The Strongest Gene Chapter 501-510

Chapter 501: Experimenting Furiously

The tests were rather dangerous. Energy tests required different dosages, different types of gene reagents, or different stimulants as well. As such, the danger level was rather high. Chen Feng did not dare to use ordinary people for his tests. All the dangers were explained in a serious manner by Chen Feng to Wang Chun and the sisters. The procedures and what might happen during the tests were all explained to them. These were extremely important. Hence, he had to make it clear to them.

Chen Feng answered their doubts honestly. “I am not sure of what might happen either. For now, I can only use numerous different gene reagents and observe whether the energy particles are stimulated and become lively.”
Ultimately, Wang Chun decided to not reject Chen Feng. The reason for this was the arrival of the devil race and ancient race, which had transformed the entire world. He was too clear on how important this was to humanity. More importantly, he had the utmost trust in Chen Feng.

Since he had known Chen Feng, how many miracles had this fellow created? Since Chen Feng said that it was possible, then that had to be the case. Naturally, he would prefer if Chen Feng could maintain a certain distance from his summoned ladies.

Chen Feng was grateful. “Many thanks.”
After finishing the discussion, Chen Feng started the tests. Toward the researchers involved in this project, the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association had authorized the usage of all gene reagents. As such, Chen Feng gathered all gene reagents capable of stimulating one’s energy. With that, the tests began.

First test.


Numerous gene reagents were injected into the ladies. Next, the recording device started recording the changes in their energies faithfully. The first gene reagent was ineffective. The power of beyond didn’t appear. Second test.

Chen Feng proceeded to the next test calmly. From the start of the tests, he had already been aware that this was not something that could be completed in a single day. Shortly after, the second gene reagent was proven ineffective as well.

Third test.

Fourth test.

The tests proceeded without stop. Chen Feng had a rather clear-cut goal as well: by provoking their energy without stop, he would filter out the gene reagents capable of provoking the power of beyond into appearance.

After three days, the first gene reagent capable of stimulating the power of beyond appeared. Granted, this beyond state only lasted for 0.00001 seconds. Unfortunately, this gene reagent had only worked on Shen Yi. When Chen Feng tried using it on the other ladies, nothing happened. Another failure.

This was precisely the reason Chen Feng had decided he would require several different energies for his research. In this genetic era, there was a myriad of differing abilities. As such, it was not possible for Chen Feng to direct his research toward the search of items capable of stimulating genetic abilities. Therefore, he had chosen to provoke the energy instead.

Subsequently, similar situations occurred several times where the gene reagent only worked on one of them and not the others. This continued until the seventh day, when the first gene reagent that worked for everyone appeared. Unfortunately, the duration of the beyond state was extremely short as well.

“Success! The first gene reagent that works on everyone has finally appeared. The active duration is too short, as it is less than one ten-thousandth of a second. If not for the recording devices, we probably would have failed to even notice it. Increase the dosage for the next test.” The intensity of the gene reagent was increased by tenfold.
And next… the ladies died.

Under the high-intensity stimulation, the eyes of the ladies rolled over before they directly died as they transformed into countless energy particles and dissipated. This caused Chen Feng to be in a stupor for quite a while before he recovered. Indeed, increasing the dosage was unreliable. Chen Feng sighed.

“Note this gene reagent down first. We shall continue trying out other gene reagents,” Chen Feng commanded.

Shua! Shua!

Once again, the testing continued. This time, he stuck with conducting preliminary tests before noting down all the results. Even the gene reagents that had only worked on one of them were recorded. Only after one entire month did this phase of testing end. Through this one month of crazy tests, the gains were rather bountiful. A total of 162 gene reagents were able to provoke the power of beyond in Shen Yi. For Shen Wei, it was 155 gene reagents. Each of the ladies had a different number of gene reagents that worked for them. Alas, ultimately, it was noted that only 15 gene reagents were those all of them could use. These were Chen Feng’s actual goal.

Granted, the power of beyond only lasted a split second for each of them. If it wasn’t for the recording devices, they wouldn’t have noticed it happening.

“Extract the core materials of these gene reagents before continuing,” Chen Feng decided without hesitation.

If the first round of the tests were in order to discover the working gene reagents, the second round of tests were to figure out the true materials that had caused the effect. Among these gene reagents, what was it that had been capable of provoking the appearance of beyond? Some base materials? Some resurrection elements? All of these would require further testing.

One time.

Two times. Three times.

Once again, Chen Feng started researching crazily. Ultimately, among the 15 gene reagents, 22 types of materials were selected. It was precisely these 22 materials that had provoked the appearance of beyond.

Chen Feng had a sudden idea. “If all 22 of these were blended…”  Without  hesitation,  he  blended  all  22  materials together before feeding them to the ladies. And next, all the ladies immediately died!

Chen  Feng  sighed.  “Failed?”   Wang  Chun  looked  at  him helplessly. He took a short rest before once again summoning all the ladies.

Wang Chun sighed. “Can you be more reliable?” “I am already very reliable,” Chen Feng stated forthrightly.

Wang Chun protested his fate. “Even if they don’t truly die, you can’t do this, right? Moreover, how many times have I told you? I am not a lady summoner!”
“Haha, how could I think that way…  eh?”  Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone. That was because this time, the ladies had been fed with different dosages of the fused materials, and Lady Shen Wei had actually remained as the sole survivor among the ladies. Moreover, the power of beyond that lasted half a millisecond had been provoked in her. The duration was still extremely short, yet this was already much better than their previous results.

Progress! Chen Feng was excited.

He was now sure that using these 22 materials, if a certain gene reagent was produced using a certain formula, a gene reagent capable of provoking the power of beyond could appear. Perhaps the concept of beyond was no longer so far away. Thanks to this single success, the completion of his research had instantly exceeded 50%. Chen Feng was overjoyed. “Success!” Next, he only needed to produce the correct formula and it would be sufficient to complete this research of his. Naturally, this was also the hardest step of his research. The creation of a formula was the hardest thing to do. There were a total of 22 materials that would be used. Which should be allotted a higher portion? Which should be allotted a lower portion? Between liquid and gaseous form, which was required? Were catalysts required? What should the final concentration be? Would other mixing agents be required? And so on.

Which fragment of the genes would be the most important? This seemed to be an extremely difficult task. Apart from selecting gene reagents from the gene bank, Chen Feng needed to select materials out of the gene reagents, and now, he had to select the gene fragments from among the materials. Only after the correct gene fragments were discovered and activated in the correct manner would this stand a chance at success.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Come, then.”
For this part of his research, even the construction of an emulator was not possible. This was because nobody had any idea what might happen when any single material was reduced or increased by even 1%. This was the step where Chen Feng started thinking of using his Luck Aura. He had truly been waiting a long time to finally reach this final step.
In order to save his luck value consumption, he had used only a single luck value to ascertain the direction of his research where required. For everything else, he had not dared to waste his luck value. If he had depended on luck value for his previous steps, upon reaching this point, the luck value at his disposal would be too limited. Now that he had been saving his luck value for an entire month while conducting his tests, his nearly emptied luck value had finally reached a respectable amount.

Light started swirling before him. Without hesitation, Chen Feng started inferring the correct formula. Luck Aura, activate!

Chapter 502: Scram!

Gene Production Association.

All the research teams were busy with their research.

A certain research team.

“How’s the progress?”
“It’s  quite  great.  By  provoking  human  blood,  there  is  a certain degree of possibility for the power of beyond to be provoked. Our test has verified this as well.”
“How long is the active duration?”
“One millisecond.”
“Not bad.” The person in charge was gratified. One millisecond was most definitely the longest active duration since the start of this project. If this duration was expanded 1,000-fold, they could very well create history here.

“Increase the dosage…”
“Oh, I’m afraid that won’t work.”
“Presently, our dosage is already at its maximum. Despite the successful appearance of beyond, the stress on the human body is too intense. Let alone 1,000-fold, even doubling it could lead to mishaps.”

The person in charge could only stop this thought with much regret. As the difference between this duration and a meaningful duration was 1,000-fold, it was pointless to try it out with only a onefold increase. They had already been testing this for several tens of days. Human potential had nearly been pushed to the limits by them. Alas, the duration of their power of beyond only lasted for a pathetic one millisecond.

“Perhaps  the  duration  is  related  to  their  strength?”   the person in charge asked.

“We are already using B-class warriors. If any increase is required, we will have to use an A-class warrior, but then, this research will be pointless if we use A-class warriors.”
The person in charge lapsed into silence. During this month, from the initial duration of one microsecond, they had successfully pushed it to one millisecond. Unfortunately, the bottleneck for human body research had already been reached. Right now, there were no other ways of progressing. If even a peak B-class warrior could only last one millisecond, what about others? “Perhaps…  from the start, we have been researching in the wrong direction.”
The person in charge frowned. Should he try researching in a different direction? But then, regardless of which direction they decided to choose, they would have to start from scratch. It was already too late for that. Unless…
Suddenly, the eyes of the person in charge shone as he recalled a particular research direction. Energy! A short while ago, that person called Chen Feng had seemingly supplied the data on this train of thought. Unfortunately, nobody had believed him. Now that the person in charge thought of it, this seemed like quite a feasible direction to take.

Indeed. This direction, then! The person in charge slapped his thigh as he decided. Chen Feng only had himself in his entire team, while they had a complete full team filled with experienced researchers. If they started energy research right now, they would definitely surpass Chen Feng soon enough.

