The Strongest Gene Chapter 481-490

Chapter 481: By Myself, I Am Equivalent to an Entire Army


The expressions of everyone in Star City sank.

“How is this possible…”
Their bodies chilled. So this was the actual trump card of the devil race? They had initially believed that they had already killed off a huge amount of devil race members. Even if there were some remnants left somewhere, it wouldn’t mean much. Unexpectedly, they had actually missed such powerful devil race members.

The deputy president focused his gaze on them. “You two are not part of those who awakened this batch.” It was obvious that those who had reawakened this time had all been killed. Moreover, when these two talked, their train of thoughts appeared rather clear. They did not resemble newly reawakened devil race members at all. Therefore, these two were most certainly devil race experts that had already reawakened earlier at some other location where the concentration of black rain was the highest. If so… “Since the both of you possess such strength, why didn’t you move earlier with those devil race members?”  the deputy president asked faintly.

These two were extremely powerful. However, it was precisely because they appeared excessively powerful that the deputy president started doubting them. If they had attacked together with those recently reawakened devil race members, the Genetic Union would have been helpless.

Why had they allowed those powerful devil race members to die like cannon fodder? What trick were these two hiding?

The white cat laughed. “Hehe. What other reason could there be? Obviously, we were waiting for you three old geezers. Although we weren’t able to detect the three of you earlier, from the aura of experts lingering in the air, we were able to sense that the three of you were indeed somewhere nearby… Therefore, to be safe, we decided to let those fellows charge in as cannon fodder,”  the white cat stated indifferently. “In any case, to kill all of you here, the two of us are already sufficient. Am I right, Qi Liu?” Beside the white cat, the numerous Qi Lius replied together. “Yes.”  The hearts of the genetic warriors shuddered at this sight. When so many A-class experts replied at the same time, the oppression posed by their voices was truly…
The deputy president sneered. “Do you believe that this will do?” He felt that the reason given by this white cat was somewhat ill-founded. Next, with a cold gaze, he stated, “Oh well. I suppose we only need to kill you two and things will end for now.”

Without hesitation, he made his move. A brilliant radiance erupted. The deputy president and the other two people beside him moved at the same time. A boundless power started descending toward the white cat. Alas, once again, that imprint appeared.

A crafty smile appeared on the white cat’s face. “It’s useless, yo.” Bang! Bang! Bang!

The imprint flickered as it defended, rendering all attacks ineffective.

Finally, the expression of the deputy president changed slightly. “How is that possible?” He was clear on the strength of the three of them. Let alone a peak A class, they could even destroy those surpassing A class with their earlier attack, but this fellow here…
“Qi Liu, I will be relying on you, then.”  White cat sneered before continuing, “Destroy them all.”
“Don’t worry,” QI Liu replied coldly. “By myself, I am equivalent to an entire army.”

Numerous figures streaked out. The numerous clones, each with A-class power level, charged toward the genetic warriors. The deputy president tried to intercept their charge yet was stopped by the white cat. “The opponent of the three of you shall be me.”
The deputy president’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Damn it!”  He and the other two with him, who were actually here as clones, solidified their clones once again and started attacking as numerous gold radiances bloomed. Alas, the attacks were ineffective.

“I told you,” the white cat stated, disappointed. “Your attacks are too weak.”

Once again, a battle erupted. Different from the previous battle, this battle was a one-sided oppression, total oppression of the entirety of Star City by a single white cat and a single Qi Liu. Even with the clones of the deputy president and the other two here, they failed to do anything to help. The oddest of all was the fact that the white cat and Qi Liu truly had the power level of only peak A class. After all, the black rain hadn’t been falling for long. As such, those devil race members that had surpassed A class had yet to appear. Even with the never-ending black rain at the unknown regions thus far, it was still insufficient to sustain the reawakening of those surpassing A class. Alas, would they truly be eliminated by only two peak A-class devil race members?

Their hearts chilled as they thought of this. The peak A-class devil race members were actually this powerful?

“The main body must be among these clones. After killing the main body, he will die for real.”
“How are we supposed to locate the main body, though?”
Everyone started concentrating their gazes. There were so many clones of Qi Liu here, and each of them looked the same. Even their auras and strength were the same. As such, forget actually killing the main body, they were unable to even locate the main body. Moreover, different from humans, Qi Liu was a devil race member. This was a sphere- sized life-form with yellow skin in the truest sense, unlike the pseudo-yellow of human skin.

Some tried chopping down at the yellow skin, yet their attacks instantly bounced off. This was truly an odd life-form with excessively powerful defensive power. Killing it? It was near impossible. On top of that, the genetic warriors were presently outnumbered. Those huge yellow spheres were all bouncing around and attacking all the genetic warriors there. With their high vitality, the genetic warriors all despaired. What else could they do? Let alone killing the main body, they couldn’t even kill a single one of the clones.

On top of all that, these clones were not mere duplications. Each of them seemed to have their own consciousness, appearing extremely lifelike and making it difficult to ascertain which of them was the actual main body. “Things are getting really troublesome now…”
They despaired. Presently, the Genetic Union members were at a true impasse. Surrounded by Qi Lius, they could only defend themselves passively. The more the battle raged on, the worse off they were. If this continued on, they would die from exhaustion before long.

How about the deputy president? Instinctively, they gazed at the deputy president with a begging gaze. Next, the sight of three flustered and exasperated old men entered their field of vision. Those three were attacking the white cat without stop, yet they were failing to accomplish anything.

“We have indeed been countered.”
Right at this moment… Han Yula erupted suddenly, changing the direction of his attack that had initially been heading at Qi Liu toward the white cat instead.

Another imprint appeared, blocking the attack. Ineffective!
Yet another attack had proven ineffective!

Han Yula’s eyes gleamed coldly. “How is that possible?”
It was clear that the three seniors had been countered, but now it seemed like his attack had been countered as well? They were similarly peak A-class existences, yet he had actually been defeated by two devil race members at the same power level?

The white cat merely looked at him toyingly. “How naive.” On Han Yula’s body, two additional bloody scars appeared. These two wounds would not hamper him much. Alas, that uncomfortable feeling of having failed in his attack could not be erased. They were being oppressed to such an extent by only two devil race members?

Xu Fei frowned. “Things look somewhat bad…”  Was Chen Feng still unwilling to make his move? Granted, he was aware that Chen Feng was merely a B-class warrior, but every time that fellow moved, miracles ensued. This applied even to battles at a level he wasn’t supposed to be capable of participating in.

Make your move, Chen Feng… Otherwise I will have no choice but to escape by transmigrating, Kong Bai thought as he inhaled deeply.

Presently, the Chen Feng that the both of them were thinking about was watching the battlefield from somewhere far away. The moment that bizarre life-form had appeared, Chen Feng’s attention had been piqued. Naturally, with the three old men there, nothing too bad would happen for now. Despite the fact that their attacks were ineffective against the white cat, the white cat would not be able to defeat them any time soon.

The main problem presently was the other fellow, Qi Liu! If this guy wasn’t dealt with, everyone in Star City would probably die.

Chapter 482: Unrivaled!

Of course, Chen Feng was aware that he wasn’t capable of facing them just like that. If he went out to face them right now, he would most likely be encircled by the yellow spheres and killed before he could see anyone else. A point to note was the fact that Qi Liu was a fellow using numerous clones to protect itself. At any given moment, this Qi Liu could let one of its clones die on it behalf. If Chen Feng wanted to insta-kill it, it was quite likely that Qi Liu would actually escape alive. Therefore, Chen Feng couldn’t directly do anything to Qi Liu. However, that did not mean that he couldn’t assist others.

“Who shall I help, then?”
Chen Feng’s studied the battlefield, looking at the yellow spheres that were all bouncing about. As he saw the numerous spheres, he became somewhat speechless, as it reminded him of a battle of emojis. Look, that sphere that had just smashed Xu Fei away, did that sphere not resemble a smiling emoji? And look at the other sphere that was beating Kong Bai up; did that sphere not resemble a disdain emoji? And the sphere battling the female genetic warrior, it looked like a love emoji. In Chen Feng’s eyes, all those yellow spheres were simply akin to living emojis. As for Qi Liu’s main body…

Chen Feng was able to lock onto Qi Liu’s main body shortly afterward. With luck value, these cloning abilities were incapable of hiding from Chen Feng. With only one luck value, Qi Liu’s main body was discovered. Chen Feng noted that the perverted emoji was precisely the main body of Qi Liu.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. Very good!

Presently, after failing to attack the white cat, Han Yula had returned and started helping others against Qi Liu. Alas, there were way too many Qi Lius around. Each time one of the Qi Lius encountered a problem, the other Qi Lius came to help. In any case, there were so many of them here anyway. One would be hard pressed to even differentiate them from each other. As such, locating the main body was simply impossible.

“This won’t do…” Han Yula muttered with a cold expression. So far, he had managed to deal serious injury to three Qi Lius. Alas, those Qi Lius had been rescued by other Qi Lius each time it had happened. As such, Han Yula simply had no way of looking for the main body. Suddenly, a voice drifted into his ears, “The 16th fellow on the left side, that’s the main body.”
“Who are you?” Han Yula asked coldly.

