The Strongest Gene Chapter 581-590

Chapter 581: The Only Chance

“Worthy of being a warrior indeed.”
“I seem to remember that in this arena, any contestant that survives for a month will be considered to have passed, yet Chen Feng and Kong Bai actually managed to kill that big fellow and crash the entire world.”
“How  powerful!”   the  fans  around  them  exclaimed  in admiration.

Chen Feng merely smiled calmly. He was not one to go and make a big deal out of everything. Only by planning things out properly would he stand a chance. At present, there was no apparent danger. As such, he would take this chance to gain a proper understanding of this world. As for Kong Bai, this guy was way too used to weird occurrences due to his rich transmigration experience. “Well then.” Ruo Shui took out a shiny contract. “Would the two of you please sign the contract? Since the both of you are survivors of the Arena, you will both naturally be considered artists under our company. After signing this contract, we will provide suitable identities for the both of you. Naturally, as for
the heights you two can reach in this world, that will have to depend on yourselves.”

Light swirled before them and a contract filled with unfamiliar characters appeared.

Chen Feng pondered lightly. “All right.” In truth, he and Kong Bai had no other choice. This was an extremely unique world. All the people here had horns on their head that contained dreadful power. Every single person here had astonishing power. Chen Feng did not doubt that they would meet a bad end were they to resist the people here.

Shua! He and Kong Bai inputted their spiritual energy into the contract. The contract glowed faintly. Next, the information pertaining to the both of them appeared on the screen. Moreover, a huge featured article about them appeared, driving all the fans there crazy.

“Chen Feng, I love you!”
“Kong Bai, I want to make babies with you!”
Chen Feng: “…”
Finally, he understood why he had kept feeling like someone had been observing him. This world…the people here… He looked at Kong Bai. It seemed like they had indeed arrived at a rather amazing world.

“All right. The both of you may go take a rest now.” Ruo Shui was all smiles. “You are warriors worthy of respect. As such, we have provided a perfect service of clothing, food, housing, and transportation for you both, which will remain until the next event.” Chen Feng raised a brow. “Next event?”
“That’s right.” Ruo Shui smiled. “After all, you are superstars here. As such, there is a need for you two to keep hold of your popularity. Thus, we will arrange some events for the both of you to participate in once per week.”
“What are the events you are talking about?” Chen Feng questioned.

“Something like an adventuring event.”  Smiling, Ruo Shui explained,  “The  strength  of  the  enemies  will  be  somewhat increased. I trust that you both will definitely be able to achieve success again and gain even more fans.”
Finishing his explanation, Ruo Shui nodded his head before leaving. Chen Feng and Kong Bai were brought to a huge room with every accommodation one could wish for. There were even servants assigned to serve them. Living here, one could enjoy the life of an emperor. Naturally, due to the huge amount of fanatical fans, the company had proposed that before their strength reached a certain standard, they should not leave this dwelling. Chen Feng’s glance swept past the huge barrier in the distance. He tried walking over, and as he arrived, a virtual window popped


Due to your weak strength and the high frequency of injuries caused by fanatical fans, we do not recommend your departure. If you insist on leaving, please contact the person in charge. We will review your request as soon as possible. If you have any requests, please do contact us. We will provide the best of services to you as soon as possible.


“This company here is quite humanlike,” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. The company here felt even better than the entertainment companies in their world.

Chen Feng sneered. “Is that so?” That’s right, this was a new world for them. Here, they were celebrities. Everything seemed so perfect. However, Chen Feng was able to rearrange his thoughts shortly after and started analyzing the actual situation here.

“Restricting our travel, providing food and accommodations, and joining an event after a certain interval to attract spectators…”  Chen Feng sighed and looked at Kong Bai, who was still in the midst of excitement from all this. “Do you not feel that we are no different than animals in a circus?”
Kong Bai blanked. “Holy shit, that’s not true, right?” He sank into contemplation and tried viewing it from Chen Feng’s perspective, and he noted that it was indeed as Chen Feng had said; they were no different than circus animals. The so-called God and rescue, all of that was a load of shit.

Essentially, this was an entertainment company that had kidnapped some aliens to improve the ratings of their show, using the numerous alien species as a means of boosting their ratings. Chen Feng was certain that among the summoned life- forms, there were all sorts of species.
Naturally, none of them would be allowed to leave alive. The rationale for this was that if Chen Feng was the one running this show, he would most certainly not allow aliens to loiter around his world as well. Therefore, those people would definitely not grant them freedom. As Kong Bai thought about it, his heart chilled.

Without a doubt, they would be locked here and let out once per week to join the events. They would have to entertain the spectators like monkeys, continuously attracting fans. The stronger the enemies they faced, the more desperate their battles would be. In turn, the spectators would get even more excited, until one day when they finally perished.

“This damnable world,” Kong Bai cursed in rage.

“Perhaps, this is not bad for us,”  Chen Feng stated calmly. Whether this was an opportunity or a calamity remained to be seen. Even if these people were keeping them like some pets, it wasn’t like they had nothing to gain at all. For example, the world where the events would be held, the world where they could temper themselves, those would be real, including the energy and blood essence they gained.
Chen Feng rubbed the S-class blood essence he had in his bosom. He was still keeping this thing around. The power system of this world seemed completely different than the Genetic Era. As such, they were not aware that what Chen Feng had extracted was in fact blood essence, nor were they aware of his reason for extracting the blood essence. Moreover, they were not aware that the extracted blood essence was something Chen Feng could use to increase his strength. For Chen Feng and Kong Bai, this was an opportunity—the best opportunity, in fact.

After all, it was simply impossible for Chen Feng to get his hands on an S-class gene reagent under normal circumstances. It would be apt to say that nobody could create an S-class gene reagent, as S-class beasts had never existed. But here… there was a chance!

Chen Feng turned on the commodity menu and took a look at it. Here, all sorts of delivery services were provided. Anything he wanted, he would be able to obtain. Evidently, the company was hoping that Chen Feng and Kong Bai could increase their strength as well, as shown by what was available for sale. After all, the stronger Chen Feng and Kong Bai became, the higher the chances of their survival and the more money the company would make.

Chen Feng took a glance and noticed countless amazing medicinal herbs that did not exist in the human world. Here in this world, the herbs would either be crushed and pasted on one’s body or would be directly consumed to increase one’s strength. The reason for such a crude method of using the herbs was the lack of gene production here in this world.

Chen Feng pondered. “It seems like the standard of their gene production is extremely low.”
Kong Bai curled his lips. “Or perhaps they do not need gene production at all?”
That was quite probable as well. In any case, this was still a good thing for them. Chen Feng could make use of this chance to gather sufficient materials to produce the S-class gene reagent. Or perhaps he could even improve the S-class formula with everything provided here.

If I can enter S class… Chen Feng’s eyes shone. This might be the only way they could escape their current predicament.

Chapter 582: Must Return Alive!

At the Genetic Union.

All the higher-ups had assembled together and were discussing a truth they did not dare to face: something had happened to Chen Feng.

Qian Chen, Si Fan, and Chen Feng had all lost contact with them. The entire training camp was filled with the aura of the devil race. The Genetic Union’s reinforcements had indeed gone over and had been able to regain control over the training camp, yet no traces of Chen Feng had been found. This signified that he had probably been kidnapped or killed.

“Isn’t this good?” The head of the Finance Department had always harbored a dislike for Chen Feng. Now that Chen Feng was no longer here and he had left no family members behind, the Genetic Union could take over everything he had created. What a perfect conclusion.

Shua! Everyone’s gaze landed on him uniformly, disdain in their eyes.

“I know that you are the nephew of the president, would you believe me if I told you that if you said something that stupid again,  you  wouldn’t  leave  this  place  alive?”   The  Research Department head was furious. Were these people not clear yet on what Chen Feng’s existence meant for humanity? The lack of foresight here was truly shocking.

“All right now.” The deputy president waved his hand and interrupted them. “At present, are there any ways of discovering any traces of Chen Feng?”
“Nope.”  The Scout Department head shook his head. “The only thing we were able to discover was the fact that on that day, something happened to the three of them at the same time. All other information was covered up by the devils.”
“Are there no ways of clearing the cover-up?”  the deputy president asked with a frown. The Scout Department head sighed. “We need time for that.”
“Hasten it,”  the deputy president said solemnly. Whatever traces could be found at the training camp would be their only clues. That was the only way they could try to infer on the truth of what had happened that day… Qian Chen and Si Fan were confirmed dead. However, if Chen Feng had merely been captured… they definitely had to rescue him.


At the Mysterious Organization.

