The Strongest Gene Chapter 651-660

Chapter 651: Chaos Is Coming

At the Land of Legacy.

Duma  gazed  in  the  direction  of  Mysterious  Town.  “Chen Feng already went over?”
Qin Hai nodded. “Mhm.” The sudden change at Mysterious Town was incredibly suspicious. At a glance, it appeared like some coincidence where a random fragment delivered there turned out to be a broken piece of a certain primordial item discovered countless years ago. As it had been discovered before the era of computers, that item hadn’t been recorded and nobody had realized this, resulting in this accidental reunion. However, if one gave it some serious thought, was that truly the case?

A primordial fragment… Why were these things called fragments? That was because they were already broken! That war had been too long ago, so long ago that it had practically vanished from history. All the broken primordial items had transformed into countless fragments and disappeared amid the long annals of history. Even the small amount of tiny fragments that had been discovered thus far had all merely been flukes.

A single primordial item could very well be comprised of hundreds or even thousands of fragments. These were what were normally discovered nowadays. Yet for this particular primordial item, only two parts had been required for the item to become whole again? No, that was not supposed to be possible. It would be reasonable for a primordial item to require several hundreds of fragments before it could be whole again.

Yet discovering such an amount of fragments alone was an impossibility, as most of these fragments had vanished in the truest sense. That was the case for most primordial items contained in Mysterious Town. Yet now… a mere two fragments had made a primordial item whole. Even more coincidental was the fact that this involved a primordial item that had been discovered before the era of computers, before data had been recorded in computerized databases.

What a coincidence! In any case, Duma refused to believe that such coincidence existed. That was why this incident had to be investigated. Perhaps there was a culprit behind this. For example… the fellow who had lured the twin-horns race over. This fact alone made it a must for them to investigate this thoroughly.

Duma  shook  his  head.  “He’s  too  rash.”   There  were  no problems with Chen Feng’s investigations. The real problem was the fact that the location of this incident was that Mysterious Town! Duma had previous experience handling primordial items. As such, he was clear on how terrifying these items were. Regardless of whether there was a third awakened one lurking around, so long as it was something happening at that town, things would never be simple.

“Chen  Feng  alone  won’t  do.  You  guys  go  give  him  help,” Duma said.

“Only awakened ones can enter that place,” Qin Hai said with a bitter smile. Unawakened ones couldn’t even approach that place.

Duma frowned. “Is that so… Let me think of something.” …

At this time, in Mysterious Town, Chen Feng, who had just entered, felt only an intense brightness before him.


Endless blue.

Chen Feng was astonished. “Where is this place?”

The illusory blue started solidifying. The world before him slowly became distinct. This was actually a beach that was incredibly beautiful. Countless turtles were playing about, having the time of their lives.

What is this place? Chen Feng felt doubtful. He tried walking forth but noticed that he couldn’t walk around. He couldn’t control his body and could only watch on with his eyes wide open.


A turtle passed through his body, not obstructed by his presence at all.

Chen Feng contemplated. I have transformed into a projection? Or perhaps… this world was the actual projection. He did not belong to this world. As such, he couldn’t see any other things.

Chen Feng looked over. On this beautiful beach, apart from the turtles, there was a hut as well. Surprisingly, there on the hut, two people stood. Chen Feng’s heart jolted. Humans?


Light swirled around. Instantly, he appeared up there as well. There, by the table, an old man and a young woman were seated. Similarly, these two seemed completely unaware of Chen Feng’s presence.

“These children…”  The old man looked at the little turtles with a kindly expression. “I wonder when will they be able to grasp the technique for transforming into a humanoid shape.”
The young woman by his side spoke gently. “Don’t worry. We can take our time. Humanoid transformation also signifies that they have reached adulthood, officially entering this world. I truly don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We didn’t enjoy a childhood back then. Hopefully, these children can enjoy a good childhood and live fulfilling lives.”
The old man shook his head. “How could things be so easy? These two days, abnormalities have appeared without stop. I feel like great chaos will descend soon. I wonder if our scarab race can survive this…”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted. Scarab! Could this be…
“In the annals of history, there have been numerous chaotic times. Which of those did our race fail to survive?” the woman said with a smile.

“No, this is different,” the old man muttered. “It’s different this time.”
Next, he shook his head. Even if he told her, she wouldn’t understand.

The old man changed the topic. “Is Chen Er not back yet?”
“Mm.” The woman’s expression dimmed. “It has been three years since he last came back.” “Three years…  Well, he is, after all, the chief of our scarab race. It is inevitable that he has to work hard.” The old man sighed as he looked at her belly. “This child, it has been three months, right?”
A content smile appeared on her face as the woman rubbed her belly. “Mhm…” Although her husband, Yu Xian Chen, was not here most of the time, she was lucky enough to be pregnant, to have this child accompanying her.

Chen Feng: “…”
Three years…
Three months…
Chen Feng felt like the math did not seem right here. But then, after thinking about it, he realized that he had indeed been thinking too much. After all, this was the scarab race. From his memories, fertilization would indeed take years for some turtle species. Since the scarab race was essentially a race of turtles as well, perhaps they might require 100 years of fertilization.

Mhm, that must be the case.

Chen Feng rearranged his thoughts and continued watching on.

“Let me take a look.” The old man placed his hand before the woman.

A faint radiance flashed.

Suddenly, the old man’s eyes gleamed as a shocked expression appeared on his face. He retracted his hand and looked at the woman. “This is…” The woman blanked. “What’s up?”
The old man’s expression dimmed. “The child…”
“What happened to my child?” the woman asked anxiously. “What happened?”
“The  child  is  fine.”   The  old  man  trembled  and  sighed. “However  the  child’s  entire  body  is  enveloped  in  gold  and shines with unusual radiance. There is a faint resonance with the aura of the Saintly Ancestor…”
The woman’s eyes widened abruptly. This characteristic… Could it be…
The old man sighed. “That’s right. This child is the future Duma! The future leader of our scarab race!”
Bang! The woman’s heart jolted.

Duma… had appeared once again! However, her husband was clearly the present Duma. Why…

She collapsed weakly to the ground. In the scarab race, at any given time, only a single Duma could exist. Only when the present Duma died would that unique and powerful aura return to their race to be reincarnated once again.

In short, Yu Xian Chen had…
The lady knelt on the ground, weeping bitter tears.

The old man sighed. Something had indeed happened. Including the scarabs, the leaders of several races had encountered misfortune. This was a bad omen. It seemed like a dreadful calamity was on the verge of erupting.

The old man sighed. “Something still happened in the end.” As he was about to comfort the woman, suddenly, his expression changed. He seemed to have seen something terrifying, as he left immediately, leaving only a single sentence behind.

“Take good care of the children.”
On the beach, the group of adorable little turtles was still playing around without any worries. The breeze brushed past, and the blue sky above the beach seemed even deeper now.

Chapter 652: Soul Entering the Primordial Era

Mysterious Town.

Within the town of numerous radiances, each color occupied a certain region. Suddenly, a cold radiance streaked toward a certain area. Filled with killing intent, the formidable power pierced directly into the primordial item.

Ka! Ka!

A crisp shattering sound echoed. A huge primordial item was about to burst apart. However, despite the numerous attacks against it, the primordial item still maintained its original appearance. It flickered with a faint blue, even when its entire body was filled with cracks.

Hum— A faint radiance flashed past.

As the old man left, Chen Feng felt like the world before him was turning more lifelike. The gentle breeze brushed past his face, and the fishy smell of the ocean lingered in his nose. Everything appeared clearer.

Chen Feng felt doubtful. This…
“You, who are you?” The woman who had been weeping earlier was looking at Chen Feng in alarm.

Chen Feng was astonished. “You can see me?”
“Yes, I can. You, who are you?” The woman was afraid. She could sense that this person didn’t have the aura of the scarab race about him. How had this person arrived here? One ought to know that this was the scarab race’s forbidden ground. Could it be that something bad had indeed happened to the scarab race? She recalled the scene earlier where the old man abruptly left. Her heart chilled as she wondered if their enemies had indeed entered even their forbidden ground. “You can even understand what I’m saying?” Chen Feng was even more astonished. Based on what Duma had said, the language of the scarab race was absolutely different from the language of the Genetic Era. However, what Chen Feng saw and heard was all in a single language. This was truly quite
wondrous. He wondered if this was an illusion. He had seen and experienced countless illusions. None of them had ever been so lifelike. This lifelikeness didn’t refer to the people in the illusion. Rather, it referred to how harmonious the illusory world seemed. This was a rather odd feeling.

Chen Feng became suspicious. Perhaps… this is an illusion released by an awakened?


A cold gleam flashed past.

He tried to lock his senses on to this woman, yet right at this instant, he felt his mind tremble and the memories in his brain start to sway about. All the memories regarding Duma were about to vanish. All his memories about the Genetic Era started becoming blurry as well. This…
Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk abruptly. He retracted his killing intent, which had been directed to that woman earlier. Only then did his memories stabilize.

