The Strongest Gene Chapter 591-600

Chapter 591: Eruption of War!

Everyone in the Qian family had a solemn expression. They knew that a huge battle might erupt today. As such, they had been prepared for this in advance. For the future of the Qian family, they had decided to face the Genetic Union, to extract the tiger’s tooth in the tiger’s den. Naturally, they alone would not be able to accomplish what they wanted. Therefore, before making their move, numerous families big and small had been contacted. If a battle did erupt, it would be between various families and the Genetic Union.

Right now, all of them were here, waiting for the result. Alas, beyond their expectations, before any results or updates were received, a distress signal was transmitted to them from the Genetic Union. The worst-case scenario they had expected had indeed happened. The Genetic Union had indeed acted against them!


A huge screen appeared. Everything around the people of the Qian family at the Genetic Union was shown on the screen. They saw the Genetic Union acting against them, and they also saw the appearance of someone that shouldn’t have appeared.

“This is bad.”
They were greatly alarmed. The moment they saw Chen Feng, they knew something was going to happen. A living legend was completely different than a tainted dead legend who they could accuse as they wished. The appearance of Chen Feng was a variable in this plan, and as they saw that the Genetic Union was preparing to kill, the Qian family patriarch, who had always been calm, could no longer stay silent. He ripped space apart and arrived there personally.

“The patriarch has acted!”
The Qian family members gazed at their imposing patriarch with a fanatical gaze. Alas, the dignified appearance of their patriarch only lasted a short two seconds before the patriarch was sent back home.

“???” They stared dumbstruck at the screen. From the screen, they had been able to get a clearer look at what had happened. Their patriarch had been kicked back forcefully…
How was that possible? Wasn’t their patriarch a peak beyond A9? How was it possible for Chen Feng to send him back with a single kick? Even a peak beyond A9 should not be able to do that to their patriarch.


Qian Liexian was flung out of the spatial tunnel and landed face-first in a sorry manner.

“Bastard!” He scrambled up. “I was actually ambushed by a shameless person.” He knew that he had to have been too careless to fall for an ambush from someone like Chen Feng.

“Very well.”  His face ashen, he said, “I shall teach you the consequences of provoking me.”

He waved his hand.

A terrifying spatial power bloomed. He intended to once again travel through space to reach the Genetic Union directly. Alas, even after the domineering spatial power spent a long time lingering about midair, no spatial tunnel was created.

He was somewhat dumbstruck. What had happened? Bang!

Once again, he let loose his spatial power. A gigantic spatial hand ripped space apart. From the screen, everyone could see clearly that an obvious spatial undulation had appeared on the sky above the Genetic Union. A spatial crack visible to the naked eye appeared. Numerous spatial cracks joined together, akin to a chrysanthemum, so very obvious high in the sky.

The gigantic hand pulled.

And next…
Still no spatial tunnel appeared.

“How is this possible?” Qian Liexian’s expression was unsightly. He had already used his maximum power earlier. Why had he still failed to create a spatial tunnel?

“Again!”  He  waved  his  hand  furiously.  Unfortunately  for him, regardless of how much he pushed his power, the sealed spatial tunnel refused to be reopened. Instead, he currently resembled a lunatic who was dancing madly in midair.

Chen Feng sneered. “Heh.”  Since even the chrysanthemum was blocked by him, how was it possible for the tunnel to appear? What, was he thinking of himself as some diarrhea- inducing drug? How funny!


Chen Feng waved casually. His S-class power drifted over slowly and firmly locked down the spatial tunnel.

“You guys should be able to see this right?” Chen Feng said, gazing at the empty air, before turning around and nodding to the deputy president. “You guys can do the rest.” Deputy president: “…”
They had yet to recover from their shock over Chen Feng’s powerful display, but since now was the perfect opportunity for them to make their move, they acted without any hesitation.


Blood splattered everywhere. Not a single Qian family member that had arrived here was spared. In any case, they should have seen this coming for daring to provoke the Genetic Union. As for the family of Si Fan, they had merely been here to make up the numbers for the Qian family and had been the first to surrender. Thanks to that, they were able to keep their lives.

“You  all  dare?”   Qian  Liexian  roared  indignantly  as  he watched on as his family members were killed.

“The  Qian  family,  let’s  just  destroy  them,”   the  deputy president stated coldly. 
The entire Genetic Union moved. All along, what the Genetic Union had feared the most was precisely such an alliance of families.
The moment Chen Feng had returned, the moment these families had no longer had any excuse to ally together, the Qian family alone had become nothing to the Genetic Union. Two hours later, the Genetic Union’s squad returned. The Qian family no longer existed. Soon after, news of this spread, shocking numerous people.

“Chen Feng has actually returned…”
“I heard that he was able to forcefully kick the Qian family patriarch back through the spatial tunnel even after the Qian family patriarch had traveled through it.”
“How astonishing.” 
“No idea.”
“I heard Qian Chen and Si Fan were both enticed by the ancient race…”
Numerous rumors spread around. However, the only thing everyone was concerned with was Chen Feng’s strength. How had this person who was only a peak B class a short while ago become so powerful in such a short period of time?

Qian Liexian was a peak beyond A class, yet with a single kick…
The mere thought of this seemed utterly unbelievable. However, before long, just as everyone was still talking about this, an ear-piercing alarm started buzzing, shocking all of them. The ancient race had appeared. 
They stared into the distance. Once upon a time, the devils had descended upon the human territories as well. Even though they had managed to repel the devils, they had paid a disastrous price. Even Star City, the holy city of the Gene Production Association, had been destroyed in the process. And now, the ancient race, a race powerful enough to force the devils into hibernation, was finally coming for the humans.

This race that had once been the apex existence of this world, that had been scheming in the dark all along, the one who wanted to profit off the war between the humans and devils, this race had ultimately come for the human territories.

Someone gazed ahead at the starry sky and said, “I reckon a huge battle is going to erupt yet again.”
“Yeah. I wonder if I will be able to return from this battle alive,” someone muttered to themselves. A lot of genetic warriors were itching for a fight. “I have been waiting a long time for this.”
The Genetic Union had already informed them of this upcoming battle. Even though no exact date had been announced, they had been training bitterly every single day just for this moment. This moment, this coming battle, was what they had been waiting a long time for.

At present, in the distant unknown region was an area where the devil aura pervaded the air.

There, a huge devil was moving forward on all fours. Above his head stood an old devil with a face full of wrinkles.
“The humans and the ancients have started fighting?”  He gazed into the distance. The moment the devil race had failed their initial reawakening plan, he had known that the devils had no hope left. During that battle, the devils, who were once caused great losses by the ancients, were once again caused huge losses by the humans. However, if both the humans and ancients inflicted heavy losses on each other as well… He patted the giant he was standing on. “Perhaps there is still chance for us.”
The giant howled.

“Let’s go. To play a decisive role in this war of three races, those below S class are useless. Only an S class like you can play a decisive role. Haha. Now, let us go look for more S classes… This shall be our, the devil race’s, final hope.”
Bang! Bang!

The earth trembled. Gradually, the old devil disappeared amid the darkness.

Chapter 592: Hold On… Something Seems Off

Chen Feng looked at the message he had received. “It’s finally here?”

With “war preparations” as the excuse, I delayed the ancient race’s war against the humans. Yesterday, one fellow apprentice from the Land of Legacy arrived and forced the start of this war.

Regards, Qin Hai.


This was the final message he had received from Qin Hai. Perhaps Qin Hai was unable to maintain communication with Chen Feng since his fellow apprentices were around. However, this single message was sufficient to express what Qin Hai wanted to say: the ancient race could be delayed no longer.

This race that was much stronger than the devil race, that had become even stronger after being feminized, was finally coming for the humans despite the fact that they as a race had no future. This was a race whose entire population was now female. As such, they would no longer have future generations and were fated to vanish among the annals of history. However, the ancient race did not seem bothered at all by this.

They battled as usual; they warred as usual.

“Ancient race…”
Chen Feng frowned. He truly couldn’t make sense of the ancient race’s actions. Under normal circumstances, when a race no longer had a future, they wouldn’t bother putting forth the effort to continue expanding their territory. At a time like this, shouldn’t they focus on solving their problems with reproduction instead? Chen Feng could not make any sense of this. He had once asked Qin Hai, yet even Qin Hai himself hadn’t understood it. The ancient race’s disregard for the reproduction issue was the first factor that was threatening humanity. The second factor was the Land of Legacy. The ancient race’s biggest threat was
not their army. After the beyond X gene reagent, after Master Spirit Developer, humanity’s combat power had increased greatly. Humanity definitely had no rivals apart from the ancient race. If the humans had to face the ancients in a war, there was nothing to be afraid of.

However, what posed the greatest threat to the humans was the Land of Legacy. The ancients there were fully beyond A class. Even a normal disciple there was a peak beyond A class. Even stronger were the ancients with a diamond in their foreheads.

