The Strongest Gene Chapter 521-530

Chapter 521: Worry

Amid the boundless darkness, a huge pair of eyes was gazing at the human world, watching the aura of the power of beyond that was blooming incessantly. Such majesty truly caused him to feel fear.

The ice-cold voice descended like the descent of winter. “Humans…  have actually walked an entirely different path?” They were aware that no S classes existed among humans. With the short life span of humanity, by the time one of them reached peak A class, that person’s life span would already be ending soon. The remaining time would not be sufficient for that person to actually break through the barrier and reach S class.

But then, they had never expected that humans would actually walk a different path, the path of the power of beyond. The appearance of this power caused the power of humans to rise greatly. The previous limit of humanity was A class, yet now, it had changed into beyond A class. With the present classification humans had for their warriors, the strongest existence should be classified as beyond A9? Naturally, regardless of how powerful the power of beyond was, it was nothing compared to S class. The effect brought forward by the power gene of S class far surpassed the ordinary genetic realm of genetic warriors. This single advancement was supposed to be something none of the genetic warrior’s
previous advancements could compare with.

Of course, they were not worried about this, as humans couldn’t really enter S class. The only thing that worried them was the appearance of this power of beyond. This might very well increase humanity’s cultivation speed by two times, three times, or perhaps even more. The time required for them to reach their present limit of beyond A class would also decrease, and the act of reaching humanity’s limit would also be easier. At that time, S class would no longer seem that far away.

“Go investigate. I want to know, what exactly this so-called beyond X gene reagent is.”
“All right.”
Shua! Two gusts of mist drifted through the air.

Presently, at the Genetic Union.

“Are you done?” Chen Feng glanced at them with a doubtful expression. What were these fellows muttering about at the corner?

“Yes,  we’re  done.”   The  person  from  the  Genetic  Union adjusted his expression. “Everything is already prepared. You can start consuming the gene reagent.”
“Good.” Chen Feng started consuming the gene reagent immediately.


Gold radiance erupted from him. The unique radiance shone brightly as the power within Chen Feng’s body transformed in a flash. All his energy changed qualitatively. In that single instant, he had a feeling that he was incomparably powerful. Beyond, this was an entirely different power.

“Spirit, have you felt it?”
“Mhm, your power is transforming under the effect of this power. However, if this power disappears, this transformation will disappear as well…”
Chen Feng shut his eyes. The formidable power had already ended. However, he was still immersed in the comprehension of that power. With both his eyes shut, he recalled the feel of this power without stop. If that power could be blended into his body and he no longer needed to rely on external power to maintain that state, making it a true fusion…
“Spirit, analyze my earlier status.” “All right.”

Countless data flicked past the screen, indicating all the minute changes in Chen Feng’s body earlier.

“Where are you…”
Chen Feng’s gazed ahead sharply. One ought to know that this beyond X gene reagent was something he had personally created. Even the formula had been created by him. As such, he was aware that the main function of this gene reagent had always been its function as a catalyst. Everything that brought about the power of beyond was already within Chen Feng’s body, waiting to be activated by some catalyst. When these things bloomed with the power of beyond, the entire process had been recorded by Spirit.

“Let’s  see…  how  to  complete  this  transformation  without using any catalysts.” Chen Feng stepped into this bizarre world. For others, their comprehension of this power of beyond relied on talent, seeking that faintly discernible yet mysterious feeling. The moment one found the correct feeling, one would be able to break through easily. As for Chen Feng, he preferred doing things from the basics, understanding exactly how the process went, looking for the exact trigger.

“Found you!”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Presently, the people present looked at the motionless Chen Feng and started exchanging glances.

“I suppose Boss has yet to discover that he has a low potential.”
“Sigh, Boss has always been busy with research. I suppose he never expected that his potential would actually be this low. With this, I truly have no idea how long he will require to grasp the power of beyond.”
They all felt rather regretful. “Prepare more gene reagents for him.”
The person from the Genetic Union glanced at the people from the Gene Production Association, “No matter what, he is still humanity’s strongest producer.”
The Gene Production Association spoke tyrannically. “Don’t worry. Even if he can’t reach beyond B class naturally, we will still produce a sufficient number of gene reagents, enabling him to trigger the power of beyond any time he wants.”
However, the power of beyond one had comprehended was still different from the power of beyond triggered by a gene reagent. Chen Feng had contributed greatly to this project, yet unexpectedly, this contribution of his couldn’t really help himself.

“What a pity…”
They exchanged glances and saw the regret in their eyes.
Right this moment. Bang!

Suddenly, a flash of gold erupted from Chen Feng’s body. That dazzling radiance was akin to a surging river, almost blinding the people there.

The gold radiance surged. That comparatively ordinary power around Chen Feng became extremely terrifying. This remained for a short instant before his power returned to its previous state. He opened his eyes. A terrifying gold radiance shone from his eyes. This was the remaining power from his eruption earlier.

Everyone widened their eyes and watched this scene with unbelieving expressions. Chen Feng had not said anything, yet they had still felt that powerful and familiar power. That was the power of beyond B class! He had actually broken through just like that? They  gulped  and  asked  cautiously,  “Have  you  broken through?”
“Yes.”  Chen Feng looked at them with an odd expression. “What were you guys muttering about earlier?”

Instantly, everyone sunk into silence. They all exchanged glances and remained in a long stupor. One single attempt, and just like that, he’d broken through? Was this the one who had scored one point for his potential? Was this the so-called “nearly impossible to comprehend” as stated by the chip? They all looked at the person from the Research Agency.

The person from the Research Agency panicked as well. “Has there been an error?”
The data they had used as a basis had been collected from a sample size of several tens of thousands of people. It was supposed to be correct. Hastily, he told the researchers to once again verify their data. Alas, after the verification, no problems whatsoever were found. Nowadays, their sample size was no longer that small. No less than 10 million people had used their chip and uploaded their results. Even with such a large sample size, no problems were found with their calculation. This was especially true for those who had scored similarly to Chen Feng. Nearly all of them were commoners, and none of them had any chance of breaking through.

“That Chen Feng…”
The person from the Research Agency was dumbstruck. If news of someone with such a low score comprehending the power of beyond in a single attempt spread, the accuracy of their chip would most probably start being doubted.

The boss of the Research Agency sighed. “Change the data for Chen Feng.”
“Change to what?” “…”

Only now did the people there recover from their stupor and start congratulating Chen Feng. Chen Feng curled his lip, as he was aware of what these people had been thinking earlier. However…
He clenched both his fists tightly. He could clearly feel that power coursing within him. If the power coursing within him could have been described as a clear spring previously, presently, this power could be described as a violent tsunami. Even if he was still a B class, his power now…

With a single punch, the earth seemed to quake. This was the power of beyond B class. When wielded by someone like Chen Feng, who had initially already been capable of transcending classes when battling, this power appeared even more powerful. Chen Feng smiled. From A1 to A9, from beyond A1 to beyond A9, he truly wanted to see how far could he reach. Right at this moment,  an  employee  rushed  into  the  room,  “Boss  Chen, headquarters sent us a message. Traces of the ancient race have been found at the marketplace.”

Chapter 522: Ancient Race Project

Ancient race…
Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. Finally, they had appeared. With the appearance of something as major as the beyond X gene reagent, the ancient race would most definitely not sit around doing nothing. Although humans were still weaker than the ancient race, the intelligence of humans was most definitely above these ancient beings. The Genetic Union had already deployed someone to pay attention to any actions of the ancient race. And now, as expected, traces of the ancient race had been found. But then, the marketplace, huh? Chen Feng contemplated.

“Based  on  the  information  received,  someone  is  buying beyond X gene reagents at the black market. That person is a human, but based on the file provided by you, this is a person who was once a member of the Mysterious Organization,” the employee reported.

“Mhm.” Chen Feng nodded. This was yet another one of Chen Feng’s contribution. Back then, after the destruction of the Mysterious Organization headquarters, Chen Feng had returned and submitted a brand new file highlighting all members of the Mysterious Organization. As such, nearly all ex-members of the Mysterious Organization from back then were known.

Naturally, the ancient race had yet to realize that this information had already been leaked. As for the file submitted by Chen Feng, this was naturally not something stolen by Chen Feng when he went undercover back then. Rather, this was a file that Qin Hai had subsequently given him. Those members of the Mysterious Organization had probably never guessed that their very boss was the spy in their organization.

“What are they looking for?”
Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Isn’t the formula available at the market as well?” After all, the information about the formula and required materials for this beyond X gene reagent was entirely public. “This is not what they want. Rather, they are looking for the initial formula,” the employee stated.

“Is that so?”  Chen Feng smiled. Indeed. The people of the ancient race had indeed attempted to decipher the beyond X formula, yet they’d failed to either take it apart or even improve it. As such, they were presently looking for the initial formula, the earliest form of this formula during its conception.

“Why do they want the initial formula?” someone asked doubtfully.

“Cough, cough.” The employee glanced at Chen Feng. Noting that Chen Feng did not seem to object to it, he explained, “After  the  release  of  this  beyond  X  gene  reagent,  we  also released a single rumor at the market: the initial version of this formula is something usable for all races. Since we were afraid that something would go wrong, we optimized a certain gene of this reagent before encrypting it, making it something only usable by humans.” “Ah?” They were all dumbstruck. “But then, we didn’t apply any encryption to it.”
The employee laughed. “The ancient race is not aware of this. They failed to decipher it. Naturally, they will assume that an encryption has been applied. They can’t use the gene reagent like humans, so naturally, they will assume that we optimized the reagent for human use only.”
“So that’s the case.”
Everyone gained understanding. But then, what was the point of this?

“Since the ancient race is trying to get their hands on this formula, naturally, the same applies to the devil race. If so, we shall  give  them  a  nonoptimized  version,  then,”  Chen  Feng stated calmly.

