The Strongest Gene Chapter 631-640

Chapter 631: Where’s the Promised Scarab Race?

Chen Feng’s expression became solemn. Here it comes! He knew that the moment Duma’s real body appeared was also the moment the true battle would start. Both he and Qin Hai had been waiting for this. Alas, even though Chen Feng had prepared himself for this, when his gaze landed on Duma’s body, he blanked. This… where was the promised scarab? Where was the promised beetle? What appeared wasn’t a bug at all. Rather, it was a huge and imposing turtle that was exuding a dreadful amount of vitality.

Chen Feng was stupefied. “Tur… turtle?”
“Yeah,”  Qin Hai answered, as if this was what it should be. “Due to their omnipotent shells, they were called the scarab race. Even during the Primordial era, they were the strongest race.”
Chen Feng was astonished. “Oh, so the so-called divine shell actually refers to turtle shell.” “What else?”  Qin Hai felt like this buddy of his was rather absent minded today.

Chen Feng spoke instinctively. “I thought it was a beetle.”

The world lapsed into silence. Qin Hai’s lip twitched. Even Duma, who had just completed his transformation, became furious as he heard this. Evidently, he had finally understood what Chen Feng’s gaze from earlier had meant.

Duma was furious. What the f*ck, you are the one that’s a freaking beetle! Your entire family is a beetle! Intense killing intent leaked from his body as he prepared to move against them.

Chen Feng finally understood. In short, Duma wasn’t some beetle. Rather, he was the legendary turtle chief! Chen Feng gasped in admiration. Bang!

Duma’s killing intent intensified. A terrifying power gathered as he decided to no longer hold back. Even though his consciousness was presently being controlled, he still possessed the sanctity of the scarab race. This feeble human deserved death!

“Careful,”   Qin  Hai  warned  Chen  Feng.  Both  of  them increased their vigilance to the extreme. Yet at this precise moment, a sudden and bizarre sound traveled over.

The door of a nearby building was suddenly opened. A little turtle wobbled out of it, swaying while humming a song at the same time.

“The shell is too heavy, if I don’t sway, I will be pushed to the ground.”
“The shell is too heavy, if I don’t sway, I will be pushed to the ground.” “The shell is too heavy, if I don’t sway, I will be pushed to the ground.”


The entire world seemed to lapse into silence. Only the intoxicating song of the turtle lingered in the air. Chen Feng and Qin Hai looked at the little turtle that was walking over with astonishment. Even the furious Duma calmed down and looked at that swaying little turtle with a bizarre gaze. Yet that turtle did not seem to notice anything. While wobbling, the turtle sang. As a turtle, it was evident that despite being so drowsy, this turtle was still able to stand steadily without collapsing to the ground.

Chen Feng looked at the turtle in astonishment. “It’s him!” Even though the size of this fellow had been greatly reduced, Chen Feng was still able to recognize him with a single look. This was precisely that giant turtle they had encountered in the frigid cave back then. Mhm, had he still been an F class back then, or had he been E class? In any case, it was this turtle. Back then, this turtle had been driven away by Wang Yao. Ultimately, he had been killed by Chen Feng’s group below the sea. Yet unexpectedly, they once again saw this turtle here! This was rather inconceivable!

Qin Hai was similarly shocked as well. “This turtle…”  He remembered clearly that rather than being his master’s pet, this turtle was actually his master’s favorite food. Every day, this turtle would experience numerous methods of dying before being cooked, whether he was lightly fried, deep fried, or cooked via one of numerous other methods. As part of the scarab race, a race that also had shells, it was truly excessively cruel for his master to do this to a turtle…
And thus, Chen Feng, Qin Hai, and Duma looked at the little turtle with odd gazes. The turtle wobbled three times each step he took. Just like that, the little turtle walked past the battlefield. Something did not feel right…
Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances. Qin Hai nodded slightly, evidently feeling that something was wrong as well, yet at the same time, he had a feeling that everything was right. This little turtle… When they glanced over once again, their pupils suddenly widened. At this moment, they had finally discovered the abnormality they had been feeling earlier. This damnable turtle seemed fine and was even residing here… yet it’s color was normal instead of pink!

At a place like this, this appearance was incredibly out of place. Even a final-boss-type character like Duma, the scarab, had fallen. How had this turtle remained fine? Could it be that the actual final boss was actually…
“Swaying along with the shell, swaying along with the shell. Ao ao ao~” The turtle was still singing that enchanting melody. When he passed the battlefield, suddenly, his eyes opened wide. All four limbs paddled at a rapid speed as he ran at an insane speed.

“Mom, the old turtle has gone crazy! So scary! I don’t want to cross-dress!”
… Swish!

With a flash, the turtle vanished. Chen Feng swore this was the first time he had seen a turtle run so fast. Even with the super vision he had as an awakened, he had failed to follow the movements of this turtle. This speed was too shocking.

Before Chen Feng and Qin Hai could move, Duma, who as by their side, suddenly shouted, “Where are you running?”

He took a single step forward.


The earth trembled. Duma raised his head high as a sinister appearance appeared on his pink turtle head. “As a turtle spirit, instead of allowing me to eat you obediently, you are thinking of rebelling?”

With a roar, Duma gave up on Chen Feng and Qin Hai and started chasing after the little turtle.

Chen Feng was stupefied. What plot was this? This plot did not seem right? He rubbed his head. They had both dragged the time on nonstop to allow Xiao Ying to discover the origin of the pink energy. What about Duma, then? Chen Feng could clearly feel that this guy was trying to drag this out as well. Why was that?

“Perhaps, some traces of master’s consciousness remain?” Qin Hai guessed. “Perhaps.”  Chen  Feng  did  not  comment  much  on  it.  He looked at Duma, who was chasing after the little turtle. “Turtle spirit… What exactly is the identity of that little turtle?”
“I don’t know.”  Qin Hai shook his head. “Master has eaten that fellow countless times and has resurrected him countless times as well for some unknown reason. I don’t know what it is that he is seeking.”
Chen Feng: “…” Eating and resurrecting… Suddenly, he had a rather alarming guess. “In short, at present, your master’s innate instinct as a foodie has prevailed over the control of the pink energy?”
“How is that possible?”  Qin Hai rejected that instinctively, yet when he looked at his master, who was chasing after the little turtle, he couldn’t say anything.

Holy shit… this can’t be true, right?

This… was even more unacceptable than his master being controlled by someone else! Even though his master had fallen under the control of the pink energy, from the steps and preparations of his master from a long time ago, he could sense how unfathomable and powerful his master was. It turned out that his master had long prepared for this situation where he was controlled by the pink energy. So it turned out that everything his master had taught him and the things he had given him were useful after all…
What in the world was this? The awakening of his instinct as a foodie?

“Ahahahahahahahah—I am unwilling to be eaten by you! I am the spirit turtle, not turtle jelly! Duma, screw you!”

Chapter 632: The Lag That Hadn’t Been Experienced for a While

“I am the divine spirit! It is pointless for you to eat this young master here. My purity is too high, so high your idiotic scarab race can never hope to absorb it. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.” The little turtle ran as he screamed. Chen Feng and Qin Hai watched on with amazement. So this fellow was actually the spirit turtle of the scarab race.

Bang! Bang!

Duma chased after the little turtle in a frenzy. Chen Feng and Qin Hai watched on and allowed this to drag on. In any case, they could end this the moment Xiao Ying found the source of the pink energy. Alas, at this moment, the little turtle howled, “Qin Hai, why are you still not saving me?”
Qin Hai: “…”
“We have known each other for so many years. Even if there are no emotions between us, there should be some degree of bromance, right?” the little turtle cried for help. Qin Hai: “…”
Each time I saw you, you were in master’s pot. Where was the bromance?

“I knew of your identity as a human, yet I never exposed you,”   the  little  turtle  howled.  “What’s  that  saying  of  the humans? Familiarity begets fondness. We have been together for so long, there should be some fondness by now, right? Quick, save me!”
Qin Hai: “…”
Who in the world was together for long with you? If you don’t know the human sayings, don’t use them in such a misleading manner, all right?

The little turtle screamed miserably. “Ao—” “Is there a need for this?”  Qin Hai rolled his eyes. “This is not your first time being eaten. Why are you struggling so bitterly?”
“No,  it’s  not  the  same!”  the  little  turtle  screamed.  “This stupid Duma seems off today. If I really get eaten by him today, I will most probably be gone for real. Holy shit, I have no intentions of being food for real!”
Gone for real…
Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged knowing glances.

“What should we do?” Qin Hai asked.

“Save him,” Chen Feng said without hesitation.

What they had said earlier about foodies had, after all, been a joke. For Duma to have given up on Chen Feng and Qin Hai even in this situation where he was being controlled and instead concentrate on chasing after the little turtle, there was only a single possibility: the little turtle contained boundless energy. If Duma ate the turtle, he might very well become even stronger. This was what they were worried about.

Therefore, no matter what, the little turtle had to be rescued!


Both stood up instantly, thinking to stop Duma.

Duma waved his hand casually. “Scram!” A formidable power enveloped both Chen Feng and Qin Hai. This was still the power of time.

Chen Feng tried to destroy time.


