The Strongest Gene Chapter 681-690

Chapter 681: Chen Feng, Screw You!

Amid the boundless starry sky, a huge throne could be vaguely seen. The man was still seated on it, coldly gazing at the planet while he silently spun the ring on his right hand.


The huge throne flickered several times before vanishing. The starry sky regained its previous tranquility. After a long time, amid the starry sky, in this place where no flame should exist, a bizarre flame flashed past. That flame burned vigorously before slowly assuming the shape of a human. She wore a set of red clothes, and her vivid and huge eyes gazed in toward where the throne had disappeared.

“You have appeared once again. Appearing at a place like this, with such a method, are you a god? If you are a god, why haven’t you noticed my existence here? Still not fully recovered? Or perhaps…”
Her eyes gleamed coldly before she transformed back into a fireball and slowly vanished. 
On a certain unknown world, under the full operation of Luck Aura, Chen Feng and Kong Bai transmigrated once again and reached a safe world, a world with energy and where Luck Aura worked. This was a near-perfect world for them.
“Worthy of being Luck Aura,” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. He knew that his transmigration ability was a perfect match for Luck Aura. Chen Feng merely rolled his eyes, ignoring Kong Bai, and started rearranging all the data he had gathered previously. He started his deductions, vowing to solve all the problems that had previously remained unsolved.

Shua! Shua!

Row upon row of data started being deduced. In his illusory world, Chen Feng’s consciousness worked at full power.

“Spirit, help me with the analysis.” 
Luck Aura started working.

Next, numerous riddles that would otherwise require around a hundred years or more to solve were solved one after another in a short few seconds. With both Chen Feng and Spirit working on it, the progress of the awakening-gene-reagent research advanced at an astonishing speed.

One hour…
Two hours…

Finally, Chen Feng completed the research. But then, was this truly the end? Would there truly be no problems using this gene reagent on the people of the Genetic Era? Chen Feng wasn’t quite certain. After all, his Luck Aura would be deactivated once again the moment he returned to the Genetic Era. To transmigrate to such a world so he could once again use his Luck Aura would require an unknown amount of time, and that might fail as well.

As such…
Chen Feng frowned, hesitating. Right at this time, he suddenly saw Kong Bai, who was here doing nothing.

Kong Bai looked at Chen Feng blankly, bewildered. Chen Feng smiled. That’s right. Here was a ready-made test subject for him, right?

“Hehe… do you want to enter the awakened realm?” Chen Feng started leading Kong Bai on.

Kong Bai nodded his head furiously. “Mhm.”
Chen Feng took out the recently produced gene reagent. “Swallow this, then. Breakthrough is confirmed with this gene reagent.”
“Such an amazing gene reagent?”
Kong Bai gulped the gene reagent down with some doubt. Suddenly, the energy within his body increased sharply. His expression changed from shock before he started cultivating immediately. Chen Feng watched on silently.

This was the first stage, where the gene reagent would transform into rich energy in the user’s body. Due to the intensity of this surging energy, Kong Bai’s expression appeared rather twisted. It seemed like the intensity was somewhat too high, placing quite a heavy load on Kong Bai.

“Youngsters nowadays sure are soft,” Chen Feng commented.

The second stage…
Oh, right, although the energy within this gene reagent seemed to work, the provocation it triggered was too intense. It wasn’t something an ordinary person could endure. Despite the 100% success rate, it had a high requirement on the user’s willpower. As such, this was quite the dangerous gene reagent to use. Some improvement would be required.

Chen Feng pondered and made a note of this.

Mhm… Third stage…
After swallowing this gene reagent, the user’s physical body would suffer from a side effect, where the appearance of the user would become even uglier. Fortunately, his present test subject was Kong Bai, who had already been ugly in the first place. If it was someone else, things might have become troublesome.

This was also something he needed to improve.

Chen Feng pondered and noted this down as well.

Fourth stage…
Fifth stage…
… Chen Feng watched on silently, recording down all the problems   he   noticed.   Indeed,   such   “beta-version”    gene reagents were rather unreliable. Despite the 100% success rate in breaking through, there were countless problems with this gene reagent.

Chen Feng contemplated. “Looks like I have to take more things into consideration.”
After a long time, Kong Bai succeeded in his breakthrough.

Kong Bai was overjoyed. “Hahahahaha, I am also an awakened one now!”
Despite the intense pain he was in, despite being so tired that he nearly collapsed then and there, despite the sweat raining down his body, he was still filled with vigor at this moment after his breakthrough.

Bang! A powerful aura surged forth, indicating his successful breakthrough. Instantly, his entire physical body was destroyed before being reconstructed. This was the characteristic shared by all awakened ones: an energy body.

Finally, Kong Bai was done with the hardship and could now taste the fruit of his labor. All the pain and suffering he had endured earlier transformed into comfort at this moment of his body’s reconstruction, causing him to nearly moan out loud.

It had been truly too hard for him.


Energy emanated out of his hand as he sensed the strength contained in his body.

“Let’s go, Chen Feng. We can return now.” The excited Kong Bai was impatient to show off his new power back home. Chen Feng waved his hand. “Hold on. Let me further improve this gene reagent.”
Kong Bai had an ominous feeling. “Improve?”
“Mhm. After all, not everyone has as much willpower as you. I need to improve this gene reagent to create a basic edition that even an ordinary person can use,”  Chen Feng explained honestly.

“Oh.” Kong Bai nodded his head cheerfully at Chen Feng’s explanation, agreeing that not everyone was as gifted as he was. However, when he pondered upon it, he felt like something was wrong. As such, he cautiously asked, “Erm… what do you mean by basic edition?”
“Oh, well, it will reduce the pain, reduce the intensity, reduce the degree to which one’s body is twisted, as well as reduce…”
Chen Feng spurted out a huge amount of improvements he planned to make for this gene reagent. The more Kong Bai listened on, the darker his expression became. As Chen Feng noticed that, he added, “Naturally, the success rate will also be reduced as well.”
“Oh.” Only at this did Kong Bai regain his good mood. That’s right. Since this basic edition would greatly reduce the amount of pain the user would suffer, it was understandable that the success rate would also drop as a result.

“What will the success rate for the basic edition be like, then?” he asked.

Chen Feng sighed. “Very low. Ten percent lower than the original success rate.”
Kong Bai nodded. “Oh.”
A 10% drop in success rate. That was truly quite a dramatic drop. After all, for a regular gene reagent, a success rate of 10% was… hold on, 10%? Kong Bai recalled that earlier, Chen Feng had told him that the success rate was 100%. In short, this so- called basic edition would have a success rate of 90%? “Don’t you dare tell me that the user can use this gene reagent multiple times even after failing to break through,” Kong Bai said while gnashing his teeth.

Chen Feng coughed and patted Kong Bai’s shoulder. “Great tasks will always fall upon the shoulders of great people…”
Kong Bai raged. “Great my ass!”
Chen Feng glanced at him and said, “Calm down, there are benefits to being an early adopter as well. In any case, you are an awakened one now, right? The development of the basic edition will definitely take a much longer time to complete. At that time, you might not be able to even get one.”
Kong Bai looked at Chen Feng with doubt. “Is that so?”
Chen Feng waved his hand. “Of course. For now, go get used to the power of an awakened. I need to continue researching the basic edition. Sigh, the development of the basic edition is truly very hard. I have absolutely no confidence…” “Fine.”
At this, Kong Bai felt somewhat comforted, since at the very least, he would not need to wait for the basic edition as he was already an awakened now. He walked away and started getting used to his new power. Alas, one hour later, before Kong Bai had even gained understanding of his awakened power, Chen Feng finished his research on the basic-edition awakening gene reagent.

“Chen Feng, screw you!!!”

Chapter 682: Of Sins and Grudges

In the Gene Production Association, the group of gene producers headed by Hu Feng were extremely anxious.

“Is Chen Feng not back yet?”
“Aren’t we supposed to be conducting the research together?”
“Oh…  he mentioned that he can do it alone,”  the assistant said in a low voice while scratching his head.

“He is behaving too willfully!” Hu Feng was so angry that his white beard trembled. Going at the research alone? Was that even possible? Their group comprised of ten-odd master producers had researched it for so long without success. Any problem that could be solved with the help of technology or individual skills, they had already solved. At present, the only thing they lacked was enough experimentation to reach the final result.

They would have to keep on experimenting until the latest workable version of the gene reagent was produced. They had initially hoped that Chen Feng could perhaps inject some fresh ideas into their research, somewhat accelerating the process. Unexpectedly, that fellow had never intended to even come here.

“That kid is getting more and more egotistical.”
Hu Feng was furious. He was part of the eldest generation still alive in the Gene Production Association and had always maintained a rather low profile, never involving himself in any competitions. He had only been silently giving all he could. He was a person of astonishing skill in gene production, and the person in charge of this research. For this gene reagent, their group had worked hard for a long time.

“Even if he is the one who created the beyond X gene reagent, there is no need for him to be so arrogant, right?” Hu Feng was furious. He was aware that Chen Feng had was highly skilled in gene production. However, this matter pertained to the future of humanity. Would it be that hard for him to work with others for the sake of humanity? If everyone worked together, perhaps the research could be conducted even faster.


Everyone else could only smile bitterly as they heard this. So what if Chen Feng was egotistical? After all, that Chen Feng was the nominal number one gene producer in the world. This coupled with his unique identity and status made him a person nobody dared offend.

“Let me go look for him,” Hu Feng said after inhaling deeply.

Their heads ached greatly. “But he has already entered seclusion…”
“Even if he’s in seclusion, we must get him out! Even if we have to beg, we have to beg him out of the seclusion!” howled Hu Feng. “These two days, more and more awakened ones have appeared. The Genetic Union will soon be unable to endure this pressure. If this drags on… something bad might truly happen. Do you all truly want to see a world where awakened ones walk everywhere, completely out of control?”
As they heard this, they all sank into silence. They were all too clear on how strong awakened ones were. Each of them was fatally dangerous, far surpassing nuclear weapons, possessing the strength to easily destroy an entire city if they so wished.

