The Strongest Gene Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51: Breaking through the limit!

Currently, at the vicinity of the frigid pool, just as the huge turtle bellowed, both Chen Feng and Wang Yue felt the scene before their eyes flickered and started changing. When it ended, they had both appeared in a brand new world.

“Where is this?”
Chen Feng looked around him.

Wang Yao had disappeared. Wang Yue had also disappeared. Even the frigid pool had disappeared. Currently, everything had disappeared, leaving no trace behind.

A bellow that shook the heavens and earth resounded. This was an area immersed in a vast yet ancient aura. Suddenly, a mutated beast that Chen Feng had never seen before appeared. Its four limbs stepped on the ground as a bizarre flame swirled around its limbs. This mutated beast was not powerful. However, for unknown reasons, its aura had
raised a sense of reverence from the depths of Chen Feng’s heart.

What is this?

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

An unfamiliar place…
An unfamiliar mutated beast…
Is this an illusion?

Chen Feng suddenly realized. “Bang!”
The flame on the mutated beast’s limbs blazed as it charged toward Chen Feng.

Chen Feng fought back and found that this mutated beast’s strength was roughly at the peak of F class. Although it was somewhat stronger than him, he was still able to put up some sort of resistance against it.

Unleashing his Wind Blades, Chen Feng started battling the beast.

“This beast is somewhat stupid.”
After unleashing several Wind Blades, Chen Feng noticed that although this mutated beast was quite powerful, from its slow reaction time, it was quite apparent that the beast’s intelligence was somewhat low.

“Good chance!”
Chen Feng controlled his Wind Blades as the blades circled around.

Several Wind Blades arched in a perfect curve midair before ambushing the beast from the back and killing it! Without using any luck value, Chen Feng had managed to kill the beast using his own strength!

The mutated beast turned into a clump of light before it disappeared. Subsequently, Chen Feng could feel that the fading light had turned into some sort of power before rushing into Chen Feng’s body and increasing his spirit attribute by one point!

“Spirit… increased?”
Chen Feng was shocked.

Killing a mutated beast in this illusion could actually increase his spiritual energy?

How was it possible that the huge turtle was so kind?
Wang Yao!

Chen Feng felt doubtful. If Wang Yao had done this previously when she was not aware of his grudges with Wang Yue, it would be understandable. However, he had intentionally mentioned the examinations incident in front of Wang Yao, pointing out his grudge with Wang Yue. Under such circumstances, wouldn’t it
be more logical if Wang Yao were to exclude him when she was
helping Wang Yue improve his strength?

Instead, she…
Wang Yao, Wang Yue, Wang family…
Chen Feng started thinking about Wang Yao, who currently possessed the appearance of a 11 or 12 years old girl. Suddenly, he felt that there might be a shocking secret he was unaware of in this Wang family.

They might not be the same type of people after all!

Chen Feng contemplated. He should temporarily see Wang Yao and Wang family as different entities. With this line of thought, a lot of confusing things were suddenly explainable. As for now…
Another mutated beast appeared.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Since there was a benefit to be gained in front of him, he had to grab hold of it.

Wind Blades were unleashed.

At the same time, also in an illusionary world, Wang Yue, who had been amply prepared, was also giving his utmost battling mutated beasts. However, as he was currently at the initial stage of his chosen path where he had nearly zero combat power, he could only go all out when he was battling the mutated beasts. A bizarre huge sword appeared in his hands. It was actually the exact same sword that Wang Yao used.

“Sister’s sword…”
Wang Yue inhaled deeply.

He slashed downward and started his battle with the mutated beast.

Both their illusions were synchronous. Wang Yue had his sister’s assistance while Chen Feng had his own methods as well. Both of them had eerily maintained the same killing speed! Both their spiritual energies increased constantly!

After each kill, their spiritual energy would be increased by one point!

Although the mutated beasts that appeared were getting stronger which in turn had caused their battles to be even more desperate, they continued pushing forth to reach their limit mode.

Currently, in front of the frigid pond, red light was swirling around Wang Yao. She controlled the glowing globe as she firmly fixed it in midair while allowing the power of the Life and Death Domain to continue taking effect on Chen Feng and Wang Yue.

“The main show begins.”
A smile appeared on Wang Yao’s delicate tiny face. She didn’t work so hard just to help increase Wang Yue’s attributes. The actual usage of Life and Death Domain was to help one break through their limit mode.

Currently, Wang Yue and Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was increasing rapidly.

95, 96, 97…
100 points!

After killing the final mutated beast, Wang Yue and Chen Feng’s spirit attribute had finally reached the limit mode of F class, reaching the pinnacle of the class!

The purple light globe flickered rapidly. “Be obedient.”
A cold glint flickered in Wang Yao’s eyes.

Red light blossomed.

“Make one final contribution before you disappear.”
Wang Yao pointed.

The purple light globe started to rotate rapidly. Rays of purified light enveloped both Chen Feng and Wang Yao. At this time, within the Life and Death Domain, a change was silently occurring.

“Whoosh!” An ice-cold light blade brushed past Chen Feng’s body.

Chen Feng looked at his cloth that was cut open as he was drenched in cold sweat. This strength…
The ground trembled.

A huge mutated beast walked out of the shadows. The faint pressure it emitted caused Chen Feng to be somewhat astonished. This aura, it seemed to be a E-class mutated beast!

“E class?”
Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

This was an illusion. Hence, there was no thundersnake gene. Here, he could only depend on his own strength to deal with everything thrown at him!

“Did this thing appear due to me reaching the limit mode?” Chen Feng thought knowingly.

Both him and Wang Yue had reached the limit mode.

It was too dangerous for one to attempt to surpass the limit through the pressure brought forth by life-threatening dangers and desperate battles. Hence, Wang Yao had chosen this way to help Wang Yue breakthrough his limit.

“He is indeed her younger brother.”
Chen Feng shook his head.

This seemed to be something Wang Yao had prepared for Wang Yue. He was just lucky to be here as well by chance. “Battling an E-class mutated beast and breaking through under pressure?”
Chen Feng sighed as he looked at the mutated beast in front of him.

Was it possible?

He had seen a lot of E-class mutated beasts. He had even killed a few of them at Dragon’s Passing Mountain. Even without the thundersnake gene reagent, with Luck Aura, it was not possible for these beasts to pose any threat to him! From his previous life until now, he had experienced too many near death situations!

Maybe I should forget that Luck Aura actually exists and try breaking through this way?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Go!”
Chen Feng planned to give it a try using his pure combat power alone.

Wind Blades were unleashed.

Chen Feng started battling the mutated beast.

Outside    the    illusionary    world,    Wang     Yao frowned. Something seems to be wrong?

She was aware of what kind of person her brother was. It was due to his weak willpower that she had decided to use this method to increase Wang Yue’s level and willpower! Instead, this variable known as Chen Feng was the one possessing talent and willpower far surpassing her brother Wang Yue! However…
In the Life and Death Domain, the signs of breakthrough had actually appeared on Wang Yue first!

It appeared on that idiotic brother of her!

The battle was progressing.

Wang Yue was involved in an extremely bitter battle. He was aware that this was something that his sister had fought for him. However, possibly due to Chen Feng’s existence, he had started to be harsh on himself. Not wanting to lose out to Chen Feng, he started putting everything he had on the line to battle the mutated beasts, constantly pushing himself forward! Wang Yue’s bottleneck was tottering!

A breakthrough might happen anytime!

On the other hand, there were no signs of a breakthrough on Chen Feng.

Wang Yao muttered.

“Have I looked too highly upon you?”
A tinge of doubt flickered in Wang Yao’s eyes.

However, she failed to guess that the reason for Chen Feng not breaking through was not due to his willpower being not firm enough. Instead, it was due to his willpower being too firm! In the illusion.

The desperate battle that was supposed to happen did not appear. Slowly, Chen Feng started to gain the upper hand. In midair, several tens of Wind Blades hovered. Unexpectedly, none of them had dispersed. Along with Chen Feng’s continuous release, the amount of Wind Blades increased constantly. Under the control of his spiritual energy, they hovered around him.

It was akin to a dance of Wind Blades.

Even if the E-class mutated beast was stronger than Chen Feng, it couldn’t get near him at all.

The strength of this mutated beast was not bad at all. With the strength attribute nearing 300 points, it was extremely terrifying. However, so what? Due to it being dull, its movements were somewhat clumsy. Chen Feng could easily evade the beast. Under his control, the amount of Wind Blades hovering around him increased. He was sure that when the amount of Wind Blades exceeded 100, he only need to launch all of them onto this mutated beast and it would probably be enough to heavily injure it.


Where was the crisis?!

Chen Feng’s head ached as he felt troubled. In this situation, he felt quite helpless.

He was aware that this illusion was a good opportunity for him to break through. However, it really failed to give him even the slightest bit of pressure!

Furthermore, he was too rational, to the point where he was aware that everything in front of him was an illusion regardless of how real it seemed. He was so rational that he was aware that he could defeat this E-class mutated beast with his power alone without even using his luck value! “Seems like I won’t be able to break through.”
Chen Feng sighed.

Too weak!

This Life and Death Domain was in essence something specially prepared to serve Wang Yue!

If the mutated beasts in the illusion were too powerful, it could lead to Wang Yue’s death. Hence, after being purified by Wang Yao, it was weakened to a certain extent, which lead to this domain being incapable of satisfying Chen Feng’s requirements.

Surpassing his limit in the midst of crisis and danger?

He did not even feel any sense of crisis. How the heck was he supposed to break through? “Howl!”
The mutated beast tried to advance.

Chen Feng casually chose several tens of Wind Blades among those hovering around him and tossed them out. With this alone, he had successfully forced the mutated beast to retreat. The Wind Blades curved perfectly before returning to him and continued hovering around him.

“I will just pretend this is a Wind Blade practice.”
Chen Feng could only comfort himself this way.

In actuality, he was already very satisfied.

He originally came to return Wang Yao’s favor of saving his life. He did not expect to have the opportunity to ride along Wang Yue’s benefit and have his spirit attribute increased to 100 points! This could be classified as an unexpected gain!

He only needed to wait for the illusion to end and he could return home and start producing the strongest gene.

At this thought, he became even more halfhearted when battling the beast.

At the same time, the aura of Wang Yue was slowly transforming.

Chapter 52: You All Must Have Gone Insane

“You are almost there?”
A faint smile curled on the corner of Wang Yao’s lips.

Seems like this brother of mine is not some hopeless trash after all. There is a reason, after all, for the Wang family to prioritize on nurturing him. As for Chen Feng…

“You can’t even grasp this opportunity?”
Wang Yao shook her head, feeling somewhat regretful.

Due to the incident at Dragon’s Passing Mountain, she had looked highly upon Chen Feng. Hence, she dragged Chen Feng into the Life and Death Domain as well. Unexpectedly…
“Ka!” A crisp sound.

A bizarre sound spread from the distance.

There’s someone else here?

Wang Yao looked at the Chen Feng and Wang Yue that were still in the illusion and frowned. This was a somewhat bad turn of events. In order to maintain the illusion, she could not act on anyone else. Otherwise…
Thump thump!