These people seemed to be the special ones among the ancient race. They were extremely powerful, and apart from the power they had from being peak beyond A classes, the diamond on their foreheads granted them special abilities as well. These people were the actual backers of the ancient race. They were also the ancient race’s strongest fighting force. There was also that master of theirs, the old fellow that had yet to appear as of now. “Seems like I have to take a trip to the ancient race,”  Chen Feng muttered. He was clear that only destroying the Land of Legacy would truly stop the advance of the ancient race. But then, even he himself had no confidence in doing that. Based on his guesses, since all the disciples of the Land of Legacy were already peak beyond A class and each of them had a unique ability, their master was most definitely an S class.

Could he truly defeat that S class? Chen Feng hadn’t been in S class for long. Even he himself lacked understanding on his present strength. What was the special characteristic of an S class? Transformation of their entire person into energy. Apart from that? Chen Feng was clueless. What were the abilities of an S class? What was the energy used by an S class? Chen Feng couldn’t answer any of these questions. Apart from using all the abilities he’d had prior to his advancement, were there any special abilities a person would gain after entering S class?

S class was a realm beyond all others. This was an entirely new power system in itself. As such, all research done during the Genetic Era proved completely unhelpful here. Perhaps it would truly be more apt to call this realm “the awakened” rather than calling it S class. “Awakened,”  Chen Feng muttered. Since the people of the Twin Horns World had used that name for this realm, it was most certainly a suitable name. If so, what had an awakened person awakened, exactly?

Still, Chen Feng had no answers. The things he needed to learn were way too many. At present, he was akin to an infant trying to walk unsteadily, staggering along the world of awakened ones. As for that person in the Land of Legacy, he might be a true awakened. How was Chen Feng supposed to defeat such a person? Chen Feng started recalling all his abilities and stopped at God Punisher.

Perhaps… he still had some chance of victory.

Even though he lacked understanding of the power system of the awakened ones, at the very least, his energy should have leveled up to that of an awakened one as well after his breakthrough. If so, if God Punisher was unleashed… a God Punisher at the level of an awakened one, to instantaneously unleash a boundless power with an unknown amount of amplification… This might enable him to fight it out with that old man. Chen Feng clenched his fists. “I can only do this, then.”
Shua! Shua!

His wristband buzzed. Chen Feng looked at the received messages.

At a certain location, the ancients had arrived. War erupted there…
A certain location had seemingly fallen into the enemy’s hands, yet suddenly, an unnamed expert appeared and beat the ancients back…
At a certain location, the ancients were slaughtering wantonly…
… For the first time, the borders of humanity were clashing with the ancients. Those fellows that greatly resembled humans appeared without stop from the darkness. Walking out of the unknown regions, they initiated their first full-scale war against humans.

Surpassing even their wildest imaginations, just as the war started, something happened. This was an extremely huge incident. At a certain location, a certain ancient expert entered a human city. After defeating the experts of that city, she obtained control over that city. And after that… she raped all the males there. Not a single one of the defending soldiers there escaped.

Humanity was dumbstruck. Everyone in the nearby towns was dumbstruck. The entire online community was dumbstruck as well. At present, the war had only touched the borders of human territory. Those in the inner region couldn’t understand this at all. This was especially true for those that were far from the front lines, well protected within the core regions of human territory. “Holy shit, something like this actually happened?”
“The ancients are actually this cruel?”
“Just  imagine  being  raped  by  those  ugly  freaks…   good gracious…”
They were endlessly alarmed. However, after photographs of the invaders were uploaded online, everyone was stupefied.

It was at this moment that the masses discovered something shocking. Every ancient was female! Moreover, with their formidable strength, there was an aura of spirituality around them. Each of them had a remarkable demeanor and extreme beauty.

“This is the ancient race?”
“Is this for real? Aren’t they supposed to be ugly?” “The devils are the ugly ones. These ancients are instead astonishingly beautiful.”
“Hold on, didn’t they conquer a certain city before? Why have they…”
“I heard that the ancient race is a kingdom of females.”
Everyone’s eyes widened. No males? Did that not mean…
“This is actually the ancient race?”
“This is too excessive. These ancients are truly inhuman. Please give me their address. I shall personally visit them and criticize their actions.” “I demand to fight on behalf of humanity. I shall also go to the front lines and criticize them for this.”
“Upvoting the poster above.”
“Upvoting the poster above endlessly.”
A huge number of pictures depicting the ancient race were uploaded. Alarming everyone, each of the ancients was an extremely beautiful young lady. From the north to the south to even the eastern coasts… the online community was thoroughly captivated.

Although the ancients were powerful, they were seemingly aware of their limited population. As such, they had never planned to kill off the humans. So long as those humans surrendered, the ancients would accept it. The only thing they would do was capture a huge amount of humans. After this news spread, countless genetic warriors started submitting applications to go to the front lines, to battle for humanity! As the people of the Strategy Department saw the applications that had increased several hundred times in a single day, they were stupefied.

Tian Xie applying for a transfer to the front lines…
Mu Zi applying for a transfer to the front lines…
Jiu Tian applying for a transfer to the front lines…
Xu Fei applying for a transfer to the front lines…


Chapter 593: The Grand War Strategy of the Ancients

The Gene Production Association was dumbfounded. The Research Agency was dumbfounded. Even the Genetic Union was dumbfounded. What was this? To prepare for this day, humanity had trained tirelessly and the presidents of the respective organizations had gone into various sorts of seclusion all to improve their strength, to ensure the survival of humanity.

And now, when the real war erupted, something seemed off? At this moment, from the front lines, a new update was received. This time, without an ounce of effort, without sparing any manpower, the ancient race had been able to gain an entire human city.

What was going on? At this news, the humans were truly shocked.

“Was the army there destroyed?” Yet when they received word of what had happened there, they were all stupefied.

At the front lines, the main army of the ancient race had finally entered human territory. Even though their scouts had reported that the humans were extremely weak, the ancients had still maintained the highest level of vigilance. Humanity was definitely not a race that could be underestimated. The devils had once viewed the humans with contempt, and look at what had happened to them. The ancient race would most definitely not repeat the devils’ mistake.

Bang! Bang!

The ancient army pushed forth. Distantly, numerous humans were already visible. That terrifying aura planted fear in their hearts. Among those humans, there were also numerous extraordinary radiances flickering about.

The people of the ancient race increased their vigilance as they saw this. “Careful.” “Activate our defenses.”
Some had already activated their defenses. They recall that humans  seemed  to  possess  something  called  “technological weapons,” which were incredibly terrifying, capable of killing the enemy over a long distance of several hundred thousand kilometers. They had once stolen some videos of the humans and had witnessed such a scene…
The destructiveness of those weapons was rather ordinary, yet their range was truly terrifying. Even that was something the ancients had seen from a videos of the humans from several hundred years ago. As for humanity’s current technological level…
The ancients exchanged glances before further increasing their vigilance. Just like that, step by step, they approached the humans. The nearer they came, the more clearly they could feel how terrifying the humans were. Moreover, intense roars could be heard, so intense the ground seemed to shake.

One step, two steps… Shua!

Suddenly, they charged through the barrier separating the human territory and the unknown region. But the instant they left the barrier, they stood there dumbstruck, and they remained that way for a long time. As for the ancients behind them, they were all frightened. Had something happened to the vanguard?


They followed closely and charged out as well. Next…
Everyone lapsed into silence.

Before their eyes, the humans’ cheering was so loud that even the deaf could hear it. However, different they had imagined, they saw numerous humans carrying big, shiny signboards while shouting at them in excitement. 
“Goddess, please give me your autograph!”
Countless people roared. As for the humans even further back in the distance, they directly lifted a white flag and waved it in the air.

The leader of the ancients was stupefied. This… what was going on? Xiao Ying? Ah, right, that’s the scout they had sent to the human territory previously. How did these humans find out her name? Apart from that, this leader could also hear numerous bizarre discussions.

“Wow, they are truly all female!” 
All sorts of weird discussions could be heard. At this time, a tall and handsome human warrior stepped forth.

As he stepped forward, all the humans gave way uniformly. As the ancients saw this, they heightened their vigilance. Was this the leader of these humans? Had the time for battle finally arrived?

They saw that handsome warrior kneel down on one knee before the leader of the ancient army.

His  overcast  yet  magnetic  voice  echoed  in  the  air.  “Dear beautiful goddess, please accept my love. I am willing to become your guardian warrior.” What was going on? Nobody could answer this question. She turned around and noted that the ancients behind her were confused as well. Although the ancients were powerful and had once been a race with two genders, thanks to their primeval civilization, they as a race had no concept of romance, regardless of gender. But now…
The leader clutched her weapon. “Is this a scheme of theirs?”
A person behind the leader shook her head. “Lord. No malice has been detected from them.”
The ancient leader frowned and ultimately stopped attacking. She could feel that these humans before her had also consumed the beyond X gene reagent and had rather extraordinary strength.

