The Strongest Gene Chapter 511-520

Chapter 511: Zhang Dapao’s Plan

Genetic Union.

At a certain unremarkable corner, warehouse manager Zhang Dapao was aimlessly strolling through the virtual community. This uneventful occupation of his had truly granted him quite a lot of free time. His main job involved looking after the records of the transfer of goods. Regardless of who it was, so long as the person had the authority to move the goods, they could take said goods. Zhang Dapao himself had no authority whatsoever. To be precise, this warehouse manager was no different than a security guard.

“Who cares? After finishing work, I can go back to accompany Yue Er.”
Whenever he recalled the gentle whispers of Lady Yue Er, his heart burned hotly. Right at this instant, when his casual gaze landed on a certain shop, he blanked at what he saw.

This… Zhang Dapao’s eyes widened.

Purchasing sighing grass in bulk, paying 999 yuan for each.

A certain advanced producer requires a huge amount of sighing grass as part of their preparation to break through into master producer. There is no upper limit on the amount purchased. Offer only valid today.

Zhang Dapao was alarmed when he saw this. He was aware of what sighing grass was. This was a rather rare medicinal herb. Due to the harsh requirements for the growth of this herb, the requirements for an environment capable of growing this herb were rather high. As such, the harvest of this herb had always been rather low in amount. Similarly, the demand for this herb was very low as well. Despite the low harvest, it still exceeded the demand. As such, this herb was ordinarily very cheap, priced at around 99 yuan. This time, the price had nearly increased by around 10 times.

Zhang  Dapao  sighed  endlessly.  “Breaking  through  into master producer, huh?” Every single time some big-shot producer tried to break through into master producer, it resulted in the price of some random materials skyrocketing. This was an extremely normal occurrence. If one was lucky enough to have a huge amount of the required material on hand, that person would profit
greatly. If one had sold all of the required material just before
this happened, then that person could only hide in some corner and cry.


Zhang Dapao entered the discussion forums and noted that a lot of people were talking about this.

“Damn it, just yesterday I sold 100 of them.”
“Ah ah ah ah, do you know that I sold 1,000 of them just yesterday? I even waited for an entire year only for the price to remain the same, so I was forced to sell them cheaply. Unexpectedly…”
“Same here.” Countless people were howling in grief. Everyone was aware that this high price would not remain long. The moment the producer broke through successfully or failed in their breakthrough, the price of sighing grass would readjust to its normal price. These people that were missing out on this were obviously suffering greatly.

“This type of investment is truly too difficult.”
Countless people sighed. As for those who actually had some sighing grass in their possession, they were now happily making profits in silence.

“Yet another chance to become rich,” Zhang Dapao lamented in envy. Whenever something like this happened, it never had any effect on him. He still remembered that, previously, an ex- classmate of his, one who had failed to even graduate from junior high school, had also earned a huge profit due to a similar event. Presently, that classmate was already a wealthy person with around six or seven wives. As for Zhang Dapao… he was still a virgin. Zhang Dapao sighed. “Why is it that something this good never happens to me?”
Just as he was about to turn around and leave, his heart jolted. Hold on, he seemed to remember that there was a huge amount of sighing grass in the warehouse of the Genetic Union. Indeed, that had to be the case! Zhang Dapao opened his management window hastily.


A screen popped out and a row of data appeared. Indeed. Zhang Dapao’s eyes shone. Sighing grass! A huge amount of it! The warehouse of the Genetic Union was so huge nobody could begin to imagine its size. This was a place shrouded by a unique ability, capable of perfectly preserving all the goods stored here.

This was a place that contained nearly all existing materials in this world. Some were valuable and could only be withdrawn by those with unique authority. Some were common materials that were withdrawn by quite a huge number of people on a daily basis. These materials were things Zhang Dapao had never dared to touch, but sighing grass was a material that was normally ignored by others.


He checked the data.

The demand for sighing grass was rather low. Every month, there were one or two people who actually used it. Furthermore, rarely were there repeat withdrawers. As such, the section storing this herb was always fully stocked, with the amount reaching a hundred thousand.

Zhang Dapao felt his lips turn dry. “A hundred thousand!” A single one of this herb was priced at around 1,000 yuan. With 100,000 of them, the price would be 100 million! This was an extremely huge amount of money! He would be able to sell them for such a price! Naturally, he did not have sufficient authority to freely withdraw materials from the Genetic Union’s warehouse. However, he could abuse the authority he had to purchase them at a low price. Despite the fact that their warehouse was checked daily, the price of purchases was normally neglected.

Zhang Dapao checked the price set by the Genetic Union. Fifty yuan for each of them. This was only half the current market price. This was a benefit the Genetic Union accorded their members. Fifty yuan… 100,000 herbs…
To buy all of them, he would require 50,000,000 yuan. Zhang Dapao definitely did not have that much cash on hand. However, he still decided to first purchase some of them and then continuing to buy more with the earned profit. He did not even need to clear the warehouse. He only needed to leave a small amount in it. That would do. As for the amount he cleared from the warehouse, he could slowly purchase from the market to replenish the warehouse after that producer finished his breakthrough and the price returned to normal.

Zhang Dapao was overjoyed at this idea of his. He knew that this was a fortuitous encounter for him. He could already picture the scene of numerous wives beckoning him. With enough effort, a water hose could be transformed into a cannon! With a gamble, even a bicycle could be transformed into an aircraft carrier!

“I can do it.”
Zhang Dapao started calmly reflecting on his idea. Granted, the last time he had ever racked his brain this seriously was when he had been expelled after being caught peeping at his teacher bathing. He believed that this was an opportunity he could make use of. For himself and for Lady Yue Er!

“Let’s do it, then!”
He started his plan. Soon, a huge amount of sighing grass entered the market. Alarming everyone, nearly all the sighing grasses was purchased immediately afterward. Despite this, the price still remained at 999 yuan. Zhang Dapao stared at the first pile of cash he’d made and was now going crazy. This was the first time he had seen so much money before him, yet this pile of money had been made so very easily! It was even risk free! 
Zhang Dapao continued his plan crazily. In the virtual community, some suspected that there were some tricks to this somewhere. After all, the demand for this sighing grass was seriously too huge this time.

“Will there be any problems?”
“What problem could there be?”
“Look, firstly, this morning, all the sighing grass that entered into the market was cleared almost instantly. Despite the fact that those big businesses normally have some in store, if the available stock worldwide were purchased instantly, it would still be an extremely astonishing amount. Moreover, whenever something like this happened in the past, the price only doubled, but this time, the price was astonishingly ten times the original. Moreover, there is no purchase limit. And earlier, several huge batches of sighing grass were dumped into the market, yet they were still instantly purchased. This seems rather scary.” 
“This feels like the stock market, or perhaps this is some new scam. But then, I still can’t see through it yet. In any case, stay prudent.”
Countless people were discussing this. The impact of sighing grass was increasing without stop. It was as the online communities had concluded. Normally, when someone tried breaking through into master producer, it would only cause the price to double. This time, it had increased by 10 times, with no upper limit to the amount purchased.

A lot of people decided to apply a wait and see attitude for fear of this being a scam. Alas, there were still countless people getting involved in this business of selling sighing grass. These people had decided to not care whether this was a scam or not. With an increase of 10 times the original price, what was important was to first get the cash into their own hands. A lot of people even visited the sighing grass farms to purchase them in bulk. Some people did things such as purchasing the herbs at double the original price from those who had yet to realize what was happening, and so on.

Something like this was supposed to be something people needed to be careful with, but right now, the Genetic Union was still busy producing the new gene reagent for their Beyond X project and did not have time to spare to deal with this. As such, the market was allowed to develop naturally and without any control…

Chapter 512: Naming and Such

At this time, at the Genetic Union, Chen Feng had just swallowed the gene reagent. Everyone had an unbelieving gaze as they looked at the power of beyond in Chen Feng’s body.

This is… beyond? This gene reagent can be used by everyone? This is too unbelievable!

The reason they found this unbelievable was because, to create a gene reagent usable by everyone, it was obvious that a huge amount of beyond B classes and beyond A classes were required as test subjects. Only with this would this be researched successfully after an unknown amount of time. And now…
Everyone stood up.

“Do you have any other B classes here?” Chen Feng took out more gene reagents. “They can come here and try this gene reagent as well. Have a feel themselves at the power of beyond.”
A B-class employee walked forth in excitement. “Let me try it.”

Gold radiance surged around him. Beyond B class! Indeed, it was beyond B class. Everyone was in an uproar. Everyone was going insane as they saw this. Only at this moment did they realize what sort of terrifying thing Chen Feng had created from his research. Despite the short active duration of one second, this gene reagent was nearly flawless. No overexertion or assistance of any sort was required to use his gene reagent. For this project, Chen Feng’s results were already the best. As long as the correct formula was in hand, they could immediately start mass production. This was the scariest aspect of Chen Feng’s research result.

Doubts? How could one doubt this? Chen Feng had directly taken out more than 10 gold-colored gene reagents. Anyone with doubts could try the gene reagent themselves. The doubters could feel how real the power of beyond was by themselves after using the gene reagent. Their monitoring devices were fully activated, and all the harvested data indicated nothing but perfection.

A number of genetic warriors with different genetic abilities tried his gene reagents. Even those C-class and D-class warriors tried the provided gene reagent and verified that they were in perfect condition. The only flaw was the somewhat-higher exhaustion of energy, but then, this could also be considered as a merit. After all, only an intense eruption of power would result in higher rate of exhaustion.

