The Strongest Gene Chapter 491-500

Chapter 491: The Apocalypse of the Devil Race

Chen Feng pointed at that thing. “So, what to do with this?”
Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Logically, as a part of the terrifying devil prince, this thing would definitely have a rather astonishing usage. Under normal conditions, this was something everyone would fight over. But… as it was that part of the body… Everyone sunk into silence.

Suddenly, the technician stated, “Let me take it away first?”

Uniformly, everyone looked at him with an odd gaze. This lad here was not straight after all…
“No, it’s not what you all are thinking.” The technician wiped away his sweat. “We can take this thing back to conduct more research on it. We might be able to obtain additional information on the royal clan of the devil race through this.”
Everyone else contemplated this. It was indeed quite important to obtain more information. The only reason they could have reached this point today was thanks to the research conducted on the black rain and the idea thought up by Chen Feng. This would most certainly bring their research into the devil race a large step forward. This was especially the case due to the fact that, from the battle today, they had obtained a huge amount of raw materials for their research.

There were still numerous bizarre devil race members stalking around, as well as that enigmatic devil prince that had yet to make an appearance, a prince that had been reduced to a eunuch now.

“When your research is done, we will transmit the data to all our classrooms.” “The act of countering the devil race will most definitely become an extremely important course among humanity, moving forward,” one of them stated.

As of now, this affair regarding this devil prince had reached a temporary end. After being in contemplation for a while, everyone was startled awake as the realization finally surfaced in their brain.

“So… we won?” someone stated suddenly.

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “We have won. In this Star City battle, we are victorious.”
Indeed, the devil race had been defeated. Their invasion and restoration plan had failed. All the reawakened devil race members at Star City had been killed. There was also a chance that the devil prince would never have a chance to appear again. The devil race had been defeated. As for that slimy pink senior apprentice sister, she had been pierced through by Wang Yao’s sword. As such, she was most probably dead. Despite the fact that Star City had still ended up destroyed, the ending was different from the “future”  Chen Feng had once glimpsed. At the very least, there hadn’t been many casualties among the gene producers and genetic warriors. This was the most important accomplishment.

Indeed, they had won!


They all cheered. Star City had been destroyed. Even the deputy president trio had had their clones destroyed. However, they had ultimately been victorious. All of them stared up at the sky.

At present moment, the sky above the entire world was still shrouded by a dense black. The only exception was this place, this piece of sky above Star City. When they looked up, a bright sunny sky welcomed them. “Report this to the superiors.”
“Decide on a date to rebuild Star City.”
“This very place is the first land purified of the devil race. In the future, this will also be the place where humanity is the strongest.”
At the same time, at a certain faraway location, a devil race leader that had reawakened not long ago was looking toward Star City in a daze. As it felt the aura of the royal clan, as it felt that royal aura that came to a halt while reawakening, suddenly, that devil race leader knelt down and started wailing.

“Your lowly servant awakened too late! The bloodline of the royal clan has actually ended at that place! Our countless years of hibernation were in exchange for such a conclusion?”
The cries of grief shook even the heavens. Countless mutated beasts nearly lost their mind in fear as they heard this mournful cry. The devil race leader was submerged in his sadness for a very long time. Casualties were something they could accept. War was something they could accept. The only thing they couldn’t accept was the fact that the formidable devil prince, the most able devil, the most attractive devil, the devil with the strongest bloodline, had actually been
transformed into a eunuch!

Why had this happened? This fateful day was also the day where the numerous devil race members worldwide felt their world collapsing upon them. The battle had ended. As the news about this battle spread outward, the entire world was in an uproar. Ancient race… devil race… For the very first time, the information about them was made public.

“So the black rain is because of the devil race?”
“How scary.”
“There’s also that ancient race…”
Everyone exclaimed endlessly. The two alien races that had appeared out of nowhere caused them all to feel panic. Despite the fact that humanity had long been looking for alien life- forms to the point that their search had even extended into outer space, they had never expected that the new life-forms would actually be found on this very planet. The strength of both races was sufficient to cause humanity to panic.

Humanity was especially alarmed when the participants of the Star City battle started spreading the news that even the weakest among the devil race was as strong as an A-class warrior, let alone the strength of the ancient race that had once scared the entire devil race into hibernation.
What of humanity, then? How many A-class warriors did humanity have? There were way too people who had trained their entire lives yet were still stuck below A class. As such, a lot of people started submitting applications for migration to a different planet. In this genetic era, the advancement of humanity’s technology had long touched the domain of outer space as well. However, before this, space travel had merely been utilized as a form of vacation.

As for actual outer-space migration, that was something humanity had never attempted. It was said that due to the appearance of the ancient race and devil race, several wealthy families had already exhausted trillions just to contribute to the research of spaceships, trying to complete the research as soon as possible. In this genetic era, with a sufficient expenditure, such a feat could very well be accomplished.

Air… Survival… So long as one had money, all these were things that could be made available.

Chen Feng rubbed his head as he read the latest news report. “Looks like this planet will lose a bunch of rich people soon enough.”
Hou Liang curled his lips. “That is inevitable. I have never expected them to actually contribute anything of substance anyway.”
Those rich people were merely trying to reduce the risk this new development would pose on them. Something like this had already been attempted 10 years ago. Back then, a certain big shot had been worried that the unknown regions of this planet would pose danger to humanity. Bringing around 1,000 genetic warriors capable of forming a natural energy ecosystem with him, they built a huge spaceship. With the spaceship, they entered outer space and started roaming the space. That particular spaceship was akin to an independent city in itself.

Due to the existence of gene energy in that ship, any form of living facility could be constructed within that spaceship. Presently, on that particular ship, the population had reached 100,000. That spaceship was akin to the Garden of Eden, a dreamlike place.

What these rich people were attempting was similar to what that big shot had done back then. As far as Chen Feng was concerned, these people were a tad bit too spineless.

Chen Feng curled his lip. “You called me here just to listen to this gossip?” The decision of those rich people was ultimately something completely irrelevant to people like him.

Moreover, was it a sure fact that humanity would be safe just because they escaped to outer space? If one day the devil race reached a point where they could enter outer space as well, those humans would still fail to escape the devil race. The optimal method of dealing with a threat was to eliminate the threat. “Of course not.” Hou Liang closed the gossip news on his screen and stated faintly, “This time, I am looking for you in relation to the start of a new project. This is a unique project started by both the Gene Production Association and the Genetic Union. Due to your unique identity, they are hopeful that you can take part in this project.”
Chen Feng was astonished. “Oh?” They had yet to deal with the follow-up of the Star City battle, and the new Star City had yet to be rebuilt, but they were already starting a new project?

“What project?” Chen Feng asked.

“A project that will enable humanity to contend against the devil  race  and  ancient  race.”  Hou  Liang’s  eyes  shone  as  he confidently stated, “If this project is completed, humanity will be strong enough to face the devil race and ancient race.”

Chapter 492: This Works?

“Oh?” Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He was too clear on how strong the devil race was. Just the first wave of their invaders had already been so strong that the weakest of them was A class. What of the remaining devil race members, then? Their years of hibernation had obviously been for the increase in their strength.

Similarly, the ancient race was not to be underestimated. It might seem like at present, three powers were counterbalancing each other on this planet, yet humans, who controlled the most territory, were instead the weakest of the three. The moment the ancient race decided to launch an invasion or the devil race completed their reawakening, humanity would be finished.

In this era where the majority of the top existences among humanity were A class or peak A-class warriors, humanity was way too weak compared to the ancient race and devil race. What was the plan mentioned by Hou Liang, then?

“Are  you  aware  of  the  classification  of  the  strongest existences among humanity at this time?”  Hou Liang asked suddenly.

“Yes,”  Chen Feng replied without hesitation. Presently, the majority of the strongest among humanity were still around A class. However, due to the difference in strength between those in the same class, different tiers were used.

For example, “beginner A class”  referred to those who had just entered A class, genetic warriors who yet to learn a secret art.

“A-class  expert”   referred  to  A-class  warriors  who  had mastered a secret art. Based on their initial strength and the strength of their secret art, there were further subdivisions among these experts.

“Peak A class” referred to the top existences among those in A class. Such was the current makeup of the top existences among humanity. These were also the main pillars of humanity. During the devil race invasion, the 30-plus warriors deployed by the Genetic Union had been in this category. All these people were collectively known as A class, the A class that the commoners knew of. “The so-called A class is merely a single stage,”  Hou Liang stated faintly. “As for the division of those within the class, it is rather simple. The present simplest method of division among A class is rather straightforward. The A-class experts I have encountered can be divided based on their strength into A1, A2, A3, and so on. This continues all the way until A9. For them, what’s important is to divide their strength into something simple and easy to understand.”
Chen Feng chuckled. “That’s true.”  He remembered clearly how he had once read on the learning forum that people once divided those in A class into several classifications, such as “void  into  truth,”  “reversal  of  the  laws,”  “endless  energy,” “descent of Heaven and Earth,” and numerous other different classifications. There had been even more detailed descriptions on top of all those. Chen Feng had indeed once studied them in detail, yet he had already forgotten all of them.