Everyone was alarmed. “Are we giving it to them for real?” “Yes.”  Chen Feng sneered. “But we still need to somewhat amend the formula. Weaken the effect of the beyond X gene reagent by 50% and tell them that this is the edition that has not been optimized for human usage. Although all races can use it, the effect is somewhat weaker.”
The employee nodded. “Understood.”
The unspoken meaning behind this was now rather clear. If the ancient race and devil race wanted to have a version of beyond X gene reagent as powerful as what humans had, they would have to “optimize” the formula themselves, creating an version only for their race. Chen Feng was certain that this would be sufficient to waste a huge amount of resources of both the ancient race and devil race.

“Remove sighing grass from the formula,”  Chen Feng said. “Replace it with a different herb with a similar function. I remember that back then, when I tried doing this, the effect of the reagent was reduced by around 40%, pitifully weak.”
“Understood.”   The  employee  noted  everything  that  was asked. Even if the difference between 50% and 100% did not appear that huge, in truth, for something that required comprehension like this, such a difference was extremely huge. Even if, theoretically, the difference was a mere 50%, how would one be able to comprehend the power of beyond from an incomplete product? As such, this gene reagent Chen Feng prepared for them was in fact a huge trap.

Some of them were worried. “What if they actually manage to optimize it?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “It won’t happen. Formula optimization is merely the beginning of this trap for them. Apart from this, activate the feminization project we halted on the formula previously. I want to add more functions into this version of the formula that will be leaked to the ancient race. With the materials required to add the feminization function to the gene reagent mixed together with the original materials of the beyond X formula, the difficulty in deciphering the formula will increase greatly. I refuse to believe that they will be able to handle that.

“Apart from that, release some gene reagents that were produced with this modified formula to the market as well. Sell them at the black market at 30 million yuan, emphasizing that this is the ‘first edition’ that has yet to go through optimization that makes it something only usable for humans. A first edition that is usable for all races, but with a weaker effect.”
As Chen Feng finished his words, the hearts of everyone around him thumped nervously. Fem…feminization? This canceled project was ultimately resumed and released as a special ancient race edition.

“What about the devil race, then?” asked the employee.

“Although they do not have any spies among humans, since the ancient race is already making their move, the devil race will not sit around waiting.”

Unknown region.

Ancient race. Amid the golden radiance, an ancient race male was seated on the ground. All around him, a faint aura shimmered, giving him a rather unordinary feeling akin to an immortal. Before him was a crude-looking gene reagent. This gene reagent appeared extremely ordinary, yet he could clearly feel the power contained within it.

“This is the beyond X gene reagent that has been so popular recently?” he asked curiously.
“Yes,”   the  kneeling  underling  replied.  “This  is  the  first edition, which we managed to purchase. This is an edition usable by all races. We have already tested this on 30 devil slaves, and their strength indeed greatly increased momentarily after using this reagent. Unfortunately, the slaves are too stupid and failed to comprehend the power of beyond.”
“Oh?” His interest was piqued. A great increase in strength?

“Has  anyone  succeeded  in  comprehending  the  power  of beyond so far?” He could not avoid being curious about this human item that was capable of granting the power of beyond. “Yes,” the underling replied. “A few days ago, the Xie family purchased a huge amount of this reagent. Everyone in their family is allowed to use it. It is said that the heir of the Xie family managed to break through after consuming only a single gene reagent.”
He was somewhat astonished. “How’s his present strength?”
A single bottle? What genius… Xie family…
“Due to this feat, the Xie family became well known and is admired by countless people. Someone indeed stepped forth and extended a challenge toward that heir. It is said that prior to that, both of them were at a similar level of strength, but now, that person is no longer a match to that heir, and that person suffered a crushing defeat.”  The underling continued with   a   low   voice,   “The   heir’s   strength   had   increased dramatically.”
“Thanks  to  this  item?”   Finally,  he  picked  up  the  gene reagent. Beyond X gene reagent… Suddenly, the underling called out, “Lord.”
He glanced over. “Mhm?”
“Please   wait   a   moment,”    the   underling   stated   while trembling. “Based on the current data we have gathered from the humans, although one’s power will increase greatly after comprehending the power of beyond, the comprehension of this power is totally unrelated to one’s talent. Countless human geniuses failed to comprehend this power even after consuming several dozens or even several hundreds of this reagent. Therefore…” The underling did not dare to continue his words.

Chapter 523: Hold On, Hey, This Is a Different Plan

“Ah.” He chuckled. “Are you worried that I will take out my anger on you after failing to break through? Don’t worry. I am well aware of the result.”
He shook his head slightly. Gulp! The gene reagent was consumed. At that instant, an incredibly formidable power could be felt. That instant, a feeling like he was unrivaled under the heavens even arose in him. Such power… He remained in a stupor for a long time.

So, this is the power of beyond? So, such is the prowess one stands to gain after comprehending the concept of beyond?

If he had such power in his grasp, how many people in this world would be his match? As the future of the ancient race, he had to make himself the strongest of the ancient race. This was a power he had to make his. Similar to everyone else who’d once had a taste of this power of beyond, he became addicted to this feeling of power and incapable of forgetting the strength he’d had at that instant. This applied to even this prince of the ancient race. “This thing, I want more of them,”  he stated with a sharp gaze. Suddenly, he recalled something. “Oh, right. Did anyone notice you coming?”
The  underling  was  puzzled.  “Yes.  Some  people  saw  me.
The prince: “…” As he saw the confusion in his underling, he could only shake his head. What an idiotic fellow…
“How many of this thing can you get?” he asked solemnly. He was aware that this gene reagent he had just consumed was different than the version those humans were selling. As such, he was rather worried about the supply.

“No worries. Thanks to the Mysterious Organization, we have a huge amount of humans under our control. After obtaining the formula, they have already started mass- manufacturing these gene reagents for us. Despite the destruction of the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters, their  core  members  still  remain,”   the  underling  replied respectfully.  “The  advice  of  that  senior  has  already  been sought. He indeed gave us a lot of assistance. Presently, the entire Mysterious Organization is serving us, the ancient race, secretly.”
That senior, huh… At the mention of that senior, the prince recalled that darkness akin to a black ink. “Got it,” he replied in a deep voice. If so, he no longer needed to worry about the output of the gene reagent. “Then I need more of this gene reagent. One thousand, ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand, I want them all,” he stated with a sharp gaze.

“All right.” The underling remained in a kneeling position. Despite the high cost of production, the ancient race still had rather valuable things in their possession that could be sold for money. Every single item they took out was akin to rare treasure for the humans. He believed that they had sufficient wealth to afford it. Despite his doubts about the sudden increase in the price of the materials for production, when he recalled the problems the humans seemed to have with sighing grass, he no longer found this increase in price odd.

Indeed, when a material was purchased in such bulk, the market price of the material would most certainly increase. “Additionally…” The prince paused before continuing, “Announce to the outsiders that I have also comprehended the power of beyond with a single attempt.”
“Ah?” The underling appeared dumbstruck. A single… attempt? He gazed at his lord and noted that this lord did not seem like he had actually comprehended the power of beyond…
The prince did not feel like explaining further. “Just do as I said.”
“Understood.”  The underling gained a slight understanding of the prince’s intention.

“You may leave now. Arrange all this as soon as possible,” the prince commanded in a low voice.

“Understood.” The underling left. As for the prince, he remained in a stupor. Looking at the empty gene reagent bottle in his hand, he blanked. This was something he had to obtain. If he could control the supply of this thing in the dark, that would be even better. As for his so- called success in a single attempt, that was also a lie he’d had
no choice but to make.

If the heir of the Xie family could break through with a single attempt yet he, the illustrious prince of the ancient race, required ten bottles or even twenty bottles for the same feat, wouldn’t that be a joke? For the dignity of the imperial clan, he had to ensure that nominally, he was someone who had succeeded in a single attempt, as he was a genius.

“Seems like I will have to hide myself indoor for a while, then.”
He shut his eyes. Before fully comprehending the power of beyond, he would have to remain in a temporary seclusion. However, he suddenly thought of a possibility. Was it possible that the kid from the Xie family had also created such a lie just for the sake of pride? Shortly after, the prince shook his head and discarded such a line of thought. This did not seem likely. After all, that Xie kid was also the first of them to have succeeded. Perhaps he was truly a genius when it came to comprehension of the power of beyond. The prince shook his head, no longer thinking about this. He calmed himself down and waited for the next batch of gene reagents to be delivered
to him.

Presently, at the Xie family that was so far away from the ancient race, several elders of the Xie family were staring anxiously at a report. All their countermeasures were already in place, yet they still couldn’t avoid being constantly anxious. That was because, presently, the reputation of the Xie family had grown too large.

They were well aware of the fact that regardless of what it was, the first was always the one who reaped the greatest rewards as well. As such, the moment their family had gotten their hands on the gene reagents, a huge amount of the beyond X gene reagent had been used to push their heir toward that metaphorical throne, the throne of beyond.

In a single day, a thousand beyond X gene reagents had been consumed to enable their heir to break through. Naturally, they had announced to the public that their heir had instead broken through after only a single attempt. Due to that, the reputation of the Xie family had increased greatly, gaining both fame and fortune. Moreover, countless people visited them requesting advice. The Xie family had seemingly gone up a level.

Alas, it was unexpected that before even a single day had passed, the prince of the ancient race had announced that he had also comprehended the power of beyond. Similarly, his comprehension had come after only a single attempt.

Shortly after, numerous members of the imperial clan and the heirs of various major families all announced one after another that they had comprehended the power of beyond. In a single day, these geniuses had actually all comprehended the power of beyond.

With this, all of their power had increased. It could be said that the entirety of the elites of the young of the ancient race had entered the realm of superexperts.

Naturally, those elders who had been in seclusion were not willing to fall behind. As such, they started researching the power of beyond as well. One month later, even these elders had comprehended the power of beyond, increasing their strength greatly.

