The Strongest Gene Chapter 571-580

Chapter 571: This Guy Is a Walking Disaster

At the Genetic Union.

The deputy president was looking at the data in front of him with a solemn expression. They had no intention of contacting Chen Feng and interrupting the training session. However, to be safe and maintain contact, they had been sending data packets without stop to Chen Feng’s wristband. These data packets had no substantive usage. They were merely being sent to receive a response.

With each request sent, a response would be received. That was all.

Di! Di!

The requests and responses matched each other without stop. Every single request they sent was answered with a response. “Seems  like  they  are  in  serious  training,”   the  deputy president muttered. He felt like he was the one with the most bitter of lives. When Chen Feng had been at the Genetic Union, the deputy president had had to constantly worry about that fellow annexing the Genetic Union. Now that Chen Feng was
out training, deputy president still needed to worry about any dangers that might befall him. This was the vision of the bigger picture someone at his position needed to have. However, the deputy president had been feeling that something was off. He frowned. “Am I merely unhappy after
falling for Chen Feng’s scam?’
“Don’t worry.” By his side, someone comforted him. “Qian Chen and Si Fan are there as well. Both of these children are peak beyond B classes, and they are among those with the greatest future in our Genetic Union. With them, Chen Feng will be safe.”
“Hopefully so.”  The unease in deputy president’s heart was extremely intense. Qian Chen… Si Fan… Suddenly, the deputy president thought of something. “Give me the information on both of them.”
Shua! The information was shown. When the deputy president read about their strength, a trace of praise appeared in his eyes. The two of them were indeed geniuses. However, when the deputy president’s gaze landed on the records of their past experiences…
Every single person would have a lot of recorded information about them. As members of the Genetic Union, almost every update of their profile would involve the inclusion of several thousand records detailing the new missions these members had undertaken since the last update. When all of these were added up together, it could reach even several hundred thousand records. The deputy president skimmed past the records at high speed before suddenly stopping on a certain record.

On a certain day, contact with Qian Chen was lost at coordinate *. This lasted five minutes. It might be due to enemy interference.

Something like a lost signal, especially during a mission, was in fact a very common occurrence. After all, things like enemy interference or even a mere battle could cause the signal to be lost. They had long been accustomed to this. Besides, this particular record was detailing a mission from a very long time ago.
What roused the deputy president’s curiosity wasn’t the date of the incident; rather, it was the location of this incident. This record was something from a long time ago. As such, nobody had noticed it. However, subsequently, when some incident happened at that same place, it was recorded down. These were the coordinates of the destroyed headquarters of the Mysterious Organization.

“Therefore, Qian Chen lost contact with us at this place for five minutes?”
The deputy president contemplated. An accident? Or a coincidence?


He opened the records for Si Fan’s battle history. This time, he utilized the filtering function to directly search for what he wanted. With astonishment, the same thing had happened to Si Fan as well. She had similarly lost contact with the Union for several minutes here.

The deputy president’s expression sank. “Damn it.” If it were only one person, it might be a mere coincidence. But if it was two of them…
“Contact Chen Feng,” the deputy president stated abruptly.

“Oh, he might be in the midst of training,” the technician reminded him in a low voice. They had been sending only data packets to Chen Feng, never disturbing him.

“Contact him immediately! Transmit the highest-tier warning,” the deputy president spat gravely. He did not feel like providing an explanation.

“Yes.”  The employee immediately did as he had been told. Alas, nothing happened. Even though all their data packets were still receiving responses as usual, Chen Feng oddly did not reply to them, as if he was too busy for them. “Something  has  happened!”  The  deputy  president’s  heart thumped.   “Send   reinforcements   to   the   Ownerless   Land immediately. Get all the experts we have near the Ownerless Land to head there directly.”
Di! Di!

The entire Genetic Union started bustling with activity. An unsightly expression was on the deputy president’s face. He sincerely hoped that he was mistaken this time. Chen Feng…
He sighed. This guy was akin to a walking calamity. Wherever he went, mishaps followed. He hereby vowed that when Chen Feng returned, even if he needed to tie Chen Feng up, he would do it to ensure Chen Feng stopped going out looking for death. But then, suddenly, the deputy president recalled how Chen Feng’s present authority had surpassed even his own.

“What bullshit is this?”
His head ached. He prayed that nothing bad had happened. Alas, the reinforcements near the Ownerless Land indeed rushed over, yet there were no replies whatsoever. The Ownerless Land, which was originally a human territory, had seemingly transformed into a black hole, a black hole devouring all information and energy.

Presently, at the depths of the Ownerless Land, Chen Feng’s astonished expression slowly became cold. “It’s actually you guys.”
He had never imagined that the two who had been constantly helping him throughout the trip were actually puppets of the ancient race, believers of the White Religion. Even Luck Aura had failed to detect their malice toward him. No, that wasn’t right. If they truly harbored malice, Luck Aura would not have failed to detect it.

Chen Feng looked at them. “You two…”
“Sorry.” Qian Chen was still speaking as coldly as usual. “I was indeed genuine and sincere when helping you. If it was a different enemy or the devil race, I would most definitely help you. However… I am truly sorry.” He looked at Master Mu, his gaze becoming fanatical as he continued, “It is my honor to have the chance to serve the White Church.”
Chen Feng: “…”
He gained a rough idea of the truth. Rather than puppets or controlling them, this was pure brainwashing. He had personally witnessed how terrifying the brainwashing process of the Mysterious Organization was. On regular days, those brainwashed would behave normally. Only when it pertained to the White Church would they suddenly become fanatical. Using their words, this was the so-called “faith.”
Chen Feng looked at the gentle young lady Si Fan and saw her present the gene reagent to Master Mu deferentially before prostrating in a fanatical and emotional fashion. “Greetings, Master Mu.”
Master Mu stood there loftily.

Finally, Chen Feng understood. “You have both been brainwashed…” Spirit faithfully analyzed the situation for Chen Feng. “It seems like they encountered this Master Mu before when on a mission. During the encounter, rather than killing them, Master Mu brainwashed them and then allowed them to return, waiting for the day when they would finally be needed, such as right now.”
“Well done.” Master Mo caressed Si Fan’s face and said, “You are very obedient.” He gave Qian Chen a glance. “The same for you.”
“Thank you.” With fanatical gazes, the both of them stood beside Master Mu emotionally. Evidently, receiving such praise was an utmost honor for the both of them.

“Now.” Master Mu looked at Chen Feng. “What else can you do? Do you have other spatial teleporting gene reagents?”
“Master,” Si Fan stated deferentially. “I checked him earlier.
He no longer has any.” Master Mu laughed heartily. “Hahaha. Not bad. Not bad, indeed.”
Chen Feng sighed. “So… this is your third plan for me?”
Master Mu smiled cruelly. “Of course.”
He was rejoicing in the fact that his junior apprentice brother had helped arranged all this thoroughly for him before coming. Qian Chen and Si Fan were obviously his third plan to deal with Chen Feng, their role being purely to prevent Chen Feng’s escape rather than to kill him.

Finally, this Chen Feng, who had escaped them numerous times, who had even killed his apprentice brothers, had been forced to an impasse. This time, escape seemed impossible for him. Alas, just as Master Mu was about to finish this…
Suddenly, the diamond on his forehead flickered rapidly.
Next, he staggered and nearly slumped down to the ground.

Chapter 572: Bring It On!

Qian Chen supported him hastily. “Lord.”
Damn it! Master Mu’s expression sank. That was an alarm sent to him from his White Church.


He waved his hand. A huge screen appeared in midair. Within were the scenes playing out at the White Church. There, a mysterious person had appeared midair and was presently killing everything around him.

Bang! Bang!

The entire church cracked as those formidable believers were killed without any chance to even fight back. A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “You finally arrived.” Even though the energy, aura, and appearance of that person had been disguised, Chen Feng was still able to recognize him. This was precisely Qin Hai. He had indeed received Chen Feng’s signal. Since this Master Mu had prepared numerous plans just to kill Chen Feng and someone was scheming for him behind the scenes, this Ownerless Land should have already fallen into enemy hands.

As such, even if Qin Hai were to come here, he would most probably fail to rescue Chen Feng. In that case, they might as well force this Master Mu to return instead. With that, Chen Feng would be able to obtain additional time, and with the gained time, perhaps he would be able to discover a lifeline. His expression calm, Chen Feng analyzed everything that was happening.

Master Mu looked at Chen Feng. “It’s you!” He had obviously interfered with Chen Feng’s communicator!

Chen Feng sneered. “Interference.”  Blocking? Interference? What a joke. Whatever Master Mu had used, it was only capable of interfering with Chen Feng’s communicator. However, how could it hope to interfere with Chen Feng? As long as he wished, with a little luck value, he could even use the wind to shape the clouds above the sky to send a message for him. How naive! Do you think that my method of calling for help is as unreliable as your ancient race’s drop drop beatdown?

“Hehe.”  Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Tsk tsk. O great Master Mu, have you ever thought that while you are hunting, you are also prey at the same time?”
Pu! Pu!

The mysterious man moved once again. Once again, countless members of the White Church died.

