that so?” The plan that was supposed to proceed smoothly had descended into chaos thanks to these resonators. Despite that, a smile formed on Chen Feng’s face. Chaos was exactly what he loved most.

Shua! A faint godly power pulsed out of him as Chen Feng instantly vanished where he stood. Wherever he walked, a world of two halves was left behind. In one half, everything flourished, even the weeds growing up to five meters tall. In the other half, everything withered, transforming into a land of death.

Salvation and damnation, so sharply defined.

Chapter 734: Surprises Are Always So Pleasant

Above a certain summit, an old man was gazing at the sky.
After a long time, a sigh resounded.

A youngster around 13 or 14 years old walked out. “Old man, it is time for you to take a rest.”
“I’m afraid a calamity is arriving,” the old man muttered.

The youngster curled his lips. “Is it not here already?” With the descent of the primordial, this world was no longer as it had been. They had been staying here for so many years and had personally witnessed this event, a calamity-like event.

The old man shook his head, a trace of fear apparent in his eyes. “No, it is different. Even the descent of the primordial only brought the present era into a dark age. This time, what I felt was… true ruination!” Is that so? The youth’s expression became solemn as he heard this. He knew that this old man would not lie. He was also aware that this old man never feared anything. However, this time, he was able to see fear in this old man, and for the very first time, he heard this old man use that term: ruination. What exactly was coming?

Suddenly, the youngster laughed. “Things are getting more and more interesting, no?”

At the same time, on a certain planet far away, numerous squads had been assembled. Each of them was radiating an intense killing intent. The target of this group of people was the human world.

“We must kill the humans!”
“Yes, we must kill them!” A certain old man with a pair of horns on his head was rousing the crowd. “Think back to that day. A lot of us were having a jolly good time at home when, suddenly, a comet appeared, almost blasting us to oblivion. If Lord God had not appeared, all of us would be dead now. From this, the
ruthlessness of the humans is apparent. Therefore, we can only truly enjoy life after humanity is fully gone. We must eliminate humanity!”
The twin-horns members that heard this all surged with emotion. However, a certain individual instead frowned, as he kept getting a familiar feeling from the lines the old man was saying. Mhm… This old man was probably pirating the lines of others yet again.

“In short, this time, our goal is the human world,” the old man declared.

Everyone was surging with emotion. In truth, there was no need for such a declaration. That comet alone had already been sufficient to plant fear toward humanity in the hearts of the twin-horns race.

And subsequently, after figuring out the real strength of the human world from Chen Feng’s leftover stuff, everyone had become excited. Humans, hehe… No different than lambs waiting for slaughter.

“Earlier, I tried divining the actual strength of humanity. If the humans were truly that strong, I would not have been able to obtain any results from my divination. Yet this time, through the gift bequeathed by Lord God, I saw the future of humanity, I saw them on the edge of destruction… Hehe, in the not-so-distant future, the humans will face a calamity capable of destroying their entire race. What could be the reason for that?” The old man started cackling wildly.

“Because of us! Because of the twin-horns race!”  everyone howled.

“That’s right! Let us lead the humans to their destruction! Let us transmit the will of our lord to every corner of that world. Let those damnable humans tremble in despair!”  The old man howled with laughter.

“Preparations completed.”
“Coordinates orientation?”
“Splendid.”   The  high-spirited  old  man  pointed  at  the teleportation portal that had appeared midair. “Well then, let us sally forth!”

The numerous twin-horns members entered the portal. Human world, here we come!

In the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was observing the battle on the East Coast. That primordial dragon was indeed powerful. With utmost ease, it was able to destroy numerous skyscrapers and buildings. As for Long Yue, he could do nothing but receive the beating. His entire body was drenched in blood, constantly hovering at the edge of death.

Chen Feng frowned. “He can’t last any longer?”
The deputy president sighed. “This is the issue.”
“Oh?” Chen Feng was doubtful.

The deputy president shrugged. “Long Yue has persisted in this manner for over three hours.” Chen Feng: “…”
Three hours? This guy sure was capable of taking a beating. However, after studying Long Yue’s condition and making a rough assessment with his godly power of luck, Chen Feng concluded that this guy had truly reached his limit.

“Are those energy cannons still there on the East Coast?” Chen Feng asked.

The deputy president immediately replied, “Yes.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Very good. Produce a super-huge gene reagent and shoot it into Long Yue’s body.”
“Oh…” The deputy president smiled bitterly. “Will we not suffer an attack if we do that?”
The only reason they had been able to peacefully watch this battle was because they had not interfered with it and had allowed those two to fight as they wished. The moment they interfered…
Chen Feng shook his head. “Don’t worry. That dragon is an intelligent life-form, after all. It isn’t that stupid. If we only attack Long Yue, the dragon will not attack us.”
“Fine.” The deputy president did as he had been told. Chen Feng got the people of the Gene Production Association and the Research Agency to work together and produce a super-huge penetrating bullet containing a huge amount of healing gene reagents.

“To ensure that the dragon won’t find out what we are doing, we will not heal any of the lizard’s external wounds. We only need to ensure the lizard’s vitality remains at peak level. That will be sufficient,”  Chen Feng ordered. In truth, even though this sounded like a rather complicated gene reagent, it was in fact nothing but a stimulant. A stimulant produced with the technology of the Genetic Era would probably be able to ensure this lizard remain standing for a very long time. Naturally, to avoid the dragon’s detection, Chen Feng had thought of an even better method. On the East Coast, just as the battle was progressing, a loud sound suddenly resounded, attracting the attention of the dragon and lizard. In the next instant, an immense beam of light pierced through the lizard.

A miserable shriek resounded. “Ah—” Long Yue screamed miserably as the beam pierced through him, but shortly after, he found something odd. Whatever it was that had been shot at him had fused with his body and was healing him rapidly.

Long Yue was astonished. Those fellows were helping him? However, he was, after all, still a human. He was able to understand their intention here. Despite his seething hatred toward a certain individual, he had to accept this assistance. As for Chen Feng… Long Yue would think about it after this battle.


After recovering, Long Yue charged forth once again. The primordial dragon could feel a change in Long Yue. With doubt, the dragon looked over at the cannon. One should never look down on the intelligence of a primordial dragon. In a way, their intelligence was no lower than a human’s.

Just as he was staring at the cannon, causing everyone to be nervous, numerous war drones rose suddenly, targeting Long Yue.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A terrifying wave of attacks descended. Each of the attacks appeared incredibly powerful, leaving numerous scorched spots on Long Yue’s body when they landed, giving him a rather desperate appearance.

