The Strongest Gene Chapter 71-80

Chapter 71: Heaven and Earth Turned Upside Down

Chen Feng’s eyes widened abruptly.

This was a daily newspaper! A proper media!

The content of the news was quite simple:

The vice president of Gene Production Association arrived at the Gold City branch of their association for an all-around inspection, all sort of jobs done, etc. There was only a short sentence in the whole news article pertaining to Chen Feng: The mutated gold ant gene created by young genius Chen Feng was crowned as the strongest F-class gene!

“Strongest gene?” Chen Feng’s hand trembled.

Although it was merely F-class, this was something said by the vice president himself! He was unsure of whether this sentence was the vice president’s exact words or if his original words were somewhat different. However, with this sentence, Chen Feng’s position in Gold City became unshakable!

At the very least, among all the beginner producers in Gold City, none were capable of surpassing Chen Feng!

“Gold ant gene?”
Chen Feng was speechless from shock.

The Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices could reject his genes, and those genetic warriors and producers that weren’t quite knowledgeable could also reject his genes. However, now, the vice president had personally acknowledged Chen Feng’s strongest gene! So this was the mysterious reward mentioned by Zhang Wei.

What a heavyweight reward.

Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.

Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. If even the daily newspaper was speaking out for him, would there be any changes to his discredited reputation online?

After checking online, Chen Feng was dumbstruck.


It was not something as simple as some changes. The whole internet had practically erupted. The strongest gene? Vice president?

If it was a title crowned privately by the public, the news would only spread in a small scale. However, when these very words came out of the mouth of the vice president himself, the whole internet erupted. What kind of gene exactly was this strongest F-class gene crowned by the vice president himself?

A lot of people who were unaware of the truth started searching about it.

The mutated gold ant gene was exposed.

At the same time, the incident involving Chen Feng couldn’t be hidden anymore either.

Was the authority of Bureau Chief Tao high?

Yes! Covering the skies with one hand of his, doing whatever he wanted. It truly sounded amazing. However, it was only amazing when compared with a beginner producer like Chen Feng. In front of a true grandmaster or the Gene Production Association, he was nothing.

How could he cover this up?

The speed in which new threads were created was faster than the speed in which the learning forum was able to delete them.

Furthermore, they were able to delete the threads of normal people. However, this time, among those who posted threads to inquire about the truth in the learning forum, there were a large amount of great gene producers. Who dared to delete their threads?


Besides that, this time, the daily newspaper had formally talked about this. At this moment, all those traditional media outlets started talking about this as well. Conceal?

It couldn’t be concealed at all!

Chen Feng was trending. The Strongest Gene shop was trending. The three mutated genes were trending once again as well.

“Chen Feng had actually been banned?”
“The reason being these two strongest genes were not worth 1 million?”
“Not only that. I have seen the evaluation released by the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices. They only evaluated it at 10,000. How dishonest. They were courting death by doing this!”
Everyone was shocked. “This  Chen  Feng  was  someone  who  had  created  three mutated formulas yet had actually gotten himself banned. This world…”
Some people found this inconceivable.

One mutated formula might be a coincidence. Two mutated formulas might be due to luck. How about three? It was sufficient to demonstrate Chen Feng’s talent!

In other words, Chen Feng possessed extraordinary talent in this aspect. However, even with this, those people still dared to ban him this way? Truly inconceivable!

“The learning forum seems to have deleted a lot of threads.”
“The Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices is still banning The Strongest Gene shop.” “Complain!”
“Cool Breeze Daily was also involved in discrediting Chen Feng.”
“Report them!”
The whole internet erupted.

Seas of complaints and reports flooded the learning forum, virtual community, and Cool Breeze Daily. Within were also reports filed by influential persons from all walks of life, using their real names.

This sensationalized the whole internet!

Everyone was aware that, regardless of who was pulling the strings, these people were truly finished! When the manager of the learning forum found out about this, he was bursting with rage. This had always been the place where elite scholars and people with all sorts of authority engaged in intellectual discussions. The forum moderators only had the authority to delete the threads of beginner members, increasing the credit, etc. They had no authority to delete anything written by some advanced members.

Every deletion of something posted by an advanced member would need to be audited.

However, even with this, such a scandal still happened.

The moderators had actually colluded with some people to delete the thread posted by the beginner account of Chen Feng and banned a large amount of beginner members.

“Who gave you all the guts to do this?!”
The manager was furious. On that day itself, he directly sent someone to take all those moderators to the prison.

He was clear that, since incident had happened, a satisfactory answer needed to be given to their members.

A satisfactory answer to Chen Feng as well.

Expelling those moderators? It was insufficient to calm the anger of the masses.

Only by sending all those people to prison would he calm the masses down. Only with this could the learning forum preserve their prestige.

There was also another reason for this: Killing the chicken to warn the monkey!

It was about time the circle of moderators experienced some changes. The manager smiled coldly.

Soon, the deleted threads were reinstated.

Chen Feng’s thread appeared once again, triggering hot discussions about it. The Tao father and son duo instantly became a rat hated by everyone. Only now did everyone realize what was truly hidden behind the extramarital affair earlier. With this, the truth had been truly exposed.

As compensation, Chen Feng’s beginner account was given an exception and changed into an advanced member of the learning forum.

This was a treatment that was normally only given to advanced producers.

There were really no other options. This was not the first time something happened to Chen Feng. In the manager’s eyes, Chen Feng was akin to a bomb. Only a tiny effort was required in order to cause an explosion. He was also afraid that something similar would happen again.

At the same time, after the exposure of Chen Feng’s incident gained the attention of the high-level management of the virtual community, Old Ding from the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices was also sent to prison.

Decisive punishment!

There were things that could be neglected if they weren’t exposed. However, after exposure? It was akin to playing with fire!

What was the status of the learning forum and the virtual community?

Everyone was clear on this. They were the tycoons of their respective industry! Their leaders would not be pulling tricks for such trifle matters. What their users wanted was a certain attitude from them, a fair environment! Hence, for Chen Feng and also for themselves, both sides decided to handle this matter decisively and give a certain level of compensation to Chen Feng. Only
after this the public outrage started disappearing.

As for Cool Breeze Daily…
“Villians  colluding  together.  The  crime  of  Cool  Breeze Daily?”
“Where is the trustworthiness of the media?”
“Is Cool Breeze really a ‘cool breeze’?”
All sorts of news articles emerged. Although they had provided explanations, issued their apology, and sent the relevant reporters to prison, their credibility was still declining rapidly. Everyone was clear that Cool Breeze Daily was finished.

Losing their credibility as a media outlet, they were currently worthless. Even if they were able to survive this incident, they were already nearly destroyed. It was said that, in one single day, their subscription base dropped by 50%. Furthermore, this amount was still increasing rapidly!

Even Cool Breeze Daily did not expect everything to change in a single night.

Only one day had passed! They had just released their report on the Chen Feng incident yesterday only to have their face slapped harshly today. An erroneous report had destroyed the whole Cool Breeze Daily.

At this moment, when Tao Lijun saw the newspaper headline, when he saw that the picture on the cover was actually the vice president and Chen Feng, he almost fainted from his agitation. The vice president of the magnificent Gene Production Association…
How was that possible!

Tao Lijun was sweating profusely.

He had been paying all his attention on this Gold City and had even sent people to monitor the situation. However, he could have never guessed that the Gene Production Association would be the one helping Chen Feng out!

“Something is going to happen.”
Tao Lijun’s first reaction was to resist. He abandoned all his belongings and prepared to flee immediately. However, just as he reached the door, he found that there were already several people waiting for him there. “Bureau Chief Tao, I’m afraid you will have to take a walk with us.”
Tao Lijun slumped on the ground.

He knew that everything was finished.

He had everything planned out. Yet what escaped him was the fact that Chen Feng actually knew the magnificent vice president. If he knew this earlier…
Tao Lijun closed his eyes in despair.

Naturally, he did not know that Chen Feng did not know the vice president at all. There was also no need for Chen Feng to know the vice president. In this world, there was still justice, after all. Since what the Gene Production Association wanted was vigorous growth, they would not allow a talented producer like Chen Feng to be wasted.

If they had not found out about it, then it wouldn’t have mattered. However, since Zhang Wei mentioned it, they had to act on this!

The two mutated formulas with high star ratings were the brand representing Chen Feng!

Chapter 72: The Final Craziness!

Within his rented house in Gold City, Chen Feng was watching the spectacular drama unfolding online.

Zhang  Wei’s  picture  appeared  on  his  screen.  “Are  you satisfied with the mysterious reward?”
“Many thanks.” Chen Feng couldn’t thank him enough.

“It’s fine.” Zhang Wei smiled as he said, “Coincidentally, the vice president was here to check on us. I merely conveniently mentioned this issue to him. Frankly, this is due to your own contributions, the strongest F-class genes. Without both of those genes, the vice president would probably have ignored me.”
Chen Feng laughed involuntarily.

“Today is the last day of the month,” Zhang Wei suddenly mentioned. “If you are still planning to participate in the event, this is a good opportunity for you!” Event?

Chen Feng was immediately tempted.

After ending the call, he entered the virtual community to take a look. The ban on his shop had indeed been lifted.

However, different from before, his shop was currently incredibly popular. Countless people were queued up in front of his shop waiting for the shop opening.

Chen Feng took a glimpse at the relevant information pertaining to his shop and was immediately shocked. This…

A whole list of entrustments! One set of gold ant gene – supreme request by Zhou **.
Offered price 2 million. Do you accept?

One set of gold ant gene – supreme request by Liu **. Offered price 1.5 million. Do you accept?

One set of thundersnake gene – supreme request by Wang **.
Offered price 1.2 million. Do you accept?

One set of gold ant gene – supreme request by Feng **.
Offered price 2.5 million. Do you accept?

Everyone was here in order to place their entrustments.

The mutated gold ant gene had became famous due to its distinct ability to surpass one’s limit, while the mutated thundersnake gene had became famous due to its ability to enable an F-class warrior to unleash power equaling a peak E- class warrior.


Everyone had gone insane!

Chen Feng was shocked. There were so many rich people in this world?

Naturally, that wasn’t the case.

A gene capable of surpassing one’s limit had never appeared in all of history. As such, some people who had been stuck at F- class due to certain reasons were now going crazy!

It wasn’t hard for one to break through the limit of F-class. One only needed to put some effort into it, coupled with a little bit of talent, and they would definitely break through this limit after some time. Granted, there were some rich people who chose to buy the mutated gold ant gene in order to save their time. However, in this world, there existed some who
truly couldn’t break through their limit!

