The Strongest Gene Chapter 721-730

Chapter 721: Dark History of the Primordial Era

Bang! Bang!

An intense power of misfortune surged out. At the salt lake, wind and rain interwove together, and the mirror-like lake cracked as tides shot up nonstop. In the sky, thunder roared and lightning flashed, seeming incredibly dreadful. Facing such a disaster, Chen Feng stepped forth and, under everyone’s gaze of shock, like a little boat, Chen Feng intruded upon the calamitous world that seemed capable of turning heaven and Earth upside down at any moment.

Bang! Bang!

“This guy…”
“He really entered by himself…” Everyone’s heart fluttered as they saw this.

“Fear not. He is the spokesperson of the Luck Goddess.”
“Yeah.” Everyone recalled this. “If it’s the Luck Goddess…”

The waves were as violent as ever. Everyone gazed over expectantly. In the midst of that terrifying environment, Chen Feng’s small figure was akin to a tiny boat that could be destroyed at any moment, swaying about without stop. But it was this very swaying figure that stood tall without collapsing. The terrifying disasters, the astonishing phenomena, the violent godly power, not a single one could even touch him.

“This…” “Worthy of being the spokesperson of the Luck Goddess indeed!”
“Looks like we have followed the correct person after all.”
Everyone was overjoyed. The terrifying disasters of the lake had been blocked by him alone. At this time, within the chaos, Chen Feng was frantically absorbing the power of misfortune. The Luck Goddess’s attacks were like a baptism to Chen Feng, who was accepting all the misfortune without stop.

Ultimately, calm returned to the lake once again. The disasters vanished, and the sky became sunny and cloudless again. The reflection of the sky was visible on the lake’s spotlessly white mirror-like surface, as if heaven and Earth had joined together, leaving only a tiny crack behind. On that crack stood Chen Feng, looking so very quaint when merged with his surroundings. The disasters from earlier were like nothing but illusions. “It’s… over?”
“I think so. The disasters were initially heading toward us. However, he stepped forward and instead ended those disasters.”
“I saw it clearly. In there, he was merely waving his hand around softly. With each wave, part of the disasters disappeared. The Luck Goddess is already this powerful?”
“How strong!”
Everyone was shocked.

“Worthy of being Chen Feng indeed…”
“Huh, I thought his name was Wang Feng?” “One was his name during the Primordial Era, one is his present name.”
“Oh, okay.”
Everyone accepted this explanation. In truth, this was quite an interesting alliance. Half of them were the supporters of the Luck Goddess, while the other half was the supporters of the Misfortune Goddess. Thanks to Chen Feng, both sides had joined together to protect (screw) the Luck Goddess.

With the disasters gone, the group of resonators started advancing once again. Regardless of whether they wanted to protect or eliminate the Luck Goddess, they were all presently overwhelmed by their emotions and filled with confidence in this operation, since the goddess they were supporting was powerful enough.

At the same time, the Luck Goddess could still feel the aura that made her jittery. Zhou Ye’s aura seemed to have become even stronger. “Blocked yet again?”
She frowned. This abandoned son of a god had actually reached this level? Leading all the resonators, they were getting nearer and nearer to her.

“Looks like I have to think of something.”
The Luck Goddess focused her gaze. She had no idea her disasters had been absorbed by Chen Feng. However, after several failures, she was already aware that such methods were ineffective against Zhou Ye.

“Has he gotten a hold of some karma-defying divine tools?”
The Luck Goddess started guessing.

If so… Shua!

Light swirled before her. The godly power of luck emanated out from her. Instantly, a myriad of possibilities appeared before her eyes.

Mhm… this one, then.

“Let everything stop here,” The Luck Goddess said coldly.


A huge amount of the godly power of luck surged out. A terrifying aura started rippling out. At this point, the group led by Chen Feng had already traversed a large portion of the lake. They had initially been expecting more disasters to appear. Surprisingly, none had appeared.

“How smooth.” “There is no longer any danger.”
“Is this thanks to Chen Feng as well?”
“Haha,  worthy  of  being  the  spokesperson  of  the  Luck Goddess indeed. This feels way too good. No wonder so many people were willing to submit to the Luck Goddess during the Primordial Era. This feeling…”
Everyone was filled with excitement. This completely unobstructed manner of traveling truly felt too good. Chen Feng and Zhou Ye were the only ones that exchanged glances with a frown.

“You haven’t been…”  Zhou Ye could not sense any godly power around Chen Feng.

Chen  Feng  sighed.  “Nope.”  He  had  initially  been  looking forward to the free misfortune power. Unexpectedly, this Luck Goddess was able to react so speedily. It seemed like his absorption of misfortune would have to stop here. He checked the amount of misfortune he had accumulated: 1,800 points. Somewhat higher than the initial pitiful 100 points the Misfortune Goddess had had.

Chen Feng was regretful. “Too low.”
The Misfortune Goddess: “…”
Since she had awakened from her serious injury and after spending countless years in recovery, she had only recovered 100 points. This Chen Feng fellow had scammed over 1,800 points in such a short period of time, yet he was complaining that it was a low amount?

Chen Feng was all smiles as he comforted her. “Calm down, it will all be yours sooner or later.”
The Misfortune Goddess: “…”
Zhou Ye frowned. “I’m afraid things will be troublesome now.” He had never looked down on the Luck Goddess. If she had kept sending disasters their way, it would have been fine. This sudden calm instead caused his heart to be on alert.

“That’s for sure.”  Chen Feng curled his lips. “I suppose she has already realized that normal methods will not work on us. As such, she is preparing to do something big. Mhm… Based on my understanding of her…”
Chen Feng looked at the sky. Apocalypse? No. The disasters she had sent their way earlier had not been much different than an apocalypse. Thus, with how luck worked, only one possibility was left. Chen Feng instantly understood.

Zhou Ye thought of the same possibility as well. “You are saying…”   At  this  time,  the  alliance  was  still  advancing carefully and was getting nearer to the forest. At present, the reflection of the forest could already be vaguely seen. Suddenly.


Lightning filled the sky. Chen Feng’s heart trembled. Here it comes!


A huge claw ripped the sky apart, forcefully tearing apart the sunny and cloudless sky. From the opening, a giant fierce- looking creature slowly crawled out. It had a huge body reaching several hundred meters in length. On its body were dense scales, and a terrifying aura was being emanated out of it. Naturally, these were not the scariest aspects of this beast. When this giant creature appeared, when everyone got a clear look at it, everyone was truly shocked.

Their expressions sank. “This is…”
A deafening howl resounded. “Howl—” For the first time, the true appearance of that fierce giant creature was revealed.

“Dragon…” Everyone was alarmed. That’s right. This here was a primordial dragon!

Chen Feng was speechless. “So you guys even had such life- forms during the Primordial Era?”
“…” Zhou Ye gave Chen Feng an odd glance, wondering why Chen Feng would say that if he was from that era as well. However, looking at this terrifying dragon, he soon forgot his doubts.

“Where else did the legends of dragons come from?” Zhou Ye answered with a bitter smile.

Chen Feng shrugged. “I thought it was merely big lizards or something like that…”
“That is because, back then, during the Primordial Era, one particular dragon that was incredibly ugly committed a huge crime and was expelled from the dragon tribe. Unable to pass on its bloodline, that particular dragon raped a huge lizard, performing an act that was also known as the greatest disgrace of the Primordial Era. Subsequently, numerous weird life- forms came into being, such as the so-called wyverns. Naturally, all these life-forms are also known as fake dragons.”
Chen Feng: “…”
What the hell? Such a dark piece of history exists?

Chen Feng pointed. “How about this dragon here, then…”
“Naturally, this is a true dragon.” Zhou Ye smiled bitterly as he looked at the gradually approaching dragon. He could feel that this dragon had yet to recover to its peak. However, even without being fully recovered, it was already stronger than everyone here.


The primordial dragon descended. A terrifying aura arrived together with the dragon. Almost immediately, two comparatively weaker resonators started coughing blood from the pressure emitted by the aura, almost dying then and there. Zhou Ye had a solemn expression on his face.

“This time…  I think we have truly encountered some huge trouble.”

Chapter 722: See How I Deflect a Heavier Force with a Lighter Force

At the salt lake, Chen Feng and Zhou Ye were both staring solemnly at the primordial dragon.

“Have you fought one of them before?”  Chen Feng asked with a sigh.

“It is impossible for us to defeat one of them, not even in a lifetime. In the past, when we saw one of them, the only thing we were able to do was flee hastily to survive the encounter.”
Zhou Ye was utterly distressed. The primordial dragon was a unique race so powerful that they did not even fear the gods. A life-form like this…
“Why has it appeared here, then?”  Chen Feng asked with a thoughtful look. If this dragon was truly so powerful, why would it listen to the Luck Goddess? There was only one possibility. “Luck,” Chen Feng and Zhou Ye said at the same time. That’s right. In truth, the Luck Goddess wasn’t particularly familiar with this dragon either. She had merely used her godly power of luck to create coincidences, enabling this dragon to appear right here and awaken right at this instant. That was all there was to it. This was something Chen Feng had often done. Unexpectedly, when the Luck Goddess was the one creating coincidences, something like this would appear…
“So much more powerful than I was,” Chen Feng said with a bitter smile. See, the Luck Goddess had no need to even try saving up her godly power. Regardless of how efficient or optimal Chen Feng had been with controlling his luck value in the past, regardless of his tricks or techniques, he could not compare to the Luck Goddess’s straightforward brutish method using her high amount of godly power. See, just like that, she had caused a primordial dragon to appear here. However, if it was still due to luck…
“The release of the godly power of luck should be a one-off thing. The goddess has already used her formidable godly power to enable this dragon to appear here. However, this is where her influence stops. If my guess is correct, the Luck Goddess will not micromanage her godly power to influence this primordial dragon”, Chen Feng analyzed. 
Chen Feng rolled his eyes. Why else? Because our Lord Goddess simply does not know how to micromanage her godly power.

