The Strongest Gene Chapter 561-570

Chapter 561: Any Other Options?

The  Operation  Department  head  was  anxious.  “We  can’t agree to this.”
The deputy president smiled bitterly. “Do we still have other options?”
Everyone was speechless. Indeed. Were there any other options? If they choose to not use the new formula, to not hire the Gene Production Association to produce it for them, it would cost them the extremely high amount of 10 points per production.

“Why don’t we try and use public opinion?” suggested the Operation Department head. In fact, “for the sake of humanity” was a very convenient excuse.

“…” The deputy president gazed at him with a hooded gaze. “Do you still remember the excuse we used to force Chen Feng to hand over Master Spirit Trainer to us?” “Excuse?”  The  Operation  Department  head  gave  it  some thought and stated smoothly, “Chen Feng’s version requires 100 points per weakness removal, since the cost is too high, which is too expensive. As for us, we can reduce the cost to five points…”

As his words reached this point, the Operation Department head paled. Indeed, these were the words they had said themselves. The Genetic Union had claimed to have a new technology capable of reducing the production cost to only 5 points, forcing Chen Feng to hand over Master Spirit Trainer to them.

But what had happened instead? If the public found out that the Genetic Union did not have this so-called new technology at all, that they had all been played like fools by the Genetic Union, exploited to force Chen Feng to hand over his Master Spirit Trainer…
Mhm. If that were to happen, it wouldn’t be long before the Genetic Union lost the trust of the public.

“Therefore…”  The deputy president sighed. “Regardless of how difficult things are this time, we have no choice but to swallow it.”
Chen Feng…
The deputy president weakly slumped into his chair. He knew that this was his complete defeat. From now onward, the Genetic Union would have no choice but to deliver a huge amount of funds to the Gene Production Association on a monthly basis. Selling to the Genetic Union at five points when their production cost was only three points, the ones to truly profit from this would ultimately be the Gene Production Association.

As for the Genetic Union, the very owners of the Master Spirit Trainer, they would have to suffer losses just so that Gene Production Association could make such handsome profits. 
The more the deputy president thought about it, the sadder he became. Why had something initially so good developed in such a direction? Perhaps the only thing he could rejoice about currently was the fact that they had stopped Chen Feng’s takeover attempt.

“Why is Chen Feng even doing this?” One of them couldn’t understand Chen Feng’s reason for doing this. Was this revenge? What would he, as an individual, gain from this? Nothing at all. Apart from obtaining his revenge against the Genetic Union’s act of snatching Master Spirit Trainer from him, he wouldn’t gain anything at all. They could not understand the logic behind this action.

The deputy president smiled bitterly. “How is this revenge?” After all, the present Gene Production Association was simply the private property of Chen Feng.

While the Genetic Union was shrouded by a figurative dark cloud, the Gene Production Association was in celebration.

“Worthy of being Chen Feng indeed.”
Hou Liang was smiling so wide his face bloomed like a flower. Being able to earn such great profit from that cheapskate Genetic Union, everyone in the Gene Production Association was laughing happily. This time, they had truly profited greatly. Even though the bigger portion would go to Chen Feng, this was, after all, a profit they had earned out of nowhere.


“How are you doing? Are you going to break through into A class?” Hou Liang asked with a smile. 
“What do you need? Just let us know,” Hou Liang declared tyrannically.  “Master  producers,  grandmaster  producers,  or even those senior producers that had already retired, say the word and I can get all of them to help you.”
“I need to enter a training camp to break through,” Chen Feng stated calmly.


Instantly, Hou Liang paused. Training camp… The one required by Chen Feng was most definitely those camps used to increase one’s combat strength. This was something he was truly unable to help with. After all, those camps all belonged to the Genetic Union. As a producer…
Huh, hold on. Suddenly, Hou Liang recalled something. “You are planning to enter one of the Genetic Union’s training camp?” can break through in the shortest possible time.”
“…” Hou Liang’s expression became strange. “You had just scammed the Genetic Union badly. I suppose their higher-ups all have a deep hatred against you now.”
Chen Feng’s expression had no change. “I am aware of that.”
“You sure are calm.” Hou Liang gave Chen Feng a thumbs up. “I reckon they won’t even allow you to get past their entrance.”
Chen Feng smiled. “I know that. Therefore, I have to think of something.”
“Think of what?” Hou Liang asked curiously.

Chen Feng smiled. “A method to make them compromise.” When Hou Liang saw Chen Feng’s expression while saying those words, his back chilled. This guy was most definitely planning to do something yet again.

Genetic Union.

Li Lei, who had just returned from a mission, saw that everyone had an expression as if they had just been raped. Curious, he asked and was eventually told what had happened. It was actually due to Chen Feng! The Genetic Union had been acting too arrogantly and had ended up screwing themselves instead. As for how it had happened… Li Lei did not know whether to laugh or cry after he found out.

Finally, he understood what Chen Feng had meant when he’d said that free things were the most expensive of things at times. Li Lei tried contacting Chen Feng but received no reply, as the call was disconnected straight away. Li Lei blanked. Normally, something like this would only happen when one entered seclusion.

Li Lei was inwardly alarmed. One ought to know that the first time Chen Feng had entered seclusion, he had created Time Quicksand. The second time he had entered seclusion, he had created Master Spirit Trainer. And now, he had entered seclusion yet again. The mere thought of this caused Li Lei’s heart to shudder.

In truth, as a human, he truly wished that Chen Feng would be able to create more spirit arts. However, the problem here was the fact that each time Chen Feng did so, he also created trouble.

“I hope that this time, he won’t create any huge issues,”  Li Lei muttered.

At the Gene Production Association, Chen Feng had indeed entered seclusion, just as Li Lei had guessed. After the previous two incidents, Chen Feng had no choice but to ponder the topic of what he could produce that would be beneficial yet no single party could monopolize. Only by creating something like this would he have an excuse to enter the Genetic Union.

Mhm… Naturally, what he created had to be free for all as well. Only by giving it out for free would there be more users, and only with that would he stand a chance to earn more. But then, what should he create this time? Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Yet another spirit art? It seemed pointless.

Regardless of what spirit art he created, something similar to what had happened previously would occur again. No matter how much he earned, either the Genetic Union or some other organization would make a move against him. Granted, Chen Feng still had the confidence to earn more despite that, but that was pointless for what he truly wanted at present. The only thing he wanted presently was authority in the Genetic Union.

Chen  Feng  frowned.  “Let  me  think…”   What  should  he create? Master Strength Trainer? Master Physique Trainer? Master Ding Dong Lengthener?

None of these seemed reliable. Chen Feng had always believed firmly that spirit arts would become a brand new system independent of the current genetic system, something capable of propelling humanity to a new height, something whose actual value was much higher than that of Master Spirit Trainer.

Even if Chen Feng wanted to earn points, he would have to approach this from the perspective of all of humanity. Alas, by himself, what he could do was rather limited. Researching all his ideas one by one, how long would it take for this new system, this spirit art, to establish itself among humans?

“Perhaps…”  Chen  Feng  contemplated.  “Spirit,  how  much luck value do I have left?”
“You have 1,824 points,” Spirit answered faithfully.

“Splendid. Hopefully, it will be enough.”  Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed. This time, he had to succeed!

Chapter 562: Master Spirit Developer

At the Genetic Union.

As the task of gene production had been handed over to the Gene Production Association, the wave brought upon by Master Spirit Trainer finally calmed. At this, the Genetic Union finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The people of the Material Department smiled bitterly. “Our losses  are  rather  immense.”   In  this  incident,  the  Gene Production Association and Chen Feng had profited greatly and all of humanity had been blessed; the Genetic Union was the only party that had been scammed ruthlessly, yet they still had to feel grateful for this conclusion. At the very least, that was the attitude they had to display. When facing the Chen Feng who had given the Master Spirit Trainer to them for “free,” the Genetic Union had to display their gratitude when in public.

The people of the Finance Department were furious as well. “I am grateful to his mother.” However, the deputy president was feeling relieved. “Finally, this is over.”  Even if they had been scammed ruthlessly by Chen Feng, at the very least, what Chen Feng had gotten from them was some money rather than points. As such, the management authority of the Genetic Union wasn’t under threat by Chen Feng.

“What if he continues and researches something similar?” The people of the Material Department were extremely anxious. As the others heard this, their hearts chilled as well. They thought about it and… Mhm… apart from Master Spirit Trainer, what if Chen Feng continued developing spirit arts? How should the Genetic Union respond to that?

“I heard that Chen Feng is in seclusion yet again,” someone muttered in a low voice.

The deputy president shook his head. “Don’t worry. As long as this incident is dealt with, all will be fine. As for other spirit arts, we won’t fall for the same scam twice.”
After all, they were the Genetic Union. This time, they had indeed been scammed. However, based on the way in which Chen Feng did things, their Strategy Department had already come up with a counter. If Chen Feng really dared to come out with a similar development, they would most certainly ensure that he would end up suffering a great loss instead.

Chen Feng… we shall be waiting for you.

On the next day, all the departments of the Genetic Union prepared themselves. At present, Chen Feng was already labeled as the highest-level threat. They had entered a phase of total war against him. Naturally, this so-called war was not an actual war of force. Rather, this was a war of wits.

The absolute counter had been put in place and was waiting for Chen Feng’s next spirit art.

“Are you certain?” the deputy president asked in a low voice.

