The Strongest Gene Chapter 531-540

Chapter 531: Nope, Not Increasing in Power at All

All their hearts chilled. “It’s over.”
Right at this moment, a figure appeared suddenly to block in front of Li Lei. Everyone glanced over and was greatly alarmed, as that person was precisely Chen Feng.

A bellow could be heard. “Chen Feng, go away!”
Li Lei was going to be killed. If even Chen Feng was killed as well… They could already imagine how much of a loss that would be for humanity. They still had no idea why the devil race was so persistently trying to kill Li Lei. However, Chen Feng absolutely could not die. In front of him presently was a devil race member with the combat power of a beyond A8, whereas Chen Feng… Despite Chen Feng being truly strong, he was still only a beyond B9. Between Chen Feng and this devil race member, there was a gap of nine ranks. Everyone was anxious, hoping that Chen Feng wouldn’t deliver himself to death.

Chen Feng inhaled. He was aware of his own strength. However, he was even more curious about the real reason the devil race was insistently trying to kill Li Lei. Why was that? Was it due to Han Meimei? Chen Feng laughed with self- mockery as he thought of a joke that nobody of this world could understand.


A piercing chill could be felt from the air. The devil race member’s attack had finally arrived. Chen Feng’s eyes became sharp and a full set of Energy Equipment appeared all around his body. Gazing at the powerful devil race member in front of him, his hand slowly stretched out. Bang!

A dazzling radiance erupted. The eyes of the devil race member gleamed coldly as the power in its hand became even sharper. This was an ability that the devil race was aware of.

Back then, during the Star City battle, the final defeat of the devil race had been due to this ability. Even though nobody had been aware of this back then, along with the spread of Chen Feng’s name after that battle, this ability had become similarly well known as well. Moreover, this ability of Chen Feng’s had been analyzed clearly, especially by the experts of the devil race.


God Punisher

Pro: Incomparably powerful. The longer the cast time, the more powerful it will be. Con: The strength of the attack during the first half minute is pitifully weak.


The devil race member sneered as it recalled the description of this ability. Hehe. Was Chen Feng truly treating the devil race as some wild beasts? Did the humans truly believe that the devil race members did not know how to go online? For this devil race member to come here, it had already been ready to not return alive. As such, it didn’t fear anything. If so, why would it be afraid of this ability of Chen Feng’s that had a long activation time?

“Die!”  The figure of the devil race member vanished into nothingness. Its powerful attack merged with its body. The devil race member planned to kill both Chen Feng and Li Lei.

“Damn it!”
The expressions of the beyond A classes there changed greatly as they saw this. If something happened to both Chen Feng and Li Lei…
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah!”
They struggled frantically. The imprints sealing the movement of their bodies were already tottering. Some cracks had even appeared. Alas, the imprints still remained. This was a forbidden sacrificial technique. The more enemies there were, the weaker the might would be. As such, the devil race member had only proceeded with sealing them after properly calculating the amount of beyond A classes here, just so they could have this single opportunity to kill.

Bang! Bang!

The beyond A classes erupted with their final struggle, yet the imprints remained. They could only watch on with despair as that devil race member pierced through Chen Feng and Li Lei with a terrifying radiance. That pitch-black streak in the air…
Xiu! The pitch-black streak flashed forth. The expected piercing did not appear. Instead, that terrifying black radiance paused midair as a familiar figure appeared from amid the darkness. That was Chen Feng! Everyone’s eyes widened as they noticed that Chen Feng was actually still alive.

Even that devil race member was staring at Chen Feng with an expression of disbelief. None of them had expected that the mere peak B-class Chen Feng was actually capable of forcefully blocking a single attack from this devil race member. Moreover, this was an incredibly powerful attack, equivalent to a full-powered strike from a beyond A8. He was skipping ranks while battling? But how was this possible?

This devil race member here did not have the strength of those beyond A1 warriors who had just broken through. Rather, it had the strength of a beyond A8, an expert nearly at the top of existence. How had this…
A terrifying radiance flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes, causing one’s heart to flutter. This sight was extremely unfamiliar yet 
“Hehe.” Chen Feng merely smiled but did not say anything.


A mouthful of blood was spat out.

Chen Feng cursed. “Damn it.” Currently, his entire body was aching, nearly collapsing, yet he forced himself to stood firm and upright. He could most definitely resist this. He was Chen Feng, after all, a person who, when he’d first entered B class back then, had already been capable of killing A classes. Now that he was a peak beyond B class and his strength had greatly increased, why couldn’t he kill a beyond A class?

What was there to be afraid of? Beyond A8? So what? did the devil race member believe that only the devil race knew about sacrificial battling methods? 
The veins all over Chen Feng’s body ruptured. Even the Energy Equipment failed to protect these veins. At the instance of the rupture, a powerful energy condensed within Chen Feng’s body, helping him block this formidable first strike.

An ear-piercing shout from that devil race member resounded. “How did you defend against that attack?”
The God Punisher here was truly excessively powerful. This was not supposed to be possible. If this was the same God Punisher from back then and it had truly been this powerful, wasn’t Chen Feng someone capable of defying even the heavens? This ability…
Xiu! Xiu!

Two sounds erupted in succession. Once again, the devil race member charged at Chen Feng. The devil race member had to kill Chen Feng as soon as possible. That was because, based on the activation method of God Punisher, the longer one waited, would truly be dead in the hands of this ability if he waited.

Kill! The alarmed devil race member pushed all its strength out and concentrated it on Chen Feng.

“Ah.” Chen Feng sneered. “You truly believe that the present God Punisher is still the same as the past God Punisher? The progress of half a year…” Chen Feng stated with melancholy.


Once again, a terrifying radiance converged together.

The speed of release and eruption of the present God Punisher was much greater than when Chen Feng had just broken through into B class back then. This was a God Punisher that was in a totally different league.

Xiu! with the devil race member’s attack.

Bang! Bang!

A bright explosion erupted. Both of them were actually evenly matched.

“This, this…”
The devil race member was dumbstruck. How had this happened? It could clearly sense that this God Punisher was still increasing in strength. According to this, the devil race member was no longer Chen Feng’s match. The memory of how the ancient race member had suffered from God Punisher back then was still vivid. What to do, then? This devil race member was obviously collapsing emotionally. They had made a huge amount of preparations and even prepared a suicide attack as their final trump card. Unexpectedly, their perfect plan was being stopped by Chen Feng alone. What to do? The devil race member panicked. The strength of Chen Feng’s God Punisher was obviously increasing, and those beyond A classes were on the verge of breaking out of their imprints. One more second and this devil race member would die here. It would either be killed by those beyond A
classes or by Chen Feng’s God Punisher.

It was not afraid of death. However, the mission had to be completed before that. The devil race member could not die pointlessly here. As long as Li Lei was still unconscious, the devil race member would still have a chance to kill him in the future.

The devil race member made the correct decision. Depart!


Instantly, this final devil race member retreated rapidly. Its body vanished into nothingness and was concealed after taking one more attack of Chen Feng’s by force.


The air trembled, yet the devil race was already nowhere to be seen. And now, finally, those beyond A classes were free of the imprints sealing them. They wanted to pursue that devil race member yet had no idea where to start and could only look at the Chen Feng that was shining so dazzlingly there.

However, for reasons unknown, the God Punisher that was supposed to be increasing in strength was actually becoming weaker, to the point the attacks were nearly nonexistent right now. Finally, with Chen Feng maintaining the same pose when God Punisher was first activated…
Pop! It was obvious that a particular ability was trying to be released yet had been stuck for a long time, failing to be released. Only some leftover energy was shot out before God Punisher stopped.


Everyone was somewhat dumbstruck as they saw this. Was this a fraud God Punisher? Right at this instant, Chen Feng’s body collapsed.

“Chen Feng?”
Everyone around him was greatly alarmed. Chen Feng was still sober and could only watch helplessly as his body collapsed. In order to block the first attack of that devil race member, his strongest trump cards had already been used: Virus Mode, God Punisher, and Energy Equipment. These three combined was already the strongest eruption he was capable of. How was it possible for this God Punisher to perform as usual, to grow stronger the longer it was activated? Chen Feng had merely used his Luck Aura to change the sequence of release and had released the final abilities first before letting the weaker abilities out. This time, the circumstances had truly
been dangerous. As such, Chen Feng had forced the strongest ability out immediately after activation. For this version of God Punisher, only the first two seconds would consist of powerful attacking abilities. As such, Chen Feng had only been able to last for two seconds.

The only reason it had still been so powerful was because of Chen Feng’s Virus Mode. Indeed, Virus Mode. This was a unique ability Chen Feng had created early on. By using the aurora reagent, he entered Virus Mode, forcing the affinity of his spiritual energy to the peak. Next, God Punisher erupted, releasing this explosive attack. As for the aftereffects, Chen Feng could clearly feel that his entire body had been emptied of energy. This was also the reason he didn’t dare to use the aurora reagent as he wished.

At his present level, using this aurora reagent was nearly equivalent to suicide. The strength was too powerful and terrifying. If his normal energy usage was equivalent to unleashing a water pipe, using God Punisher was equivalent to releasing a flood dam, a supereruption. What of aurora reagent, then? The description “the torrent rolls thunderously on for a thousand li” would be the apt description for this.


Chen Feng collapsed on the ground even as his body remained straight. Numerous cries of alarm resounded around him.

