The Strongest Gene Chapter 611-620

Chapter 611: Weakening the Seal


The storm swept in. The president stepped forth, his hand holding Tianyu Liming’s only remaining hand. Since things had come to this point, everyone was already prepared to die. Faint energy condensed around their bodies. This time, they would put their lives on the line and fight it out! Whether they could pull this devil from S class or not would depend on this final struggle.


Radiance condensed around them. Everyone had a resolute expression. The storm closed in, and just as they were about to charge forth toward the storm, a familiar voice resounded: “Let me deal with the rest.”
A casual yet satisfied voice.

Who? Before they could even react to it, a figure appeared before all of them. It was Chen Feng.

Chen Feng?

They were all somewhat dumbstruck. Before them, Chen Feng lifted his hand lightly and tapped on the storm. Instantly, a terrifying power started to circulate.

Bang! Bang!

Instantly, the power of the storm erupted. Alarming everyone there, that power capable of freezing everything, that power capable of destroying everything, was seemingly nothing before Chen Feng.

The storm roared. It had seemingly sensed Chen Feng’s power. A faint radiance swirled around as the storm tried to freeze Chen Feng’s power. That hand of Chen Feng’s that was touching the storm started to freeze… And then… his hand recovered in a split second.

Chen Feng contemplated. “Is this your power? In that case…”
Suddenly, the storm pulled back.


Chen Feng slammed his hand down onto the ground.


With Chen Feng as the center, a faint radiance formed a circle. Just like that, at its peak power, that storm was blocked by radiance emitted by Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang! The ground shook, yet none of them suffered any damage. In the middle of the storm, amid all the dust, everyone was safe and sound.

The president was alarmed. The ancients were alarmed.

All of them were stunned. None of them had expected that with a single hand, Chen Feng could so easily block this seemingly unequaled storm. This fellow…
They were all shocked. Right at this instant, Chen Feng opened his mouth.

Chen Feng smiled toyingly. “Leaving just like this?”
Shua! The dust settled. Not far away, the devil expert, who had been about to leave, stopped.

“You are actually able to stop my power?”  The devil expert could not believe this. Even during the Primordial Era long gone, very few had been able to block this attack of his, yet now… This was not supposed to be possible. Apart from that fellow of the ancient race, nobody should be able to block this attack even though, presently, 90% of his power was sealed. This was unrelated to whether he was sealed or not. Rather, this was a power in an entirely different realm, a power that could not possibly be blocked by the power of a beyond A class. This person called Chen Feng… The devil expert narrowed his eyes.

Chen Feng smiled. “Is it not simple?”

He waved his hand. A familiar power surged out of his hand. He wasn’t too skilled at using this power, yet clearly, this was the power of an awakened one. A true S-class power! The president and the rest were shocked. They exchanged glances, finally realizing the source of Chen Feng’s confidence.

So it turned out…
As they thought of this, everyone moved away silently, giving Chen Feng sufficient space. At a time like this, they had no intention of dragging Chen Feng down.

Chen Feng had a faint smile as he said, “The power of an awakened? You are not the only one with it.”
“Hehe.”   The  devil  expert  did  not  seem  bothered.  “It  is impossible for you to be an awakened. If you were truly an awakened, this battle would have ended long ago and would not have required so much effort from your side. From how you ruined the formation of that treacherous devil and your earlier state, I can guess that you are probably borrowing a certain power… You must have obtained some inherited items, right?”  The devil expert sneered. “Hehe. Unfortunately, the power of an awakened is not something a person like you can control.” Some remnants of the Primordial Era had survived. Those fortunate enough to obtain these items would be able to obtain some special power from these items, such as the power of the awakened. This was not a power that the user would truly possess. Rather, the user would be temporarily borrowing the power. As such, the users were normally incapable of controlling such power and could only use it in a crude manner.

It was akin to a three-year-old holding an immense hatchet: childish and ridiculous. The present Chen Feng resembled such a person. Although the power of an awakened flowed about his body, his method of control and the wasting of power… Wasn’t it comparable to a child holding an immense hatchet?

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Is that so? Why not give it a try?”

A torrent of formidable power surged out of his hand. This was the power of an awakened! After observing this devil expert for a long time, after comprehending this power for a long time, with Spirit’s assistance, he had finally gained true understanding of the true power of S class.

He did not know the function of this power of his. He did not even know the difference between his power and the devil’s. He did not know of any abilities exclusive to himself. But he could feel clearly the might of this power. This alone was sufficient.


A simple punch. Instantly, the power of an awakened erupted from it.

The devil expert waved his hand, sending out a slash. Their powers clashed, creating a huge shockwave. They were actually evenly matched. Chen Feng smiled faintly. “You still refuse to believe it?” He did not mind wasting his power together with this devil expert. If his guess was correct, it was precisely as the president had said. Any power this devil exhaust now would be forever lost. He had been sealed. At present, he had no way of unleashing
his true power. Therefore, dragging this out and wasting their power together was the best option. Besides, fighting this devil was also the best chance for Chen Feng to gain further understanding of the power of an awakened. Chen Feng became excited. “Come!”
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous punches were hurled out, each of them possessing astonishing might.

Chen Feng’s grasp on the power of an awakened was rather weak. He couldn’t even use it effectively. However, it was sufficient to face this devil expert who had 90% of his power sealed.

Bang! Bang! Numerous punches were sent out, creating numerous shockwaves. Slowly, the devil expert started frowning. He had initially believed that this awakened power Chen Feng had obtained would be fully exhausted in a short period of time.

He was astonished. “It can actually last this long?” Even if the opponent was unaware of the proper methods for using this power and was thus unleashing a pitifully weak might from it, if this continued, he might truly be exhausted to death. This wouldn’t do! He sighed.


Suddenly, he pulled out one of his own arms.


The arm ignited. A huge amount of bizarre power transformed into swirling light before surging into his body. His power, which had been near exhaustion, recovered somewhat. His feeble power was now somewhat stronger. The seal had been weakened.

The president was stupefied. This works?

“He ignited his arm to recover some of his power.”
Everyone was horrified. Igniting his arm…
This was not as simple as severing his arm. For ordinary people like them, even if they severed their arms, they could still regrow their arms with gene reagents. But his action of sacrificing his arm for power with a body at this level was equivalent to eternally losing this arm. This guy was indeed cruel even to his own self!

Chapter 612: The Devil Expert’s Trump Card

The young prince turned pale. “Ancestor.” He had suddenly recalled that the key material in the sealing reagent was himself.

“Don’t worry about it,” the devil expert said coldly. Against Chen Feng, who was constantly exhausting his power, if he wanted to avoid dropping down from S class, he had to use this method. This was the only way to solve his current predicament. The power of the counterseal was something he was clear on. It was a seal within one’s body, and with this method, he would be able to recover his strength and reduce the coverage of the seal.

“You are all challenging my temper,”  the devil expert said indifferently. He spoke with a domineering tone, seeming telling those humans they were not the only ones with trump cards. As a top expert, he had even more trump cards, even in his current circumstance. This was a true devil expert, completely different than he had been when under the control of the old devil earlier. He pointed at Chen Feng. “Destroy!” A seal formed in midair before heading toward Chen Feng.


The terrifying seal immediately rushed at Chen Feng’s body, seemingly unstoppable. This was the true usage of awakened power. It wasn’t something Chen Feng could stop with his brutish handling of awakened power.


Chen Feng punched forth. That seal formed with the power of the awakened was shattered with a single punch. The devil expert’s lip twitched. This time, he had been able to see clearly. Damn it, this Chen Feng had actually wrapped the unique and unmatched power of awakened around his fist before punching out directly? How could this human possess so much of this awakened power? Was this precious power supposed to be used in such crude manner? The devil expert was somewhat dumbstruck. “Has the seal restricted too much of my strength?” the devil expert self-mockingly asked. Even if he had removed the seal on his arm, at most, the seal had only been reduced from 90% to 80%. The seal remained, causing his powerful Letter of Destruction to actually be destroyed by such a brutish method.
Still, using awakened power in such a manner, this feeling…
It was akin to seeing a small-time hoodlum wrap precious magic power around his fist to fight in a melee brawl. This was a fight that could be settled with a single fireball with the precious magic power, yet it was used in such a crude manner…
The devil expert’s heart ached. If I had that much awakened power in my body… He had only recently been restored and had suffered from being sealed. As such, the amount of power he had was truly pitifully low. Seeing Chen Feng wasting power in such a manner, he couldn’t endure it.