The reason for that wasn’t due to them having some labor- type genes. Rather, it was due to some accidents, or some particular genes, or some restrictions that had caused them to be forever stuck at the same point.

Naturally, the amount of people in such circumstances was very low. There might be only one per several billion people. However, after so many years of accumulation, how many of such people existed in this world?

These were the group of people who truly needed this mutated gold ant gene.

For example, that particular entrustment worth 3 million! “3 million…”
Chen Feng’s heart was ablaze.

Extreme profit!

This was truly an extreme profit!

Something with a cost of 200,000 being sold at 3 million?

The profit rate was 1500%!

Chen Feng was speechless. However, he was clear that this situation was only made possible from an accumulation of demands after so long coupled with the sudden fame he had obtained.

An opportunity like this might only fall on him this one time! “I can’t miss this opportunity.”
Chen Feng was excited.

To his surprise, when Chen Feng entered the shop, he received a notification that the management of the virtual community had taken appropriate actions against the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices. As compensation to Chen Feng, they would activate the auction function for Chen Feng’s shop in advance.

Chen Feng’s eyes brightened.

This was a function that would only be available when a shop reached around level 5 or 6. However, Chen Feng had obtained this function now. The virtual community clearly demonstrated their generosity when they were giving out compensation. Naturally, the special genes sold by Chen Feng played a large part in obtaining this function as well. For normal level 1 shops, regardless of how popular the shop was, they wouldn’t be able to do anything with the auction function even if the function was given to them. Who would actually participate in
an auction for combat genes worth several tens of thousands?

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.


After preparing several sets of materials for mutated gold ant gene production, he got started on it.

Since he was now rich, he was not bothered about such an amount of materials. Furthermore, he had quite an amount of luck value saved up during the past two days. As such, it was sufficient for Chen Feng to prepare two sets of mutated gold ant genes. Soon, he finished his first set, using 20 points of luck value in the process.

“Let’s see how much will this sell for.”
Chen Feng was excited.

Gold ant gene – supreme, begin sale!

Now, with The Strongest Gene starting its operation and the gold ant gene – supreme put up for sale by Chen Feng, the crowd queuing up in front of his shop was in an uproar.


Chen Feng was planning to auction this gene off!

Those who had been waiting for a long time started going crazy. The gold ant gene – supreme that was originally priced at 1 million had its priced increased to 3 million. What was shocking was that this price was still increasing.

Wang family.

Wang Chun was somewhat surprised as he looked at the price that was rising rapidly. “Someone is still raising the price?”
Since he broke through into E-class, the funding he received from the family had been increased somewhat. As such, he could be considered to be somewhat rich now. However…
Spending 3 million for a gene used to break through F-class?

It wasn’t worth it.

“Are  those  stupid  yet  rich  people?”   Wang  Chun  said suddenly. However, shortly, he shook his head. The rich did not make their money out of thin air. There was a reason for the Gene Production Association to evaluate the starting price of gold ant gene – supreme as 1 million. Under normal circumstances, this was indeed the optimal price to sell this item. Any more than that? It was not worth it.

“There’s also a possibility that…”
Wang Chun narrowed his eyes. “Those people are in similar circumstances to my own?”
It was indeed not worth it for a normal people to spend 3 million for a breakthrough. However, if those people were those who was stuck due to accidents, such as the previous Wang Chun?

Not only 3 million, even if it was 5 million, he would still gladly spend it!

“Things are getting interesting.” Wang Chun suddenly smiled.

Currently, a person was gnashing his teeth in front of The Strongest Gene as he looked at the rising price. 3.2 million, 3.5 million, 3.8 million…
No matter who raised the price, he would further raise it without any hesitation!

In order to break through!

He would do anything!

“Damn, it’s already at 4.5 million!”
Everyone was stupefied. No one expected the first mutated gold ant gene to reach this frightening price! What was inconceivable was the fact that the price was still increasing.

“God, has everyone in this world gone crazy?”
“This is only for F-class breakthrough!”
“The  one  who  raised  the  price  to  3  million  earlier  is apparently a young billionaire. Even he has given up. Obviously, even he does not believe that a higher price is worth it.”
“Yeah, but why are there still people who are increasing the price?”
Nobody understood the reason.

And now, as people continued giving up on it, the final price stopped at 5.2 million. The Strongest Gene!

The first gold ant gene – supreme was sold at the price of 5.2 million!

The virtual community was in an uproar!

The learning forum was in an uproar!

Everyone was shocked. It was fine if this was some high level combat gene. However, this was only an F-class gene!

“The Strongest Gene…”
“This price has set a new history among the F-class genes!”
Everyone sighed endlessly. However, this was not the end.

In the afternoon, Chen Feng put a second mutated gold ant gene up for auction.

Once again, the auction began.

“There’s more?”
“Seems like Chen Feng has quite a stockpile.”
“This  time,  there  won’t  be  anyone  competing  so  crazily, right?”
Everyone guessed.

Indeed, with the appearance of the second mutated gene, the people had recovered their composure. Since Chen Feng was able to produce a second set of the same gene, there would definitely be a third or fourth set! If that was the case, those who were not in any rush could totally wait for it, only buying when the price recovered to a normal rate.

However, even with this, the second gene was still sold at 3 million!

Another extremely high price!

“I can’t make sense of this world anymore.”
“Even  if  it’s  a  rich  person,  there’s  a  better  way  to  break through, right? I remember that some of the rich can simply spend some money to hire some bodyguards to accompany them out on a training trip and be able to easily break through. Only a small amount of money is needed for that, right?” Countless people had stupid expression on their face.

They couldn’t understand why this mutated gold ant gene could reach such a high price.

Fortunately, after the second set, the passion of the crowd started dropping.

As the night descended, the monthly sales event was coming to an end as well. Currently, Chen Feng was placed at third place, an inconceivable rank!


First place, sales volume 18.6 million.

Second place, sales volume 18.2 million.

Third place, sales volume 18 million. —-

18 million!

A terrifying sales volume!

Chen Feng only spent 7 days to reach this level. What was scary was the fact that 8 million of this amount was the amount he only spent half of day today to make. This was what alarmed everyone.

The name of The Strongest Gene was not in vain, after all.

However, this was about as far as it could go.

The shop owner at first place was feeling relieved. In order to compete with the person at second place, they had promoted their products with discounts, wasting a lot of money in the process! Chen Feng’s crazy growth had caused them to tremble with fear. Luckily, Chen Feng’s final figure had stopped at 18 million and stopped increasing.

Chapter 73: First Place!

At 11:30 PM that night, as the event was about to end, outside of everyone’s expectations, another gold ant gene – supreme appeared in The Strongest Gene shop, creating an uproar.

“It started again!”
“Quick, go buy it.”
Countless people rushed over to compete for it.

“I’m finished!”
The first-ranked shop owner’s heart felt ice-cold. Although Chen Feng was still currently in third place, he was clear that, regardless of how much this gene sold for, he no longer had any chance of maintaining first place. Not only him, even the shop owner in second place did not expect that the both of them would compete for one whole month only to end
up suffering a crushing defeat at Chen Feng’s hands!

“It is indeed infuriating when you compare yourself with others.”
The shop owner smiled bitterly.

Currently, the auction of the mutated gold ant gene had started. Although the traffic had somewhat declined due to the time, it still reached a final price of 2.8 million!

Another high price!

“Done!” Chen Feng clenched his fist resolutely.

He was aware that these few people were those who were stuck at F class. Furthermore, these were the rich ones. After this, the price of mutated gold ant gene would naturally return to a normal rate. In order to produce this third gene, Chen Feng had waited for his luck value to recover to 20 points before he hastily produced another gene before the event ended.

Luckily, he succeeded.

Chen Feng’s sales volume reached 20.8 million!

Early in the morning, when the sales ranking was released, everyone was shocked.


Seven days! Ranked first in sales volume! A daily sales figure of more than 10 million! Among all level 1 shops, even when all the level 2 shops were included, Chen Feng was the undisputed first place!

“Worthy of being The Strongest Gene indeed.”
“Damn, damn, damn, damn. Chen Feng must be making a crazy amount of money? That’s not necessarily true, though. The mutated gold ant gene formula must be something that was created after much hardship. In order to produce this, it’s hard to imagine how much he invested.”
Everyone agreed with that sentiment.

No one knew that, with the assistance of luck value, Chen Feng’s rate of failure was precisely zero. This time, he had indeed made a crazy amount of profit.

“20.8 million.”
Both of Chen Feng’s eyes were shining.

After deducting his costs of around 5 million, he had made a pure profit of 15 million. An extremely terrifying figure!


With a wave of his hand, the 1.1 million yuan loan was repaid.

“There’s still 13.9 million left…”
Chen Feng was moved. He had never gotten his hands on so much money!

He was still excited despite being aware that this was the money he earned due to the publicity he gained recently, enduring wave after wave of hardship, and barely surviving Bureau Chief Tao’s suppression. To be honest, if someone else instead of Chen Feng was faced with all of this, that person would have been defeated long ago.

Extreme risk brought extreme profit.

All of this was well-deserved.

“It has been too difficult,” Chen Feng lamented.

In order to make his first pot of gold, he had put everything on the line.

In order to save 20 points of luck value to produce the third mutated gold ant gene, he had been waiting around doing nothing for the luck value to recover; he was only able to complete his task in the final 30 minutes.

Luckily, it was now over.

The final gene had placed him in the first place.

“I wonder what the rewarded formula will be.”
Chen Feng was somewhat looking forward to it.

At this time, his wristband buzzed as the screen on it flickered. Chen Feng looked at it and found that it was actually an employee of the virtual community inviting him to the virtual lounge.

“What’s the situation?” Chen Feng muttered before tapping the confirm button. Whoosh!

Light swirled before his eyes and he arrived at the virtual lounge.

“Hello.” The pretty employee before him smiled. “I am Little Jia, the supervisor of the Event Department. Congratulations on placing first in the event. As compensation for the damage done to you previously, we have granted you the right to choose the formula. You can freely choose the rewarded formula from the presently available high-rating formulas.”

Chen Feng’s eyes brightened.


Freely choose? The virtual community was indeed generous!

A row of gene reagents appeared before his eyes.

Chen Feng took a look and was astonished to find that in addition to 4- and 5-star F-class formulas, there were also a lot of 4-star E-class formulas!

“This is the maximum sincerity we are able to show to you.”
A hint of apology could be seen on Little Jia’s face.

Chen Feng did not hold himself back. He started looking over the formulas one by one before finally stopping at a 4-star E- class gene reagent. The reason being that it was actually a gene fusion reagent. A rare 4-star fusion gene reagent!


