The Strongest Gene Chapter 431-440

Chapter 431: God Punisher!

 Name: God Punisher.

Feature: An independent ability incapable of fusing with other abilities.

Source: Hillsea beast.

Summary: At some barren mountain range near mountains and sea, a peculiar mutated beast might appear. The entire body of this beast is blue. They are formidable and capable of unleashing the power of oceans and mountains. Apart from this, their scariest aspect is their sure-kill ability: God Punisher. It is rumored that a certain devil god tried to slaughter the ancestors of these beasts in the past and ended up killed instead. From this, the power of this beast is apparent.

As Chen Feng reached this point, he paused. “Who is the one who gave the name God Punisher?” Spirit stuck her tongue out. “Me. Don’t you think that this name sounds incredibly tyrannical?”
Chen Feng: “…” He was still somewhat anxious. “When I use luck value for information I require, only the keywords are displayed. You are indeed capable of great optimization. However, by showing so many words in such an unrestrained manner, will you not consume too much luck value?”
Spirit shook her head. “Of course not. Since I am a tool spirit, when receiving the data generated by luck value, only a single thought is sufficient. Therefore, I am able to instantly obtain the full details of an ability. One point of luck value is sufficient for this. As for the descriptions, those are things I manually typed out for you with great difficulty, okay?”
Typed out with difficulty… Typed out…
Chen Feng was left speechless.

Fine. For him to stumble upon a tool spirit with such individuality, he had no choice but to accept his fate. Next, he continued reading on. The subsequent content was what truly shocked Chen Feng, as this ability was truly tyrannical.

God Punisher: Unleash all the different abilities used by the user before… once.

Consumption: All energy.

Cooldown period: One day.


Chen Feng was alarmed as he finished reading the description.

After all the details, the introduction of the actual ability was instead the shortest of them all. However, it was precisely how short this introduction was that caused it to give off a hegemonic feeling. All abilities? With no limitations? “That’s right. No limitations,”  Spirit stated confidently. “If you want to take a look at how it works, I can consume some luck value to analyze it for you.”
“Do it!”  Chen Feng stated without the slightest hesitation. His anticipation of this ability was too great. Therefore, he had to figure out the true effect of using this ability. If this ability was truly so amazing, why did nobody use it?

Shua! Shua!

Countless data started flashing past the screens. Shortly after, Spirit obtained the real reason.

“First, this is an extremely rare ability. An ordinary person is simply not qualified to even know about it. Only the core members of the major clans of the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union are entitled to know about this ability.

Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” This was a restriction of information. This alone was sufficient to block those ordinary clans and powers from getting access to this ability. “Second,  even  though  the  hillsea  beasts  have  declined compared to their ancestors, they are still extremely powerful. They are A-class beasts, and B-class warriors are simply incapable of fusing with this ability. Only the young hillsea beasts are at B class. A B class will only have a chance of success
if they choose to fuse with the young. Therefore, their blood essence is extremely hard to obtain.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” This was a restriction of one’s strength. With this, even if some people managed to find out about this ability, they would not be willing to fight a hillsea beast just to get the blood essence for their children. Moreover, their willingness to charge into the lair of these hillsea beasts was also a point to consider. From this, it was apparent that those truly capable of obtaining this genetic ability would be limited to the heirs of major organizations or powers.

“Third  is  the  issue  with  this  God  Punisher  ability  itself.” Spirit paused before continuing, “After every use, the user will have no energy left in their body. With that, the user will become akin to a lamb waiting for slaughter.”
Chen Feng wasn’t particularly surprised by this. “Well, this ability is supposed to be some sort of final trump card anyway.” By the time the user was forced to activate this ability, it would already be the moment of life and death. The moment this ability was activated, if the enemy remained, the user himself would be the one who perished. This was something he found acceptable. Moreover, this shouldn’t be the reason this ability
remained unused even now. If this was all there was to this
ability, the users of certain abilities capable of assembling various other abilities would most certainly be able to use this God Punisher ability to great effect. If so, why did this ability remain unused?

“Well, the fourth point is the actual reason. As God Punisher is an independent ability, it can’t be fused with other abilities. Therefore, the moment one learns this ability, one will have to give up a single slot of their abilities. In other words, when others are using 6-star secret arts, your strongest secret art will be a 5-star secret art. You will forever be weaker than others. You will forever be incapable of challenging an enemy at the same level as you. Moreover, despite God Punisher’s ability to repeat all used abilities once, it might still fail to kill an enemy at the same level, since the user will be comparatively weaker. As long as the enemy remains alive, even if they have been seriously injured, they will still be able to easily kill the user after the activation of this ability. This ability seems powerful… However, it is in fact an extremely weak ability,” Spirit concluded. Therefore, for someone as important as the heir of a major organization, how could such an ability that would render them forever weaker than someone of the same level be appropriate? For them to only be able to strike once? The harsh limitation had caused this seemingly amazing ability to become some rare ability nobody cared about. This was the disadvantage of independent genetic abilities. Its inability to fuse with other abilities—its inability to become a secret art!
Ultimately, such an ability was not something anyone would be
fond of.

In fact, almost all independent abilities faced such a problem. Since they were incapable of being fused into secret arts, they remained unwelcome. Regardless of how powerful these independent abilities were, could they be stronger than a 6-star secret art? The answer was a resounding “no.” Therefore, for core members and heirs of major organizations, powerful 6- star secrets arts were what they sought.

“What if I use Myriad Illusions together with God Punisher?” Chen Feng asked.

This could potentially be an extremely good combination. Even if others did not have Luck Aura like Chen Feng, since Myriad Illusions had so many different abilities contained within, if one used it frequently enough, they would be able to build a history of a huge amount of abilities used before, right? At least, a history of 1,000 different abilities? At that time, the user could use God Punisher to unleash all 1,000 minor abilities. Wouldn’t that be sufficient to eliminate the enemy?

“Oh.”  Spirit gave it some thought before saying, “Indeed, Myriad Illusions could be used with this ability in such a manner. However, you must remember that among the huge amount of abilities contained within Myriad Illusions, one- tenth of them are healing-related abilities.”
At that, Chen Feng blanked. True, he had neglected this point. Myriad Illusions was indeed an extremely magical ability.
Unfortunately, this was an extremely unstable ability as well. To top it off, there were those healing abilities contained within. When one unleashed four different minor abilities of Myriad Illusions against one’s enemy, a healing ability might be randomly unleashed as well. Therefore, when one used God Punisher to unleash 1,000 of Myriad Illusions’s minor abilities, the result might be: damage, damage, heal, damage, damage, heal, and so on.

What was the point then? Only if one could instantly kill one’s enemy would this be useful.

Chen Feng shook his head. “That doesn’t seem right. If one has other abilities that can be used together or if one chooses to not use any healing-related abilities at all, coupled with several other abilities similar to Myriad Illusions…”
Spirit smiled. “You are overestimating the power of Myriad Illusions. All the abilities that can arise from abilities like Myriad Illusions are minor abilities. A perfect example is Myriad Illusions. All the abilities it can unleash are those basic minor abilities. This ability is essentially a useless ability. Don’t forget that the only reason this ability works for you is because of you using it in conjunction with your unlimited Wind Blades and your luck value. Otherwise, this ability would be totally useless. On top of that, your version of Myriad Illusions is also a mutated version improved by you personally. This is simply an unusable ability for anyone else apart from you.”

Chapter 432: I Heard That this Ability Matches Extremely Well with Luck Aura,

“Therefore,  for  people  like  this,  God  Punisher  isn’t  too powerful an ability. For ordinary genetic warriors, there won’t be too many different abilities even when they are grouped together. At most, there will be several trump cards being unleashed at the same time. For this reason, they will most certainly not agree to fuse with a genetic ability that will cause them to be forever weaker than their peers. Even you would most probably not agree to such fate.”  Spirit continued her explanation.  “Besides  that,  which  major  family  would  be willing to pay a huge price to obtain hillsea beast blood essence just to cause the geniuses of their family to be forever weaker than their peers? To become genetic warriors only capable of a single strike?”
So that’s the reason. Finally, Chen Feng understood. God Punisher, this ability that seemed so tyrannical, actually had so many limitations.

Suddenly, Spirit started talking again. “Fifth point—” “Hold on.” Chen Feng was astonished. “There’s even more?”
Spirit smiled. “Naturally. After some families found out about these flaws, they once tried raising some geniuses good at using the God Punisher ability. However, a new problem cropped up then, which is precisely this fifth point I was about to say.”
Chen Feng wiped his sweat. “Go on, then.” This ability that seemed so powerful actually possessed so many problems? No wonder this ability remained unwanted. There was a reason for that after all.

“The  fifth  point  is  the  way  in  which  the  God  Punisher releases all those previously used abilities. You are aware that God Punisher will unleash all abilities you have used before. However, a single ability—for example, Wind Blade—will also be released only one time. Therefore, out of the many types of Wind Blades you have previously released, which one would be chosen by God Punisher?

“From among all the different types of Wind Blades you have released before, a single one will be randomly chosen. Furthermore, the might of that Wind Blade will be exactly the same as when it had been previously released,” Spirit explained seriously.

At this point, Chen Feng was already speechless. So this so- called  “releasing  all  past  used  abilities  once”   was  truly releasing what he had released in the past. Chen Feng had initially believed that the might of this ability would be adjusted in accordance with his present strength.