“Good. Very good.” The devil expert took a deep breath. “Let me properly see just how much remains of this power that you obtained  through  a  unique  method.”   He  pointed  midair. “Condense!” Instantly, all the power within his body was concentrated into a single dot of light on his finger. That single dot seemed to contain an entire universe.

The devil expert pointed at Chen Feng. “Die!”

Time seemed to stop flowing. The president and the rest were able to feel an intense sense of crisis even so far away, yet in such a situation, they could only wait. This was no longer a battle they could get involved in.


The dot of light, like a star in the sky, slowly headed toward Chen Feng. Despite the slow movement, it still appeared before Chen Feng instantly. Even though it appeared feeble, the power contained within it was able to cause space itself to collapse around it, as space was incapable of enduring the existence of such might. This attack was still launched using the proper control method for awakened power. The same power could display astonishing might through different control methods. This was a powerful ability of this superexpert’s.

Chen Feng’s expression became solemn. “This power…” The awakened power indeed required various control methods. The same awakened power that Chen Feng had, when used by this devil expert, was able to display a much greater might. But this was also the best opportunity for him to learn.

“Spirit?” Chen Feng asked inwardly.

Spirit frowned as she said, “It has been recorded. However, the analysis can’t be completed in a short period of time.”
“I know.” Chen Feng’s gaze became sharp. Spirit could only record and analyze it for him. Now, he could only rely on himself. He could sense how terrifying that dot of light was.

The dot of light locked onto Chen Feng, making it impossible for him to escape. However, Chen Feng had no intention of escaping. Rather, he activated all of the power within his body. He had decided to use the simplest method to deal with this: brute force!


The devil expert shook his head. “How ridiculous. You are dreaming of stopping the attack with your idiotic control method?”
How ridiculous. If Chen Feng’s control method was akin to a child waving a giant hatchet, the devil expert’s control method was akin to the creation of the universe, soaring high in the sky before slashing down with the hatchet! Their levels of control were in entirely different leagues. How could Chen Feng stop his attack? The dot of light charged at Chen Feng. The devil expert watched on coldly, awaiting Chen Feng’s death. Next, he saw an extremely petrifying scene. That dot of light he had sent erupted, unleashing boundless power. Chen Feng, in a clumsy manner, blocked the attack with a power tenfold the quantity
the devil had used to launch the attack earlier. In this manner, Chen Feng blocked the attack forcefully, exhausting its power. Ultimately, he ended up using a hundred times as much power as the devil had used to completely exhaust all the power making up this dot of light.

“???” The devil expert was dumbstruck. How had Chen Feng obtained so much awakened power? Even if he had obtained some remnants of the Primordial Era, he should not have this amount of power. Perhaps he had in fact obtained a huge number of primordial items? The devil expert despaired. Was the creation of universe a terrifying feat? Yes, it was. Could a child waving a hatchet around stop it? No.

Alas, this opponent had no intention of blocking. Rather, in a simple manner, numerous hatchets were tossed out, allowing him to slash at it as he wished until the moment he exhausted all his power. What the hell? The devil expert was alarmed. He had been an awakened for so many years, yet he had never seen someone use the awakened power in such a barbarous method. Never had he seen such wastage; never had he seen such a boring method of combat. Alas, this was exactly what had stopped his attack.

The amount of power his opponent had wasted earlier… The devil expert grabbed at his heart as his heart ached at the thought of all that wasted power. If the power had been given to him instead, even if it had only been one-tenth of it that amount, he would have been able to destroy everything here long ago.

Chen Feng smiled. “Seems rather simple?”
“…” The devil expert narrowed his eyes. This human…
The young prince gave his ancestor a hasty explanation of Chen Feng, as he saw that things did not seem good. “Ancestor, this is a bizarre fellow. In the human world, I heard of him. This fellow is good at creating miracles, capable of counterattacking when one least expects it. His luck is astonishingly good.” “Luck…” The devil expert contemplated. Was that how this guy had obtained so many primordial items? If he was lucky enough, he might truly have been able to obtain so many of them, but right now, the devil expert had to think of a way out of this predicament. Only by leaving here could he start
removing the seal and recovering his strength.

“Can’t you remove the seal now?” The prince pulled at his clothes and righteously stated, “I am ready for that.”

The devil expert slapped this prince away, seemingly furious at him for being so useless. “Do you think removing the seal is a simple affair? How long the seal removal takes is more than sufficient for me to be killed.”
The prince put on a wronged expression. “Oh.”
The  devil  expert  sighed.  “Seems  like  I  can  only  do  that, then.”  He could not ignite his remaining arm, as he would truly be a cripple if he did that. This time, he decided to ignite a certain part of his body that was quite an imposing sight. In any case, he hadn’t had a chance to use it for several thousand years. Besides, he wasn’t particularly interested in that. He might as well use it now to increase his power.

And thus, under everyone’s gaze, the devil expert’s crotch ignited and started burning with a raging flame.

Chapter 613: Not All Hammers Are Called…

Holy shit!

The president was alarmed.

The ancients were alarmed.

Even the prince was so shocked that he peed himself. (Not literally.)

Holy shit, to beat Chen Feng, this ancestor was truly putting it all on the line.


The flame raged, and once again, the devil expert recovered some power. Bang!

A power more formidable than his earlier power returned, shocking everyone present. The devil expert had been able to unseal more of his power, dramatically increasing his combat power yet again.

Li Lei was shocked. “How powerful.”
The president was speechless. “This, this, this…”
This devil’s decision was truly astonishing, especially because the devil had selected that part of his body to ignite.

Ba Gu gulped. “Holy shit, igniting that part actually returned more power than his arm did earlier?”
He was truly shocked. It was fine to ignite an arm for power, but now, after igniting that part at his crotch, he had actually gained so much power? This was too excessive! It was evident how a certain “combat power” of this devil’s was astonishingly powerful.

In fact, not only them, even the ancient females were shocked.

“So strong.”
“How imposing.”
Several ancient females expressed their regret.

“What a pity.”
“I have heard that the humans have a saying: big tools shall not  flourish,”   Tianyu  Liming  commented  with  a  solemn expression. “Perhaps this is what that saying refers to? When the tool is too big, it will not flourish…” “No, no, no.” By the side, the president started sweating as he heard them, and he hastily corrected them, “The saying you are thinking of is ‘a vast territory with abundant resources’!”
“Big brother shall not flourish?” Tianyu Liming’s expression was somewhat vacant. Wasn’t this supposed to be a thing, based on what she understood of human culture?

President: “…”
At present, he felt like killing someone. If Tianyu Liming accepted this as the truth, what would come of him in the future? If they reached that step in their relationship in the future, wouldn’t he be feeling inferior if this was the belief she held? This concerned his dignity as a male! At present, he felt like slashing at Chen Feng. What in the world had Chen Feng taught these ancients back then?

Suddenly, Tianyu Liming understood something. “Don’t worry.” She seemed to have thought of something as she glanced at the president with a blush. Bashfully, she said, “Don’t worry. I will not look down on you. I am aware that someone at the level of this devil expert is in fact an abnormality.”
The president heaved a sigh of relief. That’s good, then.

And yet, before this thought had even faded, he heard Tianyu Liming gently say, “In any case, even mine wasn’t this big back in the days.”

The president was dumbstruck.

Back in the days?

Suddenly, he understood. What he feared most had still happened. Alas, he was already holding her hand and had even kissed her. It seemed like he could no longer crawl out of this pit? Chen Feng, screw you!!!

At present, Chen Feng had a solemn expression. He had never expected that this big-shot devil would be even more ruthless than he had imagined. With a single thought, this devil had ignited that part, causing Chen Feng to be at a loss. Worthy of being a devil expert indeed.

Chen Feng took a deep breath. Such a ruthless attitude was not something an ordinary person could compare to.


He sensed the surging awakened power the devil expert was exuding. Chen Feng knew that this time, he had to start being serious. Otherwise, he might truly die here. The devil expert started talking. “You are the strongest human I have ever met.”  A remarkable aura lingered about him, and each word he uttered was filled with majesty and incredibly petrifying. Naturally, this majesty of his was predicated on the viewer ignoring the devil expert’s burning crotch.