Illusionary Snake Gene Formula

Difficulty level: 4 stars

Type: Fusion reagent

Function: Obtaining the illusionary snake gene, gaining the Myriad Illusions ability.

Restriction: E class

Introductions: A gene fusion reagent produced after using the illusionary snake blood essence as the core and one’s blood as the supporting material to refine the gene, using all sorts of precious materials as the supporting materials. —-

Illusionary snake?

Myriad Illusions?

Chen Feng checked it out and was immediately stirred.

This kind of mutated beast…
Illusionary snake, an E-class mutated beast. Its blood and genes were used as the supporting material for a lot of powerful gene reagents. However, none of those genes used it as the core of the reagent!

The reason was simple. Its gene was too fickle.

The ancestors of the illusionary snake were a dreadful beast called devouring snake. It would devour everything. What was even more terrifying was the fact that, after devouring a mutated beast, it was able to evolve and obtain part of the beast’s gene. It might even obtain a part of that beast’s ability, depending on the amount of gene it obtained. It was an extremely terrifying mutated beast!

Due to the influence and combination of all sorts of peculiar abilities, the offspring of the devouring snakes would possess all sorts of peculiar genes and peculiar abilities at birth. After many years of evolution, it became a type of beast that contained countless genes and abilities within its body, an exceptionally unstable peculiar mutated beast—illusionary snake.

Illusionary snakes were extremely terrifying.

Naturally, it wasn’t terrifying due to its strength. Rather, it was due to its abilities being unknown.

In accordance with all sorts of dominant genes, recessive genes, and mutation probability, it was able to utilize all sorts of peculiar abilities. It might be bullied by an F-class mutated beast one moment. It might also explode in anger and start ravaging a D-class mutated beast the next moment.

This was the illusionary snake!

An extremely peculiar product of mutation.

After looking for a long time, two words suddenly spurted out of Chen Feng’s mouth: gluttonous snake?

That’s right! No matter how one put it, this beast was akin to a gluttonous snake that had given birth to offspring possessing all sorts of peculiar abilities due to overeating…
This was the illusionary snake.

As for the “Myriad Illusions” in its description, that was the exact reason for Chen Feng to choose this gene. Myriad Illusions: Triggering the illusionary snake gene within  one’s  body,  unleashing  an  attack  with  “illusionary snake gene” as the basis. Type of attacks indeterminable.

This was the so-called Myriad Illusions!

As for what kind of attacks it would unleash?


This was an extremely rare gene. Among the current known gene system, none of the gene system contained the gene of the illusionary snake within. This was a type of peculiar gene that stood alone.

There were no secret arts that required this gene as part of the combination. Some genes were able to combine and form a complete gene system. Despite the individual genes not being particularly powerful, after combining, they would form a myriad of fused secret arts. This was especially true after one fused with five or more genes. The genes would combine and form a formidable
secret art.

There were also some genes that…
Despite not having any compatible genes to combine and form secret arts, they were extremely powerful! Every single one of those genes possessed the ability to stand tall by itself!

The illusionary snake gene belonged to the second category.

For a normal person, this kind of gene was too weak and unstable. In this world filled with countless dangers, an attack dealing damage below one’s expectations only needed to appear once… And if a damage exceeding one’s expectations were to appear?

The extra damage was merely a waste of energy!

This was one of those genes whose research value was much higher than its practical value. Since it was placed together with some 5-star F-class genes, Chen Feng was sure that its value wasn’t particularly high.

“Myriad Illusions!”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

He had been studying E-class fusion reagents for a whole week. As far as he was concerned, no other genes were as suitable for him as this gene! Random?

Countless possibilities?

This was the type of ability he wanted!

“You, then.”
Chen Feng clapped his thigh and made up his mind on the spot.

Chapter 74: Illusionary Snake’s Scale

Within his rented house in Gold City, Chen Feng was studying the information pertaining to the illusionary snake gene.

He had chosen this formula in a fit of excitement. However, there were still some unsettled issues with it. For example, the lowest requirement for one to produce this formula was having 150 points of spiritual energy.

It had crossed Chen Feng’s mind to simply get some grandmaster producers to produce this gene for him. He was, after all, somewhat rich now. However, he was not satisfied with that.

What he wanted was not some ordinary illusionary snake gene!

What he wanted was the strongest! A mutation!

Furthermore… If possible, he even wanted to create his own formula!

This was a gene fusion reagent that would affect his power for this whole life of his. As such, he had to maximize the power it possessed. Only with this could he maximize the amount of power he would gain!

Hiring someone else to produce it?

Not reliable enough!

“I still need to do it myself.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Setting the requirement that he must be the one who produced his own fusion gene, he reckoned that nobody else was as awe-inspiring, right? However, this requirement of 150 spiritual energy was an extremely great barrier. “It’s about time I break through.”
Chen Feng’s gaze was firm.

Breaking through into E class!

Increase the spiritual energy!

Create his very own E-class fusion gene reagent!

The next day, as he had recovered his luck value, Chen Feng started producing mutated gold ant genes.

He consumed the reagent. Instantly, Chen Feng could feel a formidable power spreading within his body. That formidable power condensed unceasingly, ultimately becoming a powerful torrent!

What was the limit mode?

The way Chen Feng saw it, it was like a firm wall.

And now—
That powerful torrent broke through the wall with an unstoppable power.

“Ka!” Chen Feng could seemingly feel his spiritual wall cracking this instant. The world before his eyes instantly seemed clearer, and his spiritual world became brighter.

This was an odd feeling.


Gene scan!

Chen Feng’s spirit attribute had reached 101 points!

Limit breakthrough!

Entering E class!

Unfortunately, despite entering E class, there was only a one point increase in his attribute. It was still far from 150 points. However, now that he was in E-class, he had another chance to consume an E-class attribute-increasing reagent!

After researching, Chen Feng found that the presently available best E-class gene increasing reagent would be able to increase his spiritual energy by 35 points.

Price: 500,000!

As Chen Feng was now rich and imposing, he bought it instantly.

He gulped it down.

Chen Feng’s attribute reached 136 points. However, that was as far as it went. Gene strengthening?

Now that Chen Feng was in E-class, killing wind foxes was no longer useful. Even the strongest wind fox leader would only possess 100 attribute points. As for killing E-class mutated beasts?

Without first fusing with a gene, regardless of what beast Chen Feng killed, it wouldn’t help.

There was only one way for Chen Feng to increase his spiritual energy.

Gene production!

“Just nice.” Chen Feng pondered. “It’s about time for me to grind those formulas.”
Presently, he only had lumberbear gene mastered. His gene production level was still stuck at 1 star.

Despite this star rating being merely a point of reference, it was what the requirements for the rookie competition were based on. Since Chen Feng had made himself some money, it was about time for him to start mastering those formulas.

When grinding the formulas, due to the tempering effect they brought, they would be able to increase his spiritual energy as well. It was simply an act of killing two birds with one stone.

As such, during the next month, Chen Feng spent his time in bitter training.

Rush! Rush!


As for his luck value?

Chen Feng saved them all.

Using 20 points of luck value, he would be able to produce a mutated gold ant gene worth 3 million. This meant a single point of luck value was now worth 150,000!

For Chen Feng, this was the most valuable thing he had!

What was the point of having over ten million in cash?

Pointless! Only when all that money was converted into power would it be practical!

The 10 million he had earned in seven days time was gradually spent in this training month. However, Chen Feng’s familiarity with the formulas was rapidly increasing as well. He had completely mastered the gold ant formula and the thundersnake formula. When producing ordinary genes, he would be successful even without using his luck value.

His production level had also increased to 10-star from 1-star.

Naturally, as far as Chen Feng was concerned, what was most important was the spirit attribute.

After a month of bitter training, a huge amount of investment, and high-intensity tempering, Chen Feng’s spirit attribute increased by 16 points, reaching 152 points from 136 points.

It was worth it! Then…
What was next was to produce the illusionary snake gene.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He had done his research during this month. The production of the illusionary snake gene was extremely troublesome. It was not only due to it being a 4-star E-class fusion gene. The main issue was the extreme instability of the illusionary snake gene.

For ordinary formulas, it was sufficient for one to extract the required main gene from the blood essence.

As for illusionary snake gene?

What this formula required was not a part of the illusionary snake’s gene. Instead, what it required was all the genes contained within the blood essence! That was because knowing how many genes it contained was an impossible feat!

Which of the genes were useful?

Which of the genes were useless?

The production of the illusionary snake gene reagent did not even require the gene search step. That was because all the genes it contained need to be assimilated into the gene reagent.

This was an extremely peculiar gene reagent.

What it needed was the entirety of the illusionary snake!

Similar with other mutated beasts, a few minutes after its death, the reactivity of an illusionary snake’s gene would start decreasing. The more time that passed, the higher the amount of genes that would disappear.

Despite the fact that the amount of genes remaining had no effect on the success rate, comparatively, was a gene produced from 100,000 genes really the same as a gene produced from 10,000 genes?

Naturally not.

Hence, the illusionary snake gene must be produced on the spot!

In actuality, starting from E class, a lot of powerful and rare genes could only be produced before the reactivity of the gene disappeared in order to get the greatest result out of the production.

Chen Feng had even prepared the incubator liquid in advance. He had everything prepared except the main ingredient. What he lacked now was a fresh illusionary snake. To be exact, what he lacked was the most powerful illusionary snake leader.

Chen Feng was confident that the amount of genes contained within an illusionary snake leader surpassed ordinary illusionary snakes by far.

The strongest illusionary snake!

The strongest production!

Only with this would he be able to produce his very own strongest fusion gene!

Chen Feng’s gaze was sharp.

The Desolate Rocky Grounds was the birthplace of illusionary snakes. That place was filled with mountains and rocks and was extremely dangerous. Since he was now a producer, there was no need for him to personally go hunt the snakes.

“I can just hire a small team to help me with the hunt.”
Chen Feng made his decision speedily.

Xu Fei?

Chen Feng contacted him straight away.

Regretfully, Xu Fei’s group was at a crucial point of breaking through the E-class bottleneck. Hence, they couldn’t spare any time for this. As such, Chen Feng could only look for others himself.

“Who should I find?” As Chen Feng was pondering, a notification appeared on his screen.

Chen Feng was astonished.

This so-called recommendation was, in actuality, the act of automatically sending relevant information or news in accordance to your search history. It could be considered one of the intelligent functions the wristband possessed. The information on gambling when he searched for lotteries and the information on porn when he searched for loans was the result of this function.

This function was quite deceptive in nature.

