The Strongest Gene Chapter 441-450

Chapter 441: What Is This Guy Planning to Do

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Finally, I found you.” After he had become popular, he had tried looking for this guy countless times. However, be it through the Mysterious Organization or the Genetic Union, he hadn’t been able to find any news about this person. Unexpectedly, he actually saw this guy here! By now, the Old Mei that used to be B class back then was already an A-class warrior.

Chen Feng sneered. “In short, you have been hiding away and training up to A-class?”
Chen Feng was but a normal person who held onto his grudges rather strongly. He had almost been killed off by this guy back then. This remained fresh in his memory. Now that he had finally found this guy, Chen Feng would most certainly not allow Old Mei to vanish once again, even if Old Mei was already an A-class warrior.

Chen Feng’s instinctive reaction when seeing this guy was to kill him. Even if Old Mei was an A-class warrior, the strength of his physical body wasn’t exactly high. With the strength of Chen Feng’s instantaneous eruption nowadays, he would be able to deal quite a huge amount of damage. If a sneak attack was mounted on this guy… However, he had barely stood up before he halted his steps.

Chen Feng regained his calm, as he still had unanswered questions. “It’s still not the time for this yet.” Why was Old Mei here? What was his goal? Was there anyone else here? All these questions had to be answered. His present goal was a young hillsea beast. He had no intention of having someone pop out to reap the reward when he was battling the hillsea beasts.

A gust of energy spread out suddenly. Distantly, a berserk attractive force appeared abruptly from Old Mei’s body.

Through Xiao Ying, Chen Feng could clearly see those fatal particles being absorbed by Old Mei, entering his body without stop. Old Mei had actually absorbed those particles? Chen Feng was greatly alarmed, and instinctively, he bent down and concealed himself even more. What was this guy doing, exactly? Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. Fatal particles… Why was Old Mei absorbing these things? Could it be that he was capable of using these things? Chen Feng was extremely clear on how powerful these fatal particles were. Fortunately, as these fatal particles only drifted around without direction, they were easily countered. However, if such particles were intentionally controlled by someone, they would become extremely terrifying.

Old Mei laughed wildly. “Hahahaha. Finally, I have obtained the second particle!”
From what Old Mei had said, Chen Feng was able to obtain some information. From this, it could be deduced that there were actually two of those fatal particles here! Old Mei seemed to possess the ability to absorb these particles. As for whether he could use them or he was trying to use them for something else, it was still unclear.

Hum— Hum—
Old Mei absorbed without stop, and Chen Feng merely watched on silently. The present Old Mei appeared rather bizarre. As such, Chen Feng was not willing to charge at him rashly. Soon, Old Mei was done absorbing.
“Hehe, it’s almost time.” Old Mei stared ahead, his face filled with anticipation. “Ten years of preparation, finally, I have reached the crucial moment. Since I have entered A class, I will most definitely become the strongest A class!”  As his words reached this point, his tone suddenly filled with resentment as he stated hatefully, “If it wasn’t because of that damnable Chen Feng that destroyed one of my imprints…”
As he mentioned Chen Feng, Old Mei’s heart filled with hatred. The path he had undertaken for his cultivation was a typical path where one would only be powerful during the late stage. In other words, during the early and mid stages, he would be a weakling. Only when his cultivation was fully completed would this path he had chosen be successful. Therefore, before he was actually done, he could only focus on gathering materials without stop. For this, he had been to various locations and completed various missions. He had always maintained a low profile, hiding behind the scenes. As such, he had reaped quite a lot of profit. Everything had progressed smoothly except for that one time where all his efforts had almost been for nothing. Chen Feng… Genetic Union…
Old Mei clenched his fists tightly. If it hadn’t been for that bastard, he would have succeeded long ago, and his success wouldn’t have been delayed until now.

He shook his head and sneered. “Forget it. This time, when I’m done, I would like to see how the Genetic Union can even hope to protect you.”
He had been waiting for this day for a very long time. Even if he was a new A class, someone at the bottom of the class, as long as he completed his absorption of these particles and completed his fusion with them, he would instantly transform into the strongest A class. By that point, at early-tier A class, he would be equivalent to other peak A-class warriors. When he reached peak A class, he would be able to battle even those surpassing A class. This was his so-called super-late-stage path. “Soon,” Old Mei muttered. Presently, the killing intent of Chen Feng, who was watching this through Xiao Ying, surged. Indeed… this world did not lack geniuses. They were capable of creating their very own path to become stronger. Similarly, their enemies could do the same as well. Presently, this path chosen by Old Mei was obviously even more powerful. Peak A class? Superlate stage?

What Chen Feng cared the most about was the fact that, similar to him never forgetting about this Old Mei, this Old Mei had not forgotten him either. He had originally thought that someone at Old Mei’s level wouldn’t even have been bothered about him. Had he been too vicious toward this Old Mei back then? As he thought about it, Chen Feng was speechless. True, the both of them had already had a great grudge. If he had been maintaining a low profile, it might not be this bad, but Chen Feng had just had to become a trending topic every now and then. How could Old Mei have suppressed his hatred with this?

Chen Feng smiled. “Seems like our fated confrontation will arrive soon.” At this time, Old Mei started stepping forward. As for Chen Feng, he ordered Xiao Ying to continue monitoring Old Mei while he followed behind from far away. Chen Feng wanted to see what exactly this Old Mei’s goal was and what his so-called success was.

Rustle. Rustle.

The both of them advanced forth amidst the darkness without stop. After a long time, finally, Old Mei stopped.


Chen Feng, who was observing through Xiao Ying, noted with astonishment that there was actually another person in the distance. Old Mei had evidently noticed that person as well. That was also the reason Old Mei had stopped moving.

“Trying to reap the profit of others’ hard work?” Chen Feng guessed. However, soon after, the subsequent development became increasingly horrifying. The distant enemy suddenly died, transforming into countless particles before vanishing. With a wave of his hand, Old Mei absorbed all those particles into his body, transforming them into his own strength.

This is…
Chen Feng was alarmed. He could even absorb the particles of those killed? This Old Mei… Hold on! There was another problem with all this, which was the appearance of more people. Apart from Old Mei, there were actually others here. Moreover, Old Mei did not seem shocked to discover others here. The manner in which he had absorbed the particles and the distance he had selected for the absorption seemed so well practiced, seemingly something he had done numerous times before. There had to be a trick somewhere.

“Spirit, map mode,” Chen Feng stated with a deep voice.

Spirit nodded. “Yes.”
Shua! An illusory window appeared. With a single glance, Chen Feng began perspiring all over. On the map of the entire Othershore Mountain, numerous red dots appeared. Based on the parameters he had set for this map, these red dots all represented different peoples. All of them were genetic warriors.

B class…
A class…
As he looked at the intensity of the red dots, his heart trembled. What was going on, exactly? Wasn’t this Othershore Mountain a forbidden land? Wasn’t this a place people did not normally dare to step foot in? Why was it suddenly packed full with people? With a cursory glance, nearly 300 or 400 people could be seen. This was a terrifying amount, even if most of them were only B-class warriors. Moreover, why were those B- class warriors even here?

Adult hillsea beasts here were all A class. Only the young of these beasts were B-class beasts. Were all these people here for the young beasts? However, which of these young beasts was without an adult hillsea beast as a guardian? After pondering for a long time, Chen Feng was still unable to discern the reason for there being so many people here.

Chen  Feng  was  now  in  a  solemn  mood.  “Seems  like something I am unaware of must have happened.”

Chapter 442: Fatal Elements

Chen Feng was sure that something must have happened here at this Othershore Mountain. As he studied the map, he noted that the entire Othershore Mountain was filled with people except for one particular spot, which was where he and Old Mei were at. This was a blank spot, where only a few people were scattered around. It was no wonder that he hadn’t seen many people here throughout his journey.

Since this was also within the Othershore Mountain area, why was this place devoid of people? Coincidence? Or… Chen Feng gazed at the distant Old Mei. Suddenly, he felt like this might be related to Old Mei.

“Follow him,”  Chen Feng ordered Xiao Ying. Subsequently, throughout their journey, a horrifying scene unfolded before Chen Feng. Old Mei was seemingly rather clear with his goal, as Old Mei would move forth directly until he saw someone. When Chen Feng checked the map, he noted that in the direction Old Mei was heading, there seemed to be a red dot.

“He seems capable of locating the people here.”  Chen Feng paid full attention. Right at this moment, Old Mei spread his hands.

With a dazzling radiance, a plum blossom imprint bloomed midair. Next, a cold breeze swept out, and from that previously ordinary-looking cold breeze, an austere aura could now be felt.

Chen Feng was alarmed. “That is…”  Suddenly, he had an extremely bad premonition. “Spirit,” Chen Feng called out.

“I saw it.” Spirit was evidently extremely shocked as well. “Initially, the cold breeze had none of those fatal elements in it. However, after passing through the plum blossom, those elements appeared.”
Chen Feng was shocked. “Sure enough.”  Fatal elements! So these things were planted by this Old Mei! This damnable bastard! Chen Feng had known that this guy wouldn’t be here for anything good. In short, Old Mei had been using these fatal elements to absorb the life force of others? Chen Feng recalled the scene he had seen earlier. The fatal elements would first crush those people before transforming them into countless particles drifting in the air. Even if these particles landed on the ground, had they truly vanished? Had they truly became nutrients for the land here? Or perhaps… they instead ended up in the hands of a certain person, becoming part of that person’s strength? The person in front of him?