The person in charge decided on the direction speedily. “You. Draw up the plan and gather all energy stimulant gene 
“All right.”
His underlings did what he commanded immediately. Alas, only after a short while, the underling returned empty handed.

The person in charge was rather astonished. “Done?”
“Oh…” That person paused. “Earlier, when I tried to get the gene reagents, the data indicated that there was currently a lack of stock.”
“Just get whatever is available for now, then,” the person in charge stated unhappily. This fellow had been an assistant for so long yet still needed to seek his opinion for something like this?

“Oh.” The assistant’s expression was somewhat unsightly. After a slight hesitation, he stated, “All the gene reagents are 
The person in charge’s eyes widened. “What?” All of them?
Are you kidding? This is the Genetic Union!

Due to the disaster that had befallen Star City, nearly all the Gene Production Association’s stock of gene reagents were being kept here now. Each gene reagent was present in an extremely huge amount, yet they lacked stock? How was that possible?

The assistant turned his screen interface on. “It’s true.”  On the screen, a succession of red warning windows could be seen. All gene reagents related to the stimulation of energy were currently lacking in stock.

The person in charge was alarmed. “What’s going on?” Had a huge amount of people started researching in this direction as well? If everyone had noticed this, it would be pointless for him to undertake this direction. If this was truly the case… Instantly, he heaved a sigh of relief. That was because the only one who had gathered those gene reagents was Chen Feng.

The person in charge sneered. “This guy again.” He checked the record of gene reagent withdrawals. By numerous batches, all the gene reagents had been withdrawn by Chen Feng.

Rather than being angry, the person in charge laughed. Could a single person truly finish up all the gene reagents? Evidently, it was impossible. If so, why had Chen Feng withdrawn all the gene reagents in such a hurry? This signified that he had indeed made a breakthrough in this direction of research and had decided to withdraw all the related gene reagents to prevent others from researching the same thing.

That had to be the case! If their team had been the one who had managed to apply for these gene reagents for research, with the specialized and richer experience of their team, they would most certainly have obtained a research result faster than Chen Feng. “Apply for the gene reagents,”  the person in charge stated without the slightest hesitation.

“A long time might be required to transfer stocks from other places,” the assistant reminded him.

The person in charge sneered. “Who says that we are transferring stock from other places? There is no need for that. In fact, this is quite easy to deal with. Since when has the gene bank been a place one could withdraw gene reagents without limit? Any researcher has to first submit an application before withdrawing any gene reagents. Previously, Chen Feng is the only one who was researching energy. As such, his application was easily approved. Now that we are here as well… there is no way he will be allowed a monopoly over all the gene reagents. Launch an official complaint toward the Gene Production Association. Tell them that Chen Feng is engaging in an unfair competition by keeping all gene reagents for himself. Regardless of how many it is that he obtained, I want him to give half of them to me,”  the person in charge stated with a cold gaze. He was aware that this would not only increase the speed of their research but would also enable them to enter the testing phase much faster. This would also mess up Chen Feng’s plans. “Understood,”   the  assistant  said.  Soon,  a  complaint  and application were submitted. Logically, the Gene Production Association would take this extremely seriously and would usually come out with a judgment in a short amount of time. Indeed, shortly after the complaint was submitted, not even
five minutes had passed before they received a reply.

The person in charge smiled calmly. “I knew it.” What could a single Chen Feng, the lone member of an entire team, do?


A screen popped up. Calmly, the person in charge read what was on his screen. Suddenly, he blanked. With his widened eyes, he stared at the official reply, unbelieving.

This, this, this… What’s up?

Curiously, the assistant walked over to take a look. Instantly, he was stupefied as well. That was because, on the screen, only a single word could be seen: “Scram!” Below the “scram” was the official seal of the Gene Production Association.

Hold on… had there been an error somewhere? The assistant was somewhat dumbstruck. He studied the seal in detail and noticed that it was indeed the correct seal. Normally, such official replies were something that needed to be vetted before being sent out. As such, there had most certainly been no errors. If so, why was the word “scram” the reply, then?

Next, he noted that right below the red seal was a signature. Normally, this would be the signature of the person in charge of the Gene Production Association. This time, the name signed there was an incredibly familiar name: Chen Feng! Evidently, the person in charge had yet to recover from his stupor. “What Chen Feng?”
The assistant carefully pointed at the signature. “There.”

Instantly, the room lapsed into silence. Only now did the person in charge note that around half a year or a year ago, there had indeed been news stating that Chen Feng had been promoted to become part of the Gene Production Association’s management. He had forgotten about it because normally, he wasn’t much interested in gossip and normally only listened to such things briefly before forgetting about them.

After all, the news pertaining to Chen Feng had been too surprising. As such, he had believed that it was merely a rumor. Now, though, it seemed like that was the truth.

Chen Feng! A mere B-class warrior, a mere producer, had become part of the Gene Production Association’s management! “Should we sue him?” the assistant asked instinctively.

“…” The person in charge looked at the assistant like he was looking at an idiot. “Do you know what being part of the management signifies? It signifies that he has the authority to control all available gene reagents. Regardless of the type of gene reagents, he has the rights to control them. If we anger him, do you think we can continue on with other tests?”  the person in charge stated coldly.

“Ah?” The assistant was alarmed. “So grave?”
The person in charge sighed. “What do you think? Just because he hasn’t messed with other research does not mean that he can’t do it. The previous Wang Yao incident made me think of him as a reckless person that could be dealt with easily any time I wanted. Now, though, if he truly wants to make a move, the losing party might very well be us.”
“What should we do, then?” “Rearrange all our data and send it to Chen Feng. Since we are already slower in this direction of research, we can’t slow down. We must follow after Chen Feng’s pace. This identity of his has instead caused my confidence in him to increase.”

Chapter 503: Limit

At this time, Chen Feng had finally finished inferring the formula. Unfortunately, even with the full activation of his Luck Aura, his completed formula had only increased the active duration of beyond to a pitiful 300 milliseconds, or in other words, 0.3 seconds.

“This won’t do…” Chen Feng muttered. This duration of 0.3 seconds was way too short. Ending before even starting—what, was this a quickie? Chen Feng started imagining a situation where during a battle, during the crisis of life and death, when one erupted with one’s strongest trump card, the power of beyond only lasted a split second and ended before one could even unleash an ability with it.

What was this akin to? This was akin to one reaching orgasm before even taking one’s pants off. This was too excessive! The shortest acceptable duration for this test was a duration of one second. This was the determined minimum standard after numerous verifications. Only an active duration of one second and above could allow one to unleash even the simplest of abilities. This duration of 0.3 seconds was far from sufficient for that. “How much luck value was exhausted earlier?” Chen Feng asked.

“700 points,” Spirit answered honestly. “Out of the luck value you have saved up during the past month, only 100 points remain.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Indeed. After holding it in for an entire month, he’d fired a single shot and it was all gone.

He had initially thought that he would be able to complete this successfully with a single attempt. Alas, the difficulty level of this research had far exceeded his imagination. Even after exhausting 700 luck value, he had only achieved a duration of
0.3 seconds. In other words, was this the limit of the 22 chosen materials? Or perhaps, was this the limit of energy?

“Spirit, is this result of 0.3 the limit?” Chen Feng was somewhat anxious. If this was due to the limited amount of luck value he had or the sheer difficulty of the problem, he only needed to put more effort into it. But if it was truly the limit…
Spirit’s reply caused Chen Feng’s heart to chill. “It has already reached the limit.”
“By inferring using these 22 materials, the most optimal result is a duration of 0.3 seconds. Using 700 luck value for this is already more than sufficient. Some luck value even overflowed during the process.”
Chen Feng: “…”
“But you don’t have to worry. The overflowed luck value was used with ‘inferring the power of beyond’ as the basis. However, whether that has born any results remains to be seen,” Spirit replied.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. This was exactly what he had been worried about. He had truly never expected that the limit was 0.3 seconds. The concept of beyond was truly much harder to grasp than he had imagined. Even after choosing the correct research direction to pursue, he was still stuck here. If he had selected another direction… Chen Feng did not even need
much pondering to know how tragic the end of the research
would have been.

That was evident by how earlier, someone had tried applying for energy stimulating gene reagents and was told off by Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, only one day had passed since then and his own research was stuck at a bottleneck as well.

Just 0.3 seconds…
Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. Going forward, he would have to rely on other methods to increase this duration. Perhaps he could try using other materials on corresponding distinct energy? Chen Feng could remember clearly that all 22 chosen materials he had used were common materials usable for all energy types. If he chose to focus the direction toward a specific individual, he would have more than 100 materials to work with. For example, a total of 160 materials would work on Shen Yi. But then, using this method, even if he reached the minimum standard of one second, it would be pointless, as this wouldn’t be practical for others. Would he be forced to conduct specific research on each different individual from now on? Or perhaps… he should just complete the research on one individual first before thinking of his next step?

Chen Feng contemplated without stop. Right at this moment, his wristband buzzed. Instinctively, Chen Feng gave it a glance. Instantly, he was astonished at what he had received. On his screen was a complete set of research data.

Project code: MILD-971

Project content: Through gene reagents, genetic abilities, chemical reagents, animal liquids, and all sort of other materials, stimulate the power of beyond from a genetic warrior’s physical body.