Beyond C classes…
Beyond B classes… Even beyond A classes were included in their ranks.

When had so many geniuses appeared among the humans? Moreover, even these geniuses were being used as cannon fodder at the front lines? How powerful were the humans? A sense of vigilance rose in the hearts of the ancients. If they were to make a move now…

The ancient leader compared the strength of both parties here and estimated a ratio of 7:3 between the strength of both parties. The ancient army had 70% odds of winning this battle, but that 30% indicated that they would still suffer rather disastrous casualties even if they won. As such, she had yet to command the army to attack.

And next…
With astonishment, she watched on as the humans welcomed their army with delight. That feeling…was rather similar to a scene from the marriage of an ancient princess.

“Is this the human race?” The ancients were amazed. This was the very first time they had had any sort of meaningful contact with the humans. Mhm… the humans seemed somewhat different than the ancients had imagined?

For the first time, this ancient race, this kingdom of females, had second thoughts about their decision to wage war on the humans. On that night itself, the ancients who had suffered loneliness for a long time and the human forever-alone genetic warriors whose sex lives were nonexistent underwent a night of great harmony, doing the deed of two genders.

On the next day, the city entered a phase of peacetime. Just like that, the humans and ancients coexisted peacefully. War? Why was there a need for war? The ancient race had not even needed any sort of effort to be able to conquer these humans. Each soldier was extremely precious for the ancients. As such, they were unwilling to suffer losses.

With excitement, they raised the flag of the ancient race in the city center, and thus the army pressed forth once again. But then, since this city had already been conquered, they would need to leave some people behind to keep watch, right? As such, they left behind a group of people before advancing once again.

This time, they employed the newly discovered and most apt strategy for conquering the humans, undergoing the great harmony of two genders with the humans. However, with this strategy, the ancients lost their will to fight as well.

In the past, whenever they had won a city through battle, a portion of the army would also be left behind to keep watch as the main army advanced forth. However, the main reason for that was to suppress the newly conquered city, to suppress any revolts.

Those left behind were those that lacked any military achievements. For the sake of earning more achievements, none of them were willing to be left behind; everyone requested to go into battle with the main army. But now, the complete reverse was happening. The ancients that had conquered the human city were extremely reluctant to leave. All of them applied to stay behind. This was something completely unthinkable for the ancients prior to this war. How had this happened? The numerous army captains were in a daze as they pondered this.

They thought of numerous ideas to encourage the soldiers to go do battle, yet each day, they were faced with numerous different methods of attempts to capture their fancy, to charm them, from the humans. This was something the ancients had never experienced, regardless of whether they were feminized ancients or ancients that had originally been female. They had even started entertaining the thought of forever staying among the humans.

War? What was that? All was forgotten.

“Look, those are the humans’ hinterlands. We only need to conquer thirteen cities and we will be able to reach the hinterlands.” The captain spoke passionately in her attempt to raise the morale of the ancient army. Yet after three mere cities, the entirety of their army was already staying behind in the human cities. None were willing to continue advancing.

“I had already missed two cities. This time, I must stay behind.” “The  humans  are  not  putting  up  any  sort  of  resistance anyway. Why is there a need for war?”
“Yeah, have you forgotten how many losses we suffered when we warred with the devils back then?”
“If you are saying that we should conquer the humans, I personally believe that we have already conquered them…”
This thought was shared by a lot of ancient race members.

And thus, the ancients’ grand plan, the war they had wanted to start, was cast aside.

Chapter 594: Rejection by Word

At the front lines.

The general of the ancient race coldly stared at the report she had received. Her expression was somewhat unsightly; her massive bosom trembled as she breathed heavily in anger.

“What terrifying humans, to be able to use such a method to cause our army to become complacent.”
The general was extremely shocked. The ancient race had undergone great changes recently, becoming a race of a single gender. Although the strength of their race had increased greatly, they had similarly become even more emotional. Something like this happening wasn’t surprising, honestly; the biggest question facing the general was what they should do next.

Keep up the war? Their soldiers were no longer willing to fight. In this grand war of the ancient race’s, their grand army had only conquered three of the humans’ border cities before losing the entirety of their combat power. Intruding upon the hinterlands of the humans would remain a dream. What should they do, then? The general smiled bitterly. It seemed like she could only report this to the higher-ups.

And thus the front-line updates were sent at a high speed. Both the humans and the ancients reported to their higher-ups first thing. Upon receiving the updates, both sides were dumbstruck.

At the Genetic Union.

The higher-ups of humanity were gathered here in a meeting. Everyone looked at the report in their hands before glancing at Chen Feng and remained in a long stupor. This development was somewhat different from what they had estimated?

“Is this something you thought up long ago?”  the Strategy Department head asked cautiously. Chen Feng: “…” If he could have even foreseen this happening, that would have truly been miraculous. Based on his initial plan, he had been hoping that the ancient race would be too busy dealing with an internal issue—solving their reproduction problem—thus giving humans more time. But now…
“The biggest question is what do we do next?”  the deputy president asked solemnly.

This change among the ancient race was a good thing for the humans. However, how should they maintain this advantage? That was the issue to consider now. They had to keep delaying the main army of the ancient race.

“This is simple.” Chen Feng had a rather deep understanding of the ancient race. “Although this race is strong and has a long history, the actual level of their civilization and nation are rather low.”
As everyone heard this, their eyes gleamed. If that was the case… On the next day, several blockbuster movies with good ratings were played for free in every city the ancient race was in. The excuse given was “to gain understanding of human culture.”  At this, all the ancient race members in those cities gathered in the various cinemas. Toward the end, some cried, some cheered, and they were all stunned by humanity’s films.

Movies, games, music…
All of these penetrated the lives of these ancient race members. For the first time, they discovered the existence of such wonderful things. The world of the ancient race was a rather unique world. The ancients as a race placed military achievements above all others. Regardless of one’s talent, regardless of one’s interest, everyone did only a single thing: pursuing strength without stop. There were no forms of entertainment or hobbies whatsoever among the ancient race’s society.

But here in human society, for the first time, they discovered that apart from war, there were other interests in this world. “This item called an energy piano seems rather interesting,” said Wang Tiedan, an ex-bandit who had committed numerous crimes in the past. At present, the ex-he, present she was hugging a piano in a trance. Every single time she pressed down on a note, a captivating sound and a wondrous light
effect would appear, bewitching this ancient race member.

“Wow, this Dead or Alive game is really fun. I had originally believed that having a big bosom would affect one’s combat ability. The ladies in this game all have massive bosoms, yet they can actually move so fluidly in battle…”
A certain ancient race female was seriously studying a rebranded version of Dead or Alive, making a great effort to learn the combat methods displayed in the game. Naturally, whether she would learn those moves where one’s bosom could be used as a weapon to smash at one’s enemy remained to be seen…
“Wuwu… This soap opera is so very touching. The female lead is so pitiful. After her man died, her parents died as well. Next, she was gang raped. Her grandmother died, her grandfather went crazy, yet she still needs to take care of three babies…” “True, true.”
The rather emotional ones among the ancient race were all crying rivers of tears while watching human soap operas.

“I wish I was the female lead instead so I could kill off all those villains,” one particular ancient race female said.

By the side, a certain ancient race female was dazedly staring at the scene where the female lead was gang-raped, and she muttered to herself, “Yea, how I wish so…”
The rest: “???”
“Lalala, this song is very nice.”
“What song is it? Please recommend it to me.” “A song called Ifuudoudou… I can only sing a few phrases, though. The rest of the lyrics I don’t know how to sing.”
A group of ancients who enjoyed music had also fallen to human culture.

Naturally, there were also a number of them who disliked such things. Fortunately, there were such girls with non- mainstream interests among humans as well. For these people, the multitude of games humanity had to offer would surely interest them, right?

Humanity’s present assortment of games was simply akin to an entirely different world of fantasy!

For example, competitive games! Games that gave one boundless excitement, pushing one to new heights!

For example, sim games! Games where one could assume a new identity and play as whatever character they wished to! For example, RPGs! One would start slowly and would need to rely on loot to increase one’s strength!

For example, adventure games! One could massacre everything one saw and engage in never-ending killing with an elegant and spectacular world as the backdrop. One could even be prince charming and rescue a princess in distress.

If even these could not satisfy those ancient race members, how about those legendary adult games? The latest releases, such  as  “True  Boyfriend,”   “Beach  Soccer,”   “Cloud  Wolf,” “Artificial Beta Boy,” “Chronicles of Teenage Boys, 5th Edition,” and so on. There had to be one game out there suited for the ancient race members!

Ultimately, the entirety of the ancient race became addicted to these human entertainments. The moment these ancients that had originated from a civilization with a rather crude and dry culture encountered the information age of the humans, they were thoroughly captivated.

At present, the several cities where humans and ancients coexisted together had transformed into unique cities. Even humans enjoyed visiting these cities, as there, a lot of entertainment was provided free of charge. And just like that, the popularity of those few cities increased dramatically.