He took in a deep breath. Suddenly, a realization dawned upon him. This was no illusion. Rather, this was the real world. The present young woman was indeed the mother of the future Duma. Earlier, Chen Feng had intended to kill her. If so, Duma would have disappeared. As such, the memories of Duma had started becoming blurry. Without Duma, there would have been no one dealing with the awakened primordial powers in secret. Without that, the world would not have been so peaceful, thus resulting in the change of his memories regarding the Genetic Era…
Chen Feng was startled. In short, everything before him was real! The scarab race and this woman, they were all real! Chen Feng was shaken. “I have actually returned to the Primordial Era.”
That Mysterious Town contained numerous abilities within. Each primordial item was incredibly powerful. As such, Chen Feng had been extremely cautious when he’d entered. Unexpectedly, just as he’d entered, he had already fallen victim to one of the powers. He hadn’t been able to resist it at all. After being enveloped by that blue radiance, he had been directly sent back in time.

“Spirit?” Chen Feng tried asking. No reply came. His question to Spirit was akin to throwing stones to the sea.

Chen Feng frowned. “Spirit didn’t return with me?”
That shouldn’t be possible. Since Spirit was a consciousness birthed by him, she should follow him at all times. How had she gone missing suddenly? Chen Feng wasn’t used to the lack of Spirit’s assistance. However, with astonishment, he found that his Luck Aura could once again be used, and 9,999 luck value was waiting for him. This was a terrifying amount.

“Has it returned to its state prior to the upgrade due to time travel? No, this doesn’t seem to be the case. How many years ago have I returned to?”
Chen Feng felt his thought process become sluggish.

The sudden disappearance of Spirit, the sudden appearance of Luck Aura, everything seemed related to this mysterious Primordial Era. However, he couldn’t figure out the truth.

“Is this the power of a primordial item?”
Chen Feng felt a lingering fear. He found that he had still ultimately underestimated the strength of primordial items. Regardless of whether it was his Luck Aura or his time travel, both were pointing at how terrifying primordial powers could be. “No, don’t kill me.” The woman trembled and looked at Chen Feng. “My child will be born very soon. I can’t let him die here.”
Chen Feng looked at her and smiled bitterly. Can’t die here?
That’s certain. If something were to happen to her…

A loud boom resounded in the distance. A terrifying power erupted, engulfing the entire world. Distantly, the entirety of the huge mountain belonging to the scarab race started collapsing.

Something has indeed happened!

Chen Feng’s heart thumped. He recalled the history Duma had told him, and understanding dawned upon him. Perhaps this was the moment when the scarab race encountered that disaster. As for the woman here, Duma’s mother, she had escaped at this instant and eventually gave birth to Duma, making him the only descendant of the scarab race. So that was the case.

Finally, Chen Feng gained some sort of understanding amid all the confusion. How had this woman escaped? Chen Feng looked toward the surging aura before looking at this weak woman that seemed incapable of escaping. He could not imagine that this woman would actually be able to escape. Suddenly, he laughed helplessly.

In short, the one protecting Duma’s mother while she escaped had actually been Chen Feng?

Chen Feng was shocked. “What happened, exactly?” He was sure that the one who was supposed to protect this woman in her retreat wasn’t supposed to be him. Analyzing what he knew so far, that person should have been the old man earlier.

At the crucial moment, the old man had left. Moreover, right after his departure, something had happened. This was way too odd. As for Chen Feng… he had actually appeared here coincidentally. “Something  must  have  happened.”   Chen  Feng  was  sure. However, no matter what, he knew that he couldn’t allow any mishaps to happen to this woman, regardless of whether it was for the sake of Duma or the stability of the future human world.

Truthfully, Chen Feng had always maintained a certain level of  doubt  with  regard  to  Duma’s  task  of  “protecting  world peace” and “defending the world in the dark.” He had merely spared Duma’s life since he had seen that Duma had lost his combat power and wouldn’t be able to recover anytime soon. However, from the way his memories acted here, he was certain that what Duma had told him was true.

As such, no matter what, he had to preserve Duma’s life. At present, the woman was thoroughly dumbstruck. The sudden appearance of an enemy and then the collapse of the mountain symbolizing the scarab race told her that a calamity had descended upon the scarab race.

The woman slumped weakly to the ground. “It’s over.” Chen Feng looked at her and asked, “Do you want to survive?”
The woman raised her head abruptly, her eyes shining.

“Do  you  want  your  child  to  survive?”  Chen  Feng  asked seriously. “If your answer is yes, follow me.”
A tinge of color reappeared in the woman’s dim expression.


The distant booming sound echoed without stop as Chen Feng led the woman and left in a certain direction. The collapsing mountain had blocked all escape routes. As such, going this way was their only hope.

“These children…” She looked at the little turtles that were panicking on the beach.

Chen Feng shook his head and sighed. “We can’t take them along. Even if it’s you alone, I do not have confidence in getting you out alive.”
The woman sunk into silence.

She was not the holy mother. As such, during such a crucial moment, she knew what her priority should be. Her child, the future Duma, was the single most important person.

Bang! Bang!

The distant booming sound approached them. Chen Feng and the woman arrived before the collapsing mountain.

“It’s a dead end here,” the woman said. “I know.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “As such, the enemy will never expect to find us here.”

He raised his hand slightly.

Myriad Illusions!

Luck Aura, activate!

Chapter 653: Primordial Era? No Big Deal


Before Chen Feng’s eyes, a cave appeared. With the woman, Chen Feng entered the cave. Next, the entrance closed behind them without a sound. The earth opened up a path before them. Chen Feng and the woman advanced, blending together with the earth. This was the power of Myriad Illusions, the ability capable of everything! When used by Chen Feng with his awakened strength, this ability was even more terrifying.

“It had been a very long time since I last used this ability.” Chen Feng was filled with melancholy. Ever since his Luck Aura had gone dormant, he hadn’t used Myriad Illusions. This ability contained countless abilities. Apart from the brain-dead method of allowing it to erupt as it wished, only Luck Aura could help Myriad Illusions reach its potential. Otherwise, the user would forever be unable to guess the next ability that Myriad Illusions would release.

“Splendid.” Chen Feng clenched his fists. “Let’s go.”  He looked at the woman. “If the enemies are truly planning to eliminate the scarab race, they will not allow anyone to escape. They will notice you sooner or later. Therefore, we must leave as soon as possible.”
The woman nodded. “Mhm.”

Myriad Illusions, activate.

Bringing her along, Chen Feng streaked forth underground, quickly leaving this place. As for the hut they had been at earlier, unsurprisingly, the enemies had destroyed everything there. With their powerful strength, they had killed all the turtles there.

On the beach, numerous turtles were sprawled everywhere with their bellies facing upward as a dense smell of blood pervaded the air. A beast with an odd appearance appeared. “Have all of them been killed?” He had the face of a ferocious tiger and the body of a human. His gaze swept past the beach, and he frowned. “Why am I still sensing someone alive?”
He sniffed at the empty air. Sniff—
“This  annoying  aura.”  His  eyes  gleamed  coldly.  “Indeed, there are still survivors. Confirm it for me immediately.”
“Understood.” The eyes of one of his underlings flashed, as if a myriad of worlds had just flashed before his eyes. He said, “Lord, based on my preliminary investigation, one particular corpse seems to be missing from the scarab race.”
“Who is it?”
“The wife of their present Duma, someone called Xiao Wu. After marrying into this place, the scarab-race members only dare to call her Madam. As for her real full name, even our spies weren’t able to find out.” “No real full name… Forget it, then. We can only chase after her,” the tiger-faced man said coldly. “I believe everyone here has already experienced how terrifying the scarab race is. Since we have already destroyed their race, we must not allow any survivors.”
“Understood,”     the    rest    answered,    wearing    solemn expressions.

For all the other races, the scarab race was akin to a dreadful nightmare. Even with only a single survivor, perhaps that single survivor might still be able to return and take revenge against all of them.

Some of them with powerful detection abilities set off and started tracking the survivor. When they noticed that the survivor had already crossed over the mountain, they destroyed the entire mountain directly.

Bang! A formidable power boomed. A tunnel was forcefully blasted through the mountain.

“Let’s go.”
Following the lingering aura in the air, they directly chased after their target, not stopping at all. Not a single thing seemed capable of stopping their advance.

Bang! Bang!

They advanced, leaving numerous booms in their path. At this time, Chen Feng and that woman had yet to get far away. As they heard the sounds, they were horrified. This was way too fast! If this continued, they would not be able to escape.


Chen Feng felt his scalp going numb. The experts of the Primordial Era were truly somewhat excessive. Even though they were similarly awakened ones, Chen Feng felt like he would be insta-killed by these people. That feeling… is that the power of resonance? This won’t do. Chen Feng tried creating some diversions with his Myriad Illusions, yet those people weren’t even slowed. They were seemingly unaffected at all.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

All the diversions he set were instantly destroyed.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. This is getting troublesome… He had never felt like he could be these people’s opponent. This was especially true for the current him, since he was lugging a burden around. Mhm… two burdens, to be precise. What to do?

Chen Feng looked at the despairing woman and pondered as the enemies neared them.

“Let’s split up,” Chen Feng said after taking in a deep breath. The woman’s eyes widened. Was she being abandoned?

Chen Feng heaved out a long breath and ignored her. He cast his senses on the path she had walked and remembered the unique scarab aura she had left behind.

This feeling…
Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng activated Myriad Illusions with his hand. Next, several drops of energy dripped down before dissipating in the air. The newly dissipated aura was actually exactly the same as this woman’s aura.

