The Strongest Gene Chapter 661-670

Chapter 661: This Is Not from the Same Batch, Right?

Late at night, Chen Feng was traveling with a child in his embrace. This was an extremely peculiar feeling, especially when he knew that he was carrying himself.

“Is this how I looked when I was young?” Chen Feng found this refreshing. He turned the sleeping baby around and said in astonishment, “…So when I’m young, my ‘buddy’ was this small.”
However, when he saw the purple dot on the baby’s neck, his body froze. His expression changed. He was sure that, growing up, there had been no such purple dot on his neck! This thing… Chen Feng cast his senses toward the purple dot and instantly, his body chilled. How was this possible?

He had never expected his true identity to be seen through as, at that alien world, when he had reached S class, his entire physical body had been reconstructed. His present body was in fact a body formed of pure energy. He waved his hand.


Instantly, his body dissipated away before reforming an instant later. And yet the purple dot was still there, even though it was extremely faint, so faint that one could almost disregard it.

Chen Feng pointed at the baby.

Even if he couldn’t remember his memories from when he was young, that did not mean that the memories did not exist. Although the memories of a baby were extremely hazy, since they existed, Chen Feng would be able to find them. A faint radiance swept past, and instantly, Chen Feng recalled the deepest of his memories from his mind. He saw that in the room, Mrs. Chen had used a pen to softly poke his neck. So it turned out that this was the work of Mrs. Chen. “This pen…”
Chen Feng’s gaze landed on the pen. From the pen, he felt a familiar aura. Instantly, he took in a deep breath. If this pen was also something his father had obtained from an archeology mission…
“It couldn’t be that this pen was also uncovered together with the Fate Stone, right?”
Chen Feng was shocked. He had experienced himself how scary the Fate Stone was. As for this pen.. the purple dot seemed capable of imprinting one’s very soul. It seemed to be impossible to clear away. This in itself was an astonishing feat, something surpassing logic and the limitations of energy, even in the Genetic Era.

Here, a huge secret was hidden.

Chen Feng felt regretful. “Unfortunately, I can’t bring that pen with me.” This time, he had also descended into the past with only his soul. As such, he would not be able to bring anything back to the future. As for his parents… Chen Feng stopped his steps as he thought of them.

He checked the time. Only a few minutes were left before the accident. He raised his head, focused his gaze, and looked in the direction of Qinghe Mountain.

At Qinghe Mountain, the project began as scheduled. The old man tried creating numerous disturbances, but with the unyielding Mrs. Chen there, everyone still started their work. Only after working an entire evening did they return to rest. Alas, before they could even sleep, a muffled boom resounded. Suddenly, a majestic downpour descended from the sky.


The torrential rain poured down. Instantly, the newly dug archaeological site was submerged by the water. The regular waterproof tents seemed completely useless here as the rapid gale swept them all away. The rain grew heavier, and faint booms of thunder resounded.

Everyone paled. “Something has happened!”
“Something happened up there!”
“I heard a booming sound. Something seems to be heading down here!”
“Looks like a landslide?”
“Run, fast!”
Everyone escaped toward the mountain foot, cutting sorry figures. Alas, how could they escape on time? “It has indeed arrived…” muttered Mrs. Chen. It seemed like her guess was correct after all.

Chen Jianguo rushed over and pulled at her. “Go, fast.”
Mrs. Chen shook her head. “There’s no point. If we managed to escape, the child will…”
“What are you talking about?” Chen Jianguo said anxiously. “Move, fast!”
“Don’t worry,”  Mrs. Chen said calmly. “The kid gave you something earlier, right? Take it out now.”
Chen Jianguo was stunned. “Now?” That kid had indeed told them to open the case at dawn, but now? He looked at the heavy downpour, the booming sound that was approaching them, and the violent gale around them. Should they really open the case here? What was up with his wife today? Chen Jianguo was extremely anxious. Mrs. Chen merely pulled at his hand. “Trust me.”
“You…” Chen Jianguo smiled bitterly. Forget it. Even if they tried escaping, where could they escape to?

In fact, people like them were experts in terms of topography. The probability of surviving such a landslide was terrifyingly low. However, everyone was still following their instincts and trying to flee, hoping that they would be cared for by luck. After all… the further one escaped from the landslide, the higher the probability of them surviving, right?

However, since his wife had apparently given up, Chen Jianguo had no intention of fleeing himself. Pulling his wife’s hand, they hid at a location that was still dry before taking out something that was wrapped in a piece of clothing. The thing appeared rather worn out. Carefully, Chen Jianguo opened it.

Within was a tube-shaped item with a label that read “potassium  permanganate.”  Evidently,  this  was  a  test  tube containing some chemical that been produced in some laboratory. However, it was obvious that potassium permanganate wasn’t what was contained within the tube. Rather, it was a wondrous-looking liquid shining with a light- blue radiance. This was a color Chen Jianguo had never seen before. Such a feeling… This blue… was akin to the blue one could only see from special effects in movies.

“What  is  this?”  Chen  Jianguo  gulped  and  was  somewhat dumbstruck. That kid called Qin Hai had actually given them something so weird?

Chen Jianguo unfolded the clothing and a piece of paper fell out. “There’s a note attached here.”
“Let me take a look.” Mrs. Chen looked at the paper. “Due to limited materials, I can only produce this one. Crush it during a moment of crisis.”
Crush it?

Chen Jianguo looked at the reagent bottle that was flickering with a blue glow and hesitated. This thing… would it hurt his hand if he crushed it? Mrs. Chen glared at him. “Coward.”

The booming sound was getting nearer. The final dry patch of land they were at was finally submerged by water as a violent gale engulfed at them. When they raised their heads, a rolling landslide could be seen heading toward them with an intense trembling. The landslide had arrived.

Chen Jianguo’s body chilled. “Truly…” He had initially hoped that they might get lucky, but the moment he saw the landslide, all his hope vanished. A landslide of this scale…
At this moment, he recalled his ex-classmate that was working at the Weather Bureau.

What the hell. He is indeed unreliable. Looking at the reagent bottle in his hand, he crushed it without hesitation.

Just as Chen Feng had foreseen, regardless of whether Chen Jianguo believed him or not, when all hope seemed lost, Chen Jianguo would try anything.


Chen Jianguo grabbed tightly. And next… nothing seemed to happen. When he looked down, he found that he had actually failed to crush the tube.

He clenched his teeth and grabbed tightly again, yet he still failed to crush it.

He was stupefied. “What damnable materials is this tube made of?” 
The landslide surged over violently.

“Stupid.” Mrs. Chen glared at him and grabbed the tube from him before directly smashing it over Chen Jianguo’s head.

Chen Jianguo: “???”

A crisp shattering sound could be heard.

With a bitter smile, Chen Jianguo looked at his wife’s hand. The expected blood was nowhere to be seen. The expected flowing liquid was nowhere to be seen either. The only thing that appeared was a light-blue radiance that instantly engulfed them. 
Instantly, they lost consciousness. Mrs. Chen calmly took on whatever was coming. After all, an unreal item like this was something that had never happened in her life before. Something like this was not supposed to exist. However, if it was that child…

The blue radiance bloomed.


The landslide swept past, submerging everything on Qinghe Mountain.

Chapter 662: Holy Shit, Why Are You Here?

Somewhere, Chen Feng watched on silently as the Qinghe Mountain disaster unfolded. He saw everything, yet he was unable to change anything, since this was the correct event for this timeline. Or, to be more precise, he could not change anything. He watched on until he sensed a familiar aura. This was the aura of the gene reagent he’d produced the other day. It had been used!


Chen Feng gazed ahead.

This should not be considered as changing history, right?
After all… everything is still the same as the correct history.

Shua! A slight ripple appeared in his memories, yet his memories remained nearly unchanged. He checked his memories. Regarding the fate of his parents, there had been numerous reports and numerous conclusions, with 99% of them believing that his parents had died and 1% of them believing that his parents had gone missing.

These were the original reports he had received. However, now that he checked his memories, it was still a mixed conclusion of dead and missing, yet the number of reports believing that they had gone missing had increased by a bit.

Naturally, these reports had all been issued during the initial few days after the incident. After several years, since the Chen couple had not shown themselves, the ultimate conclusion drawn had been their death.

Chen  Feng  heaved  a  sigh  of  relief.  “There  are  no  major changes to my memory. Everything is as usual.”
As for his parents… Chen Feng recalled the function of that gene reagent and felt at ease. He inhaled deeply. This was the most he could do. This should not be considered cheating, right?