Chen Feng could only answer, “Perhaps because she is of the opinion that it is unnecessary to do so.”
Zhou Ye smiled bitterly. “True. The primordial dragons have rather bad tempers, especially when they are awakened during cultivation. Their temper when they wake up is excessively bad. I suppose we will all die here…”
The primordial dragon glared at them.

Their hearts chilled. “It’s over.” 
“No, I don’t want to face something like this…”
“Ah ah ah ah ah, run fast.”
Some started fleeing in panic. As the dragon saw this, it flickered, and in a logic-defying manner, it quickly moved toward that person before chomping down on that person. Mhm… Cracking sounds could be heard as the dragon chewed on that person.

Everyone took in a deep breath in shock. Indeed, even a resonator could not even last a single instant within this dragon’s mouth. The gods had awakened, and now these primordial creatures had awakened as well. The primordial would probably fully descend for real now. Chen Feng sighed. “Dragon… luck…”

Godly power started seething around him. That was the activation of his misfortune power. With the 1,800 points of misfortune he had, if he used them all to create a pseudo-luck effect, how powerful would it be? He was quite curious.

A faint radiance surged out.

Zhou Ye’s eyes widened. “What are you doing? You are wasting your godly power.”
“We will never know without trying,” Chen Feng said lightly. Zhou Ye smiled bitterly. “You are better off using that godly power to flee.”  He had initially planned to flee together with Chen Feng. Although this dragon was powerful, if they all scattered and fled, they would still have a chance to survive. In the midst of escaping, Chen Feng’s misfortune power would
prove especially useful. This was what he had planned, yet unexpectedly, Chen Feng was actually wasting his misfortune power here, converting misfortune to luck, to contend against the Luck Goddess.
Good gracious. Had he forgotten how the Luck Goddess had suffered when she had converted her luck to misfortune against him? All the misfortune had been absorbed by Chen Feng! And yet now he was converting his misfortune into luck against the Luck Goddess… This truly caused Zhou Ye to be speechless.

Chen  Feng  suddenly  asked,  “Are  you  familiar  with  the concept of deflecting a heavier force with a lighter force?”
Zhou Ye was puzzled. “No. What’s that?” Chen Feng spoke calmly. “It’s a martial arts technique from my hometown. Through timely and precise manipulation of energy, one can deflect or redirect a heavier force using a lighter force. Well, in simpler terms, it is an art of leveraging.”
Zhou Ye was still as confused. “Leveraging? What’s that?”
“…You will know soon enough.”  Chen Feng took in a deep breath. He knew that the conversion of misfortune into luck would raise his exhaustion rate. He was also aware that this would not work well against the Luck Goddess. However, one advantage he held over her was that he was more skilled in the technical aspect of controlling luck. When the Luck Goddess manipulated luck, there was no skill involved. She brute-forced through everything.

This was a chance for him, since, after exhausting a huge amount of godly power to get the dragon here, the Luck Goddess would no longer waste her luck power on this dragon. The reason for that was simple. If she continued using her luck to influence the dragon, the exhaustion rate would be too high, so high that the Luck Goddess could not afford it. As such, at such a time when the Luck Goddess wouldn’t do anything, he could try converting his misfortune power into luck and see what he could accomplish with it.

At a certain region in the west, a certain mountain range started collapsing. From within the mountain, a huge head stretched out slowly. The brownish color and the cracks on the head gave it a rather vicious appearance.

Ka! Ka!

Slowly, the head raised. Next, a huge body slowly separated itself from the mountain.

A booming howl sounded. Behind this somewhat clumsy- looking body, a pair of wings unfurled. A terrifying aura surged, causing all the nearby life-forms to shiver in fear. The aura of a dragon! These life-forms had all sensed the existence of a legendary aura, the aura of a dragon! “I am back.”
That head raised high up in the air, its eyes akin to lanterns.

“I am back! What… you all… owe me… hehe… Chen Feng…”
A sonorous howl echoed everywhere.


He locked onto Chen Feng’s aura before shooting forth. At this moment, Chen Feng’s group’s situation was getting more and more dangerous. Some of them were already fleeing, but doing this in front of the dragon seemingly ensured their own deaths. In a short half minute, around four resonators had been killed. Everyone’s hearts chilled at this sight.

“So where is your heavier force?” Zhou Ye asked with a bitter smile. Chen Feng shook his head. “No idea.” His misfortune power was already fully exhausted.

His 1,800 points of misfortune power, after the conversion, were roughly equivalent to only 300 points of luck power. Mhm… Based on his estimation using the misfortune pen as the basis, 300 points of the godly power of luck were equivalent to 30,000 points of luck value. This amount was rather similar to what he’d had when he had summoned the apocalypse back then.

Naturally, that time, what he had ultimately summoned had merely been the shadow of an apocalypse, rather than a true apocalypse that would destroy an entire planet. This time, though, his 30,000 points of luck value were all concentrated right here and, as such, should work better.


Suddenly, the sky turned dark.

“Ah, shit.” Chen Feng raised his head. “Not again…” The apocalypse he had summoned in the past had been rather outstanding, as it had helped him scare off everyone. However, he did not think a primordial dragon would fall for the same thing. However, right as Chen Feng thought that the apocalypse was going to appear, a booming howl resounded from the gloomy and dark sky.

“Chen… Feng… hand over your life!”

The sky was ripped apart. A dragon as huge as a mountain appeared, radiating killing intent.


Everyone looked at Chen Feng uniformly. Another one? Zhou Ye looked at Chen Feng, astonishment on his face. So this was the so-called defeating a heavier force with a lighter force? No, this was more like defeating his very self.

Chapter 723: Seems Like It Worked?

Zhou Ye looked at Chen Feng carefully. “Erm… have you forgotten about your disguise?”  This guy wasn’t planning to kill himself, right? The effect of his luck power was to summon yet another dragon? Was one not enough? Now they had two here? Hold on… Suddenly, Zhou Ye recalled that when the new dragon had arrived, he had shouted, “Chen Feng, hand over your life”?

“You know this dragon?” Zhou Ye asked as he looked at the mountain-like dragon.

Chen Feng was utterly stupefied as well. “Nope.” Since when had he known this dragon? Chen Feng comforted Zhou Ye. “Don’t worry. Maybe my godly power has yet to come into effect. As for this dragon, it must either be a coincidence or something that slut Luck Goddess summoned.”
Zhou Ye: “…”
This did not sound convincing at all. Zhou Ye inhaled deeply. “When will your godly power come into effect, then?” He looked at these two dragons, feeling like he would die in the next second.

“Soon…   I  guess?”   Chen  Feng  guessed.  He  had  initially believed that his power of misfortune would bring forth another dreadful creature to fight this dragon. Surprisingly, it had brought forth another dragon instead. Moreover… Chen Feng raised his head and looked at the new dragon, which was getting clearer and clearer. When he finally got a clear look at that dragon, he finally understood why that dragon knew him.

“Shit,” Chen Feng cried out in surprise.

Zhou Ye sighed. “You finally remembered this dragon?” Since the dragon had called out Chen Feng’s name, they obviously knew each other.

Chen Feng shrugged. “Yeah.”  He had still been wondering when he had ever offended a dragon, but when he had finally gotten a clear look at the dragon’s appearance, he had finally remembered who this fellow was. Long Yue! This was one of the so-called descendants of a dragon, the Long family. What a distant memory…
Back then, when he had been still a weakling, he had once crossed paths with this fellow. If he remembered correctly, Long Yue had obviously died. Why was he still alive? Furthermore, this body… and this aura… He had actually transformed into a dragon for real.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Back then, the so-called descendant of a dragon and dragon bloodline had been berated endlessly by everyone, as everyone had been of the opinion that the Long family had gone crazy. There had also been that incident with the seadragon blood. Surprisingly, this fellow was still alive. Even more surprisingly, he had truly transformed into a dragon. In short, one had to have a dream, regardless of how unlikely it seemed, in case the dream would come true?

“What is the point of revising your memory at this time?” Zhou Ye felt like choking Chen Feng to death right here. He was starting to regret making an agreement with this Chen Feng. Why in the world would the luck converted from the power of misfortune screw with the user himself? Was this the so-called “defeating a heavier force with a lighter force”?

“Oh…” Chen Feng was truly at a loss for words this time. That was because his godly power was no longer seething, indicating that his luck had indeed worked. From how things looked, it seemed like his luck had indeed brought forth this dragon, Long Yue. Why had this happened? Chen Feng was completely confused. Mhm… Perhaps this Long Yue was not the Long Yue of the past? Even though there was a grudge between them, it was better than total strangers? That was possible!

“Hello, Long Yue,” Chen Feng cheerfully greeted Long Yue.

Long Yue’s killing intent surged. “Come and die!”

A dreadful power erupted. The terrifying might unique to dragons descended. Immediately after his arrival, Long Yue charged at Chen Feng. “Shit.” Chen Feng was so shocked that he fled backward while trembling.

“How he hates you.”
Zhou Ye and the rest inhaled deeply in shock. This Chen Feng fellow… was probably going to die here.

“I have been looking for you for a long time…”  Long Yue laughed sinisterly. “Hehehehehe, for me to become this, it is all thanks to you. Hehehehe…”
Chen Feng laughed dryly. “Hehe, does this not count as your wish being fulfilled?”
Suddenly,  Long  Yue  became  agitated.  “Wish  fulfillment? What do you know? This is completely unlike what I imagined… The dragon bloodline… Hahahaha, how could bugs such as you understand it?” Long Yue appeared deranged and angry at the same time.


