The Strongest Gene Chapter 691-700

Chapter 691: Center of the Lake

Amid the quagmire, Chen Feng looked at the two resonators like he was looking at two idiots. The mood of the initial situation, where everyone had been questioning each other, had completely changed due to these two’s argument. However, none of them were fools. They were able to realize what the problem was soon enough.

“There is no point in us arguing this way,” Thomas said.

Wu Liang nodded. “True.”  They each had their respective faith. This argument was totally pointless.

“Hehe.” Smiling, Wealthy Zhao said, “The quagmire here is filled with danger. Although we are all rivals, there is no point in starting a fight now.”
“Yeah,” Sakata Chuunibyou agreed. Thomas sneered. “Hmph. This damnable Chen Feng is the one starting things. Truthfully, among everyone here, I fear you the most. Even during the Primordial Era, the power of luck was extremely terrifying.”
The rest had solemn expressions as they heard this. Since luck was something one could not see and predict, it was the most terrifying of all.

“Were you the one creating chaos with luck earlier?”  Wu Liang asked with a pensive expression. As the rest heard this, their moods became solemn. True. Even if Chen Feng was making use of luck to create chaos, who could detect it? Was Chen Feng the one inducing them toward conflict with each other? The mere thought caused fear to rise in their hearts. Instantly, everyone focused their attention on Chen Feng.

Chen Feng waved his hands repeatedly. “No, truly, I did not. I truly did not induce any chaos. In any case, would it even work against the two of you? I can prove myself,” Chen Feng said. “Simple.”   Chen  Feng  sighed.  “This  is  not  how  luck  is supposed to be used. At present, I can only use it to avoid some disasters, nothing else. As for your conflict earlier… Sigh, I have truly heard of the legend saying that the Sword God is much stronger than the War God,” Chen Feng said with a bitter smile on his face.

“Bullshit.  Our  War  God  is  obviously  the  stronger  one,” Thomas rebuked angrily.

“You are the one bullshitting. What the hell does the War God count as?” Wu Liang cursed in rage.

Thomas sneered. “I reckon that effeminate Sword God does not even have a penis!”
“F*ck you. Say it again if you dare.”
… Chen Feng: “…”
Wealthy Zhao: “…”
Sakata Chuunibyou: “…”
The two continued arguing for a long time before noticing how silent their surroundings were and noted that something wasn’t right. Next, they looked at Chen Feng and said, “What the hell. Are you messing with us again?”
“No, I truly didn’t,” Chen Feng said with a big smile on his face. “My point is, I truly didn’t use the power of luck. That thing is only used to avoid disasters. How can I use it to trick others?  My  power  is  fortune,  not  bad  luck!”   Chen  Feng shrugged. “The grudge between the two of you originates from your very selves…”
The argument between the two earlier had proved his point perfectly. The rest exchanged glances and found what Chen Feng said to be agreeable. Chen Feng continued, “If you do not believe me, you guys can try it as well. It is truly very simple. You guys only need to say that War God is more…”
“Shut up!” Wu Liang and Thomas said at the same time.

Chen Feng shrugged innocently. “Fine.”
“Hmph!”  Wu Liang snorted and stopped questioning Chen Feng.

“Hehe.” Wealthy Zhao tried to resolve the dispute. “Don’t be too anxious. Since Chen Feng has not messed around with us, how about we work together for now? This quagmire does not seem simple. If we start fighting right now, I suppose that, ultimately, none of us will be able to enter. Therefore, let’s cooperate temporarily. It will not be too late to start fighting after we discover the item left behind by a god.”
The rest exchanged glances and agreed with this proposition. “Fine.” “If so, the first thing we need to deal with is this quagmire.” Wealthy Zhao looked at Chen Feng.

“Let me give it a try.”  Chen Feng tried leading them out. Indeed, with him leading, the frequency at which they stepped into the quagmire was reduced greatly. They finally left this quagmire.

Wealthy Zhao and the rest were amazed. “The power of luck is indeed powerful.”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. It actually succeeded…
Everyone believed that he had used the power of luck. He was the only one who knew clearly that he hadn’t done anything.

“If that thing is truly helping you, we can go there directly. What is the point in bringing all these people along? If they go there as well, they will be our competitors,” Spirit urged. Chen Feng: “…”
That mysterious stone was even more anxious than he had imagined. However, since the stone was so anxious, why had it not come to Chen Feng itself? Duma had once said that this stone was extremely dangerous and had vanished by itself before as well. As such, it should be able to move, right?

Chen Feng’s glance swept past the others around him. Are you afraid of these people?

Was this fear due to the power of resonance?

Countless thoughts flashed through Chen Feng’s mind, yet he maintained the same calm expression. They continued heading toward the center of the forest. Suddenly, howling sounds arose from around them, and numerous huge and dreadful- looking monsters appeared. All of these monsters were awakened ones!

Thomas sneered. “I knew there would be mutated beasts here.” “We will be relying on you both, then,”  Wealthy Zhao said with a smile.

“Fear not.”
Thomas and Wu Liang moved together.

Swish! Swish!

A terrifying combat power erupted, and in a short few minutes, the ten-odd awakened beasts were all killed.

Wealthy Zhao narrowed his eyes. “The strength of you two… I reckon you both have recovered around 50% or 60% of your strength, right?”
“Nope,” Thomas said calmly. “Presently, I am only at level 10 awakened at most.” “I am around the same as well,” Wu Liang said. The rest of them’s moods sank. Level 10 awakened…
That’s right. As resonators, even if only 50% of their strength was recovered, they were sufficiently strong to deliver a crushing defeat to all awakened ones. Just look the two of them that were already as strong as a level 10 awakened before full recovery. It was no wonder that the two of them had been able to easily defeat the 10-odd awakened beasts. Presently, they were at the peak of the awakened realm, level 10 awakened.

As the beasts were already dealt with, they continued heading toward the center of the forest.

Somewhat surprisingly, the soil beneath them, which was supposed to be loose and wet mud, had become hard now. When stepping on the ground, it felt like they were walking on normal ground instead of mud. The scenery before them was clear and had wide open spaces in front of them.

“This place…” They stopped walking and increased their vigilance. They were already used to the numerous lurking dangers in this forest. What was up with this seemingly empty piece of land here?

Wu Liang was filled with doubt. “Just like that, we can reach the middle of the lake directly?”
Thomas was filled with doubt as well. “I guess so?”
“Let me take a look.” A random ray of light shot out of Chen Feng’s hand into the ground.


The ground trembled, yet no damage was dealt to it.

Swish! Yet another ray of light shot out of his hand. This time, it was a red flash that instantly vanished in the distance, not returning.

“Mhm… The ground is extremely solid. There should be no monsters hiding underground. No barriers have been detected up to a certain distance ahead either. We have not been locked in. Therefore, I reckon that there are no obstructions here,” Chen Feng said after pondering for a bit.

They started guessing. “Perhaps…  this is the same as our previous guess. This is a place of inheritance for awakened ones prior to that era.”
Chen Feng nodded in agreement. “That is possible.”
Just like that, they approached the middle of the lake carefully. Regardless of what they guessed, they still maintained absolute vigilance. Surprisingly, there were truly no more obstacles stopping them. Their entire journey proceeded smoothly, and soon, they reached their destination. There, a mysterious yellow stone was flickering with light. The light was in fact the aura of a powerful god that kept drifting around the air, causing all their hearts to flutter.

Their hearts jolted furiously. “Just like this, we found it?”

Chapter 692: Fusion… Huh?

That’s right. The mysterious stone had revealed itself, and the aura of a god had once again appeared. There had been no further absurd difficulties or hurdles to get through before reaching this stone. They had only needed to pass through the quagmire and kill a couple monsters to arrive here, to see this stone left behind by a god. Just like that, it floated there, causing one’s heart to flutter.

Thomas’s  eyes  gleamed  brightly.  “This  aura…”  This  was absolutely the aura of a god! He had once experienced a similar aura from his lord. If he could make this stone his, perhaps he could help his lord recover even earlier. The rest of them were incredibly tempted by this stone as well.

Chen  Feng’s  heart  jolted  furiously.  “This  stone…”   The moment he saw this stone, he was incomparably certain that this was most definitely another fate stone, one even more powerful than the one he’d had. The Luck Aura within him started bubbling up.

Spirit could no longer hold back her emotions. “Ah ah ah ah
—this is it! I can feel it. With this, our strength will transform 
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Resonance?”
“Mhm.” Spirit was agitated. “Not only Luck Aura. The power contained within this stone is capable of increasing the strength of both of us greatly.”
Chen Feng maintained his narrowed eyes. “Is that so?” Was that because this was also a fate stone? The shape of this thing was rather unique. It was a stone, yet there was a depression on it, leaving one-fifth of it empty, looking incredibly wondrous. Chen Feng looked at the indentation on it. It seemed like… his fate stone was of this shape?
“I see.” Chen Feng finally understood. In short, his fate stone would only be a true fate stone after reuniting with this stone, truly possessing the power of a god. It was no wonder he could feel the agitation of his Luck Aura, akin to two pieces of a magnet that longed after each other, attracting each other incessantly. 
Chen Feng was looking pensive. Is this why you summoned me?