Chen Feng’s brain operated at a rapid speed as he analyzed the situation. Old Mei was an independent incident. The appearance of all these people here was another incident. The relationship between these two incidents… Chen Feng frowned as he pondered hard.

Fatal elements… Quantity…
Chen Feng’s heart jolted. Could it be…

He turned on his screen. There, the missions issued by Genetic Union and various other major powers were listed. When he saw the topmost mission listed, he suddenly understood. So this was the case! On the list was a rather simple mission.

Mission goal: Young hillsea beast.

Mission reward: Astonishing 5-star and 6-star secret art. A single dead hillsea beast can be exchanged for a single 5- star secret art (limited to 10).

A single live hillsea beast can be exchanged for a single 6-star secret art (limited to 5).

A 5-star secret art was invaluable. As for a 6-star secret art, it was a priceless treasure.

For a lot of newly advanced A-class genetic warriors, the true gap between them and a true A-class expert was precisely due to the existence of 6-star secret arts. Only by possessing a suitable 6-star secret art could one increase one’s combat power greatly. For this, an A-class warrior would have to continue seeking, continue accumulating, and exhaust a huge amount of time and energy, coupled with some luck to top it off, before they could successfully find one.

And in this mission alone, 10 such secret arts were being given. Was Othershore Mountain dangerous? Of course it was. However, in the face of such a huge reward, all these dangers were now worth facing. Regardless of whether it was a 5-star secret art or a 6-star secret art, such an astonishing reward was sufficient to cause many B-class and A-class warriors to lose their reason. Even if they couldn’t use it for themselves, they could still sell it for an extremely high price.

Therefore, all these people had gone crazy. For this reward, they swarmed to this place crazily. Chen Feng was sure that not only neutral parties, even a lot of powers had been tempted as well. Such an astonishing reward was something a lot of families or powers couldn’t even compete with. More importantly, rather than only giving out one set, a total of 15 sets of these rewards were being provided. With this, the scene before Chen Feng ensued.

A huge amount of people were here. B-class and A-class warriors worldwide were rushing here crazily. Those A-class warriors were all filled with confidence. As for those B-class warriors, despite their lack of confidence in a head-on battle, if they were lucky enough, they might still succeed. They were here to try their luck.

Not to mention those possessing unique abilities. Such people were filled with confidence as well. Granted, to protect the privacy of the mission issuer, no information was available, and not even the Genetic Union was aware of who the issuer was. However, Chen Feng was able to find out who the issuer was. Using luck value, Spirit inferred that Old Mei was the issuer. It was indeed this guy! With this, everything Chen Feng had not been able to understand was now clear.

In order to cultivate some powerful late-stage ability, this Old Mei was using these fatal elements to start a harvest at Othershore Mountain. However, since the amount of people here had truly been too low, he had released a mission to attract countless people here. From the start, Old Mei had never intended to let them even complete the mission.

“The rewards for the mission must first be handed over to the Genetic Union. If so, this Old Mei’s preparations over the years should include the formulas for these secret arts in addition to from the materials he required for his own cultivation. This guy has been robbing and hopping around various large cities and working with the various powers of the different cities all to prepare these resources.”
Chen Feng rubbed his head. He had already arranged all the obtained data. He somewhat admired the capabilities of this Old Mei. Without any family or power backing him, Old Mei had been able to reach this height all by himself. He was indeed a vicious enough individual. If Old Mei’s plan proceeded smoothly, he would most certainly succeed in his present fusion. Mhm… when everyone here was dead and had transformed into particles for him to absorb, he would complete his cultivation. Next, his strength would increase greatly and he would become a powerful existence equaling a peak A-class warrior.

Unfortunately for him, all his plans had now been seen through by Chen Feng. At this time, Old Mei set off once again, heading toward a certain individual. All the fatal elements here were released by his plum blossom. As these elements were hidden within the wind, they existed in the form of tiny particles. As such, the others were still capable of blocking it. However, when Old Mei controlled the particles personally and released them toward an individual at a terrifying speed…
The mere thought of this was sufficient to plant fear in Chen Feng’s heart. Even if the probability of them bursting apart after being touched by a single fatal element was only 1%, with so many of the fatal elements used in the ambush, the enemies wouldn’t even realize how they had died. Those who had died earlier probably hadn’t even realized anything before dying. The so-called legendary dangers of this Othershore Mountain simply did not exist. Rather, this was a plot. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “I need to think of a way to remind them all.”
Since Old Mei could draw this plan, he had to have prepared in advance. Chen Feng was not confident that he could eliminate Old Mei alone. Only by causing chaos here would he have a chance at killing Old Mei.

“Let  me  think.  Mhm…  how  to  logically  remind  them  all about this?”
Chen Feng pondered for a bit before using Myriad Illusions to carve out two rows of words on the huge boulder in front of him. With a single wave, this huge boulder was flung toward the top of Othershore Mountain.


At almost the same time, nearly all the genetic warriors here sensed something. Everyone looked at the summit of Othershore Mountain.

“There’s actually someone going there.”
“Are they going up there to scout?”
Everyone sneered. The summit was naturally the highest place here and thus the location with the best line of sight here. However, that was also a place that everyone here could see as well. As long as one stood there, that person would be noticed by everyone else. To reveal oneself at a place like that was no different than committing suicide.

However, when everyone’s gaze landed there, they all blanked. That boulder seemed huge, but in fact, only a portion of the boulder still remained intact, as someone had forcefully reduced the diameter of the boulder to a thickness of a mere 10 centimeters. “What’s that?”
“It looks like a shield?”
“A shield created by a boulder?”
“Hold on, that thing is actually capable of blocking that mysterious cold breeze?”
Everyone was horrified at this reveal.

Some of them might not have been able to see the fatal elements with their naked eyes, but they were aware that this thing was disseminated by the wind. If that stone shield was capable of blocking even the wind, then that would mean…
Instantly, all their eyes shone brightly. They were all intelligent people. Utilizing the natural environment here to defend against the danger was merely the spark of an idea given to them by Chen Feng. With this alone, it would be sufficient for them to do the rest themselves.

“It’s indeed feasible.”
Everyone was overjoyed.

“Hey, there seem to be some words on that shield?”
Instinctively, they looked at the “boulder”  at the summit. Looking at the side that looked like a shield, two rows of powerful-looking words could be seen.

Someone read the words out loud. “When you are looking at Othershore Mountain, Othershore Mountain is looking at you as well.” Instantly, that person’s mood sank.

Indeed… Othershore Mountain was indeed an unordinary place. Apart from these words, there seemed to still be some tiny words continuing the earlier sentence there. Everyone looked over instinctively, and they were instantly dumbfounded at what written there was: “Looking at you until the Othershore Mountain saw you rubbing yourself while facing the mountain before awkwardly looking away.”
“What in the world?”
“Rub my ass!”
“Damn it, who wrote this!”

Chapter 443: Old Mei’s Plan B

A furious bellow resounded from within Othershore Mountain. “Damn it!”  Those who were here for the missions were all furious due to being provoked by the words. As for Old Mei, he was simply bursting with rage when he saw it. He was aware that those words were written for his sake.

That shield-like boulder had foiled all his plans. Earlier, when he had tried ambushing someone, that person had merely raised a stone shield and faced it in the direction of the cold breeze. Next, nothing had happened…
The heaven-defying fatal elements were incapable of penetrating the stones of Othershore Mountain. This was what Old Mei cared about. Someone had seen through his plan and told everyone about it, sneering at him in the process. The scariest thing was the fact that he still had no idea who that person was.

Old Mei was furious. “Who is it, exactly?” He started looking back at all those he had provoked previously. Was it that power he had scammed in the previous city he had been in? That shouldn’t be the case, as that power had suffered rather disastrous casualties due to his scam. Even their strongest A- class warrior had had his level dropped back to B class, and the rest of that power was either dead or injured. As such, nobody from that power was capable of taking revenge against him. Or perhaps it was some other enemies of his from before?

That did not seem like the case, though. Every single time he had reached a new place, he had used a different identity. As such, nobody knew for sure who he was. Moreover, how could a person capable of this be an ordinary person?

Old Mei was confused. “I don’t remember provoking such an expert.” No matter what, he couldn’t guess who it was that was scheming against him this way. “No matter who it is, I want you to pay the price for this.”
Old Mei’s eyes gleamed coldly. This sudden change had caused his plan to be foiled. Fortunately, he had long ago prepared some other methods. This time, he had to ensure the success of his fusion.

Shua! A cold breeze brushed past as Old Mei continued advancing silently.

“He has not given up?” The distant Chen Feng was watching on as this unfolded, and he was somewhat surprised at Old Mei’s actions.

He had initially thought that with this trick, Old Mei would be worried that his identity might be leaked and would stop for a period of time. However, that hadn’t happened at all. Old Mei merely continued advancing toward his next target.

Once again, Chen Feng followed behind Old Mei. This time, Old Mei quietly approached a certain A-class warrior. Moreover, Old Mei seemed to possess some scouting ability as well. What he found was not a mere single A-class warrior but an entire squad.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “What is he planning to do?” If Old Mei was thinking of ambushing this group, shouldn’t he be looking for a weaker target? Just as Chen Feng was pondering, an abrupt change happened in the distance. There, a squad of seven was advancing carefully. Due to Chen Feng’s warning, their hands were holding thin stone shields and they were able to block all the cold breezes brushing past them. In a
cautious manner, they advanced forward.