Ultimately, with trembling hands, the employee recorded down these words: Universality – Perfect.

Doubts? There were no longer any doubts. Chen Feng had directly provided more than 10 gene reagents for them to try as they wished. This was completely different from the Man Junxi earlier who had played all sorts of tricks. One could perhaps cheat when the test was conducted on one’s own body, but could this apply to the bodies of others? Nope, it couldn’t. Shortly after, this new gene reagent received full approval. After being verified by the higher-ups of Genetic Union and Gene Production Association, they confirmed that this gene reagent would bring no harm to one’s body. The Beyond X project was thus completed perfectly.


The entire Genetic Union was in an uproar. Everyone that knew what was happening was incomparably shocked. They had indeed been hoping that this project would be completed sooner rather than later; however, they had never imagined that Chen Feng would use only one month to complete this astonishing accomplishment. Moreover, the very first submission of his was already a completed product. Chen Feng…
Today, countless people muttered this name. Although a lot of people knew about the Star City battle some time ago, it still hadn’t left too deep an impression on their minds. Now, though, they finally gained a clear understanding of this Chen Feng. Other aspects notwithstanding, when it came to production, this guy’s skills were definitely top-notch, and nobody was capable of contending against him. “He has reached such a height?”
Countless gene producers were in a daze. Even now, the memory of when Chen Feng had first arrived at Star City back then was still vivid in their minds. How long had it been since then? The act of gene production seemed as easy as drinking water for Chen Feng.

With the early completion of this Beyond X project, the Genetic Union acted decisively and appointed Chen Feng as the general manager of this project. He was in charge of the follow- up projects, improving the gene reagent, and the launch of subsequent projects. Everyone would now have to listen to Chen Feng’s commands.

Naturally, after the Genetic Union’s research, the exact effect of this new gene reagent was completely dug out. Although Chen Feng had created this new gene reagent, when it comes to pure research on a specific gene reagent, he was still somewhat lacking compared to the experienced researchers.

Gene reagent name: temporarily unnamed. Function: Triggers the power of beyond.

Active duration: One second.

Main effect 1: Triggers the power of beyond, pushing the user into a beyond X state and increasing the user’s power greatly.

Main effect 2: Enables a regular genetic warrior to start contemplating the power of beyond in advance. Every single usage of this gene reagent can potentially increase the user’s understanding of the power of beyond.

The gain of comprehension on the power of beyond was an unexpected harvest for Chen Feng. As the very first edition, Chen Feng had had rather low expectation for this gene reagent. Unexpectedly, a formula created with the assistance of Luck Aura was actually so powerful. This was truly a perfect gene reagent. From here on, they would mostly aim at increasing the active duration, increasing how much comprehension the user gained, and so on. It was clear that one second was not the limit. So far, Chen Feng had merely combined the power of energy and the physical body. If other aspects, such as blood and other different powers, were added to the equation as well, something entirely different might be created as well.

Naturally, Chen Feng did not intend to get involved in such research personally. What joke was that? Merely combining the research results of physical body and energy had exhausted all the luck value he had saved over a month. If he had to combine the result with even more research results, he would probably not have any leftover luck value for an entire year. For him, the most important thing was this effect of allowing the user to gain comprehension on the power of beyond. Next to this, nothing else seemed as important.

Soon, Chen Feng came up with a decision. “I can just let the BC team deal with it.”
He had decided to use the BC team as the core team members. The other teams would assist in their research. With this, the follow-up plans for this new gene reagent would be implemented, aiming for the creation of an even better gene reagent. Beyond Chen Feng’s expectations, after figuring out all the functions of this new gene reagent, an argument broke out, as those fellows were trying to name this new gene reagent.

“I think calling it Chen Feng reagent is very good.”
“No, that’s too blunt. How about calling it the Feng tip reagent.”
“How about Mount Feng reagent?”
“No, this name is already taken by a breast enlargement reagent.”

“How about we change it around, Feng Chen reagent?”
“Why not call it wind dust, then? You must have gone to those places way too much.” “You are the one who has been to those places way too much.”
“Even if that’s true, so what?”

They nearly started fighting then and there. As Chen Feng heard their arguments, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. To show their respect for him, the name had to be related to Chen Feng in some form? The mere thought of this caused Chen Feng’s head to ache. Chen Feng started imagining the scene where two people battled each other before suddenly shouting, “Look at my Chen Feng gene reagent!”
Based on Chen Feng’s estimations, this gene reagent would most probably end up as a gene reagent that was mass distributed. Would his portrait and name be printed everywhere then? No, he was not The Godmother! No! Chen Feng vetoed their proposals decisively. As he looked at the project name, in a firm manner, he decided  on  “Beyond  X”  as  the  name  for  this  gene  reagent. Despite the fact that this X had merely signified the unknown at the start of this project, Chen Feng quite liked it. In any case, this was better than allowing these people to keep messing around and coming up with weird names.

Ultimately, it was decided that this gene reagent would be named Beyond X gene reagent, with Chen Feng credited as the inventor. Next, they would have to decide on the copyright of the formula. Despite the fact that this was something researched by Chen Feng, Chen Feng had to take into consideration the participation of the BC team, the huge amount of resources invested by the Genetic Union, and the fact that this formula was simply too valuable, so valuable that one couldn’t begin to price it. After all, possessing this copyright would be equivalent to possessing the greatest wealth of humanity. This single fact alone was sufficient to cause people to go crazy over it.

All the higher-ups of the Genetic Union, Gene Production Association, and Research Agency, in addition to countless other people, were focusing on this, focusing on the piece of incredibly delicious cake in Chen Feng’s hands.

Chapter 513: You Must Be Kidding Me

“You guys are fighting with us over this?”
“This  is  originally  something  belonging  to  us,  the  Gene Production Association.”
“What nonsense. This is something produced here at our Genetic Union. Don’t forget the fact that you guys are only temporarily staying here. Even your migration from Star City was with our help.”
“Hehe, since you dared to say those words, would you believe me if I said that even if you guys obtained the formula, you guys would not be able to produce a single one of the new gene reagents?”

At this, the person from the Genetic Union sank into silence, realizing that he had been too excessive in his words. As both their organizations were reliant on each other, if the Genetic Union truly wanted to bully others with force, the Gene Production Association would most certainly be capable of teaching them a hard lesson. Wanting to produce gene reagents without the Gene Production Association’s support? That was naive.

The Genetic Union people decided to change the topic. “Let’s not talk about this for now. The copyright should belong to us, as all the materials used during the research were supplied by us.”
“Hehe.”  The people from the Gene Production Association merely sneered at this. Due to this, the two parties were in conflict.

The people from the Research Agency wanted to get involved but noted that they couldn’t find any justifiable arguments to declare that the copyright should belong to them. Realizing that, they declared, “A formula like this should belong to the entirety of humanity!”  The people from the Research Agency spoke earnestly. “Regardless of which party it is that obtains the copyright for this, it will be unfair to humanity. Therefore, I propose that the copyright for this formula should belong to everyone.” “Scram!”  the Gene Production Association berated without politeness. The Research Agency was merely trying to get a piece of the cake for themselves as well. Now, the conflict between two parties expanded into a conflict between three parties.

None of them were willing to give up on the formula. The Genetic Union was rationalizing that this formula had been created using their materials. After all, it was common sense that the produced item should belong to those who had provided the materials. It was undisputed that all the materials here had been provided by the Genetic Union. That was the reason the Genetic Union felt it reasonable and fair to fight over this formula despite the fact that they had never dabbled in gene production.

The Gene Production Association rationalized that this was a formula created by Chen Feng. The Gene Production Association was willing to pay for whatever materials Chen Feng had used in the course of his research. After all, Chen Feng was part of the Gene Production Association’s management. Despite the fact that his authority was still limited, he was still considered part of the Association. As such, why should the Genetic Union be the one to obtain this formula? This seemed to be a rather justifiable argument as well. As for the Research Agency… Mhm…
They had also participated in the project this time, but they were aware of how low their skill level was. As such, without any hesitation, they dragged all other powers together and proposed that this formula should belong to humanity. By banding together with various other powers, they were capable of temporarily resisting the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association. Due to this, the three parties had been arguing for hours yet had failed to reach a conclusion.

“This is meaningless.”
“Why not ask Chen Feng?” the Gene Production Association suggested.

“Let’s listen to what he has to say then.”
The Genetic Union did not comment much on it. If Chen Feng was allowed to decide, the copyright would most certainly land in the hands of the Gene Production Association. Since they were the supplier for all the materials used, they would most certainly not give up on the copyright. Based on the laws, even if Chen Feng insisted on taking the copyright away, the most he could own was 50% of the copyright. This was fixed in the laws. If that person disagreed, he would lose even the publishing rights.

“This  formula  will  most  certainly  be  ours,”   the  Genetic Union vowed solemnly. The Research Agency was also preparing for another round of fighting. Alas, surprising all of them, just as they were still arguing over the copyright, Chen Feng submitted an application for the copyright of the formula. After automatic vetting by the system, the submission was actually approved.

Beyond X gene reagent copyright owner: Chen Feng.


The Genetic Union was bursting with rage. How dare Chen Feng ignore the copyright laws like this? They had invested materials worth several hundred million to establish several dozen teams, which had ultimately led to the creation of this formula. Why was it that they didn’t obtain even a tiny bit of ownership over this new formula? This was too excessive.

