The Strongest Gene Chapter 61-70

Chapter 61: Ambitious

“Is there any result from the investigations?”
The leader of the inspectors group Li Dakang inhaled deeply.

All the inspectors were ashamed.

No matter what genetic ability they utilized, the result would only point out that the purchase of this mutated gold ant gene reagent by that genetic warrior was a normal purchase. No issues were found with the purchase.

“How can this be?”
Li Dakang was starting to feel somewhat jittery. Unlike other incidents, this Chen Feng incident was something serious. Furthermore, the truth was quite apparent. As such, their superiors requested them to find the proofs and wrap this up as soon as possible. However, without proof, how could they wrap this up? All their investigations pointed to
there being nothing wrong with this Chen Feng.

Their team was comprised of 10 inspectors, each of them possessing some special detection abilities. However, all these abilities appeared quite useless in this incident.

“Could it be…”
“There  really  are  no  problems?”   one  of  the  inspectors whispered.


Li  Dakang  glared  at  him.  “Between  20  points  of  spiritual energy and 1 point of spiritual energy, which would you buy? Furthermore, the difference in price is almost fivefold?” “I…”
That inspector opened his mouth yet was not able to say anything.


This was obviously something illogical, and this was also the reason they couldn’t accept the fact that they couldn’t find any proof.

“Today, we received another 100 reports on this,”  another inspector said.

“I know.”
Li Dakang inhaled deeply and looked at the information regarding The Strongest Gene in front of him before viciously saying, “Investigate. Investigate with all your effort. I refuse to believe that there are absolutely no problems with him. Today, we shall work overtime. Without finding out anything about this guy, none of you are allowed to sleep!”
Hence, the group of inspectors started their busy life of working overtime.

Currently, the incident was still hotly discussed online.

The discussions were centered around Chen Feng, his act of selling and buying his own item to create a false sales volume, and the monthly sales event. There were also no signs of these discussions stopping. Instead, the discussions were constantly gaining momentum. At the same time, some of the shop owners decided to get their friends and families to help create a fake sales volume, since nothing seemed to be happening to Chen Feng. However, they were all shut down by the inspectors that were seething in anger.

Hence, the shop owners that were shut down started complaining online, saying that the event was unfair. How were the masses supposed to trust them this way, etc.

However, regardless of how much the public talked about this, the virtual community had not taken any action against Chen Feng. As such, this incident continued progressing, triggering more curiosity from the public, to the point where some people started to suspect that Chen Feng was actually the illegitimate child of the virtual community’s owner.

Once again, Chen Feng became the trending topic!

This time, it was due to his seemingly mysterious identity and background.

“The illegitimate child of the virtual community’s owner?”
Chen Feng looked at these threads with a toying expression on his face. He suspected that these people did not use their brain when making up stories. If that was really his identity, was there a need for him to open a shop and create a fake sales volume? Naive! However, due to the publicity this incident brought him, the traffic of Chen Feng’s shop reached a new pinnacle with his
sales volume increasing rapidly once again.

The second mutated gold ant gene reagent was sold at the same price of one million yuan.

Chen Feng did not find this surprising.

This item was definitely worth one million yuan. With so many people paying attention to it, all it required was for a single person to notice the true value of this item and the reagent would immediately sell.

What surprised Chen Feng was that his mutated lumberbear gene had actually sold as well.

Due to the publicity created by the public, he had managed to sell 2 of the mutated lumberbear genes despite their high price of 99,999 yuan each. For the lumberbear gene that only cost several thousand yuan to produce, this was truly an extreme profit.

“No wonder those celebrities like publicity.”
Chen Feng could finally understand why the celebrities from his previous life would always create some controversy to gain some publicity for their upcoming movies or TV-shows.

At times, publicity was equivalent to profit.

Up until now, Chen Feng’s sales volume had reached 2.2 million yuan, entering the top 100 rankings of the monthly sales event. This speed of advancement was obviously extraordinary!

“Top 100?”
Chen Feng blanked. He originally joined the event for fun without expectations.
After all, it was near the end of the event period anyway.

However, as he looked at the numbers of the sales volume, the flame in Chen Feng’s heart started blazing. This monthly sales event doesn’t appear too difficult?

As he thought about it, it seemed quite logical for the difficulty to be low. The participants were only some level one shops. A single level-one shop had a maximum of 10 display shelves. Even if they were to sell combat genes here, how much could they earn?

As for Chen Feng? A single sale of his could reach an amount of one million yuan.

Who could compete with him?!

Chen Feng studied the information on the monthly event rankings. Number 100, 2 million sales volume.

Number 30, 5 million sales volume.

Number 3, 10 million sales volume.

There was a big difference between them!

Chen Feng calculated his earnings.

Using 24 points of luck values everyday, 20 of them for mutated gold ant gene production and the remaining four for mutated lumberbear gene production, his total sale would be
1.4 million. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to sell the mutated lumberbear gene. He could only depend on the recent publicity he gained to barely sell some of it. Otherwise, with the mutated lumberbear gene alone, he would be able to make a huge profit. 1.4 million per day. In seven days, he would be making near 10 million!

His distance from the guy at number three was so very near.

Although his opponent had seven days left as well, within these final seven days, Chen Feng believed that the maximum his opponent could reach was 12 million. The difference wouldn’t be too drastic.

“A difference of 2 million…”
Chen Feng’s eyes were burning. Perhaps, he could try reaching the top three?

Under normal circumstances, he naturally wouldn’t bother. However, this sudden publicity he gained put him in an extremely beneficial position. Although everyone was discrediting him online, however, his shop had also been making crazy profits from this. This was a perfect opportunity for him! Reaching the top three in seven days!

“The reward for top three is actually rare 4-star formulas.”
Chen Feng was agitated.

Since there was an opportunity for him to gain a rare formula, he would not waste the opportunity!

If so, his next goal would be: to reach top three!

However, based on his calculations, he might still lack around two million sales volume to reach top 3. How should he close this gap?

“Producing two extra mutated gold ant genes?”
Chen Feng pondered. He had saved up some luck value during the past few days. However, his luck value would be completely exhausted if he were to produce even one extra mutated gold ant gene. If he were to encounter some dangers at that time, things would get troublesome. Hence, unless it was absolutely necessary, he had to maintain at least 10 points of luck value at all times.

Increasing the price?

One million seemed to be the limit.

It seemed like this incident had attracted too much attention. However, the virtual community had failed to find any means to punish Chen Feng. As such, they decided to set a limit for the price of F-class gene at a maximum price of one million yuan. This caused Chen Feng to feel immensely regretful, as he was planning to increase the price.

Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. Since the gold ant gene could mutate, could the thundersnake gene mutate as well?

“Let’s try.”
Chen Feng’s eyes brightened.

After preparing 10 sets of materials for the thundersnake gene, he entered his hyper-dimensional mode.

That’s right, hyper-dimensional mode!

Chen Feng called this mode where he closed his eyes and fully activated his Luck Aura the hyper-dimensional mode.

The lights before his eyes shattered before the familiar- looking genes appeared before him. Currently, due to Chen Feng sealing all his senses, he could not see nor feel the existences of these genes. He could only perform the gene search process under assistance of Luck Aura.

Soon, gene search was completed, consuming two points of luck value in the process.

“Two points…” Chen Feng muttered thoughtfully.


Second step, gene reaction.

In his hyper-dimensional mode, Chen Feng urged these genes to start reacting and his luck value started declining rapidly. One point, two points, three points… only when six points of luck were exhausted did the process stop.

Third step, gene fusion. After his experience producing the mutated gold ant gene, Chen Feng was extremely well practiced with what he needed to do at this step. Once again, he used 10 points of luck value to prepare the incubator liquid. On the other hand, the gene duplication and fusion process did not exhaust too many of his luck value. Only two of them were exhausted before the final
gene fusion was completed.

Chen Feng sealed the liquid carefully.


Gene production, complete.

Chen Feng’s emotions surged as he looked at the reagent filled with green- and white-colored sparks.

Chapter 62: The True Thundersnake Gene!

“Gene scan!”
A ray of light started scanning the gene.


Gene name: Mutated Thundersnake Gene Reagent

Gene type: Special

Gene function: Triggering an explosion with spiritual energy, able to bring about a huge amount of destruction

Spiritual energy consumption: 20 points Gene introduction: Produced from thundersnake’s blood essence, requires a lot of different materials to bring out the mysterious power within thundersnake gene, turning it into a type of special gene reagent.


It mutated!

Chen Feng was excited.

Thundersnake gene had a concealed gene within as well! It was only that this concealed gene would only appear after modifying the materials and improving the formula.

However, what was with this spiritual energy consumption of 20 points? Chen Feng was confused.

He remembered that the spiritual energy consumption for normal mutated thundersnake genes were only 10 points. Why did it become 20 points after this new mutation?

Reversed mutation?

After thinking about it, Chen Feng decided to go to the Greenhill Forest Camp alone.

This item was different from mutated gold ant gene where only reading the descriptions would be sufficient for Chen Feng to figure out its value.

As for the mutated thundersnake gene…
Why was the spiritual energy consumption increased by onefold? How much was the increase of its damage? He had to have an understanding about it himself.

“I will know after trying.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He did not dare to go too far away from the camp.

In the distance, a peak F-class mutated beast appeared. Chen Feng’s heart leaped as he quietly tossed the thundersnake gene reagent in his hands.

Triggering the explosion with his spiritual energy, the reagent exploded midair.

And then… It disappeared.

Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied.




The moment the thundersnake gene reagent was triggered; it changed into a ray of light and disappeared. Looking at his spiritual energy that had been reduced by 20 points, Chen Feng blanked. What happened? A normal thundersnake gene reagent would directly explode on the spot when triggered and envelope an area with a circumference of three to five meters around it with lightning. Why had it disappeared instead after mutation? However, right this moment, Chen Feng sensed something and abruptly raised his head.

The sky started thundering.

A huge snake-shaped lightning bolt descended and smashed on the spot where the reagent originally disappeared, killing the peak F-class mutated beast in a flash.

The beast couldn’t even scream before dying.

“This power…”
Chen Feng inhaled a cold breath of air.


This was the true thundersnake! Compared to this, the normal thundersnake gene reagents he used to use were like thunderworms instead of thundersnakes.

Although the thundersnake gene reagent had the power of an E-class attack, it was the power of a newly advanced E-class warrior. At times, it would be able to unleash an extremely formidable might. For example, when it was in the mysterious seawater previously. However, at times, it was also extremely weak. For example, when facing the mutant previously, the reagent failed to kill both the mutant and the wind fox leader.