Who could actually be bothered with remembering all those complicated classifications? Even though this was the first time he had heard of the classification of A1 through A9, he already felt that this method was so much better. “Naturally, none of that is important.” Hou Liang raised his brow slightly and asked, “Do you know about those surpassing A class?”
“Surpassing A class?”  Instantly, Chen Feng’s heart became solemn.   “Peak   A   class”    referred   to   those   who   were theoretically the strongest in A class. In truth, there were still existences above A class. These were the people who had stepped past A class, transforming into an even stronger existence. These were known as “beyond A class.”
“I  have  seen  them,  once,”   Chen  Feng  stated  without hesitation. “I am aware of the existence of these people beyond A class.”
Hou Liang heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s good that you are already aware of them.” Since Chen Feng was already aware of this, he would not need to explain as much. “Those beyond A class  are  in  fact  extremely  unique  existences.”   Hou  Liang continued with a solemn expression, “In the beginning, when humans reached the theorized bottleneck of A class, they noted that regardless of what they tried, they were incapable of breaking through A class. At that point, A class seemed like the limit of humanity. However, those people were not willing to stop there. As such, they tried using other methods to increase their strength. And with that, those beyond A class were born. As for the S class in the legends, that was nothing more than a legend. Not a single person actually reached that level.”
Chen Feng widened his eyes. “S class does not exist?” He had initially believed that after “beyond A class,” there would be S class, SS class, SSS class, and so on.

Hou Liang shook his head. “Nope. Humans are different than the devil race. The life span of a human is limited. As such, we do not have the luxury of time to research this aspect indefinitely. Even the appearance of ‘beyond A class’ was the result of much research by countless seniors.”
“Oh. Let me note this down.” Chen Feng was rather confused. So, the top of humanity was A class. S class did not exist. Those big shots that had been stuck at peak A class had ultimately transcended A class through their research, becoming  existences  known  as  “beyond  A  class.”  That  was what enabled their dramatic increase in strength, completing their search for a brand new realm after A class. Chen Feng raised his hand. “I have a question.”
Hou Liang looked at him. “Say it.”
“I have once witnessed the strength of a person beyond A class. That is a strength much stronger than an A class. Why not classify that as S class, then?” Chen Feng felt doubtful. In essence, beyond A class was also a new realm. Wasn’t that the same as S class, then?

Hou Liang shook his head. “Naturally, that’s not the case. Have you forgotten what the main point of breaking through each class from F to A is?”
“Main point…” Instantly, Chen Feng was startled awake. “Gene!”
“Correct. Gene.” Hou Liang sighed. “The fusion with a gene is the roots of a breakthrough.” Chen Feng came to a realization as he heard this. It was no wonder that the newly discovered realm was not classified as S class. That was because from F class to A class, each breakthrough enabled a genetic warrior to fuse with a brand new gene, enabling said genetic warrior to undergo a
transformation. Why was the difference between genetic warriors of different classes larger the higher their level was? That was because of the additional genes the higher-level genetic warriors had. Even between those with three and four genes, the difference was extremely large. Toward the end, when one possessed four or five additional genes, the gap
between them was even larger.

Gene fusion was in fact an extremely mysterious and abstruse affair. As for the so-called A class, that was a fusion with six different genes. Since they had yet to discover a method of fusing with the seventh gene, S class would forever remain a legend.

Hou Liang’s expression dimmed. “The limits of humanity. The Genetic Union and Gene Production Association have never stopped their research in this aspect. Alas, after countless years, there have still been no new breakthroughs in the research. Our equipment runs hundreds of millions of calculations on a daily basis, yet all our research has yet to bear fruit to anything thus far. S class still remains a legend.” So that’s the truth of things. Now Chen Feng finally understood everything. “What is the goal of this new project then?” Chen Feng was suddenly excited. Had they gotten some clues to the breakthrough toward S class? If so…
Hou Liang shook his head. “This project is unrelated to S class. The focus of this project is ‘beyond A class’.”
“Mhm?” Chen Feng widened his eyes. Beyond A class? Wasn’t that a completed research? What more was there to research, then?

Suddenly, Hou Liang asked, “Do you have any idea what exactly ‘beyond A class’ is?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “Nope.” For him, even beyond A class was something out of the legends. The only thing he knew was that a person beyond A class was so much stronger than an A class. They were in completely different leagues.

“The key to going beyond A class is to be beyond A class,” Hou Liang stated with a solemn expression. Chen Feng: “…” Are you bullshitting me?

“Those not beyond A class will remain in A class.”
Chen Feng: “…” Are you bullshitting me again?

“Therefore…” Slowly, Hou Liang continued, “The goal of this project, apart from beyond A class, is to try to generalize the concept of ‘beyond’ in the beyond A class. Our goal is to allow every single class to reach the realm called ‘beyond.’ For example, beyond B class, beyond C class, or beyond D class.”

Chen Feng’s heart jolted furiously. Was this possible?

Chapter 493: Beyond X!

Everywhere around the world, the black rain was slowly stopping. More and more places became sunny and cloudless. Under the assistance of the Gene Production Association’s branches worldwide, huge air purifiers were produced to filter out all the devil race energies contained in the soil beneath each city after setting the soil on fire. With this, no devil race energy remained within the territories of humanity.

This was an extremely important achievement. With this, the cities of humanity were once again safe. The devil race had seemingly noticed this as well. As such, the endless black rain vanished from human territories not long after. With the devil race energy burnt before being filtered out, the hibernating devil race members no longer existed. As such, apart from exhausting the resources of the devil race, the black rain was now pointless.

Once again, the sky became sunny and clear. On the contrary, the black rain in the unknown regions was even heavier than before. “The  devil  race  has  shifted  their  focus  to  the  unknown regions.”
“That’s  for  sure.  After  all,  those  places  used  to  be  their territory back then.”
“I suppose the world will not be a peaceful place anymore…”
“Devil race, ancient race…  From the moment the darkness started descending, peace ceased existing.”
In a certain unknown region, amid the heavy rain, a certain terrifying devil race expert had awakened. Its entire body was filled with numerous tentacles, and a ferocious aura was leaking out of its eyes. This was a devil race member that had awakened from the soil the black rain had fallen on.

“Haha, finally, I, Kreir Maastricht, am…” Bang!

Suddenly, a terrifying power surged.

Before this freshly awakened devil race member was able to rearrange its thoughts, a huge palm could be felt pressing upon its body. Next, a terrifying power descended and pushed it back forcefully.

“No, I refuse! I am the great Krier Maastricht…”
That place recovered its previous tranquility. It was rather awkward for this great devil race expert to be pushed back the moment it was reawakened. Presently, the owner of that huge palm merely clapped his hands as his real appearance was revealed. A toying smile appeared on his face. “What a naughty fellow.”
Light started swirling on the ground. Only a crystal remained of the devil race member that had been forcefully pushed back. This crystal was also the main target of this person.

He clenched the crystal in his hand. “Finally, I have obtained it…”
A faint energy undulated out. A familiar power could be felt.

“The future of humanity will depend on you…” he muttered. Slowly, he vanished amid the darkness. A similar event was playing out at numerous locations within the unknown regions. Evidently, only a small portion of the Genetic Union’s manpower was deployed to Star City. Their true experts all had their own missions.

Of these devil race experts that were being forcefully pushed back the moment they reawakened, each of them was beyond A class. If any of them were allowed to fully awaken, a huge calamity would ensue. The moment they were allowed to join hands, humanity would be in grave danger. As they were forced to deal with this, the manpower the Genetic Union could spare to be sent toward Star City was truly rather limited.

Amid the darkness, one devil race member after another perished. Before their full awakening, they were already dead. This restoration had been planned back then using the lives of their commoners as the sacrifice, yet now, during their moment of awakening, they were all forced back, forced to true death.

Presently, Chen Feng was still researching the difference between B class and beyond B class. This was also the first time he had seen one of the crystals the Genetic Union experts had been gathering. The entire laboratory was filled with a radiance that caused one to feel flustered. In addition, there was also a power that felt so very familiar.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “This is the main research target?” Hou Liang had already given him an introduction to the entire project.  The  project  was  codenamed  “Beyond  X”   with  X signifying all classes of genetic warriors. This also signified that this was a project allowing all genetic warriors to reach this stage called “beyond,” regardless of their level. This was an extremely important project for humanity.

As of now, based on what Hou Liang had told him, everyone was still breaking through by brute force. During the preceding periods, everyone’s understanding of this concept called “beyond” had been rather superficial. As such, they had believed that this was a mere formidable power belonging to those that had surpassed A class, those who had gone beyond A class. As such, this state had been named beyond.

Based on the classifications for A class, after going up from A1 to A9, one could then concentrate on surpassing A class, entering the realm of beyond A class. Such a method of obtaining the power of beyond was rather brutish and idiotic. Now, due to the appearance of the devil race, these crystals had appeared as well.

That changed everything. The moment this project succeeded, the entirety of humanity would transform as a whole. This would be a true transformation. Theoretically, the existence of this stage called beyond could allow one to be as strong as someone a level higher. For example, those beyond B class would be equivalent to the present A class. Those beyond C class would be equivalent to the present B class.

Even so, this was a mere superficial benefit. One ought to remember that this would bring about a beneficial cycle toward humanity. For example, the gene tempering process genetic warriors underwent by killing mutated beasts. Due to the strength of the mutated beasts, humanity had always been extremely prudent when doing so.