Spirit shrugged. “That is not possible. If it is released in accordance with your present strength, the amount of energy you have will not be sufficient. The basis of the usage of God Punisher is essentially duplicating the abilities you have used before.”

Chen Feng felt enlightened. So that’s the case.

No wonder… He had always wondered about the source of energy for the activation of God Punisher. If it was only a pure duplication of what he had used before, it might be justifiable. However, with this, wouldn’t this God Punisher be a huge trap for the user? Ever since Chen Feng had learned Wind Blade, how many different Wind Blades had he released? So many it was countless! What if the duplicated Wind Blade was the one when he had first learned Wind Blade? When he had been F class?

This single flaw was sufficient to cause this amazing- sounding ability to drop greatly in desirability. Such a useless ability caused Chen Feng’s heart to ache at the mere sight of it. Therefore, it could be concluded that God Punisher’s limitations were too great, and the range of attacks was too huge as well. However, if it was used together with luck value…
Chen Feng was intrigued. With the assistance of luck value, he would be able to maximize the output of God Punisher. He would truly reach a point where the activation of God Punisher would be equivalent to a destruction so great not even a blade of grass was left alive. Randomness? Whatever was used by Chen Feng would most definitely be the strongest. However, there was still a different issue to address. Among the numerous abilities of Myriad Illusions, Chen Feng had once used healing abilities as well. “You don’t have to worry about that,” Spirit stated. “You have not used them that much anyway. Moreover, you are the only one capable of maximizing the effectiveness of this ability. The release of God Punisher’s abilities is instantaneous anyway. When you use God Punisher, it would be rather suitable to use luck value with it. With only one luck value, you can choose to first use the healing abilities on your enemy, or you can use debuff abilities such as enhancing damage received, enhancing curses received, and so on before erupting with all the damage- dealing abilities instantly. Naturally, you can also choose to use healing abilities toward the end. By that time, your enemy would be dead already anyway, so it won’t matter. With luck value, you can regulate the release of the abilities.”
By the time Spirit finished the explanation, Chen Feng was already tempted. So… God Punisher could be used in such a manner! Based on Chen Feng’s past gaming experiences, this would be equivalent to first spamming debuff abilities toward a boss before insta-killing the boss with burst abilities. With this, the damage dealt would most definitely be off the charts— an extremely powerful combo!

“I  am  also  capable  of  giving  you  some  suggestions.”  The hands of Spirit flickered with light. “The amount of abilities contained in your version of Myriad Illusions is much higher than in others’ Myriad Illusions. With luck value, you can first unleash all the abilities that counter your opponents, including those minor abilities that normally wouldn’t be used. With this, you will have an extremely huge amount of basic damage- dealing abilities.

“Moreover, the combination of Myriad Illusions and Wind Blades is equivalent to creating countless never-before-seen 2- star secret arts, their combination with Energy Equipment is equivalent to all sorts of 3-star secret arts, and so on. With this, by the time you are done activating the various combinations at least once to build up your history of used abilities, when God Punisher is activated, it will most definitely be incredibly astonishing.”
Slowly, Spirit finished the explanation. Chen Feng was already filled with eagerness.

Wow! Even thinking about this is sufficient to cause my heart to jump!

A huge amount of 1-star abilities, 2-star secret arts, and 3-star secret arts, if all these were blasted toward an opponent, anyone could be insta-killed easily, A classes included! Chen Feng was already extremely eager to give it a try. His only regret was the fact that his Nethergaze couldn’t be used together. Otherwise…
Spirit  chuckled.  “Otherwise,  you  would  be  finished.  God Punisher is, after all, a mere trump card. If all the abilities you have in your repertoire are used to construct this trump card, you will truly transform into trash capable of only a single strike. Don’t forget that Nethergaze is already one of the strongest abilities your God Punisher will be able to release.”
Instantly, Chen Feng became speechless. Isn’t that right? A trump card is still a trump card, after all.

With this explanation by Spirit, Chen Feng’s goal became clear. God Punisher! He had to obtain this ability!

Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. “What if the enemies are high in amount?” It was rather impossible for him to have only a single enemy. If the enemies were great in amount, the effect of God Punisher might be weakened. Spirit winked. “Among your abilities, you have quite a number of area-of-effect abilities, right?”
Instantly, Chen Feng was relieved. True, despite the great limitation of God Punisher where the user would exhaust all his energy after using it, who said that God Punisher had to be a single-target attack? With the methods available to Chen Feng, he would be able to create a huge amount of area-of- effect abilities. At that time… with an activation of God Punisher, bang! Everything would perish!

“Give me the coordinates, location, and strength of hillsea beasts!”  Chen Feng had a resolute gaze. “Don’t forget to give me the formula for this gene reagent as well.”
“All right.”
Shortly afterward, the coordinates were obtained. Not much luck value had been consumed for this. However, what caused Chen Feng’s heart to ache was the formula for the gene reagent. To obtain it, 3,888 luck value was required. Chen Feng: “…”
Based on the recovery rate of 24 luck value per day, he would require 162 days to replenish this? Instantly, his expression darkened. Presently, he only had around 900 luck value on hand. If he truly wanted to wait for his luck value to be sufficient, it would be too late. He only had a single week for this. After one week, the Star City battle would begin and calamity would descend. Chen Feng could remember clearly how a countless amount of people he knew would perish during that event. He would not permit something like that to happen. He had to become stronger. If so, only one method was left for him.

“Spirit, list out the powers that have this formula.”
“All right.”

Chapter 433: Wild Saint


Light swirled around. With the assistance of Spirit, Luck Aura was now more than a hundredfold more powerful than it had been. With 10 luck value, Chen Feng was able to obtain the information he wanted.

Name of organization: Wild Saint

Location: Seawood City

Characteristic: Family

Scale: The strongest family in Seawood City, this is a powerful family nearly capable of contending against the local Seawood City branch of the Genetic Union. They are a well- known local magnate. As they are extremely loved by the local population there, even the Genetic Union has never bothered with them, allowing them uninterrupted growth. Strength analyze: Five A-class warriors, a number of B-class warriors


Certainly, all this information were things that had already gone through the reorganization of Spirit. Chen Feng felt like, after his Luck Aura’s upgrade, he had obtained an administrative assistant. Using 10 luck value, Spirit was able to obtain the data and combat power of this power called “Wild Saint.” Chen Feng was extremely satisfied with this result.
As for the strength of this power, with their five A-class warriors, regardless of where they went, they could be considered a top-notch power. Granted, this was still extremely weak compared to the entire Genetic Union. However, since they had no plans to war with the Genetic Union and were merely growing their family in peace, who would actually do anything to them? As long as they did not do something like the Qin family had and collude with the Mysterious Organization or do something like organize terrorist attacks, nobody could do anything to them. “A family, huh?” Chen Feng pondered. The cohesion of a power that was made up of a single family was extremely high.

Basically, this was one of the powers where if you killed a minor character in their family, someone higher up the ranks from the family would appear. If you killed that one, someone even higher up the ranks would appear, and so on. If one wanted to take something from them, one had to exercise extreme caution.

Five A-class warriors…
Chen Feng started analyzing the available information. The strength of Wild Saint was much greater than he had imagined. With his present combat power, he could only combat a peak B-class warrior head on. He stood no chance against an A-class warrior, let alone five of them. Therefore, if he wanted to take something from them, he would require the help of the barbarians. But then, the size of the barbarians…
“Do I really need to launch a full-scale invasion against them?” Chen Feng sighed. If he truly deployed the barbarians, the Genetic Union would most probably get involved as well. At that time, things would truly be troublesome. This might very well develop into a war of two species. The barbarian race was still too weak. As such, Chen Feng did not intend to expose them prematurely. That wouldn’t work.

Frowning, Chen Feng pondered without stop. It would seem like he could only sneak in and steal from them then. With Luck Aura and his present strength, it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to steal this formula secretly. As long as the luck value consumption did not exceed 1,000, he found it acceptable.

Fine, I will do it this way, then.

“Spirit, give me the success rate of this.”  Presently, Chen Feng was totally treating Spirit like a multipurpose secretary.

Spirit nodded. “All right.” She merely paused slightly before opening her mouth meekly. “Before that, I have a question I don’t know if I should ask you.” Chen Feng looked at her. “What is it?”
“Oh.” A conflicted expression appeared on Spirit’s face. “Why must you steal from them? Since this family has existed for so many years without being eliminated by the Genetic Union, they are clearly a power that abides by the law and has a proper level of strength. If so, wouldn’t it be easier for you to obtain this seemingly worthless formula using other methods? For example… by trading with them?” Spirit proposed carefully.


Suddenly, the scene sunk into silence.

“…” Chen Feng’s expression darkened. “I actually forgot that this option exists.”
Trade! Instantly, Chen Feng felt somewhat helpless. He had to have been polluted by the Mysterious Organization for him to forget such a regular method of obtaining something he wanted. Who was Chen Feng? A gene producer! Moreover, he was an extremely amazing producer! He also possessed management-level authority in the Gene Production Association and had a good relationship with Hou Liang. To top all of that off, he had brought numerous great contributions to the Genetic Union as well. Wouldn’t it be an extremely simple matter if he wanted to do something

“Oh, this is merely my suggestion,” Spirit stated hurriedly.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “Don’t worry. I have been neglectful. I have indeed been too anxious, huh?”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Regardless of how much of a rush he was in, one or two days wouldn’t make much difference anyway. If he was able to deal with this matter within a day or two by trading for this formula, it would be for the best. As for dirtying his own hands… he would figure it out when it actually came to that. Would Luck Aura help increase the odds of success for the trade? Chen Feng praised Spirit. “Not bad.”
Spirit’s face was filled with joy at this. “Hehe.”
“Now then, time to meet this Wild Saint family,” Chen Feng stated calmly.


