The Strongest Gene Chapter 601-610

Chapter 601: Inside Information on the President

“???” Ba Gu was dumbstruck.

Friction between humans and ancients…
It sounded normal, but as he thought about it, he kept feeling that this did not sound right. What damnable analogy was this?

Ba Gu was furious. “I am the Foreign…”
Chen Feng patted his shoulder and gave him a profound look. “I know.”
Ba Gu raged. What the hell is this profound look for? When he finally tried to say something, he noticed that Chen Feng had already left. He could only hold his anger in. Looking at the glances the young lady of the ancient race was sending him, he had no choice but to personally go and placate them. Afterward, he recalled that look on Chen Feng’s face…
Screw you! I am only going over to placate them! Placate! Ba Gu cried a tearless cry. Why had the fine Foreign Affairs Department changed flavors after arriving here?

“Is this the place?”  the president asked as he stared ahead. There, a forest could be seen. Based on the information they had obtained, the S-class devil and a majority of the devils were hiding here.

An ancient general stood out. “Yes.”  Her name was Tianyu Liming, and she was the strongest expert of the ancients here. Although this person with a unique identity, this war god of the ancients, had once been male, since he had been gay, he had unperturbed been his transformation into a woman. As her attraction to males was now as it should be, the change in gender was a good thing for her. This time, the reason she had offered to join this mission was because a short while ago, during one of their battles, she had fallen in love with the strongest expert of the humans: Liu Dongjiang, the current president of the Genetic Union. As the strongest expert among the military officers of the ancients,
she would only like the strongest expert among the humans.

“The devils will not let us do as we wish. It’s better if we are extra   prudent,”    Tianyu   Liming   said.   Next,   she   paused, seemingly trying to say something. “They have already been warned by me. They will no longer confess their love toward you.”
President: “…” So for you folks, this is a method of confessing love?

The people around them all moved further away to give them some space—largely because of the excessively powerful aura these two exuded. It was so powerful that an ordinary person could not endure this pressure around them. Even if they were all similarly peak beyond A classes, there was still a difference in their combat power. It was obvious that the president and this general were the outstanding ones among everyone here. “The rest take a rest. Tian Dao, San Jian, the two of you go and scout this forest,” the president commanded.

The rest stayed behind. The president did not realize that the general beside him was gazing at him tenderly.

Chen Feng observed this from a distance in an engrossed manner. It was said that this general was the strongest among the ancients. If she unleashed her full power, even Qin Hai would not dare to face her directly. If she and the president…
Mhm, it will most certainly be interesting.

Chen Feng felt gratified. The Land of Legacy of the ancients had always been a place the humans were worried about. The warriors with odd diamonds on their heads there were the strongest among the ancients. Moreover, due to various reasons, they were probably not willing to coexist peacefully with the humans. This was the only thing Chen Feng was worried about. Fortunately, according to Qin Hai, they had not gotten themselves involved in this matter of the union between humans and ancients. All along, they had never appeared.

What did those people think of this? Chen Feng was clueless. However, if they could completely conquer the ancient race before those people in the Land of Legacy got involved, assimilating the ancients completely, it would be too late even if the Land of Legacy decided to get involved.

Chen Feng’s mind worked rapidly as his gaze swept over the president and the general without stop. By the side, Ba Gu gave Chen Feng a glance. At that look, all his hairs stood on end. Holy shit, Chen Feng wasn’t thinking of scheming against even the president, right?

Ba Gu laughed dryly and denied that thought. No, that’s impossible! How could that be possible? This was the president, the strongest expert of humanity, the apex human who was halfway into S class. Alas, before this thought even settled, Chen Feng could be seen walking silently toward the president. With a gloomy tone, he stated to the ancients in a low voice, “Are you interested in buying it?”
Ba Gu widened his eyes. Holy shit, this guy…
“Are  you  interested  in  purchasing  all  information  on  our president?”  whispered Chen Feng. “Due to the status of our president, all sorts of information regarding him has been recorded within the Genetic Union. His various poses and postures, and the video recordings of what he did back then when he joined the selection for the president…”
Tianyu Liming’s interest was piqued. “You have all of them?”
“Of  course.”   Chen  Feng  gazed  at  the  long-legged  beauty before him and said in a low voice, “All the information has been saved on this virtual CD. Inside, I have also included a romance guide, which contains many of our president’s preferences.”
“How much are you selling it for?” Tianyu Liming asked in a low voice. The manner in which these two talked was akin to two members of some underground society.

“I’m giving it to you for free. But please take care of me during this trip,” Chen Feng said in a low voice. “Even though I am also a peak beyond A class, I am essentially a producer with lower combat power. I do not wish to die here.”
“Understood.”  Tianyu Liming understood what Chen Feng wanted.


Chen Feng transmitted the data to her, and the trade was complete. Ba Gu: “…”
With his very own eyes, he watched as Chen Feng pimped their president out.

Ba Gu gulped. “This… is somewhat excessive?”
“How  is  this  excessive?”  Chen  Feng  glanced  at  him  and solemnly said, “You think our mission this time is an easy one? That is an S class we are targeting. Any carelessness will result in all of us perishing here. It is a good thing that the strongest expert of the ancients is in love with our president. With this, they will surely protect our president with all they have,” Chen Feng said gravely.

“Is that so?”  Ba Gu felt ashamed as he heard Chen Feng’s explanation. Chen Feng had actually thought that far ahead. So he was making use of the feelings of the ancient race to protect the president? Chen Feng was too thoughtful! Ba Gu felt that he was truly too young to have not thought of all this. “No matter what you do, you must think more.” Chen Feng patted Ba Gu’s shoulder and pointed toward the distant ancient race. “For example, it is time for you to attend to them now.”
Ba Gu’s face darkened. “I am placating them, not attending!” Could Chen Feng not use such a choice of words that could easily cause misunderstandings?

At this time, the distant Tianyu Liming finished reading the “Autobiography   of   the   President,”    “Encyclopedia   of   the President’s Favorite Food and Drinks,” “The Lost First Love of the  President,”   and  so  on.  Next,  she  started  her  grand undertaking of pursuing the president. She did as the books told her, maintaining a certain distance between her and the president in order to leave a good impression on him.

Indeed, the president appeared rather satisfied with the distance that the general maintained with him.

Just look, this particular ancient was completely different than those other flirtatious sluts. Those people would even plaster their bodies upon his own if they could. This fellow was the only one maintaining a certain distance from him. Splendid. The president was satisfied.

Tianyu Liming was inwardly overjoyed. “It indeed works.” That person called Chen Feng had indeed not been scamming her. The president truly preferred those graceful, reserved, and cold ladies. Right at this moment, Tian Dao and San Jian returned from their scouting mission.

“Everything seems normal,” San Jian stated after pondering for a moment. “We didn’t note anything abnormal, but then again, the yin aura is rather dense in the forest. Perhaps, some devils with the yin property are residing within.”
“They are indeed within the forest,”  Tian Dao stated in a deep voice. He specialized in detecting life force. “The eyes of the devils could be sensed at all times, both from underground and from the sky. They could be anywhere in the forest.”
The president nodded. “Well done. Let’s set off, then. This time, we shall leave them no way out.”

Chapter 602: The Terror of S Class

In the devil race’s territory, the group of 12 advanced cautiously through the forest. The devils seemed to have some sort of feeling toward forests, as no matter where the devils went, they would create a forest there that could help them conceal themselves. It seemed stupid, yet it was also effective. Everyone raised their head, and the only thing that entered their sight was endless trees.

San Jian glanced around. “The visibility here is very low.”
“No life-forms detected in our vicinity…”
Before Tian Dao could even finish his sentence…
Bang! A shiny flash streaked past. Tian Dao dodged hastily, but the pitch-black flash still brushed his cheek, leaving behind a bright-red bloody scar.


His eyes flashed red as his scouting ability was activated, yet nothing was discovered.

“Not a life-form?”  Tian Dao frowned. “San Jian, have you found anything?”
San Jian shook his head. “Nope.”  Tian Dao specialized in scouting and locking onto things with signs of life within, whereas Tian Dao was good at observing the environment. Both of them had their specific skill sets, yet this attack had been able to avoid any sort of detection from either of them. Even with their strength at peak beyond A class, they had still failed to detect it.

