The Strongest Gene Chapter 451-460

Chapter 451: Mutated God Punisher? Lies!

Othershore Mountain.

Chen Feng was still putting great effort toward gene productions. Although Old Mei’s appearance had somewhat surprised him, it did not hinder him continuing to complete his gene reagent. Only one final step was left in completing his God Punisher gene.

Shua! Shua!

His luck value was dropping crazily. This was the single luck value usage of Chen Feng’s with the highest quality-to-price ratio. In the illusory world, light swirled around. Presently, Chen Feng was improving the formula, trying his best to make this formula better, fulfill the requirement of mutating the formula, and once again create an ability surpassing this era.

God Punisher… how powerful will the improved you be? Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.


After 500 luck value was consumed, the improvement was completed. Next, it was time for the actual production. Once again, his luck value dropped. After all, this was also the first time Chen Feng had produced something at this level. As such, the success rate wasn’t perfect enough, and Chen Feng had to rely on his luck value. Fortunately, the other aspects of production did not pose much trouble.

After a long time.

The familiar radiance started swirling around, signifying the completion of his production.

“Done!” The agitated Chen Feng stared at the newly produced gene reagent. Instantly, he blanked.

This ability…
Suddenly, Chen Feng asked Spirit, “Spirit, what was the original ability of God Punisher?”
Spirit repeated the ability of God Punisher honestly. “God Punisher: Unleash all the different abilities unleashed before, once. Consumption: All energy. Cooldown: One day.”
Chen Feng nodded in a seemingly calm manner. “Mhm.” Suddenly, he pointed at the screen indignantly. “In that case, what is the meaning of this newly produced thing here?”
The gene fusion reagent had indeed mutated. This was what Chen Feng had been anticipating. However, the direction of the mutation was something he had never expected…
 God Punisher: Unleash all abilities used previously.

Consumption: All energy.

Limitation: One time.

This was the latest God Punisher he had produced. No cooldown, no limitation. The original God Punisher unleashed the different abilities used by the user, while this God Punisher unleashed all abilities used by the user. In other words, even for the same ability, all of them would be released instead of selecting one among the various times that ability had been used previously.

The ten million Wind Blades released previously? They would all be released.

The tens of Nethergaze activations? They would all be released as well. He only needed to activate God Punisher and all these abilities would be unleashed. Without a doubt, the present God Punisher was extremely powerful. It would unleash all abilities the user had used since birth, regardless of whether those were repeat abilities or not. The might of such an attack was astonishingly dreadful.

Without a doubt, this thing possessed the might to destroy the heavens and Earth. Chen Feng was sure that if this ability was activated, even peak A-class warriors would be killed. This was an amazingly powerful ability in the truest sense.

However… the limitation…
As Chen Feng looked at it, his heart chilled. Different from the previous God Punisher that could be used once per day, this thing here could only be used once. In other words, after using it once, this ability would be useless moving forward. In one lifetime, this ability could only be used once. Wasn’t this a scam? Chen Feng was furious.

After a long time of painstaking preparation coupled with formula improvement, it had mutated into something like this? If he had known this, he wouldn’t have bothered mutating it. What a scam!

“Spirit,” Chen Feng said.

Spirit: “…”
It was rather rare to see Spirit speechless. For something like this to have happened, it was truly unexpected.

Chen Feng sighed. “Why did this happen?”
Spirit analyzed for a bit before requesting authorization. “I need 10 luck value to figure it out.”
“Take it.” Chen Feng had to figure out the reason for this. If all young hillsea beasts would have such result after mutation, Chen Feng would rather stick with the original version. It was totally pointless to use this mutated version. “All right.” Spirit started her analysis speedily. “Done.” Spirit checked the data before continuing, “After testing, I found out that the genes of hillsea beasts are very unique. Therefore, there are numerous possibilities when they mutate instead of only one single possibility. The reason for this being our final product is due to the young hillsea beast you used only being able to mutate in this direction.”
This was actually a good piece of news. Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. All would be good if not all mutations would be the same. He could still try mutating them for better results. Naturally, the troublesome thing was the fact that he would require more than one young hillsea beast now.

“There are a lot of different directions a gene mutation can take. Luck value will be able to help you eliminate all previously appeared mutations in your production. However, for unknown mutations… you have to make a choice manually,” Spirit reminded Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shrugged. “Can’t you make the selection for me?” Spirit pondered. “Theoretically, it’s possible. I can directly list out the few possibilities for the future mutations, the direction of the mutation, the source of the hillsea beast required… I can even cause some accidents to make the required beast appear before you, enabling you to obtain it easily. However…”
Before Spirit could even finish her explanation, Chen Feng was already rolling his eyes.

He did not even need to guess to know the reason. “Insufficient luck value, right?”
“Yes.  A  huge  amount  of  consumption  is  required  to  do something like that. It is not something accomplishable by the present you,” Spirit answered honestly.

Chen Feng sighed. What could he say to that?

He glanced at the 400 luck value he had and his heart ached. Earlier, a grand total of 500 luck value had been consumed. Hold on, if so… Spirit spoke honestly. “No. Even if the direction of the mutation is considered a failure, all the verification, analysis, and improvements before the actual production have already completed. During our next production, no luck value will be required. I can directly direct it in this direction.”
Chen Feng was relieved. “That’s good, then.”  If everything needed to be restarted, he would have to give up.

“What  you  need  now  are  hillsea  beast  corpses,”   Spirit reminded him. “If you want the original God Punisher ability, you will only require a young hillsea beast. However, if you want a powerful version of God Punisher… you might require a huge number of young hillsea beasts.”  Spirit completed her explanations with a shake of her head.

Chen Feng’s expression darkened. Huge number of young hillsea beasts…
Even this single young hillsea beast he had was something he had obtained due to the others not wanting it. Where was he supposed to look for young hillsea beasts, let alone a huge amount of them? Chen Feng stared at the sky. Even the sky above Othershore Mountain was already shrouded in darkness. His remaining time was truly quite short.
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “One day.” He would use one day to try it out. If he failed to obtain a huge number of young hillsea beasts, he would directly give up on mutating it. Only if it was possible would he try mutating it. However, regardless of how many attempts he tried, he would ensure that he would have an additional young hillsea beast left behind. With this, even if his mutations failed, he could still choose to produce a regular God Punisher with the additional young hillsea beast. This would serve as his failsafe.

If so, let the countdown begin! Chen Feng checked the time and started thinking of methods to obtain young hillsea beasts.

“Dear all, 5-star secret arts aren’t really of any use, right?” The smiling Chen Feng was looking at the genetic warriors here to trade for the red spheres. “If you guys have any dead young hillsea beasts, you guys can come and trade for a red sphere. These things aren’t really of much use to me anyway. I might as well trade them for something useful.” A genetic warrior shook his head. “How is it that easy? Even now, not many people have actually completed the mission.”
“That’s not for sure.” Chen Feng constantly maintained that smile on his face. Even if the one he was talking to was someone weak, Chen Feng would still advertise his offer to that person without bias. The one-day deadline passed rather quickly. Unfortunately, Chen Feng had only obtained one dead young hillsea beast so far. Even this single beast had been obtained after offering a high price of two red spheres as a trade.

Since the beast had only recently been killed, Chen Feng had directly extracted its blood essence before preserving it and had been waiting for more. However, he did not obtain any more. With so many genetic warriors and squads here, only one had been obtained after one whole day. Moreover, this was the foot of Othershore Mountain. Anyone leaving would have to leave this place. Despite that, only one?

Apart from Old Mei who was carrying adult hillsea beasts here without stop, there were actually not many people conducting trades here. It seemed like these people here for the mission were all stuck as well. Chen Feng sighed. Well, seems like I have no hope of completing the mutation, then.

Chapter 452: Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chen Feng checked the time. “There’s not much time left.” He knew that if he could stay here for half a month or so, he would be able to deal with everything he wanted to. However, he  did  not  have  the  luxury  of  time.  For  this  “Othershore Mountain” incident, he was, after all, a mere passerby.

If he stayed here among these A-class warriors with his B- class strength, a moment carelessness was all it would take for him to lose his life. Therefore, he dared not actually go and hunt for those hillsea beasts. The only thing he could do was conduct trades here with the identity of an observer. However… he ultimately failed to obtain what he wanted most.

Chen Feng looked at the remaining 400 luck value he had. “Should I use luck value?” After hesitating, he shook his head. He did not have much luck value remaining, and the Star City battle would be starting soon. As such, he had to preserve sufficient luck value.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Well, seems like I have to give up on mutating it then. Spirit, let’s just prepare for gene production,” Chen Feng stated. “All right.”
Spirit finished up the preparations. Next, Chen Feng took out the blood essence, but just as he was about to start his production, suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in the distance. That person was carrying a hillsea beast and coming toward him.

“I want to trade this for a gene reagent.”

At the same time, at a certain location in Othershore Mountain, Old Mei was accumulating strength without stop as well.

Interestingly, if this entire incident were considered a game, it could be said that while everyone else was painstakingly killing monsters for points, Old Mei was accumulating points using a cheat-like method, obtaining a huge number of points to exchange for hillsea gene reagents. He was simply akin to a bug in a game. Within a single day, he had already gathered a huge number of red spheres. Old Mei was overwhelmed by emotions. “Now I can make my move.” He believed that this time, nobody would be able to stop him. Next, Old Mei set off with surging confidence.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

This seemingly kindly elderly transformed into a bomb demon, spamming fatal elements, red spheres, and hillsea beasts without stop, seemingly creating a brand new world for himself.

The cold breeze swept past the chaotic battleground while the injured enemies all transformed into particles before dissipating.