But now, if this project succeeded, a beyond D class could easily kill a D-class mutated beast. The act would be as easy as someone drinking water. This would enable that genetic warrior to charge straight to C class within a short period of time. After achieving beyond C class, the subsequent breakthrough would also be very simple for this warrior. This project would enable the process of strengthening genetic warriors to become a process of farming mutated beasts.

And the moment humanity could accomplish this, would reaching A class be something really hard? Even those beyond A class would probably appear frequently enough. Granted, new beyond-A-class warriors that would appear through this method might be lacking in terms of combat experience. However, no matter what, a beyond A class was still a beyond A class.

Chen Feng looked at the crystal before him like he was looking at some precious treasure. It was precisely the familiar aura emanating from these crystals that had caused those beyond-A-class experts to send these back for research.

“The Genetic Union has already started their research. So far, there has been no progress. After all, when it comes to research, they are not as good as us. The Gene Production Association has already deployed someone over to assist them yet there has still been no headway. After all, our existing system of research was already too large and was already rotten with bureaucracy. As such…” Hou Liang shrugged. “We have decided to establish more than 10 mini teams to conduct their research independently. Each team will research in a certain specific direction, threading their own path. The teams that obtain progress will be rewarded based on their results as a form of encouragement. Only with this can everyone’s potential be forced out,” Hou Liang explained. Chen Feng understood his point and did not find it surprising.

Chen Feng recalled how, in his previous life, a certain battle royale game had become excessively popular. Stimulated by the success of that particular game, numerous other game development companies had started developing similar games, and shortly after, a huge number of such games had appeared. Even a certain company called Tencent, who had managed to obtain the original rights for the game, had released several similar games on top of what they had to encourage internal competition within the company. Why was that? Well, only through competition could one’s potential be forced out.

Chen Feng looked at Hou Liang. “What if everyone fails?” Separating all the researchers might not prove beneficial.

“All the teams are taking different directions in their research. Moreover, each of the teams has different specialties as well. As such, even if all of them fail, by combining the results of all the teams, we will still obtain a huge breakthrough,”  Hou  Liang  explained  in  an  extremely  well- practiced manner. Evidently, this was not the first time he had done something like this.

“Which team will I be in, then?” Chen Feng asked.

“Oh.” Hou Liang paused before calmly stating, “You know what? I personally think that you are too amazing. As such, you can handle the task of an entire team all by yourself.”
Instantly, Chen Feng stopped walking.

“In short…you failed to recruit even a single researcher for my team?

Chapter 494: I Can Recruit Anyone I Want?

Sh*t. Chen Feng felt like he’d been scammed. What team project and competition… Had anyone seen a team project where there was only one person in the entire team? Chen Feng did not believe that he would be able to completely research the power of beyond just by himself. This did not seem like something Luck Aura would be able to do. At the very least, he needed to know clearly what exactly beyond A class was before he could proceed with his research, right? Right now, he did not even have a single team member. Chen Feng rubbed his head.

“Oh. The available participants have all been grabbed by other teams.”  Hou Liang felt somewhat awkward. “There are only so many beyond-A-class warriors in the Genetic Union. As for talented researchers, there are also only so many of them. As such, all of them were recruited by the different teams in a short period of time. This project for you is one I have provided special authorization. As such, your project is different from the other teams, and thus you have also started later than the other teams. But you don’t have to worry; I managed to obtain one unique privilege for you.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone as he heard this. “Oh?”
Hou Liang patted his chest. “You can recruit your team members yourself!”
Instantly, Chen Feng’s expression darkened. Who was there to recruit? All the beyond-A-class experts and talented researchers had already been selected by other teams. Where should he go recruiting, then?

“I’m not doing this!” The annoyed Chen Feng decided to just toss all responsibilities away and start leaving.

Hou  Liang  pulled  at  him.  “Please  don’t.  The  future  of humanity requires you.”
Chen Feng stared at him coldly.

“The Gene Production Association requires you.” Chen Feng still continued staring at him coldly.

“I require you,” Hou Liang stated bashfully.

Chen Feng gave him a cold look before turning around to leave.

“You will be given access to the entire formula warehouse,” Hou Liang stated with a bitter smile.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “And?” If Hou Liang had mentioned this from the start, wouldn’t this have been settled by now?

Hou Liang sighed. “You will also be given full access to the gene bank.”
He was aware that by granting these two authorities to Chen Feng, it was almost the same thing as granting Chen Feng control over the entire Gene Production Association, granting him control over all their resources.

“However, there must be some results in your research.” Hou Liang’s head ached. He was also under tremendous pressure.

Chen Feng shrugged. “Don’t worry. As long as it’s true that I can recruit my team members as I wish, I will be able to do it.”
“There’s no problem with that,”  Hou Liang confirmed. “As long as it’s helpful to the research, you can recruit anyone.”
Chen Feng smiled toyingly. “Anyone?”

Hou Liang felt his hairs stand on end as he looked at Chen Feng’s expression. However, after putting some thought into it, he reasoned that this was still the Genetic Union headquarters. As such, Chen Feng shouldn’t be able to mess around too much here.

“Yes!” Hou Liang confirmed with a wave of his hand.

“Very good.” Chen Feng was very pleased. One day later, Hou Liang had already left Chen Feng to get busy with other matters. As for Chen Feng, he had already gotten started with the preparations for the research he was about to conduct. His first test subject was also contacted and was already here. However, this test subject had been maintaining an odd expression on his face all the while.

He stared at Chen Feng helplessly. “Is this proper?”
Chen  Feng  curled  his  lips.  “What’s  improper  about  this? Since Old Hou didn’t recruit anyone for me, I shall recruit my team members as I wish.”
“But…” That person pointed at the blazing alarm and smiled bitterly. “The entirety of the Genetic Union’s alarm system is blazing without stop.” After all, his present identity was already different. This was especially true due to that black diamond shining on his forehead. That faint radiance served as an indicator of his present identity, a member of the ancient race. This person was precisely Qin Hai.

To resist the invasion of the ancient race, the Genetic Union had long installed numerous defensive mechanisms. So long as the aura of an ancient race member was detected, the alarm would start blazing. Therefore, Qin Hai’s appearance here had… mhm… triggered the entirety of the Genetic Union.

“Holy shit, there’s really an ancient race member here?”
“The detectors can’t be wrong. An ancient race member has indeed appeared in our headquarters.”
“This is too scary.”
“Have the exact coordinates been located?” “Nope. This particular ancient race member is too unusual, too mysterious.”
“We have already requested reinforcements. I suppose the true experts will show up soon enough.”
“Stop all projects for now. Everyone, be on full alert.”
“All right.”
A chaotic mess of sounds could be heard without stop. The entirety of the Genetic Union had been thoroughly provoked. Almost all their A-class warriors were mobilized, and the only thing lacking to complement such huge mobilization was the destruction of their own headquarters.

“…” Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng, who had an innocent expression on his face. Qin Hai had only arrived here after receiving a message from Chen Feng. As such, the fault for this should not lie on him.

Qin Hai spread his hands. “What about what’s happening out there…”
“Ignore them. Nobody dares to intrude here anyway,” Chen Feng stated calmly.


After finishing his words, he started taking out numerous gathering devices to gather the energy in Qin Hai’s body. Qin Hai could only spread his hands helplessly and allow Chen Feng to do as he wished.

“Open your cloth wider. Yes, yes, correct.” Chen Feng studied the energy that was appearing in the gathering devices. The color of the gathered energy was black, a rather unusual color. “My energy should be somewhat different than other beyond-A-class warriors,” Qin Hai stated with a bitter smile. He had an idea of what Chen Feng was trying to do. If the goal was beyond A class, using him as a test subject would be rather unreliable even though he was also a beyond-A-class warrior.

Chen Feng shrugged. “I know, but you are the only one I can look for.”
Qin Hai raised his brow as he asked, “What about your girl?” If he recalled correctly, Wang Yao had broken through into beyond A class not long ago, right? After all, his senior apprentice sister’s residence had been attacked precisely by this young lady alone. That attack had even resulted in countless casualties. Even his senior apprentice sister had been killed during that attack. If it hadn’t been for his master making a move personally to restore her and fishing her out from the past, she would have been gone forever. As such, Wang Yao’s strength had most definitely reached beyond A class.

“I already sent a message to her. Alas, I have not gotten a reply from her.” Chen Feng was somewhat worried about her. After the Star City battle, there had not been any news from Wang Yao. If he hadn’t known about what she had done from Qin Hai, he would have thought that something had happened to Wang Yao. Since the senior apprentice sister had been killed, what of Wang Yao, then? Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled something. “Could it be that your master…”
“Nope.”  Qin Hai shook his head. “By the time my master returned, their battle had already ended. I remember that Wang Yao had already left by that time. Hold on, let me check for you.”
Qin Hai contacted his senior apprentice sister while Chen Feng got out of the detection range of Qin Hai’s communication tool.


A screen popped out. Soon, Qin Hai’s call went through. On his screen, that slimy ancient race senior apprentice sister appeared. She was indeed alive. Chen Feng was alarmed. That old man was the Sage from back then? Qin Hai’s master… that fellow was truly capable of resurrection? However, as Chen Feng recalled how that old man’s daughter, who was also the wife of Lu Hun and the one who had previously worshipped Chen Feng, had also tried resurrecting Chen Feng, he found the fact that the old man was capable of resurrection acceptable. That was the power of time. A power
that, apart from that old man, his daughter also possessed.