“Let’s go.”
Chen Feng moved once again. Hugging a child, he vanished amid the darkness. Since he was already done dealing with his parents, this was the end of this part of the mission. He believed that the consciousness that was also the culprit of this was incapable of doing too much here, since that consciousness had to comply with the laws of this world and could only make use of forces available in this world.

Thus, the next thing Chen Feng needed to do was safely deliver this child to where the child was supposed to be.

Late at night, Chen Feng was streaking forth amid the darkness. Based on his speed, in around 10 minutes, he would reach his destination. At that point, his time in this world would probably end automatically. That hidden culprit could only try changing history through derailing the path of his parents. Now that Chen Feng was done dealing with his parents, the culprit shouldn’t have any other methods of changing history.

Perhaps even the culprit had never imagined that the world Chen Feng had been born in was a world where no special abilities existed, a world fully populated by ordinary people.
As such, in the Primordial Era, that culprit had been able to get countless people to chase after Chen Feng, yet here, everyone that culprit threw at Chen Feng, Chen Feng could easily deal with. But then, it was still better to be safe. Chen Feng didn’t know what the culprit would try to pull this time. For example, a guided missile or something similar.

As such, Chen Feng traveled with the child in his embrace while his vigilance was at its peak. However, even after reaching the urban district, still no enemies were found.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes as he wondered, Has the culprit given up? He entered the urban district, returning to the place he was so very familiar with before passing the baby on to the old granny. Hu—
It’s over.

He could feel space start trembling lightly around him. Based on his previous experience, this was a sign that his time here in this world was ending. Soon, both he and that consciousness would disappear from this world.

Alas, right at this instant, an ear-piercing alarm buzzed. This was a type of alarm Chen Feng had never heard even after living in this world for over 20 years, a sound he had only ever heard from the TV. This was the city alarm!


Chen Feng raised his head. Instantly, his pupils shrunk. There, in the distant sky, a dreadful thing was approaching at a terrifying speed. That was a nuclear warhead! Chen Feng’s expression changed. “Shit!”  Nuclear warhead! How had this thing appeared here? They were inland—it shouldn’t have appeared here. However, this thought merely flashed through his mind before he stopped thinking about it. With that culprit guiding the events of this world, was there
anything that was truly impossible? Perhaps he had guided a group of people to attack, and also guided a group of people to give up on their defenses…
In any case, it was pointless to think of all that. His biggest concern at present was getting rid of that incoming warhead.

Chen Feng was sure that the target was this city. Right before their departure, a nuclear warhead had been deployed to the city Chen Feng was at. Next… There would be no next. Chen Feng was sure that the instant this thing landed, the entire city would be destroyed.

Chen    Feng    inhaled    deeply.    “How    vicious.”      That consciousness was capable of familiarizing with the systems of this world in such a short period of time and was even capable of guiding a certain elite of this world to launch this nuclear warhead by force. All this was for the sake of erasing Chen Feng from existence, even at the cost of millions of lives. Chen Feng’s decision to come to Mysterious Town to put an end to this thing had indeed been the correct choice.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Something like you should never be allowed to fully come into being.”

His body soared. The spatial undulations around him were getting more and more intense. During these final moments, it was evident that even that consciousness was afraid of receiving the backlash of the laws of this world. After all, that consciousness would most probably receive a rather grave backlash from the act of changing the course of history.

As such, the consciousness had selected the final moment before their departure before launching the nuclear warhead. After launching the warhead, the consciousness would depart directly. With this, the backlash could be evaded. And next, whatever destruction happened after the warhead landed would be unrelated to that consciousness. “Is this what you intend to do?”  Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Come, then.”

Instantly, Chen Feng’s body streaked forth. For the first time, his awakened power was fully unleashed. With his incredible prowess, he streaked forth, instantly covering a great distance and reaching the nuclear warhead at the exact moment when the warhead was flying over the sea.

Chen Feng punched at it ferociously.


A terrifying might bloomed and a dreadful heatwave swept out, blasting Chen Feng away instantly. The entire world was seemingly enveloped by a scorching white. Hum—
A familiar radiance flashed before his eyes. Before he could experience the might of a nuclear weapon, he returned to the Genetic Era, to Mysterious Town. All around him, the town was still as brightly lit as ever.


Chen Feng shut his eyes. Indeed, he had returned. As for that nuclear warhead…
Chen Feng dug deep into his memories and found nothing related to the nuclear warhead at all. The only thing he found was the news reporting that a huge flame had blazed at the sea, creating quite a wondrous landscape there.

The news was covered up… Chen Feng contemplated. In any case, that was also a good thing. “I wonder if my body is actually capable of resisting a nuclear blast.”
Chen Feng smiled self-mockingly. Instinctively, he cast his senses all over his body. Instantly, he blanked. The purple dot had vanished.

Chen Feng was stunned. “Gone?”
Hold on…
Why was it gone? Wasn’t that thing something that had been imprinted on his very soul? Nothing had changed when he’d returned. If so, why was the purple dot gone?

Chen Feng frowned. “Was it a counterfeit?”  Just as he was about to say something, his blanked as he stared at a familiar item floating before him—the pen that should have stayed on Earth. This thing had actually followed him back to the Genetic Era! Chen Feng’s eyes widened. “Could it be…”  This thing was actually able of concealing itself in the purple dot and following Chen Feng back to this world?

Holy shit!

Instinctively, his hand reached out toward the pen. Next, a familiar power gushed out.

This was…
The power of luck!

Chapter 663: Symphony of Resonance


Chen Feng was alarmed. This thing had indeed been dug out together with the Fate Stone!


He waved his hand. A wondrous power surged into his hand as a faint radiance converged at the nib of the pen before blooming with a petrifying power. Next, countless illusions seemed to flash before his eyes.


A boom erupted in Chen Feng’s mind. At that instant, he could seemingly see countless illusory figures appearing on this land. Each of them was unprecedentedly powerful, far surpassing the so-called awakened ones. Bang!

His mind boomed. He saw the stirring powers below this piece of land.


A wondrous sound echoed. He could see the terrifying powers that were turning over like the clouds in the sky.


Heaven and Earth seemed to resonate.

He could seemingly see the entire world once again enveloped by darkness.

… Somewhere, amid a certain mountain range, a primordial giant elephant formed of light seemed to be awakening. One step at a time, the elephant stepped forth. Each step caused the world to shake, extremely dreadful.

An old man waited as the primordial elephant walked toward him. “Hahahaha. Finally… the seal is going to be lifted?”
Somewhere else, amid the boundless ocean, an ice-blue whale formed of light swam around the ocean. Everywhere the whale passed, all mutated beasts would retreat, not daring to approach the whale in the slightest. On the surface of the sea was a small boat. In the boat was a middle-aged man.

A look of intense longing appeared on the middle-aged man’s face. “Finally… Have you returned? I have been waiting a long time for you…”
At the same time, at numerous places worldwide, similar occurrences were happening. Neighbors that had never appeared before finally left their house, seemingly waiting for something. Numerous powerful auras seemed to engulf the entire world. The alarm system of the Research Agency was buzzing at the highest level of warning.

“What happened?”
“No idea.”
The Genetic Union was similarly clueless.

They could only feel that something extremely terrifying was appearing. At this moment, on this planet that was nearly fully explored, not a single safe place could be found.

“What exactly… is it?” The president had a solemn expression. With astonishment, he noticed that along with the appearance of all these bizarre phenomena, the bottleneck he had been stuck at for so many years was at the moment tottering, seemingly about to loosen up. At this time, in the Land of Legacy, Duma, who was calmly recovering, suddenly opened both his eyes.

“Such power… how…” Fear appeared on his face. “Someone still reached this step in the end?”
The thing he feared most had still happened. Such power… was obviously the power of resonance! Accompanied by numerous booms, the entire world seemed to be in the midst of awakening.

Duma sighed.

Resonance… had still appeared in the end. He was a person who had experienced the Primordial Era. As such, he was aware of how dreadful resonance was. What was scary wasn’t the power of resonance itself; rather, the significance of resonance was what was scary.

It can no longer be prevented? He raised his head. At this moment, countless people were doing the same thing, gazing up at the numerous bizarre phenomena unfolding in the sky.

“What is this?”  Chen Feng was somewhat dumbfounded as he saw this. He had never expected that by merely using a single pen, something so terrifying would happen. After seeing this, he pulled the pen back forcefully.


All the illusions vanished. The world recovered its previous tranquility.

There was still fear lingering in his heart. Illusions? No, he was sure that those had not been illusions. The power that had appeared when he had been controlling this pen had seemingly triggered the reaction of something, resulting in those bizarre phenomena. What was it? Chen Feng had no idea.

“This thing…”
He gazed at the pen in his hand. It seemed like he had to first put this pen away for now.

