The Strongest Gene Chapter 461-470

Chapter 461: Setting a God Punisher Trend

At the Genetic Union, the dusky sky remained.

“Have you guys heard?”
“Chen Feng?”
“Yeah,  exactly.  I  heard  that  he  has  been  slaughtering  at Othershore Mountain and he killed a bunch of A-class warriors. Even one guy named Old Mei who possessed the strength of peak A class was killed by him.”
“Wow, so ferocious?”
One particular person reminisced about his history with Chen Feng. “Yeah, man. I still remember the time back then when he helped us out with a mission. At that time, he was still very weak, and the sky was still blue. Also, back then, Chen Feng was still very young—” Another person interrupted him while curling his lips. “Oh, please. He is still very young now, okay?”
“True, I heard that he is still a B-class warrior now.”
“B class?”
“How did he challenge those above his class at B class? And to actually defeat a peak A-class warrior on top of it? Isn’t the gap too huge?”
“I heard that he accomplished that feat with the help of God Punisher.”
“God Punisher… what in the world? It’s that ability? That is quite an unreliable ability. Even though it grants the user the ability to transcend classes, the user’s ordinary combat power will be very weak.”
“How so?” “Take a regular B class as an example. Even if he has God Punisher as one of his abilities and has created a series of abilities with God Punisher as the core of all his abilities, thus allowing him to challenge an A-class warrior, normally, that person is only equivalent to a C-class warrior. This is because
of the ability slot that he wasted to make way for this God Punisher ability.”
“You mean… the user will have a strength equivalent to someone of one class lower ordinarily, and when he erupts with the God Punisher, he will have the strength equivalent to someone a class higher than him?”
“I see…”
Everyone gained understanding. So it was actually God Punisher. Because of this incident, a lot of people noticed this previously unknown ability called God Punisher. Naturally, along with the spread of the news about what had happened at Othershore Mountain, every tiny detail of what Chen Feng had done there was leaked as well. It reached a point that some people were even offering a high price to purchase this information.

It was said that due to this incident, a group of adventurers with exploration-, detection-, and recalling-related abilities were headed toward Othershore Mountain to look for clues as to what Chen Feng had done there.

Chen Feng’s expressions…
Chen Feng’s strength…
Chen Feng’s clothes…
Chen Feng’s abilities…
Even the color of Chen Feng’s underpants was a target of their investigation. They were all extremely clear on the flaw of God Punisher. As such, the more they proceeded in their investigation, the more alarmed they became, to the point where they had no idea how to proceed any further.

Ordinarily, even if God Punisher was used in conjunction with Myriad Illusions, the most an early-tier B-class warrior could accomplish was defeating an early-tier A-class warrior. This was already a rather heaven-defying feat. As for Chen Feng, he had actually challenged a peak A-class warrior directly? What did that signify, exactly? Just look at Old Mei. He, with his strength of peak A-class warrior, had killed several tens of A-class warriors at Othershore Mountain all by himself. Furthermore, what all those A-class warriors had suffered was a crushing defeat, a total defeat.

A peak A-class warrior was so much stronger than an ordinary A-class warrior. As for Chen Feng, with his level as a B-class warrior, he had directly challenged a peak A-class warrior? To actually defeat that peak A-class warrior on top of it? To force that Old Mei to retreat? This was truly too excessive a feat. What was up with that Chen Feng, exactly? None of them had any answers.

They were aware that there were a lot of abilities out there capable of giving the user an eruption in strength by damaging the user as well. However, even those abilities would be hard pressed to allow a B-class warrior to actually defeat a peak A- class warrior.

“What on earth is going on?”
“Perhaps  this  is  the  result  of  a  combination  of  several abilities?”
“That might be true…”
They discussed this without stop.

In this era where genetic evolution was in full throttle, the masses were all extremely interested in the cause of Chen Feng’s eruption in strength. This curiosity was intensified by the fact that Chen Feng was someone who was extremely similar to those common people. He was an ordinary person with no power backing him. A lot of people had witnessed Chen Feng as he threaded his path to greatness. Therefore, if Chen Feng was capable of this, perhaps they could do it as well? “You guys won’t be able to do this. Chen Feng is the only one capable of such a miracle.”
“Do you guys even know that after fusing with God Punisher, the user’s ordinary combat power will be reduced by an entire class? The more ability slots you guys use to support God Punisher, the stronger God Punisher will be, but you guys will also be weaker normally. Indeed, you guys will obtain the ability to challenge someone of a higher class, but there is a flaw in that…”
“How did Chen Feng solve this flaw, then?”
“Come on, he’s a producer, and an excellent producer on top of that. Ultimately, Chen Feng is still a B-class warrior. Therefore, the gene reagents he produces are sufficient to erupt with a power equivalent to a peak B-class warrior. Do you understand? Despite the fact that God Punisher causes him to be one class weaker ordinarily, this seemingly lost combat power is something he did not even require in the first place. He can stick with using gene reagents for regular battles. Besides that, as an excellent producer, the gene reagents he produces are already sufficient for him to challenge someone of a higher class.”
“So powerful?”
Only at this did everyone regain their rationality. So Chen Feng had been relying on his profession as a gene producer to pull this off? Indeed, with his gene reagents, he did not even need to be bothered with the seeming loss of combat power in his ordinary state. This was what made Chen Feng so powerful now. At least, this was what the masses thought to be the case.

“He is indeed worthy of being the Chen Feng we all know,” someone exclaimed in admiration.

“Youngsters nowadays are truly scary,” someone lamented.

“Looks like I have to start learning how to produce genes, then…” Some started setting new goals for themselves. Not long after, on the market, a set of ability-compilation based on what they guessed Chen Feng had done appeared, shocking everyone.

“Are you still struggling in the lowest rungs of society? Are you still a worthless person nobody cares about? Come and join our class at Wood Mountain! God Punisher-based ability set! Gene Production! The path toward becoming an expert is beckoning you!”

Numerous clickbait advertisements appeared everywhere.
Moreover, no spokesperson of any sort was required for this!

All these people were simply jumping on the trend set by Chen Feng. As long as one did not live in a cave, one would know how amazingly Chen Feng had performed with such an ability set. It was said that on that day itself, the number of applicants at the Gene Production Association exceeded 10,000.

“That brat.” Hou Liang’s face was smiling so wide his face looked like a flower. He had never expected that, after going through several dangers, that Chen Feng kid had actually survived. Moreover, Chen Feng had even brought such unprecedented popularity upon their Gene Production Association. He indeed did not disappoint. Look at those cute rookies… For this to happen during this era of darkness, could this be considered a consolation of sorts?

“In a not too distant future, the Gene Production Association will most certainly become much stronger than now. When that happens, the number of geniuses at Star City will increase as well…”
Old Hou Liang was extremely gratified.

At the same time, at a certain assassination organization.

A certain boss was raging. “What the hell have you guys been doing all this while? Why did none of you think of something this genius? B class! With only a B-class God Punisher ability set, a B-class warrior will be able to insta-kill a peak A-class warrior!” His underlings had wronged expressions. “Boss, to do this, we need to learn gene production…”
The boss roared at his underlings. “And why does that even matter? Hasn’t Chen Feng used that ability just nicely? Why do we even need to learn gene production? It doesn’t matter if our normal combat power is weaker. We are assassins. A single killing strike is all that matters.”
“We   have   indeed   tried   that.   But   then,   without   gene production skills, we will not be able to kill a peak A-class warrior anyway,” the underling stated bitterly. They had indeed attempted something similar to what Chen Feng had done. Even before this feat of Chen Feng’s, they had tried it. Obviously, Chen Feng was not the first person to use God Punisher. Unfortunately, it had not worked for them. This ability was too unreliable.

Chapter 462: The Furious Old Mei

Boss looked at his underling, wondering if this guy was looking for an excuse for his incompetence. “Who can we kill if not a peak A-class warrior?”
“A-class warrior. Without the help of gene production skills, a B-class warrior can only kill an A-class warrior when using this ability.” The underling ended with a sigh.

Boss looked at the underling like he was looking at an idiot. “Isn’t that enough?” Wasn’t it sufficient to be able to transcend an entire class?

The underling shook his head. “No, it’s not. First, to train a B-class warrior with an ability set based on God Punisher, it would cost no less than what is required to train an A-class assassin. It is too expensive. Second, God Punisher is unreliable at times. In our tests, during the process of using God Punisher, there was a 50% chance that the A-class opponent would not be killed. Moreover, the amount of damage dealt varied too greatly. There was even one particular incident where, instead of killing the opponent, the God Punisher user healed the opponent instead,” the underling said, finishing his report with a dark expression.

Boss: “…” This ability is such a scam? As the boss looked at the test results provided by his underling, he was somewhat dumbstruck. So this was the case? If so, how had Chen Feng…
With a low voice, the underling reminded his boss, “Chen Feng has his gene production skills. It’s also possible that he has some methods of fighting using God Punisher we are unaware of. Otherwise, this God Punisher-based ability set would have become famous long ago.”
“Is that so?”  Presented with all these facts, the boss could only regretfully give up on his plan. The arts of gene production were too mysterious. There were some legendary and ancient gene formulas that possessed some powerful and mysterious abilities. If Chen Feng had learned such a formula, it might truly have enabled him to make use of this God Punisher. It would seem like they have no choice but to give up on this. Naturally, they were not the only ones that wanted to develop in this direction. The various assassination organizations and powers were all researching the feasibility of God Punisher-based ability sets

, looking at the possibility of developing a group of assassins or suicide warriors. If it was possible, they would be overjoyed. Unfortunately, it was certain that this effort of theirs would be fruitless.