How strong had these people been initially? It was unknown. But now, their strength had become deep and immeasurable. The ancient race was different from the humans. Each of them was almost fanatical in their pursuit of power. As such, they had exhausted all methods available to them for the increase in strength.

As such, this scene that even Chen Feng had not foreseen appeared.

In one month, the genius experts of the ancient race had entered the realm of beyond.

In two months, the majority of the experts of the ancient race had entered the realm of beyond.

In three months, the elder experts of the ancient race had entered the realm of beyond. In four months, almost all the experts of the ancient race had entered the realm of beyond.

As of now, apart from the poverty-stricken commoners of the lowest levels of the ancient race, most of them had already entered the realm of beyond, becoming superexperts in the truest sense. They had actually reached this level even faster than humanity.

The entirety of the ancient race had transformed. Presently, Chen Feng, who had obtained this news, was dumbstruck. This… did not seem to have gone according to what he had planned! Wasn’t this a plan devised to weaken the ancient race? Wasn’t this a way to suppress the growth of the ancient race? Why had this instead increased the strength of the ancient race this much?

Chen Feng was stunned. The Genetic Union was stunned. All of humanity was stunned. This, this, this… how had this happened?

Chapter 524: Holy Shit, So Scary

“Hold on. Let me gather my thoughts.” Chen Feng remained in a daze for a long time. When he awoke from his daze, he forced himself to calm down before starting to ponder this matter. “Firstly,” Chen Feng started with a solemn expression, “the formula they got is confirmed to be the one we modified, right?”
The employee nodded his head with a heavy mood. “Yes. In this formula, sighing grass is not used. Rather, it was de- optimized, replacing the sighing grass with a whole bunch of other trash materials.”
Chen Feng had a solemn expression. “Secondly, the price of all those trash materials has increased, right?”
The   employee   checked   the   data.   “Yes.   Although   the replacement materials are all the most useless for humans— materials that even when thrown on the ground, nobody would want to pick—even after increasing the growth of these materials, the monthly sales volume of these materials is still astonishing terrifying.” Chen Feng: “…Is the ancient race this rich?”
He was amazed.

“No idea. But presently, in human markets, a lot of rare treasures originating from the ancient race have appeared. Our scientists have used these things to ascertain the level of technology the ancient race is at, their quality of life, and the environment in which they stay. Due to the huge amount of ancient race treasures that have appeared, we have obtained quite a large amount of information. It can be said that even though we have never seen an ancient race member before, they are already a transparent species in our eyes. Presently, we are in the midst of figuring out their weaknesses,” the person from the Research Agency stated proudly.

So that’s the case. Chen Feng exhaled in relief. It was good that there was still something to be gained from releasing that modified formula to the ancient race. However, the entire ancient race’s increase in strength caused him to feel rather anxious. This wouldn’t do. Even if humanity had been enriched thanks to the modified formula, even if humanity had progressed deeply in their research on the ancient race, this was, after all, still the power of beyond. “Based on the information we obtained, a lot of people in the ancient race managed to comprehend the power of beyond in less  than  10  attempts.”  The  employee’s  head  ached  as  well. “Several of their well-known geniuses even comprehended the power of beyond in a single attempt. As for those not as well known, they still managed to comprehend it in around five or six attempts.”
“A single attempt…”
Everyone was stunned. That was, after all, a weakened version of what they were using. Even among humans, those scoring 99 points in potential would still require at least several dozen bottles before they managed to comprehend the power of beyond, yet a huge number of the ancient race had comprehended the power of beyond in less than 10 attempts? How ridiculous was that? How… could it be so easy?
The formula the ancient race had obtained was the modified version, and the cost of production had also been manipulated so it would be much higher. How exactly did these ancient race fellows work? Chen Feng had no idea. However, there was indeed a person who should clearly know exactly how this happened. Du—
Chen Feng contacted Qin Hai directly. After a long time, Qin Hai answered the call. With an odd expression, he gazed at Chen Feng before sighing. “I truly admire you.”
Chen Feng was dumbfounded. Admire? What was there to admire?

“This beyond X scheme of yours is too smooth,”  Qin Hai lamented. “I once tried imagining how bitter the battle between humans and the ancient race would be. However, I truly never imagined that you would use such a method to eliminate the entire ancient race…”
Chen Feng remained stupefied. “???”
What? What did this mean? Qin Hai continued with a complicated expression. “I’m talking about your scheme. The ancient race is finished.”
“Ah???” Chen Feng was still stupefied. He had just received news that the entire ancient race had comprehended the power of beyond. Why was it that when it came to Qin Hai, he was instead saying that the ancient race was finished?

Chen Feng had an expression of amazement. “My scheme?”
“You don’t know about it?” Qin Hai had an odd expression. “Wasn’t the formula obtained by the ancient race something you secretly arranged for them to obtain?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Yes, that’s indeed so.”
“If so, that’s your scheme, then.” Qin Hai forced a smile. “For the present ancient race, their economic strength has completely collapsed. The entire civilization has collapsed, returned to the primitive era…” Chen Feng was shocked. “Why?”
“Because of your beyond X gene reagent.”  Qin Hai forced another smile. “It’s truly too expensive. In the start, they did not think much about it. However, when bottle after bottle of gene reagent is consumed, the combined cost is truly high. Crucially, the various factions of the ancient race had initially preserved a balance of power. When someone with the power of beyond appeared in one of them, the other factions had had to ensure that the same happened to them as well. As such, almost all factions went crazy in their purchasing of gene reagents just to obtain the power of beyond even if it would bankrupt them. Naturally, all of them are still putting on a façade that they are as well off as before, claiming how they succeeded in less than 10 attempts, while in truth, they only succeeded in their comprehension after several thousand attempts.” Qin Hai sighed. “As such, the entire ancient race is so poor they have to eat tree bark as meals nowadays.”
Chen Feng: “…” What in the world? For real? He was aware of how terrifying an economic collapse was, even when it was happening to the ancient race rather than to humans. “At the beginning, the various factions had merely reduced the number of servants they employed and the wages paid. Everyone had yet to feel like something was wrong with this, but then, gradually, more and more refugees appeared. These people wanted to stay alive as much as anyone, right? As such,
arson, murder, robbery, all these crimes appeared, throwing the entire ancient race into chaos. Even now, the experts of the ancient race are still occupied with suppressing the chaos in their respective territories. Despite the strength and the huge amount of experts those major factions have, their territories were still thrown into quite the chaos, since the ancient race was having trouble even getting a full meal now, as they are striving to merely stay alive now,” Qin Hai finished.

As for Chen Feng, his mouth was stuck agape. This… had actually happened to the ancient race? One ought to know that when he’d first thought of this scheme, he had merely intended to suppress the growth of the ancient race so he could make a long-term plan, yet who could have guessed that the ancient race was actually this crazy? But then, this was not necessarily good for humanity. The ancient race’s economy had collapsed and sunk into chaos.

It might seem fine for humanity, yet the moment the ancient race experts were done suppressing the chaos, the ancient race, whose economy had collapsed, would lay their eyes on humanity. With the present strength of the ancient race…
“How long will they need to suppress the chaos?” Chen Feng asked suddenly.

Qin Hai shook his head. “No idea. The chaos is progressing with a snowball effect, but since the ancient race experts have been strengthened with the power of beyond, I suppose they will not need long for that.”
“Oh.” Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Ancient race…
“You only need to be somewhat vigilant about this and that will do.” Qin Hai frowned and continued, “By the way, I don’t know if it’s because of the chaos or something else, but those ancient race experts that I know have seemed somewhat different recently.”
Different? Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Yes, why had he forgotten that? “They feel somewhat weird nowadays. Somewhat…” Qin Hai could not think of the word to be used to describe them.

Chen Feng smiled. “Feminized?”
“Yes!”  Qin Hai continued, “Eh? How come you know about that?”
Chen Feng laughed. “Hehe.”  He had initially believed that this scheme would take a long time to work. After all, if they were to consume the gene reagent in an ordinary fashion, at least a hundred years would be required for it to produce any substantial effect within the ancient race. Unexpectedly, the ancient race was so crazy in their pursuit of strength. Thanks to their hunger for strength, they had instead pushed themselves to the brink of elimination much earlier than expected. If it was truly as Qin Hai had described, then the ancient race indeed no longer had a future.

Chapter 525: Have You Heard of Those…

“This is what I did.”  Chen Feng explained his feminization scheme to Qin Hai.

As Qin Hai listened on, he was dumbstruck. It was obvious that it was simply impossible that those so-called geniuses had been able to comprehend the power of beyond with a single attempt. Without much thought, Qin Hai already knew that those fellows had actually secretly consumed quite a huge number of beyond X gene reagents to obtain comprehension. Now, if what Chen Feng told him was true…
Qin Hai started sweating as he thought of it.

“You hadn’t consumed any of the new gene reagents, right?” Chen Feng asked with a sinister expression.

Qin Hai scolded without hesitation, “Scram! I was one of the participants in your beyond X tests back then. Since I am aware that you have a better edition of this gene reagent, why would I have taken any of trash they are taking?” Chen Feng smiled. “Hehe.” He had indeed assisted Qin Hai’s breakthrough into the realm of beyond. This was a rather easy feat for Qin Hai, who had already been a genius. Moreover, the version of gene reagent he’d used was Chen Feng’s best version. As such, the effect was even better. This was also thanks to the ancient race. Using the wealth earned from the ancient race, humanity’s research and gene production level had progressed greatly.

Qin Hai was anxious. “What are you planning to do next?” Although the ancient race no longer had a future, they were still here in the present. The present ancient race was exceptionally powerful. If humanity were to end up accidentally eliminated by the ancient race, the final result would be the mutual destruction of both races, and the devil race would be the one who profited from all this.

