The Strongest Gene Chapter 711-720

Chapter 711: What a Scam

In the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was lazily looking at the four resonators, waiting for their decision.
“I will follow you,” Thomas said after taking in a deep breath. He indeed found submission preferable. Although he possessed valiant combat power, his combat power was the most unstable. Therefore, the moment a probability manipulator like Chen Feng set eyes on him, he would have no way out. That damnable Luck Goddess…
“Thomas!”  Wu Liang was anxious. Just like that, Thomas had been scared into submission? They were a group of four resonators. Was there a need to fear the lone Chen Feng? Even if parts of their abilities couldn’t be used due to the issue of probability, they still had in their possession a huge number of other powerful abilities that were not reliant on chance. There was no need to fear Chen Feng.

Thomas inhaled deeply. “Have you forgotten about the Luck Goddess?” 
True. The Luck Goddess. Regardless of how they tried to dodge this fact, they could not ignore that in this unique era, as the first god to awaken, the Luck Goddess was the strongest existence. There were absolutely no contenders.

Suddenly, Thomas’s seemingly useless brain started working. “What do you think will happen if we kill Chen Feng?”
Wu Liang and the rest: “…”
The fact that Chen Feng still had control over the godly power of luck was sufficient to prove that all the talk about Chen Feng being crippled was nothing but a big lie. As for the relationship between Chen Feng and the Luck Goddess… As they thought about what Chen Feng had said, their hearts chilled.

“I will follow you as well,” Wu Liang said with a bitter smile. 
“…” Sakata Chuunibyou smiled bitterly before shrugging. “I will stay at the Genetic Union as well, then.”

Around them, the eyes of all the onlookers widened. From the moment Chen Feng had gotten himself involved, they had been worried that something bad would happen. Surprisingly, Chen Feng had been able to easily turn the situation around, subduing these four resonators instead?

How in the world was this even accomplishable?

As they thought about the fact that the Genetic Union had just obtained four resonators, and those resonators’ strength… The deputy president became completely agitated. The other always been curious about resonators but had never been able to gain more understanding about them. If, this time, they could take this opportunity to deepen their understanding, it would definitely bring them great benefits. In any case, the significance of these four joining was not to be taken lightly.

“Excellent.”  Chen Feng looked at them with a wide smile. “Since you have decided, it’s time to sign the contract.”
Everyone blanked. “Contract?”
“Of course,”  Chen Feng said with a smile. “You guys didn’t think that I would simply station you all at the Genetic Union just like that, right? Don’t worry. Although it is a contract, the contents of it… Well, just follow me.”
Chen Feng spoke a bit with the deputy president before bringing the four of them to the training room.

Shua! He pointed midair. Next, a translucent figure appeared midair. This was an ability he had just learned, a rather powerful one.

“This is the contract of a god,”  Thomas and the rest called out in alarm when they saw this. The contract of a god! As the name implied, this was something only available to gods. As resonators, even if they could utilize the power of gods, they were ultimately borrowers. As such, they could only use them for specific abilities. Only true gods with true godly powers could use their godly powers to set up laws, laws in the truest sense.

“You are actually capable of the complete utilization of godly power.”
Wu Liang and the rest were thoroughly alarmed. If, earlier, they had still had a shred of doubt in their hearts, right now, they were completely subdued. Godly power! Chen Feng was actually capable of using true godly power! This signified that when he utilized godly power, he wasn’t borrowing, nor was he resonating. Rather, he was truly using godly power as his own power. If so, his relationship with his god… Holy shit!

“Amazing.” Wu Liang was filled with admiration. This Chen Feng was precisely a god’s male companion as spoken of in the legends. Once upon a time, when he had been much younger, he had also once thought of being a male companion of a god. Unfortunately, as he had grown in age and strength and gained a deeper understanding of the gap between god and man, he had given up. He had never seen anyone accomplish this feat. But now he finally saw someone that had accomplished this feat, even if this “companion” status had been achieved using a rather “special” method.
“Admirable.”   Thomas  had  thoroughly  submitted  as  well. During the Primordial Era, he had once heard about people with exceptional courage who dared to “do” it with snakes, or the braver ones who “did” it with ghosts, and some that had even “done”  it with caterpillars. However, he had never seen someone that had “done” it with a god!

“We will sign it.” Sakata Chuunibyou and the other guy lacked the slightest hesitation as well. If they could follow such an amazing boss, perhaps their future would not be too bleak.

“Splendid.” Chen Feng tossed the contract over to them.

A faint radiance started swirling about.

In fact, the content of this contract of a god was rather simple. In short, with the laws of godly power bearing witness, Thomas’s group of four would temporarily place themselves under the command of Chen Feng. However, there were also extra clauses providing a guarantee that Chen Feng would not send Thomas’s group of four to their death as he wished and that he would ensure their safety. If Chen Feng dared break this contract, his link with the Luck Goddess would be thoroughly severed. Thomas and the others exchanged glances and reached a conclusion that this contract was acceptable. A contract of a god was not to be broken. The moment one broke it, they would truly suffer the consequences as detailed in the contract. Furthermore, the contract of a god would only come into existence if the detailed punishments were deliverable by the laws.

For example, as the believer of the Luck Goddess, if Chen Feng dared to go against this contract, the contract would severe his connection with the Luck Goddess, rendering him a crippled resonator.

Wealthy Zhao confirmed the contents of the contract. “Acceptable.”  At present, Chen Feng’s greatest backer was his relationship with Luck Goddess. Therefore, his sincerity was apparent by the inclusion of this clause in the contract.

“Let’s sign it, then,” they all said after exchanging glances. Their respective godly powers emanated out, signifying that the moment any of them broke the contract, their respective godly powers would be removed.


A terrifying radiance swirled around. The officiating of the contract began. Alas, as the radiance of the contract swirled about, Thomas and the rest felt like something was wrong. The color of this godly power…
Was the Luck Goddess a dishonest god? The answer was yes. However, regardless of her nature, her godly power had always been that of a majestic gold. Yet now, the radiance being emanated out of this contract was purple… a rather sinister- looking purple.

“Something seems wrong.”
Wu Liang was startled. Just as he was about to withdraw his godly power from this contract… Shua!

Radiance swirled about and instantly completed the signing ceremony.

On the contract, radiance swirled about before leaving behind a shining purple imprint, an imprint acting as the witness of the completion of the signing of this contract. Wu Liang and the rest gave the imprint a glance, and instantly, they all bore the expression of people that had eaten a mouthful of poop. That imprint was in fact the insignia of the Misfortune Goddess!

They looked at it, on the verge of collapsing.

Why? Why was it the imprint of Misfortune Goddess? They all blanked. They looked over at Chen Feng. Looking at his calm expression, their hearts chilled. Could it be that all along, Chen Feng had been a user of the Misfortune Goddess’s power? No, back then, he had obviously been a user of the power of luck! They were thoroughly dumbfounded.

Perhaps they had guessed wrong?

Wu Liang gulped and cautiously probed, “Erm… Chen Feng, this contract… looks like a contract of the Misfortune Goddess?”
Chen Feng spoke calmly. “Yeah, it is indeed her contract.”

Their hearts trembled.

Wu Liang cautiously probed, “Erm… but you and the Luck Goddess…” “That was in the past.”  Chen Feng gazed at the sky with a sullen  expression  before  sighing  deeply.  “Unfortunately,  we broke up.”
They were all dumbstruck. “Bro… broke up?”
You not only got together with a god, you even broke up with her? Hold on, if he truly broke up with her, then their relationship…
“Sigh.” Chen Feng had a bitter and hateful expression. “I never expected that her love for me would turn into hatred… Sigh. It is all my fault for being way too outstanding a person… For both the Luck Goddess and Misfortune Goddess to fall in love with me at the same time…”  Chen Feng let out a bitter smile. “Although the Luck Goddess is indeed very adorable and petite, after thinking about it for a long time, I ultimately decided that I still prefer the hot and sexy elder-sister types… That near perfect body, that gentle disposition, she is my true love,” Chen Feng said with a loving expression on his face.

Wu Liang was dumbstruck. Thomas and the rest were dumbstruck as well. Holy shit, what in the world? As they carefully recalled the appearances of the Luck Goddess and the Misfortune Goddess, their hearts ached terribly. In short, not only had he gotten together with the Luck Goddess, he had also subsequently kicked her aside because her chest was too flat?

They were all stupefied. It seemed like Chen Feng was merely blabbering nonsense. However, as they pondered what he had said, everything seemed right. Only this could explain why, as a user of the power of luck, he was now a user of the power of misfortune.

This was truly… too melodramatic! They started panicking. What caused their hearts to ache so badly was the fact that this time, they had chosen the wrong camp yet again! No matter what, in this new era, the Luck Goddess was the first to awaken. This signified that she already had the advantage and could very well grow into the strongest god. That was the reason they had decided to follow Chen Feng. Unexpectedly…
What a scam! They were too tired to even berate their fate. Why in the world was this bastard tricking them all the time? This was too excessive!

Chapter 712: Sorry

Wealthy Zhao wanted to scold him, but he couldn’t find the words to do so. *ss? B*itch? B*stard? Whatever he could use, he had already done so. For him, a man of culture, this was his limit. Would he have to descend to calling Chen Feng a big baddie instead?

Wealthy Zhao sighed. They had initially believed that this time, they had, in the river of time, boarded a huge battleship sailing forth into the sunshine. Unexpectedly, they had been tricked onto a little boat that could sink at any time.