Presently, at the Genetic Union, just as everyone was still passionately discussing Chen Feng, the main entrance of their headquarters was kicked open.

Instantly, everyone there raged. “Who dares to kick open the entrance of our Genetic Union?” What joke was this? Even a peak A-class warrior would not have the courage to be so unbridled here at their headquarters. However, just as they stood up getting ready to rage, they saw a huge figure walk in through the door. The first thing they saw was a head with a fierce expression and a pair of extremely vicious-looking eyes.

What is that? Everyone widened their eyes. Clang! Clang! Clang!

Accompanied by his steady footsteps, the huge figure approached them one step at a time.


A certain A-class warrior unsheathed his weapon in preparation for a fight. As the figure walked forth and everyone got a clear look at him, they were all stupefied. That huge figure was actually a person carrying a huge mutated beast. That seemed to be…

The mutated beast was thrown down onto the floor, giving them a clear look at that person’s face. It was a familiar face.

Chen Feng beamed as he gazed at the stupefied bunch there. “Hey, long time no see. I’m here to complete the mission.” They were all dumbstruck. “Chen… Chen Feng?”
None of them had expected that the person they had been talking about would appear right in front of them.

“What… what mission?”
“The one with young hillsea beast as the target.”
Instantly, they recovered from their stupor. “Oh.” That legendary mission at Othershore Mountain. True, since Chen Feng had been the only one remaining there, the beasts there would…
The employee there wiped his sweat. “Please wait a moment.
Let us inspect it.”
“Not a problem. You guys do what needs to be done. Let me go carry some more over,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. The rest couldn’t understand what he was getting at. “What?”
Clang! Clang! Clang!

Chen Feng proceeded to carry in one hillsea beast after another. All the targets of this mission were thus completed by Chen Feng alone. Full of sweat, the employee completed the inspection and verification before handling the procedures for Chen Feng.

“If so…  can you give me the rewards directly?”  Chen Feng asked with a smile. He had no intention of staying here too long. Despite the fact that he had been feeling amazing when he had killed all those A-class warriors at Othershore Mountain, he guessed that some of those he had killed were ultimately people with backgrounds. Even right at this moment, someone might be making their way over here for Chen Feng…
“Yes, sure. However, there is a condition for me to do that,” the employee stated. Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Mhm?” Had he encountered those people coming for revenge already? As he thought of this, while staring at the female employee in front of him, energy started converging in his hands.

“Can  you  sign  this  for  me?”  the  female  employee  asked bashfully.

Chen Feng was instantly speechless. “…” After spending several days at Othershore Mountain, he had nearly forgotten what place this was. This was the headquarters of the Genetic Union. If it had reached a point where people could kill as they wished here, then this world would have truly been in big trouble.

Nowadays, one could battle or kill in the wilderness. However, in any city, killing was prohibited. As such, regardless of how domineering an assassin was out there in the wilderness, when they were operating in a city, they could only take it slow when assassinating someone. If not because of this fact, Chen Feng would have been killed off by an assassin back then… **

At a certain different location, amid a certain wilderness, a plum blossom bloomed midair.

The faint radiance coalesced before, suddenly, the plum blossom ignited. After a long time, a person walked out of the flame. That person was precisely Old Mei.

Old  Mei  was  overjoyed.  “Finally,  I  recovered…”   He  had returned alive. However, he hadn’t even basked in this short happiness for more than two seconds before his wristband buzzed abruptly. With a glance, Old Mei’s expression became unsightly, like a person who had eaten some poop. The rewards he had offered for the mission had all been claimed by Chen Feng.

Old Mei felt extremely hateful. “Damn it!”  All those were resources he had prepared for himself to help him in his charge to peak A-class. He  felt  extremely  hateful.  “Chen  Feng!”  Even  if  he  could forget what Chen Feng had done to him in the past, he had never expected that during this crucial period of his life, his plan would still end up foiled by Chen Feng. How could he not feel hateful? His entire heart was filled with hatred and killing intent, and he almost failed to resist looking for Chen Feng right away. However, he had only taken a single step forth before stopping.

Could the present him defeat that Chen Feng? He truly doubted that. When had that God Punisher become so powerful?

He pondered. “God Punisher can only be used once per day. I might still have my chance at revenge.” However, how could he be sure that Chen Feng had no other trump cards? Moreover, how could he be sure of the actual cooldown of Chen Feng’s God Punisher?

The content of the presently available information on Chen Feng all indicated that he was a very perverse person, especially the release of his God Punisher. That final radiance he had released seemed to be Nethergaze? That ability was indeed powerful. However, it did not seem capable of enabling the user to challenge one of a higher class? Despite that, Chen Feng’s Nethergaze seemed much stronger. Old Mei rubbed his chest as he still felt some lingering fear from when he had faced Chen Feng earlier. If he hadn’t escaped fast enough, he would have most probably gotten himself killed there. That final radiance…
“Even  if  Chen  Feng  can’t  unleash  his  God  Punisher,  this Nethergaze alone is already…” The mere thought of this caused Old Mei to shudder in fear. All abilities would seemingly become extremely terrifying in Chen Feng’s hands. Regardless of Nethergaze, God Punisher, or even Myriad Illusions, all of them had seemingly transformed from their regular version when used by Chen Feng. The present Old Mei did not have the courage to take any risks when dealing with Chen Feng.

Old Mei calmed himself down. “I can’t be hasty. I can’t let my emotions control my actions. I have an unlimited potential and future, and I can definitely not die just like this.”

Chapter 463: Old Mei’s Revenge Plan

Old Mei was an intelligent person. Even as someone who had started from zero back then, he had managed to reach his current height. What was there for him to fear now? After all, the present him was a person with the combat power of a peak A-class warrior. In a sense, he already possessed the qualifications to stand above the vast majority of this world.

Old Mei pondered. “Even if all those things were taken away by Chen Feng, he won’t be able to use them anyway. Even if he sells them, the amount of people who can actually make use of those secret arts aren’t that high either. Therefore, he won’t be able to sell them off anytime soon. There’s no need for me to be too  anxious.”  If  it  wasn’t  for  his  calm  and  intelligence,  he would have ended up dead long ago. “Now… I need to think of a good plan to get Chen Feng to deliver those secret arts back to me.”
Presently, he had no wish to face Chen Feng head on. Before obtaining all those secret arts, he had no intention of battling Chen Feng. All those 5-star secret arts were extremely suitable for Old Mei’s use. Granted, they were not those exceptionally powerful abilities like his plum blossom flame. However, the support capabilities of those secret arts were rather scary. If they were all used together, Old Mei’s combat power would reach a whole new level.

There were also those 6-star secret arts. Old Mei took in a deep breath as he thought of those. The six genes he had fused with were sufficient to fulfill the requirement for him to learn those 6-star secret arts he had gathered. Those 6-star secret arts were also the very keys he was relying on to complete his transformation. Evidently, his transformation had not ended on the completion of his plum blossom flame.

Indeed, secret arts were something that could only be utilized by someone possessing the required genetic abilities. However, was it an ironclad rule that one could only learn a single secret art? One ought to remember that even for someone with only a water-related ability and a fire-related ability, there were countless 2-star secret arts that the person could use, such as Sword of Ice and Flame, Absolute Waterflame, Nine Layers of Ice and Fire, Gate of Flames, Red Ocean, Unrestrained Water Volcano, Harmony of Water and Flame, Storm of Ice and Fire, and so on.

This was the case for 6-star secret arts as well. However, due to the limitations imposed by the required abilities one needed to have before one could make use of a secret art, obtaining a suitable 6-star secret art was much harder. For a regular A-class warrior, the act of obtaining a single 6-star secret art was already considered an extremely astonishing feat. Therefore, A-class warriors were separated by several stages as well.

Those without any 6-star secret arts were considered trash among A-class warriors. Even if such a person reached the late stage of A class, without a 6-star secret art, that person would still be considered trash. A vast majority of the A-class warriors that had gathered at Othershore Mountain previously were such A-class warriors. This was also why they had been driven crazy by the promise of 6-star secret arts by Old Mei’s mission that they hadn’t even heard of or seen before. This was the first type of A-class warrior.

After possessing a 6-star secret art, the warrior in question would obtain an extremely formidable core ability. These A- class warriors were considered ordinary A-class warriors. Possessing formidable strength and having advanced their level perfectly all the way to A-class, these warriors were normally those with a certain amount of popularity. This was the second type of A-class warrior. As for the third type of A-class warrior, these were those with two or more 6-star secret arts in their possession. Such A- class warriors were the more outstanding ones among their peers. Each of them was extremely powerful, and most of them were peak A-class warriors. They were also considered to be the strongest among A-class warriors.