Once again, he charged at Chen Feng. His mountain-like body started descending.

“Not good!”
The hearts of Zhou Ye and the rest thumped furiously. Instinctively, they wanted to help Chen Feng. But with great sorrow, they found that they couldn’t help at all. A dragon’s speed and strength were too terrifying—a regular person could never hope to catch up. And yet, surprising everyone there, just as Long Yue was about to reach Chen Feng, a terrifying power flashed past. Just like that, Long Yue’s mountain-like body was smashed away.

Bang! Long Yue smashed into the salt lake, nearly bleeding from the attack.

A furious roar resounded. “Who?” Long Yue charged out of the salt lake, furious. In the sky, the primordial dragon that was even larger floated lazily. His huge head stretched out and gazed at Long Yue coldly.

“Pr… primordial dragon?” Long Yue trembled, as if he had seen something extremely horrifying. Earlier, when he had seen Chen Feng, his eyes had become bloodshot with anger and had not noticed anything else. This was especially true since the other dragon was so huge, like he was part of the topography rather than a life-form.

“…” The primordial dragon regarded Long Yue coldly. The salt lake sank into absolute silence.

Hum— The primordial dragon’s eyes flickered with a faint surging power. After a long time, the primordial dragon’s ice-cold eyes became even colder. He seemed to have finally seen through the body of Long Yue, seen through everything contained within.

Gradually, the primordial dragon locked his gaze upon Long Yue. “Disgrace… Lizard…”
Long Yue trembled. “No, that’s not the case.”  His body was only slightly smaller than the primordial dragon. However, the terrifying aura unique to a primordial dragon was sufficient to plant fear in his heart.

“I am also a descendant of the dragons! I possess a true dragon bloodline!”  Long Yue explained anxiously. “Arghhh, a damnable old man transformed me into a damnable lizard. Only after accidentally obtaining a primordial fragment when the primordial descended did I transform back into a true dragon. I am telling the truth! I truly possess the dragon bloodline!” And yet the primordial dragon ignored everything he said, merely staring at him coldly while repeating what he had said earlier. “Disgrace… Lizard… Obligated to kill!”

Instantly, the primordial dragon raged.

“Damn it!”
Long Yue’s expression changed as he sprung backward and fled in panic.


A dreadful dragon aura erupted. And thus, two terrifying dragons left the salt lake, one at the front and the other behind it, leaving behind Chen Feng and others, bewildered. “Seems like… it worked?” Zhou Ye said thoughtfully.

“I guess so?”  Chen Feng was unsure as well. His emotions today had truly been like a roller coaster ride, up and down. Nevertheless, this incident with the dragon had finally ended. Even if a few of them had died, the remaining resonators were still terrifying. At the very least, they were terrifying enough for the present weakened Luck Goddess. They all lifted their heads. Distantly, the forest was already within reach.

“Go!” Chen Feng commanded.

Luck Goddess, here we come!

Chapter 724: Scammer!

At the forest’s edge, when the dragon’s aura vanished and the aura of Zhou Ye’s group began to grow nearer and nearer, the Luck Goddess finally felt how serious this was. That Zhou Ye was even capable of chasing the primordial dragon away? The Luck Goddess did not feel like that was possible. After all, that was a primordial dragon. She had once used a similar method to defeat her enemy. With her godly power of luck, a primordial dragon had appeared and treated Zhou Ye’s group as the enemy. How could the dragon let them off? But even so…
Luck Goddess had a feeling of unease in her heart. “What in the world is going on?”
A faint godly power surged out. This forest’s godly power was already recovering, indicating that it wouldn’t be long before the Forest Goddess awakened. Luck Goddess glanced over. “This is somewhat troublesome.” She could feel that the aura of Zhou Ye’s group was getting nearer and nearer. From the chaotic mess of auras she was feeling, it was obvious that the quality wasn’t too high. Nevertheless, godly power was still godly power. She had initially believed these people to be a chaotic group that was not worth her attention. Now that she looked at them, they seemed capable of advancing or retreating in an orderly fashion with zero internal strife. This was obviously a complete team. That Zhou Ye fellow had awakened way earlier. Was this what he had been focused on doing?

“How much do you hate me? It is a pity that regardless of how strong you guys are, you are all still mere resonators,” The Luck Goddess said calmly. Perhaps, it was time to show them the true might of a god.


She softly pressed her hand to the ground. Her present godly power was still too weak. Earlier, to awaken the Forest Goddess and deal with Zhou Ye’s group, she had already exhausted too much of her godly power. Despite that… “Let me first borrow some of your power,”  Luck Goddess muttered.


A boundless forest power surged out. With the push from the godly power of luck, the Forest Goddess’s power started surging out, enveloping the entire edge of the forest.

Shua! Shua!

The vegetation there started growing rapidly. Next, the entire forest edge was blockaded by numerous green branches, resembling a bird’s nest. In the center of this bird’s nest was a piece of green fruit that was glowing without stop. This was the Forest Goddess’s core. Similar to the Fate Stone and Misfortune Pen, prior to her full awakening, the Forest Goddess was slumbering within this fruit.

At present, with the manipulation of the godly power of luck, a hole appeared in that fruit. Next, a terrifying godly power started surging out of the fruit and entering the Luck Goddess’s body.

Green radiance flickered about.

Luck Goddess smiled. “Excellent.”
Although borrowing the power of the Forest Goddess would cause the Forest Goddess’s recovery to take longer, so long as she could deal with those annoying pests, everything would be fine.


Luck Goddess gently waved her hand, causing the trees around her to tremble, weaving and swaying about in accordance with the tempo of her fingers. Luck Goddess smiled. “Ah.”
Zhou Ye… I will be waiting for you.

Not far away, at the salt lake, Chen Feng and the rest were already at the edge of the lake. In front of them was a lush forest with a dense grouping of trees.

Zhou Ye did not hesitate. “Come, deal with it.”  Since even these trees had appeared, the Luck Goddess was definitely not far from them.


The group charged forth and started trying to destroy these trees. Alas, they all suffered an intense backlash.

Pu! Someone coughed up a mouthful of blood, nearly dying then and there.

“Godly power… This is the godly power of the Forest Goddess!” he shouted in alarm. Everyone else’s expression sank as they heard this. Were they too late? No, the radiance unique to the Forest Goddess had yet to appear. Furthermore, the Luck Goddess had no way of awakening the Forest Goddess in such a short period of time. But in that case, what was up with the godly power here?

Zhou Ye sneered. “We will know after entering and taking a look.”
The group was filled with a desire to do battle. The damnable Luck Goddess, this moment had finally arrived.

“Hold on.” The group that had first signed the contract with Chen Feng suddenly felt like something wasn’t right. “Are we not here to protect the Luck Goddess? Since we have already decided to become followers of the Luck Goddess, there is no need for us to enter, right? Staying here is already sufficient. It is not very nice  for  us  to  enter  impudently,”  someone  said.  He  had  a feeling that something did not seem right. Looking at them, it did not seem like they intended to protect the Luck Goddess?

Zhou Ye: “…”
Chen Feng: “…”
True, he had nearly forgotten that in this group, there were some people that had been scammed by him. These pitiful children were probably still clueless even now. They had all innocently believed that this entire journey had been to offer protection to the Luck Goddess. Mhm…
Well, in any case, at least Chen Feng had told them one single truth: some despicable villains were trying to ambush the Luck Goddess, and this was their chance to perform a meritorious deed for the Luck Goddess! And thus, these fellows had, in order to get noticed by the Luck Goddess, established the first-ever primordial resonator squad of the present era, and had all agreed to follow Chen Feng despite how difficult the journey had been. And yet… Mhm…
Chen Feng spoke cautiously. “Erm, may I tell you guys a little secret?”
They were immediately on guard. Suddenly, they had a bad premonition. “What?”
Chen Feng shrugged. “In truth, the Luck Goddess is already treating you guys as enemies.”
Their eyes went wide. “What joke is this?”
Chen Feng seemed to have realized something and said, “Oh, right, I forgot to tell you guys. Along the way, all the dangers and enemies, and even that primordial dragon, were summoned by the Luck Goddess in order to stop our advance. I hereby thank you all for your hard work. I reckon by this point, she already feels an intense hatred toward all of us.”
Chen Feng sighed.

They were all dumbstruck. “Hold on… Are you not her spokesperson?”
Gods would also hate their own spokesperson?

Chen Feng looked at them while smiling. “I used to be. Right now, I’m a free man and the spokesperson of the Misfortune Goddess. The contract you guys signed earlier was her contract.”
Everyone’s expression sank. “What?” After pouring their senses into their respective contracts to sense the godly power within, their expressions changed greatly. Just as Chen Feng had said, this damned godly power was indeed the godly power of misfortune. It was no wonder that…
All their doubts from earlier could now be answered. They also understood why this mortal enemy of the Luck Goddess, Zhou Ye, had agreed to Chen Feng’s contract. This damnable Chen Feng!

Everyone was furious. “You dare trick us all?”
They had initially believed that, by following the Luck Goddess, they would be joining the strongest primordial camp. Never had they imagined that the beautiful future they had dreamed of had been a lie all along!


Killing intent surged out as their eyes gleamed coldly. So what if they had all signed the contract? As per the contract, it would only stay active here in this place. Otherwise, they would have never agreed to sign it in the first place. The moment they left this place… hehe. Everyone already had their gazes locked on Chen Feng. Chen Feng did not seem to be the least bothered by them. “Calm down, calm down. You guys are all mortal enemies of the Luck Goddess now. Moreover, you guys even signed the contract of the Misfortune Goddess. I have a question… Do you guys intend to offend both the Luck Goddess and Misfortune Goddess?” Chen Feng calmly finished, “I don’t quite care either way.”
As the rest heard this, their hearts chilled. Misfortune… What would happen if one offended both the Luck Goddess and Misfortune Goddess at the same time? The mere thought caused them all to tremble in fear. It was with utmost grief that all these resonators that had intended to hold Chen Feng responsible realized that even though they knew the truth, they had no choice but to remain in this trap laid out by Chen Feng. What a scammer!