Wu Liang still had a trace of hope within him. “Erm. Since Misfortune Goddess could communicate with you, has she recovered?”
Chen Feng sighed endlessly. “Nope. She still needs to recover her godly power. It hasn’t been easy for me to deal with her.” “True.”
They nodded, as they found this reasonable. Subsequently, though, their expressions sank. Screw this, in short, the Misfortune Goddess had yet to recover her godly power? They had actually boarded such a damaged boat? This was too excessive!

Even the usually steadfast Wealthy Zhao was nearly losing control from his anger. “Chen Feng! You…” This scammer…
“Calm down.” Chen Feng coughed. “Don’t worry. There will still be bread and butter, and despite the difficulty level, the future will still be beautiful.”
The four looked at him coldly. “Since you are treating us this way, do not blame us…”  The contract worked on both sides. Since Chen Feng had scammed them, he could not blame them if they started playing tricks as well. However, at this moment… Suddenly, Sakata Chuunibyou recalled something. “Hold on.
The contract of a god!”
Although they had indeed signed the contract, if their memories served right…

They exchanged glances and took a look at the contract. When they got a clear look at the contents, their hearts chilled. In the contract, it was stated that if Chen Feng broke the contract, his link with the Luck Goddess would be severed.

Hold on…
Luck Goddess? Weren’t they already enemies now? In short, this contract…
Chen Feng had an expression of shame. “I’m sorry. I tricked you guys.” However, this only remained momentarily before he said, “However, with your intelligence, it is way too dangerous to stay solo out there. Just follow me around for a bit.”
Their expressions darkened. “…” Finally, they understood the prowess of shamelessness.

Looking at their furious expressions, he decided to give them some time to calm down and think about this. “Cough. For now, take a good rest at the Genetic Union.” He was confident that with his sincerity, kindness, and, to a lesser extent, the contract, they would be able to gain enlightenment and make the correct choice.

Yes, they would. And thus, after leaving behind some commands, Chen Feng returned to his own room.

“With this, I do not need to worry about the Genetic Union for now,” he told himself. With those four, he was confident that the Genetic Union would not suffer any disasters for the time being. The deputy president would be able to make use of them nicely. Even if other resonators started creating trouble, with these four, the Genetic Union would be able to stabilize the situation.

He sighed deeply. “Then… I only have one more problem to solve.”   This  issue  concerning  the  Genetic  Union  wasn’t  a particularly major one. For him, the true problem had always been the power of misfortune. At first, the pen had intended to fuse with Chen Feng, providing him power unconditionally, exactly the same as the Fate Stone had done way earlier. However, after his experience with the Luck Goddess, Chen Feng understood clearly that the power gained from others could be easily retrieved at any time as well.

After thinking about it for a long time, as well as consulting with Duma, he had decided to employ a contract.

First, the consciousness of the Misfortune Goddess would not be allowed to enter his body.

Second, the Misfortune Goddess would offer up to Chen Feng complete authority over her godly power. The only thing Chen Feng needed to do was restore the Misfortune Goddess’s godhood before the awakening of all other gods. Otherwise, the contract would deem Chen Feng to have failed his part in the contract and he would have to pay a terrifying price. If he succeeded…
He would be free to choose if he wanted to become a believer of the Misfortune Goddess, continuing to borrow the power of misfortune. Or he could choose to give up on the power of misfortune and become a free man. This was a contract Chen Feng had offered the goddess. He had initially prepared for a series of negotiations, but unexpectedly, the Misfortune Goddess had directly agreed.

The power of misfortune swirled around his hands. Rows of translucent seals flickered into existence. If a resonator saw this scene, they would be shocked to see that this was in fact an advanced version of the contract of a god. Not only that, this was a contract only a god could sign. Mere possession of godly power was insufficient to sign this contract. Only a true god could sign it. This was the contract they had signed, and the moment it had been signed, Chen Feng had become equivalent to the spokesperson of the Misfortune Goddess. Not only that, as he could also use the true power of misfortune, a supreme godly power.

This was in fact no different than being a substitute god. At the exact moment they had signed the contract, Chen Feng had understood why the Misfortune Goddess had agreed to the contract without hesitation. At present, she was truly too weak, unimaginably weak.

How could one describe this? In the corrected history timeline, she had been following Chen Feng since his infancy, serving as a birthmark on his neck. However, for twenty full years, she had never shown herself. With Spirit around, she had never dared show herself. From this, it was apparent how weak she was right now.

Although after their quarrel—no, their war back then—both had similarly fallen, in hindsight, it seemed like the Misfortune Goddess had suffered a much more disastrous injury. As for the Luck Goddess, after following Chen Feng, she had been able to upgrade herself several times, recovering without stop.

How weak was she, exactly?

The strength Chen Feng had exhibited to block the godly power of war earlier was already her limit. As such, Chen Feng had had no choice but to resort to trickery.

“Hey,  Old  Misfortune,  how  was  my  performance?”  Chen Feng asked proudly.


An intense anger emanated from the pen, though it wasn’t clear whether the anger was toward Chen Feng himself or how he had addressed her. Chen Feng appeared completely oblivious. “What are you trying to say? Old Misfortune, when will you be able to form your consciousness into a body? I have heard from the War God and the others that you have a really hot figure…”
Once again, intense anger emanated out from the pen. She was a god! These words of Chen Feng’s were akin to an insult! This was too excessive!

“I have no idea what you’re trying to say.” Chen Feng looked at the shaking pen, which was shaking like a vibrator, and was truly clueless as to what she was trying to say. Finally, he gave up thinking about it. “Forget it, I will pretend you’re a mute for now,” Chen Feng said honestly.

Pen of Misfortune: “…”
She remembered how, earlier, when they had been signing the contract, Chen Feng had seemed completely capable of understanding what she was trying to say. Yet now… This bastard scammer!

“There,  there,  time  for  you  to  rest.  Try  recovering  your consciousness as soon as possible so we can start communicating.” Chen Feng waved his hand and said generously, “It will not be too late to rain your praises upon my brilliance after your recovery. There is no rush.”
Pen of Misfortune: “…”

With a flash, she vanished.

Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Although the Misfortune Goddess was pitifully weak now, the advantage she brought was the supply of a true supreme godly power, rather than the lower tiers of godly powers those resonators were using. If strength was not taken into consideration, the present him was in fact no different than a god. Mhm…
He checked the amount of power of misfortune he had in his body.

Perhaps, it would be more apt to call him a pseudo-god only capable of a part of what gods were capable of.

Chapter 713: Tsundere Goddess

His hands started glowing. At present, he was way too weak.
As such, he had to make use of this power as best as he could.

He had a pensive look on his face. Luck and misfortune were related to each other. In short, if Chen Feng could be sure of the probability of someone experiencing a misfortune, he could make the probability a reality…
For example, slot machines.

He tried it out. This had been a favorite hobby of his in the past. To verify the power of his luck value, he had tried lotteries and slot machines, confirming that Luck Aura indeed worked. And now he needed to test his power of misfortune. Mhm…
As he willed it, slowly, the power of misfortune surged out of him.

He bought all the credits available in the shop and started using the slot machine. Mhm… After over ten thousand attempts, he failed to win even a single prize as the extremely happy slot machine boss looked over his shoulder.

Chen Feng had a pensive look. “Is this the simplest operation method of misfortune?”
What if he changed his goal…
He urged inwardly. Shua!

He switched the target of misfortune from him to the slot machine boss, and next, an astonishing thing happened. For ten-odd attempts in a row, he continuously won the first prize. Instantly, the boss’s expression darkened.

He wanted to interrupt Chen Feng. “Erm…”
Chen Feng waved his hand, not allowing the boss to speak. “Shut up.”
From the looks of it, even though he was using the power of misfortune, he could use this unique method to do what he had done with Luck Aura. There was nearly no difference.

For example, during battles. Misfortune was a power that brought forth all negativities. It was destructive in nature. However, if misfortune was used on his opponent, would it not allow certain abilities with low activation chances to activate? For example, God Punisher?

In short, anything that was unfavorable for the enemy could happen. Wasn’t this just a different version of Luck Aura, then? Although the minute details of their operation were somewhat different, the final result was the same. At least from an onlooker’s point of view, everything would be the same. Luck and misfortune, two completely opposite powers with an extremely intimate relationship.

“In short, the reverse of misfortune is luck.”
“If used appropriately, misfortune can achieve the same effects as luck. Naturally, obtaining the exact same result will exhaust much more misfortune than luck would have. Similarly, if luck is used appropriately, the same effects as misfortune can be achieved.”
His previous usage of Luck Aura to grant his enemies misfortune had, in effect, been accomplishing what misfortune was supposed to accomplish. To grant misfortune upon his enemies, a much larger amount of luck had been required.

Finally, Chen Feng understood. The power of luck was much better in supportive roles, but if one wished, they could exhaust a huge amount of luck to achieve the same effects of misfortune.

For example, the apocalypse!

When numerous coincidences aligned correctly, absolute destruction could be brought forth. As for the power of misfortune, it was good at destruction. However, if one was willing to exhaust a huge amount of misfortune, one could also accomplish what luck could.

For example, unleashing God Punisher.

His successful activation of low-probability abilities was in fact a stroke of misfortune for his enemies. Therefore, luck and misfortune could be seen as two different programming languages. If one wished to use one programming language to achieve what the other programming language was better at, it would still be possible, but it would take much more effort.

For example, if one used Java to build an operating system, or if one used C to build a website, and so on.