“The one helping you,” that voice replied softly.

“Why should I trust you?” Han Yula replied. Indeed, he had a powerful sure-kill trump card. Unfortunately, that was an ability he could only use once. If he trusted this person and killed the wrong Qi Liu, they would truly be in trouble. He only had one shot to locate and kill Qi Liu’s main body.

“Because  this  is  also  your  only  chance,”  that  voice  stated faintly. “Has Xu Fei given you any ideas on how to be together with Xie Zhongtong yet?”
Han Yula’s killing intent surged. “How did you find out about that?” Clearly, this person had been observing them all this 
“Let me provide you with an ideal solution, then.” That voice continued, “Kill Qi Liu before swallowing its heart. With that, you will obtain its ability to create numerous clones. With this, you should be able to satisfy Lady Xie Zhongtong’s desire, right?”

Han Yula was instantly enticed. This method… Was this a chance for him? He looked at the yellow spheres around him. Should he truly do this?

Back then, when he had first broken through into A class, he had discovered his wife’s affair. Due to that, he had dug his own heart out, becoming a heartless person. And now, should he become a person with a heart once again for the sake of Xie Zhongtong? The heart of a devil race member on top of it?

“This is your only chance,” that voice muttered faintly. “This is your only way to privatize that ‘public car’…” 
The veins on Han Yula’s forehead throbbed. “Who are you calling a ‘public car’?”
“If you still fail to get her for yourself, she will most probably end up known to everyone before long…” that voice stated toyingly. “The sixth person to your left. It is approaching you. This is your best chance.” Slowly, the voice became deeper and deeper, “For yourself, for Xie Zhongtong, for the Genetic Union, and for humanity!”
Han Yula grasped his weapon tightly and looked at a certain yellow sphere that was hidden between numerous yellow spheres. The sixth person to the left?


Instantly, a terrifying aura erupted. “Star! Destroyer!”
The weapon in Han Yula’s hand transformed into a ray of starlight before slashing toward that yellow sphere that had a bizarre expression on it.


The starlight shone dazzlingly. With a single slash, that huge yellow sphere was cut down.

Han Yula’s sudden eruption shocked numerous people. Before they could even react to it, as the starlight shone dazzlingly, all the yellow spheres on the battlefield vanished. On the ground, only a single yellow sphere remained.

It looked at Han Yula, unbelieving. “You…”
“Not good.” The distant white cat had an ominous feeling and tried to move over to assist Qi Liu. Unfortunately, it was 

Han Yula stepped forth. His hand stretched out and grabbed at Qi Liu’s heart. The heart was still pulsing. Resolutely, Han Yula pulled the heart out. Accompanied by a mournful scream, he pressed the heart into his chest. Slowly, the heart blended into Han Yula’s body.

An astonishing yellow radiance started shining out of Han Yula’s body. “Ah—”
“He’s now yellow…” everyone exclaimed.

Xu Fei frowned. “He was originally blue, right?”  Initially, with Han Yula’s ice cold disposition, his aura had been sky blue, fitting his character. Now, though, as yellow and blue mixed together, the final result transformed his aura green. 
All over Han Yula’s body, a dazzling radiance flickered. By his side, the Qi Liu that had still been so mighty earlier started dying. Along with the departure of its heart, slowly, its entire body lost its vitality as the yellow sphere started drying up.

“Qi Liu!!!” the white cat screeched mournfully.


The white cat raged and charged toward Han Yula, trying to take the heart away from him. Alas, by the time the white cat arrived, it was already too late.


The radiance surrounded Han Yula shattered, signifying the completion of his fusion. The white cat first looked expressionlessly at the dead corpse of Qi Liu before looking at the Genetic Union members.

“You all… deserve death!” the white cat stated with a sinister tone.

“Well done,”  the deputy president praised before looking at the white cat and stating, “Although I have no idea how you obtained immunity to my attacks, you are ultimately a mere peak A class.”
White cat’s eyes became red in color. “Is that so?” As for the snow-white fur around its body, it turned black before transforming again into a black-red color. Slowly, a pair of black-red wings stretched out of its back.

As it howled, a clump of flame ignited around it. At that moment, its power increased dramatically, becoming ten times stronger than it had previously been. 
A black flame burned around its body. A single spark of this clump of flame was capable of scorching a huge piece of land. This terrifying flame was evidently strong enough to kill any peak A-class warriors in existence. In fact, this was not a cat. Rather, this was a tiger, part of the flying tiger clan of the devil race, the rulers of darkness.

Clang! Clang!

One step at a time, it walked forth. Black flame sparkled around as it stepped forth. Even a tiny spark from this flame was sufficient to deal calamity-like damage. This was an extremely destructive flame. As the rest saw this, their hearts shuddered.

“The hell, this fellow…”
“It’s also immune to all attacks. We are completely helpless here. How are we supposed to beat this thing?” 
“I tried. They’re ineffective.”
“How is this possible? It’s obviously only A class. How can it be immune to spirit attacks?”
“I have no idea.”
They all despaired. This was also the main source of their grief. They were all similarly peak A-class existences, yet why was this thing here so powerful that even their deputy president was helpless? Being immune to all attacks, wasn’t this thing here undefeatable, then?

Its  red  pair  of  eyes  ignited.  “You  all…   deserve  to  die!” However, just as it was about to pounce forth, a youth appeared before it suddenly. Having its route blocked, the flaming tiger raised its head. person asked with a smile.

“Mhm?” The tiger’s eyes gleamed with killing intent

Chapter 483: Darknight Devil Tiger

“Darknight devil tiger. Your bloodline ability is Divine Eyes, am I right? By looking at an ability being used, you can analyze the structural makeup of that ability before setting a direction to it and modifying it to create an imprint. Ultimately, the result is that, thanks to the numerous imprints you have, all abilities you have seen once are ineffective against you. Am I right?” Chen Feng asked calmly.

Opposite him, the once-white cat, which was now a black tiger, was for the first time looking at Chen Feng with an amazed gaze. It was astonished. Even back then, among the devil race, its bloodline had been an extremely rare one. It had only been several days since it had reawakened, so how had this fellow here figured out this secret?

Chen Feng smiled. “Looks like I’m correct.” The rest around him exchanged glances as they realized the reason the tiger had seemed undefeatable earlier. So it was actually due to such an ability?

“The reason you used all the recently reawakened devil race members as cannon fodder is not because you were hiding yourself as a trump card. Rather, you were using those cannon fodder to perfect your imprint collection, to produce more imprints to deal with us. During this battle, you have seen with your own eyes the majority of the abilities these Genetic Union members have. As such, making use of those cannon fodder, you created imprints countering Han Yula, the deputy president, and all the genetic warriors here. In turn, that means you are nearly undefeatable here on this battlefield,”
Chen Feng stated coldly.

The darknight devil tiger remained silent, yet it maintained its gaze on Chen Feng gloomily. This guy was giving him an extremely ominous feeling, causing the tiger to have a feeling of extreme danger. This feeling of danger had exceeded that of even the deputy president.

“Who are you?” the tiger asked coldly.

Chen Feng laughed. “Me? A mere human. A human lucky enough to witness the holy war between the ancient race and the barbarians back then.” Suddenly, all the tiger’s fur shuddered. “Holy war! Witness!” How many years had it been since the holy war? Despite the long lifespan of devil race members, they had only survived till the current era through hibernation. As for this guy here… Human? What freak was this? Hold on! How was it possible for the human species to have existed during that era?

The tiger’s eyes gleamed ominously. “You are lying to me.”
As a response, Chen Feng’s gaze became trancelike. “How am I lying? That was quite a war…”

With a wave of his hand, countless light particles spread around before condensing in the air. The Sage, the barbarians… everything that had happened back then started replaying in the air. Everyone present widened their eyes as they witnessed this glorious sight, witnessing the awe- inspiring strength of the ancient race. The tiger became horrified. “You were truly there?”  Only those who had actually been present back then could show this scene!

The reason for that was because the energy undulation from the war back then had been intense, to the point that nobody could obtain the scene of what had happened through divining abilities. Even merely divining certain keywords describing the war back then was impossible, yet this person here was actually able to play out the scene of what had happened back then?

“Who are you, exactly?” the tiger howled.

“You don’t need to know that,” Chen Feng stated indifferently. “I am only here to tell you something. To be precise, I am here to let the devil race know something, because I believe that they are able to see what’s happening here through you. What I want to say is that the ancient race is still around. Through years of hibernation, your devil race has indeed become stronger. However, after numerous years of development, the ancient race has probably grown even more than you guys. The difference between the ancient race and the devil race is that the ancient race is smarter. They have been hiding behind the scenes. By allowing the devil race to reawaken and battle humanity, the ancient race will be the one to reap all the profits after our war. Please do remember the existence  of  such  a  terrifying  enemy.”   Chen  Feng  smiled calmly.

The tiger sneered. “Do you believe that, just because of this, the devil race will let you humans off?” A new species known as human, eh? Were all of them this naive? Even if this guy was telling the truth about the ancient race hiding somewhere, the devil race would still not let humanity off anyway. This was a world where the strong preyed on the weak, a world where the weak couldn’t exist.