Chen Feng: “…” Bro, this look of yours doesn’t seem too convincing…
“Hehe.”  The devil expert noticed Chen Feng’s gaze at his crotch and merely shook his head calmly. “Indeed, you humans are ignorant life-forms…  Well, it’s almost time,”  he muttered to himself. With this ignite, he had obtained a new lease on life and more power, and he had removed yet another 10% of the seal on him.

Only 70% of the initially 90% seal remained. For this devil expert, this was equivalent to a huge boost in strength.

Bang! A terrifying power converged. Before him, a hammer exuding a terrifying power hovered. This was the first time this devil expert had released a weapon, and this weapon was indeed so powerful as to be petrifying.

Chen Feng’s expression became solemn. “A weapon…”
The devil expert caressed his hammer gently and slowly picked it up. “It has been a while, my old friend.”
A petrifying power started spreading as the devil expert held the hammer in his hand.

“This thing…”
Chen Feng gave it a glance and shifted his body slightly, not daring to stand directly in front of the devil expert. He feared that this devil would directly start smashing forward the moment he held the hammer. Things would be bad if that happened. Fortunately, the devil expert merely picked the hammer up and waved it around.



Each wave caused space itself to shake.

One time…
Two times…
Subconsciously, Chen Feng braced himself to defend against the coming attack, but he noticed that this time, the devil wasn’t attacking. Rather, he was doing something rather peculiar. What was this devil doing? Chen Feng could not understand. Duang!


Surprisingly, the space that had seemed to be on the verge of collapse as he waved the hammer started stabilizing. With each wave, space would become steadier. This did not seem like an attack. Rather, it looked more like repairing? Using the hammer, repairing the piece of space here? Indeed…
Chen Feng rubbed his head. Not all hammer users would be Reinhardt. He could be Torbjörn instead. Naturally, what this bro here was repairing wasn’t some fort but, rather, space itself.

Duang! Duang!

Space stabilized. Chen Feng concentrated with a solemn expression, trying to see what exactly this person here was trying to do. And next, with astonishment, he noticed that as the devil swung his hammer around, the scene around him froze. Froze? Suddenly, Chen Feng noticed something. Freezing! It was actually this! The memory of all the attacks being frozen in the storm was still fresh in his mind. This time, this devil was freezing space.

Duang! Duang!

Chen Feng looked behind them. The president and the rest did not appear uncomfortable, and hadn’t even sensed any danger, yet their bodies were already slightly frozen. This was the most dreadful aspect of this move. Evidently, after being blocked several times by Chen Feng using brutish methods, in his fury, the devil expert had decided to use an ability Chen Feng had no way of blocking. This was an ability that couldn’t be blocked, an ability that ignored everything! Since it could directly freeze space itself, how were they supposed to block it?

“Hehe. Pitiful child. You have no notion of what awakened power truly is… hehe,” muttered the devil expert. He muttered in an overcast tone, seemingly talking to himself, yet his words were accompanied by an intense killing intent as well. Chen Feng’s heart chilled. Not good.

“I shall allow you all to witness true awakened power…”

The hammer was swung for the final time. At this instant, the entire world seemed to freeze.

Chapter 614: Impossible World

This is…
Fear appeared in all their eyes. Each of them was thinking rapidly, each of them was still conscious, yet they had lost the control over their bodies. To be precise, everything around them—including their bodies—had been frozen. Spatial lock? No, this power had exceeded the power of space itself.


The power of an awakened erupted out of Chen Feng’s body. Under this formidable space-locking power, he was the only person still capable of moving. Relying on the power of an awakened, he was able to slowly move. Alas, Chen Feng could clearly sense that his movement was slowing down as well.

Chen Feng sighed. “I will soon be unable to move?”  They were both using awakened power, yet he couldn’t even break free of this. The devil expert watched on coldly. “How idiotic.”
Despite this seemingly hopeless situation, Chen Feng did not give up. Despite the slow speed, he moved forward slowly. With great difficulty, he forged forward.

One step.

Two steps.

Chen Feng maintained a resolute expression.

The devil expert sneered. “Hmph.” He lifted his hammer and swung it down once again.


That terrifying power bubbled up. This section of space became even steadier. Chen Feng’s body, which had still been capable of moving at a crawling speed, stopped instantly as his entire body became stiff. He was nearly completely frozen.

Chen Feng!

Everyone fixed their gaze on Chen Feng. Their bodies were already frozen, and Chen Feng was their only hope. The moment Chen Feng was frozen as well, all hope would be extinguished. And now… they could see Chen Feng’s body becoming stiff.

It’s over.

Their hearts chilled. So even Chen Feng couldn’t escape the fate of being frozen? What power had this devil expert used? For it to be so powerful?

The devil expert watched on as Chen Feng’s body stiffened. “It’s over.” He knew that the moment everyone here was completely frozen, this incident would reach its end. Within this frozen world of his, the moment everyone was frozen, he would be able to easily destroy them. What he would destroy wasn’t them, exactly. Rather, it was this space, this frozen world, that
would be destroyed.

First, this part of the world would be frozen. Next, the enemies frozen within this part of the world would become a part of this frozen world. Finally, he could destroy this frozen world, destroying all the enemies within as well. Simple and direct.

Naturally, the premise of all this was to first freeze everyone within this world in order to fuse them all with this chunk.

He  waved  his  hand  coldly.  “Erase!”   Since  everyone  was already frozen, it was time to harvest the rewards. And yet, just as he was about to launch his attack, he noted with astonishment that Chen Feng was still moving.

No, Chen Feng wasn’t the one that was moving. To be accurate, one of his arms was still slowly moving, slowly being lifted.

The devil expert frowned. “This guy…” Was he not willing to give up even now?

Once again, the devil swung his hammer.


The formidable power caused space to shake. That arm of Chen Feng’s was not able to be lowered after being lifted and was frozen right there. This was a power one couldn’t hope to contend against.

Even so, while trembling, one of his fingers was outstretched, slowly, pointed downward. It moved slowly, stubbornly.

The devil expert sneered. “Idiotic.” Alas, he did not notice that on Chen Feng’s stiff body, that body incapable of moving, rested a pair of unprecedentedly bright eyes. “Soon!  Soon!”  Chen  Feng  roared  inwardly.  He  had  been taking in each and every move of that devil expert’s. He had been studying each and every instance of that devil expert using his power. From the moment this devil had started moving, he and Spirit had been constructing numerous all- rounded matrices to analyze everything about the devil—the devil’s power, body, and every motion and ability.
He had been deducing without stop, with extra focus placed on the method for controlling awakened power. Chen Feng did not know if this would work. However, this was the only thing he could do. And just now, Spirit had finally finished their analysis of the control method this devil had used for awakened power.

This was the true method to control the power of the awakened. The method they had obtained was still rather unclear, and there might still be some flaws in it, but this was the only thing the present Chen Feng could attempt.

Shua! Shua! His brain was stuffed full with numerous formulas pertaining to the method for controlling awakened power. Chen Feng familiarized himself with it at a rapid speed but was still somewhat at a loss regarding how exactly this power was supposed to be controlled.

This was akin to a situation when one tried to cheat during an exam when answering a problem-solving question by flipping the textbook open. Although the individual words in the textbook could be understood, when they joined to form a sentence, one would have no idea what the textbook was talking about. Moreover, even if the problem-solving question and the chapter of the textbook that was being read covered the same topic, the contents might be different and one might need to alter the answer slightly rather than copy down whatever was in the textbook.

What was this?

And what in the world was that? How was he supposed to use that?

No idea.

Chen Feng had no idea. Spirit had no idea. They had only managed to obtain a rather vague copy of the devil’s control method. Whether or not they could use it remained to be seen. But right now, Chen Feng had no other option.

He clenched his teeth. “Well, I will just have to try it out.” Next, he paused as he noted that his gums were bleeding. There was no helping it, since he clenched his teeth whenever he was fighting.

A faint energy converged. The devil expert continued swinging the hammer, yet no further difficulties were imposed upon Chen Feng. When the entirety of his body could not move, Chen Feng was able to resolutely move his single finger, the only finger he could move. Slowly, his finger pointed downward. This was the very first time he had unleashed awakened power using the proper control method. This was a rather clumsy template created by both him and Spirit to control his power.