“Another one of those scam advertisements?”
Chen Feng opened the notification. “Hello. Based on your present personal details and keyword history – gene production, illusionary snake, formula, exploration, we are recommending you some relevant information: One of your contacts, Wang Chun, has recently issued a mission relevant to illusionary snake. (tap here to open)”
“Wang Chun?”
Chen Feng was somewhat astonished.

Wang Chun was a friend he made while researching about illusionary snakes at the learning forum. He was also the first person to purchase his mutated gold ant gene. Hence, they were seemingly interlinked by fate. He had deep understanding of illusionary snakes. However, he did not expect that Wang Chun would issue a mission related to illusionary snakes.

“He is also planning to hunt illusionary snakes?”
Chen Feng was astonished. However, he recovered in a short time. True, if Wang Chun was not hunting illusionary snakes, how would he be so familiar with it?

If that was the case, then the mission…
Chen Feng curiously opened Wang Chun’s mission.


Gene Production Mission – Illusionary Snake’s Scale.

Content: With illusionary snake’s scale as the material, engage in gene production on the spot in accordance with the provided new formula until the production is successful.

Requirements: Producing on the spot, possessing a success rate of 5% and above for new 2-star E-class formulas.

Reward: One set of the formula that would also be used during the mission, 1 set of 4-star E-class formula. Remark: I will be bringing my own team. Hence, there’s no need for you to engage in any battles. When the battle has ended, we will give you the illusionary snake’s scale. The producer only needs to be in charge of on-the-spot production.

Remark 2: The new formula is a 2-star E-class formula. If the producer were to accept the formula but fails to produce it successfully, the producer will be penalized an amount of 1 million yuan.

Remark 3: The final goal might be illusionary snake leader (if we are to meet with one).

Chapter 75: Aurora

“Illusionary snake’s scale!”
Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

For once, this recommendation feature was reliable.

Without a doubt, this was a mission issued at the Gene Production Association. Similar with how Xu Fei issued his mission previously, the mission was looking for a gene producer. Wang Chun’s target was clear, the illusionary snake’s scale. If they found an illusionary snake leader, they would kill that illusionary snake leader.

Chen Feng was tempted.

He wasn’t too bothered with the mission reward. However… If Wang Chun’s target was only the scale, wouldn’t the remaining parts of the snake be his? An illusionary snake had so many scales. It wouldn’t have much effect if it were to lose some of its scales.

Furthermore, Wang Chun would bring his own team for this.
Chen Feng only needed to follow along.

Where else could he find something good like this?

He had to accept this mission!

Naturally, the premise was that they needed to be able to reach an agreement.

Chen Feng directly contacted Wang Chun and made known his purpose. Wang Chun immediately assigned the mission to Chen Feng. A genius capable of creating three mutated formulas? This mission assignment was worth it. “I will send the formula to you. We can depart once you familiarize yourself with it,” Wang Chun said.

Chen Feng smiled. “Alright.”
With the popularity he had gained from the several mutated formulas he created, his reputation had increased greatly and he no longer needed to go through all sorts of interviews and reviews before getting a mission, like what had happened previously.

His wristband buzzed.

The screen on it flickered.

Chen Feng was astonished to find that Wang Chun had actually sent over two formulas. The first was the production of illusionary snake’s scale, 2- star, E-class. This was the required formula for the mission. It wasn’t odd for Wang Chun to send it over for Chen Feng to get familiarized with.

But the second formula…

Aurora Gene Formula

Type: Special

Class: E

Function: Igniting the genes within one’s body, unleashing the potential of one’s genes, pushing spiritual affinity to its limit. Activation duration of 10 seconds. Consumption: In accordance to the genes.



This was actually a formula for a gene virus!

Chen Feng’s state of mind stirred.

Chen Feng had encountered a similar gene before. It was the blood moon used by Chang Hu! He did not expect that Wang Chun would actually send this over to him!

Gene viruses were prohibited products!

Their sale was prohibited! However, the research value of this item was exceedingly high. How to exploit gene viruses rationally and whether or not gene viruses brought any positive benefits had always been a topic widely researched by academics.

“You can contact me after you finish studying the illusionary snake’s scale formula. I have also sent the reward for this mission to you as well. Although you won’t be able to sell this thing, its research value is still extremely high. It will bring great benefit for one’s gene production. I’m not a gene producer and am not particularly familiar with this profession. Hence,   you   can   study   it   yourself,”   Wang   Chun   briefly explained.

Gene virus…
Chen Feng’s heart was blazing. He wasn’t surprised that Wang Chun would give him the reward in advance. After all, he had a different status nowadays. Hence, he would definitely not destroy his own reputation for a single formula. However, for this special 4-star E-class formula to actually be a gene virus was truly surprising. Especially its function, pushing the limit of the spiritual affinity!

What did reaching the limit of spiritual affinity signify?

It signified that there was no need for one to put forth any effort to control their spiritual ability. Only intending for something to happen would be sufficient. One’s spiritual energy would be akin to one’s arms, listening to one’s commands obediently!

For example—
Chen Feng’s Wind Blade!

Circling around?

Curving? Chen Feng had trained for a long time to achieve that.

However, if his spiritual affinity reached the limit, his Wind Blades would move in accordance to his wishes. Not only circling around or curving, even if he wanted the Wind Blades to drift around, it wouldn’t present any problems! Increasing one’s affinity was not something as simple as increasing one’s attributes. Instead, it was enabling one to fully display the power of one’s spiritual energy!

This was how formidable a gene virus was!

Naturally, as a result…
You might die in the process.

Could he make use of this?

Chen Feng contemplated it. With Luck Aura, he could effectively contain the gene damage during his usage of the gene virus. If what was damaged were those trash genes within a human’s body, it would be helpful to his body instead. For others, this was a prohibited product. However, for him, this might be a trump

Completely changing the situation on the battlefield within 10 seconds!

“Trash gene…”
Chen Feng contemplated deeply.

He must first ascertain the amount of genes that needed to be ignited. As soon as the amount of the ignited genes surpassed the amount of trash genes within his body, something bad might happen.

“Just produce it first.” Chen Feng did not need long to decide.

This was a rare formula with high difficulty, similar to the illusionary snake formula. Fortunately, the capabilities of the current Chen Feng had been increased by quite an amount as well. After spending two days, he managed to familiarize himself with this formula.

Begin production!

The production method of a gene virus was somewhat similar to a normal gene. The only difference was that the required materials were much higher in amount with a higher production difficulty as well. After fusing several core blood essences possessing different abilities, with help of his luck value, Chen Feng finally produced an aurora gene reagent that was radiating with a bizarre splendor.

Luck value consumption, 3 points.

Success! This was the first 4-star E-class gene Chen Feng produced. However, it did not trouble him in the least. As long as he had sufficient spiritual energy and luck value, Chen Feng was confident that he would be able to produce any gene he wished!

A tinge of bizarre radiance blossomed from the bottle of reagent in his hands.

“Give it a try?”
Chen Feng hesitated.

Normally, he would test out the reagents he produced.
However, this aurora…
Was extremely dangerous! A human body contained a large amount of trash genes. The reason Chen Feng chose this gene virus was because, with the help of his Luck Aura, he would be able to use these trash genes as its fuel!

What if the consumption exceeded the limit?

Once his genetic ability and his gene attributes started dropping, things would get extremely dangerous. Chang Hu was the perfect example of this. Chen Feng had to be prudent when handling gene viruses!

“Let’s study it first.”
Chen Feng pondered and started researching online.

Online, he found the evaluation done by the Gene Production Association. There was also news reported by the media outlets. Furthermore, there were a lot of reports where someone died after using aurora gene reagent.

Chen Feng drew a rough hypothesis in accordance to what happened after those people consumed the gene virus.

His verdict was—
It was feasible.

The amount of genes required for ignition by the aurora virus was very near the number of trash genes available within a human body. Even if there was some disparity, the difference wouldn’t exceed 1%!

“I can give it a try.”
Chen Feng inhaled. He was currently too weak. Hence, he needed some methods to protect himself!

As he thought of this, he left his rented house and went to the training center at the urban district. After renting a training room specifically used to test combat power, he gulped the gene reagent down.

Gene consumed.

A torrent of terrifying energy rushed into his body and fused with the energy within his body. At this instant, Chen Feng felt the whole world before his eyes change.

His spiritual energy instantly became lively. The world before his eyes became unprecedentedly clear.

Instantly, Chen Feng’s eyes started shining gold.

Dazzlingly bright.

Chen Feng felt like his whole body was burning.

Within his body, genes were being ignited.

At this moment, all the trash genes within were ignited!

Different from how the blood moon would unleash its might gradually as the ignition happened, the aurora gene would instantly ignite all the genes and proceed to provide 10 seconds of maximum affinity! “Bang!”
Chen Feng seemed to be able to hear sounds of explosions resounding within his body.

However, right this moment, he felt a tinge of sweetness in his throat as the blood within him boiled and an intense pain appeared instantly in his body.

This feeling…
Chen Feng looked at his digitized panel immediately.


Permanent drop of one point! “It dropped!”
Chen Feng’s state of mind stirred.

Even with Luck Aura and the ignition of all the trash genes, it was still not sufficient!

His strength attribute had been the first attribute to decrease!

Fortunately, Chen Feng’s primary assessment was not wrong. After the drop of one point in strength, the requirements of the aurora gene were fulfilled and the formidable power belonging to the aurora gene descended!

A soft sound resounded from within his body. Akin to rebirth after breaking out of a cocoon, something seemed to have quietly appeared just like that.

His spiritual energy came to life.

Chapter 76: You’re on Your Own Now

At this instant, everything in the training room trembled.

Cups, stools, all sorts of instruments, every single thing in the training room was trembling. Chen Feng could faintly see his lively spiritual energy enveloping these things.

Chen Feng pointed midair.


Everything stilled instantly.

“Wind Blade!” Chen Feng activated his Wind Blade.

Before his eyes, an azure colored light blade appeared.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything different with it?”
Chen Feng contemplated.


Instinctively, Chen Feng pointed.

The Wind Blade stilled in midair.

That’s right. The crescent shaped Wind Blade stopped just like that, hovering in midair. “This…”
Chen Feng’s eyes widened.

This was the effect of reaching the limit of affinity?

Another Wind Blade appeared.

When both Wind Blades collided, an astonishing scene unfolded. Both Wind Blades did not shatter. Instead, under the terrifying effect of the affinity, they merged into a bizarre cross-shaped object!

“This works?” Chen Feng was stupefied.

Another Wind Blade appeared.

Three curved Wind Blades intertwined and turned into a fan- shaped wind wheel!