“Not a life-form and not environmental… Is that some sort of puppet?” they guessed. “Let’s go get a look from above.”
They left and tried searching from the sky. Yet the moment they were rising up in the sky, a blood-red flash pierced through their chests.


The two corpses fell loudly to the ground.

The rest chilled as they saw this. “Dead?”
The relaxed mood vanished. Someone was dead. They had just entered the forest and two were already dead. Moreover, the two killed were the ones with the strongest detection abilities, the peak beyond A classes Tian Dao and San Jian.

“Damn it.” Ba Gu felt his scalp go numb. That attack… Only an S class could kill those two instantly. They had ultimately underestimated the devil race, resulting in this happening. The devil race’s intelligence was not any lower than that of the humans or ancients. Although that S class had failed to fully reawaken, the old devil controlling him was a treacherous one. Hunting the devils was completely different than hunting wild animals. In this forest, the humans and the ancients were
the prey instead.


The president made his move and blasted away the numerous trees around them. But, to their horror, the trees that had just been destroyed grew back instantaneously.

With a solemn expression, the president said, “This place… is a maze.”
A maze even San Jian had failed to detect? The creator of the maze…
Tianyu Liming sneered. “S class!”  Only that person, the S class of the devils, could set up a maze that even a peak beyond A class would fail to detect. Perhaps this mission would be much harder than they had imagined. Losing two peak beyond A class scouts, their subsequent progress would not be easy.

“This so-called maze should be the devils’ protective barrier. First, they created this maze where one can’t get a sense of direction and can’t detect anything within. Next, they have that S class ambush us while hiding…”
Ba Gu inhaled deeply. Normally, as an apex existence, especially an S class, such a person would have the arrogance of a top expert and be extremely concerned with their face. This applied to even people like Ba Gu. If they as beyond A classes had to ambush some B classes, that would be truly too embarrassing.

Yet here, this S class was obviously not bothered by this. This was akin to the story of the brave warrior and the evil dragon. In this story, the brave warrior and his companions worked hard to level up before ultimately slaying the evil dragon. When had one ever heard of a version where the evil dragon headed to the novice village in a shameless manner to ambush the brave warrior? Moreover… Li Lei, who had been keeping silent all this while, said, “He is much stronger now.”
The president took a deep breath. “I have miscalculated.”
After being in such a high position for so long, his thought process had evidently become much too rigid.

A total of six people from the Genetic Union had joined this time, and now, only four were left. With Chen Feng, the producer-cum-warrior included, their combat power had been reduced quite significantly.

The president sighed. “We will have to rely on you ancients next.” The ancients were evidently better in terms of operating in a place like this.

Tianyu Liming nodded her head. “Understood. Formation.”
Shua! The ancients stood around the group and started exploring the forest cautiously.

“They have already discovered our existence. That S class could launch a surprise attack at any time. With his strength, none of us will be able to stop him. As such, everyone must stay within this defensive formation.”
Bang! Bang!

The ancients formed a powerful sealed formation. They did not have any scouts, but they possessed warriors exceptional in both defending and attacking, each of them of excellent quality.

A faint radiance whirled around them. The yin aura pervading this forest was, to a certain extent, expelled by this formation. “Chen Feng, you stay in the innermost area of the group,” the president said.

“All right.” Chen Feng stood in between all of them obediently. When facing this true S class, Chen Feng decided to play the role of a gene producer. Tian Dao and San Jian had been killed so fast that even Chen Feng hadn’t been able to react to it. In fact, he didn’t even know what that red flash had been.

Chen Feng was fearful. “Is this the power of an S class?”
“His strength is returning to him without stop,” Li Lei stated with a solemn expression. “We have truly been too rash this time.”
The president sighed. “But we had no choice but to come, right?” They hadn’t had any choice but to make this trip. This was their only chance to eliminate the devil race. Nobody could predict what would happen when the devil race recovered enough of their strength, when that S class recovered. In any case, the ancients still had their Land of Legacy, but the humans might suffer extinction! Li Lei did not reply to that. To the side, Chen Feng felt somewhat awkward.

In fact, he wanted to tell them that he was also an S class as well. The devils and the ancients were not the only ones with an S class in their ranks. Now, humans had their own S class as well. However, as he thought about that S-class devil’s combat power, Chen Feng could only submit.

He had yet to grasp the power of S class, and his Luck Aura was still not working. Currently, he was only capable of beating a single peak beyond A class. That was all.

Chen Feng took a deep breath. “Spirit, observe the surroundings for me.”
Spirit nodded. “Understood.”  Even if he couldn’t use Luck Aura, Spirit could still serve as an extra pair of eyes to help observe his surroundings. As for scouting…
“Xiao Ying, I will be relying on you,” Chen Feng muttered. Shua!

A red flash shot out of his hand and vanished. Xiao Ying’s body turned illusory and rose up to the sky in the direction of that earlier red flash. However, after streaking forth for only one minute, Xiao Ying stopped.

Before Xiao Ying was an illusory barrier that blocked his advance. That’s right, here, Xiao Ying was actually stopped from advancing.


Chen Feng’s eyes flashed red. Through Xiao Ying’s eyes, he gazed at the world beyond the barrier. There, a huge pair of eyes could be seen flickering with a red radiance. That was precisely the red that had killed both Tian Dao and San Jian earlier.

That is… Chen Feng was alarmed. At this time, that huge pair of eyes suddenly glanced in his direction. The blood-red gaze swept around the air before ultimately landing on Xiao Ying.

This thing is able to see Xiao Ying?

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling and was about to recall Xiao Ying.


The terrifying red radiance shone yet again.

Chapter 603: What Nice Timing

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. “Xiao Ying!”

The red radiance pierced through Xiao Ying. Chen Feng’s expression was unsightly. This was the very first time Xiao Ying’s illusory form had been seen through ever since he had started following Chen Feng. S class was indeed much more terrifying than Chen Feng had guessed.

An intense thought was transmitted to Chen Feng.

Xiao Ying had attempted to devour this power as well. However, due to this power being too strong, Xiao Ying was completely incapable of devouring it. Instead, it was now on the verge of imploding. Chen Feng tried to recall Xiao Ying. “Return!”
Suddenly, Spirit stated, “Chen Feng, he is now tangled with that S-class power. If you recall him, he might be affected. You might be injured as well.”
“I know,” replied Chen Feng with a calm expression. Despite the danger, he had to recall Xiao Ying.

Once  again,  he  tried  to  recall  Xiao  Ying.  “Return!”   Yet surprisingly, even under the intense pain, Xiao Ying tried to resist Chen Feng’s summon. He was rejecting the summon!

“Xiao Ying!”  Chen Feng shouted. Although Xiao Ying had a unique identity, he was ultimately one who had fused with Chen Feng’s spiritual energy. As such, when Chen Feng was recalling him, he had to return. And now, he was actually thinking of resisting Chen Feng’s summon. Evidently, as Spirit said, Xiao Ying was worried that he might implicate Chen Feng if he returned. “Damn it.” Chen Feng took a deep breath. That S-class power was too strong. If he did not recall Xiao Ying as soon as possible, something bad might happen to Xiao Ying. Even if Xiao Ying didn’t die, his consciousness would be cleanly erased from this. For a life-form such as Xiao Ying, erasing his consciousness was no different than death.

Chen Feng shouted, “Return!”

The will of an S class descended as he summoned Xiao Ying. In a hegemonic manner, Chen Feng recalled Xiao Ying with brute force. And thus, Xiao Ying returned.

Accompanying Xiao Ying in his return was that unique power of an S class. Entwined around Xiao Ying’s body, the power entered Chen Feng’s consciousness, bringing with it a terrifying attack.

A firm expression appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Come.” We are both S classes. I can’t beat you, but can I not even beat your energy?


The red surged. Chen Feng tried to destroy this energy with force, but this energy was much more frightening than he had imagined. With his power, he was incapable of even shaking it even though he was an S class as well.

Bang! Bang!

The red radiance entered Chen Feng. With all his power, Chen Feng resisted it. From the instant he had recalled Xiao Ying, he had been prepared for this. With his present strength, if he decided to resist it with brute force, he might be able to succeed. Even though his power was not as strong as the red radiance, he had more of it, since his body was the battleground.

“Come!” Chen Feng howled. Bang! Bang!

The two powers collided. Chen Feng could feel his body tearing apart. This power wasn’t the terrifying part. However, when two S-class powers clashed within his body, his body was incapable of enduring the impact and was breaking apart without stop.