The deputy president stared ahead. “It has started.”  They had attacked with energy weapons, and this was already the strongest attack they could pull off with their weaponry. In order to eliminate the dragon’s doubt, they had no choice but to let Long Yue receive these attacks. Naturally, thanks to the gene reagent they had shot at Long Yue earlier, he was now resistant to energy attacks. However… “I wonder if Long Yue will be willing to cooperate with us.” The deputy president was extremely anxious.

“He will,” Chen Feng said coldly. “If he wants to survive, he has no choice but to cooperate with us.”
Just as he finished his words, a mournful scream resounded.

Long Yue started screaming miserably. With this, the attention of the primordial dragon was shifted from his doubt toward the humans.

“Success!” Everyone was overjoyed.

The deputy president appeared rather gratified. “Long Yue is indeed cooperating.” Chen Feng was somewhat doubtful. “This scream is too real, right?” Could it be that this fellow was actually an extremely talented actor whose talent had remained undiscovered due to this era? His acting ability was truly incredible. Next, Chen Feng glanced over at the screen. Instantly, his heart chilled at what he saw. Those bastards. He had indeed told them to attack as they wished. However, was there a need to aim straight at the lizard’s chrysanthemum?

A berserk howl thundered. “Howl!”  Long Yue glared at the local Genetic Union branch with fury, his killing intent spilling out.

Chen Feng gazed at the bleeding chrysanthemum. The plan had just started, yet they had already encountered a small mishap…

Chapter 735: The Change Is Better Than the Initial Plan

Their plan was quite simple. Based on what Duma had said, his old friend had spent a lifetime researching healing and regenerative abilities. As such, the lizard bloodline he had left behind had an incredibly powerful fleshy body. So long as the potential of the body was unleashed, it would be sufficient to defeat even a dragon. Therefore, so long as Long Yue was transformed into a lizard and stayed transformed long enough for his body to adapt to the bloodline, all would be fine. This sounded so simple.

Alas, a mishap had still happened in this seemingly fool- proof plan.

The furious Long Yue, with his bleeding chrysanthemum, leaped up, pounced on the stage, and destroyed the cannon there. Along the way, the entire building collapsed. Everyone sank into silence. This did not seem to be part of their plan? Chen Feng sighed. “You guys have attacked too viciously.” Those guys had fired the cannon straight at his chrysanthemum. How was that even a fake attack? That was definitely a fatal attack. In fact, Chen Feng wouldn’t have been surprised even if Long Yue had been killed by that single attack. After all, he had yet to fully activate his lizard bloodline.

One of the staffers there pointed at the screen in a flustered manner. “Look.”
Everyone looked over, and instantly, their expressions sank. On the screen, it could be seen that Long Yue had soared up and was charging toward the local Genetic Union branch. Evidently, he was planning to kill them now. The East Coast branch wasn’t too far from the battlefield. If Long Yue’s attack reached them…

Everyone paled. With the cannon gone, they had no way of contending against Long Yue. However, surprisingly, it was at this instant that a huge figure appeared right before Long Yue arrived at the East Coast branch, blocking Long Yue’s attack that was aimed toward the Genetic Union.

That was precisely the primordial dragon.

The dragon seemed rather pleased with the Genetic Union’s performance thus far. He glanced over in the direction of the Genetic Union, a praising look in his eyes, evidently rather interested in the Genetic Union’s previous chrysanthemum- blasting attack.

“Piss off!” Long Yue shouted furiously.

After the fatal attack he had received, Long Yue was now consumed by anger. With the combination of his past hatred and the new grudge he had with them, he vowed to eliminate the Genetic Union. Whoever dared get in the way of his revenge, he would eliminate.

Bang! Bang!

At this moment, the gene reagent he had been injected with started working. A never-ending source of power was given to him. However, the primordial dragon did not care and stopped Long Yue’s attacks without stop, smashing Long Yue onto the ground without stop. At this moment, the terrifying strength of the dragon was revealed.

The people of the Genetic Union were rather dumbstruck at this new development. This plot did not seem right. Their initial plan had been to help Long Yue fight the dragon. How had it changed to the dragon helping them against Long Yue?

“…” When Duma heard about this, the first person he doubted  was  Chen  Feng.  “Have  you  been  using  your  godly power again?”
After all, he was clear on Chen Feng’s identity. “How is that possible?” Chen Feng was truly innocent here. Since the primordial dragon was so powerful, the moment he used the godly power of the weakened Misfortune Goddess or Luck Goddess against the dragon, he would definitely be discovered. As such, Chen Feng dared not use them on the dragon. Even if he used them, he would only use them on Long Yue. His initial plan had indeed been to help Long Yue a bit with luck after Long Yue’s recovery. Unexpectedly, things had developed this way instead.

“Can you still control the lizard?” Chen Feng asked.

Duma smiled bitterly. “I don’t know. I originally had rather great confidence in it, but due to the intense provocation the lizard has suffered, his emotions are very unstable now. I can’t be sure if I can still control him or not. You guys… attacked too viciously.”
Duma felt rather helpless.

Unstable? Chen Feng glanced over at the lizard. The hatred emanating out of this fellow’s eyes indeed seemed real. He had a deep hatred toward the Genetic Union, Chen Feng, Duma, and even the entirety of humanity. A person like this would be too difficult to control. Moreover, even if they were able to control him, after he fully awakened his lizard bloodline, would everything truly be fine? Not quite. Therefore, they might as well…
Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly, and he didn’t hesitate. “Kill him! The primordial dragon is much intelligent than we imagined. Moreover, it has kindly reciprocated our attack toward Long Yue. This alone is sufficient. Rather, this Long Yue is the one incapable of separating friends and enemies… Since that’s the case, let us change the plan: kill him first.”
“How about the dragon?” Duma was anxious. It was way too dangerous to allow this fellow, who was in fact equivalent to a god, to roam around during the Genetic Era.

Chen Feng shook his head. “What is there to fear? So long as he leaves the East Coast, he can go roam about anywhere he wants. In any case, the times are changing. Let alone these primordial beasts, it won’t be long before you can find gods everywhere as well. Can you even kill them all?”
Duma sank into silence. True. And thus, the Genetic Union’s plan changed. The initial plan of assisting the lizard against the dragon had changed to assisting the dragon against the lizard.

Chen Feng believed that with sufficient sincerity, with the intelligence the dragon had exhibited previously, he would be much more cooperative than the lizard. Chen Feng had confidence in this.