Old Mei calculated his fusion degree silently. Sixty-two percent done! This Othershore Mountain was a rather huge place. As such, Old Mei’s actions here went unnoticed by the others. Silently, he rested before setting off toward his next target. Those who were relatively weaker had long been eliminated by him. Now, those left here were mid-tier A class at the very least, each of them having a minimum amount of one red sphere per person. Therefore, Old Mei was extremely cautious whenever he decided to make a move. As an example of what he did:

Bang! Bang!

Two red spheres were tossed out simultaneously, shocking that person into a hasty retreat. It wasn’t particularly hard to dodge the red spheres. However, as the explosion’s radius was too huge, when two red spheres were used together, even if he could avoid dying, he would still suffer a serious injury. Naturally, he also failed to notice that his stone shield had been blasted apart…
Taking out his red sphere, he scanned around cautiously. “Who?”
Howl— With a howl, a hillsea beast appeared, attracting this person’s attention, and right at this instant, a cold breeze drifted over from a different direction. Gently and comfortably, without realizing it, he was already transforming into countless particles.

“What is this—”
Before even finishing his words, he was already dead.

Old Mei was overjoyed. “Nice.”  Indeed, this red sphere was indeed astonishingly scary.

They were especially pronounced when used together with hillsea beasts and the fatal elements, this was simply an omnipotent combination. As he thought of this, his heart was filled with gratefulness toward that excellent producer. Moving forward, this Othershore Mountain would be his home ground.

Old Mei had recovered his confidence. “Let’s go.” Bang! Bang!

Bombarding everything in his way, he opened a path forcefully. As for the final fusion of his ability, it increased without stop as well, going from 63%… to 74%… to 80%… and so on. The speed of the progress was so fast that it caused him endless joy. Interestingly, he even discovered that someone had actually successfully captured a young hillsea beast.

Old Mei was shocked. “Someone actually captured one for real?”  As he observed them from distance, he noted that this was precisely a full squad with four A-class genetic warriors and two B-class genetic warriors. An unconscious young hillsea beast was being carried by them.

“Haha, we are most certainly the first group to do this.”
“That red sphere is rather useful indeed.”
“Don’t be careless. Someone might be hiding in the dark, waiting to ambush us.” “What are we afraid of? Hehe. With the strength of our squad, anyone who comes will just be courting death.”
They walked while talking.


Old Mei watched on coldly. This was a mission issued by him. Despite the generous rewards, the rewards were, after all, things he had gathered painstakingly. As such, he had never intended to give them out for real. He had only allowed these people to appear here so they could be cannon fodder.

Thinking of completing my mission? How naive.

Looking at the red sphere in his hand before looking at the number of enemies, Old Mei muttered, “You guys, then.”
Bang! Bang! Bang! 
“Enemy attack!”
Before that screeching shout could even finish, along with the hillsea beast’s howl and the whistling cold breeze, the world seemed to recover its peace as countless shiny particles drifted around. Surprising Old Mei, amid the cold breeze, there was actually a survivor.

A brutal roar resounded. “Scram!”  Next, the late-stage A- class warrior who was also the leader of the squad, the tall and sturdy guy, blasted the hillsea beast away with a single punch. His ice-cold gaze skipped past countless obstacles before landing on Old Mei.

His gaze was sharp as he said, “You are the one playing tricks.”
Old Mei’s heart shuddered. “I have actually been discovered.” This genetic squad was actually so terrifying. 
Light swirled around, and instantly, that burly person streaked toward Old Mei.

Old Mei inhaled deeply. I can’t afford to hold back anymore. He knew that he would not be this person’s match if he faced this person head-on. As such, there was only one single thing he could do.

Old Mei clenched his teeth. “You forced me.”

Countless red spheres bloomed midair. The pupils of that burly guy charging toward Old Mei shrunk. Midair, an alarmed expression appeared on his face. “How did you get so many of them…”
Bang! Bang! Bang! peace.

Old Mei’s gaze landed on the falling corpse midair with a regretful expression. “What a good fusion material he would have been. It’s a pity that he was killed by the explosion…”
Shortly after, his gaze landed on the unconscious young hillsea beast. This fellow had probably been injected with some strong sleeping drugs for it to remain unconscious even now.

Old Mei’s eyes lit up. “A young hillsea beast, one that’s alive…” This thing was truly useless to him. Even the rewards he had given the Genetic Union when issuing the mission would be returned to him if nobody else was allowed to complete the mission. If so, what was the point of having this beast?

But then, this beast was in huge demand by the others here, especially that gene producer! Old Mei laughed. “He seems to be thinking of getting the 5- star  secret  arts?”  He  had  witnessed  with  his  own  eyes  the power of the red spheres. If he could trade this hillsea beast he had picked up for free for some red spheres, that would be acceptable. As for the rewards… a 5-star secret art wasn’t much for him. Moreover, it wasn’t even a sure fact that the producer could even leave this place alive in the end. After all… Old Mei’s fusion degree had already reached 82%. A smile appeared on Old Mei’s mouth.

Chapter 453: Genetic Ability, Mutate!

After careful consideration, Old Mei decided to directly carry this young hillsea beast over to that excellent producer. What made him even happier was the fact that more and more people had seemingly completed the mission, perhaps thanks to the red spheres. Some were returning with dead young hillsea beasts, while some were back with young hillsea beasts that were still alive. There were now more and more young hillsea beasts.

Unfortunately, none of them would be able to leave this place alive. Almost all of them would be welcomed by Old Mei at a certain unavoidable route before being bombarded to death, nourishing Old Mei’s strength. Naturally, the smart Old Mei would deliver all the young hillsea beasts to the producer, trading them for the red spheres.

Curiously, though, that producer’s gaze when looking at him became stranger and stranger. From the initial astonishment, it had become a gaze of longing and then a burning gaze when looking at him. That gaze… Perhaps this guy was one of those who preferred the same sex… and preferred older individuals on top of that? At this thought, Old Mei shuddered. No, no! Old Mei comforted himself that this producer was probably admiring his strength. Mhm… that had to be the case! Old Mei was able to trade all the young hillsea beasts he had obtained for red spheres without any hiccups.

Thanks to this continuous trade, despite his numerous operations, his supply of red spheres was still abundant. Together with his hillsea beast pet that would get killed occasionally, Old Mei did not lack red spheres at all.

Shua! Shua!

Once again, Old Mei returned with another young hillsea beast. By now, the crowd there was already looking at Old Mei with an amazed yet numbed gaze.

“He’s back again.”
“Yeah, back with yet another young hillsea beast.”
“Previously,  when  he  returned  with  young  hillsea  beasts without stop, I thought that he was merely lucky. Unexpectedly, this guy is actually able to keep bringing young hillsea beasts here without stop.”
“Maybe he has some tunneling-related ability or something.”
“That’s possible.”
“How many young hillsea beasts has he brought here thus far?”
They sighed. They had been watching on as this Old Mei had returned with young hillsea beasts an uncountable number of times. Moreover, this guy hadn’t carried the beasts out of this mountain at all. On the contrary, he carried all of them to the producer.

“Here, another one,” Old Mei stated calmly.

Chen Feng looked at him with an amazed expression. “… Why are you sending yet another one here?” Old Mei assumed a regretful expression. “It’s already dead. Each and every time, if I attack too lightly, the enemies survive my attack, yet when I attack too strongly, I accidentally kill the young hillsea beasts instead. Sigh.”
So that’s the case. As the others heard this, they took joy in this seeming calamity. No wonder this guy had carried so many young hillsea beasts here instead of leaving. So he hadn’t completed the mission either? At this point, nobody was bothered with the 5-star secret arts anymore. Among those who had survived this long, which of them were bothered about some mere 5-star secret arts?

“All right.” Chen Feng completed the trade in a well- practiced manner.

After receiving the red sphere, Old Mei left. As for Chen Feng, he appeared rather gratified as he gazed at Old Mei’s leaving figure. Another young hillsea beast obtained! “Spirit, does this young hillsea beast fulfill the requirement?”
Chen Feng was overjoyed. “Good. Let’s continue, then.” How many young hillsea beasts had he obtained now?

He had never expected that just as he had been about to give up on this, Old Mei would be the one who carried one young hillsea beast after another to him. Moreover, each of the young hillsea beasts seemed to be stronger than the previous. Even though all the beasts were dead, Chen Feng was able to see that these beasts had all been freshly killed. This old chrysanthemum freak that had schemed against Chen Feng back then had actually transformed into Chen Feng’s lucky star here at this Othershore Mountain. Of course, the premise for all this was him not knowing Chen Feng’s real identity.

“Mhm…” Chen Feng stared at the 10 gene reagents he had. All these were newly produced gene fusion reagents—all of them were mutated gene reagents. Since the process of improving had been recorded by Spirit previously, not much luck value was required for him to produce these new mutated gene reagents.
For each production, less than 10 luck value was required. Despite this, Chen Feng was still unable to control the mutation. This was because the type of mutation was not a matter of probability. Rather, it was determined by the type of genes contained within the young hillsea beasts he used.

Therefore, this depended on fate. Naturally, Chen Feng could also choose to first use luck value to discern the type of genes within the young hillsea beasts. However, based on Spirit’s calculation, doing this would consume more of his luck value. Since the number of genes within a single hillsea beast was too high, 10 luck value would be required for each study.

For a single production, only around three luck value would be required. Therefore, he had decided to directly produce all of them instead.

Mutated God Punisher 1: Among the abilities the user has used before, choose the type with the highest damage and then release them all once.

Consumption: All energy.

Cooldown period: One day.

This was a totally different version of this ability. The original God Punisher released one of each ability, yet for this version, a single ability would be chosen for the release. For example, a huge amount of Nethergazes would be released if this version of God Punisher was used instead. This was indeed a rather powerful mutation.