In a well-practiced manner, they destroyed the power of time enveloping them only to discover that in fact, a long time had passed in the outside world.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—”
The little turtle was already on the verge of being captured.

“Time…” Chen Feng’s head ached. If they faced Duma with brute force, even if the power of time would trouble them, they could still keep Duma busy. But now, Duma only needed to use his power of time to create a time difference to render the both of them completely useless.

“This won’t do,”  Qin Hai said with a solemn expression. If this continued, they would never be able to save the little 
Chen Feng concentrated his gaze. “Time…” This power was too scary, seemingly flawless. Even if he could destroy Duma’s ability with brute force, he would still be affected by the power of time. As such, he and Qin Hai would always be too late to rescue the little turtle. They were both awakened ones, yet the difference between him and Duma was so very large. If not for the abnormal state Duma was in, Duma could probably eliminate both Chen Feng and Qin Hai any time he wished.


The two moved and were once again trapped in time. It was the same time difference ability Duma had used earlier.

“Let me think…”  Chen Feng rubbed his head. The flow of their time would forever be slower than Duma’s. This wouldn’t do. However, they had no access to powers capable of contending against the power of time. Therefore…
Hold on. Duma was not the only one with the power of time. Chen Feng had an ability with the power of time as well. Time Quicksand! His eyes shone brightly.

He couldn’t control, change, or absorb time like Duma; he could only exhaust time. However, if he could use it in an appropriate manner…

Once again, he moved. Duma wasn’t the least bothered. With a casual wave, the power of time was unleashed again.

Time Quicksand!


Time jumped forward. Whether it was Chen Feng or Duma, Qin Hai or the little turtle, everyone’s time leaped shortly. 
And the power of time unleashed by Duma vanished noiselessly within this one second.


Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Now! Move!


A bright radiance erupted. Duma’s pink claw that was about to land on the little turtle was smashed away by Chen Feng, brushing past the little turtle.

“You  actually  managed  to  arrive…”  Duma’s  eyes  gleamed coldly. The time difference ability he had unleashed had actually been broken by Chen Feng. That was the power of time! How had this kid…For the first time, he looked at this young human seriously. “Hahahaha. Kill him!”  The high-spirited little turtle stood behind Chen Feng. “You pink turtle, actually thinking of touching this young master? Just you wait to be transformed into turtle soup!”
Chen Feng: “…”
Had this fellow forgotten that he himself was also a turtle?

“Interesting,”  Duma  said  in  a  deep  voice.  He  had  never believed in coincidences. During that split second earlier, he had sensed a familiar power. The time difference he had unleashed had actually skipped to the future. “You possess the power of time skip?”  Duma sneered. “In that case…  let me show you the power of unlimited time skips.”

His four pink claws stood on the ground. A faint chronal power shrouded his surroundings, a powerful force lingering within. What is this? Chen Feng and Qin Hai frowned. Everything felt fine for them.

And yet, as they were about to make a move, their expressions changed greatly. At this moment, they finally understood the function of this new ability Duma had unleashed.


Chen Feng raised his hand, clearly feeling his movement slowing down.

Fear appeared on his face. Lag! Time Lag! His line of thought had already been transmitted. His body had already moved. And yet his reaction time was evidently slower by one or two seconds now. Even after his brain stopped urging his body to move, his body would still continue moving for an extra one or two seconds due to inertia. This… Chen Feng took a deep breath. Lag, a term that should only exist in online games for him. He had never imagined that a day would come when he would even lag in real life, and for it to be so scary! This was a feeling he hadn’t felt for a very long time. In his memories, the last time he had suffered such lag
and ended up killed in a ridiculous fashion by his enemy had been in his previous life when he’d played a game called PUBG.


In a flash, he and Qin Hai were blasted away, since their movements were now lagging behind. Their brains were able to move at normal speed, but everything else lagged. Their entire bodies seemed to move much slower than before. This was the scariest aspect of lag. This time, they were in deep trouble.

Chapter 633: How the Hell Are We Supposed to Fight with This Lag?

“Ah ah ah ah ah… you perverted pink turtle! There are so many things you can learn, yet you learned to lag?” The little turtle ran away while scolding endlessly. “The scarab race’s face has been thrown away by you! What is the point of learning this thing? Isn’t it better to learn to preserve time rather than lag it?” Amazingly, this little turtle did not seem affected by the lag effect at all.

Hold on… What’s up with preserving time? So even turtles have the problem where they can’t “last long”?
Even more amazingly, due to the time lag, every action of Chen Feng’s and Qin Hai’s was delayed by two seconds. The entire world seemed to be lagging. What feeling was this? Those who had gamed before would understand this feeling, a feeling where one wished one were dead instead. One had obviously hit the enemy, yet the lag caused them to deal no damage. One had obviously evaded the enemy attack, yet they discovered that they had still received damage. This was simply absurd. At present, this was exactly what they were experiencing. Saving the little turtle? Well, it wasn’t possible now. In their current circumstance, even preserving their own lives posed a problem.

Chen Feng was shaken. “Is this the real strength of Duma?”
Shua! Shua!

The sight before his eyes would sometimes skip forward or sometimes be cut short, causing him intense discomfort. This could not be allowed to continue. Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances. If they allowed Duma to capture the little turtle and consume him just like that, Duma’s strength would most probably be temporarily boosted. At that time, it would truly be game over for them.

“Spirit,  can  you  study  this  for  me?”   Chen  Feng  asked inwardly. His thoughts were simple. Since everything lagged by one or two seconds, they would simply have to deduce the events two seconds into the future. Through deductions, they could adjust their movements so it flowed naturally. Alas… Spirit shook her head helplessly. “It won’t work.”
This was not a simple deduction. Rather, to make up for these two seconds of lag they were experiencing, only those mythical and powerful foresight abilities would work.

“No?” Chen Feng was somewhat disappointed. “Then, what if you study Duma’s ability?”
Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. Back then, the devil expert had used advanced spatial abilities. After an intense and bitter battle, Chen Feng had studied him thoroughly before breaking apart his ability. Through that, Chen Feng had obtained a minor disintegration ability and a major spatial-destruction ability. Now, facing Duma…
Shua! Shua!

Numerous numbers flashed through his brain. This was all the data they had collected since this battle had started. “Are there any results?” Chen Feng asked.

Spirit  shook  her  head.  “Nope.  Your  disintegration  ability, though weak, is still your core ability. From the data obtained through this battle, I have already improved your disintegration ability. In the future, you will be able to disintegrate the power of time as well. Naturally, this is only limited to basic time abilities.”
“How about this lag…”
Spirit shook her head. “Nope.”
This lag was obviously a major ability of Duma’s that involved complex calculations. In a short period of time, it was impossible for it to be fully studied. Spirit could only record it down to slowly study it in the future.

Bang! Bang! In the distance, a bright eruption could be seen. Duma was only a slight distance away from the little turtle now. However, even this was the lagged scene that Chen Feng was seeing. Perhaps the little turtle had already been caught by Duma.

Damn it! Chen Feng cursed inwardly. Was there no other way? It wasn’t like this was an online game where a VPN could settle the lag…
Chen Feng felt too helpless to even berate this.

However, just as this thought flashed through his mind, he blanked. V… VPN? Yes! If a VPN could be used for online games, why couldn’t one be used for him? Essentially, VPNs were just accelerators. By way of changing connection nodes, it could help one’s internet speed improve, counteracting the lag. For this VPN to work, it would require a better server to serve as the connecting node between his internet and the online game. And now, this server was what Chen Feng required, a real-life server!

“I need a server to see the actual situation without the lag. On top of that, this server must also be able to transmit what it sees to me. Therefore…”
Chen Feng’s eyes flashed. Only Xiao Ying fit the requirements for this.

“Xiao Ying! Leave the lagging area and observe this place from long distance and reconstruct the scenes you see in my brain,” Chen Feng commanded inwardly.


Xiao Ying shot out, leaving the lagging domain. His real body shot off far away. Staying in his half-illusory mode, he transmitted the real scene of what was happening to Chen Feng. Within Chen Feng’s brain, Spirit speedily rearranged all the transmitted data.

Inwardly, Chen Feng spoke solemnly. “Spirit, the scene sent by Xiao Ying is from his long-distance angle. I need you to study and analyze it, transforming it into a first-person view from my perspective.” Spirit nodded. “Understood.”  She couldn’t read the future. However, through the scenes sent by Xiao Ying, she would not have any problems transforming the scenes sent by Xiao Ying into a first-person perspective for Chen Feng.

Shua! Shua!

Soon after, Spirit was done. And next, when Chen Feng once again opened his eyes, he saw the real world! Perfect! No lag!
“Success!”  Chen  Feng  was  overjoyed.  A  brand-new  world could now be seen. That was not his only gain. With Xiao Ying observing from far away, Chen Feng’s new vision covered an even wider area. He could see things he couldn’t normally see, including behind him! This was the benefit of transforming a third-person view into a first-person view. The additional scenes that had been eliminated from his view after the transformation to first-person view were now transforming into floating screens and indicators, flickering around Chen Feng.

So powerful! Chen Feng himself was shocked by how overpowered this was. This was no longer something as simple as seeing through things. Rather, this was an eye technique, in a sense.