Chapter 532: Bastard

“Chen Feng!”
They all cried out in alarm. Chen Feng’s collapse had truly alarmed everyone present. The employees of Genetic Union took him into the building hastily and started feeding him energy-regeneration gene reagent. Only with this did a wisp of energy reappear in Chen Feng’s body.

Hou Liang, who had rushed over, anxiously asked, “How are you feeling?”
The employee shook his head. “He’s fine. He overexerted his energy. He will be fine after taking a rest.”
Only at this did Hou Liang heave a sigh of relief. “That’s good.” After hearing about the devil race’s surprise attack and Chen Feng’s unconsciousness, he had truly been given quite a fright.

“How about that devil race member?” asked Hou Liang. “Already  escaped.  However,  based  on  our  guess,  it  could come back to attack at any time,” the employee stated honestly.

Hou Liang told them, “The security here will be handed to you guys.”
Everyone was wearing a solemn expression. Several beyond A classes were outside looking for traces of that devil race member. They were aware of how terrifying this devil race member was, a devil race member who was ready to die accomplishing his mission. This time, they would most certainly not give him any chances.

“Has Lord Li Lei awakened?”
“No.” “Heal him as quickly as possible. We need to know what secret it is that he has discovered. Only by leaking that secret will the devil race member stop trying to assassinate him.”
They were sure that after the secret was leaked, it would be pointless for the devil race member to kill him.

“All right,” the employees replied.

Shortly afterward, the treatment of Li Lei using numerous gene reagents began. Both Chen Feng and Li Lei were on the verge of regaining consciousness. Several beyond A classes increased their vigilance as they patrolled. They were aware that if the devil race still intended to assassinate Li Lei, now would be the time to do it.


A cold gleam flashed past. Here it comes!

Everyone’s eyes shone.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Numerous terrifying cold gleams streaked toward Li Lei.

They sneered. We have been waiting a long time for you.

If it was an undetected ambush, such as what had happened, when the devil race members first appeared, there might still have been a chance of success. Now that so many beyond A classes were standing guard here, regardless of how strong that devil race member was, he would still have to submit. So what if his strength had reached beyond A8?

“Rise!” Surrounding Li Lei, three beyond A classes erected a defense.

They were all confident in their strength. However, to be safe, they had decided to still erect numerous layers of defense so as to not give that devil race member any openings. Presently, the rest of the beyond A classes were attempting to surround that devil race member on all sides.

Their powerful attacks were seemingly going to pierce through that devil race member.

All of them had cold gazes. “Die.”
Xiu! Xiu!

The devil race member’s attack finally landed on Li Lei. Surprisingly, the attack that appeared so powerful failed to even cause a ripple on their defensive barrier before the attack was directly destroyed.


Everyone felt doubtful. They had already expected that they would be able to defend against this attack, but for it to be this easy… They looked at the energy and noted that not a single bit of the energy supply of their defensive barrier had been exhausted. That seemingly terrifying attack had actually been a feint!

All of their expressions sank. “Careful!”
Midair, the attacks of the beyond A classes finally reached the devil race member as well.

Pu! Pu! A series of oppressive sounds echoed. All their attacks had blasted into the devil race member’s body.


Blood splattered everywhere. Instantly, the devil race member was heavily injured and flung away. Not a feint? They were somewhat dumbstruck. They had believed that this devil race member had feigned an attack at Li Lei while condensing a truly powerful attack to deal with the other beyond A classes. Unexpectedly, it hadn’t even resisted their attacks and had been inflicted with heavy injuries just like that.

What was going on? Had the injury it suffered the other day been too serious? However, just as everyone was still feeling doubtful, the heavily injured devil race that had been flung to the ground suddenly erupted at the split second when everyone had relaxed their vigilance. A familiar radiance appeared. That was the power of sacrifice! That’s right, just as the two other devil race members sacrificed themselves, this final devil race member once again used the method of sacrifice on himself. Once again, the several beyond A classes consolidated their defenses.

Surprisingly, this time, the devil race member switched his target.


The radiance surged. The devil race member’s new target was Chen Feng.


The terrifying attack shot straight at Chen Feng. Everyone was stupefied. Chen Feng? What? Was the devil race’s target not Li Lei?

Previously, when Chen Feng had been blocking in front of Li Lei, this devil race member had only intended to get around him to deal with Li Lei and had not planned to kill Chen Feng at all, but now… What was going on, exactly? This devil race member was ignoring Li Lei and sacrificing himself just to kill Chen Feng? Everyone was dumbstruck. As a result of their stupefaction, they were unable to react in time. Even those beyond A classes failed to catch up to the attack, since this devil race member was truly too powerful.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

The killing intent of the devil race pervaded the air. A terrifying power locked onto Chen Feng. At present, the Chen Feng who had only recovered a bit after the initial treatment was jolted awake by that bone-piercing aura. Just as he opened his eyes, a huge shadow could be seen streaking toward him. His eyes widened.

His thoughts started operating at hyperspeed. Instantly, everything around him seemed to slow down. Spirit immediately transmitted the information on everything that had happened to his brain. Finally, Chen Feng understood what was happening. This devil race member had actually switched his target at the last moment.

Chen Feng’s expression darkened. “Shit.” He had never expected that he would be targeted by this devil race member. Wasn’t this devil race member supposed to kill Li Lei to protect their secret? What was the point of killing Chen Feng? Even now, Chen Feng could not understand why this devil race member was trying to kill him instead. Apart from the devil race, nobody knew the reason.

Hum— That terrifying radiance was going to reach Chen Feng at the next instant. Regardless of how fast Chen Feng’s present thoughts were, regardless of how powerful Luck Aura was, in such a circumstance, regardless of whether it was Chen Feng himself or Spirit, they would not be able to think of a good
solution. No matter what, this seemed like a hopeless situation. Unless…
Chen Feng sighed.

“You truly want to do that?” asked Spirit.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “What else can I do?” Looking at the incoming attack that was tearing apart even space itself, Chen Feng focused his gaze. He assumed a proper pose before lightly waving his right hand. Next, a red flash shot out of his hand.

“Run, Xiao Ying!”
Xiu! The red flash shone dazzlingly before colliding with the incoming shadow.


A bright explosion erupted.

“Trying to kill me with just this?”  The devil race member laughed nastily. He had indeed failed to assassinate Li Lei. However, if he was able to kill Chen Feng instead…

Although this red streak was powerful, it was still not a match for this devil race member. This red streak that was like a tiny worm would not be able to stop this devil race member for even a single millisecond. The gap between them was simply too huge. Alas, the excitement of this devil race member was not long lived. Just as it was about to destroy this tiny red snake, a terrifying aura appeared suddenly as a tender and fair hand pierced space to appear here. Bang!

The fair hand clasped, forming a fist, and punched down resoundingly.

Ka! Ka!

The devil race member’s eyes widened. He could clearly feel that at this instant, the space before him, including his attack, including everything else, shattered as cracks started appearing.

How is this possible…

This devil race member watched on in shock as his body transformed into countless fragments before vanishing in the air. Where the red radiance had been previously, a petite figure appeared. Why… had… this happened? The devil race vanished with dissatisfaction. At this moment, the radiance dispersed. A young lady with a bathrobe wrapped around her appeared. Her feet were bare and she was staring at Chen Feng furiously. “Bastard! I told you, don’t ever use such a method to summon me!”
Ming Yue was bursting with rage. Was this bastard doing it on purpose? Every time he summoned her, it was when she was taking a shower! If she wasn’t sure that Chen Feng had no way of crossing over to her world, she would even start to believe that Chen Feng had installed a hidden camera in her bathroom. This was too excessive! Hadn’t Chen Feng claimed that Xiao Ying was his brother? Who would toss their brother out in the middle of a fight? Wasn’t this too excessive? Even if this was not a true biological brother, this still wasn’t proper, right?

Chapter 533: Only You

“Indeed…”  A  smile  formed  on  Chen  Feng’s  face.  He  had known that when Xiao Ying faced danger, Ming Yue would most certainly appear. This was quite a bizarre summoning method, though.

Ming Yue snorted. “I will destroy you sooner or later.”  She raised her bathrobe and glared at Chen Feng before throwing a glance at the happily smiling Xiao Ying. At that sight, her anger lowered somewhat. “What are you laughing about? No matter what, you are still an intelligent life form. Why have you not grown up yet even after so long? Has the growth of your brain been allocated to your length instead?” Ming Yue was furious.

Chen Feng: “…”
This was the first time he’d heard someone use such a unique method  of  scolding  someone,  although  the  “length”  in  his mind was different than the “length” in Ming Yue’s mind. One was thinking of the growth of age, and the other was referring to a growth in length. Mhm… Ming Yue was quite well studied in human literature, after all. “When I’m done with my affairs over there, I will personally come  and  give  you  lessons.”  Ming  Yue  glared  at  Xiao  Ying before looking at Chen Feng. “Don’t keep using this method to summon me. The danger level will not always be transmitted correctly to me. If I fail to sense it in time…” Ming Yue warned
Chen Feng solemnly before leaving.