Result: Success 
Project team: BolkoChost team

Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration. This was indeed worthy of being a well-known research team of the Genetic Union. Only with the numerous advantages Chen Feng had coupled with using luck value to complete the biggest chunk of his job had Chen Feng managed to complete his research. Astonishingly, this team had also completed their chosen research, the research on one’s physical body. Despite the duration being a short one millisecond, that short duration was in fact due to the limitations imposed by them researching in the wrong direction.

But then, why had they sent this to him? Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. Only shortly after did he note the short row of words behind the dataset. They were hoping to cooperate with Chen Feng and were willing to assist Chen Feng in the completion of his research. 
Why was this name so familiar? Chen Feng recalled that indeed, this was the team that had been told off by him earlier.

“Seems like the overflowed portion of the 700 luck value still played a small role after all,” Chen Feng guessed.

Despite the fact that a large portion of the 700 luck value had been focused on inferring the formula, the small amount of overflowed luck value had managed to bring about an unexpected result after Spirit’s optimization. This team had astonishingly offered to cooperate with him. For Chen Feng, this was a good piece of news. Since both energy and physical body research had reached the limit, what if the results were combined?

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Shortly after, he invited them over. When they found out that Chen Feng’s research had reached a duration of 300 milliseconds, they were greatly shocked. This was a progress 300 times higher than theirs! Indeed, energy research was the correct direction of research. “Now, I am thinking of combining the results,” Chen Feng stated honestly. “You guys shall provide a suitable body- provoking gene reagent while I shall provide a suitable energy- provoking gene reagent. With the combination of both…”
Soon, a blended reagent was produced. This was a gene reagent with a faint gold color and a faint aroma leaking out of it. What would the effect of this thing be? It was unknown. This was not some simple math like 1+1=2. In fact, under their research, 1+1 would either be far greater or lower than 2.

Chen Feng contacted the person with the highest vitality. “Xu Fei.”
“Here I am.” Xu Fei gulped the gene reagent down without any hesitation.

A faint power started dispersing. Everyone stared unwaveringly at Xu Fei without stop until, finally, a trace of that formidable power emanated out of his body. Bang!

A gold radiance bloomed. Beyond had appeared!

The screen on their recording device started flickering without stop. Everyone looked at the timer with expectation: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250… 310!

“It surpassed the previous record!”
Everyone was overjoyed. They had finally surpassed the limit of 300! Surprising all of them, this number was still increasing: 350, 400, 500, 600… Ultimately, it stopped at 800. A duration
of 0.8 seconds!

Everyone was enraptured. Indeed, 1+1 had brought about a result far greater than 2! Fusion was the way to go.

“Genius!” Everyone in the BolkoChost team gazed at Chen Feng respectfully. He was indeed worthy of being part of the management of the Gene Production Association, worthy of being a legendary excellent producer. This result alone was already sufficient to cause countless people to look up to him.

“This 0.8 seconds is not the limit,” Chen Feng stated decisively. “We can continue to allocate the different data to figure out the most fitting ratio.”
The person in charge of that team accepted this troublesome task immediately. “Let us deal with that.” Soon, after numerous attempts, the new ratio of the gene reagent had reached the limit, with the active duration being one second!

“Haha, we have succeeded!”
Everyone was overjoyed. They had done it! They knew that from then on, the fate of humanity would change! This was a day fated to be entered into the annals of history!

Chapter 504: What Is This?

Outer space.

Due to the appearance of the devil race and ancient race, a huge amount of wealthy big shots had departed this planet, drifting through space. The spaceships that had only been used for holiday tours had all been transformed and had several energy shuttles added to them to transform them into battleships. Even spaceships that did not reach the standard of a battleship were outfitted with several shuttles so that these ships could be blasted into outer space.

Presently, a huge battleship was hovering somewhere in space. The black ice-cold exterior of this battleship exuded a mysterious and metallic feeling, demonstrating that this battleship was obviously different than the other ships around it. This was a battleship in the truest sense.

At present moment, within the battleship, a certain middle- aged man was reading the news on the screen silently. Despite the huge amount of white hair on his head, he still appeared rather robust and healthy. He appeared gratified as he asked, “Has the research on the new   gene   reagent   succeeded?”    The   power   of   beyond… Humanity had finally reached this step?

“You should take a rest,”  the female assistant beside him reminded him.

“All  right.”  He  paused.  “Include  news  pertaining  to  Chen Feng in the daily reports from now on as well.”
“Chen Feng?”
The female assistant was rather surprised. From the planet to where they were, every piece of news sent to them was sent with great difficulty. As the distance between them and the planet increased, the cost of information transmission would exponentially increase. Even so, Chen Feng was worth being added to their daily report as well? She voiced her doubts.

“Chen Feng is rather different.”  That person smiled yet did not provide much explanation. “All right.” The female assistant bowed slightly before leaving to do what had been asked of her. The person stood up and proceeded to gaze in the direction of that planet that was so very far from their present location. His gaze appeared as deep as night itself.


The gold radiance shone.

The moment when a dazzling radiance erupted around Xu Fei as his entire person transformed like a super saiyan was a new milestone for humanity as a whole. Alas, with his bald head, Xu Fei appeared rather villainous.

The tactful BC team had decided to note in their submission form that 80% of this result was the result of Chen Feng’s contributions, while their entire team had contributed only 20% of this. Even with this, they were still rather anxious. That was because the content of their research was no longer a secret now, yet the energy stimulant gene reagent of Chen Feng’s still remained a secret only known to Chen Feng.

As Chen Feng glanced at the submission form they had filled out, he was immensely satisfied. If possible, he was definitely not willing to waste even a single second here. Since this BC team had successfully assisted him in greatly reducing the time spent on this research, he reasoned that it was acceptable for them to claim 20% credit for this result.

The BC team was extremely grateful. “Many thanks.”
And  now,  their  research  titled  “New  Gene  Reagent”  was formally submitted to their superiors. Surprisingly, they were actually not the first team who had completed their research. Moreover, they were not even the second team to have completed their research.

The person in charge of the BC team was extremely shocked. “We  placed  third?”   Third  team?  Two  other  teams  had completed the research before them? “Indeed.” The employee checked the submission form. “Two other teams also submitted their forms earlier today.”
The person in charge: “…”
He still couldn’t believe this. They were extremely clear on how difficult this research was. It was so hard that when they had started on this, they had braced themselves for a research that would take them three, five, or even ten years.

Why had so many people been focusing on body research? That was because this was the aspect of research easiest to verify. With that, regardless of whether their research ended in success or failure, they would be able to decide on their next step from their research results. An example was them, who had subsequently decided on energy as the next direction of their research. The only reason they had succeeded was because of Chen Feng and luck.

Completing the research in a little bit over one month in itself was a miraculous feat. This was a miracle of Chen Feng’s, but now, those guys… The person in charge frowned deeply as he contemplated. It wasn’t really hard to stimulate the power of beyond. One only needed to focus on a correct direction and use the proper equipment and one would be able to stimulate a split second of the power of beyond. But then, for this project, the minimum
requirement was a duration of one second.

Their team, the BC team, was a team self-proclaimed as the top three team of researchers in the Genetic Union. Even with them, they had only managed to reach the duration of one millisecond. And now, he had discovered that two other teams had also completed this research? There had to be some problem somewhere. As the person in charge brought the news back, the rest couldn’t believe this as well.

“Lock down the research area,” Chen Feng ordered without hesitation. “From now onward, nobody is allowed to leave.”
Next, he looked at the person in charge and said, “You, come with me. Let us go take a look at this so-called research result of theirs. Let’s see how legendary their results are.” The person in charge of BC team nodded. “All right.” He was, after all, still filled with doubt as well. Seeing how Chen Feng had locked down everyone else decisively, he was rather anxious as well. Was there truly an internal problem that had caused their formula to be leaked?

Chen Feng shook his head. “That’s not possible. I am the only one who knows this formula of mine.”
The person in charge nodded his head solemnly.

“Let’s go.” Leading him, Chen Feng left the research hall. The significance of the result of the Beyond X project was extremely huge. As such, from the moment the first form had been submitted, almost all the big shots had been alarmed. By the time the second and third form had been submitted, all these big shots had already returned to the Genetic Union. Presently, they were preparing to verify the results of the first team that had submitted the form.

Chen Feng and the person in charge walked into the room. When the others saw them and noted that they were the third team to submit their results, they were told to take a seat and continue observing the first submission.

The person in charge of BC team introduced the leader of the first team to Chen Feng. “His name is Man Junxi. The research team he leads is also the best team.”
“Mhm.” Chen Feng sat down and focused his gaze on that person. He was a rather handsome youth who appeared to be around 26 or 27 years old. Presently, he was describing his research excitedly.

The superiors interrupted him. “Start immediately. We only want to see the result.”
So many of them had only come to see the result. It had only been a little bit over a month so far. Had the concept of beyond been grasped so fast?

Man Junxi nodded. “All right.” The so-called demonstration was in fact extremely simple. Man Junxi pulled over a genetic warrior. “Look at this, everyone. I have a certain genetic warrior.”
The big shots glanced at that person and were able to see through his strength. This was a B class.

He took out the latest gene reagent they had produced. “I have a super reagent.” In a well-practiced manner, Man Junxi chanted his lines.