That mysterious man was too powerful. Even those beyond- A-class experts of the White Church were not his match. They were of two completely different leagues.

“Lord…” Countless believers knelt on the ground, calling out for Master Mu to return. He was the only person capable of stopping this slaughter.

Master Mu’s eyes gleamed coldly. “I am going to kill you!”

His killing intent surged as he charged at Chen Feng. Alas, right at this instant, on the screen, the mysterious man had already reached the inner areas of the White Church. There, Master Mu’s children were presently hidden in the room in fear.

Master Mu’s eyes widened. “No!”
Chen Feng sneered. “Return fast. Since your White Church specializes in faith summoning, I’m sure you have a method of instant teleportation back there, right?” Master Mu was furious. “You are courting death!” He could naturally return instantly. However, that was because the White Church was his main base. After returning, if he wanted to come here again, it wouldn’t be so easy. If he left, Chen Feng would certainly be able to escape. This was something he could not accept. Moreover, he had been alive for so many years, yet nobody had ever dared to threaten him.

Suddenly, Master Mu shut his eyes. “You have no idea what you are doing.”

Suddenly, the screen vanished.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. Huh?

Hum— Once again, the diamond on Master Mu’s forehead gleamed. This time, the scenes of the White Church were not shown. Rather, a mysterious yet resplendent white radiance appeared. This white radiance was obviously somewhat different than normal the white radiance.

The white radiance spread out. Stepping across millions of kilometer, the white ray returned to the White Church instantly.


Next, everything in the White Church started to slow down. Master Mu had actually slowed the flow of time in the White Church with his own power. After doing this, Master Mu’s face dimmed. He had been able to obtain an additional one second for himself, which would be sufficient to do what he wanted.

“Kill!”  Master  Mu  spat.  At  this  instant,  the  entire  world seemed to start transforming. With an ice-cold expression, Master Mu continued, “I will most certainly return. However, I will still be able to kill you before leaving. I only need a split second to kill you.”

Swirling radiance flashed around Master Mu’s hands.

This threat of Chen Feng using his children had truly angered him. It was time to let this idiotic human experience how terrifying the supreme power of the ancient race could be. Master Mu erupted.

His attack descended. This time, alongside him, Qian Chen and Si Fan attacked together as well. The three of them surrounded Chen Feng, forcing Chen Feng to his death. 
“Just  end  this…”  A  trace  of  regret  was  apparent  in  Qian Chen’s eyes. At the same time, his eyes were also filled with resoluteness. They were a part of the great White Church. Even if it was somewhat of a pity for Chen Feng to die, they trusted the White Church to bring them all into a new era.

Holy shit! Not willing to return even with this? Chen Feng was stupefied. Do you think you are HKE? Are you not afraid of Divine Protector Ox?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Since he couldn’t force this fellow to return, he could only fight with his all.

A terrifying attack erupted.

A sneer appeared on Si Fan’s face. “Ridiculous.” This ability again? Indeed, this Chen Feng fellow had exhausted everything he had. This God Punisher of Chen Feng’s had already gone through numerous studies. Even though it was powerful, its might would only increase after the number of abilities released increased. From what she remembered, the might would only increase by 1% after each released ability? This signified that even if the sequence was changed and the strongest ability was released first, it wouldn’t be too powerful.

When Chen Feng had done this previously, it had been against a weak opponent. That was the only reason the ability had been able to defeat the opponent even without going through the amplification. Now that he was facing the attack of a beyond A9, what was the point? She was sure that this attack of Chen Feng’s would most certainly be crushed after colliding with their attacks. radiance of God Punisher erupted and collided with their attacks.


The radiance around the point of collision intensified.

Chen Feng’s gaze was resolute. Did these people believe that this God Punisher was still the same as the God Punisher from back then? As his strength had increased, as he’d entered beyond A1, the release speed of God Punisher had increased by more than tenfold. The speed of ability condensation had increased by at least tenfold as well. The previous God Punisher had required one minute to reach the final ability and erupt with the strongest attack, but now, only five seconds were needed. Naturally, Master Mu’s attack would arrive instantly, not giving Chen Feng even five seconds of time. Chen Feng waved his right hand downward slowly.

First second: Time Quicksand!


Instantly, one second vanished. The God Punisher that had just started releasing was abruptly amplified by an uncountable number of times. This was God Punisher where the first second of amplifications had been entirely skipped by Chen Feng with his Time Quicksand. However, this was still far from enough to deal with Master Mu. After manually releasing Time Quicksand, without hesitation, he altered the sequence of God Punisher’s ability release and released the Time Quicksand contained within God Punisher immediately after the manual release.

Chapter 573: You Think It’s Real?

God Punisher: Unleash all abilities the user has previously used.

In the second second, Time Quicksand was released.


Once again, time moved forward for God Punisher. Suddenly, the radiance of the God Punisher in Chen Feng’s hands intensified to a terrifying level. In the mere two seconds he had skipped with Time Quicksand, his God Punisher had skipped past numerous abilities, going through numerous amplifications. At this instant, he began releasing all the spirit arts from the Spirit Developer platform he had tried. All those spirit arts with weak time capabilities were unleashed together.

Time skipped: 0.1 seconds.

Time skipped: 0.2 seconds. Time skipped: 0.3 seconds.

Time skipped: 0.1 seconds.

Time skipped: 0.1 seconds.

The five seconds required for Chen Feng to reach the peak amplification of his God Punisher were entirely skipped through in this manner. Instantly, God Punisher reached the end stage. The final few abilities, which were also the strongest in Chen Feng’s arsenal, were waiting to be released.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Well then, let’s end this.

Xiu! A terrifying radiance bloomed. After the five-second time skip, this God Punisher had gone through numerous amplifications and been boosted by numerous support abilities. Once again, Chen Feng’s strongest Nethergaze displayed its astonishing might.


The red shone dazzlingly. A boundless radiance erupted. The entire world was covered by a scorching red. After a long time, when the night sky returned, and everyone there trembled.

“How is this possible?”
This was the first time Master Mu had cried out in alarm. Chen Feng had been injured. All his veins had burst apart, his blood drenching his clothes red. However, Chen Feng had still survived! He had survived the combined attack of a peak beyond A9 and two beyond A1 warriors.

Pu! A slight feeling of pain arose from Master Mu’s chest. He rubbed his chest with his hands and noted that both his hands were dyed red with blood. He had actually been injured as well. Only now did he realize with shock that he, Qian Chen, and Si Fan were all drenched in blood. All three of them had suffered
similar injuries to Chen Feng. They had actually been evenly matched in the collision earlier. Master Mu’s pupils shrunk as he realized that.

Chen Feng had actually evenly matched that scary attack from them earlier. How was that possible? This… all three of them were stunned. Draw! This was a result far exceeding their expectations.

“Hehe.” With blood all over his face, Chen Feng stated coldly, “Beyond A9? Nothing much after all.”

The silence became stifling. They had never expected that this would be the result. Chen Feng’s God Punisher, which required a cast time, was actually capable of erupting with such power instantaneously as well. Chen Feng was already this powerful after a while of not seeing him? They were all shaken. Suddenly…
A crack appeared on the diamond on Master Mu’s forehead.


His expression changed.


Light swirled, and instantly, he vanished. He had exhausted all he could just to deliver this single fatal attack to Chen Feng. Even if Chen Feng was still alive, it was unlikely that he could last any longer. Alas… From amid the flash of light where Master Mu had vanished, a voice filled with killing intent drifted out.

“I will leave Chen Feng to the both of you. Without God Punisher and with all his energy exhausted, he is no different than a cripple. Now, kill him!”
The voice vanished. The gazes of Qian Chen and Si Fan landed on Chen Feng. Indeed. Now that Chen Feng had already used his God Punisher, he was no different from a cripple. When such an excessively powerful ability like God Punisher was used, if the user failed to kill the opponent, it would signify the death of the user instead.

They took a step forward. “Sorry.”
“You guys…” Chen Feng chuckled. With his blood-drenched face, his chuckle seemed rather horrifying. “Do you really think  that  I  no  longer  have  other  trump  cards?”  he  asked toyingly. Their expressions changed greatly. “That is not possible. The requirement for the God Punisher is obviously the exhaustion of all the user’s energy.”
“How naive.”  Chen Feng’s expression became sinister. “The actual duration of God Punisher is much longer. How long did I take to release the previous God Punisher? Naturally, the full release would require all my energy. However, you guys are only aware of God Punisher. Are you aware that if Time Quicksand is used inversely, time will flow backward? Are you guys aware that all the energy I used during that one second of eruption recovered to the level one second prior to that?” Chen Feng asked with a toying smile.


His hand raised, a red radiance started condensing in his hand. That was a huge red weapon exuding a beyond-A-class aura.

Bang! Qian Chen was utterly dumbstruck. This weapon… it was actually an energy weapon! And indeed, on this weapon lingered the aura of a beyond A class, an aura much more powerful than even he and Si Fan. This Chen Feng fellow had indeed recovered to his level from one second prior, recovered
to his peak condition!

“Do you know? Compared to that little white hat guy, my hatred  for  you  guys  is  deeper…”   Chen  Feng  mumbled. “Enemies  are  not  what’s  scary.  What’s  scary  will  always  be traitors. The two of you, hehe, enjoy your time in hell!”