Chen Feng rushed over to the provided address. As for those barbarians, Chen Feng ordered them back to their tribe to develop their tribe as they see fit. If possible, they should nurture the next generation of barbarians as soon as possible. Naturally, the brainwashing course could never be excluded. He was hopeful that by the time their true enemy’s army appeared, the barbarians would have progressed to an acceptable degree as well.

Shua! Shua! It was still raining without stop, and the ground was becoming even darker.


Seawood City was a city floating above an ocean. The black rain did not seem to have that huge an effect on them, as the black raindrops would water down after dropping into the ocean. If this rain hoped to darken the entire ocean… it would probably require several thousands of years.

As for the interiors of the city, after receiving the announcement by the Genetic Union, all the denizens of this city had worked together to gather the rainwater and pour it all out into the sea. Perhaps this was a place where the devil spirits couldn’t rise at all. It was rumored that these days, a lot of people had moved here to this city from other places. These people were all planning to settle down and develop a life here in this city. After being a low-profile city for so many years, finally, glory seemed to have arrived for Seawood City.

The fall of the black rain was common knowledge, since it was clear for all to see. Hence, almost all powers were trying their utmost to increase their combat power. As for those rogues that were not part of any powers, they had decided that this was the time for them to join one as well. Wild Saint, being the strongest family in Seawood City, most certainly wished to grasp this chance. As such, they had started a furious recruitment drive.

Beyond their expectations, a unique individual was attracted to them today. Excellent Producer Chen Feng! Due to Chen Feng’s unique identity, his arrival alarmed even the top experts of Wild Saint. They all came out to receive Chen Feng personally. From this, it was apparent how unique Chen Feng’s identity was.

Chen Feng’s proposal for a trade was met warmly as well. After figuring out that this formula was worthless to their family, they agreed to Chen Feng’s trade. This caused Chen Feng to lament the smooth progress of this trade. If he had known this would be so easy, what had been the point of even thinking of robbing them? Just look at how easy was it to do things this way instead.

After completing the procedures, the trade was about to be completed speedily. Unexpectedly, when the trade was about to be completed, it was abruptly disrupted. Their patriarch had appeared suddenly to reject this trade.

Chen Feng could not understand. “Why?” The price he was offering was nearly two times higher than the market price.

The patriarch was somewhat embarrassed. “I’m sorry. My underlings have been somewhat impudent. I will give you an explanation. Before that, though, I need to know if you are here representing yourself or the organization. If you are representing the organization, I will require proof of that. If you are here on behalf of yourself, I hope to be able to refuse this trade. We don’t need money. As the world is rapidly changing, the value of money is no longer as important. Even if the formula for God Punisher is worthless to us, we still hope to trade it for something more valuable. What can your esteemed self offer us in this trade?”

Chapter 434: I Want You

What to offer? Chen Feng pondered and noted that he truly couldn’t offer anything much. He indeed had a lot of money. However, he couldn’t do anything with that, since they did not want it. Moreover, what spiked Chen Feng’s curiosity was the fact that something like the God Punisher formula required interference from their patriarch?

Chen Feng frowned. “What do you want?” He did not have much time left and was not willing to waste them on some pointless dispute. He was truly unhappy with how they had raised the initial price on the spot, but then, if he could settle this without hiccups, he wouldn’t be too bothered.

The patriarch smiled proudly. “I want you.”
Chen Feng was shocked. “What?”
“Please don’t misunderstand.”  Only now did the patriarch start explaining exactly what he wanted. “The most important resource now is human resources. I hope you can join us. You can continue being a member of the Gene Production Association, yet at the same time, you will also become a member of us, Wild Saint.”
Finally, Chen Feng understood. “Join you guys?” They were totally raising the price here. If he had been anyone else, they would have sold this formula long ago. After all, regardless of how much money depreciated, it was still something usable. But with Chen Feng the excellent producer here, he himself was much more valuable than money. If they could make Chen Feng join them… the strength of Wild Saint would most definitely increase dramatically.

Chen Feng looked at them. “Whose idea was this?”
“Mine,” the patriarch stated calmly.

Chen Feng stared at him, his eyes sharp. “Do you believe that you can restrict me by using a mere formula?”
The patriarch appeared calm and collected. “Is it truly a mere formula? Once upon of time, God Punisher was an extremely valuable formula. A lot of major families had copies of it. However, due to how unique this gene was, everyone lost interest in it. As time passed, this formula almost went extinct. Now, only our family still has a formula that has been preserved in good condition. You can’t find this formula anywhere else.”
“I can simply choose to not use this formula,” Chen Feng stated indifferently.

“No, you won’t.” The patriarch smiled and continued, “God Punisher is different from other formulas. This is a formula that people rarely need. However, the moment one needs it, it signifies that this formula is extremely useful for that person. For this formula to make someone with your identity come here to our place, it shows how important this formula is to you. Let me guess, is this something required by one of your companions? Or perhaps this is something you require to break through the bottleneck of your master producer?”
The patriarch was extremely intelligent. With a single glance, he had figured out how urgently Chen Feng required this formula. He also had a rather deep understanding of this God Punisher formula. The moment someone actually required a unique formula like this, that signified that the other abilities of that person had an extreme affinity with this ability. Under such a circumstance, would that person truly give up? This was a chance for them at Wild Saint, an extremely exquisite opportunity! He had to hook Chen Feng with this bait!

Chen Feng shrugged. “Fine.” Despite the difference between his situation and what the patriarch had described, it was still true that he urgently needed this thing. “Then what do I need to do after joining you guys?” Chen Feng asked.

“Provide the gene reagents we require on a monthly basis. We are aware of the quality of your production. As such, we are confident that you will definitely be able to satisfy our requirements,” the patriarch stated humbly.

Chen Feng: “…”
Producing gene reagents for an entire huge family? If so, he would most likely be trapped here slaving away for this family. This patriarch was truly thinking of trapping Chen Feng here forever! “Although your life would be somewhat busy, we will also provide you excellent treatment.” The patriarch was extremely confident. He knew a lot of gene producers and was aware that an absolute majority of them were rather extreme in their actions. To achieve their goals, they would be willing to give up a lot of things so that they could become stronger, so that they could breakthrough! To a certain extent, a gene producer was rather similar to a fanatical scientist. Regardless of how ineffective the God Punisher ability was, regardless of how many people there were that looked down on this ability, it was still something of quality. It was still a rare high-level formula, an ancient formula that was almost extinct. Since this Excellent Producer Chen Feng required this formula, it certainly had to be invaluable as far as Chen Feng was

Chen Feng raised his brows. “What if I disagree?”
The patriarch sighed. “If so, I’m afraid this valuable formula will remain a missed opportunity for you.”
“I recall that your family is involved in a joint project with a certain company and is allowed to select a single formula as you wish. This formula seems to also be part of the formulas available  to  be  selected.” Chen  Feng  was  looking  at  the information newly obtained by Spirit.

The patriarch nodded. “That’s right. Therefore, earlier, I tore up the contract. I am willing to compensate them the penalty for breaking the contract.”
Chen Feng chuckled. “What a flawless method of doing things.”
“To obtain you, all this is worth it,” the patriarch stated with a sonorous voice.

Chen Feng smiled, but then his gaze became cold and detached. This patriarch was indeed an intelligent person. From a single request from Chen Feng to obtain the God Punisher, he was able to deduce so many things. Furthermore, he had even prepared thoroughly to make use of Chen Feng’s request.

Chen Feng laughed in a self-mocking manner. “Seems like I shouldn’t have come alone after all.” If he had let someone else handle this on his behalf, things might have been handled more easily. With him rushing over here personally, things had instead become troublesome.
The patriarch looked at Chen Feng calmly. “I am aware that you might be upset because of this. Therefore, let me introduce myself. Although I am the patriarch of Wild Saint, we also have a close relationship with the Genetic Union. A lot of us are part of the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association, and they greatly revere your esteemed self. Furthermore, we have also contributed greatly to Seawood City.”
Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Are you threatening me?”
The patriarch smiled. “No. I am merely afraid that you will kill me in a fit of anger. After all, despite you being a B-class warrior, there are a lot of rumors floating around about your past feats.”
The legendary feats of Chen Feng were things they had definitely heard of before. Other B-class warriors might not be able to slay A-class warriors, but this was possible for Chen Feng. Even if he was merely B class now, one could never look down on a master producer. It was precisely due to this that the patriarch had chosen to honestly inform Chen Feng of his position. He had never conducted any illegal activities. As such, Chen Feng did not have any rights to do anything to him legally.

This was not a world where things were either black or white. This patriarch was not some villain. He had merely rejected the trade, that was all. Despite Chen Feng being upset, he couldn’t do anything about it. He could either join them or leave. Alternatively, if Chen Feng truly wanted to be a villain, he could choose to slaughter the entire family and the patriarch. As they had never conducted any illegal activities, Chen Feng would be criticized by the masses and be hunted by the Genetic Union. This patriarch’s plan was truly meticulous.