For now, at least before he figured out the actual function of this pen, he would absolutely not dare to use it again. The scene he had seen earlier had truly been too scary. As he thought about it, he placed a common seal on the pen. It was a rather weak seal. However, it was still better than nothing.

“Forget it.”
Chen Feng put the pen away. Alas, at faraway locations, the old man who had been about to touch the giant elephant, the middle-aged man who had been about to fuse with the giant whale, and numerous other experts worldwide that had been on the verge of getting in touch with the numerous phenomena that had appeared all discovered in stupefaction that in a single instant, everything had vanished. The giant elephant was gone.

The giant whale was gone.

Everything was gone.

“How is this possible?”
“The power of resonance has already appeared. How can it be stopped?”
“Since the resonance has been triggered and the phenomena were on the verge of rebirth, how is it possible for everything to be gone?”
Everyone was dumbfounded. The booming sounds worldwide earlier had overwhelmed them with emotions. Each boom had been akin to a pound on their heart, boiling their blood. Next, during the final moment when they had been on the verge of success, everything had vanished. How could they not be stupefied by this? They had been waiting for this for so many years!

Some powerful existences were communicating in secret. “Hateful!”
“Since it can appear once, it can definitely appear a second time, right?”
“That direction… seems to be Mysterious Town?”
“Are  the  primordial  remnants  trying  to  reawaken  the Primordial Era?” “That is possible.”
“The resonance has already appeared. Sooner or later, it will resound throughout the world. I will be waiting for that day.”
“So am I.”
Mysterious Town…
Slowly and gradually, these voices vanished again.

In the Land of Legacy, Duma was watching on with an odd expression as everything unfolded. Even he, who had experienced the Primordial Era, had not expected that something like resonance could actually be stopped. This was somewhat inconceivable. Resonance was a unique concept. The moment it started, all powers related to resonance would be affected as well. This was the reason why Duma hadn’t even dared to mention it before. If one had to describe this so-called resonance, it was like a bell, an extremely huge bell.

The moment one pounded the bell, it would start ringing. The ringing would grow louder and louder and would not stop before it reached its peak. This was exactly what resonance was. As for what had happened earlier? It had just started ringing, and before the sound wave could even travel far, it had vanished.

Truly… unimaginable.

Duma gazed in the direction of Mysterious Town. “Is Chen Feng the one who stopped that fellow?”
This was the only conclusion he could reach. Evidently, he was not aware that in the first place, Chen Feng had been the one causing the resonance. At present, Chen Feng, who was still unaware of the mess he had nearly caused, was calmly putting his pen away and starting to plan his next steps.

Mhm… This was the second region he had conquered. He raised his head. Indeed, the two regions he had passed had become blank areas—blank areas amid a region of myriad colors.
This is what an area without a primordial power looks like? Chen Feng pondered. He looked around and noted that most of the primordial fragments were resisting the whole primordial remnant. Some areas had still been conquered and possessed the same color as the whole primordial remnant. It seemed like Chen Feng wasn’t the only one who needed to hasten his pace. That whole primordial remnant had also increased its pace.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “You have been changing history  all  the  while?”   He  could  not  allow  this  fellow  to continue this. Otherwise, nobody could imagine what would happen to the present era. After all, this fellow was altering the history of the Primordial Era.

Chapter 664: Screw This XX

Suddenly, Spirit’s voice sounded, “What is this?”
“Don’t know.” Chen Feng shook his head and suddenly thought of something. “Did you see anything earlier?”
Spirit shook her head. “I did not. But I can replay what happened earlier. Please wait a moment.”

A screen appeared. There, what had happened when Chen Feng’s soul had traveled to Earth was replayed. Similarly, only a few seconds had passed in the present world this time as well. In the few short seconds, the purple dot on his neck had flickered suddenly before transforming into that pen.

Chen Feng was shocked. “This purple dot…”  He found that in the shown scene, even prior to his entry into Mysterious Town, the purple dot had remained on his neck. “What’s up?” Spirit had an odd feeling. Wasn’t the purple dot something that had always been on his neck? Why was he reacting like this?

Suddenly, Chen Feng realized something. “So that’s the case.”  In short, history had changed, resulting in him having this purple dot growing up. The purple dot had been hidden on his neck all along until this moment when he’d returned to Earth. Only then had it awoken.

Doubt flashed through Chen Feng’s eyes. “What are you, exactly?” The moment he used this thing, a formidable power would erupt from it. Chen Feng had a feeling that if he used it forcefully, something unimaginable would happen. That was why he had stopped it, as that something was akin to a barrier that would break apart with a single jab.

Chen Feng contemplated. If he was able to control the usage of this power and restrict it to a certain threshold that would not break that barrier…
Shua! Once again, he took the pen out.

The booming sounds he expected to appear once again appeared.

Everywhere around the world, it resounded. Those people that had concealed themselves, those experts that had just finished preparing to return to their long slumber, opened their eyes once again and, with a joyful expression, listened to the booming sounds.

“Here it comes!”
“Haha, so it turns out that the stop earlier was merely an accident.”
“It is here again!” Everyone was ecstatic. Once again, the powerful phenomena appeared throughout the world.

Filled with anticipation and in a fanatical manner, they waited for that legendary power. And next, just as they were about to touch the power, everything vanished once again.

“???” Everyone was dumbstruck.

“Gone again?”
“Damn it, I was so near to regaining it.”
“What happened, exactly?”
The numerous experts cast their senses out blankly and helplessly, searching for the aura that had vanished. They had obviously been on the verge of success! Why had it suddenly disappeared? None of them had the answer. And now they felt rather awkward, as they did not know if they should return to where they had been hiding all this while. Should they go into slumber yet again? Or keep waiting?

In case… in case it returned, then what? Alas, after waiting a long time, it did not reappear.

“Perhaps fate has yet to come.”
They sighed in regret. Alas, right before they entered their slumber, once again, the booming resounded worldwide. That symphony of resonance, that pounding from the depths of their souls, was once again calling to them.



Again! They waited in anticipation. Once again, the phenomena appeared.

One step…
Two steps…
At the precise moment when they were about to touch the phenomena, everything vanished.

All the experts raged. “F*ck!”
“Screw this! Which asshole is doing this?”
“Gone again!”
“What’s wrong with that bastard?” 
“No idea. This guy is like someone who can’t pee smoothly…”
They were all furious. Pacing back and forth, they waited, not knowing what to do. Subsequently, the booming indeed returned several times. Yet each time, it vanished at the crucial moment. Only a single one of them needed to succeed for this resonance to remain for real, yet unfortunately, it did not happen.

“Perhaps…” Suddenly, one of them thought of something. “I understand. After all, it has been very long since this land got a new awakened one. As such, a certain awakened one might have been trying to break through after obtaining some primordial power. The moment he finishes comprehending the power of resonance, this mysterious veil that has been sealing us will be thoroughly torn apart.”
The rest pondered. “You are saying… He does not have sufficient strength?” 
“This should be a regular awakened one who accidentally found out about resonance and tried entering that realm. Unfortunately, the method he is using is too idiotic, resulting in this…”
“Perhaps we can assist him.”
“Yes, that’s feasible.”
The experts communicated with their senses. Only a little power needed to be lent to that person… They were all incredibly powerful existences that had been sealed on this land and couldn’t leave for real unless the Primordial Era appeared once again. As such, it was not a problem for them to first lend a tiny bit of their power to that person. Perhaps… this was their only hope!

As such, when the power of resonance appeared once again, all these legendary experts unleashed their powerful, rare, and precious power over to the origin of resonance. At this moment, in Mysterious Town, Chen Feng, who was waving the pen around, found with joy that his strength actually increased for no apparent reason.

“Using this thing can actually increase my strength?”
He was pleasantly surprised. It had been a long time since his strength had last increased. He had initially believed that he would not be able to increase his strength anymore in his entire life. Unexpectedly, this mysterious pen was actually able to increase his strength.


“In any case, it will be fine so long as I don’t go over that limit. I can try it out a few more times.”
The elated Chen Feng started acting according to his plans.

Shua! Shua! The pen in his hand fluttered around. Numerous powers surged out and converged together without stop. At this moment, all over the world, everyone was waiting in anticipation for the power of resonance to go over the limit required to lift their seal. They could vaguely feel that the
power was increasing without stop.

“He has become stronger.”
“He will be able to break through sooner or later.”
Everyone was full of anticipation.

They could personally feel the never-ending symphony of resonance. They waited as the symphony of resonance increased in intensity, waited for the moment of rebirth, waited as that person charged forth time and time again in his attempt to break through. However… wasn’t he taking too long? The power at their disposal was already very rare and little in amount. However, even after channeling their power to that person, he still seemed stuck, forever unable to break through.