“Beyond B class!”

The genetic union member swallowed the gene reagent immediately. Bang!

A terrifying golden radiance started emanating out of his body. Everyone stood up abruptly and looked at that person with an inconceivable expression. Even Chen Feng and his companion was alarmed. This was truly the power of beyond B class. That genetic warrior had indeed become a beyond B class warrior.

The beyond B class warrior roared. “Ah ah ah ah ah ah!”
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three attacks were unleashed in succession by him.

Beyond B!

Beyond B! Beyond B!

No mistake. Even after unleashing the attacks, he still remained in the beyond B state for three extra seconds before it ended. Even afterward, the genetic warrior did not seem to have suffered from any side effects either.

Everyone was alarmed.

Chapter 505: The Timing Is Too Coincidental

Genetic Union.

The resplendent gold shocked countless people. Everyone was clear on how difficult this Beyond X project was. None of them had expected that in a short one month, someone would have already succeeded. Moreover, it was such a high degree of completion. A duration of three seconds? This guy…

Everyone stood up uniformly and gazed at the arena.

“What do you think?” Chen Feng asked the person in charge of BC beside him.

“Oh.” He paused. “I’m not sure.” Initially, he had not believed that someone else had completed this research as well. However, when the result was demonstrated in front of him, he had no choice but to believe it. There were indeed other teams that had completed the research as well.

Suddenly, the person in charge thought of a possibility. “This might be a result of focused research.” If they had only focused on a single B-class genetic warrior in their tests to push that person to the state of beyond, such a research speed would be possible. However, the flaw of such a research was the fact that the result was something that would not work on everyone. Perhaps this was the reason they had completed their research so fast?

Chen Feng sneered. “Focused research?”
Presently, the crowd was cheering the demonstration before them.

Everyone started talking emotionally. “Good.”
“This is too excellent.”
“What historic moment!”
“Dear seniors, please listen to me.”  In a somewhat guilty manner, Man Junxi stated, “Although the demonstration was very successful, there are still some flaws in our research. For example, the solution does not work on everyone.”
Everyone blanked momentarily before recovering themselves and nodding slightly. “That is understandable.”  This was the only rational reason for Man Junxi’s team to have reached this far in their research in such a short period of time. Not working for everyone, eh? It did not matter, though. As long as there was a first, there would be more results moving on. At the very least, them reaching a duration of three seconds in their very first research was already a demonstration that this Beyond X project was indeed something that stood a chance at succeeding. “Very good.” The head of the research department was very satisfied. “As such, we can halt all other research and focus on this direction alone…”
The assistant stopped him. “Hold on. Head, there are two more results that have yet to be presented.”
Only now did the head recall this. “Oh, oh.” He had indeed been too excited after seeing this first result. Based on their protocol, he should indeed take a look at all submissions. But then, he truly did not put much hope in the subsequent two results.

“Please wait a moment,”  the head told Man Junxi gently. “Let’s take a look at the subsequent presentations together.”
Man Junxi was somewhat disappointed. “All right.” Ultimately, the others had still managed to submit their results. Next, everyone started waiting for the second presentation. Nobody noticed the cold gleam that flashed through Chen Feng’s eyes. What the head had said earlier had indeed alarmed him. To stop all other research and focus on this one? That meant… Suddenly, he turned around and looked at the person in charge of the BC team beside him.

The person in charge of the BC team smiled bitterly. “This is also the reason my team decided to work with you. The Genetic Union started with so many research teams purely to encourage competition and to provoke growth. Since we are still in the initial stages, naturally, the more research teams, the better. But the moment the research enters the developmental stage, for long-term benefits, all research teams must be combined.”
“In other words…”
“Apart from the research that the union decides to focus on, all other research will be stopped.”
This startled Chen Feng. So that was the case! Previously, he had still been feeling doubtful. Even if other teams also had their results, it wouldn’t be such a coincidence as three teams submitting their results on the same day. Now that he looked at it…
 Chen   Feng   sneered.   “They   were   aware   that   we   are submitting our results today. Initially, they planned to continue their research before submitting. After finding out that we are submitting our results today, they submitted their results earlier than us without any hesitation. Moreover, in order to obtain control over the entire project, they have to have a better result than us. At least, that is what it seems like.”
Chen Feng’s brain raced. A lot of things he hadn’t understood initially appeared clear now.

“In short, if we hadn’t decided to submit our results today, they won’t have either. From the timing of their submission, they merely submitted less than an hour before us. This shows that although there are no traitors in your BC team, someone still leaked our submission time. This is the reason the other two teams managed to submit before us. Second, since these two teams hadn’t submitted their results before this, this signifies that their results must be incomplete. The only reason they rushed their submissions is the pressure they were feeling from us. If so, their results must be flawed. If they had truly reached the extent of pushing the duration of beyond to three seconds, they would have submitted their results long ago instead of waiting till now. Third, their presentation appears rather awkward. Despite the lack of actual mistakes during their presentation, it is obvious that this was the first time the B-class warrior had obtained such power.”
Shortly after, Chen Feng rearranged his thoughts. He was sure that there had to be some problem somewhere with this Man Junxi guy.

Chen Feng sent a message to Qin Hai. “Qin Hai, investigate this Man Junxi guy for me.”
Qin Hai: “…Why are you telling me to investigate someone from your Genetic Union?”
Qin Hai did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Chen Feng smiled. “Naturally, I will have someone investigate from my side, but haven’t you heard that the person who knows you best is your enemy? I believe that on your side, there must be a certain amount of records.” Qin Hai shrugged. “Fine.” Man Junxi… this seemed to be the child of a certain powerful family. The ancient race had indeed prepared a record detailing the family of this Man Junxi.

“Let  me  conduct  some  checks.”  Qin  Hai  left  to  look  for information.

As for Chen Feng, he continued observing the presentation without a change in his expression. Presently, Man Junxi was already crouching silently at the side. This time, an old man walked out. He appeared to be around 70 or 80 years old and was presenting the results of his team.

“Stand here.”
He led a B-class warrior out before taking out their team’s gene reagent.

Gulp. The gene reagent was swallowed.


Gold radiance surged.

Indeed, yet another super saiyan appeared. The formidable power surged. Even if this level of power wasn’t much for the people here, the significance of this power was very huge. Beyond B class! Yet another beyond B class!

“Very good.”
The head was extremely excited. Now that two teams had succeeded in their research, this signified that this undertaking was indeed doable. The future of humanity was now within their grasp! Alarming everyone there, this was merely the beginning. One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds…
“It’s still active?”
They seemed to realize something.

Four seconds!

Even Man Junxi’s eyes widened.

Five seconds!

Everyone was in an uproar. Shua!

Finally, the power of beyond stopped.

Everyone was incredibly emotional. Five seconds! After the first team’s three seconds, a team with five seconds had appeared. This was too powerful!

“Are  there  any  restrictions  on  this?”   the  head  asked instinctively.

“Oh… the gene reagent does not work well on everyone,” the old man stated.

“That’s fine, that’s fine.” The head was all smiles. “To make it work for everyone, a countless amount of tests will be required. Time will be required as well. To have reached this point is already an extremely good result.”

Chapter 506: Vitality Exhaustion?

“There’s   another   flaw.”    The   old   man   paused.   “The probability is rather low. After producing 100 such gene reagents, only one of them succeeded.”
“A success rate of 1%?” The head of the department appeared rather gratified. “Such a high success rate?”
Indeed. This was actually a high success rate. As long as the success rate was 1% or above, they would be able to produce a huge amount of them. The moment they started mass producing these gene reagents… they would be able to enter the proper mass-manufacturing phase. This demonstration by the second team seemed to be even better than the first team’s. Both their results seemed acceptable as well. Which should they select, then? Everyone was filled with expectation.

Chen   Feng   frowned.   “Another   success?”    Even   if   he overlooked the success of that old man Man Junxi, even this old man had succeeded as well. Chen Feng had studied the demonstration properly and had noted that no problems could be found. Different from Man Junxi’s rather clumsy demonstration, this second team’s test appeared incredibly well practiced. From the performance of that genetic warrior, it could be deduced that this team had clearly practiced this countless times and that this was not their first time at this.

Even Chen Feng started having doubts. “Could it be that they truly succeeded by themselves?”
During Man Junxi’s demonstration, the B-class warrior of theirs had clearly not been well practiced with what he should do. With a single look, one could deduce that this was the first time he had grasped this power of beyond B class. Even if everything looked normal, to Chen Feng’s group, which already had numerous encounters with this power of beyond, that B-class warrior’s performance was too unpracticed.

This was most definitely the first time for Man Junxi’s team. Prior to this, they hadn’t conducted any relevant tests that had resulted in the power of beyond. That was the reason their demonstration had appeared so clumsy. As for this old man and his team, their understanding and grasp of the power of beyond almost exceeded even Chen Feng’s group’s. This was even more so for their B-class warrior. Evidently, this was a test they had done a huge number of times. This was a team that was even more mature and steady than the combination of Chen Feng and the BC team. This team…
Even Chen Feng started doubting whether this team had truly succeeded on their own. But then, this thought only lasted momentarily before being dispelled by Chen Feng. The only reason for this was the timing for their submission, which was truly too coincidental. After all, all three submissions had been submitted together.