Naturally, those similar to Old Mei who possessed a single heaven-defying 6-star secret art were low in amount. After all, it was quite rare for a person to dedicate 10 years of his life just for a single ability. On top of that overpowered plum blossom flame, Old Mei had also prepared five additional 6-star secret arts he could use. Try to imagine the strength of an A-class warrior with six 6-star secret arts…
“I will most definitely regain what is mine.”  Old Mei was resolute. He had maintained his patience for so many years. As such, he would not give up during this crucial moment where everything was on the verge of success. After all, there was always someone stronger in this world. The only reason Old Mei had selected such a superlate-stage ability for himself was to make it easier for him when he would attempt to surpass A class in the future. The future him would most definitely be someone surpassing A class. As such, the present him would most definitely not risk it and fight it out with Chen Feng. He was well accustomed with how perverse Chen Feng was. He had no intention of getting himself killed by some random occurrence.

“How should I get those 6-star secret arts from Chen Feng, then?”
Suddenly, Old Mei thought of something. Even though he was not interested in facing Chen Feng, that did not mean he couldn’t make use of those around Chen Feng…
Old Mei sneered. “Hehehe.”  Wasn’t this what those villain bosses in movies normally did? If so, he could most certainly do something similar as well.

A plum blossom flickered into existence before him.

Old Mei sneered. “Chen Feng, I will make you regret your actions.” Shua! Shua!

The plum blossom bloomed.

Before Old Mei’s eyes, countless petals started falling. He had obtained quite a number of information about Chen Feng from the internet. And now, he used his plum blossom to analyze the information to obtain the information he required.

Mhm… the several major characters around Chen Feng… To make it easier for Old Mei to control those he kidnapped and to facilitate the hostage exchange he was planning, he had limited the number of people his plum blossom would discover. Shortly after, Old Mei obtained the simple information of the several peoples close to Chen Feng.

Old Mei frowned. “Let me see. Qin Hai… Wang Yao…”
Since these two were among the first to appear from his plum blossom, they were evidently those who were closest to Chen Feng. Moreover, from the order in which their names had appeared, that person called Qin Hai should be even closer to Chen Feng.

Mhm… you, then.

Naturally, the main reason he selected Qin Hai was because he had only managed to obtain Qin Hai’s information out of the two. Moreover, the internet had quite a lot of information pertaining to this Qin Hai as well. As for that Wang Yao, she was like a blank space. No information was available. This caused Old Mei to be somewhat worried, hence his decision to select Qin Hai as his target. According to the rumors, this Qin Hai was a comrade of Chen Feng’s and had joined hands with Chen Feng on countless missions. They had gone through numerous dangers together. On top of that, Chen Feng had even gone to the Frozen Sea Tundra alone for Qin Hai’s sake.

Old Mei sneered. “Qin Hai… hmph. Open!” At his command, three plum blossoms assembled together in front of him, turning into a whirlpool. Old Mei’s eyes became sharp as he planned to cross space and travel directly to where Qin Hai was. 
Light swirled around. Old Mei’s consciousness drifted around with the assistance of his plum blossom, and he was able to locate Qin Hai shortly after.

“Found you.”
A faint silhouette had seemingly appeared before Old Mei’s vision.

Old Mei sneered. “Playing tricks?” He was quite clear on the strength of this Qin Hai. It was rumored that this was a friend Chen Feng had gained way back when. However, due to Qin Hai’s strength being too weak, he had stopped moving together with Chen Feng. Such a person was someone perfect for Old Mei’s plan. If he could kidnap Qin Hai, Chen Feng would most certainly be ridden with guilt.

Old Mei had seemingly considered everything possible. “Mhm…” 
He grabbed directly at the empty space in front of him. Right at this instant, that silhouette opened his eyes. With that, an extremely alarming radiance appeared and a terrifying power started descending, akin to a fiend awakening from an abyss.

Old Mei’s consciousness trembled.

A mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth. Before he could even react, his thread of consciousness was already shattered. His main body regained consciousness after suffering a grave injury.

Fear was plastered on Old Mei’s face. “What was that…”
In that instant earlier, he had felt like he had laid his eyes upon the grim reaper. That silhouette… what in the world was be so simple had now become so troublesome. Qin Hai…
Old Mei gulped before deciding to give up on Qin Hai. He had no idea what he had seen earlier. Perhaps that was someone guarding Qin Hai, or perhaps it was someone else. Regardless, capturing Qin Hai was no longer possible.

Old Mei clenched his teeth. “Let’s switch the target, then.” There were still several other important people of Chen Feng’s he could choose. However, he decided on Wang Yao. He tried once again to investigate this lady, yet he again returned with no results. Regardless of where he searched, there would be no information pertaining to this young lady. From the looks of it, this seemed to be just some ordinary unimportant young lady? She seemed to be the sister of an ex-classmate of Chen Feng’s? That was the only information he was able to find on her. The amount of information he could find on the internet was truly too sparse.

Chapter 464: Beating of His Life

Old Mei heaved a sigh of relief. “Since there’s no news about her, she should be a mere commoner.”

Once again, he activated his plum blossom imprint.

The power of his soul bloomed as his thread of consciousness pierced through space before directly locking onto the position of that Wang Yao. His thread of consciousness drifted around and landed near her. Wang Yao…
Old Mei moved forth and finally got a clear look at the young lady in question. Surprising him, this young lady had the appearance of someone around 13 or 14 years old. Presently, she seemed to be sleeping peacefully. The sight of her sleeping was so beautiful it caused one’s heart to flutter.

“Sleeping, huh…”  Suddenly, a feeling of pity arose in Old Mei’s heart. Has Chen Feng been hiding everything about himself from you because of this flaw in your body? You are obviously one year older than him and yet your physical appearance had remained young.

Wang Yao’s delicate appearance seemed capable of triggering a feeling of protectiveness from anyone looking at her. Even Old Mei could not escape feeling so.

Old Mei lamented regretfully. Sigh… what a pity.

Old Mei’s sigh seemed to alarm her as her eyes were opened shortly after. After opening her eyes, she gazed at Old Mei calmly. “Who are you?”
Old Mei sighed. “I’m sorry.” If possible, he was not willing to spoil this enchanting sight of a slumbering beauty. Alas, for the sake of his strength, he would not let his emotions rule his actions. Pity? It was something that should not exist. Stretching his hand out, a small clump of flame appeared before drifting forth slowly. That flame drifted toward Wang Yao while she watched on silently, seemingly incapable of realizing that she was in any sort of danger. This further amplified Old Mei’s feeling that his current actions were indeed rather cruel.

Old Mei sighed again at that thought. He watched on as his plum blossom landed on Wang Yao’s body. Next, with a curious expression, the young lady grabbed at the flame.

Wang Yao stared at the flame in her hand in astonishment. “This flame looks so magical.”
Instantly, Old Mei was dumbstruck. M-magical? Hold on, why hasn’t the flame injured her? Even though he had only utilized the flame with the lowest intensity sufficient to trap her, she shouldn’t be totally free from any damage after touching the flame. Moreover, since when had she obtained the ability to manipulate the plum blossom flame created by him?

Old Mei tried summoning the flame back to him. “Return!” he bellowed. Unfortunately, the ownership of that flame seemed to have changed the moment it had entered Wang Yao’s hand as it no longer accepted Old Mei’s command. Instantly, Old Mei’s scalp numbed. “Damn it!”  He felt like something inconceivable had happened. Perhaps…

An intense plum blossom flame appeared on his hand. Without any hesitation, he unleashed the strongest plum blossom flame he had upon Wang Yao. Next, with wide eyes, he watched on as his strongest plum blossom flame that had been so domineering at Othershore Mountain became incapable of movement after landing on Wang Yao’s palm.

This time, Old Mei was truly stupefied. Ineffective? Even the strongest flame was ineffective?

“Such a flame…” Wang Yao exclaimed in astonishment.

Accompanied by a shrill cry, that flame was instantly absorbed by Wang Yao. After that, Wang Yao slanted her head as she pondered shortly before softly rubbing her tiny hands together. Shua!

A small clump of flame appeared there. That newly appeared flame was actually exactly the same as Old Mei’s plum blossom flame.

Instantly, an expression of extreme horror appeared in Old Mei’s eyes. She had only plundered a single plum blossom flame from him and yet she was already capable of creating her own version of the plum blossom flame? This was something he had spent 10 years to create! What in the world was going on here? Who exactly was this young lady here? Old Mei was collapsing emotionally.

“Thank you.” Wang Yao expressed her gratitude before looking at him curiously. “Do you have any other flames?”
A horrified expression appeared on Old Mei’s face. Here at this place, Old Mei had suffered the greatest humiliation he had ever felt and had also experienced the greatest horror he had ever felt. This young lady seemed to be a fiend that had crawled out of hell itself. He had an odd feeling that before her, all his abilities would be ineffective.

Old Mei waved his hands repeatedly. “No… no more.”
“Oh, if so, let me give you this as a present, then. It is proper, after all, to reciprocate when one receives a gift.” Wang Yao waved her hand nonchalantly. The flame streaked toward Old Mei with a speed so fast he couldn’t even react to it.


His thread of consciousness collapsed.

A mouthful of blood was spurted out as Old Mei returned to reality. Once again, his plum blossom imprint had been destroyed. Old  Mei  was  alarmed.  “How  could  this  happen…”  It  was truly outside of his expectations that those close to Chen Feng were all so terrifying. Even if he ignored his attempt at kidnapping Qin Hai earlier, this Wang Yao girl was truly too horrifying as well…
Damn it!

Old Mei wiped away the blood on his body. In such a short period of time, he had lost two of his soul imprints.
Old Mei was furious. “Damn it! Damn it all!” No matter what, he could not understand how Qin Hai and Wang Yao were so powerful, to the extent that his existence was something they could look down on. Peak A class? They were most certainly more powerful than that. As he thought of those two, for the first time in his life, he felt true fear.

