The Strongest Gene Chapter 541-550

Chapter 541: Drop Drop Beatdown

“Shroud Art.” Lu Hun had a solemn expression. He could clearly sense the terrifying power of this barrier. It was as Gou Li said. This was an ability that countered him. This damnable Shroud Art was actually capable of restricting all spatial abilities. Such a barrier would be useless against other abilities, but against him…
Lu Hun’s heart chilled as he thought of this.

Pu! Pu!

With several cold flashes, new bloody cuts were left on Lu Hun’s body. A person at peak of beyond A9 was supposed to win decisively against three enemies around beyond A1 and A2, yet now he was suffering such a humiliating defeat at their hands. All this was because of that damnable Shroud Art. Bi Quzhi…
“Have you seen it?” Gou Li asked with an ice-cold gaze. Every time he left a cut on Lu Hun’s body, he asked the same question. “This is my brother’s power.” Pu!

Yet another cut was left.

“Have you seen it? This is the price you have to pay for what you did to us back then,”  spat Gou Li one word at a time, seemingly trying to return to Lu Hun all the humiliation he had endured all these years. Indeed, after living in sadness for over 10 years, how could he allow this Lu Hun to die easily now? He wanted to see Lu Hun shudder in despair.

Naturally, the more important reason for this delay in finishing Lu Hun off was because it was impossible for a peak beyond A9 to not have any hidden trump cards. What exactly was Lu Hun’s trump card? Gou Li’s gaze was cold.

At present, Chen Feng and the rest had already distanced themselves from the battleground. This was not a battle they could get involved in. The other beyond A classes of the Genetic Union were taking this opportunity to recover their energy. This was a very good opportunity for them. “Shroud Art…” Li Lei’s heart jolted as he gazed at the power shrouding Gou Li’s trio. For it to allow a beyond A1 to easily deal with a beyond A9… That was too powerful.

How terrifying was this power for it to be capable of skipping past 8 minor realms to deal with a higher-level opponent? Granted, this version created by Bi Quzhi would only be effective against spatial abilities. However, if it was handed to the Genetic Union or the Research Agency to be researched, perhaps this might become yet another great tool for humanity!

Pu! Pu!

Two extra cuts appeared on Lu Hun’s body.

Li Lei approached Chen Feng. “You know them?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” Li Lei grinned. “If so… Is there a way of getting this Shroud Art for ourselves? I have seen protective films used for monitors or keyboards, but this is the first time I have seen a protective coat being used on weapons. Think about it. If, in the future, everyone in the Genetic Union could use this…”
Li Lei appeared excited. Evidently, he was imagining the sight where humanity became even stronger in the future. However, Chen Feng frowned as he heard this as he noted that things were not as simple as it seemed. That was because after following Li Lei’s line of thought, the following scene was what he imagined instead:

“This is a protective coat inherited by my ancestors. If I can’t stick it on properly, I won’t receive any payments.”
“We have been sticking protective coats on for 20 years. The amount of protective coats we stick on every year is high enough to envelop the entire planet.”
“With a coat in hand, the world is mine!” “Only 998 yuan, a major discount on spatial coats. Buy one, get two free!”
“To protect yourself, you should start with getting a film. I am a film specialist. Spatial coat, flame coat, lightning coat, time coat, anything you can name, I’ve got. I am a professional coat sticker. Please remember clearly this brand of mine.”

Chen Feng was startled awake. If that was how it was really going to be, it would be quite a terrifying scene. He looked at the battlefield. This unique battle was seemingly nearing its end. Lu Hun was simply incapable of resisting them and was being beaten endlessly by Gou Li’s trio. However, why had Lu Hun not used his trump card even now? Indeed. Everyone was waiting for it. How was it possible for an old man at Lu Hun’s level to not have any trump cards? Gou Li was waiting for it. Chen Feng and the rest was also waiting for it. All of them were aware that if Lu Hun still failed to escape this plight of his after the release of his trump card, he would truly have no hope left.


Another cold gleam flashed past. Gou Li’s coated weapon nearly pierced through Lu Hun’s chest.


Lu Hun gazed at the bloodstain on his chest.

Indeed… I can’t last any longer?

Suddenly, Lu Hun’s gaze became calm. He had initially believed that this Shroud Art wouldn’t be able to last long. That was why he had been persevering all this while. But now, it seemed like it didn’t matter how long his opponents could last because they could definitely last longer than him. If so… he had no choice but to do that, then? Lu Hun sighed. If possible, he had truly hoped that the need to use that would never arise in his entire life. “Do you know? When young, my master once taught me one particular technique. He told me that this is a technique that I should never use unless I’m in absolute danger. That is because this technique is simply too…” Lu Hun shook his head, not willing to finish his sentence.

Everyone increased their vigilance. Was this guy finally using his trump card? They tightened their grasps on their weapons. They were aware that this would be the final chance. Either Lu Hun would escape with this trump card or they would kill him right here.


Gou Li spread the shroud all around them. All the space around this place was locked, not giving Lu Hun any chance to escape. Even if the Shroud Art wasn’t something akin to an absolute restriction, being surrounded by the coating, the present Lu Hun couldn’t escape through spatial abilities, since that would be too difficult to achieve. They started approaching Lu Hun, reducing the size of the confinement around Lu Hun. Ah.

Lu Hun let out a crisp laugh. He gazed at the sky and inhaled deeply.

“Careful,”  Gou Li reminded everyone. They were aware of how terrifying Lu Hun was. Even with the Shroud Art, they would not be careless.

Li Lei and the rest awakened from their state of energy recovery as well. Instinctively, they prepared themselves to provide any assistance required. If possible, they were not willing to allow this Lu Hun to escape as well. Beyond A9 was something a beyond A1 could not compare to at all.

The atmosphere there became somewhat terrifying.

“Kill!” Once again, the weapon in Gou Li’s hand descended. Presently, as Lu Hun was gazing at the sky, a faint energy started converging toward Lu Hun. Suddenly, while still gazing at the sky, Lu Hun roared toward the sky, and his roar reached the heavens.


The dark clouds in the sky were all dispersed by his roar.

“Save! Me!” bellowed Lu Hun.

The Gou Li trio, who had prepared to defend themselves against Lu Hun’s trump card, blanked.

Save… save me?

The people from the Genetic Union were dumbstruck as well. Nobody had expected that after persevering for so long, this would be Lu Hun’s trump card. There seemed to be some demonic power to that roar, as it was able to easily penetrate the clouds. Everyone waited with a solemn expression, yet nothing seemed to appear.

Gou Li: “…”
Li Lei: “…”
Lu Hun gazed at the sky in doubt. “Nobody is coming?” Next, he shook his head. Perhaps, even this roar was blocked by that damnable shroud.

Gou Li’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Are you playing with us?”
Had this guy been expecting to confuse their battle tactics with a simple shout? How was that possible? Li Lei and the rest curled their lips as well. Chen Feng was the only one with an odd expression on his face, because he was the only one who was aware of what it was that happened earlier. Through the communication device, Qin Hai explained, “I once heard this from them. When young, they were frequently beaten until they cried. As such, their master taught them a secret technique, that secret technique being shouting for help. This is a secret technique formed by some unique methods. So
long as one shouts using this technique, the shout can easily penetrate all barriers and reach the nearest fellow apprentice. This is an extremely powerful secret technique. Naturally, they used this frequently when young. After growing up, though, they stopped using it, since it is truly too embarrassing.”
Chen Feng gained understanding. So that’s the case.

“Since I am the nearest fellow apprentice, this request for help was transmitted to me first. It was supposed to continue traveling and looking for help after that, but it was forcefully stopped by me. Otherwise, if it was allowed to continue…”
Qin Hai shook his head. At this, Chen Feng was greatly shaken.

Holy shit, the ancient race’s version of “Drop Drop Beatdown”? 1

Chapter 542: World of Green

In an unknown region.

Lu Hun’s mournful scream echoed everywhere. Unfortunately, nobody heard his scream. Thanks to Qin Hai, Lu Hun’s call for help had been fated to fail from the beginning. Gou Li’s trio had unsightly expressions on their face, as they felt like they had been played for fools. Even when in such circumstances, this Lu Hun was still in the mood to play around with them? Just how much did he look down upon them?

Gou Li’s eyes gleamed coldly. “I refuse to believe that I won’t be able to force your trump card out.”

The cold light in their hands intensified. A faint barrier surrounded them, evidence that Gou Li’s trio had unleashed an even more powerful might. Their line of thought was a simple one: to increase the might of their attacks without stop. If it resulted in Lu Hun being forced to unleash his trump card, it would be fine. However, if he insisted on still not using his trump card, then Lu Hun could just obediently be beaten to death.


A terrifying radiance erupted. Suddenly, Lu Hun shut his eyes. When the attacks of Gou Li’s trio neared him, the attacks slowed down. Suddenly, the barrier around their attacks all but vanished.