Grasping her tiny fists tightly, Spirit spoke in excitement. “Snatch!  Snatch!  Snatch!  The  fate  stone  will  definitely  side with us. Regardless of how strong the four of them are, this stone will belong to us! Hmph! So long as we get to touch this stone… those three will have no hope.”

Suddenly, the mood became tense. This temporary team of five had only been established shortly, yet just like that, it was dissolved. There was truly no helping it. Since the mysterious stone had appeared, what was the point of further cooperation? This was something none of them had seen coming.

Bang! moved against the stone, trying to snatch it. At exactly the same time, Wu Liang moved without hesitation as well.


The two level 10 awakened started battling. By the side, Wealthy Zhao, Sakata Chuunibyou and Chen Feng looked at each other, and killing intent bloomed in the air.

“Come!  For  Lord  Goddess!”   Sakata  Chuunibyou  howled heroically before moving.


The battle erupted.

With this, the present combat power of Sakata Chuunibyou was clearly displayed: level-nine awakened. Chen Feng frowned and unleashed his resonance combat power without hesitation: level-nine awakened. Similarly, Wealthy Zhao unleashed his combat power, also level-nine awakened. The three of them were actually all at level-nine awakened.

Bang! Bang!

The three fought each other. Not far away, Thomas and Wu Liang fought each other as well. The five surrounded the mysterious stone. Anyone that tried to approach the stone was attacked by everyone else. This was a chaotic battle. The only constant was that no one was allowed to approach that stone.


People were blasted away from the stone without stop. However, whoever was blasted away would charge back into the battle tenaciously. For resonators like them, so long as their energy wasn’t exhausted, they would not suffer any true injury. At this time…

Chen Feng was blasted away. The rest glanced at him, then ignored him.

However, something that alarmed all of them happened. The instant Chen Feng was blasted away, the mysterious floating stone, which had remained still all this while, moved. With a flash, it streaked straight at Chen Feng.

“Not good!”
Their expressions sank. This thing… was actually capable of moving? They were all alarmed, and they charged at Chen Feng at the same time.

Within Chen Feng, Spirit was ecstatic. “Here it comes!”
Indeed. She knew that this stone belonged to Chen Feng. Regardless of how powerful those damnable resonators were, they could not hope to lay their hands on it.

“Haha. You can kill them all upon your breakthrough into the  realm  of  resonance,”  Spirit  said  proudly.  Right  at  this moment…
Thomas sneered. “Hmph!”
Radiance swirled around him, emanating the aura of a resonator. They had yet to recover their full strength. As such, if possible, none wished to utilize the true power of resonance, only utilizing the power of an awakened one. However…
Thomas’s  eyes  gleamed  coldly.  “Resonance:  War  God’s Power!”

A terrifying aura surged out. Resonance was so scary only because it was a power that utilized the strength of a god, a power capable of utilizing those incredibly alarming powers!


The heavens and earth seemed to roll over before this power. The initially spotlessly white clouds in the sky started condensing before assuming the shape of a huge hatchet, and the blue sky turned into a blue cloth that wrapped around the immense hatchet, transforming the hatchet into a huge sky- blue hatchet. One could vaguely see that above the hatchet, the blue sky and white clouds remained. This… was the hatchet of the skies.

“Slash!” Thomas said with a cold gaze.


The earth trembled. The hatchet landed, leaving an immense gorge in the ground, cutting off the path of the stone toward Chen Feng, forcing the stone to retreat. Both Chen Feng and the stone could only stare at each other with a gorge between them, yet the gorge appeared like a precipice. Around the gorge, the aura of the War God swirled around. If the stone insisted on charging through, it would definitely be infected with the aura of the War God.

Hence, it had no choice but to stop.

Thomas sneered. “Hehe. I don’t know what you have done to attract it, but aren’t you being too arrogant if you are thinking of monopolizing this stone in front of us four resonators?” Sakata Chuunibyou erupted with a similarly terrifying power. “By the name of god, dimensional rampart!”
A faint radiance swirled around, instantly blockading the space three meters around the mysterious stone.

Sakata Chuunibyou smiled. “Or perhaps this divine stone itself was selecting its master? It does not matter. Although I don’t know the reason you moved yourself, the power of a god about you has been locked. Within the dimensional rampart, the powers of all gods are rendered ineffective. For now, you are but a mere regular stone.”
Wu Liang and the rest sneered as well. With this, before the fusion process of the stone had even started, it ended. Spirit’s watery eyes were filled with fury. Finally, she understood why Chen Feng hadn’t charged directly toward the stone. That was because the strength of these resonators was indeed incredibly terrifying. The borrowed powers of the gods were indeed dreadful. The mere sight of the gorge left behind by the hatchet was sufficient to plant fear in Spirit’s heart. What should they do, then? She felt conflicted. They were only around 10 meters away from the stone, but that damnable gorge was between them. They could see it, but they couldn’t touch it!

Spirit pouted. “So angry!”
However, right at this instant, she found with surprise that Luck Aura had been reactivated!

Spirit told Chen Feng with joy.

Chen Feng was surprised as well. “Reactivated?” This power that had remained still for so long had actually been reactivated right at this moment of crisis? Was this the work of that stone? Indeed… you both are the same thing.

Spirit was happy. “This is a temporary reactivation. Looks like the fate stone is helping us. It does not matter. Even if it is only a temporary reactivation, it is already sufficient. With this… hmph!”
Spirit waved her tiny hands around proudly.


Instantly, a random spatial current appeared beside Chen Feng.


Chen Feng was sucked within and instantly vanished. When he appeared once again, he was beside the stone. That’s right. Here at this place with no traces of spatial power, a spatial current had been created by utilizing the spatial power someone else was using in another part of the world, channeling  it  over  “coincidentally,”   creating  this  spatial current that had instantly placed Chen Feng right beside the stone. Transforming an impossibility into a possibility! This was exactly what Chen Feng had guessed long ago. With sufficient luck value, Luck Aura was undefeatable.


Chen Feng appeared beside the fate stone.

A faint radiance swirled about. Both the Luck Aura within Chen Feng and the fate stone were radiating the exact same radiance.

“Not good!” Finally, the expressions of Wealthy Zhao and the rest changed.

It’s over!

None of them had expected that even during such a crucial moment, Chen Feng had this trick hidden up his sleeve. He could actually cause that damnable spatial current to appear at any time. Instinctively, they tried charging forth to stop Chen Feng.

However… it was too late. They could only stare on blankly as that mysterious stone streaked toward Chen Feng, trying to fuse into his chest.

Suddenly, their eyes widened.


This… That was because, right as the stone was about to fuse with Chen Feng, just as it was about to enter Chen Feng’s body, Chen Feng leaped and avoided the stone by himself.

Chapter 693: Who Are You?


All of them were alarmed. What was he doing? Even the stone was dumbstruck as it hovered there, unmoving. When it regained its calm and tried to once again charge at Chen Feng, with a twist of his waist, Chen Feng avoided the stone yet again.

All of them were stupefied. Bro, what are you doing?

They had clearly seen Chen Feng appear there utilizing some spatial current. Why in the world was he avoiding the stone now?

This fellow…
They were all bewildered as they looked at Chen Feng. “What are you looking at?” Chen Feng berated them. “Why are you all still not stopping it?”
“Huh? Oh.”
They reacted and immediately blocked the stone’s path to Chen Feng, not giving it a chance to approach him. Next, the mood became rather peculiar.

Thomas and the rest exchanged glances and appeared rather perplexed. They were all old foxes with rich experiences, yet this was the first time they had encountered something like this. What exactly was this bro Chen Feng trying to do here? They were all clueless. Sakata Chuunibyou scratched his head, confused. “Bro, you…”
The other three looked at Chen Feng as well, hoping that he would answer them. However, the present Chen Feng did not have any time to spare for them.

Spirit pouted, almost angered to tears. “What are you doing?” She had with great difficulty created this chance for Chen Feng to obtain that stone. Unexpectedly, during the most crucial moment, this master of hers had actually been pulling her leg. This was too excessive!

Chen Feng merely regarded her silently before suddenly asking, “Spirit, how long have you followed me?”
Spirit pondered and answered blankly, “A long time, I guess?”  She had appeared with the previous upgrade of Luck Aura.

Chen Feng sighed. “Yeah. Since your appearance, regardless of whether there was any luck value, you have been by my side, analyzing and calculating for me. In a way, you are the one who has had the most interaction with me, even compared to that lazy bum Xiao Ying. You are also a capable companion of mine.”
“Ah?” Spirit had a bad feeling. What was going on with Chen Feng?

“However…” Chen Feng suddenly used an odd gaze to look at her. “Do you still remember when you first appeared? You were rather foolish, no?”
“Ah?” Spirit recalled the scene when they had first met. At that time, she had not had a fixed form yet, nor had she had a name. Both had been given to her by Chen Feng. However, why was he talking about this now?

Chen Feng chuckled. “Both your name and form were given by me. There is also something of utmost importance.”
“What?” Spirit asked blankly. The smile on Chen Feng’s face vanished. “Authority. Regardless of what you do, you need my authorization, even if it’s the usage of one single luck value.”

