The Strongest Gene Chapter 671-680

Chapter 671: Why Are You Mute in This Crucial Moment?


The Dream Recall Army was as impressive as ever. Even those far away could still feel the earth trembling. They were all certain that the moment the races those primordial fragments belonged to were conquered would also be the moment they all vanished from history. The Primordial Era would be united under a single ruler, and they would disappear from history along with the Genetic Era. Qin Hai gazed into the distance. From those resisting races, powerful auras could be felt.

“The amount of rebelling races is higher than we expected,” Chen Feng said.

Qin Hai shook his head. “They should be the races of the fragments that were not stored in Mysterious Town.” Although the Research Agency and Genetic Union had been working hard to gather primordial fragments, they had still missed some. Despite this, their resistance still seemed pointless. The amount of these undiscovered fragments was too little, unable to make much difference. The Dream Recall Bell was too terrifyingly powerful. Its unique energy allowed it to be undefeated during this unique Genetic Era.

Kong Bai sighed endlessly. “It won’t be long before history is totally changed.”
“True.”  Xu Fei gazed into the distance. The two had only arrived here and couldn’t even experience what the Primordial Era was like. They could only wait for their deaths.

Shua! Shua!

They could feel the auras of two resisting races vanish.
Evidently, they had just been conquered by the bell.

“It won’t be long,” Qin Hai muttered. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Yeah.” Suddenly, he thought of something. In the Genetic Era, apart from Duma, was he the only awakened one? The answer was both yes and no. Yes because it was impossible for a genetic warrior to break through that bottleneck, thus Chen Feng being the only
awakened one.

No because when Chen Feng had controlled that pen earlier, he had clearly sensed other awakened auras. Even though those had seemed like mere white noise, he was certain. This proved that there were still a lot of experts in the world. Why were they not fighting back? Perhaps… they couldn’t fight? Or perhaps… they were completely clueless as to what was happening?

Chen Feng’s thoughts moved rapidly. Evidently, if those people were powerful enough, they would most certainly resist this. No, to be precise, they would most certainly appear in the Genetic Era. Yet none of them had appeared. Everyone was keeping silent.

What did this signify? They could not come out. Perhaps that barrier was the reason. The more Chen Feng thought about it, the clearer his thoughts became. Perhaps… “This point in time…” Kong Bai lamented.

He was an experienced transmigrator. As such, he was quite knowledgeable about this. The point in time selected by the Dream Recall Bell was incredibly exquisite. Was the bell truly powerful? Yes. However, was it truly so powerful that it was undefeatable in the Primordial Era? Obviously, no. But now…
Since it was in fact located in the Genetic Era, that unique era where the sole awakened one was Chen Feng, a mere dabbler, the bell had been able to develop to such an extent. This was why the bell was so powerful, and this was also why the bell could even establish its very own dynasty.

It had selected an exceptionally good point in time, selected an exquisite opportunity, and controlled everything in the dark to alter the future, with nobody being able to stop it.


The earth trembled. Finally, the Dream Recall Army arrived. Chen Feng’s group could see countless primordial beasts. Even a mere silhouette or a mere aura was sufficient to cause them to be petrified. This was the Primordial Era, an era experts were everywhere.

“In  this  case…  I  only  have  one  choice  left.”  Chen  Feng exhaled deeply before taking out the pen. Seemingly due to that light dot his mother had left on him when he’d been a baby, this pen had been bound together with him, imprinting into the depths of his soul.


He waved the pen. Some energy seemed to appear. However, perhaps due to his soul being in the Primordial Era while his real body was in the present, the power seemed to be in disharmony. That surging power seemed to be so very far away from him.

Chen Feng contemplated. “Too far away?”
He waved it one time. Shua!

He waved it two times.


He waved it three times.


A powerful energy seemed to be building up in the air.

The unique energy released by Chen Feng was akin to a shockwave. With each wave, it became stronger, became increasingly terrifying. With each shake of that power, the past and present seemed to shake.

Shua! Shua! Chen Feng was still waving the pen around. Right at this instant, a cold voice sounded near his ear.

“Kekekekeke… Looks like I have discovered some interesting kids?”
A huge black figure appeared in the sky. Both his wings were as dark as the night itself, and his face resembled a monkey. This was a life-form that resembled both a monkey and bat. This fellow’s awakened aura emanated out without stop.


He streaked forth, grabbing at Chen Feng.

Qin Hai’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Stop him!” The present Chen Feng could not suffer any interruption.

Xu Fei’s eyes gleamed ominously. “Understood.” Indeed, the experts of the Primordial Era were too scary. However, this fellow here was a mere awakened one, yet he dared to act so wantonly? Granted, they were not even awakened yet.

Xu Fei charged forth. With his powerful physical body, he unleashed a formidable might. “Bang!”
“Die!” the monkey-bat life-form shouted. A ripple emanated out noiselessly. The prowess of this shockwave caused even Chen Feng to feel fearful. Alas, when this shockwave reached Xu Fei, it did nothing, as Xu Fei seemed to be immune to it. Thinking of using an ability on Xu Fei? How naive!

“Hehe.”  Xu Fei sneered and tanked the monkey-bat’s attack before directly wiping the floor with the monkey-bat.

Qin Hai helped Xu Fei in suppressing the monkey-bat as well. “Seal!”
“Dear demonic mirror…” Kong Bai’s voice sounded. Next, an intense consciousness locked on to the monkey-bat. “Hiss—”
The monkey-bat was shocked senseless as he struggled frantically.

For an unknown reason, he felt an intense feeling of death from these fellows who did not seem too strong. This was a feeling he only felt before his lord.


A cold ray of light flashed forth. The monkey-bat widened his eyes, then his gaze became empty, dead.

“Done?” Xu Fei heaved a sigh of relief. Earlier, when he had been suppressing that monkey-bat, his entire body had ached, his own bones nearly being crushed by the monkey-bat instead. An awakened one was still an awakened one, after all. It might look like they had dealt with the monkey-bat easily; however, they had in fact exhausted all their strength in that single battle.

Kong  Bai  was  pleased.  “Heh.  That  fellow  was  actually  so ugly.” An attack amplified by more than ten times had easily killed that monkey-bat.

Under his hard work, the attack power of his demonic mirror seemed to have increased as well. He laughed wildly as he speculated that before long, perhaps he could even easily defeat an awakened one.

Mhm… that was for sure.

However, before the three could be happy for long, the sky was enveloped in darkness. They raised their heads and were instantly overwhelmed with shock. “What’s that?”
Xiu! Xiu!

The dense mass of darkness in the sky was actually formed of ten monkey-bats.

Xu Fei’s eyes widened. “Holy shit!”  There were so many of them?

Qin Hai smiled bitterly. “Looks like these things are merely cannon-fodder scouts of the Primordial Era.”
Cannon fodder…
That’s right. These awakened ones that seemed so powerful to them were mere cannon fodder here. How sorrowful. The Primordial Era was actually this powerful. They exchanged glances helplessly. “What should we do?” If there were only one of these monkey-bats, they could still try fighting, but with so many of them together… it seemed like they could only wait for their deaths here.

Kong Bai had no fear. “What are you guys afraid of?” He aimed directly at a monkey-bat he personally felt to be the ugliest among them and activated his demonic mirror without any hesitation. “Dear demonic mirror…”
However, the demonic mirror ignored him.

“Demonic   mirror?”    howled   Kong   Bai.   “Why   are   you suddenly mute in this crucial moment? Where’s the answer I asked for? Give me a reply. I demand to solo this group of ugly bastards!”
“What answer do you want?” the demonic mirror grumbled. “I even went to the extent of pretending to be mute. Do you truly want the hear the answer, to suffer humiliation?” Kong Bai: “???” His eyes widened, and he stared at the enemies, unbelieving. “You are saying that those fellows are more handsome than me…”
“Hehe.”   The  demonic  mirror  merely  sneered,  no  longer saying anything.

Kong Bai was dumbstruck. Qin Hai and Xu Fei exchanged glances and could only smile bitterly. This fellow…

The distant monkey-bats finally neared them. At this time, they were finally able to clearly see that these monkey-bats were much stronger than the one they had killed earlier.

Xu  Fei  pointed  behind  them.  “We  don’t  even  need  to  be bothered with thinking of a method to deal with them.” There, the Dream Recall Army had also arrived. Now, they were no longer merely silhouettes and auras—they were physically here. Those gigantic life-forms approached them one step at a time, causing the hearts of Chen Feng’s group to fluster. With a single gaze from these life-forms, one would feel like one was better off dead.

These were the experts of the Primordial Era.

Chapter 672: Dream Recall

These fellows…
Qin Hai’s heart jolted furiously when he saw them. The auras of these fellows surpassed Chen Feng’s and Duma’s by far. Their auras also surpassed all the mutated life-forms Chen Feng’s group had ever encountered. These were definitely not regular awakened ones.

Bang! Bang!

With two mere steps, those gigantic life-forms were already nearing them. For these fellows, distance was not a problem. If Qin Hai’s guess was correct, these gigantic life-forms were not even the elites of the Primordial Era. Rather, they were merely the vanguard.