A faint green light flickered. The entire world was seemingly enveloped in green. Beside each of them, a green cube formed of strings appeared. Each of the green strings was very clear and bright, so very dazzling amid the darkness.

Their hearts jolted furiously. What is this? The entire world had seemingly become green at this moment. The black rain, the Earth, everything had seemingly vanished. The only thing they could see was a boundless darkness and those sparkling and translucent green strings.

Trump card! This was Lu Hun’s trump card. Their hearts jolted. Finally… this guy had finally unleashed his trump card. However, what exactly was it? Nobody had an answer. Chen Feng checked his communication device and noted that his call with Qin Hai had been severed. This black space wasn’t a lighting effect caused by the green strings. Rather, they had actually arrived in an entirely different space.

“This  is  a  different  space.”   The  spatial  specialist  of  the Genetic Union gulped before continuing, “An independently existing space.”
Lu Hun looked at all of them. “Welcome to my world.”

Thump. He stepped out one step at a time. As he strode forth, green steps automatically appeared before him.

Numerous green grids swarmed around. Along with the movement of the green grids, all their surroundings changed as well.

“What damnable thing is this?”
Their expressions changed slightly. Space… Independent space… A lot of them had been in such a place before. Generally, the construction of a complete space would start from the structural makeup and the perfection and stability of the space. With this, one could potentially create a brand new space out of nothing. Even in the Genetic Union itself, there was a certain powerful genetic warrior that had built his very own world of palaces using this method. It was said that in his world, numerous unique palaces stood. It was a mythical and glorious world, something that genetic warrior had spent countless years creating.

That was a traditional version of an independent space. It was equivalent to one owning a mini-world for oneself where one could do whatever one wished. The stronger one was, the faster the construction and the more one could place within the world. Moreover, one’s world would also be bigger and more stable. However, a world like the world before them was unheard of. This world of Lu Hun’s appeared very crude, to the point that even a normal genetic warrior specializing in space could construct something similar. The only thing about this world that was truly different from others was…

Gou Li attempted to cut Lu Hun. However, the green grids forming the ground he stood on moved automatically, moving him away from Lu Hun. !!!

Gou Li was alarmed. This space was actually an active one! The things within this world were all formed of some simple strings that took on the form of grids with green-framed that were filled with green cubes and were so simple that even the grids were entirely black apart from the green frames. However… everything in this world seemed to be alive.

Shua! Shua!

The green grids below everyone’s feet started moving. The entire world seemed to move in accordance to Lu Hun’s wishes. It seemed impossible for any attack to reach him. This was Lu Hun’s space. No, to be more accurate, this was Lu Hun’s world, a real world.

Green radiance flickered on Lu Hun’s green diamond without stop. In this world, everything belonged to Lu Hun. Different from earlier when the Shroud Art had been employed, this time, Gou Li’s trio were the ones whose ability was restricted. All the connections their ability had with the outside world had been severed.

Their strength dropped drastically and the energy exhaustion increased. Moreover, their energy recovery had stopped as well. With all this, before them all, this beyond A9 Lu Hun was no different than a god.

Lu Hun pointed casually. “Condense!”
Around Gou Li’s trio, a huge cube formed of green strings appeared. It locked them within, restricting all movement.

“Mhm?” Gou Li tried to move his body. Every single step he took, the cube moved forward as well in tandem with his movement. This was a pitch-black world with pitch-black grids framed in green everywhere. Gou Li tried taking several steps forward yet was incapable of escaping the cube-shaped prison. He might seem like he was stepping forward, but in truth, he was actually remaining in the same place. This was a world they were not the master of. How had this happened? All of them trembled.

In this world, Lu Hun was no different from a god. How were they supposed to battle him, then? They had indeed successfully forced Lu Hun’s trump card out. Unexpectedly, his trump card was actually this powerful. If Lu Hun had used this earlier, all of them would have died long ago.

Eh, hold on. Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. Since this world was so powerful, why had Lu Hun not used it earlier and had instead allowed them to beat him up? Was he so insistent just because this was a trump card? Chen Feng recalled Lu Hun’s expression from earlier. No. It was obvious that Lu Hun had been incredibly unwilling to use this ability. He would have preferred to suffer injuries than make use of this mystical world of green strings.

Why was that? Because this was a world that hadn’t yet been perfected? Or perhaps this was a world where some flaws existed somewhere? Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

“Spirit, help me check out this world.” “All right.”
Spirit’s glance swept past this world. The strength of her perception was built with Chen Feng’s strength as the core. As such, her perception was at the level of a beyond B class. Therefore, she failed to note any exceptions in this world.

“Sorry,” Spirit apologized. “I can’t find any exceptions.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “Don’t worry.” The single most important purpose of Spirit was optimization.

His beyond-B-class perception had been greatly improved after Spirit’s optimization. Initially, he had believed that this would be sufficient to discover something from this world. Alas, it was evident that it was still not sufficient. That was acceptable, though, as even Spirit would not be so overpowered that she could transform an eMMC into a UFS.

Lu Hun’s gaze swept past Gou Li’s trio and Chen Feng. “Everyone I hate is now gathered together. Die, all of you.” Shua!

A green radiance erupted. On the surface of the green cubes that formed this world, numerous green strings flashed past. The surface of the green cubes was transformed into something like a green mesh formed of green strings. After glowing with a chilling radiance, the cubes started closing in toward them. Everyone’s expressions sank. This guy was actually planning to kill all of them in here.

Like a laser grinder, the green cubes were capable of slicing everything in existence, both man and energy.

Chen Feng called inwardly, “Spirit.”
Spirit nodded. “Understood.”
Noiselessly, Luck Aura activated and the optimization began.

Shua! Shua! Chen Feng’s luck value dropped rapidly, and Spirit completed the task. Chen Feng’s gaze shot around disorderly before finally settling on a specific spot within the world. There, a different power could be felt.

Chen Feng’s gaze became focused. Is this your weakness? Let me take a look at what the weakness is, then.

Chapter 543: Chen Feng, What Are You Doing?

The world of green.

In this world where Lu Hun was akin to a deity, Chen Feng had discovered an abnormality. In a certain corner of this space, a unique aura could be found. This was the aura of a power that did not belong to this world. This thing…
Both Chen Feng’s eyes became sharp. This space was too unique; it possessed everything an ordinary space would not possess. As a space, it had become an independent world, possessing all the conditions required for a world to exist. This remained consistent for the entirety of this world, apart from that spot at that certain corner. There, the aura of the outside world could be felt by Chen Feng.

Finally,  Chen  Feng  understood.  “This  is  an  incomplete world.” It was no wonder that Lu Hun had been so unwilling to deploy this world. This world was incomplete in the first place! Using countless years, he had gradually transformed this space into a real world. Presently, he was around 1% from completion. Only when this space reached completion would it be a true independent world.

But right now, that remaining 1% was sufficient to collapse this world.


Suddenly, Lu Hun’s gaze landed on Chen Feng, and his heart thumped. “Has he noticed it?”
This was why he had been unwilling to use this world of green. Prior to completion, this world would still be too weak. There was still a possibility of threatening the completion of this world. Indeed, Chen Feng had discovered it. One ought to know that any tiny damage this world suffered would be equivalent to several years of Lu Hun’s hard work gone. However…
Lu Hun’s eyes gleamed coldly. “You guys are the ones forcing me to do this.” Even at the cost of reducing the completion status of this world, he had to ensure the death of all these people. Since this world was already deployed, how would he hold his hand so easily?

Lu Hun’s cold voice waffled forth. “All of you… deserve death!”

A terrifying radiance erupted. A dazzling green flash appeared, increasing the speed of the cubes greatly.

Defend! Everyone erected their defenses hastily.


Alas, the super-powerful defenses of beyond A classes were crushed instantly. In this world, nothing was capable of stopping Lu Hun, except… Xiu!

Chen Feng pointed midair.


Instantly, the entire world trembled. As for the cubes that were closing in toward them, they trembled before halting their movement as the green of the entire world dimmed. However, this only lasted a split second before the cubes started moving again. Lu Hun did not waste any time stopping. Once again, Chen Feng attacked. The completion status of this world was reduced by 2%, causing Lu Hun’s hard work over several decades to go down the drain.

Alas, the present Lu Hun was completely ignoring Chen Feng. He had calculated that before they were all killed, Chen Feng would only have the time to launch three attacks. Three attacks would only reduce the completion status by around 6% at most. This was still acceptable for Lu Hun. Lu Hun’s gaze became bitingly cold. “Let me use this 6% to send you all to hell.”

Once again, Chen Feng attacked. Indeed, this time, just 2% of the completion status was reduced as well.

Chen Feng could keenly feel that this wasn’t good enough. “This won’t do.”
That was because he had suddenly noticed that he would only have one more chance to attack this world before the cubes reached them and started killing all of them. It was evident that Lu Hun had already calculated the gap between his attacks. This would not work at all.