If people like these were everywhere and were not subjected to any sort of control… The mere thought of this scene caused them all to be soaked with cold sweat.

Hu Feng sighed as he said, “Chen Feng’s talent is above ours. Even in terms of technical skill alone, he is able to provide ideas that we have never thought of before. That will likely be helpful for our research. “Therefore, we must find him.”
Everyone exchanged glances and nodded in agreement. Perhaps… Chen Feng could truly accelerate the research. And thus, the group arrived at Chen Feng’s place of seclusion.

Hu Feng took in a deep breath. “Let me.”  Forcing someone out of seclusion was considered extremely rude, especially for someone with such a terrifying status as Chen Feng. From the moment Hu Feng had decided to step out, he had been prepared to suffer the consequences of his actions.

However, before he could even call upon the door, the door opened. Chen Feng and an ugly male walked out of the room. On the face of that astonishingly ugly person was a trace of an indescribable and complicated emotion, akin to the indignation one felt after being raped.


They were all dumbstruck as they saw this.

Weren’t such seclusion rooms places people normally only entered alone? After all, the act of secluding oneself was so one could focus on the task at hand and avoid the interference of others. Yet now, with this scene they were seeing… They all thought of one single possibility for this and inhaled deeply in shock.

Could it be…
The Hu Feng, who had still been so furious earlier, was dumbstruck as he saw this. He wanted to say something but decided against it, since this was, after all, too private an affair for him to comment on. He was truly too embarrassed to say anything about it. This was especially true since, in recent times, the movements protecting the rights of the LGBT community had been gaining quite a bit of momentum. Hence, Hu Feng did not dare comment on this “preference”  of Chen Feng’s.

Hu Feng felt somewhat awkward. “Sorry. I am not aware that you two are…” “What in the world are you trying to say?” Chen Feng gave them a curious glance before saying, “Forget it. It’s just nice that you guys are here. This is the gene reagent I have just produced. You guys can try it out.”

Their eyes widened.

“Gene reagent?”
“You are already done with the research?”
“How is that possible?”
They all stared at Chen Feng, disbelieving.

Shua! Hu Feng grabbed the data given by Chen Feng in a rush and started looking at it. Within were a lot of problems they had encountered in their research. Chen Feng had seemingly solved all their problems.


Shaken, they all surrounded the formula, wishing they could test it immediately. As they checked the data, they found that everything recorded within was correct! Chen Feng had truly succeeded!

“All of it is correct!”
“So this is how it should have been done? Hahaha.”
Hu Feng was overjoyed. After confirming that the solutions given for three particularly tricky problems were indeed the correct solutions, he knew that this data given by Chen Feng was indeed correct. This was indeed the proper formula! An undertaking that ten-odd master producers hadn’t even been able to estimate a completion time for had been completed just like that by Chen Feng in three mere days. Truly astonishing.

They looked at Kong Bai. “This person…”
“Oh, he’s also an awakened one as well. He came here to assist me in the research,” Chen Feng said calmly.

Hu Feng was ashamed. “Sorry. I previously thought that…”
He was truly ashamed. Chen Feng had been working hard for the sake of humanity, yet he was here thinking dirty thoughts about the man. This was truly an insult to Chen Feng. As such, he believed that he owed Chen Feng an apology. However, before he could even finish his apology, the others around him all blocked his mouth, stopping him from continuing on.

“Wu…” He couldn’t say anything anymore. Chen Feng looked at them curiously. “What are you talking about? What did you believe?”
They answered on behalf of Hu Feng and laughed awkwardly. “Hahaha, nothing much. He initially thought that you were still not done with the research.” Dragging Hu Feng with them, they left. “We will go test the formula first. The result will be reported to you later.”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “Mhm. Go then.”
Kong Bai was still moody. “Chen Feng, I will not forgive you.”
Earlier, when he had used the first-edition gene reagent, he had suffered extreme pain worse than death. As one who had worked hard transmigrating here and there with Chen Feng, he should have gotten to enjoy treatment worthy of heroes, right? Who would trick the people on their side like this?

“Well, one has to occasionally make some small sacrifice for the sake of humanity, right?” Chen Feng comforted him. Kong Bai raged. “I quit! Why don’t you try it yourself?”
“Pft, you are merely afraid of pain…” Chen Feng muttered. Noticing that Kong Bai’s expression was becoming even more furious, he coughed immediately and said, “I am already an awakened one, right? How am I supposed to try it? Mhm, how about I give you some compensation for your work?”
Kong Bai sneered at that offer.

Chen Feng raised his brow. “What if I introduce you to a girl?”
“Not a male?”
“Not a member of the ancient race?” “No.”
Kong Bai’s eyes shone. “You really have a girl to introduce me to?”
“Of course.” Chen Feng grinned and said, “Don’t worry. She is amazing and extremely beautiful. Here, this is her picture. Take a look. If you find her agreeable, I can bring you to her immediately.”
“This… Wow, so pretty! Go go go!”
Kong Bai was excited.

Chen Feng brought him to Xiao Yue’s home. Surprisingly, the door, which had always remained open, was presently locked. On the door were several words:

—- How have I sinned? – Xiao Yue


Chen Feng: “…”
Tsk. She had to have seen this scene when she had been using her drawing ability. Well then, it seemed like his plan to introduce Kong Bai to Xiao Yue had utterly failed. Seeing such a reaction from Xiao Yue, Chen Feng did not feel it proper to introduce Kong Bai to Xiao Yue. But then, this Kong Bai was truly so ugly that Xiao Yue was not even willing to meet him. Oh well, she herself was probably already aware of Kong Bai’s looks from her drawings.


Chen Feng was feeling melancholic. Kong Bai appeared at a loss. “What is the meaning of these words?”
Chen Feng made up a story. “I reckon she must have gone into hiding from her enemies. Even you yourself are aware that there has been an increase in the number of awakened ones recently. Perhaps, as a girl living by herself, she had encountered some problems and had decided to leave. Fear not, I have another girl I can introduce to you.”
Suddenly, Kong Bai raged. “Bastard! Even if the primordial is indeed descending, these fellows should not be acting so wantonly! For them to even think of bringing harm to such an adorable girl—truly too excessive! I need to find her! Since she is in danger, I cannot watch on without helping! I believe that my appearance here at this moment is an act of fate so that I can rescue her from danger! Those damnable awakened ones… Hehe… Let me take care of them!”
Kong Bai patted Chen Feng’s shoulder and said, “Thank you! When I succeed in my courtship of her, I will most definitely get you to bear witness to our marriage.” Shua!

Finishing his words, he left, looking for Xiao Yue.

Chen Feng was dumbfounded. “What the hell…”
His wristband buzzed and a message popped up.


What grudge do we have? – Xiao Yue


As Chen Feng saw this, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. Miss, I truly did not intend for this to happen!

Chapter 683: Template

The next day, the awakening gene reagent started selling. After being verified by several dozen masters of the Gene Production Association, this gene reagent had no problems. Moreover, the success rate of a peak beyond A class’s breakthrough using this gene reagent was terrifyingly high. The awakening gene reagent started being mass produced, and once again, Chen Feng’s reputation soared.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

“A legend is indeed a legend…”
“True.  Previously,  he  created  the  beyond  X  gene  reagent, allowing everyone to enter beyond A class from A class. Now, he has created the awakening gene reagent. What kind of freakish talent is this?”
Countless people broke through one after another, and the ancients enjoyed the benefits of integrating with humans. Countless peak beyond A class ancients broke through into the awakened realm. With the help of the Gene Production Association, the strength of the Genetic Union skyrocketed.

So long as one had talent and a healthy mental state, the Genetic Union would provide countless gene reagents, pushing that person into the awakened realm.

On the first day, three people entered the awakened realm.

On the second day, 10 people entered the awakened realm.

On the third day…
On the fourth day…
The strength of Genetic Union increased rapidly. Following this, those free awakened ones were either subdued or recruited en masse by the Genetic Union, temporarily remaining under the Union’s control. The deputy president was still anxious. “I reckon these fellows will not behave themselves. Although they have temporarily agreed to work for the Genetic Union, with the existence of primordial fragments, a problem might arise at any time.”
“This is easy to solve.”
The Research Agency gave the issue some thought. Two days later, they brought forth an extremely unique wristband.

The deputy president was puzzled. “What is this?”
The staffer sneered. “Hehe…  This is something created by both us and the Stormtech Company. It is capable of sealing the power of primordial fragments. If they dare act wantonly… we can seal their strength at any time. Naturally, this is merely a supplementary communicator wristband. Here, we still have some other equipment that can be used to control them. You guys can take them. There are numerous switches on it. Sealing, unsealing, punishment, and numerous other functions are available.” “So powerful?”
When the deputy president received the delivered equipment, he was shocked. The Research Agency had actually developed to such a level already? Indeed, despite the progress in genetic abilities, the power of technology should never be looked down on.

“Can they take it off by themselves?”  the deputy president asked.

The staffer smiled profoundly. “Of course they can. However, the moment the communicator wristband detects a large amount of strength being used on it… boom! As such, those wearing these wristbands should know what they ought to do and what they ought not to do.”
Soon, the sealing communicators were being used. With the full assistance of the Research Agency and the Stormtech Company, more and more awakened ones opted to enter the Genetic Union, helping stabilize the general situation of this world. Toward these joiners, the Genetic Union have them extremely generous rewards. As for the seal… so long as they did not betray humanity, the seal on the communicator would never be activated.

All over the world, numerous new factions appeared. With the descent of primordial, numerous astonishing occurrences appeared everywhere, resulting in mass chaos. However, this chaotic situation had been forcefully stabilized by the Genetic Union, truly an inconceivable feat.

“In any case, they are still all humans after all,” the deputy president lamented. That Chen Feng kid was normally one who would do anything to fight for his own benefits, yet now at a time like this, he had not requested any sort of compensation for what he had done for humanity. Even the cheapskate Research Agency was cooperating without thinking about their own benefits.