“If that’s the case, this is much easier to understand.”
Chen Feng was in agreement with this new hypothesis of his. In fact, during his previous life, he had been a holder of the grade-two certificate of the National Computer Rank Examination. As such, thinking about the powers of luck and misfortune this way made it much easier for him to understand.

Right now, the power of the Misfortune Goddess was way too lacking, at least when compared to a regular god. It was nearly negligible. In a way, she had even less godly power than a resonator. As such, Chen Feng was not able to set up a proper standard for his current power of misfortune. He had no choice but to set up his own standards, to divide the present total godly power of misfortune by a hundred, treating it as 100 points of misfortune power. Even so, the effect of this misfortune power was much better than the luck value he’d had in the past. After his tests, he found that through numerous methods, such as switching the target of the misfortune, he could make himself lucky, such as when buying into lotteries. However, such usages exhausted
around three to ten times more power than when he had used his power purely for bringing misfortune. In fact, the reason for this exhaustion was because the exhaustion rate was dependant on the number of targets he switched to achieve the desired “lucky effect.” This was, in truth, a rather complicated

“Therefore, to save the misfortune power, I must try my best to use the misfortune power for what it’s truly best at, rather than using it blindly.”
At this realization, he sank into contemplation. His present power of misfortune was too low in amount. As such, saving it up was necessary.

After understanding the basic usage method of misfortune, Chen Feng set his sights on his illusory world. The illusory world that had stopped moving after the extraction of luck from him once again started operating as he directed the power of misfortune into it.

A faint power of misfortune glowed within the world. With this, all his abilities recovered once again. Regardless of whether he could still use luck or not or whether he could still erupt with his strongest might, at the very least, he had finally regained his own power. What he cared about most was in fact…

He punched out. Within his consciousness, a certain miniature person moved at the same time.


The might of a level-nine awakened was displayed. “I am back.”
Chen Feng was overwhelmed with emotion. After some twists and turns, he had finally regained his strength, and he was even stronger than before. In the coming chaos, with his recovered strength, he would be able to stand tall. Coupled with the power of the Misfortune Goddess, he would fear no one. At least, this would be the case until all those resonators recovered.

“I must increase my strength as quickly as I can.”
He was exceptionally calm. Before the resonators recovered, he had to become stronger. Before those damnable gods awakened, he had to have in his possession an even stronger godly power. He wasn’t too clear on the events of the Primordial Era. However, this time, in this era, he would not allow this world to suffer annihilation.

With sharp eyes, he vowed that this era… would become his era, the era of Chen Feng! Naturally, before setting forth toward this grand undertaking, he needed to first solve a small issue: his wristband had been spoiled. This thing that was supposed to be impossible to destroy had actually been broken by him. This caused even him to be speechless.

Was I in too intense a fight recently? he wondered. And thus, he requested a new wristband from the Genetic Union. Next, his new wristband broke as well!

He frowned, completely confused.

Was he so unlucky that he got several defective products in a row? He refused to believe that such a coincidence actually existed. The quality of the Stormtech Company’s products was rather high.

“Well, I might as well buy a new one with my own money.”
He spent his own money and bought a new one. Shortly afterward, the new wristband broke as well. This truly rendered him speechless. He gazed at his broken wristband and had could vaguely guess what had happened. And thus, once again, he bought a new wristband. As expected, it broke yet again.

“What the hell?”
He rolled his eyes. Without needing to even think, he knew what the issue was.

“There, there, Old Misfortune, even if you are unhappy with me, you do not need to take such petty revenge on me, right? In our grand undertaking of becoming stronger, the assistance of others is still required. As such, these wristbands can’t keep getting broken, right? This will delay our undertaking. Can we stop playing around like this?”  Chen Feng advised earnestly. And then he bought a new wristband.

“Are you perhaps unhappy with the title I have given you?” Chen Feng asked with a sigh.

Misfortune Goddess: “…” So you are aware that the title you gave me is way too unpleasant to hear?

“Fine, I won’t call you Old Misfortune. How about I call you Old Fortune? No, that’s no good. It seems to clash with luck… How  about…  Dearest  Misfortune?  Little  Misfortune?”  Chen Feng asked after giving it some thought.

Misfortune Goddess: “…”
This guy was truly mental.

Chen Feng admitted defeat. “Fine, fine, Lord Goddess,” Chen Feng said respectfully. “Is this respectful enough, o noble Lord Goddess?” And then he bought a new wristband. 
It broke again. This time, he was truly stupefied.

“Even Lord Goddess won’t work?” Chen Feng’s head ached. “What the hell? Lord Goddess, can we talk this out? Can you not act impetuously like some teenage girl? Fine, I forgot that goddesses are, after all, female. I take that back. Sorry.”
Misfortune Goddess: “…”
Her consciousness, residing within the pen, watched this amusing scene.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “I am truly helpless now.” He had tried numerous methods yet was incapable of getting his wristbands to stop breaking.

His head ached. “This won’t do…”  Finally, he understood that despite how weak she was, the Misfortune Goddess was slight unhappiness on her part was already sufficient to cause one’s head to ache greatly.

Chen Feng gave up. “Forget it.” He went over to the ancient race and asked for an ability capable of transmitting messages through long distance as a substitute. Before they had started using the wristbands, these abilities had been the ancients’ main communication method. With this, this incident ended.

During this period, Thomas’s group had also considered properly and had ultimately decided to join the Genetic Union, thus starting a busy new life. As for Chen Feng, he was working hard on getting better at controlling the power of misfortune.

Everything seemed to be progressing smoothly… until a few days later, when a gold radiance suddenly engulfed the entire world, a terrifying godly power rippling everywhere. Nearly every resonator raised their head, looking in the direction the gold had come from.

“That damnable Luck Goddess is creating trouble again!”

Chapter 714: A New God

At a certain location.

Kong Bai loudly howled at a ball of light in his hand, “Hello, hello, hello, can you hear me?”
“Not too clearly,” a faint, unclear roar replied from the ball of light.

Kong  Bai’s  expression  darkened.  “Hell.”   What  damnable thing was this? So this was the ancient race’s voice transmitter? What in the world? Did the ancients believe that humans had throats as powerful as theirs? Talking with this so-called “phone” was no different than wailing.

Intermittent howls were transmitted through the ball. “You… stand higher… Maybe… signal… poor…”
Fine. Kong Bai looked around and, with a leap, reached the top of a huge 10-meter-tall tree. This was the tallest tree in his vicinity.

“Hello, hello?” Kong Bao howled. “Can you hear me now?”
The  voice  being  transmitted  became  clearer.  “Somewhat better. What were you trying to say earlier?”
Kong Bai blanked. “Let me think…” After howling at the ball of light for such a long time, he had forgotten what he initially wanted to say. After two whole minutes of thinking, he finally remembered. Right, he had wanted to talk about resonators. Right now, the resonators seemed to be slowly recovering, though they had yet to fully recover.

A few days ago, they had still been so happy about breaking through into the awakened realm, yet in the blink of an eye, resonators had started appearing one after another, delivering to them a massive blow. Therefore, they had to enter the resonance realm as soon as possible. Regardless of whether it was Kong Bai, Xu Fei, or the others, they all had the same opinion. Doing otherwise would be no different than sitting around and waiting for death. “Resonance…”   On  the  other  end,  Chen  Feng  sank  into contemplation as well. During the Primordial Era, those resonators had all been peak awakened ones who resonated with gods to enter the resonance realm. But in this era… there were no other gods. If one truly wanted to reach resonance, one could only resonate with the Luck Goddess. After thinking about it, Chen Feng discovered how terrifying this could be. In short, during this period of time, they had to not break through before the other gods recovered.

“You guys should try to reach the peak of the awakened realm first, but remember to not enter the resonance realm. Even if breaking through is possible, do not do it,” Chen Feng reminded them.

Kong Bai was confused. “Why is that?”
“Because… at this time, the Luck Goddess is the only god in existence,” Chen Feng said with a sigh.

Kong Bai sank into silence. Luck Goddess… After the disturbance earlier, they were all naturally aware of what had happened to Chen Feng. If it was the Luck Goddess…
Kong Bai looked pensively at the wave of gold that was surging out in the distance. “Then, this time…”
Chen Feng shook his head. “That’s right. This is the work of the Luck Goddess again.”
“I understand now.” Kong Bai finally understood thoroughly. A war between the gods would come in the future. They currently had no way of getting involved in it, as they were too weak. The only thing they could do was not enter the resonance realm so as to not cause further trouble to Chen Feng and the others. As for the fate of this world, well, it would depend on the results of this world. After ending the call with Chen Feng, Kong Bai relayed what Chen Feng had said to Xu Fei and the others that were in a rush to breakthrough.

When they heard this, they all sank into silence. Wait? Wait for other gods to recover? Could they even afford to wait? Xu Fei was the first to stand up. “I cannot accept this.” Even with the present state of the world, they could only watch on and wait for the final result? He was naturally unwilling to accept this. If they were to wait until the other gods recovered to enter resonance, it would be too late.

Qin Hai sighed. “Well, it is the same for us.”  He had once been the Mysterious Organization’s leader, one of the strongest existences in the world. Now that he was reduced to a mere side character, he was naturally unwilling to accept it.

Suddenly, Kong Bai recalled an old friend. “How about Wang Chun?” It had been quite a while since they had last met.

“Oh.” Qin Hai pondered before saying, “Spending time with his harem, I suppose?”
Everyone: “…”
Harem… Oh, right, Wang Chun’s ability. “He is the man with a harem during a chaotic era. What a guy.”
Xu Fei was filled with envy. The rest felt the same.