Qin Hai, with an ashen complexion, was looking at the news he had received. His source of news was different from the people of the Genetic Union. His news had been received from the Land of Legacy, where Master Mu had ultimately labeled Chen Feng’s fate as “sure death.” Nobody could hope to survive in the spatial currents Chen Feng had landed in. He could not believe that a day would come when Chen Feng would really die. He could not believe this, but then, Master Mu had personally confirmed this. Oh, wait, there was that person that he had forgotten about. Qin Hai grasped his fists tightly. At that time, he had seen Chen Feng’s request for help. As such, he had moved out and attacked the church to force Master Mu to return. Alas, there had actually been two experts of the Land of Legacy acting against Chen Feng on that day. If Qin Hai had known this earlier, if he had noticed this earlier, he could have…
The most lamentable of all was the fact that when he had returned, his fellow apprentice brothers had all told him amiably that they hadn’t told him about their plan as they’d been worried about troubling him. That’s right, they hadn’t suspected his identity. Rather, they had merely been worried by the prospect of troubling him.


Qin Hai slapped the table in front of him into pieces. Di—
His wristband buzzed. Wang Yao was trying to contact him. Evidently, she had also received some news and was trying to get an update from him. Qin Hai looked at his wristband, not knowing how he should even begin to tell her the truth.

What to do?

Suddenly, Qin Hai’s gaze landed on the next name in his contact list. Hold on, this might not be a helpless situation. He recalled how they had once returned to the past to change the history. This might seem unlikely to succeed, as he might not be able to return from the past this time. However, if he was able to rescue Chen Feng…
Qin Hai contacted Kong Bai. Surprisingly, Kong Bai had disappeared as well. Qin Hai got someone from the ancient race to divine news of Kong Bai. Astonishingly, both Kong Bai and Chen Feng had disappeared at the exact same time and place. Could it be…
Suddenly, Qin Hai laughed. Regardless of whether it was Chen Feng or Kong Bai, if they were alone when they encountered such an impasse, they would have no way out. However, when the two of them were together, nobody could take them away forcefully.

“They are fine,” replied Qin Hai to Wang Yao’s message. He began staring into the distance.

I shall be waiting for your return!

“Reporting, lord, traces of the rebels have been found,” one of his underlings reported in excitement. This was their final battle. After getting rid of this final rebel army, they would finally have united the entire ancient race as one.

“Excellent.” Qin Hai’s gaze became sharp. “Start surrounding them. We shall talk about further actions after that.” “???” The underling was somewhat dumbstruck. Could they not attack directly? Why was there a need to surround them? With the number of rebels, it would take a week to surround them.

“This  is  the  final  battle.  As  such,  we  must  make  ample preparations. The reason for first surrounding them is to prevent anyone from escaping. I do not wish to see anyone escape, thus delaying our eventual unification of the ancient race. With this being our final battle with them, they will most certainly have prepared numerous trump cards. I wish to avoid more casualties as well. Therefore, before they discover us, we should take our time and make as many preparations as we can afford. Slowly, until we devour their entire army,” Qin Hai stated with a hooded gaze.

“All right.” The underling did not doubt Qin Hai’s words and left to implement the order. Qin Hai stared ahead in silence. This was the longest he could drag this out.

Chen Feng, Kong Bai, you both must return alive!

*** Twin Horns World.

That’s right, that was the name of this world. The people here had observed numerous life-forms and, through that, granted this world this unique and prideful name: Twin Horns World.

At present, within a certain room, Chen Feng was painstakingly studying the breakthrough into S class. Under normal circumstances, one would first need to break through into the new realm before fusing with a new gene reagent. At present, the limit of humanity was peak A class. Breaking through into the next realm was an impossibility. As such, an S-class gene reagent would be required to force this breakthrough. Thus, some contents that would normally only be consumed after the breakthrough needed to be added to the fusion gene reagent.

“Gene reagent…”
Chen Feng’s head ached as he looked at his low luck value. Attempting to create an S-class gene reagent were akin to a bottomless pit. Chen Feng got Spirit to make an estimation for the amount required. It turned out that over 1,000 luck value would be required for that. That was a rather frightening amount.

Chen Feng sighed. “Seems like I can only rely on myself this time.” Fortunately, this was the Arena of Life and Death.

Although this damnable company had restricted their freedom, they had provided a huge amount of resources as well. Nearly all the resources he could think of would be supplied without limit. All these resources would require credits to be purchased, which could be earned by surviving the Arena of Life and Death.

Purchase, purchase, purchase!

Spam, spam, spam!

Without rest, Chen Feng purchased the materials and improved his formula without stop. However, after only one day, his credits were fully exhausted. This consumption rate was incredibly frightening. Next, Chen Feng began his new life as a debtor. Here, one’s credit could go into the negatives. Perhaps this system had been put in place to placate some powerful warriors, or perhaps it had been put in place to scam the participating warriors. Regardless, the company had a debt mechanism with a terrifying rate of interest for the credits

Every nine credits one borrowed, one would have to repay thirteen credits. They opined that this would be a better method of controlling those alien warriors. Moreover, helping these warriors grow in strength would be beneficial for them to earn even more money.

Ruo Shui frowned as he read the data regarding Chen Feng. Due to the high interest, the majority of warriors avoided going into debt. Only a small amount of them, those that were in a rush to break through or that felt a sense of crisis, would agree to go into debt just to purchase more materials. Even so, these people would repay the debt as soon as possible. They wouldn’t dare to stay in debt for a prolonged period of time. Yet this guy named Chen Feng…
Each credit here was extremely precious, capable of purchasing a huge amount of items. As such, even in their entire history, the highest amount of debt a person had ever owed them was a mere 2,000 credits. That was a debt someone had incurred to prepare for the coming event. Ultimately, that person had been able to defeat the enemy in the coming event, bringing their company great profit.

As for Chen Feng…
Ruo Shui tried calculating what Chen Feng currently owed them. Three zeroes, four zeroes, five zeroes, six zeroes…
Hold on. What in the world, it reached seven figures?!

Chapter 583: Charge, Charge, Charge!

Ten million! By himself, Chen Feng had taken out a loan of ten million credits!

“Has this guy gone crazy?” Ruo Shui did not dare to believe this. How much was ten million credits? It was sufficient to buy even a small town. How many treasured herbs had this fellow bought to be in so much debt? One ought to know that surviving each event would grant one only several thousand credits. The amount Chen Feng owed, plus the interest… Was this guy planning to spend his entire life paying this debt?

Ruo Shui was alarmed. The entire company was shocked. Even if Chen Feng would be more powerful in the next event the more he improved himself and the ultimate profit he brought would belong to their company, thus putting them in a position where they would not suffer any losses, this was still too risky an investment. This sum…
“What to do?”
Just as they were all discussing this… Shua!

Suddenly, the seven figures indicated on their screen started flickering rapidly before settling on eight figures.


Ruo Shui was dumbfounded. Everyone in the company was dumbfounded. Eight… eight figures? They were all stupefied. Was the difference between seven figures and eight figures only a single zero? No, that was an investment of ten times the amount, an amount one shouldn’t even hope to finish spending.

Ruo Shui almost lost his voice. “Fast, lock his account.” What exactly was that fellow planning? They all gnashed their teeth. They suspected that this guy was planning to plunder their riches before escaping or something like that. However, through their observation, they noted that Chen Feng was indeed immersed in painstaking training. The resources hadn’t been sent elsewhere. They had all been sent to Chen Feng and used by him. No traces of any item transfers could be found. “What now?”
“There’s  really  someone  capable  of  swallowing  this  many materials?”
“No idea. Theoretically, the amount of energy each person can absorb within a certain time frame is limited. After all, if one’s energy is increased excessively, it might become unstable, leading to an accident. Yet this Chen Feng…”
They exchanged glances.

“Do you all still remember Chen Feng’s strength back then?” someone asked suddenly.

“You are saying…”
“That’s right. When he first arrived, he was even weaker. However, he progressed rapidly during the event, and finally, when he exited the event world, his strength was more than ten times stronger than when he had first arrived.”
Their hearts thumped. Wasn’t this the truth? If so, after Chen Feng absorbed so many resources…
“Seems  like  our  company  is  going  to  create  yet  another legend.”
All their hearts thumped.

An investment of ten million credits was the largest investment their company had ever made. Although this had happened accidentally, if they were able to make use of this properly… this would also be their chance to earn their biggest profit yet.

“How about Chen Feng’s credits?”
“Freeze his account.” The rest of them glared at the one who had asked the question. What in the world, was eight figures not high enough? Although they sounded rather confident, in fact, the only reason they had allowed this to happen was because Chen Feng had acted too fast; they hadn’t been able to stop him. Now, they would not allow Chen Feng to continue squandering their resources like that. Resources worth ten million should be sufficient for Chen Feng to enter a new realm.

This was how all of them thought. Alas, they never could have guessed that all the resources had not been used by Chen Feng to increase his strength. Instead, he had wasted all the resources. One experiment, two experiments, three experiments, never-ending experiments.

The difficulty of researching S class and breaking through into S class had far surpassed Chen Feng’s imagination. The fact that his research was focused on pushing one who had yet to enter S class into S class caused his research to become even harder.