Shock appeared on that woman’s face. “Huh?” “With this, the aura will be correct…” Chen Feng pondered before saying, “Next is the body…”

From Myriad Illusions, one particular ability was selected. Mhm… Chen Feng decided that this ability was usable. Next, his body started transforming, assuming the appearance of a woman.

He looked at the woman and started talking. When he talked, even his voice was no longer the same. “With this, there won’t be any problems.”
The woman was shocked. “Are you…”
Chen Feng sighed and said, “Let me lure them away. Leave quickly. At the very least, you must survive until the birth of this child, right? The future of the scarab race now lies on your shoulders.” “Many thanks,”  she said, gratitude filling her eyes. She was aware of the implication of what he had just done.

“Leave.”  Chen Feng sighed. Without hesitation, he strolled around the area, leaving a chaotic trail before fleeing in a different direction, carrying the aura of the scarab race on his body. Shortly after, the pursuers arrived. They blanked shortly after sensing the chaotic aura here. However, soon after, they found a familiar aura amid the chaos.

They all reached the same conclusion. “This way.”

Once again, the pursuers set forth.

The woods…
Underground… Above the trees…
They felt like their target was fleeing everywhere like a monkey, bringing them great inconvenience as they chased after this target. Fortunately, they could feel that they were nearing their target. That woman would not be able to escape them.

Soon, after half a day, they finally laid their eyes on that person at the precipice of a certain waterful.

“Found you,” the tiger-faced man said with a smile. Worthy of being Duma’s wife indeed. Her strength was not low. If this had been a normal scarab-race member, they would have caught up long ago. Unfortunately, in the end, she would still have to die here.


The group surrounded her cautiously. Previously, there had been several times when they’d almost caught her yet she had still been able to escape in an absurd manner. This time, they blocked all the escape routes in advance so as to prevent any mishaps from happening.

“Madam, you won’t be able to escape this time,”  the tiger- faced man said.

“I know,” a soft voice replied as the woman turned around. The tiger-faced man and his group were momentarily shocked when they saw the woman’s face. They had never expected that the scarab race would look so very stunning after assuming a humanoid form.

“It is rumored that the scarab race is incredibly spiritual. By breathing in the spiritual essence of nature, they can assume a humanoid form. As such, they are all top-notch appearance- wise. I originally did not believe this, but now that I lay my eyes upon this madam, I find this rumor believable,” the tiger- faced man lamented. The others around him agreed as well.

Chen  Feng  sneered.  “Hehe.”   So  it  seemed  like  these primordial fellows were weak to women as well. It was truly unfortunate that Xie Zhongtong wasn’t here. Otherwise, she alone would be sufficient to be the end of all these fellows. “Hehe, if Madam is willing to accompany me… I might allow Madam  to  live  two  extra  years,”   a  fellow  with  an  odd appearance said as he stood out.

Another fellow walked out. “Yeah. If Madam can serve us well, perhaps we can allow you to keep living.”
“What are you guys doing?” the tiger-faced man rebuked.

They glanced at him. “What are you pretending for? Are you not clear yourself on the appearance of the females of your tiger race? Among the ten thousand primordial races, the one race with the greatest resemblance to those existences, the one race with the greatest spiritual nature, is the scarab race! Hehe, moreover, this woman is Duma’s wife…”
“Even ignoring her appearance and figure, the spiritual aura about her body alone is…”
“There’s also the aura of luck lingering about her…” “Can you guys truly bear to give up on all this?” that person said with a perverted expression.

“Spiritual  nature…”   The  tiger-faced  man  looked  at  the woman, his heart tempted. If he was able to interweave his fate with this woman’s fate, perhaps he would truly be able to gain a fraction of her luck and spiritual nature. With that, his future would perhaps be much better! As they thought of this, all of them were tempted. They fixed their eyes full of greed on this woman. Some of them even started undressing.

A snake-like person took off his pants and walked toward the woman with a perverted expression on his face. “Here I come… hehe.”
“Hehe.”  Chen Feng sneered inwardly at what he saw. The “length”  of the primordial fellows did not seem that special after all. He had the urge to pull his “buddy” out of the skirt he was wearing to show these guys what it meant to be “blessed by the heavens.”
Naturally, this was merely a monologue; Chen Feng did not pull his “buddy” out. If he truly did that, this would probably be the end of him. Regardless of how ridiculous these fellows seemed to be, they were still ultimately experts of the Primordial Era. Any random one of them could easily kill Chen Feng. This time, it wouldn’t be that easy for Chen Feng to survive this.

Chapter 654: What Does It Mean to Be Humanoid?

At a certain location, a certain woman was fleeing hastily, cutting a sorry figure as she sped forth. Her face was pale as she ran with a huge belly. The elegance of the finest beauty of the scarab race was nowhere to be seen. Chen Feng had lured the enemies away for her. At present, she could only flee without stop, heading toward a location far away based on her memory. Alas, just as she was about to leave this area…
“Madam, where are you going?” a sinister voice resounded. Madam’s expression changed greatly as she raised her head abruptly. On the tree trunk before her, a monkey-like fellow could be seen. He had an ugly appearance and presently had his eyes locked on her.

Madam’s expression changed. Not good! She tried fleeing in a different direction, yet in a split second, that monkey reappeared in front of her again with the same sinister smile on his face.

“Madam, you won’t be able to escape.”  The sinister voice caused Madam’s entire body to chill. Madam paled. “How is it possible for you to…” She recalled that the person from earlier had obviously lured everyone away.

The  monkey  sneered.  “Hehe.  Are  you  referring  to  those idiots? Indeed, I also saw those traces and also saw all of them chasing after that aura. However, none of them noticed that under the chaotic aura, an aura so feeble one couldn’t miss it was hidden as well. Granted, that aura seemed like a diversion in and of itself. However, at that time, I asked myself, Why are there so many chaotic auras here? If the purpose was to confuse us, why is there such a clear aura trail after the chaos? That aura is way too clear, so clear that all the diversions seem pointless.

“That did not seem too logical. Thus, what was the point of the diversion? I thought about it for a long time. Perhaps those auras had all been left for the sake of hiding the real aura? Therefore,  I  discovered  the  weakest  aura…  Hehe.”  A  proud smile appeared on the monkey’s face. “If I followed after those bastards, even if we managed to locate Madam, there wouldn’t have been anything left for me in any case. I figured I might as well follow this single trail by myself. The probability of my guess being correct was low. However, so long as I found you, Madam, I would profit greatly.” Madam’s heart chilled. So that’s the case.

“Hehe… I have been wondering why Madam fled. So that is the reason?”  the monkey said as he looked at the woman’s belly, and he started laughing maniacally. “Haha, I reckon those bastards never imagined that the madam of the scarab race actually got pregnant. Mhm… True, Duma hasn’t returned for three years, as he was killed when he was outside. Logically, you shouldn’t be pregnant. As such, they never thought of this. However, the scarab race…
“Rumors have it that yours is a race capable of pregnancy even three or five years after sex. Hehe, if my guess is correct, the child inside you is the future Duma, since you are the sole surviving scarab-race member. Duma…” the monkey said in a trance-like manner. “That is the soul of the scarab race. Now that it has entered the body of this child, if I can cook and eat this child…”  The monkey laughed maniacally. “Hahaha! The luck of the entirety of the scarab race shall belong to me!”
Madam’s body chilled. Greed appeared on the monkey’s face. “Don’t worry. I will take you away. I will care for you properly until the birth of this child.”
Despair appeared on Madam’s face.

At this time, at a certain faraway location, Chen Feng was also facing a life-or-death predicament, as he was surrounded by the tiger-faced man and others.

Chen Feng frowned. What should I do? God Punisher? This was the strongest single target attack Chen Feng had at the moment. However, after thinking about it, Chen Feng realized with great grief that regardless of how strong God Punisher was, even if he could insta-kill his target, it was still a single target attack. He could only kill one of them with it. That would not do.

Yet his others abilities would be even more useless against these people. He wasn’t their opponent. If so, the only thing Chen Feng could rely on was his Luck Aura. He glanced at his luck value. At present, only half was left. The amount of 9,999 had seemed very terrifying, yet to ensure their escape earlier, he had been using it up without stop. Ultimately, Myriad Illusions hadn’t been powerful enough. To conceal himself from these people that were far stronger than
him, a huge amount of luck value had been required.

Ten luck value exhausted…
Ten luck value exhausted…

Chen Feng sighed inwardly. This won’t do. Although he had absolute superiority in terms of “length,” his strength was still lacking. Moreover, this absolute superiority was only against their humanoid forms. If the opponents were to transform back into their true forms… Mhm… Perhaps Chen Feng would be able to witness a “big bird” the size of several dozen meters.

They approached him without stop. “Hehehehe.” Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “Why are you fellows staying in this form?” He felt like he could try dragging this out by asking them  some  questions.  “Aren’t  your  true  forms  even  more powerful?”
“It is a surprise that madam’s taste is so heavy,”  the tiger- faced man said in astonishment. “The beast form is, after all, still a primal form. Regardless of race, only the humanoid transformation is an indication of them being an expert. Madam…”
The rest of them were rather shocked as well. Why was this madam asking such an idiotic question?