“Yes. We have already divined it. Although what we saw was still somewhat fuzzy, we are sure that Chen Feng’s next spirit art will be launched in a few days. Based on the contents of what we divined, it will similarly be named Master XX as well,” an old man stated calmly.

The deputy president expressed his gratitude. “Many thanks.”   Indeed…   yet  another  Master  XX  series?  A  smile appeared on the deputy president’s face. After all, the Genetic Union was a huge organization. The only reason they had fallen for Chen Feng’s scam previously was because they had never expected him to come up with something like that.

Now that the entirety of the Genetic Union was ready for it, Chen Feng would be helpless against them. Divining, forecasting, visions, and so on were all done. Every single action of Chen Feng’s was in their grasp. Even the day of sale and part of the name of the product had been divined. How could Chen Feng still hope to scam the Genetic Union? It was no longer possible.

“But then, this name…” The deputy president blanked as he saw the Master XX given to him. Generally speaking, when those experts divined something, the information would most certainly be complete. This time, only Master XX had been divined. Was there some peak beyond A class protecting Chen Feng? The deputy president contemplated. In any case, it did not matter. Even with this incomplete name, it was sufficient for them to make their preparations. What would it be this time? He looked forward to it. Three days later, Chen Feng ended his seclusion with success in his research of a brand new spirit art. At present, he was preparing
his information for the official announcement without knowing that the Genetic Union had already fixed their eyes on him long ago.

“Chen Feng is out of seclusion.”
“Mhm, I saw that. He is registering the data.”
“True enough, it’s a brand new spirit art.”
“Time, venue, type, everything is exactly the same as what the senior foresaw earlier.” “Hehe…”
“What this kid scammed from us previously, we shall earn it all back this time.”
The Genetic Union rubbed their fists, anxious to start their revenge on Chen Feng. Countless people eyed Chen Feng secretly.

“We don’t have to be too ruthless.”
“After all, Chen Feng is still contributing toward humanity. Cut him some slack. Only with that will he continue developing other spirit arts.”
“Hehe, that’s natural.”
After all, they were simply competing in business rather than being in an actual war. They discussed secretly, figuring out a way to earn the most they could while at the same time leaving Chen Feng some face. As all this happened, Chen Feng finished his registration. Chen Feng’s third spirit art was released. Instantly, all the Genetic Union members worldwide that had been paying attention to Chen Feng received the latest announcement.

The  higher-ups  were  filled  with  anticipation.  “Here  it comes.”
“Hehe,  what  will  be  the  training  this  time?  Strength?
Instinctively, they opened the announcement, yet the instant they laid eyes on the name, they were stupefied.


Name: Master Spirit Developer

Classification: Spirit art. Function: Through suitable combinations, one can develop new spirit art unique to oneself.

Exhaustion: Similar to the energy exhaustion of regular abilities.

Conversion Rate: Free.

Right Holder: Chen Feng.


Genetic Union: “???”
All genetic warriors: “???”
Everyone was dumbstruck. What damnable spirit art was this? None had any idea. But then, from the name of this thing here… “Buy!”
The first thing they did was purchase this spirit art. This was what was good about Chen Feng’s spirit arts—he always released them for free.


Light swirled before their eyes. An illusory world appeared before them. Similarly, this was a rather crude illusion formed of simple shining lines.


1. Developing spirit arts

2. Editing spirit arts

3. Selling spirit arts 

Amid the light, only several simple options were available. Curiously, everyone took a look and noted that the final three spots were temporarily empty. However, when they tapped on the first option, a complete user manual appeared.


Spirit arts development options:

1. Spatial module, range of adjustment: 0% to 1%.

2. Time module, range of adjustment: 0 seconds to 1 second.

3. Energy module, range of adjustment: 0% to 1%. 

“This thing…”
The eyes of some people who were tech-savy opened wide. Could it really be as described here, where they could develop brand new spirit arts?


Someone tried using it. With astonishment, they found that the time module could truly be controlled. That’s right, these modules such as time, space, and energy weren’t something the users could use previusly, since these were the core abilities of the spirit arts. However, Chen Feng had now provided them an interface with which they could make use of these abilities. By only inputting the corresponding energy, they could now use these modules. Naturally, based on the amount of energy poured in, the effect would be different, such as 0%, 0.5%, 0.6%, and so on. The stronger one needed it to be, the higher the energy exhaustion would be. With this unique method, Chen Feng had provided them with an ability unique to each of them.

“This works?”
Some tried developing something.


Content of development

Selected module: time module. Range: adjusted to the maximum. End.

—- That’s right. Some of them started using the simplest development option.


A brand new spirit art was formed.

Unnamed, undefined, unedited.

After testing it out, they found with great astonishment that this was precisely the Time Quicksand Chen Feng had developed earlier on. This thing here was truly capable of taking away one second of time.

“I have actually developed Time Quicksand by myself?”
That person was stunned, even though he had only developed this Time Quicksand through the interface provided by Chen Feng. “Holy shit, this is too amazing,” that person exclaimed in admiration. “Let me try selling it.”

Chapter 563: Energy Spatial Helix


He selected the option to start selling, yet a prompt popped out with an indication that this spirit art was already published for sale, and the information of Time Quicksand was shown. That’s right. A spirit art that had already been published could no longer be sold. But it did not matter much. Shortly after that, someone developed a new spirit art through a different combination of the spatial module and energy. Naturally, these newly developed spirit arts were essentially useless abilities. An example was a particular spirit art developed through a combination of 0.5% spatial power and 0.5% energy. This was an ability with a huge energy exhaustion rate, and it was named Spatial Energy Helix.

“It can actually be sold for real!”
Their eyes widened. This ability lacked a practical use, but what it signified was an entirely different thing.

Bang! Everyone was in an uproar. The masses started selling various spirit arts, finally understanding how the selling option worked. First, anyone could put a spirit art up for sale. As long as the copyright of the particular spirit art had yet to be registered to someone else, that person would be allowed to
publish it for sale. However, for a spirit art whose copyright had been registered, one could only purchase it instead of issuing it for sale.
Second, a price had to be set for any spirit art issued for sale. The prices here used the Genetic Union’s points. Third, Master Spirit Developer charged a 10% fee for the sale of all spirit arts as a management fee. Fourth, for all spirit arts sold, so long as energy and the different modules were used, additional energy-transfer fees would be charged as well.

An example was the 10% transfer fee for energy module, 10% transfer fee for the spatial module, and 9.9% transfer fee for time module.

“This works?” Everyone was stunned. Spirit art development, editing, and sale… Suddenly, they found that Chen Feng had successfully launched a complete and brand new platform of his, a platform of spirit arts.

As for the final function of this Master Spirit Developer, it was the function to purchase spirit arts. The people tried casually selecting the option to purchase the Spatial Energy Helix listed for sale at 10 points.


The points disappeared and the purchased spirit art was received. After receiving the spirit art, a complete energy circulation method was transmitted to the buyer through Master Spirit Developer. One only needed to familiarize with it and try doing what it said…

They were actually able to use this ability for real, even though this Spatial Energy Helix was a useless ability. “Holy shit! I used the ability for real.”
“How powerful!”
“Hahahaha, I can’t believe I am now a master researcher that has developed a new ability.”
“It seems like anyone making use of this Master Spirit Developer properly will be able to become a master.”
“Yes, that’s possible.”
Everyone was in joy. One ought to know that generally, these masses would only have the opportunity to be the consumers, to be the ones who purchased abilities using the points they had earned through hard work. And now, Chen Feng had opened a brand new path for them: the path of development. With Master Spirit Developer in hand, anyone could develop a new spirit art and be able to tower above others!

“Is that possible?”
Someone looked at the purchasing option. There, the first entrepreneur of this Master Spirit Developer, the developer of Energy Spatial Helix, had now earned over 180,000 points.


Everyone’s eyes became red from envy. They were aware that everyone had only been buying this Energy Spatial Helix to try out this newly developed platform. However, the sales volume and the points he had earned… After calculating, they noted that he had earned 180,000 points. That’s right, that was what he had earned. Even the developer of the ability himself, who had merely developed it casually out of curiosity, was stupefied at this.

He had never expected that an ability he’d published as a joke would actually earn him so much from the sales. Even after the 30% cut, he still had 126,000 points remaining all for himself.

“Insane, this is insane!” muttered one of the jealous masses, who remained stupefied for a long time. Naturally, this was not the only person who was jealous of the Energy Spatial Helix’s developer. Almost everyone who saw the sales volume went crazy. Everyone started immersing themselves in spirit-art development. They were clear that for today, regardless of what trash ability they developed, it would still sell well. After all, like the very first entrepreneur, the second, third, and fourth person stood to earn a lot.

It would earn them handsome profits even if it was only sold for 10 points per ability. Suddenly, everyone seemed to be immersed in their research. Instantly, the popularity of this spirit-art development platform increased rapidly. There was no competitor in sight.

At the Genetic Union, in a meeting room.

All the higher-ups gathered here. Next, they all lapsed into silence. Looking at this platform launched by Chen Feng, they were all stunned. All their preparations previously had been done to counter any products Chen Feng might obtain internally with preferential prices to be sold to outsiders. Unexpectedly, this time, Chen Feng had no intentions of selling anything himself.

The only thing he had provided was an interface, and everything for sale was developed by the users themselves. If the Genetic Union wanted to interfere with this platform as well…
That would be the same as courting death. The fury of the masses would be sufficient to flood the Genetic Union. At this instant, the higher-ups of the Genetic Union were all extremely anxious. How could this have happened? The Strategy Department head was already going crazy.