Chen Feng stood up. “Let me help him.” After all, Long Yue was not one to be killed off so easily. The dragon had been trying to kill him off for so long yet he still remained. Now that the Long Yue had absorbed the gene reagent, he could probably last even longer. This offered no benefit whatsoever to Chen Feng and the rest. “Did you not say that the dragon will notice immediately if you use your godly power?”  Duma warned. The only reason they had even planned all this was because they had been afraid of having their godly powers detected by the dragon.

Chen Feng shook his head. “That was in the past. To bait the fish, we naturally had to avoid the dragon’s detection. However, now that we want to cooperate with him, we have to demonstrate a sufficient level of strength. I intend to show the dragon that us humans have access to godly powers as well!”

Chen Feng stretched his hands out.

From his left hand, faint misfortune power rippled out. From his right hand, faint luck power rippled out.

Chen Feng did not have much godly power left. He had been slowly recovering his godly powers. Therefore, Duma was shocked by his display of using both godly powers at the same time. “What are you planning to do? Don’t you know that using luck and misfortune at the same time will cancel each other out?” Duma reminded Chen Feng.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “Do you think I’m that stupid? If I were to use both on the same target, they would indeed cancel each other out. However, what if I use them on different targets? Heh, the effect will be quite surprising, especially when I use both concurrently.”

He waved both his hands. His godly power waffled out. Without attempting to hide it, his luck power instantly enveloped the primordial dragon. The dragon that was in the midst of battle suddenly looked over at the Genetic Union. Clearly, he had detected this mysterious yet familiar power that caused a certain power within him to grow
stronger. At the same time, he had also detected a rather sinister power enveloping the lizard.

Luck caused the dragon to become even more valiant while misfortune caused the lizard to become even more miserable. These were two completely different powers. On top of that, in this situation, the lizard’s misfortune was in fact the dragon’s luck, and the dragon’s luck was similarly misfortune for the lizard. As such, when both powers were used concurrently, a unique amplification and cycling effect was reached.


At this moment, the dragon erupted with a terrifying strength in an incredibly momentous manner. Instantly, the lizard, Long Yue, was blasted away.

Duma was alarmed. “This…”  He had personally witnessed how Chen Feng had merely lazily and slowly waved both his hands, causing godly power to ripple out. Just like that, the entire battlefield had been transformed. This…

Chapter 736: Hard Selling

Duma was somewhat dumbstruck. Godly power could be used in this manner as well? He should have a deeper understanding of godly power than most people. Luck and misfortune were supposed to be two opposing powers that couldn’t possibly be used together. Yet now… he had witnessed himself how both were used together, resulting in an amplification effect. In fact, this amplification effect had increased the power by about five times, or maybe even more. This was quite a terrifying effect.

With this, the lizard, which had been the disadvantaged side to begin with, was even worse off. Initially, there had been a chance for him to truly recover the inheritance of the lizard bloodline he had within him. Unfortunately, with Chen Feng here, the lizard bloodline was rendered a nonfactor, effectively crippled.

What joke was this? Since the lizard had offended Chen Feng, it still wished to breakthrough? How naive. Soon after, the battle of the East Coast ended. The gigantic primordial dragon stepped on Long Yue’s body until Long Yue was dead. Next, he gazed in the direction of Genetic Union, his gaze profound. Instantly, the people of the Genetic Union became nervous. Right at this instant, a young man stepped onto the battlefield, attracting much attention.

“Honorable lord dragon,”  he said earnestly, “your might is incredibly awe-inspiring. Is it possible for me to be your honor’s disciple?”
“…” The primordial dragon’s gaze landed on that young man’s body. After a long time, the dragon shook his head and said, “You do not have the bloodline of a dragon within you and are thus incapable of enduring the power of my inheritance.”
Everyone gasped in shock. Holy shit, this dragon was capable of speech?

“Hehe.”  Duma sneered in response to their shock, causing them to sink into silence as they recalled that even this turtle here could talk, let alone a primordial dragon…
Chen Feng coughed, as he himself had forgotten that all primordial life-forms possessed intelligence. However, since this dragon was capable of speech, he would be much better to deal with than a random wild beast.

The young man continued gazing at the dragon earnestly. “May we have the honor of having you as a guardian god of humanity? The primordial has descended, and as normal life- forms, humanity does not have the formidable strength that your like has. Therefore, we wish to obtain your protection.”
The dragon shook his head. He stood up, his terrifying prowess clearly displayed, and gazed at the young man with a pensive look. “I am not a god, nor do you guys need me. You humans… already have your own guardian god.”
The young man blanked. “We…do?”
“Stay smart.” The dragon nodded his head and stood up with a deafening sound before leaving with a flash.

“Le… left?” The people of the Genetic Union were all overjoyed.

That incredibly strong primordial dragon that had been the source of their anxiety had left just like that? This seemed completely different than they had imagined.

Chen Feng exchanged glances with the deputy president and heaved a sigh of relief. As for that earnest-looking young man, he returned with a disappointed look on his face. The moment he entered the Genetic Union, though, he limped immediately, nearly collapsing to the ground. “Holy shit, that scared me to death.”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

“Chen Feng, for you to send me out to try to be his disciple, were you not worried that he would kill me instead?”  Xu Fei grumbled. That’s right, the reason he had even dared go out was because Chen Feng had requested it. Chen  Feng  was  all  smiles.  “He  wouldn’t  have.  Since  the dragon is capable of speech and is intelligent, he is a being capable of social exchanges. With you raining praise upon him, he would definitely not attack you… Especially after he felt the existence of two different godly powers here.

Xu Fei scratched his head. “Godly powers?”
Chen Feng spoke calmly. “Of course. Otherwise, do you think I would have dared let you go out there? The primordial dragon awoke ahead of schedule thanks to the Luck Goddess. In a way, he owes her one. Therefore, upon sensing the godly power of luck, he definitely would not have killed you.”
After all, Spirit was now the official Luck Goddess. Since Chen Feng had dared send Xu Fei over, he had obviously been confident, at least to a certain degree.

“What if the dragon had agreed to the request?” Xu Fei asked blankly. Chen Feng curled his lips. “That would have been even better. Do you really think that one can meet a primordial dragon so easily? If the Luck Goddess hadn’t used her full power to awaken one of them, you would never have had a chance to see one. The primordial dragons are as powerful as gods. If he had been willing to accept you as a disciple, in this new era, I reckon you could do whatever you wish.”
“That’s true,” Xu Fei stated regretfully. “It is unfortunate that the dragon didn’t agree to the request.”
“That is only natural.” Chen Feng understood that. After all, these primordial races all cared deeply about bloodlines.

“Why don’t… you go get some dragon bloodline?” Chen Feng said after some thought.