Chapter 725: Already Unrivaled

“Make up your mind yet?”
Chen Feng was rather pleased with how they were behaving. Truly worthy of being resonators, as even their capability of acceptance was higher than ordinary people’s. Everyone was remaining silent.

“Well, let us start our work, then.”  Chen Feng was in high spirits. “This barrier of trees…”
Zhou  Ye  sneered.  “Let  us  deal  with  it.”  Since  they  were intending to fight the Luck Goddess, how was it possible for them to have come without any preparations?


A faint fluorescent powder flashed out of Zhou Ye’s hands. The powder drifted through the air before suddenly transforming into a raging inferno that swallowed the entire tree barrier. Slowly but surely, the huge bird’s nest darkened, then transformed into ashes and smoke.


The flame raged. The tree barrier was not the only thing that was destroyed, as even half the forest’s edge was transformed into ruins.

“How powerful,” Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

Zhou Ye appeared proud. “That is only natural. This is the godly power of my father. With a single spark, a much larger portion of the forest godly power could have been destroyed.”
Chen Feng’s eyes flashed. “Do you have more of it?”
Zhou Ye’s expression dimmed. “No. This is all I have left. Otherwise, why would I be worried about the awakening of the Forest Goddess?” Chen Feng was speechless. “True.”
“Back then, it was precisely because my father’s godly power was so much of a counter to the Forest Goddess that the damnable Luck Goddess decided to kill him.”
Zhou Ye’s hatred was overflowing.

Chen Feng gained understanding. So this was the case. So this grudge originated in the Primordial Era…

A cool breeze swept past, sweeping away all the ashes. A rather sinister-looking forest was revealed. Half of it was lush and green, the other half in ruins. Zhou Ye and the rest were in the ruined half, while the other half was glowing with a seemingly boundless radiance.

Hum— Hum—
A green radiance flickered.

“Be careful.”
Everyone increased their vigilance.

“Zhou Ye,” a faint voice resounded, seeming to have arrived from the distant horizon.

Suddenly, Zhou Ye’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Luck Goddess…”
Each of them had different reasons for hating the Luck Goddess. Presently, they all had surging battle intent. Initially, they had only hoped to prevent the awakening of the Forest Goddess. However, due to Chen Feng’s appearance, due to the Misfortune Goddess, they were now planning to slay a god! Perhaps… this would be their only shot. As for the other half of the resonators, they all felt bitter and somber. They had no choice but to provide support to these enemies of the Luck Goddess, since they now had no other options.

Luck Goddess stared at one of them in astonishment. “Xiao Hua,  I  can’t  believe  you  are  part  of  this  as  well.”   If  she remembered correctly, this fellow was the spokesperson of a certain god with a rather amicable relationship with her. Why had he gotten mixed up with these people?

Xiao Hua: “…”
Without a doubt, this Xiao Hua was one of Chen Feng’s scam victims.

“Sorry, Lord Goddess.” Xiao Hua’s gloomy gaze swept across Chen Feng and sighed. “This is hard to explain in few words.”
“…” Luck Goddess followed his gaze and looked over. Even if that person had been hiding behind everyone, despite his lowered head, Luck Goddess was still able to recognize him with a single look.

Luck Goddess was somewhat astonished. “Chen Feng…”
Chen Feng had no choice but to walk out of the crowd. “Hey, long time no see.”
This guy really knows the Luck Goddess?

Everyone was stunned. They had initially believed that Chen Feng had been telling them pure lies.

The Luck Goddess felt her head aching. “Is there a need for this?”
Chen Feng’s relationship with her was too unique, rendering her incapable of both killing and sparing him. Chen Feng spoke lovingly. “Even if you sealed your emotions toward me, your body will remember it.” At this, the Luck Goddess’s expression darkened as the memory of the time when she had been dragged into the black room by Chen Feng surfaced. That innocence from back then, the innocence of a first love, was seemingly still lingering about her heart. As for the others around them, they were thoroughly dumbfounded.

Hold on, this script… did not seem to be playing out like they had imagined?

Chen Feng’s scam victims were all watching on expectantly, waiting for the plot to develop in a similar direction as a famous movie, Primordial Heat . This movie had been famous during the Primordial Era, as even back then, watching these movies that only required two or three people to create with their abilities had been a rather popular pastime as well. As for Zhou Ye’s group, their expressions darkened. The relationship between these two…
Could it be… Holy shit, they wouldn’t be suddenly affectionate after a quarrel, right? If that really happened, then it would be way too excessive! Did these two truly think they were the characters in Primordial Heat ? Fortunately, the Luck Goddess was not moved by Chen Feng.

She looked at him coldly. “I am the one who spared your life.”
Chen Feng shrugged. “I know. Therefore, this time, I will spare your life as well.”
The Luck Goddess’s killing intent surged. “You are courting death.”  She  finally  realized  that  this  Chen  Feng  fellow  was truly an annoying person. If she allowed him to remain alive, he might continue creating problems, or maybe he’d start shooting his mouth off, talking all sorts of nonsense…
Shortly afterward, the Luck Goddess decided that she might as well get this over with rather than prolonging the agony. She would directly kill Chen Feng here. Even if she would be pained by it in the future, even if she would regret this in the future… she would deal with this right here! Bang!

The Luck Goddess’s terrifying power started rippling out.

Chen Feng’s gaze was sharp. “Here she comes!”
“They started fighting!”
Zhou Ye’s group heaved a sigh of relief. That’s right, this was how the plot should develop.

“Go!” Zhou Ye barked. Next, thirty-odd resonators, each with a unique godly power, surrounded the Luck Goddess. Alas, horrifying them all, all their powers vanished into nothing. They had all failed their resonance.

They were all horrified. “How is this possible?” “With the godly power of the Luck Goddess, she is capable of transforming any probability into 0%, which also applies to all your abilities,” Chen Feng reminded them.

They were all alarmed when they heard this. Generally speaking, the release of powerful abilities would not have a 100% success rate, as there would always be a slight probability of failure. As for the Luck Goddess, with her unique godly power, she had crippled half their combat strength right off the bat.

“So we can only use abilities with a 100% success rate?” Zhou Ye asked quickly. When using basic abilities, their success rate would definitely be 100%.

Chen Feng spoke coldly. “No. Continue using abilities that are affected by probability. The Luck Goddess has limited godly power remaining. Since she is willing to waste her godly power to change all probabilities to zero, let her continue the exhaustion. I am curious as to how much longer she can last.”
“Understood.” Zhou Ye and the rest understood the plan.

Bang! Bang!

Numerous terrifying godly powers bloomed before vanishing into nothingness like fireworks.

Chen Feng: “…”
In truth, the scene playing out truly appeared rather humorous. A bunch of people were surrounding the Luck Goddess and shooting numerous godly powers at her. All the powers landed on her, but none were able to hurt her, since all the godly powers collapsed the moment they landed on her. One time, two times, three times…
After more than 10 times, everyone had already exhausted a huge portion of their godly power. When they noticed that the Luck Goddess still had a toying smile on her mouth, they realized that something was wrong. The Luck Goddess… seemed to still have a lot of godly power remaining! Chen Feng frowned. “This is not possible.” It was impossible for the Luck Goddess to have so much godly power remaining. If she truly had so much, she would have been able to easily kill all of them even when they had been on the salt lake. Why would she have needed to slowly send attacks toward them in
waves? And yet, right now, she…
Chen Feng looked at the Luck Goddess before shutting both his eyes. Suddenly, a pensive look appeared on his face. There, behind the Luck Goddess, from the lush forest, he sensed a surging godly power. This power was unique to the Forest Goddess.

Chen Feng was startled. “You are absorbing the godly power of the Forest Goddess!” It was no wonder that she still had so much godly power to spare. The present Forest Goddess had yet to recover. With the Luck Goddess absorbing her godly power in this manner, the Forest Goddess would definitely suffer a great loss, one she would require countless years to recover from. And if all her godly power was exhausted by the Luck Goddess, even if she did awaken, she would be no different than a cripple.

How ruthless. All of them were alarmed. They had initially believed that the Luck Goddess was only ruthless toward her enemies. Surprisingly, she was also ruthless to those on her side. With this, after awakening, the Forest Goddess would have no choice but to forever stay a subordinate of the Luck Goddess.

Zhou Ye was not surprised at all. “How else did she gain a reputation for being shameless?”
The Luck Goddess swept her gaze past them coldly, not even interested in offering an explanation to these bugs. A faint godly power started emanating from her hands.


Instantly, Zhou Ye and the rest were heavily injured. That’s right. Without using any abilities, merely a shockwave of luck power was sufficient to heavily injure all of them. Zhou Ye and the rest were alarmed. “How is this possible?”
Chen Feng did not find this surprising. it was as he had guessed. When the godly power of luck reached a certain amount, it was almost unrivaled. Doing something like forcing one’s consciousness or physical body to mutate negatively would be way too simple. Even Chen Feng had been able to easily deal with four resonators using luck back then, let alone the Luck Goddess. At present, the Luck Goddess was unrivaled!

Chapter 726: New Trick

“This won’t do…”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. The godly power of luck was way too powerful. If this was allowed to continue, only death would await them. As his thoughts reached this point, his gaze swirled around, skipping past the Luck Goddess and landing on the forest behind her. There, a faint radiance was glowing, seemingly calling upon something. Was that the godly power of the Forest Goddess? Chen Feng thought of something.