They all looked to the deputy president. “What do we do?”
The deputy president slumped down into his chair powerlessly. “Report it.” Only after crossing swords with Chen Feng had he come to realize how terrifying an opponent Chen Feng was. The moment this development platform had been launched, he had known that it was over.

“All right.”
The employed reported this through an emergency channel.
On the same day, the president ended his seclusion.

They all shivered silently in fear. It was without a doubt that as the president of the Genetic Union, this person’s strength was excessively powerful. Before the beyond X gene reagent had even developed, he had already been at the peak of beyond A class. If one were to select a single human that had the most potential for stepping into S class, apart from this president, there would be no other candidates.

Generally, this president, who believed only in strength, would not get involved in these miscellaneous affairs of the Genetic Union. That’s right. In his eyes, all of these were mere miscellaneous affairs. If not for the deputy president personally requesting help this time, he wouldn’t have bothered to come out of his seclusion.

The presided stroked his white beard. “Chen Feng?”
He had a slight impression of this child. This was the child who had contributed greatly toward humanity before obtaining ownership of the Gene Production Association, becoming a legend. Surprisingly, this child was now thinking of laying his hands on the Genetic Union as well.

“Give me a report on everything that has happened recently.” The president stretched lazily. He had been in a long seclusion. He would just take this incident as a short vacation.

“All right.” The deputy president reported everything that had happened recently.

“Mhm…” The president sank into contemplation. “Spirit arts…”
The president purchased one spirit art personally to try it out. In the meeting, all the higher-ups did not dare to even move, all waiting silently by the side. After a long time, the president ended his attempt.

“You guys don’t need to worry about this.”
They all blanked. They didn’t need to worry? But the popularity of this Master Spirit Developer had exceeded that of Master Spirit Trainer! Even if the amount of points changing hands in this platform wasn’t much at present, based on what had happened with Master Spirit Trainer previously, they couldn’t even imagine the bleak future of the Genetic Union if this was allowed to continue.

“You guys have been thinking too much.” The president shook his head. “In all honesty, the popularity of this thing will only last a single day at most. Yes, that’s right. Have you guys not noticed something?”  The president sighed. “Even if this Master Spirit Developer is magical and is attracting the curiosity of everyone, the abilities that have been developed by this are all trash abilities, abilities with no practical usage. Space, time, energy… for any one of these three, if one could train to the peak, one would be a legend. But here, through this platform, only 1% of the power can be utilized at most? It is far from enough. The most powerful module here should be the
time module. But then, the duration of one second is truly too short. This thing here has no practical use.”  The president shook his head as he looked at everyone. “In your opinion, what exactly can people develop with these three modules here?”
Everyone exchanged glances as realization dawned upon them. Indeed, even if this Master Spirit Developer seemed magical, were there any practical uses? Even if all three modules could be assembled freely, one would still be unable to develop anything good out of it. The only reason the masses were crazily researching now was because of the huge amount the first developer had earned.

Due to this Master Spirit Developer being free, due to Chen Feng’s popularity and reputation, the number of users of this Master Spirit Developer was extremely high. As such, those testing it out and those curious were extremely great in amount as well. There were even some who had purchased every single spirit art available for sale on the platform. This was also the reason that first developer had made so much.

However, how long could this last? Novelty? Curiosity? This wouldn’t last any longer than two days. When everyone saw clearly how this platform was simply incapable of releasing any proper abilities, the popularity of this Master Spirit Developer would decline rapidly before ultimately dying out.

Chapter 564: The World Shall Transform

“So that’s the case.”
After finally seeing the situation for what it was, they heaved a collective sigh of relief. Worthy of being the lord president indeed. With only a few minutes, he had been able to see clearly every aspect of Chen Feng’s Master Spirit Developer. This strength of his was something they could only exclaim in admiration toward.

The deputy president frowned. “Is that really the case?”  At present, he still lacked understanding of this spirit art, since some time would be required for him to gain more understanding. However, he had a clear understanding of Chen Feng. That scammer—oh, no, that fellow, would his methods only go this far?

“We  still  need  to  pay  close  attention  to  this,”  the  deputy president reminded them. The president shook his head. “Don’t worry. After all, this is merely a child’s toy.”
Deputy president: “…” He had no choice but to have his underlings continue paying close attention to this. Would Chen Feng be so simple?

Indeed, on the next day, after a group of people started getting a clearer understanding of all aspects of this Master Spirit Developer, they were all disappointed. That was because they had discovered that in essence, this thing was worthless. It was simply incapable of developing a true ability of practical use. In short, this was nothing but a toy.

More and more people realized this. After the popularity of the Master Spirit Developer reached its peak, it stopped increasing. As for those who had placed high expectations on this Master Spirit Developer, their hearts chilled. Was this thing truly a mere toy? They had been hoping that this thing here would change their lives. For people in the lower rungs of society like them, this was akin to hope. Alas, their hope had only lasted one single day. They despaired, “Why?” Some even started scolding Chen Feng online, feeling like their dreams and hope had been mocked by Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, this negative promotion attracted more attention and managed to bring a short burst of
popularity for this Master Spirit Developer. However, that was as far as it went. Everyone was aware that soon, the popularity of Master Spirit Developer would decline rapidly.

“This thing is going to die soon.”
“There’s no helping that. Since no proper abilities can be developed with this spirit developer, who will make purchases through this platform? Who can sell without buyers? At present, everyone is merely trying it out for the novelty of it… Once the novelty wears off…”
The people of the Genetic Union watched on happily as all this happened. Something they had expected to be extremely frightening surprisingly died before it could even start posing a threat to them. Furthermore, Chen Feng’s reputation was suffering as a result as well. After all, this spirit developer was being viewed as a scam. After this incident, would the masses still purchase Chen Feng’s next spirit art the moment he released it? Mhm… this was quite the question. The Genetic Union enjoyed the show that was unfolding.

At present, Li Lei contacted Chen Feng immediately after he realized what was happening, “I’m afraid you are in trouble.”
Chen Feng was curious. “Oh?”
“This Master Spirit Developer you released.” Li Lei rolled his eyes. “Even if the popularity of your Master Spirit Developer is still rather high presently, the popularity of this thing is like an arc. Soon enough, it will start dropping rapidly. Don’t tell me you’re not aware of this?”
The popularity of Master Spirit Developer had reached its limit at present.

Chen Feng chuckled. “I am aware of that.” This Senior Li Lei was still as energetic as ever. For Master Spirit Developer to have reached its present height, it had truly relied on the curiosity of the masses and the sliver of hope it had brought the commoners. Naturally, the abuse he was receiving couldn’t be forgotten either. At present, all the potential for this Master Spirit Developer continuing to grow in popularity had been exhausted.

Without abilities of high quality on this platform, nobody would be purchasing anything. With that, the number of users would drop. With the drop in users, the number of developers would start dropping as well. Slowly, nobody would be using this platform anymore. Chen Feng was the clearest of all on how this all would work.

He remembered how in his previous life, there had been one particular operating system he’d liked greatly, called Windows Phone. Just like that, the system had died. Naturally, he was quite curious about whether his bad luck during his previous life had had anything to do with the death of this system that he had liked so very much. That shouldn’t be the case, right? In any case, Chen Feng would most definitely not follow in the footsteps of Windows Phone. After all, in this world, there were no competitors for this platform he had created.

“Spirit. Are you ready?”  Chen Feng looked at Spirit. Spirit was analyzing everything that had happened these two days. “No problem,” Spirit confirmed.

“Excellent.” A smile formed on Chen Feng’s face. “Let’s start, then.”

Light flashed past.

At this time, just when the popularity of Master Spirit Developer had reached its limit and was about to drop, suddenly, the developer interface popped out. A new module was being installed.

Ability module

Able to add on abilities that you already have.

Requirement: Mastery over the ability one wished to add.  

They were all confused.

“What does this mean?”
“No idea. Let me give it a try.”

Someone attempted to add a basic fireball technique.

Next, after the fireball combined with a certain dosage of the spatial module, the initially ordinary fireball technique was now able to teleport a short distance.

Everyone was stunned. “Holy shit, this is…”
“Let me try the time module…”

As the fireball combined with the time module, suddenly, the fireball that was about 1.2 seconds away from reaching its target appeared right in front of the target. This seemed even more terrifying than the spatial version.

Naturally, proper control was required to make use of this new ability effectively. Otherwise, if the module was applied too fast, the fireball would disappear immediately instead.

The entire world was in an uproar. Those with a clear understanding of how this Master Spirit Developer worked understood clearly what this new update signified. This signified that all abilities would have the potential to be transformed.

“Insane! This is insane!”
Their eyes became red.

“Good gracious!”
“Spatial Fireball. I remember that for one to obtain this ability, one must have both spatial and flame genetic abilities, with both similarly trained to a certain extent before they could be fused in B class. But now… even an F class will be able to use this ability?”
Everyone was going crazy. What was the concept of reducing the requirements of an ability from B class to F class? And this was merely a basic function of this Master Spirit Developer.

Bang! Master Spirit Developer started increasing in popularity yet again. Once again, it became the hottest topic, even hotter than when it had been first released.

The reason for this explosive popularity? Those trash abilities that had been sold at 10 points per ability had all been cleared from the store. In their place, a bunch of genuine, powerful, and valuable spirit arts had appeared. For example, Spatial Fireball, Time Fireball, Devouring Waves, Tadpole Transformation, and so on. Numerous mystical and powerful spirit arts appeared.