What if this new reagent was used?

Chen Feng was sure that if the same thing were to happen again, the wind fox leader leaping on the mutant to take on the attack for him, the both of them would still die from the attack of the-snake shaped lightning.

“This thing…”
Chen Feng was bubbling with excitement. A one-fold increase in spiritual energy consumption; however, the increase in its might was extremely huge!

Based on Chen Feng’s initial estimations, the ‘bring about a huge amount of destruction’ in the gene introduction was describing the E-class damage the reagent was capable of bringing. Previously, the normal reagent would bring about a damage equivalent to around 100–200 points of attributes, around the same level as a newly advanced E-class warriors. The current reagent, on the other hand, would be able to display a power equivalent to around 900–1,000 points of attributes.

They were both described with the same words, ‘bring about a huge amount of destruction.’ However, the actual difference was extremely huge.

Reaching home, Chen Feng produced another mutated thundersnake gene reagent.

“How much should I sell it for?” Chen Feng was excited.

“500,000 yuan cost and 10 points of luck values to produce.”
After calculating, he was speechless. No wonder this new reagent was so terrifying. Its materials alone were five times more than normal thundersnake gene reagents.

What was the suitable price?

After thinking about it for a while, Chen Feng decided to set the price at one million yuan.

Didn’t you want to restrict the price? Have fun restricting, then!

Mutated gold ant gene reagent required 200,000 yuan and 20 points of luck value to produce, while mutated thundersnake gene reagent required 500,000 yuan and 10 points of luck values to produce. Although mutated gold ant gene reagent brought him higher profit, after contemplation, Chen Feng found that it would be more worthwhile for him to produce mutated thundersnake gene reagents.

Chen Feng calculated in silence. “With 20 points of luck value, I can produce two sets of mutated thundersnake gene with a cost of one million yuan selling at two million yuan, making a profit of one million yuan. The same 20 points of luck value could only produce one set of mutated gold ant gene with a cost of 200,000 yuan and selling at a price of one million yuan, making only 800,000 yuan of profit.”
Furthermore, with each mutated thundersnake gene reagent he produced, he would be better practiced. For him, luck value was the most valuable resources.

However, the premise for all his plans was that there would be someone capable of discovering the power of the mutated thundersnake gene reagent.

A one-time usage item with the price of one million yuan.
Would someone really buy it? Chen Feng was feeling doubtful.

“Let’s just give it a try.”
After thinking about it, Chen Feng decided to put it up for sale.

Mutated thundersnake gene reagent, selling at one million yuan!

This was, after all, not the same as something like the gold ant gene, which was somewhat special. For this mutated thundersnake gene, one needed to personally experience it in order to have a general idea of the might it possessed.

“How long will it take to sell?”
Chen Feng wasn’t too worried about it. If it was sold, he would continue producing it. If it wasn’t sold, he would keep it for himself as a trump card. In the virtual community, only one day had passed. As the public finally slowed down their discussion on The Strongest Gene, Chen Feng’s mutated thundersnake gene once again caused a sensation.

One million yuan for a one-time-use gene!

“It’s another mutated gene!”
“This Chen Feng must’ve accidentally obtained a research result or inherited some resources of some senior. Otherwise, it’s impossible for him to keep producing all these mutated genes!”
“I think so too.”
“All this is not the main point. The main point is the price he set!” Was this guy crazy? Selling a reversed mutated gold ant gene at one million. Even a mutated thundersnake gene was sold at one million? Was he sick?

“Has this thing really mutated?”
“Although the thundersnake gene rarely appears, I remember that its description is the same.”
Some of the people started raising their doubts.

After checking online, they found out that Chen Feng’s mutated gene was similar with a normal gene with the only difference being the spiritual energy consumption. It changed from 10 points to 20 points.

“…” “Another reversed gene?”
“666666. The Strongest Reversed Mutated Gene. This shop is correctly named after all.”
“Too funny.”
“I remembered that the normal version of this gene is only worth 200,000 yuan, right?”
The public went crazy with laughter.

That was one million yuan he set as the price there!

If it was a fusion reagent, fine. In order to get the genetic ability, for one’s own future, some people would put it all on the line to buy it even if it was expensive! What was this one-time-use item?

One toss and it’s gone.

Who would waste one million yuan for this?

Too funny.

At the same time, the mutated thundersnake gene raised another huge wave in the learning forum. A huge online army started discrediting Chen Feng again. As for the Professor Tao incident, it had been totally forgotten. There were too many points one could discuss about Chen Feng, so nobody bothered talking about Professor Tao.

However, nobody noticed that in Chen Feng’s shop, amongst the crowd, one particular person was staring at the mutated thundersnake gene reagent for a long time without speaking. His name was Yun Zhongtian, an E-class genetic warrior. He was preparing to go on an extremely dangerous exploration trip and was currently in the final stages of his preparations. As he heard that there was a mutated thundersnake gene reagent for sale here, he decided to come and take a look. However, he
did not expect the reagent to be sold at one million yuan!

“This guy must have gone crazy from thinking about money too much.”
He shook his head and prepared to leave the shop.

However, at this moment, he noticed that within the bottle of the mutated thundersnake gene reagent was a flickering lightning that seemed to appear much more powerful than the thundersnake gene reagents he had purchased in the past.

“20 points of spiritual energy consumption…”
“The power it contained is much more powerful…” Yun Zhongtian’s eyes brightened. He had previously used a thundersnake gene reagent once. However, the mutated version before him seemed to be somewhat different from the one he had used previously? For an unknown reason, he could feel an energy that caused one’s heart to palpitate from this mutated gene reagent.

This gene reagent was very powerful!

However, this price…
Yun Zhongtian was hesitating and struggling to make his decision. He was sure that this mutated gene reagent was much more powerful than a normal gene reagent. However, its price was really too expensive.

Excessively expensive!!!

However, the amount of people attracted to this shop from all the publicity was extremely high. He was only one of them. He was confident that among the crowd, there were those who had previously used thundersnake gene reagents or those who knew a good thing when they saw one. Hence, the time left for him to hesitate was short. Someone else might buy this thing soon.

To buy or not to buy?

Yun Zhongtian smiled bitterly and suddenly understood. Did he have any options? If he failed to return from his explorations this time, what good would all the money he saved do? Earlier, he had taken a stroll around the area. Among all the gene reagents usable for him, this was the most expensive one! However, it also appeared to be strongest! Even those E-class one-time-use reagents were not as powerful as this one!

He really had no choice.

After a long time, he clenched his teeth and tapped the screen.

Buy! Whoosh!

In The Strongest Gene, the one million yuan mutated thundersnake gene reagent was sold just like that.

At the entrance of the shop, the crowd opened their eyes wide as they looked at the word ‘sold out’ appearing on the display shelf for the mutated thundersnake gene reagent.

“Damn, it’s gone?”
“It’s sold?”
“How is that possible!”
Everyone cried out in alarm. It was sold!


This time, it took an even shorter amount of time. It was sold after only one hour it was put up for sale.

“Wasn’t this somewhat excessive?”
“Yeah, in my opinion, this thing isn’t even worth 100,000 yuan!”
“Let’s complain.”
“I refuse to believe that the inspectors would really ignore this!”
Everyone was raging with fury. This Chen Feng was absolutely unrestrained nowadays. Previously, he would still made an effort to pretend and only buy his own stuff after putting it up for one whole day. Now, he was too excessive!

Right in front of everyone, the gene reagent was sold in an hour. Who was he trying to cheat?

Hence, a huge amount of complaints were sent to the group of inspectors. Currently, the amount of complaints received regarding The Strongest Gene had exceeded the total amount of all other complaints they received by a large amount.

The public refused to believe that the group of inspectors would dare to ignore this incident.

However, what they did not know was that the group of inspectors really wanted to deal with this. However, after two whole days, they failed to find even the tiniest shred of evidence!

Chapter 63: Banned!

“Quick. Keep a close watch on this guy. The guy who just bought  a  mutated  thundersnake  gene  reagent,”   Li  Dakang shouted as he assigned all the inspectors in his group to the task of monitoring this person. He planned to use this guy as the break through to find some genuine evidences.

“Watch him closely. This time, we must find some evidence.”
Li Dakang’s gaze was blazing like a torch, and the rest of his team members were surging with fighting spirit.

However, they ended up wasting one whole day, obtaining no results whatsoever.

That guy seemed to have gone exploring at some ruins. By the time he returned, he had lost an arm and spent over three million yuan at the hospital to rejoin his arm.

“Nothing abnormal found on this guy.” The group of inspectors smiled bitterly.

There was absolutely nothing suspicious found on this guy who had bought a mutated thundersnake gene reagent. Would a guy who made a living through creating fake sales volume go about losing their arm like this?

“Nothing unusual?” Li Dakang mumbled.

“3 million yuan for an arm.”
The group members sighed. “Would someone like this go and participate in the creation of fake sales volume?”
They kept silent.

At this moment, they found that this guy went to Chen Feng’s shop once again and bought two mutated thundersnake gene reagents at once! He bought another two!

The group of inspectors widened their eyes. How were they supposed to investigate this?

“Could this be a diversion tactic employed by one of those companies that specialize in creating fake sales volume?”
Some of them guessed.

One of them shook his head. “Doesn’t look like it.”
“How are our other investigations?”
One of them shook his head while smiling bitterly. “We are watching every single person who has bought items from The Strongest Gene. So far, nothing suspicious has been found.” For this Chen Feng and his shop, they had poured in a huge amount of resources. However, they had nothing to show for all their effort. “What on earth is happening…”
Li Dakang was unable to find a way to solve this.

A normal producer like this was so meticulous to the point where he could trick the whole group of inspectors? Or maybe there was no problem in the first place with this shop?

As they looked at the obviously illogical price, they smiled bitterly. How was that possible?!

Li Dakang clenched his teeth. “Chen Feng…”
“What methods have you employed?”
Recently, they were under extreme pressure. Every single day, their superiors would pressure them. However, they couldn’t find any evidence. What could they do? No matter how they investigated, Chen Feng appeared innocent. They couldn’t shut down his shop with some groundless accusation, right?

“Boss, what should we do?”
“Watch him closely. I refuse to believe that he won’t reveal any weaknesses. As the number of people who buy his genes increases, he will definitely reveal a weakness somewhere!”
Currently, there were still three days before the end of the monthly sales event.

