The Strongest Gene Chapter 701-710

Chapter 701: Luck Value Increasing Crazily

At present, with Thomas and the rest shouldering the blame, the nonresonator Chen Feng was able to speedily flee the chaotic area without being noticed.

“There is still an advantage to not having any godly power, hehe…”
Chen Feng was pleased. What those resonators were looking for was godly power. As for Chen Feng, a commoner without godly power, he appeared the same as those wild animals whenever those resonators scanned his area. As such, it was natural that they all completely neglected him.

“I have profited greatly this time.”
Chen Feng looked at the tightly wrapped stone as his heart thumped wildly. With this tone… hehe… After returning, he would have to find a way to erase the consciousness within this stone. Just by extracting the power of luck contained within, he would no longer lack luck value in the future. Thirty thousand? Perhaps he could even get thirty million luck value in the future.

He took in a deep breath and first returned to the Genetic Union and entered a training room. Then he carefully took out the wrapped stone, which was glowing faintly.

Finally… obtained.

The stone was glowing with a mysterious radiance. “Spirit. What is this fellow’s condition?” Chen Feng asked.

Spirit momentarily cast out her senses, then answered, “Half dead. We can use some gene reagents or other items to temporarily block it out so we can extract the luck value within.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Excellent.”
Extracting luck value… Hehe… He had been waiting for this for way too long. But before that…
“Spirit, come.”
“Let us do something interesting.”
“Huh?” “Well, the reason for this is to temper your consciousness.”
“To allow you to control even greater strength.”
Spirit couldn’t quite understand what Chen Feng was getting at. Just like that, half a month passed quietly.

During this half month, Chen Feng helped Spirit temper her consciousness before producing a gene reagent capable of sealing the stone’s consciousness.

“Let us begin.”
Chen Feng let out a long breath. A huge number of translucent ice-blue gene reagents were gathered, and the stone was soaked in them. The stone emanated with a gold radiance without stop, giving off quite a wondrous scene as the gold interwove with blue.


One of his hands pressed onto the stone, with the blue liquid in between.

Numerous rays of light shot out.

The consciousness of the stone spoke in horror. “You dare?”
“Hmph!” Spirit snorted and suppressed the stone’s consciousness. After the previous battle where the stone had been weakened several times by the resonators, it didn’t have much strength remaining.


Soon, the luck value within Chen Feng started transforming.

Chen Feng’s heart trembled. “Here it comes!” He knew that he did not need skin-to-skin contact with this stone. Previously, the mere act of approaching this stone had lifted the deactivated state of his Luck Aura. As such, this time, he only needed to be near this stone to be able to absorb its power. His guess was indeed correct.

Having skin contact with this stone posed too great of a threat. As such, doing things this way was the perfect choice. The stone struggled as it glowed without stop, but it was unable to do anything thanks to the blue liquid. At the same time, its consciousness was suppressed by Spirit. It was unable to budge and could only watch on blankly as its luck value dropped. One point…
Two points…
Three points…

The absorption of luck value progressed slowly. Chen Feng merely waited on silently, waiting for his luck value to increase in amount. Soon, after the initial hardship passed, Chen Feng started trying to use his own power of luck for the absorption. The moment he activated his Luck Aura…

The amount of luck power he was absorbing increased dramatically. Ten points!

A hundred points!

A thousand points!

A terrifying amount of luck power surged into Chen Feng’s body.

“It’s here.”
Chen Feng was overwhelmed with emotions. He knew that the greatest upgrade he had ever experienced thus far was coming.

Bang! Bang! 
A thousand points was merely the beginning. As luck value entered his body without stop, he reached 10,000 points, 100,000 points, 200,000 points, 300,000 points… The luck value within Chen Feng’s body surged dramatically.

Bang! Bang!

A terrifying power converged within him.

Chen Feng was shocked. “How powerful.”  Finally, his luck value surpassed one million points, reaching a rather terrifying height. Alas, alarmingly, even at this level, luck value still endlessly surged out from that stone at a terrifying speed.

One million.

Two million. 

Chen Feng was startled. Could it be that his initial guess was completely correct? This stone contained more than 10 million points of luck value? Soon, his guess was confirmed. In a short period of time, his luck value surpassed ten million points. Even so, his luck value was still increasing.

“There’s more?”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. How much luck value did this stone contain, exactly?

Ten million? No, he had already surpassed 10 million, yet he was still growing. From the momentum, there were no signs of it stopping anytime soon… 
His luck value surged. Chen Feng tried activating his Luck Aura once again. With the present luck value he had, the activation of Luck Aura was an extremely terrifying act.


Suddenly, the speed of absorption went through another sharp increase. Shortly after, he started absorbing tens of millions of luck value in one go.

Ten million points.

Twenty million points.

Thirty million points.

Chen Feng’s eyes widened.

With an expression of disbelief, he watched on as his luck value surged. In a short period of time, it reached a brand new height: One hundred million points!

For the very first time, his luck value had reached a hundred million. And yet… his luck value was still growing.

Suddenly, Chen Feng sensed something wrong. “I have a bad feeling.”
A hundred million? If this stone truly possessed so much luck value, it would definitely not have been so weak! Chen Feng had first deduced that this stone would possess around ten million luck value based on its prowess and the might of that leopard. But now… a hundred million? If this stone was truly ten times more powerful than that, why had it not displayed its strength? 
Instinctively, Chen Feng tried stopping the absorption. Alas… he found that he could no longer stop it.

His expression sank. “What’s going on?”
“Spirit, stop it!” Chen Feng roared inwardly.

Spirit’s expression sank as well. “I… it is no longer listening to me.”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted. “What?” It was not listening to Spirit? How was that possible? One ought to know that the only feature Luck Aura had gained after its previous upgrade was granting Spirit the ability to independently control it.

“Let me try sensing it.”  Spirit smiled bitterly. “At present… looks like it is once again the time for luck to clash against moment as well.

Chen Feng clenched his teeth. “Bring it on, then.”

For the first time, he put his greater than one hundred million luck value to work.

Bang! Bang!

He could feel the terrifying amount of luck value being put to work. Alas, alarmingly, even with so much luck value, things were still not changing. He was still absorbing luck value!

His eyes widened. “What’s going on?”
Suddenly, Spirit’s expression became odd. “There… There…” 
He did not need Spirit to tell him about it, as he himself had felt it as well. Before him, for the very first time, the stone fully unleashed its power of luck. That terrifying power… If this one hundred million luck value Chen Feng had was a pebble, then what this stone was unleashing at the moment was a huge mountain! The power within…

The terrifying power of luck flooded Chen Feng.

“How… is… this possible?”
Chen Feng did not dare to believe this. The power contained within this fellow surpassed even tens of billions? This…
If that was the case, why had it been so miserable previously? Right at this instant, the consciousness within the stone suppression and transmitted an extremely clear thought to Chen Feng.

“Hehe. Chen Feng…  I told you, you are the chosen seed of heaven!”

Chapter 702: The Power of a God

Chen Feng’s eyes widened. “You can talk?” This was extremely shocking to him. He had never expected that this consciousness, which had been hiding within the stone all this while and had required Spirit to sense its thought process, was actually capable of communicating directly with a human.

The mysterious consciousness laughed and said, “That is only natural. With the descent of the primordial, it is natural that my consciousness was born.”
Chen Feng was speechless. It could talk… Although this “talking” was, to be precise, thought transmission. However…
Chen Feng sighed deeply. “Why did you not talk previously when they attacked you?”
The mysterious consciousness explained, “I told you; you are the chosen seed of heaven. How can I help others? All along, you are the only one I will help, regardless of it being now or the future.” Shua!

A boundless power surged out of the stone. Instantly, the power of luck within Chen Feng’s body surged, reaching an even higher level in the billions, and it was still growing, completely unstoppable.

Bang! Bang!

His luck value jumped up without stop.

Two billion!

Three billion!

Four billion!

… Ten billion!

Twenty billion!

Thirty billion!

A hundred billion!

Two hundred billion!

Three hundred billion!

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. Compared to this surging power, his own strength was so very minute. Rather than the power of a resonator, this was in actuality the power of gods.

Bang! Bang!

The godly power surged. Chen Feng felt the horror of this power and suddenly had an odd feeling, a feeling telling him that with this, he could do whatever he wished to, no matter what.

For example, destroying the world?

Chen Feng glanced around and was certain that he was capable of that. With thirty thousand luck value, he had been able to create the omens of an apocalypse. Now, with several hundred million luck value, he should truly be able to destroy this world. After all, compared to the wide universe, this planet was still so very tiny.

Oh, right, where had the comet he had summoned earlier gone to? After all, that had been no false illusion. Rather, that had been a true comet, but it hadn’t reached this planet because he hadn’t had sufficient power to make that happen. Where the comet had gone subsequently remained unknown. However, Chen Feng did not continue dwelling on this, as he found that the luck value in his body was still increasing.