The red shone intensely. The red weapon in Chen Feng’s hand started shining with a terrifying radiance.

Damn it!

Qian Chen and Si Fan shivered. They recalled how during the final eruption of Chen Feng’s God Punisher earlier, it had precisely been an ability with a red radiance that had defeated all three of them, including Master Mu. And now… Master Mu was no longer here. Could both of them, new beyond A1 warriors, truly defend against this attack?

They gulped, and for the very first time, they lost their calm.


With wide strides, Chen Feng walked toward them. Qian Chen and Si Fan exchanged glances before looking at the gene reagents they were holding. Yes, they could still use the spatial teleporting gene reagents!

They made an immediate decision to first leave here before deciding on their next course of action. Without hesitation, they activated the gene reagents with all their power. They stood together, braced for the teleportation. Neither of them noticed the odd expression on Chen Feng’s face.


Suddenly, a terrifying energy erupted and swept everywhere. Qian Chen and Si Fan’s eyes widened. With an unbelieving expression,  they  gazed  at  the  exploding  “spatial  teleporting gene   reagents”    in   their   hands.   Suddenly,   they   realized something. This gene reagent…

They raised their heads. The energy weapon in Chen Feng’s hand had already vanished. With a kind expression, Chen Feng waved at them. Blood splattered everywhere before the both of them turned into nothingness. This two gene reagents weren’t particularly powerful. Fortunately, they had been right in the hands of those two when they’d exploded. Moreover, the two hadn’t activated any defenses against the explosion.


Chen Feng waved with a wide grin on his face. “Enjoy your journey to the underworld.” Spatial teleporting gene reagent? Hehe, you guys actually bought that? If I truly had something like that, why would I have wasted so much time with you guys here? I would have escaped long ago.

Shortly after seeing the two off, Chen Feng slumped down onto the ground weakly. His energy had been excessively overexerted. The energy sword in his hand softened and started swirling around Chen Feng’s body. Without a doubt, this sword was actually Xiao Ying. “Seems like your only use is to scare others nowadays,” Chen Feng lamented. The enemies he faced nowadays were too powerful. As such, the only roles Xiao Ying could play were scaring others and acting as a scout.

Hold on. Xiao Ying had another ability, the ability to summon the showering sister… Chen Feng thought about it and decided to give up on such a death-courting thought.

He heaved a long sigh of relief. After a short rest, he crawled up with great difficulty. This place was too unique. As such, his energy would not recover at all. If he did not leave now, he would most probably die from energy exhaustion alone, even though he was now a beyond A class.

“Time to leave.”
He stood up. Beyond his expectations, he had only walked a short distance before he was once again surrounded by a bunch of ancient race members. These fellows had been here waiting for him for a long time.

“Master Mu said that you might survive. Surprisingly, you have indeed survived. Hehe. Those two fellows are indeed useless. Did I not say that humans are completely unreliable? Now then…”

Numerous attacks erupted.


This was the only thought that surfaced in Chen Feng’s brain. In his present situation, he was truly incapable of doing anything. If he stayed in the Ownerless Land, he would be exhausted to death. Now that he was leaving, he was surrounded by enemies instead. What could the present him, with all of his energy exhausted, do to deal with this?

Chapter 574: New World

“Spirit…” Chen Feng urged inwardly.

Spirit nodded obediently. “Understood.”
Shua! Shua!

Numerous layers of killing intent erupted as various terrifying streaks neared Chen Feng. The only thing he could do now was spam his luck value. Alas, right as Spirit was about to activate Luck Aura, suddenly, a black shadow flashed past. Instantly, Chen Feng’s weakened body was knocked flying away.


Chen Feng was dumbstruck. What was going on this time?

Shua! Before he could even do anything, numerous swirling radiances of multiple colors flashed before his eyes. Chen Feng could only feel a powerful force dragging him before he lost all perception.

At this moment, in the Ownerless Land, the ancient experts were watching on with blank expressions as well. Where Chen Feng had stood before was now completely empty. That black flash had streaked past and Chen Feng had vanished.

“Where is he?”
“No idea.”
“Are you all blind?”
The ancient experts were furious. After a long time, when Master Mu returned, his expression became ashen as he heard what had happened. When he had returned to the White Church, that mysterious person already departed. That expert hadn’t waited around to meet him at all. As such, he had taken a trip for nothing. Now that he had returned here, Chen Feng was gone as well. Just like that, an adult had vanished into thin air.

“There  are  some  traces  of  spatial  power  here.”  Suddenly, Master Mu recalled Chen Feng’s spatial teleporting gene reagent from earlier. Chen Feng had to have used that gene reagent. This Chen Feng fellow had to have kept one more behind as a trump card. Even though Si Fan had failed to detect it, with Chen Feng’s capabilities, it wasn’t odd for him to have been able to hide one from Si Fan.

“Chase!” Master Mu ordered without hesitation. He gathered all of them together before activating the spatial teleporting gene reagent he had grabbed from Chen Feng earlier.


Instantly, a terrifying explosion erupted. Bloody chunks of flesh flew everywhere. The ancient experts that had still been alive and well earlier were now all chunks of meat. Master Mu was the only one left alive. He rubbed his face and discovered that he seemed to have sustained injuries as well. This spatial teleporting gene reagent was a freaking fake? Master Mu’s body chilled. He gazed at a
certain skull that was flying toward him. Mhm, only half the
head remained. This was the head of one of the ancients that had reinforced him earlier. He recalled that this fellow was the son of his junior apprentice brother. How was he supposed to answer to his junior apprentice brother?

A mournful scream echoed through the air. “Chen Feng!”

At the same time, at a certain unknown location, Chen Feng woke up from the darkness. He could vaguely recall that during that final moment, he had felt some sort of warmth around his body, like someone had been embracing him. That familiar feeling… Chen Feng raised his head. A face capable of giving children nightmares entered his sight. “…” Chen Feng retracted his hand that had instinctively prepared to attack. This face was so ugly at the first glance that he had thought that this was someone from the devil race.

“You rescued me?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“What else?” Kong Bai curled his lip. “Anyway, at that time, I was peeing. When I saw my pee that was supposed to shoot forth over 30 meters distort and form an ‘SOS’ shape, I knew something must have happened to you.”
Chen Feng: “…”
“Therefore,  this  lord  here  locked  onto  your  aura  and transmigrated over there to rescue you,” Kong Bai stated proudly.

Chen Feng was alarmed. “Transmigration?” Kong Bai looked at him with an odd gaze. “Of course. How else am I supposed to get there? Spatial abilities? What kind of joke is that? Do you have any idea how many ancients were guarding the Ownerless Land? If I dared teleport there directly, I would have been killed long ago. As such, I had no choice but
to transmigrate over.”
“Where are we now, then?”  Chen Feng looked around. The environment looked rather unique. It seemed to be a place he had never been to. He raised his head and noted that even the stars in the sky looked somewhat different. Even the moon wasn’t white. Rather, the moon was an icy-blue color. What damnable place was this?

Kong Bai looked at him with a solemn expression. “How am I supposed to know that?”
Chen Feng: “…”
Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled that Kong Bai had once mentioned that he had once tried transmigrating numerous times, wasting a large number of years before he was able to return to the Genetic Era. In short, this time… “Spirit,  is  there  any  luck  value  left?”   Chen  Feng  asked hastily. They had been able to easily return during their previous transmigration thanks to the combination of Kong Bai’s ability and Chen Feng’s luck value. However, the further they had transmigrated, the more luck value they would need to transmigrate back. Therefore…
“Please wait a moment.” Spirit took a glance and said, “You have three luck value left.”
Instantly, Chen Feng’s heart chilled. He had nearly exhausted his supply of luck value when trying to save himself earlier. This time, things were getting troublesome. He looked at the fellow beside him and sighed. Even if it had been Wang Yao instead of this person who had rescued him, wouldn’t it be better?

Spirit shook her head decisively. “That’s not possible. Wang Yao was too far away and couldn’t be reached in time. Furthermore, the experts of the ancient race were heading over there as well. Even if Wang Yao arrived, it wouldn’t have helped. Moreover, your luck value was rather limited as well. In that situation, only Kong Bai could save you. That was already the most optimal choice.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Fine. Let’s first look around.

“What do you normally do after transmigrating?” Chen Feng asked Kong Bai. This fellow should be experienced in this.

“Oh, I normally gather information about the new place.” Kong Bai scratched his head. “I first disguise myself as a monster or a freak before going out to cause disturbances. Then I’ll vanish and reappear using a brand new identity that fits the culture of that world. Naturally, at times, the world I arrive in is one where there is no culture, only primitives or beasts.”

Chen Feng felt helpless. This guy obviously had a tendency to act rashly.

“Let me give it a try?”  Kong Bai was eager. Since he had returned to the Genetic Era last time, it had been a while since he had last transmigrated. He had been afraid that after once again transmigrating away, he wouldn’t be able to return. Now, though, with Chen Feng around, he wasn’t as stressed.

Chen Feng shook his head. “There’s no need for that.”