Furthermore, this new ability he had created could not only be used to solve this lag problem. He could even use it to enhance his sight in environments where one’s sight was restricted, enabling him to see different things.

“This thing here…”  Chen Feng lamented. If he had to give this new ability a name, he would name it “Xiao Ying VPN.”

He swept his gaze around. Following the indicator, he saw that the distant Duma was already grabbing the little turtle in his hand. With a sneer, Chen Feng acted without hesitation.

Bang! The earth crumbled. Duma retracted his hand coldly and gazed at Chen Feng while frowning. He couldn’t imagine that Chen Feng was actually able to escape his lag domain. That was, after all, the lag domain…
Duma looked over and saw that Qin Hai was still flickering about persistently within. Evidently, Chen Feng was the only one that had escaped the domain.

“Coincidence?” he assumed instinctively.


Once again, he grabbed at the little turtle.


Once again, Chen Feng smashed his hand away. Finally, Duma realized the truth. “You have indeed broken free.” He was sure now that Chen Feng had broken out of his lag domain. No traces of energy could be felt, no abilities had been used—just like that, he had noiselessly broken out. This fellow…
Fear flashed through Duma’s eyes before they flashed pink. Finally, his gaze moved away from the little turtle to focus on Chen Feng.

“Looks like I have to first kill you.”

Boundless killing intent surged from Duma’s body.

Chapter 634: Signs of Returning to Mother’s Womb

This old man was getting serious. Chen Feng had a solemn expression, feeling like he had a thorny problem on his hands. The time lag was still tolerable, as Xiao Ying VPN was capable of showing him what was happening out there in real time. Coupled with Spirit’s deductions and analysis, he was able to deal with it. The lag effect seemed to be ineffective against Spirit. It might seem like the time taken for Xiao Ying to transmit the scenes and for Spirit to complete the deduction would still slow Chen Feng’s reaction time, but in actual fact, it did not affect him much.


Duma canceled the time lag. The world before Chen Feng’s eyes turned back to normal, yet he did not dare to reduce his vigilance. This was Duma, the leader of the scarab race. Based on what Qin Hai had said earlier, the scarab leader was an extremely respectable and authoritative position, akin to being the king of an entire race. Regardless of who it was, the one who reached this position would be called Duma. The scarab race was good at time abilities. Time abilities were the most unique of all abilities and were extremely rare. Since Duma was the king of this scarab race, there was no doubt that he would be good at time manipulation.

Time leap? Time slow? All these were mere basic abilities for him. For the scarab race to be considered a threat by all other races during the Primordial Era, their prowess was evident.

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai. “What will he do this time?”
Qin Hai shook his head. “No idea. Most time abilities are related to one’s consciousness. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be too big of a problem for the user. But now, with Master’s unstable state as a result of being controlled by the pink energy, he won’t be able to display the true power of time. Therefore, the abilities he has used and will use are all abilities that won’t be influenced by the state of his consciousness,” Qin Hai explained.

“I see.”  Chen Feng contemplated. It was no wonder that he kept feeling like Duma’s abilities weren’t that powerful. Moreover, even though Duma seemed to have everything under control, no move had been made against Chen Feng and Qin Hai. The reason for that was his lack of confidence in totally killing them. For the present him, the little turtle was the utmost priority.

If so, this killing intent…
Chen Feng gazed at Duma, who had locked on to him. Suddenly, he was startled awake as he realized something. He had nearly fallen for Duma’s trick. This guy seemed to be preparing an ultimate ability, yet in fact, his target was still the little turtle. As he thought of this, Chen Feng directly lifted the little turtle and placed the turtle on his body.

“…” The killing intent that Duma had been condensing stagnated. “You are courting death.” He was truly furious now.


Numerous abilities appeared in Duma’s brain. These time abilities all seemed so terrifying, yet after browsing them all, he noted that he couldn’t use most of them due to this damnable consciousness. Fortunately, there were still some powerful abilities he could use. His focus landed on the few abilities that he could still use. If it was this ability…

Suddenly, his gaze flickered and glimmered with a faint radiance.

Power of time, bloom!

“What is this?”  Chen Feng was on alert. Even though the present Duma was half-crippled and could only unleash a small portion of his real strength, this small portion alone was already sufficient to kill both him and Qin Hai. This was, after all, the power of time…
Hum— The faint energy rippled past. Chen Feng frowned, not feeling any changes. Time? The time undulation hadn’t changed. Age? No changes there either. Just as he was feeling puzzled, suddenly, his body felt somewhat different. With astonishment, he noticed that he had become slightly weaker.

“???” He was dumbstruck. A time ability capable of reducing one’s strength? What in the world? Even more shocking was the fact that Chen Feng had noticed with horror that both he and Qin Hai had become slightly younger.

Chen Feng took in a deep breath. Time reversal! Damn it! Finally, Chen Feng understood. In fact, they had once encountered numerous time-reversing abilities. However, most of those abilities had only been capable of inferring things that had happened in the past. They had been abilities used for investigation and analysis. Here, what Duma had used was a true reversal of time.

He was reversing time, reversing Chen Feng to the Chen Feng from before. Last year, the year before that, three years ago, this would continue all the way until before he had even been born. The moment he reached that point, he would directly die. Naturally, there wasn’t even a need for the reversal to go that far back, as it would waste too much energy. As such, the reversal only needed to reach the period when he was at his
“This is one of my minor abilities.” Duma sneered. “After all, the opponents during the Primordial Era all had long life spans. Even those not of the scarab race had extremely long life spans, rendering this ability useless. Any random person would require me to reverse several thousands of years for it to be effective. As such, even for me in my peak form, this ability is rather useless. But against you guys… humans… Hahahaha, you guys are too short lived! Let me take a good look at your weakest period.”

The power of time bubbled up.

Chen Feng’s expression darkened. Damn it! For others, this ability might need to reverse ten-odd years or even several decades for it to be effective. But for Chen Feng? Only several years would be required for Chen Feng to be reduced to a normal person. The time he had cultivated was too short. This wouldn’t do.

“Spirit, are you not done yet?”  Chen Feng urged anxiously. From the start of this battle, Spirit had been studying Duma’s power of time. He wanted to do the same thing he had done when he’d faced the devil expert, creating an ability unique to him from this. Alas, he had yet to succeed even now.

“No.” A conflicted expression appeared on Spirit’s face. “This power is much more complicated than the devil’s power.”
So far, the results of their study could only improve Chen Feng’s disintegration ability. Apart from that, it was useless.

How about Xiao Ying? Forget it, he’s probably still searching for the source of the pink energy. Chen Feng rubbed his head. Suddenly, he found that he was out of external options. Spirit and Xiao Ying were occupied, while Luck Aura was still silent. At present, he could only rely on himself. Power…
Chen Feng started recalling all the abilities he had. Time Quicksand? He did not dare to use it. The moment time skipped, he might die as well.

At present, his time was flowing backward. If he dared to skip time, it was likely that only a second would pass in the real world yet he would already be near death.

God Punisher…
Forget it. This thing contained Time Quicksand. He couldn’t use it either. Naturally, against an opponent on the level of Duma, these normal abilities wouldn’t work anyway. Facing an awakened one, only powerful awakened powers would work. As for Chen Feng, he only had two awakened abilities. One was the Useless Void Destroyer, which only worked on spatial abilities, while the other was his Star Disintegration Finger.

—- Star Disintegration Finger: a basic awakened ability capable of disintegrating basic abilities of all ability types.


After being improved by Spirit, this Star Disintegration Finger was even more powerful. Unfortunately, facing an advanced ability such as this time reversal, a formless and directionless ability, Chen Feng was helpless and could only watch on.

In short… there were no solutions? Chen Feng’s heart chilled. It was over. He watched on as his strength declined rapidly as time reversed unendingly. He was nearing the bottleneck before S class. He knew that it wouldn’t be long before he would drop from S class. At that time, it would truly be game over for him. Yet he couldn’t do anything and could only watch on as he reached the border of S class. On the verge of dropping from S class…
Huh? Suddenly, an odd expression appeared on his face. This…

Chapter 635: Thank You, Bro!

Time reverse! This ability that was regarded by Duma as trash was presently displaying an astonishing effect. Even Chen Feng, who was similarly an awakened, was helpless before it.

“Humans…”  Duma  smiled.  Humans  were  truly  too  weak. During the Ancient Era, any random one of those old fellows would have had a life span of several thousand years. If he had tried using his time reversal on them, he would probably have exhausted all his energy before being able to do anything of substance to the enemy. But here… Humans had a short several-decade life span, and this Chen Feng was even younger.

Duma  waved  his  hand  indifferently.  “Die.”   The  time  he needed to reverse to reduce Chen Feng from the awakened realm was not even several decades. Only a short period of time needed to be reversed on Chen Feng and he would be able to easily kill Chen Feng.

Mhm… it’s about time. He could see that Chen Feng’s aura was becoming unstable. That’s right. Chen Feng was going to drop back to A class soon. His awakened aura became unstable. Right at this moment, he noted that Chen Feng’s expression became weird. A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.