Still growing…
Chen Feng no longer bothered keeping up with how much luck value he had, as he was sure that it had already reached a terrifying number. The only word he could use to describe the amount of luck value he had presently was “endless.”
What he was somewhat worried about was Spirit, this girl.

“Spirit?” he tried asking for her.

“Here,” Spirit answered blankly.

“Are  you  fine?”  Chen  Feng  asked.  He  was  worried  about Spirit, as based on what they had guessed, after the invasion of this stone, Spirit might be destroyed, leaving behind purely its own power.

Spirit had an odd feeling as well. “I’m fine. I am perfectly fine. Moreover, this luck…” Spirit waved her tiny hand. “I can control it as well.”
She was puzzled. The two exchanged glances, and they had an odd feeling. They could actually control this power?

Chen Feng was shocked. This… “In other words, this newly gained luck value is all ours?”
Spirit  was  utterly  confused.  “Have  we  misunderstood  the stone?”
In short, this adorable stone was truly earnestly treating Chen Feng as the chosen seed of heaven and was sincerely trying to help increase his strength? Had he been misunderstanding the stone all along? No, that did not seem likely. But then, why were they able to control the newly gained power?

Bang! Bang!

Once again, his luck value increased. Chen Feng tried sensing this new level of power and found that this time, he was no longer able to control it. The reason for this wasn’t because he did not have the authority to control it. Rather, it was because this power was too huge for him to be able to control, giving him a feeling like he was less capable than desirable.

He looked at Spirit. “How about you?”
Spirit shook her head. “I am still able to control it. Regardless of how much it increases, I seem able to always control it.”
Chen Feng was filled with doubt. “That means that the control is still under our hands.” 
At this time, finally, the increase in his luck value slowed down, slowly decreasing from an increase of tens of billions to an increase of billions to an increase hundreds of millions…
Slowly, the luck value within Chen Feng calmed down.

Chen Feng was sure. “The stone seems to finally be out of energy.”
Spirit knew what Chen Feng wanted to ask. “I can still control the power.”  She waved her hand to demonstrate it. Godly power instantly swirled around her hand. The two were utterly confused. This was an incredibly odd feeling. Luck value was without a doubt one of the most terrifying powers in existence. If the stone had activated this with its full power, Chen Feng would definitely have been helpless. After all, that was truly quite an astonishing amount.

However, the stone had not done so. Rather, it had handed over all its power to Chen Feng. Why? 
Slowly, the surging godly power faded. Along with the final wisp of godly power, the mysterious consciousness traveled into Chen Feng’s body as well. It did not have any power, nor did it have any authority over his power. This was nothing but a consciousness. What exactly was this fellow planning?

Chen Feng’s heart chilled. This was way too weird.

“Spirit, try getting him under control,” Chen Feng said.

Spirit nodded. “Understood.”
Shua! Shua!

The stone dissipated away as the mysterious consciousness traveled into Chen Feng’s body. The instant it arrived in Chen Feng’s illusory world, numerous rays of light shot at it, and it was instantly contained by Spirit. This was a clump of of form.

A  clear  thought  was  transmitted  out  of  the  stone.  “We… finally meet again.”
Chen Feng’s gaze became cold. “Who are you?”
The mysterious consciousness had a faint smile. “Is handing over all my luck value still not sufficient to display my sincerity, dear chosen seed of heaven?”
“…” Chen Feng suppressed the uneasiness he was feeling. “Do you know that what I hate most are those tricksters? Regardless of whether you are sincere in helping me or not, tell me your true goal. Otherwise… I will kill you right this moment!” Chen Feng spoke solemnly, his killing intent raging, proving that he wasn’t joking around.

The  mysterious  consciousness  laughed.  “Tsk  tsk…   truly completely ungrateful.” 
That clump of consciousness hovering there lazily and slowly started assuming a form.

Chen Feng and Spirit weren’t surprised at this. Since this stone was so powerful, it was most certainly capable of something as basic as assuming a form. However, when the form it was assuming became clear to them…
Chen Feng and Spirit were completely startled. That was because this was exactly the same appearance as Spirit.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “You are courting death!” This fellow was deliberately imitating the appearance of Spirit… my main body looks like.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “How is that possible?”  Spirit’s appearance and name had both come into existence after his discussion with Spirit when she had first appeared back then. Thus, how could it be completely the same as this stone’s original appearance?

“Indeed, the final look only came into existence after you two discussed   it   back   then.   However…”     The   mysterious consciousness smiled. “Are you sure that it wasn’t completely affected by the subconsciousness of Spirit?”
Spirit was bewildered. “What do you mean?”
The mysterious consciousness chuckled. “Do you still not understand?” Slowly, she walked toward Spirit.

Chen Feng’s powerful consciousness descended. “Scram!” As the master of this illusory world, he tried forcefully stopping the advance of the mysterious consciousness. Alarmingly, that Chen Feng, even in this world where Chen Feng was the master. Around the mysterious consciousness, the godly power of luck started swirling.

Spirit’s eyes widened. “How is this possible?”  All the godly power of luck here should be fully under her and Chen Feng’s control, as they had completely transferred ownership. Why was this fellow able to utilize it?

The mysterious consciousness looked at Spirit in pity. “Do you still not understand? Because…you are me!” Finishing her words, her finger pointed at Spirit’s forehead.


Instantly, a terrifying power engulfed them both. At this moment, all the power of luck within Chen Feng was activated. That boundless radiance and power surrounded both the mysterious consciousness and Spirit. There, two completely identical people stood, surrounded by a completely identical power. That power surrounding them… was the power unique to the gods!

Chapter 703: Damnable Chen Feng

In the Genetic Union, the sudden terrifying radiance erupting from the training room attracted lots of attention. This radiance even attracted countless resonators, and their auras swept past this area.

“What is that?”
“Holy shit, this level of strength…”
“Damn it, have the resonators become so powerful that the gods have awakened in advance?”
“Gods? Could it be…”
Countless people were alarmed. Everyone was aware that as resonators appeared, the usage of godly powers would increase in frequency. This would sooner or later start awakening the gods. However, they had never expected that this day would come this fast.
 How long had it been? They all wished that they were mistaken, yet that surging godly power… No ordinary person could create something like that, only the gods.

“The world will fall into chaos.”
Everyone sighed.

Everyone focused their attention on that aura. Perhaps they were unable to stop the awakening of the gods. However, they should still keep themselves informed. At this moment, countless eyes were focused on the Genetic Union.

“What’s going on?”
The deputy president was extremely agitated. Why did this Chen Feng create a mess every time he returned here? It hadn’t even been that long since he’d entered that room, yet the attention of countless resonators had already been attracted. Those auras that had been sweeping by… Although those resonators had yet to fully recover their strength, they were still terrifying enough to cause his heart to flutter.

His underling appeared to be at a loss. “N… no idea.”
“Is Chen Feng fine?” the deputy president asked urgently.

“His life signal is still extremely stable, even stronger than before, if I must say. Although we do not yet have much understanding of awakened ones and resonators, it is quite possible that Chen Feng is breaking through,” the underling guessed.

The deputy president heaved a sigh of relief. “That would be good.” He could only watch on as that terrifying aura bloomed, hoping that everything would be fine.

At this time, the similarly shocked Chen Feng was looking at the two identical people there, looking on as godly power started swirling around the two before transforming without stop. He could feel the entirety of his power starting to go out of his control.

No, that wasn’t right.

To be precise, only the power related to luck and Luck Aura were going out of control.

Shua! Shua!

His luck power transformed, ultimately changing into godly power and swirling around beside Spirit.

If he did not understand even now, he would be a fool. Even way earlier, he had made a similar guess about Spirit’s identity. However, he had never expected that the truth was in fact much more shocking than he had imagined. Indeed, his guess was correct. It was no wonder that…
At this moment, all his doubts were cleared.

The mysterious consciousness spoke calmly. “During that primordial battle, all the gods fell. As for my power, I entrusted it to the fate stone. However, due to that battle being too desperate back then, the fate stone was separated into two. One fell asleep together with me, while the other wandered around the universe together with my spirit essence.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “In short… that fate stone I fused with…”
“That’s  right.”   The  mysterious  consciousness  tranquilly explained, “It wandered about the various worlds for a long time. After it was formally activated, it brought you straight to this world, the world it belongs to. This is also the reason for your transmigration. As for the so-called Luck Aura upgrades… That was merely the processes of me recovering my spirit. During the first upgrade, my spiritual body recovered. That was when Spirit awoke. As for the second upgrade… it granted my spirit body true authority over the godly power of luck. Therefore, I came.”
Chen Feng shut both his eyes. Indeed. So this was the truth. This mysterious consciousness, or to be more precise, this person here was the Luck Goddess!