In short, if the user had only used Nethergaze 10 times in his entire lifetime, this God Punisher would release 10 Nethergazes instantaneously, which would be equivalent to an amplification of 10 times the power. If the user had used it 100 times before? Or 1,000 times? This would be an extremely powerful ability equivalent to the eruption of one’s strongest attack after being amplified. Naturally, the limitations were rather huge as well. For example, the user could only select a single ability that was the strongest of all. In Chen Feng’s case, that would be Nethergaze. If he wanted to use God Punisher to release other abilities instead, it wouldn’t happen. However, this would still serve as a formidable trump card. In a way, this version of God Punisher was even stronger than the regular version.

God Punisher 2: Select all the healing abilities used previously and release them once.

Consumption: All energy.

Cooldown period: One day.


All healing abilities? If so, repeated abilities were allowed? If so, this was totally a god-like healing ability. In the hands of an expert healer, this ability would simply become a bug-like existence. Unfortunately… it wasn’t useful for Chen Feng. Despite that, Chen Feng had still kept this version. He believed that  with  this,  his  “The  Strongest  Gene”  shop  would  once again have a legendary B-class gene reagent for sale in the future. This version of God Punisher was so powerful it could even match those A-class abilities.

God Punisher 3: Select all the support abilities used previously and release them once.

Consumption: All energy.

Cooldown period: One day.

All support abilities? Repeated abilities allowed again? Abilities such as Golden Steel Reincarnation or something like that? With this version of God Punisher, if it was used to unleash some stackable buff abilities, the target could even be buffed to the point he became undefeatable. This was much more useful than even viagra! Unfortunately, once again, this ability wasn’t particularly useful for Chen Feng. As for the rest of the mutated God Punisher gene reagents, they were in similar situations as well. Despite being powerful, they were not suited for Chen Feng. These were indeed very powerful. However, after careful consideration, Chen Feng noted that if he decided to use them, he was better off using the regular God Punisher instead. This was because the regular God Punisher would suit Chen Feng more than these mutated versions.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Let’s keep trying.”
Once again, Chen Feng and Spirit started gene production. After a long time, the production was completed. At this point, Chen Feng was already numb toward successful production. As such, he wasn’t as overjoyed as earlier when he had first produced this God Punisher gene reagent. At the very least, with Spirit’s help, Chen Feng was able to determine that the mutation direction of this young hillsea beast was not the same as the previous ones, that it would have an entirely different mutation.

“Hopefully, this mutation will be usable.” Chen Feng wasn’t placing much hope in it. Based on his guesses, the mutations of the God Punisher gene reagent were only comprised of some simple changes or minor improvements. Unfortunately, these changes weren’t anything much, merely reaching a point where it would be wasteful to discard the reagents despite not being useful to him.


Nonchalantly, Chen Feng scanned the newly produced gene reagent. Instantly, he blanked.

Abruptly, his eyes widened. “This…”

Chapter 454: Undefeated Old Mei!

 God Punisher: Select one of each different abilities the user has used previously and unleash them all. After each ability unleashed, the subsequent ability will be strengthened by 1%.

Consumption: All energy.

Cooldown period: One day.


One percent?!

Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk. The mutation had succeeded. Regardless of what ability it was, the subsequent ability would be buffed and would be stronger than its initial state. This was even better than the regular God Punisher! With this alone, Chen Feng was already satisfied. As for this 1%… Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. This 1% might seem little, even neglectable. However,   the   phrase   “the   subsequent   ability   will   be strengthened by 1%” was a rather terrifying concept. In other words, the strength of the buff would be related to the total amount of abilities unleashed.

The first ability unleashed would have its regular power. The second ability would be strengthened by 1%, the third ability by 2%, and so on. For a regular person, this ability wouldn’t be that useful. Generally, genetic warriors only had a few main abilities. Even after those self-created abilities were taken into consideration, one might only have less than 20 abilities in total. Therefore, the final buff would be less than 20%. This wouldn’t bring about too big an effect. But for Chen Feng…
Chen Feng suddenly asked, “How many different abilities I have presently?”
“Please  wait  a  moment.”  After  calculating,  Spirit  replied, “Presently, the history of your previously used abilities is 1,367 types of different abilities. However, you have a total of 16,000 different abilities in your grasp.”
Sixteen thousand abilities! Chen Feng’s heart jolted furiously. Even he himself was not aware that he had so many abilities available to him. Myriad Illusions! This had to be the amount granted to him by his Myriad Illusions! The only reason he had used so few of them previously was due to some of them having such low trigger rates, with some of them even requiring luck value for activation. That was the reason he had never used them yet, as there were a huge amount of abilities with trigger rate of 0.001%.

These abilities were those Chen Feng had never seen before. Naturally, if he truly wanted to use them, he would only require luck value to do it. What shocked Chen Feng was the fact that with this amount, if they were all unleashed with God Punisher… the mere thought of what would ensue planted fear in Chen Feng’s heart. Could one even begin to imagine what 16,000 abilities signified?

“These are mostly 1-star low-level abilities,” Spirit explained.

Chen Feng’s gaze was burning. “I know.” Such low-level abilities wouldn’t cause any damage at all to his enemy. However, Chen Feng did not need them to be able to deal any damage anyway. The only thing he required was the overlapping 1% after unleashing these abilities. That alone would be sufficient. With 16,000 abilities, that would be equivalent to an amplification of 160 times. This also signified that the final ability unleashed by Chen Feng would be amplified 160 times! This would be a heaven-defying ability.
Even imagining that scene alone caused Chen Feng to be overwhelmed with emotions. The present him was a mere B- class warrior. A peak B-class warrior would be tenfold stronger than him, while a peak A-class warrior would be several hundredfold stronger than him. If he used this ability… he would be able to fight it out with even peak A-class warriors!

In other words, after fusing with this God Punisher, Chen Feng would possess a power equivalent to a single full-powered strike from a peak A-class warrior. Moreover, this was only the might of the final unleashed ability. All the abilities he had unleashed before that would be amplified as well. Moreover, this was merely the base amplification.

If his Nethergaze was chosen as the final ability to be unleashed, what would the result be? How strong was Nethergaze? What about the strength of the Nethergaze he used one whole day to activate back then at the Wild Saint family? How would this Nethergaze look like after undergoing an amplification of 160 times? Would it be able to insta-kill a peak A-class warrior? Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

Naturally, the premise of all this was Chen Feng having used all 16,000 of his abilities at least once. For this, a huge amount of luck value would be required. However, it would be totally worth the consumption.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Presently, his heart was burning. He wished for nothing more than to fuse with this ability immediately. At this, he glanced at the initial hillsea beast blood essence he had kept as spare. He wondered if something even more powerful could be created from this. Once again, he started his gene production.

Mhm… select all passion-rousing abilities before unleashing all of them? What is this? Is this particular hillsea beast horny or something? This is obviously… Hmm. I could probably sell this to Xie Zhongtong later. After finishing his preparations, Chen Feng started his fusion. He had been in B-class for quite a while. Finally, he could truly fuse with his new genetic ability.

Light swirled around, and a terrifying radiance bloomed.

“Time to start my breakthrough!”

At the same time, at a certain location in Othershore Mountain, Old Mei was also full of joy as he stared at his fusion degree that had reached 98%. After killing another enemy, finally, he reached 100%.

“Finally, I succeeded! Hahaha!”
Old Mei was overjoyed. After 10 whole years of preparation, he had finally succeeded. “Genetic   Union…    Gene   Production   Association…    Chen Feng… Cui Hua…” Old Mei started mumbling out one name after another that had caused him endless hate. “Soon, I will be back!”

Two clumps of flame ignited in Old Mei’s eyes. The shape of the two clumps greatly resembled plum blossoms. This was the 6-star secret art Old Mei had taken 10 years to prepare by accumulating a huge supply of energy before successfully fusing with that energy: Plum Blossom’s Divine Eye, an extremely terrifying flame.

The requirements for obtaining this ability were extremely harsh. Six extremely rare genes were required for this, six extremely rare genes that Old Mei had exhausted all means available to him to obtain. Even the final fusion required a huge amount of life force to successfully refine this ability. Only after all this was that divine flame able to bloom. Old Mei raised his hand. A plum-blossom-shaped flame hovered above his fingertips. No cooldown, no fixed shape, even the energy exhaustion was extremely low. This was an ability Old Mei could use as he wished, an ability he could release as he wished. Right at this instant, several people appeared distantly. That was an entire genetic squad. Three mid-tier A-class warriors and a late-stage A-class warrior. Due to their high amount, when Old Mei had seen them previously, he had decided to avoid them noiselessly.

When they saw Old Mei, they mere snorted as a response. “Scram!”
They were able to discern that Old Mei was a mere early-tier A-class warrior. However, they had no intention of killing him, since A-class warriors generally possessed their own trump cards. As their true goal was young hillsea beasts, they were not interested in having any sort of conflict with him. However, Old Mei merely smiled at them.

He raised his hand. “Hehe.” The delicate-looking flame drifted toward the four of them.

They raged. “You are courting death!” This guy was a mere early-tier A-class, yet he dared to provoke them? Any single one of them would be sufficient to beat this guy up.

“Kill him!” one of them stated impatiently.


Light swirled around. As that person moved, a huge sword ray slashed at the drifting flame. However, when the sword ray touched the flame, a terrifying gust of energy reverberated out of the point of collision.


The sword ray shattered. 
The speed of the flame abruptly increased.


Instantly, the sword user was penetrated. On his body, a huge hole appeared. Around the hole was a halo of flame spreading without stop. The flame spread and the others watched this terrifying sight as a single instant was required for that person to be completely burnt clean. One could not neglect the fact that this 6-star secret art of Old Mei’s was an ability that had been formed after fusing with the fatal elements.

“How is that possible?”
The rest of them were horrified, and they started fleeing.
Alas, it was already too late. 
Multiple clumps of flame streaked out followed by numerous howls filled with grief. Only after a long time did the clumps of flame vanish. Old Mei looked over calmly. Where the squad had once stood, nothing was left, as everything had already been burnt clean. Not a single trace of them remained, not even dust.