Instantly, Spirit paled.

“Yet just now…”  Chen Feng took in a deep breath. “After Luck Aura was reactivated, you directly used luck value to create a spatial current. I can forget about the large amount of luck value exhausted without my authorization. Yet for you to toss me into a dangerous place like a spatial current, shouldn’t you inform me first?”
Spatial currents were extremely dangerous. They only had a probability of one in a million to appear when someone was utilizing spatial powers. If a regular person was to enter a spatial current, that person would definitely die.

Spirit waved her hands repeatedly and said with shame, “S… sorry. I was too anxious. With Luck Aura, the spatial current was definitely safe for you. I… this is my fault. I was too anxious and was in a rush and did not consult your opinion. I am sorry. I will never do this again.” Spirit was almost in tears.

Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile. “No, no. You have yet to understand where the problem lies.”
“What?” Spirit was confused. What was the problem?

“There is no need for an apology. There is also nothing to be rushed. All along, there has only been one single issue.” Chen Feng flashed her a wide smile and said, one word at a time, “Why, as a body of consciousness, are you able to utilize my power without my authorization? Why can you use Luck Aura without my authorization? Who gave you the nerves to do that?”  His gaze fixed on Spirit, Chen Feng bellowed, “Was it that stone?”

Spirit was completely dumbfounded. Chen Feng spoke coldly. “I need an explanation for your actions.” This was the true issue he needed solving.

From the moment he first met Spirit, she had always been helping him behind the scenes. Every time she had used luck value, his authorization had been required. However, if she could actually use luck value without his authorization, had she been faking it all along when she’d asked for his authorization all the time? This thought was rather scary!

If she hadn’t been faking it, then why? Moreover, even after answering this question, there was an even more terrifying question to answer.

“I… I…” Spirit had a puzzled expression and was speaking incoherently. “Wuwuwu, I truly don’t know. I was just feeling very anxious, and when I saw you in danger, Luck Aura suddenly reactivated, and instinctively, I used it. Surprisingly, it worked. I truly have no idea what happened earlier,” Spirit said with a wronged expression.

She could not understand why this had happened from her mere act of helping Chen Feng. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Do you think I will trust your words?”  He  refused  to  believe  that  there  would  be  such  a coincidence.

“I… I…” Spirit was so anxious that her tiny face was flushed red. She wanted to explain yet found that even she herself found her explanation unsatisfactory. She truly had no idea how this had happened. “I am truly clueless,” she said with a bewildered expression.

“Well then… back then, in Mysterious Town, why were you missing when my soul returned to the Primordial Era?” Chen Feng asked. “It is reasonable to say that as a body of consciousness, you should have returned to the past together with my soul. Yet that didn’t happen. Why?”
Spirit was completely confused. “I… I don’t know. What do you mean by soul returning to Primordial Era?”
Chen Feng: “…” He had a feeling that Spirit would not lie. However, due to her using luck value without his authorization, he could no longer trust her, not without a proper explanation. Unfortunately, Spirit was behaving this way. He could assume that her failure to follow him back to the past was due to the suppression of the primordial power. However, the matter pertaining to authority…
Chen Feng could not believe that the one he had trusted most had been lying to him all along. This betrayal caused him to feel a bitter disappointment.

Chen Feng’s tone became gentler. “Spirit, think properly. Why were you able to control Luck Aura?” Chen Feng started leading her on with his line of questioning. “In the past, you had to first ask for my authorization. By the way, have you ever used Luck Aura secretly in the past?”
Spirit lowered her head. “Yes. I tried, but I failed. That was when we first met. I tried to use it secretly only to find that I couldn’t use it without your authorization.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Oh? If there was a comparison, this would be much easier to solve. In the past, she had not had the authority, yet now, she had the authority.

Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Just when Spirit had been anxious, Luck Aura had coincidentally reactivated. Coincidentally, Spirit could now use Luck Aura freely without his authorization. After using Luck Aura for so long, Chen Feng had stopped believing in pure coincidences. As such, if it was assumed to be something inevitable…
“Spirit, deactivate Luck Aura immediately,”  Chen Feng said suddenly.

“I don’t know how to do that,” Spirit said, bewildered.

“Just use your consciousness and will for it to be sealed,” Chen Feng said.

Spirit was confused. “How?” How could she seal this thing? “Seal!” Chen Feng bellowed.

In a frantic manner, Spirit pointed at Luck Aura and shouted, “S… seal!”
Suddenly, the aura of Luck Aura vanished.

Luck, sealed.

Spirit’s eyes widened. “Ah? S… sealed?”
Even she herself did not dare to believe this. She stared at her hands, then at Chen Feng, suddenly realizing that she could never explain herself after this. How had this…
However, at this, Chen Feng’s trust in her instead increased. “Don’t  worry.  Now,  continue  after  me.”   Chen  Feng  spoke slowly. “Luck Aura, activate.”
“Luck Aura, activate,” Spirit said while stammering.

The familiar radiance shone once again. Luck Aura was reactivated.


Spirit was thoroughly dumbstruck. So she had this power in her?

She started sobbing. “I… I… Sorry. I truly had no idea.” “No, I believe you,” Chen Feng said with a gentle smile.

“You… you believe me?” At present, Spirit was doubting even herself.

“Naturally. This is probably an ability we obtained after coming near that stone. Therefore, this is an ability you did not possess before this.” Chen Feng shook his head. “That is why you were able to use it subconsciously earlier.”
“That’s what happened?”  Spirit was still puzzled. She was normally good at deducing things, yet she was utterly confused when she herself was the subject of the deductions.

“Then…”  Chen Feng shook his head. “I only have one final question.”
Spirit looked at him. “What?” Chen Feng sighed. “What exactly is your true identity? Let me rephrase my question: who are you?”

Chapter 694: Supreme Power

Spirit found herself incapable of answering this question.

She lowered her head helplessly. “I don’t know.” Who was she? She found that she truly had no idea. From birth, she had been here, within Chen Feng’s consciousness. Everything else about herself, she had no idea. She had initially believed that her entire life would pass in such a fashion, yet this calamity had abruptly arisen.

Spirit had already given up on explaining herself. “I’m sorry.”
“Of course I know that you don’t know,” Chen Feng said with a smile. “However, some existences know who you are.” Chen Feng pointed at the mysterious stone. “That thing. I am sure that everything you possess now should have appeared after Luck Aura completed its upgrade. As for the completion of the upgrade, it is related to this stone. I have a feeling that even the sudden halt in Luck Aura’s upgrade is related to that stone. When comparing when the upgrade paused and when Duma told me about the existence of this thing, I kept having a feeling that something was wrong somewhere. This stone might be the one causing Luck Aura to be deactivated. After
all… luck is capable of everything! When two powers of luck encounter each other, it will probably be a clash between luck values. My Luck Aura, which normally does not have much luck value, most certainly could not have been a match for this stone. As such, Luck Aura deactivated itself.

“Furthermore, this stone knows of your existences. As such, it kept calling to you without stop. That is also why you were so impatient to meet this stone, so anxious that you employed the power of Luck Aura subconsciously in the midst of your anxiousness,” Chen Feng slowly finished his explanation.

In Spirit’s mind, things appeared clearer and clearer. “I see.” “I…” Spirit played with the corner of her skirt, somewhat nervous. “Can I still be of help to you?”
Chen Feng smiled. “Of course. You are Spirit, the one and only! Now, I will give full authorization over Luck Aura to you. You will be deducing and analyzing… seeking any probable truth, finding out exactly what this damnable stone is,”  Chen Feng said solemnly.

Spirit nodded resolutely. “Mhm!”
Luck Aura started operating.

Spirit poured all her effort into her deductions. Bright light shone within Chen Feng’s illusory world. As a body of consciousness, she was incomparable in terms of deductions, much better than even Chen Feng. Therefore… Shua! Shua!

Countless figures of light flashed past in the illusory world. In real life, everything seemed to have paused. Chen Feng waited for the result silently within his illusory world. After a long time, Spirit completed her deductions. However, she remained silent for a long time, not daring to speak.

“What’s up?” Chen Feng asked.

“I…I…” Spirit raised her tiny fist to encourage herself before saying. “I am done deducing! The truth is not far from your guesses. That stone is quite possibly the other fate stone. To be precise, it was originally one stone and was divided into two during that war back in the Primordial Era. The one you obtained was the smaller piece of the stone. Despite the smaller size and the lower amount of luck value that stone had, it was nevertheless the core part of the stone. That is also why the bigger stone has been calling to it without stop.

“I am aware of what you are worried about. You are worried that the power of Luck Aura will be devoured by that stone. This is quite possible. After all, the power of luck the bigger stone has at its disposal was way too scary. However, If we can think of a way to get the stone to come for the fusion, to come of its own initiative, it is quite possible that its power will be the one to be devoured.