A red flash streaked out of his hand. Instantly, Xiao Ying vanished.

“Huh? It’s that snake capable of hardening up?” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. He clearly remembered how, several times in the past, Chen Feng had used the hardened version of this snake to act tough during fights.

“…” Chen Feng’s face darkened. Could he use a different term than “harden”?

Kong Bai realized his fault and coughed awkwardly. When “snake” and “harden” were used separately, it sounded right. However, when used together…mhm… It was capable of sparking colorful imaginings.


With a flash, Xiao Ying returned. The scenes scouted out by Xiao Ying appeared in Chen Feng’s brain. However, surprising Chen Feng, within a circumference of 50 kilometers around them, not a single life-form could be found. There were no animals or vegetations. This seemed somewhat odd. This place obviously had an environment suitable for life. The air…

He transmitted what he had seen to Kong Bai. As Kong Bai saw the scenes, his expression became unsightly. Based on his years of experience transmigrating, such a unique situation signified only one thing: this was a place where no life forms existed yet, a newly formed world in its most primal form. “In short, we have transmigrated to a newborn world?” Kong Bao howled in grief.

Chapter 575: Beyond the Starry Sky

Chen    Feng    patted    his    shoulder.    “Congratulations. Humanity’s dream since countless years ago, of searching for a habitable planet, has been realized by you.”
Kong Bai did not know whether to laugh or cry. Indeed, this planet was habitable for humans. However, the thing was that they couldn’t return either. It was quite possible they might even starve to death here before Chen Feng could recover.

Kong Bai gazed at Chen Feng passionately. “How long do you need to recover?”  In such a circumstance, only Chen Feng’s Luck Aura could bring them back.

“Please wait a moment.”  Chen Feng asked Spirit the same question.

“700  luck  value,”   answered  Spirit  after  her  calculations. “This is the most basic consumption to return to the genetic era with Kong Bai’s ability. This amount does not consider the numerous mishaps or accidents that might arise. I would recommend you save more luck value before even attempting to return.”
Chen Feng’s heart chilled. “700?”  At present, only a single month was left before the ancient race conquered the entire world. Based on his recovery rate of 24 luck value per day, he would require one month to obtain 700 luck value. This also signified that from today onward, he could no longer use any luck value, not even a single point. Only by doing this would it be possible for them to return in one month.

The moment he started using his luck value, by using a tiny bit here and there occasionally, he would probably fail to return even after the ancient race had eliminated all of humanity. This was the scariest prospect.

“One month!?” Kong Bai wailed. Even with the physical body of a beyond A class, they might still starve to death after going without food for an entire month. Just as they were discussing possible solutions for their present situation, suddenly, red light blazed in Chen Feng’s illusory world as the sound of alarm resounded. Danger detected! Shua!

One luck value exhausted. Chen Feng’s pitiful three luck value had been reduced once again. His alarm system had activated to give him a warning in advance.

Chen Feng’s face darkened. “Damn it.” He was so numb to the normal activation of his alarm system that he had forgotten that it was not possible for this alarm system to work without luck value.

“If you want to return in a month, I suggest the closure of your luck alarm system,” Spirit proposed.

Chen Feng sighed. “Shut it down, then.”  It seemed like he could only rely on himself for this one month.

If he exhausted his luck value and couldn’t return on time, only death would await. If he decided to not use his luck value and were to encounter danger here, death was still what would await him. Well then, he would have to see for himself what danger this planet had. Chen Feng increased his vigilance. The luck alarm system was something that provided a warning in advance. As such, they had yet to see the supposed danger. Chen Feng was rather curious; what danger could there be in this place without any life-forms? Environmental factors? A volcanic eruption? Chen Feng’s concentrated his
mental senses. Right at this instant, a black flash charged at
them for far away.


The cold ray bloomed.

“Careful!”  Without any hesitation, Chen Feng pulled Kong Bai with him as they dodged.


A thick and sturdy huge black tree brushed past them before smashing into the thicket behind them. The terrifying attack left numerous long cracks on the ground. A tree? Both of them blanked. ???

There were trees here? Just as they were feeling doubtful, a lot of vegetation appeared all over the barren land around them. Starting from their immediate surroundings, the vegetation spread everywhere until all they could see was vegetation. Suddenly, this desolate land had transformed into a forest.

“Holy shit,” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. “What in the world is this?”
He had transmigrated numerous times, yet this was his first time seeing something so mystical. Vegetation? Where had it come from? They had obviously not found any while scouting earlier. Underground? Kong Bai looked questioningly at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shook his head. “The underground was inspected as well. Xiao Ying is capable of full environmental scouting. Even under the ground was checked.” “Then, this place…” Their expressions became solemn. What damnable world was this, exactly?

Suddenly,  Chen  Feng  heightened  his  vigilance.  “Be  more careful.”
“Understood.” Kong Bai concealed his aura rapidly. The both of them were experienced combatants. As such, they were well aware of how they should conceal themselves when in such an unfamiliar world and strange era.

Xiu! Xiu!

Just as the two of them were feeling curious, numerous cold gleams of light appeared from amid the darkness. Two huge trees pierced through space and shot toward them from far away.

Shua! The two of them were able to easily dodge the attack. With their present strength, it was rather easy for them to dodge such an attack. However, this seemed to be a mere prequel to what was to come. Subsequently, numerous weird attacks suddenly appeared. From underground, twining weeds might abruptly appear. From above, the sky might suddenly rain down a lot of vegetation upon them. As for in front of, behind, to the left, or to the right of them, attacks might come from any direction.

Chen  Feng  was  alarmed.  “What  damnable  place  is  this?” There were no people or beasts, only never-ending attacks.

Kong Bai had a stupefied expression on his face. “No idea,” he said. He had transmigrated so many times before, yet he had never seen such a weird place, a place where a forest would appear out of thin air, where attacks would appear out of nowhere.

Bang! Bang!

The attacks were increasing in strength. Initially, the attacks had only been at the strength of F class. Slowly, they had increased to E class, D class, and so on until now, when they reached A class. The strength of the attacks here seemed capable increasing without limit. As they were about to fail to last, the attacks suddenly halted. All the trees, weeds, and everything else seemed to suddenly become obedient.

“St-stopped?” Kong Bai asked as he panted.

“I  guess  so.”  Chen  Feng  had  a  calm  expression.  He  kept feeling like something did not seem right with this world…

With a red flash, Xiao Ying returned. Earlier, Xiao Ying had been scouting around without stop for him so that he could see these attacks coming in advance. Only with that had they managed to forcefully survive the seemingly unstoppable attacks. Now that Xiao Ying had returned, everything he had seen earlier was replayed in Chen Feng’s mind. As Chen Feng saw the scenes, he was alarmed.

This… Light swirled around. From the scenes Xiao Ying had witnessed, Chen Feng could clearly see that those things had indeed appeared out of thin air. Flowers, grass, trees, everything here, including the attacks, had all appeared out of thin air.

Were those actually fake? Illusions?


Chen Feng pulled at a random tree. The intense pulling force he felt from his hand confirmed that this was indeed a real tree. He found a random fruit tree and plucked a fruit from the tree to eat. After eating the fruit, the energy within his body started to replenish slowly. These fruit trees were real as well.

“All of them are real…” Chen Feng muttered.

If the vegetation was all real, how was it possible for everything to have appeared out of thin air? This world seemed much more mystical than he had imagined. Chen  Feng  gazed  into  the  distance.  “Seems  like  we  have arrived at an amazing world.”
“True.” Kong Bai focused his gaze. “Creating something from nothing, this seems to be the prerogative of a god? Hehe. I am curious, what power exactly is that?”
Suddenly, a strong, chilly breeze brushed past them. They raised their heads abruptly. Wind appeared!

Ji ji—
Gu gu—
From the forest, the sounds of birds and other odd sounds suddenly appeared. The initially deadly silent forest was suddenly filled with life. Vaguely, howls could even be heard. Even animals had appeared! This world was actually slowly becoming a world with a complete ecosystem. Clang! Clang!

Suddenly, the ground trembled. The trees around them trembled violently. The weeds of the forest split apart noiselessly. From far away, a huge creature slowly walked toward them. It was actually a huge elephant with blood-red teeth.

The teeth glowed with a red light. The head of the elephant rose as its gaze landed on Chen Feng, killing intent simmering within.

“Holy shit, peak beyond A class!”
Kong Bai was alarmed. He had never expected that a random huge creature would actually possess the strength of a beyond A class. What the hell? This elephant wasn’t any weaker than the Master Mu they had faced earlier. What kind of place was this world, exactly? “Let’s go.” Instinctively, Kong Bai wanted to flee, but he was stopped by Chen Feng.

“Hold on.”
“???” Kong Bai was somewhat dumbstruck. Chen Feng ignored him, focusing his gaze on that terrifying elephant before sweeping his gaze past every single weed in the forest. Ultimately, he raised his head to gaze at the starry sky.

Creating something out of nothing… This was a magical world! Thankfully, even without luck value helping him, Chen Feng still had his sharp intuition. He had an odd feeling, a feeling that beyond the starry sky, someone was observing them.