Old Mei played with the flame in his hand with a faint smile on his face. “I have been waiting for this moment for way too long.” From today onward, he would become one of the strongest. As for those surpassing A class…

When he reached peak A class, he would most certainly be able to kill even those surpassing A class. He believed that this wouldn’t be too far away in the future. As for now… His gaze became cold. Everyone here, those who were still thinking of completing his mission, he would not allow a single one of them to survive. After all, those secret arts he had issued as rewards were also things he had prepared for himself. 
His figure vanished amid the darkness. For the first time, he traveled amid this land in an absolutely unrestrained manner, without relying on any hillsea beasts or fatal elements. As for the aura surrounding his body, it was now even more terrifying. This place had now transformed into his home ground.

Chapter 455: Kill Everyone!

Othershore Mountain.

A red shimmer appeared in the dusky sky.

“What’s that?”
“Some unique ability?”
“Wow, it can even cause a natural phenomenon.”
“Or maybe, instead of being a natural phenomenon, it’s simply a red light shining upon the sky.”
“Who would be so free they could shine some red light on the sky? What a waste of energy.” Everyone was curious. Right at this instant, a figure could be seen escaping in a sorry manner from the direction of the red light. Fear was plastered all over his face, his entire body was stained with blood, and one of his arms was missing.

“Be careful.”
Instantly, the rest increased their vigilance. There had been way too many incidents where someone pretended to be seriously injured before ambushing the onlookers. However, this seriously injured person here was an exception to those incidents.

“Run!  Fast!”  that  person  screeched  in  horror.  “That  red light… He has broken through… He’s slaughtering…”
Finishing his words, he continued escaping in the direction of the foot of the mountain, leaving the squad there looking at each other. Red light? Breakthrough? Slaughter? Who was it? Staring at the distant red light, they were confused.

“Perhaps something has truly happened?” “It might be a trick. Hehe. First, he will flee behind us. By the time someone appears from the other direction, he will appear behind us, attacking us from two directions. When that happens, perhaps we won’t even know how it happened before dying.”

“We can’t retreat. We must continue advancing.”
“The young hillsea beast is already nearby. We can’t let the others get it.”
They decided to continue their advance. However, not even three minutes later, their steps halted, because at this moment, they saw a familiar figure. The guy called Old Mei could be seen taking a stroll in a relaxed manner. Here at this danger- filled Othershore Mountain, he was strolling without any defenses in an absolutely unrestrained manner. Slowly, he walked forth, until he noticed them. Hu—
A little clump of flame drifted forth, heading toward them.

“He’s actually attacking us with something like this?”
One of them laughed before taking a wide stride forward. At this time, his team member suddenly recalled the earlier scene where a person had been escaping in horror. Instantly, his expression changed slightly. Without hesitation, he took out a red sphere.


The red sphere was tossed toward Old Mei. Alarming them, when the red sphere was midair, it clashed with that weak- looking flame before being forcefully eliminated then and there. This red sphere containing a huge amount of energy was actually ineffective against this flame! “How is that possible?”
At this sight, all of their expressions changed. What joke was that? That red sphere was equivalent to the full-powered attack of an A-class warrior. Just like that, it was gone? As for the flame, it was still slowly drifting through the air.
“Run!” the captain ordered without any hesitation. As for the person who had stepped forth rashly earlier, it was already too late for him to escape. First, the flame touched his arm. Instantly, the terrifying flame started burning. He was not able to defend against it or destroy the flame. The flame continued spreading without stop…

Seeing this, the captain chopped his arm off without hesitation.

“Go!” he yelled. Shua!

Accompanied by a terrifying energy shockwave, the speed of the entire squad increased abruptly as they started leaving speedily. Only now did they understand how the earlier person had lost his arm. This flame… All of them were ashen faced.

Flee! Flee! Flee!

After an unknown period of time, they finally escaped the range of that clump of flame.

Old Mei was rather surprised. “They actually possess a speed- enhancing ability?” Shortly after, though, he shook his head. It didn’t matter. Ultimately, all these people were mere cannon fodder, and it was only a matter of time before they died by his hands. However, this encounter with them had reminded Old Mei of something. “I can’t allow you guys to leave,”  Old Mei muttered.

Hum— A plum blossom bloomed in his hand.


This plum blossom formed by a unique flame drifted through the air, heading toward the foot of the mountain. That was precisely the exit of Othershore Mountain. This would serve as the prelude to Old Mei’s legend, right here at this Othershore Mountain.

“I heard that a murdering maniac appeared over there.”
“Who is it?”
“That Old Mei guy that was returning with hillsea beasts nonstop earlier.”
“What in the world? Has he gone crazy?” 
“I heard that his strength is incredibly terrifying. Even several late-stage A-class warriors weren’t his match. With a single clash, three of them were killed immediately, and one was seriously injured. Only one was able to escape, and with great difficulty at that.”
“Is this for real?”
Everyone that heard this was shocked. Initially, they did not believe in this rumor. However, when mishaps started befalling the people there without stop, finally, they trusted this rumor. After all, they were still A-class experts. Therefore, a lot of them had numerous escape trump cards that resulted in even Old Mei failing to kill them. As such, during his slaughter, there were numerous escaped victims.

Thereupon, after one escapee after another, everyone there found out about Old Mei’s existence. Now, they all knew that at the depths of this Othershore Mountain, there was a terrifying murdering devil. Some of them were not reconciled to this and were thinking of ambushing Old Mei. 
“My guess is he’s a peak A-class warrior,” one of the escapees stated.

As he said this, the rest glanced at him. Mhm, he was a late- stage A-class warrior. Indeed, he could be considered an expert here at this Othershore Mountain. However, with him alone, he probably wouldn’t even survive a single clash against Old Mei.

“Maybe, we can go together?” someone suggested.

The other person smiled bitterly. “The attacking range of that flame of his is extremely huge. For him, a single opponent or a group of opponents—they’re the same thing.”
At this, the rest sunk into silence. Even grouping together wouldn’t  work?  Suddenly,  someone  stated,  “There  must  be some limitations for such a terrifying ability, right? Perhaps it can only be used once per day or it possesses a long cooldown? Something like that?” However, toward this, the rest still maintained their silence. What limitations? Up until now, that guy had never stopped slaughtering. The flame that guy used was seemingly without end. As for his energy, it seemed boundless as well. That seemingly eternal flame had never stopped from the start until now. One of them looked at the sky. “That red light seems to be the result of that flame?”
As the rest looked in the same direction, their hearts chilled. Why was this happening? Why was that Old Mei so terrifying? Some of them decided to give up on this mission. “Let’s leave. His goal is probably the young hillsea beasts. We can just leave this place.”
“Are you guys resigned to this?”
“Even if we are not resigned, what can we do?”
“Hmph. I will go back and call my senior apprentice brother over. He’s a peak A-class warrior as well. I want to see, what’s the point of him killing us with his identity as a peak A-class warrior?” Another guy agreed. “My master is a peak A-class warrior as well.”
Apart from a few lone rangers, a lot of people here were in fact people with rather formidable backers.

Hence, a lot of them decided to call on some peak A-class warriors to reinforce them. At this thought, they started heading toward the foot of the mountain. Regardless of whether there were any reinforcements, it was still better for them to leave first. To do that, they would have to leave through the foot of the mountain. However, when they reached the foot of the mountain, they were all alarmed to find that at the exit of Othershore Mountain, a clump of familiar flame was hovering, sealing the exit.

“That is…”
“Damn it, it’s that flame again!”
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah, is that bastard thinking of killing all of us?” They were all terrified. Only now did they start feeling true terror. Their exit had been sealed, and thus, they no longer had any way to retreat.

They started gnashing their teeth. “What are you guys afraid of? Which of us is without a trump card? At most, we will just die together with that guy.” At this time, a lot of people that had been staying at the foot of the mountain all along were still unaware of what was going on. After finally figuring out what was happening, they were all alarmed. Only now did they notice what had happened here. Suddenly, someone remembered the producer from earlier. “Where’s that excellent producer?”

Chapter 456: He’s a Lucky Star

A different person pointed at a boulder nearby. “There.”  A board was hung on the boulder.

“In the process of recovering spiritual energy. Kindly do not disturb. Around 30 minutes will be required for this. After recovery, I will be able to continue producing gene reagents for everyone. Thanks.”
That person: “…”
Recovery? As he thought of the nonstop gene production earlier, it was likely that this producer truly needed rest. As such, he decided to not disturb the producer’s rest. However, more and more of them were looking at the depths of the Othershore Mountain in worry.

“Let’s try and see if we can destroy that flame.”
“Yeah, that old geezer is not here anyway. He’s only using this flame to seal the exit. While he’s not around, we might as well try and see if there’s anything capable of destroying the flame,” someone stated.

The eyes of the others lit up. “Good thinking.”
Thereupon, various different abilities were unleashed. Ice, gale, lightning, soil, and so on. Various abilities and various methods were tried, yet none worked. With their own eyes, they witnessed the evaporation of the ice, the destruction of the soil, and so on. Anything they used, as long as that thing neared the flame, the thing would be destroyed. They had no method of dealing with this.

They started to despair. “How did things turn out this way?”
As they looked at the sky, they noted that the red light was seemingly nearing them. Furthermore, the number of people that had escaped toward here was increasing without stop, all of them gathering here at the foot of the mountain.

Ten… Twenty…
This place had seemingly transformed into a refugee camp.

“That old geezer is going to arrive soon.”
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, am I truly going to die here?”
They were all horrified. “No, no way!” After all, they were all A-class warriors, existences capable of supporting Heaven and Earth. Now, though, with the appearance of this terrifying guy here, all their confidence had been erased. That faint flame was capable of igniting fear in the depths of their hearts. How scary a person was this Old Mei, exactly?