“Spirit arts! This is what real spirit arts should be like!”
“Hahaha, I knew Chen Feng wouldn’t scam us.”
“Future… this is where my future lies!”
Countless people immersed themselves in the world of spirit- art development. As for those headstrong and wealthy big shots, all of them waited with their purses ready for those brand-new and powerful spirit arts to appear. Once again, the system used by all of humanity underwent a change. The entire world changed.

At present, the Genetic Union, who had been waiting for the death of Master Spirit Developer, was stunned. This seemed to be progressing differently from what they had expected.

“Let  me  take  a  look.”   The  president,  who  was  resting, entered the interface of Master Spirit Developer.


His eyes widened.

This thing…
Bang! That moment when the president combined a minor E-class ability of his with the time module, when he saw the might of the developed ability…
The president left the world of Master Spirit Developer and said with a sigh, “Prepare yourselves.”
They all blanked. Prepare for what?

“The  entire  world…   is  about  to  be  transformed,”   the president muttered.

Chapter 565: You Must Be Kidding Me, Right?

On this day, a light drizzle was falling from the sky. It wasn’t as bad as the rain when the devil race appeared, but this was still the type of weather that made it hard for one to feel cheerful. However, when the numerous mysterious yet formidable spirit arts appeared, all of mankind felt like a golden brilliance signifying hope had appeared in the sky.

“Is this what spirit arts are?”
Countless people stared blankly at the numerous abilities that had been developed freely. That’s right. This was the present state of spirit arts. Initially, the spirit arts had only consisted of time, spatial, and energy abilities, which had not had any practical use. Now, when the genetic warriors were allowed to combine their abilities with spirit arts, infinite possibilities were now possible.

Bang! Bang! One spirit art after another appeared. In the Master Spirit Developer platform, the sales of spirit arts had surpassed all records. People watched as the sales volumes of the numerous spirit arts increased without stop, surpassing ten thousand, surpassing a hundred thousand, surpassing a million, and so on.

“Haha. This really works.”
“After  combining  spirit  arts  with  my  original  ability,  the strength of the new ability is over onefold higher.”
“Same here.”
They all exclaimed in admiration. Due to the existence of this platform known as Master Spirit Developer, the strength of humanity had increased as a whole. From what the masses remembered, the last time something like this had happened was when the beyond X gene reagent was released. Yet again, Chen Feng had changed the entire world.

“I want to become a developer!” Countless people joined the profession of being a developer. The frightening sales volume was the very motivation for these people. Some had even formed groups to develop “AAA-tier” spirit arts. One could imagine how terrifying these new spirit arts would be if their development proved to be successful.

“Buy, buy, buy!”
As for those regular genetic warriors, they were all taking this opportunity to increase their strength without stop. Every single day, there would be countless missions waiting for them. Even a tiny increase in their strength would increase their survival rate, let alone the survivability added by the present Master Spirit Developer that could increase their strength as a whole.

All of humanity was overjoyed. The users of Master Spirit Developer surpassed one billion, and the number of spirit arts that had been successfully developed surpassed a hundred thousand. Moreover, this figure was still constantly increasing.

As for Genetic Union points Chen Feng had, it had long since gone off the charts. At the Genetic Union, the president and the deputy president were watching on in silence with everyone else as the figures signifying the points and authority of their Genetic Union changed without stop. This time, they truly had no way of preventing it.

The people of the Finance Department were not reconciled to this. “Are we going to just let this be?”
The president looked at him with a strange gaze. “What else do you want to do, then?”
“I…” The person from the Finance Department wanted to say something, but he decided against it and stopped talking.

The Genetic Union was way too used to their hegemonic ways. As such, they had only recalled now that this opponent of theirs this time wasn’t an enemy, nor was it even a potential enemy. Rather, it was Chen Feng, the messiah of humanity! Using threats and bribes against him? The higher-ups would most definitely be the first ones to finish them off if they were to do that to Chen Feng. Regardless of what they decided to do, Chen Feng’s safety had to be assured. “Remember this. Chen Feng’s contribution to humanity is higher than all of you added up together. So long as the laws are followed, regardless of what he does, we must assure his safety. Control your lackeys properly. I do not wish to hear about anything untoward happening. If something happens to
Chen Feng…”  The president’s eyes gleamed coldly. “None of you should hope to survive.”
The people of the Finance Department trembled as they heard this. “Yes.”
“Hmph.” The president concluded with a snort and stopped talking. Chen Feng’s identity was too unique. The things he did were way too extraordinary as well. Regardless of whether or not Chen Feng was intentionally acting against them, he was ultimately still changing this world for the better, changing all of humanity. This single feat alone was already deserving of respect from everyone.

“If he can continue repeating such feats,” the president stated calmly,  “so  what  if  I  give  him  even  my  position  as  the president?” Everyone lapsed into silence. And now, the changes officially began.

On the first day, Chen Feng’s points reached an amount worth 20% of everything the Genetic Union had to sell.

On the second day, Chen Feng’s points reached an amount worth 50% of everything the Genetic Union had to sell.

On the third day, Chen Feng met the requirement to start purchasing authority in the Genetic Union.


With a slight wave of his hand, instantly, all of Chen Feng’s points were cleared. With this, he obtained the qualification to start purchasing authority in the Genetic Union.

On the fourth day, Chen Feng purchased 1% of the total authority. On the fifth day, Chen Feng purchased 3% of the total authority.

On the sixth day, Chen Feng purchased 5% of the total authority.

With the present seemingly unstoppable momentum of the Master Spirit Developer, in a single week, Chen Feng earned enough to purchase more than 10% of the total authority. With this, he officially became part of the upper management of the Genetic Union. This shocked everyone.

“This speed…”
Everyone was now convinced.

“One week, huh?” someone lamented. Even back during the dawn of a new era with the creation of the wristband, Luo Yuan had still used two months just to obtain the qualification to purchase authority. As for Chen Feng, only three days had been used. The times had changed indeed.

“Perhaps this is not a bad thing?”
“I guess so.”
“I hope that Chen Feng will not act all bossy and set up stupid rules now that he’s part of the management.”
Some of them were anxious. After all, the Genetic Union specialized in something different than the Gene Production Association. If Chen Feng as a producer decided to interfere with the various decisions of the Union, it would bring them trouble. In the eyes of everyone, Chen Feng was ultimately a producer, a researcher. Even the miracles he had created were related to these two identities of his. On the other hand, his combat prowess and management prowess were things he had yet to prove. Alas, surprising them all, Chen Feng did not even bother coming to the Genetic Union after obtaining management authority. The only thing he did was select a certain training camp and register his name to enter. Next, with his terrifying contribution, he surpassed everyone and placed first on the
waiting list.

Spurt Growth Training Camp

Right Holder: Genetic Union.

Class: Peak beyond B class.

Difficulty: 5 stars.

Participants: Three per year.

Order of Entry: Priority based on one’s ranking in the Union.

This was the camp most fitting for Chen Feng at present. This was also the only training camp with a vacant spot at present. But then, why had he decided to enter a training camp at a time like this?

The president rubbed his head. “Should he not be coming here to join our meeting?”  As someone who had just become part of the management, shouldn’t he be coming over to fight for the power that was rightfully his? This Chen Feng guy…
Suddenly, the deputy president recalled something. “Hold on.” Training camp… Contribution points…

The deputy president asked, “Do you have the list of applicants for the training camp from earlier?”
“Yes.” Soon after, the list was sent by the employee.

The deputy president took a look and was instantly stunned. That was because the list indicated that previously, Chen Feng had applied to join a training camp and had been rejected due to his contribution points being insufficient.

“It can’t be, right?” the deputy president muttered. He had a rather bad premonition.

The president looked at him with a strange gaze. “What are you doing?”
“Please wait a moment.”  The deputy president called Chen Feng.

Chen Feng on the screen, looking surprised. “Yes?”
With an expression of someone who was constipated, the deputy president said, “I have a question I need to ask you.” “Ask it, then.” Chen Feng seemed rather busy.

“The real reason for you buying authority in the Genetic Union…” The deputy president paused before continuing with a disbelieving tone, “Was it for the sake of joining a training camp?”
“Yes,” Chen Feng stated as if that was the natural thing to do.

The deputy president nearly fainted. As for the other higher- ups around him, they were all stunned as they heard this as well. Training camp?

“The only thing you wanted was to enter a training camp to break through?” the president asked, full of disbelief.

“Yes.”  Chen  Feng  curled  his  lips.  “Don’t  you  guys  have  a limitation based on one’s contribution points? I tried applying several times yet kept getting rejected. As such, I had no choice but to do something about it.”
Everyone had a rather wonderful expression on their face.

This… what reason was this? What nonsense was this!

“Were the contribution points you obtained from the Master Spirit Trainer not sufficient for that?” the deputy president asked with a forced smile.

“Originally,  it  should  have  been  sufficient.”   Chen  Feng assumed a helpless expression. “However, you guys forced me out. I had initially planned to use the points and contribution points I earned through Master Spirit Trainer to try to get on the waiting list. Who could have expected that you guys would take it over from me forcefully? Out of options, I had no choice but to release Master Spirit Developer to earn points.” Shua!