Chapter 576: Mysterious World

In the unknown world, Chen Feng was gazing up at the starry sky. He had an odd feeling that even though there was only a patch of darkness up there, someone was observing them.

“Xiao Ying,”  Chen Feng urged inwardly, “stay here in your void form. Do not show your real body no matter what.”

Chen Feng and Kong Bai retreated rapidly. Although the beyond A class creature was powerful, fortunately, it wasn’t fast. With Chen Feng and Kong Bai’s present strength, they were able to flee with only some difficulty.

Bang! Bang!

The gigantic creature chased after them for five kilometers before giving up. “Damn,  I  was  almost  scared  to  death.”  Kong  Bai  panted endlessly. “That fellow’s defense is too scary. My attacks couldn’t even move it.”
Chen Feng gazed at him in amazement. “You actually attacked?”
“Oh.” An awkward expression appeared on Kong Bai’s face. “A small attack.”
Chen Feng cautiously probed, “…Demonic Mirror?”
Kong Bai remained silent. It seemed like Chen Feng had guessed correctly. Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration. Kong Bai’s demonic mirror had even failed to work on a giant creature like that? Was this giant creature the handsome one, or was Kong Bai the one that was too ugly? Chen Feng coughed. “Don’t worry about it.”

Suddenly, a scene flashed through his mind. This was the scene transmitted to him by Xiao Ying. As his strength increased, Xiao Ying’s strength increased as well. After all, Xiao Ying had merged with Chen Feng’s spiritual energy. As such, the two of them could still maintain communication even when far away. When Xiao Ying had scouted around earlier, it had been equivalent to gaining vision of the entire map. In Chen Feng’s illusory world, the map was imprinted within his mind. His map contained everything within 50 kilometers.

This was also how they had managed to flee from the giant creature easily. Xiao Ying was still presently remaining around 50 kilometers away from him. As the scene flashed through his mind, Chen Feng saw an astonishing scene. His pupils shrunk abruptly. What had he seen? Earlier, the place they had just departed from had suddenly transformed into ruins. No, to be more accurate, it had transformed into an unexplainable state of nothingness, a blank slate. That place remained in a state of nothingness where nothing existed. Everything around Xiao Ying was in a state of nothingness.

Chen Feng raised his brow. “Things are somewhat odd.” That was a place they had been to, a place they had seen themselves, a place they had experienced themselves. How had it transformed back into a state of nothingness where no plants or animals existed?

This place…
Suddenly, Chen Feng’s back chilled. Mysterious vegetation, the sudden appearance of life-forms, and then them all vanishing mysteriously… They seemed to have truly arrived at a rather amazing place. “Huh?” Kong Bai’s foot trembled. “Where?”
“Where we came from. The place where we first descended into this world.” Chen Feng had a resolute gaze. “I need to verify something.”
Immediately, a tearless crying expression appeared on Kong Bai’s face. He thought of that damnable huge creature. Wasn’t returning there the equivalent of seeking death?

Chen Feng smiled. “Don’t worry. That thing can’t outrun us anyway.”
Soon, they returned. That giant creature was nowhere to be seen along the way. They traveled through the forest without stop. When they were around 10 kilometers from their destination, Chen Feng stopped. Chen Feng shivered. Where Xiao Ying was, the world once again existed. Vegetation, life-forms, and the lush forest, everything had reappeared.

Why? Chen Feng could not understand it.

He retreated 200 meters and, with astonishment, noted that where Xiao Ying was, everything had once again turned into a state of nothingness. And when Chen Feng advanced, once again, everything there reappeared. That place 10 kilometers away from Chen Feng, a place where the naked eye couldn’t see, he was seeing clearly through Xiao Ying. He witnessed the birth and destruction of all living beings. He saw the growth and disappearance of the forest.

Everything there seemingly changed in accordance with their distance from that place. If Chen Feng advanced, those things would appear. If Chen Feng retreated, those things would vanish. The distance to trigger all this was 10 kilometers.

Suddenly, a dreadful thought surfaced in Chen Feng’s mind. “Could it be…” Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Xiao Ying. With me as the center, take a spin 10 kilometers around me. You don’t have to make a perfect circle, you can move in a wavy line.”

Xiao Ying started moving around him. Next, an even more astonishing scene appeared in Chen Feng’s mind. Distantly, as Xiao Ying moved, the environment would appear and disappear. When Xiao Ying neared Chen Feng, everything would appear. When Xiao Ying pulled away from Chen Feng, everything would vanish, with the distance between Chen Feng and Xiao Ying being the determining factor.

Shua! Shua!

Once again, Xiao Ying scouted the entire region. This time, Chen Feng was casting his senses out and was able to clearly feel everything Xiao Ying could feel. As Xiao Ying was moving around in his illusory state, even the world failed to detect Xiao Ying’s existence. Finally, by the time Xiao Ying returned, Chen Feng’s entire body had already chilled. This was a world that would only exist 10 kilometers around Chen Feng. Apart from this, everything remained in a state of nothingness. Wherever Chen Feng went, the world would be created. Whenever Chen Feng
went away, the world would perish. Everything seemed to happen so lightly.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Kong Bai, walk in that direction and stop around 500 meters from me. Remain within my sight.”
“All right.” Kong Bai walked over without hesitation. There, Chen Feng sent Xiao Ying out scouting once again. He noted that with Kong Bai as the center, a perfect 10-kilometer circle around him was a world, and everything outside was in a state of nothingness. As such, this was a world with Chen Feng and Kong Bai as the core? Chen Feng contemplated.

But then, how had Xiao Ying scouted the distance of 50 kilometers around them earlier? This was strange. Unless… “Xiao Ying. Return to my body before leaving again with your physical body to scout around,” Chen Feng said. Soon, Xiao Ying returned and left once again. Next, everywhere Xiao Ying went, a world filled with life could be seen. The nothingness from before was nowhere to be seen. With this, Chen Feng concluded that a world had been formed 10 kilometers around Xiao Ying as well. This was a world that only recognized physical objects. This world was incapable of sensing Xiao Ying’s illusory state, thus allowing Xiao Ying to see the nothingness.

Without Xiao Ying, Chen Feng and Kong Bai would most probably have spent their entire lives here without realizing that. This world was much scarier than they had imagined. Chen Feng was fearful. False world? No, this was a real world. The vegetations and animals that had appeared from nothingness were all real, merely depending on where Chen Feng’s group was. This felt rather unreal, like a movie scene where the required environment would only be constructed where the scene required it. Outside of the constructed environment, nothing existed.

Could it be… Suddenly, Chen Feng remembered a particular movie in his previous life: The Truman Show .

Chapter 577: Have You Gone Insane?

In The Truman Show , the main character lived in a fake world that was artificially constructed. Wherever the main character went, preplanned occurrences would happen. The families, friends, wife, and children of the main character were in fact all actors and actresses. From the birth of the main character to growing up and getting married, everything was watched by countless people and broadcast as reality TV. This continued until one day, the main character noticed some abnormalities.

Now, Chen Feng was experiencing something similar. Without Xiao Ying, Chen Feng would never have seen the state of nothingness outside the area 10 kilometers around him.

“This world… is this a different version of The Truman Show created by some supreme existence?”
Chen Feng was alarmed. However, as he thought about it, there seemed to be some differences. In The Truman Show , everything had played out according to the script, having the main character grow as had been decided in the script. Here, though, if Chen Feng and Kong Bai had been too weak, they would have died the moment that giant elephant had appeared earlier.

This place…
Chen Feng’s brain spun at high speed. He had to figure out what was going on here as soon as possible.

“What’s going on?”  Kong Bai had a solemn expression. He was aware that Chen Feng must have discovered something.

Chen Feng signaled him to stop talking. “Shh.” He could sense that someone was observing them even though he was not aware of where this observer was. Suddenly, the earth trembled. It seemed like yet another giant creature was heading toward them from far away. From the booming sound of the ground, it seemed like this time, it was an entire group of giant creatures.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Here we go again.” Under normal circumstances, they would definitely flee without thought when encountering beyond-A-class beasts. However, here, in this mysterious world, these fellows… seemed to be something that had been freshly created as well?

Chen Feng could see very clearly that on the border of the 10- kilometer radius, far away from them, these giant creatures had appeared out of thin air.

“Let’s go.”
Chen Feng pulled Kong Bai along as they left. Just as these giant creatures were about to leave the 10-kilometer radius, just as they were about to disappear into nothingness again, or perhaps the exact moment when they vanished, Chen Feng turned around suddenly.


Those giant creatures that were in the midst of disappearing were once again reassembled. Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Now!”

Instantly, Xiao Ying transformed his body from an illusory state to a physical state.

Pu! Pu!

The terrifying red flash streaked around before vanishing.

Just like that, the several huge and terrifying beyond A class giant creatures vanished or perhaps one could say that they were killed by Xiao Ying. Chen Feng rushed over. As he arrived, corpses could be seen sprawled all over. Success! His heart jolted. Regardless of how powerful these creatures were, they were still at their weakest during their moment of birth, or perhaps that was the moment before their birth had fully been completed. Chen Feng glanced over. Indeed, some of them had yet to even form their tails before being killed off. Xiao Ying was very weak. Under normal circumstances, if Xiao Ying dared to transform from his illusory state into a physical state and appear within the body of an expert, even the organs of the expert would be sufficient to kill Xiao Ying. But these fellows

Kong Bai was amazed. “How did they die?”
“I  have  an  ability  capable  of  long-distance  attacks,”  Chen Feng stated calmly. “The only con of using the ability is the huge energy exhaustion. Earlier, I guessed randomly at their rough location. Surprisingly, I was able to lock onto them.”
“What a cheat ability!” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration.