This signified that this second team had most certainly been forced to conduct this demonstration out of nowhere. However, despite the forced demonstration, they had still been able to conduct it in an extremely well-practiced manner. What was the problem here, then? Or perhaps… there was an unknown fatal flaw to their produced gene reagent?

Chen Feng fixed his gaze on that B-class warrior. Suddenly, he noted that this B-class warriors’ complexion was somewhat pale and appeared rather weakened. Chen Feng’s heart jolted slightly. Weakened… Is this a gene reagent that exhausts one’s vitality?

Right at this moment, before Chen Feng could even say anything, that person called Man Junxi started talking. “Head, I feel like there’s a problem with their test.”
The head frowned. “Oh?”
“During our tests, we discovered that three seconds is already humanity’s limit. At least, this is the case when this power of beyond is achieved with the help of items. If this limit is surpassed, there is a possibility that one’s vitality will be exhausted. As such, the gains do not make up for the losses. This is also the reason we kept compressing our tests. As for them…”  Man Junxi pointed at the B-class warrior. “He looks pale. Perhaps he has excessively exhausted his vitality?”

Everyone’s gaze uniformly landed on that genetic warrior. Indeed, his complexion was pale and was even sweating all over. Both his legs appeared rather weak as he stood there forcefully. From the looks of it, he truly looked like someone who had overexerted his vitality. This test result was problematic! When the head saw this was, he thought that this fellow’s condition felt so similar to his condition after the
seven-day honeymoon with his wife back then.

Mhm… this was an extremely dangerous condition.

Essentially, this Beyond X project had been started to trigger the power of beyond in humanity, to trigger the hidden potential within a human’s body, to give humanity a better future. This was not a project just to give humans temporary strength. If they wanted a temporary boost in strength, they already had a huge amount of gene reagents capable of achieving the same effect.

What they sought was the future! The future of humanity! If this power of beyond was obtained at the cost of humanity’s vitality, the gains would most definitely not make up for the losses. As he thought of this, the head’s expression became unprecedentedly solemn. “Test his vitality,” the head stated solemnly.

The test crews of the Genetic Union stepped forth.

A smile appeared on Man Junxi’s face. This old fellow was trying to compete against him with just this? As for the old man from the second team, he merely watched on with a gloomy expression, not trying to stop this at all. Soon, the test was completed.

“How is it?” the head asked.

“Oh.”   The  test  crew  shrugged.  “Indeed,  something  isn’t right.”
“Indeed.” Some people there started shaking their head sighing. Just to obtain progress in their research, they had already started doing such things? This was truly…
“Ban their entire research team,” the head stated without any hesitation.

Man Junxi beamed. “You are wise, head. Against such fraudsters…”
“No, that’s not the case.”
The test crew waved his hand, “His vitality is indeed rather different. However, how should I explain this? His vitality appears much livelier than an ordinary person’s. From our initial estimate, his life span will be 20% higher than an ordinary person’s.”
Shua! Instantly, everyone lapsed into silence. An extra 20% life span? Hold on. In other words, there were no issues with this guy? Rather, his vitality was much more vigorous than others’?

“I don’t know if this is related to the power of beyond,” the test crew lamented. “In short, vitality-wise, he’s certainly doing exceptionally.”
Everyone gasped in admiration. There’s such an additional effect? If so…
The head was extremely pleased. “Not bad.”
“Hold on.”
Seeing how things weren’t going as he wished, Man Junxi started analyzing the test data. He was personally a rather formidable researcher. As such, he was able to point to the crux immediately after studying the data. Suddenly, Man Junxi said, “What if his initial vitality before this was already 30% higher than others?”
As everyone heard this, they sunk into contemplation.

Man Junxi analyzed rationally. “In this genetic era, whether it is due to genes or other factors, it is normal for some people to have much higher vitality than others. I have even seen a genius with a vitality 200% higher than others before. If we allowed him to join as a test subject, wouldn’t he obtain a final vitality of 190% in the end? Would that be considered a success then? Clearly, the answer is no! This fellow is turning pale all over and his body is weak. With a single look, one can see that he does not seem to be feeling very well. That is also the reason I doubted him. If possible, I would like to have the data of his vitality prior to this test. Since you guys are researching on human body, during your past tests, your group had surely recorded the details of his vitality, right?” Man Junxi stated without holding back.

As the others heard this, they nodded approvingly. This was a fair argument, and his question was fair as well. Even the head couldn’t think of a retort to this. “Do you have any records?” the head asked the old man.

“Yes,” the old man answered, and the gloomy expression on his face remained. “I will get someone to bring them over.”
Man Junxi sneered. “Let me see how much longer you can continue pretending.”
Shortly afterward, the record was brought over. The full data for that test subject was exposed. Alarming everyone there, all the prior tests on this test subject had remained at 20% above others from the start of his participation. This had remained throughout the 20 days he had participated. Man Junxi widened his eyes as he saw this. This… how was this possible?

Chapter 507: What’s the Issue?

The old man gazed at Man Junxi coldly. “What other questions do you still have?”
Man Junxi remained in a daze for a long time. “I…” There was nothing wrong? How was that possible? He was all too clear on how terrifying and difficult the power of beyond was. Even their team was…
But now, there were no problems whatsoever with this old man’s demonstration? No problems whatsoever could be found with that genetic warrior? Now, before activating the power of beyond in him or even before the tests had started, there were no problems. The second demonstration was obviously better than the first.

The doubts raised by Man Junxi had instead entrenched the result of this second team in the hearts of the observers here. Moreover, after comparing both their demonstrations, that clumsy demonstration of Man Junxi’s team was clearly on an entirely different level when compared with this old man’s team. It was obvious that this old man’s team was further in their research. Comparatively, Man Junxi’s team was too unripe.

This caused others to doubt if the power of beyond that this first team had grasped was somewhat problematic, resulting in their clumsy demonstration, as their version of the power of beyond was too hard to properly control. Or perhaps their version of beyond was too lively? All these were questions worth pondering.

On the stage, the head of the department exchanged glances with several others before nodding slightly. Regardless of everything, they were all more inclined toward a power that was better improved, more matured, and steadier. It was clear that Man Junxi’s team was somewhat lacking in all these factors.

Man Junxi’s heart thumped. “This is bad.” Previously, he had received news that Chen Feng’s group had obtained an initial result and were submitting their results. That was why he had decided to submit his result hastily as well. Unexpectedly, this second team was their actual opponent. “This does not look good.” Man Junxi was alarmed. He was sure that the moment the main team was decided here, all the other teams would have to serve the selected main team. Moreover, all the fruits of their research would be unconditionally appropriated to the selected main team. When that happened, the other teams wouldn’t be
granted the option to even resist this. At that time…
“Head,” Man Junxi stated hastily.

“We still have an even more detailed plan on the direction of our research to be presented.”
“Yes. Similarly, our team’s gene reagent does not work for everyone. However, our gene reagent has a success rate of 100%. So long as our formula is perfected, there will be no failures. We don’t even need more researchers to help. The only thing we need to do is to solve this problem and make our gene reagent work for everyone. The new improved formula will thus be ready for mass production, and the gene reagent will  be  available  to  be  distributed  worldwide,”  Man  Junxi stated emotionally.

Oh? The others were tempted as they heard this. If so…
On the stage, the head exchanged glances with several others. Evidently, they were tempted. They regarded the stage and looked at the teams of Man Junxi and the old man that were facing each other, seemingly creating sparks between them. However, for the head and the other observers, this was a good sign.

They were not particularly bothered by the fact that both these teams had yet to solve the problem of making their gene reagents work for everyone. Presently, each research team only had a single beyond A class assigned to them anyway. As such, it was understandable for their gene reagents to not work for everyone. When all the teams were combined and all the beyond-A-class warriors were gathered together… this single problem would naturally be solved.

This was also the reason they had decided that the moment the main direction was decided upon, all the research teams had to be combined together. After all, beyond-A-class warriors were still too rare. To ensure that the new gene reagent would work for everyone, this was necessary. In any case, they had initially planned to only have one team toward the end. Now, it seemed like…
They started discussing softly.

“Perhaps, both these directions are worth pursuing.”
“Mhm, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem if the beyond A class warriors were divided into two groups and worked in shifts.”
“That’s feasible.”
Happiness was clearly plastered on their faces. On their trip here today, it could be said that their harvest had been ample thus far. If there were no mishaps, both these teams would probably be kept as main teams. As for the third team here today… They glanced at the submission form. The form seemed to mention that their active duration was only one second?

Initially, they had still been rather excited at the prospect of this, but now that there were two other teams that had even more stunning results here as a comparison, the third team’s duration of a single second truly appeared to be nothing special. This team had obviously come here immediately after hitting the minimum requirements of the project. Compared with the first and second team, which had active durations of three seconds and five seconds, this third team was too lacking.

The head waved his hand calmly. “Third team, kindly demonstrate your result.”
At this moment, Man Junxi had finally calmed himself down. Earlier, he had managed to overhear some of the conversations of those big shots. He knew that his team was sure to be momentarily saved for now. At least, in the short term, the competition would only be limited to him and the old man from the second team. All this while, Chen Feng had been calmly observing everything. Regardless of whether it was the reaction of the head of the department or the expressions of Man Junxi and the others, he observed them all. Finally, it was his team’s turn to demonstrate.