Suddenly, Qin Hai thought of something. “About Wang Chun… I seem to have heard Master say that, a short while ago, he could feel godly power emanating from the area Wang Chun was in. Based on Master’s guess, that was probably the power of the Nether God, yet there was a slight difference as well.”
Everyone’s expression changed. Nether God?

“That young lady!”
Suddenly, they recalled that incomparably tyrannical girl in Wang Chun’s harem: Ming Yue. They could seemingly remember this girl saying that she had been a god in her original world.

“Originally, the limit of this world was beyond A class. Therefore, even after entering this world, Ming Yue was too weak. Now, though, with the lifting of the limit, that young lady can use her godly power here in this world?”
All of them were shocked. If that was the case, that Wang Chun…
Qin Hai nodded. “That’s right. It is quite possible that he entered that world to inherit the power of the Nether God.”
They all inhaled a mouthful of cold air in shock. This Wang Chun guy had been missing with his harem for quite a while. They had all thought that the next time they saw him, he would be weakened from overexercising. Unexpectedly, this guy had actually silently surpassed them all. Godly power…
They all lamented. That world belonged to Wang Chun alone. As such, he alone could enter.

Suddenly, Xu Fei stood up. “I am leaving. Even Wang Chun found his own way to obtain godly power. I will not sit in my home waiting for death. In this era, I must have my own strength as well.”
He had decided to go look for his own fortuitous encounter. Recently, since an indeterminate point in time, a dream-like voice seemed to have appeared in his heart, seemingly calling out to him. As time passed, that voice was getting clearer and clearer. This time, he had to take a look at what this voice was all about!

Qin Hai stood up as well. “Same here.” He was the disciple of Duma, the person with the best information network in the world. He believed that his master would most definitely have a way for him to obtain godly power, even if it would be extremely difficult. Kong Bai smiled calmly. “Looks like we have all decided.” He was a transmigrator. His future was not one anyone could dictate. Since, in this era, the gods had yet to awaken, he would traverse time itself and return to the primordial. He believed that in that unique era, he would be able to find his very own fortuitous encounter, even if it would be extremely dangerous.

The Forest Goddess. She had been one of the strongest gods in the Primordial Era. She had been the right hand of the Luck Goddess the whole time. She had possessed valiant strength, and in their defeat during the god war back then, she had also entered a slumber. This was the information Chen Feng had recently obtained. Evidently, this Luck Goddess, the first god to awaken, was recovering her underlings as well.

Thomas sighed. “What we fear most has still happened.” If it were any other god, it would be fine, as the god would have to slowly recover even after waking up. However, the first god just had to be the Luck Goddess. With her unique power, if she wanted to cause certain gods to wake up first, it would be much easier. And this was precisely what she was doing. Thomas smiled bitterly. “She will wake them up one by one, then organize them. By the time the other gods wake up, the Luck Goddess and her fellow gods will surround and kill them…”
Chen Feng had a pensive look. Doing what the Genetic Union is doing to the awakened ones?

Thomas’s group’s communicators buzzed. Chen Feng glanced over, and his face darkened immediately. These resonators had all adapted well to this new modern era and had started using these tools of convenience. On the other hand, he…
He gazed at his empty wrist. Earlier, after howling into the ball to communicate with Kong Bai, he had almost ruined his throat. He finally understood why, regardless of gender, the ancients’ voices were always so rough.

I wonder if their voices are so rough in all circumstance… For instance, when Tianyu Liming and the president are doing it… Huh, what am I thinking about here?

He coughed, stopping his messy thoughts.

Suddenly, Thomas’s group became agitated. “Good.”
Chen Feng looked over. “What good news have you guys received?”

Chapter 715: Salt Lake

Thomas’s eyes shone. “The resonators have decided to join hands. The awakening of the Forest Goddess will require time. With the Luck Goddess exhausting her strength to help the Forest Goddess awaken before she herself is fully recovered, she will be further weakened. We are planning to use this opportunity to interrupt the awakening and send the Forest Goddess back into slumber.”
Chen Feng was somewhat speechless. “That works?”
“Of course.”
Thomas and the rest were agitated. A group of resonators fighting the Luck Goddess, just imagining this scene was sufficient to cause excitement.

Chen Feng poured cold water on their boiling blood. “You guys are not allowed to go.”
Thomas’s eyes widened. “Why?” Chen Feng sneered. “Are you going there just to throw your life away?”
“How is that throwing my life away?” Thomas could not accept this. “With so many of us resonators, there is no need to fear the Luck Goddess. Moreover, this is a weakened Luck Goddess who has exhausted her strength trying to awaken the Forest Goddess. Not only interrupting, if possible, I trust they will even want to…” Thomas’s eyes gleamed coldly as he said, “…Slay a god!”
Chen Feng shook his head. “Ridiculous.”  These idiotic fools had no idea how powerful the gods were, especially the Luck Goddess.

Thomas shrugged. “I know that it is not possible. Therefore, I only intended to interrupt the awakening ritual.” He trusted that a mere weakened Luck Goddess would not be able to withstand the onslaught of so many resonators.

Chen Feng sneered. “That is indeed how things seem. However, are you sure that all the resonators are truly united?” Thomas’s eyes widened. “Huh? What other choice do they have?”
Chen Feng gazed in the direction of the surging gold. “How stupid. Have you never considered the possibility that not all the resonators intend to interrupt the ritual? I am not sure what the situation was during the Primordial Era. But in this new era, the Luck Goddess was the first god to awaken.”
“What’s so special about being the first…” Halfway through his sentence, Thomas gained understanding. True, she had been the first god to awaken.

This time, the people looking for her would not consist solely of those trying to interrupt her. There would also be quite a number of people who wanted to serve her. As such, at that time…
Thomas inhaled a mouthful of cold air in shock. “It will instead be a chaotic war between fellow resonators?”  When that happened, with what the Luck Goddess was capable of, she would only need to lightly provoke them using what she was best at and she would be able to cause all the resonators to mutually annihilate each other without even showing her face. Or perhaps… she could use her power to ensure that those who were against her would die in the fight.
Thomas’s heart chilled. “Holy shit.”  He exchanged glances with Wealthy Zhao, realizing that they had indeed underestimated how terrifying the Luck Goddess was. They had especially neglected how good she was at toying with the emotions of people. Facing the other gods, they would only need to consider their combat power, but facing the Luck Goddess… They all smiled bitterly.

Chen Feng shook his head. “Therefore, you guys don’t need to join in. In any case, the result would only be your deaths. Let others go mess around there.”
Wealthy Zhao guessed something from Chen Feng’s words. “Are you going?”
Chen Feng smiled. “Of course. I am the man of the Misfortune Goddess. It has been quite a while since I last meet the Luck Goddess… In fact, I quite miss her.” 
Thomas and the rest merely laughed dryly at Chen Feng’s stupid dramatic reaction. Ultimately, it was decided that Thomas and the rest would stay at the Genetic Union. As for Chen Feng and nearly all the resonators worldwide, they swarmed toward the site of the Forest Goddess’s awakening.

At a certain salt lake. This was the area nearest to that awakening site. A large number of resonators were already here looking toward the flickering gold, as a formidable power seemed to be coming into being there.

“When the gold radiance is at its most intense, that will be our time to attack.”
“Can’t we go directly instead?”
“No, since the Luck Goddess has decided to do such a dangerous thing, she has certainly sealed the route nearby. How could she allow easy entry? To enter, this is the only possible route.”
“Why did she not seal this salt lake as well?”
“The  lake  is  too  big.  Hehe,  the  Luck  Goddess’s  power  is limited. If she truly sealed the lake as well, her seal would probably be pitifully weak. Any random resonator would be capable of breaking through it.”
“Do we enter now?”
Some resonators were able to see through the general situation with a single look. It was quite simple. To enter the site of the awakening, they only needed to go through this lake, this unique lake whose surface was as clear as a mirror.

“The Luck Goddess will probably have some traps set around here. She is, after all, still a god…”
“With how weakened she is, so what if she is a god?”
Some were filled with vigilance, whereas some were sneering. In the first place, the community of resonators was a chaotic one. All resonators were lone rangers. Even now, when they had all gathered together for a common interest, they each had their own personal agenda.

As for Chen Feng, he merely watched on silently. Two goddesses and countless resonators… This would be quite the interesting trip. This was indeed an immense salt lake. However, if they went through it in a straight line, the distance wouldn’t be too far. However, if the Luck Goddess had indeed done something here with her godly power, things might turn out rather scary. Due to some coincidences, a huge number of people would encounter mishaps here at the lake. For a regular person, this was merely misfortune. In her present weakened state, would she waste her power to create misfortune, a domain she did not specialize in? No, she would not. At present, she didn’t have
much godly power left. Even with several hundred million luck
value, after transforming it into godly power, it wouldn’t amount to much.

Furthermore, she still needed to awaken the Forest Goddess. As such, she would definitely not waste her godly power easily. If so, this salt lake… Chen Feng narrowed his eyes as he thought of a possibility. He suddenly recalled his experiences during his younger days. After having his luck sucked dry by the Fate Stone, his life had become incredibly difficult. Numerous unfortunate incidents had kept happening to him as the Fate Stone had replenished its power without stop.

“In short, the Luck Goddess is planning to absorb their luck.”
Chen Feng’s heart thumped as he realized this. However, the flaw in doing this was rather obvious. First, she would not be able to absorb much luck even with this. This was clear from how it had taken her twenty years of absorbing luck from Chen Feng to be able to activate the Fate Stone.