Chen Feng smiled toyingly. “Don’t worry. I naturally have a way of dealing with that.”
“That’s good, then.” Qin Hai did not put much thought into these words of Chen Feng’s. On the next day, an extremely astonishing piece of news was released. For humanity, this was extremely ordinary news, but for the ancient race, this was akin to disaster.

“Bluemoon grass and a whole bunch of other medicinal herbs have increased greatly in price due to the huge increase in demand. After three months of research by the Research Agency, a brand new farming method has been discovered, finally greatly reducing the price of these herbs by around a hundred times, returning these herbs to their initial prices before all this.”
This was the latest report from the Research Agency. The materials affected here were astonishingly all the materials included in the formula that the ancient race obtained. As such, the cost of production for the ancient race’s beyond X gene reagent became incredibly cheap, resulting in the supply of this gene reagent on the ancient race’s market increasing greatly. This caused the ancient race to go crazy.

The various major ancient race families were stupefied. “Why did this happen?”  They had never expected that this gene reagent that had still been an extremely valuable commodity a short while ago would now become a common commodity. This item that they had previously obtained after almost bankrupting their families became something everyone could afford.

The scariest aspect of this was the effect this had on their rebels. Initially, the only advantage the major families had had over these rebels was the power of beyond. Now, the rebels were able to obtain the power of beyond as well, greatly increasing their strength.

They were all bewildered. “How did this happen…”
The prince was furious. “Where did those damnable gene reagents come from?”
“No idea.” The underling was alarmed. “Those gene reagents flooding our market are not from any of our official suppliers. It seems like there are some unknown suppliers hauling these gene reagents into our market without stop and selling them at an extremely cheap price.”
The prince raged. “Bastard!” Pu!

In his anger, his underling was killed on the spot, alarming countless people around him. How many times had this happened? The temper of this prince, who had previously had a refined temperament, was becoming weirder and weirder. This seemed to be happening to all their other experts as well…
At the slightest provocation, they would start killing. Was it due to the recent chaos?
These underlings exchanged glances and inwardly decided that perhaps it was time for them to leave, to leave this place and return to the chaotic world outside. Now that these gene reagents were so cheap, they would be able to easily enter the realm of beyond as well. As such, on that night, a bunch of ancient race foot soldiers disappeared… Before leaving, they even remembered to take the riches of the prince with them.

The prince was so angry that he started cursing. “Bastards!” This was uncontrollable and unstoppable. As their rebels started entering the realm of beyond, the ancient race entered a stage of total chaos. Numerous major factions appeared and started fighting each other like they were savages.

As for the beyond X gene reagent, due to how cheap and effective it was, it became a gene reagent each of these ancient race members had to have. Even a normal poverty-stricken ancient race commoner was prepared to obtain several beyond X gene reagents as their trump card.

And now, finally, the initial effects of this feminization plan showed itself. Based on the estimation of Chen Feng’s group, after consuming a single bottle, the effect wouldn’t be too obvious, yet the testosterone production would be somewhat inhibited. After consuming 10 bottles, the user would be somewhat feminized. Their body would start producing estrogen, and testosterone would continue being inhibited. Those who consumed 20 bottles would be greatly feminized and would no longer be able to breed. Those who had consumed 50 bottles would start losing the physical characteristics of a male. Those who had consumed 100 bottles…
Mhm… This was what Chen Feng’s group had intended to only happen toward the end. That was because it was simply not easy for this scheme to succeed. For it to happen, a huge amount of this gene reagent was required. A long time was required for it to slowly happen as well. As such, this had
initially been set up as a long-term strategy, but unexpectedly, the ancient race was actually this crazy.

This plan… had totally ignored the initial stage where, first, a sufficient amount of gene reagent had to be made available. Rather, it had directly entered the stage where only time was required for the ancient race members to consume a sufficient amount of them. Nearly all ancient race members had consumed more than 100 bottles.

“According to our early tests, how long will it require for this plan to display its effect?”
“Half a year.” Chen Feng calculated the time. It seemed like it was almost time? But then, the moment it reached the final stage, the ancient race would most certainly realize that something was wrong with their gene reagents. That wouldn’t do. The ancient race had yet to be completely destroyed, and the devil race had only suffered small damage so far. Mhm…
“Seems like I have to think of something.” Chen Feng sunk into contemplation.

At present, in the ancient race’s territory.

The prince appeared. “All rebels shall be killed without mercy!”   His  handsome  appearance  and  cold  temperament caused numerous people to submit to him. This was the future of their ancient race! This was their ancient race’s prince. After receiving the order to suppress the rebellion, the prince eliminated the enemies in a short amount of time. Once again, the power of beyond showcased an unimaginable level of strength. “Yes.”
Countless underlings gazed at him with reverence. This was their prince, so powerful that he caused one to feel intoxicated. Without realizing it, in their reverence-filled gaze, an additional odd feeling was included as well. After returning to the camp, the prince dispersed his underlings. Next, the firm and persistent expression vanished, replaced by a gentle expression. After rinsing a pot of clear water over his face, the makeup on his face was cleared, revealing a gentle yet beautiful appearance. Gazing at himself from the mirror, the prince caressed his face gently with his fingers.


His clothes slid down his body. Numerous strips of white cloth were wrapped around his chest, seemingly suppressing a certain existence.

The prince shut his eyes painfully. “Why… have I become this way?” That face of his he had seen in the mirror was actually a face so lovely one couldn’t resist feeling compassion for. Was this still him? He was supposed to be the future of the ancient race!

All this while, he had been busy dealing with the rebellion and had not had the time to consider anything else. Suddenly, one day, he had been this way. It had reached a point that he did not dare to even leave his room without first putting on makeup. Was he suffering from the ambush of some other prince? He nibbled on his lip and stomped his feet on the ground before saying, “I will most definitely find out the truth about this.”
Right as he was about to investigate this matter, some astonishing information was transmitted to him. Due to the appearance of the devil race, humanity had suffered a disastrous loss. In their anger, the experts of humanity had unleashed a legendary forbidden skill toward all nonhuman territories: Nine Yin Demonic Termination!

Chapter 526: I Want to Make Babies with You!

Nine Yin Demonic Termination? What in the world was that? Only after the people of the ancient race gathered some information on what that was did they turn pale from fright. It was rumored that humanity possessed two great forbidden skills. One of those great forbidden skills was Nine Yin Demonic Termination, which was capable of shrouding the area it covered with the aura of yin, causing all the life-forms within that area to lose all masculine characteristics, turning them all into females.

The second forbidden skill was called Golden Titanium Skill, which was capable of causing all female life-forms in the area it shrouded to be pregnant with sons of unknown fathers. Both these skills were extremely dreadful and originated from a forbidden skill named Supreme Ultimate. During the past countless years, despite the fact that the inheritance of this Supreme Ultimate had been severed, the two forbidden skills originating from it remained.

“Teehee. How is it possible for something like that to exist?” “Yep, yep.”
“I suppose the humans were too shocked by our strength and purposely made up some stories to sway our mind. Teehee.”
“True, and they are trying to scam this person here? How funny.”
“The both of you…”
“No, there’s nothing.”
“Hmph, how annoying is it to face someone who never finishes his words.”
“Right, right.” “…”

It was also at this time that these ancient race experts that had been busy with war all these days finally had the time to observe their bodies properly. With shock, they discovered something scary.

“How did this happen…”
“Annoying, this person here lost my ding dong.”
“Wu, wu, same here.”
“Ah ah ah, this person here is a masculine male.”
“…” As for the ancient race members that were originally females, they watched all this, stupefied. Looking at how their brothers transformed into sisters, how their fathers transformed into mothers…what exactly was going on with this world? Nine Yin Demonic Termination… The forbidden skill of humans was this terrifying?

“Those must be separate incidents.”
Everyone hoped that this was indeed the case. Alas, as they continued their observation, they noted that more and more of the ancient race males had been feminized. Even those respected elders couldn’t avoid this fact, even those top-notch experts.

Their hearts chilled. “It’s over.”
Only now did those people, including the prince, realize what exactly was it that had happened. So it turned out that recently, they had fallen victim to humanity’s Nine Yin Demonic Termination? Only now did the ancient race start taking the humans’ announcement seriously. “Regardless of what forbidden skill it is, to activate it, we humans most certainly had to pay a huge price. As such, we truly hope not to use such forbidden skills. We humans have always wished to live together in harmony with the ancient race. Hopefully, the ancient race will no longer involve
themselves in the affairs of the humans and devil race. Otherwise, we don’t mind activating the second forbidden skill as well…”
This announcement was short and simple, yet it caused one’s heart to thump in horror. Second forbidden skill? The mere thought of that caused the ancient race members to feel fear. That titanium something skill? The very forbidden skill capable of causing all females to become pregnant with children of unknown fathers? They pictured the scene where those unrivaled heroes of the ancient race that had been forcefully transformed into females were forced to get pregnant and even partake in the act of giving birth.


The entire ancient race lapsed into silence. Only now did they realize what a terrifying race the humans were. Indeed, they weren’t particularly powerful when it came to combat strength, but these methods available to the humans were sufficient to plant fear in the ancient race.

“Let’s…   let’s  focus  on  our  own  rebellions  for  now,”   the emperor decreed.

The  empress  was  furious.  “Bastard!  Where’s  your  pride? Since the humans dared to do that to us, shouldn’t we destroy them first?”
The emperor was anxious. “But… but this person here is afraid of the second forbidden skill…”
The empress gnashed her teeth. “Since this forbidden skill exists, a method of countering it might exist as well.”
“No,  there’s  no  need  to  rush,”  the  emperor  stated  gently. “Why not talk after dealing with our own rebellions?”
The empress felt like fainting. She was truly despairing. That was because that Nine Yin Demonic Termination not only transformed one’s gender, it also transformed one’s temperament. Almost all the experts underwent a huge change in their temperament. This was especially true for the experts that had been bold. The bolder they had been previously, the
greater the present contrast was. Presently, in the entire ancient race, there no longer existed anyone capable of shouldering the burden of an entire race. The ancient race no longer had a future.