“From my deductions, I obtained three proposals that might be of use to you. So long as we succeed in one of them, you will become an expert in the truest sense, possessing an inexhaustible power of luck, truly becoming invincible!”
Spirit was finished with her explanation. She had not only verified all of Chen Feng’s guesses, she had also deduced solutions based on the results of her deductions, behaving precisely like the impression of Spirit that Chen Feng had had in his heart all this while. Alas…
Chen Feng sighed. “Have you not thought of any problem that might arise from this?”
“Do you still not believe me?” Spirit asked dispiritedly. Chen Feng shook his head. “No. Even you, the smaller fate stone, had your consciousness birthed right here within my consciousness. Do you think that the bigger fate stone is without its own consciousness? If you two fuse… do you think you will survive?”
Spirit’s body trembled as she heard this.

Chen Feng spoke faintly. “Or perhaps… you have indeed thought of this. You are afraid, yet you dare not voice your concerns. Or perhaps you are of the opinion that I will proceed despite knowing that you might disappear after the fusion?”
Spirit remained silent.

Chen Feng sighed. “This is what I am worried about. Spirit, although you now have the authority to use Luck Aura, I do not wish for you to go beyond your authority. You only need to tell me the results. That will be sufficient. How to do it, or what to do, is something for me to decide. Do you understand now?” Chen Feng said coldly. Spirit lowered her head. “Yes.”
“I do hope the same thing will not happen again in the future,” Chen Feng said faintly.

“Oh…” Spirit blinked. In the future? “Huh?”
“A stronger fate stone and a boundless power of luck are indeed  incredibly  tempting.  However,  for  me…”  Chen  Feng glanced at Spirit. “They are not as important as you.”
Spirit blanked. “Huh?”
“Hehe.”  Smiling, Chen Feng said, “Boundless power…  does that not sound like the seduction of the devil itself? I will never give up on an adorable loli for the sake of something like that. After all, I have watched your growth myself.”
Spirit’s eyes were filled with hope. “Huh?” She felt like today, she had taken a trip to both Hell and Heaven. She had done something like this… yet he was still not willing to abandon her?

Spirit was endlessly touched as she clenched her tiny fists tightly before her chest and vowed that she would most certainly not let Chen Feng down.

“Thus, let us leave here together,”  Chen Feng said with a smile.

Spirit nodded resolutely. “Mhm.”
Chen Feng chuckled as he saw this. This little girl was trying her level best to showcase her worth now, huh?

He had his own reasons for not accepting that mysterious stone. A more powerful fate stone, with power as attractive as the devil’s temptation? A single Spirit was already capable of controlling the power within him. If he allowed that even more powerful fellow to enter his body… Hehe.

Would he still be Chen Feng in the future? More power also signified greater sacrifice. This was something Chen Feng was clear on. Regardless of how strong he became or what strength he obtained, it had to be under his control. Otherwise, what was the point of living? As for Luck Aura and Spirit, if his guess was correct, probably…
“Forget  it.”   Chen  Feng  shook  his  head,  returning  his consciousness to reality.

Chapter 695: Graceful Evasion

Out in the real world, Thomas and the others were facing each other. The stone was in the middle of them, yet none of them dared to approach it. None of them were idiots. Chen Feng’s actions earlier had indeed frightened them. This was obviously something they all wanted. Thus, why had Chen Feng avoided it? Perhaps… there was some problem with this thing?

Chen  Feng  spoke  earnestly.  “Hehe.  There’s  no  problem whatsoever. Before this, I seemed to have eaten something bad, and my tummy is feeling quite bad. Therefore, I have decided to leave first.”
The rest laughed dryly. How fake.

Thomas asked the main point: “Why did this thing suddenly charge at you, then?”
Chen Feng shrugged. “I have no idea. Perhaps… due to my looks?” Thomas’s expression stiffened. “…”
Smiling, Chen Feng continued, “Why is there a need to ask so many questions? In any case, it has already been trapped by you guys, right? I suppose you four should start discussing a way to take this stone down. As for me, I am not joining in on the fun. Hehe…” Chen Feng retreated silently.

Thomas and the rest exchanged glances, at a loss as to what to do now. To stop Chen Feng, at least two of them would be required. If that happened, the other two could very well monopolize the stone for themselves. They also needed to take into consideration the fact that this stone could move by itself. Nobody knew what would happen if they truly did split up to chase after Chen Feng.

Therefore, they had no choice but to watch on as Chen Feng left. Even though Chen Feng’s earlier actions had indeed planted some fear in them, this did not outweigh the benefit the stone could bring them should they obtain it. Furthermore, they did not have to take the risk of using the stone personally. If they sacrificed it to their respective gods, that would be sufficient. At the thought of this, they all calmed down and prepared for the fight over the stone. However, right at this instant, the earth started trembling. A terrifying beast seemed to be on the verge of appearing. Suddenly, the entire ground beneath them became filled with mud, and the sky changed color.

Numerous terrifying mutated beasts appeared.

Thomas sneered. “Again?”
“No,  it  seems  different  this  time.”   Wealthy  Zhao  had  a solemn expression. There, on the edge of their vision, a terrifying leopard could be seen. Its entire body was emanating a bizarre radiance, a radiance that was an aura belonging to a resonator. This fellow was actually a beast at the resonance realm. Moreover, for an unknown reason, it had fully recovered its power of resonance.

“How  is  this  possible!”   Thomas  howled.  “I  have  been cultivating frantically since the moment the primordial started to descend, yet my full strength has yet to recover even now. How has a mere beast here recovered before me?”

The rest were speechless as well. Even Chen Feng, who had left earlier, was forced back by this wave of beasts.

Shua! Shua!

Numerous beasts appeared, completely surrounding this place. A true resonator beast and several dozen awakened beasts…
“Damn it.”
Their expressions were unsightly. They weren’t bothered by the awakened beasts. However, the resonator beast… Thomas’s eyes gleamed coldly. “These animals have chosen quite an excellent time to appear huh?”
“Spirit…” Chen Feng called inwardly.

“Here,”  Spirit  replied  softly.  “If  my  deduction  is  correct, these beasts are probably here due to that stone and are being controlled by that stone using a unique method. Their real goal is to force you back here.”
Chen  Feng  sneered.  “Indeed.”   This  fellow  truly  had  a consciousness. Seeing as it was willing to pay any price for the sake of fusing with him, the true reason was probably not as simple as increasing Chen Feng’s strength after the fusion.

The leopard howled. Instantly, the several dozen awakened beasts around them swarmed Chen Feng’s group. Mere awakened beasts were nothing for them. Alas, just as they started attacking the awakened beasts, the mysterious stone suddenly moved and broke out of the weak barrier.


The mysterious stone charged out, its goal once again Chen Feng.

Everyone’s expression changed greatly. “Not good.”
“Stop it!” Wu Liang howled.

Unfortunately, the timing this stone had selected to act so ingenious, so ingenious that everyone barely missed it and could only watch on blankly as it rushed to fuse into Chen Feng’s body… Chen Feng slanted his body and once again barely dodged the stone.


Everyone was dumbstruck.

He evaded it? Once again, he evaded it?

They exchanged glances, doubt in their eyes. Once again, he had done the same thing!


The stone charged at Chen Feng once again. Thomas and the rest tried to stop it, but once again, they barely missed the stone, as the beasts around them were always coincidentally in their way. This stone was still as ingenious with its timing as ever. Or perhaps it would be more apt to say that this stone was extremely good at manufacturing the perfect opportunity for it to act.

Alas, all of this seemed ineffective against Chen Feng. And thus, in the middle of the lake, amid the chaotic battlefield, four resonators frantically chased after the stone while the stone incessantly chased after Chen Feng, with Chen Feng avoiding it time and time again.


Everyone was dumbfounded. Even the leopard was dumbfounded at this.

The order it had received was to not attack the young man called Chen Feng, as this fellow was seemingly the destined chosen son of heaven. If so, why was this fellow dodging without stop? The leopard could not understand this. Perhaps this was what made the chosen son of heaven so special?

Ultimately, by the time all the awakened beasts there were killed, everyone there was thoroughly exhausted. The four resonators were all panting heavily. They’d had to chase after the stone while killing those beasts, causing this exhaustion. As for that stone, it was presently floating in the air, seemingly contemplating something. As for Chen Feng, after being chased after for so long, he was incredibly exhausted as well. Turning around, he gazed at the distant stone.

Suddenly, the atmosphere there became tranquil. It appeared very bizarre yet awkward at the same time. Thomas and the rest had dumbstruck expressions, as none of them had imagined that their competition over this stone would turn out this way in the end.

Hum— The stone started glowing. Seeing this, Thomas and the rest became nervous. As for Chen Feng, his scalp felt numb, his tenses stretched taut.

Wu Liang looked at Chen Feng. “Erm… do you still not plan to give us any sort of explanation? If you insist on not explaining, I will watch on as you fuse with the stone. Without us stopping it, you are definitely not as fast as that stone.”
Chen Feng sneered. “Can you bear with the thought of that happening, though?”
Wu Liang and the rest had pained expressions on their faces. Testing Chen Feng with a treasure with the aura of a god lingering on it? They were truly incapable of bearing with that.

Hum— Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Fine. The only reason I have been avoiding it is because I recognized this stone earlier. It is indeed an item of a god, yet it is not the treasure we all thought of. Rather, it signifies charming and devouring! All the beasts here are under its control. Perhaps its true goal is to lure all resonators here and then devouring all the resonators to increase its strength. If I truly fused with it…  hehehe.”  Chen Feng concluded with a sneer. As the rest heard this, their bodies chilled. Such a thing existed?