Over and over.

Soon, some of them gave up. However, some still persevered on. Depressingly, regardless of the amount of power they channeled over, that person was still stuck a tiny distance from breaking through.

Thereupon, the legendary symphony of resonance behaved like some public speaker, being replayed over and over again.

Toward the end, when this symphony resounded once again, all the experts merely watched on with stupefied expressions, watching as the phenomena appeared before vanishing, too lazy to even stretch their hands out anymore.

Swindler! They were all numb now.

“This person is probably so stupid that he wouldn’t be able to comprehend resonance his whole life, right?”
They all despaired. After so many years, the first person to touch upon the power of resonance was actually someone with such a terrible aptitude, someone so idiotic! Regardless of the amount of power they had channeled over, that person had still failed to break through.

“Trash!”  they cursed before finally deciding to ignore that person. They had never expected that a day would come when they would hear the symphony they so yearned for to only feel annoyed by it, so annoyed that they feel like killing someone.

Screw this resonance!

Screw this symphony!

Chapter 665: The Hostility Exhibited by the Very World

At this time, Chen Feng, who was putting in great effort waving the pen around, found with regret that regardless of how he brandished the pen now, his strength seemed to have stopped increasing.

“Is this thing exhausted of energy?”
Chen Feng stopped with regret. He tried waving it one last time to confirm that this pen was no longer able to absorb any energy before stopping for real.

“Not so special after all,” Chen Feng muttered.

Spirit: “…”
These two were obviously clueless as to what had happened. The experts that had been awoken by the symphony of resonance obviously didn’t expect that Chen Feng was the culprit messing around here.

“The present you should be an expert even among awakened ones,” Spirit said with a smile.

Chen Feng sensed the surging power within him. He believed that for the present him, even if he had to meet Duma with force, he would have no fear. The strength he had obtained from the pen was indeed astonishingly powerful, even causing the energy within his body to undergo some sort of transformation.

“This is enough.”
Chen Feng put the pen away, satisfied. This thing was too mysterious. Since it was no longer capable of absorbing energy for him, he might as well put it away. In any case, the increase in strength he had gained was sufficient for him to take a long time to digest. His mouth curled up, forming a smile. “Time to go to the next region.”
He waved his hand.


The remaining primordial aura around him cleared away and a fragment landed on the ground.


He lowered his head and picked the fragment up. If his guess was correct, this green fragment was the thing that had brought him back to Earth earlier.

“Many thanks,” Chen Feng muttered.

Hum— A faint light flashed past. At this instant, Chen Feng could clearly feel the primordial aura enveloping all of Mysterious Town weaken somewhat.

He narrowed his eyes. “Interesting.” It seemed like the more regions he conquered, the more the strength of that complete primordial item would be adversely affected. To be precise, that primordial item had probably received backlash from attempting to change history.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Although that fellow was capable of using such an inconceivable method to change the world, Chen Feng was sure that the backlash that fellow received was incredibly scary as well.

All would be fine if its changes to history had succeeded. But when it failed instead…

Chen Feng sneered. If his guess was correct, each history he saved would cause the enemy to suffer an intense backlash. This was true regardless of whether it was the scarab race’s history or his own.

This fellow’s strength was weakening. This was a chance for him.

Chen Feng was sure that this primordial item was so powerful that one couldn’t even begin to describe its prowess. However, regardless of how strong it was, when fighting against the primordial fragments in this city, when trying to change the history of these fragments, it would not be able to split its attention. As such, it had been rather helpless against Chen Feng.

“It has no choice but to face these fragments with its full strength,” Chen Feng contemplated. “As such, it wasn’t able to do anything to me, allowing me to easily obtain victory. However, the resulting effect of my previous victory in the scarab race’s time was too great, angering it. Even if it couldn’t do anything to me, it could still increase the range of its power to cover me as well. That’s why it was able to enter Earth. However, its single mistake was that it did not expect that I actually came from a low-tier martial world, resulting in it utterly failing in its attempt to erase me.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone. After the scarab race had been saved, he had been thanked. After he’d shifted the attention from the green fragment to himself, he had been thanked as well. After being invaded once, it did not seem like the primordial item had attempted another invasion into his history.

This signified that the history attached to a person could only be invaded once. Chen Feng was able to reach a conclusion soon enough. In short, that enemy would no longer be able to invade Chen Feng’s history. He smiled as he thought of that. If so, there was no longer any need for him to worry.

Distantly, the multicolored world remained. Evidently, the other fragments were still resisting tenaciously. Chen Feng stepped into one of the regions. Surprisingly, when he stepped in, this region seemed to be brimming with hostility against him. He sensed a strong rejection and also an intense killing intent.

The entire world seemed to be rejecting him. For no apparent reason, the second Chen Feng entered this world, he felt like everyone around him had suddenly focused their attention on him with vicious looks in their eyes.

He was alarmed. “Not good.”

Without hesitation, he left.


The enemies chased after him together. As he ran, he pondered. This familiar aura was indeed still the Primordial Era. However, why had he received such an intense rejection the moment he’d arrived? After thinking for a bit, he understood. It seemed like the primordial item had obtained the upper hand in its fight against the primordial fragment of this particular history. As such, this world was on the verge of becoming a world belonging to that mysterious consciousness. Since its attention had been focused on Chen Feng all along, the moment he had appeared here, he had become everyone’s enemy. So that was the case. Chen Feng finally understood.

Swish! Swish!

Countless enemies chased after him.

Chen Feng frowned. Among these pursuers, even the weakest was an awakened one. Enemies at the same level as him were all incredibly terrifying, and they were great in number as well.

He sighed. “This way, I won’t be able to flee at all.”
He had been neglectful. He had never expected that he would actually arrive in a world where the history transformation was on the verge of success. That mysterious consciousness had obviously arrived here a long time ago. The original primordial fragment of this history was on the verge of defeat. What to do? Leave? Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He had no way of leaving. During his previous ventures, he had only been forcefully removed after the end of the mission. By himself, he was incapable of exiting this world.


The number of enemies around him increased, each of them incredibly powerful. Earlier, only ordinary awakened ones had been chasing after him. Now, even stronger existences had appeared. Chen Feng even felt a certain terrifying power scanning him. He couldn’t last much longer.

Shua! Shua!

Numerous powerful auras surged out. Even the bunkers and nonliving hiding places Chen Feng tried hiding in were filled with intense rejection toward him. If he hid behind a stone, the stone would, in an absurd manner, roll away. If he hid behind a tree, the tree would suddenly wilt away. This feeling… it was as if this entire world was going to be under the control of that mysterious consciousness soon enough. Chen Feng was clear that the moment history here was changed—for example, as a result of the death of a certain someone—this world would immediately vanish and the real history would change. Chen Feng would probably be killed immediately as well.

This wouldn’t do. He looked at the awakened ones chasing after him. At this moment, his thoughts were unprecedentedly clear as he looked around and noticed that the distant forest would probably be helpful for him.

Alas, just as he neared the forest, the ground started shaking, spurting great amounts of lava out.

Chen Feng: “???”
Lava shooting out of a forest?

What in the world? Screw you! Even if this world has enmity toward me, you should follow the natural laws, right? Is the lava of your family produced from forests? What in the world? Why not drop some blades from the sky while you’re at it?


Just as this thought crossed his mind, numerous blades brushed past his body and landed on the ground underneath, shocking Chen Feng to the point that he was soaked with cold sweat.

He raised his head abruptly. In the sky, numerous ice blades were raining down upon him. The ice blades were as sharp as steel blades, falling down ferociously. Some beasts that were unable to dodge in time were instantly sliced into numerous pieces by the falling blades.

“Fine, you are indeed amazing.” Chen Feng turned around and escaped immediately. Alas, it seemed like it was somewhat too late. The terrifying rain of ice blades and the tsunami of lava had seemingly completely surrounded him.

Chapter 666: Dream Recall Bell

Mysterious Town.

Qin Hai was stepping in from the edge of the town.

An intense force surged and bounced him away.

“Still  can’t  enter?”  He  frowned.  “Chen  Feng  has  already cleared two regions, yet this repelling force is still so strong. This primordial item is actually so powerful.”

He took out a turtle shell.

Hum— A faint radiance swirled around. Once again, he tried stepping in. The repelling force was counteracted by the swirling light. Finally, Qin Hai was able to enter Mysterious Town. After walking past two blank regions, he saw Chen Feng. At present, the aura around Chen Feng was incredibly unstable.

“Something has happened?”
He recalled what his master had told him. Without hesitation, he pointed at Chen Feng.