In the upcoming chaotic era, people like this would definitely be capable of surviving longer than others. Unfortunately, he had angered Chen Feng. Chen Feng had a lot of things he needed to do. Therefore, it was simply impossible for him to become a part of Seawood City. He was also not one of those fanatical producers willing to sacrifice everything. On top of that, he was not someone that would submit to threats! Chen Feng merely glanced at them in a detached manner. “You guys indeed have the right to do this. However, you guys seem to have forgotten that I have the authority to do much more.”

Chapter 435: Open Conspiracy, Can It Be Eaten?

At the Wild Saint family, Chen Feng had just left.

“Patriarch, isn’t it somewhat improper for us to do this…”
Some of them were still rather anxious. After all, Chen Feng was still an excellent producer. Even if they did not get themselves into his good books, there was no need to offend him, right? To force Chen Feng away like that, and saying those words to him… This left a shadow in their hearts.

The patriarch shook his head. “What are you worried about? Our present oppression of him is only to make him compromise with us. For him to act this way, I instead feel relieved. Since he even uttered those words, this signifies that he truly requires this formula. In the end, he is still an excellent producer of the Gene Production Association and will need to abide by the laws. What are you afraid of?”
Only at this did everyone else feel relieved. True, at times, a gentleman was much easier to handle than a shameless person. Chen Feng was indeed someone with a huge reputation and high prestige. However, with his background, he was destined to be unable to do anything immoral or illegal.

Mhm… if an excellent producer decided to start killing others and robbing their formulas, the Genetic Union would most definitely get involved. On top of that, the Gene Production Association would not allow him to do as he pleased.

“I know too well the stubbornness of these gene producers.” The patriarch’s gaze appeared profound as he said, “As long as he wishes for this formula, he will most certainly compromise with us. This is an opportunity for our family! I will not pull any secretive plots! Instead, I will conspire openly!”
Only at this did the rest of them understand his intentions. This guy was indeed worthy of being their lord patriarch. Their lord patriarch was indeed capable of seeing much further ahead than them. To conspire openly was indeed a much better choice than to plot secretly. Everyone started admiring their lord patriarch unendingly. Unknown to them, while they were all cheering, Chen Feng was thinking of them as a bunch of idiots. Conspire openly? These guys had been thinking way too much…
Chen Feng sighed. “It seems like this patriarch has been at his position for way too long and is already used to conspiring in all matters.”  Why did he need to change a good trade into something like this?

“What are you intending to do?” At this moment, Spirit was already analyzing the combat power of the Wild Saint family. Based on Chen Feng’s character, a huge battle would most definitely happen. Even if Chen Feng couldn’t defeat an A-class warrior head on, he still had a lot of other methods to exterminate the entire Wild Saint family.

Chen Feng glanced at her. “Don’t be so violent. Do I look like a robber to you?”
Instantly, Spirit blanked and was speechless. Was that not true? Even trading had been something she had proposed to him. Hadn’t the first thought of this master of hers, before even considering other options, been to rob? Chen Feng shook his head. “Calamity is coming. How can I kill wantonly?”
Spirit merely looked at her master silently.

“Let me think.”  Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “Mhm…  The price we offered previously is already extremely high, right?” These days, he had earned quite a huge sum of money from his shop.

Spirit nodded. “Yes. Based on the data of the marketplace, even the hottest ancient formula is only at this price. The price you offered is already extremely high.”
To ensure a speedy completion of the trade, Chen Feng had indeed offered out his hard-earned savings.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Mhm, very good. Their family does not want the money. However, there will be someone out there who wants the money. Conspire openly? Let me teach him what it means to conspire openly.”  Chen Feng sneered. Soon, using his own name, Chen Feng released an announcement.

“I am in the midst of breaking through my master producer bottleneck and require a God Punisher gene reagent. My trade with the Wild Saint family failed to materialize. Therefore, I am hereby seeking the incomplete versions of this formula from the major families worldwide. The reward is…”

At this, the entire world went into an uproar. Despite Chen Feng’s rather ordinary strength, his unique identity as a master producer, excellent producer, and so on, coupled with his extremely high popularity and the aid of his Luck Aura, meant his words attracted the attention of numerous people. Moreover, he had indeed offered an astonishing high reward.

“He is already breaking through into master producer?”
“Goodness gracious, such a young master producer!” “He is breaking records!”
“The reward being offered is rather astonishing. With such a huge price for that trash God Punisher formula, the Wild Saint family actually rejected the trade…”
“I’m not too clear about this.”
“This  God  Punisher  formula  should  be  rather  common, right?”
“I have no idea. However, if it’s only available at the Wild Saint family, they will truly be in trouble now.”
“Why else?” Countless people sneered. When the Wild Saint patriarch found out about this, his entire body felt cold. It was over!

“Lunatic! This lunatic!”  The patriarch cursed in a flustered and exasperated manner. He had never expected that an excellent producer would actually do something like this! Wasn’t this an act of luring the assassins and thieves worldwide toward their family? The patriarch was furious. “I am going to sue him! I want the Genetic Union to capture him!”
“However,” his underling meekly stated, “he is only offering a high price to purchase the formula. That’s all.”

Instantly, the patriarch appeared to be at a loss. This was what caused him to be furious. If Chen Feng had truly issued some secret assassination mission or something similar, he would most certainly have found out about it. After all, in this world, no secrets could be hidden perfectly. Unfortunately, this guy was presently merely purchasing the formula in an overly grandiose manner while also announcing that his trade with their family had failed. Wasn’t this an act of telling everyone the Wild Saint family had a copy of that formula? Wasn’t this him telling those people to come rob the Wild Saint family?

Indeed, Chen Feng did not need to make any moves himself. However, this announcement of his instead pushed the Wild Saint family to damnation. They were indeed rather powerful. With five A-class warriors in their family, they could crush all other powers locally.

However, when compared with the elite assassins and thieves of the entire world, even if only A-class warriors were attracted, could they truly defend against these people? These people were unlike Chen Feng, who had various misgivings. They would act maliciously, and for them, the slaughter of an entire family was something extremely normal.

The mere thought of this caused the patriarch to shudder. What a trap… Now, he was incomparably regretful. How stupid had he been to attempt to threaten Chen Feng?

All his underling were looking at him anxiously. “Patriarch.” “Perhaps things are not as bad as we think?” The patriarch was still deluding himself. However, only a single hour was required to let him know the truth of things.

“Patriarch, the entirety of our monitoring system has collapsed.”
“Patriarch, there are a lot of traces of our data storage being duplicated. Someone might have hacked and copied all our information.”
“Patriarch, a hidden webcam has been discovered in your wife’s bedroom…”
“Patriarch, the sales of tickets for transportation to Seawood City has spiked.”
“Patriarch, six chickens went missing from our backyard.”
… “Scram!” the patriarch howled. He was nearly bursting with rage. Why were they even reporting about the chickens going missing?

The underling felt wronged. “You are the one who told us to report the loss of even a single needle. Those chickens were all imported from the east and are your favorite chickens. Regardless of their appearance or the quality of their meat, they are the best.”
“Hu—” The patriarch inhaled deeply to calm himself down before saying, “Fine, got it. Anything else to report?”
“Tunnels have been discovered under our family residence,” the underling reported.

“What?” Instantly, the patriarch’s eyes widened. “Underground tunnels?”

Chapter 436: Family Secret and Such

The  underling  smiled  bitterly.  “Yes.  We  have  already captured the culprit. It was our ex-butler. It is said that after he heard about this, he tattooed his entire body with the blueprints of our estate and planned to dig a tunnel in here to steal the God Punisher formula.”
“…” The patriarch was so angry his entire body started trembling. “Have you managed to interrogate anything out of him?”
The patriarch felt powerless.

“Oh. Based on the clues we investigated, when he was looking for people to dig the tunnel, he once said that an ordinary person would never be able to enter the Wild Saint family, apart from him, since the blueprints were all designed by him.” The underling felt helpless as he said this.

“This is so infuriating!”  The patriarch almost fainted from the anger. Back then, this butler had indeed been involved in the design of the blueprints for their estate. Even this old butler had been tempted by Chen Feng’s offer, let alone others. The reward offered by Chen Feng was truly too astonishing. That was the only reason for all this. As for God Punisher, it was instead too worthless in comparison. If it wasn’t for Chen Feng wanting this formula, this formula would most probably be incomparable even with those 3-star formulas.

“How did you guys discover him?” the patriarch asked. If this old butler was truly the one who had looked for someone to dig the tunnel and had reached the point where he even had the entire blueprint tattooed to his body, he should have been able to avoid the locations that would be discovered. If so, how had these ordinary guards discovered him?

“Oh.” At this question, the underling sunk into silence.

The sharp patriarch was able to sense that there was some trick at work here. “Say it.”
“This  is  what  happened.”   The  underling  paused  before carefully continuing, “It is indeed true that this was planned by the old butler. However, when he had almost reached his destination, an entirely different tunnel somewhere caused a huge collapse in the ground. That is how we found out about this, and we captured him as a result.”
The  patriarch  was  horrified.  “There’s  already  an  entirely different tunnel down there? Whose work was it? Where does the tunnel lead?”
When had their family been penetrated to such an extent? Was this the work of other local powers in this city that were planning to make a move against them?