They were aware of Chen Feng’s huge contribution and they found that respectable as well. However, even if they couldn’t obtain full ownership over the copyright, they should have obtained at least 50% ownership over the copyright, no? With that, they would be able to profit from it. As they thought of the profit they stood to gain from this, the Genetic Union became furious.

As for the Gene Production Association and the research agency, they were stupefied for quite a while as well. It was beyond their expectations that this Chen Feng was actually so ferocious as to directly grab the copyright for himself.

“We are calling for an arbitration!”
“Let’s get the Copyright Department involved in this.”
“Chen Feng is being too excessive this time.” Some of the higher-ups in the Genetic Union were incredibly dissatisfied with this. Yes, Chen Feng had indeed contributed greatly by creating this formula, but could the contributions of the Genetic Union, who had supplied all the materials, be ignored? Moreover, the participation of those beyond A classes
had to be taken into consideration as well. Each of them was equivalent to an extremely terrifying resource.

For this matter, they had maintained their respect for Chen Feng, yet Chen Feng did not seem to have any sort of sincerity when dealing with them and had taken the entire formula for himself!

“Is he thinking that he is the greatest of all?”
“The  Genetic  Union  was  established  through  numerous battles. All the A classes and beyond A classes here were those who contributed greatly to humanity! A lot of them sacrificed even their lives for humanity! This is not a matter of politics. Rather, we must fight for what is rightfully ours! This formula must be ours!” The Copyright Department of the Genetic Union started making their moves speedily. Alas, when the people from the Copyright Department went over, they failed to even meet Chen Feng and were directly given a receipt that listed numerous items and concluded with a sum of money at the bottom.

“What is this?”
They studied it and noted that these were precisely the expenses of Chen Feng’s group when they had been researching this project.

“Why has he issued this thing to us?”
“Is he thinking that by paying us the cost of the materials, all will be fine?”
“How ridiculous!” The people from the Copyright Department were just about to berate Chen Feng’s thinking before an assistant pointed out the “time of repayment”  listed on the receipt. It turned out that Chen Feng had paid them this sum of money before the tests had even started.

“This is…”
Their eyes widened abruptly. Could it be…
They immediately checked the latest records of Chen Feng’s item retrieval application form. Their faces paled at what they saw.

The reason for this? From the start, Chen Feng had never used a single material provided by the Genetic Union. Everything listed on the receipt had been purchased by Chen Feng at market price. With Chen Feng’s identity, even if he wasn’t participating in the project, he would still have the rights to purchase these materials. The people from the Copyright Department were dumbfounded. “He has been using his own money all along?” This… If he had been funding his research with his own money…
“That doesn’t matter. The equipment he used was supplied by us, right? Don’t forget that our equipment is the most advanced on the market…”
At this, they continued reading and noticed a long rental contract. On the contract, it was written that Chen Feng had rented the listed equipments for a period of two months, and the amount paid was listed clearly as well.


Instantly, they all sank into silence. Rental? Why was there even such thing?

“Oh. This seems to be because Chen Feng’s was the last team and was organized at the last minute. At that time, all our supplied equipment had already been distributed to the other teams. As such, Chen Feng had no choice but to rent more equipments for his own usage…”
As they thought about it, they seemed to recall that when that happened, they had even held a celebration to celebrate this huge amount of money they had earned from Chen Feng by merely renting some equipment to him.

“Well, at the very least, he used our beyond-A-class warriors, right?” someone said suddenly.

He hadn’t used their materials or equipment, but their manpower had been used by him, right? Next, they started checking the records for Chen Feng’s manpower application form. Indeed, he had applied for a beyond-A-class warrior to help in his research. Alas, the application had all been rejected.
“Therefore,  officially,  Chen  Feng  hasn’t  used  anything provided by the Genetic Union at all?”
They did not dare to believe this. Was this a joke?

Chapter 514: The Generous Chen Feng

“That’s right,”  one of them answered with a sigh. Renting and paying by himself, Chen Feng seemed like he had already known of his success in advance and had prepared everything, to the point the others couldn’t find any valid justification to grab ownership of the copyright. How could they compete against him, then? They no longer had any excuses to do so… They all sighed.

“What should we do now, then?”
“It is no longer possible to fight for ownership now. The only thing we can do is to try to prevent this copyright from being a private possession. Although everyone respects him, such a formula should not be allowed to be privately owned.”
“Ultimately, Chen Feng is still the creator of this formula. We shall allow him to keep 49% of the ownership, with the profits divided accordingly to him as well. However, the copyright should belong to the entirety of humanity instead.” This was the result of their discussion. Since Chen Feng’s status was too great, nobody wanted to snatch the entire ownership from him. They were hoping that through this method, the ownership could be nationalized. The right to 49% of the profits was the highest honor they could grant Chen Feng for his contribution.

Alas, before they could even do anything about him, a public announcement was released by Chen Feng. He insisted that in the spirit of contributing toward humanity as a whole, he rejected the notion of him owning this formula privately. Rather, he decided to donate this formula to the Gene Production Association so it could become one of their core formulas.

Countless people exclaimed in admiration.

“Worthy of being an excellent producer indeed!”
“His generosity is unmatched.” “I hereby apologize to Chen Feng for the misunderstandings I had about him in the past.”
“This formula he has donated is something akin to a priceless treasure.”
Once again, Chen Feng’s reputation skyrocketed.


The Genetic Union was dumbfounded. What in the world?
He directly donated it to the Gene Production Association?

The higher-ups of the Gene Production Association were nearly overjoyed to death when they saw this news. If the ownership were kept in Chen Feng’s hands, it might be somewhat problematic to keep, but the moment the ownership landed in their hands, the Genetic Union would no longer be able to take it away from them. “Haha. Seems like we won.”
The members of the Gene Production Association were incomparably pleased. As for the people from the Genetic Union and the Research Agency, they all had expressions of disgust on their faces. They truly couldn’t understand how Chen Feng’s brain worked. They would still have allowed Chen Feng to keep 49% of the ownership. Why in the world had he decided to give it all to the Gene Production Association?

Did he truly not want to profit even a tiny bit from it? Was he truly so selfless? They truly couldn’t understand it. Unknown to them, at this time, Old Man Hou Liang was staring at the higher-ups of the Gene Production Association with an expression of disgust as well. That was because, once again, Chen Feng had made a huge contribution to the Association. This, combined with his contribution during the Star City battle, meant the Association no longer had anything they could reward him with. The only thing they could do was increase his contribution points without stop. Toward the end, with astonishment, they noted that Chen Feng’s contribution points were now off the charts. Among the management, thanks to his contribution points, Chen Feng’s authority directly increased to the point that his authority surpassed everyone, including the president! Based on the structure of the Gene Production Association, those with higher authority were the ones who controlled those with
lower authority. Now, this signified that even the president no longer had any authority over Chen Feng.

Even if Chen Feng was still a low-profile excellent producer, even if Chen Feng was still keeping to himself, the contributions he had made had already surpassed everyone in the Association, transforming him into an extremely unique existence among the management of the Association. This was an existence unsurpassed and unmanageable. Even the president could no longer command Chen Feng.

Donating it to the Association? Contributing to humanity selflessly? What bullshit! Who was he trying to lie to? It was no wonder that this fellow had acted so decisively when donating the formula to the Association. Thanks to him contributing this formula, he had been catapulted into a position of supreme power second to none in the Association. As for the authority over this formula in the Association… Hou Liang turned on the screen.

This formula that officially belonged to the Gene Production Association, in their system, could only be controlled by those with authority reaching 98 points, yet presently, even their president only had an authority of 95 points. The only person possessing the required authority to actually control this formula was Chen Feng.

Hou Liang sighed. “How shameless.” He looked at the masses that were raining praise upon Chen Feng and felt extremely helpless. He couldn’t actually go out and tell them that Chen Feng was, in fact, the supreme leader of the Gene Production Association now, right? Unless Chen Feng told the public himself, nobody in the Association would dare make this announcement.

Suddenly, his wristband buzzed. Hou Liang glanced at it. His authority had increased by six points. Mhm, from 80 points to
86 points. As for his official position, he had been elevated from acting deputy president to deputy president. Hou  Liang  smiled  bitterly.  “This  kid…”   This  was  truly something nobody had expected. That was because, under normal circumstances, nobody could ever achieve such a high level of contribution in the Association. The Star City battle could not be considered too excellent a contribution as far as
the Genetic Union was considered.

However, for the Gene Production Association, the contributions in regards to the Star City battle were extremely important. After all, that was the base of the Gene Production Association. From the initial migration to the final ambush, Chen Feng’s plan had played an extremely important role. If it was only this much, it wouldn’t have been too excessive. However, during that battle, the appearance of Chen Feng, Xu Fei, Kong Bai, and Wang Yao were the main factors that affected the result of the entire battle. And all these people had only appeared thanks to Chen Feng.

As such, Chen Feng had indeed made an astonishing level of contribution toward the Association, and now, with this Beyond X project, Chen Feng’s contribution was even clearer. The act of completing the research was a totally different notion compared to the act of shortening the duration of completion to a short one month. This was the reason that had caused Chen Feng to have such unbelievably high contribution. In the long history of the Gene Production Association, this was the first time something like this had happened.

Hou Liang was somewhat anxious. “I wonder if the president will go mental because of this.”
Alas, when he turned his screen on and tried to contact the president, he discovered that the president’s name was grayed out. This signified that the president couldn’t be contacted.