Chapter 696: Luck Is on Our Side

Sakata Chuunibyou’s body chilled as he recalled the legend. “I seemed to have heard of a similar legend…”
Wealthy Zhao wiped his cold sweat. “I heard of the same legend as well. Although it did not explain things clearly, if it is compared with what we are seeing here…”
Chen Feng calmly continued, “Perhaps my power is enticing it, or perhaps my power will grant it the greatest improvement in strength. Therefore, it has been focusing on fusing with me, since at present, it still isn’t particularly powerful. However, after devouring and fusing with my power… which of you guys will be able to escape?”
The rest took in a mouthful of cold air in shock. As they analyzed Chen Feng’s actions thus far, what he said seemed to be right? He had been dodging the stone all this while! Wu Liang was filled with doubt. “Are you telling the truth?”
“If this were a lie, I would have fused with the stone long ago.  Why  else  would  I  still  be  here  talking  to  you  guys?” grumbled Chen Feng.

Wu Liang sank into silence. True, this was an undeniable fact. If that stone was truly something good, when the moment it had first charged at Chen Feng, he would have fused with it. Would the rest of them have then stood any chance? Moreover, the actions of that stone had also caused all their hearts to chill. As a treasure, should it not stay there obediently while others fought over it? Why was it coming by itself? This scene by itself was dreadful enough.

Chen Feng spoke coldly. “It possesses its own consciousness, a sinister and powerful consciousness.”
Hum— Seemingly understanding Chen Feng’s words, the stone started flickering frantically. As the rest saw this, the fear in their hearts deepened. This mysterious stone was indeed not an ordinary item.

“Those suddenly appearing mutated beasts, that leopard still watching on there… do you all believe that it is a mere coincidence that they are all here?” Chen Feng said coldly. The rest thought about it and gained an understanding shortly after.

Wu Liang was ashen faced. “We have all been tricked!”
Wealthy Zhao was furious. “This is actually a trap set up for resonators.”
“Damnable stone,” Thomas cursed. Once again, the stone started glowing.

They all maintained their calm. “What is it saying?”
“Please wait a moment.”  Chen Feng shut both his eyes and asked Spirit the same question. Since Spirit was similarly a consciousness birthed from the fate stone, perhaps she could understand what this fellow was trying to say.

“Oh… I don’t quite understand the specifics of what it’s saying, but I get the general meaning. It is saying that as a divine item of luck, it is only here to select the chosen seed of heaven. It bears no malice,”  Spirit translated, somewhat at a loss.

“All right.” To the rest of them, Chen Feng translated, “It seems to be saying that it is the chosen seed of heaven. For us to be devoured by it, we should all be deeply grateful?” Was this translating?

It raged and started shining brightly.

“See, I have indeed guessed correctly.”
Spirit: “…”
However, this stone being able to communicate somewhat surpassed his expectations. If he could get Spirit to communicate with this stone… However, after giving it some thought, Chen Feng gave up on this thought. If his guess was correct… “Spirit.” Chen Feng spoke solemnly. “Remember. Never ever communicate too much with this stone. Its power of luck is too powerful, so powerful that you might be influenced as well.”
Spirit nodded her tiny head resolutely. “Mhm. Don’t worry.”
After her previous experience, she had vowed to do her best here. She definitely would not do anything contrary to Chen Feng’s wishes.

Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good, then.”
At present, seeing as how there seemed to be no progress, the leopard started approaching them slowly. The terrifying aura gave them all an intense sense of oppression.

“How  ridiculous.”   Thomas  entered  his  resonation  mode. “Looks like we have no choice but to fight it out.” The rest entered their resonation mode as well.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Planning to use force?”  It seemed like after seeing how it would not be able to fuse successfully, the stone had finally decided to deploy the leopard and fuse with him forcefully.

Thomas  laughed  sinisterly.  “Looks  like  we  have  to  work together once again.”
The actions of the leopard had verified Chen Feng’s guess. Now that there were no longer any doubts, since this stone was indeed not something good, they should just destroy it. For something like this, the stronger it was, the faster the god behind it would reawaken.

Therefore… they had to destroy this stone.

Thomas had a vicious expression on his face as he said, “Before the War God reawakens, I will not allow another god to reawaken!” Wu Liang sneered. “What a coincidence. I am of the same opinion.”
The two exchanged glances and laughed. Regardless of their grudges, at present, they all shared the same goal: to eliminate this damnable stone.

Naturally, their only hindrance was the leopard.

Wealthy   Zhao   took   in   a   deep   breath.   “The   aura   of resonance… Although you possess the complete power of a resonator, I feel like your aura isn’t particularly powerful. Perhaps you are not a resonator of the same batch as us? You are a newly broken-through resonator. That’s right. That is the only way for you to be a complete resonator before the rest of us have recovered our strength. You have no need to recover your strength because you are a brand new resonator!”
Suddenly, they all gained understanding. So this was a brand new resonator?

Wu Liang laughed. “In other words, level-one resonator?” “Yeah. Even though it is already a resonator, at level one, it can only borrow a feeble amount of its god’s power.” Thomas laughed viciously. “Although the four of us have yet to fully recover, we can still easily defeat it.”

Their gazes became savage. Since they were already sure of their target, now would be the time to…
Right at this instant.

The glowing stone seemed to be furious for real now. Perhaps due to the provocation of these people, or perhaps because it had figured out that fusing with Chen Feng was no longer possible, it resolutely gave up on chasing after Chen Feng. Shua!

It flickered, and before anyone could react, it charged backward, heading toward the leopard.


Instantly, the stone was embedded in the leopard’s forehead.

A dreadful radiance shone brightly.

The feeble resonance aura of the leopard started soaring and instantly broke through four minor realms, immediately reaching level-five resonator.

The leopard howled, so loud even the deaf would be able to hear it. Howl—
Their expressions sank. “Damn it.” Level-five resonator… With their present unrecovered strength, could they deal with this? Even with the five of them?

Wealthy Zhao spoke calmly. “Fear not. Let’s first look at the power it actually resonates with. Even at the same level, depending on the strength of the god they resonated with… the result of the battle will be different.”
The rest regained their calm. The powers of gods were not necessarily used for battle. Resonators of the War God and Sword God were incredibly powerful. Even the rest of them were resonators of rather powerful gods. That’s right. There was also Chen Feng here, a resonator of the Luck God. They had the resonators of several major gods here. If so, what should they be afraid of?

Thomas sneered. “Luck is on our side.” The rest gave Chen Feng a glance and agreed with this sentiment.

Although their opponent was powerful, this was a battle they might not necessarily lose.

Chen Feng laughed dryly. “Hehe.”  He was truly curious: if these people figured out that their current opponent was the actual resonator of the Luck God, would they feel like beating him to death?

Chapter 697: Godly Power of Luck Is Indeed Amazing!

The leopard howled. Thomas and the rest fully entered their resonator modes. Facing such an enemy, they had to give their all.

Layers upon layers of resonant power appeared.


Thomas’s battle intent surged.

Howl— The leopard dashed at them, incomparably savage with its formidable strength that caused one’s heart to flutter. Thomas, Wu Liang, and the rest started fighting with the leopard.

Sakata Chuunibyou’s entire body started blazing with flame. “Dimensional lockdown!” His godly power swirled around the leopard and everyone else, constantly weakening the leopard’s attack and defense akin to a “buffer.” As for Wealthy Zhao, lots of illusory money was hovering in the air around him.

Shua! Shua!

Everyone could feel the energy within their body becoming boundless with a never-ending supply. Wealthy Zhao was also buffing these combatants.

Bang! Bang!

The four started fighting with the leopard. Only Chen Feng was staying far away from the battlefield, staring at the leopard while his mouth mumbled without stop. Swish! Swish!

Numerous rays of light shot out of his hand toward the battlefield. Thomas’s and the rest waited patiently for Chen Feng to work his miracle.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes.

By the time they were all exhausted, they found that Chen Feng had still yet to come out with anything. Getting impatient,  they  asked,  “Chen  Feng,  where’s  your  godly power?” “I’m using it.” Chen Feng vaguely explained, “I am forcefully using the power of the Luck God to seal its godly power! Did you guys not notice that your opponent is not using any godly power at all?”
They exchanged glances and realized that this was indeed true. So that was the case. It was no wonder that this leopard wasn’t using any godly power. It turned out that this fellow’s godly power had been sealed by Chen Feng? The Luck God was truly terrifying!

Speaking with great difficulty, Chen Feng said, “Hasten the battle. I don’t know how long I can keep up the seal.”
The rest inhaled deeply. “All right.”
Bang! Godly powers bloomed. Once again, they erupted with power. Once again, the stone in at the leopard’s forehead started glowing. Perhaps the stone was finally feeling threatened, or perhaps it was simply too angered by these four idiots…

Once again, the strength of the leopard underwent a transformation.

The stone’s thoughts: Seal my ass. Chen Feng is tricking you guys because you guys are all so gullible!