Chen Feng shook his head. “No. Regardless of whether it’s the devil race or the ancient race, you guys are all alien races to us humans. For us humans, there is a rather well-known saying: Those of a different race are never to be trusted! The only reason I’m telling you all this is so you won’t die knowing nothing.” Hum—
A faint radiance converged in his hand. At this, the tiger took two steps back. Facing this person who had once witnessed the holy war back then, it was still fearful. Otherwise, it would have pounced and tried to kill him long ago. What in the world was this person here?

Let alone this tiger, even those from the Genetic Union were rather confused. They had indeed obtained a small amount of information about the ancient race. All that had been obtained from Chen Feng. But then, the holy war and the barbarians… At this moment, a tinge of mysteriousness had seemingly shrouded Chen Feng.

At this moment, Chen Feng waved his hand downward. The terrifying attack that everyone was expecting to appear was nowhere to be seen. Just as everyone started to believe that Chen Feng was merely scamming them all, the earth started trembling and an oppressive sound of footsteps echoed. The earth trembled. An orderly and steady marching sound could be heard. Soon, a group of formidable and burly warriors appeared. Most shocking were their mounts. Each of them was mounted on a hillsea beast.

“Your imprints have indeed granted you an immunity to all abilities, energy and physical abilities included. Therefore, I am rather curious whether you are also immune to pure physical damage, physical damage delivered without any abilities, without any energy, without any bloodline. Physical damage  delivered  by  pure  strength  alone,”  Chen  Feng  said coldly. Finally, the expression of the tiger changed.

“Go!” Chen Feng barked.


The entire barbarian squad charged forth. At this sight, the tiger’s expression sank. A long time ago, during an era long gone, when the devil race had first encountered the barbarian, they had actually played the role of the barbarians’ prey. As for “Howl!”
The excited barbarians surrounded the tiger. Sacred Flame? Immunity? All the immunities the tiger had were pointless against the barbarians.


The battle erupted. Surprisingly, this was also an extremely one-sided oppression.

The entire group of barbarians pressed the tiger down onto the ground before beating it up. Despite the formidable physical strength of the tiger, it still could not avoid the fate of being beaten up badly. Suddenly, a bright radiance erupted high up in the air. The one that had been hiding all along were finally making a move. The terrifying power pierced through space before piercing the tiger and shooting straight toward Chen Feng directly. That person was willing to sacrifice everything just to kill Chen Feng. The expressions of others changed greatly as they saw this. “Careful!”   They  had  all  been  bracing  themselves  for  the counterattack of the tiger, yet it was outside of all their expectations that the devil race would decide to sacrifice the tiger just to kill Chen Feng. Even the deputy president couldn’t save Chen Feng in time as the strength behind this attack was definitely not any lower than his strength.


That attack charged at Chen Feng, and Chen Feng locked his gaze on the sudden incoming attack. Was this the devil race as well? Nope. What the devil race could unleash they had unleashed. This was, instead, an attack from the ancient race.

Indeed …
Those words of Chen Feng’s earlier had indeed managed to drag the ancient race into this war as well. From their role as observers, the ancient race had now been pulled into this war as well. “Since you are here, don’t have any hope of leaving, then,” Chen Feng muttered.


Once again, his hand was raised. A faint radiance started converging on his hand and coldly, he spat two words out: “God Punisher!”

An endless white bloomed. The entirety of Star City was enveloped by a scorching white as the terrifying radiance started spreading out.

Chapter 484: Dear Slimy Senior Apprentice Sister, Where Are You?

The ancient race had finally made their move. This was something unexpected, yet at the same time, it was expected. According to their plan, the humans and the devil race were supposed to kill each other off. What they had not expected to happen was the one-sided defeat of the devil race.

Granted, this was merely the strongest of humanity crushing only a small portion of the devil race. However, this was still not something that was supposed to have happened. The strength of humanity that had been shown here was not all humanity had to offer. The same was true for the devil race. The war between these two races should have been on a much larger scale. The result of their war should not have been so uneventful either. Because of this, the ancient race couldn’t help but make a move themselves.

Alas, unknown to them, Chen Feng had been waiting for them to make their move. The moment the ancient race made a move, the devil race would not move as hastily anymore.

“God! Punisher!” A terrifying radiance surged. A frightening power erupted from Chen Feng’s hand, blocking the incoming attack. The two attacks clashed midair, their shockwave piercing the clouds around them.


The radiance bubbled up, and subsequently, a silhouette smashed down into the ground. That was a female of the ancient race.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “You have finally appeared…”
The ancient race female glared at Chen Feng fiercely. “How did you discover me?”
To avoid detection, she hadn’t even sent her main body over. Rather, she had merely formed a unique clone and sent it to hide nearby. Even the deputy president hadn’t noticed her. How had this guy… Alas, before she could even finish her words, she was flooded by God Punisher. Bang!

A boundless radiance surged out. The numerous abilities rumbled out like a flowing river, submerging her.

The female ancient race member: “…”
What damnable ability was this?

Pa! Pa!

The abilities slapped her face unendingly, yet even without defending herself, these abilities failed to even hurt her face. The level of these attacks was incredibly low.

“B… B class?”
She widened her eyes at this realization. She did not dare to believe this. She was an illustrious super expert. Measured with humanity’s power level, she was equivalent to an existence surpassing A class, yet now someone was attacking her with some B-class abilities? This opponent actually despised her this much?

She glared at Chen Feng indignantly. “You dare…”

Just she opened her mouth to talk, several different objects— such as petrified objects, icicles, and cylindrical objects, all the result of Chen Feng’s ability spam—were stuffed into her mouth.

Ka cha.

She bit down, crushing those objects before continuing to glare at Chen Feng furiously. This was humiliating! This was pure humiliation! These abilities were obviously incapable of doing anything to her, yet this guy was actually attacking her with them… She was furious. “You are courting death!”

She charged forth trying to kill Chen Feng. Alas, she was only midway there before she was intercepted by the three old men. “We shall be your opponent.”

A battle erupted. This ancient race member that had appeared suddenly was indeed very powerful. She was so powerful that even by herself, she was able to face the three old men without being disadvantaged in the slightest. However, she was extremely furious. The damnable energy being spammed by Chen Feng was still raining upon her…
Bang! Bang! Chen Feng’s God Punisher continued on. The huge amount of energy was still unendingly spamming toward the ancient race female.

These attacks were all ineffective against her. In fact, these attacks couldn’t even leave a scratch on her skin. However, the chaotic mess of attacks was no different than rubbish as far as the ancient race member was concerned. This guy was actually humiliating her with rubbish? This was too excessive!

She was filled with hatred. “After I kill these three, I will most certainly kill you.” As a person of respectable status among the ancient race, never before had anyone dared to humiliate her in this manner.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

The angry ancient race member started raging. The three old men tried suppressing her with all their might, yet they were only capable of stopping her temporarily. From the look of things, this stalemate would not continue for long. The others were all shocked.

“So this is the strength of the ancient race?”
“How powerful!”
“They are even stronger than the devil race!”
Chen Feng curled his lips. “Who’s afraid of who?”

Once again, a new bunch of abilities were thrown at that ancient race member’s body. Even the Genetic Union members were speechless as they saw this. They could also see that despite the huge amount of abilities being spammed by Chen Feng, they were essentially useless against the ancient race member. Was this the ability called… Myriad Illusions? Most probably so. They had once studied this ability as well. After all, this was a unique gene  that theoretically contained countless abilities within it. As such, it was able to attract the fascination of countless people.

However, their fascination ended as far as studying this ability. The moment they figured out how unreliable this ability was, nobody bothered with using it.

Now, though, they bore first-hand witness to a unique characteristic of this ability—its capability to annoy the enemy. Just look at the furious expression of the ancient race member. That was testimony enough.

…. All sorts of bizarre abilities were spammed at the enemy. With Chen Feng’s present strength, these abilities were indeed incapable of damaging the enemy. However, these abilities proved to be extremely disgusting, especially the sticky feeling brought about by his abilities.

Under normal circumstances, this ancient race member wouldn’t really have been bothered with someone like Chen Feng. She could kill him any time she wanted. Now, though, she was facing the three old men. Despite her confidence in her formidable strength, she still could not afford to be careless. As such, she had to put all her attention toward her battle with them, and it was precisely during such a moment, when she was trying to concentrate, that those attacks of Chen Feng’s became excessively annoying.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another pile of attacks were spammed at her once again. Even the three old men did not know if they should laugh or cry. The battling method of this child called Chen Feng was truly somewhat… But then, it was still proving somewhat effective, as the ancient race member had been angered so much that she had missed several opportunities to counterattack against them.

She  raged  unendingly.  “Damn  it!”   This  battle  that  was supposed to have been a sure win was now turning into a somewhat difficult battle due to that annoying bug called Chen Feng. Moreover, those bizarre abilities spammed by Chen Feng seemed to be gaining strength as time passed. This caused her to have an acute feeling that things were becoming bad, resulting in her becoming even twitchier.

This can’t go on.