Xu  Fei  was  alarmed.  “One  can  get  a  bloodline  so  easily?
Xu Fei pondered for a short while and continued, “I don’t really mind, but I don’t think my mom would agree to it.” Chen Feng was stupefied. “What are you thinking about? I actually meant having Kong Bai bring you back in time…”
Xu Fei finally understood. “Oh. So that is what you were talking about.”  Subsequently, he shook his head. “Forget it. Nowadays, a lot of resonators have awakened, and they’re all paying close attention to everything related to the primordial as well as their memories pertaining to the Primordial Era. In fact, I looked for Kong Bai some time ago. He said that now, the moment any of us enter the Primordial Era and appear in the memories of those people, we will most probably get hunted down. Those people are not idiots. As such, they will not give Kong Bai a chance to gain power from the Primordial Era.”
Xu Fei felt extremely regretful.

“True.” Chen Feng shrugged. If so, he had no other ideas.

In the past, the resonators had all been asleep. As such, visiting the Primordial Era had still been possible. So long as they were careful to not stumble upon any taboos, there were no problems. Now that the gods had started to awaken and resonators were everywhere, the moment they dared return in time, they would probably get instantly killed. Xu Fei majored in fleshly body cultivation. In fact, the dragon bloodline suited him greatly. Unfortunately, he had not encountered a fortuitous encounter that enabled him to advance any deeper on this path. After understanding this, Duma walked over

“Hey, bro.” Duma dragged Xu Fei to a corner quietly. “I have a lizard bloodline inheritance here. Are you interested in learning more?”
Xu Fei rejected him without hesitation. “Scram!”  Holy shit. Look at that corpse lying on the East Coast. Was that not an inheritor of the lizard bloodline as well? Who was this Duma trying to scam here? He had no intention of being the next enemy of the dragons.

Duma tried to explain. “In truth, the lizard bloodline is extremely powerful… Long Yue only died because he had not fully activated the bloodline inheritance. I can personally make some minute adjustments for your version of the inheritance to make it suit you perfectly.” Xu Fei sneered. “Scram!”
Duma patiently explained, “I am telling the truth. Look, don’t you feel like we both are connected by destiny?”
Xu Fei curled his lip. “Scram!” What a scammer. He was clear on Duma’s true identity. Duma was an ascended turtle and a resonator. In the past, his identity as a resonator had indeed been awe-inspiring enough. But now, with resonators everywhere, Xu Fei truly couldn’t bring himself to revere a single resonator, especially this fellow here who had given up on his dignity as an expert and had taken the initiative to stick to him just to hard sell the lizard bloodline…
This guy…
By the side, Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. Even earlier, when the dragon had fought the lizard, Duma had not dared to come over. Yet now he had arrived so promptly.

Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. Hold on… Would Duma truly be so bored as to take a trip here just for the sake of Xu Fei? Evidently, that was quite unlikely. If so, why had he come?

Duma sighed. “I am here to take back the lizard bloodline from Long Yue’s corpse and to look for a new inheritor.”
“Are you sure?” Chen Feng found that doubtful.

“Yes,” Duma said calmly.

“Is that so…”  Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. He looked at Duma’s calm expression, then glanced over at Xu Fei. Suddenly, he recalled something. The first time Xu Fei’s physical body had transformed, it had been on the seafloor… due to a turtle?

Chen Feng finally remembered. The only reason Xu Fei had even entered the path of fleshly body cultivation was because he had encountered that damnable turtle at the bottom of the sea in the past and had subsequently absorbed all its blood essence. From that moment onward, Xu Fei’s body had become special. As for that turtle… it was precisely the little turtle spirit, or to be more precise, the holy spirit! Chen Feng was all smiles as he regarded Duma. “I have a question. Where is the holy spirit?”

Duma’s expression changed.

Chapter 737: Holy Spirit’s Identity

“Let  me  guess.  I  recall  that  the  Holy  Spirit  has  a  unique undying physique. That is why you always use numerous methods to eat him and then resurrect him. At first, everyone merely watched on, as this was mildly entertaining. But now that I look at it, the only reason you ate the Holy Spirit is the unique energy within his body, right? The Primordial Era was an era where survival is exceedingly hard. I do not believe that a race without a guardian could have survived. Therefore, apart from the duma, your race should have a guardian as well.

“I once believed that it might be some god. But now I suppose that the guardian is the holy spirit? During the Primordial Era, he was the one who guarded you all. He wouldn’t get involved in normal battles, only in battles involving gods. This lasted until the fall of the Primordial Era. At that time, all the godly powers were sealed away, and the holy spirit lost his power as well. As such, the present little turtle, the little guy you eat every single day…” Chen Feng took in a deep breath before concluding,  “He  is  a  god,  or  to  be  more  precise,  he  is  a slumbering god.”
Bang! Everyone’s heart jolted. Holy shit. A god? That foolish- looking turtle? That little guy that lazed about and did nothing apart from eating and waiting for death was actually a god? The deputy president was stupefied. Xu Fei was stupefied. Only Duma had a different expression, an unsightly expression on his face.

Chen Feng continued on calmly. “You eat him every single day not because you enjoy eating those from your species. Rather, you are trying to absorb the godly power hidden within the holy spirit. This time, you are here for Xu Fei, as you sensed a unique power belonging to a god within his body.”
Xu Fei’s eyes went wide. “Huh?”
“The power you failed to obtain after eating the holy spirit for so many years, at an unknown time, partially fused with Xu Fei. That is why he obtained the fleshly body he currently has, a  body  that  allows  him  to  ignore  all  energy,”   Chen  Feng concluded. As for Duma, he sank into silence.

“Holy shit.” Xu Fei was so agitated that he started trembling. So it turns out that I actually fused with the power of a turtle god? Holy shit, that is crazy amazing! No wonder Jasmine from Saloon City told me that I am getting more and more “powerful.” This “battle prowess” is worthy of a god, after all, and the turtle god turns out to be super nutritious as well.

“As such, you intend to study Xu Fei,” Chen Feng said. “You want to see clearly how Xu Fei managed to fuse with that power. Then, you’ll try to use the same method to fully absorb the power of the holy spirit for yourself.”
Hold on. Shortly afterward, Xu Fei had a bad premonition as he looked at Duma with murderous eyes. “You were not thinking of eating me as well, right?”
As a response, Duma rolled his eyes.

“I don’t eat humans,”  he grumbled. The previously solemn atmosphere had been totally transformed by Xu Fei’s rather amusing reaction.