“Issue  them  a  gratitude  letter.  The  Research  Agency,  the Gene   Production   Association,   Chen   Feng…”    the   deputy president told his assistant. “Oh, right, don’t forget Stormtech Company as well.” In this chaos, the Stormtech Company’s contribution could not be neglected.

“Hopefully, everything can be stabilized as soon as possible.”
The deputy president was still deeply worried.

For now, the problems that had cropped up from the appearance of all those awakened ones had been temporarily solved with everyone’s joint effort. But how long could this last? One ought to know that above the awakened realm was the resonance realm as well as the gods that had yet to appear.

The deputy president stared into the distance. “How long can this peace last?”

Gene Production Association. After creating the awakening gene reagent, Chen Feng had discovered a certain issue, an issue everyone in the Gene Production Association was worried about.

For awakened ones, gene production skills were completely ineffective.

That’s right. Gene production was completely useless for awakened ones. This was because during awakening, everyone would reconstruct their body, forming a body of pure energy. Such a body was not something that could be changed or affected easily.

As such… gene reagents were useless for these people. At present, the most powerful gene reagent they had was the awakening gene reagent. This seemed like the perfect ending for the gene producers in this coming new era.

“I suppose the time has come for us to be washed out of the annals of history,” a certain master said suddenly. A different person smiled bitterly. “Is that so?”  In this new era where awakened ones were everywhere, what could gene producers do? With their gene production skills, the Genetic Era began. Yet it was this very Genetic Era that now abandoned them, rendering them useless. This was truly quite lamentable.
However, something like this was the natural progression of history. It was inevitable. Since genes were no longer useful for awakened ones, the path of gene production would be gradually phased out.

In the future, awakened ones, resonance, and even more powerful existences would appear. They would be completely helpless. This was what they worried most about.

“Progress is inevitable. Gene production has left a deep mark in the annals of history and contributed to humanity. This is already sufficient.”
These were the words of a certain master producer. Alas, one couldn’t help but notice the desolation in his voice. Had the time arrived for gene production to slowly disappear? Instinctively, they all looked at Chen Feng. After all, among all of them, Chen Feng was the only one who was both an awakened and also a gene producer.

Chen Feng noticed this problem as well. “Let me think about it.”
Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of an issue. The bodies of all awakened ones had been reconstructed. Even after destruction, the body could be recovered in a short time period. Since the entirety of the body was constructed of energy, gene reagents would be ineffective.

Of course, some of the more simplistic recovery gene reagents seemed to work fine. However, no matter what gene reagent one used, one would no longer be able to alter the essence of their awakened body. An example of such essence- altering gene reagents were gene reagents that helped in breaking through, gene reagents that helped to increase the quality of one’s body, and so on.

Since an awakened body was formed of energy, the provocation of gene reagents would be useless. Or perhaps, even if the body was indeed changed, the change would only be temporary. The moment the energy body reconstructed itself, the changes would vanish.

With this, any sort of improvement one obtained from a gene reagent would be pointless. This was the very question they need to answer. What exactly was the foundation of the reconstruction of an awakened body? Chen Feng sank into contemplation as he pondered this.

Since the body could be reconstructed without stop, there ought to be a template that the body abided by. Only then would the body be able to reconstruct upon destruction. However, where was this template stored?

Shua! Chen Feng’s brain spun rapidly. It was definitely impossible for the body itself to serve as the storage of the template. If so, what about one’s consciousness…

Chen Feng immersed himself in his consciousness and started searching for the template. Finally, at the depths of his sea of consciousness, he found a miniature version of himself that looked exactly the same as him. This was the very template!

“I see.”
Chen Feng gained understanding. So this was the essence of an awakened one? Interestingly, the sight of this reminded Chen Feng of a certain term he had once read in cultivation web novels. For these miniature persons, the term would be “nascent soul.”

Chapter 684: New Future

Chen Feng smiled self mockingly. “It is truly unexpected that even us of the Genetic Era will have a day where we reach the nascent-soul realm.”  It seemed like a so-called awakened one was in fact the construction of such a template within one’s sea of consciousness. Perhaps this template was the true self, the true form of a person after awakening. If so, things were much more understandable.

Well then… if genes were produced for that miniature person instead, perhaps there would be a brand-new world? This would absolutely be a brand-new domain.

Shall I try it out?

Chen Feng regarded the miniature him. This miniature person was not an energy body, nor was it the body of flesh from before. Rather, this was a unique body of consciousness. Perhaps one could regard this body as something that came into existence after a person’s consciousness surpassed the realm of the fleshly body. Chen Feng contemplated. If things continued this way, perhaps the next realm would be godhood ascension. Spirit was puzzled. “What is godhood ascension?”  She felt like this master of hers had way too many bizarre and unknown terms in his brain.

“Hehe.” Chen Feng did not explain. “Come, Spirit. Help me research a new gene production techniques.”
“All right.” Spirit paused and asked curiously, “If we are researching something that can be used on an awakened one, it will be completely unrelated to genes, right? This should be a brand new discipline rather than gene production, right?”
“Mhm.” Chen Feng was naturally aware of that. Truthfully, this new research would be unrelated to genes. However, looking at all those old and gray-haired gene producers, Chen Feng had decided to retain the word gene and called this a new gene production technique.

Chen Feng shook his head. “We have to give them hope, right? These master producers are all extremely experienced and strong. As such, the development and meticulous study of this new discipline will still rely on them. If so, should we tell them that in fact, this new production technique is no longer related to genes? Telling them that the gene production techniques they have spent their entire lives dedicated to are on the verge of extinction? They will not be able to face this fact, nor will they want to face this fact.” Chen Feng sighed. “Therefore, calling this new discipline a new gene production technique is the best choice, for both them and me.”
Spirit nodded. “Wu.”
“Then let us begin.”
Chen Feng and Spirit started studying this miniature person.

This was supposed to be an extremely difficult process. However, thanks to the illusory world Chen Feng already possessed because of his Luck Aura and Spirit’s assistance, the research wasn’t particularly hard for him.

Mhm… Spirit could even touch the miniature person directly. After all, they were both similarly bodies of consciousness. As such, it wasn’t a problem for Spirit.

Chen Feng had an odd expression. “Cough, cough. Don’t touch around.”
Every place Spirit’s tiny hand touched, he could feel clearly.
As such, this body of consciousness was in fact another him.

“If this is another me…”
Chen Feng tried controlling the miniature person.


His consciousness moved, and it instantly moved into the body of the miniature person. No, the word “return” would be more apt in describing this act of moving into the miniature person. At the instant he entered, he could clearly feel that this was indeed his main body. He tried moving…

He fell down, and his nose hit the ground.

Spirit: “…”
Chen Feng: “…”
Wobbling, he crawled up and smiled bitterly before leaving the miniature person. After losing Chen Feng’s consciousness, the miniature person slowly hovered and assumed its previous position once again.

“This fellow seems to be somewhat uncontrollable.” Chen Feng sank into contemplation. It seemed like he would only be able to gradually gain control over this miniature person after he had become even stronger. Fortunately, he was not currently in a rush to control the miniature person. All he needed to find out were ways to either stimulate or improve
this miniature person.

Since this was a body of consciousness, if gene reagents in the form of consciousness were to be produced…
Chen Feng immediately acted upon his thoughts. He gathered a bunch of gene reagents capable of stabilizing one’s consciousness from the warehouse of the Gene Production Association and started his production.

Shortly after, his production was complete. He gulped it down.

Nothing. “The  traditional  method  is  indeed  unusable,”  Chen  Feng muttered to himself. What if he tried exerting control over them with his consciousness?

He pondered.

Suddenly, some of the materials before him started floating. The consciousness of an awakened one was already powerful in the first place. As such, moving these materials with his consciousness was quite an easy feat. He crushed these materials with his consciousness. Next, the crushed materials transformed into countless light particles that drifted toward the miniature person. The miniature person proceeded to absorb those particles. At this instant, Chen Feng could feel the miniature person stabilizing.

Chen Feng was astonished. “It can actually absorb the materials directly…” “That’s right.” Spirit’s eyes were wide open as well. She had seen   clearly   earlier.   “The   strength   of   an   awakened’s consciousness seems capable of transforming all materials into energy form.”
Chen Feng started his attempts.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After crushing numerous materials, Chen Feng discovered some trends. For pure individual materials, some were able to transform into energy form while others could not. The same applied to mixed materials. However, materials that were mixed correctly were obviously much better than individual materials, especially when the mixing ratio was correct.

Chen Feng gained understanding. “In short… by selecting different materials and allocating a proper ratio to them before refining them with the consciousness of an awakened, a reagent that can be used by awakened ones will be produced.” This was a brand-new discipline. As such, Chen Feng did not even require luck value to help him. By randomly mixing materials together, he was already able to come out with some formulas, since there were no other such formulas in existence. Some of these formulas were rather weak, though. Even so, this was already sufficient.

For example, this particular awakening stabilizer reagent he had just come up with.

It could be produced by simply mixing three materials capable of stimulating one’s consciousness. After refining it with the consciousness of awakened, it would turn into a clump of energy, an energy with an effect much more concentrated than their previous physical form.

Naturally, even if it was much more concentrated, it would only have a feeble effect on an awakened one.

However, for aspiring producers, this would be a good beginner reagent for them to learn. Shua!

Once again, Chen Feng produced a clump of energy before forcing the clump into a reagent bottle.

The bottle started shining with a blue light.

Chen Feng contemplated. “Seems like the reagent bottles can store energies as well.”
Everyone was bewildered as they saw this. “What is this?”
They had watched on as Chen Feng had fallen into deep contemplation before busying himself without stop. They were aware that he had gained some understanding and had not dared disturb his line of thought. As such, they had merely waited on him until, finally, this thing was created: a bottle containing some light in it. Chen Feng passed it to a random master producer. “Get an awakened one to try this out.”
Soon, an awakened one that was stationed here was called over. After consuming the reagent, his eyes widened and he said, “I feel like there has been a slight increase in my strength.”