Chen Feng smiled. “All right.” He had also been forced to summon Ming Yue. If not for the unique circumstances he had been in previously, he wouldn’t have used such a method to summon her. That was because the exhaustion of using this summoning method was rather…
At this thought, Chen Feng checked his luck value, and his heart ached. The distance between Xiao Ying and Ming Yue was too far, a distance of two worlds. As such, even if Xiao Ying encountered danger, Ming Yue could only sense it from a different world. Under such circumstances, numerous factors, such as spatial flow and so on, might affect her ability to sense Xiao Ying’s danger. As such, the instant when Ming Yue sensed the danger might not necessarily be the exact same instant that Xiao Ying encountered danger. This was also the reason Ming Yue had left such a solemn warning to Chen Feng. However… Chen Feng sighed.

In order to ensure that Ming Yue would sense the danger immediately, his luck value had been consumed. The amount of luck value exhausted to clear the spatial flows between both worlds had reached a staggering 1,000 points. This was an extremely terrifying amount. Even though Chen Feng had been saving up his luck value during the past half year, he still couldn’t afford to waste them this way.

“Only 2,000 points remain…”
Chen Feng’s heart ached. Half a year! Apart from the several times he had used it to increase the skill usage history for his God Punisher, he had been saving them and had managed to save only 3,000 points in total. For his God Punisher’s advancement, he had been using several luck value per day to release never-before-used abilities from his Myriad Illusions in order to accumulate his history of used abilities.

At times, one luck value would be sufficient to release several new abilities, but at other times, several luck value would be required to release only a single ability. Slowly, the many abilities in his Myriad Illusions were released and the accumulation of his God Punisher changed. This was rather stable progress. This was also the reason Chen Feng had been able to contend against that devil race member earlier by using God Punisher and Virus Mode.

Alas, he was ultimately still too weak. Despite his ample preparations, he had still been unable to properly contend against that devil race member. It was the same this time. The opponent had been too strong, to the point Chen Feng hadn’t even been able to unleash his God Punisher in time. Ultimately, he’d had no choice but to forcefully summon Ming Yue.

Despite the fact that the devil race member had indeed been eliminated, the exhaustion of his luck value was truly…
Chen Feng sighed. He had lost 1,000 of his pitiful 3,000 luck value with only a single summon. How could his heart not ache? Yes, Big Sister Ming Yue was indeed powerful. However, the exhaustion from summoning her was truly too excessive.

“Seems like I have to take note of this in the future.”  Chen Feng sighed yet again. He was not only anxious about his safety, he was also hurting from the exhaustion of his luck value. He raised his head and was welcomed with gazes of reverence from the people around him.

They couldn’t help but respect him. This Chen Feng guy hadn’t only reached the apex in gene production, even when looking for wives, his wives were apex experts as well. He was simply a winner at life!

“A friend…”
Chen Feng wanted to give an explanation yet found it impossible to explain. How was he supposed to explain this? Telling them that lady was a summon of a friend of his? Or perhaps the leader of the harem his friend had summoned? Who would actually believe that?

Right at this moment, a groan was heard. Everyone’s attention was attracted as they noted that the Li Lei that had been being hunted by the devil race had finally regained consciousness. “Li Lei!”
The  deputy  president  walked  over  emotionally.  “Are  you fine?”
Li Lei shook his head. “I’m fine. Devil race…”
The  deputy  president  comforted  him.  “The  devil  race members chasing after you have been killed. Don’t worry.”
“No, that’s not what I mean.” Li Lei seemed agitated. “In the devil race’s territory, I discovered traces of S class.”
Everyone widened their eyes. Devil race? S class? This single sentence of Li Lei’s was akin to a storm that engulfed the entire Genetic Union. All their experts, all the beyond A classes, even those who were still in seclusion forcibly left their seclusion in advance before rushing over to this place to try to listen to the secret Li Lei had discovered.
This was, after all, something pertaining to S class… All their hearts trembled. At present, humanity was at a bottleneck. Regardless of the old A classes of the past or the beyond A classes of the present, to break through their bottleneck, there was only one possibility: entering S class and fusing with a brand new genetic ability, thus creating more powerful abilities.

“Which clan of the devil race?”
“What ability is it?”
Everyone was going crazy. “Have  you  guys  not  sensed  it?”   Li  Lei  paused.  “When scouting in the devil race territories, I accidentally encountered the devil race’s sacrificial ceremony. I tried spoiling that ceremony, yet unexpectedly, they still successfully awakened that… terrifying devil race member! That was also the devil race member that injured me. Otherwise, those three devil race members wouldn’t have been my match at all,” Li Lei stated hatefully.

So that’s the case. Everyone finally understood. Previously, they had still been wondering why Li Lei was being chased by those three despite his strength. So it turned out that there was a particular extremely powerful devil race member. True, only such an expert could accomplish such a feat.

The experts of Genetic Union exchanged glances and gulped. S class… That was an S class! If they could kill that S-class devil race member, if they could obtain its gene…
They were all tempted.

The news brought by Li Lei was too shocking. So shocking that these experts that had been stuck at the peak of beyond A class for a long time could no longer maintain their calm. It was no wonder that the devil race had been trying to kill Li Lei. Such a secret…
However, this just made some of them more curious. “Why did it change its target to Chen Feng toward the end, then?”
After Li Lei found out what had happened, he understood immediately. Sneering, he said, “The reason for that is simple. To produce a true S-class gene reagent, an exceptionally powerful gene producer is required. Presently, among humanity, Chen Feng is the only one capable of this.”
Chen Feng waved his hands. “How is that possible? Those great masters are all better than me in production.”
Yes, his production level was indeed high. However, those old great masters were much better than him in terms of production. He couldn’t contend with them.

“Indeed,  their  production  levels  are  higher  than  yours. However, their combat power is too weak, so weak that they can’t  even  defend  themselves.”  Li  Lei  shook  his  head.  “To produce a true S-class gene reagent, the producer will have to enter that place where the devil race members were being awakened. There, danger is everywhere. It is impossible for those gene producers to return alive from such a place. This is
even more true for the older generations of gene producers. Their combat power is nonexistent. Only you, Chen Feng! You are the best option for becoming the producer of this S-class gene reagent. This will also be the most powerful gene reagent in the history of humanity: an S-class fusion gene reagent!”

Chapter 534: Target: Devil Race

S class, a unique existence. The strongest person Chen Feng had ever encountered was only a peak beyond A class. With the appearance of the beyond X gene reagent, the time at which one could reach A class from F class had been greatly reduced. However, for those that were already at the apex of existence, this gene reagent did not change much. What these people required was a way to break through the bottleneck, the bottleneck known as S class.

There was an S class among the devil race. This fact had yet to be verified, but based on Chen Feng’s guess, the old man who had never made his move was probably in S class. This old man Chen Feng was thinking about was Qin Hai’s master, who had been known as Sage back in the ancient era.

This was also why humanity had such fear toward the ancient race. The ancient race was already in such circumstance yet that old man still remained unmoved. What exactly was that old man planning to do? Nobody knew. The only thing humanity could do was pay close attention to the ancient race for fear of anything unexpected happening. From this, the deterrence power of an S class was apparent. However, regardless of how powerful the ancient race’s S class was, it had nothing to do with humanity. After all, it wasn’t like the S class would teach humans how to breakthrough or something like that. However, now that there was an S class among the devil race as well…
This fact truly alarmed everyone. In truth, the devil race’s system was quite similar to humanity’s genetic system. As such, an S-class devil race definitely possessed a seventh ability, a seventh powerful gene. As long as humanity could obtain this gene… Everyone was tempted.

“S class is too strong. We are totally not that devil race member’s match,” one of them said after shaking his head. They recalled the scene earlier when that devil aura had pervaded the air. The strength of the S-class devil race member was simply too scary. It wasn’t something they could deal with.

Li Lei shook his head. “No, no. If that was really the case, why would the devil race be so desperate? The reason they are so nervous is because that powerful S class has yet to fully awaken.” Everyone’s eyes widened. “What?”
“That devil race is too strong.” Li Lei sneered. “But the devil race’s remaining energy supply is too low. As such, they have to slowly awaken that expert, which will require a huge amount of sacrifices. This is also the reason the devil race hasn’t appeared for half a year. They have been busy doing this. Unfortunately for them, I was able to accidentally discover this. We only need to interrupt their sacrifice ceremony and that expert devil race will be an empty shell akin to a puppet. What we want is its corpse and blood essence.”
Everyone’s eyes shone. If that was the case, it was doable.

“When should we do it?” someone asked.

“Now!” Li Lei answered without hesitation. “The earlier, the better. When I discovered them, the ceremony was already in progress. Even if the ceremony duration is rather long because the gap between their strength and that expert’s is too huge, if we delay this, some unwanted variables might appear. Perhaps the devil race might have some other methods to speed this up.” 
“If so, let’s go now.”
Everyone stood up. The deputy president looked at Li Lei anxiously. “Are you fine?”
Li Lei shook his head. “I’m fine. I have merely overexerted my energy. As for the other injuries, they are merely external. I will allow them to slowly heal while on the way.”
The deputy president nodded. “That’s good to hear. Let me know if there’s anything you need.”
Now that humanity had once again stumbled upon hope, they had to grab it. If they could produce a sufficient amount of S-class gene reagents, human society would…
S class! The mere thought of this caused their hearts to tremble. It might finally be possible for humanity to truly 
“The devil race is, after all, not some pushover. Even if the amount that have reawakened is rather low, all of them are exceptionally powerful. As such, I need 10 beyond-A-class warriors.” Li Lei stated his requests without hesitation. “As for the remaining support warriors, the Genetic Union can arrange as they deem necessary.”
The deputy president agreed. “All right.”
“As for gene production…”
Li Lei looked at Chen Feng, “Just as I mentioned previously, Chen Feng is the most optimal choice for this. However, to go or not, or whether he can go or not, or whether he can actually produce it or not, he will have to consider it himself. After all, this is an S-class gene reagent. This is something no producers have ever encountered.”
“I’m going,” Chen Feng answered without hesitation. Since this was related to S class, he had to participate. This was about the future of humanity, about the direction this world would take. As such, he had to personally partake rather than stay a spectator like he had been previously.