The instant the power bloomed from his finger, heaven and earth trembled.


Instantly, a terrifying power erupted. A terrifying power surged out of his finger and forcefully shattered the metaphorical chains binding his body. Like an ocean current, his power swept out, crashing through space around him.

Bang! Bang!

They could hear the indistinct sound of space being shattered. That boundless power engulfed everything. That storm-like translucent power smashed into every unknown power in the area but did not cause any harm to anyone there. Success!

Chen Feng was overjoyed. He had succeeded in controlling his awakened power!

Although he had merely broken free of this frozen world and hadn’t done much damage, this was the very first time he had controlled his awakened power in a flawless manner. The significance of this was much larger than it seemed. At this time, when that power vanished, everyone noted with astonishment that they could once again move.

“I can move again?”
“Same here.”
They were all madly surprised. The only exception was the devil expert opposite them. He stood there, dumbstruck, staring at Chen Feng with an unbelieving expression, not daring to believe that Chen Feng had actually been able to break free of his frozen world! That was not supposed to be possible! “Unless…”  Finally, the devil expert realized something. His pupils shrunk, and his gaze locked onto Chen Feng. At this realization, he said, “You are actually an S class as well? You have also grasped the power of the awakened as well?”
It was no wonder that… Chen Feng could so easily break free of this frozen world! Yes, if Chen Feng was indeed an awakened, what he had done was explainable. Chen Feng didn’t have some ancient items. Rather, he had real awakened power, hence the unrestrained manner in which he had used the power. However, even now, the devil was not willing to believe that even now, in this so-called “Genetic Era,” someone had been able to break through! That was impossible! Because the prospect of that happening was nonexistent! In this unique world…

Chapter 615: That Era

“Absolutely impossible,” howled the devil expert. He was not scared of Chen Feng’s strength. Rather, he was shocked by the fact that Chen Feng could display such power. He blanked. “Awakened… the divine force disappeared ten thousand years ago… Ever since the decline of the Primordial Era… It has been a long time since anyone entered this realm…”

He waved his hand and grabbed at the empty air with a blank expression, muttering to himself, “Has the divine force finally recovered?”
Yet he was soon disappointed, as he couldn’t sense that familiar power in the air at all.

Chen Feng: “…” This guy here seemed like something of a swindler. Divine force? Wasn’t this awakened power? The devil expert was surprised when he noticed Chen Feng’s expression. “You are actually unaware of it? You do not even know about divine force, yet you were able to comprehend the power of an awakened? How is that possible?”
Chen Feng frowned. He felt that he had seemingly missed something.

The devil expert laughed like someone going crazy. “Hahahaha!  You  don’t  even  know  what  an  awakened  is! Hahahaha! Even so, you are still able to destroy my attack.”
Chen Feng frowned. He had a vague feeling that things were not as simple as he thought. What exactly was this power called “awakened”? Why was this guy behaving so weirdly? Divine force…what was that?

“You are indeed clueless.”  The devil expert shook his head, somewhat regretful and shocked at the same time. “A human who knows nothing has actually broken the shackles?”
Chen Feng looked at him. “What do you mean?” “You don’t need to know.” The devil expert shook his head. “If the divine force had recovered, we will no longer have any need to fight. Unfortunately, it has not recovered. All this is merely an accident. Perhaps, with the decline of the Primordial Era, there is no longer any possibility of it recovering. Your breakthrough is but an accident.

“I heard that your luck is exceptionally good. Perhaps you might have truly entered the awakened realm by fluke with the help of some items of the Primordial Era. Alas, it is pointless. The era of the awakened is long gone.”  He shook his head. What was in the past was ultimately in the past. It would not be changed due to some accident. The prosperity of that era would never return.


A formidable power erupted. He grasped his hand tightly around his hammer.

“Come.”  The devil expert pointed at Chen Feng. “Show me how powerful an accidental awakened like you can be.” Bang!

His figure shot forth abruptly.

Chen Feng had no hesitation. Since this old swindler had rambled on for such a long time, Chen Feng could understand what he had been saying. However, it did not matter. Even if this devil was unwilling to tell what he knew now, after Chen Feng defeated him, Chen Feng could force him to open his mouth.


Chen Feng had a cold gaze.

Bang! Midair, that radiant hammer descended, so powerful that it was petrifying. Yet Chen Feng merely raised his hand calmly, pointing upward with a single finger. This action appeared so very feeble, causing the onlookers to worry that he would be pulverized by the hammer. Yet it was this very feeble-looking
finger that once again bloomed with a petrifying power as that tiny dot of cold light collided with the hammer.


A bright explosion erupted. Once again, a terrifying shockwave was sent everywhere.


Both Chen Feng and the devil expert took two steps back, spurting blood out of their mouths. Everyone was anxious as they saw this, yet none dared to venture forth for fear of causing Chen Feng trouble.

“No worries.” Chen Feng wiped the blood dripping out of his mouth and regarded the devil in front of him.

“Hehe.” The devil expert was blankly gazing at the blood he had spurted out. Next, he smiled. “I have actually been injured?”
Chen Feng merely looked at him coldly.

The  devil  expert  smiled.  “Interesting.”  He  gazed  at  Chen Feng and closed his eyes before opening them again. “You are actually this young… This race known as ‘humans’… is indeed filled with limitless possibilities.”  Suddenly, he looked at the young prince. “Come.” “Remember.”  The devil expert patted the prince’s shoulder. “There is a saying that exists among all races, regardless of whether it is the ancient race, devil race, barbarians, or even humans. This saying, you must etch into your brain.” One word at a time, the devil expert said, “Those not of my race
must never be trusted!”
“!!!” The young prince blanked and looked at the enemy. Was that truly the case? But the humans and ancients seemed much more harmonious than he had guessed?

“Hehe. Never trust in so-called allies. The barbarians once trusted their allies, yet they ended up vanishing from the annals of history,” the devil expert solemnly said. “Therefore, remember. If our devil race wants to continue surviving, we must keep this saying in our hearts and slowly grow our race…”
He sighed. 
The devil prince was alarmed. What was the ancestor trying to do?


The devil expert waved his hand. Instantly, the devil prince was teleported away.

“Not a single person will leave this place alive. As for what actually happened here, feel free to make up a story. I hope that… amid the battle between the humans and ancients, the devils can make use of this to survive on. Remember… the future of the devils is now in your hands.” 
“Ancestor!”   the  young  prince  shouted  mournfully  before vanishing. He had been teleported away. Chen Feng merely watched on coldly. He did not try to stop this, nor could he stop it even if he wanted to.

He gazed at the devil expert calmly. “It seems like you are going to put everything on the line to fight now.”
“Yes.”  The devil expert spoke in a self-mocking manner. “I have to do something for the devil race, right? I originally believed that I could lead the devil race and rise once again, but now, it seems like I have to think of an alternative.”
In this era, only three races existed. Since the humans and ancients had allied, the devils would most certainly face destruction. surroundings.

This time, he hadn’t bothered with freezing time. Rather, he had merely locked this entire area with light, stopping anyone from escaping.

Chen Feng looked at him. “So you are truly thinking of putting your life on the line?”
“I have no choice. You are the first awakened to appear after the Primordial Era. Even if you are weak, even if you don’t even know what awakened power is, you are still powerful. I have no confidence in defeating you, not in my present form,” the devil expert stated calmly. Presently, too much of his strength was sealed. If he was to fight normally, he would not be able to defeat Chen Feng. “More importantly, you are too young. I am always fearful of the young.” The devil expert spoke slowly. “Regardless of whether it was due to luck or some other factor, for you to have reached this level at this age, you might be even stronger in the future. As such, to give the devil race a chance at surviving, I will keep you here forever!” “You seem to have forgotten about one person,”  Chen Feng reminded him. “The strongest of the ancients, that old man.”
The strongest of the Land of Legacy, the master of the QQ diamond members! That old man was an apex expert in the truest sense!

Chapter 616: Duma!

“You are talking about that guy?” The devil expert chuckled. “He is different.”
Chen Feng raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”
“Even  though  he  also  acted  during  the  Holy  War  back then…” The devil expert shook his head. “That is also the last time he acted. He is not a person of this era and will not get involved in things pertaining to this era. After all, he is the Duma…” The devil expert sighed, lamenting.