The person in charge of the BC team beside Chen Feng reminded him, “It’s our turn,”
Suddenly, Chen Feng stated, “You go.”
The person in charge blanked. “Ah?” He had never expected that Chen Feng would yield such a moment of glory to him. Was it because Chen Feng had been overly shocked by the previous two demonstrations?

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Put up a good show. Your explanation will be extremely important.”
“Mhm.” The person in charge nodded resolutely. He knew that the only advantage their team had over the others was the fact that their gene reagent worked for everyone. However, whether this was a fact that the higher-ups would look highly upon remained to be seen. After all, what they had achieved might truly appear too simple in the eyes of others. The moment the main team was decided upon, all their efforts before this could very well go to waste. All their efforts and results would be nothing but a gift wrapped nicely for the main team.

The final result would now depend on the explanation of this person. The only way they could attract the attention of the higher-ups was by stressing the importance of having the gene reagent work for everyone and by showing clearly the difficulty of achieving this result. Soon, the person in charge and Xu Fei arrived on the stage.

As for the BC team members, they all walked up, started making their preparations, and started up their devices. Once again, the initial result and their expected result were transmitted to everyone there. The active duration of one second was in fact something most people there weren’t bothered with. After all, the previous two teams had been too stunning. Comparatively, this duration of one second was way too bland, Disappointing, even. Right at this instant, Chen Feng’s wristband buzzed. Qin Hai’s investigation results had finally arrived.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “It’s here?”

A screen appeared. The data regarding Man Junxi appeared without stop. Man Junxi was the heir of a certain huge family. This was a rather influential family as well, a family who’d once had a beyond-A-class warrior in their ranks. The said beyond-A-class warrior had ultimately died during a past war, but then, thanks to the glory of this ancestor of theirs, this family had always received great care from the Genetic Union. Thanks to this, they had numerous A-class warriors in the family and were also one of the important targets the ancient race had been paying attention to. This was the basic information pertaining to this family.

Naturally, all this was not sufficient to attract the attention of the ancient race. The only reason the ancient race had taken note of them was the ancestral blood essence that this family’s beyond-A-class ancestor had left behind. Every single drop of this blood essence was filled with the power of beyond. That was what the ancient race cared about.

The existence of this blood essence was something even the Genetic Union was unaware of. However, the ancient race was extremely clear on this. The several comparatively powerful families of humanity had indeed struck fear in the hearts of the ancient race members.

Chen Feng was amazed. “How did you guys find out about this?”
“Do you think that the ancient race has been wasting time all these years?” Qin Hai lamented. The other main mission of the Mysterious Organization was gathering information.

Chapter 508: The Theft of Results

All those assassinations, all that destruction, all these actions were the Mysterious Organization’s disguise. The actual reason they had hidden themselves all these years was to gather information. They were presently well aware of which human families were the powerful ones. Despite the fact that none of their spies were those truly powerful humans, these spies had still managed to gather a huge amount of information.

In fact, the ancient race had created a matrix to analyze the human families. Their strength, characteristics, loyalty, potential, and all other aspects, all these were studied. From these, the top 100 strongest human families were all listed in the ancient race’s matrix. Evidently, Man Junxi’s family was one of these 100 families. Their position was thanks to the drops of blood essence from their ancestor.

Qin  Hai  shrugged  as  he  explained,  “The  blood  essence  is something their ancestor left behind secretly to avoid being found out by the Genetic Union. Otherwise, with how the Genetic Union has always acted, these drops of blood essence might have ended up taken away by the Genetic Union long ago.” Chen Feng pondered. “That’s truly possible.” After all, even excavated treasures were something one was required to hand over to their home country. As such, with a simple excuse of “for the betterment of humanity,” one would be completely helpless against the demands of the Genetic Union. Thus, their act of hiding the existence of the blood essence was understandable.

If so…
Chen Feng studied the inside scoop about Man Junxi he’d received. Mhm… Man Junxi’s team had similarly pursued a route of trying to trigger the power of beyond in a human’s body. The only difference was that their attempts at triggering had been focused on the human body—the bloodline of humans, to be precise. Their aim was to trigger the appearance of the power of beyond through a blood mutation. If this direction was pursued with the assistance of the blood essence their ancestors had left behind…
Finally, Chen Feng thoroughly understood. “So that’s the case.” He expressed his gratitude toward Qin Hai. “Thanks.” “Not a problem.”  Qin Hai shook his head and was about to end the call when, suddenly, his gaze swept past the corner of the screen. “Yi? This guy looks familiar?”
“Mhm?” Chen Feng followed Qin Hai’s line of sight and noted that Qin Hai was talking about the old man’s test subject.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. “Familiar?” What was Qin Hai’s status nowadays? He was a beyond A class! A superexpert of the ancient race! Would a person he felt familiar be an ordinary person?

“Hold on.” Qin Hai did a quick search. “So, it’s him.”

The data was transmitted to Chen Feng. With a single look, Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. No wonder… Chen Feng was endlessly shocked. He looked at the data he had before looking at the test subject, and finally, he looked at the old man and said, “These lunatics!” They had gone crazy! The entire world had gone crazy! Chen Feng felt helpless. As he saw that the BC team’s person in charge had finished the preparations and was about to begin the demonstration, Chen Feng inhaled deeply before taking a step onto the stage.

“Before this, I have something to say.” Chen Feng finished his words calmly as everyone present blanked momentarily. The sole reason for this reaction was Chen Feng’s identity. Despite the fact that everyone present was a big shot of the Genetic Union, despite the fact that when it came to research, this head of the department here was already the top authority, when the person talking was Chen Feng, he had to listen. Why? Because this was Chen Feng.

Chen Feng, the person who had played the crucial role during the Star City battle, part of the Gene Production Association’s management, and an excellent producer with astonishingly high abilities in gene production. Just by standing there calmly, without any excessive action, nobody dared to neglect this Chen Feng.

“Please  do  say  what’s  in  your  mind,”   the  head  of  the department replied courteously. If in a moment of unhappiness, this Chen Feng fellow were to decide to stop cooperating with the Genetic Union, all their projects would be foiled. It was said that that Hou Liang fellow was extremely close with this Chen Feng. The opinion of a single   member   of   the   Gene   Production   Association’s
management still wouldn’t be much, but if two of them had an
opinion, the entirety of the Genetic Union would need to tread carefully.

“Do you guys not have the slightest idea at how difficult the completion of this Beyond X project is? Even if there was a miracle, what you are all seeing is not the type of miracle that would appear,” Chen Feng stated faintly. “I hope that all of you will not be deceived by the so-called result you are all seeing presently, thus resulting in some idiotic decision. An idiotic decision such as pursuing Man Junxi’s research direction as the main direction for this entire project.”

The moment he finished talking, everyone present was alarmed. If what Chen Feng had said earlier was merely an opinion, these final words of his were akin to a bombardment. 
“What do I mean?”  Chen Feng looked at Man Junxi coldly. “What I’m saying is the fact that your entire research was faked. From the expected result till the actual test result, everything was faked.”

Everyone erupted into an uproar. Fake? Even the head of the department’s expression became solemn as he heard this. He believed that Chen Feng would most definitely not utter something like this without any reason.

“What proof do you have?”
“Proof…” Suddenly, Chen Feng lowered his voice. “An example would be the blood essence left behind by your ancestor.” 
Instantly, Man Junxi’s expression paled.

“What  nonsense  are  you  uttering!?”   Man  Junxi  shouted forcefully, “No such thing exists!”
“Is there a need for this?”  Chen Feng stated calmly. “The reason they failed to detect any problems is because they were not specifically looking for it. Believe me when I tell you that by using the data of your ancestor, something will most definitely be found when your result is retested. For example, a familiar gene characteristic? Despite the fact that during the era of your ancestor, gene development was rather primitive, something like a gene record still exists. As long as the data of your ancestor is used to conduct a new round of inspections on your research result, something will most definitely be found.

“I heard that the identity verification system of your ancestral hall is set up using the blood essence of that ancestor of yours, right? This is to ensure that only his blood relatives can enter. Take a guess, if that data were taken and used to compare with the data of your test subject, what will we find? earlier that you have a success rate of 100%? If so, why not conduct several more such tests in the coming days, then? How many times can you continue conducting your tests? Can the blood essence your ancestor left behind be wasted in such a manner by you guys?”

Man Junxi slumped onto the ground. He knew that he was finished. At first, he had believed that Chen Feng had merely heard some rumors. Alas, since Chen Feng had even mentioned his ancestral hall and the way to verify it, what was the point in further arguments?


Everyone erupted into an uproar. The others were all dumbstruck as they heard this. Evidently, none of them had expected that Chen Feng was actually telling the truth. “You…” The head of the department was able to guess the truth from the reactions of Man Junxi and Man Junxi’s team. Chen Feng was indeed correct! This Man Junxi fellow that he had looked highly upon had actually tried to cheat his way through this! As he pondered it, if they had truly decided to set this team as the main team, how terrifying would the consequences have been? Since all his research results had been faked, this would cause the progress of their project to regress by several years. For the present humanity, this was
absolutely fatal. When that happened, he, as the head of the department…
Just thinking about the consequences sent a chill down the head’s spine.