Spirit’s eyes widened. “I… am your spirit?”
“Naturally,” the mysterious consciousness said with a smile. “Perhaps you have some negative opinion of me. However, it does not matter. When you recover your memory, you can fuse with me…”

She pointed midair. Instantly, Spirit’s big eyes became blank, and her pupils started glowing with a flickering radiance.

Hum— Once again, a terrifying radiance swirled around her. Her memory started recovering.

“Awaken,” the Luck Goddess muttered.

What exactly was a spirit? In fact, the spirit was one with the god.

When the spirit encountered the main body, the only course of action was to fuse. As such, there would be no conflicts, as the two were one in the first place. The spirit was the main body and the main body was the spirit.

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. “Spirit…”
Luck Goddess looked at Chen Feng indifferently and said, “You should be content with this. You are but mere dust amid the myriad living beings. Due to me, you reached your present height. With your present accomplishments, your life has not been wasted. Unfortunately, I am sorry to inform you that you know way too much about luck. As such, I will have to erase you after this.” Evidently, the moment she finished the fusion would also be the moment of Chen Feng’s death.

A faint radiance bloomed. Soon, her fusion with Spirit would be completed. When Spirit once again opened her eyes, those blank eyes were once again filled with life. With the godly radiance shining upon her, she started syncing with the Luck Goddess. Slowly, the two bodies overlapped, transforming into one. The Luck Goddess was Spirit and Spirit was the Luck Goddess.

The Luck Goddess finished the fusion and instinctively waved her hand to erase Chen Feng. Next, with astonishment, she found that no matter what, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Her pupils shrunk, suddenly recalling the special training session previously, the special training session Chen Feng had held to temper Spirit’s consciousness. “You…”
She had actually spent half a month in a little black room for that special training session.

“Master, what are we doing?”
“Special training.”
“But… this is so embarrassing…”
“Only this way will it be effective. Do not forget how a certain someone betrayed me not too long ago.”
“Sigh, I am so so sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it. I don’t mind. However, to ensure that your willpower is even stronger, we must employ such a training method. You have to work hard, okay?” In her maid attire, Spirit raised her tiny fist resolutely. “Mhm!”
“Who is your master?”
“Chen Feng!”
“Who do you serve?”
“Chen  Feng!  Hey,  no.  Using  the  word  serve  is  way  too embarrassing.”
“Have you been thinking those dirty thoughts again?”
“No way!”
“Are you sure?” “Yes! Hmph!”

If this had been any other day, Chen Feng would have used Wang Yao to stop Spirit’s feelings from growing unchecked. But he had made an exception, allowing such a perverse form of affection to grow.

One time, two times, three times…
Time flowed differently in the illusory world. If even in the real world half a month had passed, how much time had passed in the illusory world?

One year?

Two years? It would remain a mystery.

Only Chen Feng knew how long they had spent growing their affection, and only Spirit knew what she had experienced during that period. For the somewhat innocent Spirit, that period of time was also her happiest period ever. Even after her fusion with the goddess, even now… that fact remained.

A terrifying godly power swirled around the Luck Goddess’s hand, yet she truly couldn’t bring herself to kill Chen Feng. Spirit’s experiences were in a way her very own experiences. There was no such thing as a separate consciousness. When her true body was completed, only one remained. Everything that had happened to Spirit had happened to her as well. This experience for her was like an experience of the past, an experience after the loss of her memory.

This damnable Chen Feng…

Chapter 704: Sorry, My Dearest Master

The Luck Goddess inhaled deeply as she said, “You have long seen through my identity.”
“I did have some guesses,”  Chen Feng explained calmly. “I merely thought of that as a possibility.”
The Luck Goddess was furious. “And thus, you have exploited me?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “No. Spirit is different than you. She is pure at heart, one truly worthy of the title of ‘goddess.’ As for you… who knows what you are. In any case, the believers of the Sword God and War God claimed that you’re a bitch.” Chen Feng curled his lips.

Luck Goddess: “…” She inhaled deeply. “I am Spirit! Spirit is my true name. As for the spirit body…forget it. For you commoners who will forever only know to worship gods high on a pedestal, you guys will never be able to understand us gods. In any case, we are not clones, or perhaps two different consciousnesses as per your understanding. We have always been one,” the Luck Goddess said.

Chen Feng merely replied with a sneer. “Hehe.”
“Your brainwashing method is indeed rather formidable. I know of what you did. I want to kill you, yet I can’t bring myself to do it, as if you are an extremely important person to me.” The Luck Goddess shut both her eyes. This bizarre feeling she was feeling was causing her extreme discomfort. Hidden with this mess of an emotion was also a trace of joy? This damnable Chen Feng…
She knew that regardless of what happened in the future, she would not be able to change the past, change what she had experienced with Chen Feng. Even if she was clear that Chen Feng was exploiting her, brainwashing her, she still looked for an excuse to forgive him. How… lowly!

She heaved out a long sigh.

Hu— Suddenly, she started muttering to herself. “I am Spirit. Spirit is me. Although I have indeed experienced all that, and I can also forgive you for that, as a god, I cannot allow my sanctity to be sullied. I am a god! I am one of the strongest gods of the Primordial Era! I have my own destiny!”
A faint radiance swirled around. Chen Feng was somewhat startled as he saw this. The way this was progressing… did not seem right?

The Luck Goddess kept muttering the same words to herself.

The bizarre godly power boiled before starting to flicker and, finally, with a loud boom, everything returned to normal again.

“Hello, Chen Feng.” The Luck Goddess opened her eyes once again. They were bright yet detached. “Just  now…”   Chen  Feng  studied  her  eyes  and  instantly understood what had happened. “You sealed your own emotions?”
That’s right. Seal. After finding out that she could not bear to act against Chen Feng, after deep contemplation, the Luck Goddess had decided to seal her emotions. This was her dignity, the dignity of the Luck Goddess.

The Luck Goddess spoke serenely. “I am a god. I will not permit myself to capitulate to a lowly human.” She repeated the same words she had said earlier, yet this time, her words were filled with detachment.

The Luck Goddess’s gaze was ice cold. “When the day comes where my seal is removed and my emotions are reinstated, I will probably regret this. I will also hate myself, and I will miss you. But for now… I must kill you.”
Chen Feng focused his gaze on her eyes as he asked, “Can you bring yourself to do it?” Seal…
Could her emotions truly be fully sealed? With his relationship with Spirit and their shared experiences, even without emotions, the Luck Goddess wouldn’t kill him, right?


A terrifying godly power bloomed, and once again, the Luck Goddess tried to make a move against Chen Feng.

Alas, it was truly as Chen Feng had guessed. Even with her emotions sealed, she still couldn’t bring herself to kill him, as it was precisely as she had said: she was Spirit and Spirit was her. Even without emotions, her memory was still there. How could she bring herself to kill him?

Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. He had indeed gambled correctly! Toward the end, she still couldn’t bring herself to act against him. Surprisingly, though, the Luck Goddess merely stared at him silently for a moment before suddenly laughing. This was an incredibly sinister laugh without any emotion.

Chen Feng felt his scalp go numb. “What are you laughing about?”
“I recalled something,” the Luck Goddess explained. “I do not need to kill you. What I am worried about is how you will affect the future, this world, or even me with your control over the power of luck. In that case, why must I kill you? I only need to…”

She waved her hand.

A faint radiance flashed as a terrifying godly power surged out. Pu!

Chen Feng coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“I do not need to kill you. Since we have such a good relationship, I would regret killing you. Mhm… Therefore, I only need to retrieve the power that belongs to me. I can allow you to continue living on. When the seal on my emotions is removed, I will probably return to comfort you.” The Luck Goddess had a faint smile. “Am I right, my beloved little master?”
Her tiny hand pressed lightly against Chen Feng’s chest.


A terrifying power surged forth. At this instant, the formidable and mysterious power was completely extracted by the Luck Goddess. As for the Luck Goddess, her figure became more and more distinct.

The faint gold power kept flowing out. Finally, all the power was gathered into a single clump before entering the body of the Luck Goddess. Instantly, the illusory figure of the Luck Goddess became solid.

Chen Feng, half kneeling on the ground, coughed up another mouthful of blood.

The Luck Goddess caressed Chen Feng’s face slowly and said, “Sorry. I can’t kill you. My feelings will not allow that. Therefore, this is my only option. You are an extremely important person to me. As such, I will allow you to retire from the soon-to-come Primordial War. This war… You do not need to participate. After all, it is way too dangerous for you to participate in the coming war of the gods. Your luck value originates from me. Without luck value, you are nothing. I reckon this is something I will agree with even after I have regained my emotions.”
The Luck Goddess made the most proper choice. She was certain that regardless of whether it was the true her or the current her with sealed emotions, both would agree that the correct choice was to remove Chen Feng’s power over luck so he could distance himself from the coming terrifying war.