This guy…
Duma raised his brows. Had Chen Feng’s brain been reversed so much that he had become retarded? He had no idea what was happening to Chen Feng. However, this smile of Chen Feng’s, for reasons unknown, gave him an uncomfortable feeling. As such, he sent a probing attack at Chen Feng.


A simple ray of light shot at Chen Feng. This was a simple awakened attack. However, with Chen Feng’s present state where he was on the verge of dropping out of the awakened realm, it was impossible for him to block this attack. Therefore…
Duma widened his eyes, his gaze fixed on Chen Feng. Indeed, Chen Feng did not even bother blocking the attack. Just like that, he allowed the light to sweep past him.


Just like that, the ray of light vanished.

“???” Duma was dumbstruck. Gone? Chen Feng had obviously not moved… What did this guy… Duma had an ominous feeling.

At present, at a certain location within the unknown region, within a dense forest that humanity had yet to reach, a leopard was lazing about by a lake. It had been eating so much that it was as plump as a ball. Ahh, too comfortable. Since this leopard had given up covetting that damnable stone, life had been beautiful. At present, this leopard had even become the guardian of that stone.

Anyone thinking of touching that stone would have to first pass through this leopard. It could remember clearly the first time it had protected the stone. It had merely been trying to hunt those injured animals to fill its stomach. Yet as time had passed, it noticed that its strength had been increasing rapidly. This was seemingly related to that stone.

The leopard reasoned that this had to be the blessing of the gods. From that day onward, the leopard had been the guardian of the stone. Life had been too comfortable since then. The leopard flipped its plump body around. Suddenly, a faint aura swept past. The leopard shivered as all its fur stood up. The leopard stood up abruptly and looked at the center of the lake. There, the stone, which had remained silent for so long, was shaking.

The stone shook and flickered at the same time. A terrifying power shimmered around the stone, causing the hearts of all onlookers to be petrified.

The leopard was confused. What was up with the stone?


Howl! The forest became noisy. Numerous powerful beasts came. Evidently, they had also sensed this bizarre aura. Their greedy gazes were fixed on the stone.

The leopard howled as it stood by the lake. It knew that this would be a bitter battle. “Howl—”
Accompanied by a loud howl, the battle began. At this time, in the Land of Legacy, Duma was looking at Chen Feng in panic as well. Evidently, he had no idea what had happened to this kid to give him such peculiar feeling.

Chen Feng looked at him and said with a laugh, “Thanks.”
“What?” Duma was somewhat dumbstruck. What was there to thank him for? Chen Feng was actually saying thanks to him? “Thank you for allowing me to sense this familiar power… I don’t know how long this will last. However…”  Chen Feng smiled. Since he had entered the awakened realm, his improvement had mainly been on understanding and comprehension. Even his attacks and deductions had all been related to Xiao Ying and Spirit. Not a single one of his improvements had been related to his body. Therefore, although the time had been reversed, so long as he was still in the awakened realm, the effect on him wasn’t much, almost nonexistent. However, there was one single point Chen Feng could not let go.

“Did you not feel anything?” Chen Feng asked with a toying smile.

“?!” Duma’s hair stood on end.


Suddenly, he spurted out a mouthful of blood. What happened? Duma looked at Chen Feng in horror. He had no idea what was happening. This power… He cast his senses through his body and noticed with horror that the origin of this power was in fact himself. This was the backlash from the time reversal he had used. He had actually suffered from the backlash of reversing time!

Duma was alarmed. How was this possible? One ought to know that this would only happen when he was trying to use his time reversal on someone much stronger than him. Yet he had only used it on a mere human, the weak Chen Feng, who was a brand new awakened.

“This is impossible!” Duma howled. And next…

He spurted out another mouthful of blood. His energy was still being exhausted without stop as he suffered backlash from his time reversal.

“You…” His eyes widened, and he looked at Chen Feng with an incredulous expression. “Are  you  feeling  comfortable?”  Chen  Feng  smiled  faintly. “You had touched upon something you shouldn’t have…”

Chen Feng stepped out. Everything around him started operating according to his will. Chen Feng could even maintain this time reversal, not allowing it to disappear. He did not know why this was happening; however, so long as he could continue this, it would be fine.

“Spirit, maintain the time reversal at this exact moment.
Don’t continue reversing, and don’t cancel the reverse.”
“All right.”
“Spirit, render all of Duma’s attacks ineffective.”
“All right.” “Spirit, start going all out researching and analyzing Duma’s power.”
“All right.”
“Spirit, assist Xiao Ying in looking for the source of the pink energy. I need the coordinates as soon as possible.”
“All right.”

Chen Feng gave commands without stop, and Spirit acted accordingly.

Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng was slowly gaining the advantage, while opposite him, Duma was still in a daze. Why had this happened suddenly?

Patter! Patter!

Time passed.

The little turtle’s head popped out, and he took a glance with horror before withdrawing his head back into his shell noiselessly. This power… he could sense an ominous aura.

“I  refuse  to  believe  this.”   Duma  wiped  his  blood  and unleashed an attack once again. Unfortunately, all his attacks had become ineffective now. For numerous absurd reasons, all his attacks failed to kill Chen Feng. This weakling Chen Feng had suddenly become so mysterious.

“What power…”  Duma said, gazing at Chen Feng with an incredulous expression, “…are you using, exactly?” “No  power.”   Chen  Feng  smiled.  “You  are  the  one  who activated this for me. To speak the truth, it has been a long time since I last felt this power. What a familiar feeling.”

Chen Feng opened both his arms wide. The breeze brushed past him, feeling incredibly comfortable.

Luck Aura: Full activation!

That’s right. Luck Aura. This Luck Aura, which had been temporarily deactivated due to the upgrade, had been forcefully reversed by Duma, returned to its state prior to the deactivation. At present, Luck Aura was fully activated.

At this instant, Chen Feng had entered a brand new realm. Luck Aura was an extremely odd thing. This Luck Aura, which was supposed to be updating had been forced to stop its update. Even so, it still gave Chen Feng a mysterious feeling. Luck Aura seemed to be different now? This instant, Chen Feng felt like he was incomparably powerful. This instant, he felt like he was omnipotent. This instant, Chen Feng could feel that far away, beyond the horizon, something seemed to be resonating with him. As his thoughts willed, that thing would respond to him. It was an incredibly wondrous feeling.

Chapter 636: Ultimate Trump Card of the Scarab Race

This… is this a semi-upgraded Luck Aura? Chen Feng was overjoyed. He did not know how long would he be in this state. Perhaps this state would be gone the moment Duma’s time reversal stopped. As such, he had to make use of this state to its fullest extent. With Luck Aura, he could assist in deducing his very own awakened power. With Luck Aura, he could search for the source of the pink energy.

Shua! Shua!

Spirit deduced at a rapid speed. Time abilities, studying awakened power, coordinating of the source… Everything advanced in an orderly fashion. The moment this Luck Aura was activated, the moment Chen Feng entered this state where he had bottomless luck value to use, he was unequaled. The entire world revolved around him! This was the prowess of Luck Aura!

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “In my world of luck, nobody can defeat me.” Shua!

He lifted his hand calmly.


Suddenly, Duma started coughing blood. “Damn it.” He looked at Chen Feng in alarm. What in the world had happened to this fellow? He could feel that Chen Feng was presently in a mysterious and unique state. Chen Feng’s present momentum was so mighty that he seemed unequaled. Too powerful, so powerful it was petrifying. What was going on with this human? Duma had no answer to that. The only thing he could do was increase the speed of the time reversal. Regardless of what power Chen Feng was using, so long as he dropped from his awakened realm, all his power would be gone.

This was what Duma believed. Well, in any case, this was his line of thought after a certain wondrous power “guided”  his line of thought. And next… Bang! Bang!

As this continued on, he finally found out that this damnable Chen Feng was still an awakened. Moreover, it seemed impossible for his realm to drop.

Could it be…
Suddenly, Duma understood something.


He stopped the time reversal. At that instant, everything returned to normal. Even Chen Feng’s younger appearance returned to his present age, like everything that had appeared earlier had just been an illusion.

And along with that, the unequaled and mysterious aura around Chen Feng vanished. “I see…” Finally, Duma understood. After dropping from the awakened realm, Chen Feng would actually enter such a state. As time reversed, Chen Feng would actually become stronger! Duma had finally understood everything. All his previous assumptions had been wrong. So long as he stopped using his time reversal, this Chen Feng would remain a weakling. Perhaps Chen Feng had once possessed some formidable power in the past that he could no longer use for some reason.

So that was the case!

Finally, Duma understood clearly. Despite his heavy injuries, he smiled. Opposite him, a somewhat regretful expression appeared on Chen Feng’s face. What a pity. He had already used Luck Aura the best he could to search for that source, yet his luck value had, after all, still been limited. The absolutely unrestrained manner in which he had used his Luck Aura earlier had been something that couldn’t have lasted long. His opponent, Duma, wasn’t an idiot, after all. The moment his luck value was fully exhausted, Duma had understood the truth. Duma was still Duma, even if he only had access to a small portion of his strength. He was still an illustrious awakened. Is it over? Chen Feng took a deep breath and looked inwardly. Indeed, not only was his luck value exhausted, but his Luck Aura had once again been deactivated. But then, so what? Suddenly, Chen Feng smiled.