Chen Feng’s heart jolted viciously. So it turned out that the old man was Duma? This was not the first time Chen Feng had heard this name. That tortoise they had encountered several times had had a badge with “Duma” on it. He had always thought that Duma was the name of that tortoise. It turned out that it was the name of the tortoise’s master instead? He was the master of Qin Hai and his fellow apprentice brothers. He had once been the only main character of the Holy War. He was a superexpert who had destroyed the barbarian’s civilization. So he was actually Duma?

But then, from what this devil expert had said, the significance of this Duma was completely different than what Chen Feng had believed, since the mere word alone had filled this devil with melancholy. What exactly was Duma? Chen Feng had no idea. However, he was sure that even if he asked, this devil would not tell him.

Chen Feng raised an eyebrow. “Why are you telling me all this?”
The  devil  expert  smiled.  “Because  you  have  no  idea  how precious you are. In this wondrous land, in this wondrous world, someone has actually become an awakened. You are not aware of the significance of this feat…”
Chen Feng sank into silence. Could it be that this was a world where it was impossible for a new awakened to appear? Why? In fact, Chen Feng had only broken through to the awakened realm because he and Kong Bai had arrived on an alien world, that Twin Horns World. In short, there’s some sort of limitation on this world? guessed Chen Feng.

The devil expert spoke calmly. “To be honest, if the divine force had been able to recover… If that era had appeared once again, not only would I have told you everything, I would even have imparted upon you everything I know and treated you as my junior, turning you into a true legend, leading this world out of its predicament. Unfortunately, that era has not returned. This is still a desolate land, a place where three races wage war. For the future of the devil race, you must die here.”

In a serene manner, he took a step forward.


A boundless power was ignited. This time, he wasn’t igniting a specific part of his body. Rather, his entire body was ignited. Abruptly, a petrifying power surged. “This power…”  The president and the rest were horrified. The seal… had been removed! The true power of an awakened had been returned! The devil expert bathed in the flame, while his entire body transformed into the energy form. His true power returned, the seal on him reduced into nothingness.

Their hearts chilled. It’s over. They couldn’t even defeat a sealed devil expert, let alone this devil expert at full power. The moment all of them—the nominal strongest experts of the humans and ancients—died here, what would happen to the humans and ancients? None of them had an answer to this question. What story would the young devil prince, who had been teleported away, fabricate regarding what happened here? They had no answer to that as well.

Chen Feng sighed. “Is there a need to go this far?” The devil expert had indeed recovered his peak power. Yet similarly, having ignited his entire body, he would not be able to live long. The moment his energy was exhausted would also be the moment he died for real.

The devil expert had a serene expression. “For the devil race.” He would not allow his descendants to continue on this decline. Shua!

His formidable power locked on to all of them. Not a single person would be able to leave this place alive, especially this youngster with seemingly unlimited potential.

“I have also learned how to control the power of the awakened.” Chen Feng looked at the devil. “You might not be able to defeat me.”
“Are you sure?” The devil expert lifted his hand slightly, and a boundless power ignited.

Chen Feng’s expression changed as he saw that. He had just learned of the basic control methods for awakened power. If magic was used as the analogy, it was equivalent to going from shrouding his physical body with magic power and brawling to using the magic power to form a fireball. As for this opponent, he was already capable of using forbidden spells. They were in two completely different leagues. The devil expert moved. “Unfortunately, you were born in the wrong time.”

Instantly, the terrifying power bloomed. This time, the attack covered everything within eyesight of the devil expert. Nobody could hope to escape, nobody could hope to hide. This was an attack from this devil expert at his full power; this was the true power of an awakened one.

“Let’s end this.”

The devil expert waved his hand. Time seemed to stop flowing.

Beng! Chen Feng pointed midair. The surging awakened power within him erupted. Numerous destructive forces erupted, yet they all seemed ineffective. They were too weak!

“This won’t do.”
Chen Feng was anxious. He watched on, helpless to do anything, as that terrifying power descended upon him. His awakened power, which he had thought would be sufficient to block this devil expert, seemed so helpless before this attack.


The ancients were frozen.


The president was frozen. In an instant, everyone was frozen. And next… was Chen Feng. Only a split second had passed, yet Chen Feng noticed that his entire body had been frozen. No matter how he exerted his strength, he couldn’t even budge. This attack was impossible to block! Was this the true power of this devil expert after the seal had been removed? This was too powerful!

The  devil  expert  sighed.  “Let’s  end  this.”   Chen  Feng’s strength was at a similar level to his when he had been sealed. Now that his seal had been lifted, there was no longer any suspense regarding the result of this battle.


His hand descended.

“Here it comes!” Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. He knew that the moment the hand finished descending, everyone here would be erased. What to do? His mind started operating speedily. “Spirit, are you done with the analysis?”  Chen Feng asked inwardly.

In his illusory world, countless lights were flickering about as countless data rapidly flashed past. He and Spirit were still putting great effort into analyzing every one of that devil expert’s actions and motions. They had long finished recording the data of the devil expert. The most important task now was to reverse engineer it, transforming it into something Chen Feng could use. Alas, it did not seem to be working.

Regardless of how many times he tried, it failed. Their body structures were different, as were their energy systems. In other words, the attack this devil expert had unleashed was too complicated, causing them to fail to get a clear result in their research even now when they were on the verge of death.

His illusory world moved much faster than the outside world, as it moved in accordance with his speed of thought, allowing him to change his line of thought numerous times in the illusory world. In fact, in the real world, he was facing death. Analyze! Analyze! Deduce! Deduce! Yet everything he tried failed.

Chen Feng forced himself to calm down. “Where did I go wrong?” He knew that such an analysis would normally require a huge amount of time to succeed, especially for the more powerful abilities. Alas, what he lacked the most now was time.

Chapter 617: Kill!

Chen Feng’s mind worked rapidly. “Energy system…  Body structure…”
By his side, Spirit assisted without stop. Chen Feng’s gaze swept past her, and suddenly, he blanked.

Spirit blinked her huge pair of eyes. “Hey?”
Chen Feng thought of something. “If it’s you…” What if Spirit was the one displaying the deduced ability? After all, Spirit didn’t have a physical body, and thus would not have any problems regarding body structure. With this, the hardest issue would be solved.

Spirit  shrugged.  “But  I  am  merely  an  illusory  existence.” After all, she had been created by Chen Feng’s spiritual consciousness. She had no true body and was incapable of exerting any sort of control over Chen Feng’s power.

“I know,” Chen Feng replied with bright eyes. “But he can.” He pointed. In the corner, a tiny red snake was stretching there. Blankly, Xiao Ying raised his head. Why was everyone looking at him suddenly?

Spirit was surprised. “Xiao Ying?” Indeed, Xiao Ying and Chen Feng were in a symbiotic relationship. If she used Xiao Ying, it would indeed be possible for her to make use of Chen Feng’s power. If Xiao Ying was used as an intermediary, with her being the one to circulate and unleash this power…
Spirit was overjoyed as she considered this possibility. This might very well succeed. In fact, Xiao Ying was the most optimal choice to try using the power on behalf of Chen Feng. Alas, due to his rather low intelligence, if he was told to control such a complicated power, he might kill their own people with it instead. As such, they would have to rely on Spirit.

Spirit was somewhat anxious. “Will this be fine?”
Chen Feng gazed at her seriously. “Trust me.” At a time like this, they had no other choices. “All right.” A serious expression appeared on Spirit’s face, a rarely seen expression on her face, causing her to look rather adorable. Now that the problem concerning body structure had been solved, the next step was to look into the energy system. Chen Feng’s awakened power was essentially an entirely different power than the devil expert’s awakened power. The power displayed by the devil was a power capable of freezing space, whereas Chen Feng’s power remained unknown. Under normal circumstances, Chen Feng would have to go through countless tests before optimizing this awakened power into something that was truly his.

But now…
He looked at Spirit. “Let’s just do our best!”  Spirit nodded resolutely. At present, they had no choice but to force it. And thus, as the attack of the devil expert was about to land, when everyone was frozen, a shadow flashed out of Chen Feng’s body. Suddenly, the entire world darkened. That flash was the only radiance in this world, so very dazzling.

“Huh?” The devil expert looked over in amazement. There, on Chen Feng’s body, a translucent radiance flashed out and a beautiful figure appeared. In her hand was a red sword presently pointed at the devil expert.