Sounds of chaotic footsteps could be heard. A group of people appeared without trying to conceal themselves. When they saw Wang Yao, both sides blanked.

“It’s you?” Wang Yao remembered.

Wu Fan, a classmate of her brother’s. She had seen him before at Dragon’s Passing Mountain.

“Wang Yao?”
Wu Fan’s expression changed slightly.

How would he come across Wang Yao at this time? As he turn around and looked at the Chen Feng and Wang Yue that were in an illusion, he understood, “You are helping them to breakthrough?”
Wang Yao glanced at them coldly and did not say anything else. “You know her?”  Chang Hu looked at Wu Fan, who was in fear.

“Someone from the Wang family.”
Wu Fan said in a low voice, “Let’s go.”
Subconsciously, he wanted to leave with his group immediately. He originally came because he thought that there were some treasures here due to the mysterious appearance of this place. He did not expect to meet these people here. How unlucky!

However, somewhat exceeding his expectations, Chang Hu did not listen to him. Instead, he was staring at Wang Yao greedily.

“She is someone from the Wang family?” Chang Hu suddenly asked. “You must have gone insane!”  Wu Fan was trembling with fear. “This woman’s strength is extremely terrifying.”
“Why should we be afraid of a brat?”
Chang Hu sneered. Terrifying? Does a mere F-class warrior like you know what true terror is?

“She must have quite a lot of treasures on her, right?” Chang Hu licked his dry lips and said greedily, “No matter how strong she is, what’s the point? In her current state, she can’t budge at all. Otherwise, those two fellows will definitely be crippled! As long as we don’t act too excessively, she will definitely not make her move! How can we let go of such a good opportunity?”
Wu Fan retreated in fear. “You are insane.”
Robbing Wang Yao? How ignorant was this guy?

However, Chang Hu’s words reminded him of something.

According to what his family had told him, the Wang family put a lot of hope on Wang Yue. They had even prepared a certain formidable E-class gene reagent for him! Since he was currently trying to break through, that gene reagent might be on his body? If he were to obtain that thing for himself…
The one who rose in power abruptly would not be Wang Yue but him instead?

As for Wang Yao…
She wouldn’t dare to kill in the town, right?

There was a saying that a benefit of 300% would tempt a person to ignore the law! Now, if this information he’d gotten was true, after robbing Wang Yue, the benefit would be 10,000%!

Wang Yao could not move!

Was there any better opportunity than this?


As for the Wu family?

They can go f*ck themselves. Who cares?

If the Wu family was willing to nurture him, would he still need to hire someone to help him increase his attributes? At worst, he only needed to rob the thing he wanted before fleeing! When he became stronger, he could return again!

That’s right! That gene reagent…
Wu Fan was thoroughly tempted.

Under the temptation of a huge benefit, he was under the impression that he had everything planned out. However, the current him that was still a student was too naive. He was not aware of the significance of the power demonstrated by Wang Yao at Dragon’s Passing Mountain.

“Hand over everything on you.”
Wu Fan opened his mouth as he looked at Wang Yao. “We won’t hurt anyone. Hence, you don’t have to give up on the both of them to fight against us. We only want your things and won’t hurt anyone!”
A cold expression appeared on Wang Yao’s tiny face. “You are courting death.” “We only want your things!” Wu Fan clenched his teeth. “If you continue hesitating, don’t blame us for being rough.”
“Why  are  you  spouting  so  much  nonsense?”   Chang  Hu sneered. “Just rob them directly.”
“Don’t  act  recklessly.”  Zhang  Ling  pulled  him  back.  She could see that something seemed wrong with that little girl. “Wu Fan might be right. If someone got hurt and the little girl makes her move without caring about everything else, we might really die here!”
“Is that true?”
Chang Hu stared at Wang Yao for a while before nodding his head in fear of the consequences.

“Hand over your stuff. Otherwise, I will kill this kid first!” Chang Hu pointed at Wang Yue, a malevolent expression on his face. He’d had enough of these young masters. Today, he shall rob this wealthy family!

“Don’t drag this on.”  Chang Hu sneered. “Otherwise, I will remove one of his arms first.”
Wang Yao looked at them coldly before finally agreeing. “I’ll give you what you want.”
“Zhang Ling, you go.” Chang Hu told Zhang Ling to go over.

“Mhm.” Zhang Ling took small quick steps and walked over before she started taking out the things from the little bag on Wang Yao’s waist. As she looked at Wang Yao’s indifferent gaze, her whole body started sweating, not daring to stay an extra second there.

Within the small bag… “This is…”
Everyone was stunned as they look at the reagents inside! This little girl was actually carrying so many things on her! Furthermore, most of them were invaluable reagents.

“Now we’re rich.”
Chang Hu and the rest were speechless.

The few of them started dividing the loot, not noticing the cold glint hidden within Wang Yao’s eyes. Was she a person one could rob so easily?

She had decided that as soon as Wang Yue and Chen Feng woke, she would let them suffer a fate worse than death!

At the same time, Wu Fan walked forward as well and pulled the things off Wang Yue directly. Currently, the aura of Wang Yue was changing constantly. Evidently, he was near a breakthrough.

“Leave quickly!”
“He is almost done breaking through.”
Wu Fan was excited as he looked at the reagent in his hands.

“Let’s search that person as well.”
Chang Hu pointed at Chen Feng and said, “Leave immediately after getting his stuff.”
Wu Fan was somewhat impatient. What good things could Chen Feng have? He was a mere poor peasant.

However, beyond everyone’s expectations, the instant that person touched Chen Feng, Chen Feng’s closed eyes opened abruptly and sent the person flying away with a kick.

“Who is it?” Chen Feng shouted coldly.

He had awoken.

Wang Yao looked at Chen Feng in astonishment. He had actually woken himself before the illusion ended?

How was that possible?

The so-called final limit breakthrough in the Life and Death Domain was basically one getting ravaged and pressured by a powerful final boss, forcing one to breakthrough. Even if one were killed in the illusion, one would be resurrected!

He had actually awoken?

Wang Yao was astonished.

Presently, Chen Feng was coldly staring at the group that appeared before him. The moment someone touched him, he instantly unleashed all his collected Wind Blades and killed that mutated beast before directly returning to reality!

This was due to him constantly maintaining a high vigilance!

He was not only on guard against his enemies…
He was also on guard against Wang Yao and Wang Yue! Even if he now somewhat understood the type of person Wang Yao was, he would not entrust his life to others, especially under the circumstances where Wang Yue was also there.

Hence, he was prepared!

He did not expect that the ones messing around were actually these people before him. As he looked at the things in Wu Fan and Chang Hu’s hands, he understood what had happened.

“You all actually dare to rob us?”
Chen Feng was stupefied.

This was truly his first reaction.

Unexpectedly! There was someone!

Who dared to rob Wang Yao?!

They must have gone insane!

His thoughts were reinforced when he looked at Wu Fan. Now, he was sure that this child was hopeless. Even if the incident where Wang Yao saved him before was not taken into consideration, just based on Wang Yao’s strength that was capable of fighting against their headmaster, was she someone a student like Wu Fan could act against?

This child was totally courting disaster!

“You actually woke up?”
Wu Fan felt something amiss and called out to Chang Hu, “Let’s leave quickly.” “Why should we leave?”  Chang Hu said in disdain, “If we don’t kill this kid and instead give him the chance to notify the Wang family, can we still leave?”
Wu Fan hesitated. Chen Feng had saved his life after all.

However, soon, his expression became vicious. Even if he saved him, so what? For this gene reagent, to become an expert in the future…
Chen Feng had to die!

Chapter 53: Gene Virus

“End this quickly.”
Chang Hu ordered.

Three E-class genetic warriors charged against Chen Feng.

Three E class against one F class?

This was an unfair battle!

The three of them charged against Chen Feng.

“Ah.” Chen Feng merely sneered.

He recalled that when he was with Xu Fei’s group previously, he assumed the identity of a beginner gene producer. This pitiful child had probably never seen the methods he had at his disposal, right?

“This time, let me educate you a little,” Chen Feng muttered.

“Come accept your death!”
Zhang Ling’s main attribute was agility. With her fast speed, she was the first to reach Chen Feng. Her speed was the fastest, while her attack was also the most violent. When fighting against low-level producers like Chen Feng, she would normally insta-kill them!


A cold glint flickered. Against everyone’s expectations, at this instant, Chen Feng started unleashing his power.

Chen Feng pointed.

A succession of Wind Blades was released from his hand.

10-combo release!

“Be careful!”
Chang Hu cried out in alarm. Zhang Ling, who was already in front of Chen Feng, did not even have enough time to mount her defense. She could only watch with her eyes wide open as one Wind Blade after another landed on her body, carving one deep scar after another on her body!

One of those scars was carved on her neck as blood splattered out of it.


Zhang Ling was killed just like that.

The fragrance diminished and the jade perished.

Everyone else was shocked. An E-class warrior was killed just like that?

It was outside of everyone’s expectations! Wu Fan was dumbstruck. He did not dare to believe that the Chen Feng that had only relied on his gene reagents could actually be so terrifying now!

A cold smile curled on Chen Feng’s mouth.

100 points of spiritual energy! This feels awesome!

With his spiritual energy rising rapidly from 32 points to 100 points, his combat power had also increased exponentially. The might of his unlimited Wind Blades had also reached a shocking level! If it was an intermediate-level E-class warrior, he might be scared to provoke them. However, a few E-class warriors that were obviously on the weaker end of the class…
What the heck were they to Chen Feng?

“Ling Er!” With an indignant roar, another person from Chang Hu’s team charged toward Chen Feng.

Chen Feng waved his hand indifferently.

His chain attacks were instantly unleashed!

“Do you think that I, your father, am scared of you?” that person bellowed.

Lumps of azure-colored ice crystals condensed on his right hand as he viciously smashed against the Wind Blades in midair. At this moment, a terrifying power was released from the momentum of his attack.

2-star secret art, Ice Fist.

Ten Wind Blades were instantly destroyed as that person’s malevolent expression appeared. “If it wasn’t for your sneak attack, do you think you would have been capable of killing Ling Er? A mere F class, let I, your father, help you repay this debt with your blood…”
“Be careful!”
Chang Hu cried out in alarm. “What?”
That person abruptly turned around before he horrifyingly found that, at an unknown time, the few Wind Blades that killed Zhang Ling earlier had not dispersed. Instead, they curved and were turning back! Every single one of those Wind Blades was moving at a horrifying speed, rushing toward him from behind.

“Damn it!”
He hastily turned around to block the attacks.

Another punch was launched. Ice crystals splattered around.

He had finally shattered the Wind Blades. However, the same moment when he turned around to face the Wind Blades behind him, another ten Wind Blades were released from Chen Feng’s hand, piercing through him alive!

He stared at Chen Feng with an inconceivable expression on his face.

Ten Wind Blades?

Followed by another 10 of them?

And followed by another 10 of them?

What cursed ability was this?

“Hehe.” Chen Feng merely smiled faintly before looking toward Chang Hu. “So it seems that you’re the only one left?”
Chang Hu’s expression was unsightly.


What f*cking producer was this!

Did your family’s producer possess such powerful combat power?

Killing one person per second!