All the producers were startled.


They looked at Chen Feng joyfully, feeling anxious at the same time. “You discovered something?” “Of course,” Chen Feng said with a smile. “I have named this thing ‘awakening stabilizer reagent,’ the most basic of gene reagents. In fact, its production is rather simple. I will pass on the formula to you guys later. However, one single premise for a person to be able to engage in such research is that the person must be an awakened one. Therefore, dear master producers… I’m afraid the time has come for you guys to increase your strength. Since this new discipline is somewhat different than the gene productions of the past, I am calling it ‘new gene production techniques’.”
“The  awakening  stabilizer  I  created  earlier  is  but  a  mere fragment of the possibilities this new discipline entails. For master producers like you all, you will be able to create even more gene reagents. However, I suppose you will all have to work hard to increase your strength for now.”
“That does not matter.”
All the master producers were overwhelmed by their emotions. What they feared most was the end of gene production. Now that Chen Feng had given them a beautiful future, what was there to fear? As for breaking through into the awakened realm… that was not a problem whatsoever. As master producers, since they were capable of helping genetic warriors break through, they were naturally able to help themselves break through as well. Although gene producers normally had rather weak combat power, their actual realms were in fact never too low. As such, they were all confident that they could enter the awakened realm before

Next, Chen Feng passed on what he had learned to them. Looking at all of them studying this new discipline seriously, he felt rather gratified. The amount of time and energy one had to spend when conducting research was incredibly high. As such, only these master producers here that had given their entire lives to gene producer could study this new discipline with such enthusiasm.

Chen Feng believed that with their experience and qualifications, they would most certainly be able to come out with more and better gene reagents. As for him…
“I suppose it’s time for me to increase my strength.” He inhaled deeply. The primordial had descended, and awakened ones were walking everywhere. The resonance would reappear soon, and the ultimate trump card Chen Feng had once relied on to stand tall above all others might no longer remain so powerful in face of all this. Therefore, he had to increase his strength as soon as possible. After all, in this era, strength was the most important thing.

Chapter 685: It Is Too Excessive to Use the Trump Card Right off the Bat

Genetic Union.

After dealing with the gene producers, Chen Feng was finally free to properly take a look at his own strength.

Update complete.

Chen Feng updated his wristband communicator and then scanned himself with it. With astonishment, he found that despite his several minor breakthroughs, he was still a level three awakened.

Chen Feng frowned. “Somewhat weak.” One ought to know that at present, most of the awakened ones were already level one or level two. As for the people that had been stuck at beyond A class for countless years like their president, these inconceivably powerful genetic warriors had immediately reached level three the moment they had awakened, skipping past the first two levels.

Seniors were indeed seniors. Chen Feng could only comfort himself this way. They had already been stuck for several decades. Now that the bottleneck had been broken through, it was natural for them to skyrocket. After thinking about it, Chen Feng found that the only way he could increase his strength rapidly was through gene production. Unfortunately, if he had to personally research the gene reagents capable of increasing the strength of awakened ones, the time taken would be way too long.

“Wouldn’t it be good if you could still be used?” Chen Feng said as he looked at his Luck Aura. He was confident that if he had his Luck Aura helping him, he would be able to create a brand-new gene reagent in a short time, a gene reagent capable of greatly increasing his strength.

Alas, Luck Aura had been inactive since a while ago. He still remembered that at first, Spirit had told him that this was an upgrade. And next, after upgrading, it had deactivated, no longer working. This stupid Luck Aura was truly even more unreliable than Android. Chen Feng had long gotten used to the discomfort caused by the lack of Luck Aura.

Spirit pondered and said, “Don’t worry. I have a premonition that soon, something will happen.”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “I do not believe you.” He recalled how, previously, Spirit had told him that Luck Aura would not take long to upgrade, yet how long had it been?

Chen Feng laughed self-mockingly. “I might as well rely on myself.” In any case, the improvement of an awakened one was a lengthy process. At present, those people had only been able to advance rapidly due to their accumulation during the several decades they had been stuck at beyond A class.

As for those that had fused with primordial fragments, these people had broken through borrowing the help of the primordial powers. As such, a number of awakened ones were starting to enter level three, with some at level four or level five already. As for Chen Feng, he was still stuck at level three. As time passed, the masses would slowly forget the fact that once upon a time, Chen Feng had been the number one expert in the world. When they mentioned him, they would only talk about his legendary gene productions or his kindness.

How about Chen Feng as an expert? Huh, Chen Feng could fight as well? This was especially true since nowadays, one gene producer after another was entering the awakened realm as well. Chen Feng’s unique identity as the sole awakened gene producer ceased being unique.

Of course, these awakened gene producers were all people that relied on gene reagents to break through and thus had extremely weak combat power. However, they had never participated in any battles anyway and had only been focusing on gene productions.

With all these developments, once again, the dividing line between genetic warriors and gene producers became crystal clear, with the trend of fighting gene producers that had arisen due to Chen Feng dying out. Genetic warriors should be responsible for fighting, whereas gene producers should be responsible for gene production. That was all.

During this period of time, it was also rumored that numerous formidable auras could be felt without stop, yet these auras had yet to reveal themselves. The popular opinion was that these were the auras of those in the resonance realm, or perhaps even gods.

This was something Qin Hai was extremely worried about.

“Fear not. Although the appearance of gods is inevitable, a long time will be required for that. For now, even those in the resonance realm have yet to reappear. As such, the gods that those in the resonance realm resonated with will naturally take longer to appear.”
This was the answer given by Duma.

After the seal on resonance was lifted, Duma had officially become the number one expert in the world. Despite that, he still avoided using the power of resonance as best he could. As for his previous task of locating primordial fragments around the world, it had been handed over to the Genetic Union. His present task was searching for those in the resonance realm, the resonators.

Although the possibility of him locating them seemed slim, he remained hopeful. If… if he could kill those resonators in their cradle, perhaps the gods would not appear at all? This was what he thought.

Alas, these resonators were similar to Duma, all sly old foxes that had been alive for ages. Each of them was extremely crafty. How would they allow him to find them?

With all this happening, time passed slowly. At present, one whole month had passed.

Kong Bai, Xu Fei, and the rest had all entered the awakened realm as well, becoming geniuses of the Genetic Union. They had been accepting missions without stop, subduing awakened ones worldwide Their fame had spread far and wide, making them sort of celebrity genetic warriors. There were also a huge number of geniuses from the ancient race that had passed the test and been accepted into the Genetic Union, joining the ranks of the awakened ones.

“Look, fast.”
“Wow, it’s Kong Bai!”
“Ah ah ah, I heard he killed an evil awakened one yesterday that had caused disaster to an entire city.”
“Mhm, I heard that too. That awakened one had seemingly fused with some disgusting primordial fragment, turning him into an absolute pervert. Luckily, he was ended by Kong Bai.”
“I have decided that Kong Bai is my idol, despite his somewhat ugly appearance.”
Several young girls chattered on and on, talking about the celebrity genetic warriors. Distantly, our dear Kong Bai, who was walking by, feigned a calm look on his face with a trace of a proud smile as he heard them talking about him. Alas, this did not last long before he was utterly hurt by the final few words uttered by the girls.

Fake fans! All of you are fake fans!

Time passed.

At present, the general situation had stabilized. At the very least, this was what it seemed like on the surface. While Kong Bai and the rest were gaining fame worldwide, our dear Chen Feng was already a legend who had withdrawn himself to the second line of duty, hiding himself behind the scenes.

The masses were no longer able to see him publicly, yet his legends never stopped being talked about. At present, this very legend was filled with worry in a certain training room. In the illusory world within his body, two completely identical people, one big and one small, were staring wide eyed at each other.

Chen Feng lifted his left hand. Almost instantaneously, the miniature person opposite him lifted a hand as well.

He lifted his right hand this time. The miniature person did the same.

“Right.” “Left.”
Chen Feng started waving his hand without stop, and the miniature person reacted accordingly without stop. Gradually, the complicity of the movement increased. From the initial waving of hands till the final complicated set of motions, the two were able to move uniformly.

Spirit started producing some sound effects. “Cilacila—”
Chen Feng frowned slightly but steadily continued with his range of motions. In the real world, there was no absolute silence. As such, to maintain the absolute affinity between him and the miniature person, he had to ensure he could maintain it despite background disturbances. This was what Chen Feng was training for.

“Cici—” The random noises persisted around him. Chen Feng and the miniature person were still able to maintain their affinity despite the complicated motions. Right at this time, Spirit seemed somewhat dissatisfied. Next, the random background noises changed suddenly, turning into a familiar song. The moment Chen Feng heard this, his face greened.

“The boundless end of the world…”

The coordination between Chen Feng and the miniature person did not last longer than three seconds after this song.

“Stop,” Chen Feng grumbled. “Why are you messing around?”
Spirit curled her lip. “Did you not say that disturbances are essential for your training?” “Yes, but you don’t have to use the ultimate trump card right at the start, right?”
Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

What in the world? If Spirit was allowed to continue playing such catchy songs, how was he supposed to control both him and the miniature person at the same time? It would already be great if he was able to stay clear headed under the effect of this song. If, later, Spirit started playing songs like Little Apple and such, Chen Feng felt like he would no longer be able to continue this training.

Spirit laughed mischievously. “Hehe.”
“What is the degree of affinity at present?” Chen Feng asked.

“Mhm.”   Spirit  took  a  look  and  said,  “More  than  99%. Although your realm still remains at level three awakened, I am certain that not a single awakened one out there is capable of controlling their miniature person as nimbly as you. Of course, I doubt they can even discover this miniature person.” “Wu.”
Chen Feng sank into contemplation. The only reason he had been able to discover the miniature person was due to the existence of this illusory world created in his consciousness by Luck Aura. Even with this superiority, he had only discovered this miniature person at the very depths of his consciousness even after being an awakened for so long. If he did not have this illusory world…
He would probably have taken much longer, or he might have failed to discover this miniature person altogether. The miniature person would be concealed within the depths of a person, never to appear. As such, the act of exerting any control over this miniature person was unheard of.