The devil expert sank into a solemn mood. “What is this?”

The red sword slashed downward. Instantly, an astonishing power erupted.

The devil expert’s expression changed greatly. “This…”

The space frozen by the devil expert started rocking. The devil expert was shocked. “How is this possible?”  This was a power he had unleashed under his full power. That fellow… that Chen Feng still had this move up his sleeves? No, he could not be allowed to continue this.

The devil expert moved. “Kill him!”  His body flickered and instantly appeared before Chen Feng. Since he couldn’t kill Chen Feng by freezing space, he would personally smash Chen Feng apart!

“Die!” He smashed down ferociously. Right this instant, that translucent figure before Chen Feng solidified. Finally, the devil expert got a clear look at that figure. Instantly, his body shivered.


The red sword slashed down. Instantly, the terrifying power slashed through the devil expert.

The devil expert stared at the figure with an unbelieving expression. “You…” Blood flowed out of his body without stop. Why…
He stared at the figure, stared at the long sword in her hands and sensed that formidable power, his gaze focused on that beautiful face. His eyes were filled with shock, alarm, a speck of adoration, and disbelief all at the same time.

“Hahaha.” He let out a tragic laugh as his body slowly turned into ashes amid the flame. Even after being reduced to ashes, numerous odd expressions could be seen from the flame.


Spirit blanked. She kept feeling like this fellow was looking at her with an odd gaze.

Bang! Bang! The devil expert’s body transformed into nothingness amid the flame.



Chen Feng blanked. He knew that something different would be the result when Spirit and Xiao Ying tried using his power. However, he had never expected that they would actually be able to kill that devil expert so easily. With a single slash, the devil expert had been killed. The devil expert had died way too easily. That slash…
Chen Feng gazed at Spirit.

“He  feels  weird.”  Spirit  recalled  that  devil  expert’s  final moments and said, “Perhaps his energy was on the verge of total exhaustion? After all, he unlocked the seal through the ignition of his life force.” Chen Feng nodded. “Perhaps.”  He gazed ahead. The flame turned into nothingness. Once again, darkness returned to this region.

Along with the devil’s death, the frozen space was released. This region recovered to normal, and the president and the rest were able to once again move. They looked around. The devil was no longer there, only Chen Feng alone.

They were all shocked. “You have actually reached this level?” When they had found out that Chen Feng was already an S class, they had been extremely shocked. But it was only now that they realized how terrifying Chen Feng was. This guy was far stronger than a regular S class. This was evident from the indignant look the devil had had in his eyes when he’d died.

Chen Feng was absolutely an S class that was different than the others. The S-class devil had been dealt with. This had been extremely difficult. However, different from what they had expected, there were no S-class genes left behind. The body of the devil expert had been reduced into nothingness amid the flame. As such, there was no hope of producing an S- class gene reagent.

The president sighed. They had been stuck at peak beyond A class for so many years. In the end, they still had no chance of stepping into S class.

Li Lei looked at Chen Feng curiously. “How did you enter S class?”  Everyone  looked  over  uniformly  as  they  heard  the question. They wanted to know the answer as well, since the devil expert had mentioned that it was impossible for a new S class to appear here in this world.

Even the president hadn’t even touched upon the gates of S class after so many years of cultivation. How had Chen Feng broken through? They were curious.

“I broke through on a different world,” Chen Feng told them truthfully. “Previously, when I was being hunted, I landed in spatial current and accidentally arrived on a unique alien world. After breaking through there, I escaped back to this world.”

Everyone lapsed into silence. If it wasn’t for Chen Feng’s serious expression when he was speaking, they would have thought that he was lying. Spatial current? Alien world? It wasn’t that they did not believe that such things existed. Rather, the probability of that happening was so incredibly low. An alien world! The probability of that happening was as low as the probability of humans finding a world habitable for humans in the universe. No, it was even lower. Even if they could discover a suitable world, the probability of life-forms existing there as well was… terrifyingly low. There was also the probability of surviving the spatial current and the probability of actually returning again.

Chen Feng had not told them in detail and had only use a single “escape”  to describe his return. This, coupled with the fact  that  even  as  an  S  class,  he  had  still  had  to  “escape,” signified how dangerous it had been. After experiencing all that, he had actually returned alive! This luck…

Chapter 618: What Does Lord Father-In- Law Fancy?

“You guys can give it a try,” Chen Feng proposed in a friendly manner.

The rest exchanged glances and gave up the thought of breaking into S class.

“This guy’s luck is heaven-defying.”
Everyone thought so. They would never know that the only reason Chen Feng had been able to complete this feat smoothly was thanks to both his Luck Aura and Kong Bai.

“It’s also good that nobody can break through. At least there won’t be any wars as a result.” Everyone nodded. “True.”  The potential upheaval brought about by the appearance of an S class was too scary, especially the appearance of an unknown S class. Now that the devils no longer had an S class, the devil race was done for.

“I will get them to investigate the devil race. Now that the devils have no leader, it’s best if we don’t allow them any chances to rise up again. That devil prince, we must capture him.”
“What’s left shall be handled by the explorers. The devil race is over.”
Everyone nodded. It seemed like the devil race was truly done for this time. However, even though the devil race was finished, everyone still had numerous questions. 
Awakened power…
Unique world…
What were these exactly? What had the devil expert meant when he’d said those things? What was wrong with this world? Why was it no longer possible for new S classes to appear in this world? None of them had any idea. The devil expert had died just like that after leaving a bunch of questions behind for them.

Oh, right. There was also that guy called Duma, the expert of the ancient race. Why was the devil expert so sure that Duma wouldn’t make a move? Why was he not a person of this era? No one had an answer. Even the ancients didn’t have an answer. Chen Feng tried asking Qin Hai, yet even Qin Hai couldn’t answer that.

Chen Feng rubbed his head. There were way too many puzzles.

Li Lei walked over and patted Chen Feng’s shoulder.”Let’s go.
We will think about it after we return.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm…”
“I will look into the senior of the Land of Legacy,”  Tianyu Liming said meekly.

“…” The president gave her a complicated gaze. He still remembered what had happened between them during the moment of crisis. Even though he had been somewhat alarmed after finding out the truth…
“I…” Tianyu Liming gave the president a look, a somewhat dispirited expression on her face. The president’s heart ached 
He let out a long sigh. “I know what to do now.”
What should he be afraid of? Nowadays, even transvestites could get married, let alone Tianyu Liming, who had been truly transformed into a female without any trace of an operation. After all, he had promised… Since he had been the one who to initiate the courtship, he would have to finish what he had started…
“When  you  have  time,  you  can  come  take  a  stroll  at  the Genetic Union,” the president said while feigning a calm expression.

Tianyu Liming blanked slightly before erupted in joy. “Really?” She was so agitated that her plump bosom trembled. Finally, she had received his confirmation. At this time, Chen Feng was watching on from far away with a smile on his face. This was how human life should be… When free, just make some love. Why make war? getting more and more indecent.

“When we return, we should start investigating the so-called Primordial Era.”
“After  all,  that  was  an  era  from  before  humans  existed.
Perhaps the barbarians know something about it?”
“There’s also Duma…”
Chen Feng paused. With this big shot as their backer, the ancient race was truly rather scary. As such, they had to gain a clear understanding of the actual power of the Land of Legacy. Similarly, the ancient race had to figure it out as well. They had to know exactly how strong that senior of theirs was, as that Legacy was their holy land.

And thus, under the president’s “pillow talk,” Tianyu Liming decided to go there personally with the president to find out the truth of things.

What an upright fellow!

At present, a lot of people had their thoughts concentrated on that Land of Legacy. Naturally, regardless of whether the Land of Legacy existed or not, the possibility of the humans and ancients going to war was extremely low. Now that the ancients had had a taste of peace, a taste of actual culture, they were no longer capable of returning to their old ways, their primitive society.

As for the humans, there were too many bachelors among them. When it came to finding their dream girl, who was gentle, beautiful, and had a seductive figure and formidable combat power, the ancients were the perfect choice. The humans and ancients were blending together in a flawless fashion. Their only worry was the Land of Legacy. that senior think? If on the eve of the complete fusion of humans and ancients, that old fellow came out and said no to this and told them to eliminate the humans instead, that would be quite the joke.

As such, their next target would be the Land of Legacy.