As for the war… everyone had completely forgotten about it. The females of the ancient race felt that their mere presence would be sufficient to conquer whatever place they arrived at. At the Genetic Union, a group of people were discussing this matter seriously.

“Excellent. Our next step should be teaching them human words. We do not need to rush that. We need to gradually and slowly make them accept human culture before assimilating them into human society.”
Chen Feng listened on in silence. This wasn’t something he was good at. However, he couldn’t avoid feeling awe for what these fellows here were capable of.

Fighting a war? How boring. The scarier method was cultural invasion. If it were a normal culture, there would most certainly have been some sort of conflict and resistance against something like this. But the ancient race? That all-female race? They accepted everything presented to them as if it was the most natural thing to do. It seemed like they were conquering the humans and the humans were completely helpless against them, as all the humans were treating them with the utmost respect. However, by the time all of them fully assimilated into human society, the ancient race would truly vanish from this world. That was the scariest part!

“Oh, right, we need to research some new gene reagents as well. Isn’t this something Chen Feng is most proficient with?”
Suddenly, they had started talking about Chen Feng. Chen Feng, who had not been paying attention to the meeting, was caught off guard. “What?”
“We have something that requires your help,”  the Reagent Department  head  stated  solemnly.  “The  assimilation  of  the ancient race is only the first step, and it’s not assimilation in the truest sense. As such, we require something that can truly help them blend with us humans, and that something is a future generation. Due to the unique makeups of the bodies of humans and ancients, it might be rather difficult for a baby to be conceived between both races. We will need your help in this, to assist them in the creation of life. Hence…” He paused and looked at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shivered and firmly refused. “Not possible!”
Something seemed fishy from how this plot was developing.

“???” The Reagent Department head scratched his head. “So it turns out such gene reagents are really that hard to create?”
Chen  Feng  had  an  odd  expression  as  he  asked,  “Gene reagent?”
“Yeah. We need some gene reagents capable of helping them become  pregnant.”  The  Reagent  Department  head  gazed  at Chen Feng in a daze and continued, “Isn’t that what you meant when you said no earlier?”

Chapter 595: Name and Glory

“Of course I was.” Chen Feng coughed and righteously stated, “It’s just that an idea suddenly appeared in my mind. I might have an even better idea we can give a try.”
“We will have to trouble you, then,” the Reagent Department head replied emotionally, evidently not aware that actually, a certain censored scene was the thing that had appeared in Chen Feng’s head previously.

“We  need  a  powerful  gene  reagent,  one  that  can  grant pregnancy  with  one  attempt,”   he  stated  with  a  solemn expression. They had decided to select a group of “good seeds” from among the Genetic Union, those who were similarly powerful genetic warriors, to head to the border cities and “fight” for humanity! Perhaps, at that time, the ancients there would truly assimilate into humanity.

“All right.” Chen Feng nodded. “I will get the Gene Production Association to come up with something.” Something like this would not be difficult for them. With the ancients out in the open nowadays, it wouldn’t be hard at all to obtain some data pertaining to the ancient race’s bodies.

For example, that little wife of Mu Yuan’s would be able to help with this.

At this time, in that faraway unknown region.

The higher-ups of the ancient race were also at a loss when it came to this whole development. Their line of thought was still not advanced enough for the idea that this was a cultural invasion to even cross their minds. Nevertheless, they still had a feeling that something was wrong with this development. The army of the ancients was no longer able to further advance into human territory.

“How many defensive layers do we need to penetrate to truly enter the hinterlands of humanity?”
“Fourteen layers. As long as we pass through the 14 layers, we will be able to enter the hinterlands of humanity. However, we have only passed through the third layer so far… and the entirety of our army is already staying behind in those human cities.”
The heads of the higher-ups ached. They had only passed through three layers containing ten-odd human cities, and those fellows were already slacking about.

“Don’t we have several spies that managed to penetrate through 13 layers already?” someone suddenly asked.

The general’s eyes shone. Thirteen layers! Only one layer before the humans’ hinterlands!

“What was seen there? How’s the combat power of the humans?” the general asked in excitement. “Oh.” That person scratched her head. “Their combat power is still unclear. However, according to what our spy said, even at the thirteenth layer, the humans were still extremely welcoming. Moreover, they even told her that the arrival of the ancient race was greatly welcomed, bringing her alone to enjoy
something called a spa, a full service package, and so on.”
General: “…”
“Oh.” That person scratched her head. “This is what she said. According to her, the humans were extremely weak and, as such, placed the ancient race on an altar like some gods. They don’t require any conquering from our side at all. Based on her description, the humans are a rather unique race. From her observations of the humans’ records—oh yeah, the records were  something  the  humans  called  a  “movie”—the  humans have in their possession some extremely powerful weapons of mass destruction. However, those weapons are only used for self-defense, and rarely at that. Moreover, the humans have countless remarkable superheroes, such as Doctor Strange, Superman, and so on. Based on her estimations, these superheroes should all be S classes. But these heroes all vanished a very long time ago. It is unknown whether they are all still alive.” The general’s expression became solemn. “S class…”
“But according to what she said, humanity is a race that will only unite when there is a disaster. They are only able to display astonishing combat power during a moment of crisis. Based on the present strength of humanity, if we were to wage war against them, we might suffer extremely heavy losses, as they will all unite. This will bring us trouble,”  that person explained seriously. If this were a war of extinction between two different races, they would naturally have had no need to consider all this. But the problem now was that the humans had directly surrendered to them. If the ancients insisted on forcing the humans’ hand even in such circumstances, they would truly be rather stupid.

The general sank into silence. “Is that really true?”
“It’s true. The humans possess a lot of things we ancients do not have. We can totally make use of the humans and this unique capability of theirs to provide numerous services to ourselves,”  that  person  said  seriously.  “For  example,  those legendary things of humanity, such as games, movies, and music, are all things we do not have. They are worth learning from the humans.” The general pondered silently. Is that so? Use the humans to provide services to the ancient race? Nothing seemed wrong with this… right?

The ancient race’s population was rather low. Therefore, their natural development in all these aspects the humans were good at had been destined to not reach far. Fashion, food, housing, and transportation seemed to be rather basic. However, if they could have the humans serve them… This idea might work for real!

“Excellent.”    Finally,   the   general   agreed.   “Let’s   put   a temporary hold on the war, then.”
“All right.” That person retired herself, inwardly feeling smug. Haha, with this, no harm would befall her favorite male idol. Now she could go and watch his latest movie: Gutter Love!

That’s right. Within this all-female kingdom of the ancient race, these terrifying things called “fangirls”  had started to appear and were slowly spreading among the grand army of the ancient race… This was something both the humans and the ancients had not seen coming. At this time, the general reported the progress to the higher- ups. Naturally, when reporting this, she touched upon a problem she was most concerned with—the future of the ancient race.

Qin Hai was astonished. “Oh, weren’t you all not worried about this previously?”
The   general   frowned.   “Yes.   We   ancients   have   great reproduction capabilities. Even if we can only give birth to one child, we do not mind the notion of accepting some new genes into our gene pool. Therefore, if the ancients are truly no longer able to reproduce, we can still extract the genes of those wild beasts and inject them into our bodies to impregnate ourselves.”
Qin Hai was horrified. Would these be the rumored half beasts of legend? Holy shit, this ancient race was truly barbaric!

“What changed?”  Qin Hai asked with a calm expression. It had been truly difficult for him to not let his emotions show on his face. “Now,  we  have  an  even  better  option:  the  humans,”  the general stated solemnly. “The outer appearance of a human is extremely similar to our own. As such, they are the most suitable choice to be our breeding partners. Moreover, this race produced numerous geniuses, such as Chen Feng, Kong Bai, and Li Lei. As such, their gene pool might prove helpful after all. They are an acceptable alternative.”
Breeding target, huh… Qin Hai sank into silence. But for the ancients to have actually thought of such a plan… They were truly courting disaster upon themselves…
That’s right, there were also outstanding individuals among humans, proving that the gene pool of humans was rather powerful as well. But had these ancients considered how they would ultimately instead be assimilated by human culture? Eh, it seemed like this was truly not a thought that would surface in the ancients’ minds. The only thing they had ever recognized was strength, nothing else—culture included.

“Therefore, I propose we encourage our soldiers to breed with the humans,” the general suggested righteously. “Approved,” Qin Hai said with a wave of his hand.

Well, you fellows are the ones courting this disaster. This has nothing to do with me.

“Thank you.” The general stood. Before leaving, though, the general suddenly looked at Qin Hai and hesitated before stating in a somewhat bashful manner, “King, are you really not considering me…”
Qin Hai’s expression darkened. “No.”
“Fine.” The general left with regret.

Qin Hai: “…”
What was that even? He had initially thought that by staying undercover here in the ancient race, he could play a great role to help the humans during battle or perhaps assassinate the ancient leaders secretly behind the front lines and obtain total control over the ancient race.