Suddenly, a bright radiance shone out of her forehead. A pink diamond appeared there, gleaming brightly. Chen Feng’s expression became solemn as he saw this. Pink diamond! This fellow was indeed Qin Hai’s senior apprentice sister! Qin Hai once mentioned that his senior apprentice sister might make a move. As for her ability, it was control, enabling her to control the devil race members that were amid the primal chaos. This operation, those awakened devil race members…
It was quite probable that she had been influencing it all along. Such a method of control went unnoticed even to the devil race members. This was her most terrifying aspect. Now, she had finally been forced out of her hiding. This person here was precisely the final “hidden boss”  in this episode of the devil race war.

With a cold bellow, a pink radiance surged out of her. “Awake, souls among the primal chaos!”
Hum— On the ground, numerous light particles appeared and started shining dazzlingly. The earth started shaking. The devil race members that had been killed earlier and the tiger that had been killed by her earlier started to slowly stand up, a blank expression in all their eyes, akin to something dead.

She pointed at Chen Feng angrily. “Kill him!”  Even as she uttered those words, Chen Feng was still unleashing a huge amount of rubbish abilities toward her, giving her an excessively uncomfortable feeling.

“Kill him! He must die!” she screeched in anger. The newly revived devil race members raised their heads slowly and locked their gazes on Chen Feng. Dragging their incomplete bodies, the charged at Chen Feng. These were the entirety of the devil race members that had appeared in this entire war. Even the 10 huge devil beasts and the tiger were included in this attack against Chen Feng.

The   rest   chilled   as   they   saw   this.   “This   is   getting troublesome.” The scope of this Star City battle had exceeded their expectations greatly.

Chapter 485: Descent

Genetic Union.

There, suddenly, someone raised his head and gazed toward Star City.

“This power…  Have we underestimated the strength of the devil race?” He was somewhat anxious.
“Don’t worry. They will be able to handle it,” the person beside him stated unhurriedly. The reawakening of the devil race, the reappearance of the ancient race, both of these had caused the Genetic Union to have way too many things to deal with. As such, they could only spare a small amount of manpower for the defense of Star City.

“There  has  been  a  new  breakthrough  in  our  research  to counter the black rain. You might be required there…”
“A powerful devil race has likely been reawakened at some unknown region.” “At a certain location, traces of the ancient race have been found.”

One update after another was received. As he saw these updates, he could only sigh.

Star City… You guys have to rely on yourself now…

Presently, at Star City, the recently cleared sky was once again enveloped in darkness. The souls of the devil race members were all revived from the darkness as their corpses started moving again, akin to an undead army. This was precisely the effect of that pink diamond.

Bang! Bang!

All the devil race members were resurrected. They stared at the numerous devil race members in despair.

“How are we supposed to beat all this?”
Chen Feng glanced at them. “What are we afraid of? Barbarian squad, go deal with those huge devil beasts. Xu Fei, as usual, go deal with that meatball. Han Yula, you will have to deal with that tiger. As for you, Kong Bai… choose what to do accordingly.”
Instantly, the chaotic battlefield was reorganized clearly by Chen Feng.

Among these resurrected devil race members, the trickiest ones to deal with were assigned to different people accordingly by Chen Feng. As for the rest of the ordinary devil race members, the remaining Genetic Union members should be sufficient to deal with them.

“All right.” They exchanged glances and once again made their move. After resurrection, the bodies of these devil race members were much sturdier. They had higher endurance, as they were now essentially undead. However, their gazes were all empty, and their overall combat power was also obviously lower than it had been when they were alive. This was the single piece of good news. Everyone accepted their assigned task easily. As for Kong Bai…
He laughed wildly. “Hahahaha! You guys are actually even uglier now?”
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Next, with astonishment, everyone noted that Kong Bai appeared even stronger now. He was obviously a mere B-class genetic warrior, yet he was now capable of crushing those A- class devil race members. “Come at me, you ugly bastards!”
Accompanied by his wild laughter, Kong Bai started wreaking havoc on the battlefield. Pu! Pu!

Devil race members were slain by him without stop. Everyone exclaimed in admiration as they saw this. How powerful. Despite being a B-class warrior, he was actually able to unleash a combat power equivalent to a late stage A-class warrior. This guy called Kong Bai could very well reign high above all of them in the future. This was a person who would most certainly stand tall above everyone else in the future. Alas, his looks were truly somewhat lacking.

Bang! Bang!

Thanks to Chen Feng’s arrangement, the advance of the resurrected devil race members was stopped. Despite their increased durability, these undead devil race members were obviously somewhat weaker now when it came to attacking. As such, all their attacks were blocked. As for Chen Feng…
Xiu! Xiu! A succession of abilities was stuffed right into the female ancient race member’s mouth.

“You!”  She  was  furious.  If  these  were  abilities  that  were actually powerful, she would treat them as normal attacks, but these abilities of Chen Feng’s were incapable of even damaging her hair. These abilities were no different than trash! In fact, Chen Feng’s act of spamming these abilities at her was akin to someone spitting at her. Even more vexing was the fact that she couldn’t do anything to stop him. Her killing intent surged. “You have no idea what exactly is it that you are doing!”
Chen Feng merely chuckled calmly as a response. “Hehe.” From the initial release of his God Punisher until now, he had never stopped.

Two hundred…
Four hundred…
Six hundred… Through training, Chen Feng was already capable of unleashing 200 abilities per second. However, to unleash all his abilities, 32 seconds were still required. The reason for this was because he had built up his history of used abilities from the initial 2,300 abilities to the current 6,400 abilities.

In fact, this was a rather easy feat for him. With Myriad Illusions and his unlimited Wind Blades, Chen Feng was able to unleash a huge amount of abilities each second. As long as he utilized a small amount of luck value, he could release a huge amount of abilities he had never used before, building up his history of used abilities.

As such, discovering new abilities contained within his Myriad Illusions hadn’t posed him many problems despite the fact that the majority of these abilities were actually rather useless abilities and were only there to make up the numbers.

Bang! Bang!

With 6,400 abilities and a firing rate of 200 per second, a total of 32 seconds was required for a full release. This was, in fact, an extremely unreliable cast time. It was truly fortunate for him that the three old men were blocking that female ancient race member for him without even realizing that they were doing him a favor. And now, from the start of the release, 20 seconds had passed.
So far, a total of 4,000 abilities had already been unleashed by Chen Feng. Now, when his abilities were unleashed, the amplification had already reached 40 times. Alas, as the abilities he was releasing were still too low in level, they were still ineffective against the female ancient race member. For example, low-level abilities such as Wind Blade.

With Chen Feng’s present strength, even an amplification of 40 times wouldn’t be of any use when it was applied to such an ability. Therefore, for everyone present, Chen Feng was still spamming trash abilities. Toward the end, 21 seconds, 23 seconds, slowly, time passed until the final few seconds…
All the support, defensive, and low-level attacking abilities were nearly done being unleashed. At this moment, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. It seemed like it was nearly time. He adjusted his posture slightly. This small detail went unnoticed by anyone. The three old men were thinking that Chen Feng was merely trying to distract the female ancient race member, while the female ancient race member was thinking that Chen Feng was purely trying to humiliate her. As such, nobody spared much thought to this action of Chen Feng’s. After all, the difference in their strength level was too huge for Chen Feng to make any difference.

Bang! Bang!

As the full-scale battle erupted, that female ancient race member was no longer able to hold her anger in. This was especially true after some sticky and mucus-like abilities were spat right onto her face. Finally, she raged. “You are all courting death!”


Her pink radiance surged. In the sky, a huge eye flickered before vanishing. Next, the pink diamond on the female ancient race member’s forehead started shining brightly as a power that caused one’s heart to flutter began to appear. This power signified the descent of the main body! “Not good!”
“She is actually trying to summon her main body here into this clone of hers!”
“Damn it, has this woman gone crazy?”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly. The descent of the main body! Although this was not the arrival of the main body in the truest sense, this long-range forceful arrival of the main body into the clone was an ability that would damage even the user herself greatly. This signified that both the clone and the main body would both receive huge damage.

“Hehe.” She sneered. Despite the high price she had to pay, as long as she could kill these annoying bastards, everything was worth it. “Die!”
The radiance around her hands bloomed. Her first target: the three clones of the superexperts in front of her that had yet to react to what was happening. Pu!

A terrifying pink ray streaked past.


Instantly, one of the clones vanished.

The deputy president was horrified. “You are crazy!”
This ancient race member had gone crazy!


She pointed once again, destroying the second clone. And now, among the three top experts of the Genetic Union deployed here, only the deputy president remained. Finally, the female ancient race member’s gaze landed on him. The deputy president’s scalp felt numb. “It’s over.”  He was clear that the moment all three of them were eliminated, the entirety of Star City would fall.

“Descend!” He howled furiously. A terrifying radiance shone dazzlingly as the deputy president tried to summon his main body as well. Only by doing this would he stand a chance at stopping this female ancient race member. Alas, it was too late.

“Naive.” The female ancient race member pointed midair.


Instantly, the clone of the deputy president froze midair.

Chapter 486: Do You Think That This Long Cast Time Is for Fun?