“Just as Chen Feng said, I only wanted to study you a bit.” Duma sighed. “I indeed considered killing Xu Fei if I failed to obtain any clues from him. But after consideration… I can’t bear to do it.” Duma smiled bitterly. For Xu Fei to be able to absorb the godly power of the turtle spirit, he was, in a way, the only successor of the turtle spirit. Therefore, Duma ultimately found this solution unbearable. After all, he was not a merciless turtle.

Xu Fei’s eyes went wide. Holy shit, so this old man had truly considered that!

Duma sneered. “Is it not normal to have such thought cross your mind? To be fair, when you were young, didn’t you fantasize about a lot of girls as well? Did the police arrested you for that?”
Xu Fei coughed awkwardly.

Chen Feng: “…”
“I  am  curious.”  Duma  rubbed  his  head.  “Why  would  the turtle spirit select you? After the descent of the primordial, the turtle spirit transformed into his present state and completely forgot about his true identity. As such, it couldn’t have consciously chosen you. Therefore… this should be something that was destined to happen. But why?”
Duma was filled with doubt. Why would a regular human like Xu Fei be related to a turtle by destiny?

“Perhaps because I am normally a rather shameless person?” Xu Fei said after some serious contemplation. He could clearly remember how a lot of girls always call him a cuckolded bastard.

Duma sneered. “Hehe. Would you believe me if I said I will kill you right here?”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes at Xu Fei’s conclusion.

After briefly contemplating the matter, Chen Feng said, “Since  that’s  the  case,  take  him  with  you.  Study  him thoroughly. If you can figure out the source of the godly power, feel free to absorb it. If all else fails, just let this guy inherit the turtle spirit.” Duma sighed. “You trust me so much?”
Chen  Feng  shrugged.  “We  have  experienced  so  much together. If I can’t even trust you, who can I trust?”
Duma expressed his gratitude. “Many thanks.”
Xu Fei was stupefied as he listened. “Hey? Have you guys not considered asking me, the person involved?”
Chen Feng waved his hand. “Bye.”

Duma dragged Xu Fei along and vanished. In the air, Xu Fei’s bloodcurdling scream lingered. “Chen Feng, you can’t do this to me. Arrrghhh… I don’t want to be a turtle!!!!” This guy… Chen Feng rubbed his head. Sure enough, with the descent of the primordial, everyone had their own destiny. Ultimately, this was no longer the same world.

“Drag the lizard corpse in,” Chen Feng commanded. “Even if the bloodline power has been extracted by Duma, the other remains of the lizard are still worth researching. With the descent of the primordial, we humans cannot fall behind.”
A group of people went out and carried the corpse in.

Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. “Finally, this incident has ended.”   This  could  be  considered  a  perfect  ending  to  the dragon incident. Humanity was still too weak and was still incapable of contending against such primordial life-forms. However, this time, they’d had Long Yue here to serve as their cannon fodder. What about the next time something similar happened? Since the primordial dragon had appeared, it wouldn’t take long for other primordial life-forms to appear as well. In this land that had enjoyed relative peace for so long, numerous bizarre life-forms would start appearing. Naturally, a huge portion of them would appear in the unknown regions, which
had few humans. In this new era, what should humanity do? Chen Feng was extremely worried.



After rumbling thunder, the sky suddenly darkened. Chen Feng frowned and gazed at the sky. This did not seem like something caused by the natural weather. Just as he was filled with curiosity, raindrops started pattering down from the sky.

“It is raining.”
Chen Feng stretched his hand out, feeling the drizzle on his hand. Suddenly, his heart trembled. From this ordinary- looking rain, he sensed something familiar: godly power. Yet another god had awakened.

“Which god is it this time?”  Chen Feng looked at the sky.
Rain God? Water God?

“No idea.” Spirit’s wide eyes gleamed as she looked around. She was evidently clueless as well. As for the Misfortune Goddess, most of the time, she ignored Chen Feng. For instance, the problem with Chen Feng and communicators had yet to be solved. He wanted to use one, but the only way he could make it work was to constantly use luck power to counteract misfortune power. After giving it some thought, he had given up on this and decided to continue using the screaming ability he had obtained from the ancients.

Spirit gave it some thought and solemnly said, “Regardless of which god this is, with the fall of this rain containing godly power, I’m afraid the other slumbering gods will be triggered as well. If nothing unexpected happens, after the end of this rain, those gods will come out as well.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Finally… this moment has arrived?” Everything he had done thus far had been in order to gain more time for humanity. Alas, the heavens did not seem to be willing to grant his wish. With a single rainstorm… all his plans had been for naught.

“Why not use misfortune power to try to slow it down?” Chen Feng considered.


The Misfortune Goddess couldn’t even be bothered to answer him. With mere misfortune power, he wanted to suppress all the gods? Was he an idiot? Since this could not work, Chen Feng was completely at a loss. He was extremely anxious, and right at this instant, an odd piece of news was received from the Genetic Union’s Scout Department. At the planet’s core, some life-forms had been detected yet again.

“Core?” Chen Feng became ashen faced. Those idiots had come again? Hold on…
Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. “Erm… May I ask… Among you gods, which is the most amazing? The Creation God? The Destruction God? The Death God? Pangu? Hong Jun? Can you name one that is incredibly powerful yet is dead for real and can no longer be resurrected?”

Chapter 738: What Is This Guy Thinking This Time?

Spirit was instantly on alert. “What are you thinking of doing?”
Chen  Feng  appeared  undisturbed.  “Just  trying  to  learn more.”
Spirit looked at him with deep suspicion. She hesitated shortly before cautiously saying, “A god at that level is not one you can easily joke about, especially insult…”
“Do I look like someone who would do that?” Chen Feng asked, his eyes wide open in a glare.

“No, you don’t.” Spirit cautiously continued, “However, even if that lord has perished, the entirety of this world is a product of his creation. If you dare mess around using that lord’s name, you will invite the wrath of the heavens themselves.” “Oh, then forget it,” Chen Feng said with a shrug.

Spirit: “…”
The Misfortune Goddess: “…”
He had given up just like that? In short, he was thinking up some despicable plan again, right? If he hadn’t been advised against doing so by Spirit, he would probably start creating trouble again. He had truly caused these two goddesses to be speechless.

After some thought, Chen Feng said, “Well then, do you have a similarly awe-inspiring god that also perished but who is at a somewhat lower level? So long as the god is unrelated to heaven and earth, it will do.”
“The  Sin  God.  His  name  was  Ye,”   Spirit  said  without hesitation. “Ye?” Chen Feng had a slight impression of this name. When the primordial had initially descended, he had obtained some general knowledge from Duma. As such, he indeed knew of some rather popular gods. This Sin God was one of them, as he had truly been too famous.