Second, even without their luck, these resonators wouldn’t be affected much. Perhaps they would suffer from some bad luck. However, it would not be able to threaten them. After all, if not having any luck was truly life threatening, Chen Feng would have truly died for real all those years ago.

Therefore, despite having had his luck sucked dry, despite the absolute bad luck he had suffered, Chen Feng had still been able to live on tenaciously. Would such a weak effect be useful against resonators? Nope.

Chen Feng looked at this lake. Unless this lake was already an extremely dangerous place in the first place, a place where, with a tiny bit of effect from luck, death would come knocking. Chen Feng had a deep understanding of the power of luck. If this was truly the case, the Luck Goddess would only need a tiny bit power of luck to kill everyone here. Naturally, those that were able to luckily escape the calamity could very well be those who were willing to serve her.

Chen Feng was filled with admiration. “Worthy of being the Luck Goddess indeed.” With her first step, she would kill off a big portion of these resonators. With her second step, she would cause internal strife among the survivors. Ultimately, perhaps not a single one would be able to survive to see her. How deep the Luck Goddess’s schemes went was apparent here. Of course, all this was without taking Chen Feng into consideration. But now, with Chen Feng here…
Chen Feng smiled toyingly. “Hehe.” It was truly unfortunate for the Luck Goddess that he was now the master of misfortune.


Chen Feng stared ahead. It would be quite easy if he wanted to allow these people to cross this lake. He trusted that the power of misfortune would be able to counteract the power of luck, making the world a beautiful place. However, this was not his goal. Stopping the awakening of the Forest Goddess was only his secondary goal. What Chen Feng truly wanted was to make use of this incident and this place to grow.

Chapter 716: May the Goddess Be with You

At the salt lake, as the gold radiance surged to its peak intensity, the resonators started moving out. Cautiously, they traversed the salt lake. Slowly, they moved above the mirror- like lake surface. Surprisingly, they did not encounter any danger.

“Huh? One can actually step on the surface of the lake?”
“It seems like we won’t sink…”
“In any case, be extra careful.”
“Some people are trying to fly over. They seem perfectly fine up there.”
“Hehe,  the  moment  everyone  loosens  up  will  be  their moment of death.” “True.”
They continued on, maintaining their vigilance. At this time, the Luck Goddess, who was opposite the salt lake, took a glimpse at them and felt somewhat odd. This should not be the case. She had obviously absorbed all their luck. At this time, shouldn’t these fellows be all completely unlucky?

In fact, this application of bad luck was rather similar to HIV. Usually, minor diseases like the common cold were common and nonfatal, but the moment one was infected with HIV, all these minor diseases would become extremely fatal. As such, once she had absorbed all their luck, every single thing these people had done could very well bring them the utmost disaster. This was especially true since they were all traversing this dangerous salt lake.

After all, this was her specially selected recovery site. However, why was nothing happening yet? The Luck Goddess was filled with doubt.

The Luck Goddess looked at those cautious resonators and wondered, “Is it because these resonators are all too cautious?” That might be the case. After all, they were all resonators possessing godly power. As such, it wouldn’t be too easy for them to suffer from bad luck.

“Mhm… Perhaps I can expend a bit of godly power on them.”
The Luck Goddess understood clearly that this would be effectively the final straw that collapsed the camel. She would only need to use a tiny bit of her luck power to cause these damnable bugs to completely collapse.


She wriggled her finger slightly. A faint radiance emanated out. Luck power, activate!

Gold enveloped her. At this time, all the resonators were still advancing cautiously. Chen Feng, however, was noiselessly approaching a pale resonator. He had had his attention on this resonator for quite a while. Look at that pale face, one look and anyone would know that he was lacking in stamina… Mhm, no, one look and anyone would know that he was too nervous. What did this signify? This signified that he did not quite wish to participate in this encirclement at all. Chen Feng had seen way too many of such unwilling participants in the past.

There would always be those events that, nominally, people were free to decide whether or not to participate in. Nevertheless, if one truly decided to not participate, one would face the scorn of others. As such, one would still be ultimately forced to participate unwillingly. Mhm… Surprisingly, this was true even for the community of resonators. These unwilling participants would be the perfect target for Chen Feng.

Chen Feng approached him noiselessly. “Hey, bro.”
“…” That person looked at Chen Feng coldly before saying. “I am not interested in guys.”
Chen Feng: “…” What a humorous resonator.

“What do you think of the Forest Goddess’s awakening ritual?” Chen Feng asked faintly.

That person laughed. “Hehe, same as everyone else.”
“Hehe.”   Chen  Feng  smiled  and  stared  ahead  into  the distance. “Do you know what place is this? If one wishes to pass through this salt lake… With some bad luck, it is extremely easy to die here. Mhm… This will be quite true for the enemies of the Luck Goddess.” Seeing this guy’s expression change slightly, Chen Feng pointed ahead. “Look at that person…”
There, a certain resonator was flying at a low altitude.

“What do you think will happen if the Luck Goddess decides that he should be the unlucky one?” Chen Feng asked calmly. At the same time, he silently stopped absorbing misfortune from that person and even returned the misfortune he had previously absorbed from that person to him. Bang!

Suddenly, the lake surface below that person cracked.


With a loud sound, a huge mutated life-form shot out of the lake and swallowed that person in a single gulp.

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath in shock.

“That… a monster at the peak of the awakened realm?”
“Holy shit.”
“The monsters here are already this strong?” Everyone was horrified. A monster at the awakened realm would normally possess strength greater than the resonators here. If they had all recovered their original strength, they naturally wouldn’t fear it. However, at present, they were weak enough that these peak-level awakened monsters could insta- kill them. This was especially true for these terrifying monsters with unique builds that one could not measure with common sense.

Chen Feng gave a profound smile. “See…”  The heart of the person he was facing chilled. How would there be such a coincidence? The moment Chen Feng spoke of that person, that person was gone?

“Hehe.”  Noiselessly, Chen Feng handed over a small card. “This is the contract of a god. Do take a good look at it.”
That person flipped the card open, and instantly, his expression changed greatly. On the card, the Luck Goddess’s plan was written. The first step was to recruit resonators. As for her second step, those unwilling to submit would die… Mhm, an example was the earlier fellow.

That person was horrified. “You are…”
Chen Feng smiled happily. “Let me introduce myself. I am Wang Feng, the spokesperson of Luck Goddess.”
“Luck Goddess…”  Finally, that person’s expression changed greatly. At the same time they had all joined hands to go against her, she had actually planted spies within them? Was this not horrifying?

“You are not the first, nor will you be the last,”  Chen Feng said calmly. He looked at that person. “Therefore, tell me your choice.”
That person chilled as he heard this. Did this not signify that within this group of resonators, this person was not the only follower of the Luck Goddess? If there were also others… with those they had recruited included… “That  person  was  recruited  earlier.”  Chen  Feng  looked  at where that resonator used to be and smiled profoundly. “He disagreed. Hence, he had to die.”
The resonator’s heart chilled as he heard this. In the first place, he wasn’t particularly firm in his will to go against the Luck Goddess. After all, the affairs of the Primordial Era were way too far in the past. For them, the resonators of minor gods, it truly did not affect them much.

He looked at Chen Feng and sighed deeply. “What should I do?”
Chen  Feng  smiled  mysteriously.  “Very  simple.  Sign  the contract of a god. Trust me, following our noble Lord God, you will become part of the first faction, the strongest faction, in this new era. You will definitely not regret this.”

Noiselessly, the two finished signing the contract. Naturally, this brother here did not notice that the god written on the contract was “Lord God we all believe in and resonate with.”
That person stared blankly at Chen Feng. “Done, just like that?”
Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “Of course. Congratulations on becoming part of us. Mhm, for the subsequent journey, with the care of Luck Goddess, you will not have to worry about anything. However, during the final battle, you guys will need to contribute.”
He nodded. “Understood.”  Since he had already made his choice, he would not regret it.

His decision to follow after the Luck Goddess wasn’t because of these few words this Wang Feng had spoken. Rather, after taking everything into consideration, including the success of this awakening ritual… The Luck Goddess’s camp would have two gods before any of the other gods awakened. Such a superiority wasn’t one that could be overtaken easily. “Very  good.”  Chen  Feng  feigned  an  indifferent  expression and asked, “Now then, based on your understanding, which of these fellows here is also uncertain about this mission and would be willing to become our companion?”
“There  are  indeed  some  such  people  here,”   that  person replied.

Chen Feng smiled emotionally and said, “Excellent. May the goddess be with you.”

Chapter 717: Bro, Give Me a Chance

Within the forest, the Luck Goddess was looking at the salt lake with doubt. Those annoying resonators were shrinking their distance to her. Naturally, that was not the main issue. The main issue was that, so far, only one of them had died. She had absorbed all of their luck and had even used her luck power to deliver them misfortune, but only one had died.

This was rather horrifying. She knew that these resonators had all awakened quite a bit earlier than her and had rather formidable godly powers. However, regardless of how powerful they had become, they were still mere resonators.

The Luck Goddess sighed. “Have I underestimated them?” It looked like trying to kill them with the dangers of the lake would not work. In that case, she would have to do it the traditional way, by causing internal strife. She believed that these fellows were definitely not of one mind. She shut both her eyes and sensed the godly power of luck she had plundered from Chen Feng earlier. This amount would be sufficient to achieve what she intended.