If the two races intended to blend perfectly, this was something they had to do.

Chen Feng sighed endlessly. “Therefore… our next step is to meet the ‘parents’?”
The president: “…”
Chen  Feng  patted  his  shoulder.  “Be  sure  to  be  courteous when you meet your father-in-law. After all, you represent us humans.” “Hmph!”
The president glared at Chen Feng coldly. He felt like slapping this fellow to death, but subsequently, he recalled that it seemed like he could no longer defeat this fellow here…
“Hehe.” Chen Feng watched on with a big smile on his face as the president left, and he waved his hand. “Do you want to bring some gifts with you? Maybe you can ask if your lord father-in-law fancies some cigarettes or alcohol.”
The president staggered and turned around to gave Chen Feng a ferocious glare before leaving with Tianyu Liming.

“Hopefully, everything will go smoothly,” muttered Li Lei. At a crucial time like this, no one would want something to happen to the relationship between the humans and ancients. Now that the devils were finished, so long as the humans and ancients could blend perfectly, this world would return to peace! Everything was progressing in a desirable fashion. “Yeah.” Ba Gu took in a deep breath. “Hopefully… everything will be fine.”
“It should be fine.” Chen Feng gave it some thought and said, “That devil expert said it: Duma will never act and is not a person of this era. Perhaps there are some hidden meanings there. Coupled with Tianyu Liming and the absolute majority of the ancients wishing for the same thing as us, there shouldn’t be any problems with this.”
Moreover… there was also Qin Hai helping there , Chen Feng thought. The nominal leader of the ancients is still Qin Hai.

“True.” Li Lei stretched lazily. “Seems like I can take a proper rest after returning.”
“That’s natural.” Ba Gu smiled. “But Chen Feng, you will be busy next.”
“I know.” Chen Feng felt helpless. Why would he be busy? Due to him being an S class. Nowadays, Chen Feng’s identity was too unique and his strength too great. He was the first to become S class among the humans. As such, he would have to conduct some experience-sharing sessions and all that…
After all, there were way too many humans stuck at peak beyond A class nowadays. As such, without a doubt, after returning, Chen Feng would have to conduct a lecture for all those fellows. What should he lecture about? How should he conduct the lecture? He would need to consider this properly.

Li Lei sighed. “We are aware that there’s a problem with this world that is restricting the progression into S class. The same can’t be said for them.”
Ba Gu approved of this. “It’s better if we don’t let them know about this, giving them some sort of hope.” If the others knew that their route of cultivation after beyond A class was severed, they would probably collapse emotionally. As such, they would have to be given some sort of hope so they would have something to chase after.

Chen Feng nodded his head. “I understand.”  It seemed like he would have to prepare properly for this lecture.

Chapter 619: Mysterious Small Town

Soon, the news of their return spread, shocking everyone. The devil race’s S class had been successfully killed. This wasn’t something the people found surprising. However, the one who had killed the devil was actually Chen Feng, who had also entered S class. This was an astonishing piece of news. Only now did they realize that Chen Feng was now the apex expert of the human race.

“Apex expert?”
“He has actually reached this step?”
“He  has  only  been  in  this  field  for  several  years…   Oh, heavens…”
“Chen Feng has actually entered S class?”
“S class?” “How is that possible?”
“Just like that, he has become the apex expert of humanity?”
Everyone was shocked endlessly. Those people had been stuck at peak beyond A class for so many years, and at this moment when they thought that there was no hope of breaking through, Chen Feng had broken through. He was so very young.

At this moment, even the most patient of all could not suppress their curiosity. Even those expert hermits who had always been hiding in caves or forests appeared and headed toward the Genetic Union. Countless people applied to have Chen Feng impart upon them his experiences.

Naturally, Chen Feng wasn’t stingy with his knowledge. After deciding on a time, at the Genetic Union, facing all the peak beyond A classes, he held a class, a class where he bragged without end. During the entirety of the class, Chen Feng bragged about how awesome he was, how amazing he was, how he had defeated the devils, how he had broken through during a moment of crisis, how he had saved everyone! Those old fellows with white beards who were listening in were all incredibly irritated by all the bragging, yet they had no choice but to continue listening in for fear of missing out on important information.

Toward the end, they found that there was only one main point: Chen Feng had broken through while fighting the devil expert. Perhaps, it was related to the excessive danger of this mission, or perhaps this was related to the devils.

In short, under that circumstance of extreme danger, he had broken through. That was all there was to it. So very simple.

Based on what Chen Feng had said, the feeling was similar to a person who had suffered constipation for half a month and was able to suddenly shit smoothly in a carefree manner. After describing it, he asked if the crowd understood what he meant. The  bunch  of  old  fellows  who  had  been  “constipated”  for several decades all had dark expressions when they heard his analogy.

Toward this explanation of Chen Feng’s, each of them had different thoughts.

However, the one sure thing was that after that class ended, countless peak beyond A classes started hunting the devil race. The devil race was truly finished.

“Is it good to lie to them like this?” Li Lei asked with a faint smile.

“What’s not good about it?”  Chen Feng stated faintly. “It is fine to forget about those who have been fighting for humanity all this while. What’s the deal with those old fellows who were secluding themselves in cultivation all the time, never helping? They enjoyed the benefits brought by human civilization, yet when humanity encountered danger, they still hid in their respective forests and mountains? Even so, when they heard that I had broken through into S class, they actually dared to come out from hiding to seek guidance? These people deserve to be lied to.”
Chen Feng was calm. He never had a good opinion of these people.

Li  Lei  chuckled.  “True.”  Only  people  like  them  who  had fought alongside Chen Feng knew how Chen Feng had broken through. That was a set of circumstances none could replicate. Going to an alien world? Li Lei shook his head at the thought.

“Here, this is what you wanted.”  Li Lei transmitted some data to Chen Feng.


The screen flickered. Numerous pictures appeared on the screen.

“This…” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. In the pictures were numerous ancient-looking bones and scales, as well as some sort of unique power. Some seals and patterns had been seemingly carved onto these bones and scales.

“These  are  the  remnants  of  the  Primordial  Era,”   Li  Lei explained from the side. “I got them from the Research Agency. A long time ago, an archeology group had discovered all these. However, there was not much progress in their studies and they were only able to record them down. After so many years, a huge amount of these things have been accumulated.”
Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng flipped through the pictures without stop. Numerous ancient seals and patterns could be seen. Archaeology? A thought surfaced in Chen Feng’s mind.

This term had jolted a rather old set of memories in his brain. In his previous life, his father had also been an archeologist. Toward the end, he had died before managing to even find anything. No, he had indeed found something. Chen Feng paused and placed his palm on his chest, feeling the warmth there.

At least… his father had discovered the Fate Stone.

“What’s  up?”  Li  Lei  asked  as  he  saw  Chen  Feng’s  weird movement.

“Nothing.” Chen Feng shook his head and looked at the pictures. “Do we have any samples of these things depicted in the pictures?”
“Yes, however…”  Li Lei appeared awkward. “The Research Agency will not allow anyone to touch them.”
“Not even me?” Chen Feng asked in astonishment. With his present status and strength, he could nearly do whatever he wanted in the human world. This was especially true after he had become an awakened. Would the Research Agency dare to stop him? “This  is  unrelated  to  your  status.”  Li  Lei  smiled  bitterly. “How should I say this… From the pictures, you can’t see it, but in fact, those things are exceptionally dangerous.”
Chen Feng’s curiosity was piqued. “How so?”
Li Lei shook his head and transmitted another set of data to Chen Feng. “You can look at it yourself.” With curiosity, Chen Feng looked at them. Next, his eyes flashed. These things…
When, exactly, had the Primordial Era occurred? They had no idea. However, that era definitely predated humans. No, perhaps, that era was even older than the ancients and devils. As such, that was a time so long gone that nobody could hope to know exactly how long ago it was.

As for the items left behind from that era, they would certainly have rather astonishing archeological value. During their early days, the Research Agency had had a bunch of people interested in such things, and therefore they had established a department to research this. And next… There was no next. Those who had come into contact with those items had all died in a short period of time. Everything pertaining to the Primordial Era had thus been kept away. As time had passed, some people had stumbled upon these things accidentally. All of them had been put away at first notice. At the Research Agency, these things were all forbidden items.