Everyone lapsed into silence. The silence was stifling. An unbelieving expression was plastered on each of their faces. Numerous people had a “what the f*ck”  expression as well. They had truly never expected that the primary reason Chen Feng had created these spirit arts and had even purchased their authority was for the sake of entering the training camp.

They all looked at each other. “What in the world?”
“Oh yeah, I am about to enter the training camp. I will be ending the call here.” Chen Feng seemed somewhat busy with his preparations to enter the training camp and ended the call in a rush. The higher-ups were all left there looking at each other with stunned expressions on their faces.

“Who’s the one managing the training camps?”  the deputy president asked with his teeth gnashed.

Someone raised his hand meekly, a forceful smile on his face. “Me.” What the hell? If he had known earlier that Chen Feng had done all this just to enter the training camp, he would have allowed Chen Feng to enter even at the risk of getting expelled from the Union. Chen Feng should have said so if he wanted to enter, right? How was this person managing the training camps supposed to know this if Chen Feng hadn’t even
mentioned it? What could he do about this? He was feeling
extremely helpless as well.

The  president  shook  his  head.  “Forget  it.”  After  all,  this ridiculous incident could be considered to have ended. The most important thing at present was the fact that Chen Feng was truly planning to enter the training camp despite the terrifying enemies they had. This was too dangerous. They wanted to stop him. However…
“Damn it.”
The president’s head ached. Since Chen Feng was now part of the upper management, they were no longer qualified to control Chen Feng’s actions and had no choice but to allow Chen Feng to risk his life like this. “His identity is too unique. It is my hope that you guys can manage his trip to the training camp properly. No matter what, his safety must be ensured!”

Chapter 566: The Deadline of One Month

Devil race.

Here, it was still shrouded by darkness. A certain powerful devil expert with a body the size of a mountain was prostrating on the ground like a domesticated animal. An old devil was seated above his body and gazing at the starry sky.

Suddenly, the old devil muttered with his hoarse voice, “I like the dark, because… the darkness is also our home ground.”
A faint smile formed on the old devil’s face. He gazed down at this devil, this formidable S class that surpassed everything but could only prostrate under his feet at present. He deeply enjoyed this feeling of being the master of everything. The only source of discomfort for the present him was the faint scent of urine on the huge devil below him.

“Reporting.” A little devil presented the latest news to the old devil. “Chen Feng…” The old devil’s eyes gleamed coldly. What the little devil presented was precisely the news of what Chen Feng had done recently in the human territories. It seemed like he had done something extremely amazing, causing the strength of humanity to rise greatly.

The little devil’s killing intent surged. “Lord, should we…”
The old devil shook his head. “There’s no need. This fellow called Chen Feng isn’t easy to kill. At present, the ancient race should be the ones most terrified of him. Our present strength is rather limited. As such, our priority should be maintaining a low profile and increasing our strength silently. Besides, both the ancients and humans are constantly trying to increase their strength. As such, we must hasten our speed as well. The superiority we gained from this giant S-class devil will not last long. Before it ends, we must increase our strength as much as possible,” the old devil stated with a resolute gaze.

“Yes,” all the other devils replied.

Bang! Bang! Slowly, the giant devil stood up. Standing on the head of this giant devil, the old devil gazed upon this piece of land in front of him. He vowed to use the shortest time possible to awaken those slumbering devils and transform them all into his puppets as well. Even if those devils he was thinking of were all stronger than him, the truth was…
“Hehe.” The old devil patted the head he was stepping on and said, “Pipi Devil, let’s go.”
The giant devil replied with a loud roar. Bringing the old devil along, the giant devil charged into the darkness.


Ancient race. The present Qin Hai had a cloak draped on his back and his killing intent was surging. Behind him was an all-female army with all sorts of characters within. Even the previous emperor’s harem members were included in this all-female army. Every one of them was gazing at Qin Hai tenderly.

With their continuous consumption of that beyond X gene reagent, the present ancient race was much stronger. At the same time, they were also more feminine, and their figures looked even more perfect. Not a single trace of masculinity remained among the ancient race.


Raising his hand, Qin Hai slashed his blade downward. With a flash, several ancient rebels were slaughtered.

Opposite Qin Hai, the rebels were so furious that their bosoms started trembling. “You are too much of a bully!”
“Hehe.” Qin Hai sneered with a cold gaze. In order to prevent himself from having a protective feeling against the fairer sex, before the destruction of all of the information regarding the ex-males of the ancient race, he saved a copy of that information on his wristband. As the breath of the rebels quickened from their fury, resulting in their chests jiggling, Qin Hai gave his wristband a glance.

Original name: Zhang Dapao.

Introduction: Once sentenced to prison for molesting the daughter of the mayor. Ultimately escaped during the chaos.

What followed was this Zhang Dapao’s wanted poster, a picture of a person with a lush beard on his face.

At the sight of this, all protective feelings for the fairer sex vanished.

Pu! Decisively, Qin Hai killed this rebel with a flawless figure.

“Why must you kill all of us?” a different rebel female cried. They were truly willing to surrender. In fact, when the entire population of the ancient race had become feminized, when Qin Hai had been crowned the new king, they had all been sincerely willing to surrender unconditionally. Alas… Qin Hai had issued a command to kill all rebels. As such, these rebels had decided to resist till the end, since they were going to die in any case. However, they truly had no idea why this guy here insisted on killing them all.

“I’m sorry. Your hands are filled with the blood of the ancient commoners. I do not trust you people,” Qin Hai replied with a cold gaze. He issued his final command. “Kill!”

The entire ancient army moved out, and just like that, yet another army of rebels was eliminated. Even though the ancients had all been feminized, their strength had become even scarier than before. It was rather hard to decide if this was actually good or bad for humanity. “Teehee. Unfeeling and decisive. This is our king,” a playful- looking young lady stated.

“Excellent,” stated a young lady with a splendid figure. “The act of killing these rebels presented us with an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with this newfound strength.”
“Indeed,”  another person answered. “But then, it won’t be long before all the rebels are killed off.”
“Mhm, it won’t be long indeed,” a gentle-looking young lady agreed tenderly.

Qin Hai: “…”
This scene here with all these young ladies was supposed to be filled with allure. Unfortunately, whenever Qin Hai looked at his wristband, he saw the information and original pictures of all these young ladies. Third prince…
Marquis Ming…
Chancellor of Military…
And numerous senior ministers…

Looking at the original appearances of all these people, Qin Hai sighed deeply.

“How many rebels are left?” Qin Hai asked.

A sexy young lady licked her lips as, with her killing intent surging, she said, “Two more armies. They are quite far from us. However, we should be able to finish them off within a month. After that, we will be able to start moving against the humans…”

This particular person used to be the head eunuch.

“One month, huh?”
Qin Hai stared ahead toward the direction of the human territories. Even after doing everything he could, he could only delay the ancients this much. The moment the ancient rebels were eliminated, the ancient race could start attacking the humans. At that time, how was humanity supposed to face this feminized yet stronger ancient race? Worry filled Qin Hai’s eyes.

“Lord. It’s time to set off,” someone reminded him. Qin Hai nodded before leading the army to the rebels. “Let’s go.” Chen Feng… I won’t be able to delay much longer… As for what happens next, it will have to rely on you.


Amid the boundless starry sky, numerous huge battleships were roaming the outer space.

As the aviation industry of humanity had progressed rapidly, numerous wealthy people had been able to construct a “battleship villa”  before moving from the planet into outer space. There in their ships, they lived the lives of true kings. A single huge battleship could fit a population of a hundred thousand people, equivalent to a small city. Here, the commander was the absolute leader.

Some commanders led scientists and focused on research, some commanders led their underlings and focused on increasing their strength, and some commanders focused on building a promiscuous harem. Within a certain battleship, a certain commander around 60 to 70 years old with a huge belly was flipping the cards in his hands with a perverted expression. Within this huge battleship, not a single female could escape his grasp.

“Let me see. Whose turn will it be today? Hehe…”

Light swirled around. He pointed midair, and next, a petite figure appeared.

He gave the hologram a glance, and instantly, his body trembled.

“Wow! There is such a beauty on my ship? Hahaha. The age is somewhat young… Mhm… Well, it is understandable for me to have missed her before. After all, there are several hundred thousand people on my ship. Haha. Little sister, let me accompany you today…” The perverted commander drifted forward within the battleship. Suddenly, the air trembled. Instantly, a bright explosion erupted and a terrifying shockwave swept everywhere. In a split second, half the battleship was destroyed. Yet even as this happened, no news was able to be transmitted outward.

Chapter 567: Ownerless Land

Genetic Union.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply as he saw the message he had just received from Qin Hai. One month? There truly wasn’t much time left for him. Even though the devil race had suffered losses due to their previous defeat, the S-class giant devil that had recently appeared served as a frightening deterrent. That single giant devil was akin to a nuclear warhead.

As for the ancient race, Qin Hai had always been curbing them. However, with the existence of their Land of Legacy, the ancient race would never be eliminated for real. Moreover, Qin Hai would never be able to truly gain complete control over the ancient race unless the Land of Legacy was destroyed. Chen Feng shook his head, as this was an unrealistic expectation. There, an old man was hidden in seclusion. Moreover, there were also numerous peak beyond A classes residing there as well. Regardless of how many human experts were sent there, it would be no different than throwing rocks into the sea.

Chen Feng shook his head. “Forget it. I won’t think about it too much.” His utmost priority right now was to enter beyond A class in the shortest time possible.