“How is it possible for such an ability to even exist?”
“Yeah.” “There must be a weakness to this flame; we merely have yet to find it.”
They started calming down. “Look, the energy consumption is low, and there is no cooldown. Furthermore, it has such a terrifying power and is seemingly omnipotent. How is it possible for such a flame to actually exist?”
They were all hoping that they could actually discover the weakness of this flame. However… was that truly possible?

Suddenly, one of them stated, “I have heard of this flame before.”
With this, everyone’s attention was roused.

“You have heard of it?”
“What’s the weakness of this flame?” they asked hastily. That person stated with a gloomy voice, “The only weakness of this flame is the extreme difficulty of actually forming the flame. To actually form it, six extremely rare and weak abilities must be cultivated to the extreme. Next, the user needs to employ some unique methods to refine and fuse with them and
refine them to the pinnacle. Only then does it become possible for this flame to be formed.”
As the others heard this, they lost all hope. This was the only weakness? But it was useless, since this flame had already been formed here!

“Don’t worry. There’s so many of us here, what are we afraid of?”
“Yeah! After all, we are still the top existences among genetic warriors, right?”
“Let’s make a move together. I refuse to believe that he will be able to kill all of us. Which of us is without a trump card? Damn it, I refuse to believe this!” A burly guy stated with a vicious expression, “After killing him, this flame will disappear.”
“True, this might work!”
“Since we can’t eliminate the flame, we shall eliminate the user!”
One of them sneered. “Well, well, my ability is the most apt when it comes to killing someone.”
“Let’s prepare ourselves, then.”
They started silently making their final preparations. They were sure that there would most certainly be a final battle here. After their escape route had been sealed, their battle intent had instead been roused. After all, they were people who had witnessed numerous life and death situations. As such, what was there to be afraid of? The only thing they could do was fight it out. Currently, people were still escaping to here from the inner region of the Othershore Mountain without stop. Some of them had escaped without any hesitation the moment they had caught a glimpse of Old Mei from far away. These people were all very intelligent. However, despite their escape, they were all stuck here at the foot of the mountain. With that, the number of people gathered here increased, each of them preparing themselves for the final battle.

“It’s nearly time…”
“The preparations should be completed by now. He will be here soon as well.”
All of them stared ahead. They were still not able to see Old Mei. However, those who escaped here reported Old Mei’s position. Each time a new update was received, Old Mei was closer to them. From the latest update they had received, Old Mei was now around 3 kilometers away from them. Suddenly, the dark sky brightened. In the pitch black sky, an enchanting expanse of red appeared. Their mood sank. “He’s here.”
The flame with the shape of a plum blossom soared up to the sky

From the canyon, a frail-looking figure appeared slowly, attracting the attention of countless people. Was this that murderous demon?

Shua! Shua!

All of them took out their weapons. Instantly, the terrifying power belonging to numerous A-class warriors bloomed. At the same instant, all the genetic warriors present unleashed their auras toward Old Mei. They were actually planning to use this combined oppressive aura of theirs to pressure Old Mei to death. The so-called oppressive pressure was something that emanated from the aura of an expert. Furthermore, to a certain degree, this pressure was capable of dealing a certain amount of damage as well. Generally, the might of such pressure would be greatly discounted when used against an opponent of a similar level, to the extent it might as well be ineffective. However, if a huge amount of people joined hands to unleash this pressure… when all the A-class warriors here combined their pressure

The resulting pressure even surpassed the pressure of a peak A-class warrior!


The pressure surged forth crazily. Just as he arrived, Old Mei was faced with a combined attack from everyone present. So what if his flame was so powerful? This time, they were all targeting his body. As long as he himself was injured or dead, that flame would most certainly disappear. This was the common understanding they had reached. The tsunami-like pressure swarmed toward Old Mei. All their eyes were filled with anticipation. Suddenly, in front of Old Mei, a plum blossom bloomed. Silently, that plum blossom formed of flame bloomed with a faint radiance that appeared so very resplendent.

Abruptly, the tsunami of pressure halted. All the pressure vanished suddenly upon touching the plum blossom.

Their expressions changed greatly. “How is this possible?” They had been prepared for the worst. However, they had been expecting that Old Mei would sustain some light injuries even if he was able to survive their pressure. Beyond their expectations… that plum blossom had actually eliminated all their pressure. This scene was too astonishing. On their faces were unbelieving expressions.

A smile appeared on Old Mei’s face. “What a warm welcome.” With a flame hovering above his hand, he stated, “Is this how you guys welcome my arrival?”
Their hearts chilled. This Old Mei was much more terrifying than they had expected. It would seem like they would have to put their lives on the line and fight this out. They clenched their teeth at this thought. Here at the foot of this Othershore Mountain, several tens of experts were gathered facing the lonesome Old Mei. Surprisingly, they were instead the disadvantaged party, being forced back with every exchange to
the point where they could no longer retreat.

Just as they were about to erupt with everything, suddenly, Old Mei’s gaze skipped past them before landing on a certain corner. There, the “do not disturb” sign was already gone, and the boulder was being noiselessly moved away. That excellent producer seemed to have finished his spiritual energy recovery.

Old Mei wore a faint smile as he saw the producer. “How can I forget my lucky star?” After all, those red spheres had helped him so much. However, when he finally saw that excellent producer, faintly, he had a bad premonition. Such a feeling…
In both his eyes, the plum blossom flame flickered, emitting a radiance that caused everyone present endless fear. When he got a clear look at the producer with the aid of his plum blossoms, endless killing intent surged out of his eyes. It’s actually him! He had never expected that the so-called excellent producer was actually that person!

A voice filled with killing intent resounded throughout the area, soaring toward the clouds. “Chen Feng!”

Chapter 457: You Might Want to Get Checked at a Hospital

“What’s  going  on?”   Chen  Feng  muttered.  He  had  only finished his fusion and was about to get a short rest when he had heard shouting outside that resembled someone having an orgasm or something. Come on, I’m only taking a small break… Chen Feng stood up helplessly. “Coming, coming.”
Surprising him, just as he stood up, an astonishing sight welcomed him. Mhm… It was the sight of Old Mei battling an entire group of warriors all by himself. Chen Feng could recall clearly that the last time he had seen a scene this awesome, it had been in a movie in his previous life…
“Chen Feng!”  Old Mei fixed his gaze at that damnable guy with a small patch of beard. To hell with his beard. As Old Mei had increased his strength, he was now able to see through this guy’s disguise with a single look.

Chen Feng widened his eyes. “Who are you calling? Where’s Chen Feng?” Old Mei laughed nastily. “Hehe. Even if you transformed into a speck of dust, I would still recognize you. Your disguise is indeed rather ingenious. This should be one of the abilities contained within Myriad Illusions, right? Hehe… What a pity that the present me can see through you easily.” Both Old Mei’s eyes were ignited with a raging flame as he suddenly recalled everything  that  had  happened  here.  “Well,  looks  like  the boulder on the summit earlier was your handiwork as well?”
“How is that possible?” Chen Feng replied while he flashed a smile. “I mean, I am already over 30 years old this year. How is it possible that I am that Chen Feng, that handsome, carefree, kind, brave, multitalented, extraordinary, knowledgeable, and all-powerful genius who was able to become an excellent producer at the young age of 20 years old?”
Instantly, everyone lapsed into a silence. The silence was dreadful. As for Old Mei, his mouth twitched. This was the first time he had ever witnessed a person shameless to this degree.

Old Mei fixed his gaze on Chen Feng. “Is this fun for you?” Chen Feng shrugged with a smile. “Well, reciting the truth is rather boring, truth be told.”

His disguise was ripped away. This was a disguise that had been completed after using over 10 minor abilities with the help of his luck value.


That familiar face appeared.

As the rest saw this, they inhaled deeply in surprise. Despite the reveal by Old Mei earlier, they had never expected that this over 30 years old excellent producer was truly Chen Feng. That Chen Feng had already reached this level? They blanked as they thought of this. Once upon of time, whenever they had mentioned Chen Feng, they had seen him as a person of the junior generation… And out of nowhere, suddenly, he had reached a height rivaling them. Even if he was still a mere B- class warrior, he was the person capable of producing the hillsea gene reagent!

He was already qualified to be equal to them of the older generation. Chen Feng had already reached this level? Naturally, this did not seem like it would be of much help to them presently, seeing as how that hateful Old Mei was here.

Chen Feng was all smiles as he gazed at Old Mei in front of him. “Hi, it’s been a while.”
Old Mei stared at this familiar person in front of him. “I have been wanting to meet you even when I’m dreaming.”
As Chen Feng heard that, he shyly stated, “If so, you should get yourself checked at the hospital. After all, I will normally only dream of beautiful young girls.”
Shua! The veins on Old Mei’s head throbbed. Shortly after, though, he calmed himself down.

“Hehe. The only thing you can do now is talk back anyway. Don’t worry, I will kill you all, leaving you all behind here at this Othershore Mountain forever. I believe that in the not too distant future, you guys will be part of the legend surrounding Othershore Mountain as well,”  Old Mei finished with a cold expression.

From the moment he had finished his transformation, it had already been decided that all these people would not be able to leave here alive. This was his home ground! This was his legend! From now onward, the legends surrounding Othershore Mountain would also include the story of that lofty plum blossom!

He   pointed   midair.   “Condense!”    Next,   a   bright   and resplendent plum blossom appeared. Old Mei’s killing intent intensified.

Chen Feng sighed. Turning around, he looked at the several tens of A-class warriors that were ordinarily so awe-inspiring. After a short thought, Chen Feng said, “Hey, don’t you guys have any ways of killing that old geezer? Something like curses or anything?”
“I tried. Even curses were burnt by that flame,”  an A-class expert with curse-related abilities stated with an unsightly expression.