A powerful aura swept out and instantly engulfed Chen Feng’s aura. Next, the aura rapidly combined together with the environmental aura, forming a new power.

At this instant, within the primordial world, the sea of lava and rain of blades that had surrounded Chen Feng vanished the moment before they reached him. Hum—
A peculiar aura swept past. Instantly, the forest returned to its previous appearance. The forest that had initially been so desolate that it couldn’t hide anyone started growing crazily. In a single second, the vegetation grew so huge and dense that the sky and earth seemed to be covered by it. Instantly, Chen Feng’s figure and aura vanished amid the dense and lush forest.

Those people chasing after him were dumbstruck. Previously, there had been sudden lava and ice blades. Now, the forest had suddenly become lush. What in the world was going on? None of them had a clue. They tried entering the forest to look for Chen Feng. With grief, they found that looking for a person in such a lush forest was simply an impossible task.

As for Chen Feng, he could keenly feel that the this world’s hostility toward him had vanished. Moreover, this world was presently showing goodwill to him instead of the previous hostility. As such, the world was now operating in a way that favored him.

“Why?”   Chen  Feng  was  doubtful  as  he  muttered,  “Is  it because of my earlier proclamation that this fellow is indeed amazing?”
“Why  don’t  you  call  me  amazing  instead?”  sounded  the grumbling voice of Qin Hai.

“Qin Hai?” Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. “How did you enter?”
He remembered clearly that only awakened ones could enter this town.

“Master gave me a turtle shell,” Qin Hai said.

“So  with  a  turtle  shell,  anyone  can  enter?”   Chen  Feng pondered. He recalled the turtle shell he had obtained in the first region. So it turned out that the shells of the scarab race had such special functions as well. He had previously thought that turtle shells could only be used to cook some soup.

Qin Hai: “…”
“What happened earlier?”  Chen Feng asked as he looked at the dense forest around him.

“Aura synchronization.”  Qin Hai continued, “I transmitted your aura to the primordial fragment of this region, causing it to be able to sense your aura and sync your aura with its aura. With this, this world will no longer reject you.”
“I see.” Chen Feng finally understood.

“That whole primordial item that is controlling everything, that mysterious consciousness’s name is Dream Recall Bell, a little bell. Initially, it was an item crafted by some superexpert to remember and to visit his dead relatives when he missed them by traveling into the past. Subsequently, though, this item became one of the strongest surviving primordial remnants. It had zero combat power, yet it was capable of controlling space and time. After awakening its own consciousness, it became one of the most vicious weapons in existence,   an   extremely   powerful   existence.”    Qin   Hai continued, “For an unknown reason, it awakened right at this time. Such a coincidence is supposed to be impossible.”
“Dream Recall Bell…” Chen Feng muttered.

Qin Hai continued, “This is an information master obtained from his inherited memories. After waking up, the first thing this fellow did was forcefully enter the Primordial Era and tamper with the timeline before other powerful primordial remnants could awake, turning this bell into a true immortal. However, it had expected these primordial fragments to actually resist it when it was attempting to alter history.”
“Now  that  you  say  this,  I  have  some  doubts.”  Chen  Feng asked,  “Since  this  fellow  is  so  powerful  and  possesses  an independent consciousness, why must it tamper with the history of the races whose primordial fragments were here? For example, the scarab race earlier via the scarab-race shell fragment. If the bell had instead selected to alter the history of other races whose primordial fragments were not here, it would be able to change history much more easily, right?”
This was Chen Feng’s doubt. If this fellow was truly able to change the history of any target it wished to, why not change the history of a race whose primordial fragment wasn’t here? Why did it have to choose to suffer the counterattacks of all these fragments?

“First, it was too arrogant and did not bother about these fragments at all, since it is whole, unlike the others, which are still fragments. As such, it never expected that these fragments would still be able to resist it with their mere instinct. By the time it noticed this, it was already too late, like the rider of a tiger who is having a hard time getting off. Second…” Qin Hai pondered and said, “Perhaps this Dream Recall Bell requires some sort of coordinates to return to the past as well and is unable to return to any point of time freely. In any case, some sort of channel is required, like how the twin-horns race reached this world. Without coordinates, those fellows would have had no way of reaching this planet. Perhaps… this is the case for Dream Recall Bell as well.” “If so, a single fragment should be sufficient, right?” Chen Feng pondered and said, “Although there are numerous fragments here, each with their own stories, most of them are of the same era, the Primordial Era. To return to the Primordial Era, one of the fragments would be sufficient, right?”
Qin Hai shook his head. “I am honestly clueless. Regarding your doubts, how are you even sure that the histories of the fragments that are not here have remained the same?”

Chen Feng contemplated and was instantly overwhelmed with fear. True. What was the original history of the Primordial Era? What was the present history of the Primordial Era? Nobody could answer that. Therefore, it was possible that the Dream Recall Bell had already altered the entire Primordial Era, changing everything in a direction that was beneficial to itself. What they were seeing presently could very well be the results of a changed history. Only the primordial fragments here were still stubbornly resisting. It wasn’t that the Dream Recall Bell had only selected to change the history of these primordial fragments. Rather, the entire world had already been changed, with these fragments being the leftovers. If that was truly the case…
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Hiss—”
Qin Hai continued, “Therefore, we must hang on. Master’s opinion is to not worry too much about this. Although the Dream Recall Bell is capable of altering a huge portion of the Primordial Era’s history, the truly important and powerful existences of the Primordial Era all have some primordial fragments left behind. So long as the changes here are unsuccessful, the core events of the Primordial Era will not change. Those powerful races such as the scarab race are simply impossible to be cleanly erased. They will not allow a mere Dream Recall Bell to alter their history. As such, their fight will also be our opportunity. For instance, what’s happening now.”

Chapter 667: ???

“Come, then!” Chen Feng said with a sharp gaze.

“This  primordial  fragment  did  not  recognize  you.  Hence, when you entered, both this fragment and the Dream Recall Bell regarded you as an enemy. That is why you experienced the full malice of this world. After I transmitted your thoughts to this fragment, this fragment accepted you as being on the same side and showed you the maximum amount of kindness. This is our chance. I will sync you with the fragment while you go deal with Dream Recall Bell,” Qin Hai said.

Once again, Chen Feng set off. With Qin Hai’s help and the goodwill of this world, Chen Feng was like a fish back in water. The circumstances that had initially favored the Dream Recall Bell were being reversed. Once again, its attempt to change history failed.

Bang! Light swirled around and Chen Feng returned to the real world. Once again, the Dream Recall Bell’s aura surrounding the town weakened.

“It is injured.”
Chen Feng was overjoyed. It was indeed as he had guessed. Each time he stopped history from changing, the bell would suffer backlash.

The region he was in was now cleared.

“If this continues, it won’t be long before we are done with this fellow. Let’s go.”
Decisively, he entered the next region. “Together.”   Qin  Hai  nodded  and  followed  behind  him. Surprising them, the instant they entered the next region, the Dream Recall Bell’s aura, which had previously been weakened, instantly surged. The berserk aura swept through the entire Mysterious Town, locking on to Qin Hai.

“Not good.”
Chen Feng’s heart thumped as he had an ominous feeling. He grabbed out, trying to hold on to Qin Hai, yet his hand grabbed at empty air. Qin Hai’s body had actually transformed into countless particles before dissipating away in the air. Just like that, he evaporated from this world. As for Chen Feng’s memories of Qin Hai, they were gradually vanishing as well.

History… the history pertaining to Qin Hai had been altered!

“It has arrived?”  Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. As his history had also been invaded once, the bell could no longer attack his history. As such, it had switched its target to Qin Hai’s history instead. This very instant was what Chen Feng had been waiting for. 
Borrowing this unique aura, Chen Feng instantly fused himself with the primordial aura around him.


Indeed, with a loud boom, light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes as he once again entered a brand new world. This was the Genetic Era, the world containing the history of Qin Hai.

“Huh?” Chen Feng felt that something was wrong. This was indeed the Genetic Era. However, the time…
Chen Feng looked at the crude-looking things before him and checked the calendar. He discovered with shock that this was 20 years ago. In other words…
Chen Feng was able to pinpoint the crux immediately. “This is the time of Qin Hai’s parents.” 
Chen Feng looked around. No, it was different. In Chen Feng’s history, he had still been a baby, yet here in Qin Hai’s history, Qin Hai had yet to come into existence. Moreover, at this point in time, his parents hadn’t even officially gotten together yet.

Chen Feng looked at the Qin family’s house, which was filled with wedding decorations. If he guessed correctly, that bell had selected the point in time when Qin Hai’s parents were getting married.