In a short two seconds, his two companions, one with agility reaching 300 points and the other with strength reaching 260 points, both E-class warriors, were gone just like that!

Dying at the hands of an F class? How was that possible?

“Who the heck are you?” Chang Hu bellowed in fear.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Chen Feng. A beginner producer.”
“F*ck producer!”  Chang Hu bellowed. “I refuse to believe that I can’t kill you today. As long as I kill you, everything here belongs to me. Even if there’s Wang family and Wu family, I, your father, only needs to leave Gold City. I do not fear you lot!”
Chang Hu’s body started swelling while his skin started turning into gold color, resembling a Vajrapani. “Wanting to kill me?”
“Come!” Chang Hu bellowed.

Chen Feng’s Wind Blades descended upon him. However, no injuries whatsoever were inflicted. Instead, only shallow white-colored scars were left on him.

“Haha. Only this much power?”  Chang Hu laughed wildly. “My physique is at 450 points. With my genetic ability, I am unkillable. Even if you are peak F class, your spirit is only at 100 points. No matter how powerful your genetic ability is, you won’t be able to break through my defense!”
“Is that so?”
Chen Feng merely sneered. 

A succession of Wind Blades were condensed without stop in Chen Feng’s hands as the Wind Blades floated around him, forming a dance of Wind Blades, akin to leaves falling from a tree, spinning unceasingly.

“Dang! Dang!”
Several Wind Blades descended yet no injuries were left on Chang Hu’s body. It was not only due to Chang Hu’s valiant physique. It was also largely due to Chang Hu’s genetic ability!

“What can you do to me?” Chang Hu said in disdain.

“Is  that  so?”   Chen  Feng  smiled  faintly.  “That’s  quite  a powerful ability you have there. How long can you maintain its activation?” 
“Trying to provoke me into anger so that I will put my life on the line against you now? Hehe. There’s no rush. I’m not in a rush to leave anyway. Mhm, let me think…”
“Imagine the scene when the duration of your genetic ability ends or when Wang Yue finally wakes up?” Chen Feng smiled. “What a beautiful scene.”
“Damn it!”
Chang Hu’s expression was unsightly.

His provocations failed to work. How were the students nowadays so sly? It was as Chen Feng said. Chen Feng could afford to drag it out. He, on the other hand, could not afford it!

“You are the one who forced me to do this.” Chang Hu inhaled deeply. “Originally, I wasn’t willing to use this move.”
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah…”
Chang Hu suddenly consumed some kind of liquid, raised his head upward, and started hissing. At this moment, an astonishing scene unfolded.

The sky turned dark.

The sunny and cloudless sky turned a blood-red color.

A blood-red moon appeared in the sky as a terrifying aura was emitted from Chang Hu’s body. This was definitely not an aura a normal E-class warrior possessed!

“Blood moon?!” Wang Yao’s expression became solemn.

“Blood moon?”
Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“It’s a type of genetic virus.” Wang Yao’s tiny face was grave. “In a human’s body, there is boundless potential. This virus works by crushing one’s genes forcefully and increases one’s power by a wide margin for a short period of time. Ultimately, it might bring forth side effects such as one’s attributes decreasing permanently, losing one’s genetic ability, etc. Of course, there’s also a possibility that one would only lose some unimportant genes.”
Chen Feng was shocked. “Such a reagent actually exists?”
“Yes.  However,  gene  viruses  like  these  are  all  prohibited items.”  Wang Yao reminded Chen Feng, “This thing is very powerful and extremely terrifying. It is something that the use of is banned! I don’t know how this guy got his hands on one. You have to be careful.” “Virus…”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

During the virus’s activation, he had tried attacking Chang Hu. However, there was no effect on him. Every Wind Blades could only leave behind shallow white scars on his body. If he wanted to put an end to him, he needed to wait until the duration of Chang Hu’s genetic ability ended. At this time, Chang Hu had recovered from the bizarre state he was in a moment ago.

“Are you surprised?”
Chang Hu laughed nastily with sunken eyes.

A gush of power rumbled in his body. “What a perfect power,” Chang Hu mumbled.

“After using this item, even if you win the fight, you will be crippled,” Chen Feng said indifferently.

“So  what?”  Chang  Hu  grinned.  “After  killing  you,  I  will escape with all the things here. Who can control me? With these things, in the future, even if I stop cultivating I will still be able to rule a small area.”
“You think I can’t do anything to you?”
“Hehe, naive.”
“From this moment, this is my domain!”
Chang Hu laughed wildly.

“Is that so?” Chen Feng sneered. “Let’s give it a try then.” The gold light on Chang Hu’s body faded. As he completed his transformation, his Vajaprani genetic ability had quietly disappeared.

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

All the Wind Blades congregated beside Chen Feng.

A dance of gales!

All the Wind Blades swarmed Chang Hu. The near 100 Wind Blades that Chen Feng was controlling were unleashed at this instant. Azure colored blades filled the skies as they swarmed Chang Hu, appearing extremely terrifying. He believed that regardless of how powerful Chang Hu’s defense was, after receiving the concentrated attacks of so many Wind Blades on the same spot, he would be injured!

However, Chang Hu merely smiled malevolently.

“Break for me!”
Chang Hu made his move.

An astonishing power blossomed from Chang Hu’s hands. “Bang!”
He punched out slowly, yet the effect was earth shattering.

Loud sound.

All the Wind Blades were instantly crushed. The near 100 azure-colored blades that appeared so imposing with its quantity so high they engulfed the heavens and earth were gone just like that!

Chang Hu sneered. “Too weak.”
In the sky, the blood moon shone brightly.

Chen Feng could distinctly feel that the space around Chang Hu was warping. Was it due to the power of the blood moon being too powerful, hence the power overflowed from his body?

Chen Feng stared at the sky. He was looking for a weak point.

Regardless of how powerful the power of the blood moon was, it was impossible for it to affect this world! It could only affect the few of them here and this small area!

This blood-red world might even be a false appearance brought forth by the formidable power of the blood moon!

That blood moon in the sky was certainly fake as well!

How should he solve this?

Chen Feng gazed at the blood moon. However, Chang Hu did not give Chen Feng an opportunity to think. After smashing Chen Feng’s Wind Blades with his punch, he looked at Chen Feng with a malevolent expression on his face as his killing intent leaked.

“I told you. This is my domain!”
“Go and die for me!”
Chang Hu showed his savageness immediately.

The fragrance diminished and the jade perished – an expression commonly used to describe the death of a beauty. Er is a term of endearment commonly used by the Chinese. In this case, for Zhang Ling, she was also known as Ling Er by those close to her.

Chapter 54: Virus Killer!

A dreadful power condensed in Chang Hu’s hands.

A power far exceeding E class emerged. It wasn’t any weaker than the power of Dragon 1 or Dragon 2 that Chen Feng had met previously. At this moment, the condensed power was being aimed toward Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng!”
Wang Yao’s expression changed slightly.

Wang Yue’s breakthrough was still in progress. Hence, she was unable to interrupt the battle.

“Bang!” A dazzling white radiance erupted.

It’s over.

Wang Yao sighed.

For an unknown reason, an indescribable sense of loss had surfaced in her heart.

This variable… is going to disappear? she muttered inwardly and subconsciously looked toward the spot Chen Feng was at. However, she found with surprise that Chen Feng was still standing there, firm and upright!

Chen Feng was still alive?

Wang Yao’s tiny mouth was left hanging as she was somewhat shocked. Chen Feng was really alive!

He stood there calmly without a trace of emotion on his face. In front of him, the Chang Hu that was supposed to decimate Chen Feng with a punch was instead kneeling in front of him.

A deep crater had appeared on the ground due to Chang Hu’s punch!

What happened?

No one knew.

Even Wang Yao, who was always able to see through everything, was somewhat muddle-headed.

“How is this possible?” Chang Hu growled, unable to accept this. “Hehe.”
A smiled curled on the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth. He bent over and whispered in Chang Hu’s ear, “Is it unexpected? Is it surprising?”
“I will kill you!” Chang Hu bellowed.

A terrifying power emerged once again, yet…
He couldn’t move anymore!

His legs had been broken.

His hands had been crippled.

It was completely out of his expectations that the genes that were first destroyed by the gene virus would actually be the genes in his hands and legs, crippling him as a result! As a physique-type warrior, when the genes in his hands and legs ruptured, he would be no different than a cripple!

How could it…
Chang Hu collapsed emotionally.

Wasn’t it said that the probability of this happening was very low?

Wasn’t it said that although the genetic degeneration was in accordance to the situation, however, due to the existence of high gene attributes and gene abilities that make up of 99.9% of the genes within one’s body, even if the genes were to degenerate, it would start from those genes? Even if it was not those genes, why would it start from his hands and legs instead of others?

Why?! Chang Hu could not understand.

“You won’t understand.”
A smile curled on the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth.

When he was made aware that the gene virus was a gene reagent whose usage was akin to gambling, he knew that Chang Hu would no longer stand up!

“Let’s end this.”
Chen Feng raised his hand.

A Wind Blade flickered. Chang Hu was killed.

Chen Feng patted the dust off his clothes and looked at the only remaining person—Wu Fan.

“Then, it’s your turn?”
Chen Feng smiled.

“Don’t kill me.”
Wu Fan was in a panic. The current Chen Feng in his eyes was akin to a demon.

Killing two genetic warriors instantly. Even Chang Hu, whose combat power had increased widely due to the consumption of the genetic virus, wasn’t his opponent. How could he be Chen Feng’s opponent? He was only a student!

“It was my mistake.”
Wu Fan spoke incoherently, “I only planned to rob the items before escaping. I never planned to kill anyone. You can’t kill me as well. If you want my stuff, I will give it all to you. However much money you want, I will be able to give it to you.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Was the IQ of Gold City High School students so low?

Chen Feng shook his head.

If his brain was really working properly, how would he dare to rob Wang Yao? “Hum—”
Chen Feng slowly raised his hand.

“I’m someone from the Wu family.”
“My cousin, he is very strong!”
“My other cousin, she is very powerful too!”
“It will be very troublesome for you if you kill me.”
“I’m telling you the truth…”
“You dislike trouble, right?”
Wu Fan was emotionally collapsing as he looked at Chen Feng, who was gradually nearing him. “Don’t kill me. Really, don’t kill me. I know I am in the wrong. You can’t kill me. Our Wu family is very powerful.”
“Ah ah ah ah—”
Wu Fan retreated in fear and begged in every way he could think of. “Chen Feng, you are only an ordinary person. There is no need for you to be our Wu family’s enemy, right? I will pay you, all right?”
“Hehe.” Chen Feng shook his head and smiled.

“Just end this.”
He waved his hand calmly.


A Wind Blade flickered. Blood splattered.

Chen Feng’s expression was terrifyingly calm.

What could he expect from one who could even act against the one who had saved his life? He was sure that if he let Wu Fan off, what followed would be the real trouble!

Chen Feng clapped as he looked at the sky. The blood red skies had disappeared.

Everything had ended.

“For you to kill Wu Fan like this… aren’t you afraid of the Wu family?”
Curiosity flashed in Wang Yao’s eyes. “Wu Fan?” A confused expression appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Who’s that?”
Wang Yao laughed to the point where her quick-witted eyes curved into a crescent moon shape, looking extremely alluring.