It was rumored that back then, he had enticed all the gods into committing sins in order to increase his godly power. Naturally, the consequences of that did not need to be mentioned. After being chased about for a while, he had been erased for real. However, his strength wasn’t something anyone could doubt. For him to have dared to provoke all the gods by himself, his prowess was apparent. This was a god who had once been a legend even among the various gods, even though he had ultimately died.

“Excellent.” Chen Feng was extremely pleased to hear this. So it turned out that the level of this Sin God was so high among the gods. That would make things easier for him.

“What are you planning to do?” Spirit asked in a soft voice. “It won’t do for you to pretend to be the Sin God. You will be inviting trouble upon yourself.” Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “Why would I even want to pretend to be him?” Pretending to be a god like this that was no different than being the leader of all evil. Doing that would be no different than committing suicide. Chen Feng had merely thought of a good idea to gain more time for humanity.

“Just wait and see.” Chen Feng’s hand pulsed with faint godly power, which proceeded to fuse with the raindrops. “Things are getting more and more interesting.”


The earth trembled. A group of black-clothed people ferociously charged out from underground. Each of them was extremely powerful and appeared incredibly formidable. However, just as they arrived aboveground, they encountered a group of soldiers that directly and viciously charged at them.

The leader waved his hand coldly. “Kill!” Pu! Pu!

The black-clothed group flashed about, and instantly, the entire squadron of soldiers was cleanly killed.

“Hehe. A class? Indeed.” That person howled with laughter. ” Hahaha, so this is the real strength of the human world? We were indeed tricked by that damnable Chen Feng.”
After finishing his words, he pulled his black gown out and revealed his true appearance: a twin-horns member.

“Humans…   we  have  arrived!”   the  twin-horns  elder  said loftily. This time, even the weakest in their group was an awakened. Humans? Heh, the strongest human was merely Chen Feng. From the soldiers earlier, they had found some documents of that Genetic Union. If they recalled correctly, that Chen Feng seemed to be one of the higher-ups of this so- called strongest organization? This world was indeed as weak as they had expected. The reason that they of the twin-horns race had arrived was to conquer. “Do we need to shut the teleportation portal?” someone asked.

The  elder  sneered.  “There  is  no  need.  Leave  behind  10 awakened ones to guard the door to allow the grand army of the twin-horns race to enter without stop. This world will be dominated by us.”
Everyone’s blood boiled. Had the time finally arrived for the twin-horns race to grow?

The elder waved his hand. “Set off!”

The army set off. Along the way, they encountered a huge number of human soldiers. Although the numbers were high, all of them were A class. The human soldiers could not take more than a single attack from them.

Pu! Pu!

They killed their way through. The group of several hundred twin-horns members had suffered zero casualties thus far.
“The humans are too weak,”  the elder said in disdain. This was indeed a world where the inhabitants were restricted to below the awakened realm. Even Chen Feng had only been able to enter the awakened realm after entering their world by accident. That was what had led to their misconception about the true strength of this world.

The elder analyzed their future course of actions. “We can first conquer this world while continuing to maintain our minor world. When the time comes to break through, we can go back for that.”
As the others heard this, they approved. As far as they were concerned, the human world was just a fertile land gifted to them by the heavens.

“It’s a pity that this rain is quite annoying.”  The general looked at the rain, clearly somewhat twitchy about it. The rain was obviously slowing down their speed and reducing their vision.

The elder smiled calmly. “It doesn’t matter. If this is the hardship we have to endure to conquer this world, I do not mind.”
The rest of them chuckled in agreement. True, was there any easier way one could conquer a world?

“Let’s go.”
The army advanced once again, their goal being the conquest of this entire world. Meanwhile, near the teleportation portal, a black shadow flashed past and instantly went through the portal undetected.

He smiled. “Level-one awakened?”

Instantly, his figure vanished. The twin-horns members guarding the portal frowned but could not detect anything.

Earlier, above the core entrance where the twin-horns army appeared, a blonde with spiky hair was floating in the air with Sakata Chuunibyou by his side. Both of them were gazing coldly at the army appearing below.

Shua! Shua! Sakata Chuunibyou’s hand pulsed with a faint godly power. It turned out that earlier, with the land below as the foundation, a huge labyrinth had been created. As for the human army down there that the twin-horns race encountered…
“Akihito,” Sakata Chuunibyou called out coldly.

“Here, here.”  Akihito pointed impatiently at the labyrinth. Next, a gust of godly power surged out and formed numerous clones—tens of millions—that were subsequently stationed everywhere within the labyrinth.

“This ability of yours…”
This was not the first time Sakata Chuunibyou had seen this ability, but he was as shaken as ever. Apart from this Akihito, nobody else could reach this level in the art of cloning with godly power. He had easily created ten million clones, and the clones were male and female, young and old. By himself, he could be an army, an entire race, a village, or even a city. Even now, the twin-horns members had yet to realize the predicament they were in. “When will this be over?” Akihito asked impatiently.

Sakata Chuunibyou shook his head. “I don’t know. Chen Feng merely ordered us to come here and play around with these idiots. I don’t know what he intends to do. He only mentioned that we will know when the time comes.”
Akihito frowned at this response.

“What, you don’t have enough godly power to last longer?” Sakata Chuunibyou was somewhat flabbergasted. That should not be the case, right? With their strength as resonators, it shouldn’t be too exhausting to play around with these idiots.

Akihito inhaled deeply. “No, that’s not the case… However, to avoid detection, regardless of whether its a village, a town, soldiers, gender, or age, I need to keep creating different clones.”
“Mhm?” Sakata Chuunibyou was still somewhat doubtful. That should not increase his exhaustion rate, right?

Akihito clenched his teeth. “Furthermore…  These bastards of the twin-horns race… insist on raping all the females they come across.”
Sakata Chuunibyou’s eyes went wide. “Holy shit, it can’t be that…”
Akihito  clenched  his  teeth.  “That’s  right.  Even  at  the minimum, I feel 10% of what my clones feel.”
Sakata Chuunibyou gasped in shock.

Ten percent… This seemed like a rather low level of realism, but when it was amplified by ten million clones…
“Wow!” Sakata Chuunibyou was suddenly filled with a sense of veneration for Akihito. “I will try to request a reduced number of females. However, there still need to be some. Otherwise, they will start getting suspicious.”
“Many thanks.”  Akihito clenched his fists tightly, his body twitching occasionally.