Suddenly, a plum blossom bloomed with sparkling, translucent, and pure rays of light that caused the heart to be flustered.

They were all astonished. “Yi?”
“That is…”
Some of them immediately went on alert.

“Careful.” Their expressions became solemn. Despite the fact that this glimmering plum blossom appeared like some natural treasure, these experts that had plenty of experience were still maintaining the highest sense of vigilance.

“This might be some trap.”
Rather than approach, they instead stepped back.

None of them dared to rashly go ahead and pluck that plum blossom, as it was rather probable that the moment one touched it, the entire plum blossom would explode instead.

Shua! Shua!

Their defenses were fully activated. Only after retreating over 100 meters away did they start cautiously checking this plum blossom out. “Is your clone still available?”
“It can still be used.”
“Everyone else, prepare your defensive measures. You, use your clone to approach the plum blossom. If it’s some natural treasure, it’s fine. If it’s some other thing or something dangerous, destroy it directly.”
Everyone obeyed the command. Subsequently, a genetic warrior with a cloning ability separated his shadow and used it to approach the plum blossom. As for the rest, they braced themselves cautiously. Next, the shadow touched the plum blossom.

Hum— It merely flickered with a faint radiance. Nothing else happened.

“This might just be an ordinary plum blossom.”
“Or perhaps this is some rare treasure unique to this Othershore Mountain.”
“Anyway, it is never wrong to be careful.”
Only at this did they breathe out in relief. However, just as they were about to depart, a gloomy yell resounded from far away. That familiar and imposing voice caused all their hearts to chill.

“This voice…”
“Not good!”
Their expressions changed greatly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, a small hill in front of them started collapsing. A peculiar-looking gigantic beast charged out from the hill. Its sharp-looking horn, sharp teeth, and plump body served as a declaration of the identity of this beast. Hillsea beast! This fellow had actually appeared here! Moreover, from the size of it, this seemed to be an adult hillsea beast.

The hillsea beast roared. Both its eyes ignited like flames as it stared at the plum blossom in anger. Its gaze was filled with fury, hatred, and an unconstrained anger.

“It seems to hate this thing greatly.”
“It’s infuriated.”
“That damnable plum blossom lured it here.”
“Damn it.” Their expressions became unsightly. However, they were still people with rich combat experience. “The sudden appearance of this plum blossom might be a natural occurrence here, or it might also be an enemy hidden in the dark.”
“The  two  of  you,  keep  watch  for  the  appearance  of  any enemies. The rest of you, follow me and face the hillsea beast. Since there’s only one beast here, we can still deal with it. If we start fleeing, we might end up getting killed off one by one,” the captain ordered calmly.

The rest started doing what they had been ordered. Instantly, the squad started striking at this hillsea beast in an orderly manner.

Very powerful , Chen Feng praised inwardly.

This was indeed a squad specializing in exploration. Even with Old Mei messing around in the dark, they were still able to calm down rapidly. If everything proceeded smoothly, this hillsea beast lured by Old Mei might instead end up benefiting this squad. Chen Feng reckoned that Old Mei wasn’t that stupid.

Chen Feng watched on calmly. “Does he still have another plan?”
Presently, the squad was fighting the hillsea beast. This beast had a unique attack-duplicating ability and was able to duplicate its enemies’ abilities and send them back to its enemies. This beast was evidently extremely powerful. Even when facing two A-class warriors at the same time, it did not seem to be at a disadvantage.

Unfortunately, it was still a lone beast, whereas it was facing more than two people. Rather, this beast was facing a complete squad here. Therefore, after a short two minutes, this beast was already forced to an impasse and was going to die soon.

Pu! With a flicker of a sword, the beast howled mournfully before its blood splattered out.

“Good chance!”
Seeing this scene, the eyes of one of them flashed, and that person prepared the final attack against this beast.

The captain pulled him back. “Return! Have you forgotten the information we gathered? When dying, a hillsea beast will unleash its trump card.”
At this, the others assumed solemn expressions. Indeed, just as the captain finished his words…
With a howl, a terrifying might coalesced around the hillsea beast’s body. A bizarre flame started burning around its body, and both its eyes transformed into a mysterious ice-blue color. This burning ice-blue hillsea beast appeared incredibly dazzling amid this dark land.

With a roar, the hillsea beast furiously unleashed its attack toward the squad.


Instantly, a terrifying radiance bloomed.

Bang! Bang!

A boundless radiance flooded out. Amid the endless blue radiance, they were finally able to get a clear look at this beast’s trump card. Finally, they were made aware of what the final struggle of a hillsea beast was like. It included 2-star secret arts, 3-star secret arts, 4-star secret arts, 5-star secret arts, and so on.

Even a 6-star secret art was included in the barrage. The huge amount of abilities erupted instantaneously, swarming everyone in the squad.

Chapter 444: It Turns Out This Guy Is Also a Boss-Tier Existence

“This is…”
“This  is  the  hillsea  beast’s  trump  card.  I  heard  that  this ability is capable of releasing all the abilities it has previously used.”
“Screw you, I’m already aware of that. My question is, doesn’t this fellow only have those few abilities?”
“Yes, and those few abilities are precisely all the abilities it has previously used…”
Their expressions changed. “That counts?” For the first time, the hillsea beast had demonstrated a huge power, showcasing its trump card.
Bang! The first layer of the defensive barrier collapsed.
The second layer of the defensive barrier collapsed.

Out of the layers of defensive barriers erected by the squad, around four or five of them collapsed instantly, shocking them endlessly. Luckily, after that blue radiance broke through the fifth layer, it finally stopped. All the abilities the hillsea beast had used once before were done being unleashed.
The hillsea beast that had just erupted gasped for breath weakly. The captain’s eyes shone. “Good chance!” Indeed, there would be a great profit to reap after bracing themselves through this seeming impasse.
“It has just unleashed its trump card and is now very weak.
Deal with it now, go!”
They were all overjoyed. Granted, they had just been ravaged by the trump card of this hillsea beast and were presently battered and exhausted. Their clothes were in disarray and numerous scars could be seen on their bodies. However, they had merely lost their defensive barrier. As for the hillsea beast, it was even weaker now compared to them. They all charged forth at once.
With despair, the hillsea beast looked at the humans charging at it. In between its gloomy breaths, traces of whining could be heard. Right at this instant, a gust of cold breeze brushed past…
Hu— The squad that was charging forth trembled. It seemed somewhat cold?
“Not good!”
Their expressions changed greatly as they finally recollected themselves. Unfortunately, it was already too late for them. This gust of cold air that was much stronger than normal swept past them at a greater speed and with a stronger ferocity. It came right after the hillsea beast’s eruption, and with its arrival, the entire world seemed to instantly sink into silence.
The cold breeze swept past without stop, and the squad members all stood there, unmoving. On their faces were horrified expressions. They had never expected that they would be able to survive the plum blossom and the hillsea beast’s eruption yet would end up killed by this cold breeze… After all, they only required a single boulder to block this breeze…
Where was the boulder? Oh, right, it had been destroyed by the hillsea beast earlier. Wasn’t the timing of this breeze somewhat too much of a coincidence? How was it possible for this breeze to have so perfectly arrived following the eruption of the hillsea beast? It had arrived so fast that they hadn’t even had the chance to erect a last-minute defense. With horror, they noted that they did not have the time to even look for a stone before the breeze arrived.
Radiance bloomed from their bodies. Numerous white particles started hovering out of their bodies. At this instant, their bodies transformed into nothingness. The scariest thing was the fact that even when dying, the only thing they could do was struggle in fear. They had no ability to resist. At this time, they could see that, distantly, a plum blossom drifted before stopping, a figure appearing there.
“There’s actually someone else…” “Hahaha, how ridiculous.”
“We have actually been schemed against?”
Accompanied by sorrowful laughter, all their bodies dissipated in the air. That figure that had appeared with the plum blossom walked toward the hillsea beast one step at a time. As he looked at the grateful expression in the beast’s eyes, he raised his hand before placing an imprint on the forehead of the beast. “From today onward, fight for me.”
The plum blossom imprint blended into the forehead.
Old  Mei  laughed  coldly.  “Let’s  go.”  Next,  the  hillsea  beast followed behind him in a docile manner, akin to a pet. On its forehead was the plum blossom imprint, which was flickering with a faint radiance. “First step completed smoothly. Hehe. The one hiding and pulling the strings, how much longer can you stay hidden? This Othershore Mountain is my world.”