Qin Hai smiled bitterly. “It seems like we are finished.”
“Is that so?” Kong Bai narrowed his eyes, energy swirling in his hand in preparation. Even without the demonic mirror, he still had a powerful ability. But he truly had no idea if his transmigration ability would work here or where it might bring them.

Bang! Bang!

Finally, those gigantic primordial life-forms reached them. However, the expected questions did not come. Nor were these fellows even bothered about Chen Feng’s group. They couldn’t even care enough to give Chen Feng’s group a look. Just like that, they stepped down lazily.

That’s right. Stepped down. From their perspective, a single step was no different than stepping on some bugs. There was nothing special about this act.

Perhaps for these primordial life-forms, Chen Feng’s group was truly no different than bugs.

Bang! A foot was raised. Instantly, the world around them darkened as the shadow of the foot graced them. That gigantic foot gave them a feeling of desolation. This wasn’t solely because of the size of the foot; the entire world around them seemed to be changing as this foot hovered above them. Was
this the power of a primordial life-form? They trembled at the thought of this.


Slowly, the foot pressed down. The entire world around them seemed to be compressing, everything being stepped on by that foot. A boundless pressure assaulted them, preventing them from even dodging this step. The terrifying force of the step pulverized all the space around them, rendering them incapable of even moving.

“It’s over.”
They shivered as they looked at the incoming foot. All along, they had prided themselves as geniuses in the human world. Who would have thought that a day would come when they would be squashed to death by a primordial life-form’s foot like they were nothing but bugs?

Qin Hai and the rest tried their best to block this attack, but even after exhausting all their power, the only thing they could resist was the mere force of the foot’s descent, rather than the foot itself.

“Are we merely fighting his feet odor?”  complained Xu Fei.
The rest merely rolled their eyes.


The gigantic foot was right above their heads, almost stomping on them. The space around them started cracking due to the intense compression.

Their hearts chilled.

“Here it comes!” 
Instantly, the defense they had erected with all their power crumbled. It hadn’t even lasted a millisecond under the foot. Behind them, Chen Feng had never stopped waving his hand.

Shua! Shua!

When the foot had begun descending, the speed at which Chen Feng was waving the pen had increased. Just as the foot reached their heads, Chen Feng waved his pen downward.


Suddenly, a familiar aura emanated out.

Chen  Feng’s  heart  jolted.  “Here  it  comes!”  This  was  the feeling! Previously, in the present, when he had waved the pen, it had been exactly this feeling, as if the power was at his beck and call. 
That loud and clear sound, like the cry of a pendulum clock, resounded throughout the world. At this instant, regardless of whether it was the Primordial Era or the Genetic Era, this sound could be heard.

“You have gone crazy!”  sounded a cold and furious voice. This was the Dream Recall Bell. Instantly, Chen Feng understood. Earlier, when they had first entered the Primordial Era, the “kill” they’d heard had in fact been the voice of this bell.

Chen Feng smiled. “Indeed, I am.”
“You activating the symphony of resonance will thoroughly awaken the Primordial Era!”  The Dream Recall Bell sounded urgent and furious at the same time. “You will destroy everything. The primordial aura will fully descend upon the Genetic Era, and it will be irreversible.” “So what?” Chen Feng sneered. “It is still better than my current predicament, right?”
Chen Feng had always avoiding the descent of the primordial. But now… he did not seem to have any better options. The formidable power of this pen was seemingly capable of activating the symphony of resonance. This was proven by the reaction of the Dream Recall Bell, the fear it displayed.

Chen Feng had been trying not to do this all this while.

The moment the primordial descended, nobody would be able to predict what would happen next. However, if he did not do this, the entirety of the Genetic Era would instead be erased from history. If the Dream Recall Bell was able to unify the world during the Primordial Era, how would the later Genetic Era come into being? The entire future would change.

As such, without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng activated the pen. Dong!

Once again, that formidable power emanated out.

“Kill  him!”  resounded  the  sharp  and  urgent  voice  of  the Dream Recall Bell.

Alas… it was already too late.

Present time, Genetic Era.

When the power of resonance appeared once again, all the big shots merely watched on coldly with no shred of emotion. Some even found this ridiculous. This jesting power had returned once again. And next, coldly, they watched as that power surged up, pierced through the barrier, and shot straight into the clouds. Only at this instant did all the experts feel alarmed. Even after the power had already pierced through the clouds, they were still there, staring blankly.

The barrier… had been broken? Just like that? With no signs of it happening beforehand? Oh, right, there had been a sign. But then, they had been teased too many times before and had merely decided to ignore the sign. But this was the very first time the power had erupted fully. They raised their hands, trembling.


A familiar power surged into their hands. Their strength had returned! That unique era had descended once again!

“Hahahahahaha!” “Hahaha, this is the power of resonance… Hahahahaha!”
“Resonance… has finally appeared!”
Countless people were in ecstasy. A terrifying power engulfed the entire world. Numerous formidable powers erupted, akin to numerous pillars of lights that shot straight to the clouds. These formidable powers had interrupted all the powers of the Genetic Era.

At the Land of Legacy, Duma sighed. He stretched his hand out.

A power much stronger than what he’d had in the past appeared in his hand. Duma sighed. His strength had been reinstated now. However, he did not know if he should curse outright or feel anxious, as that damnable era had still descended in the end.


His figure vanished, appearing in Mysterious Town instantly. Since the power of resonance had appeared, the Dream Recall Bell no longer posed any threat.

He pointed midair, and his attack landed on the Dream Recall Bell.


A petrifying power surged out of his fingertips. On the previously unrivaled Dream Recall Bell, cracks started appearing. In the Primordial Era, the entire Dream Recall Dynasty started collapsing. The attack heading toward Chen Feng vanished for no apparent reason, and the foot that was about to step on them vanished midair. A weird undulation engulfed the entire world.

“Chen Feng!!!”
Accompanied by the mournful scream of the Dream Recall Bell, this primordial world became illusory and started collapsing.

Bang! Bang!

The sky, the earth, everything dissipated away.

Before the past was fully changed, the present still held priority. As such, the moment changes occurred in the present, all the changes the Dream Recall Bell had done to the past started vanishing as well. “No! My dynasty…”
Along with the Dream Recall Bell’s mournful scream, the world fully collapsed.

Bang! Bang!

Light swirled around, returning Chen Feng’s group to the present.

Chapter 673: World in Chaos

Mysterious Town.

When the Dream Recall Bell’s consciousness returned to the present once again, the world could no longer be manipulated as it wished. Terrifying auras surged up one after another.

“Madman! You are a madman!” the Dream Recall Bell roared furiously.

Chen Feng merely sneered. “Hehe.”
“You will be the end of this world,” Dream Recall Bell said with a sharp voice.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “Keh. In any case, my world was on the verge of being destroyed by you already. What difference does it make?” “No, you do not understand.” Dream Recall Bell’s voice had a trace of fear in it. “Even though I dared to alter the past, to establish my Dream Recall Dynasty, I only dared do it in the late Primordial Era, when those fellows had all been sealed. Yet you… you have awakened all of them!”
Dream Recall Bell was filled with fear.

Chen Feng sneered. “Hehe.”
He had awakened those logic-defying existences of the Primordial Era? It did not matter. Perhaps the likes of Dream Recall Bell would always avoid that era for fear of something unexpected happening. However, for the Genetic Era, for Chen Feng, if the primordial had not been reawakened, the Genetic Era would have vanished. What else could they have done? They had never had a choice. Evidently, the Dream Recall Bell was aware of this as well.

“If I had known this, I most definitely would not have provoked you,” Dream Recall Bell muttered. “Why is that damnable pen on you? This thing was supposed to be destroyed in the Primordial Era…” Bang!

Terrifying auras emanated everywhere. Everywhere around the world, numerous powerful auras were rising. Duma soared up into the sky. Around his body was a powerful and dreadful force, the true power of Duma, the true power of the scarab race, which had been previously sealed.

The Dream Recall Bell noticed Duma straight away. “Scarab race… You are the turtle that escaped back then… You have actually survived till now. The life spans of the scarab race are indeed much more terrifying than imagined. Your race is indeed the race that should have been destroyed first.”
Duma   smiled   calmly.   “Hehe.”   Since   his   strength   had returned, he no longer feared this bell.


He raised his hand slightly. A formidable, incredibly dreadful power seemed to be at his beck and call.

The Dream Recall Bell’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Resonance… Even you have reached this level? However, do you believe that you are the only one with the power of resonance? Hahahahaha.”

Suddenly, the bell started shaking, and a sharp sound spread out without stop. Next, a power that was incredibly similar to Duma’s power undulated out of the space.

Resonance… This was yet another power of resonance.

“This damnable seal didn’t only seal you. I was sealed as well. Although I do not wish to use such a power, now that the primordial has descended, let us take a look at who will be the final survivor!” roared the Dream Recall Bell. The bell resounded.

Undulations rippled out, pushing Chen Feng and the rest away as the bell’s body became illusory.

“Thinking  of  leaving  just  like  this?”  Duma  stretched  his hand out, forcefully intercepting the bell.