The Luck Goddess’s lingering voice sounded beside Chen Feng’s ear. “Therefore, be obedient and take your rest. With my godly power of luck, you will be a legend of humanity, a true legend, a legend that has lost all his previous strength…”

With a stagger, Chen Feng collapsed to the ground.

Hum— With a flash of gold, the Luck Goddess vanished.

“Chen Feng! Fast, get a doctor!”
The people of the Genetic Union felt something wrong and rushed over. The seriously injured Chen Feng was taken out, and after emergency treatment, he was able to regain his consciousness.

“How is he?” the deputy president asked, deeply concerned.

The medical personnel sighed. “He lost all his power, only leaving behind the empty shell of an awakened one. I suppose he is presently a level-three awakened.”
The deputy president was confused. “Empty shell?”
“Mhm. In short, he remains in the awakened realm but is no longer able to use any of his abilities. All his abilities have seemingly collapsed together with a certain power. The present Chen Feng should be the same as the other master producers. He should have extremely weak combat power.”
The medical personnel smiled bitterly. The deputy president’s heart trembled. Same with other master producers? He was clear on how terrifying Chen Feng was. He was an existence capable of unleashing the power of resonators even when he was a mere level-three awakened. He was the undisputed number one human. Yet now… he had lost all his power?

The deputy president clenched his teeth. “Contact Senior Duma! Perhaps only Senior Duma will be able to help.”
He had no idea what had happened to Chen Feng exactly. However, Chen Feng was the pillar of support for humanity, and no mishaps could be allowed to happen to him.

Chapter 705: This Enemy Is Quite Strong

Soon, Duma rushed over. Alas, after looking at Chen Feng’s condition, he could only shake his head.

Duma sighed. “This power…”
The  deputy  president  was  anxious.  “Even  you  can’t  help him?”
“No.” Shock was apparent in Duma’s eyes. After scanning Chen Feng’s body attentively, he could only share a bitter smile. “In his body, traces of a god can be seen.”
At this, the pupils of the deputy president and others shrunk. “A god…”
Duma sighed. “That’s right. A god. Resonators are appearing without stop. Unexpectedly, the first god has awoken as well. Moreover, this god is in fact the Luck Goddess.” The deputy president could not understand. “Why were her eyes set on Chen Feng?”
Duma  contemplated  and  said,  “Perhaps  it  was  due  to  the continuous miracles that Chen Feng created. Chen Feng is an incomparably talented youth with incomparable luck as well. Perhaps this is why the Luck Goddess set her eyes on him.”
The deputy president and the rest were completely confused. Was it not a good thing to have the Luck Goddess’s attention on oneself?

Duma shook his head. “If one had the attention of a complete Luck Goddess, it would naturally be a good thing. However, the newly awakened Luck Goddess clearly doesn’t have her full strength yet. As such, she has to absorb sufficient power to recover… Take a guess, for the Luck Goddess to recover her godly power, what does she need to absorb?”
The deputy president and the rest inhaled a mouthful of breath in shock. “Could it be…”
Duma sighed. “That’s right. Luck. Perhaps this is why Chen Feng caught her attention. He was so lucky that it was heaven defying.”
The deputy president and the rest blanked. Gods… those gods were actually such existences?

“How could this happen…”
Duma smiled bitterly. “Kind gods do not exist. Think of the gods as even more powerful humans. Some are good, and some are evil, and they all have their own emotions, desires, and even ambitions. As for the Luck Goddess… if not for a certain existence  keeping  her  in  check  back  then…”  Duma  stared ahead. “Since she has already awoken, perhaps the time has also come for the existence that was responsible for keeping her in check to awaken as well… The legendary… Misfortune Goddess.”
Misfortune… The deputy president and the rest exchanged glances, startled. This goddess, from her name alone, did not seem like a god one could easily get along with.

The deputy president was still worried about Chen Feng. “How about Chen Feng…”
Duma  pondered  and  said,  “Let  him  stay  at  the  Gene Production Association. His achievements have been way too conspicuous. If this had happened in the past, it would not matter. Now that his luck has been fully absorbed, his situation is way too dangerous. It would be the best for him to stay at the Gene Production Association. Keep the happenings of today a secret and protect him as best as you guys can. We can slowly think of a way to reinstate his abilities.”
The deputy president and the rest exchanged glances and agreed that this was the only option. They tried their best to hide this incident. Unfortunately, the appearance of the Luck Goddess had caused too big of a scene, causing everyone to find out that Chen Feng had indeed been crippled.

“Have you heard? Chen Feng seems to have been crippled?”
“Is that for real?”
“How is that not real? The lover of the daughter-in-law of the husband of the lover of my brother is a member of the Genetic Union. This is absolutely true. It is said that Chen Feng was carried away.”
“Holy shit, who did it?”
“No idea, but I heard it was a god.”
“!!!” …

Soon, the news that Chen Feng had been crippled spread online as well. From that astonishing radiance, the aura of a god, and the resonators that confirmed this fact, everyone was startled to find that it was indeed true. The number one human, Chen Feng, had truly been crippled. The entire world was shaken.

“I heard it was a god.”
“God damn it, what are those gods planning to do?”
“I don’t know. But I heard that during the Primordial Era, gods were everywhere. Now that the resonators have appeared, I suppose more and more gods will appear as well…”
“But why did they target Chen Feng? He was a legend among us humans.” “I don’t know.”
Everyone talked about this. A majority of them were furious about it and felt that this was too much of a pity. Due to Chen Feng’s unique identity and the myriad contributions he had made toward humanity, even after being crippled, he was still completely incomparable as a legend of humanity.

“Hopefully he can wake up soon enough.”
“Sigh, for this to have happened…”
“Damn it. One day I will beat up all these gods…”
“Count me in.”
The internet was talking about this without stop. While the entire world was talking about him, slowly, Chen Feng woke up. He stretched his hands out, then cast his senses inward only to find that his entire body felt empty. All his power, all his abilities, were gone.

Myriad Illusions…
God Punisher…

Although these abilities had been his to begin with, they had all been obtained using the illusory world of Luck Aura as the base. Therefore, when his illusory world collapsed, everything vanished with it. He sank his consciousness into his own body. Only a blank piece of nothingness could be found. The illusory world was indeed no more. “My strength…”
He waved his hand, trying to sense his present strength. He was still a level-three awakened. No growth and no abilities. He was probably the weakest level-three awakened in existence, perhaps even weaker than those master producers of the Gene Production Association, since they could at least use genetic abilities. As for Chen Feng, he had nothing.

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. “Luck Goddess…”
You have not only taken my Luck Aura, you have also taken my illusory world?

Chen Feng was sure that with the Luck Goddess’s strength, if she had wanted to only absorb his Luck Aura, she could have done so. But this damnable woman had even absorbed his illusory world, the very foundation of all his abilities!

“B*tch!” Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Even after fusing with Spirit, fusing with all her innocence and goodness, it was still not sufficient to balance out the so-called ambition of a god, how much of an asshole she was. It was no wonder that Thomas and the rest had all called her a b*tch.

Chen Feng spread both his hands wide. “In short… I am truly a cripple now?” For the first time, he felt so weak. Such strength…
He stood up. At present, he was in a special-grade ward in the Genetic Union. The environment was extremely quiet, with only a screen beside him. On the screen was data left behind for him by the deputy president. It detailed everything Duma had said as well as the progress of everything that had happened so far.

Chen Feng shook his head. “Stay with the Gene Production Association?” Impossible. He was very clear on how terrifying the future would be. Therefore, he could not give up just like that. He had to recover his strength, even without Luck Aura. As long as he could recover his previous strength, it would be sufficient.

“Even without Luck Aura, if I erupt fully and enter pseudo- resonance mode, I will still be sufficiently strong.”
This was his confidence. In any case, he hadn’t really used Luck Aura since the upgrade started. With his very own strength, he had also opened a wide path for himself. As such, how could he allow that b*tch to destroy everything he had built?

I must become strong! I cannot stop here!

The first person he contacted was Kong Bai. “Kong Bai, can you come over?”
Kong Bai shrugged. “No.” Chen Feng: “…”
Kong  Bai  smiled  bitterly.  “The  deputy  president  told  me about you. I also visited you before. I know that you want me to take you transmigrating. If this were any other day, I would definitely do it, regardless of the low probability of success. However,  your  strength…”  Kong  Bai  shook  his  head.  After pondering the matter, Kong Bai decided to say, “With your present state, if you can’t recover after around two or three transmigrations, you will definitely die. On top of that, Duma has something he wants me to tell you.”
With some difficulty, Kong Bai said, “Rest at ease behind the frontlines. If the Luck Goddess is your opponent, victory is impossible. Regardless of how many times we transmigrate, we will not be able to transmigrate back to the past, to the correct point in time to change this.”

Chapter 706: The Only Way

“Have   you   forgotten?   Luck   has   a   great   influence   on transmigration…” Kong Bai muttered.

Hearing this, Chen Feng came to an abrupt realization.