Bang! Bang!

Blood splashed around. Chen Feng’s body went through a constant cycle of destruction and reconstruction.

Chen Feng clenched his teeth. I can hang on! Right at this instant, he seemed to hear a sigh. A familiar yet unfamiliar voice resounded, and abruptly, a gush of formidable power surged out.

Bang! With a bright radiance, a formidable existence descended upon Chen Feng’s consciousness. That person was familiar, and they were wearing a familiar… robe.

“Chen Feng!” Ming Yue wrapped a bathrobe around her and pointed at Chen Feng in anger. “Must you guys meet danger every time I take a shower?”
Chen Feng: “…”

The red surged. As this power saw Ming Yue’s appearance, its first reaction was to charge over.

“Courting death.”
Ming Yue had lacked an outlet to vent her anger, but now this red power had “offered” itself to Ming Yue. She clutched at this power and started beating it up so badly until ultimately, the red power become docile. Next, she tossed it over to Xiao Ying.

Ming Yue frowned. “A power like this…”
She remembered how previously, Chen Feng’s opponents had normally been B classes, A classes, and so on. Why had they encountered an enemy of this level now? What in the world had these two fellows been up to?

“What exactly are the two of you doing?” Ming Yue was about to say something more when her body started flickering. “Indeed… descending upon this place with force has exhausted too much energy? Chen Feng! Protect Xiao Ying properly! This damnable place… restrictions… Something is off… No wonder even I can feel a sense of crisis…”

Her figure vanished cleanly. As for Xiao Ying, he had just finished devouring a huge amount of S-class power and his body was now round and plump, greatly resembling a rubber ball. Having had his fill, he started sleeping with a resounding snore. It was still unknown if devouring such a large quantity of unique power would be a good thing or a bad thing for him.

She left?

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. He had a feeling that something wasn’t right. The appearance of Ming Yue had been too coincidental. In the past, she had only appeared so coincidentally after serious planning by Chen Feng coupled with the help of a huge amount of luck value. Yet earlier… Ming Yue had appeared without any warning.

Based on what she had said, she had sensed some sort of crisis? But then, Chen Feng remembered that she had once said that being so far apart, being in different worlds, she was incapable of sensing a crisis in this world. Why had she discovered that they were in danger, then?

This was truly odd. Moreover, earlier, Chen Feng had sensed a familiar power. Luck! He looked inwardly. His Luck Aura was still updating—there was no sign of activity there. Misconception? Impossible! Why, then? Or perhaps, this time, it had truly been pure luck? Ming Yue had, for some reason, sensed what was happening here and arrived? But she had obviously been in the middle of a shower…
“Spirit, did you sense anything?” Chen Feng asked suddenly.

“No.”  Spirit shook her head and asked curiously, “What’s up?”
“I seem to have felt the power of luck.” Chen Feng pondered before  continuing,  “Otherwise,  Ming  Yue  could  not  have appeared so coincidentally.”
Spirit appeared quite doubtful as well. “That should not be the case. If the power of luck were around, I would most certainly be able to sense it. Of course, if it was merely a coincidence, I wouldn’t have been able to sense it.”
“Is that so?”  Chen Feng contemplated. In other words, this time, it had been pure coincidence? After being unlucky for so long, fortune had finally smiled upon him this one time? During such a crucial moment as well? Chen Feng frowned. Xiao Ying…
Ming Yue…
Numerous thoughts flashed through his mind.

“Chen Feng!”
“Chen Feng!”
Numerous alarmed cries called him back to the real world. He opened his eyes and noticed that the president and several others were looking at him anxiously. Xiao Ying had always remained in an illusory form and they were unable to see him. But blood had suddenly begun spurting out of Chen Feng’s body earlier, giving them a fright. Chen Feng shook his head. “I’m fine. I might have been too nervous and had a minor breakthrough.”
Li Lei looked at Chen Feng like he was looking at a retard. “Minor  breakthrough?”  Breakthrough?  So  when  you  break through, your body cracks and your blood splatters everywhere? The amount of blood you spurted out earlier was crazy! Who would buy this?

“I’m really fine.”  Chen Feng smiled. “But I have discovered the location of that fellow.”
All their eyes shone. With his screen, he transmitted the coordinates to all of them. They all sank into thought. It seemed like Chen Feng had suffered some backlash from scouting this place earlier…
Ba Gu felt somewhat ashamed. Everyone advanced slowly, waiting for their chance. Right at this instant, Tianyu Liming’s eyes,  which  had  remained  shut,  suddenly  opened.  “It’s coming.”
Her eyes gleamed coldly as radiance swirled around her hand. The defensive formation was activated, forming a huge shield. Distantly, the barrier of the forest opened abruptly and a blood-red radiance flashed toward them.


A bright explosion erupted.

The defensive formation was tottering from being blasted, but ultimately, it successfully blocked the S-class attack.

The president’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Now!”  He had been waiting a long time for this moment.

Shua! Light swirled around. The president moved. A terrifying energy blasted toward where the red light had come from. Before the forest barrier could completely close up, the attack forcefully blasted in.


A translucent shockwave erupted resoundingly. All the trees and fog vanished. The maze put in place by the devils had obviously failed. In the distance, the seals and the devils were now faintly discernible. As everyone saw this, they heaved a sigh of relief. They had finally gotten rid of the maze. Next would be the true battle.

Chapter 604: No Choice but to Battle

“You guys were actually capable of solving the maze,”  came the hoarse voice of the old devil, seemingly rather surprised. Beside him, several dozen powerful devils were prostrated on the ground, expressing their loyalty to this old devil. The old devil snorted, ignoring the devils around him. “Hpmh.”
“Kill!” Tianyu Liming commanded coldly.


Instantly, the joint squad of humans and ancients made their move. The tricks and maze of the devils had indeed done some damage to them and had even killed two of them. However, that was it. The comprehensive strength of this declined devil race was much weaker than the humans and ancients.


The several dozen devils moved. Alas, they were all cannon fodder. Their apparently powerful bodies were akin to paper. The president, who was still furious over the two deaths, vented his anger on these devils.


Blood splattered around. The president alone slaughtered no less than 10 devils. These devils would have difficulty facing even one of the ancients or humans. Now that both the humans and ancients had joined hands, the devils had no way of even fighting back.

Instantly, all the devils were killed, leaving only the old devil behind. He was still seated there gloomily, watching on as his underlings died for him. Despite the deaths, he remained unmoved, watching on coldly.

The president sneered. “Still not willing to let that person act?” Naturally, the president was referring to that S-class devil.

“Something like an ambush will only work once,”  Tianyu Liming stated coldly. The deaths they had suffered earlier on had been due to a lack of preparations, as they had not expected the S class to ambush them. As long as they were prepared for it, an ambush was a joke.

The old devil smiled sinisterly. “Hehe. I have been waiting a long time for you guys.”
The president made his move without hesitation. “Kill him!”

A surge of energy erupted. Alas, surprising them all, when his attack neared the old devil, it stopped. Around the old devil, circles of light-blue energy shone in a mechanical fashion, blocking the president’s attack. At present, the numerous steles were flickering with a petrifying might.

Tianyu  Liming’s  eyes  gleamed  coldly.  “Is  it  due  to  those things?” Bang! Bang!

She started blasting those steles.

Blue light flashed, but the steles remained fine.

Tianyu Liming shook her head. “Can’t damage them. The attacks feel like they landed on cotton.”
“Hehehehe.” The old devil laughed wildly. “Using the terms of you humans, that is an S-class barrier. It is impossible for attacks at your level to penetrate the barrier.”
S class…
The president and Tianyu Liming exchanged a glance. In a regular battle, S-class power would indeed be of a higher level than them. However, S-class power used by an incomplete S- class devil wasn’t particularly powerful. But these barriers…
The president thought of something, and his expression changed. “This power had been improved by you.”
The old devil laughed sinisterly. “Indeed. Do you really think that I am not aware of what you guys were prepared to do? Since you guys have appeared here, I suppose you guys have already thought of a method to deal with S classes, right? Let me give it a guess: the urine of that ex-prince? You guys have solved the mystery of the urine, right? Hahahaha.”
Their expressions changed as they heard these words. This guy… was even aware of this?