“Erm.” The underling appeared somewhat distracted. “It… it leads to the inner layer of your wife’s wardrobe.”
“???” The patriarch was stupefied. The inner layer of his wife’s wardrobe? Why was he not aware of this? Hold on, why was there even an inner layer in his wife’s wardrobe? Hold on… Suddenly, the patriarch felt like this was something entirely different.

As for the underling, he had already shut his mouth, no longer daring to say anything. Instantly, the mood there became somewhat awkward. The patriarch remained silent for a very long time.

He  sighed  deeply.  “Have  I  been  wrong?”   He  had  never expected his “confrontation” with Chen Feng to bear this kind of fruit. This guy was merely a young genius, a fellow who had only become popular due to his gene productions. Unexpectedly, this guy was capable of such ploys as well.

“Perhaps…   it’s  truly  time  for  me  to  move  on  from  the position of patriarch.” The patriarch sighed. Perhaps he was truly too old now and was no longer capable of keeping up with this new era.

“Contact Chen Feng,” suddenly, the patriarch said. “I will sell the God Punisher formula to him.”
As his sight landed outside the window, he saw the budding sprouts that had just broken out of the soil. Along with the birth of the green newborn vegetation, a vigorous vitality was brought upon this world, seemingly signifying the glory of a new generation. The underling nodded. “All right.”
As the patriarch continued observing the soil outside the court. The sight of the vegetation dying and becoming colorless due to the unending black rain could be seen. That night, Chen Feng appeared there once again. Different from last time, when he appeared this time, without a trace of politeness, he occupied their main seat immediately. Despite this, those of the Wild Saint family could only stand by the side, smiling.

In a short few hours, they seemed to have experienced the greatest rise and fall a human could experience. This was merely restricted to the pressure they felt from the locals here at Seawood City. Without a doubt, all they had encountered was merely the doings of those who had already been here in the city. By the time those true experts from outside the city arrived… it was probable that the entire Wild Saint family would end up flattened. This was a risk they could not afford to take.

“I’m sorry,”  the patriarch apologized politely. He had been rather decisive when he had plotted against Chen Feng. Now that he had been defeated, he admitted his mistake in a decisive manner as well, conducting his affairs in an open and direct manner, not dragging the affair on and on.

The patriarch demonstrated the highest degree of sincerity he could. “This is the God Punisher formula. Please take it.”
Chen Feng merely smiled toyingly. “Oh? However, I am no longer interested in this.”
All the Wind Saint family members were stupefied. No… no longer interested? The patriarch nearly cried out then and there. Bro, please don’t toy with us like this.

“We  can  reduce  the  price,”  the  patriarch  stated  with  an aching heart.

Chen Feng looked at him. “Oh?” “Half price,” the patriarch stated as he clenched his teeth.

Chen Feng merely stared at him calmly.

The patriarch’s heart ached. “One-fifth of the price?”
As for Chen Feng, he still maintained his calm expression.

“One-tenth of the price?” The patriarch was on the verge of crying.

Chen Feng wasn’t even bothered.

“…” The patriarch was on the verge of collapse. Finally, he clenched his teeth and said, “We have always maintained a good relationship with the Gene Production Association. In view of that, we will gift you this formula!” The expressions of the rest of the Wild Saint family changed greatly. “Patriarch.” Gift? If they were to sell it at even one- tenth of Chen Feng’s original offer, it would still be an extremely high price.

Chen Feng looked at him in amazement. “Gift? You won’t regret it?”
The patriarch had a rather unsightly complexion as he said, “No regrets.”
The Wild Saint family members exchanged glances. Their patriarch was so incredibly decisive. From his initial plot against Chen Feng until his surrender, he truly had been incredibly decisive. It had reached a point where he nearly surrendered his underpants himself. Since Chen Feng required this thing to the point of doing such a thing, wasn’t Chen Feng afraid that the God Punisher formula would be ruined in the process? Chen Feng shouldn’t be too extreme, right? If so, why not try to obtain some benefits from Chen Feng then? These were the thoughts of all the Wild Saint family members. Unknown to them, their patriarch had known long ago that if they tried threatening Chen Feng one more time with the destruction of the God Punisher formula, the entire Wild Saint family would be over. He no longer dared to threaten Chen Feng. Moreover, even if their threat was successful, to sell the formula for a good price, if Chen Feng insisted on not canceling his offered reward… hehe.

He was aware that those from the Gene Production Association were rich. However, those as rich as Chen Feng were extremely rare. Presently, he was completely at Chen Feng’s mercy. This was also the first time he had witnessed a person as merciless as Chen Feng.

Chen Feng beamed as he looked at the patriarch. “You are very smart.”
As for the patriarch, he was wiping the cold sweat that had formed on his forehead.

Suddenly, Chen Feng started radiating justice. “However, this trade is too unfair for you guys.” “No, this is absolutely fair!”  the patriarch swore earnestly. “The mere fact that you have taken a liking to this formula of ours, for this formula to be able to contribute toward humanity, this in itself is already a fair trade for us.”
Chen Feng was all smiles as he looked at the patriarch. “Is that so?”
The patriarch nearly vowed then and there that he truly thought that this was fair. “Absolutely.”
“Fine then.”  Chen Feng smiled. “Don’t worry. I will trade with the original price I offered you. I do not lack money. What I should give you, I will give. However, I still have something I need your help with.”
“Please state it,” the patriarch replied.

Chapter 437: Preparation Time Will Be Somewhat Longer

“I heard that you, Patriarch, are a late-stage A-class warrior with a very powerful trump card?” Chen Feng asked curiously. This was information uncovered by Spirit when she had been preparing for battle.

The patriarch nodded. “Yes.”
“Absolute Defense?” Chen Feng asked, smiling.

The patriarch wiped his cold sweat. “Yes.”
Everyone else felt ice cold as well. Indeed, even the deepest secret of their Wild Saint family had already been discovered. This Chen Feng was an excellent producer on the surface, but deep inside, he was an absolute lunatic. If he hadn’t been preparing to make a move against them, how would he have found out about all this? This guy… Suddenly, they felt like their patriarch’s decision to surrender was incredibly wise. Absolute Defense was a powerful trump card of their patriarch. Different from those single abilities, this was a powerful 6-star secret art.

Name: Absolute Defense

Effect: Guaranteed defense against a single attack.

Cooldown period: One day

This was a secret art so powerful it was like a bug in a code. This was because the “single attack” mentioned here was any single attack in the truest sense. Even a full-strength attack from a peak A class could be blocked. Regardless of how strong or damaging the attack was, Absolute Defense was capable of guaranteeing its defense against a single attack. This was a godlike ability with a nearly heaven-defying defense.

Naturally, no ability in this world was perfect. For such a powerful ability, it had a rather fatal weakness as well. It was only able to defend against a single attack. If the enemy decided to launch two separate attacks with a gap in between them, Absolute Defense would only be able to block the first attack.

Therefore, when facing those trump cards or abilities capable of double releases, Absolute Defense wasn’t particularly impressive. This was also the reason for the several serious injuries this patriarch had received in the past. Ultimately, this godlike skill had this flaw.

“What are you planning to do?” the patriarch probed cautiously.

Chen Feng pondered. “I have an ability I have just learned. I am planning to test the strength of this ability. Unfortunately, I am afraid that I will accidentally hurt someone as a result. Therefore, when I thought about it, you are the only one fitting to test my ability.”
The patriarch was dumbfounded. “Ah? Using me as target practice?” “You can say that.” Chen Feng gave it some thought. “I only need to test how strong the attack is. I do not want to hurt anyone. Coincidentally, your Absolute Defense is capable of blocking any single attack unconditionally, right?”
The patriarch breathed out in relief. “Only this request? I agree to your request.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Oh. This ability of mine does not have any other flaws. The only flaw is the preparation time being somewhat long. You need to be prepared for that. Naturally, this will also give you adequate time to prepare your Absolute Defense.”
The patriarch nodded. “No problem.” With that, this unique trade was complete. After receiving the God Punisher formula and having Spirit vet the formula, Chen Feng canceled his issued reward to the public. Moreover, he also announced that an agreement had been reached with the Wild Saint family and he had already obtained the formula. With this, the Wild Saint family and the formula became worthless. As such, nobody bothered making a move against them anymore. Besides that, Chen Feng had also given a huge amount of money to the Wild Saint family. Naturally, as part of the terms of the trade, the patriarch would be required to receive a single attack from Chen Feng. This seemed to be a rather simple requirement. However, despite Chen Feng’s notification in
advance, the patriarch had never expected that this ability of
Chen Feng’s would require such a long activation time.

At the Wild Saint family, a group of people was watching on. In the middle of them all were Chen Feng and that patriarch. Both were facing each other and all around them were bored members of the Wild Saint family. Some of them were already seated on some stools while eating sunflower seeds.

“How long has it been?”
“Around one hour, I guess?”
“What damnable ability is this?”
“Is this some spell?” “What spell requires an hour of chanting? With such a long activation time, let alone a mage, even a professional prostitute would already be mute from all the screaming, right?”
“Wow, how do you even know about this?”
“Oh, I saw it on some TV show before…”
“Wow, you sure have a lot of channels at your home.”

The entire group watched on with bored expressions. As for the patriarch, he was nearly bored to death. He had been maintaining his ready-state to activate his Absolute Defense. However, it was truly unexpected that Chen Feng had taken one whole hour yet there was still nothing to show for it.