Once again, Chen Feng put two sets of mutated thundersnake gene reagent up for sale. Although the amount of people who possessed a thundersnake gene reagent was low, those who actually possessed one were those who were quite strong. After getting a taste of the power of Chen Feng’s reagent, they started purchasing without any hesitation. This reagent was at the
very least roughly three times more powerful than normal reagents.

Naturally, the general masses were unaware of all this.

The only thing they could do was continue berating Chen Feng for having a strong background and having no sense of shame, the group of inspectors being useless, the virtual community for being unjust, etc. All of this caused Chen Feng to become increasingly well-known.

Currently, Chen Feng’s sales volume had reached eight million, entering the top ten.

Two days before the final day, Chen Feng sold another two sets of mutated thundersnake gene reagent. With this, his sales volume exceeded 10 million, placing him in sixth place. Currently, the third place only had a sales volume of 12 million. He only needed to produce another mutated thundersnake gene reagent in order to enter top three on the final day.

As for the top two ranks?

Number 1, 15.8 million sales volume.

Number 2, 15.5 million sales volume.

Chen Feng merely glanced at their figures before forgetting about competing with them. In order to become the champion, these two shops had held countless promotions and events after exhausting a huge sum of resources. Since there was only one day left, Chen Feng would not be able to catch up to them no matter what.

“I will just produce four extra sets of reagents and get into top three tomorrow.” Chen Feng looked at the remaining 40 points of luck value he had with satisfaction.

His plan was progressing smoothly.

The power of his mutated thundersnake gene reagent seemed to be quite satisfactory as he had seen several repeat customers. Since he started aiming for top three up till now, he hadn’t encountered any mishaps. As for all those discrediting him online… Mhm, he really should thank them. Without them, Chen Feng would not have been able to sell so many of his reagents!

Regardless of how good your item was, people needed to notice it first, right?

Putting it this way, those people had done him a big favor by berating him online.

“After getting the new 4-star formula, my production level can probably reach 14 stars.” Chen Feng was excited.

The 20-star production level that originally seemed so far away was now within reach. If he was willing, he could use the profits he made to buy two more 3-star formulas, and that would be sufficient for his production level to reach 20 stars!

“One step at a time.”
Chen Feng calmed himself down.

However, just as he was planning his future plans, something happened abruptly and put a stop to all his plans!

The Strongest Gene had been shut down!

Chen Feng had a ridiculous expression on his face. It was shut down?

How was that possible?!

Chen Feng went to his shop hastily and found that his shop had indeed been closed. Not only had it been closed, due to him violating the rules, all his funds were also temporarily frozen!

“Very good.”
Chen Feng was seething with fury. He did not cheat nor did he create any disturbances. On what basis had the virtual community shut down his shop? Who gave them the guts to do so?

Wasn’t that groundless?

Hehe. Chen Feng immediately contacted the group of inspectors. “I need an explanation on this.”
At the same time, the group of inspectors had a blank look on their face after receiving Chen Feng’s message.

It had been shut down?

The leader, Li Dakang, had a lost expression on his face. Who had shut it down?

“What happened?” Li Dakang bellowed. “We haven’t got any proof yet. Who did it?”
“From the way it was done, it doesn’t appear to be one of us,” some of them said.

Li Dakang was angry. “Besides us, who dares to shut a shop down?” “Could it be someone from the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices?” one of the members said suddenly.

The department responsible for supervision of the prices of commodities in the virtual community, the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices.

A cold glint flickered in Li Dakang’s eyes. He pondered for a while before contacting a person. “Old Ding, what’s up with The Strongest Gene?”
Old Ding’s indifferent voice drifted over. “What else could it be? Due to the violation of rules, we shut it down.”
“It is indeed you guys!”
Li Dakang was raging. “What rules have been violated? Even us inspectors can’t find any evidence. You guys can find it? Who gave you guys the guts to shut the shop down?” “Evidence? Isn’t this obvious?”
Old Ding laughed heartily. “You inspectors need to look for evidence and proof. We, on the other hand, only need to prove that the price was increased without any basis in order to act. For him to sell a mere thundersnake gene at one million, this is an obvious violation of the rules! I personally think that, if you guys contacted me earlier, this incident would have ended long ago.”
“How have the rules been violated?”
Li Dakang suppressed his anger. “All his genes were mutated genes. Don’t tell me you guys have the relevant know-how to evaluate the price of his gene reagents?”
“In the past, we didn’t have. However, now we do.”
Old Ding said indifferently, “I’ll send you our evaluations. Since we want to make a move on him, we have naturally completed all the required procedures. Hehe, no one would bother us over this anyway. This is what the public wished.” Shortly after, an evaluation table was sent over by the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices.

After Li Dakang looked at it, he helplessly closed his eyes.
This way of doing things…
One of the members asked suddenly, “What should we do?”
“Chen Feng sent another message to us.”
“Send the evaluation table over to him and let him know our opinions on this.”
Li Dakang sighed.

The team member hesitated. “Would this be proper?” Should they sell out the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices just like this? “If we don’t sell them out, do you want to be the one taking the responsibility for this?”
Li Dakang rebuked them. “Those f*ckers were the ones in the wrong for pulling tricks in the dark. They wanted to earn the praises for this and let us to take the responsibility for this? To hell with that!”
“All right.”
The rest of the team kept silent out of fear.

Chapter 64: Throwing Stones on Someone Who Fell into a Well

Chen Feng received his answer after two attempts at contacting them. As he had imagined, it was not something done by the group of inspectors. However, the participation of the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices was indeed something exceeding his expectations.

“Is there any way to lift the ban?” Chen Feng asked.

Li Dakang felt somewhat guilty, since they did not have any evidence   on   hand,   and   said,   “The   Bureau   of   Virtual Commodity Prices has banned a lot of shops before. Some only needed to apologize for the ban to be lifted. However, I doubt it will work this time. If you really want to lift the ban, you need to look for some authoritative figures and prove that the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices is wrong in their evaluations.”
Chen Feng nodded as he ended the call. “Thanks.” “Hum!”
His wristband vibrated.

Chen Feng glanced at it. The group of inspectors had sent him something.


Commodity price evaluation table:

1. Lumberbear Gene – Battle: Evaluated price: 10,000 yuan. A 100% increase is indeed strong. However, it still pales in comparison to other combat genes. Furthermore, compared with other labor genes, it is not as practical as the common mutated lumberbear gene. As such, its practical value is not high.

2. Mutated Gold Ant Gene: Evaluated price: 10,000 yuan. Common gold ant genes are able to increase up to 10 to 20 points of spiritual energy and are sold at 200,000 yuan and above. This mutated ant gene only increases one’s spiritual energy by one point. Hence, its real worth should be one tenth of a normal gold ant gene’s price or even lower. As such, its practical value is not high.

3. Mutated Thundersnake Gene: Evaluated price: 50,000 yuan. It has double the spiritual energy consumption compared to normal thundersnake genes. Apart from this, there are no other differences. As something generally used by F-class warriors as their trump card, the extra 10 points of consumption is fatal. As such, its practical value is not high.


Chen Feng was lost in thought long after he finished reading it.

Ten thousand? Ten thousand? Fifty thousand?

How vicious! Since the mutated gold ant gene was something that had never appeared before, it was understandable for them to be unable to see through its true value. However, as for the mutated thundersnake gene, no matter what, it should not be worth a measly 50,000 yuan!

The Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices was blatantly trying to kill him off!

There was also the possibility that the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices had seen through the true value of his strongest genes yet still chosen to deliberately act against him.


Had he offended these people?

Returning to his room, Chen Feng sat on his table as he contemplated. Subconsciously, he started tapping the table with his fingers. Along with the increasing tempo of his tapping, his thoughts started expanding. The authority…
Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices…
Right at this moment, Mu Yuan’s picture appeared on screen.
Chen Feng accepted the call. “What’s the matter?”
Shocked, Mu Yuan said, “The group of inspectors dared to ban you groundlessly?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “It wasn’t them. It was the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices.”
“Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices…”
Mu Yuan frowned before relaxing his brows again. “Then that’s understandable.” “Oh?”
Chen Feng raised his head.

“As  you  know,  that  shameless  Professor  Tao  stole  my grandfather’s research results before. However, after all these years, even after my grandfather became somewhat reputable, he did not expose the truth. Do you know the reason for that?” Mu Yuan inhaled deeply. “It was due to the son of that old bastard.”
Chen Feng listened quietly.

“Tao Lijun. The chief of the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices. After my grandfather gained some popularity, he tried reporting it once. However, something similar happened to him.”
Mu Yuan was seething with anger as well. What had happened to his grandfather in the past seemed to be happening to Chen Feng now. Although it was a different incident, the tricks pulled were similar. These were all masterpieces of Tao Lijun.

His position as a bureau chief was somewhat special. Since he was in charge at the virtual network, his influence was very small in real life. However, he possessed immense authority online.

There was nothing one could do about that. This was an era where the virtual community was the most popular thing among the public.

So that was the truth.

Chen Feng felt enlightened. So it was Tao Lijun?

Suddenly, Chen Feng smiled. Since he knew who his opponent was, this would be much easier to deal with.

“What do you plan to do? Do you need any help?” Mu Yuan asked.

“No.” A toying smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Let our Bureau Chief Tao continue his ban on my shop. I’m afraid that when I’m done with him, he will end up coming to me and begging me to reopen my shop…”
Mu Yuan shivered as he heard that.

Begging you to reopen your shop? What on earth is this guy planning to do?


The closure of Chen Feng’s shop attracted countless attention. The most curious thing was that not long after the shop closed, Chen Feng hung a sign on it.

“This  shop  has  been  banned  by  the  Bureau  of  Virtual Commodity Prices. As such, this shop will cease operation for an indefinite period of time.”
Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices?


The public was happy to see this.

“Haha. Finally banned.”
“Yeah. The inspectors sure are useless. Only the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices is still quite capable.”
“It should have been banned long ago. A proper monthly sales event like this was almost spoiled by this guy. It was an insult for this fraud-like guy to be placed in the top 10 rankings.”
“I know, right?” The public was stirred.

This was especially true for those shops ranked below Chen Feng. They felt like setting off fireworks to celebrate this. With Chen Feng out of the way, everyone had their ranking increased by one place.

Soon, the whole learning forum was bustling with noise and excitement again.