Shua! Her hands started glowing. At this time, on the salt lake, Chen Feng’s plan was progressing smoothly as well. With the assistance of his new comrades, the number of people he had recruited kept increasing. He had forcefully dug out a hole in this anti–Luck Goddess alliance.

“You want to gain more understanding of the Luck Goddess?”
“Hehe, our group is rather packed with people now…”
“That is true!”
“So I heard your Lord God is one that is quite friendly with the Luck Goddess?”
“Are you interested in being part of the strongest primordial faction?”
“Hehe. I am the spokesperson of the Luck Goddess…” Chen Feng traversed amid the group of people. However, as he got in contact with more and more people, there was finally a time where, before he could finish his discussion with a certain resonator, that resonator shouted, “Bastard, so you are actually the follower of that slut Luck Goddess!”
Chen Feng: “…”
He checked the record he had on his hand and could only lament that this was quite the scam.

From the record he had obtained from that little bastard earlier, this fellow should be a resonator of a god extremely friendly with the Luck Goddess? At this shout, the others who, Chen Feng had yet to communicate with, grew alert.

“How?” “So there is a follower of the Luck Goddess creating trouble here?”
“Courting death!”
“Kill him.”
Countless people stood up in anger with a vast momentum. As for those who had signed the contract with Chen Feng, they walked out at this time as well.

“Try touching him?”
“Hehe,  a  new  era  is  coming.  Who  still  cares  about  the primordial?”
“In this era, the Luck Goddess is the number one expert.”
“Yeah.” “How idiotic…”
The group around Chen Feng all sneered. It was also at this point that those people realized that from an indeterminate time, an alliance for the Luck Goddess had been established. This was truly dreadful.

“You guys are courting death!”
The others were furious. The reason they had come here was to deal with the Luck Goddess, yet this had happened instead. As for the person pushing for this anti–Luck Goddess alliance, Zhou Ye, he felt incomparably insulted at this moment.

“You all…”
Zhou Ye’s heart was raging with fury. He was relatively strong among the resonators and was the organizer of this alliance. The only reason he had even worked so hard was because his god had been killed by the Luck Goddess back then. Naturally, gods did not die for real. However, because of that bitter battle, even after awakening, his god would not be able to recover his original strength.

This was the harshest of punishments for a god. Therefore, Zhou Ye had taken the initiative to contact everyone and go against the Luck Goddess, to avenge his god. Moreover, there were quite a few resonators with the same opinion as him. Some of them were those whose gods were enemies of the Luck Goddess, while some merely did not wish to see the Luck Goddess become the strongest god of this era.

In short, for various reasons, they had all gathered together. Yet now… They were only getting started, yet these people had already betrayed him.

“Ka! Ka!”
Zhou Ye clenched his fists tightly, godly power emanating out from his hands.

Zhou Ye was furious. “You all… deserve death!” Those around him were furious as well. Looking at the resonators  around  Chen  Feng,  they  said,  “Since  this  has happened, let us first kill you all!”
“Come at me! Who’s scared?”
“You bunch of idiots. Do you guys not realize who will be your biggest patron in the future? Waiting for your gods to wake up? Yeah, sure, I am sure it will not be too late then.”
Those around Chen Feng said, “If anyone else is interested in joining, we will welcome you. Do not worry about our enemy’s strength. Don’t forget that we have the Luck Goddess on our side.”
As a result of his words, five or six resonators joined them. With this, the members of both factions were clear for all to see. “Good, very good.”
Zhou Ye’s killing intent intensified. Both sides glared at each other while boundless godly power started surging around them. A battle seemed to be imminent. In the middle of all this, Chen Feng was completely confused. He had initially planned to use the name of the Luck Goddess to scam someone. Unexpectedly, this early on, something had already happened.

What in the world? He was somewhat stupefied. This confusion was further reinforced when he saw how the people around him were all so ferocious, ready to battle at a moment’s notice. This was developing way too fast. Hold on… too fast? Abruptly, Chen Feng thought of something.

Under normal circumstance, even if both sides were to battle, the battle would not start this fast. Deciding to fight it out right here on the salt lake without taking their own benefits into consideration? In such a dangerous location? There was only one possibility for this: Luck Aura was working its magic! Finally, Chen Feng understood. It had to be the power of luck. After being agitated by their own emotions, these people were neglecting the truth that should have been easily discovered. Under the effect of the power of luck, they had all started tearing at each other.

“Hold on!” Chen Feng howled, interrupting them.

Instinctively, everyone looked at him. “Mhm?”
“It is fine if you guys want a fight. However, can I be given a chance to say something?” Chen Feng said with a smile. “See, we all fight for our own goals. You guys are all well aware of how dangerous this salt lake is. Therefore, before the battle, give me a chance. If I can fulfill your goals before the battle, perhaps this battle can be avoided? Am I right? Look… I know that back then, the Luck Goddess did a lot of things that had angered all of you. However, no matter what, that is all in the past. That era has already been buried, and the Luck Goddess has changed greatly as a person. Therefore, if possible, we should establish a new cooperative relationship. As for what the Luck Goddess did back then, you guys can put forth your requests and I will try my best to fulfill them. What do you guys think?” Chen Feng spoke earnestly. “Trust me, give me a chance to talk this out. I guarantee you all will be satisfied with the result.”
“Hehe.”  Zhou Ye sneered. Talk? “How ridiculous. Do you know that apart from those swayed by you, everyone else here truly hates the Luck Goddess? Moreover, these people are the true experts, either the followers of gods that were enemies of the Luck Goddess or those whose families perished due to that incident in the Primordial Era. Such hatred is not something you can dissolve.”
Zhou Ye did not think much of Chen Feng’s proposal. In this world, there were a lot of disputes that could not be solved with a mere transaction.

“Without trying, who knows?” Chen Feng was as sincere as ever. “Perhaps you do not find this agreeable. However, how about those around you? Do you not want to give them a chance? Trust me… If I indeed disappoint, it will not be too late to battle then,” Chen Feng said.

Zhou Ye and the rest exchanged glances before looking around and seeing that some were indeed tempted by this. Zhou Ye had no choice but to make a compromise. “Fine.”
“One minute per person in a private setting,” Chen Feng said with a smile. “Naturally, for safety reasons, you guys can be in charge of the barrier. Trust me, I will give you guys a satisfactory answer.”
Zhou Ye and the rest agreed with disdain.

Zhou Ye was the first to walk out. “Let me be the first to meet you.” And thus, under everyone’s eyes, he created a barrier of an independent space in the form of a room. Next, both he and Chen Feng entered to start their negotiations.

Only a short one minute would be given.

Chapter 718: Family Godly Power

“It seems like you have an intense repulsion toward me,” Chen Feng said as he looked at Zhou Ye’s expression.

“You have 58 seconds left,” Zhou Ye said with disdain.

Chen Feng sighed. “You hate the Luck Goddess so much?”
“Our grudge is one that ensures we cannot both live under the same sky,”  Zhou Ye said with a cold gaze. “You all only know that the lord god I resonated with perished under the Luck Goddess’s hands. However, none of you are aware that he was also my father…”
Chen Feng’s eyes went wide. Dang, there was this inside story? He had originally believed that gods appearing in the mortal realm with numerous identities and fathering numerous kids was something that only happened in the Greek mythology of his previous life. Surprisingly, it existed here as well. Zhou Ye gazed at Chen Feng coldly and gloomily said, “I will definitely kill the Luck Goddess. This includes you as well.”

His intense killing intent surged. At this moment, even the others outside the barrier could sense this killing intent.

“Tsk tsk, Zhou Ye is losing his temper.”
“Old Zhou’s temper is still as bad as ever…”
“Hehe. This foolish kid is still thinking of convincing us all with his words alone? How ridiculous.”
The first batch of resonators contacted by Zhou Ye were waiting for the result of this negotiation with an expression of disdain. As for those who had been gathered into Chen Feng’s camp, they had a bad feeling and wanted to enter, but they were stopped from entering. One of them glanced over and said, “Hey, bro, that fellow from your side is the one who suggested a one-minute discussion. What’s the rush?”
Those who had already signed Chen Feng’s contract of a god could only stop and watch on anxiously. They truly had no idea why Wang Feng had insisted on negotiating this. What was there to talk about with these people? They should just kill these people and get it over with.

Forty seconds.

Fifty seconds.

Everyone waited anxiously. The killing intent that had appeared suddenly vanished, and afterward, no other signs of activity could be detected. Everyone was curious as to the content of their negotiation. None of them had any idea, but they were all sure that Zhou Ye would not agree to whatever it was.

“That is, after all, a grudge arising from the murder of one’s father…”
Everyone lamented. Back then, countless casualties had arisen in the chaotic war. The power of the Luck Goddess was too unique and had been capable of enveloping the entire battlefield, affecting everyone. As such, nearly every death had thus been related to her in some way or another. This blame had to be shouldered by the Luck Goddess alone.

“Negotiations are nothing but a waste of time…” one person said. However, before he could even finish his sentence, he saw both Chen Feng and Zhou Ye leaving the room.

Zhou Ye had an odd expression on his face—somewhat stupefied, somewhat shocked—and was staring ahead vacantly. On the contrary, opposite him, Chen Feng had an expression of utmost bliss. …

What’s going on? Everyone was stupefied.

“The negotiation…” someone probed cautiously.

“I agreed,” Zhou Ye said with a bitter smile.

Everyone’s eyes widened, and a lot of them were furious when they heard this.