Suddenly, the empress thought of something. “Oh right, those seniors.” The only reason the imperial clan of the ancient race had been able to last until today was due to the assistance they had received from the people of that particular ancient bloodline. Those were the true backbone of the entire ancient race. Based on the humans’ strength classifications, those experts were what one would call beyond A class. These were true experts.

“Yeah, look for them.” Filled with expectations, the empress entered their land of legacy. “Dear all seniors, I wish…”
“Aiya, isn’t this the empress?” “Why have you come? Teehee.”
Two experts that had previously been majestic, tall, and sturdy were presently talking with the empress while forming an orchid shape with their fingers.

When the empress saw this, her heart chilled. She could clearly feel that these two that had initially only been A classes were now beyond A classes, becoming top-notch experts like all those seniors. But then… they had also similarly been affected by that forbidden skill.

The empress collapsed. “Even those here have not survived?”
If even this place was shrouded by the forbidden skill, the ancient race no longer had any land free of human influence. Right as she was despairing…
A flat voice could be heard. “Who is it?” Despite how cold the voice sounded, that completely masculine voice caused the empress to be overwhelmed by emotions, and a gush of warmth seemed to flow through her veins.

Male! She had finally encountered a proper male! A proper ancient race male that was still alive!

She raised her head and looked ahead. The person who had spoken was a male shrouded by a mysterious black radiance. He was young and handsome.

The two guards saluted him deferentially. “Lord.”
“Mhm.” Qin Hai nodded slightly, looked at the empress at the door,  and  stated  flatly,  “Is  there  anything  the  empress requires?”
“It’s you.” The empress was so excited that both her legs started limping. She had heard from the legends that among those seniors, one of them had eternal youth yet extremely powerful strength. That person was precisely this senior before her, this senior with a mysterious energy around him.

She prostrated herself before that person directly. “I beseech you, please save the ancient race!”
Qin Hai raised his brow. “Oh?” What in the world was this?

“The ancient race no longer has a future.” The empress was able to see the truth of things clearly. “The emperor and the other ancient race members have had their gender changed and no longer have a sober mind. However, I am well aware that the ancient race is over.”
Qin Hai’s heart thumped. He had never expected that this empress here was actually a person with such vision.

“Presently,  the  entire  ancient  race  is  comprised  solely  of females. Even those children that were still in D class failed to avoid this fate. As of now, the ancient race no longer has any males. The majestic ancient race has actually transformed into a kingdom of only females!” the empress lamented. Being the empress, her appearance was naturally far above others. The present her, with her pitiful appearance, was indeed rather
moving. Alas, there was nobody here to appreciate this…
Regardless of the stone-hearted Qin Hai or those two experts that were still busy forming orchid fingers in the distance, none could appreciate this.

Qin Hai was extremely calm. “What do you require?”
“I  require…”  The  empress  hesitated  slightly  before  gently and decisively stating, “I want to make a male baby with you, for myself and for the future of the ancient race.” Finishing her words, the empress continued prostrating before Qin Hai.

Qin Hai was dumbstruck. “Ah?” The sternness he had been maintaining with difficulty collapsed instantly. What in the world?

Chapter 527: My King!

What? Qin Hai was utterly dumbfounded. It would be reasonable for the empress to request his help, but to request having a child with him?

“Hold on.” Qin Hai remained in a long stupor.

The empress groveled before Qin Hai. “Lord, please allow me this request.”
Qin Hai’s eyes widened. “Where’s the emperor?”
“He…  No, he is now a she.”  The empress smiled bitterly. “The  entire  ancient  race  has  been  feminized.  At  most,  the emperor is nothing but my sister now.”
Qin Hai: “…How about the others?” The empress sighed. “It’s the same. The entire ancient race, regardless of age, has become female.”
Qin Hai recalled that there were still a huge number of ancient race infants around. “How about those children?”
The empress smiled bitterly. “They are slowly transforming as well.”
What? This totally shocked Qin Hai awake. This thing was actually much graver then they had imagined. The progress of Chen Feng’s plan was actually much smoother than imagined. The so-called Nine Yin Demonic Termination had in fact been a lie all along. Qin Hai was aware of that. However, for children to not even able to escape this fate…
Only now did Qin Hai recall that this was the ancient race. The children of the ancient race would directly be D class from birth, starting at a point much higher than humans did. The children here had great innate strength and contained a lot of energy within their body. As such, to ensure that their children would not fall behind others, these ancient race adults had most definitely fed their children beyond X gene reagents as well, hoping that even if it couldn’t help their children break through, a solid foundation could still be built.

As Qin Hai thought of this, the only thing he could do was gasp in admiration. This was the actual truth behind the so- called Nine Yin Demonic Termination.

The crux of Chen Feng’s lie was to ensure that the ancient race would not discover the problem with their version of the beyond X gene reagent and to instead let them worry about the fabricated Nine Yin Demonic Termination. At the same time, this subtly led their line of thought so they would believe only beyond-A-class experts would not be influenced by this forbidden skill.

A great example was Qin Hai, someone who seemed to be immune to it.

A different example would be the fellow apprentices within this land of legacy. As those ancient race members were worried that in the future, their children would be affected by the forbidden skill, or perhaps worried that this forbidden skill would once again shroud their race, these ancient race members would most definitely try to increase their children’s strength starting at a
young age. From the moment of birth, numerous beyond X
gene reagents would be fed to their children in the hope that they would break through faster, freeing themselves from the curse of the Nine Yin Demonic Termination.

None of them had imagined that this entire thing had been a huge scam from the start.
Qin Hai sighed. “Scammed by that fellow again.” He was sure that this had to be the work of Chen Feng. Apart from him, who else could think of such a ruthless method of dealing with the ancient race? This was akin to an incorporeal soft knife, a soft knife that would cause the extinction of the entire ancient race. As he thought of this, Qin Hai looked toward the center of the land of legacy.

His master, the person who was still so very terrifying even now, was still not planning to make any moves? “Master,  what  exactly  are  you  thinking  about?”  Qin  Hai shook his head. Among them fellow apprentices, none of them was able to grasp the thoughts of this master.

“Senior?”  The empress gazed at the seemingly spellbound Qin Hai and took the initiative to approach him. A fair and tender hand landed on Qin Hai’s body, jolting him awake. Promptly, he grabbed her and stopped her.

Qin Hai shook his head. “No.”
The empress whined. “Senior…”
“Oh, I am not the only person in the entire ancient race. There are others…”  Without hesitation, Qin Hai sold off his apprentice brothers. “All of us fellow apprentices here are unaffected by that forbidden skill. I can introduce you to them. For example, Lu Hun…”
Lu Hun’s faint voice drifted out of the land of legacy. “I am a married person.” “For example, Master Mu…”
“I will not have any sexual intercourse with someone from a different clan.” This master of the White Sect, who had a white cap on his head, started explaining that although they were similarly part of the ancient race, he was also part of a noble bloodline among the ancient race, the Mu Clan. Even someone like the empress was not qualified to bear his child. At this, the empress’s face flushed with anger. When had she ever been humiliated this way?

Qin Hai promptly put forth another name. “For example, Brother Lan…”
This person he mentioned was the person who had built the Mysterious Organization’s underground transportation system, that superexpert with a blue diamond who was capable of moving through all terrains.

Brother Lan’s unhurried voice drifted out. “I like males.”
Shua! The entire world seemed to lapse into silence.

Brother Lan calmly continued, “If you are willing to accompany me for one day, I wouldn’t mind granting this empress my seed.”
Qin Hai: “…”
The empress gazed expectantly at Qin Hai.

What in the world are you expecting? Qin Hai did not know what to say. “What in the world is this? Damn it, Chen Feng. When I return, I will definitely teach you a lesson!”  Qin Hai mumbled. But then, he’d still failed to solve this present issue.

Qin Hai smiled bitterly. “Sorry. I can’t do it.”
“Will you truly watch on as the ancient race goes extinct?” the empress whined. Suddenly,  Lu  Hun  said,  “Leave.  Forget  about  the  issue  of giving birth. But then, this calamity still requires us to personally get involved.” Qin Hai thought of an excuse. “After the battle back then, Master said that we should never again bother with the mortal affairs.”
“When had you ever abided by that?” Lu Hun stated without politeness. “All those years ago, when you created an identity called Qin Hai among the humans to investigate the humans in secret and even participated in that gene production competition, wasn’t that also an act of bothering with mortal affairs?”
Qin Hai laughed dryly. “Cough, cough.”
Lu Hun patted his shoulder. “I know that you are dedicated to your work. It was truly hard on you when you were required to investigate the human race back then. But now, since the ancient race is already in such a situation, we truly can’t ignore them anymore. Since Master is in seclusion, the ancient race can only rely on us. We can’t allow Master to come out of his seclusion only to be presented with an extinct ancient race.” “Why don’t you go, then?” Qin Hai grumbled.

“I wish.” Lu Hun sighed. “But that family member of mine… You are already aware of my difficulties, right? Moreover, she’s also Master’s daughter… If I truly were to deal with this, there would be no hope of salvaging our relationship. As such, this will have to rely on you.” With a solemn expression, Lu Hun concluded,  “Raise  your  head  and  look  clearly.  The  present ancient race, all of them are yours. Regardless of the prowess of those formidable warriors or their status, they are all yours!” Next, with a kick, Qin Hai was flung out of the land of legacy.


The entrance to the land of legacy was shut tight. Qin Hai was dumbfounded. The hell, he was actually kicked out?

The empress gazed at him tenderly. “Your Majesty, from now onward, you are our king.”
Qin Hai: “…” He raised his head and looked at the huge land of the ancient race. As he recalled what Lu Hun said earlier, he shook his head. All this was now his? They had no idea that all this was merely a part of Chen Feng’s plan. He truly felt helpless now. He laughed bitterly. Naturally, if Chen Feng saw this… Qin Hai could guess what Chen Feng would say.