Chen Feng looked at Spirit. If luck value was utilized… “Spirit, do you have any other ideas?” Spirit shook her head. “No. No exploitable probability can be found. In this circumstance, if Luck Aura is activated, it will only solve this using brute force rather than manipulating probability.”
Forceful manipulation…
Chen Feng sighed. He understood what Spirit was trying to say. This was also something Chen Feng was unwilling to do. What Spirit meant was the usage of luck in the truest sense. In fact, before Spirit had appeared, this method had been frequently used by Chen Feng. By burning all his luck value, he would leave everything up to fate, to see what fate could do for him with the luck value he had. As for the results of such a usage of luck value, it was unpredictable.

“Do I really have to use such a method?” Chen Feng sighed. They had successfully forced Lu Hun’s trump card out. Unexpectedly, this was the result. Lu Hun was indeed worthy of being an old monster that had been alive for countless years. With this world of green in his hands, Lu Hun was almost akin to an immortal. It was simply impossible to kill him using regular methods. World of green…
Chen Feng started sensing that one and only weakness of this world. This was a weakness that did not seem to exist when sensed regularly. Even Chen Feng had only sensed the position of this weakness with the help of Spirit. Initially, this world had been 99% complete. Now, it was only 95% complete. With Chen Feng’s present strength, it was impossible for him to shake this world enough before all of them were killed.

“Seems  like  I  have  no  other  options.”  Chen  Feng  inhaled deeply. Since things were already this way, he had no choice but to gamble using his luck value.

Right as Chen Feng was about to make his move, his gaze swept past the green strings. Suddenly, he came to a realization. In itself, this was not a regular world. Even if this space had already taken the form of a world, even if it was already capable of operating independently, it was still completely different from a real world. Apart from the laws here, everything here, even the form and the substance, was different. For example, those green strings. Each of these strings was in fact comprised of spiritual energy.

Suddenly, Chen Feng realized, This is a spiritual world.

Spiritual energy… Yes, this was indeed a world that operated on pure spiritual energy. Everything here, especially those green strings, was formed of spiritual energy. Pervading the air was spiritual energy as well. Thankfully, Chen Feng was very good at dealing with something like this.

“Xiao Ying,” Chen Feng called inwardly.


A red flash streaked out. Instantly, Xiao Ying left this world to reach the real world outside before once again entering this world of green. Lu Hun was obviously given a fright by this. “What is this?” Even if his world of green was 99% complete, it was still not a world any random thing could leave as it wished. Even these beyond A classes were trapped here. How had that red light…
Chen  Feng  merely  laughed  sinisterly.  “Hehe.”   The  only reason Xiao Ying had traveled outside before coming back into this world was to bring back an ordinary gene reagent.

Lu Hun, even at your strength, I reckon you have never experienced what the true limit of spiritual energy is, right? What is the limit for you, a beyond A9? Do you want to find out? Chen Feng grinned. Well then, let me give you some help, Lu Hun.


The gene reagent in his hand was crushed.

Bang! A terrifying undulation swept out. Instantly, countless particles swarmed every nook and corner of this green world. Lu Hun widened his eyes.

At this moment, he felt like he had suddenly become unprecedentedly powerful. Moreover, a feeling had also arisen within him that he would only require one more day to fully complete this profound world of his.

This is… peak spiritual affinity?

This was something he had never felt. Chen Feng had actually assisted him in entering such a state. What was that man thinking? Had he gone crazy? Lu Hun had no answer to that question. However, due to his spiritual affinity being pushed to the peak, he could clearly feel that he was inconceivably powerful now. The same applied to the cubes he was controlling. Earlier, he would still have required a single short instant before he could kill them all. Now, though, he could immediately send them all to their death.

“Hehe. I’m sorry. It seems like Chen Feng is the one who has delivered death to you all,” Lu Hun stated with a sinister appearance.


He waved his hand lightly.


With a terrifying speed, the cubes reached them.


Chapter 544: You Ruined Me

Is it done?

Chen Feng gazed at the Lu Hun whose strength had obviously increased. The aurora reagent was a mystical gene reagent created by Chen Feng. This gene reagent was classified as a gene virus, yet in Chen Feng’s hand, it had been transformed into an extremely powerful trump card. This time, rather than using it himself, Chen Feng had used it on Lu Hun.

The reason for this course of action was simple. It was for the sake of creating an otherwise nonexistent probability. Toward feats with no chance of success, Luck Aura could only employ brute force. However, if this gene virus was used to alter Lu Hun’s state and create a probability that could be exploited, things would be simpler.

An example was what was happening currently. Even if Lu Hun was now even more powerful than he had previously been, so powerful that he seemed unrivaled, the aurora reagent had taken effect. This was the very gene reagent that had been transformed into an extremely godly gene reagent by Chen Feng. Despite the numerous benefits this gene reagent granted the user, it was still ultimately a gene virus.

It seemed like, as time passed, a lot of people had already forgotten what virus mode was. This was especially true for the effects of the aurora reagent, a gene reagent that could select random genes within the user’s body to destroy at any time. Moreover, this effect was permanent. If it wasn’t for the existence of Chen Feng’s Myriad Illusions and his Luck Aura, he wouldn’t even dare use this gene reagent on himself. As for Lu Hun?



The killer cubes descended upon them. Everyone looked at the hastened cubes in despair, unable to think of a single solution. Alas, right when the cubes landed on them…
Shua! A flash of green appeared and the cubes vanished. Everyone blanked.


Lu Hun was dumbstruck as well. Gone? How was this possible? Was this the trump card of Gou Li’s trio? Lu Hun frowned before waving his hand. With that, several cubes reappeared, surrounded them, and once again closed in upon them. In his present state, these people weren’t even qualified to struggle when he wanted to kill them.

The green cubes neared them. Yet again, alarming everyone, the moment the cubes were about to land on them, they vanished.

This time, he had been able to get a clear look. These green strings that had formed the cubes had transformed into countless green particles before vanishing. The cubes hadn’t been blocked. Rather, they had directly ruptured. What was going on? Lu Hun felt doubtful.


As he was about to check out what was happening, he found with astonishment that among his fingers, one of them was slowly dissipating amid the air. Suddenly, the entire finger ruptured.


This time, Lu Hun was truly frightened. What was it this time? 
Suddenly, the world of green started trembling. Lu Hun’s will and body were heavily injured, so this world of green became unstable. Lu Hun’s expression sank as he forcefully stabilized this world. Alas, the sight before his eyes seemed to be vanishing gradually as well.

An alarmed expression appeared on Lu Hun’s face. “My eyes!” He could clearly feel that he had lost his sight. Only now did he realize that everything within his body was collapsing slowly as his genes vibrated at a rapid speed. This feeling… was similar to what would happen when one overexerted one’s spiritual energy.

At this, Lu Hun gained understanding. This was the cost he had to pay as a result of Chen Feng forcing his spiritual energy to its limit.

Hum— started reducing. Ultimately, he could no longer see anything. Only endless darkness could be seen from his eyes.

“No!” Lu Hun screamed mournfully.

Even if this was a gene virus, as an apex expert of the ancient race, the number of genes contained within his body was supposed to be frighteningly huge. Why had the genes in his eyes been the very first ones to rupture? The probability of this happening was supposed to be lower than 0.0001%, right? Why was this happening? Lu Hun despaired.


The world trembled.

Along with the Lu Hun’s mental collapse, this world completely collapsed. 
The world of green collapsed, and everyone returned to the real world.

Lu Hun panicked. “No! This can’t happen!” The world before him was eternally shrouded in darkness. He could no longer see anything. Why… why had this happened? Lu Hun was bewildered.  “Chen  Feng!”  Lu  Hun  spat  out  with  his  teeth clenched. It had to be him! It was this damnable fellow again! “I want to kill you!” spat Lu Hun one word at a time.


The collapsing world of green was forced to dissipate by Lu Hun. Next, all the energy he had poured into the world of green all these years was reabsorbed into his body. His eyes, which could no longer see anything, were shrouded by a boundless green.

His hand raised, and a green sword coalesced there.

“Careful!”    Li   Lei   reminded   everyone.   This   was   the condensation of the power of an entire world. Even if the world of green no longer existed, the present Lu Hun was still a terrifying existence.

Energy worth 20% of the completed world of green concentrated in Lu Hun’s pair of eyes, and energy worth 30% of the completed world of green concentrated in that sword he held. These were the equivalent of nearly all the energy Lu Hun had accumulated throughout the years. Lu Hun swiped forth with his sword. Chen Feng, who had been bracing himself, managed to barely dodge this slash.


A terrifying crack appeared on the ground below Lu Hun and started spreading for a distance of several kilometers before stopping. This was Lu Hun’s present strength.