“Old Zhou, what are you doing?!”
“Yeah, you are the one who gathered us in the first place!”
“You have actually betrayed us?” 
Zhou Ye had a strange expression and shrugged, not knowing how to explain this. He could only say, “He indeed persuaded me. Any of you who do not find this satisfactory can enter the room with him.”
One person stood up in anger. “Let me in, then.” He was also someone whose family members had perished in that world. He similarly had a grudge that could not be erased. He refused to believe that a mere one-minute negotiation would be able to erase it.

He walked into the room as everyone around stared with wide eyes. After one minute—no, to be more precise, after a mere 40 seconds, he similarly walked out with a bewildered, stupefied, and odd expression on his face.

“Old Zhang…” the rest asked. 
This time, everyone was dumbstruck. Agreed as well? Another one? What in the world was going on here? Everyone was clueless. Since this fellow was the spokesperson of the Luck Goddess, his power was naturally be related to luck. They had all experienced it before and were aware that as fellow resonators, they all had rather impressive combat power and would not agree to this Chen Feng by threat of force. Was he offering them some benefits to get them to agree?

That did not seem possible either. What kind of benefits could get one to forget about the death of one’s family? And thus, one indignant resonator after another entered the room. Next, one stupefied resonator after another exited the room. This caused those resonators that had zero trust in Chen Feng to be thoroughly dumbfounded. Of course, even those resonators that exited the room had the same dumbfounded expression. Even when questioned, they had no idea how to answer. What could they say? much time trying to convince them? He had merely spent some time gaining understanding of their hatred toward the Luck Goddess before passing some information to them in a profound manner.

“Let me introduce you to the Misfortune Goddess.”
And next… Well, there were no next.

When they saw that document emanating the power of misfortune, when they realized that this fellow was using the name of the Luck Goddess to scam the people here, they did not know whether to laugh or cry. They were sure that from the Primordial Era until now, never had they encountered such a shameless person… apart from the Luck Goddess.

At present, most of those that had not been gathered under Chen Feng’s camp were hostile toward the Luck Goddess. As such, using the Misfortune Goddess, 80% of them were dealt with easily. As for the rest of them… 
Chen Feng checked the list of names that had signed his contract. Nearly 80% of the people here had already signed the contract, agreeing that they would advance or retreat together with him. Those refusing to sign? Well, they would not be able to even leave alive. Ultimately, this bunch of 30-odd resonators was dealt with by Chen Feng.

These resonators had no choice but to obey Chen Feng’s commands and move together with him on this salt lake. However, this was limited to only this operation. After leaving, all of these resonators would regain their freedom. This was a rule Chen Feng had personally set. Otherwise, who would have agreed to sign the contract?

Chen  Feng  looked  at  everyone  with  a  wide  smile.  “Well then… I suppose we will all be working together temporarily. Since everyone has entered a temporary alliance, I shall speak the truth. The Luck Goddess is too weakened presently and doesn’t have much godly power left. She will not be able to help us all enter. Therefore, this trip through the salt lake will still be filled with danger. However, we only need to survive this until the awakening of the Forest Goddess. The moment with so many resonators here, with all our godly powers, we will be able to traverse this salt lake.”
Chen Feng was filled with fighting spirit.

All the resonators nodded their heads. Even if this salt lake was laden with danger, when so many resonators who would normally not work together decided to work together, they would be unequaled.


Godly powers erupted. Numerous formidable godly powers swirled about. This last-minute alliance organized by Chen Feng was unprecedentedly formidable.

“May the goddess be with you,” Chen Feng said respectfully. “May the goddess be with you,” countless people chanted together. As for Zhou Ye, he exchanged glances with Chen Feng and smiled profoundly. They were the only ones who knew which “goddess” they were talking about.


The alliance set forth. At present, within the forest, the Luck Goddess was frowning. She did not have too much godly power left and could not observe the happenings at the salt lake. If she used her godly power for observation, the exhaustion rate would be too immense for her liking. Moreover, these resonators were but mere bugs…
Alas, something did not seem right there. She could feel the surging godly powers there even from this far away. She could clearly feel the momentum… and that incredibly familiar aura and godly power!

Chapter 719: Really Clueless

“Zhou Ye…”
The Luck Goddess shut her eyes. If it was this fellow, this development was not too surprising after all. This person, who was also known as the Child of God, had been a rather famous person even back in the Primordial Era. Surprisingly, he had also survived to the present day. Truly worthy of being the Child of God.

Luck Goddess shook her head. She had initially believed that these resonators would not be able to cause her any trouble. However, if Zhou Ye had appeared, things would not be the same. She could easily sense how terrifying the gathering of all those people was. If she were at her peak, she would naturally be able to easily deal with them with a wave of her hand. Unfortunately, right now…
She shook her head. “Looks like I have to waste some godly power to deal with them.” Her tiny hand waved at the forest as she said, “Please wait a moment.” Hum—
A faint golden radiance surged out. The radiance of luck that had weakened previously intensified. The Luck Goddess’s eyes gleamed coldly as she vowed that she would not permit these people to pass through the salt lake.

Luck, activate!



The initially tranquil lake suddenly went berserk.

“Careful.” Instantly, everyone increased their vigilance.

“Finally here…”  Chen Feng was filled with anticipation. He had been scheming around just for this very moment. If his guess was correct, the simplest way for the Luck Goddess to eliminate all these people was to use her power of luck to manufacture misfortune to kill all these people. Something like this was what Chen Feng had done in the past. Although the amount of luck value required was much higher, it was astonishingly effective as well. This time, though, the Luck Goddess would be the unfortunate one. Chen Feng smiled as he mused about this.

“Time  to  reap  our  harvest.”  Chen  Feng  waved  his  hand lightly.

A faint radiance flashed. No energy or aura appeared. Rather, that odd and bizarre aura lingering among the air slowly and gradually swirled around before entered Chen Feng’s body. He was absorbing the power of misfortune! A hundred points, 101 points, 102 points! …

The pitifully low amount of misfortune power within him started increasing madly.

This was something created using the godly power of the Luck Goddess. As such, a regular person would not dare touch it. However, when the power of luck was transformed into misfortune and was sent straight to the Misfortune Goddess, there was no longer anything Chen Feng needed to fear.

Shua! Shua!

He absorbed madly. His initial 100 points of misfortune power increased sharply, and in a single push, he gained an additional 50 points.

“How powerful.” All the resonators around exclaimed in admiration. From their point of view, they only saw an odd power rippling over them and the surface of the lake going berserk. Next, Chen Feng had taken a single step forward and waved his hand lightly, and everything returned to normal. One could only say that he was indeed worthy of being the spokesperson of the Luck Goddess.


Zhou Ye and the others exchanged glances and had toying smiles on their faces.

“Hehe.” Zhou Ye was incomparably delighted. If it was purely the power of luck, the Misfortune Goddess would be seeking her own death if she dared touch it. After all, the present Luck Goddess was way stronger than her. However, that Luck Goddess had, in a truly unfortunate fashion, transformed her power of luck into misfortune. Not only that, she had even sent the power of misfortune straight to Chen Feng… Mhm… This
was truly amusing.

Zhou Ye laughed wildly inwardly. “It is truly unexpected that this is happening to you as well.”
Was there anything more delightful than the act of insulting his sworn enemy?

Shua! Shua!

The godly power rippled past several pasts. Yet each time, the lake was able to regain its calm.

Chen Feng waved his hand and calmly said, “Let’s go.” “All right.”
Everyone was getting agitated. Suddenly, they felt like becoming followers of the Luck Goddess was indeed a nice thing. Look, at least the environmental dangers would be reduced greatly, and they would also have a chance to become a trusted subordinate of the Luck Goddess in the future.

Some of them had already started thinking of ways to extend their contracts of a god forever. In this chaotic era, it would be good if they could seek shelter under the umbrella of a powerful person. Alas, unknown to them all, the all-powerful umbrella they were all thinking of was presently sensing the changes at the salt lake with an unsightly expression.

Godly power of luck… gone! Without any omens, without any sign of an enemy.

Just like that, it was gone, as if her godly power of luck had vanished into thin air the moment it had made contact with that group of people.

Luck Goddess was in a solemn mood. “Is Zhou Ye already this strong?”  The  Zhou  Ye  of  the  past  had  been  rather  weak. However, it had been many years since any news about him had last heard. Furthermore, with his identity as the Child of God, it would not be odd for him to suddenly become strong.

Shua! Shua!

That surging aura from the group at the salt lake was quickly approaching her.

The Luck Goddess sneered. “Courting death.”  It had been way too long since she had last done anything. Was this why these lowly servants had forgotten about the dignity of a god? Perhaps this was the time to remind them.

Bang! A terrifying godly power surged out. The power of luck bloomed. Without surprise, the moment the Luck Goddess activated her power of luck, the salt lake started trembling. Under the lake, numerous powerful existences seemed to be on the verge of emerging. In the sky, numerous blasts of thunder roared. Numerous phenomena seemed to have appeared instantly.


Everyone looked at Chen Feng instinctively.

Chen Feng waved his hand calmly. “Calm!”
A faint radiance rippled out. Coldly, Chen Feng returned the calm to this lake. Everyone around exclaimed in admiration yet again. With a snap of his fingers, he had eliminated the numerous phenomena here. This strength… was truly excessively astonishing. Everyone was filled with a sense of admiration. Little did they know that the calm-looking Chen Feng was inwardly ecstatic. Godly power! So much godly power! He had originally been worried that he would have no way of absorbing godly power. Surprisingly, the Luck Goddess was rather firm in her resolve to transform her godly power of luck into misfortune and send it to Chen Feng. This was perfect.