Chen Feng instinctively commanded inwardly.

The merged Wind Blades started rotating. A frightening gale started shaking the room. This effect was not only due to the Wind Blade’s power alone, it was also the terrifying power exhibited by the Wind Blades after merging!

Chen Feng unleashed them.

The wind wheel struck forth with a whistling sound.

The instant it touched the ground, a terrifying power erupted.

The superposition resulting from the fusion of three Wind Blades unleashed a power far exceeding even ten Wind Blades released by Chen Feng in the past.

Extremely terrifying!

“What if the amount of Wind Blade is increased?” Chen Feng muttered.

A succession of Wind Blades was released.

Ten Wind Blades appeared instantly. Under Chen Feng’s control, they collided, and Chen Feng’s lively spiritual energy started working automatically, turning the Wind Blades into a huge Wind Blade. A terrifying Wind Blade with a length of nearly 3 meters.

Its azure glow was clear as mirror, hovering in midair just like that.

“A giant Wind Blade?”
Chen Feng’s eyes flickered as he aimed at the evaluation tool in the distance.

The Wind Blade shot forth, leaving behind a piercing sound.

The Wind Blade exploded. “Di—”
“Attack power: 800 units.”
“Ability level: High-level E-class”
This power…
Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

The him that had just entered E-class, who had not even fused with an E-class gene, had actually unleashed an attack as powerful as a high-level E-class attack. The gene virus was indeed terrifying!

This was what true strength was like!

“Hua—” Chen Feng’s eyes blanked and darkness descended.

His complexion paled.

That exceptionally dazzling world disappeared at that instant.

“It ended?”
Chen Feng was still longing for that sensation.

Too comfortable!

Pity it’s only 10 seconds.

Chen Feng checked his body and once again scanned himself with the gene scanner. All the trash genes in his body had disappeared. Apart from the 1 point of strength attribute he lost permanently, Chen Feng was even healthier than the average person.

With all the harmful genes in his body gone, how could he not be healthy?

A human body was a huge factory in itself!

Every single day, new cells would be created. Contained within those cells were a large amount of genes, including both helpful and useless genes!

This was especially true during this age where genetic mutation was the norm. Due to how frequently genetic abilities were used, in order to achieve balance within the human body, it was inevitable for trash genes to emerge. This was Chen Feng’s trump card.

Based on his initial assessment, his body would once again be filled with trash genes in three days time. This meant that he would be able to use the aurora gene once every three days!

“It’s still somewhat hurtful.”
Chen Feng frowned.

It was not a problem to exhaust those trash genes. However, the drop of his strength attribute…
“There’s only this many trash genes?”
Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

He was even wishing that if he were to develop cancer, mhmm… getting himself some cancer cells or something else in his body, would the amount of trash genes in his body increase?

Would he be able to use aurora gene without limit that way?

The more he thought of it, the more tempted he became.

However, he ultimately gave up this line of thought.

Cancerous genes… it was a domain he was unfamiliar with. Nowadays, genetic mutation was something very normal. If his cancer cells were to mutate into something bizarre, he would have toyed himself to death.

Shortly after, Chen Feng finished arranging the relevant information regarding his test on the aurora gene.

The aurora gene enabled him to enter a special mode. Chen Feng named this mode Virus Mode! When in Virus Mode, he possessed a godly control power. However, the price he paid for it was extremely huge as well— 10 points of luck value, the destruction of all trash genes in his body, and a random gene attribute of his would lose one point permanently!

Cooldown period: three days

“This set of data…”
Chen Feng’s gaze was sparkling.

Losing one point of strength attribute was totally worth it!

Since he was planning to use aurora gene as his trump card, evaluating it was something that had to be done.

Just imagine the scenario where he were to consume the aurora gene at a crucial moment. However, what happened next was that he couldn’t move, like what had happened when he was performing gene strengthening previously, what would the consequences for that be?

Even the thought of that was terrifying.

If it wasn’t for Wang Yao rescuing him previously, he would have been dead.

Now that he could afford it, he would definitely evaluate the gene first. Fortunately, the aurora gene did not disappoint him. There was not much difference from his initial predictions.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “I just hope that the day where I would need to use this never comes.”
Since he was done with evaluation of the aurora gene, he started studying the information regarding the illusionary snake’s scale. After the complicated aurora gene, this 2-star E- class formula did not bring him much trouble. He was able to familiarize himself with it in a short while. Afterward, he contacted Wang Chun and confirmed that they would depart three days later before he started making his preparations. One set of aurora reagent.

Three sets of thundersnake reagents.

Only after he was done with his preparations did he go rest.

Later that night, the Wang family was holding a banquet. As a result, it was bustling with noise and excitement over there.

Suddenly, a little girl walked into the room. The bustling banquet paused momentarily. However, soon, everyone pretended they hadn’t seen anything and continued chatting.

However, everywhere she passed, countless people avoided her, none daring to approach her.

“Sister.” Wang Yue was happy.

The one who came was precisely Wang Yao.

Wang Yao nodded slightly. “Mhm.”
“Yao Er, you are here.” A middle-aged man walked over with a youth. “Come, let father introduce to you. This is…”
Wang Yao glanced over coldly. “Scram!” A terrifying killing intent descended.

Wang Tianhao could not continue his sentence, while the youth he brought over was trembling with fear and almost peed himself. Cutting a sorry figure, he fled.

“Wang Yao!”
Wang Tianhao was somewhat angry. He clenched his fists and veins appeared on his forehead.

He was aware that this daughter of his looked down on him.
However, they were in a public place.

Wang Yao merely looked at him coldly. Her gaze was akin to knife, terrifyingly cold. Wang Tianhao stared at her for a few seconds before sighing. “Fine, fine, fine. I will go.”
Wang Yue smiled bitterly. “Sister, can’t you give father some face?”
Wang Yao shook her head, not saying anything.

After thinking, she suddenly said, “Maintain some distance from those old farts of the Wang family.”
“Ah?” Wang Yue was somewhat stupefied. Those elders of the Wang family?

But they represented the whole Wang family and controlled all the resources of the family. If he were to maintain a distance from them, who would allocate him resources?!

In front of Wang Yao, he pretended to be stupid in order to gain her concern. However, this did not mean that he was really stupid. The resources of the Wang family were something he had to have!

“You’re on your own now.”
Wang Yao looked at Wang Yue deeply before leaving.

Wang Yue’s heart palpitated. Wang Yao came all the way here just to say this? Telling him to maintain a distance from Wang family?


Wang Yue’s thoughts were in turmoil.

The others might not realize this. However, he was clear that the reason he was able to improve quickly was due to his sister.
If his sister stopped helping him in the future…
“Don’t think too much.” Wang Tianhao patted his son’s shoulder. “She is, after all, only a single person. Behind you, on the other hand, is the entirety of the Wang family!”
As he heard that, Wang Yue’s mood lightened. However, why was his sister so prejudiced against the Wang family? Even against their father… to be honest, he truly couldn’t understand the reason. Since something happened to his sister’s body, she seemed to have changed! Her strength became inconceivably terrifying and, at the same time, she also became increasingly cold as a person.

Sister… what happened to you?

Wang Yue was perplexed.

Currently, after Wang Yao left, the excitement of the banquet increased. At a certain unremarkable corner of the room, Wang Chun was silently seated, engrossed with a comic in his hands.

“You are Wang Chun right? I…” A beautiful lady walked over. “I am…”
“Shh!”   Wang  Chun  raised  his  finger  to  his  lips.  “Don’t disturb me when I’m reading.” “You…”
Speechless, the lady turned around and left. One could faintly hear her grumbling something like “damnable nerd.”
At this, Wang Chun merely smiled.

He was very clear on the reason these ladies came. However, what did that have to do with him? He was merely here to make up the numbers due to his status.

“Wang family…”
A mocking smile appeared on Wang Chun’s face.

He stretched and was soon engrossed with his comic once again, oblivious to the world around him. “Soon I will be going to Desolate Rocky Grounds with Chen Feng…”
“I shouldn’t slack off.”

Chapter 77: Illusionary Snake

Three days later, Chen Feng arrived at the Desolate Rocky Grounds as agreed upon. This was the southern region, far away from Gold City. However, as the transportation system of the current era was extremely well developed, it did not take Chen Feng long to arrive.

As he reached the vicinity of the Genetic Union campsite, he found that Wang Chun and his group had been waiting for quite a while.

“Come, let me introduce you.”
Wang Chun introduced the group to Chen Feng.

This was a small squad called An Te, named after its leader. There were five members in total. All of them were genetic warriors that were relatively strong among E-class warriors. Being quite powerful, this squad was hired all year round. They had worked with Wang Chun several times in the past and had an amiable relationship with him. As such, Wang Chun selected them to go on the illusionary snake hunting mission.

Chen Feng nodded. “How are you?” As his gaze landed on the girl beside Wang Chun, he asked, “This is…”
This girl was obviously not someone from the squad. She appeared to be around 15 or 16 years old, was astonishingly beautiful, and was currently wearing a simple yet pretty set of clothes. This was quite obviously of a different style than those warriors in the genetic squad.

“Hello.” The girl beamed. “My name is Shen Yi.”
Shen Yi?

A question mark appeared in Chen Feng’s mind.

This name… sounded somewhat weird. “My girlfriend.” Wang Chun smiled as he said, “She is a very quiet person. Only here to follow along for fun, she won’t be causing any trouble.”
Chen Feng: “…”
So this little couple was here for a walk?

However, as he thought about it, he found it agreeable. The power of this squad called An Te was quite good and was sufficient to conquer a place like the Desolate Rocky Grounds, which was not particularly dangerous. There wouldn’t be any problems with Wang Chun bringing his girlfriend along.

“It doesn’t matter.”
An Te smiled shortly before regaining a solemn expression. “However, this time, it’s somewhat different from the past. illusionary snake is a somewhat special mutated beast that needs to be killed as quickly as possible. Since we even have Miss Shen Yi and this producer here, I hope that, during the duration of our current exploration, you all will obey our arrangements.”
“That is only natural.”
Chen Feng and the rest agreed.

Soon, the group left the camp, heading toward the Desolate Rocky Grounds.

That was the world belonging to the illusionary snakes!

That was also a world where everything could happen!

They traveled straight.

The distance between the camp and the Desolate Rocky Grounds was roughly 10 km. Around them, vegetation became sparse before finally disappearing. Before them was a world with rugged and uneven rocky ground.

A bizarre noise resounded.

The ears of Qin Jie, one of the squad members, trembled lightly as he listened to their surroundings.

In actuality, almost every complete squad would have someone similar to Monkey, possessing extraordinary detection abilities.