Chen Feng thought of another method. “Oh… how about those penetrative abilities, then?”
“That flame is capable of blocking them as well,” an A-class expert that had obviously tried that out stated with a bitter smile.

“Spatial teleportation?” “Tried…”
One reply after another was given to Chen Feng. After all, they were not idiots. How was it possible for them to have just stood here waiting for death? However, they had already attempted everything possible. All of their attempts had ended up destroyed by that flame, and only a small strain had been put on the flame from all that. With a nonchalant wave of Old Mei’s hand, the flame would recover to its peak condition.

They smiled bitterly. “That flame is capable of nearly everything. Moreover, the energy consumption is so low that it causes one’s hair to stand in anger at the thought of it.”
Now, they had no other means of dealing with that flame.

Chen Feng shrugged. “Fine.”
He had already been aware that Old Mei had been here fusing with his new ability. Unexpectedly, though, his new ability was actually so strong that it was nearly undefeatable. A  toying  smile  appeared  on  Old  Mei’s  face.  “Are  you despairing?” As he saw Chen Feng, who had caused him great harm back then, requesting for help nonstop yet having nothing to show for it, that expression of Chen Feng’s as he awaited death, Old Mei felt immensely pleasant.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “No, I’m not. Which of your eyes saw me despairing?”
Old Mei was visibly stunned at this reply.

Chen Feng curled his lips. “What, it’s a mere plum blossom. Big deal. Come on, Old Mei. You are already this old, yet every single day is spent playing with flowers. Back then, you were playing with chrysanthemums. Never mind that, now you are once again playing with flowers—with plum blossoms, this time?”
“I have always been using plum blossoms!” Old Mei bellowed furiously. Chen Feng curled his lips. “Yeah right, I’m not buying that. Back then, you joined up with Wang Yue. Who knows what you guys did back then…”

The expressions of everyone else became strange as they heard this.

“You!”  Despite  his  fury,  Old  Mei  was  able  to  calm  down immediately. Coldly, he looked at Chen Feng. “I am aware that you are trying to anger me. Don’t worry, I won’t be too calculative toward a dead person. This is especially true when I am facing a bunch of dead guys.”

The plum blossom flame in his hand bloomed.

“Let’s work together!” Alarmed, all of them let loose their strongest defensive abilities together. The ensuing result of this was rather powerful, as a near-perfect defensive barrier appeared, enveloping everything within. How useful this was, though, was something that still remained to be seen, as even they themselves were not too confident on it.


The plum blossom crashed into the barrier. Flame bloomed, yet it failed to break through the barrier.

They were all overjoyed. “We blocked it!” Alas, their joy only lasted a moment before the flame of the plum blossom bloomed yet again.


A crisp sound could be heard. At that, all of them paled. That defensive barrier they had all been proud of was only capable of blocking the plum blossom flame momentarily. They despaired.

“We’re going to die.”
“I’m actually going to die here…”
The flame of the plum blossom danced around, akin to their worst nightmare. Right at this instant, Chen Feng stood up abruptly. Next, he stepped forth, stopping in front of the flame.

The rest were filled with doubt.

Old Mei frowned as he saw this. “Mhm?” He was indeed planning on killing everyone there, Chen Feng included, with his flame. Beyond his expectations, Chen Feng actually had the courage to step forth by himself and stand in front of everyone. Well, this did not matter anyway. If it was some other excellent producer there, Old Mei would have had a tiny bit of fear. As for Chen Feng? He was a mere B-class warrior. Even if he was capable of transcending classes when battling, he could only battle an A-class warrior at most. In that case, what was the difference between him and these bunch of A-class warriors here that were waiting for death?

Alas, Chen Feng merely smiled before lifting his hand. One word at a time, he chanted, “God! Punisher!”

The entire world was enveloped by a scorching white.

Chapter 458: Arise!

Wind Blade…
Ice Blade…
Flame Blade…

Old Mei watched on coldly as one familiar ability after another appeared. Suddenly, he recalled the ability of the hillsea beast he had seen earlier. So… Chen Feng was here to fuse with a new ability? As he thought of Chen Feng’s present level of “B-class warrior,” he pieced everything together. Chen Feng had to have just finished fusing with the hillsea gene, thus obtaining the God Punisher genetic ability. And since he was a mere B-class warrior, he could only fuse with the young hillsea beasts.

After thinking about it, Old Mei concluded that he himself seemed to be the very supplier of the young hillsea beasts Chen Feng had used. Without him, Chen Feng might still be wasting time trying to gather young hillsea beast blood essence.

Old Mei rubbed his head. “I have been somewhat neglectful, it seems.” He should have seen through Chen Feng way earlier. However, it was still not too late for him to see it now.

Old Mei’s eyes gleamed coldly. Do you think that this ability can defeat me? Hehe. Chen Feng… You have been making use of me to gather young hillsea beasts. You have also been foiling my plan secretly. However, you have neglected something very important. Ultimately, you are still too weak. He was clearer than anyone else on the characteristics of the hillsea beast’s ability. Despite the fact that God Punisher was an ability nobody cared about, for Old Mei to have decided to come here, he had to have done his research before reaching that decision. He was much clearer than anyone else on the limitations of the God Punisher ability. It could only be used once per day. Moreover, a single type of ability could only appear once, with the selected version of the ability being random.

Old Mei sneered. “Are you trying to combine it with your Myriad Illusions?” Since he was able to figure out Chen Feng’s goal here, he could naturally piece everything together, concluding that Chen Feng had selected this ability due to the Myriad Illusions ability he possessed. Other people would only be able to release not more than 20 abilities with God Punisher. As for Chen
Feng, with his Myriad Illusions, he would have hundreds or even a thousand abilities in his repertoire. With the combination of Myriad Illusions and God Punisher, the unleashed might would most certainly be off the charts.


Old Mei watched on as the endless white surged out of Chen Feng. When a huge amount of abilities of different colors interwove together, the final combination was something white, a terrifying white radiance that dyed the entire sky white as everything bombarded Old Mei.

Old Mei pointed midair. “Condense!”
Hum— A plum blossom flame bloomed midair. Silently, it hovered there, swallowing up all the white radiance charging at it. Myriad Illusions? God Punisher? Old Mei sneered. Perhaps this combination would be very terrifying for others. Unfortunately, these low-level abilities contained within
Myriad Illusions weren’t even capable of breaking through his defense.

If Chen Feng were already an A-class warrior, Old Mei might have had something to fear, but for the present B-class him? Furthermore, Myriad Illusions was a 1-star ability. A 1-star ability released by a B-class warrior, how powerful could it be? With such an ability, even if a thousand of them were unleashed, what could they accomplish? Ultimately, their level was too low.


Noiselessly, the plum blossom spinned there. The abilities released by Chen Feng, the seemingly never-ending abilities, were incapable of doing anything against the plum blossom.

“Devour, my dear plum blossom,” Old Mei muttered. Bang! Bang!

The world was enveloped by white, with the exception being the spot Old Mei was standing on, the spot that remained untainted. There, with a feeble-looking flame, that part of the world was seemingly protected against the endless white that had enveloped everywhere else. The rest of them were alarmed as they witnessed this.

“How is this possible…”
“Too powerful.”
The fact that Chen Feng was able to unleash such a powerful attack was very shocking to them. None of them had expected that the B-class Chen Feng was capable of unleashing an attack equivalent to the attack of a regular A-class warrior. On the other hand, the defense mounted by Old Mei caused them to be fearful. Just like that, this attack of Chen Feng was being blocked? They were aware that if it was them that were facing such attack, they would most probably be insta-killed. Against such an attack, Old Mei could defend so easily? One hundred abilities…
Two hundred abilities…
Three hundred abilities…
Five hundred abilities…
One thousand abilities…

Within the never-ending white, several hundreds of abilities were shot forth with every passing second.

The speed at which those abilities were shot out by Chen Feng was indeed terrifying. One ought not forget that this was his first time using God Punisher. As such, he wasn’t well practiced with it and was only able to keep throwing all the appearing abilities out in one go. The attack was so powerful that space itself seemed to have frozen.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Some of them that had better eyes were able to get a much clearer look at the unleashed abilities than others.

“It’ll be reaching 1,000 soon.”
“The released abilities are growing stronger and stronger. I suppose it’s going to end soon?”
“Looks like Chen Feng has some ability to keep the stronger abilities for the end. He is releasing the abilities in sequence according to their strength. The later it gets, the stronger the abilities become.”
“That seems to be the case.” Everyone was filled with anticipation. Perhaps… this would be sufficient to defeat Old Mei?

Bang! Bang!

The plum blossom appeared to be tottering now, seemingly on the verge of collapse.

“He might be able to defeat Old Mei for real.”
They were full of anticipation. However, right at this moment, with a slight raise of Old Mei’s hand, beside the initial plum blossom that had yet to dissipate, a brand new plum blossom appeared. From the looks of it, it seemed even more powerful than the initial plum blossom.

“This…”   Their  expressions  changed  greatly.  There  were more? Old Mei sneered. “How idiotic…” Did they truly think that something he had used 10 years to obtain would be this weak? Oh well… Chen Feng had already unleashed 1,000 abilities now. It would most probably end soon.

After all, Old Mei had a certain degree of understanding toward the Myriad Illusions ability. Some others had learned this ability previously as well. However, even when reaching A class, those people only had around 1,000 abilities in total. If one wanted more, it would be dependent on luck. After all, a lot of the abilities contained within Myriad Illusions had too low a probability of appearance. Therefore, despite there being several thousand abilities contained within Myriad Illusions, most people would only be able to make use of around 1,000 of them.

Naturally, he did not know that Chen Feng’s version of Myriad Illusions was a mutated version. This was an ability improved by Chen Feng himself, an ability containing 16,000 minor abilities. He was also unaware that as far as Chen Feng was concerned, regardless of how low the probability of appearance for any minor ability was, with Wind Blade and luck value, the appearance of these abilities was something extremely simple. 
One thousand five hundred abilities.