“It is a must-have ability. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use it anymore for now.” Chen Feng shook his head. “The meat of these beyond-A-class mutated beasts should be filled with energy and nutrition, right? Hehe. Do you want to give it a try?”
Kong Bai’s eyes gleamed. Soon after, the two started roasting the meat right on the spot.

“In the short term, we are probably stuck here. I was worried that there wouldn’t be anything here. Surprisingly, there are giant creatures and vegetation. I suppose it will be enough for us to survive.” Kong Bai spoke as he ate. “We only need to be more careful. The monsters here are way too strong.”
“Mhm.” Chen Feng did not say much. He had initially been planning to expose this ruse and see if they would be able to leave that way. But since someone was observing them, Chen Feng was curious about what exactly that person wanted.

When you are observing someone… Please remember that you are being observed as well.

Through Xiao Ying, Chen Feng could observe this world from a different perspective. Naturally, to avoid the exposure of Xiao Ying, Chen Feng would temporarily stop using such a method to kill the giant creatures.
“Let me see exactly what world this is.”  Chen Feng’s heart was burning. At present, he had nothing to be worried about anyway. He was already a beyond A class and seemed to lack only a single beyond A class gene for his fusion? Although this place seemed rather bizarre, there were a lot of giant beyond-A- class creatures around. If he could obtain his new gene here…
His eyes gleamed at this thought.

On the next day.

Bang! Bang!

They started exploring this land. This was a mystical world that made all sorts of mystical assassination attempts on them. Even a random plant by the road could suddenly transform into a killer. Powerful life forms seemed to be everywhere. Chen Feng and Kong Bai had seemingly stepped into a forest filled with numerous dangers. Here, all the monsters were at the level of beyond A class. Having killed those beyond-A-class creatures previously, the monsters here seemed to have increased in strength. While fleeing, Chen Feng was looking for a gene suitable for him. Alas, Kong Bai had never imagined that ultimately, Chen Feng
would select a rather normal gene.


Giant Elephant Gene

Ability: Increase the quality of one’s body.

Class: A


That’s right. This was an A-class gene reagent. A truly useless gene reagent. This was especially true for Chen Feng, as this ability was completely at odds with his existing abilities. Kong Bai looked at him in astonishment. “Have you gone crazy?” Chen Feng was never one to rely on the quality of his body. Let alone God Punisher and Nethergaze, all his abilities were pure energy-eruption abilities. Why had he suddenly decided upon a body-quality gene reagent?

“This is the most optimal choice.” Chen Feng shrugged. “In this world, this is the only gene reagent that can be produced.”
Naturally, the most important reason for his choice was due to the strength of the monsters here, which was increasing without stop. If he chose not to fuse with a gene reagent, he would soon be unable to defeat these monsters and would be ravaged by those monsters instead. At that time, could he rely on Xiao Ying all the time?

Chen Feng was certain that if he employed Xiao Ying more frequently, that observer would discover some abnormalities. At that time, he would not be able to even observe this world through Xiao Ying. At that time, it would be game over for real.

As such, he had to fuse with an A-class gene reagent. Even if the ability provided by the giant-elephant gene reagent was rather useless, at the very least, it was a genuine A-class gene. After fusing with it, Chen Feng would officially step into the realm of A class. He would finally be able to start further improving his strength.

“You must consider this properly,”  Kong Bai stated with a solemn  expression.  “Every  single  fusion  is  of  the  utmost importance. If you have decided to fuse with this gene just so you can leave this place earlier, you will be forever weaker than others of your level. You must know that the reason you are always able to fight those who are of higher level than you is thanks to the genetic abilities you have fused with, which have always been powerful. This applies to both me and you. If you fuse with a trash ability, in the future, you will not be able to fight those of a higher level anymore. Furthermore, your combat strength will even drop greatly.” Kong Bai was worried that Chen Feng would make a rash decision. “Right now, things are not yet that dangerous. We can wait until we return before selecting the strongest fusion gene reagent. I believe that the Genetic Union, Gene Production Association, and everyone else will assist to get you the best of the best, the fusion gene reagent most suitable for you.”
“I am aware of that.” Chen Feng smiled and patted Kong Bai’s shoulder. “Trust me.” “You…” Kong Bai could only give up advising Chen Feng. Since Chen Feng had said that, perhaps there were some methods of mutating this ability? Unknown to him, Chen Feng had no hidden plans at all this time. The only reason he had chosen this damnable giant-elephant gene reagent was because
this was the easiest gene reagent to produce here in this world.

The materials required to produce this gene reagent were in abundance here. Under the premise of not wasting his luck value, the giant-elephant gene reagent was his only option. Naturally, the other reason for this choice was due to the abundance of such giant elephants everywhere in the forest.

After fusing with it, Chen Feng could employ the gene strengthening process and slaughter these giant elephants to increase his strength. He would increase his strength rapidly and might even reach the peak of beyond A9. At that time, he had something even more important to do. This was also the reason he was rushing to increase his strength and had selected the giant-elephant gene reagent. Naturally, he would have to first focus on the present.

He licked his dry lips. “Hunt a suitable giant elephant for me.”

Chapter 578: Crazy Improvements

In the unknown world.

Chen Feng shook his hands after finishing the production of a brand-new gene reagent. This was absolutely the most ordinary gene reagent Chen Feng had ever produced in his career. It had not been produced with the best or a unique blood essence, nor had the formula been improved by luck value. This giant-elephant fusion gene reagent was so ordinary one couldn’t even hope to find anything special about it.

Kong Bai sighed. “Are you really going to fuse with this gene reagent?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” This gene reagent was already produced with the best giant elephant blood essence he could find. This fusion gene reagent didn’t have any major functions. After using it, the gene would merely fuse with Chen Feng’s body, improving his body quality greatly.

Kong Bai smiled bitterly. “You…” This thing was rather simple to understand. Chen Feng’s previous efforts had been skewed toward spiritual energy. Nine-tenths of his specialization was spiritual energy, while one-tenth of his specialization was body quality. After fusing with a body- related gene reagent instead of a spiritual energy-related gene reagent this time, the ration would become 6:4 between energy and body. Naturally, 5:5 might be the end result as well. More importantly, selecting this gene reagent might signify that Chen Feng could never use a 6-star secret art.

One ought to know that every single 6-star secret art was something that centered around a certain gene. A huge factor influencing one’s choice in one’s core gene was due to the 6-star secret art that person decided upon. Since this giant elephant gene had been obtained from this alien world, it was possible that this gene would be incapable of working together with other genes to form 6-star secret arts. The difficulty would be further compounded by the fact that all the other genes Chen Feng had fused with in the past were energy based.

After selecting this gene, Chen Feng would never be able to use secret arts. Naturally, since Chen Feng was already powerful, this disadvantage might not be immediately obvious. But what about in the future? When everyone was in peak beyond A class, when everyone had reached the limit of humanity, the bottleneck of humanity, the only way one could hope to obtain an advantage over others was through one’s genetic abilities.

At that time, the gap between a 5-star secret art and 6-star secret art would be as huge as the sky and the Earth. Even if Chen Feng had been focusing on individual abilities, with him lacking a core ability to rely upon… Kong Bai shook his head at the thought.

A faint radiance swirled around. Chen Feng completed his fusion. This fusion was so ordinary that nothing special could be found from it. Such a breakthrough was so ordinary that not even a special phenomenon was generated upon breakthrough. Everything seemed way too bland.


Chen Feng cast his senses inward and sensed the power within him. Mhm… the quality of his body had roughly tripled. His body quality, which had originally only been B class, had successfully improved to A class. Even if it wasn’t much among A classes, at the very least, his defense had increased greatly compared to before. He was able to take more of a beating now.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The dangers of the forest remained. Kong Bai and Chen Feng continued dodging wave after wave of attacks upon them.

Kong Bai looked at Chen Feng. “What do we do next?”
Chen Feng looked at the distant giant elephant. “Kill! Since I have fused with the giant-elephant gene reagent, I will fully make use of it, pushing the gene-strengthening process to the end.”
Gene strengthening was a process where one selected a mutated beast with higher attributes than the genetic warrior and then plundered the attributes of the mutated beast that were higher than the genetic warrior’s. This was the process of improvement most familiar to most genetic warriors. Kong Bai nodded. “All right.” This was most certainly the reason Chen Feng had decided to give up on his future and focus on the present, to increase his strength as soon as possible before escaping this dangerous and damnable place. However, Kong Bai failed to notice that the giant elephants
they faced seemed to be becoming stronger and stronger…
Beyond A1…
Beyond A2…
Beyond A3…

Finally, eventually, Kong Bai realized that something seemed off. The mutated beasts seemed endless in this damnable forest, and their strength was increasing constantly as well. Regardless of how many beasts they killed, it seemed to serve no purpose. Kong Bai was alarmed. “How many of these fellows are there?”
“No idea.” Chen Feng smiled calmly. “But then, isn’t this the best opportunity to increase my strength?”