“Seems  like  I  am  ahead  of  them  all.”  Chen  Feng  smiled. “Since my affinity is nearing 100%, I can start trying other things.” Hu—
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. As everyone else was focusing on increasing their strength, Chen Feng was focusing on his affinity with the miniature person. The reason for this was a rather inconceivable guess he had. Now, it was finally time to verify his guess.


He raised his hand, aiming at the testing equipment before him.

Within him, that miniature person raised his hand as well and assumed the same posture.


A ray of light shot out. The instant that ray of energy shot out, space and time seemed to transform. Chen Feng had a feeling that at this moment, he and that miniature person were increasing in affinity infinitely until ultimately, they were synchronous.

This feeling…

Instantly, the testing equipment before him was spoiled. This brand-new equipment capable of enduring the attack of a level six awakened had a hole in it as a result of this single jab from Chen Feng.

This… is this the power of resonance?

Chapter 686: Chen Feng’s New Strength



The testing equipment buzzed without stop, but it was ignored by Chen Feng.

He formed a semicircle with his hands before slowly moving his hands away as he slowly calmed his aura. In his sea of consciousness, the miniature person performed the same motions as him, slowly moving his hands away.
Chen Feng’s heart jolted. So… this is resonance? He gazed at the hole that had appeared in this equipment that was supposed to be capable of enduring the attack of a level six awakened and knew that his guess was indeed correct. So it turned out that the so-called resonance was in fact the act of triggering resonance with the miniature person within oneself. However, as Chen Feng gave this some thought, he still felt that something wasn’t right.

Resonance… was it not the resonance of power? Shouldn’t resonance be something that would only arise when a resonator’s power resonated with the power of a god? What was up with that miniature person? Or perhaps… What did that miniature person represent?

Chen Feng shook his head. “Forget it.” It did not matter what the miniature person was. He needed to first see how strong this resonance was.

Chen Feng summoned the deputy president over. “Is there any  stronger  testing  equipment?”   In  fact,  Chen  Feng  was extremely unfamiliar with the people of the Genetic Union. But he had this deputy president here he could boss around, and that was sufficient as far as he was concerned.

The deputy president shrugged. “Um, no. This is already the latest creation of the Research Agency.”  Creating equipment capable of enduring the attack of a level six awakened and slotting a testing chip onto the equipment had already taken all of the Research Agency’s effort.

“Huh? Why did this thing break? What scary gene reagent are you producing this time?”  The deputy president did not know whether to laugh or cry when he saw the hole there. His head aching, he said, “I reckon I will get scolded by them for this again.”
“Calm down. I don’t need the same piece of testing equipment. Just tell me, how can I find something that can endure even stronger attacks?” Chen Feng asked.

“It’s  quite  simple.”   The  deputy  president  pointed  at  the testing equipment that had a hole in it and said, “Just get two of these, put them together, and they will possess a defense that is roughly the same as a level nine awakened. Unfortunately, this equipment is too valuable. As such, the Research Agency will not provide us with more no matter what.”
“Is that so?” Chen Feng said pensively. The deputy president shook his head. “There’s nothing to be done about it. If you really need it, I can go apply for it.”
In fact, the number of people using this equipment was quite low in number. Under normal circumstances, using the tester installed on one’s wristband was already sufficient. Most of the time, this equipment was only used to test the strength of one’s abilities. At present, the number of awakened was still not too high, and very few awakened abilities were in circulation. As such, most of the awakened ones had no abilities that they could actually put forth to test.

“There’s no need for that,”  Chen Feng said after pondering the matter.

He inhaled deeply. The miniature person within him started synching with him.

The awakened power started flowing within his body. Not needing any sort of abilities, Chen Feng merely waved his hand horizontally in a serene manner.


A horizontal line shot out. Next, the testing equipment capable of enduring the attack of a level six awakened was instantly split in two. With this simple-looking attack from Chen Feng, it was slashed apart.


The deputy president’s eyes widened. He was completely dumbstruck.

Sla-slashed apart? He looked at the hole in the equipment and suddenly realized something. “This… this is not something you corroded with a gene reagent. Rather, it is a hole you left with your attack?” He was startled. He had initially believed that this hole had been created by Chen Feng using some gene reagent. Surprisingly, Chen Feng had actually blasted this hole in the equipment with his own strength. What did this signify? One ought to know that at present, even their level-five president
could not even leave a dent on this equipment. Yet this Chen
Feng was capable of…
The deputy president’s mouth was stuck agape for a long time. Next, he watched on blankly as Chen Feng stacked the two pieces of slashed equipment together, creating a double- layered testing equipment that was shorter than before. Just as the deputy president had mentioned previously, being stacked like this, this equipment would possess a defense equivalent to a level-nine awakened.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

At present, to sync with his miniature person, he needed to first calm his mind. This time, he was able to maintain his calm, synching with the miniature person within him perfectly. Next, he fixed his gaze on the testing equipment and slowly stretched his hand out.


What is he trying to do? Could it be…
The eyes of the deputy president widened. At present, he was completely at a loss. He was able to realize the meaning behind Chen Feng’s series of questions soon enough. Chen Feng was trying to test his attack on the defense of a level-nine awakened.

“It can’t be, right?”
The deputy president was filled with hope and fear at the same time. He watched on as Chen Feng calmly pointed with his finger. There was no flashy-looking ability, nor were there any spectacular special effects from this attack. Pu!

Just like that, the stacked equipment was instantly penetrated.


The deputy president blanked.

Succeeded! He actually succeeded!

This Chen Feng kid that had been gradually forgotten had once again created a miracle, reaching such a level of strength. After all, that was the strength of a level-nine awakened! In the levels of awakened, each subsequent level was much scarier than the previous level. The present Chen Feng was five levels higher than their president. If so, how strong was he, exactly? None of them had an answer. “A pity…” Chen Feng was somewhat disappointed. He had clearly sensed that this time, he had only managed to forcefully pierce through the stacked equipment with some difficulty. Moreover, the hole in the piece of equipment stacked at the back was much smaller than the hole in the front, nearly negligible. The back was also pierced, yet the hole was only as small as a needle, whereas the hole in the front equipment was as big as a finger. This signified that Chen Feng’s present strength was level-nine awakened.

“Level nine awakened…”
Chen Feng sank into contemplation. In other words, as a level-three awakened, he could reach level-nine awakened after resonance?

The deputy president almost banged his head on the wall to death upon hearing this. Already a level-nine awakened, yet he still felt that it was a pity? He was truly speechless. “Your strength…”
Chen Feng waved his hand. “It is better for this news to not be released. Otherwise, the others will become dispirited. If there are any missions you guys can’t complete, just hand them to me secretly.”
The deputy president could only force a smile at this. “All right.” What Chen Feng said was right. If this news was spread, a lot of people would be dispirited indeed. The deputy president could only lament that a legend was truly a legend, after all.

Perhaps, from the moment Chen Feng had become a legend, he had already been an insurmountable existence. Suddenly, the deputy president thought of the previous legendary existence before Chen Feng.

Luo Yuan!

It was quite a pity that the guy was completely uninterested in gene cultivation and was only focused on business. Ultimately, he had founded his Stormtech Company, his way of contributing to humanity. The deputy president gazed at the wristband on his hand. True, when he thought of how the Stormtech Company would provide assistance unconditionally whenever humanity encountered disaster, what more could he say about them? That Luo Yuan was also a legend, similar to Chen Feng. Both were contributing to this world silently.

“Now  that  we  have  mentioned  missions…”   The  deputy president paused and said, “There is truly something we need your help with.”
Chen Feng looked at him. “Oh?”
“Something has happened at a certain location. There, all life-forms have gone berserk and have become stronger all of a sudden. Primordial auras can also be felt there. It’s a place even the  president  feels  an  intense  sense  of  danger,”  the  deputy president said with a bitter smile.

Chen Feng became curious. “Did Duma not go there?” “Senior  Duma  left  some  things  for  us  to  use  to  judge  if anything that appears has the power of resonance. If it does, we are to immediately let him know. However, we tested and noted that there is no aura of resonance there.”  The deputy president pondered and continued, “Therefore, we believe that the existences there are probably at the higher end of the awakened realm.”
Chen Feng nodded. “I see. Send the coordinate to me, then.
Let me pay that place a visit.”
“All right.” The deputy president was happy to hear this. However, just as he was about to send the coordinates to Chen Feng, the earth trembled suddenly and a terrifying and formidable aura surged, piercing straight into the clouds.


The terrifying aura spread far and wide. Nearly all the awakened ones in existence could sense the extreme threat it posed. The deputy president’s expression changed greatly. “That place… This is from the same place I told you about.”
He had always been worried that something would happen there, and now, something had indeed happened there.

Chen Feng was startled. “This…” He was rather uninterested in these erupting powers. What caused him shock was the fact that the moment he sensed that aura, his Luck Aura, which had stayed dormant for a long time, suddenly started moving again.

Chapter 687: I Felt My Heart Beating

In Lugang Town, a light beam soared up straight into the clouds. The terrifying radiance and boundless aura spread and were felt clearly by nearly all the awakened ones worldwide.

“What is that?”
“A resonator of legend?”
“No, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Even a resonator should not possess such powerful strength. From the looks of the aura, it might be a god?”
“The aura of a god?”
Everyone was alarmed. It was impossible for this aura to be unleashed by a god for real. However, since this was indeed the aura of a god, it signified that it was quite possible that a legendary godly tool was what was unleashing this aura. Or perhaps…
An inheritance left behind by a god.

At the thought of this, everyone could no longer remain calm, including those awakened ones who were still in the midst of recovery.