The head’s eyes became cold. “Why? Do you not know that this will destroy humanity’s hope?”
Man Junxi muttered, “This is our one and only chance…  It has been way too long since our family last rose to power. If we were able to grab this opportunity, we would most definitely have been able to rise to power once again. As for the so-called destruction of humanity, that is not going to happen. Haha. As long as we succeed in taking the lead, having all the research teams combined under our lead, the progress of their research will all be ours anyway. At that time, we can totally start researching from scratch following all of their progress. With that, history would still have recorded us as the benefactor of humanity!”
Everyone sunk into silence. Despite the fact that what Man Junxi had said was indeed correct, their hearts still chilled. This guy… from the start, he had been planning to steal the results of others! Using such a method to fake an initial success before stealing the results of others? How hateful!

Chapter 509: You Dare Do This in Public?

As the people there looked at the Man Junxi that was laughing wildly, they knew that this guy had probably been overprovoked and was now insane. Under such intense provocation, this guy that was still rather young hadn’t been able to avoid going crazy.

The head waved his hand coldly. “Drag him out.”
Several people stepped out and dragged Man Junxi away. As for holding him accountable, nobody mentioned it. After all, something like this was not something a nobody like Man Junxi could decide upon, as even their ancestral blood essence had been used. The Genetic Union would most definitely deal with this.

The head thank Chen Feng solemnly. “Many thanks.”  If it wasn’t for Chen Feng, he would have been fooled. The other big shots present felt the same as well. Even now, there was still some lingering fear in their hearts.

Chen Feng beamed. “No worries.”
“I never expected that he was actually a cheater,” the old man lamented. Clearly, this opponent of Man Junxi earlier had chosen to lament the fate of Man Junxi. However, from his expression, a trace of hidden laughter could be seen. Rather than lamenting, he appeared to be taking joy in Man Junxi’s calamity. Now that Man Junxi was finished, all the resources would belong to their team.

Suddenly, Chen Feng looked at him. “What are you laughing at?”
“Ah?” The old man was dazed, as he had no idea why Chen Feng was suddenly targeting him. “I’m not laughing.”
Chen Feng looked at him faintly. “You were laughing secretly. I saw it. Are you thinking that since he’s finished, all the resources will be yours?” “Chen Feng, don’t push it with your bullying,” the old man warned. What was going on? As the others saw this, they started exchanging glances with rather dumbstruck expressions on their faces. Evidently, they had yet to react to this sudden confrontation. Could it be that Chen Feng had
some other proof? Could it be that this old man was suspected of cheating as well? They all pondered.

Chen Feng smiled. “So what if I’m bullying you? Would you believe that even if I killed you right here and right now, nobody would do anything to help you? Would you believe that even your family would keep their mouths shut?”
The old man’s eyes gleamed coldly. “You are courting death!” Having the qualification to stand here, he was obviously not an ordinary person.

“I am not kidding.” Chen Feng beamed. “I am Chen Feng! Part of the Gene Production Association’s management! Mhm… as such, even if I killed you, so what? I have contributed greatly to humanity. Even if I were guilty of killing you, my contributions are so great that nobody would dare touch me anyway, especially when the one I killed is someone without any backer like you.” Chen Feng sneered. “Since Man Junxi was caught cheating, his qualifications have been canceled. Now, for me, the only one blocking my path is you, old man. Therefore, if I directly killed you here, wouldn’t the person who would be the main person in charge of the Beyond X project be me?” Chen Feng smiled faintly.

The old man’s expression changed greatly. “You dare?”
Chen Feng sneered. “Why not?”

Light started shining suddenly. Astonishingly, Chen Feng had made his move directly. Combat power far surpassing an ordinary B-class warrior erupted. The moment Chen Feng made his move, he erupted with a super-powerful strength, with that old man as his target. Only now did the others react to this sudden change. The hell, this guy was really trying to kill the old man. He wasn’t trying to present any proof or expose the old man. Rather, he was blatantly trying to kill the old man. Just as what Chen Feng had mentioned earlier, he was indeed killing openly here. So what? What could anyone do about it?

The expressions of the others changed greatly. “Chen Feng, hold your hand!”
It was truly outside of everyone’s expectation that Chen Feng would do this. As such, even experts like them were not able to react in time. Only a single A-class warrior was able to react in the way of tossing out a single energy attack.


The attack was blocked en route by a baldy.

“He said that he wants to kill that old man,”  Xu Fei stated with a fierce expression. This fierce expression, when combined with that bald head of his, gave him a rather fiend- like appearance. It’s over! Everyone’s heart chilled. With Chen Feng making his move suddenly, who could stop him? This instant, time seemed to freeze. Everyone watched on with wide eyes as Chen Feng leaped abruptly, light swirling all over him. A set of Energy Equipment coalesced immediately on his body as he erupted with a powerful combat power before heading directly toward that old man.

This power demonstrated by Chen Feng had astonishingly reached the very peak of B class. Despite the fact that the old man was similarly a B class, facing this sudden attack from Chen Feng, he couldn’t react in time at all. After all, nobody had expected that Chen Feng would truly dare to attempt to kill someone here. In any case, even if he was able to react in time, he wasn’t strong enough to actually block Chen Feng’s attack. It was clear that there was a gap between his strength and Chen Feng’s strength.


The terrifying radiance surged in intensity. Everyone’s heart chilled. However, when they looked at the stage, they all blanked. Presently, in front of the old man, a person shrouded in gold energy was blocking Chen Feng’s attack. This was precisely the test subject of this old man earlier. He had actually blocked Chen Feng’s attack. Everyone was overjoyed. “Good!”
Chen Feng snorted. “Hmph.” Burst! Without hesitation, he punched out. With the full activation of his Energy Equipment, Chen Feng activated the strongest combat power he could activate normally, the peak of B class. He started battling the test subject.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Light swirled around and exploded without end. They appeared evenly matched. At this time, finally, the experts of the Genetic Union reacted and forced their battle to end.

The head was furious. “Chen Feng, what are you doing?”
Due to Chen Feng’s past contributions, they had always been extremely courteous toward him. Unexpectedly, this guy had actually done such a thing in public. It was too excessive! He was acting too wantonly! Chen Feng beamed. “I’m eliminating my opponents. Are my actions not clear enough?”
“You…” The head was infuriated. This was too excessive! For others, even if they wanted to play any tricks, they would do so secretly. Who would act openly in such a manner? Where was his face as an excellent producer, doing something like this?

The head inhaled as he asked, “What exactly do you want to do?”
Chen Feng shrugged. “Do I still need to say it? We will have to question our adorable test subject here. If I am correct, earlier, he was using the power of beyond B class when battling me, right?”

At this, everyone was alarmed. Wasn’t that right? As they thought about it, that guy had indeed erupted with the power of beyond B class in order to save the old man earlier. Only that would have enabled him to block Chen Feng’s surprise attack with a casual attack of his. Granted, he had concealed the beyond B class power immediately after. However, that familiar aura was something impossible to mask. That was precisely the power of beyond B class. Was this what Chen Feng had been aiming for all along?

The head looked at the both of them. “You all…”
The old man sneered. “Mhm, indeed, it’s the power of beyond B class. Our gene reagent does not only enable one to activate the power of beyond for several seconds at a time. Our gene reagent, with increased usage, is also capable of enabling one to gain more understanding of the power of beyond. The only reason this wasn’t recorded was because we had yet to verify that that is indeed the case.

“As  he  had  already  used  our  gene  reagent  during  tests numerous times, he is already very well versed with the power of beyond. As such, he is able to occasionally activate the power of beyond without the help of the gene reagent. He is not far away from fully comprehending the power of beyond B class.” So that was the case. Everyone was shaken as they heard this. If this was true, wasn’t this exactly what they had been after when initiating this Beyond X project?

“Can you truly activate the power of beyond occasionally without the gene reagent?” the head asked expectantly.

“Yes,” he replied with his hoarse voice.

As a proof, he tried activating the power, and once again, a golden flash flickered out. Beyond B class! Indeed! This was a true beyond B class without the help of any gene reagents. Everyone was overjoyed as they saw this. The final goal of the Beyond X project was to enable humanity to grasp the power of beyond. Now, the first success case was right before their eyes.

The head was excited. “Good, very good.” As he saw that Chen Feng was about to make another move, his eyes widened. “Chen  Feng,  don’t  act  recklessly.  From  now  onward,  he  is under the protection of the Genetic Union. You are absolutely not allowed to harm him.” As the first beyond B class in existence, that person was indeed worthy of their protection. “Moreover,  they  aren’t  exactly  without  any  backers  as  you imagined. For your own sake, do not act recklessly. Otherwise, you will bring harm to yourself,” the head warned. Despite the fact that he feared Chen Feng’s identity, he would not allow Chen Feng to act recklessly here.

Chen Feng wasn’t the least bothered. “What harm will this bring to me? Are you talking about the mysterious beyond-A- class warrior that was helping their family?”
The head gazed at Chen Feng inconceivably. “You are aware of that?” The hell, since he was aware that their family had been assisted by a beyond A class, why had he still dared to act recklessly?

“Of course I’m aware of that.” Chen Feng smiled playfully. “But then, that is merely a crippled beyond A class. What is there to be afraid of? Have you not heard that a fallen phoenix is lower than even a chicken?”
What? The head was alarmed. “Something happened to that beyond A class?”
Every single beyond A class in existence was akin to a precious treasure of humanity. Any mishap befalling any single beyond A class was an affair capable of shaking the entirety of humanity.