“This can be found out with simple deduction, no?” The old devil had a faint smile on his face. “You guys must have believed that since I want to control the S-class devil, I will have to keep him in an incomplete state, right? After all, the moment the consciousness of the S class returns, he will most certainly not remain under my control, right? Hehe. That is indeed the case. But do you guys think that I will give him a chance to return? Do you guys think that if his consciousness is incapable of returning, I will not be able to utilize the true S- class power? No, how wrong that is… How idiotic are you guys?”
A loud howl resounded. Up in the air, a huge figure appeared. The S-class devil had returned. He appeared up in the sky with terrifying energy enveloping his body. Along with his appearance was the appearance of that S-class power they were all so very familiar with. Mhm, this should be an incomplete S- class power.

“Not too strong, no?” The old devil smiled faintly. “How about…” The old devil waved his hand.


All the steles around them started to shine. A gush of power bloomed from his body before surging up into the sky to fuse with the energy of that S-class devil. Ultimately, a brand-new power was formed. This new power was as strong as a complete S class.

“Not good.”
Their expressions sank. None of them had expected this old devil to be capable of recreating a true S-class power. It was no wonder that this old devil had not gotten this S-class devil to make any moves previously. This guy was no longer something like a puppet. Rather, this guy was now a fountain supplying power to this old devil.

“Haha.”  The old devil laughed wildly. “This is my ability, improvement! I am able to improve all powers! Hahaha, thank you all for appearing here… Now, be my undying servants!”

The old devil waved his hand. A dreadful and deep darkness descended. “First, I’ll kill you all. Next, I’ll refine you all into puppets. I shall become the master of this world. Hahahahaha!”
The old devil laughed wildly. Devils? Ancients? Humans? To hell with all of them!

A devilish wind started blazing.

“Defend,” Tianyu Liming howled. When that dreadful black wind swept past her face, her face ached terribly. The ancients erected their defenses immediately but were still having difficulties hanging on. Even with their strength, they couldn’t endure this devilish wind.

The president clenched his teeth tightly. “S class…” “Are we not able to beat him?” howled Tianyu Liming amid the devilish wind.

“We had originally expected to face an incomplete S class. Only around 10 peak beyond A classes would have been required for that feat. Coupled with the help of the sealing reagent produced with the young prince, perhaps even six of us would  already  have  been  sufficient.”  The  president  sighed. “But now…”
He stared ahead. That S-class devil was staying away from them, and they had no way of approaching him. Thus, they had no way of sealing that S-class devil. And with that old devil’s improvement ability, what they faced was a complete S- class power.

The  president  made  a  swift  judgment.  “Based  on  my calculations, we would require 20 peak beyond A classes to deal with this power.”
Twenty? The hearts of others chilled as they heard this. Originally, they had been a squad of twelve, even after including Ba Gu and Chen Feng. After the death of Tian Dao and San Jian, they only had 10 peak beyond A classes here.

How were they supposed to fight this with only half the required strength?

The ancients’ defenses started tottering. This devilish wind was too powerful. They had no way of resisting. Was this the real power of an S class? The president had a bitter feeling. He had been cultivating hard his entire life yet ultimately failed to reach that level.

Right at this instant, Tianyu Liming howled before standing before everyone.

“Twenty peak beyond A classes, huh?” She laughed crazily. Bang!

She stabbed her weapon into the ground. “By myself, I am equivalent to twenty!”
A gold radiance bloomed. Tianyu Liming had entered her top combat form. Everyone’s mind jolted.

The president looked at her, and realization dawned upon him. “Let me join in.”  True, he had been concentrating on cultivation for so long that he had become so rotten now. Once upon of time, he had also been a hot-blooded warrior!


Energy bloomed all around the president’s body as he stood beside Tianyu Liming. “I… am equivalent to ten!”
Tianyu Liming exchanged a glance with him. The two laughed heartily. Since it had come to this, their only option was to fight it out!

Chapter 605: You Are Being Excessive

They pointed at the old devil. “Come!”
The old devil laughed sinisterly. “Hehehe…  A little couple, huh? I shall fulfill your wish and allow the both of you to perish together, hehehehe…”

The dreadful devilish wind swept forth. Everyone braced themselves for the battle, their gazes firm. This time, they were all prepared to die. Twenty peak beyond A classes were required to deal with this? Well then, they would put their lives on the line to fight it out! With their strength, if they tried their best, they might be able to kill this fellow for real. That alone would be sufficient. Let their lives be the price to pay for peace. The golden radiance ignited. Amid the darkness, the golden radiance intensified. An incomparably huge battle was about to break out. Right at this instant… Chen Feng dragged Ba Gu away silently.

Ba Gu was somewhat stupefied. “What are you doing?”
“Do this…” Chen Feng whispered something to Ba Gu.

Ba Gu looked at Chen Feng with a gaze like he was looking at a retard. “Are you sure?”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “What a stupid question. Do it quick. Moreover, they are all elites at peak beyond A class. What is a beyond A8 like you even going to do there?”
Ba Gu: “…” “Go, fast.”  Chen Feng pushed him, “Victory or defeat will depend on this.”
Ba Gu was still filled with doubt. “Are you sure?”
“Yes.”  Chen Feng was filled with confidence. “When have I ever lied to you all?”
Ba Gu glanced at the bitter battle that was about to start. Ultimately, they had low odds of success when facing this S class and could only put their lives on the line in this fight. If so, they were better off…
Ba Gu clenched his teeth. “Let’s do it!” He grabbed the gene reagent and charged toward a nearby stele. Immediately, the old devil noticed him. This fellow…

Ba Gu crushed the gene reagent produced by the prince’s urine and tossed it onto the stele. Layers of light-blue light appeared and swirled around the stele as the gene reagent started working to corrode them. Alas, the blue radiance merely flickered before they continued swirling past.

“Ridiculous,” the old devil said with a malevolent expression. “You think this is some incomplete S-class power? No, this is something formed with S-class power I personally improved. Your sealing reagent is useless.”
The president frowned. “Ba Gu, get back.” He had no idea what this Ba Gu was doing over there. At a time like this, only combining all their power together to fight it out with the old devil would work. Trying something that would obviously not work like this was a waste of time. Ba Gu took a deep breath. “Got it.” This gene reagent had merely been his last attempt. The actual method Chen Feng had taught him was in fact…
He took another deep breath. He recalled what Chen Feng had said, clenched his teeth, and faced the stele. Next, in a practiced manner, he untied his waistband.

The president: “???”
The members of the ancient race: “???”
The old devil: “???”
With stupefaction, everyone stared at Ba Gu. Holy shit, what’s this guy doing? Ba Gu firmed his heart. I shall go all out this time!


A sturdy liquid sprayed out and was launched upon the stele.

Clumps of white smoke started rising from the stele. The old devil watched on with an ashen complexion and remained in a long daze. The entire world seemed to have lapsed into silence at this moment. Everyone watched on silently as Ba Gu finished peeing before pulling his waistband up without saying anything. Next, they dazedly looked at the stele that had been peed. Even the old devil did not try to stop Ba Gu.

Previously, there had been a complete devil seal imprinted on the stele, but right now, after Ba Gu had peed on it, there was a big patch in the shape of an X. And next… nothing happened. The devilish aura still pervaded the air, the S-class power as dreadful as ever.

Ba Gu was somewhat dumbstruck.

The plotline seemed to be going in the wrong direction. Based on what Chen Feng had said, after peeing on it, this stele was supposed to collapse. At this moment, he had a vague feeling that he had been tricked by Chen Feng!

“What are you doing?” the president asked with an ashen complexion.

Ba Gu: “…”
“Someone actually thought of something like this.” Opposite them, the old devil gave him a deep gaze. He had never expected that among the humans, there would also be such people who upon failing to defeat the enemy would vow to disgust the enemy instead. Alas, this was ineffective against him. Way earlier, when he had first started controlling the S- class devil, the entirety of the S-class devil had reeked of urine.
He had long grown used to this smell. A smell at the level of Ba Gu’s urine would not affect him at all.

The old devil sneered. “How funny.”

The devilish wind swept forth again. Once again, all the steles started to shine. The “liquid” left behind by Ba Gu evaporated instantly.

Ba Gu despaired. Indeed… it’s ineffective? What had been the point of tricking him at a time like this?

“Die.” The dreadful power of the old devil descended. Right at this moment, his release seemed to be cut short. In an unfathomable manner, the old devil felt like his entire body had been hollowed out.