The second plum blossom was also collapsing now.

Old Mei was filled with doubt. “???” The high amount of abilities unleashed by this God Punisher had given him quite a surprise. However, this would probably be the furthest it would go. After all, it was understandable for someone like Chen Feng to have several hundred more abilities than other users of Myriad Illusions. But then, the speed at which this second plum blossom was collapsing seemed somewhat too fast? This second plum blossom of his, this peerless flame, wasn’t even able to last more than a single second under Chen Feng’s barrage.

How odd.

Once again, Old Mei formed a brand new plum blossom. 
One thousand seven hundred abilities. And now, yet another plum blossom of Old Mei’s collapsed.

This time, Old Mei was truly alarmed. Another collapse? Hadn’t a single plum blossom of his been capable of blocking the attacks of a group of A-class warriors during his previous uses? And now… when it was facing Chen Feng’s God Punisher, it was gone in a mere instant? How was this possible?

“I  refuse  to  believe  this.”   Clenching  his  teeth,  Old  Mei condensed another plum blossom.


One thousand eight hundred abilities. The new plum blossom collapsed. 
One thousand nine hundred abilities. Yet another new plum blossom collapsed.

Bang! Bang!

Old Mei kept forming new plum blossoms without stop. Alarming him and everyone there, his ever-victorious plum blossoms could only last a single instant against Chen Feng’s barrage. It had reached a point where a single plum blossom of his was no longer able to block more than 100 abilities of Chen Feng’s.

Finally, Old Mei’s expression changed. “How is this possible?”  Could Chen Feng have some peculiar ability that was countering his plum blossom? At this thought, he soaked his consciousness into the plum blossom, trying to figure out what was going on. However, the information he obtained startled him greatly. No weakness was found—his plum blossom wasn’t being countered. Astonishingly, Chen Feng was simply using brute force, slamming his abilities against the plum blossom until its eventual collapse. In other words, the the amount of energy his plum blossom could defend against.

But then… how was that possible? When had this low-level ability, this Myriad Illusions, become even stronger than the full-powered attack of an A-class warrior? Old Mei truly couldn’t answer this question.


The white radiance was still as blinding as ever. As for Old Mei, he did not dare to even pause, forming plum blossoms without stop. Facing an attack of this level, he could no longer hope to survive through a fluke. The only thing he could do was face force with force. Despite the fact that Chen Feng’s God Punisher appeared to be increasingly powerful, Old Mei was clear that Chen Feng was going to reach the end, as God Punisher would be done unleashing its abilities soon. Now, it was a matter of persevering till the end.

“Even  if  you  can  destroy  a  plum  blossom,  a  single  plum blossom only consumes a small amount of my energy. Let me many more abilities you have to unleash.”
Two thousand abilities!


Three hovering plum blossoms collapsed together.

Two thousand one hundred abilities.


Five plum blossoms collapsed together.

Two thousand two hundred abilities. 
This plum blossom capable of blocking a group of A-class attacks had now been reduced to mere cannon fodder. The only thing Old Mei could do was form plum blossoms unendingly to defend himself. Presently, Chen Feng’s barrage was getting increasingly stronger, increasingly astonishing. However, Old Mei knew that Chen Feng was reaching his limit. God Punisher would end soon. As for the onlookers around them, they were already numb toward any and all surprises. This was a battle they could not even hope to interfere with.

Old Mei’s gaze was cold. By now, he did not have much energy left in him. He had never expected that with this perfected plum blossom that could be treated as something with an unlimited supply, he would actually reach a point where he was on the brink of energy exhaustion. This was something that would ordinarily never happen. Now, though, it seemed like this was precisely what was happening.

Two thousand three hundred abilities! 
At this moment, God Punisher stopped its barrage momentarily. An extremely terrifying amount of energy seemed to be on the verge of release. Rather than being alarmed, Old Mei was instead overjoyed. Finally, it was ending! Finally, Chen Feng’s God Punisher had reached its final barrage. Chen Feng seemed to have used some other ability in conjunction with God Punisher to control the sequence of the abilities unleashed. From the start till the end, the might of the abilities had increased without stop. Therefore, this final ability would certainly be an extremely powerful ability.

This would be his final trump card. This would also be the moment where God Punisher was at its strongest. At this moment, the entirety of Chen Feng was enveloped in radiance. The radiance was an effect of the numerous buff abilities unleashed by the God Punisher earlier. Chen Feng had clearly used those buff abilities on himself.

At the same time, Old Mei’s body was also enveloped by a rather dark radiance. This was the effect of the numerous debuff abilities released by God Punisher earlier. Despite their inability to harm the plum blossoms, despite their rather weak debuffs. However, Old Mei was without the slightest fear.

Come! Old Mei bellowed inwardly. He had finally completed his transformation after 10 whole years of preparation. As such, he absolutely would not allow himself to be defeated in this very first battle so fresh after his transformation. A powerful concentration of energy gathered in his hands before assembling and forming an exceptionally dazzling plum blossom that was blooming with a flame, a flame akin to the flames of hell.


A seemingly boundless red radiance started shining dazzlingly.

Chapter 459: This Unreliable Cast Time

Othershore Mountain.

White, red—beneath the dark sky, two entirely different colors clashed, blinding all onlookers with the dazzling clash, the intensity of the clash causing onlookers to feel flustered. The participants of this clash were Old Mei and Chen Feng. One was an expert unheard of before, while the other was a person who had previously spent much time in the limelight, yet he was also a mere producer whose level wasn’t particularly high.

It was beyond everyone’s expectation that the scope of these two’s battle had reached such a level. At this point, their fight was already rivaling the fight of peak A-class warriors. As for the others there that were ordinary A-class warriors, they couldn’t even interfere in the battle at all.


Countless people had their fists clenched tight. This was the very first time in their lives that they had felt such a pressing urge to improve their strength. While the clash between Chen Feng and Old Mei might seem like it had been going on for a long time, in truth, only a few seconds had passed since the start of their battle. Within such a short time period, several thousand abilities had been unleashed, alarming everyone present.


Before their eyes, the terrifying radiance bloomed. They were all anticipating that Chen Feng would be the final victor. Betraying their anticipation, that alarming radiance was gradually changing color, with the white waning and the red intensifying. That red light that had initially seemed so feeble was now so very dazzling.

Their hearts shuddered. “This is bad!” Had Chen Feng been defeated? No! That shouldn’t be possible! They had obviously seen how Chen Feng had had Old Mei suppressed toward the end, but then, that final plum blossom summoned by Old Mei did seem much larger than what he had summoned previously. Could it be… “Has  Chen  Feng  failed  to  break  through  that  final  plum blossom?” someone asked bitterly. That seemed to be just the case. At this thought, the expressions of everyone else sunk as well. It was all over.

Currently, Chen Feng was their only hope. But then, it seemed like even Chen Feng was unable to defeat Old Mei. If even that terrifying power of Chen Feng’s had failed to break through that plum blossom, what else could they do?

Someone sighed. “God Punisher has probably finished unleashing all the abilities.”
They could roughly guess what had happened during the exchange earlier. Ultimately, Chen Feng had been the one attacking. Old Mei had merely been defending himself. Now that Chen Feng’s God Punisher was done spamming abilities, even if Old Mei had only a tiny spark of his flame remaining, this could be considered a defeat. Only by defeating all Old Mei’s flame or killing Old Mei would they be considered victorious.

But then… They all stared upward at the sky. Beneath the pitch-black sky, only an expanse of red could be seen. Moreover, along with the passage of time, the red was intensifying. After only a single second, the red had seemingly reached the tipping point.

Bang! Bang!

Next, a terrifying explosion that shocked one’s heart started reverberating. Space collapsed, and the earth trembled. After a long time, the red faded, returning Othershore Mountain to its tranquility.

Their  hearts  were  trembling.  “Has  it  ended?”   At  this moment, they did not even have the courage to raise their heads, to look at the result of the battle, even though they already had their guesses as to the final result of the battle. However, when someone finally raised his head, that person was given a huge shock. His eyes widened abruptly as he stared ahead, unbelieving. There, a red light was flickering. It was Old Mei! He was indeed the final survivor!

But then… why did he seem to be in such a sorry state? And why did he look like he was fleeing? Just as this thought surfaced in that person’s brain…

A red flash streaked past.

Next, blood started spurting out all over Old Mei’s body. Hastily, he streaked forth, transforming into a red flash as he escaped. As for the plum blossom that he had initially used to blockade Othershore Mountain, he directly absorbed it back into him. As that plum blossom was absorbed, the radiance around him intensified as he regained a portion of his power. Next… he used his newly recovered power to… flee for his life!


Everyone else was dumbfounded. F-fled? Why was Old Mei the one fleeing? Hold on, from the final red radiance that had been so dazzling, shouldn’t Old Mei have been the final victor? Curiously, they looked at Chen Feng. Only now did they notice with amazement that Chen Feng was standing there coldly. In his eyes, a red radiance that caused one to feel flustered was fading slowly. It would seem like the red radiance earlier had actually been released by Chen Feng.

“It’s Nethergaze…”
“I have once seen this ability,” someone whispered. He did not even have to courage to look into Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Since when has this ability been so powerful?”
The rest were alarmed. That final plum blossom unleashed by Old Mei was powerful enough to contend against a peak A- class warrior. What about Chen Feng? He was a mere B-class warrior. A Nethergaze unleashed by a B-class warrior had actually… Suddenly, they felt like their worldview had been completely overturned.