Chen Feng’s heart thumped. Humanoid… This was not the first time he heard this term. The Primordial Era should not have any humans. Why did the term “humanoid” exist, then? All these races prided themselves on being able to assume a humanoid form and regarded only those capable of assuming a humanoid form as true experts. How had such an idea appeared? Chen Feng could vaguely feel that he had perhaps stumbled upon something amazing. But then… it was destined that these people would not be able to answer his questions.

The tiger-faced man narrowed his eyes. “Looks like Madam is trying to drag this out.”
“Madam’s voice is so charming. I reckon that Madam will perform very well in foreplay. However, too lengthy a foreplay isn’t too nice, am I right?” the snake-shaped man said as he approached.

Chen Feng looked at the precipice behind him. From his memories, in all the movies he had watched, the main characters could survive by leaping down the precipice. Since he had the assistance of Luck Aura, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to jump down as well. Instinctively, he glanced downward. Next, he noticed a rather powerful-looking beast falling down due to carelessness. Instantly, the beast transformed into dry bones. At the sight of this, Chen Feng’s heart chilled.

Shit, this wasn’t how plots progress in the movies!

The tiger-faced man saw Chen Feng’s action and thought that “she” was contemplating suicide. Since they were planning to capture Madam alive, they could never allow suicide. “Go!”

A terrifying energy erupted.

The tiger-faced man’s eyes gleamed coldly. “God Convergence!”
His calm eyes turned gold. From the gold pupils, terrifying energy shot out and locked onto Chen Feng’s body.

Shua! Instantly, Chen Feng’s body stiffened. He was no longer able to move.

Chen Feng was horrified. What damnable ability is this?

Luck Aura, activate!

Shua! Shua!

His luck value dropped crazily. Instantly, several thousand luck value disappeared. Finally, Chen Feng’s body was no longer stiff. However, the “Madam” appearance he had been assuming started flickering, nearly disappearing.


When Chen Feng saw a perverted hand reaching out, trying to grope him, he turned around and directly leaped down. Shua!

With a leap, he entered the endless abyss of sure death.

“Not good.”
The tiger-faced man grabbed forth hastily, yet he failed to reach Chen Feng in time. With his eyes wide open, he stared blankly as Madam’s body started flickering in an odd fashion before entering the abyss.


With a loud boom, Madam’s body vanished.

They all sank into silence. The water down in the abyss was such that, regardless of how powerful a person was, death was assured by a single touch of the water. Not a single person was an exception to this. They had expected that Madam would attempt suicide. However, they had never imagined that they would fail to stop her.

The snake-shaped man angrily glared at the tiger-faced man. “Didn’t you say that you could stop her suicide?”
The tiger-faced man was speechless. He had never imagined that the God Convergence he was so proud of would actually fail. One ought to know that this ability had a 99.99% success rate against awakened ones at the same level as him. The last time this ability had failed him was when he had used it on his second uncle.

Damn it! he cursed inwardly. However, despite his regret, they weren’t terribly troubled, since their mission was to only ensure the death of the sole survivor of the scarab race.

“Well then, let’s announce the completion of this mission.”

Chapter 655: Tampering with History

At Mysterious Town, a figure streaked past. With astonishment, Chen Feng found that he had returned to the Genetic Era.

What’s going on?

He was bewildered. In his memories, as he had been falling from the precipice, just as he had been about to land on the surface of the water, a blue radiance had flashed before his eyes, and next, he had returned. What had happened? Could it be that the Duma-rescuing mission had been successful? Chen Feng was bewildered.

He raised his head and saw a broken turtle shell before him. This turtle shell appeared rather peculiar. It had clearly been broken apart, yet all the pieces were still sticking together. Shining with a blue radiance, suddenly, a scene appeared in the empty air.

Shua! Light swirled around. Once again, a primordial aura descended. Chen Feng could see clearly the fleeing Madam being chased after on the screen.

“She was discovered?” Chen Feng’s heart thumped. Could it be that his mission of rescuing Duma had failed instead?


She raised her head. In the scene, Madam had already been forced to desperation.

“Madam,  just  surrender,”  the  monkey  said  with  a  smile. Surprising him, Madam, who had been despairing and struggling bitterly all along, suddenly calmed down.

“In short, you are the only one who followed this trail?” Madam asked with a calm gaze. The monkey had an ominous feeling. “So what if that’s the case?”
“Have you heard of a legend?” Madam asked calmly.

The monkey was on high alert now. “What?”
“Never… ever…” Madam said, one word at a time, “…face a scarab race member solo!”
Monkey’s expression changed greatly.

Damn it!


His body retreated rapidly. Alas… it was already over for the monkey.

Madam pointed at the empty air. “Condense!”  A terrifying radiance swirled around and locked on to monkey directly. The flow of time in an area a hundred meters around them vanished. The monkey had obviously reached the edge of this hundred-meter area, yet he was forcefully reversed back to where he had stood previously.

Madam’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Even if my present strength has declined…  I am still an expert of the scarab race!”  She would have been helpless against a huge number of people. However, if it was only a single opponent…
A faint undulation surrounded the area. A formidable chronal power severed this area from the outside world.

Chen  Feng’s  eyes  widened.  “This…”   He  recognized  this ability. This was the trump card of the scarab race, an ability Duma had once used on him and also the scarab race’s most terrifying ability, an ability where the turtles trapped their opponents and outlive them.

And thus, in the scene, for the first time, Chen Feng witnessed the prowess of this ability. He saw the birth of Duma, he saw the deranged monkey try to make a move against Duma, he saw Madam end this ability before sending Duma away.

And next…
He saw madam cough blood before once again using this ability to trap the monkey, who wasn’t able to escape in time.

“Are you sick? I already told you, I will not kill you. Why are you still trapping me?” the monkey said, furious.

Madam’s voice was instead exceptionally calm. “Since you already know the truth, you cannot be allowed to survive.” And thus, time passed. From Chen Feng’s point of view as an observer, he could see that in a short few seconds, within the trap, a very long time passed. The two of them grew old and died from old age…
The madam and the monkey perished together.

There, outside the trap, was only the newborn Duma. Breaking out of the eggshell, a gold turtle head popped out, and a dense radiance was swirling around the turtle. Slowly, a pair of inquisitive eyes opened. At the instant the eyes opened, gold radiance surged.

“The exact same time I leaped down the precipice?”
Finally, Chen Feng understood. So that was the case.

Finally, Chen Feng understood the reason for his successful return to the future. The blue radiance before him intensified. The turtle shell seemed no longer capable of persevering, and a gentle voice drifted over from the horizon. “Thank you…” Chen Feng’s heart thumped. This was Madam’s voice!


The shell shattered. Instantly, the blue zone vanished, leaving behind only a pile of broken shell pieces.

“Are you the one who guided me back in time?”
Chen Feng understood. This was a broken shell left behind by Madam back then. For some reason, it had been delivered to this Mysterious Town, subsequently guiding him back in time to rescue Duma.

However… why? History had originally flowed correctly. Why had he been required to correct history now? What exactly had happened to the Primordial Era? Chen Feng had no idea. What exactly had happened here? Since his memories hadn’t changed, perhaps he had at least done the right thing this time. “Spirit?” Chen Feng called out.

Spirit replied promptly as usual. “Here.”
“Replay everything you saw earlier,” Chen Feng said.

“All right.” Spirit replayed the scene of what had happened earlier. Chen Feng had stepped into the blue region, shut his eyes for only five seconds, and then once again reopened his eyes.

In short, the time he’d spent at the Primordial Era had been skipped. That made things interesting. He had a solemn expression on his face as he wondered about what had happened here.

What was up with that ability capable of twisting history? If history was truly altered, perhaps the entire Genetic Era would be affected as well. Perhaps Chen Feng wouldn’t even transmigrate over from Earth this time. Everything was unknown. “I don’t suggest you continue advancing.” Spirit’s tone became solemn. “This place is giving me an extremely ominous feeling.”
Chen Feng stared ahead. “I know.”
This Mysterious Town seemed even more terrifying now. However, Chen Feng had no way out. The scarab-race incident had planted an utmost fear in his heart. The act of changing history was truly way too scary. Even Duma might have been erased from his roots. How could a human be safe, then? He had to stop the opponent, even if he still had no idea who the opponent was!

“After all…  I am the sole awakened of the human race,”  he said calmly.


Light swirled before his eyes. He picked the turtle shells up.
Perhaps these things might still prove helpful. Bang!

He walked out of the region purged of blue. Step by step, he moved deeper. With the blue fading, the distant green appeared exceptionally distinct. That was the next region. The outline of Mysterious Town was becoming clearer. In the midst of green, one could vaguely see a primordial item flickering unceasingly, maintaining this green region. Evidently, this was the next primordial fragment Chen Feng had to face.

“Hopefully, you won’t disappoint.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply before stepping into the green.


Light swirled. Instinctively, Chen Feng tried grabbing at the primordial fragment. However, the instant his foot entered the green…
Bang! All the green was instantly cleared. A terrifying force swept down from the horizon. All the green was destroyed, and a brand-new dazzling red radiance suddenly shone, seemingly enveloping the entire world.


The green primordial fragment had actually been instantly destroyed.


Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.


The radiance before him intensified. The terrifying red shone dazzlingly. When the brightness faded, Chen Feng had once again descended into a brand new world. With a single glance at this world before him, his entire body chilled.