“He won’t be able to last long.”
Everyone could see it clearly. From the moment the world of green had collapsed, Lu Hun had been finished. Now that his greatest trump card was gone, Lu Hun was not a match for Gou Li’s trio. However, the most pressing question was this: how long could they last under his assault? Could they last until Lu Hun’s death? The present Lu Hun seemed even scarier than before.

“Chen Feng!” Lu Hun roared, His roar was filled with hatred. “You ruined my eyes. You ruined my world. You ruined my wife.  You  ruined  my  everything!”  Lu  Hun’s  indignant  roar surged to the skies.

Hearing this, everyone’s amazed gaze landed on Chen Feng, who presently had an innocent expression plastered on his face. Holy sh*t, they were indeed aware that Chen Feng had ruined Lu Hun’s eyes and world, but what was up with that ruined wife?

Shua! Shua!

Numerous green flashes streaked past.

The deranged Lu Hun slashed his weapon at Chen Feng without stop.

Damn it! Chen Feng clenched his teeth as he dodged constantly. The present Lu Hun was too strong. As such, Chen Feng wouldn’t be able to resist even a single attack. The only thing he could do was escape everywhere, cutting a sorry figure. Even this feat of his was with the premise of Lu Hun being blind. Despite this… Pu! Pu!

Numerous cuts still appeared on Chen Feng’s body.

The attack range of that green sword was too huge. Rather than calling it a sword, it would be more apt to call it a pole or something. What kind of sword had such great range?


Another attack landed. Just as Chen Feng was about to fail to persevere, several figures appeared to block in front of him.

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. “It’s you guys.”
“It’s us,”  one answered calmly. Chen Feng recognized this person. This was one of the members of Gou Li’s squad, a person called Qi Yin. Initially, they had been responsible for sealing Lu Hun’s escape route. Now that Lu Hun’s condition was such, there was no longer any needs to keep sealing the escape routes. As such, they had all come over.

Qi Yin gazed at the Lu Hun before them. “Chen Feng, leave the rest to us.”
Fu Huo, who had arrived together with Qi Yin, indifferently said, “We have been waiting way too long for today…”

Chapter 545: The True Shroud Art


Two of them took one step forward. Instantly, a terrifying power erupted from them. These two had actually reached beyond A class as well. Moreover, the weapons they held were similarly shrouded with a familiar power, the power of Shroud Art.

Shua! Shua!

With them joining the battle, Gou Li’s group of five formed a circle around Lu Hun, surrounding him with a mysterious power. Within this circle, the power of Shroud Art was everywhere.

“Scram!” Lu Hun was furious. At present, the only person he wanted to kill was Chen Feng.

“I’m sorry.”  Gou Li laughed sinisterly. “At present, we only want to kill you. From the moment our close ones died, we have been waiting for the arrival of this day, the day we get to kill you. Finally, our wait is over. You might hate Chen Feng; alas, I’m sorry to inform you that he is our benefactor.”
Shua! Shua!

The feet of the five of them never stopped moving. They attacked Lu Hun while at the same time moving without stop around him. With these movements, a mysterious and abstruse power was seemingly brewing within the circle.

“Scram!” Lu Hun roared in a deranged manner. At this time, he no longer had any intellect. The only thing that occupied his brain was his desire to kill Chen Feng. These few people that kept getting in his way were incredibly annoying, yet he was incapable of killing them.

Bang! Bang!

Lu Hun tried throwing them off several times, yet each attempt failed as his advance was blocked by them. Li  Lei  was  shocked.  “Is  the  power  of  Shroud  Art  so powerful?” The present Lu Hun was a beyond A9 peak expert. Even with that, he was still being used to wipe the floor by five beyond A1 fellows. This was simply two powers in completely different realms. This Shroud Art…
Bang! Bang!

Lu Hun was still struggling crazily. As for Gou Li’s group, they firmly maintained their encirclement. Each time they managed to knock Lu Hun down, a bloody scar was left on his body, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

Suddenly, Gou Li asked, “Chen Feng, are you interested in learning Shroud Art?”
Chen Feng was astonished. “I can learn them as well?”
Gou Li shook his head. “You can’t. Shroud Art is too unique. For a regular person, any attempts at learning them will only be met with a dead end. From what we recall, Bo Quzhi was the only person capable of learning them.” 
“However…” Gou Li smiled. “Ultimately, this thing is still an inheritance. Perhaps, in the future, someone will be able to learn it. Or perhaps, in the future, after you guys have improved it, you guys will be able to use it. There are other possibilities too. In short, you will be able to see clearly soon enough. At that time, learn as much as you can,” Gou Li finished with a smile.

Chen Feng had a vague ominous feeling. These words… Suddenly, Chen Feng felt like things did not seem too right. Apart from Bi Quzhi, nobody else could employ this skill? What about them? Alas, before Chen Feng could voice his questions, he noticed an abnormality.


The steps of Gou Li’s group suddenly accelerated. 
Finally, a formidable power surged. Numerous bizarre looking seals appeared midair. Everyone’s heart trembled. They could clearly see that these seals were the representative of the power of Shroud Art.

Shua! Shua!

Right at this moment, an astonishing thing happened. As that surging power increased in might, Gou Li’s group rapidly aged.

Chen Feng’s expression sank. “What are you guys doing?
“We can’t stop anymore…” The hoarse voice of Gou Li sighed with emotion. “From the moment we started using this power several years ago, everything was fated. Shroud Art… this is the power of Bi Quzhi. The cost of using this power is one’s vitality.” 
Once again, Lu Hun was knocked down by them.

The group of five muttered without stop. “Chen Feng, this is what we owe you. Chen Feng, this is how we repay you. Thank you for bringing us hope back then. Thank you for bringing us here today. That girl has already been waiting for me for ten- odd years on the other side. She has a bad temper. I expect she is already anxious from the wait. I guess it’s time I go meet her.”
At the same time.

Finally, that terrifying power belonging to only Bi Quzhi was launched by the combined effort of Gou Li’s group and landed on Lu Hun’s body.

Bang! by a scorching white.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah—”
Lu Hun’s mournful scream echoed everywhere. This peak beyond-A-class superexpert, this superexpert of the ancient race, this person who had personally started his grudge with Gou Li’s group back then, finally died here.

Slowly, the mournful scream vanished. The white dispersed slowly as well. As the white faded, the bodies of Gou Li’s group became illusory. Chen Feng’s gaze landed on them. He could seemingly see several departing figures. With their revenge taken, on each of their faces was a relaxed smile. Gou Li, Guo Jia, Sheng Shiyi, Qi Yin, and Fu Huo…
At this time, the transparent barrier activated by Gou Li’s group in the beginning was slowly transforming into countless light particles before vanishing from the air. Amid those dim particles, a single figure could be vaguely seen. “Bi Quzhi…” Chen Feng muttered.

After a long time, everything returned to normal. On the ground, only a huge crater was left behind. Lu Hun was gone. Some of them had seemingly seen Lu Hun being evaporated forcefully by that terrifying power, not even leaving a single trace behind. Or perhaps his entire body was gone due to the rupture of his spiritual energy.

Gou Li’s group was gone as well. By forcefully using the Shroud Art, they had ultimately overexerted their vitality. Everything was finally over.

Li Lei sighed. “Is this the power of Shroud Art?”
It was no wonder that the power was so strong. By paying one’s vitality as the cost, how could the resulting power not be strong? Such a power, regardless of circumstances, was something that would remain a forbidden skill.

“What  they  paid  was  their  vitality  and  time?”  someone asked. However, nobody replied, as nobody knew the answer. Chen Feng stared blankly at where Gou Li’s group had vanished.

Li Lei patted his shoulder. “My condolences.”
He was aware that these people had been friends of Chen Feng’s. He was also aware that in a way, these people were the ones who had saved them all, their benefactors!

“This time, we will submit an application to the higher-ups after returning. They are the heroes of humanity. As such, their families and relatives will receive the greatest honor of all,” Li Lei stated solemnly.

Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” Right at this moment, someone picked up an emblem from the ground.

“What is this?”  The person picked it up cautiously. “This thing seems like something of Gou Li’s.” “Is  that  so?”  Li  Lei  took  it.  Suddenly,  a  bright  radiance erupted.

The intense radiance shone brightly, so bright that everyone instinctively shut their eyes. On that emblem, numerous seals appeared and shone brightly. Slowly, a formidable yet mysterious power started rising, chilling everyone present.

Shua! Shua!

Numerous scenes flashed past. Li Lei and the rest were completely dazzled by the flashing scenes. With the exception of Chen Feng, all of them frowned, not knowing exactly what these things were. Chen Feng fixed his gaze on those seals.

Hum— Spirit started accurately and faithfully recording everything. After comparing the data received from Gou Li earlier with this newfound data, this initially incomplete set of information was suddenly completed.

This thing…

Chen Feng’s eyes widened. This was Bi Quzhi’s power! This was… the true Shroud Art!