The female ancient race sneered. “Since the power of my main power has already been unleashed, did you really think that I would give you the chance to descend your main body as well?”

The clone of deputy president shattered. And now, within the entirety of this huge Star City, there was no longer any superexpert in existence. Yet what they faced was this terrifying female, a person who far surpassed an ordinary person.

A cold smile appeared on the female ancient race’s face. “Next, it’s your turn—”
Alas, she was only halfway through her sentence when, suddenly, a current of seven colors flashed past with a resounding bang. Instantly, a chaotic mess of abilities were all stuffed straight into her mouth before exploding loudly. Chi—
Numerous bizarre liquids of differing tastes erupted within her mouth. At this instant, the entire world had seemingly lapsed into silence. Everyone’s jaw was left hanging as they disbelievingly watched this scene unfold. They were especially shocked by the sight of that seemingly undefeated female receiving that shot right on her face.

Xu Fei remained dazed for quite a while after seeing this. “Wow.”
Kong Bai was incredibly alarmed as well. “How ferocious.” Someone actually dared to do this to a person who had insta- killed their deputy president? How brave! What could they say toward that person? By the side, Chen Feng merely shrugged helplessly. This truly wasn’t something he had planned. The moment God Punisher has been activated, he had become unable to control the spammed abilities. The only thing he could do was stop the ability—nothing else. It was not possible that he would stop it willingly, since now, God Punisher was his only hope. He checked the time and noted that the God Punisher release had already reached the final three seconds.

From now on, all of the remaining abilities that his God Punisher was going to unleash were extremely powerful abilities. After the amplification effect, they would be even scarier. Instead of being the end, this was the mere beginning of his true attack.

“You dare!” the female ancient race screeched sharply.


Her pink aura surged as numerous rays of light swept toward Chen Feng. In their path, space itself was ripped apart, demonstrating the unordinary strength of these rays. It seemed like this female ancient race was planning to rip Chen Feng apart instantly without giving anyone a chance to block her attack. “Careful!” Xu Fei’s eyes gleamed furiously as he calculated if he could take this attack on for Chen Feng.

As for Kong Bai, his gaze remained cold as he stood silently, analyzing if his transmigration ability was capable of transmigrating this attack out of this place…
Right at this instant, facing that attack, Chen Feng merely aimed forward with his hand.


Another group of abilities shot out.

“You still dare to keep throwing out that trash?” The female ancient race was so angry she started laughing instead. Previously, due to the three old men blocking her, she hadn’t been able to do anything to Chen Feng. Now that those three were no longer here, this guy still dared to act so rampantly? Alas, she failed to notice that this time, the attacks released by Chen Feng were somewhat different from what he had released earlier. “This trash—”
Her pink energy clashed with these trash abilities. Right as she was expecting that she would kill this annoying bug easily, she was surprised to find that those trash abilities actually pierced through her pink energy.


The multiple layers of pink energy were destroyed.


With a bright explosion, those abilities even pierced her defensive barrier and landed on her body.

Bang! She was smashed backward, smashed to the point her head became dizzy.


She was now dumbstruck. What was going on?

She had actually been smashed away? Smashed away by those trash abilities that hadn’t even been able to break through her defenses earlier? She lowered her head and studied her body. Her initially neat clothes were now torn, and on her originally spotless white jade-like skin were now numerous scars. She had actually been injured by this damnable human? How was this possible? She couldn’t believe this.

She had been injured by this guy who had been firing nothing but trash abilities? One ought to remember that previously, the abilities that person had unleashed had been incapable of even leaving a scratch on her skin. Was this sudden eruption his trump card? Her gaze became gloomy as she felt like she had underestimated this fellow. “Fine.  Since  you  can  still  mount  some  sort  of  resistance against me, I can properly enjoy this feeling of crushing you.”
Once again, she made her move. This time, she was not moving frivolously like she previously had when she’d believed that she was merely killing a bug. Rather, she was prepared to utilize her full power, to teach this fellow who did not know what was good for him a proper lesson.

Having decided, she raised her head only to notice that the guy was still throwing trash at her like usual. Indeed, he was still throwing out those trash abilities. That guy did not even realize that it was now time for him to release some truly powerful abilities and had instead stuck with spamming that current of trash abilities with bizarre colors. If one had to describe the current Chen Feng, he was akin to a mobile hose, with her being his target.

Bang! Bang!

The ray of myriad colors shot straight at her. She inhaled deeply. Although she had no clue what this fellow was firing at her this time, due to the previous injury she suffered from him, she decided to face this person like she would an opponent at her level.

“Starworld Defense!”
A huge defensive barrier appeared. The same moment her defensive barrier was erected, that bizarre attack of Chen Feng’s arrived as well.

Bang! Bang!

With two loud sounds, this barrier that had never failed her started wavering.

“!” This time, her expression changed completely. This ability she had been regarding as a trash spammer was actually capable of such might?

Hastily, she replenished the energy supporting her barrier. “Condense!”  She did not intend to allow an attack capable of threatening her barrier to land on her body. Naturally, even now, she still couldn’t understand what damnable ability this was, exactly. Unknown to her, she was not the only one who had been alarmed by the attack earlier. Everyone in Star City was similarly shocked.

Such an attack… Was this truly Chen Feng? Earlier, even the trio consisting of their deputy president had only been able to reach a forceful stalemate facing this female. Now, Chen Feng was actually capable of smashing her away? This Chen Feng fellow was actually so powerful?

With their own eyes, they looked at that chaotic ray of various colors before looking at Chen Feng, the person responsible for firing that ray out. All of them were submerged in a feeling of deep shock, wondering what exactly was it that Chen Feng was firing. Even the boss of these genetic warriors couldn’t figure out what ability this was, exactly. At least, as far as they knew, this was an ability they had never seen. Presently, Chen Feng was still silently counting down.

Earlier, when there had still been three seconds left for his release of God Punisher, a huge bunch of powerful attacks had been unleashed. Each wave of his attacks consisted of 200 different abilities. On average, each of these abilities had been amplified 50 times. After 200 such abilities slammed down, even that woman’s strongest defensive barrier had started wavering.

Now, there were two seconds left. Every single second, his next wave of attacks would grow stronger than the previous wave. Those abilities that had been kept toward the end were all the strongest attacking abilities he had in his repertoire.
Presently, his God Punisher required 32 seconds to fully unleash all his abilities. However, the first 29 seconds essentially consisted of abilities that were as good as nonexistent abilities. One could say that the initial 29 seconds was no different from a cast time, a mere prelude. The true eruption of God Punisher would happen during the final three seconds. From Chen Feng’s current ability history that contained around 6,000 different abilities, the strongest abilities were all kept toward the end. Along with the amplification, these abilities would erupt with an explosive might.

As he saw the defensive barrier erected by that female ancient race, Chen Feng merely smiled.

Time to end this!

It was now the final two seconds of his God Punisher release.


From Chen Feng’s hand, a huge amount of attacks erupted.

Ka! Ka! The Starworld Defense of the female ancient warrior failed to last even one second before it shattered entirely. As this happened, God Punisher reached its final second as well.


A terrifying attack bloomed. The strongest abilities Chen Feng had were instantaneously unleashed. The seemingly endless attacks all landed on the female ancient race, instantly inflicting a serious injury on her. Just as everyone thought that this was the end of Chen Feng’s attack…
Both Chen Feng’s eyes started gleaming with red, signifying the arrival of the final attack of God Punisher, Chen Feng’s strongest attack, Nethergaze! This was the attack Chen Feng had taken one whole day to condense when facing the head of the Wild Saint family back then. Now, this terrifying attack was unleashed with a terrifying amplification of 60 times.


The red shone dazzlingly.

Chapter 487: I Have Been Waiting a Long Time for You

Had it ended? Everyone gazed at the dazzling red radiance. None of them had expected that this battle would conclude in such a manner. A conclusion where the female ancient race member erupted suddenly and killed the clone of their powerful deputy president only to end up killed by Chen Feng in an extremely alarming manner. Without a doubt, those trash-like abilities of Chen Feng’s that had seemed like they were only useful for annoying someone had ultimately erupted with a power that caused one to feel flustered.

“So powerful.”
“I’m afraid this attack has already surpassed peak A class, right?”
All their hearts shuddered as they bathed in this bright radiance. After a long time, the radiance faded. On the ground, only a large crater remained. Midair, countless pink particles hovered. These were the remains of that female ancient race member. She had actually been blasted so hard her entire body had been forcefully shattered into numerous pieces. Once again, a powerful clone of an expert had been killed by Chen Feng.

As time passed, those pink particles slowly dissipated.

It’s finally over.

Everyone clenched their firsts as they thought this. It was over! Finally, this confrontation with the devil race and ancient race was over. They had successfully defended the Star City. Alas, at this moment, they noted that even now, the feeble pink particles were still flickering with a faint glimmer, attracting the attention of countless people.

They widened their eyes.

“What is that?”
“Why is it still moving?” “Has the female ancient race member not given up yet?”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “This…”
And so, under numerous unbelieving gazes, those pink particles started converging together again. After a while, a flawless body appeared there. This was still the same female ancient race member, as beautiful as ever. This time, the number of clothes on her body was significantly lower. The sight of her was so very enchanting, yet not a single person in Star City dared to have any distracting thoughts when it came to her. This female was still alive? She was still perfectly fine?