I am currently a peak beyond B class and can become a beyond A1 by breaking through the bottleneck and fusing with a new gene, Chen Feng thought inwardly. With his current strength, at most, he would be able to force a beyond A5 forcefully thanks to his strength as a peak beyond B class. If he was able to enter beyond A class…
Chen Feng’s gaze burned. “Perhaps, I could even be a match for Li Lei.”  In a way, Li Lei was one of the apex existences among humanity. He was a beyond A8. As long as Chen Feng entered beyond A class, he would possess such combat power as well, even if this combat power would only be made available by erupting with his trump card. At least with that, he would possess powerful self-defense capabilities. If so, the only thing he needed to concern himself with was breaking through in the shortest time possible. Chen Feng looked at the latest data on the training camp.

Shua! Light swirled around. Following the Genetic Union’s guide, he reached his destination. There, two people were already waiting for him.

A male of around 30 years old nodded at Chen Feng as he introduced himself, “Qian Chen.”
A delicate-looking young lady smiled sweetly as she introduced herself, “Si Fan.”
Both of them were peak beyond B classes. For them to have been able to obtain the qualifications to enter this camp from the numerous beyond B classes of the Genetic Union, their contributions to the Genetic Union were apparent. Either they had terrifying backers or they were…
Chen Feng nodded slightly. “I am Chen Feng.”
“We know.”  Si Fan smiled. “You have been rather popular recently.” 
“Let’s go,” Qian Chen stated faintly. “We have been waiting a long time for you.”
“All right.” Chen Feng did not bother saying anything much. This time, the three of them were the participants in this training camp. Based on the content of this training camp, their goal here was extremely simple: to enter the “ownerless land.” That was a place with a unique environment. If one were able to grab the chance presented properly, one would be able to break through. This was the training camp with the lowest difficulty level among all training camps for their level.

“That is a unique place. There, the environment is rather harsh. However, it is also precisely this harsh environment that will allow our energy to be tempered, helping us in our breakthrough,”  Si Fan explained gently. She wasn’t someone with an exceptionally beautiful appearance, yet she gave off a feeling of comfort to onlookers. When talking, her voice was gentle and soft. A person like this should be the ideal partner for a lot of people. 
Qian Chen shared his knowledge as well. “In this mission, there are no ancients or devils. If nothing unexpected happens, there will only be the three of us there. As such, you don’t need to worry too much about it.”
Chen Feng shrugged. “I don’t think I have any information worth sharing.” He had only selected this training camp at the last minute out of various camps. Furthermore, he hadn’t been on the waiting list, nor had he been waiting for a year or so like others. Naturally, he had not had the opportunity to learn more about this camp.

“No worries. It will be fine so long as you don’t bring us any trouble,” Qian Chen stated bluntly.

Si Fan smiled. “You don’t need to mind him. This is how he is, a blunt person. When I had just arrived, I suffered from his words several times as well. I nearly start chopping at him with my weapon.” Chen Feng chuckled. Qian Chen raised his brow yet remained silent.

“This ownerless land is a training camp discovered long ago. However, at that time, due to the environment there being too harsh, B classes were unable to survive there. As for A classes, this place is useless for their breakthrough. As such, this place was considered an abandoned region. But due to the appearance of beyond X gene reagents, beyond B classes appeared, resulting in this place being converted into a proper training camp. Ultimately, this is thanks to you.” Si Fan shook her head. “Without your beyond X gene reagent…”
So that’s the case, thought Chen Feng. Only beyond B classes could temper themselves in this unique environment?

Si Fan flashed a wide smile. “You don’t have to worry. It has been 10 years since this place was discovered. No other life forms had ever appeared here. If everything goes smoothly, we might be able to break through in a single day.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” Qian Chen maintained his silence as he led the way. Soon, the three reached their destination. Interestingly, as they neared their destination, the sunny sky started darkening. By the time they arrived, the sky above them was already dark as night.

“It has gone dark?” Chen Feng checked the time but noted that it was still two o’clock in the afternoon.


Qian Chen’s body vanished abruptly before reappearing.

“The further it is from this place, the clearer the vision is,” Qian Chen replied calmly. “This is unrelated to the time of the day. Rather, this is caused by the unique environment here.”
Ah? Instant teleportation? This Qian Chen fellow was a spatial specialist? “If it’s only due to the unique environment, it’s all good,” Si Fan  said  with  a  smile.  “The  last  time  the  sky  darkened suddenly like this, something extremely scary happened.”
She was clearly referring to the appearance of the devils.

“Let’s go,” Qian Chen stated faintly. “Enter earlier so we can leave earlier.”
“All right.”
The two followed behind him in silence. Si Fan was feeling somewhat helpless. Evidently, she found this Qian Chen fellow somewhat dull, making this trip somewhat boring. Arriving, training, and finally returning… They might very well remain strangers even after completing this training camp. Truly… Si Fan shook her head as she lamented inwardly.

“Idol, remember to give me an autograph after this is over,” Si Fan said to Chen Feng, smiling. Chen Feng chuckled. “Not a problem.”
Soon, the three reached the ownerless land.

This area was formed of a rocky mound. Countless rocks hovered in midair, some of them streaking across the air at a terrifying speed. Occasionally, rocks would collide against each other, creating terrifying shockwaves that spread all over. This was the ownerless land. Here, everything was ownerless.

Si Fan opened her mouth. “…”
Qian Chen wanted to say something as well. “…” They both discovered that even when speaking, no sounds could leave their mouth. This was the first property of this ownerless land: sound restriction. This was a soundless place.

Chapter 568: Your Talent Level Seems Rather Unreliable

Chen Feng pointed at the communicator on his wristband. “Communicate with this.”

Light swirled as the three turned their communicators on and regained their ability to communicate with each other.

Si Fan frowned. “There are no sounds here.”
Qian Chen glanced around. “Forget sound, have you guys not noticed how our bodies feel lighter?”

Their mood became solemn. Now that their bodies were much stronger than those of regular people, there was an innate resistance built into their bodies toward such external effects. As such, they hadn’t paid it much attention. Now that they focused their attention on their bodies, they noted that the gravity here was indeed much lower than other places.


Chen Feng tried punching forth and was welcomed with a soft feeling, as if he had just punched cotton. Indeed, the environment here was very different.

“It seems like there’s no oxygen here either,” Si Fan pointed out.

Their hearts jolted. With the powerful bodies they had as peak beyond B classes, their bodies only required oxygen when training or improving themselves. For normal operations, their bodies could nearly stop using oxygen. However, they had only reached a state where they were nearly free of their dependence on oxygen rather than absolute freedom. Without oxygen, their bodily functions would not be able to recover and they could only maintain their present states. The moment they suffered any injuries or accidents, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Let me take a look.” Once again, Qian Chen sensed around. After a while, he opened his eyes. “Oxygen is not the only thing missing here. To be exact, we are currently in a vacuum. There isn’t any energy in the air either.”
No energy! Their hearts sank as they heard this. They could accept the lack of oxygen and being in a vacuum. To a certain degree, energy would be able to replace these bodily needs of theirs. However, without energy… That signified that they would be truly incapable of recovering here at this place. This also signified that after their energy was exhausted, they would be truly finished. This was the scariest aspect of this place. Chen Feng pondered. Was this the type of tempering this place offered?

Qian Chen’s gaze became resolute. “It looks like, in essence, this is a training camp that will force us to break through by subjecting  us  to  such  harsh  conditions.”  Despite  the  harsh environment here, his gaze was now burning. He trusted deeply that he could most certainly break through here.

“Let’s go. We are now only at the outer zone. When we reach there…”  Qian  Chen  pointed  forward.  “When  we  reach  the inner zone, we can start cultivating.”
Chen Feng gazed over. There, the place Qian Chen was pointing at, was the area with the highest frequency of rocks streaking about. In this unique environment, all their senses were greatly restricted, and their bodily functions had dropped drastically as well. Despite all of this, they would still need to face those terrifying rocks… This was truly an environment of utmost harshness.

“There’s no need to worry,”  Si Fan stated with a low voice. “In fact, we still have a secret mission while we are here.”
Chen Feng was surprised. “Oh?”
“To protect you.” Si Fan sighed. “Both my family and Qian Chen’s are underlings of the Genetic Union. Before coming, our families issued an absolute command that we must assure your safety. If something happens, we must assure that you can return alive before thinking about ourselves.”
Chen Feng wiped his sweat. Unexpectedly, his present status had reached the height where he was akin to a national treasure, and these two were his protectors?

Chen Feng smiled. Who would be doing the protecting was not a sure thing yet.

“I know.” Chen Feng did not bother giving them an explanation. They continued forward. Soon, they reached the inner zone.

“Let’s start,” Qian Chen stated flatly.


He sat down cross-legged and started cultivating. Chen Feng and Si Fan were already used to his cold attitude. After exchanging glances, they both sat down and started cultivating as well. With this, their special training began.

Xiu! Xiu!

Numerous rocks streaked back and forth midair. The three of them dodged the stones with utmost difficulty. This was a place where their senses were greatly reduced, a place where regular B classes would most probably suffer greatly. However, the three of them were ultimately elites among peak beyond B classes. The three of them were existences capable of battling those of a higher rank.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Slowly, their strength increased. In this unique environment, the nature of their energy transformed slowly. The beyond B class energy was slowly transforming, approaching the standard of a beyond A class. This place was indeed worthy of being the best rapid-growth training camp. Everything progressed smoothly. If there were no mishaps, Chen Feng would most certainly enter beyond A class this time. Hum—
A faint energy bubbled up. The radiance surrounding their bodies started becoming mystical and powerful. After 10 minutes, Chen Feng became stronger. After half an hour, Chen Feng completed the transformation of his energy.