The Dream Recall Bell’s killing intent surged. “Are you aware of what you are doing?”
“Of course I am aware,”  Duma coldly said. “For your act of tampering with history as you wish, you deserve death. Regardless of whether the primordial has descended, you should no longer be allowed to live. Furthermore, your power of resonance is the best tool to awaken that existence. As such, you must die!”
Duma’s killing intent surged.


Not waiting for the Dream Recall Bell to reply, he moved.

Duma sneered. “I know you are very powerful, but right now, the power of resonance has just been reinstated and has yet to fully recover. In your previous battle, you were already greatly injured, not even a tenth of your strength remaining. What can you rely on to fight me?”

Light swirled around. Surprising everyone, the Dream Recall Bell, which had still been talking so ferociously earlier, was actually trying to flee. It was indeed not able to last any longer. “Stop it!” Duma said.

Chen Feng and the rest exchanged glances and blocked the Dream Recall Bell’s escape route. With Duma behind him, they forced the bell to an impasse.

“You all…”
Dream Recall Bell’s intense hatred was accompanied by a trace of weakness. This unrivaled existence yesterday was presently on the verge of death.

“I am the Dream Recall Bell. I am the greatest existence of the Primordial Era. I will most definitely die off just like this. If you guys want to kill me, you guys will have to pay a price as well. All these fellows who resisted me earlier, you all shall die together with me as well!”  the Dream Recall Bell stated in a deranged manner. Hum—
A petrifying aura surged out.

Instantly, Duma dragged everyone back into Mysterious Town.

Right after they left, an immense explosion bloomed. With a dazzling explosion, all of Mysterious Town vanished into nothingness.


Like an atomic bomb had been set off, Mysterious Town loudly exploded. Before their eyes, the entirety of Mysterious Town was enveloped by a scorching white. A terrifying undulation swept out, and the loud boom rang by their ears for a long time as they stared blankly. Mysterious Town was gone! Just as they thought that this was the end, numerous swirling lights of various colors shot out of Mysterious Town before streaking away.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “That is…”
These colors… These auras… Those primordial fragments had actually escaped!

“The power of resonance has similarly awakened a part of their strength as well,” Duma said.

Swish! Swish!

Countless powers erupted.

From their point of view, it was as if a beautiful firework was being set off in Mysterious Town. However, this beauty carried a trace of fatality. “With the primordial fragments escaping… something will happen, right?” guessed Chen Feng. Each of these fragments was extremely powerful. Duma, the Genetic Union, and the Research Agency had exhausted great efforts to gather them here. Yet now…
“Yes.”  Duma gazed at the sky. “With the awakening of the primordial power, these primordial fragments will awaken their consciousnesses as well. From now on, their spirituality will awaken, and it will be the time for them to select their respective masters…”
Chen   Feng’s   attention   was   attracted   by   this.   “Select masters?”
Duma  spoke  calmly.  “Yes.  The  primordial  remnants  will select their masters. Since these primordial remnants are still mere fragments, they will first select someone to be their master before getting that master to help them collect their remaining fragments so they can be whole again. Next, both the primordial remnant and the selected master will be able to enter the realm of resonance together.” 
Duma   nodded.   “That’s   natural.   After   all,   those   are primordial remnants! Previously, they were too weak, since they had merely been fragments and had lacked spirituality. Now that the power of resonance has awakened… Mhm… They will be able to sense the location of their separated fragments. Moving on, numerous awakened ones will appear in this world. The moment a primordial fragment succeeds in selecting a master, after fusion, the master will naturally be an awakened one,” Duma said calmly.
Duma recalled something. “Oh, right. Not only the primordial remnants. At present, since the seal on this world has been lifted, those beyond A classes will naturally be able to break through now. Not only the primordial remnants, even the humans and ancients that have been stuck at beyond A class for a long time will be able to break through now.”
“!!!”  Chen Feng and the rest exchanged glances, their heart trembling furiously. In short, numerous awakened ones would now appear in this world? 
Just imagining the scene where masters of primordial fragments walked everywhere… And where recently awakened genetic warriors were everywhere as well…
Even if they did not view humans as an evil race, it there was no doubt that among these people, there would be kind and evil ones. Only a single one of them needed to be evil to plunge this world into chaos. This was proven by the fact that the Dream Recall Bell alone had caused such a huge incident. If countless awakened ones were creating disturbances… The mere thought of this caused their heads to ache. It seemed like the peaceful Genetic Era would not return.

Chapter 674: Amazingly Amazing!

“Why are you still so calm, then?”  Qin Hai asked with a bitter smile. He could still remember how his master had also put great effort into the affairs of these primordial fragments. Now that this had happened, his master should be the one who was most angered. But it seemed like even if the entire world descended into chaos, his master would remain calm, as if all this was nothing.

Duma  spoke  unhurriedly.  “What’s  the  point  of  being  all anxious? Furthermore, compared to that, this is truly nothing.”
Everyone raised their head. “Ah?”
“The Primordial Era…  has descended.”  Duma sighed. “The power of resonance has been unsealed. Above awakened is resonance. But do you guys know what exactly resonance is?” “Resonance…  is exactly what the word implies. Resonance can only arise from at least two powers. The so-called ‘awakened ones’ refers to those who awaken the innate talent to resonate with certain existences. When these people reach the peak of the awakened realm, when they reach the realm of resonance, they will be able to sense the powers of those formidable existences and become even stronger. Sensing, comprehending, and the final resonance,”  Duma softly said. “The  moment  the  power  of  resonance  is  utilized,  those formidable resonances will be able to sense it and will gradually wake up from the boundless darkness.”
“Those existences?”
They all blanked. This term was something that they had heard a lot of times before.

The so-called lord… It seemed like each time one referred to the Primordial Era, one would also refer to these terms as well. However, they were still unaware of what exactly these existences were.
Duma inhaled deeply. “That’s right. Those existences. They were the very sky of the Primordial Era, towering above everyone else, the origin of all formidable powers. Every single powerful primordial remnant originated from them. Every single formidable power of resonance originated from their bodies. Using the terms of the current Genetic Era, they are precisely gods.”

Their hearts shuddered.

Gods? They existed for real?

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled Dream Recall Bell’s reaction earlier. “What the Dream Recall Bell was afraid of…” “That’s right. The bell feared these existences as well.” Duma shook his head. “The bell was the creation of a god, yet it tried to erase the traces of the existence that had created it. As such, it feared the gods greatly, as it was very clear on how terrifying those existences could be.”
So that’s the case. Chen Feng understood now.

Above awakened would be resonance. And above resonance would be godhood.

As for gods, they were the strongest existences of the Primordial Era.

“Since  even  gods  exist,  things  won’t  be  that  bad,  right?” asked.

“…” Duma looked at Xu Fei like he was an absolute idiot and slowly said, “Child, you must know that even among the countless primordial fragments, there are good and evil ones… The same applies to humans as well. If so, the gods…”
Duma shook his head.

Xu Fei’s eyes widened. Holy shit! There were evil gods as well?

Xu Fei was speechless. “Those fellows want to conquer the entire world as well?”
“Not only that.” Duma smiled bitterly. “I have not personally experienced that era. However, from the memories in my bloodline inheritance, the descriptions for certain existences are indeed rather horrifying. For example, a certain existence is of the opinion that all living beings are disgusting and deserve to be purified.”
Kong Bai blanked. “Purify?” Duma spoke unhurriedly. “Mhm, purified. Reconstruct the physical body, wash the very soul, and return the living beings to their origin.”
Kong Bai was thoroughly dumbstruck. “??? Isn’t that the same as being dead?”
“Yes. As such, purifying is deemed an act of cleaning the world. That lord, from the beginning of his existence, has been busy purifying the world. He even has a ground of fanatical believers.”  Duma  smiled  bitterly.  “Oh,  right,  there’s  also  a certain lord who believes that there is an inherent problem with this world.”
They all blanked. “What?”
There’s a problem with this world?

Duma sighed. “Yes. That lord believes that this world is too small and weak. As such, he intends to combine this world and all other worlds together, creating another big bang, creating a whole and powerful world, a flawless utopia capable of containing all life-forms.”
As they heard this, they were all stupefied. Combine all worlds together?

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “What about the present life- forms on these worlds? They should just die?”
Duma calmly continued, “Yes. After all, for the good of the big world, the sacrifice of some insignificant life-forms is inevitable and negligible. This is this lord’s belief. He has been faithful to this belief, never changing. If we have to describe him with a modern term… Mhm… Perhaps he would be quite similar to the God of Destruction in human literature.”
Chen Feng: “…”
These gods, these so-called lords, were truly… “Oh, right, there are some others.”  Duma pondered deeply before  saying,  “There  is  a  certain  powerful  goddess  that believes that all males are filthy life-forms and should either all be purged or have their genders changed.”

Everyone looked at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “Why are you all looking at me?”
They laughed dryly. “Hehe.” Chen Feng was way too skilled in terms of changing genders. Perhaps in the future, he would be that goddess’s number one underling. Naturally, he would have to first “purify” himself for that to happen.