“I  have  a  question  for  you  as  well.”  Chen  Feng  suddenly asked, “If they were reckless enough to try to make a move on you?”
Wang Yao skewed her head as she thought before regretfully saying, “I suppose the Wang family will have to support Wang Yue’s living for the rest of his life then.”
“Haha.” Chen Feng laughed heartily.

Wang Yao indeed!

She’d rather Wang Yue become a cripple so that she could kill those people?

It was probable!

He was now sure that this Wang Yao was definitely not an ordinary person. Although she treated Wang Yue kindly, Chen Feng could not see a trace of warmth in her eyes.

That feeling…
Was very bizarre.

Wang Yao… who was she actually? They were obviously siblings, obviously…
Chen Feng concluded that with her there was definitely a huge secret.

However, who didn’t have a secret?

Chen Feng grinned.

After a long time, the aura around Wang Yue started trembling. A formidable power abruptly emerged as the illusion shattered at this moment. Wang Yue… returned!

The purple globe shattered.

“Haha. I really broke through.” Wang Yue was in ecstasy.

When he turned around and saw how Chen Feng had already awoken, he instantly understood what happened. “You didn’t manage to breakthrough your limit, right?”
He sensed the aura on Chen Feng’s body. He was still in F- class indeed!

Wang Yue was feeling proud of himself, “Even if you caught up to me in spirit attribute, so what? The one who broke through and stepped into E-class first is still me! As long as I successfully fuse with that gene—”
Wang Yao sent him flying with a kick. “Sister!”
Wang Yue felt wronged. His performance this time was obviously better than Chen Feng’s. Why did she hit him?

Wang Yao looked at the scene in front of them and said indifferently. “Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough?”
Only now did Wang Yue notice the mess in front of them and the few corpses there and knew that something might have happened earlier.

“Let’s go.” Wang Yao did not explain.

“?” Wang Yue was stupefied.

Chen Feng ignored him as well. He had exhausted a huge amount of spiritual energy earlier. Taking this opportunity, he recovered his spiritual energy. Beside of the frigid pond, he picked up a weird item. “It’s the medal.”
Chen Feng casually grabbed it as he walked past.

This was something on the huge turtle’s body.

Chen Feng pondered.

Was that the name of the huge turtle? Or was it…
He shook his head.

He wasn’t bothered and kept that item for himself. He rested there for a short while and waited for his mental state to recover before Wang Yao brought them back to Greenhill Forest Camp. “Goodbye.”
Since he had returned the favor from yesterday, Chen Feng did not want to have anything else to do with them.

“Wait,” Wang Yao said suddenly.

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. “What is it?”
Wang Yao wrinkled her delicate nose and pondered for a bit before saying, “Follow me.”
As she said that, she brought Chen Feng out.

“Sister?” Wang Yue had a stupid expression on his face.

He was the one who had broken through to reach E-class. Why was his sister’s attitude toward Chen Feng so weird? Had something happened when he was breaking through earlier? Wang Yue was immensely confused.

Currently, outside the camp, Wang Yao scanned their surroundings with her spiritual energy. After confirming that there were no others around, she looked at Chen Feng and a smiling expression appeared in her eyes. “I was originally uncertain. However, from your performance today…”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “What is it?”
“The seadragon blood essence, you have it, right?” Wang Yao said suddenly.


Chen Feng’s heart leaped fiercely.

Chapter 55: Who Are You?

“What did you say?”
Chen Feng’s heart leaped. However, no trace of nervousness was exposed on his face. Instead, he looked at Wang Yao with a surprised expression and said, “How is that possible? Back then, I didn’t even enter the sea.”
“I knew you wouldn’t admit it.” Wang Yao was not surprised. “If that thing is really on you, then you need to be careful. That thing’s worth is far surpassing your imagination. Those people will not let anyone off during their investigations! My guess is that everyone that was on Dragon’s Passing Mountain back then has been investigated in the dark.”
“Furthermore, even if you have it, can you really use it?”
Wang Yao raised her head and looked at Chen Feng as she said solemnly, “How many years do you need before you can actually use a blood essence at that level? Five years? Ten years? Twenty years? With your current strength, if you were to sell it, no matter who you sell it to, there will be a possibility of you getting killed to keep this a secret! Hence, if you hand the blood essence to me, I can promise to do you three unconditional favors.”
Three favors!

Chen Feng was tempted.

He had only started his training for a short period of time. However, how many dangers had he met?! Regardless of the Long family at Dragon’s Passing Mountain or the mutant at the Greenhill Forest, these dangers were all unexpected incidents!

Even if he wanted to avoid those dangers, he wouldn’t be able to!

He was able to deal with most incidents he encountered. However, for certain unforeseen dangers, a strong backer was required to face them! Wang Yao would be a good candidate as his backer! Three favors from her was equivalent to three lives!

This was a viable exchange.

Furthermore, what Wang Yao said was true. Would he be able to put the seadragon blood essence to use? It was simply something that might drag him into danger if he were to keep it. Trouble could come knocking at any time!

Chen Feng sank into deep contemplation.

Currently, what worried him the most was not Wang Yao. Instead, it was Wang Yue. His relationship with Wang Yue was bad. He did not expect it to improve in the future either. In the end, Wang Yue was still Wang Yao’s brother! However, he was not worried that Wang Yao was one of those that would act recklessly. Otherwise, in order to get revenge for her brother, she could have destroyed Chen Feng anytime she wanted.

And now, Wang Yao suspected that he had the seadragon blood essence in his hands.

If she was a person who would reach her goal by any means, she would have already captured Chen Feng and started force- reading his memory.

Such occurrences were very common in this era!

With Chen Feng’s strength, would he be able to resist?

No. Her suggestion of exchanging the blood essence with three favors from her was a gesture out of respect. Chen Feng did not know why was he getting this favorable treatment from her. He also wasn’t sure if she was actually plotting something or not.

“You are worried about Wang Yue and the Wang family?” Wang Yao suddenly said.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes and kept silent.

“If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry,” Wang Yao said indifferently.  “The  Wang  family  and  I  are  two  different entities. If it wasn’t for my relationship with Wang Yue, those people from the Wang family would not even be qualified to carry my shoes.”
Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

“You and Wang Yue can settle your grudges among yourselves.” Wang Yao glanced at Chen Feng with an indifferent expression. “As for the Wang family… since I say that I will do you three favors, regardless of saving or taking lives, this naturally…” Wang Yao paused, smiling sweetly as she emitted an  astonishing  killing  intent,  “includes  those  from  Wang family.”
Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Wang family included!

He was aware that this little girl would not lie to him. There was also no need for her to do so. When talking about the Wang family, the killing intent flickering in the little girl’s eyes was truly astonishing!

This proved that— If he really wanted Wang Yao to kill someone from the Wang family, she would really do it!

If so, this was scary indeed.

Was this little girl really someone from the Wang family? Wait, if she was really someone from the Wang family, she should be the one they put their main efforts into nurturing, right? Why was Wang Yue the one chosen instead?

Furthermore, she was clearly Wang Yue’s elder sister. This made things even weirder.

Wang Yao, who are you exactly?

“Originally, I wouldn’t have done all this.”  Suddenly, Wang Yao said softly, “These things I do for Wang Yue will be the last help I give him as his sister. If he remains stubborn and refuses to change and insists on staying in the Wang family, his future…” Wang Yao stopped here. However, what Chen Feng heard was enough to shake him to his core.

Wang family…
Wang Yao…
The relationship between the two of them was indeed not simple.

“Why are you telling me this?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“After keeping this a secret for all this time, I feel tired.”
A trace of bewilderment flickered in her pair of quick-witted eyes before they quickly became pure again. She said indifferently, “Besides that, would you give me the seadragon blood essence without my assurance?” Chen Feng looked at her calmly.

Wang Yao raised her head and looked into Chen Feng’s eyes as well.

At this moment, time seemed to freeze.

Suddenly, Chen Feng felt that this cold and arrogant little girl with terrifying strength had a different side to her. From her eyes, myriad worlds could be seen.

After a long time.

Chen Feng sighed. “You are sure that it is in my hands?”
“Intuition.” Wang Yao winked naughtily.

Chen Feng surrendered. “You win.” “May we cooperate happily.”
Wang Yao extended her hand indifferently.

Chen Feng shook her hands, feeling the jade-like warmth in his hands.

At the camp, Wang Yue was bored as he had been waiting for quite a while.

As Wang Yao and Chen Feng returned, Wang Yue hastily stepped forth. “We…”
“You return first.”  Wang Yao waved her hands. “I still have something to do with Chen Feng.”
“???” Wang Yue was stupefied.

What was this? Was he dumped again?

Looking at his sister and Chen Feng, who were leaving, he started to have a bad feeling. Damn it, looking at how things were developing, Chen Feng wouldn’t become his brother-in- law, right?


Just imagining the scene shocked him to no end.

“No, it won’t be.”
Wang Yue mumbled. His sister was his idol. How would she fall for trash like Chen Feng! They must have some proper business! Yes, they must! In fact, Chen Feng and Wang Yao really had proper business to do.

At the vicinity of the destroyed Dragon’s Passing Mountain, on the shore, when Chen Feng walked out of a shrub after getting the seadragon blood essence he had buried under the sand, Wang Yao was speechless.

“You took this seadragon’s blood essence right under our eyes?”
Wang Yao rubbed her tiny face.

“Cough cough.”
Chen Feng coughed. “…”

What could Wang Yao say?

How brave of him?

But he succeeded!

To be honest, if not for her getting him to help with removing restrictions this time, she most probably wouldn’t have discovered the problem. Even toward the end, she merely suspected him.

This Chen Feng was not simple indeed.

Both of them did not stop there for long. After a short while, Wang Yao brought Chen Feng and left the place. Not long after they left, a powerful spiritual energy swept through this area. It stopped here for a long time and disappeared quietly after not finding anything.

“I seem to have felt something there…”
“Have I sensed wrongly?”

Late at night, Chen Feng returned to the rented house at Gold City.

Wang Yao left after dropping him off at the urban district.

Chen Feng returned alone yet he was unprecedentedly relieved. With the seadragon blood essence gone, the pressure on his heart was also lifted.

After getting his hands on this item, he had constantly been worried!

He did not have any concealing methods. Hence, he was scared of getting found out by some bizarre ability and was constantly worried that something would happen!

Luckily, those people did not seem to possess these bizarre methods.

Furthermore, regardless of the incident where he was picked up by Wang Yao or the frigid pond’s trip, during both incidents, Chen Feng kept feeling like he owed her something and he was feeling very uncomfortable due to this. Now, since he had exchanged a blood essence he was not able to use in the first place for Wang Yao’s favor, getting three extra lives, he felt like this choice of his was extremely profitable.

At the very least— With this, he earned the right to talk to her on equal grounds.

“Am I too much of a male chauvinist?”
Chen Feng smiled mockingly.

For unknown reasons, even if his strength was still too weak, he did not want his status to appear too lowly in front of this young lady.

“I can’t think too much.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Currently, the most important thing for him was to increase his level! This encounter with the mutant and the frigid pond trip brought Chen Feng’s attributes to a whole new level. His overall strength had even reached a new pinnacle!