Ten experiments, a hundred experiments, a thousand experiments… Chen Feng became crazy. It reached a point where he was already numb to failure. This continued until one moment when a crisp sound echoed. This familiar yet moving sound reached him, yet he did not even notice it. Just as he was about to subconsciously discard this experiment and start a new one, he blanked. That sound…
Slowly, his gaze swept past the gene reagent before him, and his expression froze. This… Suddenly, an overjoyed expression appeared on his face. Succeeded! He had finally succeeded!

A faint radiance swirled around. The gene reagent before him seemed to contain endless power.

“I have truly succeeded…” Chen Feng muttered. It had been a very long time since he had last experienced such a feeling. Prior to this, with his cheat-like Luck Aura, he had been able to easily crush all other producers in terms of gene production until he had finally been able to gain ownership over the entire Gene Production Association. And now, without Luck Aura assisting him, he had been able to once again experience what “excitement”  truly meant. Six days! Over ten million credits! Finally, in the final moments before his next event, he had succeeded!

XX Fusion Gene Reagent

Class: S

Function: Unknown.

Effect: Unknown.

This was his latest research result. Without luck value doing the estimations for him, without the database of the genetic world to be referred, even Chen Feng himself was not aware of what he had just created. However, at the very least, he could confirm that this was indeed a fusion gene reagent.

Tick! Tock! Time passed without stop. Chen Feng inhaled deeply and braced himself. Did he have any other option?


Without hesitation, he swallowed the gene reagent.


Instantly, terrifying energy erupted within his body.

Bang! Bang!

That tiny bottle of liquid transformed into frightening energy. It was boundless, akin to a tsunami raging thorough Chen Feng’s body, shining with a wanton splendor.

Pu! Chen Feng coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Bang! Bang!

Booming explosions reverberated all throughout his body, as if a blacksmith was using a hammer to temper his body unceasingly, pounding upon his heart without stop.

Pu! Pu!

His blood veins all ruptured, his blood splattering everywhere.

“Ah, ah, ah—”
Chen Feng used the energy to forcefully bind his splattering blood. Right now, his entire body was translucent, like a body sculpted from diamond. Every single one of his blood veins had ruptured, but they were being forcefully kept together with energy. He was in a rather dreadful condition.

Damn it.

His heart chilled. He had still underestimated how terrifying the process of breaking through into S class was. After all, A class was the limit of humanity, a bottleneck nobody had surpassed before. He had initially believed that no human had ever reached that realm due to a lack of S-class genes. Alas, it seemed like the human body itself was incapable of supporting such power.

S class was simply too terrifyingly powerful. Even a tiny drop of S-class energy would be sufficient to blow up Chen Feng’s body. He felt like his present body was like a huge inflated balloon that was on the verge of exploding. The S-class energy within his body expanded without stop, almost unable to be suppressed.

Bang! Bang! He could feel some of the veins within his body popping apart.

“Damn it.”
He smiled bitterly. At this moment, he was incomparably thankful that he had fused with the giant elephant gene. Although this gene had not granted him a rather huge improvement in combat power, at the very least, his body quality had been improved to A class. Otherwise, the instant he had swallowed the S-class fusion gene reagent, his body would have exploded.

Even so… how long could he last?

Shua! Shua!

His body was processing the energy without stop. Unfortunately, the S-class energy was too terrifying, far surpassing the level Chen Feng could absorb. As such, Chen Feng’s body seemed to be heading in a rather bleak direction…

Chapter 584: Strengthening!

What to do? Chen Feng’s brain spun rapidly. Luck value? Probabilities? He had once used his luck value during gene strengthening to reduce the pain, completing his transformation in advance. However, this would be of no help here, as this was not a situational strengthening he was undergoing, a process where he could decide on the sequence in which his body was strengthened. Rather, this current process he was undergoing was an overall strengthening, the strengthening of his entire person.

His body, his consciousness, his heart, all his organs, all energy-generating sources, everything was undergoing a transformation. Chen Feng felt his body inflating, and this was only a part of what he was feeling. His heart still felt like it was being pounded by a hammer, almost forcing him to spit blood. What damnable experience was this?

Bang! Bang!

His heart thumped and his consciousness boomed. The amount of energy in his body was terrifyingly high, giving him a feeling as if death wouldn’t be worse than being alive. He had a feeling that in the next moment, his body would swell to the point of implosion.

Once again, his body seemed to increase in size. At present, Chen Feng was at the most crucial moment, and his mind never stopped working as he pondered without stop, looking for a way to survive this. Regardless of how much energy he had in him, he had to look for a method of exhaust it all.

Release the excess energy? Right, God Punisher!


Instinctively, he released God Punisher. Shua!

Instantly, a huge amount of energy was drained from his body.

Chen  Feng  was  overjoyed.  “Nice.”   Indeed,  the  energy exhaustion of God Punisher was truly terrifying. Even in his present state, his energy would still reduce rapidly after the usage of God Punisher, bringing him near the bearable limit.

Alas, before he could even bask in his happiness, he could feel the movement of time, and suddenly, his body swelled, nearly imploding.

Shit, this Time Quicksand…
The activation of Time Quicksand had brought him one second forward, rendering his activation of God Punisher meaningless. The energy he had exhausted during the activation earlier was even lower than the amount of energy he had replenished after that one-second skip. Unfortunately, Time Quicksand was contained within his God Punisher as well, and as such, he could not avoid releasing this ability.

This damnable ability! Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He had never expected that a day would come when this Time Quicksand would screw him instead. The energy that should have been exhausted by God Punisher was replenished by Time Quicksand just like that. Was this his retribution for using Time Quicksand to skip time too many times previously? Chen Feng sighed.

Bang! Bang!

Yet another boom erupted within his body.

With this, his God Punisher, instead of exhausting his energy, had put him in an even more dangerous situation. He inhaled deeply and his eyes flickered without stop before suddenly, he gulped down a gene reagent. He had not planned to use this gene reagent, but now he had no choice but to rely on it. Since the odds of surviving with this were 50%, he would gamble on it. 
Time seemed to stop at this instant. Right as Chen Feng consumed the gene reagent, the energy in his body increased instead of reducing. However, Chen Feng wasn’t surprised by this development. Rather, his mind seemed to have an even clearer grasp on everything. The world before his eyes seemed to have slowed down. In truth, everything was still the same. What had changed was Chen Feng’s speed of thought, which had been accelerated greatly. However, it indeed gave him a feeling like time had stopped.


Chen Feng waved his hand. All the spiritual energy was his to command. He could even feel a sense of happiness from the spiritual energy as it approached him. Naturally, as the cost for being in such a wondrous state, the genes within Chen Feng’s body were collapsing at a rapid speed as well. What Chen Feng had consumed was precisely the aurora gene reagent.

Disadvantage: Rapidly collapses one’s genes.


Shua! Shua!

The genes within Chen Feng’s body collapsed rapidly. His hands, his legs, his head… His entire body seemed to be flickering. This was an extremely frightening situation. The previous Chen Feng had utilized his luck value to control the collapse of his genes, limiting it to trash genes. But now he wasn’t controlling the process at all.

When a gene collapsed, regardless of what gene it was, it would only flicker once. Yet now, the entirety of Chen Feng’s body was flickering without stop. The collapsed genes were immediately improved by this terrifying S-class energy within Chen Feng’s body, making these genes even stronger than their previous state. The S-class gene reagent was presently transforming Chen Feng’s body, updating his genes! 
Chen Feng’s body went through numerous transformations, becoming stronger and stronger.

Even with this, the rate which energy appeared within his body still far surpassed the amount of energy he was exhausting. However, for the present Chen Feng with maximum spiritual affinity…

He waved his hand. Under his control, the energy started moving. Consciousness! With this seemingly unlimited supply of energy, Chen Feng started recreating an even more powerful spiritual world for himself. Digitized world! With the endless energy supply, he constructed a huge world, filling his digitized world with boundless vitality.

He started personally redesigning his body as well. In this manner, the vast energy that had initially seemed to be spreading everywhere, the energy that had almost blown up his body, started operating in an orderly fashion. Mending, reinforcing, transforming. In this manner, finally, his energy gain and energy exhaustion reached a balance of sorts.


Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. However, this was merely the beginning. After three hours, after exhausting endless energy, his body finally transformed into the strongest state, to the maximum limit. Chen Feng was certain that all his organs and his entire body had reached the limit of humanity.

He had initially focused on energy cultivation; the giant- elephant gene was the only ability he used to improve his physical body, pushing his body quality to that of an A class. This time, though, he had been able to transform the entirety of his body to that of a peak beyond A class. physical body alone, he would now be able to beat up a beyond A class. That was how cheat-like his new body was. Alas, as Chen Feng saw the amount of energy in his body, he let off a bitter smile.

The amount of damnable S-class energy in his body was still going up instead of down. The moment the energy reached the limit, he would truly have no other ways of dealing with it. He had ultimately failed to cross that limit, the limit of A class.