Yet another giant elephant was killed, and once again, Chen Feng completed the gene-strengthening process.

One time.

Two times.

Three times.

As the mutated beasts appeared without stop, Chen Feng’s strength increased without stop as well. This was a rapid improvement in the truest sense. Regardless of where one was, one would never be able to see such a huge number of mutated beasts, and mutated beasts that would actually increase in strength at that. This seemed like a perfect strength-increase service prepared especially for Chen Feng.

Beyond A5…
Beyond A6…

Now, even Kong Bai was no longer able to deal with the appearing enemies.

Despite that, Chen Feng, who had previously been beyond A1 class, had actually managed to forcefully reach beyond A5 from gene strengthening alone. This was indeed a frightening speed, a speed that caused Kong Bai to be speechless. For the very first time, he wondered if Chen Feng’s choice of fusing with the giant-elephant gene wasn’t the wrong choice after all. Bang! Bang!

The battle in the forest continued. Numerous giant elephants died in battle as Chen Feng’s strength increased without stop.

Beyond A7!

Beyond A8!

Chen Feng’s strength increased constantly. After half a month of this, Kong Bai alarmingly noticed that Chen Feng had actually reached the peak of beyond A class. That’s right, in half a month, Chen Feng reached the peak of beyond A class.

“???” Kong Bai was dumbfounded. He gazed blankly at the corpses of the giant elephants that were sprawled everywhere. It seemed like this was the actual reason Chen Feng had decided on this gene? Because these giant elephants were everywhere? The process of reaching peak beyond A class, which would take someone around 30 or even 50 years, had been shortened by Chen Feng to a mere 15 days. This speed was so fast that no words could be used to describe it aptly.

One ought to know that in the genetic world, in the genetic era, beyond-A-class mutated beasts were rather rare. It was basically impossible for beyond A classes to improve by way of gene strengthening, as suitable mutated beasts were basically impossible to find. As such, they had no choice but to grow in strength slowly.

To reach beyond A2 from beyond A1, around three to five years would be required. To reach beyond A3 from beyond A2, an even longer period would be required. As such, reaching beyond A9 was a long process. That was why even with the huge amount of beyond A classes appearing thanks to beyond X gene reagent, they were still unable to catch up to the older, original beyond A classes. The gap between the new and the old was extremely huge. Yet when it came to Chen Feng, his speed of growth had truly alarmed Kong Bai.


Distantly, a peak beyond-A-class giant beast appeared.

“Let me deal with it.” Kong Bai took the initiative to attack.

A bizarre vibration flashed out.

Kong Bai’s attack was ineffective. Instead, he was directly flung away by that giant beast. This was a beast whose Kong Bai had no hope of matching. This beast was way too powerful for him. “Let me do it instead.”
Chen Feng took wide steps forward and easily beat that giant beast up. He had already been someone capable of challenging those of a higher rank before this. Now that he was a peak beyond A class, it was an extremely simple affair to deal with a beast at this level.


The giant beast collapsed loudly.

“Damn it.” Kong Bai was filled with envy. “I feel like fusing with a giant elephant gene myself as well.”
Future? Screw that. Such quick growth… Even if a part of this speed had to do with Chen Feng’s existing prowess, this rapid growth was something Kong Bai had never witnessed before. If all of humanity could grow at such a speed… What was a mere ancient race? What was a mere devil race?
Both could be eliminated easily.

Chen Feng stretched. “Finally, I have reached the peak.” He could sense the powerful strength contained within his body. Even if this giant elephant gene didn’t have a powerful genetic ability, the gene-strengthening processes Chen Feng had spammed without stop had pushed all his attributes to an unimaginable height.


With a single wave of his hand, a force so powerful that it was akin to an explosion could be felt. With one proper genetic ability as a cost, Chen Feng had amassed such high attributes and reached the peak of the food chain.

Chen Feng smiled. “Well then… it’s time to start.”
Kong Bai blanked. “The start of what?” Chen Feng smiled mysteriously. “You will know soon enough.”

Chapter 579: Chen Feng’s Real Goal

Shua! Shua!

The forest was still filled with danger. The powerful environmental forces and giant beasts appeared without stop. However, against Chen Feng’s peak beyond-A-class strength, all of them became nothing; he was able to be deal with them easily. However, due to this, the dangers of the forest became even more vicious and the beasts became even stronger as Chen Feng dealt with them without stop.

Peak beyond A class, dealt with!

A slightly more powerful peak beyond A class, dealt with.

Even more powerful peak beyond A class, dealt with.

… One, two, three, and so on. The beasts of the forest became stronger and stronger, and gradually, they reached some sort of limit. At that point, the forest shook in an odd manner.

A petrifying aura erupted.

Kong Bai’s expression sank. “Not good!” This aura…
“It’s finally here?” Chen Feng’s gaze became sharp. “S class!”
That’s right. This was Chen Feng’s true goal: S class! After discovering that the beasts here could become stronger without end, Chen Feng had wondered, When the strength of the beasts here reaches a certain limit, will a transformation occur? Will the beasts enter a brand-new realm?

Chen Feng had considered this possibility and had, without hesitation, initiated his plan. Regardless of what place this was, regardless of whether this place was real or not, Chen Feng could clearly feel that the power he had gained after his improvement was the real deal. That alone was sufficient for him to initiate his plan. As such, Chen Feng had increased his strength without stop.

He had chosen giant-elephant gene since it was the easiest gene to improve here. Only with this gene could he reach peak beyond A class in the shortest time possible to force the appearance of an S class in this forest as soon as possible.

Even if this was merely a guess, what they stood to gain was simply too astonishing. As such, Chen Feng had initiated his plan without any hesitation. Now, it seemed like his gamble had paid off.


That terrifying aura pervaded the forest. The powerful S- class aura engulfed the entire forest. Even when the S-class beast was still at the fringe of the forest, outside the 10 kilometers Chen Feng could monitor, that aura…
Kong Bai was horrified. “This was your true goal?”
Fusing with the giant-elephant gene…
Entering S class as soon as possible…
Everything Chen Feng did was much more shocking than he had ever imagined.

Chen Feng smiled. “This is the only way we can leave this place, right?” If he guessed correctly, after killing this fellow…
Amazing! Kong Bai had nothing but praise for Chen Feng. If it wasn’t for the fact that Kong Bai had already had his eyes on a particular A-class gene reagent, he would have probably followed Chen Feng’s lead and fused with a giant elephant gene. Naturally, at this point, his mind was wavering and he was reconsidering his decision.

Bang! Bang!

The S-class giant beast started moving. The earth shook.

Kong Bai’s mood became solemn. “That fellow is coming.” He could clearly feel how frightening that S-class beast was. It was something he had no hope of dealing with. The opponent could probably kill him off with a single sneeze.

“I will be dealing with it,” Chen Feng said solemnly. He knew that the gap between him and an S class was…
Kong Bai was not the only one incapable of dealing with an S class here. Even Chen Feng himself wasn’t a match for that S class even though he was already a peak beyond A class. A peak beyond A9 and an S class were simply in two different leagues. This was something he had realized before when Li Lei had been defeated by a single slap from the devil race’s S class. In the real world, Chen Feng would most certainly have turned around and fled immediately upon encountering an S class. But here, in this forest…
Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng streaked about in the forest, maintaining a distance of about 10 kilometers between him and the beast. Due to this, the beast remained in a limbo of creation and destruction. Indeed, the moment the beast went out of the 10- kilometer radius, it would vanish even though it was an S class. Chen Feng’s gaze shone brightly. Once again, he saw the disappearance of that beast followed by its reappearance.

His eyes gleamed coldly. “Now!”
Xiu! Xiu!

Xiao Ying started attacking. As this S class beast had yet to fully take form, as its body was in the midst of reconstruction, Xiao Ying appeared abruptly before charging at the beast with a powerful spiritual attack. Bang! Bang!

The attack erupted.

With the sudden appearance of Xiao Ying, the world 10 kilometers around Xiao Ying started taking form rapidly. As such, the beast started taking shape at a rapid pace as well.


Instantly, Xiao Ying disappeared again, leaving no trace behind.

Once again, the body of the beast started fading away.

Chen Feng watched on calmly. “Very good.”  This was the might of Xiao Ying, the ability to transform his body between the illusory and the real world at will. Only by constantly switching could they deliver a serious injury to this terrifying S-class life form.

Naturally, controlling the distance was extremely important as well. Not only did Chen Feng need to ensure that the beast remained in the limbo of creation and destruction, he had to ensure that the beast would not disappear completely for real either. That was because the moment the beast vanished fully, when it reappeared the next time, its body would be brand new as well. As such, Chen Feng had to ensure the continuation of the limbo.

Shua! Shua!

The distance between them changed without stop.

A distance of 10 kilometers.

A distance of 9.8 kilometers. A distance of 10 kilometers.

A distance of 9.8 kilometers.