Hou Liang frowned. “This again.” It had been 10 whole years. The contribution points of their presidents had not increased since then. This was also the reason Chen Feng had been able to surpass the president’s contributions. Nobody had any idea what their president was doing.

Severing connection…
Perhaps this had been normal during ancient times, but now, they were in the genetic era. This wasn’t supposed to be possible. Only by entering some unique locations where the signal was severed would this happen. Otherwise, the energy chip in the wristband was sufficient to ensure the wristband would keep operating until the end of time. Hou Liang recalled that the last time the president had contacted him, it had been
about his promotion. After that, the president had gone missing.

Hou Liang sighed. “President. Where exactly are you?”
His wristband buzzed. As Hou Liang saw the list sent by Chen Feng, Hou Liang could only shake his head with a bitter smile. It seemed like he was going to be busy again. In the past, he had been the one issuing missions to Chen Feng. Now, though, it had become Chen Feng issuing him missions. The reversal of roles gave Hou Liang a rather inexplicable feeling.

Presently, the research on this Beyond X project had reached the final stage as well. Chen Feng had indeed created the perfect gene reagent. However, this was far from enough. To ensure that this gene could truly be made common for the entire humanity, more advanced technological advancements were required. For example, technology capable of differentiating different life-forms.
“You must realize how powerful this thing is. If even the devil race and ancient race can use it, this thing will be rendered pointless to us humans. Only if this is something only humans can use will it display its true worth. Therefore, life- form-differentiation technology is required in order to differentiate between species and ensure that only humans can use it.”
And thus, the formula was modified and numerous items were added into it. With the participation of the best researchers worldwide, this formula became even more complicated. This was only one of the special functions added to this formula. Apart from this, the produced gene reagent had to have some sort of encryption built in as well.

Chapter 515: What in the World? This Plan Works?

Something like encryption was a must; they had no other options. These days, there was no lack of experts among the ancient and devil races. In this world, there were way too many freaks. A lot of people could determine the used materials after taking only a single sip of the gene reagent. Therefore, to prevent the ancient and devil races from obtaining this formula, encryption had to be added.

And thus, the encryption function was added to the formula. The initially simple formula had now turned extremely complicated. It was so complicated now that even Chen Feng, the inventor, could no longer fully understand the formula.

Not only that, they were also trying to add in other functions, such as a devil-taming function, devil-castrating function, and so on. By adding a minute amount of certain unique elements, it might be possible to cause devil race members that consumed this gene reagent to submit to humanity or lost their ability to breed. One particular researcher even added a female-transformation function into the gene reagent. He recommended that this gene reagent be marketed to all species worldwide and that the gene reagents for the ancient race and devil race be the modified version that induced a female transformation. With this, slowly, all of the ancient race and devil race members would become a single gender,
thus robbing them of their ability to reproduce. At that time, perhaps Qin Hai would be one of the female bosses of the ancient race.

Chen Feng noted his thoughts swaying everywhere and cleared his mind. Even if the feasibility of this plan was ignored, way too much time would be required for it to take effect. By the time the entire ancient race and devil race became a single gender, humanity would have long since been destroyed. One had to know that the moment the devil race and ancient race, which were already so strong, erupted with the power of beyond, humanity would have no way of dealing with them.

Naturally, this was merely one of the many suggested modifications to the formula. Apart from this, all sorts of other unique and bizarre functions were recommended to be added to the gene reagent. As Chen Feng listened to the suggestions, he started sweating and hastily stopped them. What joke was this? What did they take this gene reagent for? They wanted to add everything to it? He could ignore the idea of female transformation, but who in the world was the one who suggested adding a comfort- increase function to the gene reagent? Did that fellow think they were cooking food, thus requiring spices? And the fellow who suggested the weight loss function, what, did he think that this was some weight loss gene reagent? By using the beyond X reagent, one could lose weight at the same time? What the hell?

Everyone proposed without stop.

“Boss, I think these ideas are feasible.”
“Yeah, there’s nothing bad about adding them anyway.”
“The more the better…”
“Shut up!” Chen Feng bellowed. Theoretically, what they had suggested was indeed not wrong, but with their suggestions, the effects of this beyond X formula would be too huge, surpassing the initial purpose of this formula. What would they do about the cost and difficulty of production, then? If the final formula was too complicated, how were producers supposed to produce them?

One ought to remember that even the basic version of this formula was something only an advanced producer could produce. If all sorts of functions were added, thus increasing the production difficulty, it might ultimately result in master producers being the only ones capable of producing it.

If so, how were they supposed to mass produce it, then? How were they supposed to spread this thing across the world? If they focused too much on these added functions, they might lose sight of the bigger picture. Chen Feng studied it attentively and noted that even now, the formula was almost unacceptably complicated already. After pondering the matter, he decided to clear up a bunch of the formula’s added functions.

“This won’t do.” Without hesitation, Chen Feng commanded, “Apart from the basic life-form differentiator, remove all other functions. In the formula, apart from the core effect, this is the only added function that will stay.”
“All right.” Only at this did they start progressing with the project. Three days later, the true beyond X gene reagent was produced. This was the result of the research of Chen Feng and the best researchers worldwide, an almost flawless support gene reagent.

Name: Beyond X

Function: Triggers the power of beyond.

Active duration: One second.

Main effect 1: Triggers the power of beyond, pushing the user into a beyond X state and increasing the user’s power greatly.

Main effect 2: Enables a regular genetic warrior to start contemplating the power of beyond in advance. Every single usage of this gene reagent can potentially increase the user’s understanding of the power of beyond. Limitation 1: Only usable by humans.

“Very good. Next, we shall enter the mass-marketing stage.”
Now that Chen Feng was the overseer of this project, his words were akin to commands that nobody could go against. The second command released by him also alarmed everyone. Now, they were going to enter the advanced purchase stage for this formula.

That’s right, advanced purchase. In the Gene Production Association’s exchange window, Chen Feng directly set up a beyond X formula exchange section. He was truly planning to make this formula available to the public.

The Genetic Union was the first to object to this. “This won’t do. What about the devil race and ancient race?”
Despite the fact that in the exchange system, only advanced producers and above who were registered with the Gene Production Association could trade for this formula, with the strength of both the ancient race and the devil race, it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to sneak in and obtain the formula for themselves. At that time, the humanity’s biggest secret, their core technology, would fall into their enemy’s hands.

Chen Feng’s act of removing the encryption function from the formula was already something that caused others to become furious. Now, he was even making the formula public? Had he gone crazy?

Chen Feng shook his head. “Don’t worry.” He was a person who once went to an era long gone. As such, he had a much deeper understanding of the devil race than others did. During that barbaric era, it was simply impossible for a gene producer to actually appear among the devil race, let alone a gene producer capable of analyzing their formula, improving it, and producing a version specifically for the devil race. As such, the function restricting the usage of this gene reagent to only humans was already sufficient. In a straightforward manner, Chen Feng stated, “Do remember that the reagent produced by me, Chen Feng, is something impossible to be thoroughly deciphered. You guys have all studied this formula as well, so please do tell me, have any of you been successful in thoroughly deciphering it?” As the others heard this, they blushed with shame. Only now did they realize that if even they couldn’t do it, how could the devil race and ancient race, neither of whom had any sort of production association, accomplish it? It was nearly impossible.

“Very  good.”   Chen  Feng  was  very  satisfied  with  their response. If the headquarters of the Gene Production Association alone were in charge of producing this gene reagent, it would not be sufficient for humanity. Only by making the formula public and allowing all advanced producers and above to participate would this new gene reagent be truly widespread, truly transforming into a gene reagent of the people.

The next day, the exchange was formally opened to the public. The numerous major powers worldwide had begun preparing for this long ago. Almost all these powers had advanced producers in their ranks. As such, the moment they obtained the formula, they could start production immediately. The increase in the strength of humanity was imminent.

Despite the heartache one felt when looking at the high price of the formula, for the sake of a better future, all the producers clenched their teeth and purchased it.

Everyone checked their purchased formula in excitement.

Raw materials…
Production sequence…
Production course…
Potential problems…
This was an incredibly detailed document. Chen Feng had documented all potential problems and the course of production in it, giving the readers quite a pleasant feeling as they read it, so pleasant that nearly all advanced producers were done familiarizing themselves with the formula within a few minutes. Alas, when they were about to start production, they encountered trouble.

“Crescent moon grass, available. Blackberry juice, available. This is available as well. Mhm… this…sighing grass? It’s a rather rare herb, but the rarity is still at an acceptable level.”
Alas, as they was about to purchase the material, they were all alarmed. That was because the sighing grass that had previously been priced at 99 yuan had increased rapidly in price to 999 yuan. Moreover, the scariest aspect of this was the fact that this herb had been swept clean from the market, and now, one couldn’t even buy it even if one had the money for it. The price of 999 yuan seemed like a joke now. Perhaps even 10 times 9999 yuan would only only grant one a mere possibility of obtaining this herb.

Chapter 516: The Despairing Department Head

This… Why was this happening? The various major powers were dumbfounded. The scarcity of this sighing grass caught them off guard. After all, previously, this herb had not been commonly used. Even if there was a lack of stock, nobody would truly be bothered. Now, though, the various major powers were going crazy.

Even if they were willing to pay more to purchase this herb, the available stock was still too little in amount. Even after buying all available herbs on the market, they still couldn’t produce much of the new gene reagent. Right at this instant, suddenly, a small gene store suddenly started selling sighing grass.