If Chen Feng was able to break through the bottleneck and cross through the limit, he would only need to focus purely on fusing with the gene reagent and the process would be completed easily. But now, since he was still stuck as a beyond A class, he would have to rely on himself to deal with the excess S-class energy. At present, his only options were to either break through into S class or allow the S-class energy to fill his body to the point of implosion.

His entire being had already been pushed to the limit of humanity. Regardless of what he tried, he failed to break through the damnable bottleneck. In fact, he couldn’t even locate that single point at which he could attempt to break through. After all, he had been an A class for too short a time. He had attempted to reach S class from B class in such a short period of time. This single step was too huge, and now he was paying for it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng tried numerous times, yet nothing seemed to happen. His body and energy stopped transforming. Like a headless housefly, he charged all over randomly and watched on as the amount of energy in his body increased without stop, returning to the initial level prior to his transformation.

Granted, the present Chen Feng who had been transformed had higher endurance and would be able to last longer now. However, if he could not break through in the shortest time possible, he would likely die by way of his body imploding. “What should I do, exactly?”
His brain worked rapidly. He believed that he would be able to think of a solution.

S class…
S class…
Spellbound, he sank into deep contemplation. Suddenly, a question popped into his brain. What exactly was it that made an S class so powerful?

Chapter 585: Transform

S class was a wondrous realm. It seemed completely different from A class. Essentially, A class was the evolution of B class— an improved B class. This was true all the way from F class to A class. The core of it all was constant improvement. What about S class, then? It was a transformation. Chen Feng could feel it clearly.

As such, what was the superiority of this realm compared to others? Chen Feng thought back to the S class he had encountered. That expert of the devil race had been capable of seriously injuring Li Lei with a single slap. Was it purely because of his stronger physical prowess?

Was it because of the S-class body? Not quite so. It was not possible for a physical body alone to be so powerful. Was it energy, then? Chen Feng thought back and recalled that when that had happened, no traces of energy had been visible. Was it possible for that big shot devil to not even have something like energy? That was not possible.

Why, then? There was also the S-class beast he had killed using Xiao Ying and the maphack back then. Although he had maintained a huge distance from that beast and hadn’t sensed the power of that S class personally, he had been able to see that while that beast had continued struggling and changing, it had still never unleashed any energy that seemed excessively powerful. And yet its body had truly been astonishingly

Each time its body had been reconstructed, Xiao Ying had been on the verge of being instantly killed. If not for Xiao Ying’s ability to travel at will between the illusory world and the physical world, he would have been crushed directly by the internal organs of that S-class beast. That was how terrifying an S class was.

In short, both the S-class devil and the S-class beast specialized in the cultivation of their physical body? That was evidently untrue. Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of a possibility. Perhaps, in the realm of S class, there was no such distinction between one cultivating either their physical body or their energy. Instead, both were lumped together. Flesh equaled energy. Energy equaled flesh. If that was the case…
Chen Feng’s gaze became sharp. With the last of his consciousness, he controlled the energy within him. Bang!

Just as this thought flashed past Chen Feng’s mind, his body started imploding as the S-class energy within his body erupted.

Bang! Bang!

The terrifying energy swept everywhere. With astonishment, Chen Feng watched on as his body was reduced into nothingness amid the boundless energy. Surprisingly, his consciousness remained.

I’m not dead? Oh, I didn’t die.

With astonishment, Chen Feng looked at himself in a state of nothingness. At present, his physical body had transformed into numerous light particles. Surprisingly, these particles did not vanish. Rather, like fireworks, they swirled around, taking on a spherical shape before starting to absorb the energy previously in Chen Feng’s body. That’s right. The powerful energy was being absorbed. The energy that Chen Feng couldn’t fully digest no matter what had actually been fully absorbed by the light particles. Those particles might look feeble, but they were able to easily absorb the energy.

After a long time, the boundless energy vanished, leaving behind only those light particles that were hovering in midair akin to stars. Chen Feng’s eyes widened. He no longer had a physical body. As such, he could only look on with amazement, watching these particles and sensing this state of nothingness he was in with curiosity.

What’s… going on with me?

Chen Feng had no idea. Was he going to stay in this state forever? Mhm… if so, was he still alive or dead? He couldn’t find an answer to that.

Perhaps… I can still move?

Chen Feng tried moving using his consciousness. Shua!

Surprisingly, the light particles actually moved according to his will.


Chen Feng looked on with astonishment.

“In short, this is my new body?”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He wondered if he would ever be able to transform back into a human. The thought of this rose subconsciously in his mind.


Just as this thought appeared in his mind, all the light particles started combining, condensing, and shining with a faint radiance. Instantly, a brand-new body was constructed.

Chen Feng’s eyes widened. He lowered his head and gazed at his hands and his body. Everything seemed completely the same as before. He was back! Energy equaled flesh, flesh equaled energy!

Could it be…
He waved his hand instinctively.

Transform! he urged inwardly.


Instantly, his right hand vanished into nothingness, transforming into countless light particles, yet when Chen Feng set his senses forth, he could sense every single light particle. Each particle was part of him.

Condense! he urged.


The light particles assembled together, reconstructing his right hand.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. So this was what S class was all about? Finally, he understood how lucky he was to have been able to kill that S-class beast with his maphack. If not for the unique environment that he had been making use of, if not for Xiao Ying… killing that beast would have been impossible. An S-class body was in fact an undying body.

“This body…” Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. An explosive energy could be felt within his body. That was the power of S class. He punched out, and an S-class force exuded from his fast. This was not purely physical power, nor was this purely energy. Rather, this was a combination of the two. This S-class realm
had, in an ingenious manner, melded both powers together perfectly. From now on, there was no flesh, there was no energy. The only thing that remained was the combination of the two. This was what S class was.


A single punch from Chen Feng caused space itself to tremble.

The effect of this single punch of his was apparent. Even the flow of time slowed as space slowly tore apart from his punch. As he retracted his hand, the tear in space began to slowly close up. This was merely the result of a single casual punch. It was truly rather astonishing.

“A random punch is already as powerful as a 5-star or a 6-star secret art?” Chen Feng was speechless. Only now did he have an inkling of how powerful he had become. What about his genetic abilities, then? He raised his hand. Light started swirling around.

Wind Blade!


An azure Wind Blade appeared and hovered midair.

“It looks rather ordinary?” Chen Feng muttered. This Wind Blade looked the same as it had before, so very bland. Chen Feng aimed at a random piece of furniture in front of him. Noiselessly, the Wind Blade drifted over.

Just like that, the blade drifted past the furniture. That’s right, drifted. It merely drifted past the furniture. There was no explosion, there was no overflowing energy. Just like that, noiselessly and easily, the blade slashed through the furniture before continuing on its merry way, slashing through the wall and reaching the room next door. Silence prevailed until suddenly, a mournful scream resounded from the room next

“Ah! Chen Feng, you asshole! Holy shit, luckily I have a high sense of vigilance! What the hell, if I was a tiny bit slower, my Kong family line would have ended here… Ah, shit, it has indeed been injured. It hurts! F*ck, the last time I experienced such pain was during my circumcision back then. Screw you, Chen Feng!” Kong Bai’s mournful screams resounded without stop.

Chen Feng wiped his sweat. He had indeed slowed the speed of his Wind Blade, ensuring that it wouldn’t hurt anyone. However, he had never expected that this Wind Blade he had casually sent out would be so powerful. Back then, before he had broken through into S class, he wouldn’t have been able to cause any sort of damage to the room here even after using his full power. Yet now… Chen Feng gazed at his hands. Finally, he understood how terrifying S class was.

Kong Bai limped over from the room next door with a darkened expression. “Chen Feng!”
Chen Feng wiped his sweat. “Sorry.”
Kong Bai was furious. “You nearly castrated me!”
“It’s not like you have any opportunities to use it anyway…” Chen Feng muttered.

Kong Bai glared at him. “What did you said?”
“No… nothing.” Chen Feng laughed it off.

Kong Bai snorted. “Hmph.” Only now did he realize that his surroundings seemed somewhat different. After seeing the hole left in the wall, finally, he realized the reason the Wind Blade had appeared out of nowhere in his room. Instantly, his head cooled and his anger evaporated.

This wall…
That Wind Blade…
Kong Bai’s eyes widened. “Could it be?”
“Hehe.” Chen Feng bashfully stated, “I have broken through.”
“Holy shit!” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration.

Chapter 586: Awakened

S class. This was an extremely wondrous realm. If Chen Feng were to start researching the energy of S class now, he would have to start from scratch. It would take an unknown amount of time to complete. As such, he had no choice but to put this matter aside for now. What was the first thing he should do now that he had broken through into S class? Leave this place!

Chen Feng was not willing to stay here like some circus monkey. As such, after familiarizing himself with his new S- class power, his first course of action was to leave this place, to gain greater understanding of this Twin Horns World before looking for a means of leaving this world altogether.