Chapter 656: Whose World?

Somewhere within Sea City, Xu Fei, who was in the midst of an intense “battle” with his opponent, was looking at a pop-up in excitement. “The time has come for this lord to earn merit again?”
“Brother Xu,” his “opponent” called out sweetly.

“We will continue after I return.” He spanked her butt before turning around and leaving in a carefree manner.

At the same time, Kong Bai, who was on the way to the hospital for plastic surgery, was also looking at his screen with doubt as he muttered, “How did that old man Duma find out about me?”

Mysterious Town. There, the resplendent red was shining upon an entire region. The green had already been entirely destroyed, the primordial fragment included. However, within the boundless red, a spark of green could be seen shining.

The faint green shone before sweeping toward Chen Feng and enveloping him.


The red intensified. The furious red flashed and destroyed the green. Alas, it was already too late. The final dot of green had been able to tear open a hole with a wondrous method.


Light swirled. When Chen Feng opened his eyes, he saw a brand new world. A gloomy sky above him, a light drizzle pattering down, a huge crowd, and a world tinged in ancient- looking colors. This was a scene he had never seen before. Distantly, numerous tall buildings and tall mansions stood. Oddly, these buildings gave off an extremely ancient feeling, lacking the feel of modern buildings. The architecture did not seem like any of the cities Chen Feng was familiar with.

“Weird… Where is this place?”
Chen Feng was sure that he had never seen such a scene. However, for an unknown reason, what he saw gave him an unprecedentedly familiar feeling, as of something imprinted in the depths of his soul, causing his very soul to tremble. He tried stretching his hand out, yet he found that he was unable to move, just like the previous time he’d traveled back to the Primordial Era.

Chen Feng frowned. “I can’t move right now. This should be something similar to what happened before. In short, I have returned back to a certain unique era? From the looks of it, this should be a civilization preceding the Genetic Era. Mhm…” He looked at the vehicles that were moving without stop and watched on as the world became clearer and clearer, yet he still could not move. After pondering his previous experience, he gained some understanding.
“It seems like that terrifying existence is capable of changing history. Or perhaps one could say that this is a terrifying ability one stands to gain by owning a whole primordial item. Time and space can be easily reversed. History can be tempered with to achieve his goal. With his ability, he tried to change everything. As for these radiances of differing colors in Mysterious Town…”
The truth seemed to be appearing before Chen Feng. The radiances of numerous colors were not the helpers of that fellow. On the contrary, these radiances were all resisting that fellow.

“In short…”
Chen Feng drew a conclusion. That complete primordial item was trying to tamper with history, to erase the origin of all existences to reach a certain goal. As for these fragments here, due to their spiritual nature, they refused to permit this happening. This was the reason the large-scale undulation had erupted. That was the origin of the multicolored radiances surging straight to the sky. That was the origin of all that had happened in Mysterious Town.

“So that’s the case.”
Chen Feng finally understood. Each of the different regions occupied by different colors was a node to change history. He had coincidentally entered the blue region first, entering Duma’s world.

Chen Feng thought about it. “If I wasn’t there at that time…” If he hadn’t been there, the scarab race’s history might have truly changed, and Duma might have truly disappeared for real. This was in accordance with his conclusion. In short, what he needed to do was spoil this fellow’s numerous attempts at changing history? As he thought of this, he had an ominous feeling, as this time, he had reached a modern society rather than the Primordial Era. Chen Feng’s heart chilled. “Something seems wrong.”  This was supposed to be yet another primordial fragment. Since that fellow was trying to tamper with the history that this particular primordial fragment was imprinted with, he should have traveled to the Primordial Era. Why had he arrived at a
modern society, then?

Chen Feng contemplated. When he had entered this world, the situation had seemed somewhat different from his previous time travel, as this time, the green radiance had been destroyed prior to his time travel. That unknown existence had forcefully destroyed the green.

In short, this unknown existence had initially unleashed an AoE, triggering the resistance of all the other fragments. Now, on top of the AoE, this unknown existence had unleashed a single target attack as well. With that, the green fragment had been directly destroyed.

No, this reasoning did not seem right. If the opponent was truly this powerful, the turtle shell could have been destroyed previously as well. If this opponent had decided to unleash the AoE and single target attack at the same time, none of the other fragments would have been able to resist the attack. However, this opponent had obviously not done that previously. As such, this reasoning wasn’t right.

Chen Feng thought of another possibility.

“When I arrived, the green had already been defeated by the AoE in the first place?” Chen Feng guessed. Could it be that just as he’d arrived, the history imprinted here had already finished being tampered with? A certain part of the Primordial Era’s history had been erased? This was the only conclusion he could reach. This was also the only possible explanation for what had happened. Shua!

Light swirled before his eyes. This modern world still operated before his eyes. Amid the light drizzle, a middle-aged couple appeared with an umbrella. They seemed to be holding onto a child, hugging the child tightly for fear of the child suffering from the cold.

The family of three seemed to be in a rush, and this entire world seemed to become clearer along with their appearance.

These two are the main characters this time…
Similar to the woman from the scarab race earlier, when the main character appeared, the entire world became clear.

However… Chen Feng found that he still couldn’t move. He was still playing the role of an observer. Chen Feng frowned. What’s going on? Suddenly, he thought of a possibility. Previously, he had only been able to move thanks to the help of the primordial fragment, that turtle shell. Now, the green fragment had already been destroyed. As such, he could no longer participate in what was happening in this
part of the history.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “So I can only watch on?” Fine, he would play this role, even though he was clueless as to whose history this was.

Bang! Bang!

In the sky, two muffled peals of thunder sounded, and the rain became heavier. By the road, the masses moved hurriedly. Most of the people without umbrellas were taking cover within the shops. Chen Feng’s gaze was focused on the middle-aged couple.

“The point where the course of history is altered…”
Chen Feng watched on silently. Du du—
The cell phone sounded.

“Hello. Mhm, I know. Don’t worry, after settling down the child, I will go over with my wife immediately. Haha, don’t worry. I will succeed for real this time.”
The middle-aged man ended the call and left quickly with his wife and child. Just as the family of three turned a corner, suddenly, a truck that had gone out of control rushed at them.


The out-of-control truck charged forth like a ferocious beast and crashed through several cars in a row. Even the street lamps were being knocked over everywhere, yet the truck was still heading directly toward the couple. Chen  Feng’s  eyes  gleamed  coldly.  “Here  it  comes!”   This damnable primordial item was indeed altering history!

“Careful!”  The middle-aged man pulled his wife and child and retreated to the side hastily. Alas, the out-of-control truck was still heading toward them. They retreated hastily, dropping the umbrella in their panic. For the first time, the appearance of the child that was being hugged tightly by the woman was revealed to Chen Feng.

With a single look, Chen Feng was alarmed.

No, this should be a mere resemblance…
However, when his gaze trailed downward, when he saw the stone hanging around the child’s neck, he finally understood. This was his world! This child was him! This damnable primordial item was trying to erase his existence as well!

Chapter 657: How Did They Die?


The out-of-control truck charged over.

Damn it!

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly, yet he was unable to participate in what was happening. The only thing he could do was watch on as the family of three retreated to the corner of the street until there was no longer any way to retreat. He could only watch on as that truck charged over, violently destroying everything in its path and reaching the family of three.

At this instant, the world before his eyes seemed to be cracking. This was the traces of his memory being erased. The moment this family of three was killed, Chen Feng would also cease to exist. Right at this instant, he felt a faint green radiance flash around him, and a powerful primordial aura appeared once again.

This aura only appeared for a split second before it was completely erased. However, Chen Feng still smiled, as at this moment, the world around him seemed even more alive. He could even feel the rain pattering on his face. He had finally fully descended to this world. He raised his head, looking at the despairing expression on the couple’s faces. He looked at the truck that was about to crash into the child. Lightly, he stepped forth.


Just like that, he appeared before the truck.

A loud boom resounded.

Bang! The truck crashed onto his body as Chen Feng seemed to sink into the truck, causing the truck to be incapable of moving forth any farther. All around Chen Feng, the world lapsed into silence.

“Go,” Chen Feng said. Before others could even react to this, he left with the family of three, leaving behind only the destroyed truck. After a long time, several black-clothed men appeared there.

“The  target  escaped.  Seems  like  some  outsiders  have appeared. We felt some unusual power earlier. Hehe… Lock on to that person’s coordinates. Regardless of who the outsider is, I want them to die.”

Not far away, within a hidden room, Chen Feng was looking at the dumbstruck family of three before him. Evidently, the supernatural strength Chen Feng had demonstrated earlier had shocked them.

“Supernatural  powers…  exist  for  real?”  The  middle-aged man was so agitated that he couldn’t speak coherently.

Chen Feng: “…”
If his guess was correct, this was his father, Chen Jianguo. From the name itself, one could see how amazing he was. As for the woman hugging the child, that should be his mother. As for her name…Chen Feng did not seem to remember it. Back then, the actual incident had been quite simple. In some archaeology assignment, Chen Jianguo and his wife had both died. Next, Chen Feng had been sent to an orphanage. That was all that had happened.