“There is another lord that believes that love between two of the same gender is a sin… There’s also another powerful existence that believes that love between two of different genders is filthy. These two lords have been waging war against each other since time immemorial, never stopping.” Everyone: “…”
Were these fellows truly gods?

“These gods are all extremely powerful. They possess the most original of powers. All the powers, the abilities we use, originated from these origin powers.”  Duma sighed. “As for resonance… it is an act of sensing the origin powers of these existences to improve oneself.”
Qin Hai was doubtful. “I have a question. Since they are so powerful, why did they disappear in the first place?”
In the long river of history, after the Primordial Era, all the gods had cleanly vanished. That was also why the gods had started to become nothing but legends.

Respect surfaced in Duma’s eyes. “They were all sealed. Just as I said earlier, there were also good and evil ones among the gods. The good and evil here is by our definition. Since there are gods that want to destroy all life-forms, there are also gods that want to protect all life-forms. It seems like there will always be an opposing god for each god of a certain belief. As such… the War of Primordial Gods erupted.

“Toward the end of that war, all the gods were weary and exhausted. As such, the countless gods on the side of life and goodness joined hands to seal all forces, including themselves. The sealed gods did not die. However, due to the loss of their powers, they slowly grew old. Ultimately, they dissipated amid heaven and earth. This has remained throughout the ages. And now… as the seal on resonance has been lifted, the power of resonance will start being used, and the consciousnesses that have dissipated amid heaven and earth will converge slowly and   once   again   come   into   being.”    Duma   finished   his explanation slowly, his tone respectful: “With that, the Primordial Era will descend completely. Those gods will once again return.”
Although the stories of these primordial gods seemed like some sort of propaganda, with these gods depicted in an overly kind manner, it was precisely these gods that had ensured the continuation of life. These gods that had fought for their continuation were deserving of respect.

So that’s the case. Everyone fully understood now. So this was why they had been avoiding resonance? Resonance would actually awaken the gods? Everyone was shocked. While everyone was in the midst of shock, Chen Feng quietly pulled out the pen.

Holy shit, this pen is so amazing?

Just like that, he had pierced through the seal that had been created jointly by so many gods with this pen? He gazed at this pen, feeling like this pen was indeed incredibly amazing.

Chapter 675: Godly Portable Charger Pen

Duma gazed at the pen Chen Feng was holding and shook his head. “You think too much. Even if you hadn’t lifted the seal, it still wouldn’t be that far in the future before the seal would have eventually been lifted. The Primordial Era is too old, so old that all life-forms have forgotten about the existence of gods. Naturally, it is also so old that the seal from back then was on the verge of disappearing… You are merely the person that was coincidentally at the right place and the right time and who did the right thing,” Duma explained calmly. “That’s all.”
Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. So that’s the case. Although possessing a pen so awesome that it was capable of solving everything with a single poke would be nice, Chen Feng had no intention of being the culprit for the incoming chaos. This responsibility was too heavy for him to bear.

“As for this pen…”  Duma glanced at the pen. “I don’t quite know it. I have a vague impression of all the primordial remnants in existence, and this pen is definitely not one of them. Perhaps this pen was merely a container used to store power back then.” Chen  Feng  nodded  his  head.  “That  is  possible.”  He  still remembered how, earlier, when he’d waved the pen, power had gushed into him.

If this pen was a mere portable charger, it would be understandable. Perhaps this portable charger of a divine pen had stored some primordial power back then. Now that he had unleashed the stored power, the seal had been lifted. Mhm, this was an acceptable explanation.

“Can it still release any power now?” Duma asked.

“Let me give it a try.”
Chen Feng waved the pen around, yet there was no reaction.

“Looks  like  the  power  has  been  exhausted.”   Duma  was regretful, as he had been thinking of casting his senses about the stored power to gain more understanding on it. “Just keep it around. After all, it is still a good item. Perhaps, in the future, you can use it to store power.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” This was quite wondrous. Perhaps this pen had some sort of karmic entanglement with him.

Bang! Bang!

Distantly, the booming sounded without stop. Without a doubt, with the escape of these primordial remnants from Mysterious Town, the entire world would fall into chaos. Going forward, Duma and them would probably be extremely busy dealing with everything.

Genetic Union. The president, who was in seclusion, was pleasantly surprised when he suddenly felt his tightly stuck bottleneck loosening. After a long time, an astonishing aura erupted in the Genetic Union.

President, broken through! Formally entering the awakened realm!

At the same time, the genetic warriors that had been stuck at beyond A class for a long time started breaking through one after another. Numerous powerful auras soared up into the sky, piercing straight into the clouds. The aura of the awakened engulfed the entire world.

“Quick! Send the coordinates over to the Genetic Union.”
“Understood.” “Regardless of whether anyone is dispatched over, each aura must be recorded. An era of chaos is coming. We must perform our tasks well and not be a burden.”
The detectors of the Research Agency remained as calm as ever as they continued transmitting all recorded coordinates over to the Genetic Union.

The deputy president sighed deeply. “Looks like we will be quite busy.”  Duma had merely given a simple description to explain what had happened. That was already sufficient for the Genetic Union to figure out how heavy the burden on them was now. The awakened ones were way too powerful, so powerful that they could not afford to allow any of the awakened ones to be outside their supervision.

“The gods will not appear yet for now. Presently, our biggest issue is these newly awakened ones. Nobody knows if any of them will overstep their bounds. Therefore, we must establish contact with them as soon as possible. Our first option is to recruit them, to try and make them one of us as fast as possible. Any treatment we can afford them, we shall. The second option is to cooperate with them. If we can’t make them one of us, we can propose a cooperation to first stabilize the counterparty. All is fine so long as they don’t mess around.” Without hesitation, the deputy president decided, “If even that
doesn’t work, and we can’t initiate any proper communication with them… kill!”
Although there were a lot of new awakened ones, a large majority of them were still rather clueless, and it was rather impossible for them to have any network with other awakened ones this early. As such, now would be the perfect time to deal with them.

After all, the Genetic Union was the organization with way too many genetic warriors that had been stuck at beyond A class. As such, even in this new age, the Genetic Union still remained the organization with the highest number of awakened ones. This, coupled with the help of the ancient race, meant the Genetic Union would be able to control the general situation.

“Some of them are newly awakened ones, whereas some are those who have fused with a primordial fragment and are much stronger than the average awakened one. As such, we will be operating in teams of two. Everyone else shall temporarily act as support staff for the awakened ones, helping in teleportation, energy recovery, and so on. We must ensure that our awakened ones can always maintain their peak form.”
All the orders issued by the deputy president were implemented in an orderly fashion.

“At present, anyone can fall into confusion except us, the Genetic Union. Do you all understand me?”
The Genetic Union started operating at their maximum capacity. Alas, the deputy president was also aware that this was the mere beginning of everything.

At the same time, in numerous locations around the world, numerous phenomena appeared. Numerous multicolored streaks of light shot out of Mysterious Town before entering the bodies of different people and fusing with them, becoming a powerful yet mysterious force.

A youth who had just been rejected by his bride…
A young master that had just been crippled…
A student who had just been dumped by his girlfriend…

At this moment, everyone awakened.

The primordial fragments seemed to be intentionally locating these peoples that had suffered setbacks yet possessed a strong will, selecting these hot-blooded peoples as their host, regardless of gender and age!

Di— Di—
The Research Agency’s alarm rang without stop. The equipment that had been used to detect primordial auras was presently flickering nonstop, generating coordinate after coordinate. Several thousands of locations had already been detected to have had primordial aura appearances.

In a certain forest, by a certain lake, a black leopard was lying down lazily. Suddenly, the fur on its entire body stood on end. Its narrowed eyes gleamed with a sharp ray of light as it gazed at the lake surface. There, where only a crater remained of what used to be a lake, suddenly, lake water started gushing out.

Whoosh! The entire crater was filled with the lake water. Once again, a mysterious yellow stone radiated on top of it.

A terrifying power pierced into the clouds. Starting at the middle of the lake, a terrifying undulation swept out, engulfing the entire forest. At this moment, all life-forms there could feel the emergence of a formidable and mysterious power.

Within the lake, all life-forms mutated instantly.

Those life-forms that had previously only been beyond A classes, A classes, or even B classes all mutated. Some of them even entered the awakened realm instantly.


The entire lake started bubbling, and a dreadful aura emanated out, seemingly engulfing the entire world. As for that black leopard, thanks to its role as the guardian of this stone all this while, it was bestowed with a huge amount of power. Its strength increased without stop, instantly entering the apex of the awakened.


It let loose a howl, an incredibly majestic howl.

Boundless Sea.

This sea that had remained still for countless years started raging. This domain that had remained unexplored by humans all this while was at this moment emanating an astonishing power.

Bang! Bang!

Numerous terrifying gigantic creatures appeared. These were gigantic creatures that were truly from the depths of the Boundless Sea. Compared to those mutated life-forms of the inland seas, these creatures were much more powerful. With their appearance, the entire sea trembled. In a certain fishing village by the sea, a white-haired old man was gazing at the sea as he let out a long sigh.