“Give me some time,” Chen Feng whispered to Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye clenched his teeth. “Understood.”
Shua! “Get your ass out here!” the Luck Goddess shouted as godly power surged out of her hands. She was aware that Chen Feng wasn’t too strong. However, due to their unique relationship, as far as she was concerned, Chen Feng’s presence was akin to a bright lamp. He thought he could enter the forest without being noticed by her? How was that possible?


Godly power poured out. With a wave, the Luck Goddess hurled her godly power at Chen Feng.


A loud boom resounded. When the dust cleared, it could be seen that Zhou Ye had blocked the attack on behalf of Chen Feng. He started coughing blood, but he did not seem to care as he curled his lips. “Even if you are the Luck Goddess, aren’t you being somewhat egotistical by trying to attack Chen Feng while fighting all of us at the same time?”
The Luck Goddess glanced over and noted that Chen Feng had smoothly entered the forest. She knew that Chen Feng wasn’t particularly strong, but she held an innate vigilance toward everything pertaining to him. As such, she was immediately on guard as she vowed to not allow Chen Feng to act recklessly within the forest.


Once again, the godly power of luck surged out. If she could not kill Chen Feng with a direct attack, she might as well use her foundational ability: luck.

Shua! A faint radiance flashed out. Next, multiple powerful and terrifying radiances appeared from the void and directly landed on Chen Feng’s body.


A bright explosion followed. Immediately after, Chen Feng discovered in stupefaction that he had suddenly gained a huge amount of misfortune points.

He had used up quite an amount of misfortune points earlier and had still been worrying about his lack of misfortune points. Surprisingly, this Luck Goddess was so kind to hand over a huge amount of misfortune points to him just like that. Evidently, the Luck Goddess had once again converted luck into misfortune to deal with Chen Feng.

“Worthy  of  being  my  beloved  Spirit  indeed,”  Chen  Feng muttered. His gaze swirled around as he continued searching the forest. Following the trails of the godly power of luck, he finally found the source of her godly power. Somewhere within the forest was a glowing fruit.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. So it was you!

Bang! Bang!

Wave after wave of attacks arrived from the Luck Goddess. As a result, Chen Feng’s misfortune points increased from 20 points to 50 points, 80 points, 100, points, 200 points… increasing at a speedy rate. It was at this point that the Luck Goddess felt that something wasn’t right.

“What’s going on?”
Why were her attacks ineffective against Chen Feng? Why? She was way too clear on how strong Chen Feng was. She was also incredibly clear on the abilities Chen Feng had, even more clear than Chen Feng himself. That was why she did not fear him. She was clear that all the miracles Chen Feng had ever created had been reliant on luck. Essentially, all his accomplishments were thanks to her. The Luck Goddess took pride in this and was aware that it was because of this that, as Chen Feng had lost his Luck Aura, he was now nothing. This had always been her opinion. Yet why were luck attacks completely ineffective against him? Why?

Had Chen Feng gained immunity since he used to own Luck Aura? Or perhaps Spirit—or more accurately, she herself—had deliberately done this before her emotions had been sealed? This was what was giving the Luck Goddess a feeling of discomfort. She did not fear Chen Feng, nor did she fear any enemies. However, she could clearly feel that a portion of Spirit’s memories had been erased prior to the fusion. Before she had fused with the other her, part of her memory had been deleted!

What were the contents of the deleted memories? An uncensored version of their life in the black room? She had no idea. Was it related to Chen Feng’s immunity to her luck? She was clueless.

Perhaps Spirit had been afraid that she would directly kill Chen Feng after the fusion. Therefore, she had altered Chen Feng’s constitution. Mhm… That was quite probable. The Luck Goddess sighed at the thought of being set up by herself.


The bright explosions around her continued. The attacks of Zhou Ye and the rest intensified. Although none of the attacks were effective, this sudden change in tempo caused the Luck Goddess to further increase her vigilance. She gazed into the distance and noted that Chen Feng had discovered that fruit, the core of the Forest Goddess.

Luck Goddess smiled. “So this is your goal?” Getting Zhou Ye’s group to tangle with her while he himself rushed in, making use of his immunity to luck, all this to put a check on her godly power? How ridiculous. That was the Forest Goddess they were trying to check here!

“Is it thanks to this thing here?” Chen Feng could clearly feel the unending supply of godly power from this fruit.

How should one describe this fruit? It looked like a coconut that had had a straw stuck in it by the Luck Goddess, who was presently sucking out godly power without stop. Chen Feng could clearly see godly power surging out of the small hole without stop and then flowing into the Luck Goddess’s body. Splendid. So long as this absorption was stopped… Chen Feng tried blocking the flow with something.

The godly power continued to flow. In fact, the connection between the Luck Goddess and this fruit was an illusory link that was immune to normal interferences.

Luck Goddess shook her head and sneered. “Idiotic human… Can the likes of you even hope to understand the might of a god?” 
Her godly power erupted, and instantly, two resonators received grave injuries. They could no longer hold on.

Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng tried numerous methods capable of blocking auras but still failed to stop the outflow.

He got so annoyed that he decided to directly destroy this fruit. “Damn it.”
Sorry, Forest Goddess.

Since he couldn’t stop the Luck Goddess’s absorption, he had no choice but to destroy this fruit. Unknown to him, the Luck Goddess’s face still held the same toying expression. 
Chen Feng smashed down resolutely.


A crisp sound echoed, but the fruit suffered no damage.

The Luck Goddess shook her head. “How stupid.”
If the core of a god could be destroyed so easily, they would have died countless times in the past. It seemed like she had indeed overestimated Chen Feng. Without luck value, he was indeed not worthy of her attention.

“Let us end this,” Luck Goddess said with a calm expression.

A mighty godly power erupted. Bang! plan?”
Earlier, Chen Feng had worn an expression of absolute confidence, causing everyone to believe that he had a special technique capable of stopping this battle. Unexpectedly… this was his so-called plan? Wasn’t it common sense that the core of a god could not be destroyed? This Chen Feng fellow…
By this point, they were already speechless. To send Chen Feng into the forest, they had exhausted all their energy. The Luck Goddess’s next attack was already underway. It seemed like they would die for real this time.


The godly power descended.

Their hearts chilled. “It’s over.” As for the Luck Goddess, with a sneer on her face, she prepared to kill them all. However, at the last moment, she instinctively glanced over at Chen Feng and was instantly shocked by what she saw.

Her expression changed greatly. “Chen Feng, what are you doing?!”
Everyone else looked over as well. There, above the indestructible fruit, a pen-shaped thing had been taken out by Chen Feng. Next, he aimed the pen at the hole in the fruit, then inserted the pen.


A familiar inserting sound could be heard.

Chapter 727: I Heard That You Gods Can Also… Do That…


Everyone was dumbfounded.

“What are you doing?”
This was Zhou Ye’s first reaction. Had this guy gone crazy? What was the point of poking the Forest Goddess? However, he soon reacted to what truly mattered. Why in the world was Chen Feng even able to insert into that pen? This was the core of a god, which could also be known as a divine tool. Zhou Ye glanced over and confirmed that Chen Feng had truly inserted the pen into the fruit. How was this possible?

Zhou Ye was thoroughly dumbstruck. As for the others around him, they were similarly stupefied. Evidently, none of them had recovered from the shock. As for the Luck Goddess, she wasn’t any better off than the others. One ought to know that even the Luck Goddess herself was incapable of dealing any sort of damage to the Forest Goddess’s core. Even for her, she had to use her godly power of luck to influence the fruit into naturally generating a small hole by itself so that she could absorb the Forest Goddess’s godly power. The core of a god was, for all intents and purposes, indestructible. Yet this Chen Feng had forcefully inserted something into one such core! She glanced over and noted that the hole she had created was extremely tiny, whereas the pen Chen Feng was holding was comparatively larger than the hole. Just like that, this pen had been forcefully inserted into the

This scene… Zhou Ye and the rest trembled when they saw it. Suddenly, they felt like coming here with Chen Feng was no different than courting death. Indeed, they had been hostile to the Luck Goddess since the Primordial Era. However, they had still maintained respect toward the other gods. But now… it seemed like Chen Feng had done irreversible damage. One did not need to be a genius to figure out that once the Forest Goddess awakened, none of them would be let off.

Everyone’s heart chilled. “Chen Feng, screw you!”
Luck Goddess was almost infuriated into insanity. “You… what are you doing?” Chen  Feng  curled  his  lips.  “Sealing  your  source  of  godly power.”
“No, this is blasphemy toward a god!” The Luck Goddess was so furious that she started shuddering. She had never seen a person dare to insult a god in such a manner. This Chen Feng fellow clearly lacked even the smallest amount of respect toward gods. What was she supposed to tell the Forest Goddess in the future? Although the Forest Goddess had yet to awaken, her consciousness was definitely there. When she finally woke up…
The Luck Goddess was collapsing emotionally as she imagined the consequences. At this moment…

Light swirled around. The link of godly power between the Forest Goddess and the Luck Goddess was finally severed. Chen Feng had indeed sealed the godly power of the Forest Goddess with a single pen. Chen Feng appeared pleased. “See, it works.”
With the link severed, the Luck Goddess would not have much godly power to spare. So long as they defeated her, they would be able to smoothly retreat afterward.

Zhou  Ye  and  the  rest  merely  laughed  dryly.  “Hehehehe.” Indeed, with this, they would be able to deal with this Luck Goddess. Alas, in the future, another god, the Forest Goddess, would be hostile toward them. It was all because of this damned Chen Feng!