Old Mei took in a deep breath before looking at the two spoiled imprints of his. “What should I do?” Now that he had suffered such disastrous loss, if he couldn’t find something to compensate for this, he would have suffered too great of a loss for nothing. Old Mei decided to select a different target. “Let’s switch to a different target, then.” After a short consideration, he decided to look for someone who was rather close to Chen Feng and had been with Chen Feng for quite a while. Moreover, the new target needed to be someone comparatively weak.

He was able to select a new target that fulfilled his requirements shortly after. After checking his target out online, he confirmed that this new target was most certainly an ordinary person. Back then, he had been the captain of some trashy genetic squad of mere E-class warriors. Subsequently, that person had slowly improved until he had reached C class. Even if he was a genius, presently, he shouldn’t be any stronger than a B-class warrior.

Mhm… this seems to be a feasible target.


Light swirled around as, once again, Old Mei sent his thread of consciousness out and locked onto the target. There, within a dimly lit room, a baldy could be seen “wrestling”  with a chick. The “battle”  seemed to be rather intense as sweat splashed around while the ground beneath them trembled without stop.


As Old Mei looked at the baldy, he sneered as he concluded that this was indeed a mere regular person. A person with the emotions of a regular person, a person with the strength of a regular person. He could see that this baldy was merely a B- class warrior. Instantly, with disdain, he waved his hand. A weak flame drifted out toward the baldy. While all this happened, the baldy did not even notice the arrival of the flame. Finally, when the plum blossom flame landed on the baldy’s body, he screamed mournfully.

Old Mei sneered. “A weakling indeed.”
Somewhat surprisingly, though, the “mournful scream”  of that baldy’s sounded somewhat off. “F*ck! Who in the world poked my chrysanthemum during the most crucial moment? Ah shit, I’m ‘coming’!”
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—”
The “mournful scream” of the baldy intensified.

“How boring.” The chick seemed to have obtained victory in their “battle,”  yet she seemed rather disappointed. Evidently, she was disappointed by the fact that she had failed to find someone capable of being her match. Disappointed, she shook her head as she turned around and left.

“Hey,  hey,  hey,  that’s  not  what  happened.”   The  baldy explained himself hastily. “I am very ‘strong.’ It’s true! Hey…” Alas, the chick had already left him. Only now did the baldy turn around furiously, scanning around with his eyes before his gaze landed on Old Mei. “Turns out there’s some weird thing here? Is this some soul or a thread of consciousness? Whatever. Who gives a sh*t what you are anyway.”
The raging Xu Fei charged at Old Mei. “Not dead? His defense is rather high, huh?”
Old Mei was not bothered with Xu Fei’s anger. Once again, he summoned a new plum blossom flame, one that was more powerful than the earlier flame.


The flame bloomed as it swept toward Xu Fei. Alarming him, from within that seemingly boundless clump of flame, Xu Fei charged out. Before Old Mei’s unbelieving gaze, Xu Fei’s fist landed on him furiously.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Old Mei was punched down by Xu Fei’s fist.

Once again, Old Mei was stupefied to find that someone was beating him up once again. And this time, it was a B-class warrior that was delivering the beating upon him?

Chapter 465: Scammers. All Scammers!

Damn it! The furious Old Mei no longer cared if he could actually kidnap Xu Fei to threaten Chen Feng with. This was the third time he had suffered a beating today, and he was no longer capable of holding his anger in. His strongest flame was directly unleashed: Path of Flaming Plum!

Bang! Bang!

The flame bloomed, and a boundless red radiance erupted out. Horrifying him tremendously, that guy called Xu Fei merely charged through his flame, not the slightest bit affected by that scary flame of Old Mei’s.

Bang! Bang!

Xu Fei rained his punches down as he furiously shouted, “Did your mother not teach you that it is very rude to interrupt someone in the midst of a ‘battle’?” “You cursed old fart!”

“You perverted peeping tom!”

“Screw your mother!”
As the punches rained down, Old Mei was thoroughly stupefied. He tried to retreat, yet with great sorrow, he found that he was no longer capable of retreating. His body had been grabbed by Xu Fei, not allowing him a chance to escape at all. As such, he could only watch on helplessly as he was pressed down on the ground and beaten up by Xu Fei. When it came to physical strength, Xu Fei was simply in a different league than him. All that Xu Fei had wanted to unleash upon the chick earlier yet failed to, he was unleashing upon this Old Mei now. Finally, this consciousness of Old Mei was beaten to death.


His thread of consciousness collapsed, returning him to his main body. His brain was still buzzing unendingly.


He remained in daze there for 10 whole minutes. What in the world had he experienced? His brain was still buzzing unceasingly as he wondered. After a long time, he recovered from his stupor.

He had actually been beaten up by B-class trash? This wasn’t the main issue here. The main issue here was that his plum blossom flame had been completely ineffective against that person. How was that possible? Qin Hai, Wang Yao, and Xu Fei… For the first time, Old Mei started doubting his strength. He had once believed that once he completed this superlate-stage transformation of his, he would be unrivaled. Now, though, that did not seem to be the case. He could convince himself that it was natural for him to suffer defeat against Qin Hai and
Wang Yao, whose great strength was definitely above his, but what was going on with that Xu Fei guy? Old Mei started doubting life itself. Perhaps… the plum blossom flame was in actuality something not that powerful after all?

Old Mei shook his head and steadied his thoughts. No! That’s not possible! Hadn’t he crushed so many A-class warriors back then at Othershore Mountain? Perhaps it was because those people there had been people without an ability that countered him? No, that couldn’t be true! Old Mei’s confidence started swaying. Despite being aware that this should not be possible, after his three defeats in a row, especially his defeat by that B- class Xu Fei, he truly doubted his life now.

Calm down! I must calm down!

Finally, Old Mei forcefully calmed himself down. As he looked at the list of names his plum blossom had generated earlier, he decided to stick to his plan. The only reason for this was because he wanted to prove his worth. This time, he selected a person who had been together with Chen Feng quite frequently recently. Both of them were rather close. More importantly, that person was a mere B-class warrior.

“There shouldn’t be any problems this time, right?” Old Mei mumbled. This target was a mere B-class warrior. If there were truly so many B-class warriors out there possessing abilities countering him, Old Mei reckoned that the 10 years he had spent in preparation would be totally pointless. After all, he had remained patient all these years for this single goal. Therefore, that would definitely not be the case. This time, he would most certainly be successful.

He inhaled deeply.

Shua! Once again, the plum blossom flame bloomed, stripping a thread of his consciousness out from him. That thread of consciousness stepped through space, locking onto his new target before appearing there as a soul imprint. There, one person could be seen. In front of that person was a mirror. In a
seductive manner, he flicked his hair before speaking to the mirror, “Dear demonic mirror, please tell me, who’s the most handsome guy here?”
“In any case, that is not you,” the demonic mirror replied coldly.

“F*ck!” Without any hesitation, that person threw the mirror down before stamping his foot on it. “Screw you. I’m the only person here. If I’m not the most handsome one, who else can it be?”
“Even if you break me, it won’t hide your ugliness and the grief in your heart.” Old Mei: “…”
Was this the person called Kong Bai? He had never expected that this would be the sight that welcomed him immediately upon his arrival. As for that Kong Bai, he did not seem to have noticed Old Mei. This caused Old Mei’s heart, which had failed several times earlier, to feel somewhat comforted. Perhaps… this ambush would be successful.

Granted, it was rather shameless for an A class to ambush a B class, but then, Old Mei had failed three times consecutively so far. Now, he only wanted to regain his ego, and he no longer possessed any sense of shame. At this time, filled with resentment, Kong Bai picked up the demonic mirror. Suddenly, he thought of something and asked in a manner as if he had thought of something extremely smart. “Dear demonic mirror, who’s the ugliest person here?”
Since he was all alone here and he was not the most handsome one, he shouldn’t be the ugliest person here as well, right? “Naturally, it’s you,” the demonic mirror answered instinctively, but it suddenly paused and corrected itself: “The old geezer as ugly as a chrysanthemum behind you.”
Kong  Bai  was  overjoyed.  “Indeed,  it’s  not  me.  Hahaha.” However, just as he was done laughing out loud, he felt that something was off. Abruptly, he turned around and was given quite a scare, “What the f*ck. What is this thing here? A-class warrior?”
Kong Bai’s instinctive reaction was to flee without hesitation.

“A   normal   B-class   warrior   indeed!”    Old   Mei   wasn’t particularly bothered with Kong Bai’s reaction. Rather, he was pleasantly surprised that this new target here was actually fearful of him.

After four attempts, he had finally encountered a regular B- class warrior who knew to flee when seeing an A-class warrior. Old Mei was so touched that he felt himself tearing up at this. Hahahaha! Capture him! Capture him! After capturing him, all the secret arts will come back to me… Old Mei was immensely touched. Alas, just as he was about to start his pursuit, that Kong Bai guy stopped before looking at Old Mei with a rather amazed expression. Next, he looked at the demonic mirror.

“Did you just say that he’s uglier than me?”
“Yes,” the demonic mirror answered.