“You can still smile?” Duma sneered. Even without his time reversal, he still had countless means at his disposal to eliminate this weakling.

“Naturally.” Chen Feng shrugged and smiled. “Because I have seen through your power.”
“Mhm?” Duma blanked before sneering. “Naive.”

Once again, he searched his memory for a powerful time ability and unleashed it. Next…
Chen Feng pointed. “Disintegrate!” His Star Disintegration Finger was activated, and Duma’s activity was forcefully crushed.

“How is this possible?” Duma cried out in alarm.

“Hehe.” Chen Feng smiled calmly. With Luck Aura, nothing was impossible. Even though Luck Aura was no longer active, earlier, his Luck Aura had been like a cheat for Spirit. She had been able to complete all the deductions. Now, Chen Feng’s Star Disintegration Finger was nearly perfect. All advanced spatial and chronal abilities were now ineffective against Chen Feng. Apart from some super trump cards, they wouldn’t work against him at all.

Chen Feng pointed.


Yet another one of Duma’s time abilities was disintegrated. “I told you. Your abilities are now ineffective,”  Chen Feng stated faintly. “If you can’t unleash the powerful technical abilities unique to Duma himself, you will not be able to harm me.”
The  Duma  before  him  was  essentially  a  “semicompleted product”.

“So that’s the case.”  Duma sneered. Finally, he understood his current predicament. If so…

Once again, he moved. This time, his attack target wasn’t Chen Feng. Instead, it was the ground.

Shua! Shua!

A huge time cage exuding a faint undulation appeared. Everyone near the time cage would be warped by time itself, feeling like death itself would be an escape to this suffering. This power locked the entirety of the Land of Legacy down. However, from this attack that did not seem like an attack, Chen Feng could not feel any killing intent.


Chen Feng raised his eyebrow, not understanding what this fellow was trying to do.

Duma spoke calmly. “This is not a killing move. This is, in fact, a defensive ability, an ability that will defend the both of us.”
Chen Feng did not understand.

Duma appeared calm. “From now on, I reckon we both will have to coexist peacefully.” Chen Feng was still confused. What was this? Peaceful coexistence? What? Had this guy recovered his consciousness? Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai. Qin Hai merely shook his head. Evidently, this pink turtle was still under the control of the pink. If so, what did he mean, then?

“You don’t understand?” Duma shook his head. “This is the ultimate trump card of us scarabs. Although I can’t use much of the real power of this body, this particular ability does not have any limitations.”
Finally, Chen Feng’s expression became solemn. “Oh?”
Trump card, huh? This ability…
He had never expected that a day would come when he would need his opponent to explain a trump card to him. But then, it seemed like Duma was very happy to provide this explanation? After all, he was seeking peaceful coexistence, right? Chen Feng wanted to know what this so-called peaceful coexistence trump card was all about. “Do you still not understand?” Duma’s expression was calm as he said, “The flow of time in here is somewhat different than the outside world. Naturally, the speed is in fact still normal. Since we are all together in here, maintaining this does not exhaust much energy on my part. The reason for the low exhaustion is because this is an ability with only a single function: trapping us all in here, trapping us here eternally. Here, time is boundless. Let us see who can live longer!”
Finally, Chen Feng understood. What the hell? No wonder this turtle wasn’t anxious at all. His so-called trump card was actually outliving his opponents? What in the world? The scarab race was shameless! Competing in longevity after failing to defeat an opponent? This was too excessive! This method of operation…

Chapter 637: Origin Power

At center of the Land of Legacy, the chronal undulation swirled around. Chen Feng tried approaching the edge of the cage. He even tried attacking the cage, but it felt like all the power he put in his attack vanished amid the river of time. This was the scarab race’s trump card, a trump card where everything about the enemy, including the enemy’s strength, would be meaningless. So long as one was not immune to time effects, one would be trapped forever. In the history of the scarab race, during the olden days, it had been said that they had once outlived a powerful god with this move. This was also the reason the scarab race had been feared by all.

“It’s over.”  The head of the little turtle popped out of his shell, despair evident in his widened eyes. He was extremely clear on the history of the scarab race. There was only one result that awaited all trapped by this cage.

“Numerous years will also pass in the outside world as well?” Chen Feng asked with a frown.

“Nope.”   The  little  turtle  was  so  horrified  that  his  head became green. “When the trapped person dies, his life will be taken as the sacrifice to revert time. When the trapper returns to the outside world, only several hours or several days will have passed…”
Chen Feng was shocked. “This works?” Worthy of being the scarab race feared by all.

“Bro, can you stop being shocked?”  The little turtle cried a tearless cry and continued, “You are not from the Shock Department, right? Why in the world are you being shocked all the time? Why not think of a solution? I don’t want to be trapped here…”
Chen Feng gave the little turtle a glance. “Aren’t you the spirit turtle? I doubt you will die…”
“I won’t die, but I will be bored.” The little turtle was going crazy. “For people in the outside world, only several hours will have passed, yet for the trapped, several tens of thousands of years will have passed. No female turtles, no anime, nothing! I can only count the patterns on my turtle shell to pass time every single day. This is not the life I want!” The little turtle was going crazy.

“Ah.” Chen Feng was speechless. Indeed, such a life wasn’t something anyone could endure. This was no longer a problem of one’s life span. Before one’s life ended, one would probably first be tormented to insanity by boredom itself.

“Theory…” Chen Feng started thinking. He now knew about the scarab race’s trump card. How about the theory behind it?

Duma did not seem worried that Chen Feng would break out of this cage. After all, if that was possible, it would have already been done back during the era long gone. It had been proven that this cage could not be broken.

“There’s  no  theory.”  The  little  turtle  appeared  dispirited. “This is purely the exhaustion of one’s time. In fact, the time in here flows much faster than in the outside world even though you can’t feel it. Moreover, even your appearance won’t change
—you won’t get older. Only when enough time has passed for one’s life span to end will this ability end, taking the life span of that person as the sacrifice. The person whose life span has ended will vanish into nothing,” the little turtle said with a painful expression.

“What if I kill Duma, then?” Chen Feng asked suddenly.

The little turtle shook his head. “It’s pointless. The moment this cage is activated, only the exhaustion of one’s life span is real. Everything else is illusory.”
Chen Feng finally understood. “So that’s the case.”
Exhaustion of time…
Chen Feng was maintaining a calm expression, but he had the urge to laugh out loud. The accumulation of luck value required time, as did Luck Aura’s upgrade. Wasn’t this act of Duma’s an act of giving him the ultimate chance?

Interesting… Chen Feng laughed toyingly. In that case, he would wait. As he thought of this, he ignored them all and selected a corner to quietly sit down in. He sat cross-legged, waiting for his Luck Aura to finish its upgrade.

“This guy…” A question mark appeared in Duma’s brain, yet he continued waiting patiently. He was sure that Chen Feng would not give up just like that. As such, he wanted to see clearly what this guy was planning.

Time passed quietly.

Due to the unique power of time, they had no idea how much time had passed. However, Chen Feng could sense that at the very least, one month had passed. Or perhaps even more. Therefore…
He cast his senses inward and was alarmed to see that Luck Aura was still upgrading.

Chen Feng frowned. Odd. It had been an entire month. He could feel the accumulation of luck value. However, shouldn’t the upgrade have been completed by now? Perhaps it would be completed soon?

He shut his eyes and rested once again.

Next… several months passed. After checking again, he noted that Luck Aura was still upgrading.

“!!!”    His   eyes   gleamed.   There   had   to   be   a   problem somewhere! The upgrade was taking way too long! From the moment when Chen Feng had first returned to this planet until now, including the time passed in the cage, several months had passed. The upgrade should have already been completed. Alas, it had yet to complete.

Chen Feng was aware that Luck Aura was a unique existence. Chen Feng could even accept it if this Luck Aura was immune to time. However, previously, it had been clearly proven that the power of time could restore Luck Aura to its earlier state…
If so… what was the problem now? This was the very first time he had started viewing this issue gravely. He could feel that something extraordinary must have happened to Luck Aura, causing it to fail to upgrade.

Chen  Feng  scratched  his  head.  “Has  the  connection  been severed?” He recalled how in his previous life, when software had failed to update, it could be due to a severed connection. Back then, during that single instant when Luck Aura had been reactivated, he had clearly sensed something. That powerful thing had been trembling. Perhaps there had been a system error of some sort due to Luck Aura being forcefully activated earlier?

Chen Feng tried searching for the reason, yet this mysterious thing was, after all, different from a computer. With Chen Feng’s strength, it was impossible for him to troubleshoot it. What is happening to Luck Aura? Chen Feng questioned inwardly.

Suddenly, Duma spoke. “Seems like you have failed.” He had been paying attention to Chen Feng’s expression. From the initial indifference to joy to downcast and doubtful, which had just appeared a short while ago, it seemed like Chen Feng had failed at whatever he had been attempting. Chen Feng merely raised his head calmly and gave Duma a single glance. Duma sneered. “Still not giving up?” Nobody could hope to survive this cage. As such, his opponents mostly tried to stop him when he tried activating this ability, as they understood this ability way too much, knowing the precise weakness of this ability.