Alas… why had things progressed this way? Why else? All this was thanks to that damnable beyond X gene reagent!

Damn you, Chen Feng!

Qin Hai left filled with grief.

At present, the blending of humans and ancients was still progressing.  Naturally,  the  “blending”   here  referred  to  a broader sense of assimilation rather than that “action” involving the flesh…
At night, the cities remained brightly lit. This was how colorful the human cities had always been, and it bewitched the ancients ceaselessly. The first group of warriors deployed by the Genetic Union had already arrived, bringing with them a gene reagent capable of granting pregnancy with a single attempt. Their order had also been received. And thus, on this tranquil night, for the first  time,  the  two  sides’   armies  “did  battle”   with  their “swords,” both long and short.

The moon was shrouded by the clouds. The night seemed deeper.

Chapter 596: The One Lifeline

In an unexpected twist, the relationship between humans and ancients became harmonious. All the cities at the border became nightless cities. Together, they were called the “Dreamland of Love and Desire” and became a place countless people yearned to be. These cities became known as the cities of the millennia, cities that, regardless of whether one was human or an ancient, numerous lonely males and females could find happiness. The blending of humans and ancients progressed slowly.

Naturally, not everything that had happened was good. In this weekend itself, a rather vile piece of news was spread. This was also the first conflict the humans and ancients had, an incident that alarmed the higher-ups of both parties.

According to the reports, a certain female that enjoyed reading novels had been too engrossed by the world of a novel called Godly Model Creator. Ultimately, she had headed toward the house of the author, Minus Ninety Degrees, and tied him up, forcing him to release more chapters. Toward the end, genetic warriors had had to be mobilized to deal with this. This had raised an alarm among everyone, both humans and ancients. The higher-ups of the ancient race had issued a prohibition, telling the ancients that when living in the human world, they needed to abide by human laws and were not allowed to cause harm to others.

They had once studied human society. In human society, everything needed to be paid for, yet for the ancients, the humans were providing all these services for free. From this, the sincerity of the humans was apparent. Besides, after experiencing all the humans had to offer, they were no longer willing to return to their primitive ways, their barren culture.

If a war broke out, based on what they knew, all the entertainment methods the humans had created would end up destroyed, right? They had once watched the “records” of the humans, those things the humans called movies. Those movies had shown that during wartime, anything not related to strength would collapse and be destroyed in an extremely short amount of time. This was something they did not wish to see happen.

After all, their race had been focused on strength for several thousand years. It had truly been a boring thing. Now, this world where humans and ancients coexisted was a new era that they loved deeply, something the ancient race longed for.

Somewhat surprisingly, this incident instead caused the blending of both sides to progress even further both physically and mentally.

Naturally, the incident where the author was kidnapped was labeled as a joke by both sides before it had a chance to stir up more emotion among the masses. This incident was even mentioned in a humorous way as some sort of joke. Things seemed to be progressing in a manner smoother than they had imagined.

At this moment, in a different corner of the distant unknown region…
In that dark and cold world, above the head of a huge and terrifying devil was an old devil with wrinkles all over his face. Presently, he was staring deeply in the direction of the human territory. This place was precisely the territory of the devils. “Reporting.”
The latest update on the war was delivered to him. After the old devil read the report, he sank into a long silence. The number of wrinkles on his face seemed to have increased. How had this happened? He could not make sense of this. He had been looking forward to the war between the humans and ancients for a long time, looking forward to them massacring each other, looking forward to the appearance of that final ray of hope for them, and yet…
The war between the humans and ancients had ended just like that? From the initial close combat, it had involved into a different form of “close combat,”  one conducted in bed? This was too excessive! The old devil couldn’t understand the reason for this. Even if the ancients had to look for breeding partners, wouldn’t the devils be the more suitable option? Considering their gene pool and the similar emphasis on strength… The devils were obviously the more suitable option! Why had the ancients selected the humans?

The old devil was clueless. In any case, this “war update” had caused his heart to chill. He had initially been planning to let the devil race became the third party and reap the profit after both the humans and ancients destroyed each other, but what should the devils do now? Threesome with the humans and ancients? Was this a joke?

“Humans… Ancients…”
He took a deep breath, slowly settling the raging anger in his heart. He could not allow himself to remain enraged. At present, the future of the devils was all under his control. Now, he would have to expedite his initial plan. After all, they did not have much time left.

“Hopefully, the information I have received is not wrong,” he muttered to himself.


A pitch-black radiance swirled around him, and the bodies of both devils vanished amid the dark night. The devil race was presently searching for the final lifeline for their race. …


Time passed quietly.

Half a month passed, and humans and ancients were blending together rapidly. The cities where this was happening were developing more and more as well. At this time, suddenly, news appeared that alarmed everyone. A certain young lady of the ancient race had gotten pregnant!

That’s right, after only one month, this had happened!

Seemingly due to the unique combination of human and ancient, this child seemed incomparably powerful. The young lady was only one month pregnant yet the child was already somewhat large. Based on their estimations, this child was the size of a child that had been conceived around three months prior. Both sides were overjoyed at this. The appearance of this child was the greatest news to both the humans and ancients. After some inspections, they concluded that this child was in perfect health. The blend of human and ancient was simply flawless; no abnormalities were found.

Along with the appearance of this child, other young ladies started getting pregnant en masse, like spring bamboos sprouting after the rain. The first grand army of the ancient race was thus transformed into the grand pregnant army.

To ensure better lives for their children after birth, all these ancients ultimately decided to remain in the human cities. The living conditions back in the ancient race’s territory were truly too harsh. After they discovered that the living conditions of the ancient race were in fact equivalent to the living conditions of the humans during the humans’ Primitive Era, they were no longer willing to let their child experience such a life.

After discussion, the higher-ups of the ancient race concluded that this was acceptable. After all, for the future of the ancients, they needed to ensure their children grew up in a good environment. It was the natural course of things to let these humans serve the ancients! Allowing their children to stay in the human cities was the most proper choice to make. But they still had a nagging feeling that something was wrong, though they were unable to discover what it was.

Afterward, numerous pregnant ancient females stayed in the human cities. It reached a point where after some of them returned to the ancient race to visit their families and were unable to accept the primitive lifestyle there and decided to once again leave their hometown, to once again return to human society.

Playing their role, the human had specially gotten the Research Agency to install the best child-raising facilities in these cities.

They had even provided services to help the fathers of these children who were willing to take up the responsibility after impregnating these ladies. They would help these people establish families here. Examples of the services provided include father-seeking service, family-building courses, and so on. Ultimately, these children indeed settled here in the human cities. Just like that, this plan of assimilating the ancients into human culture was completed!

At present, those at the Genetic Union were also discussing this development.

“Have the traits of the ancient race been erased from them?”
“Mhm, the water, the food… Everything in those cities has been mixed with chemicals capable of erasing the traits of the ancient race. Slowly, they will lose what makes them the ancient race, slowly becoming true humans…”
“Mhm, if the ancients and humans can truly coexist peacefully, for the sake of a better future, it is indeed better to erase those unique traits of theirs. For example, some of them have tails and so on…”
“True.” This was their common goal. They had always been intending to eradicate the mutants of the human world and the special traits of the ancient race that made them seem less human. Only after doing all this, eliminating all discrimination based on one’s appearance, would future progress be easier.

Otherwise, if in a class of 30 students, one of them had a tail, would that single person be treated like a regular person? That was not possible. As such, these special traits needed to be eliminated. This was something the Genetic Union, Gene Production Association, and the Research Agency were working hard at.

At present, the humans and the ancients were still in a honeymoon phase, in complete harmony. Just as they were starting to believe that they could take a short rest and wait for the complete assimilation in peace, a new update was received from the Research Agency.

Their research on the devil prince had borne fruit!

Chapter 597: New Discovery

At the Research Agency.

Chen Feng was solemnly looking at the experiment progressing in front of him. With utmost focus, the employees hoisted the devil prince up before aiming the prince’s crotch at a certain test tube and giving the prince’s crotch a squeeze. Next, the liquid shot out.

Mhm… the scientists were indeed strict. Chen Feng studied the nearly transparent liquid with a solemn expression. It seemed like this devil prince had been eating rather healthily recently for the urine to be so clear. But then… Chen Feng gazed at the sputtering liquid that was sprinkling out like a showerhead and sank into contemplation.

“In short… your research successfully caused the prince’s pee to sprinkle outward rather than shooting straight forward? Just look at it. It seems like the prince’s prostate disease is no longer incurable…” The employees felt somewhat awkward as they heard his words.

“Cough, cough. When it comes to experiments, there ought to be some sacrifices,” they explained. There was nothing they could do about this. After all, during this period of time, apart from maintaining a balanced diet for the prince, they had only been pouring water down the prince’s throat without stop and then having him pee it all out.