In fact, the leopard had been using its godly power, the power of luck. Otherwise, where had the strength of this leopard originated from? Why had it evolved without stop? Alas, the power of luck had always been formless, causing them all to be unable to detect it. Did they not realize at all that the battle was getting more and more desperate? Indeed, they had not realized this. One could say that even if they did realize this, they would not relate this to godly power. When they saw the leopard’s power increasing, they could only lament inwardly: Wow, this leopard is truly strong!

Thomas was shaken. “This leopard is actually so strong?”
It was so powerful even with its godly power being sealed by Chen Feng. If it had been allowed to use its godly power, perhaps they would have all been defeated long ago? It was no wonder that this stone had dared to lure them all here. How ruthless! How powerful!

Wu Liang sneered. “Looks like we have to put our lives on the line.”
Wealthy Zhao maintained his calm expression. “Come at us, then.”
“I don’t know how much longer Chen Feng can hold on. Let’s hasten this,” Sakata Chuunibyou said. Standing not far away, Chen Feng was still mumbling without stop, an expression of utmost struggle on his face. His face somewhat pale as he seemingly unleashed the power of luck to seal this opponent’s godly power with all his effort.

Once again, the four erupted with another bout of power. They knew that they had to deal with this leopard as soon as possible. Otherwise, the moment it broke free of the seal, they would surely die.

Mysterious Stone: “…”
The leopard’s forehead started shining intensely. Finally, the stone had decided to show these idiots exactly how strong the godly power of luck was. It wanted to see how long Chen Feng would be able to continue pretending.

The leopard howled.

Once again, it bathed in the radiance of luck. Once again, it evolved. Its level-five resonator realm increased once again.

Thomas and the rest were overwhelmed with shock. “How…”
“Damn it!” Chen Feng had an unsightly expression. “Its godly power actually ignored my seal. The godly power of luck is only capable of sealing any powers with a probability of failing, even if the probability is only 0.001%. However, it is presently using a power with a 100% success rate. As such, even my power of luck is incapable of sealing it.” “I see.”
Everyone’s expression became solemn. True, Chen Feng’s explanation of the usage of luck was indeed acceptable. But…
“I reckon this will be a bitter battle.”
Thomas was no longer as arrogant as he was. This leopard had evolved two times thus far, truly exceeding their expectations. Even if he had the godly power of the War God, the present him was already at his limit. If this continued…
Wu Liang was similarly frowning deeply as well.

He was in a similar situation as Thomas. Even after using his godly power, this was already his limit. Yet this damnable leopard seemed to be capable of unending evolution.

A similarly unsightly expression was on Chen Feng’s face. “Finish this as soon as possible. I feel like… my seal is not able to last much longer. ”
“I still have a trump card capable of increasing of all your godly powers by 30%,” Wealthy Zhao said with a bitter smile. “However, it can only last three seconds.”
Thirty percent? Everyone’s heart trembled.

A thirty percent increase in godly power? One ought to know that this was not a mere increase in strength. Rather, this was an increase in their origin, their godly power! Thirty percent of godly power would be able to dramatically increase their strength. But the limitation of three seconds…
They all frowned. Could they truly deal with this leopard with just three seconds?

“I… I have a way of reducing this fellow’s strength by half.” Sakata Chuunibyou said anxiously, “However, I don’t know how long it can last.”
“This is a good chance.”
Everyone’s eyes shone.

“If all this is used in conjunction with our trump cards…”
Thomas and Wu Liang exchanged glances.

“Let us begin!”
Illusory money flashed through Wealthy Zhao’s hands as the power of the Prosperity God glowed, instantly increasing the strength of all of them. Sakata Chuunibyou howled. “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—”
Gold radiance shone around him, akin to a raging flame. His hair stood up, and in his right hand, an intense golden ball of light appeared.

He pointed.


A godly power pierced through space and landed directly on the leopard. Instantly, the terrifying power of the leopard declined steeply. As for Thomas and Wu Liang, who had been waiting for an opening, they both unleashed their trump cards at this moment.

With a hatchet, shattering space. With a sword, piercing the heavens.

Instantly, they both unleashed their strongest trump cards for this one single instant of vulnerability.


A dazzling radiance shone upon the world, and a split second later, it dimmed.

On the ground, two deep gorges were left. This was the aftermath of the godly power attacks, akin to the work of nature itself.

Everyone looked over. At the spot where the two gorges interwove stood the leopard. On its body were two injuries.


Blood splattered around. The leopard collapsed loudly. Ultimately, it was still a mere regular leopard. Even with the power of luck increasing its realm dramatically, the resonance realm was its limit. As for its combat power… in truth, without the assistance of the power of luck, this leopard would have been killed instantly. Its main body was too weak.

Everyone was ecstatic.

They had succeeded! With Chen Feng’s godly power of luck’s sealing, Wealthy Zhao’s godly power of wealth’s buffing, Sakata Chuunibyou’s godly power of dimensions’ weakening the leopard, and the full eruption of the godly powers of Thomas and Wu Liang, this leopard that was much stronger than them had been finally defeated. Godly powers were indeed powerful. At this time.

The stone glowed with a weak radiance.

Chapter 698: Murderous Intent Revealed

Chen Feng looked at the stone. “It is still there. This thing was already so powerful by merely attaching to a random life- form. If it is able to once again latch on to a life-form, I suppose we will all be finished here.”
“Destroy it.”
The rest were in agreement with this. None of them were idiots. They were naturally aware that this leopard was a life- form of the Genetic Era, yet it had been able to reach the resonance realm. Why was that? Due to the stone, obviously. This stone would at first seduce others by promising strength, but in the end, others would be controlled by it. This was truly what one could call the devil’s seduction. The victim would still innocently believe that after their strength increased, they would still remain themself, but in fact, the victim was already under the stone’s control.

Thomas inhaled deeply. “We have seen way too many similar situations in the past.” Wu Liang had a resolute expression as well. “This thing… must be destroyed!” Charming was one of the most terrifying abilities in existence, even back in the Primordial Era.


The both of them moved at the same time. Alas, right as their attacks were about to land, a figure flashed past and snatched the stone away. That person was actually Sakata Chuunibyou!

Everyone was furious. “Have you gone crazy?” None of them had expected that Sakata Chuunibyou would make a grab for the stone. Due to the scary nature of the stone, none of them coveted it anymore. Shouldn’t everyone be avoiding that stone instead? Why had this Sakata fellow gone and grabbed the stone? What if the two were to fuse? Their hearts chilled; they were unwilling to face the new Sakata after fusing with the stone.

Sakata Chuunibyou smiled. “Don’t worry. I’m not that stupid.” Shua!

He stretched his hand out. Only at this did everyone see that although he was holding the stone, there was a thin layer of energy shrouding the stone. That was dimensional godly power!

Their expressions became unsightly. “For you to still have so much strength left in you.”
Sakata Chuunibyou sneered. “Does the same not apply to all of you? A mere leopard, despite its high realm, it will still be a trash after its godly power was sealed. Killing it will definitely require some effort, but not so much. You guys have secretly preserved  so  much  of  your  strength.”   Sakata  Chuunibyou stretched his hand out toyingly, showing the stone shrouded by a faint radiance and said, “Is it not for the sake of obtaining this stone?”
Thomas laughed dryly. “Hehe. Why would I even want this stone?” “Why  else?”   Sakata  Chuunibyou  said  with  an  amused expression. “Although this is an evil item, it is, after all, still the item of a god. If its consciousness is erased, it can still be used. Or perhaps it can also be used to directly awaken a god. I reckon Lord God will be able to deal with the evil being residing within, am I correct?”
The rest exchanged glances. Instantly, the mood became tense.

Chen Feng: “…”
What the hell. This plot seemed rather wrong?

In his initial plan, everyone should have worked together to kill the leopard and destroy the stone before leaving. Perhaps they could even exchange their contact details or something. Perhaps a close friendship could be developed. But now… Indeed, Chen Feng had been too naive in his thinking. He smiled bitterly as he realized this. Thomas stopped hiding his intent. “Do you believe that you are actually capable of taking it away? Although we can’t physically touch this thing, if preserved and used as an offering to Lord God, he would most certainly like this gift.”
“Ceh.” Sakata Chuunibyou sneered. “Yeah, I will not take it away. Would you dare take it even if I gave it to you?”
He tossed the stone to Thomas.


Surprisingly, Thomas avoided the stone immediately, afraid of coming into any sort of contact with it.
In an unhurried manner, Sakata Chuunibyou recollected the stone. “See. At present, I am the only person capable of holding this thing. Your respective powers are only suited for battle. They are not capable of taking this stone away. Do you all truly believe that this thing will stay here obediently and wait for you guys as you leave and return after fully preparing” The godly power of the Sword God swirled around Wu Liang as he said, “What do you propose, then? Since we can’t take it, the only option is to destroy it.”
“What if we split it evenly?” proposed Sakata Chuunibyou.

“Yes.  Do  you  guys  still  remember  the  forest  we  passed earlier? There, leaves capable of blocking godly power can be found. We can wrap leaves around the stone after splitting the stone evenly, each of us getting a chunk. What do you guys think of this?” Sakata Chuunibyou proposed unhurriedly.