Li Lei was overwhelmed by his emotions. “Very good. Let’s depart now, then.”
“Gene materials…” Chen Feng was somewhat worried about the materials.

However, the Genetic Union had directly deployed 10 beyond- B-class genetic warriors to join them, each of them carrying a huge bundle containing materials. Any material that might be required was now here.

“You guys will be carrying them like this?” Chen Feng wiped his sweat. Were there no spatial abilities or spatial storage systems? the materials will have to be carried physically.”
Chen Feng was speechless. It was apparent that this time, the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association were contributing everything they could. That was understandable, though. After all, this pertained to the legendary S class. As such, proper preparations were required.

Chen Feng gazed off into the distance. Would the ancient race allow this to happen?

At the present moment, in a certain location at the ancient race’s territory, a green radiance covered everything. Lu Hun gazed at the sleeping lady beside him, and his expression was so unsightly it was scary. He had spent an entire year to change her mind. He had been kneeling to his master requesting for help to let her know that she was his wife. By way of memory recall, which wasn’t as real as one experiencing it personally once again, more akin to a movie being played in one’s mind, the lady had finally understood that she was the wife of Lu her.

After a year of begging, he had finally managed to persuade this lady to return to him. However, this lady had also put forth her requests. He was not allowed to touch her or do anything improper to her. All this he could accept. After all, the both of them had been together for countless years, and what was even more precious for him was the feeling between them. However, what Lu Hun couldn’t accept was the fact that…
He raised his head, looking at the framed picture by the lady’s bed. Within the frame was a picture of a youth whose laughter seemed rather cheerful. Mhm… this was a picture of Chen Feng.


Lu Hun clenched his fist in anger to the point that he crushed his own bones. Was rebirth truly something so difficult? He had returned to the past, taking her to the future. Alas, her memories seemed problematic. Regardless of how many times the hero on rainbow clouds that had saved her was still Chen Feng rather than Lu Hun. He had even tried erasing traces of Chen Feng from this lady’s memory, yet he’d failed.

This scared him greatly. This was because he had tried erasing memories of others before. With a simple tap, the memories of anyone would vanish without leaving a single trace behind. However, when it came to Chen Feng, regardless of how many times he attempted, he failed.

“Is it because Chen Feng’s existence is too great, or is it my ability that’s still not strong enough?”
Lu Hun felt doubtful, yet he did not linger much on these thoughts. It wouldn’t matter. He only needed to kill Chen Feng before once again attempting to clear the memory. He was planning to personally make a move using the most direct method: killing Chen Feng before erasing all traces of Chen Feng’s existence.

He stood up and glanced at the sleeping lady. He was tempted to give her a kiss, yet from the corner of his eyes, he noted that the Chen Feng in the picture seemed to be smiling in a perverted fashion. Instantly, his expression darkened and he nearly smashed the picture.

Hold it in, hold it in, Lu Hun warned himself. He was aware that the moment he did that, this lady would most definitely leave him resolutely. This tiny spark of hope he had obtained after one year of begging was not allowed to be spoiled in such a fashion.


He left the room. With an ugly expression, the diamond on his forehead shone green. At the door, the people from the ancient race were already waiting for him.

“Has the information been confirmed?”
“Yes. The traces of a big battle between the humans and devils is too obvious. Based on our investigation, among the humans heading toward the devil race is Chen Feng.” Lu Hun’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Very good.” It was about time he dealt with this.

Chen Feng, I shall be waiting for you!

Chapter 535: Peed on It?

Devil race.

Cold wind howled everywhere. Outside a crude-looking altar, an elderly devil race member was kneeling on the ground as tears streamed down his face. “That lamp… has been extinguished.”
The hearts of the other devil race members trembled. They knew very clearly what that lamp signified. The future of the devil race depended on that lamp. Now that the lamp had been noiselessly extinguished… it seemed like the future of the devil race was gone as well.

“We received news that the humans are already preparing to come here,” one devil race member stated.

A different devil race member sighed. “The people from the ancient race might come as well.” Was this the reason that lamp had been extinguished? Humans… ancient race… They shut their eyes in pain. During the holy war back then, the devil race had been able to evade the disaster and had watched on as the barbarians fell. Unexpectedly, now, they did not even have the chance to
restore their civilization.

A sigh could be heard. “If we had known it would be like this, back then…”
“What should we do now?” asked several devil race members, their faces remaining expressionless. Since even that lamp had been extinguished, was there still any hope for the devil race?

“Get the prince here,”  the elderly devil race member said with a sigh.

“All right.”
Shortly afterward, a young devil race member appeared. His height was less than two meters, and his body shape was rather similar to a human’s. On his face was a pair of lively eyes. He was Ling, the youngest prince of the devil race. Based on how humans calculated their age, this prince would be 12 years old. That was also why they’d been able to awaken this prince this early.

After the prince they had been waiting for was castrated by the humans, the elders of the devil race had put all their hope on this young prince. The sequence of the awakening of the devil race members depended on the strength of the awakened devil race members. Apart from this, if one wished to awaken any particular devil race member earlier than the natural sequence, a high price would have to be paid. An example was this elderly devil race member.

He coughed as he felt his vitality leaking out.

The elderly devil race member sighed. “Your majesty. The devil race no longer has any hope. I will gather several children so that you can escape together with them. The future of devil race will rest on all of you.”
Ling felt doubtful. “Why?” “We  failed  to  kill  that  human.”   The  elderly  devil  race member sighed. “In addition, our battle attracted the attention of the ancient race. Now that we are in the midst of our sacrifice ceremony, we can’t stop it. By the side, the ancient race and human race are both stirring and are preparing to come. I’m afraid the devil race no longer has any hope.”
Ling was doubtful. “Can’t we try fighting them?”
“Yes, we can, but…”  The elderly devil race member gazed into the distance. His expression appeared even older now. “That lamp has already been extinguished.”
Everyone sighed. That lamp was the soul lamp of the devil race. Burning it was the hope and future of the devil race. Now that even the tiny speck on that lamp had been extinguished, the devil race was truly finished.

Ling seemed to recall something. “Which lamp?’
“The  one  in  the  ancestral  hall.”   The  elderly  devil  race member shook his head. This young prince was truly still too young if he did not even know about this.

Ling gained understanding. “Oh, that lamp. I was just about to tell you this: the other day, while I was answering nature’s call, my pee splashed on it accidentally, extinguishing the lamp. One of you can just go and light it again.”

Everyone sunk into silence. The elderly devil race member who had been sighing earlier froze before lowering his head to gaze with expressions of disbelief at this young prince that signified the future of the devil race.

“Sp-splashed?”  the elderly devil race member asked while shuddering.

Ling nodded. “Yes. It’s not that I want to nag you fellows, but something like a lamp is better placed somewhere higher, and it should be covered with a lamp cover. I have studied the humans. All these things are worth learning. When you guys place the lamp on the floor, isn’t it too easy for some water to splashed on it? After all, when this prince pees, the pee can reach the length of around 30 meters.”
The other devil race members nearly fainted as they heard this. In other words, the lamp signifying the destiny of the devil race had actually been extinguished by the pee of this young prince? How lamentable.


Countless devil race members knelt down in a daze.

Only the elderly devil race member was still staring at Ling. Word by word, he asked, “Say again, how was the lamp extinguished?”
“Pee.”  Ling had no fear. After all, he was the young prince.
When had he ever feared anyone? “Very good.” The elderly devil race had a solemn expression. Bringing Ling with him, they arrived at the lamp. Looking at the extinguished lamp with his own eyes, he said, “Where’s Da Huang?”
A devil race member who looked like a dog appeared. “Here.”
“Check it,” the elderly devil race member stated calmly.

“All right.” Da Huang assumed a solemn expression. This lamp was, after all, the lifeline of the devil race. As such, Da Huang did not dare to be careless with it. Walking toward the lamp, Da Huang used his nose to sniff the lamp without stop. Next, with a solemn expression, Da Huang licked it before sinking into contemplation.

After a long time, Da Huang opened his eyes. “It was indeed peed on.”
The young prince: “…” What the hell, these are my future citizens? Since awakening, this young prince had mostly been exposed to human culture. Influenced by human culture, the prince felt like these devil race members were all akin to wild uncivilized savages, even worse than those barbarian fellows. One ought to
know that once upon a time, the devil race had been a race that signified grandeur and nobleness.

At this moment, the elderly devil race member suddenly began to laugh wildly. “Hahahahaha.”
This wild laughter shocked numerous people. Even those devil race members who had earlier collapsed in despair were startled by this laughter.

“The lamp was lighted by our devil race’s indestructible fire. Wind and water cannot extinguish it, and it was supposed to burn forever. That was also why it was called the soul lamp of the devil race. But now, you have actually managed to extinguish it…”
The elderly devil race member’s eyes shone, seemingly seeing true hope for the devil race. “So it turns out that you, young prince, are the true future of our devil race.” The elderly devil race member’s gaze seemed to burn. “With your existence, perhaps we can really summon that lord…”
“Ah?” What? Ling was puzzled.