His body froze.


Instantly, the shining steles dimmed.

What was going on? Could it be…
His first reaction was to look at where Ba Gu stood, but there, Ba Gu was also watching on with a dumbstruck expression. Had his “attack” earlier worked? This was what everyone thought, and this thought persisted until they saw, in the distance, at the furthest stele, a vague figure appear, lift the stele, and start running. That familiar figure… looked like… Chen Feng?

Clang! Clang!

Chen Feng tossed the stele far away before returning at top speed. Lifting another stele, he ran away again and repeated the same process. The old devil had only noticed him when he was lifting the third stele.

The  old  devil’s  eyes  widened.  “How  is  that  possible?”  He watched on with an expression of disbelief.

The super-formidable power that he had improved, the steles produced by a top-notch S-class power, were being removed by someone just like that? How was that possible? One ought to know that without the power of an S class, nobody could even hope to touch the steles.

The old devil was furious. “Damn it!”  He had no idea what trick the humans were using; however, he had to stop what Chen Feng was doing. Alas, right as he was about to move, the president and the ancients moved as well.


Terrifying attacks halted the advance of the old devil.

The president sensed the present strength of the old devil and sneered. “Your strength… does not seem that strong?”
“Damn it!”  The old devil was furious. As Chen Feng had lifted three of the steles, the old devil’s strength had reduced dramatically. He wanted to recover the stolen steles but was stopped by the president. He could only watch on with eyes wide as Chen Feng removed one stele after another…until all the steles were gone.

Hum— A faint radiance flashed past. The power he had fused with vanished, and his connection with the S-class power was completely severed.

“No!” The old devil was alarmed. Without the S-class power, he was nothing. He ordered the S-class devil, “Damn it, why are you still not saving me?”
The S-class devil moved rapidly, but surprisingly, at this instant, his eyes flashed with gold. His moving body stopped for around half a second before resuming moving. Alas, due to this half-second pause, he was too late to rescue the old devil. This half-second pause was sufficient for that old devil to lose his life.

Chapter 606: Seal


The president’s powerful attack erupted, ripping the old devil apart.

The old devil watched on with an unbelieving expression. “You  people…”   The  previous  instant,  he  had  still  been dreaming the dream of conquering the entire world. The next instant, he had been instantly killed. His dream had been crushed so quickly he hadn’t even been able to react to it before dying.

Chen Feng…
His gaze landed on Chen Feng. It was this guy who had used some unknown method to take away his steles. Hateful! There was also that bastard called Ba Gu… If it wasn’t because of his insulting actions earlier, the old devil would not have shifted his attention and that Chen Feng would not have had any chance to do what he had. The humans were actually so treacherous! Plop.

The old devil collapsed onto the ground weakly. Dead.

His final gaze landed on that S-class devil. He could not understand why this devil, which he had always been able to summon as he wished, had been delayed when summoned earlier. He felt like this death of his was too great of an injustice!


The entire world lapsed into silence. The old devil was dead, killed so very quickly. The president gazed at his own hands. He had not dared to believe that he would be able to easily kill such a powerful devil with a random attack, yet this was what had happened.

The president gained understanding. “He’s actually so weak without the fused power.” So it turned out that, originally, this old devil had merely been as strong as a regular A class. “It’s that child.”
Everyone looked at Chen Feng. They all knew that during the crucial moment earlier, it had been Chen Feng who had used some unknown method to move the steles, giving them the upper hand. This time, Chen Feng had once again made a huge contribution.

The president was very satisfied. “Not bad.” Only Ba Gu had an expression of melancholy on his face. He had finally realized that Chen Feng had merely used him as bait to attract the attention of that old devil. This was too excessive!

“How did you move the steles?”  Li Lei asked the returning Chen Feng.

Chen Feng gave a rough explanation. “Although the steles were formed by S-class power, the old devil was, after all, still a beyond A class. Since the steles were created by a beyond A class, a beyond A class could certainly break them.”
Everyone sank into contemplation. Chen Feng had not said much. After all, he couldn’t possibly tell them that the only reason he had been able to move those steles was because he was an S class, that the steles had no defenses against S classes. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he couldn’t unleash S-class power after telling them that? As an incomplete S class, Chen Feng still saw himself as being “between beyond A class and S class.” That was all.

Suddenly, Tianyu Liming said, “Look there.”
Everyone followed her line of sight. Distantly, as the old devil died, the devilish aura around them vanished. Only an S-class devil was left behind. This S-class devil seemed to have sunk into sleep.

“Is he sleeping because he’s sealed?” Li Lei asked after some thought.

“Nope. However, the devil controlling him is already dead. At present, he is in an unmanned state, as his consciousness is temporarily incomplete. Moreover, even after waking up, he will still only move according to his instincts. If we take this chance to kill him…” the president said unhurriedly. Everyone exchanged gazes. This was indeed a chance for them.

“Ba Gu, the gene reagent,” the president stated.

“All right.” Ba Gu became agitated. The old devil was dead, and the S-class devil was in a temporary coma. They could make use of this opportunity to seal this devil. This was the best opportunity for the humans. Earlier, only a single gene reagent had been used. To face this S-class devil, they had prepared a huge amount of S-class sealing reagents! Naturally, this was also the fruit of that young prince continuously peeing for one entire week.

Shua! Shua!

Ba Gu poured the numerous gene reagents onto the S-class devil’s body. The faint powder shrouded the entirety of the S- class devil’s huge body, glimmering with a bright radiance.

“It’s working.” All their eyes shone. They watched on as the radiance entered the body of that devil and the power of that devil slowly declined. From an intense devilish aura, it was reduced to the point where one couldn’t even sense the aura. A huge part of his strength had been sealed. Everything was
progressing smoothly.

“Excellent.” The president’s eyes shone. “Next, kill him!”
After saying that, the president made his move.


Alas, just as his attack landed on that devil’s body, those tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. The devil that had been nearly fully sealed had awakened.

Bang! A bright radiance erupted. The devil’s body shone brightly and blocked the president’s attack.

“Awake?” The president wasn’t surprised. “Ninety percent of his strength has been sealed. Even if he is still an S class, he can’t display the power of an S class. At present, he is merely equivalent to two peak beyond A classes.”
Everyone pondered. So that was the case. If it was only the strength of two peak beyond A classes…
Tianyu Liming stood beside the president. “Let me go with you.”
The president nodded. “All right.” Against this devil, the two of them would be sufficient.

“Come!” The president charged at the devil, erupting with his formidable power. However, right at this instant, the expression of Tianyu Liming, who was beside him, changed greatly.

“Careful.” After crying out, she pushed the president out of the way.


A flash of red.

The president turned around hastily, and instantly, his entire body chilled. Where he had stood previously, an entire section of space had vanished. As for Tianyu Liming, one of her arms was missing—the arm she had used to push the president away earlier. The arm had vanished together with the space it had resided in.

The president flashed and instantly appeared beside her. “Lady Liming.” Hum—
A warm radiance flashed in his hand as he tried healing her. Alas, it was ineffective. The missing arm seemed to not exist and was thus incapable of restoration. The president was shocked. How was this possible…
Tianyu Liming did not seem to care. “I’m fine.”  From the moment she had become a general of the ancients, she had been prepared to sacrifice herself. Their race was numb toward the prospect of death. Rather, the president’s concern was what caused her heart to feel warm. Everyone saw what had happened, and their hearts chilled.

Damn it. What damnable power was that?

Tianyu  Liming  looked  at  that  devil.  “The  power  of  that fellow…”
Hu— Hu—
Slowly, and clumsily, the devil flew up to the sky. He seemed rather weak, yet the power he had unleashed earlier had been truly alarming, exceeding all their understanding. A power at this level…Yet this devil had obviously been sealed…
They couldn’t understand this. Chen Feng was the only one who had fixed his gaze on that devil. Earlier, he had been the only one who sensed that the power unleashed by that devil wasn’t ordinary S-class power. It was the legendary power of the awakened!

Chapter 607: Sorry, the Valve Is Out of Control

At the Genetic Union.

The young devil prince was smiling happily as he watched the humans before him. After a period of time here, he had already grown used to this life. Even though he would be suspended there frequently and his “liquid” would be extracted…
The young prince waved his hand. “Hey, Li Shang.”
The face of the researcher in front darkened. The vitality of the devil race was indeed so tenacious that it was unimaginable. The researcher in front remembered that on the first day, the young prince had appeared very weak after the experiment, like someone hollowed out. As time had passed, his condition had improved day by day, and now… mhm. The prince could urinate while chatting casually with everyone.