The rest exchanged glances. “That’s feasible.”  Rather than continue fighting here for an uncertain result, they might as well split it evenly. After all, they were merely the first batch of resonators here. If after this, some other resonators reached here, things might get even more chaotic.

Finally, they decided to split the stone evenly. Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief, as this development was acceptable for him as well. The moment the stone was destroyed and split into five, the consciousness would vanish as well. At that time, the one-fifth of the stone he got would be able to help increase his strength. This could be considered a perfect closure for him as well.

Alas, beyond his expectations, at this time, everyone’s gaze landed on him.

Chen Feng looked at them curiously. “What’s up?”
Wealthy Zhao looked at Chen Feng with an odd gaze. “I thought of something. How strong is the power of luck, exactly, for it to be able to seal the godly power of others? Since you are able to seal the power of others, you can naturally seal our powers as well, right?”

Everyone looked at Chen Feng uniformly. This was the problem they were thinking of as well. Sealing… was an extremely terrifying ability. Why had that leopard died so fast? Because its godly powers had been sealed. Throughout the fight, they hadn’t seen the leopard’s godly power once.

In this battle, who had played the crucial role? Chen Feng! His power was way too powerful, so powerful that they were all fearful of him.

Chen Feng gazed at them all, dumbstruck. “Ah…”
Hold on… these guys are now all fearful due to me being too strong? Dang, I have been lying all along, okay? The leopard’s godly power was the power of luck. Why else was it able to evolve continuously? It used its godly power to increase its strength! For an ordinary leopard to reach the resonance realm, it was all thanks to godly power, right? This has nothing to do with me! I am truly only lying here! The reason you guys were able to defeat that leopard is that you guys are indeed amazing! For real!

Suddenly, Chen Feng realized something: he had gone overboard when acting tough! What was it that these resonators all prided themselves in? Their godly power! They were capable of borrowing the power of a god!

At this time, if someone capable of sealing godly powers were to appear, this would be sufficient to alarm all of them, even if Chen Feng had not done anything thus far. His previous performance alone was sufficient to cause them all to be on alert.

Naturally, if he told them the truth now, he would probably suffer a miserable death.

Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Let me think about it…
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “How is it that easy to seal godly powers? It only worked because the opponent’s power is related to charm, which has probabilities of success and failure.”  He  tried  to  downplay  the  power  of  luck.  “Such  a power is countered by the power of luck. That’s all there is to it.” “All godly powers have a possibility of failure during release, as a mere lack of concentration will be sufficient to cause failure. In short, you only need to use your luck power to cause us to stop paying attention, and next, you will be able to seal any godly power you wish to?” Wealthy Zhao said pensively.

The rest were immediately on high alert.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “How are things so easy?”
“Are things really not so easy?”  Sakata Chuunibyou had a faint  smile.  “Yet  earlier,  despite  how  powerful  that  leopard was, you had it completely sealed…”
“Yes,  to  seal  it,  I  exhausted—”  Before  he  could  finish  his sentence, he stopped.

At this time, Wu Liang and the rest started smiling. Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “So you guys were waiting for me to say this.”
Sakata Chuunibyou gazed at Chen Feng. “That’s right. At the start, everyone was vigilant toward each other, not daring to pry into others. Now that the battle has ended, after studying you with my godly power, I noticed that you don’t have any godly power left. Therefore, I suspect that during the earlier battle,   all   your   godly   power   was   exhausted.”    Sakata Chuunibyou looked at Chen Feng with a proud expression. “Indeed… my guess is correct.”
Chen Feng calmed down. “Therefore… there is no longer any worth for me to further exist?”
“Your power is way too terrifying…”
“That major war only erupted during the Primordial Era due to the godly power of luck pushing toward it happening in secret. Otherwise, a war between the gods would not result in both sides being eliminated together… From this, the prowess of the power of luck is apparent. If we can destroy you right now… hehe. The Luck Goddess will appear much later due to that. Do you understand now?” Sakata Chuunibyou licked his lips.

The rest looked at Chen Feng with burning gazes.

“I see.” Chen Feng finally understood everything.

First, they would be able to obtain a bigger share after killing him.

Second, his ability to seal powers truly frightened them.

Third, he had seemingly exhausted all his godly power during the battle earlier.

Fourth, due to the events of the past Primordial Era, they were all rather fearful of the godly power of luck. Fifth, they wanted to delay the appearance of the Luck Goddess.

Each of these reasons to kill Chen Feng were rather weak, but when all five were combined, killing Chen Feng became a must. Therefore, these old foxes had decided to act on it with no hesitation.

Chapter 699: Bro, Do You Know What Thirty Thousand Luck Value Can Do?

Chen Feng stared at them blankly. “Earlier, when killing that leopard, I put forth great effort. “Shouldn’t someone like me, who unconditionally works with everyone, be a well-liked person?”
Thomas smiled cruelly. “Sorry. Your threat level is much higher.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Is that so…” He checked the luck value he had within his body. Thirty thousand luck value, a rather terrifying amount. If it was any other day, he would be incomparably excited by this. Alas, he was presently facing four resonators. He did not have the confidence to escape them.

Sakata Chuunibyou spoke faintly. “I already have the surroundings blocked with a dimensional barrier. Do you know that I really, really like this name of mine? Because of it, a lot of people will take me lightly. What an amusing experience…” Sakata Chuunibyou smiled toyingly. Chen Feng: “…”
I miscalculated.

“Spirit, have I been too arrogant?” Chen Feng asked inwardly.

Spirit shook her tiny head. “No. To even have reached this point, you are already amazing enough. Even now, none of them realize that you are a mere awakened one.”
Chen Feng felt helpless. If he was truly a resonator of the godly power of luck, would he still need to waste his time talking so much with them? Unfortunately, his true realm was the awakened realm. Chen Feng started assessing his present luck value, thinking of using it to kill a way out of this. Wu Liang gave Chen Feng a glance and spoke. “Don’t worry. I won’t give you any chances. Hehe. I have also set up a barrier with the godly power of the sword. Any chance of a loophole appearing no longer exists. This place is already thoroughly locked down by us.”
They all eyed Chen Feng and slowly approached him. Evidently, they were still afraid that Chen Feng still had some trump cards hidden. They didn’t dare to advance too hastily.

Chen Feng gave them all a serene glance. “…”
Truly no other choices? Well then…
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. He did not know about resonance, nor did he know about the godly power of luck. However, what he knew was the fact that if the 30,000 luck value he had was fully activated, it would be sufficient to destroy heaven and earth.

“Thirty thousand…” Chen Feng mumbled. If he activated it all with his full power… Gazing at them, Chen Feng suddenly laughed. “Do you guys want to know the terror of luck?”
Thomas and the rest were instantly on guard.

“You guys have blockaded the surroundings. I indeed have no means of escaping. However…”  Chen Feng gazed at the sky, stretched both his hands wide, as if he was about to hug someone. “You all have still underestimated the power of luck.”

Suddenly, the clear sky turned blood red.

“???!” They all looked at the sky in horror. There, somewhere outside of their blockade, an immense spatial current appeared. Chen Feng was unable to leave. He was indeed trapped here. However…

Beyond that spatial current was actually the boundless outer space! A comet blazing with a red radiance was present charging directly at them. It tore the blue dome of heaven apart. It tore space apart, passing through the spatial current, descending upon this planet.

Their expressions changed greatly.

“You have gone crazy!” Fear appeared on the faces of Thomas and the rest. Screw the Luck Goddess. What damnable strength was this?

“You will die doing this!” Sakata Chuunibyou said in alarm.

“It does not matter. This way, we can all die together, right?” Chen Feng had an expression of tranquility, seemingly completely accepting his death.

“Shit!” Wu Liang cursed. Without a doubt, if that comet were to descend upon this planet, it would most certainly land right here, nowhere else. For users of the godly power of luck, this was something extremely basic.

Fear appeared on Wealthy Zhao’s normally calm expression as well. “No!”
Sakata Chuunibyou was panicking. “Chen Feng, stop it. We will not attack you anymore.” “It  is  already  too  late.  Hahahaha!”   Chen  Feng  started howling with laughter. “Die together with me! Hahahahaha!”
Their expressions sank. “Madman!”
Without hesitation, they decided to leave. Just as Sakata Chuunibyou was about to leave, he found with astonishment that the comet’s direction was in fact…
He  inhaled  deeply.  “The  coordinates  you  have  the  comet locked on is in fact this stone?”
Chen Feng laughed nastily. “What else? Do you think I will allow you guys to escape smoothly?”
“Madman!” Sakata Chuunibyou tossed the stone away before leaving hastily.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The rest left speedily as well.

Chen  Feng  continued  muttering,  “Run!  Run!  Look  at  this comet… so big and round… Look at the trail it is leaving behind… so long and wide… How far will you guys be able to escape?”
Chen Feng continued laughing wildly in a deranged manner.

Sakata Chuunibyou and the others all completely ignored him, thinking of nothing but escaping. All their godly powers were pushed to the limit, trying to escape as fast as they could. That comet… and the radiance surrounding it… That was clearly not an ordinary comet. The moment it landed here, everything within a circumference of 500 kilometers would be destroyed. As such, they had to escape! Even if they couldn’t escape in time, they should at least try to distance themselves from the center of the impact to reduce the damage they might suffer.