Chapter 546: Let’s See How Amazing You Are

A faint radiance trembled. The information from the mysterious seal was gradually revealed clearly in Chen Feng’s mind. This was a completely brand-new energy operating system, an original energy operating system created by Bi Quzhi.

Shroud Art…
Chen Feng sighed. He had never expected that Bi Quzhi had truly perfected this. He had also never expected that before the demise of Gou Li’s group, they would truly pass this on to him. However, although all the data and inheritance were already in Chen Feng’s mind, with a single look, Chen Feng was already aware that this was something he could not afford to use. Every single use of this technique would require one to pay one’s own vitality as a cost. Perhaps, it was as Gou Li had said. When this technique was improved or encountered its fated owner, it would be able to once again display its true power to the world.

Li Lei seemed to covet it. “This thing…”
“You have been thinking too much,” Chen Feng grumbled. “This is a spatial barrier, something produced specifically to counter Lu Hun. As such, it can only be useful against someone with an ability like Lu Hun’s. As for the cost of using this technique, haven’t you seen it for yourself?”
“Fine.” Li Lei could only give up on his thoughts. They stared ahead. There, the figures of Lu Hun, Gou Li, and the others were already gone. Here in this corner of the unknown region, only their group was left behind. On the ground, there were still several ancient race corpses remaining.

Someone laughed bitterly. “We have still ultimately failed our initial mission.”
“True.” At this, they recalled the reason they had ended up here in the first place: the devil race.

In their initial plan, they were supposed to put an end to the “major boss”  of the devil race and plunder the S-class genes from that “major boss” in order to break through the present limit of humanity. How had it changed into a battle to the death with Lu Hun, then?

Oh, yeah. Because of that pee. They all recalled the scene they had seen.

Li Lei spread his hands. “What should we do?”
Everyone smiled bitterly. “What else? We failed.”
With their present strength, facing that legendary S-class expert was no different than courting death. It was quite probable that even with all of them, they wouldn’t be able to do much against that expert. How were they supposed to battle a person of such strength? “What if we return and request reinforcements?”  someone proposed.

Li Lei shook his head. “It would still be useless. That fellow is much stronger than you even in your wildest dreams. Unless humanity is prepared to lose a huge amount of beyond A classes, it is impossible for humanity to face that fellow head- on.”
Everyone was in a heavy mood. Could they kill that S-class fellow off? Yes, they could. But what would be the price for that? A huge amount of beyond A classes would fall. Could humanity afford such a cost? Yes, the blood essence of an S class was a precious item. However, this did not mean that after defeating that ancient race fellow, humanity would definitely enter S class. Rather, with this blood essence, humanity would only be able to start researching S class… That was all. This research might be a success, but it might be a failure as well.

Li  Lei  sighed.  “Forget  it.”   It  was  too  risky.  At  present, humanity couldn’t afford to take such a risk. Someone was anxious. “If we really let that fellow off just like that, what if he were to enter human territory in the future?”
Li Lei sneered. “He is welcome to try. If we tried hunting him down here, we would have to pay a huge price, but if the battle were to happen in human territory, hehe… The Research Agency has a huge number of high-energy equipment that we can’t bring along during this trip due to that equipment being hard to move. If that fellow dares to step foot into human territory, hehe…”
The rest exchanged glances. Only after hearing this did they heave a sigh of relief.

They stood up. “Let’s go.”
Li Lei turned his screen on and opened the mission interface system. Just as he was about to submit the failure of this mission, Chen Feng suddenly walked over and said, “Says who that we have failed the mission?” Shua!

Instantly, everyone stopped what they had been doing. Li Lei’s astonished gaze landed on Chen Feng. “What do you mean?”
Chen Feng pondered the matter. “Mhm… although we are not a match for that expert… Please hold on.”

With a flash of red, a pitch-black and bizarre figure appeared and streaked across the air in a perfect curve before smashing into the ground. Devil race? The expressions of the others all sank. However, when they get a clear look at this new arrival, their expressions became somewhat odd. Indeed, this was a devil. However… the devil that had appeared here was rather unique. This was the very cause for the failure of their mission, the one who had caused this failure. This was the young prince of the devil race.

One of them was shocked. “Urine… Urine God?” Hearing this, the young prince’s expression immediately darkened.

“When  did  you  kidnap  this  fellow?”  Li  Lei  exclaimed  in admiration.

Chen Feng laughed happily. “When we were being chased by that boss of the devil race.” When that expert had been chasing them, Chen Feng had told Xiao Ying to kidnap this young prince, taking the advantage of the fact that everyone’s attention was concentrated on these humans at that time…
What flawless execution. And the reason for kidnapping this prince was to prevent the devil race expert from using this young prince as a summoning tool to complete the restoration of all the other big shots of the devil race who were still slumbering. To prevent this, kidnapping was the only option. But then, how should they deal with this prince now? This was rather troublesome. Li Lei frowned. “How should we deal with this?” This fellow had an esteemed identity as the young prince of the devil race and also the future of the devil race. However, this fact would only remain true before the restoration of all the true experts of the devil race. To allow that expert from earlier to be
awakened in advance, that old devil had used such a unique method to complete the summon. Evidently, this young prince was not someone they had intended to keep around for long. The relationship between the devils and this young prince had long been severed.

The present young devil prince was someone completely worthless to both the humans and devils. Using the prince to threaten the devils? They would most probably be ignored. Killing this young prince? It would be somewhat of a waste, though. It was truly astonishing how this glorious devil prince had now become baggage. Li Lei’s head ached.
Chen  Feng  smiled  toyingly.  “His  true  worth  is  not  in  his identity as a prince. Have you all forgotten the reason for the failure of our mission this time? I am rather curious about how amazing the urine of this dear young prince here is. If we can research it properly and try to solve our problem from a different perspective, then perhaps…” Shua!

Everyone’s eyes shone. Indeed, the advanced awakening of that expert was closely related to this young prince. Why was it possible for that expert to be awakened in advance? Why had that expert been filled with the smell of urine? What secrets were there within this young prince’s body? If they could answer all these questions and reverse engineer it, then perhaps…
“Good.” Li Lei stood up emotionally.

The rest had burning gazes as well.


Their gazes landed on the young prince uniformly. Instinctively, their gazes lowered toward the young prince’s crotch. “What… are you guys planning to do?” The young prince covered his crotch and hid in a certain corner, trembling with fear. He had a feeling that compared with these humans, he was the weaker life-form instead while these terrifying humans were the actual devils.

Perverse laughter resounded as several burly humans started dragging the young prince into the dark…

Chapter 547: From Now On, I Am the King!

In the ancient race’s Land of Legacy.

Suddenly, a drizzle started pattering down. Those experts who were in the midst of their cultivation were all startled awake. Gazes overwhelmed with shock were aimed at the sky. If they remembered correctly, the last time such a drizzle had fallen, it was when that senior apprentice sister of theirs had died? This time…

The entire Land of Legacy shook as one particular person charged rapidly into the ancestral hall. There, one particular name had been colored grey, a grey that would remain for all eternity. Lu Hun… finally, that brilliant green had stopped burning.

An overcast and hoarse voice resounded. “Who is it…” “They are already dead as well.”  One of them gazed at the empty space and was able to see the scene of Lu Hun being killed  by  Gou  Li’s  group.  “This  is  karma  resulting  from grudges. The survivors from what Lu Hun did ten-odd years ago returned to die together with him.”
Everyone sank into silence. Dying together… If so, they truly had no way of seeking revenge against the killers.

“No request for help was received on our side?”
They sighed. With how stubborn Lu Hun was, he had most probably been unwilling to seek help even as he’d been dying.

“Is there a need for such stubbornness?”
Their mood sank. Why had things become this way? For so many years, nobody from the Land of Legacy had ever died. This was especially true for the few of them who were among the apex existences of this world. But now, two of them were lost one after the other… One was their senior apprentice sister, the other Lu Hun.

“Have we found the killer of our senior apprentice sister?” Master Mu asked as his eyes gleamed coldly.

“Yes. Her name is Wang Yao. On that day, she went to senior apprentice sister’s residence alone and killed everyone there. After that, she vanished,” one person responded in a low voice.

Master Mu’s killing intent surged. “Vanished?”
“Yes. Regardless of how we search, we can’t find any trace of her. That young lady has seemingly vanished into nothingness.”
Bang! Thunder roared at the Land of Legacy. Master Mu’s killing intent was on the verge of erupting.

They couldn’t do anything to avenge Lu Hun since his killers had perished together with him. But even though their senior apprentice sister had been murdered right at her home, they couldn’t even find the murderer?