Old Mei’s figure vanished. Chen Feng and Spirit merely watched on silently, not recovering from their stupor for a long time. This was Old Mei’s “plan B”? Not only borrowing the power of the hillsea beast to eliminate them, he had even obtained the hillsea beast for himself? How many preparations had this guy prepared? Old Mei was much stronger than Chen Feng had expected.
This Old Mei might appear somewhat young, but in truth, he was already 80 years old. With his age and talent, he should have entered A class long ago. Therefore, for him to have wasted so much time, he had to have been preparing all these trump cards and materials. If this was the most important step of his plan, he would most certainly give his all to ensure success. Battle intent started rising in Chen Feng’s heart. “This guy is indeed a ‘major boss’.”
The stronger Old Mei appeared, the more resolute Chen Feng was about killing this guy. Otherwise, if Old Mei was allowed to break through, trouble would surely befall Chen Feng.
“Let  me  do  some  calculations,”   Chen  Feng  muttered  to himself. Old Mei was a regular early-tier A class. However, his ability was extremely bizarre. For example, that seemingly omnipotent plum blossom imprint of his. Spirit adherence, illusory world, pet brand, fatal elements… Using the “plum blossom”   as  the  core,  Old  Mei  had  created  a  complete cultivation system. Each and every single function he created was extremely powerful, powerful enough to be a trump card.
“If the plum blossom is his first ability, and the rest are his fusion abilities… Presently, he already has five abilities. As for the sixth ability, from what he is doing, he is most probably preparing his sixth ability currently.”
Chen Feng was able to rearrange his thoughts smoothly soon after. He was still preparing his fifth ability, a B-class gene fusion reagent. As for Old Mei, he was preparing his sixth ability, an A-class gene fusion reagent. The so-called plan was most probably the fusion of this final ability. Presently, even if Old Mei was rather powerful, he was ultimately a person with a messy collection of abilities, thus lacking a core ability capable of truly protecting himself. Evidently, eliminating this weakness was also Old Mei’s final goal with his sixth ability.
With Old Mei’s sixth ability, he would combine it with his remaining five abilities and fuse them all together. This would be accomplished using the particles he had obtained after killing others with the fatal elements he released as the catalyst. The final product would be a 6-star secret art, Old Mei’s true final ability. Therefore, he was presently using the particles from the corpses of everyone here to polish his 6-star secret art? If so, this was an ability that was still in the works? Soon, Chen Feng was able to link all the clues he had.
“Am I correct?”
The ‘if { } else { }’ logic he had installed in his Luck Aura started operating, setting up countless options with different levels of truth. Next, using one luck value, he obtained his answer. His guess was 95% correct.
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. This Old Mei was indeed more powerful than he had imagined. If so… his next steps should be rather simple. He only needed to think of a method of gaining benefits for himself by making use of this plan of Old Mei’s. His initial target was rather simple: come here, kill an adult hillsea beast, and obtain the God Punisher gene. As for the rest, he did not dare to have much hope. Even if he was aware that the hillsea beast leader would most certainly grant him a much more powerful ability, Chen Feng did not have the courage to even  think  of  touching  such  a  “boss”  level  existence,  as  it would be a peak A-class beast at the very least.
Now, though… Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Distantly, Old Mei was already rather far away. Xiao Ying was following behind Old Mei in the dark while Chen Feng was following them while thinking deeply. Finally, the frown on his head slowly eased.
Perhaps… there are still some methods of dealing with this.

Chapter 445: The Vending Stall at the Foot of the Mountain

Othershore Mountain.

Presently, all sorts of genetic warriors were gathered here, resulting in a chaotic mess. All the genetic warriors were hunting young hillsea beasts, utilizing all the methods they could. As for Old Mei, he was like a specter, moving in the darkness while reaping the fruits of his plan, undetected by anyone. With the incredibly mysterious hillsea beasts and the seemingly everywhere fatal elements, even in death, those genetic warriors had no idea who their true enemy was.

Precisely at such a chaotic location, at the foot of the Othershore Mountain where human traffic was the highest, a vending stall suddenly appeared, causing quite a scene. That’s right, a vending stall. At this place filled with A-class and B- class experts, someone had actually opened a vending stall.

“Is it for real?”
“Of course. Someone already went over to take a look.” “I was there. There’s truly a vending stall there.”
“Has that guy gone crazy?”
Everyone started having various thoughts. Opening a vending stall? Selling things here? Was this guy merely brave or was he stupid? Some of them chose to act prudently, while some decided to test the stall. There were also some who had already begun thinking of some evil plans. These were mostly lone rangers who had no inhibitions holding them back. As such, they were not bothered by any potential background this vendor might have. They could very well rob the stall directly before leaving. After the deed was done and they hid themselves, who could do anything to them?

However, when they finally reached the stall, they were somewhat stunned. That vending stall was actually a gene production stall. As for the genetic warriors that would normally start fighting it out the moment they encountered each other, they were all surrounding this stall, maintaining a rare peace while staring at the middle curiously.

Hillsea gene production Difficulty: 5 stars

Rank: Unique

Introduction: Refined through the extracts of the hillsea beast, various materials are required to extract the mysterious power contained within a hillsea beast and form this unique gene reagent.

Function: Unleash a might equivalent to the full-powered attack of a hillsea beast. The hillsea beast used as the materials is the deciding factor of the might.

“This is…”
“Dang, gene production?”
“Able to produce a gene with such power… Is this a legendary master gene producer?” “An illustrious master gene producer has actually appeared at a place like this?”
“Hillsea beast…”
Everyone had indefinite expressions. Without a doubt, this hillsea beast gene was an extremely powerful gene reagent.

From presently available data, the act of unleashing a might equivalent to a full-powered attack from a hillsea beast was equivalent to at least A-class power. During battles of life and death, it would most certainly play a big role. Among those capable of producing such a gene reagent, which would not be a master gene producer? This scene where a master producer had actually appeared here at the foot of the Othershore Mountain was rather peculiar, causing a lot of people to be exceptionally cautious. They did not dare to step forth.

When they looked at the vendor, they noted that he was merely a middle-aged man around 30 or 40 years old. Naturally, this was merely the age of his appearance. Above his lips was a small patch of beard, giving him a rather aged and dissolute appearance. His true age was still unknown, and it was this unknown factor that caused the people here to be even more cautious.

“Which master producer is not someone around 40 or 50 years old? Could this guy be a master producer nurtured by some major power?”
“I’m not too sure.”
“Has anyone seen this guy before?”
They were all bewildered. Since there wasn’t anything of value arranged on this stall, it was only natural that they no longer intended to rob him.

“Since this guy is capable of producing one, he might have some leftover stock?” “That is probable.”
The eyes of some of them shone at this thought. However, right before that person could even make a move, the vendor raised his hand silently, showing a badge: Gene Production Association’s excellent producer.
Instantly, that person that had been about to make a move halted. Excellent producer? Instantly, the hearts of the people there shuddered. Apart from that genius youth Chen Feng, which of the other excellent producers weren’t big shots of the Gene Producer Association? With this, who would still dare to make a move against him?

“Everyone.”   The  guy  with  a  small  patch  of  beard  was beaming as he looked at everyone. “There’s no point in robbing me. I don’t have anything here apart from some small crafts. Therefore…” He rubbed his beard before continuing, “Anyone wanting to produce gene reagents, you can come to me directly. As long as the materials listed here are provided together with a hillsea beast, I have absolute confidence in producing this gene reagent for you all. Mhm… as for the fee, one hillsea beast can be used to produce two. I will keep one of the produced gene reagents as the fee.” Instantly, everyone sunk into silence. Among these people, there indeed existed some who were incredibly reckless and were not the least bit bothered about the Gene Production Association. Despite that, it was rather pointless for them to provoke trouble for themselves for no apparent reason. Since this guy did not have anything valuable on him, what was the point of robbing him?

Gene production, huh…
A lot of people sunk into contemplation. Right at this instant…
A cold shout resounded. “Get out of the way.”  Distantly, a person carrying a huge hillsea beast approached. With every step he took, a footprint was left on the ground and the earth trembled. This caused the onlookers to feel a chill in their hearts.

“What a huge hillsea beast!” “From the looks of this beast, it should be a mid-tier A-class beast, right?”
“That guy actually soloed this beast?”
The gaze of the onlookers became solemn. The hillsea beasts were normally gathered together in groups. For this guy to be able to solo one of them before carrying that beast back here…

The hillsea beast was smashed down onto the ground in front of the stall.

“Produce then,” that person stated coldly.

“All right.” The guy with a small patch of beard contemplated. “Only a single adult beast?” That guy appeared rather regretful. “Hmph. My initial target was a young hillsea beast. Unexpectedly, an adult beast appeared suddenly. Just as I managed to kill it, the entire flock appeared…”
“So that’s the case.”  The guy with a small patch of beard beamed and stated, “One each, then.”
“That’s  fine  by  me.”  That  guy  sat  down  cross-legged  and stopped talking.

The guy with a small patch of beard started dissecting the hillsea beast in a well-practiced manner. Only now did everyone notice that this guy’s strength was rather exceptional as well. In his hand, an energy weapon coalesced automatically before he easily peeled off the skin and flesh of the beast.

“This guy is indeed not weak.” “Hehe, how could a master producer be weak?”
“True. As a master producer, even if he is personally weak, the gene reagents he has on him…”
Everyone lamented endlessly. When hunting a young hillsea beast, an adult hillsea beast would certainly appear. Unfortunately, apart from the young hillsea beast that would be of some use, those additional adult hillsea beasts were simply a burden to hunt. Granted, they were worth a lot as well. However, it would waste too much time for one to actually carry them back to sell. Rather than that, one might as well sell it here to this guy with a small patch of beard, thereby changing it into a trump card to be used against other hillsea beasts.

As for the probability of this guy with a small patch of beard being a scammer…
Hehe. One look at the crowds gathered here and one would know how fatal it would be for him if he was a scammer. Naturally, apart from this, there were also some others who had successfully hunted down some adult hillsea beasts. However, a lot of people had chosen to first see the true capabilities of this

Two peoples were conversing in low voices.

“Have you heard of the hillsea beast gene reagent?”
“Such a thing exists?”
“Never heard of it. At least, it has never appeared on the market.” In their memories, this hillsea beast gene reagent was something unheard of. They doubted this guy with a small patch of beard could truly produce it. Currently, countless people were looking at the stall.