After excessive peeing, it was quite normal for the prince to suffer some damage there.

Chen Feng: “…”
What in the world?

Those scientists were scary indeed. At this moment, the liquid gathering was completed. Next, the employees started their actual demonstration, displaying the actual usage of the mysterious power contained within the liquid.

The liquid evaporated.

After combining with energy, a ray of light appeared from the liquid. Under the amazed gazes of the people there, that ray of light charged toward the specially prepared patch of soil. Next, a devil appeared from that patch of soil.

Chen Feng was alarmed.

“This was a devil hibernating within the soil,” the employee explained in a low voice. From the amount of hibernating devil particles they had gathered so far, it wouldn’t be hard for them to put together sufficient particles to reconstruct a full devil. Their only difficulty was truly awakening these fellows. And now… “The power of the young prince is able to greatly reduce the summoning requirements,” the employee concluded.

“So that’s the case.” Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Was this the reason that devil expert had awakened ahead of time previously?

“Naturally, we are merely at the early stage of our research. After our research, we found that a devil summoned through such a method only has their physical body. Their mind, their consciousness, is still seemingly in a somewhat disassociated state… and seems to be slowly healing as well,” the employee explained.

Based on what the employee had stated, Chen Feng concluded, “In other words, this method of summoning will do great mental damage to the summoned devil.”
The  employee  nodded.  “That’s  right.”   The  mind  was  a certain type of existence existing in a certain form within one’s consciousness. However, it was still a spiritual thing and would thus suffer grave damage from being summoned using such a method. As such, it was evident that the S-class devil had only been controlled by that old devil due to his incomplete mental state.

“However, based on our analysis,”  the employee continued, “even though the mental state will suffer damage, it will heal with time at a rate almost undetectable. Moreover, the stronger the devil is, the faster the healing will be. For S classes, it will be even faster. At that time…”
“That S-class devil will return for real, right?” Chen Feng concluded for him.

“Yes.” The employee smiled bitterly. This was what they had been worrying about. S class! The deterrence provided by an S class was similar to the effect of nuclear weapons back then. It was too powerful. They had already had a taste of the power of an S class from that devil under the old devil’s control. It was unimaginably powerful. How powerful would a complete S class with a sound mental state be, then? The mere thought of it caused them to shudder in fear. S class… Chen Feng chanted inwardly. He was the only person here who knew clearly what exactly an S class was.

That S-class devil was mentally damaged and was under the control of others. As such, the power he had displayed back then was mere physical prowess. The combat power of that S class should be similar to the present Chen Feng. However, the moment that devil recovered completely, his strength and power would return as well. A true S class, an S class with control over his special abilities…
Chen Feng gulped at that thought. Even he himself had no idea what, exactly, the true ability of S classes was. During this period, he had been researching without stop, but his progress had been limited to his knowledge of his body alone. As for the real abilities of S classes, he knew nothing.

Perhaps that S-class devil could tell him about it? Chen Feng smiled bitterly and gave up on this disaster-seeking thought.

“Have there been other discoveries?” Chen Feng asked. The employee nodded. “Yes. After extracting the different compositions, we tried reversing the function of a certain substance. With the help of the Genetic Union, we were able to produce a reverse-summoning dust.”
Finishing his words, the employee took out a gene reagent. It was a bottle of yellow powder. As for the usage of the powder, it was a no-brainer.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “This thing…”  The urine of the young prince could reduce the summoning requirements, allowing the summoning process to be completed ahead of time. If it was reversed, this thing would be able to…
“Sealing!” the employee stated in excitement. “This thing is capable of sealing the life-forms summoned through the prince’s urine with a 90% rate of effectiveness.”
Ninety percent!

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed. If this was used on that S-class devil… “But  we  still  need  more  time.”  The  employee  knew  what Chen Feng was thinking. “That devil is too powerful. To seal him up, we do not have enough powder. We need more time.”
“Excellent.”  Chen  Feng  was  extremely  satisfied  with  this result. “Is there anything else?”
“The summoned life-forms all have an intense odor on their body. After breaking down the components within the liquid, we were able to obtain the decomposition formula for this odor and are able to easily locate the life-forms that carry this odor,” the employee explained.

“Very  good.”   Chen  Feng  was  overjoyed.  Detecting  and sealing, everything would be done in one go!

Next, they only needed to gather a sufficient amount of the yellow powder before they could make a move against the devils. For Chen Feng, this was a rare opportunity. After all, that was an S class. At present, Chen Feng alone was the apex of humanity. Before him, no other paths of advancement could be followed. As such, he had to use other means to open up a path of advancement for humanity. What exactly was the true power of an S class? He was looking forward to it.

“I will get the people of the Gene Production Association to come and help out as well. Try to hasten the progress,” Chen Feng stated decisively. “Hopefully the Genetic Union and the Research Agency can also put their focus on this. Before that devil recovers fully, we must get rid of him.”
“Understood,”    the   employees   replied   with   a   solemn expression. They knew how important this was.

An odd shout resounded. “Ah—”
Chen Feng glanced over. Mhm, the employees were “extracting”  the  liquid  for  study  yet  again.  What  a  pitiful fellow…
The employee noted Chen Feng’s expression of pity and cautiously asked, “Should we slow it down?” “No,”  Chen  Feng  stated  with  melancholy.  “Just  feed  him more water.”
The employee: “…”

Chapter 598: We Are the Foreign Affairs Department!

In the devil race’s territory.

Beneath the rich moonlight, a huge monster the size of a small building appeared. The vicious eyes of this monster appeared petrifying, and the might contained within a single howl caused countless beasts to tremble with fear. As the monster howled, its gaze was fixed on the opponent before it. The aura of this opponent was extremely feeble, yet a hair- raising sense of danger could still be felt from this opponent.

The monster howled, seemingly trying to scare this opponent into leaving its territory. And yet…
Bang! The opponent took a step forth, leaking a faint aura. Instantly, the monster’s expression changed. Abruptly, the monster turned around and started to flee. Alas, it was already too late.


An immense force could be felt harshly smashing this monster down to the ground. A tiny figure walked over. This fellow that was even smaller than the monster’s claws walked to the front of that monster before imprinting a red seal on the monster’s forehead. Instantly, the vicious gaze of the monster became empty before slowly becoming docile as the monster prostrated on the ground deferentially.

“Not bad, not bad at all.”
The old devil was very satisfied. He patted the latest victim he was standing on. His devil army was growing in size. With the power of that S-class devil, he was able to defeat all opponents. He believed that it wouldn’t be long before he could finally restore the devils to their former glory. Right at this moment, the S-class devil’s eyes shimmered slightly. Those empty eyes became clear for a split second before returning to normal.

“Mhm?” The old devil swept his surroundings with his acute gaze. He muttered to himself, “Weird… I seemed to feel some ominous  aura  earlier?  Was  it  a  misconception?”  Failing  to detect any other auras, he shook his head and decided to depart this place hastily.

Light swirled around and the devils vanished amid the darkness.
Presently, at the Genetic Union, the latest plan they had conceived against the devils was being prepared. Eliminating the devils during this period while the humans and ancients were still in their honeymoon phase was the most apt choice. Perhaps peace would finally grace this planet. The problem now was… “Should we inform the ancients of this?”  the deputy asked with a solemn expression. Everyone sank into silence. The strength of the ancients could not be underestimated. One could say that the ancients were in fact stronger than the humans.

Previously, when going on missions against the devils or on other special missions, they had always encountered the ancients accidentally, resulting in a battle erupting between the two parties. Now that they had obtained a temporary peace, should they inform the ancients of this plan?

“Notify them about it, then.” The Strategy Department head waved his hand. “Even if we don’t notify them, they will find out about it anyway. If we were to encounter them during battle without telling them in advance, it would be quite awkward.”
The others understood. “True.”
Suddenly, someone thought of something. “What about the strategy…” The Strategy Department head’s eyes gleamed. “It would be for the best if the ancients could work with us.” True, now that they were in an absolute honeymoon stage with the ancients, if they could work together with the ancients…
“Do it, then.” The Strategy Department head patted his thigh and stated in joy, “Ba Gu, I will hand this assignment to your Diplomacy Department.”
“???” Ba Gu’s complexion became ashen as he gnashed his teeth. “Foreign Affairs! We are the Foreign Affairs Department! Not diplomacy!”
The Strategy Department head did not seem bothered. “Is there a difference? As far as the ancients are concerned, you guys are the Diplomacy Department. I heard that when selecting candidates to breed with the ancients, even your younger brother was sent, right? Hahahaha.”
Ba Gu’s expression darkened. The deputy president held his laugh in and coughed. “Stop quarrelling. Let the Foreign Affairs Department deal with this, then. If we could work with the ancients to get rid of the devils, that would be beneficial to both our races. The devil race with an S-class expert is truly akin to an unstable nuclear warhead. I suppose the ancients are rather impatient to destroy the devils themselves as well.”
“Understood,” Ba Gu replied.