Master Mu glared at them. “All of you are the apex experts of your respective domains!”
“It’s   not   their   fault,”    a   youth   said   suddenly.   “The disappearance of that young lady is probably related to Chen Feng.”
“Chen Feng?”
Master Mu calmed down. This was not the first time he had heard this name. One could say that he was now very familiar with this name. Back then, he had even met this Chen Feng guy when he had gone undercover as Wang Feng in the Mysterious Organization. That damnable bastard! “Wang Yao is his girlfriend. She has formidable strength and is a beyond A class. As such, it is impossible for Chen Feng to just let her laze around doing nothing. However, after that incident, she vanished completely. Even when Chen Feng encountered danger, she did not appear.”  The youth finished his words slowly. “As such, we suspect that her disappearance is the work of Chen Feng.”
“Chen Feng…”
They muttered this name. If they had to select a single human who had left the deepest impression on them, it would be this very Chen Feng. This was the fellow who even the ancient race would regard as a freakish existence.

“Is Master still in seclusion?”
“…” “Can we kill Chen Feng?”
“We won’t be able to do it. At present, he is the absolute treasure of humanity. Everyone is protecting him with all they have. To kill him, we would have to utilize the entirety of the ancient race just to stand a chance,” the youth stated calmly.

It was truly too difficult a feat to kill Chen Feng.

He had once attempted to kill Chen Feng as well, yet he had been stopped by a mysterious, unknown power. From that, he was aware that Chen Feng’s body had to possess some secret.

A faint voice echoed in the air. “Tell Qin Hai to end the rebellion as soon as possible. We can no longer ignore the humans.”
The youth sighed. “Our present problem is not the humans… Rather, it is the devils. That person has suddenly awakened, and his location is rather near the place where Lu Hun met his end. Our guess is that Lu Hun’s death might be related to him as well. Lu Hun might have been gravely injured by that person, allowing his enemies from back then to have a chance at ending his life.”
“Devil  race…”  Master  Mu’s  voice  was  filled  with  disdain.
That race akin to animals had been restored again?

One of them sighed. “Stop looking down on them. Have you guys not discovered where the problem lies? The ancient race, which was supposed to be high above everyone else, is suddenly surrounded by enemies on all sides, such as the humans and the devils. If we can’t deal with this properly, the ancient race will truly be in danger. Even if Master has never said anything about this, I do not wish for the first thing Master sees after his seclusion to be a destroyed ancient race.”
Everyone lapsed into silence. True, since when had the ancient race degenerated to such an extent?

“Raise our vigilance. We can no longer look down on the devils and humans.”
 Devil race.

They were still celebrating their victory. Since reawakening, they had suffered numerous defeats. Defeated by the ancients and humans without stop, they were no different than those “experience farms”  in games. Now, though, they had finally regained their glory, beating both the humans and ancients that had entered their territory this time.

The devils celebrated. Countless people surrounded the old devil and the giant devil. At this moment, the ground trembled. Suddenly, the giant devil opened his eyes.

“I… have returned!”
Bang! Thunder roared. Instantly, those dull eyes were filled with life.

However, the first thing he noticed after awakening was the alarming odor on his body. His nose wrinkled, and shortly after, he understood clearly what had happened.


His sharp gaze landed on the old devil. “How dare you!”

His howl thundered.


His hand grabbed at the old devil. “You dare use such a method to resurrect me? To even use my descendant as the catalyst for this, how dare you!” roared the furious giant devil.

The other devils were all alarmed. However, that terrifying attack of his was ultimately stopped. Just as his gigantic palm reached the old devil, he had seemingly encountered a terrifying force that stopped his advance.

“Do you really think that I have made no preparations at all?” the old devil asked with a sinister expression.


A shiny seal was imprinted on the giant devil’s forehead.

“From today onward… you can assume the role of my puppet,” the old devil howled.

Endless radiance swirled around the giant devil’s body as the imprint radiated brightly. Next, the initially bright eyes of the giant devil became blank again, and once more, the giant devil became as dull as before.


Loudly, the giant devil knelt on the ground. Starting from his palm, slowly, the old devil stepped up, went past the giant devil’s shoulders, and ultimately reached the immense head of this giant devil.

“From today onward, I am the emperor of the devil race.”

Countless devils prostrated before him. High in the sky, that black rain was becoming even heavier.

At present time, at the Genetic Union, Chen Feng and Spirit were busy researching something new. Despite how good the inheritance left behind by Gou Li was, it didn’t have any substantial use. As such, Chen Feng had to improve it.

He looked at Spirit. “Are you sure that there’s no problem now?” He was aware of how terrifying this Shroud Art was. He had no intention of reducing his life span for no apparent reason.

Spirit nodded. “Mhm. This Shroud Art was created with Bi Quzhi as the core. The subsequent version created by Gou Li’s group was merely an imitation rather than the true Shroud Art. Therefore, to recreate the true Shroud Art, improvements are required,” Spirit explained seriously.

“All right.” Chen Feng inhaled. “Come, then.”
He himself wanted to see clearly how much luck value would be required to improve this technique. Could he even complete it at all? Could he create a Shroud Art that truly belonged to the humans?

Chapter 548: A Day Filled with Scent

At the Genetic Union.

This was a laboratory with ice-blue glass walls. The researchers of the Genetic Union were watching on coldly. Beside them were the people of the Gene Production Association and the Research Agency. Everyone was silently gazing into the room. There, some sort of radiance was flickering as all the equipment within was analyzing a certain bottle of transparent liquid.

Di! Di!

The alarm buzzed and the alarm signal flickered without stop. A stream of detailed data was displayed on the screen.

Scent: 98

Countenance: Unstable State: Liquid

Characteristic: Analyzing…
Energy: Analyzing…


Every time a new set of data appeared, it was displayed on the screen. This continued until the analysis reached the energy part. At this point, it seemed like this analysis stage would be stuck forever.

Analyzing… Even after half an hour, it was still analyzing.

They all frowned. “Is it stuck?”
One of the staffers there was doubtful. “That’s not supposed to be possible. This is the latest analyzing equipment. Even when it was used to analyze the energy of those beyond experts back then, it didn’t get stuck. Why would it be stuck now?”
“What’s going on, then?”
They had an odd feeling.

“Shall we restart it?”
“Let’s continue waiting for a bit.”
“Fine.” Their curiosity was piqued. Thereupon, everyone stood before the analyzing equipment waiting for the result. Half an hour, one hour, two hours, four hours, and then one entire day passed, yet it was still analyzing.

They were astonished.

“Is it really stuck?”
“Let’s restart it.”
“All right.”
One person stepped forth and prepared to restart the equipment. Right at this instant, the data that hadn’t changed for one entire day started flickering. On the screen, rows of brand new data appeared.

“The analysis is complete!”
They were overjoyed. Just as they were about to start reading the newly appeared data, the red alarm light on the analyzing equipment started blazing.

Shua! Shua!

All the data disappeared.

The ear-piercing alarm resounded. “Warning! Warning!”
Their expressions sank. “This is bad!”
Bang! Instantly, the firm laboratory exploded.

“Activate the highest level of defense!”
A layer of blue radiance surrounded the room. The terrifying energy wave poured out, filling the entire laboratory and continuing on toward the observers around the room. The energy wave collided with the blue defensive barrier and stopped.

Bang! Bang! Numerous energy waves collided against the barrier without stop. Only after ten-odd seconds did the laboratory regain its peace. Within, all the equipment was already destroyed. Only an intense odor remained within, pervading the air. That was the odor unique to Lord Urine God.

“The liquid…”
An alarmed expression appeared on their faces. They had experience in analyzing all sorts of energy, yet this was the first time they had seen something this terrifying. This was an energy even a beyond A class wouldn’t possess. It was no wonder that this young prince had actually been capable of completing the summon of that devil expert in advance. Such powerful energy contained within the urine…
“Continue the research!”
“All right.”
They became spirited as they realized the prowess of the urine. They could feel that at present, they were studying something incredibly unusual. They believed that as long as they persisted, they would obtain a result. The future of humanity was now in their hands!

The people of the Research Agency couldn’t wait any longer. “Let us study the composition of the urine.”
The people of the Genetic Union had been prepared for this long ago. “Let us study the energy.”
The several master producers of the Gene Production Association prepared to start their production as well. “Let us try producing some gene reagents.”
At this time, at a certain location within the Genetic Union, Li Lei was looking at Chen Feng with astonishment. “I thought you would go in there and participate in the research as well.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “No way.” Li Lei was curious. “Why is that?”
Wasn’t such a mysterious and formidable power something all researchers and producers were curious about? Just look at how crazily those researchers were fighting each other to join the research.

“Because  I  am  not  interested  in  researching  some  urine,” Chen Feng stated indifferently.

Li Lei did not know whether he should laugh or cry. Urine… As he thought about it, indeed, Chen Feng was right. However, it was not some regular urine being researched. Rather, it was the urine of the young devil prince, urine capable of summoning a superexpert, a liquid that contained an immense energy within.

Chen Feng curled his lips. “Regardless of what you call it, ultimately, it is still urine. If you guys are planning to use it to produce gene reagents… hehe. Don’t get me to do it. I will absolutely not touch it.” Chen Feng maintained his calm as he looked at Li Lei. “Anyway, I am rather curious as well. If the research proves that this urine can be used to produce a gene reagent that can increase one’s strength, would you be willing to consume that gene reagent?”
Li Lei: “…”
He  pondered  seriously  and  reached  a  rather  “tasteful” conclusion.