Shua! Shua!

The guy with a small patch of beard started extracting the materials in a well-practiced manner. Fur… flesh… all were handled in a well-practiced manner. Only when he was extracting the blood essence did he pause momentarily before continuing on, appearing like an exceptionally seasoned person at this. Naturally, if there was an expert at heart reading here, that person might be able to read the inner monologue currently progressing within this guy.

“Has this blood essence fulfilled the requirement to create a mutated God Punisher gene reagent?”

Chapter 446: The Power of the Hillsea Gene Reagent

That’s right, this person was precisely Chen Feng. He had thought of countless methods for foiling this perfectly laid plan of Old Mei’s. Assassinations, ambushes, reaping profit among chaos, and many others had been considered. Ultimately, he had decided to stick to what he was good at: gene production.

Hillsea gene reagent? Previously, such a thing had not existed. If this thing had truly existed, the hillsea beasts here would have probably gone extinct long ago. Therefore, to look for a suitable formula for this scam of his, he had utilized 100 luck value to find for this formula before swapping one of the main materials of this formula with a material from hillsea beasts, giving birth to this so-called unique formula: hillsea gene reagent.

Shua! Shua!

His gene production was speedily completed. In Chen Feng’s hands were two rather unassuming spheres. The glimmering spheres appeared rather gorgeous, yet they had no powerful aura within them. “Is that thing the hillsea gene reagent?”
“It should be fake, right?”
“I think so as well.”
With faces filled with doubt, they looked at this guy with a small patch of beard.

Ignoring them, Chen Feng handed one of the reagents to the one who had hired him to produce them.

That guy did not seem to doubt Chen Feng. “How do I use this?”
“It’s  simple,”  Chen  Feng  said,  gesturing.  “Toss  it  out  and activate it with your spiritual energy. I have already engraved your spiritual imprint on it. Therefore, only you can trigger it.”
“Oh,” that person answered knowingly.

“Are you two acting a play for us all?”
Some people sneered.

“My family has a master producer, yet we have never heard of this so-called hillsea gene reagent. Hehe… who are you trying to scam?”
“For you two to act out this play trying to scam everyone here, do you two take us all for fools?”
“By tricking us into hunting down the hillsea beasts like this, you guys will exchange it with this red sphere before fleeing. After that, who will we be able to look for?” “Nobody knows what the function of that red sphere is anyway.”
“Moreover, when it reaches a point where we actually need to use it yet it ends up useless, whoever using it will most probably end up dead anyway. At that time, who can look for you two for revenge? Is this your plan?”
The person questioning them appeared furious.

Instantly, the rest were startled awake. “Yeah!”
Wasn’t that right? What was the function of this gene reagent? Trump card! If it failed in a crucial moment, the mere thought of the ensuing fate of the user was sufficient to plant fear in their hearts. If this was a trick… It would be extremely easy for them to get rid of a huge amount of competitors. Thinking about this alone caused them to feel fear. Regardless of whether this was actually true, as long as such a possibility existed, they would not be willing to take this risk. Chen  Feng  was  also  astonished.  “The  hell,  they  sure  are reacting speedily.” In fact, he had indeed thought of something similar. However, after considering the possibility of getting exposed and beaten to death, he ultimately had not dared to do it. Unexpectedly, if this plan had been used, it would have truly been exposed.

The intelligence of these people had obviously increased, and they were no longer so easy to scam. Fortunately, Chen Feng had not tried that. As his thoughts reached here, he glanced at the person who had purchased the hillsea gene reagent from him. That was a person with countless scars of differing sizes on his face. Evidently, this was a rather ferocious person.

Chen Feng coughed. “Heh, brother. Are you not intend to try the might of this thing?”
“Nope,” Scarface stated with a sonorous voice. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “What if I waive the fee and give you both the gene reagents?”
Scarface’s eyes lit up. “Oh?” Looking at Chen Feng with a faint smile, he thought that this producer here was truly a scheming person. Since this producer was not willing to personally get rid of the enemy, this producer was trying to make use of him to get rid of the enemy. Unfortunately, this was an offer he couldn’t reject anyway. After all, this hillsea gene reagent was a new product that he had never used before. As such, he wouldn’t dare to use it as a true trump card. Since now there was an opportunity to try it out…
Scarface’s gaze became cold. “Deal.”

The red sphere in his hand was immediately tossed toward that person questioning them.

Xiu! The red sphere transformed into a red streak as it pierced through the air as it advanced.

The expression of that person changed greatly. “What are you doing?”
Scarface merely calmly stated, “Since you are saying that this is fake, you can have some fun with it.”
“Sh*t!” That person retreated rapidly.

Regardless of whether this red sphere was the real deal or a fake, he would not dare to take the risk of taking it on. He fully activated his defense as he retreated without stop. However, the red sphere had already reached him.


Accompanied by a resounding bang, the area of the explosion was instantly enveloped by a blinding red and white radiance. Bang! Bang! Bang!

The earth trembled without stop. The violent explosion shocked everyone there.

“This might…”
“It’s actually real?”
“Damn, so powerful.”
“An illustrious early-tier A class was killed just like that?”
“Too scary!”
“If this thing is used to hunt the hillsea beast…” Instantly, they were all tempted. Why had nobody been successful in completing the mission so far? Due to the sheer amount of the hillsea beasts here. In the vicinity of every single young hillsea beast, there were countless adult hillsea beasts wondering around. The only thing they could do was kill those hillsea beasts off one by one in a painstaking manner. Moreover, they had to ensure that they remained undiscovered by the other hillsea beasts. Every step they took was with great difficulty.
If they obtained this thing here… Every single hillsea beast they killed, they would be able to transform it into a superpowerful trump card. As long as they hunted a sufficient amount of hillsea beasts, they could even fight the entire group of hillsea beasts here. At that time, what difficulty would hunting a mere young hillsea beast pose them?

Countless people were tempted. “This thing…”
“Kid, you’re mine.”  A burly guy stepped out and pointed at Chen Feng before saying with a malevolent expression, “Since you have such production capabilities, you might as well serve our power.” Before Chen Feng could even say anything, someone else interrupted. “Get lost. With what little power you guys have, what makes you think you can compete against us?”
“He should belong to us instead.”
They started fighting over Chen Feng. Moreover, some of them were even making a move against Chen Feng directly only to end up getting stopped by the others.

Suddenly, Chen Feng, who was all smiles, stated, “Everyone, I will be staying here and will not be going anywhere. As long as you all provide me the materials, I can produce for you guys at any time, regardless of the power you belong to. Therefore, there is no need to fight over me. After all, I am merely a gene producer here to earn some service fees. Moreover…”  Chen Feng pointed at some vanishing figures far away. “A lot of people are already starting the hunt. If you guys continue fighting here, I’m afraid someone else will get a head start.”
Only at this and after snorting coldly did they stop. “Hmph!” The burly guy evidently did not intend to let Chen Feng go. “Kid. After I’m done with this, I will come looking for you.”
Chen  Feng  smiled  as  he  looked  at  them.  “You’re  always welcomed.”
“Let’s go!”
Only now did they leave speedily.

Soon enough, the surroundings sunk into silence once again. However, not far away, there were several people seemingly resting there. Chen Feng merely glanced at them, not really bothered about them. These people had evidently been left behind to monitor him.

They were monitoring him to prevent his escape. Naturally, if other powers were thinking of making any moves against Chen Feng, these people would most probably protect him as well. They should be the people left behind by the several major powers earlier. Toward all this, Chen Feng maintained a calm facade. This time, he was truly not scamming them. As such, he had nothing to be afraid of. Since he was an excellent producer, when he was out producing gene reagents, he would most certainly win honor for his Gene Production Association. More importantly, he was offering a quality product at a cheap price.

After all, I am a good and honest person.

Chen Feng was all smiles as he observed the busy crowd. Despite the power of this hillsea gene reagent, with Chen Feng’s strength, the beasts were still not something he could touch. After all, adult hillsea beasts were required for materials, and even the weakest of the hillsea beasts would still be an A-class beast. Therefore, this noble mission would have to be left on the shoulders of these cute explorers here at the Othershore Mountain.

Chapter 447: I Want It

Soon, there were people finishing their hunt. This was a squad from a rather formidable power. In their squad, there were four A-class warriors, yet ultimately, they only managed to kill a single adult hillsea beast.

“It’s a pity that the young hillsea beast escaped us yet again.”
“Sigh, truly too hateful.”
“This keeps happening. It is truly too hard to steal a young hillsea beast.”
“Well, capturing it isn’t too hard. However, returning alive with that hillsea beast is an entirely different matter.”
“True. I heard that earlier, someone managed to capture a young hillsea beast. In the end, they were beaten into meat paste  by  the  flock  of  adult  hillsea  beasts.”  Everyone  sighed endlessly. This mission was much harder than they had imagined. However, it was rather fortunate they had been able to hunt an adult hillsea beast successfully this time.

“With the single adult hillsea beast we hunted, we can get that bearded guy to produce a single hillsea gene reagent to accumulate our strength. If we have a sufficient amount of those gene reagents…”
They proceeded to drag the hillsea beast corpse to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled. “Please wait a moment.”
Shua! Shua!