“I heard The Strongest Gene was banned?”
“They should have banned him long ago. Only reversed genes were sold in that shop. What’s the point?”
“Sigh. If you think of it, those genes were still newly discovered genes after all. Even if they are reversed genes, they still have some research value to them. Unfortunately, this Chen Feng…” “True. Since the shop owner is unreliable, what can you do? If I was in his shoes, I would release a research result for those new genes. With that, I can at least claim a considerable amount of rewards.”
“He is still a rookie, after all.”
The public were discussing without stop.

This decision to ban Chen Feng’s shop had received unanimous support from these people.

The incident surrounding Chen Feng had originally calmed down. However, with this, Chen Feng became a trending topic once again. Naturally, a topic would only be trending for a limited amount of time online. The public would probably forget about Chen Feng in a few days time.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, a news outlet officially voiced their opinion about this incident! This was something entirely different from the free discussions online. The participation of the media would greatly affect the public opinion and could even influence the actions taken and the results.

This incident was originally a joke. Nobody expected that the media would actually participate in this as well.

Suffering from own actions! The consequences of breaking the rules! – Cool Breeze Daily.

The news from Cool Breeze Daily was delivered on schedule to the news bucket of their subscribers. These subscribers would be able see the news as soon as they opened their screen.

This was how news was delivered in this new era.

In the news, it was described in detail how Chen Feng had, in order to become famous and promote his shop to gain more traffic, started pricing genes at one million to gain publicity and make use of the price he set, that far exceeded the true value of his genes, to unhealthily compete, breaking the rules and shattering the balance. In the end, he ended up suffering from his own actions! This was a typical article used to smear one’s reputation. Within the article was a long description on how vile Chen Feng was, how angry other shop owners were, how other producers were unwilling to be associated with him, and how he was someone who attracted the anger of the masses. Finally,
the fate that he finally suffered caused everyone to clap their hands to cheer the fate that had befallen him.

Even Chen Feng silently praised this article after reading it.

Chen Feng sighed endlessly. “They are very well versed in the act of smearing others, eh.”
The media’s participation did not surprise him. With Tao Lijun’s position, it was normal for him to know someone from the media. From this, one could see how shady Tao Lijin was.

Originally, The Strongest Gene was only something related to those in the virtual community.

Even if the shop was banned, its effect on Chen Feng was minimal. However, with the release of Cool Breeze Daily’s article, the attention was totally shifted to Chen Feng from his shop. This time, what he wanted to destroy was Chen Feng as a person.

He was planning to destroy Chen Feng without leaving him a way out.

Banning your shop and ruining you as a person!

This was Tao Lijun’s method of dealing with someone, far exceeding what Professor Tao was capable of.

“The young have surpassed the old?”
Chen Feng smiled faintly.

Regardless of the ban on Chen Feng’s shop or influencing the public opinion, the timing of Tao Lijun’s actions was perfect. However, he neglected one thing, which was also the crux of the whole matter. Chen Feng’s genes were totally not trash genes as he had evaluated. This was the unshakable truth!

What if everything one used to smear other’s reputation were false?

How would it progress?

Chen Feng smiled. Would this be a repeat performance of what had happened to Professor Tao before?

Chapter 65: The Calm Before the Storm

At a certain ruin, Ge Jun had finally escaped with great difficulty. Although he had sustained dire injuries, he had survived! He had survived despite his opponent being a heavily injured D-class genetic warrior! Although that D-class genetic warrior was heavily injured, that guy insisted on oppressing him. At his final moments, he tossed out the newly purchased mutated thundersnake gene!

Even now he could not forget that dazzling radiance.

His life was saved.

As a genetic warrior that always walked the thin line between life and death, he was very clear on the importance of a strong trump card. It was something equivalent to an extra life!

Furthermore, his gains this time… After getting some simple treatment for his injuries at the hospital, Ge Jun went to The Strongest Gene once again. However, outside of his expectations, the shop was closed.

Have the things inside been sold out?

Ge Jun was feeling somewhat disappointed. He knew that something good like this would definitely be discovered by others sooner or later. However, when he looked at the shop in detail, he was stunned.

It was banned?

Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices?

Ge Jun was stupefied. It was banned due to marking up the prices?

“Old Yun, what happened?” Ge Jun contacted a friend he had made recently, Yun Zhongtian.
The circumstances in which he knew Yun Zhongtian was somewhat interesting. At that time, they had come across each other at the countryside and started fighting each other. Finally, due to them being evenly matched, they both took out their trump cards. However, when they saw the thundersnake gene that had an obviously different radiance in their opponent’s hand, they stopped.

“The  Strongest  Gene?”  they  asked  probingly,  immediately understanding.

The both of them had spent one million yuan to buy this mutated thundersnake gene with astonishing might. With this, neither of them dared to act. They were both clear on the might of this item. If they really tossed it out, they would die together. Hence, they both raised the mutated thundersnake gene in their hands as a sign of respect.

As they understood what each other meant, with tacit understanding, they put away the gene in their hands. Just like that, they started exploring the ruins together. Since they met by fate and knew each other’s trump card, they were comfortable working together.

“I saw it.” Yun Zhongtian sighed. “Damn it. After buying the mutated thundersnake gene, I was only happy for two days before this shop was banned by the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices. Those bastards had the nerve to do it.”
“Those  idiots  at  the  bureau  don’t  know  the  value  of  the genes. However, don’t the both of us know about it? That mutated thundersnake gene…” Ge Jun said softly.

“Not only the mutated thundersnake gene.”  Yun Zhongtian sneered. “A few of my friends told me that the mutated gold ant gene was quite good as well. Unfortunately, we are already at E- class and can’t use it. Let me tell you. This producer is definitely not an ordinary producer. Now is the perfect opportunity for us to extend our friendship to him. Even if he doesn’t need it, it would do us good to let him become familiar with our faces.”
Ge Jun’s eyes shined. “You mean…” “Didn’t you record your previous usage of that gene?”  Yun Zhongtian grinned. “Get someone to edit it and upload the video online.”
Ge Jun was excited.


At the same time, in the Wang family, Wang Chun’s face was brimming with a smile. Just a short while ago, those seniors of his family had started using him as a bad example for their lessons once again. He immediately rebuked them and made known the fact that he had broken through. As he looked at the dumbstruck expression on those seniors that were always exceedingly proud, he felt immensely comfortable.

This feels too good! As far as he was concerned, his only obstacle was breaking through the limit. As long as he broke through his limit, his combat power would be exponentially increased! Within the same class, he was undefeated! To be honest, if not for him choosing a peculiar gene and treading a peculiar path, could those bastards have been so unbridled before him?

His wristband vibrated.

Wang Chun turned his screen on.

A youngster with a bitter expression on his face appeared.

“What’s the matter? There’s still no mutated gold ant gene at The Strongest Gene?” Wang Chun asked curiously. The  youngster  sobbed.  “The  Strongest  Gene  has  been banned!”
“What?” Wang Chun’s heart was shaken.

After his breakthrough, he had recommended the gene to his close friends. One of them had managed to break through and enter E-class. With that, everyone in their circle of friends was excited. Unfortunately, Chen Feng only put out some mutated thundersnake gene for sale after that, leaving them waiting.

None of them expected the shop to be banned!

Wang Chun was feeling doubtful. “Who did it?”
“Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices.”
The youth was gloomy. “Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices…”
Wang Chun pondered for a bit, “I got it. If you really need the mutated gold ant gene, you can entrust him to produce it for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s more expensive. It’s not like you lack money anyway.”
“Oh, true.”
The youth was excited. “I will go and entrust it immediately.”
Gene entrustment! It was something only a high-level gene producer would receive! With that, they were able to charge a high price to custom-make a requested gene. Due to the high price, it was something commonly neglected.

That mutated gold ant gene was definitely something qualified to be entrusted. After ending the call, Wang Chun sank into contemplation.

A gentle sound drifted to him from behind.

A loving expression appeared on Wang Chun’s face. As he turned around, he saw an exceptionally beautiful young lady looking at him with a smile on her face. That young lady’s appearance was akin to a person out of a comic book, possessing unprecedented beauty and allure.

“What are you thinking about?” the young lady asked gently.

Wang Chun smiled. “Thinking about Chen Feng.”
“Chen Feng? The young lady’s eyes shined. “My benefactor?” Wang Chun laughed. “Now that you are putting it that way, indeed he is.”
Chen Feng…
No matter what, at his darkest moment, Chen Feng had helped him in taking this difficult step forward. As such, this little help that was within his capabilities, he would definitely give to Chen Feng.


The internet was currently filled with discussion. Now, Chen Feng was truly someone hated by everyone, detested by everyone, like a rat running across the street. At this moment, a video was being quietly uploaded onto the learning forum. The title of the video was: Strongest F-class Gene.

“It’s that Chen Feng again?” A lot of people started watching the video curiously. However, when they started the video, they found something totally different. In the video was a warrior that had activated a certain gene reagent during his moment of crises. What followed was a terrifying white radiance descending from the sky. Although nobody could get a clear look at it, they could still feel the terrifying might of that reagent. A heavily injured D-class warrior was killed by that attack. The wreckage left by the reagent confirmed its might.

“Damn, too fierce!”
“This power…”
“What reagent is this? I don’t know. I can’t get a clear look.”
“Too scary!”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration. “This is what a strongest gene truly is!” No words could be as convincing as an actual video.

The demonstration of a strongest gene reagent had caused a sensation among the public. Different from what happened to Chen Feng, this video had gained a large amount of praise.

“Take a clear look. This is a true strongest gene.”
“That Strongest Gene shop should really learn from this guy.”
“Look at this, he has the guts to put an extremely expensive price with only a trashy thundersnake gene and a trashy gold ant gene on his hands. Totally contrary to this guy, who actually possessed a genuine strongest gene yet remains obscure and unknown.”
Everyone started berating Chen Feng again. Everyone was too busy berating Chen Feng to the point that none noticed that the lightning that appeared when the unknown gene in the video was activated had actually assumed an appearance that was either a snake or a dragon.

At the same time, another thread rose in popularity: The appearance of a legendary gene! This is a true F-class strongest gene. What could that gene of yours be considered as?!

The aggressive title had quickly attracted a lot of attention.

What was interesting was that, since Chen Feng became the founder of clickbait titles, the titles of the threads in the learning forum started increasing in length, dazzling the eyes of the visitors.

“What legendary gene?”
“So boastful?” Everyone entered the thread curiously.

Within the thread was another video. Although the video was partly censored, one could still clearly see that it was an F- class warrior with only 100 attribute points. That guy proceeded to consume a bottle of gene reagent.

His aura changed.

He had directly broken through his limit!