A dreamlike voice rose. “Prince. Now, come with us…”
In this territory of the devil race’s, the sacrifice ceremony that had been stopped quite a while ago resumed. Moreover, the speed of the summoning started to increase as chanting resounded throughout the area. Among the faint clump of radiance, an arm slowly appeared.

Previously, this single arm alone was the very thing that had defeated Li Lei. This was where the devil race had stopped their ceremony previously as well. Now, the speed of the summoning seemed to have increased by more than 10 times. Perhaps that lord was truly going to be summoned?

Ancient race? Humans? Hehehehe.

The gazes of all the devil race members became fanatical. When that lord returned, all the ancient race members and humans could go to hell! All the devil race had lost would be regained!

At the same time, at the border of the unknown regions, the team of humans finally entered the territories of the devil race after finishing their preparations.

Shua! Shua!

As they stepped in, the sky above them darkened. Different from the clear and boundless sky among the human territories, here in the unknown territories, which were equivalent to forbidden grounds for humanity, the endless darkness and torrential rain remained.

Shua! Shua! The black rain poured down, and the ground beneath them was already dyed black. Numerous devil race bodies appeared from the ground before surrounding all of them.

Li Lei sneered. “Indeed.”
Protected by everyone there, Chen Feng merely watched on silently. Since the devil race did not want them there, the devil race most certainly had some preparations in place. During this journey, every single patch of black land they stepped on might cause some devil race members to appear.

Li Lei waved his hand calmly. “Kill!”

The genetic warriors moved and battle erupted. These newly awakened A-class devil race members seemed somewhat lacking in strength when compared to the Genetic Union members, whose strength had been greatly increased recently. The only alarming thing about them was their absolute quantity. Shua! Shua!

Group after group of devil race members appeared, seemingly without end. How many more of these fellows were there, exactly?

Chapter 536: Such a Method Exists?

For humanity, the ancient race, and the devil race, time was what was most important right now. Each race was racing against time to seek a lifeline for their race. The devils were trying to summon that person as soon as possible. Humans were trying to reach the location of the sacrifice ceremony in the shortest time possible and obtain the blood essence of that expert the devils were summoning before its soul was summoned.

As for the ancients, they were trying to eliminate both the humans and the devils. Even for the present ancient race, which was suffering from internal discord, they still regarded themselves as the strongest race in existence. As for the humans, the ancients still regarded them as nothing but cannon fodder.

This assumption of theirs was further reinforced by the fact that the humans had even supplied them with the beyond X gene reagent. As such, humans were most certainly a race that could only qualify as slaves. Even now, the noble ancient race had yet to discover the true problem, the real reason the ancient race had been feminized. Kill! Kill! Kill!

The Genetic Union members were rushing toward the devil race. With Li Lei present, no map was required. As such, their journey was rather straightforward as they headed directly toward their target. The only problem plaguing them was the devils, who were awakening without stop around them. It seemed like all the devils were appearing to stop their advance. A1, A2, A9, and so on. Moreover, even beyond-A-class experts appeared among the devils.

Unfortunately, the present humans were already different than they had been in the past. Throughout the past half year, the devils had been recovering. As for the humans, they had been rapidly improving in strength. With the mass production of the beyond X gene reagent, a huge amount of humans had managed to reach beyond A class.

Shua! Shua!

With numerous cold lights flashing about, the awakened devils were not able to do anything before dying. “Just continue forward,” Li Lei stated coldly.

“Are you fine?”  someone asked as they looked at Li Lei and Chen Feng with worried expressions. Both of them had just suffered from overexertion of energy not long ago. Even now, they had yet to fully recover.

“I’m fine.”
Li Lei sensed his body before saying, “My energy is slowly recovering. I suppose that by the time we arrive, I will be able to fight as usual again.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Same here.” The only pity was the fact that they were in too much of a rush. As such, he had just used his God Punisher. For this trip, he would not be able to use that ability.

The one who had asked was relieved to hear that. “That’s good, then. Let us deal with all the devils we encounter on the way. You both only need to prepare yourselves.” Chen Feng nodded. “Understood.”
“Will we arrive in time?”
“Not a problem,” Li Lei answered without hesitation. There were no delays in the execution of this mission as the higher- ups had directly issued a command to hasten this mission in order to fight over time with the devil race.

Suddenly, Li Lei recalled something. “Oh, right, there’s a prince among the devils. Hold on…”

Using light, Li Lei formed a hologram of the prince’s appearance. From his appearance, this prince appeared incredibly young.

“It’s this fellow. Remember, if our plan progresses smoothly, remember to deal with this prince as well. This prince might look like someone without much potential, but a prince is still a prince. Do you guys understand?” asked Li Lei.

Everyone nodded. “Understood.” Devil prince… If possible, it was indeed better to eliminate this prince.

Hua! Hua!

The black rain was even heavier now, and the cold wind swept past them without stop. The devils were seemingly aware of what the humans were planning, and they were manufacturing all sorts of natural disasters in an attempt to stop the humans. Unfortunately, before true strength, these natural disasters were nothing but a joke. This was especially true because there were 10 beyond A classes among the humans this time.

Hum— Two beyond-B-class genetic warriors that specialized in energy recovery were restoring the energy of everyone present as they traveled. A familiar energy wave echoed around them, giving them all a snug feeling.

Suddenly, Li Lei said, “There won’t be any problems for now. We will encounter something truly problematic when we reach the Land of Sacrifice.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Understood.” The Land of Sacrifice was most certainly the place where the devil race was the strongest.

If this mission ended in success, humanity would enter the era of S class, their strength increasing on the whole. As for the devil race, they would truly sink into an existence akin to being the puppets of the other races. If their strongest warriors had all encountered mishaps, what would they have left? They would have nothing left.

As such, this coming battle would be extremely important. Since the humans were aware of this, the devils were naturally aware of this as well. As such, the strongest members of the devil race would most definitely be at the Land of Sacrifice. The strength of nearly the entirety of the devil race concentrated there.

That would be where the true decisive battle would happen. Naturally, if everything progressed as planned, Chen Feng would not be required to fight at all. This time, he was only here as a gene producer.

Xiu! Xiu!

Yet again, numerous devils crawled out of the ground. Li Lei glanced over with a cold gaze as the people of the Genetic Union started clearing these newly appeared devils. From the start till the end, they were not delayed in the slightest. It was quite naive of the devils to want to delay them using such a method.

Shua! Shua!

Supported by beyond B classes specializing in boosting speed, the group traveled forth amid the darkness. Soon, a faint flickering light could be seen in the distance. They had arrived at the Land of Sacrifice. This trip had gone far smoother than they had imagined it would.

“Be careful.”
At this moment, all of them subdued their movements.
Distantly, faint gloomy sounds could be heard.

“The sacrifice is still in progress. Let’s go take a look.”
They went over carefully.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Careful.”
Even without the warning from his Luck Aura, even with seemingly no dangers around them, the instinct Chen Feng had honed gave him the feeling that something was not right. This was too smooth. Was this due to the overwhelming strength of the current humanity? No… Chen Feng shook his head. Truthfully, here in this area where all the soil was black, it was simply impossible to hide their movements from the devils, yet even so, the devils did not seem to have anyone stationed nearby to guard this Land of Sacrifice. If so, something had to be off somewhere.

The genetic warriors nodded. “Understood.” With care, they walked forth. The shadows in the distance became distinct. As they raised their heads, the contents of the Land of Sacrifice were visible to the naked eye. With a single glance, Li Lei’s expression changed abruptly.

There, a huge body was gradually being completed. A faint radiance condensed around it. That expert seemed to be on the verge of awakening. The summoning of that expert had already been completed? This speed was ten times faster than they had estimated.

Li Lei paled. “How is this possible?”
One of them pointed at the sky. “Look.” Everyone raised their heads and understood the reason the summoning of this expert had been completed so quickly. However, this reason was quite…
Up in the air, the young prince was hanging. Someone was pouring a huge amount of liquid into his body without stop. Bucket after bucket, liquid was being forced down the prince’s throat until the prince’s belly swelled into a round shape. Next, the prince’s crotch was aimed straight at the altar of summoning, allowing the prince to bestow all below with his mighty urine powerful enough to extinguish their soul lamp, urine filled with vitality.

This was the real reason the summoning had proceeded so quickly. The energy and vitality—or perhaps some other energy required to complete the summoning—had actually been amassed thanks to this young prince. Li Lei was dumbstruck. Chen Feng was dumbstruck. Everyone was dumbstruck. They gazed at the young devil prince, who was being used as an “energy-improving device,” and remained in a long stupor. This… works?

Chapter 537: This Must Be Some Cheat Technology

Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied. Could this be considered some sort of forbidden technology? He looked at the devil pouring liquid down crazily while the other devil took aim using the young prince’s crotch before letting loose the urine where they wanted it.

This had to be some sort of forbidden technology. Naturally, that wasn’t the biggest problem here. Rather, thanks to this young devil prince, that expert that gave off a stifling feeling was about to awaken.

Hum— The ground started trembling. Everyone’s expression sank. This wasn’t the mere arm that Li Lei had encountered when he’d been here previously. Rather, what was about to be summoned was the entirety of the expert.