After an hour, Chen Feng could feel that there was only a barrier separating him from beyond A class.

After two hours, Chen Feng could feel that there was only a barrier separating him from beyond A class.

After three hours, Chen Feng could feel that there was only a barrier separating him from beyond A class.

??? Chen Feng awoke from that mysterious state of mind. This feeling… Something seemed off? He could sense clearly how near he was to breaking through, yet he’d been stuck at this final step for two hours. He turned around and looked at Si Fan and Qian Chen. The both of them had seemingly entered beyond A class, as the energy surrounding them was changing qualitatively. If everything progressed smoothly, when they both awoke, they would both be fully fledged beyond A classes.

Is my talent so poor?

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He was aware that he was not a genius. For him to have reached this height, apart from his hard work, the contribution of Luck Aura could not be neglected. After all, even if he had his Luck Aura, the other geniuses were all constantly working hard as well. As for Luck Aura, it had merely been able to make up for the talent that he so very lacked.

Chen Feng sighed. “I didn’t originally plan to use it.”
“Spirit, activate Luck Aura,” Chen Feng urged inwardly. “Calculate the amount of luck value required for me to reach beyond A class.”
Spirit nodded. “All right.”
Light swirled around. Spirit finished her analysis, yet an ugly expression appeared on her face.

“What’s up?”
Curious, Chen Feng took a look. Instantly, he was stunned. The amount shown was an extremely huge amount, an amount of luck value Chen Feng might not be able to obtain even after a lifetime of accumulation.

“9,982,333?”  Chen Feng’s face darkened. Was this number meant to insult him or something like that? He was aware that he might lack talent. However, it shouldn’t be this bad, right? This was too excessive! This appeared impossible now. Nearly 10 million luck value… What the heck? If he had that much luck value, rather than working hard like this, he could merely wish for world peace and then let luck deal with everything, right? That much luck value would be sufficient to even allow all the programmers in this world to finally obtain girlfriends.

How excessive! Chen Feng was extremely disappointed.

Chen Feng looked at Spirit. “Spirit, have you optimized the Luck Aura inversely instead?” In his memories, something like this was possible. In his previous life, there had been the sixth edition of a certain game, which the developers had forgotten to optimize prior to release, as they had been too busy thinking of ways to scam money out of the gamers. Ultimately, the released version had been so filled with bugs that it was worthy of being a legend in itself. Not only had the computer requirements for the game not lowered, they had increased by more than a hundredfold. Even the best graphics card of that time had not been able to run the game smoothly. This game had subsequently been known dearly by the consumers as Chinese Paladin, Sword and Fairy 6: The Fall of Titan.

Spirit felt wronged. “How is that possible?” Let alone reverse optimization, for such a result, she couldn’t even begin optimizing Luck Aura to reduce it.

“Try  optimizing  it,  then,” Chen  Feng  said  after  some thought.

“Mhm.” Spirit waved her hand.


Instantly, the number rose from 9,982,333 to an eight-figure number.

Spirit: “…”
Chen Feng: “…Inverse optimization indeed.”
Chen Feng sighed. “How can you say that?” Spirit pouted, feeling so wronged that she nearly cried.

Chen Feng shook his head. “It’s not your fault.”  He knew himself how good Spirit’s optimizations were. It was truly unexpected that when used to work on something concerning his talent, it would work inversely instead. Was his talent really so poor?

This amount of luck value…
Suddenly, Chen Feng felt like something did not seem right. One ought to know that even back then when he calculated the amount required to kill Lu Hun with bad luck alone, the amount given wasn’t even this high. At that time, only 100,000 luck value had been required.

If he had 100,000 luck value, Chen Feng would not even have needed to do anything. Lu Hun would have died purely from accidents. Naturally, it was simply impossible to obtain such a luck value. And now, just to break through into beyond A class, it would require nearly 10 million luck value? Something had to be wrong here. Or perhaps… Shua!

Chen Feng’s heart trembled as he thought of a certain possibility.

“Spirit, investigate for me if anyone is causing a disturbance here,” Chen Feng requested.

“All right.”
Spirit activated Luck Aura.

Suddenly, the red light blazed without stop in his illusory world. Chen Feng’s expression changed instantly. Red light… this was the alarm signifying the highest degree of danger!

Chapter 569: No Way Out

Chen Feng’s heart trembled. “Indeed, someone is messing around.” It was no wonder. Only such a thing could make it impossible for him to break through, to need so much luck value just to break through. Someone was actually stopping his breakthrough, and that person was extremely strong.

Qian Chen? The first person Chen Feng suspected was this fellow beside him. Shortly afterward, he shook his head. If these two were the ones, he wouldn’t need so much luck value to deal with them. Chen Feng could directly kill them and then break through easily.

Who could it be, then? Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. This unique environment here seemed to be one that would exhaust one’s energy without stop, forcing one into extreme danger so that person could break through. However, what if after one exhausted one’s energy, an enemy appeared? At that time, that person wouldn’t even have the energy to flee.

Chen Feng’s heart chilled. The enemy was hidden away, obstructing his progress in silence. It was certain that this enemy was waiting for him to exhaust his energy before appearing to finish him off. This enemy definitely had to be one with a deep understanding of him, then. After all, Chen Feng had reversed numerous seemingly helpless situations. Even when all seemed to be lost, Chen Feng was often able to turn defeat into victory. Even if he couldn’t obtain victory, he would still be able to escape, regardless of how strong the enemy was.

Therefore, to prevent Chen Feng from repeating those miracles, this person had been waiting here for Chen Feng.

Chen Feng understood. “He is waiting for me to exhaust my energy.” Very well. Since you want to wait it out, I will wait it out till the end with you.


Chen Feng sat down cross-legged and continued his cultivation. Secretly, he tried to request help. However, he received no responses. All the messages he sent were seemingly thrown into an endless abyss. This was a situation Chen Feng had seen once before. His messages had all been devoured. It was not signal blocking. Rather, this was the devouring of messages.

If this was normal signal blocking, Chen Feng would be able to notice it the moment it happened. After all, his signal interference warning system hadn’t been installed for nothing. Qian Chen and Si Fan would similarly be able to detect it as well.

Now, the signal seemed to have been devoured directly. The three of them could communicate with each other here. However, if they wished to send messages out of here, that was impossible. Naturally, even if they noticed this, they would assume that this was due to the environment as well.

If so, there was only one method left. Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

“Spirit,” Chen Feng stated.

Spirit nodded slightly. “Understood.” Shua!

The little amount of luck value Chen Feng had dropped. Only 100 luck value remained.

Hopefully… you receive this.

Once again, Chen Feng regained his calm.

Faint energy flickered around him.

Chen Feng seemed to have entered the same state the other two were in. Once again, he tried to break through. The Chen Feng that kept failing in his breakthrough seemed somewhat jittery, causing the speed of his energy exhaustion to increase. 
Two hours…
Finally, their energy exhaustion reached the peak. Gradually, the auras of Qian Chen and Si Fan transformed as they reached the final stage of their breakthrough. As for Chen Feng’s aura, it was stuck at the stage where it seemed like he was going to break through, yet at the same time, it seemed like he was not going to break through either. He was not far from beyond A class. Very near, in fact. However, each time, he was lacking a tiny bit of the push necessary to break through successfully.

“Ah ah ah ah—” Chen Feng howled furiously. His voice was blocked in this environment; however, he was evidently using all his strength to break through. Alas, nothing seemed to help. Their energy decreased without stop, seemingly on the verge of drying up.

Right at this moment, with a crisp sound, the auras of Qian Chen and Si Fan transformed abruptly. After being pushed to their limits, they finally transformed entirely. 
A terrifying radiance flickered out. All the energy they had exhausted earlier was regained instantly. Their breakthroughs were successful. Both Qian Chen and Si Fan reached beyond A1. Even though they were unable to recover their energy to the peak level of a beyond A1, they had still broken through successfully.

From now on, they would be rank among the top existences of this world.


Suddenly, Chen Feng coughed out a mouthful of blood. Finally, he stopped his breakthrough, as his energy had been fully exhausted.

Si Fan rushed over and helped him up. “Chen Feng!” 
“Don’t talk,” Qian Chen interrupted him. “You only need to focus on maintaining what energy you have left.”
Si Fan was extremely anxious. “Is his injury grave?”
“His energy is about to be fully exhausted. The moment his energy stops supporting his body, with the lack of oxygen here…”  Qian Chen continued with a solemn expression, “He will die if he stays here.”
“What do we do, then?” Si Fan asked anxiously.

“Take  him  away  promptly,”   Qian  Chen  analyzed  calmly. “Let’s  take  him  to  the  outer  region  and  wait  there.  After recovering his energy, we can bring him back here to try again. In fact, failing to break through in a single attempt is rather normal.” outer region. “All right.”


The two streaked toward the outer region. With their speed as beyond A classes, they were able to move at an extremely high speed. Alas, alarmingly, regardless of how fast they moved, they seemed unable to leave this area.

Suddenly, Qian Chen noticed something. “Something seems to be off.” He looked around. Everywhere seemed completely the same. No direction could be determined, and there were no other sights. This place had actually transformed into a huge labyrinth.