All their hearts chilled as they saw this. Chen Feng studied her body indifferently before sighing deeply. “Is there a need for this? Previously, to defeat the deputy president trio, you forcefully poured your energy into this clone of yours. And now, even after your clone has been destroyed, you are forcing the clone back together again. If you do this, how much of your energy will you have left in your main body? Doing this… the gains  do  not  make  up  for  the  losses,”   Chen  Feng  stated regretfully. The female ancient race member’s gaze was filled with hatred. “You have no idea the number of sacrifices I have made. This devil race resurrection plan is supposed to be the start of my legend, yet everything has been ruined by you, you annoying bug! I will not allow my previous investments to go to a waste. I will destroy you all and recover everything I have lost!”
She was filled with hatred. Yes, she was aware that it would be better to have retreated the moment her clone was destroyed. After all, the price she had paid was much higher than she had imagined due to the long-distance clone formation. The only fortunate thing was the fact that her main body was still hidden somewhere safe.

Chen Feng shrugged. “Is that so? I suppose you have no idea what ‘sunk cost fallacy’ means, then.”
The female ancient race member became somewhat confused as she heard Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shook his head and did not bother explaining. He merely gazed at her calmly. “Even if you had condensed your clone here forcefully, even after paying such a high price, do you believe that you will most definitely complete this plan of yours?”
She sneered. “Yes, I can. I have already seen through your true strength.”
Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. “Oh?”
“You are very weak. You are truly only a B-class warrior. Thanks to that weird ability, your attacks start weak before increasing in strength without stop. Perhaps that ability is weak initially, but ultimately, it is amplified without stop, increasing the strength of your attacks. This is an ability I have never seen before, an ability capable of defying the heavens at its strongest point. However, the flaw of this ability is too obvious. As long as I deal with you when you first activate the ability, it’s simply a trash ability,” the female ancient race member said, a sharp gaze in her eyes.

Chen Feng’s heart shuddered as he heard her. What a terrifying power of observation! He had only used this ability once in front of her! He had even tried disguising his ability using numerous methods, yet this female ancient race member had been able to see through Chen Feng with a single look. Indeed, the biggest flaw of God Punisher presently was the long duration it required to reach its potential.

“Normally, such abilities have huge limitations. I don’t know if you can still activate it again. However, it does not matter. I will  not  give  you  any  opportunities  this  time.”  The  female ancient race member focused her gaze on Chen Feng. This time, she was truly treating Chen Feng as an opponent at her level. “If you have other trump cards, please do use them. If not…  go regret your actions in the eternal hell then.”  After finishing her words, the female ancient race member moved.


A terrifying radiance erupted. A pink radiance shone dazzlingly from both her hands as she charged straight at Chen Feng. She was able to see that now, the only person capable of threatening her was this person here. Alas, all this time, Chen Feng had merely regarded her calmly. Chen Feng smiled faintly as he asked, “Do you truly believe that there won’t be any issues even after forcefully exhausting the energy of your main body without any restraint? You must be clear on the type of damage one’s body will suffer after excessive overexertion, right?”
“I don’t need you to worry about that.” Her killing intent remained despite Chen Feng’s words. After forceful overexertion, the worst that would happen was losing the ability to use any energy for several days. For her, this wasn’t much. With her intelligence, she was not the type of person to let Chen Feng waver her confidence with mere words. “You will most certainly die today.”

The terrifying radiance pierced at Chen Feng. Right as her attack was several centimeters away from Chen Feng’s heart, when she was about to pierce through him, her body suddenly froze. This terrifying clone of hers was actually frozen in space.

“You…” Her eyes widened abruptly. Full of disbelief, she lowered her head.

There, on her chest, a huge flaming sword was protruding. The sword had been inserted from her back and was piercing out of her chest. Her heart chilled as she realized this. Most terrifyingly, she still couldn’t see anyone or anything behind her. This was a sword that had appeared out of nowhere.

Chen Feng shook his head. “What a pity. Why have I baited you here to this battlefield?”

The female ancient race member gazed at this youth before her. From his somewhat mocking gaze, she guessed an extremely terrifying truth: from the start, he had been aware of her existence. Devil race resurrection, darknight devil tiger, despite all those, this young man’s true target had actually always been her! “I have been waiting quite a while for you.” Chen Feng stepped forth and approached her frozen body before lightly whispering in her ear, “Now, it’s time for you to return. I have a rather nice surprise waiting for you back at your main body…”

Chen Feng’s right hand pointed at her forehead softly.

A bright radiance erupted. Just like that, the clone of that terrifying female ancient race member started dissipating.

“I won’t let you off!” she screeched.

Shua! Light swirled around. As her clone dissipated, her consciousness returned to her main body. Here, at this place she had previously deemed the safest, the place where her main body rested, a young lady of around 13 or 14 years old was seated before her. On that young lady’s hand was a huge
flaming sword, and presently, the sword was stabbed right
through the female ancient race member. This was the very sword that had brought her back to her main body.

The young lady was smiling sweetly, yet the female ancient race member chilled as she saw the sweet smile. “I have been waiting for you for a while.”

Chapter 488: Calm Down! Lord, You Must Calm Down!

Star City.

With the departure of that female ancient race member, this place regained its peace. The remaining devil race members weren’t able to pose much threat and were all killed off. When the Genetic Union warriors were done with the battle, they turned around, and their hearts felt heavy as they took in the view before them.

The devil race had indeed been repelled. However, Star City was completely messed up as well. This headquarters of the Gene Production Association had now been reduced to mere ruins. Even with this price, would this be the end of the devil race’s attack? After all, this was only the first battle with the devil race. What about the second battle?

It was said that the royal devil race members were hibernating here. As such, the devil race would most certainly not give up easily. When the next attack came, could Star City still hold on? What should Star City do then? The strength demonstrated by the devil race had indeed surpassed their every imagination.

Apart from that, there was also the ancient race, which was even more mysterious than the devil race. These two races that had appeared suddenly had planted fear in the hearts of the humans. The strength of these alien races was far beyond their imagination. They had themselves witnessed how even the weakest cannon fodder of the devil race was an A class. What about their other members, then? This world would likely cease being peaceful from now on.

After a long time, finally, the Genetic Union started wrapping up their affairs there.

“What to do about Star City?”
This single question was the one asked most. It was rather impossible for them to actually give this city up. With the devil race aiming for this place, if they gave it up, wouldn’t that be equivalent to giving the devil race a boost in their strength for free? That was something unthinkable. Defending the city? That did not seem doable either. After all, this was still the territory of the Gene Production Association. They were members of the Genetic Union and would not be able to stay here to defend forever, yet the combat power of gene producers was rather low, and it did not seem likely that they would be able to defend this city without the Genetic Union’s help.
If the devil race invaded again when the Genetic Union members weren’t around, what could they do? As they looked at the messed-up Star City, they felt that this issue of what to do with Star City was a rather thorny issue. As they contemplated, suddenly, they all looked at Chen Feng. He was an excellent producer of the Gene Production Association. Moreover, he had also been the biggest helper in this battle of theirs. Therefore, his words would perhaps hold some weight when deciding the fate of Star City?

They looked at Chen Feng solemnly. “What do you think we should do?”
“This place?”  Chen Feng glanced around. “Just smash this place ourselves.” 
They were all dumbstruck. Sm-smash?

Chen  Feng  shrugged.  “Yes.  This  city  has  already  been destroyed anyway. Just look at the craters everywhere. Rather than repairing all of these, we might as well rebuild a new city altogether. Besides, one particular prince of the moondevil clan is hibernating here. This is now too dangerous a place to be the Gene Production Association’s headquarters. If so, we might as well smash this entire city apart, then.”
Their eyes widened as they exchanged glances. Surprisingly, they found this suggestion agreeable. If so, their next job was to completely destroy this city?

Presently, at a certain faraway location, some devil race members were gazing in the direction of Star City. 
None of them had expected that their enemies would actually be prepared to face them. After using everything they could, they had still failed. There was also the damnable ancient race…
“Don’t worry. There’s always next time.”
“Yes. Next time, we will most certainly reawaken the prince.”
“We will,”  they stated solemnly. The esteemed devil prince was slumbering there. A day would come where they stepped into Star City to awake their prince. When that happened, their esteemed prince would most certainly lead them…

A sudden loud explosion startled all of them. As they looked in the direction of Star City, their eyes all widened. What in the world was that? The Star City where their prince was slumbering had been totally destroyed? All the devil race members were dumbstruck as they saw this. This sudden development had shocked them tremendously.

This… what the hell? The humans had destroyed their own city? What about lord prince, then…
One of them charged at Star City furiously. “Prince!”
“Calm  down!  Calm  down!” Another  devil  race  member grabbed hold of him and stated, “There is still hope for us.”
The first devil was puzzled. “Hope? What other hope do we still have?”
“Only the shell of lord prince is slumbering there at Star City. Even if the entire city is destroyed, as long as the dust there remains, as long as those particles are still there, a day will come where we reawaken our prince. Look, after the destruction of the city, all the dust has landed on the soil beneath the city. When humans no longer have their defensive systems, when the black rain lands, we will be able to awake the prince easily,”  that devil stated in a gratified manner. As the rest of the devil race members heard this, they exchanged glances in ecstasy as they understood what that person meant.