“Hahahaha.” At that, Kong Bai started laughing wildly before stopping and looking at Old Mei with a sinister gaze. “Hehe, dear you who is uglier than me… Hehe… Hehe… Finally, I have encountered someone uglier than me! Hehe… It’s time for you to bear witness to the power of my demonic mirror! Hahaha!”
Accompanied by Kong Bai’s wild laughter, the mirror shone brightly.

Next, at a certain location. Pu!

A mouthful of blood spurted out. Back in his main body, with grief, Old Mei noted that his thread of consciousness had once again been destroyed.


He was totally dumbfounded. The fourth soul imprint he had spent over a year to prepare had once again been cleanly destroyed. This time, the culprit was yet another B class? Why? Old Mei was bewildered.

From that day onward, those passing by this area found with surprise that there was an old geezer wandering around while unendingly mumbling to himself like a mental patient. The content of his mumbling was as follows:

“What is going on with this world…” “What is going on with me…”
“I can’t even defeat some B-class trash…”
“You are the ugly one! Your entire family is ugly!”
“With this trash plum blossom, you dared to call yourself a superlate-stage genetic warrior…”
“Scammers. You are all scammers…”
Curious, some of the passersby asked, “What’s going on with him?”
“Looks like someone who went crazy after being provoked too excessively.”
“Poor him.” “Let him be, don’t approach him. It is said that flames will materialize randomly around this old geezer. Quite scary, in fact. I wonder which expert it was that provoked him into this state.”
“True,” the other person agreed. There, only a wandering old geezer that mumbled unendingly remained.

Chapter 466: Heh, My Old Friend

At a certain location, the sky above was covered with dense dark clouds. Dark rain descended without stop, yet the numerous raindrops were all seemingly pounding onto thin air, not a single one of them capable of landing on the ground beneath them.

A person was there, looking up at the sky. “The sky is getting darker.”
“Indeed.”  Lu  Hun’s  gaze  intensified.  “Unfortunately,  Chen Feng was able to ruin the Mysterious Organization…”
The other person replied faintly, “In any case, since the devil race is already awakening, there is no longer any meaning to its existence. For now, we should be thinking about how to ensure that our plan is completed without any hiccups. I keep having a bad feeling about those devil race folks…”
Suddenly, Lu Hun asked, “Should we seek Master’s advice, then?” “There’s no need for that. Do you really think that Master is not  aware  of  this?”   The  other  person  stared  ahead  and continued, “I’m afraid Master had already seen all this coming long ago…”
At the same time, at a certain faraway sea, an old man was pulling up numerous bones from the deep sea before joining them together. Next, his hands shimmered with a dim radiance, causing flesh to start growing on the bones.

Light swirled around. The skeleton started being filled up with flesh, and along with the reconstruction, signs of life started appearing, while the owner of the skeleton regained its previous appearance. This was actually a tortoise. On the shell of the tortoise, some faint words could be seen. A badge was taken out by the old man before it was hung around the neck of the tortoise. The silver badge was shrouded by a bizarre radiance, and the word “Duma” could be clearly seen on it. “My old friend, this time, don’t run from me anymore…” the old man muttered. Suddenly, the old man frowned as he rubbed his belly. “I’m hungry. Time to look for something to eat.”
At that thought, he entered the sea only to find that, sadly, nothing edible could be found. Next, his gaze moved around before landing on the tortoise.

A clump of flame appeared. Shortly afterward, some delicious tortoise meat was done cooking. With a satisfied expression, the old man cut the meat into chunks and started eating them.

It has been quite a while since I last tasted this delicacy… After a long time, all that was left of the tortoise was a pile of bones.

As the old man looked at the pile of bones, a feeling of sadness rose within him.

A faint radiance swirled out, and next, the tortoise was once again resurrected.

The old man patted the tortoise’s head. “My old friend, welcome back.”
“Scram!” the tortoise roared angrily. “Screw you! I had only just  returned,  yet  you  were  already  feasting  on  me,”   the tortoise cursed. “Hey, Didn’t I restore you after that?” The old man shook his head and sighed. “You must maintain a refined attitude, a refined attitude.”
The tortoise roared furiously, “Restore, my ass! Back then, when you reared me, wasn’t the reason purely to satisfy your appetite? Damn you. I was truly blind back then for allowing you to use me as both mount and food, living a life worse than a livestock. Now that I see your true nature, I’m not working for you anymore. Not even if you kill me!” This was also why it had escaped back then. This was truly too excessive. This old geezer was totally a glutton who had a rare preference for the meat of tortoises. After this old man had started rearing this tortoise, this tortoise had suffered the fate of being eaten by that old geezer once per month. That was why it had escaped in the first place.

When it had escaped back then, it had been resolute that it would do whatever it wished moving forward without a care for the consequences. It would no longer suffer any restrictions. Unexpectedly, it had encountered freaks like Chen Feng and Wang Yao and ended up dead before long… However, even death was not truly vexing for the tortoise. After all, it had years of experience dying all the time. Therefore, the tortoise was already used to dying. Unexpectedly, it hadn’t even managed to stay dead for long before being found by the old geezer and once again being
The old man chuckled. “What a naughty tortoise.”
The tortoise was extremely furious. “Naughty my *ss! Why can’t you switch to a different tortoise for this?”
“No, it wouldn’t be the same.”  The old man looked at the tortoise lovingly. “A mysterious crystal snow tortoise like you is a breed so rare that one can hardly meet one of you even in 10,000 years. Your meat is so incredibly tasty and filled with energy. You are the only one I was able to find after searching everywhere.”
Tortoise: “…”
Curse this rarity! Suddenly, the rain seemed to grow heavier. 
Noticing that the old man was distracted, the tortoise was overjoyed and charged into the sea immediately before escaping. The old man gave it a glance, yet he wasn’t really bothered. Instead, the old man maintained his gaze on the sky and stared blankly.

“It’s finally starting?”

At the Genetic Union, the attention of countless people was attracted by the sudden heavy downpour.

“The rain seems to have changed.”
“True.  It’s  heavier  now,  and  the  raindrops  are  more concentrated as well.”
The technicians of the Genetic Union were able to finish their analysis speedily. “The density of the unknown particles 
“Is this happening everywhere?”
“Yes. The black rain has grown heavier worldwide. Nothing major has happened recently. The cities have remained the same as well. However, it is said that the bizarre phenomenon has been happening quite frequently at the unknown regions. A lot of lightning is appearing, and the sky and ground are trembling without stop.

“Unknown regions, huh… There is nothing capable of blocking the black rain in those places.”
Everyone was anxious. The unknown regions were desolate lands, and those were also the only regions outside of their control in this world. As the black rain descended, those experts that had existed once upon a time there were seemingly being restored. The bizarre phenomenon seemed to be the signal for the start of something even scarier. “Ignore the unknown regions for now. Presently, what is the location where the black rain is the heaviest?”
“Star City.”
At this, they all blanked.

“The headquarters of the Gene Production Association?”
“That place…”
They exchanged glances, yet they did not appear too surprised at this development.

“Looks like the information given by Chen Feng is accurate. The target of the black rain and the origin of the phenomenon is the restoration of the devil race.” “Devil race…  For now, set our yet unknown target as the devil race,” the head commanded.

The rest nodded. “Yes!”
“Since the information given by Chen Feng has been verified, let’s start our plan. This time, let us do battle with them at Star City. I want those fellows to have a good look at us. We, the new age humans, are not akin to those barbarians back then that they were able to slaughter at will,” the head stated, hammering down the nail of confirmation on the path they should undertake.

“Yes!” the rest howled. Their voices filled with battle intent seemed to pierce even the heavens. At Star City, the black rain was still falling, and the sky was still as dark as always. The entire city was brightly lit by their lighting systems, while the residents there were still busy with their affairs as always. These people were seemingly not bothered at all by whatever major incident that was about to come their way.

High above, in the black sky, suddenly, a cloud appeared before assuming the form of a pair of huge eyes. The eyeballs formed of cloud started gazing at this city attentively, and as it noted that everyone in the city was still behaving like normal, it dissipated in satisfaction, like it had never been there in the first place.

Splat! Splat!

The raindrops landed on Star City’s barrier, the pattering sound clear for all to hear.


A cold wind brushed past. Somewhat surprisingly, these producers that usually had low resistance to the cold were not at all affected, none of them shuddering from the cold. Was this because of the wind not being cold enough, or was it because of these producers now had resistance against the cold? Nobody seemed to have noticed this. In the sky, darkness converged accompanied by the occasional rumbling of thunder. A bizarre phenomenon thus appeared here, signaling the arrival of true darkness.

Chapter 467: So We Have to Keep It Running?

Othershore Mountain.

The mission issued previously by Old Mei had already been completed by Chen Feng, but due to the eruption in popularity of Chen Feng’s feat with his God Punisher, this place was still filled to the brim. Everyone was targeting the hillsea beasts. This time, they were not only hunting young hillsea beasts— they were also hunting adult beasts. As long as they managed to obtain a single hillsea beast and produce it into a gene reagent, they would stand a chance at creating an ability set similar to Chen Feng’s God Punisher.

Due to the huge amount of people flooding here, this place had lost its former reputation as a forbidden area shrouded by a sombre atmosphere. Regardless of which forbidden area it was, when there were thousands or tens of thousands of people stamping around it, that place would no longer be able to main its mysteriousness. And today, the effect brought forth by Chen Feng’s God Punisher demonstrated itself clearly. Were A-class warriors exalted existences? Yes, they were. In any given ordinary city, there would at most be one or two A-class warriors. Each of them was an existence that could dominate an entire region.