Two minutes after leaving his room, Chen Feng returned in silence. The reason? In these short two minutes, numerous auras with a strength similar to his own could be felt.

S class. All of them were S classes. This was actually a place with so many S classes. It was at this point that Chen Feng gained a clear understanding of the level of this world. This was actually a world where S classes were everywhere. From what he had found out by asking around in an indirect manner, these people were called “awakened.”
This was an extremely mystical world. Here, one could advance from F class to A class through natural growth alone. Even a fatty nerd would be able to reach A class by way of natural growth. This was a phase with no bottlenecks whatsoever.

As such, those spectators, those roaring upper-class women, nearly all of them were peak beyond A classes. Yet in this world, such people were mere commoners. Here, true warriors were the awakened. It was rumored that within the horns of the twin horns race was an astonishing amount of energy. Only those capable of comprehending the energy contained within could become awakened.

Here, an awakened would be the equivalent of humanity’s S class. Each of them had astounding strength. With their powerful strength, they were the true masters of this world. “Awakened…”   Chen  Feng  smiled  bitterly.  This  damnable Twin Horns World.

“In short, those horns are the reason they can advance from F class to A class through natural growth alone?” Kong Bai was awed. “Their twin horns will naturally absorb energy from their surroundings, constantly purifying the energy and improving one’s strength. Holy shit, are these fellows Teletubbies?”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes. It did not need to be discussed whether these were Teletubbies. However, the strength of these fellows was indeed frightening. Chen Feng checked his body. His luck value was still growing. After entering S class, the speed his luck value accumulated at had not increased. However, thanks to the huge growth in the strength of his spiritual energy, Spirit had become stronger as well.

Now, Spirit’s optimization was even better than before. Chen Feng’s current luck value had initially been insufficient for him to leave this world, but now, after the upgrade in Spirit’s optimization capabilities, this amount was sufficient. However…

Kong Bai tried transmigrating. It failed.

That’s right. He failed. This was the first time this had ever happened. Even he himself was utterly shocked.

“This  might  be  related  to  this  place.”  Chen  Feng  looked around. Their living quarters were surrounded by a unique power. Since this place was initially used for transmigration research, to avoid the transmigrators they summoned going somewhere else, all the rooms here were surrounded by a unique energy. Only within the arena would transmigrators arrive. Similarly, that was also the only place where they could hope to transmigrate away.

“Seems like we will have to join one of their events.” Chen Feng checked the time. It was almost time for their show.

On the next day, when Chen Feng and Kong Bai reached the arena, the entire crowd boiled. With their cheers thundering everywhere, this was the arena for transmigrators to showcase their prowess. Ruo Shui, the host, was currently livening up the mood there. In fact, the higher-ups of their company had secretly investigated the unique energy undulation that had appeared the day before. Next, they had discovered that a hole had appeared in the wall between Chen Feng’s rooms and Kong Bai’s.

When they had gone over, they had seen that Kong Bai’s clothing seemed rather messy and had vague traces of blood.

“???” “When did this hole appear?”
“Last night.”
“In short, Chen Feng blasted a hole in the wall last night to have a secret date with Kong Bai?”

They lapsed into silence.

Here, everyone had an individual room that was separated from the others. They were aware that Chen Feng and Kong Bai were close, but then, weren’t they somewhat too intimate?

“Shouldn’t we be focusing on the fact that Chen Feng could actually create a hole in the wall instead?”  one person asked with a bitter smile. Each of the rooms was incredibly sturdy, and when required, the rooms themselves could be locked down to prevent the transmigrators from escaping. Yet now,
Chen Feng had been able to blast a hole through their wall…
“That’s normal. These few days, he has been absorbing so much energy. It isn’t weird for him to have been able to blast a wall there. What I care about more is his relationship with Kong Bai…”
“I initially believed that they were merely ordinary friends.
Now, though…”
“After this, give them a warning to not let any sex scandals leak. Make sure they keep their desires in check during the event. After all, a majority of their present fans are female. If those fans find out that these two are actually…”
Their heads ached. They had never expected that just as they had decided to invest in Chen Feng, something like this would crop up. At this time, a message from Ruo Shui arrived. “Time’s up.”
“All right. Get them to enter, then. With Chen Feng’s present strength, it won’t be a problem for him to survive this event. However, we must still find some way to make their adventure more thrilling…”
“Mhm, only this will keep the audience excited.”
The various departments of the arena started operating. Under their request, Chen Feng and Kong Bai entered the arena. Light swirled around them. A new adventure was about to begin. To maintain the sense of realism, once a transmigrator was killed, the transmigrator would remain dead. In any case, the transmigrators weren’t the original inhabitants of this world anyway.

Bang! Light swirled around. A new world started. The audiences started their discussions.

“Hopefully, they will bring us something different this time,” one upper-class woman stated.

Their monotonous lifestyle bored them greatly. As such, only the excitement brought upon by prospects of life and death could attract them due to the brutish battles to be viewed here, due to the blood that would be spilled.

“Yeah.” A different person lamented, “The previous race that transmigrated over here did not last long at all.”
“Hehe. If Chen Feng can survive this event, I will be his sugar mommy for one full year,” stated a heavily overweight upper- class woman.

A different person sneered. “Hmph, do you think you will even have an opportunity for that?” In this manner, the audience discussed without stop.

Their favorite was alien males, as these alien males could bring them an entirely different experience. An example would be the previous elephant race whose ding dongs had been on their heads instead. There had also been a particular silver snake race whose heads had been on their ding dongs; they had also given the women here quite a wondrous experience. This caused the women here to be in awe over the majesty of the Creator.

“It’s starting.”
They all focused on the arena.


A bright radiance erupted. Instantly, the world transformed.

… “A new world, huh?”
Chen Feng stretched his hand out and cast his senses out, feeling up this wondrous world. Previously, he had only been aware that they had transmigrated here and had not been aware that this was in fact a created world. Now that they were aware that this was a created world, they would naturally be interested in studying this world. Alas, their observations showed that everything in this created world was real.


Chen Feng waved his hand casually. He could feel the energy pervading the air. Everything created within this Arena of Life and Death was exactly the same as reality, including the orbit of energy. This place was no different than the real world.

Chen Feng and Kong Bai exchanged glances, shock apparent in their eyes. For the present humanity, regardless of their augmented-reality or virtual-reality technology or the illusory abilities of genetic warriors, none could reach such a level of realism. This was simply akin to the power of a god of creation. This arena was evidently much more mysterious than they had imagined. The same moment the both of them entered this world, the distant life-forms seemed to awaken as well. Numerous auras locked onto Chen Feng and Kong Bai.


The earth shook. Numerous life forms charged ferociously at them.

“Here it comes.”
Chen Feng sank into a solemn mood. Before entering, the person in charge had informed them of the contents of this event. If the contents of the event they were in when they had first transmigrated were classified as an adventure, then the words “fleeing for life” could be used to describe the contents of this event, an event where they had to flee and survive amidst the pursuit of numerous mutated beasts.

Chapter 587: Transmigrate!

Without hesitation, Chen Feng brought Kong Bai along and started fleeing.

Bang! Bang!

Booming explosions resounded without stop. The entire audience cheered in a crazed fashion. This was the type of near-death scene they enjoyed the most. As for Chen Feng and Kong Bai, they endured silently as they kept looking for an opportunity. They had to look for the most opportune moment to make their move.

Kong Bai’s transmigration was a wondrous and powerful ability. Under normal circumstances, nobody could even hope of stopping them. However, this was a world where transmigration was a researched topic. With transmigration as the core, this arena had been created, an arena forcing transmigrators to become participants of their reality show. As such, Chen Feng and Kong Bai did not dare to be careless. This transmigration was their only chance of leaving this world. Kong Bai had to ensure that the transmigration would only proceed when nobody of this world noticed it.

Bang! Bang!

The earth shook. Chen Feng’s gaze swept past the beasts chasing after them. Thanks to the combat history of Chen Feng, the strength of these beasts had been obviously increased by quite a bit. Even the weakest of them were at peak beyond A class. Among the beasts chasing after them, three of them were S class.

“Shit.” Chen Feng cursed and continued running for his dear life. At this time, the spectators were all enjoying the show. Despite this, Ruo Shui’s eyes remained narrowed, as he had an odd feeling. Why was this Chen Feng fellow not fighting back at all? They were clear on Chen Feng’s strength. He had already been rather strong previously, and now he had even absorbed so many of their resources by going into debt. One could say that apart from the awakened, this Chen Feng fellow could defeat all opponents. Even if he couldn’t defeat the awakened ones, he should not have any problem defeating normal beasts. But yet… nothing happened. He kept fleeing without stop.