“How are we supposed to even fight that?” someone asked with a bewildered expression.

Li Lei, his expression solemn, glanced at the enemy’s body before stating steadily, “Run!”
What kind of joke was this? Back then, this expert here had only recovered a single arm and were already capable of injuring him. Now that the main body was almost recovered, how could the humans even begin to battle it? At times like this, it was most apt for one to demonstrate their skill in running away.

Run! Run! Run!

Everyone started fleeing crazily. As for that beyond-B-class senior who specialized in speed boosts, his power was pushed to the limit as he helped everyone run from this place like their lives depended on it. All their plans were cast aside, since this scene where the expert was entirely summoned hadn’t been part of their plan at all.

In their plan, the final goal had been to stop the summoning of this expert. Now, though, since the expert was about to be summoned, they could only escape, nothing else.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “I keep feeling like I have been cheated.” As he was fleeing, he turned his head around to take a glance at how the devils were doing.

The young prince was still “shooting” forth without stop. It seemed like what this prince had mentioned previously about how its pee could reach a distance of more than 30 meters hadn’t been a lie after all. However, as Chen Feng saw the struggle and expression of pain on the prince’s face, his heart thumped. “Xiao Ying.”

A red flash streaked forth amid the darkness. At present, the elderly devil in the Land of Legacy was coldly looking in the direction the humans had escaped.

The elderly devil muttered, “Hehe…  How could it be that easy to escape? What an honor it is for you people to have the privilege to witness the awakening of this lord. You all shall be the first sacrifice to the lord following his awakening.”

The ground trembled. Finally, that huge body stood up. This was a body so tall it seemed to reach the clouds. Its cold and detached gaze swept around before finally landing on Chen Feng’s group. Shua!

Killing intent pervaded the air.


Just like that, he started walking toward them one step at a time.

One of the genetic warriors was angered. “Let me give it a try.” As an illustrious beyond A class, was he supposed to escape the moment he encountered someone strong? Even if Li Lei had mentioned previously how terrifying this fellow was, that was, after all, still just one side of the story. He studied this newly awakened devil. Despite its huge body, it did not seem to have a unique aura about it. Perhaps…
He tried attacking with a single genetic ability.

Errrk. That devil hiccupped. A faint gaseous energy shot out and collided with the beyond A class’s attack. The hiccup had actually smashed the attack apart, not leaving anything behind. Damaging this devil? It did not seem possible.

“Holy shit.”
That genetic warrior howled before turning around and continuing to flee. This was how things would always be. If one did not attempt something personally, one would never realize how terrible a defeat one might experience…
In this situation, what was the point of battle? This was an opponent in an entirely different league.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone fled frantically. However, that devil’s speed seemed much faster than theirs. If this continued, it wouldn’t be long before the devil caught up to them. Yi?

What was that? In the midst of their escape, they saw someone blocking the way in front of them. Were these devil race members as well? Their hearts chilled at this thought. When they approached the blockade, they became speechless. That was because these were actually members of the ancient race! The one at the center, the leader, was a superexpert of the ancient race: Lu Hun!

His strength had reached the level of beyond A9. A true apex of existence.

His glanced swept past before locking onto Chen Feng. “Chen Feng, I finally found you.”
Lu Hun’s killing intent surged.

Chen Feng’s expression darkened. How have I stumbled upon him here? Naturally, he did not know that Lu Hun had come here just for him. Lu Hun’s killing intent intensified. “This time, I will most certainly dismember your body—”
Chen Feng interrupted, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Dismember my body into ten-thousand pieces, am I right? However, it’s pointless even if you kill me. By doing that, your wife will hate you more. Do you want me to explain to her properly for you instead?”
Lu Hun blanked. True. If he killed Chen Feng, he would be forever unable to clearly explain this matter. Back then, hadn’t it been because of him trying to kill Chen Feng that his wife had hated him for a long time? If Chen Feng were to personally explain to his wife…
Chen Feng did not seem like he was going to give Lu Hun much chance to consider this. “Therefore, before that, I think it’s best if we first deal with that thing.”
What? Lu Hun’s gazed in the direction Chen Feng was pointing. Only at this did he notice the intense devil aura in that direction. Accompanied by a terrifying radiance, a huge figure appeared.

Lu  Hun’s  heart  jolted  furiously.  “It’s  that  fellow!”   That fellow… had actually successfully awakened? The devil race… would most probably rise in power, then.


A terrifying boom resounded. Step by step, that figure approached them. What caused Lu Hun to be somewhat doubtful was the fact that on that expert’s body, apart from the intense devil aura, there was also an incredibly strong odor of urine…
Chen Feng pointed at that big guy. “Can you even escape this thing? The devil race will not allow either of us to return alive.” Lu Hun was speechless. Evidently, even he had not expected that this expert would actually awaken this early. This had surpassed everyone’s expectations.

“Either  we  join  hands  or  we  die  together,”   Chen  Feng proposed calmly.

Lu Hun sneered. “Join hands and kill it? Allowing you people to obtain its gene to produce a new gene reagent? Hehe, that’s not possible.”
Chen Feng threw him a glance. “You misunderstand me. I merely propose that we join hands to escape from here.”
That’s right. Joining hands just to escape.

Even with Lu Hun of the ancient race here, even with Li Lei and other 10 beyond A classes of the human race here, before this devil expert, they could only flee, nothing else. Finally,  Lu  Hun  agreed.  “That’s  fine  for  me.”   Since  the circumstances had changed abruptly from his plan, he would have to act accordingly. Li Lei and the rest had never expected that a day would come where they would have to work with the ancient race.


The devil expert roared. A terrifying shockwave spread around, scraping around one or two meters of soil off the surface of the ground in the process. A terrifying might engulfed everyone present, planting fear even in the heart of Lu Hun.

The green radiance intensified. All around Lu Hun, it started shimmering.

“Help me stop the energy.” Lu Hun groaned. “I have a way to teleport all of us away from here.” The shockwave released by the devil was too powerful, while the shockwave was too terrifying. If the shockwave wasn’t blocked, he wouldn’t be able to start any spatial teleportation at all.

“All right,” Li Lei replied.


Numerous radiances erupted and blocked the devil’s shockwave. Li Lei and a beyond B class specializing in spatial abilities exchanged glances before the latter nodded his head, confirming that Lu Hun was indeed attempting group spatial teleportation. The location of the teleportation was acceptable as well. Even if this beyond B class was not capable of teleportation himself, he was still capable of checking the coordinates.

“Activate full defense!”  Li Lei looked at the devil that was nearing them. “We only have a single chance.”
“All right.” Shua!

Numerous defensive barriers were erected. Accompanied by an intense odor, that devil finally appeared before them. The devil raised its huge fist, then punched down. At that instant, space itself shattered. Right at this moment, the intensity of the green radiance increased greatly.

Chapter 538: What Is This Guy Doing?

At this moment, in the territory of the devil race, Li Lei was still questioning the genetic warrior beside him that specialized in spatial abilities. Even after confirming it three times, determining that the teleportation target was fine, that sense of danger that had risen in his heart had prevented him from calming down.

The spatial specialist smiled bitterly. “Don’t worry. Even if I can’t group teleport like this ancient race fellow, I am still capable of comprehending the laws of space.”  He transmitted the coordinate to the others and said, “Mhm… This is where we will be teleported later.”
Li Lei and the rest took a look and confirmed that it was indeed fine. This was indeed near the Genetic Union’s reinforcements, a place where they could seek help.

Only at this did Li lei calm down somewhat. “Very good.” The devil’s attack descended. Even with 10 beyond A classes joining hands to create this barrier, it was only able to block a single attack from this devil. They shivered in fear. How strong exactly was this devil whose body reeked of urine?

One clenched his teeth as he said, “We can’t last any longer.
Are you done yet?”
Lu Hun inhaled. “Soon. It is hard even for me to take so many people along when teleporting. Why are there so many of you guys in the first place? This is only a mission, right? Of course, if I was only required to teleport the beyond A classes and could leave everyone else behind, I could teleport right this instant.”
As Li Lei and the rest heard this, they became speechless.
Abandoning everyone else? That was not possible.

Bang! Bang! The beyond A classes pushed their limits to try and last longer. As for Lu Hun, he tried to hasten the teleportation and get everyone out.

While clenching his teeth, Li Lei asked the spatial specialist beside him, “Is he truly not playing any tricks?”
That person smiled bitterly. “Nope.”
“Fine.”  Li Lei continued defending. “Keep a close watch on him.”
The act of cooperating with Lu Hun itself was something that brought great pressure, since they were required to closely watch every single action of his. At present, everyone was doing their best. Everyone apart from Chen Feng. The numerous battles they engaged in year round had granted them exceptional intuition. Li Lei was not the only one who sensed the existence of some unknown danger. Chen Feng felt the same thing as well. Chen Feng gazed at the devil with a strong odor in front of them. Is it because of this fellow? He shook his head. No. This was also the reason something like a sense of danger was rather unstable and shouldn’t be relied upon. Despite its ability to perceive the existence of danger, the feedback received was too unclear, especially in their current circumstances where
everything seemed to be in chaos.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. After exhausting one luck value, he discovered the true crisis.


His Luck Aura locked onto a single person: Lu Hun.

Chen Feng shut his eyes. “It is indeed him.” He knew this guy wouldn’t be working with them honestly. Was he planning to teleport them to some unknown place to trick them? No. The Genetic Union had their own spatial specialist on this mission. The specialist had ascertained that the teleportation target was fine.