Chen Feng grinned. “My dearest Spirit indeed.” However, he could not help but wonder why the Luck Goddess was still using her power of luck to create misfortune despite how little godly power she had. Was there a trick somewhere? Mhm… Chen Feng contemplated shortly before arrived at a conclusion that shocked him so much his eyes went wide.

“Holy shit, that can’t be, right?”
He blanked. Could it be… Could it be… that the Luck Goddess was simply unaware of the more optimal method of using her power of luck?

Chen Feng shook his head. “No, this can’t be true. She is the Luck Goddess, a deity! When it comes to the operation of the godly power of luck, nobody can surpass her.”
Alas… the subsequent attacks were the same attacks of misfortune. This caused Chen Feng to revisit his conclusion. The Luck Goddess was truly unaware of the optimal method of using her power of luck! She was wasting her luck power!

However… how was this even possible? She was the Luck Goddess. She was a deity… However, Chen Feng was able to deduce the real reason soon enough. The explanation was rather simple. During the Primordial Era, she’d always had boundless and endless godly power at her disposal. As such, she had not needed to consider efficiency, since her godly power had been inexhaustible. The only thing she had needed to consider was the might of her attacks.

Therefore, the Luck Goddess had no idea about saving up godly power. This was also why the Luck Goddess and Misfortune Goddess were mortal enemies. If the exhaustion of godly power was not taken into consideration, the domains of these two were totally overlapped. Chen Feng was speechless at this. In his previous life on Earth, stuff like this had been a rather common occurrence as well. For example, a certain senior with a rather high income with nice cars and houses would frequently consult his junior when it came to the purchase of electronics.

When asked why couldn’t he buy those electronic products himself, the senior would say that he truly lacked understanding of these things and was afraid of the number of scammers online. Hearing that, the junior would help him select the electronic product with the best price. After they were done with the process, that senior would conclude that these poor fellows were the ones who knew more about life after all. Although they were so poor that they couldn’t afford anything, they seemed to know about everything.

After giving it some thought, Chen Feng felt like he was rather similar to the so-called poor fellows.

Chapter 720: Deduce

Wave after wave of misfortune power rippled out. At this point, Chen Feng was already extremely certain that he was the extremely poor fellow who had learned of ways to save his godly power because the amount of godly power he had was way too low. As for the goddess, well… let’s just say that she was indeed worthy of being a goddess. Chen Feng spread both his arms wide and took in all of the Luck Goddess’s attacks. He welcomed the figurative whip of the Luck Goddess with his very body, absorbing the misfortune power within.

Come! Let the storm intensify!

Bang! Bang!

His godly power surged. The initially pitiful 100 points of misfortune power he’d had was now reaching 900 points, an increase of nine times. This was quite a terrifying increase. After all, this was not luck value. Rather, this was pure godly power. Luck Goddess…
Chen Feng smiled as he mused that she was indeed his Luck Goddess.

The misfortune was still coming without stop. Chen Feng led the group as they advanced smoothly. In a short period of time, they already traversed half the lake. At present, the Luck Goddess, who had unleashed 10-odd attacks, was dumbfounded. This development… did not seem quite right! It would still have been acceptable if she had only failed to get them to fight among themselves. Now, even the disasters she had thrown their way had been stopped? Moreover, the Luck Goddess could not even sense the effects of what should have happened when her godly power of luck was used.

The Luck Goddess was filled with doubt. “What’s going on?” In this entire long life of hers, something like this had never happened. The Luck Goddess had a deep gaze. “This Zhou Ye fellow, he has made such ample preparations for me?”
She guessed that to be the case, since as far as she was concerned, the only variable in this operation was Zhou Ye. At present, far away at the salt lake, Chen Feng had already seen through the Luck Goddess. Naturally, this time, what he had seen through was her mind, rather than her body, since he had already seen everything she had to offer long ago.

“What body?” Zhou Ye asked as he heard Chen Feng muttering.

Chen Feng coughed and answered, “Nothing. I am merely analyzing something.”
The two discussed in whispers.

“Do you know that even though the Luck Goddess is a deity and is incredibly powerful, she similarly has pitifully little combat  experience,  thanks  to  her  very  prowess?”  muttered Chen Feng, “Moreover… she has never experienced failure.” Zhou Ye’s eyes shone as he heard this. “You are saying…”
Chen Feng smiled toyingly. “That’s right. If this were a god with rich battle experience, the god would be able to determine the problem the moment the problem occurred, using their godly power, based on the god’s past experience. Unfortunately, this is not something the Luck Goddess is capable of, since she has never failed before. In this long life of hers, her only failure was that one time when she was forced to perish together with all the other gods,” Chen Feng guessed.

“That’s right.” Zhou Ye recalled the life of the Luck Goddess. Since birth, she had proceeded along smoothly. Nobody had been capable of competing with her. That had been acceptable, though, because she was, after all, the Luck Goddess.

“Therefore… she has no idea what the problem is right now. Moreover, she wouldn’t guess that I am here as well.”  Chen Feng continued, “However, the main reason for her ignorance is because she is unaware that the Misfortune Goddess has already awakened. Otherwise, she would be able to deduce the truth easily.” “Mhm…” Zhou Ye agreed. Despite her lack of experience, she was still an intelligent person. The moment she discovered some slight clues about the appearance of the Misfortune Goddess, she would easily be able to discover the truth of things.

“Therefore, we need you to stand out,” Chen Feng said with a bright pair of eyes.

Zhou Ye was curious. “Oh?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Among you guys who are hostile toward the Luck Goddess, you are the most influential person and the only person among the resonators here that she knows of.”
Zhou Ye was the descendant of a god, and only the descendant of a god would be worthy of being remembered by the Luck Goddess. As for the others? What did they count for?

Zhou Ye was doubtful. “Are you certain that me standing out will be useful?”  He was very clear on his own strength. Even though he had become stronger, it would still be impossible for him to reach a point where he could pressure the Luck Goddess.

Chen Feng shook his head. “You only need to pretend you can. As for the rest… the Luck Goddess will make up the explanations in her own head.”
Make up…
Zhou Ye’s expression darkened. So they still needed their enemy to make up some explanations to con herself?

Chen Feng glanced at him and said, “Let me rephrase. She will use her deductions to answer her own questions. Does this sound better?”
“…” Zhou Ye blanked, but he couldn’t help but agree.

“Semantics.”  Chen  Feng  curled  his  lips  and  said,  “Don’t worry. The Luck Goddess does not only possess the power of luck. She is also very good at deduction. After failing, she will start deducing based on the clues she has available, searching for a rational reason, the reason with the highest probability of being correct. The result being you, Zhou Ye.”
Chen Feng had a sharp gaze as he finished.

He patted Zhou Ye’s shoulder with his right hand. “Never forget… you are the descendant of a god.”

Boundless godly power surged out. That godly power was unique to Zhou Ye.

The Luck Goddess in the forest instantly sensed this. “Indeed… This is the aura of Zhou Ye. Compared to the past, he has indeed gotten much stronger.” The Luck Goddess sank into contemplation. However, within that aura, apart from Zhou Ye’s aura, another aura was mixed in. That was an aura that caused the Luck Goddess to feel extremely twitchy.

“Zhou Ye, have you found something capable of countering me?” the Luck Goddess guessed. Since Zhou Ye dared to come and kill her, he must have found something capable of countering her. Perhaps it was some power or divine tool!

The Luck Goddess’s killing intent surged. “Is this the source of your confidence?”  She did not fear Zhou Ye. However, she did not wish to see this god’s descendant arrive here carrying a tool capable of countering her, as at present, she was still too weak.

Before her, radiance swirled about. The awakening of the Forest Goddess was nearly complete. At present, the only thing she could do was wait and destroy those annoying bugs.

“Zhou Ye…”
The Luck Goddess made some deductions.


Once again, her surging power flooded the salt lake.

“Here it comes!”
Chen Feng was overjoyed. He had known that the Luck Goddess would definitely do this.

Bang! A terrifying power of misfortune descended. Seeing this, Chen Feng was incomparably happy. He had waited a long time for this very moment.

“You  actually  guessed  correctly,”   Zhou  Ye  exclaimed  in admiration.

He knew that Chen Feng was the resonator of the Misfortune Goddess. However, he had never guessed that Chen Feng’s understanding of the Luck Goddess would reach such a level, seemingly capable of reading her thoughts. How was this even possible? The Luck Goddess was, after all, a god…
Chen Feng merely smiled as a response. “Hehe.” It was only natural that he had a deep understanding of the Luck Goddess. One could say that his understanding of the Luck Goddess was way too deep. If Spirit was the Luck Goddess, the newly birthed Spirit back then had been the manifestation of the truest Luck Goddess, including how she thought. As such, Chen Feng was way too clear how she would think.

Alas, that foolish girl… Chen Feng sighed as he realized something. What had the Luck Goddess proved by not knowing how to optimally use her godly power of luck? This proved that during her fusion with Spirit, Spirit had deleted from her memory the optimal usage of the godly power of luck she had learned from Chen Feng. Spirit had been aware of the situation Chen Feng would be in. She’d had no idea whether she would still be willing to protect
Chen Feng after her recovery.

As such, before the full fusion, when she had still been Spirit, she had deleted everything she had learned about using the godly power of luck, leaving a chance for Chen Feng. This was the only explanation for this.

“Spirit, I will not disappoint you. Even if this is a goddess…” Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “I will retrieve my Spirit!”
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