True! With the Luck Goddess’s influence…
Kong Bai shrugged as he explained, “We will not be able to transmigrate to the past. Duma said that anything you do now will potentially lead you to extreme danger. It will be for the best if you just stay here and rest while focusing on gene production.” This was the most he could do for Chen Feng.
Chen Feng took in a deep breath. “I understand.”  He tried contacting everyone else, but all of them rejected him. The reason for this was extremely simple: it was already very lucky of Chen Feng to have been able to survive the Luck Goddess. With his present situation, if he still dared to act recklessly, things would truly be extremely dangerous. One could say that if he dared to move out once again, he would definitely die. Therefore, nobody would allow Chen Feng to leave, as this time, their opponent was a god, the Luck Goddess. Before the Luck Goddess, all of Chen Feng’s miracles in the past were reduced to mere jokes. Therefore, nobody would help him this time.

The last person he contacted was Qin Hai. “Qin Hai…”
Similarly, Qin Hai replied with a sigh, “Sorry. I can’t watch on as you go and throw your life away.”
“I can’t sit here waiting for death and doing nothing,” Chen Feng replied solemnly.

Qin Hai spoke solemnly as well. “I know you are not resigned to this. Therefore, tell me. So long as you have a method that will work, I will help you without hesitation, even if it involves looking for that Luck Goddess.”
Chen Feng sank into silence. “See…  Even if we allow you to leave, you can’t think of a method either. The only thing you can do is keep trying amid the numerous dangers, or perhaps you will go and look for the Luck Goddess, or even other gods…” Qin Hai sighed. “This will never work, especially with the Luck Goddess interfering.”
Chen Feng could not refute this. He knew that Qin Hai was right. With the interference of the Luck Goddess, it would be impossible for him to succeed unless he could coincidentally encounter another god…
Only a god would be able to face a god. Alas, even if a different god awoke, Chen Feng would most definitely not be able to encounter that god thanks to the Luck Goddess running interference. This was like a never-ending circle of dead ends.

Chen Feng had once had control over the power of luck as well. Therefore, he was way too aware of how terrifying luck could be, especially with the amount of luck value the Luck Goddess had. One could say that if she wanted to eliminate the world, she would be able to accomplish that easily. Before the other gods woke up, the Luck Goddess would remain this world’s sole god. Chen Feng was perplexed. “What should I do?”
“Wait,”  Qin Hai answered. “When the Misfortune Goddess awakens, I reckon she will be extremely willing to help you regain your strength due to your relationship with the Luck Goddess.”
Chen Feng was speechless. “…” True, that would probably be his only chance. However, how long would he have to wait?

Next, he went online. During the period he had been unconsciousness, the initial wave caused by his crippling had slowly calmed down. At present, everyone was more worried about what Chen Feng would do in the future. However, everyone seemed to unanimously think that Chen Feng would focus on gene production, since this was what Chen Feng was best at and the only way he could still contribute to this world.

How about Chen Feng leaving, going to the outside world again? Forget it. All of humanity was against him going out.

“Genes…” Chen Feng turned his attention to gene production. He was aware that the only method he could still rely on to become stronger was gene production. However, gene-production methods for awakened ones were way too different from normal gene production, as producing genes for awakened ones mainly relied on one’s consciousness. But the present
Chen Feng did not even fulfill that requirement.

That was because, since the collapse of his illusory world, he had not been able to see that miniature person within him. The present him had nothing.

He clenched his fists tightly. “I must regain my initial strength.”  Gene production? No, it would not work at all. All his gene productions in the past had relied on luck. Now that he no longer had the power of luck and had even become hostile with the Luck Goddess, gene production was no longer possible for him. He couldn’t achieve success in this occupation where luck played an incredibly crucial role.

If luck stayed forever hostile to him, he was certain that he would not meet success in anything he did in this entire life of his. This was the worst thing about his present situation. Therefore, after contemplating the matter, he found that Luck Goddess had indeed sealed all his options.

“Therefore, I can only wait for the Misfortune Goddess?” Chen Feng muttered mockingly.

What if the Misfortune Goddess did not manage to awaken? Or perhaps, what if she was already dead? Chen Feng stood up and gazed ahead, seemingly trying to look at what the future had in store for him.

How about staying here and focusing on gene production? He could focus on those gene reagents with a high success rate, or perhaps industrialize the gene-production industry, or maybe innovate the industry? No, these would never work. Thanks to the hostility of luck, he would never be able to successfully come out with something new.

He would be nothing but a crippled legend. Slowly, he would retire from even his position as a gene producer and go into retirement. With his shares in the Genetic Union and the Gene Production Association, he would be able to retire comfortably. If, one day, peace finally arrived, he would be able to cheer for it. And if, one day, the world was destroyed, well, he would die together with the world.

This was the future awaiting him. A future where, in this new era where resonators and gods appeared, he could only wait as others decided his fate. From now on, everything in this world would have nothing to do with him.

“I am truly… not resigned to this.”
A strong feeling of indignation arose within him. He looked at his present body, which wasn’t particularly strong, and clenched both his fists tightly. Had he still been too kind after all? If, back then, in that black room, he had trained Spirit even better… 
He laughed bitterly. Forget it. After all, he was not as cruel as the Luck Goddess. Even if he had known what he should do to survive, he still would not have allowed himself to be too cruel to the pure and innocent Spirit.

“I no longer want to have anything to do with you, nor will I submit just like this.”
He inhaled deeply and decided that he would look for a chance to go out and take a look at this wide world.
Perhaps he would be able to encounter an awakened god and regain his strength? Regardless of whether the god he encountered was a good one or an evil one, so long as that god was hostile toward the Luck Goddess, everything would be fine. Even if the possibility of success was only one in ten thousand, he would not give up on it.

Perhaps… attentively, looking at the earlier dialog between Duma and the deputy president. Suddenly, his eyes widened as he thought of a certain possibility, a possibility capable of allowing him to reverse everything!

“Misfortune Goddess… That war…”
Chen Feng had a pensive look on his face. Shortly after, he contacted Duma and the rest and gained greater understanding of that war. He also gained more understanding of the death of the Luck Goddess back then, and he found out how, finally, everyone had died together during that final war.

“Back then? Everyone died. But… protecting humanity? That was not the case. Back then, the Luck Goddess’s side was merely defeated, causing her to lose her mind and drag everyone to death along with her. It was not a war between good and evil. Rather, it was merely a war due to the grudges of some gods. As for the Luck Goddess… since she was too powerful, only the Misfortune Goddess could deal with her. Therefore, the two ultimately perished together in that war…” These were all the clues Chen Feng had obtained thus far. Toward the end, the Misfortune Goddess and the Luck Goddess had died together, causing the destruction of the entire world. Died… together…
Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of a certain possibility.

Could it be…

Chapter 707: The Missing Apocalypse

On the Twin Horns World, a pitch black radiance was swirling about. An elder was gazing up at the starry sky. “Has contact been established with that child?”
The underling shook his head. “No.” Ever since the teleportation portal was destroyed and the captain went missing, they had not been able to make contact. Even though they had obtained some extremely terrifying news regarding the human world… a lot of them were still unwilling to give up just like that.

“In my memories, the human world should be a low-tier martial world, right?”
“Based on my deductions…  their strength should be much weaker than ours…”
This was their initial opinion. However, the words the captain had left before his disappearance had caused them great suspicion. They no longer dared to leave this world. This had remained true until today. “It might be false news sent by some human…”
“It is also quite possible that the captain has long fallen under their control.”
The elder spoke calmly. “I no longer want to wait. Whatever the case, we have to look at it with our very own eyes.”
The rest were agitated as well. Regardless of what the human world was like, they needed to have a look themselves.

“How goes the deduction of the coordinates?”
“We  found  them.  Based  on  the  coordinates  provided  last time, we were able to deduce an even more suitable position. This time, we will not teleport straight onto that planet. Rather, we will arrive in outer space outside the planet.” “Mhm… Very good. Let us begin, then.”

A terrifying radiance swirled around. The twin-horns race, which had long finished their preparations, started teleporting once again. Based on the coordinates they had received previously, they had determined the perfect location for their teleportation. This time, they would not come in contact with the humans. Rather, they could observe the humans first.


The empty air started shining brightly, and an immense teleportation portal appeared there. The sky was ripped apart as the twin-horns race gathered before it.

“It is open!”
“Let’s go!” “Yes!”
With their preparations done, they all charged forth. However, right at this instant, the portal turned red, and an astonishing aura abruptly descended.

All the twin-horns members were stunned.

This aura…
This sky…
“Has something happened at the human world?

One of them pointed at the sky in alarm. “What is that?” There, where the portal had opened, a red radiance with a long trail was descending with boundless might. Tearing through space itself, that thing was headed straight toward the Twin Horns World.