As for Chen Feng, he knew nothing. Moreover, due to the short life span of humans, he would even die before long.

Chen Feng wasn’t surprised. “Mhm.” Half a year had passed since they’d been trapped in here. After a short while, yet another year would pass. Time truly worked in a bizarre fashion here in this cage. If this continued, he would truly die.

But then… it shouldn’t be long before it’s done, right? Chen Feng muttered to himself, seemingly waiting for something.

Duma sneered inwardly. “Still not giving up?”
Fine, let’s see how long you can last before you succumb to insanity. But then, due to the short life span of humans, he probably wouldn’t even last long enough to be driven insane. Perhaps Chen Feng will exhaust his life span before that, Duma speculated inwardly.

Right at this instant, a formidable power erupted suddenly.


Duma’s expression changed abruptly. What is it?

Finally, Chen Feng’s gaze intensified. “Here it comes…”
Bang! Bang!

The ground started collapsing. From a certain corner of this unique cage, a formidable pink power started surging out wantonly, directly collapsing this world. “How is that possible?” Duma cried out in alarm.

Bang! Bang!

The pink destroyed the world, and Duma and Chen Feng were forcefully returned to the real world. There, in a certain corner of the Land of Legacy, the pink energy was surging out like a fountain. This was the very thing that had destroyed Duma’s cage.

“That is…” Duma’s body trembled. He couldn’t believe what he had seen.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “Looks like… the source of your power has been found…”

The entire world seemed to tremble. The pink power erupted and Duma’s expression sank. Swish! Swish!

Xiao Ying appeared and attacked the pink origin without stop.

Duma’s expression changed. “Damn it!” The pink origin was the core of all the pink energy. The moment it suffered damage, the integration with Duma’s original consciousness would suffer as well. Cracks appeared among the consciousness and pink that had been fully integrated earlier.


Duma coughed out a mouthful of blood and nearly collapsed to the ground.

“You dare?” he howled, and he stood up, clenching his teeth.

Alas, after taking only a few steps forward, he collapsed powerlessly. All the pink around his body faded slowly, becoming white. Ultimately, he transformed back into that plain old man.

“Master.”  Qin Hai rushed over.”Unconscious due to energy exhaustion…”  Qin Hai said after taking a look at his master. Only energy exhaustion would free one from the pink’s control. This did not surprise them, as it should be the same even for Duma.

Bang! Bang!

The pink fountain was still surging out. Xiao Ying had already returned to Chen Feng noiselessly. The origin had been found. If so… it was time to find out the truth behind all this! The true identity of the pink origin, the one who had controlled Duma, should appear soon, right?

From the pink fog, a light wave spread out. The pink origin had appeared.

Chapter 638: The True Culprit

Amid the starry sky.

A shockwave flashed past.


A battleship exploded loudly. Along with the intense tremors, it transformed into numerous particles before vanishing. At this time, in outer space, the countless battleships of the rich that had once orbited the planet had all vanished. Amid the starry sky, only a single battleship remained. One could also say that only an eternal throne remained here. On the throne, a person was seated. A pair of indifferent eyes were gazing upon the planet where humans lived.

Shua! With a casual wave of his hand, numerous phantoms surged out. From the throne, numerous wondrous and mysterious rays of light shot out. In the starry sky, these rays of light converged before slowly assuming the shapes of numerous battleships, like they had never been destroyed in the first
place, as if nothing had ever happened in this part of the space,
as flourishing as ever.

The night seemed deeper.

On a certain faraway world, a group of people was working busily. The one leading had a pair of horns on his head. Evidently, this was the Twin Horns World, a world Chen Feng was familiar with.

“How’s the progress on the trail?” an elderly voice asked.

“We can’t follow it.” “After  Chen  Feng  left,  all  traces  vanished,”   that  person reported in shame.

An angry rebuke resounded. “Trash! Didn’t we let him go on purpose just to discover the planet he originated from? You guys actually failed to tail after him? What’s the point of keeping you guys around, then?”
From the furious rebuttal, an alarming piece of information was revealed. Chen Feng had actually been released deliberately by them. This was understandable, though. Compared to this mysterious and powerful Twin Horns World, Chen Feng was too weak. If they hadn’t intended his escape in the first place, it would have been impossible for Chen Feng to escape.

“Chen Feng used an irregular method to leave.” The person was prostrated on the ground and shuddered as he spoke. “We tailed after the traces when he left. However, we noticed that the trail led us to a chaotic space where logic did not apply. There are no spatial tunnels there. All the people we sent have died there.” Shua!

The old man sunk into silence.

After a long time, his voice, filled with killing intent, resounded, “In short, you are telling me that Chen Feng entered a sure-death location and hasn’t returned to his planet at all?”
The questioned person did not know how to answer this question. They had originally believed that Chen Feng had returned to his own world. After all, Chen Feng was the only person they had ever seen who was capable of transmigrating independently. As such, they had deliberately allowed his escape. Alas… they had never expected that this would be the result.

Chen Feng’s transmigration wasn’t a return to his home world as they had expected. Rather, he had crashed into the spatial currents, a location of sure death. And next… there was no next. Chen Feng was gone. They had no idea if he was still alive. The trail had been severed, rendering them incapable of tailing him.
Was this some unique method of operation by Chen Feng? The old man muttered to himself for a short period of time before ultimately saying, “Since this is in past, forget about it. Now, I want you guys to focus on the trails left by Chen Feng and tell me how long will be required before we can enter that world.”
The person that was prostrating on the ground said, “…That is impossible.”
The old man’s voice became sharp as he asked, “Why?”
The person spoke in a daze. “The departure of Chen Feng and Kong Bai severed all sources of information. We will forever be unable to reach Chen Feng’s world.”
Bang! The aura of the old man engulfed the entire world in his anger, causing countless people to tremble in fear. As for the person that was prostrated before the old man, he was sweating profusely, yet he truly had no other choice. Sometimes, no meant no.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah—” The old man was furious. “Will we be trapped here forever? Do we truly have no hope?”
His overcast cry resounded. There were no replies. This unique world, this Twin Horns World, still operated by the mode set by him.

At the center of the Land of Legacy, Chen Feng’s group had just finished dealing with Duma. When Xiao Ying had attacked the pink energy, they had finally been able to see the person behind the scenes, their true enemy.

Alas… beyond their wildest imaginations, this enemy was actually… 

A powerful shockwave spread out. In the sky, a boundless radiance started converging together.


Light swirled around. A scene in the Land of Legacy appeared. Here, the Land of Legacy had seemingly returned to its initial state where everything was still normal. At that time, Duma had just ended his seclusion. In the scene, Duma’s expression did not seem too calm. He seemed to have found out about something. After picking up some stuff, he entered seclusion once again.

“Those things…”  The little turtle was shocked. He was the only one who knew the functions of these things. Each time he had been revived by the old man after being eaten, it had been using these things. 

Duma destroyed the timeline forcefully. From amid the myriad timelines, he restored time and ultimately rescued a certain person from the river of time. The person rescued was the woman that had been killed by Chen Feng previously, Qin Hai’s senior apprentice sister, the pink diamond who had been rumored to be capable of controlling all life-forms. This was Duma’s strongest ability: resurrection!

Qin Hai took in a deep breath. “Master actually resurrected senior sister.”
“This fellow…”  The little turtle was similarly horrified. He was, in fact, a spirit body; hence, resurrecting him wasn’t too big of a deal, as it was not in violation of any laws. Yet resurrecting that woman… Duma would have to exhaust a huge amount of his power. Indeed, after the resurrection, Duma’s strength declined greatly. As for the one resurrected by him, the senior apprentice sister that had returned, she had changed somewhat. engulfed the world. This pink-diamond senior sister with the ability to charm the world had evolved. From controlling beasts, she had evolved and become the controller of everything. Ultimately, the entirety of the Land of Legacy had fallen under her control.


Light swirled around. The pink and light that filled the sky vanished without a trace.

They raised their heads and gazed over. From the depths of the pink Land of Legacy, a figure they were all familiar with was slowly walking out. On her forehead, the pink diamond shone dazzlingly. Her seductive figure swayed about and her rich chest bounced about. The one that had been pulling the strings behind the scene was precisely Qin Hai’s senior apprentice sister.

Qin Hai sighed. “Senior sister…”  Prior to this, who would have guessed that the one hidden behind the scenes was his senior apprentice sister? But then, it was understandable. Only his senior apprentice sister’s charming ability would be able to affect everyone here.

The senior apprentice sister spoke with a smile. “Long time no see, my junior brother.”
“Why?” Qin Hai could not understand her reason for doing this.