“Since Qin Hai vanished…”  Chen Feng narrowed his eyes, certain that history had indeed been tampered with. One did not need a brain to figure this out. As Chen Feng had guessed, a valiant-looking middle-aged man had appeared and spoiled the wedding forcefully, causing the two to be unable to get married.

Chen Feng sighed. “The bride has been snatched away?” “No.”  The Qin family people blanked. “He…  he kidnapped our young master.”
Chen Feng was dumbstruck. Qin Hai’s father?

“He claimed that both he and Qin Hai love each other dearly. Since society cannot accept their relationship, they have decided  to  live  in  seclusion  amid  the  mountains,”  the  Qin family people said in a daze.

Chen Feng: “???”
What in the world?

Ever since he had figured out that this Dream Recall Bell had an independent consciousness, he had treated this bell as a living person. However, he had never expected that this bell was in fact a fujoshi as well. This was too excessive! “What did your young master say, then?” Chen Feng asked.

“Before he could say anything, he was dragged away. That person was too strong,” the Qin family people said with bitter smiles.

“That’s right, then.” Chen Feng sneered. “Your young master must have definitely been kidnapped by force. Otherwise, why would the enemy not even give him a chance to say anything? Now, we only need to snatch him back.”
“Ah? But…”
“There are no buts.” Chen Feng interrupted that person and said, “You can let me do the rest. You guys only need to stabilize the situation here.”
Chen Feng couldn’t be bothered to continue talking much with them. He unleashed his powerful aura, causing the people here to not dare disobey him. After all, even if it was the Genetic Era, Chen Feng was still the strongest human. Following the aura of Qin Hai’s father, Chen Feng trailed after them. That so-called expert might be strong. However, at most, he would only be a beyond A class, not an opponent of Chen Feng’s. However, surprisingly, the Dream Recall Bell had been staying silent all this while.

He frowned. “This is illogical.” That fellow should be trying to stop him by any means, right? Based on his understanding of that bell, if it suddenly slacked on its interruptions of Chen Feng like this, that signified that the bell was presently putting its focus somewhere else. Had Qin Hai’s father been killed? That was not possible.

The bell was aware of Chen Feng’s strength. Even if Qin Hai’s father was killed, Chen Feng would still be able to make use of the Qin family’s bloodline to put forth a puppet. In any case, he only needed to maintain Qin Hai’s childhood memory. A mere death would not be able to stop him, since in this history, he was still the strongest. Here, he was omnipotent.

As such, the bell would most certainly not use such a brutish method against him and would employ some unique methods instead. As an example, what had happened when it had tried to tell Chen Feng’s parents the truth. This was a confrontation of wits rather than a pure confrontation of force.

Chen Feng contemplated. “What tricks are you playing this time?”  Based on what the Qin family people had mentioned, their young master had been kidnapped two days ago. Was that why Qin Hai’s history had changed?

However, it did not matter. Chen Feng believed that so long as he found Qin Hai’s father, he could ensure that everything would return to normal. At the very least, he could ensure that Qin Hai’s father would get married within the shortest time possible. Chen Feng had this much confidence in himself.

Naturally, this confidence only lasted until he finally found Qin Hai’s father…
This was a lush mountainous area. Mhm…
He was rolling around on the ground with his kidnapper.

A scene that should be censored was playing out presently.

Suddenly, Chen Feng lost all his confidence. Finally, he understood where that bell had focused its strength. It had actually forcefully “bent” the “preferences” of Qin Hai’s father.

Chen Feng was thoroughly dumbstruck. What in the world?

“Are you someone sent here by father?” Qin Hai’s father and that middle-aged man scrambled up in a flustered manner.

“I…   I  don’t  wish  to  marry  a  female,”   Qin  Hai’s  father declared firmly. Next, he gazed tenderly at the middle-aged man beside him and said, “Meeting him was the greatest joy in this life of mine. Please return. Sorry, we both truly love each other.”

Chen Feng looked at the two that were holding hands in front of him, and he was utterly speechless.

Chapter 668: I Shall Bend You Back!

What to do? Chen Feng had a solemn expression. He had thought of countless possibilities—for instance, Qin Hai’s father being killed. If that were what had happened, he would have gotten a fake Qin Hai’s father and ensured Qin Hai’s childhood memories were still the same. Even if Qin Hai’s father had been castrated, Chen Feng could have produced a brand new “tool” for him. No matter how hard it would be, he would have been able to accomplish it, as he was strong enough.

However, he had never expected that Qin Hai’s father would actually be “bent” so thoroughly.

Chen Feng spent a long time thinking yet could not figure out what to say. He had zero experience in convincing those with unique tastes to return to their roots, get married, and make babies. He looked at Qin Hai’s father’s resolute gaze and even started feeling like he was the villain here. He sighed. He entertained the thought of killing Qin Hai’s father directly and preparing a puppet to give birth to a “Qin Hai” instead. However, he had to give up on this thought. He was certain that the Dream Recall Bell had some backup plans waiting for him if he did that. It would not be wise to kill now.

In any case, this was Qin Hai’s father. Could he truly bring himself to kill this man?

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “Things will be troublesome this way.” If the ordinary method did not seem like it would work, he had no choice but to pick a different option, to brainwash Qin Hai’s father. Chen Feng personally believed that as an illustrious awakened one, brainwashing an ordinary genetic warrior shouldn’t pose him much trouble. Unexpectedly, his brainwashing was totally ineffective.

All mind-affecting abilities seemed completely ineffective against Qin Hai’s father. He was presently madly in love, resulting in a dramatic increase in his willpower. Unless he was truly killed or destroyed, nothing could change his mind. The middle-aged man gazed at Qin Hai’s father and said, “Our love will last forever.”
“We would rather suffer death than be separated,” Qin Hai’s father said resolutely.

Chen Feng: …
What a useless father!

Chen Feng decided to try changing Qin Hai’s father’s mind about the bride. “You and your bride seem to have known each other from a young age and have a good relationship with each other, right?”
“I know, but I have always seen her as a little sister. She is younger than me. Therefore, she has always behaved mischievously. Naturally, I love her dearly as well. However, that is mere familial love,” Qin Hai’s father replied seriously. Chen Feng tried leading him on. “Since you see her as a mere sister, do you happen to be interested in incest?”
Qin Hai’s father was stupefied. “What?”
Chen Feng sighed. “Forget it.”  Indeed, Qin Hai’s father was not interested in an incestuous relationship. In that case, this would be hard to solve. But then, this was rather acceptable, as if Qin Hai’s father had been interested in incestuous relationships, if after Qin Hai’s birth… Mhm…

Chen Feng cut short this line of thought. He felt like
pursuing this line of thought would result in some NSFW

I need to think of something.

Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

“Perhaps I can ask around on the internet?” Chen Feng pondered and decided that perhaps collecting ideas from a wider pool of people would be better for solving something like this. As such, he posted a thread online: “How to turn a gay straight? To fall in love with a woman?”
Yet instead of answering his question, the online netizens all started being grammar nazis, all getting into an intense argument on the proper grammar of his question, getting totally off topic.

Chen Feng: “???”
Even the online community during the era of Qin Hai’s father was so terrible? Forget it. He should think of a way himself.

Chen Feng checked the time. Based on the proper timeline, Qin Hai’s father should get married within two days. After several months, his wife would be pregnant with little Qin Hai.

Mhm… There was still some time for him to solve this. In any case, a few days of delay should not cause any major changes. He refused to believe that he couldn’t straighten this fellow out.

“You know of my strength,”  Chen Feng said coldly. “I will give you a test and see if you are truly not straight. If you can pass the test, I will allow you two to be together forever. If you fail, obediently go back and get married. Naturally, you have no rights to protest against this test.”
“All right,” Qin Hai’s father decisively agreed. Evidently, he was confident in himself.

“Let’s go.”
Chen Feng dragged Qin Hai’s father away. Next…
“During these two days, stay with her and have a short incursion here.” Chen Feng gave Qin Hai’s father the best environment, a beautiful beach with everything paid for and an astonishingly beautiful, mature woman with a seductive figure, hoping that this would lead to them doing the deed.

Chen Feng was disappointed.

He spent two days observing them and noted that Qin Hai’s father was as calm as ever. He was extremely courteous and polite toward this pretty woman. Even after she stripped herself naked and lay on his body, he still had the same calm expression on his face.

Holy shit, is he truly no longer straight now?

Chen Feng sighed deeply. And thus, Chen Feng got a younger female for Qin Hai’s father instead. This time, he gave Qin Hai’s father a youthful and energetic girl that was extremely adorable. Alas, it was still pointless, as this time, Qin Hai’s father merely treated her as a little child, assuming the identity of a father, taking care of her properly without going overboard at all.