“Damn it, this is a comet!”
The elder looked at the sky, his expression finally changing.
Comet! A peculiar comet!

They screamed in alarm.

“Quick, shut down the portal.”
“We are too late!”
“Stop the comet!” Alas… it was already too late. With the might of the apocalypse, the comet descended upon them. Nobody was capable of stopping it.

“How can this…”
They merely stared on blankly at the sky. Before them was an expanse of nothing but red. The first time they had tried entering the human world, their plan had instantly been foiled with their vanguard getting caught, losing contact with the entire team.

The second time they had tried entering the human world, before even entering, a calamity had come crashing at them.

How could there be such a coincidence? The moment they opened the portal was the exact moment the comet was passing through? That shouldn’t happen, right? That was such a huge comet! How could such a huge comet travel past that planet? With the terrifying might of this comet, it was definitely an uncommon one. How could the humans have not noticed its approach, causing the comet to, in a sick coincidence, travel straight into the portal opened by the twin-horns race? They were all stupefied. Even when the comet arrived, they were still clueless as to what had happened.

The elder sighed. “Damn it…” He knew that their tiny Twin Horns World could not survive such an impact.

The elder prostrated on the ground. “Lord… we beseech your assistance.”
At the same time, the rest of the despairing twin-horns race prostrated on the ground as well. They muttered without stop, praying to their lord. Above them, that comet continued its descent.


An immense shockwave engulfed the entire planet. The entire Twin Horns World was ravaged by the red comet. Suddenly, amid the boundless red, a figure appeared. Indifferently, the figure’s hand lifted, forming an energy ring and defending against the crashing comet.

The comet took a detour and turned around, returning to space. It was actually flung away! The red blanket vanished, leaving a bunch of twin-horns members and the surface of the planet greatly messed up.

“Thank you, Lord.” The elder was extremely agitated. Their lord, the omnipotent god, had finally awoken!

The lord’s head shook. “I heard you calling. I made an exception to come out of my seclusion. This has caused immense exhaustion on my part. You guys need to cultivate properly so I can reappear again soon. This thing”—the lord left behind a leaf—”will be helpful in rebuilding this place.” 
The twin-horns race kowtowed to the lord. However, after the lord went back into seclusion, they looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to do with this half-destroyed world.

Energy… This world was now exhausted of energy!

In this Twin Horns World, each cultivator supplied their lord with the power of faith, since here, everyone was a devoted believer of that lord. Unfortunately, the energy contained within this world was finite. It had been a very long time since the Twin Horns World’s population had increased, and it had been a very long time since any of them had improved in their cultivation. 
The elder looked at the leaf in his hand. In this bluish-green leaf, a dense vitality radiated. This was something they could use to rebuild their homeland.

The elder narrowed his eyes, suddenly recalling something. “This thing… Is there anything remaining of what Chen Feng left behind on this world back then?”
The underling nodded. “Yes. We have some of the clothes he wore when he first came here.”
The elder smiled. “Very good. We only need an item from that world.”
Soon, the clothes were brought over. With a sharp gaze, the elder placed the leaf gently on top of the cloth. In his eyes, powerful power of deduction started operating as the leaf glowed green.

Around the clothes, a half-illusory world started appearing.

Chen Feng…
Ancient race…
Genetic Era…
First in the world… Gene reagent…

A huge amount of astonishing information appeared.

Finally, the elder howled with laughter. “Hahahaha! So it turns out that this is what the human world is like? So this is your world’s strength? Chen Feng is in fact the strongest there?”
Finally, he understood. There was no such thing as a terrifying human world. All along, that damnable Chen Feng had been tricking them. He was sure that their vanguard captain had been captured by Chen Feng before being used to mislead them, leaving behind such a message to them. The reason he had done this was that the human world was truly too weak…
As for the comet earlier? Merely a coincidence. Naturally, if Chen Feng knew what was happening here, he would definitely have told them that the descent of the comet was no coincidence. Rather, the twin-horns race had intercepted the comet in place of the humans.

The   elder   howled   with   laughter.   “Hahahahaha!   Keep preparing the invasion. The human world shall soon be ours.”
Awakened ones everywhere? Chen Feng wasn’t an ordinary person? Screw all of that.

The twin-horns elder shouted, “This time, we will fully enter the human world.”
They were all filled with anticipation. They knew that the moment they finished their preparation would also be the moment that they invaded the human world. That wide and vast world would belong to them! The humans, that weak race that was bad at cultivating, were not qualified to live on such a planet. Damnable humans, wipe your ass and await our conquering!

Chapter 708: Worth It?

In a certain location, Thomas and the others that had been pursued to the end of the world had finally gotten a break due to the awakening of the Luck Goddess.

“This aura…”
“The Luck Goddess has awakened?”
“How is that possible?”
“If so, then the one who tried to destroy the world previously was…”
“Damn it!”
Their expressions became extremely unsightly. They were way too clear how frightening the Luck Goddess was. Behind the noble legends that had been spread about her, only the survivors of the Primordial Era knew what this Luck Goddess was truly like.

“She is actually the first god to awaken…”
“It’s all over.”
“I have heard she will promise mutual annihilation at the slightest displeasure…”
“Things will become troublesome now.”
Everyone sighed.

“Looks like we have to hasten our recovery.”
“Mhm…” “Although the Luck Goddess has appeared, she seems very weak now. We must recover our strength as soon as possible so as to awaken our gods as well.”
They all nodded in agreement. At times like this, they no longer had the mood to fight among themselves. The most proper course of action was to awaken their respective gods before the Luck Goddess fully recovered. As such, all the resonators pursuing Thomas’s group left one after another, leaving the bewildered group behind.

Thomas was incredibly infuriated.

God damn it, pursuing us for so long and nearly murdering us, yet leaving just like that? Without even an apology? “These bastards.”
The rest of them were so furious that their entire bodies trembled as well.

“We will not this matter rest just like this,”  Wealthy Zhao said, his eyes coldly gleaming.

Sakata Chuunibyou sneered. “It is pointless to look for these idiots. We still need to look for the culprit. Don’t we have a pushover ripe for bullying? It is time for us to show those fellows how strong we resonators are.”
They were all tempted by this suggestion. True, that damnable culprit, Chen Feng!

The only reason they had suffered so much, being chased all over and nearly being killed, was because of the schemes of that damnable Chen Feng! When they had been fighting over that stone, Chen Feng had laid traps upon traps for them, tricking them all into oblivion. They had no idea why the Luck Goddess had appeared suddenly. They were also unaware of the reason Chen Feng had suddenly lost his strength. However,
this, for them, was the perfect opportunity.

“Let’s go!”
After recovering their energy, they directly headed toward the Genetic Union.
At the same time, within a certain silent training room in the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was extremely agitated, to the point that he even jumped. Fate Stone… This was something he had obtained on his previous planet. If the Luck Goddess and Misfortune Goddess had perished together, where was the power unique to the Misfortune Goddess? The one item that had been excavated together with the Fate Stone by his parents…
A boom resounded within Chen Feng’s mind. Bang!

“Misfortune Goddess… it is about time for you to wake up,” Chen Feng muttered.


A gloomy aura flashed out. Beside him, the pen that had been following him silently all this while, the pen judged as a portable energy storage device, was currently glowing. An ice- cold and dark power was emanating from the pen.

This is…

Chen Feng grabbed at it and sensed the formidable undulations. This power was completely different from the Luck Goddess’s power, yet it was comparably powerful. This was a power unique to the gods—godly power, the power of misfortune!

“So it turns out that you have always been by my side.”
It was no wonder that regardless of how he had operated it, Spirit had not been able to sense any abnormalities in it. It was also no wonder that when his soul had returned to the past, Spirit had failed to come along with him. That was in fact due to this pen blocking Spirit. Or one could say that this pen had blocked out the Luck Goddess’s consciousness.

However, having suffered the trickeries of the Luck Goddess, Chen Feng would not easily step into the traps of these gods. Would this so-called Misfortune Goddess be reliable? Chen Feng caressed the pen in his hand and whispered, “Can I trust you?”
The pen glowed lightly with a gloomy aura. The power of misfortune slowly flowed along the pen into Chen Feng’s body, fusing with him.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly as he released his hold on the pen, halting this sudden flow of power.


Chen Feng watched on silently. He indeed wished to recover his strength. However, that did not mean he would be willing to subject himself to the control of the Misfortune Goddess. As far as he was concerned, the Luck Goddess and the Misfortune Goddess were probably the same type of person.

The Luck Goddess had been lucky and had encountered Chen Feng way earlier, thus being able to recover her strength. As for the Misfortune Goddess, she had truly been unlucky, for Chen Feng to have only now realized her existence despite the fact that both she and the Luck Goddess had been excavated together. The Luck Goddess had used Chen Feng as a stepping board and had left. She had been able to smoothly obtain all the power of luck from him and had been able to destroy Chen Feng’s illusory world, the foundation of all his abilities, in the process, rendering him a cripple. As such, Chen Feng would
absolutely not allow the same thing to happen with the Misfortune Goddess. If that would be his fate, he would rather not have the power.