Li Lei sighed. “Damn it.” He had never expected that a day would come where he would reach such a compromise for the sake of strength. Alas, he had no choice. That devil race expert was too powerful, so powerful that it caused his heart to flutter. If they hadn’t been so lucky back then, they would have all died there. Hence, if such a gene reagent truly existed, he would probably use it even if it had been produced from urine.

“Take care.” Chen Feng patted his shoulder. Pausing slightly, Chen Feng patted his shoulder two more times.

“???” Li Lei was feeling doubtful. “I am patting your shoulder in advance.” Chen Feng sighed. “When you become an expert with a ‘scent’ in the future, I will most probably not feeling like patting you anymore.”
Li Lei: “…”
“Oh, right.” Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “Do you have a wife yet?”
“Not yet,” Li Lei answered.

“Try  to  look  for  one  as  soon  as  possible.”   Chen  Feng lamented, “In the future, when you become a warrior with a ‘scent,’ I think it will be much harder to get a wife. Oh, right, do you reckon this scent is something external or internal? Will your genes be affected as well? If they are, will your future children have the scent as well? The moment the child is born, the baby will reek of that scent.”
Li Lei’s expression darkened. “Tsk, tsk. How magical. In the legends, the moment a certain being is birthed, all the land within a thousand miles will be barren. Do you reckon this is due to that intense odor? Wow, the mere thought of it… how exciting.”
The more Chen Feng imagined it, the more colorful his imagination became.

Li Lei couldn’t take it anymore and interrupted Chen Feng. “Chen Feng!”
What in the world. After hearing all this from Chen Feng, now, he no longer had the courage to peruse the gene reagent anymore, not even if he was beaten to death. It wouldn’t matter as long as it only affected him, but if it was going to affect the next generation as well…
“Since you don’t want to use it yourself, you are not allowing others to use it either?” Li Lei grumbled. He could naturally see clearly that Chen Feng had said all that purposefully. Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “What nonsense. If you were to really end up with an intense scent around you, I’m afraid I would have to sever all relationship with you. In order to maintain our friendship, I have to fight for it.”
Li Lei did not know whether to laugh or cry. But then, after these words of Chen Feng’s, he indeed have up on the idea.


Suddenly, two fireworks erupted in the sky.

Chen Feng looked at the fireworks. “Yet another person has departed.”
“Yeah,  the  moment  the  devil  race  appeared,  the  entire aviation industry began researching crazily. All those rich fellows invested a huge sum of money to push the development of the aviation industry. In a period of half a year, the growth of the aviation industry has surpassed the total growth of the past several decades. Right now, migrating to the outer space had become the first priority of these people,”  Li Lei stated indifferently. Those people were completely different from
people like him.

Li Lei sneered. He held an intense disdain toward those people who only thought of escaping whenever a problem cropped up. “However, even outer space is not absolutely safe. If we can’t eliminate both the devils and ancients, a day might come where they start reaching for outer space as well. At that time, it will be too late for these people to start crying.” Li Lei was firm. “Improving ourselves and eliminating those fellows is the only correct path.”
Chen Feng nodded. “That is indeed so.”
“I reckon the research on the young prince will take some time. The devil race’s strength is still slowly increasing. As for us humans…”  Li Lei sighed. Humans were still too weak. If what Chen Feng had said was true about humanity not even being able to use the theoretical unique gene reagent made of urine, what should humanity do, then? The devil race, the ancient race… both of them were extremely problematic for humanity.

“Says who that we have no other options?” A screen popped out of Chen Feng’s wristband. Chen Feng made the screen public and asked, “Are you interested in taking a look at the result of what I have been researching the past few days?”
Li Lei raised his brow. “What is it?” For the past few days, Chen Feng had been unwilling to even approach that young prince. What could he have been researching?


Li Lei took a look at the screen. Instantly, his pupils shrunk.

“This is…”

Chapter 549: Where’s the Time?

Li Lei took a look and was immediately alarmed. Shroud! It was Shroud Art! Chen Feng was actually researching this thing!

“Have you gone crazy?” This was Li Lei’s first reaction. “Do you not know that researching this thing will reduce your life span?”
This thing was truly too dreadful. Back then, the Genetic Union had coveted this thing more than Chen Feng, yet upon witnessing with their own eyes Gou Li’s group aging so quickly before them, they had no longer harbored any thoughts toward this Shroud Art. Yet now, Chen Feng actually dared to study it? Had he gone crazy?

“Even if you are still young, you should not waste your youth like this!” Li Lei stated.

Chen Feng laughed bitterly. He was not an idiot. “It’s not as grave as you think.” “How is it not grave?” Li Lei stated furiously. “I was there as well. Anyone who uses this will start aging. If you truly insist on researching this thing… Let me think about it… How about letting that girlfriend of yours be the one to use this technique instead?”
“Huh?” Chen Feng blanked. How did this relate to Wang Yao?

“After all, she is still too young right now. Perhaps after using the technique, she will mature nicely. At that time, the two of you will match each other more.” Li Lei sighed endlessly.

Chen Feng: “…” Stupid pervert!

Li Lei curled his lips. “In short, you should not be the one to use this technique.”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes madly. “I naturally wouldn’t toy around with my own life. Since Gou Li’s group gave me the data regarding this technique, I will naturally not go around using it. At present, I am merely using this technique as the core in an attempt to create a brand new thing, a brand new Shroud Art,” Chen Feng declared sternly.

Li Lei’s eyes shone. “Oh?” If that was true… Li Lei’s heartbeat increased. “There’s hope of success?”
“Of course.” Chen Feng smiled in a profound manner. “I have already succeeded in creating a new Shroud Art. Naturally, this Shroud Art will still require the user to pay a price to use it, but the price is energy rather than vitality.”
“It’s good to use energy!”  Li Lei became agitated. Anything that could be solved with energy could not be considered a true problem. “Come, let me take a look. What is the result of your research?”
Li Lei became exceptionally excited. After all, he had personally witnessed the prowess of Shroud Art. If Chen Feng was truly able to succeed in his research and allow this new Shroud Art to be used during combat, the strength of humanity would increase greatly. With this, Chen Feng’s contribution toward humanity would become immeasurable.

After all, that Shroud Art was a forbidden technique capable of allowing a beyond A1 to contend against a beyond A9. Even if Chen Feng couldn’t completely recreate it, even if he was only able to recreate a version with only 10% its initial power…
Li Lei became incomparably excited at this thought. He started looking at Chen Feng’s screen.

“Hey? This seems somewhat different?”  Li Lei felt like this Shroud Art created by Chen Feng seemed somewhat odd.

“Of course it’s different,” Chen Feng stated confidently. “The original version of Shroud Art might have been powerful— unequaled even—but it was a mere spatial shroud. After all, that is something created just to deal with Lu Hun. Now, this Shroud Art created by me is not just something capable of countering spatial abilities users; it is also usable against any genetic warrior, any life-form!” Chen Feng was proud. For this new Shroud Art, he had exhausted no less than 1,000 luck value. This was the result of what he and Spirit had used several days and nights to complete. This was a truly powerful Shroud Art!

Li Lei clenched his fists tightly. “Excellent. Fast, show it to me.”
“Mhm.” Chen Feng stood up and prepared to demonstrate it.


In the laboratory, a robot appeared. This was a probing robot supplied by the Research Agency, a robot capable of detecting every energy in existence. Whatever ability one used on this robot, the robot would be able to clearly sense the effects of that ability. Even the undulations among the spatial particles were something this robot could detect. As such, this was a perfect choice to perform tests on abilities.

“I need an energy supply,”  Chen Feng said. To demonstrate this brand new Shroud Art, the amount of energy he had in him as a beyond B9 might be insufficient. Without any hesitation, Li Lei called over several genetic warriors specializing in energy recovery.

“With them here, you can erupt with the amount of energy a beyond A class has in a single burst. Let’s start.”
Li Lei was filled with expectation.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. He and Spirit had indeed done a trial run in a simulated environment. However, they had never used this Shroud Art for real in the physical world. As such, this was also their first time witnessing this technique in the real, since before this, they had not had enough energy to try this technique out in the physical world.

Now that everything was ready, he could finally see clearly the true might of this improved Shroud Art he had created using 1,000 luck value. 
Chen Feng pointed midair.

A formidable power undulated outward. Suddenly, the robot that was standing at a distance trembled.


In the laboratory, the data displayed on the surveillance device started leaping crazily. A score was being given to the power of this ability. The initial score of 0 points instantly reached 1,000!

Li Lei’s eyes widened. “It exceeded a thousand points!” From his memories, those abilities capable of surpassing a thousand points were normally at the very least 5-star secret arts. This Shroud Art… 
Three thousand points.