Gene attributes:

Strength: 50

Agility: 50

Physique: 50

Spirit: 100

Current condition: Endurance: 50/50 (every 1 point of physique increases the maximum endurance by 1 point)

Spiritual Energy: 100/100 (every 1 point of spirit increases the maximum spiritual energy by 1 point)


“Finally 100 points!”
Chen Feng was shaking from excitement. His attribute was finally sufficient for his usage!

Based on his previous calculations, in order to modify the gold ant gene into the strongest gene, he required around 90 points of spiritual energy and a large amount of luck value! “I can probably start trying to surpass the limit!”
“However, I need time in order to break through the limit. Even if I reach E-class, there won’t be that much of an improvement. I don’t need to be in a rush. What’s important is for me to produce this strongest gene first!”
Chen Feng analyzed in silence.

His current target was to produce the strongest gene!

Opening the experiment kit, he took out the remaining gold ant blood essence from the sealed preservative safebox. He immediately felt somewhat helpless. Some green fur had started growing on the blood essence.

“It degenerated…”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Gold ant blood essence only had a shelf-life of three days.

Out of the three sets of blood essence and materials he had prepared for gold ant gene production, he produced one successfully, failed to produce the second, and kept the last set of materials away since he did not have the time to produce it. He wanted to try out the effects on the blood essence when it was sealed away. Out of his expectations, only after two days, this set of blood essence had been spoiled.

However, a formula with a high star rating was different from those low-level formulas. For these high star rating formulas, the blood essence was only a small part of the materials. The largest portion of the materials was the incubator liquid used during the gene incubation step.

“Seems like I can only put this on hold.”
Chen Feng pondered.

Not only had his gold ant blood essence spoiled, even his luck values had a low amount of 3 points remaining! During his previous attempt, the first two steps had used up 15 points of luck values. The amount of luck value required for the final step where he prepared the incubator liquid for gene fusion was still unknown!

“I need to prepare at least 40 points of luck value!”
Chen Feng made up his mind.

Even though he might not need so much luck, it was still for the best if he prepared amply.

Since that was the case, he could make use of the two days time he had during his luck value recovery to prepare the materials required for his production. Since he didn’t have many funds remaining, he could only prepare the materials.

“Seems like I have to stake it all on this one last chance.”
Chen Feng was full of fighting spirit.

Chapter 56: Strongest F-Class Gene?

Two days later, within his rented house at Gold City, Chen Feng was still busy preparing the materials.
Although he was cooped up in his home these two days, he still managed to collect some news. Such as the students involved in the Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident having organized an investigation group in order to get their recommendation letter from the school. Each of them started to get involved in the investigations.

Luckily, halfway through their investigations, the school told them to stop it.

Chen Feng guessed that the headmaster had probably found out that the item was in Wang Yao’s hands. Hence, he could only grudgingly stop the investigation.

It seemed that his choice to hand over the item to Wang Yao was a wise choice. Chen Feng was sure.

“In the end, it’s still my strength that is too weak,”  Chen Feng mumbled.

If he was as powerful as Wang Yao, would he still need to worry that bad things would befall him simply because he possessed valuable items?

Become stronger! I must become stronger!

Chen Feng’s eyes shone brightly.

Since he had now prepared all the required materials and recovered 40 points of luck value, he could finally get started with the gene production that he had been looking forward to for a long time. This would be the first step he took on his path to become stronger!

Chen Feng entered the digitized mode.

As he had previous experience in this, this time, he was very well-practiced when going through the steps. First step, gene search. With his eyes closed, Chen Feng completed it easily!

Five points of luck values used.

Second step, allowing all the collected genes to react with each other. With Luck Aura fully activated, Chen Feng rapidly grabbed with his hands and completed the gene reaction in an orderly fashion. Third step, gene fusion!

At this point, Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly. The previous steps were something he had performed before. This third step, on the other hand, was something he was attempting for the first time.

All the materials hovered.

Chen Feng did not dare to open his eyes in fear of getting disturbed.

Both the gene and incubator liquid he was working with were something unfamiliar to him. He had to mix a liquid capable of reproducing the gene using the materials he had on hand! All the materials started fermenting under the control of Chen Feng’s spiritual energy. Due to him sealing his five senses, Chen Feng was completely unaware of the dosage of the materials he used for this process.

The amount of materials, concentration, ratio, everything was handed over to Luck Aura!

His luck value started dropping rapidly.

One point, two points, three points…
Chen Feng’s expression was solemn.

“Di—” “Di—”
In the room, on a certain device, a red light was flickering.

That was a video recording device!

Chen Feng was unable to record what happened in the digitized mode. However, in this last step, it was imperative that he recorded the materials used and steps taken during the preparation of the incubator liquid!

While Chen Feng was constantly progressing, the recorder was faithfully recording everything down.

All the materials used, the sequence taken, situations that might arise from the reaction, and the ratio he used during mixture of the solutions were clearly recorded. Third step, complete.

Luck value used, 10 points.

The next time he produced this gene, he would be able to complete this step in advance!

Then, what was left was to reproduce the gene in the incubator liquid?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

This strongest gene was finally near completion!

“!” The gene blended quietly into the incubator liquid and started rapidly reproducing and multiplying. Chen Feng fully activated his Luck Aura and controlled the tempo of the fusion.

He would not allow any mistake to happen in this final step.

One point, two points…
He calculated inwardly.

When the luck value finally stopped dropping, Chen Feng knew that the production of this improved F-class 5-star formula had completed its final step!

The strongest gene, completed!

“I succeeded?”
Chen Feng was excited. Before his eyes, a gold-colored liquid appeared, radiating with rays of light swirling around it.

Carefully, Chen Feng sealed it into a reagent bottle. Activating the gene scanner, brand new data appeared on his screen.


Gene name: Mutated Gold Ant Gene

Gene type: Special

Gene function: 1 point spiritual energy increase

Limitation: Only usable for F-class genetic warriors

Gene introduction: With savage desert ant’s blood essence as the core, forming a special gene reagent by refining the blood essence with all sorts of valuable materials.


“It mutated!”
Chen Feng almost jumped from excitement when he saw the word mutated! It really mutated. Formula improvement successful! This mutated gene that was impossible to appear had finally appeared!

Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

After exhausting 30 points of luck value, he had finally succeeded! His delight was not only due to the success of this formula. Instead, it was the significance of this success. This success signified that Chen Feng would be able to start digging out all those undiscovered mystical formulas!

There were endless possibilities for any formula!

“Too powerful.”
Chen feng was excited.

However, before his excitement even faded, the expression on his face froze as he saw the function of this formula.

One point?

A one point spiritual energy increase? He thought he had seen it wrongly and proceeded to take a clear look at it a few times. It was indeed one point.

“How is that possible?”
Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied.

A one point attribute increase for a mutated 5-star formula?

Even a normal 5-star formula was able to increase at least 20 points of spiritual energy. As a formula that was a rare existence among the 5-star formulas, how could it increase a mere one point? An F-class genetic warrior could only use it once. Furthermore, this reagent only increased the spiritual energy by one point…
Chen Feng started losing confidence.

A term suddenly floated through his head—reversed mutation! A mutation did not signify something good all the time. Most of the times, a mutation represented improvement. However, at times, situations where the mutation was a weaker version of the original would arise. These mutations were called reversed mutations! However, the probability for a reversed mutation to appear was very small, to the point that it was negligible!

Now… it had appeared.

It reversed from 20 points to one point?

Chen Feng felt like killing himself.

He calculated the costs for this production in detail. He had used 30 points of luck value and around 200,000 yuan for the materials. This was simply a net loss!

This was the so-called strongest gene produced by the Luck Aura? Chen Feng’s heart ached.

Shaking his head, Chen Feng was preparing to put this reagent away before he froze. This was because, after comparing its description with the description of the original gene reagent, he noticed that there were slight differences in the two descriptions.


Mutated Gold Ant Gene: 1 point spiritual energy increase

Gold Ant Gene: Triggering the potential in one’s body, permanently increased one’s spiritual energy by 20 points


“Twenty points…” “One point…”
Chen Feng pondered.

Apart from this, with astonishment, Chen Feng found that on the gold ant gene, it was written that a F-class genetic warrior could only use it once. However, for the mutated gene, it became ‘only usable for F-class genetic warriors’!

“‘Only able to use once’ disappeared…”
Chen Feng frowned. “Could this mutated gene have unlimited usage? However, it’s still useless, right? Who would be willing to spend 150,000 to increase one point of an attribute? Do they have brain damage?”
Did this mean that a trash formula had arisen from his improvement?

Chen Feng did not know whether he should laugh or cry. However… Chen Feng kept feeling like he had missed out on something important.

“1 point attribute…”
Staring at the information on the mutated gold ant formula, Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

After a long time, a thought flashed through his mind.

He recalled that previously, the body’s original owner had read an ancient book that seemed to have an introduction on something similar!

That was an ancient book restoration event organized by the Gene Production Association. As the most outstanding student recommended by the school, Chen Feng went to help with this event. Mhm, he remembered that in one of the books, there seemed to be an introduction on something similar. According to the Gene Production Association’s introduction, that was something extinct.

What was written on it…
Chen Feng was sure that the body’s original owner had read it. However, it was too far in the past.

“Let me think about it.”
Chen Feng concentrated and started to look back at this piece of memory.

The memories of the body’s original owner were like a movie for him. Along with his constant contemplation and his nonstop search, this vague memory finally became distinct.

Suddenly, Chen Feng saw it! “Increase…”
A different splendor was emitted from Chen Feng’s eyes.

So it’s like this. This is the true worth of this formula!

The term ‘increase’ existed in a lot of places.

However, if that term appeared on a reagent giving a permanent increase, coupled with the situation where the term ‘exhausting one’s gene potential’ was not there, then you had struck jackpot!

What did this mean?

One would be able to increase one’s attribute without exhausting one’s gene potential! In actuality, the process of increasing one’s attribute was a process of using other genes within one’s body to trigger the gene potential within one’s body and give a small increase to one’s attribute! Hence, regardless of the reagents, they could only be used once. Regardless of the reagents, they would not
be able to break through the limit!

But now…
Triggering the potential?

No, there was no need at all to trigger the potential!

It would be able to grant one a one point increase in attribute regardless of whether one had any potential or not!

Fusing with a certain hidden yet mystical gene in the gold ant gene, it would be able to help one take one’s final step and surpass one’s limit! This was the true worth of this formula!

Forceful breakthrough!

Something incomparable!

Chapter 57: Sales Event

“Mutated 5-star formula.”
Chen Feng was excited.

He was convinced that he had hit the jackpot this time!

This mutated gold ant gene would definitely sell for an extremely high price. He would be able to make a profit off the
30 points of luck value and the near 200,000 yuan he had spent!

Naturally, this cost was not fixed.

For example, he had spent 10 points of luck values in order to prepare the incubator liquid. However, the next time he produced it, he could simply follow the steps he recorded using his recorder earlier. He would be able to save around 10 points of luck value in his subsequent productions.

In other words, the basic cost for mutated gold ant gene production was 200,000 yuan and 20 points of luck value!