“What’s the point of thinking about it so much?” Chen Feng glared at them, then pointed at the Luck Goddess. “Grab her.”

Everyone shot forth. “You dare?” The Luck Goddess was furious. Unfortunately, at present, she didn’t have much Godly Power. She was only able to resist for a short period of time before being seized. Finally, they had achieved their goal in coming here.

Zhou Ye was emotional. “Finally, the time has come to settle my grudge…”
Chen Feng flashed a wide smile as he looked at them. “How does it feel? The only existing god at present has been captured by you guys. Hehe, don’t you guys feel like you are the elites of this era?”
As the rest heard this, they were in high spirits. Indeed, that was true. After all, they had captured a god alive!

Zhou Ye was still able to maintain his calm. “So how should we deal with her?” The Luck Goddess sneered, and her icy cold voice resounded, “Hehe. I am a god, undying and inextinguishable. Even if I fall to slumber here yet again, when I wake up in the future, I will be able to regain what I have lost. Do not think that since it will be many years in the future, it will have nothing to do with you
guys. I know a lot of gods, and they have numerous powerful abilities capable of dragging you guys back… At that time… I shall have my sweet revenge!”
As the rest heard this, their hearts chilled. Shit. Even Zhou Ye felt his scalp tingling. They had hated this Luck Goddess for way too long. Perhaps each of them had, in fact, been of the opinion that this mission would not succeed and thus had not thought of a method to deal with her should they succeed. Even when talking about it in passing, they had simply said that they would kill her. But now… how should they kill her? How could they?

Everyone looked at Chen Feng. After all, this operation was led by him. “What do you plan to do?” Zhou Ye: “…” Holy shit, hatred born from love is indeed scary.

For people like them, their grudge had persisted for so long time itself had diluted their feelings toward it. Rather, it was this Chen Feng here who wanted to kill the Luck Goddess due to the stupid melodramatic relationship between him and her. However… this was a god he was thinking of killing here. The gods had all died during the Primordial Era, yet here they were, alive again.

The only exception was… Everyone looked over at Zhou Ye as their thoughts came to this point. Zhou Ye’s father was also a god, yet he had been killed for real, not leaving any trace of his existence behind.

“It is very troublesome to accomplish,” Zhou Ye said with a bitter smile. “To truly erase a god, even a single god, requires the joint effort of a huge number of gods. This feat is simply impossible for a regular person.”
Everyone sank into silence. They looked at the tied-up Luck Goddess and blanked. In short, even after capturing her, they were still helpless against her?

Zhou Ye looked at Chen Feng. “You two are rather familiar with each other, right?”
Chen Feng had a melancholic look on him. “Yeah. However, she sealed off her emotions from that period, keeping only the memories. As such, she no longer cares about me now.”
Zhou Ye: “…”
Fine, gods are indeed capable of anything.

And thus, here at the edge of the forest, Chen Feng and the other resonators stared at the Luck Goddess, anxiety plastered all over their faces. By the side was a fruit with a pen inserted into it. Mhm… What a beautiful scene.

“Do you have any ideas?”  Chen Feng asked the Misfortune Goddess. Alas, even the Misfortune Goddess could not think of anything. The act of erasing a god required extremely unique methods, and excessively harsh conditions would have to be fulfilled as well. With just Chen Feng and these resonators here, it was impossible.

Chen Feng curled his lips. “Is it really so hard?”
Zhou Ye smiled bitterly. “Of course. I am not too clear on how to erase a god. However, I happen to know of a certain requirement. To erase a god, first you must kill all of the god’s believers.”
Chen Feng was utterly dumbstruck. All the believers? What kind of joke was that? This was the Luck Goddess! Even in his previous godless world, a bunch of people had still believed in luck and would try anything to get better luck, let alone this world, this era, where gods existed for real.

Chen Feng was sure that in this world, there was definitely a huge number of people silently praying for good luck. Mhm… At the very least, this applied to those producers at the Gene Production Association, since luck played a huge role in gene production. Hence, if one wanted to erase the Luck Goddess, one would have to first kill half of all existing life-forms?
Zhou Ye shrugged. “That is truly one of the requirements for erasing a god. To truly erase a god, the most basic requirement is to cause the god to have no believers. Naturally, we do not even need to kill the god. We only need to ensure the god will have no believers, even for a single instant. That would be sufficient.”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “How is that even possible, though?” If it was any other god, fine. But this was the Luck Goddess…
Zhou Ye smiled bitterly. “This is why she was able to become one of the strongest gods in existence back then. Because she is undying.”
“Is it truly so hard to kill a god?” Chen Feng muttered as he regarded the Luck Goddess in front of him. Maid training would most probably not work, since he had already attempted it with Spirit in the past. How about other methods? The Luck Goddess wore a look of disdain and sneered as she regarded  this  group  of  pathetic  people.  “Hehe.”  How  could slaying a god be so easy? This was especially true when the ones attempting were simply a group of resonators that had yet to even fully recover their own strength in the first place. This mission of theirs was nothing but a joke. However, when she saw Chen Feng’s gaze, the gaze of someone harboring evil designs, her heart thumped.

Suddenly, Chen Feng spoke. “Zhou Ye. You are the descendant of a god, right?”
Zhou Ye nodded. “Mhm.”
Chen Feng had a faint smile as he asked, “In short, gods can make babies as well?”
The Luck Goddess’s eyes went wide. What was this guy trying to do?

Chapter 728: Betrayal

“What are you thinking of doing?” the Luck Goddess asked, her eyes wide.

Chen Feng pondered shortly and said, “I am considering an extremely serious question. You can seal your emotions. You can also erase your memories. But if you have a child, I reckon you won’t kill your own child, right? Mhm…”
The Luck Goddess trembled. Zhou Ye and the rest were so shocked that they shivered upon hearing this. Holy shit! What was this guy thinking of doing?

Zhou Ye trembled. “Do not act recklessly.” At this point, he was already regretting his decision to follow Chen Feng here. Shortly after inserting the pen into the Forest Goddess… her core… Chen Feng was now planning to do a proper “insertion,” one with the Luck Goddess? Everyone felt their lips go dry. They were all from the Primordial Era. They were all aware of how terrifying that era had been. Each of them had a clear idea of how powerful gods were. As such, when it came to gods, even if the god was an enemy, they would still feel an innate fear. Yet this Chen Feng… did not seem to know fear.

Zhou Ye smiled bitterly. “You will create a huge mess if you insist.”  Just imagine the scene where, during the Primordial Era, if the almighty and noble gods found that one of them was raped in such an insulting manner… What would the other gods think about this? Even gods hostile to the Luck Goddess would not let the offender off! This was not simply an act of offending the Luck Goddess alone. Rather, this was an act of provoking all the gods in existence. Zhou Yue advised Chen Feng earnestly.

Chen Feng felt regretful. “I truly can’t do it?”
“No, you can’t.” Zhou Ye tried his very best to stop Chen Feng. He was truly worried that Chen Feng would go and “do” the Luck Goddess due to his lack of consideration. Holy shit, he had heard before that the single guys of this era were very scary. However, he had never expected that the scariness of these single guys could reach this level, that they dared even think of doing it with a god. Chen Feng nodded regretfully. “Fine.” He had no choice but to agree to this, since even the Misfortune Goddess within him was frantically trying to stop him from creating a huge mess.

Chen Feng curled his lips. “What cowards.” Why would they have so much consideration for an enemy?

The Misfortune Goddess: “…”
At this point, even the Misfortune Goddess regretted her choice in selecting Chen Feng. She kept feeling that this fellow’s brain was filled with troublesome ideas, as he would always thought of numerous despicable schemes. Was he not worried that, one of these days, his own schemes would be the cause of his death? Finally, after being persuaded from many sides, Chen Feng gave up on this idea he had deemed perfect.

“Do not worry. I was merely joking,” Chen Feng said with a wide smile.

Hehehehehe. The others all laughed dryly, not buying what he said.

“What else can we do, then?” Chen Feng asked as he looked over at the Luck Goddess.


At this point, the Luck Goddess was getting panicky. She was a god, one who dared to face anyone, even other gods. Her dignity as a god would not allow her to submit to anyone. Even in death, she would still remain the noble Luck Goddess! Therefore, even after being captured, she had no fear whatsoever. However, this Chen Feng here was the sole exception…
She was truly anxious, as she had noticed that as far as this Chen Feng was concerned, she was no god. Rather, she was a sweet lamb waiting for slaughter. For him to even think of making babies with her, she wondered what other bad ideas he would come up with. Suddenly, she recalled something. It was no wonder that Chen Feng came up with such ideas. He was from a different world. His mindset had been forged from his lives in two worlds. Even back then, when they had still been together, Chen Feng had already been filled with such despicable ideas.
However, at that time, Chen Feng had still been trying to stay
on the side of justice and had kept his despicable schemes somewhat in check.

Yet now… When she took away all his strength, Chen Feng seemed to have joined the dark side?

“Chen Feng! I admit that it was my bad. Before leaving, I shouldn’t have drawn out all your strength. Look, you guys can’t kill me anyway. Why don’t we forget about it? You guys let me go, and I promise to never seek revenge for this. I can even sign a contract of gods. I will give you guys a perfect ending for this incident. The Forest Goddess and the other gods… I will not try to awaken them anymore. What do you think? Yes, Zhou Ye and you guys… I know I owe you guys a lot. The things that happened back then, I will compensate you guys for after I regain my godly power. Ample compensation will be given, ensuring you guys or even your descendants can stay ahead of everyone else. How about this? After all, even if you guys kill me now, it will be pointless,”  the Luck Goddess said. They exchanged glances, somewhat tempted. True, why had they stayed hostile with the Luck Goddess for so many years? Hatred? Against a goddess that would not die, what could they do about their hatred? As for those who had merely inherited their hatred from a previous generation, time had erased the hatred, leaving behind nothing but a habit, a habit of staying hostile to the Luck Goddess.