Once again, he started his gene production. Somewhat regretfully for him, the hillsea beast blood essence this time was still of ordinary quality. Despite being powerful, it still did not fulfill the requirement required for mutation. One could not forget that, currently, all of Chen Feng’s abilities were mutations. With Luck Aura, powerful and heaven-defying mutated abilities had been created. Therefore… the previous him had always selected boss-grade mutated beasts as his target when producing gene reagents. However, the boss-grade hillsea beasts were too powerful. Therefore, Chen Feng was willing to reduce his requirement. Despite the compromise, the strength of the chosen hillsea
beast still had to be able to fulfill the requirement for mutation. The hillsea beasts he had obtained thus far were far from sufficient for this. This was also the reason he had chosen to produce gene reagents here instead of any of the other plans he had come up with. If he had to hunt personally, how long would it take?

For the current Chen Feng, the most optimal blood essence selection would be the stronger ones among the B-class young hillsea beasts. That was because the gene fusion reagent he was going to produce was, after all, a B-class gene reagent. Unfortunately… this did not seem achievable now. Due to the mission Old Mei had issued, everyone here was hunting young hillsea beasts like crazy.

The only reason Chen Feng was still safe and sound here was due to him presenting everyone present with an option that would help them achieve their goal faster and have a higher probability of success. Otherwise, he would most definitely not have lasted this long standing out here. Therefore, Chen Feng had to compromise and select the blood essence of adult hillsea beasts.

Even though A-class blood essence was powerful, if he separated it accordingly with the assistance of his luck values, it was still possible for him to reduce the level of the blood to B class. However, the premise for all this was it needed to first meet Chen Feng’s requirement: being able to mutate. Therefore, he could only try time and time again, making his selection from among countless adult beasts.


The gene reagent production was completed.

He handed it to them. “Here.”
“Good.” They took the gene reagent in an excited manner before preparing to once again go out on a hunt. They believed that by repeating this a few more times, they would be able to obtain a young hillsea beast. Presently, everyone here was doing the same thing. As such, they were competing in time. As for Chen Feng, he merely sat there in silence, watching the busy peoples with a gaze filled with love.

The number of people returning to Chen Feng increased without stop. With this, Chen Feng’s production of the gene reagent became more and more well practiced as well. This continued until a moment where a new update appeared suddenly, shocking everyone there. Someone had actually succeeded!

“Is that for real?” “Yes! I saw with my own eyes how Master Wei obtained a young hillsea beast.”

Everyone erupted in an uproar. Someone had truly succeeded!

“How did he obtain it?”
“Yeah, didn’t the hillsea beast flock attack him?”
“Heh,  naturally,  they  attacked  him.  However,  Master  Wei had already killed two of them in an ambush, and then he tossed out two gene reagents to blow up the bunch of them. Next, he carried the young hillsea beast as he turned around and fled. Before that flock of hillsea beast was able to react, he had already escaped successfully.”
“Wow.” Everyone was astonished. Surprisingly, right at this moment, a figure appeared.

“That looks like Master Wei.”
“Why has he returned?”
“No idea…”
Everyone was puzzled. Now that he had obtained the young hillsea beast, shouldn’t he be exchanging it for the mission rewards instead? Why had he returned here of all places with this hillsea beast?

Clang! The hillsea beast was tossed onto the ground. As everyone glanced at the beast, they gained sudden understanding. No wonder he had returned. The beast on the ground was indeed a young hillsea beast. Unfortunately, it was already dead. For dead hillsea beasts, their worth was greatly discounted, and he could only obtain a 5-star secret art for it.

“I have been careful enough. Unexpectedly, it still ended up dead.” Master Wei’s expression was unsightly. “Dmn it. For this single mission, not only do we need to kill those hateful adult hillsea beasts, we still need to be careful lest our target ends up dead. Fck this.”
The rest agreed with this sentiment. However, there were still some who were extremely tempted when they saw the hillsea beast corpse there.

Someone couldn’t resist and decided to inquire, “Hum… Master Wei, could you sell this thing to me?” This was a young hillsea beast!

Even if the materials one could obtain from it weren’t as valuable as what one could obtain from an adult hillsea beast and it was incapable of being used to produce a powerful hillsea gene reagent, it was, after all, still the target of the mission. It was equivalent to a single 5-star secret art.
Master Wei mere glanced at them. “Quote me a price.” This was also why he had carried this corpse here in the first place. He was not willing to carry this thing out to exchange for the mission reward. The two-way trip would waste quite a lot of his time. A 6-star secret art was his goal. At this, the people there started pondering as well. Without a doubt, the price of this thing here should be equivalent to a 5-star secret art. However, the gap between the prices of different 5-star secret arts was rather huge as well. Therefore, quoting an appropriate price for this in itself would be a type of skill.

Someone else tried to quote a price before the earlier guy could respond. “My offer—”
However, before he could even offer his price, a familiar voice  abruptly  sounded,  shocking  everyone  present.  “This thing here, I want it.” This voice… Everyone turned around abruptly and noted with astonishment that this was precisely their producer here, the guy with a small patch of beard.

“You actually dare to fight with us over this?”
Killing intent flashed in the eyes of some of them. Wasn’t this guy being harmless the only reason he was allowed to stay here?

The moment this guy was daring enough to compete with them over this mission, he would transform into a competitor. With that, nobody would allow him to leave here alive. Unexpectedly, he actually had the courage to take the initiative and make a move here.

Quite a number of them sneered inwardly. “You are courting death.”
Master Wei smiled faintly. “You?” Chen Feng nodded with a calm expression. “Mhm.” However, his heart was already roaring.

Young hillsea beast! That’s a young hillsea beast!

He had produced many gene reagents here, and this was the very first young hillsea beast he had encountered. With that, how could he not be agitated? He had to obtain this thing. If this young hillsea beast here was able to fulfill his requirement… he would be able to produce the God Punisher gene reagent from it.

Master Wei looked at Chen Feng toyingly. “You are thinking of competing with us as well?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “Nope. I’m merely thinking that a 5-star secret art might be just nice for my use. I am not interested in your mission.”
Just nice for his use… Everyone glanced at him, and instantly, they understood what he meant. Indeed, this guy was indeed B class. As such, a 5-star secret art was indeed just nice for his use. Instantly, a lot of people there felt relieved. As long as he was not competing with them, all would be fine. However, there were quite a number of people here who were similarly aiming for 5-star secret arts, and presently, their killing intent started surging. They decided to teach this guy
here a lesson.

Chapter 448: Who Else Wants to Give It a Try?

Master Wei shrugged. “What price can you offer then?”
“These.” Taking out two red spheres, Chen Feng continued, “Two of these as a trade.”

Master Wei’s pupils shrunk abruptly. Hillsea gene reagent! To capture this damnable young hillsea beast, he had been forced to waste two hillsea gene reagents. Ultimately, he had still failed his mission. If he wanted to accumulate enough of gene reagents, a long time would be required. Now, though…
“Five! I want five of them!” Master Wei’s eyes were burning.

Chen Feng merely looked at him calmly. “I only have two of them.” Killing intent flashed in Master Wei’s eyes. “Five!”
“This beast is only worth two of them,”  Chen Feng stated faintly.  “Moreover,  even  this  price  has  been  reached  after taking the 5-star secret art into consideration. If the mission happens to be completed by the time I reach there… I’m afraid this young hillsea beast will instead become trash. Therefore, it’s only worth two of my gene reagents. Naturally, if you are not satisfied with this price, you can continue trading with others.” Chen Feng appeared extremely calm.

Master Wei’s eyes gleamed coldly. “You…” He already felt like killing this guy. However, as he saw the cold and detached expressions on the eyes of the others around them, he calmed down, not daring to make a move. Those people would most certainly not allow him to kill this gene producer like this.

After all, this gene producer was a guarantee for them to be able to speed up their hunt. However, wasn’t this gene producer too stupid? How long did he expect these people to protect him? When this mission ended, this producer would most probably not even live a single day longer. He would most probably get himself killed by all these people here. “Deal.” Master Wei gave Chen Feng a cold gaze before taking the gene reagents and leaving.

Done! Chen Feng stated inwardly. He knew this Master Wei wouldn’t waste his time for some mere 5-star secret art, since his true goal was a 6-star secret art. If so, he would most certainly want to obtain these red spheres no matter what. Therefore, two of them would be sufficient for this trade.

“Finally,  young  hillsea  beast  obtained.”  The  excited  Chen Feng stepped forth.

Unexpectedly, right at this moment, someone blocked him. “I want some hillsea gene reagents as well.”
“?” Chen Feng looked at him with an odd expression. This pretty-looking guy was talking with a sweet tone while his hand was assuming an orchid gesture, causing one to shudder. The pretty guy looked at Chen Feng with an enchanting gaze and stated, “Hand me the red sphere and I will allow you to live.” Chen Feng looked at him like he was looking at an idiot. The rather powerful genetic warriors nearby from two different powers were already walking toward them. Evidently, they were not willing to allow such idiots to disturb this producer.
Suddenly, the pretty guy stated, “Do you guys know how many hillsea gene reagents he has? Thirty-four of them! From the start until now, he has already accumulated 34 hillsea gene reagents! I know that you guys are protecting him so that the mission can go smoothly. However, the 34 he has here, is it not enough to split among us? To even complete the mission?”
At this, the rest were tempted. True, there were 34 of them here! Using only two, Master Wei had already been able to nearly complete the mission earlier. With 34 of them… it would enable at least five people here to complete this mission. As for the total reward for this mission, there were only five 6- star secret arts anyway. This signified that if they allowed this gene producer to stay alive…
The pretty guy smiled faintly. “He will keep producing more competitors for us. Therefore, rather than allow his existence to keep producing trouble for us, why not get rid of him directly and share the gene reagents among us? What do you guys think?”
All their eyes lit up. What a good idea! Even those who had initially been in charge of monitoring and protecting Chen Feng were now hesitating. When they now looked at Chen Feng, their gazes were burning and filled with greed. Those were hillsea gene reagents. Who would be bothered with the background or accumulation of someone capable of producing such a thing? After leaving this Othershore Mountain, they would all pretend to not know each other.