“You sure are generous,” Li Shang praised. The  young  prince  curled  his  lip.  “This  is  optimistic,  not generous. By the way, where’s the young lady in your research team?”

Li Shang’s expression changed. The moment they touched this topic, he became furious. As this prince was being fed water at all times, he could urinate as wished. However, the moment a female researcher was the one in charge, this prince would spray something else.

As he thought of this, he frowned. Wiping his face, he could smell the same foul odor.

The young prince smiled awkwardly. “That was an accident. It’s just that I haven’t seen any females for a very long time. With the young lady personally helping me with the ‘experiment’ that time, that’s why… Mhm, you know what I mean,” said the young prince in a subdued voice.

Li Shang merely gave him a cold glance without replying. “Hey, so is she here or not?” the prince asked.

“She’s an intern. On her first day, you scared her away. What do you think?” grumbled Li Shang.

The young prince became dispirited. “Fine.” The occasional appearance of female researchers was his only motivation.

“…” Li Shang looked at the dispirited expression of the prince and paused before saying, “If you can control yourself, I can get some researchers from over there to come here to watch and learn.”
“Is that for real?” The young prince was overjoyed. “Haha, I knew you were kind to me.”
Li Shang: “…” One would have some feelings after keeping a rat for half a year, let alone this young prince who was also a chatterer.  Li  Shang  frowned.  “Settle  yourself  first,  I’m extracting the liquid now.” “All right.” The young prince was happy. As he thought of how he would be able to see the females soon, he became somewhat excited. And thus, Li Shang’s expression darkened as he gazed furiously at the “hose” he was holding in his hand.

“If you continue losing control, I will castrate you and use a syringe to extract your liquid instead,” Li Shang said.


Instantly, the young prince calmed down.

Li Shang snorted coldly. “Hmph.” After extracting the sample smoothly, he prepared to leave. Suddenly, a bizarre radiance flickered, and on the young prince’s body, a radiance flashed.

Bang! Bang! A terrifying light wave bubbled out. Instantly, the numerous panes of high-durability glass shattered. These panes of glass were things even a beyond A class wouldn’t be able to break, yet all of them had shattered at this instant, turning into countless fragments. As for the young prince, his body started
hovering in midair.

Everyone was shocked. “What’s going on?”
Li Shang’s expression darkened. “You dare mess around?”
“This has nothing to do with me.”  The young prince was dumbstruck as well. He felt like his body was currently out of his control and was under the control of some power. It was hovering without his control. “Holy shit, Old Li, save me.”
“Help.”  Li Shang got everyone to help get the young prince down. Alas, right at this instant… A ripple flashed past. Instantly, the prince’s body vanished, resulting in Li Shang and the rest grabbing empty air. Next, the radiance faded, and the laboratory returned to its previous calm. The prince had disappeared.

“What’s going on?”
Everyone was shocked. The security team had already rushed over immediately, but they were unable to locate any foreign enemies. No enemies could be found! Their defensive system at the outer layer had not been triggered either.

“It’s not your fault.”  Li Shang shook his head. “The power originated from within the body of the young prince. Perhaps someone brought him away by force. Report this to the Genetic Union immediately.”
“All right.” “That person…”  Li Shang recalled the prince’s cry for help prior to his disappearance. Wasn’t it a good thing for the prince to gain freedom in such a manner? “Hopefully you are fine,” Li Shang muttered.

At this time, in the distant unknown region, Chen Feng and the rest were staring cautiously at the newly awakened devil expert. A faint power was being emitted without stop, a power so terrifying it caused one to feel petrified. This devil was very weak. It was obvious that the gene reagent produced with the young prince’s urine was working, as everyone could feel that the strength of this devil had been weakened by 90%.

But even with that, he was still so powerful, so powerful that their hair stood on end. This was completely different than the previous devil that had been under the control of the old devil. Moreover, this half-sealed S-class devil was even stronger than the whole old devil.

“How is that possible?” Everyone was horrified. They could not comprehend this. The old devil had clearly died. A huge portion of this devil’s power had obviously been sealed. Why was this devil still so terrifying?

Chen  Feng’s  gaze  was  sharp.  “Is  this  the  power  of  an awakened one?”

Light swirled. He focused his gaze on every single one of this devil’s actions. At the instant the devil moved, an irregular power had obviously been sensed, the unique power of an S class that was truly formidable.

“Spirit, analyze it for me,” Chen Feng urged inwardly.

“Understood.” Spirit cast all her senses toward the devil. Borrowing her senses, Chen Feng started studying every single one of this devil’s actions whenever he unleashed his power. Every second, every undulation—even without luck value, Chen Feng had to obtain a result.

“Let me take a look…  at what, exactly, is the power of an awakened one…” Chen Feng muttered inwardly. He knew that this was the only chance he had to comprehend the power of S class.

Chapter 608: Absolute Strength!

Their expressions changed greatly. “This is…”
“Ancestor?”  The  young  prince  was  overjoyed.  He  turned around abruptly and looked at the hovering devil. He had never expected that this ancestor that had fallen under the control of that treacherous old devil would return.

“Fast, kill him!” the president said.

The killing intent of Tianyu Liming surged. “Understood.”

Nearly all of them moved instantly. The consciousness of this fellow had returned. This was the most dreadful thing. If they allowed him to return completely and recover his strength, nobody would be his match. Thus, the humans had to kill him now. However, when the unparalleled attack of all nine of them reached the S-class devil, all the attacks vanished as they were all destroyed in midair. Their  expressions  changed.  “How  is  that  possible?”  This strength… How was he so powerful?

Bang! Bang!

Numerous waves of attacks erupted, but the devil merely waved his hand casually and all the attacks were destroyed. Regardless of how powerful the attacks were, they all vanished before the devil. Vanished, vanished, and vanished!
With a casual wave, all the attacks would vanish without a trace. How was this possible? They all despaired. They were not even in the same league as this opponent. Even when encountering the old devil that had obtained S-class power earlier, they had still been able to put up some sort of fight, but now, against this S-class devil with 90% of his power sealed, they were completely helpless.

They could not understand this. Was this due to the return of his consciousness? Or perhaps… “Come back.”  The devil stretched his hand out. The young prince’s figure floated over.

“Stop him!” the president shouted.

They couldn’t even defeat this devil when 90% of his power was sealed. If this fellow was able to use the young prince to unseal himself, they would be in grave danger.

Bang! Bang!

The president and the rest moved. Alas, they couldn’t stop him. All of their attacks transformed into nothingness the moment they neared the young prince. They had no way of harming him.

The prince watched on as his surroundings easily devoured every attack without any sort of pressure, akin to a black hole He knelt before the devil expert in happiness. “Ancestor.”
“Mhm.” The devil expert merely nodded slightly before, ultimately, his gaze landed on the president.

“You all… deserve death,” the S-class devil stated with a cold gaze. “However, seeing how he is fine, I shall let you guys live. Scram!”
The cold aura of the devil shook, chilling all of them.

“Hehe.”   The  president  merely  sneered  before  looking  at Tianyu Liming beside him and asked gently, “Can you still hold on?”
Tianyu Liming lifted her weapon with one arm. “Yes.”
“Very good.”  The president smiled cruelly. “Let’s continue fighting, then!” Bang!

A bright radiance erupted. All of them aimed at the S-class devil. The moment he said that he was letting them live, they had understood. This fellow probably didn’t have much strength left. Otherwise, there was no way he would let them off. Letting them off for the sake of the young prince? Hehe. What a joke. How would a fellow who would pee all the time, whose pee would even fork, be so important? The only explanation for this choice of the devil expert’s was that the devil expert himself wanted to leave to recover as quickly as possible.

At that time, the humans would truly be in danger.
Therefore, they had to get rid of him now.


A bright radiance erupted. They attacked with all their power.

The S-class devil was furious. “You are all… courting death.” He had never expected that these humans and ancients would not know what was good for them like this, and he had also never expected that from a single word of his, they would be able to see through his actual state. That’s right he truly did not have much power remaining.