The patriarch sighed. “How much longer will this take?” “No idea.”  Chen Feng felt helpless as well. The longer the preparation time, the stronger Nethergaze would be. Naturally, there should be a limit to this strength as well. This limit was what Chen Feng was trying to find. He was trying to unleash the strongest attack the present him was capable of unleashing.

In the future, when he used the God Punisher ability, the attack he unleashed this time would naturally be one of the abilities included in the release. With this, the strength of his God Punisher ability would be unimaginably powerful. This would be his actual trump card. Hence, it was extremely important for him to release this attack this one time.

He had to first figure out the limit of his Nethergaze, to see what the strongest attack he could launch was. Thereupon, another hour passed. Chen Feng was still facing the patriarch. Two hours later, they were still looking at each other tenderly.

As for the audience around them, they were already so bored they had started yawning and going to bed. The patriarch sighed deeply. “Are you done?”  He was now wondering if this Chen Feng was some idiot.

“Not yet.”
Chen Feng was extremely helpless.

“Can you notify me when you’re done?”  The patriarch was already thinking of making himself busy with some other matters.

Chen Feng sighed. “The attack will be instantly launched the moment it’s done. When that happens, if you are not here to receive the attack, I guess your entire Wild Saint family will be destroyed instead. Furthermore, without you in my field of vision, I won’t be able to continue preparing this attack.”
“If so, notify me when you are coming out.”
“All right.” Patriarch: “…”
This dialog felt somewhat odd? Time continued passing calmly and slowly. After two more hours, the patriarch got his underlings to move a TV out here and started watching TV shows. After three hours, the patriarch got his underlings to move his bed out here and directly plopped down on the bed to sleep.

The next day, when the patriarch was so bored he nearly got his underlings to bring him some video games, finally, Chen Feng said, “I think it’s almost done.”
The patriarch’s heart jolted. “Here it comes!” Finally, it was here! That superpowerful attack that Chen Feng had been preparing for one whole day.

Shua! His expression became solemn. Even though Chen Feng was only B class, his strength, on the other hand, was so powerful it had always remained a legend. This attack he had taken an entire day to prepare would most definitely not be a simple attack. Absolute Defense, activate ! Light started swirling
around the Wild Saint patriarch.

Chen  Feng  could  feel  himself  reaching  the  limit.  “It’s coming!”  That formidable power had been gathering in his body for so long, and finally, he was no longer capable of controlling it. It was ready to be shot out.

Chen Feng’s heart trembled. “Here it comes!”

Finally, the terrifying radiance shot out. Space trembled. At this moment, even the dusky sky became white. The entire Seawood City trembled and countless people focused their gaze toward the Wild Saint family’s location. Such a terrifying power, which peak A class was making a move there? Or perhaps… someone surpassing A class? At this moment, the Wild Saint family became the focus of everyone.

Chapter 438: Othershore Mountain

At this moment, the patriarch opposite Chen Feng finally understood the reason this attack had required such a long activation time. That was because this power was simply too frightening. In a single instant, the mere aura of that attack alone was sufficient to cause him to nearly collapse. This power was too terrifying! He could clearly see that dazzling radiance enlarging in front of him and heading toward his face. If it wasn’t for his activated Absolute Defense, he would most certainly have turned around and fled for his life.

Oh, with the speed of this attack, he wouldn’t be able to flee anyway. It reached a point where, for the very first time in his life, he wondered if Absolute Defense could even block an attack at this level. He truly had no idea.


Finally, the power of Nethergaze collided with Absolute Defense. The terrifying force engulfed their surroundings, and the sky itself was nearly ripped apart then and there. Above them, the dark sky that had been raining black raindrops without stop, at this moment, transformed into a clear sky. 
The rest of the people there almost lost their voice from the fright. So… this was Chen Feng’s strongest attack? Even though the activation required an entire day, what if Chen Feng decided to launch it at someone other than their patriarch? The mere thought caused them to shiver in fear. How could they hope to defend against this? How could they hope to strike back when facing this attack? Such an attack, such a might, if it was shot at them instead… Everyone present was alarmed. Chen Feng’s strength was truly too powerful, so powerful it shocked them all.

Everyone started discussing in low voices.

“Is this Nethergaze?”
“Doesn’t look like it. The limitations of Nethergaze are rather huge. Furthermore, it does not have such might either.”
“If so, then what is this ability?” 
“This Chen Feng is too perverse. His abilities seem endless.
Perhaps this is another powerful trump card of his.”
Naturally, they were not aware that Chen Feng’s ability could only be used after setting a person as a target. Moreover, that person had to remain within his sight. Only when they did not notice him would this ability hope to successfully activate. This was an ability with extremely strict requirements.

Bang! Bang!

The sky-covering radiance faded gradually. Even if they had prepared for what was to come, by the time the attack was over, this entire courtyard and the buildings around it were already leveled. Only Chen Feng and the patriarch remained there.

“So powerful!”
Only a mouthful of blood was spat, as this was the result of the aftershock of the attack earlier. He wasn’t particularly badly injured. However, the clothes on his body were already looking extremely worn out. As everyone glanced at him, they were all shocked. Even their patriarch had been injured by this? Good gracious. His ability was Absolute Defense. Theoretically, this was an ability capable of blocking an attack no matter how strong it was. Now, though, he had actually been reduced to this sorry appearance by Chen Feng.

Ultimately, Chen Feng’s attack was too powerful. So this is Chen Feng? The patriarch sighed. When he recalled how he had dared to plot against a person at this level, he found it ridiculous. The previous time he had encountered such a powerful attack, the opponent had been a peak A class, right? Back then… forget it. The patriarch shook his head.

Chen Feng glanced at him and calmly stated, “It’s good that you are fine. Since the transaction is complete, it’s time for me 
After saying this, he swaggered away, leaving behind a group of bewildered Wild Saint family members. Presently, the Genetic Union members had arrived hastily. After understanding what had happened, they were all dumbfounded as well. The attack earlier had actually been released by Chen Feng? This… Soon, the news spread, causing a huge uproar. Once again, Chen Feng became a trending topic.

Naturally, the news spreading outside wasn’t exactly detailed. To protect the secrets of Absolute Defense and Chen Feng’s Nethergaze, only a rough detail was leaked. After this rough detail was disseminated, it transformed into various different editions.

“Hey, have you heard?”
“I heard that Chen Feng learned an ability called 24K Pure Gold Titanium Alloy Canine Gaze. With a single gaze, he can 
“Are you sure?”
“Definitely. I have the recordings to prove this! Look at the power unleashed back then…”
“Wow, so powerful?”
“Is this a fake video? My elder sister works at the Wild Saint family. It is said that the ability Chen Feng learned is actually an ability capable of granting pregnancy with a single glance…”
“As for that wife of the Wild Saint patriarch, it is precisely this Chen Feng who got her pregnant with a single glance. That is the reason for his conflict with the Wild Saint family.”
“Bullshit!” “You are the one bullshitting. I have the proof of this, okay?
Look, this is the tunnel dug by the patriarch’s wife…”
“The f*ck, for real?”
“Not only that. It is said that, nowadays, everything the patriarch looks at appears green.”
“It is rumored that the patriarch has a different name: Lin Ke…”
Various different rumors circulated online. In this dark era where the black rain dropped without stop and the sky was enveloped by darkness that even the Genetic Union couldn’t find an explanation for, the masses were all incredibly alarmed. Everyone was urgently looking for some entertainment to relieve the pressure they were feeling. Therefore, when the rumors about Chen Feng spread, everyone happily gossiped about him.

Once again, the topic of Chen Feng trended worldwide. On the internet, in all media outlets, the rumors of Chen Feng were everywhere. Moreover, a lot of powers were alarmed by Chen Feng’s feat as well.

A certain power started focusing on Chen Feng. “It is truly unexpected that Chen Feng is actually this powerful. Quick, get someone to rope him in.”
Some organizations that thought of themselves as the saviors of mankind were also focusing on Chen Feng. “This child is not bad. Absorb him into our organization.”
“After all, this world requires more heroes.”
A certain power based at a certain canyon was attracted to him  as  well.  “We  need  a  powerful  producer.  We  must  find him.”
… Despite his young age, despite the fact that he was still categorized as the younger generation, Chen Feng had become a unique existence of this Genetic Era. Presently, while various powers were seeking out Chen Feng and trying to rope him in, Chen Feng had already silently departed from Seawood City long ago.

The remaining time he had was extremely precious. Since he had already wasted two days at the Wild Saint family, there wasn’t much time remaining. Fortunately, two items of his plan were already completed.

“Nethergaze has already been prepared. The God Punisher formula is already here as well. My next target is hunting some hillsea beasts and then producing the gene reagent.”
Chen Feng had a clear goal. Five days would be sufficient for him to accomplish all this. On the afternoon of the same day, Chen Feng arrived at the marked location. Before him was an immense mountain range. The information pertaining to hillsea beasts had already been prepared long ago by Spirit. This so-called “mountain range amid oceans and mountains” was called Othershore Mountain. This was an extremely amazing-sounding name. Chen Feng frowned as he thought of this. The hillsea beasts were extremely powerful and had unique abilities. Therefore, the place they resided in would most certainly not be an ordinary mountain range. Chen Feng had long been prepared for this.