“This plan is indeed possible.” With that, the gazes that had earlier been focused on the pretty guy were now focused on Chen Feng hungrily. They were all tempted as they planned how to eliminate this low-level gene producer! Mhm… excellent producer, to be precise.

“Ultimately,  this  is  not  the  type  of  place  you  producers should come. When you are too weak, coming here is equivalent to courting death. What a pity.” They shook their heads, sighing, yet none of them intended to help Chen Feng.


The pretty guy made his move. This time, nobody blocked him. However, surprisingly, even now, Chen Feng was still looking at that pretty guy like he was looking at an idiot.

Chen  Feng  sighed.  “This  is  the  idea  you  came  up  with?” When one became greedy, one would start losing their reason.

This pretty guy did not quite look like an idiot. The rest around him did not look like idiots either. However, for their benefits, to make a large profit, they were starting to lose their intelligence. The only thing they had on their mind was robbing Chen Feng, to the point they had forgotten to ask one crucial question.

“Is there a need for this?” Chen Feng sighed as he tossed out a red sphere in an unhurried manner. Bang!

After a huge bang, the world seemed to return to peace. Instantly, the pretty guy charging at Chen Feng was bombarded senseless. Even with his mid-tier A-class strength, he was still instantly gravely injured, blood spurting out of his entire body.

“He  is  actually  still  alive?”   Chen  Feng  was  somewhat surprised. “Well, maybe because the gene reagent I used earlier was produced from an early-tier A-class hillsea beast. Mhm, are you interested in trying this one instead?”
At that, Chen Feng took out another hillsea gene reagent that seemed even more powerful than the earlier one.


At this sight, those around him, their blood boiling, felt like they had been dunked in cold water. As for the pretty guy who had gravely injured been by Chen Feng, his entire body chilled as well. His eyes were filled with fear as he stared at the red sphere in Chen Feng’s hand. Damn it! Only now did they recall something extremely terrifying. Since they could use this gene reagent, couldn’t Chen Feng use it as well? Who in the world said that a gene producer couldn’t battle?

After getting stuck in an erroneous line of thought for a prolonged period of time, they had neglected that gene producers had a certain degree of combat strength as well. This was especially true for excellent producers. This red sphere was something this producer could use himself as well. Moreover, the strength of this gene reagent was rather powerful indeed.

“Hehe.  Anyone  interested  in  trying  it  out?”   Chen  Feng beamed as he looked at the people around him. Countless red spheres started hovering around him. As they saw this, they were given a scare. None of them dared to approach Chen Feng or even get within one meter of him.

“How  obedient.”   Silently,  Chen  Feng  retrieved  his  red spheres. “Mhm… As I mentioned before, I am only here to earn some extra income. As for those 6-star secret arts, even if someone gives me one, I wouldn’t be able to use it. Moreover, I don’t need those secret arts either. This thing here is much more useful than your secret arts,”  Chen Feng stated as he played with a red sphere in his hand. At this, everyone became speechless. Wasn’t that right? These red spheres were terrifying enough to match a 6-star secret art. The scariest fact was that this gene reagent could even be mass produced. So that was the actual goal of this producer here!

Chapter 449: The Pitiful Old Mei

Chen Feng glanced at them. “Even that young hillsea beast is only something I want to bring back for research. Therefore, there is no need to see me as a competitor. I will still be here silently earning the fees for my production. If there are any needs, you are all welcome.”
The rest exchanged glances before dispersing. Now, they no longer dared to look down on this gene producer. They decided to stick with their initial plan of completing this mission. Some started bringing hillsea beasts to Chen Feng in succession as well. Everything progressed smoothly. While Chen Feng was helping them in their gene production, his main focus had already shifted onto the young hillsea beast.

“Does   the   blood   essence   fulfill   the   requirement   for mutation?”
Spirit’s reply caused Chen Feng to feel overjoyed. “Yes.”
“Very good.”  Chen Feng was agitated. He could finally get started with the production of God Punisher. Finally, he could complete the main reason he had come here to this Othershore Mountain.

“Spirit, luck value’s assistance.”
“Despite  God  Punisher’s  various  flaws,  it  is  still  rather suitable for me. I really want to know what the mutated ability of God Punisher will look like… Will it be stronger?”
Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.


Light swirled around and the production began. Currently, on the other side of Othershore Mountain, Old Mei’s plan was progressing smoothly as well. “Mhm… 60% fusion degree.”
Old Mei was very pleased. When he looked at these so-called genetic warriors, a majority of them even stronger than him, rushing toward his trap and throwing away their own lives, he had an extremely splendid feeling.

Old Mei was filled with anticipation. “Soon enough, I will succeed.”
As long as his fusion reached 100% smoothly, allowing his powerful ability to showcase its true might, nobody here at this Othershore Mountain could hope to be a match for him. Mission? Reward? Hehe. All the people here were mere cannon fodder. This was the confidence Old Mei had in himself.

Then… time to move on toward the next target?

Old Mei’s gaze was focused on his next target. That was a rather ordinary early-tier A-class genetic warrior. That warrior was able to pose a small amount of threat toward him. However, that warrior was still not too difficult to deal with. Earlier, Old Mei had even killed off a late-stage A-class warrior.


Old Mei approached that person noiselessly. The fatal elements were blocked, yet Old Mei did not think that this mattered, since he still had other methods. Old Mei ordered the hillsea beast to charge at the genetic warrior. With this powerful pet, he had no fear.


The hillsea beast charged forth and started battling the genetic warrior. Old Mei approached silently before releasing the fatal elements from his hand. Beyond his expectations, just as his fatal elements were released, as they were still drifting through the air, the opponent seemed to sense the incoming crisis. Abruptly, the opponent tossed an odd-looking red sphere toward the hillsea beast.

Bang! With a resounding explosion, the terrifying might erupted immediately. By the time Old Mei had reacted to this, the only thing he could see was the previously incomparably majestic hillsea beast dying. That’s right, this beast had been bombarded to death just like that.

“Hmph!”  With a snort, that person raised his stone shield and faced a certain direction.


The cold breeze brushed past him, yet he was safe and sound. His ice-cold gaze landed on a certain spot, landing on Old Mei’s body.

The intelligent him did not use the red sphere to attack Old Mei as he was clear that the red sphere might be avoided when used on a human target. However, there wouldn’t be any problems when used against the hillsea beasts.

He stared at Old Mei in disdain. “You’re thinking of taking advantage of me?” Old Mei fixed his gaze on that dead hillsea beast before glancing at that person, clenching his teeth, and rapidly retreating.

That person merely shook his head as a response. “Hmph!” He had no intention of pursuing Old Mei. Such people that were good at ambushing were normally quite fast as well. It would be a waste of time to pursue such a person. Squatting down, he looked at the dead hillsea beast.

“Mhm, I’m in luck. Even if this beast was bombarded to death, its body was still intact. This won’t be considered a waste.”
As he finished his words, he carried the hillsea beast and started returning. Since the red sphere had already been used, he could use this beast to get the producer to make a new one for him. At most, only some time would be wasted. It seemed like, from now on, he would have to be vigilant against the fellow earlier.

As for Old Mei, who had just escaped, his expression was somewhat unsightly. He had already been trying his best to avoid those powerful-looking guys. Unexpectedly, he had still encountered someone difficult to deal with. This was especially true for that person’s trump card, the red sphere.

Old Mei inhaled deeply. “Hu—” Just like that, the hillsea beast that had accompanied him in so many battles was gone.

Old Mei sighed. “Well, seems like I can only capture a new beast,  then.”   He  had  no  intention  of  facing  those  genetic warriors. Thereupon, he used his plum blossom imprint to lure another hillsea beast to him before placing the imprint on the beast’s forehead. With this, he successfully captured another hillsea beast. Time to continue the operation! The earlier failure had not reduced Old Mei’s confidence at all.

Next, the Old Mei who had reorganized himself started making his move once again. Even if the success rate of using his fatal elements was rather low, he wasn’t really bothered. Instead, he used his hillsea beast to attack in a well-practiced manner. However… When another red sphere exploded, Old Mei was dumbfounded. A-a-another one? This was too excessive! The earlier fellow’s trump card was this thing? Fine. But then, why did this new target he had found have the same trump card as well? Both of them obviously had different genetic abilities.

Another hillsea beast was killed as Old Mei escaped in a sorry manner, almost dying then and there.

Old Mei’s expression was unsightly. “What in the world is going on?” He had not expected that when he reached this point in his plan, things would suddenly become so difficult. Was it because all the weaker ones had been killed off by him earlier, leaving behind all the comparatively stronger ones? Or was there another reasons for this?

Old Mei had no idea and could only capture a new hillsea beast before starting his hunt once again. After wasting two whole hours, he managed to find a suitable hillsea beast. Next, he selected an extremely weak-looking person. And next… Another red sphere exploded. The hillsea beast that he had painstakingly captured after wasting two hours was killed off the moment it appeared.