“Even these fellows have awakened. Looks like fishing will no longer be possible in the future.”

Chapter 676: Awakened System

At the Research Agency, all the researchers were crazily working overtime. In the laboratory, more than a hundred people surrounded several awakened ones and were studying them without stop. Each of the researches had a fanatical look in their eyes as they nearly flayed these awakened ones just for research purposes.

“Erm…” One of the awakened one felt a chill and said, “We are only here to help with your research after receiving an assignment from the Genetic Union. Don’t go overboard.”
A fatty research director squeezed out a smile from his fat- filled face. “No, we won’t.”
This smile did not reassure the awakened ones. Rather, it frightened them further. Fortunately, this did not last long. After merely two hours, the researchers came out with their latest research result. 
“How about the levels of strength?”
“We are done creating a numerical evaluation method for it. As for the name… since Chen Feng, as the first awakened, called this realm ‘awakened,’ we shall continue using this term.”
“How about our communications with the Stormtech Company?”
“Don’t worry. Senior Luo Yuan has given us the highest level of assistance. Our database has already been submitted. They will update their servers to generate the newest power classification. So long as the update is completed, anyone with a communicator will be able to use this latest added function on it.”
“That’s good. Get the people of their company to prepare properly for this.” 
Soon, the people of the Research Agency were done with their preparations.

With the arrival of the primordial, what did the people fear most? The unknown. As for these researchers, their job involved removing the unknown, making it known. Studying several dozen awakened ones, they tried their best to research an awakened of each ability system to create a better comprehensive compilation of the awakened system. And now, they had completed their research.

They were able to figure out the strength levels of awakened ones. To make it easier to understand, they had classified the awakened realm into ten levels. First-level awakened were those who had just entered the realm. At present, most of those who had broken through from beyond A class were in this level. This was also the level Chen Feng had been at when he had just broken through a while back. This was the realm of a newly awakened, a realm where one had completed their body reconstruction. That was all.
 As for the second-level awakened, this was those that had grasped the usage method of basic awakened energies or powers.

After completing the body reconstruction, one was finally able to use the true power of an awakened one. They were capable of delivering ordinary genetic warriors a crushing defeat. This was the characteristic of one at the second level. This was also the level where one was finally considered a true expert.

Next, levels three to ten corresponded with one’s improvement in the usage of awakened powers. Through nonstop comprehension, one would slowly increase in strength. As for resonance, it was rumored to be a realm capable of utilizing the power of gods.

“Let us stop here for now.”
“Mhm… We have yet to completely research the resonance system. As such, it is still not suitable to include it in the communicator update. We can only complete the research after obtaining more data regarding resonance.” “That is natural.”
Thus, the Research Agency submitted the results of their research.

At the same time, the Stormtech Company updated their servers and database. With this, everyone using a communicator would receive a prompt to update their communicator.


Patch notes: Enabled the scanning and analysis of the strength of awakened ones. After this update, one will be able to analyze the true strength of an awakened one by scanning the person with the communicator.


Everyone exclaimed in astonishment. “So fast!”
“The Stormtech Company is indeed amazing.”
“I reckon this is the work of the Research Agency.”
None of them had expected that it would only be a single day from the descent of the primordial before they were already so clear on everything about the awakened realm.

“Ten levels of awakened…”
“Awakened ones are actually this powerful?”
“I wonder if nuclear weapons or laser weapons can destroy these people?”
“That’s something of a stretch, right? In any case, the costs involved in manufacturing such weapons are extremely high as well. I reckon the weapon manufacturers are probably not willing to even do this in the first place. So long as the Genetic Union has everything under control, they will most certainly not do anything. Unless, of course, they themselves are the target of an attack. That would be a different story.”
“Sigh, that’s true. After all, not all companies are like Stormtech. By the way, wouldn’t it be good if Stormtech produced weapons as well?”
“You are being too wishful… Even back then, when he founded the company, Senior Luo Yuan stated that he would not allow anyone from his company to manufacture anything related to weapons. All this while, all their projects have centered around providing services related to the communicator. As such, they will not overstep their bounds and manufacture something else.”
“Senior Luo is still the smart one. Just you wait and see— when the world regains peace, these weapon manufacturers will definitely suffer, as the Genetic Union will most likely not let them off.” “I thought these weapon manufacturers had long gone extinct?”
“How is that possible? So long as disputes exist, weapons will exist. This fact applies to the cold weapons of the past, the subsequent era of gunpowder weapons, and the energy weapons of the present.”
“That’s quite true. However, they seemed to have come out with a new product today?”
“Yeah, I heard that as well. Seems like a lot of people have purchased those weapons, something said to be able to counter awakened ones.”
“Is that for real?”
A lot of people were discussing discreetly. Everyone was clear on the future awaiting these weapon manufacturers. In any case, the weapon manufacturers were even clearer than others. As such, their intention was to reap a huge amount of profit while they still could. Previously, it had been the war between the humans, ancients, and devils. Although at that time the world had seemed peaceful, a lot of people had still felt threatened. As such, they had all tried increasing their strength. This was especially true for those remote cities.

How should they best increase their strength, then? Recruitment? Gene reagents? Nope. Energy weapons were the answer. Only with powerful energy weapons could they feel safe. However, after humans and ancients made peace, weapon manufacturers started to suffer. They were almost cleaned out of existence. Fortunately for them, now the so-called awakened ones had suddenly appeared. Humanity seemed to once again be in imminent danger.

As such, weapons capable of countering awakened ones became the most popular weapons, even if the weapons could only resist a single attack from an awakened one, even if these weapons were extremely large and cumbersome.

Countless people were purchasing these weapons, to the point that the supply could not meet the demand. Facing crisis, the wealthy were extremely generous with their money. Naturally, due to this, yet another batch of wealthy decided to leave the planet this time. With their families and all their resources, they took off in a battleship.


Battleships soared. Toward this, the people were already numb.

Although they had yet to discover a planet capable of supporting human life, with the present level of humanity’s technology combined with genetic abilities, it wasn’t hard to create a simplified ecosystem within a battleship. Alas, when the numerous battleships reached outer space, they started feeling like something did not seem right, as this place seemed way too silent.

“Huh? Where are the battleships that left earlier?”
“No idea.” “Before leaving, I clearly checked and confirmed that they are all staying here.”
“Have they gone invisible?”
“That’s  not  possible.  There  were  several  thousand  such battleships here…”
They were all horrified. Previously, numerous wealthy people had arrived here. How was it possible for all of them to have disappeared like this? Even if there had been an accident, the wreckages of their battleships should be somewhere here as well, right? Yet at present, this place was completely empty. They could vaguely feel that something was wrong here.

“Retreat! Return into the atmosphere immediately!”
They prepared to retreat immediately. Alas, right at this instant, a resplendent blue radiance bloomed before their eyes.


A noiseless undulation emanated out.

All everyone could hear was a seemingly endless booming by their ears. With their eyes opened wide, they stared ahead with disbelieving expressions as the blue swept past them, engulfing and destroying everything. Instantly, outer space regained its previous tranquility. Noiseless, formless, as if nothing had ever happened here.

Chapter 677: The Only Hope

Genetic Union.

Chen Feng returned. He had initially believed that he would be requested to accept some missions involving subduing newly awakened ones or something similar, but unexpectedly, the deputy president had instead insisted that he return to the union.

The deputy president smiled. “Subduing awakened ones is a task for ordinary people like us. You have an even more important task.”
Chen Feng’s curiosity was piqued. “Oh?” In this chaotic era, what could be more important than subduing awakened ones?

The deputy president gave Chen Feng a set of information. “This.”
Chen Feng gave it a glance, and his heart chilled. Shit, it’s actually this…
What the deputy president wanted was quite simple: at present, apart from stabilizing the general direction of the Genetic Union, they had also created a department that was focused on helping the masses increase their strength as soon as possible.

From genetic warrior to a beyond genetic warrior and, finally, to awakened.

To be precise, from A class to beyond A class to awakened.

The beyond gene reagent Chen Feng had produced previously had enabled everyone to reach beyond A class at a speed much shorter than before. It was a godly gene reagent. With the cooperation and supply of the Research Agency and Genetic Union, at present, this was a gene reagent everyone could use. It had caused the overall strength of the masses to increase rapidly. However… this method would only help them reach beyond A class.

From beyond A class to awakened was quite a distance, and for this distance, there were no gene reagents capable of providing any sort of assistance.

“Now that the seal has been lifted, it is natural that one can become an awakened through regular improvement. However… it’s too slow! Throughout the world, awakened ones are appearing. Moreover, there are also the masters of the primordial fragments, as well as those hidden primordial experts that are recovering their strength. The time left for humans is way too short. If we wait until the experts that have attained resonance appear, or until the gods have all reappeared, it will be too late. Hence… we need to break through as fast as possible. We also need more awakened ones!”  The deputy president earnestly requested Chen Feng’s help: “Only by having more awakened ones will the Genetic Union be able to stabilize the situation. As such, your gene production skills are required here.”
Chen Feng’s status and strength were both too terrifying, resulting in no human being capable of ordering him around. As such, the deputy president could only request his help, that he use his production skills to once again upgrade all of humanity.