But then, the name Othershore gave him a bad premonition. In this world, not many places had “othershore” in their name. However, every place with this word as part of its name was a forbidden area.

“Is  this  a  name  given  by  you  as  well?”  Chen  Feng  asked Spirit.

Spirit shook her head.”No. Let me see… mhm. Back then, an expert from the Genetic Union passed through this place. After returning, he gave this name to this place. As for other details… I don’t have them.”
Chen  Feng  inhaled  deeply.  “Is  that  so?”   This  place  had actually  been  granted  this  “othershore”  name  by  an  expert from back then? In any case, let me witness this so-called Othershore Mountain.


Chen Feng stepped in.

Chapter 439: Feedback Mechanism

The other shore.
Buddha  once  said,  “This  shore  is  different  than  the  other shore.”  This was an extremely unique saying of the Buddhist doctrine. In the Buddhist teachings, the realm of life and death was  called  “this  shore,”  while  the  realm  of  those  who  had transcended life and death to achieve nirvana was called “the other shore.”
Therefore, Chen Feng was sure that the expert who had named this mountain range back then had most definitely been an old bald man. As for whether that someone had dressed in women’s clothes, it remained to be seen.
Spirit  sighed.  “Your  thoughts  are  too  disrespectful.”   But then, she was also aware that this master of hers was merely thinking about this to reduce the tense atmosphere.
Chen Feng curled his lips. “Who told him to name this place ‘Othershore’?”  Even now, he could feel his hairs standing on end. Although this place looked like some ordinary mountain range and nothing exceptional could be seen, this was, after all, still a place named “Othershore” by an A-class expert. He was truly somewhat lacking in confidence.
In this world, there existed all sorts of vestiges and training camps. However, those places where the danger level could be measured, such as alien bases, peak A-class warriors, some technology vestiges, and so on were instead things Chen Feng did not fear. For those places, as long as one possessed sufficient strength, one would be able to do something about it. Even if one wasn’t a match for the danger there, one could at least still flee, right?
What he was most afraid of was instead places such as this Othershore Mountain that were enveloped by a veil of mystery and surrounded by all sorts of unreal legends. These legends were too unreal, too illogical!
A cold breeze swept past. Chen Feng felt somewhat cold, and he trembled uncontrollably. Immediately after, he was startled awake. Cold? Why would he even feel cold? With the present strength of his flesh…
Suddenly, his luck value dropped rapidly.
Chen Feng’s expression changed abruptly. By the time he had noticed it, 10 points of luck value had been lost. That’s right. During that single instant earlier, he had lost 10 points of luck value. Instantly, Chen Feng’s mood sank. Why would his luck value reduce for no apparent reason?
“Spirit,  figure  out  the  cause,”  Chen  Feng  stated.  This  was indeed an unordinary place. What annoyed him the most was such a random reduction of his luck value for no apparent reason. This was exactly the same as those phone bills of his previous life, right? He had to find out exactly what it was that had reduced his luck value. “Yes.”  Spirit started tracking. This was one of the benefits gained after Luck Aura had gained sentience. The previous Chen Feng had only been able to activate or deactivate Luck Aura. As for the luck value consumption, process of consumption, usage of luck value, and where had it been used, all this had been unknown. The only thing he had been able to figure out was the final amount of luck value consumed. The rest had remained unknown to him. The appearance of Spirit had changed all this.
“Tracking complete,” Spirit stated. “Based on the stored data earlier, we can assume that the reduction of luck value was related to the alarm system. The breakdown of the consumption is as follows:
“Fatal element detected, one luck value consumed to evade.
“Fatal element detected, one luck value consumed to evade.
“…” In total, 10 of them had been detected! Ten luck value had been consumed and all of them had actually been used to evade these fatal elements! Instantly, Chen Feng’s mood sank. The alarm system was a function of the earlier version of this Luck Aura. It would automatically reduce luck value while maintaining the alarm or warning mode. With this, Chen Feng would be able to activate his Luck Aura when required. However, it would normally only consume one luck value to warn him. But these fatal elements detected here…
Before Chen Feng could even ask, Spirit was already ready with the answer. “The detected fatal element is actually part of the particles making up an unknown peculiar ability. It possesses a unique effect where, regardless of who or what, anything that touches it will trigger a probability of bursting apart then and there. The probability is unknown. The way in which someone will burst is also known. However, regardless of what it is, the final result will certainly be death.”
Immediately after receiving Spirit’s conclusion, Chen Feng was shocked. Fatal element… such a thing… Instantly, Chen Feng understood. “Was it hidden in that cold wind earlier?” Spirit  nodded.  “Yes.  This  should  be  one  of  the  most dangerous natural dangers of this Othershore Mountain. This is also the reason this place has remained untamed all these years. Probably due to this place being too dangerous and unstable, the Genetic Union is not interested in making a move on this place. As such, this place retains the same style as an unknown region.”
And now.
Another chilly breeze swept past. As Chen Feng checked his luck value, he noted that this time, 11 luck value was lost.
His expression became somewhat unsightly. “Sh*t.” Even if he had nearly 1,000 luck value presently and a reduction of 10 or 11 points was nothing much, he still couldn’t afford to keep losing luck value in such a manner. He had only stepped into this place. A single breeze of wind alone contained more than 10 fatal elements? If it was a gale instead of a breeze… “Spirit, is there a way to optimize the consumption?” Chen Feng asked. The alarm function was something he had created back during the early period. Although it was rather formidable, when compared with Spirit, its usage of luck value was truly too much of a waste.
“Let me give it a try.” Spirit activated the optimization mode.
Luck Aura trembled slightly.
Spirit stopped.
“Optimization complete.”
Shua! Another chilly breeze swept past. With a glance, Chen Feng noted that 12 luck value had been reduced this time.
Chen Feng: “…”
Boss, your optimization function is rather sh*tty, right? What, you think you’re Ubisoft? At least they have a two-in- one package of a bug and game together. As for you, there’s nothing to see after your optimization!
Chen Feng sighed. “Negative optimization?”
Spirit shook her head. “Nope. When you created this function back then, its usage of luck value was already extremely conservative. Therefore, the luck value consumption is unable to be optimized. However, I am able to conduct an independent optimization for you.”
Chen Feng raised his brow. “Oh?” “First,  the  pure  alarm  function.  My  guess  is  your  initial purpose in creating this function was only to warn you in advance. For this, there is a better alternative: having me on watch. Mhm… this will not require any luck value,” Spirit stated confidently. “As long as it’s an enemy within the normal range, I will be able to sense them.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He had not expected that Spirit would actually be equipped with this function as well.
But then, it was understandable. Even if she was similarly a sentient being like Xiao Ying, Xiao Ying was, after all, still something with an illusory form. It would be able to attack an enemy, but at the same time, it was also something one could detect. It would be fine to occasionally use Xiao Ying as a scout by having it tunnel underground. However, if this was used too frequently, it would most certainly be discovered.
As for Spirit, she was totally different. She did not have an actual body. She could remain around Chen Feng and use Luck Aura to sense all enemies. “As long as it’s an enemy within range of Luck Aura, I will be able to detect them. Of course, there will still be an extremely small consumption. However, I am able to do it myself without relying on luck value,” Spirit stated.
This moved Chen Feng greatly. Zero consumption! A huge amount of luck value would be saved with this.
“Second, the defensive mechanism after a crisis has been detected. This is a function that should have originally been bundled with the alarm function and should be triggered when encountering danger. However, such a usage is too much of a waste. It’s better to add a trigger mechanism to it.”
Chen Feng felt somewhat doubtful. “Trigger mechanism?”
“That’s right. By adding a question using one luck value: Will this thing insta-kill you? If not, it won’t trigger. Else, it will trigger the defense mechanism.”
Spirit completed her explanation. Instantly, Chen Feng’s heart jolted. This could be done? Wasn’t this that legendary line of “if { } else { }” all coders were familiar with? He had indeed thought of this before. Unexpectedly, though, Luck Aura could truly be used in such a way. Perhaps this function was only made available by Spirit’s existence?
Spirit’s existence had seemingly greatly increased the efficiency of Luck Aura. If this logic was added to the defensive mechanism, even if one luck value would be consumed each time…
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “This will enable Luck Aura to truly display its power!” This was an extremely dangerous place. In fact, most of the places Chen Feng went to were extremely dangerous.
At such dangerous places, there would be a lot of odd dangers. Some were fatal, some were not. However, Chen Feng had no means of distinguishing them and could only use luck value to deal with all of them. He had no intention of dying to something  with  a  0.0001%  probability  of  occurrence.  This entire era was like a huge trap. There were too many geniuses that had died due to accidents. As such, Chen Feng had always maintained extreme caution. Therefore, normally, when he encountered some unexpected danger, he fully activated his Luck Aura. The benefit of doing this was that he would be able to stop all dangers, regardless of how low the probability of those occurrences were. Regardless of how dangerous it was, as long as it did not surpass the limit of his luck value, Chen Feng had no fear.
The disadvantage of using such method were him not having sufficient luck value. Therefore, whenever he lacked luck value, he hid at home, training while waiting for the luck value to regenerate, only daring to leave when he had gathered sufficient luck value.
This was also the reason for the drop in his speed of improvement. Insufficient luck value…
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Since when have I started relying so heavily on luck value?” Normally, when he was out exploring, even when he encountered a minor danger, he used his luck value to solve it. This had caused him to not have much of a stockpile of luck value. “Luck value is essentially something that should be a trump card.” Chen Feng was clear that only by solving most of the dangers he encountered personally would he be able to actually accumulate enough amount of luck value. Only by doing this would he truly be fearless. Only by doing this would he be able to use his luck value on what truly mattered.
Soon, Chen Feng decided to implement Spirit’s proposal. “Do it.”
This single simple function had cleared Chen Feng’s future path.
The defensive mechanism was altered.
Chen Feng’s gaze was sharp. Luck value was too powerful, too valuable to be wasted on these minor dangers. Shua!
A chilly breeze brushed past. Instantly, Chen Feng’s hairs stood up.
Next, the newly installed logic started operating. Not much luck value was exhausted. This signified that although this chilly breeze was scary, it was not capable of insta-killing Chen Feng.
The energy in Chen Feng’s body intensified. “Come!”
Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades, erupt! Energy Equipment, assemble!
Bang! Bang! As the chilly breeze swept past, the energy surrounding Chen Feng collapsed without stop. The seemingly powerful Energy Equipment was actually dissipated by this seemingly calm breeze.
Ka! Ka!
With two crisp sounds, the Energy Equipment shattered. However, a smile instead appeared on Chen Feng’s face. That was because, right at this moment, that alarming breeze had vanished as well. Blocked! The initial luck value consumption of more than 10 points had been reduced to only a mere two points! One point to judge the degree of danger, one point to unleash the Wind Blades as the energy supply for his Energy Equipment.
Chen Feng’s heart jolted. Hold on. If such logic could be added to the trigger mechanism… Suddenly, Chen Feng had an idea. If it was merely being used to judge if Chen Feng could be insta-killed, it would be too much of a waste for such an excellent function. With this, he could totally use it to judge a wide variety of other matters.
For example:
If {Chen Feng encounters an impasse-level crisis, trigger the unique-grade feedback}
else if {Chen Feng encounters a fatal crisis not yet considered an impasse, trigger the grade 1 feedback}
else if {Chen Feng encounters an emergency not yet considered a fatal crisis, trigger the grade 2 feedback}
else if {…}
… So on and so forth.
Chen Feng could totally list out countless scenarios yet only one luck value would be required as a trigger by feeding it into the logic. This would be sufficient. With this, he could not only obtain the feedback of any dangers, the degree of the danger could be ascertained as well.
Chen Feng was extremely satisfied. Mhm, very good. Let’s do this, then.