“Senior  apprentice  sister,  how  are  you?”   Qin  Hai  asked sincerely.

The  ancient  race  female  snorted.  “Hmph!  Even  you  have heard of it?”
“Mhm…” Qin Hai expressed his anxiousness and asked, “Are you fine? How did a human manage to get there?”
“I was tricked,” the ancient race female stated coldly. “I was tricked by that damnable human called Chen Feng. That is why a beyond-A-class human managed to follow my trail to where I was staying. However… hmph. This is something I will repay her sooner or later. That person called Chen Feng and that damnable little girl, I heard that Lu Hun has encountered that Chen Feng guy before as well. I was just about to go ask about him.” As she finished her words, the ancient race female stood up.

Qin Hai took this opportunity to ask, “Little girl? The one who defeated you was a little girl? Where is she now? Let me help you capture her.”
The ancient race female shook her head. “I have no idea. I suppose she left long ago.”
“Oh.” Qin Hai put out an expression of extreme disappointment. Next, he glanced at Chen Feng. Chen Feng nodded at him. Since Wang Yao had managed to leave, she should be fine. “All right then. Senior apprentice sister…” Qin Hai nodded his head. Just as he was about to say something, his eyes suddenly widened. Unbelieving, he stared at his screen with a dumbfounded expression.

A mournful scream resounded. “Ah—” This mournful scream of that ancient race female appeared so very tragic. Even Chen Feng by the side was shocked.

The voice seething with extreme hatred of the ancient race female resounded. “It’s you!”

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai’s stupefied expression before listening to the voice of that ancient race female. Suddenly, he thought of a single possibility. With a single wide stride, he walked to the front of the screen. On the screen, it could be seen that, presently, the ancient race female couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the screen. That was because, once again, a huge flaming sword could be seen protruding from her chest. The person who had stabbed her was precisely Wang Yao!!!

“Hi. Long time no see.” Wang Yao smiled lightly, and in a low voice, she said, “I have waited a long time for you, yo.” “I find resurrected people particularly annoying. I promised him that I will kill you. Therefore…goodbye,” Wang Yao said.


The body of the ancient race female was pierced through.

The ancient race female fixed her gaze on Wang Yao. “You won’t be able to kill me for real…”
As far as the ancient race female was concerned, this little girl wasn’t truly strong. If the ancient race female was in her peak condition, this little girl could be killed very easily. But now, due to the forceful descent of her main body to her clone, she had been damaged badly, resulting in a drop in her strength. This had given the little girl a chance to take advantage of her momentary weakness. And now, even after her resurrection, she had yet to recover her full strength, and just like that, she was killed yet again by this little girl.

“Wait for me! When I return once again…” The ancient race female was filled with hatred. How could she not feel hateful after being killed two times in a row by this little girl that was far weaker than her peak strength?

Wang Yao smiled lightly. “You won’t be able to return anymore. Although I do not have power over time, I am ultimately a person who went through transmigration before. When the time imprint of a person’s existence is erased…”
Wang Yao slapped her palm on the ancient race female’s forehead. “You will be eternally erased.”
“You…” The ancient race female gazed at this little girl blankly before collapsing loudly onto the ground.

Pa! The communication tool was broken after the fall, causing the scene on the screen to vanish instantly.

Chapter 495: Are You Interested in Doing Some Tests?



The two exchanged glances and looked at each other in dismay. Qin Hai had merely intended to call his senior apprentice sister to obtain some information; he had not expected to be presented with such a scene.

Qin  Hai  rubbed  his  head.  “Your  girl  is  so  ferocious?” Suddenly, he felt like him being undercover among the ancient race was an extremely dangerous act, as he might randomly be killed by this little girlfriend of Chen Feng’s at any time.

“Oh.” Chen Feng was incredibly surprised as well. The only thing he had known was that Wang Yao had gone beyond A class, nothing more. Suddenly, Chen Feng’s communication tool buzzed. He glanced at it and saw a simple reply from Wang Yao: Target dead, preparing to return. Please do send me the coordinates. After pondering it over, Chen Feng sent the coordinates over to her. As Qin Hai saw this, his mouth twitched. After all, he was extremely fearful of this young lady.

“Since you are already done gathering energy, I will leave first,” Qin Hai stated with a low voice.

Chen Feng was surprised. “You don’t want to meet her?”
Qin hai shook his head. “With my current identity, it’s better to  not  meet  her.”   The  more  people  that  knew  about  his identity, the more troublesome things would become.

Chen Feng nodded. “Fine.” Turning into a flash, Qin Hai left noiselessly. Only now did the big shots of the Genetic Union sense the aura of the ancient race slowly vanishing.

“He left?” “I can still feel the remains of the ancient race member’s aura here. Damn it.”
“In short, that fellow took a stroll in here before leaving without anyone even discovering him? Or perhaps he completed his mission here?”
“Quick, check if we lost anything.”


Their scanning devices beeped without stop. All the employees started a crazy round of inspections, with the inspections being especially strict on their core secrets. Alas, surprising them, nothing was lost. What exactly had that mysterious and powerful ancient race member been trying to do? “Have the reinforcement arrived?”
“The deputy president will arrive soon.”
“All right.”
“Maintain full alert. We can’t allow anyone else to sneak in anymore. Even the area five kilometers around our headquarters must be fully monitored as well. Nobody must be allowed entry, you hear me?”
The entire Genetic Union became frantically busy. The sudden arrival of that ancient race member had alarmed everyone present. Since he could come so easily, if he was actually planning to destroy this place…
Shortly after, the deputy president arrived in a rush. “Where’s the enemy?”
“Take me over to the remnants of his aura.”
“All right.”
Through the remnant aura in the air, the deputy president confirmed that the enemy had already departed. Just as everyone was about to heave a sigh of relief…
Di— Once again, the alarm blazed crazily.

Enemy attack!

On the screen of their sensor, a huge matrix was being formed. From the screen, it was concluded that this time, it wasn’t the ancient race or the devil race. Rather, it was a human, a person in the legendary beyond-A-class realm. As for the position that the person had appeared at…
Chen Feng! Instantly, all their expressions changed greatly. During the Star City battle, the contributions of Chen Feng alone had surpassed everyone else. Furthermore, as an excellent producer of the Gene Production Association, he was also one whose knowledge of gene productions far surpassed others. As such, he would be extremely helpful in their future research. Had those damnable enemies noticed the existence of such a person?

Damn it! Wasn’t the defense here too weak, then? When had their headquarters become like a public transportation vehicle, one where anyone could enter whenever they desired? The deputy president raged. “Go!” They rushed over hurriedly. They could not allow anything to happen to Chen Feng, not here.


Instantly, the door of Chen Feng’s laboratory was kicked open. The reinforced door capable of resisting an A-class attack was deformed by the deputy president. After kicking the door, they saw that a red streak was rushing toward Chen Feng at a high speed.

Everyone’s expression changed greatly.


A weapon coalesced in the deputy president’s hand. Instantly, a powerful killing move was formed as it slammed through the void to slash at that red streak. Ka! Ka!

Space cracked and the beyond-A-class power of the deputy president bloomed. Back then, during the Star City battle, he had been unable to go personally and had only been able to send his clone over. Due to that, the entire war had almost ended in a disaster. This time, he would not allow such a mistake. As he thought of this, he pushed his power to the maximum. Activating his trump card, his speed surged.

Before the red streak could even reach Chen Feng, the deputy president arrived before him. Under his super fast movement speed, everything around him seemed so slow. Next, he saw an extremely awkward scene.

Mhm… that red streak seemed to be a young lady? Eh? On her face was a smile, both her hands were outstretched as she was pouncing into Chen Feng’s embrace. Due to her fast movement speed, it had been misconstrued as an attack.

Mhm… As he looked at her face, suddenly the deputy president recalled the identity of this young lady. As he looked at her flabbergasted expression, the deputy president felt incomparably awkward.


He forced himself to stop.


A huge force seemed to be rampaging within his body due to his abrupt stop. After the forceful stop of his power that had forcefully erupted earlier, he suffered a certain degree of backlash. Next, he stared blankly as the young lady landed within Chen Feng’s embrace. Mhm… both of them were hugging each other now.

“You are back.” Chen Feng immersed himself in the warmth that he hadn’t felt for a while in his embrace. Next, he looked at those fellows that had appeared abruptly out of nowhere. “What are you guys doing here?” Everyone else: “…”
Deputy president: “…”
They exchanged glances, not knowing what to say. In short, they had hurried over just to witness this scene?

“We sensed the aura of a superexpert…”
“There   must   have   been   a   mistake,”    someone   stated awkwardly.

“Ah.” Suddenly, Wang Yao came to a realization as she stated in a low voice, “Sorry, I have been careless. I have grown used to moving in such manner and forgot that this is the headquarters of the Genetic Union.”
The rest waved their hands without stop. “Don’t worry about it.” This was a misunderstanding, after all. However, shortly afterward, they all stopped. Hold on… “Sorry”? In short, this young lady was the superexpert?

They all widened their eyes. “You…”

A flaming sword appeared in Wang Yao’s hand. “Do you remember now?” Wang Yao asked with a gentle laugh.