After scanning his attributes, his new attributes were released: His attribute had astonishingly reached 101 points!

Chapter 66: Gene Evaluation

“He broke through?”
“Is this for real? This is too vicious, right?”
“Such a gene exists?”
“I agree with the thread title. This is the real strongest gene.
What is that exploding gene compared with this gene?”
“They each have their own uses, right?”
The learning forum exploded with discussions once again.

The strongest gene?

Both these genes possessed the potential to be crowned as the strongest gene. Which would be the strongest gene? Everyone started arguing about it. However, no matter what, one thing they all agreed with was that those trash genes at Chen Feng’s shop were not qualified to be called the strongest gene. He deserved getting his shop banned.

These were the real strongest genes!

What was interesting was that, after the appearance of these two genes, a lot of people started showing off some rare genes, competing for the crown of the strongest gene!

All sorts of formidable F-class genes appeared, stunning everyone present.

No matter what genes appeared, the exploding gene and limit-surpassing gene were the genes with the highest popularity. Someone started a chart to rank the strongest F-class genes and both those genes ended up dominating the first and second rank of the chart. Furthermore, both genes were constantly fighting over the first rank.

Both those genes became a trending topic.

Furthermore, the fans for both genes were grouped together and started attacking the fans of the other gene. Things were getting explosive.

As for Chen Feng?

No one remembered him.


In the top floor of a hotel in Gold City, a person that Chen Feng never expected to appear was here. That person was Tao Lijun, who was currently talking cheerfully to a middle aged person.

“Have you seen the discussions on The Strongest Gene shop at the learning forum?”
The middle aged person smiled.

“Yes I saw it.”
Tao Lijun laughed. “Seems like our little friend Chen Feng is still somewhat capable. He should have reached the Gene Production Association by now, right?”
The middle age man shrugged. “You need to be careful. After the association released their evaluation, this matter should end here.”
“There’s no worries.” Tao Lijun was calm. “I still have some connections in the association.” “It’s impossible to fake it.”  The middle age man shook his head. “Zhang Wei will not allow the evaluator to do the evaluation alone. Furthermore, that evaluator is your man.”
“Is there a need to fake it?”
Tao Lijun smiled. “When a youngster gets too spirited, it’s a good thing to let someone put some pressure on him. Lei Jun is a petty person. Since he wants to flatter me, he will definitely be prejudiced against Chen Feng. When that happens, will Chen Feng swallow it? When conflicts arise between them, the other evaluators will naturally not give Chen Feng a good evaluation.”
“I have been in the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices for a long time. Even if it’s a good product, there is still a limit for its price.”
Tao Lijun smiled mysteriously. “As long as we press the price down, what comes later will naturally be easier to handle.”
“True that.” The middle age man smiled. “Don’t fail due to carelessness on this supposedly easy task.”
“Not possible.”
A trace of contempt flickered in Tao Lijun’s eyes. “What can a mere student like him do?”
At the same time, as Tao Lijun said, Chen Feng had silently reached the Gene Production Association.

The authority?

Was there anyone more authoritative than the Gene Production Association?

“It has been a while.”
Zhang Wei smiled. “You are now a celebrity.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “I could do without this kind of popularity.”
Zhang Wei laughed, “Haha. I have prepared the evaluation procedures for you. However, those evaluators are all obstinate people. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get any preferential treatment. Are you sure that your genes are not problematic?”
He was still somewhat worried. After all, all those evaluations floating online…
Chen Feng was confident. “Trust me.”
“All right.” Zhang Wei patted his shoulder. “Let’s go.”
The evaluation room was a huge room surrounded by glass radiating with blue light. The radiance brought a tinge of mysteriousness to the room. Within the room were seated ten gene evaluators. Chen Feng only needed to place his gene reagents on the glass counter in the middle of the room for the virtual evaluation to proceed. “Name.”
“Chen Feng.”
“Beginner producer.”
“Verification  complete.  What  is  the  gene  that  requires evaluation?”
“Mutated thundersnake gene,” Chen Feng said calmly.

On the evaluator’s seats, the 10 evaluators silently exchanged glances. An evaluator that was somewhat old said, “We are aware of the reason you came here. We are also aware of what is happening online. You might have an amiable relationship with Zhang Wei. However, it is impossible for us to actually issue a fake evaluation for you!” The first impression was important. These people seemed to have been somewhat affected by the public opinion online.

Chen Feng looked at Zhang Wei and noticed that his expression was turning unsightly. For this evaluator to question Chen Feng in front of him, wasn’t this totally not giving him any face?

“There is no need to evaluate the thundersnake gene. The data from the gene scan is clear enough. The only changes arising from its mutation are the increase of the spiritual energy consumption by 10 points. Is there any need for evaluation? I personally find it illogical for Zhang Wei to insist on applying for this evaluation for you alone.”
That  evaluator  continued,  “This  preferential  treatment  is only given by Gene Production Association to certain members that the association focuses closely on. I do not believe that you are qualified for this preferential treatment.” “And who might this person be?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“Lei   Jun.   An   old   evaluator   of   the   Gene   Production Association,” Zhang Wei said indifferently. “A person of virtue and prestige who has been an evaluator in the Gene Production Association for 30 years.”
Lei Jun lifted his head proudly. He was the most experienced evaluator at the Gene Production Association of Gold City. He was also the most senior evaluator there.

“No wonder.” Chen Feng could feel the contempt from Zhang Wei’s tone of voice. “Even after 30 years, he’s still stuck here.”
Lei Jun’s expression changed greatly. “What did you say?”
“Whether any focus was placed on me by the association, does that have anything to do with you?” “What qualifications do you have to evaluate me as a person?”
A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

After the increase in his strength, his worldview had changed as well. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t be bothered with someone like this guy. However, that didn’t mean that anyone could simply step on him! Especially not an F-class evaluator!

This was the Gene Production Association!

The reason Chen Feng came was for certification and increasing his reputation!

If even a random evaluator could treat him with contempt, in the future, everyone would know that this person could be easily bullied. Every random person here would dare to step on him. This was the reality of things!

He had not offended anyone here!

Would this old fart Lei Jun act against him for no apparent reason? Or was there someone else behind him? Hence, Chen Feng would definitely not step back from this!

Lei Jun was ashen-faced.

“Just  do  your  job  properly,”  Chen  Feng  said  indifferently. “Since  you  are  an  evaluator,  then  just  evaluate  the  gene reagent. You are not qualified to get involved in other matters.”
“Good. Very good.” Lei Jun had an ugly expression on his face. He did not expect that a mere beginner producer would dare to talk to him like this. Since there were so many evaluators here, he would definitely not act recklessly. However, there was a range of scores for the evaluation data. Since Chen Feng was so
unbridled, he would definitely give this guy the lowest range on the scores.

I will let you know how stupid a choice it is for you to offend an evaluator…

Lei Jun grinned.

As for Zhang Wei?

Lei Jun wasn’t bothered about him at all.

Zhang Wei might be higher ranked than him, but he was not Lei Jun’s direct superior. He did not plan to cheat or violate any rules. He only planned to give the lowest range of scores as allowed by the rules. Who could do anything to him this way? “Let’s begin.”
Lei Jun coldly glanced at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng took out his mutated thundersnake gene reagent and gently placed it on the evaluation counter.

The transparent glasses covered the mutated thundersnake gene reagent. Around it, circles of azure-colored light started radiating. Rays of light started flickering around the evaluators.

Lei Jun grinned. “Let me.”
“I suggest that you all do it together,”  Chen Feng suddenly said.

Evaluators were also differentiated by their classes. These few evaluators in front of him were merely F-class evaluators. Their personal strength was quite low. If they were to forcefully evaluate the mutated thundersnake gene reagent, Chen Feng was afraid that something ill might befall them.

“There’s  no  need.”  Lei  Jun  sneered.  “What  you  said  was correct. We should all do our job. Now, I am doing my job. This is not something you can get involved in right?”
Chen Feng laughed. “As you wish.”
Lei Jun snorted. “Hmph!”
To return Chen Feng’s own words back to him, he felt very satisfied.

As for this mutated thundersnake gene reagent?

He wasn’t the least bit bothered by it. He had been an F-class evaluator for 30 years. There was no gene that he had never seen before. He had even encountered 5-star genes previously. Hence, he did not fear this gene at all! “Hum—”
Radiance swirled before his eyes as Lei Jun entered the evaluation mode.

The so-called gene evaluation was, in actuality, the act of simulating the evaluation with a simulated gene reagent. Under the circumstances where the gene reagent was not actually activated, they would try out the functions of the simulated gene. As the whole process would be done in the evaluation room, the process would be monitored and the evaluation results would be detailed and accurate.

Lei Jun used his ability to simulate the mutated thundersnake gene reagent.

“Hum—” An image appeared on all the screens in the evaluation room.

Within the image, the mutated thundersnake gene reagent was hovering midair.

This was what Lei Jun simulated, a reagent that was completely identical to a real mutated thundersnake gene reagent. Next, he would start simulating the usage of this reagent.

He triggered the explosion of the gene right away. The gene reagent changed into a ray of light before disappearing.

“It’s just this?”
Lei Jun looked at the statistical data that did not have the slightest reaction against that and said, “This kind of trash…” “Bang!”
An immense snake shaped lighting descended from the sky. Lei Jun’s originally stable spiritual world collapsed immediately as a terrifying power started shaking within it.

The image on the screen shattered.

Lei Jun vomited a mouthful of blood and was flung backward as his face paled.

“Di di di!”
The alarm in the evaluation room started flickering crazily. Red lights flickered.

“What happened?”
Everyone’s heart jolted violently.

Chapter 67: Regretting Past Actions

“Senior Lei.”
Everyone’s expression changed greatly and they hastily held him up.

“Di di—”
The red light was still flickering. In a split second, all of Lei Jun’s evaluation tools had reached their limit!

“How is this possible?!”
Looking at the mutated thundersnake gene reagent on the evaluation stage, Lei Jun muttered, “The power of this thing… this is not a thundersnake gene reagent!”
“It’s only natural for it to be a thundersnake gene reagent.” Chen Feng smiled calmly. “This is a mutated gene. Are you really so stupid to believe that when the spiritual energy consumption rate increases, the power of the reagent would not change?”
Lei Jun collapsed emotionally. “But the same words, ‘huge amount of destruction,’ were clearly written on the gene’s description.”
Chen Feng smiled faintly. “A score of 60 marks and 100 marks were both considered as passes in an examination. However, do you think that both those scores are the same?”
Lei Jun was ashen faced, unable to say anything.