Chapter 440: Entering the Mountain

Othershore Mountain.

At this mountain range that had been peaceful for an unknown period of time, a huge group of visitors had arrived. A group of seven had arrived at the foot of a mountain and were looking at the view of the depths of this Othershore Mountain. There were six males and one female in the group, and each of them was so powerful that their strength caused one’s hair to stand. A group capable of exploring a place like this was evidently not an ordinary squad.

What entered their sight was a normal-looking mountain range. Despite how visually attractive this scenery looked, for people like them who had explored countless ruins, they had long ago grown accustomed to such a scene.

A cold breeze swept past. Their sense of vigilance flared, but nothing seemed to happen. For them, this appeared like just some ordinary breeze. One of them shrugged. “This is the Othershore Mountain?
This legendary forbidden area doesn’t seem so magical at all.”
A different person laughed and said, “The most dangerous thing here should be the hillsea beasts. As a place where a group of A-class beasts resides, it is natural for this place to be classified as a forbidden area. Captain, do you think everyone else is as powerful as us?”
The  other  person  smiled.  “That’s  true.”  Indeed,  an  adult hillsea beast would be an A-class beast. As a place where those beasts resided, it was natural for this place to be a forbidden area for humans. Unfortunately, this only applied to regular humans. For A-class experts like them… this was instead a hunting ground.

“Seems  like  the  count  of  my  hunted  A-class  beasts  will increase again,” the captain stated calmly.

“It’s still better to be careful. It is said that the hillsea beasts are extremely unusual,” one of them reminded him. The captain nodded. “I know.” He was indeed an arrogant person. However, he would never underestimate an enemy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lived until today.

“Let’s go.” He stood up, and his companions followed.

However, he noted that the familiar sounds seemed somewhat different now. He frowned slightly as a result. Although he was arrogant, he was also the one with the highest sense of vigilance among their group. During that instant earlier, the footsteps of his companions behind him had seemed somewhat off. Initially, there had been five footsteps behind but now, it had become four. Had someone defected?

The captain’s eyes gleamed coldly. He had experienced too many betrayals and ambushes. As such, he came to himself immediately and prepared to counterattack. However, when he turned around, he blanked. There, roughly two meters from him, the last member of their group, who had been standing behind everyone, was transforming into countless light particles.

The captain’s eyes widened abruptly. “This is…” “What’s up?”
The rest turned around instinctively and were greatly shocked. What were they seeing? Their team member who would normally protect their rear was currently dissipating, starting from his upper body and going down to his lower body. Half his body had actually transformed into particles, and those light particles were evaporating unceasingly. As for his body, it was slowly collapsing, vanishing unendingly.

He stretched his hand out in fear. “Save me!” However, at the moment when his hand was stretched out, everything was already over. Everyone could see a half-illusory body dissipating in the air. Up there, countless particles wafted through the air before landing onto the ground, enriching the soil of this Othershore Mountain.

Once again, that place recovered its previous tranquility. Instantly, their relaxed mood evaporated completely. Dead. A powerful A-class warrior was dead just like that. Instead of dying in battle, he had been killed at this unfathomable Othershore Mountain. Furthermore, they couldn’t even figure out how he had died. This place…
“Was it an enemy attack?” the captain asked solemnly.

“No.” Evidently, there was an expert scout in their group who was able to figure out the real reason soon enough. “He was killed by some fatal particles. However, their origin is still unknown…Perhaps…”
Just as he was analyzing, suddenly, he felt somewhat cold.
Distantly, a cold breeze seemed to have swept past.

Wind? Instinctively, he took a look at the wind, and immediately after, his expression changed greatly. “Be careful. Something is wrong with this wind.”
Shua! The expressions of the others changed greatly. Almost instantly, they all erected their defenses. Unfortunately, they were a tad bit too slow. As the cold breeze brushed past, another person wilted away. Everyone else was shocked to their core.

“Wind. The wind here is problematic. No matter what, defensive barriers must be maintained at all times,” the scout reminded everyone.

The rest had serious expressions. At this moment, none of them dared to move forward. Carefully, they waited there. Only when an additional cold breeze arrived and was blocked outside their barriers did they feel relieved.

“This wind doesn’t seem too powerful. It’s only at the level of peak B class. It is something we can defend against. Prepare your energy reserves properly. We will be able to ignore this wind,” the captain ordered.

“Yes.” They felt somewhat relieved now. However, when they once again raised their heads to look at this mountain range before them, none of them dared to be neglectful anymore. Not even five meters into this place and two A-class team members were already dead—how would they still dare to look down on this place?

Othershore Mountain…
They exchanged glances with solemn expressions.

“Complete the mission and leave immediately.”
The cold breeze drifted past, seemingly accompanying the cries of death. They stepped forward amid the breeze, stepping toward the depths of Othershore Mountain. **

The first thing one would encounter when stepping into this place was this mysterious cold breeze. If one couldn’t notice it in time, one would directly perish there, becoming one with Othershore Mountain. On the ground… not even their corpse would remain. This was the most deceptive nature of this place.

Chen Feng had once been to a lot of places. Those places that were filled with danger would usually have a huge amount of human remains to serve as a warning. Here there was nothing. Fortunately, the present him was capable of responding to this danger in a flawless manner.
“Hopefully things will be easier moving forward,” Chen Feng stated to himself. The cold breeze would sweep past occasionally. However, Chen Feng noted that he did not even need to resist this breeze with brute force. When the breeze reached him, he could simply hide behind some solid objects nearby and that would do. The cold breeze might be fatal, but it was also rather weak. Chen Feng pondered. “In conclusion, with stones, the breeze can be blocked?” It was too much of a waste to use his Energy Equipment just to defend against this breeze. If these stones were able to do that…
Soon after, Chen Feng could be seen carrying a stone shield around.

Earlier, he had forcefully thinned down a chunk of rock, transforming it into a crude shield. Afterward, when a new breeze brushed past, this shield was sufficient to block it.

“The cold breeze is still here. However, the fatal particles have gone missing after touching the stone,” Spirit responded.
“So  that’s  the  case,”   Chen  Feng  knowingly  answered.  It seemed like not only the wind here was unique—even these stones had mysterious powers. However, he had yet to figure out the origin of all this. With the shield in hand, Chen Feng traveled forth without stop. With this thing here, Chen Feng’s journey became incredibly easy. However, when he was about to reach the depths of the Othershore Mountain, his heart jolted. Abruptly, he leaped and hid himself nearby, and his breathing weakened greatly. Distantly, within the depths of Othershore Mountain, the voices of other humans could be heard.

Chen Feng was astonished. “There’s actually someone else coming here?” Carefully, he sent Xiao Ying out to scout them. The images transmitted back to him surprised him greatly. Not far away, an old acquaintance could be seen. Mhm… that was a person who he had wanted to kill even in his dreams, Old Mei!


Abruptly, Chen Feng’s gaze became sharp.
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