Was it the accident earlier? Chen Feng frowned and denied this thought. The accident earlier had obviously been trying to kill even him. History was being disturbed…
Hum— A faint green radiance flashed past. Some information was hidden within. After transmitting this intermittent message, the green vanished again.

“Kindness…  Thank…  Revise…  History…  By no means…  To disturb…”
Chen Feng heard the message and could only smile bitterly. Was this fellow feeling thankful for Chen Feng’s appearance, which had shifted the attention of that complete primordial item to himself and away from the fragments, thus it appearing here to repay Chen Feng? This truly caused him to be speechless.

But then, if that was truly the case, the only reason he had appeared here was to repair history, to put everything back on the right track. He could absolutely not allow his parents to suffer from some mishaps at an earlier date. He also had to ensure that they both did not survive the accident that was supposed to kill them, leaving him an orphan. That was because the moment they survived, Chen Feng’s timeline would be thoroughly altered. Nobody knew what would be the result of that. If that caused Chen Feng to not transmigrate, to not become strong… Perhaps every incident related to Chen Feng might change as well. The Genetic Union might face danger, and everyone he knew would probably die. The descent of this unique primordial item was also something nobody could stop.

Qin Hai…
Wang Yao…
Everyone might suffer. If either the pink power from before or the present mysterious primordial power gained control of this world, great chaos might arise. Even Chen Feng’s present world might fall into danger.

Since the opponent could discover this world through his aura alone, the opponent had to have already discovered the existence of this world. If he died… even if, theoretically, his death would result in his disappearance from history, causing the opponent to lose track of him, as the culprit, this opponent might be able to preserve part of the memory that was supposed to be erased.

If so… this world might not be able to escape the grasp of this opponent. Chen Feng pondered and understood soon enough.

“Erm…” Chen Jianguo rubbed his hand and cautiously asked, “Excuse me, may I ask, who are you?”
Chen Feng looked at them with a complicated expression. “Your savior.”  In truth, he did not have strong feelings about his parents. After all, he had grown up in an orphanage. Moreover, his dad had also caused his childhood to be one filled with immensely bad luck. It was truly miraculous that Chen Fang had been able to survive long enough to activate the fate stone. As such, he did not have any intention of allowing the genetic world to be destroyed just so his parents could survive.

As he thought about it, in the original timeline, it wouldn’t be long before his parents died. He recalled the conversation his father had had on the phone earlier. It seemed like he had received another assignment and would settle Chen Feng down before heading out for the assignment. From the looks of it, this was the assignment that his parents would never return from. As such, Chen Feng only needed to escort them to the assignment and ensure that the child was protected.

Chen Jianguo smiled bitterly. “Thanks. However, you have yet to answer my question.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “You don’t need to know that. Due to some unique reasons, someone is trying to kill you all. My mission is to protect you all. That’s all.”
Chen Jianguo seemed to understand. “So that’s the case.”
He exchanged glances with his wife. It seemed like their assignment had attracted some attention after all. Was this youth the one dispatched to protect them?

Chen Feng looked at them and said, “Where is the location of your assignment? I will send you two there before leaving.” “Qinghe Mountain,”  Chen Jianguo said. “There, a group of ancient tombs has been discovered. We must arrive there tomorrow.”
“Qinghe Mountain… Tomorrow…” Chen Feng nodded. “Got it.”
He had some impression of this Qinghe Mountain. It seemed to be a mountain range near his ancestral home with rather dangerous topography. With the rain from the past two days, the ground was filled with mud, further increasing the danger there.

If it was the group of ancient tombs there…
Qinghe Mountain…
Suddenly, Chen Feng was startled. He had once seen a relevant piece of news. He had once tried investigating the trails of his parents and had also studied a bit about this place. For example, this Qinghe Mountain had encountered an extremely rare torrential rain, causing a flash flood and a large landslide. From the looks of it, his parents had encountered some large-scale natural disaster while on their assignment there.

So that was the case. So this was how his parents had died. The things that he had been confused about had finally been cleared up He recalled that the landslide would happen tomorrow night. In other words, after sending his parents over tomorrow, they would die on that very night.

Chapter 658: Actually, I Am…

Late at night, Chen Feng was gazing up at the starry sky in silence. He had finally returned back to this planet after so long. Naturally, he couldn’t fall asleep. He was merely gazing at the hazy sky with his head raised.

Suddenly, a gentle voice sounded beside him. “What are you looking at?” Chen Feng turned around and noted that Mrs. Chen had actually left the room.

Chen Feng frowned. “Why are you still awake?”  In truth, Chen Feng was somewhat at a loss as to how he should mingle with these two. As such, he was merely wishing that everything could proceed smoothly and nothing else.

“I can’t sleep.” Mrs. Chen shook her head and self-mockingly said, “How could I still sleep after that near-death experience earlier?”
Chen Feng: “…” True. He was already used to living on the edge of life and death and had almost forgotten that here this planet hosted a peaceful modern society.

Suddenly, Mrs. Chen smiled and asked, “Do you feel that we are very troublesome?”
Chen Feng was somewhat stunned. “Ah.”
“I can see from your eyes that you are extremely fearful of trouble,”  Mrs.  Chen  said.  “You  only  wish  to  complete  your mission formally, to finish this mission as soon as possible so you can go on a vacation. This attitude resembles that programmer in our unit greatly.”
Chen Feng: “…”
“That is also why I trusted your words,” Mrs. Chen said with a smile. “I believe that you are here to protect us instead of kill us. Oddly, from your body, I can feel an indescribable sense of intimacy.” Chen Feng: “…” He raised his head to look at Mrs. Chen. Although he called this woman Mrs. Chen, in this era, this mother of his was only 30 years old, at the age when her beauty was at its peak. It was rather astonishing that when young, his mother was actually this pretty. Chen Feng thought that it was
natural that his mother was good looking, since he himself was so very handsome. It was most certainly due to the good gene pool he had inherited.

“Do not misunderstand. I am not hitting on you. Rather, I truly feel an odd sense of intimacy,” Mrs. Chen gently said.

Chen Feng waved his hand. “I know. Return to your room and get some rest.”
“You know?” Mrs. Chen was stunned. This young man was actually acting as if this sense of intimacy was as it should be.

Chen Feng frowned. “Return.”
Mrs. Chen did not intend to leave. “What is your name?” “Kong Bai…” Chen Feng paused and thought that such an ugly name was most undeserving of being used by him. As such, he changed midsentence. “Qin Hai. I am Qin Hai.”
“Qin Hai, a good name,” Mrs. Chen praised.

“…” Chen Feng sighed. “You should go take a rest.”
“I have an odd premonition.” Mrs. Chen raised her head and looked at him. “If I leave just like this, I will lose something extremely important, and moreover, I will be eternally separated from this important thing.”
“…” Chen Feng’s head ached. “If Mr. Chen heard your words, he would probably feel like beating me up.”
Chen Jianguo’s voice drifted over. “No, he wouldn’t. Because earlier, when I first saw you, I had the same feeling, an intense feeling of familiarity from you… That is why we did not reject you.” Step by step, Chen Jianguo walked over and looked at Chen Feng. “Who exactly are you?” “…” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Indeed, he was not suited to being a spy. Looking at the earnest Chen couple before him, he could  only  sigh.  “Since  you  are  asking  so  earnestly,  I  shall deign to tell you two. To prevent the failure of this assignment, to prevent the targets from rejecting the protection, to ensure the assignment can be better completed, I have been selected to protect you two due to my great affinity. I am a person with a superpower, with affinity being my superpower. Regardless of who the person is, so long as that person lays an eye on me, said person will be affected by my superpower and feel like I am their closest kin. Do you both understand now?” Chen Feng spoke proudly, flinging his head in an attempt to swing the nonexistent fringe on his head. In front of him, the Chen couple was dumbstruck.

Aff… affinity superpower?

“Since you guys witnessed me using my superpower earlier, you two should be able to accept the existence of superpowers, right?” Chen Feng spoke calmly. “I have been doing missions for so many years, and so far, 13 clients have treated me as their own son, around 10 elderly clients have treated me as their grandchild, three female clients have treated me as their lover, and six teenage clients have treated me as their boyfriend. There were even two particular young clients who treated me as their father…” The Chen couple was thoroughly stupefied.

So… that was the case? That had to be the case, since he had indeed demonstrated the existence of superpowers earlier when he’d rescued them.
“Sorry, we have disturbed you.” They laughed bitterly before returning to their room. Chen Feng glanced at them and heaved a sigh of relief. Truthfully, unless absolutely necessary, he was not willing to become entangled with his parents. After all, as far as he was concerned, this was simply a trip to the grave…
Not far away, Chen Feng could still hear his parents talking to each other in low voices. They had already minimized their volume, yet before the awakened Chen Feng, this effort was meaningless.

“Seems like I guessed wrong.”
“Surprisingly, such superpower exists.” “I initially believed that… forget it…”
“What are you trying to say?”
“I feel like he resembles our child greatly.”
“Huh? Is this the effect of his affinity superpower?”
“Tsk,  if  I  had  this  superpower  back  then,  during  my schooling days, wouldn’t I be…”
“Hehe, what are you saying?”
“No, nothing.”
“Hehe.” “Dearest wife, truly, nothing. The moon bears witness to my love for you. Look at this if you don’t believe me…”
“Kyah, there’s still someone outside, all right?”
“What are you afraid of? Last time, you even dared to do it in the tomb…”
“Hey, what nonsense are you talking about? After all, the one outside one has superpowers, right?”
Slowly, the voices stopped. Chen Feng was dumbstruck as he listened on.