This situation continued on for a long time, until human technology developed and humans entered the Genetic Era. Under the unique conditions of the humans, using numerous methods such as virtual worlds, or perhaps anti-radiation methods or various simulations, humans started studying these things. And yet people still continued to die without stop, even the all-powerful genetic warriors.

Ultimately, these items were sealed away. However, not all of them were sealed away. There was a certain small town near the unknown regions whose inhabitants had been dying in a similar manner as those who had studied the things of the Primordial Era. Through investigation, they had discovered that there were a huge amount of these things from the Primordial Era there. The quantity of these things found there was even greater than the total amount of what they had found all these years. Even without digging them out, the people there were still dying without stop. As such, for the safety of the people there, the Research Agency had erected a bunch of defensive equipment near that town and had even moved away all the inhabitants of that town. Ultimately, the entire town had been locked down.

Taking the cost and the safety issues into consideration, the Research Agency had ultimately decided to gather all the things of Primordial Era they’d found in that town. However, how could the Research Agency bear to give up on those items?

Chapter 620: Void Destroyer

Those things were too enticing. Everyone knew that those things possessed mysterious powers. Everyone knew that those things possessed formidable futures. As such, how could the people refrain themselves? And thus, several years ago, the Research Agency, which had been itching to give it a shot, once again tried to study the things in that small city and had even borrowed a peak beyond A class from the Genetic Union.

That peak beyond A class had been stuck in that realm for a very long time. As such, he had been rather curious about the mysterious power contained in this city. And next… There was no next. The death of that peak beyond A class alarmed everyone. This was especially true since that peak beyond A class had been an existence similar to the president, a pillar of the Genetic Union. His death had generated a huge wave. And once again, that small city had been sealed up due to the extreme danger there.

In this world, there were a lot of unknown regions, but for them, this city was a truly dangerous place compared to those unknown regions. This was also the reason that they would never permit Chen Feng to enter that city. Chen Feng was now an S-class expert. He was the apex existence among humanity, the hope of the human race. If something were to happen to Chen Feng there… they did not dare to imagine the consequences. Now that this world had obtained peace with great difficulty, nobody wished to see some mishap happen.

Chen Feng sighed endlessly after he heard the full story. “So that’s the case.”
Indeed. The three strongest organizations of this world had always been working hard silently behind the scene. The Research Agency had no idea what these things were. They did not even know that these things were from the Ancient Era, yet they had still been able to select the optimal choice for dealing with these things.

Their choice was correct. It was for the best to not touch those things for now. But how long could this last? The S class of the devils was dead. However, the words he had said were truly alarming. This wide world seemed to contain an unknown secret. Moreover… Chen Feng stretched his hand out. The awakened power gathered in his hand. That fellow from the devil race had called this “divine force”!

“Divine force, huh?” Chen Feng muttered.

He was recalling the words of that devil. Back then, that devil had assumed that Chen Feng was a person who had obtained some remaining items from the Primordial Era by fluke and had obtained temporary divine force as a result.

In short, those things in that small city were exactly remnants of the Primordial Era! Within those things was indeed a power capable of temporarily granting someone awakened power!

“For the devil to know of this, he must have seen them before. During the era of the devils, he must have encountered such a power. In short, the devils once obtained a remnant of the Primordial Era and even used it!”
Chen Feng analyzed without stop. Awakened power…
Divine force…
He knew that the answer to this secret would be hidden within that small city.

He was helpless as he read the report in his hand. The Research Agency would not give him a chance to enter. Naturally, with Chen Feng’s present strength, they had no way of forcing him if he decided to employ brute force. But then…
“Are  you  confident  you  can  return  alive?”   Li  Lei  asked solemnly. “If you are, I will accompany you as you fight your way in.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Evidently, that city was also a city laden with danger for him. “If so, stop thinking about it.” Li Lei patted his shoulder. “We are stuck at peak beyond A class, but not you. You might as well practice your awakened power properly. Perhaps you can even help us break through.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” At present, this was their only choice.

He looked inwardly and noted that his Luck Aura was still updating.

When Luck Aura is done updating and sufficient luck value has been accumulated, I can try entering this city, Chen Feng thought.

Only then could he ensure he would be safe. For now, he let go of this and started rearranging all his gains during this period. His gains were especially bountiful after the victory against that devil expert. He had gained a basic control method for awakened power. Chen Feng had already attempted it. His was the power of disintegration. It was a very wondrous power. He did not possess the formidable power to freeze space as the old devil had. However, his power was able to disintegrate the abilities of others. With a single jab of his finger creating a cold flash, bang! Destruction ensued.

This was the only usage of his power that Chen Feng had found thus far.

Without a doubt, within this entire world, nobody was capable of blocking this power of Chen Feng’s. Apart from this, his other strongest ability was the one Xiao Ying and Spirit had combined to unleash. This was something he had learned from the devil expert. After reversing that devil expert’s power, with a single slash, all of that devil expert’s power had collapsed and they had easily killed him off.

Genetic Union, testing room.

He tried to get Spirit and Xiao Ying to once again combine and unleash that ability. “Try it out again?” The red flashed, yet no damage was dealt. Even the weakest basic robot was unharmed by this attack.

“Weird.” Chen Feng blanked. This was obviously the ability that had destroyed the final attack of that devil expert. Why was it not working now? Not doing any sort of damage? “Chop down directly,” Chen Feng said after pondering the matter. He told Spirit and Xiao Ying to not think of anything else and to only slash down using awakened power.


The robot died.

An off-the-charts number was recorded on the machine.

Mhm… What of the ability released through the combination of Xiao Ying and Spirit, then?

“Is it possible that this ability is only capable of destroying other abilities?”  Spirit blinked and said, “If direct slash is a regular attack, then is this ability in fact an ability that does not deal any actual damage and would only destroy abilities?”
Chen Feng’s eyes flashed. “That’s possible. Come.” Chen Feng tested without stop, and finally, he was able to gain a clear understanding of the function of this ability. However, this ability created through studying the ability of that devil expert truly caused his head to ache.

Ineffective against 6-star secret arts!

Ineffective against 5-star secret arts! When Chen Feng was about to give up on it, with astonishment, he discovered that it worked on 3-star secret arts. After thorough testing, he found that this was unrelated to the rating of the secret arts. Rather, this ability would only work against spatial abilities.

This ability was capable of destroying all spatial abilities regardless of rating.

Chen  Feng  pondered.  “Perhaps  it  is  related  to  that  devil expert.”    That   devil   expert   had   been   good   at   spatial manipulation, something Chen Feng labeled as an advanced version of spatial abilities, a version only awakened ones could use. As such, the ability Chen Feng had learned from studying him was only capable of destroying spatial powers. With genetic spatial abilities being a lower form of the spatial power of that devil expert, it was natural for these abilities to be incapable of escaping destruction from Chen Feng’s ability.

Chen Feng sighed deeply. “What’s the point of this ability?” Destroy all spatial abilities? It seemed powerful. Yet Chen Feng was already an S class. All those regular spatial genetic abilities were nothing before him. As for an S-class enemy… 
Even if he ignored the question of whether such an enemy existed, the power unleashed by such an enemy would be an advanced version like what the devil expert had. Facing such an opponent, this ability of Chen Feng’s would only work if that enemy had the same ability as that devil expert. Was that possible?”
Chen Feng was distressed. “What a trash ability.”
As such, the only useful awakened ability he had was that ability-disintegrating jab. After giving it some thought, Chen Feng gave this ability a rather grand name: Star-Disintegration Finger.

As for that ultimate ability learned from studying the devil expert… Mhm… Chen Feng named it “Useless Void Destroyer.”
Spirit: “…” 
“That battle between you and the devil expert is very valuable. I will continue analyzing the battle. Perhaps, we can enhance the Usel… Useless Void Destroyer,” Spirit said.

Chen Feng nodded. “All right.”
Next, he and Spirit concentrated on their studies. Although no enemies were in sight at present, due to his fear of the unknown, Chen Feng did not dare to slack. He had seen enemies even more powerful. Regardless of whether it was the Twin Horns World or Duma, or perhaps the unique life-forms capable of utilizing the remaining items of the Ancient Era that the devil expert had spoken of, he had to be on guard against them all.

Alas, beyond his expectations, before his research even bore fruit, he received some alarming news: the president and Tianyu Liming had gone missing!
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