“Everyone here is so talented,” Sakata Chuunibyou lamented. Next, his gaze landed on the idiots below who believed that they were conquering this world, filled with curiosity toward the reason Chen Feng was keeping these idiots contained here…

Chapter 739: Millions upon Millions of Lives, Nothing but Bugs

The rain continued falling for quite a while. Infused with godly power, the raindrops soaked the earth, causing an uncountable number of gods to start slowly waking up. Every single day, powerful fluctuations could be felt from different corners of the world. These were the fluctuations caused by both gods and resonators awakening.

Pressure unique to gods surged out without stop, causing the entire land to be subjected to a type of divine pressure. The darkest of the Primordial Era had finally fully descended, where resonators were everywhere and gods stood tall in every corner of the world. Millions upon millions of other life-forms were nothing but bugs.

“The gods have finally descended.”
At the summit of the ancient territory, Duma watched on silently. The humans would probably be in danger now. As for the reason? They were too weak, yet they occupied the largest portion of this world. Without a doubt, the moment the gods awakened, their attention would be on the humans. On top of that, there was a matter of faith. The act of worship and resonating toward a god served as an important foundation for the gods. Therefore, these newly awakened gods would probably have a rather intense struggle for believers among humanity. In such a situation, nobody could guarantee the safety of the human race.

Duma would not be able to do so, nor could Chen Feng. Nevertheless, the complete annihilation of humanity was impossible. After all, they were the largest group of intelligent life-forms in this era. Even if the humans were reduced to slaves, the gods would definitely not allow them to go extinct. Despite that, humanity would not be able to avoid a calamity. Experts would die. Weaklings would die miserably. The only thing they could do was pray for the mercy of the Luck Goddess, hoping that nothing untoward would happen to them. Alas, even the Luck Goddess would not be able to protect them.

Numerous bloodcurdling shouts could be heard. Within a pot of scalding green liquid, Xu Fei could be seen screaming. “Duma, you old bastard. You are indeed thinking of eating me. Damn it, just you wait until I leave this place. I will cut your turtle head down and eat it as a stew.”
Duma’s face darkened. “Shut up.” This bastard… Duma was helping Xu Fei increase his godly power, yet this was what he received? The human world… Forget it. Duma had ultimately decided to not tell Xu Fei about what was happening, since it would be pointless. If Xu Fei was told, he would probably be in a rush to leave this place. However, the only thing that would accomplish was giving his life away, and he would be of totally no help. As such, the only thing they could do now was wait, wait until Xu Fei fused with the godly power, until the moment he inherited the consciousness of the Turtle Spirit.

Sorry, Duma said inwardly.

“Increase the temperature,” Duma barked.

“Here, here.”
The little turtle bounced over and increased the temperature. With great joy, the little turtle watched on as Xu Fei was cooked. Tsk tsk, finally, this bastard Duma has changed his tastes.

Yet another bloodcurdling scream sounded out. “Ah—”

Above the starry sky, an immense throne was faintly discernible.

The man seated on the throne was still playing with the ring on his finger. His gaze swirled around, and once again, numerous battleships exploded just like fireworks. Done with that, his gaze landed on the planet before him. Godly powers were swirling about without stop as gods awakened one after another. Numerous formidable auras surged out. This initially ordinary-looking planet was finally no longer ordinary.

The man watched on expressionlessly. After a long time, a tinge of disdain appeared in his eyes. Just like that, he watched on as this planet transformed, becoming unprecedentedly powerful. After a long time, his figure vanished once again. As for the huge throne, it slowly vanished amid space. Everything seemed the same as ever.

On a certain summit, a youth was smiling happily. “Old man, is this your so-called calamity?” With the rain, the awakening of all the gods had sped up, causing the gods that were supposed to slowly appear to all appear together. Suddenly, the entire world was in chaos. Mhm… The scene where all the gods were jumbled together like some dumpling… Tsk tsk.
The old man blanked. “I don’t know.” The future that had previously been readable had suddenly changed. The only thing he knew was that this land would encounter a huge calamity. But what exactly was the calamity? He had no answer to that. How could they deal with the calamity? He had no answer to that either.

“Pft.” The youth curled his lips. “If even this is not considered a disaster, what else can? Wu—” He stretched lazily. “In any case, this is unrelated to us. Humans… Hehe.” …

Within a certain high-rise building, a youth pulsing with faint godly power was sitting cross-legged. Interestingly, as the godly power pulsed, odd items flickered around him. Video games, computers, communicators, dolls… a certain odd- looking pink toy… and a pair of blue and white striped underwear still tinged with a certain smell…

“Is this what you all require?” the youth asked with a sigh.
Kids nowadays sure had weird tastes.

He waved his hand. Next, those items pierced through the void, directly arriving beside the pillow of a certain someone. He could clearly feel that after doing this, his godly power had increased yet again. As for whether his gifts would bring that kid happiness or cause that kid to suffer a beating from his parents after waking up in the morning, it wasn’t something this person was bothered with.

The youth smiled proudly. “After all, a price has to be paid for desires to be fulfilled.” However, when his gaze landed on the rain outside, he sank into silence yet again.

“This situation… will bring Master worry, right?”
He was somewhat anxious. Since an unknown point in time, his master had transformed into humanity’s only hope. By himself, he shouldered the responsibility of guarding the entire human race. Each step he took was so very arduous.

He inhaled deeply. “The primordial has descended… so what if you all are gods?”
“My current strength is still far from sufficient. However, it won’t be long before I become even stronger. Before you all have fully awakened, before you all have fully recovered… I will surpass you all! Then I can assist master and defeat you all!”
The youth raised his fist, filled with battle intent. Although the gods had awakened, they were still rather weak. After slumbering within nothingness for so many years, what strength they’d had should have already vanished. As such, they had no choice but to rebuild their strength. This would be a chance for humanity.


The youth took in a deep breath, then continued sitting cross-legged. His entire body turned translucent and appeared within the dreams of countless people, asking people what their desires were. World peace? Yes, I can help you. Hi, this engineer here, what is your desire? What? A girlfriend? Sorry, I truly can’t help with that…
… In the first place, his strength originated from others, regardless of dream or reality. Ever since he had gotten lucky and accidentally fused with a certain god, his ability had combined with godly power. This had started him on a unique path in his pursuit of strength. He would most certainly
become stronger.

Under the dark night, this youth’s face was filled with battle intent.

Bang! Bang!

The sky seemed so hazy, and the rain seemed to have become even heavier. Countless people gazed at the sky. From this tempo, it seemed like the rain was nearing its end. All of them knew that when this rain ended, this world would have completely transformed. Without the godly power enveloping the entire world, all the awakened gods would start appearing and fighting for their respective believers. The world would descend into chaos. However, just as the rain became heavier and neared its end, a terrifying piece of heavyweight news surfaced, seemingly related to the Sin God

Chapter 740: The Terrifying Secret

What was discovered was a certain slab. This slab looked completely ordinary. It was the words on the slab that were unsettling. These words seemed to have gone through countless ages, yet they were still as clear as ever.