Xiao Ying switched between the illusory and real world without stop, causing the world to maintain a cycle of destruction and creation. With this, the aura of that S-class beast started weakening.

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, the entire forest started shaking at an odd frequency. The entire forest started showing signs of collapse, seemingly on the verge of destruction.

“Holy shit, Chen Feng, what have you done?” Kong Bai wiped his sweat. Chen Feng ignored him and fixed his gaze on that distant battlefield.





The aura of that S-class beast was already extremely weak. Xiao Ying continued appearing within the body of that beast and attacking when it was in a weakened state, delivering heavy injuries to that beast without stop. Xiao Ying’s final attacks caused one to feel rather speechless, as Xiao Ying had directly appeared at that place… A furious and dreadful howl resounded without stop. The howl sounded even more terrifying, yet the aura was becoming weaker.

At this moment, the entire forest was flickering without stop, the entire world became even more bizarre, seemingly reaching some sort of limit that the world wasn’t supposed to reach at all.

“Faster, faster,” Chen Feng urged inwardly.

Bang! Bang!

The forest continued to be destroyed. The radius of 10 kilometers started shrinking. As Chen Feng noticed this, he reduced his distance with the beast, maintaining the balance so that the beast would remain in limbo. Twice…
Ten kilometers…
Eight kilometers…
Five kilometers…
As the distance reached two kilometers, when the beast was somewhat within view, the S-class beast howled.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed. “Here it comes!” One last time, Xiao Ying erupted, blooming within the body of that beast.


Blood splattered everywhere. The S-class beast had ultimately failed to fully form its body. This beast that would be an utterly terrifying existence wherever it was placed had, in this maphack-like manner, in this world, been killed by Xiao Ying. How lamentable.


The body that was 99% percent complete collapsed loudly to the ground. With a rapid speed, Chen Feng rushed over and extracted the blood essence. S-class blood essence, obtained!

Chapter 580: Appear!


Along with the death of the S-class beast, the entire world started trembling. The S-class blood essence extracted by Chen Feng had seemingly exhausted all the energy supporting the existence of this world.

Ka! Ka!

Countless cracks appeared below their feet. The initially intact space started cracking, akin to a shattered mirror. Numerous bizarre seals appeared before shattering with a loud crack.


The entire world collapsed. The world before them vanished instantly, plunging them into boundless darkness. “Spirit,” Chen Feng urged inwardly.

“All right.” Spirit prepared to activate Luck Aura.

Chen Feng looked at Kong Bai. “Kong Bai, prepare yourself.”
Kong Bai nodded. “Understood.”
The moment an irreversible crisis befell them, Chen Feng and Kong Bai would have no choice but to forcibly transmigrate. As for their ultimate destination or whether they could even survive, those were unknown. However, as they both were preparing for the worst-case scenario, a sliver of light appeared amid the dark world. Shortly afterward, the entire world became brightly lit once again.

Light shone brightly. The entire world was once again firm, and before them was still the lush and green forest. Around them was still the familiar air, yet Chen Feng could keenly feel that this was no longer the same world as before. The unfamiliarity of the space here… This signified that the world earlier had already been destroyed and that this world was brand new.

However, as they looked around, before Chen Feng could even awaken from his stupor, he heard numerous high-pitched yells, mixed sounds, and tremendous cheers.

“Chen Feng! Chen Feng!”
“Kong Bai! Kong Bai!”
“They are out! Hahahaha, this is too awesome. It has been a long time since I saw someone pass this level.”
“Chen Feng, I love you!”
… Numerous thundering yells resounded.

Finally, the uncomfortable feeling brought about by teleportation vanished. Chen Feng focused his gaze and finally saw that beyond the forest, there were countless people. These people resembled humans yet at the same time did not seem human. They had two horns on each side of their forehead. Apart from this, they were completely the same as regular humans. There were males and females, and there were young ones and old ones, all of them cheering frantically.

The passion with which they were yelling was not unlike a hardcore fan of a superstar.

Hold on… they seem to be shouting my name?

Chen Feng’s brain operated rapidly.

Shua! He swept his gaze around. Instantly, the real surroundings were revealed to him. With shock, Chen Feng found that the world they had been in was actually a world that had been reduced in size by ten times. A radius of 10 kilometers? Not quite right. That was because this arena they were in had a circumference of one kilometer. After magnifying this one kilometer ten times, the radius of 10 kilometers had been created for Chen Feng and Kong Bai. For those incapable of viewing things beyond these 10 kilometers, this would be akin to a boundless world. The world they had been in was in fact this arena, an arena with a circumference of one kilometer.

“Chen  Feng!  Chen  Feng!”   Around  him,  countless  people yelled his name. He felt as if he was performing in some sort of concert.

Shua! Shua!

A huge screen appeared midair. The remarkable battles of Chen Feng and Kong Bai were enlarged. The numerous times they had turned defeat into victory brought endless excitement to the spectators. Numerous people cheered. Chen Feng and Kong Bai exchanged glances, both feeling their hearts chilling. These scenes… In other words, everything they had experienced, those experiences of life and death, all of that had merely been entertainment for the people of this world?

“Hello, o great warrior.” A middle-aged man walked toward them. The horn on his head glowed with red. “I am truly too excited.” He regarded Chen Feng as he said, “It has been a very long time since someone survived the Arena of Life and Death.”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Arena of Life and Death?”
“That’s right. This great place is named the Arena of Life and Death,”  the middle-aged man explained in excitement. “I am the host of this place. My name is Ruo Shui. I know that both of you are presently filled with doubt. However, it does not matter. I will provide an explanation. I believe that all the spectators here are also looking forward to what you two have to say,” Ruo Shui stated.

Chen Feng looked around. Indeed, expectant expressions could be seen on the faces of everyone present. Chen Feng asked the question he was most curious about. “What is this place?”
“Haha.” Smiling, Ruo Shui answered, “I knew that you, great warrior, would ask this question. You must be curious about the reason you that appeared here in this world. In fact, this is the blessing granted by the great God. The Arena of Life and Death is the program with the highest ratings and viewers here in our world. Every single season, we select several life-forms from alien worlds to participate. They enter the Arena of Life and Death, and they have to survive the numerous dangers of the forest and the attacks of the ferocious beasts. Ultimately, they will also have to defeat the strongest beast. You both were selected for this season.”  With a smile, Ruo Shui continued, “You do not need to be anxious or angry. I was once interrupted when my explanation reached this point. As such, please allow me to finish my explanation. We have no malice toward you great warriors. When selecting warriors from alien worlds, we select from the terrifying spatial current, the current with a mortality rate of 99.99%.”
“Under normal circumstances, entering the spatial current is akin to a sure death. Our great God used His divine power to rescue those people from the spatial current, giving them a chance at a new life. However, there is a limit to the number of beings we can sustain here. As such, we can’t take in everyone, and thus, this Arena of Life and Death came into being. Only the most powerful and outstanding of warriors that have survived the Arena of Life and Death are qualified to stay here. Welcome to our world,” Ruo Shui said proudly.
As an original inhabitant of this world, he indeed deserved the pride he felt. Spatial current… Chen Feng and Kong Bai exchanged glances. They had never expected that this had actually happened to their transmigration? In short, when Kong Bai had been randomly transmigrating them, he had accidentally stumbled upon the summoning of this world? Chen Feng did not believe this.

“This must be due to luck value,” Spirit stated after giving it some thought. There was no helping it, as at that time, the circumstances had truly been too dangerous, and Chen Feng’s luck value had been pitifully low. Perhaps this had been the only method of survival his luck value had been able to find for him.

Therefore… Chen Feng rubbed his head. He finally understood what had happened. Who could have guessed that he would star in an alien world’s reality show? Mhm, seemed like he was also now a superstar due to him surviving the show?

Chen Feng smiled forcefully. “So, we are considered superstars now?”
Kong Bai shrugged indifferently. “I guess so.”
“It seems like our selected warriors this time are indeed intelligent, to be able to absorb everything in such a short time,”   Ruo  Shui  exclaimed  in  admiration.  He  was  rather amazed at the receptivity of both Chen Feng and Kong Bai. One ought to know that during his time as the host of this show, he had witnessed way too many weird people. Some had collapsed because they couldn’t accept the truth, and others had decided to attack him after figuring everything out. There had even been some who had started crying for their parents after the collapse of the arena.

The weirdest contestant he had seen was a person who, upon arriving in the arena, started shouting, “I have actually transmigrated!  There  must  be  a  system  somewhere!”  Next, that person had shouted, “System, show yourself! Grandpa, descend! This is not an unlimited space. Main deity, get your ass out here!” That person had continued spouting all sorts of nonsense from his mouth. He had attracted quite a bit of attention back then, causing people to discuss what, exactly, the system that person had spoken of was. Naturally, that person had ultimately been killed by the beasts in the area. The system, the grandpa, the main deity, everything he had spoken of had ultimately ended up as a puzzle of the arena. The people guessed that those might have been the powerful trump cards of that person. Alas, after descending upon an alien world, that person’s abilities had been ineffective. People like this were numerous. As for Chen Feng and Kong Bai, these two were in fact the calmest of the contestants he had ever seen.
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