“I mean, if it doesn’t progress smoothly, you can get your younger brothers and the others to have some ‘pillow talk’ with the ancients, right?” the deputy president proposed.

Ba Gu: “???”
“Cough,  cough.  Let’s  do  this  then,”  the  deputy  president announced. “Let’s implement our plan.”
The Diplo—no, the Foreign Affairs Department would be in charge of communicating to the ancients their intention for a joint mission. The Strategy Department would be in charge of drawing the overall plan and deploying the required manpower for the mission. Regardless of whether the ancients were willing to work with them or not, this was a battle the humans had to fight.
Even with the sealing reagent they had created with the help of the young devil prince, the power of an S class couldn’t be underestimated. This mission would be much more dangerous than their past missions. As for the main force, it would be the Genetic Union president and numerous other top experts of humanity. All of them were peak beyond A classes.

This was the eldest group of the peak A classes of humanity. Before the appearance of the beyond X gene reagent, these people had already been peak A classes. They were the strongest humans, possessing strength far surpassing the imaginations of regular people. Those beyond A1, A2, and so on who had advanced relying on the beyond X gene reagent were simply not in the same league as these people.

These people were true experts, each of them being a legend in their own right. Naturally, in such a team, an oddity was included: Chen Feng. Chen Feng’s first battle after his return had stunned countless people. With a kick, Qian Liexian had been sent flying. This was extremely shocking. Even now, his strength level was still an enigma to a lot of people. They had tried asking Chen Feng about it before, but he had only replied with a simple answer: “peak beyond A class.”
“Has Chen Feng truly reached peak beyond A class?”
“I guess so?”
“This is way too fast, right? Is it truly as he said, where one needs to be in constant life-and-death tempering to break through at a faster pace?”
“That is indeed true. However, Chen Feng’s speed is still too impossible, right? From B class to his present level, how long did he take? I am not worried about that. I am worried that Chen Feng might have used some unique methods or trump cards to be able to send Qian Liexian flying with a kick…”
“What difference does it make?” “Of course there’s a difference. A true peak beyond A class and someone who can only reach peak beyond A class during unique and specific circumstances are way too different. The combat power between the two is as different as the sky and earth. Chen Feng’s identity is too unique. If something were to happen to him, it would be too heavy a loss for the humans. Have you forgotten what happened when he was believed to have died previously?”
The deputy president was extremely distressed. They wanted to prohibit Chen Feng from joining, yet this time, they couldn’t even find an excuse. In terms of authority, Chen Feng had now exceeded all of them combined. In terms of strength, Chen Feng was now at the apex of humanity. How could they restrict his actions?

The  deputy  president  sighed.  “Get  people  to  pay  more attention to his safety, then. This time, get our own people to do the job. No matter what, his safety must be assured.”
The Strategy Department accepted the command. “Understood.” “You may leave now.” The deputy president stared ahead in silence. Chen Feng seemed to always have excellent luck, to be able to create miracles repeatedly. Apart from his strength, his excellent luck had played quite a big role in his achievements.

“Hopefully… you will still be favored by luck this time.” the deputy president muttered. Unknown to him, that person he thought to be favored by luck, that creator of miracles, was presently in an extremely melancholic mood due to his luck.

Chapter 599: Update Online

“What’s the matter?”
Chen Feng looked at the illusory world in stupefaction. This illusory world was a unique world of Luck Aura. Here, he had created an illusory world that could assist in the operation of his Luck Aura. Here, he could see all the information regarding his Luck Aura, luck value, deductions, and the existence of Spirit. Yet now, everything was gone.

Since he had returned from the transmigration, this space had remained empty. However, this was supposed to be normal, since he had exhausted all his luck value during the transmigration. He had always believed that after recovering his luck value, this world would return to normal soon after. But nothing had returned. This world remained a blank space of nothingness. The amount of luck value, the floating numbers, the countdown timer, his alarm system, everything he had created to help with his usage of Luck Aura had vanished.

Chen Feng tried calling for Spirit. “Spirit?” Spirit’s figure appeared from the darkness. “Here.”
“What happened here?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

Spirit frowned, seemingly vexed about this as well. “It seems to be evolving.”
“Evolving?” Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied. His Luck Aura could still evolve?

“Yes.”   Spirit  nodded.  “It  is  seemingly  related  to  your breakthrough to S class.”
“S class…” Chen Feng was still doubtful. “But then, my luck value was still there when I had just broken through.”
“Mhm.”  Spirit said, “Please wait a moment. Let me take a look. Ah, it was the instant when you transmigrated back to this world that this space started evolving. Perhaps it was a reaction to a certain power it sensed?” Sensed? Chen Feng was alarmed. Something that could only be sensed in this world? Suddenly, Chen Feng felt like he had been neglecting his Luck Aura all this time. This thing he had picked up in his former world was able to function in this different world. Such power… wasn’t something that could be
described with something as simple as energy.

Previous life, Genetic Era, alien world…
Chen Feng had been to countless places and Luck Aura had still worked normally. But that was all there was to it. When it came to updates, it seemed like the Luck Aura could only be updated here in this world. Therefore, could it be that this thing could only go online for its updates here in this world? Within this world was a certain signal emitter that was emitting a unique power belonging to Luck Aura?

Chen Feng had no answer to that, but he guessed that that might truly be the case. This signal emitter might very well be the origin of Luck Aura. Hold on, why had the fortune stone appeared in the library of his previous world, then? Obviously, that stone was an item from this world. And what exactly was this update? This evolution? Why had reaching S class enabled this update? Suddenly, Chen Feng noticed that he might have stumbled upon something, something that normally seemed like nothing special, something he had never noticed all this while, something that he should have noticed long ago. In the past, he had never thought about this. Or perhaps one could say that he had never pursued this line of thought.

Chen Feng contemplated. “Is it because of my realm being insufficient back then—because of me being too weak?”  He extended his hand. His hand flickered, alternating between an illusory and physical state before returning to normal.

S class… What kind of realm was this, exactly? Chen Feng could not decide if the timing of this update was bad or not. But then again, something like an update should never be a bad thing, right? After all, it was Luck Aura that was updating here rather than iOS! “Hopefully the performance won’t drop after the update…” Chen Feng muttered to himself.

“I doubt the performance will drop.” Spirit frowned. “I can feel the upgrade. It should be finished in a short amount of time and will most probably be much stronger as well. However, during the update, the Luck Aura cannot be used.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “I know.” If the update wasn’t complete by the time the trip to the devil race’s territory began, he would be truly screwed. Facing a big-shot S class, he had no confidence without any luck value as his trump card.

Spirit pondered and said, “However, if something like Spirit Sea wood was provided, perhaps the update could be accelerated.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Spirit Sea wood! Yes, how could he have forgotten that? Back then, the various minor updates of his Luck Aura had always been due to Spirit Sea wood. At that time, for a tiny bit of Spirit Sea wood, he had exhausted no small amount of effort. However, just as he readied to use his Luck Aura to look for some Spirit Sea wood, he remembered that Luck Aura couldn’t be used right now.

“…” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “I had forgotten about this.”
“Let me give it a try.” Spirit said smilingly, “Although I can’t utilize the power of Luck Aura, oddly, I am very sensitive to everything concerning the power of luck…” Spirit cast her senses out. “Mhm…”
Within her senses, some vague dots of light appeared. She couldn’t get a clear look at them. However, it was sufficient for her to obtain a rough estimate of their locations.

Chen  Feng’s  eyes  gleamed.  “Excellent.”   With  his  apex strength nowadays, he would be nearly unstoppable.

Shua! Shua!

In the following period, Chen Feng swept through the numerous corners of the world, gathering everything with the power of luck regardless of whether it was Spirit Sea wood or not. These items were all fed to his Luck Aura. Even though the update was still not completed even after all this, he could clearly see that Spirit appeared more distinct now.

It was indeed working. Somewhat unfortunately, he failed to locate any Spirit Sea wood during his searches. Spirit shook her head. “That was a rare item in the first place.”
Spirit Sea wood was a legendary item and was easily destroyed. As such, merely obtaining some clues about its traces was already a sufficiently good result. Chen Feng continued his crazy search. Alas, even as he approached the date of departure to the devil race’s territory, the update was still not complete.

The world of Luck Aura still seemed dead with only the occasional appearance of Spirit wearing an anxious expression on her face. Evidently, she did not fancy such an empty world either.

“How much longer?” asked Chen Feng.

Spirit was bewildered. “I don’t know. I can only feel that it’s near completion, but as for the exact time…” Spirit shook her head. She couldn’t ascertain the exact timing of the update’s completion. Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “It seems like I can only rely on myself this time, then.”
Even those peak beyond A classes of the Genetic Union weren’t afraid. What should an S class like him be afraid of? He was, after all, the theoretical number one expert of the human race. Yet despite this being true, Chen Feng was still a sort of bogus S class.