Four thousand points.

The score continued rising rapidly. A horrified expression had now appeared on Li Lei’s face. He was aware of how terrifying this Shroud Art was. However, he had never expected that it would be so terrifying. Chen Feng had merely demonstrated this ability in a casual manner, yet it was already able to have such a terrifying effect.

Soon, the score reached 8,000 points and stopped rising. Chen Feng checked the amount of energy he had left in his body. Even with several energy-recovery and energy-boosting specialists around him, the energy within his body had still been instantly emptied. would be required for one to use this Shroud Art.

Li  Lei  clenched  his  fists  tightly.  “Eight  thousand  points!” What did this score signify? Normally, only those 6-star secret arts, the strongest abilities of beyond A classes, could reach such a score. Even in the history of the Genetic Union, only 10 abilities had ever reached this score. And now, this new Shroud Art created by Chen Feng had joined the ranks of those legendary abilities as well. This would be a true legendary forbidden technique!

Li Lei was agitated. However, when he looked at the robot, he frowned. Even with the high score, the robot did not seem to be affected in any way.

Shua! Shua!

The robot was still wandering around aimlessly. Mhm… The robot was fine? In short, this was a support ability? Li Lei tried reading the data.

Attack: No changes.

Defense: No changes.

Speed, energy, recovery rate, healing rate, ability… Every single aspect measured showed no changes whatsoever.


What was going on? Li Lei blanked. If there were no changes, how had this score come about, then? He had no choice but to ask Chen Feng, “What is the function of this ability you created?”
“Function?” Chen Feng muttered. He glanced at the several hundreds of recorded data points from the robot, and his gaze landed directly on one of the data points. A satisfied smile appeared on his face as he said, “This… is the function!”

Chen Feng pointed at it. Li Lei glanced over. Instantly, he frowned. Nothing unusual could be seen there.

Start time: 10:04:56 seconds

Duration: 00:00:01 second

End time: 10:04:58 seconds

Shortly after, Li Lei discovered an abnormality. “Hold on. The recorded time…” His eyes widened abruptly. “Where is the missing one second?”

Chapter 550: Time Shroud

Where had that one second gone? Li Lei’s eyes widened. He thought that he had seen wrongly. He even thought that the device might have malfunctioned. However, when he studied it properly and found that there were no problems whatsoever with the device, it became clear to him.


His heart jolted furiously. “Could it be…”
“That’s right,” Chen Feng stated proudly. “Bi Quzhi created a spatial shroud. This time, after some modification and improvement by me, time shroud was created. The ability of this shroud is to take one second of time from its target.” Chen Feng paused slightly. “Regardless of the occasion, regardless of time, regardless of the target, regardless of whether the target is a human—or any kind of life-form—or an item, one second will be lost. This is my version of the true Shroud Art!”
Chen Feng’s confidence surged. Numerous tests had been performed by him and Spirit. He was the only one who knew how terrifying this ability was. Even if the time deducted was only one mere second, which might seem rather weak…
Li Lei’s eyes widened. Time shroud? He stared at the data from the robot and blanked. So it turned out this was the actual result of Chen Feng’s research for the past few days? Time… had always been the most unfathomable of all abilities in existence. At present, the Genetic Union paid close attention to all genetic warriors with time-related abilities. They received help in increasing their level to study the concept of time. However, the efforts of the Genetic Union had not borne any fruit. After all these years, the most those time specialists could do was speed up or slow down time. This was the limit of what they could accomplish.
For example, when one attacked, the attack that was supposed to be fast and imposing was suddenly slowed down. In this situation, this might be the work of a time-related ability. Or perhaps one could further increase the speed of time, and so on. Time was the most unfathomable of all abilities, yet it was also the ability that couldn’t be researched at all. All humanity had been able to do all this while was regulate it in some crude manner. Humanity had never been able to truly alter time itself. But now Chen Feng had achieved what humanity had failed all the while.

With this mysterious Shroud Art, Chen Feng had truly caused that one second to disappear. Li Lei had no idea where the stolen one second had gone, though.

“So… this is the power of the time shroud?” Li Lei exclaimed in admiration.

“That’s right,” Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration. This was the strongest ability he had ever created. Even if Gou Li and the rest were the ones who had completed the first step and he had only further improved on the ability, that still did not stop him from feeling admiration for this ability.

“It is indeed astonishing,”  said Li Lei. “If so…  at present, I have one question.”
Chen Feng looked at Li Lei. “Huh?” 
Chen Feng blanked. “Ah?”
“What can we do with the reduction of one mere second? If you could increase time by one second instead, I would most certainly be convinced, but to reduce time by a second? What’s the point? Moreover, you can only use it against a single person, right? What’s the point even if you can take away one second of your target’s time? Of course, if you could actually spam the ability and use it continuously, I guarantee you could spam it to the point your target started doubting life itself… However, looking at that terrifying energy cost, this is an ability you can only use once, right? During battle, when you use this ability, you can at most make your opponent older by one single second. What’s the point of that? It still won’t change anything,” Li Lei berated endlessly. Was this a powerful ability? Yes, it was. Any ability capable of altering time itself was the apex of all abilities. However…not all powerful abilities were applicable in battles. For example, the Genetic Union had some mysterious abilities capable of nourishing one’s skin and improving one’s beauty. What was the point of such an ability in a battle? At present, Chen Feng seemed to have created something similar as well. 
“Oh.”  Chen  Feng  scratched  his  head.  “It’s  not  that  weak, right?”
Li Lei sneered. “How is that not weak? Come, try using it against me.”
“Fine.” After fully recovering his energy, Chen Feng cast his time shroud on Li Lei.

Li Lei fixed his gaze at the time. Indeed, during that instant, he felt like time had mysteriously leaped one second forward.

“I have no feeling whatsoever.” Li Lei shrugged. “As for the disappearing second, honestly, if I wasn’t looking at my watch, I wouldn’t even know what had happened… This ability…” Li Lei had a worried expression. “Naturally, this ability is not cast this ability on a single person, perhaps, one or two seconds could be instantly taken… Mhm… Perhaps around 100 beyond A classes would be required for that. But then, if we had that many beyond A classes, we can instead use regular methods and kill the target instead. Besides that, the Genetic Union has gathered statistics on time travel before as well,” Li Lei stated with a solemn tone of voice.

“Oh?” Chen Feng was astonished. There actually existed a record detailing time travel?

“Of   course.”   Without   a   change   in   expression,   Li   Lei continued, “After our investigation, we noted that at present, the only successful example of time travel is in the morning before one goes to work. When one is awakened by the alarm clock, one can try taking an extra one or two minutes of sleep. At that point, there is a high chance that one will mysteriously travel directly to two hours in the future. One has obviously slept for only two extra minutes, yet one was able to travel forward two hours. When that happens, that person will most definitely be late to work. Is this not a mystical phenomenon?”
“…” around with him? What a damnable English-textbook main character!

“You feel like I’m telling you something useless, right?” Li Lei curled his lips and stated helplessly, “This time shroud of yours is similarly useless as well.”
Chen Feng raised his brow. “That’s not for sure.”
He recalled that during his series of tests with Spirit, countless different situations had been tested. Theoretically, this ability to take one second might seem useless. However, if it was used during a crucial moment…
Chen Feng suddenly asked, “Do you have any powerful burst abilities that required the power to be gathered first?”
Li Lei nodded. “Yes.” 
“Fine.” Li Lei was also curious about what exactly Chen Feng was trying to prove.


Radiance started converging in his hand. A boundless and terrifying power started gathering around him. An ability that required even a powerful beyond A8 like him to condense energy before using was most definitely an extremely powerful killing move. After ten whole seconds, he finished his condensation.


He pointed, aiming the attack straight at the robot. It was certain that with his present attack damage, this terrifying ability he launched would be sufficient to blast this robot into nothingness. In order to avoid receiving a scolding from the Research Agency for wasting resources, he had even Right at this instant, Chen Feng made a move as well.

Chen Feng pointed midair. “Time shroud!”  Once again, the same ability was used on Li Lei.

A faint wave of light undulated out. And then… nothing happened. As usual, nothing had happened after the usage of this ability. The activation of this time shroud seemed as bland as ever. However, this time, Li Lei’s eyes opened wide.

Li Lei was dumbstruck. “Where’s my attack?”
Chen Feng beamed. “It has been released by you.”
Li Lei was somewhat dumbstruck. “Where has the attack gone, then?” Chen Feng maintained the wide smile on his face. “I have no idea. After all, that one second has vanished…”

Instantly, Li Lei started sweating. Only now, finally, did he gaze at Chen Feng with an unbelieving gaze, staring at that ordinary and mediocre-looking hand of Chen Feng’s. Time shroud… could actually be used this way? Nobody knew where that one second had gone. Nobody knew what happened to that one missing second. Just like that, that one second was gone from existence. This…was the time shroud!
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