Haha! If so… Hold on! Suddenly, one of them looked toward Star City. “What is that?”
The other devils raised their head and looked over. Instantly, they all blanked. “Huh?”
What they saw was the sight of the entire Star City disintegrating into countless specks of dust. Those specks of dust were supposed to all land on the earth, yet right at this moment, a sudden gale swept past, and just like that, all that dust drifted in various directions.


All the devil race members were stupefied. What was going on? At the same time, where Star City once stood, in midair, Chen Feng was leading everyone as they all used immense fans to blow the dust in various directions.



The wind blew wildly. Those huge fans were capable of generating rather powerful winds, especially when used by the barbarians. Just like that, the dust was blown away in various directions.

Everyone blanked as they asked, “This… this works? ”
“Of  course!”   Chen  Feng  was  confident.  After  all,  in  his previous world, there was a precedent. A patent had been filed for some huge fans that would be equipped by 15 million people to solve the terrible smog problem in their capital. When that had happened, it had created quite an uproar on the internet. This did not seem like a reliable plan, yet surprisingly, the patent had been approved! As such, it had caused a huge uproar back then. Chen Feng reckoned that once this method became normalized, in the future, the sight where cities blew their polluted air toward each other would appear. Naturally, those cities could choose to work together to blow the polluted air out of their country directly. This was something proven to work! As such, when used in a small city like Star City, it would most certainly work.

Although Chen Feng couldn’t get 15 million people to do it, the genetic warriors and barbarians were much powerful than the humans of his previous world. Besides, Star City wasn’t that huge a city anyway. It would be quite easy to fan the dust away.


With a casual wave by one of the barbarians, half the dust enveloping Star City was blown away.

“Come, here.”
“Correct, put more strength into it. Don’t stop.” “Put more strength! More! Yes, that’s right! Faster!
“No, don’t all blow in the same direction. You guys, face that direction. Yes, yes. Correct.”
Thereupon, the dust that was the reincarnation of the previous Star City drifted worldwide. At a certain location, the devil race members that had still had some hope earlier were all dumbfounded.


G-gone? Even the dust was gone? When the devil race boss saw the sight of those burly barbarians waving the huge fans crazily, the boss’s worldview collapsed entirely. What kind of people were they, exactly?

“I  will  fight  them  with  my  life!”   one  of  the  devil  race members howled. Two different devil race members stopped him immediately. “Lord, calm down. There’s still hope. There’s still hope.”
The other devil race member despaired. “There is?”
“Yes! Lord, the dust and soil are mere physical objects. Just like us, lord prince transformed his entire body into energy form to temporarily latch upon that dust. Let alone blowing the dust away, even if the dust is destroyed, the energy of lord prince will still remain. As such, this is not something we need to worry about. From our observations of the humans these two days, we have concluded that they do not have any energy capable of erasing our energy. Therefore, we have no need to worry,” the devil race member stated confidently.

“Is this true?”
Only now did the other devil race members regain some hope.

Chapter 489: Chen Feng’s Cheat

Presently, a thick cloud of dust drifted out from Star City. Under the efforts of the barbarians, the dust was all being blown in various directions. Distantly, black rain was still falling, and a cold breeze was whizzing through the air. Some of the dust landed before drifting too far away, while some was blown far away due to the strength the barbarians were waving with. And thus, Star City no longer existed. As for the devil prince that had been hidden underground, it vanished together with the city.

Chen Feng was immensely satisfied. “Look, how easy.”  The methods of the devil race’s awakening were indeed rather unique. However, after their research, they had concluded that the reawakening was not merely the act of sealing the devil race members underground. Rather, the devil race members had all transformed into particles that had blended with the earth.

If so, destroying Star City should do the job. This was what Chen Feng believed. As such, he acted on such a plan as a counter without any hesitation. With this, he refused to believe that they could still awaken the prince. “Will there be any problems?” Chen Feng asked Spirit.

Spirit shook her head. “Nope. The only way for this prince to be reawakened is if the devil race is capable of recovering every single speck of dust here.”
“Mhm…” Chen Feng pondered. Recovering every single speck of dust? As he pondered, he noted that it was actually quite doable.

After all, this was the genetic era. In this era, anything was possible. Even if the dust could vanish, what about the particles of the prince that were residing within the dust? Would the particles vanish together with the dust? Clearly, that was not possible. As the dust was destroyed, those particles would most definitely leave the dust before dissipating away amid the air and continuing the long wait for reawakening.

“This won’t do,” Chen Feng muttered. Since he had already decided to eliminate the devil race, he could not allow them any chances. Chen Feng pondered and beckoned at the technician of the Genetic Union, “Do we have any air purifiers here?”
“Ah?” The technician was somewhat stupefied. “Air… air purifier?”
He was at a loss. Why was Chen Feng looking for air purifier at times like this?

Chen Feng nodded. “Yes, those capable of filtering the air.”
“Indeed, we do.”  The technician smiled bitterly. “However, they can only be used to filter physical dust particles.”
What was this Chen Feng fellow thinking? After all, this was a war between experts, and that dust was, after all, the results of the reawakening ability of the enigmatic devil race. As such, Chen Feng should have some sort of respect for the strength of the devil race, right? He should consider their feelings, right? Chen Feng curled his lip. “Well, it’s only a matter of changing the filter cartridge. Get the Genetic Union to install an energy sensor on the filter cartridge. In any case, we only need to trap all the dust containing energy undulations.”
The technician was at a loss. “Will this work?” However, since Chen Feng had already made the request, the technician would have to act on it.

Soon after, the Genetic Union gathered several huge air purifiers, and the filter cartridges were changed according to Chen Feng’s instruction.

Chen Feng appeared immensely satisfied. “Not bad, not bad.”
Everyone else: “…”
Would this really work? Chen Feng watched on silently. He was sure that the moment Star City was destroyed, apart from the huge amount of dust blown away, a lot of the dust had also been entirely destroyed as well. Since that dust had already been destroyed, the devil race’s energy that had latched upon the dust would most certainly still be around here. In the air around here, they would wait until the moment of their awakening.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Sorry, you no longer have any chances.”

All the air purifiers were turned on. Instantly, the alarms buzzed without stop. They all widened their eyes as they witnessed the numerous reports that were popping out as the filter cartridges started trapping the energy remaining in the air. These air purifiers had actually managed to trap so much energy in them.

“Within the cartridges, the remains of our energy during the battle earlier are included as well. Filter those out. As for what remains…” Chen Feng commanded decisively.

“All right.” Presently, the technician appeared incredibly excited, even more excited than when he had dreamed of finally getting a girlfriend.

New reports popped out without stop. Soon, the filtering was completed.

With the energy monitoring apparatuses of the Genetic Union, Chen Feng separated all the identified energy and the energy that posed no threat. What remained was only an unknown energy.

“Found you.” The technician was overjoyed. “Although we are unable to get any information about this energy, from its structural makeup, it can be concluded that this energy indeed resembles the structural makeup of the black raindrops.” Everyone widened their eyes as they saw this. “They actually found it for real?” Air purifiers could actually be used in such manner?

Chen Feng was satisfied. “Very good. Destroy it.”
“All right.”
The technician started the elimination process. Alas, it did not seem to work. Disinfectants were most certainly ineffective against the devil race’s energy. How about energy eliminators? Ineffective as well. All methods of energy elimination normally used were tried, and all failed. Even after exhausting every method known to him, the technician had still failed to do anything to the energy. This unique unknown energy was actually something they couldn’t destroy.

However, this was rather reasonable. If the unknown energy could be destroyed so easily, the devil race would most probably have failed to last this long and would have been destroyed long ago. After all, these were the energy particles that the devil race members had transformed into for their hibernation. Regular methods wouldn’t work at all. What to do, then? Were they helpless apart from keeping this thing around? Keeping it waiting for the devil race to awaken?

Despite the fact that this was merely a small portion of them, without thoroughly destroying them, the devil race in question would most certainly wake up one day, bringing disaster along with its awakening. Furthermore, other devil race members were still awakening without stop.

If they could look for a method of destroying these particles, they might be able to purify the soil beneath all human cities. With this, they would no longer need to be worried about the ground they stood on.

“What to do?”
They looked at each other before, finally, they all looked at Chen Feng again.

“Mhm…” Chen Feng frowned. If regular methods were ineffective… Suddenly, Chen Feng raised his head and looked at the dark clouds. Even though the vicinity of Star City was already without the black rain, this rain was still falling everywhere else. Chen Feng contemplated. “Use some of the black raindrops to try. Since these particles can be awakened into the devil race members using the black raindrops, perhaps…”
“All right.”
Soon, someone returned with some gathered black raindrops.


The black raindrops were mixed with the gathered energy.