“Continue?”   Beside  him,  Zhang  Wei  smiled.  “Or…   get someone else to do it instead?”
“I…” In this moment, Lei Jun understood that this mutated thundersnake gene reagent was not ordinary at all. He had evaluated 5-star special one-use reagents before and he was able to endure their power. However, this 4-star mutated reagent was actually able to directly destroy his spiritual world. This thing here was extremely powerful!

This was a historic moment!

This was a new mutated gene!

He wanted to continue evaluating it even if he needed to apologize to Chen Feng. However, since his spiritual world had collapsed, he would not be able to perform any evaluations for at least three days.

Why had he not taken Chen Feng’s advice?

He was feeling regretful. Zhang Wei sneered and looked at another evaluator. “Little Lu, you do it.”
“All right.”
The others evaluators were all excited.

This was the initial evaluation of a powerful mutated 4-star reagent. Once its value was ascertained, anyone who studied this reagent in the future would be able to see this evaluation report!

Their names would all be listed on the report!

The nine of them worked together to create an evaluation world. As for Lei Jun, nobody could be bothered about him at this moment.

Carefully, they simulated the mutated gene reagent as its simulation appeared and exploded in midair and its terrifying power engulfed the spiritual world. A spiritual world constructed by the few of them was obviously much stronger than a spiritual world constructed by a single person. Hence, the spiritual world was able to stabilize with great difficulty, and all sorts of evaluation equipment started crazily recording all the relevant information.

Spiritual statistics…
Explosiveness statistics…
Attack power… Reactivity…

All sorts of information.

Finally, the nine excited evaluators concluded their evaluation on this mutated thundersnake gene reagent.

Gene name: Thundersnake Gene – Unknown

Gene type: Mutated

Spiritual energy consumption: 20 points Genetic ability: Equivalent to the strongest attack of a peak E- class warrior

Evaluated price: 1 million yuan


“One million!”
When the final result was released, even Zhang Wei was shocked. He originally thought that the one million price set by Chen Feng was something he randomly came up with. Never had he guessed that its true value was actually one million! However, as he recalled the terrifying power displayed earlier, he understood. An item of this level…
Definitely worth this amount!

Chen Feng smiled as he looked at the few evaluators. “Shall we proceed?” “Yes.” Nine heads nodded frantically, like someone pounding garlic in a mortar.

Who were they kidding? How could they miss such an opportunity? In the future, they would be known as the evaluators responsible for the evaluation of this mutated thundersnake gene reagent! As someone in their profession, they had seen the birth of a lot of new genes. However, most of them were trash genes. A gene at the level of Chen Feng’s was something incredibly rare.

Even the mutated thundersnake gene was so incredible, what about the next gene?

Their hearts trembled at the mere thought.

“How could things be like this?”
Lei Jun felt like his body was ice cold. What a good opportunity this was. Why had he let go of it just like that?

He was the group leader for the current evaluation. He could still lead them. However, why had everyone excluded him and continued on with the evaluation?

How hateful!

If it wasn’t for Bureau Chief Tao…
As he recalled that tiny sum of money he had received, he felt that he had made a big loss instead! However, regardless of how regretful he was, he could only swallow it down.

Currently, Chen Feng had placed his mutated gold ant gene on the evaluation counter. Different from the thundersnake gene, this was a very ordinary gene without anything special.

“This gene.” Lei Jun exhaled in relief.

If it was some other new mutated genes, he would have felt immensely remorseful. However, since it was this trash gene, he was somewhat relieved. He had studied this gene before. There was really nothing special about it. Only able to increase one point of an attribute, it wasn’t particularly useful.

“Ready up.”
The nine evaluators prepared.

As they looked at the description of the mutated gold ant gene, they frowned. If it was only one point, the gene could only be a discarded gene. However, they weren’t particularly disappointed.

That single mutated thundersnake gene was enough to satisfy them. “This gene…”
Abruptly, one of the evaluators opened his eyes wide.

“One point?”
The few of them suddenly realized something.

After all, they were different than the idiotic herds online.
They were true specialists.

They had heard of what had happened online. However, producers like them had no time to visit that Strongest Gene shop. What they heard was a version of story that had been changed countless times after going through countless pairs of mouths. After they heard of it, they only smiled in contempt. It was currently the first time they had seen the gene with their own eyes. The first time they had seen the true mutated gold ant gene!

“Could it be…”
The few of them exchanged glances, all of them speechless.


The whole evaluation room was suddenly enveloped in silence.

After five seconds, the silence was broken!

“Limit breakthrough?!”
Everyone opened their eyes wide. Even Zhang Wei couldn’t control himself and stood up, saying, “Damn! Is this for real?” If this was true…
“Begin right away.”
Zhang Wei couldn’t wait.

The nine evaluators started hastily. The evaluation of the mutated gold ant gene was a safe process. They simulated a person at the peak of F-class and simulated the consumption of the gene reagent. Subsequently, that simulated person broke through the limit mode!

Evaluation successful!

“It was really true.”
All of them were excited.

Limit breakthrough? What was the significance of this?

Since it was something only used for F-class breakthrough, its price wouldn’t be excessively high. However, the true value and significance this gene represented was absolutely way above the mutated thundersnake gene!

Soon, the nine excited evaluators concluded their verdict.


Gene name: Gold Ant Gene – Unknown

Gene type: Mutated

Genetic ability: Increase one point of spirit attribute

Evaluated price: Above 1 million yuan —-

It was not a simple one million, instead it was an evaluated price of ‘above 1 million yuan’!

In other words.

The Gene Production Association had acknowledged that this gene was much more valuable than the mutated thundersnake gene!

“How could this be…”
Lei Jun slumped powerlessly onto the ground.

Two powerful mutated gene reagents, two mutated gene reagents destined to be known by all. Now, the nine evaluators’ names would be etched forever into the evaluation report in the gene bank. The nine of them would be well-known through this, obtaining a better treatment from the association as a result!

Except for him…
“I can’t accept this!” Lei Jun mumbled.

“Hehe.” Zhang Wei glanced at him with disdain. He was not willing to be bothered with Lei Jun. This Lei Jun was merely someone that was somewhat old. As for his status? What could this Lei Jun be considered as? Regardless of how old you were, an evaluator was still an evaluator, after all.

Seemed like he could finally deal with this guy now.

Zhang Wei shook Chen Feng’s hands. He originally thought that even if Chen Feng were to become famous, it would take a long time for that to happen. He did not expect Chen Feng to go on and end up creating two continuous mystical mutated genes when he was just a mere rookie.

This accomplishment of his far exceeded that of Professor Tao!

“Name it?”
“Supreme. Both of them shall be known as supreme.” Chen Feng smiled. “Supreme, it represents the pinnacle. The genes produce by me, regardless of whether they are weak or strong, they would be the most formidable among the same type of genes!”
“Good,” Zhang Wei praised.

“Ding!” Chen Feng’s personal information was once again updated.

The column that originally only had ‘Discovered Lumberbear Gene – Battle’ written on it had two additions: ‘Thundersnake Gene – Supreme’ and ‘Gold Ant Gene – Supreme’.

“Supposedly, you should be rewarded for the discovery of these two new genes. However, due to the great significance represented by these two genes of yours, and also due to it being a contribution that had never happened in our Gold City’s Gene Production Association, I decided to give you a nice surprise on behalf of the Gene Production Association,” Zhang Wei said suddenly.

“Oh?” Chen Feng did not know what to say.

Zhang Wei smiled mysteriously.”You will find out soon.”
Chen Feng was undisturbed. “I shall be looking forward to it.” Leaving the association, Chen Feng had accomplished what he came to do.

With this evaluation report, he could clear his name any time he wanted. However, how he would go about it would totally depend on his mood.

There was also that Bureau Chief Tao…
“Let me see how long you can continue banning my shop.”
A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Chapter 68: Counterattack!

As he returned to his room, Chen Feng entered the virtual community. He blanked when he saw the entrustments pending at his shop.

1. One set of mutated gold ant gene request by Zhao Long. Offered price 1 million. Do you accept?

2. One set of mutated gold ant gene request by Zhao Long. Offered price 1.5 million. Do you accept?

3. One set of mutated gold ant gene request by Zhao Long. Offered price 2 million. Do you accept?

Apart from this, Zhao Long also left a message behind: Boss, I really only have 2 million on me. Please produce a set of mutated gold ant gene for me. I have been stuck at this level for a long time, seeking a breakthrough!!!!!!

“This…” Chen Feng laughed involuntarily.

Naturally, these were only the messages left by a single person. There were entrustments from at least five or six other individuals to produce mutated gold ant genes. Apart from this, there were also some who requested for production of mutated thundersnake gene and had similarly increased the price up to 1.2 million.

Currently, the condemnations on Chen Feng were still progressing wildly online. In only one day’s time, it was known to almost everyone. It was as if condemning Chen Feng was a way for someone to stay trendy. Around his shop, there were crowds of people spectating, earning the shops in the vicinity quite a sum from the traffic.

“This senior is truly my lucky star.”
Windchanter sighed endlessly.

Previously, this Chen Feng guy had gloriously rushed into the top 30 rankings. Subsequently, he gloriously rushed into the top 10, pushing Windchanter out of his original rank forcefully. This caused him to be endlessly depressed. However, outside of his expectations, Chen Feng was banned afterward. The other shops such as his shop that were around Chen Feng’s shop had instead gained a larger profit from the traffic.

In this world, the future was truly unpredictable.

King Kong agreed with his sentiment.

Due to Chen Feng, the sales volume of his shop had increased greatly as well. Furthermore, there were also signs of his shop getting into the top 30. This caused him to be filled with fighting spirit.

“Do you think he will return?” Windchanter asked suddenly. “I… doubt it?” King Kong gave it some thought. “Things are already at this stage.”
“He has aroused the anger of everyone.”
Windchanter smiled.

However, just at this moment, they saw a disturbance break out in front of The Strongest Gene shop. One after another, sounds of people crying out in alarm could be heard, attracting the attention of countless people.

Windchanter’s heart leaped. “What happened?”
“Is Chen Feng here?” King Kong guessed. Both of them hastily made their way over. However, they only took a glimpse before they were both stunned.

That’s right. Everyone was stunned.

That was because The Strongest Gene shop had released the entrustments it had recently received. No one had expected a mere shop like The Strongest Gene would actually have so many people requesting Chen Feng produce genes for them.

Gene entrustment?

This was something that normally only happened to grandmasters!