Suddenly, all their hearts jolted furiously. This aura…
The flaming sword that had appeared suddenly during the Star City battle to kill that formidable ancient race female was the sword of this young lady? Chen Feng’s girlfriend? Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Let’s go.” The deputy president led everyone to leave awkwardly. If it was this lady Wang Yao, there shouldn’t be any problems. With her by Chen Feng’s side, not many people could actually hurt Chen Feng anyway. But then… even now, the flush on the deputy president’s face still remained. This was too
embarrassing! Chen Feng was somewhat speechless as he looked at the departing genetic warriors. His head lowered to look at the Wang Yao, who was embracing him silently. Instantly, he chuckled.

Chen Feng poked her head. “Do you think I can’t see that you did this on purpose?”
“Mhm.” Wang Yao rubbed her face against Chen Feng’s chest before shifting her body into a more comfortable posture to continue the embrace. She stated in a low voice, “I want everyone to know that you belong to me…”
“Ah.” A warm current surfaced in Chen Feng’s heart. With this, the sense of unfamiliarity due to them not meeting for a long time vanished. Wang Yao was still the same Wang Yao. He rubbed her head and asked with a smile, “Are you interested in doing some tests in regards to the human body?” Wang Yao blinked. “Eh?”

Chapter 496: What Is Beyond?

Beyond, a mystical power, a power that had not left much of a profound impression on Chen Feng all this while. After all, as far as he was concerned, this was a mysterious power belonging to those above A class.

Characteristic? Definition? Origin? Chen Feng had no idea about any of these. Only after extracting two different versions of such power from Qin Hai and Wang Yao did Chen Feng gain understanding on this so-called “beyond.”
“So… this is what ‘beyond’ is.”
Both Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Beyond was equivalent to the transformation of power. For an A class, when the A-class power overflowed, when their body, the acting vessel, was no longer capable of storing any excess A-class power, by going beyond the class, they would undergo a qualitative change of sorts. That would enable this A-class vessel to store even greater amounts of power. That was precisely what beyond A class entailed. It was the process of transforming one’s body for the second time in the same class. “Compression?”
This was the first thought that surfaced in Chen Feng’s mind. Under normal circumstances, compressed power would be even more powerful, and the storage capacity would increase as well. However, compressed power would normally be extremely unstable as well. Normally, one’s power would only be compressed for a moment of eruption, for a burst of power. But now, for this concept called beyond, it was a concept that would alter the origin of the power itself.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone brightly. “For this, the structural makeup of the power itself is changed as well. This is not compression; rather, this is an altering of the structural makeup.”
The energy of a person was essentially similar in nature despite the person’s advancement from F class to A class. As an example, if the limit of a human’s body was a huge room, the F class of this room would be equivalent to a thin layer of gaseous substance that hovered on the floor of this room. Moreover, the amount of the gaseous substance would be rather low as well. As for E class, it would be equivalent to an increase in the stored gaseous substance. Due to the increase in quantity, the assembled gaseous substance would have a higher concentration. As such, apart from quantity, the quality itself would be improved as well. As for the subsequent classes, the same concept applied. Slowly, the gaseous substance in the room would increase in quantity. The initial thin gaseous substance would become more and more concentrated as its quantity grew. This would continue until A class.

The highest capacity this room could contain was the maximum amount of A class. The quantity and concentration of the gaseous substance, which represented the energy of a genetic warrior, would also have reached its peak. At this point, this room would no longer be capable of storing anything more. This was the so-called peak A class. This was also the current peak of humanity.

Next, with numerous secret arts and unique abilities, the energy might undergo compression, modification, or release through some unique methods. If so, what about beyond A class, then? When a person entered a new realm, the realm beyond A class, the structural makeup of all the contained energy would be completely transformed. Sticking with the same example, the gaseous substance would now transform into liquid. This was a brand new energy structural makeup. Instantly, the room filled with gaseous substance would be emptied. The only thing left would be the thin layer of liquid energy at the bottom of the room. Despite the thin layer and seemingly low amount, the liquid energy was in fact extremely powerful.
Such a transformation in the structural makeup of the energy was not something those secret arts or unique methods of energy manipulation could compare with.

The same ability released through the new energy makeup would be much more powerful than its original form, so strong that one couldn’t even begin to compare the two. Therefore, beyond A class was akin to someone of an entirely different realm. This was also the main subject of their “Beyond X” project, a project trying to figure out a method to allow even normal genetic warriors to understand the concept of beyond.

This seemed rather impossible for those in F class, though. According to the conversion rate of energy to the new structural makeup, the amount of energy an F class had could only be transformed into a single drop of the new energy. This amount was too little to be of much use. But then, at the very least, there was the possibility that this was doable. One could imagine how powerful even the lowest of the secret arts would be if they were unleashed using this new energy. The power of beyond, for those beyond A class, beyond B class, or beyond C class, apart from the quantity of their energy, would there be a difference in the might of their new energy? If the answer was no, did that not signify that the moment one grasped the concept of beyond, one would directly become a superexpert? All of these required further research.

Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions. The appearance of a new energy makeup was indeed something sufficient to cause excitement. During this lowest moment of humanity, during the appearance of the powerful devil race and ancient race, during this moment where humanity was in a panic, research on this concept of beyond was indeed humanity’s best hope.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Spirit, analyze this for me.”
“Luck value will be required,” Spirit stated honestly. Luck value…
Chen Feng checked his luck value.

During the Star City battle, all his luck value had been exhausted. Even now, only 30 points had recovered. With such an amount, it was as good as useless.

Chen  Feng  sighed.  “Forget  it.  I  will  continue  researching myself.”  After all, he couldn’t rely on luck value all the time. The recovery speed was truly too slow, and each point was way too important. He should only use it during a moment of crisis, such as the Star City battle.

“Spirit, it will be sufficient to use the luck value only to control the direction of my research,” Chen Feng stated.

Spirit nodded. “All right.” This was the cheapest method of utilizing luck value at this time. This was also a method Chen Feng had devised in order to save luck value while at the same time ensuring that he didn’t act incorrectly. In fact, the idea behind this was rather simple. What was the most feared thing during research? It was the research proceeding in a completely wrong direction.

For a lot of research, if the chosen direction was wrong from the start, even toward the end, the research would produce no results. All the resources spent would have been for naught. Chen Feng had seen way too many such situations in the news. Every single path chosen during a research, every line of thought pursued, every single possibility, all these would give birth to numerous paths for one to choose. Only by pursuing each path relentlessly and failing relentlessly, followed by relentless successes, could one reach the ultimate result of the research.

As for Chen Feng, from the start, he would only select the correct direction, the correct path. With Luck Aura pointing at the correct path, he only needed to concern himself with traveling down that path.

The pointer of his Luck Aura leaped, pointing him in a certain direction. “Direction  ascertained.  Time  to  start  the  research.”  Chen Feng was excited. Alas, the research hadn’t gone as smoothly as he had expected. From the very start, he had already encountered a rather thorny problem. The essence of his gathered beyond energy was still the same as regular energy. The only change was the structural makeup of the energy particles. This feeling was akin to… the difference between carbon and diamond? As Chen Feng understood this, his expression darkened. In short, the difficulty level of this experiment was similar to the process of transforming carbon into diamond?

Although this research had long ago been completed thanks to the technology of the genetic era, if a similar transformation needed to be applied to energy, the difficulty would rise dramatically. After all, a bit of carelessness when handling energy could very well result in a catastrophic explosion.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Come, then. Let me have a clear look at the actual structural makeup of this new energy.”
Hum— The energy observer device was activated. On the screen, the energy was greatly enlarged to the point the particles could be seen in detail. Alas, a single glance at the particles caused Chen Feng to be dumbstruck. This energy…

Chapter 497: Trade?


This was the only thought in Chen Feng's mind presently. He had been aware that the structural makeup of the energy would most certainly be different than before. He was also aware that the new energy had to have a structural makeup that was steadier and more complicated than before. But he had truly never expected that…

He looked at the energy. Under the device, it could be seen that some energy particles were assembled together. Occasionally, they would assume an S shape. At times, they would assume a B shape. These particles would move unendingly. Astonishingly, the new energy actually consisted of mobile energy particles. This was completely different from the particles of regular energy, which were immobile. These new energy particles were actually alive.

Are you kidding me? Chen Feng was dumbstruck. How was he supposed to study this?

Chen Feng tried consulting Spirit. "Spirit?"

"Oh." Spirit widened her eyes, evidently surprised by this as well. Both of them looked at each other; they were at their wits' end. The makeup of this new energy had evidently far surpassed their initial estimation. This was a makeup that they couldn't even begin to start analyzing. Even if Chen Feng was capable of dissembling the energy to assemble the particles into a certain makeup, he still wouldn't be able to create this new energy. That was because there was no fixed makeup for the new energy, as the particles were seemingly alive.

Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. "Perhaps these energy particles all share a common characteristic?"


He started studying again. And next, after several minutes of observation, even his eyes started hurting. Several thousand completely different structural makeup were seen. Some were flat, some were three dimensional, some were mystical… and the only shared characteristic was that these particles were mobile. It seemed like, in the structural makeup of this new energy, all the particles were mobile. What to do, then? Chen
Feng sank into contemplation.


"Our primary analogy is totally wrong. Although the analogy of gaseous substance and liquid form is rather similar to the case of the new and old energy, the essence of the new and old energy is completely different. Perhaps, 'beyond' merely signifies the transformation of the energy particles into something mobile."