Chen Feng pointed behind him. “Of course. Since he has already transformed from beyond A class to beyond B class, isn’t he crippled?”
What? Everyone widened their eyes. Beyond A? The head was completely dumbfounded. Everyone looked in the direction Chen Feng was pointing. There, the B-class warrior that was also the test subject of the second team could be seen. Presently, his face was dreadfully ice cold. This person…had once been a beyond A class?

Chapter 510: Universality? What’s That?

Chen Feng started stating his data. “Yuan Fang, a beyond-A- class genetic warrior. At a young age, his mother passed and his father abandoned him. His foster father took him in, and after growing up, he demonstrated astonishing potential. From then on, he became the mysterious expert of a certain family. Am I right?”
Everyone present went into an uproar as they heard this. Everyone thought that this guy had to have gone crazy. When Chen Feng saw their expressions, he understood how they felt. That was because when he’d seen the information provided by Qin Hai, his first thought had also been that this guy had gone crazy.

It was no wonder that he was so well practiced with the power of beyond. That wasn’t something he had obtained from countless tests. Rather, that was because he was already beyond A class. That was why he was able to demonstrate the power of beyond in such a smooth manner, in such a flawless manner. That was because he was already a beyond A class. “What nonsense are you talking about?” the head asked while shuddering. Instinctively, he glanced at said genetic warrior, the test subject in question, and asked in a low voice, “He’s not telling the truth, right? He’s lying, right?”
The genetic warrior in question merely sighed as a response but did not say anything. His arrogance as a superexpert would not allow him to actually spout lies out of his mouth. This was the final dignity of his person. As the rest saw this, their hearts chilled as they reached the conclusion that this was indeed true. Crazy! The entire world had gone crazy!

Despite the importance of this Beyond X project, despite the historic significance of this project, before the research on the power of beyond succeeded, a beyond A class was still the strongest humanity had to offer. Essentially, this project had only been created to create more beyond A classes, yet here, people were sacrificing beyond A classes to conduct their research? They had never expected that something like this would happen. But now…
The head asked the same question everyone was wondering. “Why?” Suddenly, the old man shouted, “For humanity! Humanity is in a crisis. If we continue researching normally, we will require at least 10 years to succeed. Humanity can’t afford to wait this long. By sacrificing only a single beyond A class, we will be able to figure out what, exactly, the power of beyond A class entails
—what, exactly, the power of beyond B class is. This is the first beyond B class in existence. There is great significance in this research on him. He will lead humanity toward success. I only require a short amount of time to break through in my research. I am capable of creating history. Humanity will obtain a brand new future! Soon… I only need a little bit more time and I will most definitely be successful.” The old man was shouting crazily.

Chen Feng curled his lip. “What nonsense. Don’t put the label of humanity on your selfish desires. Hehe, obviously, you are doing this for the glory of having your name etched in the annals of history.”
“Even if that’s true, so what? There is no conflict between this and the goal of humanity! When both goals were laid before me, I knew that this was something I had to do!”  The old  man  appeared  deranged.  “Therefore,  when  he  returned with injuries, I drugged him to reduce his power level without him realizing it. In 10 short days, his level dropped to beyond B class. Haha…” The old man laughed crazily. As for Yuan Fang, he merely shut his eyes painfully.

He had initially believed that the battle that had given him his injuries was what had caused his strength to drop. But when his strength had continued dropping all the way to B class, it had become clear who the one that had harmed him was. It was the very foster father that had raised him.

Chen Feng sighed. “Indeed…” The only reason Qin Hai had felt that Yuan Fang was familiar was because when Qin Hai was leaving here after Chen Feng’s test on him previously, he had stumbled upon Yuan Fang, who was on his way home. Next, a huge battle had erupted between them. Clearly, Yuan Fang had not been willing to let this “ancient clan member” off. As such, the eruption of a huge battle had been inevitable. Qin Hai had already held back, yet Yuan Fang was, after all, not a weak person. It would not have been easy to escape from him. As such, ultimately, Yuan Fang had returned with injuries from the battle. When he’d reached his foster father’s place, it had turned out that his foster father was a demon-like person after all…
His foster father was also a mad researcher. At that moment, the senses of the injured Yuan Fang had dropped drastically. Taking advantage of that, what everyone saw had happened. Chen Feng had, like a little butterfly waving its wings, created a butterfly effect from inviting Qin Hai over that ultimately resulted in this happening to Yuan Fang, a beyond-A-class warrior.

Chen Feng recalled that when that had happened, his excess luck value was still being urged to do anything to ensure the success of this project? In short, his luck value had caused this, resulting in the creation of this perfect test subject, despite the extreme tendencies of that old man? No, all this must be a coincidence, Chen Feng convinced himself. What could one do when such a foster father existed?

“Take him,” the head stated angrily.

“No,  don’t  take  me,”  the  old  main  stated  in  a  flustered manner. He shouted frantically, “I never intended to harm Fang Er. He has only dropped to B class temporarily. As long as my research is completed, I will most definitely think of a way to recover his strength. I’m telling the truth. Fang Er, trust me. I will most definitely figure out a way to recover your strength.” To ensure the accuracy of his research, the gene reagent he’d fed Yuan Fang to drop his strength had a permanent effect. That had been the only way to ensure that he could research the power of beyond B class. Otherwise, if the B-class power drop had only been a temporary effect while Yuan Feng was
injured, with him still being a beyond A class, would there have been a point in using him as the test subject?

Everyone sighed. Was there a need for this? They looked at Yuan Fang and felt sad for him. This was a beyond-A-class warrior who had battled for humanity in the past. Now, due to such a matter, he had been plotted against by his own foster father. This was truly…
They all sighed and stared ahead, losing hope on his behalf. As a person abandoned by his biological father, he had cherished his relationship with his foster father more. As such, so long as it concerned the family of his foster father, he had provided any help he could. To help his foster father, he had strived to become stronger without stop. This firm belief was the very thing that had enabled him to ultimately become a beyond A class. Alas, he had never expected that even after becoming an all-powerful beyond A class, his foster father had ultimately still abandoned him. Once again, he had been abandoned! The atmosphere became dreadfully stifling. Everyone had a gloomy expression on their face. From great happiness to great sadness. Earlier, they had still believed that a beautiful future for humanity was within grasp, yet now, this seemed like it had been an illusion all along, an illusion that had been broken so
very easily. How lamentable, how sad. And now, a problem faced them: what to do with Yuan Fang?

Despite the fact that Yuan Fang as a person still had huge research value, with his status as a person who had once been a hero of humanity, who would actually dare take him as a test subject? People would be worried that this would result in all the other beyond-A-class warriors going on strike. At this moment, Yuan Fang stood and walked to a corner silently before sitting down, no longer raising his head. Everyone exchanged glances and did not dare disturb him.

“Start the third demonstration, then,”  the head muttered. Only now did everyone remember that there was still a third submission today. Once again, they prepared for the demonstration. As they took a look, they noted that the test subject this time was precisely the baldy who had blocked an A- class attack earlier. Hold on… If this fellow was capable of blocking an A-class attack, was he really a B class? The head started doubting. This wouldn’t be another fraud, right? He had obviously been shocked crazy today. Instinctively, he looked at Chen Feng. If this was a fraud as well, there was no point in continuing this demonstration.

“Please  check  the  fifth  row  on  the  first  page  of  the submission form,” Chen Feng stated dryly. The head and the others exchanged glances before looking over. Instantly, their eyes shone. That was because on that row, it was written that the main person in charge of this team was Chen Feng, and his research contribution was 80%.

Their eyes shone. “This is actually something researched by Chen Feng himself?” Despite Chen Feng’s tendencies to act in an unbridled manner, none here dared to look down on his production skills. After all, he was an excellent producer from the Gene Production Association.

The preparations were completed. “Begin.” The demonstration was, in fact, a rather simple process. Xu Fei merely swallowed down the gene reagent before transforming into a super saiyan. Active duration: one second.

“One second?”
The head was dazed momentarily before recalling how the three seconds and five seconds earlier had both been fraudulent. This one second they were seeing was instead the real deal. There was no excitement or any other emotions. Everyone merely looked at the data in silence.

After the great fluctuation in their mood earlier, now, they truly couldn’t feel any excitement anymore. Or perhaps, their feelings were already numbed by now.

Mhm, it was confirmed that the active duration was one second.

Mhm, it was confirmed that the condition of the test subject remained well. Mhm, it was confirmed that the power of beyond was triggered.

Everyone confirmed all the recorded data silently in an incomparably solemn manner. Next, with astonishment, they found out that almost everything recorded in the submission form was correct—flawless, even. This seemed somewhat similar to Yuan Fang’s fake record previously, but with a shorter active duration.

The head looked at Xu Fei in a somewhat worried manner. “This…”    This   fellow   obviously   possessed   extraordinary strength. Moreover, he appeared so very ferocious. He wouldn’t be yet another exploited person like Yuan Fang, right? Right at this instant, Chen Feng walked forth and stood silently in front of the data monitoring devices. Next, he took out a gold-colored gene reagent.

Everyone blanked. “What are you doing?” Gulp!

He swallowed the gene reagent down.


A gold radiance erupted. The power of beyond erupted, and instantly, the data on the screen went off the charts. Everyone widened their eyes.

Hold on… Only now did they notice an extremely frightening matter. “Your gene reagent, it works on everyone?”
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