But then, the number of human cities in this world was truly too great, so numerous that one could not even begin to imagine the number. Therefore, when the numerous powers across the globe finished their preparations and sent their people here to this Othershore Mountain, this place was filled with an ocean of people. Amazingly, all of them were entirely A-class warriors. When the A-class warriors that had been remaining here since Chen Feng’s incident noticed this, they were indeed given quick a scare.

“Crazy. They have all gone crazy.”
“Why are they here?”
“For the God Punisher–based ability set, I suppose.”
“Man, I was still planning on capturing a couple hillsea beasts to earn some extra income for myself.” “You can forget about that. Would you believe me if I told you that even if you manage to capture one, you won’t be able to leave alive with it?”
They sighed. “True.” In the end, they decided to give up on this. Perhaps it was due to their bad luck, but they hadn’t been able to locate any hillsea beasts since the past two days. Now that there was this huge amount of people crowding here, they no longer had any hope of succeeding. Therefore, they could only give up.

“Let’s leave, then. This is no longer a place we can mess around at.”
They were aware that with the arrival of these truly terrifying existences, the hillsea beasts of the Othershore Mountain would suffer for real. As far as they could remember, the last time something similar had happened was during the discovery of a species called mysterious crystal snow tortoise?

The only difference with this incident was that the last time it happened, it had been due to that tortoise being such a delicacy that all the gluttons had been induced. Because of that, the tortoise had gone extinct. This time, the same uproar was happening due to these people trying to obtain benefits for themselves.

“I’m afraid that, in the future, we will no longer have any chances to see hillsea beasts…”
With a sigh, they left. Soon, a huge group of new arrivals stepped into Othershore Mountain. Countless rarely seen experts were wandering around Othershore Mountain seeking for traces of hillsea beasts. Alarming all of them, nothing could be found.

“Damn it! Why is there not a single one of them here?”
They were all shocked at this discovery. It was rumored that there were a huge amount of hillsea beasts here at this Othershore Mountain. If so, why were none of them to be seen now? Had all of them been killed by Chen Feng and the earlier group of people here? That shouldn’t have been possible. “Could it be that they hid themselves after sensing danger?” some of them guessed. Such powerful beasts were normally equipped with a sharp danger sense.

They decided to continue their search. “Search for them!” With so many A-class warriors gathered here, how was it possible for them to fail at finding these beasts? Alas, even after searching the entire mountain, not a glimpse of a hillsea beast could be seen. Some of the warriors were so angry that the entire Othershore Mountain was leveled. Even after that, nothing was found. These greatly coveted hillsea beasts had seemingly vanished from the face of the world.

“They have truly vanished?”
“Are you guys the ones playing tricks here? I heard that you two brothers have illusion abilities capable of altering the look of the land, ensuring that all one can see is illusions.”
“Are  you  blind?  If  we  were  powerful  enough  to  shroud several thousand A-class warriors in an illusion, you would be the first we kill, you ass!” “Come at me, then!”
They started arguing. As for the rest, they gave those two a cold glance before looking around, pondering what exactly it was that had happened here. Inferring, analyzing, and all sorts of other methods were employed, yet nothing was found. Regardless of what they did, nothing could be found.

“Nothing can be seen clearly.”
“Aren’t  you  the  self-proclaimed  Half-Immortal  Qiao,  the seer? How could you fail to see anything at all?”
“It was blocked.”
“Yes. It’s not that I can’t see anything. Rather, the only thing I can see is a blank space of nothingness.” “Isn’t that the same as seeing nothing?”  the others replied with disdain.

Half-Immortal Qiao raged. “No, it’s not the same. When my ability works normally, I am able to see clearly. However, when it fails, I can’t see anything at all. Now, though, I can actually see something, but that something I see is entirely unclear. Everything appeared like a blank void. Do you guys understand now?”
“Isn’t  that  the  same  as  seeing  nothing?”  they  yet  again replied with disdain.

Half Immortal Qiao: “…”
A different person with a similar divining ability replied, “Let me clear some doubts. In short, the things we normally see when divining can be classified as something shown to us in pixels. If our ability fails, it’s similar to losing the signal. But now, the only thing we see is a mosaic…” Everyone   gained   understanding.   “I   see.”   As   for   Half- Immortal Qiao, he became speechless. So one has to talk in such manner for these people to understand?

Everyone became doubtful. “How could this have happened?”
Suddenly, someone stated, “I have actually encountered something similar before. People are always saying that such a blockade is very mysterious and abstruse, capable of blocking everything, ensuring that we can see nothing at all. However, I believe instead that this is the most idiotic course of action. This is because, in this entire world, only one faction uses such a method. Without even divining anything, I know who it is that is behind all this.”
That person ended with a sneer.

“Who?” the rest asked curiously.

“Mysterious Organization,” that person spat. Instantly, the rest gained understanding. “It’s them?”  So it was the Mysterious Organization? This was an organization initially only known to the Genetic Union. However, because of several major incidents involving them, their existence was no longer hidden. Now, everyone knew of them. Everyone was
aware that there was such a hidden terrorist organization. As such, every evil deed in existence was now blamed on them. Evidently, what had happened here was blamed on them as well.

Previously, someone had tried using similar divining abilities for several major incidents, and similarly, the result was a blank piece of nothingness. After studying it, they noted that this was something only the Mysterious Organization did. Naturally, none of them was aware that, in fact, this blank piece of nothingness was actually an effect of spirit sea wood.

“This organization is courting death!”
“I heard that their headquarters were destroyed by Chen Feng. That is the only reason their existence was leaked. Now that everyone is already aware of them, I truly wonder how much longer they can keep hiding.” “True.”
They were all feeling unhappy. Evidently, they were also not aware that the leak of the Mysterious Organization’s existence wasn’t due to the destruction, as they believed. Rather, it was because Chen Feng had plundered all of the Mysterious Organization’s spirit sea wood. As such, the Mysterious Organization was no longer able to block their headquarters from divination, thus causing their location to be leaked.

“Hehe, I heard that they have secret bases at various major cities?”
“I think so.”
“Let’s mess them up.”
“Do they truly think that they are the king of the underground, daring to even lay hands on the hillsea beasts?” They were all furious. And thus, the furious experts returned from the Othershore Mountain and proceeded to destroy all the different branches of the Mysterious Organization. Once again, the Mysterious Organization was dealt a heavy blow. As Lu Hun and the rest received this update, they were all dumbfounded as well. Gone? The great Mysterious Organization was going to be wiped out?

Chapter 468: The Strongest Braking Method in History

What? Lu Hun was somewhat stupefied. Despite the previous damage dealt to the Mysterious Organization, the damage had been limited to only their headquarters, once by the Genetic Union and once by Chen Feng. But then, both those incidents had only affected their headquarters. Their experts scattered worldwide and their branches in various cities were in fact the actual foundation of their power.

Hence, it was rather unexpected that, in a single day, the entire organization was destroyed. Those people that had returned from Othershore Mountain had seemingly gone crazy. These people who shouldn’t have worked together at all had worked together with much fervour to level the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters. It seemed like the A-class warriors of the entire world had banded together against the Mysterious Organization.


Even now, Lu Hun was still utterly confused. Although the Mysterious Organization was no longer of any use to them, this was still an organization that was helpful in information gathering or in taking care of miscellaneous tasks. Due to this, Lu Hun and his fellow apprentice brothers had been maintaining contact with the Mysterious Organization.

Beyond their expectations, the entirety of the Mysterious Organization was reduced to nothingness in a single night. When he finally found out the reason, Lu Hun was even more dumbfounded. Due to the hillsea beasts? The numerous experts that had failed to find any hillsea beasts had unleashed their anger upon the Mysterious Organization?

What in the world? Lu Hun truly couldn’t comprehend the reason those people had blamed their failing to find any hillsea beasts on the Mysterious Organization. It was truly mysterious! If Lu Hun wasn’t tied up by the matter of the soon-to-be- revived devil race, he would most certainly venture out to personally beat up all those fellows. What they had done was too excessive!

And yet this was merely the start of what was to come. Apart from the various branches that had been destroyed, their members were killed one after another as well. Even those who had been able to escape by fluke were being hunted to no end. Now, this powerful organization that used to be able to influence the entire world ceased existing.

Lu Hun looked at the person beside him. “Don’t you have anything to say about this?” This person was the actual leader of the Mysterious Organization, right?

“Since  the  Mysterious  Organization  has  completed  the purpose of its existence, it no longer matters if its existence continues or not,” Qin Hai replied indifferently.

Lu Hun snorted coldly. “You…”
Despite not being the actual leader of the Mysterious Organization, Lu Hun had been the one who had spent the most time there, even compared to the leader. Hence, it was natural for him to be upset by this.

“Concentrate on what matters for now. After completing our plan regarding the devil race, we will naturally be able to find time to deal with what happened to the Mysterious Organization,” a different person stated coldly. “All right.” Lu Hun gave up with much reluctance. However, his heart was still filled with hatred. If he was able to figure out which bastard it was that had caused the hillsea beasts to vanish and then laid the blame on the Mysterious Organization, he would most definitely deal that person his due. Presently, in Lu Hun’s heart, this person had been upgraded to become his second most hated person. As for the one occupying first place, it was naturally Chen Feng.