“500  meters  ahead,  a  group  of  mutated  violet  buffalo  is passing by,” Qin Jie narrated.

“Let them pass first then,” An Te decisively decided. They circle around an unremarkable rock and waited behind it.

After one minute, a group of huge mutated violet buffalos passed loudly, knocking against everything in their path and kicking off a countless amount of dust in their wake. Occasionally other mutated beasts would appear before them. At that, the buffalos would start chasing after those beasts, not stopping until the beasts died.

This was the mutated violet buffalo.



And… brainless!

Wang Chun smiled as he asked, “How do you find this squad?” “Professionals!” Chen Feng praised.

This squad had an extremely calm disposition when handling things, neither looking for any trouble nor wasting any time. From the camp to the Desolate Rocky Grounds, they had not been hindered. The several dangers they met were easily avoided as well. Evidently, they had investigated this area in advance. This was much more reliable compared to Xu Fei’s squad.

Naturally, their price was much higher as well.

“We will be arriving soon. It’s right in front of us,” An Te said suddenly.

Chen Feng raised his head.

They were reaching the end of the path. In front of them was the end of the path between two mountains they had been travelling on. It was a rugged, uneven, and rocky area that was engulfed with sand storms, with a visibility radius not more than 10 meters.

This… was the Desolate Rocky Grounds. The world of illusionary snakes!

“Everyone be extra careful here,” Wang Chun said. “Let’s kill some normal illusionary snakes to let Chen Feng familiarize himself with the illusionary snake’s scale formula. After that, we can proceed to look for an illusionary snake leader to kill.”
An Te nodded. “Understood.”  As long as Wang Chun’s gene reagent was successfully produced, their mission would be accomplished. As long as they were careful, this mission wouldn’t be too difficult.

“Hu—” The sandstorm whistled.

Two members of the An Te squad walked in front as they stepped into the Desolate Rocky Grounds.

However, right this moment, Shen Yi abruptly said, “Wait.”
Everyone immediately stopped.

An Te frowned. “What’s the matter?”
Since this missus was only here for fun, she should just obediently keep silent. Why was she stirring trouble?

“Under your foot.”
Shen Yi pointed at Qin Jie’s foot. “Mhm?”
Qin Jie’s heart jolted. His ear trembled and released a silent ripple that was subsequently reflected back to him. At that, his expression became somewhat solemn as he softly pushed aside the sand below his foot.

Buried within was another human.

“A corpse?”
Everyone was shocked.

The gazes of An Te and his squad members were filled with astonishment as they looked at Shen Yi. Even Qin Jie did not find this corpse, but this girl had actually found it. Perhaps she was not some simple pretty girl after all. Qin Jie inspected the spot and found a high-definition virtual recording device beside the corpse. He immediately frowned and said, “Why would such a thing appear here?”
Virtual recording device! It was something used for recording virtual videos!

The videos recorded by this device could be played using virtual broadcasting equipment or in the virtual community. The played video would be in a three-dimensional format, giving one an impression that one had appeared in the world within the recording.

However, why would such an item be here?

“Let me take a look.”
Wang Chun switched it on. Light swirled around and a semi-illusionary scene appeared.

A sturdy guy appeared before them. He faced the recorder and  started  talking  as  he  introduced  this  area:  “Fellow members, this is the legendary desolate grounds. Haha. It was said that the illusionary snakes here are extremely terrifying. Even E-class warriors wouldn’t dare to provoke them. Let us take a good look today.”
As he talked, he aimed the recorder at the sandstorm in the distance and stepped into it.

“Everyone can clearly see that there are a lot of sandstorms here, affecting one’s visibility. Basically, everything beyond five meters can’t be seen anymore. Something like an illusionary snake might very well be hidden somewhere near…”
Suddenly, a dark green liquid dashed over. The recorder started swaying.

The sturdy man seemed to have seen something. As he turned around to take a look, before he managed to say anything, he fell on the ground and his body turned stiff after a few seconds.



The recorder was flung onto the ground.

Chen Feng and the group looked at each other.

A virtual streamer?

Nowadays, as the virtual community gained popularity, virtual streaming became a legitimate profession as well. This was especially true for some unexplainable fields that had managed to grow vigorously through virtual streaming. There were some who relied on the virtual courses and some who relied on exploring the wilderness, making a name for themselves through blood and sweat in their respective fields with their own ability.

These were all people who demanded respect, yet also the more dangerous people of the lot.

Before them… was one such person, who had died just like that.

“Be extra careful,” An Te said in a low voice. “He was killed right at the entrance of the Desolate Rocky Grounds, roughly two meters in front of you.”
The two people in front were perspiring all over. If it wasn’t for Shen Yi’s reminder, they might already be dead. “Let me.”
Qin Jie took the initiative and walked to the front.

His ears swayed as he unleashed his genetic ability.

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.


Qin Jie stepped into the Desolate Rocky Grounds. “Whoosh!”
A light noise resounded.

A bizarre silvery light dashed past Qin Jie as he slashed down with the dagger that he had prepared in advance. With an agility reaching 800 points, how would he be ambushed when he had noticed this fellow’s existence in advance?

The dagger stabbed into the rocky ground.

A tiny silver-colored snake was impaled into the ground. Its long tongue was outstretched while its mouth was still opened wide. At both sides of its mouth were sharp teeth that were gleaming a cold, green-colored light under the dazzling sun.

Incredibly terrifying!

Chapter 78: Peculiar Combat Method

Wang family, Gold City.

A terrifying radiance was swirling around.

Everyone’s emotions were surging as they felt an ancient yet vast aura. The aura started ascending and only stopped when it reached the energy barrier of the Wang family.

“This is…”
A pleasantly surprised expression appeared on the faces of several elders.

Some people started crying tears of joy. Had that gene finally been fused?!

They had waited for far too long!

In the hall, all the glass abruptly shattered.

Blue light swirled about before finally getting absorbed into the body of a certain person. Slowly, he opened his eyes. At that instant, a resplendent blue glow radiated from his pupils.

“Good, good, good!”
Wang Tianhao was in ecstasy as he firmly patted his son’s shoulder.

Finally succeeded! This person—
Was precisely Wang Yue!

He had broken through E-class quite a while ago. Today, he had finally successfully fused with that gene!

“From today onward, you are the only genius of the Wang family.”
Wang Tianhao was proud. “Since you have successfully fused with this gene, you will have the chance to become the strongest person in the Wang family. Even those people would have to rely on you!”
“That might not be certain.”
Wang Yue sneered. “Their previous choice was Wang Chun. It was only that Wang Chun had subsequently picked a different gene and gave up on this gene himself, hehe…” “This cousin, I’m really quite worried about his existence.”
“Especially now that he has actually gotten himself mixed up with Chen Feng. Hehe. The heavens are really treating me quite well to be grouping the two people I hate most together.”
“Since it’s this way, I might as well deal with them together.”
Wang Yue’s expression was cold while his pupils flickered with a blue glow.

Now that he had fused with this gene, even without his sister’s assistance, he would still become a true expert! Before that, he definitely had to root out those two threats!


Currently, at the entrance of the Desolate Rocky Grounds, Chen Feng and the group almost lost one of their members in their first exchange with an illusionary snake. “Let me emphasize to you all one more time.” Wang Chun solemnly said, “An E-class warrior has had two opportunities to fuse with genes. As for an E-class mutated beast, it will also go through two mutations. You all are aware of the first
mutation of the illusionary snake. It is that miraculous genetic
ability and peculiar probability they possess. However, don’t forget their second mutation!”
“An illusionary snake is a mutated beast with the dual attributes of spirit and agility. Due to that special bloodline of theirs, every single illusionary snake might take a different direction when strengthening their body. Some illusionary snake will strengthen their scales, some will strengthen their senses, and some will strengthen their teeth!”
At this, Wang Chun glanced at that teeth of the earlier illusionary snake that was flickering with green light. “Hence, you must all be careful, despite your ability far exceeding that of the illusionary snake!”
“Understood.” An Te’s expression was solemn.

Since they dared to come, they had naturally made a lot of preparations.

Despite Wang Chun having a greater understanding of the illusionary snakes than them and them having the ability to rescue Qin Jie even if he was hit by the attack earlier, the price they needed to pay would definitely not be low.

After this, they probably needed to be more careful.

“Chen Feng, come.”
Wang Chun passed the illusionary snake to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng looked at the illusionary snake. This was a small snake with a length of 20 cm. Its whole body was silver colored. That bright silver all over its body was unexpectedly giving him a feeling of extreme beauty.

The production of illusionary snake’s scale was very simple.

Using 100 scales as the core material, proceeding with gene search, catalyzing the reaction of the genes, and subsequently fusing the gene. Chen Feng started the production in a well- practiced way, subsequently—
Production failed!

Wang Chun had prepared an ample amount of materials. In the span of a few minutes, Chen Feng had crazily produced 10 times. Naturally, there was no exception. All of them failed!

Their goal was the illusionary snake leader! All the illusionary snake’s scales before them could be considered practice materials for Chen Feng. Naturally, Chen Feng was not courteous and rationally enjoyed his benefit.

“The remaining scales can’t be used anymore.”
Chen Feng was feeling somewhat regretful.

“We shall continue, then,” Wang Chun said indifferently.

Once again, the genetic squad ventured forth. This time, they were even more cautious than before.

Before them was a sky-covering sandstorm. Now, they had truly stepped into the Desolate Rocky Grounds. Qin Jie even had his genetic ability fully activated, not daring to relax even the slightest bit!

Even if they were facing the illusionary snakes that were far weaker than them. Suddenly, a huge silhouette appeared in the sandstorm. An indistinct dragon howl appeared. A terrifyingly huge creature seemed to be waking up distantly as a terrifying aura slowly pervaded the area around it.

“What is that…”
Qin Jie gulped abruptly.

“Is it an illusionary snake leader?”
Wang Chun concentrated his gaze.

Have we met with one after just stepping in? But this size…

A howl resounded, akin to a dragon’s howl from the nine heavens! Within the sandstorm.

That huge silhouette was still slowly unfolding its body, seemingly just waking up. Although they couldn’t get a clear look, they guessed that this illusionary snake leader might have been awakened by the aura of strangers.

“What should we do?”
Several members of the genetic squad gulped.

Illusionary snake?

The heck with this one here that is nearly a huge dragon instead of a snake?

An Te looked inquisitively at Wang Chun.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” Wang Chun sneered. “Although we have never met one, illusionary snake leaders have appeared many times before. Regardless of how huge its size is, its strength is still evaluated as only E-class. There are so many of you, with professional
hunting equipments and experiences. Don’t tell me you all can’t even defeat a snake.”
An Te silently nodded.