As the strength of the devil in front of them increased, their sense of crisis intensified. What was interesting was the fact that even with how ferocious the devil appeared to be, so ferocious that the devil seemed like he could kill everyone here, Chen Feng still did not feel any sense of crisis coming from this devil. This signified that this devil posed them no threat whatsoever. But from what he could see, it was obvious that…
Suddenly, Chen Feng realized something.

Lu Hun had probably completed his preparation for teleportation long ago. Only this could explain the reason for them not feeling any sense of crisis from this devil. If so, why had he not teleported them? What was he waiting for? Reinforcements? This guy had most probably requested reinforcements. It seemed like they would have to engage in a battle at the teleportation destination, then. Chen Feng sneered. Very good. When the time comes, we will have to see which side’s reinforcements are stronger…

Hold on. Since Lu Hun had already completed his preparation, why hadn’t the spatial specialist reminded everyone of this? Something like the convergence of the power of space was supposed to be something this specialist knew well, right? Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

Lu Hun…
Suddenly, his brain jolted furiously as certain words surfaced in his brain.
“When  our  squad  was  on  a  mission,  we  suddenly  lost consciousness. By the time we woke up, we were already seriously injured and had suddenly transformed into criminals. Remember, if you encounter someone with a diamond on his forehead, regardless of time and place, you must run, run far away!” …

As these words surfaced within his brain, his messy thoughts were once again rearranged. Diamond on forehead… Losing consciousness… Regaining consciousness…
Suddenly, Chen Feng gained understanding.

“Spirit. Can luck value interrupt spatial teleportation?”

“Such a huge consumption? Forget it, then. Help me calculate the true coordinates of our teleportation target instead.”  Chen Feng opened his eyes and suddenly called out, “Li Lei.”
Li Lei looked at him. “Mhm?” “Take note of this. If that Lu Hun fellow tries to inflict losses on us during the teleportation, kill him directly.” Chen Feng’s eyes  were  filled  with  killing  intent.  “The  moment  any casualties appears, attack him immediately.”
Li Lei agreed without any hesitation. “Understood.”
Lu Hun snorted. “Hmph. Viewing the actions of a nobleman with the lens of a shameless person. Since I have said that I will bring all of you away, I will most certainly accomplish it. Not a single one of you will be left behind.”
Radiance swirled around Lu Hun’s hand. On his forehead, a bead of sweat appeared, making it seem like he was already trying his best. Toward this performance, Chen Feng merely sneered. Was he trying to drag this out in order to exhaust the power of the humans? Or was he waiting for the arrival of the reinforcements he had requested? It didn’t matter. Chen Feng himself wanted to see clearly what plan Lu Hun had in place.

Bang! Bang! Layer after layer of their barrier started breaking. The terrifying attack of this devil alarmed all of them. They had 10 beyond A classes against this single devil, yet they were still suffering such a crushing defeat without any chance of even counterattacking. The scariest part was the fact that this devil hadn’t even been completed awakened, as it had yet to regain

“The body of this devil is moving based on instinct alone. Presently, this devil is only using pure physical strength without using any abilities or skills.”
They smiled bitterly. They were aware that the moment this devil awoke for real, a single move would be sufficient to kill everyone here. Such was the power of S class? This was no longer a gap of realms. Rather, this was more like the clash of two completely different systems of energy.

Bang! Bang!

The devil with a blank look in his eyes punched down without stop. The experts of the Genetic Union could clearly feel the amount of energy in their bodies reducing rapidly. At the same time, Lu Hun’s energy was reducing as well. In order to avoid being discovered, he was allowing his energy to be reduced crazily as well. Otherwise, how could he conceal it from those old foxes such as Li Lei?

Such a method of exhaustion was a method that would cause both sides to suffer and seemed pointless. Ultimately, the true fight would be between the reinforcements of their respective sides after the teleportation. If so, who exactly had this Lu Hun requested as reinforcements? Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly.

At a certain location similarly shrouded in darkness, several people stood amid the rain, allowing the rain to wash over their bodies. Their pitch-black gowns were faintly discernible amid the darkness, exuding some traces of killing intent.

“Has the information been received?”
“Is it him?” “Yes.”
“Very good. We have been waiting a long time for this.”
“How true…”
A sigh resounded. Once again, the figures vanished amid the darkness.

Chapter 539: Happenstance

In a single minute, nearly all the layers of the barriers erected by the Genetic Union experts were destroyed. In the second minute, they started repairing their defensive barriers frantically. In the fifth minute, all of them had exhausted their energy. At that moment, the defenses of all the beyond A classes burst apart after losing their energy supply. The final defensive line remaining was immediately smashed apart with a single punch.

Right now, they were left with no defenses.


The devil expert’s punch descended.

“Damn it, Lu Hun, are you done yet?”  Li Lei howled. He could see that even Lu Hun’s energy was near exhaustion as well. “One  more.  Hold  on.”   Lu  Hun  gazed  resolutely  at  the dropping fist, seemingly calculating the amount of energy required to teleport the last of them. He counted down, “Three, two, one…”

Right before the punch landed on them.

“Done!” Lu Hun exclaimed in joy.

Light flickered. The descending fist landed on the ground instead, creating a huge crater there. As for those people that had been standing there, they had all vanished without a trace. Near the end, Chen Feng and the rest had indeed been teleported out. In a certain unknown region, numerous figures appeared out of thin air. Escaped! As they took in the fresh air, they were all overjoyed. Finally, they no longer had to inhale air perverted by that intense smell of urine. The scariest part of that huge devil had in fact not been his strength. Rather, it had been the
odor on his body. Moreover, since the urine was the source of the unique energy completing the summon, that summoned devil would most probably be stuck with that smell forever.

At this thought, they started wondering, would that devil expert actually feel joyful after fully awakening, or would that devil, in a fit of anger, murder all who had summoned him? Mhm, this was quite the question.

“Hahaha. This father here survived.”
Some were ecstatic. As for the rest, they also smiled in a gratified manner.

Next, one of them turned around to see a flash of green. At that, that cheerful mood seemed to freeze. Right, there was that Lu Hun fellow here. Shua!

They started gazing at each other as their killing intent surged. Their cooperation had been a forced one in any case. Now that they had already escaped successfully, there was no longer any need to show any considerations for the other side.


From one of their hands, a cold flash shot forth toward Lu Hun. Lu Hun merely watched on coldly.


That attack was interrupted midair. Surprisingly, the one blocking the attack was actually a companion of the attacker, the spatial specialist of the Genetic Union.

“???” They were all alarmed. What was going on?

Suddenly, the spatial specialist smiled. “What do you think?”
This seemed rather bizarre.

“You are trying to kill me with only this much strength?” the spatial specialist stated coldly.

It was still the original voice of this spatial specialist.
However, the tone and manner of speech were instead…
Li Lei’s expression changed greatly. “Lu Hun! You’re actually Lu Hun?”
“Hehe.”  The spatial specialist smiled toyingly. “Isn’t it too late for you to only be discovering this now?”
Bang! Finishing his words, his body shuddered as his gaze went blank momentarily before recovering. “I… what?” With a confused expression, he looked at his companions. Everyone’s heart chilled.

“You…  do you still remember what we did earlier?”  Li Lei asked while his voice shuddered.

“Earlier?”   That  person  appeared  puzzled.  “Weren’t  we talking about joining hands earlier?”

All of them paled. Joining hands… In other words, as early as that, he had already been possessed by Lu Hun. If so, when Li Lei had been asking him about the teleportation coordinates…
They started looking around them. This was a place surrounded by a primal and chaotic aura. Li Lei tried contacting the Genetic Union. He indeed managed to contact them. However, this place was too far away for their reinforcements to arrive in time. Even if they were to rush over using special abilities, they would still take several minutes to arrive. In these few minutes…
Bang! Bang!

From the dusky chaotic aura, numerous powerful existences appeared. Ancient race. All of them were ancients.

“Dear sirs, I’m afraid you lot will have to stay here forever,” Lu Hun stated with a cold gaze. “As for you…” His chilly gaze landed on Chen Feng. “I’m afraid you will have to come with me.”
He believed that as long as Chen Feng was captured, he would be able to make up his own truth for his wife.

“I’m feeling rather shy,”  Chen Feng stated bashfully. “I will be nervous when doing a threesome.” Shua!

Lu Hun’s expression greened. He laughed sinisterly. “I will ensure your satisfaction.”

The ancient experts behind him walked out. Even if everything proceeded according to his plan, even if the Genetic Union would require several minutes to arrive here, Lu Hun would still not allow any mishaps. As such, he absolutely had to deal with this within the shortest time possible.

He barked out his final command coldly. “Kill!”
The hearts of Li Lei and the rest chilled. During the battle earlier, they had all exhausted their energy. At present, they were simply defenseless. Looking at the ancients before them that were no weaker than beyond A classes, they despaired. They had indeed prepared themselves to be stabbed in the back, yet it was truly beyond their expectations that Lu Hun would pull something like this off. What was that, exactly? Soul control? Body possession? But then, Lu Hun was clearly standing right before them. The diamond on Lu Hun’s forehead flickered without stop, seemingly laughing at their ignorance. Indeed, humanity’s knowledge of the ancients was still rather limited, after all. This limitation was especially pronounced in regards to the fellow apprentice brothers of Lu Hun.