He would point at the map, indicating the territory of the ancient race, and say, “Look, this is the kingdom gifted to you by me! A harem I created personally for you!”
Qin Hai sighed. “What sins have I done to deserve this?” Ever since he had met Chen Feng, his life had been very eventful. From the destruction of the Qin family, to being crippled, to the impasse at that snowy mountain, to the barbarian legacy, to the legendary Holy War back then… Step by step, until now…
Qin Hai inhaled deeply. Forget it. Despite the so-called calamity or imminent peril of the ancient race, he was clear that even if the entire ancient race was no longer capable of breeding, no longer had any future, they would not disappear for real. That was because that master of his had yet to make his move. As the strongest person of the ancient race, as the creator of their land of legacy, since he had yet to make a move, this signified that the ancient race was still not in their greatest possible danger.

Rather, humanity was the one truly in imminent peril. Regardless of whether it was for himself or humanity or to report to Chen Feng, he did not seem like he had much choice. As he thought of this, he started stepping out.

He knew that the moment he stepped out, he would be the sole king of the ancient race. Or perhaps, one could say that he was the one and only male of the ancient race.

Chapter 528: This Is Karma

Ancient race.

Qin Hai had been proclaimed king. This was not met with much resistance. Those geniuses initially filled with an air of arrogance had, under the effect of feminization, seemingly become a different kind of proud, one that could be described with the word “tsundere.”
Now, Qin Hai had indeed brought some hope to the ancient race. Within the land of legacy, all those that had already been beyond A classes were not affected by the humans’ forbidden skill. As for those that had only entered the realm of beyond after the appearance of the gene reagent, they had all been feminized. This clearly showed that when the humans had unleashed that forbidden skill, these people had still all been A classes.

In other words, the reason Qin Hai and the rest were fine was because they had already been beyond A classes when the forbidden skill was unleashed. Only those in beyond A class could resist this forbidden skill. This was also a source of a hope for the ancient race. The newborns of the ancient race were innately powerful. Most of the time, they were in D class from birth, but some geniuses were in C class from birth. There were even rare talents that were even more powerful from birth. For the ancient race, their only hope of surviving against this was to ensure that their children could enter A class as soon as possible.

“Remember. Make sure to separate all the children that have yet to start being feminized. Try to reduce contact between them and others to avoid them being polluted by the curse. Try to push those children into beyond A class as soon as possible.” Qin Hai assumed an anxious appearance, seemingly hoping that the ancient race could preserve this final batch of seed.

Thereupon, everyone started using the beyond X gene reagent crazily. Alas, it did not seem to work. These children had apparently failed to escape the curse as well. Before they could even fully develop their speech, their gender was already changing from male to female. The various family heads were pained and alarmed by the prowess of the humans’ curse.

With this, the extinction of the ancient race was assured, but the contributions of our friend Qin Hai couldn’t be ignored. Naturally, due to Qin Hai doing what seemed to be the best course of action and using the methods that seemed correct all along, none of the ancient race members blamed him for this. Rather, they shed tears of gratitude to him for his willingness to help. At this time, perhaps due to everyone suffering from the same fate or perhaps due to the anxiety about the future of the ancient race, the ancient race rebels was actually showing signs that they were going to give up on the rebellion.

As a response, Qin Hai took on the policy of “settling inner conflicts before dealing with outer conflicts.” He led the main army of the ancient race and declared war on the ancient race rebels. This caused the rebels to forget about giving up on the rebellion and instead strengthened their resolve to rebel, their rationale being that without rebelling, only death would await them.

With this, a great civil war erupted, and once again, the ancient race was mired by chaos.

“Remember, the present war is for our future peace. In truth, I hate war. As such, I hope to end this as soon as possible. My dream is to return to that little mountain, to continue cultivating happily with my fellow apprentice brothers.” This saying of Qin Hai’s became a renowned saying among the ancient race. Evidently, after hanging around Chen Feng, he had learned quite a lot from Chen Feng. But then, whether this scheme Qin Hai was playing had been instructed by Chen Feng or not remained unknown.

In short, thanks to Qin Hai’s act of assuming the role of the king of the ancient race, he managed to gain even more time for humanity.

“How long can you get for us?” Chen Feng asked.

Qin Hai sighed. “I have no idea.” He had no idea if this was because he was the king, but when he’d been warring against those rebels, some of them had actually surrendered immediately after seeing him, volunteering to serve him instead. Even Qin Hai himself was dumbfounded by this.

“There is one thing I can be sure of, though. Since there are no more males in the entire ancient race, the moment the rebellion is dealt with, when they have the time to finally pay attention to the humans, the fate of human males will probably be…” Qin Hai did not finish his words, yet it was sufficient to cause Chen Feng to widen his eyes.

What in the world? That wouldn’t be, right? Only now did he think of this terrifying fact. The moment the ancient race, which was completely comprised of females, mixed with the current human society, where there were many more males than females, Chen Feng was sure that the ancient race would not even need to try any seduction techniques.

Those ancient race females with beautiful looks only needed to beckon at the human males with their fingers; that would be sufficient to cause a lot of human men to lose their mind. At that time…
Chen Feng felt helpless. “Can different races even reproduce with each other?”
Qin Hai sighed. “How am I supposed to know? These days, even humans and beasts can bear offspring, so isn’t it logical that it would work for humans and ancient race members as well?” Chen Feng’s lips twitched as he was left speechless. Indeed, look at the horseman clan, the oxman clan, and so on. It was rumored that the origin of these clans was actually…
If what Qin Hai guessed truly happened, at that time, rather than the ancient race being eliminated, the human culture might be the one being annexed by the ancient race. The reason was that regardless of what gender the offspring of humans and ancient race members ended up being, their strength would most definitely be formidable. At that time, all of humanity might instead end up as the slaves of the ancient race.

As such, even after all this, humanity was still hard pressed for time. This was especially true because even now, the ancient race was still increasing in strength.
“Time…”  Chen  Feng  kneaded  his  head.  Humanity  would require time to grow. At present, the beyond X gene reagent had already entered the rapid growth stage, and almost everyone already had a chance to comprehend the power of beyond. But this was still not enough to contend with the ancient race. Humanity needed to become even stronger. The humans that had comprehended the power of beyond needed to enter the realm of A class as soon as possible as well. Only with this would the power of humanity be sufficient.

“Oh yeah, recently, some ancient race members have been thinking of ways to enter the human territories. I heard that it’s because they are no longer able to bear with life in the ancient race territories and want to start a new life in the human territories. Their outer appearances do not seem too different from humans’. You guys need to be alert on that,” Qin Hai told Chen Feng. It was rather troublesome if the ancient race population were to mix among humans.

“Oh?” Chen Feng started pondering. Ancient race… “Seems like I need to think of something,” Chen Feng muttered.

Based on what Qin Hai had said, this might be an opportunity to clash with some of the ancient race in advance. This would allow them to try to discover the weakness of the ancient race and gain understanding on actual ancient race members.

Shua! After ending the call, Chen Feng immediately started his investigation. Soon, they found the particular ancient race member that had mixed into human society. Surprisingly, this ancient race female had even gotten married to a human. By feigning to be a human, she had married a human male.

Name: Yue Lan.

Strength: Beyond A class.

Introduction: Appeared at Sea City three months ago. Due to her exceptional temperament, appearance that stands out from others, and calm nature, she was pursued by countless people. Finally, she married one of them. After marriage, this female even found a job and started living a normal working life. She has never done anything else.

Disguise: Due to her extreme strength, nobody has been able to see through her.
 Chen Feng frowned. “Yue Lan…” His underling had delivered the detailed information on this beyond A ancient race member. Mhm, she was indeed exceptionally beautiful. That delicate face with a faint smile on it and that figure that was almost perfection, this was truly a goddess in the hearts of a lot of males. Who would have guessed that this female was also an ancient race member? Chen Feng had not told anyone else about this.

Some of the investigators that had been compiling this information for Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

“Wow, how beautiful.”
“Yeah, to obtain wife as such, it would be worth it even if one’s life span was reduced by 30 years.”
Chen Feng glanced at them but did not comment on it. Presently, nobody had any idea what exactly these ancient race members that had entered human society were thinking. If it was in the past, directly killing them would have been the proper path to take.
 But now, since they were refugees and had even gotten married… how should they be dealt with, then? Perhaps one should ask: what exactly were they aiming for?

Chen Feng sighed. “Seems like I have to personally deal with this.” Naturally, before doing anything, he first looked for Qin Hai to gain detailed information on this Lady Yue Lan.

“Do you have any impressions of this person?”
“Please wait a bit.”  Shortly after, Qin Hai managed to find her information. “Mhm, I found it. This fellow’s initial name was Li Goudan. He was a savage from one of the farming villages of the ancient race. Back then, he was the tyrant of an area and was also called Bro Scarface. With his valiant strength, he reached A class. Subsequently, after plundering a huge amount of beyond X gene reagents, he broke through into beyond A class. After that, he went missing.”
“Bro… Bro Scarface?” Chen Feng was speechless as he gazed at the picture of Lady Yue Lan he had in his hand. Truly…karma. He let off a long sigh.

As for who was the one who had actually suffered the retribution of karma, it did not need to be said. Naturally, in a certain way, this Bro Scarface hadn’t been lying to that newly gained  human  husband,  as  the  “scar”  had  merely  changed locations now…
Mhm, there was nothing wrong with that. After arranging the information about “Lady Yue Lan,” Chen Feng decided to go meet her and that poor husband of hers. However, surprisingly, just as he reached Sea City, he encountered this lady.