“An item left behind by a god…”
“This aura…”
“If I can obtain it…”
Everyone started forming their own plans. Since chaos was about to erupt, nobody could know for sure what the future would be like. If at this time they could greatly increase their strength, perhaps they could truly build a strong foundation in this coming new era. “I am definitely going to obtain this thing,” a person said with a resolute gaze.

“No matter what it is, I must obtain it,” another person said.

“Looks like… I can leave seclusion in advance.” A resonator who had yet to recover his full strength walked out of his cave.

At the same time, countless people headed toward Lugang Town. Everyone had the same goal: to obtain the item left behind by a god.
At present, the Genetic Union had just completed their investigation of Lugang Town. This was an ordinary small town. Strictly speaking, the exact place that this had happened not within the town. Rather, it had happened in a forest near the town. Within that forest was a huge lake, a lake where, originally, a mysterious stone had floated and later suddenly disappeared for no apparent reason. This time, it had reappeared again, causing such a big scene. The   deputy   president   spoke   slowly.   “Based   on   our investigation, that so-called leftover item of god is in fact that stone.”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted. So it’s that stone! If it was that stone…
He contacted Duma immediately. After contemplating in silence for a while, Duma merely shook his head and said, “Something like this will only be obtained by the one fated to obtain it. Your strength will not matter.”
Chen Feng contemplated as he sensed the stirring Luck Aura within him. Fate…
He could clearly feel that the moment that stone had started erupting with this aura, Luck Aura had begun shining brightly. Perhaps, this was the opportunity for his Luck Aura to finally complete its upgrade. The moment he obtained the stone, Luck Aura would finish upgrading! Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. Next, he would be able to rise in power in the coming aura of chaos with his Luck Aura. At the thought of this, Chen Feng inhaled deeply. It seemed like he would have to go compete for the stone as well!

The deputy president transmitted some information to him. “This is the information pertaining to Lugang City. We have a branch there as well. Although that branch isn’t particularly strong, they can still provide you with some assistance. At present, a lot of people have already headed there. Based on the official statistics, at least several dozen awakened ones had appeared there. It is now an extremely dangerous place.”
Chen Feng was astonished. “Several dozen…”  The Genetic Union had been subduing awakened ones all this while, yet there were still so many out there?

The deputy president shrugged. “There’s no helping it. Some awakened ones are extremely intelligent and hid themselves immediately upon awakening. After all, as long as they don’t act recklessly, their aura will never leak out. As such, such awakened ones are impossible for us to locate. But this incident might be a good chance for us to subdue even more awakened ones. We already have some awakened ones ready in secret. As for the thing…”
The deputy president sank into contemplation. He had no idea what exactly the thing that was said to be left behind by a god was. However, if it was truly something important, there a huge number of experts would compete over it. As such, it would be pointless no matter how many people he deployed over there. With Chen Feng’s present strength, they would not be able to out-compete him. They might as well retain their strength.

“I will get them to be on call at Lugang Town,” the deputy president said after giving it some thought. “If you have anything you want them to do, you can command them at any time.”
“Mhm.” Chen Feng nodded and paused, then said, “It is for the best if the people of the Genetic Union do not get involved in this. Resonators might appear this time.”
The deputy president’s expression changed greatly. “Resonators!”  Had the time come for such terrifying enemies to appear?

Chen Feng shook his head. “There is no need to be afraid. Although they will appear there, their strength is probably greatly weakened as well. At most, they will be at around level eight or nine awakened… I will give it a try when the time comes. It is better if the newbie awakened ones of the Genetic Union do not go forward and throw their lives away. At that time, get them to focus only on the level-one or -two lone awakened ones. That will be sufficient.”
The deputy president nodded with a bitter smile. “Understood.”  Only now did he realize for real the depths of the hidden currents of this incident.

Awakened… Resonance… Perhaps the appearance of this stone was also the start of the chaotic era? There, a huge battle would definitely erupt. At the thought of this, the deputy president deployed several dozen awakened ones. Their only mission was to maintain stability in Lugang Town, nothing else.

Chen Feng was astonished. “They are not there yet?” “Mhm. Based on the news we received, that radiance is still enveloping the entire forest. Nobody is able to approach. All the  awakened  ones  are  waiting  for  a  chance  nearby,”   the deputy president explained.

Chen Feng shut his eyes.

He was sure that this stone was definitely related to the Fate Stone.

“Spirit, can you feel anything,” Chen Feng asked Spirit.

“Mhm…”  Spirit  had  a  perplexed  expression.  “When  that thing appeared, I seemingly felt my own heartbeat. However, I am obviously a mere body of consciousness…” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Is that so?”  Indeed, Spirit could feel it as well.

Chen Feng smiled. If his guess was correct… “Looks like an upgrade is imminent for you.”
Soon after leaving the Genetic Union, he arrived in Lugang Town. The instant he stepped into Lugang Town, the radiance enveloping the forest started trembling, instantly removing the seal around the forest.

“It has opened!”
“Hahaha, this is precisely what I have been waiting for.”
“Has it finally started?”
Countless people charged in emotionally, wanting to obtain the item before others. Only Chen Feng stood outside with a smile on his face. Indeed… his guess was correct! At present, he could clearly feel the faint trembling of his Luck Aura.

It still couldn’t be used. However, it was reacting quite intensely to that stone. Facing a different direction, his Luck Aura would have a reaction of a different intensity. With this, his Luck Aura could be used as a compass of sorts. Through its reaction, he could clearly feel the location of that mysterious stone.

Have you been waiting for me all this while? Or perhaps… you have been waiting for Luck Aura?

Chen  Feng  smiled  toyingly.  “Things  are  going  to  get interesting.”

With a leap, he entered the forest. The instant Chen Feng entered the forest, the water of the lake started surging rapidly, giving rise to 100-meter waves that swept everywhere like a tsunami. Bang!

The earth trembled.

Chapter 688: Mysterious Swamp

At this time, those awakened ones that had just entered the forest had just prepared for an all-out battle to obtain the item when the sudden appearance of the tsunami shocked them all.

“What the hell is this?”
“Damn it.”
“Why has the water suddenly left the lake?”
They were all startled, looking at the incoming hundred- meter-tall wave that left nowhere to hide.

“But this water… seems like regular water… right?” one person said cautiously.

“Regular water?” Everyone raised their heads and looked over. Indeed, although the wave seemed rather violent, it seemed like nothing but mere lake water.


A person tossed a pile of stones, tree leaves, and other random stuff at the water, and all these things remained fine, not suffering any damage, merely becoming soaked. At this, they all heaved a sigh of relief.

Regular water, huh? The word “god” had rendered them scared of every random thing here.


Someone tried walking through the hundred-meter-tall wave and found that after walking through, he was indeed still fine. Upon seeing this, everyone else started pushing in as well. 
Numerous silhouettes passed through the wave. Alas, after passing through the wave, they found that the entirety of this forest had seemingly changed, and the water had all vanished as well.

“Where’s the lake?”
They all had odd expressions on their faces. Holy shit, had all of the water in the lake been in the huge tsunami earlier? At this time, within the huge forest, not a drop of lake water could be found, only leaving a huge amount of mud behind as well as numerous trees growing in the mud, giving off a rather sinister feeling. 
Someone had seemingly stepped in something while walking. When he tried walking away, he found with astonishment that an attractive force had appeared, sucking him in.

“This…” His expression changed. “Quagmire?”
He instinctively looked at the person beside him for help. “Save me.”

Everyone around him avoided him.

What joke was this? Everyone was here to obtain the item left by a god. As such, their relationship could be described with the word “hostile.” It was already a good thing for them to not attack him, yet he expected them to save him? 
Everyone studied the mud beneath their feet cautiously.

Seeing this, that person snorted coldly. “Hmph.”

Instantly, he chopped his trapped feet off before exhausting a huge amount of energy to reconstruct a brand-new leg. Everyone raised a brow at this sight. So it turned out that this quagmire wasn’t fatal? This place where the aura of a god leaked seemed completely different than what they had imagined. The moment they had arrived, a dangerous-looking tsunami comprised of completely ordinary water had surged at them. Next, they had encountered this nonfatal quagmire seemingly only here to jest at them.

As a place with a trace of a god, shouldn’t it be laden with danger? stepped into it, one would not be able to escape without outside help. However, for awakened ones, they could reconstruct their energy body anyway. As such, they did not fear such a quagmire.

This place…
Could this be something left behind by a mere awakened one instead?

Everyone’s heart jolted. Perhaps this was a place for nonawakened ones to obtain their inheritance prior to the Primordial Era? Although this quagmire wasn’t fatal for an awakened one, it was absolutely fatal for a regular person.

If that was truly the case…
Suddenly, the air was filled with killing intent. Everyone looked at each other, killing intent in their eyes. At first, everyone had been of the opinion that this was a dangerous place and so had not dared to act recklessly. Now that they had determined that this place wasn’t a threat for awakened ones, the only threat was the other people around them.

The mood seemed to freeze. Right at this instant, someone took another step forth.


He stepped into the quagmire as well.


Without asking for help, he smashed his leg to smithereens immediately to free himself from the mud before reconstructing it. Next, he took another step forth. Yet this time, with astonishment, he noted that he had once again stepped into a quagmire.

??? He was somewhat dumbstruck. Something seemed wrong with this?


Once again, he smashed his own feet to smithereens.

This time, before taking another step, he looked around carefully and confirmed that it was not possible for this entire piece of land to be an endless quagmire. From the density of this swamp…there was only a 20% probability of one stepping upon a sinking quagmire when walking.

“Am I so unlucky?” he muttered.


He took another step forth, and his face darkened. He had stepped on a sinking quagmire yet again! This time, the others, who had still been laughing at him earlier, could no longer laugh. What did it mean for this person to hit the jackpot with a mere 20% probability three times in a row? Was he truly so unlucky? Moreover, the other person from earlier had also stepped into a sinking quagmire on his first step.

At present, a total of four steps had been taken, yet all had been into a sinking spot.

There ought to be some problem somewhere. Someone else tried taking a step forth.