And now, the Luck Goddess being willing to apologize and even compensate them was sufficient for them to settle for peace.

“I am willing to sign a contract of gods.” The Luck Goddess had fully admitted defeat. Perhaps in the future, she would still remain a noble and almighty god. However, the moment she signed the contract, she would no longer be able to do anything toward these people here. Rather, she would be forced to protect them instead.

“I want everyone… and their descendants… to live good lives without encountering any hiccups,” Zhou Ye said solemnly. “Done,” Luck Goddess agreed without hesitation. For others, this would be a difficult request. However, for the Luck Goddess, this was simple.

Zhou Ye shut his eyes. “Good.” He knew that this was the only way that they could end this incident. He was still feeling indignant, but everyone here had people they cared about. He was the only one here without any relatives or people to care for. As such, what was the point in staying stubborn? In any case, these were the people who had survived through the Primordial Era with him… It was about time he stopped dragging them down.

Perhaps the time had come for him to let go of the grudge involving his father. Zhou Ye reached a decision.

“Then… let us sign the contract,” he said.

The Luck Goddess was overjoyed. “Good.” She found this contract insulting. However, so long as she signed it, she would be free of Chen Feng. Chen Feng was feeling deep regret. “In truth, we can ask for more.” He felt like, at this moment, that little flame within him representing his villainous side was blazing like a sun.

Zhou Ye shook his head. “This much is enough.” As long as she satisfied these requests, he would forget about everything.

“Fine.”  Chen Feng smiled. “Misfortune Goddess, it is about time for you to do what you promised me,”  Chen Feng said inwardly.

Misfortune Goddess was somewhat anxious. “Is this… fine?”
“What about it isn’t fine? Hehe. That child sacrificed way too much for me. This is what I owe her,” Chen Feng said calmly.

“Fine,”  the  Misfortune  Goddess  agreed,  feeling  somewhat helpless. She had felt like her partnership with Chen Feng was a road of no return. She couldn’t help but wonder if this choice of hers was correct… At this time, the Luck Goddess and the rest were preparing to sign the contract.


The contract of gods started glowing. Just as they were about to sign it, the fruit of the Forest Goddess started glowing. A terrifying power rippled out, causing the entire forest to tremble.

Everyone’s  expression  sank.  “This…”  The  Forest  Goddess was going to wake up soon! What was going on? Everyone was dumbstruck. Zhou Ye looked over at the Luck Goddess with an unsightly expression. To his surprise, he saw a bewildered expression on the Luck Goddess’s face. She was clearly as confused as he was.

The  Luck  Goddess  was  shocked.  “This  is  not  possible. Without the assistance of the godly power of luck, it is impossible for her to awaken.” “Luck…”   Suddenly,  Zhou  Ye  realized  something.  “Chen Feng!!!”
They turned around to look at Chen Feng and found that, as of an unknown time, Chen Feng had disappeared. They had merely agreed to sign a contract, yet Chen Feng was already gone. As for the pen that had been inserted into the fruit earlier… it had vanished as well.

Chapter 729: Chen Feng, Is Your Brain Damaged?

Zhou Ye blanked. “We have been tricked!” He had truly never expected that during such a crucial moment, Chen Feng would mess with them. This person, the one who had led them all here, was the very one who was messing this up.

“Chen Feng!” Zhou Ye howled. He had truly never expected that Chen Feng would betray them.

Chen Feng’s unhurried voice drifted over from the edge of the forest. “As I said…  I want her dead. You guys might be willing to compromise; however, that does not apply to me. I am not a traitor to the cause. You guys are.”
The Luck Goddess blanked. “Chen Feng?”  She had no idea what Chen Feng wanted to do. But since the seal had been released…
Shua! She could once again feel the surging godly power within her.

Bang! Bang!

The earth started trembling.

The Forest Goddess is on the verge of awakening?

Luck Goddess checked the amount of godly power she had. Next, she hesitated momentarily before waving her hand, forcefully suppressing the awakening of the Forest Goddess. It was still not the time for the Forest Goddess to awaken. The Forest Goddess, the moment she awakened, would definitely stop lending her godly power to the Luck Goddess. At that time, the Luck Goddess would be in a different sort of trouble.

The only reason the Luck Goddess was even awakening the Forest Goddess was so she could obtain a helper, since the Forest Goddess was the most obedient one of them all. However, if the Forest Goddess’s strength exceeded a certain level, this obedience would no longer be guaranteed. As such, she decided to first suppress the awakening before anything else happened. If things truly did not play out as she planned… The Luck Goddess’s eyes gleamed coldly as she thought of a possibility.


She started absorbing a huge amount of godly power from the Forest Goddess. This time, she would not allow any mishaps to happen. As for these people here…

Her eyes gleamed coldly.


Godly power erupted. Since Chen Feng had taken the Misfortune Pen with him, the Luck Goddess was once again linked with the Forest Goddess and was once again filled with power.


She waved her hand. Next, a huge number of resonators died one after another.

Zhou Ye was furious. “Luck Goddess!”
The Luck Goddess merely snorted coldly as a reply. “Hmph!”
A terrifying godly power erupted. Even Zhou Ye, the son of a god, could do nothing but defend and watch on as the terrifying godly power engulfed him.

Shua! Shua! Resonators died one after another. Under the rage of the Luck Goddess, none of them were able to escape.

“Chen Feng…”  Zhou Ye clenched his teeth. “What do you want, exactly?”
He truly could not understand. If Chen Feng wanted to kill the Luck Goddess, why had he unsealed her source of power? Why would he allow the Luck Goddess to once again establish a connection with the Forest Goddess? He felt like Chen Feng’s brain was damaged, to have come to such a decision.

“Chen Feng, the next person to die will be you,”  the Luck Goddess said, boundless godly luck power swirling around her. Earlier, she had been trying to restrict the usage of godly power to avoid damaging the Forest Goddess. But now, in her rage, she no longer cared and was instead absorbing the Forest Goddess’s power without stop.

Bang! A formidable godly power bloomed. The huge group of resonators all died, leaving only Zhou Ye, who was struggling with great difficulty.

The Luck Goddess sneered. “Descendant of a god?”

With a single kick, Zhou Ye started coughing blood. It was quite clear that he was stronger than the other resonators. However, that was all there was to it. Facing the relentless Luck Goddess, he couldn’t persevere much longer.


Yet another mouthful of blood was coughed up.

“I  can’t  last  any  longer?”  His  expression  dimmed.  “It  is unfortunate that I wasn’t able to kill you.” The Luck Goddess sneered. “That is because of your own greed for the benefits you stood to gain. If you guys had truly come after me due to the grudges we had, why would you guys even consider signing the contract?”
Zhou Ye smiled bitterly. “I…” His hatred toward the Luck Goddess was indeed irreconcilable. However, when those people had decided to give up on revenge to obtain some benefits, he had decided to compromise for their sake, as those people had dedicated their lives to him.

Alas, he had neglected Chen Feng. True, they had all agreed to sign the contract, but what about Chen Feng? After all, the biggest reason he had wanted to kill the Luck Goddess was probably the Misfortune Goddess, right? He did not blame Chen Feng. It was as Chen Feng had said: they were the ones who had betrayed him.

However, since Chen Feng wanted the Luck Goddess dead, why had he released the Forest Goddess? Zhou Ye could not understand.

Chen Feng… what exactly are you planning to do? Bang!

A surge of godly power blasted forth. Once again, Zhou Ye was flung away. This time around, he remained on the ground for a much longer time. This time, he was probably going to die for real.

Zhou Ye gazed at the sky helplessly and watched on as the Luck Goddess approached him, as that terrifying attack neared him. Right at this instant, the forest suddenly trembled.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The entire edge of the forest started trembling furiously.

The Luck Goddess had a bad premonition.

This… Hum—
The seething godly power of the Forest Goddess increased in intensity.

“How is this possible?”
The Luck Goddess couldn’t believe it. How had the Forest Goddess resumed the awakening? She had obviously been suppressed. With the Luck Goddess’s boundless godly power of luck, it should be impossible for the Forest Goddess to resume her awakening. It would be apt to say that as of this moment, awakening was an impossibility for the Forest Goddess.

Suddenly, Zhou Ye understood. “Hahaha!” He smiled. “Chen Feng… So it turns out you are planning to kill her this way…” “What are you saying?” The Luck Goddess’s gaze was cold as she wondered how this could relate to Chen Feng. Hold on. Luck… And that pen of Chen Feng’s… Why had it been able to seal the Forest Goddess’s power earlier? Hold on… She had obviously absorbed all his strength… Luck… And that pen…
Using Spirit’s memories, the Luck Goddess was able to reach a conclusion: misfortune!

That pen had been unearthed together with her back then! The Misfortune Goddess! Suddenly, all of her questions from earlier were answered. From the moment Chen Feng’s group had entered the salt lake, all the accidents and coincidences that had happened were finally explainable. All of that had actually been the work of the Misfortune Goddess!

The Luck Goddess’s expression sank. She had initiated the awakening of the Forest Goddess with the power of luck. Subsequently, she had converted luck into misfortune to force the Forest Goddess to stop awakening. And all that had most likely been sensed by the Forest Goddess even in her slumber. This was even truer now, since she was still linked with the Forest Goddess. Her act of absorbing a large portion of the Forest Goddess’s godly power, nearly one-fifth of her power, was sufficient to turn them both against each other, making them enemies!

“Not good.”
Ultimately, the Luck Goddess intelligent.