Si    Fan’s    expression    became    unsightly.    “Something happened.” Now, this no longer concerned Chen Feng alone. If they couldn’t solve this, all three of them might die here. 
Qian Chen started moving in a different direction. However, it was still useless. The energy of the three continued decreasing, especially Chen Feng’s. Even though he was presently being carried by Si Fan and his energy exhaustion rate was already at its lowest, he was already in a critical state due to the excessive exhaustion earlier. As for Qian Chen, he still failed to find a way out.

Si Fan despaired. “Chen Feng will not be able to last any longer.” She looked around. Regardless of which direction she looked in, the same sight welcomed her. Endless rocks and endless nothingness was all around them, making it impossible for them to decide on the correct direction.

Si Fan’s heart chilled. “It’s over.”
Qian Chen was ashen faced, as he could not think of anything either. Would the three of them die here for real? “N-no  worries.”  His  hands  shivering,  the  pale  Chen  Feng took out a gene reagent from his bosom, “This… this is spatial teleporting gene reagent I produced… By activating it, we will be able to go back.”
“For real?” Si Fan’s eyes shone. Qian Chen also gazed at that gene reagent with an unbelieving expression. They had never heard of such a mystical gene reagent. A gene reagent capable of group teleportation? This thing here was too terrifying.

However, as he recalled Chen Feng’s identity… What was a mere group-teleporting gene reagent? After all, Chen Feng was a legend, the creator of the beyond X gene reagent and spirit arts.

Si Fan took the gene reagent in an agitated manner. “Let me do it.”
Hum— Shua!

With a flash, the gene reagent in her hands vanished into thin air.

“What?” Alarm was plastered all over Si Fan’s face. She was a beyond A class, yet the enemy had been able to easily snatch the gene reagent from her hands?

“Who is it?” Qian Chen asked with a solemn expression as his killing intent surged. Had this hidden person finally decided to make an appearance? Not far away, a figure wearing plain and simple cyan clothing appeared. He had a normal appearance, and his hand was holding Chen Feng’s mystical spatial teleportation gene reagent. Slowly, he walked out of hiding while gazing at them.

Chapter 570: The Real Mastermind

He laughed lightly. “Interesting.”
Here in this place where there should be no sound, this light laugh sounded so very loud and clear.

“Worthy of being Chen Feng indeed. I knew you wouldn’t die easily like that.” He gazed at the gene reagent on his hand toyingly. “You have even something like this as your trump card? What a pity. Regardless of how many miracles you can create, I have prepared well in advance.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “…”
What else could he say? The more miracles he created, the more preparations his enemies would make before making a move against him. Evidently, energy exhaustion was merely the primary plan. This enemy had originally planned to let Chen Feng die from exhaustion. When Chen Feng had taken out this “spatial teleporting gene reagent,” the enemy had been compelled to reveal himself. The alternative to the first plan was to personally kill Chen Feng. Chen Feng looked at that person. “Who are you?” This person felt familiar, yet he was certain he had never met this person before.

“Ah,” that person merely replied with a smile. “Die!” Lightly, he waved his hand. Evidently, he was not planning to give Chen Feng any chance to delay this.

Qian Chen blocked before Chen Feng. “Scram!”

Light swirled around, and instantly, Qian Chen was blasted away. That’s right. It only took this person an instant to defeat Qian Chen.

Si Fan looked at him in panic. “You… You…”
Bang! With another flash, Si Fan was blasted away as well. The two new beyond A1s were completely helpless before this person.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Who exactly are you?” Such strength, he should be a beyond A7 at the very least.

Even if there were a lot of beyond A classes everywhere, most of them were still around beyond A1 or beyond A2. They were still rather far from those true experts in beyond A class. This person was most definitely one of those experts who had entered beyond A class long ago.

That person answered with another smile. “Hehe.”

The terrifying radiance descended, with Chen Feng as the target this time. Qian Chen and Si Fan were alarmed. “Chen Feng!” They had both been blasted quite far away and were not able to assist Chen Feng in time. Moreover, with their strength, they would be no different than cannon fodder even if they arrived in time. They would not make a difference.


The radiance erupted brightly. Instantly, the dazzling radiance spread all over.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “It’s coming?”  He could feel the terrifying pressure amid the boundless white. This was the might of an apex expert, and also his final chance… at breaking through!

“Spirit,” Chen Feng urged with a cold gaze.

“Understood.” Luck Aura was fully activated.

A faint aura swirled around. All the remaining energy in Chen Feng’s body bloomed. From the moment he had noticed the existence of an enemy here, all his energy had been hidden away. Only a small portion of his energy had been used to maintain the fake cultivation state he had been in earlier. He still had his original strength. He was sure that this was his one and only chance.

Even though the enemy had stopped his breakthrough earlier, in order to avoid suspicion, the enemy had still allowed Chen Feng to remain on the verge of breaking through, only stopping him from crossing over that single line. Only a thin line remained between Chen Feng and his breakthrough. He only needed to cross over this thin line and he would most definitely enter beyond A class.

As he had been sealed by this enemy, he had been unable to break through this thin line. Now, though, in this final moment where the enemy had the impression that Chen Feng could no longer survive, Chen Feng intended to make use of the enemy’s power to break through this thin line, to break through using that extremely strong pressure and that terrifying might.

“Come!” Chen Feng howled.


A terrifying radiance erupted. All of Chen Feng’s energy erupted. At this instant, the entirety of his power bloomed. The shaking radiance at the point of contact caused this clash to appear even more terrifying.

The hearts of Qian Chen and Si Fan chilled as they saw this. It’s over. They had never expected that an enemy so terrifying would appear here while they were training. This time, Chen Feng’s death was already assured. At present, the both of them were perhaps worrying about their fates instead.

Hum— The faint radiance landed. Yet when they looked over, they blanked. At this time, they noticed that Chen Feng, who was supposed to be dead, was still standing there. All around his body, a faint radiance swirled. The feeble power surrounding him had become furious and fierce.

Beyond A class!

That was the power of beyond A class. Chen Feng had actually broken through during the crucial moment.

“How powerful.”
Qian Chen gazed at Si Fan blankly. They exchanged glances, indescribable alarm in their eyes. Chen Feng had actually entered beyond A class. Moreover, Chen Feng’s beyond A class seemed even more terrifying than they had imagined. He was actually capable of blocking the power that had been capable of instantly blasting them away.

The enemy looked at Chen Feng with shock in his eyes as well. “You…” He was still shocked even though he had already been aware that Chen Feng was good at creating miracles. When that person had drawn up numerous strategies to deal with Chen Feng, he had viewed them all with disdain, believing that he could easily kill someone like Chen Feng with a single slap.

Now, he became speechless. Both his plans had been stopped by Chen Feng. This Chen Feng fellow was much more terrifying than they had estimated. Moreover, his luck was too astonishingly good. However, this should be the most he could do.

He looked at Chen Feng coldly. “Even if you have broken through, so what?” The breakthrough had indeed exceeded his expectations. However, a beyond A class that had only recently broken through was simply not a match for him.


He took a step forward as a terrifying radiance swirled around him. “Today, I will most definitely kill you.” His killing intent locked onto Chen Feng. “Is that so?” Chen Feng looked at him toyingly. “Are you sure that you can kill me for real?”

Chen Feng took out something from his bosom. Mhm… it was another spatial teleportation gene reagent.

Chen Feng sneered. “Are you stupid enough to believe that I only had one of this on me?” Silently, he took a step back. The anxious Qian Chen and Si Fan came over. The three of them fixed their gazes on this enemy, despite the fact that they seemed so powerless before such an opponent.

“Sorry. I have no intention of fighting you at all,” Chen Feng stated   proudly.   “Since   I   have   already   broken   through successfully, hehe, goodbye.”
Chen Feng was about to leave. Suddenly, that person asked, “Don’t you want to know who I am?”
“…” Chen Feng stopped the activation of his gene reagent and narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?”
“Hehe.” That person smiled calmly. “We met once. However, at that time, I was as dazzling as a deity and you failed to get a clear look at my appearance,”  that person said flatly. Slowly, the radiance around him intensified, even more so the radiance on his forehead. There, a single dot of light was shining dazzlingly, and slowly, the radiance coalesced into a diamond- shaped object. Finally, all the swirling radiance faded. Standing there, he seemed to be bathed in a white light. On his head was a white crown, and on his forehead was a flickering white diamond.

“It’s you!”  Chen Feng cried out in alarm. Master Mu, the master of that fanatical religion. He was a self-proclaimed god, the founder of a certain religion, and that white hat was his crown. Indeed. The ancient race was the one trying to kill him? Chen Feng tightened his grip on the teleporting gene reagent. “You won’t be able to stop me.”
“Of course I can’t stop you.”
Master Mu looked at him with a wide smile, “However, do you know how many believers I have?”

Chen Feng had a vague feeling of unease.


A killing intent streaked at him from behind him. Chen Feng leaped, trying to dodge the attack.

Pu! Blood splattered around. Qian Chen, who should have been protecting Chen Feng, could be seen pulling his hand back. As for Si Fan, her hand was holding the teleporting gene reagent she had just grabbed from Chen Feng.

“You two…”
Chen Feng’s heart trembled. He was aware that the ancient race had made numerous preparations. That was the reason he had  used  the  so-called  “spatial  teleporting  gene  reagent”  to force Master Mu to reveal all his trump cards. Unexpectedly, this was a truly huge trap.
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