Kyah? Tomb?

What the hell?

He knew that everyone was once young and hot blooded. However, it felt different to bear witness to this himself. After all, these were his parents. Truly…
He did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

At present, he truly had the urge to end this mission as soon as possible.

What the hell, if this continued, the final remaining memories he had of his parents would be badly ravaged.

The next day, when the sun rose, Chen Feng impatiently sent the two to their destination. Since he had already arrived here, he would comply with the laws here. To avoid attracting the attention of certain existences, he tried his very best to be low profile.

Chen Jianguo was driving, Mrs. Chen was feeding milk to the baby, and Chen Feng was casting his senses around, observing their surroundings at all times.

“I already arranged it with a friend. He will be waiting at Three Rings Road. I will pass on the baby to him and he will take the baby back,”  Chen Jianguo said while driving. “Next, we can head to the tomb at Qinghe Mountain.

Chen Feng nodded, increasing his vigilance at the same time. “All right.” If he guessed correctly, the opponent would not allow him to send the Chen couple to the tomb just like that. Or to be exact, the person would not allow the baby to be sent off just like that.

However, surprisingly, the entire journey was peaceful. When they were nearing Three Rings Road, a car could be seen parked by the road with a middle-aged man waiting there. Chen Jianguo was overjoyed as he prepared to park his car as well. “He’s here.”
“So smooth?” Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. Just as Chen Jianguo was about to stop his car, Chen Feng, with his acute senses, noticed that even with his strength as an awakened, he still could not see through the seemingly ordinary SUV! What joke was this?

Chapter 659: Undefeated

“Careful!”  Grabbing one with each of his hands, Chen Feng left with the Chen couple in his hands.


Instantly, the car they had been in exploded. Not far away, from the car Chen Feng couldn’t see through, a black-clothed man appeared. He was carrying a bazooka that still carried a trace of warmth. Mrs. Chen was incredibly alarmed as she hugged her child. That guy had actually shot at them with a bazooka!

Chen Feng stood before the two. “Retreat.”
“Evaded?” The black-clothed man was astonished. After all, this was a bazooka…
Chen Feng was even more astonished than that person. Why was it a bazooka? He was an awakened! If one wanted to do something against him, a bazooka would be completely useless. “Hehe. Interesting. I heard that you possess a certain level of superpowers. Surprisingly, such people exist in real life.” The black-clothed   man   sneered.   “Unfortunately,   facing   our mercenary group, your so-called superpowers are but a joke. Let me show you…”

Chen Feng waved his hand casually. Next, the black-clothed man collapsed to the ground. Chen Feng curled his lips. This guy was way too weak.

Chen Feng looked over. “That middle-aged man…”
“My friend.” Chen Jianguo smiled bitterly. “I never expected that he would betray me.”
“Kill him?” Chen Feng asked. Chen Jianguo shook his head. “Forget it. Perhaps he is being threatened with his family. After all, I am the one who implicated him in this whole incident.”
Chen Feng nodded. “All right.”
“What to do with the child, then?” Mrs. Chen was anxious.

Chen Feng sighed. “Give him to me, then. When you two reached the location of your assignment, I will personally send the child over. This way, it will be safer.”
“…” The Chen coupled exchanged glances before saying, “Okay.”
Only a superhuman like this person could protect their child properly.

“This is the address. Just leave him to the old granny next door.” Chen Feng nodded. “I know.”
The granny next door. Mhm, he could still vaguely remember seeing that old granny when he had been young. Naturally, not long after, the old granny had passed away and he had been sent to the orphanage.

Mrs. Chen was astonished. “You know?”
“… It’s nothing.” Chen Feng shook his head. “Let’s go.”
After this little crisis, they changed to a different car before continuing on. However, Chen Feng never stopped frowning. Since the enemy was trying to kill him, why were they using something as low level as a bazooka? After all, the enemy was aware that he was here… Hold on, was that fellow not aware that Chen Feng had appeared here?

That wasn’t possible. If the enemy primordial item had an independent consciousness, the enemy had to be capable of knowing that he had already arrived here as well. If so, why had the enemy used a bazooka, then? Perhaps that was the only thing the enemy could use at present?

Chen Feng contemplated. Although the enemy was capable of altering history in a major way, the enemy was still restricted to following the laws of the world and could only make use of whatever originally existing in said world.

If so…
Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed. He had been able to perfectly descend upon this world without having to worry about being repelled by this world, and he was able to use all of his abilities, including his awakened abilities. This signified that he was god-like in this world.

“If so, things are going to be much easier to deal with,” Chen Feng muttered.

“What’s up?” asked the concerned Mrs. Chen. Chen Feng shook his head. “Don’t worry. We will send you two to your destination first.” Since the enemy was restricted by the laws of this world, Chen Feng’s mission had become much easier. He only needed to send the Chen couple to their destination and then send the child back to the urban district and this would end. Next, he could return to the genetic world. He was certain that he hadn’t interfered much with the affairs here in this world.

He had disguised himself as an employee hired to protect the couple. At present, everything seemed to be progressing smoothly. No other special feelings had been triggered from the Chen couple.

This was rather fine. Along the way, Mrs. Chen inquired about his well-being without stop. This caused Chen Feng to felt somewhat pressured. In the afternoon, finally, they arrived at their destination, Qinghe Mountain, the location where some ancient tombs had been discovered. With a single glance, Chen Feng noticed that this mountain was indeed on the verge of a landslide.

If it rained… something would definitely happen. Should he tell them? Chen Feng pondered the matter and could only 
Yet again, Mrs. Chen looked at him with concern and asked, “What’s the matter?”  She felt like along the way, this guy’s complexion had not looked too well.

Chen Feng shook his head. “I’m fine.” This was the easiest of missions for him. In this modern society of technology, he was simply god-like. However, for an unknown reason, this mission was also one that caused his heart to accumulate a great amount of fatigue.

“Come in and take a rest,”  Chen Jianguo said with a smile. “Let my wife feed the child more.”
“All right.” Chen Feng followed him in.

“Yo, Old Chen is back,” said several smiling employees that had arrived earlier. “Huh? Old Chen, why did you bring your relative to a place like this?” 
“What the hell, you too look so alike. If he’s not your relative, who could he be?” they grumbled. “If this child was a few years younger, people would believe it even if you claimed that he was your son.”
Instantly, Chen Jianguo was stunned.

Chen Feng: “…” He glanced at the Chen Jianguo’s strict- looking square face before rubbing his handsome face and concluding that these archaeology employees were all blind.

One of them frowned as he said, “By the way, I feel like he looks more like your wife.”
“I have the same feeling as well.”
“Weird… Why does this kid resemble both you and your wife so much?” were. “Old Chen, is this some secret child of you and your wife’s from back when you two were 14 years old?”
Chen Jianguo’s expression darkened.


Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. Why had the plot suddenly progressed in such a direction?

“How are we even alike?”
Chen Jianguo retorted grudgingly before glancing at Chen Feng. After focusing on Chen Feng momentarily, he was somewhat stunned. Now that he looked at Chen Feng, Chen Feng truly resembled Mrs. Chen.

Mrs. Chen entered as well. “What’s the matter?” “Look properly…”
Chen Jianguo whispered and told her all that had happened.

Mrs. Chen’s eyes flashed as she stared blankly at Chen Feng. After a long while, she smiled suddenly, “Are you all stupid? This kid is already over 20 years old. At most, he can be my little brother. How can he be my son? Be careful lest you guys focus so much on archaeology that your brain suffers from it.” Mrs. Chen grudgingly said, “Why are you guys still not working? We have delayed this project for way too long. We must start it today. You guys are not allowed to look for excuses to further delay the project.”
Instantly, they all dispersed.

“Stop thinking too much.” Mrs. Chen smiled and said, “Thank you for your help. You can leave with the child after he’s full.”
Chen Feng nodded. “All right.” After looking at Mrs. Chen entering her room, he heaved a sigh of relief. What had happened earlier? Why had the topic switched to the topic of him being their son so suddenly? Perhaps…
Chen Feng was alarmed. Perhaps, this was the mysterious enemy’s true goal? Suddenly, he thought of the enemy that had never appeared after the bazooka incident. He had been on guard against assassinations and attacks all this time yet had forgotten the enemy’s true goal.

That’s right, who said that killing was the only way of erasing an enemy? Since the enemy knew that Chen Feng’s combat strength was unequaled here in this world, the enemy would certainly not act rashly. Just imagine the scene where the enemy managed to successfully cause his parents to doubt him, or to recognize him, or perhaps cause him to be unable to bear not telling them the truth. Regardless of which of these happened, the timeline would most certainly change as a result. This might affect even the future! This was the enemy’s true goal!

Chapter 660: Why Are You All Behaving Weirdly Today?

Damn it! As Chen Feng thought of this, his entire body became drenched with cold sweat. He had nearly fallen to this trick. Fortunately, when Chen Jianguo had been on the verge of doubting him, Mrs. Chen, who should have been feeding the baby in the room, had arrived outside and solved this crisis for him.