Suddenly, this idea surfaced in Chen Feng's mind. Naturally, he had only been studying Wang Yao's energy so far.

"Let's take a look at Qin Hai's energy." With excitement, he checked Qin Hai's energy. Shortly after, he sank into complete silence. If Wang Yao's energy was equivalent to a lively ocean, Qin Hai's energy was equivalent to a dead ocean. All the particles appeared dead. Let alone being mobile and lively, not a speck of vitality could be sensed from his energy particles.

In short, the earlier hypothesis where energy particles needed to be made mobile was also incorrect? Chen Feng frowned. A regular person's energy particles were calm. As for Wang Yao, her energy particles were lively. As for Qin Hai, his energy particles were dead. But then, both of them were similarly beyond A class.

If so, what did "beyond" entail, exactly? Chen Feng was unable to make sense of it. He required more beyond-A-class warriors for his research. Beyond A…
Chen Feng sighed. This was too rare a resource. With the several tens of teams researching the concept of beyond at the same time, nearly all of the beyond-A-class experts available were already recruited to help. As such, the amount of beyond- A-class warriors available were definitely not sufficient. Therefore, their current situation was akin to the situation where the wolves were many but the meat was little. Chen Feng glanced at the numerous research projects that had been launched. Beyond A class's blood, body, semen, everything about them was being studied.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. "How is this research on the power of beyond? This is clearly a human experiment. The only thing lacking is the test subjects being chopped into parts for testing." He was sure that the only reason these experts had been cooperating was because this was a project launched by Genetic Union. Otherwise, they would have started raging long ago. They had no choice but to do this, for humanity… Mhm, that had to be how they were rationalizing this.

As such, these beyond-A-class experts could only hold their anger in and work with the researchers. However, Chen Feng was also aware that to guarantee the integrity and accuracy of the research, regardless of whether it was blood or other types of liquid, all had to go through tests. That was because, essentially, the body of said expert was a body that had formed the power beyond A class. As such, the body of the test subject would most certainly be the most important thing. For Chen Feng, thanks to Luck Aura, he had avoided wrong directions from the start of his research. With only several points of luck value, he had already ascertained the general direction the research should be heading: energy!

Should he inform them, then? Chen Feng gave it some thought, but he shook his head in the end. Since he had no proof and could only tell them this was his guess, they would probably believe that Chen Feng was merely messing around with them. Perhaps they would even think that Chen Feng was trying to misdirect them.

He was better off thinking about how to get more beyond-A- class experts to help him. One or two teams sharing a single beyond-A-class warrior was essentially something logical to do. However, if he wanted to analyze the energy of beyond-A-class warriors properly, that wouldn't do. A single beyond-A-class warrior would only have a single type of energy. With that, how was he supposed to progress in his research?

As such, in the spirit of friendly cooperation, Chen Feng started requesting help from other research teams, requesting to borrow some beyond-A-class warriors for his energy research. As he had heard that a certain team had two beyond- A-class warriors for their research, Chen Feng went to them for help.

They rejected him without any hesitation. "No. Impossible. We don't even have sufficient research time for ourselves. How is it possible that we lend them to you?" They were firm in their rejection. "We will only agree if you trade your beyond-A- class warrior with us." The other person chuckled.


Chen Feng looked at their research subject and noted that the majority of their tests would involve the private parts of a genetic warrior. Instantly, his leg kicked out. "Screw you!"


The researcher was flung away by Chen Feng's kick. Although Chen Feng's strength was nothing special, he was certain that among all researchers, he was the strongest fighter! And among all proper genetic warriors, he was also the best researcher! And now, these folks were thinking of taking advantage of Wang Yao?


Chen Feng turned around to leave.

"Complain! I am launching a complaint against him!" The researcher was furious. This was too excessive! Pressing his hand on his belly, he scrambled up with difficulty. He was truly exasperated at Chen Feng's action. Why did there exist such a person that resorted to physical actions immediately after a disagreement? Was this fellow still a researcher? How was he different from a thug?

Alas, if even fights between researchers was something the Genetic Union needed to moderate, they would be truly too busy. As such, so long as nobody was killed, it was likely that nobody would be bothered with him. "Calm down, Old Xu. Calm down. That's Chen Feng."

"So what if he's Chen Feng? What, he thinks he's amazing just because he participated in the Star City battle? Which of us here is without any contributions? The amount of contributions I made in the form of research is no lower than his. What gives him the right to kick me?"

"Oh… calm down. This isn't anything serious anyway."

"What do you mean this isn't serious! Don't look at my appearance that looks fine. You have no idea how hard he kicked earlier. My belly is in great pain now."

"His identity is not so simple."

"Which of us selected to be here has a simple identity? Which of us has no backers?" His entire body was still aching. From Chen Feng's kick, a bizarre energy had been transmitted into his body, causing a great vibration within his body that made him feel incredibly awful. Furthermore, his teeth suddenly felt like they were loosening up and were about to fall.

He raged. "Chen Feng… I shall remember this." Unfortunately for him, nobody cared about him. Presently, Chen Feng was still busy thinking of a solution for his dilemma.

He pondered. "Seems like asking the teams directly won't work." If this was a normal research, it would be rather normal for different teams to exchange their test subjects to prove their theories. But then, this wouldn't do for him. First, the test subject was his little wife. Second, the other teams were not extracting only energy for research like him.

Chen Feng contemplated. "Well, looks like I have to think of something else, then." Perhaps…Old Man Hou could be of some help? Chen Feng thought.

Chapter 498: This Is Simple

If he couldn't find a solution, he would go running to his backer. Chen Feng was very straightforward. That Hou Liang fellow had basked in the light quite frequently recently thanks to Chen Feng's numerous contributions. As such, Hou Liang had long been elevated to a position of power in the Gene Production Association. Furthermore, he had rather high authority in this research project as well. Therefore, Chen Feng had decided to look for him directly. Alas, as it concerned beyond-A-class warriors, Chen Feng was directly rejected.

"I don't have the rights to decide on that." Hou Liang was very helpless as well. The reason he had no rights over that was very simple. Almost all beyond-A-class warriors were under the Genetic Union. Moreover, this was not Star City. Therefore, he had no authority over them.

"One more thing." Hou Liang paused. "Recently, someone complained that you have been spoiling their tests."

Chen Feng curled his lip. "Oh? That person that screamed mournfully after being nearly kicked to death by me earlier today? That person who's even uglier than Kong Bai?" "…" Hou Liang rolled his eyes. How was that person this ugly?

Chen Feng wasn't the least bothered about that person. "I'm spoiling the tests just because he said so?"

Hou Liang spread his hands. "The most important thing is that his elder brother is an expert of the Genetic Union. As such, things might be somewhat troublesome."

Chen Feng sneered. "Hmph. Who's without a backer? If you can't deal with this, I will leave right this moment. I have no interest in participating in this stupid research anyway."

Hou Liang pulled at him hastily and smiled bitterly. "No, haven't I dealt with that for you already? Don't worry. So long as you don't kill anyone, nobody here can touch you," Hou Liang stated imposingly.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng's face. "That's more like it." "If you require more beyond-A-class warriors… perhaps you might consider trading," Hou Liang stated after contemplating the matter.


Chen Feng's killing-intent-filled gaze drifted toward Hou Liang.

Hou Liang shook his head. "No, not the kind of trade you're thinking of. Rather, it is the trade of research results. After all, all these teams were essentially established to hasten the research. Therefore, almost all verified research results can be released to be converted into points and can be sold to others interested in the research result."

After gaining a rough understanding of this whole system, Chen Feng noted that it was rather similar to the research paper system at Star City back then. As long as a sufficient amount of research results could be released, so long as one could gather sufficient points, one would be able to check nearly all other research results to increase the speed of one's own research. Chen Feng contemplated. "Releasing the results, eh?"

"You are not allowed to cause any trouble!" Hou Liang reminded Chen Feng hastily. The memories of what had happened back then, when this similar expression had last appeared on Chen Feng's face, were still vivid in Hou Liang's brain. That was precisely when Chen Feng had created that loot-box system.

Chen Feng coughed before saying, "How is that possible?" As he looked at Hou Liang's solemn expression, he could only push back his thoughts. Releasing results… After arranging his energy research results, he transmitted them to the common channel. Alas, nobody believed him.

"Energy? Hahahaha."

"It's a given that the energy of an A class and a beyond A class are different. Do we need you to tell us this?"

"The existence of this state called beyond is definitely due to the mutation of one's energy. This is the only probable explanation for it. What in the world is this mobile thing he's talking about?"

Everyone berated endlessly. The preliminary result of Chen Feng's research was berated without stop the moment it was released. Evidently, without the assistance of Luck Aura, nobody but Chen Feng would choose to research in this direction.

And when Chen Feng used the little number of points he had to check the research results of others, most of them were focused on the body. Surprisingly, they'd actually made some headway in those directions of research. Bloodlines and gene, these were the present two directions that most people were focused on.

Some believed that the origin of the new energy originated from bloodline mutations, allowing a person to possess the power of beyond from then on. Some believed that the new energy originated from genetic mutations, allowing a person to possess the power of beyond. Under these premises, the researchers had been progressing without stop until now, where they had reached a point where they had already gained a certain degree of progress in their research. Moreover, through bloodline improvement, a certain A class had indeed successfully entered beyond A class. This caused everyone to be unendingly ecstatic. As Chen Feng studied all this, he frowned. From the start, all the others had chosen the completely wrong direction in their research. Even an idiot's body could be improved by genetic mutation or bloodline improvement. But then, would that truly increase that person's strength? Would a person who pursued such a path truly be as powerful as a proper beyond A class?