Lu Hun’s killing intent surged as he thought, I will most certainly not let either of them off!

At this time, in a certain unknown region, numerous huge figures could be seen. Streaking amid the wild, they moved as fast as a storm. Around their bodies, an extremely terrifying power bubbled about. These people were precisely the barbarians. After a time of tempering, the squad trained by Chen Feng back then was already reasonably developed. From the barbarian village, a huge group of powerful geniuses had appeared.

Shua! Shua! As the barbarians streaked out of the thick bush to reveal themselves, an astonishing sight appeared. Mounted below them were all hillsea beasts. With the huge size of their bodies, these hillsea beasts were just nice to serve as the barbarians’ mounts. Naturally, the hillsea beasts were not ones who would
submit so easily. Therefore…
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Beneath the dark sky, numerous colorful radiances flickered without stop. The furious hillsea beasts were unleashing numerous powerful abilities toward the barbarians. Toward the end, they were even unleashing God Punishers. Unfortunately for the hillsea beasts, it was all in vain. The hillsea beasts were all beaten up by the barbarians that had selected them as mounts. What joke was this? The barbarians were all immune to energy, yet these hillsea beasts were blasting energy at them?

And thus, the hillsea beasts started suffering a cycle of being beaten continuously. If one beating failed to tame them, they were beaten further. Ultimately, these lofty beasts were all beaten into submission. They truly had no choice but to submit, as those who refused would continue having pain delivered to them. Just like that, this squad of barbarians that had already been formidable obtained their own mounts that were similarly powerful. The initial barbarian infantry had now been transformed into barbarian cavalry, officially becoming a tribe with mounts.

Chen Feng was immensely satisfied as he witnessed all this. “Not bad.” After trading the young hillsea beasts for the mission rewards of Old Mei, he had been thinking of how to optimally deal with these beasts. His decision was to let the barbarians have the hillsea beasts as mounts. With their huge size, those hillsea beasts were simply perfect as mounts for the barbarians.

After making his decision, Chen Feng had gathered all the barbarians and carried all the hillsea beasts back to the barbarian village. Indeed, the barbarians had forcefully carried the beasts back to their village. Indeed, the hillsea beasts were powerful and had numerous energy-based abilities. Unfortunately, all this was ineffective against the barbarians. Facing the barbarians, the hillsea beasts could only rely on their fangs, and because of that, the barbarians were able to carry all of them back here. Naturally, after carrying the hillsea beasts back here, taming them was only the foundation for their subsequent plans. The ultimate goal would be to teach these beasts to obey different commands. Only when reaching the point where all commands were obeyed unequivocally and the mount and the rider were akin to a single entity would the true power of cavalry be demonstrated. After a day of training, they had indeed reached a certain degree of compatibility.

“Stop,” Chen Feng ordered.


Upon hearing Chen Feng, all the barbarians assumed a solemn expression and stopped their beasts within the shortest time possible. Indeed, they had ensured that the command was thoroughly performed. However, the method in which they had done it caused one to be speechless.

Bang! A particular barbarian could be seen punching his mount to stop it. Mhm… Indeed, he had managed to stop his mount. Immensely proud, he looked around at his companions with disdain. Next, with an extremely flattering expression, he looked at Chen Feng. His unsaid words were plastered all over his expression: “Look at me! I am the one who stopped the fastest!”
Chen Feng: “…”
He truly did not know what to say in response. Praise him? As for the other barbarians, they weren’t any better off. Each of them utilized different bizarre methods to force their mounts to stop. For example, some of them simply hopped down the mount before dragging the mount’s tail to stop it with force…
You guys are too excessive! They are your pets! They will be your comrades in your future battles! In treating them like this, are you guys not worried that they will be the cause of your death in battle? This is truly… Hold on. Chen Feng sighed and was about to reprimand them when he saw an astonishing sight. A particular barbarian was unlike all others. With his huge body, his foot slammed into the ground before pressing the mount beneath him onto the ground, forcing it to stop by way of friction. On the ground, a lengthy mark was left behind as the mount slid along the ground until it stopped. A deeper mark was in the middle, with two marks beside the deep mark. As Chen Feng watched, his jaw was left hanging. Was this the legendary penile brake? Holy sh*t! This was too excessive!

Chen Feng looked at the hillsea beast that all appeared extremely indignant. His head ached as he thought of how to deal with this. The barbarians had indeed improved in terms of strength, but the way in which they thought still left much to be desired.

Splat! Splat!

It was at this moment that the rain seemed to grow heavier. Not far away, amid the darkness, some sort of power seemed to be bubbling up from the black soil that had been eroded by the black rain. Chen Feng glanced over with his cold gaze before killing intent flashed in his eyes. “Is it… finally starting?”

Chapter 469: Full Invasion!

Star City.

The rain was growing heavier and the sky becoming darker. The dark clouds rolled through the sky akin to a demon, planting fear in one’s heart. The entirety of Star City was brightly lit, seemingly trying to disperse this darkness altogether. Alas, due to the unceasing descent of the black rain, the range at which the lamps could shine was seemingly decreasing.

From the defensive barrier surrounding Star City, noises could be heard without fail. Black raindrops were landing on the barrier without stop before slowly sliding downward, landing outside Star City. After undergoing a reinforcement by the Genetic Union and some revisions, this city was not the least bit affected by the black rain, causing the rain to act like some passersby, tumbling everywhere around the city itself. After all, this was a city floating above the sky.

Hua! Hua! Suddenly, the rain became much heavier. In Star City, a lot of people stopped their footsteps and looked at the sky, seemingly somewhat anxious. Despite that, the thin defensive barrier was still as firm as ever. Next, rolling thunder cracked, and with that, a dazzling radiance appeared, granting a sudden
brightness to the dark world. Lightning appeared up in the sky, interwoven together akin to a spider web.

Bang! Bang!

The lightning thundered.

“What’s going on?”
“Lightning is appearing suddenly?”
“However, the rain is a black rain, and even the lightning doesn’t seem like a normal lightning…” Some of them were looking at the sky. Alas, this seemed to be a mere start of what was to come. Along with the lightning flashes and rumbling thunder, countless bizarre phenomena appeared, and a single ray of astonishing gold radiance surged out from space. So bright was this gold ray that all the
lightning flashes were overlapped by it. The gold surged out unendingly, landing from the blue dome of heaven. Only when it neared them did the people there find with astonishment that this gold ray was in fact a weapon.

This was a pole shining brightly with a gold radiance. This pole was thick and sturdy. Akin to lightning, it smashed upon that thin defensive barrier surrounding Star City.

Ka! Ka!

Space started trembling.

That weapon had been moving so fast that along its path of descent that space itself was ruptured. Despite this, it still failed to directly penetrate the defensive barrier with a single strike. Hum—
After trembling slightly, that thin barrier was restored to its initial condition.

A certain someone at the corner of Star City sneered. “How funny.” What joke was this? Did the attacker believe that the only function of the barrier was to defend against the black rain? The moment the information provided by Chen Feng had been verified, he had replaced the entire barrier. In fact, everything here had been changed. Presently, the Star City’s defensive barrier was not some simple ion defensive barrier. Rather, it was a defensive barrier that this person had prepared with utmost care, a barrier capable of defending against an attack from even a peak A-class warrior. The name of this barrier was World Calamity, signifying its ability to defend against even a calamity capable of destroying the entire world.

The man’s companion, however, seemed rather anxious. “Will this work?” After all, that golden weapon truly looked quite terrifying. “Don’t worry; this is my new invention. This is just the start.
Soon, you will see the strongest point of this barrier.”
At this moment, the sky lapsed into sudden silence. The erupting golden attack earlier had seemingly never appeared, akin to a mere fragment of one’s imagination. Evidently, the attackers had never expected that their attack on Star City would actually be resisted. Logically, their speedy ambush was not something Star City could defend against in time. Was it because this place already had such a powerful defense?

Accompanied by a light bellow… “Disperse!”
A bizarre force undulated outward from the sky. The clouds enveloping the dark sky suddenly dispersed, revealing numerous figures with rather scary appearances. Their bodies had seemingly transformed into beasts with all sorts of formidable and mysterious tattoos, beasts that were emanating a formidable power that caused one’s heart to flutter. High above in the sky, numerous devil race members appeared. They were comprised of all sorts of never-before-seen life-forms. They were precisely the devil race.

These devil race members had initially arrived fiercely together with the gold ray. However, due to Star City’s defensive barrier remaining, they were seemingly at a loss as to what to do. Should they still continue charging down or not? Should they land or wait up here? This group of ferocious- looking devils could now only hover up there with rather awkward smiles while trying to not lose their imposing bearing.

The sky sunk into a momentary stillness. This sudden counter of Star City’s had indeed shattered their plan. Initially, they were supposed to tear apart the defensive barrier of Star City and then invade it. Next, the black rain would be allowed to drop into this city, transforming the people here into offerings for the awakening of the devil race.

However, it would seem like the humans had indeed prepared themselves in advance? They had indeed underestimated these people them. However, the awakening of their lord… After a long pause, a bizarre character started spreading up in the sky. This was precisely the character representing the word “kill” in the devil race’s language.


The radiance intensified as the devil race members all started unleashing their strongest available attacks. Since the weapon had failed to rip apart this barrier, they would do it personally.

Bang! Bang!