After thinking about it for a while, Chen Feng decided to sell it after deciding on a suitable price for it.

He had never thought of using it himself.

Since he was able to produce it, he did not need to be afraid of anything.

Furthermore, without a F-class formula, what was the point in him breaking through now?

If he were to consume it right now in order to break through, he would be truly broke. He wouldn’t even have the funds for subsequent productions. By selling it, he would be able to purchase the materials and continue his production. This would be the healthy cycle for him to continue his production and advance himself.

“How much should I sell it for?” Chen Feng pondered.

This was a reagent that had never appeared in history!

Despite the difficulty level of breaking through F-class not being high, F-class being the bottom tier among genetic warriors, and there being various methods to surpass one’s limit, Chen Feng’s mutated gold ant gene was definitely the fastest method available!

Chen Feng decided. “Let’s start with one million yuan and see how it goes.”
“Let’s assign it for sale on the virtual community.” Chen Feng entered the virtual community with excitement and reached the Wind Pavilion as usual. Just as he was about to put the reagent up for sale, he stopped.

A bucket of cold water had been poured on the boiling hot blood of his.

That was because he had finally remembered a crucial point: the service charge!

The service charge for assigning an item for sale at a shop was 5%.

In the past, for that one million yuan mutated lumberbear gene, he was forced to pay 50,000 yuan as a service charge. Just to expose Professor Tao, he paid such an amount! It didn’t end there. Subsequently, in order to get the Wind Pavilion’s owner to release the transaction records, he paid another service charge of 50,000 yuan!

He did not blame Windchanter for that. It was, after all, a business transaction. However, what about his future sale of the mutated gold ant gene? At the price of a 50,000 yuan service charge for each gene, 10 of them would cost him 500,000 yuan, and 20 of them would cost him a staggering amount of one million yuan!

Just the picture of that alone pained Chen Feng immensely!

As he looked at the service charge worth 50,000 yuan on the information display window, he hesitated for a long time and was still not able to tap on the confirmation button. At this moment, a light silhouette flickered and Windchanter, the owner of the Wind Pavilion, appeared.

“Chen Feng?” Windchanter smiled and said, “You are here to assign stuff for sale again?”
Chen Feng nodded slightly.

Windchanter was smiling widely. “The level one shops at the virtual community are organizing a sales event. Due to the genes you assigned, the sales figure of my shop has far surpassed that moronic King Kong opposite me. With this, I will be able to get a satisfying reward.”
“There is such a thing?”
Chen Feng was astonished. Seemed like there were competitions everywhere.

“Haha, not only that. Both King Kong and I are from the same school. We are currently engaged in an internship competition. Although I’m not really bothered about this, for me to be able to surpass him, I still need to thank you for your help,” Windchanter calmly said.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “Why not return that 50,000 yuan to me, then?” 
Windchanter proudly said, “That 50,000 yuan was the payment for my release of the customer’s name list. It is money I earned, haha. However, to thank you for your help, when the event ends in a few days, I can sell the rewarded formula to you at a discount.”
Chen Feng’s paused his steps. “Formula?”
“Yeah.”  Windchanter had not realized what was happening currently and boasted proudly, “In order to attract more consumers, the monthly sales activity organized by the virtual community will reward those who place in the top 100. The higher one’s rank is, the better the reward is. This time, I will be able to get a 3-star combat formula.”

Chen Feng was tempted. Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. “Are such events frequently held by the virtual community?”
Windchanter  nodded.  “It’s  the  same  concept  as  the  sales promotions at those supermarkets. By organizing more events, the sales figures will increase. It’s basically a monthly event. Furthermore, the virtual community will get 1% of every single sale. With the increase of sales figures, the money they earn will increase as well.”
“So it’s like this,” Chen Feng muttered thoughtfully.

“Oh, right, what do you come to sell this time?” Windchanter said with a beaming smile on his face. He was still hoping that Chen Feng would give him a push forward.

“Nothing.” Chen Feng walked away after waving his hand.

Windchanter was confused. As he saw that there was no assignment from Chen Feng at all in his shop, he had a baffled expression on his face. Why would he come if not here to sell?

Currently, Chen Feng had returned to reality and started pondering on this problem.

After all this time, he had found out that things like 4-star formulas and 5-star formulas were something that might only appear during events, competitions, or certain entrusted missions.

Under normal circumstances, even if someone wanted to purchase one, they would not be able to.

As for him, these high-star formulas were the exact things he required! Regardless of pushing his star rating or for formula improvement, it was something he needed!

For the him that possessed Luck Aura, training using 1-star formulas and 5-star formulas would not have too much of a difference in time spent. Since that was the case, why not start with a high-difficulty formula and increase his production level?

Hence, he needed formulas with high-star ratings!

It was unreliable to wait for entrusted missions. Furthermore, a lot of those missions were too dangerous. It was not something he wished to get involved in.

Then… he could only get the formulas through competitions and events!

This monthly sales event organized by the gene shops was just nice for Chen Feng. Not only this. Regardless of during the Professor Tao incident or the high service charge, both had caused Chen Feng to make up his mind that opening his own shop was the most cost- effective method!

Reaping multiple gains with a single effort!

He looked at the time and found that there was still one week left in this month.

There was no hope for this month’s event. However, there were still two more months before the rookie competition. Within this period of time, he might be able to earn some event rewards.

Even if those were not rare formulas, they were still good as a source of extra income.

His requirements were really not high. Mhm…

Chen Feng made up his mind.

To open a shop!

However, before that, there was still a big problem. He took a look at his bank account before sighing. “Too poor!”
In order to produce the mutated gold ant gene, he had exhausted all his savings and had nothing left.

Maybe I should sell some genes first?

He still had some mutated lumberbear genes in his possession. However, apart from its research value, it wasn’t worth much. At the most, he could sell it at 20,000 or 30,000 yuan. As for selling the mutated gold ant gene, just the 50,000 yuan service charge alone was enough to cause him immense pain.

Chen Feng calculated.

One million yuan was required to purchase a small shop at the virtual community. A tax rate of 1% was something acceptable for him. However, the premise for all this was that he needed to have one million yuan.

“It’s the age-old question of whether the egg or the chicken comes first.”
Chen Feng sighed.

At this moment, he suddenly recalled something. In his previous life, things like loans were very common. There should be something similar here, right?

At this thought, Chen Feng started searching for it online.
After he gained some understanding, he frowned slightly.

These loans… don’t seem to be too reliable?

After giving it a thought, he decided to ask Mu Yuan about it.

“Is there anything?”
Mu Yuan seemed to be busy at the moment.

Chapter 58: Taking Loans Due to Poverty

“Mhm, you are busy over there?”
Chen Feng could see that Mu Yuan looked exhausted.

“Nothing much.” Mu Yuan was helpless. “Didn’t I reach E class earlier? Recently, I was planning to fuse an E-class gene. With the fusion, my gene-production level would definitely increase greatly. Who knows, I might even have a chance to try my luck at the rookie competition.”
Mu Yuan was getting excited as he said this.

Fusion gene reagent…
Chen Feng pondered. After he was done with his plans, he would most probably need to start breaking through to E-class. With the mutated gold ant gene, he was not worried about surpassing his limit. However, his choice of E-class gene was extremely important.

“What ability do you plan to fuse with?” Chen Feng asked.

“Quick Eyes.” Mu Yuan was excited. “It enables one to greatly improve their eyesight. During the gene fusion stage of gene production, it also helps one obtain the balance required during fusion. According to the Gene Production Association’s statistics, gene producers with Quick Eyes have a success rate during the fusion stage that is higher than others’ by 30%!”
“So powerful?” Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

Was it a combination of gene production and gene ability?

“That’s right.” Mu Yuan was excited. “At F-class, I fused with a special gene that helps one to increase one’s production level. When I’m done with my E-class fusion, I will be even more powerful. If my luck is good and I am able to master the secret art of the combination of both genes, my production level will definitely not be any weaker than anyone else’s!”
2-star secret art…
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Although other gene producers did not possess Luck Aura, they all possessed powerful supportive gene abilities. The opponents he would encounter during the rookie competition would not be simple!

“Oh, yeah, why were you looking for me?”
Mu Yuan, the chatterbox, could never stop once he got going. Only now did he recall that there must have been a reason for Chen Feng looking for him.

“Mhm.” Chen Feng nodded his head. “Recently, I require some funds. Hence, I wanted to ask if I can take out a loan with my identity as a producer. I’m looking for a legalized loan. I can even upload my certifications for it. However, I don’t need those that require one to upload their naked picture or their videos. I checked, they do not accept pictures or videos of males.”


Damn, was this a porno?

Mu Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Only now did he recall that Chen Feng was a rookie at gene production.

As he thought of this, he was speechless. This rookie had first stepped on Professor Tao before subsequently going on to produce the thundersnake gene reagent. How should Mu Yuan, as a senior, feel?

Too vexing!

“Yes,  there  are,”   Mu  Yuan  said  helplessly.  “The  Gene Production Association is very generous with this. Anyone can take a loan. The quota for the loan would be decided based on their contributions to the Gene Production Association, their production level, their reputation, etc.”
“Let me take a look…”
“It’s here.” Mu Yuan demonstrated for Chen Feng. “You only need to tap here. When you are done with your application, the system will verify your information and immediately send the funds over to you.”

On the screen, Mu Yuan’s production qualifications allowed him to take out a loan amounting to 600,000 yuan.

“Let me tell you.” Here, Mu Yuan finally felt like he managed to regain a certain amount of dignity for himself. “An ordinary gene producer only has a quota of 100,000 yuan. Every star rating increase will increase one’s loan quota by 10,000 yuan. Only a senior like me, with a production level of 50 stars, can get a higher loan amount. Of course, you don’t have to lose your heart over this. If you really have an emergency, I can help you to take out a loan.”
“Let me take a look.” Chen Feng started following the instructions Mu Yuan gave him.


A loan application page appeared.

“Let me take a look at your… mhm…”
Mu Yuan helped Chen Feng; however, when he saw Chen Feng’s loan quota, his expression froze.

“What’s up?”
Chen Feng took a look and was stunned as well.

1.1 million yuan! His loan quota was 1.1 million yuan!

“How is this possible?”
Mu Yuan opened his eyes wide. A senior like him with a 50- star rating only had a quota of 600,000 yuan. How was it possible for a rookie like Chen Feng to have a quota of 1.1 million yuan?

Mu Yuan was stupefied.

At this moment, Chen Feng recalled something. “This should be due to the mutated lumberbear gene incident. Earlier, someone from the Genetic Union looked for me for registration.”
Mu Yuan’s cheeks were streaming with tears. Only now did he recall that Chen Feng had managed to find the third mutation. Hence, he had contributed greatly to the research of genes. It was only rightful that the Gene Production Association increased his loan quota.

Why did I need to show off in front of this guy…

Mu Yuan mumbled before he disappeared and ended the call.

Chen Feng was somewhat helpless. Had he hurt the feelings of his old friend just now? However, as he looked at his 1.1 million yuan quota, he was excited.

After filling out the application form, the loan arrived quickly.

1.1 million yuan in hand!

“Time to buy a shop!” 
With the purchase of a gene shop, the flow of his funds would soon be smooth. He only needed to sell a few mutated gold ant genes and he would be able to regain his cost of 1.1 million yuan!