From the start when the regular beasts appeared until the end when the awakened beasts appeared, this guy ran without stop, not even sparing the chasing beasts a look. This seemed rather odd…
“Should he not first kill those regular beasts before trying to get rid of the awakened beasts?”
Some of them could not understand Chen Feng’s actions. If they recalled correctly, this was what Chen Feng had done previously. To first get rid of the weaker ones, then slowly weakening the stronger one before ultimately killing it. This was also the reason Chen Feng and Kong Bai had earned so many points from their previous event—because of their hegemonic ways, because they had been strong enough to act in such a way.

This time, though… Chen Feng was only fleeing. This might cause him to lose a serious number of fans. “What is this guy doing?”
Ruo Shui could not even know what to say in his commentary anymore.

“Give him some time,”  a higher-up stated faintly. “Perhaps, he has some new ideas about to what to do. Have you forgotten how he killed the awakened beast last time?”
The rest nodded as they heart this. “True.”
Their gazes returned to the arena. Chen Feng was still fleeing. Regardless of whether the enemies were strong or weak, he did not make a single move against them. The number of beasts chasing after them became higher and higher… Truthfully, toward this, Chen Feng felt quite helpless. It wasn’t that he did not want to make a move against them. However, he couldn’t do so.

S class was a bizarre realm. There were no new genes or abilities. The entirety of his power had seemingly blended together at the moment of his breakthrough, reducing everything he’d had in the past to nothingness. In this realm, each move he made would be much more powerful than the previous him, akin to a transformation of his very being.

One could say that an S class operated in an entirely different way than an A class. Perhaps using the term “awakened”  to describe this realm, as the people of this world did, would be more apt? Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He had yet to fully grasp his present strength. Moreover, his understanding of the power of S class was still too shallow. If he tried to forcefully use an S-class power before even understanding it and was found out… they would lose their single chance of escape.

Since these fellows had yet to discover Chen Feng’s breakthrough into S class, this was his one and only chance to escape this world. He was certain that the moment he used an ability, with so many gazes on him, someone would most definitely discover that he had already entered S class. At that time, things would truly be troublesome. Therefore, before they could leave, Chen Feng had to endure. 
After setting aside a portion of his luck value for the transmigration, the rest was fully activated. With this, both he and Kong Bai were able to, in a lucky and coincidental fashion, keep dodging the encirclement of the beasts.

Along the way, numerous beyond A classes appeared without stop. Even with Chen Feng ignoring them, the newly appeared beasts started chasing after them, following tightly behind them. The group chasing after Chen Feng and Kong Bai increased in size without stop. As for the S-class beasts, they were getting nearer.

Bang! Bang!

Now, Chen Feng could already feel their breath. 
Within the defense mechanism put in place against transmigration that enveloped the arena, he had found a spot where they could leave. That was a spot where space could be split to leave this place. However, he needed time to do that.

“I need time to open that spot with force. We will only be able to leave after a hole of sufficient size is opened in this transmigration preventer. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous for  us  to  transmigrate  directly,”  Kong  Bai  explained  with  a solemn expression.

“How long do you need?” Chen Feng asked.

“Three seconds,” Kong Bai stated.

Three seconds… their entry into this place, they hadn’t dared to stop running. Only a second of pause would be required for these beasts to tear them apart. Three seconds? They would most probably die in one single second.

“All right.”
Chen Feng’s mind worked rapidly. At times like this, he could only give it his all. And thus, after leading those beasts on for a while, after a huge majority of the beasts were gathered together, when even the spectators started doubting Chen Feng’s actions… they stopped running.

Without hesitation, Kong Bai activated his ability immediately.


The higher-ups of the arena were the first to feel something odd. This familiar power… Some of them had already locked on to Kong Bai. However, just as their attention landed on Kong Bai, abruptly, an astonishing power that they were all familiar with erupted from Chen Feng’s body.


A terrifying shockwave swept out as Chen Feng activated his power.

Their expressions changed abruptly. “This is…”
Awakened! This Chen Feng had awakened! “God.”
They were all shocked.

One ought to know that countless transmigrators had appeared here before, yet none of them had ever reached this level. Not a single awakened had ever appeared among the transmigrators. They had even believed that perhaps the awakened realm was something exclusive to the twin horns race. After all, in their eyes, all the transmigrators were from inferior species. The transmigrators were merely performers in this arena, no different than animals in a zoo. Yet now…

Chen Feng finally moved.


God! Punisher! Once again, the power of an S class bloomed. Time Quicksand appeared, pushing Chen Feng’s God Punisher one second into the future. Next, the strongest attack he had ever unleashed in his entire life shot out of his hand.


The earth shook. The Arena of Life and Death that had remained still for so many years started trembling as well. Soon, the radiance faded. When everyone’s gazes landed on the arena, their eyes widened. Blocked! That powerful beast army had been completely blocked by Chen Feng’s attack. Not all the beasts were dead, but they were clearly in a somewhat bad shape, those three awakened beasts included.

“How powerful.”
This was the first thing everyone there felt. They had watched numerous such shows before, but never before had they seen a transmigrator dare to face an awakened beast head on. Moreover, Chen Feng had faced three of them and a huge number of other beasts all at the same time. “We are going to earn big this time!”
This was the first reaction of Ruo Shui and the rest. How much of a profit could an awakened transmigrator make them? The mere thought caused them to shudder. If…
Alas, Chen Feng only required three seconds. One second had gone by as the beasts charged at them. Yet another second had gone by as God Punisher bloomed. And the final second was spent stunning everyone present with his feat of stopping all the beasts.

From the start till the end, everyone there only had a single second of time to think. Before they could even think of anything else, before their brains even caught on to what was happening…

Kong Bai started shining brightly. An aura they were all incomparably familiar with erupted. “That is…”
“Not good.”
The expressions of everyone there changed.

Chapter 588: Above the Starry Sky

Transmigration! It was actually transmigration! This was a power they were all too familiar with. Everyone there was shocked. All the transmigrators they had encountered before had been people who had entered a spatial current by accident and had ended up wandering about the void before being captured by this world to be used as puppets. Someone with a transmigration ability like Kong Bai had never appeared before. It hadn’t even crossed their mind that this was a possibility.

Hold on, something as rare as transmigration was a power one could actually control? This was a power even they couldn’t control!

“Stop them, hurry!”

Space exploded. Numerous powerful enemies appeared. Awakened was a realm with a wondrous power system. In this world where awakened ones were everywhere, Chen Feng did not dare to act wantonly. As such, he had been maintaining utmost caution even when transmigrating.

Time Quicksand…
Among all the abilities contained within his God Punisher, only Time Quicksand was unleashed. With the three seconds Kong Bai required, a single Time Quicksand would be sufficient. That was because even if the people there were to have any doubt about Kong Bai’s action, they would still believe that he was merely unleashing some trump card instead of transmigrating away.

Therefore, these three seconds in which Kong Bai was activating his ability were actually the safest period for the both of them. As for the truly dangerous moment, it was after the eruption of Kong Bai’s ability, when they were on the verge of transmigrating. This was the world of awakened ones. The power level of this world far surpassed Chen Feng’s understanding.

Bang! Space cracked.

The exact moment when Kong Bai was about to transmigrate away with Chen Feng, space seemed to freeze.

An  indifferent  voice  resounded.  “Stay!”  Next,  the  rate  at which Kong Bai and Chen Feng were fading slowed down tremendously. Chen Feng was able to stop those beasts, he could last three seconds against their onslaught, but facing the true awakened experts, he couldn’t even last one instant.

Despite that, Chen Feng merely smiled calmly.

I have been waiting a long time for you… Time Quicksand!


A faint radiance swirled about. Chen Feng and Kong Bai vanished instantly. The time required to complete this transmigration had already been less than one second. With Time Quicksand bringing them one second into the future, this process was instantly completed.


Both of them vanished into thin air.


The energy attacking them lost its target, causing the space there to collapse.


Everyone present stared blankly at the empty arena. They had never expected that someone would actually be capable of escaping this place. They lapsed into silence. Even the commentator, Ruo Shui, was keeping silent at this moment. Something like this… was no longer something they could get involved with.

That was especially true since at the last moment, that senior had obviously acted. They had even been able to see both Chen Feng and Kong Bai locked in space, yet they had still left, not leaving any trace behind.

After a long time, a silhouette of light appeared out of thin air.

All of them knelt on the floor. “Lord.”
The lord ignored them all, silently regarding the direction in which Kong Bai and Chen Feng had vanished. Ultimately, his gaze landed on the exact spot where they had transmigrated away. His hand reached out, touching the space there.

“This power…”
Shock appeared in his eyes. During that final moment, they had obviously displayed a power that far surpassed their present level—the power of time!

“How is that possible!?”  he howled. “The rules of time are something even we can’t grasp, yet those two…”
Chen Feng’s world was extremely weak. This was apparent by observing Chen Feng and Kong Bai. Yet it was truly unexpected that these two fellows from a weak world actually had a grasp on such a high-level power. Apart from this… He took a deep sniff of the air.