“How much?”
“It’s priced at 99,999 yuan.”
“The hell. Has this guy gone crazy from being too poor?” “Should we give up, then?”
“Give up my ass. Buy it. Buy it all.”
The various major powers all pounced on the market like beasts, afraid that the stock would be cleared if they were any slower. Next, with astonishment, they noted that even after several hundred million yuan was wasted purchasing these herbs, there was still available stock.

“There’s more?”
The big shots, with their keen senses, noted that something seemed off. After contacting their friends, they noted that almost everyone had purchased a huge amount of sighing grass.

“How much have you bought?” “Around a thousand.”  Wang Lin was not bothered by that amount. “How about you?”
Ma Teng sighed. “Two times your amount. How about Xu Yin?”
Xu Yin’s face darkened. “Triple.”
Zhou Hong’s heart ached. “Five times.”
Ding Shi had an unsightly expression as well. “Six times.”
Jack Ma tried to make a light joke to reduce the tense atmosphere before reporting the amount he’d purchased. “I bid, landlord! Mhm, I bought ten times that amount.” Apart from them, all the other powers of differing sizes had also exhausted a huge amount of wealth to purchase the sighing grass just so they could be the first to produce the new gene reagent. Each of them might not have had too much money individually, but when the amount was combined… As everyone exchanged glances and looked at the green light signifying a still healthy stockpile of sighing grass in this store, their expressions became terrifyingly dark. If their guesses were correct, they had probably landed in a huge scam, an abyss of a scam so deep that the depths couldn’t be seen. At this
time, while the various powers were conflicted, the Genetic
Union was instead rather relaxed.

“Please  give  us  some  sighing  grass,”  the  Research  Agency begged.

The Genetic Union showed no trace of politeness. “Scram!” They still remembered how these fellows hadn’t been on their side previously when they’d been fighting over the copyright of the new formula.

“You guys have so much in your storage anyway, so much that you guys can’t even finish it.” The Research Agency wasn’t the least bothered with the Genetic Union’s attitude. After all, the market price of sighing grass was now so expensive that one couldn’t even begin to imagine it. As such, the only way of purchasing it at a cheaper price was by purchasing it from the Genetic Union. After all, the difference between 50 yuan and 99,999 yuan was incredibly large, a difference of nearly 2,000 times.

The Genetic Union directly rejected them. “Not now, but one day, they will still be finished.”
The person from the Research Agency smiled. “Please don’t be like this. We should help each other… You should let us have at least some of your stock, right? How about half your stock? Hey, don’t go. How about 40% of your stock? Even 30% will do. Hey, bro… 20%! Please, just 20% will do. I will purchase it at 10 times your price. How about it, am I sincere enough?”
The people of the Genetic Union merely sneered at this. After all, even 10 times the price was still 500 yuan. Presently, the market price was 99,999 yuan. What a shameless fellow.

“Sigh, 20 times? For only 10% of your stock?”
“I seem to remember that the current market price is 99,999 yuan, right?” stated the Genetic Union unhurriedly. And thus, the manager of the Procurement Department of both parties started bargaining crazily. Unfortunately, the Genetic Union was unwilling to take a single step back.

“A price of 50,000 each for 10% of the amount we have in our storage.” This was the most the Genetic Union could do.

The Research Agency found this unacceptable. “That is not possible. Although the market price is 99,999 yuan, nobody is buying it at all, all right? Even now, it’s still for sale in the virtual community and the stock level is still green. This signifies that nobody is buying it at all, as the stock isn’t reducing. I think that after a day or two, the price will readjust to the normal level.”
“That’s  none  of  our  business.”   The  Genetic  Union  was unwilling to compromise. Ultimately, the Research Agency could only leave in disappointment.

Right at this moment, the employee in charge of checking the stock level of the Genetic Union’s warehouse returned with a dark expression. His report stupefied everyone present. The head of the Procurement Department was stupefied. “What are you saying?”
“The sighing grass is gone.” The employee continued with an unsightly expression, “There’s only 100 left.”

Everyone lapsed into silence.

“Have you checked wrongly?” The head checked the data on his screen. “Here, it clearly shows that the storage is still full. Moreover, the first instant after obtaining the formula, we forbade the sale of sighing grass.”
“I know.” The employee had also been shocked when he’d first seen it. As such, he’d immediately launched an investigation and discovered something that caused him to not know whether to laugh or cry. “Based on our investigation, the warehouse manager personally bought the sighing grasses in our storage and then resold it at the market. Since this herb was rarely used previously and had a cheap price, it went unnoticed.”

The head almost fainted then and there. Sold… sold them? Even the eyes of the person from the Research Agency beside them were wide open as well. Wow, how dramatic.

The head cleared his mind from the shock shortly after. “Where’s the money, then?”  Despite the herb being sold, the money should still be around. Based on the current price of sighing grass, it had to have been sold for an extremely huge price. If they could repurchase the sold herbs with the money obtained previously, they shouldn’t suffer too huge a loss.

“Oh…” The employee paused before cautiously saying, “When he sold the sighing grass, the beyond X formula had yet to  appear.  At  that  time…”  He  flipped  the  data  around  and continued, “the price was 999 yuan.”
Bang! Blood rushed to the brain of the head, who almost fainted then and there. Sold at 999 yuan? But the current market price was 99,999 yuan! The hell! A disparity of almost 100 times! As for the Research Agency person to the side, he was rejoicing in the calamity of others. Tsk tsk, the Genetic Union had a habit of hiring and providing for employees without much value. Now look what that had led to.

“How much did he sell?” the head asked while shuddering.

“Based on what he said, at first, he merely planned to sell half of what we had in the warehouse. Subsequently, as he saw that this herb was truly pricy, he sold more and more, and without realizing it, only 100 was left in the warehouse. Based on our investigation into his bank account, 100,000 sighing grass was sold,” the employee concluded.

The department head’s legs weakened. A hundred thousand? Based on present market price… Suddenly, he felt like this was the end of his career as the head of the department.

The  head  raged.  “I  want  to  kill  him!”  Now,  he  felt  like swallowing that person whole. “We have already captured him. You can do it anytime you want,” the employee stated coldly.

The head gnashed his teeth. “Good.”
Unfortunately, being angry wouldn’t help much at this time. Despite the huge potential loss, if they tried to recover the money that person had gained from his sales… this amount that neared hundreds of millions was still quite huge.

“Have you recovered the money from him?” the head asked instinctively.

“…” The employee paused before answering awkwardly, “When we arrived, he had already spent all the money.”
“???” The head was dumbfounded. “Spent?”
“Yes,” the employee replied with a bitter smile. The head found this inconceivable. “How did he spend that much money?” The hell, cash nearing a hundred million, even he wouldn’t know how to spend that all within a few short days, let alone a normally poor warehouse manager.

The employee checked the record. “Oh. Based on our investigation, he has recently been in frequent contact with a female streamer called Yue Er. The amount he tipped this female streamer reached the tens of millions.”
Tens of millions…
The head roared inwardly, wondering if that person’s brain was made of shit. “What about the remaining 90 million, then?” he asked while shuddering.

The employee answered, “He bought a villa in the capital, paying for it partially.”
The head was somewhat doubtful. “How about the rest of the payment?” “The rest…” The employee checked the data. “The rest of the money for the villa has not yet been fully paid.”

Chapter 517: This Scheme Is Too Excessive…

“???” The department head couldn’t react to this new revelation.

“Mhm.”  The employee explained, “The villas in the capital are priced at around 90 million per villa. That Zhang Dapao was obviously not aware of the market price. As such, after signing the contract, the miscellaneous fees such as taxes and so on pushed the price beyond 100 million. As such, he still owes them around 20 million for the villa.”
At this, the head finally despaired for real. “Can… can we ask for a refund of the money?” he asked expectantly.
“Not possible,” the employee replied. “That guy went totally crazy after earning some cash. He paid for a bunch of male and female celebrities and started a crazy party at the villa. Next, his actions were reported by a multitude of people. Now, his villa has already been put forth as the guarantee on his unpaid loan and has presently entered the liquidation stage.” This time, the head despaired for real. It was over. It was all over. They no longer had any sighing grass, nor could they even recover the profits from the sale of the sighing grass. The other relevant parties had already gotten started with production. He could already see the future that awaited him if
they were unable to supply the materials in time.


His brain jolted furiously, and he almost fainted then and there. He turned around and saw the person from the Research Agency, who was enjoying the show. At that, he recovered somewhat from his shock. Perhaps… he still had a chance at salvaging this.

The head braced himself and walked over. “Hey, bro.”
The person from the Research Agency rejected him without a trace of politeness. “Scram!”
The head’s face seemed to thicken considerably as he shamelessly asked, “I seem to remember that you still have some in your storage, right?”
“We only have several thousand. How is that comparable to your  stock  of  a  hundred  thousand?”  The  person  from  the Research Agency sneered. Where was the arrogance displayed earlier?

“Come on, share some with us.”
“Bro, please.”
“Master, please.”
“Scram…” “Father, please give me some sighing grass.”

“Grandpa, I hereby kneel down to pay my respects to you.”

Ultimately, the Genetic Union unexpectedly succeeded in obtaining around 1,000 sighing grass from the Research Agency. This was still quite a small amount, though. Nobody knew what had happened to result in this. However, based on the brief description of the person from the Research Agency, the head of the Genetic Union’s Procurement Department was truly excessively shameless. If he truly had to describe what had happened during the negotiation process, he could only describe it with the phrase: shocking the eye and astonishing the heart.