“There are actually so many people requesting for Chen Feng to produce genes for them?” “Is this for real?”
“Maybe  these  are  the  people  Chen  Feng  hired  to  create publicity?”
“Is  that  possible?  Gene  entrustment  requires  one  to  first place their money at the virtual community before issuing the entrustment. Look at the amount involved here. Do you have any idea how big of a sum this money is?”
“Let  me  make  some  calculations,  10  million,  20  million, hiss…”
That person calculated and inhaled a mouthful of cold breath immediately. The total amount of entrustments Chen Feng received had exceeded 20 million!

A frightening figure that far exceeded Chen Feng’s current sales volume! If Chen Feng really had such an amount of money to be used for publicity, was there any need for him to participate in this event?

Obviously, the answer was no.

If that was the case… then there was a possibility that Chen Feng’s sales volume was genuine?

Everyone shivered.

“What on earth is happening?”
Everyone was alarmed.

Condemn? How were they supposed to condemn that?

If the reagents produced by Chen Feng were really worthless, would people really purchase it? It couldn’t be that those rich people were too rich and had no idea where to spend their money, so they end up looking for Chen Feng, right?

Everyone quieted down. They knew that something major had happened!

Soon, this news was spread to the learning forum as well. The whole learning forum exploded. Chen Feng had been keeping a low profile for so long, but once he made his move, he stirred everything up.

“Something major is going to happen!”
“I smell something fishy here.”
This time, a large majority of the people instead chose to become spectators as the event unfolded.

At the same time, the hottest thread containing the video of the strongest gene had finally, under countless requests, released the name of the strongest F-class gene in the video: Mutated thundersnake gene, originating from The Strongest Gene shop.

The whole learning forum was in an uproar.

Mutated thundersnake gene? The strongest gene that was incomparably awesome yet possessing a terrifying might was actually the mutated thundersnake gene sold by Chen Feng?

“Is this real?”
“How can this be bogus? It came from that guy’s own mouth.”
“No wonder it was sold for 1 million yuan. This price was definitely more than worth the value of that gene.” “Yeah,  I  saw  the  entrustment  list  released  by  Chen  Feng earlier. There were indeed several people requesting for Chen Feng to produce this gene with a high price.”
“Wait, if this is the mutated thundersnake gene, then the other gene…”
Some of the people suddenly thought of something else.

At the same time, the top-ranked strongest F-class gene had similarly released the name of the gene: Mutated gold ant gene, originating from The Strongest Gene shop!

The whole learning forum was in an uproar.

This time, the reveal was truly explosive. So not only the mutated thundersnake gene, even the mutated gold ant gene was produced by Chen Feng? Both genes crowned as the strongest gene reagents were produced by Chen Feng?

At this time, countless people felt like they’d had their faces slapped.

The strongest genes they had used to step on Chen Feng for so long ended up being something originating from his very own shop?

This was truly…

If it was the strongest gene, why would the shop be banned?

“Yeah.” “If there are no issues, why would the shop be banned?”
A lot of people realized this question as well. “Even Cool Breeze Daily said that this was Chen Feng’s self-marketing.”
A lot of people were still feeling doubtful.

At this moment, a familiar thread appeared on the forum. The heart of anyone who saw it leaped. That familiar ID, that familiar tone, and that familiar thread title.

[Shocking! The chief of Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices colluded with Cool Breeze Daily and did these things to an elderly man over 70 years of age!]

“Damn, this title…”
“These clickbait titles are truly hateful. I really don’t want to tap it; however, I can’t control my hands.” “Ah ah ah ah ah, what did they do?”
“Wretched title!”
“Don’t enter the thread and continue encouraging such hateful titles.”
Countless people started condemning.

However, despite how everyone was saying they wouldn’t enter the thread, their actions were truly honest. Instinctively, they entered the thread and saw a shocking inside story.

Professor Tao!

The main character in the lumberbear gene incident.

Professor Tao was the person who lost his standing after being exposed by Chen Feng. As for the chief of Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices? He was the son of Professor Tao! With this, everything became apparent.

Chen Feng had released the latest evaluation on his genes.


Gold ant gene – supreme, Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices’s evaluated price: 10,000 yuan, Gene Production Association’s evaluated price: 1 million yuan and above.

Thundersnake gene – supreme, Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices’s evaluated price: 50,000 yuan, Gene Production Association’s evaluated price: 1 million yuan.


With this comparison, was there any need for him to say anything else? In his thread, Chen Feng started his bombardment on Cool Breeze Daily and Bureau Chief Tao. At the end of his thread, he even released another set of information – the true owner of the Lumberbear Gene Guide and a comparison between Professor Tao’s Lumberbear Gene Guide and the guide released by Mu Yuan’s grandfather.

Professor Tao was once again a hot topic.

“Even  the  Lumberbear  Gene  Guide  was  not  something produced by Professor Tao?”
“Damn it! Even when he stole Chen Feng’s research result, I was defending him. No one can avoid making mistakes in their life after all, who knew that…”
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah!” A lot of people were enraged.

Especially those fans that had insisted on defending Professor Tao.

“So all this was not Professor Tao’s results?”
“Damn, I was blind.”
“This father and son duo are both good-for-nothings!”
The whole internet was filled with curses. Their anger from being played around by the father and son duo and their anger from getting face slapped by Chen Feng was all unleashed on the Tao father and son duo.

At this moment, the public outrage was completely unleashed onto the involved parties. The Tao father and son duo were flooded by endless waves of discussions online, while the number of subscribers of Cool Breeze Daily declined at an inconceivable speed!

“It’s nearly there, right?”
Chen Feng watched coldly as everything unfolded.

The appearances of the two videos was somewhat surprising for him. However, it had also served as stronger proof for his case. Together with the release of the entrustment list, the thread he posted, and the release of the Gene Production Association’s evaluation results, the truth was revealed!

“What will you do next?”
Chen Feng’s eyes were ice cold.

He refused to believe that Bureau Chief Tao would just sit and wait for death like that. If that was the case… assassination?

Chen Feng sneered.

He had thoroughly prepared himself.

Luck value, mutated thundersnake genes, and monitoring his vicinity. He had completed his preparations. Even if all that was not sufficient, he could still contact Wang Yao!

He was looking forward to seeing what kind of person could Bureau Chief Tao send toward him.

Chapter 69: Covering the Skies with One Hand!

Currently, within a certain attic, Tao Lijun was looking at the exposé taking place online with an unprecedentedly calm expression on his face. After a long time, he shook his head. “I miscalculated.”
“Little Jun.”
Professor Tao had a bitter expression on his face.

He did not expect the whole incident would progress to such an extent. If it involved only him, then so be it. However, if it implicated his son, their Tao family would be truly finished.

“No worries.” Tao Lijun smiled. “If I couldn’t even deal with something like this, I would have lived all these years for nothing.” “Ah?” Professor Tao was bewildered. The whole incident had reached this point. What else could they do?

“Just  you  see.”   Tao  Lijun  smiled  indifferently.  “In  the beginning, I had been neglectful. I treated Chen Feng as a bug that couldn’t accomplish much and ended up getting checkmated by him instead. This kid is truly not simple.”
“It’s about time for this to end.”  Tao Lijun coldly stared off into the distance. “Since I now truly treat him as an opponent, I won’t give him any chance to counterattack. It seems like it’s time I start using certain resources that I originally wasn’t willing to use.”
Tao Lijun clapped. A fluttering bug was smashed to death on the wall. “Look at it. Regardless of how fast it flies, a bug is still a bug.” Tao Lijun patted his father’s shoulder. “Your son has been a bureau chief for 20 years. Am I someone who can be shaken by a mere producer like him?”
“His methods are quite good. However, he’s too naive. Just wait and see. He won’t be able to do much.”
Tao Lijun smiled coldly.

Who was he? He was Tao Lijun! The chief of the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices! Although he didn’t possess much influence in real life, now that he was personally here at Gold City, who would dare to not give him some face?

This was reality!

Chen Feng? A mere clown.

“It’s about time to start, right?” Tao Lijun mumbled. **

Currently, at the learning forum, 30 minutes had passed since the exposure of the incident.

The scope of the public outrage was no longer small. However, at this very moment, all the threads posted by Chen Feng were deleted from the learning forum.

Once again, they evaporated into thin air!

The scamming father and son duo, Tao family unmasked.

Dogs of Cool Breeze, spreader of rumors, come out and battle me for an extra 300 rounds.

… All threads attacking Tao Lijun, Professor Tao, and Cool Breeze Daily were submerged by a large amount of new threads.

Disappeared! Everything had disappeared!

“My thread disappeared?”
“Mine too.”
“What happened?”
Some people were feeling doubtful. However, they could no longer post anything. Every account that had posted something similar had been temporarily banned.

At a glance, everything appeared calm at the learning forum.

“They dared to delete the threads?” A lot of people were seething with rage and planned to start causing trouble.

However, right at this moment, the extramarital affair of a celebrity producer was suddenly exposed, shocking the whole internet. The learning forum was instantly flooded by news about this!

All the media outlets, the learning forum, and the public were paying close attention to this incident.

Chen Feng? Who was that?

Chen Feng had vanished without trace from the whole learning forum.

When Chen Feng noticed this, he was stupefied. He did not expect that after their experience with the Professor Tao incident, they would still dare to do this even when the current incident had been exposed for over 30 minutes. The same thing was happening all over again.

However, different from what Professor Tao had done previously, when Bureau Chief Tao made his move, his methods were much crueler and more direct, not leaving any chance for him to strike back at all. All who defended Chen Feng were instantly banned from the learning forum.

Every single relevant information was flooded by the news regarding the extramarital affair. No signs of Chen Feng were left behind.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. How could there be such a coincidence? He didn’t even need to think hard to know that this was something used to cover up his incident. They had decided to use an even larger incident to cover this up.

This was a commonly used method to shift the public’s attention.

Bureau Chief Tao was vicious indeed, not leaving any chance for him to strike back. “Such a vicious method.”
Chen Feng was shocked.

He did not expect that those from the learning forum would do such a thing.

Was it due to the status of Bureau Chief Tao?

Or was it… because he knew some of their secrets?

Chen Feng was not sure. However, there truly was no place he could lodge his complaint now. He had the evaluation report of the Gene Production Association in his hands. However, he wasn’t even given the chance to release the report.

“Maybe I should try the other newspapers?”
Chen Feng tried contacting some newspapers. However, everyone ignored him.

There were some who went as far as to end the call directly after finding out whom he was. Even the main competitors of Cool Breeze Daily were unwilling to be involved in current incident.