After reaching the virtual community, Chen Feng submitted his personal information to apply for a shop.

The virtual community did not take long to complete the verification. After all, most of the time, the staff in charge would only give the application a glance before approving it. Quickly, at a certain corner at the virtual community, a new shop appeared.

Chen Feng reached the entrance of his shop. It was a small shop, sized at nine square meters. Within, there were only 10 glass shelves for displaying good. Currently, the shop’s signboard had changed into a pure white sheet, waiting for Chen Feng to design his own signboard. 
A screen was hovering midair, clearly waiting for Chen Feng to operate it.

“Shop name…”
A bright idea flashed in Chen Feng’s mind and he inserted the words: “The Strongest Gene!”
Regardless of the genes and the type of genes, as long as it was something he produced, it would definitely be the strongest gene! Nowadays, it was hard for a shop to be well known. There were too many similar products in the market. Hence, Chen Feng’s signboard would be The Strongest Gene!

After deciding on the name, the shop officially opened. “Ding—”
“The Strongest Gene started operating.”
“The system detected that your shop qualifies to join the monthly sales ranking event. Please confirm if you want to join?”
Chen Feng confirmed without hesitation.

“Registration successful.”
“Your current monthly sales figure is at zero yuan and your ranking is number 32,012.” “There’s  actually  over  30,000  participants,”   Chen  Feng exclaimed in admiration.

There were really way too many level one shops here in the virtual community.

However, Chen Feng was sure that a vast majority of these level one shops were only here to fill the numbers. The true participants were only around 1,000 or 2,000 shops. Naturally, these were all unimportant to him. He was only aiming for top
100. Since even Windchanter could enter it, it shouldn’t be too hard for him.

As for the topmost rankings…
Chen Feng glanced at them and noted that their sales had already reached a figure of over ten million. He would not be able to compete at all!

“A 3-star formula. Let’s treat it as extra income.” Chen Feng was indifferent.

“Let’s assign it for sale first.”
Chen Feng assigned his own gene in the shop.

Mutated Gold Ant Gene, 1 million yuan.

As for lumberbear gene – battle…
Chen Feng thought for a while before deciding to assign it for sale at 99,999 yuan.

He only had two left. He set such a high price in order to attract the attention of others. After all, within the whole virtual community, only his shop had lumberbear gene – battle for sale! Only by attracting attention to his shop would there be traffic at his shop. After he was done, he went offline.

As far as he was concerned, joining the monthly event was only for him to earn some extra income. He was not too bothered about it. His main focus was still improving himself!

To be more accurate, it was to focus on increasing his spiritual energy!

When he was producing the mutated gold ant gene yesterday, he noticed that the feeling when one possessed 100 points of spiritual energy was totally different compared to 32 points of spiritual energy. The feeling was extremely good, to the point where he felt himself floating! After the increase in his spiritual energy, Chen Feng’s production speed had increased by five-fold!

Spiritual energy was the crux for his improvement!

A high spiritual energy enabled him to have better production skills, master a formula faster, and have a higher success rate. “My current spiritual energy is 100 points. If I were to break through…” Chen Feng pondered.

Breaking through was not an issue for him.

With the mutated gold ant gene, as long as he had sufficient funds, he would be able to breakthrough any time he wanted. However, after breaking through, what E-class gene should he fuse with?

Since he did not intend to fuse with a supportive gene, was there any ability out there that would match his Wind Blade?

Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

He was really too lacking in his knowledge about this.

This body’s original owner had planned to walk the path of a pure producer. Since Chen Feng did not intend to fuse with a supportive gene, the knowledge regarding this was something he needed to learn himself.

Only by gaining more understanding would he avoid making the wrong choice.

“Seems like, these next few days, I need to start stuffing myself with some knowledge regarding gene fusion reagents.”
Chen Feng rubbed his head.

There were too many things that he wanted to learn.

After leaving the virtual community, Chen Feng focused all his attention on studying. However, he did not realize that the two genes that he assigned for sale had given rise to huge waves in the whole virtual community.

Chapter 59: The Bloody Case Caused by a Mutated Gene

At the business district of the virtual community, at any given time, there would be someone searching for lumberbear gene. However, surprisingly, when they now searched for lumberbear gene, a new gene appeared: lumberbear gene – battle.

“What is this?”
A lot of them were confused before finally finding out that this was the third mutation of the lumberbear gene, which had been a hot topic recently.

The price and its attributes were still the same as when it had first appeared.

“It’s still 99,999?”
“Is this guy crazy?” “Yeah.  A  combat  gene  with  these  attributes  and  genetic ability would only be worth around 20,000 or 30,000 yuan. He has the guts to sell it at 99,999?”
“I heard that he managed to sell it at 99,999 a few times previously. That might be the reason he thought that this is the market value.”
Some people started sneering.

“That was due to the research value this item possessed when it first appeared.”
Countless people were sneering.

Some of those who found the lumberbear gene were curious and entered Chen Feng’s shop. When they reached his shop, they were all stunned by the boastful name on the signboard. The strongest gene?

Among the same type of genes, only those in his shop were the strongest?!

“Damn, this confidence…”
“Even those grandmaster producers don’t dare to say these words, right?”
“He   became   so   conceited   after   producing   a   mutated lumberbear gene by fluke?”
Everyone sneered while they started looking at the other gene in the shop. The next instant, everyone was astonished to find that there was a 5-star gene in this shop. “It’s a 5-star gene. Gold ant gene!”
“It’s a mutated gene.”
Those with good eyesight noticed the word ‘mutated’ immediately.

“Mutated 5-star?”
Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

No wonder this guy was so conceited. He was able to produce a mutated 5-star gene even when he was a mere rookie. However, soon, the crowd started noticing that something was not right with this mutated gene. At a glance, it appeared incredible. However, when they started to study it in detail…
“This amount of attribute increase is somewhat low, right?”
Some of them asked instinctively.

As everyone took another look at it, they agreed. As a magnificent 5-star gene, why was the increased spiritual energy a mere 1 point? As they checked online, they were instantly amused.

“It’s actually a reversed mutation.”
“A normal gene is able to give a 20 point increase, while this mutated gene is only able to give a one point increase?”
“This gene reversed into its mother’s womb instead?” “6666666”
“This is almost akin to a gene returning to its roots, right?”
Everyone enjoyed gossiping. “With such a level, he dares to call his shop the strongest gene?”
Soon, one after another, threads regarding ‘The Strongest Gene’ started appearing at the learning forum. Threads discussing this terrifying reversed mutation appeared along with it as well. All this triggered a hot discussion on the forum. Due to the words ‘reversed mutation’ being written on the thread titles, the producers on the forum took that as the truth. None of them doubted it.

Chen Feng was once again a hot topic.

Furthermore, some even created a slogan for him: The strongest reversed gene, reversing into its grandmother’s womb! Countless people from the learning forum went to the virtual community to witness this legendary gold ant gene that managed to reverse into its grandmother’s womb. Along with their visit, they also left their message on the message board in the shop to express their reverence.

Chen Feng had now become a hot topic.

The Strongest Gene had now become a hot topic as well.

It’s just that the direction Chen Feng and his shop took on their path to popularity was somewhat peculiar.

Naturally, along with this, the previous incident was resurrected and Professor Tao once again became a hot topic and known to everyone.


In the courtyard of a certain house. Professor Tao was looking at the crowd that was whispering while pointing at him from a distance with an ugly expression on his face. With great difficulty, the previous incident had finally calmed down. Finally, he dared to once again step out his house. For some reason, today, that topic was once again resurrected! He only went out to buy some food yet was met with endless contempt! The only thing lacking was someone openly pointing at him and scolding him.

Only after he returned home did he found out that damnable guy was stirring trouble once again!

Professor Tao was seething with fury.

Why would things be related to him whenever this Chen Feng stirred up trouble? What’s with all those people referring to him as ‘a person that became well known after exposing Professor Tao’???F*ck that shit! He suddenly felt alarmed. Could it be that in the future, whenever this Chen Feng started stirring up trouble, regardless of whether it’s something good or bad, he would be dragged out to become a punching bag?

After pondering it, Professor Tao decided that it was very probable!

“This won’t do.”
“This definitely won’t do.”
Professor Tao muttered and contacted his son immediately. “Little Jun, that guy’s identity was exposed! He opened a shop at the virtual community…”
“I know.”
Tao Lijun sighed. “Before he opened his shop, my man had tailed him for several days. However, they never found an opportunity to act. This guy maintained high alert all the time; I’m afraid assassination will not be a reliable method to deal with him.”
“Then  just  employ  other  methods,”   Professor  Tao  said viciously. “I want him to disappear! I don’t want to hear any news regarding him, regardless of whether it is bad news or good news!”
“Don’t worry, Father.”
A cold glint flickered in Tao Lijun’s eyes. “I know what to do.”
“Deal with it as soon as possible.”
Only now did Professor Tao start trying to conceal the fact that he was currently quite agitated. For his whole life, he had enjoyed the public’s respect. However, after he was exposed, it felt worse than dying! If he had known about this earlier, he would not have dared to make his move against Chen Feng, no matter what.

“Hopefully this will end soon,” Professor Tao muttered.

“It will,” Tao Lijun said coldly.

Late at night, a huge online army appeared in the learning forum and started using all sorts of ways to discredit Chen Feng. From talking about his nature to talking about his behaviors, all sorts of methods were employed!

“This is only the beginning,” Tao Lijun said with a grudging look in his eyes. “Chen Feng, this time, I need you to disappear for real!”
Since assassinating him was unreliable, he did not plan to continue the assassination plan. If Chen Feng were to obediently become a normal producer and stop stirring any trouble, he really had no way to deal with Chen Feng. However, for Chen Feng to open a shop? Hehe, that was akin to courting death!

Even later that night.

Within the Wang family’s house at Gold City, a youth was training under the moonlight. Under the control of his spiritual energy, those tree leaves quietly spun around him before being neatly arranged on the stone.

“It has been a year?”
The youth sighed.

His name was Wang Chun, 19 years old, a first year university student.

He was once the genius of the Wang family. He was able to reach 40 points of spiritual energy during high school before proceeding with gene strengthening and rapidly reached the peak of F-class at 100 points! However, what happened next was him being permanently stuck there.

He brandished his wrist and an illusory book hovered above his hand.

The blue radiance was flickering, appearing incomparably exquisite.

“Was what I did for you the correct choice?”  Wang Chun mumbled.

When he was at the F-class, he fused with a mystical yet powerful legendary gene. If this ability’s power was fully unleashed, it would have the potential to become a 7-star secret art! However, the main disadvantage of this genetic ability was that it would cause one’s breakthrough difficulty to increase by multiple times. He was too confident, to the point that he did not care about it at all.

And thus, he was stuck at this point for a whole year.

Those that previously followed him, those that previously looked highly upon him, they had all disappeared. The resources of the whole Wang family were concentrated on his cousin instead.

Suddenly, he felt that a gaze had landed upon him.

Wang Chun instinctively glanced at the direction he felt the gaze from. Distantly, in the aisle, a silhouette flashed past. After glancing at him, the silhouette pretended to not see him and left calmly.