Chen Feng adjusted his strategy without stop, offering numerous types of women to Qin Hai’s father, certain that there had to be one that Qin Hai’s father would prefer.

Alas, none of them caught Qin Hai’s father’s attention. From youthful girls to seductive sisters, from nurses to delivery ladies… All sorts of women were supplied to Qin Hai’s father. Anything a pimp had to offer was offered to him. An illustrious awakened one like Chen Feng had almost changed his profession to a pimp already, yet it was still ineffective. Qin Hai’s father still appeared as calm as ever. “I told you. It is true love between me and him,” Qin Hai’s father said earnestly. “Now, have I passed the test?”
“…” Chen Feng looked at him with a gloomy expression. “Mhm… Yeah, in a way. However, before that, you have one final test. So long as you pass this test as well, I will send you back.”
Qin Hai’s father was filled with confidence. “All right.”
Chen Feng sneered. “Hehe.” You are the one who forced me to do this!

This might be somewhat cruel and inhuman for Qin Hai’s father. However, there was no other choice. The changed history had to be corrected! As such, on that night, Chen Feng kidnapped the bride and tossed her at Qin Hai’s father. Mind- control abilities were useless against him? It did not matter. Drugs would work, right?

As such, on the second day, the cheerful Chen Feng looked at the parents of Qin Hai who had already done the deed. Hehe, with this, there will be hope for Qin Hai.

“Wuwu…you lied to me…”
Qin Hai’s father wrapped the blanket around himself and cried, “How could you do this?”
Qin Hai’s mother was instead the calm one. After all, since adulthood, she had already been aware that she would one day be married to this guy. As such, she did not reject this.

“Don’t worry.” Qin Hai’s mother patted Qin Hai’s father’s shoulder and said, “I will take responsibility for this.”
Chen Feng: “…”
How manly of her! Since the hardest part was already done, what was next would be easy to deal with. And thus, under Chen Feng’s great effort, the two completed the wedding and gave birth to little Qin Hai. As for whether their lives were happy or not, that wasn’t something Chen Feng could care about. However, to be safe, he taught Qin Hai’s mother the recipe for a certain drug. In any case, the moment Qin Hai’s father became disobedient, she would drug him.

As simple as that, history was corrected.

Light swirled before his eyes. Chen Feng returned and found that Qin Hai had indeed returned!

Chen Feng was overjoyed. However, for an unknown reason, he found that this time, the gaze when Qin Hai looked at him seemed somewhat odd. That feeling… was sending a chill down his spine.

Chen Feng’s heart chilled. Holy shit, it can’t be that he found out his dad is gay, right?

Chapter 669: Dynasty

In Mysterious Town, Chen Feng’s chrysanthemum chilled as he saw the tender gaze Qin Hai was using to look at him. Just as he was about to conclude that Qin Hai had indeed been “bent” as well, Qin Hai said, “Since I have appeared here, that means you have successfully stopped history from changing?”
Chen Feng scratched his head. “Oh, yes.”
Qin Hai heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good, then. My mind blanked earlier. Next thing I knew, you were standing there motionless. I figured that you had to be changing history again. Since I am still standing here helping you, it shows that there have been no changes in history. My memory is still intact. This proves that we have been successful this time as well.”
“Mhm…” Chen Feng recalled his act of drugging Qin Hai’s father and felt somewhat guilty. “I… guess so?”
“Which timeline did you go to this time?” Qin Hai asked. “The point in time when your parents got married,”  Chen Feng answered.

“I  see.”   Qin  Hai  pondered.  “I  did  hear  that  something dramatic happened during their marriage. I suppose that was what they were talking about. In any case, everything has been solved smoothly. It is said that when my parents encountered some mishap, my godfather rescued them. My godfather subsequently became the strongest expert of the Qin family.”
“Godfather…” Chen Feng pondered. Holy shit. The so-called godfather was that man, right? Qin Hai’s father had been truly amazing to have been able to find a way to keep his man at the Qin family after all.

“Although my memories seem intact, I keep feeling like something is wrong.” Qin Hai sank into contemplation.

Chen Feng: “…”
Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng and asked, “I can’t decide what’s wrong with only my own memories. Can you tell me if anything  has  changed?”   As  the  one  who  had  personally participated in this incident, Chen Feng should have retained the original memory. As such…
Chen Feng sighed. “Are you sure you want to know?”
“Yes,” Qin Hai answered resolutely.

“All right. The general situation had remained the same.” Chen  Feng  pondered  and  summed  it  up:  “There  were  only some changes regarding some minute details. During my battle with the bell, some negligible details changed.”
Qin Hai was still feeling doubtful. “For example?”
Chen Feng sighed. “For example, your father was originally not gay.” Chen Feng sighed deeply. “Originally, you had no godfather either. This godfather was in fact your father’s lover.”
Qin Hai: “…”
These were the so-called negligible changes?

“There’s more…” Chen Feng was about to continue.

Qin  Hai  smiled  bitterly.  “Forget  it.”  In  any  case,  the  Qin family was no more. They should let the dead rest in peace. Since it was all in the past, there was no need to keep thinking about it. There was no need for him to know all this. At the very least, the general direction of history had not changed. That alone was sufficient.

Chen Feng raised his head. “This place…” A faint radiance swirled around. Once again, one region of the Mysterious Town was cleared, and once again, the aura of the Dream Recall Bell weakened. The aura that had originally enveloped the entire town was presently wavering as the radiance of the bell’s aura flickered about.

“Huh?” Qin Hai was astonished. “What’s the matter?”
“It  can’t  repress  itself  anymore.”  Chen  Feng  was  pleased. “The Dream Recall Bell used its own strength to change the Primordial Era but was resisted by these primordial fragments. It has forcefully suppressed them, resulting in the appearance of these regions of numerous colors. However, after its repeated failure at our hands, its strength has weakened and it is no longer able to suppress these fragments.”
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous alarming auras erupted. Those tiny primordial fragments erupted with astonishing power, forcefully piercing through the Dream Recall Bell’s blockade and suppressing the bell in return. Hum—
Instantly, all the colors vanished. Chen Feng and Qin Hai looked at this sudden change with joy. They had never expected that after being weakened, the Dream Recall Bell would itself be suppressed. Ultimately, this was still Mysterious Town, and the primordial remnants were still powerful, even if they were at present mere fragments.


The powerful primordial auras started counterattacking. Chen Feng and Qin Hai watched on hopefully. If these fragments could obtain victory…
Bang! Bang!

Countless fragments fused their primordial auras together and subjected the Dream Recall Bell to an intense suppression. Just as Chen Feng thought that this was going to end, suddenly, the Dream Recall Bell trembled slightly. Ring—
An odd aura waffled out of the bell before enveloping the entire town. The ringing seemed to be accompanied by some bizarre sound wave.

The ringing waffled past. At this instant, Chen Feng felt like the world before his eyes was somewhat misplaced.

“Could this be…”
Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances, and they were both evidently shocked. Shua!

Light swirled. When they refocused their attention, the view before their eyes had already changed.

Blue sky.


Powerful auras everywhere.

This… was the Primordial Era!

“We are here again.”
Chen Feng was shocked. They had actually returned to the Primordial Era yet again. Different than their previous travels, this time, there were no fragments, nor was there a plot for them to solve. Rather, the Dream Recall Bell had forcefully sent everyone here. This was the combined history of all the fragments contained in the Mysterious Town. This was the true Primordial Era.

“Has the bell gone crazy?”
Qin Hai could not understand the logic of this. By returning to the past, there would be a chance to change history. For the Dream Recall Bell to send all of them, including the other fragments, back to the past, wasn’t it giving them a chance to alter history as well? Wasn’t this an act of courting death?

“Is this a move of desperation from the bell?”  Chen Feng guessed.

But this conclusion wasn’t reliable. Chen Feng had already clashed with the bell a few times thus far. He was aware of how meticulous and intelligent this bell was. Even during a moment of crisis, this bell would not do something stupid.

“It is impossible for the bell to be successful this way. The bell has returned all the fragments back to the past. Combining all the auras to forcefully alter all their histories is akin to altering the entirety of the Primordial Era in a single attempt,” Qin Hai analyzed. “This is much harder than all the previous attempts at only changing one single point in history.”
This act of the Dream Recall Bell’s was no different than courting death. This was Chen Feng and Qin Hai’s initial conclusion.