Previously, he had been restored using the young prince, and he had subsequently been sealed using the young prince as well. At present, he didn’t have much strength left. As such, the proper choice for him was to leave as soon as possible to remove his seal and recover his strength. Alas…

A clump of light exploded near him. The president soared and intercepted his escape route with force.

“Thinking of leaving? Have you asked for my permission?” the president said with a cold expression.

The devil expert stared at him gloomily. “You have no idea what it is you are doing here…” The eyes that had always been lifeless in the past were now filled with killing intent and the rage of being provoked.

“I know,” the president replied with a calm expression. “I am killing you to get rid of future troubles.”
“…” The devil expert’s gloomy gaze swept past the president before landing on Tianyu Liming. A trace of doubt flashed in his eyes. He knew a lot of the ancient experts, yet this person here… Back then, he had once met an ancient general. That general had been rather similar to this lady here. Was this the daughter of that general? What a coincidence.

“It  doesn’t  matter  anymore.”  He  sighed.  “You  guys  have indeed guessed correctly. I am indeed trying to leave and recover my power. At present, every ounce power I use will be gone eternally and will never be recovered. The seal is much terrifying than I imagined. As such, I do not intend to exhaust myself here with you guys. However… since you guys are thinking  of  keeping  me  here…”   He  inhaled  deeply.  Next, intense killing intent surged. “I shall do battle with you all! Even at the cost of my strength, I will kill all of you here!” 
A devilish aura swept out and pervaded everything. This strongest S class in history was finally making a move with all his power. The air trembled. That terrifying aura caused all their hearts to be petrified.

“Haha, come!”  the president shouted. Rather than feeling fear, he laughed. This devil would lose power eternally? This was precisely what the president wanted!

In short, whatever exhaustion they cause him, he would not be able to recover in the future? If they could do their best and cause this guy to exhaust so much strength that he dropped from S class… He glanced at Tianyu Liming and smiled at what he saw. “It seems like we have thought of the same thing.”
Tianyu Liming sighed with melancholy. “Yeah.”  How long has it been since I last battled side by side with someone so compatible with me? Devil? S class?


The  devil  expert  snorted  coldly.  “Hmph!”  Both  his  wings flapped. The mysterious and bizarre power surged once again, appearing and disappearing constantly from space. This was the power of one who had awakened!

“Space?” Li Lei said with a solemn expression.

“No, I tried locking the space down, but it doesn’t seem to be effective,” one ancient said.

Spatial power was one of the more powerful traditional powers, yet its flaw was rather obvious as well. Any spatial undulations and spatial currents would be able to affect the usage of this power. On top of that, there also existed countless barriers capable of countering spatial abilities. who could rip space apart, causing it to collapse. Users of spatial power would be subjected to a rather huge limitation and would not be able to display their full potential. Moreover, the undulations caused by spatial power were too obvious and were simply incapable of hiding from anyone with powerful senses.

As such, for top experts, almost all users of spatial power specialized in teleportation or the like. Yet now…
Shua! Shua!

The devil expert appeared and vanished in midair without stop. Every time he vanished, he reappeared behind one of his opponents in an odd manner and released a powerful attack. After several repetitions, all of them had already suffered heavy injuries. This was simply the clash of powers in entirely different leagues. How were they supposed to battle such strength?

Chapter 609: Kill Him!


A bright radiance erupted, and next, blood spurted out of an ancient’s body. A heavy injury! As everyone saw this, their expressions became unsightly. The enemy was able to do this even with 90% of his strength sealed. If his strength were not sealed, a single flash would be sufficient to insta-kill one of them. What kind of power was this? None of them knew the answer to that.

They all clenched their teeth and continued fighting on. They were clear that with every attack they survived, this fellow would forever lose the power used. For the humans and ancients, this was beneficial.

They all clenched their teeth tightly. “Fight! Fight! Fight!”
Pu! Pu! Blood splattered everywhere. They were already drenched with blood. S class was still S class, after all—he was so powerful even after a huge portion of his strength had been sealed.

Li Lei smiled bitterly. “Is this the power of an S class?”  He could feel the power within him dropping. It wouldn’t be long before he could no longer hang on.

Bang! Bang!

After every collision, he could feel his power dropping. His willpower blurred, yet he persevered just so they could exhaust enough of this fellow’s power that he downgraded from S class.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Everyone was doing their utmost. The eyes of the president and Tianyu Liming were bloodshot as they glared attentively at that shadow that was flashing about without stop. As for the devil expert, his eyes were bloodshot as well. He truly wanted to see how much longer these damnable humans and ancients could last.
At this moment, the only ones who had yet to do anything here were Chen Feng and the young prince. Chen Feng’s gaze had been focused on the battle. Currently, he was focusing on Tianyu Liming. He observed every single action and energy undulation of hers, taking in everything clearly. He was analyzing the power of an awakened. He was studying the power of an S class.

Faster! Faster! Faster! Chen Feng roared inwardly. He knew how serious the battle was. Every second he wasted, one person would be dealt a serious injury that might even lead to death. As such, he had to observe clearly! He had to attain comprehension as quickly as possible! Awakened! Awakened… Chen Feng’s gaze was fixed unwaveringly on the battle.

At this time, the young prince to the side glanced first at the distant battle and then at Chen Feng, who was beside him. The young prince felt like the chance for his revenge had arrived. Back then, it had been this Chen Feng fellow who had caused him to suffer such a fate. No, hold on, it seemed like this Chen Feng was the one who had rescued him instead? The hell, in any case, is there a difference in which side it was that held me as a prisoner? the young prince thought inwardly. Of course, he knew that this wasn’t the main reason he was thinking of making a move. The reason he was even thinking of acting was because the aura Chen Feng exuded
presently gave him a feeling of utmost danger.

This guy…
On Chen Feng’s body, he sensed a different power, a power that was incomparably similar to his ancestor! He had to stop this guy! This was the only thought in the young prince’s head.
“Kill   him!”    ordered   the   distant   devil   expert   without hesitation. In fact, he could go kill Chen Feng as well. However, he was rather far away from Chen Feng. If he went over forcefully, the president would aim for the young prince, as evidenced by the president eyeing the young prince earlier when the devil expert had been about to head over to Chen Feng.

The devil expert snorted. “Hmph!” Was this a warning? If he killed Chen Feng, they would kill the young prince? For people at their level, killing someone would require only an instant. Indeed, with his present strength, he couldn’t both kill Chen Feng and protect the young prince at the same time. Even so, would everything be fine just because of this?

“Kill him!”  the devil expert ordered with a cold gaze. He couldn’t go kill Chen Feng personally, but the young prince could. Like the young prince, he had an intense intuition that this person called Chen Feng had to die! Earlier, wasn’t this Chen Feng the one who caused that treacherous old devil to die?

Very good. He did well. However, this also signified that this Chen Feng guy was problematic. The devil expert was unsure of how powerful the formation the old devil had made using his power was. However, this human had been able to easily spoil the formation. Moreover, looking at the present state of this human… He seemed to be preparing for something once again? “Understood.”  The young prince stepped forth. Even if he was an absolute idiot, he still knew that following the ancestor was his best prospect.


Light swirled around.

The young prince stepped forth and charged at Chen Feng abruptly. As for Chen Feng, he merely stood there like an idiot and stared at the battlefield with a blank expression, seemingly not noticing what was happening.

Ba Gu’s expression changed greatly. “Chen Feng!” He wanted to go save Chen Feng, but it was impossible.


The devil expert’s eyes gleamed coldly, and next, a new wound was left on Ba Gu’s body. Saving Chen Feng before this unfathomable devil expert was simply an impossible feat.

“Chen Feng, wake up!” Ba Gu howled.

Alas, Chen Feng had seemingly gone deaf. At present, the entirety of Chen Feng’s attention was focused on the devil expert. His mind spun rapidly, and in his eyes, numerous deductions and numerals flashed past. He was incapable of moving away at all. For the present him, continuing his analysis was of the utmost priority.

Shua! Shua!

Countless scenes were simulated in his mind. Under Spirit’s assistance, several tens of thousands of simulated scenes appeared in his illusory world. If he moved, all these would be gone!

Chen Feng’s gaze was sharp. “Appear, fast…”  Faster! Faster!
Faster! he howled inwardly. The devil prince neared him.

“Xiao Ying!” suddenly, Spirit said.


Xiao Ying, who had been dormant for a long time, appeared suddenly.

Spirit pointed at the young prince. “Deal with him.”