Mrs. Chen…
Chen Feng sighed. This Mrs. Chen perfectly fit the image of a perfect mother in Chen Feng’s heart. All along the journey, she had displayed great concern for his well-being. Chen Feng couldn’t help being moved by the concern she had shown. If he truly had such a mother by his side…
Alas, he had to endure it. He could not be the one to change the past.

“Hu—” He shut both his eyes, trying to calm his thoughts.


Suddenly, he frowned. The instant he had shut his eyes, with his powerful senses, he had noted that on his neck was a faint purple dot, so small one could easily miss it.

“Weird… when did this appear?” Chen Feng shook his head. After casting his senses toward it and finding that it did not seem harmful and was merely a faint coloration, he shook his head and forgot about it. Perhaps this was a side effect of descending upon this world. At present, he had no intention of courting unnecessary trouble.

He should wait calmly as Mrs. Chen finished feeding the baby before leaving. After a while, Chen Feng’s senses were cast everywhere. With vigilance, he observed every single person in the vicinity. He paid great attention to what they were saying, as he could not allow them to further the previous discussion. There’s also Chen Jianguo. Since Mrs. Chen was feeding the baby, it would be inconvenient for Chen Feng to cast his senses toward her. However, he ensured that his attention was fully on this fellow, especially since this guy was once again talking about his son.

Chen Feng watched on silently. Suddenly, someone called out to him. “Chen Feng.”
“Yes?”    Chen   Feng   opened   his   eyes   and   found   with astonishment that it was actually Mrs. Chen that had appeared beside him. At present, she was gazing at him with deep emotions.

Hold on…
She seemed to have called him Chen Feng?

Damn it! Chen Feng cursed inwardly. “You…” Just as Chen Feng was about to say something.

Mrs. Chen pointed at the baby in her embrace and gently said, “Chen Feng. I’m saying his name is Chen Feng.”
“Oh.” At this, Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief, realizing that Mrs. Chen was here to pass him the baby. “You are done?”
Mrs. Chen nodded, yet there was still a trace of worry about her.

“Don’t worry. The baby will definitely be delivered safely,” Chen Feng promised.

“I have no doubt about that.” Suddenly, Mrs. Chen said, “What I’m worried about is, do you think this baby will be very ugly when he grows up in the future?” “…” Chen Feng felt somewhat awkward as he answered, “Oh, I doubt it.”
“After all, his dad is somewhat ugly.” Mrs. Chen was anxious. “If he resembles his dad, it will be troublesome.”
Chen Feng: “…”
What the hell? Wouldn’t it be even more troublesome if the baby instead did not resemble the dad? Mrs. Chen was being somewhat excessive here! Instantly, Chen Feng felt the image of a perfect mother collapsing. This mother… was too mischievous!

“Do you think that this child will be able to find a wife in the future?” Mrs. Chen asked.

“Ah?” Chen Feng was stupefied. “Yes.” Mrs. Chen was very anxious. “I heard that the imbalance of the numbers in both genders is increasing. I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been feeding this baby much milk for the past two days, but I feel like he hasn’t been fed well enough, stunting his growth somewhat. How is he supposed to find a girlfriend in the future with stunted growth?”
Chen Feng’s face darkened. What stunted growth? Dear Mom, this is your son you’re talking about here!

“Don’t worry.” Chen Feng gnashed his teeth. “He will grow into a fine young man.”
“If so, I won’t be worrying that much anymore,” Mrs. Chen said with a smile.

Was this truly his biological mother? Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

“If so…I will pass him on to you.” Mrs. Chen passed the baby to Chen Feng carefully.

“Feng Er, please do take care… in the future,” Mrs. Chen said to the baby in Chen Feng’s embrace. Instantly, Chen Feng’s body stiffened. From this angle, from this direction, these words caused great waves in his emotions.

“Goodbye.”  With the baby, Chen Feng’s body flickered and vanished. Just like that, Mrs. Chen watched on blankly until she could no longer see them.

Chen Jianguo walked over and sighed. “Has the baby been given to him?” He was still somewhat anxious. He knew that if this “Qin Hai” actually wanted to snatch his child, it would be way too easy for him.

Mrs. Chen nodded. “Mhm.”
Chen Jianguo sighed. “Hopefully he can safely deliver the baby.” Mrs. Chen glared at him and ignored him. Instead, she directly returned to the room.

“Huh? Why had this pen been taken out?” Chen Jianguo asked as he saw the cinnabar pen on the table. This had been excavated during their previous archaeology assignment and was seemingly useless. The pen’s only function was to leave a mark on a human body, a mark that could not be erased no matter what. Apart from that, this pen was useless.

“Nothing, I merely found it accidentally when rearranging the luggage earlier,” Mrs. Chen said with a smile.

“Is that so?”  Chen Jianguo muttered. He looked at the pen before saying, “Even the lid wasn’t put back on. Who used the pen this time?”
“Hehe.”    Mrs.   Chen   smiled   and   continued   looking   at something.

“What are you looking at?” Chen Jianguo glanced over curiously and noted that she was looking at the weather forecast.

“What’s so interesting about this? The Weather Bureau chief is my ex-classmate. Before coming, I already checked with him. The following month will be a dry season,” Chen Jianguo said proudly.

“Mhm, it’s your ex-classmate,” Mrs. Chen grumbled, and she continued reading.

Chen Jianguo glanced over and noticed that this time, she was looking at the topography of Qinghe Mountain.

“Why are you looking at this?” He was feeling curious. “Why are you behaving oddly today? Is it because of that kid called Qin Hai? His superpower? We who dabble in archaeology should be much more receptive toward the existence of superpowers, right?”  Chen Jianguo curled his lip. “It’s only that we never expected that such a thing actually exists for real, and for us to even have such a person protecting us. Seems like they are looking quite highly upon this project of ours.” Mrs. Chen merely sneered. “Hehe.”  She continued flipping past the book in her hand until she reached the page detailing the disaster caused by a heavy downpour at Qinghe Mountain 50 years ago.

“How far are the nearest reinforcements from here?”  Mrs.
Chen asked.

Chen Jianguo chuckled. “There’s no reinforcements. We are so far away from civilization. If something truly happens, only helicopters can reach this place to mount a rescue mission.”
“Is that so?” Mrs. Chen shut her eyes and said, “In that case, I finally understood.”
She shut the book in silence. Chen Jianguo placed his hand on her forehead, appearing somewhat anxious. “Do you have a fever? You are behaving so oddly. Do you want to see a doctor?”
“…” Mrs. Chen ignored him and suddenly said, “Jianguo, I have a question. You must answer me seriously.” Chen Jianguo blanked. “What is it?”
“If…  the past is changed, will the future change as well?” Mrs. Chen asked softly.

Chen Jianguo was dumbstruck. “What kind of a question is this?”
Mrs.  Chen  spoke  solemnly.  “Answer  me  after  thinking thoroughly. This is a very important question.”
“Oh…” Chen Jianguo pondered for a while before saying. “Definitely.”
“…” Mrs. Chen shut her eyes and said, “I understand now.”
Can’t change, huh… She recalled the first time she had seen “Qin Hai,” the complicated expression in his eyes, the anticipation, the pain, the melancholy, and the conflict…
“Jianguo, I feel like our child will be an amazing person in the future.”
“Keh, can he be even more amazing than me?”
“What kind of a response is this? But then, why are you suddenly happy? Earlier, you were still mumbling incessantly. What’s going on, exactly?”
“You don’t have to worry about this.”
“This… forget it. Oh, right, earlier, Old Zhang suddenly went crazy. He said that we don’t have to start working today and can go have a meal at the foot of the mountain instead,” Chen Jianguo said suddenly.

“Have  a  meal?  Sudden  suggestion?”   Mrs.  Chen’s  eyes widened. “Why?”
“No idea.” Chen Jianguo was curious as well. “I keep feeling that Old Zhang is behaving oddly today. Previously, he was the one who mentioned that the kid looks like my son… and then he suddenly suggested we go down the mountain to have a meal… But since he has requested it, we have to give him face. Let’s go down together,” Chen Jianguo said, not too bothered about it.

Mrs. Chen seemed to have thought of something, as suddenly she shook her head. “No.” With a resolute gaze, she said, “We must start our work today. This is the assignment given by the higher-ups. If we want to celebrate… we shall do it by having a good meal after the completion of this project.”
Chen Jianguo looked conflicted. “But…” Mrs. Chen was resolute. “I said, today, we must start our work!”
“Fine, today then.”  Chen Jianguo smiled bitterly and took out a case from his bosom. “This is something the Qin Hai fellow gave me earlier, telling me to give it to you. He even mentioned that you can only open it near dawn.”
Mrs. Chen’s eyes shone. “Oh?”
“Shall we take a look at what’s inside?” Chen Jianguo urged.

Mrs. Chen shook her head. “Since he mentioned that we should only open it at dawn, we will do as he wishes.”
“Why must we listen to that kid?” Chen Jianguo said sourly.

“Why are you being jealous of some kid?” Mrs. Chen chuckled. “Don’t worry. I will not open it without you.” “Who  cares?”  Chen  Jianguo  curled  his  lip  and  mumbled, “Why are you all behaving so oddly today?”
“…” Mrs. Chen gazed into the distance, a smile on her lips.
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