Naturally, apart from the Zhang Dapao’s punishment, the fellow that had previously caused the price of this sighing grass to  increase  by  using  that  “breaking  through  to  master producer” as an excuse wouldn’t be let off either.

“Investigate this. This is an unfair monopoly of the market.
This is a financial scam. I am going to kill that person.”
The fury of the Genetic Union was now aimed in a different direction. They did not even need any solid evidence. So long as they found out who that fellow was, they would let that fellow know what the strongest organization in the world, the Genetic Union, was made of. With the enormous power of the Genetic Union, they indeed managed to find out the truth soon enough. Alas, the truth was truly too alarming, to the point where, ultimately, they could only keep their mouths shut despite knowing the truth.

Why is it this fellow? they asked as they looked at the details on their screen. They could make a move to bully any person but this guy here. This grandpa here was a person they could not afford to offend no matter what.

Presently, they only lacked sighing grass. If they dared to offend this grandpa, they would probably lose even the rights to produce this gene reagent. That’s right, their result indicated that the person who caused this to happen was precisely Chen Feng.

If it was Chen Feng, the sudden increase of the price of sighing grass and the mass clearance of sighing grass from the market were now explainable. At this time, Chen Feng was all smiles as he looked at the huge amount of money in his bank account.

Mhm, the word “skyrocket” could be used to aptly describe the increase in the amount of money in his account.

In a single day, the amount of money he’d made was already off the charts, reaching a number Chen Feng did not even know how to pronounce. So terrifying was the amount that it was nearly unspeakable. Sighing grass… Chen Feng smiled.

But then, Chen Feng was also clear that this would not last long. This had only happened due to this being the first day, since the various major powers were competing against each other to increase their strength the quickest. With the price of sighing grass increasing without stop, they’d been scared into purchasing the overpriced sighing grass in bulk. By now, they should have regained their calm already.
Furthermore, the only reason they’d had a hard time procuring sighing grass was due to the low demand for this herb previously, which resulted in a low supply. Now that the demand had increased greatly, Chen Feng was sure that those sighing grass farms would start researching ways to increase the output of the herb.

It wouldn’t be long before the supply of this herb increased greatly. In the future, this would be one of the bestsellers on the market. As such, the demand for this herb would only increase, not decrease. As for its price, it would naturally drop gradually before slowly readjusting to its new normal level.

Based on Chen Feng’s initial estimate, the proper value of this sighing grass should be around 1,000 yuan. He checked his records and noted that indeed, presently, the sale of his sighing grass had indeed dropped greatly compared to when he’d first started selling. Since the various powers were already done purchasing what they required, anyone still purchasing now was likely an ordinary gene producer. A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Well then, time to change the price.”

Virtual community.

An advanced producer was hesitating while staring at the price of sighing grass. This price of 99,999 was the type of price that surpassed the imagination. Granted, an advanced producer wouldn’t truly be lacking in money. Unfortunately, the price of sighing grass coupled with other materials had caused the production cost of this beyond X gene reagent to be incredibly expensive.

Should he buy this sighing grass, then? His heart ached. After hesitating for a long time, he sighed and decided to still make the purchase. For the sake of his research, what other option did he have? Just as he was about to make the purchase, the exchange board was refreshed and something new appeared on it. “Yi? Someone else is selling it as well?”
He was rather shocked. One ought to know that he had waited for an entire day, yet this small store had been the only place selling sighing grass thus far. Nobody else had been selling it, but now…

He turned the interface on and was immediately stunned.

Name: Sighing grass.

Price: 3,000 yuan.

Introduction: To repay the contribution of the great producers toward humanity, this shop is selling at a special price. Hopefully, all producers will continue working hard to produce even better gene reagents. Restriction: Only one purchase per person.

Restriction: Advanced producers only.


The moment this announcement was made, the entire virtual community erupted in an uproar. Three thousand yuan? This was an incredibly low price! When they took a better look, they noted that the seller this time was precisely “The Strongest Gene” shop—Chen Feng’s shop.

“Chen Feng?”
“The main researcher of that Beyond X project?”
“Haha, it’s him indeed.”
“Why does he have so much sighing grass?” “Haha. He must have known in advance that those damnable capitalists would take the opportunity to increase the price shamelessly. As such, he must have prepared his stock in advance to sell it to us normal producers at a fair price.”
“So that’s the case.”
“He  is  indeed  worthy  of  being  a  member  of  the  Gene Production Association.”
Everyone praised Chen Feng. That already righteous reputation of Chen Feng’s improved greatly once again. Naturally, there were some who claimed that Chen Feng was the very person that caused the price to increase in the first place.

“Hehe, I seem to recall that the power you belong to is rather huge?”
“I heard that you guys purchased a lot of them at the price of 99,999 yuan?” “Tsk tsk, no wonder you guys are trying to discredit Chen Feng. Seems like your benefits have been threatened now, huh?”
“True, true.”
The masses despised the complainers. After all, with Chen Feng’s contribution and reputation, who would believe these complaints?

If Chen Feng was truly doing this for profit, he could very well sell sighing grass for 88,888 yuan. A lot of people would still purchase it at that price. Was there a need to reduce the price to only 3,000 yuan? Clearly, he was doing this to ensure the spread of this new formula.

Toward this, the various major powers could only swallow their grief. What could they do? They felt extremely helpless as well. How long had it been since they’d exhausted their wealth to purchase the initially overpriced sighing grass? It hadn’t even been one full day yet! Wasn’t it excessive of Chen Feng to reduce the price in such a manner? Yet he still dared claim he did not wish for the price to be excessively high? What nonsense? Now, they could see things very clearly. Chen Feng was clearly scamming them, the major powers who had purchased a huge amount of sighing grass earlier, treating them like major idiots.

Moreover, the targets of Chen Feng’s scam were only these major powers, while the ordinary producers were all spared. As such, even if they complained, the masses would only ignore them. As this incident progressed, the very first batch of beyond X gene reagents was finally produced by numerous producers. Finally, this new gene reagent entered the hands of the public. Three days later, the first beyond-B-class genetic warrior appeared, rocking the entire world.

Chapter 518: Outsourcing and Such

The impact of beyond X was beyond their expectations. After the Genetic Union started officially publishing and mass- releasing beyond X gene reagents, everyone was dumbfounded. This was because everyone, those genetic warriors included, had never managed to make sense of even the description of this reagent. Activate the power of beyond? What’s that? What’s the purpose of that? Nobody had any idea.
Despite the Genetic Union’s detailed description, the description was, after all, still something only written, only described in words. The masses did not have a clear picture of what exactly this was. As such, everyone was somewhat expectant yet doubtful. After the mass release of this gene reagent, the Genetic Union intended to create some beyond B classes, beyond C classes, and so on as soon as possible.

Alas, despite the deepening of these users’ understanding of the power of beyond, they had yet to gain full comprehension on the power of beyond. As such, the spread of beyond X could only proceed slowly. This continued until the third day, when finally, the first natural beyond-B-class genetic warrior appeared. This was not a member of the Genetic Union or the Research Agency. Rather, this was an unknown child from a rather large family. An ordinary genetic warrior that was rather talented yet not liked by his own family members.

This person had only taken a single bottle of beyond X gene reagent before immediately gaining full comprehension on the power of beyond. Most terrifying was the fact that after his breakthrough, he changed greatly. Despite still being in B class, his combat power was already comparable to an A class, so powerful that it was inconceivable.

Only now did the masses finally have a clearer understanding of what this power of beyond entailed. So, this was the function of the beyond X gene reagent? A reagent capable of increasing the combat power of a person by an entire level? Moreover, regardless of whether one was B, C, D, or even E class, so long as that person gained full comprehension of the power of beyond, that person would obtain a permanent increase in combat power.

As long as one comprehended the power of beyond, one would forever be stronger by one level. Even when one reached A class, one would still be a beyond A class. This was the most terrifying aspect of this new gene reagent. As for the snowball effect after the increase in one’s strength, this did not need much explanation. From this day onward, the impact of beyond X increased rapidly. Now, everyone knew that such a terrifying gene reagent had appeared. Everyone went crazy for this gene reagent.

Finally, the beyond X gene reagent had progressed from something that only influenced the elites into something that truly influenced the masses. Countless people started exhausting everything they had just so they could get a single bottle of beyond X gene reagent.

Genetic Union…
Research Agency…
Gene Production Association…
Every single place where this beyond X gene reagent was sold was filled with people. Everyone wished to be part of the first batch of participants in this coming new age of humanity. 
“The entrances to all our branches are already blocked.”
The people of the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association started sweating. The crowd was truly too huge, so huge that one couldn’t even begin to imagine it.

“How can there be so many people?”
“What nonsense are you asking? Do you think that currently, we’re still in a peaceful era? The ancient race and devil race are around the corner. Have you forgotten the descent of darkness not long ago?”
At this, they were startled awake. Indeed. Chaos was about to befall this world. Because of this, they were all extremely impatient to increase their strength.

“This can’t continue.” 
“What to do, then?”
Numerous messages requesting help were transmitted to Chen Feng’s inbox. Since Chen Feng was the overseer of this project, since he was the one who was earning the largest portion of the profit, naturally, he would have to take on some responsibilities as well.

Hou  Liang’s  head  ached  as  he  saw  this  as  well.  “This  is somewhat troublesome.”
“How about those major families?” Chen Feng found it odd. It had been several days since the sighing grass was sold on the market. As such, those major families should have gotten started with their production.