A lot of them heaved a sigh of relief. “Chen Feng won.” At the same time, they thought of another question. With someone like Chen Feng here, would they still be able to obtain the rewards for this mission? Chen  Feng  had  a  cold  expression.  “It’s  over.”   He  had ultimately been victorious in this battle. However, it was rather unfortunate that when Old Mei was supposed to have been killed here, that old man had utilized the plum blossom he had used to blockade Othershore Mountain to flee. This had caught Chen Feng by surprise. Old Mei was indeed no ordinary person. However…
“You have only used around 2,000 abilities of Myriad Illusions previously. Therefore, the final amplification of the God Punisher only reached around 20 times. If you have a usage history of all 16,000 abilities of Myriad Illusions, the next time you use God Punisher, the final amplification will probably reach 160 times or greater. This will be the true might of your God Punisher,” Spirit reminded him.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “I know.”
The only reason he had failed to kill Old Mei was due to him having only learned this God Punisher a short while ago. If he could encounter Old Mei once again in the future, he could definitely bully Old Mei to the point that that fellow would question life itself. “You need to master God Punisher as soon as possible. With your present speed of several hundred abilities released per second, the moment you use the ultimate God Punisher with 16,000 and more abilities, there is a chance that you might be interrupted in the midst of your ability,” Spirit reminded him.

Chen Feng nodded. “I know.” Suppose he could release 300 abilities per second. To fully release all 16,000 abilities, it would be weird if he wasn’t interrupted in the midst of his barrage. Even today, where Chen Feng only had around 2,000 abilities to unleash, he had wasted seven seconds on it. He had only succeeded because the opponent had been Old Mei. If he had faced someone else today, such as a true peak A-class warrior or an A-class warrior that was well versed in assassination abilities, what would have happened? In a flash, Chen Feng would have been dead.

If this God Punisher was described in gaming terms, then when Chen Feng was releasing his God Punisher, he was “casting”  his skill and could be easily interrupted. Therefore, despite its strength, God Punisher had rather harsh limitations as well. This was especially pronounced for this mutated God Punisher. Yes, theoretically, toward the end of the barrage, the abilities would be even stronger, but who would actually allow him to finish his barrage? Granted, when used now, his enemies would naturally have no idea what it was. However, in the future, when this ability of Chen Feng’s became well-known and all of them found out about the flaw of this God Punisher, they would most probably tank the initial barrage of the God Punisher and kill him off before the stronger abilities could even be fired. The enemies would most definitely strive to kill Chen Feng, even at the cost of suffering a disastrous injury. This was a flaw that would most certainly be leaked as Chen Feng’s usage of this ability increased.

Chen Feng took in a deep breath. “Looks like I have to work hard.” Although he had obtained this rather astonishing trump card, he still had to train hard. He was aware that he was still far from truly mastering this God Punisher. For God Punisher to display its true might, the full release had to be instantaneous. Only then would it be a true eruption, the true God Punisher.

Chen Feng raised his head and looked at the sky. “Only two more days left.” Time to return…
Surprising him, after he took a mere step forward, the genetic warriors around him actually surrounded him, all of them with solemn expressions. Chen Feng was somewhat shocked at this new development.

Chapter 460: Have You Guys Forgotten Something?

“Sorry, but you are too strong. There are only five 5-star secret arts and five 6-star secret arts in the reward pool. If you remain alive, I doubt any of us will have any shot at the rewards anymore. Therefore, we have no choice but to kill you while you are in your present weakened state,” someone stated honestly.

Chen Feng shrugged. “Oh. What if I leave right this moment, then?”
Another person shook his head. “Sorry. You are too strong.
When you recover, none of us will be your match.”
Chen Feng sighed. “All this just for some 6-star secret arts?”
They nodded. “Yes. Because we have witnessed your battle with Old Mei, we recognize that we need those secret arts even more now. We are not resigned to be below others like this!” Shua!

They started approaching Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shrugged. “Don’t you guys still need to compete among yourselves anyway?”
“True. But then, we are all A-class warriors and will be a match for each other. We all stand a chance in a fight against each other. If we were to fight you instead, all of us together would not be your match. If we let you go… all those 6-star secret arts offered in the mission will end up being yours,” they stated earnestly.

As Chen Feng pondered, he noted that their reasoning was truly too good, to the point he couldn’t even retort! Did Chen Feng want those 6-star secret arts? The answer was most definitely yes! Those were, after all, 6-star secret arts, extremely powerful items.

One only needed to give it a bit of thought to understand this. A single 6-star secret art was already sufficient to drive a group of A-class warriors crazy. Now that there were five of them on the line, these people would put their lives on the line for it. This Othershore Mountain incident was a perfect demonstration of this. These secret arts were simply too valuable.

If he had a chance of obtaining them, Chen Feng would most certainly not give up on them. His initial plan had been to first leave before returning in secret and obtaining several young hillsea beasts before going back to claim the reward. As for his incredible strength seemingly capable of everything as described by these guys, he was not able to demonstrate such strength presently.

After all, the time required for the full release of his God Punisher was too long. Hence, his present God Punisher was only suited for one-on-one fights. With this entire group of people here, only one would need to face him head-on while the other mounted an ambush. This alone would render Chen Feng helpless. Unfortunately for them, they were not aware of this. The earlier demonstration of strength by Chen Feng had instead scared them, resulting in them deciding to join hands and get rid of him. Chen Feng rolled his eyes as he thought of this. “Sh*t.”  He was truly not as powerful as what they thought! Earlier, he had been truly unleashing his trump card! Despite him being able to defeat Old Mei, the difference between him and Old Mei was that he wouldn’t be able to defeat everyone here, while Old Mei was capable of such. It was a pity that this was unknown to any of them here. Even if he told them, they wouldn’t believe him in any case. Furthermore, if they truly believed it, they would instead have no inhibitions toward Chen Feng and would deal with him directly.

Chen Feng sighed. “I am your benefactor.”
“We are aware of that. Therefore, after your death, we will erect a memorial arch for you. Each year, at this time, we will pray to you,” someone stated earnestly.

Chen Feng: “…”
How very sincere! They exchanged glances. “Sorry.” The present Chen Feng was at his weakest state. Therefore, they would only have the courage to act against him at this time. After all, God Punisher was an ability that was supposed to fully exhaust all the energy of the user. Moreover, the user wouldn’t be able to recover within a short period of time. Therefore, this was their one and only opportunity to get rid of Chen Feng.

This was something both they and Chen Feng were aware of. The present Chen Feng had just finished a battle with Old Mei and was almost emptied of all his energy. He had no combat power left. If they made a move now, Chen Feng would undoubtedly perish here.

Seeing the crisis Chen Feng faced, Spirit asked, “Do you want to activate Luck Aura?”
Presently, there was still some luck value remaining. Despite the low amount, if it was all used, they could still create a miracle. Perhaps this would be sufficient to create a lifeline for Chen Feng. Chen Feng rejected the suggestion. “No.” Suddenly, some sounds could be heard behind Chen Feng. As he turned around, he noted that someone had appeared behind him as well, blocking his only escape route.

Suddenly, Chen Feng gained understanding. “So the reason you guys continued talking to me earlier was to drag this out, allowing those people to seal my escape route?”
They did not deny it. “Yes.”
Chen Feng sighed. “How cautious.”  It would seem like they had indeed learned something from the encounter with Old Mei. Moreover, these genetic warriors that were initially unfamiliar with each other had now gained a certain degree of tacit understanding with each other after battling together earlier. This was a rather important point to note. The only unexpected thing was that they had actually utilized this newly gained tacit understanding against Chen Feng. They were about to make their move.

A faint radiance started converging. Although these people had all been incapable of participating in the earlier battle, they were ultimately still A-class warriors. As such, they were in fact rather powerful, much more powerful than Chen Feng.

They launched their attack at Chen Feng.

Suddenly, Chen Feng sighed. “You guys have indeed selected the perfect timing to make a move against me. However, don’t you guys think that there’s something you are all forgetting about?” “Indeed, I don’t have much energy left now. Even if you guys proceeded to take your time and block all the escape routes, I wouldn’t be able to recover much of my energy anyway. I don’t even have enough energy to release a single Wind Blade. However…”  Suddenly,  Chen  Feng  took  out  a  familiar  item. “Have you guys forgotten about these?”

Their expressions changed greatly.

“Run!” They started fleeing in alarm. Their fear toward Chen Feng was too great. As such, they had placed too much importance on the fact that the present Chen Feng had no energy left. Because of that, they had neglected something that Chen Feng had been producing all along here at this place—the red spheres!

Chen Feng sighed. “I was initially planning to leave behind some seeds for my future battles.”
Xiu! Nonchalantly, he tossed the red sphere out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A bright explosion ensued. In order to attack Chen Feng in a group, they had all been crowded together. To get rid of Chen Feng, they had even sealed all escape routes. And now, everything they had done was instead acting against them.

Bang! Bang!

The earth trembled and mournful screams resounded. Toward these guys who had repaid his act of saving them by trying to kill him, Chen Feng did not hold back. Numerous red spheres were tossed out, slaughtering countless people. After a long time, Othershore Mountain recovered its peace.

“And now, this should end.” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face as he saw several figures remaining a distance away from him. Not all of the people here had bad intentions. There still some who had been too embarrassed to do anything toward Chen Feng, since he had saved them earlier. Even though they hadn’t helped Chen Feng when he had been attacked by the group earlier, they were still too ashamed to face Chen Feng now.

Chen Feng waved at them. “Are you guys thinking of coming at me as well?”

Their faces paled. Shaking their heads, they retreated hastily.

Chen Feng curled his lips. “What are you guys so afraid of?” In a somewhat exhausted manner, he stretched himself lazily. All around him were the corpses of A-class warriors. Presently, in the entire Othershore Mountain, only Chen Feng remained. He had ultimately survived till the end. Chen Feng smiled. “Well, my target for this trip has now been accomplished. As such, it’s time to reap some additional rewards.”
Additional rewards such as the trump cards these dead A- class warriors still had on their bodies and the young hillsea beasts of this Othershore Mountain.

After the numerous fights the hills
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