After figuring out how everything was related to that b*tch, Misfortune, she was able to quickly deduce the truth and was figure out her only option as of this moment: fleeing! With that slut, Misfortune, absorbing the misfortune power she had been using to suppress the Forest Goddess, the awakening was no longer stoppable; she had no choice but to flee. And yet…

Suddenly, a terrifying power erupted. Near the forest, a seemingly boundless patch of vegetation started growing madly. No longer were these regular trees. Around each tree was formidable godly power. Shua! Shua!

Once again, the forest was sealed up.


The earth trembled, and a lush green started growing. Zhou Ye smiled at this sight. The Forest Goddess had finally awoken.


A green branch swept out, forcefully flinging the escaping Luck Goddess into the forest once again.

A tender voice sounded, “You… have been too excessive!”
Evidently, the Luck Goddess’s actions had thoroughly angered the Forest Goddess. The entirety of the forest seemed to be going berserk. A violent power was surging from the forest. Who was the one who had absorbed her power? Who was the one who had suppressed her awakening? And who was the one who had ultimately allowed her to awaken? The Forest Goddess was clear on all these things.

The Luck Goddess’s expression sank. “Not good.”
The Forest Goddess was indeed the most obedient, but she was also the most stubborn. During the Primordial Era, when everyone had been cursing the Luck Goddess, the Forest Goddess had stubbornly stuck around. Yet now, the moment she saw what kind of person the Luck Goddess was, she naturally possessed the most intense hatred toward the Luck Goddess. As such, the Luck Goddess had no intention of trying to argue her way out of this.

Flee! This was all she could do now. Earlier, when she had first had that bad premonition, she had been able to absorb a huge amount of power before the awakening. She believed that with this much godly power, she would have no problem escaping. Alas, right as her godly power surged out, a sense of oppression appeared around her, as if this was what the heavens had mandated. “Misfortune!”  the Luck Goddess shrieked furiously. It was this b*tch yet again!

Chapter 730: Welcome Back


The Forest Goddess’s attack landed on her. As of this moment, any sort of superiority the Luck Goddess had was counteracted by the Misfortune Goddess. If her guess was correct, what Misfortune was using at present had been freshly absorbed from her, absorbed from the misfortune power she had been using to suppress the Forest Goddess earlier. This slut!

Bang! Bang!

The Luck Goddess tried to flee repeatedly, but she was blasted back without stop.

Bang! “You…”

The Forest Goddess’s attacks were unending. She was incredibly furious now. Initially, she was supposed to awaken quietly here in this land. She greatly enjoyed silence, but unexpectedly, the Luck Goddess had tried to awaken her early. Moreover, the Luck Goddess had even used that method to absorb her power, causing her core to be poked by that human… Toward the end, the Luck Goddess had even been trying to suppress her awakening! How hateful! The Luck Goddess had already crossed the line.

Bang! Bang!

Slowly, the terrifying attacks come to a halt. On the ground was the Luck Goddess, covered in injuries.

The Luck Goddess glared at the Forest Goddess. “You… won’t be able to kill me. The next time I return, I will teach you the terrifying consequences of betrayal.” 
Yet another of the furious Forest Goddess’s attacks landed.


Once again, the Luck Goddess was hit.

“I  will  not  allow  you  to  easily  return,”  the  tender  voice replied. A green radiance glowed brightly. The green enveloped and permeated the Luck Goddess’s body. Suddenly, the Luck Goddess’s body became translucent.

Zhou Ye’s expression widened. “This…” It was rumored that the Forest Goddess was capable of erasing the consciousness of all existences. He had always believed that this only applied to regular life-forms. Surprisingly, even gods could be affected.

“You… will not be able to truly erase me,” the Luck Goddess coldly said. “At most… this will… only… delay my return… 
Slowly, her life force dimmed and vanished.


Her figure vanished thoroughly. Just like that, a god had been slain.

Zhou  Ye  was  shaken.  “Dead…”   The  Luck  Goddess  had ultimately died. Although this death was not eternal, the fact that her consciousness had been erased was shocking in itself, even if the Luck Goddess had still been able to converse clumsily. For her to recover both her physical body and consciousness, many years would be required, right? This was much more terrifying than the death of the pure physical body. The Forest Goddess was truthfully much more terrifying than she appeared to be. out. Zhou Ye shut both his eyes as this happened. He realized what he had done. He was clear that he would most probably not survive this encounter.

The girl regarded him coldly. “Your name is Zhou Ye?”
“Yes,  Lord  Goddess,”   Zhou  Ye  answered  in  a  dispirited manner.

“Very good. You shall temporarily be my spokesperson,” the tender voice resounded.

Zhou Ye blanked. “Huh?”
Her furious voice resounded throughout the entire forest. “Help me…  locate…  that…  damnable evil person called Chen Feng!” A green radiance swirled out. Next, Zhou Ye’s body hovered in the air and his injuries started healing. On top of that, a brand-new godly power started echoing within his body. This was a power unique to the Forest Goddess.

“Okay.” Zhou Ye was overjoyed. It seemed like the Forest Goddess was a person of reason after all, for her to be aware of who her true enemy was. With what Chen Feng had done to her… Mhm… Zhou Ye reckoned that it wouldn’t be long before Chen Feng was dead.

“I will now go recover my strength. If you manage to find Chen Feng, call out my name,” the Forest Goddess ordered.

“Yes,” Zhou Ye answered deferentially.


With a flash, the Forest Goddess and her aura vanished into thin air. Although she had awakened, because of what the Luck Goddess had done, she was greatly weakened. As such, she would have to go in search of other forests to recover her strength.

Zhou Ye looked around. “Chen Feng…” Chen Feng had gone missing at an indeterminate moment in time. Perhaps… he should go out and take a look at the human world. Chen Feng was a human and possessed an extraordinary status. As such, Zhou Ye was confident that he would be able to locate Chen Feng in the human world.

However, he still couldn’t understand why Chen Feng had decided to do what he had. Was a hatred birthed from love truly so terrifying? He would rather awaken the Forest Goddess, would rather be the enemy of such a powerful goddess, just so he could kill the Luck Goddess? What was Chen Feng’s true goal? Zhou Ye could not understand. Or perhaps one could say that he had not known anything from the start. Shua!

Zhou Ye stood up and vanished in a green flash. At the forest’s edge, only numerous patches of ruined forest were left behind. Apart from that, there were various godly powers lingering in the air and corpses sprawled everywhere. This place would henceforth be known as an ominous land. A cold breeze brushed past, blowing away the smell of death pervading this place and bringing forth a certain figure to this land.

All gone? Chen Feng wondered as he walked about. Both the Forest Goddess and Zhou Ye had left. Around him were just the corpses of resonators.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “See? Is this not the cost one ought to pay for greed? If you guys truly hated her, you guys would never have died here like this.” “Well  then.  Time  to  start,”  Chen  Feng  indifferently  said.
Everything he had done had been for one single goal.

The Misfortune Goddess: “…”
“I have no intention of listening to any objections,”  Chen Feng said coldly.


The Misfortune Goddess remained silent for a short while before answering, “I understand.”
She did not want to do this, especially since she this was something she disliked doing. However, she dared not disobey Chen Feng, as she found that she feared the consequences. To be more accurate, she feared Chen Feng.

She had personally witnessed everything Chen Feng had done. She was also the only person aware of exactly what Chen Feng had done. With a flip of his hand, he could create clouds or summon rain as he wished. Moreover, if it had been either her or the Luck Goddess with such a pitiful amount of misfortune power, neither of them would have been able to accomplish what Chen Feng had. The Misfortune Goddess had
not felt the least bit of joy upon seeing the Luck Goddess get tricked, only fear.

So it turned out that when a person gained such a thorough understanding of another person, things could be so terrifying? This should apply even to gods.


The Misfortune Pen trembled. Next, a faint power of misfortune started converting into luck. The Misfortune Goddess unleashed all her stockpiled power, transforming it into the power of luck and proceeding to pierce through space itself, blending into the very location the Luck Goddess had fallen into earlier.

Hum— Radiance swirled about. Chen Feng watched on as everything unfolded, waiting for all the preparations to be completed.

He pointed at the air. “And now, wake up, Luck Goddess!”

Instantly, a terrifying power started converging there. A huge whirlpool appeared there, and a seemingly boundless power started gathering there. The earth where the Luck Goddess had fallen started trembling. Next, a translucent figure appeared. Surprisingly, this was precisely the Luck Goddess. However, the present Luck Goddess was a mere translucent figure. She had a blank look, and both her eyes were suffused with white. This flawless body of hers seemed more like an empty shell.

“Her   consciousness   has   been   erased,”    the   Misfortune Goddess confirmed.

“Can it be reinstated?” Chen Feng asked. “Yes.  However,  a  very,  very  long  time  will  be  required. Perhaps even longer time than the time between the Primordial Era and now…” The Misfortune Goddess was sure.

Chen Feng was extremely pleased to hear this. “Splendid.”

A faint godly power started swirling about.

Gently, Chen Feng pointed his finger at the Luck Goddess’s forehead. “Time to wake up.”  Suddenly, the figure trembled. Next, the blank expression started moving, and those empty eyes suddenly filled with emotion again.

Slowly, a smile unfolded on her face. “My little master.”
Chen Feng smiled. “Welcome back.”  The Luck Goddess had indeed been killed. Her newly regained physical body had been killed, and her consciousness had been erased. However, one particular consciousness had remained. That was the consciousness that had followed Chen Feng in his rise, the consciousness that had been sealed off by the Luck Goddess when she had sealed away her emotions. That was the part of the Luck Goddess that was Spirit—the memories unique to
Spirit alone. This had been Chen Feng’s true goal, to resurrect
Spirit! To resurrect that very consciousness that was completely unrelated to the Luck Goddess!
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