“Those with the power of luck are all lunatics!”
They all cursed in rage.

“Damn it. That bitch Luck Goddess did the same thing back then. Seeing as she was about to die, she dragged all the gods down with her, but she still had the guts to claim that she was actually sacrificing herself for the sake of all life.”
Bang! Up in the sky, the red radiance was still as dazzling as ever, an omen of the coming apocalypse.

Run! Run! Run!

They all fled frantically.


Wu Liang coughed up a mouthful of blood, then stepped on his sword and fled with a speed several times faster than his previous speed.


Similarly, Thomas coughed up a mouthful of blood, then applied his godly power to his hatchet and, after giving Wu Liang a glance, rode on his hatchet as he fled, also at a much higher speed. At times like this, nobody would be bothered with whether their actions were embarrassing or not. Shua! Shua!

As for Sakata Chuunibyou, he teleported forth without stop, exhausting his dimensional power. As for Wealthy Zhao, with a vicious expression, he ignited his wealth without stop. For him, wealth was the equivalent of strength, as he was capable of transforming wealth into true strength. Therefore, he rather treasured his wealth. His wealth was in fact not lower than the Stormtech Company’s.

But now… he had no choice but to ignite frantically ignite his wealth.

Run! Run!

The group of them fled while cursing Chen Feng. At the supposed point of impact for the coming apocalypse, Chen Feng was still laughing wildly as he looked at the coming apocalypse.

Bang! The sky turned blood red. Finally, it seemed like that comet with a terrifying radiance around it was about to descend upon this world. The apocalypse was imminent. At this instant, countless people worldwide were also focusing on this seeming coming apocalypse.

And next…

The sky turned sunny and cloudless again. Instantly, all of the blood-red radiance vanished from the sky.

The comet was gone.

The blood-red hue was gone.

The spatial current was gone. All the phenomena were gone.

“…” Chen Feng gave the sky a deep gaze before looking at his completely empty supply of luck value and sighing. “Damn it. 30,000 luck value, yet I was only able to catch a glimpse of it?”
That’s right. His luck value had been fully exhausted. How was it possible for a mere 30,000 luck value to actually create an apocalypse? The only thing it had been able to accomplish was allow them all to glimpse the sight of what the apocalypse would look like. What else could one wish for with this amount of luck value?

Chapter 700: The Landing of Blame upon the Shoulders

Chen Feng let loose a long breath. He had originally believed that if, after scaring them away, he still had luck value remaining, he could stop the apocalypse. Now that he looked at it, it seemed like he had truly been too wishful.

At present, Thomas and the others that had escaped were thoroughly dumbfounded. Even if they were already so far away that they could no longer see the scene there with their naked eyes, they could still sense what was going on there.

Apocalypse, gone? Just like that? How was that possible?
The scene earlier… That comet…
F*ck! Suddenly, they realized what was happening. Could it be that they had all been tricked?

Wu Liang was stupefied.

Thomas was stupefied.

Wealthy Zhao was stupefied.

Sakata Chuunibyou looked like he was collapsing emotionally. Where was the promised mutual annihilation? Where was the promised madman?

“Screw you, Chen Feng!!!”
Numerous mournful howls resounded throughout the air. For the sake of fleeing, nearly all their power had been exhausted, to the point that they had even coughed up their blood essence to hasten their escapes. What if they did the same and rushed back there by coughing up some blood essence? It would be funny if this even worked.

“Ah ah ah ah…”
They were all furious. They knew that they had been thoroughly tricked this time.

“Godly power of luck…”
“Chen Feng…”
They gnashed their teeth in anger, vowing that the next time they saw this Chen Feng, they would turn him into mincemeat!

“The primordial has descended…  We have plenty of time, Chen Feng. We shall meet again!” Thomas spat hatefully. At this time, Chen Feng was at the center of the lake, gathering the leaves that were said to be able to isolate godly powers. After wrapping that stone with the leaves, he fled hastily. Way too many things had happened here. As such, he did not dare to stay here any longer. Right after he left,
numerous godly powers swirled around before appearing there.

“Luckily I escaped fast enough,”  he muttered as he speedily left after throwing one last glance behind him.

Bang! Bang!

Numerous powerful auras appeared, and their powerful consciousnesses crossed each other in the air.

“Is this the center of the earlier apocalypse?”
“…” “I can feel some resonator auras here…”
“Hehe, were they trying to destroy the world?”
A powerful consciousness projected forth this thought: “It has only been so soon after I reawakened, yet I have already had such a close call with death unknowingly? Screw that. We must look for those bastards and kill them. We can’t allow them to act recklessly.”
Not everyone here necessarily knew each other. However, this did not stop them from reaching a consensus that this world could not be allowed to be destroyed. After experiencing the tragedy during the Primordial Era where the battle of the gods had affected even them, causing them to die tragically for no apparent reason, they now treasured their lives greatly. With great difficulty, they were finally alive again, yet they had had such a close brush with death so soon after their reawakening?

“Understood. Let me look for the auras of those fellows.” Hum—
A faint radiance swirled past as a powerful godly aura surged.

“Mhm… found them. Powers of five gods were found here… the War God, Sword God, Prosperity God, and Dimensional Goddess. There is also another rather faint aura, kind of similar to the aura of the Luck Goddess. On this corpse, traces of the godly power of luck can be felt. I suppose the resonator of the Luck Goddess is already dead. Therefore, those four should be the ones who attempted to create the apocalypse earlier.”
The killing intent of other resonators surged.

“The moment we find them…  kill without mercy! We must not allow them to destroy this world!” “That is only natural.”
Everyone understood what they had to do. All of them started using their respective methods to search for traces of Thomas and the other three. Evidently, they had no intention of letting these “lunatics who tried to destroy the world”  off lightly.

The powerful auras unique to resonators swept around. Even Chen Feng, who had initially been in the midst of fleeing, no longer dared to move. These people were way too strong. When the resonators worked together, their mere consciousness sweeping around was sufficient to plant intense fear in one’s heart. Chen Feng concealed his aura and hid in the nearby forest. This forest was densely populated by wild animals, and those resonators were presently looking for godly powers. As such, their senses merely momentarily stopped on Chen Feng before moving on. Shua! Shua!

The terrifying auras swirled around and increased their search radius without stop. After a long time…
“Found them! War God, Sword God… heh, all four of them have been found.”
“Kill them!”
Shua! Shua!

Numerous consciousnesses locked on to the four. Finally, the main bodies of these resonators moved as well, charging toward the four. At present, Thomas and the others, who had just finished a hasty retreat, were thoroughly stupefied. What… what in the world was going on now?

They could clearly feel themselves being locked on to by numerous auras. Thomas could even see with his naked eyes that, in the distance, a resonator was charging toward him. He wanted to ask this bro what was going on, but when this bro neared, an intense killing intent surged.

“The f*ck?” Thomas turned around and immediately fled. He presently didn’t have much godly power left. He was definitely not these people’s opponent. Similarly, Wu Liang, Wealthy Zhao, and Sakata Chuunibyou faced the same situation with strangers chasing after them for no apparent reason.

What was going on?

What happened?

Weren’t resonators normally lone rangers? Why were they all working together? Could these fellows actually be members of the Genetic Union? But the Genetic Union clearly did not boast any resonators in their ranks, right? They were completely bewildered. They had no idea what was going on. Fleeing was the only thing they could do. After fleeing for an entire day, finally, from the conversations of those consciousnesses, they figured out that these resonators had gathered together due to the earlier apocalypse. They all were of the opinion that Thomas and the other three were the lunatics of some heretical organization. Thus, the consciousnesses were working together to eliminate them four.

Thomas: “???”
What heretical organization? They should be hunting that Chen Feng fellow, right? And thus, Thomas, who finally found an opening, transmitted an intense thought to those consciousnesses, telling them who the real enemy was: Chen Feng, the user of the godly power of luck!

Alas, the only response he received was mockery.

“Hehe. The only trace of the godly power of luck we found was on that leopard, which was obviously killed by you guys. No other resonators of luck exist.” A certain resonator sneered. “Such a stupid explanation. Do you guys think that you can escape with this?”
Wu Liang did not dare to believe this. “No, that’s not possible. Chen Feng is clearly the culprit.”
A resonator sneered. “Ridiculous. Do you think the results of so many resonators’ investigations can be wrong?”
If this was only one resonator, there would be a possibility of a mistake. However, with the repeated inspection of so many resonators, they had confirmed that the only source of the godly power of luck there was that dead leopard. These four were most certainly lying.


At this, Thomas and the others were thoroughly stunned. No others were found? What about Chen Feng? Hold on, since when had the leopard used the godly power of luck? But there was no reason for this many resonators to lie to them! But then, Chen Feng was obviously the one who had used the godly power of luck earlier? Thomas and the rest were completely bewildered. Could it have been an illusion? They started doubting their eyes. What in the world was going on?


Once again, the resonators’ attacks descended. Thomas clenched his teeth and continued his escape. They knew that regardless of what happened there, this blame for trying to cause apocalypse would without a doubt land upon them.

Curse it!
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