With a flash, Xiao Ying appeared outside. After giving this command to Xiao Ying, Spirit ignored everything outside and once again focused on helping Chen Feng with his deductions. Young prince? In the end, he was not important. At present, in the real world, the young prince had already covered half the distance to Chen Feng. Even this distance had been done under a state of constant vigilance against Chen Feng’s tricks and schemes.

And yet… nothing seemed to be happening! Chen Feng was focusing all his attention on the battlefield, seemingly in some sort of trance.

The young prince was overjoyed. “Haha. I shall kill you first, then.”
He took large strides forward. Just as he was about to rush over and kill Chen Feng, he saw a flash in front of him, a red flash.

The prince increased his vigilance. “What’s that?”
“…” Xiao Ying felt melancholic as he looked at the young prince before him. What should he do? Under normal circumstances, he could erupt with full power and this prince would most definitely not be his opponent. But now, Chen Feng had extracted nearly all his power. At present, Xiao Ying had no
means of using any spiritual energy at all. The moment he tried extracting spiritual energy with force, Chen Feng’s deductions would be affected.

The simple-minded Xiao Ying rejected this notion. That won’t do! At present, he could only rely on himself. And thus, his simple brain finally started being used…
Subconsciously, he started thinking like Chen Feng.

The young prince saw this tiny snake stopped before him and sneered. “A tiny snake?”  He could feel that this tiny snake wasn’t particularly powerful. “Hehe.”
The young prince slashed forth casually. But right at this instant, the red snake started twisting around randomly. The snake’s body became illusory and faintly discernible, appearing and vanishing.


The young prince increased his vigilance. Surprisingly, that tiny snake did not attack him. Rather, the snake was twisting and flashing around without stop, forming a performance of red light in the air.

“What is this fellow doing? Forget it, I will ignore him. He is probably trying to drag things out.” The young prince took wide steps forward and prepared to kill Chen Feng. Right at this moment, from the performance of light, suddenly, a seemingly real yet illusory scene appeared. It seemed to be a beautiful young lady wearing a bathrobe that showcased her curvy figure… akin to a fairy. Her body swayed along with the flickering light. The bathrobe rose and dropped, showing parts of her body filled with allure. The young prince felt a short burst of joy but then had an ominous feeling.

Not good!


His feet weakened, and next, a bunch of liquid flowed out of his lower body. The valve… had opened automatically yet again!

Chapter 610: Awakening the Storm

“Holy  shit!”  The  young  prince  screamed  mournfully  and slumped down onto the ground weakly. The others that were paying attention to this place all had odd expressions on their faces. None of them had expected that the ferocious young prince would fail just like that.

Everyone looked at the young prince with sympathy. How pitiful…
However, when they saw the tiny snake, they were filled with awe. That tiny snake seemed to be Chen Feng’s pet? So nowadays, even a pet could be so scheming?

“Very good.” The devil expert had an ashen complexion. He had never expected that the young prince would fail just like that. He was confident that he could slowly kill off all these humans and ancients, but… He gave Chen Feng a look. Despite the fact that this devil had always been looking down on humans, his acute senses told him that this human was doing something unordinary. He took a deep breath. “Seems like I have to end this quickly.”
A powerful devilish aura swept out. With his present sealed strength, it was somewhat difficult for him to use this move. The moment he used this move, the entirety of his S-class power might very well disappear. His cultivation worth several millennia would be gone just like that. He would return to the state of a fresh S class. However, at least he would still be an S class. If these damnable humans and ancients were allowed to continue on and that Chen Feng was allowed to complete whatever he was doing, he might instead downgrade from S class.

Therefore, he had decisively selected the most advantageous option. He was the strongest expert of the devils. Only he was qualified to decide how this battle would end. This was the honor of the strong. He would not allow himself to passively wait for the humans to make their move. Bang!

A formidable power swept out. The power belonging to an S class bloomed. At this instant, all other powers seemed to freeze as a huge figure of light started condensing around them. Storm, descend! Next, everything around was terminated by a storm-like power.

Their expressions sank. “Not good.” Even now, this fellow was still able to unleash such a powerful ability?

Bang! Bang!

The storm closed down on them. Along the way, even the ground was blown up by the force.

Everywhere the storm passed, the power would freeze. Abilities, light, everything would freeze right there, creating a rather astonishing sight. The huge storm enclosed them, trapping them within. The president frowned. He tried attacking the storm.



Alas, the moment his powerful attack touched the storm, it froze. That’s right, even the powerful attack of the president was instantly frozen by the storm.

Everyone was alarmed. This storm…
Bang! Bang!

They all acted at the same time, but the result was the same. The sweeping storm was like a power from a different world, so powerful it was boundless. All their attacks were reduced to nothing but a joke.

“Looks  like  none  of  us  are  returning  from  this,”  Ba  Gu muttered.

Li Lei sighed. “Yeah. It’s really unfortunate that we weren’t even able to drag him down from S class.”
The president laughed sinisterly. “That’s not for sure. Is he the only one with trump cards here?”

He waved both his hands. A faint radiance flashed past. Since he was going to die in any case, there was no point in holding back his trump card. It was about time he employed that ability. Even if he had to die, he would drag this fellow down from S class. The president’s gaze became firm. Although this storm was extremely powerful, if they could erupt with an even stronger power, they ought to be able to force that fellow to exhaust more of his strength, right? If he fell from S class…
“Indeed.” Tianyu Liming stood before the president silently.

The president looked at her. “???”
“Sorry.” Suddenly, Tianyu Liming turned around and smiled sweetly, “In fact, I quite like you and am not willing to see you die. Therefore, forgive my selfishness. Let me die before you.”
The president sighed. “…” Although he had been focusing on bitter cultivation his entire life and had never been in love before, how could he not sense the feelings of this young lady?

He merely had some misgivings due to her identity as a member of the ancient race. However, after giving it some thought, they were already on the verge of death. Why should he still be bothered with her identity? At this thought, the president grabbed Tianyu Liming and gave her a kiss. “Let  us  share  life  and  death,  then,”  the  president  stated tyrannically.

“…” Tianyu Liming was so agitated that her face flushed red. She nodded her head resolutely. This time… she would have no regrets even in death. “Come!”

The storm swept in. The devil’s powerful S-class attack arrived. All the humans and ancients stood in the middle of the storm, awaiting the arrival of the attack. They knew that this time, their deaths were certain. All of them prepared their trump cards so they could exhaust even more of that devil’s strength. Everyone had a resolute expression on their face.

Bang! Bang!

The storm neared them slowly. The devil expert gazed at them coldly. Trump cards? Defenses? Counters? Hehe, how idiotic. These people were probably all unaware of what the true power of an S class was. All their power was nothing but a joke.

After all, he was using the power of an awakened one. Back during the ancient era, such power had once been called the power of gods, a power only deities could possess, a power known as divine force.

A person. A god. From the name alone, one could see the difference.

He waved his hand lightly. “Let’s end this.” That huge storm started closing in. Instantly, that storm that seemed to be everywhere started closing in and concentrated together. This terrifying attack launched using divine force rotated, akin to a dreadful grinder.


A terrifying power erupted. The earth shook and the mountains rocked. All the powers that had been frozen by the storm earlier were destroyed at the same time, transforming into nothingness. This was divine force!

“This…”  The  young  prince  watched  on,  horrified.  During this period of time, he had gained some understanding of the different levels of power in this world As such, he was even more alarmed at what he was seeing. His ancestor was actually this powerful? Furthermore, this was the strength of his ancestor in a sealed state. If the seal was lifted… his ancestor would probably be undefeated!

Suddenly, the young prince’s heart started burning. He could see a beautiful future beckoning toward him. Ah, what a beautiful world… Ah, the young ladies of the laboratory…
“Let’s go,” the devil expert stated indifferently.

“Yes, all right.”  The young prince wiped the “liquid”  off of him and scrambled up. Just as the devil expert was about to leave with the prince, amid the dust kicked off by the destruction of the storm, a familiar voice resounded. “Leaving just like that?”
The devil expert turned around abruptly. Instantly, his eyes widened. “Mh?” There, right in the middle of the storm, that spot where everything should have been destroyed, amid the endless dust, a frail figure appeared. His hand rose slightly, blocking the entirety of the attack for everyone there.

That familiar figure…
Chen Feng! That damnable human!
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