“Who dares to ambush me?” that person roared. Old Mei was so shocked he decided to flee immediately. However, just as that person finished roaring, a second red sphere was tossed out.


An explosion that caused one to feel like the entire world was trembling ensued. After a long time, a bloodstained Old Mei could be seen escaping with a sorry appearance. Why was this happening? Old Mei was puzzled. That red sphere…
He could forget the fact that two people had such thing, but for even the third people he had found to have it? Moreover, that person had tossed out two of them in a row? This was truly too excessive. One ought not to bully others like this, right? “What exactly was that thing?” Old Mei kept having a feeling like he had missed something. Here at this Othershore Mountain, something he didn’t know of had to have happened. Henceforth, Old Mei stopped his plan. Carefully, he moved amid the darkness and started observing the genetic warriors here. With shock, he discovered that a lot of people seem to have those red spheres. Almost everyone here!

What was going on? What exactly was that red sphere? Old Mei was dumbstruck. This red sphere here was not some candy being given out for free at some kindergarten. Why had they become so common that even some B-class warriors had them? When Old Mei witnessed with his own eyes how even a B-class warrior could toss one of these red spheres out, ensuing in a resounding “bang,”  Old Mei was left with a “what the f*ck” expression.

Chapter 450: Kind Old Man

Old Mei inhaled deeply. “Well, I’ll follow behind one of them and see what happens.” Presently, the chill that had been sent down his spine remained. He was like a chess player whose chess pieces were all in position. His chess pieces all appeared intact, yet all of them were covered with a layer of poop. When touching them, he wouldn’t die, yet there would be a feeling of disgust. This was precisely how he was feeling currently.

Suddenly, he recalled that huge boulder that had appeared on the summit earlier. Back then, he’d had a feeling that someone was scheming against him. From how things were progressing, could that be true? As he thought of the possibility of him transforming from a chess player into someone else’s chess piece, he shivered. He had to investigate this clearly.

Thereupon, hidden in the dark, Old Mei followed behind three different squads in a row. Those squads hunted hillsea beasts without stop before returning. Old Mei did not do anything and was only observing them silently. However, nothing was found. These people always went down to the foot of the mountain, seemingly preparing to leave. Just as Old Mei was about to give up, suddenly, he saw something odd at the foot of the mountain. There, at the entrance to the Othershore Mountain, a guy with a small patch of beard in his 30s was running a vending stall. Beside him was a signboard stating that he was here to produce hillsea gene reagents. Below the signboard was an excellent producer badge.

Old Mei’s expression changed slightly. “Excellent producer?” When he saw someone carry a hillsea beast over to exchange for a red sphere, he finally understood what was going on. So the red spheres originated from here?

As he witnessed how that excellent producer produced two red spheres and kept one for himself before giving the other to the hillsea beast supplier, Old Mei’s expression became unsightly. Therefore, only a single hillsea beast was required to trade for one of these? If so, his plan would be…
Old Mei felt like he had fallen into an ice cave. He knew that it was over for his plan. With this red sphere, he had no hope of hunting those genetic warriors here. If he wanted to gather the particles, he would have to face those genetic warriors head on. But then, his combat power… Could he look for those without the red spheres? As Old Mei swept his eyes around, his gaze became sorrowful. Everyone here seemed to have those red spheres in their possession. The scariest fact was that his initial young hillsea beast plan was supposed to keep these people here for a long time, yet now that no longer seemed to be the case. With the appearance of those red spheres, the speed at which these people could complete the mission had greatly increased. It wouldn’t be long
before they succeeded in completing it.

At that time, his mission…
Old Mei’s heart became ice cold as he thought of that. Could he kill this gene producer, then? Old Mei glanced at that pile of red spheres beside the gene producer and instantly gave up on this impossible thought. He was sure that regardless of whether or not he could kill that person, the moment he made a move, he himself would most definitely die.

What to do, then? Old Mei pondered in despair. Would he have to give up just like this? He had spent 10 whole years preparing for this. Gathering so many 6-star secret arts and 5- star secret arts, each of them was something he had obtained with no regard to the price paid, and now… he had to give up on it? These secret arts he had painstakingly gathered over a period of 10 years would only be exchanged for these young hillsea beasts? No, that wouldn’t do!

Old Mei kept observing the crowd that was moving around as he contemplated speedily. He was already an extremely intelligent person, as he had been able to use only 10 years to gather so many valuable secret arts, regardless of the methods or prices he had paid. He refused to believe that this was unsolvable for him. He believed that he would most certainly be able to think of something.

Red sphere…
Hillsea beast…
Old Mei fixed his gaze at the people walking around. Suddenly, his heart jolted. Perhaps there were still other methods to do this! Since those people could make use of the red spheres, perhaps, the same applied to him?

Shua! Old Mei’s eyes lit up. Indeed, the red spheres!

He could obtain the red spheres by trading using hillsea beasts! For others, they would have to hunt for the beasts painstakingly. For him, though, this was not necessary. With a single plum blossom imprint, he could transform a hillsea beast into his pet. However… the flaw of that was the fact that he could only have a single pet under his control at any given time.

Therefore, he could only use one hillsea beast every time he moved. Now, though, things would be different. Perhaps he could kill his own pet before using it to trade for the red sphere? Yes, this was feasible! The more Old Mei thought of it, the more he found this plan feasible.

Damn it. Since you guys can use those red spheres, then let us compete and see who will have more red spheres!

At this, Old Mei calmed down. Suddenly, he felt like those red spheres were not the product of someone scheming against him. On the contrary, those red spheres were helpful for him. He would be able to use those as his own weapons! Finishing his thoughts, Old Mei acted immediately. Soon, he summoned another hillsea beast nearby.

With his own hands, he killed his new pet. The hillsea beast merely gazed at Old Mei with an odd expression, evidently not understanding the reason this person who seemed to be mentally linked to it was killing it.

Old Mei couldn’t even be bothered with the beast’s thoughts. “Hmph.” Despite the fact that this imprint’s original function was to summon a pet, as far as he was concerned, these beasts were mere livestock.


He reached the vendor with his hillsea beast.

“I need production,” Old Mei stated with a deep voice. “Sure,” Chen Feng replied in a well-practiced manner. Next, he raised his head, and he was instantly dumbfounded. Old… Old Mei? Chen Feng nearly ended up tossing a red sphere at him. What in the world? Why is this guy here? Oh, hold on. Since my appearance has already been changed, he shouldn’t have recognized me. Eh, hold on… he wants me to produce the gene reagent?

Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied.

If he recalled correctly, hadn’t these red spheres appeared to only make Old Mei’s life difficult? Why in the world was this guy coming here to trade as well? Chen Feng felt like some changes had occurred to his plan.

“Oh… you want me to produce?” Chen Feng asked cautiously.

“Yes,” Old Mei stated impatiently. “Faster. I’m in a rush.”
Chen Feng was not bothered with saying anything unnecessary. “All right.” Soon, he finished producing for Old Mei before handing over a red sphere. With an amazed gaze, Old Mei studied the red sphere in his hand before leaving. As for Chen Feng, he was still somewhat stupefied.

Mhm… what is going on with this guy?

Chen Feng wasn’t exactly worried about increasing Old Mei’s strength with those red spheres. For every red sphere he sold, he obtained one for himself as well. Moreover, he had also accorded a “special treatment” to Old Mei by slightly altering the measurements in his formula when producing that reagent.

Well, it wasn’t that big of an alteration anyway. The only difference was Old Mei’s red sphere being somewhat weaker than a normal red sphere… Mhm, around 20% weaker. At a glance, one wouldn’t notice it. Even if he was found out, he could still claim that the hillsea beast used had been weak anyway.

Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. “Wu… what is that guy planning to do?” Subsequently, after only half an hour, Old Mei was back with yet another hillsea beast. And next, after another half an hour, he was back with another hillsea beast. Old Mei kept returning. At times, he would return after one hour. At times, he would return after only 10 minutes. While the rest were still in the midst of traveling, Old Mei was already returning with his hillsea beast. His speed was truly astonishing.

One time…
Two times…
Old Mei kept trading for the red spheres without stop. As for Chen Feng, his expression became even weirder.

“Could it be…”
He had a vague guess as to what Old Mei was trying to do. In short, Old Mei was trying to trade for a huge pile of red spheres and use brute force to complete his plan? Moreover, the red spheres would be sourced from Chen Feng? This… Chen Feng did not know if he should laugh or cry at this.
Indeed, Old Mei was very intelligent.

The method Old Mei was using to obtain hillsea beasts was indeed astonishing. Based on Chen Feng’s guesses, this might be some pet-taming ability. With this, Old Mei was able to profit greatly. In a short few hours, he had obtained more than 10 red spheres. Apart from Old Mei, who else could do this? Without a doubt, among everyone here at Othershore Mountain, apart from Chen Feng, the one whose strength had increased the most presently was Old Mei.

However, Old Mei seemed to have neglected something. This so-called excellent producer here was precisely Chen Feng. Each time Old Mei obtained a single red sphere, Chen Feng also obtained one, one more powerful. As the amount increased and time passed… Even Chen Feng felt somewhat embarrassed as he continued this scam.

Is this proper? After all, Old Mei is elderly. To scam an elderly this way… In a well-practiced manner, Chen Feng gave Old Mei another red sphere. “I await your next visit.”  With a kind gaze, he watched on as Old Mei left, his inner heart lamenting endlessly.

Sigh, what a kind old man.
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