Chen   Feng:   “…”    He   rubbed   his   aching   head.   “Gene production?”
The deputy president cautiously said, “All the master producers are extremely willing to assist you in this undertaking.”
Chen Feng sighed. “I know. But this realm is one nobody has entered previously. Entering this realm, even with the seal lifted, is still extremely hard. I can’t guarantee success.”
“I  understand,”   the  deputy  president  agreed.  “However, there is still such a hope, right? Even if the probability is only one out of ten thousand, this will still be able to save more people!”
With each awakened one that the Genetic Union obtained, the odds would tilt further in their favor. The snowball effect from obtaining an awakened one was extremely terrifying. Moreover, with the high population of humans, so long as something like this was created, there would be hope for humans, even if the probability of success was extremely low.

“I beseech you to accept this task,” the deputy president said.

“I will try my best.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “However, I can’t guarantee success.”
The  deputy  president  was  overjoyed.  “Understood.  I  will make the arrangements for you immediately.”
Chen Feng: “…”
What could he say?

“Truly…” He smiled bitterly. This time, it would truly be quite hard.
Although gene production had been his career all along…
He looked at his inactive Luck Aura and his heart chilled.
This thing had seemingly completely stopped working.

Chen Feng sighed deeply. “Spirit. Will you even be able to finish this upgrade?”
“…” Spirit felt wronged. “I don’t know either.”
She was a mere consciousness that had come into being during an upgrade of the Fate Stone, not something that was capable of controlling the stone.

Chen Feng’s head ached. “This will be quite troublesome, then.” He knew from experience how hard researching a gene reagent could be. Moreover, this time, the gene reagent they were trying to produce was something of an extremely high level, something no one had seen before, something capable of helping humanity enter the awakened realm. This would be the strongest gene reagent Chen Feng had ever researched in this entire life.

Naturally… this could also be his single biggest failure. Although countless masters of the Gene Production Association were ready to provide assistance to him, Chen Feng was still not confident in this. He personally believed that with his present production skills, even without Luck Aura, he would still be comparable to a master. However, so what? There were a whole bunch of masters in the Gene Production Association. This time, their target was the awakened realm!

To create such a gene reagent, what they required was not only capability, effort, or perseverance. They also needed luck!

Yet now… what he lacked most was luck.

“Are there any ways I can trigger Luck Aura?”  Chen Feng pondered.

“Wu.” Spirit pondered shortly and said, “Mhm, if we can find some Spirit Sea wood, it will be possible.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “Spirit Sea wood…” Now that he did not have his Luck Aura assisting him, how was he supposed to locate Spirit Sea wood?

Hold on…
Suddenly, he thought of something. Miss Xiao Yue seemed to possess an inconceivable ability. She was capable of drawing a scene that would happen for real.

The moment this thought crossed his mind, he acted on it. “I will go look for her now.” Shortly after, he reached Miss Xiao Yue’s home.

“I will give it a try.”
Xiao Yue was obviously rather distressed as well. The way in which she tried drawing the location of Spirit Sea wood was quite similar to how Chen Feng had done it previously. By speculating and guessing, she tried drawing a map that indicated the location of Spirit Sea wood. Surprisingly, she completed the drawing smoothly with no interference whatsoever.

She shook her head, somewhat sad. “Looks like there is no longer any Spirit Sea wood in existence.”
That’s right. There being zero interference in her drawing process signified that all the places she had drawn had no Spirit Sea wood. Spirit Sea wood seemed to have completely disappeared from this world.

“Many thanks.”
Chen Feng left after thanking her. The disappearance of Spirit Sea wood surprised him. It seemed that what he had used at the Mysterious Organization back then was all that had been left.

“Why not try researching the gene reagent with your own ability, without relying on Luck Aura?” proposed Spirit. “After all, you are also a master producer nowadays, right?” Chen Feng sighed. “So what if I am a master producer? A long time ago, when I first entered the awakened realm, the masters of the Gene Production Association tried researching a gene reagent capable of achieving this feat. However, even after a long time, there was no progress. Earlier, I checked with them. Even their research in the lifting of the awakened seal was stuck.” Chen Feng explained, “My production level is more or less the same as theirs. Even if I go over, I will be doing nothing but wasting my time.”
Spirit sunk into silence.

Chen Feng frowned. “Therefore, the only hope is Luck Aura. We must think of a way to trigger it. Even if it is for only a single  moment,  it  will  be  sufficient.”  He  had  a  feeling  that something seemed odd with this upgrade of his Luck Aura, since it had remained inactive for way too long. It had been behaving too oddly, especially when he had been at Mysterious Town previously. When he had returned to the Primordial Era, Luck Aura had recovered for no apparent reason. If it was truly upgrading, how could it suddenly recover?

There had to be a problem somewhere. Chen Feng contemplated deeply. However, as he thought of this, he blanked. True, when he had returned to the Primordial Era, Luck Aura seemed to return to its optimal state. What if he returned to the Primordial Era once again? Chen Feng was extremely tempted to try this. Suddenly, this seemingly hopeless undertaking of creating an awakened gene reagent had a sliver of hope.

“Kong Bai, please come over.”

Chapter 678: Transmigrating Furiously

Kong Bai sighed deeply. “Must you do this?”
Chen Feng didn’t hesitate. “Yes, I must.”
Kong Bai still couldn’t understand the reason Chen Feng was doing this. “Right now, the world still seems quite peaceful. The Genetic Union should be able to get this under control, right?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “Only for now… Presently, a lot of people have only just obtained strength. This is a period where everyone is still somewhat lost. There are also a bunch of people who are still focusing on training and fusing with their newfound strength. Those we have gotten under our control are merely those that are easier to find, those that do not know to conceal themselves. Those awakened ones that have hidden themselves are the actual terrifying ones.

“The moment they are done fusing with their new strength, the world will truly descend into chaos. Do not look down on awakened ones. Mysterious Town is not the only place with primordial fragments. There are also those experts in the resonance realm…
“This world is laden with danger. The Genetic Union? They are incapable of putting everything under their control. Therefore, before these fellows start creating trouble, we must increase the number of experts in the Genetic Union and allow them to enter the awakened realm, to suppress those fellows by attacking first, ending any potential trouble in its infancy. Otherwise, if we truly wait until the world is plunged into chaos before acting, everything will already be too late.”
Chen Feng was clear on what was to come. As part of the management for both the Genetic Union and the Gene Production Association, he possessed a complete intelligence report, helping him better deduce what was to come. That was also why he had to complete the production of this new gene reagent, even if the process would be laden with danger.

Kong Bai sighed. “We might not be able to even return.”
The idea Chen Feng had proposed to him was an extremely unreliable one: transmigration. That’s right, transmigration. By transmigrating into the past, he would reactivate his Luck Aura. If this was the previous Chen Feng, they would have been able to transmigrate easily with the assistance of his Luck Aura. However, presently, Chen Feng’s Luck Aura was not working at all. As such, they had no way of knowing where their transmigration might take them.

The biggest flaw in Kong Bai’s ability was the fact that he couldn’t control the destination of his transmigration. Who could know where they would arrive by transmigrating randomly this way? Back then, he had drifted about numerous worlds for numerous years before he had finally been able to return. His heart ached at the mere thought of that experience. And now… Chen Feng intended to have him do that again.

Kong Bai noticed the dilemma they seemed to be in. “If you have had Luck Aura, we could transmigrate easily, but you do not. We can’t control the transmigration. Yet this time, the very reason we even want to transmigrate is to recover your Luck Aura…”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Nevertheless, we still have to give it a try, right?” Kong Bai smiled bitterly. “Fine.” Now that the world was in danger, they had to do something. Wasn’t it just transmigration?

Kong Bai gnashed his teeth. “Let’s do it, then!”
“I will take a trip to the Gene Production Association first.”
Chen Feng returned to the association immediately and gathered all the problems the masters there had encountered when researching the awakened gene reagent. These masters were truly extremely skilled, much more than Chen Feng was without his Luck Aura.

Presently, after a period of bitter research, they were all stuck on some energy-related problems for the awakened gene reagent. They also required data from experiments that would require several hundred thousand attempts. If they continued researching normally, more than a hundred years would be required to complete this undertaking. Unfortunately, humanity could not afford to wait that long. After obtaining the data, Chen Feng and Kong Bai returned to the Genetic Union and selected several training rooms with the highest energy intensity to be used as the venue for their transmigration.

Kong Bai’s blue ball appeared and hovered there, replenishing their energy without stop.

“Let’s begin.”
“All right.”
Kong Bai inhaled deeply. He felt like this was the craziest thing he had ever done in his entire life. One ought to know that in the past, each time he had transmigrated, he had been near death, he’d had no other choices. But now, it seemed like he was taking the initiative to court death. Kong Bai sighed. “What a crazy life.”
Light swirled around, and instantly, they vanished.