Numerous ferocious-looking beasts descended. Their sharp claws and weapons were all aimed at the defensive barrier. However, at the moment their attacks connected, they found with astonishment that their attacks actually phased through the barrier before landing directly into Star City. That seemingly powerful defensive barrier was not defending at all! Next, a heavy downpour started descending from the sky. However, not a single drop of rain was able to land in the city. This bizarre defensive barrier actually possessed a filtering function to it. However…
“Idiotic humans!” stated a particular devil race member with an alligator head with a fierce expression. Did these humans truly believe that they would be fine only defending against the black rain? Hehe, if they were to kill all these humans instead, would there still be a point to the defensive barrier? After all, this was still a place controlled by mere gene producers… This thought had only surfaced in the devil race member’s brain for a brief moment when suddenly…
Shua! Shua!

All  the  “producers”  that  were  wandering  around  the  city earlier took off their robes, revealing their true appearances. These people were actually experts from the Genetic Union. The terrifying power of A-class warriors surged.

With the early warning from Chen Feng, those producers with no combat power had long ago been dispatched elsewhere on different missions. Those left behind here were true experts. They had prepared for this long ago.

One of them sneered. “We have been waiting for you guys.”
“So you ugly fellows are the so-called devil race?”
“Hehe, how are you guys different from some livestock with intelligence?”
“Kill them. What’s the point talking so much with these cannon fodder?” Blood started splattering about as one devil race member after another dropped down. Despite the strength of the devil race, the genetic warriors left here were, after all, the strongest among the Genetic Union members. Each of them was so powerful that they caused one to feel flustered. The devil race
members were simply helpless facing them.

The howls resounded without stop as the devil race members appeared without stop only to collapse one after another. Facing these powerful genetic warriors, the devil race members couldn’t even resist the first round of attacks. The only thing they could do was swarm the perimeter with sheer numbers.

“So this is the devil race?”
“Hehe. Even if this is a mere vanguard of cannon fodder, they are still too weak, right?”
“Try to save your energy consumption. These cannon fodder are merely to exhaust us.” “Don’t worry.”
Everyone had cold and detached expressions. They had prepared sufficient energy just for this one battle. War of attrition? The newly awakened devil race would not be able to compete against them in this aspect. Alas, right at this moment, their expressions changed suddenly. That was because they found out that when the blood of the devil race members landed on the ground, it turned black.

“Could it be…”
“This is bad!”
“The black rain has been injected into the bodies of these devil race members!”
Instantly, their bodies chilled. None of them had expected that the devil race would employ such a method of sending the black rain into Star City. The first batch of the attackers were not merely cannon fodder; they were also suicide troops!

Chapter 470: Welcome to the Genetic Era

“Black! It’s all turning black!”
Everyone looked down at the soil below them, which had never been tainted by the black rain so far but was now turning black under the suicide attacks of the devil race.

The howls resounded without stop.


The devil race members swarmed out of the darkness unendingly. However, different than the previous batch, the present devil race members were comprised of a single clan. All of them were huge and plump with a short and thin tail trailing behind them, resembling tadpoles. They weren’t particularly powerful in terms of combat power. However, their advantage was their sheer quantity as they surged forth in a seemingly endless torrent.

Pu! Pu!

After being killed, black liquid would spurt out of their bodies, dying the soil black. They were precisely the clan with the strongest multiplicative ability among the devil race. Despite the fact that it hadn’t been long since they had reawakened, they had already multiplied themselves to the point that they reached an extremely terrifying amount. Therefore, when the defensive barrier of Star City had been revealed, these tadpole beasts had been unleashed by the devil race as a trump card as well.

“This won’t do… At this speed, it won’t be long until all the soil here is tainted black.” “Old Li, with your World Calamity barrier that is seemingly so amazing, you can’t even block out these damnable cannon fodder?” one of them bellowed.

Old Li was furious. “Yes I can! However, it requires the full activation of this barrier. It won’t be able to last long if we do that.”
“To hell with that. Fully activate the barrier now,” that person roared. “If we don’t keep them outside the barrier, who knows what terrifying monsters will start awakening within the city?”
Old Li took in a deep breath. “Fine.”

He pointed midair. An incorporeal undulation spread out noiselessly. And now, the devil race members that had been charging in were all blocked outside the barrier.

“Good opportunity! Attack!”

Star City started its counterattack. Fully charged anti-aircraft cannons, A-class genetic warriors, and everything they had was unleashed at the same time, killing all the cannon fodder.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The black rain splattered around as the devil race members died en masse. However, not a single drop was able to land within the city.

Hu— They heaved a sigh of relief at this sight. Alas, right at this moment, the devil race unleashed a new attack. Numerous powerful attacks started descending. With that, the initially firm defensive barrier started tottering.

They were all shocked. “What’s going on?”
Old Li clenched his teeth. “We can’t last any longer. In this world, a defensive barrier capable of blocking against all attacks simply does not exist, let alone a barrier capable of defending against these stupidly powerful attacks of the devil race.”
“Return for now, then…”
Just as these words left that person’s mouth.

Shua! That gold pole appeared once again and smashed down with a terrifying might.


The gold radiance intensified.


Instantly, the defensive barrier collapsed. From the sky, the black rain started splashing downward.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Like a roaring river, the black rain landed on the ground within the city. The soil within Star City started turning black at a speed visible to the naked eye, and an alarming aura started leaking from the earth. “It’s finally… coming?”
Everyone was in a heavy mood despite this being a development they had foreseen. Initially, the thin barrier had been the only thing keeping the rain out. With the strength of the devil race members, it was rather easy for them to rip this barrier apart. The invention of the World Calamity barrier by Old Li had indeed granted everyone present a sliver of hope. Unfortunately, this hope had been completely crushed by the devil race. Ultimately, despite the fact that a huge amount of the devil race members still had their consciousness in a hazy state, the devil race were beings with intelligence.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The air trembled as the full invasion of the devil race began. As the black rain was finally falling into the city, the devil race no longer had any misgivings. Not having to think of ways to rip that barrier apart, they could now focus their concentration on killing everyone in the city. The tadpole beasts were too weak to be of any use now and had started retreating. Howl!

Accompanied by loud howls, some powerful monsters appeared. From the dark sky, numerous fireballs started descending.

Chen Feng’s heart trembled slightly. “It’s coming?”  Despite the fact that he was standing in a certain faraway corner of Star City while watching this, that terrifying and powerful aura could still be felt. The full-scale invasion was finally starting. This scene was so very similar to the scene he had witnessed back then. However, there were still some differences  here  and  there.  In  the  “future”   he  had  once accidentally glimpsed, a lot of people close to him had been hurt and countless people had died tragically. Now, though, things were no longer unfolding the same way.

“Genetic Union,” Chen Feng muttered. “Let me have a clear look at the preparations you guys have made for this.”
This was a war. By himself, he would not be able to win it. Even if everything was ignored, just the tadpole beasts earlier would already be sufficient to flood him to death. He had no intention of competing in quantity with those devil race members. Therefore, from the start, he had delivered all the information he’d had on the devil race, after a slight revision, to Hou Liang. And now, it was proven that they had indeed heard him.

Midair, a person appeared. He was stepping on thin air, a silver radiance shrouding his body. The silver was actually a thick layer of armor flickering like a breathing lamp, alternating between dark and light, attracting the gaze of everyone here amid the darkness.

“It’s him.”
“It’s this lord?”
Everyone’s heart trembled. This was Han Yula, one of the peak A-class experts of the Genetic Union. it was rumored that he was a rather cruel person and was rather extreme in his method of handling things. In his eyes, things were either black or white—there was no gray area. Moreover, he had no mercy when trying to accomplish his tasks. It was said that, back then, he had married into a certain family. However, due to his disagreement with the morality of the actions of that family, he had killed everyone in the family, including his wife and children. As for exactly how wrong the actions of that family that had triggered this incident had been, that was something outsiders couldn’t know.

On that day, Han Yula had dug his own heart out of his chest, becoming a literally heartless person. Despite that, due to his excessive strength, he was actually able to stay alive even without a heart. This was an expert capable of planting fear in everyone’s heart.

He was an existence disliked even among his fellow Genetic Union members. It was truly unexpected that he would be the one to appear in this war. Perhaps he would be the perfect person to deal with these damnable devil race members?
Chen Feng frowned. “So that’s Han Yula?” Han Yula the heartless, this was a name Chen Feng had heard a lot of times. However, he had never expected that this legendary and terrifying expert would actually be a fan of RGB light systems. Who in the world would actually turn their armor into a flickering light? Is he sick? What, do you think you’re Razer? Chen Feng focused his gaze. “I hope you will live up to your reputation.”
After appearing, Han Yula merely raised his head and gazed upward. Distantly, the howling devil race members were nearly within reach. Numerous devil race members were charging out from the darkness. From the number of them, it could be concluded that this should be all of the devil race members that had awakened since the past few days. These guys were clearly putting everything they have on the line for this mission. In that case…
Han Yula raised his hand coldly. “It’s time for you guys to go back.”
Shua! Shua!

Countless radiance swirled around. In Star City, from each of the normal buildings that were usually used as shops or to produce gene reagents, cannons radiating a bizarre light appeared. All of these were energy weapons. “Welcome to the genetic era.” A cruel smile appeared on Han Yula’s face. “Goodbye.”

A terrifying radiance erupted.
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