What to do? The humans exchanged glances.

Li Lei sighed. “Seems like we can only do that.”  The rest exchanged glances and nodded. They no longer had any combat power. As such, they could only do that. Using their final trump card, they would perish together with Lu Hun.

A faint glimmer appeared around their bodies.

Pa! With a slap, Chen Feng stopped them all.

“???” Li Lei felt doubtful.

Chen Feng merely smiled as he regarded Lu Hun, who was having a good time watching them. “A suicide attack will be ineffective against this person. This Lu Hun here has numerous clones everywhere. As such, it is not possible to know which is the true body and which is the clone.”
Lu Hun merely sneered as a response. “Hehe.”
The attacks of his underlings continued. Dragging out the time? He would not allow it.


The several ancients pounced at them furiously. Chen Feng shook his head and sighed. “Is there a need for this? Lu Hun, do you think that you are the only one who has called for reinforcement?”
“Hehe.”  Lu Hun did not even bother looking at Chen Feng. He was sure that Chen Feng was trying to drag this out. Reinforcements? What a joke. He was the one who had decided the teleportation coordinates. How could Chen Feng have called for reinforcements to such a place in advance? Back then, he had still believed that this Chen Feng was a rather smart person. Now that he looked at it, hehe, this Chen Feng was only someone capable of some idiotic methods of dragging out the time…
Lu Hun sneered.

Alas, right at this moment, numerous cold flashes of light suddenly flashed through the air.

Pu! Pu! Several bloodstains bloomed in the air. The ancients that had been about to reach Li Lei and the rest were suddenly split in two, and their bodies crashed to the ground. Blood splattered everywhere.

Lu Hun’s eyes widened abruptly. These…
“Who is it?” Lu Hun bellowed. Around them, numerous flickering figures appeared suddenly.

Someone walked out from the left side. “Gou Li.”
Another person walked out from behind Lu Hun. “Guo Jia.”
Someone walked out from the right side. “Sheng Siyi.”
The three stood together, their killing intent surging.

Chapter 540: We Named It… “Shroud Art”

Lu Hun’s pupils shrunk. “It’s you guys?” These three familiar people caused his heart to chill. Apart from these three, it could be vaguely seen that in the distance, there were more blocking his escape routes. These guys… It was them, that squad he had tried to eliminate back then! Lu Hun’s killing intent surged. “You guys are actually still alive!”  So it turned out that these guys that had been forced to the brink of death by him back then were actually still alive. It was no wonder that the figurine was in Chen Feng’s hands, then. Were they the ones who had passed it on to Chen Feng? Lu Hun’s killing intent intensified.


At the same time that Lu Hun was still in shock due to their appearance, a cold glance swept past as the three of them joined hands and displayed the combination skill they had created during their days in the Barrier Village.

Bang! A terrifying radiance swept down as a cube-shaped black cage appeared out of thin air, seemingly trying to destroy Lu Hun.

Lu Hun sneered. “Do you people truly believe that you can kill me?” Did they believe that he would be truly helpless since he had exhausted his energy? How naive!

A faint glow flickered. Lu Hun grabbed at the empty air.

Bang! Bang!

All around the world, the numerous clones of Lu Hun burst apart at the same time before transforming into a sea of green particles that ultimately vanished into space.

Hum— All the green particles surged out around Lu Hun’s body. The green shone dazzlingly.

In a split second, Lu Hun’s exhausted energy was fully recovered and reaching its peak condition.


Finally, Gou Li’s trio’s attack swept past Lu Hun. Alas, this powerful attack failed to deal any damage to Lu Hun.

Lu Hun’s mouth curled up as he sneered. “Just this much power?” How weak… Hehe.

Gou Li ignored Lu Hun and kept his gaze on the space behind Lu Hun. Lu Hun glanced back and noted with astonishment that the attack launched by the three of them had yet to disappear. Rather, after curving in the air, the attack proceeded to instead kill off all the other ancients Lu Hun had called over as reinforcements. It seemed like the true target of Gou Li’s trio’s attack was actually Lu Hun’s companions. Hu—
A cold wind blew past. Lu Hun blanked. He had discovered that, suddenly, in this desolate place, all that was left besides himself were his enemies: the Genetic Union, Chen Feng, Gou Li, and others.
Finally, Gou Li spoke, his voice seething with boundless hatred.”And  now,  you  can  no  longer  escape.”  He  had  been waiting a very long time for this day to come. Once upon a time, he had also been a proud son of the heavens. His squad had been comprised of elite genetic warriors, and each of them had had unlimited potential and future accomplishments. Alas, because of Lu Hun, everything had been destroyed. Beneath the sea, they had waited all these years just for this very day.

Gou Li’s expression was cold, and an astonishing killing intent erupted from him. “Today, I will kill you!”
Lu Hun laughed heartily. “Haha.” “It’s also good for it to be this way,” Lu Hun muttered. “I only recovered to this strength level after destroying all my clones. If after this I were to allow you guys to die easily, wouldn’t that be too much of a waste?”

The smile on Lu Hun’s face became sinister and bizarre.

A terrifying green radiance shone. With the green radiance shining upon Lu Hun’s face, his expression appeared even scarier.

“All of you need to die,”  Lu Hun stated coldly. He pointed midair. “Soul!” An undulation appeared in midair.

Chen  Feng  raised  his  vigilance  abruptly.  “Careful.”   He remembered clearly that this Lu Hun still possessed an ability capable of controlling others. This was an extremely terrifying ability. If he was able to control those from the Genetic Union…
Right at this instant, Gou Li moved. A faint barrier appeared, hovering in midair. When that transparent undulation of Lu Hun’s spread out through the air, it collided with the barrier and instantly stopped moving.

Lu Hun’s pupils shrunk. “This…”
“Do you truly believe that we have been slacking about all these  years?”   Gou  Li  stated  coldly.  “As  powerful  genetic warriors, we all have high resistance toward such mind-control abilities, even if they are launched from a legendary superexpert. With our firm resolution, even if our hearts are charmed, we will still be able to break free. As such, even if we can’t defeat the enemy, we will not be controlled. However, your ability… was actually something we were completely helpless against. My defensive measures against mental- and heart-controlling abilities were completely ineffective against you. As such, ever since that happened, I have been thinking about what exactly your ability is. As we grow in strength without stop, we also studied you. This continued until Chen Feng brought us information about you and all the abilities you had used. Only then did we gain a clear understanding of all your abilities.”
Gou Li gazed at the diamond on Lu Hun’s forehead before continuing, “Green radiance. Is that the power of space? What you control is the power of space. All your clones are an extension of your power of space. You have created several layers of space and overlapped them to create numerous clones of yourself. As for this soul-possession technique you used, it is nothing like a mental- or heart-controlling ability. Rather, this is you using your spatial abilities to temporarily banish the consciousness of your enemies and replace them with one of your numerous clones—to replace and control the enemy. I do not know how exactly all this is done, but I can conclude that, essentially, all your abilities are related to space. Since its space, we only need to defend against space.”
Shua! Finally, Lu Hun’s expression changed. Up in the sky, that thin barrier remained. Gou Li gazed at the barrier and a longing expression appeared on his face. “This barrier was created by my brother, Bi Quzhi. This barrier has no other abilities. Its sole function is to restrict spatial abilities. Any spatial abilities will be frozen within this barrier,” Gou Li stated coldly.

Only now did Lu Hun realized that he was no longer able to sense the existence of any spatial powers.


He tried unleashing a spatial slash.


He was still able to do it. However, he could no longer sense the power of space, nor could he receive any sort of feedback from space. Moreover, even this spatial slash, the most basic of all spatial abilities, had consumed a terrifying amount of his energy to unleash. This damnable barrier had actually severed his connection with space, with heaven and Earth.

“Brothers, can you see this?” Gou Li muttered to himself.


Once again, the three of them moved. Lu Hun was their target.


A terrifying radiance shone brightly. Chen Feng and the rest watched on distantly. An evenly matched fight did not happen; no resistance could be seen. This was a purely one-sided beatdown of Lu Hun by Gou Li’s trio.

Ten years worth of waiting. Ten years worth of hatred.

Ten years worth of study.

Ten years worth of attempts at countering Lu Hun.

Gou Li’s group had indeed been waiting for this moment for way too long. Initially, they had truly had no way of accomplishing this, since the gap between their strength and Lu Hun’s strength was too huge. However, thanks to the beyond X gene reagent, they had become beyond A classes as well.


With a cold flash, Gou Li’s weapon slashed Lu Hun’s body, resulting in blood splattering everywhere.

Lu Hun was alarmed. “How is this possible?”  His strength level was obviously at beyond A9 and was clearly much stronger than these three. However, every single time they attacked, their attack seemed much stronger than his. Could it be…
He gazed at the faint barrier coated around Gou Li’s weapon. He could sense clearly a powerful strength exuding from the barrier.

Gou Li sneered. “Have you discovered it? This is Bi Quzhi’s ability. Although he died because of you, although he can no longer witness this with his own eyes, the ability he created has been preserved.”

Gou Li’s weapon slashed forth. On that ordinary weapon, a layer of silvery light could be seen. With a silver flash, Lu Hun’s powerful spatial defense was sliced apart like paper. Gou Li caressed  the  barrier  gently  before  saying,  “We  named  this ability… the Shroud Art.”
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