Chen Feng gazed at the pen coldly. “I think you understand what I want, right?” Chen Feng spoke coldly. “I need… a power that truly belongs to me. If you are in agreement with that, hand over all your power to me. With that, I will naturally think of a way to restore your godhood. Otherwise, I will ensure that this pen will forever be unable to display its worth.”
The pen shone brightly, seemingly very furious. Evidently, she was extremely furious with the difference in treatment between her and the Luck Goddess. Why did everyone fight over that bitch whenever she appeared, yet when this Misfortune Goddess appeared, she shouldered all the blame? It was obviously the fault of that Luck Goddess, yet she, the Misfortune Goddess, was the one suffering the consequences!
This was too excessive!

The pen glowed unceasingly.

Chen Feng merely regarded the pen coldly. “I will give you some time to think about it.” He required strength. However, he had no interest in the type of strength that one could take away anytime one wished. As such, within this room filled with a gloomy radiance, Chen Feng and the pen regarded each other. The atmosphere there was filled with a bizarre sense of oppression.

At the same time, at the entrance of the Genetic Union… Bang!

The gate that had been repaired not long ago was once again broken apart.

Instantly, the higher-ups of the Genetic Union were alerted.

“Who is it?”
After the various destructions the main gate of the Genetic Union had suffered, this latest version had been made sturdy enough to withstand the attack of an awakened. But now it had been directly destroyed… This proved that the strength of the enemy this time…
Shua! Shua!

The experts of the Genetic Union all appeared, including the deputy president, who had instantly arrived here as well. At this time,  four powerful-looking people appeared at the entrance. They were precisely Thomas’s group of four. They were only here for one reason.

“Who are you guys?” the deputy president asked coldly.

“Resonator: Thomas.”
“Resonator: Wealthy Zhao.”

They each introduced themselves, causing great waves in the hearts of the genetic warriors present. These four were actually all resonators! Why had they appeared here?

“We are here looking for one person. Deliver him to us and we will leave,” Thomas said with a nasty laugh.

“Who?” “Chen Feng!” Sakata Chuunibyou replied.


Instantly, the alertness of the genetic warriors increased, and ten-odd awakened ones immediately entering their highest combat-ready state. As for the deputy president, he signaled to someone, resulting in some modern weapons silently appearing all around. Instantly, the mood became tense.

Wu  Liang  laughed.  “Interesting.  Looks  like  Chen  Feng’s status here is not so simple after all.”
The  deputy  president  merely  sneered  as  a  reply.  “Hehe.” Since they had made their entrance by destroying the door and then demanding Chen Feng, there was nothing to talk about. So what if these four were resonators?

The deputy president didn’t hesitate. “Go!” Bang!

All the awakened ones charged forth instantly.

Suddenly, Wealthy Zhao shook his head. He unhurriedly analyzed the situation. “How funny. The Genetic Union is indeed powerful, being able to stabilize the descending madness that resulted from the arrival of the primordial. However…do you guys truly believe that resonators are all simple people? Do you guys still remember the huge gap between A class and awakened?

“The gap between awakened and resonators is even larger, since it is the gap between man and god. What we use is precisely the power of the gods! It hasn’t been easy for the Genetic Union to reach its current height. You guys still need to stabilize the world. If something happens here, the entire world will most definitely descend into great chaos. Those awakened ones will all be out of control. Can you all truly accept this? For Chen Feng, can you give up on the world? For Chen Feng, can you let chaos descend upon the world? Hehe. We only want Chen Feng. Hand him over and we will leave immediately. We can even pay for the damage we caused to this gate… “Hehe, you guys might be able to face a single resonator. But against four of us… even without being fully recovered, we can still easily dominate this place. Therefore, before the battle starts, carefully consider everything.”
For a single Chen Feng, would this be worth it?

Yet again, the deputy president responded with a sneer. “Hehe.”

Chapter 709: Crazy Thomas

Once again, the deputy president waved his hand. “Go!”
The ten-odd awakened ones moved forth again. The berserk power of awakened ones flooded out. Wealthy Zhao’s eyes gleamed coldly as he once again activated his godly power, a faint power of nothingness materializing around him.


The radiance swept forth, and instantly, the attacks of the ten-odd awakened ones were greatly weakened.

Wealthy Zhao shook his head. “I control the godly power of wealth… So long as there is a tiny speck of greed toward wealth in your hearts…”
With a single sword, a terrifying godly power surged out. With a boom, the ten-odd awakened ones were flung away, each coughing up from their mouths.

The deputy president and the rest were overwhelmed with shock at this development. They knew that awakened ones were powerful. However, they had been under the impression that experts at such a level had yet to recover their strength. Surprisingly, even without being fully recovered, they were already this strong. So this was resonance?

Wealthy Zhao spoke unhurriedly. “My advice remains the same. Hand us Chen Feng.”
The deputy president glanced at him and pressed a certain button. “Hehe.” 
Several cannons appeared and aimed straight at Wealthy Zhao’s group. These were energy weapons manufactured by the Research Agency.

“Several friends of mine left a message. Mhm, this latest invention of theirs is capable of insta-killing awakened ones. Are you guys interested in trying to see if it can kill resonators as well?” the deputy president said.

Hearing this, the expressions of Wealthy Zhao’s group changed slightly. Insta-killing awakened ones… So humankind had already created such a weapon?

Sakata Chuunibyou waved his hand. “Hehe.”
Hum— the cannons.

Sakata Chuunibyou smiled toyingly. “Do you know what the biggest flaw in these weapons is? They are nearly defenseless. It is way too easy to simply seal them up.”

The deputy president pressed the power switch. Indeed… the cannons were no longer working. Facing the power of the gods, technology was indeed too weak.

Wealthy Zhao walked up to the president and aimed his finger straight at the deputy president’s forehead, killing intent leaking out of him. “Are you still not willing to hand over Chen Feng?” Chen Feng’s existence was way too significant for humanity. As such, regardless of the past or present, if they were to hand over someone who had contributed so much to humanity, it would be as good as obliterating their own humanity. If that happened, it would truly be over for mankind.

Wealthy Zhao appeared rather regretful. “Excellent. You can go die, then.”

His finger started glowing. Since the humans were unwilling to hand Chen Feng over, they would have to look for him themselves. However, just as he was about to kill the deputy president,  a  familiar  voice  resounded.  “Are  you  looking  for me?”
Shua! Chen Feng?

Instinctively, everyone looked in the direction of the voice.
There, Chen Feng was unhurriedly walking out.

“You have indeed arrived,” Wealthy Zhao said with a toying smile.

The  deputy  president’s  expression  changed  greatly.  “Chen Feng! What are you doing, coming out? Didn’t I get them to send you away secretly? Why did you not follow them away?”
He had previously dispatched some people to secretly send Chen Feng away. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had stayed behind.

Chen Feng chuckled. “Do you think they can order me around?” Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry. Let me deal with this. Don’t worry, these fellows are old friends of mine.”
The  deputy  president  and  the  rest  sighed.  “Chen  Feng…” They were all aware that Chen Feng had, for the sake of both himself and the Genetic Union, decided to come out. In this new era where the primordial had descended, they were ultimately still too weak. The deputy president looked at his communicator. The distress signal he had sent to Duma was still buffering without stop. Mhm… The message was still blocked.

Since these resonators had decided to come, how would they give the Genetic Union a chance to ask for help? Otherwise, all the awakened ones the Genetic Union had would be sufficient to flood these fellows to their death. Although these resonators were arrogant, they were not stupid.

However, looking at Chen Feng, these genetic warriors all felt incomparably bitter. The Genetic Union that had once been number one in the world had been reduced to such a state? Thomas chuckled. “Old Zhao, what you said is indeed right.
He indeed came out himself.”
“That is only natural,” Wealthy Zhao said with a smile. “After all, I have been living among humans for quite a while. As such, I am aware of the significance of Chen Feng among the humans, and naturally, I know the significance of humans to Chen Feng as well.”
“We have been waiting for you,” Wu Liang said with a vicious face.

Chen Feng…
This was a name they had been thinking about for a very long time.

“Let’s go,”  Chen Feng said with a calmly. “Are you guys not here to take me away?” Wealthy Zhao nodded. “How straightforward.”
Since they had already obtained what they had come for, it would be for the best if they left now. Alas, surprisingly, someone else spoke up this moment.