Hou Liang curled his lips. “I suppose they are waiting for you to make a joke out of yourself. You scammed them so harshly, yet now you are hoping that they will help solve this predicament of yours?” Chen Feng laughed dryly. “Hehe.”  He started studying the data he had in his hands. Mhm… this had indeed somewhat exceeded his expectations, yet it wasn’t something he couldn’t solve.

One ought to know that in Chen Feng’s previous life, apart from being an incredibly unlucky guy, he had also been someone who had inherited the spirit of socialism, an act of employing people to provide goods and services for the common good, the social benefit. As the inheritor of this great spirit, he had naturally studied the concept of socialism before. Certain aspects of this concept were things that would work well no matter the place. An example was the concept of outsourcing.

He recalled that in his previous life, it was said that a certain project was initiated by the act of the government providing a grant of 10,000,000,000 yuan to a certain state enterprise to have the job done. Next, this state enterprise provided 100,000,000 yuan to a certain group of Ph.D. professors to get the job done. Subsequently, those professors provided 10,000,000 yuan to a certain group of tutors to get the job done. Ultimately, those tutors provided 1,000,000 yuan to a bunch of students to get the job done. In the end, this grand project was actually completed by a bunch of university students. And now, this problem they faced could also be solved by the act of outsourcing. However, with his present status and position, there was no need to even conceal the fact that he was outsourcing this. Chen Feng decided to do this openly, and he started inviting all gene producers to join this project by using a method familiar to all the people in this world: issuing missions.

Beyond X Gene Reagent Production

Mission rank: 5 stars.

Mission requirement: Successfully produce a single bottle of beyond X gene reagent.

Mission materials: The Gene Production Association shall provide all materials.

Mission reward: Every time one accepts this mission, the Gene Production Association will grant two beyond X points. Every one point can be traded for a single set of materials. If one successfully produces in a single attempt, one can accumulate the given points into one’s personal account. If one only successfully produces the gene reagent during the fourth attempt, one will owe the Gene Production Association two points. The earned points can be used at any time with no
limitations. Before the points owed are fully paid, one must attempt this mission at least once per day.

Limitation: Certified as a beyond X producer.


The moment this mission was released, it caused a huge uproar. Mission? Point system? All gene producers were shocked.

Despite the formula being made public, despite the reduction in the price of sighing grass, the huge production cost of this gene reagent was still something a lot of gene producers couldn’t afford. This was due to the success rate of production. For an ordinary advanced producer, the success rate for first- time production of the beyond X gene reagent was simply too low. They might be able to accept the cost of producing a single time. With difficulty, they could still support two attempts. What if it was three attempts, ten attempts, or even a hundred attempts? They simply had no way of bearing such a cost.

The initial investment for anyone wishing to produce this gene reagent was akin to a bottomless abyss. As such, despite the huge number of advanced producers worldwide, the number of people actually capable of producing this gene reagent was incredibly low, and to increase the success rate from 0% to 100% would require a long time.

But now this mission had been released. All the producers gazed resolutely at this 5-star mission. No price, no conditions. So long as one accepted the mission, one could start production unconditionally. Although they were aware that in the beginning, they would most certainly be in debt and owe the Gene Production Association some points, with the provision of unlimited free materials, they were all confident that they could master the production of this formula in a short period of time. At that time, they would have a 100% success rate. At that time, every single attempt would be successful and earn them points. Soon enough, they would be able to repay what they owed. Apart from that, they could also profit from this by becoming a powerful beyond X gene reagent producer. Without any costs, they would be able to master a brand-new skill that was comparatively powerful. Before all that, they only needed to
produce for the Gene Production Association for a period of time. Such a job was in fact a dream experience for a huge amount of people.

“I’ll do it.”
All the producers became endlessly moved. At the same time, the Gene Production Association started the certification for the production of this gene reagent.

Chapter 519: Mass Distribution


Beyond X Gene Reagent Production Qualification Certification

Requirement: A genius among intermediate producers, an ordinary advanced producer, or a higher-leveled producer.

Content: Extreme familiarity with the contents of the beyond X formula. The potential of the applicant is taken into consideration as well.

Cost of certification: 100,000 yuan


This was a steep price for a lot of people. However, this amount of money was absolutely not a problem for advanced producers. If they couldn’t even afford such sum with their identity as an advanced producer, their skill level was truly questionable. After all, an advanced producer should be able to earn that much money by randomly producing a single gene reagent.

Such a steep price was also a mechanism put in place to prevent the disturbance caused by excessive attempts from intermediate producers. As for the content of this certification, it was rather slack. Basically, as long as the applicant had potential for growth and was not one of those producers who wouldn’t make any sort of progress even after several dozen productions, the applicant would be accepted. After seeing the requirement for this certification, nearly all advanced producers made their move.

Hou Liang was extremely anxious. “Will this really be fine?” The nurture of producers was akin to a huge pit. During the past few days, they had exhausted a huge amount of materials just to nurture several producers of their own organization to a sufficient level to start producing the beyond X gene reagent. If they were now required to nurture all advanced producers in existence… Even with Chen Feng’s thick pockets, it still wouldn’t be sufficient to fulfill what all these producers required to grow. “Chen Feng, we can’t keep this up for more than two days,” Hou Liang stated seriously. “Not all producers have your success rate in production. I have seen a huge amount of producers who still remain rookies even after more than a hundred productions.”
“You don’t have to worry about that.”  Chen Feng smiled. “There are naturally sponsors for these materials.”
Hou Liang blanked. Right at this moment, Chen Feng finished arranging the mission he had on his wristband. The mission was sent out.


Beyond X Gene Reagent Conversion

Conversion target: All genetic warriors. Conversion method 1, material conversion: One beyond X gene reagent for 10 complete sets of materials required for 10 attempts at beyond X gene reagent production.

Conversion method 2, cash conversion: 100,000,000 yuan (This is a brand new formula. Hence, the success rate of all our producers is still below 1%. Please carry out your own calculations before deciding to purchase).


Finally! As the genetic warriors that had been waiting for the gene reagents saw this, they all became agitated.

Alas, they had never expected that the Gene Production Association would provide two methods of purchase for this gene reagent, with the cash purchase option being so incredibly high. Had they gone crazy? Even if the success rate was less than 1%, they shouldn’t be selling it at such an excessive price, right? “Let   me   do   some   calculation.”    One   of   them   started calculating. “Mhm… Moonlight grass, 1,000 yuan… Calm wind liquid, 2,000 yuan…” He kept jabbing at his screen to calculate the cost of production. As he was calculating, he paused. “Sighing grass… 38,000 yuan?”
Hold on. He was somewhat dumbstruck. This price…
The price he had used for his calculation was based on the average at the exchange for the past three days. These prices were all openly shown. He had truly never expected that the price of this sighing grass…
“Why is it so expensive?”
“Because there’s no stock in the entire market. Since what Chen Feng is selling is only limited to advanced producers, his stock is considered internal resources and was not considered when the market adjusted the price.”
“The hell. If this price is multiplied by 100…”  Suddenly, he was alarmed. Shortly after, he finished his calculation. The sighing grass alone would already cost over 3 million yuan. Ultimately, a single beyond x gene reagent would cost 100,000 to produce. After taking into consideration the success rate of less than 1%, multiplying this cost a hundred times, it would truly cost 100,000,000 yuan to produce.

“So it truly costs this much…”
“Seems like we can only try to trade with materials.”
“What a pity that it is so expensive.”
“It’s still better to trade with materials, after all.”
Now, their attention was switched to material conversion. It seemed like, compared to cash conversion, material conversion was more worth it. Based on the present market price of the materials, only around 1,000,000 yuan was required and they would be able to obtain a single gene reagent. This was so cheap that it was beyond one’s imagination. 
“Why is such method of conversion even available?”
A lot of people couldn’t understand the reasoning for this. They truly couldn’t understand. With 100,000,000 yuan in cash, they could only purchase a single gene reagent, yet with materials worth 1,000,000 yuan, they could also purchase a single gene reagent. With sufficient money, only a single minute was required for them to purchase all the required materials for exchange from the virtual market.

“Is the Gene Production Association stupid?”
They felt powerless to even berate this stupidity. However, as far as they were concerned, this was absolutely good news for them. 
“I want to gather the materials.”
“Same here.”
Everyone entered the virtual community in excitement. Only at this did they find with shock that now, the sighing grass priced at 50,000 yuan that had been ignored by the masses for several days already was now being cleared from the market. As time passed, the price of this material increased without stop.

The price increased to 60,000, yet it was still cleared from the market.

The price increased to 80,000, yet it was still cleared from the market. The price reached 100,000, yet it was still cleared from the market.

The price of sighing grass was still increasing! Toward the end, the market was truly short of stock. Even if one had the money for it, one couldn’t buy it.

“How did this happen?”
“The production is still too low, but the demand is too huge.”
“It’s too expensive for us to buy it from the market, yet those sold at Chen Feng’s shop can only be purchased by producers. What can we do, then?”
“I shall go dig for these herbs by myself! Isn’t this a mere material? If I can’t even obtain something like this, how am I supposed to face others?” “True.”
“Hey, I heard that a certain place has researched a brand-new method of growing sighing grass. However, this is a method only doable by genetic warriors…”
“Please introduce me to that place.”
The market was cleared of sighing grass. In helplessness, the masses finally started to develop the growth of sighing grass. In a short two days, several hundred research projects pertaining to the growth of sighing grass appeared.