“I can smell traces of other powers.” What those two had used earlier was as simple as some power of time. He could even feel a peculiar power not weaker than time, a power far surpassing Chen Feng’s and Kong Bai’s level.

“Chen Feng… Kong Bai…”
He sank into contemplation.

The higher-ups of the arena rushed over. “Lord.”
“Seal this place up,” he stated coldly.

They were all dumbstruck as they heard this. Seal this place? But then, this was a place that brought them great profit! This was the venue of the most popular reality show in this world, a show with off-the-charts ratings! “Lord.” The higher-ups there were not resigned to this. “We can’t…”
“This is an order,” the lord spat.

“I disagree.” The higher-ups of the arena were furious. “Why is it that we must seal it just because you say so? Even if you are the apostle…”

Lightly, the apostle waved his hand. A cold gleam flashed out, and next, a round head could be seen rolling on the ground.

“Since  you  are  aware  that  I  am  the  apostle,  have  you forgotten what it is that I can do?” the apostle stated indifferently. An intense smell of blood pervaded the air, and the entire arena lapsed into silence. Everyone there trembled. “Arena of Life and Death? Entertainment? Hehe. Seal it.” His gaze landed on the point of transmigration, and he stated coldly,  “Protect  this  arena  properly.  This  incident  is  much graver than you all can imagine.”

Amid the starry sky, a faint blue radiance was shining. Countless huge battleships were streaking away from the planet, each of them flickering with numerous lights. These were villas of sorts in the shape of ships that were being used by the rich to escape the devils and ancients. At present, humanity was already used to these ships.

Suddenly, a noiseless shockwave flashed past.


Countless battleships exploded instantly. Those huge battleships collapsed noiselessly before ultimately transforming into numerous particles that dissipated in outer space. The intense vibrations were seemingly trying to show the terrible incident that these battleships had experienced, yet here in outer space, no sound whatsoever was transmitted out, akin to a mime’s performance.

All the battleships there were destroyed. From the extreme end, an icy-blue battleship appeared. The front portion of the battleship was transparent, and within, a throne could be vaguely seen. Above the throne, an imposing figure was seated.

Casually, he leaned against the throne, seemingly in the midst of appreciating this colorful scene. His right hand, which was lightly knocking against the throne, was wearing a delicate diamond ring. The ring seemed to contain a boundless power.

“Looks like it’s almost done.”
He stood up and focused his gaze as he slowly rotated his ring. A huge screen appeared in front of him. On it, a countdown appeared. It could be seen that this countdown had been continuing for years. Yet now…


The countdown continued on. At present, only 100 days were left.

“A hundred days…”  he muttered. Perhaps he could proceed with his plan now.


A faint radiance swirled around. Slowly, the blue battleship vanished, like it had never appeared in the first place. As for the particles that filled outer space akin to blooming fireworks, they vanished after the initial splendor, seemingly celebrating the arrival of something. The starry sky appeared even deeper now.

Chapter 589: For the Bigger Picture

At the Genetic Union.

All the staffers there were keeping silent in fear, their gazes landing occasionally on the meeting room upstairs. Occasionally, sounds of dispute and intense energy undulations would spread out of that room, causing their hearts to feel petrified. How many times had this happened already? They couldn’t even answer that. The moment the news of Chen Feng’s death had been received, those people had begun arguing without stop, and they’d been extremely agitated each time. As for nobodies like these staffers, they did not even dare to breathe too loudly in fear of the anger spreading toward them.

“Xiao Li.”
“Send some refreshments inside.” “Ah?”
The lady called Xiao Li was so scared that her legs weakened. Everyone within that room was a beyond A class, and at present, those experts were all furious.

“Forget it.”
The Logistics Department head shook his head. After giving it a thought, he decided to send the refreshments personally instead. However, just as he reached the door, he heard the intense argument and energy undulation from the room. He hesitated there before ultimately deciding against going in, putting the refreshments back where he had taken them.

“Since they are all beyond A classes, I suppose they won’t feel any thirst, right?”
He was petrified because, just by being near the door, an intense killing intent could be felt from within the room. That’s right. Rather than some energy undulation, what he felt was true killing intent. Good gracious. What were those people doing in that room exactly? If they were merely quarreling or discussing, it was fine. Why would killing intent appear? He had no idea, and he did not wish to know the answer either.

“Remember.  Do  not  approach  that  place,”   he  reminded everyone. Everyone in the Logistics Department nodded their head frantically. At present, a fight had almost broken out within the meeting room.

“Let me repeat myself. Chen Feng’s authority ought to be passed on to us,” a person stated coldly.

The deputy president rejected this notion firmly. “That is not possible.”
That person sneered. “We of the Qian family have offered our entire life to the Genetic Union. This time, our Qian Chen was the one who accompanied Chen Feng on this trip and was his secret guardian. Who could have guessed that Qian Chen would end up killed by Chen Feng instead?” “How are you guys sure that he was killed by Chen Feng?” the deputy president retorted.

That person’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Within Qian Chen’s body were traces of Chen Feng’s energy. That energy… Don’t tell me you can’t recognize it yourself?”
Qian Chen’s death had angered all the members of the Qian family. Naturally, what was more important was the huge inheritance left behind now that Chen Feng was dead. Did he have any children or heirs? Nope. Who should be the rightful owner of this inheritance, then? The authority of the Gene Production Association and Genetic Union… This was a shocking amount of authority.

Therefore, after finding out about this, the Qian family had pushed the blame onto Chen Feng without any hesitation. In any case, everyone there was already dead. They were free to make up any stories they wished. More importantly, on the bodies of Qian Chen and Si Fan, traces of Chen Feng’s energy had been found. This was perfect. Chen Feng had betrayed humanity and killed Qian Chen and Si Fan… With this, it was within reason that Chen Feng’s inheritance should be passed on to them as a form of compensation. This was the reason their entire family had arrived here to force the Genetic Union to make a decision. If this was handled properly, their family might even become the strongest family.

The deputy president rubbed his head. “Damn it.” The traces left at the training camp were too obvious. Even if he knew that those two hadn’t been killed by Chen Feng, he couldn’t prove it. Scene simulation? That would be useless. Thanks to Chen Feng having been there in person, no detection abilities worked. Chen Feng’s aura was too unique. They had studied him and tried divining information about him countless times before, yet every single time, they had not been able to find anything. Abilities capable of truly monitoring or scouting Chen Feng seemed to not exist.

Unfortunately, in their present circumstance, this disadvantaged them. Why had Chen Feng fought Qian Chen and Si Fan? What exactly had happened? With Chen Feng’s death, this had become an unsolved mystery. Should they once again seek help from their president? The deputy president smiled bitterly at this thought. What had happened recently made him feel like he was in fact a puppet. No matter what, he wouldn’t be able to make a decision and would have to keep asking the president for help. “This time, we want an answer.”
A huge number of Qian Chen’s and Si Fan’s family members had arrived this time. All of them were beyond A classes. As top families capable of grasping two of the spots in this training camp, it signified their prowess as a family. As such, the two were able to join hands and pressure the Genetic Union this time. Naturally, the Genetic Union would normally not be bothered with these two families. What the Genetic Union truly feared were the huge network of alliance behind these two families.

Although the Qian family was the one making a move this time, surprisingly, behind them was a huge alliance of families. If they couldn’t handle this properly, a civil war would most certainly break out between humans. Had they forgotten what had happened to the ancient race when a civil war broke out? The only reason humans had even survived this long was due to the civil war within the ancient race, the strongest race of all.

And now, would humans follow in the footsteps of the ancients? If this wasn’t handled properly… The deputy president inhaled deeply as he thought about the consequences. What should he do? The Genetic Union was still capable of suppressing this forcefully. However, with the ancient race and devil race looming about, he did not wish for humans to suffer more casualties. Moreover, recently, the ancient race had seemingly been itching to make a move against them.

The person from the Qian family righteously stated, “For humanity, we do not wish to cause any trouble among fellow humans. However, regarding Chen Feng’s betrayal and the death of our Qian family’s heir, if there’s no answer for this, how can we concentrate on battling the alien races? How would we dare to face those on our side with our backs? Hence, we respectfully request that Chen Feng is convicted of this crime to give justice to Qian Chen and Si Fan.”
This was the request of the Qian family. Truthfully, convicting Chen Feng of this crime and everything else was all blabbering nonsense. If Chen Feng was truly convicted, wouldn’t the authority he’d once held be declared illegitimate? Who would assume ownership over the authority?

“My pitiful child…” Even black-and-white pictures of Qian Chen and Si Fan had been brought to the Genetic Union.

The deputy president: “…”
He had truly underestimated how shameless these people could be. What should he do now? He blanked. Qian Chen’s and Si Fan’s families were extremely powerful. If the Genetic Union truly wanted to suppress them, the human race would most probably suffer as a result. Evidently, the two families were also aware of this. As such, they had taken this opportunity to threaten the Genetic Union. Distantly, countless people were attentively listening in. The scouts from numerous families were all awaiting news here.