Once again, sinking quagmire. The rest tried stepping forth, and with horror, they found that with their very first step, they stepped into the sinking quagmire.


Everyone was confused. What was going on? They all proceeded to destroy and reconstruct their legs. The center of this forest, where that stone was located, was extremely far from this place. If they truly walked forth step by step in this manner, they would exhaust all their energy merely reconstructing their legs. This damnable place!

Someone felt doubtful. “With this density, we shouldn’t be stepping into the quagmire with every step we take, right?” If the entirety of this place was in fact a quagmire, this would be a terrifying abyss. Even the mere act of approaching this place would cause one to be sucked into an endless abyss. Yet obviously, this place was just a regular swamp, a swamp formed when the lake tsunami had swept past. How could it…
They tried walking forth. With horror, they found that the same thing kept happening. With every step, they would sink.

Finally,  their  expressions  became  solemn.  “Something  is wrong here!”
“…” Chen Feng watched on silently.

Earlier, he had also destroyed his own leg and reconstructed it. The same solemn expression was on his face now. However, what caused his face to be solemn wasn’t him stepping on the quagmire. Rather, every single step he took had been on solid ground. The only reason he had even destroyed his leg to reconstruct it was to maintain a low profile. Since the several dozen people here had suffered the same fate yet he was fine, something odd had to be happening here.

“Is it because of you?” Chen Feng asked inwardly.

Spirit appeared to be at a loss as well. “I don’t know. Luck Aura has been trembling all along, yet it is obviously still not working.”
“Then this should be the work of that stone then.” Chen Feng was somewhat agitated. Could that be yet another fate stone?

Spirit’s  eyes  widened.  “Then  we  can  walk  over  directly, right?” If this was truly the Fate Stone making it difficult for others while opening a path for Chen Feng, why were they still wasting time here? Chen Feng only needed to charge forth directly and he would definitely be able to obtain that stone. As for the others here? They would most certainly encounter various difficulties. The moment Luck Aura was done upgrading, they would no longer have any fear of the others here.

Chen  Feng  shook  his  head.  “There’s  no  rush.”  Without  a hundred percent certainty of success, he would most definitely not take any risks. The enemies here were not mere awakened ones. There were also resonators here as well…
If one dared take these people lightly, one would suffer a miserable death!

Chen Feng continued mixing with the bunch of awakened ones, maintaining a low profile. At this time, some people who had been walking forth amid the swamp were finally getting impatient.

“What damnable place is this?” a rather rash awakened one said furiously as he reconstructed his leg yet again. Next, he leaped up without hesitation, thinking of passing through this swamp up in the air. The eyes of everyone else flashed. Finally, someone had gathered enough courage to try this.


That person soared and charged forth. However, before he was airborne for long, his body started swaying before smashing into the ground, directly into the quagmire.

“There are indeed some problems up there as well.”
Everyone’s mood became even more solemn.

Chapter 689: I Am a Resonator!

This was in fact quite simple. Since threats were everywhere at ground level, would it be defenseless up in the air? Evidently, that was not the case. As such, despite the discomfort, everyone had pretended to not know this. This had lasted until a certain idiot had personally tested this guess and confirmed that it was true.


That person started reconstructing his body decisively. However, since this time the entirety of his body was sunk into the quagmire, the amount of energy he expended was so great that it was nearly over his limit. After he was done with the reconstruction and turned around to see how far ahead he had been able to get, his face paled. His remaining energy was insufficient for him to continue on.

“What’s up there?” someone asked.

His face pale, he glared at them and ignored the question. “Hmph.” Looking at the seemingly endless quagmire and the energy left in his body, he inhaled deeply before deciding to give up on this.

“Hehehehe… I shall let you guys have that thing. I no longer want it.”
He turned around and left. Surprisingly, when turning back, not a single step landed in the quagmire. After several steps, he was stunned and wondered if his luck had finally turned for the better. After hesitating, he turned around and tried to once again head in the stone’s direction.


On the first step, he stepped into the quagmire.

“What the hell.”
Without hesitation, he reconstructed his leg and immediately left. At present, those around who were watching on seemed to finally understand something. This damnable quagmire here did not seem to have any effect on those leaving. However, so long as one wanted to enter, each step ahead would be a step into a trap.

Everyone was astonished.

“What damnable place is this exactly?”
“Who the hell knows?”
However, it was still fortunate that no fatal threats had appeared so far. Even this quagmire was something that merely required some time to be solved. It would not be fatal. After resting and regenerating their energy, they would naturally be able to proceed on.

“At most, we will just waste some time,” someone said.

One person sneered. “My energy recovery is very fast.” They started advancing slowly, not knowing that what they had just experienced was merely the tip of the iceberg. With great difficulty, they advanced amid the quagmire. Suddenly, the person at the front was struck by lightning, instantly granting him a spiky hairstyle.

That person: ???

Subsequently, numerous odd things dropped from the sky without stop.

Cell phones…
… Anything one could think of could descend upon them from the sky.

From the speed and momentum of the drop, it was obvious that these things had started dropping from outside the atmosphere.

Swish! Swish!

Numerous things rained upon them with a dreadful speed, causing them to wonder how these things remained fine despite dropping at such high speed through the atmosphere.

Everyone cursed in rage. “Screw this!”
The rage intensified when a certain person’s head was smashed by a chamber pot. In his fury, he remarked, “What the hell? Why would a chamber pot drop down from the sky?”
Bang! Bang! With their strength, these things naturally couldn’t deal harm them. However, this increased the exhaustion rate of their energy, especially so since these things seemingly possessed some homing technology, capable of dropping right on them without missing. This happened to all of them except
Chen Feng.

Speechless, Chen Feng looked on as numerous things dropped from the sky. To avoid suspicion, in a low-profile manner, he intentionally moved toward a certain item that had fallen down. He picked that item up and noted that this was a heavy nameplate forged with a unique metal. It had a gorgeous design, similar to those one would normally place on office tables. These words were written on it: “System Technology”— Ban Zhu.

“Huh? Isn’t this the name of that chairman that also escaped to outer space?”
Chen Feng was astonished at this realization. In short, these things had fallen from outer space? It couldn’t be that the Fate Stone had destroyed a battleship just so it could create some hurdles for these people, right? Or perhaps…
That battleship had long been destroyed, and this debris had been drifting about in space until this moment when it started dropping thanks to the stone?

As for the reason these things remained intact despite the fall, Chen Feng did not contemplate it at all. If luck was truly at work here, everything was possible.

Bang! Bang!

The rain of random things continued. None of them dared to move about recklessly, only forcefully defending against these things.

“Leave, leave fast!” Spirit urged. For Chen Feng, this was the perfect opportunity to dump this group of people. In any case, none of the hurdles here were aimed at him. While everyone was stopped, Chen Feng could charge forth and be the first person to obtain the reward. However, Chen Feng did not seem to be in any sort of rush. “What are you afraid of?” Chen Feng said with a smile. “Spirit, if it is truly something related to Luck Aura, will there be a difference if we go now or later? If it belongs to us, it will belong to us. I might as well take this chance to gain more understanding of the strength of these people. After all, there are resonators amid them as well…”
“Resonance…”  Spirit pouted as she heard this. Was Chen Feng still worried about this?


Those resonators were still hiding themselves.

“No rush.” Chen Feng beamed as he looked at those people. “When the number of people decreases, they will no longer be able to keep hiding.” Spirit nodded. “Mhm. Let’s expedite the speed at which the number of people here decreases. The moment they reveal themselves, revealing their strength and abilities, we no longer need to fear them.”
Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Naturally.”

Up in the sky, suddenly, the dropping items changed. Initially, only small and scattered items had dropped. Now, huge electronic appliances were dropping from the sky. Refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, and even air conditioners were dropping down upon them from outer space. Could one even begin to imagine what this felt like?

Nobody had any clue as to how these things remained intact through the fall. With raging flames wrapped around them, with terrifying might, these things aimed straight at the people there…
This speed…
They were confident that even with this speed, these things would not be able to hurt them. However, amid the quagmire, if they were hit, they would sink even deeper…
Bang! Bang!

Numerous burning electronic appliances dropped from the sky, instantly causing confusion among the people that had just recovered their energy. Moreover, for some unknown reason, these appliances had seemingly gone through some unknown process during their fall, causing even these awakened ones to be unable to destroy them.

Ka! Ka!

A lot of them had half their body sink into the quagmire. 
The only thing they could do was reconstruct their body with a huge amount of energy.

Reconstructing half their body was completely different than reconstructing a single leg. The more body parts they needed to reconstruct, the more the energy exhaustion would be multiplied. After this, a huge number of them were nearing complete energy exhaustion.

“This damnable quagmire…”
One person cursed in rage and could only retreat. Several others saw this and left quietly as well. There were also some who, despite wearing miserable expressions, were still persevering on. The temptation of a god’s aura was sufficient to cause a huge number of people to lose their reason and become crazy.

However, this was merely the start of what was to come. Since an unknown point in time, the empty air around them was nearly sucked straight into the spatial current through these cracks.

“What the hell is this?”
“This is impossible!”
Fear surfaced on his face the moment he saw what it was. “No spatial power has been detected here. If so, why has a spatial current appeared here?”
That’s right. There was no spatial power here. Otherwise, making use of the spatial power, these experts would have been able to reach their destination easily. In that case, why had spatial currents appeared here, then? Was space collapsing here? This…
Some were doubtful. “Illusion?” 
A dummy was tossed over, and instantly, the dummy was sucked away into the spatial current.

Everyone’s eyes widened. During that very instant, a familiar power had been felt. That was spatial power in the form of a singular-direction spatial current. This was something that had come into existence accidentally when others had been unleashing spatial abilities at other places that just so happened to tunnel right to this place, creating the spatial currents here.

“So these are created by the spatial abilities used in other places…”
“A mere coincidence huh?” some of the more quick-witted ones among them instead had unsightly expressions on their faces. Based on the things that had happened so far…
Shua! Shua!