Energy growth…
Feeding growth…
All sorts of bizarre methods appeared. Among these, the most loved method was the method of creating sighing grass’s unique habitat by using genetic abilities. This unique habitat would allow the sighing grass to absorb the energy within the habitat to grow rapidly. Some decided to use such a method to obtain sighing grass, whereas some decided to go to the dangerous wilderness to start harvesting sighing grass. With this, the pressure on the Gene Production Association when it came to the supply of materials was greatly reduced.

Finally, after one week, before the reserve of sighing grass at the Genetic Union’s warehouse was exhausted, a balance was reached between the materials provided by the genetic warriors and the demand from the gene producers. The genetic warriors were responsible for gathering and farming, and then they’d trade these materials at the Gene Production Association for beyond X gene reagents. On the other hand, the advanced producers were responsible for production.

“Yet another batch of producers has reached a success rate of 80%.”
“A huge group of them have reached a success rate of 50%.”
Hou Liang compiled all the latest data in a report. During the past three days, with an unlimited supply of materials, those producers involved had produced with all their energy. Finally, they’d been able to become true beyond X producers.

Granted, Hou Liang was of the opinion that with so many materials supplied, even the most idiotic of all could be trained. The appearance of every additional beyond X producer would greatly reduce the pressure on the Gene Production Association. This was because this signified that these people would be slaving away for the Gene Production Association for a long time.

Hou Liang looked at the list of names of beyond X producers. He looked at the long list of points these producers owed the association, and then he laughed happily.

In a single week, the production and marketing of beyond X gene reagent entered the proper track. With the spur thanks to the development of the growth of sighing grass, despite the somewhat pressured supply of materials, it was still able to somewhat satisfy a huge amount of genetic warriors. Presently, the crowd of genetic warriors at the entrance of the Genetic Union was long gone, all busy harvesting materials. At the same time, more and more beyond warriors appeared.
Beyond B, beyond C…
Earlier today, a beyond D class warrior even appeared, causing quite an uproar. This uproar was due to the fact that even now, a lot of A class and B class warriors had yet to grasp the power of beyond. Only now did the masses realize one thing: one’s comprehension of the power of beyond seemed unrelated to one’s strength?

Chapter 520: What’s the Point?

Some were incredibly gifted, yet their comprehension of the power of beyond was stuck at a bottleneck. Even after consuming more than ten bottles of beyond X gene reagent, they had yet to see any effect on their comprehension. The only effect the gene reagent had on them was the single second of gold radiance around their body.

Some had mediocre strength, potential, and ability, yet with a single gene reagent, they directly comprehended the power of beyond.
It seemed like there was indeed some sort of aptitude when it came to comprehension of the power of beyond as well. At this moment, the Research Agency released their latest research at a cheap price: the beyond potential evaluator. This was a chip capable of detecting one’s aptitude in comprehending the power of beyond.

The moment this chip was released, it caused a great uproar. It was said that those who reached 100 points in the evaluation would definitely be able to comprehend the power of beyond in a single attempt. These people were geniuses in the truest sense.

“Your potential is rated 20 points. Evaluation: shabby, probability of comprehension very low.”
“Your potential is rated 90 points. Evaluation: perfect, probability of comprehension very high.”
“Your potential is rated 50 points. Evaluation: ordinary, probability of comprehension normal.” Each time one evaluated oneself, a rough evaluation would be provided. As the currently available data on the power of beyond was still too low, only these simple descriptions were provided. However, this small description was already sufficient to be used as something for some people to show
themselves off. Thus, the competition of one’s points started
being some sort of entertainment.

In a certain rented room.

“Haha, I have a potential reaching 88 points!”
“So what? I have a potential of 89 points.”
“Hehe, sorry, but my potential is 96 points.”
“Wow, for real?”
They gasped in admiration at each other as they discussed. “It seems like we are all geniuses at comprehending the power of beyond.”
“True that.”
They lamented endlessly.

At this time, Zhao Tian, who had been working overtime for three days, finally returned. Zhao Tian had always been the strongest among them. As such, they were extremely concerned with his score.

“Zhao Tian, come, check your score.”
“Thirty-six points,” Zhao Tian stated indifferently.

They were overjoyed. “So low? This won’t do. The rest of us all have high scores.” Zhao  Tian  shook  his  head,  not  bothered.  “There’s  no meaning in that.”
“What do you mean by no meaning? This signifies that we have better futures than you.” They were all feeling proud.

“…” Zhao Tian gazed at them like he was gazing at some idiots.  “What’s  the  point  of  that?  That  gene  reagent  costs 100,000,000 yuan. Which of you can afford it? I seem to remember that you all only earn 6,000 yuan per month, right? How long do you need to save for this amount of money? Will your entire life even be enough? Since you can’t even get enough money, what’s the point of these scores? What difference is this from you guys comparing your penis length every single day? You, 28 centimeters. Him, 22 centimeters. He, 30 centimeters. How proud? So what? You guys are almost 40 years old now, yet which of you has a girlfriend? Apart from making your hands tired, what is the point of the length of your penises?”
Shua! They all lapsed into silence. They exchanged glances, feeling extremely awkward. A similar scene played out everywhere. The competition of one’s score was completely unrelated to one’s present strength. Rather, one’s potential in the power of beyond could be said to be something based on an entirely different system. It was rumored that even a certain beyond-A- class warrior only scored a pitiful 10 points when evaluated. It had truly been hard for him when he’d first broken through into beyond A class all those years ago.

Presently, our dearest Chen Feng was looking at the screen with a worried expression as well, “Your potential is rated at one point. Evaluation: idiot, almost incapable of comprehending.”
One point? Chen Feng’s expression darkened. Even if the comprehension was unrelated to one’s strength, wasn’t one point too excessive?


He turned his communication tool on. The company that had manufactured this wristband was truly annoying. After the release of the evaluator chip, they had speedily added a column beside the names of the people in one’s contact list to indicate their score.

That’s right. This score was now available for everyone to see. Moreover, there would be such a prompt: “Congratulations.  Your  potential  has  now  surpassed  X%  of genetic warriors worldwide.”

This was too excessive. He had never expected that such a thing that was so common in his previous world would be implemented in such a well-practiced manner here in this world as well. Rather unfortunately, he had never surpassed more than 50% of other users in that certain game during his previous life, not even once. As he thought of it, he suddenly recalled that there was indeed a certain aspect where he had surpassed a lot of people. He had a record for time spent online in one sitting that surpassed 99% of other users. Time online: 98 minutes 24 seconds. A beautiful number. Shua!

A window popped up on his screen.

“Congratulations. Your potential has now surpassed 0% of genetic warriors worldwide.”
Chen Feng’s face was expressionless.

Xu Fei left a comment. “Hahahahahahahahahaha!”
Kong Bai left a comment. “Hehehehehehehe.”
Wang Chun left a comment. “66666666666.”
Qin Hai commented, “…” Chen Feng sighed. “I truly have bad taste in friends.”  He checked their scores. Xu Fei had 88 points, Kong Bai had 99 points, and Wang Chun had 86 points, while Qin Hai only had 60 points, but that did not matter, since he had already reached beyond A class long ago. Perhaps he could research this.

Perhaps by analyzing our similarity and attributes, I will obtain some results. Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. After a long time, by using an analogy, Chen Feng obtained his verdict, “Could it be that the uglier one is, the higher the score?”
Spirit: “…”
“Forget it. The sample size is too small to reach a proper conclusion.”
Chen Feng sighed. Even if he was able to obtain a result, it no longer mattered much to him. He might as well let the Research Agency be the ones busying with this. What he should focus on presently was entering beyond B class. Despite the fact that everything seemed peaceful presently, something might happen at any time. The threat of the devil and ancient races was akin to a hanging sword that could fall on one’s head at any time. As such, before that actually happened, he had become even more powerful. This was also why the humans across the globe were presently trying to increase their strength. It was still better to
grasp one’s own future in one’s own hand. Now that the distribution of the beyond X gene reagent had stabilized, Chen Feng could finally start charging toward beyond B class.

“It’s time.”
He inhaled. As the general manager of this Beyond X project, every single action of Chen Feng’s was focused by a countless amount of people. The moment he prepared to start, all the preparations were already completed for him.

The Genetic Union displayed the utmost sincerity when serving him. “We have been waiting for you.”
The Research Agency joined in as well. “If you require anything, please do let us know.” The employees of the Gene Production Association prepared everything for him. “The beyond X gene reagent is already prepared.”
“Many thanks.”  Chen Feng did not comment much on all this. On that day, under numerous gazes, Chen Feng prepared to take the beyond X gene reagent.

Naturally, before using the gene reagent, the evaluation of his potential was a must. After all, only by knowing his score could the Gene Production Association have an idea how many bottles of gene reagent they would need to prepare for him. With surety, when they saw Chen Feng’s score, they were all alarmed.

“One percent?”
“Idiot? What evaluation is this?”
Everyone was dumbstruck. This was a never-before-seen evaluation. Even the Research Agency that had created the chip was rather dumbstruck as well. Wasn’t such an evaluation reserved for those commoners who had never trained in the slightest? Why had Chen Feng been evaluated this way?

The employee of the Gene Production Association probed carefully as he asked the person from the Research Agency, “How many bottles of gene reagent do we need prepare for this, then?”
“Oh.” The person from the Research Agency wiped his cold sweat before stating hesitantly, “How about… taking everything you have in the warehouse?”
Everyone else: “…”
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