How idiotic. A person at the peak of A class was already a person nearing the gateway of beyond A class. Even without outside assistance, that person might still be able to go beyond A class in any case. How in the world would this relate to the strengthening of one's genes or bloodline? Since that particular genetic warrior had already been nearing beyond A class, those tests they conducted on him might be the very last straw that pushed that person toward beyond A class.

And next, what was the conclusion of their research, then? The last straw could indeed break the camel's back? Chen Feng shook his head. A cold voice resounded beside him. "Zhy zare zou shaging zur head?"

Chen Feng took a look at the origin of the sound and immediately felt like laughing. This fellow beside him who was talking in such an unclear manner was precisely the person who had been flung away by his kick previously. Mhm, what was his name again?

"Your name is Xu…" Chen Feng thought about it, but he couldn't recall this person's name.

That person raged. "Xu Huihuang!"

Now Chen Feng remembered. "Oh, Xu Huihuang."

"Not Xu Huihang, it's Xu Huihuang!" that person stated angrily. Chen Feng felt doubtful. "Xu Huihuang? I'm not wrong, then?"

That person widened his eyes. "Zot Xu Huihuang, zish Xu Huihuang!"

Chen Feng: "…"

The hell, what was the difference? Right at this moment, someone passed by and coughed before saying, "His name is Xu Feifang."

Chen Feng: "…"

What stupid name was this?

"Little Ze, I tell zou, zhis ish my zesult." Xu Feifang started pointing at the beyond A class research result proudly. This was the only successful case of someone entering beyond A class since the start of this entire project. This was also why his group had been allocated two beyond-A- class experts to help in their research.

Chen Feng appeared rather indifferent. "Oh." That person who had broken through was someone that had already been at the bottleneck anyway. How did this relate to this researcher, then?"

"Can I have a look?" Chen Feng asked.

"Zo," Xu Feifang stated proudly with his unclear speech. "Zou zmashed my teeth. I am zot zilling to forgive zou. Now zou are zhinting of taging away my A class, zow fanny."

Chen Feng: "…" "Forget it." Chen Feng gazed at him pitifully before turning around to leave. As he was leaving, that person was still muttering without stop. Alas, Chen Feng couldn't understand a single word that person was trying to say. Since he had still failed to get more information, he had to look for some beyond-A-class warriors directly. This would be the best choice.

Unfortunately, after Chen Feng tried approaching some beyond-A-class warriors, he noted most of them looked down on this research. If they weren't being forced by the Genetic Union, coupled with the appearance of the ancient race and devil race, they would have left this project hanging long ago. As such, it was impossible for them to agree to Chen Feng's request for additional tests beyond what was assigned to them.

"No results?" Wang Yao asked the returning disappointed Chen Feng.

"Mhm." Chen Feng felt helpless. "Everyone ignored me." Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm."

"That's easy. Bring your gathering device and come with me," Wang Yao stated abruptly.


Chen Feng blanked. Wang Yao had a solution for this? But then, since he couldn't think of anything, he did as Wang Yao asked. He was guessing that perhaps things would be easier if a beyond A class was the one talking to the other beyond-A-class warriors on his behalf.

And so, he followed behind and watched on as Wang Yao met another beyond-A-class warrior. This warrior that previously couldn't have been bothered with Chen Feng seemed very willing to talk to Wang Yao. Indeed, Chen Feng rationalized that those of the same level could truly communicate with each other better. But then, just because they were of the same level, would that be sufficient to get that person to agree to additional tests? While Chen Feng was pondering, he saw Wang Yao take out her huge flaming sword and stab straight at that person. Bang!

Fire erupted.

Bang! Bang!

The energy of beyond A class erupted and splashed everywhere.


Chen Feng was instantly dumbfounded. What in the world?
Why had they started fighting?

"Gather it." Wang Yao glared at Chen Feng. "Look, isn't beyond-A-class energy everywhere now?"

Chapter 499: You Call This Not Causing Trouble?


Chen Feng remained in a daze for quite a while before he reacted to this so-called solution of Wang Yao’s. This works? Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. This girl was truly… too understanding! He had the urge to give her a kiss then and there.

“Don’t be too excessive,” Chen Feng reminded her before he started gathering the dispersed energy crazily. Soon, the gathering of the energy of this beyond-A-class warrior had been completed.

Wang Yao glanced at him. “Do you need more?”
“Yes!” Chen Feng answered with his teeth clenched. Damn it, since he was finally getting the chance to gather energy, he might as well gather more. He was sure that something like this—regardless of how big or how small of an issue it would end up as—would be forbidden in the future. Since that was the case, they might as well gather as much as they could.

Thereupon, with excitement, Wang Yao challenged the entire Genetic Union.

Bang! Bang!

The entire Genetic Union shook from the battles. Almost all the researchers were startled from their research. There truly was no helping this, as the scene created by a battle between beyond A classes was truly too huge. Even when both parties had already made supreme effort to restrain themselves, the uncontrollable undulations of the battle were still sufficient to shock everyone else to the core, as they all thought that this was another devil invasion. As they panicked, they went out to check out the devil invaders only to see the sight of an astonishingly beautiful young lady.

The awkward memory of when this young lady had first arrived and triggered all their alarm was still fresh in all their minds.

None of them had expected that this young lady Wang Yao would run around with her huge flaming sword and start challenging the beyond-A-class participants of each of the teams involved in this project. Indeed, when she approached, she would call it a challenge. Alas, before the opponent could even respond to the challenge, her sword was already swinging. Almost all the beyond-A-class warriors ended up challenged once by Wang Yao. Even that incredibly amazing big shot of a deputy president could not escape this fate and ended up having a huge flaming sword stabbed at his face.

“This is too excessive!”
“They are blatantly spoiling our research!” 
Among the sea of complaints, this familiar voice of someone who seemed to have lost some teeth could be heard as well.

Ultimately, the ruckus became larger and larger until the person in charge of both the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association was forced to personally make an appearance to end this. Naturally, Chen Feng couldn’t avoid getting a scolding.

“Is this what you meant by not creating any trouble?”  Hou Liang asked with an unsightly expression.

“That  is  a  friendly  exchange  of  martial  arts,”  Chen  Feng stated earnestly.

Hou Liang rolled his eyes endlessly. “It is blatantly obvious that your little wife is the one slamming her huge sword at people’s face. Doing this to others could have been overlooked, but even the deputy president suffered the same fate!”  This little couple was truly a perfect match. Chen  Feng  laughed  dryly.  “Hehe.  Accident.  Purely  an accident.”
“Hmph.”  Hou  Liang  grumbled.  “Never  again.  I’m  serious. This trouble has triggered a bunch of complaints. If this happens again, I truly can’t protect you anymore.”
Chen  Feng  smiled.  “Understood.  One  time  is  already sufficient.”
Since he was already done gathering energy, what was there to be afraid of? After bidding Hou Liang goodbye, Chen Feng started his research once again.

With Hou Liang as his backer, the way in which Chen Feng did things was much braver than before. Naturally, if Hou Liang found out this thought of Chen Feng’s, he would most probably end up angered to death. In short, his purpose of existence was purely to clean up after Chen Feng? Mhm… At least Chen Feng had managed to gather data on the energy of over 10 beyond-A-class warriors. The excited Chen Feng started his research, comparing the data of all the beyond A classes. From them, energy particles similar to Wang Yao could be seen. All of the particles were lively. Almost all of them! Qin Hai was the only exception.

Chen Feng gained understanding. “Is it because Qin Hai is now an ancient race?” Qin Hai was a rather unique existence. That mysterious diamond on his forehead was perhaps the thing causing his energy to be rather different than others. Among the energy of others, Chen Feng found a single similarity. Lively! All of them were lively!

Since they all shared the same characteristic, this was perhaps the key to this state called beyond! All those analogies such as gaseous substance and liquid form were mere nonsense. The true meaning of this beyond was the act of transforming one’s energy particles into lively energy particles. As Chen Feng looked at those energy particles that were moving freely around, his heart was tempted.

“Let’s give it a try.”
He put his thoughts into action immediately. Chen Feng urged his energy and tried to get one of the particles to move from its initial position, to transform it into a lively particle.

Chen Feng lamented. “Is this similar to forcing an honest girl into prostitution?”  Alas, things did not work as simply as he had expected. The particle forced out by Chen Feng automatically tried to return to its prior position. Shortly after, this honest girl that had been forced into prostitution by Chen Feng had returned to the proper ways.

Mhm… this won’t do. Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. Initially, all the energy particles were arranged neatly, each in their very own positions. One could say that the attractive and repelling force of these particles was what formed the actual structural makeup of one’s energy.

Regardless of which particle it was that was moved, the other particles would be affected as well. If so, what if only the topmost particle was moved? Chen Feng pondered. Using a particle separating device, he separated the topmost two particles. At that very instant, a gold flash seemingly appeared. “That is…”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. If only a single particle was moved, nothing would appear, but if two particles were moved to assume a certain form, a glimmer of radiance would appear. Granted, this only lasted a split second before the particles returned to their previous appearance. That split second was shorter than even 0.00001 seconds. Fortunately, the recording device was able to record every single instant of that test accurately. During that split second, for the very first time, this calm energy had seemingly transcended a certain law.