The  deputy  president  forced  a  smile.  “The  world  will  be plunged into chaos…”  If this was peacetime, who would dare threaten the Genetic Union this way?

“Please wait a moment.”  He tried to contact the president.
Unfortunately, no connection was established. Due to the constant appearances of experts, including even an S class among the devils, the president was presently working hard to break through into S class and had severed all connections with the outside world. As for matters pertaining to the Genetic Union, the president had only left one word behind prior to his seclusion: “stability.”
No matter what, maintaining stability was the priority. Before the devils and ancients invaded, nothing could be allowed to go wrong among humans.

The deputy president sighed. “Seems like I have no other option.” He gazed at the spokesperson of the two families. Behind them, the shadows of numerous families could be vaguely seen. The deputy president took in a deep breath. “Since this is the case, I hereby declare that…”  The deputy president seemed somewhat lonesome as he uttered these words. The two spokesmen in front already had their heads raised high. They had finally won this argument that had lasted for ten-odd days. This was something nobody would have even dared think of doing previously. Indeed, fortune favored the brave. Alas, right as the deputy president was about to make his declaration, a terrifying ray of light descended from the sky, smashing open a huge hole right in the Genetic Union.

Their expressions changed greatly. “Who is it?”

Chapter 590: Such a Method of Operation Exists?


That flash of light descended and landed like a meteorite, crashing into the ground. The speed with which it moved was so fast that even the beyond A classes weren’t able to react to it in time. They were given a fright by this sudden attack.

“Who is it?”
Their expressions changed. All the experts arrived at the crash site and surrounded that clump of light that had descended. However, when they arrived, the clump of light was no longer there. Instead, a familiar silhouette could be seen.

Their eyes widened abruptly. “Chen Feng?”
“You are still alive?” The deputy president was overjoyed. Since Chen Feng was still alive, things might not take a turn for the worse. No matter what happened, even if Chen Feng had indeed killed Qian Chen and Si Fan, so long as he made up some random excuse, the Genetic Union would dare to stand by his side in full force. Chen Feng’s existence was much more important for
humanity than some random families.

Alas, the deputy president wasn’t the only one who started having second thoughts at the sight of Chen Feng. The families of Qian Chen and Si Fan exchanged glances and shivered. If Chen Feng was still alive…
A shout resounded. “Chen Feng, you dare kill the heir of our Qian family?” Instantly, the people of the Qian family moved against Chen Feng. Regardless of the reason for what had happened, so long as they killed him…
The  deputy  president  raged.  “You  dare?”   He  had  never expected that the people of the Qian family would dare make a move here.

Bang! A terrifying power erupted. The deputy president made a move but was held down by some other person. Numerous cold flashes streamed toward Chen Feng. Each of the flashes contained the power of a peak beyond A class.

The  deputy  president’s  heart  chilled.  “It’s  over.”  He  had never expected that Chen Feng would appear here directly before the people of the Qian family. This was no different than delivering his own head to them. At this time, from Chen Feng’s point of view, he had just returned to this world together with Kong Bai. Next…

A bunch of attacks smashed right into his face.

Chen Feng: “…” Everyone: “…”
“This is too excessive.” With an ashen expression, Chen Feng threw all those attacks off.

The beyond A classes around were staring dumbstruck at Chen Feng as they saw that those attacks that were supposed to insta-kill Chen Feng failed to even pierce his face. What was going on? They had no idea. This did not seem right.

Chen Feng looked at a certain expert of the Qian family. “Are you the one who sent that attack?”
“Hmph!” That person frowned. He believed that there had to have been some sort of mistake earlier. Without hesitation, he unleashed his trump card. Once again, a powerful force erupted and streaked at Chen Feng. Next… With a single sudden kick, that person was flung away and smashed into the wall of the Genetic Union, his body embedded deep in the wall.


Everyone’s eyes widened.

Holy shit!

This time, even the deputy president was dumbstruck.

The people of the Qian family raged. “You… seize him!”
The deputy president wanted to help, but he was stopped by other Genetic Union members because they had noticed that something did not seem right. Chen Feng’s strength…
Bang! Bang! Light swirled around. Chen Feng’s movement speed was off the charts. He wasn’t even using any techniques or abilities. Rather, he only casually sent out some random kicks, and with that, numerous figures were flung away, all embedded in the wall. Everyone lapsed into silence. At this time, the legs of the people from Si Fan’s family went limp. Their instinctive response was to make their escape.

Bang! Bang!

With a kick from Chen Feng, even they no longer had the chance to escape.

Beyond A1?

Beyond A2?

… Even beyond A5 warriors were sent to the wall with a single kick from Chen Feng. The only person among the family that hadn’t moved was watching on while both his legs shivered as Chen Feng sent one member of his family after another into the wall. Finally, as he saw that Chen Feng was heading toward
him, he howled abruptly, “Hold on.”

Chen Feng stopped and looked at him coldly.

He gave Chen Feng a deep gaze and sorrowfully said, “I… shall do it myself.”
Finishing his words, he turned around, faced the wall with his back, and pushed backward with his foot.


He was embedded onto the wall as well. At this point, on the other side of the wall, the young lady on duty in the Genetic Union noticed with horror that presently, a hole had appeared in the Genetic Union’s thick wall.

Chen Feng: “…”
What an astonishing way of doing things. Kong Bai gave the hole  a  glance  and  clicked  his  tongue  in  wonder.  “This length…”
The deputy president gulped. “Chen Feng?”
Chen Feng smiled. “Hello. Sorry, we were late.”
The deputy president pointed at the “mural” on the wall, Chen Feng’s masterpiece. “Your strength…”
Chen Feng did not say much. “Somewhat increased.” “Chen Feng?”  One of the characters of the “mural”  in the wall dug himself out of the wall, leaving a “ 太” shape. With dust all over his face, he glared furiously at Chen Feng. “After killing the heir of our Qian family, you are still so unbridled? Do you really think that the Qian family is a pushover? Heh. Seeing how you can defeat all of us, it seems like you broke through at the training camp? Let’s see. As a mere B class, you were actually able to reach A class so easily, and to be such a powerful A class at that, all this should be thanks to the training camp, right? Hehe. Yet Qian Chen and Si Fan, who should have similarly broken through at the camp as well, did not return alive… With your improvement being so great… hehe. It seems like you had all the valuable resources there for yourself. Everyone says that you are a selfless person; from the looks of it, you are instead a selfish person. To hog all the resources for yourself, you killed the two of them…”
He glared resentfully at Chen Feng. The others around them gave this some thought and concluded that this was quite possibly what happened.

Instinctively, they all looked at Chen Feng. Surprisingly, Chen Feng did not bother explaining himself. He merely looked at that person, a faint smile on his face. “To throw such accusations at someone who is also part of the Genetic Union’s management, where’s your proof?” “This  is  the  truth.  What  proof  do  I  need?”  that  person howled.

Chen Feng waved casually. “Is that so?”

Numerous red flashes appeared in midair. Xiao Ying started traveling constantly between the illusory and physical world, playing the scenes of what happened with Qian Chen and Si Fan back then.

“Do you want to experience the devotion of your heir?” Chen Feng asked with a faint smile.


That person’s heart chilled. As for the deputy president and the rest, they were furious. So it turned out those two were the ones who had caused trouble? The people they had sent to protect Chen Feng had turned out to be followers of the ancient race!

“Damn it.” The killing intent of the deputy president surged. “Start an immediate investigation on everyone. The person in charge of the training camp, the people who sent Qian Chen and Si Fan, and those who recommended them, investigate all of them!”
“As for you guys…”  The deputy president’s gaze swept past those people. “Actually daring to attack a member of the Genetic Union’s management here at the Genetic Union? You deserve   death!   Kill!”    the   deputy   president   spat   coldly. Previously, the Genetic Union had only been holding their hands for the sake of the bigger picture. Did these people believe that the Genetic Union was a pushover?

That person was alarmed. “You dare?” Alas, the experts of the Genetic Union had already taken action.

A shout resounded from the empty air. “Please hold your hands.”
A powerful aura appeared, ripping apart space and creating a hole in the air. Next, an immortal-like figure stepped out of the hole one step at a time. This was the strongest expert of the Qian family: Qian Liexian.

The deputy president’s face became gloomy. “He has actually come  as  well.”   This  person  was  a  peak  beyond  A  class. Unexpectedly, this person had also arrived here.

“Please have mercy.”  He stepped forth on the empty air, a remarkable aura about him. Alas, at the last instant before he fully left the hole, Chen Feng’s figure flickered and reappeared near the hole. With a big kick, before Qian Liexian could even react to it, he was kicked back to where he had come from. Next, a gush of energy surged out of Chen Feng’s hand and forcefully blocked the spatial hole. Qian Liexian: “???”
Everyone else was dumbstruck. This worked?
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