“Because  you  all  deserve  death.”   The  senior  apprentice sister’s expression became cold. “I sent my distress signal, and someone obviously received it, yet nobody came. I waited until the final moment before I was killed by that little girl. Nobody came… You all deserve death!”
Qin Hai sank into silence. The one to receive the distress signal back then had been him. At that time, his senior apprentice sister had been controlling the devils to attack Star City. Chen Feng had been defending there, and Wang Yao had been in charge of assassinating this senior apprentice sister. The only thing he had been able to do to help was to sever all of his senior apprentice sister’s reinforcements, as he was ultimately still a human. “How  about  Master?”   Qin  Hai  focused  his  gaze  on  her. “Master treated you like his own daughter. He even resurrected you! Is this how you repay his kindness?”
“Kindness?”  The  senior  apprentice  sister  started  laughing wildly. “Whatever kindness it was, it is still no match for you, right? That old bastard obviously saw through your real identity long ago. He obviously saw through the fact that you are human long ago…  Hehehehe.”  Senior apprentice sister’s voice became sharp. “Yet he decided to conceal everything, causing my death!”
Qin Hai’s heart thumped wildly.

Saw through…
It seemed like he had been seen through by his master long ago? That was understandable. He was one who had traveled through time several millenniums into the past. There were some things his fellow apprentice brothers and sisters couldn’t remember, but it was impossible for his master to not remember it. He had ultimately underestimated Duma. But then, his master had actually chosen not to expose him! Why?

“Because he has grown old. He has already lost the burning spirit he once had when he was younger. He wished to stay out of everything, including his disciples. He claimed that if he employed his power of time excessively, he would suffer retribution. Therefore, I became curious if he can still use the power of time. Indeed, he once again employed his power of time to resurrect me. And next, he indeed suffered retribution. He had believed that that would be sufficient to pay me for the betrayal I suffered…
“How is that possible? I hate you, I hate Chen Feng, I hate all of you! None of you will ever know how scary that little girl Wang Yao is. None of you will ever understand what it feels like when your heart is stabbed by her. That feeling… is no different than being in hell!

“That little girl has a scary power capable of delivering one the utmost suffering. I dithered between life and death. I sought survival amid the primal chaos and couldn’t die for real even when I wanted to… You all will never be able to imagine what I experienced after my death!”
The senior apprentice sister’s furious voice had a trace of fear mixed in when she talked about her experience. Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances and were both shocked. Utmost suffering…seeking survival, couldn’t die for real even when she wanted to… Was this the fate of all killed by Wang Yao?
Moreover, Chen Feng could keenly feel that despite the intense hatred this senior apprentice sister was feeling, not an ounce of the hatred was directed against Wang Yao. Why was that? She was afraid… even Chen Feng could hear her fear toward Wang Yao. Was this a shadow left in her heart after being killed by Wang Yao?

Or was it because…

The terrifying pink energy surged sharply. Finally, the senior apprentice sister erupted with her powerful might. “I will kill all of you!”
Her killing intent surged.

Chapter 639: Destroying the World

“Qin Hai,” Chen Feng shouted.

“Understood.” Qin Hai nodded before retreating with Duma.

“Thinking of leaving?”  The senior apprentice sister blasted forth with a pink radiance from her hand.


The pink radiance abruptly exploded in midair. The senior apprentice sister stopped her attack and regarded this young man that was blocking her. This was the very person that had foiled all of her plans today as well.

“Chen   Feng…”    the   senior   apprentice   sister   muttered. Awakened… human! Very well. Perhaps this might be the most optimal puppet for her. Hum—
The pink energy spread out.

“Your strength…”
A trace of fear flashed through Qin Hai’s eyes. He was very clear on the strength of this senior apprentice sister. Although she was very powerful, she was still a beyond A class and was not as wise as Duma. No, this strength she was showing did not seem right!

The pink energy emanated out. Qin Hai’s pupils shrunk as he felt a terrifying undulation.

“Chen  Feng,  careful!  There  are  some  issues  with  her strength!” said Qin Hai. Shua!

Light swirled around. The pink swept forth, targeting Chen Feng.

Her dream-like voice resounded as the faint pink energy surrounded Chen Feng. “Hehe. Human… fall obediently! Since those pieces of trash have failed to contain you, let me control you instead.”

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling and retreated quickly. Alas, the pink energy surged out in great amount abruptly and erupted all over Chen Feng before vanishing once again.

Chen Feng knitted his brows tightly. Something was wrong with this senior apprentice sister here. Even Duma had fallen under her control after a moment of carelessness. He had to guard against her.


Chen Feng activated his defense.

“Spirit, pay more attention for me.”
“Xiao Ying, search for the energy that went missing.”

Chen Feng’s gaze was sharp as he looked around cautiously. However, before both Spirit and Xiao Ying returned with his asked-for results, he was assaulted by intense drowsiness. “Not good,” he muttered.

Disintegrate! Disintegrate! Disintegrate!

He attacked three times in a row. The powerful awakened power was pointed at the empty air around him, yet the intense drowsiness wasn’t affected at all. Chen Feng was getting more and more drowsy.

His expression sank. It’s over.

The pink energy had dissipated amid the air and seemed to be everywhere. The lack of trajectory and form made it impossible for Chen Feng to attack. This time, he was truly in danger.


His eyes darkened. Chen Feng was completely falling. Qin Hai was anxious. “Chen Feng!” He tried rushing over to rescue Chen Feng but was immediately blasted away by his senior apprentice sister.

“My adorable junior brother. Hehe. Just you wait. I will watch on with my own eyes as he kills you.” The senior apprentice sister’s voice was filled with malice. Her eyes were filled with hatred, and there was a twisted expression on her face.


A crisp sound echoed. Qin Hai looked over immediately and found that Chen Feng’s fingernails had turned pink. He was on the verge of falling under the enemy’s control.
Qin Hai’s heart sank. “Chen Feng…” He had never expected that even with Chen Feng’s present strength, Chen Feng would still not be a match for his senior apprentice sister, to the point that Chen Feng couldn’t even survive a single attack. His senior apprentice sister was presently so powerful that one couldn’t even begin to imagine the extent of her prowess. “What happened to you exactly?”  Qin Hai did not dare to believe this. A single death and resurrection and she was already this strong? It was impossible!

Senior apprentice sister merely laughed but did not reply. Her indifferent gaze landed on Chen Feng. She wanted to see all of Chen Feng turn pink, falling completely under her control, before killing each other with Qin Hai. Mhm… She had been looking forward to this for a long time.

“Damn it!” Qin Hai was aware that he had no other options left.


He would return after his master had recovered. This was what Qin Hai thought. Alas, just as he started retreating, a flash of light streaked past his back and a pink barrier appeared to obstruct his escape route.

“It’s useless, my adorable junior brother. From the moment you both entered, I had already prepared everything… Hehe. This is the graveyard I prepared for you two,” the senior apprentice sister said with a sinister expression.


The body hairs on Chen Feng’s arm had turned pink.

In these short few seconds, both his hands had completely fallen. Both his hands were shrouded in pink now. Chen Feng was starting to fall, and nobody seemed capable of stopping this. Charming was a unique ability capable of ignoring one’s strength and penetrating the depths of one’s heart to fully control a person. Currently, the fallen Chen Feng’s consciousness and thinking were blurry, and his memories were becoming unclear. In the world of the charm his consciousness was in, he led his own life independently.

“Soon…” The senior apprentice sister fixed her gaze on Chen Feng. This was merely the start. As the charm deepened, Chen Feng’s inner thoughts would be exposed without stop. His past memories would also appear without stop. She would make use of all those before improving her control over Chen Feng. This was the reason why those who had fallen under her control had never been able to throw her control off.

She monitored Chen Feng’s consciousness, trying to lure him over. Her world of charm was akin to a cage. The moment Chen Feng’s consciousness fell entirely and was entirely imprisoned in the cage would also be the moment he fell under her complete control. In the world of her charm, even Duma couldn’t escape. This world belonged to her.

Her consciousness transmitted this message to Chen Feng’s mind without stop. Chen Feng’s mind wavered on the verge of being completely under her control.

Soon. The senior apprentice sister was overjoyed. However, she failed to notice that within Chen Feng’s consciousness, a petite and beautiful figure was watching everything and sighing, seemingly waiting for something. Her soft voice drifted through the air. “This fellow… is acting more and more wantonly…”
At present, the senior apprentice sister, who was immersed in her plans to devour Chen Feng’s memories to obtain full control over him, suddenly discovered that among Chen Feng’s memories, an extremely clear figure had appeared. That petite figure… that red clothing… those huge lively eyes… and that boundless killing intent!

Senior apprentice sister shivered and was instantly scared awake. “It’s you!”
Wang Yao!

She had actually seen that damnable young girl in Chen Feng’s memories.

However, senior apprentice sister wasn’t an ordinary person. She only required a short instant to realize that this must be Chen Feng’s final counter. This guy had ultimately built a mental defense against her. However… Her   expression   became   sinister.   “Is   such   a   defense sufficient?”   With  force,  she  tried  snatching  Chen  Feng’s consciousness into her own consciousness.


She waved her hand. The formidable power of charm bloomed. A certain figure was tossed into the cage.

Senior apprentice sister sneered. “Success!” However, when she looked over, she was dumbstruck as she found that the thing that had been charmed over wasn’t Chen Feng’s consciousness. Rather, it was an odd thing. It seemed like a tiny red snake with a peculiar appearance. At present, this snake’s eyes appeared to be lifeless, and the snake’s body was waving around without stop. Occasionally, the snake would grow limp, and occasionally, it would harden. At times, it would thrust back and forth. Mhm…
Senior apprentice sister was dumbstruck.