That was precisely the power of beyond!

Chen Feng was overjoyed. “Indeed.” His theory was verified! The key to beyond was indeed the lively energy particles. If so, the previous analogy of gaseous and liquid form was proven to be incorrect. If the key to beyond was to make one’s energy particles lively, there would still be a huge gap between beyond A and beyond B.

Thanks to the gap between A and B class, this beyond state would merely cause the energy particles to be lively rather than change the quantity or quality of the energy particles. A would remain A, B would remain B. Similarly, beyond A would still be much powerful than beyond B. Indeed, hoping that all genetic warriors would jump straight from whatever class they were at straight to beyond A class was truly something hopeless.

But then, this hypothesis of Chen Feng’s had instead proved that there was indeed the possibility for all classes to go beyond their class. This would work if a method capable of making energy particles lively could be found. Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions at this discovery.

If so, then how should he make these energy particles lively? After all, making one or two particles lively was an entirely different matter than making all energy particles lively. Moreover, what he had accomplished earlier was only making the particles lively for only a split second.

The duration was too short. What Chen Feng needed was to truly transform the energy particles into lively energy particles. If he wished to do so, he required a better test subject. Since he had already confirmed that all classes could enter this beyond state, he would not require A-class warriors for his subsequent test. But then, it would still be better to get someone stronger, as such a person would be able to better understand the concept of beyond. As such, B-class warriors would be most suited for this.

Due to the energy of each person being different, Chen Feng would still require a huge amount of B-class warriors as his test subjects. Even better would be to get B-class warriors with different energy characteristics. Mhm… such test subjects…
A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s mouth as he thought of a certain someone suited for this role.

Chapter 500: Lady Summoner!

Turning energy particles lively was in fact an extremely difficult thing to do. Theoretically, as long as he had sufficient luck value, Chen Feng might be able to complete this research easily. However, theory was, after all, just theory. It was different from reality. In his previous life, Chen Feng had believed that as long as he had sufficient money, his bad luck wouldn’t be that bad. With sufficient money, wouldn’t he still be able to do as he wished? Alas, the reality of things was him being dirt poor even when he died. As such, in his present state, where luck value was a limited resource, he had to put in more effort as best as he could.

Name: Xu Fei

Class: B

Specialty: High endurance.

Before the test subject Chen Feng had invited arrived, he managed to get Xu Fei to join in the fun for a bit. In any case, due to the previous Star City battle, this fellow had been hanging around nearby at all times. Xu Fei’s energy had only a single characteristic, yet with him, Chen Feng was still able to conduct numerous tests on a single type of energy. Presently, Chen Feng was trying to figure out how to make Xu Fei’s energy lively.

Chen Feng passed Xu Fei a pill. “Eat this.”
Xu Fei was flabbergasted. “What is this?”
“A stimulant,” Chen Feng answered honestly.

Xu Fei swallowed the pill without hesitation. “Fine.” Shortly after, he became excited from the stimulation. As for Chen Feng, he was silently observing Xu Fei’s state through the devices around him. The stimulant had indeed stimulated Xu Fei’s physical body, turning his body lively, yet his energy still remained unmoving. This was a failure.

Silently, Chen Feng recorded the data of this first test. No. 1, using RB stimulant to provoke the energy to become lively: failure. Test results as follows…
Chen Feng continued with the second test. “Take this.” This time, a shiny blue pill that had been reinforced was given to Xu Fei. After taking it, Xu Fei’s body indeed changed. Unfortunately, it still failed to change the state of his energy.

Chen Feng wasn’t discouraged in the slightest. “Again.” Numerous stimulants, hormone injections, and even estrogen injections were given to Xu Fei. Everything Chen Feng could think of, he used.

It was fortunate that Xu Fei had a unique physique with a high endurance and that he was able to resist such tests from Chen Feng. If it were someone else, that person would have begun suffering some negative effects long ago. Alas, all the attempts failed. Every gene reagent capable of provoking any sort of reaction from one’s physical body only worked on one’s body rather than one’s energy.

Chen Feng sighed. “Indeed, it doesn’t work.” Since all drugs and gene reagents related to the physical body had failed, his next step was to conduct tests on the energy itself. However, the subsequent tests weren’t something Xu Fei could help with.

Chen Feng’s wristband buzzed. He glanced at it and smiled. He’s finally here! Soon, an employee led a person to Chen Feng. As Chen Feng saw him, he was overjoyed and gave the newcomer a firm hug. With a smile, he said, “Long time no see, Wang Chun.”
Indeed, the person Chen Feng had called over was Wang Chun.

“Oh. I heard that there was an important project to join. Therefore, I’m here.”  Wang Chun was rather excited as well. He had been training hard without stop, and finally, he had now reached B class. Unexpectedly, he was actually able to join an important project. This was, after all, the headquarters of the Genetic Union. This was a project concerning the survival of humanity itself! “So, what can I help with?” Wang Chun was filled with expectations.

Chen Feng put on a grateful expression. “Just summon all the ladies and that will do.”
“…” Wang Chun’s expression darkened. In short, this experiment required the ladies rather than him?

Wang Chun was somewhat distressed. “Is there nothing that I can do?”
“There is. Your job is to summon the ladies,”  Chen Feng stated righteously.

Wang Chun: “…”
No matter what, he was still a B-class warrior. He was not some lady summoner! “Quick. My Xiao Ying is missing his wife already,” Chen Feng stated playfully.

“Chen Feng!”  Behind Wang Chun, there was a flash of red. Next, a figure appeared, and a gaze filled with killing intent landed on Chen Feng. “If you continue spouting nonsense out of your mouth, I will chop you down right this moment!”
Chen Feng waved his hand. “It has been a while, my dear adorable Lady Ming Yue.”
Ming Yue: “…”
This guy’s face seemed even thicker nowadays.

A red blur flashed out of Chen Feng’s hand, and Xiao Ying pounced at Ming Yue directly. Between Xiao Ying and Ming Yue, there was a rather bizarre connection. 
Xiao Ying started swirling around Ming Yue cheerfully.

Ming Yue: “…”
Although technically they were married, in truth, Xiao Ying was more like an adorable child. As such, Ming Yue couldn’t bear to actually do anything to Xiao Ying. If it was Chen Feng pouncing at her instead, she would have given him a kick long ago.

“Oh,  right,  where’s  Shen  Yi  and  Shen  Wei?”  Chen  Feng asked.

“Here.” The two sisters appeared and greeted Chen Feng with a smile.

Chen Feng gasped in admiration. “Wow, you sisters have gotten even prettier.” 
To the side, Wang Chun felt extremely sour. This was the reason he had been avoiding Chen Feng all this while. Why were his summons so friendly with Chen Feng? Wasn’t he the actual master here?

“Eh,   there’s   only   three?”    Chen   Feng   was   somewhat surprised. “You are already B class, right? Aren’t you supposed to…”

Light started assembling together.

Two young ladies in maid outfits appeared. Both of them had the same appearance, the only difference being their hair. One had red hair, while the other had blue hair. Similarly, both were astonishingly beautiful, dream-girl material for nerds worldwide. Presently, the two were gazing lovingly at Ming Yue. new summons. Mhm… another pair of beautiful sisters. Wang Chun’s life was truly too good! Eh, hold on…
Suddenly, Chen Feng sensed that something seemed off. Shouldn’t these sisters be gazing lovingly at Wang Chun instead? He turned around and saw that Wang Chun had a bitter expression on his face.

“These  two  are…”  Chen  Feng  asked  curiously.  Carefully, Wang Chun pointed in a certain direction. Chen Feng looked over and noted that it was Ming Yue he was pointing at.

Ming Yue sneered. “This palace master here is the master of the Demonic Palace. Therefore, it is natural that I have my imperial concubines.”
Im… imperial concubine? Chen Feng was dumbfounded. Only now did he recall that The Crystal Palace was a world where no males existed. But then, who said that females couldn’t marry among themselves? This was especially true for a major boss character like Ming Yue. In a world where there were only females, it was extremely normal for females to way as well.

If so, what was Wang Chun to them, then? An alien? Animal? Toy? Mhm, this was indeed a question worth contemplating. In short… mhm… Chen Feng looked at Wang Chun in sympathy.

In other words, this fellow’s harem had fallen into the enemy’s hands? All the chicks he had painstakingly cultivated could very well fall into Ming Yue’s hands? How lamentable. This harem-building youth that had once seemed so very amazing had indeed officially transformed into a lady summoner.

Chen Feng patted Wang Chun shoulder with sympathy on his face. “It has been hard on you.”
Wang Chun: “…”
What could he say? He was very helpless as well. Now that all the ladies had been summoned, those Chen Feng required could be considered to have all arrived. Now, Chen Feng could start preparing for his tests. Xu Fei had helped complete the primary and also the hardest physical tests. The remaining energy tests would have to rely on these ladies with different energy characteristics. Only they could complete this part of the test.

After being summoned into this world, regardless of what abilities they used, the energy used was the energy of this world. More importantly, they wouldn’t die for real here in this world. This one point alone was already something nobody could compare with.
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