It was him…
Wang Chun clenched his fists. That was his cousin, Wang Yue!

He had recently finished his high school examinations as a top scorer. He was also the current young genius of the Wang family! He had just returned from a ruins exploration yesterday. Along with the resources provided by the family, he had solidified his rank at E-class!

Wang Chun had been thoroughly surpassed.

Wang Chun smiled mockingly. “Do I want to stay here forever?”
Returning to his room, Wang Chun looked at his savings silently. Entering the virtual community, he started to search for genes at the business district. He started looking through the genes one by one. However, all that followed was him shaking his head after each gene he looked at. He seemed to remember that a legendary gene reagent capable of breaking through one’s limit existed!

However, those genes were something so rare that one could discover by luck; they were not something one would be able to seek out!

A legend was a legend, after all.

He had been looking for it for over a month. However, it was nowhere to be found. He was only here to casually look for it. As he walked along the street of the virtual community, he paused his steps. There, he saw the entrance of a small gene shop with a group of people scattered around.

Even at this hour, this shop was still so crowded?

Wang Chun was somewhat astonished. It was currently 1 AM in the morning! Instinctively, he glanced at the shop name, The Strongest Gene, and with it, he saw the boastful description that came with the shop name. Immediately, his heart was shaken. Only the genes produced by him were the strongest?

Wang Chun was agitated.

As he entered the shop, he spotted a gold-colored liquid right away. It was a mutated 5-star gene reagent with a simple use of a one-point attribute increase.

“One point?

Wang Chun was stupefied.

Reversed mutation?

Was this really a reversed mutation? Wang Chun was somewhat disappointed. However, he had been crazily looking up information regarding limit-surpassing reagents and had come upon some legends. Due to that, currently, he suddenly thought of a possibility!

Would this one point help with his limit breakthrough?

One point…
Wang Chun’s heart trembled. The more he thought of it, the more likely it seemed!

These genes never appeared before. What if it was bogus reagent? One million was at stake here…however… what if it was genuine? Buy!

It had to be bought!

He knew that his chance had appeared. Even if the probability was only 1 in 100,000, he had to give it a try!

He looked at the balance in his bank account before taking a look at the price stated below that gene reagent and deciding to borrow some money. Even if there was only a tiny chance of it succeeding, he had to try!

For his future!

As Wang Chun left, within the shop, the crowd was still amidst their chattering and discussions. The crowd was laughing as they discussed, as if the act of condemning Chen Feng would make them look better.

Chapter 60: Gaining Publicity from Hype

In the early morning of the next day, the incident involving Chen Feng had somewhat calmed down.

The mutated lumberbear gene and Professor Tao’s name were the reason for The Strongest Gene becoming a hot topic. Since Chen Feng had now been badly discredited, the public naturally lost their interest in him. However, out of everyone’s expectations, at this very moment, explosive news appeared.

The mutated gold ant gene was sold!

The staggering price of one million yuan!

Everyone that heard this news was stupefied.

“How is that possible?” The public was speechless. Someone would actually buy that trash gene?

Was that a rumor?

A lot of people believed that it was a rumor and went to The Strongest Gene. There, they saw the word ‘sold out’ below the gold ant gene’s display!

“It was really sold!”
This stunned everyone.

A big crowd was around the entrance of The Strongest Gene. They were all there in order to take a look at this mutated gold ant gene. As a result from this, the sub-district the shop was located at enjoyed an unprecedented amount of traffic!

“Are there truly people out there that would buy this kind of trash gene?” A lot of people couldn’t believe this.

At the learning forum, the people that were busy discrediting Chen Feng had suddenly paused. Just now, they had been busy saying how it was impossible for this gene to be sold. But now…
Suddenly,  someone  said,  “Maybe  Chen  Feng  bought  it himself?”
Everyone shivered and instantly felt enlightened. It was probable!

That was totally the truth!

“Apart from himself, who would buy this trash gene?”
The  public  condemned  him.  “True.  Even  a  gene  reagent capable of increasing one’s spiritual energy by 20 points is only priced at several hundred thousand. He dares to sell this gene that only increased one’s spiritual energy by one point at one million? As long one’s brain works, one would not buy this gene.”
“If that’s the case, it really was Chen Feng that bought his own gene?”
“Of course!”
“What is his goal for doing so, then? Apart from wasting money, it seems to be pointless?”
“Goal? Hehe. What else could his goal be? It’s marketing. Since his shop is newly opened, he has to do some marketing for it. But the only difference is others will use sales event as marketing while Chen Feng chose this peculiar method as his marketing tool. Oh yeah, I heard he joined the monthly sales event?”
Everyone suddenly felt enlightened. Monthly sales event?

Could it be…
Everyone opened their eyes wide.

Damn, he was totally creating fake sales volume to increase his rankings in the monthly event!

Was this guy crazy? Granted, there were people who tried doing something similar as him in the past to obtain better rankings in the event. However, they all did it quietly in fear of getting found out, affecting their reputation and trust as a result. This Chen Feng, on the other hand, was absolutely unrestrained!

The virtual community only charged them 1% of their sales.

In other words, one only needed to waste 10,000 yuan for the service charges to create a sales volume of 1 million yuan. For the event reward, doing this sort of thing, why not?

“Where’s his dignity?”
“Damn it, this works?”
“This… this…”
Everyone was stupefied.

They never expect there would exist someone whose face was thick to such an extent. Creating a false sales volume was something frowned upon.

“Someone  without  a  sense  of  shame  would  be  unrivaled under the heavens.”
Some people started sneering. “Since he doesn’t even care about his reputation, what can you do?” At this moment, Chen Feng was lazily getting out of his bed. As he saw that the mutated gold ant gene was sold, he cheerfully bought another large amount of materials and produced another mutated gold ant gene reagent.

“Seems like the public are capable of judging what a good product is after all.”
Chen Feng was immensely pleased.

Two hundred thousand yuan and 20 points of luck values for a single mutated gold ant gene reagent.

Totally worth it!

After putting it up for sale, Chen Feng went and proceeded with his studies.

In the shop, the crowd was stupefied as they looked at Chen Feng who openly assigned a new mutated gold ant gene reagent for sale in front of them.

“He simply assigned it and left like this?”
“In front of us?”
Everyone had a stupid expression on their face.

Shouldn’t he explain himself in such circumstances? Getting questioned by so many people, as long as you still care about your reputation, you should put forth an explanation, right?

However, he did not.

From the start, Chen Feng ignored them.

“This…” “Is this due to him not wanting to explain himself, or is this due to him not caring about our existence at all?”
The crowd was angry. They had never see someone so unbridled before!

Naturally, there were some who managed to notice something different from the rest.

“This gene seems like something used for…”
A person suddenly opened his mouth, however, as he was halfway through his sentence, he was grabbed by someone beside him who whispered, “What are you doing?”
“Didn’t you notice? This gene…”
“I noticed!” The person beside him was feeling hateful for his incompetence, “Hence, quickly prepare money to buy it! You think you are the only one who noticed it? Why has nobody mentioned it? You really think everyone else is an idiot? Don’t you know the concept of getting rich silently? Would you not believe me if I said that this gene would be sold very soon?”
So that was the case.

That person gained a sudden realization.

Amateurs were only there to enjoy the show, while experts were there to see the truth!

A majority of those criticizing Chen Feng were those herds who were only there to take part in the fun. Would any of those who knew of the actual truth bother explaining to them?

Due to these people, Chen Feng was once again a hot topic. Yesterday, Chen Feng became a hot topic due to the strongest reversed gene of his. Today, he became a hot topic due to his charm and personality.

Having no sense of shame could be considered as a personality trait as well, right?
The learning forum was filled with people lashing out against Chen Feng. All the producers declared that they felt ashamed on Chen Feng’s behalf. There were even some who requested Chen Feng’s name be removed from the Gene Production Association, etc. In a short few hours, Chen Feng’s name was once again known throughout the virtual community.

In the afternoon, as Chen Feng was immersed in his studies on producer’s common knowledge, he suddenly received Mu Yuan’s call.

“Chen Feng, what’s with the mutated gold ant gene?” “What?”
Chen Feng was somewhat lost.

Mu Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry and explained to him what had happened. Only now did Chen Feng know what happened. Those bunch of idiots actually believed that this was his trick?

“Is this really what you did?”
Mu Yuan find it hard to believe that Chen Feng would do such thing.

Chen Feng shook his head. “Of course not.” Mu Yuan was unable to understand. “But that one point attribute…”
Chen Feng shrugged. “Used for limit breakthrough.”
“Limit… f*ck. Limit breakthrough?!”
Mu Yuan shivered. He was really shocked by Chen Feng. “You are saying… this item can be used for limit breakthrough, during the final step when one is at 100 points?!”
“Naturally. Otherwise, why would I sell it at such an expensive price?”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

“Damn! Damn! Damn!” Mu Yuan swore continuously. Yet he was still unable to regain his senses. He knew that Chen Feng was somewhat talented. However, he never expected Chen Feng to be talented to such an extent! This was limit breakthrough!

A limit countless people were stuck at!

A small gene reagent like this would be able to fix the problem? Mu Yuan swallowed his saliva as he suddenly felt that it was totally not expensive for this item to be priced at one million yuan.

Wait, since it was limit breakthrough, why did nobody notice it? Even he did not manage to notice it? Honestly, if it wasn’t for Chen Feng telling him…
Mu Yuan suddenly understood.

Inertial thinking!

It’s not that nobody guessed it. Rather, it was because nobody would think in this direction! That was because, after all these years, no one had produced a limit breaking reagent before! None!

Even all those grandmasters and companies had failed. A mere rookie had succeeded?

No one would believe that!

Because of that, naturally, nobody thought about it. However, Chen Feng had really produced it.

“All right, you are impressive,” Mu Yuan exclaimed. “Do you need me to explain on your behalf?”
“No.” Chen Feng shook his head. “It’s quite good this way.”
Mu Yuan blanked. “Ah?”
“Only when there’s discussion would this remain a hot topic.” Chen Feng smiled. “Although I’m too lazy to create hype, since there’s a ready-made hype surrounding my stuff, why waste it? Let them continue discrediting me. I’m not afraid anyway.”
Mu Yuan: “….”
This brother here seemed to know a lot about this aspect, no?

“I still think it’s better to be more careful.”
Mu Yuan reminded him, “You have, after all, joined the monthly sales event. My guess is that the event inspectors are starting to investigate you.”
“Let them investigate, then.”
Chen Feng was not bothered at all. “I did not do anything wrong. Why should I be afraid of their investigation?” At the same time, in the virtual community, as Mu Yuan had said, the event inspectors were investigating this incident.

These days, due to the existence of bizarre and peculiar genetic abilities, it was almost impossible to cheat in front of the inspectors. Granted, since the inspectors possessed bizarre genetic abilities to detect fraud, there were also bizarre genetic abilities capable of committing fraud. However, how could a normal gene producer contend against the large virtual community?

The inspectors of the virtual community possessed the strongest detection abilities!

Nothing could hide from them!

However, today, this group of inspectors reputed as a group capable of finding the truth out of everything suffered total defeat when investigating Chen Feng’s incident.
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