Subsequently, numerous spatial currents appeared right beside them, trying to suck them in with a terrifying pulling force.

“What the hell is this?”
“Damn it!”
Their expressions changed greatly.

Bang! Bang! Finally, they couldn’t hold it in anymore and started attacking these spatial currents, collapsing them. Alas, despite their success in getting rid of these spatial currents, there was not much energy left in them.

Soon after, another group of people quietly left. Once again, the number of people here dropped greatly. At this time, finally, someone noticed the oddity that was Chen Feng, as earlier, no spatial currents had appeared beside him at all. Granted, this could be attributed to luck. However, here at this place, things were supposed to work differently!

Every single person there seemed to have had a spatial current aimed at them, yet the same did not appear to be for Chen Feng.

A person’s eyes flashed coldly. “I noticed you long ago. You are very fishy, moving at a rhythm that is completely unlike the others here. None of those dropping things or spatial currents were aimed at you! Who exactly are you?” This fellow was indeed unlike the others here.

Chen Feng sneered. “Me? Children, do not provoke a power you don’t understand. The present me has yet to recover fully and does not have any intention of making a move on you juniors… Do not force my hand!”
Intense killing intent started emanating out of him.

The person that had asked the question was alarmed. “You are a resonator!”
Chen Feng snorted. “Hmph!”
That person shook his head soon after. “No, that’s not right. Even if you are a resonator, whose power are you resonating with? Even if you are a resonator, you still shouldn’t be so weird!” “Why?” That  person  sneered  coldly.  “Because  I  am  a resonator as well.”

Chapter 690: Say That Again If You Dare?


Everyone’s heart jolted furiously.

Resonance… there were actually so many resonators here?

That person sneered. “Now, tell me. Which lord’s strength have you resonated with? I have never seen any lord with such a weird power. Even resonance should not be able to allow you to ignore all these weird occurrences.”
By the side, a person suddenly said, “I agree.”
Just like that, they all focused on Chen Feng. If Chen Feng could not clear their doubts, they would most certainly not allow Chen Feng to move together with them and might even join hands to eliminate him. Chen  Feng  narrowed  his  eyes.  “Is  that  so?”   From  this development… it seemed like things were about to get interesting.

“If there’s no choice, we can just leave now,” Spirit proposed. At this time, their best option would be to leave these people. Chen Feng was sure that if he decided to leave them now and rush straight at the fate stone, he would be able to move forward smoothly, as all these people here would be stopped by numerous hurdles. Chen Feng would most certainly be able to obtain that stone.

However, Chen Feng was able to sense an odd trace of anxiousness here. That’s right, anxiousness, and not his; rather, it was the stone that seemed to be getting rather impatient. It was compelling Chen Feng to rush over there. It was way too anxious, making Chen Feng feel like something was abnormal here.

What’s the rush?

Furthermore, this current situation he was facing could very well be the work of that stone as well. If luck was truly trying to help him, things would not have changed so suddenly. With Chen Feng’s understanding of luck, he knew that there were other methods to accomplish the act of helping him forward better. But the way this stone was operating… was too impatient—and childish, in a way. It was merely employing brutish methods to accomplish its goals, completely unlike the grace with which Luck Aura operated.

Chen Feng felt doubtful. Why are you in such a rush?

Before answering these doubts of his, he would absolutely not rush boldly toward that stone. If that was not the fate stone and was a fake stone instead, what should he do then? Was the counterparty intentionally faking a fate stone to lure him over to obtain his fate stone instead? This might be true as well. Toward anything related to the Primordial Era, related to gods, Chen Feng had to be extra careful.

“What’s up?”  Spirit asked curiously. Her master was giving her a different feeling.

Chen Feng shook his head. “Nothing.” He did not have any time to explain to her. In any case, leaving was not an option. Rather, he regarded those who were questioning him and said, “If so…who are you guys, then? Nearly all the awakened ones have been eliminated from the race. I reckon none of those remaining are simple characters. I have my own method of avoiding damage. How about you guys? Hehe… which of us that still remains here is a simple character?”
Those people sneered. “Hehe.”
“Ah?” Some awakened ones raised their heads and looked at the people talking to Chen Feng, then at the sneering spectators. Suddenly, a terrifying realization dawned upon them.

“All of you… are resonators…”
Their faces greened from the fright. They had initially believed that at most, there would only be one or two resonators here and that they would still be able to make some gains amid the chaos. But from the looks of things… “S-sorry.   I   will   retreat   now.”    An   awakened   one   left immediately.

Another  awakened  one  smartly  decided  to  flee.  “L-lords, goodbye.”
The rest exchanged glances and could only smile bitterly before leaving one after another. It was as Chen Feng had said. At present, awakened ones were no longer qualified to remain here. Ultimately, only five remained.

The person that had first questioned Chen Feng asked with a cold gaze, “You have yet to answer my question. What is up with you? If you can’t give me an explanation, I’m afraid we will have to deal with you.”
Chen Feng smiled. “Hehe. Before asking about the power of others, should you not first introduce yourself? Perhaps you guys are merely thinking of figuring out what my power is before targeting me, getting rid of a competitor?” Suddenly, that person sank into silence. After a long time, he said, “I am Wu Liang, a resonator of Lord Sword God. The attribute of my power is incomparable sharpness.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Sword God… what the f*ck? Such a god exists? But then, apart from those major powerful gods, there are other minor gods in existence as well. In any case, there are numerous gods in existence, each with their own believers.

Chen Feng looked at the other three. “What about you guys?
For the sake of fairness, it is better for us all to speak out.”
“I am Sakata Chuunibyou, resonator of the Dimensional Goddess. My power is unequaled passion,”  a resonator with a young appearance said.

“I am Wealthy Zhao, resonator of Lord Prosperity God. My wealth is my greatest strength,” a middle-aged resonator said. “I am Thomas, resonator of Lord War God. My power is incomparable boldness,” a golden-haired resonator said.

Each of them briefly introduced the god they resonated with. However, when the last person finished his words, everyone looked at him uniformly.

War God!

A War God resonator was actually here as well! There had been countless gods during the Primordial Era. However, there had only been a few truly powerful ones, and War God had been one of them.

Thomas smiled proudly. “Hehe.”
What stupid names are these?

Chen Feng was speechless. He had originally believed that with the descent of the primordial, the Genetic Era would enter a period equivalent to fantasy novels, with numerous seniors appearing, each using archaic sounding words, such as “thee,”  “thou,”  “shalt,”  and so on. Surprisingly, these seniors were of such a style.


“It’s now your turn.”
Wu Liang fixed his gaze on Chen Feng. Chen Feng’s performance earlier had been way too bizarre. Even though he hadn’t actually done anything, the act of not acting was the very thing that had caused him to stand out from everyone else.

Perhaps Chen Feng could hide this from those awakened ones, but it was not possible to hide from these resonators. “Hehe.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Did these four not already provide him a template with which he could introduce himself?

He inhaled deeply before saying, “Me, Chen Feng, fortune teller.”
Everyone was dumbstruck.

“Oh, sorry.”  He coughed before continuing, “I am way too used to such a way of introducing myself. I am Chen Feng, resonator of Lord Luck. Luck is my strongest strength. Hence, here…”   Chen  Feng  pointed  at  the  ground  below  his  feet. “These things are rather ineffective against me.”
Shua! Everyone’s eyes widened.

Luck… it was actually the power of that god!

Instantly, all the hairs on Thomas’s body shuddered. During that era, it had precisely been those damnable gods—the Luck God being one of them—that had joined hands to seal the other powerful gods, such as the War God, causing the end of the Primordial Era. From the beginning, they had already been enemies.

Chen Feng glared at him. “Bro, calm down. If we fight right at this moment, those three will be extremely pleased.”
Instantly, Thomas calmed down.

Wu Liang was doubtful. “Since you can ignore the quagmire, why haven’t you entered?” “I can’t outrun you guys,”  Chen Feng said calmly. “If you guys were to instantly activate the power of resonance, you guys would definitely be able to stop me, right? I am not that stupid.”
Wu Liang’s eyes gleamed coldly. “So you intended to conceal yourself till the very end?”
Chen Feng sneered and said, “Don’t tell me you were not thinking of the same? Anyway, in the legends, Sword God was the god with the strongest combat strength, right? You…”
As  Thomas  heard  this,  he  became  furious.  “Bullshit!  Our Lord War God is the actual strongest god!”
“Piss off,” Wu Liang said impatiently. “Our Lord Sword God was merely disinterested in competing for that title against your War God. Who cares about those stupid titles of you fellows of the West?”
“Pfft. Apart from being mysterious, what kind of reputation did your Eastern gods leave behind during the Primordial Era?” Thomas rebuked. “A weakling is a weakling. Why are you being all sour about it?”
Wu Liang was furious. “Who are you calling sour?”

Holy shit, it seemed like these two resonators, for the sake of their respective idols, no, their respective gods, started cursing at each other?

So this was how the believers of the gods had behaved during that era? Chen Feng started contemplating deeply.

Mhm… He imagined a scene where a god was seated high upon the throne. Prostrated before the god were countless believers, cheering and yelling with glow sticks in their hands.

“Bro War God, I choose you!”
“Oppa War God, saranghae!”


Chen Feng was truly somewhat dumbfounded at the way these resonators were behaving.

“What the hell does your Sword God count as? Sauntering about every day in some stupid robe like some woman, hanging out with numerous goddesses every single day like a gigolo. Heh, rather than being Sword God, I think he should call himself the Slut God,” Thomas said with disdain. Wu  Liang  sneered.  “Hehe,  what  about  your  War  God? Keeping that huge bush of a beard on his face all the time and sauntering about with a little hatchet and swinging it around blindly with those stupid-looking tattoos like some retard? And that egg-looking bold head and that fur clothing like some
uncivilized savage, does he not feel embarrassed calling himself a god?”
They started glaring at each other.

“What? Say that again if you dare?”
“So what if I say that again?”
Chen Feng: “???”
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