After all, the bell was already finding it hard to alter the history of a single primordial fragment. The multicolored regions of Mysterious Town were evidence of the intense battle between the bell and these fragments. Yet now the bell had decided to alter the histories of all the fragments in a single attempt? Forcefully combining all the auras of the fragments together? Wasn’t this courting death?

However, right at this instant, distantly, a ray of light pierced straight through the clouds. A flag with a mysterious aura was planted on the summit of a tribe, and the powerful aura engulfed the entire Primordial Era. On the flag was a single word: Dream. Chen Feng’s heart chilled. “That…”
At the same time, throughout the primordial world, similar flags appeared one after another, as if they had received some sort of command.

An orderly howl resounded.

The earth trembled, and the sky filled with numerous primordial beasts. That familiar aura, that aura unique to the Dream Recall Bell, was at this moment sweeping through the entire primordial world.

“This…” Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Dream Recall Bell! This was the work of that Dream Recall Bell! Finally,  Qin  Hai  understood.  “Those  races…”  The  Dream Recall Bell had indeed altered the entire Primordial Era. Its initial goal had been to change the entire Primordial Era in the first place. As for those fragments at the Mysterious Town, they had merely been a small part of the Primordial Era that had still been resisting stubbornly.

Even though they had been successful in their resistance, the entirety of the Primordial Era, apart from the races these fragments came from, had long been conquered by the Dream Recall Bell. Previously, in its fight against Mysterious Town, the bell had merely shown a small portion of its strength. Its true strength had all been focused on changing the numerous races of the Primordial Era. These were the races that had not left behind any primordial fragments, the races incapable of stopping any changes in history.

Now, the Dream Recall Bell had finally succeeded. In the final moment before it had been fully defeated by the fragments in Mysterious Town, it had succeeded. Without hesitation, it had transferred all the fragments here to the Primordial Era it had recently conquered, since this was now an era belonging to the Dream Recall Bell. This was a dynasty custom built for itself by the Dream Recall Bell.

Chapter 670: Astonishing Conduct


With the intense killing intent surging at them, Chen Feng and Qin Hai could only conceal themselves. Fortunately, Chen Feng’s Luck Aura was still active, assisting them in avoiding the first round of searches. Despite that, their circumstance did not seem good. This was the Dream Recall Dynasty, where 90% of the races had already fallen under the control of the Dream Recall Bell. Only the races whose primordial fragments had been in Mysterious Town were still resisting stubbornly. Even so, they would not be able to last long.

This was unlike the one-on-one battles that had happened in Mysterious Town. Rather, this was the concentration of all races conquered by Dream Recall Bell in a single era. Victory seemed impossible, even for the primordial fragments. They were all in their own respective locations in this primordial world, making it possible for the grand army of the Dream Recall Dynasty to eliminate them one by one.

The primordial world had fallen into absolute chaos. …

Chen Feng gazed into the distance. “They won’t be able to last long.”
As the primordial fragments were all powerful, they were still resisting in their respective locations. However, the moment the grand army of the Dream Recall Dynasty arrived, there would only be one conclusion for them.

Qin Hai smiled bitterly. “The moment the Primordial Era falls, the Genetic Era will vanish as well.”  Without a doubt, changing the Primordial Era would affect the future. What direction would a world completely united by the Dream Recall Dynasty take? It was unknown.

“True…”  Chen Feng muttered. History was on the verge of being changed. Who could stop it? By fighting? That wouldn’t work. This was the Primordial Era, where Chen Feng’s strength as an awakened was nothing but the strength of cannon fodder. They did not dare to even get involved in any major battles. Even merely being discovered would result in their death. “Right now, we can only do one thing.” Qin Hai took in a deep  breath.  “Seek  reinforcements.  Before  coming,  Master gave me a turtle shell. Even in the Primordial Era, I can still ask for reinforcements with it.”
Chen Feng was astonished. “It works even here?”
Qin Hai nodded. “Naturally. The shell is here on me.”
As he spoke, he took out the turtle shell. This thing had also followed his soul to the Primordial Era. In the present in Mysterious Town, there was still one on his physical body as well.

Qin Hai activated it. At the same time, both the shell in the Primordial Era and in Mysterious Town started shining with a faint light. “Done.” After sending the signal, Qin Hai said, “Master told me that he found several strong helpers that might be able to help us deal with this. Although the Dream Recall Bell is undefeatable here, history has yet to be totally changed. We still have time. As long as we get rid of the physical Dream
Recall Bell in Mysterious Town before that happens…”
This was Qin Hai’s plan. Although the Dream Recall Bell was undefeatable here in the Primordial Era, it wasn’t undefeatable at the present time. Now, all its strength had been used to send everyone into the Primordial Era. If so, the physical body of the bell in Mysterious Town might be rather weak now.

“The more of its power that is focused here, the weaker it will be in the present,” Qin Hai analyzed calmly. “After those people receive the distress signal, they will most certainly enter the town. When they discover that something is odd with the bell, they will destroy it!”
Chen Feng nodded. Worthy of being Qin Hai indeed. His plan was indeed more reliable than Chen Feng’s. Chen Feng himself had thought of some things, but none of them seemed reliable. As such, he had decided to give up on them. “Now, we just need to wait for them to end everything.”
They waited silently.

Far away, the grand army was still as terrifying as ever. Their powerful senses swept around, evidently searching for all abnormal life-forms. Chen Feng and Qin Hai both concealed themselves and watched on coldly, watching on as the Dream Recall Bell’s confidence swelled and waiting for the moment of its death.

Qin Hai counted the time. “Soon…” Based on his guess, those people should be almost there…

Light swirled around before them. A familiar figure appeared beside them.

“Hey, long time no see,” Xu Fei said with a big smile. Chen Feng: “…”
Qin Hai: “…”
Was this their reinforcements?

Hold on…
Just like that, this fellow had entered the Primordial Era?

Qin Hai was dumbstruck. “Why have you arrived here?”
Xu Fei laughed heartily. “Hahaha. Let me tell you, I departed immediately after receiving the signal. Just as I reached the town, I saw a little bell flickering without stop. At that time, I planned to first destroy the bell. However, since I couldn’t see you two, I searched around cautiously first. However, I still failed to find you two. Next, I had an idea and activated the turtle shell to reach this place directly. Hahaha.” “Seeing you two, I know that my guess was correct. That damnable bell was definitely a trap. If I destroyed it, you two would probably have died. Tsk tsk, how lucky it is that I’m this smart.”
Xu Fei was immensely proud of himself.

Qin Hai opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he did not know what to say. What in the world? This unreliable bastard! He had originally thought that the reinforcements would be able to solve their predicament. Unexpectedly, the reinforcements were so unreliable during the crucial moment!

Chen Feng sighed. “Don’t you normally not use your brain at all?”
“Yes.” Xu Fei scratched his head. “But then, didn’t you tell me previously to use my brain more? That is why I decided to use my brain this time.” Chen Feng: “…”
He had indeed sinned.

Qin Hai’s head ached. “The bell can only be destroyed in the present world. Now that you are in here as well, you have successfully thrown yourself into the trap and are now completely useless. This is the Primordial Era, an era where awakened ones are everywhere.”
“What?” Xu Fei was dumbstruck. With a wronged expression, he said, “That old man Du merely told me to come help when I sensed the vibration of the shell.”
“Don’t worry, we still have another helper.” Qin Hai took in a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. “Based on what Master said, this time, he found two helpers, and both are similarly powerful. There is still hope for us. I believe that the other person will most definitely…”
Shua! Before Qin Hai could even finish, light swirled before him and an even more familiar figure appeared before them.

“You  are  all  indeed  here,”  Kong  Bai  said  with  a  gratified expression.

Chen Feng: “…”
Qin Hai: “…”
Xu Fei: “…”
We are indeed destined to meet everywhere we go, Qin Hai despaired. How had a fine plan progressed in such a direction?

Kong Bai started speaking. “By the way, the moment I laid my eyes on the bell in the town, I knew there was some problem with it. I could even feel a charming power from that bell. As such, I made the smart decision and activated the turtle shell before that power reached me.” Chen Feng gave him a thumbs-up. “How smart.”
What in the world? At most, the bell could only charm Kong Bai into the Primordial Era. Moreover, the physical bell in the present had been greatly weakened. Its charm power was possibly greatly weakened as well. How nice it had been for this Kong Bai to immediately follow Qin Hai’s path and activate the turtle shell the moment he reached the town.

Kong Bai rubbed his fist, eager for a fight. “Well then… what should we do next?”
“Await death,” sounded Qin Hai’s grudge-filled voice.

Kong Bai blanked. “What?” When Xu Fei explained everything to him, he had a “what the f*ck” expression on his face. The four exchanged glances, thoroughly dumbfounded.
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