A familiar voice could be heard. “Hahahaha. Chen Feng! I knew it was you! Wow, I initially believed that you would never come to Sea City. Unexpectedly, I can still see you!”
Chen Feng raised his head and was immediately stunned. “Mu Yuan?” That’s right, this person was Chen Feng’s friend from back then, Mu Yuan. However, due to his rather ordinary potential, after giving up on breaking through, he had directly decided to start a normal and simple life in Sea City. His life was truthfully rather easy and comfortable. However, what
alarmed Chen Feng wasn’t his appearance. Rather, it was the person beside him…
“Come, let me introduce you.” Mu Yuan proudly stated, “This is my wife, Yue Lan.”
“!!!” Chen Feng’s eyes widened. What? This isn’t true, right?
For that legendarily unlucky person to actually be Mu Yuan?

Chen Feng recalled the “bunny girl incident” and the “Little Min incident”  back then. In short, this pitiful Mu Yuan still couldn’t escape this cursed destiny?

Chapter 529: Alarming Change

Chen Feng had an awkward expression. “Long time no see.” Life was truly filled with surprises. He had imagined countless possibilities, yet he had never imagined that this unlucky person was actually Mu Yuan. Why was it him? What sins had Mu Yuan committed to deserve this? Chen Feng was speechless as he recalled the sad Mu Yuan in the hotel when he had lost his first love back then and the subsequent Little Min incident, which nearly crippled him. Now…
Chen Feng was feeling somewhat embarrassed about having to tell Mu Yuan this truth. How was he supposed to tell Mu Yuan? Should he tell Mu Yuan that his wife had actually been a male, previously known as Li Goudan, and was older and much stronger than him and was also previously known as Bro Scarface and a tyrant in his village of origin? How was Chen Feng supposed to say that? Could he even bring himself to open his mouth? Chen Feng sighed.

“What are you doing?” Mu Yuan appeared rather resentful. “Are we really this unfamiliar with each other?” Although they hadn’t met for quite a while, they had still kept in touch relatively frequently by way of messaging tools. This rather awkward appearance of Chen Feng’s was truly giving him an odd feeling, making him rather unhappy.

“No, of course not.” Chen Feng patted his shoulder and looked at Lady Yua Lan. “But this person here…”
Mu Yuan grinned happily. “Because of Yue Lan? True, my Yue Lan is truly a goddess. Hmph. You have no idea how long I spent pursuing her back then.”
Yue Lan smiled in a somewhat pampered manner. “The only thing you know how to do is brag about the past.”
Mu Yuan wrapped his hand around her slender waist. “Of course I need to do that. That is the biggest victory of my entire life.”
Yue Lan smacked him lightly in a somewhat bashful manner. “Naughty.” Chen Feng: “…”
Bro Scarface was actually acting in this manner?

“Hehe. So why have you come to Sea City?” Mu Yuan asked. A conflicted expression appeared on Chen Feng’s face. What should he do? Gazing at that expression of happiness on Mu Yuan’s face, Chen Feng truly didn’t know how should he say this. Chen Feng shook his head. “Nothing. I’m only here to release some production missions.”
Mu Yuan’s eyes shone. “Oh? What mission? Is there anything I can handle? Hehe, if there is, why don’t we settle it internally?”
“That’s fine for me.” Chen Feng thought about it and issued a bunch of purchase orders to Mu Yuan. “We are in quite a rush for these orders. These are all low-level purchase orders. I initially planned to let the Sea City branch have a look at them.” Mu Yuan patted his chest. “Let me deal with it. I am quite familiar with the people in the branch here. Don’t worry, I will deal with this today.”
He was aware of Chen Feng’s present identity. Since Chen Feng had mentioned that he was in a rush, these things were assuredly extremely important.

“Oh, right, do you have any vacancies for harvesting-related jobs?”  Mu Yuan had a conflicted expression. “Can you get a better job for my Yue Lan?”
“Harvesting…”  Chen Feng muttered to himself. “Well, I’m going to the Procurement Department anyway. I can ask their manager about this. Yue Lan, right? Well, you can lead me there, then.”
“All right,” Yue Lan replied gently.

Mu Yuan was overjoyed at this. “Many thanks.” Chen Feng smiled. “No worries.”  Next, Mu Yuan rushed to the branch, and Yue Lan brought Chen Feng to the Procurement Department. As for Chen Feng, his gaze remained on this Lady Yue Lan. Indeed, something seemed off. Despite the deep concealment, with Chen Feng’s present strength, he was most definitely capable of sensing something different about her. An ancient race member was, after all, an ancient race member. However, what exactly did these ancient race members have in mind at this time?

With the current circumstances of the ancient race, were these refugees still thinking of returning? Or were they willing to live like humans instead? All these were things Chen Feng needed to ascertain. If they could truly make these ancient race refugees part of humanity, the strength of humanity could very well increase. Chen Feng sank into contemplation as he considered all this.

At this time, Lady Yue Lan, who was leading the way, sensed Chen Feng’s unrestrained gaze. After enduring it for a long time, she was finally furious. Yue Lan clenched her teeth as she said, “Your distinguished self, please do not look at me wantonly. You are Mu Yuan’s friend, after all. Please have some respect for him.” Chen Feng: “…” Holy shit, Bro Scarface is angry! “You truly love Mu Yuan?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“Yes.” Yue Lan did not know what Chen Feng was trying to say.

“Do you know who I am, then? What my status is?”  Chen Feng asked.

“…A big shot of the Gene Production Association?” Yue Lan replied after pondering the matter.

Ever since she’d entered human society, she had always been hiding herself. Even subsequently, she had only dared move around a small area, and she did not even have a single communication device on her. As such, she’d been rather cut off from the latest news. A lot of things she knew were things she had found out gradually after getting to know Mu Yuan.

“I am Chen Feng. Perhaps you have never heard of this name,”   Chen  Feng  said  faintly.  “However,  you  will  most definitely be aware of some of my feats. For example, the beyond X gene reagent is something I created.”
Finally, the expression of Yue Lan changed. Beyond X… after experiencing what happened in the ancient race, she was most certainly aware of how terrifying that beyond X gene reagent was. Moreover, she was also someone who had become a beyond A class after using that gene reagent.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face, “Secondly, I am also the mastermind behind the activation of the Nine Yin Demonic Termination.”

An explosion seemingly appeared in Yue Lan’s brain as she paled   immediately.   The   moment   “Nine   Yin   Demonic Termination” came out of Chen Feng’s mouth, she knew why Chen Feng had been staring at her without restraint, and she was also aware of why Chen Feng’s gaze had been so odd.

Yue Lan panicked. “S-sorry.” Chen Feng sneered. “You fellows from the ancient race are truly getting excessive… You guys are already in such situation yet you still dare to come here?”
Yue Lan panicked. “It was my own idea to come here. I am here to take refuge. Really, I…”
Chen Feng’s gaze became cold and detached. “There’s also Mu Yuan… Daring to collude with the ancient race…”
“It has no relation to him.” Yue Lan prostrated before Chen Feng, knocked her head loudly on the ground, and started begging without stop. She told Chen Feng everything she had done and everything that had happened since she’d escaped toward the human society. Chen Feng became speechless.

Hold on, this plot seemed wrong… Wasn’t the plot supposed to develop toward a direction where Bro Scarface rose vigorously and started resisting arrest and Chen Feng had no choice but to kill him? Why had Chen Feng instead transformed into a villain separating this lovely couple instead? Chen Feng sighed. “You truly love Mu Yuan?”
“Yes,” Yue Lan stated in a low voice.

“Return, then. After this, I will get someone to contact you and perform some simple authentication for you. If possible, I will help you truly become part of humanity,” Chen Feng stated calmly.

Yue Lan was overjoyed. “For real?”
“Yes.”  Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “However, since you are going to become part of humanity, if, in the future, a war were to erupt between humanity and the ancient race…”
Yue Lan unhesitatingly replied, “I will most certainly battle for humanity! I am one who has experienced the most bitter of circumstances in the ancient race. I am one who was forced away by those of the ancient race. My hatred toward them might be even higher than yours.” Chen Feng contemplated. “Very good. Go back to your job first, then.”
“All right.” Yue Lan bowed.

Chen Feng regarded her as she left. From the darkness, several genetic warriors walked out. All of them were beyond A classes. This wasn’t surprising. Since Chen Feng had dared to confront this beyond-A-class ancient race member, he most certainly hadn’t been acting alone.

“How’s the test result?” Chen Feng asked.

“No problems found,” one of them replied. This person specialized in mind reading. If he fully activated his power, even a beyond A class could not escape his reading, let alone this female here who hadn’t been prepared for this at all. “This lady’s thoughts are consistent with what she said. Moreover, even when she was prostrating and knocking her head on the ground until she bled, she never thought of making a move against you. She never thought of killing you. When she spoke of her origin earlier, she had even prepared to sacrifice herself to protect Mu Yuan. This lady is truly in love with Mu Yuan.” Chen Feng listened silently. He looked at a different person. “How about you?”
“The  data  has  been  verified,”   that  person  stated  faintly. “Using our tools, we received the same conclusion as those who judged using their ability.”
Is that so? Chen Feng shut his eyes. When conflicts arose between two races, one could not allow their personal feelings to affect their decisions. However, if both aspects could be controlled properly, that would be for the best. An example was what he had just witnessed. It was certainly for the best if this ancient race expert could become a part of humanity. However, this was based on the premise that these ancient race members that were willing to join them truly lacked any problems.

“Qin Hai.” Chen Feng contacted Qin Hai directly to obtain the details. Not just Yue Lan, Chen Feng wanted to obtain the details of all other ancient race members that had taken refuge in the human world. He wanted to see how many of these could he recruited to humanity’s side. All this would be accomplished using the detection tools of the Research Agency, the assistance of mind-reading genetic abilities, and the help of the information obtained from Qin Hai, the super spy.

One could say that everything about every single one of these escaped ancient race members was cleanly unearthed. Everything about them was investigated cleanly. Among all these ancient race members, apart from some who were comparatively violent and were killed off by the Genetic Union, the vast majority of them truly liked their life in human society.