No, this isn’t right… She had obviously charmed Chen Feng. How could she have gotten the wrong consciousness? Just as she was in doubt…

The world of charm collapsed, and Chen Feng, who she had believed was already under her control, opened his eyes, killing intent flashing through them. With a single step, he stepped into the world of charm. He wasn’t pulled into the cage by her. Rather, he made his way in by himself.

The senior apprentice sister was alarmed and angered at the same time. “You dare?”  She had never imagined that Chen Feng was actually so clear headed and was still capable of making a move against her. How was this possible?

Chen Feng sneered. “Ah.”
Bang! With a punch, he broke the world of charm.


It collapsed.

Chen Feng’s sharp gaze swept past the fragments of this collapsed world. This was the world created by the pink energy, the world of charm created with utmost care by this senior apprentice sister, which could be used to control others. In addition to Chen Feng, her own consciousness and numerous memory fragments were contained in this world as well.


Chen Feng punched out without stop and watched on as this world withered. From the countless memory fragments, he found the fragment unique to this senior apprentice sister. Next, from that fragment, he searched for the secret behind her increase in strength.

Chapter 640: Primordial Power

Ah. It was over. Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. His consciousness and Xiao Ying’s were connected in the first place. Therefore, all the charm and spiritual attacks launched by senior apprentice sister had all been transferred over to Xiao Ying. This was also the reason for Xiao Ying’s bizarre actions…

Chen Feng acted and destroyed everything.

The senior apprentice sister’s mournful scream reverberated through the air. “No!”  She stared on blankly as her world of charm collapsed and her body received heavy injuries instantly. She had never imagined that even after her rebirth, she would have to suffer this. This was not supposed to be possible. She was the strongest existence. Even her master had fallen under her control. How could she suffer at the hands of a mere human? Chen Feng sneered and ignored her. “Ah.” He focused on the memory fragments and looked for the real source of her strength. There had to be a reason for her abrupt increase in strength. Chen Feng’s sharp gaze swept past the memory fragments before stopping on a certain fragment. It was a pink fragment, yet the pink on this particular fragment was deeper and had a slight glossy tint to it. Even amid the sea of countless pink fragments, it appeared unordinary.

“Related  to  this?”  Chen  Feng  instinctively  reached  out  to grab it. Astonishingly, just as his hand was about to land on that fragment, the fragment streaked away and instantly vanished over the horizon. The speed it had moved at was petrifying.

“This thing…”  Chen Feng was shocked. It actually had an independent consciousness?

“A primordial power could be felt,” the little turtle said as his head popped out of his shell behind Chen Feng. He looked at the vanishing ray of light with his brows knitted together tightly. Primordial power? Why had this power appeared here? Why had it appeared in the body of Qin Hai’s senior apprentice sister? Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

The sharp voice of the senior apprentice sister resounded. “Chen  Feng!”   She  was  already  heavily  injured  and  hadn’t noticed the departure of that pink energy at all. She was trying to regain control of the situation. A mere human…
She reasoned that since Chen Feng had personally left his sea of consciousness and had separated from that tiny snake, her charm would most certainly work on him now.


Once again, the power of charm bloomed.

Chen  Feng  snorted.  “Ridiculous.”  With  a  light  jab  of  his finger, all of her power disintegrated. Indeed, after losing the support of that wondrous energy, the present senior apprentice sister had returned to how she had been before, a peak beyond A class. She was still extremely formidable, but against Chen Feng…

With a random wave of Chen Feng’s hand, she was blasted away.


Blood splattered about.

Chen Feng sighed. “It’s finally over.”
A faint radiance swept out. The earth trembled and the pink energy receded. Slowly, the world returned to normal. All the pink started to vanish. The center of the Land of Legacy returned to normal.

Chen Feng gazed upon the sky. “The sky is clear now.”
The sky, which had been enveloped in pink for a long time, was once again blue and sunny.

Qin Hai sighed. “Yeah.”  They hadn’t been in this Land of Legacy for long, yet what they had experienced made it feel like several years had passed. The numerous unimaginable abilities that they’d had to deal with had caused them extreme exhaustion. Fortunately, it had all ended.

Chen Feng noticed some movement. “The Genetic Union is coming.” Since the abnormality surrounding the Land of Legacy had vanished, the Genetic Union would most certainly enter shortly.

“I know,” Qin Hai said. “I will take them away first. You can come later.” Chen Feng nodded slightly. “Mhm.” With Qin Hai’s identity, it was indeed rather unsuitable for him to appear before the other humans.


Light swirled around. Qin Hai vanished with Duma and the rest. After a short while, the Genetic Union members arrived.

They were all overjoyed to see him. “Chen Feng!”
“Clear up the things here,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“It’s  good  that  you  are  fine.”   Li  Lei  was  incomparably agitated. Shortly after, he looked around the Land of Legacy. “What in the world happened here, exactly?”
“Some   minor   problems.”    Chen   Feng   gave   a   rough description. Li Lei gasped in astonishment. “Pink origin… Primordial power…” He had never expected that in such a short period of time, so many things had happened. He had also never expected that the primordial power was the reason for all of this.

“I will let you handle the rest over here,” Chen Feng said. “I still have something I need to do.”
“Understood.”  Li Lei paused and continued, “Remember to be extra careful.”
“Mhm.” Chen Feng left. Qin Hai was waiting for him at the ancient race’s palace. When he arrived, Duma and the rest were already regaining consciousness.

Chen Feng cupped his hands and greeted Duma. “Senior.”
He wasn’t particularly afraid of this Duma. The present Duma had been greatly weakened and was not as powerful as he had once been. Otherwise, Chen Feng would probably have killed him off earlier when he’d had the chance. “Many thanks…” Duma said with a complicated expression. At this time, Qin Hai’s other fellow apprentice brothers woke up, exchanged glances, and thanked Chen Feng before leaving. Regardless of how much they were against the integration of humans and ancients, as Chen Feng had saved them during this incident at the Land of Legacy, they were no longer qualified to object to the integration.

“Yo, old turtle, you’re awake?”  The little turtle clicked his tongue in wonder. “How does it feel, for your body to be fully exhausted of energy?”
Duma: “…”
This fellow…
Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry either.

“Senior,”  Chen Feng said with a solemn expression. “May I ask, what exactly happened?” Everything that had happened at the Land of Legacy had originated from the mysterious pink energy. However, where had the mysterious energy come from? Why had it appeared? How had it happened? Chen Feng was clueless.
Duma  sighed.  “Due  to  my  greed.  I  once  saw  an  item somewhere. From it, I sensed primordial power. As such, I wanted to take it for my own use. Unfortunately, even with my strength, I was unable to approach that item. As such, I unsealed a remnant item of the Primordial Era that I had, trying to fight poison with poison. As a result…”
Duma shook his head. “I received grave injuries, and the energy contained in the remnant item from the Primordial Era escaped.”
Chen Feng contemplated. So the pink energy was what escaped?

“I was gravely injured at that time, and that girl was good at controlling  others…”  Duma  laughed  bitterly.  He  had  never expected that a day would come when he would fall under the control of one of his disciples. Initially, he had only wanted to use the power of the Primordial Era to obtain that stone that similarly contained the power of the Primordial Era.
Unexpectedly, he had still overestimated himself…
“Although I lived through the Primordial Era, at that time, I was a newborn. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have escaped the calamity that happened to everyone else. I don’t have much understanding of that era… However, that pink energy is definitely not something ordinary. Even back in the Primordial Era, it should have been qualified to be listed in the ranks of the strongest powers. Otherwise, it could not possess such strength.  Now  that  it  has  escaped…”   Duma  was  deeply worried. “Things will be extremely dangerous.”
If it was able to find another person like Qin Hai’s senior apprentice sister, it might be able to control the entire world for real.

“My strength will not recover anytime soon. I’m afraid you will have to be the one to deal with this.” Duma looked at Chen Feng. “I have seen the rise and fall of countless eras. It has indeed been hard for humans and ancients to reach this level. Hopefully, you will not turn on each other. Naturally, as the price for this peace, you can ask me anything you want to know. I can tell you everything I know about the awakened.”

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

He knew nothing about the awakened. If Duma could teach him, perhaps he could truly improve and become even stronger.

As for that pink energy… he had never intended to leave it alone anyway. The so-called primordial power gave him an extremely ominous feeling. He could not allow such a mysterious and peculiar power to continue existing.

In a certain city, Han Yula returned home after finishing his work for the day. “Little Tong.”  He opened the door, filled with expectations.
Unfortunately, nobody was found.

Is she out?

His heart chilled. He knew that Little Tong was “playful” in nature  and  enjoyed  “those  activities.”   However,  they  had already been married for a month, and he was capable of cloning himself now, capable of fulfilling her desires.

“Little Tong?”  Han Yula called out several times, and his heart chilled when he received no response. Just as his heart chilled, suddenly, his expression became solemn. With his powerful senses, he discovered something abnormal.

Above their bed, on their wedding picture, two sweetly smiling people could be seen. Different from the past, in this picture, a different color had appeared: pink.

“Little Tong… What happened?”
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