“Prepare for battle!”
Faint energy started dispersing.

Since their employer, Wang Chun, had decided to battle, they had to battle!

A terrifying power was being mustered. A battle could happen at any moment.

“Illusionary snake leader, eh?”
Chen Feng’s gaze concentrated.

He did not have the strength of An Te’s squad. However, after many years of threading on the edge of death, he possessed an exceptional sensitivity toward crisis! However, presently, he did not feel any sense of crisis!

Was it due to the illusionary snake leader being too powerful for him to sense?

Chen Feng suddenly raised his hand.

“Whoosh!” A Wind Blade shot toward the sandstorm.

“Chen Feng!”
Everyone’s heart jolted.

However, before they could say anything, the Wind Blade sliced through the standstorm, creating a temporary gap there. Within, a tiny snake could be seen wobbling about pretentiously. In that blanket of sandstorm, a huge shadow that was remarkably similar to it was wobbling together with it.

Chen Feng: “…”
Everyone: “…”
“His—” “His—”
The tiny silver snake stretched its tongue.

An indistinct dragon howl came from that huge shadow.

Everyone’s mouth twitched.

So… they had actually been scared by a damnable illusionary snake?

At the same time.

That tiny silver snake felt that something was wrong and turned around to take a look. The sight that welcomed it was the momentarily dispersed sandstorm. At that, the tiny snake was so shocked its body shivered. Subsequently, leaving behind a silvery light, it fled like a wisp of smoke.

“This fellow…”
Wang Chun did not know whether to laugh or cry. What was this?

“Qin Jie!” An Te inhaled deeply as he gnashed his teeth. “Did you not notice any oddities?”
First, they let Shen Yi find an oddity for them. Next, they let Chen Feng lay bare the crux for them. Their very own scout, on the other hand, was like an idiot, not detecting anything?

Qin Jie could only smile bitterly. He had originally thought that the reason for him being unable to feel anything was due to the ability of this illusionary snake leader being too strong for him to detect.

“Be more serious!” An Te told him.

“That tiny silver snake probably went through a brain mutation,” Chen Feng said thoughtfully.

“That’s probable.”
Wang Chun nodded. Miss Shen Yi, on the other hand, was always beaming. Even when she saw an illusionary snake, she did not exhibit any fear. An extremely interested expression was shown on her face instead.

The squad ventured forth once again. At this instant, an illusionary snake appeared from a sandstorm in the distance.

“It’s coming.”
An Te’s eyes shone. They had noticed this fellow much earlier. Suddenly, that illusionary snake spat out a white liquid that shot toward An Te.

Its speed was extremely fast.

“Not good.”
An Te took all sorts of defensive measures. Even hiding behind a stone was useless. That saliva actually pierced through the stone and ended up landing on his body, causing everyone to perspire from the shock. That white liquid did not seem to have any power in it. After Chen Feng scanned it, he found that the seemingly terrifying liquid was merely normal saliva…
Saliva of an illusionary snake…
An Te struck back in anger.

Another glob of saliva shot out from the illusionary snake.

An expression of disgust on his face, An Te evaded it. However, when that saliva landed on the ground, a piece of stone was corroded, leaving behind a deep pit. At this, everyone started perspiring. “Fully activate our defenses!”
An Te’s gaze was cold. “Treat every single illusionary snake like a peak E-class beast. Let’s use this snake here as a reference. Find out what the heck is actually going on with this snake here!”
Everyone agreed with him.

The illusionary snake attacked crazily.

A mouthful of venom, a mouthful of saliva—occasionally, ice bullets or flames would be added into its attacks as well. Sometimes, even high-temperature vapor would be spat out by the snake. Sometimes, it would also emit a dense fog, almost successfully escaping in the process. There was also that unpleasant odor and the sudden protrusion of spikes from the ground under their feet.

All these caused one to be unable to guard against it!

However, it still failed to avoid getting killed by An Te’s squad.

“How’s the evaluation result?” Wang Chun asked.

“Let me take a look.”
An Te walked over to take a look as well.

Although illusionary snakes theoretically possessed endless possibilities, the odds of ability release of many genetic abilities was something that was supposed to be calculable.

For example— Those commonly seen fire or water genetic abilities!

Due to their universality and the proportion of those genes among all genes in an illusionary snake, the probability for them to appear was 50%!

Apart from this, venom, ice, wind blades, or similar types of genetic abilities possessed a probability of 30%. The remaining 19% would be some weird things, such as occasionally causing a piece of rocky ground to suddenly sink in or their silver scales becoming golden scales, the snake’s body become bigger, etc.

And the remaining 1%…
Were extremely dangerous abilities!

For example, that saliva that was randomly spat at An Te earlier. In the illusionary snake’s subsequent attacks, a similar circumstances did not appear anymore… Hence…
If what appeared on that initial attack was not saliva, and was venom instead?

It would be extremely dangerous!

Every single illusionary snake had to be treated like a peak E- class beast!

Even if it might be totally harmless!

Chapter 79: King Yan

In the Desolate Rocky Grounds, sandstorms still pervaded the area.

Chen Feng swung his somewhat sour right hand and discarded the ruined illusionary snake’s scale in his hands. This was his 160th failure.

Zero successes.

Although his spiritual energy met the requirements, his junior production level was still just 10-star. It was far from meeting the standard required to produce E-class formulas. Hence, it was very difficult for him to produce an illusionary snake’s scale. Without the assistance of his luck values, his success rate was extremely low. His current goal was the illusionary snake leader. Before meeting the leader, all illusionary snakes met were merely practice materials for him. As such, this wasn’t quite a waste of their time.

Wang Chun did not find this surprising as well.

Many producers would fuse with formidable genetic abilities that would greatly increase their production capabilities at a crucial point. The practice Chen Feng went through now were all in order to produce it better when they met an illusionary snake leader.

Naturally, this was also due to Chen Feng’s status being different nowadays. If a normal junior producer dared to play it this way, he would have gotten himself thrown out to feed some illusionary snake long ago.

“Chirp!” “Bang!”
A bundle crashed downward.

Chen Feng opened it in a well-practiced way. Within was a new set of production materials—this was the express airdrop service. In accordance to the environment, different mutated beasts will be sent to deliver packages. Professional, fast, and secure.

Wang Chun looked at the time. Half a day had passed. “No illusionary snake leader found yet?”
Qin Jie shook his head. “Nope.”
After they got a concrete data on illusionary snake from analyzing it, their illusionary snakes killing speed increased greatly. Now, it was already possible for Qin Jie to accurately grasp the appearances of illusionary snakes, not leaving any opportunity for the snakes to make a move. However, they had yet to see any illusionary snake leaders.

Wang Chun looked toward the sandstorm.

Since no illusionary snake leaders were found on the outer region of the Desolate Rocky Grounds, they could only enter deeper into the area.

An Te nodded slightly. “Understood.”
The area was still engulfed in a sandstorm.

A faint power swirled around, blocking off the sandstorm around them. They started heading toward the inner region of the area. However, they had only walked a few steps before that little girl called Shen Yi stopped abruptly. “What’s the matter?” Wang Chun asked in concern.

“…”  Shen Yi blinked her large eyes and said doubtfully, “Is one of us missing?”
“How is that possible?”  Wang Chun laughed involuntarily. “There’s a total of eight of us—”

Wang Chun’s words paused.

Everyone looked around before they were abruptly alarmed from the shock of realizing that there were only seven of them left!

Originally, they were comprised of Chen Feng, Wang Chun, Shen Yi, and the five from the An Te squad. Now, however, one person was missing from the An Te squad! “????”
The expression of An Te and his group changed greatly as well.

“Where’s Zhang Lei?”
An Te was ashen-faced.

“He was guarding the rear, providing cover for us. However, unexpectedly…”
One of the squad members was deathly pale as he said this.

Something happened!

It was normal to be met with danger during explorations! They had all prepared for the prospect of death. However, a strange disappearance like this caused everyone to feel an indescribable chill and incomparably horrified.

“Qin Jie…” An Te said.

“I did not feel anything.”
Qin Jie’s expression was unsightly.

This was the scary part of it.

A squad member had disappeared just like that while he, as the member with the strongest detection ability, had failed to detect anything? What exactly was their enemy this time?!

“Could it be simply him failing to catch up with us?”  Chen Feng guessed. “For example, he couldn’t hold his pee in and went to take a leak, or something like that?” “…”

Everyone looked at Chen Feng weirdly.

“A qualified squad member would definitely report that kind of  thing.”  An  Te  inhaled  deeply.  “However,  there  is  such  a possibility after all. Qin Jie, contact King Yan and check Zhang Lei’s life or death status.”
Qin Jie turned his communication device on.

King Yan?

Chen Feng felt somewhat doubtful.

“A genetic warrior with the ability to determine one’s life or death status,”  Wang Chun explained softly. “This ability isn’t particularly useful. However, this fellow proclaimed himself as King Yan and opened a virtual shop called ‘Life and Death Book.’ Unexpectedly, his business is actually quite good. The previously accumulated missing person cases have been solved with his help. He is quite a famous person.”
So this is the case…

Chen Feng felt enlightened.

This world was indeed incomparably intriguing. Apart from chasing after top-notch combat power, every single person possessing peculiar abilities would be able to find their own purpose of existence.

“Di di—”
“Signal lost!” The expression of others changed greatly as they checked their wristband and found that all of them had lost their signal!

Chen Feng glanced at his wristband as well.

No signal!

“We have been blocked.”
Qin Jie was ashen faced.

Although the Desolate Rocky Grounds was filled with sandstorms that would affect their signals to a certain extent, a situation like losing contact would definitely not appear. Their current circumstances were definitely the product of someone else’s disturbance! In this Desolate Rocky Grounds!

“This is looking somewhat bad.”
Wang Chun felt his head aching. He couldn’t understand.
Who would actually make a move on them at this place?

“Let  me  try.”  An  Te  turned  his  screen  on  with  a  solemn expression. “Although the signal getting blocked is somewhat difficult to deal with, there is still a way to solve it. Before coming, I prepared a breakout chip. However, I’m not sure how effective it is. If the level of our opponent’s block is too high, my breakout chip wouldn’t work.”
The chip activated.

“Hum—” On his screen, a blue-colored light disk was spinning.


The light disk was operating frantically.

All sorts of never-before-seen symbols started flickering, accompanied by garbled text.

After a long time, when the light disk finally stopped, only three terms were left. Among them, the words “Wang Yue” were written.