Compared to the desolate and barbarous territories of the ancient race, the peacefulness of human society was evidently something valued by these ancient race members that had experienced numerous sufferings. These ancient race members were determined to be accepted into human society. However, when the employees found them, some were like Yue Lan, who had been able to reach an agreement with humanity, and were formally accepted, but a huge group of them had unexpectedly misunderstood the intentions of these employees and instead escaped. Chen Feng was speechless as he found out about this. Fortunately, these people had merely hidden themselves in some unique locations, as they had no idea how to survive and were in fear of being found out. Chen Feng was able to locate them and proceed with granting them formal identifications to
live in human society.

Genetic Union: Procurement Department.

This was a department that appeared ordinary, but in fact, it was a rather unique department responsible for gathering rare materials in those hard-to-reach locations. This was also a department incomparably suitable for these escaped ancient race members. These jobs that seemed rather dangerous for ordinary humans were instead extremely easy for them. Here, they obtained an official identification, a higher reward for their job, and a venue in which they could blend into human society.

Indeed, these ancient race members blended into human society for real. Naturally, the only con to this new life of theirs was the continuous monitoring on them. This would continue until their physical bodies and bloodline completed their transformation into those of a true human. For this undertaking, the Research Agency would have to put forth more effort.

“We  are  conducting  blood-improvement  research.  This might be able to clear all remains of the ancient race from their body. They might truly be able to become true humans.”
Thanks to this, the strength of humanity actually obtained a surprise increase in strength.

Mu Yuan called Chen Feng to express his gratitude. “Chen Feng, thanks.”
His wife, Yue Lan, was obviously much happier and more relaxed than before. Every day, her working hours were the regular eight hours, and finally, she dared to follow him out of the house as well.

“Don’t worry about it.” Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief as well. Finally, this had been dealt with. As for the ancient race, they were still consuming the beyond X gene reagents, not suspecting the gene reagent in the slightest. All the blame for the gender change had been pushed toward the Nine Yin Demonic Termination. Mhm… a perfect conclusion. And next, they could finally focus on dealing with the devil race. As long as they could control the restoration of the devil race…

Suddenly, a thunderous clap resounded. Instantly, all human territories were shrouded by a dazzling radiance.

Chen Feng stood up immediately and gazed at the terrifying radiance in shock. At that instant, a boundless devil aura appeared, engulfing the entire world. Something had happened!

Chapter 530: The Returning Expert


As that dazzling radiance erupted, everyone was startled. A dense devil aura enveloped the entire world instantly as an aura even more terrifying than the aura from the first appearance of the devil race surged, alarming everyone.

“What happened?”
Everyone was alarmed. This aura was too scary, thus planting fear in all their hearts.

Xiu! Xiu!

Countless experts started making their move. During the past half year, several hundreds of beyond A classes had appeared among the human race. At this time, all of them made their appearance. However, before they could even locate the source of that devil aura, the sky recovered to how it had been before, sunny and cloudless. The devil aura had vanished.

Everyone gazed at the sky. Nobody had any idea why this devil aura had appeared. At the Genetic Union, the beyond A classes that had just revealed themselves were exchanging glances in dismay.

“Has the position been located?”
“Nope.  No  specific  position  can  be  found.  Ground,  sky, everywhere possible has been searched. The devil aura earlier seemed like it had been in the air all along, and the source is unable to be found.”
“Damn it.” Everyone’s expression became unsightly. This devil aura that had suddenly appeared had smashed all the confidence humanity had built throughout this half year. Since the devil aura could appear here, how about the devil race? Those reawakened devil race members were indeed extremely terrifying. This was a race that had been in hibernation for countless years. Nobody was aware of how strong they truly were.

“Continue monitoring.”
“All right.”
The people from the Scouting Department had unsightly expressions.

Only last month, they had been jeering at the Earthquake Department telling them how they were only capable of giving warnings after the earthquake had occurred. Unexpectedly, the same thing was now happening to them; they had been completely helpless during the appearance of this devil aura. Just as they were about to return… Bang!

A radiance erupted.

They were instantly on guard. “Again?”
“No, that’s not devil aura.” Some of them with sharp eyes were able to see a faint shadow in the distance. “It’s someone from our side.”

Light swirled around. Everyone rushed toward this person. Different from what they had expected, this was a bloodstained person, a genetic warrior so injured that his appearance was nearly unrecognizable. What was even more terrifying was the fact that this warrior was actually a beyond A class as well.

Someone recognized him. “It’s Lord Li Lei.” Li Lei, one of the top experts of the Genetic Union. He was not even an ordinary beyond-A-class warrior; rather, he was truly a peak warrior in the truest sense, a beyond A class categorized as A9. Someone like this was an expert who had been at the top even before the appearance of the beyond X gene reagent. These were the truly formidable humans, those who had been at the apex of humanity all this while. But now, it was truly unexpected that…
“Devil…”  Before Li Lei could even finish his sentence, he fainted.

Everyone was alarmed. “Fast, rescue him.” Several employees rushed over to start treating his injuries. Nobody wished to see a top expert like this die. They had no idea what exactly it was that had happened. Everyone started working hastily.

Presently, Chen Feng, who was not far away, was looking in this direction as well. That was because the instant Li Lei had appeared, his Luck Aura’s alarm function had blazed and his luck value had started dropping. In his virtual world, the red light of his alarm system was blinking without stop. This signified that a grave danger had been detected. Without hesitation, Chen Feng warned them, shouting, “Enemy attack! A concealed person is observing us!”

Instantly, everyone around him was on alert.

Right at this moment, from the empty air not far away, a clump of devil aura appeared out of nowhere. Space was ripped apart as three shadows streaked out of the torn hole. Their target was Li Lei.

“Protect  him!”  two  beyond  A  classes  stated  as  their  eyes gleamed coldly. Trying to kill one of them in front of so many of them here? How audacious! Even if these people were newly advanced beyond A classes, they were still true beyond A classes!

“Scram!” The furious genetic warriors moved.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The shadows were disintegrated, but a devil aura started pervading the air. From the three shadows, three malevolent- looking bodies appeared. These three were precisely devil race members. When their attack had failed, they’d been blasted out of their shadows.

A sinister voice echoed in the air. The three devil race members rotated their bodies and took a detour around the several beyond A classes before once again streaking toward Li Lei.

Everyone’s expression became solemn. “Careful!” “Understood.”   Two  beyond  A  classes  that  specialized  in defense guarded Li Lei. They were aware that since the devil race was so desperately trying to kill Li Lei, it had to be because Li Lei had discovered something important. This was extremely important for humanity.

Bang! Bang!

Several bright explosions erupted midair as everyone defended Li Lei. The three devil race members exchanged glances, evidently realizing that they were incapable of killing Li Lei. At this realization, their eyes gleamed coldly.

“These fellows…” Suddenly, a feeling of intense fear rose in Chen Feng’s heart. Danger! “Careful.”
Before Chen Feng could even finish his sentence…
Bang! A huge explosion erupted. Among the darkness, one of the devil race members started shining with a dazzling radiance. The radiance surged out from its body without stop, forcing its body to explode.

The terrifying radiance flew into the body of the other two devil race members beside it.

Instantly, the strength of those two devil race members, which had been equivalent to a beyond A5, increased, reaching the terrifying level of beyond A8 as their strength surged rapidly.

Everyone’s   eyes   widened.   “Have   they   gone   crazy?” Everything had happened too fast. Initially, they had believed that this devil race member was merely blowing itself up as a suicide attack, and the genetic warriors had all erected their defenses to defend against the explosion. Unexpectedly, that devil race member had actually been committing suicide, or to be accurate, that devil race member had been sacrificing itself. The devil race was most well versed in the art of sacrificing to increase their strength. Now, this devil race member had sacrificed itself to increase the strength of its comrades.

The strength of the remaining devil race members increased greatly.


One of them started raging.

Everyone’s  expression  became  unsightly.  “Careful.”   They were somewhat at a loss as to how to deal with the devil race experts. They were clear that these two would not be able to maintain this state of increased strength for long. They had expected that they would only need to defend against these two until the duration was over. Alas…
Xiu! Suddenly, one of the devil race members soared up into the sky.

Everyone was doubtful at this sudden act.

Right at this instant, an ancient yet mysterious imprint flashed into view on that devil race member’s forehead. A faint radiance started flickering out of it. High above the air, this devil race member pointed at all the beyond A classes there.

Ding! Ding!

Suddenly, an imprint appeared on all the beyond A classes there.

Their expressions changed slightly. “What is this?”
That devil race member spat a word out. “Sacrifice!” Shortly after.


Its body exploded before transforming into a clump formed of seals. At this sight, everyone’s eyes widened. What was this? Another suicide?


Was this devil race member sick? Committing suicide so easily?

Just as they were all confused, the seals that the devil race member had transformed into started shining with a dazzling radiance. At the same time, the imprints on all their bodies started shining brightly as well.

Ka! All their body stopped moving. All the experts, the beyond A classes, were at this moment paused in space.

Everyone’s eyes widened. Body-pausing technique! The deaths of two devil race members had actually been for the sake of pausing the bodies of all the beyond A classes here. It wasn’t that the devil race members had gone crazy. Rather, the humans had all along underestimated the devil race’s persistence when it came to killing Li Lei. Right at this moment…

Finally, the final surviving devil race member moved.

Several A classes and beyond B classes tried to stop it. “Scram!” Bang!

The group of them was instantly flung away. With their strength, they had actually failed to even stop this devil race member for a split second. As for those beyond A classes? They were all currently incapable of moving. Even after pushing their strength to the limit, even though they could feel that the restriction on their bodies was presently wavering…

The devil race member punched at Li Lei. At this moment, all the beyond A classes were trapped, the A classes and beyond B classes were powerless to stop this devil race member, and Li Lei himself was unconscious. It seemed like nobody was capable of stopping this attack.
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