The reason for that was unknown.

“Is this another masterpiece of Bureau Chief Tao?”
Chen Feng sneered.

This was indeed somewhat exceeding his expectations. He thought that Bureau Chief Tao would perform assassination like he had in the past. He did not expect the guy who had tried to assassinate him several times would choose to instead abuse his power to suppress Chen Feng.

What a person, this Bureau Chief Tao. “Are you truly able to suppress the public outrage?”
Chen Feng entered the virtual community. However… the released entrustments to his shop had disappeared.

Now, even the entrustments to The Strongest Gene shop had disappeared without a trace. On his account was only a simple piece of information: The entrustment function of your shop ‘The Strongest Gene’ has been temporarily cancelled due to a violation of rules.

Chen Feng was speechless.

“It has been cancelled?” he mumbled.

He did not find this surprising.

He had seen this coming the moment his thread was deleted and the public’s attention was shifted. Since Bureau Chief Tao had taken care of everything, how would he forget about The Strongest Gene shop?

This… was Tao Lijun’s counterattack.

In a certain high rise building, Professor Tao was watching the developments online with excitement. He had never imagined that his son would be powerful to such an extent— creating clouds and rain with a wave of his hand!

Too powerful!

“Son, you are too impressive.”
Professor Tao was excited.

“I owed some people favors because of this.” Tao Lijun shook his head. “I originally had great use for these favors. It’s a pity that I have wasted it here.” “Hehe.”
Professor Tao smiled embarrassingly.

He had nothing now. As such, he no longer dared to look down on this son of his.

“How about my reputation…” Professor Tao asked greedily.

“Don’t worry.” Tao Lijun laughed involuntarily. “You are my father. How could I forget you? Wait until this matter calms down. I will get someone to clear your name.”
Professor Tao nodded emotionally. “Good, good, good.”
Tao Lijun looked out of the window indifferently. It’s truly lonely at the top.

Chen Feng brat, now do you know how the real world works? Regardless of how talented you are, as far as I am concerned, you are nothing but a bug.

This… was the real world!

Time flowed.

One hour, two hours…
The public was still paying attention to the extramarital affair.

As for Chen Feng? Who’s that? Only a small amount of people were still paying attention to him. Furthermore, these people were those who had been banned from the forum. Even if they knew the truth, they no longer dared to continue shooting their mouth off. There were some who had posted some harsh words trying to complain about this only to end up having the trust level of their account reduced by the learning forum, with ‘starting rumors’ as the reason.

With this, they stopped saying anything.

Who still dared to defend Chen Feng?


The Chen Feng incident vanished quietly just like that.

As for The Strongest Gene shop? It would probably quietly remain banned until one day when this spot finally turned into another new shop, while Chen Feng’s shop that once existed was completely forgotten.

This… was the scariest possibility.

Chapter 70: Chen Feng’s Killing Intent

At the top of a certain high rise building in Gold City, Tao Lijun was seated together with a middle-aged man.

“Seems like our little friend is now stuck at an impasse,” he said to the middle-aged man seated opposite him, smiling.

“Watching the struggle of a bug is still quite pleasurable,” Tao Lijun said indifferently. “I have accomplished something, after all, out of my Gold City trip this time. After some time passes, you can start helping my father recover his reputation.”
“Don’t be in too much of a rush,” the middle-aged man said. “Be careful lest something unexpected happen.”
“Unexpected? How is that possible?” Tao Lijun sneered. “Is there anyone capable of doing anything against me at a place like this?”
There were only a few people in Gold City that he did not dare to offend. Those people were all those who had no relations whatsoever with Chen Feng.

This was the basis for his confidence.

At the same time, within the rented house, Chen Feng was quietly watching on as the situation progressed. The way this whole incident had progressed had far exceeded his expectations. He had still underestimated Bureau Chief Tao, after all. Earlier, Mu Yuan had contacted him and made known one thing to him: What he was currently experiencing was exactly the same thing that happened to Mu Yuan’s grandfather in the past.

Total shutdown!

His shop was banned; his bank account was frozen, and he, as a person, was also greatly discredited.

Granted, Chen Feng’s previous exposure had lasted for half an hour and was noticed by some people. However, a large majority of people were still unaware of the truth. In their eyes, Chen Feng was still the producer with questionable moral standings.

This was Tao Lijun’s total shutdown!

Shutting him down to his death!

“Is there no other way?”
Chen Feng looked at Mu Yuan.

Mu Yuan kept quiet. If there were really other methods, how could his grandfather have lived in disgrace for so many years? Although the Bureau of Virtual Commodity Prices was not really influential in real life, the chief had come to Gold City in person. As long as he exchanged some benefits with those rich and influential officials here, it was simply too easy to shut a beginner producer like Chen Feng down. In the past, that was also what happened to his grandfather.

“How did your grandfather get the ban lifted previously?” Chen Feng abruptly asked.

“By apologizing and admitting that all those were Professor Tao’s research results.”
Mu Yuan was feeling hateful.

This was the greatest disgrace of his grandfather. Those were something that belonged to him, and he was the one in the right. However, due to the harsh reality, things ended up in such a way?

How lamentable was that!

And now, what his grandfather experienced was repeating with Chen Feng. “I’m sorry.” Mu Yuan clenched his fist. “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t…”
“No worries.” Chen Feng smiled. “It’s nothing major.”
“Ah?” Mu Yuan was astonished. “You can still smile? This total shutdown from Tao Lijun is very terrifying. At the very least, you won’t be able to get anything done for a few years. Or else…”
“Do you look down on me that much?”
Chen Feng stretched lazily and a hint of smile appeared in his eyes. “Don’t worry. This will end soon.”
Mu Yuan was totally confused. End soon? How is that possible?

However, Chen Feng had ended the call with him.

“Tao Lijun…”
The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth curled as he smiled.

What a good method! However, has it ever crossed your mind that the effectiveness of your methods might lead to your very death?

“Is there no other way to solve this?”
Chen Feng was feeling somewhat regretful. He checked online and found that news about him had been flooded underneath waves of other news. He tried posting new threads to find that he remained blocked. There were no signs that his ID was going to get unblocked either. In the virtual community, his shop remained banned as well.

“Is there a need for this?”
Chen Feng sighed. “Bureau Chief Tao, you are truly courting death.”
He really didn’t want to use this kind of method.

He turned his wristband screen on.

A list of names appeared. Since he did not have many friends, only several names appeared on his contact list on the screen. However, all these were those who he could communicate well with.

And one of them was…
Chen Feng paused at Wang Yao’s name.

“Wang Yao…” Chen Feng whispered.

Three favors from Wang Yao for the seadragon blood essence.

He had originally thought that he would never use these favors. Never had he expected that only a few days would pass before he needed to use one of the favors. His chosen method was a simpler and crueler method—
Kill! Wasn’t Bureau Chief Tao someone who enjoyed assassinating others? He sent someone to assassinate Chen Feng twice in the past. Now, Chen Feng only needed to repay him once.

Tao Lijun was indeed well connected with the authorities.

However, what if he was dead?

Would those people still work for him?

Naturally not.

Regardless of how close they were, those people would not work for a dead person.

In order to distance themselves from him, they might even step on him while he was down. The whole incident involving Chen Feng would be settled instantly. As for their suspicions, regardless of how suspicious those people got, they would never end up suspecting Chen Feng. Chen Feng did not originally want to use this method. However, it appeared that Bureau Chief Tao was somewhat suicidal?

“He is truly courting death.”
Chen Feng sighed regretfully.

As he tapped on the name Wang Yao, Chen Feng prepared to contact her.

Suddenly, a silhouette of light appeared before him.

A familiar looking person appeared with smile on his face. “Chen Feng, take a trip over to Gene Production Association.”
It was actually Zhang Wei! Chen Feng blanked momentarily. “Me?”
“Just come. Something good is about to happen,” Zhang Wei said mysteriously.

Chen Feng’s heart leaped. “Alright.”
Would that be the Association’s reward?

Since he was only a beginner producer now, it was impossible for the Gene Production Association to help him out with his predicament. Furthermore, this was something that was happening in the virtual community. Hence, there was no place for the Gene Production Association to get involved in this. However, he was truly curious as to what the association’s reward would be.

The so-called mysterious reward mentioned by Zhang Wei… Chen Feng stared at Wang Yao’s name on his contact list and ended up not tapping on it.

“Let’s go over to take a look. It’s still not too late to deal with Bureau Chief Tao when I return.”
Chen Feng pondered. The Gene Production Association was, after all, not an organization with an ordinary status. He might encounter something that could change his current situation over there.

Chen Feng arrived at the Gene Production Association as agreed. Zhang Wei was already there waiting with several others. A few of them appeared unordinary and seemed to be in some sort of a discussion.

Chen Feng was feeling somewhat doubtful. What are they doing?

“Shh.” Zhang Wei smiled mysteriously. “Today, your only job is to smile.” Chen Feng pondered thoughtfully.

In the distance, those people were in a discussion. When they saw Chen Feng, they walked over to him.

“You are that Chen Feng?”
A middle-aged person with a smile on his face looked at Chen Feng as his eyes lightened up. Before Chen Feng could answer, he patted Chen Feng’s shoulder. “Lad, not bad. Continue working hard!”
After he finished, he continued forward with the others.

Chen Feng: “….”
He looked at Zhang Wei, but Zhang Wei only smiled mysteriously and hinted for him to just follow along. Hence, Chen Feng could only follow along in confusion. However, even when all those people left, he had still not seen any mysterious gift.

“I  have  given  you  the  reward.”   Zhang  Wei  patted  his shoulder. “Kid, this time you earned big.”
Chen Feng was still lost.

“You will know when you’re home.”
Zhang Wei smiled happily. Whenever they met, Chen Feng was always confident, behaving like he had victory grasped in his hands all along. That was totally uncharacteristic of his identity as a freshly graduated youngster. As such, Zhang Wei was naturally happy to see him in such a bewildered state.

“This guy…” 
When he was home, half the day had passed. After the trip he had made, he did not seem to have gained anything. As for the mysterious reward mentioned by Zhang Wei…
Chen Feng checked his bank account, thinking that the association had rewarded him with money. However, he found nothing.

“What is it, exactly?”
Chen Feng was curious.

However, right at this moment, a piece of news released by Gold City Daily attracted Chen Feng’s attention. He would not normally pay attention to such news. However, this time, the headline of the news…
Had actually covered him as the front page! earlier!
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