“Although Old Zhao said that we can easily take you away without killing you, I am still rather displeased here.” Thomas fixed his gaze on Chen Feng. “During this period, we have been pursued badly. Why would we allow you to die with such an ease?”
Wealthy  Zhao’s  eyes  gleamed  coldly.  “Thomas,  don’t  act recklessly.” The only reason they had even been able to succeed in this undertaking was because they had ambushed the Genetic Union while the Genetic Union’s other awakened ones were not here. After all, the total amount of awakened ones the Genetic Union had was quite terrifying. If they were to act recklessly and escalated this…
“Haha!  Screw  the  awakened  ones!  I,  as  an  illustrious resonator, should be afraid of those trash? So what if there are a lot of them? I can simply hide in the wilderness. Which of them can even locate me? You guys are all willing to stay among  human  society.  The  same  does  not  apply  to  me.” Thomas laughed wildly. “Chen Feng, you are coming with us willingly? Hehe. Sorry, I prefer causing suffering to others.”
The expressions of Wu Liang and the rest sank. “Don’t act recklessly.”  This follower of the War God was indeed rather crazy.

Thomas started hissing violently. “Haha, it is already too late.”

Once again, that immense hatchet appeared. Godly power surged out, spreading everywhere. He was actually planning on killing all the Genetic Union members here with a single swing of his hatchet.

“Thomas, calm down!” “Die, you all! Chen Feng, you displeased me. I shall displease you in return as well!”  Thomas had a menacing look on his face. Willingly? Like hell I will allow you to die willingly. You have tricked me so badly. How can I allow you to die willingly? Do you not treasure your fellow humans? I will let you experience the pain of watching these people die before you!

Thomas laughed menacingly. He could no longer wait to see the expression of utmost pain on Chen Feng’s face.


The terrifying hatchet swung down.

Since his attack arrived so fast, even Wu Liang and the rest were unable to stop him in time and could only watch on blankly as that terrifying hatchet swung down loudly.

Bang! The earth trembled.

“It’s over.”
The hearts of the deputy president and the rest chilled. Alas, the anticipated death did not appear. When they opened their eyes once again, with astonishment, they found that beneath the immense hatchet, a figure had appeared.

One of his hands was raised, stopping the fall of the hatchet. When they got a clear look at his appearance, they all inhaled a cold breath of shock. Even Thomas and the other resonators’ bodies chilled in shock. Why? That was because that figure was none other than Chen Feng!

Chapter 710: This Is Too Much Bullying

“How is that possible?”
Thomas stared at that figure, unbelieving. He was clear how mighty his divine hatchet was. To obliterate these awakened ones, he had already unleashed the greatest of his strength. Yet this guy… This guy…
Chen Feng laughed toyingly. “Isn’t that a tad bit too weak?”
Ka! Ka!

Slowly, his right hand pushed up. That immense hatched was actually heaved up by Chen Feng.


With a wave of his hand, the direction of the ever-so- terrifying hatchet was forcefully changed, slashing toward a certain barren mountain range nearby.


The mountain collapsed.

“Looks like we can save on the expenditures of clearing up the mountain for development,” Chen Feng said after glancing at the mountain.

The bodies of Wealthy Zhao and the rest chilled.

God damn it! They had only decided to come here after hearing that Chen Feng had been crippled. They had never imagined that this Chen Feng was actually so scary! This level of strength…
Chen Feng smiled toyingly. “It is natural for me to be this strong. I am the seed of fortune. Since I am the one who awoke the Luck Goddess, how could she cripple me for real? That was merely a lie to misdirect you all.”
Wu Liang shook his head. “No, that is not possible! It is indeed possible for you to lie, but she is a god! The will of a god can never allow deceit! How is it possible for that to be fake?”
Suddenly, Wealthy Zhao and the rest came to a realization. “Are you tricking us again?”  At long last, after being tricked repeatedly by Chen Feng, they were finally enlightened somewhat.

Sakata Chuunibyou calmly analyzed the situation. “Way too many people sensed the process of the Luck Goddess crippling you on that day… It is not possible for that to have been fake. The will of a god cannot allow deceit! Therefore, you were indeed been crippled and are merely using some other power to trick us.”
Chen Feng looked at him in astonishment. Wow. Tsk tsk, after getting tricked repeatedly, it seems like their IQ has increased. However… Chen Feng shrugged. “Fine. Let me change my words, then. At first, I angered her and was crippled. Next, I managed to butter her up nicely, resulting in her reinstating my strength. Mhm… It is this simple.”
Thomas’s group looked at him like they were looking at a retard.

Are you taking us for fools?

Chen Feng sighed. “See, even if I tell you guys the truth, you won’t believe it anyway. Come, let me show you all something fun. I personally greatly enjoy looking at the expression of despair on the faces of my opponents…”

Chen Feng’s hand started glowing. The scene of him instructing Spirit in the little black room was played. Thomas’s group inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. “Hiss—”
“This is…”
“The Luck Goddess, that is indeed her!”
“The aura of good can be felt from this recording. That is something that cannot be forged. But this scene…”
“They actually…”
Wu Liang and the rest were totally stupefied.

Wealthy Zhao looked at Chen Feng with an expression of disbelief. “You actually…”
Chen Feng sighed. “Sigh, I had no choice. At that time, I was merely trying to seduce a god. Unexpectedly, the Luck Goddess has such a bad temper. With the slightest displeasure, she started  releasing  her  anger.”   Chen  Feng  chuckled  joyfully. “Fortunately, I have already recovered now.”
At this Wu Liang and the rest felt their bodies going cold.

Shit, this time, they were truly in a deep shit.

“Can you feel the desperation?”  Chen Feng flashed them a wide smile. “I truly enjoy the expression of desperation and helpless in the faces of my enemies. For example, our dearest Thomas here… tsk tsk…”
Chen Feng laughed.

Thomas opened his mouth, but he had nothing to say. “I…”
“What do you want?” Wealthy Zhao asked with a heavy tone. Since Chen Feng had bothered to show them this, it was evident that he had no intention of killing them. Chen Feng regarded them with a wide smile. “If I wanted to kill you guys, I would have done so already. However, it is exactly as you guys said earlier. The present Genetic Union is still quite weak. Therefore, if you guys can…”
Thomas’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Ridiculous.”  He sneered. “I do not believe you. Even if you are so intimate with the Luck Goddess, I still do not trust you! You have tricked us way too many times! Screw the Luck Goddess, screw your recovered strength. I refuse to believe that I can’t chop you to death!”

Surprisingly, he attacked once again. Wu Liang and the rest watched on, not bothering to stop him.


The dreadful hatchet slashed down. Chen Feng sighed. “What is the point of this?”

A gloomy radiance flashed and instantly transformed the enormous hatchet into a wisp of green smoke before vanishing into nothingness.

Thomas’s expression changed greatly. “How is that possible?”
Chen Feng sighed. “What is the point?”
“No, that is not possible!” Thomas could not believe it. “How is it possible for my godly power of war to fail? I clearly… No, I refuse to believe this!”
Bang! He attacked once again.

Shua! Shua!

Slash after slash, appearance after appearance, disappearance after disappearance. Not a single one of his attacks was able to land. Not a single one succeeded.

Thomas’s heart chilled. “How is this possible?”


The major trump card he was so proud of had completely failed. Even if his hatchet had been blocked by Chen Feng, he wouldn’t be in such panic. However, what was happening only pointed toward a certain possibility…
For a resonator to borrow the power of a god, one would need to resonate with the god. Therefore, the success rate of their abilities would never be 100%. There would always be a possibility of failure in resonance. And now… Could it be that the damnable power of luck…

Wu Liang and the rest exchanged glances, their hearts chilling.

They were not afraid of how strong Chen Feng could be, since there were four of them with four different godly powers among them. Regardless of how powerful Chen Feng’s combat power was, they would be able to beat him. But if what he used was…
The ashen-faced Wealthy Zhao asked, “This ability you are using…” Chen Feng was all smiles as he said, “This ability? I call it ‘The Smile of the Luck Goddess’.”

The hearts of Wu Liang and the rest sank into utmost desperation.

Luck… indeed! It was no wonder that Thomas kept failing! If they were to give some proper thought to what Chen Feng had said, his relationship with the Luck Goddess… But then, since everyone had personally witnessed the Luck Goddess crippling him, what was happening presently was in fact… Suddenly, a realization dawned upon them. Damn, that damnable bitch! Yet again, they had been tricked by the Luck Goddess!

Thomas gnashed his teeth. “Since you have not lost your strength, why did you create this misunderstanding where everyone thinks that you are now crippled?”
Chen Feng maintained the wide smile on his face. “If I hadn’t, would you guys have come? After all, the Genetic Union is still way too weak. Therefore…”

Thomas and the rest cursed inwardly. This bastard! They had already been very careful of Chen Feng’s trickeries. Unexpectedly, they had still been tricked by him! They were now extremely certain that this damnable Chen Feng was definitely on the side of the Luck Goddess, as both were similarly dastardly, similarly without any sense of shame! This was especially true for the Luck Goddess! Even if she wanted to increase the strength of her boy toy, she did not need to use such a scheme, right? This was too much bullying!
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