Hum— The particles started shimmering lightly. These energy particles had actually been awakened by the black raindrops. With his own eyes, Chen Feng witnessed the recovery of the energy particles as they emanated a bizarre aura. Moreover, a formidable and mysterious attractive force was being emitted from these energy particles as well. Nearby, countless dust and particles started nearing the energy particles.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

“The particles are capable of attracting other particles.”
“Currently, this particle is summoning the particles that are similar in nature. Perhaps when all the particles have been gathered, they will transform into a powerful devil race member. By gathering all the same energy, the particles will condense together before awakening as a devil race member.”
“So that’s the case.”
With a single look, they all understood this. They felt enlightened. So this was how the devil race members had been awakening?

The particles nearby started stirring.

Some of the dust that had already landed on the ground earlier was now nearing this particle without stop. At the same time, they had also noticed something.

“It seems like the further the distance, the weaker the attractive force is.”
“Within five kilometers, the attractive force is the strongest. This is quite a huge range, as normally, the particles required for the awakening of a single devil race member are within 10 meters from each other. A range of five kilometers… is very huge!”
That particle flickered without stop, and the attracted particles nearby increased in amount as well. Alas, due to what Chen Feng had done earlier, the dust containing the relevant particles had been blown somewhere else. As such, regardless of what this particular particle did, it failed to attract the particles that were of the same set as it.

After finishing absorbing the required energy, the particles started condensing into a devil race member. Howl!

A powerful devil race member thus appeared there. However, as they looked at it, they became speechless. That was because this newly awakened devil race member was obviously an incomplete version of itself. This was a devil race member with some features of its face missing. On top of that, its chest was missing as well.

Chapter 490: Awaken, Great Devil Prince!

Of course, the missing chest here did not refer to a flat- chested person. Rather, it referred to someone that was literally without a chest, only two bloody messes could be seen where the chest was supposed to be. It was clear that this devil race member here was an incomplete product. Moreover, from the dull expression in its gaze, it was clear that the intelligence of this devil race member here was somewhat lacking as well.

Chen Feng frowned. “This is the devil prince?”
The technician analyzed the data. “Nope. From the looks of it, there are still some other devil race members from Star City that have yet to awaken as well.”
“I see.” Chen Feng pondered. Everyone else started studying this devil race member as well.

“Looks like this devil race member is without its brain as well. When the other devil race members awakened, despite being somewhat sluggish in their thoughts, that was the result of their long hibernation. As for this fellow here, its gaze is truly empty, resembling those undead beasts greatly.”
Everyone there was endlessly amazed. So they could actually manipulate the devil race’s resurrection project in such a manner?


With a casual wave, Chen Feng destroyed this devil race member. Despite it having the appearance of a devil race member, such a method of awakening had caused this devil race member to pose zero threat. Moreover, it seemed like things would be hopeless for the remaining parts of this devil race member that had yet to awaken together with this devil race member here as well. If so, what about that so-called devil prince?

“Hehe.” They all exchanged glances as they suddenly had an idea of what to do. If they were able to, in a similar manner, summon a part of the devil prince out first before destroying that summoned part, what would the fate of the devil prince be?

“Good idea.”
Chen Feng’s plan received their approval easily, and thus, numerous air purifiers were carried over.

Shua! Shua!

The energy contained in the dust was all gathered. Occasionally, when the energy couldn’t be gathered by the purifier, they would personally destroy the dust containing that energy before letting the air purifier absorb the energy. It did not take long for them to gather a sufficient amount of energy. These unknown energies were rather unique. Among these unknown energies, there were some that were different than others, as they actually possessed a certain degree of immunity. “This should be the energy particles of that so-called devil prince, right?”
“I think so.” Chen Feng waved his hand. “Time to deal with this prince.”

They started restoring the energy particles. Here at this destroyed Star City, the Genetic Union started summoning the devil prince. At a certain location, the group of devil race members that had been about to leave suddenly looked in the direction of Star City.

“This is the power of the royal clan!”  With a disbelieving expression, he stared in the direction of Star City. “Didn’t the awakening of the prince fail? Why has this power appeared, then? Does the prince possess other trump cards?”
As he thought of this, he became excited. At the same moment, countless devil race members were looking in the same direction in excitement. Had the time finally come for the devil race to rise?

At this time, with a radiance swirling around them, Chen Feng and the rest watched on with aching hearts. It was beyond their expectations that the attractive force of this unique energy was actually so terrifying. Different from before, this time, all the dust within 50 kilometers of them was stirring.

“How powerful!”
“Worthy of being the devil prince indeed.”
“With such range, I suppose 99% of the energy particles can be recalled…” “Stop it!”
“Get  some  people  to  move  around  to  intercept  those incoming energy particles. We can’t allow them near.”
The Genetic Union executed their plan speedily.

They had long been prepared for something like this. As such, the moment the body of the prince started reconstructing, they were already on their guard. Ultimately, the dust containing the energy particles were intercepted before they managed to arrive. The devil prince that was presently awakening was yet another incomplete devil race member.

“I wonder how much of the body will be awakened this time…” “The amount of energy particles we allowed entry is not too great. For the previous fellow, around 55% of its body was reconstructed. This time, roughly the same amount of energy particles were used. However, considering how powerful the prince is, the same amount of energy particles might actually
consist of even a smaller portion of the prince’s body.”
“Perhaps 20%?”  they guessed. If it was merely 20% of the prince’s body, they might be able to defeat it after its awakening. At a certain location, those devil race members that were observing this had an ominous feeling. They could feel that this was not a normal awakening. The energy particles were obviously insufficient for a complete awakening. Suddenly, one particular devil race member understood what was happening. Those damnable humans were actually trying to first awaken a part of their prince!

“Damn  it!”   The  expression  of  the  devil  race  members changed greatly. “Let’s move in together!”
“All right.”
The powerful devil race member pointed at the empty air three times in a row. At that, a terrifying power bloomed and forcefully sealed the gathering point for the awakening of their prince. Since a complete awakening was not possible, they might as well seal the awakening up temporarily. Regardless of whether the energy particles had dispersed worldwide, regardless of whether the energy particles were still in the form of dust, they could not allow those humans to awaken the body parts of their prince separately to be killed.

After all, this prince signified the future of their devil race. And now, the awakening process initiated by Chen Feng’s group immediately ended.

“The energy stopped gathering.”
“Whatever.  Just  make  do  with  this  amount  of  energy particles, then.” 
After the absorption stopped, the energy particles started combining to construct the body of the prince. Due to the limited amount of energy particles available, the entire body of the prince would not be constructed. Only a small portion of the body would be constructed. However, they had never expected that the portion would be so excessively small.

The amount of energy particles sufficient to construct 55% of a normal devil race member’s body was actually only equivalent to a single piece of the devil prince. This signified the prowess of that devil prince.

That technician even chanted imposingly to add to the effect. “Awaken,  o  glorious  devil  prince!”  Alas,  beyond  even  their wildest imaginations, the first piece of the devil prince they had reconstructed was actually this particular piece.

“Mhm…” They all looked at that long and cylindrical thing they had awoken, and they sank into silence. It was quite vexing that only a piece of the prince could be awakened. Why would it be this thing here out of all things that could appear? Was this a coincidence? Their gaze became odd.

“Yes… yes, it’s a coincidence.”
The technician was speechless. Was this a coincidence? That had to be the case, right? It definitely had nothing to do with him.

Chen Feng rubbed his head. “This is not a coincidence.”
“How   is   that   possible?”    In   an   agitated   manner,   the technician explained, “I truly never intended to summon this part of the prince’s body. This is truly a coincidence! Although I am without a girlfriend, I am still straight!”
Everyone else: “…” Why was this guy getting so agitated?

“I know.” Chen Feng glanced at him before continuing, “What I’m trying to say is that among the countless energy particles of the devil prince, these were the only particles whose dust was destroyed and the only particles of the prince we managed to catch in our filters.”
“Oh.” Only now did the technician regained his calm, and he stated in a gratified manner, “Like I said, I am straight.”
Kong Bai glanced at the technician coldly. What was the point of having a normal sexual orientation if the person in question couldn’t get any girlfriends?

Chen Feng: “…Can we summon other parts of this prince?”
“Let me give it a try.”  The technician tried gathering more energy particles, yet nothing happened. He checked the data and explained, “The initially stirring dust has now stopped moving. Someone has seemingly interrupted us. Regardless of how we summon them, it is no longer of any use.” Chen  Feng  contemplated.  “The  devil  race  has  involved themselves, then?” Well, this wasn’t surprising, to be honest.

The devil race would most certainly not allow the humans to mess around like this. Even if the prince couldn’t awaken, they would not allow Chen Feng’s group to summon the prince’s body parts separately only to be killed.

Chen Feng felt rather regretful. “What a pity.”
Everyone else was gratified instead. “This is already good enough.”
“The devil prince is no longer a threat. Even in the future, when the devil race manages to awaken the prince, it will not be able to breed anymore,” someone analyzed coldly.

As the rest pondered his words, they found this agreeable. However, they couldn’t help but wonder if one day, when the devil prince awoke to discover that it was no longer with its “ding dong,” would it be saddened? Mhm… what a sight would that be.
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