“Seems like it’s not enough.”
An Te felt greatly disappointed.

“I don’t need anything more.” A cold glint flickered in Wang Chun’s eyes. When he saw the name Wang Yue, he clearly knew that this good cousin of his had finally made a move on him!

Wang Chun sneered. Just this much has happened and you can’t resist making a move anymore?

Very good!

“Let’s return,” Wang Chun said calmly. “Since something like this has happened, there’s no longer any need to continue hunting for an illusionary snake leader. I will give you all the reward in advance. Consider it as the death pension for the brother from earlier.”
Qin Jie and the rest of the squad members expressed their gratitude. When something like this happened during an exploration, even if it was something that happened due to the employer, it was something that would be considered as the hired squad’s own problem. People would rarely compensate them for this.

An Te smiled bitterly. “I’m afraid we can’t even return.”
Everyone looked at him doubtfully.

“If it’s really as you said, then do you think that the genetic squad sent by that Wang Yue fellow to kill us would not be completely prepared? They should know the strength of all of us and have sent out a professional assassination squad to deal with us despite not knowing exactly what abilities we have!”
An Te pointed at the remaining terms deciphered by his chip.

Ambush killing, escape route. “Our opponent’s goal is to kill you all in an ambush. If I guessed correctly, I believe all our escape routes should have been blocked by now. If we were to return, all that would await us is death.”
His expression was extremely unsightly.

He was the captain of a genetic squad. As such, he had a deeper understandings of such things compared to Wang Chun.

“What should we do, then?”
Wang Chun felt his head aching.

“Penetrate deeply!”
An  Te  had  no  hesitation.  “These  sandstorms  will  not inconvenience only us. Those people won’t feel too good either. The deeper we go, the worse the sandstorms will be, the stronger a shelter they will be for us as well!”
“All right.”
Everyone looked at each other.

At this moment, only by following the most experienced person, An Te, could they avoid this disaster.

“Chen Feng, I’m sorry.”
Wang Chun was feeling sorry.

He did not expect that this one illusionary snake trip would bring such trouble to Chen Feng!

“No worries.” Chen Feng smiled.

Wang Yue?

Was he truly making his move for Wang Chun? Or was it for himself?

Or was it…
For both of them?

Chen Feng looked at the 500 points of luck value he had and sneered. Since he dared to come for this exploration trip, he had definitely made complete preparations!

Wang Yue?

Hehe. It was about time for certain things to be truly settled.

King Yan = Basically Chinese Death God. The Life and Death Book is a book listing every soul and the allotted death date for every life.

Chapter 80: Danger at Every Step

The sandstorm was still there.

Chen Feng and the rest, a total group of seven, were traveling through the sandstorm.

Everyone’s expression was solemn. Even when they met illusionary snakes, they would ignore the snakes, choosing to avoid them instead. Currently, everyone’s attention was on that enemy that might appear at any time.

A sense of crisis was enveloping everyone’s mind.

Qin Jie did not even dare to relax the tiniest bit.

Both his eyes were sharp as lighting, and both his ears trembled lightly. Both his genetic abilities were fully activated.

Regardless of how strong the enemies were, he had the confidence to grasp at least the tiniest clue of their appearance.

“They might be peak E class as well.”
“Even if they are stronger than us, it wouldn’t be by much. Otherwise, there would be no need for them to hunt for us this way. Hence, we still have a chance.”
This was the conclusion drawn by the An Te squad.

Now, they needed to look for that chance of survival amidst the danger.

Suddenly, a gale engulfed a place somewhere in the distance. Behind them, where they had just traveled past, that sandstorm that had been constantly brutal suddenly became somewhat illusionary. Within the sandstorm, a silhouette of light flickered.

Qin Jie noticed it right away.

Abnormality found!

Something seemed to be rolling around in the sandstorm.

“Be careful,” An Te told him.

Everyone got into their positions and stared unwaveringly at the sandstorm as the rolling silhouette of light became larger. The silhouette appeared incredibly in harmony with the sandstorm it was hidden within. Suddenly, there was a dazzling flash of radiance.

“Be careful!”
Everyone activated their defensive measures.

In that instant, their eyes seemed to lose focus.

They instinctively started unleashing their attacks.

The attacks bombarded the location in front of them.

Accompanied by a loud sound, all their attacks landed on the ground. Soon after, the sandstorm returned to its normal status. That silhouette of light seemed to have disappeared.

“Has it escaped?” Qin Jie muttered.

The silhouette was radiating a weird feeling. It appeared human-like yet not human-like at the same time. Possessing the ability to radiate in light instantly, what special ability was that? Laser shooting?

He shook his head.

“He is indeed not too strong.”
Wang Chun felt relieved.

“Indeed.” Qin Jie nodded. “If our opponent’s ability was high enough to crush us, they would have come out and faced us long ago. The fact that they are only using assassination methods show that our opponents do not want to suffer any losses, or…”
Qin Jie was midway through his sentence before a terrified expression appeared on his face.

What was the matter?

Everyone’s heart jolted.


They instinctively started looking around them.

Chen Feng followed his gaze and looked over at the ground.
At that instant, his pupil constricted as well. “We lost one of us again.”
Everyone looked at each other. This was truly alarming.

The An Te squad suffered another loss!

They were originally a five man group. Now, however, only three were left.

“How is this possible…”
The remaining members were alarmed. “He was obviously standing behind me earlier.”
Standing back to back was their optimal position when in combat. However, earlier, one of them was lost just like that. “Damn!” An Te cursed.

Qin Jie’s expression was extremely unsightly. Why did this have to happen now? If he was given more time, this squad…

Qin Jie clenched his fists tightly.

“What’s the matter?”
Chen Feng noticed his expression that was somewhat odd.

Not willing to say much, Qin Jie shook his head.

Chen Feng did not ask too much either. To lose two people continuously, if one were to say they did not feel any sense of crisis, it would be fake.

Chen Feng was not feeling any sense of crisis!

Under normal circumstances, as long as his life was threatened, he would definitely be able to feel some sense of crisis. This was not some special ability of his. Rather, this was something he gained after experiencing 20 years of his life threading along the edge of a death. However, earlier, when they lost two of their teammates, he had not felt any sense of crisis!

This was absolutely abnormal.

Unless… Chen  Feng  suddenly  opened  his  mouth.  “We  might  have guessed wrongly. Our initial guess was our opponents were actually a genetic squad. Due to their strength not being much stronger than us, or due to them not wanting to suffer too great a loss, they decided to use this method of assassinating us
one by one. However, is there a possibility that our opponent is actually a single person?”
“There’s only a single person, hence only this method could be employed.”
“He is extremely strong. However, he is also afraid of being surrounded by us.”
“He can only kill us one by one!”
Chen Feng drew his hypothesis. Everyone exchanged glances, agreeing with his conclusion.

What was the ability of that fellow?

In this unique era, the scariest thing was not an opponent whose ability surpassed you. Instead, what was scary was the unknown!

An unknown ability!

After thinking about it, the several times where their enemy made his move, that flickering radiance and that ability to hide within a sandstorm, and the ability to noiselessly take someone away, what was that ability, exactly?

What kind of mystical genetic ability was that? Someone possessing an unknown ability, hidden within the sandstorm and observing them in the dark, looking for an opportunity to make a move on them at any time. This was indeed something that caused one’s hair to stand on end in fear.

Wang  Chun  looked  at  Shen  Yi.  “Shen  Yi,  are  there  any methods?”
Shen Yi shook her head. “Our opponent never truly appeared. Hence, I have no way to act against him.”
“Is that so?”
Wang Chun’s expression was solemn. “Qin Jie, block off our sound,” An Te suddenly said.

Qin Jie nodded slightly. “Understood.”
A wisp of energy quietly enveloped everyone. This was a small technique created by Qin Jie in accordance with his genetic abilities. With this, he was able to block others from listening to them.

“I have an idea,” An Te said softly. “Later, when that fellow appears once again, we need to take the opportunity and rush into the sandstorm to kill him. If he is really only a single person…”
“I will make him pay for my members’ lives!” “All right.”
Everyone looked at each other.

This method was feasible.

Rather than waiting for death without knowing how one died like the two that died earlier, they might as well rush it out.

There were still six of them!

The two strongest of An Te squad, An Te and Qin Jie were both still here. They had no reason to fear the enemy.

“Depart.” They ventured forth in the sandstorm as time passed quietly.
Everyone was waiting for an opportunity to act.

After a long time, an abnormality finally appeared in the sandstorm.

A silhouette of light flickered within. This time, without any hesitation, everyone rushed into it. At the same instant the radiance flickered, they rushed into the sandstorm.

All sorts of attack landed.

The sandstorm was still empty. Another person gone!

In that time frame of a split second where they rushed into the sandstorm, the An Te squad lost another member. Only two were left!

An Te and Qin Jie!

The group of eight only had five remaining. Chen Feng, Wang Chun, Shen Yi, Qin Jie, and An Te.

“How could things be this way…”
An Te was dazed. Another person gone.

“Bang!” Blood flowed out of his fist.

“They  are  all  our  brothers  that  had  went  through  a  lot together.”
Qin Jie’s voice was hoarse. “It is acceptable if they were to die in battle. However, to die like this…damn it. An Te, if you had listened to me previously…”
“You are blaming me?”
An Te was filled with anger as well.

“If you had listened to me and invited more people, creating a full team, we would have been able to further develop our team.  They  would  not  have  died  as  well!”   Qin  Jie  was emotional. “Although you are the strongest, you couldn’t make it in terms of management! You are not qualified to be the captain!” “How about you be the captain, then?”
An Te laughed angrily.

“Shut up!” Wang Chun rebuked them. “At times like this, you are still fighting among yourselves?”
Qin Jie stared at An Te and mumbled, “I not only hate him, I hate myself as well… Both of us are the strongest, yet we failed to protect our team members.”
Everyone was silent.

People kept going missing, yet they had no way to deal with it.

“I refuse to believe this! What ability is it that is so mysterious?” Qin Jie pressed both his hands onto the ground.

A ripple spread around noiselessly.

“Can you see the enemy?” Wang Chun asked.

Although Qin Jie was very angry, his mind, on the other hand, was still clear, “No. However, I found a cave nearby. Regardless of how strong that fellow is, as long as we enter the cave, he will have no way to assassinate us! He can only show himself and face us!”
“All right.”
Everyone’s eyes lit up. There would be no sandstorm in the cave. Instead, within, there was only a simple empty space.

This was a very good idea.

“Enter the cave immediately!” Wang Chun ordered decisively.

There, they would have the final confrontation with this mysterious enemy.
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