Year 20 after the fall of the primordial, a hazy day.

Where is the Sin God slumbering? Where are the other gods slumbering? Why has no one discovered the existence of the Sin God? This is unbelievable.

Some gods were horrified at this news.

“Isn’t the Sin God dead? How is it possible for him to be slumbering?” “This is fake news, right?”
“Where was this slab found?”
“From a mountain near where I awakened. I sensed the ancientness within and took the slab out to get a clearer look. Surprisingly, this is what I uncovered…”
“Is it possible that this is fake?”
“Not possible. I have already inspected it. This thing has indeed survived since the fall of the primordial. Moreover, such slabs only existed during the Primordial Era.”
“…In short, what is written here is true?”
“No idea.” The anxious gods flipped the slab around, trying to look for some clues. The contents were truly too astonishing. If the Sin God was truly still alive, as far as all the other gods were concerned, this was no different than a nightmare.

Back then, the Sin God had attempted to conquer the entire world. In the end, he had been killed by the Creation God. Subsequently, the Creation God had been extremely dissatisfied with the fact that the world he had created had fallen under influence of other gods and had ultimately fused with the world itself.

He had erased all traces of his existence and become one with the world. From that moment onward, this world had started operating by itself, thoroughly upgraded. During that war, both the Sin God and the Creation God had vanished. As for the other gods, they had gained true freedom and had started going independent, each proclaiming ownership over their respective domains. This was also what had caused the subsequent age of chaos.

Unexpectedly, the Sin God was actually still alive. This god had been capable of contending against the Creation God. It did not matter if he had only been able to do it through exploiting this world, nor did it matter that he had ultimately suffered defeat. The fact still stood that he had been capable of contending against everyone.

“This world has already been perfected by the Creation God.
As such, the Sin God will not be able to exploit this world.”
“But his strength…”
All the gods sank into silence. The Sin God was truly way too powerful.

Even back then, he had only been defeated after all the gods had worked together, with even the Creation God getting involved. If he was to return once again and he sought revenge, who could stop him?

“I do not trust this slab.”
“Same here.” A lot of people refused to believe the contents of the slab. After all, apart from gods, all other existences were nothing but bugs. And with the trifling strength of those bugs, how could they have uncovered true clues leading to the Sin God? This was probably the creative imagination of some bug.

“That is quite possible.”
“Forget about this for now, then.”
“Hey, this still pertains to the Sin God… We should at least investigate it, right?”
Some gods exchanged glances. Everyone studied this slab without stop, and finally, someone discovered a vague symbol in the corner of the slab. This symbol was, in fact, part of an ancient numbering system used during the Primordial Era.

“It is numbered…” “There are more of these?”
“Try searching.”
“Try asking other gods as well.”
“All right.”
They started contacting other gods to ask about the slab. However, this questioning session caused all the gods to be thoroughly horrified. They found that, in fact, quite a number of gods had such slabs. The reason was that these slabs were truly too conspicuous. With the faint godly power pulsing off them, these slabs were easily discoverable by the gods. They also found that each of these slabs was labeled with a number. When all the slabs were gathered, a terrifying content was revealed.

Late night, hazy day. Today marks the first year of the fall of the primordial. Since the fall of the gods, this land has been much more peaceful. However, I discovered the true secret of the gods. They have yet to die for real… Rather, they all seem to be slumbering somewhere, awaiting the day of their awakening.

Year six after the fall of the primordial, clear weather.

I discovered an astonishing secret pertaining to the legendary Sin God. This powerful existence that once fought all the gods seems to have remained alive as well. Despite his grave injuries, he is alive and is slumbering somewhere, seemingly waiting for something.

This is undoubtedly scary. Why is he still alive? Why did he stay behind? No answer… After searching through all the primordial vestiges, I still can’t find the answer…
Perhaps some gods assisted him back then?  

Year 10 after the fall of the primordial, heavy downpour.

The discovery of the Sin God is incredibly worrying.

After several years of research, I failed to discover many clues. However, I am certain that he is indeed still alive. O heavens, what did the primordial gods do?

Year 20 after the fall of the primordial, hazy day.

Where is the Sin God slumbering? Where are the other gods slumbering? Why has no one discovered the existence of the Sin God? This is unbelievable.

Year 30 after the fall of the primordial, sunny weather.

I found it! I have finally found the secret of the Sin God! Haha. He is indeed different than the other gods. He hid his godly power and inheritance on an alien world. It is no wonder that the other gods did not discover him.

Year 40 after the fall of the primordial, blood moon.

So this is the secret of the Sin God? His godly power and inheritance were left on an alien world. On top of that, a spatial whirlpool was constructed there to attract people without stop. These people will be converted into his believers, replenishing his strength without stop.


With this, how can the other primordial gods discover him? The moment the Sin God returns will also be the moment all the gods tremble and face destruction. This time, there will be no Creation God to help them. As such, no one can stop the Sin God.

Year 50 after the fall of the primordial, windy day. Throughout the years, I have searched every corner of the world. Unfortunately, with my strength, I was not able to discover it… My body is getting weak… If later generations find it, please do tell me of a way to go meet those fellows… I believe… the primordial gods will awaken first… With this… they can at least go and destroy the Sin God before he awakens.

Year 60 after the fall of the primordial, heavy snowfall.

I am actually still alive. Heh. I have yet to discover any clues about the alien world… By myself, my strength is limited. I intend to establish a sect focusing on searching for things pertaining to this. I wonder if they can survive on…

Year 66 after the fall of the primordial, dark.

Heh, I’m afraid I truly can’t hold on any longer. This will probably be my final message. These slabs will all be hidden amid the mountains in hopes of preserving them as best as possible. I wonder if the gods will see these in the future… If you gods truly see these… please do go look for the Sin God. Naturally, all my findings will only be proven true if an alien world indeed exists. If there is no such alien world, there is no need to worry.

Year 103 after the fall of the primordial, hail.

I am the third sect master of the Divine Sect. Based on the sect ancestor’s request, I am leaving a message here. We have finally found clues about the alien world. As for their method of passage, it remains unknown.

The only thing we know is that they are all believers of the Sin God. They are exhausting all means available to them to aid the Sin God’s recovery. This is without a doubt extremely terrifying. As such, we will try our best to foil their plan.

Who are they? Where do they originate from? We don’t know. Our only clues are that they all have two horns on their head and that they call themselves the twin-horns race.
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