In a sense, the present him was similar to an A-class warrior that had yet to fuse with an A-class gene. Even now, Chen Feng didn’t understand what the power of S class was. The present him was merely somewhat stronger than a peak beyond A class. Moreover, his superiority was purely in terms of brute force. He was confident that his pure brute force and energy alone would most certainly surpass all A classes. However, those peak beyond A classes still possessed numerous unfathomable abilities, or perhaps unique abilities that ignored all energy, such as what Kong Bai possessed. These were things even an S class like him did not possess.

Previously, he’d had his Luck Aura as his trump card. As such, he’d had no misgivings. Now that he didn’t have his Luck Aura, he had to be extra careful in everything he did. This was especially true since his opponent this time was similarly an S class. This was also why Chen Feng had requested to participate in this mission as well. He had to witness with his own eyes the methods available to an S class, to witness the true power of an S class.

The Genetic Union joined this mission for the sake of the devil genes, but he had joined for the sake of power.

The next day, under the great works of the Diplo—no, the Foreign Affairs Department, the humans and ancients reached an agreement. The ancients would deploy several peak beyond A classes as well. An allied squad of 12 was formed for this S- class devil-hunting mission. And with this, the first joint mission of the humans and ancients began.

Chapter 600: A Magnificent Existence

In a certain area within the unknown regions that the humans, ancients, and devils had yet to start developing was a bright and clear lake. The surface of the lake looked like a flawless white jade. A light-yellow stone floated above the lake, flickering with a faint yellow light like rhythmic breathing.

A mutated beast appeared. With greed, the beast gazed at that stone. It was about to dash over. Suddenly, a blue leopard appeared from behind it and pushed this beast to the ground before killing it. When the gaze of the leopard landed on the stone above the lake, vigilance flashed through its gaze. With utmost caution, it approached that stone. A glint flashed through its eyes as it appeared eager to give it a try. Just as it was about to rush out…

A meteor descended abruptly, smashing down to the ground nearby. Whoosh!

The blue leopard had already been prepared for this and vanished in a flash. The ground it had stepped on previously had already been struck. The leopard only reappeared after a long time. All around, there were several tens of craters, all created by meteors. Every time it acted in a way that would threaten that stone, a calamity would befall it.

It would either be attacked by some other beasts, or even plants, or a calamity would descend from the sky. As for that stone, it remained safe and sound even now. Around the stone was a huge pile of bones.

The blue leopard howled threateningly before retreating slowly. Above the lake, that stone flickered as usual, as if nothing had happened at all.

… Countless howls could be heard. Countless beasts wanted to enter, yet all died in mysterious ways. Right at this instant, a faint figure formed in the distance. An aged figure appeared. Step by step, he walked forth until he arrived.

“Indeed… Is it related to you?”
The old man raised his foot, trying to step into the lake.


A meteor descended abruptly.

The old man shook his head, raised his hand, and waved. That meteor descending with boundless might was exterminated the moment it neared the old man, unable to cause any sort of harm to that old man. Shua!

He stepped on the lake’s surface. Light started swirling about. The space around him cracked, and next, a spatial tunnel appeared out of thin air for no apparent reason. A boundless pulling force appeared, trying to pull the old man in. The old man raised his hand and destroyed the spatial tunnel with brute force and took yet another step forward.


From the planet’s core, suddenly, lava erupted upward. Combined with the power of energy, every single burst of lava carried astonishing might. All of it charged in the direction of that old man. At this, the smile on that old man’s face shrunk somewhat.

Hum— Bang! Bang!

From below the lake, boundless power erupted.


All sorts of wondrous and mystical powers charged out one after another, all trying to stop the old man’s progress. The energy barrier around the old man, which had been capable of blocking everything, was fading. Ultimately, the old man stopped his steps. 
His figure flashed. Instantly, he appeared beside the stone and grabbed at it. Alas, right at this instant, he felt a stifling sense of crisis. His entire body felt like he had been thrown into an icy cave. This was a feeling he had never experienced in his whole life… the sense of death.

He stopped his hand that was reaching toward the stone. There was no gushing energy around him and no fatal danger could be seen, yet his entire body still stopped, and he retreated one step at a time. By the time he had left the lake surface, his back was already drenched with sweat.

“This thing…”
An alarmed expression appeared on his face. This thing was much scarier than he had imagined, yet it just had to be in such a place. Gazing at that ordinary-looking stone that was still flickering with a faint yellow light as it floated above the lake, the old man gave it a deep gaze before ultimately deciding to leave. The lake recovered its previous tranquility. 
In the devil race’s territory.

The devils under the command of the old devil were increasing in number without stop. With the help of that S- class devil, he defeated all opposition among the devils. Nearly every newly reawakened devil had fallen under his control, becoming his devoted underling.

A flying devil in the sky passed on some information. “The humans have arrived…”
“I am aware of that.” The old devil stood up. The humans had indeed not given up yet.

Ever since the humans had received news regarding the S class, they had been akin to a cat that had smelled a fish. They had had their gaze fixed on the devils all this while, unwilling to look away. This was inevitable. The humans and the ancients might have the potential to coexist in peace, but how about the devils? It was impossible. soil beneath the human lands. Second, the humans were a race that increased their strength through gene fusion, and the devils were included among the materials for the humans’ fusion gene reagents. The genes of the devils could be used like all the other mutated beasts. As such, their relationship was more akin to predator and prey.

The humans and devils were completely incompatible with each other. The old devil knew that a day would come when the humans came for them, yet he had never imagined that during the war between the humans and the devils, the ancients would actually join in as allies of the humans.

The old devil’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Have they become much more idiotic after becoming female?”
Since the humans and the ancients had joined hands, he would just eliminate both races together. Normally, he would not have a chance to accomplish such feat. However, since he had already been expecting the arrival of the humans, he naturally had made his own preparations. This was the final chance for the declining devil race. 
A faint radiance started condensing. In the distant village, numerous steles filled with seals stood tall. Around the steles lingered an odd mist. The devils took in a deep breath and an expression of utmost pleasure appeared on their faces. Vaguely, their strength was increasing. This was the precious land of the devils and also the land of death for the humans and ancients.

“The wind is blowing,”  the old devil muttered. Suddenly, a bizarre wind started howling. On the ground that had previously appeared desolate, numerous trees appeared. Instantly, this desolate plain transformed into a forest, a forest filled with a cold aura. The numerous steles had actually all transformed into trees. And with that, this bizarre place had transformed into an extremely ordinary-looking forest. Faintly, some terrifying things could be seen wandering about the ground and the sky, causing the scalps of any onlookers to feel numb. 
Numerous howls resounded. Countless crow-shaped devils flew out. The eyes of the old devil gleamed coldly, seemingly capable of seeing the myriad world, seeing every nook and corner within a thousand miles. Suddenly, a certain spot within the mist rolled. The old devil focused his gaze. The humans had arrived.

“I have been waiting a long time for you guys.” The old devil grinned, revealing a row of yellow teeth with faint traces of blood on them. Presently, far away from the devils, the joint squad of the humans and ancients had appeared in the outer forest.

“This should be the place,” a lady of the ancient race stated sweetly. She walked back and forth as her attractive, tiny waist swerved right and left. When she walked past the Genetic Union president, she even threw him a wink before slapping the president’s butt. “Quite perky.” “???”
The president was dumbstruck. His eyes widened—he had evidently yet to recover from his shock. He, the illustrious president of the Genetic Union, still commanded a healthy amount of respect even though he usually stayed in seclusion all year round, yet now… Was he too behind the times, or was it that these ancients were too brave?

He abruptly extended his hand. “You…”
“Calm down, calm down.” Ba Gu pulled at the president and whispered, “These ancients are not used to human culture yet. In their understanding, this act of slapping one’s butt is merely a simple act of flirting.”
Ka! Ka!

The president clenched his fists tightly. “Investigate this fellow for me.” The president took in a deep breath. “If she was originally female, I will forget about it, but if his original name is something like Gou Dan, Tie Zhu, Tuo Ni, or something similar, I will most certainly beat him to death.”
Ba Gu smiled bitterly. He looked at the fellow that had dared to mess with their president and found that the person was still busy throwing flirtatious glances over. Evidently, she had yet to discover the bizarre mood around her…
What was this? Should he advise them? He dared not. Everyone here was a peak beyond A class—he was the only exception. That was because the ancients that had come were all the leaders of the ancient race rather than common citizens. As such, to avoid friction, Ba Gu was required to be here. And thus, this Foreign Affairs Department head had been brought along this mission.

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “It has been hard on you.”
“…”  Ba Gu felt extremely helpless. “We are truly not the Diplomacy Department!” “I know,” Chen Feng stated with a respectful expression. “How can you guys be the Diplomacy Department? In this honeymoon period between the humans and ancients, it is of utmost importance to prevent any frictions. Your tasks are not as simple as diplomacy. Rather, you guys are as magnificent as lube.”
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