At a certain unknown space, Chen Feng and Kong Bai appeared noiselessly. They didn’t have a chance to get a clear look at this mystical alien world before they felt an intense killing intent engulf them from the darkness. This killing intent… contained a power far surpassing even an awakened one.

“Go!” Kong Bai howled in grief. Transmigrate!


The two vanished once again.

“What was that?” Chen Feng asked in astonishment by way of transmitting his thoughts directly to Kong Bai.

Kong Bai felt helpless. “How am I supposed to know?”
Based on his past experience when transmigrating, the first thing he had to do upon encountering such a powerful existence was immediately escape. Otherwise, if they delayed, they wouldn’t be able to escape at all.

“Transmigrating is truly so scary?”  Chen Feng found this agreeable. He was certain that the aura they had felt earlier was far more powerful than that of an awakened one. Perhaps that was a realm above even the resonance realm, something that existed only in legends.

Kong Bai shook his head. “That’s not the case all the time. Transmigrating to alien worlds will often lead to the appearance of numerous bizarre occurrences. Since each world has its own laws, at times, we will be the ones that are weakened instead. For example, in some worlds, your strength will be lowered ten thousand times. With that, the enemy only needs to be a B class to easily kill us both,” Kong Bai explained helplessly.

So that’s the case.

Chen Feng finally understood. There were indeed a lot of things to learn regarding transmigration.

Kong Bai smiled bitterly. “In short, transmigration is a unique experience. It is much more bizarre than everything you have experienced… Therefore, the moment your Luck Aura recovers, you must immediately inform me. We will use Luck Aura to select a proper transmigration destination.” Chen Feng nodded. “Understood.” In the first place, this was their goal: to transmigrate without stop until they reached somewhere that Luck Aura was reactivated.


Light swirled around as they transmigrated once again. This time, they felt their bodies reduce in size. Around them were numerous booming sounds and some oppressive sounding shouts, causing anyone listening on to feel repressed. Fortunately, they did not feel any sense of danger this time.

When Chen Feng saw the familiar environment, he was shocked. “Have we transmigrated into the belly of some animal again?”
“I doubt it.” Kong Bai shook his head, yet he felt somewhat doubtful as well. He had only transmigrated several times with Chen Feng in the past and had never entered the belly of an animal. Why had Chen Feng used the word “again,” then? Was there someone else capable of transmigrating? Just as Kong Bai wanted to voice his question, he felt an intense oppression rushing at him. When he looked around, he was instantly horrified.

Chen Feng’s eyes widened. “Holy shit. This is…”  They had obviously transmigrated into a certain organ of a certain female life form, transmigrating into a certain embryo, with the female life-form coincidentally giving birth at the same time as well.

“Leave, quickly!”
Kong Bai activated his transmigration ability without hesitation.


They vanished instantly.

The same instant they left, the meatball-looking things around them gushed out along a certain tunnel before the howl finally settled down.


Light swirled around. Chen Feng and Kong Bai were in the midst of transmigration, still shaken from their earlier experience.

“Has your Luck Aura activated yet?”
“Why do I feel like without Luck Aura, you are totally a bringer of bad luck?”
“…” Kong Bai smiled bitterly. “Hopefully, our next destination will not be dangerous.”
Right at this instant, white light appeared before them. Once again, they arrived on a new world. However, surprising them, the instant they completed the transmigration…

Both Chen Feng and Kong Bai felt the world before them tightening. Their bodies and strength were still there, yet their physique became extremely weird, like they had both been flattened perfectly.

This feeling was especially vivid for Kong Bai. His flattened face looked like the poster of some horror movie.

Chen  Feng  blanked.  “Have  we  transmigrated  into  some cartoon world?” He had never seen such an astonishing world. Could this truly be a cartoon world? Kong Bai shook his head. “How is that possible?”
Cartoons were something created, not something that existed in real life. He had transmigrated countless times in the past and had never seen something like this. But then, the world before them indeed looked rather bizarre…
He tried looking up but couldn’t see anything. He tried looking down, yet he couldn’t see anything there either. No, he couldn’t even raise or lower his head. No matter how he tried, he could only see his front, back, left, and right. The two exchanged glances before looking around. Suddenly, a terrifying thought surfaced. This place… was a two- dimensional world!

Chapter 679: Finally Reaching the Treasured Land

At this time, on a certain world, Chen Feng and Kong Bai were both dumbstruck as they regarded this wondrous world, feeling like they had both transformed into a certain dot that was moving on a piece of paper. Up and down? This was a world without such a concept.

“How mystical,”  Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. He had never seen such a mystical world before. Curiously, although the height of the topography around him wasn’t the same, no constructions could be seen here.

Chen Feng cast his senses around. “Some weak energy can be felt here.”
Kong Bai was overjoyed. “Yeah, it’s just nice. I can recover some  of  my  energy.”   The  continuous  transmigrations  had rapidly drained his energy. If possible, it would be better to recover his used energy as soon as possible. Otherwise, if he was out of energy when they encountered danger, they would be in deep trouble. “Mhm.”
The two prepared to take a short break on this special world. Right at this instant, a certain strip rushed at them at high speed. This was literally a long folded strip with some trestle- looking things supporting it. It stopped somewhere before flipping open horizontally. Next, several black dots gushed out of it, standing by its right side. Next, a hole appeared on the ground before a group of people rushed up the strip. Those that had arrived on the strip entered the hole after.

When all was done, the strip continued forth.

Kong Bai was somewhat dumbstruck. “What is that?”
On the other hand, Chen Feng gained some understanding. “In short, if this a place where gravity exists, all the buildings of this world are constructed underground. That is the only way that the buildings will not block the sole path one can pass.”
Kong Bai blanked. “What?”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “If this is truly a two-dimensional world, this world will resemble the 2D games you have played before. Imagine this: if a building appears suddenly in front of your character, how are you supposed to pass? If everyone constructed their buildings above ground, how are others supposed to live here? What if this world were larger, resulting in vehicles being necessary? Things would be even more troublesome. They can’t smash through any building in their way, right?”
“…” Kong Bai thought about it, and his eyes widened. “In short, earlier, they were getting on and off a car?”
“Mhm.” Chen Feng said, “From the looks of it, all their buildings are underground, and above ground is the perfect transportation system, creating their own unique world.” “How magical,” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. The cars here moved at an extremely high speed. Since this was a two- dimensional world, nobody was staying above ground.

However, when that strip-looking car reached them, they encountered an extremely profound problem: they could not avoid it!

“Looks like…”
“You are right.”
Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. “This car moves in a straight line, and this world is shaped like a straight line. Therefore, if we don’t avoid it, we will be hit by the car.”
“No matter what, you are still an awakened one, right?” Kong Bai grumbled. Chen Feng sneered. “Hehe.” Here in this world, he was but a dot.

The strip charged at them at a high speed.


Seeing the incoming strip, Kong Bai had no choice but to transmigrate away.

The world before their eyes changed rapidly.

“My energy is going to be exhausted soon,”  Kong Bai said gloomily. “Even if we can’t recover your Luck Aura, I should be allowed to recover my energy, right? Otherwise, we will die from energy exhaustion.”
The burden of transmigrating the both of them was much higher than he had imagined. If this continued, they would not be able to keep transmigrating much longer.

“Hopefully… the next destination.”

Light swirled around. The instant they appeared, they could feel a surging energy.


The energy was like a raging tide, instantly submerging the both of them. This was an incredibly dense energy, so dense that merely inhaling it could seemingly bring in countless energy. “How powerful,” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration.

Chen Feng checked instinctively and was instantly overjoyed. “Luck Aura has recovered.”  His Luck Aura, which had been silent for so long, was once again active.

Kong Bai was overjoyed. “Great!”
In that case, their mission could be considered complete. This was quite a wondrous world. It contained surging energy and boundless luck.

Kong Bai became excited. The density of the energy here was too  scary.  “Perhaps  I  can  even  break  through  into  the awakened realm here as well.” They had only been here for a short two seconds, yet they could already feel an obvious improvement in their strength. If they could cultivate here…
For one day… No, even for one hour, they would be able to advance a big step forward. This was a speed one could describe with the word scary.

Kong Bai’s eyes widened. “What place is this, exactly?” There was actually such a wondrous place for real?

Chen Feng shook his head. “No idea.”
They looked around and found that they were seemingly within a certain cave.

“Let us first confirm that there are no dangers here before beginning our research and cultivation,” Chen Feng said.

Kong Bai nodded. “All right.”
Carefully, the two walked to the entrance of the cave, and they were instantly dumbfounded. This cave was actually on a steep cliff. When they looked down, Chen Feng felt like something wasn’t right. This place…
Suddenly, the interior of the cave started trembling.

Kong Bai’s expression changed greatly. “Not good. This is actually a moving cave.”

The caved wiggled and an intense killing intent wrapped around them. Even with Kong Bai’s strength, he felt an intense sense of crisis from this. If they stayed, they would most certainly die! What was this cave, exactly?

“Leave quickly!” Chen Feng had a rough guess and immediately dragged Kong Bai and leaped out of the cave.

“You have gone crazy…”
Kong Bai’s instinctive reaction was to transmigrate. Based on his past experience, a lot of their genetic abilities were unusable in many worlds. In the majority of alien worlds, they were only slightly stronger than commoners. If they landed on the ground from this height, they would certainly die.

Chen Feng stopped him. “Hold on. Trust me.”

The two dropped down at a high speed.

Bang! Suddenly, they landed on something soft and very flexible, bouncing them back up only to fall down yet again. This continued on until the force of the fall diminished enough for them to stop bouncing.

“Huh?” Kong Bai did not even have the chance to feel amazed at what had happened.


From the direction of the cave earlier, a loud booming resounded, as if tens of thousand peals of thunder were rumbling.

Kong Bai was shaken. “What place is this?” A mysterious and dreadful cave, and a flexible landing ground below the cliff. This world seemed like the human world, yet at the same time, it seemed like a different world.

Chen Feng ignored him. “Hehe.” Chen Feng’s brain operated ceaselessly while they continued escaping without stop. His Luck Aura was fully activated, looking for the coordinates of an acceptable alien world. If possible, when they transmigrated later…
Chen Feng’s brain spun rapidly as he set the criteria for his Luck Aura to work on Kong Bai’s transmigration. Since their next destination could very well be one where his Luck Aura was once again inactive, he had to ensure that their next destination would be a world with energy and a world where his Luck Aura would stay active. It also had to be a safe world, a world they would be given sufficient time to do what they wanted. This was what they required, regardless of whether it was in the past or the future.

Chen Feng looked at Kong Bai as he said, “Done. Time to transmigrate.”
Kong Bai blanked. “Why are you in a rush?”  Earlier, when things had seemed dangerous, Chen Feng had prevented his transmigration. Now that there was no longer any danger around them, Chen Feng started worrying about transmigration. For Kong Bai, this world was like heaven. The energy supply was off the charts. If they could gain a clearer understanding of the behavior of that cave and settle down to cultivate here…
Chen Feng looked at Kong Bai like he was an absolute idiot. “You do not want to return to that cave.”
“Pft. A mere cave…”  Kong Bai curled his lips. He raised his head and was instantly alarmed at what he saw.

Chapter 680: We Will Meet

Above Kong Bai’s head, the cave entrance was surprisingly less than five meters away. Even more surprisingly, there were two cave entrances instead of one.

Kong Bai blanked. “Huh?” This was a mobile cave?

“Try looking even higher up,” Chen Feng said.

Instinctively, Kong Bai looked up. There, above the two caves, he saw a lofty mountain and a huge pair of eyes. A familiar appearance could also be seen on the cliff. This… was actually a face!

Kong Bai’s expression changed greatly. “Shit!” The so-called cave was in fact a nostril. Hold on, in that case, their present location…
Kong Bai lowered his head, and instantly his hairs stood on end. If his guess was correct, this soft “land” they were standing on was in fact… “Congratulations.  You  have  guessed  correctly,”  Chen  Feng said with a smile.


Kong Bai’s body chilled. Finally, he understood why Chen Feng had told him to transmigrate. Right now, they were on the body of a giant. The cave he had intended to cultivate in earlier was the giant’s nose. As for this bouncy and soft place they were standing on…

A pair of gigantic cold eyes locked on to them. Right now, this female giant was rather furious. These two damnable midgets had dared wake her up from her sleep, even causing her to sneeze.

“…” The female giant’s killing intent surged.

“S… sorry,” Kong Bai said while trembling with fear.

The ice-cold female voice boomed out. “Humans…why have you appeared here? Why have you appeared in my world?”
Chen Feng was astonished. “You actually know of humans?” This giant actually had knowledge of humans? Moreover, she was also using a language they were familiar with.

“Naturally. After all… humans are the ones awoke us this time… After all, this is a constant fixed during the Primordial Era back then,” the female giant muttered.

“Primordial… awakened…” Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. “You are not a female giant!”  He dragged Kong Bai. “Leave, quickly!”
What? Kong Bai was puzzled.

Nevertheless, he decided to trust Chen Feng without the slightest hesitation this time, as even he himself could already feel a sense of crisis. Now was the time to leave!

“Thinking of leaving?”
The female giant waved her hand, blockading their surroundings.


A power far surpassing the realm of awakened surrounded them.


Kong Bai’s transmigration failed. “What the hell is this?”
Kong Bai was horrified. He had transmigrated countless times before and had encountered countless dangers and enemies. However, he had never encountered something so astonishing. There was actually someone capable of stopping his transmigration?

This time, the enemy wasn’t slowing time or something like that. Rather, his entire transmigration process had been stopped altogether.

Damn it! Chen Feng cursed inwardly.

Chen Feng transmitted his thoughts to Kong Bai: “Continue trying and transmigrate immediately the moment you discover a chance. Let me deal with the rest.”
“All right.” Kong Bai suppressed his shock and started seeking a chance to transmigrate. “I  am  more  and  more  interested  in  you  humans…”  the female giant said, an expression of interest on her face. “Although I don’t know what you two are trying to do, I can feel  the  flow  of  space  and  time…”   She  laughed  happily. “Moreover, even as part of the weak human race, you two are
actually capable of appearing suddenly in my nose. How interesting.”
With this smile, Chen Feng and Kong Bai almost bounced off her body.

Chen Feng looked straight at her. “You have to let us go.”
The female giant looked at him inquisitively. “Why is that?”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Because I am the one who awoke resonance. If I die here, everything will disappear.”
“Oh?”  The female giant smiled faintly. “Are you sure? The power of resonance is already active, and the descent of the primordial has already begun. Killing you now will change nothing.” Chen Feng sneered. “Hehe. Did you not sense the flow of time earlier? In fact, we came from the future, changing the past, present, and future. This is how certain select existences were able to create those divine tools, resulting in the awakening of the primordial. Past, present, and future. Not a
single one can go missing for this reality to be true. If we die here…” Chen Feng looked straight at her. “The past and future will most certainly change after we cease to exist. With that, the divine tools will not come into being. History will most certainly change once again. Are you sure you want to take this
The female giant was somewhat speechless. “So that’s the case.” She could sense the unique aura about this human. She could also accurately deduce from his aura that he was indeed the one who had awakened the power of resonance.

“What a coincidence,”  She muttered to herself. Despite her illustrious identity, she lacked understanding of matters regarding transmigration and time travel. The female giant was curious. “Why have you decided to awaken the primordial?” “Since  the  world  had  sunk  into  a  crisis,  it  was  my  only option.”  Chen Feng pondered and continued, “Moreover, the three methods I used to awaken the primordial also served as an insurance that you people will not be able to hurt or even trap me, else you all will descend into the long slumber once again. Due to this, in a way, I am considered unequaled, right? When all of you descend upon the world… I will no longer encounter any dangers, as you all will protect me!” Chen Feng proudly said.

The female giant nodded. “I see.”  If this was his goal, this human was truly quite the schemer.

“As such, you must let us off now,” Chen Feng said calmly.

“I can let you go. But I don’t have to let him go, right?” The female  giant  smiled  faintly.  “One  has  to  pay  a  price  for provoking my honor. Let your friend stay here to entertain me.”
Chen Feng sighed. “Are you sure he is not one of the crucial components ensuring the creation of those divine tools?” The female giant sneered. “I am sure. Do not think that I am so easy to trick. On his body, I can’t feel any trace of the aura of fate. The descent of the primordial is completely unrelated to him.”
“But he is ugly,” Chen Feng lamented. “Look at his face. Do you really want such a face by your side?”
At this, the female giant glanced over at Kong Bai’s face.
Instantly, she started to hesitate.

Kong Bai: ???

However, soon after, the female giant reacted.

“It doesn’t matter. I can just pretend he is some livestock. In any case, he is just a toy for me to play around with when I’m bored,” the female giant said indifferently.

Chen Feng: “…” Chen Feng’s head ached. “Indeed, theoretically, I am the sole person responsible for the descent of the primordial. However, he is the one who has mastered transmigration. I can’t transmigrate by myself. If you insist on trapping him here, I will truly have no means of leaving.”
“I see.”  The female giant cast her senses toward Kong Bai’s power before nodding in a disappointed manner. “I have been wondering why you brought such an ugly person around. So it turns out that he is useful this way.”
Chen  Feng  sighed.  “Yeah.  Otherwise,  who  would  wish  to pollute their own eyes this way?”
Kong Bai: ???

“Fine.” The female giant stopped blockading them.

Chen Feng gave Kong Bai a kick. “Go!” Shua!

Without hesitation, Kong Bai activated his transmigration. Right at this instant, the female giant came to a sudden realization. “That’s not right. To ensure the creation of the divine tools, you only need to affect the past, not the present…”
Instinctively, she tried to lock the two down again. Alas, it was too late.


The figures of Chen Feng and Kong Bai started fading.

She focused her gaze on Chen Feng’s fading figure. “You dared to trick me?”
“Goodbye, o majestic…”—at this, the smile on Chen Feng’s face vanished—”god.” Bang!

The two vanished completely.

“Humans… interesting.” The female giant regained her calm. She stood up, readjusted the position of her enormous body, and said, “We will meet again soon.”
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